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X1 carbon mini displayport to dp not working

Q: X1 carbon mini displayport to dp not working

Hello working mini displayport carbon to X1 dp not nbsp I just got a brand new X Carbon I would like to use it with a large in Dell screen X1 carbon mini displayport to dp not working This screen has a dedicated DP and I connected it to the mini DP of the X1 carbon mini displayport to dp not working X I could not get it to work the X does not identify the screen and the screen displays a message no display port X1 carbon mini displayport to dp not working cable I used another cable still does not work nbsp I know that the screen DP is OK since I am using it with my older laptop Lenovo X and I get a perfect high-resolution display Also I know that the mini DP on the X is not completely dead since when I connect it to the screen HDMI entry nbsp with nbsp a dedicated mini DP to HDMI connector it works OK nbsp I followed the instructions in the user manual re updating the monitor driver etc The problem still exists nbsp I will appreciate any help with this problem nbsp Thanks nbsp Ben Solved Go to Solution

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Preferred Solution: X1 carbon mini displayport to dp not working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: X1 carbon mini displayport to dp not working

Hi BenZion,

Welcome to Lenovo Community!

As per the query we understood that you are facing the issue with Display port on your ThinkPad X1 Carbon.

Have you checked with updating Graphic drivers and BIOS update?
If you have any difficulty in finding the drivers, please share the MTM number & OS (Operating System) of your device so that I can assist you with the drivers.

Hope this helps!

Best regards
Hemanth Kumar.B

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Are there any adapters to do this or ways to do this? I can't seem to find any.

I am buying new monitors, the dell u2414h. Now, while this does have hdmi, I will be connecting multiple monitors together to extend the display from the laptop to give me multiple screens. The problem with this is that it only works if you use displayport and not hdmi, so I need a way to convert the hdmi to displayport or mini displayport.

I will primarily be using these monitors with my laptop that has displayport, so that is why I am getting these monitors and that won't be a problem. I will most likely hook up other laptops to the monitors and hdmi is way more common from what I have seen on laptops than displayport and is why I need a way to go from hdmi to displayport or mini displayport.

Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Hdmi to Displayport/Mini Displayport

You can't, HDMI does not support daisy chaining in the manner that DisplayPort does and you can't use a simply adapter to go from HDMI to DisplayPort and get the features of DisplayPort.
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I purchased a MiniDP to HDMI cable that is capable of 4k resolution. I hooked it up to my X1 (Gen1, model 3444-G7U) laptop into my LG TV (which also supports 4k). I can't get the TV to go above 1080p! Again, the TV is brand new and 4k capable, the MiniDP to HDMI cable is 4k capable, and it's connected from my X1 laptop's MiniDP port.
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I have an iMac ALU 8,1 from 2007
20 Inch, 2.66 Ghz, 2 GB ram, ATI HD 2600 XT, 640 GB Sata 7200 rpm

And my problem is that I am about to buy a cable to connect a secondary monitor, and I do not know wich one I need.
I don't know wich port I have and I can't really tell the difference.
I searched the net a bit but couldn't seem to find this info.

I looked at the tech specs of the new iMacs on and they have Mini DisplayPort, but that's the new revision.
What about mine and how do I tell the difference?

Also, where can I get theese kind of cables really cheap? b/c it's freakin expensive from apple.

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Hi Im new to this but I joined as I needed some help with a problem i'm facing when trying to connect my laptop to an external monitor using a mini display port to VGA adapter When I try to connect my laptop to my external monitor with the adapter my external monitor does not detect anything however when I connect to the external monitor with the problem Displayport VGA Mini to adapter and the laptop connected with a dvi to hdmi cable the monitor detects the signal I somehow managed to get to work once but don't know how The problem i'm facing Mini Displayport to VGA problem is that the mini display port to vga connector wont connect to the display on its own it needs the laptop to be connected with the dvi to hdmi cable aswell as the adapter but the hdmi cable needs to be plugged in to the back of my playstation My laptop is a Dell Xps with nvidia graphics and intel Any Help is much appreciated Thanks Jhon

A:Mini Displayport to VGA problem

VGA is analog only and I'm not sure if DisplayPort can do analog and digital, but it's primarily intended for digital. DVI and HDMI (which is just DVI plus audio on a different connector head) can do both analog and digital. So assuming that DP can do analog, you'd probably need to find a way to make the GPU specifically output an analog signal. You'd probably be better off either A) getting a new monitor that can handle DisplayPort or at least DVI/HDMI and using that or B) checking a place like Amazon for an active signal converter, which is what the laptop is doing now. You can't passively convert a digital signal to analog, you need a powered device. Plenty of people will be quite happy to sell you an adapter that just connects the different pins, but it won't do you any good because you're just sending a digital signal over a cable where the device on the other end is going to be expecting analog.
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As the title indicates i'm on the lookout for a new mini displayport equipped graphics card to fit in my Win 7 desktop pc to connect to a 24" LED Apple Cinema display (on order) which obviously uses a mini displayport connector. I won't be gaming, just 2D CAD work and would prefer a low power, quiet GPU. After a lot of research decided on the single slot 1GB XFX ATI HD 5770 GDDR5 card but just read a review on newegg which mentioned that this card causes the 24" Apple Cinema Display to flicker in Windows now a bit hesitant Also came across the 512mb AMD FirePro 2460 but this is about $300!!! Any other recommendations?


A:Looking for a basic GPU equipped with mini displayport

Stick with the 5770 or go to the 5870. The screen flicker you refer to has to do with the refresh rate not set correctly. When you have all you parts up and running try the different refresh rates...that should fix it.
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I posted a question but it was edited and I think I was misunderstood.
So I'll trying asking it better now...

I own a Tecra M11-103 it has both a vga port/bus (im not sure how to call it) and a mini displayport.
Everything worked fine until in the middle of watching TV (notebook was connected to the TV via mini displayport to hdmi adapter) something went wrong and since then the port is not identified... the vga port works fine but the mini displayport just stopped recognising whenever a cable is plugged into it...

How can I reinstall the port itself?
I tried reinstalling the display driver but it didn't help, I thought of maybe reinstalling the chipset utility but I don't know what it means and what's the danger...

If my question is still unclear please help me privide the most accurate information...

A:Tecra M11-103 - mini displayport does not seem to work

Hi mate:
Please don't start always new threads about one and the same theme.
Please follow this first thread to avoid misunderstandings:
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Hello I would like to buy something like this I be able to see 3840*2160 UHD 4:4:4 @60Hz on my Samsung Smart TV? It works with my desktop pc. I have read some other threads here where people have troubles with this on T450. Anybody has tested this and can confirm?
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Hello I recently bought a StarTech MDP VGA Mini Display Port to VGA Video Adapter Converter for my laptop as I had a perfectly good monitor sitting in my closet that I had the idea to use as a second extended desktop monitor but no VGA port built into the laptop Everything seems to be working great with good quality results except for one thing which is Sleep Mode Times out of whenever the laptop goes to sleep be it by a set time of inactivity closing the cover or manually telling the machine to go to sleep when I wake it up I get to Mode DisplayPort Mini Sleep VGA Issues the blue Mini DisplayPort to VGA Sleep Mode Issues screen of death on my primary laptop Mini DisplayPort to VGA Sleep Mode Issues display which most of the time displays a heading of BAD POOL HEADER with the only way out to force the computer to shut down My specs are Computer Dell XPS L X Windows Ultimate -bit SP Display Adaptors Intel R HD Graphics Family o Driver Version NVIDIA GeForce GT M o Driver Version MiniDisplay to VGA Adaptor StarTech com MDP VGA Mini DisplayPort to VGA Video Adapter Converter Second Monitor Dell FP The steps I have taken so far have been checking to make sure all the video drivers are up-to-date and updating where needed uninstalling software I installed in the last few days to try to see if I was blaming the issue on the wrong thing likewise I did a System Restore to about days back I also installed a driver for the monitor which all it seemed to do was to have its name display in the Device Manager Something else I noticed which may have something to do with the issue is that there are three control panels to set up the multiple displays and many other display settings These are Windows Screen Resolution under Display settings NVIDIA Settings Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel There is also a third monitor that only exists on the software end I don t have any corresponding hardware third monitor that appears as Display device on VGA under the Windows settings and under Device Manager I have my second monitor listed under Monitors and then Generic PnP Monitor which I tried disabling under this module Right now I have Sleep Mode turned off so that the computer never goes to sleep only the main display turns off however I would like to get this fixed Many thanks in advance
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I have an ASUS MB169C+ external monitor that does not have an AC adapter and gets power through its USB-C slot. Digital input of this monitor is 'DisplayPort over USB-C' / DisplayPort Alt Mode. Monitor's power consumption is <=7W and voltage rating 4.75-5.25 V at 1.4A. My question is if mini displayport of my ThinkPad can feed this monitor. For that purpose, I have found this cable: . If you have another cable to suggest, please let me know.Thank you in advance

A:ThinkPad X1 Yoga: can its mini displayport feed en...

I'm not sure about this since I don't have any of those device, but your question seems to be very interesting.
According to the cable you are listing it says "USB 3.1 Type-C to Mini DisplayPort" which may mean that from a computer with USB-C port you can connect a monitor with mini display port plug, but I'm not sure if it will work the other way.
Maybe someone with more experience with USB-C can reply this.
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I have an ASUS MB169C+ external monitor that does not have an AC adapter and gets power through its USB-C slot. Digital input of this monitor is 'DisplayPort over USB-C' / DisplayPort Alt Mode. Monitor's power consumption is <=7W and voltage rating 4.75-5.25 V at 1.4A. My question is if mini displayport of my ThinkPad can feed this monitor. For that purpose, I have found this cable: . If you have another cable to suggest, please let me know.Thank you in advance
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I picked up a Skylake yoga model nbsp FY US nbsp and I'm not getting anything from the DVI or HDMI outputs on a mini-DP to HDMI DP DVI adapter nbsp This is the particular adapter I tried http www amazon com DisplayPort-Thunderbolt-HDMI C AE-Passive-Adapter dp B Z ZI ref sr ie nbsp To be clear the adapter offers DVI HDMI and DP outputs only one of which works at a time I'm not trying to plug three monitors into it However if I hook up a Yoga 14 (20FY) ... Skylake displayport mini ThinkPad monitor via either the DVI or the HDMI outputs the computer freezes for - seconds and nothing shows up on the external nbsp monitor nbsp Drivers are all updated nbsp I've tried the adapter on a Surface Pro and it worked flawlessly I've also tried it with multiple Skylake ThinkPad Yoga 14 (20FY) mini displayport ... external monitors so the problem is definitely with my ThinkPad I've also tried DP and DP versions of the adapter Again nothing out of the DVI or HDMI outputs nbsp nbsp Oddly Skylake ThinkPad Yoga 14 (20FY) mini displayport ... enough when I tried a simple mini-DP to VGA adapter it worked nbsp nbsp What gives This is a pretty important functionality to be missing nbsp

A:Skylake ThinkPad Yoga 14 (20FY) mini displayport ...

I've tried two miniDP to DVI cables which neither worked.  I just bought an Apple miniDP to VGA adapter and that doesn't work either.  I've tested the monitors and they are good.  I'm assuming the cables are not the issue since I tried three.  I just read on another post that it is a design limitation that miniDP to HDMI or DVI do not work with this laptop.  I don't understand that.  However, it says that miniDP to VGA should work.  It clearly works for you.  Did you do anything other than plug the adapter in?
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Good morning I have a DELL XPS laptop for photography with a great Ultrasharp U H not HM I have to use a mini-DP to DP converter cable in order to connect them together and it worked very good until I upgraded my OS from Windows to last year Since this upgrade the communication U2713H mini Ultrasharp with displayport issue XPS15 between my computer and the monitor is just completely not working The monitor says quot entrer en economiser puissance quot I m french The HDMI connection works just fine but is unable XPS15 mini displayport issue with Ultrasharp U2713H to give me the full WQHD resolution I tried differents mini-DP to DP cables with the same results My laptop doesn t even XPS15 mini displayport issue with Ultrasharp U2713H show the external monitor on the display settings window and the quot fn quot quick launch for screen sharing options doesn t solved the problem at all I have updated the Intel HD driver and the Nvidia GT M driver but the problem is still XPS15 mini displayport issue with Ultrasharp U2713H here At the begining I thought this problem will probably be solved quickly by a DELL driver release but nothing happened and I m stuck for almost one year now trying to solve this apparently quot tiny problem quot And apparently I am not the only DELL user experiencing this issue almost all the people with the same problem have downgraded to or and the problem was solved but I don t want to go back to nbsp because I really don t like this windows version
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Hello! Im having a little problem with my docking station. ThinkPad Mini Dock Series 3. Seems like the DisplayPort does not work. I use dual 1440p monitors from Phillips and want to connect both with DP as the DVI is single-link only. I have one of the monitors plugged in the MiniDP on the side of T430 so i got that working wich is nice.  Is there some kind of firmware or something i need to install to get the DP working on the docking station? Cant remember i have ever done this and as far as i know it ha never worked... Always used it with a single 24" monitor with VGA. Thanks.

A:T430 with ThinkPad Mini dock series 3 DisplayPort ...

This issue is driving me crazy!  I bought new DisplayPort Monitors for T430s ThinkPads using the Mini Dock Series 3 dock.  I have 4 identical laptops.  Same software and drivers with two Monitors.  One on the Dock DisplayPort and the other Monitor on the PC Mini DisplayPort.   Three laptops work perfectly.  The forth one blinks! I do have a newer T430s with the Invidia Graphics card that has the same symptoms, but I have come to the conclusion that Lenovo does not support multiple monitors with that version.  Lenovo, Please tell me there is a firmware update for the Type 4337 Mini Dock Series 3 dock.  I saw the link for the T540 dock firmware update.  Will it work on the Series 3 dock?
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Does the mini displayport on the Satellite Pro S500 also carry audio?


A:Satellite Pro S500 - Mini displayport also carry audio?

Hi buddy,

Which display port you mean exactly?

The only display port that carries audio too is the HDMI port.
For all other display ports like VGA, DVI, S-Video, etc. you need an additional cable for audio.
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What should I buy????? I like the 'look' of the Rio but the Ipod id cheaper. Does anyone have any advice on which to buy????

Many thanks
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I am trying to connect a monitor HP LA2405wg to an HP 8570p (W7 64bit; AMD radeon HD7570M) through Displayport direct connection without succeding. the monitor is recognized (I can see in "monitor resolution" in window) and hear the plugin sound.the monitor start scanning the ports but conclude "no signal" everywhere. I already updated driver and software through HP utilities.I already tried power off everything, disconnect all cables (signal and powers) and turn on and reconnect (first the pc, then the monitor) no changes. Interestingly, if I try VGA connection everything is fine.When I try displayport (VGA cable disconnected) I can see ("monitor resulution window) an available VGA output non connected and two entries in device manager-monitors (both la2405). any hint greatly appreciated.thank you
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Hi, I installed Windows 7 x64 on a Prodesk 600 G2 SFF and the DisplayPorts are not working. VGA does work. I installed the Intel Graphics drivers from HP web site. Any ideas ?
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On my ThinkCentre M92p which has Windows 7 pro installed I am using a standard monitor from the onboard VGA.
But now I want to run a 2nd display to my LCD TV. So I have a new cable into the onboard displayport and the other end is HDMI into my TV. Nothing showed on the TV (no signal). So I went to the display settings and click on Detect but (Another display not detected) came up. Then I went into BIOS and set up the video to Multiple Displays. Still No Signal.
As far as I know I have the correct drivers for this model from the support downloads. Driver (b2vdo41us14.exe)
I am hope now someone can guide me through what I am doing wrong. And be thankful for any input.
Mod:  edited title for clarity

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A:M92p - DisplayPort to HDMI not working

What is your BIOS version ?    And exactly what cable are you using for DP to HDMI ?
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While I was working couple of days ago my external monitor suddenly went black I was using hdmi to displayport [HP 8570W] working Displayport not ELITEBOOK converter in order to connect monitor to my laptop However even though I have bought [HP ELITEBOOK 8570W] Displayport not working a new converter and a new hdmi cable it is still not working nbsp The interesting part is when I disconnected the cable from my laptop monitor says please connect the cable However when I connect the cable again it waits for a while and says no video output and when I disconnect it again says please connect the cable nbsp So I believe that it is not purely a hardware issue but yet I can get no signal to displayport even if I use linux boot cd nbsp reinstall drivers or reinstall windows nbsp nbsp Any help will be appreciated nbsp Thanks in advance nbsp P S my graphics card is Nvidia quadro k m and I am mainly using my computer for CAD and CAE simulations for designing ships So larger screen is a must for me nbsp My external screen is full hd philips gioco nbsp
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Displayport to HDMI cable connected to my macbook 15" retina does not work.I have tried 2 different cables (from 2 different manufacturers) on 2 different HP ProDisplay P232 monitors.  The HP ProDisplay monitor cannot recognize any video source on the displayport connector. I verified on both monitors that the displayport interface works with a displayport to thunderbolt (mini displayport) on my macbook.  I also verified that the VGA interface works fine with VGA to thunderbolt cable to my macbook. I have been unable to find anything on the Apple support forums about an issue with HDMI to displayport. is this a mac issue or HP ProDisplay P232 issue? Does the displayport to HDMI cable have to be displayport 1.2 only?
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I have new Elitebook G laptops They came with windows out of the box and I upgraded one to Windows bit I have the same problem nbsp with both nbsp Neither will display anything over displayport to a BenQ BL PT AMVA -inch Monitor x nbsp The nbsp laptop is advertised with nbsp DisplayPort Supports resolutions up to x Hz Resolutions are dependent upon monitor capability and resolution and color depth setting nbsp nbsp When I plug in the nbsp cable the laptop screen goes blank the monitor just G3 working 2560 Displayport x on not 840 1440 Elitebook turns off with no signal nbsp To get the Displayport 2560 x 1440 not working on Elitebook 840 G3 laptop screen back nbsp I need to unplug the cable and sometimes actually plug it back in Shutting down with the cable plugged in ends with an incomplete shutdown and needs nbsp the power button held down until the lights go off nbsp The same monitor works fine at full resolution with a USB gt DisplayPort displaylink adapter So the cable monitor appear to work fine nbsp I've gone into the bios and increased the video memory to mb but that hasn't made a Displayport 2560 x 1440 not working on Elitebook 840 G3 difference I've switched down from displayport to compatibility in the monitor settings nbsp but that hasn't helped I've used SoftPAQ to go to Displayport 2560 x 1440 not working on Elitebook 840 G3 latest bios video drivers chipset drivers I've uninstalled HP video drivers and gone with newer intel native drivers Exact same behaviour nbsp nbsp So the fact that this is happening on two laptops strikes me as strange It's hardly a hardware problem nbsp I don't have a nd displayport monitor so I haven't tried that nbsp nbsp Has anyone any ideas nbsp
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I'm trying to run audio to a stereo receiver over an HDMI cable attached to my computer (T420s) through a DP to HDMI adapter. I have the DisplayPort++ symbol on my computer, so a passive adapter should work. The only playback device listed though is Conexant 20672 SmartAudio HD. I've tried installing the Intel Graphics Driver listed on Lenovo's site, hoping it might install the Intel Display Audio driver. It did not seem to. I still have to Intel audio in the device manager. Any ideas on what to do to get audio to my stereo receiver?
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Hello nbsp I've got an HP Folio m together with the HP Ultraslim Docking Station D Y AA UUZ featuring DisplayPort connectors and a VGA connector I would like to connect two digital screens to the docking station in extended mode nbsp First I have tried to connect two screens with two DP to DVI adapters which didn't work The screens have only been able to be used in clone mode showing same screen content but not in extended desktop mode Then I thought this might be an issue of DP- gt DVI converters as the dock might not support this So I bought DP cables DisplayPort HP on working not Docking 2x Ultraslim Station i... and tried multiple combinations - x DP DVI 2x DisplayPort on HP Ultraslim Docking Station not working i... converter cable- x DP x DP DVI converter cable- x DP native nbsp Unfortunately none of the combinations worked in extended mode The screen setup always falls back to clone mode Intel Graphics setup menu also just shows selection between one external screen and Monitor which is the laptop built-in screen nbsp It actually works in extended mode only if I use DP port and the VGA port on the docking 2x DisplayPort on HP Ultraslim Docking Station not working i... station So I can work in extended screen mode like this But in year it's simply ridiculous having to connect FullHD screens via analog VGA So I would like to know how to use these DP connectors on the UltraSlim docking station nbsp Even more strange I found that using the DisplayPort connector in conjunction with one of the DP connectors of the dock while docked it works in extended mode So the laptop is able to handle it Just the dock seems not to support it or I got a defective one nbsp Anybody able to give any additional hints how to connect two screens digitally to the dock in extended mode

A:2x DisplayPort on HP Ultraslim Docking Station not working i...

I can't seem to find the documentation I found on a forum but the intial batch of slim docking stations WILL NOT allow 2 dp at the same time.  It is due to the architecture of the of the laptop and the docking station.  In order for two dp at the same time, you  will need to buy the 2013 one.  (I will try to find the product number for you).  Their workaround was to use VGA and DP at the same time, which you have already figured out. Update: Looks like the page is not found, however, the title says it all. "Alert: Dual display limitations of 2013 HP UltraSlim Docking Station with HP EliteBook Folio 9470m N..." Update #2:  Found it attached.    Can't upload pdf files

dual display alert_D9Y32AA_Page_2.jpg ?227 KB

dual display alert_D9Y32AA_Page_1.jpg ?325 KB
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Hello I just want' a clear answer if there is 6 7 working - after in Displayport windows detected stopped not months one How to make DisplayPort work on OEM Displayport not detected in windows 7 - stopped working after 6 months Win Pro x HP Probook b Here is the situation I don't want displays heck I just want Displayport not detected in windows 7 - stopped working after 6 months one to work via Displayport - it did for months Situation i needed external display only DVI-D Monitor available i got DisplayPort to DVI-D cable DisplayPort hooked to DVI-D input of SamsungSyncmaster B worked great up to x no problem closed the lid an auto got x on external monitor I took laptop and hooked it to TV DisplayPort- gt HDMI no problems One day it quot decided quot to stop working and I don't think the DisplayPort is broken something else is according to all troubles people go through I would say I was very lucky to get away with this e i getting the pisture from DisplayPort - in fact it's not broken when tested on Ubuntu it works so HW is ok I reinstalled intelHD drivers to new ones v dec - even though the things worked with old one v jul going to restore points Tried well almost all there is to be found on internet where else - nothing works though DisplayPort works with no problem on ubuntu makes you think doesn't it Tried DisplayPort to VGA - vga monitor not even detected nothing as with dvi monitors or hdmi TV which works perfectly i'm quot lucky quot i guess on other laptop yes hp proobook just year or two older than the one in question with plain Intel HD not hd - same OS win pro x I know it maybe older version of monitor but hey it works with ATI Radeon hd from desktop pc so it's not monitor fault VGA out works ok all the time - but i cannot hook dvi monitor to it and i don't want to So it seams Display Port is somehow not even in Win picture like it's not there - but that's what driver's do don't they Or is there a super hidden switch in Windows to enable DisplayPort I don't see it again It's not HW it works with Ubuntu i'll keep saying that so it's clear that it's windows intel later one thing i don't think it's HPs error really How to check if maybe DisplayPort doesn't work in wondows And what to do - it works with Live ubuntu so it's not HW failure Is there a SIMPLE solution quot Simple EXE quot to sort things out should be by now or Intel amp HP just don't care Would win solve anything - I'm not really eager to migrate because win is just ok it is no need to chnage for now - waiting next Win OS so planning to skip win as I did skip the vista failure excuse my language - but let's be real it was big fail Is there a separate DisplayPort driver if so I did not found it on HP b download page - maybe if there is one it got corrupted Is quot active quot adapter any good - would that work eg quot BIZLINK Display Port DVI-D DualLink Adapter USB Powered Cable quot - but the quot problem quot is that I'm ok with x don't need higher res for now - and I have a cable that works ok- tried on other laptop USB to DVI yes i'm that desperate - does it work like plugging monitor to VGA DisplayPort - maybe odd question but i'm not familiar with this adapters and really don't know what to expect does it go to x I'm so tired of hours spending reading that I should even reprogram EDID on DVI monitor come on but it would not change anything since it does not get detected by DisplayPort - and monitor works with dvi signal from other PC Please give me some feedback I'm not re-installing OS because of this it's plain stupid solution and I'm not sure if it's going to work again anyway - or if for how long Long post I know just please don't give me reboot with all cables plugged in or go into safe mode Thank you looking forward for possible solution

A:Displayport not detected in windows 7 - stopped working after 6 months


Displayport? How to check it... if it's installed ok etc?

Btw: anyone knows any good USB to HDMI/DVI-D adapter (at reasonable price)?

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My 15 R2 has an AMD R9 395X discrete GPU.  When using just the laptop itself, I don't have issues with the switchable graphics, the Intel 530 works when it should and switches to the R9 when gaming.  When I connect an external monitor (Dell U2415 Ultrasharp) via a USB-C to DisplayPort (1.2) Cable to the monitor, it only uses the 530 graphics - even for games in High Performance mode.  In games where I can select the GPU I want to use - only the 530 shows up, and the AMD Settings states that there aren't any displays connected to it.  Both drivers for the respective GPUs are the current versions as posted by Dell.  
Is this a known issue that is being worked on, or should I be opening a support ticket with both Dell and AMD?
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I just bought brand new X1 Carbon and tried to connect to my TV using HDMI line.However, TV say "no signal". I tried to connect to my TV with other laptop(not lenovo) and apple TV(to check whether there is an any issue on TV or HDMI line), it works very well.Would you please let me know how I can solve an issue.Thanks.
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hi ! can anybody tell how can i run nfs carbon in my windows xp machine. its already running good in windows 7 but whenever i trying to run it on xp its won't run. plz help.

A:NFS Carbon is not working in winxp

Do you get an error message when you try to run it?
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I have an X Carbon Mic Not OneLink X1 Working Carbon Gen + Pro - 2nd nd generation and hooked to it a OneLink Pro dock Attached to that are two external monitors a keyboard mouse USB HD and ethernet nbsp nbsp I used to connect my headphones directly to my notebook but a few months ago I noticed that when my notebook is hooked to the dock the notebook's audio Mic Not Working - OneLink Pro + X1 Carbon 2nd Gen would not work nbsp Not a giant problem becasue I could get audio feed via the dock But it is a problem when I am on a conference call because the Mic feed doesn't work in the dock nbsp nbsp To nbsp join a conference call I have to unhook my notebook and use my headset with the notebook Alternatively I can join the audio section of the call on my phone and then Mic Not Working - OneLink Pro + X1 Carbon 2nd Gen the webfeed on my notebook Both are frustrating nbsp nbsp Can Mic Not Working - OneLink Pro + X1 Carbon 2nd Gen I force the audio mic feedback on my notebook even when hooked to the OneLink doc nbsp nbsp Or can the Mic feed go through the dock nbsp Solved Go to Solution

A:Mic Not Working - OneLink Pro + X1 Carbon 2nd Gen

I have two X2 Carbon 3d Gen systems and two OneLink Pro docks with the same problem. The dock combo port microphone feed does not work.
I have the latest OneLink Pro software installed (1.08.36), and already updated the dock to the latest firmware (2.24).
When I plug a headset into the OneLink Pro combo port, it is detected, and looks OK... BUT the headset audio is dead, while the X1 microphones are still picking up audio:

I have to unplug the X1 from the OneLink Pro and plug the headset into the X1 combo port to have a conversation :-s.
Any ideas out there?
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Major disappointment with X1 Carbon USB 3.0 port and Windows 8 compatibility. My brand new X1 carbon with Windows 8 does not recognizes my two Iomega external hard drives (iomega Prestige Portable 1TB USB 3.0 and Iomega Iomega eGo 500GB USB 3.0) when plugged on USB 3.0 port.Other hard drives like Toshiba stor.e 500Gb USB 3.0 work without problems.USB 2.0 works fine.On plugging file manager list both drives but when copy of files is tried the operation freezes and port is non operative even when trying to safe remove the hardware .It looks as a clear USB 3.0 driver  problem. I am using driver Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller -0100 (Microsoft) - version 6.2.9200.16420.Help is highly appreciated. 

A:X1 Carbon USB 3.0 port not working with Iomega har...

I've been having a similar problem with a WD Passport. I found that if I connect the drive with a USB 2 cable (instead of the USB 3 cable that comes with it) to the USB 3 port on my X1 Carbon, the drive works with no problem, but only in USB 2 mode, of course. Still, I would like a driver update of some kind so that I can use the drive at full speed.
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Hello, My 3 finger swipe does not work at all on my brand new X1 Carbon ThinkPad. I have gfone into the configuration settings for the touchpad and have 3 finger swipe enabled for task switching, but it does not work AT ALL. I would be grateful for any suggestions.  thanks
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This issue has been afecting me for some time, but as the warranty is coming closer to expire I decided to look into it. Since I upgraded to Windows 10 (at least that I noticed) my TrackPoint has stopped working. I checked the Lenovo assistant and all drivers are updated. Googled some solutions (like checking the setup screeen) and nothing was effective. The Mouse Control Panel shows the TrackPoint options greyed:  Before I go through the annoyance of calling the Lenovo/IBM support, is there any known solution for this? Thanks.
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After not using a bluetooth set for a while it is no longer working with my X Carbon Gen This same headset used to work with this computer and still works with a cellphone nbsp However with Bluetooth Enabled and the headset powered the device shows up in the list of Bluetooth Devices and is shown to be of type Heaset The Headset service option is enabled in its property settings too It does not appear G... X1 No Working Longer Bluetooth Carbon on Headset in the list of Playback devices although the device paired properly nbsp Things already tried to solve this but did not work - Toggle Bluetooth antena on and off- Disable and renable Bluetooth- Update Bluetooth driver - Uninstall and reinstall Bluetooth drive - Update sound driver - Uninstall and reinstall sound driver - Even Bluetooth Headset No Longer Working on Carbon X1 G... tried the bluetooth with the sound driver uninstalled nbsp The problem always remains the same Bluetooth is on the device pairs and shows up in the list of Bluettoh device and has the headset service enabled yet no sound comes out of it and it never appears in the list of playback devices nbsp The X Carbon Gen is running an up-to-date Windows -bit The Lenovo System update shows nbsp that everything else is up to date nbsp How can this be fixed nbsp Thanks in advance nbsp - Itai nbsp
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Display issue in Lenovo X1 CarbonDisplay non touch. Native resolution 2560x1440 on ci7 8GB 256GB SSD.When I wake the laptop from sleep/power on/restart it keeps happening for around 5 -10 mins then screen goes to normal.Sometimes screen stays dark but when I move the screen to and fro at different angles at some point display starts working.Though on external display it works fine.Now I would like to ask if any one who has the Idea that? 1. Is it a BAD/loose connection between display cable & mother board or between cable and back side of LCD panel?2. Is it a bad cable itself?3. Is it an issue of faulty LCD panel? or 4. Is it a bad motherboard? Please watch the video for exact issue.
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Please hope you can help! About a week ago the external monitor (connected through HDMI) stopped getting signal, when reinstalling the driver it started working again. Now it happened again, and I tried reinstalling again, but nothing. I have tried the cable/monitor and they work fine, its the computer/hdmi-port. I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware problem... The Intel Driver Update Utility doesn't help either, neither does Lenovo Solution Center. What to do, I'm desperate! Help is tremendously appreciated!! /Fredrik
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Hi, I have Thinkpad X1 Carbon (System Model 20A7001PAD) , I upgraded to Windows 10 and was researching touchpad shortcuts and found that I can't use touchpad shortcuts to show Task View or switch virtual desktops using touchpad swipe.  I'm using latest Synaptic driver ( and enabled (Swipe) under (Gestures) within (Mouse Proerties). Also, under in Windows 10 settings (Mouse & Touchpad) why does my touchpad shows up as (Mouse) and not as (Touchpad) Thanks,Abdul
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Got my first thinkpad x1 laptop 2016 Type FB20 and unfortunately touchscreen is not working. It does not show touch device detail under Device Manager > HID. I tried to find touch screen driver in lenovo support portal but not able to find any such driver.Please let me know if any of you faced similar issue.
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Display issue in Lenovo X1 CarbonDisplay non touch. Native resolution 2560x1440 on ci7 8GB 256GB SSD.When I wake the laptop from sleep/power on/restart it keeps happening for around 5 -10 mins then screen goes to normal.Sometimes screen stays dark but when I move the screen to and fro at different angles at some point display starts working.Though on external display it works fine.Now I would like to ask if any one who has the Idea that? 1. Is it a BAD/loose connection between display cable & mother board or between cable and back side of LCD panel?2. Is it a bad cable itself?3. Is it an issue of faulty LCD panel? or 4. Is it a bad motherboard? Please watch the video for exact issue.

Lenovo-X1.jpg ?35 KB
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Hi all, I accidentally dropped my x1 carbon 3rd generation on the floor and since then the screen stopped working. I connected it to an external monitor, it boots fine and everything runs normally. However, I can only see the backlight working on the laptop screen. Would replacing the LED panel solve this issue or could the issue be somewhere else? Thanks for any insight! Meson
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I have a Carbon X1 (V2) with Windows 10 Pro loaded.  I suspect it may be missing some software and/or a device driver; Device Manager doesn't seem to know about the adaptive keys.When I start up normally, the function keys work (F1-F12) but the Fn key seems to do nothing, The keyboard backlight key works, none of the others appear to do anything.
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For some reason, I cannot get the backlit keyboard to work on my new X1 Carbon Touch.  It lights up upon powering up and then will not turn on no matter how many times I hit the space bar.  I don't see an option to enable/disable anywhere either.  Am I missing a driver?  Thanks in advance.

Go to Solution.

A:X1 Carbon Touch Backlit keyboard not working

Hi, architect7
Be sure to hold the Fn key while pressing the Spacebar to turn on the backlit keyboard. If you have already tried this to no avail, then I would recommend checking some BIOS settings. To enter BIOS, reboot the machine. When it is powering back up and you see the Lenovo splash screen, tap the Enter key repeatedly. A menu should appear. When it does, press F1 to enter BIOS. Once here, navigate to Config ? Keyboard/Mouse and check the settings of Fn and Ctrl Key swap and Fn Key Lock. For purposes of this test, make sure they are both set to Disabled. Once done, press F10 to save and exit. The machine should now boot normally. Log in to Windows and try to activate the backlight again and see if that works.
Best of luck,

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Received my new X1 Carbon 2014 this week. After only two minutes of use, the trackpad and toucphpad stopped working. I hade to use an external mouse, and even after all driver updates it still didn`t work. If I restart the machine, sometimes the track-touchpad will work, but suddenly it freezes up again (after only minutes of use), and I will have to restart to fix the problem. Have used it for 5 hrs now, and how probably restarted about 30-40 times.  Anyone know what is causing this problem and/or how I can fix it?     //alex

A:X1 Carbon touchpad and trackpad stops working.

does the same problem manifest itself in the BIOS menu?have you tried doing all the updates through ThinkVantage System Update.
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For some strange reason, the trackpad gestures to scroll or whatever is no longer working. I use to be able to scroll down a webstite using the 2 finger dragging down gestures. Is there a fix for this?  I think it stopped working after I ran some Windows 10 update the other day.

Go to Solution.

A:2015 X1 Carbon trackpad gestures no longer working

Nevermind, there were some updates in the Lenovo Solution Center hidden in the other tabs I didn't see that fixed it.Very nice software. Didn't have to look too hard for the drivers.
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This morning my X1 carbon Touch Screen stopped working for no apparent reason. Everything that I can see is updated.  Lenovo Chat has been a pain. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

A:2016 X1 carbon Touch Screen Stopped working abrupt...

Are you saying the machine won't start, or that the touch function doesn't work?
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Well my hp mini just stop working one day I logged in an this privacy components page popped up and told me that I had a lot of errors(trojans, virsuses etc.) to fix and to renew everything. It said that the license expired but I had just bought it brand new a few weeks back. It's charging me to fix the problem by buying all the licenses that I need. So I tried to and it didn't accept my info or credit card number so I called the number it gave me and that also didn't work out for me. I have tried everything. I even bought a cd drive so that I could transfer info to my laptop and I put the cd that came with the laptop to try to fix it and it also didn't work.What do I?

A:My new HP Mini stopped working! Help Please!!

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.
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I put my adaptor card in and nothing happens, but when I put my regular sandisk card in, the computer responds to it. Why won't my adaptor card work?

A:Mini sandisk not working on my PC

Can you "see" the card? You probably must reformat the card to get it working properly.
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hello everyone ,i have this issue that i can not solve yet , my hp mini 110 -1025dx is not showing my webcam in the device manager my windows 7 starter is up to date , and i've seen windows identfying it and it shows the messege your device is ready to use but i can't find any imaging device in the device manager and the cam is not shown by any program -skype for ex-plz would anyone help me with the right driver link to download or how to fix this issue ,thank you
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when I install counter strike the problem begin and the problem is
when I click on notepad or IE it minimize itself and when I click maximize it like I didn't click anything (nothing happen) so I uninstall counter strike using programme called ''Your Uninstaller! 2010'' It will remove everything about these game (it will remove every file was install even it registry ) and nothing happen , I try to restart my PC also but again nothing happen , so I'm in serous problem , I can't open IE or Notepad (I'm writing these by using FireFox ''look like it not infected yet'') so can anyone help me please
forget to say that I also try to repaire my windows xp but also didn't work and I try to fix registry files by ''C Cleaner'' but nothing change

please If anyone know how to fix it , pls say it
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I need help and fast, I bought an HP mini netbook as a wedding present for my sister, (getting married on Saturday) it comes with win7 starter and I wanted her to have a better version so I installed 7 pro. But now the driver for the wireless card isn't working, Ive tried multiple drivers and installed each multiple times but the wireless still doesn't work

I need help as soon as possible

A:HP mini netbook wireless not working

Did you happen to try the website for the HP Mini? I'm sure you could find a driver somewhere on the site.
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hello everyone ,
i have this problem i need help with ,
i updated my os to my hp mini 110-1025dx into windows 10 pro and i found out that the webcam dosen't appear on the devices in device manger ,
after a few attempts to try download the right driver for it because i haven'r found it on the manufacture site i got it to work for a few moments and then is turned off again but i found it this time on device manager under hidden devices ,
i thought it was the os so i downgraded to windows 7 starter and i updated but i still have no webcam in the device manager whatsoever ,
would anyone help me with a link to the driver for the webcam plz ,i can't think of anything else to do .
best regards
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After days of searching, I kinda gave up and came here instead. My external hard drive, about 1 year old, stopped working again... When it is plugged into the computer, explorer.exe will hang until I unplugged it. I need help in taking my files out from my external hard drive.

A:Samsung S1 Mini 200GB not working

Inside the casing of the external is a standard 1.8" hard drive. It has standard SATA Power and SATA Data ports.

The casing has an interface adapter built in. One side plugs into the standard SATA ports, the other side is the USB port you use.s
If this adapter is not making good contact with the standard SATA ports you can get these issues. Sometimes you can slightly push and twist the adapter while connected and get it to make good contact temporarily.

You should also try another USB cable to check that it is not something simple like that. Also try other USB ports from your PC.

If you have to give up on the external drive (and it's not still under warranty) you can remove the actual hard drive from the casing and hook it up to the SATA connectors inside a PC just like any other internal hard disk drive.
Doing this may allow you to access all your files directly, or if necessary use data recovery software.
If the drive does not work connected directly it may be damaged or defective.

Let us know.

EDIT: 1.8" drives actually use a Micro-SATA connector, not a standard connector. To hook the drive up to a PC you may need to use a Micro SATA to SATA adapter like this one:
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I was given a password a few months ago, but somehow today it's not working. Please help!

A:Hp mini Windows 7 password not working

I restarted the computer and it worked. Thank God!
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I'm having problems with my daughters hp mini.
The key board is not responding properly, for example:-
When trying to enter text into google W= closes web browser, R = refresh, F= Find box, H = favourites e.t.c probably something simple but can't figure it out.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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My HP Compaq Mini EO came shipped with Windows Home So I installed Windows RC and almost everything Compaq Mini! not Webcam working on works Webcam not working on Compaq Mini! except for the webcam and I can t seem to find any drivers There aren t any drivers on HP s website I can t find any lying around the net because I don t know what to search for quot Compaq Mini webcam driver quot That really give me anything usefull My webcam show up in device manager as quot Webcam- quot but when I try to update the Webcam not working on Compaq Mini! driver software from there it sais quot The install class is not present or is invalid quot Seems like it wants me to connect the webcam first like every other webcam softare I ve tried hmmm Kinda hard when it s manufactured into the top of my screen I might be able to pull some well hidden driver out of the quot hidden quot partition But how do I do that So Any suggestions to how I can get the little green diode on the right side of my webcam to light up nbsp

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Hi, i've recently started to use my old hp mini for the first time in about 4 years. I have switched the 1GB of ram to 2GB and upgraded the operating system to the newest version of windows 10 (32-bit) to date. Everything is working slow, but ok. My problem is that the speakers are not putting out sound and if I plug headphones in the jack they too do not work. If I look in "playback devices" and play audio it says that sound is playing but no sound is coming out of the speakers. Also, if I plug headphones in they don't even show up in "playback devices". I've done the automatic driver update check and they all say up to date. Any help would be appreciated,       Thanks.
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Hi guys. I bought a Sandisk mini cruzer 512 pendrive 3 months ago. It was OK but 2 weeks ago it stopped working in any computer I plugged it in. The light would come on for 3 seconds or so and then it would turn off and it's not recognized by the PC at all. I suspect a pendrive hardware problem. I have read a lot of posts giving instructions to reformat, reboot and so on but none of these solutions work if your PC doesn't physically detect the pendrive. Before I throw the pen into the garbage can (and with it the 67$ it took from my pocket!), does anyone know if the pendrive could be brought back to life in any way?

A:Sandisk mini cruzer USB pendrive not working

W98SE computers are quite good for reformatting them in FAT32.
Get the W98SE driver from the Sandisk website.
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When trying to deploy OS from Windows Deployment Services we are unable to kick off the build as this model doesnt recognise the USB keyboard and mouse. We have seen a similar issue on the EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF but as that model has a PS2 option we can use this as a workaround until the build process completes and injects the correct USB drivers. These mini models don't have any PS2 connections so that option is gone! All other USB ports are USB3 and refuse to work which leaves us unable to kick off the imaging process and install the drivers. Is there a workaround for this issue?

A:HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Mini - USB keyboard & mouse not working ...

I'd assume you already found the excellent info from Paul about there being a way to roll in USB3 drivers to a W7Pro installer build via a method from Intel.  Here is that source thread, if you did not find it:  Link The "restore" builds that HP includes on the original drive or via DVD generally have important drivers custom added in by HP, before they provide that "image" to load from.  I would contact HP directly to see if there is an option to purchase a W7Pro version for your specific model.  There has been the option to officially downgrade from W8 to W7.  This user's forum is not the official conduit for such requests.  A nice feature of such builds is that the HP OEM COA is included, and once you create a finalized build to your specific needs you can capture that image and clone it to other of your same-type workstations and that COA will work on them also.  I'd personally want the 64-bit version, if available.  Of course, check to make sure that all the workstations you clone onto have the legal right to use that COA.
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I bought an HP Mini 110-3015dx with Windows 7 starter pre-installed.  I have since swapped out the HD and loaded XP Pro onto the mini (by slipstreaming the SATA drivers -- what a pain).  Anyway -- I started looking for the drivers for the hardware, and the driver .exe that HP lists for the machine for the WLAN won't work.  I run the executable, restart, and nothing -- no new network adapter shows up.  I've tried mapping the driver directly to the extracted folder that's created in c:\SWSETUP, but there are no configuration files (only cabs and executables), so I cannot manually add the driver. Does anyone know the chipset and have a link to the drivers so I can manually map them to the unrecognized devices?  Or is there some other fix?  As much as I like Windows 7, I need XP on this machine. thanks,WLH

A:Mini 110-3015dx Wireless drivers for XP Pro not working

it does this same thing when you upgard to the full windows 7 - even though that is what HP recommends you do. Then HP will tell you to spend $60 for them to fix the problem - becasue this computer is not compatable with anything other than the windows 7 starter - its just a way for HP to make more money once you buy the product.
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on my childs satellite click mini L9W-B-102 the touch pad dosnt work and no mouse pointer can someone please help me
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Hi guys, Just bought two new HP Elite Display E220t screens, they both work a treat running VGA on an old machine, likewise other monitors work a treat on my machine witch has a mini DP but yet i cant seem to get any output from the E220t, just wondering if anyone has found a fix for this, Thank you in advanced, Dolmja
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I have imaged an 800 G1 DM via SCCM with drivers - the keyboard and mouse work fine when I boot into Windows 7 for the first time. However when I image any 800 G2 with the same image and the 800 G2 drivers the keyboard and mouse do not respond in any port. Both machines have only USB 3 ports and I can see the driver files for USB3 and the KB / mouse when I connect the HDD to another machine. They do not work in safe mode either. The KB/mouse do work in the BIOS and during the initial SCCM imaging process. What could be causing this and how can I fix it? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,Mark
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I recently purchased a Toshiba click mini, and I think my touchpad is faulty, as it wont work at all, doesn't respond to clicks or movement, and never has.

I have tried reinstalling 3 different versions of the elan driver,
I have tried resetting the bios,
I have done the bios update,
I have tried just the standard Microsoft driver
Docked and undocked a thousand times
Fully charged both
Also tried F5.

Still can't get it working, any advice?


A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Touch pad not working

Hmm…it could be an hardware problem but how about the system recovery?

Recover the notebook back to factory settings and check the touchpad functionality straight after the unit has been recovered and set to factory settings.

Mostly, in case of software problems, this recovery procedure should fix your issue…
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Both cameras are listed as system devices (in device manager):

"Camera Sensor OV2720" & "Camera Sensor Unicam ar0543".

At imagine devices (in Device Manager) has listed only one "Intel(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2400".

I updated all inside device manager.

Only the 2mp works. The back camera is not working even in skype.

Any official help on that problem ?

A:Satellite Click Mini - camera is not working on Win 10

Originally Posted by cmvrgr

Both cameras are listed as system devices (in device manager):

"Camera Sensor OV2720" & "Camera Sensor Unicam ar0543".
At imagine devices (in Device Manager) has listed only one "Intel(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2400".

I updated all inside device manager.

Only the 2mp works. The back camera is not working even in skype.

Any official help on that problem ?

Hello, happy new year!
Have you managed to find a solution please?
I am desperate with the camera.
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I have seen the new BIOS update in service station. It will download, but fails to install & gives no indication why. I also tried downloading the manual firmware package, but the installer isn't in English so I can't (safely) see what I'm doing.

I'm also a bit frustrated that there doesn't seem to be a readme that tells us what the new features / bugfixes are!

I am using windows 10. I have disabled all anti-malware but this has made no difference.

Any help very gratefully received!


A:Click-Mini L9W-B - firmware v5.0 update not working?

Originally Posted by cdonkey

I have seen the new BIOS update in service station. It will download, but fails to install & gives no indication why. I also tried downloading the manual firmware package, but the installer isn't in English so I can't (safely) see what I'm doing.

I'm also a bit frustrated that there doesn't seem to be a readme that tells us what the new features / bugfixes are!

I am using windows 10. I have disabled all anti-malware but this has made no difference.

Any help very gratefully received!


I have the same issue going on. I had already performed the upgrade to Windows 10 when I noticed the New Bios update from August 6th posted while looking for driver updates.. I'm wondering if it's just an incompatibility with Win10?
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Hello, everyone; My Mini 110-1100 keyboard is acting strangely. Most of the time, certain keys will not register as being pressed. Space bar, the left shift key, t, y, [, ], z, x, c, v, and m all do not work when this happens. Sometimes (rarely) all keys will work from boot. In addition, when it's not working properly. after using it for a few hours or so, the keyboard will randomly work. I'm assuming it is a software problem as opposed to a hardware issue because of this. I am running XP Service Pack 3, with all available updates. I have also tried reinstalling both the keyboard and touchpad driver. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be appreciated. Thank you! -Don

A:HP Mini 110-1100 CTO keyboard not working fully

Do you have an external keyboard you can test the issue against?
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Mini HDMI port not working on my thinkpad S1 yoga. I cannot use this for my external monitor.  I Have tried different mini hdmi to hdmi cables with same result  I know the hdmi connection on the external screen is working.Can you suggest anything I can do to resolve this issue?

A:TP S1 yoga mini HDMI port not working win 10

Hi, did you manage to fix this problem?  My mini HDMI post doesn't seem to output video anymore...
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my laptop mini touchpad stopped working after using an external usb mouse.
have downloaded new driver from hp and windows but nothing workd.
also on the mouse tabs synaptics ps2 pointing devise is in the hardware tab not not in the device settings tab .
have uninstalled software and drivers reinstalled still not working im sure it should be in the device settings box after u click on mouse properties.
how can i get it to appear in the devise settings again as im sure that is the prob...
all this after using external mouse PLEASE HELP

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After reading some similar solutions I feel that this forum is one of the few with members that actually know what they're talking about, so I'm really hopeful that you can help me!!

Recently my dell inspiron 1501 had an onslaught of viruses. A friend was able to retrieve my data and reinstalled windows. However, upon return of the computer a few things aren't working quite right. My main concern is my wireless internet. The 1395 mini card is not detected in device manager and although I installed the driver even the dell wireless utitlity won't work either. There are a few things listed in Other devices with yellow question marks/exclamation points: Base system device, network controller, SM bus controller, and video controller. All of these under properties say the drivers are not installed, but when I try to install drivers from device manager it can't find any. Please help!!!!

Thank you

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Hello, I am attempting to use the mini display port outpt on the Thinkpad Yoga14 to connect to an HDMI monitor using a miniDP to HDMI adapter. I've tried two different adapters. The monitor is never recognized. However, the mini-display port will work with a miniDP to DVI or miniDP to VGA adapter cable (I verfied this at a store where there were multiple cables and monitors to use).
miniDP to HDMI: does not work
miniDP to DVI: works
miniDP to VGA: works
Has anyone else seen this problem?
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.
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Good afternoon, I have a mini desktop Pavillion 300-240 and im considering buying the Monitor portátil USB HP EliteDisplay S140u (G8R65AA) to use as a portable monitor. I have 3 questions: 1) eventhough its considered an empresarial product there isnt any problem in using it residencialy right? 2) i see the connection of the monitor is only by USB, but i have the DP port in the mini desktop free. Is there an HP cable to connect this monitor USB through the DP port without wasting any of the usb ports? 3) my preference would be for a portable monitor for the mini desktop that when disconnected worked as a tablet. Is there such a product in HPs portfolio? ThanksHugo Silva
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Hi I m trying to connect a Sony VAIO PCG-GRT laptop computer to my network with a mini-PCI Intel A b card I used to have a Linksys PCMCIA wireless card - and it worked perfectly but I didn t like having a big thing sticking out of the side So - I got a mini-PCI card out of a Dell laptop that I upgraded Help getting a card VAIO mini-PCI wireless working a Sony in from just b to a b and g card Help getting a mini-PCI wireless card working in a Sony VAIO and thought I would put it into the Sony I installed the drivers slotted in the card connected the Help getting a mini-PCI wireless card working in a Sony VAIO AUX and MAIN antennae booted up - Help getting a mini-PCI wireless card working in a Sony VAIO the computer recognised the card just fine - shows up in the control panel and SYSTEM folder etc BUT - when I search for networks I get nothing - quot No wireless networks found quot The laptop is sitting feet from the router a Netgear WGR by the way and my other laptop see about network access points normally I m in a block of apartments flats So - it appears the hardware switch is turned off on the adaptor Windows Control Panel HW can t turn it on - but since this isn t a Centrino laptop - there s no button or switch to turn it on WHat can I do - the mini-PCI card is covered in plastic - is there a manual switch I can throw if I strip it off Any suggestions would be welcome Thanks Nikos nbsp

A:Help getting a mini-PCI wireless card working in a Sony VAIO

Did you install the correct driver and are you using the Intel Software to manage it.
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hi there. guys im new to this site. jus got a quick Q

i left my ipod mini in the conservatory last night and it was really cold. possibly below freezing. and now my ipod is not working. how long before it will start? do i need to charge it? i tried heating it using a hair drier. any other tips??

A:Mini Ipod Left Outside (below Optimum Temp) How Do I Get It Working?
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I am unable use my LAN internet connection to create wifi using connectify or mhotspot. Im running virtual wifi on windows 7 pc. I am able to enable virtual miniport and able to connect mobile devices to it. but no internet connectvity. while checking ipv4 properties of virtual wifi minport, it shows some different static address and blank default gateway. Then I chose obtain ip adress to auto and unable to identify ip. I reinstalled wifi card driver serveral times, but doest work.

Sent from my HUAWEI MT7-L09 using Tapatalk

A:Virtual wifi mini port not working on windows 7

U need to set ur internet shareble in setting search on the internet how to do it
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I have a SanDisk Cruser mini 1.0 GB flash drive that worked fine only once. Now i don't know what happend to it.. it has stopped working. when I plug it into any computer a the light on the flash drive turns on and the drive gets detected and a drive letter also gets assigined. when i click on it the system hags for very long period and then shows a mesage something like "semsphore lock timed out", i tried to format it from DOS window of XP, i got the message "Track Zero" bad. is there a way to fix my drive?

B. Ravi Shankar

A:Scandisk 1.0 GB Cruzer Mini Flash Drive not working

I have the same problem too ...
Only thing mine is a 512 drive ... Any suggestions on what to do???

Help needed urgently
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Hiya all I have a very bizarre issue that i have never come across before and hope that someone my be [SOLVED] and pad but mini in vista Touch BartPE works not XP working in able to help me work out whats wrong I have a Toshiba Equium A - Laptop running Windows Vista [SOLVED] Touch pad not working in vista but works in mini XP and BartPE Home Premium bit The touch pad one day just suddenly stopped working so I started at the beginning to try to diagnose the issue with some bizarre results Tested the Fn key button [SOLVED] Touch pad not working in vista but works in mini XP and BartPE to turn the pad on off - still same issue Touch pad driver appears to be working ok in device manager External mouse works ok At this stage I thought it was a hardware issue and a new touch pad would be required however Booted with Hirens Boot CD and Bart PE touch pad works perfectly fine in both I checked the files which Mini XP and Bart PE were using for the touch pad and they are the same as Vista i prt sys Can anyone shed some light on this any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks in advance ps I have done a fresh install still same issue

A:[SOLVED] Touch pad not working in vista but works in mini XP and BartPE

Does anyone have any input on this issues?
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My mini HDMI output has stopped working. No video no sound on the external screen. I've updated everything- Windows, Intel Graphics drivers, all the critical updates on the Lenovo companion app but still no luck. The computer doesn't even seem to recognise that the output is connected (the little sound that plays when the cable is plugged in doesn't play). I have tested the cable and monitor on another lenovo device and all works fine.  Frustratingly the output seems to work when connected via the Thinkpad Dock.  Also of note: the advanced display settings no longer takes me to the desktop verison of the application. Even if I go through the control panel, but takes me to the basic windows 10 interface, Anybody have any ideas- I really need to be able to project from my computer
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Had this issue after upgrading Windows Bing to Windows Pro About - seconds after putting the computer to sleep the computer can't wake up again When switching the computer on after about seconds after putting it to sleep you can see Windows switching the computer off automatically In the system event protocol there is the message quot Das System wurde aufgrund eines kritischen thermischen Ereignisses heruntergefahren quot in englisch something like The system was shut down because of a critical thermal event followed by quot ACPI-Thermozone SoC Board Sensor quot and quot CRT K After some experiments I came to this temporary solution In the BIOS settings I disabled the quot Internal USB Controller quot setting - then sleep works properly This error only occures when on the Pro-version of Windows not with the original Bing-version Switching off the internal USB controller is not the ideal solution Is there a chance there is another solution I also already tried upgrading to Bios-version which didn't solve the problem
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Hello, I have a Mikomi Mini Optical Wired Mouse (AM-9170U) which is not working. The lights at the bottom of the mouse are on and when I move the mouse they get a little bit brighter however on the device manager it doesn't show up. I've tried almost everything so I've decided to post it on here and see if anyone has a solution.

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 HiI own a X1 Carbon Gen 2 thinkpad and wonder if it is possible to replace the current keyboard with a X1 Carbon gen 3 keyboard (with proper mouse buttons), or if it will not fit?I have tried to check the manuals and the connectors seems similar although some things, such as the fingerprint reader, seems different. I have no problem "loosing" the adaptive keyboard and fingerprint reader if I can have all the functionality of the keyboard and trackpoint on the new "keyboard" (i.e. the gen 3 frontpanel).

A:X1 Carbon Gen 3 Keyboard on X1 Carbon Gen 2

I am interested in this exact topic as well. Looks like the Gen 3 keyboards lack the adaptive keyboard - that clear stripe on the top that changes. The FRU for these X1 Carbons seem to be the whole keyboard, adaptive part, trackpad and bezel - they go for 150 USD or so. Problem is we don't know if it will work given the model year differences. A nice alternative would be just to replace the trackpoint. They came close with this one, but it is no macbook in terms of tactile feel of the pad. I really am having a hard time with it and it's been about a month.  Lenovo please help!
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Hi I am looking at these two laptops. Currently at home I have vodafone mobile broadband. I read that these 2 laptop are not compatible with mobile broadband for whatever reason. Is this true? and if this isnt true I have my mobile broadband installed on another laptop, I am guessing it is okay to install on 2 systems, thanks a lot in advance

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I have a T500 with a displayport and I cna't figur eout how to attach a screen or projector to this. Is there any links to articles on this? Someone told me I need a special screen that has a Displayport input and that there are no adaptors to screens with DVI interfaces. Is this correct? I'm looking at the following requirements and how to meet them. 1. Attach my laptop to a projector for presentations. 2. Attach my laptop to a new screen with a DVI input. 3. Attach my laptop to my HDTV.... Thanks for any help.

A:Displayport - how to use this?

What type of port do you have on the notebook? VGA?
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A lot is said about the new DisplayPort connection, but the hardware requirements are hard to find. I have a monitor with displayport 1.2. Does the monitor have to be a displayport 1.2a or 1.3? Do you only need a video card with a 1.2a or 1.3 connector? Are today's monitors displays what the video card and cable sends to it? For example; a VGA cable can only send a signal it can handle to the monitor. Is this the same for DisplayPort?

Thank you,
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System is a HP W nbsp Has NVIDIA Quadro FX M graphics nbsp NVIDIA Driver is nbsp System is in docking station nbsp DVI not available Displayport connection is to Displayport not available a HP LP monitor nbsp This works nbsp Trying to connect a second display to displayport nbsp Either from the laptop directly or docking station nbsp Using a StarTech Display port to DVI Dual Link Displayport not available Active adapter nbsp Second display is a planar SA W nbsp - connected via dual link DVI to the startech adapter nbsp When this is connected the display is shown in the NVIDIA control panel setup multiple displays - but I am unable to select this display as an option nbsp I try in windows and it won't allow me to select the display nbsp I am able to connect the SA W via VGA but this connection won't support my ultimate goal of having stereo display on the Planar - requires x Hz via Dual Link DVI connection nbsp The bios is F nbsp Any suggestions
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Hello no gives Displayport signal So I bought a new monitor the MG Q and tried plugging it in to my PC via displayport the monitor comes with a DP- gt miniDP cable from GTX DP to monitors miniDP and the monitor gives no signal However the computer does recognize the monitor and for example gives the sound alarm for new Displayport gives no signal device attached I can also see the device describes as quot Generic pnp monitor quot and I can see it in the Windows's own control panel for monitor the nvidia control panel pics in the end But it won't allow me to set the monitor to use I suspected that the cable might be broken so I tested it with my UX LN GeForce M laptop which has a miniDP I plugged it to the monitor from laptops miniDP to monitors normal DP the monitor has both DP and mDP and wow image straight away So the cable should be fine I guess But this is somewhat of an different situation as I use different port in the monitor compared to my desktops GTX And I don't have other computers or gadgets that I could use to test the monitors miniDP port Next I plugged in the monitor via HDMI to my desktop and that worked just fine It recognizes the monitor without problems Using my old XL Z monitor with DVI MG Q with DP or the MG Q with HDMI DP at the same time I can see the MG Q being connected twice but it only chooses the HDMI connection and doesn't let me change it to DP even though it shows the connection Here are some pics to explain it better sorry about the fact that it's in my own main language Multiple panel settings window It shows the MG Q on the top under GTX the one not clicked but it won't let me click it to use Sometimes it lets me tick it for a second but instantly ticks the box off The monitor nro is the MG Q via HDMI Surround PhysX window shows that I've connected the monitor via DP but it is greyed out It also won't let me make a surround set with the Xl z mg q DP Changing resolution settings only displays the HDMI connected monitor So I tried uninstalling the Nvidia drivers freshly installing them did not help at all Neither did uninstalling the generic pnp monitor so the computer would reinstall the displays drivers I also freshly installed from Win Pro - gt Win Pro and no difference was intended to do that later on anyway so I thought that I might check if it helps my laptop is running Win and it's DP worked after all I also went to BIOS and checked that iGPU is disabled monitor setting is set to PCIE instead of auto no use I would also test the GTX 's DP on other desktop computer but I can't Anyway I'm somewhat suspecting a software hardware compatibility issue as the monitor is being recognized Doubt the fact that the monitors miniDP or my graphics cards DP port is broken What should I do or try I really want to run the monitor via DP so I can utilize the Hz refresh rate Tech specs PC P Z -V PRO GEN bios v i K GTX DC vbios AS x GB Mhz DDR AX PSU Win Pro Monitor s MG Q XL Z

A:Displayport gives no signal

You may have to select the input directly from the monitor itself. Is what i have to do with mine.
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Trying to use the displayport
Is there a setting on the monitor or bios I need to change to use that?

Here is the cord I have:

Here is the monitor I have

Here is the motherboard I have

Here is the video card I have
I get a signal with the DVI-D - which I could go back to but was trying to upgrade to the displayport

A:Solved: displayport?

You may have to start connected via DVI until you get the drivers for the Video card installed.
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Hi Guys So im having a problem here I bought a new projector for my setup my Graphics card has two DVI ports one HDMI and one Displayport Up until now i ve been Displayport Error... PLEASE HELP!! using the HDMI port for my monitor but I now need to change his and use the Displayport for my monitor which also has a Displayport as the Projector will use up the only HDMI port However when I connect the Monitor with the Displayport cable I get an Displayport Error... PLEASE HELP!! error saying displayport link failure I Dont know what the problem is I ve tried using another brand new cable and it still doesn t work I updated all the relevant drivers Not sure if it is the Monitor at fault or my graphics card Here are the Specs to my Rig CPU AMD FX- GHz -Core Processor CPU Cooler Corsair H i CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Motherboard Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z ATX AM Motherboard Memory G Skill Trident X Series GB x GB DDR - Memory Storage Kingston HyperX K GB quot Solid State Drive Storage Seagate Barracuda TB quot RPM Internal Hard Drive Video Card Asus Radeon R X GB DirectCU II Video Card Case Cooler Master Storm Trooper ATX Full Tower Case Power Supply Corsair RM W Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply Optical Drive Lite-On iHAS - DVD CD Writer Monitor AOC I VM Hz quot Monitor Would really appreciate if anyone can help me out with this nbsp
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Hi, I plan to buy new laptop and ProBook 450 G4 seems to me like reasonable priced laptop. I wanted use docking station that uses Thunderbolt 3 but I don't know if it will work as I plan.  For that I need support of DisplayPort over USB-C and USB Power Delivery. Thanks
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Hi nbsp I to DisplayPort 900 USB-C Yoga have a USB-C to DisplayPort converter cable to connect my Yoga to Yoga 900 USB-C to DisplayPort an HP Envy with a resolution of x Yoga 900 USB-C to DisplayPort pixels It normally works reasonably well except for two things It usually takes three or four connections pulling USB-C connector nbsp in and out until the monitor is recorgnized and it flickers from time to time nbsp Hopefully this is an issue with the cheap cable and not the expensive computer or monitor nbsp Now the USB-C port is spec'ed as having native display port video output Does this mean that I should be able to use a simple cable without a protruding converter as the one in the link below or do I absolutely need a converter Does the Yoga comply with Alternative Mode DisplayPort Are there any Yoga 900 USB-C to DisplayPort recommended cables I didn't check the Lenovo shop in a while but there was nothing like this when I last looked nbsp USB-C to DisplayPort m cable https www amazon es Cable-adaptador-Plugable-USB-C-DisplayPort dp B EXKDRAC ref sr s electro nbsp This one's a little long for my configuration A cm cable would be enough nbsp Thanks nbsp nbsp nbsp -Philippe Gibelin
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So i have only just found out what displayport is, i assumed it was a very outdated port, but i have read it is better than HDMI from many sources. i have a Sapphire HD 5870 GPU ( which has a displayport, but i dont know how to find out if its 1.1 or 1.2, can anyone help?
also i was going to try using displayport to connect to my monitor to see if there is any picture changes, but i only have an hdmi input, so was thinking about using a displayport cable and then an adapter like this
or would that negate any displayport improvements?
thanks for any info on any of this!