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Computer no longer burning viewable video

Q: Computer no longer burning viewable video

Hi there I recently had an issue with my PC where I was getting BSOD s and lots of headaches Thanks to viewable no burning Computer longer video Route we managed to work out what the problem was but not before I had done various things to the PC in an attempt to get it to work The original thread is here http www techspot com vb showthread php p post I hope I m allowed to post links - please delete and accept my apologies if not The PC is now working fine however now whenever I burn a video file whether it be a data avi file or a wmv the file on the disc plays with perfect audio but a very pixilated image which turns what s on the screen into a negative or in some Computer no longer burning viewable video cases just freezes I m using the same burning software Computer no longer burning viewable video as before Nero with the same DVD burners x HP DVD Writer d H Computer no longer burning viewable video and x Sony DVD-Rw AW-G a the same operating system Windows XP and the same DVD s and CD-Rs sony but the issue is still occurring I did not have this issue before and had been burning avi files happily for many moons I ve tried updating the nero drivers but had the most up to date version anyway for my serial number I ve tried different discs burning at slower speeds making original avi files but nothing seems to be making a difference I ve even had the side off the machine and made sure all the plugs are connecting a to b correctly Has anyone had a similar problem The files on my computer play perfectly it s only when I burn them to a disc and try to play them on either the PC or on my divx player that they go wrong I have tried to attach a clip of the original file and then a clip from the burnt dvd as zip files to give you an example of the quality difference but the files are too large to upload Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Many thanks in advance for your help Hi again we ve tried to do some detective work ourselves and changed the cable to the cd burners it didn t work We tried burning onto a different burner but still playback is pixilated and unviewable We tried uninstalling and reinstalling Nero it didn t work We tried uninstalling nero and installing CDburnerXP it didn t work I m all out of things to try now Does anyone else have any suggestions Happy to run checks etc and post them if anyone is willing to take a look for us Please help Many thanks nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Computer no longer burning viewable video

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Computer no longer burning viewable video

I may have missed this, but how old are your burners? It sounds like you need new ones. The average is 3-5 years, but I know people who have had them last longer.
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My Kodak camera makes video with mov as its extension. the windows media player or real player don't support mov files. I am trying to make my video viewable to any kind of computers. My computer has QuickTime and it supports mov files. However, not everyone's computer has QuickTime.

How do I convert mov files into some kind of universal files that every computer must have it and can view it?

Any other ways to do it? Thanks

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I've recently got a 5 pack of memorex high speed CD-RWs now i use CD-RWs allot to transfer data from here to my other computer which is without internet atm but i always use Nero's full erase disk option.

But now, I just had to open my 3rd disk because 2 of them aren't working anymore! There not showing up as free space disk's and both NERO and Windows basic burning service wont burn them Windows is even saying that i need to put in a disk first before burning

Theres not a scratch on both of the disc's and i cant figure out whats going on. can these disk's be saved or are they done? Thank you.

WinXP SP2 ver. 2002 OEM
Intel Pentium 3 processor
601 Mhz 512 Ram

(yeah i know its a grandpa compared to todays modern super computers but its still going strong)

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Hello Fairly new to this so probably best if I post my system Solved: no burning longer DVDs spec to get the ball rolling Currently using an Acer Aspire laptop running Windows Vista -bit Intel Core Duo Processor Solved: DVDs no longer burning T GHz MHz FSB MB L cache GB DDR DVD-Super Multi DL Left a few bits out but those pieces of information appear to be the most relevant The issue I am having is in burning movies to DVDs - I used to do it all the time had no issues in the past Simply stick a DVD in the drive open up Windows DVD Maker figured it was a good idea to say which piece of software I was using and hit Burn As I said previously I ve had no issues with this Always worked fine and played perfectly on both stand alone DVD players laptops and an xbox However just recently I can t seem to get them to burn Movie files I ve previously been successful with will no longer burn either so that ruled out the possiblity that just my recent movies we not burning The error message being display when trying to add to be burnt is as followed quot files were successfully added file could not be added The file Directory FileName avi is not valid or is corrupted quot The majority of files are in avi format I also downloaded a converter to convert them to mpeg and mpeg when converted they did not give off the error message when added but would remain on after clicking burn That s pretty much the issue not installed removed any programs recently to knowledge that would change anything Have also tried to include as much detail as possible in hope that someone may have an answer solution Any help would be greatly appreciated Regards Chris nbsp

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Hi Tech Guys,

Up until recently i have been able to burn movies & music using my Laptop with either Nero 7 Essentials or DVD SHrink, then out of the blue i get this error message during a burning process about 5mins into it:-

Device not available

Could not perform end of Disc-at-once

Burn process failed at 8x (11,080 KBs)

Also, when i last opened itunes i got a similar related error/warning:

itunes drivers for importing & burning CD's & DVD's are missing. This can happen as a result of installing other CD burning software. Please reinstall itunes.

I havnt tried that yet as i was scared i may loose all of my songs in my itunes library.
I cant remember ever installing other CD burning software to cause this problem so i am at a loss.

PLease help me !!


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Greetings Hopefully this is the right forum for this topic Had great luck and help earlier this year with a Spyware problem thanks to quot Da Chew quot I am running XP pro with SP Norton system works A couple of weeks ago I contacted a quot bloodhound quot virus that infected my registry I used the latest Maleware bytes version and cleaned it up no issues But days later when I tied longer drives no or DVD see's any CD burning Any software to burn a CD my Nero software would not see any CD or DVD drives on my PC not sure if the virus clean did anything or if this is just coincidence I have Sonic Record now also this software does not see my drives either But my PC see s the drives fine Can read and play discs no problem I went into device manger and tried to detect new hardware no change I did try to reinstall Nero still does not see any CD or Any burning software no longer see's any CD or DVD drives DVD drives I even did the Nero quot clean quot and then tried to re-install I installed no new hardware or software except the Malwarebytes update I have heard there might be some type of quot filter quot fix in the registry that may fix this but am unsure exactly what needs to be done I also read somewhere that by disconnecting any USB devices from my PC then re-booting would help This helped to get my CD drive back for a bit but not my DVD drive but as soon as everything is plugged back in and you re-start my drives once again will not be recognized by my burning software Can anyone provide me with a good permanent fix for this issue I make tons of CD s and DVD s quot Chewy quot are you out there You helped me tons last time around Thanks

A:Any burning software no longer see's any CD or DVD drives

Reference material:Upper & Lowe Filters - Upper & Lower Filters - Upper and Lower Filters. CD-ROM 314060 - Louis
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Not sure what I did, (I download things constantly and make changes frequently) but now when I insert a blank CD there is no response at all as opposed to before when a prompt would ask what action I wanted to take. I checked that the IMAPI service is enabled (manual) and enable burning on this device is checked. I have also uninstalled the CD Drive and let Windows XP Pro reinstall it several times. Any ideas?

Sony CRX160E/A1
Windows XP Pro SP2

A:CD Burning no longer starts when I insert a blank CD

This might have been done by your AV or malware tools
Ever since the autorun induced virus, it is being widely recommended to turn off the autorun function.
Some tools have been doing this automatically
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Good morning all got a problem with my laptop i recently tried to burn a cd and in no matter what program i use says something wrong with disc etc etc and burns a small amount and out pops the tray.
However I can still burn DVDs so I'm confused any help much appreciated.

Its Equium A100- 306 model running xp

A:Equium A100 - CD no longer burning but DVD still burn

In my opinion optical disc drive is defective and there is problem with lens calibration.

Anyway, have you cleaned up the lens?
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I am using Nero 8 (store bought version) due to all the neat DVD burning features and software included in the program. I have been using it with my Memorex 16x DVD Rewriter for a long time now to great effect until the last couple months or so. Now it seems everytime I use Nero Vision or any of the DVD writing tools to try to burn video onto a DVD I always get an error close to the end of the burning process. This is driving me nuts. I really want to be able to make my own DVDs. I have tried different types of DVD-Rs, etc. to no avail. I have attached one of the newest error logs from Nero below so maybe hopefully it will give a clue as to what is happening.

Thanks in advance!

A:Memorex DVD rewriter not burning DVDs with Nero 8 any longer

I also tonight upgraded my Nero to version 9 to see if that would help but it has not. I still cannot burn a DVD. In addition, I cannot seem to burn using just the Windows Vista burning options either. I am starting to think I need to buy a new DVD Rewriter.

