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Q: Blank Screen; Caps lock Blink Twice Every 2/3 Seconds with o...

Hi,I am using my HP Pavilion DV6 7023tx laptop. It is 1 year 3 months older(warrenty expired). It was working fine but one evening i found it start with black screen and caps lock blink twich every 2/3 seconds and after some times it's getting hot. I have tried to solve the issue accoroding to the following link It looks like BIOS corruption failure. but it will not automatically recovering that mentioned in post. So what should i do now? Could you guys tell me what should i do? Thanks in advance. Product Information:===============HP Pavilion DV6 7023txSerial No : 2CE22927FGProduct ID: B3J66PA

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I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Blank Screen; Caps lock Blink Twice Every 2/3 Seconds with o...

Hello SuperMario1, Thanks for your response. The last thing i did, remove CMOS battery and after a few minutes i plugged it.Then connect AC power adapter and press power button.Laptop starts but gives a error message "The CMOS checksum is invalid, The BIOS will be reset to the default configuration and will be rebooted."Finally laptop start normally. It works fine ... But same problem when i restart"blank screen caps lock blink 2 times every 3/4 sec" So finally1. remove CMOS battery and after a few minutes i plugged it again2. connect AC power adapter and press power button3. laptops starts normally (with a error msg same as previous)4. Upgrade bios to F.29(previously i had F.24)5. Everythings works fine (restart/shutdown have no effect) Nirupam Chandra Modak
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My Compaq 615 laptop screen doesn't come on, instead it blinks capslock 5 times. What shlould I do? It has an AMD Athlon X2 processor, with Radeon 3200 graphics. I didn't install any new software or hardware recently. All I did was work with the system at night, shut it down, and when I turned it on the following morning, the screen refused to come up, but the caps lock blinks 5 times.

A:Caps lock blink 5 times on Compaq 615 laptop, but screen doe...

Sorry to hear that. Please refer to the Blank Screen LED Error Codes document from HP Support. It sounds like a "General system board failure." The explanation says to contact HP for assistance. The motherboard might need to be replaced, and you will probably require the assistance of a technician to fix the problem.
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Hello I am trying to fix an HP G - DX Notebook PC Operating to safe From then screen screen and lock blue blink black mode, caps sys Win bit AMD Turion tm II Dual-Core Processor GB GHz I had this laptop since December of and on June of is when I used my notebook PC and was initially of no use I have been working on my laptop on and off since I am not afraid to open the sucker up and get this thing up and running The problem started out with what most ppl call it the quot blue screen of death quot Like most ppl I did ignore the blue screen and did a restart which brought me to the normal Windows screen From blue screen to safe mode, then black screen and caps lock blink and then it would start back up just fine I found this in Device From blue screen to safe mode, then black screen and caps lock blink Manager s Hidden Files Non-Plug and Play Drivers - ehdrv - epfwwfp - Security Processor Loader Driver I am not sure if it has anything to do with what it was the blue screen situation but I tried searching on the net on what it all meant and to see if I was able to fix it but before I was able to do something about it the blue screen kept From blue screen to safe mode, then black screen and caps lock blink popping up and it was getting worse The problem progressed to where on Windows startup it would just stop there blue screen would pop up and of course I had to restart it and do an F key press for Safe Mode I had to work on Safe Mode for a good couple of weeks before I can figure out the problem s I believe I had went into the system and found out it had something to do with some kind of error sigh I did write it down but that was like a month ago and I am unable to locate my notes It s frustrating being careless Any way my notebook PC will not start at all I did remove the battery and left the adapter plugged in to removing the adapter and doing a hard reset no justice The notebook would sound like it is about to start but all you can hear is the fan running and the lights with the caps lock blink sequence of ONCE every - seconds no beeping sound I may have changed something though I went as far as learning how to properly with the static free bracelette unscrewed the laptop apart to see if cleaning the fan would be the cause of it Nothing happened but instead of the caps lock blinking ONCE every - seconds it would blink TWICE every - seconds So I went back and checked if everything was put back together memory stick and such and now when i restart it it would BEEP times and the caps lock would blink THRICE every - seconds And so here I am Please help nbsp
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Hello, Any certain meaning for LED caps-lock blinking (white) one-two,  one-two?No change in frequency,  no beeps. I found a page about the Caps-lock LED blinking sequences.*This one is blinking in two-times sequences.    But on the HP "legend" to interpret the blinkingI did not see a matching interpretation for that one-two,  one-two,  sequence.[The closest ones were 4.2  and 4.3 but I have "no beeps" and these are only two blinks (not followed by a slower nor faster blinks).] This is for an HP split x2  tablet/notebook.  *
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So I was using the laptop with an hdmi cord attatched to my tv and it wasn't playing sound. I went through the control panel and attempted a few different things with no luck so I rebooted the computer. When it turned back on only the tv screen worked and the laptop screen was black. No backlight just dark. I performed a bios recovery and that went through succesfully but the caps lock button still blinks and I still have no video to the laptop screen.
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computer screen blank   caps lock blinking and wireless led steady   did a hard reset and it is doing the same thing
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My hp 15 laptop has a black screen, and the caps lock and wifif lights r blinking, 3 times. I have shut computer down ,removed battery, taken the ram out and then placed it back in, and still nothing.
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my pc (corei7 920, 6GB ram, win7 64, ATI4850) was all worknig fine then all of a sudden the screen went black

tried to reboot, unplugged power, replug , but same results - no display- checked monitors, with different pc, they are ok, replaced video card same problem

when i try to boot, there is no display - monitor shows 'no video input'

hard drive sounds like it is being accessed, keyboard lights come on (num lock and caps lock) and i can toggle these lights

symptoms prior to crash
- fans getting louder
- early that morning (8 hours before) looked like win7 did an update + reboot

any pointers?

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I was using my laptop when all of a sudden the screen shut off and went blank but the lights on the laptop keyboard stayed on ( the caps lock button is flashing and the network button is staying orange) I have tried turning it back on and resetting it but nothing works, I read something about it being a problem with the laptops CPU but am unsure on how to fix this
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My computer fails to boot and gives me a caps lock code. The LED blinks twice. I have tried hard resetting and reseating the memory, but nothing worked. I have had this problem for a fairly long time, however in past the computer would eventually boot up after I forced turned it off and on a number of times. I am at the point now where over the past few days I have been trying this and it so far has still failed to boot up. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to fix this!
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I have a hp x360. This morning, when i attempted to turn it on, the screen is black, the fan goes on for about 2 seconds and the caps lock key flashhes. Then the screen remains black, with the caps lock key flashing. Also, when I have it plugged in, the recharging light sometimes goes white instead of red. Not sure what to do, any help would be great, thanks.

