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Xp doens't let nero burn cd anymore

Q: Xp doens't let nero burn cd anymore

hello ,

i had winxp workin very fine with nero on my plextor 24x , today after a week , i have noticed that i cannot burn cd's any more properly , i mean , when comp is restarted and a cd is bunred , it's burned properly , after that if any cd is 2 be burned , after 100% when nero is closin the cd , i get an fixation error , any ideaz guys why this happens ???
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Preferred Solution: Xp doens't let nero burn cd anymore

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My Asus Q550LF crapped out on me. I was browsing when a whole bunch of black rectangles appeared on my screen, about an inch long. I restarted my computer thinking it just froze or something. I could occasionally get to the desktop page if I unplugged the charger but now it doesn't even turn on. It'll make one beep when I push the power button but that's it. What might the issue be and is it gonna be expensive? Because this computer has been one of the worst I have ever owned and I would just scrap it or something if it might end up being costly.

A:Laptop wont turn on anymore

How old is it? It sounds like it could be a multiple of hardware failures including the motherboard. The black rectangles sounds like what we call video card artifacting which means the video card is dying. But the fact that it is not even booting up could point to a failed hard drive. Again, it could be anything.

Asus is known for poor customer service but you could try giving them a call.

Do you know anyone who can do some diagnostics on it? I certainly would be checking out the hard drive.
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I have a HP Pavilion Elite m9600t CTO Desktop PC that has 2 drives. One which clearly says it can do lightscribe and burning, however, everytime I try to burn a disk using any software(I've tried a couple) it says no drive that can burn was found....

Config Flags 0x00000000
It's kinda driving me crazy to the point where I'm not sure if I'm wrong or its wrong. Here are the drives I have:

Drive 1

Device ID IDE\CDROMATAPI_DVD_D__DH16D3S____________________SH12____\4&A9C04EF&0&0.1.0
Status 0x0180200a Started
Problem 0x00000000 (0)
Service wd
Capabilities 0x00000000
Manufacturer (Standard CD-ROM drives)
Drive 2

Device ID SCSI\CDROM&VEN_WJWDG&PROD_UBKDE3C5U3&REV_1.03\5&36E5972&0&000000
Status 0x0180200a Started
Problem 0x00000000 (0)
Service cdrom
Capabilities 0x00000060
Config Flags 0x00000000
Manufacturer (Standard CD-ROM drives)


A:My computer can't burn disks?

They both appear to be ROM drives when reading the spoiler info.

The best I can tell, here is the "ATAPI DVD D DH16D3S" which is a ROM drive.
I can not find the second listing with the details provided. I'm assuming that is the drive pictured in the screenshot.

HP Pavilion Elite m9600t Desktop PC Product Specifications

Primary Optical Drive

Must select one of the following options:

16X DVD(+/-)R/RW 12X RAM (+/-)R DL LightScribe SATA
Blu-ray player & SuperMulti DVD burner with LightScribe Technology
SuperMulti Blu-ray Disc burner with LightScribe Technology
​Click to expand...

There is lack of detail on HP's site as to which specific drives were used. The drive you pictured is not Blu-ray, so I'll assume the first listed drive is the one you have. The drive may need to pulled out of the case, to find out for sure which unit was used.
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I just finished assembling my first build. At first it turned on without a hitch, was able to install windows and a few drivers.

I had to restart a few times, which went fine for the first few times, and then it just didn't boot back up. The power button doesn't do anything, the fans don't start, nothing happens.

When I jump the psu, all the fans start, so I'm thinking the issue must be with the mobo..

Here's a list of all the parts I'm using :


A:Mobo issue? Custom build won't start anymore

First, are any wires touching that might be causing a short such as a wire touching the back of the mobo? Second, I had something similar happen to me a few years ago with a new build. There is a tried and true though often tedious way that can help diagnose possible issues.

1. Remove all hardware except for one RAM stick from the motherboard and this includes Sata and fan connections to peripherals such as your SSD, etc,

2. Now see if the system boots with only the one RAM stick. If it boots then shut down add the second stick of RAM and then reboot. If it boots then repeat by adding a piece at a time.

3. If is doesn't boot then it is either your mobo or your power supply. Also, check to see if your heat sink is seated correctly.

BTW, nice little system there.
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I am having a problem with my DVD hardware. Every time I put a disc in and open it in Explorer I get I a popup asking me to burn a disc (image file attached). I've tried going through all kinds of settings but nothing works. I am running Windows 8.1. Any help would be appreciated.



A:Burn Disc Error

That's autoplay setting for blank disk media.
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Hello to all guys here,

I have an erasable CD and it's free (image no.1). When I want to burn some files with 681 MB on that CD, I face an error massage (image no.3) while the capacity of CD is more than that (702MB) and is empty.

What's the problem please?

A:Can't burn 681 MB on a CD with 702 MB capacity

Call up image number 2 and look at the "size on disk". That is 732,557,312 folder size vs 736,978,944 capacity on CD. At first glance you would think there is enough space on the CD for the folder. The problem is changing file systems from FAT/NTFS to CDFS, is rarely ever a 1:1 ratio.

This is basically the same issue with changing cluster sizes on HDD. Smaller files than the cluster alloted size will result in lost space, because there can only be one file assigned to any one cluster.
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Corsair c black AMD FX- Sapphire GB Gigabyte GA- FXA-UD motherboard Coolermaster GX series RS w power supplyCorsair vengeance GB DDr blue Note that teh CPU and GPU are sold together and that the PSU and ram are sold together Total price new with shipping USD Future purchases include a XSPC RS kit for a CPU only loop Honestly im I little sad I cant get a modular PSU in a combo like that coolermaster Can anymore cut prices on this I build the ram psu together are if someone can find something better than that id be eternally grateful But yea im basically asking if anyone thinks they can do cheaper than that for the same specs FX and GB ddr IDC about the PSU as long as its at least w and as I said modular is fantastic also as sad as it sounds I want a black mobo-asthetics are fun to me Can I cut prices anymore on this build which is why im bothering with a loop later on Also just generally what do you guys think of that build id get gb but ram shot up in price for a reason unknown to me nbsp

A:Can I cut prices anymore on this build

If you're considering getting a WC loop with that 8350 then you might as well go for the 4670K + cheap air cooler for the same price (or lower).

I guess you could opt for a cheaper case to cut some of the budget.
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Its a hp pavilion g7 notebook pc running windows 7
I am trying to help out a friend,he bought this about 8 months ago new.
it plays cds etc,will not burn
when I tryed to burn a disc with deep burner it said ,writing drive not found.
in the device manager it says hp dvd A ds8a8sh sata cd rom device.

is this not a burner?

Oh I forgot to say that I reinstalled the driver
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I have a hp pavillion with both a dvd/rw and a dvd/cdrw and I cannot burn a microsoft word file to either one, the error message says that either the folder is inaccessible or that the flie name contains a / or \. My os is wxp and I am using Microsoft word 2010

A:Can't burn CD-RW

Couple of questions, one being are you sure the disk you are trying to write to is empty? Also, have you checked in Device Manager to make sure the CD drive is not showing any errors?

Ill check back in a bit to see if you replied, but I hope I can help you resolve this problem.
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Is there any way I can change a setting to burn a dvd+r, My Nero 11 won't burn them at all although it will burn a dvd-r. I am using Nero 11 with windows xp.

A:Can't burn DVD+R

I don't think Nero cares which disk you use. Make sure your DVD burner supports burning that format.
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Hi Been searching forums for an answer to why my LITE-ON DVDRW LH- A S won t write a disc Using Nero platinum Haven t used the burner a lot lately Lite-On won't LH-20A1S DVD-RW burn worked last time I used it a number of months ago The burner says ready in Nero but buffer doesn t start up and it ejects disk I have tried many of the things suggested in most forums with no luck The log is here I m hoping someone can help Thank you in advance - - A -WZEU-LAE - WLW- - Windows Vista AMD Wow Process Nero Version Internal Version Recorder lt LITE-ON DVDRW LH- A S gt Version L - HA TA - Adapter driver lt Serial ATA gt HA Drive buffer kB Bus Type via Inquiry data CD-ROM lt LITE-ON DVDRW LH- A S gt Version L - HA TA - Adapter driver lt Serial ATA gt HA Scsi-Device-Map CDRom-Device-Map LITE-ON DVDRW LH- A S F CdRom AutoRun Excluded drive IDs WriteBufferSize Byte BUFE Physical memory MB kB Free physical memory MB kB Memory in use Uncached PFiles x Global Lite-On DVD-RW LH-20A1S won't burn Bus Type default Check supported media Disabled UDF compilation Text File SCSIPTICommands cpp Line LockMCN - completed sucessfully for IOCTL STORAGE MCN CONTROL Text File Isodoc Lite-On DVD-RW LH-20A1S won't burn cpp Line UDF document burn settings ------------------------------------------ Determine maximum speed TRUE Simulate FALSE Write TRUE Finalize CD FALSE Multisession TRUE Multisession type Start multisession Burning mode DAO Mode UDF Mode pure UDF Options automatic UDF Revision UDF Partition Type physical PHASE File dlgbrnst cpp Line Generation of disc structures started Text File compose cpp Line GenUDF transfer items prepared Text File compose cpp Line GenUDF transfer items prepared PHASE File dlgbrnst cpp Line Generation of disc structures completed Text File Burncd cpp Line Turn on Disc-At-Once using DVD media Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line F DVDRW LH- A S Last possible write address on media Last address to be written Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line F DVDRW LH- A S Write in overburning mode NO enabled CD Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Recorder LITE-ON DVDRW LH- A S Media type DVD R DL Disc Manufacturer ID lt RITEK gt Media Type ID lt S gt Product revision number Disc Application Code Extended Information Indicators Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line F DVDRW LH- A S gt gt gt Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities lt lt lt Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Setup items after recorder preparation TRM DATA MODE indices index not provided original disc pos relocatable disc pos for caching writing not required required - gt TRM DATA MODE config wanted index blocks length blocks F LITE-ON DVDRW LH- A S -------------------------------------------------------------- Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Prepare F LITE-ON DVDRW LH- A S for write in CUE-sheet-DAO DAO infos MCN quot quot TOCType x Session Closed disc not fixated Tracks to Idx Idx Next Trk TRM DATA MODE x FilePos ISRC quot quot DAO layout Start Track Idx CtrlAdr Size NWA RecDep lead-in x x x x x x lead-out x x MediaType DVD R DL Text File SCSIPTICommands cpp Line SPTILockVolume - completed successfully for FSCTL LOCK VOLUME Text File Burncd cpp Line Caching options cache CDRom or Network-Yes small files-No lt KB PHASE File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files started Text File Burncd cpp Line Cache writing successful PHASE File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files completed PHASE File dlgbrnst cpp Line Maximum transfer rate test started Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Verifying disc position of item relocatable disc pos no patch infos orig at write at Text File ThreadedTransfer cpp Line Pipe memory size Text File CUDFTransferItem cpp Line GenUDF FS Layout - - - - - - - - - - Sectors to be written Session Start Sector Volume Structure Sector Sectors Meta Data Sector Sectors Data Sector Sectors After Data Sector Sectors Trailer Track Sector Sectors GenUDF Parameters - - - - - - - - - - PrepTime - - UDF Revision UDF Partition Type Physical UDF Special Mode None Bytes per Sector Sessi... Read more
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Hello all I have anymore External HDD not suddenly recognized a problem with my external HDD When I woke up External HDD suddenly not recognized anymore this morning windows update had installed some updates and automatically my laptop had restarted I tried to log in but it crashed immediately out of the blue I thought ok can happen so when it had restarted and after logging in I wanted to check on some things on my HDD But I got a message saying something like The USB device is not being recognized So I tried again a couple of times but I kept getting that message After trying to switch usb ports and plugging in and out several times I didn t even get that message anymore That was when I started to realise I had a serious problem here The HDD won t show in windows explorer won t show in device management and won t show in the BIOS It is nowhere to be found but the HDD itself is plugged in and working it seems I tried to recover data but all the software I found doesn t find the HDD either which makes sense considering the BIOS isn t even recognising it Is there anything I can do to try and recover my data Can my HDD be saved I don t know if I ve explained my situation clear enough should there be any questions please ask Thanks in advance Lukas nbsp

A:External HDD suddenly not recognized anymore

Tell us about your system and your hardware... brands, ages, connections, etc.

