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Backlight won't turn on my laptop

Q: Backlight won't turn on my laptop

I spilled well-water on my laptop a few weeks ago and immediately removed the power adapter battery and drained the energy from the motherboard I then opened it up as much as I could to dry off what I was able Backlight laptop won't turn on my to My laptop is an Asus U A and I am not entirely sure how to open it up beyond accessing the basics RAM Hard Drive etc Even when I think I ve gotten every screw the casing doesn t seem to want to come off and I haven t been able to find anything online about opening this machine The problem is that after one week of allowing the laptop to dry with good airflow standing upside-down on a wooden desk with a fan blowing I turned it on to see if it would work It worked just fine for about ten minutes and then the backlight started flickering like crazy and went out completely At the moment I am getting around the problem by connecting it to an old desktop screen I had lying around but I originally purchased this laptop for use Backlight won't turn on my laptop at school Any ideas on if I could fix this It definitely doesn t have a warranty anymore so I wouldn t be able to send it in or anything like that nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Backlight won't turn on my laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Backlight won't turn on my laptop

Hi Aerebes, I really don't fix laptops; only upgrade the standard parts as needed. I did a search and this is what I found so far:

Perhaps the video can move you in the right direction. I believe that they are also on YouTube.
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Hi to all,i have an emachine e528 laptop with a crack in the monitor. Everything else works fine so i just need to know how to shut off the backlight so i can hookup external monitor to keep using it.It was the 199.00 laptop from walmart last black friday.i tried google and emachine website and could not find an answer.I know usally it is a combo of a couple keys pressed at the same time.Any help would be great. Thanks Bob

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Sometimes the backlight won t turn on in the laptop I don t think it s a connection issue Sometimes either the laptop s hardware or the video card is just not turning the backlight on I can see that the display is on by won't (Asus turn F8SP) on sometimes Laptop backlight the way just so faint as to not be recognizable unless in the sun or a flash light is shined on the screen I ve come to this conclusion because the only way to fix the Laptop backlight won't turn on sometimes (Asus F8SP) issue when it happens is to plug an external monitor into the laptop set it as the primary display and then reboot The laptop backlight then comes on and will work find if I disconnect the external monitor The backlight only seems to go off sometime immediately after boot That is WHILE the laptop is posting It shows the American trends bios screen for about second and then the backlight turns off I ve called Asus about this a few times and they always start by talking about an quot electrical reset quot which apparently accomplished on this unit by leaving the battery out for minutes and then booting the machine with ONLY the battery connected This has frequently caused the backlight to stay on a half second longer but beyond that no result Anyone have an idea about this thing It s very frustrating because it makes the laptop less mobile It means that at any time on the road it could be almost entirely unusable since the only way to fix it is to plug an external monitor into it nbsp

A:Laptop backlight won't turn on sometimes (Asus F8SP)

they're pretty clueless...

Every time I talk to them they ask me my model number and serial number... then ask me to do things that aren't possible on this model laptop... I explain that... and then they say "oh, F8's must not have that feature"... Which begs the question of why I bother telling them the model if they're not going to give me model specific tech support?

The problem is weird... I think there's a circuit board that isn't part of the motherboard or video card that's screwed up. I don't mind the problem so long as there's a quick way to fix it on the go that doesn't require a spare monitor.
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Hi I just got my Edge 14" yesterday, and the keyboard backlight isn't on, does anyone know where the setting is or what the keyboard shortcut is to turn it on? Thanks in advance!

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Hi All, I have a HP ze4240 laptop and can't get the backlight to turn on. The screen is dark, but working. If I put a bright light behind the screen or hook it up to an external monitor you can see the display (windows etc.). I have tried this screen on two different motherboards (1 amd & 1 intel cpu), tried three inverters and two video cables. I checked the actual backlight with an external inverter (the one that came with my desktop ccfl's) and it works fine. If the inverter was smaller I would mount it in my laptop but it is too big to fit. Does any one know what turns the backlight on ? I think it must get a signal from the screen but I'm not sure. Thanks Bill0737
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i know this is the win7 forum... this machine is running 8.1 but i really dont think it has to do with the OS.. maybe im wrong.. either way, i dont have an account for the 8 forum and dont feel like creating one now.

got a new dell inspiron 20 touch, all in one...
i have the power settings set to turn off display after 20 minutes... it turns it off after 20 minutes. totally off, then in 2 seconds, it powers up the backlight... so, i am looking at a blank, black screen...
how can i make the monitor turn off completely like it does on all my other machines?

thanks for your time

A:backlight will not turn off on dell inspiron 20 all in one

Have you considered asking this on the Dell community forum?

People there more familiar with Dell products.

BTW, there are 3 different Inspiron 20 models. Which one do you have? (If it makes a difference).
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nbsp I know this has started to be covered already but the discussion was never finished This was the original post nbsp I have discovered that the keyboard backlighting won't turn off The backlight on off key is labeled as F I press it but nothing happens I've also tried pressing fn f but that doesn't do anything either I had been leaving the backlight on but now I want it to only be on when I press the f key Why won't the backlight turn off nbsp I am having the exact same issue I followed the instrustions of the helper which were nbsp Can you please get to the Desktop Screen Off. Backlight Envy HP Turn My Not Will Keyboard help... Please of Windows by pressing the Windows Key and D keys together and then press the F key As you might know F is used for refreshing a Window Page Do you My HP Envy Keyboard Backlight Will Not Turn Off. Please help... see the Desktop Icons getting refreshed This is to make sure that the F key is working or not If you got My HP Envy Keyboard Backlight Will Not Turn Off. Please help... confused with that suggestion please open MS Word and then press the keys Fn and F together and let me know whether you get the Find and replace Window nbsp I didn't understand the first part but the second part I got I opened Word and pressed Fn and F together and can confirm that the 'Find and Replace window appeared However I have no idea what to do from here or how to fix the problem please help me nbsp Also bear in mind please that I am years old and know pretty much nothing about computers Also I only got this laptop for Christmas and am not very familiar with everything yet nbsp
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Hello outhere The backlight of my M-series M - does not turn on anymore I first noticed this when awakening the laptop from standby or hibernation mode At first I thought the screen was not working anymore but when I looked closely I could still make on Backlight Satellite anymore does turn M70-147 not out the icons on Backlight does not turn on anymore Satellite M70-147 the desktop vaguely So at first I rebooted the laptop and then most of the times the backlight would turn on and stay on But now it does not do that anymore not even when I close the screen to force standby mode and then open it again the backlight won't turn on I also looked at other forums and topics what the cause might be a broken backlight or a faulty power inverter So can anybody with the symptons described tell me what the cause might be I'm pretty sure nothing is wrong with the graphics card because when I hooked on my laptop to my dads LCD monitor it just displayed the desktop of my laptop on the LCD monitor Also the first time I did this after pressing Fn-F a few times the screen of my laptop would come on some times But now it does not do that anymore So can anybody with the symptons described tell me what the cause might be Many thanks

A:Backlight does not turn on anymore Satellite M70-147

> So can anybody with the symptons described tell me what the cause might be?

For me it looks like a faulty FL inverter.
The FL inverter is a small part behind the display frame and it controls the backlight.

Usually the external display should work properly because the FL inverter affects the internal display only...
However, the issue can be solved only by replacement of this part.

I recommend contacting the Toshiba ASP in your country to get this part replaced
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My Dell laptop's keyboard backlight turns on at startup if I unplugged it from the wall and the battery isn't in to kinda 'save the settings.' It's weird, but yeah, is there a way to have it so my laptop's keyboard backlight won't turn on at startup?