A:laptop blank screen, caps lock flashing, not starting

Hi,  Welcome to Support Forums, thank you or posting your concern and I'm sorry that you are having that issue, I would be able to help you in identifying the cause of the issue, I would need few infomration though. How many times is the caps lock flashing ? I mean (ok it may souind funny but please bare with me) - Blink - pause- Blink - pauseblink blink -pause- blink blink -pauseblink blink blink-pause-blink blink blink- pauseYou got what I mean right ? Please write me back this details and product number of your unit and operating system I would be happy to help. To find the model number here , check this - Although I work for HP but I'm speaking for myself. Please click ?Accept as Solution? if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution. Click the ?Kudos Thumbs Up" on the left to say ?Thanks? for helping!RegardsAks3621
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Just updated my bios to the last version through HP assistance app and after it restarted the screen went blank and the caps lock flashing! What can I do to fix it?
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I have tried resetting and tried a new memory stick to no avail. I think it is the graphics chip set but not sure. The next step is replacing the mother board (rather than trying to replace the graphic chipset) but would like to know if theblinking LED on the caps lock key is telling me anything. It blinks 5 times, pauses and blinks 5 times, and repeats this endlessly. Does anyone know what it means or have any other suggestions?ThanxR.J.
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Hello,I have problem startup of window,Caps lock light blinking for 4 times,Its graphics issue, how i solved it ?My pc appear black screen on switch on the power
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I have Blank Lock Compaq Presario Screen, Caps blinking CQ56-101SG ... a Compaq Presario CQ - SG which does not start anymore I updated Compaq Presario CQ56-101SG Blank Screen, Caps Lock blinking ... the BIOS from Version Compaq Presario CQ56-101SG Blank Screen, Caps Lock blinking ... F to F which forces the device to reboot which went well But after a shutdown the notebook does not start it Compaq Presario CQ56-101SG Blank Screen, Caps Lock blinking ... hangs with a blank screen power LED and WiFi LED lit up and Caps Lock LED is blinking about x sec nbsp What I tried to recover Remove battery and AC adapter press power button for about a minute and try to power up again with AC connect -- gt Same bad state as before Press power button for sec while no power connected battery removed reconnect AC press Win B while power button starts the system -- gt Same bad state as before The same as before but this time with a GB USB thumb drive FAT formatted HP TOOLS named put F BIN - an older BIOS version binary - into root directory connected to USB port -- gt Same bad state as before nbsp - Did I anything wrong when trying to recover the BIOS - May the name of the BIOS file needs to be something else - Is there anything else I can try to get the device up and running again nbsp Kind regardsChristian nbsp
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My laptop is HP 650 and the problem is capslock light blinking,wireless light is orange and the charging light is automatically ON without putting charger
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how to disable Caps lock, num lock, scroll lock screen messages?

I have desktop pc with two keyboards usb and bluetooth. Also TOSHIBA Bluetooth Stack software, but in device manager: keyboard > hid keyboard device both using microsoft drivers. And I dont have any software installed for keyboards. Also bluetooth has separate system tray indications (it is also disabled) so its not that. I made some googling and found other fix it with Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Widcomm\BTConfig\General KeyIndication set to 0, but I dont have it in registry. Acualy I dont have anywhere in registry KeyIndication. So any ideas how to disable it? Thanks

A:Caps lock, num lock, scroll lock screen messages


You'll find that the messages are controlled by a piece of software that came pre-installed on your machine when you bought it. Try looking for a Hotkey managing app to see if the notifications can be disabled.

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I have HP 15-d054ee Notebook black screen 2 caps blink code error ... help needed and I check my RAM slots remove it and reinstall it but nothing happen,  I empty the electricity to hard reset but also nothing happen I got nothing on the screen of the laptob  I need your reputable help and I think it has a bios error (maybe) may I install the bios driver from another computer (if so) how? I am in need to use my laptob 

A:HP 15-d054ee Notebook black screen 2 caps blink code error ....

two blinks is corrupt BIOS. Connect the power adapter to the notebook and the hold down the Windows key and the B key at the same time. It may take a full minute or so of holding down the two keys, but you should  see an onscreen message responce that says that it is recovering the BIOS.
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My friends dv7-1135nr is not posting. The num lock and caps lock led light will flash once every 2 seconds at the same time. According to HP this issue is a " not functional" cpu. I am ordering another cpu for 16.00 off ebay because this is cheaper opposed to ordering another board. Anyone else have this issue? And if so did you fix it ?

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ANyone have aclue how to get these working again  i did a clean install of windows and for the life of me can't get these to work I've installed all drivers from the drivers page with no luck
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Hi. I recently bought a new R5-417T laptop, and in the process of personalisation found no intuitive way to disable the caps-lock or num-lock notifications. (Windows 10 btw)  ^Notification in question^ How would I go about disabling this? I've tried looking in the BIOS, in regedit and some mythical "Launch Manager" program bundled with older acer laptops that I can't find a working version for.

A:How to DISABLE Caps-lock and Num-lock screen notif...

Caps lock is thr Caps lock key.For Num lock try Fn and F11.
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Good afternoon,

I just did a clean install of 7 to fix errors with my laptop, and it fixed one, but not the other main issues,
My caps lock, and number lock button on the keyboard don't have a light on it and the pop up that is supposed to pop up doesn't show up on screen.
I figured by doing a clean install it would all magically appear again... I was wrong, I have tweaked everything I could think of looking/trying to change setting from the keyboard in control panel, (including messing around with ease of use) and Gateways so called "support" area was of no help, as well as googling the issue has led me down a path of useless tips, I have also looked on this forum for help.

Any help in this area would be GREATLY appreciated!!

A:Caps Lock/Num Lock, on screen pop up gone Gateway NV77

Ok, I have a problem I have set up the sound, and it does not play a sound.
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my laptop core i 3 hp pavilion series 4 gb ram, 500 gb hd,  2.4 processors has a problem is that its screen blink after interval of seconds, whats the matter ? have there any solution?
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Hey,my DV6-3023CA had thermal issues and intiate a thermal shutdown after hitting 103C very quickly.I disassembled, put on new thermal paste, cleaned fans and re-assembled.Now I get 1 blink on the caps lock.Tried every method, disassembled+reassembled over 5 times now.I think the CPU may have been damaged by me somehow during disassembly (no bent pins) or the extreme temperatures.Now I'm wondering 2 things.1) Is there any way to verify the CPU is the problem without sending it into HP? 2) If my CPU is dead, what can I upgrade the computer's Turion II P520 to?I've checked the manuals and there are a lot of CPUs on the same architecture, but I'm not sure which ones are compatible. Thanks in advance.
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I see lots of threads telling me how to disable the on screen CAPS LOCK ON message, but how and where do I ENABLE it? My Latitude has an led in the keyboard key, but there's always this hand of mine in the way.

A:on screen caps lock on

Welcome to Seven Forums markrheuer. A couple of possibilities, starting with easiest.