How is the HDD connected, and has it been reliable till now.
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I just built my first PC last week and things have been fine for the most part A few little problems here and there though This might be a little long-winded but I would rather give as ASRock Extreme 3 BIOS can't Computer though. boots fine Gen -- 3 anymore. access many details as possible My problem started ASRock Extreme 3 Gen 3 -- can't access BIOS anymore. Computer boots fine though. with finally organizing my cables and peripherals I plugged in my external hard drives different Seagate drives into rear USB ASRock Extreme 3 Gen 3 -- can't access BIOS anymore. Computer boots fine though. connectors ASRock Extreme 3 Gen 3 -- can't access BIOS anymore. Computer boots fine though. and when I booted up my computer kept going straight to BIOS without me touching any buttons I would try to exit BIOS and start windows but I would keep looping back to BIOS everytime When I unplugged them before I booted up my pc would be fine I could also access the data on the drives when I plugged them in after the boot I posted somewhere else about my issues and someone recommended disabling my usb and usb legacy support They also recommended updating my BIOS if it wasn t up to date Sure enough I went into my BIOS and my version was newest version is While I was in BIOS I disabled my USB and USB legacy support Saved and exited and my computer booted up I downloaded the windows option for BIOS and tried to run it but I kept getting quot Error Firmware does not have flash AFUWINGUI support quot So one question would be is this error a big deal I m not going to try to install it from windows so I feel like it won t matter After doing a little research I now see many people recommending not to do a windows installation of BIOS I should be flashing it with a USB drive I downloaded the flash version and put it on a USB thumb drive in FAT format like ASRock suggested When I turned on my computer I attemped to enter the BIOS by tapping F Windows ended up starting without going to BIOS I tried this several times as well as F F F and DEL but nothing seemed to get me into my BIOS So this is where I stand now I can t access my BIOS and my PC automatically boots to Windows even with my USB stick in I have a feeling it has something to do with the USB Legacy Support I disabled but I also don t know how to enable it without going into my BIOS Core i - ASRock Extreme Gen Corsair Vengeance GB x GB DDR - Corsair Force Series GB quot SSD Sapphire Radeon HD GB Corsair Enthusiast Series TX V W Windows Ultimate SP Microsoft Sidewinder X keyboard Logitech Anywhere Wireless Mouse nbsp

A:ASRock Extreme 3 Gen 3 -- can't access BIOS anymore. Computer boots fine though.

Is your keyboard USB or PS/2? Normally a USB keyboard will not work before booting until you've enabled it in BIOS already. So basically you need to use an older keyboard (or an adapter) the first time, and then enable USB in the BIOS to use your USB keyboard.
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Like, a actual laptop with a rotating screen to push down. I mean, HP discontinued the touchsmart, and the closest thing I can find (in my price range) is the acer iconia W500, and thats not even the same. Does anyone make a laptop like this anymore?

A:Does anyone make tablet PCs anymore?
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I have won't DVD's burn DVD-RW a Compaq C laptop and when I try to make restore discs I get an error saying the disc burned with errors half way through the process I tried copying a DVD with DVDFab and Roxio and still doesn t work I ve tried it with DVD-RW won't burn DVD's different hard drives with Win Vista and XP Using DVDFab in Win the DVD will burn but the movie constantly freezes and you can see on the burned side of the disc that there are parts that didn t burn With Vista the burn process stops midway with error message With XP The burn DVD-RW won't burn DVD's process completes but the disc is blank I also can t write to or format DVD s in Windows but with all OS s I can burn and copy CD s and there is no problem reading any discs I put the DVD drive in an identical laptop and it works perfectly Could there be a motherboard hardware problem that would only affect DVD burning nbsp

A:DVD-RW won't burn DVD's

Replace the CD/DVD RW... CD's and DVD's use different lasers in the same drive
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Hello, I'm wanting to burn some gameplay videos and I dont have a capture card. I looked on youtube and people say I can burn it using my DVD player. I have a Toshiba SD-V392 - DVD/VCR Combo. When I try to record the gameplay, it flashes the VHS symbol saying I need a VHS tape to record. How do I record off the DVD instead of the VHS? Any feedback helps!

A:Burn DVD's with DVD/VHS combo

That device is not a DVD recorder. You can only record to VHS and even then the quality will be very poor.
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I have WD My Book 1110 Media (1.5TB) which I purchased last year. It was working fine until yesterday but when I plugged it in my computer, it did not show up.

When I removed the USB cable manually, computer asked me to Format the Disk. I then plugged it in my Macbook Pro and it said "The device is not readable by this computer" although Disk Utilities is showing the HD but none of the options like Repair Disk, Verify Disk are available. Also on my PC it does not appear in the My Computer window but is showing up in the Disk Management section and it says "Unallocated Space"

Please help if possible.. There are some very valuable videos and photographs of my grandfather who passed away a few years ago..

A:WD HD not readable anymore

Are you willing to open the case of your WD? If so try connect it as a slave drive on another PC.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop and the CD-RW drive will no longer burn CD's. I've had this problem before but only two months ago I was able to successfully burn an audio CD and now I can't again! So frustrating!

Anyway, what happens is I put the blank CD in the drive and then use iTunes to try and burn the CD. iTunes recognizes the blank CD and begins the burning process. After the CD is supposedly burned, iTunes will then say that a blank CD has been inserted! Despite saying the CD is burned nothing has happened! I've already wasted a couple CD's doing this so I'm a bit frustrated now!

Any idea why this would happen? I'm not sure of the brand of the drive expect that in the device manager it is called "tsst corp ts l632d ata". Any help would be great! Thanks!

A:CD-RW drive will no longer burn CDs. Why?

Found this:

I haven't gone through all the postings, but post # 15 & 69 might be of help.
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Hi there,

I have a Western Digital external hard drive that is not detected by Windows anymore. When I plug it in, the hard drive does not show up on "My Computer" but it does show up on Disk Management :

I have read on the internet that this issue is usually caused by a corrupted sector or the MBR that's corrupted.

I tried TestDiskt but unfortunately when it asks me to choose the hard drive i want to select, my external hard drive doesnt show up on the list.

The only hdd that i see on TestDisk is my internal hard drive.

Every software that i tried to recover data with can't detect my external hard drive, that is why I now ask for your help.

Is there anyway I can recover the data or, even better, get my hard drive to work again.


A:My external hard drive is not detected by Windows anymore

You should have a read through this guide thread, see if it helps:

What to do if your external hard drive does not show in my computer
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Hi My CD burner Sony CRX E developed a problem where to files in the middle of a long burn get corrupted Thinking it might be a hardware problem I installed another CD burner Samsung SW S from a similar computer and tried different brands of blank CDs Sony HP and Phillips The burner program is RecordNow v In case a TSR program was diverting resources I booted with a minimum of startup programs I think - that is another problem disabled McAfee and had no other programs running One other thing might be relevant About weeks ago I had a malware problem that was fixed thank you Broni from Techspot and once booting from CD errors burn safe mode I hit the debug option by mistake Since then the OS choices has a second option that says quot Microsoft Windows Recovery CD burn errors Console do not select this debugger enabled quot I would appreciate your help because I am running out of both ideas and disks to experiment with Guy Dell Dimension XP SP nbsp

A:CD burn errors

Have you tried some different burning software?
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I purchased a refurbished HP blank DVD-R on music not 11 Windows Player will Media burn DC Core Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R Duo E GHz with a DVD -RW drive I am able to write music to a blank DVD-R using ImgBurn but Windows Media Player and will only write to a blank CD-R It will playback the DVD-R that I create on ImgBurn The DVD Device is HL-DT-ST Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R DVD RAM GH L The Operating System is XP Pro I had to purchase a DVD Decoder from Roxio in order to play a DVD movie in Windows Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R Media Player Is there something else that I need to purchase to write music on a blank DVD-R Or is there some setting that needs to be changed Someone suggested that WMP does not write to DVD-Rs but I have WMP on a PC with Vista and it writes to a blank DVD-R with no problem I wrote to the DVD-R on the Vista PC and I was able to read it on the XP Pro PC I just cannot write it on the XP Pro According to Microsoft WMP is supposed to write an audio file to a Data Disk nbsp

A:Windows Media Player 11 will not burn music on blank DVD-R

1. I would check current firmware version for the DVD and look for a firmware update
> Use Nero Infotool to see current drive info incl. firmversion and look if updates available

2. See if this might apply CD/DVD or Disk Problems? How to Fix Problems Caused by Filters

3. You might also try a DVD+R disc

/* EDIT */
Oh! i also just noticed you posted in the Introduce Yourself forum. Next time please post in the forum for topic
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I just reinstalled XP on my desktop on a fresh hard drive Was able to load disks of programs using the dvd drive then it just would not read anymore dvds The icon shows in My Computer and is listed in the RW DRU-840A not Sony anymore My will DVD read Device Manager The icon will change My Sony DVD RW DRU-840A will not read anymore to whatever is on the dvd I put in but then displays the message quot only part of a read process memory or write process memory request was completed quot I uninstalled the secondary ide controller amp rebooted and nothing changed I then uninstalled the device in the device manager rebooted and again nothing happened If I am not mistaken there are no drivers for this and so they would not need to be updated right What am I missing is something swithed off or hooked up wrong the hard drive is on the ide cable first then the dvd drive cause this is the only way both would work a computer dude did that I should have SP installed as well as whatever updates windows keeps sending me And if I got a sata dvd drive would this happen too cause i only have one place on the board to hook up a ide cable Thanks for helping nbsp

A:My Sony DVD RW DRU-840A will not read anymore

There will be generic drivers installed from your XP disc try this method to reinstall them.

Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
Click System and Maintenance, and then click System,
On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow.
In Device Manager, expand DVD/CD-ROM drives, right-click the CD and DVD devices, and then click Uninstall.
When you are prompted to confirm that you want to remove the device, click OK.
Restart the computer.
After the computer restarts, the drivers will be automatically installed.Click to expand...

If that makes no diference the chances are that the drive has failed. There are two lasers in the drive have you tried it with both DVD's and CD's, you might find it works with one and not the other.

Make sure you have the hard drive jumper set for Master and the DVD jumper set for Slave. It is, apparently, much better to have the Hard Drive on the end of the cable.

You should have no problems setting up a SATA DVD drive as long as you install the correct SATA drivers for your motherboard, they will be available from the manufacturers site.
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Everything was all right then the autoplay does not work anymore... When I plug the iPod, there is an autorun but not with the CD/DVD. Its been about 1 year now that it does not work. Please help and sorry for my bad english!

A:Autoplay does not work anymore!

What OS do you have?
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Nero 8 keeps saying stuff about not being able to rename files or it's renaming files or something and saying the burning process isn't completing properly because of it.

Makes some disks, especially music ones, unusable.

Is it just the file names are too long or something?
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Ok here we go, i got my laptop last year and i got a virus about 6 months ago. I had my laptop reset completely to factory settings. Before i got the virus and reset i could play: sims 3,democracy,fifa,call of duty, downloaded 3d games. Now i cant play any games hardly the screen goes black and it has an error on every single one then it says windows has stopped working



name: SiS mirage 3 graphics
manufacturer: Silicon intergrated systems corp.
chip type: SiS672 series
DAC type: internal
Approx memory: 184mb
display mode: 1366 x 768 (32 bit) (60hz)
monitor: Generic Pnp monitor

Directx features:

directdraw: enabled
direct3d: enabled


Main driver: SISGRUMD.dll,SiSclone.dll,SiSfunc.dl
version: 8.14.0010.518 (english)
Date: 30/06/2010
WHQL logo'd: Yes
DDI version: 9Ex

please help me thanks i want to be able to play all the games i could before.

A:My laptop wont play games anymore

We need the model number and make of your laptop, as well as full system specs to help.
Although I can say right now, your integrated graphics sucks.
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Regardless of what CD burning software I use -- Windows Media, Realplayer, Roxio etc. -- I always get the message that a CD burner could not be located on your computer. I am able to play audio CDs on the computer, and also I can "rip" songs off the CD, but I still can't "burn" anything. I checked the device drivers and there is no error mark next to the CD player and I updated to the latest drivers and still no success. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank You,

I have an HP Pavilion a1640N with the original CD player (Windows XP). It's the Lightscribe DVD + Writer / Cd -Writer.

A:Cannot burn audio CDs

See if this might apply CD/DVD or Disk Problems? How to Fix Problems Caused by Filters
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I have always liked playing the game Yahoo's text twist but for some reason the picture within the screen is to big for the box, ive tried adjusting the Java settings but this does not work it happens with other sites to with these boxes.
Could someone PLEASE help!


A:Can't see correct size anymore?

Has your screen resolution changed? It may just be smaller now and the game expects a larger screen?
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So here s the problem I m having My computer was working just fine a few months ago then I decided to move and put the computer into storage for a bit Well hooked it all back up and started it anymore drive not recgonizing hard SATA Computer up After starting it took a very long time to load and when it went to boot it tried booting from the CD-ROM and with no bootable media disk it wasn t able to load I made sure all the connections were still good and everything was clean and re-booted Same problem I then checked the BIOS and noticed that my hard drive was no longer recognized as a bootable drive My computer setup Gateway FX - E Intel I- Quad GHz g DDR RAM Seagate GB SATA HD Vista Home Premium I cant think of anything that could have happened to get rid of the HD as a bootable drive and any help to resolve this would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Computer not recgonizing SATA hard drive anymore

Whether it is related to being moved I don't know, but it could be the hard drive has failed.
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About 3 days ago my laptop stopped playing videos online. some videos cause the browser to freeze, whilst some just dont work.
When i try and play a video off youtube it takes about 5 minutes, then starts playing. but when i try one off itv player or something it simply wont work.

i have had my computor checked for virus' and deleted everything like that. i have delete my browsing histroy/temporary internet files etc. and now i have run out of things to try!

i have a samsung r530 laptop, if that helps. and it isnt that old (only got it 5 months ago)

please can someone help me.
i am not that good with technological terms, so please can you explain it in simple terms

thank you so much for reading, and please can you help.
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How can i burn an 8gb .iso file onto a 4gb dvd disc?

A:Burn 8GB ISO file to 4GB disc?

jalba said:

How can i burn an 8gb .iso file onto a 4gb dvd disc?Click to expand...

Even with over-burn you still won't get it to work right. You need to buy the DL (dual layer DVD disc which handles 8.5GB. Regular DVD holds 4.7GB. Does your DVD player support DL?
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It used to be so easy -- I d just put a cd in the tray and automatically get the response of a dialog box menu on the screen asking me what function I choose play CD watch a DVD movie etc Upon clicking quot play cd quot the doesn't drive DVD/CD work disc anymore music started to play -- never a problem Now it appears that DVD/CD disc drive doesn't work anymore the PC is not recognizing the disk drive even though the drive s info reads quot this device is working properly quot and the hardware wizard could not find a more up-to-date driver when it searched I had the PC amufacturer s tech in the phone for help this past Saturday He took remote control access to my computer and firstly removed filters he DVD/CD disc drive doesn't work anymore said were in the Registry CD still wouldn t play still not detected Next he uninstalled and reinstalled the driver Still nothing Well he determined that since it wasn t a problem with the sotware the disk drive itself must be broken so I need a hardware replacement Yike here I go with even more expense lol My question is how do I go about buying a disk drive from a store and have it installed the manufacturer no longer carries parts for my machine says it s too many years old five What detailed information should I give the store in order to get the correct conpatible device for my PC It ll probably be online shopping or telephone Oh I forgot to mention I am unable to take my machine somewhere to get this done The phone tech suggested having the Geek Squad from Best Buy come to my home to install for a fee This electronic parts repair replacement bit is all new to me making me very aggravated Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:DVD/CD disc drive doesn't work anymore

DVD/CD drives are usually good for 3-5 years. Some last less than while others will function longer. If you got 5+ years out of it you did well.

These drives are not all that expensive. Do you know someone with tech knowledge that could put one in for you. If they do it is not at all difficult to do and they would be able to size up your system.

Can you give us the make and model of your system?
Relevancy 24.94%

Hi, I just bought an HP pavilion e9300 a few week ago. And I am going to upgrade the power supply so that I can get a new graphic card--ATI 4870 which requires at least 500 watt power supply. My current computer is shipped with a 350 watt power supply. I will probably get a 650 watt considering the 70% effeciency of power supply.
However, when I talked to an HP technician, he insisted that I could go for a power supply with no more 450 watt. Because the system I just got has a motherboard which has a max power limit 450 watt. He said if I go beyond that, the motherboard will burn out.
So what shall I do? I really want to get ATI 4870 work well on my computer.
Thx very much.

A:Does power supply with higher power rating really burn motherboard?

The long answer is "No".
Just be sure of the dimensions of the power supply before you order a replacement, as HP uses some pretty strange sizes sometimes, and you want the new one to fit with room to spare.
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Good Day

I was wondering if someone could help me. I just purchased this dvd burner. The problem I am having is that I was able to burn a video dvd with the bonus light scribe disc that came with the burner. I then went to use the dvd-r's I had left over from before my last burner died. It would not record to the dvd-r's. It would encode the video to my harddrive but when it shouls open up and begin the writing process it fails every time. tried with 5 different dvd's but of same variety. Checked specs and it says it is both dvd+ and dvd-. Anyone have any ideas. Doesn't really pop up with an error message just tells me process failed. Thanks

A:Memorex 32023223 20x DVD won't burn DVDs

you should try burning with lowest speed, and update your burner firmware.
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Information Disc Drive HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR B Manufacturer LG I have a DVD-ROM drive that used to burn discs It will not burn them lately I did not make any major change in any software or do anything major lately The drive is supposed to read and write CD-R and CD-RW and read DVD-ROM It reads everything correctly drive won't DVD-ROM burn but it will not write anything I have burned discs before I DVD-ROM drive won't burn know that it has that capability No program I use will recognize it as having writing capabilities but nothing has a problem recognizing its read capabilities I ran diagnostics on it and they came back saying exactly that - that this drive can read nearly everything except HD and BD-ROMS but it can t write anything I have tried uninstalling from Device Manager but that did not solve the problem I tried updating the firmware with the firmware on LG s website but it would not let me and I don t know why What could be wrong with the drive and how can I fix it nbsp

A:DVD-ROM drive won't burn

Have you tried this drive on another computer/clean install to make sure it is not the drive, because over time drives can go bad and stop working properly.
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OK, well I have a movie that I need to burn onto a disc. Two movies actually, but the thing is, I burned one movie onto a TDK DVD+R disc, and it worked fine. But the second movie I need to burn, I used a disc called memorex DVD+RDL. And the problem is that the burning process doesn't work on this disc.

I tried to burn a movie, and when it got to 99.9 %, it gave me an error(yes, it was very frustrating, I was about to go punch the wall). The error just said that there is an error. I tried to burn the first movie I burned on a new memorex blank disc but the same thing happened.

So, did I buy a bad disc or something? Or is there a certain program I need to use with this type of disc. I used the Windows DVD maker by the way.

A:Won't burn onto disc

Have you had this issue before with Memorex on this burner? For some reason certain burners don't do well with certain brands of disks.

I had a burner that loved Imation but did not burn with Memorex. But now I have burners that do excellent with Memorex.

I have a Sony CD player that plays burned Memorex without a hitch but will not play of all things a Sony burned CD. Talk about your irony.

It is like anything concerning PC tech, There are quirks everywhere including burners and CD/DVD blank disks.
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I think I killed the Rear Audio jack on my motherboard.

A week ago, I ran a 25' cable from the Rear audio port of my motherboard (Realtek audio) to the stereo behind me for Surround Sound. Worked great for a week, but today it is dead (all other speakers still work fine).

I tried testing with another OS, and same thing. Other speakers play fine. Rear Audio port dead. Checked the cables, checked the speakers. All okay.

Q: Did I kill my Rear Audio jack by using too long a wire? Is there a sound card I can purchase that wouldn't be ruined by a 25' cable?

A:Can you burn out an onboard audio port?

Solved: Kitty did it.

After a bit of inspection, I discovered Kitty chewed through BOTH speaker wires.