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Is there a way to disable the persistent backlight under the F5 key on HP Spectre x360 notebooks?  TO CLARIFY, I'M NOT ASKING HOW TO DISABLE THE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE F5 KEY OR ANY OTHER FUNCTION KEYS.  I just would like to know how to TURN OFF the PERMANENT light underneath the F5 KEY.  It is extremely bright and distracting.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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A:Turn off permanent backlight under F5 key on Spectre x360

Yes, the updated BIOS driver is here: To go into BIOS, press ESC+F10 on startup.
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I know you can set the numlock state (among others) using the InitialKeyboardIndicators value in the registry.  But, is there a way to set the keyboard backlit state to on at boot?  Is this also a registry value? Can it be done via a batch file or something Windows Scheduler to take that action at boot? Laptop is a relatively new 17t-j100 running Windows 7 Pro. All help is appreciated.... Scott

A:How to turn keyboard backlight automatically at boot?

HannahsDad wrote:I know you can set the numlock state (among others) using the InitialKeyboardIndicators value in the registry.  But, is there a way to set the keyboard backlit state to on at boot?  Is this also a registry value? Can it be done via a batch file or something Windows Scheduler to take that action at boot? Laptop is a relatively new running Windows 7 Pro. All help is appreciated.... ScottNumber lock light unless this has a separate keypad will not allow you to set it. And yours should be in the BIOS setup where you can turn on the numlock by default. You will have to look through all the BIOS options to see if you have that option listed in there. But if you looked through the complete BIOS settings and find none then it most likely means there isn't a option to set it by default.
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Hello, my HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC (2013) boots successfully but whenever i plug in a usb device the screen turn's dark! The backlight completely turns off for 5-10 seconds , i can see screen working but with absolutely no light , the issue is with backlight.and whenever watching any video the screen go dark till the video is being played wheather the video is played in WMP(windows media player) or on youtube.I try  to resovle this issue by going to HP ccc ( customer care center) , they suggested me to format my windows 10(i was using win 10 but they ask to degrade to 8.1), when they degraded the windows and i check in the center , the proble was solved but after few hours the screen was the same as before the problem remained unchanged. temparary remidyAfter few time researching i came to know the PC works completely in full brightness but not on other levels below full. 

A:Backlight turn's off whenever plugin a USB device or play a ...

Hey @PROINDIA,  Welcome to the HP Support Forums! You had mentioned that you are having an issue with the backlight when you plug in a USB device or play a video on  your HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC. You also mentioned that you had contacted the Customer Care Center.  Was it the HP System Recovery that you had done?Did anything change between when the display was working and when the display went dim again?Have you connected the Notebook to an external monitor or TV?Have you tried to see if it happens while you are in Safe Mode?Have you done your Windows updates?Have you tried to do a System Restore back to when it was working fine?Have you gone to your Power Options, Advanced settings and changed the USB settings?Have you done any of your HP Support Assistant Updates? Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant if you need it. Just download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system that need updating. In some cases, a dim display might be caused by an outdated BIOS or graphics driver.  If you would like to provide me with your Model Number (How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?), I can look at the Software and Driver's page for you and see if there are updated drivers available.  If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to help! Please make sure to re-post and let me know the detailed results of the troubleshooting steps provided. Thanks for joining the HP Support Community!Have a great day!
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Hi, there I have my new flex 2 - 14 for 2 days but can't figure out how to turn on keyboard backlight."Fn" + "Space" is not working for me.My model is Lenovo Flex 2 - 14 [59422561] (Can't find tech spec for my model =( ) Thanks in advance.

A:Lenovo Flex 2 - 14 - Turn On Keyboard Backlight

I would like to know this too as I have just bought one to find out that only SOME models have the backlit keyboard but no-one is able to tell me which model actually has the backlit keyboard.
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I just try to find out how to turn off the displays backlight on my new Z30t.
While processes still are running, just to save power.

Here I have FN keys for putting light up or down, but they do not go down to zero, and there is no key to stop.
I had 6 laptops so far, and all had a FN key to switch off the display for power saving.
So I am somehow scratching my head, how to do here.

Also, I'd like to reprogram some FN keys as I do not need FN sleep and hibernate.
Couldn't find info on that, too.

Some idea? Please help!

thanks, Tommy

A:Portege Z30t - how to turn off displays backlight?

You can use the FN keys in order increase and decrease the display backlight but you cannot shut off the display completely using these function keys.

If you want to disable the display after certain time, I would recommend you to change the settings in the Windows power options.

Go to Control Panel ->Power Options
Here select a power plan page, on the left, click Choose when to turn off the display.
On the Change settings for the plan page, choose the display settings that you want to use for this power plan when your laptop is running on battery and when it's plugged in.
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A friend brought me there Toshiba satellite a15-S127. She said the monitor started flickering and the next time she started the system the monitor was blank. I started it up and it does boot into Windows. The screen is essentially black, but I can see the desktop faintly. When I pushed the ctrl-esc keys I could see the shutdown dialog pop up.

So I used the function F7 key to see if maybe that got messed with and the brightness had been turned all the way down. That didn't work.

I'm wondering if it is a backlight gone bad or if there is another software setting that can be adjusted?


A:Laptop backlight?

I think you're probably right about the background light.
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I wonder if you guys can help me, I have a siemans laptop and have been told that the backlight on it has broken!! Do you have any idea what I can do with it and how much it will cost

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I have an older laptop that I want to give to my son jsut for some browsing, etc... Seems to have a bad LCD backlight, any ideas for a good resource for how to do this? It's an IBM thinkpad 2647 (I said it was old) but everything seems to work fine except for the screen light..
Any help/links would be appreciated greatly..

A:Laptop Backlight

With used laptops going for a couple hundred, you'll spend more trying to fix this than it's worth.
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Hello, recently(a week or two ago) a friend of mines laptop, a Gateway MT6728, had juice spilled on it. While there wasn't a problem immediately a week later the backlight didn't come on, but you can still see the image if you hold a flashlight up to it. I took it apart to clean it and see if the video cable had become loose or something, and at first it looked like two of the video pins were missing. But then I accidentally had a magnet too close to the laptop and the screen flickered on for a second since it has a magnetic lid switch, or at least that's the only conclusion I can come to. Is there any way I can test the video cable to see if it's bad or not? Or any other way to test why the backlight isn't turning on?


A:Laptop LCD backlight

Ok, well I got my multimeter and carefully tested the plug that goes into the backlight inverter board, 2 of the 5 wires have power going through them. I also tested the two wires that go to the backlight and there was nothing there so I guess that means either the port on the motherboard is bad or the inverter is...
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I've had this laptop for several years, and being horrible with electronics, it's gone through some tought times. There aren't any internal complications or anything to that extent, but the screen's almost completely off or it. I'm much more careful with my new laptop, thankfully, but I'm still curious as to whether or not my old, beat-up laptop can be saved. I want to use it for iTunes, but find it hard to see. Any suggestions as to what I can do, preferably without spending too much money?

A:Backlight on a Laptop is out

You can plug an external Monitor to it

Or you can replace the Inverter board that powers this backlight
The tiny inverter board, usually sits to the side of the LCD screen (note: this is under the display bezel, ie dismantling required here)
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Usually everytime I come on here its because my computer is broken. Feels good...But yeah the backlight to my laptop (HP Pavilion ze4900) is way too bright.And it seriously is making me blind when I use it at night. On my Sony Viaoit had a button to dim the backlight, but I can't find it for this one?So am I just not seeing it, or is it just cheap and cant dim the light?

A:Anyway To Dim The Backlight Of My Laptop

I think that if you press Fn+F1 this will dim the screen, and Fn+F2 will brighten it.
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So heres my deal: I own an HP dv1000 laptop, recently the backlight stopped functioning. I was pretty sure its the backlight power inverter but when I turn on the laptop the little LED on the power inverter comes on. Does that mean that it's functioning properly? Also, before it pooped out on me, sometimes when opening the laptop I would have to press the button that senses if its open or closed several times to get the backlight to come on. Any ideas on what the problem is or how I could further diagnose the problem? Someone please help as I am a very poor college student with no money to take it into the shop.