Start> In search box type keyboard> Under Control Panel, click on Keyboard> IF your Keyboard properties has a Key settings tab> Key Settings List> Double click on Caps Lock> Display Caps Lock status on screen> Click the check mark box> Finish

If no key settings tab, you can make your screen flash when you have Caps lock on

Start> In search box type ease of access> Enter> Make the keyboard easier to use> Check the box next to Turn on toggle keys> Apply> OK> Back to Ease of access main page> Use text or visual alternatives for sounds> Turn on visual notifications for sounds (Sound Sentry)> Choose visual warning> Apply> OK

I see where some Dell users have had success changing a registry key. Suggest always backing up your registry 1st

Registry - Backup and Restore

Start> In search box type regedit> Enter> Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Dell Computer Corporation\QuickSet\QuickSetControl and set it's value to 1

Some freeware programs to do the same job

Free Keyboard LEDs software shows state of Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll locks.


A Guy
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Unable to release quot Caps Lock quot in Windows Only With quot Shift quot key HELP please I recently had a power serge that frying of my internal TB sata hard-drives After removing it and running some test to see if everything was ok other then that drive I noticed my Caps Lock key was freezing on I tried swapping it with another USB keyboard still the same problems then I tried swapping it with a PS keyboard still the same Lock Caps key Caps Solved: with Releasing Lock not issues I can release the caps by pressing ether SHIFT key I m Currently running Windows Vista Ultimate bit Valid gb Ram TB of Disk space Post a comment if more info is needed But I think this is more then enough info to help answer the question I would really like to not have to press SHIFT every time to release the Solved: Caps Lock not Releasing with Caps Lock key Caps Lock key Thank you if anyone can help this issue p s I ve tried reinstalling the drivers amp uninstalling from Device manager nbsp

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I hope this is in the right area nbsp I have been using a Lenovo Flex for about months now I think Maybe a few more than that but overall - you get the picture As far as I can tell this Flex Pop-up Lock 3 Caps on-screen link nbsp details the machine I'm using nbsp I've taken pains to ensure that my machine is configured the way I like it - some of it was easy some of it not so much I've customized the coloration put up a new background reinstalled the Start menu because I despise Windows 's start screen disabled the touch screen due to my habit of shifting position and then needing to adjust the angle of the Flex 3 on-screen Caps Lock Pop-up screen Flex 3 on-screen Caps Lock Pop-up nbsp I mean you know how it goes All the little tweaks that really make it your nbsp machine right nbsp One such tweak would be disabling this bleep popup nbsp that shows up EVERY time I hit caps lock I have taken a picture of it from this screen itself to show that I am still dealing with this - it is intrusive It is unnecessary It is overall infuriating to me This is what it looks like nbsp In the vein of taking pains I have taken a great many trying to find a working method for removing it I have gone in to RegEdit but I have no Widcomm folder under the specified directory I have tried uninstalling Lenovo Energy nbsp Management but I had to remove OneKey Optimizer instead as LEM was apparently replaced with or bundled in to OKO and doing so did not rid me of this popup - as you can see in the bottom right of my screenshot I no longer have the Balanced Mode battery indicator yet the popup still exists nbsp If I play a game in Full Screen Mode I am sometimes jolted out of it when a mouse click coincides with the location of the popup This can crash nbsp a game depending on how it enables fullscreen nbsp Every time I look in to this I am met with the same answers and none of them apply to me and my machine I am tired of being given the runaround just because I am apparently the ONE PERSON who has this problem who can't solve it with existing solutions nbsp I have looked in to RegEdit I have removed OKO I have looked under the Display tab settings in Control Panel and I have checked the accessibility settings to see if it's under any of these nbsp None of the areas that others found solutions in nbsp exist nbsp on my machine nbsp I type around words per minute I hit caps lock instead of shift just out of habit - it's not a habit I can break anytime soon either and honestly I would prefer not to break it if I don't have to I just want to be able to type comfortably without this ugly distraction forcing me to constantly scroll textboxes and adjust notepad windows to the side nbsp This one ugly seemingly unremovable popup has been interfering with my day-to-day life for six-plus months nbsp Does anyone nbsp have any fresh ideas on how to kill this gd PoS Because I'm at my limit
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hi I updated my windows 10 and its turned on the on screen notification for caps lock/number lock , I have searched the web all night trying to find a way of turning it off but so far no good , I have an acer pc and they don't have an answer on their forums
etc that's worked , anyone tell me how to turn it off and for good its so annoying :)
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I have a 2 yr. old Toshiba Laptop. Early on I had a good, large on screen notification when the Caps lock was on. A Computer Tech came along and after he left I no longer had the notification. Does anyone know how to get the notification back? Thanks - Monique

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6050 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, -1262 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 699443 MB, Free - 605919 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, PEQAA
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

A:Notification on Screen when Caps Lock is On

Have you tried the following:
press the windows key + r type in msconfig. select start up tab is there something like Toshiba flash key checked? If the option is there, check it.

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Hello Experts
On my dell Latitude E7440, the keyboard's CAPS LOCK key doesn't turn on the indicator light when the key is pressed.

Therefore I want to know, as a workaround, where is the setting to display the CAPS LOCK status on screen whenever it is On/Off.

Thanks for your help.
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well my laptop for some reason is stuck in this caps lock code thing when all i did is remove my processor chip nd clean it nd put it back in and now my system just wont cut back on after multiple times of disassembling nd puttting it back together.....i made sure the replace everything and back the way it wasthen i proceeded to buying another processor chip nd i put tht in did the same process i even put new thermal paste on the chip alongside the fan nd im still getting this error which i dont kno why becuz all i did was take my processor chip out once nd now it starts acting like it doesn't want to work anymore even after putting in a new chip nd alongside tht the hard resets aren't working either

A:black screen and caps lock blinking

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support Forum. I am afraid this issue cannot be resolved remotely and it is a bit difficult to understand and know in details what exactly you removed/replaced. Since it started to occur after this change obvious this is the cause. Please, review these artciles :>>>> follow the appropriate instruction for your specific situation.  If they don't help, you can consult with HP Service center or bring the computer to HP authorized service center where the technicians will probably be able to help you solve the problem. If you cannot find a troubleshooting solution, contact HP Customer support for further assistance or to have the computer serviced. More information: >>>>>>
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THE "HP On-Screen Caps/Num/Scroll lock Indicator" shows up in Programs and Features, but the size cell is empty!! Indicator lost during a previous "fix" of an unrelated problem. HP states they can neither replace the file nor download the file contenets. What, Where, and How can I retrieve the indicator as I have a &[email protected]*+ remote keyboard? HELP!

A:HP On-Screen Caps/Num/Scroll lock Indicator

Hi, khdphd, and welcome to the forum....

They say they cannot download the file? I have always seen every HP that uses those hkCMD.exe files to be able to download them for that computer in the event of a reinstall.

Did you look at software available for download for your computer? If it is there, then you can download it, uninstall the current version, reboot and install that one and it should load the original files back in place.

Try uninstalling hkcmnd from Programs and Features (it may be named something a bit more fancy)

And I know what HP *said* - but look anyway.
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HP G62 US-340, Black screen and flashing caps lock when i power it on, And some time it comes on like it should. I tried draining all power from unit to reset and that wasn't any help. Can you help me Please ?