Please help!
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I made a 15 minute video with my digital camera. I can now view the video and other pictures that I took that day through Picasa (by Google). Well, one day I was watching the video and by accident I clicked on "start here" or "stop here", I am now sure or I possible rotated the video. At any rate, the video no longer plays. I would really like to have this video restored as it was taken at my friend's funeral!

A:Video no longer plays

What antivirus-antispyware programs do you use? Is you system free of virus or other malware infections?
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All of the sudden, whenever I try to watch a movie online, or a youtube video, or anything like that, it takes a painful long time to load even thirty seconds of the video, and then stops and takes 5 minutes for the next thirty seconds. This has never happened before, videos usually buffer faster than I can watch them and all is good. It's not a connection problem, or a high traffic problem, as other computers hooked up to the same connection do perfectly fine.

I have tried deleting all cookies, resetting the router, and I did a virus scan, and nothing helped

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Hi all i purchased a copy of " Its a Wonderful Life" and i have it saved on my desktop, but i need to burn it to a DVD i have sonic, and burn my files -burning programs
What i am doing here is legal because i paid 19.99 for the video online and i want to make 1 copy of it on a dvd for my family to watch, how do i burn it? i tried with brun my files, but whenever i try to play it my SDVD player says ERROR
any ideas?

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I have downloaded a lot of video from my flip video camera to my computer. I have tried every way I know to burn these to a dvd, and the best I could get was the video burned as a slide show with no sound. I am using dvd+r discs. How can i get these videos burned in the easiest way possible with sound? I also have i-tunes if that helps. Please help!!

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i have this avi movie on my desktop and i want to burn it onto a dvd to watch into my dvd player. the file is in xvid format and uses nero digital audio files. when i use nero vision express 3 to burn them onto a dvd, it transcodes them ok and burns them ok but when i play the dvd on my pc, only the video shows. any ideas? thanks

A:DVD Video and burning

plays fine in dvd player so ,sorted
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I use studio 8. And I can not burn anything to a DVD. When I try to reinstall the program it says that there are 2 files missing. What do I do?

A:Video burning

Is this a registered copy of Studio 8?
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I have a Aspire E1-572 laptop with a Matshita DVD RAM UJ8E2Q DVD drive and pinnacle studio 18 editing program, My video will render and burn to a normal 4.7gig DVD+R, But wont burn to a DVD DL,
anyone got any idea will be grateful thanks

A:Burning a video to DL DVD

Here is the list of supported media for that drive.
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I'm trying to burn a DVD img file with serveral peices of software and nothing is working. I know the image is good, I viewed it with Alcohol in virtual drive. I have tried Nero, IMG Burn, DVDFab, and a few others. It completes successfully but when I view the disc only the menu works the movie is broken up with mpeg blocking and will not play sufficiently. I also tried it in my x32 machine as well and it did the same thing... What am I doing wrong?

A:Burning Video IMG in x64

Dvd Decrypter is always my tool of choice for burning images, never fails.
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I am using Pinnacles editing suite for video and have burned a movie to a dvd but didn't finalise it and want to now add more movies to the same dvd but the burning section informs me that the exsisting movies on the dvd will be erased. There is room on the dvd for the additional video, can any one help me please?
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hey im trying to learn how to burn video dvds i have all kinds of converters so any video type video to burning new is possable is there a way new to video burning i can take a movie dvd and copy some of new to video burning the files out of it vob im guessing because they seem to be the main movie part and then burn them to a dvd r disk so i can play it in a dvd player is there a way i can do this with out buying nero or other store bought burners i have infarecorder burning software is their a special format i must put all the files in first and is their a program i must use to make the files smaller befor burning because most movies are more than gigs this is for my own personal back up of a few of my dvds feel free to explain in high detail for the prossess i am fairly skilled in most computer aspects thank you

A:new to video burning

Use the program DVD Shrink. This program will allow you to remove certain menu files and just get the movie.I don't think the movie will play if you just take out certain chapters though. Shrink will save it as a DVD format (Video_TS and Audio_TS) and shrink it to the 4.7 GB size.
In Infrarecorder: For the project select "Video Disc". Then place the complete VIDEO_TS folder into the Disc layout window.
Check the size of the disc in the status bar of infrarecorder.
Then burn the disc via "Actions"->"Burn compilation"->"to a Compact Disc" and make sure you select the right drive.
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Hey guys, I'm running Windows 10 Pro here.

I just created a DVD I want to play on a friend's DVD player using the app 'DVD Flick' and it's created 2 folders: "VIDEO_TS" and "AUDIO_TS", but I don't know how to put them onto a DVD...?

I don't want to use a 3rd party app so what's the best way to do this so the DVD will work on a DVD player?

A:Burning DVD Video to DVD-R?

You would burn the files to DVD from within DVDFlick.
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I am using an older computer with Windows 98 and WMP 7.1 Up until about a month age I was albe to play streaming video which was embedded in a web page, I can no longer do so. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the issue could be?

A:WMP 7.1 no longer will play streaming video

you might want to check the media players codecs they could be out of date. a lot of changes have gone by since media player 7 windows media player 11 is the big one now.
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I have been running a BFG GTX card on a Windows Vista Home Premium machine for about Drivers Longer Video Working No months A couple of days ago the video card stopped sending output to the monitor monitor says No Signal during boot up I get through the Bios fine and even the Microsoft Corporation bit but it fails after that at what I would guess is the point it loads the NVidia drivers The computer continues to boot but at this point I have no video Pressing the power switch once takes the computer through a normal shutdown I can load in Safe Mode and when I disable the NVidia drivers I can even load in regular mode and can run the monitor up to the maximum resolution allowed by the vanilla drivers However everytime I enable the NVidia drivers it fails I have downloaded the latest drivers from NVidia but still no help I even tried swapping the video card with an Video Drivers No Longer Working identical card from a friend and still no luck Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Video Drivers No Longer Working

Have you tried to uninstall the nVidia drivers in Control Panel...Programs...Uninstall a program? Have you uninstalled the video card from Device Manager (type "devmgmt.msc" after clicking the Start button)?

Reboot and then try to reinstall the newly downloaded drivers (Opt out of any "Found New Hardware" dialogs).
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After a series of updates one of which must have been at issue ALL of my conversion software applications now fail to convert any files The programs load properly but that is followed by various issues all work video longer converters no depending on the app Tipard will load load video files and start to convert but immediately fail upon starting the conversion process Handbrake will load but locks up on loading a file any file regardless of length at the mark MakeMKV won't load at all VLC randomly crashes or refuses to play videos music or anything after an undetermined amount of time all video converters no longer work My FTP software no longer loads its settings files and scripts And an annoyance all of a sudden all my icons have little green check marks on them Windows Professional x Version Build AMD FX X GB ram Tipard Blu-Ray Converter Version No message just an icon notice See photo handbrake x Preset Export Failed Unable to load in Presets Please restart HandBrake No additional exception information available upon startup Added files freeze all video converters no longer work program at mark MakeMKV no idea what version won't load at all Paint won't save any files anymore See same photo

A:all video converters no longer work

Can you try going into Control Panel>Programs and Features, find that one and click on it, select CHANGE and then select REPAIR?

Edit: The green check marks could be from Norton, Carbonite, or OneDrive.
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So, I recently reinstalled Win XP on my machine and for some reason the S-Video to my tv no longer works.

I get a picture but it's greyscale and can't hold the image still. The picture scrolls vertically down my screen in a really ugly flicker. I have no idea what would be causing it.

I've tried upgrading my videocard drivers to the newest Omega set but it didn't change anything. I even tried a new cable but that didn't do anything either.

My system is an AMD Athlon 64 3400+, with 1 gig of RAM. My card's an ATI Radeon 9700.

I am now using Win XP Pro 32 bit edition (I BELIEVE)'s all that I could get my hands on at the time. Evenstill, I don't really get why that would be causing the issue.

Anyone have anything else I might try testing out? I hate having to watch stuff on my laptop.

A:Solved: S-Video out no longer working...