Never mind.
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Can someone tell me how I find the burn speed of my CD/DVD writer so I can buy the right DVDs? Thanks

A:DVD Burn speed


it should be on the front of the unit, if not do a google on it and look for its specs.
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CD amp DVD drives don t have recording tabs Help OK here s what is going XP, CD's drives tabs can't 'Properties' lost anymore! DVD & burn in CD on Several weeks ago don t remember exactly when mid or late January I was fooling around amp installed some programs so I could convert songs from my phone to a format my computer could read Didn t work I uninstalled it Then a bit later I downloaded a program to ID music by playing it over speaker into the microphone to id a song Uninstalled it too I know one of these programs again don t remember told me to change my default record media from the drive to I think a virtual CD & DVD drives lost 'Properties' tabs in XP, can't burn CD's anymore! drive Anyway I think this is what has caused my problem which is I can no longer get CD-R s to burn I have a Dell DImension with Windows XP and when I try to use Media Player to burn songs CD & DVD drives lost 'Properties' tabs in XP, can't burn CD's anymore! to a CD it looks as if it is going thru the process but doesn t do it XP and media player recognize the drives and I can play CD s or DVD s just can t get the computer to remember that yes these drives are capable of recording Also when I put a blank CD-R into either drive they show under properties to be full and have CD & DVD drives lost 'Properties' tabs in XP, can't burn CD's anymore! no space left on them even though they are new When I go to properties on both drives there is no recording tab so I cannot enable recording I have Googled around and here is what I have tried to do to fix it I used the Microsoft site s suggestion to edit the registry and change the drive values from to or No help I made sure the IMAPI value in Admin Services was on automatic and I force started it No help I went back to the registry and deleted the high filters and low filters in the registry file related to the drives No help I uninstalled the drives in device manager logged off and logged on to reinstall but they already had No help I uninstalled the drives and immediately went to new hardware wizard It found them and installed them No help I reinstalled Nero my burning software No help I went back to Microsoft s site and used the automatic Fix It wizard but it said both drives were not capable of recording bogus since I ve burned I don t know how many CD s since I got this computer in mid I probably forgot some stuff since I have been at this all afternoon and evening but I m really frustrated Both drives were working great forever so I guess when I installed those programs I mentioned earlier it jacked up something I don t think I ve tried to burn any CD s since I got rid of both of those programs up until today when I discovered the problem Thing is I CAN T remember which program had me change the record or burn to feature I think it changed it from the E and D drive to something else but don t remember where or how Yeah I know it was stupid to not write it down and yeah I regret screwing with either program But I d really like some help here if anyone can I appreciate it nbsp
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Hello My brother (via internet Windows not anymore connecting wireless) Vista to in law was having some problems with his Vista Laptop in which it needed some routine maintenance which I had realised hadn t occured since he bought it some years ago Vista was going slow as usual and he Windows Vista not connecting to internet anymore (via wireless) said it was becoming a pain and he was going to buy a new one Anyways cutting a long story short I installed Ccleaner and cleaned up the computer took away some programs which he didn t need he kept having a norton thing Windows Vista not connecting to internet anymore (via wireless) which had expired and some other things on there The computer now is alot more responsive and boots up in a respectable for vista time and so he is happy HOWEVER Before my cleanup he had no real issues connecting to the internet just the usual ones with vista where you have to reset the router from time to time Now I try to connect wirelessly to his network and it seems to connect but only locally No amount of resetting the router and rebooting the computer will solve this issue It is strange because my XP laptop is connecting fine It must be a Vista problem that has caused the issue I think I may have changed some settings with my initial tinkering Anyone have any Ideas Dave nbsp

A:Windows Vista not connecting to internet anymore (via wireless)

Maybe it is time to upgrade to Windows 7. You will be very surprised at how much faster it is than Vista...
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How it happened Was online watching a clip using MS Windows media player latest version I was busy doing something else besides suddenly I saw an error message about something being corrupt in media player right corner below Next I saw was a serious blue screen not like a regular one where you know it will be solved with a detect bluescreen anymore hdd doesn't T43 After restart I restarted my T Thinkpad Next thing that happend BIOS didn t detect my hard drive anymore What I already tried - dismounted my hd IBM Hitachi P N A GB and After bluescreen T43 doesn't detect hdd anymore downloaded all my data using a USB hd-reader device attaching it to another notebook - gt So my hard disk both partitions was accessible without ANY problems - Attempted to reinstall Win XP with the CD but the setup can t find a harddisk - Used Ultimate BootDisk to run Diagnostics only to find out that the tool can t recognize any primary IDE adapter it does recognize the CD-R DVD drive Got also this once after a restart - BIOS error message failure fixed disk Any suggestions about that scenario - BIOS-virus or malware how to remove - Can t imagine that there is such a sudden hardware failure resulting in ide adapter issues it looks like a virus malware attack Your help would be greatly appreciated Thanx Andy nbsp

A:After bluescreen T43 doesn't detect hdd anymore

I had one of these come into my shop with a similar issue. Since the hard drive is not detected in bios, its not a software issue so it's not a virus. So lets take a deeper look. If its not detected in the bios that means its hardware and on a laptop only 4 peices of hardware would have this issue. Mobo, HD, Ram, or physical connection to the mobo. Since its not the HD then check out the ram, if it checks out either take the computer to a specialist in motherboards or look for a dissasembly guide and attempt to check the connections yourself. Take plenty of pictures of what you take apart and what it comes from so you can reassemble it with ease. You can also try jiggling the hard drive in place and seeing if that helps.
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I ve tried this in three different I whenever a System freezes burn dvd programs and every time I m about percent into a dvd burn the program locks up explorer locks up and most programs can t launch Reading System freezes whenever I burn a dvd dvds doesn t seem to be a problem but burning causes some major problem The only thing that works is some programs that were opened prior to the lockup This is a clean install on an old system that has never had a problem like this before Additionally batch files don t work for whatever reason If I manually open the command prompt I can run quot chkdsk quot for example but if System freezes whenever I burn a dvd I try to run it from a batch file it doesn t execute most of the commands It just skips over everything but the most basic commands like quot echo quot I include this because I think it might be related Anyway anyone know what is going on here I m probably going to reinstall but it would be nice to know what the cause of this problem was Windows XP SP IDE plexor burner nbsp

A:System freezes whenever I burn a dvd

The Plextor burner may be the cause of the lockups
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I do video work on year old AMD quad mhz with gb ram and nvida gt video card - It has an LG burner model HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GH NP - it burns gb discs beautifully but when I render on burner DL Can't 8.5 disc burn gb video lareger than gb using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate I take the disc image to either nero or DVD FAB to burn gb disc - after burning window says burning amp verifiation completed successfully I put disc into a DVD play and it reads quot No File quot - I have used - different manufactured discs including Tyio Uden - same thing - If i take the disc image to DVD Fab Can't burn 8.5 gb disc on DL burner and use reduction to gb disc it gives me a good disc - problem with this is some of my disc images get close to gb which means the compression on DVD Fab degrades the image quality - has anyone out there any ideas Can't burn 8.5 gb disc on DL burner of what is wrong - is it software errors or hardware errors - I m tapped out - I tried Pinnacle forum and finally gave up as their tecs couldn t fix problem Any help would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Can't burn 8.5 gb disc on DL burner

Have you tried burning that image with a different burner / computer. If it doesn't work on a different computer, it may be the file that has issues?
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A:Has Nero caused not being able to view my DVD data on disks?


first off CAPS is bloody annoying,

it sounds to me more like your dvd unit has or is starting to fail, the lasers dont last forever.

try another dvd drive and then let us know.
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I have a dell inspiron 1521 and I am having trouble burning a cdr using windows media player 11. I have no problems burning cd-rw but the cdrw once burned does not work on all cd players. Can you give me any help as to how to burn a cd-r or why this is not happening on my computer. I have tried changing the burn speeds but still no success. My operating system is windows vista home premium.

A:Can't burn a CDR

This is usually an issue of alignment errors between different player/ burners
I'm assuming that you've burned your CDs in a format that's compatible with the other players you're trying to use them on.
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when i load divx movies, they load all the way and i can't play them. i press the button play, and the button changes to the pause so its supposed to be playing but it stays on the one frame. i can even navigate to different parts of the movie but it won't let me play anything. and in itunes also, i can't play any of my songs. and online quicktime audio as well. i'm assuming its a codec problem? but, for all of these problems, no error message appears. it just doesn't play. i have uninstalled and reinstalled k lite codec pack and divx bundle(including divx codecs). i run microsoft vista premium 64 bit. it runs a nvidia geforce go 6150. please help. thanks

A:My media won't play anymore

Is Vista upgraded to Service Pack 2?
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I've been scratching my head over this little problem I am having, burning DVD+R(DL) disks on my computer. I needed to burn some larger media so I bought a bunch of dual layer DVDs in order to do so. I used Alcohol 120% to burn the media, which worked fine, but then if appears as if the DVD is empty after a 25min burn. I figured my low-end LiteOn LH-20A1L drive just doesn't read dual-layer, even thought it's perfectly capable of burning. Is that possible?

Anyways, I looked into flashing the firmware for the drive but it doesn't seem like I can. So, I ordered an external DVD burner that supports dual-layer but I wanted to know if there was anything I could do in the mean time with the drive I have. I hope the DVDs actually burned, cuz I deleted the data afterward Any help would be appreciated.

A:Able to Burn Dual-Layer, but Cannot Read Afterward?

What software package are you using to burn the DVD with?
My HP PC came with Cyberlink DVD Suite would "burn" DVDs but then you could not view them, which in my book - is a failure.

I am using Nero Express 9.0 with good results, burning dual-layer DVDs and no problems viewing them afterwards.
Hope this helps?
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It has been 6 months since I got a Prestige 500GB Iomega External Desktop HardDrive which requires both a printer USB cable and a wall charger. One day it randomly stops working and doesn't show up on my computer.

The Hard Drive sounds right, but it is no where on the computer: not in device manager or disk management. I contacted Iomega, and they sent me another power supply which does not work either. Suggestions?

A:External HD does not show up anymore

When you say the drive sounds alright can you feel it starting up or hear it? There is a possibility the partition was damaged or deleted. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe if the partition is damaged or the space is unallocated you may not see it under Disk Management. You can try putting in an OS Install disc and seeing if it shows the drive when trying to install. Then delete the partition and reformat (If you can handle losing the data) otherwise I recommend Active Recovery Partition Software.

This is their link
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Hello. I need some good advice and tips on how to solve a serious problem that started today. I have two hard drives: master( where the OS is installed) and slave. I don't know how happened, my computer just ceased recognizing the slave hard drive. My master drive works well yet.
Each time I boot my pc, only the master drive appears as installed, and the slave doesn't.

A:My slave hard drive is not recognize by my computer anymore

I would check the BIOS and not even bother with the OS. Once it is recgnized in the BIOS you are good to go.. We need more information. Are they SATA or IDE. If IDE how do you have them hooked up? On one single IDE port with one cable or two separate ports.. We need more info in order to help you.
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Hey, i have a really old Tiny desktop with windows 98, about 2 months ago i decided to reformat it, i did pretty well and the monitor was displaying fine, i then left it alone for about a month (exams), but now i have come back to finish reformatting it only to find the vdu won't display anymore when i plug the vga in, the light on the vdu turns amber but when i take it out or plug it into my laptop it turns green and displays. Any ideas?