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A:HP G62 US-340, Black screen and flashing caps lock

Hi @mikeyh25   Thank you for your query, I will do my best to help! I understand that when you start up your notebook you get a black display with no error messages,but you see the Caps Lock light flashing. Here is a link to assist you.  Computer does not start and the LEDs blink or the computer beeps.  Best of Luck!
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When I turn my laptop on the power light comes on and caps lock flashes continuosly but with a black screen.
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Does anyone know how to disable the big padlock indicator on screen when i press the Capslock/numlock key?I find it annoying when it pops up while I'm gaming. I have a asus aspire F5-573G with windows 10
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I put my computer to sleep last night and when I went to turn it on this morning it started to power but nothing happened.  The screen is black and the lights for caps and number lock are blinking.  They blink continuously with 4-seconds in between.  I've tried a hard restart, as well as removing the RAM and wireless card (per other posts for similar problems).  Does anyone have any idea what I should do next?  I'm a graduate student and hate to admit it but I can't be without a computer for very long :/
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When I hit Caps Lock, a display pops up in the lower right corner of the screen to notify me of the change.  It looks like this: How do I stop this from happening?  I've found a bunch of workarounds via Google, and they all either don't work for me or don't apply.

A:Caps Lock indicator in lower right of screen

 Looks like you have a wireless (bluetooth) keyboard. Easy way (if you don't use Bluetooth)Click Start.Type MSCONFIG.Allow User Account Control? - click Yes.Click Startup tab.Remove check marks from "Bluetooth Software" and/or "HP Desktop Keyboard".Restart computer. If you want to only shut down the little graphical presentation and you want to keep the bluetooth icon, use the steps above to prevent "HP Desktop Keyboard" from loading, but do not remove the checkmark next to bluetooth.And then prevent the OSD for the bluetooth caps lock indicator by making a minor change in the registry:Click Start.Type REGEDIT.Allow User Account Control? - click Yes.To backup your registry (in case soething goes haywire), select Computer, click File menu, click Export, give a name and save.After backing up registry, open each of the following registry values (the little folders) in this path:  HKEY_LOCAL_MCHINE_\SOFTWARE\Widcomm\BTConfig\General\Double-click the value KeyIndication in the list on the right.Change the hex value from a one (1) TO A ZERO (0).Close the registry editor window and restart your computer. You don't need to save anything - it happens on the fly (scary).
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I have a HP Envy Dv6. It was having problems overheating so i opened it up to clean the fan and air intake. I put it all back together and now I have a black screen. I can hear the hard drive spin but the fan only comes on sometimes. If i blow in the intake when the fans not running it starts to spin. The caps lock led is flashing constanly at a rate of 1 second, no pause, just 1 second intervals. Did i kill the fan or is the flashing telling something else. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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Hello guys, my Laptop starts with a blank screen and both, Capslock-LED as well as the Numlock-LED, blink twice. I've tried to use the Windows+B Button with the Power-Button combination, but to no avail. I tried to create a USB Flash Drive, but the Software only runs on Win 7 while both my Desktop(from which I work on this issue) and my broken Laptop are Win 10. I don't know how to go on from here, what else can I do? Thanks in advance.
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Right before this whole problem happened I was able to start my laptop, although I noticed that the whole loading ring started glitching and so was logging in. It told me that the laptop needed to restart and so allowed it to. It said error message: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT. It didn't have a problem until reaching 65% and the whole screen turned black with the caps lock key LED started blinking. It's been like this for a while please help
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ANyone have aclue how to get these working again
i did a clean install of windows and for the life of me can't get these to work
I've installed all drivers from the drivers page with no luck
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
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Dear anyone nbsp I need a deperate help I have a Windows home premier OA type HP laptop this is the specification I have Let me write down what happened I always before close down my laptop I choose the sleep tab and when I do open again it's start automatically but somethimes I have to do the start button So my the screen a have caps start lock... laptop I My but but black trouble started when I did my usual close down choosing the sleep tab and nbsp it went well but - minutes leater I forget something and wanted to looking up after the start up I heard my lap top speed up and start well but the screen stays pitch black no company logo and anything at all What I noticed only a CAPS LOCK button LED light is nbsp going on and off My question is what is the problem My laptop start but I have a black screen but the caps lock... I hope that not Virus Or I nbsp had close down something How can I start my lap top again PLEASE HELP nbsp sincerely nbsp nbsp zoltan nbsp Solved View Solution

A:My laptop start but I have a black screen but the caps lock...

 Try a hard reset:
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I've already removed battery and held down power button for 15 seconds and still black screen and red f12

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One of my clients has a T410 with Windows 7 64-bit installed.  When he turns on his caps lock, the indicator lights up and the same indicator appears on the screen and then stays present until the caps lock is turned off.  When caps lock is turned off the indicator disappears in about 3 seconds.  My other T410s are not experiencing this issue.  What can we do to change the indicator so that it only appears on-screen for 3 seconds?  I appreciate your help.

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A:Caps lock indicator remains on screen at all times

I have checked with my clients who report this.  Both laptops are model 2522-2BU and it happens whether they use the laptop keyboard or an external keyboard.
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Lap top died overnight. Plugged it in the next morning and the light from the mouse and the power button all came on as they normally would but the screen remains black and the caps lock led light continuously blinks.
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Randomly my screen will go black, with the LCD backlight still on; some of the time the caps lock light flashes but not always. I have to force shut down with the power button, but it happens often during boot up. It's a brand new HP Pavilion 15-ab128na. Posts online seem to say the cap's lock light indicates a hardware problem, so it looks like I'll have to return it to HP. Worth mentioning: the problem occured before I installed linux, I hoped it would go away but it hasn't! Anyone else experiencing similar issues?
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Got a HP Probook 450 G0 here, which is powering up with no screen display. No BIOS, no nothing. It isn't the backlight. You can hear fans spinning up, the Caps Lock key starts flashing, but nothing else happens. I've removed RTC/BIOS battery, nothing. Removed and swapped RAM, nothing. Plugged into TV with HDMI, nothing.  I'm starting to suspect it's something more complex - a motherboard problem, a BIOS problem, or a CPU problem. I seem to remember older HPs having Caps Lock blink codes for reporting issues, but I can't see any info about that for the ProBooks. Any ideas?
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I'll be in a game, and press caps. The window will minimize. This has never happened before.

Also, when I click my cursor into a bar to type, then press caps, the blinking cursor thing goes away, and I must re click into the bar to continue typing.
Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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Operating System Windows Ultimate System Manufacturer HP System Model Hp Pavilion DV CA Notebook PC Processor AMD TURION X GHz Memory GB RAM blink blank Laptop cursor to a with starts screen white When I start my laptop it display the Hp screen as usual but after that instead of booting it display a blank screen with white cursor blinking at the top LEFT corner the fan is working like after minutes of waiting the Windows logo appears Laptop starts to a blank screen with white cursor blink and Windows Starts I thought the problem might be that the bootloader got corrupted or something so I tried booting with Windows CD both but no change still same blank screen with white blinking cursor But Now it gives me Operating System not Found after Minutes Windows Starts Normally Please note that I have been able to enter Bios setup and change the booting option as well Bios was showing all the hardware as it usually shows I Tried to change the HardDisK But the Problem Remained When I try to Press F recovery button it performs same thing blank screen with Laptop starts to a blank screen with white cursor blink blinking cursor I Also Tried to Format but because when i boot it doesnt take the cd and remain with the blank screen with blinking cursor After Window Started I Entered and run the setup exe and installed Windows again but the problem was not solved Any Help

A:Laptop starts to a blank screen with white cursor blink

Is this a brand new computer? When did this start happening?
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I guess I may have accidentally disabled some drivers or something, but I have been doing everything I could to get it back, but I failed.

