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ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 series constant problems

Q: ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 series constant problems

Hey guys as the title states I am having constant problems with my graphics driver crashing with the following message quot your graphics driver has stopped responding to commands quot something along ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 problems series constant those lines anyway lol I am using an AMD Athlon processor With the ATI Radeon X series MB VGA graphics card MB DDR RAM I recently tried updating to the latest drivers from ATI but had severe installation problems and ended up having to do a system restore So i am using the standard driver I can play counter-strike and battlefield reasonable consistantly Wont crash out for a few hours or ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 series constant problems so Which points out this cant be an overheating problem But when i try to play WoW i get about - minutes game time before it stops responding If anyone has any knowledge about how to fix this it would be great Edit Since doing the system restore my CPU speed has gone from ghz to mhz wtf is up with that nbsp

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Preferred Solution: ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 series constant problems

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 series constant problems

Try "undoing" system restore. You should get get back your 2.4ghz processor speed. Since you are running only 512 mbs of ddr ram, you are operating with minimum ram. Try doubling that, it will help and might stop the crashes. Does your "paging file" (virtual memory) have at least 1 or 1.5 gigs? You have to have that. Good Luck.
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Hi im having troubles with my ATI radeon gamecard ever since i bought my computer i havent being having series ATI 9550/X1050 Radeon the bestes ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 series times with it whenever i play games quot warcraft is the main problem quot my ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 series computers gamercard heats up it s stable when i have no games up but once i open up a game and have it maximized the heat boosts up o around degreeg s then my computer freezes Ive tried keep the computers case open but thats not working i have a cool flow leaving the computer from the back and i dont no whats happening This is my dxdiag Operating system Microsoft windows xp Professional Build System model AWRDACPI BIOS Award modular BIOS v PG Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHZ Memory MB RAM lt lt aint the problem i havnt used close to anything Page file MB used MB available Direct X DirectX Device Card name ATI Radeon X Series Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc Chip type ATI Radeon Graphics Processor AGP x DAC type Internal DAC MHz Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Plug and Play Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name ati dvag dll Driver Version English DDI Version or higher Driver Attributes Final Retail Please help me nbsp

A:ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 series

Try running games with the computer case open
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Hey all let me get down to the point Lately my steam games Insurgency TF and ZPS have been acting up When I play them I can usually play - mins but then my character or camera freezes up like you re being disconnected However I can still hear people chatting and hear the game going and see damage indicators It doesn t go away though so I have to disconnect Afterwards I 9550/x1050 problem Ati series radeon cannot rejoin that same server--the connection fails I either have to rejoin another server Ati radeon 9550/x1050 series problem completely wait a bit or restart said game I ve been trying everything possible I could think of to fix it I uninstalled some programs I got around the time this started happening completely uninstalled steam and its associated programs antispyware and antivirus scanned and updated my gfx card drivers Can anyone help me It s a really frustrating problem and make its hard for me to do my job and have fun Some tech help would be greatly appreciate as I do not have the money to have it looked at professionally Thanks a bunch in advance Person has intel penitum cpu ghz mb ram Also as a side note my Heroes III game worked fine if this helps specify the problem I have yet to test out my other games but as soon as I do I ll update this post or post again with any new information Thrice you people have my thanks mrgreen nbsp
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ATI Radeon 9550 / X1050 Series Resolution Problem.
I have an ATI Radeon 9550 / X1050 Series card. On VGA I can reach 1280x1080 however on DVI I can only reach 1280x720. I am using a Sony DDL-32ex500 as my monitor. I have the most up to date drivers from Ati. All I get from my tv above 1280x720 is a black screen. Any ideas?

A:ATI Radeon 9550 / X1050 Series Resolution Problem Help!

In device manager is your card listed or does it show standard VGA?
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I basically get under fps guaranteed in a crowded area or pvp under for sure I have the latest ATI driver installed for my card radeon mb x agp I did not have catalyst control center installed So I went and got that installed it i do have NET framework and i got an error saying CCC had encountered a problem and could not start This always happens I am almost positive it is my anti virus software causing this problem because I got the same error trying to open wow glider My antivirus is Avira AntiVirus personal edition It works great I have no problems with it I tried disabling the poor framerate series in 9550/ radeon WoW, x1050 extremely guard service and restarting and then trying to open CCC but I still get the same error I dont want to remove my antivirus because I need it My system is clean no spyware and clean hijack log Here are the specs CPU - P ghz prescott w HT Memory - x mb ddr hard drive- WD rpm gb video - radeon x extremely poor framerate in WoW, radeon 9550/ x1050 series series MB DDR x AGp sound - Live Creative Labs OS - Windows XP Professional w Sp and NET framework ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ive heard other people getting good framtes with this video card which is why im curious as to why mine is so bad - all settings are turned down to minimum If it is just the card that is not good enough I would like an Nvidia which is a good one recommened for WoW - I would like framerates - range And I can t figure out how to let CCC run without uninstalling avira which I dont want to do Thanks nbsp
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I am trying for the first time to put together a system. Yeh I know...I need help. First of all is this a usable card. It is comming out of an existing system.
Thanks, ynotbme

A:Is the ATI Radeon 9550 / X1050 graphics card compatible with a Dell Vostro 200?

If the card will fit in the box it'll probably work for you. When I looked up Dell Vostro 200 they were built into two kinds of cases. There was one type built in a slim case and the other type built in a mini case. The mini case is much wider than the slim case. It looks like both types of cases sport motherboards with X16 PCI-E slots for adding an aftermarket video card. Trouble will arise if your 9550/X1050 video card has an AGP connector instead of a PCI-E connector, or you have a full size video card and a slim case.
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Can any1 help me with this driver for windows 7 , or at least for vista x64 , i'm a little bit nubbish with the search on google i found only catalist but didn't found the driver.


A:Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series

Well i found the driver finally but is giving this problem at graphic driver
ATI Display
DriverFinal Status:Fail
Version of Item:8.591.0.0000
Size:90 Mbytes

and the link is this one file:///C:/Program%20Files/ATI/CIM/Reports/Report.xml#errmsg and is showing the same thing , anyone could know why?
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my card has a dvi/ vga and svideo in xp im able to have dual monitor with the second monitor and tv as clones so vga and svideo are same and an extension of the dvi monitor. the upgrade advisor says my card does not support aero im not sure what that means as it works great in 7 except i cant view more that to displays at once and on the tv the resolution is not fitting right. im using the newest driver and control catalyst but display manager is missing from the control center.

any help whould be awesome i just want to have my dual monitors and tv like i do in xp please also see my other post nvidia galaxy 7200gs i have this card also it wont work either i would prefer to use the ati because the nvidia heat sink is huge and in the way of my tv card

please help

A:ati radeon x300/x550/x1050 series

See your other post as it probably is the same answer. Fabe
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I tried to update my PC from windows 7 to windows 10 and was informed that my radeon x300/x550/x1050 is incompatible with windows 10. what do i do?

A:ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series incompatible with Win 10

Either stick with Windows 7 or make your computer compatible. For the latter you would have to find out what hardware aspects are incompatible but mostly hardware changes will not be cost effective.If you use Google there are folk around who appear to have sorted out Win 10 issues with driver (software) fixes, such as: it cannot be guaranteed that these will work.Windows 7 Security updates will be supported by Microsoft until 14 January 2020.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek
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I don't know whats wrong with my graphics card,(ati radeon 9550 256 mb agp 2x/4x/8x) :rolleyes: everytime i run a 3d application it runs good and smooth for a while but after 3 or 4 for minutes of it ,my monitor turns off by itself or lines appear all over my screen.
I turned off all open GL and Direct 3d options and ran my games with the lowest display settings but i'm still getting that everytime i run a 3-D application.I tried the latest drivers from ATI , some other moded drivers ,and know i have omega drivers but nothing seems to change.

A:Having problems with my radeon 9550

Have you tested to see if this is an overheating problem? Try running with your case open and a house fan blowing on your parts to see if this stops the problem.

Another guess is that your power supply isn't handling the needs of your card. Can you give us the specs of your system? Including motherboard, ram, CPU, and power supply?
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well for the X1050 i have i can watch videos for a few minutes and when i but my computer under stress like when i run a few different programs and i try to play a video it will freeze up and i have to reboot, so then i found out that then minimum is a 420W power supply all i have is a 400W so could this be my problem ?

A:ATi Radeon X1050 400w psu ?

If the minimum is a 420W power supply and all u have is a 400W and it is not a top quality PSU then that could deffinately be u're problem. What is the manufacture of the PSU?
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I post a couple days ago and didn't really get much of a response. I have a 256MB Radeon card that just one day decided not to work. I put it in a couple days ago and it worked fine for about 5 hours...then it just died again. When I start my computer it just has a black screen and my monitor goes to sleep.

It shouldn't be my power supply. I have a new 500watt Ultra X-Connect...not really sure what the problem is.

I really need some help.

A:Radeon 9550 256MB AGP Still Problems

my borther has the exact problem, also try omega drivers at

list all your specs but i think that the 500 watt should be more then enoph
if you feal confrtable, clean your card and make shore it is properly seated
your card doenst need an extwernal powersupply does it
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When I start up my PC and logon to Windows everything goes screwy. There are a bunch of lines and colors. I am not sure what is wrong, I checked the connection and whether or not it was in securely...I have the ATI Radeon 9550 256MB. I had some problems with this card a long time ago, but never had this one. Any help would be much appreciated.

I have an AGP Radeon 9200 128MB and that works fine, just cannot use DX9 which stinks.