Wow, for some reason switching it to NTSC in my output options helped. :\

Whatever, the picture is clearer than ever and I'm a happy boy. Thanks everyone, crisis averted!
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Hello, I'm new to this forum and not sure that I'm posting in the right area, but my problem does have to do with the most recent Windows Update mentioned above. On Tuesday, 05/12/15 I was able to watch streaming video from Amazon Prime in IE 11 on my Windows 7 Professional computer. This morning, after Windows Update, I can no longer watch streaming video in IE 11, as Amazon Prime informs me that I need to have Javascript Enabled in my browser. I checked and Javascript is enabled! Any advice?

A:can no longer watch streaming video in IE 11

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I'd see if it worked in ie10
If you choose to Uninstall ie9-10-11 see this,
Internet Explorer 10 - Install or Uninstall in Windows 7

See a video here Uninstall three versions of ie in about three minutes,

Internet Explorer 9 - Uninstall

Windows Update Settings - Change

Windows Update - Hide or Restore Hidden Updates
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I just finished doing a repair reinstallation of Windows XP SP1. When it was done, for some reason my video card doesn't work any more; i.e. games don't run, can't use 1152x768 resolution, etc. I've tried reinstalling the detonator drivers from nVidia's website, but that didn't help. I checked the hardware manager and noticed that the "display adapter" entry is missing. I've tried manually adding it through the 'add new hardware' wizard, but it didn't fix anything.

Ideas? =(

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I have a laptop running Vista Home Premium & I am making a holiday movie DVD using Ulead Video Studio 11. I've used this software many times before successfully on a PC but now I would prefer to use my new laptop as the PC is old and unreliable. The rendering is complete and the .avi file is ready for burning but this final burning step just won't work - nothing happens when I click on the "Burn" button. In the end I gave up and finished the DVD using Windows Movie Maker but the outcome is not nearly as professional as what I get when using Ulead, eg chapters, menus, lead-ins etc. Is there some setting on the laptop that I may have overlooked regarding burning DVDs? Any help would really be appreciated.

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Hey fellas,

Hope someone can explain this for me.
I sometimes go to to download a video, then after, burn the video onto a CD-R. Simple procedure and it worked.
When I play it back on my DVD Player, it comes up as a VCD file and plays fine.

Now, all of a sudden, they are coming up as DVD files and will play the video but there is no sound!
Why would this change take place all of a sudden? And why the change in file formatting?
I'm using the same CD Burner and same DVD Player.

A:Burning Video question

What program are you using to burn your CD videos? Someone may have changed the recording/burning settings without you knowing. Check them.
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Hi everybody,
I've got this problem on my DVD Writer SAMSUNG WRITEMASTER S-182D since moving to Windows Vista (on XP work perfectly and don't tell me to downgrade because I already love Vista)..

Problem Detail:
The Video is skip frames (every 2 seconds) on the rest of the movie but no problem with the audio in DVD Player or PC.

I've tried many popular DVD Burning Softwares and CD/DVD medias.
Why this problem occur and how to solve this problem?
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I m trying to help my yr old grandson with the following video problem on Windows He s trying to convert VHS tapes to DVD with the Diamond Wonder HD device He s now got a bunch of mpg files which per their spec are mpeg and he s got two problems He can not play his videos on Windows Media Player while I can he s got Win Pro and I have Enterprise free trial We have virtually identical machines same GByte mobo Burning Win7 with video same E processor same RAM just different optical drives and hard drives I know that WMP is not supposed to play mpg but should play mpeg right I have not knowingly installed any special codecs but I DO HOWEVER have Nero which may be sharing codecs with WMP My grandson does NOT have Nero Does he need Nero or an optional mpeg codec We both have WMP How do you burn DVD video under Win without rd party s w The discs he s burned under Windows simply contain the mpg file which will not play on a DVD drive However I was able to somehow burn an mpg to DVD video vob files some weeks ago but forget how I did it and now my Win partition is trashed so can t experiment further I get mixed messages from Win The help file says you need rd party s w to burn DVD video but Windows DVD Maker implies Burning video with Win7 you can do it and again I did it once and the disc played on my TV DVD drive I was not able to burn existing vob files to DVD however It seemed to work but the disc was blank All suggestions welcomed nbsp
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hi.i am trying to burn a movie file to a blank dvd.but all i am getting is a grey screen.i have tried different types of dvd rw but get the same results.

A:burning a video file to dvd

What format is the video file and what software and method are you using to burn it?
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I have run into a problem in trying to burn video from my computer files to a DVD-R disc.
I am using Arcsoft Medianimpression for Kodak software and have just downloaded "Free Studio DVD Burner, version 3.1.1 build 305" software today.
I selcted the videos that I wanted to burn and followed the instructions to burn them to a disc but the burner software will not accept the DVD disc. It rejects it and repeats a message to "insert disc in drive"
My computer has both an "E" drive and a "D" drive but neither one is receptive.
What am I missing in this procedure?

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i'm using Roxio MyDVD to burn video files to watch on a DVD player..

however, when i tried to add this video file into the menu, an error popped out saying 'Could not make a thumbnail. Make sure you have the appropriate decoder installed.'

does anyone know what decode ris required and where i can download this decoder?

also, is it possible to add this video without the thumbnail image on the menu since i don't have the decoder?

any help is appreciated, thanks..

A:Burning video files to DVD

I'm not familiar with Roxio, but I believe you are going to have to have the decoder to get it to go on the DVD and be viewable on a dvd player. What seems odd here is without that decoder on your system you wouldn't be able to watch the video at all (and I assume you can since you want to burn it).

There is a program called gspot that is free that will tell you what codec is needed for the video file, so that might be a place to start until someone that knows Roxio better comes along.
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Yo i have got a movie on my computer, how do i write it to a dvd-r using nero.. i should know how to do this but i dont as when i go to add it, it asks to add VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS files

Do i need nero vision express to do this?

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Hi, i have a Verbatim 4x DVD-RW disc and i want to put anime on it, One Piece. I tried putting on one episode but it didnt work with AVS VIDEO CONTROLLER. I read the online guide but i don't understand it, the file was One Piece 230.avi. Im not sure what to enter in here. I wanted to watch this on my DVD player, so do i have to convert them to DVD files then burn them on NERO essentials or vision?Please help?
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I am able to burn very small amounts of video on my computer, but I have a home movie that is about 45 mins long and I get an error message that the disk doesn't have enough memory. The disks I am using are 2 hours. Any help?

A:Burning Home Video

What program are you using to record video?
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Any idea what would be the best way to burn video onto a cd to send to Australia ?
I would be sending to my mother-inlaw and various relatives. I'm just not sure what format is most common there - mpeg ? avi ?
and is there anything different in the cd standard ?

any advise would be welcome.


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I have tried many times to burn some You Tube video's to a DVD so I can watch it on regular TV. How is this done? Are there any free programs available to do this? Thank you.

A:Burning You Tube Video's to DVD?

May we assume that you have already downloaded the videos from Youtube?
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Using a Windows Xp media center cpu, I have been unable to capture the audio from my home movies using Movie Maker. Where it prompts me to select an audio imput device and where I am supposed to set the audio level, these fields are gray and not available. I have an analog vcr hooked up to the cpu with a cable and can record the video in Media Center as "recorded tv". Doing that, I do get the audio but don't know how to send it to Movie Maker for editing.

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Hi, I recently use my camcorder for family video I now like to burn it
on a dvd format but I don't have any idea how to do this :slurp: .

A:burning a family video on dvd, help.

What kind of camera are you using? Does it record to miniDV tapes, an internal HDD or cards? You'll need a software program on your PC to capture and encode your raw footage and the a DVD burner to make the actual disk.

As an example (and I'm a noob at this too so bare with me):

I have a Canon ZR400 video camera that records on miniDV tapes. I hook up the camera to my PC through a Firewire (ieee 1394a) connection and capture the video using Roxio Media Creator (note: Firewire is required to capture the video because you must capture at real time ie. 1 hour of footage takes 1 hour to download to PC, and you need the throughput of Firwire. USB isn't wide enough). Roxio basically controls the camera as it downloads the video to my PC and encodes it for editing. The miniDV tape is reusable but I never record on a tape more than once as I use them as my permanent archive.

After the capture is complete I open another program inside Roxio Media Creator called DVD Builder and start to edit the raw footage I just downloaded. When I'm happy I put a blank DVD R in the burner and tell Roxio to "Burn a DVD"). It defaults to NTFS format for US players but you can specify PAL for overseas. When complete it will play in any DVD player.

