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Network Adapter no longer showing in device manager on two separate computers!

Q: Network Adapter no longer showing in device manager on two separate computers!

I ll try to keep Adapter separate on manager Network no device in longer computers! two showing this short with as much info as possible A couple days ago I was sitting by my computer I wasnt actually doing anything it Network Adapter no longer showing in device manager on two separate computers! was just on when my internet dropped There was a thunderstorm outside so i thought maybe the router lost power and I went to reset it Everything was still on but I reset anyway Still no internet I went to the network amp sharing but it was saying there is no connection I went to the device manager and there was no network adapter in the list nothing I thought maybe it was the wire at first so i plugged it into my laptop and it worked instantly Obviously its a problem with my computer I then called GIGABYTE support mobo brand and he had me go into BIOS and I had n a where my mac address should be He said that was causing the problem and I would need to get a warranty claim or install a third party network card I salvaged an old old netowrk adapter from a hewlett packard pavilion intel pentium iii and it connected instantly Everything seemed fine until i went to log into League of Legends I kept getting an error stating quot did not receive response from server quot My friend told me to try opening internet explorer then logging in Somehow that magically worked and we have no idea why So everything seemed fixed Fast forward to yesterday my dads computer does the same thing and says there no internet connection I check device manager and no network adapter shows up on the list like the network adapter tree isnt even there I didnt have another card and was too lazy to put the one in my computer to see if that worked but I am inclined to believe that this cant just be coincidence can it What would do this to two separate computers on the same network My mom and brothers laptops connect fine wirelessly and are okay when i use an ethernet cable any ideas as to what is going on here I am afraid more computers will encounter this problem Your help is appreciated and I thank you in advance nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Network Adapter no longer showing in device manager on two separate computers!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Network Adapter no longer showing in device manager on two separate computers!

What would do this to two separate computers on the same network?Click to expand...

Two things come immediately to mind: coincidence, or defective router (some kind of electrical problem in the ethernet switch).
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I not manager showing adapter device Network in up have an on board ethernet adapter on my XFX nForce i LT motherboard that I personally believe to be DEAD but I want to see if I ve missed anything The adapter doesn t show up in Device Manager anywhere including hidden and unknown devices I ve uninstalled the Ethernet Driver and installed the driver both from the out of the box driver CD and from the nVidia website I ve unplugged the power supply and drained off any excess power and rebooted cleanly This is on Win and the oh so not helpful Windows diagnostic says I need to install a driver for my adapter which as I stated above I have done - times now I ve done a system restore from over a week ago Network adapter not showing up in device manager when I know the hardware was functioning properly Is it also everyone s opinion that this is Network adapter not showing up in device manager DEAD The board is roughly years old so I wouldn t rule it out but I do take good care of my box with regular compressed air cleanings and its protected against surges Anything else I should Network adapter not showing up in device manager try or should I just buy a new adapter I don t have enough financial excess to buy a new board or supported components atm and I don t want a wireless adapter either so I suppose I ll have to see if my board can support an additional adapter in one of the open slots nbsp

A:Network adapter not showing up in device manager

check the bios does not have LAN disabled
goto control panel and scan for new hardware

- that would be the only additional things i can think of
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I am working on a showing adapter Manager Device in not Network friends computer here The motherboard needed replacing and I installed the new motherboard I also installed Network adapter not showing in Device Manager all of the drivers to it and the device manager does not have the Network Adapter dropdown added Instead I have an unknown with a yellow I have tried to manually get it in for a few hours then went out and bought a Network adapter not showing in Device Manager Dynex E- network adapter I installed that network adapter and threw the drivers on the PC and still no network adapter in the device manager Here are the list of things I have tried - resetting cmos - enabling onboard LAN in bios - Even scanned for viruses - tried manually going into device manager and adding that brand card in there - moving to a new PCI Slot - checking running services - running a system file check ie SFC exe much much more Please help me out with this issue I am ripping my hair out over this There has to be something hiding it or blocking it nbsp

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Marvell Libertas 8335/Sweex LW057 issues
computer specs this applies to:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+
80GB Maxtor IDE
HD3650 512mb graphics card


I used to run XP on this computer, but Im used to Windows 7 since thats my main computer's OS. So I thought, what the hell. I checked compatibility and it said my wifi card shouldnt have an issue with Windows 7. I installed the OS, booted, and my wifi card was gone from the device manager. So I cant install the driver, since Sweex nor Marvell supplies an installation program. just the inf and sys files, which isnt enough.

I also tried show hidden devices, nothing popped up. legacy driver didnt work either.

the card is indeed working, as I tried in another pc. the pci slots are fine too. its a software related problem.

does anyone have an idea?

A:network adapter not showing up in device manager

Your other thread says Vista is supposed to have built in drivers, did you install Vista or Windows 7?
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yesterday i got my friend to download windows 7 on my mac via bootcamp.
i got it back today and i tried my wireless at home but didn't work.
so i tried LAN line as well, which didn't work either.

i went through few sites, they all told me to go on device manager and update my drives. The problem is that i can't find either modem or network adapter on my device manger.

could anyone PLZ help me??

A:Network adapter not showing on device manager

Welcome to SF,

What is the make and model of your computer?

Can you pls. post a print screen of your Device Manager, make sure to expand Network Adapters?
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Hi Im having a huge problem that it seems it cant be fixed i tryed it all and here i am i hope u guys can help me I Network Manager on adapter not showing Device recently send this pc to change the graphic card cuz the last one got destroyed when they bring my pc everything seems fine but the internet is not working i check the device manager the Network Adapter is missing and nothing seems to work i downloaded a TON of drivers i tryed to install them but NOTHING is working Motherboard Fujitsu d -a Graphic card Amd radeon hd if u need any more info pls ask I tryd to manually download them with Have Disc option selecting the file and it installs the Driver but it gives me a Error i know that u need to Uninstall it then Reboot the pc and after the reebot go press Scan for Hardware changes but even that Doesn't work Any help is really appreciated thanks a lot

A:Network adapter not showing on Device Manager

Hi Neti,
Is it your Ethernet or Wifi.
And what is it?
There are loads of preloaded drivers in W7.
Go to
Update driver > Browse > Let me pick > UNCHECK show compatible hardware. wait for listing to appear below.
Left hand column is for manufacturer scroll to yours.
Then in the right hand column scroll down to yours

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I an trying to reinstall my internet connection. I install drivers from the install cd, but they do not show up in device manager. They do show in separate folders via windows explorer. I have windows xp.


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Hello everyone I manager in device Wireless Adapter Intel not showing Network have a LENOVO Z - and i recently installed a WINDOWS on it I am unable to host hotspot on my laptop ever since This is because in the device manager list under network adapters heading i am only getting these two names Quallcom Atheros QCA x wireless network adapter and Realtek PCIe GBE Family controller However there is no Intel wireless virtual network adapter This is happening even after i have installed all the relevant drivers on my laptop for windows from lenovo website Intel Wireless Network Adapter not showing in device manager I have installed the intel PRO wireless toolkit and run tests on it In the hardware test it failed and Intel Wireless Network Adapter not showing in device manager says quot wireless hardware not bound to transport driver quot PLEASE help me The ethernet works fine and i can take hotspots from people But i cant create my own I am attaching relelvant pics here PS I have updated my drivers from the lenovo website often and from the intel website as well nbsp
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My apologies if this is not the right forum I have a Toshiba Satellite C S with Windows Home Premium -bit The laptop comes with a Manager Device longer in showing no card LAN Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller LAN connection The LAN card worked LAN card no longer showing in Device Manager fine for about months and then suddenly stopped working last week Not only that it disappeared from Device Manager too I can connect to the Internet through wireless but prefer the ethernet connection Here s what I have done so far to try to solve the problem Run virus and rootkit scans - no problems found Downloaded the Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller driver from the Toshiba website and tried to install it - the file unzips and begins to install and then just disappears like it can t find any device to install itself on Disabled and re-enabled the LAN card in BIOS Reset BIOS to factory settings Selected quot Show Hidden Devices quot in Device Manager selected the Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller uninstalled and rebooted to see if the card would reinstall -- it didn t and now it doesn t even show up in Device Manager when I select quot Show Hidden Devices quot - I tried installing the driver again after this got same result as above Using NirSoft NetworkInterfacesView I can see the Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller - it has a red light and the status is quot hardware disconnected quot I m beginning to think the card has either become physically disconnected or has gone bad Any help or advice will be much appreciated nbsp

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My laptop can no longer see the wireless adapter no matter what i do i have to use a wired connection which kinda defeats the purpose of  a laptopThe HP support assisant restarts it but i get a code 10It is availible to enable or disable it just isnt thereSo far i have tried1. Uninstalling all drivers and reinstalling2. Formatting the computer and having a fresh install with a new windows 10 load3. Resetting the Bios to deafault4. Updated the bios and reset it again5. reseated the wireless adapter by unplugging it and cleaning the port with compressed ait and plugging it in so far all of these have done nothing at all so any help to fix this would be greatly appreciated
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I tried everything I know but can't seem to get back my wifi card to work. Please help.

A:Wi-Fi Adapter not showing in Device manager

Did that USB DEVICE IS from A ISP if so it has installed a driver that has replaced or blocked or removed your Wifi driver thats why i hate those stuff.
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I just bought an EVGA nForce 730i mobo with onboard GeForce 9300 graphics card.

I installed vista ultimate 32 bit and the first thing I did was install all the drivers from the disk that came with the motherboard. For some reason I can't find my display adapter in my device manager list and I don't think the driver from the mobo disk is installing properly but I can't check that because I don't see the adapter in the device manager list. Any idea on how I can fix this?


A:Display Adapter not showing in device manager...

