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Compaq 7400 lost DIAGS

Q: Compaq 7400 lost DIAGS

Last posts I saw are about - files no longer available on HP site to download DIAGS creation file Laptop Armada - -T- -D- - - secondhand- function keys didn t do anything when I bought it gb HDD IBM TravelStar mb RAM swappable floppy and CD-ROM OS - W Kpro Event- virus spyware infection lost DIAGS Compaq 7400 about months ago - virus removed by computer repair tech guy then performance SLOW - so HDD formatted and Compaq 7400 lost DIAGS OS re-installed The problem - running out of disk space and can t do a decent defrag Asked tech guy to upgrade to or or gb HDD He cloned the original HDD to the new one - it would not boot He has tried everything he can think of and has given up Compaq 7400 lost DIAGS I had downloaded System ROMpaq - he did not find Compaq 7400 lost DIAGS it bootable I tried to create a boot disk - I could not seem to make a bootable disk - with the old DOS boot files got a message about NTLDR not found WIndows sees gb not Administrator options in Control Panel shows primary partition is gb rest is quot Unallocated quot - no DIAGS partition I have read all of the posts I can find Tried to find the DIAGS file on HP and got a no longer available message So the old HDD boots fine but without being able to install the BIOS on another HDD can t upgrade AND then boot the laptop If I could make a boot diakette that worked maybe we could find a way to install the DIAGS partition and BIOS on the HDD if the files are still available Any help would be most welcome baby steps please Mary nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Compaq 7400 lost DIAGS

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Compaq 7400 lost DIAGS

is this your link?

it creates bootable diskette with setup program. afaik, you'll need to reseat cmos battery before doing this(in case, when your laptop won't boot from floppy first).
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Hi can anyone out there point me in the right direction to find out what the key strokes are for this laptop to enable me to get into the bios. so as i can change the boot drive.
the screen is not showing them on startup.
many thanks

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I have a compaq armada 7400 laptop that I have had for about 5 years without ever a problem.

Now the eraser/joystick mouse in the center of the keyboard does not seem to want to go down. Only side to side & up. So once up, you can't get back to the bottom of the screen.

I usually plug in an optical ps2 mouse but when the eraser mouse went bad I also can't get a ps2 mouse to work either, tried a few different brands. I guess I will have to try a usb mouse next.

Just wondering if anyone else experienced this & know how to solve the mouse problem.

Could find anything wrong so thought I would just reformat & reload since I want to see if it will handle xp anyways.

Any guesses on if it is hardware or software related?


A:compaq armada 7400 laptop - bad mouse

It sounds like software to me George, but I guess you will find out more after your re-format is done. good luck. I know that you can re-install your mouse drivers if you go to control panel>system>device manager. Anyway good luck.
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Compaq Armada 7400 with Win2K OS

Yes, the same laptop with the previous DIAGS partition problem - that was solved! Thanks.

Now ...

It wasn't in use for a few weeks. Then started it up - no front LED indicator lights - sudden shutdowns - battery not charging - replaced battery - charging fine but still no front LED lights and occasional sudden shutdowns.

Any ideas?


A:Compaq 7400 laptop no front LED indicator lights

"and occasional sudden shutdowns"...

Does this mean that the computer boot into Windows at times even with the panel lights off?
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Hi all, I've just got an old Compaq nx 7400 laptop from a friend. It worked last time it was booted several years ago (!) It now shows the splash screen and goes straight to a black screen with "Error!" displayed at the top right. Can anyone say what this indicates - power? memory?cpu? I haven't found anything helpful yet. Pressing F2, F10, F9 doesn't do anything. I've left it on the power for 15 mins in case this helps the BIOS/BIOS battery, but same result. Thanks
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A friend gave me two 256M sticks.

I worked for 3 years on a single 128M stick - no problems.

I put in one stick, booted, and the add'l ram showed up, to 384M.

I pulled my 128, put in the second 256, and no add'l ram. It showed only 256M - the first 256 stick, but not the second 256 stick.

To confirm, I pulled the first 256M stick, left in the second (bad?) 256M stick, and the machine wouldn't boot.

What else could it be? Is the second stick toast?


A:Solved: ram diags???

Sounds like at the very least it is not compatible with your system.
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I recently got a Dell Vostro 3500 laptop and discovered the comprehensive suite of hardware diags that are built in and run by pressing f12 at boot time. Has anyone heard of a comparable set of diags in one package that will run on any PC like a home-brew model? I'm guessing any such package would need to be customized for any given hardware configuration.

I have a problem with an intermittent failed boot. Boots to Win7 part way and halts with a black screen and some cryptic error, but is left in running state with no apps running.


A:hardware diags

What is the exact error message that you are getting? That would help assist you more efficiently.
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Has anyone tried to use some WD's Diag software with Win X Floppy disk maker Wouldn't work continually complained because the floppy was write protected when in fact it wasn't Tried numerous ploys to get around the error but in the end I failed Even tried formating a floppy and copying the dlgdiag exe to it floppy booted fine the exe would not load ISO for CD Wouldnt work machine would boot up and show it was loading Caldera Dos but then would stop there with a blank screen I would assume at this point that the exe file was at fault Tried a couple different ploys on this to no avail Diags for Win Really had a hard time getting this to load into the system but was finally succesful Yet when I invoked it the Diags Digital Western Window came up but when I tried any diag it returned Western Digital Diags a message that the sata cable was bad Western Digital Diags Which can not be true

A:Western Digital Diags

Quote: Originally Posted by HammerHead

Has anyone tried to use some WD's Diag software with Win 7 X64?

Floppy disk maker:
Wouldn't work.... continually complained because the floppy was write protected when in fact it wasn't. Tried numerous ploys to get around the error but in the end I failed. Even tried formating a floppy and copying the dlgdiag5.exe to it floppy booted fine the exe would not load.
ISO for CD:
Wouldnt work.....machine would boot up and show it was loading Caldera Dos but then would stop there with a blank screen. I would assume at this point that the exe file was at fault. Tried a couple different ploys on this to no avail.
Diags for Win:
Really had a hard time getting this to load into the system but was finally succesful. Yet when I invoked it the Window came up but when I tried any diag it returned a message that the sata cable was bad. Which can not be true.

Try running Seagate SeaTools. It's made for Seagate, but will work for any manufacturer's hard drive. Redirect
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can anyone recommend a "burn-in" program for new system?

tester / diag software?

getting replacement for new K7s5a mb because it shuts down out of the blue or just freezes up.

would like to find something to test it throughly ....replacement mb won't even get here till monday or tuesday if lucky.


A:Burn-In Diags or Testing Program?

so basically you want to benchmark the hell out of it to see if it is stable????????

if so, you can try repeated loops of quake benchmarks like crusher demo.

sisoft sandra burn in wizard, and cpu, hard drive benchmarks.


overclock your motherboards bus a little or lot.


also you can use goog old to search for benchmarks
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The hard disk drive is in a laptop that has no floppy disk drive; only an optical drive.