A:VDU wont display anymore

also iv noticed even when the power supply isn't in the desktop and it isn't switched on, when i plug in the vga the vdu goes to amber which i think means its on standby or something.
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Hi y all Help I need help Here s the thing I have a gb CORSAIR Flash Voyager and it was working just fine But suddenly it stopped working and if I plug it in any computer I can t open it to get the files or anything I ve been searching for a solution since the info in there is from work and I have no backups at all These are the quot symptoms quot - When I plug it in it will lit but no auto-run - If I check in My Computer there it is it says quot removable disk drive E quot Now the problem here is that it use to have a name CORSAIR but not anymore - If I try to open the drive it says that the drive is not formatted and if I want to format it which I don t just trying and still it won t let me - I tried running a virus scan and it says that the drive is clean - If I check properties it says that the drive has no space avaliable nor full and it also says RAW - If I check the system tray the USB icon work drive does not My anymore USB flsh is there - I know the info is still in the USB since I ve ran a data recovery program but most of the files are damaged I hope you can help me cause I ve really really need the info Cheers Jamuco nbsp

A:My USB flsh drive does not work anymore

Sounds like the flash drive is bad. Was it formatted in NTFS or FAT?
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Captured an LP to HDD thru amp hooked to SB X-Fi card using Nero Wave editor Cleaned up the clicks amp crackle w Wave Ed amp saved using after CDA are cleaned to Nero back Clicks 9 files WAV using burn quot Save Tracks as Files quot option as wav When listen to those cleaned WAV files directly from HDD even w headphones very little noise is audible - to me When create an Audio CD compilation w Burning ROM amp select same exact files I just listened to burn as audio CDA the clicks are back when play CD Played it on different players Clicks are back after burn cleaned WAV files to CDA using Nero 9 PC - same clicking Ran the original ripped wav files back Clicks are back after burn cleaned WAV files to CDA using Nero 9 through Declicking Decrackling in Wave Ed increasing amount of noise to remove saved to diff folder Tried burning another compilation - same clicking is back after burn CD nd batch of cleaned files still sound very clean straight off HDD using Media Player If I listen to st nd burned CD w WMP in the same DVD burner used to BURN it w Nero clicks are quite audible What s going on when some much of cleaned noise comes back when files are burned from WAV to CDA format Thanks nbsp

A:Clicks are back after burn cleaned WAV files to CDA using Nero 9

This is just a guess but here goes. A .wav file is much smaller (more compressed) than an equivalent .cda file. (Which I believe is PCM). When the file is converted, data must be "added". The conversion algorithm may be inadvertently re-adding dynamic range to the previously suppressed noise spikes.

Sort of like the wave trace was heading upward then it stopped, then on the other side the wave was descending, so it appears that a "chunk" has been taken out of the signal. So, if you viewed the original noise wave on a scope it would be triangle, but with very, very steep sides, approaching vertical. Noise filters,are able to detect these very steep impulses, since they don't exist in music, and then suppress them,

So, I'm thinking the file converter "thinks" something is missing and reintroduces the transients. Too smart for its own good, that one.

Vinyl records make noise, fact of life. DSP can't repair all the flaws without destroying the music in the process. I suppose it's fair to to say the computer can work wonders, it just can't work miracles.

You can imagine how bummed I was, when I found out that even the mighty "Photoshop" couldn't fix all my blunders. Which, by the way, seemed to happen on the pictures I wanted most.

As I said, this was an educated guess at best. Maybe somebody else knows more.
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Hi I have this strange problem and thought I would try asking for help on this forum I have been googling for hours but cannot find any solution -My DVD drive has suddenly stopped burning Nero does not see it anymore always telling me the drive is not ready related OS likely DVD burn, won't I have uninstalled Nero and installed a newer version to no avail I had concluded that the burner was cooked so I took the one from my gf s computer and put it in DVD won't burn, likely OS related mine SAME PROBLEM When I try to burn using XP s drag and drop method I also get a quot there is no disk in drive quot message So the problem appears to be OS related or possibly elsewhere DVD won't burn, likely OS related in hardware -No problem shows up in the device manager either with my dvd DVD won't burn, likely OS related burner or my gf s -I can read cd s and dvd s fine only burning cd AND dvd is disabled -I have not fiddled with the drive s configuration lately -I have dealt with an autoconfig virus lately the drive was fine before so it might be related I d appreciate any suggestion for a solution thanks in advance nbsp

A:DVD won't burn, likely OS related

Have you tried any other programs or just Nero?
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Hello all I have an HP Pavilion dv or DV as HP refers it to and it won t turn on anymore My system has gigs of RAM and is an AMD Turion X Mobile Technology TL- GHz I was originally using Windows Vista -bit Home Premium System Pack what it came with the system and I had upgraded to Vista -bit I am not sure if my problem was caused by my upgrade of Vista or my system being too warm as I have been using it a lot anymore, turn DV6810 laptop HP help on won't please and it has been HP DV6810 laptop won't turn on anymore, please help getting hot and making loud noises but after I upgraded to the -bit Windows HP DV6810 laptop won't turn on anymore, please help Vista Home Premium System Pack I was then going to the upgrade directly from the Windows to the Vista Ultimate which I had purchased earlier and not got around to update any of it with my schedule and after I HP DV6810 laptop won't turn on anymore, please help did this it asked for me to restart my computer and as soon as I did poof It shut off and won t turn back on I read up on this online I took out the battery and adapter completely and clicked on the quot on quot or power button for seconds then put the battery back in and plugged it to no avail I then took out the RAM cards a -gig one and a -gig one to try to reset it still nothing I called HP tech support and they told me to reset the harddrive and how to do it and still same thing Everything is completely blank and my computer and nothing on it turns on does anyone know what it can be I have an identical computer I am using but I need that one to work and this is driving me crazy HP wants me to send it back to them but is there anything I can do to possibly fix this myself Thanks again in advance and I appreciate all of your help regarding this matter thanks again and hopefully I can fix this nbsp

A:HP DV6810 laptop won't turn on anymore, please help

your power pack is probably burnt out. also this should be in the laptop forum.
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Hi I've got a major problem with my SATA II HDD. (Sorry if this topic has already been posted please link me to it). My computer's ben working normally for months, but this morning when I turned it on it didn't see my hard drive and asked me to insert a bootable media device or HDD and restart. I'm running Vista and have tried using the vista DVD start-up repair function but it doesnt work. I've got an ASUS P5N7A-VM motherboard and the hard drive is a 500 GB Seagate SATA II HDD. I've got a lot of imprtant files on that hard drive. What can i do?

A:500GB SATA II Hard Drive not Recognised at Boot Anymore

is it detected in the bios?
if not then try pluging the data lead into another port on the motherboard
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I tried to partition my OCZ rally gb into a gb NFTS and a gb fat using Acronis show flash doesn't anymore drive Partitioning failed, up disk director It started off as a gb NFTS I don t have anything important on Partitioning flash drive failed, doesn't show up anymore it and I RARed all data to my computer prior so i m safe to format it before I tried to split a gb chunk off I got about through before I got an quot invalid format error quot as shown in my logs I retried a couple times then skiped hoping it would still work I got more errors and just canceled it after the first four Acronis showed it as two partitions Partitioning flash drive failed, doesn't show up anymore but the sizes were not as they should have been if the operation finished successfully HPUSB format utility showed the drive as a single full sized drive The original gb drive showed up but said bytes free bytes used and bytes total I did not check the contents but the custom icon was still there so I assume my data was fine I reemerged the partitions successfully and both Acronis and HPUSB format show it as a single gb drive with the correct amount of free space The only problem is I can not see it on my computer I rebooted and changed the name with acronis but it still doesn t show It shows up under device manager as a USB storage device I ve run the USB drive cleaner already still not showing up I can still boot off my flash drive though so I think it is still fine UPDATE Pluged the drive in to another computer shows up perfectly so I flip the removable media bit ocz rally gb and poof shows up again on my original computer as a local disk FIXED Thanks everyone for reading Partitioned with Acronis successfully this time nbsp
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It is a question for some people that how can they convert and burn WMV to DVD easily. A lot of people complain that they can't find a useful tool to do this work. But you need not to complain at all after I suggest this Aimersoft DVD creator to you. There are only several steps to follow:
Step1. Download and follow the installation wizard to install Aimersoft DVD Creator.
Step2. Run Aimersoft DVD Creator, click "Load Video" button to import WMV format videos, then click "add to slideshow" button to add them to storyboard.
Step3. If you want to make your own DVD much different, you can edit it. Choose the video you want to edit, then click "edit" button to crop, select effect, trim, add watermark and plug in subtitle.
Step4. After editing the videos, you can click "Burn" tab to burn your DVD.
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My Friend Ronny s Gig Hard Drive was so full that it was creating problems so we decided to swap his drives as his D was Gig We tried doing a Backup on his computer using Nero Essentials but it was so full that there was not enough room for Nero to do a disc image so we pulled his Drives amp did the backups using my computer with his drives acting as my D Drives All good in theory amp it worked sort of Here is the problem Using a Nero startup disc which we had burnt on his computer we installed the Backup of his old C into the Gig Drive MAXTOR HDD Gig downsized Nero to 7 D - L LO J with the drives back in his computer Nero downsized HDD to 7 Gig but what NERO did was turn his Gig drive into Gig I guess we should have used FILE BACKUP instead of DISK BACKUP I should have realised that there was a problem when we had started doing the D Gig amp after CDs it was still wanting to burn more disks so we stopped amp I used CD RW to do a Backup by File then as a nd safety did the same thing on a DVD RW for the old D drive The question is how do we get his Gig drive back to being a Gig drive instead of a Gig drive amp how should we have done the Data swap from Hard Drive to the other He does not have the original Windows XP PRO disks but he is running a legal version of XP as it updates amp everything Simple Formatting does not seem to be an option amp using DOS commands looks really scary I want to save his system but do not want to do any more harm For now his system is working OK but did not solve his original problem as now his Gig is now a Gig Please help as I am at the end of my string amp way out of my depth here blush blackeye nbsp

A:Nero downsized HDD to 7 Gig

Well normally support actually "Image" the drive to another computer
Have a look here at some imaging tools:

Regarding the now issue of how to get the Partition back to normal
Check out Gparted, it may or may not help, but it's free and is an excellent bootable disc to show your current partitions
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I am using Nero 8 (store bought version) due to all the neat DVD burning features and software included in the program. I have been using it with my Memorex 16x DVD Rewriter for a long time now to great effect until the last couple months or so. Now it seems everytime I use Nero Vision or any of the DVD writing tools to try to burn video onto a DVD I always get an error close to the end of the burning process. This is driving me nuts. I really want to be able to make my own DVDs. I have tried different types of DVD-Rs, etc. to no avail. I have attached one of the newest error logs from Nero below so maybe hopefully it will give a clue as to what is happening.

Thanks in advance!

A:Memorex DVD rewriter not burning DVDs with Nero 8 any longer

I also tonight upgraded my Nero to version 9 to see if that would help but it has not. I still cannot burn a DVD. In addition, I cannot seem to burn using just the Windows Vista burning options either. I am starting to think I need to buy a new DVD Rewriter.

Please help!
Relevancy 28.81%

Hi everyone. I have a problem with burning dvds.
Every time I try burn a dvd or an ISO it fails.

