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Windows XP Admin Password reset help...

Q: Windows XP Admin Password reset help...

Hello I m Password Admin Windows XP help... reset new here Found the forums via searching for my problem Yes I know it s listed on the forums several times but none of those solutions fix my problem All I need to Windows XP Admin Password reset help... do is reset the admin password on my computer I only have a limited access account I have tried every available program on the net None of Windows XP Admin Password reset help... the linux based ones will see my hard drive even with the correct drivers The hash getting ones say the password is too secure to unscramble I do not have access to another machine nor can I use my burner because i dont have access according to windows limited account So some of them I can t use because I can t make a bootable CD However I did get a friend to make me of them including the emergency boot disk and it crashes near the beginning with some kind of resource conflict Is there any other way short of formatting I really don t want to have to do that I also don t have any Windows XP cd s Perhaps I can get ahold of one I know I can install xp in another dir and logon to that install via recovery console to replace the sam file with the one from the repair dir I just don t have access to a windows XP cd at the moment Was hoping there was something I haven t tried yet If there is any way anyone knows of to change a limited account to admin status that would work also That is really all I want to do give myself admin on my own computer It used to be that way but a trojan or virus or something changed my admin password and made my account limited any ideas thanks for your time nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Windows XP Admin Password reset help...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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The firm in which I work has a Lenovo PC with Windows 10 installed. There are two user profiles on the computer, the admin and another normal account without administration rights. We have only the password of the account without administrator rights.

The network administrator had left the company surprisingly in without giving the administrator password of the PC and we cannot contact him anymore.

Now we want to install another programme and we cannot do this without an administrator account.

I disabled secure boot and have tried to boot the PC with an Linux USB Stick, but it do not boot from the stick.

Any suggestion how I either can reset the password of the administrator account or create an new account with administrator rights.

A:Windows 10 admin password reset or new account with admin rights

Although there may be techniques to recover a lost password it is forum policy that we do not discuss these here - your best bet would be to visit a local security specialist and get them to recover/reset it for you - and a change to the policy for the replacement admin may be a good idea, I always wrote a list of all passwords and stored it with the Managing Director and also in a fireproof safe
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i have an hp windows 8.1 laptop. have forgotten the admin password. there is another account on laptop which allows me to logon but does not have admin rights.

A:windows 8.1 admin password reset

You could try following the instructions here
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Hello Experts,

I am looking forward for your help. I have Dell inspiron 15R. Its a new machine & I am having two accounts i.e. Admin & User Account. I forget the password for Admin account. User account was created for normal day to day work.

Can you please suggest me how I can reset the windows 8 admin password. I tried to find solution in google but the given solution involves to pay for software to do so. Is there any other way (i.e. Free) work around to resolve my problem?


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Hello, I have a dell laptop, that runs windows 8. somehow, the password was changed on the admin account. Thankfully, the guest account is on so I can still use the laptop. I tried going to the given site to reset the password but that did not work. Help?
Thanks in advance!
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Hi Yet again Windows is frustratingly taking up all of my time and I have tried everything google has to offer to try and fix it but it seems like no one has screwed up as much reset admin | | can't admin | Lost 5 No password error rights System as I have on whatever forum Let me explain the problem I'm trying to set my account to administrator because I can't install programs change account settings make any changes through CMD without getting the system error access denied message and I can't set the administrator account through CMD either I also don't have the permission to change anything in regedit and I can't even reset my pc because it requires an administrator password System error 5 | No admin rights | Lost admin password | can't reset which I don't have is not quot nothing quot nor is it administrator or admin or password and I can't change it through cmd either I can't even access the administrator account because it is disabled and even with an elevated System error 5 | No admin rights | Lost admin password | can't reset cmd I can't activate the quot hidden quot administrator account System error 5 | No admin rights | Lost admin password | can't reset I've ran malwarebytes and superantispyware and I am now looking for the Gandalf of all Geeks to help me solve this problem I'd immensely appreciate it

A:System error 5 | No admin rights | Lost admin password | can't reset

Hi. When a computer is first setup, the account created is an administrative one. What happened to this account?
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Afternoon Having recently today inherited my company s IT support role Without any real training qualifications I m coming across a number of small issues one of which is the following All machines at my company Pass. Admin Disk How to reset Password without Reset an are independently managed How to reset an Admin Password without Pass. Reset Disk by their own local Administrator account across the board the Username and Pass to access the Admin account is the same except for a single machine It seems this machine has a differing password to the other machines unfortunately the previous administrator is no longer contactable I however require access to the administrator account To the best of my knowledge he didn t set-up a Password Reset Disk either I ve read about various rd party tools which can enable the resetting of the Administrator Password but am loathe to try them without first hand confirmation of their validity etc On my head be it and so forth Is there any method to determine what the Admin pass may be or should I plump for a rd party tool to aid in the resetting of the pass If so does anyone have any suggestions for which to use If it makes any difference the machines are networked to a Mac Xserve server - though as I understand it I wont be able to access locally stored passwords through the server itself Many thanks for any light that can be shed upon this issue Mike nbsp

A:How to reset an Admin Password without Pass. Reset Disk

Sorry but this from TSG site rules:
"- Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided".
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I bought a laptop about a year ago. Shortly after buying it, we lost the password before making a backup disk. I couldn't change the password, we run Windows 7, without the old password. Luckily, or so we think, we have one of those laptops that has a fingerprint scanner so I have been able to log on using my fingerprint as a password. However, I can't believe that I am locked out of changing the passwords on this computer.

I have learned my lesson! Always back it up first! But for now, I need some help. I am also a little worried that I may have been hacked into. A friend said that if your password all of a sudden doesn't work, that is a sign of a hacker. That is what it felt like happened to me. I swear I thought I had the password right, then all of a sudden it stops working.

Thanks so much-Bill

A:Lost password w/ no backup. How can I reset the admin password?

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable then reset your password
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Hi guys. Please send me to the dunces class :-(

I honestly cant recall changing my login to a laptop, but my password now doesnt work, so I assume I did. My login has the Administrator privilidges.

Luckily we do have a standard user login / password that does work.

Ironically , I was going to make some backup disks , as its a fairly new laptop, but cant now login to do this.

Windows 7 laptop. Toshiba.

A:How reset an Admin password
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Need to reset admin password on Stream 11-r015WM disabled code 52187403

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Now Vista won't boot into the Desktop after i removed the Log-in password, thinking that
Vista would by-pass it and boot straight into the Desktop.
Unfortunately it did'nt and instead it prompt for a password which I don't have. . Now I'm stuck with the log-in page. How can I get around this problem.
Appreciate all help. Many thanks in advance.

A:Reset Admin Password

What steps were taken exactly to remove the log on password?
Can you boot to safe mode and try to log on as "administrator"
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I have a XP SP2 and 2000 SP4 operating systems. Now the problem is that i have forgotten my xp admin passwords. Can in any way i can reset my xp admin password by logging in to 2000 sp4 ( 2000 is working fine).

If not what would be the best and easiest way to unlock the xp password.

Please help!!!

