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Microsoft Zune will not recognize my Nokia Lumia 800...

Q: Microsoft Zune will not recognize my Nokia Lumia 800...

Previously used this phone with Zune on my now-deceased PC with Windows XP (although even that took a while to establish). Now have an HP laptop with Windows 7 but Zune consistently refuses to recognize it and just comes up with the usual 'disconnect, turn off and reconnect'. I have downloaded both Microsoft Fixes and neither of them find anything wrong; I have uninstalled/reinstalled countless times; I have been into my certificates and made changes and/or deletions - and I m now simply running out of options ...and patience if I'm honest.

Almost all the internet advice suggests the fix is easy. Would the fact I've worked on this for over a month now suggest I am a one-off?!!!

A Google search revealed that there are many people who have had the same problem still unresolved after two years or so - just as often with other Windows Phones rather than Nokia. Can anyone help please?

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Preferred Solution: Microsoft Zune will not recognize my Nokia Lumia 800...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Microsoft Zune will not recognize my Nokia Lumia 800...

Any luck with this?
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Microsoft showed off a whole range of new PCs and devices running Windows 10 at Computex 2015, but one that really caught the eye is the Quanta Compute Plug, an entire PC integrated into a power plug the size of...

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A:Microsoft shows off PC integrated into power plug

They may be handy to a lot and even have very reasonable prices but I can't imagine myself ever wanting any of these.
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I have on same HD-500GB win7 and win xp. I conect another HD-320GB in sata drive. Bios recognize both HD, win 7 too, but win xp recognize only HD-500GB. When I go to disk manager in win xp it's same problem I only see one HD-500GB. Please help me.
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I have just added a new SSD drive does recognize 1720 Inspiron in modular boot bay not BIOS sequence HDD in the modular bay of my Inspiron The SSD drive in modular bay is accessible if I boot using my normal harddrive or USB DVD-ROM drive for OS installation which I managed to install on the SSD drive Once boot using my regular HDD I can see the drive is set to Disk in Windows Disk Management And my other HDDs Inspiron 1720 BIOS does not recognize modular bay HDD in boot sequence as Disk and Disk I can boot thru HDD or HDD by selecting them in boot sequence However the SSD drive is not available as part of the boot sequence in the BIOS setup or F boot sequence The BIOS though recognize that there is an SSD drive attached Inspiron 1720 BIOS does not recognize modular bay HDD in boot sequence in modular drive bay My Inspiron is using the latest A BIOS and I could not find a way to include the SSD as part of the boot sequence The boot sequence works when I put back the DVD-ROM drive which boots without any problem with any bootable CD DVD Is there any way I can make the modular bay SSD bootable other than of course putting the SSD in the HDD or HDD caddy which some thing I do not wish to do Please help nbsp
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Much of the lure surrounding Microsoft's long-rumored Surface Mini was the notion that it'd come in at a lower price point compared to its full-sized brother. That project was ultimately scrapped and instead, we got the Surface Pro 3 -...

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A:Microsoft's new Atom-powered Surface 3 starts at $499

This was sounding so promising then I got to 2GB RAM....

Have a look at your PC now - if you are running next to nothing over standard windows services, then you are probably somewhere around 1.2GB. Add an email client, some virus software a few Chrome Tabs and you will already be swapping away to page file as the OS starts to worry about memory and things will start to grind. How much would 2 more MB cost? Shame as otherwise it sounds quite a capable little machine.
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I've a External HDD( Western Digital company-500GB) which was working properly last night but today it's not working. when I connect the EXt. HDD to my laptop usb port then it's got power but not shows in my computer.
when I go to device management it shows a window (you need to initialize before logical disk management can access it.) but when I go to initialize the HDD then show it "the media write protected". I cann't initialize the HDD and cann't access the HDD.

Someone help me to recover my old DATA from this Ext. HDD.

Thanks for advance.

A:External HDD not recognize my laptop & cann't initialize it from Device manegment

Hello Rajib Sarker,
The first important thing to note here is that if you initialize your HDD you will lose all the information that was stored on it. Sometimes portable external HDDs can behave like that if they are not getting enough power. It would be a good idea to try and connect your HDD using a different USB cable, preferably a short one. Another thing you can try is connecting your HDD to different USB ports and to a different computer. You can also run WD DLG diagnostics tool to test the HDD .
Hope that helps.
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Here again since I have the most weird problem ever which I have never seen nor heard of before. I recently upgraded the OS on a friends computer, from Vista to 7. However now I can't seem to get the onboard ethernet adapter to work, it can't be seen in device manager nor anywhere else. I have tried to reset the bios (by removing the cmos battery) and I have also checked that the network adapter is set to 'Enabled'. Also, when I connect the cable to the ethernet port no lights go on, it doesn't give any sort of hope what so ever. The cable is ok, the "modem" is ok, and everything else seems to be in order and yet it doesn't work.

Computer in question:
HP Pavilion 6530sc
Non-default GPU and added 1Gb RAM

A:Solved: Computer doesn't recognize the network adapter

Whenever you install a new OS, always take note of the model of core system hardware like GPU, chipset, and ethernet/wifi (there are a few others that aren't as important, but nice to have updated) since those are critical to your computers core functionality.

However, a quick google search of your model yielded me with your PC's system specs. Your PC contains a Realtek RTL8201N ethernet adapter. So far I am unable to find a driver from Realtek itself and the HP driver is not Realtek, but instead nVidia nForce.

So after a bit of searching, I came across this: it seems to me that you have an old chipset from nVidia. I am not completely sure, but I think you have an ION chipset. Try installing this ION chipset driver (64 bit) ==OR== this ION chipset driver (32 bit) and tell me if it works. It should include the necessary component drivers and if it works, it means you have an ION chipset like I suspected.

Here are the specifications for your PC BTW.
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Hello all,
My friend's Windows 7 x64 ultimate machine recognizes some USB flash drives but not some other ones. The types of all are USB2 and also all drivers are installed (device manager). I don't know what is the problem. Is there any idea please?

A:My machine doesn't recognize some USB flash drives

USB Device Not Recognized? A Quick Fix For Windows XP/7/8
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Hi So my HTC just old Nokia Problems 7360 spare with got stolen so I had to dig up my old spare phone it s a old Nokia and it works somehow I can call and I can txt but I can t save any new contacts it just says something like quot forbidden action quot anyhow I can t copy old contacts from the Problems with old spare Nokia 7360 phone to the sim card I can t delete old contacts so I was going to reset the whole thing but I have changed the security code by default it should be and I can t remember what I have changed it to and yes I have tried all the possibilities that there are So what to do -any ideas P S It also says that the memory is full and it can t save any MMS WAP what nat settings EDIT Have got it connected to the computer now with a data cable and using Nokia PC Suite and I made a backup of everything just in case but Problems with old spare Nokia 7360 it failed to backup the contacts so I tried to just open and view all the saved contacts but it just fails Anyhow I m not really interested in the old contacts so I don t mind but when it fails to read the contacts it also fails when I try to add new contacts via the computer Next step was to download Nokia Software Updater that s also what the PC Suite suggested but it can t quot find quot the phone when it s connected So what next -I could send it to Nokia so that they there would flash it but then if there is some other problems with it it would cost a fortune and it s not worth it nbsp

A:Problems with old spare Nokia 7360

You need to go in the nearest nokia care point at your place. You can also go to unauthorised repair shop for reformatting or reflashing.
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Hi All Right problem As stated above my laptop does not recognize my external The drive spins up inside the enclosure the power led lights up but it does not show I have been a Field Support Engineer Tier III for many years and following that a Technical Analyst all within the IT field and this one on not hdd recognize Win7 does external Compaq6710b has me totally STUMPED Steps followed Checked Win7 on Compaq6710b does not recognize external hdd Compmgmt - gt DrvMgmt drive does not show same as DevMgmt msc - gt Drvmgmt Went into CMD prompt - gt Diskpart - gt list disk only picks up my primary internal I e disk I have moved the hdd from one USB port to another - still no difference I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting it multiple times - no avail Tried rebooting - no avail Tried rebooting both with without the external connected - no change Connected the external to multiple other machines - it picks up on every single one of them Run RSOP machine is on a domain but there are as confirmed by domain admins no restriction policies in place seeing that my other smaller in capacity flash drives all pick up and show Ran a full malware scan - clean with the following in turn not at the same time also not installed simultaneously MBAM MSSE AVAST ESET - All came back clean Ran CCleaner getting desperate now and after all cleaning and clearing etc sorted rebooted machine - still no change Checked if the drive shows in BIOS upon restart - it does Just to slam dunk point above - checked if the drive shows as a possible boot media upon reboot - it does Only thing left to do is to try any Linux Unix based boot GUIs to see if it shows in thee as wel apps in the line of Knoppix to name but one Oh yeah also accessed the Advanced Properties af all the available USB Root Hubs and ensured that the computer is not allowed to turn off these devices in order to save power I have also downloaded EVERY POSSIBLE LATEST DRIVER from HP s site so everything THERE is up to date all drivers and firmwares up to date Flashed the CMOS Updated the BIOS as well If I connect any of my flash drives or any other mobile device tablet phone usb modem with micro sd card installed configured as storage to the laptop they all get recognized and are accessible but NOT my external even though every single other machine I have connected it to picks it up As per all my points above please do not suggest the following A Use of various or random drive checking tools - they won t work as the O S does not recognize the drive B Right click quot My Computer quot anything starting with that will be a waste as I have already gone through all those steps by means of accessing all relevant interfaces via cmd line interface - I cannot see the drive so I can also NOT change it s drive letter just read another post on another forum where the OP requests assistance as he cannot access his drive at all kind of similar to my scenario and the suggestions on there drove me out the walls - people missing obvious things and making suggestions which would be declared useless by using some common sense I am going to try and upload prt shots of both diskpart cmd result and compmgmt msc results okay failure with bmp jpg and png HA loaded successfully Any assistance would be appreciated Oh yeah it is a USB powered quot external hdd not the quot type which requires external power nbsp

A:Win7 on Compaq6710b does not recognize external hdd

Have you tried your Ext Hard drive to be connected to any other PC or Laptop. If the drive is still not recognized consult an expert for this.
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Computer is a Dell OptiPlex 3100
OS is Win7 Professional

For some reason, ANY USB device I try to install is not recognized. Only existing USB devices.