A:Radeon 9550 Display Problems

Boot into safe mode then look in device manager to see if you have multiple graphics drivers. If you do, remove the lot and reinstall.
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hi all,

now i have a little problem..... yesterday i bought this RADEON 9550 graphics card. i unistalled all the drivers relevant to the old graphics card, then turned off me pc, then i put my RADEON in, fired the pc up and i was left with a blank empty screen.

whats the deal??

*in reading Firegod03's issue -
Problems with my ATI Radeon 9600 AGP

i have come to 3 conclusions

1. my computer is not capible to run the RADEON

2. my computer is too old, (preety much as No#1)

3. i had a problem with my old nivida RIVA TNT/2, soon after i had xp loaded on the computer, in the divice manager section in control panel, when i clicked on the display adapter sub section, it did list the graphics card (TNT2) but had a error code 10 beside it. could this problem be interfering with insatalling the new one??

please help!!!!!!!!

A:Problems with insatlling RADEON 9550

Doooooood!!! <-- translate as "hello and welcome to techspot"

Can you tell us a bit about your system? What make/model is it? What kind of AGP slot do you have etc.

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Well I picked up a Radeon 9550 video card.
I installed it and when I try to change the colors, I only have (Highest) 32bit and I can only go up to 1024x768 pixels.
But....When I play Half Life 2 it works great.. What's going on?
PS I am using a Liquidvideo A150x1 screen.

A:Just installed Radeon 9550 and am having problems

Looking at the specs for your monitor, I think this is the highest resolution that it can support. Maybe in Halflife 2 it's just running at this or a lower res.

Just to be sure, just have a look at

and see if it's the same as your monitor.
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I have a (Diamond Stealths120) ATI Radeon 9550 256MB AGP version. I have had it over a year, and it worked after i got it. I could play Halo with the 9550 and not my older 8500. But for some reason i cant figure out, the 9550 doesn't work anymore. I have everything installed i need, new drivers too that my brother downloaded. But when i get into a game, say call of duty or brothers in arms demo, it just freezes, then the screen goes blank. Help please

A:ATI Radeon 9550 gaming problems

What does dxdiag say?

Just in case you don't know how to run it - Click start- run, type dxdiag and press enter. Click on display and run the tests.
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Hello all I have an ATI Radeon PCI graphics card using Windows XP Pro SP The drivers are Catalyst Control Centre Here s the problem I play Tiger Woods on pretty low graphics settings and use Vectorworks in my job these are the two relevant programs On opening TW I get occasional lines flash across the screen If I don t end the program the system crashes to restart With Vectorworks once the program has opened the mouse moves PCI Card Radeon 9550 problems ATI at about half the speed of before only when VW is on screen Now the TW problem can be fixed by me using the ATI CIM Application Launcher Module from my C Drive This takes minutes plus a restart of the system Then TW works fine VW is still slow though I m assuming that these are both graphics problems My local PC Service guy has suggested that the card is faulty but before I go out and get another card I d really appreciate your feedback Cheers nbsp
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Okay I need your guys help problems Radeon and Re: 9550 N2U400-A I just bought a VisionTek Radeon AGP card with MB Ram I can t get it to boot with this card installed My system is a AMD XP ECS N U -A motherboard NForce MB DDR WD hard drive X CD Drive x x x CDRW Drive Creative Labs k modem currently use Cable though I got long beep and short beeps from the board Tried reseating the card many times Put old ATI Radeon MB SDR AGP card back in Flashed my bios to the most current one on ECS web page Rechecked my motherboard connections and screws Reseat card many more tims Gave up and put old card back in again Emailed support for ECS and Visiontek Along the way before installing the new bios I put it in the other computer HP XP and the system atleast booted I turned it off before getting into windows So after much searching on google I haven t found much good information hopefully this is where you guys can help me out What is going on I wanna play my new games Please help Thanks Marc nbsp

A:Re: N2U400-A and Radeon 9550 problems

nForce boards have alot of problems with Radeon 9600's. Im not sure if the 9550 has the same core. I have the N2U400 in my spare computer and havent had any problems with Radeon 9800, 8500 and FX5200. The beep code you're getting is a video error code. Have you tried clearing the CMOS?
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i just recently bought an ATI radeon 9550 256 mb DDR 8x AGP for my dell dimension 8200. I try to install it but can't. i try to start up in VGA mode but stll having problems. the manual tells me if my current system configuration uses special drivers that are not 640x480 VGA, i may encounter conflicts swith the card. then recommends that i reconfigure my system to use a VGA driver. Is this VGA mode? if it is, I have tried that but can't install still. any step by step help would be helpful. i am only a novice pc user.

A:ATI radeon 9550 256 mb installation problems

Did you remove all traces of your o9ld card first? Boot into Safe Mode (tap F8 after you power it on ... a menu will come up) and remove all Display Adapters that show up in Device Manager. Also, remove any old-card specific software (Do this through Add/Remove Programs).

Reboot, and have your drive CD ready.
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Hey guys i ve never been here before but reading posts about the people who have the same problem i ve seen you guys know alot but after trying the things i ve seen i still haven t been Radeon 9550 Problems 256MB AGP Installation able to fix the problem I got the Radeon for christmas woot and i Radeon 9550 256MB AGP Installation Problems uninstalled my nvidia card and it s drivers then i installed new chipset drivers and downloaded radeon drivers i put the card in and booted up everything was fine then i installed the card through the disk that came with it then installed drivers and then the screen froze up and was intelligible random colors all over it so i Radeon 9550 256MB AGP Installation Problems restarted and ever since then as soon as it gets to the login screen and i put in the password it immediately shuts down and restarts i ve tried going into the bios and everything looks good there i ve tried putting more fans on it that didn t do anything i honestly don t know much about computers so if there s anything i ve neglected to do please mention it specs DFI AD Infinity KT AMD Motherboard AMD Athlon Kingston MB DDR Ram x my old graphics card which works fine is a Nvidia GeForce Ti MB DDR Memory Ultra V Series W ATX Power Supply Anything i left out nbsp

A:Radeon 9550 256MB AGP Installation Problems

It sounds like you might have double installed two different versions of the graphics card driver, unless I misread your post. When you installed the graphics card using the disc that came with the card, that should have installed the graphics card driver, abeit an old version. Try uninstalling the driver and reinstalling again (use the latest version).
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I just got a Radeon 9550 graphics card, and I've been having problems trying to install the thing. When I try to install it from the CD, a message pops up saying:

Setup was unable to complete installation.
Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup

When I try installing it with Windows New Hardware Wizard, I get the message:

An error occured during the installatioin of this device
- The data is invalid

I really need help, what should I do?

A:Problems with Radeon 9550 driver installation

This is the data invalid solution - Data invalid solution
For modem read video/graphics/display That might be allow you to install.

You might have toboot into VGA mode(tap F8 AT Startup,select VGA mode) and then try installing.

Further possibilities if that didn`t work -Make sure your system is free of any remnants of previous video card drivers
use this - Driver cleaner If necessary.

If you get problems look here - Helpful link and Helpful link and Helpful link

Don`t say you haven`t got enough information
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I was looking for a cheap way to get better performance on my games and this card worked for awhile. I used it for maybe a month and it started acting crazy. I just tried it again yesterday and it worked for a little then started doing the same thing.

What it does is sometimes when I start my PC my monitor just gets no signal and goes to sleep. And sometimes I will be doing something and it will just go black and say "Input SIgnal Out of Range". I have a Compaq Flat Panel monitor and I tried a spare monitor and it isn't the monitor that is the problem. I tried the new ATI drivers and those didn't work at all.

Currently I am using my old 128MB Radeon 9200.

A:Radeon 9550 256MB AGP Card Problems

It may be your power supply actually. That would be my first guess. Do you by chance have another computer in which you can test that 9550 card in?

Welcome to techspot by the way!
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well ive had the card for a week, basically replaced my geforce4 because it was getting too out of date for gaming etc!

since ive had the card in and ran normal functions, the PC has been working fine.
then.... when i go onto games... the PC just locks without warning, ive NEVER had this problem before with the PC so im blaming the card.

all advise needed, however ive tried EVERYTHING!! updated drivers, the lot!

setup is:
Asrock k7vt4a Pro
sempron 2300+ chipset.
512mb DDR400 Ram
Sapphire ATI radeon 9550 Gfx card
soundblaster live 5.1 s/card
usual bits and bobs obviously.
OS Windows XP pro,

HELP ME!!! i miss my games

A:Sapphire ATI radeon 9550 graphics problems!!! HELP!!!

While it is possible it is the card it is also possible it is your ram. you might want to test your ram with memtest.
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I got a DVI to VGA adaptor today so i was hoping to run two displays but when I plug my secondary moniter into the adaptor and then plug the adaptor into my computer it just wont show well it lights up and stuff it just does not display anything in-other-words problems... display dual Radeon 9550 a black screen AND To answer any questions in advance Yes I know how to use Catalyst to enable and ajust set my moniter TV up Yes I did everything the help center and other people have told me too do Yes I have the latest version of Catalyst Yes I have tested the moniter that won t work as secondary on this computer by plugging it in to my VGA port on my card and making it my primary moniter YES it worked Yes I know my max settings Refresh and Resolution of the secondary moniter and have set them to what they need to be And lastly Yes Catalyst does find the moniter It just won t display a picture And of course here are the important specs Intel Stinkeron D ghz oh I mean Celeron D ASRock i g Mobo ATI Radeon SE MB Radeon 9550 dual display problems... and if you are too lazy to look it up it does support duel displays and has VGA DVI and S-Vid port GB of ddr RAM Thanks in advance Macc wave nbsp

A:Radeon 9550 dual display problems...