Thanks in Advance

A:Reset XP admin password

There are ways, but we are not allowed to assist with bypassing administrator passwords. Sorry.
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My brother was logged in the admin password,someone hacked in and changed the password.i cannot access most things on the net to help reset as the computer asks for admin password and if i had the admin password i wouldnt need the program to reset it.It is frustrating.there has to be an easy way that doesnt cost anything to override the if anyone knows how to solve this problem once and for all i will be very grateful.
thank you

A:Plz help to reset admin password

welcome to tech support guy,

on this forum,
it is NOT permissable for a member to help with requests, such as your request would fall under as you're asking it,
hacks - cracks - passwords
try HERE

thank you for your understanding,

NOTE: THIS is about all the help that you can be offered, ms has this to say about it:
What to do if you forget your Windows password
[just my opinion, a moderator may see it differently]
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I have forgotten the administrator user password Not going to remember truth think it's been changed Simply I need to get back on the admin user or be able to ok anything from other user I know I can restore with password:how reset, stuck.. I'm Admin Please to saving backup all the other versions No I'm stuck.. Admin password:how to reset, Please I NEED plain and I'm stuck.. Admin password:how to reset, Please hopefully simple -- how do I change erase - get to however possible - command prompt Where I can get past this It's gotta be a common issue I know all think their stuff is SOOOO important Well ya it's important Really please fellow users of machines that couldn't I'm stuck.. Admin password:how to reset, Please be more of a yin yang life Altering defining helping hindering relationship we all have will ever have be soooo It's own personal thing was gunna say natural unnatural - but that is to Relative Please and thank you for helping in advance A stranger whom needs help asked for it so then Is hoping quietly like no other time please take time to respond cuz u get it you never know quot no little thing is small quot I like that one

A:I'm stuck.. Admin password:how to reset, Please

Hi -

Sorry, but we cannot assist with password issues, per TSF Rules.

I must now close this thread.

Regards. . .


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Have tried the various ways to reset the local admin password all with no success.
Offline Password Changer does not detect the Windows directory, returns error 12 (no Hirens password app works)
ERD will not let me use the locksmith tool to reset password.

Does it have anything to do with Bitlocker encryption?
How to go about resetting the password without a reinstall?

A:How to reset local admin password Win 7 X64

YES it does. I dont know of any other way and because of site rules I cant help with any attempt to bypass passwords.
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I am in sales. I have a new Dell d610 Latitude Laptop. I need to reset some of the stuff in the BIOS for wireless, etc and the IT guys at my company seem to have mislogged or fogotten the admin pw for BIOS. Anyway they have given me five alrady and non of them work. They say I will have to ship the unit in to Chicago and they will fix it. That will take a WEEK that I do not have. How can I reset the password? The settings in the BIOS I need to change are locked and the message says the setup is locked-enter the admin pw into SECURITY UNLOCK SETUP to enable changes. Any advice is welcomed!

A:How to reset the BIOS admin password

This subject was briefly mentioned HERE
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Is there an efficient way to have the administrator password on a computer. I have tried the Login Recovery, it works except you need to wait 48hours and use it once every 3 months.

I heard you can get around it in DOS, thanks for any help.

A:How to retrieve/reset admin password.

Sorry but I am closing this thread. Bypasssing administrator passwords is not something we can help with I'm afraid as we do not know if the reasons behind it.
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I am running Access 97, a database was created by another person, no one remembers the admin password. Is there a way to reset the Admin password ??

A:Access Admin Password Reset

Google has some promising hits................
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Hello, I'm needing a BIOS reset password.  The current halt code is 5C533F4A. I have tried and the results do not work. Thank you.-Timothy


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A:BIOS Admin Password Reset

Hi, Your notebook is producing a hexadecimal halt code which is stored in ram as a 'one off' and will be re-calculated after a reboot.  This indicates you have one of the later AMI bios's and unfortunately none of the current code generators will work for this - surprisingly, you can still remove a power on password from the machine by removing the rtc cell ( leave the power board connected ) then hold down the power button for 60 seconds before re-inserting the rtc. The bad news is that the rtc is on the 'wrong' side of the system board so will require quite a lot of disassembly - see Page 115 of your Maintenance & Service Guide. Regards, DP-K
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Hi guys I have a problem, one of my clients has lost his password and the local admin password is set, so I cannot login to his pc at all to reset the password.
Can you guys recommend some FREE password reset programs for the local admin account, so that I can help him out. Thanks, Im looking in the meantime while I look at your posts

A:Reset XP local admin password

Hello Alex,

The one in METHOD THREE in the tutorial below will also work for XP.

Reset User Account Password

Hope this helps,
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My error code is 65104384 pls help

A:Cannot reset Admin BIOS password

@k6rl? Enter   70862900 Regards, DP-K
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I can't install anything without windows asking me for password, this is annoying, how to reset the password, or where can i find programs that don't require admin password? specially an ISO mounting program

p.s. i'm not the admin, the password has to be reset from boot or something, only way

A:How to reset win 8.1 admin password on tablet?

closing thread, may want to re-read the rules page, UnD3R0aTh.....we cannot assist with passwords.


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Hello, I need to reset password BIOS of my notebook Hp Elitebook 8470p.I 've read all about post ,I tried the step by step: Press [F10] Bios Setup | [Enter] x 3 |  On-screen keyboard displays | [Enter] | "System Locked press the power to restart the system" displays.  Can you help me to reset password ? Thanks and regards,

A:Reset admin BIOS password

@nguyenzung? Contact HP and they should be able to send you a customized SMC.bin file which you can use at boot to reset the password. When talking to the HP rep ask them to escalate your service request. REO
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my dell  inspiron  N1440 bios admin password forget, please help me to reset my password

A:to reset bios admin password

Thank you for writing to us!
Are you talking about the BIOS password or the Operating system password.
If its BIOS password we would suggest you contact Delltechcenter on facebook or @Dellcarespro on twitter or you can call tech support .Also have the proof of purchase for the system .
If it is the Operating system password you can reinstall operating system .
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.
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Forgot admin password need help asap

A:help reset admin password on hp envy m6

Forgot your administrative account, reset it:
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I got a new computer and made an admin account and a standard one.
I forgot the password to the admin account and need a way to reset or recover it.
The standard account is still accessible and it's limited features are still functional.
If you have any idea how to rectify this, please tell me how.
Thank you

A:Admin Password reset/recovery

Sorry but the Terms of Service at BC do not allow discussion of such topics.
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I have an HP G71-340US and I can't remember the BIOS pwd. The disable code is: 62891546. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

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A:Reset BIOS Admin Password

Hi: Enter this unlock passcode... 73799588
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A few days ago we were quot told quot by the computer that the password was about to expire and to create a new password Changed the password for the only login account on the computer and now cannot log on no matter what i do It has occurred to me that Windows and Vista do not normally require a password expiration reset and i believe we seriously screwed up here I password - Vista Cannot boot my reset pc admin cannot boot into Safe Mode Cannot boot my Vista pc - admin password reset either it only shows the primary login account and of course the new and tried the original password will not work I did attempt the recommendations i found here How to show the hidden Admin account I am not able to boot into the safe mode so it did not work i did some research online and have reset the jumpers on the MB with no changes When in the bios cmos settings the Supervisor password IS accessible and NOT set up the User password is quot grayed-out quot and cannot make changes to that setting I have removed the hard drive and connected it to my main pc via a docking station for reading it as a usb drive ran malwarebytes and found removed several I Program Files MyWebSearch bar bin dll files and one I Windows System f PSSavr scr Before i replace it in the original system i wanted to know if i can possibly change the admin password some way by accessing the files on the usb-ed drive I have attempted the system restore and Last Known Good Configuration nothing changed i am not an expert but know my way around computers pretty well Any guidance is greatly appreciated PC Specs HP Pavilion a n gb ram gb Hitachi Deskstar hddVista Home Premium SP Please let me know what other information you might need to help me with this conundrum Kate UPDATE i just ordered recovery software from HP i am going to start over with this pc

A:Cannot boot my Vista pc - admin password reset

there "should" be a key to press like f9, f10, f11, to start the recovery partition (on startup start tapping the key (just like the f8 key starts safe mode) built in the machine.....good luck, you WILL lose all data on machine!
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how do I reset the admin password?