The drive is an IBM / Hitachi Travelstar 1C25N060ATMR04-0

From , I have downloaded dft_v405_b00.iso .

I created a bootable drive using Nero. When I boot, the CD is recognized. The CD is drive "D":. At a command prompt, I am at A:. I type D:, press enter; then dir. All I see is the ISO file.

NERO Burning ROM > New Compliation > CD ROM [ ISO ] > "ISO" tab . Then, I opened the .iso file & burned it to the CD.

How do I run a diagnostic test on the TravelStar HDD?

Phoenix 1.80
Windows XP Home SP2

Thanks for your assistance.


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gang I have an unusual situation I can't explain: an ordinary HP desktop, good quality, that black-screened a couple weeks ago and left little hints about what the cause was. I'll have to sift through the minidmp to figure it out. But the superficial signs all point, circumstantially, to the Drive or file system.
no malware. no power surges/fails that I could see. nothing funny in the way of updates etc.
at any rate, it has a WD6400aaks drive - very common in hp/cpq and a good drive, as they go.

running the WD Diags fails due to a "Smart Enable" error. There are a lot of posts about this elusive error and no satisfactory answers. I plan to extract the drive from the system and run other tests on it. my 'other' hdd tests range from destructive to just old/antiquated Linux-based tools

what have you guys found that works well?

A:3rd party Disk Diags tool? which best?

Hard Disk Sentinel for health info

Parted Magic for sector level work.
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Dell 4600. Boot up, Dell logo then black screen.
Boot in safe mode .. seems to hang on one of the multi() dsplays.
Boot to diagnostic partition - nice screen, colors etc, everything is normal
Boot to set up , normal dos setup screens

Tried to boot to a CD, seems to go to the CD for a few reads, screen stays black.
No floppy drive

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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I have a compaq presario CQ with windows vista Not sure what my daughter Compaq hard with lost drive has done but I tried to log onto my laptop earlier Compaq with lost hard drive but I get the message No bootable device insert boot disc and push any key I didnt get Compaq with lost hard drive any discs with it has all recovery built in and a thicky I didnt make any discs warrenty expired jan I have managed to f it and it says of the system memory tested ok bytes of system memory tested ok memory test passed hard disk not exist have tried copying onto disc driver recovery but my laptop doesn t read it Managed to get onto a page which pulled up my computer screen and it says removable c drive no hard drive setup information cant be found anywhere and all files are empty I have tried to run the self dianostic but it cant find any files to repair Please Help I am a total novice and after spending hours on my other daughters laptop trying to find some answers I give up nbsp

A:Compaq with lost hard drive

hard disk not exist. Click to expand...

it cant find the harddisk, which may mean the harddrive has failed or the controller,
it may be psoosible to replace the drive - some compaqs are quite easy to change - a couple of screws at the bottom and the drive slides out the side - others can be a bit more difficult

theres quite a few cq60 on the hp website under support
then look down righthand side for manuals
should be a notebook tour - that will show where the harddrive bay is

if you replace the harddrive - you will need the recovery CDs - which you can buy from HP
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This is my very first post I hate to bother you so I looked under quot Search quot using quot Global IME Japanese quot twice and got totally Compaq fonts in Lost Japanese my Presario unrelated virus issues twice so am now forced to bother you I have Compaq Presario Series Desktop with Windows Home Xp and Service Packs and was able to Lost Japanese fonts in my Compaq Presario read Japanese articles on the internet until recently in my Herculean efforts to get rid of BSPlayer that just wouldn t leave I probably got rid of all my Japanese and Chinese fonts as well so now when I go to Japanese websites all I get are little squares When I go into Control Panel Regional and Language Options Supplemental Language Support Install files for east Asian Languages I get a message that what is being downloaded is not as new as what I have but what I have isn t working obviously so I command to over-ride previous IME s and download anyway and in a few minutes I get a message saying that it s not possible to download the Japanese Chinese and Korean language IME they come in one package No further explanation This is my very first post so I ll be checking for a reply Akado from Honolulu I couldn t figure out which category so chose this introductory New Member Section Sunday February nbsp

A:Lost Japanese fonts in my Compaq Presario


You wouldn't get any reply to this problem in the Introductions forum, since that forum is just for people to introduce themselves, so I moved it here where you should get some tech support advice for this.
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I've just installed XP on my Compaq 1694 Laptop, and have a couple of minor bugs. I used to be able to disable the double tap on the touchpad,and now the sensitivity is driving me crazy unless I plug in an external mouse. There is no new driver for the touchpad at the Compaq site, and after reinstalling the old driver I still don't have the options feature that allows me to disable the double-tap

A:Lost control of Compaq laptop touchpad with XP install

I have the same model Compaq. I installed XP Pro, the only way I could turn off tapping was to install the XP drivers from Synaptic. The touchpad works fine now. You can try that. The drivers are at
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Good morning

I dont know if anyone can help. I have recently upgraded my Compaq C700 from Vista Home Basic to Vista Business due to several issues with slow processing speed and issues with booting. Vista Businesss seems to be working fine and a vast improvement, however, unfortunately the wireless connection no longer works.

The button on the keyboard remains orange. I have looked under device manager and under networks it is showing two unknown devices. On wireless network search, it is showing on broadband LAN connections and no wireless options. If I click on wireless options, I get the message that the wireless adapter is not installed and configured.

I have downloaded a programme called Driver Robot which claims to note that the wireless adapter is missing and provides the driver. However, this does not seem to install on download.

Any assistance much appreciated.

A:Compaq C700 lost wireless adapter connection

Have a look here Compaq Presario C700 Notebook PC series*-* Download drivers and software - specify product name - HP Business Support Center

You have not stated if it is 32 or 64bit that you are using so I can not give you more help.
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Q: 7400 Go

Hello everyone,

I have a 7400 go from Nvid. with windows 7 64 bit and have yet to find a driver, can anyone help me out ?

A:7400 Go

anyone? if i cant find any i have to go back to vista
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Hi, this is my first post, i know there are many posts about that and i searched but i can't solve my issues with the gpu in windows seven, i read somewhere that is possible to adapt a driver with my hardware ID, there is someone who could explain this to me or give to me a tutorial or something? i will really appreciate that, thank you all

A:Help with Geforce go 7400

Right click your adapter in device manager, properties, details tab, change dropdown to device ids.