The raw footage and other stuff is stored on the HDD of the PC. These take up a lot a space so a lrge HDD is a necessity. Also, I'd suggest that, at a minimum, you have a 2.6GHZ level CPU (AMD 2600 minimum), 1GB of RAM, a 6600/800 level video card and 80GB HDD. 3.0GHZ (or equivalent AMD) level CPU, 2GB of RAM, 6800 video card and 160GB HDD are preferred. Also, for many digital video camera a firwire connection is required. You can get a PCI card with firewire embedded for $15 at Newegg.
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I would like to burn dvd movies to cd, however being such large files like 700mb it says that there is insufficient space on blank cd. How can I use 2 cd's instead of 1? I know this has been done but don't know how to do it. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, Neesh

A:burning video cd's - Nero

well, if its 700mb, 700mb cd-rs do exist, so u can try 1 of those. NOTE: if ur burner is a little older, it might not support/recognize 700mb cd's. also, there are programs that can split ur video files into 2 parts. i think there might be a program called AV split or smething that does it. i'd search here: for progs. u might want to try and type in video files, or av split, or split, or something like that. and i also have a program, called peck's power join, which can take the 2 parts and combine them again if u want. i dunno the url for it, but search for it on google or something. k, hope this helps
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I've seen my dad do it many times before (He can't help me atm). Basically i've got 26 or so files that are about 170MB each. How would I go about converting them to one DVD so I can watch them on my DVD player?

Like I said i've seen my dad do it a long time ago so don't say it's impossible. They need to all fit on one DVD and have a chapter for each file.

Please help! Thanks in advance.

Relevancy 45.58%

Hi there
iam using nero 8 ultra
i have films i want to burn as a dvd that most stand alone dvd players would play
but i am not sure at all how to do this .

i managed to do one but it only picks it upon the dvd player on the PC and not the other ones . the other ones usually pick back-up / copies dvds
please help

A:help burning to dvd from avi and other video files

Does the process of using Nero Vision seem to go right through without any problems or errors or warnings? You could try transcoding the files ahead of time to DVD-compatible MPEG-2 files and try burning at a slower speed on Verbatim DVD discs and see if that helps.
You could also download DVDFlick ( and see if that program suceeds at the task as a troubleshooter for Nero. Or you might like DVDFlick so much better you use that all the time instead if it does work.
Relevancy 45.58%


I have several funny video clips that I want to burn to disk... I was wondering what type of disk I need and if I can burn it on my current drive that I burn Cd's and pictures with, or if I need a DVD burner?


A:Burning Video clips

The type of disk you need is up to you. You can use a DVD if you have a lot of video clips, or use a CD (or multiple CDs) if you don't have enough to fill a DVD or that you don't have a DVD drive. Note that most video clip formats cannot be played on standalone DVD players and can only be viewed on a computer.
Relevancy 45.58%

My dvd writer came with Sonic myDVD authoring software. I have been able to write files to a DVD using EasyCDCreator fine but when I try and write a video DVD of files I have got from the web it imports them but when I try to write them it says they are incompatible!

Do you know of any other good DVD Writing software that lets you record video DVDs
and will these DVDs be able to be viewed on a home DVD player

I use DVD+R discs


A:Burning Video DVDs

Does it say why they're incompatible?

Check out the burning software from
Relevancy 45.58%

I have gone through many video cards in the last years All of them have died from overheating starting with artifacts on the screen I thought this might be from a lack of proper cards? up burning my video What's cooling so I have upgraded it quite a bit I replaced my last card with a GTX that just burnt up after months I put a friends card in and the heat started up right away this time Could this be my motherboard I don t do very demanding video I stream Hulu What's burning up my video cards? and Netflix a lot Play a few games but not even on max settings Cooling is good it s the card itself that starts heating up I need to replace whatever is causing this fast and I am on an extremely tight budget My parts Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz ABIT AB Pro LGA Intel P Express ATX Intel Motherboard G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Acer AL Wbd Black quot ms Widescreen LCD Monitor W What's burning up my video cards? Acer Earthwatts PSU nbsp

Relevancy 45.58%

Over the last month I have tried to find a way to convert some of my mkv files to avi After a lot of work and headaches I finally found something that works Actually it was proposed to me by a certain member here HitSquad It s called AlltoAvi You can find it at Source Forge Anyways I used this on four of my videos and it worked perfectly I m very pleased with the result but now I d like to be able to put these files all on discs so I don t have to use up so much space for them anymore I tried to burn a trial CD in VCD format with my Nero burner of some of the contents Well when I put it in my Questions Video Burning other computer all I could get was the audio to play Burning Video Questions and not the video I then tried to just make a data disc of the same thing and I got exactly the same problems As a last ditch effort I also tried a DVD player which also failed I knew that last one wouldn t work but I just had to check Did I do something wrong If so what How would you suggest making this work The original files were mkv and I did convert them to avi successfully I m positive of this I m also sure my burner on here works without a hitch The video players I used were VLC Divx The Core Media Player and Windows Media I m open to just about any suggestions Thank you for your time

A:Burning Video Questions

Hi Sabrams.You are most likely just missing the proper video codec on the system that will only play the audio portion of the file. Comparing your installed codecs between the two systems via Control Panel is the easiest way to determine which one you may need. I'm not a big fan of codec "packages" and prefer to install only the codecs I need. You could also try the GSpot Codec Appliance but it is a bit dated. The developer is working on an updated version but who knows when it will be ready. Use it on the problem machine, not the one that the file plays ok on. It will tell you what codecs the avi needs and if the machine is missing it. Like I said, it's a bit dated but may work anyway.
Relevancy 45.58%

What program can I use to take over 2 hours of video files and burn them into a DVD? I tried using Nero but it won't allow me to do it as they need to be in DVD format already (vob or other files like that)


Relevancy 45.58%

Any good program suggestions? Just need it for a one time thing so any good free trial would be a plus

A:Burning Video Files to DVD

Look for the free program "dvdflick".
Relevancy 45.58%

I need help with trying to burn a video to a disc.what kind of disc do i need?whenever i try to burn it says that video is to can i shrink them?how do i use nero?on a dvd+r how can i make it hold 3or more movies?how can i lengthen the disc space?thank you.please help!

A:Need help with burning a video to a disc

What kind of burner are you using and what version of nero?
Relevancy 45.15%

I have a DVR, connected into my network at work!
But I need to see it from an outside connection...

I read about port forwarding and have gone through the steps, but still I didn't succeed! port 8081 is what I put for web port on my DVR port 5445 is also on my DVR it only says Port: 5445

I connect to my cameras on the local network through Network Client, by putting:

Port: 5445
Protocol: TCP
Password: XXXX

How can I connect to the camera's from outside after I completed the port forwarding?

Relevancy 45.15%

A Not Viewable Images few months ago I was toying with my display settings stupid thing to do by right clicking quot properties quot on the desktop then I monkeyed with the quot effects quot and quot advanced quot settings under the quot appearance quot tab After I saved and closed the dialog box I decided the results were unsatisfactory and tried to return to the default settings Unfortunately I can t seem to get it done - at least completely - which has caused me no end of grief since some graphics will not display on my programs - especially IE and Images Not Viewable Firefox Virtually every web page has missing elements that Images Not Viewable are either aesthetics no big deal or are command buttons VERY BIG DEAL If I mouse over a blank area on a web page where I know a button might be the cursor turns into a quot hand Images Not Viewable quot then the command will pop up in a moment to let me know what the button is for This of course slows me down considerably HELP nbsp
Relevancy 45.15%

I can open jpg format in OE6, but not gif. What can I do to fix this problem?

A:GIF Format Not Viewable in OE6

Hi Mary Hootie

See if these links have a solution:

Let us know what happens.
Relevancy 45.15%

I have a cctv dvr that is networkable. I configured the recorder and I can view it on my local network. The problem is I cant view it remotely. I have a router that is capable of remote access. I cant seem to accces the recorder over the internet. Help me!

Relevancy 45.15%

I seem to have problems with not all, but a lot of youtube videos. The videos would start to buffer, and then the arrow button (start button) apears. But the video areas are just black and they would not play even when clicking on the start button.