A:reset admin password for officejet pro 8600

Hello nitagirl  Welcome to the HP Forums! I can definitely help you change the printer's admin password! 1. Double-click on the printer icon on the desktop to open the HP Printer Assistant.2. Click on the "Printer Home Page (EWS)" option.3. This will open a webpage with the printer. Click on the "Settings" tab on top.4. On the right, under "Security" click on "Password settings". (Verify the page if you are asked to.)5. Type the password you want in both password fields (or leave it blank if you do not want a password) and hit "Apply". That's it! Please let me know if this helps! Thanks! Mario

I worked on behalf of HP.
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Hi, very stupidly I have forgotten the admin password for a laptop and don't have it written down anywhere. 
However there is no data on the laptop that I need to retrieve as I had only recently wiped it. 
I have these discs :
Four of these :

And one of these :

I also have the OS product Key... 
So I'm just wondering what the general method is for this as I've never done it before? 

A:Forgot Admin password - how to reset laptop

If You mean the Windows Password, Given that You  indicate no data to be saved. Just boot off of the Disk 1 of the 1 of 4 and follow the onscreen instructions. Those disks will restore it back to the condition it was in when You bought it.
Good Luck
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Please help me with the reset code for my Admin or power password on my hp630 laptop. I enter this code luckycam it opened but it stop opening and I need to reset it. Its showing me [92999143]

A:Please I need a defualt password to reset my admin or power ...

@lordcami? Enter:      23691185 Regards, DP-K
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lost aspire timeline admin pw and access how to reset

A:lost admin password and access how to reset

Which timeline model #. Which operating system? What do you mean by "lost admin password"? Do you mean to the bios or to the operating system? Do you mean that you forgot the password? How often do you use this machine? Jack E/NJ
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We have two XPS12 9Q33 units that have the BIOS Admin password set, but no one left in the department knows the password. We've tried all the normal variants to no avail.
Yesterday I spoke with out of warranty support, and the gentleman was unable to help as from his documentation this computer has a Phoenix BIOS, while in reality all the units we have are AMI BIOS. We have 12 of these units, but only these two have the admin password set.
Does anyone know of a way to reset the BIOS ADMIN password? Not the system password, we have that, it's specifically the ADMIN password. Support yesterday was very frustrating in trying to get them to simply listen to what our problem was so I gave up on that and came here.
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I realize that this is a delicate topic but, I have & own WinXP home Edition as delivered on an E-systems machine (> than 1 year old.). E-systems recovery only allows restore to factory hard-disk setup destroying all my installation.

Specifically, who do I (specifically) phone to discuss and reset my WinXP Administrator's password?
E-systems ?
Microsoft ?

A:Who to contact: reset-recover Admin Password

You shouldn't need to by default the xp admin password is blank.
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I got a ProBook b but the admin reset ProBook 6570b password BIOS BIOS admin password is lost nbsp I need assistance to reset the BIOS Admin password nbsp The details extracted using the BIOS Configuration Utility is ProBook 6570b BIOS admin password reset shown below nbsp BIOSConfig Originally created by BIOS Configuration Utility Version Date ProBook 6570b BIOS admin password reset Time UTC Found settings ManufacturerHewlett-PackardProduct NameHP ProBook bSystem Board ID ABUniversally Unique Identifier UUID EE AE AAE C Processor TypeIntel R Core TM i - M CPUSKU NumberB C PA ABGWarranty Start Date Processor Speed GHzSunday DisableEnableMonday DisableEnableTuesday DisableEnableWednesday DisableEnableThursday DisableEnableFriday DisableEnableSaturday DisableEnableBIOS Power-On Time hh mm PCID VersionA System Configuration IDA D Define Custom URLTotal Memory Size MBMemory Slot InformationBottom-Slot under E MB MHzMemory Slot InformationBottom-Slot top E MB MHzCustom Boot PathBIOS Date System BIOS Version ICE Ver F Serial Number CB TWVideo BIOS RevisionATI Keyboard Controller Version Ownership TagAsset Tracking NumberPrimary Battery Serial Number Serial portDisable EnableSecondary Battery Serial NumberNo Battery PresentParallel portDisable EnableFlash media readerDisable EnableUSB PortDisable Enable PortDisable EnableExpress Card SlotDisable EnableWWAN FCC IDNo Device PresentWLAN FCC IDPD ANHUBluetooth FCC IDQDS-BRCM Product Family C AN G N L BUS B HP S PROSystem Board CTPCSTNA V Q CeSATA PortDisable EnableGPS FCC IDNo Device PresentMS Digital Marker MicroCode Revision Language EnglishFrancaisDeutschEspanolItalianoDanskNederlandsSuomiJapaneseNorskPortuguesSvenskaSimplified ChineseTraditional ChineseStartup Menu Delay Sec Custom Logo DisableEnableMultiboot Express Popup Delay Sec CD-ROM bootDisable EnableFast Boot DisableEnableSD Card bootDisable EnableFloppy bootDisable EnablePXE Internal NIC bootDisable EnableLegacy Boot OrderNotebook Upgrade BayNotebook Hard DriveUSB FloppyUSB CD-ROMUSB Hard DriveNotebook EthernetSD CardDock Upgrade BayeSATA DriveDisplay Diagnostic URLDisable EnableUSB legacy supportDisable EnableParallel port modeEPPBidirectionalStandard ECPFan Always on while on AC PowerDisable EnableData Execution PreventionDisable EnableSATA Device ModeIDE AHCIMulti Core CPUDisable EnableSecondary Battery Fast ChargeDisable EnablePXE Internal IPV NIC boot DisableEnablePXE Internal IPV NIC boot DisableEnableVirtualization Technology VTx DisableEnableReset to defaultNumLock on at boot DisableEnablePower Monitor CircuitDisable EnableUSB device bootDisable EnableUpgrade Bay Hard Drive bootDisable EnableWake on USBDisable EnableIntel R HT TechnologyDisable EnableBoot Mode LegacyUEFI Hybrid With CSM UEFI Native Without CSM UEFI Boot OrderOS Boot ManagerUSB Hard DriveNotebook IPV EthernetNotebook IPV EthernetNotebook Upgrade BayeSata Hard DriveSD Card BootHP HypervisorGeneric USB DeviceCustomized BootAudio alerts during boot DisableEnableCustom Help and URL message DisableEnableSystem Management CommandDisable EnableeSATA bootDisable EnableExpress Card Link SpeedGeneration Generation TPM Reset to Factory Defaults NoYesWireless Button StateDisable EnableEmbedded WLAN DeviceDisable EnableFingerprint DeviceDisable EnableNotebook Upgrade BayDisable EnableEmbedded LAN ControllerDisable EnableIntegrated CameraDisable EnableEmbedded Bluetooth DeviceDisable EnableMicrophoneDisable EnableLAN WLAN Switching DisableEnableSpeakers and HeadphonesDisable EnableAudio DeviceDisable EnableRestore Defaults NoYesWake on LANDisable Boot to NetworkFollow Boot OrderReset of TPM from OS DisableEnableOS Management of TPMDisable EnableActivate TPM On Next Boot DisableEnableTPM DeviceHidden AvailableTPM Activation Policy F to BootAllow user to rejectNo promptsDriveLock password on restartDisabled EnabledPassword Minimum Length At least one symbol required NoYesAt least one number required NoYesAt least one upper case character required NoYesAt least one lo... Read more