Any help will be appreciated =)

1. I tried restoring it using ATKpackage .. repaired + complete reinstall. ( my laptop is an Asus )

2. Tried entering keyboard settings, but couldn't find a related option.

3. Tried editing the registry -->
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Widcomm > BTConfig > General > KeyIndication
But mine is already at "1", not "0" .

A:Restoring my Caps and Nums lock indicators at the bottom right screen.

Any help please
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Hello everyone.  I'm attempting to help diagnose my sister-n-laws HP 15 laptop.  I've searched high and low for an answer but all I'm finding is people with different types of "3 beeps".  They either have 3 "short" beeps or 1 short with 2 long or something like that.  I can't find ANYTHING with 3 long beeps.  It does 3 long beeps twice and then nothing.  I can hear the hard drive spinning too. No HP or BIOS documentation ever mentions anything about 3 long beeps either.  Does anyone have any idea what is going on with this thing?
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Model CQ WM nbsp lights blinks Lock slowly Black screen, Num+Caps This is a friend's computer nbsp Yes it's old nbsp But it was working fine until it went into sleep Black screen, Num+Caps Lock lights blinks slowly mode last night Black screen, Num+Caps Lock lights blinks slowly nbsp Hasn't come up since nbsp Searches took me to this HP support page nbsp Win B and Power on does not show the BIOS restore screen nbsp It just shows the same black screen nbsp It mentions trying more than once nbsp I tried at least a half dozen times nbsp Removed the battery and unplugged the power for a few seconds prior to some of the tries nbsp The BIOS download sp exe does not provide the option to format a USB drive as bootable nbsp I searched around and created my own bootable thumb drive nbsp Then copied the BIOS files onto it nbsp Unfortunately that method also uses the Win B and power on to bring up the boot order screen nbsp All I get is black nbsp There are a bunch of black screen threads on here nbsp I've read several of them nbsp But I haven't found any others that appear to apply to this model nbsp Suggestions appreciated nbsp Drake Christensen

A:Black screen, Num+Caps Lock lights blinks slowly

Hi,Please try a hard reset and see if it works.1. Power off your laptop2. Remove the a/c adapter, battery and everything that is attached to your laptop.3. Hold the 'POWER 'button down on your laptop for about 10 seconds.4. Plug in the a/c power supply (without battery) and power on.Regards.
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Hello everyone.  I'm attempting to help diagnose my sister-n-laws HP 15 laptop.  I've searched high and low for an answer but all I'm finding is people with different types of "3 beeps".  They either have 3 "short" beeps or 1 short with 2 long or something like that.  I can't find ANYTHING with 3 long beeps.  It does 3 long beeps twice and then nothing.  I can hear the hard drive spinning too. No HP or BIOS documentation ever mentions anything about 3 long beeps either.  Does anyone have any idea what is going on with this thing? I'm saying "3 beeps" but there's a total of 9.  However, these 9 are segmented into 3 definite sets.  It's 3 long beeps then a pause for 2-3 seconds then 3 long beeps, pause, 3 long beeps.  Total of 9 beeps.
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I guess I may have accidentally disabled some drivers or something, but I have been doing everything I could to get it back, but I failed.

Any help will be appreciated

1. I tried restoring it using ATKpackage .. ( my laptop is an Asus )

2. Tried entering keyboard settings, but couldn't find a related option.

3. Tried editing the registry -->
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Widcomm > BTConfig > General > KeyIndication
But mine is already at "1", not "0" .

A:Restoring my Caps and Nums lock indicators at the bottom right screen.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download N43JF << all the drivers for your laptop.

you may also need "ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities"
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screen blank at boot, can turn on /off caps lock
my pc (corei7 920, 6GB ram, win7 64, ATI4850) was all worknig fine then all of a sudden the screen went black

tried to reboot, unplugged power, replug , but same results - no display- checked monitors, with different pc, they are ok, replaced video card same problem

when i try to boot, there is no display - monitor shows 'no video input'

hard drive sounds like it is being accessed, keyboard lights come on (num lock and caps lock) and i can toggle these lights

symptoms prior to crash
- fans getting louder
- early that morning (8 hours before) looked like win7 did an update + reboot

any pointers?

A:no boot, black screen, hdd activity on, caps lock can be toggled

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For some time now, i have been experiencing that my Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock all lights up (not blinking) all at the same time, I tried to google it but i can not find any solutions or explanations for it.

Does anyone know if it is bad? and what is causing this?

I am having a wired keyboard with nothing fancy just a standard issue Logitech keyboard.

A:Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock all lights up (not blinking)

Can you toggle those functions off, one at a time? Sometimes restarting the computer will use the last state it was in, I'd fully shut down and pull the power cord from the computer and the keyboard cable then put them back and try again.
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Hi there My partner Tracys HP DV laptop is refusing to boot The machine appears to flashes - Black repeated DV6 lock after HP start Caps+Num 2 up screen give at power up as normal the power volume and wifi lights above the keyboard light up as does the 'on' light at the front left corner and the fan can be heard running but the screen remains blank with no flickers of anything and no sign of even a cursor The caps lock num HP DV6 Black screen at after start up - Caps+Num lock give 2 repeated flashes lock lights repeatedly give two blinks in time with each other I say num lock light I think this is what it's normally referred to although num lock is not the nearest button It's at the top right hand corner of the screen next to the 'End page up' buttons After a bit of googling I have tried doing the hard reset switch off remove battery and power cable leave for s then hold down power button for min before rebooting I also tried connecting an external monitor via the vga socket and to a TV set via the HDMI output None of these approaches have yielded any results My googling has also revealed the two blinks from caps lock num lock are the code for a BIOS corruption fault I found instructions for restoring the BIOS here http support hp com us-en document c I was going to follow the instructions there but wanted to check here first in case there was a more appropriate course of action I should take first Another thing is that there seems to be a lot of heat being blown out by the fan considering the machine appears not to be booting I'm no computer expert but am well able to follow accurate instructions so will welcome any advice on how to best proceed in getting this machine running again The laptop is running Windows and from memory is bit

A:HP DV6 Black screen at after start up - Caps+Num lock give 2 repeated flashes

Can you boot into Safe Mode?
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My Compaq CQ62-209WM was working great until a couple of weks ago.  When I turned it on the screen stayed black, the caps lock light blinks once every 5 seconds, and the wifi light stays orange.  Read on this forum of others with similar problems.I tried a hard reset and it worked the first time, long enough for me to back up the important stuff on my hard drive, but did not work the second time (or any time I have tried it since then).One blink indicates CPU failure so I ordered a new CPU and thermal material, dismanteled the unit and replaced the CPU and thermal material this evening. Still have black screen and blinking lights - still one blink every 5 seconds. Tried hard reset, no change.Any suggestions? Not able to replace computer at this time - willing to try almost anything.Thanks in advance.