I first noticed it when I tried installing a USB stick. In device manager I get an error 28 under properties. At the time I pretty much shrugged my shoulders. I should point out that the same USB stick work fine in other computers including an identical computer to the one I'm having trouble with.

Tonight I tried installing a different keyboard. I have the same problem..Windows doesn't install the driver.

Other USB devices (mouse, old keyboard, USB stick of a different brand, etc) work just fine.

It's almost like something is preventing Win from recognizing ANY drivers. Something disabling plug-and-play?

I've Googled until my head spins. I sure hate to call Dell (PC is still under warranty)
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Hi I have Toshiba Computer my External doesn't recognize HD. satellite M The original HD that came with the laptop is Toshiba MK GSX with GB storage I bought a new HD Toshiba MQ ABD with GB storage I also upgraded my RAMs - I Computer doesn't recognize my External HD. installed Computer doesn't recognize my External HD. my new HD in my laptop and installed windows XP SP I want to use my old HD as an external HD - I plugged it into the computer via USB cable but the computer wouldn t recognize the external HD - I plugged the old HD back into the computer and formatted it and installed a fresh Win XP SP - I put my new HD back into the laptop and tried to plug the old HD as external HD to see if it would work now but the computer still doesn t recognize it - I opened Computer Management and looked under Disk Management but the external HD didn t show up there - I plugged it into different USP and waited for a minute and a new icon for the external HD in my computer pops up I double clicked it and gives an error quot Please insert a disk in drive E quot Then the icon disappears I unplugged the HD and plugged it back in but the icon would show up again I waited for an hour before I plug it back on The icon appeared for seconds and then disappeared again I know it s not a hardware problem for the following reasons - When I plug in the external HD the light in the HD case turns on Red - I can hear and feel that the HD is running - I plugged the HD back into the laptop as internal HD to check if it works and Win XP shows up so there is nothing wrong with the HD Can someone please Help me how can I use the old HD as external HD and make the icon for it shows up in my computer nbsp

A:Computer doesn't recognize my External HD.

Yeah a lot of the older HDD don't work so well with the newer USB / IDE/PATA/SATA adapter kits. I am using one here with 3.5 HDD Seagate and WD to see which ones are working and not. You can hear them spin-up but that doesn't mean they're 100% okay. In your case you should try a desktop instead of the laptop USB ports might be getting duff. Like I said try a different PC see if they can be seen. External USB just get WD Passport and then transfer any data over to it from the old one. That 100GB I am sure the life on it started to go. MTB on these HDD in the past didn't live up to as promise.
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Recently bought a MS mouse.

Have found that when I move the scroll wheel up or down more than really slowly
a little round icon appears with an up arrow and a down arrow. If the cursor is
above the icon, the page automatically scrolls upward without stopping, and the reverse for the cursor being below that icon. It starts without warning and always goes farther than I want and it goes so fast it's difficult, at best, to react to it before I'm way past what I want to see.

When I click, the thing goes away.

Any way to totally delete this annoying feature other than throwing the mouse away and
getting another Logitech?


A:Microsoft mouse scrolling so annoying

Wow I know that feeling. I had a MS mouse that did the same thing. Never could figure out how to stop it from doing that. I search over the internet and never found a answer. Even tried its support site. I ended up getting rid of it and going back to a Logitech.
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I know this topic is very old! but I have the same problem now!
But I don't have any other hard disc on my PC and this SATA 3 supported hard drive is only one! I don't have any OS on my pc. when I connect hard drive to my p4p800-x mother board it doesn't recognize my sata 3 drive! please help me what should I do!

A:Motherboard doesn't recognize my SATA 3 drive

Hey Andromec. Is the drive being detected in the BIOS.
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I was simply trying to install the lastest drivers on my Nvidia Geforce GT on my Alienware X today The installation completed and I restarted my computer When I went to the Nvidia control panel I got the following message quot NVIDIA Display settings are not available You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU quot So now I am seriously stuck I cannot system restore either I really need help because I don t know what else to do Reformatting is an option but I want to see card graphics Computer recognize my wont if there is anything I can do before I conclude to that Also I detached the video card and sprayed the dust off for good measure It did not help Im running the onboard intel hd graphics card now and cant play any of the games ive paid for plz help I ve checked in my device manager and my NVIDIA card is not displaying there either Ive also done a BIOS update on it as well Nothing Plz tell me im not funked Any advice would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Computer wont recognize my graphics card

Go to the device manager, under "Display Adapters", does the GT 545 show?
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Good morning everyone,

My database at work has hit a snag. Whenever I open it I get this error (see attach.) Once I click on yes, it still does not open. It just shows the loading circle (Vista) constantly...

A colleague and myself are the only ones who use this database - it holds 17,000+ files that we have to track. Hers works fine, albeit slowly.

Any help out there with this one? Always appreciated.

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I am running XP SP 2 on Intel Motherboard DH55TC, Core i5 CPU. UAA High Definition Audio class driver is resulting in high hardware interrupts that uses upto 10 to 12% of CPU. The interrupts goes away if I uninstall UAA Bus driver through Device Manager. But this also disables RealTek audio driver which means I hear sound no more.

I tried updating the UAA driver to Version 1.0a but still the hardware interrupts wont go away. Please help how to fix this issue.

A:Microsoft UAA bus driver for High Definition Audio is causing high hardware interrupt

Download the Realtek drivers here Realtek drivers, you want the third one down, Windows 2000, Windows XP/2003(32/64 bits) Driver only (Executable file)
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I have a Gateway E series 4100. I am trying to install Microsoft Office 2010 but the dvd drive will not even recognize that there is a disk in the drive. I cleaned the drive but it took several tries of opening and closeing the drawer in order for it to recognize the cleaner. I have installed other software recently with no problem. It looks as thought it is trying to read it but cant.
any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:DVD-ROM will recognize some DVDs but not others

Very likely just an old dying drive. My typical advice is to try and boot off a bootable dvd because that rules out a software conflict. But in your case, it works with some disks and not others, so this wouldn't tell you much, unless you could find a bootable disk that isn't working in Windows.

I think your best bet is to just replace the entire drive, you can get them for less than $20.

Alternatively, if you have a computer that can read the disk, you can just copy all the contents (including hidden files/folders) over to a flash drive, then install the software that way. This won't work with certain copy protected disks (commonly games and movies) but it would work with Office.
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Hi I recently tried to install a Kodak Phe rinter on my laptop however when I was installing the printer the Laptop crashed and gave me a BSOD I on devices doesn't recognize USB laptop unplugged everything re-booted the laptop and still got the BSOD I was able to solve this by doing a simple system restore under safe mode So far so good however USB doesn't recognize devices on laptop Everytime I try to plug in a USB device into either of my USB ports windows says that the device has not been recognized and is malfunctioning and windows has stopped it There is clearly power going through the ports as if I plug in Wireless adapter the light USB doesn't recognize devices on laptop on the device comes on I have checked under the Device manager and it shows that the hardware is working properly I have checked in the registry and the USB ports are set to quot quot under the start option which means that the USB should start as normal My laptop is an aspire running windows home premium Just wondering if I have missed anything out somewhere thanks in advance Ronan nbsp

A:USB doesn't recognize devices on laptop

Hey odriscoll27. I assume your USB ports were working before you tried installing the Kodak printer. Do any USB devices now work in any ports?. Don't connect that printer to any other pc until you find out what caused this. I would first try uninstalling the ports in Device Manager, then reboot and let Windows reinstall the drivers and hopefully it will work. If it does work, check/try another printer cable and try installing it again. Is your Win7 OS at the SP1 level?.
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Why doesn't my microsoft lifecam work with windows 7? Is there a simple way to fix this problem?

A:Windows 7/Microsoft Lifecam

We would need the model number to tell you a reason to why it is not working, and if there is a fix.. If there is no supported driver for windows7, you may need to attempt to use a Windows Vista driver and run it in compatibility mode.

If these options are not possible, you may have to purchase a new one.