A:ProBook 6570b BIOS admin password reset

Hi, Unfortunately I'm not aware of any 3rd party utilities that work with this particular Model, however if you Contact HP Business support they should be able to send you a customised SMC.bin file which you can use at boot to reset the password. Regards, DP-K
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I have a few computers, and on one I could not remember the password for the life of me. I really wanted to get access to some of the files on there, so i tried removing the hard drive and adding it to this machine here as a slave drive, which also runs vista. This computer has no passwords at all enabled. And... it worked although it added the other hard drive as the C (and partitioned F drive) ! Now I have access to the hard drive and all of it's contents (after a few permission checks for some of the important files) but I really like the other computer better. It has a better graphics card, processor, etc. Is there any way I can change or delete a file so i can put the other computer back together and have it working properly with no passwords or at least a new one?

A:Can not remember admin password, but i have access to ALL of the files. How to reset?

Content removed.
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I purchased this pre-owned and would like to update the bios. It wont let me do so unless i give it the admin password. How to take the password off ?

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A:How to reset bios admin password HP Elitebook 8440p

SOLUTION: This is what I did and worked like a dream. Contacted HP, told them the problem. They "escalated the case," took my info. The next day I was emailed a file called SMC.bin. It is formatted specifically for my machine, has to match the UUID. Copied file to FAT 32 formatted jump drive, booted it as per the email instructions, reset bios password.I did this via chat on HP's website.Screwing with the bios battery will not work on Elitebook...
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 So I forgot my local admin password, and I need that password to be able to do literally anyting on here (I'm now regretting that decision) I bought the laptop on craigslist previously and it was practically brand new so I dont have the windows 8.1 factory recovery disc, and its way to expensive for me to just go and buy since they are close to if not over $100.00! I have literally tried everything! And I'm starting online school this monday and I have to download Microsoft Office but I cant do that because I dont have my local admin password. Can someone please help me!!!!
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Could someone help me? I have a Dell Latitude D510 laptop and I put an BIOS admin passwoed an year ago. Now I need to remeve it but I don't remember. I tried the latitude.exe program but did not worked. Service tag nr. is 6TXB42J-595B . Thanks a lot in advance.

A:Dell laptop reset bios admin password

U will have to do, a chip reset.
Coz i also keep trying those ideas with the latitude application but it failed, but when i did the chip reset, thing worked out exactly how i wanted them.
All the best

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so, i have a 6530B that i got from a relative, and i must say, it is extremly difficult to work with... I want to do a factory restore, and to do so i need to get through the bios admin password. I cant even boot from a USB to do a fresh install... Would it be easier to have HP support help me with the bios password, or should i just put in a new HD and do a fresh install, using another pc as a surrogate for the install(cant get past bios on tis one)? from what ive read spending the day trying to find a way around the password, that there really is no workaround... Kind of obnoxious... but its a business machine so makes sense...
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Hi There,
I have locked myself out of the BIOS and wondering how I would get the password reset. Thank you,
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Sitting here in class and our professor was telling us admin it disabled by default in Vista/W7 now for security reasons. I mentioned you can access it from a command prompt based program that comes in a bootable iso format you burn on disc.

I can not for the life of me remember what the name of that program was but a couple years ago I was working on a Win Vista system that got a virus that locked out the user by changing the user account passwords.

We Googled, found this program you burn on a CD and it brings up a menu that will allow you to reset the user account password, or log into the admin account.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Trying to find the name of it. Can't seem to find it now.

A:Bootable disc to access Vista/W7 Admin account or reset password.

Security hack discussions are not allowed on the forum.
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Cannot get past login window.  Need to reset laptop but can't get anywhere.  Thank you. I am on the Windows 7 Professional page.

A:Forgot windows password. Cannot get in to reset password. ...

Dear Customer, Welcome to HP Support Forum and we are glad to assist you. It looks like you're not sure of the Windows Login Password for your Notebook.We will surely assist you with this. Please find the explanation as shown below for this scenario:If you've forgotten your Windows password and you're on a domain, you should contact your system administrator to reset your password. If you're not on a domain, you can reset your password by using a password reset disk or by using an administrator account. If you forget the administrator password and don't have a password reset disk or another administrator account, you won't be able to reset the password. If there are no other user accounts on the computer, you won't be able to log on to Windows and will need to re-install Windows. Note: Please reply to this post and let us know if you have setup any Security Questions during the Product Registration  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,K N R K
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Can't log in windows 7 even with the right password and been reset the password in admin user account built-in windows 7.

The problem started when restarted the computer with 2 user accounts active by using switch user account in windows 7.After computer restarted I can't log in to my old admin account that I created first time setup my computer lucky I have my windows 7 built-in admin account active from there I have reset a new password of my old admin account and no luck can't log in.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Can't log in windows 7 even with the right password and been reset the password in ad

I recommend posting here:
Windows 7 Help Forums
since it's not a Vista problem.
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If someone with greater technical savvy than I can help it would be appreciated If logs would help please advise which I've tried to find dislodge hijacker ru URL I feel like I'm playing chess in the dark against grand master as grim reaper Losing money time and peace with situation Windows level techs have remotely tried to fix separate cases and top tech guy at Corte Madera CA store unable to fix problem DCOM flooded with error messages by time OS completes corrupted SOS fix mbr & Reset by corrupted replaced shortcuts book, built machine(s) in admin cannot as all bios, standalone broken RAT. admin Welcome nbsp song dance Unable to fix corrupt certificates with unknown and unsigned certificate extensions Default built-in admin replaced by Defaultuser Paths changed on any owner created admin accounts which no longer have any admin privileges despite still being named as admin Attributes changed on Library files so documents saved and pusic ripped cannot be accessed Rollback option on drivers also SOS Reset cannot fix as book, bios, mbr all corrupted standalone machine(s) corrupted by RAT. built in admin shortcuts broken & admin replaced all changed immed after start up st time Disk Management loses ability SOS Reset cannot fix as book, bios, mbr all corrupted standalone machine(s) corrupted by RAT. built in admin shortcuts broken & admin replaced to format or save info on USB devices which are converted to RAW format Thrice weekly reset of system does nothing but allow brief window of usage Network settings corrupted and based on description believe DNS cache to be poisoned Tried using sysinternal accesschk but log shows for less than second amp disappears Procmgr shows huge amounts of svchost programs running simultaneously Though my guess is that both machine and network corrupted probably primary and rest result of ports left open by st so don't know where to start VM and proxy attempts circumvented by unchangeable command bypass proxy for localhost command nbsp Not just Windows purchased Mac OS x which worked great for months until shrug Windows script started getting written to Mac library Devices w every OS of Windows since XP every OS x of Mac Linux iOS Android all have permissions amp admin changed to point where I have lost access to system files nbsp Registry corrupted but nothing in regedit or tools from sysinternals can fix Cannot make myself NET USER on Windows machines since all my user accounts get changed to standard I cannot imagine a situation wherein I could possibly be more f ked Experts new machines software have cost fortune Would eat worms but can't find Sorry for length but could not figure out how to shorten SOS Excellent opportunity for someone to be hero Thnx for any conceivable solution aside Luddism
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Hello, I need help, I can't login to my Windows 8 computer, I forgot the password, is there any way that can reset the password?
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I am new to this site and it seems very interesting with a lot of information. I do have computer knowledge, but this problem i am having is just annoying me.