Did you touch anything on the Bios? Are you sure you don't have a PCI or PCIe card installed as well? What does it say under Device Manager/Display Adapters?
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Hi I've been trying to figure Adapter under manager/AMD working up device Display + not not showing out how to fix this for about two days now I've uninstalled everything AMD ATI multiple times and tried to reinstall my graphics driver using AMD Catalyst It always says that my computer quot does not contain a proper graphics adapter quot I've used Driver Sweeper to get rid of remnants I'm in safemode right now because suddenly I couldn't get into normal mode where I'd only be able to use VGA everything Display Adapter not showing up under device manager/AMD not working + for my adapter was put as quot unavailable quot when I checked under advanced for display properties After the startup screen it went black but I could still see my cursor and move it around it might of worked if I waited a bit longer but the length seemed odd so I rebooted Display Adapter not showing up under device manager/AMD not working + into safemode At first I couldn't even get into normal mode it would just be black without cursor until I uninstalled my driver from device manager but now I can't get the display adapters to show up again I've read a couple things about bios and something called pci but I'm not sure how either of those work or what they are I'm not super great at computers Thanks

A:Display Adapter not showing up under device manager/AMD not working +

Hi there ... Welcome to Seven Forums .. You have switchable Graphics ... Try downloading the Drivers from the Lenovo Website ...
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device manager under my Network adapter. I have my Intel Ethernet adapter listed and then underneath the bang with WAN Miniport (IP) #2. When I check the properties of the device It says it is not working properly. When I attempt to uninstall the device it tells me that the device cannot be removed because it is required to boot the system.

A:device manager under my Network adapter. I have my Intel Ethernet adapter listed and

go into your bios and under boot options, remove network/internet as a boot option if it is listed.
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I have been searching the internet for hours trying to find adapter Standard Device manager restore showing VGA after graphics a solution to this problem to no avail Computer Dell precision workstation t Intel Xeon W ghz gb ram GTX ti not working now worked before restore I just restored my PC through Dell's backup and recovery manager When finished I tried to install drivers for my GTX that I downloaded off of the Nvidia website I receive the error quot The graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware quot I go to check the Device Manager and in the Display adapters I see quot Standard VGA graphics adapter quot not my Nvidia card I'm assuming that is the reason my card does not appear and I Device manager showing Standard VGA graphics adapter after restore can't install drivers These are the steps I have already taken First I tried uninstalling the Standard VGA graphics adapter but I found that it re-installs itself whenever I restart Next I tried to uninstall in safe mode but it STILL re-installs it self while in safe mode I have tried Driver Sweeper to the same effect After reading several threads online where users experience similar problems I went to Dell to find the drivers they supplied for the computer I bought and Dell doesn't offer drivers for the card I have because I upgraded since buying the prebuilt from Dell I found Dell drivers Device manager showing Standard VGA graphics adapter after restore for a ti however I still receive the same quot The graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware quot error These are the hardware id's for the Standard VGA graphics adapter PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV A PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp CC PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp CC Why is Device Manager showing me quot Standard VGA graphics adapter quot Why isn't it recognizing my card when it previously did before being restored and most importantly how do I get it to recognize my card so I can install the drivers Thanks

A:Device manager showing Standard VGA graphics adapter after restore

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

I shouldn't worry too much about Windows installing drivers for the VGA adapter.

What you need to do is download NVIDIA's driver for your GTX 560 and save it to your hard drive.

Next, right-click the downloaded driver's .exe file and choose Run as Administrator.

You'll be offered a quick install and a custom install so choose the custom option.

The installer will uninstall the VGA adapter driver and clean install the GTX 560 driver.

When it's done reboot your computer and you should be good to go,
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I have an Inspiron home running XP and a Latitude D XP that I used to be able to use interchangably with a Comcast modem and a Netgear WGR router A couple of weeks ago my internet connections slowed and now have ended After several phone calls to Comcast the last tech told me the problem was quot the network address showing in the device manager is different than the network address that shows in the TCIP IP settings quot I am getting an error message of quot network cable unplugged quot on the Inspiron and the red X on the second of the two adapters st is nd is Broadcam x I can get internet from the Latitude when directly connected to the cable modem but not when routed through the router for wireless We have tried multiple reconfig of the IP shutting everything down computers router modem all with no success Any help anyone can provide would be great--I still need to order Christmas presents nbsp

A:Network adapter in device manager is different than adapter in TCIP/IP settings
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Windows Network does not show computers, but I have a batch file that will load them and log in. I have used Credential Manager to set up accounts and if I try to log into a computer from "Run", it still requests a password. Both these issues are working on Windows 8 with no problem; I have four computers set up as Network Locations with one being XP. The problem computer is a tablet running 10 which I can reach with the other three.
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I recently had to do a fresh install of my windows xp on a dimension 8250. The last time i did this i had to go download Ethernet drivers and it worked right away . This time I tried to download and install the chip-set and drivers but they are not working. When i go to the device manager the is not even a network category. Last time I at least had yellow ? marks. I have service pack 1 installed but i can't manage to get service pack 2 installed with dial up. I'm considering doing another reformat with hopes that it will fix it. Any ideas would be quite helpful.


A:device manager not showing network at all

if you go into device manager and view hidden devices - there are no yellow ? listed ?
also no network adapters listed

what happens when you tried to install the drivers ?
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Hi I m new to this so bear with me I know there are a lot of forum posts on this on this forum and many others but manager connections network in network 7) available and no No device adapter (windows after hours of trawling through them and getting nowhere I No network connections available and no network adapter in device manager (windows 7) thought I would make a thread with my specific problem and see if anyone No network connections available and no network adapter in device manager (windows 7) can help I got my new graphics card yesterday and after hours of trying to get that to work it s in and working but now I have a red cross where it says my internet is connected and when I click on it it says No Connections are No network connections available and no network adapter in device manager (windows 7) available I have a wired connection and the ethernet cable is in there is no light on my mobo to confirm this When I troubleshoot it says Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter If you have a network adapter you will need to reinstall the driver I have got my MOBO CD and attempted to do that but the gigabyte interface is completely missing and I can t find the network adapter on there I have also tried downloading the new drivers first on my laptop and running them on the PC but that had no success and the second time through my Iphone personal hotspot but with the same results I know the ethernet cable works because I have put it in my laptop I have a Gigabyte H MA-D v Mobo i K GB Ram GTX Running Windows Any help with this would be greatly appreciated because I m close to putting my foot through my PC Thanks James nbsp

A:No network connections available and no network adapter in device manager (windows 7)
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When I open device manager, there is no option for network adapters, unless I click on show hidden devices.
My motherboard model is ASUS p7h55-m
I tried instaling drivers for my model of motherboard, but nothing worked.
Whenever I troubleshoot, it says that I need a driver for my network adapter.
I tried instaling Realtek ethernet controller driver. However it says that:"NO NETWORK CONTROLLER WAS FOUND, if deep sleep mode is enabled, please plug the cable".

I need some help! Been trying to fix this for the past 6 hours. This has happened after I formatted my PC! Also, I have no CD with my motherboard .. thanks so much.

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I've installed windows 7 as upgrade to vista home premium in my Toshiba Satellite P205D-7802 laptop. Most everything seems to be running fine. My big problem is my network adapters (for wired and wireless - they are different) don't show up at all in the device manager?

I understand the whole installing a driver with compatibility mode but that seem quite impossible if the system does not even find the devices?

System was bought new 1 year ago with visa home premium and everything was working fine before the install. I have the drivers to install if I need the old vista drivers but it does not good.

I can install the drivers and when it gets done it says they are no good until the device is attached?

Any and all help is appreciated.

A:Network Adapter Not in Device Manager

same problem here! any ideas anyone?
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I just formatted an old computer ghz amd athalon mb ram with in network adapter no device manager a new win xp home oem disk with a key I used from my shot eMachine Everything was going fine it was getting late and I didn t have a chance to look at the client my cousin s internet connection before connecting to the internet I installed quickbooks which no network adapter in device manager shouldn t have anything to do with my problem but i thought I would mention it he hit IE quot this page cannot blah blah blah quot I asked him over the phone to go into no network adapter in device manager device manager and go to network adapters but there isn t one I told him to go to network connections and it only had what is in this picture attached http vbulletin thesite org attachment php attachmentid amp d Can you please help me I need to do tech over the phone His OB on board sound wasn t working we used the driver disk that came with the eMachine and the realtek ac started working There is still no internet I thought that installing drivers for the OB sound card might help the OB network card but the emachine disk isn t the right disk for this old towers motherboard I do not have this towers motherboard disk please don t say this is a problem nbsp

A:no network adapter in device manager

Are there errors in Device Manager?
How is he connecting to the Internet? Dial-up? Broadband?
Did you install the appropriate hardware drivers for whatever device is needed to connect to the Internet?
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After using system restore my internet connection has a red x. I have seen this before so I went into device manager so see what's up. There is no network adapter listed. I did a scan for hardware changed and nothing. I have an Atheros network driver folder on my desktop so I ran the setup.exe and it appeared to install the driver. After a reboot nothing happens.

The windows 7 troubleshooter tells me, "Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter. If you have a network adapter, you will need to re-install the driver."

The LAN connection is on my Asus p5ql-pro motherboard and I have downloaded the most recent driver from the website.

please help.$

A:No network adapter in Device manager

Quote: Originally Posted by TheOnion


After using system restore my internet connection has a red x. I have seen this before so I went into device manager so see what's up. There is no network adapter listed. I did a scan for hardware changed and nothing. I have an Atheros network driver folder on my desktop so I ran the setup.exe and it appeared to install the driver. After a reboot nothing happens.

The windows 7 troubleshooter tells me, "Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter. If you have a network adapter, you will need to re-install the driver."

