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Graphics card overheating following new Power Supply installation

Q: Graphics card overheating following new Power Supply installation

Hi Guys My power supply recently died after about months of use so I upgraded from W to overheating Supply Power card installation Graphics following new a W unit Since Graphics card overheating following new Power Supply installation a couple of weeks after installing the new PSU my Graphics card overheating following new Power Supply installation machine has been getting hella hot and performing poorly as a result Now my new PSU fan blows downwards as opposed to straight out the back of the base unit like my old one However the fan is really bloody big and not generating much heat iself so I m surprised if this is causing the whole issue From feeling around the hot areas seem to be the socket in the back of the PSU where I plug in the kettle cable and the GFX card Checked the temps too and indeed the graphics card is burning up somewhat So it looks like the graphics card is definitely the problem but I don t see why my new PSU would be causing this Any ideas Details below CPU Type QuadCore Intel Core Quad Q MHz x Motherboard Name Asus P N-E SLI PCI PCI-E x PCI-E x DDR DIMM Audio Gigabit LAN IEEE- Motherboard Chipset nVIDIA nForce i SLI System Memory Gb Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce GTX MB Motherboard C F CPU C F CPU Core C F CPU Core C F CPU Core C F CPU Core C F --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GPU C F These are temps after minutes of gaming all are around - C not gaming GPU Diode C F GPU Memory C F GPU Ambient C F --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cooling Fans CPU RPM Chassis RPM Chassis RPM GPU RPM Many thanks for any advice p nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Graphics card overheating following new Power Supply installation

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Graphics card overheating following new Power Supply installation

must of distupted the airflow or got some dust clogged up into the GPU cooler causing it to over heat. what temp is it reaching whilst gaming?
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I have just purchased a new graphics card (XFX Geforce 7900GT) for my rig and as i was opening up the packaging last night I noticed it said 'connect the power dongle'.

This is my first PCI-E card and before I install it I wanted to know if I could use one of the standard power connectors (coming from the power supply within the rig, like those that I plug into a HDD or DVD drive) and plug that into the graphics card, or whether the card had to plug in somewhere else on the motherboard (though I don't know where).

Also - is this power connector optional or integral to the graphics card's performance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:graphics card power supply

You DEFINITELY need to use the power connector. It is not optional. That is a high-end card that needs alot of juice to run. Just plug in a spare Molex connector from your power supply (same type that goes into a CD drive or hard drive). If you don't have a spare connector, use the splitter (aka: dongle) that came with your card and run it from one of your other connectors.

BTW - enjoy that card!
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before i had a geforce fx mb pci and a jeantech quality w power supply and i kept having problems of my ocmputer shutting down on games and applications well now i have a connect d ati card graphics supply net power and radeon mb agp x and a jeantech net graphics card and power supply quality w poer supply and my computer still shuts down on stuff well i only tried it once on dmark se and i have to say up to when it shut down there was great performance it blown my fx right out of the sky anyway it shut down on what i think was the th test nature or somthing were there is a bridge goign over a river and a man fishing and then it was doing fps fps on the fx and then the comptuer just shut down now this radeon has a big heatsink on it covering the memory and its a very complex heatsink but has no fan on wich it doesent really need if it doe snot have one on now whats could be causing the shut down becouse i aint overclocked my card yet but i am going to overclock it when i get a fan for it nbsp

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So I've got a mostly custom built pc, its motherboard has everything built in(Graphics.etc) but im looking to upgrade to this for graphics:
I have two questions:
1. I have a 500w psu currently, will I have to upgrade, and by how much. will I take of the built in graphics on the motherboard.

And also, are there any reccomendations for a better psu

A:Power Supply Vs Graphics Card

Product Description
Technology:GDDR5 SDRAM, Size:3 GB, Bus Width:384-bit, Effective Clock Speed:6.4 GHz, Width:4.2 cm, Depth:31.1 cm, Package Type:Retail, Height:15 cm, Cables Included:1 x DVI-VGA adapter, Peripheral / Interface Devices:Two 8-pin power connectors, Required Power Supply:750 WClick to expand...

your link clearly states that a 750w PSU is required.

you can use any of these online power supply calculators:
newegg(store) calculator(power supply requirement)
outervision calculator
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I have a M11BB Desktop from ASUS:
And was wondering if this graphics card
Would fit, And if I also added
Would the power supply fit so the graphics card could work with my computer?

A:Graphics card and Power supply

Closing duplicate thread too:

Please continue to post to your other thread.
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So yeah, its my fault for not doing the proper research. I recently bought the Geforce GTX 660ti without knowing the proper required specs for the power supply wattage. The minimum amount is 450W for the card, and the computer I have is a HPE 400f, and the wattage is only 300. I don't want to install it now and have it burn out my computer. What should I do? Is it easy to buy an upgrade for an HPE power supply? Or should I just get a different graphics card? I don't think I can return it because I bought it from Tigerdirect and they only accept returns for certain products and video cards aren't included. Also I don't think it came with the right amount of PCI pins. One has six while the other only has five? Anyways, what should I do?

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I am thinking of ordering this card after my 8600Gt died a few days ago. Will a Arctic Power 500W PSU be enough to run it? The reat of my specs are:

AMD Athlon x2 6000+
2.5gb RAM

Sapphire HD 4850 512MB GDDR3 Dual DVI Dual slot cooler HDTV Out PCI-E Graphics Card - Ebuyer

A:Graphics card power supply

Hi ToonArmy,

Here is the official system requirements for the HD 4850 graphics card. Note the power requirement. You should be OK with your existing PSU, however you will be running fairly near its maximum rating with very little room, if any, for further system expansion. I suggest that you upgrade your PSU to at least 650 Watts.

(Note: Because this is an image, if you wish to follow the link in green, you will need to type the address manually.)
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Hi, I have a windows 7 PC (eMachines ET1831), it has an integrated graphics card:
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 620i
Chip type: GeForce 7050 / nForce 620i
I am an amateur when it comes to computer hardware, but I am tired of playing games with very low graphics settings. I am hoping to be able to have smoother game-play with medium settings. So I'm looking for a budget upgrade (less than £65 ($100)), but my PC only has a 250W power supply.

Question: Will the Sapphire ATI Radeon HD5450 work with only a 250W power supply?

Is is possible to simply upgrade a power supply like I would a graphics card?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Right I have a 550ti but only a 300w power supply. My performance is shocking on it.
Is this cause my power supply?
It's recommended to have a 400w +
Also my processor is only at like 70-80% use

A:Graphics card and power supply

You need to upgrade your Power Supply ASAP. You are putting a strain on that low-end one.
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I am looking to get a new graphics card for my computer because atm it has integrated graphics, which as most of you know sucks. The power supply is 250W which I doubt would be enough to have a whole new graphics card implemented. The model is p6166f. The mother board has this for a graphics card slot PCI express 16x GPU. Please give me suggestions, I am looking to spend approximately 150 - 200 $ total.

A:Looking for new Graphics card and Power supply

We need to know who made your system. How old is your system?
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I want to get a ATI Radeon™ HD 2900 series with 512 MB VRAM video card but my system's power supply is only 425 watts. Can I still install the card?

A:Graphics Card & Power Supply

If it is the computer in the specs ablove I wouldn't
take the chance.
You're already pulling a good load there and if that
power supply came with the computer or the case
it is probably running it's max load now.
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A few days ago my PC shut-down as did one of the fuses for the house This was accompanied by a nasty burning ozone smell I reset the fuse plugged in the pc and the tower wouldn t light up The monitor and speakers on the same cord board powered up but not the tower I cleaned out all the dust I could find and tried again but no luck I couldn t find any burn marks but I figured it must be the PSU So I ordered a Sonata complete with an earthpower watt PSU My new stuff arrived today and I began pulling out my mobo to put it into the new tower when I graphics card? Power or supply found a loose component rolling around in the old tower To my ignorant eyes it looks like a tiny capacitor and it has written on the top P EZA There are three more of these on my Asus Power supply or graphics card? GT so I figure that must be where it came from but this leaves me with two questions Would this missing component cause the whole PC to not start up Have I found the cause of the problem and can I assume the old PSU is still Can this component be soldered back on or I do I need a Power supply or graphics card? new graphics card nbsp

A:Power supply or graphics card?

You have nothing to lose trying to solder the capacitor back, if you can find the spot it was in previously, do you? I would assume the fix is not going to work, but it's worth a shot, I would try doing it.
The old PSU is most probably a goner. The loose capacitor would cause no video output, but wouldn't prevent the system from booting.
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My to use my power upgrade I card? Am graphics new supply able to a brother got me Am I able to upgrade my power supply to use a new graphics card? a GeForce GTX SE without realizing that I didn t have enough power in my power supply So my question is can I upgrade my power supply I have an HP Pavillion Elite t HPE- Am I able to upgrade my power supply to use a new graphics card? t Or if I can t upgrade it do you have any good recommendations for a w power supply The best ones for the Sims amp expansions seem to need more power or are no longer supported by EA - at least ones from Nvidia I still need to check ATI but I ve always used Nvidia cards Am I able to upgrade my power supply to use a new graphics card? so I m more comfortable with them I ve been working on this for weeks and I can t get straight answers from people I know so my PC s just sitting in my room open as I was working on it for a long time and don t want to close it up until this is all figured out Thank goodness I have my Macbook lol Thanks for any help I can get If it helps I do watch movies on it edit record video edit photos etc I also sometimes record audio Do you want me to post any specs I can also post pics of the inside of the PC if it ll help Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce Mb no longer works well with my games Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard MSI A C Antivirus Norton Updated and Enabled I copied this from an older post but nothing s changed As I was in the middle of switching cards when I realized the problem I had uninstalled the drivers for this one and I don t feel like taking the huge new card back out and putting the other in just to get the same specs from a newer version nbsp

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When I run Diablo my computer restarts without warning at the login screen The things I ve tried so far are changing the video card slot and changing the cable going into the video card At first I though it was my processor over heating but when I ran prime everything checked out so then I got a my Dying? Supply Is Card or Graphics Power GPU stress test and after about seconds my computer shut down without warning The program I used was FurMark Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - K CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb - Crucial Ballistix Sport GB X GB PC - DDR - V CL Dual Channel Memory Kit Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD Series Mb - Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd Z X-UD H Power Supply Sparkle Action W Model SPI GLN Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Is my Power Supply or Graphics Card Dying? Updated and Enabled The motherboard and ram Is my Power Supply or Graphics Card Dying? is brand new and this is a fresh install of Windows The graphics card is going to be about year old in June but the PSU is the only piece of original hardware on my computer which is about years old and not really that great of a brand so I m thinking that it s about time to replace it Should I go out and spend the money for a new PSU or is this actually a graphics card Is my Power Supply or Graphics Card Dying? problem nbsp