I'm using IE9 viersion 9.0.8112.16421. windows 7. I have already updated flash adobe to the latest version. Activix filter not enabled, shockwave enabled.

Does anyone know what's going on?
P.S. There was no problem with IE 8!

A:IE9 and youtube not viewable?

A lot of things to try HERE.

If no luck,

Right-click inside a running video and select Settings...

Once in there, select the Display tab and uncheck the "Enable hardware acceleration" box:

Might be worth a try.
Relevancy 45.15%

Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because either Photo Viewer doesn't support this file format or you don't have the latest updates to Photo Viewer!
This is the message appear when I open a picture.I use Aomei Partition Assistant to move some space from D to C,but i click cancel and this space appear to be unalocated.Then I merge D with unalocated space and it's all right.But,in next 2 min.
I click check partition for errors and fix with chdsk(i don't know).Then,it's appear a message "recovering orphaned files IMG_1938 then IMG 1984 and the all the photos i have".Then,when i open a picture,it's appear this message.
Please help me!

A:Photos is not viewable

Is sound like the method that you used to 'move some space' (???) caused the files located in that area to become corrupt. I hope you have a recent backup.
If you don’t there are some free tools on the internet that could help, they are a bit complex and the process is excruciatingly slow, but it may be worth it if you have no other choice. Good Luck.
Relevancy 45.15%

I have a P2P set up using a Linksys router. The 3 desktops & 2 printers are working just fine. I have an intermittent user who brings her laptop about once a month and connects. Now, I had her all set up a few months ago. She just plugged in and all was well. I'm not sure what happened (as usual she said nothing), but now I can't get her re-connected. I can plug in and surf. I can get to the router. I can even ping the other computers' IP addresses. But I can't ping them by host name. And I can't see them to direct a path. And I can't see the network printers. Anybody got any ideas?

Relevancy 45.15%

This afternoon I turned on my video no HELP! my longer card is detected! suddenly pc and the tower came on but the monter light went amber I was confused at first thinking that maybe my monitor got unplugged So I checked all the HELP! my video card suddenly is no longer detected! connections and it still would not come on So finally I hooked up the monitor to the onboard video card and it came on Once I loaded up the pc I quickly realized that my video card geforce mx PCI was not being detected I went into the device manager and it was not even showing that it was in the pc So I shut it down and removed the card and then put it back in It still did not detect it I am completely lost I can t imagine why my video card would suddenly just lose its detection like its not there and it is The only things that have happen is that there was a thunderstorm the night before but I have my pc on a surge protector I recently updated my sound card and that is it Can anyone tell me how to fix this if possible nbsp

Relevancy 45.15%

I am using compaq notebook presario V TU this notebook came with built-in webcam that is recognized as quot USB Video Device quot in Windows XP Pro SP The property of this device says it was quot Manufactured by Microsoft quot I never used this webcam for skype or yahoo messenger or live messenger I only use this webcam on my windows xp platform to take pictures and record videos Recently I found out that the Camera Tasks for this device has been reduced to taking and delete pictures only It used to have video recording task before I don t know what is wrong The diagnostics test even says quot Your imaging device successfully completed the diagnostic test quot Could it be due a missing software that was accidentally deleted uninstalled Or could available Webcam's no video longer recording task it be due to the autorun worm that Webcam's video recording task no longer available infected my notebook two months earlier If it is a specific software was it come together with windows xp whether uninstallation reinstallation of windows xp solve the problem Really need helps Snapshot of my notebook display is attached Thanks nbsp
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As of today i can't download from any link on any webpage or view any online video on sites such as youtube or cnn. I think this must be a virus or something that is blocking flash... but i really have no idea. When i try to download from a link i get the error message 'internet explorer cannot download from site....'

I would post a hijackthis log, but i also can't download that programme! I have windows XP. I can view all websites normally other than when trying to view media. Thanks for any help.
Relevancy 45.15%

I have a game that I am thoroughly addicted to. Within the game, it has video options to brighten the screen(or not). Since upgrading to Windows 10 Pro, these controls no longer work. The game works just fine but the screen is very dark. Been playing this game for more than a decade. I'm hoping there is a solution!

Video card = Nvidia GeForce GTX 660ti

I have not been able to download Nvidia drivers for some time. Each time I try, it says the website cannot be reached and to try again later.

A:Video controls within a game no longer work

Welcome to the forums Steve. Have you tried a different browser to update your drivers

What game is giving you the problem? Is it the only game that does that?
Relevancy 45.15%

Can a forum member please help me. I want to be able to download Music Video's from you tube (I am registered) and then put the Videos on to DVD for playback on my TV.
Can you please help me with this.
Relevancy 45.15%

Well the time has come to purchase equipment for capturing, editing and burning DVD and VCD depending on the situation.
What I am trying to accomplish is taking the piles of home analog VCR tapes, Pictures and other information digitizing them, editing, and burning the appropriate DVD or VCD depending on its use.
Have done much reviewing and reading about burner units and formats DVD-R vs DVD+R & DVD-RW vs DVD+RW.

The capture device I am leaning towards is:
Marvel G450 eTV

And the burner I am leaning towards is:
Ricoh MP5125A

Any thoughts about the items, thier performance, and fit for video work?


Relevancy 45.15%

I am trying to make a copy of a video file from an internet site to a DVD. The video has my wife in it for a sales promotion for the company she works for sales force. We can view on the company intranet on using Windows Media Video.

I am cluesless on how to make a copy. WMV has a burn command but I can get in to work. My goal is to produce a disk than can be played on a DVD.
My PC has a CD burner and a DVD burner.

I have blank CD disks and vlank DVD-R disks.

I would appreciate any help.



A:Burning An Internet Video File Onto A Dvd

This should do the trick. Also check our freeware section for free buring applications.
Relevancy 45.15%

I m a huge fan of the TV show Mystery Science Theater and have collected about of the episodes Burning Video To Advice On DVD A Need Files on DVD However I still have about thirty Need Advice On Burning Video Files To A DVD VHS tapes of episodes and I want to transfer them to DVD so that they ll take up less space be easier to play and last longer I bought the Pinnacle Instant DVD recorder device that carries the signal from my VCR to my PC and used it to burn a quick half hour video to DVD without any trouble The problem is that when I try and copy an episode of Mistie about minutes each the video feed dissapears after about to minutes The sound is there but it s just showing a black screen I burned one tape to DVD thinking that maybe the display just stopped showing the video but it would be burned just fine No dice Sound but a blank screen at the minute mark Since I was trying to transfer a copy of Shorts a collection of five short ten minutes or so videos I scanned the tape writing down the stop times for each segment and then set the conversion program to stop at each interval and burn the video to a HDD folder I now have eight functioning VOB files that play just fine on my PC using Power DVD but will not register in DVD shrink
Relevancy 45.15%

Hi Guys,
Wondering if anyone can help me, Im trying to burn a video disk (mpeg) using nero 6, I add the file I want to burn, and the disc burns to cd no worries, But when I play it back in my dvd player, all I get is a small square to the midle left side of my screen, and it doesnt play, Can anyone shed some light here to what im doing wrong ??
I have previously burned these files using nero 5, and they have always worked, is there someting I am doing wrong with this version ???


A:burning video disc using nero

Are you recoding the file at all? Try re-encoding the file with TMPGenc before burning. You can check for tutorials.
Relevancy 45.15%

Is it possible to convert and burn .flv files as PAL video ? If it is, can someone give me some advice/help PLEASE ??

A:Solved: Help burning music video

There's plenty of help out there.

One google search came up with:
Relevancy 45.15%

so i downloaded a program callled convertxtodvd and used it to convert my avi files to dvd to work on dvd players and burned an episode of a show to a disc when i played it back i noticed weird lines on the edges of the people and fast moving objects in the video like comets and moving cars and occasionally at certain parts it would skip for a moment now im using maxell dvd rw's that hold gb i tried to slow down speed of burner for convertxtodvd cause i did a quick search and these specific dics had a burn speed limit of like X but idk if it did slow speed dvd video to Burning files problem my dvd players are both standard tv vcr dvd combos that are like a few years old so idk if its a compatibility issue with them i havent tried any other files yet because it takes a good amount of time to burn and id like some answers now cause its making me Burning video files to dvd problem mad ive been around all over others forums and searches and ive read a few people say that maxells arnt the best for video Burning video files to dvd problem burning and recommended verbatem idk what to do i guess i'll try to convert and then download one of my other shows my vidoe files are moslty avi's i got thru torrents ive checked them and watched them several times so its not the files another interesting thing is i played back my burned disc with pc and windows media player and it skipped and even slowed down the playback speed anybody have some ideas or where to start

A:Burning video files to dvd problem

Hello ,

first i must tell you that tis site does not support Torrents for they are [email protected] files


we wont support lime wire users either


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I am operating Nero Video burning software but cannot get a compatible dvd from it.
What can I do?