The LAN connection is on my Asus p5ql-pro motherboard and I have downloaded the most recent driver from the website.

please help.$

Was the driver you installed a win 7 driver? If not you need to install it in compatibility mode. To do that right click the installer>properties>compatibility>choose OS.
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When going through device manager, there is no Network Adapters section. All network cards show up as unknown devices even though I've installed the drivers for them. In Control Panel -> Network Connections, there is no Local Area Connection. I've tried a new network card and that didn't fix anything either.

ipconfig / all gives me:

Windows IP COnfiguration. That's all. Nothing else shows up.

I'm so lost.

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So, I just deleted (including from my computer) this 'atheros' thing which is under the network adapter.. now. I can only use broadband but not wireless.. what do i do? so there is basically i cannot see the network adapter section anymore. however whenever I plug in the broadband it came out like a USB thing. You plug it in, then you can see the device... and the icon also change from

to this

what do I do now? I cannot use wifi? Im also using asus eee pc 1215B

A:How do I reinstall 'network adapter' from device manager?

Try this Driver
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hello, i could really use some help, a co worker brought me his comuter to reinstall windows xp, because he did not like vista, he also had his own xp discs, i have done everything like normal, have done this a time or two not my first rodeo with reinstalling windows xp, this is however the first time that this network issue has happened, i have installed the device driver cd as well along with the reset tool from dell's website, im getting NOWHERE. please help thanks a MILLION.

A:device manager does not recognize network adapter

Did you install the drivers in the recommended (if any) order--usually chipset first?

If it's an integrated adapter look for the driver on the PC (or motherboard) manufacturer's web site. Else look on the NIC's manufacturer's site. For the latter you may have to physically uninstall the NIC, run the setup program, and then physically install the NIC (there should be instructions).

Above assumes there is a device in Device Manager that's missing a driver.
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Acer Aspire 5315
Windows Vista Home Basic

My girlfriend just got this laptop from her father. It was functioning properly when he had it. Before he handed it over to her, he installed and ran the Windows Anytime Upgrade DVD. He wanted to clear all of his information.

We attempted to connect the laptop to a wireless router, no luck. We also had no luck while connecting the laptop directly to the cable modem. Windows could not find a network.

We tried locating "Network Adapter" in the Device Manager, but it doesn't appear to be listed anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Can't locate Network Adapter in Device Manager

Did you try to go to Acer site, download and install network driver?
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Terrible way to start the weekend with a mobo failure Long story short desktop adapter Solved: No in network device manager failed Suspecting a motherboard failure i swapped out the hard drives to desktop The nd box has it s own cpu mobo I reformatted my OS partition on the HD and reinstalled xp pro OS installed and my docs on the drive are still viable my main concern Prior to doing any swap my Solved: No network adapter in device manager nd box was able to connect to my wire gateway and get online and share files within my home network Now with the HD from desktop with a fresh xp pro install I get no network adapters in the device manager I do get a yellow next to quot other pci bridge device quot quot pci memory controller quot quot sm bus controller quot and a multimedia audio controller after some browsing on these forums I tried the following i tried deleting the entries from the device manager and rebooting No luck they still show up I also tried some command prompt commands with netsock to reset the tcp ip no luck I tried changing the PnP settings to automatic using services msc no luck I tried enabling the PnP option in the BIOS no luck any ideas nbsp

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I just reinstalled Win 7 Pro on my Elitebook 8460p. When I open the device manager, I do not see any network adapter, wireless or otherwise. How can I find my wireless adapter, so that I can install it and if needed download the appropriate drivers?  

A:No network adapter shown in device manager

Hi: You should see a device labeled as a Network Controller under an Other Devices category in the device manager. The Network Controller will have a little ! mark inside a yellow triangle. That is the wireless card that needs a driver. Since there can be more than one model wireless card in that notebook series, I don't know what driver you need to get the card to work but that is easy enough to find out. Please post the hardware ID for the device you see listed as a Network Controller. To find the hardware ID, click on the device labeled as a Network Controller. Then click on the details tab at the top of the network controller window. Now you will see a Property drop down list and it will be set to Device Description. Drop down on that list and select the 2nd item (Hardware ID's). Post the top string of characters that you see in the window.
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I just had my laptop motherboard replaced and now I cannot connect to the internet via my router and cable connection when I place my laptop in my docking station. The docking station Network Adapter (3Com3c920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller #7) is showing an error in the device manager of my control panel. I've tried to uninstall it from the device manager and reboot, but it just adds back the network adapter with the error exclamation back into my Network Adapter list. The device manager also shows 2 other instances of the same Network Adapter.


A:Network Adapter error in Device Manager

Uninstall ALL of the instances of the network adapter AFTER clicking View, Show Hidden Devices. Clean out the network adapters section, reboot, and see if you can get the drivers installed correctly.
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Hey, guys. This is my first time posting on this website. I really need help. I have a Dell XPS m1210. My friend just reinstalled my Laptop because a virus messed it up and now I cant go online. I tried installing all the drivers from the Dell's website but I still cant view the network adapter under device manager. I saw many posts about this problem on this website but I still can't fix the problem. When i clicked on the device manager, there is no network adapter section. It seems to disappear. I don't know what to do especially since I'm a computer illiterate. Please help you guys and thanks in advance

A:Solved: No Network Adapter under Device Manager

This sounds unlikely but I can only suggest that the adapter must be missing in BIOS. Restart and tap Delete or Function 2 key to go into BIOS or Setup menus, seek out the network adapter and enable it. Save the changes and you should see the adapter in Device Manager and the driver at Dell's site. If you key in the Service Tag reference, you'll get the drivers for the precise equipment they installed.
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Hi all A very weird problem just happens to my desktop I hope anyone could help me to avoid a complete reinstall It was working fine I didn't install or change nothing mostly is used as MediaCenter It was but device manager Missing adapter, OK network working perfectly without any change for months Then I shutdown one day as always and when I reboot the next day no network is present The PC is an Acer Aspire X desktop with an integrated intel NIC This is what I have seen In the W network configuration panel there isn't any NIC present IPCONFIG shows nothing no adapter is listed is not like when you unplug the Missing network adapter, but device manager OK network cable and the adapter is listed buy without the IPs now the command shows nothing at all But and that is the weird thing in device Missing network adapter, but device manager OK manager all seems fine The Intel NIC is listed without any warning mark Looking the properties all looks ok This Missing network adapter, but device manager OK is what I had already try I reinstalled the NIC drivers No changes Reinstalled the chipset drivers No changes Uninstalled NIC drivers with an Intel utility Then I rebooted and reinstalled the drivers when windows detected the new hw No changes Disabled the NIC adapter in device manager reboot and re-enable No changes Uninstalled the NIC adapter in device manager Reboot and re-install the drivers when windows detect the new hw No changes Disabled the NIC adapter in BIOS Boot windows shutdown re-enable the adapter in BIOS and reboot Reinstall the drivers No change Recover the system from an old recover point but no change I still have not any network adapter present in windows network configuration panel or listed with IPCONFIG I think some windows network component must be damaged but that is beyond my W knoledge Any ideas Thanks a lot in advance

A:Missing network adapter, but device manager OK

Network adapters sometimes fail. It may be due to some electrical disturbance which induces a surge in the cable, which knocks out a component in the NIC, but the rest of the card thinks it is working properly. A diode or capacitor failure perhaps.

Google USB Ethernet adaptor. Prices start less than ?10 UK.

Try a replacement for the card - it won't break the bank. I assume that you would need a USB connection? It doesn't even have to be an exact replacement - any recognized mainstream brand of the right specifications should do. Just take a note of the MAC address of the old card - ipconfig /all from the command prompt, and note the physical address. It may be important for your broadband connection. You may need to disable the onboard NIC in the bios.
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Since upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack my network adapter a Com C -TX-M does not appear in Device Not Does Adapter Network Manager But in Working Appear Device Manager and I therefore can t get this computer to appear on my home network The network adapter is still working because that Network Adapter Working But Does Not Appear in Device Manager s how I connect to the Internet via LAN to a router then cable broadband and IPCONFIG gives valid results including the correct IP address from the router via DHCP Hoping that this might be a glitch I installed a clean copy of XP Home on a spare hard disk The network adapter appeared in Device Manager and the computer appeared on the network I then upgraded to SP and the network adapter disappeared from Device Manager and the computer no longer appears on the network I have also tried installing a different network adapter - a completely different make and model - with no difference and forcing XP to install the Com drivers using Add New Hardware getting Error device cannot be started Attempting to set up a new network connection gets the result quot Cannot complete the Network Setup Wizard - the wizard cannot find your network hardware quot Yet it s there and working otherwise I wouldn t be able to post this request for help If anyone knows what s happening and how to fix this problem I would be extremely grateful for your assistance Thank you in anticipation nbsp

A:Network Adapter Working But Does Not Appear in Device Manager

This guy had the same problem. I'm not sure exactly what they did to fix the problem, but if you read through it and follow along, you should get your problem resolved by the 4th page.
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my power flickered off and on really quick and when my pc came back up, the internet would not work. after investigating i found out that the network adapter is missing from the device manager. i have tried to re-download drivers for my network adapter/mobo and this has not solved my problem. i have also set my pc back to a date in the past and it didnt work either. i do not know what else it could be other than my on board network card is faulty. ty.

A:network adapter missing from device manager

It sounds like the power problem tweaked your board a bit.

Have you tried clearing the cmos on the board?

Make sure you write down all the important bios settings before you clear the cmos and put them back to how it was before. If you built your own machine this should be fairly easy for you.
Relevancy 85.57%

i have use windoqw 7 bout 3 month, and now my desktop got a problem..i cant see my network adapter on my devicxe manager,so now i cant access internet.i already install the right driver for my network adAPter,but still my window 7 say that i not install my network adapter driver when i go to network troubleshoot..then i format my desktop n still my desktop cant find my network adaptewr on device manager..why?3 month ago i install my window 7 in that desktop,i quickly can access internet without i need to install any network adapter driver..mayb because window 7 already provide the default network driver on its setup ..but why when i format my pc n install again my window 7,i still got this prob?can anyone help me to solve this prob?