Please help!
I still can't get it to work...
I'll take any help I can get! :dead:
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hi everybody, so here is my problem i just bought sapphire x1050
but it does not work with my pc, i placed it on another and it worked.
My pc is old and i am hoping that it is compatible with this card.
My previous card was nvidia fx 5200
my motherboard does not have an on board vga card.
So any solutions?

CPU:Intel Pentium IV 1.7Gh
RAM: Rambus 512mb four sticks 128mb
Video Card:Nvidia Geforce Fx 5200 Agp
PSU: Max 420 Frequency 50Hz model: LC6420H
Monitor: Lcd Dvi
Hard drives:1 western digital 80g
Optical Drives:2, DVDR dual layer pioneer 111D,Dvd samsusung sh-d162c
Additional PCI cards:1 creative sounblaster live
Number of fans present:1 on cpu

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Dear all I ve Radeon Impossible 9550 Sapphire HELP!! Problems: PLEASE 256MB. installed a new Sapphire Radeon MB onto my system and have had a myriad of problems with it ever since I ve had a look at cjb and Wallace s threads on these forums tried everything that was recommended but still to no avail After first plugging it in I downloaded the latest Catalyst Drivers MS Net framework Impossible Problems: Sapphire Radeon 9550 256MB. PLEASE HELP!! and updated my system BIOS Whenever I started a D application however after a few seconds it went to VPU recover I wiped every trace of ATI off my system in safe mode using many programs suggested and tried again with the drivers from the CD Same problem I disabled VPU recover now the system just crashes or hangs I ve tried a number of different drivers right now I m running the Omega driver versions of Catalyst because at least they allow me to tweak the settings more but I still can t get it to work properly Sometimes it even crashes during D apps like Firefox Bizarrely enough the system works even worse when I try to reduce to X AGP or when I disable fast write When I do either both of those windows won t even start I just get a blank screen I ve heard that certain AMD systems need fast write usingthese cards but not being able to go down to X surprised me Because it s mid summer and crashes duw to overheating are common I ve done most of this with my case open and monitored the CPU temperature It s stayed well below degrees However I have no way of monitoring the GPU temperature Still it has a big fan that came with it and a free bay beneath it so surely with the case open that couldn t be the problem Then there s the PSU which I ve learnt from these forums could also be the cause yet my system needs a max of W and I m using a W supply admittedly only by a manufacturer called Magna - I m not sure how to test if it s causing the problem though what voltages etc shold I be looking out for My system ran everything fine before although some of the D apps and games were a little slow so I m convinced it s not a memory or motherboard problem unless anyone knows of specific manufacturer incompatibilities OK enough of my treatise for now If anyone can offer any new advice PLEASE HELP Unsurprisingly this is driving me mad and has become extremely time consuming as I m not really an expert so have just been going round and round in circles Here are my specs any help GREATLY appreciated - Phil Abit AV mobo AMD Athlon Magna W PSU Two sticks of identical MB DDR RAM Sapphire MB A reliable Adaptec SCSI card SCSI RAID array of K Seagate Cheetahs Yamaha DS Sound Card with AX breakout bay Some digital TV card or other that doesn t really work DVD floppy ethernet cards etc nbsp

A:Impossible Problems: Sapphire Radeon 9550 256MB. PLEASE HELP!!

Hi Phil and welcome to techspot

I wiped every trace of ATI off my system in safe mode using many programs suggested and tried again with the drivers from the CD. Same problemClick to expand...

did you remove the old drivers prior to installing the new card? also, you don't need catalyst. try with just the drivers alone and see if it works.

Because it's mid summer, and crashes due to overheating are common, I've done most of this with my case open, and monitored the CPU temperature. It's stayed well below 40 degrees. However I have no way of monitoring the GPU temperature. Still, it has a big fan (that came with it), and a free bay beneath it, so surely with the case open that couldn't be the problem?Click to expand...

well first off, crashes due to overheating are not common. if your system overheats frequently than that it a major problem in itself and needs to be addressed.

running it with the case open can be even worse than with the case closed if you don't have a fan blowing into the case (like a desk/table fan for example)

Then there's the PSU, which I've learnt from these forums could also be the cause, yet my system needs a max of 360W and I'm using a 500W supply (admittedly only by a manufacturer called Magna - I'm not sure how to test if it's causing the problem though, what voltages etc shold I be looking out for?)Click to expand...

the fact that it says "500W" means nothing. the amperage of the +12v rail is what really determines a PSU's power output. cheap PSUs often have low amperage 12V rails. and even if it's rated high, it likely will only provide 50%-70% of what their label says they can do under normal conditions. there is a very good chance that your PSU isn't powerful enough for your rig.

1. so first off you should address your overheating issue, either add fans or replace them with more powerful fans. if possible, position a fan to move air to/from the video card area that in most cases gets very little air flow. at the very least have a table fan blowing cooler air into the case if you wish to leave the side panel off.

2. secondly, even if it's not the cause of the problem, it's never a bad idea to replace a generic PSU with a quality unit from a known reputable manufacturer. not only for system stability, but for hardware protection as well.

good luck :wave:
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Hi guys I bought a new video card not long ago to replace my Radeon so I bought the Radeon Power Color and pretty much everything runs fine the games are great except for one thing Radeon Lines/Trails with Graphic 9550 Problems I get lines trails from the graphics displayed like text and images when it s against a pale background I m including a photo to better describe my problem I have done pretty Problems with Radeon 9550 Graphic Lines/Trails much any step possible Problems with Radeon 9550 Graphic Lines/Trails reinstalled the driver contacted ATI quot support quot installed their newest drivers then when it didn t work they told me to either send the card back to the store or send it to them I went back to the store got another one that turned out broken and returned it again The third one works fine except for it does the same problem as the first I ve established that it s surely a compatibility issue as the same problem shows up and I ve been looking for drivers but can t see what I need I didn t want to change card because I got a great deal on this one thank you competition I need your help guys Radeon mb mo bit AGP X Intel pentium MHz GHz mb RAM nbsp

A:Problems with Radeon 9550 Graphic Lines/Trails

Please folks, I really need some help here, anyone has any idea what causes my problem? Any suggestions?

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Hi i used seach but couldn t find related voltage PRO Asrock - on K7VT4A 9550 Radeon problems? topics so here goes I recently bought a GeCube Radeon GT AGP card and i have these problems with it no AGP recognition in dxdiag it sees only direct draw and direct d i have directX c games like NFS Most wanted and Black amp White crash i can play only older Direct d games like Radeon 9550 on Asrock K7VT4A PRO - voltage problems? warcraft i have a Asrock K VT A PRO socket A mainboard on their web site i saw that the AGP slot supports only V mainboard supports x AGP video card support x AGP i va updated my Bios to v cause i saw there was an AGP fine tunning option implemented set up high voltage for AGP slot in Bios but nothing changed reinstalled my system nothing changed somebody told me my Radeon works on V and since the AGP slot only puts out V - Radeon 9550 on Asrock K7VT4A PRO - voltage problems? there is the problem But i have a normal AGP card and it has the V key it shoud work fine or not I would like to know if this problem can be fixed in any way i would like to know if the video card specificaly needs V cause i cant really buy a new mainboard now and i would have to go back using the old G MX Windows XP service pack sees my card as Radeon Series No big deal but i m just courios why -------------------- AMD Sempron Asrock K VT A PRO GeCube Radeon GT MB PQI Ram Gb OLD Maxtor HDD -yeah it still works - nbsp

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Hey everyone,

I just bought and installed a Visiontek Radeon X1050 AGP 8x video card. At first it appeared to work great. I have been having issues with it after a day or two.

It has these wierd looking dots/lines all over the screen. They appear to be only on my desktop background and on some parts of webpages. They are all different colors, but usually blue or yellow. Sometimes they are in a grid pattern.

I'm running:
AMD Athlon 3000+ Porcessor, 2.17 GHz
1.5 MB RAM

I tried reinstalling the driver, it helped right after installation, but went back to having issues after awhile.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be the issue?

A:Visiontek Radeon X1050 Line Problem

Try installing the latest driver from here:

Be sure to uninstall the old graphics driver (through "Add and Remove Programs") before installing the new one. To keep things simple try downloading and installing the driver only instead of the full Catalyst Control Center version.

If that doesn't help, I would say your card is defective. If so, I would return it for exchange under warranty. If you bought it online, be sure to get an RMA number first (return merchandise authorization).
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Hi all,

I have attempted to do a clean install of Win 7. When it gets to the point to restart for first use, I get the BSoD and "The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop". The machine just keeps rebooting itself, getting the same message, then repeating over and over.

I tried booting in Safe Mode but not allowed -- "Windows cannot complete installation in Safe Mode. ..."

I am suspect that the driver in question is the Radeon X1050 based on other threads and searches. But I have no idea how to correct this problem. I guess I could go out and buy another graphics card, but that seems a bit severe.

And since I am now without a workable operating system, how could I replace the suspect driver even if I found a Win 7 driver?

Any help would be much appreciated!

A:infinite loop, cannot install, Radeon X1050

Quote: Originally Posted by Redwisher

Hi all,

I have attempted to do a clean install of Win 7. When it gets to the point to restart for first use, I get the BSoD and "The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop". The machine just keeps rebooting itself, getting the same message, then repeating over and over.

I tried booting in Safe Mode but not allowed -- "Windows cannot complete installation in Safe Mode. ..."

I am suspect that the driver in question is the Radeon X1050 based on other threads and searches. But I have no idea how to correct this problem. I guess I could go out and buy another graphics card, but that seems a bit severe.