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I have an IBM Thinkpad and recently my backlight has been failing (you can still barely make out then screen but its all dark) and sometimes it comes on when i start the computer but this is getting rarer and rarer.

I can fix this but my problem is determening if the problem is the backlight or the inverter as i dont want to buy the wrong part. Is there a way to detect which is the problem or should i just buy both? which is it more commonly?
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Hi guys Tom from England here Just thought i would sign up and see if any of you computer literate people could help me fix or give any guidance on the problem i have encounted The problem is this i can see the picture very very dull on the laptop screen It just went dull once while i was using my machine and i restarted it and it came on fine it then went on to do the same at a later date and when restarted it does not Backlight Laptop problem. come on It appears to either have a broken backlight or a sleep related error problem Following this I decided to plug it into mydesktop monitor where it seemed to be okay during the startup and windows load screen then when the log in menu should appear it went blank however making the familiar windos start up noise I tested it on my tele as i know that the television worked before when using it as the laptop monitor however Laptop Backlight problem. the same error occured Which leads me to believe its a sleep button issue To test this theory i plugged in my brothers laptop into the TV and pressed the sleep button that would be pressed when the screen is closed and it not only dimmed the laptop screen but also the TV I located the sleep button under the laptop screen bevel and found it to be slightly damaged so i changed the power options in the control panel to disable sleeping when the lid is closed but to no prevail The make of my laptop is Fujitsu Siemens its Amilo and the operating system is Vista If i have not explained anything correctly just say I hope you guys can be of some assistance Many thanks Tom nbsp
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Right so this isnt my laptop its my step dads and hes not backlight laptop problem lcd here with it right now so I cant check it to find the exact model but its a compaq Recently the lcd backlight went funny and wouldnt come on occasionally people with the magic finger have been able to push the button that the screen pushes down when shut to turn the light off and it laptop lcd backlight problem will come on and stay on till you close it or hit the button but generally when you press laptop lcd backlight problem the button it will come on for a few seconds and turn back off this led me to beleive that its simply a problem with the button that could be easily fixed He took it to circuit city tonight which is why its not here and they told him its the LCD and would laptop lcd backlight problem cost - dollars to replace I dont see how its the LCD itself when the light comes on after pressing the button down sometimes and you can actually tell the lcd is displaying the stuff because if you look carefully you can see the screen its just not lit up Can anyone tell me if we should just take circuit cities word or seek another opinion nbsp

A:laptop lcd backlight problem

You could have a loose connection on the MOBO. You don't say what model or brand it is. Yes to replace the LCD is expensive, you can do it yourself and save money. It's not that hard to do..
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Here s the problem I m having with my laptop I turn it on and off screen laptop backlight you see it initially come on with all the text i e Dell logo drives connected ram etc It then goes blank I thought something was wrong laptop screen backlight off with the motherboard but if you wait a bit you can hear Windows start up If you look closely at the screen you can still see everything desktop shortcuts taskbar everything It is almost as if there is no backlight Like every laptop there is a small button of some sort near the hinge of the screen that when pressed turns the screen off for when you close the lid If I push this down for a second and then release the screen shows up again like normal but then it will immediately turn back off backlight off but can still see everything if looking closely I can plug up a secondary monitor and this works fine When I plug up the monitor I have to hit the Fn key and the crt lcd button to get it to link Curiously the laptop screen flickers on for a second but then goes black again Anyone with an idea of what is going on Is it just the switch near the hinge that is the problem I was thinking maybe it was the switch or spring in the switch getting old and always being in the state of pressed down Pushing the button and releasing only temporarily springs it up for the screen to come on but drops back down I was thinking if it were just this switch maybe I could just remove it and then screen would work again Comments suggestions nbsp

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I have a Compac Presario 2175US notebook - it has worked great ever since it was purchased ( Nov 2004) until last week when all of a sudden I was not recieving a picture on the lcd screen. You can see an extremely faint image on the screen - it appears to work normally in all other aspects. Is this a DIY fix?

A:No backlight on laptop lcd screen!!!!

Hello and Welcome to TSF

This is nothing you are going to be able to repair yourself. A technician will be able to repair this for you. Do you have a local pc shop you could take it to?
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For some reason, the screens with LED backlights that use PWM for dimming, produce me severe eye strain and nausea. It's not something usual, but it seems I'm not the only one with this problem.
My question is if Dell produces any laptop with a screen that doesn't use PWM. Ideally with 15" display but 17" would be acceptable too.
PWM explanation:
Thank you

A:Flicker free / No PWM backlight laptop

Can you suggest such laptop with no PWM, or with PWM with very high frequency? It is important for me also.
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Whenever  I start my laptop the screen lights up and the machine eventually starts as I can hear the windows starting tone.I can even shut down the laptop with the keyboard. But all the while the display is blank. I have tried removing the battery and holding down my power button for 30secs to 2 mins. These remedies sometime work, some times dont. If I leave my laptop off for a day or two it works normal again, for a while. My previous lcd and something called a Lvds cable has been replaced at the service centre couple of months back as they started to cause problems(my screen started flickering and freezing). It worked fine untill now. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:G500 laptop's LCD no display but backlight's on

Hi bharthi , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Would there be any display if you connect it to any external monitor ?
How was it if you turn on the pc using the Novo button (next to the power item 6 page 2) to access the BIOS set up . 
If you have the skill and tools to reseat and check the LCD cable (page 61) see if that would help .
Update us how things go. 
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My laptop is about 5 years old. When it boots, it works fine, but after a period of time, the backlight goes out. I can still see the screen if I look at it at an angle with a flashlight or something. If I restart the computer, the backlight comes back on. A week or two ago, the light would go out after a few hours of use. Now, it goes out within a few minutes of booting. Is this an inverter or backlight problem?

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Hello everybody backlight screen Laptop temperamental nbsp I'm hoping to get suggestions on what may be causing this issue nbsp When I turn on the Laptop screen backlight temperamental laptop the screen works but there is no backlight Then I connect a monitor and that turns the backlight on Then I can disconnect monitor and use laptop normally until I turn it off nbsp Once it backlight came on by itself once it came on after coming out of standby and once it came on as if nothing was wrong straight away Laptop screen backlight temperamental nbsp Any ideas nbsp Any suggestions greatly appreciated This laptop has been an absolute legend i've had it for a few years and I'm extremely impressed with its resistance It has been dropped while on from table height at least times without any damage It has survived a burst pipe leaking onto the keyboard for hours and then being turned on while wet - producing a nice electric burn smell But I just dried it out and then it was good to go again The touchpad left and right click buttons are long gone but that doesn't bother me too much It's shabby but it works and I love it it's like Jason Vorhees nbsp
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1535 I purchased in Sept. of 2008 and the Backlight bulb has quit working.
Does anyone know the cost of the Bulb?
I live in the Minneapolis area and would also be looking for a shop to replace said bulb.
Any information would be appreciated.


P.S. My tag # is 7TF01F1

A:Dell Laptop 1535 BackLight

Actually, it's far more likely that the inverter has crapped out, they go more often than the backlight.

In any case, you can buy the inverters or the backlight bulbs, try a search on eBay for the parts. If you're going to take it to a shop, the cost of labor will be far more than the parts.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite A25-S207 When I turn the laptop on I can see a dim screen. but only if I shine a flashlight at the black screen. I was informed it could be my LCD inverter. I replaced the LCD inverter and the screen is still black. I can remote into the laptop from my desktop and see everything else is working fine. Does anyone have any ideal, what I can do to fix? Do I have to replace the LCD screen?
All advice is appreciated
Thank you
Agressor 1
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Hello everyone,

My laptop display is always black, but I can see the backlight is on.