I never created an admin password and my computer use to just boot right up to the desktop. Since ive changed my settings to "password protect on resume" with a screen goes to a password screen, but i can just hit enter and it goes back to normal desktop.

But, I restarted my machine and now it comes up to a user screen with my admin account and its asking for a password. I cannot just hit actually wants a password???...But i dont know what to put in???...please help me if anyone knows what i am talking about.

Thank you very much!

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Hello everybody I have a problem and would ask someone for help and solution that could be possible i will listen So situation is like this I cant log in into my computer cos in password i have small lether c with caron quot amp quot i tryed to type it with alt code but couldnt find it and one Admin xp windows password i found wasnt correct alt i tryed switching keyboards layout put onto my own lanq with ctrl alt and alt shift both dont work cos before comp shut down lanq who had this character was deleted i tryed safe mode dont work so what i have done now is installed new OS on other particion so could i access from here to other system or could i change password cos i know it but cant type it well its one wierd situation hope u guys have any solution that could be usefull cos i have important date on that account nbsp

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Granddaughter has Toshiba laptop running Windows 8.
My daughter set the Admin password when I gave them the computer and now cannot remember it.
I've downloaded several password recovery programs that burn ISO image to a disk but cannot get computer to boot from them
Have reset BIOS to make the optical drive first boot choice, USB second and HDD third but computer will not boot from CD or USB drive.
Any suggestions?

A:Windows 8 Admin Password

We do not assist with forgotten passwords as we don't know the actual situation or intent. Please refer to the site rules where it states:
Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with (or ways to bypass) a forgotten or unknown password, personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of access code that may be required on a computer, mobile device or web site. As there is no way to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

Since there's nothing we can do to help, I'm closing this thread.
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Hello everybody
I have a problem and would ask someone for
help and solution that could be possible i will
So situation is like this
I cant log in into my computer cos in password
i have small lether c with caron "Č" i tryed to
type it with alt+code but couldnt find it and one
i found wasnt correct alt+0269.
i tryed switching keyboards layout put onto my
own lanq with ctrl+alt and alt+shift both dont
work cos before comp shut down lanq who had
this character was deleted ...
i tryed safe mode dont work so what i have
done now is .. installed new OS on other
particion so could i access from here to other
system or could i change password cos i
know it but cant type it .. well its one wierd
situation hope u guys have any solution that
could be usefull cos i have important date on
that account.

A:Admin password windows xp

Actually, safe mode WILL work as long as you don't have an Admin password set or forget the password for the Admin. If there's only one account on there and you're the administrator, in safe mode you can log on to what is called Admin...and it will work.

I think the best way for you is using ( edited -BG)This utility is used to reset password of any windows versions in seconds.
How to use:
Download the utility and install it then burn the software to a CD/USB drive,then insert the newly created CD/USB drive to your locked pc and reboot your computer,then press "F2" to enter your BIOS setup,following the instruction to reset your lost windows password.
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I need to either change a guest log in (kid's access) to
adminstrator, or a way to reveal or change the password
for the Admin profile. Thanks for your help.
I tried this already: Run: cmd net user guest *
I tried to rest the guest password this way but
it didn't work - I'm thinking it is because I am not
logged on as admin in the first place. What do I do now?

A:change guest login to admin or figure out admin password

you cant change an admins pw from a guest all

only way to change the admin pw is to boot to safe mode and enter the sys admin account or use a hacking program iso which you can find easily but use at your own risk....
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Hey first of all before you all get angry with me for not using Windows reset password the search it is NOT about resetting the account password it's about the password which I put on when I bought the laptop while it asked about the settings and stuff As far as I understand it has nothing to do with the user accounts It asks the password when logged out and I want to make new quot fingerprint account quot for example OT What's normal CPU temp while playing some awesome D game OT I keep losing internet all the time usually for - min it goes showing only the yellow triangle at tray sometimes even red X I use linksys wifi router There's another HP laptop in Windows password reset the house and when I connected my laptop it too lost connection When the connection comes back it usually Windows password reset shows everything's fine at tray then it shows the yellow triangle again for a minute or so and before it could change I've got connection again

A:Windows password reset

The first password you enter will be the administrator password

If you temps start climbing above 140 degrees F, you could have real problems.

If both notebooks lose connection, the problem is external. It may be your distance to the router, you may need to get an extender for the router, your router may be intermittently failing, your ISP could be having problems. Did this problem suddenly crop up, or was it this way all the time?
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I just bought an Acer Aspire laptop running Windows 7 to replace a 12 yo desk top running XP.
I use my computer a lot but have very little knowlege how they work.

Win 7 was preinstalled. I went through the first menu and apparently I typed in the password I wanted wrong TWICE. Now I can't get in and Tech support wants to charge me $125.00 to fix it and they say it'll take half an hour or more to send me the info on my old (this) desk top computer.

Isn't there some other way?

A:Reset Password in Windows 7

Sorry it is against forum rules to help with password retrieval or reset.

maybe the caps lock was on when you set up the password?
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I have Dell Lat D430 Laptop here, and I do not have windows login password. Unfortunately, the previous owner of the laptop suddenly passed away and I was given the laptop. I tried ophcrack but the laptop doesn't have a disk drive and my USB sticks aren't big enough to hold the file. Can anbody help me find a way, hopefully free, to reset this password?

Thanks in advance!

A:Windows 7 Password Reset

I am sorry, but we cannot help with password avoidance. I hope you can understand that we cannot verify the circumstances behind such a request and any help we might offer could assist those performing illegal activities.

Thread closed
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Hi Everyone,
I just bought a new netbook for my daughter and she setup the user account
and password on it.
Later she tried to log into her user account and is unable to remember
the password.
I have seen some programs online that let you bypass this, but most cost too much.

I would like to fix this without taking it back to the store.
Is there a way to get into the desktop?

A:windows 7 password reset

Hi wallytech welcome to TSF,

i am sorry we can not help with password problems. contact the manufacture.
forum rules
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Trying to login to Lenovo refurbished desktop PC running Windows 8.