And since I am now without a workable operating system, how could I replace the suspect driver even if I found a Win 7 driver?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Well 2 workarounds possibly

Boot from the dvd and attempt a repair install

Clean install win 7 again
The thing I would try first is to boot from the dvd and while in safe mode dont try to complete the install but instead go to the device manager (type device manager in search) if sucessful go to the display tab and uninstall the driver. see if win 7 finds a working one on reboot

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So my problems first started with the my Siemens laptop staying at the windows logo loading page, with the scrolling blue bar indicating its loading, so i tried starting up in all types of safe mode and also system restoring to a number of dates but was left with the same problem.
So i did some reading and found that maybe I should reinstall windows XP whilst retaining all other saved files, and so i tried this, all seemed to be going well until it was completely installed and now my laptop wont stop rebooting and i cant stop it as it wont let me access any safe mode option screens. What do you think my problem is and how do you think i should fix it?
Should i just buy a new laptop? its a few years old and has been well used.

Fujitsu Siemens - Amilo L7300
1GB ram
60GB hard drive (could this be corrupted?)

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Playing League of Legends or Diablo 3 on Windows 8 i started to have this kind of bugs:

I tryed to update using the Windows Update driver : "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. driver update for ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 Series (Engineering Sample - WDDM v1.1)"

I tried update the latest driver on the AMD website while using compatible mode with Windows 7.

I tried using the AMD Driver Downloader but couldn't accept W8 as an OS.

So the problem still maintains... since AMD is not supporting 4k series and lower is there anything i can do before changing back to W7 ?

A:ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 Series problems in W8

I have exactly the same problem with diablo 3. Has anyone found a solution yet?
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I recently upgraded to vista ultimate from xp pro,on my xp setup I had a dvi to hdmi cable going into my tv which i use to watch movies etc through the pc. I had it set up as an extended desktop so I could still use the normal monitor while the movie played on the tv.
I have exactly the same setup now I have vista ultimate installed, but if i drag vlc or windows media over to the extended desktop and try to full screen it, it jumps back to the pc monitor and fullscreens on that one. Any ideas how i can get it to fullscreen on my tv?
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P4 Windows XP pro - I have just installed a new ATI catalyst driver for Radeon 9200 series and now I can't adjust the screen resolution, font size etc. This all started after installing a new monitor and my grandson wanted to play his Fifa06 game I got a message "FIFA06 requires Hardware Graphics Acceleration". So I downloaded and installed an updated flash player from MS and an updated graphics driver from ATI. Can anyone help me? Thanks so much.

A:Problems after updating Radeon 9200 series driver

Reinstall the old driver. Older video card don't do well lately with latsest new drivers from ATi or Nvidia.
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Hello TechSpotians I have been thinking about gettin myself an upgrade for my PC You may have seen many of my threads and may have called me quick at changing my mind 6950 Radeon the 7xxx the series or for 2GB? get HD HD Wait Radeon looks at Leeky As the title states I would like to get myself a hd GB I have read something up on the future hd xxx series and articles Wait for the Radeon HD 7xxx series or get the HD Radeon 6950 2GB? said that they would have more processing power and etc I have heard that AMD might be releasing some of the hd xxx series Q and start mass manufacturing in Q But as AMD starts the production of the office cards first Wait for the Radeon HD 7xxx series or get the HD Radeon 6950 2GB? and then up to the high end cards it might take a while So my question is will it be worth the time to wait for the hd xxx series or just get Wait for the Radeon HD 7xxx series or get the HD Radeon 6950 2GB? the hd Thanks EDIT I don t think it is known if the xxx series will support CrossFire with the xxx series but I heard that you can CF a xxx series with a xxx series Is that true nbsp

A:Wait for the Radeon HD 7xxx series or get the HD Radeon 6950 2GB?

i would get the 6950, thats a very powerful crd as of now with great driver support, even though the 7xxx series is coming out it usually takes like 2 -3 months for decent driver support and longer sometimes with crossfire support in games. as for the crossfire question, u can crossfire cards from the same generation so 5xxx series only crossfires with 5xxxseries and the same for 6xxx, my friend has a 4870x2 and was starting to lag a bit in BC2 so i got him a 4890 and we put those in crossfire, works much better. But yeah i would get the 6950 now and like u said the nice 7xxx series prob won;t be out til after CES in early 2012
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Ok, new problem. My graphics card is new. It is a ATI radeon 9550 (AGP). It is currenly woking with games such as World of Warcraft, Civilzation 4, Age of Empires 3, and Command an Conquer: Generals. When I go to run games such as Halo and Rise of Legends it tells me to update the drivers. When I do this the drivers fail and have to be reset. How do I fix this?

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I just bought it today and am having difficulty installing it. We've inserted it into the correct slot (I fit) but when we insert the hardware CD we have some trouble. We've been doing the express installation, and it gets through everything, but once it's done installing all components, it does not prompt us with a finishing message that says asks whether or not to restart the computer. All windows disappear and we're left looking at the 'Software Install' screen.

I dont know if this is helpful or not, but under Maintenance, Display Adapter Info it says:

CPU: AMD Athlon(tm)64 Processor 30...
OS Version: 1106:0204 rev 0
System Memory: 447
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Direct X Version: 9.0c

I know my way around a computer, but I'm not so much with the technical aspects. Help would be appreciated!
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Radeon 9550 are basically rejected Radeon 9600 and 9600XT's that were suppose to end up in the trash can, but instead they were downgraded to 9550's?

A:Is this right about Radeon 9550's?

sounds about right, according to this article i don't know about them supposed to have ended up in the trash though!
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ok so i just got my new video card today install it drivers and all that good stuff , restart my computer after every thing is complete log in and it is slow , so i try to play a game and it freezes up and i have to reboot ? why is it talking so much out of my cpu ? i have a intel Pentium D 3.00 Ghz cpu and 2 gigs of ram any suggestions , it uses 50% of my cpu

A:radeon 9550 help

it is the the 256 agp 8x video card
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I just finished my first build with a Radeon MSI K N Neo platinum mobo AMD Athlon CPU Gb crucial memory and Zalman W PSU But the graphics card doesn t seem to be working properly I have only one program that is at all demanding from a graphcis point of view--it s an astronomy program called Starry Night Pro which uses OpenGL Every time I run it it loads up OK but as soon as it hits any intensive graphics it crashes I ve reloaded the chipset drivers on the mobo and made sure I have the latest version of Catalyst but the same thing still happens I m pasting the details from the ATI problem report utility below Two things bother me First the nVidia chipset drivers are version XXX which seems to be the latest version but they date from Can that be right Second the Display D D version And the Control Panel version Can that be right if not how 9550 Radeon help do I get the correct version Anybody know what could be causing the crash and how I Radeon 9550 help can prevent it Any advice gratefully recieved Problem Report Graphics Card Manufacturer Sapphire Technology Ltd Graphics Chipset ASIC RV Device ID Vendor ID Subsystem ID Subsystem Vendor ID B Bus Type AGP Current Bus Settings AGP X Primary Display Device Yes BIOS P N -PC - BIOS Version BIOS Date Memory Size MB Memory Type DDR SGRAM SDRAM Tuner Type Not Detected Decoder Type ImpacTV Video Standard Not Detected Audio Type Not Detected Display Drivers Version - a - C-ATI Display D Version Display D D Version Open GL Version Control Panel Version MOTHERBOARD INFORMATION CPU Type AMD Athlon tm Processor CPU Speed MHz North Bridge Chipset Vendor ID de North Bridge Chipset Device ID e North Bridge Chipset Revision a North Bridge Chipset Drivers Version North Bridge Chipset Drivers Date - - South Bridge Chipset Vendor ID de South Bridge Chipset Device ID e South Bridge Chipset Revision a South Bridge Chipset Drivers Version South Bridge Chipset Drivers Date - - Presence of Dual CPU No System RAM Amount MB nbsp

A:Radeon 9550 help


Justin make sure that the video card you have is agp or pci express.Because if your bus type is agp and you get a pci express then your motherboard wont read the video card and give you problems..... I hope this info helped you let me know what happens.....

Good luck sebastian
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got a today now i installed the drivers including the Catalyst Control Center and it won t let me set the AGP Speed to X it keeps going to quot Off quot i have also tried setting it to X and it won t stay on that either i know my motherboard s slot is X so why won t it stay on X oh and the X and X is greyed out my system Operating System Windows XP Professional Service Pack System Manufacturer Radeon 9550 ASUSTeK Computer INC System Radeon 9550 Model A N X-X BIOS Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG Processor Radeon 9550 AMD Athlon tm XP MMX DNow GHz Memory MB RAM DirectX Version DirectX c i posted this on another forum and they suggested to get my motherboard s latest AGP miniport drivers i went to the asus site but i couldn t find them then i did a google search and still haven t found them in the direct x dialog it says that AGP Texture Acceleration is not available which leads me to believe that it isn t running with full D acceleration any help on this would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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I've recently acquired an ATI Radeon 9550 video card.

Anyway I just want to know everyones thoughts and comments about this card. Has anyone else gotten this card and found any problems with it? Is it stable, etc. Thanks for any responses.
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i just got a new graphics card. radeon 9550 and it was working fine but now it is starting to stuff up. the effect of the problem will change sometimes. sometimes the will just come up with just garbage all over the screen or sometimes nothing will just come up at all. i was reading some old posts and it said that it may be that i need fans or something. but i can use the computer when i boot into VGA mode. everything may be realy big but it is the only thing i can use at the moment. i have the latest drivers. when i uninstall the drivers i can go on my computer like normal but i cant play any games.

