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Why does my processor speed keep on 'changing'?

Q: Why does my processor speed keep on 'changing'?

I have noticed that my processor, which is a 850 Mhz has been detected lately as a 700 Mhz. Why is this?

Is this the new value? What can I do?? Please help!!

(Info obtained by clicking on Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Information.)

I use MS Windows 2000.

Help!! Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Why does my processor speed keep on 'changing'?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi all,
I want to connect my VCR to the computer to transfer old home movies to DVD.
The Analog to DV device requires a 1 GHz processor. Mine is 498 MHz.

Regarding the speed, will the device work only slowly or not at all?


A:Solved: Video capture device speed vs. processor speed

It is not a matter of slow or not at all. It is most likely a matter of dropped frames. If you have a cheaper video capture card [one without hardware decoding] it will probably work however you will not like the result.

Video editing / encoding is cpu intensive. I would hate to think how long it would take to encode the video file after you capture it [with that cpu]

To give you some idea, it takes me about 15 min to encode approx 1hr of video with an intel dual core cpu. With yours it will be hours.
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I need to order a new desktop for my office to replace a 3 year old machine that runs at 3.2 Ghz. The new machines that Dell offers only has this option:

Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX6700 (8MB L2 Cache,2.66GHz,1066 FSB)

I don't think there is a standard measuring stick that is used to compare all the processor speeds that I can find or understand. I work with CAD programs that use up a lot of resources and I typically get the fastest available and max the RAM. With all the latest software that I have to install, I need the new machines to run faster than the ones they replace.

Can anyone tell me how this 2.66GHz processor compares to my current machine? I don't have the exact specs for it, this is what it lists on the dell support site for my system - PROCESSOR, 80532K, 3.2GHZ, 1M, 533, M0.

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I am going to be buying a new computer in the near future and was wondering if backups, file copying, and defragging will speed up very much?

It seems like that at some point, the drives would not be able to keep up with the processor and faster processors would not be needed for many or even most applications.

I am using a 1 ghz Pentium 3 computer now and am going to get a new 3 ghz computer next.

Also, recently, I read an article about the new dual core Intel chips and that sounds like something that I would like but do not know if they are out yet, and if so, do not know what they are called.

A:Processor speed vs hard drive speed

The main point of having a faster processor is that it runs games smoother, compresses audio and video faster, and so on. These tasks are not particularly dependent on hard disk performance. Nearly all applications will benefit from a faster processor regardless of the speed of the hard disk.
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I have a motherboard that has a FSB of up to 400MHz.
My processor is an AthlonXP 2200 which can only run at 266MHz
My memory is 256MB DDR DRAM PC2700
SisSoftware Sandra testing tells me my memory speed and processsor speed do not match. Question is: Does this really matter? I know a processor upgrade would sort it but a)the computer seems to run fine and b) I daren't try to sneak ANOTHER pc purchase past the wife! (just yet);-)

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i want to update my processor go from a dual core to a quad core is that possible?

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I currently have a P-II 266mhz processor. I recieved a P-III 500 mhz processor from a buddy. Can I use this on my Existing board with out frying my computer?

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Greetings folks,

I'm looking to change my processor from an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ to an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4600+ (Socket 939). I don't intend to change from the current cooling arrangement, but am not sure about the thermal compound. When changing the processor, will I need to get and apply new thermal compound?

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Hi i want to change my 1.5 processor to my 3.4ghz pentium 4 processor.How can i do it is it as simple as just taking one out and putting the other one in place.Can anyone please explain what the processors look like so i can swap them and where they are located and how to move them.Also ive got an audigy sound card and what to put it into another computer so i dont have any disks or anything to install so how do i do it.And how do i put a dvd rw drive in to replace the old cd rw please explain all of the above thanks for your help.

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hey everyone, im changing my processor but i need a bit of help!

currently my processor is a:-

socket 478
CPU Speed : 2.66GHz
Bus Speed: 533MHz
L2 cache speed: 512kb

this is what i am planning to change to:

socket 478 (obviously )
cpu speed: 3.20GHz
Bus Speed: 800Mhz
L2 cache speed 1MB

however, this is what i am worried about.. ive read that To obtain the FSB of your Processor, a compatible motherboard that can support the Bus speed must be used and this is what it says in my mainboard manual:-

"supports socket 478 for P4/celeron processors with 400/533MHz"
"Core Frequency from 1.8GHZ to 2.8GHz and up"

for quote number 1.. does it mean i wont be able to get a bus speed of 800MHz as my motherboard can only support up to 533MHz ?
for quote number 2.. will i be able to get 3.2GHz from this new processor?

thanks in advance!

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Hi. I have problems with my printing jobs. My topic is
I'm thinking about to change the print processor who actually is HPPRN05 and put in a WinPrint. Do I have to save any system information before? is there any danger to change the printer processor of a TCP/IP network printer connected with another one to the same HPJetDirect?. Thanks
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Hello the unknowing one again I am still upgrading bit by bit my older PC The mobo is a Gigabyte IXE about or so years old I added in a new video card and now I m looking at the processor Gigabyte says the max processor is either an AMD Athlon G FSB or an AMD Duron G FSB http www giga-byte com Motherboard Support CPUSupportList CPUSupportList GA- IXE htm I know that Athlons are supposed to be better performing that the Durons However the only Athlon G I found was on pricewatch and was Local stores have the G Duron but dont carry the Athlon anyways probably gonna go with the G Duron My question is how difficult is it to change a processor I chip Changing a processor was told that its Changing a processor chip as simple as pop old chip out put new chip in but I m always very weary when someone says its simple Any input guides you can recommend Thanks again nbsp

A:Changing a processor chip

I would check for that processor, use this link Ebay 1.4Ghz Athlons . I got an Athlon 1.4Ghz 266Mhz FSB for $42 there about 6 months ago. You would have to be really lucky to find that processor online anywhere else for under $100. Installing a processor is very easy but you have to be careful with the pins on it and when you reinstall the heatsink on it. It literaly is Plug-n-Play. Make sure you use some kind of thermal paste like Artic Silver on top of the processor between it and the heatsink.

P.S. Dont get the Duron, even though its 1.3Ghz your 900Mhz Athlon still outperforms it in most things like games.:grinthumb Also, if a 266Mhz FSB one is cheaper to get you should be able to use that but it will just run at 200Mhz FSB on your motherboard, someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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Help please.. I would like to change my old Pentium 1 to a pentium 2 chip is this just a straight swap over job or do I have to mess around with the bios?????

A:changing my processor chip?????

You also have to replace the motherboard! The P1 and P2 are totally different chips, and they are not pin compatible. The P2 was usually a slot mounted affair, at least the ones I've used are.
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As the title says, I wanna change my motherboard processor, and insert an SSD aswell while keeping the old harddrive.

Was wondering if I need to perfom a new reinstall on windows or if I can just transfer windows itself to the SSD and then just keep going. I was also wondering if my windows install will messup if I insert my new motherboard due to new BIOS.


A:Changing motherboard and processor

Its always a good idea to fresh install when changing motherboards. A fresh install will minimize any issues that could arise from different hardware configurations. I've also heard that Windows setup detects an SSD and optimizes Windows for use with the SSD.