Suddenly this a.m, this computer does not recognize its usual password. When I hit 'reset password' I get this message:

This feature requires removable media such as a USB flash drive. Please connect a USB flash drive and try again.

First off, I don't have any flash drives on hand. And why would I need one to re-set the password?

I am in an endless loop here. All I can do is restart or shutdown the computer. I cannot get in! Also, as far as I know, I do not have any system software/setup disc for this desktop.

Please help.

Thank you!

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I received a used Dell Inspiron Mini 10v and there is a user set up with a password for Windows 7. I do not have the password and can not get in touch with the former owner at this time. Is there a way to reset the password without knowing the current password.

A:Reset Windows 7 password

Here at TSF we cannot assist with bypassing passwords.

TSF Rules
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Compaq wih Windows 7 on it.   I bought a PC from a friend of mind. He had a password on it, and I need to reset the "Pasword".He moved out of town. I can't get hold of him. So, how can I reset it. Help

View Solution.

A:Reset Password in Windows 7

Would you list the model of Compaq you have please? There are all kinds of tutorials on how to do this if you Google it. The easiest way to reset your user account password for Windows at this point is to create whats called a Live CD (or USB stick).Then you would boot into this Live CD and follow the instructions to reset the password.You will need access to another computer and download the software to create the Live CD. There are several Linux based programs that do this but I like Lazesoft.I learned of Lazesoft Recover My Password through watching Britec09 who does tech tutorials on Youtube. Lazesoft makes the process easy and you wont need to know command prompts.The downloaded software will also setup and install to a CD or usb without you having to install anything extra. Just follow the prompts. The best part is it has a free edition just for removing the password.Go to this link to read about it.How to burn the Windows password recovery CD.How to reset your forgotten password. Not knowing what computer you have,  I would guess tapping the F9 key at startup will get you to the boot option screen to boot from your new Live CD or USB. If you need further help, let me know.
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I understand if this post is deleted but I password reset 8 Windows currently am working Windows 8 password reset while going to college for a computer science degree One of the things that happens quite commonly at my place of work is people generally older patrons is that they return laptops with their administrator passwords still on the machine I was wondering if there is a program anyone could point me Windows 8 password reset towards to remove their passwords from said laptops so that I could reset to factory defaults since we can sell them at a discount Windows 8 password reset - I am at a store that will sell laptops that have been 'opened' at a discount any help would be appreciated I reset several netbooks about months ago while they were running windows starter edition but have lost the bootable usb drive that I originally had and cannot recall what program it was that I used any help would be appreciated I understand that this is a 'grey area' when it comes to privacy I would appreciate any help I get

A:Windows 8 password reset

If you are selling them a full wipe should be done, there is no way you should be selling used PC's with just a password reset.
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How do you reset windows password without reinstalling windows?
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HP Elitebook 8540w Mobile Workstation running Windows XP Pro. No one at the office knows what the original password or user ID is. It's been sitting unused for 6 months. As far as I can tell, its never been used. The running joke is whoever can guess the correct passwords can trade in their old computer for this one. I already tried the "Offline NT Password & Registry Editor" tool from []. It tells me that it doesn't recognize the NTFS filesystem type, but I am able to run the HP self diagnostic prior to booting up, and it says everything including memory, hard drive, drivers, and file structure check out. As a "Last Resort" I would consider repartitioning the drive and rebuiling it from scratch, but I want to avoid that if possible. Any suggestions?

A:Windows XP Pro Password Reset

When we remove a password we require proof of ownership. Why not suggest taking it to a computer shop?
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I have been locked out of my password to get into my windows 7 starter netbook. I do not have a backup on a usb flash drive. When I went to use my security question on my laptop it said I needed to reset it with password reset wizard and needed a cd (which I do not have on a netbook) or a usb. When I went online to find password reset wizard to download onto my usb, it stated I could only burn it onto a disk. I am at a loss. Please help. Thank you!

A:cannot reset windows password

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

We can not assist with passwords due to forum rules.

Please read the forum rules before posting again:

Your only option would be to factory restore the entire PC:

How to Factory Restore your Computer

Thread Closed
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Does anyone know how to reset the windows 8 account password?

A:Reset windows 8 password

I've used the "chntpw" boot disk on Windows XP through 7, and according to this article it will work on Windows 8 as well:
Let me know if you have any issues! Unless you have access to another Windows admin account on that computer, or a friend with a Windows 8 computer that you can make a recovery disk on, your only option is a third party app like above.
Here's how to do it if you can get a Windows 8 recovery disk:
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In the last week I have three times tried to log on to my Windows XP Home system and been told after multiple tries that my password was incorrect no Caps lock wasn t on Each time I was forced to log on to my wife s account and reset my password through the control panel I was then able to log on but by the next day I was seeing to reset Windows Keep Password XP having the same problem I have now had to reset my password three times This problem has never occurred before in years with the system My wife has reported the same problem but claims that rebooting fixed it I rebooted and was still unable to log on I strongly suspect a virus but I have VirusScan Professional on my work license and it updates the dat files every day I checked the logs and nothing found I know about creating and using a password reset disk but that doesn t fix the problem I m having One option is that somebody else Keep having to reset Windows XP Password is messing with my password but my son is off at college and my wife would not know how to do it I asked my daughter about it and she says she didn t do it and she is very trustworthy It has happened again Keep having to reset Windows XP Password since last night without her being on the computer anyway I am Keep having to reset Windows XP Password a very experienced computer user years and type in dozens of passwords a day so I know it s not a problem with my typing Any ideas on this problem nbsp

A:Keep having to reset Windows XP Password

Welcome to TSG....

Let's find out if it is an infection.

To download HJTsetup.exe from SpyKiller To Download HijackThis go to the following at the File Repository
Click on the button for Download to the right of HijackThis Self Installer:;dl=item5

Save the file to your desktop.
Double click on the HJTsetup.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\HijackThis.
Continue to click Next in the setup dialog boxes until you get to the Select Additional Tasks dialog.
Put a check by Create a desktop icon then click Next again.
Continue to follow the rest of the prompts from there.
At the final dialog box click Finish and it will launch Hijack This.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a log file button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log.
Click Save to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.
At the top of the Notepad HJT log screen, hit Edit then Select All then click Edit and then click Copy doing that copies the text to the clipboard, you won't see it yet....
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply. DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.
A security expert with a gold shield to the right of their name should take a look at your log - please be patient.
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forgot windows password, how can I reset? stuck and can't log into windows 8.1 it's an Asus gaming desktop

A:how to reset windows password

This post - click on the link below - has a few suggestions from JohnW... :Likely one at least will be of help?
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I have been using Windows 8 pre-release and lately it asks me for my administrative password to make software installations to my desktop PC....I used the password that I created when I installed Win 8 and it doesn't work. What is the administrative password....I only see my user account on user accounts....admin account not listed. I recently changed the email I was using for windows 8 from a email to a hotmail email I created. I tried the hotmail password and that did not work either????????????

