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Win2k Server Group Policy Assign and Publish Software

Q: Win2k Server Group Policy Assign and Publish Software

Looking for some help on this. I have 30 workstations all running Windows 2000 Pro. What I would like to do is to use the Active Directory to assign the computers in the domain the Office 2000 SP2. The problem is you have to have an .MSI to use when you are assigning. The only Office service pack I can find is the one for stand alone workstations. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
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Preferred Solution: Win2k Server Group Policy Assign and Publish Software

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hi i recently added myself as a domain admin on a win 2k domain controller and ever since have been having problems with user accounts.
the systems that log on to the domain keep deleting their individual admin accounts so the users cant access their resources any help on what to do
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I run a Win XP Pro client to client network. Does anyone know if group policy can work in that environment?
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Every time I click a shortcut on my desktop I get a program that wants to install, every shortcut does it. There was a group policy set in-place for this program to install but last Friday it was taken away (un-deployed). I still get this program to install when I logon and when I click a shortcut on my desktop.
Is there a way to stop this from happened... A way to retract the group policy. It seems to only be happening to me.


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Hi all,
I received this message when i tried to look at the local group policy setting on one of my machines (Windows XP SP3), which is joined in my domain.
"Failed to open group policy object on this computer. You may not have appropriate rights.
Unspecified error."
note that I am local admin.
It's all started when I was troublshooting WSUS connectivity and i looked at the WinsdowsUpdate.log, the WSUS server was <Null> & WSUS status server <Null>, I tried to force the domain GP by using GPupdate /force, it went fine and asked to
log off, but nothing changed in the WindowsUpdate.log still <Null>. Then i tried to look at the local policy setting.
I searched the internet nothing related to my case.
Thanks in advance for advising.
Mohammed Adel

A:Group policy error: Failed to open group policy object on this computer.

I guess reinstall windows is the solution, I also found one log "event id 1096", related to "registry.pol" it was corrupted.
Mohammed Adel
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Help, my policies are not being picked up by my objects.

I've noticed if i try and use group policy results wizard that the new user i have created does not even appear and i cant get results for the new user.

At the moment im just simpley creating a gpo and a user inside the gpo and then linking a simple policy to remove run from the start menu.

I can log on to the domain using this user account from my client machine, so the user does exist in some way!

Advice much appriciated, thanks.

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I am currently running a Server R domain to Server Policy connect Group Cannot with about computers running WinXP Pro on it Some of these computers are older tablet style computers that are used out in our shop floor area We are looking to replace these with some newer Win mini-PC's All of them connect to the network via wireless Cannot connect to Group Policy Server access points as these Cannot connect to Group Policy Server stations need to be mobile so they can be taken to all areas of the shop During the test setup of the device I can get it to join to the domain and it can connect to our main file server which is also the primary DC and download files with no problem It can also connect to the mail server with no problems that I have noticed so far The issue arises when it tries to connect to get Group Policy updates when running quot gpupdate force quot I get an error for both the user and computer parts of the update that says quot The Processing of Group Policy failed Windows could not locate the directory object group policy quot When looking at the event logs there are tons of GP errors all of them are error I have already Cannot connect to Group Policy Server tried looking through the KB articles and have removed and rejoined the computer from to the domain The OU that the computer and user accounts that are used for this workstation is nest about levels down from the domain level and have both the default domain policy applied to it as well as a secondary policy that add some extra settings to restrict the user privileges on the device There are about other WinXP Pro computers that are also in this same OU that are working exactly as we need them to If anyone has and ideas advice I would greatly appreciate it

A:Cannot connect to Group Policy Server

I would suggest putting the new W7 machines in a completely seperate OU, and managing them specifically, not using the policy that worked under XP.

I know this might be a bitch to do, but after a lot of experimenting with W7 versus XP Pro in a domain enviroment (running Server 2003 R2), we found that completely seperating the 7 machines and starting anew was the best route.
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I have a mixed environment of Windows 7 and XP computers interacting with a Server 2008 R2 build. My Group Policies are pretty simple but they only get applied on some computers. It is pretty random because some windows 7 and some xp computers perform the policy without a hitch. I have several windows 7 computers that are blocked by the DWM service but I can't seem to get by that even disabling them. What are some things I can try to get my Group Policies to truly function on all computers?
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sir please help me
Last week i am implemented through .ADM file one group policy for USB,FDD AND CD RAM DRIVE Disabled in windows 2003 server standard edition but through Domino server it is working but it not working OU wish please help and give some suggestion.

A:windows2003 server group policy

Sir i am facing problem please help me thanks.
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I have found this tutorial on group policy setting up for other areas but I was wondering what the best way to set up policy's for users accessing installed software. If you can point me to what it may be called and a tutorial on here that would be great!!

A:Group Policy on Software

Hello Graphicsman,

You might take a look at either tutorial below to see if one of them may be able to work for this.

Applications - Prevent Running Specified Programs


AppLocker - Create New Rules

Hope this helps,
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I am trying to apply group policy's to 30 computer in my office. I am using the gpedit.msc to edit the local policy on my PC. I dont want to go from computer to computer spending about 15 minutes each configuring the setting for it.

Is there any way to take a copy of my policy and just paste it into another PC without having to sit there and configure each one?

Mario G.

A:Applying group policy to XP Computer with no SERVER?


Xp professional is mainly used as a client os in domain network environment. So any policy designed at domain level can be easily implemented in the client systems.

While XP provides the facility of group policy setting for the local system as well, when any policy has been set, it makes changes in the registry of that system for its application. So it is not at all possible throught means to design a unique policy and importing it on every system in workgroup environment.

U have to set the policy on every single system.
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I created a group policy to map a drive from my server to my users. I created a .bat file that works when I run it under my user. I then created the Group policy and linked it to the desired OU. It shows up during a gpresult but does not map the drive. I think I need to verify where to put the .bat file or what I need to do so that its run when users log on??

A:Solved: Server 2K3 Group Policy Question

Had the wrong drive written into the script!!! Log files pointed this out. Works now that its pointed to where the file resides.
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Hi when i manage my group policy i get this error:
the domain controller for group policy operations is not available. You may cancel this operation for this session or retry using one of the following domain controller choises:
The one with the operations Master token PDC emulator
The one used by the active directory snap-ins
Use any available controller.