You should also keep in mind, an OEM license for Windows is not be transferable to a new motherboard. The motherboard is the one component that constitutes a new machine. OEM installs are bound to the motherboard they are activated on.
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Hi. I have problems with my printing jobs. My topic is
I'm thinking about to change the print processor who actually is HPPRN05 and put in a WinPrint. Do I have to save any system information before? is there any danger to change the printer processor of a TCP/IP network printer connected with another one to the same HPJetDirect?. Thanks
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A pentium 4 has a processing speed of 1.4GHz and a Pentium D (or) Core 2 Duo almost the same but has two processors which share the job making it a lot better than the old P4 ... My question is how do I know the processing speed of a multicore or a multiprocessor system ?????

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Hi All Processor speed??? I Processor speed??? have different laptops that I am using one of them is an Acer with an AMD Sempron processor the other is an e-machines with an AMD Turion processor Other than the processors the rest of the stuff is pretty much the same The Turion is technically supposed to be the better quot faster quot of the two processors My question is this Whenever I visit any web pages the sempron processor seems to load the pages faster It doesn t matter if it is a newly visited site or if I already have cookies from the site or if I wipe the cookies clean When I set the two computers side by side and hit the enter button or the mouse button or the go arrow at the same time the quot faster quot processor doesn t get up and go there is a pause before it starts it s work and then a pause before it finishes loading the page Many often times in the lower left hand corner it says item remaining and doesn t quot finish quot loading the page for quite a while I know that the processor speed tests are within miliseconds of each other and they re taken from robots who hit the enter key at EXACTLY the same time and I m not one of those but I m not talking about miliseconds I m talking about at least seconds or more per web page a significant stall any explanation anyone could offer for the quot technically faster quot processor being slower than the quot inferior quot processor would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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I am building a PC for a friend. All he needs is a processor that can handle multiple web browser windows open and the same time constantly, lets say 6-10 at a time. What speed processor should I be looking for? Thanks.

A:What speed processor should I use?

Any modern processor will work. 6-10 browser windows is not taxing on a system.
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i have an amd xp 2800+ now it reads like a 2.1gig in dxdiag, but it was supposed to be a 2.8 gig processor how do i find out if it is a 2.8 as u can help

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When the computer is idle when browsing the Internet seems 2.9 GHz processor speed 2.6 even. But when I went to the game processor speed 2.1 GHz fixed. Please help I need to increase the speed of the processor. If can be found, why wouldn't you be? Let me put it this way I've written can be overturned.. system idle 2.9 Ghzin game 2.1 fixed How playing 2.9 can I do? HP Pavilion 15 p002 stAMD A10 5745M HD8610G & R7M260
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When the computer is idle when browsing the Internet seems 2.9 GHz processor speed 2.6 even.But when I went to the game processor speed 2.1 GHz fixed. Please help I need to increase the speed of the processor. If can be found, why wouldn't you be? Let me put it this way I've written can be overturned... system idle 2.9 Ghzin game 2.1 fixed How playing 2.9 can I do? HP Pavilion 15 p002 stAMD A10 5745M HD8610G & R7M260
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I currently have a desktop with a single core AMD Athelon 2.08 GHZ, 1 GB ram running XP. I am planning on using an older laptop in its place. HP NC6400 Intel 1.6GHZ Centrino duo ,3 GB ram running Windows 7. Will I notice a slower performance with the laptop?

A:Processor speed

Judging from benchmark scores.

AMD Athlon XP 2800+ > benchmarks between 400 & 500
Intel Core2 Duo 1.6GHz > benchmarks between 800 & 1100

To answer your question, I don't see any reason why the laptop would be slower. The laptop has two times the CPU performance and three times the memory.
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i have a notebook with intel pentium 4 3.06, ram 512 hdd 40G
running on xp pro sp 1

my question is that is my notebook running at its peak? coz when i check in my computer under properties,

it shown firstly the processor speed then on the bottom it shown 1.1 Ghz

i m running direct Ac and not from the batt. is there a reason?

A:processor speed on xp pro

Most notebooks use "speed stepping" on the processor to lower the speed until its needed, to save the heat dissipation.

Its likely that a notebook with a 3 GHz processor is actually using a "desktop" processor, and without some such ability to keep it cool it would be too hot to handle, and you could almost cook on it.
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I've got a computer with Windows 98SE and I figured out I need a faster processor to play a couple of my games. Right now I have an Intel Pentium III 670MHz processor and I need at least a 1.3 GHz processor or equivalent, or to be on the safe side a 2.0 GHz processor or equivalent. How do I upgrade my processor speed? I won't be doing it myself but what do they do to the computer to upgrade the processor? Around how much would it cost to upgrade from what I have now to a 2.0 GHz processor? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance!

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Where can you find out what your processor speed is. And when you boot up your computer, how do you get into the screen where you choose the safe mode?

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I am torn between purchasing 2 different types of computers to replace my Macbook that I had to sell to pay the taxman.

One has a 2.13 GHz processor and the other a 1.8GHz. How much noticeable/significant difference would there be between the 2?

A:Processor Speed

You can't simply compare mhz anymore. You have to compare the architectures. Are they both the same processor type, or are they two different kinds?

If they are the same, let's say both mobile Core 2 Duos...chances are, you won't notice much of a difference, and the cost savings can be put towards more memory.
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recently bought a new pc with an AMD athlon processor. I ordered a 2200+ processor. Under my computer/properties speed shows up as 1500+ which is 1.3Ghz. And also shows up in my bios start up screen. Did I either get ripped off or is there something I do not know about processor speeds. Eric

A:amd processor speed

Check your fsb setting. It probably defaults to 100. You need to set the fsb to 133 it will then read correctly. Check the manual; it will have instructions on how to set bus speed.
If this is a computer you purchased, why not take it back to where you bought it from and have them correct the problem. After all if you pay for something, you have a right to expect that it will work as advertised.
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I have installed in my PC an AMD Athlon XP 2100+ processor.

I had the impression that my speed was 2.1 GHz.

I ran the Belarc PC Management program and I discovered that my processor is a 1.73 GHz AMD Athlon XP.

I also viewed System Properties - General and it reads:

AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2100+
1.74 GHz
512 MB of RAM

Could someone please tell me why this is?

Are my settings underclocked?

If so, how do I correct them?


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This may be a silly question but this is the place for those - especially for those of us still learning to be true geeks! I have been given the assignment of PC inventory and one of the requirements is processor speed. Is there an easy way to determine this without kicking the user off and rebooting and doing F10 during reboot? These are mostly Windows 95 and 98 machines so we don't have the luxury of Windows 2000 system manager. Thanks for your help!

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I have a AMD XP2500+ 333FSB Barton Retail Boxed 512kb L2 Cache on a MSI KT4V motherboard which should support up to 2800+. The processor apperrs in bootup as only 1100mhz - why is this and what do I do ? Thanks.