Please reply back with the model of the webcam.
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Before I get to the poll a little history is in order I got my first droid retiring my GS moved to iOS from WinMO few years ago But I think it is the most 920 or ATIV Lumia S regrettable of decisions I made Because despite the fact that I always went for the higher end droid at least of its time e g Desire SGS SGSII Sensation SGSIII to name few I never found a stable solidly performing android phone They all suffered from random crashes reboots sluggishness hang ups and I only install apps - I need nothing more They all have various annoying quirks as well e g SGS ATIV S or Lumia 920 III doesn t want to find any WiFi network at times folders on home screen will randomly open at ATIV S or Lumia 920 their own my older Sensation s screen would stop responding quot in some places quot etc IMHO almost all droids I owned had great hardware but a crappy OS Few months ago I got my hands on Lumia and used it along side my Sensation SGS III for months and my views about WP totally changed It easily outperforms all those multi-core droids with its dated single core SoC being absolutely rock solid and very easy to use UI unlike androids copycat of iOS It is time again to jump ship only thing to decide is should I get ATIV S or Lumia though I m tilting toward the later due to better support upgrade cycle of Nokia compared to Samsung However SuperAMOLED display of ATIV S will be more battery friendly and it also have expansion slot ATIV S comparison Lumia specs Specs of HTC X amp Accord rumored Lumia along side Samsung ATIV S So what you guys would pick nbsp

A:ATIV S or Lumia 920

I'm firmly set on the Lumia 920 right now. I've always had a thing for Nokia handsets, and until Android hit the scene I only ever owned them. Plus, I don't think I'll miss the lack of storage expansion (my SGS3 has 16GB now and I'm only using 1GB of it!), and I think Nokia will be quicker and more supportive with its own apps than Samsung will be.
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I have a mixture of domain and workgroup computers on the network and wan to have them all visible in Microsfot Windows Network My Network Place Group - Machine amp Machine are on workgroupA with its not Computer Microsoft in visible Windows Network own subnet and can see each other fine Group - Machine amp Machine are on the domain and can see each other fine Group - Machine amp Machine are also on the domain however on a different subnet and it too can see each other fine If I am on Machine it only sees Machine When I am on Machine it can not see Machine or however it can see Machine The same goes for Machine can t see any other machine except Machine even though its on the domain I have a WINS server in place in Group and it WINS see all the machines as Active Registrations But when I go into My Network Places on the WINS server it only sees machines in Group which are Machine amp Machine DNS entries are setup correctly with correct hostname and IP so I m lost as to what is happening here Sorry of this sounds confusing nbsp

A:Computer not visible in Microsoft Windows Network

My understanding is that

a given system(A) may be attached to a domain OR
unattached and accessed in a workgroup; mutually exclusive.
That says your request is not possible
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I've been playing games for more than 12 years with KB+Mouse and have never used a controller before. Games are becoming more and more controller optimized and I have an Eyefinity setup that would give a better experience with a gamepad, so I decided to get one

I've narrowed my options to Razer Onza TE BF3 Edition (Wired):

And Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows :

They both seem pretty good, but have heard very mixed views on razer products...

Which one is better ?

A:Razer Onza or Microsoft controller for Windows?

Do you already own a wireless 360 controller? You can use a 360 controller on your PC if you add one of these. I use it and it works fine.
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Hey XP SATA external does not drive recognize all At the moment I am using a very old pc don t ask The mobo is an Intel D GGC It is very slow tho maxed out on RAM but it works I have a hard drive salvaged from a previous pc which I had working via SATA cables usb I decided to buy a caddy shoved hdd in and upon connecting it light comes on disk hums get the usual quot ding dong quot sound and quot found new drive drive ready to be used quot comes up However XP does not recognize external SATA drive the drive doesn t show up under My Computer nor in Disk Management I can find it as a mass storage device under usb in Device Manager tho I have uninstalled and reinstalled it checked with Tweak XP does not recognize external SATA drive UI and all possible drive combinations are ticked scanned for hardware changes I should say this is a powered quot SATA enclosure The drive has my entire music collection on it and is gb I really could do with your help before it and pc fly through the window Many thanks nbsp

A:XP does not recognize external SATA drive

install Tweak UI and then...

click on My Computer, Drives,and check marking Drive F.
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I have a Sony CDs, do? computer My play recognize can or I will what not Vaio with windows XP Professional I know it old to the best of my knowledge it up to date the cd driver is newer My computer will not play or recognize CDs, what can I do? approx yrs original would not open anymore the cd driver is an LG CD-RW CED- B Now when I put a cd into the cd drive the cd icon appears on the curser and you hear the disk move a little but My computer will not play or recognize CDs, what can I do? the only disk My computer will not play or recognize CDs, what can I do? it seem to want to play is one legit cd and this old burnt cd i have a pop up opens and ask what i want to do with the disk and then I play the cd on itunes It dosen t recognize older or newer legit cds and it won t play them When i go into my computer and click on the cd drive nothing shows up and it dose not give me the message to insert disk even when I don t have a disk in it I attempt the same thing on the dvd drive when there s a disk in the dvd drive it dose the same thing as in the cd drive and i click on the drive from my computer I seems to want to load something because it take a few second to go into the drive but then it gives a message to insert disk the message to insert disk to drive pop up quickly when there is no disk in the dvd drive I ve attempted several fixes deleted the Upperfilter and Lowerfilter updating driver what else can I do other that purchasing a new driver nbsp

A:My computer will not play or recognize CDs, what can I do?

You should be able to find a NEW replacement on eBay for $27 to $50 on a lucky day. They are not difficult to replace. You can never count on one that is used very much to last a long time.
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i have a nokia N900 phone and this is the error messag am getting when i switch on the phone,
All telephony functions, including emergency calls, are disabled due to a
communication error. To recover, you might have to reboot the device.
any one with the soluiton to is. help

A:Nokia N900

open the back, take out the battery and then remove the SIM card.

replace the battery and power-on. of course it will not run, but it resets the

shutdown and reinstall the SIM and try again.
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I have an ASRock gx AM MB I recently purchased a Visiontek Radeon HD video card I popped the card in and hooked up my vga cable I booted up to my OS win x and installed the drivers for my card This Was all after I had previously uninstalled on board graphics and changed settings in bios to use PCI express as my video output Okay so after a reboot things are going smooth So I unplug my vga cable and plug in my DVI cable and get no video So I unplug the DVI and plug back in the VGA cable and I then have NO video So I reboot my computer with no luck Then I plug my vga back into my on board slot and take a look in my device manager and it isn t showing my video card only MB no longer ASRock install drivers card or recognize video correct will on board graphics and on top of that every time I run the ATI software to install drivers for my card it will only install drivers for my on board graphics and doesn t install them for my PCI Express card I m sure the card and slot are fine as I have run them successfully once before I ASRock MB will no longer recognize video card or install correct drivers don t know what to do but I really don t want to have to go through the hassle of sending my card back Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks nbsp

A:ASRock MB will no longer recognize video card or install correct drivers

Could the fact that it isn't recognized by my PC be do to a lack of power from my psu? I have a raidmax 530w psu and min for the card is 400 so I figured I was okay... There is no place on the card to hook a cable from the psu to. It gets all its power straight from the MB... I dunno if that info will help any
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One of my computers won't recognise the HDD. I searched on google, on forums but i still couldnt find any solutions.
The problem is that when i try to power on the PC, a black screen pops up and nothing happenes. I entered the CMOS screen , i checked if the HDD is detected , and guess what - it's not, although its set on automatic. Now i know for sure that the HDD is completely functional. The jumper is socketed according to the manual.
Can you give me an idea please ?

A:My computer won't recognize my HDD

sounds like a mobo issue, not a hd issue. Do you get a POST?
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I was looking at computer today that had some issues originally with wireless connectivity The wireless recognize physical -- Vista not CD drive does or Windows virtual dongle is a Quest design that comes with build in virtual drive that contains drivers Windows Vista does not recognize CD drive -- virtual or physical Once plugged in to any USB port it did not launch the virtual CD drive with drivers It worked on my PC thus I can not work the device I went Windows Vista does not recognize CD drive -- virtual or physical to device manager and it turns out that the PC does not recognize unknown device the physical CD drive either but I can boot from it Out of curiosity I have plugged in my U enabled USB drive that has a virtual CD drive on it as well and it too wan an unknown device In Vistas device manager they are all located under CD DVD device section I have proceed to do a system restore the a time when the Quest wireless dongle worked but after two separate attempts and waiting minutes to restore I got quot system restore was not completed nothing was changed message And yes I have tried to disable enable the devices and uninstall restart the PC even in safe mode and still nothing Any thoughts nbsp

A:Windows Vista does not recognize CD drive -- virtual or physical

This sounds like a problem with drivers, as I suspect you don't know the history of this PC I would run through some basic checks. Follow this first guide to clean out any redundant drivers.

Then look in Device Manager, click on the View tab and select "Show Hidden Devices" see if there are any yellow warnings.

Reinstall all the chipset drivers.

Check in the Bios that the CD drive is recognised and enabled.

Run sfc /scannow and chkdsk /r from an elevated command prompt.

Let us know if you need a more detailed guide and state the make and model of the PC.
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The title says it all Hopefully placed in the correct thread quot Out in the bush quot the connection to the world wide web is very slim Thus using a smartphone as a modem is the only option available for the I do a USB(cable)-modem? as 5230 Nokia How use me at this time Thus I want to connect to the WWW using a Nokia Details The PC is a laptop Toshiba Satellite C D and the smartphone is a Nokia The OS is a legitimate How do I use the Nokia 5230 as a USB(cable)-modem? Windows Home P -bit On the Nokia website How do I use the Nokia 5230 as a USB(cable)-modem? it says that the phone can act as a modem using the USB-cable just like using the bluetooth-to-modem function on the iPhone But I ve not successfully tracked down any instructions on how to do so Solution I need a step-by-step instruction describing how to connect to WWW using the phone described above The instructions does absolutely not need to be beginners-grade I m accustomed to computers but not with phone-to-modem solutions I think I might need some drivers aswell Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:How do I use the Nokia 5230 as a USB(cable)-modem?

The instructions are in the Cell Phone User's Guide and will be specific to the make/model.

But the concept is simple enough:
connect the cellphone to the PC with the USB cable
you should first make sure you can access the phone from the PC,
by using something like a contack sync program.
The Nokia 5230 should support the Nokia PC Suite which is downloadable for free.
then on the cellphone, you Make A Connection
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Hey TS world. I was given a Gateway laptop model # ML6714. The old owner told me that they was having problems with it and that I could have it. I'm trying to install Vista OS and it's telling me that I don't have a hard drive installed( or something to that effect). Can someone help me with this problem. I have a WD 160gb hard drive installed. Not sure how to fix this. Thanks in advance for all the help.