A:Radeon 9550

I suggest you set that card off and buy a new card. Radeon 9550 cards are crap for game play. You need to buy a new card. The question about the garbage all over the screen never happened to my 9550. So make sure you arent forcing the monitor to be refreshing past its Hertz rate.
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I have a VIA/SG3 UniChrome intigrated graphics card and i upgraded to a Radeon 9550. I disabled the card before i installed the card. I updated the drivers, catalyst, and made sure everything was up to date. Everything 2-D like word IE and normal programs run fine , except when i run any 3-D game. I usualy see the game working fine for mabey 20~30 if lucky then my comp either freezes or i get a VPU error. Ive tried everything i could think of and nothing helps.
My computer Specs are:

System Manufacturer: HP Pavilion 061
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3100+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.2GHz
Memory: DDR 512MB RAM
Core Speed ~ 2200MHz
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer Inc.
Model: Kelut
Power Supply: 350W

*Edit: Im running Windows XP SP2

A:Radeon 9550 help

Welcome to Techsot :wave: ! Look at my guide in my signature and try to find out how many amps you have on the +12V Rail. You could have a 2,000,000 watt power supply unite, but if it has 1amp, you wouldn't be able to run a video card.
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My new 256MB Radeon 9550 works probably in my computer when I first install it but as soon as I restart my computer or turn it off and turn it back on, it doesn't get a connection to the monitor. Then computer still boots up but it doesn't show up on my screen. The only way I can get it to work again is if I shut down the computer, put my old graphics card in (128MB Radeon 9200 Celestica Gold), boot up the computer, shut it back down, and put the new video card in again.

AMD Athlon XP 1.5GHz
80GB and 200GB Maxtor HDs

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i just got a ATI radeon 9550 256mb and wanted to put my res upto 1600*1028 (monitors max), but my drivers don't have that setting... they only have 1360 * 1024 - 1600 * 1200+

is there any way or forcing this setting?

or getting new drivers?


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if you 9550 radeon like fixing things well the radeon is the card for you i have updates everything on my computer - windows chipset drivers BIOS when i first got the card it was working fine then it just stoped working when i boot my computer i will see the loading screen then the login screen will come up and then i log in and the screen will go all black and i radeon 9550 can hear the microsoft sound but nothing on the screen if i uninstall the drivers i can use the computer but i get a very low FPS and cant realy do anything i can boot the computer in VGA mode and it will work but everything is realy big and i dont get much colour everytime i boot my computer a message will come up saying some kind of error then another box will come up with that email box saying that i should send the crash report nbsp

A:radeon 9550

i had very similar problems on my old 9700pro this is why i hate ati becuase of this card. if you are using the latest ati drivers try getting a older version of them just an idea might not nessasarly work.
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hi all
i have recently upgraded my computer with a new mobo cpu and hard drive
i re installed my radeon 9550 and installed the drivers from the disc
but when i load fs2004 or pkr after about 10 mins it hangs and crashes to a black screen. then i get a message saying the vpu recovered because it wasnt responding to driver commands the crashes happen more frequently each time i try to reload application

xp sp2
amd athlon 3600 200hz
2gig ddr ram
biostar mobo
radeon 9550 graphics card

thanks in advance

A:Vpu recovery radeon 9550 help

ps i am using the same power unit from my old computer and had no problems
it has no fan on it the modo is a kv8..800 or something the card is 256 x8 agp
i have the latest drivers
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Hi (again) 9550 radeon problem Ati I m a newbie here but I ve read some of your threads and Ati radeon 9550 problem (again) I think you do a great job I don t know much about solving problems and i sure need some help I ve changed my old display card nvidia geforce ti mb with a new Ati Ati radeon 9550 problem (again) radeon mb So here s my problem I ve read all of the threads and posts about s problems and overclocking but I didn t understand a thing When i play games everything works Ati radeon 9550 problem (again) fine And the drivers are fine - no problem with that - but when i m watching a movie my comp crashes and reboots Does anyone know why After reboot a display message from windows xp comes up telling me that windows overcame from a serious problem And then everything is fine until i try to watch a movie again Is it an overheating problem Do i have to overclock my display card And if that will solve the problem how will i unlock it Intel pentium Mhz ram ddr Ati radeon mb nbsp

A:Ati radeon 9550 problem (again)

Well it could still be drivers.

If you right click on my computer then click properties then click advanced it will bring up the advanced section.

Under startup and recovary click settings.

Uncheck "automatically restart".

Hopefully instead of a reboot this will bring up an error message.

Record what this says and post it here.

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I would like to transfer VHS to DVD and I'm wondering if our Radeon 9550 Graphics card on here would handle getting the VHS files onto here? If not, is there any other way, we don't have a stand alone dvd recorder.
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ok here's the deal I was trying to update my display driver and something went horribly wrong. Everything seemed to be going as it always had no problems but when I tried to run one of my games I got an error message saying that I needed to either install DX9.0c or update my gfx driver. I decided to run dxdiag and test direct 3d and here is the error message iI get I have no clue what it means...

(Direct3D 7 test results: Failure at step 8 (Creating 3D Device): HRESULT = 0x80004005 (Generic failure)
Direct3D 8 test results: Failure at step 8 (Creating 3D Device): HRESULT = 0x8876086c (error code)
Direct3D 9 test results: Failure at step 8 (Creating 3D Device): HRESULT = 0x8876086c (error code))

I need help and don't know where to find it, but this seemed like a good spot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Need Help w/direct3D ati radeon 9550

Direct X cant send data over the drivers to your graphics hardware

1)Uninstall Catalyst software (Drivers, CCC)
2)Download and install catalyst 7.7 NOT 7.10

7.7 was the last ATI driver to have 100% support for AGP cards, so when you run an update you can't update your graphics card drivers

Edit: Here's the link for the correct driver
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I recently purchased a radeon 9550 256mb 8x agp card to replace my
fx 5200 128 mb card. After uninstalling the old and installing the new and adding newest catalyst drivers, I am now getting something very strange.
My monitor after 15 minutes of use or so, will go black and the light on it indicates that it has "no signal" and goes into standby, while the computers harddrive light comes on and i have to switch the main power off and start over!
Am i over heating the card ? is it a issue with aperture size?

I have a ASUS KV8 PRO which claims that it can support 8x AGP
a AMD ATHLON 64 3000+ 1gb ram and 250 GB hd,

any suggestions?

A:Issues with Radeon 9550

I think it might be your power supply. Can you try a different one?
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Dut to budget, if i can only choose from these two for game?
Which one do you recommand? and why?

A:Gf Fx5200 Vs Radeon 9550

I recommend ATI,
because ATI has been my choice for many years
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I just got a brand new ATI Radeon 9550 AGP 4x/8x card 256 MB. I enabled AGP in the BIOS and installed the newest drivers from nVIDIA for my chipset. When I start my system up there's no problem and I get all the way to the WinXP bootscreen. But then I get a 'no signal' message and the screen goes blank. My system itself keeps running. I know it's not my flat panel monitor since it works fine with my ATI Radeon PCI card. I also tried a DVI cable but with the same result.
My motherboard doesn't have integrated video so I'm a bit reluctant to uninstall my PCI card at this time. Or could that be the problem? In the BIOS I set my initial Video to Onboard/AGP when I try to get the AGP card to work.
Does anyone have a solution?

A:Radeon 9550 problem

why did you install nVIDIA drivers for ATI Radeon?

and is there any other options for graphics on the bios settings?
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I 9550 Radeon lot crashes ATI a just installed an ATI Radeon 9550 crashes a lot ATI Radeon Video card and its been crashing so much with my games I get seconds into each game and the screen goes black and the monitor goes ATI Radeon 9550 crashes a lot to sleep then i have to restart my computer can you please help Ill put some info from my dxdiag ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name MONTIEL Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Build Service Pack xpsp sp gdr - Language English ATI Radeon 9550 crashes a lot Regional Setting English System Manufacturer HP Pavilion System Model PJ AA-ABA A N BIOS Rev Processor AMD Athlon tm XP MMX DNow GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ DirectX Files Tab No problems found Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Music Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found Network Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D n a DirectDraw retail DirectInput n a DirectMusic n a DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name ATI Radeon X Series Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc Chip type ATI Radeon Graphics Processor AGP x DAC type Internal DAC MHz Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Plug and Play Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name ati dvag dll Driver Version English DDI Version or higher Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d Yes WHQL Date Stamp n a VDD n a Mini VDD ati mtag sys Mini VDD Date bytes Device Identifier D B EE - - CF- - A C CB Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x Revision ID x Video Accel Deinterlace Caps n a Registry OK DDraw Status Enabled D D Status Enabled AGP Status Not Available DDraw Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run ------------- nbsp

A:ATI Radeon 9550 crashes a lot

Go ahead and update XP to Service Pace 3 and where did you get the video drivers from? If off a supplied CD go to AMD/ATI's support website and download the latest XP Catalyst and video driver from there
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I <3 <3 !! 9550 OVERCLOCKING <3 Radeon just wanted to make a post about the Radeon this is prob an old subject but the card is so great for the Overclocking on the card the series is an UnderClocked Gpu the cpu is rated at mhz but the core can push Mhz and its only the original speed of the gpu I love this grafix card Right now im Overclocking the gpu to Mhz the max for the Ati tools for Overclocking And after hours of playing and just letting it run the Gpu is a lil warm Ive even seen a Bios Mod that changes this card to a Series My comp is only useing a Mhz Radeon 9550 OVERCLOCKING !! <3 <3 <3 FSB and a Amd Cpu Mb SD-Ram and that Sweet Grafix card Radeon 9550 OVERCLOCKING !! <3 <3 <3 Right now im Pushing F E A R at Max settings x i think it is and the game runs good at times i get a few slowdowns but ive been playing for hours and loveing it the only tweak i used was the CFG tweak to make the game in Bit and not bit for the FPS Soon ill overclock the ram to If you have a chance to get one of these cards GET IT Mines AGP x - dx Have fun and Happy gameing nbsp