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I have been given Server 2003 Policy Group and Windows the task of managing our network The network was upgraded two years ago from Windows NT to Windows Server My problem is that none of my group policies run Before the upgrade GPO s worked In the server logs I continually get the the following events Windows can not query the list of GPOs Windows can not access the object GP processing aborted I was told that the server with Active Directory was not BELIEVED to be upgrade and instead a clean install was performed However I am beginning to think there is a connection between Windows 2003 Server and Group Policy this domain and the old one For instance if I go to Documents and Settings there is an account Administrator OLDDOMAIN Also I was given an old computer which had not been Windows 2003 Server and Group Policy added to the new domain It was still a member of the old domain However I could reach the share of the new server newserver and map the drives Can this be the reason why my GPO s won t run and if so how can I fix it nbsp

A:Windows 2003 Server and Group Policy

Though this says 2000 have you look at this?
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Hello, I'm sure this question has been asked before but I have not been able to find a solution. I have windows 7 clients for the public and their trying to get their group policy through a Server 2003 r2. I create a central store on the Server and my Windows 7 computer says it's reading the central store. I installed RSAT and Group Policy Management on the Windows 7 client but my policies don't seem to be taking affect. I would appreciate any suggestions as to why this would be happening. thank you.

A:Windows 7 Server 2003 r2 group policy

Make sure your Win7 computers are joined to the domain, and that they are not in the "Computers" OU. You can try forcing an update by running "gpupdate /force" from a Win7 client.
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Hi all

We have just installed Websense Software for Internet Filtering. We now want to point all our 250+ PCs to the Proxy Server. Rather than doing this individually on each PC, I understand this can be done via Group Policy (GP). I have identified that in the UserConfig, under Windows Settings\Internet Explorer Maintenance\connection you can select Proxy Settings. Here I enable Proxy, set the Proxy IP and to use the same proxy for all addresses.
On saving and assigning the GPO to the workstation, it fails to apply the settings. However, if you manually set the options under the Tools\Connections Tab within IE6 it works fine.

We are running Server 2003 with XP Workstaions (Sp2) with IE6. All fully patched.

Anyone got any ideas!!!!!


A:Proxy Server setting via Group Policy

You can make that change in your default domain policy
under the user configuration.
It should work withou applying it to workstations.
Since you are making the change apply to workstations
are needed to be specified.
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Trying to push software via Group Policy XP Machines take the software fine Windows machines give the following Event ID The assignment of application Adobe Flash Player ActiveX from policy TestWin Push failed nbsp The error was Event ID The removal of the assignment of application Adobe Flash Player ActiveX from policy TestWin Push failed nbsp The error was Event ID Failed to apply changes to software installation settings nbsp The installation of software deployed through Group Policy for this user has been delayed nbsp nbsp until the next logon because the changes must be applied before the user logon nbsp The error was Event ID The Group Policy Client Side Extension Software Installation was unable to apply one or more settings because the changes must be processed before system startup or user logon The system will wait for Group Policy processing to finish completely before the next Can Policy not via Group push software startup or logon for this user and this may result in slow startup and boot performance no Can not push software via Group Policy matter how many times you reboot the system the software doesnt push again XP Machines are all fine I tried setting in the policy Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon - Enabled but that hasnt helped either nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp
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I'm attempting to use the 'Software Installation' (under computer configuration, not user configuration) function in group policy to distribute software to all the client computers on the network. All the computers all fall under the same group policy object. I placed the .msi installer in the server's share, and then added it to the software installation list. I also changed the security settings on the installers so "Everyone" has full rights to the installers. When I reboot a client, it says "Applying software installation settings...", and once I saw the name of the program appear for a second, but after logging in, I was disappointed to find the software was not installed. Am I doing something wrong or forgetting something?
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I am trying to figureout how to force an application to reinstall on a single user system. A user unistalled a piece of software that was deployed to the machine by group policy to the machine...not the user. Since it is not in add/remove programs as a pull I want to figure out in the registry where group policy looks to see if something has been deployed. I figure if I can find and remove that the app should come back down at the next reboot.

I can not use the redeploy app option in Group Policy because that will redeploy to every user.

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Inherited my work computer after company went under Win Pro bit in a Dell Problems that I now have with it at home Group Policy is forcing the control alt delete at log in along with a lot of password restrictions I would like to change Tried changing it with the GP editor but IT manager has the security folders in the group Group delete and stop to How server Policy search policy locked I can read but not change the parameters Tried quot reset to defaults quot batch file but it failed as it was unable to quot contact to the network quot Is there a file where the group policy configuration is saved that I can just delete or some other way to get rid of it System used to boot in seconds at work Taking over minutes now I believe its looking for the old network server I know that it was looking for a few How to delete Group Policy and stop server search of the other drives on that server I changed their status to quot disconnected quot in the drive list and shaved seconds off the boot time But I think it's still looking for the server itself and taking forever before it times out and gives up I am using the login that I used at work gt If I delete that will the computer boot as if it had never been started before and offer me the chance to create a new one login I tried creating a new user ID I have admin privileges while signed on but it wouldn't allow me to save it again because I was not connected to the network I am thinking this might solve both problems but want to How to delete Group Policy and stop server search be How to delete Group Policy and stop server search sure that deleting the current and only user ID it won't create a worse situation for some reason There is no windows pro disc available although I do have a Win home premium bit disc for my other computer

A:How to delete Group Policy and stop server search

Read this tutorial by Brink and see if it is what you are looking for.

Local Group Policy - Reset to Default
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I also have had norton try to help download a the 360 version and after they took over my desk top I started having the logon problem as the admin. As I was looking through all the problems users have encountered with this I ran across a entry where some had found a free download that would fix the problems, but as luck would have it, before I could write it down my access failed and now I can not find it again. Does any one have that Link?

A:Group policy client server failed logon

Originally Posted by chuckcharrod

I also have had norton try to help download a the 360 version and after they took over my desk top I started having the logon problem as the admin. As I was looking through all the problems users have encountered with this I ran across a entry where some had found a free download that would fix the problems, but as luck would have it, before I could write it down my access failed and now I can not find it again. Does any one have that Link?

Am not able to get u. Is this is happening on clients of your domain. what is the exact error message, at which instant you are getting this..
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This white paper discusses the likely sources for problems with Group Policy application and administration, and suggests ways to identify the source of problems you might encounter. It also summarizes many of the tools (such as Group Policy Management Console and GPupdate.exe), log files, and other resources that you can use to troubleshoot problems with Group Policy. This white paper does not provide detailed information about Group Policy or its supporting technologies, but does refer you to sources for that information.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Word or Word Viewer


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One of my relatives recently got a computer with vista on it. Recently we changed the account to an admistrator. Since then, everytime we try to login, we get an error:
The Group Policy Client server failed the login.
after clicking <OK>
it logs off, bringing you back to the user accounts.

because its the only account, we cant get past this point.
anyone have any advice?

Safe mode does not work, as far as i know...
what should i do?
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I would like to be able to set the homepage for everyone in my business using group policy. However I am having trouble locating the correct group policy to do so. Would anyone be able to assist me in this matter ?

Thanks for your help.
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I'm having issue installing software using Group Policy on Windows 7 machines. The Group Policy seems to work great on Windows XP machines. This is the error I am receiving when I use the command "gpupdate"...