My laptop is connected to an external monitor and when I click on Screen Resolution, I see that my monitor's name and my laptop monitor's name, but it's name is now different.

My laptop Display was always called "Vaio". It had max resolution of 1600 x 900.

Now, my Display is called "Digital Flat Panel (1024x768 60hz)" that is totally different than my display...any help?

A:Laptop Display black, but I see backlight

Update the Display adapter driver in Device Manager.

First run all Important and Optional Updates to completion to see if its offered, or another performance update is needed.

Rightclick on the monitor display to see how it is configured, try another. What happens when you choose only the laptop display, or unplug the monitor?

If these fail can you System Restore to before the problem began?

If not then we?ll try to think of other solutions before looking at the screen wiring harness connection.
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I sat my friends laptop down and when I did I think I hit a key or series of keys because all of a sudden my screen went really dark. I tried hitting the little sun keys to make the screen brighter but to no avail. I took out the battery, rebooted and still have a dark screen. Help! He will be so pissed if I screwed something up!
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i have an Acer extensa 2510 serial is NXEEXEA00141910DE93400 SNID: 41906909734. I have checked both these numbers and I keep getting a error on Acers warranty check saying it can't find it in the database,but that's not my problem.
when I try to switch it on, the laptop screen is blank and the backlight flashes on and of repeatedly in less than 1 sec intervals (like a car's indicators). I have tried a hard reset, without battery start, reseating the ram and any other component and cable on the laptop (so yes I have striped it, I work in a pc shop we do repairs) but nothing worked.
so I switched it on and listened to the HDD to hear if its reading or just spinning and I noticed that it sounded like it was in synch with the screen. my thoughts on this is that the motherboard it busted.
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Merry Christmas Team.

My little brother came home from work one night and now is screen doesn't work at all. no flickering, backlight etc. I connected it top the TV via HDMI and even that didn't show up anything.

How high are the chances that his graphics card has died?


A:Laptop Screen doesn't work, No Backlight

There aren't really graphics cards in laptops, they are built in to the motherboard. So, if it isn't displaying anything even when on the bios or start screen, it may be the motherboard that is bad.
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hi all hope ya can help me out i know a wee bit about computers and stuff but have an advent k100 laptop (well its my m8s n i said i'd take a look at it) and the screen backlight is out iam think its the inverter (plz correct me if iam wrong) tho i tryed to take the screen off tho when i take all the screws out 7 in total i think it was. I couldnt get the screen cover off does anybody know were abouts the screen inverter on a advent k100 is? i thought it was at the bottom off the screen if you get the cover off tho iam not sure how to get to it?

any info + help (and/or photos if possible) would be well appricated
cheers people
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Im thinking of buying this laptop - But I find the keyboard backlight a bit tacky, I know I can disable it by pushing F5, but I was wondering if its possible to completely uninstall the keyboard backlight from the machine? I use F5 as save in lots of games.

A:Possible to uninstall keyboard backlight on gaming laptop?

You could disassemble the laptop and disconnect the backlight ribbon cable but that seems extreme.
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I have a compaq v6000 seris laptop and the bacilfht/inverter is daed what can i do to fix this problom as fast as posoble i works sometimes if you lightly tap/hit the back of the laptop and then will goout again shortly after

A:Compaq Laptop Dead Backlight/Inverter

is there anything that i can do?
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Sooooo I'm working on a free hand-me-down laptop Had a hard drive problem which I fixed and Problem-Inverter Laptop Backlight Acer or Screen happened to find GB of RAM to toss into it and what do ya know the screen starts messing up as soon as I fixed it The laptop is not very old so I would like to fix Acer Laptop Screen Problem-Inverter or Backlight it onto my problem The screen sort of quot flickers quot and quot moves around quot and also has a pink tint to it every once in awhile The screen is Acer Laptop Screen Problem-Inverter or Backlight this way as soon as I power on the laptop and having it plugged into the wall proves no difference Another strange thing is if I leave it on after about - minutes its works perfect but only for about seconds then back to like the picture above - Tried hooking it up to my desktop monitor works great - Took this thing apart checked the all of the wire connections seem to be solid and fooling with them with the lappy on did no justice I'm stumped basically So now I'm wondering backlight or inverter EDIT Oops forgot the laptop info Acer Aspire - quot Dual-Core GB RAM Any comments help Thanks in advance -Shook --------------UPDATE---------- So I tried an inverter no fix Noticed that while messing with the video cable to the LCD made the screen go in and out Ordered a new LCD cable no fix Sooo I made a short video http www youtube com watch v d vAGRl ewc

A:Acer Laptop Screen Problem-Inverter or Backlight

Normally when the backlight goes out, it will affect the full screen. It can flicker or go out completely. This can be checked with a flashlight held up to a text area on screen and looking for the contrasting image on the LCD. From the way you describe the working then stopping, it sounds to me like the inverter is building up a charge then letting go.
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So I was using Windows 8 on my Samsung laptop, but a little while ago I decided to switch it to windows 7 home premium 64 bit since I didn't really like 8.. since then a lot of the build in keyboard functions have stopped working (understandably). Most of the F1-12 keys would control things like volume, screen brightness, wifi connection etc. I can live without using most of them since they are able to be changed elsewhere, but the one thing I can't figure out how to use is the keyboards backlight. it worked when the computer was running windows 8, so obviously it HAS the hardware, but I don't know if windows 7 recognizes that it's there. Any ideas how to fix

A:Laptop keyboard backlight won't work after switching to windows 7

Hello and welcome spirit some decent system specs would be helpful mate because we need to know what we are working with

Now this is similar to a problem that I had with my new Asus laptop that had 8 and I had to make changes in the BIOS for certain things to happen like booting 7 for example. So as I have already said the specs please before we can even make a start.
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I have a Dell Inspiron RSE laptop the SE special edition of the R Lightning stroke the router which was connected to my laptop through an Ethernet cable The laptop was off during the strike lit. faintly or other backlight LED very only issue? Laptop screen problem LED but afterwards the Laptop LED screen only very faintly lit. LED backlight problem or other issue? router was fried and the laptop screen did not power on or so I thought when the Laptop LED screen only very faintly lit. LED backlight problem or other issue? laptop was powered on I then connected an external monitor to the VGA out and this works The graphics card also seems to be picked up correctly inside speccy HWMonitor Everest and CUDA acceleration works inside Adobe Premiere Pro so I guess I can rule out a fried GPU The monitor Part Number is N HGE L- rev ChiMei --- and in Everest it says Manufacturer HDKPV HGE --- http www laptopscreen com English screen-part-number N HGE-L As I said initially I thought the screen was completely blank but upon shining a light on the screen I can see an image on the screen just very faint btw the display brightness is set to max I then looked for the LCD power inverter but realised the screen is a LED screen so there is no inverter So I m thinking it could be a burned out fuse near the LCD connector cable on the motherboard itself or the LED backlight is burned out What do you think Other changes in my laptop state since the lightning strike the laptop seems to overheat when running Adobe Premiere Pro -- which is set to use GPU acceleration Using HWMonitor it seems to be the CPU not the GPU that overheats and all threads of the CPU are fully utilised say for instance during encoding -- not sure if this is supposed to be GPU accelerated On GPU accelerated effects like Warp Stabilization of Premiere Pro the GPU strangely seems underutilised while the CPU is working hard The motherboard fan does come on but the CPU and frame heats up to degrees Celsius and around there the laptop restarts With a laptop cooler it hovers around degrees Celsius under full load and degrees Celsius idle Now I m not sure what the GPU load and CPU temperatures were before the lightning strike but the laptop never had overheating problems before Btw the laptop power settings are set to performance and all these readings are with the power connector plugged in very seldom say once every uses the speakers on the laptop make a faint popping sound once or twice and I had an instance where the mm audio jack output did not work Not sure if this is merely coincidental Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - QM CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT M - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Z Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc M YM Antivirus AVG AntiVirus Free Edition Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Laptop LED screen only very faintly lit. LED backlight problem or other issue?