A:network adapter missing on device manager

What driver have you attempted to install? Try this one.
Relevancy 85.14%

My Ethernet is not showing up in device manager or Network Connections. I've checked the bios and it is enabled. I've also tried to install the drivers, but at the end of the install this error message pops up " the Realtek Network Controller was not found. If Deep sleep mode is enabled please plug the cable"

The Mobo is a ASUS P7h55-m if that helps. Also It Is Windows 7 64 bit

A:Ethernet not Showing up in device manager or Network connections

try the download manger to auto detect your board , several bios updates there also worth a read through one for LAN
Relevancy 84.71%

Hello,My network adapter suddenly stopped working...Yesterday everything was OK, today I booted my laptop with ethernet cable p?ugged in, but I couldn't acces the Internet.I haven't installed any updates.LED lights near ethernet port blinks (white continous light, amber blinking).I've checked Device Manager - my network adapter disapeared. No hidden device (bessie those Microsoft study), no exclamation marks.I was using ethernet cable because my wifi card is probably damaged (I couldn't get the WiFi to work - orange light on F12 and no wifi adapter in Device manager).Pinging localhost gives some results.Also while booted into Linux the network is not working - no device in lspci or ifconfig...

A:No network adapter in device manager - ethernet LED blinks

Hallo Derics, This sound really strange. Try go to start and press on search on files and programs. Search for Recovery manager. If you have that program on the computer there should be a tab with reinstall Drivers and softwares or Software and Programs. Please find your LAN + Wifi driver there and check if that help by installing this drivers again. Thanks please let me know if you have any problems.

Best regardsZincasI am an HP notebook technician.Please click ?Accept as Solution ? on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.Click the Thumbs Up on the left to say ?Thanks? for helping!
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I recently purchased a computer from a private seller. The computer wont connect to the internet because there is no network adapter driver. I have tried finding it in Device Manager and the icon is not there. what do I do? I don't know a lot about computers but I will try to give as much information as needed.

A:Missing Network adapter icon in device manager

If the driver isn't installed, it would show up under "Other devices". If it doesn't show up there, then there are two possibilities:

1) If it's an add-on adapter (not built into the motherboard) it could be poorly connected, or the slot could be bad.
2) The adapter is bad.
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I recently reformatted my primary HD and have come back to realize than my PC is not longer able to detect my Ethernet cable.
I've tried to sort this problem out from device manager but network adapter no longer shows up.

Any suggestions?

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Hi I own a Acer Aspire S - ultrabook I accidentally installed the wrong drivers yesterday while updating the device drivers as I ran into internet trouble and diagnostics said there seems to be a problem and Device Not shown Network in Manager Detected Adapter Not with either the drivers or hardware Ever since the system is unable to detect my network adapter It should be an Atheros Network Adapter Not Detected and Not shown in Device Manager ar bwb adapter When I boot the system there was a big red X and no connection so I ran diagnostics and it said I didn't have the drivers the incorrect drivers installed over the old one In Device manager unfortunately neither the old nor new wrong drivers are displayed so I tried to uninstall the Atheros installation program to remove the wrong drivers That ran into trouble as the wrong drivers could not be uninstalled because it was unable to locate the network card for the wrong drivers So I downloaded the correct driver from the Acer website and ran setup Setup could not be completed because it says my network adapter is unplugged Followed a few different links on this site including the IP reset in this post http www sevenforums com network-s but-s-not html Also disabled uninstalled and removed Bonjour With IPconfig as I'm using a USB wireless adapter temporarily it shows Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes With the USB Adapter unplugged and no wireless connection IPConfig all Does not show any headings with the word Wireless nor LAN I installed HWVendorDetect from Acer and running that it detected a network adapter from Atheros However the adapter is not shown in Device Manager and there are no unknown other devices and no yellow question marks Is there anything else I can try please

A:Network Adapter Not Detected and Not shown in Device Manager

Hello and welcome HK mate it took some finding as I didn't know if ultrabooks were not notebooks

Anyway here are the drivers for the WLAN I would try the latest one.
Acer | Driver Download
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hi all
i connect my laptop to internet everything is fine but after an hour or more i loose the connection then i check the device manager and find out that the wireless network adapter has completely disappeared from the window. i can't get it back right away.
Q: how can u explain that?
Q: haw can i get it back cause i went on "action" then searched for the changes then nothing teh system doesn't detects any new connected device.
any 1 with an answer so how to deal with this prob cause it's occurring very frequently these last couple o'days.

A:wireless network adapter disappears from device manager

Hey hubi , I'd suggest you to go to "Device manager" > click on "Network Adapters >Action>Add legacy hardware.
Download "SlimDriver" that will check and automatically download the removed driver, let me know ...
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I have a Sony Vaio VGNFW D that runs with Windows Vista Ever since I got this computer about yrs ago I have had problems with it suddenly disconnecting from the internet When this happens it could never detect any wireless networks and I would have to restart the computer to temporarily solve the problem It usually happened after the computer was in hibernation Yesterday this Device Wireless Missing Manager Adapter Network Is From happened again only this time restarting the computer did not solve the problem When I could not connect to a network I clicked on quot Diagnose why Windows cannot find any additional networks quot and it said quot Install wireless networking hardware and verify that the correct drivers are loaded quot I went onto the Sony website to download the Intel Wifi link AGN wireless LAN Driver and updates The download Wireless Network Adapter Is Missing From Device Manager was not successful and I received a message indicating that the latest updates of this driver were already installed in my computer I spoke with different representatives at Sony and they were no help They only directed me to links that had steps to finding out what my problem was which I followed with no success Most of the steps included enabling the adapter in the device manager uninstalling and reinstalling the driver etc I could not do any of these things because the driver Wireless Network Adapter Is Missing From Device Manager does not appear in the device manager at all I am hoping that there is someone that has heard of this happening before so that I can get a solution to this problem It is not convenient to have an ethernet cable running through my entire house Thank you nbsp

A:Wireless Network Adapter Is Missing From Device Manager

The wireless adapter does not appear under Network Adapters in Device Manager and there are no warnings or errors anywhere in Device Manager, right?

Check in you BIOS (Setup) to see if it somehow got disabled there.

If you can access the adapter through a cover on the bottom of the laptop remove and carefully and firmly reinsert the card three or four times (this will usually wipe any possible corrosion off the contacts).
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Just reformatted my alienware laptop because I haven't used it in months. Now I don't even see "Network Adapter" listed under device manager so when trying to install the driver i don't think it had any effect. Suggestions? Running m15x windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

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Hi. I am having a major issue with my Acer Z1801 all-in-one desktop. All of a sudden wireless connectivity dropped out, and wireless adapter has disappeared entirely from the device manager. Network troubleshooting doesn't give me an option for wireless connection, so no selection to enable it. WLAN card is a Raling RT3090 according to the label on the computer. There doesn't appear to be an easy way to open the casing to reset the card. I've reset recommended BIOS to no effect. I've reinstalled drivers to no effect. Running Windows 7 Home Premium. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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Windows Professional Bit Thing is my computer can't get connected to internet I don't really know when this started but I've already re-installed windows completely deleting all previous data and i am still with the same problem light Manager.No on hub adapters No ethernet Device on showing network re-installed also motherboard drivers but nothing Looking in some forums i tried the following to solve this in cmd reset TCP IP with netsh int ip reset resetlog txt reset WINSOCK netsh winsock reset catalog None solved it Also i tried in cmd as i saw in forums --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ping What does this mean pinging with bytes of data PING transmit failed General Failure PING transmit failed General Failure PING transmit failed General Failure PING transmit failed General Failure Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ipconfig all Host Name nicoPC Primary Dns Suffix quot empty quot Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ping Yahoo ping request could not find host Yahoo please check the name and try again ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks in No network adapters showing on Device Manager.No light on ethernet hub advance Please help me

A:No network adapters showing on Device Manager.No light on ethernet hub

Welcome to the forums nikosaqui !

When you look in Device Manager, do you see any yellow triangles with exclamation marks? When did this problem start? Have you tried a system restore to a point before this started?
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I'm running Windows 7 and uninstalled the driver for my wireless network adapter (Atheros AR9285) because it wasn't working properly. Now, the adapter won't work AT ALL. I updated the driver via ethernet, and Device Manager says that the adapter is working fine, however Windows is acting like I don't even have a wireless adapter. What's do I do?!

A:Device manager says that wireless network adapter is fine and windows won't use it

How did you update the driver? Did you get it from the manufacturer? Other sources should not be trusted.
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click to look for internet connection and there is a X and I click troubleshoot and this comes up: windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter driver. It is a Toshiba Satelite C655D-S5130. have searched for the driver and cant find it on the toshiba support website

A:[SOLVED] Clean install, No network adapter in device manager

If you open the Device Manager (which can be found by right clicking on My Computer and clicking Manage then selecting Devices) Does the Network card appear in there?
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i recently had to replace my hdd and put windows xp on it after install i tried to get internet to work and i have nothing in my internet connections. my device manger has no network adapter drop menu and my motherboard driver will not install and give the error message thr nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware setup will now exit. i have ben trying to fix for 2 days to no avail pls help!

Relevancy 83.42%

network adapter(LAN or connection to modem) missing from device manager...cant uninstall it or reintall it...i tried using networkadaptersfix which i forget where i dloaded it from...and now there's network adapter in device manager but there's a question mark and it says it's not working properly...i tried to uninstal it but it says it is needed....without it i cant connect my pc to the modem and LAN with my laptop....there's one more thing, i cant connect to my modem via cable even with my laptop.but i can connect with there are 2 problems here..the LAN/modem connection socket of my pc and do i fix these problems??