A:amd processor speed

Your FSB is likely set incorrectly. It is likey set at 100, instead of 166Mhz. You should find this setting in the CMOS setting or on the motherboard via jumper settings.
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I'm not even sure where to post this query, or if its a valid question. There is a site called PC Pit Stop. They have a test you can run that tests out our entire system. Then it prints out your results and an average for your system. It then gives you a score. The site keeps a record of your test results.
I just ran the full test. My score was 1550. Up until Nov 1st, my Processor(CPU) speeds were always over 6000 MIPS. My test scores were around 1700. From the Nov 4th test till now, the speeds are between 4500 and 4700. I don't get any flags, because I guess the test thinks thats pretty good. They show the average to be around 5500, so I'm about 83% of that value. I cannot figure out why my speed has droped off. Any suggestions?? TIA

A:Processor Speed....

Well I have been going to PcPitstop for a very long time. they have changed that test around several time and my opinion I like d the one they had before this setup. Anyways many things can effect that score. where specifically is the test falling? Internet? ram? CPU? IE? compare to you old test and narrow it down. Now have you checked if the number of background processes are increasing? Are you shutting down all running programs like messenger Antivirus ext.. while testing? post back exactly where the test is falling in what category.
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Hi Guys
I have just built a new pc for myself using an Asus A7V600 Skt A DDR400 KT600 8X Audio/Lan/SATA MB mobo with an Athlon XP 2500 Barton processor. I am using 512 mb of crucial ddr ram 2100 pci.
I expected some good performance but was dissapointed. When I checked, the processor is shown as 2500 but is actually producing 1.4 mhz.
Any ideas??
Thank you


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I read somewhere that there is someplace on the net you can go to test your processor speed. Is this true? If so is this safe and where can it be found?


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I'm a novice when it comes to prosor definitions.
Need help.
Bought new desk top, built by PC Club Inc. Paid for a "AMD ATHLON 64 2800+OEM" processor.
At home the system informatin screen stated that we had a "x86 Family 15 Model 12 stepping 0 authenic ~1800 Mhz" processor.
I thought an 2800 processor would be faster and better than a 1800 Mhz procer.
The salesman tells me that the 1800 is better. For some reason I feel we've been had!
Can some one advise me which is the better processor?

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I have a Hewlitt Packard pavilion 7900. How can I find out my processor speed?

A:processor speed

start/run/type dxdiag and press enter.

the processor speed should be listed on the initial page

Or you can download this utility
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When the computer is idle when browsing the Internet seems 2.9 GHz processor speed 2.6 even.But when I went to the game processor speed 2.1 GHz fixed. Please help I need to increase the speed of the processor. If can be found, why wouldn't you be? Let me put it this way I've written can be overturned.. system idle 2.9 Ghzin game 2.1 fixed How playing 2.9 can I do? HP Pavilion 15 p002 stAMD A10 5745M HD8610G & R7M260
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What would be faster, a 2.4ghz cpu with a 1066mhz fsb or a 3.4ghz processor with an 800mhz fsb? Is the fsb capable of being overclocked? Which effects overall speed more?

A:FSB vs Processor speed

In my opinion, the 2.4GHz CPU would be faster than the 3.4GHz, and especially in the case of an Intel Core 2 Duo vs. a Pentium 4 or Pentium D. If the FSB is low but the CPU is high, that might not make that much of a difference, cuz even if the CPU speed is that high, the FSB might not be able to do the stuff that it needs to do fast enough to keep up with the CPU.
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I got an old machine to give to a friend, and am gonna' load Me on it.

What's the speed of the Pentium(r)? Is 970X a chipset model #, to tell the speed?

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Hey guys, I am confused. Help me pick which processor is faster. Im talking about pentium 820 and athlon 64 3300+ w/ HT. Ok first of all, the pentium 820 is a dual core compare to athlon 64 which is not but the athlon 64 has HT means its like dual core, or not? Im confused help me pick which one. And which processor in amd will you compare the speed in Pentium 820?

If I'm gonna pick I'll say that athlon 64 3300+ is faster for me than the pentium 820. Let me know if I'm wrong. The purpose of my system is mainly for gaming.

Thank You

A:Help on Processor Speed

I'll cut the geeky crap and get right down to the point.

The Pentium 820 is duel-cored and runs at 2.80GHz. The athlon 64 3300+ runs at 2.4 GHz. I have always been a strong supporter of AMD because it usualy outpreforms Intel in terms of gaming. But with the athlon 64 3300+ there is one set back. It only has 256kb of L2 Cache.

L2 Cache and cache in general (to dumb it down) manages how many applications you can have running at the same time without noticible slowdown (also referred to as bottle necking) More of the cache is better and causes better preformance when multitasking.

The Intel processor has 1MB L2 Chache, because its a duel core 2 x 1MB = 2Mb Cache. This proving that the intel processor would be better for mult-tasking (Teamspeak, Msn, a game and an anti virus all running at the same time) With no visible slowdown.

I would usually recommend AMD, but honestly, I believe Intel is the way to go in this case. But this is ONLY because you suggested that specific AMD vs that specific INTEL processor. There are some very nice AMD processors out there but I just wouldnt recommend the 3300+.

Oh and by the way, HT (or HyperTransport) is a technology that helps stop bottle necking, but it is definatley NOT the same as a duelcore. Duelcores are TWO processors working together and HT is just one core.
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Hello if this is is Down Processor Speed Way posted in the wrong place please forgive me I am not sure what happened I don t know if it s a virus or not It was running fine Processor Speed is Way Down but now everything is slower I watch a movie almost every but now cannot because image and sound are jerky And every click of the mouse especially internet browsing seems to take seconds when before it was instant I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows Home Premium I ran Malwarebytes and have Processor Speed is Way Down tried shutting down and restarting computer many times but it s still slow If you can help solve this I would be so very grateful Thanks UNLESS SPECIFICALLY INSTRUCTED DO NOT POST THIS LOG IF REQUESTED ZIP IT UP amp ATTACH IT DDS Ver - - Microsoft Windows Home Premium Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Install Date PM System Uptime AM hours ago Motherboard Dell Inc UK Processor AMD Athlon X Dual-Core Processor TK- Microprocessor mhz Disk Partitions C is FIXED NTFS - GiB total GiB free D is CDROM E is Removable Disabled Device Manager Items System Restore Points No restore point in system Installed Programs Torrent Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Adobe Flash Player Plugin Adobe Reader X D DX Facebook Messenger Facebook Video Calling Free Studio version Google Chrome Google Update Helper HL- HTML Executable IERuntime Java Auto Updater Java Update Laptop Integrated Webcam Driver LibreOffice Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile Microsoft Application Error Reporting Microsoft Security Client Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Visual C Redistributable Microsoft Visual C Redistributable - x Microsoft Visual C x Redistributable - Mozilla Firefox x en-US Mozilla Maintenance Service MSVC x MSVC x MSVCRT MSXML SP Parser Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver Nokia PC Suite Nokia Software Updater Pazera Free MKV to AVI Converter Pazera Free MP to AVI Converter PC Connectivity Solution PowerDVD DX Roxio Creator Audio Roxio Creator Copy Roxio Creator Data Roxio Creator DE Roxio Creator Tools Roxio Express Labeler Roxio Update Manager Security Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB Security Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB Security Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB v Security Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB Security Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB Trader s Little Helper Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB VLC media player Webroot SecureAnywhere Windows Driver Package - Nokia Modem Windows Driver Package - Nokia Modem Windows Driver Package - Nokia pccsmcfd LegacyDriver Windows Live Communications Platform Windows Live Essentials Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant Windows Live Installer Windows Live Language Selector Windows Live Photo Common Windows Live PIMT Platform Windows Live SOXE Windows Live SOXE Definitions Windows Live UX Platform Windows Live UX Platform Language Pack WinRAR -bit Yontoo Event Viewer Messages From Past Week AM Error Service Control Manager - The Function Discovery Resource Publication service terminated with the following error - AM Error Service Control Manager - The HomeGroup Provider service depends on the Function Discovery Resource Publication service which failed to start because of the following error - PM Error Disk - The driver detected a controller error on DR PM Error BTHUSB - The local Bluetooth adapter has failed in an undetermined manner and will not be used The driver has been unloaded End Of File

A:Processor Speed is Way Down

At first glance you have a hdd with a total capacity of 112 GB with 1.025 GB of free space.