A:What is admin password windows 8 pre release

Hello rggavw8f, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Is your account an administrator account type?
User Account Type - Change in Windows 8
By default, it should be the same password that you use to sign in to that administrator account with.
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I can access my work account on my laptop Different Layout for getting through my work day easily but just got a break from work since its the dead season and cant access my home account which windows issue admin password is unfortunatly the admin account Both accounts are password protected work one is easy for people that I allow to use the computer for Quick graphics design projects helping with scheduling looking up info and printing off backups to report logs since not all of us are told the networking info so limited computer use occurs rather than anyone being able to pull up the network because the laptop sits unsupervised at times but is locked out from some programs has very restricted internet access and can t get on the admin account to change the password to something like my dogs name windows admin password issue or something that will be easy enough for me to stumble across the next time I try using my laptop at home as a better personal computer than what my desktop is Im mostly getting tired of trying to guess all of my passwords i have used an occasional number change on some variations and things like windows admin password issue that but if there is any log i can pull from my work account or reset it without loosing all the saved passwords from the remember this password feature that would be awsome

A:windows admin password issue

I have been guessing everything i could think of and still nowhere, kinda wondering if someone at work may have changed it. I am at the point now where i can care less about saving any of my stored passwords but am trying to just get admin status back, tried promoting my work account to admin then was going to erase the old admin account, no luck, tried to reset through security console and no luck. I think my disk is locked in the office though and cant get through the front door unless i get lucky since the offices are closed until march and i only have a key to my office. Tried looking through various logs to see if i could find a pattern to where i could see similarities for tried passwords and what a good one from like 6 months ago was to where i could try cracking it that way but no luck since i cant find a log.
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ahh! well i forgot my windows xp admin password. its a dell, and its a there is no disk drive. i was readin online on ways of to recover it or somtehing, but i regret not having made a password disk.

i called microsoft, and they told me to call dell.. i called dell...and the guy was trasnfering me somewhere and then it hanged up

so i am here posting now on techsupportofurms hoping a way to fix this

A:forgot windows xp admin password!!!

Try accessing the built-in Administrator account, which should have a default password unless you changed it.

XP Pro - At the logon screen, press ctrl+alt+del twice. For the username type "Administrator" and leave the password blank. You should be able to log in and reset the password for your account.

XP Home - In XP Home, you can only access the built-in admin account from Safe Mode. Reboot into Safe Mode (reboot while tapping F8 repeatedly) and you should be able to access the Administrator account at the login.
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After spending about 20 minutes on the phone with a Microsoft consultant to only be told that due to a liabilty and privacy issue, passwords cannot be helped to be removed or changed unless I pay, I decided to see if anyone here could help me.

Heres what is happening:

1. I have not used my PC in about 7 months and completely forgot my Admin password.
2. The only other account is a Limited Account and I tried to make a password reset disc on the Limited but it did not work.

Please, can someone tell me what to do to figure out or change/remove my admin password?
Without reformatting or losing data...

P.S. My hint is NO HELP because I'm known for putting the most random hints (e.g. During the Industrial Revolution, a man named Frederick Darlson created this soon to be American convienence) and that has NOTHING to do with the password unfortunatly...

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I restarted my computer because it was acting slow and funny. when i tried to log in to my account the password didnt work anymore. i ended up just rebooting my whole computer. seems to work fine now. however anyone know why this happened? is this some sort of spyware or virus?

A:windows admin password changed

Post exact onscreen error message, please.

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Is there any way to login to windows Vista admin login as i forgot the password.Please help

A:Windows VISTA admin password

I don't bekieve they help with getting around passwords

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My system is dell inspiron 13 7348. My windows 10 admin account was locked. meaning i forgot the password. 
laptop does not have optical drive. i tried to boot from USB flash drive but i was unable to even boot from usb.

i tried lot of options/Softwares to unlock it but can't be able to unlock. please let me know what needs to be done to resolve the issue

A:Windows 10 admin password forgot

Hi sivakesava574,
If you forget the administrator password and don't have a password reset disk or another administrator account, you won't be able to reset the password. If there are no other user accounts on the computer, you won't be able to log on to Windows and will need to re-install Windows. However you can try out the steps offered in the link below.
Note: The steps provided in the link below are not confirmed steps from Dell. Please try those steps at your own risk.
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Product Name P X A ABA Operating System Microsoft Windows -bit see attached Got this computer on lockup 10 password Admin Windows HSN last November didn't open till xmas In set up thought it was odd I ended up with a sign-on of just using a quot pin quot Wondered why it didn't take Admin password lockup Windows 10 the password I wanted and have since no recollection of what it was Anyway now I realize that it's saved password for Admin password lockup Windows 10 the administrator password so when that was needed so here I am I keep getting a screen it's telling me wrong password and then having a very frustrating time needing to get back in the computer so I can fix it as I have a virus also just loaded all my important files and data and get his computer and had not gotten to the point of backing up that I was still very much Admin password lockup Windows 10 in the initial set up how I wanted things to be I am hoping there is a resolved to this without losing everything

A:Admin password lockup Windows 10

Hello HIKER7s,

That error means that you just entered your password incorrectly in netplwiz.

You should be able to click on OK in the error message, then sign in with your correct password. After you are signed in, go back to netplwiz, and start over entering your correct password to stop this.

Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup
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Windows 10 reset by MS. Told to put in new Administrator password, which I did & wrote it down in 2 places. Now will not accept the PW. Can you have a PW and a pin pls, as it will accept the pin. Any ideas?

A:Windows 10 Admin password will not work but I can use pin.

Yes you can have a password and a PIN. I have both setup on my laptop. On the Lock/login screen, below where you type them in, there should be a "login method" option. Click that and you can switch from Password to PIN of vice versa. Mine gets set back to Password after some Windows updates and I have to toggle it back to PIN. Every time a new build comes down the PIP it defaults back to Password. If it's set to PIN, and you enter your password, it won't let you log in. You have to tell it which one your typing in.
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Windows 7--Service Pack 1
Home Edition
32-bit OS

I purchase a PC on EBay and I'm not able to add software to it due to the Admin Password Protected. The admin name is "HomeGroupUser$". I tried changing one of the other users to Administrator but doesn't work. Please help me through this so I can add some software.


A:Windows 7 Admin Password Protected

you need to contact the seller and get the password. Unless the computer was stolen, the seller should have the password.
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hi.i didnt have the password turned on.after restarting computer it asks password and i dont know it cant login.please help

A:My admin password changed itself windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by owe123

hi.i didnt have the password turned on.after restarting computer it asks password and i dont know it cant login.please help

Hi Owe123, Welcome to SF,

You could try to reset you password. This tutorial should help you

Reset User Account Password - Vista Forums

Hope this helps
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I have been trying to figure out a way to be able to recover a lost admin password or create a new one from scratch without knowing the old one, this is not only for me but also for when i work on other peoples machines, i've tried "net user administrator /random" at the command prompt but sometimes that does not work, also i try using ctrl+alt+del twice but that sometimes does not work
do you guys or gals have a solution to this problem?

A:admin password for windows lost

Try Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
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First of all,Im new with Windows 10...
I got this problem a long time ago,I accidentally changed my MS account to Local,and then when I try to log in back as Admin,Its only give me Standard User...
Its happen when I try to install sofware,it says : *Please put the Administrator Password*,
But there no place/space for me type in...
Can someone help me with this problem?
*I hope Im in the right Forum
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what is the easiest way to remove/reset windows password, what i mean in easiet no long methods

my os is: windows xp, windows 7

A:how do i reset/remove windows password

Hello nfsworldpinoy,

It depends on if you have access to the system or not, and can currently log in to your user accounts in both OS's.