The Group Policy Client Side Extension Software Installation was unable to apply one or more settings because the changes must be processed before system startup or user logon. The system will wait for Group Policy processing to finish completely before the next startup or logon for this user, and this may result in slow startup and boot performance.

Any Suggestions?

Could this be a result of our Domain Server using 2003 and not 2008?

Thank you in advance for any input!


A:Solved: Installing Software using Group Policy

I resoved my issue.

I would have to update my Domian Server to Win 2008 to have GP install applications for Win 7 users
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i run win k advanced server with SP and exchange chat server what i m trying to do is create a specific user group called Guides with similar permissions to that of a chat guide in MSN i can easily create the user group in both the Computer Management - Local Users and Groups and in the chat server control panel Modifying a created server on win2k advanced group in Console Root - Accounts i can even Modifying a created group on win2k advanced server create a Modifying a created group on win2k advanced server chat user account in User Classes the problem i am having is setting the permissions i want to set in my created group there simply isn t a place to do it the closest is in User Classes where i can specify some arguements but not the ones i m looking for The server recognises the levels of administrator and sysop and they have full access to all the rights and priveledges of those ranks and full use of those cmds my question is where are those permissions set in the group because in properties for those accounts no such thing is specified For example where does it specify that the user group Chat Sysop has the right and priveledges that it does i created the group Guides but i see nowhere to specify the permissions for the group So if i wanted a guide to have auto status in all channels there s nowhere i can set that permission or any permission for the group i m looking for a way to add the permissions i want to set for the group i created any and all help greatly appreciated thank you nbsp

A:Modifying a created group on win2k advanced server

Hiya cassandra

Moved you to the XP forum, as as its about modifying groups, etc, they may have more ideas


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Has anyone successfully got any Group Policy Preferences working, specifically Drive Maps? I think it applied my Local Users & Groups and my Folder Options preferences, but it definitely did not map my network drive. According to RSoP, there aren't even any "Preferences," but in GPMC (from RSAT), it shows the preferences were successfully applied.

I checked to ensure I had KB943729 installed for Vista X64, and it shows up in Installed Updates. I am lost, so if anyone has this working, please let me know.
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Hi Guys,

Does anyone know anything about this error message I keep getting when I try to run the Group Policy Results Wizard in Windows Server 2003 ? It says "The RPC Server Is Unavailable"

I not quite sure what an RPC Server is but I can confirm that there is nothing wrong with the DNS and that I have switched off Windows Firewall on the Server.

Any ideas ? The reason I need to run this wizard is because there is a Policy that is not taking effect and I think that running the wizard could help me find out why.

Thanks again.
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Hoping someone can help me!

All of a sudden I am unable to access my computer desktop due to the above error message.

I have an acer laptop which came pre installed with windows vista basic so I have no disc... It is a home computer so the only logon we use is the profile named 'aver valued customer' which doesn't require a password.

I can get as far as this icon but everytime I click it I get the above message. I have tried running in safe mode and have also tried system restore but keep getting back to this initial logon screen which doesn't work.

Can anyone please help??

A:Group policy server failed logon. Access is denied.

Welcome to the forum. when you get to the login page is there any option to login as another user often just an arrow next to the name or switch user it seems it thinks its on a domain and your trying to login to a domain that you dont have. Can you get to safe mode with a cmd prompt?
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I am having a problem when trying to use a mandatory profile with new user accounts that I have created in active directory. I set up a model profile on a client machine then moved it over to the server to apply to the user accounts. However everytime I apply the profile it seems to ignore all of the group policy settings, except with the account I have created it with. I do have another OU in the Active Directory setup in this way where many users share the same mandatory profile but I have never had any problems with group policy setting with that OU.
I have only been managing this network (or any network for that matter) for a few months now so it could be some rookie mistake, so don't be hesitent to mention the obvious. Please help. Thanks
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Hi -
I am interested in knowing how to check on my 2003 Server what usernames are blocked from downloading. Many of the clients seemed to have downloaded Google Talk and also Spotify. I was wondering if I can check -where it is located and how to enforce this policy. (or create it if it isn't in effect correctly)

A:Windows Server 2003 Group Policy Block Downloading

Unless your 2003 Server is acting as a proxy, I don't see how it can stop users from downloading content if they have domain rights to install programs onto their computers. The only way I can see controlling this activity via domain rights is if you restrict their ability to install programs onto their computers

The other way to control unwanted network activity is to employ a proper firewall/proxy which can block said protocols.

Finally, since this is most likely a business network we're dealing with here, do you have an acceptable use policy? If you don't, you need to put one in place first. You'll be surprised how many of these issues are mostly remedied when what is acceptable on corporate networks are spelled out and what the consequences of not following the rules are. People many times behave differently when their jobs can be on the line if they knowingly break the rules.
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I have a Windows Server 2000 SP4, and 3 XP PRO machines.

I have manged to set up usernames etc in active directory, but when it comes to group policy, and deploying it on XP, where by i click on the domain controller in active directory users, and add a group policy.

Say in group policy, i wanted to set the Homepage for internet explorer as - for example, this wouldn't take effect on a Windows XP machine logged in as the domain member. It is as if the whole group policy feature doesn't work.

Cheers. Jon

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I need help finding the best way to "disallow" power users to install programs on their machine. I realise makeing them a restricted user would to this, but the user needs read/write access on several applications we run here so I need to do it with GPO. Any ideas? Thanks!!

Running :
Server: Window 2k Server
Desktops: Windows 2k Pro

A:Group Policy To Prevent Installation of Software on machine

Here's a link that may help:

Read the section on "Use software restriction policies".
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Good afternoon We're not sure if this is the right topic to post this area we believe our equipment is not infected With the aim of curiosity yesterday used the FRST to check on our equipment and we can see through the log the registry areas that require attention specifically in the area HKLM Group Policy restriction on software Equipment operating normally Previously we used the most different software Combofix Adwcleaner and commands sfc scannow chkdsk c to see if we could fix this situation What did not occur Given the above we would appreciate knowing which one s to s implication s of attention in the Goup Policy restriction since I'm not understand the purpose OS Besides Fixlist the FRST no other way to correct this situation No need this fix Thanks for software restriction Group Policy HKLM on "Attention" your attention FRST log Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST txt x Version - - Ran by Dell administrator on DELL-PC on - - HKLM Group Policy restriction on software "Attention" Running from C Users Dell DesktopWindows Home Basic Service Pack X OS Language Portuguese BrazilianInternet Explorer Version Boot Mode Normal The only official download link for FRST Download link for -Bit version http www bleepingcomputer com download farbar-recovery-scan-tool dl Download link for -Bit Version http www bleepingcomputer com download farbar-recovery-scan-tool dl Download link from any site other than Bleeping Computer is unpermitted or outdated See tutorial for FRST http www geekstogo com forum topic -frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool Processes Whitelisted IObit C Program Files x IObit Advanced SystemCare ASCService exe SurfRight B V C Program Files x HitmanPro Alert hmpalert exe COMODO C Program Files COMODO COMODO Internet Security cmdagent exe IDT Inc C Program Files IDT WDM STacSV exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows system WLANExt exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files x Skype Toolbars AutoUpdate SkypeC CAutoUpdateSvc exe IObit C Program Files x IObit Advanced SystemCare Monitor exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files x Skype Toolbars PNRSvc SkypeC CPNRSvc exe Fork Ltd C Prey platform windows cronsvc exe Synaptics Incorporated C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe COMODO C Program Files COMODO COMODO Internet Security cistray exe BillP Studios C Program Files x BillP Studios WinPatrol WinPatrol exe Hewlett-Packard Co C Program Files HP HP Officejet Pro Bin HPNetworkCommunicatorCom exe C Program Files x Comodo Dragon dragon updater exe CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co Ltd C Program Files x EaseUS Todo Backup bin Agent exe CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co Ltd C Program Files x EaseUS Todo Backup bin GuardAgent exe Malwarebytes Corporation C Program Files x Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamscheduler exe Malwarebytes Corporation C Program Files x Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamservice exe Motorola Mobility LLC C Program Files x Motorola Mobility Motorola Device Manager MotoHelperService exe Motorola C Program Files x Motorola MotForwardDaemon ForwardDaemon exe Malwarebytes Corporation C Program Files x Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbam exe Motorola Mobility LLC C Program Files x Motorola Mobility Motorola Device Manager MotoHelperAgent exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files x Microsoft Application Virtualization Client sftvsa exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files x Microsoft Application Virtualization Client sftlist exe COMODO C Program Files COMODO COMODO Internet Security cavwp exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System vds exe GAS Tecnologia C Program Files x GbPlugin gbpsv exe COMODO C Program Files COMODO COMODO Internet Security cis exe QFX Software Corporation C Program Files x KeyScrambler KeyScrambler exe Elaborate Bytes AG C Program Files x Elaborate Bytes VirtualCloneDrive VCDDaemon exe Synaptics Incorporated C PROGRAM FILES SYNAPTICS SYNTP SYNTPHELPER EXE QFX Software Corporation C Program Files x KeyScrambler x KeyScrambler exe Intel Corporation C Program Files x ... Read more

A:HKLM Group Policy restriction on software "Attention"

Hi Clade,
Welcome to the forum.
There are various sources of Group Policy restrictions. In some cases malware uses them to enforce restriction on security programs and prevent them from functioning normally. In some cases those restrictions are set by the system administrators to prevent the users or the malware from doing harm. In your case it is the latter.
Those restrictions that we see on the log are set by your system administrator by using the following software that is downloaded about 8 days ego:
2014-04-19 12:34 - 2014-04-19 12:34 - 02823116 _____ () C:\Users\Dell\Downloads\
2014-04-19 12:34 - 2014-04-19 12:34 - 00473008 _____ () C:\Users\Dell\Downloads\

The purpose is preventing CryptoLocker Ransomeware from infecting your system.
You can read about the infection here:
Information about the sofware that you are using to prevent the infection is here:
In short, this is nothing to worry about as those restrictions are set to prevent the known malware files from running. You have already run many security software and don't need to run more.
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All of our computers at work have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and are connected through Server 2008. One computer, which I recently imaged and deployed, is having an issue connecting to network folders. The strange thing is that all networked drives are set for access through group policy. The computer in question is able to access allowed folders but, when I go to the main computer screen, instead of seeing Network on the left hand sidebar, I see Computers and Devices. Also, the machine will not allow anyone, even administrators, to map a network drive. The user also cannot access files from links in emails - i.e. drive:\folder\file. I'm wondering if there is some glitch in the policy or should I just re-image the machine. My boss wants to avoid the re-imaging but, even going through Network Troubleshooting, we can't seem to locate the problem.

A:Network access issues on Server 2008 with Windows 7 and group policy

Maybe there's something within the registry that's keeping the user from accessing?
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Hi Team,
Please let me know what is the standard Setting for below Security Setting ( Audit Policy ), which are followed in most of the Company.

For Eg:- Should i set ' Success & Failure ' for ' Audit account logon events ' & for ' Audit account management' etc...

Thanks & Regards,
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Hi Support Team,
We are using Windows Server 2008 SP2 updated. we have create group policies on the Server all policies are applying to window 7 but some polices are not applying (for example. USB block...)to Window 8 or above. please help.
Ganesh Kale

Ganesh Kale IT System Administrator.
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What virus software do I use on a win2K server ? I tried Norton professional but it didn't work.

Are there special versions? If so what are they?

A:What virus software do I use on a win2K server ?

Norton Corporate Edition, OK
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Will either of these allow me to restrict drive access to a single user only? I've tried to restrict drive access with Group Policy Editor but it applies the restriction globally--even to me the administrator.

Could anyone let me know if this is possible and how to do it?

Much thanks.

A:Group Policy Editor or Local Security Policy

I take it that you want to restrict access to this drive to everyone but yourself. Which drive are you referring to, is it locally connected or via a network?
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How to disable from installing software using gpedit.msc?

User Account is Administrator.

I want to block different kinds of software.

Internet Download Manager

And also if the software was already installed like Google Chrome.

What will happen if chrome is updating? will the update be successful? even in group policy is restricted to install?
Thanks in advance.

A:Group Policy Editor "Disable Software Install"

Editing the Local Group Policy to block people from installing software is a little extreme in my opinion. It can certainly be done but it might just be easier to create another user account that is a standard user account and have everybody use that. If they try to install something, they will need admin permissions to do so.

Just my 2 cents.
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Hi all!

Windows 7 Pro 32 bit on a domain

I've NEVER seen this before and I cant figure it out.

I have a group policy set on an OU named LAPTOPS. The policy gets applied, however the User Config\Windows Setting\Scripts\Logon DOES NOT. When you run the GPRESULTS on the laptop, I see the policy settings being applied EXCEPT for the LOGON script. Its not there. I dont see any errors and cant figure out why Windows would ignore this one setting in the policy but apply the rest. I've tried deleting and recreating the policy but that does not work. Also made sure I did a GPUPDATE /FORCE

Thanks in advance!

A:Group Policy Applies Policy EXCEPT for 1 Setting!

Is a policy enforced on a domain or site level?
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pls help me out in this issue . i am having 20 systems i want to impletement group policies on all machines in a workgroup

how can i do that this is an windows 2000 professional environment

A:How to configure group policy in work group


Walk to each computer and set the policies on each computer. If you are not in a domain environment you are basically have to set each one manually.

My only other thought is if all the computers are exactly the same make and model and you have some type of imaging software. You could make a standard install on one computer with all the settings you want and then use that computer to image all the other computers on your network.
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Is it possible to set administrators to one GP and standard users to another? I want to disable Command Prompt, Task Mgr and lockout all USB and CD drives for standard users but allow administrators to access all of those.