A:Compaq CQ62-209WM, black screen and caps lock blinking

Hi @micwtx ,  Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. I have looked into your issue about your Compaq Presario CQ62-209WM Notebook and issues with the flashing lights and not starting correctly. Here is a link to computer does not start. It has the LED blinking codes and suggests that it could be your System Board. Have you tried to reseat the memory and HDD? (it is in the document) Please note remove any and all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices, as these could cause some issues. Plug the power adapter directly into a functioning wall outlet. Do not plug it into a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source as this could cause and issue.Hope this helps you. Thanks.
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Just registered so I could also say thanks to the member who came up with the cost-free solution to this problem.  Put a towel around the laptop until it overheated enough to turn itself off. Waited for it to cool. Started right up w/ no issues.Woo hoo! My wife asked me how I fixed it, after my computer guy said it couldn't be done in a cost effective way.  I told her I used a bit of witchcraft. lol
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I'm a sloppy typist. I don't know if I hit some key combo or what but I was typing a letter in word pad and suddenly my typing is in all caps. I have used a reg file to disable my caps lock key on this laptop because it gets in my way - a long time ago. I know it cannot be the caps lock key. I do not have a shift key sticking.

I saved the letter, then copied it to Polyedit another word processor, and it still types in all caps. Firefox does not seem to be effected. I even tried rebooting and nothing helped.


A:Typing in all Caps but Caps lock is disabled - Help

Perhaps this solution?

Can't get rid of caps - Microsoft Answers
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I was performing updates on the computer when the battery power died and when provided the power cord I had a black screen and the caps and number button appears to blink once at the same time. I upgraded the operating system about 1 month ago to Windows 7 and it has been working fine until the updates began to update.

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A:Laptop caps and number button blink at the same time once

Hey there @Masen2016!Thanks for the reply as lights on caps and num lock are blinking once everytime.This indicates it could be a problem with the processor,And you cannot upgrade a processor on a laptop as the as system configuration in written in BIOS.If you upgrade any part laptop would malfunction.So you can contact HP and get the unit serviced.Link to contact HP: Have a great day!
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 My HP laptop Presario  CQ61. Continuely  blinking  caps , num locks period one. This all happened after upgrading window 10.. please help me to solve the problem. I have sensitive info in hard disk too. I do not like to loose my data as well. Thanks
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My Toshiba satellite c650d seems to have power...the on button is green. The screen is black, the numbers and caps lock lights are on and wont go off. The disk drive makes the usual booting up noise but that is all she does. Ive unplugged and removed the battery and that did nothing. I cant even turn it off with the on/off button to remove that battery and then turn it on again. I removed and reinserted the memory (both) and I can't take the hard drive out, its held in by a screw. Is my "friend" dead?

A:toshiba satelite c650d caps lock light, number lock is on an

If, as it sounds, it is booting up but not ever displaying anything on the screen, check the cable between the motherboard and the screen. It might just be one of the connectors (at either end) has worked loose. With the computer well booted up, move the screen gently down to nearly closed. If you ever see anything on the screen then it could be the cable is faulty where it hinges.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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I went into Ease of access center, Make the keyboard easier to use, and turned on toggle keys to make sounds when I hit these keys - Caps lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock - but I get no sound when I hit any of these keys. What is the problem?

A:toggles keys selected to make sounds for Caps Lock, Num Lock

is the system volume up

Check Toggle Keys and hit apply
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Not a techie.  Can't get straight answer ANYWHERE.  New laptops tend to NOT have indicators on the keys.  Hoping Windows 10 has indicators that can be turned on and PROBABLY would show up in the tray at the bottom right of the screen. 
I have heard of sites where such things can be downloaded but again NOT a techie, so I hesitate to go outside of Windows/Microsoft for downloads.  I do not know what download sites are safe or spoofs.

Please plain English ... i.e. go to settings etc.  Or just give me a Microsoft approved site for download.
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Hi, i've been reading through an endless amount of forum threads to figure out how to remove this caps lock indicator and have not been able to fix my problem. It seems every solution in the control panel does not fit, and no matter how much i look in Registry Editor I can't find the right folders. I don't have the Widcomm folders.  This is what I have tried. 1. unchecking any caps lock indication in the control panel.2. Looking through Registry Editor to delete/rename/alter files.3. Deleting and re-installing Lenovo Energy Manager. How is this problem fixed for me?  I am running windows 10, and a rather new Lenovo Y50 laptop
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I went to get my HP dv Pavilion laptop after work tonight to check email and i opened it up and moved around the mouse to wake it up the lights on they keyboard all came on as Caps blinking and and not... Scroll/Num battery LED's Lock Lock if it were starting but the screen stayed black I waited a few minutes because sometimes it's been known to take a few seconds to actually kick on but nothing happened Scroll/Num Lock and Caps Lock LED's blinking and battery not... so I forced shutdown by holding Scroll/Num Lock and Caps Lock LED's blinking and battery not... the power button Turned it back on and the screen came on with a your system didn't shut down properly error screen but it still started but now the Caps Lock and Scroll keys had blinking lights on the side and top blinking together about every second I tried tapping the buttons and nothing happened What caused this and how can i get rid of the blinking I've read from doing a google search that shutting down taking the battery out and unplugging from the A C adapter and holding the power button for seconds takes care of the problem but I would like to make sure that is safe before trying as this is a fairly new laptop just got it at Christmas time I'm running Windows if that makes a difference nbsp would also like to add that I just noticed that my little batter icon says it is plugged in but not charging it's sitting at this is a brand new ac adapter that I just got last week so I hope it's not that Thank you for any help you can give me and sorry if this isn't the right forum it seemed to be the best fit

A:Scroll/Num Lock and Caps Lock LED's blinking and battery not...

In order to help you further, could you please provide us with more information about your computer? Please post the specific model number or the (PN - Part Number) from the white tag on your computer. This will help us locate drivers and identify correct parts for your specific model. Make sure you've got the latest HP system BIOS installed.
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Caps lock and scroll lock blinking, will not boot up 

A:caps lock and scroll lock blinking, will not boot up

Hi, Can you match the sequence of 'blinks' to those shown in the table below.  Can you post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your notebook - see Here for a guide on locating this information. Regards, DP-K
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I have an HP Pavilion Laptop that is about 2 years old. I usually keep it in Hibernate mode but last night I shut it down totally and this morning woke up and the Caps lock and Num lock keys are blinking. Any clues as to what the problem is? All led lights on top are lit. Screen does not come up at all. I am going to try the hard reset to see if that is the problem. Any ideas would help.