I've tried img burn, power iso, nero everything.
It works till about 4% then says something like write failed (a768sd0 blah blah)
I've tried updating the firmware but it says its not needed, Ive tried burning at 4x (slowest) incase it wasnt fast enough.

Everything always fails.

Its a philips dvd+r dl 8421.

Could it jus be thats its old now an the software doesnt really support it?

If ye now anything let me know. Thanks!!

A:Can't burn DVDs, ever

You probably need to replace the drive.
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Allright here s the story Yesterday I turned my computer off and went to bed Today I got back from school pressed the button CPU/Motherboard? I burn Did my and noticed the Monitor ain t responding Turned it off and leaned to my opened computer and smelled a really bad smell I looked for any smoke didn t see any Turned it on and off two times and on the third time I noticed some smoke coming out from the part of the RAM sticks Quickly took Hard drives out cables turned the power supply off I noticed that one GB stick wasn t put in correctly Did I burn my CPU/Motherboard? for some reason ignoring the fact I haven t touched it in ages Took it out the little side of the injectors were burned and the slot is slightly melted So I kept my PC from power supply for some minutes and took the CMOS battery out keeping it for more than a minute also Put it back and tried turning the PC on Neither Monitor Keyboard or Mouse responding They do nothing Could It be my CPU Motherboard If yes How to determine it Thank you Freeman nbsp

A:Did I burn my CPU/Motherboard?

If you have spares, try a different Power Supply, Motherboard, and Memory.

I would use different combinations of both your parts and the spare parts to see exactly what doesn't work (assuming the spares do work). Try to use the spare Power Supply as much as possible, though, if you have one. Because at this point, you or I don't know if the Power Supply is faulty.
Relevancy 28.38%

Well straight to the point Usually Guild Wars burn crash and whilst im playing Guild Wars in some specific areas and ones in which with lots of actions going on my whole pc will freeze the sound the video everything which results in a restart However my PC never used to behave like this Guild Wars crash and burn and i have not modded anything on my pc System information Motherboard Asus K N Graphics Card nVidia Geforce FX Processor AMG Sempron RAM GB MB MB of DDR Ram My hard drive is an gig but i don t think that has anything to do with the problem Anyhow like i said this never used to happen and i don t see why it should be now however it is limiting to me with what i can do in the game As far as i ve researched it could be anything to do with confliction between my graphics card and the onboard sound to the graphics card being broken to my pc overheating to voltage issues to my reqs to play GW to low highly unlikely if not impossible imo and Guild Wars crash and burn i ve even heard corruption in my guild wars files I ve tried re-installing updating drivers not including my motherboard it confuses the hell out of me taking the cover of my pc off to prevent overheating and taking off a few connections to LED s i had placed in my PC Im not sure about what issue it could be i am clueless or i wouldn t be here nbsp

A:Guild Wars crash and burn

Your video card isnt that powerful. I can see if it gets too hot it would lock up on your.

What are the voltage requirements for your ram
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Somewhere in the course of trying to rid my computer of parasites I must have done something wrong...I can no longer play video clips online. It just sits there. ?????

A:Video clips online won't play anymore...what did I delete?

Don't know what you deleted but you could try to reload your media player.
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Hi, i have a DVD rewriter in my pc and if i want to copy anything to disk (folders,music or video) it will only perform this if i put a DVD disk in it, if i put a CD in it, it tells me "unable to perform format" so i at the moment i am restricted to using DVD's to copy/burn onto.

I only have media player 11 installed but dont know how to tell it to brun to cd as well as DVD.

Hope you ca help.


A:CD wont burn


You might want to try one of the free Open Source burning programs. There is ImgBurn, CDBurnerXP and Burn4Free. If they fail I think it's your burner. I have a feeling though one of them will work or at least give you enough info on the 'fail' for you to find out.

Good luck,


P.S. We use Roxio here at work but I don't use it. I use ImgBurn for all my needs and am fine with it. It I was gonna make an audio CD I'd use CDBurnerXP which is also on my computer. They all work wonderfully.
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i am using a samsung (sh-s202n) dvd burner with nero 8 and trying to burn captured movie files to dvd. during the transcoding or burning process i get the message " nerovision.exe has encountered a problem and will shut down". i have contacted nero support and they ran me through a complete uninstall and reinstall but the problem persists.
can anyone help with this?

A:Samsung sh-s202n dvd redorder and nero 8

Nero 8 is a terribly bloated and rather useless problematic program. Remove it. I still use Nero 6 on some builds of XP. What are your complete computer specs? Operating System?
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hi i've just discovered that my version of nero 7 ultra edition has not got the nero fast burning cd/dvd plugin installed .. and when i go to modify the installation to install the plugin .. it says that it cannot find the installation files to complete the process .. is this why my dvd's wont burn any more??

any decent help would be appreciated thank you

A:Nero fast burning cd/dvd plugin help needed

Have you tried updating your drive's firmware?

Also, try using a free software like ImgBurn to burn your DVDs.
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Hi there I have been using Nero Express V for Nero and Ver. backup Express Problem with 5.5 DVD-RW a very long time to backup different CDs and DVDs until recently for Problem with Nero Express Ver. 5.5 and DVD-RW backup the very first time to backup onto DVD-RW which encounter a problem After I clicked on the quot Problem with Nero Express Ver. 5.5 and DVD-RW backup Disc Info quot it simply says there is no medium found in the drive But the reality is I have a brand new Imation DVD-RW disc inside and ready to backup How can I make my Nero recognizes it so that I can backup my data on it Please send me instruction guides or links to help me to achieve that I have no problem of backing up with DVD RWs DVD -Rs but have trouble with DVD-RW media I tried another brand new Imation DVD-RW and still with the same problem For your information I am running on Win XP with SP It may be a easy fix and hopefully someone can guide me Thank you in advance for your help Cheers nbsp

A:Problem with Nero Express Ver. 5.5 and DVD-RW backup

Uninstall Nero fully
Re-install Nero Fully

Also confirm that your new DVD Drive is seen in My Computer, if not confirm the cables are connected securely, and possibly run this:

Otherwise check here:;en-us;228985
Just scroll down to the "Methods"
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I have a windows vista and just recently my computer has stopped being able to play any kind of cd that is inserted into the drive. It does not even show up when I click "My Computer." It does not load at all and does not show up on any application. What's wrong with my computer?!

A:My computer won't play CD's, DVD's, etc anymore

Have you tried using the Resource CD provided by your manufacturer to install a driver that allows you to run CDs?
Relevancy 28.81%

I have desktop with windows xp. I want to burn some files (i.e. Microsoft Office and pictures) to a dvd because I am going to do a system recovery on my pc. When I insert the dvd and go to the folder where the files are located the option to burn does not appear at the top. What should I do?

A:How to burn files

I replied on one of you other multiple threads here:
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help me find where to find the installer of my video card driver here are some info bout my pc Computer Computer Type ACPI Uniprocessor PC anymore not I When my is PC video working card my reformat Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional OS Service Pack When I reformat my PC my video card is not working anymore TRIAL VERSION Internet Explorer IE SP DirectX DirectX c Computer Name D C C B EC User Name Administrator Logon Domain TRIAL VERSION Date Time - - Motherboard CPU When I reformat my PC my video card is not working anymore Type Intel Pentium MHz x Motherboard Name IBM AU Motherboard Chipset Intel Brookdale-G i G System Memory TRIAL VERSION DIMM Hynix HYMD A -H MB PC DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz DIMM STEC TRIAL VERSION BIOS Type Phoenix Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port ECP Printer Port LPT Display Video Adapter Intel R G GL GE PE GV Graphics Controller MB D Accelerator Intel Extreme Graphics Monitor LGIBM Super quot CRT Sound video and game controllers Audio Codecs Device Properties Driver Description Audio Codecs Driver Date Driver Version Driver Provider Microsoft INF File wave inf Hardware ID MS MMACM Sound video and game controllers Legacy Audio Drivers Device Properties Driver Description Legacy Audio Drivers Driver Date Driver Version Driver Provider Microsoft INF File wave inf Hardware ID MS MMDRV Sound video and game controllers Legacy Video Capture Devices Device Properties Driver Description Legacy Video Capture Devices Driver Date Driver Version Driver Provider Microsoft INF File wave inf Hardware ID MS MMVCD Sound video and game controllers Media Control Devices Device Properties Driver Description Media Control Devices Driver Date Driver Version Driver Provider Microsoft INF File wave inf Hardware ID MS MMMCI Sound video and game controllers Microsoft Kernel System Audio Device Device Properties Driver Description Microsoft Kernel System Audio Device Driver Date Driver Version Driver Provider Microsoft INF File wdmaudio inf Hardware ID SW a c a b - af - d - ced- a bf Sound video and game controllers Microsoft Kernel Wave Audio Mixer Device Properties Driver Description Microsoft Kernel Wave Audio Mixer Driver Date Driver Version Driver Provider Microsoft INF File wdmaudio inf Hardware ID SW b eafdc -a - d - d - aa e d Sound video and game controllers Microsoft WINMM WDM Audio Compatibility Driver Device Properties Driver Description Microsoft WINMM WDM Audio Compatibility Driver Driver Date Driver Version Driver Provider Microsoft INF File wdmaudio inf Hardware ID SW cd de - e - d -b d- f Sound video and game controllers SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Device Properties Driver Description SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Driver Date Driver Version Driver Provider Analog Devices INF File oem inf Hardware ID PCI VEN amp DEV C amp SUBSYS amp REV Location Information PCI bus device function PCI Device Intel DB ICH - AC Audio Controller A- Device Resources IRQ Memory C -C FF Memory C C -C DFF Port C - FF Port C - CFF Sound video and game controllers Video Codecs Device Properties Driver Description Video Codecs Driver Date Driver Version Driver Provider Microsoft INF File wave inf Hardware ID MS MMVID nbsp

A:When I reformat my PC my video card is not working anymore

Here are the drivers for your graphics card -
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I have a toshiba satelite L45 running vista 32 bit with intel pentium dual cpu T2310 1.46ghz 1.47ghz

My problem is when I try to burn a iso file to a disk
I get error code 31094D-34-00000000

I am using toshiba disk creator and I have tried nero, and a few other of the free iso burners all with the same error message popping up.

Any ideals will be appreciated

A:Toshiba iso burn error

is this only when burning iso?

what about burning img, nrg, bin, data-cd or audio-cds??
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help please! my new kingmax flashdisk won't open anymore after being inserted at a certain school computer by accident, my flashidisk was working fine and suddenly after being inserted it won't open anymore even if i switch to another computer. this is the fifth time my usb has been destroyed in less than a year. any help will be appreciated. thanks.

A:My flash disk won't open anymore

Thread moved from Introduce yourself to Other Hardware forum

HP USB Disk Storage Format Utility

Will format any USB flash drive
It can be known to recover Flash drives that are un-responsive too.