How do i set different group polices depending on user?

Thanks in advance

A:Set Group Policy different for each user group?

Yep. As long as the policies you want to deploy to those groups are per-user (i.e. within the user configuration section of GP Editor), then you can use a tool like Microsoft's GPMC to "security filter" the effects of a GPO to a particular user group. Or, you might want to check out Desktop Policy, which provides a simplified web interface into Group Policy and makes targeting by group much simpler (full disclosure--I work for this company).

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Hi, guys.

I have the following problem: I have the IIS on the same computer that the ISA server resides. There 2 public web sites in there. Now and then, about every 36 hours, when you try to access the web site you are presented with the login screen. The only way to access it is to restart the IIS service. Then it will work for another 36 hours approximately.
Daniel Kolbach
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I am getting an error when I try to publish my site I have never seen it before or ever had a problem with it It tells me that it can not rename a file which is always a temp file and always a picture I take that back it is not always a picture now it is a whole page which I have not error to trying Server when publish made ANY changes to since I last published it If I delete the picture or the page from my site it will just pick up the next picture or page in line Server error when trying to publish and then give me the same error with that pic When I publish it from the file menu and see the folders being updated and published it says that there is a conflict with certain pages or pictures what does that mean I am so confused and I have no idea what to do Can anyone help Here is what the error looks like Server error cannot rename quot our recommendations htm tmp quot I would much appreciate any help Cuz now I am stuck I can t do anything with it Amy nbsp

A:Server error when trying to publish

On your PC where you edit the pages have you changed the location or directory structure of the web site in any way? Sounds like FP is having a problem with it's local list of cached files.
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Hi all My Vista Home Premium PC is on a home network with a Linksys router and another Vista laptop and xbox My PC is named promero and I usually have it on the internet as http promero homeip net using dyndns org s free dynamic ddns service So now I have a weather station in my backyard and I want the ftp publisher application that came with it to publish files to my ftp directory for access from the internet as http ftp promero homeip I publish a How server localhost ftp to do net or ftp ftp promero homeip net This program has an export dialogue box that asks for server name username and password target file path target file name As I have tried various entries and it is not working can someone please show me examples of what the entries should look like For example is server name quot promero quot quot promero homeip net quot quot promero quot quot localhost quot quot quot or something else What would my username be if the file is simply being published to the same How do I publish to a localhost ftp server computer Is this modified under quot sharing quot Is target file path simply C inetpub ftproot or is it something like localhost inetpub ftproot thanks for any advice Paul nbsp

A:How do I publish to a localhost ftp server

IIS on Vista Home Premium does not have FTP capability. What are you using for an FTP server?

Since this is internal to your network, you can just use the computers lan IP address for the server, once you get an ftp server running.
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Windows XP does not assign a WINS Server, DNS Server, or Default Gateway.

Here is the output from ipconfig /all:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Lon Hoss>IPCONFIG /ALL

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : omnibook-6100
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) PRO/100 VM Network Connecti
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-C0-9F-09-00-6D
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration IP Address. . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

C:\Documents and Settings\Lon Hoss>

A:Windows XP does not assign a WINS Server, DNS Server, or Default Gateway
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I have one PC setup with Win2K Professional. It is used as a game server, sharing the cable modem, file server, and web server. I am replacing it with another PC that has Win2K Server. I have saved all the security updates from the old pc (in the Q######_whatever.exe format). Should I apply these updates to the new PC? I have about 30 of these updates. I've went to the Windows update site and got all the critical updates, but I know there are other bugs out there and I'd like to have this PC as secure as possible.

Thanks in advance!

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I am having trouble with my firewall. I shows to be off and is in a state were I can't change it. It says at the tab on General "For your security, some settings are controlled by Group Policy" This computer has never been used for business so I am not sure how that got on there. I appreciate your help.

BTW I have done the START>RUN>REGEDIT and it comes up with "Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator" As far as I know I am one of the administrators.

A:Group Policy

What firewall are you referring to? Change it how?

If the Windows firewall...have you scanned for malware?

If a 3d-party firewall...what about removing, then reinstalling?

How did you ascertain that it is off?

Did you check Services to see if it is listed as running? Same question for Task Manager?

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does anybody know how to restrict only limited users is group policy ie if i do it now say restrict task manager i restricts it on all admin accounts to i only want that to happen on limited ones

someone please reply need to know
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Running XP home on a Dell inspiron 8600 notebook. Some time back Dell had me do a complete format and reload because I had a display problem. Since then I have been unable to send anthing from this computer over my network or change firewall settings because it tells me it is not allowed because of group policy. This is a home system and I never used group policy and it is my understanding this is not part of XP home. How can this be? What must I do to resolve this problem?

A:Group Policy

Posted to move to Windows XP area.

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How do I get rid of group policy?

It's doing my head in now -
domain users can't access the following;

windows media player
internet explorer
msn messenger

Please Help in getting rid of it - or fixing it - I've disabled them supposedly but computers still pick them up, and I've done gpupdate on various computers to no avail.

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I have got background set on group policy for all computers on my domain to have the same background and it works on all the computers with sp1 installed but it dosnt seem to show up with computers on sp3. Does anyone know how i can get it to work?
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At work, the domain I am in creates an icon on my desktop every time I log in.

It's REALLY ANNOYING, especially as it's for the can't-help-with-that desk, who I never use.

Turns out this is created by group policy.

I have asked for them to modify my user so it does not get created, but as I don't have admin rights on this particular domain server, as a fallback, I'm looking to see if I can't mess with the policy on my desktop - or at least block it from creating the damn icon... any clues form anyone as to how, would be most welcome!!!!

A:Group Policy....

Sorry but it would not be proper to assist you in removing something that your employers are fully entitled to add to the system you use - however insignificant this item would be
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Hi, I have got a server an xp machine, I have setup the option so that it can connect to the servers domain via system properties. I have tried create a Group policy for the domain however the computer doesn't apply the policy, obviously im doing something wrong but I don't no what. I login to the XP Pro machine with the domain and a username and password I have setup on the machine, but no polices work. Does it need to do it before logon? If so how do i set this up?

If someone could help and tell me what I need to do to get this setup, that would be great.

Below is a screenshot of what I have
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We want to create a user profile template and all new users who log into a computer inherit these settings, one setting we need is a persistent cookie file located in the users personal directory. How do we get that cookie to work amongst multiple profiles?
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How can I set a group policy to a particular OU in server 2003, so that none of the users in that OU can use flash disks or CD ROMs.
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I was wondering if someone can help me.

When I try to access the Group Policy via the run command gpedit.msc while being logged on as user I receive the following error message:

Group Policy Error

You cannot perform this operation. Please contact your system administrator.