A:Nero Video Burning software

Why, and compatible to what?
Relevancy 45.15%

Hey all I am currently Burning / Codec Problems Video having problems with my codecs I had installed a bunch of different ones and then later removed some and added more etc Now when trying to watch certain formats of movie files windows media player closes and dies I ended up downloading a program called VideoLAN This helped as it has it s own built-in codecs so it does not ever die on me I really would like to return to utilizing Windows Media Player however Any chance of totally removing all codecs and reinstalling only the ones I need or anything Also- The problem with the codecs is not only with Win Media Player closing but also with burning video cds and such with Ahead Nero Video Codec / Burning Problems and other forms of burning I have to burn everything using the built in Windows XP function of quot burning to cd quot huh Then I have Video Codec / Burning Problems problems with format issues since it does not burn the disc to work in some DVD players Any help would be great I have Video Codec / Burning Problems windows xp service pack Let me know if I can give any further information Thanks nbsp

A:Video Codec / Burning Problems

SHERLOCK - The Codec Detective - FREE Codec Check Checking Utility!
Relevancy 45.15%

I have Movie Maker 1 with my ME Windows. I can save a project from that to Media Player 1 OK, but when I try to burn the video from either program to CD I get the message:

"You do not have permission to open this file (MWWMM)
See the owner of the file or an administrator to open obtain permission"

Can you tell me what this means and how do I do it?


A:Burning a Video from Media Player to CD

Hi there, I think you need to create a movie from the project. Which will be a WMV file, then you'll be able to burn it.

Relevancy 45.15%

I have some videos I want to burn to a DVD capable of being played in my DVD player the problem is I have tried this in burning programs advice DVD on Need (video) the past and the result was always either less Need advice on DVD burning programs (video) than what I Need advice on DVD burning programs (video) had aimed for or completely unplayable Keep in mind im talking about literal DVDs with DVD quality - not VCDs or SVCDs So basically im looking for guides programs that can help me burn some video DVD s with the following criteria Ability to create DVD backgrounds and background music Add multiple videos episodes which are seperate and selectable at the main menu I d also like to know how to create them so there Need advice on DVD burning programs (video) is a small video window showing random parts of that video on the menu instead of just a still blank picture I think I worded that really bad but eh Works well with avi files Preferably I would want to buy install use as few programs as possible to achieve all of this having to do a ton of things for one DVD is kinda annoying Ive tried a program before called Avi DVD and it worked kinda ok but it wont allow me to put multiple videos on one DVD and the menu creation bit was pretty sloppy So what could I get to do all of these things Ive heard of Nero being a great program for stuff like this but I wanted to make sure before I went out and bought it and I dont know what version ect to get anyway Thanks ahead of time for any help and if theres any other info you need to help me find something go ahead and ask nbsp

A:Need advice on DVD burning programs (video)

What you'll need is proper video editing software. Nero is ok but it's essentially a burning package that's evolved to cope with DVD video. It doesn't have the options of a dedicated video creating programme. The main home user ones are Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas and the one I use, Ulead Video Studio. I've tried all three but Ulead is by far in my opinion the most user friendly so I stuck with it. I also know therefore that it does all that you ask in your post. I never hear bad things about Sony's programme, Pinnacle has a reputation for being buggy and resource hogging by comparison.
You can get a fully working months trial of Ulead's Video Studio and try it for yourself.
Relevancy 45.15%

I need a software that can burn video easily to DVD while maintaining its original aspect ratio. For me Windows DVD Makers burns 16:9 videos with borders around the screen and nero 10 is confusing.

A:some good video burning software?

There is an option in windows DVD maker to change the aspect ratio.
Besides Nero, Roxio and ashampoo are good burning software.
Imgburn is a good free alternative but it's too basic.
Relevancy 45.15%

Well first let me clarify what I am trying to achieve here A few years ago I purchased a home made DVD of a tv series that I to Burning DVD files video multiple enjoyed It had the whole first season plus a few extra shows on one entire DVD disk While this may not seem anything spectacular it boggles my mind how they achieved this Each episode within itself is at least minutes long and there is over episodes How did they do this Basically I am trying to achieve that same thing I have my files converted into a WMV format roughly mb per episode Burning multiple video files to DVD that I have made up there is also files in total Yet when I burn with Nero or some other program it takes up well over GB How can I create the type of DVD that I purchased Should I be using a different file format or Burning multiple video files to DVD maybe there is some special DVD Authoring software that I just haven t stumbled upon Or perhaps some sort of compression Hopefully my question isn t too confusing Thanks for your time forgot to mention that I would search for it through the forum but I didn t know what to look for nbsp

A:Burning multiple video files to DVD

DVD authoring is time dependent not source file size dependent. Full quality single layer DVD is 1 hour, still looks good at two (higher compression), looks fairly good or fairly bad at 3 hours depending on perspective, really starts to looks pretty bad at 4 hours and beyond in my opinion. 4 hours on a double layer, 8 gig DVD would look good though because the compression would be about the same as 2 hours on a single layer DVD.

The only time you won't use up an entire DVD with video is if the video and extras is less than one hour or if the video is say one hour 15 minutes but the authoring program doesn't handle progressive compression and simply jumps to the next set point of compression which in this case would probably be 2 hours.

DVDFlick will automaticlly adjust the bitrate of the videos when processed that are added so that you'll always fill up the DVD and still get the best possible bitrate.

Personally, when I want to fit a lot of video and maintain much higher quality than standard DVDs onto one DVD I do so in .divx format but that require the use of a DIVX compatible DVD player for playback. Anything under two hours though and I just feed DVDFlick the video and it spits out a perfect DVD for me every time.
Relevancy 45.15%

I've tried reading the stuff on here and some of it is so involved....

I have a Sony DVD burner I bought a couple years ago in my pc that I have never sat down to figure out how to get to actually BURN DVD's. CD's work fine, but the pc doesn't recognize DVD's. I realize I need some software.

I'm burning old home movies on my new external dvd-r/vcr combo unit to dvd. I'd like to make several copies of each dvd I make for family. Is there something simple to do this? Also, I'd like to just save data, etc to dvd.

Of course, I'd also like to edit, etc, and I know there are big programs out for that...nero seems to be a fav around here.

Relevancy 45.15%

I have some video files taken from my mobile (*.3gp)
And I was wondering if I can transfer them to disc and
play on TV? I can change these to wav, mpeg etc and play
fine on my PC. I am using Nero and trying to create a Video
CD but is not recognising the files when trying to encode.
I assume I need some kind of plug in?

Can someone help/advise

A:Burning *.3gp files(mobile) to video CD


3gp file conversion

into Google, you will be spoilt for choice (322,000 pages),GGLC:1970-01,GGLC:en&q=3gp+file+conversion
Relevancy 45.15%

My question today is...

Is there software available that would enable me to hook up a video camera (via USB I would suppose) and enable me to then burn selections of that video onto a DVD all while not interupting the live recording process?

Would I need a computer with monster processing power?


- Dave

A:recording video and burning at the same time...

I would like to do the same thing except save it to the hard drive instead of the CD drive.