Copy the 2nd line down and add modded to a Google search.

exactly like this with quotes

"whatyoucopied" modded, hit enter on Google

You'll find a driver this way. If not, use the bottom of the four lines instead and do same.
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The Windows Update default driver doesn't work, in that any attempt by any full screen application leaves a constant flicker, rendering everything unusable. I know this video card and it's problems have been talked about, but I still haven't been able to find a solution or steps for a solution anywhere on the web. I've been trying old driver installs and modded inf. files and everything. It would be very much appreciated if anyone could direct me in the right direction with the right steps.

A:GeForce Go 7400

Try using the forceware 179.44 for windows vista you can find it on it's recent and it's supports a lot of laptop graphic cards. For me, i'm using it with my go 7600 and it works fine. If you have a 32 bit system use this direct link:
If not use the site :
Hope it's helpful
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On my laptop i installed win7 beta and installed the geforce driver via win update and now aero and correct resolution works except for whenever i resume the computer from hibernation mode and sleep mode Aero i deactivated untill i reboot, is this fixable so i can continue using sleep and hibernation mode?

A:Geforce Go 7400

Quote: Originally Posted by premier69

On my laptop i installed win7 beta and installed the geforce driver via win update and now aero and correct resolution works except for whenever i resume the computer from hibernation mode and sleep mode Aero i deactivated untill i reboot, is this fixable so i can continue using sleep and hibernation mode?

did the regular drivers work before (the one that were installed with W7)???
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hey all

my m8 is interetesd in buying a new laptop with a 256 geforce 7400 go

but he has already got a laptop which has a ati mobilty x700 256 (from savrow)

i have heard a lot of bad things about the 7400 with the 64bit memory interface n stuff but shouldnt it be better since it is newer than x700 mobility

thanks a lot

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i bought a laptop with NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400... will it allow me to play graphic-intensive games? such as world of warcraft, etc?

A:How far can a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 go?

WOW shoudn't be a problem.

Very nice for a laptop.
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This are the specs on my HP laptop:
Intel T5500/1.66 GHz
1024 DDR2 RAM
Intel GMA 950 (this is my concern, i don't have a graphics card, just an integrated graphics adapter )
And if it will work, how good will it work ????

A:Will Windows 7 work on HP nx 7400?

You should have no issue using Windows 7. If you click 'My System Specs' at the bottom of this post you'll see i'm using a similar setup just with less RAM.

I'm running (i presume) full Aero effect with 128MB shared GFX memory.
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hi, i have installed windows 7 32 bit on my sony vaio laptop but the resolution is too low. the nvidia website says that my graphics card (7400) does not support windows 7. i really want to keep windows 7 on the machine but i need the driver that is not avalible. is there a way of spoofing the driver so that windows 7 works with my graphics card ?

A:windows 7 + geforce go 7400

Try this one: NVIDIA DRIVERS 179.48 BETA
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this is about a laptop, a classmate of mine, is selling, which reads "Dell Latitude 7400" and my friend is planning to buy that. but i cant find it over the net! i've tried searching with the model number but the search returns absolutely no result about it. [ finds other 7400s ] it has a little "centrino 2" sticker on it. so could it be very new or sth to be online?

A:Dell Latitude 7400

Are you sure it's not a Latitude V740 or E6400? There is no "7400" model.
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I did format my PC and installed a frech copy of Windows 7,
all the drivers went through except the GeForce Go 7400

my laptop is Sony Vaio, VGN-SZ48GN

I found the driver (win XP) from sony's website did install it, and it works but not perfect. something is wrong with the resultion
please check the attachment and see for yourself.

please help, I tried everything with no luck..
thanks again

A:NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400

Hi, welcome. Follow instructions here and it will be well with Aero interface and full hardware acceleration.
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I have sony vaio sz340p with geforce go 7400
the original os installed on my laptop was xp and in xp I had 128 MB graphic (dedicated)and I had no problem in normal games like pes2011
I recently changed my os to 7 and I install all driver related with graphic geforce go 7400 but now I have 64 MB dedicated video graphic and pes2011 doesn't run in my laptop
please guide me what should I do now

A:problem with geforce go 7400 in 7

Hello Mahmoodifar & Welcome to Sevenforums.

First of all, try updating your DirectX! Most games are solved just by updating your DirectX.
Check this topic out for a lot of solutions that could slow, drain etc your game.

Tips on Troubleshooting Game Issues

I'd also like you to redirect to this page.

There's a thread same as yours. Same game also. Check it out (EDIT; Sorry, no answeres there):

64 MB GPU Memory Only ?

It could also be that the rest of the memory is 'borrowed' by your RAM.

Best Regards,
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We have a Phaser which has come into an interesting problem We recently replaced the Yellow toner cartridge and upon printing a document the entire page is covered in yellow Whatever has been printed is still visible but experts (Phaser my printer are 7400)? Where the page gets a big yellow tint across everything or just entirely yellow in the case of areas that should be blank We have cleaned the print LEDs as well as checked for excess toner on the imaging drum to no avail Xerox documentation doesn t provide a scenario for this situation there are other issues it touches on but nothing quite like this At this point I thought maybe the Transfer Unit was the source of the problem but I m not so sure and I don t want to replace it if that s not the case I initially lifted the yellow toner cartridge imaging unit out to inspect it and saw a fairly large patch of yellow on the transfer unit but upon lifting the cage that houses the drums I noticed the other Where are my printer experts (Phaser 7400)? colors appeared as well so decided to dismiss the Transfer Unit as the cause Unfortunately my printer experience it pretty minimal so if anyone familiar with the Phaser line happens to be viewing this any help or direction would be greatly appreciated I d rather avoid a service call I m comfortable taking apart printers and replacing components and it appears that s all we have to do Thanks for reading nbsp
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Hi,after reinstalling Win7 64 on my HP Pavilion g6-1232sl Notebook I get the error 43 with the device AMD Radeeon HD 7400.I already download and installed an update of the driver from AMD site but this does not solve the issue.Any suggestions?Btw, after reinstalling Win7 the "sleep" functionality is not available anymore (it is in light grey). Can this be related to the error 43?Thank yougiovanni
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Hello everybody!

I have just installed Windows 7 on my computer (in a virtual machine way, using the program Sun VirtualBox) and my graphic card "nvidia GeForce Go 7400" is not recognized by the system.

It tells me that I have a VGA Card.

I have tried to find a driver for this card here: Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers but I have not found anything for my card.

Has anyone an idea of where I could find the good driver?

Thanks by advance,


A:nvidia GeForce Go 7400 not recognized

Your hardware is not accessible inside a virtual machine.
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Hi Guys,

Just installed windows 7 home premium edition over XP as a clean install. Now my nvidia ge force go 7400 has disappeard and reverted back to the VGA card. I've tried finding the appropriate windows 7 driver from nvidia but the website says it doesn't support sony vaios, and how would i install the driver anyway if the card cannot be found? Need help?

Thanks in advance

A:Geforce go 7400 sony vaio problem

Download the driver to your desktop... goto device manager video adapter update driver.. point to the driver on your desktop and install.. reoot if necessary.... Let us know if this helped...
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Hi guys.