A:network adapter(LAN or connection to modem) missing from device manager!.help!

Is this onboard Lan?
If you have the motherboard cd then the driver should on it.
If not download the driver from the motherboard makers website.
If you are not sure of the make and model of your board, download Everest
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There are some of devices that were mission from device manager At first there was a problem with wireless adapter I couldn't enable it I tried to reinstall drivers serveral times but it didn't fix the problem So i reformat my system times the problem is still existing It's getting worst now i can't find wireless network adapter, adapter, device items Wirelress in lan reader card manager: Hidden adapter lan network adapter and card reader in device manager It is weird that sometime the Hidden items in device manager: Wirelress adapter, lan adapter, card reader wireless adapter appears in device manger those devices come back too I am quite sure that my wireless adapter hardware is ok because i did replace new wireless adapter but the problem still exist I ran some antivirus tools antimalware tools non of them return infected The weirdest issue is that my wireless adapter comes with bluetooth adapter but only bluetooth adapter can be used it works perfectly fine Could you please take a look at this problem im Hidden items in device manager: Wirelress adapter, lan adapter, card reader at the deadend this is Hidden items in device manager: Wirelress adapter, lan adapter, card reader the weirdest problem i ever had with my laptop and pc Thank you DDS Ver - - - NTFS AMD NETWORK Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Run by Kritparin at on - - Microsoft Windows Professional GMT AV Bitdefender Antivirus Enabled Updated B F -CAF -DD -C -E B SP Windows Defender Enabled Outdated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF SP Bitdefender Antispyware Enabled Updated EB F -ECC -D -FED -DC A D FW Bitdefender Firewall Enabled A D - -DCCF-EF F- E DBCD CF Running Processes C Windows system lsm exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system svchost exe -k RPCSS C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows Explorer EXE C Windows system ctfmon exe C Program Files x Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Windows System svchost exe -k secsvcs C Program Files x Mozilla Firefox plugin-container exe C Windows SysWOW Macromed Flash FlashPlayerPlugin exe C Windows SysWOW Macromed Flash FlashPlayerPlugin exe C Windows system notepad exe C Windows System svchost exe -k swprv C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Windows System cscript exe Pseudo HJT Report BHO IDM integration IDMIEHlprObj Class C - - B-A BF- B C A A - C Program Files x Internet Download Manager IDMIECC dll BHO Bitdefender Wallet DAC C - D - AB - A-B D CD A - C Program Files Bitdefender Bitdefender Antispam pmbxie dll BHO Java Plug-In SSV Helper BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files x Java jre bin ssv dll BHO Office Document Cache Handler B F A - E - -BA - B E FF - C Program Files Microsoft Office root office URLREDIR DLL BHO Java Plug-In SSV Helper DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files x Java jre bin jp ssv dll BHO Microsoft Web Test Recorder Helper DDA - - ed - D - D EC D D - C Program Files x Microsoft Visual Studio Common IDE PrivateAssemblies Microsoft VisualStudio QualityTools RecorderBarBHO dll EB Web Test Recorder D - - - CDB- B D D - uRun Bitdefender Wallet Agent C Program Files Bitdefender Bitdefender pmbxag exe uRun Bitdefender Wallet C Program Files Bitdefender Bitdefender pwdmanui exe --hidden --nowizard uRun Bitdefender Wallet Application Agent C Program Files Bitdefender Bitdefender antispam bdapppassmgr exe uRun DAEMON Tools Lite C Program Files x DAEMON Tools Lite DTLite exe -autorun uRun IDMan C Program Files x Internet Download Manager IDMan exe onboot uRun AdobeBridge lt no file gt mRun THX Audio Control Panel C Program Files x Creative THX TruStudio Pro THXAudioCP THXAudio exe r mRun UpdReg C Windows UpdReg EXE mRun SunJavaUpdateSched C ... Read more

A:Hidden items in device manager: Wirelress adapter, lan adapter, card reader

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Hello, i have an Inspiron 17R, the webcam used to work but now it does not!
Showing not found
Going into the device manager the imput device tag is not there.
Thanks in advance
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My task manager has suddenly lost all of the tabs at the top, like processes, ect. Only showing running programs.
- How do I restore the default task manager with access to all of the resources, network, ect.???

- Ideas how/why it has suddenly changed? Have no idea why it has changed and lost the majority of management functionality - do not recall (knowingly) changing anything that would have had effects on task manager...

Thanks everybody

A:Task Manager no longer showing all tabs. How to get back?

Try a double click on the border.

Task Manager - Small Footprint Mode
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Hello there I have an HP dv notebook which about an year ago began having not Wireless Device showing on Manager device serious screen problems It went black and nothing made it come back even though Windows still booted sounds came up and everything After almost an year repairing and Intel motherboards later the technician found out the problem was on the dedicated graphics card memory and put an AMD motherboard on my notebook which didn't have dedicated graphics memory anymore So now my notebook is recognized by HP automatic product detection as Wireless device not showing on Device Manager a dv us one Plus my graphics card is now shown as a GeForce Go I bought it as a GeForce GS Since then the PC has been working flawlessly except for now Last night I was using the notebook turned it off and went to sleep Now I turned it on once again it simply can't detect the wireless device It's like it doesn't exists I never changed the position of the notebook or anything to say the card moved or something internally I check the Device Manager and there's no sign of the adapter It only shows the local ethernet adapter wired connection working flawlessly as I'm writing right now from it and bluetooth adapter And yes the light on the wireless switch on my notebook is blue which means turned on I tried putting it to off orange and then on again blue but it doesn't works All that happens is that windows quot disconnected quot sound like when you remove an USB device when I turn it off I have tried downloading the drivers from HP support webpage but it also doesn't work Not even automatic hardware detection detects it I have no idea what to do Please please someone give me an useful tip for this one Thanks

A:Wireless device not showing on Device Manager

Weird one. Could u try a system restore to a previous good working state? Given all that you've done -- correctly -- I wonder if the internal wireless card is simply kaput? Could you perhaps purchase a usb wireless dongle such as:
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Hi all The from Manager Adapter' Device 'Device (XP) missing quot Display adapter quot option is missing from my Device Manager I did re-install the OEM driver but it didn t help I am mystified as to how to get it to show up I would like to install a new video card and I suspect I must first resolve this software problem 'Device Adapter' missing from Device Manager (XP) already tried the card with no luck I had made some tweaks to WinXP some 'Device Adapter' missing from Device Manager (XP) months ago in an effort to optimize it I don t remember what I did but I suspect that might have something to do with it I have looked through Microsoft and HP Compaq support sites with no luck Any info I found seems to talk about using the Display Adapter to make changes not how to revive it My stock video drivers are loaded and working Again I just don t know how to get Display Adapter to re-appear and working in Device Manager I ran a diagnostic app called AIDA Here are screen grabs of my Windows Devices Physical Devices Device Resources Windows Video Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this issue Any and all suggestions are appreciated My System Specs WinXP Home Ed SP installed System Compaq Presario SR NX Processor AMD Athlon XP Processor Speed MHz BIOS KM RAM MB Video Controller VIA S G UniChrome Graphics Video Memory on board MB Cheers Mark nbsp

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So I know this topic has been covered many many times but this is slightly different I had all the computers on the network a mix of XP SP vista and pro of the and b bit flavors networked and working fine All of a sudden i can no longer see the xp computers from the win and vice versa So i thought maybe there was an update that changed the node type it's happened before on a win home comp in the network All the nodes are hybrid all still have file sharing and network XP computers seeing No longer on network discovery enabled and my LAN manager is still set to send lm amp ntlm What's strange is that I can type in the computer name into the address bar and access it fine But they won't show up on the network map No longer seeing XP computers on network So while for a techies like us this is no problem anyone who runs IT knows how the users like to have everything the way it was So I'm trying to figure out how to get all the computers back on the network map Ideas

A:No longer seeing XP computers on network

so its a p2p and both win7 AND win xp sp3 suddenly one day are not visible to one another (win 7 map is completely blank or does it show at least the current computer (and I assume a router) connected to the Internet ?

did this just start, like for instance within a day

and no changes or additions at the same time (i.e. no firewall ports changed?)

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My year old Win- bit SP- PC no longer detects the DVD drives Not sure when the trouble started as I haven't used them very often I'm guessing about months ago was the last time I used them At that time they both worked Now they don't nor do they show up in Device Manager either It only lists my Card Reader types I couldn't find anything wrong so I installed two new Asus drives same thing Tray opens My no longer or is in computer the DVD manager Device drives green light comes on as if they DVD drives is no longer in My computer or the Device manager are working Windows Fix-it apparently don't recognize them either as no error was found I checked BIOS they aren't listed Boot order has the HD and then the card reader SD SM MS etc never seen that before Not the way I set DVD drives is no longer in My computer or the Device manager it up Note old drives where Sony and ASUS New ones are ASUS DVD DRW- F ST- MOBO is a ASUS M A X EVO DVD drives is no longer in My computer or the Device manager R CPU AMD FX- Six Core Chipset AMD X SB MEMORY x DIMM GB TB Hard drive No viruses have been found I have not installed any new software or hardware in the last months Fact is I'm in my s and have not been up to using the computer much in the past few months I would just re-install windows if i could would need OS on a flash drive thanks for any help

A:DVD drives is no longer in My computer or the Device manager


Stage 1 : Please do all the below even if you have done some before as it is often the total
process which solves the issue.