A fuse would make sense. Seems like you know what you're doing, so take the thing apart locate said fuse and put a multimeter across it, see the resistance.
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New to the forum so Hello everyone.

I understand how to turn down the level of brightness through backlight control but how do I decrease the level even further? The slider in the brightness bar is all the way down (left) yet at nights the light from backlights are too bright!

Couldn't someone please help me out?

Dimming is an option but it still doesn't decrease backlight.

A:Backlight - Decreasing backlight Level more

let's see: there should be backlight and brightness adjustments on the monitor, plus contrast which does affect final light output somehow, plus all those except backlight should be duplicated inside video drivers on your computer and gamma on top of that. If it's a laptop then there should be some combination of Function key and arrows to adjust backlight directly. If you can't get the screen dark enough with all those controls, could be something wrong. If controls are too limited and your environment is totally dark then buy anti glare screen protector, that usually cuts the light coming out probably at least by half.
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When I press the button to turn on the keyboard backlight (F5) my laptop shuts down. Then when I try to turn the laptop back on, the backlight comes on the keyboard but the laptop starts to turn on then shuts off quickly. After I try turning it on a few times it eventually stays on but the keyboard backlight is off.Is there an easy fix for this? (other than not using my keyboard backlight)

A:HP Envy 15 Laptop - Keyboard Backlight Button turns off lapt...

Sounds like a hardware problem. Fill out the form here to start a support ticket.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite and for some reason the lcd backlight wont Laptop power wont problem. intermittent backlight LCD Wierd on. power on When I start it up I get the quot Toshiba quot splash screen and then the backlight shuts off I can just barely see the windows desktop Heres the strange part I plugged in an external monitor and then restarted causing the lcd to light up perfectly The screen will then stay on until the next time the monitor is shut off then it s back to not working I Laptop LCD backlight wont power on. Wierd intermittent problem. already had the inverter replaced and that did not help and then the repair shop wanted bucks for a new screen how those idiots figure that is an economical quote Laptop LCD backlight wont power on. Wierd intermittent problem. for a yr old computer Laptop LCD backlight wont power on. Wierd intermittent problem. I do not know Anyway it seems that the screen works perfectly fine until I shut the it off So I am kind of baffled as to why it wont power on unless I plug in an external monitor Any suggestions would be very much appreciated Thanks Just a side note if I have to replace the screen am I able to use any compatible quot TFT Because I heard that the compaq presario uses the same screen and there are quite a few on ebay for next to nothing nbsp

A:Laptop LCD backlight wont power on. Wierd intermittent problem.

update: notebook will no longer power on AT ALL. Green lights flicker for a second and the go out, even with the AC cable plugged in. I guess its not the screen after all.
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Hi I bought a nbsp Dell Inspiron Series laptop around about November time last year and after a BIOS update a couple months ago or so it now will randomly go to a black screen but the backlight is still on nbsp The BIOS update being near the Series Dell 15, Inspiron Laptop Backlight Screen Still Black with On 7000 - time that this began to happen may be a coincidence but it was the only real change during this period On this black screen I have no cursor Black Screen with Backlight Still On - Dell Inspiron 15, 7000 Series Laptop and none of the buttons on my keyboard do anything The only solution I ve found is to hold in the power button to shut the whole system down nbsp There doesn t seem to be a particular pattern as to when this problem occurs it will just randomly go black This has happened around about times in the past few months All the events did occur late at night though past midnight Black Screen with Backlight Still On - Dell Inspiron 15, 7000 Series Laptop However this could just be because I usually sit on my laptop longer at night time and therefore that increases the chances of it happening Due to many quot Black Screen Crashing quot problems with Windows - that aren t Black Screen with Backlight Still On - Dell Inspiron 15, 7000 Series Laptop the same as my problem - a google search did not help nbsp System Specs are as follows nbsp System Model Inspiron OS Name Microsoft Windows Home Processor Intel R Core TM i - HQ CPU GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Mode UEFI Ram - GB Graphics Card - GeForce GTX m Thanks Steven

A:Black Screen with Backlight Still On - Dell Inspiron 15, 7000 Series Laptop

Try system diagnostics to see if it finds any problem in the components:

Press F12 after power on
Select diagnostics.

You can also check Windows Event Viewer for any error message that was logged when the black screen crash happened.

Window-X => Event Viewer
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I bought a new keyboard for my L502x because the old one was beginning to wear out, and I noticed that on the motherboard the connector for the backlight ribbon cable was completely missing the little hinge that locks the cable in place. It wasn't broken, just missing. I have a photo attached, it's a bit blurry but you can clearly see that the little white connector at the top has no locking hinge.

Is there no way to get this fixed outside of just buying a new motherboard? My model was a refurbished one and did not come with a backlit keyboard to begin with, but I heard people say that the connector was there...and yet it still has no option of locking the cable in place, which is very frustrating.
(The keyboard does work regardless, I'm just mildly annoyed that I can't use the backlight)

A:XPS L502x laptop backlight ribbon cable lacks locking hinge

Stupid question but I have to ask, was the connector there when you took off the old keyboard?  Maybe it somehow got stuck on the old keyboard ribbon cable?  If its the white connector i'm thinking of, if its gone its gone and I don't know of any replacement.  You could try electrical tape to hold it in, just so you can have your backlight working.
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Hi to all Eight forum.
I m here with a strange problem, it happens from yesterday, the problem is when I playing games on my Dell inspiron N4050 and then the main power where the charger pluged in is turn off (it is the most problem in my country that there is heavy short fall of power), the laptop is remain ON just for 2 or 3 seconds and then its suddenly OFF. its not happening before, why is that,? why is the laptop didn't get power from the battery.?
when not playing games. and the main power (electricity) is gone, then this problem is not occurred.
plz understand my problem and reply me.
sorry for my bad English.

A:Laptop suddenly turn off when main power turn off.

Could it be overheating protection?
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Hello  i am writing my  mother laptop for some reason it acting very odd brand new not even few months old  Ok yesterday her laptop she could shut it down with no problem this morning she going out she turn it off bout close it.. but it decided turn back on not going thru booting it up with hp Icon no went straight away to windows 10 automaticaly.  So i decided to check some program see if anything conflicting it nothing  so i decided to shut it down thru windows 10  power shutdown but still turn back on..  i shut down it with power button but even still turn back on please help me
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Hello everyone, I have an HP Envy j100t which I purchased in 2014. ever since yesterday it's been starting but the screen remains pitch black, no display at all. It won't get to start up page, just remains a blank dark screen even though the power light is on and there's no battery issue because it was on charge all night and the AC adopter is still in.   I keep on having to get to get to the BIOS recovery screen, letting that update, and then it proceeds to restart. However when it restarts, it never gets to start up and there is the same dark screen- no display.  I have to always update BIOS, take out the battery and AC adapter, put them back in, and then it will start. Or sometimes even that whole process might not restart it.  Please help!
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My HP pavilion refused to turn on in the morning after charged last night. The charging indicator light used came up at first but now nothing is working. I used working chargers and batteries from HP pavilion, still nothing. I removed the battery push the power button for a minute the fix the battery and on. Nothing. I used ram from other pavilion, still nothing. Please I need your help
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First of all, I am not sure if I am posting this in the right section. If not, please guide me to the correct section.
I have a Dell Inspiron 17r SE Laptop and my problem is that every single time, I have to turn my Laptop ON twice in order for it to boot up successfully. The first time I turn it on, Dell logo appears for a second and then, black screen shows up. Then, I have to turn my laptop off and start it back again. Second time, it boots up without any problem. I am fed up of turning it on twice everytime, and also concerned that it will affect health of my Laptop . How can I fix this Issue, please help.
I don't have a Recovery CD or Windows 8 CD. Windows 8 was pre-installed on my Laptop.