A:Gateway laptop doesn't recognize hard drive

Are you sure the hard drive hasn't failed?
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i have a adata c gb flash storage device stick the problem started when removing files to flash won't recognize drive Computer AData my desk top then i Computer won't recognize AData flash drive formatted my USB flash DRIVE After this i couldnt get back into it says format drive again this i tired but window came up cannot format this drive i have gone into properties looked for problems even changed the letter on drive but to no avail im running windows xp pro in propertis i can see the ADATA USB FLASH REMOVABLE DEVICE also tell s me space used free space tried update no joy tried change letter no joy some how my pc wont open it when open My Computer ICON the drive reads Removable disk should read ADATA UFD F IN computer manager it says Healthy but does not give the FAT file system whereas the new flash drive gives this info also it doesnt read as ADATA FAT only as H drive As it is i cant open usb flash drive just keeps reading format drive-then says cant format drive anyone here have any ideas regards paul glass nbsp

A:Computer won't recognize AData flash drive

You can take a look through here See Troubleshoot: Windows Won't Recognize Your USB Hard Drive

tho my top guesses (see Guide for details)
> Remove old USB storage drivers
> Have you tried a different USB drive? If it also is a problem, then try fixing filters

Otherwise, it's probably corrupt. Try data recovery
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Ok not drive computer recognize hard My my will so I am attempting to extract files my friends hard drive I can not use her computer because only one usb port works for some reason My computer will not recognize my hard drive So my first My computer will not recognize my hard drive thought was I will just throw the hard drive into my computer because I have an ide connector to hook it up Well once I did that my computer would no longer boot up I went to the BIOS and deselected the drive from attempting to boot and I noticed that no matter what changes i made this hard drive became my primary drive because of the ide connection So instead of messing with my BIOS even more i decided to go and buy an external closure for this hard drive I plugged it in and the drivers for the hard drive installed but i could not access the drive anywhere The drive comes up in my device manager so therefor i know the computer sees it but the drive does not pop up in My Computer or disk management I know the external closure works properly because i used another internal hard drive in five minutes before The hard drive I am having problems with is a Samsung SP N there is a jumper in there but i have not touched that yet Also I am running windows bit Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:My computer will not recognize my hard drive

In Device Manager are you seeing BOTH 1) USB Mass Storage driver under USB AND 2) a disk driver under Disks?

Open Disk Management, watch the lower pane as you plug in/remove the USB cable. Do you see a physical disk appear/disappear?

Usually, if jumper matters, it should be set to Master
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Please i need help,some weeks ago,i posted that my system toshiba A135 is having a freezing problem anytime i insert a usb device.i was using windows xp professional i have changed to windows vista that is the orginal O.S that came with my toshiba.whenever i plug a device it doesnt hang but it says usb device not recognize ,unable to install device driver etc.pls i need some tech advice

A:System says device not recognize to all USB device on Vista

Try this:
> Shudown computer
> Unplug computer power cord. If a laptop remove battery too
> Unplug all USB and other non-essential devices

Let is sit overnight

Now plug in, power up computer in the morning. When you reconnect your USB devices, if they have their own AC adapter
> USB device should be turned off
> plug USB device into AC plug
> plug device into USB port
> now turn USB device ON

is it recognized?
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ok i but recognize plays doesn't fine DVD/CD-ROM CDs DVDs Combo know there are old closed threads on this and i have already tried the geek squad advice of deleting the upper and lower limits in the registry key i have already searched the internet for new drivers solutions and tryed the incredibly useless FixIt program offered by microsoft I Combo DVD/CD-ROM plays CDs fine but doesn't recognize DVDs m here cuz i m desperate The facts Im using vista the dvd-rom according to device manager is an ATAPI DVD A DH A L The driver is C Combo DVD/CD-ROM plays CDs fine but doesn't recognize DVDs Windows System drivers cdrom sys version is The entire pc is as it was purchased with vista factory installed and kept up to date since The device manager insists the device is working properly and has the best driver when a music or game cd is put in the drive works fine runs silently plays the music or game when a game dvd is put in the drive makes a grunt then is silent If i attemt to explore the drive from my computer it ejects telling me to insert a disk when a movie dvd is put in its the same as a game dvd except that Combo DVD/CD-ROM plays CDs fine but doesn't recognize DVDs the grunt repeats continuously every few seconds until the disk is ejected If this is a hardware problem i have no problem buying a new dvd-rom but if it is a driver problem i am afraid i will have the same issue even with new hardware What do you think nbsp

A:Combo DVD/CD-ROM plays CDs fine but doesn't recognize DVDs

Hi daver14 (again),

Well i've never seen (or used) a different driver apart from "cdrom.sys" on every DVD drive i've had (and i've had about 7 or 8 main ones in the past). What i can say is, I have had this problem before with a "Combo drive" and it turned out to be a failure of the circuit board inside the drive itself (so hardware basicly)...The drive played CD's but not DVD's.

I'de hate to say "Go out a buy another" because maybe someone else has heard of some software resolution that i haven't...and obviously if their's a software fix, it will save cash on a new drive. But it does sound like the same thing i had on a combo drive in the past.
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I just built a new PC about three weeks ago....everything running OK until today. Suddenly "My Computer" doesn't recognize ANY DVD. I had installed a Lite-On iHAS424-98 B, DVD drive, and it was working fine. Tried to re-install the driver, "FAILED". So I tried another DVD (HP DVD) still the same thing. I installed both drives in another pc, and they BOTH work OK..So, I went back to my NEW pc, and changed SATA ports on motherboard,,the BIOS says (always has) the drives are there, but Windows says "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)" ....New Asus M4A88TD-M/USB3 MB, Phenom II X4 965, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit... "" NEED HELP PLEASE"". Can anyone help me. Never ran across this before in building PC's... Thanks..

A:Computer won't recognize any DVD drive

I think the following thread will be helpful. Check it out:
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Hi Im new in this forum hope you guys can help me out I usually build my own PCs but I dont really have that much experience specially not with HP PCs So I took my own SATA HDD to my cousins home I installed it but since I forgot to bring my own power adapter I unplugged my cousins secondary HDD Anyways there was no problem my HDD was recognized I got the READY FOR USE message and well I got the files I needed After I was recognize won´t slave Media Windows reinstalled XP HDD Center done with that I took my HDD plugged back his own secondary HDD and the bios recognized it Then we go into windows it loads no problem but the secondary HDD is not recognized it just wont show on windows explorer or anything This is an old PC its a Pentium D and its an HP model media center windows XP it has a different type of windows bar I dunno I hate the interiors its so hard to reach everything Does matter where I plug the sata cable I never had this problem before with sata HDDs Windows XP Media Center won´t recognize reinstalled slave HDD I went to the Windows XP Media Center won´t recognize reinstalled slave HDD Bios and saw both HDDs as recognized they even show Windows XP Media Center won´t recognize reinstalled slave HDD as functioning hardware on windows control panel add hardware I m just confused that I couldnt make it run but to be honest I didnt have time to work on it cuz I had to leave actually I just got home from his house and Im going tomorrow to try to fix it hope you guys can help or give me any clues on what I can try to do tomorrow bye nbsp

A:Windows XP Media Center won´t recognize reinstalled slave HDD

The computer was turned off when you removed the power cable yeah? Or was it running?

If all you have done is remove the power cable there should be no reason for it to stop working. The fact it has, suggests to me that you've either removed it with the computer powered up, or removed something else (like maybe the data lead isn't connected correctly).

The SATA data cable will work regardless of what port its plugged into. I've regularly moved mine around for whatever reason while working on the inside of my computer and its never been an issue.
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Ugh, ive been looking all over the internet for a solution to this. Anyway, im borrowing my friend's external hard drive to transfer some stuff from my laptop to my desktop when my laptop for whatever reason crashed. Now when i started my laptop back up, explorer doesn't recognize the external hard drive. However, disk management seems to be able to recognize the external hard drive as a separate disk. Does anybody know how i can get my explorer to recognize the external hard drive?

A:Can't get explorer to recognize external hard drive

Since it's recognized by Disk Management, I'll guess one of two things

1. See if this might help How to Cleanup and Remove old USB Storage Drivers

2. Otherwise, it could be filesystem corruption on the disk. Have you tried connecting it to a different computer to see if it works? If it still fails on other computers as well could be windows sees the disk when connected but doesn't recognize a valid filesystem any longer so doesn't mount the logical volume. Try TestDisk for partition/data recovery
Relevancy 27.52%

I have a VAIO VPC computer with Windows 7 operating system. I was installing the software for my Palm TX Organizer, and when it came to connecting the device to the computer, I received the message that the system was locating the drivers for the device and then informing me that no drivers were available. When I tried to sync the device through the palm program it will not recognize the presence of the device. I uninstalled and downloaded a new version of the program from the Palm website encountering the same situation when I connected the device to the computer.

I have also experienced this same situation with the installation of Tunes Plus to allow for the uploading of my iPod music onto iTunes on the computer, I continually get a device not present message.

Can anybody out there throw some light on this problem?

A:Program fails to recognize devices after installation

Windows doesn't need drivers to detect a Plug and Play device.

So forget about drivers for the moment....

1) You don't say how you connect the device to your compute. I'll guess USB???

2) Then start with the basics: Are you hearing the USB ding/dong sound affect as you should when connect / disconnect a USB device????
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I am trying to upgrade my old 60GB SATA drive with a 1.5TB SATA drive. However, the system fails to detect that I have a drive connected. It can still detect the old 60GB drive however. I also tried using my new drive on another PC and it works just fine.

Old SATA controllers have any limit on how big the drive is?? What are my options here, get a PCI-SATA controller card?

Appreciate any suggestions

A:Onboard SATA controller can't recognize new 1.5TB drive

If the new drive is Sata-300, you may need to set a jumper to put it down to Sata-150. Some Sata controllers don't recognize the new drives without the jumper set.
Relevancy 27.52%

I have a dell inspiron e1505 running windows vista and for the past few weeks, none of my USB devices that I connect work, I have tried to connect 2 different webcams, my hard drive and my phone, while they do receive power, windows says that the device has malfunctioned and can't recognize it. Then windows goes on to "install" drivers however it is still read as "unknown device" I have tried several things including registry booster (but i didnt get all of them fixed) and even reinstalled vista. Any help?