If that doesn't work try this one:

Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool

Please note: These methods will remove all data on your Flash Drive

Recovery Software (if you want to try to recover anything from the drive)

Try this one:
It is free for up to four folder down, ie
E:\Documents and Setting\UserName\My Documents\My Pictures
1,2,3,4 folders down

A lot free ones to choose from, h e r e

Please let me know of the outcome
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I really need help.
I have a LG GSA 2166D burner and a HP DVD Writer 640B.
Windows XP SP3
Until last week I had no burning problems, now all of a sudden, I can't burn a cd, I can burn dvds. This is happening on both drives.
I reinstalled my drivers for both burners after uninstalling in safe mode, i uninstalled the secondary ide channel in safe mode, i then reformatted my hard drive, reinstalled windows and I still have the same problem. I've tried various discs, I've tried Roxio, Nero, Ashampoo and just about every other type of software and I just can't seem to get it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

A:Can't burn cds

Is the CD drive showing up in your list of connected devices?

Assuming that you uninstalled and reinstalled the OS and drivers correctly, then it is most likely a hardware problem and your CD burner may have gone..
Relevancy 28.81%

I have 3 VideoSeven screens running off to identical PCiE cards, and I have just noticed that they all have the same mark which looks like the old burn marks you used to get on CRT monitors. All in the same place and all a white streak that only appears when a dialogue box with a white ground is moved across the place where the marks are present (a 1/4" wide mark about 2" down on the left hand side and stretching half way across the screen to nothing). It looks vaguely like the mark left by the last dialogue box that was there.
any ideas anyone? Changing the refresh rate only makes it worse, the drivers are the latest.

A:Burn marks on TFT screens?

well you can see if its the computer doing it or not by hooking the screens up to a diff video source
Relevancy 28.38%

I have a laptop hp dv2800 series. My problem with burning an audio cd is that I either get an error message saying to insert a blank cd when I've already loaded a blank cd into the rom and when I don't get that message, the blank CD go through the burning process just fine until the burning is complete and it automatically eject the cd. I always have to make sure the CD is loaded with the audio files by testing the cd into a cd player and majority of the time there are no files on that cd. I've used roxio which is the program that came with the laptop when I bought it. I've also switched to using Nero and WMP and I still get the same problem when burning..

Techsupport, what do you suggest?

A:Problem burning Audio (CD-R) with Nero and WMP

Techsupport, what do you suggest?Click to expand...

I don't know, you'd have to ask them

Here at TechSpot, we may have some ideas though.

First of all confirm all your drivers are up to date, here
Possibly run a Virus/Malware scan, by going here
Also try different discs, and run CCleaner on your system
Relevancy 28.81%

My Dell latitude D600 will play cds and dvds perfectly but will not burn cds.It is an TSL460C cdr/dvd unit.I downloaded the latest drivers and it appears that data is being placed on the cd,but it won't recognize the burned cd.Anything I've missed?

A:Cd burner will not burn

How old is the drive? There are different lasers for read/ write, and alignment might be an issue. If you believe that the data is being written, will another machine read the discs?
Relevancy 28.38%

I have recently been having problem burning DVDs and keep getting communication error Writer Communication DVD Error Nero messages from Nero I have changed the DVD drive and Communication Error DVD Writer Nero tried different media but still I Communication Error DVD Writer Nero get the problems Also tried Nero and all fail Any ideas of what could be causing this Thanks PC Spec Communication Error DVD Writer Nero AMD GB RAM Liteon DVD-RW x Asus Motherboard Radeon Pro Grpahics Maxtor GB HDD XP Pro The log from Nero is Windows XP IA WinAspi - ahead WinASPI File C Program Files Ahead nero Wnaspi dll Ver size bytes created Nero Version Internal Version d Nero Express Recorder lt ATAPI DVD A DH A L gt Version WX - HA TA - Adapter driver lt nvata gt HA Drive buffer kB Bus Type via Inquiry data - gt ATAPI detected Connected to MMC as unknown drive with class-nr Drive is autodetected - recorder class Std MMC recorder CD-ROM lt ATAPI DVD A DH A L gt Version WX - HA TA - Adapter driver lt nvata gt HA Scsi-Device-Map CdRomPeripheral ATAPI DVD A DH A L nvata Port ID DMA Off DiskPeripheral Maxtor V F nvata Port ID DMA Off CDRom-Device-Map ATAPI DVD A DH A L E CDRom AutoRun Excluded drive IDs WriteBufferSize Byte ShowDrvBufStat BUFE Physical memory MB kB Free physical memory MB kB Memory in use Uncached PFiles x Use Inquiry Global Bus Type default Check supported media Disabled ISO compilation Text File Isodoc cpp Line Iso document burn settings ------------------------------------------ Determine maximum speed FALSE Simulate TRUE Write FALSE Finalize CD FALSE Multisession TRUE Multisession type Start multisession Burning mode DAO Mode ISO Level Max of char Character set ISO Joliet TRUE Allow pathdepth more than directories TRUE Allow more than characters in path TRUE Write ISO file extensions TRUE Text File Reader cpp Line Reader running Text File Writer cpp Line Writer ATAPI DVD A DH A L running ISO GEN - File geniso cpp Line First writeable address x Text File Burncd cpp Line Turn on Disc-At-Once using DVD media Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Last possible write address on media MB Last address to be written MB Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Write in overburning mode NO enabled CD Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Recorder ATAPI DVD A DH A L Media type DVD-R Disc Manufacturer MBI - RG Disc Application Code Disc Physical Code Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line gt gt gt Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities lt lt lt Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Setup items after recorder preparation TRM DATA MODE indices index not provided original disc pos relocatable disc pos for caching writing not required required no patch infos - gt TRM DATA MODE config wanted index blocks length blocks ATAPI DVD A DH A L -------------------------------------------------------------- Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Prepare recorder ATAPI DVD A DH A L for write in CUE-sheet-DAO DAO infos MCN quot quot TOCType x Session Closed disc fixated Tracks to TRM DATA MODE x FilePos ISRC quot quot DAO layout Start Track Idx CtrlAdr RecDep lead-in x x x x x x lead-out x x Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files started Text File Burncd cpp Line Cache writing successful Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files completed Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Simulation started at x KB s Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Verifying disc position of item relocatable disc pos no patch infos orig at write at Text File DVDR cpp Line Recording mode Sequential Recording Mode Text File Mmc cpp Line Set BUFE Seamless Link - gt ON Adapt writespeed to disc ON Text File DVDR cpp Line Start write address at LBA DVD high compatibility mode Yes Text File Cdrdrv cpp Line ---- DVD Structure Physical Format Information h ---- Layer Address h AGID Length Book Type DVD-R Part Version Disc Size mm Maximum Rate lt not specified gt F h Number of Layers Track Path Parallel Track Path PTP Layer Type recordable Linear Density um bit Track Density um track Starting Physical Sector Number... Read more

A:Communication Error DVD Writer Nero

Can be a faulty DVD Drive data cable
Or the DVD Drive is not jumpered for Master (little jumper at the end of the DVD Drive)
Or the DVD drive requires a firmware update (but using the older version of Nero, I suspect not this)

Not sure why your nVidia video driver nvata.sys was mentioned
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I am currently using Nero Essentials for my MP3 burning.

1. My file size is HUGE. A 5 minute song converted to a 53 mg file. My player is an 8 gb, but two CD's maxed out the remainder of my space. I understand the higher bit rate = largter file, as well as length of song. How do I get my file size smaller? The bit rate shows as 1411.

If there is no "fix" what isa better program to use?

I was using MusicMatch prior to this program

I like good audio for sure, but my MP3 player could use smaller file sizes...
Relevancy 29.24%

i can't burn dvd on my dvd-rom..can anyone help me to resolve my problem

A:Can't burn dvd

Do you have a burning program?
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Using LiteOn Ez Dub DH20A4P external burner and Sonic digital media v7 software to burn mp3 audio(not video) files from Inspiron 1300 hard drive to Verbatim DVDRW. Want to store mp3 files on DVDR/RW to free up harddrive space and to playback on laptop. When try to play back, no data found on disk. Any suggestions? Thanks

A:DVD Burn Failure

You are burning the MP3s not just the shortcuts to them, aren't you?
Please check the disc in another computer to actually see what has been burnt.
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I have two Gateway computers with CD DVD RW drives I using Xp Media Center SP I am using a trial version of Cyberlink DVD Can't burn anything Go They both play cds and dvds Neither will burn CDs or DVDs Can't burn anything I have applied that registry hack removing the upper lower filters no luck I ordered Can't burn anything and installed a new Sony cd dvd unit and got the same results I also installed the companion Nero software provided with the Sony drive and still no luck I put the old one back in I just recently found out about forceaspi and applied that no luck Gateway said I have to re-install quot restore quot my system I d rather eat dirt The BIOS recognizes the drive correctly Device Manger reconizes it as the correct drive quot My Computer quot reports it as a DVD R W drive If I put a CD RW in the drive and right click the drive it asks me if I want to erase the RW disk I click it and it starts gets maybe - bars and then hangs Comes back and says erase has failed Also the drive is no longer recognized by quot My Computer quot or Device Manger I have to reboot to quot get it back quot If I highlight a folder and right click it and select send to cd it takes off - bars and times out saying the copy didn t work BUT unlike erasing a disk I don t loose the drive Please tell me I don t have to re-install the OS nbsp

A:Can't burn anything


I have more information that I hope will be helpful. I noticed that the Device Manager idntifies the CD/DVD drive as a SCSI device! I took the time to replace it with the new Sony and the same thing is reported. Here are the Device manger descriptors for both drives:
Sony DVD RW DRU-804A SCSI CdRom Device
Original drive
Device Manger reports a SCSI controller (Marvel...). Though i haven't yet, I might be able to "disable" it and see what happens. I couldn't delete it because during reboot, it would find and install it again.
Thanks for reading.
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It all started with a simple install Daemon tools. After using it for a while, I no longer needed it, so I uninstalled the program. Less then a day later, I wanted to burn a CD using iTunes. Unfortunately, I got the error (4450).

This is not the first time I got this error. Last time, to remedy this problem, I installed SPTD v1.50 and it fixed it perfectly. Now, it didn't work.

I can't burn anything with any program and am having serious CD drive trouble. For some reason, it says the burner is in use by another program, though it is not by any other program (as far as I can tell) or by any other user.

So iTunes and Roxio won't burn, I can't just drag and drop with Explorer. I have tried updating my drivers and uninstalling/reinstalling my CD drive to no avail.

Any help?

A:Computer CD Burn Problems


If I were you, I'd ditch that drive and buy a brand spanking new one.
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The DVD burner LG GSA- B on my kid s PC stopped burning It will play DVDs and CDs but it will not burn I have tried CloneDVD Clone CD Nero Pinnacle and Shrink DVD but all stop after and spit out the message that the quot DVD CD quality is won't burn burner DVD bad and to try a different brand quot Of course I m paraphrasing Knowing that was not the problem I tried different brands anyway but with no success I pulled the DVD burner out of the PC and replaced it with a new one from NEC ND- A Same problem I changed the pin cables Same problem Pulled the memory and tested the PC with new ones Same problem I switched the drives from slave-master and back again Same problem I re-installed the operating system Windows DVD burner won't burn XP Professional Same problem Maybe its the mainboard I ve updated that with the new BIOS Same problem The only thing I havn t done is hose the sucker with an Uzi I consider myself a good tech maybe not the best but DVD burner won't burn more than average Before I throw this thing in the Rhein river maybe somebody out there can save my kid s PC from certain death side note PC specs are in my profile nbsp

A:DVD burner won't burn

Problem solved!