I am in a fix. My motherboard is an Asus P5B MX / Wifi AP. It says that it can support FSB up to 1066 MHz. But on their website there is O.C. written against it. What exactly does that mean?

I want to upgrade my current P4 processor and get the E 7400 Core 2 Duo. Will the motherboard support it?

Please help. Thanks.

A:Is Intel E 7400 Supported On Asus P5B MX WiFi AP?


Here is the link to your CPU support list:
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Greetings I Did a clean install of Windows professional Go / 420N/B SZ VGN Sony 7400 Geforce NVidia over Vista and it resulted in a viewable working area that does not fill the Laptop screen to its edges Several threads have discussed similar issues with this graphics driver but have not addressed fully my problem When I attempted to download a Vista driver from the Sony site that lists all drivers and software for this model the screen went black and so I could no longer view in order to fix I NVidia Geforce 7400 Go / Sony VGN SZ 420N/B had to restore to a previous date which forced me NVidia Geforce 7400 Go / Sony VGN SZ 420N/B to reload all my software I would like to try to load a more appropriate driver but am concerned it will result in a black screen again and force me to once again reload all software Looking for two things correct driver for this graphics card and Windows Installation procedure so as not to end up without a screen again or method to fix it if I do Thanks for any help Newby

A:NVidia Geforce 7400 Go / Sony VGN SZ 420N/B

Welcome to Seven Forums. Go to the Nvidia site and download the driver for your card here is the one for Win 7 32 bit NVIDIA DRIVERS 179.48 BETA If 64 bit change to it. I also llike to suggest creating a restore point before making any changes. Then you can use this program to modify the .inf file. NVIDIA MobilityModder - Follow the directions step by step and this should fix your problem it has help others in the past. Fabe
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I have an older Dell laptop that was running Vista. It is actually working well for it's purpose. But having seen Win7 much more responsive i decided to buy and try Win8 on this laptop.
The Windows 8 Upgrade Assistent told me that NVidia 7400 GO was supported, but i had to re-install all my apps. Based on that i decided for a clean install.

The reality is though that only "Microsoft basic display adapter" is used and only 1024x768 :-(

No original NVidia drivers have been found for this card.
The latest driver + inf from laptopvideo2go is also not installable.

I'm trying both the setup.exe way and the manual driver install from Control Panel.

Any idea on how i get this working?

br Lars

A:Win8 upgrade assistent: NV 7400 GO supported, but NO!

A lot of the older Dell's are not supported for newer Operating Systems (no drivers). I've seen some that were able to find non-Dell drivers that work but its hit or mostly miss. I used to do a lot of support on the Dell users forums and the availability of Dell drivers or incompatibility came up often. Basically, "you are on your own" to try and find drivers that will work with the old hardware.

Dell tends to use some proprietary/custom OEM hardware (more so on older hardware) and that makes finding support (drivers) that much more of a problem.

Sorry I can offer more positive help.
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Hey Guys,

I've done quite a bit of searching about and while this seems to be a common problem I can't find a solution that works! Would appreciate any help that can be provided.

I did a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium and it's not recognising my graphics card which is a built in NVIDIA Geforce 7400 on my Sony Vaio (VGN-SZ48GN). In its place is listed 'Generic Non-PnP Monitor on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter', which displays as 4:3 instead of widescreen. Very frustrating.

I have tried the following -

1) Getting the newest drivers from NVIDIA - Does not complete install as Windows fails to recognise this is the hardware I have.

2) Uninstalling the display adapter in 'Device Manager' - Reinstalls the same generic card on reboot

3) Using the old drivers in Windows.old - Already says I have the best drivers for my device.

Please help!!

A:Windows 7 and NVIDIA GeForce 7400 Issue

Hey, i can understand your frustration but have you tried installing any other operating system other than windows7. Other probably would be monitor but I guess your system is new. I had some issue with Nvidia MX400 but it was due to my old monitor. I would suggest you to try installing other OS like XP,vista and let me know your feedback.
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I have read all the forum discussions, one of which was from myself a few years ago, on a different sony laptop I have had and successfully got it full screen on windows 7, but... I just can't seem to get the Nvidia Software installed to get my native 1200 by 800 resoloution, the sides are cut off at the moment...

So I have a VGN-SZ4MN/B...

I have downloaded and installed 179.48 drivers, copied the setup files from 196.34 into the 179.48 folder, and copied the .inf file into notepad, renamed to setup.inf and placed the modified .inf file from LaptopVideo2Go: Drivers as per other discussions, but to no avail...

Any other ideas here?

A:Not able to install Nvidia GeForce Go 7400 on Windows 7.

Hi mp3wizard1984, Are you running the setup file as administrator? Also have you cleaned the older driver files off the system ( make a backup of the files first )then tried loading the new drivers , Ususally the laptop2go drivers work reasonably well
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I recently started having problems with my PC freezing at first it happened very occasionally and I disregarded it as a software flaw however it became more and more frequent until I reached the point where I felt it would be a good idea to re-install Vista It had worked fine for around months prior to the problems My Specs Intel Core Duo MSi G M Motherboard Unbranded 2 7400 Death Duo of Screen Core Blue RAM x Gig MHz Radeon X GFX Card Deskstar is that the IBM brand Gig HD The machine is a Philips HEPC sold by PC World using the Philips name under licence I had overclocked it from Mhz FSB GHz to Core 2 Duo 7400 Blue Screen of Death MHz GHz I always used CoreTemp and never saw temperatures above C I pushed this back to standard to see if it would stop the instability - no effect Tried booting to safe mode - no effect Tried using different known good RAM - no effect Tried using different known good HD - no effect Tried clearing CMOS - no effect Tried using different known good PSU - got a quot crack quot noise on first power up then it powered off then powered on fine and then crashed as previous - no effect Tried using different power supply socket surge protector - no effect Basically it seems to be either the mobo CPU or GFX card I can t test the GFX card as it does not have on board GFX Core 2 Duo 7400 Blue Screen of Death and I don t have another PCI-E card to use As mentioned above I tried to re-install both XP and Vista but the machine hangs even when running the installer from CD The only error codes I managed to retrieve were from when I was running Vista Product Windows Problem Shut down unexpectedly Date Status Not Reported Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Files that help describe the problem some files may no longer be available Mini - dmp sysdata xml Version txt Extra information about the problem BCCode BCP BCP A BCP B BCP OS Version Service Pack Product I wouldn t mind upgrading the CPU or GFX card but want to know if anyone can advise what is most likely to be the issue If it s likely the mobo - then my GFX CPU upgrade will have to wait I cannot interogate any of the dump files as I tried one last re-install and it always crashes during install now so I am stuck with nothing I am loathe to take it in to PC World where I bought it as they charge through the nose for this sort of thing and I have built and repaired many PC s in my time Any advise appreciated as always nbsp

A:Core 2 Duo 7400 Blue Screen of Death

Guess I found what made the "pop" noise!