A:Vista doesn't recognize USB devices

Please don't use any registry repair programs. They are as likely to destroy as to repair.
Try deleting(Uninstall) all the USB ports in Device Manager and rebooting.
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My razer deathadder recently died and I couldn't afford another one, so I went for something cheaper

I got the intellimouse 3.0 and i'm not too impressed

I have the pointer speed set on the fastest setting, but when you are moving the pointer around slowly it jerks in increments of of a millimetre or so, and its quite frustrating when gaming, especially in sniper situations

Is there any way to make it smoother?

A:Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 - making it smoother?

If you haven't already, install the intellipoint driver. Although the mouse will work using the native Windows driver, you will have fuller use of its capabilities if you install the latest driver.
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This issue has been puzzling me for weeks now I have no idea on how to solve it due to my very low knowledge of computer hardware and it's software. I apologize if my terminology is a bit off, but like I said, knowledge of this subject is very limited. Anyways, the problem I have been having is that my CD/DVD+-RW drive will no longer recognize regular DVDs. What I mean by regular DVDs is non-burned DVD movies and DVD-ROMs such as games. My drive will still read and play CDs and burned DVDs. What steps should I take in order to try and solve this problem? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you need any more information or have questions relating to the issue, I'd be glad to answer.

A:Persistent failure to recognize DVDs

How old is the optical unit?
The first step is to unplug and reseat the connection to make sure its not as simple as that. if you have another cable try it. If this is a SATA drive with an older ' non-secure clip' type, they can very easily break connection. Unfortunately what you describe can also be the first symptom of an optical drive that is at the end of its life.
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i have recently finished formatting my mom's computer and i have everything done except i cant find the 2nd hard drive we have. I am unsure of how i go about getting the computer to recognize it. i wiped the whole computer C & D (D was always the 2nd hard drive) and now we can only find c and the d is back to the cd drive that doesnt work. All i need it for the computer to recognize this so we can have our storage drive back. Can anyone please help.

A:Get computer to recognize 2nd hard drive

Can you see it in Device Manager or Disk Management?
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Toshiba 5505-s504 doesn't recognize any hd' boots up ok and i can access the bios.... Any thoughts?

A:Toshiba 5505-s504 doesn't recognize any HDDs

What's the history on this issue? New drive? Old? Try re-seating the drive.
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I've just bought a VIA PCI IEEE 1394 Adapter (Firewire). I removed the old modem that came with the motherboard from the pci slot and inserted the new firewire adapter into its place. I made sure it was pushed firmly into the slot.

When i connected everything back up and started the computer, nothing happened. i waited a bit and still nothing. Any suggestions or explanations as to why windows won't detect my new hardware?

i have attached a dxdiag file with this post in case anyone needs to know my specs.


A:My system doesn't recognize new hardware

The new hardware could be defective but try going into the Add and Remove Programs in the Control Panel and uninstall any drivers or programs associated with the old modem and restart the PC. The DXDiag shows it thinks you still have the modem installed.
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i have 2 ehd and my computer wont recognize either... one has a separate power source the other doesn't. i tried them both on multiple usb location and both of them work on my other computer. Does anyone have an idea of what i could do?
running xp

A:Computer won't recognize any external hard drives

try this first. See How to Cleanup and Remove old USB Storage Drivers.

If still a problem See if this might apply CD/DVD or Disk Problems? How to Fix Problems Caused by Filters
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I just did a fresh reinstall on a laptop. I installed Windows 7 from a disk about a week ago. Everything worked well for a week and now I was given the laptop back and the cd/dvd drive doesn't work. I would guess that the computer is less then a year old and everything else works fine. I put any disk in it makes the noise like its reading and then nothing. It pops open and says insert disk. Everything looks clean, I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, there is no spyware or viruses or anything. Anybody have a suggestion on what to do next?

A:CD/DVD drive doesn't recognize anything

One of these may help:
1. Uninstall the drive through Device Manager.
Restart computer. The drive will be automatically reinstalled.
Restart computer.
3. Download, and run Restore Missing CD Drive patch
Double click on to unzip it.
Right click on cdgone.reg, click Merge.
Accept registry merge.
Restart computer.
4. Go to Device Manager, click a "+" sign next to IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.
You'll see two items:
- ATA Channel0 (or Primary Channel)
- ATA Channel1 (or Secondary Channel)
Right click on each of them, and click Uninstall. Confirm.
Restart Windows. They'll be automatically reinstalled.
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Back in May we purchased a new hard drive for our computer but then in August the motherboard went out Since I am not quot techie quot enough to mess around with motherboards we bought another computer We recently purchased Computer external won't recognize HD an external enclosure to Computer won't recognize external HD turn the IDE drive we bought into an external hard drive We have an IDE ATA drive We got it into the Computer won't recognize external HD enclosure hooked it up to the power source and then the computer but the computer is not recognizing it When we turned it on it said that it was installing driver software and that the software had been successfully installed The problem is I cannot find the device to access the files that are on it shouldn t it appear under the devices with removable storage If anyone can help me figure out how to find the device on my computer I would appreciate that The previous hard drive has Windows XP on it for it s OS and our new computer has Windows Vista I don t think that would keep the drive from showing up though since we have it on slave settings and have not Computer won't recognize external HD attempted to access any of the OS files on the old hard drive If the hard drive is set to slave and we are using it externally then it shouldn t matter if there are other OS files on there should it Someone suggested to me that I try using TWEAK UI but when I looked into downloading that it sounded like it was only for XP and I certainly don t want to download something that might create havoc with my computer Thanks Kendra nbsp

A:Computer won't recognize external HD

For the external enclosure try setting the jumper to master. Master/Slave is for when you have two devices on the same IDE cable. That is no longer the case with this hard drive.
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I have an ASUS P5K/EPU LGA775 motherboard and a Core 2 Quad Q9550 CPU - 2.83GHz running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. My motherboard says that it is compatible with the quad core but it fails to read all 4, it states that I have only 2 CPUs.

When I boot my computer I get a message saying "Unknown CPU detected, please update your BIOS in order to release its full power! Press F1 to continue."

I have tried updating the BIOS through the ASUS auto updater and I currently have version 0501.

When I run msinfo32.exe it reads the CPU as being correct but when I go to enable and disable the cores in msconfig>boot>advanced options I only am able to choose 1 or 2.

Would a reformat be inorder or is my motherboard not able to handle this specific quad core?

A:ASUS Mobo does not recognize Core 2 Quad CPU

I presume your CPU is E0 stepping (sSpec SL8BV).
You'll need to update your BIOS to 0604 for the motherboard to recognise it.

If your CPU is C1 stepping (sSpec SLAWQ) then some troubleshooting is in order.
Report back.
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Hello Have an Acer Aspire which periodically much more as of late will not boot and going to the bios to look at stuff the Hard drive and the dvd drive are not even mentioned other times it will just boot normally have windows on this one already tried many things re-install windows install another windows change HD flash bios re-seat processor etc lately out of desperation I found out recognize hard bios Acer or not Aspire dvd drive does by sheer coincident that if I bend the laptop a little thous bending the mobo it will recognize all and start just fine as long as I hold Acer Aspire bios does not recognize hard drive or dvd it this way it will work as soon as I release it it will freeze and die on me already opened all panels and looked if there were any cracks on the mobo but none were discovered BTW for some reason the bios says this is an aspire and the body and sticker says it is a I also looked Acer Aspire bios does not recognize hard drive or dvd up to sell it on e-bay and see at least of them sell as is for the same exact reason any one has any idea Acer Aspire bios does not recognize hard drive or dvd s anyone can help before i get rid of it Thanks nbsp

A:Acer Aspire bios does not recognize hard drive or dvd

Look for a bios update for your model on the Acer support site, and update the bios
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I recently reinstalled windows xp on my ibm t43 but now I can't connect to the Internet. I've tried everything I know which is very little, but I can't find the wireless conection that is in my house.

I'm in need of some help... Please

A:Can't connect to Internet after reinstalling Microsoft XP

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A friend of mine brought me a fujitsu siemens laptop amilo pro with a Samsung Sata HM II hard drive that was not logging into windows xp I ve put it into a usb case and run a virus scan on it that cleared the virus and the disk was working properly When i logged in windows i ve notice so many spyware that i tried to format the drive immediately On my friends laptop the win xp installation disk wouldnt recognise any installation Windows drive my recognize cannot hard hard disks so i ve Windows installation cannot recognize my hard drive tried installing it on the drive as an external usb drive from my laptop The installation failed with a blue screen for hardware failure I bought a new hard drive Samsung SATA HM HI that i Windows installation cannot recognize my hard drive partitioned and formatted primary NTFS Neither XP or Windows installation recognize it i can work on it from my laptop as an external usb drive i ve Windows installation cannot recognize my hard drive run several diagnostic tools from my friends laptop with a boot cd and every software recognize it give me details scan it for errors The bios even recognize it I need to install an OS on it any ideas or suggestions i ve been working for a week on it its getting exhausting nbsp

A:Windows installation cannot recognize my hard drive

Is the hard drive seen in the bios? Is the SATA controller properly enabled and configured in the bios?
Relevancy 26.66%