I then logged in as Administrator and opened the Group Policy>Computer Configuration>windows settings>security settings>security options

What policy do I need to reconfigure so that the GO is accessible when the user is logged on?

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Hi everyone,

I Googled this to death, but could not find a direct or easy answer to how to do this or even if its possible.

I want to know if its possible, on one local machine, to apply Group Policy restrictions to just one user account, or at least to prevent the restrictions from being applied to the administrator account? When I apply the Group Policy restrictions they do work, but they're automatically applied to (my) admin account as well.

Is there any feasible way to figure this out? You'd think it would be possible to do.

Thank you SO much to anyone who helps out.

A:Help with Group Policy?


As the concept of group policy is derived from the Client server network model a local policy, which I would assume is the type involved here, will apply to all local accounts.

If you can give more information on the restrictions you are trying to apply there may be an alternative method of achieving this for certain user groups only
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Hi there,

I have a network scenario which used to be solved with Go-Back, which would restore our 40 pc's in our school computer suite perfectly.

We would now like to build a clone and set some group policy lockdown and remove go-back, as its giving us problems. I have gone through and made most changes to the "adminstrative template" that would suit our scenario. When logging on as a test user this works perfectly. However these policys also affect administrators. Is this the way group policy works or is there a way to set the policys just for certain groups e.g 'domain users'.

Sorry no previous experience with group policy what so ever. I have mass reading for this evening but any tips in the mean time would be much appreciated.



A:New to Group Policy

Is there a more specific group policy forum I should be posting in?
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I am trying to set add the local admin group to the "Debug Programs & Manage Auditing and security log" policy. I'm doing this because I had to remove and reinstall SQL server from my laptop and now it just won't install. Much googling tells me the problem may be this policy.

But. No GRP for home premium, and I can't find a matching key in Group Policy Search.

Does anyone know where I can find this in the registry?
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Group Policy has been set on a laptop, that is not in a network. How can you turn this off so the single computer can control it's firewall again? I tried looking in the MMC but have been unable to locate group policy. I think that my dad let someone at his wifi company do a remote desktop on his computer, and they left the group policy turned on. Also, when you open IE it goes only to one web page theirs. I tried deleting the cookies, temp internet files, etc. All the computer repair company wants to do is dump the hard drive, leaving a 73 yr old to install all the software and hardware again.

Thank you

A:Group Policy

In order to access the Group Policy Editor, use "gpedit.msc" (without the quotes of course) from the "Run" window.

I'm not certain where in a Policy you will find what you are seeking, it's been a while since I've tinkered around in here. Just be careful as the system could get really locked down depending on what is changed.
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trying to set a group within A.D to have fixed proxy settings. I have made user that it's not being picked up on the machine as i have disabled "Make to proxy to the machine and not the user. Within the user domain i have set the proxy within the proxy field. Enforced gp on the server but it doesn't seem to be coming accross any ideas?
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Hi there,

I have a network scenario which used to be solved with Go-Back, which would restore our 40 pc's in our school computer suite perfectly.

We would now like to build a clone and set some group policy lockdown and remove go-back, as its giving us problems. I have gone through and made most changes to the "adminstrative template" that would suit our scenario. When logging on as a test user this works perfectly. However these policys also affect administrators. Is this the way group policy works or is there a way to set the policys just for certain groups e.g 'domain users'.

Sorry no previous experience with group policy what so ever. I have mass reading for this evening but any tips in the mean time would be much appreciated.



A:Group Policy help?

Please do not double post.
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I have been using win 7 pro 64 (oem) and win 7 ultimate 64 RC. whenever I wanted to edit some windows 7 apps I just typed gpedit.msc in the search pane and I got the group policy editor?. and modified win 7 from there
I just purchased win 7 home premium 64 bit OEM and when I type gpedit.msc in search pane It will not locate it.
Is there another way to get this open

A:Group policy

Hi, i am afraid Gpedit is only available in Enterprise, Business and Ultimate versions. There have been attempts to copy however to my knowledge not successfully.
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Hey guys, I got my domain to work after a month, all users can sign in etc.
But I want to edit the group policy a bit

In a list can you tell me if this is possible. (It must be, my school has done it)
1. Automatically map a network drive to a specific drive letter
2. Enable the windows sidebar and choose what gadgets they are on.
3. Choose whats on the desktop
4. Lastly, A protected folder for one person each (e.g If another user clicks on it says access is denied)

Thank you in advance

A:Group Policy

1) A logon script would be best in this regards.
4) In AD you can specify a home folder which is specific to a user. The folder is just a share where you only allow the specific user to has access (permission).
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First let me apologize if this is the stupidest question of all Group HELP Policy time Next let me introduce myself my name is Craig and I teach in a school in Resolute Bay Nunavut Canada miles above the Arctic Circle There are no techs up here to help me with my problem I have the task of setting up our new server running windows I have NEVER setup nor worked on a server before I have to learn everything as I go That being said my problem Group Policy HELP may be something that I don t see maybe I created my users groups or OU wrong But the problem that I am having now is group policies I have installed the Group Policy Management Console snap-on or is that snap-in And here is what I have done I created an OU called school this was created right under my domain Then I created another OU called students and another on grade - domain - school - students - grade - Then in the quot active directory users and computers quot I created a user in the grade - OU called test t This user use a profile set to server profiles USERNAME this roaming profile work fine SO I want to create a group policy that controls my users so I can set proxy home pages you know group policy stuff So in the GPMC I right click quot Group Policy Objects quot and go to quot new quot Give my new policy a name quot test quot Next I right click my OU students and quot Link an existing GPO quot and select quot test quot from the list Then I right click the GPO quot test quot and edit From there I go -user -windows -internet -connection -proxy settings and enable proxy settings So just to summarize I have a user created in a OU That OU have a GPO linked to it The GPO has a proxy setting set in it sooooo I would think that when my user test t logs in is I were to go to -internet options -connections -lan settings I should see the proxy server that I set right Well that does not happen nothing happens This all started from me wanting to setup folder redirection which is a group policy thing so my students can stop moaning about login times Please please help a guy from the arctic nbsp

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Can anyone help or advise please.

I have a situation where I'm about to deploy 20 desktops and a few laptops along with an Exchange 2007 Server along with an ISA Server. At this time I want to take the opportunity to make sure that our Group Policy is all active and correct and restrict items like software installation.

The only problem I have, is that one of our main software applications, currently requires the users to have local admin access, which I'm afraid will over-ride any restrictions I enforce in the GPO.

Is there anyway of resolving this?


A:Group Policy

I always recommend making users non-local admins. Unless you use software restrictions in Group Policy, you really can't completely prevent users from installing all pieces of software. But standard users typically have issues installing software.

As far as your one application, I would recommend taking a look at FileMon and RegMon at You can use those two utilities to monitor file and registry activity in real time. When a standard user encounters a problem, you'll know where and can make permission changes on your client to allow them to do what they need to without making them an admin. This has worked for me time and time again.