User Account Password - Remove

User Account - Reset Password in Windows 7

Hope this helps,
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Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but since it is a question about Win 2k, I thought I should start here. If a forum administrator moves this thread, that's a good thing.
I am trying to help a friend with an old Dell Inspiron 2600 laptop. Garage sale item. The logon password and system passwords are not available.
I've tried several password reset programs, but they won't boot. The machine will however boot to CD.
So, anybody know of a password reset program with bootable .iso that will work on this old machine?

A:Reset Windows 2000 password?

Method two here should work - Reset User Account Password - Vista Forums
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I have this laptop I haven't used in a while but I forgot the administrator account password and I have no installation disc or RW disc. I've tried dozens of tutorials but none of them are working out! I can't activate the built in admin account because you need to run command prompt as administrator to do that, which isn't possible as I don't know the password. I've tried doing a system repair but you need an installation disc for that. Again, I have no RW discs or anything that I can use for that. Please help!
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Help to unlock my HP notebook without factory setting. I cant bear to lose my data in the notebook. Unfortunatey I dont have windows account. I have tried to use password reset disk but it wont work.

A:How to reset forgotten windows 10 password

From the wording of your post am I correct in saying you login with your Microsoft account? If this is correct you can reset it here or contact Microsoft support here James
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Hi Guys First thing - I'm a Mac guy No I'm not an anti Windows type - that fight isa crazy one that I refuse to buy into I use what I like Simple However for most of my adult life I have been a Password reset 7 file Windows Windows guy up until about Vista So I know my way around a machine Today I was called in to fix a problem an employee was trying to hold my friend to ransom by changing his password on his work laptop and refusing to change it back unless his demands were met It was his last day and Windows 7 Password file reset there were some disputes We promptly threw the guy off site and I was handed the laptop and asked to please fix and get data I have simply taken Windows 7 Password file reset the hard drive out of the laptop attached it to a SATA dock on my Mac and because I have the right software the drive just showed up and Windows 7 Password file reset I copied everything across I was wondering if there is a way that while I have access to the file system like I do can I reset or delete the password There is only the one user Your help would be much appreciated Liam

A:Windows 7 Password file reset

Hello and welcome to the forums, LiamOnMac!

Do you mean the Windows 7 user password for that account? If so, follow the tutorials below:-
Password Reset Disk : Windows 7 / Vista

Password Reset
Hope that helps!
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I haven't used my*My Hp laptop*for 2 years and today when I open it, it pops up a "password login" interface, I can't remember the password and I also don't have a reset disk, any help? Can I recover my or reset my password? It's windows 7, 64bit.

A:Forgot my Windows 7 password, how to reset?

Due to Forum rules, we cannot assist or circumvent Passwords.
Did you try leaving it blank? If that doesn't work, you will have to reinstall.
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I usually log into my computer with a 4 digit pin i created on windows 10, and i also have a password set on the machine;
Unfortunately, I try login to microsoft cortana and it ask for my current windows password, I enter my password and i have a massage saying "The password You Entered Is Incorrect" i try different passwords but it didn't work, I come to realize that i forgot my password; My question here is that how do i reset my password, Remember i used to log into my computer with a 4 digit pin;
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i Have lost my windows 7 password....!!
is there anyway to reset it we can use ADMINISTRATOR account in windows xp to recover password please help

A:How to reset windows 7 lost password

Please see your other thread below on this, and not create multiple threads on the same issue.

how to recover lost password?
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Hey I'm in need of help I've been searching all over the net for a solution but can't find Reset Failed Password 10 Windows one so I created an account here Let me give some context to problem I'm an IT Technician and was doing a house call to an elderly man who had a password added to his account on windows out of nowhere The man has dementia so its Windows 10 Password Reset Failed not out of the question that he changed it and forgot Alright so all of that out of the way here is what I tried Windows install disk method Net User in cmd on login Created new administrator account and tried to change it through control panel settings and cmd again Created a password reset disk Demoting the forgotten user from admin and repeating the steps above None worked I have also confirmed through control panel and settings that it is a local account and not a Windows 10 Password Reset Failed microsoft account I have also confirmed that it is active if that is relevant The error on net user had something to do with no authorization on the admin account the error on settings and control panel were similar and the error on the password reset Windows 10 Password Reset Failed disk was something even more vague such as quot error password reset failed quot Sorry I can't be more precise remembering these errors but hopefully it will be enough As I said earlier I was trying to fix it on a home call so I don't have it with me but I will try to answer any questions you can give me and any suggestions that i haven't tried are extremely appreciated I'll make sure to write that all down before I head out there again after the weekend Thanks
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I've started working at a place that has a Windows 7 Professional PC with two accounts: A guest and an administrator account in the name of a guy who used to work there. No one knows the password of the administrator account.

So I created a Ubuntu bootable USB to reset the password. However, the BIOS (MegaTrends 2008) doesn't permit me to boot from a USB.

If I hit F8 it doesn't offer me the safe mode option. How can I reset the administrator password?

A:Reset Windows 7 Professional Password

Does it have a cd/dvd drive, just put it on that.

There`s no way to enable usb boot in the bios ?

If you just started working there, this issue should really not be your problem, can`t they just re image the machine ?
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I Password Windows Live Reset keep getting the following emails Did you request a password reset for Windows Live Password Reset your Windows Live account hotmail co uk If you requested this password reset go here https account live com password resetconfirm otc CvbxwBlHdUAaCMQkcNDUkbD rUnQ BPDFjefofB gU qND PnEs QcoBoIN egZRO bRLN jRgwYksMjcpx yo amp mn hotmail co ukIf you didn t Windows Live Password Reset make this request use this link to cancel it https account live com password resetcancel otc CvbxwBlHdUAaCMQkcNDUkbD rUnQ BPDFjefofB gU qND PnEs QcoBoIN egZRO bRLN jRgwYksMjcpx yo amp mn hotmail co ukThank you Windows LiveMicrosoft respects your privacy To learn more please read our online privacy statement http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId Microsoft CorporationOne Microsoft WayRedmond WA They are being sent to my alternative Yahoo contact email but not to my hotmail account - which is making me suspicious Is someone trying to hack my Live hotmail account I haven t clicked on any of the links I daren t so grateful for any advice as I can t work out if these are valid links or not Ann
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Hi all I work in a computer lab Our computers run Windows on Dell reset feature Windows password 7 Optiplex 's I know Windows has a password reset feature for added protection but I need to find a way to remove this feature without disabling the feature Let me explain Every time a student logs in a computer and there password expires a message pops up letting them know their pw is invalid However it doesn't Windows 7 password reset feature necessarily change it for the domain and only changes it locally for that computer So if they change it on a computer and try to print a document Windows 7 password reset feature by logging in on our release station their password is incorrect This also happens if they change computers For some users though it says there password is invalid and they are directed from our log in screen to access Windows 7 password reset feature an anonymously-accessible webpage where they can correctly change their password Is there any way to disable this feature so it states their password is expired without having them automatically reset it Or is there a way to direct them to the accessible webpage