Hi I realize that the problem described in the subject may seem deceivingly simple to solve however realize that it is not the case I have a Dell Dimension desktop with Windows XP Home Edition I was attempting to reinstall Windows on it however I could not get the computer to boot off of the disc Thinking that I might be able to start the setup from within Windows I booted into Windows only to find that BOTH optical drives cannot read discs as in they both tell me to insert a disc even though there is clearly a disc in the drive The drives also appear in the BIOS but cannot be booted off of either And yes I m certain the discs are bootable and even if they weren t it would still be recognized in Windows Also I ran Dell s simplistic diagnostic tool and it asked me to insert a data disc so it could run tests on the optical drive except there were 2 either cannot discs Bios optical Windows drives, read but in and recognize already discs in both drives I have also double checked all cable connections inside the case all are solid and I Bios and Windows recognize 2 optical drives, but cannot read discs in either have already flashed the CMOS I have also updated to the latest Dell provided firmware Bios and Windows recognize 2 optical drives, but cannot read discs in either updates for the BIOS as well as both optical drives Any suggestions nbsp

A:Bios and Windows recognize 2 optical drives, but cannot read discs in either

The Dell Dimension 8400 is at least four years old... or more.
Several of the 8400's came with HL or HLDS optical drives, which failed early and often. Yours are likely long dead. What you describe is typical of a failed CD or DVD drive for which the reader lense has burned out or the drive has slipped out of alignment dut to wear.
Luckily, optical drives (DVD-RW and CD-RW) can be found cheaply online for $19.94 US to $39.99, and are relatively easy to install. We recommend Plextor (costly but great), LG, Samsung, LiteOn, or Pioneer. I would avoid Sony, Sony Nec, Sony Optiarc, HP, Acer, Asus, HLDS, Arctec and Rosewill as they do not seem to last as long in our computers.
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I am new to Exchange Server 2003 and I have a friend with a network server that I don't know how to re-establish a user to the network. I moved one of his non used computers to this station and now when I try to log in the user I get the error that the name can't be verified because Outlook is not connected or online. This computer used to be online with a different user. Can anyone tell me the steps to check this? Thanks.

A:Outlook not connected in Microsoft Exchange Server

You would benefit from the server handbook or an outlook manual... too much to explain here in usable terms, methinks.
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I am trying to install windows XP on a machine with these specs:
AMD Athlon 64 3000+
Hitachi HDS72258 SATA HDD

The drivers, according to the Hitachi site, come with windows. The Hitachi site says that if windows doesnt recognize the drive it is likely a motherboard issue. I do not have a floppy drive in the machine right now. Windows installer cannot recognize the disk apparently.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:Windows installer wont recognize Hitachi SATA

Check the BIOS to see if you can set the SATA/RAID controllers to IDE mode. If you cannot, you will need to install SATA/RAID drivers via the F6 prompt at the beginning of Windows Setup. You will need a floppy drive for that, however. You can either install one and continue on (they aren't very expensive and it will solve your problem with a minimum of fuss) or you can make a slipstream CD with the contents of your Windows CD and the SATA drivers combined.
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So I Computer(s) hard drive recognize won't m trying to fix my Computer(s) won't recognize hard drive brothers computer and for some reason the computer will not recognize any of the hard drives it has Also when any of the three hard drives are plugged in the computer will not go past the post screen I ve rotated the hard drives as well as switch the jumpers around from slave to master etc Nada and its not the motherboard or cpu the only way i can get past the post screen and into the bios is to remove all the hard drives i placed a hard drive from my own pc into my bro s computer and it recognizes it but when i place any of the hard drives from my bro s pc into my own pc my pc will not boot up it freezes at the post screen I tried moving the jumpers around for this as well but nothing worked Any thoughts on whether the hard drives are toast or not or if there s any way to retrieve the data from them nbsp

A:Computer(s) won't recognize hard drive

IDE or SATA? What happened to cause this trouble? Power supply problems, motherboard?
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i've searched for tutorials on how to debrand it

i've been looking at

but i have had no luck

so according to the tutorial, i must first update my phone which i did

secondly, i opened up nss and pressed the magnify glass and all this crap popped up

secondly i goto phone info and press read i get reading values ... Error!

then i type in a code and enable and write and i get the same error...

how do i debrand this phone

please help

Relevancy 24.08%

Dell Dimension about - years old Stock SATA gb hard drive crashed won't Crashed, Hard computer SATA drive recognize ANY Drive got the blue screen all the codes etc Took it to a computer Hard Drive Crashed, computer won't recognize ANY SATA drive place they also said the HD crashed I have bought a replacement gb SATA HD - attached the two inputs to the back one thin and ling one thin and short and Hard Drive Crashed, computer won't recognize ANY SATA drive all I get on boot up is a couple of chirps and the screen says quot Drive and and Not Found Serial ATA SATA- quot and repeats for drives two and three The drive is warm it s being accessed it s humming but I ve also tried a third gb drive same thing I even replaced the original drive back in and the same thing - not even the blue screen and error codes any more Went to F set up set to auto detect all SATA drives sets to on I m computer literate but not a techy or anything Totally lost now Please help emsguy you at aol dot com nbsp
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I am connecting my Lg Vu to my system via USB data cable.
The phone says "USB Mass Storage Connected as Mass Storage Mode Do not disconnect during transfer"
This has worked before, but this time, the system will not recognize the phone's presence.
Tips on how to connect the two devices?


A:Mass Storage - failure to recognize

I'd try (in the following order)
1. Make sure all Windows updates are applied. See USB Device Problems? Check for Windows Updates
2. Windows only deletes old USB connection data when you uninstall the device (not when you disconnect). This can sometimes cause device conflicts, etc. Remove all old USB connection data See How to use the DriveCleanupTool
3. Your computer's USB port may not be supplying sufficient power to the connected device
> If your USB device has it's own AC adapter, connect it as well
> Disconnect all other USB devices except the one
> Try a different and shortest USB cable
> Get a USB hub that can supply 1000mA! According to the USB spec, USB ports don't need to supply more then 500mA but i sometimes see devices fail because they want more power then the 500mA spec. Try using a USB external hub that can exceed the spec (supplies 1000mA port)
===> I happen to use this Targus
===> But you can google for usb hub 1000mA or check your computer store for one. Then try connecting all your hi powered devices into the 1000mA USB port
Relevancy 27.95%

hello to all to start up here, i am a noobie to this and as you can see to computers too a little, but i do need help with one thing. my dell demensions 3000 pentium 4
mobo wont detect any of my following-my hdd and my dvd player. i tried doing a switch around the 2 but still no luck. my hdd is a 10 gb maxtor and my dvd player is a apple 5x atapi dvd rom. if some one could really help me out here or have any suggestions on what i could do plz help, your help is very appreciated.
sorry for bad grammar.

A:Dell doesn't recognize hdd?

Check your BIOS at boot... depressing either F2 or F12, and change the boot order... then boot to the Dell Windows disk and re-do.
If that doesn't work, you may have a bad cable or a bad cable connector... change the entire cable and connector.
Relevancy 20.64%

Hello I recently bought and installed the Flight Simulator X Acceleration Pack X Flight Simulator Microsoft in my laptop but when I play it I have a poor performance such as low FPS and chopped gameplay so I have weather scenary and traffic in very low but Microsoft Flight Simulator X for the resolution Microsoft Flight Simulator X it is the same for my computer to use a low one x than the higher one x Does anybody know how I can fix it My laptop has the following specification Acer Aspire Z OS Windows Vista bit with DirectX Processor Intel Pentium dual-core T GHz MHz FSB MB L Cache GB RAM BG HDD Video Card MB Mobile Intel Graphic Media Accelerator X Chipset Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Controller Version I am not sure if it is because it uses a lot of CPU resources or if it is because of the processor or the Video Card I have other games as Age of Empires and it has a high performance even if guns are firing Thanks nbsp

A:Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Everybody complains about this. I think the program is a resource from the jump.

Now FS2004, that will run great on anything. And it doesn't have to be activated.
Relevancy 27.95%

after i installed ebooster,uninstalled and then i restarted the computer ,my hdd isn`t recognized in the bios but it is recognized using ATA PWD 1.2 .it says SELFX ;
L has a + so i think is locked can anyone help me? thnx in advance i think maybe it was a virus

A:Hp nx9010 doesn´t recognize hdd

If a virus was detected, you may have to reformat and reinstall the operating system. This can be done using another computer. The MBR (Master Boot Record) may be corrupted. The hard drive may have just failed, without any warning
Relevancy 20.64%

I am connected to a network domain. When I go to My network places>Entire Network>Microsoft Windows Network>Domain I can see all networked computers when I am wired in but when I connect wirelessly I cannot. I use a "Wireless access point" connected to my firewall router. I have tried disabling the wireless firewall and assigning a static IP. I am logged into the domain but the only way to can view the other computers on the network is to connect through a wired connection. I'm thinking it has to be a setting in my Wireless router but I cannot figure it out.

A:Viewing Microsoft windows network


when you connect via the wire, and via wireless is the ip address,subnet and default gateway in the same range ?
Relevancy 27.09%

Hello. I need some good advice and tips on how to solve a serious problem that started today. I have two hard drives: master( where the OS is installed) and slave. I don't know how happened, my computer just ceased recognizing the slave hard drive. My master drive works well yet.
Each time I boot my pc, only the master drive appears as installed, and the slave doesn't.

A:My slave hard drive is not recognize by my computer anymore

I would check the BIOS and not even bother with the OS. Once it is recgnized in the BIOS you are good to go.. We need more information. Are they SATA or IDE. If IDE how do you have them hooked up? On one single IDE port with one cable or two separate ports.. We need more info in order to help you.
Relevancy 26.66%

Hello everyone!

I have a Dell Studio XPS 1640 laptop and have just run into some major problems. When I boot up it will get as far as the opening loading screen (where it displays the XPS within the circle) and it will freeze up. I then ran the diagnostic and it showed that my system has no hard drive. (meanwhile the hard drive is making some pretty crazy sounds). When I tell the system to boot from the CD it makes it to the loading screen with the side-scrolling green bar at the bottom and it gets stuck in the loading cycle I.e. It keeps going going and going. What might this be caused by and is it a simple fix?