Good luck.
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Is it possible to change a group policy on a local machine when the effective setting is coming from the Domain Controller? I've changed the setting on the DC to what it needs to be for the entire network. However, since the local machine cannot connect to the DC anymore the policy can not be updated and the old policy is still being used by the local machine. Can someone help me?

Thank you...

A:Group Policy

So this PC you want to stay on a domain but not connected to the domain. At the same time it not to use the domain policy it had implemented when it was connected?
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I hope I am in the right thread, well anyways, my supervisor wants to disable all the games in the company, so I go to my main DM, put everyone in one group, (domain/security group or should I put it in domain/distribution?) and go to the OU group policy, then I look under all the settings and try and see if I can disable the games folder, or just the games themselves, i could not find it, can anyone point or give me the path (folder) that i can disable it in the group policy? Also, can group policy work in a domain administrator or just an administrator? the reason is i tried to test out by disabling me from getting into control panel, but i can still see it, i am a domain admin. Also do I put the users or do I put the computers in the group?

thank you

A:Group Policy in the OU

Siten0308 said:


I hope I am in the right thread, well anyways, my supervisor wants to disable all the games in the company, so I go to my main DM, put everyone in one group, (domain/security group or should I put it in domain/distribution?) and go to the OU group policy, then I look under all the settings and try and see if I can disable the games folder, or just the games themselves, i could not find it, can anyone point or give me the path (folder) that i can disable it in the group policy? Also, can group policy work in a domain administrator or just an administrator? the reason is i tried to test out by disabling me from getting into control panel, but i can still see it, i am a domain admin. Also do I put the users or do I put the computers in the group?

thank youClick to expand...
If I remember correctly, in the policy OU, you have to block access to the .exes for the games, but I can't remember exactly where it is. But I know it can be done because I've done it before.
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Can comeone tell me how to enable a Group Policy on the server so that no one can use their USB Flash Disks. I'm using a Win Server 2003
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Hi there,

I hope someone here can help me as I'm sooo stuck.

I am having a problem trying to get group policy to work. The was it is setup is as follows:

Location 1
MS Server 2003 - User using Terminal Server and the group policy works fine

Location 2
This location is connected to location 1 via Draytek Lan to Lan and is talking to each other.
MS Server 2003 R2 joined domain to Location 1

On any PC in location 1 as a terminal server user, the group policy loads perfect with all the correct restrictions but when anyone logins in from location 2 (not terminal server), the policy will not apply at all but logs in ok.

I am soooo confused and I need help so plllleeeaassse, can you try and help me find why this is the case.

Many Thanks in advance.
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Just managed to get my group policy working. Didn't realise that I had to add it to my AD site and create a new policy.

To test, I removed the documents and favourites from my menu and then used gpupdate /force to update it.

It wasn't until I logged off and logged back on again that it took effect. Is this the case? What kind of options should refresh logged on or do they all need to be logged off to take effect.

Now I know how this works, I can finally try and implement something

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Just noticed on our server that I have errors logging in the event viewer corresponding to the group policy that we have in effect The first message comes through as Windows cannot access the file gpt ini for GPO policy Group CN B F - D- D - F- C FB F CN Policies CN System DC bealeandcole DC co DC uk The file must be present at the location lt bealeandcole co uk sysvol bealeandcole co uk Policies B F - D- D - F- C FB F Group policy gpt ini gt Access is denied Group Policy processing aborted The second one Windows cannot query for the list of Group Policy objects Check the event log for possible messages previously logged by the policy engine that describes the reason for this This is happening less than every minutes and assume it s been happening way before the time I joined here I need to try and fix this as I m trying to introduce WSUS with a group policy Thanks nbsp

A:Group policy

Have you looked at -
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I have a stand alone XP pro computer that is not (as far as I know) part of a Domain.

I have found many indicators that my machine is being fed Group Policy from a Domain controller.

I would like to know how this could be when I have not attempted to join a Domain.

Perhaps someone could give me a reasonable explanation why all my OS settings, security, software firewall, registry and even spoofed MAC addresses appear to be set by Group Policy dispite the fact my computer is not (as far as I know) a member of a Domain.



A:Group Policy

So I assume you are in a LAN with domain controllers?

Did you check Computer Properties / Computer Name?
Does it say you are in a domain or in a workgroup?
And if you click the Change button, is the domain or workgroup radio button checked?
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A Group policy was recently defined in Active Directory which was incorrect (caused passwords to expire, and enforced password history)... We are primarily a Netware site so should not have any group policies on AD, and the policy was removed... Even though the policy has been removed, we are still seeing accounts expiring and enforcing password histories.... Does anyone know how this can be fixed ?
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I'm seeting up group policy for our windows 10 rollout.
Is there a way not to lock yourself out when wokring GP?
I also want to block metro apps and store in GP.....if you couls show where this is?  Not evident on windows 10.

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Help, I'm running XP Home SP2 and I can't turn off Windows Firewall. It tells me that for my security it's controlled by Group Policy. I'd like to run zone alarm, but I know you can't havE 2 firewalls running at once. Any suggestions?
Thanks, mark


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Hello there,
I have a question about group policy.
I have to set up a computer in our company that will only be allowed to access one website, the company does not want the employee to surf the internet. So how would I set it up to be able to only go to the one website or domain.
The machine I am setting up is running Windows 2K and the Server version is Server 2000.
Thank you.
Richard F.

A:Group Policy help

This may be a local security policy not sure
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Hello on windows server i have set up the group policy as a test with it so you cant get into control panel. I logged in with the user on my client pc with the user but it still lets me into control panel the group policy isnt working on the client pc's. I tried logging into the windows server computer and it didnt let me in control panel.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

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hi there only my second ever question but its a sticky one,had a virus of some sort which changed my computer settings to group policy thus locking me out of my computer settings,i did everything i know but to no avail,could not even reinstall,in the end i unlocked windows files causing a deliberate bsod thus enabling me to reinstall from scratch.i regard myself as very knowledgeable when it comes to virus and malware bugs as have an interest in them but have never had this so just hoping that someone can fill me in if they have ever experienced this,many thanks
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windows xp pro I no nothing about this group policy thing I am trying to clean up a computer and no how to do that no problem however I ave downloaded malwarebytes cleaner for temps cookies history superantispyware dr cureit etc it seems they download but when I try to run them some will start like they are going to run but then disappear this error comes up Windows cannot access the specified device path or file You may not have appropiate permissions to access the item I have cleaned up alot of computers but don t no anything about this group policy I no it gives you permissions to read write change etc but have need group it help policy or whatever with is really never set it It is a friends computer and she is administrator so I thiought she could do anything then I finally make another really need help with group policy or whatever it is account with my name as admin but it does the same thing I have seached google for how to set it but nothing really clear that i can find Her son tried really need help with group policy or whatever it is to put AVG Antivirus on it and paid for it at the site but it is all really need help with group policy or whatever it is messed up some of it is there some isn t I can t uninstall it I need to get the permissions right so I can use some of the programs to start cleaning it and get stuff uninstalled and reinstalled Can you help nbsp

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Hello, I am trying to edit the gpedit.msc in windows xp professional so that there is no way of editing the background/wallpaper. I go User Config\Administrative Templates\Desktop\Active Desktop\Active Desktop
Wallpaper, but for my system there is no Desktop portion there is only Windows Components under Admin Templ. Am I doing something wrong here or is there something to bring those other folders into play.