A:Laptop screen goes black on startup, have to turn laptop ON twice for it to boot up s

If it's still under warranty, call Dell. The unit or parts might be covered for replacement.
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I have just received a replacement battery for my Toshiba Satellite L laptop which I Won't On Now Turn New Laptop Battery - Laptop Solved: purchased from a preferred seller on Ebay When I put Solved: New Laptop Battery - Now Laptop Won't Turn On it in the laptop to charge and use the computer while it s charging the computer will not even turn on I contacted the seller and this is what he replied quot We are sorry to hear that the battery did not work well No problem for return and you will get a full refund if we receive your return within days of the purchase date However before the return please check Solved: New Laptop Battery - Now Laptop Won't Turn On the following Make sure that your power adapter and electric outlet work well Make sure that the connection part between battery and laptop is clean If not please clean and try the battery again Many new batteries need several charge to reach the full capacity If it is a newly received battery please recharge several times to allow the battery to its full capacity If you recently upgrade your operating system to windows it may cause the battery not charge Please go online for a solution for your specific laptop model Please check your laptop manufacturer s website for a BIOS update Recently a few customers reported that the Bios update solved the problem having with their battery If none of these steps works please return the whole package to the following address by USPS Priority or UPS ground And please include the order receipt or shipping slip in the return package We suggest that you use a delivery confirmation to track the shipment so that the return is confirmed Upon receiving the return we will process the refund in business days quot I have checked to see that all connections are good and I have not recently upgraded operating systems Now what I am wondering is should I check into the BIOS update or should I just consider this a lost cause and return the battery I realize that buying an original Toshiba battery would have been a better choice but I was just trying to save some money Please advise Thanks nbsp

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model 15-g029ca ; Rev 21FT-100 ; serial [Personal Information Removed]
sticker label on back shows Windows 8 ( don't know if this is 32 bit or 64 bit OS )
black screen; won't start.
LED RF red light (f12) key on constantly;
LED Caps lock white light blinking : 1 second on, 2 seconds off; continuous blinking.
LED white at power cord plugin on constantly.
Fan runs continuously.
1. Tried removing battery and then attempting to restart.     Result no start.
2. Tried  [ [windows]  button + [B] button + [power] button ] at same time.   Result no start.
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I have a fairly old IBM Thinkpad T41 Type 2373. It was working ok a few weeks ago when I charged it and I had turned off and unplugged for about 3 weeks and then when I plugged it in, nothing happened - no lights, nothing. I installed a new battery less than a year ago.

Can someone help?

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Hello everyone,

I have a Hp dv6 laptop that was recently doing an update without the charger connected, this was unexpected because it was shut down for a while, and i finally got it to turn on. I walked away from it for a second to come back to it doing an update. i couldnt stop the update because it was the sort of update that happens when u turn the laptop back on. So because i havent charged this battery in a while the laptop shut off while doing the update, now the laptop will not turn on at all. The charger still shows that its charging, but the button will not power on. I have no idea what the problem may be. please help!
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i have a Hp G71 series notebook laptop that will absolutely will not turn on. i've been all over the internet trying to get help. i have done everything from cleaning the fan to draining the capatitors ( i know i might have spelled that wrong). i think it may be a power problem, but not sure where. im going to get a new battery and adapter power cord for it and see it that helps. if not i will need other solutions. will let you all know, its gonna take me awhile to get the battery and power cord as i am on a limited income.
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Okay so I have got an Asus Vivobook S550CA Laptop and it came installed with windows 8 - Specs

CPU: Intel Core i5 -3337U Mobile
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 635m 2gb DDR3 + Intel HD Graphics
RAM: 8gb

When I was just doing work on my laptop, It just shut down. Even when the charger is in, no lights are shown not even the charging one
I attempted to turn it on by pressing the power button... Nothing happensI then tried Removing the battery and plugging the AC in - then turning on, Nothing happenstried removing AC + Battery, Pressing Power for 60 seconds and pluging ac in before turning on again - Didnt work
I would really appreciate if someone could help me

A:Help, Laptop will not turn on

Did you check voltage on the adapter ? but most likely something died on the MB, in all probability power section.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite M35-S359 that has worked perfectly from the day I got it.

Today I tried to turn it on and it was dead. I took the battery out for a while, I used the power cord, but nothing is working.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


A:Laptop Won't Turn On

do you see any indication on the power adapter that it's powered, a light?

try another wall socket.
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I have a HP Pavillion pc. When I plug in the adapter, the light that indicates power is going from the adapter to the laptop in is on, but none of the lights that indicate it is charging or powered go on and the laptop will not start. Is there a way to fix this?

A:Laptop won't turn on?

A dodgy battery could cause a problem. Have you tried starting it without the battery attached?
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Last night when I pressed the power button of my laptop as usual it turned on bu in a few seconds the laptop completely shut down After that My turn laptop won't on.. when I pressed the power button My laptop won't turn on.. the laptop didn't turn on at all I thought it was a minor battery problem so I charged the laptop the whole night and thought nit will be alright nbsp But when I tried to turn on the laptop this morning it was the same thing as before nothing happens When I plug in the AC adapter it works it even shows the LED light that it's charging and also when it's charged nbsp nbsp Please help here I don't what to do and getting worried about my laptop nbsp nbsp P S On that day the last time I used my laptop was at pm and I put it to sleep I usually do this but it works fine and nbsp at the end of the day I always shut it down nbsp
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I m having extremely worrying problems with my -year-old Toshiba A Satellite laptop Namely it won t start I plug it into the adapter and the power battery lights light up normally But when I try to turn On Laptop Turn My Won't it on it appears to be working fine for about half a second before the hard drive activity light turns off and stays off and from then on nothing happens at all The other indicator lights still say it s technically on but there is no hard drive activity nothing displayed My Laptop Won't Turn On onscreen no sounds of activity just nothing I ve tried plugging it into my desktop computer s monitor via VGA which didn t work so the monitor is likely fine It was working fine less than an hour ago and nothing extraordinary has happened to it since then I didn t drop it or anything What steps can I take to troubleshoot it Oh and sorry if this is in the wrong forum I don t think Windows has anything to do with it since it stops doing anything before it can get past BIOS but I don t know where else to put it

A:My Laptop Won't Turn On

Okay, it just turned on after I left it plugged in for an hour or so. What is going on?
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I have an hp pavillion dv6000 series laptop that won't turn on, when it's plugged into the charger, it lights up when you hit the power button but that's it. It just happened one day, it wouldn't turn on. We haven't spilled anything on it or anything like that. Also, if it helps, it runs vista. I was old it was the motherboard but if it was the motherboard, the light wouldn't come on at all would it?
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My lap top won't turn on, I've tried the tip of removing battery before powering on and it still won't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm having a melt down ... Thanks.
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Good day, I was in the middle of upgrading and installing Macafee on to my Laptop before it shut down and will not come back on... I have removed adn re-inserted the battery, the power supply cord is properly inserted into the wall and there weren't any fuses blown ...


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Hi,Today, I opened my laptop to see the power button flashing on and off on a black screen. The laptop was unresponsive after pressing buttons and moving the touchpad for a while. I then removed the battery and reinserted it, only for it to not turn on at all. I removed the power cord and the battery, held the power button for 60 seconds, reinserted the power cord, and the laptop still refuses to turn on. I inserted the battery again and still, nothing.Any ideas, help, suggestions?Helpful information:There is no light when the power cord is plugged in.Battery was not low last time the laptop was in use.Bought the laptop in April 2015Never had this problem before.Thank you.
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My daughter was using her laptop on Friday. She shut it down and went to bed. When she woke up Saturday it wouldn't turn on. I have tried charging it for hours without interuption, still nothing. I have unplugged it, removed the battery and held down the power button.I don't know what to do.....PLEASE HELP!!! 