Thanks foe all your time! Any answers/help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Dell Studio XPS 1640 will not recognize internal hard drive

youve pretty much answered the question yourself, the HDD is buggered
Relevancy 27.52%

Hey everyone I ve been reading these forums for a long time but have never posted before and now I ve got a big head-scratcher I don t know how to solve I have a Toshiba laptop that s almost three years old It has internal wireless and used to pick up signals from anywhere without a problem even two stories away Suddenly it stopped being able to connect properly to any wireless signal that s being transmitted from over feet 10 over won't away signal recognize wireless any ft. Computer away I know it s not my router because I have roommates whose computers will connect Computer won't recognize any wireless signal over 10 ft. away to our router everywhere in our house And I don t think it s a software problem because I reformatted a few months ago and it didn t fix the problem Interestingly if I m in a far-away room of the house it will acknowledge our wireless signal and even those of our neighbors I still can t connect to our or any network The same thing happens when I m at other people s houses As long as I m in the same room as the router I can connect fine but not from any further away I also tried connecting via an external wireless card but that didn t work either I m a freelancer who works from home and it s killing me that I have a laptop I can t take out of the house I m getting some major cabin fever Is anyone familiar with this kind of problem I m ready to take it somewhere to get fixed but I just don t know where to start It would at least be nice to maybe have some direction in terms of repair Thanks guys Sandra nbsp

A:Computer won't recognize any wireless signal over 10 ft. away

I was gonna say that maybe the antenna wires got disconnected off of your wireless device, but if the problem persists even with an external wireless device then it really is a strange problem.

Did the external wireless antenna work on the same premise? Connecting succesfully if in the same room of the router but not more than 10 ft. away?
Relevancy 27.09%

Good evening!
I have the asus board in my Vista Ultimate system. I had a couple of 500GB sata drives, and wanted to replace one of them with a 1T drive(Western Digital WD10000CSRTL) . When I connected the new drive, the system just hangs at the point where it's listing the drives right before boot. Strange thing is, it gets the model number, but hangs at capacity. It does the same thing even if it's the only sata drive in the system. Does the a7n8x board support drives that large, or do I need to take back the drive? Asus's website has been less than helpful, and google searches didn't net a hit on this combo and problem. I turn to the gurus for enlightenment... Thanks for any assistance!


A:Asus a7n8x doesn't recognize 1T sata drive?

Your Asus motherboard is too old to support these hi-capicity drives
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I noticed when I turned on my computer today it said it was unable to install some drivers. I look in my device manager and it has the yellow exclamation mark by the following:

Microsoft 6to4 Adapter
Microsoft 6to4 Adapter #2
Microsoft ISATAP Adapter #5

My system is a Dell XPS 630i on Vista 32bit home premium.

I immediately went to the Dell site and installed all the latest drivers and the bios as well but this did not fix the problem.

I am able to connect to the internet. Is this a problem and if so can somone wizard help me troubleshoot it?

Cheers in advance

A:Microsoft 6to4 adapter

Delete these drivers in the Device Manager and restart your system. See if Vista reinstalls these automatically
Relevancy 27.52%

I have a external hard drive that was working fine until yesterday. I reformated my computer now it won't recognize the hard drive. I have removed it and put it on my son's computer, it says it's locating new hardware but won't show under my computer. It's binging when plugged in so it knows it's there. We have tried everything (bios, unplugging, restarting computer ect.) but nothing. Any suggestions? Thank you for any help you can give me.

A:Computer won't recognize external hard drive

sounds like its registering the usb contact, but not the hd controller. Either you just need the drivers for an external mass storage device, but since its not loading on either it could be the drive, by way of corrution or failure, or even just the interface in the enclosure when you were moving it around.

I would first suggest removing fromthe external enclosure and seeing if it boots internaly in a pc, this would confirm or rule out the posability of a drive failure, in which case it would just be a matter of the enclosure's hardware, or most likely the operating system's drivers.

Akums Razor would dictate that its probably a driver issue, but dosnt hurt to eliminate a few possible problems, and when it comes to hardware failure when it rains it pours.

note: im assuming before this that the drive isn't being shown in disk management as well.
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hi ppl hope everthings good there, i have a seagate barracuda 7.200 with 1500GB and my windows 7 and vista only shows 465GB how can i access all the disk size???


A:Windows 7 and Vista can't recognize my 1TB HDD only shows 465GB why?

Have you formatted it properly? Is there any unpartitioned space on the drive?

Go to Start->Run and type compmgmt.msc and hit Enter. Click the Disk Management option in the left pane of the window that appears and check the drive to see if there is unallocated space.
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My Microsoft Habu mouse freezes when at some game servers, I play mainly DFX and in some servers where plenty of action is going on, the "nice" mouse freezes for several seconds, about 5 to 10 seconds....specially if I swirl it.

My PC is home built with an Intel Q6750, 22 inches samsung lcd monitor, G 15 Logitech KB, 4 G memory Mushkin, GForce 280 Video card, nfORCE 780I MOBO,Thermaltake 750 PSU, several fans and a V1 cpu cooler. I run Windows XP Pro 32.

Any idea why this is happening, the driver version is 2.12 and firmware is 2.03 on the mouse. I am about to dump it to the garbage can, any suggestion about a real good and reliable mouse, cost is no issue...


A:Microsoft Habu mouse troubles

Go with a moderately priced Logitec gaming mouse
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I attached a new sata drive to my mother board
bios detected sata drive as non- raid which is correct

i logged into windows disk manager utility sata drive was not detected. I could not locate the drive in xp under device manager or disk manager.

Connected sata drive to usb port via sata usb adapter drive was detected right away in xp and proceed to format the drive into ntfs using the usb adapter.

Shut down the computer once again reconnected sata drive to the motherboard went back into disk management utility in xp and still no sata drive.

If has anyone experience the same problem and can provide me with a solution would be really appreciated

not sure if hardware details are necessary but i can provide them on request.

Thank you in advance


A:XP Does Not Recognize SATA Drive

I'd say faulty Sata port or Sata data cable (ie test by replacing this)

Also run Bios setup defaults on your Motherboard (this area accessed by pressing the valid key - DEL usually, as your computer first turns on)
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I don't know whether this is the right place for posting questions on mobile ...if not please tell me where should i post.
I have mobile Nokia 5000 and its total space is 8mb and there is the system of Mp3 player and i want to listen to songs but all my songs are of 5 mb so can anyone tell the website where i can download less sized songs. i am searching for Indian songs.

A:Memory in Nokia 5000

That is a cell phone of some sort, right?
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when i try to change the font in excel or word it freezes and then crashes. but it doesn't do this with power point or one note. i have reinstalled it, deleted the thing but nothing seems to work. and yes i have done the Microsoft diagnostics but it says that it should be working fine. so it would be nice if some 1 knew why this happens and how to fix it

A:Microsoft Word 07 freezes

any 1? come on there must be some 1 that has had this happen to them and know a fix for this
Relevancy 20.64%

We have a new WSUS server running WSUS 3.0 sp1 on Windows Server 2008. I'm new to this so I was wondering if anybody would know it's it's capability be to deploy non-Microsoft installs and upgrades. I'm specificially thinking about Adobe products (mostly Adobe Acrobat). We will need to upgrade all of the computers on our network from version Acrobat 8 to version 9 pretty soon. Will there be a way to do that? Will there be a way to deploy updates when they come out? Or just one or the other? Is that pretty much up to the individual vendor? Do they have to make a special package that we put on the server? Or can we make one ourselves? Would that be hard?
Relevancy 20.64%

Hello i am new to this forum so please excuse my ignorance I bought a Microsoft Lifecam VX- quite a while ago So after Installing the product successfully I get a message to connect the webcam The little bubble pops up in the bottom right hand corner and what comes up is the following message Found New VX-3000 Problems Microsoft Lifecam Hardware A problem occured during hardware installation Your new hardware might not work properly So after I got that message I did the next logical step Uninstall and Reinstall After going through everything I still get the error message Next I check and see if Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 Problems there is new software on the Microsoft website for this product Luckily for me there was So I go ahead and download and install it LifeCam exe but unfortunatley it still doesnt work So i go into Control Panel to add new hardware but that comes up with the error message Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing Code I also took it to a relatives house to try it on there computer and to my horror it worked perfectly So it must be something to do with my computer Any useful help is appreciated nbsp

A:Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 Problems

If no one can help me with my problem, can anyone point me in the right direction on where I can resolve it. (Other than Microsoft Customer Support that is, that's definitely a last resort).
Relevancy 27.52%

hey guys.

well a week ago i was using the computer when it suddenly froze. i restart it, it feezes again. so i restart again. but now it won't recognize my monitor. the monitor light is green but then turns orange. every thing seems to be turning on inside the comp. i built this computer a little over a year ago and never had any problems until now

things I've tried:
replacing video card
different video card slot
reseating ram
changing monitor

help plz- posting from phone -

edit: mobo does not beep

A:Computer wont recognize monitor

Hi csalcido

Has your CPU fan been working ok over time?

The only instance of this is were the processor has just blown and they have exactly the same circumstances as you eg here for example
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Hello I am new and very much a non-techie but I am endeavoring to learn I have an HP Pavilion zd laptop programs won't external DVD recognize Software burner w MS Windows XP Media Center version w Service Pak My internal DVD player has been kaput for some time now To watch DVDs I use an external DVD player burner that is a Pioneer DVR X- The external DVD CD player writer reads anything It plays DVDs Software programs won't recognize external DVD burner using Nero software which came w the player or it can use the Inter Video Win DVD program that came with my computer The external DVD player will burn CDs using iTunes However I want to burn DVDs I used to burn them using Media Center however Media Center only looks for DVDs in my kaput internal writer How can I get it to acknowledge my wonderful external player I have the same problem with Roxio and Record Now two very good programs that used to work when my internal drive actually worked They do not recognize my external player If I can give you more helpful information please let me know I can give you more system specs but I honestly don t know where to get that iformation I thank you for your Software programs won't recognize external DVD burner response nbsp

A:Software programs won't recognize external DVD burner


why not just buy a new internal DVD writer, they only cost a few quid and are easy to fit.
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Does anyone know how to blacklist phone number we don't want to receive call or sms on Nokia 6300?
Come to think of it does such thing exist?