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Hi Lenovo nbsp I've recently been trying to upgrade my H - s graphics card Supply Graphics Card Lenovo H30-50 for Power In fact I've bought the wrong card twice from misguided advice Ended up buying cards that were cm instead of the needed cm or so Believe me that's been frustrating enough nbsp Anyway I've finally found a card that'll fit It's MSI's low profile ti Its got plenty of power Looks great Hopefully should fit Here's the link nbsp http www amazon co uk MSI-Nvidia- Ti-Graphics-Dvi-D dp B ZA IFGA ref sr s computers amp ie UTF nbsp Wattage on Amazon says W Wattage on Nvidia website says W As far as I'm aware the H - has a W PSU Is this graphics card an absolute no-go nbsp I have the i - model gb Lenovo H30-50 Power Supply for Graphics Card ram upgraded with gb recently TB HDD nbsp nbsp If this is not a possibility is it possible to upgrade the PSU considering how slimline these pcs are Lenovo H30-50 Power Supply for Graphics Card I'd much rather find a new PSU than have to try and find another decent specification low profile graphics card nbsp Any ideas nbsp Thanks

A:Lenovo H30-50 Power Supply for Graphics Card

Good day and welcome to the community.
Have you seen the discussion in this solved thread?
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Hey PC card either supply power Down, . Graphics . Shutting . or all first post and all i hope you can shed PC Shutting Down, either power supply or Graphics card . . . some light on a rather unusual PC Shutting Down, either power supply or Graphics card . . . situation I am running on a Dell mhz ram hard drives and the defalt power supply and graphics card which is not integrated but really crappy bourd on a PCI slot Now the problem At seemingly random times my computer freezes and goes blank or freezes and resets There is no warning however it seems that it is during periods of high activity although not for sure OFten when i click to run a program it will just poof reset My initial assumption was overheating by either the graphics card or CPU I opened up the case and had it run like that but the problem persisted I also suspected the graphics card - perhaps something was wrong with it Now I do not know when the first one of these happened or what started it I dont belive it had anything to do with any recently-installed programs I am looking at a new graphics cards but before i buy I wanted to see if it could be my power supply I do not have any experience dealing with them however and dont even know where to start Any tips pointers comments or advice welcome Thanks alot woody nbsp

A:PC Shutting Down, either power supply or Graphics card . . .
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I'm looking to upgrade somethings on my clunker (A bad idea, I know) But I have no other options. I currently run a DC 5800 MT from HP/Compaq and am looking to upgrade with a Power Supply and a(better) Graphics Card. Is a link to the specs of my computer.

I am looking for something in the 500W-750W range to open up my options for Graphics Cards, but have never bought a new PSU for a computer before.

I am looking for advice on what to buy, brand, and compatibility (Size being the main factor there, it has to fit in my case obviously) and know little about the process of choosing a PSU.

Any advice would be appreciated!

A:Upgrading Power Supply and Graphics Card.

Hello, the initial determination you must make is whether a standard replacement PSU will fit in your case. Generally you can expect these dimensions for a replacement PSU: 5.91" x 5.51" x 3.35" (WxDxH).
The description of your computer has the word 'Micro' in it, so if the case is just large enough for a micro-atx motherboard, you should stay away from graphic cards that are too long, so pick one that is about 7".
The wattage you need will depend largely from the graphic adapter you choose, one thing to keep in mind is that yours seems to be a typical business case and likely has no option for additional cooling, so consider that when you choose your graphic adapter.
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Hello Everyone OK I had an GT MB eVGA graphics card It died I purchased a GTX see HERE Power Supply minimum recomendations are Minimum of a Watt power supply Minimum recommended power supply with Volt current rating of Amps Minimum Watt for SLI mode system Minimum recommended power supply with Volt current rating of Amp Amps An available pin PCI-E power connector hard drive power dongle to PCI-E pin adapter included with Power Card Graphics Supply - year 3 old New card New Graphics Card - 3 year old Power Supply I have an Aspire w PSU Power ratings are V A V A V A V A - V A - V A VSB A Now do I add the V rails together to get the total amps for my PSU would be amps in this case or do I need a PSU that has amps or more on each V rail Next question I need to use the power adapter HDD plugs to one pin PCI-E plug as this PSU does not have an independant pin plug of its own Does this adapter need to be plugged in to different HDD plugs on independant wires coming out of the New Graphics Card - 3 year old Power Supply PSU Right New Graphics Card - 3 year old Power Supply now it is plugged into HDD plugs but they are both on the same line coming out of the PSU Does this even matter Also I am not using SLI nor will I be until I build a new rig Any info you can give me is appreciated Thanks Acameron nbsp

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Hello , I have a lenovo h50-50 90b6 and wanted to know the type of my power supply ( ATX or micro ATX ) and if I could change the current of 280w a 500w. Also wanted to know if my motherboard has PCI Express 3.0 graphics card to change , now I have a GTX 745 2GB and I would like to replace it with a gtx 950 I have everything factory. I'm sorry for my English.
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Hey folks I ve run into a weird problem and insufficient power is the only theory HDD's > watt Graphics 4 supply? 500 2 power & card that makes sense to me so far but I wanted to ask on here and see if there is something I m missing I ve got a Watt 2 Graphics card & 4 HDD's > 500 watt power supply? power supply HDD and on SDD running in my computer with a Core Two Duo Ghz processor I recently upgraded my graphics card from an GT to a GTS and then picked up a second monitor on craigslist Initially I ran both monitors off of the GTS and took the GT out all together but then I decided to put the back in to power the secondary monitor and that is where things got weird After attempting several different cabling designs I finally managed to get both cards working but the fan on the GT wasn t spinning At the time I didn t have the drivers for the card installed but I don t see how that should make a difference Right now I m back to both monitors running on the GTS which handles the load fine but I would still prefer to spread it out among the two for gaming reasons Thanks in advance for any and all help amp ideas Bonus question Somewhere along the way my BIOS CMOS forgot the day and time even though the battery is still fine and it no longer boots into the OS without me manually selecting the SSD on the boot device list even though it still has boot flags set Ideas nbsp

A:2 Graphics card & 4 HDD's > 500 watt power supply?

Two different cards will have no affect on gaming performance. The reason for multiple cards is to drive multiple monitors (ie: if a single card doesn't have enough ports). Most games default to the primary display and will not scale across multiple cards unless you are running SLI or Crossfire.

Power supply quality is more important than the size rating. On top of that, you need a power supply with multiple 12 volts rails and adequate amp rating on each rail to support the devices that you are connecting. With all of that said, a quality 500w unit may be adequate, anything less is likely under powered.

Try manually clearing the CMOS and/or restoring to factory defaults. Then making any adjustments needed for operation. Loss of time is typically a sign of a battery issue, aside from that it would be a motherboard or corrupt BIOS problem.
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ok - so i m looking at the rosewill rp - atx v v for on newegg simply because i searched by quot best reviews quot and it came up as upgrade and power card supply graphics the st w supply but how do i know if it will fit in my case are power supplys pretty much standard size also i m looking at the gecube radeon hd pro mb agp newegg also because of its high reviews power supply and graphics card upgrade for a agp card which is apparently what power supply and graphics card upgrade i need it calls for w and my system has w hence the rosewill any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated thanks here is what i am working with note the geforce mx card just not cutting it Model COMPAQ PRESARIO US Compaq P N - Standard Features Dimensions amp Weights L x W x H Unit quot x quot x quot lbs Package quot x quot x quot lbs Processor Intel Pentium Processor - MHz GHz System Bus MHz System Bus Cache K micro-op trace cache KB L Advanced Transfer Cache KB L Advanced Transfer Cache System Memory MB MHz DDR DRAM Total DIMM Slots Upgradeable to GB DDR DRAM DIMM required Hard Drive GB UltraDMA Hard Drive Optical Drive s X DVD-ROM Drive X CD-RW Drive Communications K ITU V Modem and Integrated Ethernet Networking power supply and graphics card upgrade Diskette Drive quot MB Diskette drive Graphics MB SDR NVIDIA GeForce MX W TV-Out Graphics Card -bit hardware-accelerated D graphics Compaq DVD Player Navigator Video Player AVI MPEG and others Plug-and-Play Power Supply Steady-state watts Drive Bays One quot internal for hard drive One quot external for MB diskette drive One quot external open for expansion Two quot external for optical drives Expansion Slots One PCI slot with modem installed One X AGP slot with graphics card installed Two PCI slots open for expansion I O Interfaces Four USB ports front back Two Serial RS- C compatible DB connector rear One Parallel EPP ECP standard centronics-compatible interface DB B connector rear Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition nbsp

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Power supply
Novatech 800W ATX Power Supply for AMD and Intel Motherboards 20Pin + 4Pin | NOV-PSU800

Graphics card
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 580 SOC 1536MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card - Aria Technology


A:Will this Power supply work with this graphics card?

Power rating wise yeah, it's more than enough.

You might want to look at this though - How to Pick the Right Power Supply
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But not sure my other hardware support the P S and G C that im going to change So this is my computer information Field Value Computer Computer TypeACPI x -based PC Mobile Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Home Premium OS Service Pack TRIAL VERSION Internet Explorer IE DirectX DirectX Logon Domain TRIAL VERSION Date Time - - Motherboard CPU Type DualCore Intel Core i - MHz x MBoard Name Dell Inspiron MBoard ChipsetIntel Ibex Peak H Intel Ironlake System Memory TRIAL VERSION DIMM Samsung M B CH -CH GB DDR - Changing my supply graphics and card power DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz - - - MHz DIMM Samsung M B CH -CH TRIAL VERSION BIOS Type AMI Multimedia Audio AdapterIntel Ibex Peak HDMI Intel Ibex Peak PCH - High Definition Audio Controller B- Audio AdapterRealtek ALC Intel Ibex Peak PCH - High Definition Audio Controller B- Storage IDE ControllerIntel R Series Series Chipset Family port Serial ATA Storage Changing my graphics card and power supply Controller - B Disk DriveGeneric- Compact Flash USB Device Disk DriveGeneric- MS MS-Pro USB Device Disk DriveGeneric- SD MMC USB Device Disk DriveGeneric- SM xD-Picture USB Changing my graphics card and power supply Device DiskDriveST AS ATA Device GB RPM SATA-II OpticalDriveTSSTcorp DVD -RW TS-H H ATA Device SMART Hard Disks StatusOK Then im about to change the power supply Changing my graphics card and power supply and G C SeaSonic S II Bronze W ATX V V EPS V V PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply SAPPHIRE - - G Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card OC Edition Im using these to play quot Diablo SC WoW Skyrim and etc and I need to set everything to the lowest to make the game run smoothly before But im getting tire of the graphic lol So im trying to find a graphic card which can perform really well quot Hopefully can play it with everything high XD but I think tats too much for the g c which im about to get nbsp

A:Changing my graphics card and power supply

Hey, so I took a quick look at your list. Your Motherboard does support one PCIe card, so you should be able to install the 6950 just fine.
my chief concern however, is that the 6950 is a very long card, and I'm worried it may not fit in your small dell case. So I'd take some measurements to see if it fits, before buying anything.
the installation of the PSU and GPU should be fine, I myself have done the exact same thing in my brother's dell (installed new PSU and GPU), and it has been working fine ever since.
Also If you have a few extra dollars, Id look into getting at least a 600W power supply, just to be safe, because the 6950 OC edition will suck quite a bit of power, and I'd rather have a bit more breathing room whereas 520W is cutting it a bit close. thats' up to you though, it should still run fine with your chosen PSU.
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So today my dad bought me a new graphics card (Geforce 6800gs AGP) and he installed it into my pc
The card has a power supply cable supplied which needs to be plugged into the power source, however the normal cable colour for the power supply (red, black, and something else) is different to the cable colour for the graphics card (brown, black and the same something else)
is this completely fine, and we can use it? or is there something i need <_<

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Hi I am trying to fit a new pwer supply and graphics card to my PC I Have purchased a Radeon Sapphire HD GB GDDR I have also purchase a new w Power Supply to replace the w power supply which can connect directly to the Graphics Card I have removed the exixting parts and fitted the new parts as per the instructions When I go to power up the PC starts for a second or two then switches off If switch on again the same happens During this very short period the fans on both the CPU on the motherboard and the powers supply spin I have tried Power Card Installing Graphics amd New Supply just powering up with just the large connector that plugs into the motherboard but the same thing happens I have now connected everything back up with the original power supply and graphics card and everything is OK again I understood that installing a higher wattage power supply would not be a problem for the motherboard as it will only draw the power that it needs If anyone can help to shed some light on where I am going wrong I would appreciate Installing New Graphics Card amd Power Supply it Many Thanks Darrell Current Spec OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm Processor x Installing New Graphics Card amd Power Supply Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTek Computer INC NODUSM MB- nbsp

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Hey so like the title says im a looking to replace my integrated graphics card and i also need a new power supply since the w one i have now is too weak My computer is not high end or anything bought - years ago for like and ran most things smoothly but now some games that are coming out my computer is having a hard time running them and i useally get bad FPS so here are some specifications My computer is a Gateway and supply. to power help card new want install Need Graphics Dx - Motherboard model is Gateway RS DDR Memory The graphics card Need help want to install new Graphics card and power supply. i was looking to buy is http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E and the power supply i have not decided on but anything that works really i was looking at some of these so i would greatly appreciate it if someone could find me a cheap power supply that would work http www newegg com Product Produ amp IsNodeId amp name W - W Need help want to install new Graphics card and power supply. So basically what im trying to say is I dont want to go buy all this stuff wait a week for it to get here and find out it wont work with my computer so if anyone can clear some things up like what i need or any kind of suggestion to make this work or even tell me that all of this is fine and should work that would be great Btw i am no expert on computers lol so try to put things in simple terms for me P nbsp

A:Need help want to install new Graphics card and power supply.

never mind of the graphics card it was not low profile. Guys anyone have a suggestion of a low profile card in 70-80$ range that will work with my computer?
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Ok I am on a small budget and it will be a little while before I get anything but I need help deciding something I recieved a mobo that supports P cpu PCI-Ex and Decision Card Supply Graphics Power etc I know it is outdated by a good bit but I got it free I need a power supply that will power a gt and have decided it will be one of these two Ultra watt amps on the volt rail I think I m still learning about Power Supplies http www tigerdirect com applications searchtools item-details asp EdpNo amp body MAIN PC Power and Cooling watts with amps on the volt rail http www zipzoomfly com jsp ProductDetail jsp ProductCode Power Supply and Graphics Card Decision amp prodlist bizrate I know people who have gotten Ultras Power Supply and Graphics Card Decision and love em but yeah doing research I found that the PC Power and Cooling company is supposed to be pretty good Graphics wise would the or GT be the better choice From what I have seen the competes with the but I want your opinions nbsp

A:Power Supply and Graphics Card Decision

The 9600GT usually scores 3 or 4 fps lower even though it's $50 less than the 8800GT. It also produces less heat and uses less power. 8800GT is just a little bit more powerful for $200 while the the 9600GT is 99% as good for $150. I would go with the 9600 as it really, really gives you bang for your buck. And it isn't as hot as other graphics cards. And I believe that how it works is that a lot of amps on a single 12v rail is better than few amps on a couple of 12v rails. So I would get the PC power and cooling PSU.
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Hi i have a problem but im not completly sure wether is the graphics card or the power supply the problem is that i have been overclocking my graphics card about month ago through ntune in nvidia control panel everything was working perfectly for month as stated before I left my pc on for about hours and i wasnt home when i came power or Graphics supply help card need bricked back it was saying there is no signal on the monitor i restarted the pc and the loading at the start was going but it was diffrent some letter was changed for example when it loaded the ram memory it didnt say ram memory but quot ras megory quot at the start i thought it could be Graphics card or power supply bricked need help some strange virus but anyway i went to security mode and it was working on low resolution and bit I thought i could be the power supply problem as as for some time about months it was making a strange bepping noice Graphics card or power supply bricked need help when the pc was on i tohught maybe it isnt giving enough power to the mobo anyway it took out the graphics card and use the intergrated one here are my specs mobo- msi gm ram ram cpu is intel pentium ghz graphics card is nvidia geforce gs im not sure about the power supply but i think is watt max output Thanks for reading i Know its quite long but i wanted to give good description Please help Regards Jakub Ps big up for the forum it helps a lot nbsp

A:Graphics card or power supply bricked need help

A 300 watt PSU may be pushing it for a 7600GS, how many amps on the +12 volt rail and what brand? 300 watt for a modern system is generally not enough with any type of add-on graphics card.

But chances are the video card is damaged, maybe from the PSU or maybe from the overclocking.

I'd say get a new power supply, you want and need it even if the video card is toast, you'll want it to properly power any new replacement video card.
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I'm currently running a AMD 6450 HD GPU on a ddr3 and I get low fps while gaming. Are there any good graphics cards that I can get for a 550w power supply that are compatable with my system?

A:i have a power supply of 550w what graphics card should I get

What is your brand of your power supply? We'll need it so we can be safe, at around 550W you can use a GTX 960. Can you do this for us?

System Info - See Your System Specs

We'll need a complete detail of your PC Specs so we can proceed.
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Hey guys,

My computer has one AGP slot open, so I ordered the VisionTek Radeon 2400 Pro 512MB DDR2 AGP Graphics Card from Circuit City.

I just found out that it needs a 270W supply from my onboard power supply. The card achieves this through a 4-pin molex connector, so I would like to know if my power supply can even support the graphics card.

On the label, the power supply says:

Output: Total 295.4W max; +12V, +12Vsp Total 209W max

If anyone can tell me if my power supply can support my will-be graphics card, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

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My first post so hello firstly I am looking to upgrade my graphics card to the GB BFG Geforce GT unless anyone can confusion Supply/Graphics Power Card recommend a better DDR PCIe card for a Power Supply/Graphics Card confusion similar price - on amazon co uk I realised that I would probably need to upgrade as well Sure enough my PSU FSP Group Inc W - Hz - if the sticker on the side of the PSU is anything to go by fails to meet the minimum card requirements of W However I realised I had never researched the current power needs of my current card Nvidia Geforce GT and so out of curiosity I did This has stumped me My current cards minimum requirements are also W The card has been installed for - years with no issues at all Whilst this probably means I have not been getting full performance out of the card I don t understand although am very grateful nonetheless why the motherboard card has not been fried or failed from the lower wattage PSU So that is my first query - one of curiosity With this in mind do you think I still need to invest in a new PSU for the new graphics card if the current one is sufficient and safe with a card of similar although lesser specs If so is there anything else besides the graphics card I need to consider when shopping for a PSU Below is some more info in case you require it Current PSU FPS - Gen Current Graphics Card nVidia GeForce GT min req W Wanted Graphics Card BFG GeForce GT min req W Computer Model Packard Bell iMedia OS Microsoft Windows XP SP RAM GB I will hopefully up this to the max GB this weekend I can t think of anything else that might be relevant - please let me know if you require more info Thanks for any help you can offer nbsp

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Hello , I have a lenovo h50-50 90b6 and wanted to know the type of my power supply ( ATX or micro ATX ) and if I could change the current of 280w a 500w.
Also wanted to know if my motherboard has PCI Express 3.0 graphics card to change , now I have a GTX 745 2GB and I would like to replace it with a gtx 950
I have everything factory.
I'm sorry for my English.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
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Hi I would like to know what Graphics card I can get to cheap to play games like Diablo 3. Not even on high but just enough to play it without any lag. Basically I want the cheapest solution possible.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 840T Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 10 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5887 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4200, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 942353 MB, Free - 849229 MB; D: Total - 11412 MB, Free - 1394 MB;
Motherboard: FOXCONN, 2AB1
Antivirus: None

If you look in the link my power supply is 250w only so try to keep it within that range.

A:Suggestions On Graphics Card/Power Supply

Go here, then click the "Download Program" button and allow the HardwareProfiler.exe file to run.

Once the scan and analysis is finished, a new window will appear.

Click the "Power Analysis" button. It'll show you the minimum power supply rating, based on your current hardware.

When you consider the additional load of a more powerful graphics card and hard-core gaming, you'll see that the current 250 watt power supply won't do it.

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So I have a problem with my graphics driver crashing during game play. I initially started the thread under hardware, but due to a responders input thought that maybe someone here would have insight.

Original thread:

The responder thinks that my power supply is too small (600 watts) for my CPU (88 Watts) and GPU (190Watts). Specs are in the original post. Hoping someone can verify before I go drop some $ on a new PSU.
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I m getting a GeForce gs and a W power supply The graphics card says quot Minimum recommended power supply with Volt current rating of Amp Amps quot I looked about graphics compatibility with supply card power Question over the power supply specs and none of the v outputs have an amp rating of I read somewhere though that you have to combine the rails to add up to the amp rating Question about power supply compatibility with graphics card I assume that s for high end graphics cards where you have to plug the psu directly into the card I don t know what a rail is I don t know how it would work for this graphics card since it doesn t seem to require the psu to plug into it directly Iz confoosed I am basically clueless when it comes to power supplies so can someone please educate me in this and PLEASE be mindful of how you Question about power supply compatibility with graphics card explain it because like I said I m almost clueless about this stuff Taking a couple more minutes to throughly explain this to me so I understand it well won t kill you I don t want to sound rude when I say this but it annoys me when people do this to me I honestly don t care what graphics card or power supply you have if it s better than mine and you think I should get it I am well aware that there are graphics cards and power supplies that are WAY better than the ones I chose I chose these pieces of hardware because of my budget nbsp

A:Question about power supply compatibility with graphics card

It may be the way the specs are written on your PS... but
The graphics card does care what the output is... more than the motherboard or other component does...
A cheap power supply from 2005 or before had a better chance of not supplying the minimum power.... Now you can see all these specs for a quality power supply when you look at the descriptive information on the power supply section of Newegg, Directron, ZipZoomFly,, and many others... but only in the past year or two has it all been published.
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After my graphics card died I installed a new nVidea GeForce GT and a Watt Dell-compatible power supoply to after Card new NIC Install Power Graphics Failure Supply, replace the Watt factory-installed Power supply to support it on my Dell Dimension WHen I boot the embedded Broadcom NetExtreme xx network adapter fails to initialize The message is quot Alert Error initializing PCI Express NIC bridge NIC failure quot I followed the Dell support recommendation to refresh the power state without any success I have checked the Power supply connections and all seems right The light coming off the network cable NIC Failure after new Power Supply, Graphics Card Install is orange I m NIC Failure after new Power Supply, Graphics Card Install connecting to hte INternet via a wireless adapter but clearly that s not a solution In addiiton a possible related problem comes when I attemtp to upgrade to Vista In the first restart during the install I get a blinking cursor in the upper left corner of the screne after the Dell splash screen apparently aborting the install I ve reverted to early OS XP at boot APpreciate any ideas Neil nbsp
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I had recently installed a new power supply (850 W) because my old one was starting to make whining noises that made me think it was dying. After installing it and plugging everything in I turned the computer on and everything was working aside from the graphics card. The processor fan was running, the main fan was running, but the graphics card fans were not going at all...

I swapped out the card with another (actually better) card and it worked (only problem being I don't have a proper adapter for the card to use my current monitor with.)

Is there any reason something like this'd happen? The card is PCI-E and I tried all 4 PCI-E cables for it and none of them powered it up...

A:Installed New Power Supply, Graphics Card Won't Work

My initial thought would be a problem with the card itself as you said you put another one in and it worked. However, I assume (from later in your post) that the other card 'working' was assumed because the fans started on it and they don't on your original card?

Do you get any output from the original card to the monitor, you only mention about the fan not working?
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I have a 3847 with intel integrated graphics. For video editing I would like to add video card. Chat with Dell rep he suggested a PNY XLR8 GEForce 750 Ti so I bought one.
Looking at threads here appears I want (need) a new power supply since the one in my computer is 300 watts. What I read is that I want to purchase a Corsair cs750.
Do I have my facts straight?
Thanks in advance for help and feedback.

A:inspiron 3847 wants graphics card and looks like new power supply too?

Hi kingqueens3,
PNY XLR8 GEForce 750 Ti would require only 300 watts PSU on the system. You need not upgrade the PSU.
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Hi, new to forums, seems like you guys are nice so...
I purchaced components from this guide.
Everything was great as i started assembling my pc, but as i looked to connect my ATI Radeon HD 4770 to my OCZ OCZ500MXSP power supply reccomended in the build, I saw the free chord I had for my power supply had 8 pins, but my card was a 6 pin slot. I checked the case my card came with, it had a lot of adapters to attach to the 6 pin slot on the graphics card, but none of them could get me connected to my power supply.
I know im missing something here, because these components were reccomended from the same build from TechSpot. Anyone got an answer.

A:Issues with connecting my graphics card to power supply

There is an 8 pin connector for motherboards with 8 pin CPU power connectors. It is not for PCI-E cards. However, according to Newegg's listed specifications, you should have two labeled PCI-E connectors, one with 6 pins and one with 6 plus 2 pins. The 6+2 pins might look like 8 pins but it splits into a 6 and 2 pin so you can use just the 6 pin connector if you need to. Use one of those for your graphics card.
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I have a 550w HEC 550 TD - PTE

AC Output 230v 50Hz 7A
DC Output +3v +5v +12v1 +12V2 -12U +5VB

Max A 30a 38A 18A 17A 0.3a 2a

+5 +3.2v Combined 185Q

Total Output 550.

I 'was' going to buy a nVidia 275GTX, (about £150) and I think as it says the minimum power output needed is 550w so I should be OK?

Otherwise I'm rocking a AMD Athlon 4600+ (big weak spot, I know, next on list to upgrade), 4Gig of 677Mhz DDR2 and some ****ty generic HDD


Can my power supply run a 275GTX, if not what power supply should I get and if I do have to upgrade, would I be better off splashing some extra cash on something beefier?

Thanks guys,


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Hello all I have Supply advice Forum Power Graphics to on need Card New & and a Sony Vaio Desktop model VGC-RB G I upgraded to GB ram I have a inch Samsung LCD New to Forum and need advice on Graphics Card & Power Supply For the last months during processes that require alot of graphics quicktime movies MS Paint and other image software my computer locks up It will do nothing The only way out is holding the power button until it shuts down I still have the factory graphics accelerator I turned down the acceleration to quot none quot and it solved most of the problems Just have crappy video now My question is what Graphics card would be best for my computer I am not a gamer at all I download videos and do alot of pictures and altering pictures I would like to stay in the - range and from reading I guess I need a PCI Express X Card I was also told my power supply might not be up to muster I figured If I added a stand alone graphics card I would need to upgrade Again I have a very limited budget recent adoption and would like to go bigger than my factory W but do not need top of the line I don t want to take shortcuts but for what I do with the computer I don t want overkill either I usually shop at newegg but am looking for any and all advice Thank you in advance nbsp

A:New to Forum and need advice on Graphics Card & Power Supply

I would recommend the XFX brand, I looked this up for you at newegg.
XFX PVT86SYAFG GeForce 8400GS 512MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16
for $54.99 also are you using your DVI connection? if so great! as for your Powersupply,
I would most likely look for a 400W or better, I use a Thermaltake TR2 W0070RUC ATX 430W. it has been great unit, also quiet and very clean power! nice plug connectors and
cables will reach any where! there are at newegg for $39.99. you might just want to get the
video card and decide on the powersupply a little later, good luck,hope this was helpful.
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Important specs for my issue input my HP supply for Need card graphics p6716f upgrading and on power Motherboard N-Alvorix-RS -uATX Alvorix video card Integrated graphics using ATI Radeon Power Supply Internal W - V Expansion Slots PCI Express x slot for graphics card Product number to look up anything else BV AA I got my HP Pavilion p f pretty cheap and I m starting to understand why now I m trying to upgrade the hardware specifically the video card and after googling Need input on upgrading graphics card and power supply for my HP p6716f the crap out of video cards I ve realized I ll need to upgrade my power supply too My question is how can I be sure what power supply will work in my pc and what wattage would be recommended I ve tried my best to figure this out on my own but I ve hit a wall I don t know if this makes any sense but because the motherboard and processor are AMD I was thinking of sticking with an AMD video card probably in the series problem is I dont know if it ll fit in the PCI Express x slot take a look by looking up the product number on hp id post the web page but this website won t let me So there s my first problem Second if I can even get the video card installed I ll need a new power supply and I have no idea what specifications matter for installing power supplies While writing this I foudd this on newegg VisionTek Radeon HD GB DDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready Video Card Would this solve all my problems If so I have this feeling this specific video card will be pretty loud Let me know please nbsp

A:Need input on upgrading graphics card and power supply for my HP p6716f

Link to specs here.

Motherboard picture:

Looks like any PCI express 16x GPU will fit fine, as long as you don't mind losing one of the PCI Express 1x slots for double width GPUs.

It has an ATX power supply, so that should cover pretty much anything you replace it with, but deeper power supplies might be hit and miss and you'd need to measure whether they would fit. ATX format power supplies are made to industry standard dimensions in terms of height and width, but different ATX power supplies do differ in depth. So an ATX should fit, but ultimately it depends on how much space you have between the back of the case and the back of the DVD drives for clearance.

The power supply you choose is dependant on the GPU you choose. If you could let us know the following, we could help you select the best option for you:

1. Your total budget, for a power supply and graphics card.
2. The intended usage of the computer -- if its gaming, what sort of games?
3. What resolution and detail do you wish to play these games at. The max resolution is dictated by the max resolution of your display, but it is an important factor to consider.
4. If you have preferred shops, list them. Newegg is fine if you like to shop there though.
5. How many fans does that case have, and where are they located -- upgrading to a higher end GPU introduces heat into the case in most cases, so cooling must be considered.
6. What processor is fitted in your computer? That model number has multiple CPU options.
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Help!! I Installed a new graphics card and power supply to my pc and now monitor, mouse and keyboard is not working.

I have tried putting the old ones back in and i am getting the same issue. no monitor means i cant even enter bios. It powers up as normal with all the fans spinning so I am not sure what the issue is. I am thinking maybe I have damaged my motherboard!

My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2PV
graphics card = GTX650
power supply = 650W

any solutions anyone?

A:Installed new graphics card and power supply and now monitor is not working
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I downloaded the online game Overwatch but it crashes on my HP Pavilion p7-1423w desktop pc. I want to upgrade the video graphics card and power supply but need to know if the following devices are compatible with my desktop pc. I want to upgrade to the NVIDIA GE Force   GTX 660 video graphics card.  Is this compatible with my HP Pavilion p7-1423w desktop pcI also want to upgrade to a 520 Watt or 450 Watt power supply.   What brand and what is the highest wattage is compatible with my HP Pavilion p7-1423w desktop pc? In other words, what is the latest version of a NVIDIA or AMD Radeon HD card highest Watt power supply can I upgrade to that is compatible with my HP? Thanks.

A:Upgrade video graphics card and power supply for HP p7-1423w...

@ntvedt?, welcome to the forum.ntvedt wrote:I downloaded the online game Overwatch but it crashes on my HP Pavilion p7-1423w desktop pc. I want to upgrade the video graphics card and power supply but need to know if the following devices are compatible with my desktop pc. I want to upgrade to the NVIDIA GE Force   GTX 660 video graphics card.  Is this compatible with my HP Pavilion p7-1423w desktop pc  Yes, this video card should be compatible with your motherboard.  You can choose a manufacturer and contact their Tech Support for help with choosing the best card for your system.  I like EVGA.  Their Tech Support (1-888-881-3842) is very helpful. I also want to upgrade to a 520 Watt or 450 Watt power supply.   What brand and what is the highest wattage is compatible with my HP Pavilion p7-1423w desktop pc?  There is no actual maximum PSU that will work in your computer.  The computer will only use the amount of wattage that is required to run it properly.  The extra wattage is used during peak power needs.  I suggest that you buy a PSU with at least 500W.  I like Corsair products.  A modular PSU is good in smaller cases.  They allow you to use only the cables that are absolutely necessary.  This makes for better airflow.In other words, what is the latest version of a NVIDIA or AMD Radeon HD card highest Watt power supply can I upgrade to that is compatible with my HP?  See my answers above. Thanks.Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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First the Computer Hardware Info Power Supply W Logisys PSU The reliable black variation Motherboard ASUS M A T-M LE Processor AMD Athlon II X Socket this load upgrade supply I graphics all handle power my card?? if of the Can AM W Dual-Core Memory Crucial GB PC - DIMM DDR Memory Module x Hard Drives Western Digital GB EIDE Internal Hard Drive RPM MB Cache Western Digital Caviar Blue GB SATA III RPM MB Cache Samsung TB Spinpoint RPM MB Cache SATA On-board USB slots used for mouse for external powered USB way hub -pin keyboard attached On-board internet active Cooler Master mm Dual Ball Bearing Case Fans Vantec SP-FC -BL Spectrum System Fan Card Thermaltake Thunderblade mm Led Case Fan mm CPU FAN I have a ZOTAC GeForce GT Eco MB and was thinking of upgrading the card and placing this eco card in another lesser used computer Specifications http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId The card I was planning on Can my power supply handle all of this load if I upgrade the graphics card?? going to Galaxy GeForce GTS GB Specifications http www geeks com details asp invtid SGF HX RUV I know the card is a few years old nevertheless it seems like the best option for me I am only going to get -bit cards from now on Needing to stay with the Nvidia brand as well due to certain programs I am currently using I do not have a lot of cash at current either so the budget is around give or take Would this card be a good replacement and not tax my power supply given everything else already hooked up as mentioned above This is my main concern considering that I have tried multiple online wattage calculators and get anywhere between and watts and do not know what to see or believe I am trying to keep the total output required by the computer from the power supply to about W max and keeping at least W in reserve at least Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Can my power supply handle all of this load if I upgrade the graphics card??
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Hey I joined this forum because I am interested in doing a fair amount of modification to my current computer and I ve got some basic questions to ask I ve and Computer eMachines needed Power Help Graphics Card upgrading on Supply got a eMachines T PC and am interested in getting a GeForce GT card to replace the one I currently have put in there a FX le Doing so would require putting in a new Help needed upgrading Graphics Card and Power Supply on eMachines Computer power supply but I m interested in going further and buying a new case w power supply because for about the same price as a power supply I can get a better ventilated case that also should have a quieter fan The current T case heats up my upstairs room way to much and keeps those in the bedrooms around it up at night if I do not turn it off while the other -older- eMachines here makes almost no noise and runs cooler to the touch My question is how difficult would it be to transfer my system to a new case I ve done basic installation of cards and RAM and know enough to indentify the hardware in there but I ve yet to tackle anything at this level or would it be a smarter move to go for just Help needed upgrading Graphics Card and Power Supply on eMachines Computer a new power supply and card The specs of my computer are as follows -------------------- Help needed upgrading Graphics Card and Power Supply on eMachines Computer eMachines T CPU AMD Athlon XP Processor GHz with QuantiSpeed architecture Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition installed SP Chipset NVIDIA nForce Memory MB DDR PC Upgraded with another mb stick Hard Drive GB HDD Optical Drives x Max CD-RW Drive x Max DVD Drive quot MB FDD -in- Media Reader USB Secure Digital SD Smart Media Compact Flash Memory Stick Memory Stick PRO Micro Drive Multimedia Card Video NVIDIA GeForce MX graphics Overridden by a MB FX le in the AGP slot Sound nForce -channel Audio Modem K ITU v ready Fax Modem Network Mbps built-in Ethernet Peripherals Premium Plus Multimedia Keyboard Diablo Optical Mouse Amplified Stereo Speakers Dimensions quot w x quot h x quot d Ports Other USB ports in back in Media Reader Serial Parallel PS Audio-In amp Out GB external HD attached ----------------------- Hardware I want to install XFX Geforce GT MB AGP video card ATRIX comptuer case w watt power supply side vent amp fan Thanks for any help you can give -Draeger nbsp

A:Help needed upgrading Graphics Card and Power Supply on eMachines Computer


I dont see why the Card Wont work. The only problem witht the whole rig might be the PSU connection. You may have trouble upgrding it, you may not, depends on the model (and i really could tel ya) I would just look at the connections to see if it is the standard 20 or 24 pin. If it is...then i dont see a problem.

Good Luck

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My question is this The graphics card requirements suggest a power supply with Volt current rating of Amp Amps The power supply specs are showing only as high as amps Is this going to create an issue with the power effect requirements the card? does graphics supply of How (performance) amps power supply not being at the recommend amps Requirements for my graphics card are Minimum of a Watt power supply Minimum recommended power supply with Volt current rating of Amp Amps Minimum Watt for SLI mode system Minimum recommended power supply with Volt current rating of Amp Amps Spefications of my power supply are Brand Antec Model NeoPower Spec Type ATX V Maximum Power W Fans x mm super-silent fan PFC Active Main Connector Pin V Rails PCI-E Connectors x Pin SLI Certified CrossFire Ready Power Good Signal - ms Hold-up Time ms at full load Efficiency Up to V - Full load Typical load Light load V - Full load Typical load Light load Over Voltage Protection V trip point lt V V trip point lt V V trip point lt V Input Voltage - V Input Frequency Range - Hz Input Current A V A V Output V A V A V A V A V A - V A VSB A MTBF gt Hours Approvals UL CUL TUV How does power supply amps effect requirements (performance) of the graphics card? CE FCC CCC CB C-tick Features Connectors x Main connector pin x V P x peripheral x SATA x Floppy x PCI-E I feel as if I ve been a sleep for years not knowing all this stuff - would greatly appreciate any feed back regarding this as I m planning on purchasing a graphics card soon Thank you nbsp

A:How does power supply amps effect requirements (performance) of the graphics card?

Your PSU has a triple +12v rail design so you will use the combined amperage across all three rails. In this case, you have a combined rating of 54amps, which is far more than enough to run the latest video cards. The PSU is also CrossFire and SLI certified so running a single card that requires only 22amps should be a breeze for that power supply. Having an underpowered PSU may produce graphical anomalies or prevent a video card from functioning at all, just to answer your question.
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About a week or so ago, i thought it was time to switch out the power supply to a new one on my desktop xps 410, soo i can replace my graphics card too,(yes i know it is kind of ancient, but it all i have for now. and what i am working with) so i switched to:

HIS iCooler H777F1G2M Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card

and a

COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power RS600-PCARE3-US 600W ATX12V V2.3 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Power Supply

my mobo is: a lga775 with a core 2 running at 1.86 Ghz AKA the one that was originally with the desktop.

Hopefully this helps. Thank in advance for all your help.

A:Constant Bsod After Switching power supply and Graphics Card On XPS410

Welcome aboard.

► You have a display driver update to get.

0: kd> lmvm atikmpag
start end module name
fffff880`045a0000 fffff880`045fa000 atikmpag (deferred)
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\atikmpag.sys
Image name: atikmpag.sys
Timestamp: Fri Apr 06 06:40:44 2012 (4F7E4294)
CheckSum: 0005A52D
ImageSize: 0005A000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
The reason is:

fffff880`098c73f8 fffff880`04a52167*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atikmdag.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmdag.sys
► Look at your BIOS date: If possible, try to update it.

BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. 1.0.3, 8/14/2006
► Is there Daemon Tools?

ffff800`00b9cc48 fffff880`01073570*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for sptd.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for sptd.sys
Uninstall it at once.

► And ultimately, it is Norton products.

fffff800`00b9c3c0 fffff880`09330910Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\N360x64\1401010.002\SRTSP64.SYS, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for SRTSP64.SYS
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for SRTSP64.SYS
fffff800`00b9c3c8 fffff880`093308f0 SRTSP64+0x3f8f0
Uninstall Norton and Norton 360. Use Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows.

Let us know the results.
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Hello TechSpot I am here to ask about an little upgrade I m getting to replace my Dell Dimension E s onboard graphics It s only a MB memory PCI card but it s all I could afford at the time and it is being shipped to me and should arrive at my doorstep in a day or two My question is can I use the default W power supply I can t really get a job Teenager so money is hard to come by for me I hear that Dell computers have the power Dimension question upgrading card, E310 supply power graphics Dell - supply ports wired differently so a non-dell power supply could possibly fry the motherboard Another thing I may ask will the computer even run at all if this graphics card I bought The Newegg page for it is posted at the bottom is plugged in and enabled Or will my computer freeze crash restart shut down if it isn t for my power supply I really don t know what to do and I hear power supplies can be somewhat expensive so I m not sure if I can use my default one or do I have to buy one with a higher wattage If I have no other choice but to earn money and then shell it out for another power supply if someone could link me or at least specify a good power supply for me that would be appreciated I m not here to edit my computer into anything real special I just want games that run on the Source engine Half Life Garry s Mod Counter--Strike Source to not run like garbage and the possibility of being able to play more games using my PC I have already upgraded the RAM from MB to GB and some day I may upgrade it to it s maximum GB Thank you for your time I hope you guys can help me Newegg Page nbsp

A:Dell Dimension E310 - upgrading graphics card, power supply question

I hear that Dell computers have the power supply ports wired differently,so a non-dell power supply could possibly fry the motherboard.Click to expand...

Lol, did you talk to dell tech support?
Hahaha they lie.

Yeah should be fine, but of course, its not a particularly good card. You should be ok with the source engine if you load up the proper configs.
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Would an overheating PS or CPU cause XP to shutdown properly using the shutdown screen (saving your settings/windows is shutting down).

I have had it where it just turns off with no shudown screen or BSOD. But I need to know if windows will shut down properly when overheating.

BTW: Temperatures are normal for the CPU. I'm concerened about possible temperature spikes. Not even sure if they exist though.

Yesterdays unanswered thread

A:Power Supply/CPU overheating?

If you have a software application or a feature in the BIOS that initiates a shutdown sequence then its possible.

You may also want to check that you don't have a hacker or joke program that is playing with you.
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I have a Optima W100 series laptop. We recently bought a second power supply because our old power supply was getting really hot right at the metal tip that plugs into the computer, and also at the converter box area, and the same thing happens to the new one we bought. This happens after about 2 minutes of having it plugged in, it gets hot to a point where i cannot touch it. It didn't used to do it and it just recently started to, we don't know what could of triggered it.
If anyone has any ideas of what it could be it would be appreciated.

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My computer is having some issues for the past months and I really have no idea how I can fix them When I m playing a videogame the monitor randomly turns black saying no signal and the computer freezes a few seconds later It sounds like that for a & overheating? Power supply really short moment Power supply & overheating? the power is completely cut off The background music continues for a little while but then the computer freezes I have to reset since it doesn t do anything afterwards A while ago I found out that if Power supply & overheating? I wiggled one Power supply & overheating? of the wires of the powersupply that the computer makes the same noise again as if it gets enough power but still needs to be reset I thought that was the problem but it s not The same thing still happens nowadays it happens alot sometimes the problem doesn t occur for weeks This is what Hmonitor says right after I start my computer Unfortunately I don t know a thing about voltage nor what Temp might be It might be my videocard cooler which faces downwards about inches away from the bottom of the computer but I m not sure at all Specs Microstar Processor AMD Sempron Processor GHz Memory MB RAM Hard Drive GB GB Video Card RADEON X Monitor HP L Sound Card Realtek AC Audio Speakers Headphones U S Blaster Operating System Windows XP Professional I cleaned the computer dust can t be the problem and I m really out of ideas Any clues of what I can do to solve it are greatly appreciated Thanks so much in advance nbsp

A:Power supply & overheating?

First of all check your temps and voltages in the bios. Those are more believable than a third party app like hmonitor or speedfan.

Next if you move wires from the ps and that induces a problem, I would be replacing the ps.
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Hello all.
First of all congratulations for your community , I'm new
Okay I recently bought my pc (about 6 months ago) and I have an issue.My pc is overheating and once even restarted by itself. I think I have some problem with my power supply , can you help me a little bit? Here some photos :

1. Here im running csgo -

2. Here im running nothing -

Voltages in motherboard are low right?

Thanks for your help.

A:Overheating, possibly power supply

Any thoughts ?
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Ok did my research first but did not find this exact situation A while back I noticed that the power supply was running hot temp gradually rises to about the s sometimes spiking to and but then it would sometimes but not always drop only to creep back up I then resorted to leaving the cover open for a few days with a floor fan Overheating, SOME of Power the time... Supply blowing into the case to try to keep it cool while resolving and deferring the problem and that did help Then the screen started going blank and also system was freezing up I began suspecting a power problem took it off of the PowerWare UPS and Power Supply Overheating, SOME of the time... plugged into an old power strip and that fixed the blanking freezing problems -- so concluded the UPS went south Anyway on the old power strip same problem so took it into local shop and it did not even begin Power Supply Overheating, SOME of the time... to overheat there stayed cool so brought it back home plugged it into the old power strip and overheated again Reluctantly plugged it directly into the wall outlet as a test runs cool about to So something wrong with the power strip also Solution replace month old UPS but What this all comes down to is Power Supply Overheating, SOME of the time... this I installed some progs to monitor the temps to avoid going into the bios to do same -- MotherBoard Monitor Aida and Sisoft Sandra Long story short on the UPS and the old power strip voltages were weird and different from when plugged directly into wall outlet The two that were most noticeable were the two volt readings positive and negative Using wall outlet negative v was a normal appearing - otherwise on UPS strip it was about and positive v on wall was about but otherwise was about I am not an electrician -- what does all this indicate Is this something that can be monitored in the future to determine in advance that something is going wrong Also Of the three power monitors two were rather flaky in some readings one of which had the readings backwards and the third was deemed and seemed dependable by the local techs but did not have all the readings of the othe two -- anyone reccomend a good dependable comprehensive temp monitor And what about the new boards with quot built in monitors quot reccomended by the local techs for about -- good idea to upgrade to that Lastly expanding on the question as to what all this indicates is it typical for a quot good quot UPS to go bad in six months Is it maybe just the battery or the device itself Is this typical of Powerware UPS s What is a good optimal UPS brand nbsp

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Hello I d like to thank in advance for any replies I get to this thread I m currently running a MB GeForce FX OC card but recently got a new much much better card which was a hand-me-down from my brother so I m not sure of the exact model I or supply? overheating - Video power do know however that it requires watts to run I currently have an old -watt power supply So for the sake of satisfying my curiosity I decided to throw in the new card to see what I could come up with I booted up a game AoE III for any of you gamers out there and it turns out that Video - overheating or power supply? the performance was dramatically increased However about five to Video - overheating or power supply? ten minutes later the screen instantly turned into pink black etc blocks I turned off my computer and put my old card in which I am currently using My question is this do you suppose the problem is the power supply not being sufficient or do you suppose I need another fan down there I don t have any fans on the back of the case and the card felt pretty hot when I took it out I suspect that it s the heat because the video was working fine for a little while I would tend to think that if it was the power supply causing it it would have rebooted itself turned off etc What do you think Thanks in advance Minus nbsp

A:Video - overheating or power supply?

Its definately the psu!!!!

If i were you i'd also add more cooling too!!!!
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Okay i heard that insufficient power supplies cause system failures reboot or crash or something like that. But does an insufficient power supply cause overheating? I have a 380W PSU I believe it has 320W-380W on it and my PC specs are.
Q6600 stock
8GB DDR2 800mhz
GTX260 my CPU is overheating reaching 100c but i'm replacing the thermal paste with arctic silver 5 soon. But my GPU is reachihng 88c can it handle it?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium "Black new a inhstalling card, after power supply Screen" SP1, and graphics Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz Intel Family Model "Black Screen" after inhstalling SP1, a new graphics card, and power supply Stepping Processor "Black Screen" after inhstalling SP1, a new graphics card, and power supply Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX SE Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard MSI A C Antivirus Norton Updated and Enabled This "Black Screen" after inhstalling SP1, a new graphics card, and power supply has happened times - once while I was only watching a video online ahnd twice when I d play The Sims The screen goes back and it just restarts When the computer would restart I d receive the quot unexpected shutdown quot error but the computer will run smoothly until I do something that wills trigger it to happen again I have two of the error logs Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode BCP FFFFFA A E BCP FFFFF FE C BCP FFFFFFFFC A BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Kate AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode BCP FFFFFA DDDB B BCP FFFFF FE C BCP FFFFFFFFC A BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Kate AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml As I recently installed three notable things I m not sure exactly which is the problem but I assume the graphics because in Action Center these events are listed under quot Address a problem with NVIDIA Graphics Driver quot where it had apparently stopped working Please help me out nbsp

A:"Black Screen" after inhstalling SP1, a new graphics card, and power supply
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I'm currently running on an eMachines ET1831-07, and as such have a 250w power supply and just a chipset. (I have no idea what I'm talking about, this is what my fiancé told me to post. I trust him because he's a computer science major >.>) I was wondering if there's a power supply with 300w output that I can upgrade to without.. Err.. Melting my motherboard, since the only graphics cards I can find that he says will make any difference on my game quality require 300w.

I'm not looking for max fps, or high quality graphics or anything, I just want the games to be playable.

Thanks much!

Edit: If anyone could also recommend a graphics card that I could use, I'd really appreciate that too! I have one PCI 16 pin slot open, and one PCI express pin slot according to my fiancé. Thank you!

A:Upgrade to 300W power supply for a 300W graphics card?

hi AsiaNeko
for a 300W power supply there is a lot of options to choose from :
check this link:,cf.osb&fp=cfc5c5d23709da28&biw=1440&bih=788
and for a recommendation for a graphics card ,first i need to know what kind of games you play
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hello, i have a 9800gt that gives a very low fps on crysis, i went to the shop from where i purchased it and they said that you need to change your power supply, currently its 230watt, i was thinking that i should replace my card with another one as mine does not have a six pin supplementary power connector. so my question is that should i change my psu first or should i switch my card first?

A:Should i change my power supply or should i change my graphics card?

your running a 9800gt on a 230W PSU!? not sure how your doing that without it shutting down as soon as you start a game. the 9800gt needs a 450W psu with 24A on the 12v rail (s). change the PSU. you are fortunate that you haven't overstressed the 230W psu and destroyed the rest of the system.
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i ve been playing world of warcraft for about a month now and i have it on the lowest possible settings and at x resolution and i m still getting like fps i want to up the settings on the game to good instead of low and have about atleast fps in raids with other and power card supply upgrade upgrade Graphics players and Graphics card upgrade and power supply upgrade when i m alone questing have like to OS Name Microsoft Windows Home Premium Version Service Pack Build System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard System Model p y System Type x -based PC Processor AMD Athlon tm II X Processor Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date American Megatrends Inc SMBIOS Version Installed Physical Memory RAM GB Total Physical Memory GB Available Physical Memory MB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB I have a radeon hd so i want to upgrade it to be able to play with atleast fps but i want to spend as little as i can max for both and the less i spend the better if anyone can help would be great nbsp

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Okay I m really depending missing card, Overheating, and adapter graphics graphics not VGA working. on you guys to help me out here So my computer is overheating at temps above C My Nvidia Geforce GT m wont update from the nvidia download page nor from device manager I was just simply updating my drivers from Device Manager when I went Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working. to update my VGA Graphics a screen came up and said an error was encountered with Nvidia GeForce GT m Now device manager says VGA Standard graphics adapter cannot start Could this be causing overheating I m also getting strange crashes in League of Legends Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working. since this happened where I get a Black Screen and need to hard reboot my Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working. computer sometimes after games Anyway its like my Nvidia graphics card is quot missing quot or something P S I also have an under laptop cooling fan Edit Also would restoring to factory settings return my drivers to default again and possibly fix this problem Here are my Computer Specs quot Model Alienware M xR Intel R Core TM i CPU U GHz Installed RAM GB usable Windows bit Display adapters Intel R HD Graphics and Standard VGA graphics adapter nbsp

A:Overheating, missing graphics card, and VGA graphics adapter not working.
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Alright guys I need some help with something I currently game on an Alienware m x laptop I have an ATI Mobility Radeon HD in the laptop for my graphics card I had some problems with one before where it would overheat and my computer would shut down I am guessing it did this as a safeguard Well I Graphics overheating? card got a Graphics card overheating? new one and normal games like WoW or The Old Republic work fine on it but when it comes to something like Skyrim my computer will shut down after about minutes of play time I assume this is because of overheating I have a cooling pad under Graphics card overheating? my laptop and I have a box fan sitting behind the laptop blowing cold air straight into the vents I added the box fan today when I became frustrated with it crashing repeatedly I am in a room that is regular temperature not too hot or too cold but it still crashes Is there a way I could make it where my graphics card would not run as hard as it does to reduce the amount of heat it produces Any advice would be great nbsp

A:Graphics card overheating?

yep, this is one of the most common problems with gaming on laptops. obviously there is less airflow inside of a laptop vs a desktop so unfortunately it can be tough to control temps. my best advice would be to make sure the fan duct(s) are clear and that the fan itself is working properly. those higher end mobile GPUs can get pretty hot, especially with more demanding games which require them to work harder etc.

if you find that nothing helps the crashing, it may be a good idea to abandon the most demanding titles and use a desktop instead.
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Recently my computer has been randomly shutting down. I open the case and cleaned everything, however it is still shutting down. I went onto event viewer, and it is showing an error, Event 6145, System shutdown due to graphics card overheating, source: atikmdag, task category: POWERPLAY.

Here are my spec's:

OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3070 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4350 , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 468740 MB, Free - 308979 MB; D: Total - 468741 MB, Free - 422676 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, WG43M, ,
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled

Any help would be appreciated

A:Graphics Card Overheating

closing duplicate, please respond at .


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Or at least I think it is Heres whats happened I was playing Borderlands on my PC and I noticed that my computer gets rather loud after playing the game for a little bit and I m overheating? card Graphics positive this is because my graphics card fan is set to auto It will go up to near when playing some games not just borderlands I find this annoying as it s really loud so I limited the fan speed to around and after playing the game for maybe minutes or so my entire computer crashed with a Graphics card overheating? purple screen I ve checked my temperature during games before with RivaTuner and it s always been in the s but never any higher This is with the fan set to auto though I thought the temperatures could go higher My case has fans for airflow and my card is a GeForce GTX Not core Is there anything I can do to make it run cooler without having to buy something I feel like I shouldn t have an overheating problem I m pretty sure it was an overclocked version of the card so maybe it was overclocked too much Maybe underclocking it could help Edit Here are my clock speeds Core Shader Memory They seem kind of high since I haven t ever messed with them and I don t even have a Core Thanks a lot for any help nbsp

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Hey guys I recently posted a topic here asking about random game lag every minute You guys came back to be suggesting i need a better graphics card than the one i already have geforce I did some more research into my pc and saw that my card Overheating graphics graphics card temp when idle was about degrees celcius however when playing a game it shot up to about degrees celcius At this point the game lagged heavily and the temp dropped to about degrees celcius The same thing kept on happening This is why i now believe that the games are lagging because my graphics card is overheating This leads me to my problem I am going to be getting a new and better graphics card and will also install a cooling fan on it so it shouldn t be overheating Unfortunatley my current geforce is intergrated therefore i do not no how to remove disable the current card What i am asking is for someone to Overheating graphics card tell me step by step on how to disable my current card and then install my new one btw i am on pci-e Thanks in advance charlie nbsp

A:Overheating graphics card

You don't need to disable the on-board graphics, this will happen automatically when the new PCI-E card is installed.

You should however check on the system requirements for the new card and make sure you have an adequate power supply.
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Just to mention first I am not overclocking my video card I've been having an issue in the past few weeks with my video card overheating At first it was overheating whenever I run any game for an hour or more These games are not beyond my computer's capabilities because I have been able Card Overheating Graphics to run them with no problems in the past for many hours at a time I narrowed it down to the most recent driver being screwy so I rolled back Now while it doesn't overheat if I'm playing it WILL overheat if I'm idled on the main title screen while I'm away No matter what game it is or however low the graphics are set or are natively my card will shoot up in temperature after only a few minutes of idling on the title screens Example I was playing Empire Total War for about an hour and a half with my card topping out at about - C When I left for half an Graphics Card Overheating hour I exited back to the title screen which is not at all graphic intensive I come back and the temperature is reading C I'd like to know how to solve this issue since it's only become an issue recently RIGHT after the Graphics Card Overheating warranty ended I just find it weird that I can play something graphic intensive just fine but I can't idle on a low graphics screen I'm using a nVidia Geforce GT MB -bit for reference and I'm checking the temperatures with SpeedFan If you need to know anything else about my computer let me know

A:Graphics Card Overheating

Assuming it has a fan on it, have you pulled the card out to make sure it isn't clogged with dust?
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Recently my computer has been randomly shutting down. I open the case and cleaned everything, however it is still shutting down. I went onto event viewer, and it is showing an error, Event 6145, System shutdown due to graphics card overheating, source: atikmdag, task category: POWERPLAY.

Here are my spec's:

OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3070 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4350 , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 468740 MB, Free - 308979 MB; D: Total - 468741 MB, Free - 422676 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, WG43M, ,
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled

Any help would be appreciated

A:Graphics Card Overheating

Laptop or desktop? Either way, make sure you're getting good airflow to the graphics card, and if it has its own fan, make sure it's working.
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my problem is that my laptop switches off automatically after it reaches the Welcome Screen (this is when the graphic card drivers are installed). When I delete the drivers and use the Standard VGA controller the laptop works perfectly, however on a lower resolution. Is there any help i can get on repairing the problem will be appreciated.

A:Graphics card overheating

Well if the graphics chip is overheating then it should be possible to dissemble the clam shell and remove the dust that's causing the over heating. You should be able to find a schematic that will show you where the screws are hidden and what you'll have to remove to fix the problem. You'll more than likely need thermal paste so you can reseat any heat sink you remove.
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My graphics card is in my signature. I have a fan in the front of my computer, one in the back, a power supply, heatsink for my processor, fan on my gfx card, and a fan i just installed right under my gfx card to blow on it. I was just playing Guild Wars and it froze. This is not the first time this has happened. as soon as my computer froze i oepned my comuter touched my gfx card and it was really hot. With all these fans i would think that its temp would be pretty low. Whats the deal?

A:Overheating Graphics Card

A hot heatsink is not always a bad thing, it means heat is getting conducted. If it was cold I would be worried.

That being said it does not mean that it cant be the card overheating, that is just something to consider.

You may want to try and see what the card temp is. I always have used speedfan to check the temps of my x800. You can find speedfan here I am sure there are other utilities but I have always used speedfan.

There may be other issues at the root of the problem.

A failing Power supply may be one of them.
The game could be causing issues as well (most likely not the case however)

But first we need to eliminate the heat as an issue. I recommend using ATiTool to test the card for artifacting. Run the utility and see if you lock up. If so heat or a dying card are very likely the cause of your problem. And it will also help eliminate the game. You can find ATiTool here

Best of luck
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heya im not brilliant with computer hardware im studying a national diploma in ICT but have yet to overheating card Graphics do much Graphics card overheating concerning hardware but my home computer seems to crash after about minutes of playing a game which i can play on my lap top which has about half the spec the PC whenever i play a game it will freeze and give me a blue screen never have time to read what it says but i decided to take a look inside the tower unit and my graphics card has two fans of which only one of them is actually spinning at all my graphics card is an asus radeon xt mb the rest of the system spec Graphics card overheating are also high i checked Graphics card overheating on asus smartdoctor and the GPU is running at c and the RAM at the tower is next to an open window with good old am british wind pooring in and the side panel removed those temps are what they are on the desktop just browsing the web not whilst in a game i was wondering if the second fan is suposed to start after a certain amount of time or if it needs to be set or its broken also the case has built in fans for cooling would this be adaquate or would a new case be needed any advice or recomendations would be much appreciated cal Asus dual DDR S-ATA motherboard p GHz gig RAM mb radeon xt w PSU nbsp

A:Graphics card overheating

I think something is wrong with the second fan. It should be spinning with the first one. 70C is too high for idle or low use. Your card is overheating when you are playing games.

You need to fix/return/exchange/rma the card.
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Ive had this problem for the past few days, never had it before.

Every now and then i just get red / blue lines down my monitor (depends on the colour of the background, which colour lines i get)

Here is a screenshot

At first i didnt think that it was the Gfx card over heating because i had just turned my PC on and it was doing it straight away.

It seems to be quite random, the comp sometimes runs for hours without it doing it, and other times its there as soon as i turn it on.

I have tried everything i can think of to fix it but nothing seems to help.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB F Total card overheating? Graphics - MB Free - MB I Total - MB Free - MB O Total - MB Free - MB Q Total - MB Free - MB T Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard PEGATRON Graphics card overheating? CORPORATION Benicia Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled For a few days my computer has been acting weird The main problem was it just randomly Graphics card overheating? shutting down mainly when playing a game So I open up Piriform Speccy and see that my graphics card temperature is at degrees celcius Is that even possible I think when I updated my drivers something messed up and is making it think it is over heating and shutting itself down If this is a driver problem how would I go about removing the driver and downgrading I have an ATI HD When my computer is just idling it s hitting in the high degrees C but I haven t checked it in a game I have tried to manually set the fan to in the Catalyst Control Center but I m not hearing anything Could there be a loose cable maybe xdyldogx nbsp

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Hi all hoping for some help here I have an Graphics card overheating... Asus g gx laptop and am currently having some problems with the graphics card overheating when gaming I have played wow on the machine for roughly years and never really noticed any problems untill about months ago It would randomly lag Graphics card overheating... out and drop to extremely low fps during gaming but only maybe once a week I have recently gotten Skyrim and the problem is nonstop when playing it After checking my graphics card temps I found out that It is getting too between - degrees Celsius while playing and not only am unhappy with the gameplay I m getting but am also worried about damaging the computer I have already taken the back panel off and dusted it which there was very minor dust I can hear the fan working and it you can hear it kick into overdrive after roughly - minutes of gaming Thanks and any tips or help would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Graphics card overheating...

Casty said:

I have played wow on the machine for roughly 2 years, and never really noticed any problems untill about 6 months ago. It would randomly lag out and drop to extremely low fps during gaming, but only maybe once a week. I have recently gotten Skyrim, and the problem is nonstop when playing it. After checking my graphics card temps, I found out that It is getting too between 100-105 degreesClick to expand...

The thermal compound on the video chipset may need to be replaced.

What settings are you playing Skyrim on? Lower settings could make a difference.
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ive been haveing a problem were my screen turns black while im playing games. I thought this was a problem with my processor so i bought thermal paste, My temperatures went down to about 40idle 50ish while running something. Before they would be going up as high as 70 Celsius. i have a q9300

But for some reason my screen will go black even while watching youtube videos. My GPU temps go up as high as 70-80 while idle. What exactly is the problem and would it be possible to add some thermal paste to my GPU?
Relevancy 70.52%

so i have a Ati hd4850 graphics card and intel core duo e8400
anyway everytime i play a intense game like operation flashpoint dragon rising or call of duty waw or crysis its temprature rises to almost 110 degrees, on idle its 90 degrees.
i have fans runnning on maximum cleaned it from dust, and allowed it beathing space for air vents,, nothing worked.
any help?

A:Overheating graphics card

New graphics card, water cooling, lower ambient temp
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I recently purchased a Visiontek Radeon x Pro MB AGP graphics card for my computer as well as a Graphics My Overheating Card brand new Cooler Master W power supply to support it Apparently in order for my new graphics card to run it requires a -pin connector from the power supply to hook up directly to the card which I did I proceeded to update the drivers for my card Version because ATI hasn t supported AGP cards for their latest drivers My Overheating Graphics Card and because Omega drivers didn t seem to work either I was then able to play my games exactly the way I wanted to Higher graphics better performance and the only cost was a little extra noise from my tower After a day or so the noise became a little irritating and eventually I began to examine the temperatures My processor would start up around degrees and the motherboard around After being active for a while and having run a few games the temperature would increase to about - for the CPU and for the motherboard Further examination brought me to the realization that my new graphics card is the hottest thing running I don t have a temperature monitor for it but I definitely know it was hotter than my processor My question is really quite simple I m just wondering if anyone could give me some insight regarding the cause of my graphics card heating up It hasn t caused any crashes or anything like that In fact apart from the loud power supply fan and physically touching the graphics card while it s running there s no indication that anything s wrong at all I just want to know if this heat is supposed to be normal or if my card is actually overheating and I can expect an extremely short and disappointing lifespan Any advice at all would be appreciated nbsp

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hi guys,

I currently have a 6800GT which is running way too hot. i originally suspected it being due to the fact that i was trying to run 2 screens simultaneously (Main screen gaming and second tv out) however now i have realised even when gaming after a little while the temps are reaching 115 degrees C

The warranty on this product has expired, this card has never been overclocked afaik, I'm wondering what cooling solutions i can use. Ive tried cleaning the fins of the fan to no avail.

I've read about pci slot vga coolers, but i've also seen customer hsf solutions available on ebay, Just wondering what you think would be the best option for this?

A:Graphics card overheating.

Can't say i'm a big fan (pardon the pun) of PCI slot coolers, but they're generally for additional cooling and it would appear from the extreme temperature that your card's cooling has pretty much failed altogether.

Something like this should do the business:

They're small, quiet, very easy to fit and extremely effective.
Admittedly it's the only aftermarket GPU cooler i've ever applied (for someone else) but I use their CPU coolers exclusively and haven't yet found any design/brand more effective, reliable or quieter in combination (they have the added advantage of fitting virtually everything as well).
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Is this something I should be doing myself? or should i seek professional installation? I'm looking at the bundle of wires and i'm a little confused. lol

A:power supply installation

It is fairly straight forward, can you explain in a bit more detail what you are trying to do?
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I am buying a new case for my computer. I have an ATX case with a 350 watt power supply. How hard would it be to take out my old power supply and put it in the case that I buy? Does it just require unscrewing a few screws? What trouble might I run into? Thanks.

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I have a problem with a Power Supply I recently bought.It is a 525W Heroichi power supply. I installed it to the case( a 6a series case), I plugged the power cord to the mainboard, I connected the peripherals and drives but the system does not start up. The motherboard (a Gigabyte 7vaxp) has a small light indicator that lights up when the power supply is connected and functioning. This LED is turned on showing the power is connected. I suspect that the problem has to do with a small 2pin cable that the power supply has(a black and white cable)
and I don't know where to connect.

Thanks in advance

A:power supply installation

That black and white cable is just another fan cable from the power supply.

Did you make sure you connected the power switch wires from the case to your motherboard? As well as the other bells and whistles from the case?
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It's been a while since I built a system from scratch and have a... errr... simple question

gfx: Sapphire HD3850 512MB Ultimate (passive)

MB: MSI P35 Neo2 FIR

PSU: Seasonic M12II 500W

The motherboard has a power connector for the graphic card next to the slot.

Is there any reason I should connect the power for the card to the power connector on the board instead of directly to the power supply?

A:Graphic card power to power supply or connector on motherboard?

First time I have ever seen that feature. I like it. I'm thinking that is a neat/easy way to partially eliminate cable clutter from the PSU. Give it a shot, you can always revert to PSU cable if you wish.
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My sensors indicate that the graphics card temperature is 64 C/147 F on average!!! When I touch the area where the GPU is(the area behind it), in less then a second it gets too hot to touch. This is with the cooling it came with. Oh, what does the no H/W SLI sticker on the SLI bridge(Which it came with) connect area mean? I have a 8500GT from BFG Tech.

A:Graphics card overheating majorly!!!

to get the temps down you could get a heatsink from zalman, i put one on my cpu and gpu and the temps went down loads. it's not unusual for gpu's to get pretty hot though, especially with the standard heatsink.
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Is there a utility for windows that detect weather my cpu or graphics card is overhearing?
Preferable freeware.. thanks


A:Cpu/graphics Card Overheating Utility?

If you have an nVidia based motherboard you can download nTune from their site and run the included monitor, but it depends wheter you hardware has temperature sensors on it.
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I have a Nvidia GeForce GT its idle temp is around - C When I start playing a game it shoots up to C within a minute of playing continuing to play it shoots up to - C But its always run hot like this even when I got the computer I downloaded the desktop gadget quot GPU Meter quot it gives me all the correct information but in the Fan Speed its always saying rpm I'm not sure if its just not picking up on the fan or if the fan is not running it tells me the usage is a constant and it goes up while playing games But playing any game full screen causes my computer to freeze up completely the sound is clipping and weird Dying/overheating graphics card?? pixeled lines appear right when it freezes This is a picture of what it does while playing a full screen game the computer is frozen I can't exit I have to shut it off my holding the power button During this the sound is clipping stuck on whatever the sound was when it froze Is my graphics card dying Over heating Fan isn't working I've noticed my computer isn't as loud as it normally is while playing this game I have the latest drivers but recently had computer problems My disc drive died and now my graphics card to I do remember before all these issues my screen would go pixeled in some areas and it would jump all over but it seemed like a loose Dying/overheating graphics card?? cord on the back of the monitor because when I'd move it a bit everything would go back to normal

A:Dying/overheating graphics card??

8800's didn't have a 'low power mode' like the newer cards do. I have an 8800gtx in a drawer here from my old system.

Those temps shouldn't be high enough to kill it, but they are pushing things.
Checking the fan shouldn't be a problem just open the case and fire it up.

the picture you are showing there looks like a result of cooked graphic's ram though.
It's likely the card can't be saved at this point.
That is a hell of a lot of artifacting.
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I am taking the first steps to learning computer repair I was having a power supply problem The fan in the power supply didn t work I opened up the computer and used pressurized air cannisters Power supply installation confusion to clean the computers internal components including the fan of course It still didn t work Power supply installation confusion so I went out and bought a new power supply I installed it Power supply installation confusion and although the power supply fan worked the computer didn t work My computer wouldn t boot up and there was an quot no signal quot error on my video monitor I tried making sure everything was well connected All the cables could only go in one way so I knew they were in the correct way I tried checking other components like cards to make sure Power supply installation confusion they were in firmly and they were My wife looked at it later and unattached the cables and tried putting different connectors in each hard drive floppy and cd rom sockets and it worked I was told by a tech at a computer store that it didn t matter which connector goes in what socket as long as it was the right kind size I know there are many of the same connectors attached to the power supply Was the tech incorrect Was it important which connector you plug into the right socket Do the connectors all have to be on the same wire or vica versa I know you have to have the right size connector but besides that I mean Does anyone have an idea of what went wrong This isn t helping my computer illiterate complex I have always had Thanks nbsp

A:Power supply installation confusion

Hey Streaker,
Power cables, which plug into your CD-ROM/harddrive etc...usually do only have one way that they can go in, but you have to make sure that they are plugged in securly, a way you can verify this is by turning your computer on and see if the lights on the front of the case light up...another thing to remember that your IDE cables (the grey cables) have a red pin stripe down them that indicates it's pin 1 which means your hard drive has a pin 1 as well, so they go together (this sounds what might have happened: and IDE could have been loose or not corrected put in). I hope this solves some questions that you might have...
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Hi there,

I don't know if anyone can help me out. After I got a power surge the old power supply blew. I've bought a new power supply the old one was 300W the new one is a 350W Enermax. I took out the old power supply and replugged the new one in. Putting the main power cable and all the other one to the peripheral. But the problem is when I click on the power button to turn it on. Everything switches on but it doesn't seem to start the computer. Even the CD-Rom doesn't open when I push the open button. I don't know if anyone can help me out.

A:Power Supply Issue After Installation

Fault isolation: Un-hook main power. Just connect power to the motherboard ( and any fans on the motherboard) and one CD drive. Disconnect the ribbion cable form the CD rom drive. reconnect main power and hit the start. If after start up, when you hit the "door open" button the drive door fails to open there is a good chance that you have purchased a bad Power supplly or the reset needs to be punched, (if it has one). If the drive opens you may have fried more than your powersupply when you had that power surge.
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Hi,My nephew wants to upgrade the graphics card in his 5501150qe, and will probably have to upgrade the power supply, too.   It's a small case and the first card he bought was too large (he hasn't done this before).  He now is getting a Msi GeForce gt 740 direct x 12 4gb. Can anyone suggest a compatible power supply, and will there be cooling problems? Thanks -
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Thermaltake W0099RU ATX12V 250 Watts:

I found this on newegg, and if fact, I do need a new psu for my new 7900GS KO, and I thought this would be a cheaper and better option that buying a decent psu. What do you think?

A:Independant Graphics Power Supply

Interesting. I tried to find some reviews on it (real reviews by professionals), and couldn't. I'd like to see how stable they are first before I popped one in my system. Have you been able to find any reviews?

Also, are you SURE your current PSU is not enough? It may be enough you know. I see you only have 18amps on the 12v volt, that is very much on the low side, but it would depend on what else you have in your box.

I'm tempted to recommend you get a high quality 450w FSP power supply for $40 over getting the thermaltake.....
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Since yesterday I've been getting the odd BSOD on startup but it flashes on and off the screen then computer restarts, so i can't read what it says. Other times windows will boot up fine.

I installed speedfan to check all temps are normal, and they are apart from the graphics card. It sits at about 63c when idle. It has flames next too the temp so i'm guessinbg this too high? I haven't Overclocked it, just using the bog standard factory settings.

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I realized that my graphics card (Geforce 6800GT)idles at 59C, but slowly builds up to 70C when I play a game. At this point, my mouse light starts to flicker, and freeze constantly etc etc. There are also chances of getting a nv4_mini.sys BSoD. My question is, is it normal for the 6800GT to go up 10C just by playing a game? It isnt even that graphic intensive (CS 1.6, Warcraft 3). Currently, I have one side of the PC case opened for more air flow. It lowered temperatures a bit (i use to have temperatures up to 80C) but it still doesn't seem to be enough. Are there any options besides buying fans?

A:Graphics Card Overheating while playing games

It is normal for temperatures to rise during a game but your temperatures are a bit high. You could remove the heatsink and fan, clean the old thermal compound off and reapply some Arctic Silver and reinstall the heatsink/fan to the graphics card. As long as your fan is capable of getting up to full song, your temps should go down. Anyway, it's cheap to try.
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I have a Satellite P I have a few games which I like to play but am unable to because the laptop overheats while running these games The specs of the P with GeFORCE m graphics card and gb ram easily fulfil the requirements of the games Counter strike source cod mw While playing the games for mins or so everything is fine After this stage things start to get warm and small glitches appear on the screen Little rectangles of messed up graphics If i don't exit the game straight away i get a BSOD with errors such as quot IRQL less than or Equal quot The vent on the lefthand side of the laptop runs very hot when this happens I have vacuumed dust out and am using a fan P750 - card when using Overheating graphics Satellite cooling pad to try and cool it all down Makes no difference I have updated graphics card drivers and BIOS WHAT CAN I DO TO PREVENT OVERHEATING WHEN USING GFX CARD

A:Satellite P750 - Overheating when using graphics card

Hmm? are you using the graphic card driver from Toshiba driver page?
Such driver is a little bit different from other original nVidia drivers because it?s modified for mobile usage. It contains some kind of ?overheating? protection.
In case of higher GPU temperature, such driver would clock down the GPU performance in order to increase the GPU temp.