Even better if the program automatically uploaded the saved files to my web space.
Relevancy 45.15%

My old (mts burning necessary for a files) Is video blu-ray burner HD PC suffered from blue screen of death in Dec So when it came time to purchase a camcorder a month ago I decided I would buy a whole new PC as well The purpose of the camcorder was to record my husband s hour long adult flag football games on Saturday nights with the intent of creating dvd copies of the games to give to Is a blu-ray burner necessary for burning HD video (mts files) the team to learn where they exceed fail etc I went to Best Buy I know Is a blu-ray burner necessary for burning HD video (mts files) and requested a purchasing consultation so that the camcorder I purchased would do what I wanted along with the PC I purchased being capable of burning several DVD s each weekend for weeks of the year Basic gist - HD Camcorder and a PC with a great graphics card and the ability to edit and burn DVD s After hours of education and guidance from consultants who I believed were quite knowledgeable I m unable to burn my HD movies onto Is a blu-ray burner necessary for burning HD video (mts files) a DVD using either the VideoBrowser utility that came with the Canon VIXIA HFR camcorder or even the Windows DVD Maker The error message I get when trying to burn to a DVD R DVD RDL or DVD RW is quot This disc is not supported Insert any of the following disc DVD R DVD RDL or DVD RW Make sure to use a disc that supports the writing speed of the drive quot After further investigation and consult I ve been given two options You can only burn an HD video using a Blu-ray burner Why would you buy a Blu-ray burner just upload the videos in HD to Youtube so everyone can watch them on their smart tv So my questions are Do I really need a Blu-ray burner to create HD copies of the video Is there a way to convert the HD movies to an SD format so they can be burned onto a regular DVD Is youtube really an option I tried one earlier and it said my movies would be broken into minute segments Well that s not so cool for minute football games Although I love the idea of just putting it in the Cloud and being done with it So what do you all think Game is coming up on April th and I d love to hand out a viewing option to the other adult male flag football players nbsp

A:Is a blu-ray burner necessary for burning HD video (mts files)

the standard DVD players will only play back at 480 quality - so you cant get HD on standard DVD.
you can copy the file onto the as a data DVD to only playback on a PC

The burning software, when burning to a standard DVD should change to the 480 format - so that should burn

you are on windows 7 - correct ?
The error message I get when trying to burn to a DVD+R, DVD+RDL, or DVD+RW is "This disc is not supported. Insert any of the following disc: DVD+R, DVD+RDL, or DVD+RW. Make sure to use a disc that supports the writing speed of the drive.".Click to expand...

what discs are you using ?

tutorial for creating a dvd with windows dvd maker
you may want to bring the file into
windows live movie maker and burn from there
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Hello This is my first post and I am hoping someone here may be able to help I have with Issues and Applications Video Burning Help been burning or Help with Burning Applications and Video Issues recording CD s and DVD s without any difficulty for some time now plus years so I was very perplexed and frustrated when two separate programs and then others appear to cause my computer - a somewhat new in computer years at least about months - to loose that capacity Help with Burning Applications and Video Issues The first recalcitrant read badly misbehaving app is one called Prism Video Converter I downloaded it in order to convert various video files to mpg so I could watch them on a DVD player connected to a regular television It is a trial version which I initially liked and worked quite well until two days ago Then without any warning it would crash when I attempted to add files for converted Worse the very same action occurred when I tried to record now in the program I always use Sonic- one which I have had before and which came bundled with this computer It crashed and My DVD which is similar as you know to the Sonic program - with more complications - took over and it too crashed When the menu box appeared asking me if I wanted to send it to MS I agreed and read something It all happened so quickly I did it write it down about the various codex involved Thinking perhaps another recording app might work I tried that The same thing happened- once I began to add files the application crashed I thought perhaps it was the new program- which is the only different item on my computer that I am aware of Thus I uninstalled the program and rebooted the computer I did reinstall it later - to the exact same result sigh I am more concerned however with the fact I cannot quot record quot or quot burn quot files since I need to back up data and create DVD s with some older VHS programs as a gift for someone they are video of him playing hockey and while he is a gadget person he is not into computers - it s sports that he loves plus just being able to do this on my computer These days it is an essential way to save files and backup data Since I have a gig hard drive and a lot of data on it I am quite concerned Much of is is thankfully already backed up but I do need to figure this out I tried several other apps and none of them worked Then I used an older but always superb HP DVD Writer Once again I used Sonic s Record and yet again it went to My DVD a program I rarely use but did use recently to create a DVD of the aforementioned hockey games and the program crashed providing some dialog box indicating that quot We are sorry but an unforeseen incident quot or words to that effect has occurred and the program must close Could it be a codex problem If so why is it acting up only now I also ran two anti-virus and spyware scans one with AVG and the other with Norton to ascertain if there were any problems - viruses or malware The first program found a list of cookies that I deleted medium risk and one malware that I had the program AVG quarantine The malware also listed at med risk had nothing to do with video programs however and after that was complete the comuter is continuing to act up and not allow me to add files to any DVD CD writer program regardless of the program or method ir Windows XP s own way of writing files to a DVD I am just at a loss of what to do I wonder if anyone has experienced this and has any recommendations Should I uninstall this quot new quot program and find better conversion software in the hope that might be it Still even when it was not there the issue was still there and unresolved Thanks in advance and I apologize for the length of this post Does anyone have any resolutions to what can I do to resolve this problem Janey in New Brunswick Canada nbsp

A:Help with Burning Applications and Video Issues

I should add that the device itself- the CD writer internal drive- and the external drive I had purchased for an older computer that had a CD drive but no DVD one -are both working properly, at least according to the Device manager.

I also know I probably have too much "stuff" - a bad habit of mine- on my computer. Would any of thee variables have any relation to these serious problems? Thx again!
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Hello I don t actually know a thing about computer programming nevertheless I use ffmpeg into with burning video subtitles ffmpeg which they say is meant for developers to convert my DVDs after decryption to play on other devices of mine Since I do it for my own purposes I expect there isn burning subtitles into video with ffmpeg t anything illegal However I recently developed an interest in adding the subtitles to the video stream hardcoding is the term I believe and I tried to do so as described here I also followed this link to understand how to set up fonts on windows I added the environment variables quot FC CONFIG DIR quot and quot FC CONFIG FILE quot as described and I also downloaded this configuration file and extracted it to the place the environment variables burning subtitles into video with ffmpeg point to Yet ffmpeg tells me that and I quote Fontconfig error Cannot load default config file Parsed ass c No usable fontconfig configuration file found using fallback Fontconfig error Cannot load default config burning subtitles into video with ffmpeg fileand the video gets converted but without the subtitles Can someone tell me what I ve done wrong

A:burning subtitles into video with ffmpeg

HelloAre you using the PC version or the Mac version?For the PC Video ConversionFor the Mac version ffmpegX for MacOSXAlsoffmpegFFmpeg is a complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. It is a command line tool to convert one video file format to another. It also supports grabbing and encoding in real time from a TV card. Several FrontEnds/GUIs available like WinFF, Avanti, AutoFF, Xpegt, GVC.And of course the homepage These might be worth a look.Roger
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I have read another thread with a similar problem to myself but did not understand a lot of it so pls bear with me and i apologise if it means going over it again.

Every time i try to play a video file (of any sort avi, wmv etc) whatever app i am trying to use will take up almost 100% of cpu and bring my comp to a crawl.

Just last night I noticed that also that when i tried to use Nero 6 to burn a dvd video the same problem occured, nero using 100% cpu and system crawling.

If anyone has any ideas or links to where i can get some diagnostic tools to provide some more accurate info pls let me know.


A:Video playback and DVD Burning problems

Please post some system specs. RAM / CPU Limitations may be the cause.

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I've been using Final Cut Pro for awhile now and just can't explain the cause of this problem.

I exported a few Quicktime movies on my Mac of FCP project files I was working on and then burnt them to disc to use on my PC.

They all worked in Quicktime with the exception of one movie which was significantly larger than the others (3 GB) and was shot on HD as opposed to mini DV.

It gives me the error "Couldn't Open the File because it is not a file that Quick Time understands."

When I try to view this same movie on Mac, it works fine.

Any ideas as to the cause of this problem and how I can view this movie?

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My wife recently bought a new computer and she uses AOL for her internet connection. Sometimes she wants to save a picture she finds online, but when she tries it, it will only save it as a .art extension. The only way to open the saved image is to start AOL and view it. I have tried to open it with Photoshop, PSP, MSPaint and a few other desktop publishing programs she has, but none of them recognize it. I have tried saving an image by opening IE and Netscape after she logs on through AOL and I get the same results.

Someone had told me that this is one of those things that AOL does to invade your system. I called AOL and they had no idea what I was talking about (surprise, surprise!). Does anyone know if there is a way to override this setup? She is currently running Windows XP and AOL 9.0.