One of the transistors, underneath the CPU cooler. Looks like it's time for a new Mobo.
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My operating system is Vista Home Premium I have an Epson Stylus CX all in one printer I began to have problems with printing There were large gaps missing in the print out I remove from Can't computer Epson 7400 Stylus CX tried cleaning and aligning the print heads None Can't remove Epson Stylus CX 7400 from computer of it worked I then tried uninstalling and found that I could not uninstall the printer I have the Epson cd for the printer but do not see a way to uninstall only to install I tried uninstalling from Start All programs and each time the dialogs said uninstall sucessful but each time the Epson printer was still in the list of all programs I tried uninstalling from control panel and kept going back and forth trying over and over to uninstall with no luck I went to where the printer is listed in Windows and it read quot deleting quot in regard to the Epson CX I finally got rid of it there but still it shows up in the Start menu So I would like to get the Epson CX off of my computer but don t know how My experience level is basic computer skills When I don t know how to do something I need step by step instructions Unfortunately I have no way to print any instructions you give me So I will write them down by hand I would appreciate any assistance from someone who knows how to remove the printer nbsp

A:Can't remove Epson Stylus CX 7400 from computer


If you've successfully uninstalled the EPSON software in the "Programs And Features" list, you can delete the EPSON folder from inside the C:\PROGRAM FILES folder and you can delete the EPSON entries in the Start menu.


Here is the support site for the EPSON Stylus CX7400 All-In-One.


Here are the steps straight from the support site for uninstalling the software.

1. Turn off the Epson Stylus CX7400 Series.

2. Disconnect the USB cable from the Epson Stylus CX7400 Series.

3. Click Start or , and select Programs or All Programs.

4. Select Epson or Epson Printers, then select Epson Printer Software Uninstall.

Note: With Windows Vista, click Continue, then go to the next step.

5. In the next window, select EPSON Stylus CX7400 Series and click OK. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

6. Open the Windows Control Panel, then click Uninstall a program under Programs (Windows Vista) or double-click Add or Remove Programs (other Windows versions).

7. Click EPSON Scan in the list of currently installed programs and click Uninstall/Change (Windows Vista) or Change/Remove (Windows XP or 2000).

Note: With Windows Vista, click Continue, click Next, and continue with step 9.

8. When the confirmation window appears, click Yes.

9. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall Epson Scan.

In some cases, a message may appear to prompt you to restart the computer. If so, make sure Yes, I want to restart my computer now is selected and click Finish.

10. Restart your computer, then see the Start Here sheet to reinstall your software.

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I am unable to use the NetFlix Watch Instantly Application on my XPS m1210 because my current Nvidia Geforce Go 7400 Driver is not compatible and needs to be updated.  I updated to the latest Geforce Go 7400 driver available on the Dell Support site and I am still getting the same message.  Has anyone else had this problem and were they able to find the correct driver update?  

A:XPS m1210 video card: Nvidia Geforce Go 7400

Try this driver, . I am using this driver and it's been stable and better than the performance driver from dell. You can also download this driver from the dell download driver page,it is listed under the XPS M1710,that is where i downloaded it from. Forgot to add,this driver is for the geforce 7,8,9 series cards.Message Edited by dgkpcon on 10-10-2008 04:33 PM
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I download from NVIDIA site my driver, but in my resolusions have somethings wrong.
My laptop is Sony vaio VGN FE28B
Please send me driver for this model.
Thanks advance

A:Driver NVIDIA Geforce GO 7400 with turbo cache 256 MB

Hi persi, Welcome to the forums here is the link for the 64bit version NVIDIA DRIVERS 179.48 BETA and here is the link for the 32bit version NVIDIA DRIVERS 179.48 BETA

here is the sony video driver this is for vista ,It will need installing in compatibility mode
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Hi all
you can swap the normally small HDD installed in a laptop for a 320GB or 500 GB 7200 RPM drive really easily and cheaply.

Current cost is around 60 USD.

The speed performance improvement you will see in your laptop will amaze you -- 7400 RPM disks obviously not as fast as SSD's but are still SIGNIFICANTLY better than the standard 100/120/160 GB 5400 rpm hdd's installed in most laptops by default.

Changing a laptop HDD is actually normally EXTREMELY EASY-- although make sure you can restore your image to the new laptop disk --use your backups bootable media to restore an image from an external USB HDD --acronis is good here but any proper imaging / backup program should work providing you can boot the recovery software.

Incidentally it's also worth upping the RAM too if you can get at the RAM modules easily enough --2GB laptop RAM modules are also cheap now.


A:Laptop users (including Netbooks) upgrade to 7400 RPM HDD's

I recently swapped the HDD on a 2007 HP laptop for an Intel 80GB SSD. The speed gain is amazing although my main motivation was a heat problem - and that got fixed too. The laptop runs a lot cooler now.
My wife uses that system and she does not have a lot of data. So the 80GBs work out well.
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Hi I have a HP Pavillion dv Laptop on which I originally had Windows Vista Home Basic bit OS It came installed with Nvidia GeForce go graphics card and worked fine Vista eventually died Nvidia bit 32 card Windows7 GeForce after 7400 installing not working and i upgraded the OS to Windows Home Premium bit Everything works fine but the Nvidia card is Nvidia GeForce 7400 card not working after installing Windows7 32 bit not getting detected and is not working The system shows only resolutions x and x running on Standard VGA Adapter when i know it should have x resolution and much better clarity I have tried everything Installed NVIDIA Drivers Beta and restarted machine it installs but when i restart it crashes blue screen and keeps restarting in the loop unless i start up in Safe mode and uninstall the Nvidia driver I also tried installing NVIDIA Drivers Beta and modify the inf file by using Nvidia MobilityModder program Again the same result I read some previous articles on this forum for this issue which worked for a sony vaio laptop and mine is HP but tried it anyway installed driver and modded INF from this link NVIDIA Forceware Released - News - LaptopVideo Go Forums downloaded the driver the inf file and inserted modified inf into the driver folder and run the setup exe file Restarted the machine but the same blue screen again No success and same result every time Please help if someone knows a recent fix for this problem Thanks

A:Nvidia GeForce 7400 card not working after installing Windows7 32 bit

Hi Jeeten, Welcome to the forums , Download the Vista driver from HP ,Install in compatibility mode
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Hello Guys,

Recently I installed windows 8 Pro but facing Problem in Graphic card Drivers. I have Hp g6 1105 tx Laptop and having AMD Radeon 7400 HD Graphic card facing problem in installing drivers And tried everything like I install the amd drivers from HP official site then amd install latest drivers like 12.8,12.0 12.1 and update intel driver and search lot of material regarding this in internet but all in vain please help me out?

A:AMD Radeon 7400 HD Graphic card facing problem in Win8 Pro 64 bit

I have the exact same problem and its driving me nuts,so waiting for amd to get tech team on it.
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I have a Sony Vaio with an NVidia GeForce Go 7400

When I attempt to run a game such as Sims 2 or Zoo Tycoon it comes up with...
" Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c comaptible graphics adapter in this system! Please make sure you have compatible graphics adapter and have installed latest drivers provided by the manufacturer."

I went to the NVidia site and it directed me to the Sony site where I picked up the latest driver but it doesn't change anything.

Any potential solutions welcome!


A:DirectX Sony Vaio NVidia 7400 problem with Games

Have you tried reinstalling DirectX 9? You can download it HERE or you can install it online HERE.
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My Compaq Armada won t boot past wont Armada boot logo Compaq Compaq past 3500 COMPAQ logo It wont boot to Floppy or CD and I cant enter BIOS to change any settings I have of these laptops I bought them both used My other one had the same similar problem when I got it but I fixed by removing the cmos battery for minutes and rebooting after I put it back in without the HD in the case It told me error options not set and date and time had to be reset and to hit F to save the settings I did and rebooted Compaq Armada 3500 wont boot past Compaq logo It booted to my floppy Win boot disk fine and then I put in a COMPAQ setup for portables and a DIAG floppy and set it up to boot to multi boot It runs like a charm now for its size But the other one will not accept any of these options although it does tell me the same message after I remove the CMOS battery and put it back in as I did the other one But when I reboot it still doesnt see the floppy CDROM or let me boot to bios to enter setup It just shows the COMPAQ logo and says quot non system disk remove the disk and hit a key when ready quot I have removed the hard drive removed the CD ROM and removed the floppy on seperate occasions to see if any of them were the problem but no change I took the whole thing apart and put it back together hoping something would end up being connected to the problem but it still doesn t change the problem Next to selling it for parts any ideas Its in great shape has a nice inch lcd and good floppy and cd-roms and ram COMPAQ Armada Mhz Intel P MB PC Kingston SoDimm GB HDD expansion base w subwoofer floppy drive cd-rom nbsp

A:Compaq Armada 3500 wont boot past Compaq logo

Nobody is willing to even guess?
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I have an old Compaq Armada laptop that I bought years ago to help me through college After that it kinda gathered dust a little until recently when I wanted to dig it back out and just use it to play a few games on and whathaveyou It booted up fine when I first did it but it soon transpired that it was absolutely chocablock with viruses and spyware and it was running terribly So on what now looks to have been a foolish move I did a C drive format in the hope of popping in a Win SE installation disc and have it boot from that to re-install Windows However now it won t boot Compaq Armada Up Past Won't Laptop Compaq 3500 Boot Screen... up past the Compaq Armada 3500 Laptop Won't Boot Up Past Compaq Screen... COMPAQ initial screen and a quot Diskette Read Driver Error quot or something keeps flashing up Is there any way to get into the BIOS settings to set the CD Drive as the first in the boot-up line-up or are there recovery discs I can download that ll at least get me into DOS Any help will be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Compaq Armada 3500 Laptop Won't Boot Up Past Compaq Screen...

Well you should be able to access the CMOS Bios by using either the delete, F1 or F2 keys (sometimes f10). Then under the Bios you should see the Boot Sequence and be able to change it from there. But either way, you should be able to get past the Compaq splash screen. Try setting your boot sequence and see if that helps.
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Hi My Computer a Compaq Presario SR NX with Windows XP Home Edition SP is having an issue with it wont get past the Compaq Logo Screen like I press the power button the PC powers on Fan Speeds up and then slows down as normal keyboard lights flash as normal and the Compaq Logo along with the v and ESC Boot Menu options appear on screen the things is that it wont get past this screen it just sits there at the Compaq screen the keyboard and mouse dont seem to be interacting with the PC since I press ESC or F for boot mode or system recovery but the PC wont answer at all I've already Disconnected power source unplugged SR1810NX Getting Screen Not Compaq Logo Past Compaq Presario mouse keyboard all but PC is doing the same thing just sitting at the Compaq Logo Screen the computer doesnt make any sound at all no beeps or anything it wont let me access Windows at any time recent installations well could be that I just installed a Mobile Bandwidth Card just a couple of weeks ago Compaq Presario SR1810NX Not Getting Past Compaq Logo Screen and also just a few days ago I connected my iPod Shuffle nd Gen to the computer and the computer wont recognize it at all not even charging I know this might be a virus or malicious software but my computer has barely connected to the internet in the last weeks I couldn't pay the Internet and I had to use my friend's Mobile Bandwidth Card I mentioned before all I did while in Internet with the Mobile Bandwidth was some schoolwork and youtube videos I need help urgently with this Compaq Presario SR1810NX Not Getting Past Compaq Logo Screen since I have to deliver a very important proyect for school tommorrow if not possible then please educate me on how to remove the hard drive and use it in other computer so I can save the proyect Also I don't know if this might be the cause sort of a conflict because like months after I bought my computer I installed it a WLAN Card which I have been using in the computer and well this and the Mobile Bandwidth might be making like sort of a conflict I had already tried to boot the computer without the Mobile Bandwidth and the WLAN but no response Computer Specs Compaq Presario SR NX Desktop Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack Hard Drive GB GB User Available GB Remaining GB DDR SDRAM x AMD Sempron GHz ATI Radeon Xpress Any Help would be Greatly Appreciated

A:Compaq Presario SR1810NX Not Getting Past Compaq Logo Screen

Try a power drain.
1. Unplug power cord
2. Hold power button in for 60 seconds or more then let go
3. Plug in power cord
4. turn on the power and try to boot to setup (BIOS)

If it enters the BIOS then you should be able to just press F5 to reset to defaults and then F10 to save and exit. The PC should work now.

However, if after the power drain you still can not get in the BIOS than there is a MAJOR problem which would require some type of repair.
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i dont know anything about computers so i will need a detailed explanation and i need to know how to fix it!! it just stays on the compaq screen

A:My Compaq Presario 2500 wont go pass the compaq screen

Hello lilevee22,

Before the problem started was anything added to or installed on the system?

Try booting to Last Known Good or Safe Mode.

Restart the computer during the boot process repeatedly tap "F8" you should get

the Advanced Options.

Let us know if able to get the system to boot with either option.
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Cant find the neccessary drivers for the internet have been here

None of the drivers for ethernet or my wireless card work ???

This is a friends latop they had a virus so i reformatted and now no internet via wirless or wired
any help appreciated.

The virus was a virut file infecter virus so i was afraid to save any of the drivers for fear of reinfection.


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2330 @ 1.60GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1525 Mb
Graphics Card: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, 5 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 102547 MB, Free - 89975 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 30D9, 83.21, CND80437PP
Antivirus: None

If any more info is needed let me know!!!

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HiI have an HP Compaq SG3-110UK desktop, and I would like to change the hard drive to an SSD. Firstly is this desktop compatible with an SSD drive - secondly what type of SATA connection would I need assuming I can? I would prefer to keep the original HDD for additonal storage, so was thinking of getting a power splitter and putting the drive in the optical bay, or the old HDD there (either way). Is this a possible? Are there any gotchas before I commit hard cash? Thanks for all your advice Rob  

A:HP - Compaq Compaq SG3-110UK - Can I install an SSD drive

Hi, From the following link I don't think you have room for a second HDD unless you have to modify the 5.25" bay. Now back to your main question, yes, you can replace current SSD with a 2.5" SSD. Currently your machine uses SATA II (3Gb/s) but I believe you can't find any SATA II SSD around, you have to buy a SATA III SSD. You also need 2.5 to 3.5 inch SSD Mounting Bracket which you can buy at any good computer shop for under $10 (or few pounds). You have to work out how to put (physically) the old HDD back. Regards.
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Pc is equipped with 340 Intel Celeron D processor, Win XP. 512 mb RAM and 80 GB hard drive.

Was installing a wireless keyboard and mouse, Logitech Wave. After following instruction on connecting keyboard and mouse, started to install the cd software from Logitech. System froze, waited 15 minutes and attempted to restart. Unable to Cntrl, Alt Delete. Manual shutdown, on restart, computer goes to Compaq screen but will not allow access to F1, F8, Esc or F10 to restore. Unplugged the wireless keyboard and did another manual restart with the PS2 keyboard connected. Same response, have tried another PS2 keyboard, same response. Also used wired mouse to no effect.

I have inserted Win XP cd rom hoping to boot from that but no effect. I am stuck, does anyone have a suggestion since I can't get into restore or safe mode, I don't have a clue.

A:compaq pc boots to compaq screen...

Hello sb6204

I am not clear if any keyboard and mouse work.

If they do, try a system restore

Boot into Safe Mode Options Screen (the one with Last Known Good Configuration on it) by pressing F8 at bootup and choose
'Safe mode with command prompt'

At the command prompt type

Hopefully this will open System Restore, so restore to before you installed Logitech

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Hello again all,

As I was messing around at, I have found many various customizable laptops that I found online. However, it all boils down to the graphics card. I have a choice between 6150, 7200, and 7400. Now which one should I chose and how different are the performance between each card? I need help asap as college is starting soon and I want to get one as soon as possible.

A:Geforce Go 6150 or Geforce Go 7200 or Geforce Go 7400

The 7400 is the best option, since it's fastest, but you may not need a faster video card if you don't do activities that require a fast video card. This link may be helpful.
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I m running Windows XP SP with everything up to date as far as I know I have the complete set of my PC s about Compaq CD/Compaq System Tools Confused Recovery Recovery. OEM Disks that I ve used once when my OS was completely messed up Confused about Compaq Recovery Tools CD/Compaq System Recovery. had Geeks Rescue out and they couldn t figure out what was wrong so I know what they are for What I m not understanding are the several tools I m afraid to open listed in my quot Start quot quot All Programs quot I have both quot Compaq quot quot Compaq Presario PC Tools quot with quot Compaq Application Recovery quot quot Compaq Recovery CD-DVD Creator quot quot Compaq Recovery Tools CD quot quot Compaq Support Information quot quot Compaq System Recovery quot quot Remote Assistance quot quot Safety and Comfort Guide quot Then below that entry there s another that says quot PC Recovery Tools quot that has the quot Compaq Application Recovery quot quot Compaq Recovery CD-DVD Creator quot quot Compaq Recovery Tools CD quot and quot Compaq System Recovery quot which I m assuming are the same as the same four listed above I know what the quot Compaq Recovery CD-DVD Creator quot is supposed to do but like so many other folks I ve read about I couldn t get mine to burn all of the disks successfully so I got them from HP Compaq after a lot of run around and misery My problem is that I inadvertently uninstalled my Omnipass program file a while back and perhaps a couple of other needed files and drivers but I m not for sure I would like to get them back without running the full OS system restore disks if at all possible and I m wondering if it may be possible with any of the tools above nbsp

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I'm just wondering if a Compaq can use another, regular power supply and not the Compaq proprietary. Simple, straightforward yes or no question...but why would be cool Also, for the benefit of the forum, do other brands do?

Reason is I'm fixing another person's comp and he uses a Compaq, anyway he has 2 CDROMS, a 750MHz Athlon, a few fans, the regular stuff, and a 250W Compaq PSU w/ 8A on the 12V rail. I'm not kidding. It works though, but he's wondering why he gets so many blue screens...

A:Does A Compaq PC require a Compaq PSU?

Dell is the only major manufacturer I know that uses special PSU's with non standard motherboard power connecter. ( and special motherboards which accomodate the non standard connector.)
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I have been infected with something for a few weeks now. When I was first infected one of those fake antispyware boxes popped up along with a hard drive failure icon. This virus has wiped out all of my pictures and files and redirects me everytime I search on the intenet. I have tried malwarebytes, avg scan, system restore, using the notepad and deleting host files then reseting my internet explorer settings ect... Nothing is working. I have attempted to read a few posts here and am obviously too computer illiterate to do anything further on my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Edit: Moved topic from Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:I am lost! Virus redirecting internet, lost all files and pictures..

BOOT THE PC INTO SAFEMODE WITH NETWORKINGDownload the unhide FIXDownloadTDSSkillerLaunch it.Click on change parameters-Select TDLFS file systemClick on "Scan".Please post the LOG report(log file should be in your C drive) Please download GMER from here(doesnot work on 64 bit OS) disable any real-time active protection so your security programs will not conflict with gmer's driver.GMER will open to the Rootkit/Malware tab and perform an automatic Full Scan when first run. (do not use the computer while the scan is in progress)If you receive a WARNING!!! about rootkit activity and are asked to fully scan your NO.Now click the Scan button. If you see a rootkit warning window, click OK.When the scan is finished, click the Save... button to save the scan results to your Desktop. Save the file as gmer.log.Click the Copy button and paste the results into your next reply. DownloadaswMBRLaunch it, allow it to download latest Avast! virus definitionsClick the "Scan" button to start scan.After scan finishes,click on Save logPost the log results here
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Hi All I have a HP Touchsmart - a Home Premium Windows BIT which I bought few years back Now for the last months or so I started getting issues with my machine was not displaying anything at all Touchsmart LOGO since Lost resetted (I my my lost guess) HP BIOS I after turning it on So I had to hard reset my power from the machine and Lost my HP Touchsmart LOGO since I lost resetted my BIOS (I guess) then was able to see it started displaying again At first I suspected graphic card NVIDIA GEFORCE but then I did my diagnostic test and nothing was found One day I started re-imaging my machine as a fresh and then after this it never came back ONLINE I read all HP forums amp even HP Online support was Lost my HP Touchsmart LOGO since I lost resetted my BIOS (I guess) unable to help me to find the cause Because when I turn on my machine I can see the power light was on and could hear big fan noise but mo HDD activity at all So Lost my HP Touchsmart LOGO since I lost resetted my BIOS (I guess) at this stage I suspected either motherboard or BIOS but wasn t sure what could be the real cause because I was sure it was not due to graphic card So first I re-setted by my BIOS to see if it helps but it didn t came up at all So then I took my machine to a Computer repair shop a friend of mine and we detected it could be due to the regulator which supplies power to the CPU and motherboard So we replaced that part and now my HP Touchsmart is running fin since then But I have lost my HP Startup logo with options such as below Enter setup Press F To restore Press F Etc etc Are you able to help me how get my original HP BIOS screen back please Much appreciated Thanks again for you help B