You have less than ten percent of free space, you need more free space for swap space. This will most certainly slow your computer.

I would suggest defragmenting your hdd and do the disk cleanup.

I would also suggest either deleting files and programs which you don't need, or add an external hdd to transfer your data to.
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can someone tell me how you can find the Processor speed
of a Win NT machine ( e.g Right click My PC etc) which this obviously isnt!

A:WIN NT Processor Speed?

Start , run , then type "dxdiag" without the quotes and it is under the system tab .
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In a computer with SATA 3Gb/s NCQ HDs … Which is more important ??

1: A 3.0GHz P4 930 … or … a 3.2 GHz P4 940 dual core processor
2: 2Gb of DDR2-533 MHz Ram … or … 2Gb of DDR2-667 MHz Ram

I’m thinking the processor is much faster than the Ram or HDs and the Ram Speed is significantly more important.
Am I on the right track ?

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My computer is running at 550mhz when it is usually running much faster.
My computers specs are down below.
I cannot figure out why it i doing this i checked the processor speed in bios and it said 100/100 so im stumped

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I was wondering how to find out my processor speed? I did "dxdiag" and under process it says

AMD Athlon XP3000+, MMX, 3dnow ,~2.2ghz

so what does that mean exactly?

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I have a Dell XPSm140 laptop. It suddenly started running WAY slow. When I view the general "system" info in "Control Panel" my 2.13GHz processor is only running at 81MHz!!!! I was told that a BIOS update might have caused it so I took the CMOS battery out and let it reset...still only 81MHz

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Sorry, double post check my other thread please until I find out how to delete my posts!
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Hi guys,

I am going to change my motherboard, processor and RAM. However, I will be using the same HDD. Is it necessary to re-install the OS after I have set up the rig? I am using the drivers that come with Windows 8, so driver compatibility ought not to be a problem.
Thanks in advance!

A:Keeping old OS while changing mobo and processor

Short answer--New Motherboard=New License Key if you have an OEM OS version. Sorry

The reason is your license key is embedded in your BIOS, and the BIOS is embedded with the MOBO.

If you paid for a license key separately then you can use the OS with the new MOBO but you should do a clean install because all the drivers will be wrong and it probably won't even boot.

You could try to put the drive as-is into the new machine, boot off the Win8 installation media, and do a repair install. This will search for drivers that match the current hardware
Three notes:
1) Clone the drive first so that, in case of damage, you still have your data.
2) You will probably have to phone Microsoft to re-activate the copy of the OS. They've been decent about it with others.
3) If it works, immediately go to the Microsoft Update site and see what updates are needed for the drivers that you just installed
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I will be moving to an X38 chipset and a 45nm quad core soon from my E6600 and P965 chipset. Will I need to re-install Vista Ultimate x64?

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I wan to change my Labtops processor to intel i7 but im not sure whether or not my motherboard or if anything supports it

Thats my computer

I want to upgrade this to 2.8ghz please and thank you for your guys support

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I m looking for an ultraportable laptop for mostly simple tasks but I will also need it Solved: a processor Changing laptop out for more taxing software like photoshop and premiere pro I ve found this Asus UL A-X that will fulfill most Solved: Changing out a laptop processor of my requirements gb of ram under lbs long - hrs battery life but it has a meager Ghz processor The current processor in the machine is the su and I would like to replace that with something like the sl for the extra power I am wondering firstly if it would be physically possible to open the laptop and replace the processor because I have never worked on a laptop before Secondly I am wondering how drastic the effect would be on the hours of advertised battery life I would like it to run for at least hours Lastly would the machine be able to handle the extra heat given off In my search for a laptop this Asus with a faster processor is the best match I can come up with to meet my demanding requirements Of course I would ideally like to purchase a laptop without having to replace parts so any suggestions for a completely different laptop would be even more appreciated than an answer to my processor questions If this isn t possible I think I m going to compromise on the weight for the lb macbook pro quot because it otherwise meets my requirements despite my preference for the windows OS I m lost so thanks for any help you can provide nbsp

A:Solved: Changing out a laptop processor

Laptops have limited upgradeability, and the processor is an area that generally shouldn't be upgraded. Laptops will only support a small set of processor upgrades. If you think you can buy a low-end laptop and pop in a high-end processor, you're seriously mistaken. The board won't handle it. The chassis won't handle it. "Opening" a laptop involves removing dozens of tiny screws of all different sizes and removing many small, fragile, pieces of plastic. Most people lose or damage at least one part when disassembling a laptop. And of course doing so completely voids the warranty, so if you break something, you're out the cost to replace or repair it.

Buy a laptop that actually meets your needs.
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Hi I have an OEM version of Win Pro x DVD I Win License - Motherboard 7 Changing Processor OEM & purchased from Newegg in I installed it Win 7 OEM License - Changing Motherboard & Processor on my Intel DX SO i - which I subsequently upgraded the processor to i - I plan to upgrade my motherboard and processor again to an Intel DX SO i - x I'm also going to replace my Seagate Barracuda GB SATA hdds presently in Intel RST RAID which are out of warranty -year with two new -year warranty Seagate Constellation TB SATA hdds configured in a Marvell RAID mirror I'll use the Barracuda Intel RST RAID volume as my back-up disk Will I have MS license issues when I do a clean install of my OEM Win onto the upgraded system I'm wondering if I'll have activation problems I've changed the motherboard before but with the same processor and model motherboard and there didn't seem to be an issue I've done this with an OEM copy of Win XP in the past and didn't have any issues I'm not installing the same OS product key on more than one system I'm just moving or reinstalling the OS to an upgraded hardware system Regards

A:Win 7 OEM License - Changing Motherboard & Processor

If you change the motherboard to a different model or manufacturer technically the OEM version cannot be activated as it is tied to the motherboard. However, I know Microsoft has made some exceptions.

I'm facing the same thing right now. I suspect a problem with my motherboard. I have another to replace it but it is a different vendor and I'm afraid Microsoft will not activate it. I've considered an "anytime upgrade" from Home to Pro version but I don't know if that will change the OEM version into a full version. So, I'm stuck.

XP was different and the process was much more lenient.
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I have an AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition on an ASRock N68C-SUCC motherboard.

It is rated at 2600 MHz but every time I check it using PC Wizard I am told it is running at 1305 MHz, even when I know it is being intensively used.

Is there any way I can force it to run at 2600 MHz permanently, I appreciate it will mean a little more power use but am not worried about that.

I am sure that I have also turned off the Cool 'N Quiet feature of the motherboard.

Relevancy 50.74%

My Windows does not show the right Processor speed. It shows 1.8 for my 2.4GHz Intel Pentium 4. May be my BIOS needs an upgrade but i cant find my motherboard model (PR22-S) in VIA website or any other site. Can anyone help??

A:Slow Processor Speed

Likely, you're bios has an incorrect cpu fsb setting. I'd guess you have a 2.4ghz cpu with a 18x multiplier and a 533fsb(133x4). So in the bios it'd be 133x18=2400mhz, but if it got set to 100mhz(400fsb), it'd be 18x100, which'd be 1800mhz. If your bios has an adjustable fsb, adjust it from 100mhz(400fsb) to 133mhz(533fsb). If most of that just blew over your head, just read the above sentence, go to you bios(press f1, f2, del, or whatever your bios's key is), and look for a fsb setting(you may have to enable fsb adjustment in an option box to be allowed to change the fsb if it's grayed out). It should be set to 133mhz, but it likely is set to 100mhz if it's reporting 1.8ghz.
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can anyone help i have a amd athlon 1800 ghz cpu but it is showing only 1200 ghz how can i change this

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This might sound stupid but no one I ve asked can give me a straight answer I recently purchased a new laptop with a Ghz Intel Core Duo processor How does the speed of this processor stack up with a regular desktop processor Let me clarify what I m asking I know that Ghz isn t the sole factor for how fast a processor is And I know a few years ago when the Pentium M with Centrino processors came Processor Speed Question out they had Ghz ratings like Ghz and such while regular Pentium Processor Speed Question processors on laptops were still listing the Ghz ratings but the Pentium M were newer Processor Speed Question and supposedly faster Processor Speed Question processors Someone had told me in the past that you can basically double the Ghz rating on the newer laptop processors and that s about the equivalent that they are running to the old style clock speeds I have no idea if this is true or not Anyhow the main reason I ask this is because I m thinking about buying Oblivion and running it on my laptop and it says you need a Ghz processor Assuming that video card Radeon Mobile x MB and my memory GB DDR Mhz are up to par can I assume that my Ghz Intel Core Duo processor T E will meet the Ghz processor requirement I m not necessarily asking specifically about Oblivion but just Ghz processor requirements in general for programs games Any insight on this would be mucho appreciated nbsp

Relevancy 50.74%

Can anybody help speed to 1.6 decreases Processor from 1.5 Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Common Files Processor speed decreases to 1.5 from 1.6 CMEII CMESys exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files Steam Steam exe C Program Files Common Files GMT Processor speed decreases to 1.5 from 1.6 GMT exe C WINDOWS System devldr exe C WINDOWS System GEARSEC EXE C WINDOWS System nvsvc exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files mIRC mirc exe C Program Files iTunes iTunes exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Documents and Settings Jay Local Settings Temp Temporary Directory for hijackthis zip HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchURL http www searchv com Processor speed decreases to 1.5 from 1.6 search html R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http www searchv com w search html R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http www searchv com w search html R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www searchv com w R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www searchv com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http www searchv com w search html R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www searchv com w R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http www searchv com w search html R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch http www searchv com w search html R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant http www searchv com w search html R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchURL Default http www searchv com w O - BHO WinShow module - CC C -AE B- -A B - BA E A - C Documents and Settings Jay Application Data winshow winshow dll O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINDOWS System msdxm ocx O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS System NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run nwiz nwiz exe install O - HKLM Run CMESys quot C Program Files Common Files CMEII CMESys exe quot O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run iTunesHelper C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe O - HKCU Run MSMSGS quot C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe quot background O - HKCU Run Steam C Program Files Steam Steam exe -silent O - Global Startup GStartup lnk C Program Files Common Files GMT GMT exe O - Global Startup PrecisionTime lnk C Program Files PrecisionTime PrecisionTime exe O - Global Startup Date Manager lnk C Program Files Date Manager DateManager exe O - Global Startup MSupdater exe O - Extra button Related HKLM O - Extra Tools menuitem Show amp Related Links HKLM O - DPF F -B - -A -B BB A C - http a g akamai net pple com bonnie us win QuickTimeInstaller exe O - DPF - E - E-A AB- D C ADFDE - http a g akamai net W win - TtzS iTunesSetup exe O - DPF F C AA- B- -BA - A BB F Update Class - http v windowsupdate microsoft com CAB x unicode iuctl CAB O - DPF D CDB E-AE D- CF- B - Shockwave Flash Object - http download macromedia com pub shockwave cabs flash swflash cab nbsp

A:Processor speed decreases to 1.5 from 1.6

Rescan with HiJackThis and put a check next to the following. After you do so, make sure you didn't miss any entries. Now close all browser and outlook windows and click "Fix Checked". After you do so, restart your computer and then post a fresh HiJackThis log.

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer,SearchURL =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,CustomizeSearch =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,SearchAssistant =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchURL,(Default) =
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About 5 months ago I could download a game at speeds around .8 or .9 megabyts p/second. Now, for whatever reason, my computer is never jumping above .38 m/p/s...
Also, for whatever reason, I see that some of my processors out of four will jump up and down in usage for no reason. I would have my 2nd and 3rd proc's just jump up and down to 80 percent workload and then drop for two seconds, just to repeat the cycle perfectly.. Im not sure if that has something to do with it, but it's certainly an issue id like help on. I really do appreciate and knowledge on this problem that you would be able to share with me.
Also the speed of my download will drop to about .013 m/p/s for maybe a minute, the go back to the classic .39 :/

A:Processor and speed issues

I would suggest starting here.

Sounds like malware or something to me.

Ensure your antivirus, firewall and windows are up to date and run a full scan.
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Thanks for looking guys, i'm buying this processor :

What Ram speed would this match with? Thanks alot

A:3600Mhz FSB processor. What ram speed?

DDR2 1066 is good for AM2+ Phenoms. Make sure both the CPU and the RAM you're getting is compatible with your motherboard.
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Yeah hi, I have a question- Which would run faster/more efficiently, a Pentium M processor running at 2.0 GHz, or a Core Duo running at 1.6 GHz, and which one would you recommend? Both the same RAM too. Thanks!

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First of all I want to introduce myself My name is Greg I live in Michigan and I have been around Processor about Speed Question computers all my life I started working with computers back in the early s My first computer was an IBM compatible Processor I think it had K of memory also I want to apologize if this post is Question about Processor Speed in the wrong forum I have questions about a couple of things First of all my Processor seems to be running quite slow I am not sure if it is overburdened with running programs or what I have a Ghz pentium processor with megs of ram I have a NVidia Geforce card with megs of ram onboard I have tried several things to free up space on the hard drive and to possibly get rid of some of the programs that may be running in the background I have also run norton anti virus and Ad-aware for the spyware and found nothing that made any difference Nothing seems to help I am running Nortons speed disk on my machine as we speak so I cannot say if it has helped yet Another problem that I am having is When I hit control alt delete my task manager pops up but there are no tabs at the top it is stuck on the screen that shows running processes but I cannot change it to anything else Can anyone help me with this Is there a way to get back the tabs that are normally on top of the task manager window Thank you so very much for any responses Greg - Thread moved to proper forum Didou nbsp

A:Question about Processor Speed

double click the light grey sourrounding the white with all the text in it, that will bring you back to the full window.

So basically your asking, how to make your computer faster?
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I recently purchased a Pentium from Hewlett Packard with the following specs Ghz FSB MB DDR SDRAM GIG on 2.53 Difference processor and 2.4 speed between the HD AT rpm DVD WRITER CDROM DRIVE FLOPPY Difference between 2.4 and 2.53 processor speed DRIVE blah blah blah with speakers optical mouse keyboard software etc etc I had to send it back as soon as I received it because a piece of the front plastic was broken off and they said they would issue a call tag and would immediately replace it with another one Based on this I sent the computer back Now I find out they do not have another one in stock and basically because they made an error in telling me they had another one they are offering to custom make one almost Difference between 2.4 and 2.53 processor speed identical to the one I bought except that The processor speed would be Ghz instead of Ghz The MB DDR SDRAM would be faster at instead of It would cost me a further on top of the price I paid for the other one because this is a later model and will be custom built I have to answer them today as the price is Difference between 2.4 and 2.53 processor speed only good for today Can anyone see any drawbacks There is very little difference in the processor speed although I had set my heart on Ghz but the memory is a bit faster Please anyone give an opinion on whether they would settle for this or whether they think this is fair or not Thanks nbsp

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Just noticed today something that seems odd to me. While I had PC Wizard open to look at temps, I noticed the CPU frequency is running at 798 MHz while it's speced at 1900 MHz... I also noticed the CPU frequency is the same as the FSB HT Link frequency (whatever that is).

Anybody got a clue about that? I've never even looked into overclocking (underclocking ? ) and have not changed anything in BIOS relative to the processor. This is on my Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop machine with and AMD Turion 64 X 2 processor running XP Home.

See the attached thumbnail


A:Solved: Processor Speed

This is completely normal .

Modern CPUs (especially mobile ones - like yours) will lower their clocks to preserve energy and emit less heat while they just sit idle or when under low load.

If you launch a heavy program then the clocks will speed up until they reach full speed.

Try launching a heavy application, ALT+TAB and check your clocks again.
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I've been using Windows Ultimate x Speed Processor Reduced. for the past years I've been using an Intel D GCCR motherboard with GB RAM My system had some problems so Processor Speed Reduced. I planned to format it But everytime I try to do it it gets stuck When I used a Windows Professional x disc it got stuck after showing 'Loading Files' with a black background It'll show starting windows but not even the logo would come Same happened with Windows XP disc after 'loading necessary files' it too got stuck My Windows Experience Index was But one day my system started to hang up get 'Blue Screen On Death' etc It became very much slow and sometimes it wont start I thought it was something up with the motherboard and it turns out so as said by the service center guys Display Problems So I changed mine to Biostar G M Now all a sudden the Experience Index of 'Processor Performance' dropped to from It is a Pentium D GHz Sometimes when it gets a trouble to start up I just press the restart button and it shows that I'll have to use a Windows Repair Disc to correct the issues But since I dont have it I just tried to format it with another version of Windows And hence Paragraph And I could not format my system after changing into the new motherboard I had used various softwares to check the functionality of ram processor speed hard drive etc but everything looked fine What should I do

A:Processor Speed Reduced.

You might like to start with steps as listed here: Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

Also, with all due respect, the G31 motherboards are rather cheap and I'd be a little skeptical as to the reliability and performance of those motherboards. I had a couple, and had several problems. I have since learned to spend a few extra dollars on the motherboard, and spend less on repairs and and stress medication

You may have a fairly messed up system, trying to install Windows x86 over x64, and then using an XP disk. Perhaps a clean install would be a good place to start?
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i would like to clean up my pc windows xp against virus and infection;it cause low speed processor

A:speed processor windows xp

Welcome to TSG....

We can start with a HijackThis log and a special tech for this will help you after the log is posted they have a little gold shield to the right of their name.

To download HJTsetup.exe from SpyKiller To Download HijackThis go to the following at the File Repository
Click on the button for Download to the right of HijackThis Self Installer:;dl=item5

Save the file to your desktop.
Double click on the HJTsetup.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\HijackThis.
Continue to click Next in the setup dialog boxes until you get to the Select Additional Tasks dialog.
Put a check by Create a desktop icon then click Next again.
Continue to follow the rest of the prompts from there.
At the final dialog box click Finish and it will launch Hijack This.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a log file button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log.
Click Save to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.
At the top of the Notepad HJT log screen, hit Edit then Select All then click Edit and then click Copy doing that copies the text to the clipboard, you won't see it yet....
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply. DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.
A security expert with a gold shield to the right of their name should take a look at your log - please be patient.
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Other than CPUID, is there any utility out there that will tell you your true Processor speed (NOT the the Manufacturers rating) ??????

Thanx in Advance

A:True Processor Speed

this seems to work pretty well i used this to compare my rig when i overclocked it

CPU Speed Pro Software - CPU Benchmark Ranking, CPU Comparison and Processor Speed Test. Stress Test the REAL speed of your Intel or AMD CPU
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just curious, what is the average processing speed of desktop computers?

HP media center pc m7640n
windows xp media center edition
2.6 GHz processor speed
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Hi there, I need advice. I have 2 kids and they both have laptops. I bought them the game Final Fantasy 14 ( what a pain). The game installed with no probelm. The problem is running the game. Its so slow and its like playing in slow motion. Meaning that the characters moves so slow, at least 10 secods after the key has been pressed. My opinion is that probably the processor in the laptops might be causing the slow down.

Laptop number one description:
Windows Vista Home Premium 32bits
Hp Pavillion DV6700
Processor: Intel Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU [email protected]
memory: 3gb

Laptop number 2 description:
Windows Vista Home Premium 32Bits
Compaq Pressario CQ60 Notebook
Processor: AMD Athlon Dual Core QL-32 2.00 Ghz
Memory : 2.00GB

I have done all the updates, video card, windows, and directX and the problem persists. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciate it.

Thank you much


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OHH PLEASE HELP. KSTEVEY. [email protected]

A:Wrong Processor Speed

Well we need some more details here.

What model is the motherboard, and what do you mean specifications are that it is a 2000+ pro processor. Is it campatiable with that model processor or does it actually contain it? Check some of your BIOS settings.


When it comes to these style AMD's their naming structure is not relavent to it's speed, sure it says 2000Mhz but really its only 1667Mhz max.
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Not sure if this is the right forum to post this, but here I go.

The Story: I have a Dell Dimension E510 with 1gb of RAM Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz with a processor speed of 533 MHz. I recently bought a 4 GB ( - G.SKILL 4GB &#40;2 x 2GB&#41; 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 &#40;PC2 6400&#41; Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F2-6400CL5D-4GBPQ), with a processor speed of ddr2 800 and installed it. After going into bios, it says

Installed Memory = 4.0GB
Memory Speed = 533MHz
Memory Channel Mode = Dual Interleaved
Memory Technology = DDR2 SDRAM

Why is my memory speed still 533 MHz and not 800 MHz? Can I change this?