Thanks in advance.

A:How to blacklist in Nokia 6300


Only your provider, may do that. And they won't.

All you can do, is call screening, so you know who is calling, and not answer it.
Or change your phone number, and don't give it out.
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i am currently running on version 10.0.021
and apparently theres the latest one like version 30. something .
but i cant find it can some one please help me find it.

many thanks


A:Need the latest software for my Nokia n95

why isnt anybody helping me find it please help me


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Hello all I am not that new to computers but this is something that is causing me some greif I have a ghz intel with g ram running windows xp home edition before I had windows xp professional with drives on it a G IDE drive and a terra Sata drive the IDE drive being the one with the operating system on it The Sata drive was initialize and formated for NTFS and had a setting of dynamic drive Cannot Help Drive Sata Recognize Need I just dumped all my documents on the sata drive and formatted my IDE drive Cannot Recognize Sata Drive Need Help and installed Windows XP Home edition Now my problem is that I have installed eveything back on my IDE Drive to run that as the operating system and I don t see my Sata drive anywhere in my computer So I went to disk management to see the drive and it sees it as disk has a exclamation point in the icon and says dynamic My Cannot Recognize Sata Drive Need Help only options are to format it and make a basic drive of it Does anyone know how I can recognize the drive and pull my stuff off of it without have to pull everything apart Any advice is greatly appreciated Thank you kindly in advance RNR nbsp

Relevancy 19.78%

I currently have a pc that was windows 2000 that is now not working. I recently put a new hard drive into the pc and it currently store all my music (itunes) and document flies. I would like to if it is possible to take the hard drive out and connect it to my other computer externally. The only other issue is the other computer is running on vista. Is it possible to do this?

A:Can I make my internal HD external and I change the type of microsoft it runs with?

Yes, you can take that hard drive out of the 2k machine and read it just fine in Vista. What you can't do is take your OS drive from 2k and boot another machine with it, but I don't think that is what you were asking.
Relevancy 27.95%

Hey everyone I think I may have a stumper for you I don t know if this HD was DOA or if MB SATA not Drive recognize does I m MB does not recognize SATA Drive an I was installing XP onto a new HD on Friday and it told me that It cannot see the HD No surprise there since this has been covered many times So after I go and try MB does not recognize SATA Drive loading the drivers from the floppy I decide to go into the BIOS and see if there s something I forgot to do in there Well the BIOS don t even see the HD I m still a n b at this so there s a good chance that I simply don t know what I m doing Here s my system specs if you need them Abit NF -S V nForce MHz Motherboard BIOS Version I believe AMD Athlon XP GHz FSB Socket A Processor Barton Core Hitachi GB Serial ATA U rpm MB Hard Drive mb DDR PC DDR V ATI Radeon AGP Video Card x x Lite-On X X CDRW DVD X Combo Thermaltake VOLCANO Socket A CPU Fan W Antec Power Supply I would appreciate any help that you can give me Thanks in advance wave nbsp

A:MB does not recognize SATA Drive

I take it you loaded the SATA drivers from floppy early in the install process...not after the fact?
Relevancy 28.38%

As always, thank you very much for taking the time to read my question, appreciate it.

So my DVD drive is able to read the entire collection of DVD movies I own (we talking about real/legit DVD's, not copies etc.) including foreign/other region DVD's. However, recently I bought a foreign DVD (brand new/latest release movie) and the moment I put it in it starts making this really ugly noise like if the drive is able to break. In the end it doesn't find any DVD and then it stops spinning.

Anyone know if there's anyway around this?

Note: The DVD is pristine (no scratches, marks, dirt etc. as I unwrapped the DVD and put it on my comp).



A:DVD Drive - Will Recognize All But One DVD

DVD Player

Did you try Playing the DVD in a DVD player? If yes, what happened? If no, I suggest that you do so.
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Hey all just upgraded from Windows Xp to Vista and have run into one problem Everything works fine except whenever I place a disc into the DVD-RW it will not read it Whether it be a Systems disc Software disc or Burned disc it keeps attempting to read it and slows and eventually halts explorer Vista Problems Recognize 64 Disc I ve updated everything I could find all MB Driver s Bios all Vista updates DVD firmware you name it The DVD-RW drive is detected in both Bios and Device Manager Ive tried uninstalling it in DM to no avail and tried changing the jumpers I know the DVD-RW drive works cause i can boot from the Vista DVD from Bios Did find something interesting when fidling with the Primary and Secondary IDE s don t know if this is pertinent I saw someone recommend putting the Primary IDE Master HDD OS and the Primary IDE Slave DVD-RW but I cant reach between the two When i switch the Primary IDE Normally HDD with the Secondary IDE DVD-RW I Vista 64 Disc Recognize Problems cant boot from Vista 64 Disc Recognize Problems the HDD I tried placing the DVD on Primary Vista 64 Disc Recognize Problems Master and the OS HDD on Primary Slave As it cant reach Primary Master with the DVD-RW on Primary Slave but I couldn t boot from the HDD Any and all help would be appreciated as of now I cant load any discs MB Asus P N-E SLI DVD-RW DRU- a P S Made a similar thread but the Info didn t come out right and now its old an i cant delete it nbsp
Relevancy 18.06%

Ok, so i got kinda a blue screen yeah . I tried to start a video chat on msn, well the computer decided not to like that. Anyway, now i get this message every time i try to install my sound drivers

"Microsoft bus should be loaded into your system before installing realteck HD audio driver"

My mobo

Using onboard sound.

Googled, read, looked around, ran windows repair, help? pls? thanks guys

A:Microsoft bus should be loaded into your system.... "error"

after googleing, i found 2 potential solutions:

Right click on My Computer, go to Properties, Hardware Tab, Device Manager. Look for any yellow bubbles next to the devices. If you see any, right click on it and click install driver. Select the option to find the drivers yourself, the next screen should allow you to browse and navigate to that folder. If the drivers still don't install then go to in IE and get any hardware updates you can get. The MS bus driver might be an update you need to get.Click to expand...


I installed WinXP once more, installed SP2 and then the Sound Driver.
Again it didnt work.

Then I remembered that i actually had changed a sound card setting in the bios. (No i did not diasble the soundcard )

The case i have installed this Mboard in has a front pannel.
And the Mboard has a front panel connector.

To connect the front pannel I had turned to the manual to get the rigtht pins set up.
The manual states on page 2-31 that:
"The default setting for this connector is legacy AC'97 audio, if you want to use the High Definition (Azalia) audio features, set the AC97 & Azalia Link A in the BIOS to Azalia."

Well this case does not use a high-definition audio front panel, so of course i had diasbled the Azalia Link i Bios.
(It was enabled in the Bios even when the manual said that the default setting was AC'97, ow well ... )

For "fun" i just tried to put it back to the setting it was when i installed the Mboard (Azalia), and then, bingo, the sound card worked in windows.Click to expand...

seems like a very rare problem.
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I am forget my security code, I want reset my security code

my nokia IME:351876/01473674/6
code: 0525765

thank u,

A:Nokia 1110 Security code

Try calling Nokia support
Relevancy 20.64%

Lots of valuable information in that file I'd like to access. I was able to create a new Outlook file in safe mode so I guess the program is OK.

It was suggested to me recently the cause may have been due to me having Microsoft Service Pack 1 at the time. I had not updated to Service Pak 2 (which I now believe has been updated to Service Pak 3). Has anyone had experience with this and, if so, do you think there's a chance that if I update my Service Pak that I might still have a chance of recovering the data I had in my original Outlook file?

A:Still unable to open Microsoft Outlook

I dont think just upgrading to service pack 3 would do any good.

May be you need some more luck there.

Hope you get the help you need

Relevancy 20.64%

Been trying to solve problems with my graphics card for ages think i've finally found it

in IRQs i have about 100
"Microsoft ACPI compliant system"

why do i need so many?

is this a error?

i was hoping someone would know something about these and why i have so many.

just got me worried when the list appeared with loads of them on,

system specs:-

OS: Running vista ultimate 64bit & XP Home with 2 Hardrives
Case: Coolermaster Black NVIDIA Edition Stacker 830
Power: CM Realpower 850W Modular PSU
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme Edition QX6850 3.0ghz Kentsfield
Motherbaord: Asus Extreme Sriker II 780i
Controllers: Scythe Kama-Meter Multi Functional Controller
Memory: Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2 Dominator PC2-8500C5 TwinX
Storage: 2 x Samsung SpinPoint T 160GB SATA-II
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic 7.1 Sound Card
Graphics: 512MB BFG Tech 8800GTS

hope someone can help.

A:Microsoft ACPI compliant system? too many?

That is not a normal thing imo.

In Bios;

Make sure your Advanced setting for Plug and Play OS is set to Yes.

Then, under Power, set the ACPI APIC Support to Disabled for now.

Boot and see what, if anything, changes.
Relevancy 20.64%

I just bought a Razer Reclusa keyboard and the only problem I'm having is that it does not "power up" so to speak until after post. If I needed to get into the BIOS I could press [del] a million times and nothing would happen. Once windows starts up, it works fine. Is this just the way the keyboard is? I'd appreciate any info.

A:Microsoft Razer Reclusa Keyboard

Haven't looked up that keyboard, but I think I know what it is (the fix) anyway.

You need to get into your BIOS (with another keyboard, ideally PS/2 if you have the connection)
Then set Enable for USB Keyboard/Mouse support

I think that may be a bit of a mind teaser to do, but I'm sure you'll work it out