A:Radeon 9550 OVERCLOCKING !! <3 <3 <3

ooo kl, i already have one. so im guessing theres no problems?
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I have an ECS n u -a with e bios version latest I found on website amd xp mb ddr wd hard disk x cd-rom x x x cdrw drive New VisionTek Radeon MB x agp card OLD ATI Radeon MB SDR x agp card RaidMax Watt power supply I just bought the radeon went to install it It won help Radeon Re: N2U400-A and 9550 t boot Okay so I reset the card try again repeat process same result repeat again with Re: N2U400-A and Radeon 9550 help no luck Take the card out put it in a HP xp machine it boots Okay so the card appears to be good go back down to my machine and try again no luck So I throw back the old card in and update my bios to e which adds support for Semptrons and crap Okay didn t work Still getting no picture and beeps long followed by short Re: N2U400-A and Radeon 9550 help Okay so Re: N2U400-A and Radeon 9550 help where am I going wrong Faulty mobo agp slot Bad card I have no idea Pissed I spent the money and it doesn t work at the moment So please help Thanks Marc nbsp

A:Re: N2U400-A and Radeon 9550 help

have you made sure that your motherboard contains support for it? you might need to flash the bios to make it work. all of which making it alot harder for you.

"from a person's perspective"
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Every time I try to overclock my graphics card using ati tools, the settings go back to default. Ive tried uninstalling the updated driver but still the same thing. How do I get it to stay overclocked? please help!

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Hello Like many of you I have trouble with playing Sims same with Tomb Raider Legend and I think with all D games Somewhere in the middle of intro video game stops with blank screen and PC doesn t respond Sometimes a few seconds after that monitor LG Flatron L P goes to standby with message kHZ Hz Out of range Strange thing is that with freshly installed graphics driver the game runs fine so does TRL but after second restart or shutdown I can t leave PC powered all night it stops with blank screen It seems the system forgets the driver although Device Manager reports OK 9550 Sims 2 and The Radeon I m sure I have the latest graphics driver correctly installed as suggested by ATI and DirectX c I m also sure there is no overheating or PSU W problem otherwise the PC wouldn t The Sims 2 and Radeon 9550 let play The Sims at all So I think there is some Windows problem Has anybody had the same occurrence Or maybe fix to this I m trying to find solution about a year when I bought PC and Sims I tested my PC on System Requirements Lab s website and it had more than enough power I tried different drivers including Omega s I tried ATI drivers with and without Control Center System DirecX readings Manufacturer VIAK T Model AWRDACPI Processor AMD Sempron MMX DNow GHz Memory MB RAM DirectX VersionirectX c Display Name Radeon Approx Total Memory MB DirectX Features all Enabled all tests were successful nbsp

A:The Sims 2 and Radeon 9550

Probably the game is trying to start running at 53hz refresh rate, and the monitor only supports 60hz+. If you have an older CRT monitor you can hook up, try it and see if games work with that.
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I am so tired of reformatting my drive clean installing and rebooting my computer because of the graphics card I have Recently my computer went kaput and so I reformatted my drive clean install blah blah and tried to install the latest graphic driver Radeon 9550 reboot ATI for the radeon I have in the computer But it won t let me boot up I have windows on the computer and it just keeps booting and rebooting I have tried the omega version and its the same thing It will work with the cd the graphics card came with but its version of catalyst suite is something I would like to have the latest drivers for this graphics card Because a game I used to be able to play Syberia won t even work now The vpu recovery shuts it down from the start I have service pck and net and all the update microsoft has put out I have directx too So why won t windows boot up with the driver I even tried an older one no go And ATI Radeon 9550 reboot yes I have made sure to delete all traces of the original ati and drivers I even downloaded regcleaner to make sure I have researched on the net and have seen there are a lot of people having problems with the ati radeon drivers I even saw a post similar to mine about the constant rebooting Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with my windows and graphics card Is it a problem or an ati one chef nbsp

A:ATI Radeon 9550 reboot

Could there be some other cause? What was the cause of your PC dying before? When you reformatted and reinstalled windows, did you reinstall all your motherboard chipset drivers?

While we're at it, what are the rest of your system specs?
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I got an ATI 9550 video card for my system and did not have problems until recently. I try to play games (Flatout, HalfLife2, GTA San Andreus, DOOM 3) and usually after a five to twenty minutes my screen loses the signal. Like the card has given out. I've played these games before (except Flatout) and then had to reformat my HDD only because it was about time to and now I have this problem. I try to ALT+TAB or ALT+CTRL+DEL but with no response. I have to reboot to get back. There must be some kind of change in an update with Windows XP Pro which is what I was using before and now again. Any help with this would be appreciated.

Thank you

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I have just fitted this card purchased second-hand here in NZ...and it will play COD for a while then screen goes black while game keeps playing.....grrrrrr.
My old TNT2 64mb was more reliable than this piece of crap.
I see on the net forums that this is one problematic lump of ATI rubbish.....please correct me if some of you out there can ACTUALLY use one of these ?

A:Radeon 9550 Card AGP

Happy I am not

Sure did.....checked heat and was barely warm.....set an 80mm fan directed straight at it and tried again...same thing...the vid card was cold as hell.....I see that these cards can be a pain with some's off to the trademe auction with the Radeon as I have picked up an FX5200 64mb for $20 and thats cheap here...
I suspect this card has been o/clocked at some point and now has a faulty chip somewhere on it....
Thanks for your help
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Since I installed Vista I can't get OpenGL to work with any app the errors I ge are things like atioglxx.dll unloaded, OpenGL texture compression isn't supported or OpenGL is working in emulated mode.

My Computer Specs are:

GPU: Sapphire Radeon 9550 AGP 8x 256Mb DDR II 128 Bit 400 RAMDAC
Bios: VER008.017D.040.000
Core Speed 398 MHz (By default)
Ram Speed 297 MHz (By default too)

CPU: P4 Northwood 2.8 GHz 533 FSB
RAM: 2x512 Mb CN&C
MD: Asus P4V8X-X (VIA P4X533)
HDDs: ATA Seagate 120 GB 7200 rpm
ATA Seagate 250 GB 7200 rpm

A:Sapphire Radeon 9550 and OpenGL

Hello Fjtorsol

Welcome to TSF

The first thing i would do as this has solved similar issues in the past, is to update your drivers, there has just been a new release of your Radeon 9550 which can be downloaded from the AMD driver Support page. Install this driver, try again and let me know if it has helped or if the message has changed


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I was looking at a Graphics card with the Ati Radeon 9550 GPU processor and was wondering if that GPU/VPU is any good. Any comments on it and where would I be able to get one for a good price.

A:Pros and Cons to the Ati Radeon 9550

It's like any component .what are you going to do with it ? and how much money can you spend ? has an article in special issue v2.0 just out ,about sub $100.00 vid cards . take a look at their website.
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so i just got a
ATI Radeon 9550 graphics card
but whenever i install it
windows just freezes
when i put the card in the computer
when you start it up
im trying to look for the intel vgart drivers but i can find them
my intel chipset is 845G

so if anyone
please doo

A:radeon 9550 on Intel motherboard

It would help if we knew which mobo (motherboard) you are using.
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when i open a game the screen resilution is always very low like 640-480 and the screen is split into two halfs. i have to get to the games option menu and change the screen resolution to get it to work but it is hard to do that because the screen is so deformed. can any1 help me with this

A:im having trouble with games using my ati radeon 9550

Did you remove the drivers for your old graphics card?
Are you using the latest driver?
What is your pc?
What opperating system are you using?

We need all that information before we can help!!!
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i finally got my new card installed but i didnt disable the factory one because in bios it doesnt say in easy terms what to now i can switch my monitor plugin in the new or factory card.and to be honest i cant tell much of a difference with the new card so is there something i can do to see if my card is giving me the graphics im suppose to get?

A:Radeon 9550 graphics card

Is your new card AGP, PCI or PCI-e?
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Here s how it all started I was playing games on my computer one day when someone messages me i decide to Alt-Tab out and the screen resolution turned to Direct3D for ATI 9550 Failure RADEON the lowest setting it could go i didn t think of it as anything since some of my games do that all the time The next day all my games started doing this and in order to fix it i had to restart my computer to restore my resolution settings So i decided to install the latest video drivers The games no longer Direct3D Failure for ATI RADEON 9550 work in fullscreen i have rolled back the drivers countless times and have tried everything I uninstalled all things ATI related re-installed Direct3D Failure for ATI RADEON 9550 them back installed Direct3D Failure for ATI RADEON 9550 new drivers and it still doesn t work I run DxDiag Direct d testing and i get these errors D D Test Result Failure at step SetDisplayMode to x x HRESULT x Not implemented D D Test Result Failure at step Creating D Device HRESULT x error code D D Test Result Failure at step Creating D Device HRESULT x c error code I can t seem to find some sort of solution to this Machine Machine name CPQ-S NX Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Build Service Pack xpsp sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Compaq Presario System Model DQ A-ABA S NX NA BIOS Phoenix - Award BIOS v PG Processor AMD Athlon tm XP MMX DNow GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters None DxDiag Version bit Unicode nbsp

A:Direct3D Failure for ATI RADEON 9550

Try System Restore to a point before you Alt-Tabbed out.
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Hi everyone This is a question related to counter strike I used to be able to play cs just fine with my existing pc with ati radeon mb graphic After months of inactivity and reinstalling cs back I m having some quot lag delay quot issues in game Like if I strafe to left and release my button sometimes it ll keep going for a while before stopping This happens like once in a while or in an open area where there s more graphic I have great fps but sometimes the graph jerks crazily with couple of red dots I ve read it s possible to be a vsync problem or something but I ve read so many threads on disabling vsync but I can t seem to find it Normally to disable vsync just go to DIsplay properties - gt Advanced and select the graphic card and then disable vsync The problem is i can t see my graphic card when I select advanced All I got is General Adapter Monitor Troubleshoot Color Management I think 9550 Radeon VSync help with 128MB Need it s probably because my card is really old hence it isn Need help with Radeon 9550 128MB VSync t displaying in the properties section I ve tried downloading a driver catalyst for radeon but I think it s the wrong version as there s another radeon mb version and mine is mb version My question is what could be causing the problem Is it vsync If yes is there a way to disable it since my driver doesn t have a catalyst or something I also read I should enable triple buffering or something Hope you guys can give me Need help with Radeon 9550 128MB VSync specific instructions as I m not very computer savvy Cheers DT nbsp

A:Need help with Radeon 9550 128MB VSync

memory sizes will not impact which drivers you use on your card. I would recommend using a driver cleaner program like driver sweeper or something like that to remove any and all traces of old drivers. Then go to and on the side select desktop graphics, which OS you have, Radeon 9xxx series, and 9550 for the model. Download full catalyst package with control center and driver built into one. Install, reboot and try counter strike again.

When you graphics card shows up as default device you computer is giving it a general driver that will allow you to use basic functionality until you get the full driver installed.

Hope this helps!
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Just bought a new HIS Radeon 9550 video card, and seems to be working. It's a 128 bit with 256 MB of memory, yet, it acts as it has no memory. Tryed to play games that worked with onboard video, and it said that there wasn't enough memory. Can anybody help me?
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My motherboard is an ASUS P468X (older... 2003+/- I believe) and I would like to find out if anyone knows if it will support AGP8X or AGP4X . My VID card right now is an ASUS V6600. I tried the ASUS website but nothing came up.

Any comments? Thank you for your help!

A:ATI Radeon 9550 Compatible with Motherboard?

Your motherboard has AGP 8x, it should work with that card.
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Computer is a barebones system with a ATI RADEON 9550 VIDEO CARD.
Mother is a CHAINTECH CT-7NJ6 With a AthlonXP3000=CPU Baton Core 333FSB.
OS is windowsXP Home Edition.
I have loaded all drivers and programs that came with the Card.
I have no sound or no volume control.
Can any one help me set up the Video Card

A:No Aideo New Card Radeon 9550

can you please elaborate more on the problem? are you saying that when you installed the videocard and its drivers, the volume control and sound all of a sudden wouldnt work anymore?
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Would I be able to run Half Life 2 with this graphics card? And what settings would you expect I'd be able to run it on?

I'm buying it from

Would you be able to recommend a cheaper card that would perform the same or better...?

Or could you just recommend me a card for a reasonable price that can run the game smoothly...?

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Hi I have a problem with a Radeon graphics card Most of my games work fine in full-screen mode but some games have an odd graphical error - the entire screen seems to have been pushed off the left hand side of the display then wrapped around to the right hand side There s also a large black vertical stripe approximately two-thirds of the way across the screen which I assume would be out of view on either side 9550 Problem Radeon Solved: of the image if the graphics were behaving normally Running dxdiag the spinning cube with the DirectX logo Solved: Radeon 9550 Problem appears fine for the DirectX and demonstrations but in the DirectX demonstration the cube is pushed off the left side of the screen like the games Taking a screenshot doesn t help since when I paste it into MSPaint or anywhere else it looks normal I ve made a mock-up of what my screen looks like it s not precise but close enough I updated DirectX yesterday and I ve just finished updating my graphics drivers - neither of those things fixed the problem Thanks in advance OS Windows XP Home Service Pack Graphics Radeon CPU P GHz RAM GB Monitor -inch Goodmans TFT No idea what model sorry nbsp

A:Solved: Radeon 9550 Problem

If it is an lcd monitor,try hitting the adjust button on the monitor.
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i previously had a geforce2 64mb. the system freezed often. i bought a radeon 9550, but after i install the drivers and reeboot, prior to entering windows, the monitor goes into standby. if i boot in safe mode, it works. if i uninstall the drivers and start windos normally, it works.
i think it could be a compatibility problem with my motherboard: a jetway 663as pro.
any suggestions?
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Some day I had brilliant thought let s go wild sell this old GeForce Ti can't you Radeon if Gigabyte then with problem have BIG I can me a help :( 9550 who crap and buy something brand new Like I thought that I did and bought Gigabyte Radeon Mb bit I got the card plug it in and none System didn t boot up and I don t mean that Windows did not want to start I just got blank screen Monitor didn t respond like it had no signal from the card I thought quot Ok maybe I ve got not enough power quot So I plug out all power connectors from disk cd-rw even from floppy I tried again and still nothing s happening Then I cleared CMOS and voila Monitor turned on and system booted up normally I installed drivers I have a BIG problem with Gigabyte Radeon 9550 if you can't help me then who can :( enjoyed for a while then turned out my comp Later I tried to turn on my computer but it s happening again and I mean nothing happens Resetting BIOS one more time was of no use didn t work I turn power on hear all drives all fans are I have a BIG problem with Gigabyte Radeon 9550 if you can't help me then who can :( working but nothing happens monitor still remains blank I almost forgot I don t know if it s important but I don t hear PC-speaker Now that s how I recognize when my computer starts up When I hear sound from PC-speaker it means that eveything is fine and comp will start when I hear nothing except fans then I know that it won t start He can quot refuse quot to start for couple of hours and then suddenly he starts and boot like nothing happened I don t know what s the problem maybe my mobo needs to be updated My mobo is ECS K VTA I checked ATI site and Gigabyte too but I didn t find anything useful If anyone is able to help I would be really grateful nbsp

A:I have a BIG problem with Gigabyte Radeon 9550 if you can't help me then who can :(

Try a few basic steps first,

Check the card is securley in

Check you've plugged your monitor into your graphics card and not any onboard ports.

When teh comp does boot up, check to see if the card is conflicting with anthing else

Find out if the card is compatable with your motheroard
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Hi everybody. I would like some help with this please.
I have some performance problems do my video card. Like lock ups slow performance in my games and slow FPS. Plus i think my computer is slowed down by it. All my drivers are update including motherboard bios. Do you think i may need a new video card or just an bios update for the one im using. GPU clock(videocard 250MHz /Memory clock 196mhz. My motherboard is a giga-byte GAK8NS nforce 3 250 chipset. 1 Gigabyte of DDR 3200 ram.

Thanks again.

A:Diamond Radeon 9550 AGP 256MB ram

What games are you trying to play?

That card is..... well..... how nicely do you want me to put it?

For the newer games out today, that card just isn't powerful enough. Not even close really. You can turn down all the graphics settings in the game, and that will help a bit.
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Yesterday I installed a new to me Aopen AK - XN motherboard in my computer I also installed an gig hard drive newly formatted a Soundblaster Live sound card a Belkin wireless G card Windows XP SP and a Diamond Radeon video card I Radeon 9550 Diamond AGP Problem then installed the latest VIA Hyperion drivers for the mobo With the VIA AGP driver installed the display turns to garbage so I had to uninstall it Next I installed the latest Catalyst drivers for the video card Everything seems to be working ok but when I open the Catalyst control center it tells me that the video card is running with PCI read and write enabled and AGP mode disabled Both the mobo and the video card are supposed to be AGP X capable The mobo bios says that only AGP X mode is enabled and I can t change that field There is a later beta bios that was introduced for the Sempron processor but because it was a beta so I didn t upgrade Any ideas on how I can get this card to operate in AGP X mode like it is supposed to nbsp

A:Diamond Radeon 9550 AGP Problem

Try the older 4 in 1 drivers. Also run Windows Update and see if it lists any hardware drivers you need.
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I am sure you have heard this all before but i am in need of help OK i have a compaq persario S UK It has Gig ram 9550 ATI Presario Compaq and Radeon Gig HDD and Intel Pent gh CPU I wanted to be able to play the occational game and the onboard graphics are not up to it Brought a ATI Radeon AGP graphics card brought a new Watt Trust ATI Radeon 9550 and Compaq Presario PSU Install PSU turn on all working fine checked the BIOS it is set to AGP ONBOARD Installed card Nothing the machine turns on all the fan spin the HDD sounds like its spinning but no display Move video lead back to onboard still no display I have already downloaded the lastest driver for the graphic card but can not do any thing with them Any ideas I know the PSU is up to the task as it is brand new and quite high wattage the only thing i am not of is the AGP slot the ATI Grap card fitts but i am ATI Radeon 9550 and Compaq Presario unsure about this X X and X the ATI grap card quot should be installed in a X AGP slot but i dont know what is on the board Any help much appriciated nbsp

A:ATI Radeon 9550 and Compaq Presario

What other options do you have besides "AGP/ONBOARD"? Since it is set to your onboard graphics, your new, installed card is not recognized.
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Hi everyone., This is my first post so be gentle with me!

I've got a Packard Bell iMedia M848 with the following:

Micro ATX Sis 651
IntelŪ PentiumŪ 4 Processor 2.8Ghz with 512KB L2 cache
1x AGP (4x)
Benq 17" LCD

Running Windows XP SP2

I've just replaced by old Radeon 9200 (128Mb) for a Sapphire Radeon 9550 256Mb AGP card and when the card is seated and the PC re-booted, I get no signal to the monitor at all.

The PC boots up okay (you can hear disc activity) but there's nothing to the monitor at all (theres' no POST even!). If I replace the card with the old one, all fine. If I take out all cards and use the on-board VGA, it's all fine.

I removed all previous drivers before I installed the card.

Can anyone help? Is it a bad card, or have I got the wrong card?

A:HELP !! No Signal to LCD when installed Radeon 9550

Seems doubtful but your PSU might not be up to the task of powering that new card.

What's your PSU make and wattage, also amperage on the +12V rail.
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hello could some one help me First radeon problem 256 sapphire 9550 time here and i found this site by googling radeon issues I read the issue about gaming hang radeon 9550 sapphire 256 problem ups with this video card Sounds simmillar to the problem my husband has with his games Hang ups whenever Done a system re install with all the updates re installed the games etc After reading radeon 9550 sapphire 256 problem about Wallace s simmilar problems I turned on the asus probe and turned on the recording of the temp voltage and fan speed two of the fans power and chassis don t register but the cpu does While I m writing this the temp is CPU C and the MB is C So I will get him to play the games and see what happens with the temp Volt now is Vcore The games Larry plays are Comanche and BHD The games will hang up any time Never at the same time Windows XP updated radeon updated mother board asus P S -VM P ghz w GB of ram We had the system fixed and updated by a reputable repair guy weeks ago and now the hang up please help if you can Thx Tammy S nbsp

A:radeon 9550 sapphire 256 problem

By hang up do you mean the pc freezes(non responsive), or it reboots, or just acts "jerky"?

You could try testing your ram to see if it's ok.
This program can test your memory from windows.

Do you know what type of power supply you have? It's the box in the pc that a whole mess of wires go into, usually at the back top of the case. It should have a brand and wattage/amperage ratings.
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Hi people I am having problems MFC Client error! Radeon 9550 with my graphics card Basically when I play games I receive an MFC Client error or the system hangs I checked Event Viewer and it said this Event Type Error Event Source ati mtag Event Category None Event ID Date Time User N A Computer ARIES Description The driver ati dvag for the display device Device Video MFC Client error! Radeon 9550 got stuck in an infinite loop This usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly Please check with MFC Client error! Radeon 9550 your hardware device vendor for any driver updates For more information see Help and Support Center at Data R c c l I have tried just about every driver on ATI Website and also the Omega Radeon drivers and Gecube drivers my card is powered by ati and made by Gecube also changed BIOS settings as recommended by ATI customer services I have looked at dozens of these boards and tried suggestions MFC Client error! Radeon 9550 but Im running out of ideas any help would be much appreciated Oh only thing I ve not tried is flashing the BIOS cos it would f k my warranty PC Specs ECS PE-A MOBO P GHz HT PC DDR RAM Gecube Ati Radeon Windows XP Home Edition nbsp
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Just bought a ati radeon 9550 graphic card to replace with my abit siluro nvidia geforce4 mx 440 64mb graphic card. Everytime i finish installing the k-lite codec pack and play some movies or animes, my computer restarts. I did remove some of my programs from my old card, but not sure is this the reason. Really need help here.

A:Problem with ati radeon 9550 AGP(4x/8x) 256mb

ok 8 people visit this topic and didnt post any help. I really need help on it. Please
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Hello all...

I have just upgraded to Win Vista Ultimate and have been trying to play World of Warcrfat.

It used to work fine on XP but now it will just suddenly freeze about 5 mins after starting. It will either completely freeze or, the monitor will display 'No input' and will switch off along with the sound. Just like the computer is in standby.

I have a little less RAM than needed (512) but the game is not actually choppy at all, this is why I think it's something to do with the video card.

I have the newest drivers (7.2) but it still does the same thing, requiring a restart when it crashes.

Any help?

Thanks a lot,


A:Radeon 9550 - Vista Ultimate

I would certainly get more ram and try again, minimum requirements for Vista to run smoothly 1G
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I recently installed a Radeon 9550 into a Dell Dimension 5100 and used the digital cable etc. Now, DVDs video is garbled - just a mess o' squares. The audio is just fine! I've tried quite a few things but let's start over with any thoughts from out there.

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Hi Guys,

U just purchased a new screen (19" Widescreen) for my young blokes computer, so I had to upgrade his graphics card to display widescreen (1440x900). So I bought a nice new ATI Radeon 9550 128MB graphics Card, took the current graphics card out of my machine ( Aopen 32MB Geforce 2), and put it in his. Perfect.

Then I installed the ATI card in my machine. (MSI 6330 lite MB, Duron 900 ). Now the display on my machine isn't as good as the Geforce !!
On the desktop, you can see a faint 'shadowing' of each icon, just to the right.
Same goes for everyting else, any icon or text. It's driving me mad!

Now I think I have done all the right things - removed the Aopen Drivers (Driverclean).
Downloaded and installed the latest drivers from ATI.

Anyone got any ideas before I try a reformat ?



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I bought this card today,a visontek radeon 9550 128mb 4x 8x agp installed it and booted the computer, the computer booted in 600X800 and when I install the video card drivers I get a "video card support error in a box that only has ok then it asks me to restart when it restarts the quality is poor and the card doesn't refresh leaving the arrow on the screen and bluring text to the point I can't read it I dont know what to do...
my computer:

Dell 4600c (with modified case)
Pentium 4 at 2.66 Ghz 400mb fsb
256mb ram at 333mhz
40gig hard drive
updated bios
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WinXP Home SP P AGP Aperture is MB I installed catalyst but is not 256MB 9550 Installation Issues Radeon AGP stable as Microsoft Driver Someone wrote referring your article quot In the Device Manager System Devices find the quot CPU to AGP Controller quot and manually update it Update Driver Select from list Don t Search- I will choose etc etc to quot PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge quot But I couldn t do it - I could go as far as Radeon 9550 256MB AGP Installation Issues quot CPU to AGP Controller quot and right click and get quot Properties quot - that s as far as I can go My issue is still present - at times it boots into regular mode always boots fine on SafeMode with display on the screen but when I click quot Display quot from the control panel display disappears and once it might re-booted Previoulsy tried catalyst and the DVI didn t work but the analog worked fine Also tried the catalyst but it is worse nbsp

A:Radeon 9550 256MB AGP Installation Issues

Did you have a different card previously?

Have you got the latest DirectX ?

**From memory {sometimes a bit dodgy}, the Catalyst Control Center needs .NET 2.0 to run, though the Drivers will work AOK.**

go into the Control Panel & remove any Display Drivers - ATI and - or NVidia.


let Windows install the standard VGA drivers, then run the LATEST ATI ones.


That should solve it.
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I have an ATI Radeon running at AGP X In certain instances All D applications the Windows is now loading animation there are a number of graphical anomalies displayed including Erraneous pixels lines tears jitters stretched polygons and on Graphical errors/glitches Radeon 9550 text Graphical errors/glitches on Radeon 9550 discolorations anomolous spots and colors in textures missing or broken Pixel shaders etc Normaly I d associate such anomalies with overheating but they appear immediately on startup the Windows Loading screen and I m more than confident that the card is recieving more Graphical errors/glitches on Radeon 9550 than it s factory cooling The System is as follows Processor Celeron in ECS Elitegroup PM -M Mobo VIA PM chipset RAM One Samsung DDR PC one extra DDR Video ATI Radeon AGP X MB DDR Catalyst D version Windows XP Home SP DirectX A few things I m wondering about Catalyst doesn t seem right but I just got it from ATI s webpage and they say it s the newest The Motherboard and Vid card are brand new just purchased yesterday All day yesterday until about noon today they seemed to be fine and it wasn t until I played Sims this afternoon that the problem first occured It started in Sims and now is present in every other rendered D application Any help would be great nbsp

A:Graphical errors/glitches on Radeon 9550

Try going into the Display Properties/ Settings/ Advanced and looking around for something that Sims may have changed by itself. There may not be a Default setting on any of it but, you may write down the settings for everything as they are now, uninstall the drivers, reboot, install the drivers again and check the settings against what they were before. Then run Sims and see what happens. Just a suggestion.
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I just installed this card and noticed a subtle change in rendition of shading on some pages and in Outlook Express. For instance, where there are slight variations in shading between sections they seem to have almost merged so that I find it difficult to see the difference.
I have Catalyst 6.5 installed and wonder which setting I'm supposed to tweak to get the contrast, saturation or...? whatever to increase. It's like the colours are there and look good but when they become faint on certain pages they almost vanish or are extremely washed out..sorry, I wish I could explain it better!
FYI I had a 9200 before but installed this one so I would have pixel shading v2.0 (whatever it's called) ready to beta test's needed for the Aero Glass feature.
Apart from that slight problem the card works just fine.
Any advice would be appreciated.

A:ATI Radeon 9550 Graphics Card Question

I think I've answered my own question. The answer lay not in the adapter but in the "Magictune" software that comes with my Samsung LCD FSD. Strange that a new video card would cause differences in perception.
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Which videocard is better a Nvidia 6600 w/ PCI Express or a Radeon 9550 AGP? Both have 128 MB of video memory I believe. I have the 9550 on my desktop computer and am getting the 6600 on my new laptop. I'm just wondering if one is going to be better than the other?

A:Which is better a Nvidia 6600 w/ PCI Express or a Radeon 9550 AGP?

The 6600 is way better. It may be 2x as fast as a 9550. I can't be exact, but it's a lot faster. There may be some benches to show the difference.