A:Change Processor Speed

A pentium 4 3.0Ghz CPU has a front side bus speed 133Mhz. And quad pumped 133x4 is 533Mhz.

Now, your RAM is DDR2 ram, so you take the FSB speed of 133Mhz and double it to 266Mhz (DDR part). Then you take the x2 part and take 266 x 2 = 533Mhz.

Thus, your RAM is going to run at 533Mhz. The way to increase the RAM speed is to overclock the CPU and increase it's FSB speed. You could then take the FSB to 200 and then that would run your ram at 800Mhz. However, the Dell is not likely going to let you make these changes.
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Hi folks, good day to all
This comp is equiped with 200mgh Pentium R chip with MMX, 64mb ram, 2.5gig hd, 98se. When this comp came to me the clock speed was set to 60, and the multiplier was set to 2 which = a processor speed of 120(I`m new to this so if I am wrong please correct me), I have no idea why this was set this way. I have pulled the Pentium chip, and it is MMX. I thought this was a waste of speed since the chip was a 200mgh, so I proceded to increase the clock to 66, and the multiplier to 3, which = 200 or so right. Well when I go into bios the processor speed is still 120mgh, and should be 200 if I am correct. Is there something I need to do more than I have to achieve 200mgh? Thanks for your time, and any info.

Mike Peters

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my AMD athelon XP 1800+, running on AD73 Pro (Rev.A+) now showing speed of 1150 Mega hertz.earlier it used to show speed of 1500 MH,although there is no change in configuration.......?

A:pwoblem with speed of AMD processor

Your FSB is not set correctly.
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I'm sure I'll get a lot of laughs and head-shaking from this, but it's a long story.

I am attempting to repair an OLD computer for an elderly friend of mine who simply "Won't have anything else!" The machine is an HP (looks like homemade) with an Intel Pentium II MMX processor. Anyway, her processor died, and I can't find anything on it that tells me the speed. So essentially, I don't know if it's a 233, 266, 400, etc. There must be some way to find out, but there are no numbers that I can see anywhere that will tell me for sure. It fits in a single slot and has an attached cooling fan if that helps.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Intel PII MMX Processor Speed?

It's a slot 1 PII - if you can't read the info on the side of the CPU then you are probably SOL

You might find one on eBay for a buck so I'd get a couple that were different MHZ - try one until it works.
Start on the low side - 250 or 333mhz
Also I believe you can adjust the MB to different speed CPU's with jumpers on the MB
Google is your best bet...
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A:Processor speed reduced

Or its the power saving kicking in or it has a really dirty heatsink causing throttle down to reduce heat.
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Hi I have Laptop that was returned to me after a motherboard failure with Speed Processor Incorrect the ghz p processor running at ghz SiS Sandra and CPU-Z as well as the windows Info say the motherboard FSB is running at mhz or so a ghz is a multiplier with mhz I took the laptop back in person to their store and the tech guy there flashed the bios and swapped the processor he put old one back in after both of which did not fix the problem The tech guy said he needed to contact the supplier of the laptop who are Elite group they replaced the motherboard on this to who may know what to do The bios does not allow for any changes to the multiplier and FSB i was told that most modern motherboards automatically set these speeds When Booting the info screen that pops up says ghz p cpu so motherboard detects it correctly The bios version is NoteBios release motherboard model according to Sandra is a SIS DX which has a max FSB of x though it states that this FSB is running at x I am running Windows Xp professional Ver Service pack So as you can see Incorrect Processor Speed a most perplexing problem if anyone has any idea on what the issue might be i would love to hear them Thanks nbsp

A:Incorrect Processor Speed

what does sandra tell you the rated speed of the processor is? your mobo may support 533 FSB but you may have a 2.4 Ghz 400mhz fsb chip.
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I am wanting to upgrade my processor and i am wondering what processors and processor speed i can use. i have a g7-1279 dx notebook PC  QE121UA#ABA   [Personal Information Removed]
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Hello all, I'm hoping you can help me out.
My setup is:
AMD 1.1 proc
256 DDR Kingston Memory
Asus A7M Motherboard

My problem is that I did a reformat last week, and now my computer reads the processor as an 850 instead of 1.1
Anyone know of a way to correct this? Hopefully without reformatting again.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Processor speed wrong

You need to change the multiplier/frequency settings in the BIOS for the processor.

Go up one step at a time, until you get to where you need to be.

If all of a sudden your computer wont boot, reset the CMOS.

Reformatting should have nothing to do with it, the only thing that changes is the hard drive. What's wrong is in your BIOS. However, I'm not too familiar with that low speed processor but I'm more than certain it is a BIOS problem.
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Hello nbsp I have a Lenovo G - Core i laptop I started getting these events in windows factory installed usually after the system goes into idle for a while edit and at every computer startup nbsp The speed of group speed x The be... is x in - of G50-70 processor processor in group is G50-70 - The speed of processor x in group x is be... being limited by system firmware The processor has been in this reduced performance state for seconds since the last report The speed of processor in group is being limited by system firmware The processor has been in this reduced performance state for seconds since the last report The speed of processor in group is being limited by system firmware The processor has been in this reduced performance state for seconds since the last report The speed of processor in group is being limited by system firmware The processor has been in this reduced performance state for seconds since the last report I upgraded my bios to the latest v http support lenovo com us en products Laptops-and-netbooks Lenovo-G-Series-laptops G - -Noteboo nbsp and then upgraded to windows then I did a clean installation of windows with no lenovo software just microsoft auto installed all the drivers the PC barely does anything usually the CPU temps are around - HWiNFO and the laptop is always cool nbsp but to my surprise the errors started coming back I read this error has something to do with Intel SpeedStep or some power managment config in BIOS but the BIOS is very minimal and has no options even remotely related to those nbsp what's going on how can I fix this - nbsp Mod's Edit System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility clarity nbsp
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Is there a way I can speed up my computer once the computer starts up ,shutdown and even playing games? I have too many items on my startup tray, but I need those. I have a laptop that is Toshiba Intel Centrino Duo Core, 1.5 GB of RAM, Harddrive Capacity 150 GB, and 1.6 GHZ. But somehow the computer is still kinda of slow. Thanks!

A:Solved: Speed Up My Processor!

chow2rich said:

Is there a way I can speed up my computer once the computer starts up ,shutdown and even playing games? I have too many items on my startup tray, but I need those. I have a laptop that is Toshiba Intel Centrino Duo Core, 1.5 GB of RAM, Harddrive Capacity 150 GB, and 1.6 GHZ. But somehow the computer is still kinda of slow. Thanks! Click to expand...

It is possible to upgrade certain components of a laptop. However, with those specs, it should run smoothly. I presently am using a Core 2 Duo 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, and everything seems fast.

Are you running games on batteries. Many laptops deliberately lower their clock speeds when using a battery so it can save power. Make sure its plugged in.