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I had recently replaced an old 2000 server with a new xp server and used a cross-cable to transfer the information needed from one to the other. Once in place, all other pc's were connected to the server and they were able to access the shared drive on the server. However, today the client pc's tell me they do not have privelage to access the folder on the server. Upon looking at the event viewer, I see the following:

"Windows couldn't log the RSoP (Resultant Set of Policies) session status. An attempt to connect to WMI failed. No more RSoP logging will be done for this application of policy." Event = 1090

Please help!


A:Group policy on XP

Although this seemed to work for me, the first thing I did was turn off automatic updates. When I view the event viwer I also had automatic update errors in conjunction with the WMI error.
To turn off automatic updates, right mouse click on My Computer and goto Properties. Next click on Automatic Updates tab and uncheck (Keep my computer up to date) then click on OK.
Ionut Marin (Last update 10/5/2003):
>From a newsgroup post, from a Microsoft Engineer: "It could be that there is a problem with WMI >on this machine. You can try recreating some of the WMI files using the steps below:
>1 Stop the Windows Management Instrumentation service.
>2 Go to the %SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem\Repository folder.
>3. Delete all of the files that are in the %SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem\Repository folder.
>4 Restart the computer. The files that were deleted are recreated when the computer restarts.
>The Windows Management Instrumentation service will start automatically when you restart the >computer".
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Okay I ve done some research on XP Professional Group Policy and have browsed the interface via the gpedit msc Now I m ready to make a huge step for me anyway and that is disabling some features on my kid s quot limited quot XP accounts Before I make any changes however I need to know I m going about this in the right way I have accounts set up on my laptop admin account limited accounts for my kids My Goal to remove ready access to IE Windows Updates Add Remove Programs My Computer so they can t delete any files from any directories or anything else that a year old and year old might do to wreak havoc or go places they shouldn t be when I m turning my back for a moment Note that I say quot ready quot access to these things I do understand that there are many ways to go about invoking navigating to these applications areas but I figure I ve got a while yet before my year old figures Use Group Policy of out how to circumvent things Removing the IE icon from the desktop for example should be enough for now I Use of Group Policy have been told using Group Policy will enable me to do this I m game to try this but I ve also read where I could render my entire machine useless even to the admin account Soooo I m a little hesitant to do so Q From my research I m assuming that as long as I m logged into my kid s quot User Configuration quot in GP and I DON T touch anything in quot Computer Configuration quot then I ll be okay Is this true Q Does the quot User Configuration quot group policies only affect the user under which I am logged on to In other words I would have to do this twice once for each limited account Remember this is a home pc for pleasure I Use of Group Policy have no reason to make overall quot computer configurations quot Q Use of Group Policy I suppose I can always blow away the kid s limited account when logged in as admin and start over if I screw up Is this true Q Should I take a System Restore Point before doing anything If I screw up will this reset everything back the way it was or am I messing too deep into the system for recovery Thanks in advance to everyone who can provide answers and or any tips in doing this It s not that I want to do much - I just don t want to screw up being the lame Windows user I am nbsp
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I've been attempting to change the group policy on my new laptop so it no longer forces a classic start menu. I've added the group policy from the MMC and altered it there, however I still do not have the option for the XP start menu. I've altered it on the admin account with success but I seem to be missing something here. . . Possibly in the system.adm file however I haven't been able to discern the gobbledegook to find what I'm really looking for. I'm also too chicken to go poking around in the registry without knowing exactly what I'm looking for. I appreciate your thoughts.

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i have a laptop with a limited account.
currently it has group policy on it which blocks me from running EXE's.
i have uploaded a pic showing what happens when i open one.

i have noticed that when i run the update file from Adobe to update flash it works straight off the desktop. i want to know if there is a way to digitally sign another exe the same as the adobe flash file.
there was a way to run EXE's by putting them in this folder:
C:\Windows\System32\catroot2\{F750E6C3-38EE-11D1-85E5-00C04FC295EE}\New Folder
C:/Program Files/adobe/Photoshop elements 8/Presets/Games

they all worked till they updated the group policy to block them.

is there anyone who can help?

A:Help with group policy

Hi Josh,

I speak under correction, but I don't think we can't really help you with that since we would be subverting your employers attempts at administrating their IT systems. The forum administrators and moderators will correct me if I am wrong.

Your best bet is to contact your IT adminstrator about this.

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How do you add "Device Installation" template in the group policy editor as I need to add the installation timeout? This template is missing in Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>System.


A:Group Policy

As far as I know Group Policy does not come with Home Premium.

Your System Specs

Computer type PC/Desktop
OS Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit

How to Add Group Policy Editor Gpedit.msc to Windows 7 Home? - Microsoft Community

Kari Finn replied on

Group Policy Editor is a feature in Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows 7. It does not belong to Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium.

If you need Gpedit you can use Windows Anytime Upgrade to upgrade your Home Premium to Professional or Ultimate without losing your data and installed software.. This tutorial will help you with Anytime Upgrade:

Any third party hack to get Gpedit to Home Premium is against the End User Licence Agreement of your Windows 7 and can include procedures that might seriously harm your computer.
Local Group Policy Editor - Open
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Using ntconfig.pol with WindowsXP

I am trying to use poledit & ntconfig.pol file to automatically set certain settings in Office2000 on an XP Professional workstation and it simply won't work.

Here's what I have
NT domain [no, not Windows2000 Active directory]
Installing Office2000 on an XP machine.

I installed the Office2000 resource kit on the XP machine and ran Poledit with templates loaded.

I saved to PDC netlogin as ntconfig.pol

When I reboot, the settings don't change.

Has anyone successfully used NT Domain System Policies with an XP workstation?

Please help me anyone.....

A:Group policy..Please help

So the XP machine is joined to the domain right? Can browse the network from the NT server and see the XP machine? Do you have NetBios over TCP/IP enabled on the XP machine?
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I cannot open windows defender. when I try, to up comes "windows defener is turned off by group policy". I didnt do anything to get this but would like to know what to do to get windows defender to open, because I want to turn it on. I am the administrator and have tried opening it through that but nothing happened. I am a silver surfer so please give me instructions in detail so I can follow them, and I much appreciate the help.