A:laptop won't turn on

Hi @MBuckler?,Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community!I came across your post about the Notebook, and wanted to assist you! I have looked into your issue about your HP 15-f039wm Notebook and it does not turn on correctly. Try performing a hard reset. When performing a hard reset please note remove any and all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices.Here is a link to computer won't start for Windows.You can do a system restore. System restore will help if something automatically updated and did not go well on the Notebook.Please let me know how this goes.Thanks.
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Hi, I I used it a couple of days ago, and when I started it it booted and everything up to the point where it asks my windows password. After that it turned off. I figured it's just dead battery, but when I tried it today it just wouldn't start. I tried holding the power button with the AC on and no battery, with the battery and no AC but still nothing. The laptop is about 2years old. Thanks

A:My laptop won't turn on

Oh, and the led where the AC goes in, flashes 3-4 times when I try to power it, but no other sounds or sings
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Hey, I have an acer laptop, it's 4years old and my dad has had to fix the charger point quite oftern... My problem is before it would seem to over heat and shut down well the fan is fine... Recently I won't turn on... I have to give it a good whack so it will just start up.. Is this common with the laptop or has my dad messed it up? Please help me I'm getting so stressed when I want to use it for work.. Please any advise?

Nessa x

A:Laptop won't turn on

Well one the over heating is big issue the fan that cools it down could be blocked with dust but also it over heating many times could of caused much bigger problems .. also the charger port could of come loose again or attery could be faulty ..1 the fan needs cleaning 2 take the battery completly off unplug charger then press the on off power butting for 20 seconds then plug charger in ..leave battery off and try to turn on . if no screen see if there is any lights and also listen to see if u hear fan spinning underneath
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My Gateway laptop won't turn on. I used it last night with no problem. When it is plugged in the light on the front shows that its plugged in. When I try to turn it on the other light will flash along with lights by the mouse and then it goes off. The screen never turns on. I haven't had any problems with it up to this point. The computer is less than 2 years old.
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I have a gateway MA3 and I had it about a year and then one night my husband was on it and he said that it went crazy so he through we had a virus and shut it down. I tried to boot it back up and it would not turn on. The HD light would flash and the CD light would flash and both would make a noise. Do you think it is a bad HD, CD drive or motherboard?

A:Laptop won't turn on

No way to tell for sure from what you have told us. It could be any of those... Hard drive, memory module, power adapter, DVD drive, or dirt, hair, fiber and heat.... or even a power switch
First, check carefully for any lights or noise when you depress the <ON> Button. Then gently wiggle the plug from the power adapter where it plugs into the laptop as you depress the <ON> button to see if any lights or noise happen.
You can buy a new power adapter for about $11 to $22 on eBay, but that would take ten days to arrive. Can you borrow a power adapter from anyone... anyone that fits will be good enough for a brief test.
Second, do the sniff test with the covers off, as you try to detect a burned odor.
Third, you remove one memory module and try to turn on with the other. Then change the two around and try with the other module.
Some gateways have had trouble with the power adapter, but it is not easy to test at home. A good technician can use an instrument to test the power output. The hard drive should not be dying this soon unless it has had some impact.
Fourth, you can remove the hard drive from the section on the base of the computer, you can test with another or test yours in another laptop of similar configuration.
In short, get a tech smart person to look it over for you... of have a repair shop do an analysis... which will likely cost about $40
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My laptop acts likenits going to turn on, only a light comes on for a few seconds than shuts down. No screen comes on.

A:My HP laptop will not turn on

Try removing the battery then slide it back in.  Restart and see if it comes on properly.
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nbsp My laptop has been working fine until recently Two on Won't Laptop turn days ago I was in a hotel room wor king nbsp on my laptop and everything was fine Then I plugged it in later on and tride nbsp to turn it back on and got no response The only thing that happens each time I press the power button is the blue light right next to the power cord input blinks x The battery has been useless on this laptop for years nbsp and I essentially have nbsp to plug it in everywhere I go I'm fine dealing with that as this laptop is getting older but I definitely need to access all of my five holes on there nbsp nbsp I've tried the reset options by taking the battery out and trying to start that way The only thing that I see are nbsp those blinking lights and Laptop Won't turn on nothing else The screen stays black no hard drive sounds etc I'm looking at getting a new AC adapter but want to make sure Laptop Won't turn on that's the right way to go And I also want to double check the specs so I don't get the wrong adapter if that's the actual problem nbsp nbsp If I do need a new AC adapter I'd like some information on wattage I guess the replacement I got was lower wattage the my nbsp original I think I went from to and I kept getting warnings that things may run slower I didn't notice too much of a difference but it might one of those things I got used to and a higher wattage power supply may be a good thing I look forward to your replies and offer my thanks in nbsp advance nbsp nbsp Matt
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My laptop will not boot up. It has power and a full battery. When I hit the power button, the blue lights come on but the computer never boots up. The fan will also start up but thats it. Pretty sure it is not a virus. Any ideas?

A:Laptop will not turn on! HELP

Any messages or BIOS splash screen showing on the display?

Is the display backlight lighting up? If not, can you see any screen content if shine a strong light on the screen?

If you have an external display connector on the laptop, do you get anything on an externally connected display?

If you leave the computer turned on long enough do you get any Windows start-up sounds?

Any chance you can let us in on the brand and model number of the computer?
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Hello, I am having a big problem. My Laptop is an HP Pavilion ze2000, and I when I turn it on, it goes to the HP logo screen, then the Windows XP screen, then restarts and does that same process. I do not have my startup disk, and also, it won't let me boot the computer in safe mode, last known configuration or anything... PLease HELP!!!! Thank you

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I have a Dell Inspiron with Service pack Me and my sister laptop on! won't My turn both have one I had to reinstall XP Home Edition on her laptop after it crashed a few weeks ago After I finally got it up and running the way she wanted it a few week later she brought it to me freaking out because it wouldn't turn on I just laughed it off and told her I would look at it Now I have a bigger problem My laptop won't turn on! it seriouslly wont turn on Then when I tried to turn my laptop on same modle it done the same thing Hers worked fine the day before and then it completely My laptop won't turn on! wouldnt even turn on I checked the batter its fine I checked the charger for the wall outlet and it was fine and the green light on the charger is lite so I know it has power The computer wont even turn on or even attempt too I tried different chargers for them but nothing happened Have I lost laptops I have no idea what to do

A:My laptop won't turn on!


Originally Posted by MissHeartBroken

it seriouslly wont turn on. Then when I tried to turn my laptop on, same modle, it done the same thing!

Oh dear, you are in a pickle.

Try removing the battery from the laptop and then plugging in the power and turning it on .... and then try starting the computer.
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Hey everyone Happy easter My windows vista laptop wont stay turned on When I turn it on it stays on for about a minute then switches off It is plugged in and the lights come on to show its trying to charge or something But it keeps switching off Also when it did work the cd drive didnt pick up any cds or dvds The warrenty has expired Ive sent it away twice when it had warrenty because the same thing happened and they replaced the battery about a year and half ago The time before that they had to reboot it so I lost everything I want to buy a E drive but they are expensive Also I laptop turn won't on asked them to fix the sound which decides to stop working if I didn't play something as soon as I logged in and continued playing it But now it just won't even stay turned on I tried safe mode but it still switched off before I could type my log in password It had a option for start up repair because it hadn't shut down properly so I tried that and half way through the process same thing Do I need a new battery I'm going to take everything off the laptop when it turns on and buy a new one because Vista is annoying me Please help

A:laptop won't turn on


To eliminate the battery, remove it & power up on mains. If it drops out then it will probably be overheating?