A:Hp Pavilion Blinking Caps Lock and Num Lock keys

Hi, Welcome to TSG forums!
You might try booting it into safe mode....while computer is booting, continously tap the F8 key. This should open it in safe mode. If it does, use the arrow keys to move up to 'last known good configuration' click on enter, let the machine do its thing.
Let us know how it goes
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   Hi,I have an inspiron 9400 that has been having some issues lately.  As of right now, when I push the power button, the power light comes on but it does not boot or even post.  The Num lock stays on and the caps lock and scroll lock lights blink for about 40 seconds then the whole thing shuts off.  This can obviously be only a few things but, how to I figure out what those blinking lights mean.  I have search dell support but have found nothing.  Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks 

A:blinking Caps lock and Scroll lock/ no boot up

Try reseating your RAM securely in their slots.  I have read that blinking of any of the lock indicators is a sign of memory failure.
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After installing windows 10 I no longer get the Caps Lock & Num Lock hot key indication on the screen for my Think Pad E550. 

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A:Hot Keys for Caps lock/Num lock indicator dont wor...

Hi DBooker,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums!
Try uninstalling and reinstalling the hotkeys from the device manager.
Please let me know whether the above step helped you.            
Thank you, have a good day.
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Dear team nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp I have HP Probook s Laptop My laptop working fine But Caps lock light is not glowing I cant understand the if caps lock its on or off Kindly please provide the solution for this problem nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Thanking you nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp lock lights lock glowing not Caps num and nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Caps lock and num lock lights not glowing nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp With regards nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp S Ajith nbsp
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Hello! Recently, I turned on the on screen indicators for caps and num lock by accident when trying to get the pop-up window to stop opening every time I hit one of the buttons. Now I don't know how to disable it, and it's a pain while playing games. Solutions tried:Going to preference, there is no "On-Screen Display Tab"Going to run the regedit. Any help would be appreciated!


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A:Y50 Remove Caps lock/Num lock indicator?

hi Vilvern,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
  If the system does not have CAPS OSD under Control Panel / Uninstall a Program to uninstall
You will need to Uninstall the Lenovo Energy managemenr Under the Programs / Uninstall a program.
Solid Cruver

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I need help I will explain when I believe the problem began I Had windows xp running with harddrives and a Cdrom drive My CdRom drive began to give me problems so I was going to swap it with one from one of my other computers At the same time I wanted to change the way I had all my drives connected I had originally had the gig drive as a all Caps Scroll Lock up!!?? lit NumLock Lock & Primary Master with a smaller drive acting as the Slave I also had the Cdrom as Master Secondary drive and a smaller drive attached as the Slave Now everthing was running NumLock Caps Lock & Scroll Lock all lit up!!?? fine exept that my cdrom drive would read the discs only if it would start up with the disk in the drive If I tried to change it windows would ask me to place a disk in the F drive when there already was one I thought to replace the CdRom drive with another working device while at the same time I decided to change up my Connections I took the quot new quot cd rom drive and made it Slave Primary to the Master Gig drive then I took the two smaller drives and put them together as sencondary devices when I tried to turn on the computer all that happens is as soon as I touch the power my lights on my keyboard come on Num Lock Caps Lock and Scroll Lock I know the drive is turning on because I can feel amp here it wirr I tried taking everything off except for the gig drive and I still got the same problem Later on I noticed that there are a bunch of smaller connections that come from the front of my computer power sleep and reset buttons I saw that of these switches was not connected It may have already have been that way or not Im not sure I read the words on the cable and they say Sleep so I dont think that this could be the case If it is I need to know where it is supposed to connect to If not can somebody please give me a website or some info on what I can do Thank I apprecciate your patience in reading my long message nbsp

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Hi So I've been a Seven use for a few years now I regularly reformat my system not always needed but I like a fresh start every or months anyway since my last format I tried Win Nope I've noticed when I'm starting seconds Screen a during boot few for goes blank or rebooting my PC I get my MoBo info and then Screen goes blank for a few seconds during boot the Windows Logo comes and goes then it just goes off for a few seconds I say the screen goes blank this isn't totally true it goes to the quot No Signal quot screen for I guess about or seconds and after that it gets to my log on screen Very strange as has never happened before I used to get great boot times but this has killed that I know its not a huge issue but I'd really like to get it solved and have my quick booting PC again I have checked boot sequence is correct but thats about as far as I can go on my own lol I guessing it may be something to do with the Onboard Graphics in the k amp my GTX maybe something doesnt like something else tech speak but I have no idea how I would proceed with troubleshooting and getting if fixed Any light shed on this would be great Many thanks for reading

A:Screen goes blank for a few seconds during boot

It seems to be fairly normal for there to be a short loss of video just after the Windows logo, but 15 to 20 seconds, and the "No signal" message seems a bit odd.

If I recall correctly, that little space is when the video and other drivers are loading and/or finalizing their setup, and the computer is deciding what screen to use. I have read that the GPU actually scans on of its ports on startup, and that is what causes the screen to go blank for that short period, as the GPU is sorting out which screen to use for the primary monitor. It doesn't matter how many screens you have, it still goes through the check.

I would start troubleshooting by making sure that all of your drivers are installed and up to date. Check your Device Manager screen to see if there are any yellow triangles. Those might be slowing down your boot.

If those check out, we can move on to the Event Logs.
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Hi all
I have run into a little bit of an annoying problem while logging onto my computer. I get to the login screen, enter my password, it then says welcome and fades out like usual. But insted of it going to my desktop it just goes blank for five to ten seconds with only the curser in the center of the screen spinning round as if it was loading somthing.
I have had this problem for a few months now and have lived with it. I know it is just my user account because I tried making a new account and it works perfectly.
Thanks to all

A:Computer screen goes blank with only curser for 5-10 seconds at log on

Ashley, you can try booting into safe mode and see if you get the same lag. If not, boot into safe mode with networking, and see if the lag returns. It may be your NIC card or driver. A possibility anyway. A Guy
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On my old Sony laptop this problem never occurs, but after duel bootng OSX and Windows 7 on my MacBook I get this possible problem on every boot.

My MacBook starts as nromal, I select Windows 7 (OSX boots fine) and it just hangs on a blank screen for around 20 seconds with an underscore flashing the whole time before anything starts to happen (that bit where the Windows logo forms etc).

This makes the boot times around 1 minute or so, whereas on my old laptop they're only around 30 seconds.

This is Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit). Everything is updated, using Bootcamp 3.0 drivers etc, working perfectly just like XP did.

I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I have tried searching, and can't seem to find anyone with this problem. Is this just apart of booting? Why doesn't this happen on my other PC?


Edit: Mis-typed title, meant to say 20 seconds.

A:Blank Screen for 30 Seconds before boot starts?