Try this - Control Panel - Device Manager - CD/DVD - double click the device - Driver's Tab -
click Update Drivers (this will likely do nothing) - then RIGHT CLICK the drive - UNINSTALL -
REBOOT this will refresh the default driver stack. Even if drive is not shown continue

Then work your way through these - remember the drive could be bad, could have a loose
cable or slight corrosion on the contacts (usually for a laptop) and other issues.

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs
Your CD or DVD drive is not recognized by Windows or other programs - a Mr Fixit
Manually try this fix if the 314060 Fixit did not work
PC Hell: How to Fix Error Code 39 with DVD or CD-ROM drive in Windows XP/Vista
Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs -
a Mr Fixit
Your CD or DVD drive is not recognized by Windows or other programs

The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded
to Windows Vista
The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that is running Windows Vista

When you insert a CD or a DVD, Windows Vista may not recognize the disc
When you insert a CD or a DVD, Windows Vista may not recognize the disc

Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media - A Mr Fixit
Fix problems with CD or DVD drives that can

CD/DVD drive does not appear in Windows Vista, or you receive this error during Windows
Vista setup after booting from the DVD (AHCI)
Error: A required CD/DVD device driver is missing - when you start Windows 7 or Windows Vista from the setup disk

CD-R drive or CD-RW drive is not recognized as a recordable device
CD-R drive or CD-RW drive is not recognized as a recordable device

Hardware devices not detected or not working - A Mr Fixit
Hardware devices are not working or are not detected in Windows

Another possibility is that the cables are loose. Remove ALL power, then check cables in both
ends. Remove and replace, do not just snug. For laptops you can often clean the power and
data contacts with a pencil eraser.

Some DVD drives do not use the Windows default drivers so check with the System maker and
device maker to see if there is firmware or drivers for you drive if needed.


Stage 2 : You could have drive issues as the CD/DVD is actually 4 drives in 1 case ( CD & DVD
burn and CD and DVD read). So it is not unusual for 1 or 2 parts to not function while the others
do so properly.

Did you complete the troubleshooter for the drive that still does not work? There are some
registry entries that the troubleshooter does not fix and those "might" be the cause.

Check with your System Maker and Device maker for both possible firmware updates and
the correct Registry entries for your drive.

These are the keys I think are the ones in question - for the CD/DVD drive sub-keys of course
as there will other sub-keys in these keys. Be sure to ask for specific keys involved as well as
the settings.


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Hardware Profiles\0001\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\IDE


CD/DVD units
Solid State Drives (SSD), Hard Drives (HDD) and NAS - Club Myce
Use DevManView to locate CD/DVD in registry (be careful and make a Restore Point before
changing anything) - find the device in DevManView and then Right Click on it Open in RegEdit.
DevManView - Free - an alternative to the standard Device Manager of Windows, which displays all
devices and their properties in flat table, instead of tree viewer
Alternative to device manager of Windows

Hope this helps.
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Hello there. I have done something that is rather foolish. I have a Turtle Beach z22 headset, and I read that the USB cord for the headset doesn't work well with USB 3.0 ports, so I decided make an attempt to run the drivers for USB 2.0 on my USB 3 port. However, this didn't work the way I expected. The reason for trying to have the port run the 2.0 drivers is because it's the only port next to my audio jack, and in order to use a 2.0 port I would have to reach my USB cord all the way across my keyboard. My USB 3.0 driver for the port no longer appears in my device manager, and whenever I plug anything into the port, my laptop no longer registers it. Is there any way to get the USB 3.0 drivers running again?

A:USB 3.0 drivers no longer appearing in Device Manager

Try to run systen restore prior to change was made.
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New Windows 8 deskside, set up workgroup, worked OK, now not showing other 2 computers on it. What am I doing wrong? Am novice.

Other 2 computers show all 3 computers on Network, and from the other 2 I can access the new 8 box and it's files. Shortly after I had done the set up, the 8 box showed all 3 computers, and from the 8 box I was accessing other computers. Why does the 8 box now only list itself on the Network/Workgroup?

How do access the other 2 computers?
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I have an Alienware M x notebook computer nbsp Recently I purchased a Sony bluetooth headset nbsp I had not previously used any bluetooth devices on the computer nbsp I set the laptop to discover devices and set the headset to be discoverable nbsp After pairing the headset to my laptop I opened my music folder and started listening nbsp After hearing music for about seconds the headset went silent and the music starting coming out of the speakers instead nbsp I then tried to restart the laptop s nbsp bluetooth receiver but there was no way to do it nbsp It was even missing from Device Manager nbsp Finally I closed the display and let it go to sleep nbsp When I resumed again the bluetooth was back nbsp I was again able to listen to music but after another minute or two the device again disappeared nbsp I even called Alienware support nbsp He upgraded the BIOS and reinstalled the bluetooth driver but it would never work nbsp This was because he never had me actually shut off the computer nbsp In other words once the bluetooth device was gone the in Working, Manager longer Bluetooth no Device Stops only way to get it Bluetooth Stops Working, no longer in Device Manager back was to sleep or shut down power off not just reboot the machine nbsp After these steps failed to resolve the problem the technician set up an appointment for me to get the bluetooth adapter replaced nbsp This went very smoothly great on-site support but when I got home the problem was still happening even with a new bluetooth module nbsp To make a long story not much longer I was able to fix the problem nbsp It turned out that it was the power options for the Dell Wireless Bluetooth Module nbsp I unchecked the checkbox labeled Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power and the problem was solved So step by step here s how to fix the problem in Windows Click Start In the search box type Device Manager nbsp In the results window above click nbsp Device Manager Expand the Bluetooth Radios node in Device Manager remember you have to do this when the bluetooth device is there nbsp If it is not shown then it has already been shut off and you ll need to shut off or sleep the laptop and resume again to get the device back again Right-click on the Dell Wireless entry and choose properties Click on the Power Management tab and uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power and click OK Problem solved nbsp I hope this helps others

A:Bluetooth Stops Working, no longer in Device Manager

I have the same problem in my new Alienware 15 R2 and your post really helped me! Thank you very much!
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My girlfriend recently found out that her laptop was supposed to be a touchscreen device, but has not been able to use the functionality. I went thru a few troubleshooting steps to try and potentially fix the problem but the touchscreen doesn't even show up on the Device Manager under HID. I have been trying to find some potential drivers for the touchscreen for this device but I have not had any luck. Are there any drivers? Could the screen have been replaced with a non touch one and windows is recognizing it and doesn't even allow for the drivers to be used? TIA
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I recently cleaned the registry, deleted some AOL components, and updated from AVG 7.5 to AVG 8.5 then noticed I could not get on the Internet. When I opened the Device Manager, nothing was showing in the list. How do I bring it back!?!

A:nothing showing in Device Manager

Try this:

edit: if that doesn't fix it, do this;

edit again: and if you use Norton;

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Ok time to reach out to those with way more knowledge than me Story starts that my iphone is no longer recognized as a device or a drive I get the quot bing bong quot when plugging in the usb cable but that is it No auto play no itunes popping up It is not recognized as an external drive or as a device in itunes anymore After doing the normal things reaching out to apple reinstall itunes etc it is thought to be a windows problem Needs to be solved via device manager Device manager is empty zip nada el blanko Now don't think i've just jumped on this forum or any other and just yelled out help I've been through everything from simple to complicated Done everything that everyone has suggested It empty, Device Iphone manager longer recognised no list is NOT an easy fix I'm on an HP laptop year old I processor gb ram running Windows home premium Plug n play services are enabled but I do not the option to restart as it is greyed out Snap in dev mngmt does not change anything Enum permissions cannot be changed says NO I am running as an administrator Safe mode does not show anything Cannot reset child permissions it wont let me Removing all photos from iphone has not solved anything there are no corrupt files there I do not have a windows disk the laptop never came with one so i cannot do a refresh or new install I am running norton anti virus but disabling firewalls does nothing I WAS using Norton utilities but someone suggested that could be the issue so i removed it - nothing Can anyone help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease I need new music on my iphone its doing my nut haha

A:Device manager list empty, Iphone no longer recognised

IF you are willing to do a full CLEAN OEM reinstall -which may solve your problem as well as get rid of any HP bloatware THEN go to the Tutorials and you will find Gregrocker's excellent article. You can download an ISO of your version of Windows 7 from Digital River and it will work with the Key on the bottom of your G6. You may want to get all of the drivers for this machine from HP's site first, btw.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Doing this will wipe the hard drive and you can also create a simgle partition rather than keep the HP hidden one.
Good luck
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Replaced the wireless nic in a presario v6000 running windows 7. Cannot see device in device manager. External wireless adapter works but would really like the internal card to function. Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Device not showing in Device manager

What are the steps you took to perform the installation? Did you install drivers? Is it enabled in BIOS?
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Two of the four USB ports in my motherboard were not working properly After plugging in any USB device it would recognize something was there try to find a driver for it but fail Manager devices USB Device up showing not in at doing so These are plug and play devices I had never had problems with before The device manager said the SM bus was not installed properly I reinstalled the chipset driver and that fixed one of the USB devices not showing up in Device Manager USB ports however one is still not working When I plug in any USB Device there is no audible ding no quot this device is not recognized quot pop-up and it isn't even showing up as 'unknown device' in the Device Manager I'm not sure what could be wrong USB devices attempted x Wired Mouse x USB thumb drives x USB external hard drive All devices are USB The malfunctioning port is USB My system Dell Inspiron s Vista Home Premium x Motherboard Model RY Socket Chipset Vendor Intel Chipset Model P G G Chipset Revision A Southbridge Vendor Intel Southbridge Model IR ICH R Southbridge Revision

A:USB devices not showing up in Device Manager

Hello, in Device manager , have you expanded the tree on the USB controllers and seen if any are showing yellow icons indicating driver issue ?
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I m not sure if this issue has been covered in here yet sorry if it has I tried searching for it but the search wasn t working so here goes I installed windows bit and it is not recognizing my dvd drive It is not showing up in the device manager device in up showing manager DVD not drive or anything but does show up in the bios I have tried going into the registry and deleting the upper and lower filters disabling driver signature enforcement upon startup and entering quot bcdedit set loadoptions DDISABLE INTEGRITY CHECKS quot in command prompt but nothing worked I ended up trying to boot from cdrom on startup and was able to to do that I opened the drive took out the windows disc restarted the computer and windows finally detected my dvd drive and everything was DVD drive not showing up in device manager fine I eventually restarted the computer and now it is not detecting the drive again Has anyone else run in to this or know what I can do to fix it Thanks nbsp
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Hi there I have a very strange thing going on here.
I have two hard drives one 1TB (which is my main hdd which I have windows 7 on) and my 500GB hard drive where my stuff is on. Now here is the strange thing, Although I can enter my C drive (via Computer) I cannot see it in disk mangement or in device Manager. Which in turn does not allow my to upgrade to a diffrent higher version of windows7 .cause the only drive that is showing is my D drive. Help would be very much accepted. Is windows 7 preventing me from making any kind of changes to my C drive?