If your feeling rich, try adding more RAM, you dont really need the upgrade, but more ram never hurt anyone
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the last pc that i purchased was 1.2gig amd machine with 512mb ram

back then i could tell the pc's apart by the processor speeds, now with the dual core machines how do i know which machines are the fastest and does it really matter, the pc will be not be used for gaming. i do not care for info on manufacturers, just the processing speeds..

A:Solved: processor speed

what exactally do you mean.?

if you have a 1.2GHZ amd its "speed" is 1.2GHZ yes.?

if you want a dual core pc then if for instance you have a 1.6Ghz dual core then effectively you have a 3.2GHz "speed"
as there are 2 cores in one chip each running at 1.6GHz if you get me,
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I have just reinstalled XP, updated all my drivers which are now working perfectly but the problem is my processor is only running at 797mhz.

Could anyome shed any light or has anyone experianced this before?

Compaq Presario r3000 Notebook
AMD Athlon 64 3400+
512 MB

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I am looking to buy a new Dell desktop. I can upgrade my processor from 1.6 to 2.2ghz. or I can upgrade my ram from 1GB to 2GB. I can't afford to do both. Which should I choose? We don't do heavy gaming here, (unless you count my son playing Roller Coaster Tycoon). However, my daughter is an artist, and she use Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Painter and Paint Shop Pro. My husband and I basically just surf, email and do a few Word documents.

My other option is to not upgrade anything at all. We are choosing XP instead of Vista.


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I work on a system for simulation. There are USBs plugged into the computer. If I right click properties and look at the process speed. It is showing 17.66 GHz. I never heard of a speed that fast. It is supposed to be 2.66 GHz. If i unplug the USBs then it starts up normal. after that i plug the USBs back in and there is no problem. I am thinking it is the power supply not being powerful enough on boot up. Its a 400 watt power supply and the video card alone calls for 450. we have a lot of stuff hooked up to this computer. What do you think?
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Hey people I been looking at different types of processors Processor Speed Problem for a while and things have certainly changed It Processor Speed Problem used to be all about Intel P clock speeds and the faster the clock the faster the speed Doesnt seem to be like that anymore and suddenly have all these new things comming out such as Intel Core Duo Intel Core Solo Intel Core Duo Intel Core Extreme Intel Pentium M Whats going on with all of these Have been reading through the intel website and all through the web but im having problems understanding what these mean Can someone please explain the differences between these and how to compare which are good I am looking for a mult-purpose laptop for a friend Just needs to surf the net watch dvds and videos divx etc do word processing and Excel work Can someone suggest a good one to get For myself im looking for something which will play the latest games very quick and basically be a beast of a machine been looking at the extreme prices but they are alot been thinking core duo Thanks ppl nbsp

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Hi, sorry if this one gets asked a lot, but I couldn't find a thread that seemed to apply particularly to my dilemma.

I'm running on an eMachines built computer, the model is T2865. Aside from a GeForce video card, I've left the computer as is. The processor should be an AMD Athlon XP 2800+, not exactly sure. If I recall correctly, the processor is supposed to run at 2 ghz or more, yet when I go into Control Panel ---> System, the menu says it is running at 1.25 ghz. I already went through with several spyware removers and cleaned the computer, as well as ensured any necessary drivers are up to date, etc., yet the computer still says it runs at 1.25 ghz. Am I overlooking something?

A:AMD Processor running under speed?

Do you have AMDs Cool n Quiet software installed?

This program underclocks your CPU when it is not in use so that your temps stay low (and less fan noise is produced).

When you need your CPU again, it automatically boosts up to full speed.

That's what it sounds like to me.
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Hey everyone-

I was running PCMark 2002 the other day and my scores were really low for my system (it's been running slow lately..) I have a Sony Vaio laptop GRX670, P4 2 Ghz, 512 MB RAM and a 40 GB HD. PCMark saw my clock speed as 1.17 Ghz, and Sandra sees it as 1.19 Ghz.... What's up with that? Is it really running that slow? How do I get this thing back up to speed? Thanks a ton guys, I really appreciate it!

A:Actual Processor Speed?

sounds like

time for an enema...........cleaners: spyware /registry/unnecessary files/virus you name it...........get it out of there :grinthumb
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Hi, I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.0 ghz Dual Core. I have noticed lately my pc performance bogging down, and I ran virus, spyware, registry clean, defrag etc...but still was running slow. I checked my processor speed, and it says it's running at 1.08 ghz, and it's supposed to be 2.0. I was told it was AMD Cool n' Quiet...but there was no option in my BIOS to disable, so I formatted my hard drive and did not install the drivers for cool n quiet. Still, my processor shows as running at 1.08 ghz. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi Folks, I have got an AMD processor 2.4+ GHz andAsus A7N8X-X Motherboard. I have recently realized that during boot up it shows 1.8 GHz it used to show 2.4 GHz. I dont know what happened, does it mean that my pc is running at 2.4 or 1.8 as it is displayed during boot up, how can i correct it?


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Hey I d really appreciate anyone s help in this matter When I right-click on My PC and select quot properties quot the following is displayed quot Intel R Core TM CPU Ghz GHz GB Ram quot As you can see the processor is an Intel Core Duo E that is supposed to have a frequency of GHz I Wrong Processor Speed got my new computer a week ago and yesterday i ran CPU-Z and it detected that the Core Speed was GHz This matches the above mention system properties So my question is Why is this happening What s the problem and Are ther any solutions Here s my complete equipment description Gigabyte GA- P-DS Motherboard iNTEL Core Duo E processor Ghz FSB MHz Mb Cache GB Kingston DDR Mhz MSI NXI tc with NVIDIA Geforce TurboCache Soundblaster Audigy Platinum EX I would really REALLY appreciate anyone s help since this is a new computer and I want to make sure it s working alright Thanks in advance nbsp

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Can anyone recommend an application that looks at the current processor speed/status in a laptop that changes speeds with load (Speedstep?)

Sons Dell E1705 has an intermittant condition where it slows to a crawl and the processor fan goes to high with no applications running. Appears the processor is dropping from 1800 to 800 MHz during this fault. Looking for a way to monitor what the processor *thinks* it is doing.

A:processor status/speed

XP or Vista?A couple of different ones here:'ve never had to use one, yet
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Hi... I have a AMD-K62 supposedly 500mhz comp ... which I helped to build so I am sure it was a 500mhz... I had some problems after installing WIN-ME so I reformatted and everything was going great...until I bought a new game and tried to install it ... It needs 400mhz processor problem right? I have a 500mhz... WRONG!!! for some reason it now says my processor is a 350mhz HELPPPPPP!!! Has this ever happened to anyone before? Is my processor going out? I'm about ready to pull out all my hair and hehe maybe even take a hammer to my beloved comp lol ... Seriously if any one can help ... PLEASE!!!!! Thanks

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i just put in a AMD Athlon XP 2500+ CPU Barton 512K 333FSB Socket A 462 into my system but on the startup page it says its running on 1100+ and had something saying i cud change the cpu speed by going into bios settings but i have no idea how to do it.

any ideas?

A:Processor speed lower than it should be

If you know what model your motherboard is, please post it here.

Otherwise, download CPU-Z from here.

Click on the Mainboard tab.

Post here whatever it says in that section.