OR download this checker & find the malware, virus: -
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Greetings everyone!Mi laptop HP Probook 440 G3 suddenly doesnt start... The only thing that appears is the light of the "ON" button I did this:  Hard Reset (Unplugged all the peripherals, RAM, battey and press the "ON" button for a 1 minute to drain energy, then I   connect the AC adaptar without battery and the led of the "ON" button stills with light) Something curious about it, is that I dont even hold the "ON" button, if I plug the battery or the AC Adapter the light of the "ON" button is constantly giving lighting.A hug for everyone and sorry my bad english !
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nOTHING, NADA.  Push the button, no response.  Help!

A:Re: Laptop won't turn on

Hello @JD545?, Welcome to the HP Support forum. Thank you for posting !I am sorry for the issues you experience with your HP computer. - Please, note that you have posted in another user's thread/topic but I moved your post from there and created your own thread - here. Re. your computer's issue - HP has created details instructions what to in such cases. Please, review the official article about such issues you experience now. Carefully follow the appropriate steps that fit your case to attempt to fix the issue:>>  If you did try everything but nothing helped, I am afraid you will need to bring your computer (or ship it) to service - HP Authorized service center. If the computer is still under warranty, you will need to notify HP support first. If you are not sure where such a center is located, please contact HP support for assistance in finding one. Here is more info: >>>>  Please, provide your feedback and let me know how it goes.
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I have a Lenovo ThinkPad SL500 and it's relatively new. A year or so. I shut it down before I left for the weekend and when I came back to turn it on, it just wouldn't.

It's plugged into a surge protector that I know works cause the printer is also plugged into it and is working fine.

The little battery light does NOT even light up at all with it plugged in and when I press the On button NOTHING happens.

Just absolutely black everywhere with no signs of life or any light.

What do I do?

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When i turn it on it keeps saying
"A disk read error occured.
Please Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart"

And when I do this, the same screen pops up...

ANy1 know what 2 do?

A:My laptop won't turn on

Put your Windows Disc in and boot off of that. Choose to Repair Windows. Windows will try and repair off of the Windows Vista DVD, or give you the option to do a system restore or go to the Recovery Console.
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Not sure if this is the right board, but...

I have a Compaq v5310us laptop, and the fan turns on and off very often. Like every 30 seconds to a minute or so, stays on for about 20-30 seconds, then turns off. I was told that the fan can run often because stuff is so close together inside, but this seems like a lot. Is this normal?


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I have a hp 840 g1 and I have some problems..When I try to turn on pc I press power button, sometimes laptop start like normal but screen black and hp logo does not come, in 5-10 sec laptop shutdown itself and battery blimp light white to orange 2or3 times. if laptop turn on properly it work smoothly,whenever i restart it , it restart smoothly and it work with no problem , whenever i shutdown computer then i try to turn on pc it do same things until it turn on properly, i check battery hp software but not see a error, i try to hard reset but it does not work it do same thing.  Do you have a advice?I have a 9 month warranty . What I do ? 

A:Sometimes laptop does not turn on!

#HPExpertDayCheck for hardware functionally, using below link: Update BIOS and Firmware: If the issue is only while running on battery then battery might be not functioning well.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop running Windows XP, Service pack 1. When I press the "on" button the green power light comes on and the fan starts but there is no hard drive activity and the screen is black. Nothing else happens. I inserted a Windows CD in the disk drive, it starts to read but does not continue.
Thanks, David

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I have an Turn Laptop Not On Will HP Probook S Windows Laptop is three months old and was working perfectly fine hours ago Last evening I attepted to Laptop Will Not Turn On turn it on from sleep mode and it would not wake though the fan started up I powered down by holding the power button for a few seconds after that it will not power up The battery was full and the adapter was plugged Laptop Will Not Turn On into Laptop Will Not Turn On a working outlet The power light on the laptop will not stop blinking I removed the battery and the adapter did a power drain as per HP instructions still nothing It can t be the adapter since when I plugged it back in after removing the battery the power light immediately started blinking again I m about to send it to HP for repair but thought someone here might have some ideas first I use this laptop daily for school so the thought of it being out of my hands for weeks is troubling Any help would be very appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Laptop Will Not Turn On

Don't mess with it or wait for advice (which might be bad advice - we are only volunteers and not all advice given can be trusted). HP may charge you if they can see it's been messed with. Just return it to HP pronto.
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Hello I'm having a simular problem except no response at all. Plugged in or not, no lights no noise. Nothing help I use this computer every day for schoolwork it was working fine Friday afternoon in class then Saturday evening it wouldn't even turn on at all!! HELP please!

A:Re: Laptop won't turn on

The light comes from the f12 button on the keyboard
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I took out the battery, and after I put it back in I tried turning it on and it wouldn't start. I tried the hard reset in which you hold the power button for 30 seconds to a minute after taking out the battery and the charger, but it didn't work. When I connect the charger, the light that indicates it's charging turns on. And when I press the power button it makes a barely noticeable noise. Other than that the laptop does no respond.

A:My laptop will not turn on. Please help

Hey @Left4deadrising, Welcome to the HP Forums! I understand from your posts that you are having an issue with your HP Notebook not starting correctly. Here is a link to computer won't start for Windows.Plug the power adapter directly into a different wall outlet. Do not plug it into a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source as this could cause and issue.Have you tried reseating Memory and the HDD? Click the Thumbs up to give me a Kudos high five, just to say thanks for trying. Thanks.
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I m not sure (sometimes) turn on Laptop won't if this is the correct place to post this thread but here goes Two days ago my laptop ToshibaM x satellite was working fine Then it froze while doing normal internet searching on eBay I turned it back on and once Windows loaded it froze Twice more and the same thing happened The fourth time it began to load but then a screen that looked like a red and green curtain came up reminiscent of what would happen to my Nintendo when there was too much dust in it Anyway Laptop won't turn on (sometimes) since then sometimes I will hit the power button and the fan will Laptop won't turn on (sometimes) whir but the screen stays black Sometimes it will load up and work for about seconds before freezing Once I had it loaded and working and when I went to plug it in it froze But right now after two days of this I m actually on it making this post and its working fine knock on wood I guess my question is does this seem more like a hardware or software problem And why is it all of the sudden working fine As you can probably tell I m not very proficient with computers so please bear with me For security I run Norton anti-virus Mike nbsp

A:Laptop won't turn on (sometimes)

Just wondering if you have done a system restore lately. Occasionally you can have a conflict with existing files.

ok first get some canned air, and lightly blow out the laptop to make sure it's not just dust getting into things.
Now, to be on the safe side....
Do you have anti-spyware software installed on your computer? I would eliminate security stuff before you do anything else. I suggest to run at least two different anti-spyware programs: I personally like: Windows Defender by Microsoft, and AdAwareSE by Lavasoft. You can download them for free at . They are both very user friendly, and easy to set up. Also, do you have a firewall running? (besides Windows firewall?) There are several decent free firewall available. You can search on the site that I gave you. I stick to Zone Alarm; it works ,it has history, and it's easy to use. But you choose what you like if you don't already have one.

After all those programs are installed:
1- run your antivirus program if it hasn't been run lately; also make sure you update first, by clicking "Live Update"
2-run AdAwareSE, first updating it as well.
3- Windows Defender should scan on its own after installed. If not, you can run that too.
4- Go into Control Panel ... then Internet Options. Delete all temp and unecessary files.

Restart your computer daily (especially if you do a lot of internet or gaming)
go to: Start > Turn off Computer > Restart **** This should be done with ALL computers, not just laptops

The above should help to keep your computer healthy. Hope it helps your problem. Good luck.
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