A:hdd showing in Computer but not in device manager

You might have a permission problem with the drive :

Right click on the drive in Computer - properties - security - advanced - owner - edit - then change owner to yourself.
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Hi, Recently I did reset my HP dm4 notebook to factory defaults setting and noticed that CD/DVD drive is not appearing in windows explorer "my computer". When I checked in Device Manager, there also I do not find it. When I push the eject button the drive opens though.  I ran the find and fix problems utility in control panel and the following message appeared "Problems found: Hardware changes might not have detected -- detected  !" I'd checked the registry if there are any upper/lower filter keys...there aren't any. I ran the command "sfc /scannow" in command prompt (admin) and checked again in device manager, but no luck. Does this mean my CD/DVD drive is gone OR can be fixed? if it can be fixed, how?
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Needless to say from the thread title, I only have one mouse and one keyboard plugged-in. Everything works correctly, but was just curious if there's any particular reason why this is happening.

A:Why does device manager showing duplicates?

I believe what you are showing us is the Devices & Printers window. It would be interesting to see if the devices show twice in the Device Manager (Start > Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Device Manager)

I've seen this happen when 2 different drivers are installed for the same device: one is a generic Windows driver that gets installed when Windows discovers new hardware and installs the driver for it, and a second when the user installs the manufacturer's driver afterward. This should not happen, but sometimes it does. I suspect poorly written driver software.

Since this is a mouse and keyboard you could experiment with removing one of each. You will not be offered the option to remove a working mouse or keyboard in Devices and Printers, but the doppelganger may show the Remove Device option.

If that is not an option then let us know what you find in the Device Manager. Particularly under Properties > Driver that might give a clue.
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i'm using 64 bit win 7. Monitor not showing up in device manager. my monitor is samsung 2232bw. any solution ? ty

A:Monitor not showing up in device manager

Try looking at Windows 7 Launch - lenovo community
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W98 SE, on a reboot got Sec Slave Drive-ATAPI Incompatible error message, Press F1 to resume. I do so and system boots but my two CD drives are missing. Neither appears in Device Manager list. No lights show on either drive unit after reboot but both are powered up. Checked BIOS settings but don't really understand the meanings,
BIOA Auto Detect settings are;
Pri Master: AUTO
Pri Slave: Not installed
Sec Master: Not installed
Sec Slave: AUTO
At system reboot I see the following;
Auto-detect Pri Master = IDE Hard Drive
Auto-detect Sec Slave= ATAPI CDROM
Sec Slave Drive - ATAPI Incompatible
Press F1 to resume
Since I don't use this PC(my wifes) I'm not familiar with what might have preceded this situation. Both CD's were working fine a few weeks ago. Any suggestions to cause or solution greatly appreciated.

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I recently tried to plugin a connectland cl me 001 microphone with no result after trying to use the sound recorder to test it.
After trawling thru google I could find nothing that looks like my problem

the manufactures website is in French and of little use to me.
I have plugged it in to a different machine where it worked fined.
This makes me think the mike is not the problem it is also not the sound driver which I updated.
any useful comments will be appreciated thanks in advance

A:Microphone not showing in device manager

Without more PC specifications, including what sound module, we can't really offer much advice.

However, one thing I see is the "High Defintion Audio Device". That suggests the drivers for the sound hardware are not installed and only the generic, basic function, Windows installed sound driver.
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It has just been recognised as a default - in display properties.

can't find anywhere to try and update drivers - I have the drivers ready and waiting.

Any suggestions?


A:Monitor not showing up in device manager?

In Control Panel go to Display. On the last Tab, Settings, go to Advanced, then you will see a tab called Monitor. Click on Properties, then Driver and you will be able to view and change drivers there.

(Yes, I know you can get there from System, but for someone who's never been there, this sometimes makes more sense.)
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I have a MSI GT70 2OD, I have not really ever used bluetooth, so im not sure how long I have had the problem.
Running Windows 8.1 and everything updated. My computer does not seem to realize that it has bluetooth. The computer has the Killer Bigfoot Doubleshot Lan/Wlan/Btooth card. When I look in device manager there is no bluetooth, and i guess therefor no option in windows to toggle on/off bluetooth.

In the details tab of task manager there is a btvstack running and if I go to my bluetooth folder location I can run bttray.exe and have that running in details tab, however the tray icon does not appear.

I have looked quite a bit to find that it seems to be quite a common problem and not specific to MSI however cannot find a clear solution.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.
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Monitor not showing up in device manager? It has just been recognised as a default - in display properties.

can't find anywhere to try and update drivers - I have the drivers ready and waiting.

Any suggestions?

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Computers showing in Network I do not know about these computers that are showing up?
I have Windows 7 Home Premium.
I am hooked up to the internet via network cat5 cable. I go to control panel, click on network, I see 3 or 4 computers for example "KatiePC5" and others I do not know. I don't know if I should worry about this or not. Would it be where I recently been to a Hotel and hooked up via wifi connection?
How do I remove or disallow these computers if they are to be worried about?
Please help thank you.
N4TUX Boyd

A:Computers showing in Network I do not know about, should I .....

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Do you have a wireless access point on your network?

Are you behind a Network Address Translator (NAT)?
Address test

Can you tell us the manufacturer and model number of the equipment (router, modem...) that is between you and the internet?
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Network only shows the computer that is being used ,it does not show any other computers on the network.
Cannot network other computers.
Creating Home group does not solve the problem.
Network troubleshooter does not show up anything
Each computer is WORKGROUP setting
All computers connect to internet.

A:Computers not showing on network

First thing is make sure that all firewalls are shut down on all computers, or set to "Trust" your Home LAN. The second thing to check is to make sure that all computers are set to "WORKGROUP" for the group they belong to on the LAN. The next is run Farbar's Mini Toolbox and Service Scanner, which you can download at Searching for farbar When you run Mini Toolbox, only check the first five items, before you run it.

Post back if still having issues. There is also a Tutorial in "Tutorials about Network troubleshooting. Even if you are not sharing anything. The computers should still show up in Windows Network.
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This is a desktop PC with Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Up until yesterday the PC had perfect internet access via ethernet When I came to use it last night - no access The situation The sys tray icon has a red cross and mouse over produces Not connected - no connections are available The network Adapter is a Realtek PCIe Solved: and not Centre Network Adapter Network in Sharing showing GBE Family Controller and is showing in Device Manager and according to the properties is working correctly The network diagnostics troubleshooter finds the following - Windows could not automatically detect this network s proxy settings When I open Network and Sharing Centre and then click on Change Adapter Solved: Network Adapter not showing in Network and Sharing Centre Settings there is nothing showing in the Network Connection If I click on Connect to a network I get No connections available If I click on Set Solved: Network Adapter not showing in Network and Sharing Centre up a new connection I get Windows did not detect any networking hardware What I have tried I have uninstalled the network adapter from device manager and then reinstalled it Still showing as ok I have run netsh int ip reset quot and quot netsh winsock reset quot I have downloaded and installed the latest adapter drivers I noticed a Windows Critical update had been done at so I restored the system to before that update I restored further back than that update to two days previously None of the above worked and I m not sure what else to try Has the actual hardware failed or is there something else I can do nbsp

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Hi, my Wireless adapter is not in Device Manager. Currently im using Hp pavilion tx1000. Recently, I have formated my laptop, and i cant get my wireless work installed. I have been to hp website to get the latest wireless setup to install, but it still not able to function.
Even if I turn off and on again my wireless device, the laptop cannot detect my wireless adapter and make auto installation. The wireless is Broadband 802.11. Is that my wireless adaptor hardware get spoiled? I have tried a lot of wireless setup, but it still not able to work. Any suggestion my friend..

A:Wireless adapter not in Device Manager

Originally Posted by Likshen

Hi, my Wireless adapter is not in Device Manager. Currently im using Hp pavilion tx1000. Recently, I have formated my laptop, and i cant get my wireless work installed. I have been to hp website to get the latest wireless setup to install, but it still not able to function.
Even if I turn off and on again my wireless device, the laptop cannot detect my wireless adapter and make auto installation. The wireless is Broadband 802.11. Is that my wireless adaptor hardware get spoiled? I have tried a lot of wireless setup, but it still not able to work. Any suggestion my friend..

Have you gone into device manager and choose view
"all hidden" ?

Can you see your adapter? as in pic I posted
If so, uninstall and reboot

also, here is a way to contact HP Contact HP - Phone assistance
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I have a geforce mx 4000 128 mb video card. I just installed Service pack 2 on windows xp professional.

After the install was done the picture quality was degraded and when i checked device amanager there was no display adapters. I can still get a 1200+ resolution but screens are choppy.