You can try looking in the system log files (from the log viewer under admin tools). Ususally if a driver or piece of hardware takes longer than expected to become active a warning it put in the log.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Windows Performance Toolkit which you can DL from here:
Windows Performance Analysis Developer Center

It is much more involved but it can possibly pinpoint a specific driver that is hanging for 30 seconds. That is assuming that the black screen is during the windows boot and is not bootcamp itself waiting for something bfore actually starting the windows boot...
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When I click on the Internet Explorer button a blank screen appears with the blue revolving circle in it and after a few seconds the blank window closes. I am connected to the network as I am still receiving mail. Does anyone have any ideas as to why IE is not working?

A:IE 11 opens with blank screen, after a few seconds closes

See what this does,
Use No Add-ons mode/ Click the Start button and type in the search box,
Internet explorer

Click on the suggestion (No Add-ons) or it’s located at,
Start/ All programs/ Accessories folder/ System tools folder/ No add-ons.

Activate EPM if on a 64 bit version of windows,
Add the Run box to the Start menu list,
Open the Run command and Paste this into it and Okay,
"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -extoff
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When I hit the power on button on my computer, it takes anywhere from five minutes to eight hours to start up. While starting up, and while running, the CAPS lock and NUM lock lights flash once about every 2.75 seconds.

I looked up the HP error codes, one flash is supposed to signify a CPU problem...but I can run Half-life 2, WoW, Runes of Magic, and 8 track Guitar Pro 5 files just fine. So I figure my CPU's (AMD Turion x2 dual core @ 2.0 Ghz) got nothing wrong with it.

I've spoken to HP support, they told me to reimage my computer to factory settings...I've done that, twice....flashed the BIOS...and tried running startup repair....any hints?
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Hello, i had problem. My Num lock and caps lock indicator didnt appear at desktop windows 7 ultimate. I already uninstall Energy Management and re install back, but didnt work. But for any hotkey like volume, brightness, FN + F 1 until F 12 WORK good. And for information, i dont have TAB on screen display (control panel - display - change display settings - advanced setting - ) Please help me with this problem. I already stuck with problem. thank u
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My notebook caps lock and num lock blinking 3 times, restart and blinking continuously
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Caps lock and Num lock reversed

On my new Gateway ML6720, the caps lock and num lock are OFF, but my caps lock and num lock lights are on. And vice versa. I don't remember it being that way this morning when I first turned it on.

Why are the lights reversed from what I expected?


A:Caps lock and Num lock issue

Since it is New, I would call Gateway. They will have knowledge if this is a problem with the ML6720 model.
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Hi blank shuts 20 - Dead Z820 screen down seconds after - all I have a HP z with dual CPUs that suddenly died It was working just Dead Z820 - blank screen - shuts down after 20 seconds fine then one morning when turned on the screen was black and every fan Dead Z820 - blank screen - shuts down after 20 seconds in there a lot BTW kicked in full belt This stayed until I pulled the power - the button did nothing So I went back to normal trouble shooting - removed everything and tried to boot up with just one ram stick also did this with two - one for each CPU in case this made a difference Now what is happening is at least a little calmer - the PC is turning on - still a blank screen but at least the fans seem to run normally but after about seconds the system powers off I would suspect something thermal but it it is turned on immediately after the shut down it takes the same seconds to shut down so it it was something overheating I would expect the second shut down to be much quicker I have swapped the graphics card but not had a chance to test the old one in another PC yet so suppose this could be the issue It seems like the system thinks something is not there and shutting down but I can't figure out what Any one got any ideas Ev
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Sir, there are many problems occured after upgrading to windows 10 but I solve many of them except this ,when plugged in the charger to my laptop the screen goes black for few seconds(3-4) and same as when I plugged out. It was not happened on the win 8.1 version.please help.

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A:blank screen occurs for few seconds when the charger is conn...

Hi there @Dip009?,  Thank you for joining in on the HP Support Forums and Welcome! This is a great place to ask questions, find solutions and get help from others in the community! I read your post on the HP Support Forums. I wanted to reach out to you and help! I understand that you had upgraded to Windows 10 and now you are having an issue with the screen going black when you plug the AC Power Adapter in or unplug it from your HP 15-r063tu Notebook PC.  Do you get any error with the black screen?Have you tried to see if you get the black screen in Safe Mode?Have you tried to run the power troubleshooter? Have you checked the Power Settings to make sure that the Brightness is not set to 0% when the power cord is plugged in?  Have you tried going into the Change Advanced Power Settings to make sure that none of those settings are set to turn the display black when plugged in?Have you tried doing Windows Updates? Have you tried doing updates using the HP Support Assistant? Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant if you need it. Just download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system at the time of purchase or that need updating.  Another option to try might be to go to the HP 15-r063tu Notebook PC Software and Driver's page, click on the orange Check Now button and HP will identify any out-of-date or missing drivers and software needed.  I have a couple of documents for you to read over for more troubleshooting steps. Here is one called Managing Power Options (Windows 10). Here is another document for you from Microsoft called Troubleshoot black screen problems.  Please let me know if I answered your question by clicking the 'Thumbs up' if the troubleshooting steps in this post resolved the issue for you please click the 'Accept as Solution' button. This will allow other's who have the same issue to find the solution also. If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please just re-post with the results of the troubleshooting.  Thanks!
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Hi guys,

I am new to this forum and would like to enlist your help with regards to a problem I've been having.
A month ago I upgraded to Windows 8.1 (my computer started the upgrade automatically) and since then I have been having problems with my lock screen.
When the computer powers on, the lock screen is just totally grey (windows theme color) but with the icons (Ease of Access, Internet Connection, Power Options) still visible below. When I press a key or click on the screen, I am able to type my password and log in as per normal.
I was wondering if anyone here has a fix for this issue? I know it is not very major but I would appreciate if you guys could help me resolve it.

Thank you!

- Chris.

A:Windows 8.1 Blank Lock Screen

What happens if you try to assign a different wallpaper/background to the lock screen?
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I m trying to fix a friend s computer It s a Dell Inspiron laptop I can t give more detailed specs because it s not in front of me The problem is that after about seconds after powering on the screen goes dark It happens no matter what - either a normal boot or after 30 seconds screen blank laptop 6000 goes Dell Inspiron a boot straight into BIOS The screen goes completely dark but the power LED stays lit Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop screen goes blank after 30 seconds Obviously the problem isn t with the LCD backlight because the BIOS screen appears fine although it doesn t stay on I don t think the problem is with power either because we were running it off AC and the indicator light on the power supply stayed on Plus the power LED stays lit and according to the BIOS the battery is at It happens to consistently to be a loose wire or bad connection I have been checking out the different BIOS options although it is hard when the screen keeps failing I don t see anything that could cause this My theories not that I am an expert at all is it could be some kind of a screen saver or power management feature that keeps shutting down the monitor to save the screen or power Or a temperature issue By the way are screen savers even necessary on a laptop Or perhaps the problem is with the monitor switching feature - we re going to try hooking it up to an external monitor to see what happens So what s going on and how do I fix it nbsp
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Lqptop not giving display, screen is black but caps lock key is blinking 3 times

A:hp i core 3 laptop blink light 3 times on vaps lock and no d...

@Jyoti9?, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.