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Is there a way to burn photos (BMPs/JPGs) onto a CD-R so that they can be viewed on a DVD player (not a computer, but a plain-old DVD player hooked up to a TV)?
Could this be done as a slide show, using the DVD/TV remote FFW/REW to advance the photos?

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Hello A friend of mine who he a DJ Karaoke was building his music collection which took him many months He had recently switched over from an old system to a digital system managed by a Laptop running Windows He had downloaded Karaoke from various sources YouTube and PlayOnMusic com being two of these sources He used a YouTube downloader that has since expired The songs did play when Drive Not on Viewable Pen Files they were downloaded He Files Not Viewable on Pen Drive downloaded these songs MP s MP s and some avi s to a GB pen drive when he ran out of room He then cut and pasted not copied these files to the C drive of the laptop and then onto a GB pen drive He may have used the cut and paste method not copy paste to transfer to the GB drive His pen drive shows about files and the total of those files are miniscule compared to what the drive is capable of holding The drive space shows used space over and above the amount of space that the files are using We cannot see the additional files Files Not Viewable on Pen Drive I have tried the DOS command to un-hide files on this drive and also used the selection in Windows to show hidden files nothing has worked We have also ran Mal-Ware Bytes and deleted what it may have found He inserted the original flash Files Not Viewable on Pen Drive drive GB from where he transferred these files and we are only seeing XML files How can see these files and what is taking up the additional space He spent months doing this and files are OK but the rest have disappeared What could have happened He only has a couple of weeks until his show I don t know how to help him from here Both drives are FAT nbsp
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After downloading Win SP2 ---[not sure about this]---the screen area contracted with a 1 1/2" black frame on all 4 sides. System is Win XP

A:Contraction of viewable screen

check your settings they will have been rest
control panel > display > settings and check the resoloution.
then go to advanced and check your monitor is installed
if not install monitor drivers with manufact's disc and check the refresh rate is at the highest the monitor can handle
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Windows 8
-I'm going to create a ''Windows Password'' (never had one) but i have several folders containing information sitting on desktop of my PC -So my question is even tho a password is required to load Windows will the folders sitting on my ''desktop'' still load when the PC first boots ? (without the need for the Windows Password?) If 'yes' then anyone who can boot up the PC can open them !! Where can i store them to prevent this if reply is 'yes'' ??? thanks again - edythe

A:folders on PC desktop..viewable w/o Win.PW?

Encrypt them or zip them with a password.
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Hello BCists I dualscreen with different screens it made no difference monitor no or OS by is Card. detected Video longer Main to me and still worked well My main monitor ViewSonic in Widescreen VG wm extended into my second Westinghouse in Monitor Right then- After allowing Windows Update to well update After the loading bar screen for the OS the monitor went blank and stated quot No signal- Digital It had put the Westinghouse monitor as my primary Once signed in I right-clicked the desktop and went to 'Personalize' shortcut from Control Panel- gt Personalize and checked the Display Settings I still had multiple monitors but they were unnamed and my ViewSonic wasn now listed as Generic Non-PnP Monitor on NVIDIA GeForce GT So I turned Main monitor is no longer detected by OS or Video Card. it off switched the cables DVI for the ViewSonic and a VGA to DVI adapter for the Westinghouse and restarted The resolution was defaulted to x and will only go Main monitor is no longer detected by OS or Video Card. up to x - Not pretty on a inch'r I found this quite strange so I began my analysis based on my knowledge of computers say Intermediate level Checked Device Manager Monitor had been displayed as Generic Non-PnP Monitor under Monitors subcategory I checked through and looked in my Emergency Systems Installations basically the CD's contents copied onto a external HDD and tried to reinstall my monitor's driver Restarted- the problem persisted I tried to switch and make the ViewSonic my main monitor hit apply but it just flashes the screen and makes no change at all Find the latest drivers for the Viewsonic monitor Downloaded installed and restarted Problem persists Find latest drivers for the GT Went through NVIDIA com and downloaded the latest update of I installed that and restarted once again Problem persists Shut down the computer unplugged and re-inserted the DVI cable for the monitor I left the second slot for the Westinghouse open Restarted and still the same ViewSonic would go blank I shut down again placed the ViewSonic's DVI cable in the nd slot and booted up again Display works but is still considered a Generic Non-PnP Monitor I swaped and used the VGA cable that came with the ViewSonic monitor and used the VGA to DVI adapter plugged in Well that allowed me to have my original resolution but I can no longer dualscreen and the nVidia Control Panel lists the monitor a CRT It has the right driver for the monitor though If all else fails you are stumped- go to BleepingComputers Well here I am Any help is greatly appreciated Slight Specs Custom built rig by me Operating System Windows Vista Ultimate SP -bitVideo Card nVidia Geforce GT mb Superclocked GB Yes I know about the limitation
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I'm not sure how this started, but suddenly movie players no longer play *.avi files on my computer. When I open them in either WinAmp or Windows Media Player, nothing happens. The name is simply listed in the playlist, but there is no length listed and nothing at all happens when it's clicked on. It's not where it plays only sound with no video, nothing at all happens.
I can view them in video editing programs like Adobe Premiere or VirtualDub, so I know my codecs are in order, and if I right click on the file, it lists the codec and the length. Just none of my movie players will do anything with them.
Any ideas? They all worked this morning. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both players and, of course, restarted the computer. I also restored the registry to a known working backup, and no difference.

A:[SOLVED] Video files will no longer play in WinAmp / WMP, etc.

Hey Miles! "there is no length listed and nothing at all happens" kind of gives you a hint. The files are in the list because they WERE there, but now for whatever reason I don't think there actually seen by the players. Is this format specific or with all formats?

Also, you can write down all you current video settings in WMP, change them, reboot, then change them back and reboot again. Sometimes the registry build picks up garbage... changing them back and forth sometimes gets rid of it.
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Combined with all of the other problems I ve had with this computer I am barely containing my rage right now so you ll have to bear with me As stated in this thread http forums techguy org hardware -heat-issues-looking-cooling-advice longer drivers. recognized by no Solved: card Video html I have been having nothing but trouble with my PC pretty much since a month after I bought it I still have no idea what the problem is and probably will never find out I Solved: Video card no longer recognized by drivers. will enjoy setting this thing on fire once I get my tax refund and buy my new system but luckily there is a new worse problem to keep me on my toes I tried installing the Nvidia Omega Drivers just now to see Solved: Video card no longer recognized by drivers. if they had any impact on my original problem even though they didn t before I uninstalled the original NVidia drivers installed the Omega Drivers and rebooted Upon reboot XP said that it had found a VGA card that needed drivers Puzzled I opened my device manager and found to my delight that my video card was still not installed I tried running the Omega Driver installer again it said they were installed I rebooted still nothing I then tried to install my original NVidia drivers from the CD that came with the card and THEY DO NOT INSTALL ANYMORE WONDERFUL The error messages says that there is no hardware in my system that is compatible with the drivers Funny that as literally ten minutes ago those exact same drivers were installed and working So what do I do nbsp

A:Solved: Video card no longer recognized by drivers.

Try uninstalling ALL current video card drivers, and pull out the video card. Boot up the computer with no card in it, then reboot. Put the card back in, and download the latest drivers from this site:

Post back with results
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I m working on this Acer Aspire AS - laptop on Vista with a NVIDIA GeForce M Trying to tweak some graphic settings last night somehow I guess I deleted the video drivers for the nvidia card I went into the device manager and deleted all of the display drivers When it rebooted it detected Card no drivers installing or longer Video tried to install it again For some odd reason it installed a quot Standard VGA adaptor quot So my desktop resolution is back to the former settings but any remotely graphic demanding programs will not run I ve went to Acer s website and nvidias website and cannot find the exact NVIDIA GeForce M driver I ve tried everything listed under the model number on acer s website and it will install reboot but when Video Card no longer detected or installing drivers comes back up It still only shows the same standard vga adaptor Ugh This did not come with a restore disk for some odd reason Now before I just blame Vista transfer all of my data erase it and then put XP on it Can anyone help me I m sure If I could somehow find the correct driver for the video card it would help Any ideas Lost as usual nbsp

A:Video Card no longer detected or installing drivers

Try here: