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HP EX485 MediaSmart Home Server software

Q: HP EX485 MediaSmart Home Server software

Dose any one know how to locate HP EX485 MediaSmart Home Server software i bought this system and the supplier say that they dont have the instalation disk can any one direct me where to get the instalation software.
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Preferred Solution: HP EX485 MediaSmart Home Server software

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi nbsp I just unboxed an older HP Media Smart Server nbsp and I stuck x nbsp TB SATA nbsp drives in it and stuck Setup 490 MediaSmart Server it on my home network and I want to use it as a file server nbsp The lights on it after hrs of being on show a purple glow nbsp I tried downloading the latest stuff I could find on MSDN on WHS setup on my Windows HP Desktop and tried breaking the ISO open to run WHSCONNECTORINSTALL EXE nbsp nbsp But it says nbsp nbsp nbsp FWIW - that link it gives is a dead link and ends up nowhere at Microsoft nbsp I have systems nbsp laptop nbsp using Windows but I do also have nbsp Win systems that I can use as well and al I really want is to use this as a file server nbsp I see the posts here for Windows is nbsp not working with HP MediaSmart Server nbsp nbsp What does that really mean nbsp I just need to map a remote drive on the thing - that's all I care about nbsp What are my options here to use this device on my MediaSmart Server 490 Setup network nbsp nbsp nbsp thanksbigdaddy

A:MediaSmart Server 490 Setup

Windows Home Server is a retired product with no support, you might be better to install W7 Pro and share files using that.
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Someone please help I bought a HP mediasmart server and I cant load the setup disk I keep getting this message.You can not install HP MediaSmart Server on this version of Windows. For more information, please refer to the User's Guide.I tried running it as different operating systems and still wont work.Someone please tell me I didnt wast $300 on a piece of crap that I cant use

A:HP mediasmart server on windows 10

Hi, It ONLY supports the following Operating systems:   Windows XP,   Windows Server 2003,   Windows Home server.Source:
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Laptop model: Hp g42 456TU In this ink there are no HP MediaSmart software download option. So I want to know if this laptop supports HP MediaSmart, and if supports from where to download the software?

View Solution.

A:Need HP MediaSmart Software...

Hi, If you have Windows 7 installed, you should be able to install HP MediaSmart software.  Try the installers listed below. HP MediaSmart DVD. HP MediaSmart Music. HP MediaSmart Photo. HP MediaSmart Webcam. HP MediaSmart Video. HP MediaSmart SmartMenu. Regards, DP-K
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Hey Guys!

I saw the HP MediaSmart Server ex475 recently and was wondering could I run a Halo Server off of this Home Server on the internet at a good speed?

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Hello, My MediaSmart is not visible on the network.It starts and makes noise and I assume it is loading OS and it starts properly. Then on router page it is not visible as well as in the Explorer. I have tried different to start it as directed by the manual without a result. Could you please suggest another way to handle it? Thank you. Regards, Volodymyr Popovych
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Hey guys, this is my first time posting (and I apologize, I am not all together tech savvy).

I found this post through google (Hp Mediasmart Webcam Problem) and am facing a similar problem with my laptop. Since installing Windows 7 (I have an HP Pavilion dv5 -1233se) I'm unable to access my webcam (although it still works through websites and programs like Skype). I tried downloading drivers earlier in the day and have no been searching for the HP MediaSmart Software. After following the steps in the thread posted above, I keep getting an error message saying "The program can't start because WMVCore.DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." Continuous attempts at reinstalling led me to googling the DLL file for solutions but they all seem fairly lengthy and I worry I might mess up my computer.

If you have any suggestions please let me know!

A:Trouble with HP Mediasmart Webcam Software

Hi alanna, welcome to the forum

I think this is what you need; Description of the Windows Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N and for Windows 7 KN

I hope this helps
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Hello, I have been searching for a good application which enables me to stream content to my Philips 7000 series 3D LED television.
I previously have been using my PS3 for this with PS3 Media Server, and I'm looking for a similar application for my PC to stream directly to my TV.

If anyone can name one or a few, whether it's free or payed, I would be much obliged.

Thank you

A:Home server software

This is one I've heard is pretty good.

Mezzmo - The Ultimate DLNA Home Entertainment Software
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Hello all,

I've looked around the forums and haven't found a decent answer to this...

Does anyone know a specific date for the release of the x64 version of the connector software for Windows Home Server?

I believe MS said in the first quarter of 2008, but I was hoping that someone had a more specific date than that... perhaps someone from MSDN or the WHS team can answer this question in greater depth???


A:Windows Home Server connector software (x64) release date?


The x64 Connector will be bundled in with Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 which Microsoft have slated (somewhat vaguely) as shipping in the first half of 2008.

My hunch is that we won't see this in Q1. As soon as a date is released we'll announce it over at We Got Served (We Got Served - The Windows Home Server Site)

Terry Walsh
MVP - Windows Home Server
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I have been given a PC with Windows Home of 2011 client software Removal Windows Server Home Premium bit This was a client PC from a small old Windows Home Server system which has now been dismantled as the server PC failed My unit works fine but I cannot remove the irritating Server client items from it - Launchpad and Alert Services etc etc Have looked everywhere on the disk but cannot find any uninstall file anywhere All the relevant files seem to be in the Program Files Windows Server Bin folder but nothing found there No separate uninstalling prog will work either Have considered starting up the PC in Safe Mode physically removing the Windows Server folder and contents then running a registry cleaner to tidy up the loose ends Am concerned that this might make the PC unstable so ask if anyone has any useful suggestions For now I have worked through the Start Up process and inhibited the ones considered relevant Also CCleaner has stopped the Launchpad This has worked but would like to permanently remove Removal of Windows Home Server 2011 client software the unwanted items Ted

A:Removal of Windows Home Server 2011 client software

No one has supplied any suggestions as to my programme removal so decided to risk it and do it myself as described.
Backed up whole HD plus registry, restarted in basic Safe Mode then physically removed all traces of WHS 2011 in file system.
Emptied Recycle Bin then restarted as normal.
No disasters occurred so used CCleaner and Advanced Uninstaller PRO. They mopped up the loose ends and everything seems to be fine now. Job done!
I suppose the same process could be used for most difficult to remove items.
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A free Windows multimedia and home automation application is released, called the Digital Home Server (DHS). Thanks to the nice graphical interface, DHS looks great in your living room, where it can act as a media player.

DHS is a hobby project that has grown wildly in size, and started as a graphical interface for 7" USB monitors. The current version can handle any monitor size from 7" up to whatever, and the screen design will be adapted accordingly. Moreover, the layout is touchscreen compatible, so even on small monitors you can still easily control all functions.


A:Free HTPC Software released : Digital Home Server

It's been a while since I release the Digital Home Server, so I though I give a little update on the modules that have been released in the meantime :

Analog clock

DVD Player : play DVD from optical disk or local hard disk

Scribble Pad : a little drawing application

Wakeup module : set alarm time, and wake up with music

Picasa slideshow : photo slideshow with Picasa Web Albums

Notify My Android : send free notifications to your Android smartphone

I hope you like DHS as much as I do !

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I have been trying to get the hp mediasmart software installed so the quicklaunch button will work.

It starts to install but closes during the process. I downloaded the latest version from hp. I tried running it as admin. tried safe mode. Removed temp files and then tried as admi and in safe mode but nothing is working. I am currently downloading the older version of the software to see if that will work even though I don't think it will.

Any other suggestions.

A:Can't install hp mediasmart software after fresh install

Once you get it installed you can send it to the quick launch with "send to toys"
(pimp up your Right Click menu)
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I have 2 servers; windows 2000 & windows 2008, I can always access them via XP but my system 7 home can't authenticate. It appears to add the domain name as a preamble my user name in the authentication....does this make sense?

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Hello and sorry if the title isnt the best I wasnt really sure how to word it I m afraid Having used search for the last couple of hours and seen many threads its clear I m in the right place You all have a lovely forum I m looking for a solution to a rather annoying problem in our household We have upwards of - computers laptops in our house and documents media are fast becoming a nightmare We ve decided to go along the route of purchasing building a server to basically use as a fileserver to centralise our documents media and thus enable access to either user account from any one particular computer we have Below is what I m looking to be able to do Fileserver Advice use specs regarding home for server recommended help server and mainly comprising of centralised documents on the server itself accessable by each person individually but private from others Central backup of all crucial computers to prevent data Advice and help regarding recommended server specs for home server use loss stored on the server and done by the server on a regular basis A dedicated server firewall to place in front of the internet before the network A web server so I can run image copies of my own personal forum websites and test any changes BEFORE doing them to my live site To download torrents large files etc directly on the server Like an automated nightly backup of my web hosting server online for example Stream full HD from the server to our media centre pc and onto a HD TV I was thinking along the lines of using older seperate servers the first being the firewall server The nd being a fileserver backup server and the rd being a intranet only web server to test new software etc on I plan to wire the entire house with cat cable and run everything at gigabit speed all computers have gigabit capable hardware already I have been reading online for weeks now but unfortunately the answers I seem to need aren t explained in posts I ve been reading The servers whether built or bought will run Ubuntu Server and we have a mixture of Ubuntu Vista W MAC OSX operating systems Shortly it will be only Ubuntu MAC OSX and no Windows at all Basically what I need to know is Can a fileserver backup solution firewall web server be all run from the one server acceptably Am I wiser to split these up into seperate servers for security reasons If I seperate them as above can I just get away with using old servers say with twin xeon or Opteron - ghz CPU s with - GB RAM I have a now spare Dell Vostro desktop PC with a Intel Q Quad core GB non ECC RAM and TB of storage x TB as I now use an Imac I recently purchased Would this be stupidly overkill for use as a server above I would be sincerely grateful if someone could be kind enough to explain about the required specs should my idea be well off I don t want to spend thousands but I don t want to waste money on something thats useless either I plan to purchase a rackmount cupboard to house these into along with the gigabit switches so rackmounted servers would be an advtange I can put my pc into a rackmount U case if needed Any advice is welcome If you need more explain please do get in touch Thank you for your time Lee EDIT Not sure if it needs mentioning or not but we use a Virgin Media mb broadband connection so whatever solution needs to be able to utilise this speed fully nbsp

A:Advice and help regarding recommended server specs for home server use

Do you have this network in place already?

This is mine below done with Cisco Virtual Network Design Tool.
For web server I use IIS 7.
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Hello all Due to horrible noise from my desktop computer cannot put the case on because of an attached hard drive enclosure which has to connect home for server file home Create computers! to power adapters i ve decided to designate this Create home file server for home computers! desktop computer with its attached hard drives to become Create home file server for home computers! my home file server This home file server will be moved downstairs into the storage room so I won t have to hear it and I would like to use it wirelessly attach a usb wireless adapter This one runs Windows XP SP Here s my setup questions that I need advice info on the main points are home computer access ability amp restrictions setup email stored on network drive and backup solutions Once I set the computer downstairs and have it connected to my wireless router how do I get all my other computers to recognize it amp be able to read it see list of computers and OSs below Can I have all computers OSs have full write access to the home file server ONLY if the correct password is supplied Similarily can I DENY even read-only access to certain users or due to lack of password pr n not to be shared with all a at the same time can all users atleast have access to read-only access to certain directories ie music directory available to all in house Can the above be done with my computers if the home file server remains as Windows XP SP a and can above be accessed by my other computers to read write that are on different operating systems like Ubuntu and Windows Vista My main computer I will use is my laptop which has a dual boot of ubuntu and windows vista i want to be able to be free to roam in my house and access files freely on the home server no problem right a With this laptop can I have e-mail stored on home file server ie install thunderbird email application and have all the archive amp live email files stored on network drive on home file server also on the hard drives of the home file server how should i back things up there are gb hard drives and one gb hard drive with music videos and everything i ll have nearly full gb taken up right now all i ve done is a simple copy of one drive to another is there a better easy to setup way for a backup solution if it can be done how do i do it if the above cannot be done and if i should change Operating systems on the home file server what do i change and how do I do it Computer identification computer -home file server windows xp sp has bay hard drive enclosure attached therefore cannot close tower case computer -main laptop windows vista amp ubuntu linux computer -roommates desktop windows xp sp thank you in advance any advice would be appreciated nbsp

A:Create home file server for home computers!

ineedacookie said:

Hello all!

Due to horrible noise from my desktop computer (cannot put the case on because of an attached hard drive enclosure which has to connect to power adapters), i've decided to designate this desktop computer with its attached hard drives to become my home file server!

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I can't fathom why you can't put the computer's case on.

This home file server will be moved downstairs into the storage room so I won't have to hear it and I would like to use it wirelessly (attach a usb wireless adapter). This one runs Windows XP SP 3.
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Having your server connected wirelessly is a lousy idea performance wise. Moving on...

Here's my setup questions that I need advice/info on (the main points are home computer access ability & restrictions, setup email stored on network drive, and backup solutions):

1) Once I set the computer downstairs and have it connected to my wireless do I get all my other computers to recognize it, & be able to read it? (see list of computers and OSs below)

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You can map it as a network drive on each computer. (Use SAMBA on Linux.)
2) Can I have all computers/OSs have full write access to the home file server ONLY if the correct password is supplied?

3) Similarily, can I DENY even read-only access to certain users or due to lack of password?
3a) at the same time can all users atleast have access to read-only access to certain directories (ie music directory available to all in house)?

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Yes, but the extent depends on the version of Windows running on those PCs (you don't specify home/pro or the plethora of Vista versions)
4) Can the above be done with my computers if the home file server remains as Windows XP SP3?
4a) ...and can above be accessed by my other computers to read/write that are on different operating systems like Ubuntu and Windows Vista?

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Yes, but I wouldn't recommend it. I would switch to a server OS. Ubuntu Server is fine.
5) My main computer I will use is my laptop which has a dual boot of ubuntu and windows vista. i want to be able to be free to roam in my house and access files freely on the home server. no problem, right?
5a) With this laptop can I have e-mail stored on home file server (ie install thunderbird email application and have all the archive & live email files stored on network drive on home file server)?
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Should be fine.
6) also on the hard drives of the home file server, how should i back things up? there are 3 500gb hard drives, and one 40gb hard drive. with music, videos and everything i'll have nearly full 450gb taken up. right now all i've done is a simple copy of one drive to another. is there a better, easy to setup way for a backup solution?

6) if it can be done, how do i do it?

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Well, outside of automating it, it sounds fine. Make sure to have at least 2 backups of important stuff. CD/DVDs are good too for the monthly backups.

7) if the above cannot be done and if i should change Operating systems on the home file server, what do i change and how do I do it?

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I'd suggest a server OS. Again, Ubuntu is fine.
However, in all seriousness, you'd probably be better off with a NAS. The D-Link DNS 321 would be perfect for you. Plus, it uses a heck of a lot less power.
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Ok so my original computer was a Windows Home Premium and that's the PC I used to work I had REMOTE DESKTOP on it it to need Home connect on Windows to I home job's server from 7 Prem my worked fine and yes it was a Windows Home Premium but yesterday my I need to connect to my job's server from home on Windows 7 Home Prem original pc got fried and smoke came out of it so I am afraid to turn it on I am now using my back pc it I need to connect to my job's server from home on Windows 7 Home Prem is also a windows home premium build and I remember I use to have remote desktop on it but I right clicked disabled one day a long time ago and after that I was never ever able to get it back Ive been reading online that Windows home premium does not have the remote desktop option odd because my other pc had it Point is I need to connect to my job's server asaaap but I am unable to find a way to connect to I need to connect to my job's server from home on Windows 7 Home Prem their server I have their ip address and a special login pass the same way you do in windows remote desktop I have tried downloading those rdp patches and stuff and it just does not work I cannot find the remote desktop anywhere even have the install said quot listening quot and quot remote desktop successfully quot etc etc Is there a program I can use to connect to my work's server my boss uses windows remote desktop I tried using teamviewer and added the ip address but it doesnt work idk if you have to both be using the same program please in need of help here

A:I need to connect to my job's server from home on Windows 7 Home Prem

My last option is to upgrade to windows 7 pro and pay the $80 above for it JUST to get remote desktop
I'm trying everything possible though before that.. but I really need this to work in order to start my job
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I'm trying to decide between Windows Home Server and Windows Server 2008 R2 for my home server PC. Ordinarily it would be a clear cut choice, but I've got a free copy of Server 2008 R2 through my academic MSDN subscription. I'd like to avoid spending extra money if Server 2008 R2 would do the job. But I'm willing to buy Home Server should it prove necesary. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

A:Windows home server vs Server 2008 R2

Server 2008 R2 is a more fully functional product. You will be able to do similar things, but it might be a little more involved getting it set up and working. Plus, if you are interested in IT, you could use the Server 2008 R2 experience....but you won't get hired for your knowledge on Windows Home Server.

My vote is Server 2008 R2 without a doubt.
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Hi I have an old ACER EasyStore H which figured out it v1 - Home restore Windows of Server Server should crash on me the other day In the unit I have HD's for OS and for DATA I have done restore not factory reset on the unit earlier and that has been successfull However I never had the amount of data on it as I do now So in a mildly panicked state I need to restore Windows Home Server v1 - restore of Server again I started with that yesterday and restore seems to be OK but when the WHS v connector software shows after restore it's just hanging and do not Windows Home Server v1 - restore of Server continue the installation so I can set a password on the unit So my questions are Would the connector software struggle due to my Windows Technical Preview version Does it make sense to remove data disks restore and put in data disk when done If possible for WHS to reckongnize the data drives afterwards Am I screwed tl dr - Server recovery WHSv doesnt complete and hangs when Connector software is about to be installed on Client computer Thanks
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Hope this is the right place to post this

Just set up server 2008 r2 on a older box I had that I was using for a few things. Tried Linux but became tThanks of a pain for such simple tasks. Here is what I'm using it for.

Csgo server
Mumble server
Media server?

My main concern was for media server to stream to few devices in the house. I was thinking plex. Does anyone have any other ways I can go about it.


A:Server 2008 for home server... Opinions please.

Not sure what opinions you want. All I can say is that you don't need server 2008 R2 to complete your desired tasks. Any basic Windows client OS should work.

EDIT: It should be noted that Windows Server OS's are enterprise standards therefore a lot of home license applications will not install unless it is open source. You will need to purchase enterprise licenses of software for them to be installed on the server. This is particularly important with Anti-Virus solutions.

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At home a friend has a server w/Server 2000 and an xp pro sp2 computer that work fine together. She has a laptop w/XP Home sp2 that wont connect.

Is it a limitation of XP Home to not work with Microsoft Server 2000 ?

What effect and/or use is VNC Server software. Its on the server, does the laptop need THAT to get connected to the server? (If thats the case, could anyone point me to a crash course web site on it ?..)

Thank you all very much in advance...


A:VNC Server ? // XP Home w/Server 2000 ?

Yep, XP-Home will not connect to a domain server. You can connect directly to shared folders/drives in that server, you just can't do a domain login.

VNC is a remote control package, it has nothing to do with standard Microsoft networking.
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Just want to share my music, videos, and documents around the home network.

Been using W7, and seems to work well enough.

I am not planning to upgrade the hardware, so while I am at it, is there any advantage of moving to a Windows Server setup?

A:Home File Server (W7 vs W Server)

Good ones:
- More stability
- Less prone to software problems

Bad ones:
- Will require more knowledge from the owner.
- Will require setup (accounts, shares, passwords etc)
- Pricey
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There are some XP/Server) (Server for Software Browser Web cool free ware programs that you can setup to run as a server Note I ve tested them all under Firefox Browser as they will work with IE for the past - months now Web Server KF Sever this is found on the KeyFocus web site has one of the easiest to install and configure plus you can access all your documents media pictures audio from this server also Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) Mail Server DeskNow easy to installed and configure the best part you can try out the full pro for days then after that it converts to a free ware version Still not a bad Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) program for free Music Server Vibe Streamer is another good example if you want to stream all you audio files to any PC using the web browser Again this is free ware and works very well easy to setup and use Note All the programs here will work with XP Workstation Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) and does work on Server also KeyFocus one you can also play videos too using VLC media player optional that one is also free as well nbsp
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????? ????????????? windows 7 ?? ??????????????? HP mediaSmart,??? ??? ??????????
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I tried to play a blu ray dvd and I get the following message,

"Mediasmart DVD does not support Blu-Ray disc playback on a virtual device. A Blu-Ray Disc must be inserted into a BD-ROM drive for playback."

any ideas on how if possible to fix this ? Thanks !!

A:HP mediasmart DVD & Blu ray ??

A dvd drive will not play a Bluray disc unless it is a Bluray Combo drive that would play Bluray, DVD CD discs, re yu sure your player actually supports blu-ray discs?
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Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me.
Every time I turn on my laptop I get this message...

HP MediaSmart TV Resident Program has stopped working.
Check online for a solution and close the program.
Close the program.

What to do???


Have you checked for any updates for the program?
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after reinstalling Windows 7 does not install HP mediaSmart,how to fix it?

A:HP mediaSmart

@????? To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? REO
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I tried to play a blu ray dvd and I get the following message,

"Mediasmart DVD does not support Blu-Ray disc playback on a virtual device. A Blu-Ray Disc must be inserted into a BD-ROM drive for playback."

any ideas on how if possible to fix this ? Thanks !!

A:HP mediasmart DVD & Blu ray ??

Is your Optical Drive a Blu-Ray player (BD-ROM)? You can't play Blu-Ray movies on a DVD player, you need a Blu-Ray player.
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Am looking for a real good program that will catch any program trying to phone home. Are there any? Anything built into win7 that will do this? Tnks

A:Software that catches phone home software

Zone Alarm and several other firewalls will do it.

The windows built in firewall will block all outgoing except for programs you specifically select if you set it up that way. So that'll stop all unknowns from calling out. But it's not as easy or verbose about telling you when a specific program that you have not white-listed is trying to call out. Zone alarm is a lot more chatty about what programs are doing on your machine...
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Does anybody use this on their HP pc? (see specs above) it worked fine when playing dvd's with my samsung 19" monitor installed, but when i installed the 2509m hdmi monitor with hdmi cable, dvd's won't play; either ones i burned myself or store bought dvd's! dvd will play fine in wmp or windows media ctr but i'd like to use mediasmartdvd!! contacted hp support, he had me uninstall everything related to mediasmart & reinstall.. .did that & still doesn't work then avast & comodo aren't recognized by windows so security is all wonky after i uninstalled norton that came preinstalled on this pc, using the norton uninstaller. restored pc to earliest date on system restore, still messed up aaargh!!! should i just contact hp support & find out how to restore computer to "as shipped?" thx mucho

A:Solved: HP mediasmart

Comodo Internet Security is recognized just fine on my new Win7 PC. If it isn't on yours then I'd say that yes, you might want to start over. I haven't used Mediasmart's DVD player yet (don't play DVD's on my PC-they look better on my TV & a dedicated DVD player is what, $40? Unless you go to Blu-Ray, of course. And a dedicated player doesn't sap any performance from my PC.)

On mine, under Maintenance (Start Menu) was an option to create a System Recovery CD. That accesses the Recovery Partition so you can restore to 'as shipped'. Haven't had to use that yet either, so good luck.
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I tried to do an upgrade to my mediasmart DVD. During the upgrade it said it needed to uninstall the old version, which I clicked OK. The old version uninstalled but the upgrade did not install. Now the mediasmart DVD won't work at all. I tried a system recovery to get the old version back. It says it worked and made me restart my computer but it's still not there. How do I get it back?

A:MediaSmart DVD not working

Hi there @hcouraud, May the Forums be with you! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that your DVD drive is no longer working for you after an upgrade and a System Recovery. I am happy to give you a hand with this. When you mention having done a System Recovery, are you referring to a factory reset, or are you more referring to a System Restore to reload from a previous restore point?  What exactly was the upgrade that you performed for the DVD? Was it software from the support page for your computer?  HP Pavilion p6510t CTO Desktop PC Was there anything else changed on your system? Please let me know.
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So I have an HP Touch Smart tx Notebook PC and with it came HP Media Smart When I first got my computer Media Smart did not work Like a good little boy I checked for drivers and all that And poof my dreams of watching DVDs and such on a program that seemed shiny and cool came to Mediasmart Help! HP trouble...Please fruition Now however whenever I insert a DVD the only option to play it HP Mediasmart trouble...Please Help! is windows media player which I use because I really want to watch my dvd But it would be nice to use HP Media Smart Everywhere I've looked people are always having the problem I had in the past They would select the DVD option or it would open automatically upon insertion of a disc into the disc drive but the it would not register that a DVD was in the drive and would say something to the effect of quot Please insert a DVD quot lt THIS IS NOT THE PROBLEM I AM HAVING gt The problem I am having is that I cannot even get to the DVD playing part of HP Media Smart I know it is there I have used it successfully before But now it has disappeared I can use the video photo tv and music portions of HP Media Smart but cannot find any trace of the DVD section Please help I would much appreciate it as I just moved into a new home and have nothing to do but watch movies at the moment I would even be fine if it were an extremely simple operator error that made me look like a year old trying to use a computer Thanks Seth
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Hi everyone I am new to this forum first I would like to say Hi to everyone Ok I got HP Windows Upgrade a week on Friday so I was like so excited in getting it installed only to have severe problems at the time with N-trig with which I working Mediasmart Not managed to fix myself then Mediasmart fails to work properly I have a HP Tx EA Touchsmart Laptop Windows was designed specially for the Touchsmart computers in mind now what the problem is when I go to draw a wave M shape with fingers spaced aparet it is supposed to open up Mediasmart but does Not work at all in Windows after N-trig is updated now I have been in regular conatct with HP about this they of no use at all as all I am told is to uninstall then reinstall the Mediasmart software I mean I have had to do several Recover back to Factory setting because all of this I just want Windows to work with all my software without Mediasmart Not working any problems or I might go back to Vista it is time and money wasted I really need some help on this matter if anyone else has had the same issues like I am having I would really appreciate a fix to this ongoing problem please Mant Thanks in advance

A:Mediasmart Not working

I had the same problem but I worked it out. I uninstalled MediaSmart as instructed by the upgrade, but when I reinstalled it, it didn't work. This was after I had downloaded the programs from hp and reinstalled them. I corrected it finally by running them as Vista thru the windows compatibilty wizard. Start/search/run. one of the choices should be "window 7 compatibility" wizard. run that and see if it solves your problem.
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Hello.  I have been trying to upload my photos from Media smart to snapfish.  I have a valid username and password on Snapfish; however, mediasmart is not recognizing and gives me no options for fixing this.  How can I successfully get to my saved photos that are saved to mediasmart.  Thank you.

A:Mediasmart and snapfish

Hi @gingersu,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! I understand that you are unable to upload your photos from Mediasmart to Snapfish. I am happy to help with this. Have you successfully used the two together before? If not then maybe you should check out the FAQ. HP MediaSmart Connect - Frequently Asked Questions About MediaSmart . There you will find the following: "How come nothing works when I use my Snapfish (or other services ) account to login under Online Media!?" From your MediaSmart Connect, login using your HP Online Media Services account. If you don?t have an account, use your computer to go to  site to create one. This site allows you to login to all services with a single account.  I realize you mentioned having a working Snapfish account, however maybe it is an issue like suggested above. Please let me know how that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.
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I have been using this laptop since 2008..
nd have been using webcam since then..
a week back.. my screen went blank n i gave it for service.. n now i found out that when i try to work my webcam it says plug in d webcam.. when its inbuild in my laptop..

HP mediasmart webcam
any solution to make it work ?
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I bought a HP Pavilion dv4 laptop back in June, the MediaSmart webcam was working properly until today, when I opened it, it said " MediaSmart Webcam cannot connect to this video device (USB Video device). Please select another capture device within settings or close any application that may be using this video device, and then restart MediaSmart Webcam".

What should i do?
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The software which was pre-installed on my laptop worked fine the first couple of times I used it, then started to play up sometimes by not opeing up at all. So I went to:
Software & Driver Downloads HP Pavilion dv6-2030sa Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

Downloaded the HP MediaSmart Webcam driver/software. Now it opens up fine, but it says that the in-built webcam is not detected?

Any advise?


A:HP MediaSmart Webcam not working

Soes the webcam show up in Device Manager ?? If so, remove it and refresh. You may just to refresh the driver.
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Hi, I have a HP Touchsmart notebook PC from 2008 and am using Windows Vista Home Premium, 64-bit. Last weekend I realized my webcam suddenly stopped working. I have used it regularly on Google and Skype for over a year. When I open HP Mediasmart Webcam it says it can't connect to the video device (USB Camera) and I should choose another device within settings or close other apps running the camera. There are no others running, and settings isn't actie for me to click on it.
I've tried a system wipe out, restored factory settings, installed drivers, run updates, looked at a bunch of forums. Please help. Thanks.

A:Mediasmart cannot connect to USB Camera

Is the cam recognized by Windows? If not it's likely faulty. Is it a built-in cam or external? If it's external, test it on another PC.
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Hey everyone First off I would like to say I'm new to the forums so i'm Webcam Mediasmart Hp Problem sorry if this thread is located in the wrong place So to get to the point I recently purchased a new hp dv z laptop and decided to upgrade to windows I now am currently running windows professional which is working very smoothly and fine I only Hp Mediasmart Webcam Problem have a couple of problems but they are all minor - Hp Mediasmart Webcam Problem except for my webcam I have a hp mediasmart webcam built in that is not Hp Mediasmart Webcam Problem working at all I have a windows old folder that contains the webcam application but when i try to open it it starts to load up and then gives me an error message saying quot Hp Mediasmart Webcam has stopped working quot I have looked for new drivers for my hp webcam but it keeps giving me this link Download HP Drivers I install this program and it says that i have the most recent drivers downloaded Is there any hope for my webcam to work or will i just have to deal without it Thanks for all your help guys girls

A:Hp Mediasmart Webcam Problem

The Microsoft Update should offer an update within a day or so for a "Sonix Streaming Media YooStar" webcam which should work or you can probably get it from HP by going to this link: Sonix Camera Driver - HP Business Support Center

Good luck.

Jim P.
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Hello. I have a HP Pavilion dv5. HP MediaSmart Webcam came bundled with the computer. It worked fine. But now, it crashes before it can even start. But, it still works fine with Guest user. Please help !

A:HP MediaSmart Webcam problem

Hello Pucar, welcome to the forum.

I would like to recommend you to right click on this application to check the permissions , verify if the domain administrator belongs to the administrator group and make sure the domain administrator have enough permissions. Or you can launch the Computer Management, navigate to the Local Users and Groups, click Groups and click Administrators, make sure the domain administrator is the member of administrator groups.

Also check the driver status. is it up to date?

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Hello I have been having problems with playing Blu-Rays on my HP Blu-Rays Mediasmart and HP with DVD Problem Pavilion dv When I first got this notebook a little under two years ago it played Blu-Rays fine Now whenever I put in a Blu-Ray the Mediasmart DVD opens and asks me if I would like to check for updates Saying yes or no ultimately leads to the question being asked again I know this is not a problem with my Blu-Ray drive because Problem with HP Mediasmart DVD and Blu-Rays it recognizes the discs when I put them in I have tried to fix this for over three hours I have tried installing different versions of Mediasmart DVD off of the HP website but the same message always comes back I have also tried installing PowerDVD as recommended by others but that application always freezes up when I try to play discs Any help would be appreciated Thank you Also this is only a problem on newer Blu-Rays like Titanic Older discs like Ratatouille play just fine nbsp

A:Problem with HP Mediasmart DVD and Blu-Rays

Blu-Ray disc encryption methods are always changing, thus the software used for playback needs to be continiously updated as well. I'd say the HP software is not up to date. It may be that your installation is faulty or the software may not have an update current enough to play the discs.

PowerDVD should work, but the latest version is 12 (not 10).
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Hi All First time posting here but this seems like a knowledgeable place Ok I have an HP Mediasmart TV This Tv acts like a media extender in that it sees Windows Media Player and can wirelessly receive streamed videos music pics that new problem wmp11 tv with and mediasmart are in the media player library My WMP is working on Windows XP SP that i upgraded from an original XP home Heres my problem I can get everything to work fine the TV sees WMP everything streams beautiful However if I shut my computer off or restart the TV will not re-connect to WMP Hitting server refresh on the tv does nothing The only way I can get it to re-connect is to do a complete re-install of WMP and thens its fine again My wifes computer downstairs has windows xp pro and when i set up the media sharing on her comp it works fine every time You can shut off reboot etc the tv always sees wmp on her comp I have enabled media sharing and only the tv is listed problem with wmp11 and new mediasmart tv in shared devices I've followed all the microsoft tech bulletins on how to set up media sharing I've spoken to HP tech support several times and they basically say that if it works on one comp and not the other then its in wmp or in my version of XP This is driving me crazy any help would be appreciated

A:problem with wmp11 and new mediasmart tv

hello I welcome to TSF,

now what i need to do is go to your (device manager)

now once there you will want to select from the toolbar of the window(veiw) then a drop down menu / from it you will select (show all hidden devices)

now if you see any (red or yellow) quotation marks , make a note of what they

now go to the (event veiwer) this is thru the (administrator tools) in the control panel
here you will find 3 to 4 subcatagories

you will want to check each of them for this is where windows keeps track of all errors
now you will want to make notes of the errors that have been recorded ( you do not have to make notes of double entries just of the dates of their happenings & how many there is)
you will get more information on the errors if you (right) click them / then select properties


do you have a Windows Xp cd, not the restore cd's that come with some systems, the cd will have the Windows logo & 3D hollowgram/image on it

if you do not maybe you can barrow one from a friend/family member/co-worker as long as it is the same version that is on your system

if you have (Windows XP Home Ed. sp2 ) then the cd will have to be that / if you have a cd with (Windows XP Home Ed. )you will have to slipstream (SP2 ) onto a disk that you create

this also applies to (Windows XP Professsional )

now if you do have the Windows XP cd with sp2 please follow these steps


performing a (sfc) system file checker

It is a scan that checks the core files & dlls of the (os) operating system and replaces them if they are corrupt or missing with the correct original version


#1 then select (run) , then press enter
a window will open
#2 type in ( cmd ) then press enter
another window will open
#3 type in ( sfc )then press enter
another window will open
#4 type in (sfc /purgecache) then enter / your pc will work like crazy / this helps in rebuiding the cache file (notice the space between (sfc & /)
#5 type in (sfc /scannow ) then press enter ( notice the space between the (sfc & / )

now a scan will start , have your (Windows XP software disk ready ) your pc may ask for this disc when it starts or during the scan( so you must sit with the pc while this scan functions ) , if it does then incert the cd into one of your cd/rom/player's , your pc will then reconnize it and continue , you will then have to minimize the splash screen for the cd to see the scan , when the scan is finished you will need to close the cd and all open windows , then remove the cd

you will then need to do a ( Disk Cleanup ) , then empty the caches & temp files thru the (Internet Options) , then do a defrag

restart your pc

then do a defrag again after the reboot

then get back to us

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I've had my laptop since December, and I've been an avid user of my webcam. It's worked fine up until yesterday, when I was trying to start a video calln on skype. When I checked, it pulled up an error form that said "MediaSmart Webcam cannot connect to this device (HP Webcam). Please select another capture device within settings or close any application that may be using this device and restart MediaSmart webcam."

I don't know what to do, I've tried disabling & enabling my webcam but it hasn't worked.

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Every time I open Hp MediaSmart and click on one of the five programs this error pops up saying that MSVCR71.dll is missing.

then after clicking ok this would pop up.

Help please. Thank you.
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Every time I click on HP MediaSmart video it comes up than one minute or two minutes the program closes.Not sure why it is doing that.

My HP MediaSmart video version

Note I cannot find version or higher on the internet. At this point it is repaire or some how fix HP MediaSmart video or download version or higher.

I cannot find version or higher on the internet. The only one they have on the internet is lower version.

A:HP MediaSmart video keeps crashing

If this program came with your computer. You should be able to go to your computers . Support site and down load it. Some hp computers have a place in their recovery tools. From inside windows you can reinstall your software. That came with the computer.
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I have a file server at home with a Quad core gb ram and a tb of storage It is running Ubuntu Home Windows Server choose: R2 Windows Server 2008 vs. 2011 Help Desktop and sharing video files primarily From my school I have access to a free copy of Windows Server R Other than the server I have Windows Help choose: Windows Home Server 2011 vs. Windows Server 2008 R2 desktops Windows laptop and Windows Vista laptop I am interested in moving to a Windows setup as I am done with the Ubuntu experiment WHS looks like what I need but I have a free copy of WS and I would miss the for WHS My goals can be described best as Need to Haves File media server local network Dedicated game server for various games for friends Print server Nice to Haves Music Video Streaming over the internet Automatic backup server File server over the internet Ability to manager other PC s Help choose: Windows Home Server 2011 vs. Windows Server 2008 R2 from the server My ability as an admin No experience Willing to learn and put forth initial effort to get setup Don t have time to really spend more than day moving from Ubuntu to the new setup Don t want to be stuck constantly screwing with things to get it right or keep it running What is going to be best option for my situation

A:Help choose: Windows Home Server 2011 vs. Windows Server 2008 R2

Honestly, I use both in their proper settings, and unless you have a domain at home with multiple users, Windows Server 2008 R2 is overkill...and would require much more tweaking and add-in apps to do what you want. Given your write-up, WHS 2011 is the way to go. It does much of what you want out of the box, and is designed for people who don't want to become server admins (or at least not be forced to).
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Windows Updates have been a real thorn in my side since moving to the country where I have limited bandwidth ISP. I have 6-7 Windows PCs I (try to) keep updated, both XP and W7. I've tried downloading updates just ONCE using the Microsoft Update Catalog, but then I still have to note what pc needs what updates and install them manually.

Newegg's sale on Windows Home Server today has me wondering whether I might dedicate a PC to WSUS just to manage updates.

Can folks here with WSUS experience suggest whether this is worth doing? Or might be more trouble than it's worth vs. the manual "Update Catalog" method? Or tried w/WHS and that's a problem in itself? TIA for any feedback...

A:Windows Server Update Services and Windows Home Server -- worth doing?

I manage the WSUS implementation where I work. Overall, it's a pretty straightforward product. The only hassle will be going through the list of "all updates" for Windows 7 and for XP and declining the ones that don't pertain to your systems. The good news is that WSUS will determine for you, which are needed and which aren't and will place an icon next to the ones which you need.

I don't have experience with running WSUS on WHS myself....but I'm guessing it would be pretty much the same as doing it on a straight up Windows server.

As far as getting the clients to use your WSUS server, that's a simply registry change.
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Hello. I am trying to listen to Pandora Radio on HP Mediasmart but it just keeps loading and the music eventually doesn't play and it just takes me back to the main Pandora Radio screen.
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Hope it's okay to post this question here nbsp Would really Cannot MediaSmart adjust HP on brightness/contrast appreciate it if the mods wouldn't delete my post nbsp I know that HP no longer makes TVs and no longer offers support for their own TV products but I Cannot adjust brightness/contrast on HP MediaSmart figured someone on here might have encountered this same issue and might be able to offer some support nbsp nbsp So I have an HP Cannot adjust brightness/contrast on HP MediaSmart MediaSmart LCD HD flatscreen TV which is about or years old nbsp A couple of weeks ago something weird happened nbsp The TV would no longer let me change the display settings contrast brightness etc via the custom user setting nbsp This is especially frustrating for shows or movies which display too darkly on the screen like Mr Robot because I can't adjust the brightness and contrast to make the show viewable nbsp nbsp This is how it usually worked nbsp nbsp On the remote I'd press MENUThe MENU would pop up on the screenI would select PICTUREThen I would scroll down through the pre-set settings to USERI would select USERAt that point settings for brightness contrast color saturation etc would be displayed nbsp Unfortunately now when you scroll down to USER the screen displays whatever your Cannot adjust brightness/contrast on HP MediaSmart last custom user setting was but it does NOT let you choose adjust those prior settings nbsp When you have USER highlighted and press the 'OK' button on the remote nothing happens nbsp Unfortunately the last custom user setting I had had the brightness dialed nearly all the way up so it's way too bright for most shows nbsp nbsp Has anyone else experienced this nbsp Seems like such a weird little glitch nbsp Picture of what I'm describing below nbsp nbsp
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Hello! Working on an HP Pavilion laptop here. I was trying to make a video today using HP MediaSmart Video. When I finished it, I played it back, and the sound was delayed from the video by less than a second...not egregious, but enough that people would immediately notice. I've used MediaSmart before to make videos with the same error, but once upon a time, I did remember how to get the sound and the video to sync up. Can't remember now.

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Help-How do I get the HP MediaSmart control out of my laptop. I inserted the bigger end in first and now it is stuck

My Notebook specs are: HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook-Intel Core2 Duo CPU T6500 @2.10GHz 2.10 GHz-4.00 GB Ram-64-bit Operating System-Windows Vista Home Premium
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Hi I'm Newton, hello everybody.
My HP MediaSmart SmartMenu has stopped working & I can't reinstall it.
I tried uninstalling it, & it gives me an error message:
: Error 1001.InstallUtilLib.dll: Unknown error.
Also the same thing is happening with my HP Advisor. it stopped every time I boot up the PC it says a problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program & notify you if a solution is available.
I run Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit.
I just don't know what to do, please help me.
My screen name is: Newton_merc please help me up.
See you later.
Bye. [email protected]
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I have an EX495 and I just upgraded the CPU with a Core 2 Duo E7300 with no problems. Its been running [email protected] for over a month with no issues. Ignore the nay sayers, this chipset also supports Core 2 Quad.  Ill have a go at that next. P.S. Shame on you HP for shipping this with a 32bit OS. Double shame on you HP for allowing Microsoft to impose 1 concurrent connection limit, rendering this useless as a network file server as connections and transfers of large files break every time a machine pings the shares. SHAME ON YOU HP!
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I've had my laptop since early June, and I've been an avid user of my webcam. It's worked fine up until today, when I was trying to start a video conversation on oovoo. When I checked, it pulled up an error form that said "MediaSmart Webcam cannot connect to this device (USB video device). Please select another capture device within settings or close any application that may be using this device and restart MediaSmart webcam."

I don't know what to do, I've tried disabling & enabling my webcam but it hasn't worked.

A:Solved: HP Mediasmart Webcam not working!

how did you solve the problem?
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Sorry to ask for help again, but I simply cannot find an answer(I have searched the forum) . I recently upgraded my Pavilion dv9700 to Windows 7. It has a built in webcam which I have never used. I've decided I now want to!
Installed HP MediaSmart and the webcam works ok both with picture and sound. I want to send a short video to a cousin in NZ but MediaSmart tells me to associate an email programme. I tried the 'default' but it (hotmail) is not listed. How do I do this?

I want my usual video files to continue opening with WPM if possible. I only want the MediaSmart file associated with Hotmail (or another if this is not possible)
Any advice appreciated

A:How do I associate my email programme with HP MediaSmart?

I don't think you can associate it with Hotmail as this is an online service. You can download and install Windows Live Mail and use that with your Hotmail account, and you should also be able to tell the MediaSmart software to use Windows Live Mail as the default email program once it's installed.

If you don't want to install anything new, you can just attach the video file you have made to a new email on the Hotmail website.
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I got an HP TouchSmart Laptop back in January Here is the computer I bought I bought it with the stores specs http www bestbuy com site olspage jsp skuId amp type product amp id I have had Not Webcam Properly HP MediaSmart Working some trouble with the webcam in Yahoo Messanger I used the webcam in Skype for the first time back in january for two hours with no problems I have been using it recently though over the past week and I have been having problems with the image freezing skipping just HP MediaSmart Webcam Not Working Properly being slow I am also noticing that the problem occurs more often when I have skypes web cam connected to Cyberlink Web Camera Filter instead of HP Webcam Also the instant messanger programs call it Cyberlink but when its open the programs name is HP MediaSmart Webcam When connected to Cyberlink the program will randomly close or open own Even opening while its open causing the cam to freeze The problem has been getting worse but today HP MediaSmart Webcam Not Working Properly it has been redicilous The cam HP MediaSmart Webcam Not Working Properly will be working fine and then Cyberlink will open automatically while its open then close then open and it does this repeatedly and makes it so that i am not able to type or use my computer because when it opens it automatically becomes the active window So I am forced to wait for it to stop whatever it is that its doing before I can do anything else Durring this time the light that shows that the webcam is on also flashes I also have a problem when its connected to the HP Webcam every time the video starts the screens contrast flashes from my normal settings to me being very bright and pale looking The webcam works fine though when used just in Cyberlink I do have the most recent drivers available I checked just before posting this Any questions that may help you to help me feel free to ask Thanks so much for your help Edit I also forgot when the webcam stops working I occasionally get an error message that says the following quot HP MediaSmart Webcam can not connect to the following device HP Webcam Please select another capture device within Settings or close any device that may be using this video device and then restart HP MediaSmart Webcam quot When I get this message and when I experience the problem HP MediaSmart Webcam Cyberlink opens in its full screen version which makes the webcam not useable with any other program until it is closed or if I am currently broadcasting then it will quickly return to its smaller version Im really sorry if I m not explaining it properly I am trying but I feel like my words are not coming of very clearly nbsp
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Purchased my HDX18 1000 with a TV card & Blu-ray. I seem to remember I had to download something from Cyberlink to make it work when I bought my laptop. After a crash seems Blu-ray isn't seeing my DVD. Does anyone have the link I need to get my Blu-ray to work again in MediaSmart? Thanks for taking time to read this & help.
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I have recently done a clean install of windows home basic bit on my months old DM - AU netbook Before the clean install i had gathered the setups of all the preinstalled install problem Mediasmart launch and after clean Quick HP HP HP Mediasmart and Quick launch problem after clean install softwares that i needed after a clean install After clean install of windows i installed mediasmart smartmenu ver which was preinstalled on my machine I installed mediasmart webcam ver which was preinstalled on my machine I also installed the latest version of quick launch version A for my machine from the drivers download page Now my problem is that when i double click mediasmart smartmenu icon nothing happens Also i don t get the onscreen display now when i increase or decrease the volume from the function keys asigned for this purpose I have also tried to check the latest updates through the latest version of support assistant but it hasn t helped I read the following post regarding the same problem http h www hp com t Notebook-PC-Sound-and amp -Audio No-on-screen-display-dv td-p Someone in there said that in order to get on screen display for volume and other features you should first install some other mediasmart software before smartmenu and the best choice is mediasmart DVD I tried that but it did not help Another strange thing is that when i try to install mediasmart smartmenu the setup doesn t give me a confirmation in the end that the software has been installed successfully The same happens for other softwares like mediasmart DVD and mediasmart webcam If i check in the task manager i see the setup processes for some time but then the processes just terminate without giving any confirmation After installing all the mediasmart software i only get an entry for smartmenu in the programs and features list in control panel Also when i install mediasmart webcam and mediasmart DVD the setup sometimes shows a message that the software did not install successfully and asks if i want to run setups in compatibility mode Please help nbsp
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i have one desktop and one laptop both have windows 7 i want to make desktop server because i going to install sql server on that i am providing the ip address of the both computers but i can not connect i also disable all the paswords and usernames but still when i enter one computer ip address it ask me for the username and password remember that i have speedtouch 585 router at home and these both computers are connected wirelessly. thanks

A:home server

Could you please explain what you are trying to do and with a bit more detail?
You are trying to install SQL server, but what exactly is the password problem?
Are you getting the prompt to enter the username etc from the router? If not...what?
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hi I purchased a Server computer during a going out of business sale as follows ASUS P B-VM Intel Core CPU GHZ GHZ MB RAM Win XP SP GB SATA hd runs fine very fast But it has Business POS software which I want to remove and reformat the hard drive with a fresh XP SP for home use as a pc home a using server I can access the Bios and adjust settings but it refuses to boot from a USB CD ROM which I have connected since it came without a CD ROM or Floppy drive just a hard drive I have re-ordered the Boot sequence but it still boots from hard drive no matter what The USB CD ROM is recognized in Device Manager and BIOS I understand these Servers are not designed as home PC s but they can be used as a home PC and that was my intent I am becoming discouraged because I thought it would be an easy matter to reformat the HD any tips thanks JAMWC nbsp

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Hey all, I have a few questions bout servers and how exactly* they work.

I have a basic understanding that it is usually a computer dedicated to server stuff. And i know people use servers to back up important info and host websites along with several other things.

But lets just say that I wanted to make one of my computers a server so i can back up some info and host a website off it. What would be my first step? This is where i get lost, how do i make one of my comps a server for my network.

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I want to install a server which would let me store files on it and then allow me to view them from other computer/ iphone/itouches. Is that possible?

A:Need help with a Home Server

Yes it is possible. I found some useful information here
Good luck.
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I'm trying to set up a VPN server at home which uses a cable modem connection and a Netgear router. The router is set up to pass through the PPTP protocol on port 1723. The router has an IP address and gateway address. From work, I can only ping the router's gateway address. How does the VPN client get to the VPN server through the cable modem and router? Which address should the VPN client try to connect?

A:trying to set up a VPN server at home

Suggest you try the Netgear support forum. What you need to do to make your VPN work will be Netgear specific.
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What do i need?

Are there any things I should be concerned about i.e. pirated files, bandwidth, etc?

Please help.


A:Home Server

Hello Labad. Welcome to the forums. I am not sure I understand your questions. Can you try rephrasing it?
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can xp home be added to a domain if so whear do you do this this i cant find any thing on this

A:xp home and nt server

If I'm not mistaken, that's one of the many wonderful limitations that Microsoft built into XP Home in order to get people to purchase XP Pro...
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Hello all, I didn't know where else to post this but here goes. I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a great home server I can run from my PC. I have Win XP Home, I have tried abyss home web server but it doesn't seen to work. I don't have a DN registered, but I thought the server would work thruogh my IP. Can someone please let me know exactly what I would need to do to get a server online. Thanks!

BTW, I finally got Mandrake Linux 10.0 installed on that older Computer I was having problems with. !

A:Home Web Server Help!

What scale are we talking about here? A couple of great servers I've used are AnalogX simpleserver, which, as the name implies, is about as simple as you can get. At the other end of the spectrum are Apache (a VERY powerful and versatile webserver), and MySQL, which is not actually a server but a databasing app, which will come in useful if you have a site that can take advantage of such things.

In addition to one of these, you'll need to open port forwarding to your computer's internal ip (the one that goes something like 192.168.x.x) to port 80. The procedure for setting this up varies from router to router, so you'll want to check your manual for more info on this.
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Can anyone recommend a buy-off-the-shelf home server? in our household we all have our own laptops and devices. We want to have a central place to save our family stuff (bills, documents, photos) and be able to print from it and share files etc. We have a Virginmedia wirelss hub. Up to now we used a home PC (Dell Inspiron) whose motherboard has just died. So wondering whether to replace with a new PC or a home server but don;t know what the best choice is.
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I'm in the process of planning out a build for a home server and I have some questions on hardware Do I really need a server mobo and server CPU Can I use a regular mobo and CPU and install server What is the difference between a server case and regular desktop case What are the big differences in using the server side hardware vs regular hardware mainly the mobo and CPU I just want to set up a small home server that has desktops more to be added later and laptops more to be added later then Home Server add a printer on the server side of it to eliminate printers I really don't need to do this but Home Server rather as a Home Server challenge for me and how cost effective this would be for a true server setup vs a media type home server such as HP's media home server vs a NAS setup I know the cost of a sever is at least double vs a regular desktop because of what the server is designed to do Has anybody else on here set one up and can share their in outs of it with me

A:Home Server

Quote: Originally Posted by bassfisher6522

I'm in the process of planning out a build for a home server and I have some questions on hardware. Do I really need a server mobo and server CPU? Can I use a regular mobo and CPU and install server 2008? What is the difference between a server case and regular desktop case? What are the big differences in using the server side hardware vs regular hardware, mainly the mobo and CPU? I just want to set up a small home server that has 3 desktops (2 more to be added later) and 2 laptops (2 more to be added later) then add a printer on the server side of it (to eliminate 4 printers). I really don't need to do this but rather as a challenge for me and how cost effective this would be for a true server setup vs a media type home server such as HP's media home server vs a NAS setup. I know the cost of a sever is at least double vs a regular desktop because of what the server is designed to do. Has anybody else on here set one up and can share their in/outs of it with me.

Are you planning to use active directory?

I am currently running a 2.4GHz Pentium 4 machine (originally ran XP) with Windows Home Server Vail.

WHS doesn't support active directory so I can't say if that claims any benefits from Server Hardware (I'm guessing it does), but for general Printer Serving and serving Media standard hardware is more than adequate.

One advantage of WHS is that it has a built in backup utility which backs up all your PCs automatically onto the server meaning manual backups and trapcing around with HDDs will become a thing of the past.

Standard Hardware is fine for what I use it for (which does include a nice little web server which allows me to access my media from anywhere in the world as well as remote desktop and PC backups and Printer Serving).

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Hey guys
I have received my BT Home Hub 2.0 today which I will set up tomorrow. It has a USB connection, i tried a USB Drive and it worked! so i can access my files through the network. Anyone know if i can set it up as an online file server (so i can access my files online)?
Nice cheap option for the future of "Clouding" Hopefully anyways

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Hey guys
I have received my BT Home Hub 2.0 today which I will set up tomorrow. It has a USB connection, i tried a USB Drive and it worked! so i can access my files through the network. Anyone know if i can set it up as an online file server (so i can access my files online)?
Nice cheap option for the future of "Clouding" Hopefully anyways

I have had serious problems getting this to work at all even locally(as it's not suppost to be possible), however I think it might be possible to set it up as an internet server using the webdav protocol or something similar.

To be perfectly honest if you had it setup though (which I'm not sure is possible) it would be accessible by anyone because you would have made an exception in your firewall to allow access and then there's no secondary password etc. to secure it.

If you want a Home Server why not look at Windows Home server, it's really cool and really easy to use, the only downside is it requires a PC as the middle man but that is probably a good thing in terms of security.

You can download WHS beta from MS for free from WINDOWS HOME SERVER | Microsoft Connect although it can't dual boot on one drive and has to be the only OS installed (it insists on formatting absolutely everything during installation).

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hi guys new to these forums but not new to windows Operating Systems I am writing this after coming from a Linux OS Forum and Home Server Help With been dissapointed with the lack of help and the level Help With Home Server of arrogance coming from there I am looking to setup another home server my current Help With Home Server one is running WHS but as i am rebuilding it to make it more low powered and effecient i wanted to upgrade or change the OS to something else at first after all the posts i found recommending Linux i spent some time looking at several however i found that simple tasks that can be achieved in a windows OS with a few mouse clicks take about half an hour of typing commands and editing config files in linux so i simply posted on a site funnily enough called quot AskUbuntu quot about which linux version would be best for me as a beginner and all i got back was rude and unhelpful replies so i did a bit more searching and came across some articles about Help With Home Server setting up Windows as a Home server this was interesting to me because as much as i like the Windows Server OS's they are more expensive and also have way too much stuff that i wouldn't probably use for a simple home sharing network i basically will be setting the server up to perform two main functions serving my files to my other pc's and doing backups which i usually schedule for times per week Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays so i wanted to get some thoughts on people who may have considered or already started using Windows Pro as a Home server and what their experiences have been one benefit i see is because it is a desktop OS most of the Anti-virus software will work on it so i could install something like Avast Free Edition on there and it should keep it safe whereas Windows Server i would need a Server-Grade Antivirus which i do not know of any currently

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Welcome to Eight Forum protocol177, Windows 8 will run a home server as good as Whs2011.
Google storage spaces window8 and you will find that you can set your drives up much the same as Whs2011.
I set up windows 8 as a server and found that
Easier to setup than a server Os
drives can be organized better
All windows software works with it
As you mentioned all the AV products work
Common GUI with your other desktops
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Is it possible to setup a VPN remote access server in XP Home? The companies computers all run XP home and I need to connect to them remotely and use network resources. For example, the company has a network camera system that we'd like to check and monitor over the internet, also we have software on our company computers that I'd like to be able to access from the internet to check inventory etc.
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I am currently using DynDNS to resolve my IP to a hostname on a PC running Win Home and using Serviio to stream my media to Devices Mobile Web Mobile amp Web are gamechangers And share the drive for any PC's that just want to access the share It works great smart-tv can access it cell-phones can on the go can type Server?? Home a web-address in and with a little finess and port-forwarding get web access to my Home Server?? media WELL my DynDNS account is about to lapse and I am not sure if I want to pay for extended service or if I could reap the same benefits setting up a home NAS Server using a free OS like Ubuntu Server or Fedora etc The only purpose I would be using it for is above what are the more knowledgeable's thoughts I Home Server?? also read a lifehacker article about using FreeNAS which could do the same thing sounds like but networking isn't the brightest bulb in my chandelier

A:Home Server??

I am not clear what DNS has to do with the server
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I know nothing about servers.......

I have a desk top and a lap top (for now) in my home network. I'd like to add a server so I can put the data files on it, access them from both computers, and also use for storage.

I don't need more than 5/600GB

I don't know if I should buy a server, saw some small ones for about 200 on Newegg, or build one. I have the HDs, think I'd like to have 2 in RAID 1 for safety, and a TechNet 'script for the software.

Any tips to get me started in the right direction appreciated.

A:Home server ?

Any interest in learning a little bit of Linux? setting up a Linux box is 100% free, getting samba going is easy and it shares files beautifully. I would be more than happy in assisting you with the setup of the above.

In all honest, just an old box with a couple of hard drives should be just fine. It's what I have have used for my home server for a number of years.
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I am a newcomer to Tech Support Guy with a unique problem My job is tech support for a bunch nearly of Windows NT Servers for one of our clients Most software for Server needs NT Software 4 these days is not written for NT Now our company installed these servers back in the s and they work fine to this day Dell has been good in supporting their product Our new installations are Servers But this client has been with us for over years and doesn t think that they need to upgrade But that is not my Software needs for NT 4 Server problem I am looking for software that will run on NT Server NT SP a and SQL Server that will consolidate directories and defragment the disks not Diskeeper Lite I am also looking for software that will allow me to assess any difficulties i e registry problems and take care of them The difficulty is this software must be current I cannot go to Ebay to pick up software I have to buy from a known vendor and the product must be the most recent Freeware is a possiblity if it can be sufficiently documented that it is a product that is undergoing continuing development nbsp

A:Software needs for NT 4 Server

I suspect you're going to have serious problems finding new software that is fully supported for Windows NT 4.0.

I don't know of any application that can scan any operating system to determine any type of problem and fix it regardless of corrupt files or registries. It sounds like you're looking for some type of Holy Grail software that fixes all problems. No such thing. Even harder to find utilities that work with an operating system even the maker of which doesn't support it.
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I need something that can host a VPN server on Windows 7. Not LogMeIn Hamachi or the one hidden in Windows' network connections, neither of those work. I'm looking for a free program.

A:VPN server software?


You are better of hosting VPN Connections via your router. Its simpler to manage.

What are you trying to achive?
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I am having a dedicated server and need to know what firewall should I use for securing the server. I mean to say that shall i use a software firewall or a hardware firewall? Which is more effective?

A:What software is better for a web server?

You should use a hardware server; I would say, either get a router that has firewall enabled service or think about IPCOPS distro for linux; If you have an old computer around with two network cards, you can easily setup a firewall with no problem.

Hardware is always the way to go if your going to get a firewall; Cisco ASA or Pix if have alot of computer to protect;
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I use Uwamp if I want my Windows computer to act as a LAN server in my apartment. (freeware)
Does anyone know of others also suitable? (server that is not limited to localhost only with MySQL and PHP included)
Would appreciate info on any non-Windows ones also - am trying to get a list together.
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Can anyone tell me a good easy program for a secure ftp server? and how to set up a ftp server properly?

biggest question is do you need to buy a domain if you are going to use a ftp server only?

thank in advance

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I need to install web server software on my computer so I can preview web pages before uploading them. It saves all of that unnecessary upload time. I used to run XAMPP with XP Pro SP3. But in looking to download it again, it doesn't mention 7 as being compatible. The last OS listed is Vista. I would imagine XAMPP is probably compatible with 7, but I was wondering if anyone had any info on this, or maybe another suggestion for free open source server software I could use with 7?

A:Web Server Software

It is not exactly what you are asking about, but have you considered using Opera Unite? It has a web server function to serve pages directly from your computer, so I imagine that it has some way to preview them also. I don't know if it would allow you to upload them just anywhere though, but I imagine that could be done separately, if needed.

Web Server - Opera Unite applications
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If I was going to build me a home server, what MS server software would I want to use?

A:Server Software

Since MS has killed off Windows Home Server, you should read through the linked article to see what to buy now: Windows Server 2012 Essentials: The Home Server Replacement | Windows Server content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
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Hi guys I am Setting Home Up Server trying to set up a home server on Linux machine with other xp and vista machines I have set it up and is working fine from inside the network And here is the catch I want to be able to connect to it maybe through vpn from Setting Up Home Server outside the network I got DynDNS address for it The DynDNS address works fine from within the network but does not work from outside Yup I am aware that the ISP I am using COX blocks different ports and it is on the modem itself and I am not able to control that My question is --- How do I go around the ports blocked by my ISP Now before everybody starts laughing at me and telling me that I am just dreaming let me tell you I had used Windows Home Server software the free testing one which DID allow me not only to connect to my home server but also control my home server and other computers connected to my network I had no problem with Windows Home Server except that it did not work with my Linux machine that I am playing with trying out different flavors and I wanted to do something on my own instead of relying on WHS So if WHS can help me connect to my home server and control my other computers from outside it means it went around the ports blocked by my ISP What Windows can do can be done by anybody I hope Any help advice suggestions would be highly appreciated nbsp

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Hi I recently aquired a Dell poweredge c box onto which I ve had server and exchange installed I ve for home use: help? server Exchange been quoted to have the box installed on my home network but I m running out of budget so I d like to have a crack at it myself and hopefully pick up some knowledge along the way I have a simple ish home network - most of which is either wireless or wired through the mains power network The Dell server has NIC but I have another I can install - I m told I need I m at a loss as to know where to start ie how to plug it all in and from then how to configure it all I m told the server needs to sit in the DMZ this true Exchange server for home use: help? If so should I fit it with AV software recommendations here please Also the box is noisey and might therefore live in the garage and need to be accessed remotely from another terminal in the house This possible Could I get away with cabling the server into the modem router via the mains electricity route or better still via a wireless router I have sat upstairs in a cupboard What would be really useful is if someone who has carried out a similar installation can offer advice tips pitfalls etc Also if I could be pointed in the direction of some kind of Exchange home-user for complete s guide that too would be very useful nbsp

A:Exchange server for home use: help?

First, go to Dell and download ALL the available drivers for that model Service Tag. They also have pretty decent setup instructions.
This system is not all that different from what you are used to... so do not be intimidated with it because it is "new" to you. Simply start out slowly, and become comfortable with how it works... add and remove as needed, but slowly. Don't add the second NIC until you know why it is needed.
The noise is caused by a high speed, rugged power supply that is designed to run 24 hours without interruption. You can replace that power supply with a quieter model that will work just as well, but may not have the 3-year long life of the current one. But yes, it is often useful to have another terminal at your desk IF you can control the dust and heat in the garage.
You will likely need more instruction than can be posted here, but there are plenty of good ideas available with a Google search.
Your thinking on this project is very good, however.
One thing I would do is call Dell support, and ask them to send you a copy of the install disk that came with that model. It will have the latest service packs. But all other drivers will only be available via download.
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i would like to find out some info on starting a Windows based Server that i can host my own page and or FTP from. i started this process with Fedora Core 3 but gave up as i don't use FC3 that much any more... i know batty, im sorry. i know and understand the power of linux guys trust me i know. but i can't dive into it unless i find some truly solid way for me to play World of Warcraft and other fine games in the linux Environment. but in any case.

i would really like to start and host a server for files [legal ofcourse (i.e. funny vids from games, or funny pictures [again legal, and NON-copywrited]) sheesh ;) lols]

thanks in advance

- NoRiN

A:Can you help me start a Server on a Home XP Pro box?

Do you have the bandwidth to do that ? Do you have a fixed ( static ip address ) ?

this may help. I think you will enjoy this endevour more if you use someone elses web hosting, there are alot near free ones
or free under like 10meg

also try or is it .org
anyway they have free, though I did a whois and the are in Bulgaria

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Well, this is something that wasn't mentioned in any of my classes. Shame on them.

I have a domain name for my wife and I was thinking of making a web server and email server so we can deal with it here. Sometimes our domain host is not fast enough Now we have the domain name in our name, so how/where do I get the domain name pointing to us?

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I have recently bought Windows XP Home and to my shock discovered that you cannot run Personal Web Server on it. I use PWS to test my Active Server Pages websites. What do I do?

Is there any way to run ASP's on XP Home?
Or do I have to buy XP Pro?

One solution I have thought about is having a second HDD with Win98 on it just for ASP's. How do you go about creating one of those menus that allows you to select from which HDD to boot from? I mean those ones that give you so many seconds before it boots itself.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:XP Home & Personal Web Server (ASP's)

Well, if you formated all your drives and started over, installing Win98 first, then after thats done, install WinXP and WinXP will automatically set up the boot sequence with a boot menu for you. It has to be done in that order though.
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I got a question today from a man who works in a tax office. He uses a program on his work computer that needs to communicate with the server. Now he wants to take his work computer home and access his work server from home. Can this be done? Sorry for the lack of information, this is all he knew. Thanks in advance.

A:Work server at home

No he cannot logon to the server or access the data unless there is a terminal server setup in the office where we can access from home. He will not be able to login to the office server. He can logon from home to a terminal server. For terminal server we need to used remote desktop with a public IP address.
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Here is the situation: I am living at an apartment complex that uses a single connection for the same building (at least). This connection is hooked into a router that reassigns IP addresses for that building. For instance: IP addresses in this building will be something like 172.16.X.X. Everyone has the same external IP address past the router-assigned IP address.

Since I do not have access to the devices, I am unsure how to connect to a home server outside (or for that matter, inside) the network. I have successfully implemented a TeamSpeak server in which both someone inside and outside the network were able to connect, but this does nothing to help me in the current situation.

I would also like to mention that I am hooked up to a home router, which assigns the IP addresses 10.0.0.X.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated


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I have this many years ago and it gave a a major headache then.
I have a broadband connection and i'm using filezilla software. I have a no-ip address ***** There is also an IP address. When i enter this into filezilla i get a message " Erroe could not connect to server"

I would very much appreciate a detailed walk through of how to set up a server. i have visited many sites on how to do this but they all just skip over parts that they think you should know. Treat me as dim is the best way. I know that it will not work without the correct ip address, to say this is pissing me off is an understatement .
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Hey I recently added a post whereby I think my router is fried still doing some tests but if it turns out frie server LAN home for New setup - I m going to need to fork out on a new router So I figured I ll see if anyone has any advice as to what setup I should go for because my network is used for a home web server Currently I have EasyPHP local web server running on one of my pcs and broadcasting across the LAN so other PCs can access this web server All connected through a bog standard Netgear Wireless and Wired Router Modem ----- One aspect I would like is to be able to connect two USB devices a printer and an New LAN setup - for home server external HDD to the router so they become network attached devices -- but both items only have USB connections no network - I ve seen in the past some routers with USB ports which can network up USB devices but can t remember which model I was looking at back then Any recommended routers would be appreciated My main reason for this post is that I would also be in using the router as the web server running easyPHP for example - at the moment if I want to access web server from another I obviously need to main computer swithced on running too Is this possible It could also be of benefit when I have external users wanting to access my local server from the internet - but I m not convinced on the security of doing this Is this possible Much appreciated Cheers Oh and I guess I should also get a surge protector since I think the router got hit by lightening nbsp
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I do not know where to put this beacuse it doesn't fit all that well anywhere else, so I put it here.
The question is, does anyone know if you can install WHS on a custom machine.
It kind of says yes in the specifications, but I just want to be sure
I see it here, but don't know if I can install it on a machine I build.

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Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to post ths topic. Acer Easy store home server is on order - delivery imminent. It uses Windows Home Server which has a useful feature for back up and HD failure called Drive Extender. Microsoft has announded that it is cancelling this feature in the next version of WHS, due out in 2011. Does this have implications for me, considering I have bought the current version of WHS; in other words, I won't upgade. The reason I ask is that people seem to suggest a dark future since Microsoft "won't support" the current version in the future. Thanks! Daniel