Found the problem. Although I am a little surprised at the solution. IDE 1, I have a 80GB HD(master) and a 30GB HD(slave). IDE 2, I have a NEC DVD-R/W(master) and a LG DVD-ROM(slave). I have been using this configuration sequence on every PC I have built, and thats well over a hundred. Never has there been any conflict with the hardware or the software. After excercising various theories, including replacing the burner and the cables, I came to the solution. I plugged the burner into IDE 1 as slave to the 80GB HD and plugged the 30GB HD into IDE2 as master over the DVD-ROM. Problem solved, the burner now works perfectly again. I have no idea why this solved the problem, the PC has been working without a glitch ever since I built it seven months ago. I have burned alot of DVDs with that PC without any failures whatsoever. I am still scratching my head in bewilderment.
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I recently wipe out the entire hard drive and OS on my Dell Inspiron I was using XP media edition Had a friend sound No SVGA located, device anymore. No install XP professional Now i No sound device located, No SVGA anymore. don t have sound except for error No sound device located, No SVGA anymore. beeps my video display is choppy when dragging windows around no long have SVGA bit color only bit VGA Sound I have tried everything to update drivers from everywhere However the problem is that my computer doesn t recognize any sound device on the computer How do i get it to recognize this in my Device manager there is nothing that shows sound device There are seven yellow exclamation marks beside the following -Other Devices also has a yellow question mark before Base System Base System Base System Ethernet Controller PCI Device SM Bus Controller Video Controller VGA Compatible However the exclamation mark is on top of a yellow question mark too Is there that big of a difference between the XP Media and the XP Pro How can i fix any of this thanks nbsp

A:No sound device located, No SVGA anymore.

Several drivers are missing. When you download the drivers, before install, go to Device Manager and delete or disable the existing driver before installing the new one.

Then connect to Dell for a new scan, and let Dell decide if it can download helpful stuff.

I would pay particular attention to the Chipset... but install ALLl the drivers at the Dell support site for your Service Tag...

Then when you have done all you can, run Windows Update, as it will often find needed drivers.

Yes there is a big difference betweeen XP Media Center and XP Professional. Huge.
But on a Dell the drivers will only be different on a very few theing.s
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I have encountered a problem when I have tried to burn music to cd r. The drive will play music ok- so no problem there. However when I try to burn some tracks it will only record about 10 seconds. I will then get an error message saying that my cd is dirty or may be recording at wrong speed. Have tried other speeds without any success also tried downloading latest version of window media and closed all other applications that may have caused even a remote problem. Can anyone help or have any suggestions how to fix this problem?

A:Can't Burn music to cd

Is this a laptop or a desktop computer.
It seems as if your CD drive is worn out of alignment. Either the read laser or the write laser is out of whack or it is just worn out. How old is the drive?
Burners last about a year, on average... less, if used a lot. It is easier and cheaper to replace them, than to fix them.
If you are in a dusty climate, you can remove the bottom from the burner, and use Dust Off or other canned air with difluoroethane gas to clean the unit. Do not touch the laser... just blow dust out of the drive.
There are some utilities that will reset the burner on some models. Do a Gurgle search for your brand and model.
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hello i need help very bad i have just installed nero on my Please 8 help Nero with pc i had nero befor i use it most for making dvd s with videos i have downloaded for youtube on nero i had no problems doing this i would go to make a dvd and then add them each Please help with Nero 8 one at a time or many my problem is im doing the same thing on nero but and i mean the big problem is when i go to play the dvd after each video it goes back to the menu it wont play all of them one after another i Please help with Nero 8 cant get it and am going totally mad on nero i never had this problem on the start menu i would press play and away it would go playing all titles without stopping just wont do it on nero just back to menu after playing one video anyone that can help me i would be so greatful im sure its just something simple but i cant find it i am on windows vista on a laptop befor i was on windows xp on a desktop have nero on both now and its the same thing on the two of them please help thank you nbsp

A:Please help with Nero 8

Nero 8 has all sorts of problems in Vista. Vista has it's own movie maker. Play with it a little and see if it will work for you. Delete Nero 8 and revert back to Nero 6 if you can. Make sure you copy of Vista is updated to SP1
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I ve only found one reference to my problem and that was on this site in the wrong forum I haven t found any answers though My IBM laptop has decided it doesn t want to boot anymore Instead I get an error message after it tests the memory and reports the KB s OK In testing the components from the dialog box that opens I get an quot DEV quot quot ERR quot quot FRU quot message when testing the systemboard and testing the memory causes the machine to freeze up boot anymore error, 127 won't IBM 600 Everything else tests OK The situation is the same regardless of whether I use the onboard battery or the AC adapter It s the same regardless of whether I use the HD or my emergency boot floppy I ve replaced the CMOS battery and reset the date and time The machine is identified as type - U serial number -KNR The platform once booted is Win SE The bios is IBET WW and the CPU is a Pentium II at mHz The motherboard is model number FC I m going to IBM 600 127 error, won't boot anymore keep poking at the problem but I d sure appreciate it if someone could give me a leg up on what to look for Thanks in advance nbsp

A:IBM 600 127 error, won't boot anymore

This is nearly always a sofware error, meaning requested procedure cannot be found or is caused by very big file tables The size of the data file is actually the main culprit.
But you can see it in a PC when the hard drive becomes defective, or memory goes awry.
This is a serious error requiring some real work. Test your memory and hard drive in an enclosure or another machine.
If the hard drive is older than two years, consider replacing the drive and rescuing the data from the old drive in a USB enclosure.
But since you have already tried everything, you can learn from the Thinkpad forums that old 600, 600E, (not so much 600X) boards fail, and give this error as they do... or the cpu fails... check the fan on your cpu to be sure it is able to cool.
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Hey guys! I have a problem with a DVD drive. Its a SONY DVD RW DW-Q120A and i should be able to burn DVDs but i cant! Im currently using Nero 7 Premium and have no problem burning CDs. I download a lot using bittorrent so instead of keeping everything on my hard disk i was thinking of burning them all on DVDs and here is my problem. A little help would be appreciated :/

A:Cant burn DVDs!

How old is the drive. How much use has it had?
Optical drives are famous for early failures. DVD drives seldom last a year... much less if heavily used. Sony drives are not known for reliability.
Replacing the driver for $25 to $35 is probably an easier choice than trying to fix that one. Plextor, Yamaha, Samsung, LG and LiteOn are all more reliable for DVD burning than that Sony.
Three laser circuits to burn out or go out of alignment. Drive belts and wheels to wear or slip. When you stop using your Sony, tear it apart to see how much there is to fail from heat or wear.
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I just built a new computer about months Can't Boot anymore PC ago or so It has run fine up until this point It started with BSOD s but reinstalling windows fixed that and Can't Boot PC anymore I have had problems since This morning I turned on my computer and all it showed was a black screen no intiial beep before loading windows like it usually does I restart the computer and this time i get the beep but it just sits on the menu where it Can't Boot PC anymore shows the stats of my computer hardware also the menu where I enter bios It freezes at this point and theres nothing I can do I try entering bios nothing Restart computer exact same problem I gave it an hour or so and went back and now i m at the origional problem I turn it on and it just sits there without loading video without beeping and without the possibilty to get into bios It was running perfectly fine the night before I didnt install anything new or mess with any hardware Any ideas nbsp

A:Can't Boot PC anymore

seems I always seem to figure it out after posting here, and its always something stupid.

Somehow my USB external hard drive had fried either at that moment, or somehow magically last night. I tried to see if there was some sort of hardware problem and booted up the PC with just the PSU plugged in. I heard the beep. Excited i plugged in the monitor, windows was loading. after i plugged everything in I see the error "Windows was unable to recognize USB device" I restart my computer and it freezes on BIOS. Unplug the external HD, unfrozen. Going to leave the post up for anyone that just happens to come across a similar problem, but for me...issue solved.
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I'm using windows xp home.

A couple of the pictures in my slide show are too big I guess. I did reduce the size of one pic to 250x199 and things are lost at the top and bottom. Another picture is 560x420 and on the sides I lose some stuff that goes over the edge of my TV when I play the DVD.

So reducing the pics didnt seem to help.

Then I right clicked on pics in the timeline, and selected Crop. That seems like its supposed to help me make the pic fit the TV screen, but no luck.

What am I doing wrong?

When I watch the slide show using the Nero play and view screen, the pictures are fine, but on a burned DVD, afew pics are too big.


A:Nero 7 Ultra slide show - pictures dont fit

Download Google's Picasa 2 and install it. Let it load the original pics and export them through Picasa at a fixed resolution to a file. From this exported file, burn another DVD and see if the pictures play properly
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Hello all I hope someone may be able to shed some light on this problem as I have been unable to figure it out unless the drive is defective of course I just got the drive and have been unable to get it to complete any discs I m using verbatim DVD R media and made all coasters so far I wanted to see if I could troubleshoot it before deciding to send it back burn sticking process LG during DVD-RAM to newegg for a replacement to see if it s just a dud The first burn failed and since then it won t get above before just sticking there I ve used nero smartstart alcohol nero cd dvd speed and LG DVD-RAM sticking during burn process tried lowering the burn speed with no success Here is the log dump from alcohol Dumping Recording Progress Log Time stamp of this log file AM Processor info AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor x MHz Memory Available to Windows KB Memory Buffer size MB Image file loading C Fedora- -x -DVD iso DVD Source Info Session Track Length GB H HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH NS Recording Method Speed Recording - DAO - X KB Sec H HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH NS - Media format DVD R H HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH NS - Write ERROR LBA Length S KEY - - quot No Additional Sense Information quot H HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH LG DVD-RAM sticking during burn process NS Recording failed Image file loading aborted Something is wrong with the recording procedure Please check the log file and report any errors to Technical Support Doesn t really say much as far as I can LG DVD-RAM sticking during burn process see but maybe someone else can spot something It will read discs fine by the way I ve tried different images with the same result The drive will keep spinning until I m forced to do a hard reset I m really tempted to just rma it with newegg for a new one The two pictures attached are from Nero cd dvd speed where it hung and the disc info nbsp

A:LG DVD-RAM sticking during burn process

The drive is defective, replace it
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Just wondering. I've actually never installed a dvd burner on my pc, but I got a used one and I have a cd burner that's on the blink that I'd like to switch out. I also have a cd player installed, so I'd still be able to play cds. Anyway, just wondering if I can use the dvd burner to burn cds and dvds.

A:Can you burn cds with a dvd burner?

Yes, pretty sure. I have a Pioneer 20x DVD-RW and it plays, burns and erases all forms of CD and DVD. Even though it's called a DVD drive, it's really just a CD-ROM with DVD features added kinda thing.

Unless you've got some form of DVD only drive, which I sincerely doubt.