I reinstalled drivers from nvdia cd. The install was successful but nothing seemed to change. Still no display adapter in deveice manager.

I downloaded the latest drivers and got an error saying no compaible nvidia device was found on my computer.

I reseated the video card and that did no good.

What should I do next? Has this happeed to other people. I really need SP2 for 2.0 development (it is required for visual studio and sql server 2005), but the graphics quality is unacceptable and none of my games will run.

Medal of honor can't open OpenGL graphics and crashes. Please help!


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In the device manager I have only the Nvidia 9800M drivers and no Intel VGA drivers. I vaguely remember there being Intel VGA drives as well when I revived the computer. I have done a Gateway system restore and the the Device manager has the display adapter listed as Nvidia 9800M with no Intel VGA.

When I try to install Intel VGA UMA from the driver disk it says my computer does not meet the requirements and shuts down the installation program.

Any help would be wonderful.

A:VGA adapter missing in Device Manager

Hi thenerrus,

If you have a display on your laptop, the VGA is working. I seriously doubt you have two different video cards in that lap because they're not usually built that way, unless you had another on installed. The information you provided says you have an Nvidia card as your video adapter, trying to install the Intel drivers and having them fail also says you only have an Nvidia adapter installed.

So, unless you installed another video card or unsure what card you have installed in the laptop, I would suggest you look up your systems specs from the notebook manufacture and see what card is installed on the machine.

Good luck.
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I just got myself a new pc for my room Everything runs good the gfx No adapter display in manager. device card is intergrated No display adapter in device manager. with the motherboard which is asus M A-VM Its dual core gigs of ram I Just too my recently bought gfx card out of my other pc which is pretty much the same as the pc i just explained except i dont think the motherboard is asus Anyways when ever i insert my gfx card Radean X pro pci express into the new pc i got and start up the pc it loads up with no display adapter group in the device manager So I stick in my cd that came with the gfx card and try installing the display driver for it and no it doesnt work it says Something about installing a simple vga driver and to try again I would reinstall my chipset drivers but Since i got this pc from my friend for free i dont got no disc for it which would include chipset drivers like my older pc did i would think Iv went to the asus site and downloaded the proper chipset drivers for my motherboard and still after installing them no change It wont read my gfx card for some reason Im thinking it must be tho since i got my monitor plugged into it and it works fine just says the monitor is on default I dont know what to do iv tryed meny different things Any ideas of how to fix this are welcome nbsp

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Just a while ago, i downloaded a set of wireless drivers for my Dell inspiron N5110 laptop computer. I restarted the computer but no wireless icon showed up in the system tray. So off i went to the Device manager - Network adapters and then No wireless adapter found.
If the adapter is disabled, how can you turn it on? I tried the fn+F2 hotkeys but no change.
I need Help asap.
Thanks a lot.

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Hi I am running a small home server on available Win Specified Explorer name adapter network using USB when longer w ONLY no my network It works for other computers but on this computer Specified network name no longer available ONLY when using USB adapter w Win Explorer it is giving me a bizarre problem Using USB adapter transfer drops out in about minutes using Windows Explorer Says quot Specified network name is no longer available quot Even had quot Path is too deep quot one time the file names and paths are not long System is using XP PRO SP up to date NET Framework SP Using USB adapter transfer drops out in about minutes using Windows Explorer PROBLEM Using USB adapter will transfer over FTP Using LAN will transfer using Windows Explorer Other system using XP HOME works with SAME USB adapter over Windows Explorer Other system using XP PRO works with DIFFERENT PCI adapter over Windows Explorer USB Adapter is Linksys WUSB N using latest driver from Linksys Have tried Windows auto-install driver from internet same results When it drops out the entire connnection goes out - need to do a Repair connection Will transfer small files over USB adapter but not large ones takes about minutes to drop out Other known working USB adapter Specified network name no longer available ONLY when using USB adapter w Win Explorer does not work same error Disabling Client for Microsoft Networks doesn t work Disabling File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks doesn t work Disabling LAN device doesn t work Reinstalled Client for Microsoft Networks doesn t work Tried disabling firewall BullGuard - doesn t work Windows Firewall disabled Tried using Linksys software - doesn t work - gives a familiar The I O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request nbsp
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Alright I ve got desktop computers but only one wireless network adapter They re both currently running windows XP The adapter is already set up on one of them I ve recently set up a network over the LAN simply just network drives 1 - 2 computers network adapter and remote desktop between my server the family computer and my laptop I have a second computer in addition to the server as a common use PC for myself 2 computers - 1 network adapter but it has no internet I would like to set up the second computer with internet too essentially a wired ad-hoc connection with network internet sharing Does Windows XP already come 2 computers - 1 network adapter with settings or a program for this If so what is it And what connection do I need between the computers USB Ethernet IEEE or does it need something older like a serial connection If XP doesn t have settings and or a program for this is there a free program available to XP that would let me nbsp

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Preface I am running a laptop which I upgraded from windows to windows I also have a desktop that is still running windows One of the hard drives on my desktop is shared and I often-enough will copy files from my laptop to my desktop The laptop connects wirelessly and the desktop is wired Today however I could not get my laptop to see my desktop on the network It is connected to in Other network showing; computers not shows old instead. network the network I am receiving internet just fine When I first click the network tab in the navigation pane it does not list any section for any computers Other computers in network not showing; shows old network instead. So I tell it to refresh and after a moment it now displays three computers all of which were ones I would see on the network from a house I no longer live in Now as it just so happens one of those computers is my desktop as I had it back then but when I try to access it it just gives me the spinning wheel for a while and then just says it can't access it If I click quot diagnose quot it doesn't find anything that's wrong This is pretty much the same result I get form trying to connect to one of the computers from my old house I haven't changed any settings and I was indeed able to connect to that computer at this house just a week or so ago Not sure what the problem is but I haven't tried much other than resetting the computer I'm open to suggestions
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Sorry if this is the wrong forum. Wasn't clear to me which one was correct.

I have the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme motherboard. One of its features is onboard Bluetooth.

I have it enabled in BIOS. I flashed my BIOS to the latest version, I updated my chipset to the latest driver. I installed the latest Bluetooth driver. I started Bluetooth Support Service in Windows Services.

I've tried disabling Bluetooth in BIOS then enabling it.

I have never once seen anything in my computer that hinted at Bluetooth whatsoever. No Bluetooth Radios in Device Manager or anything Bluetooth related.

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
ASUS Rampage IV Extreme

I have never tried to use it so I don't know if it ever worked before, but I have no system restore points set anyway, so that test isn't viable.

A:Bluetooth not working or showing up in Device Manager

It looks like a lot of people are having this problem with that motherboard.

One solution was to remove and reconnect the Bluetooth dongle from the motherboard port after installing the driver (yes it is removable, but it clips into the port).

Another was to make sure that the Bluetooth service was enabled in Windows.

Another solution that worked was posted by Necrosan over at ROG:"You need to install AI Suite II - specifically the Mobilink component - on your PC. (You can obtain the most recent version from the R4E ASUS website.)
Turn on bluetooth, pair the phone, open RC bluetooth, hit menu->devices. Choose previously paired device.
At this point it should "just work" if you are about 1-3 feet away from your computer. Any more distance than that and you likely will experience issues. (Yes, the range really does suck this bad.)

I just tested these exact instructions and they worked fine. Feel free to ask any follow up questions.
Enjoy. "
But I think that last one was only if it shows up in Device Manager but does not connect. Can't be sure.
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I'm trying to get my SIXAXIS wireless controller to work with my laptop, but I am unable to find "Bluetooth radio" under my device manager. Is there a way to install these drivers? Or are they supposed to be native with windows?

I'm using Windows XP SP2.

A:Bluetooth Radio not showing in device manager

You might be able to get it to work using a USB cable. Bluetooth drivers are not native to XP
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Hi, I have a canon s200spx, and have Vista Ultimate, the printer is showing up in device manager, but not in printers and faxes, or applications such as word etc...

any ideas?

A:Printer showing up in device manager but cant print

What happens if you go into printers and faxes and choose to add a printer?
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Hello All - First off thank you so much for you assistance and removal tools I caught the XP Recovery malware a month ago and all of your tutorials saved me Now however I awoke to a new issue - No internet connection on my DELL PC There is no LAN listed under quot Network Connections quot and all attempts to start one fail none showing In device manager all of my network adapters in manager port No COM1 device showing have the yellow quot quot warning I have attempted to install a new driver from intel for my PRO VE network adapter but receive the quot Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing Code quot Also the PORTS COM amp LPT only show when I select hidden devices Also the TCP IP Protocol Driver then appears in the Non Plug and Play divers also with the yellow tag I have tried to uninstall and re-install the tcpip sys file using both methods in these forums but without a LAN listed I cannot get the general protocol process to erase the current tcpip sys No COM1 port showing in device manager file No COM1 port showing in device manager from the registry As a precaution that this might be a lingering effect of XP recovery No COM1 port showing in device manager I have run RKIll TDSSKiller and Malwarebytes updated more than days old with nothing detected Please help I have been away on vacation with the system off only to come back to this

A:No COM1 port showing in device manager

The COM and LPT ports are unrelated to your network. You say that the network adapters all have a yellow exclamation point next to them (not a question mark, right?) An exclamation point indicates that Windows recognizes the device, but for some reason is having difficulties with it.

First, check your computer's support page on and download the latest drivers for your network adapter (even if they're the same version as what you already have. Save them somewhere handy but don't install them yet.

In the device manager, right click on the network adapter and select "Uninstall" to uninstall the current software. Agree to any prompts asking to confirm, and then reboot. Windows may automatically detect and install the drivers again. If it doesn't, then install the driver you just downloaded. Reboot again and see if the network adapter is now functioning normally.