A:Lost my HP Touchsmart LOGO since I lost resetted my BIOS (I guess)

See if this helps you get that back,

Logo Startup Screen is Missing HP TouchSmart 300-1211cn Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)
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my system window 7 IE 11 ;is set to reopen last open tabs after any reboot etc.
this time due to freeze ; I ended task at task manager thereby all open tabs got lost ;
were told the folder for them should be favorite htm ;how do I find it ???

saved to favorites file ,renamed and moved location ,it became a file
and empty; any way/program to retrieve that ?

A:how regain lost session lost favorite file due to currupt

Hello Star mate I would be running these in safe mode if necessary for starters < if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2

if no go then give these a shot
ADW download from bleeping computer delete any rubbish found with the malware scans
(NB If one is running Kaspersky security it may rant about ADW - just ignore it or disable Kaspersky while the ADW is being used)
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hi Today i was trying to get rid of the login password to make easier my girlfriend's hurry Lost in lost my a plz pc, totally and of Admin access control access to my Lost Admin access and totally lost control of my pc, in a hurry plz pc I don't know what in hell i clicked but a computer nightmare began I think It has to do with me managing the netplwiz settings Suddenly i wasn't my computer's admin anymore and i was getting UAC prompts for everything without being able to run any software I don't know if i deleted my admin account or i just took away its admin privileges Of course i couldn't run elevated CMD prompt or nothing like that As you see the quot yes button quot was greyed out So i tried to take care of that and rebooted in safe mode and logged in as admin and only the first time it worked i mean i could login as admin I opened an elevated CMD prompt and typed Code net user administrator active yes to enable the built in Admin account and Code net user administrator password to reset the admin account and make it empty Well when i rebooted i find out that the built-in admin's password wasn't empty as i thought it would be i i have no idea about the password No only that if i try again booting in safe mode the admin option is now password protected and i don't know the password I can only login with my microsoft account which doesn't have admin privileges The only difference is that now windows gives me the chance to enter the password everytime i want to do something a password i don't know I feel trapped and i totally lost control of my computer I AM DESPERATE SINCE I NEED TO WORK please someone help me Running Win Home x
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This has been going on for quite some time. Even using directives from expert links and articles to solve this ongoing dilemma, I still lost individual Bookmark Folders, and even an entire Bookmark Toolbar. Help!Worse, on my Dell Windows 7 Ultimate, Firefox/Google, I somehow deleted Netgear 35 and now have no Server! Not what!?!?Currently using a new HP 19 All You Need In An All-In-One. Windows 8.1.

A:Lost Bookmarks (BIG problem); Lost Server on Dell WIN 7 PC

If you are infected, anything can happen.Lets see if we can find anything & if so, break them down, layer by layer.Download Combofix to a USB thumb drive and run Combofix from the USB, just say continue to all the warning messages. guide and tutorial on using ComboFix restoring the Internet connection are circumstances ComboFix will hang, crash or stall at various stages due to malware interference, failure to disable other real-time protection tools or the presence of CD Emulators (Daemon Tools, Alchohol 120%, Astroburn, AnyDVD) so that it does not complete successfully. Also, depending on how badly a system is infected, ComboFix may take longer to complete its routine than it normally does or fail to run properly. While that is not normal behavior, it is not unusual"If you think it's frozen, look at the computer clock.If it's running, Combofix is still working.NOTE: Do not mouseclick combofix's window while it is running. That may cause it to stall.NOTE: ComboFix will check to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed.***It's strongly recommended to have the Recovery Console installed before doing any malware removal.*****Please Note: If the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is already installed, ComboFix will automatically proceed with its scan.The Recovery Console provides a recovery/repair mode should a problem occur during a Combofix run.Allow ComboFix to download the Recovery Console.Accept the End-User License Agreement.The Recovery Console will be installed.You will then get this next prompt that asks if you want to continue the malware scan, select yes.If after running Combofix you discover none of your programs will open up, and you recieve the following error: "Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion". Then the answer is to REBOOT the machine, and all will be corrected.Can't Install an Antivirus - Windows Security Center still detects previous AV are almost ready to start ComboFix, but before we do so, we need to take some preventative measures so that there are no conflicts with other programs when running ComboFix. At this point you should do the following:* Close all open Windows including this one.* Close or disable all running Antivirus, Antispyware, and Firewall programs as they may interfere with the proper running of ComboFix. Instructions on disabling these type of programs can be found in this topic. these two steps have been completed, double-click on the ComboFix icon found on your Desktop. Please Note: Once you start ComboFix you should not click anywhere on the ComboFix window as it can cause the program to stall. In fact, when ComboFix is running, do not touch your computer at all. The scan could take a while, so please be patient.message edited by Johnw
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I configured a wireless network in my house a few days ago. I am using a D-Link DIR-300 Wireless router.

Everything has been working perfectly for 2 days until just an hour ago.

Suddenly the wireless connection was lost (no internet and no connection to router possible anymore via wireless), then Vista automatically tries to reconnect --> with success. connection is there again --> everything working fine for a few minutes --> then connectin gets lost again --> reconnect and so on.

I have tried it with a different Notebook and the same problem is there also. When the connection gets lost, it is on the other notebook lost also.

What could the cause for this be?


A:Wireless connection gets lost after a few mins -> then reconnect -> then lost again..
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I have Vista Home Premium 64 bit and I downloaded 64 Bit RC Windows 7 and did a clean install on another partition of my hard drive. Dual boot was working for about 4 days then all of a sudden it doesnt come up any more. The partition is still there with Windows 7 installed on it but its not booting under it. I go into MSConfig and Windows 7 isnt even being detected, checked the advanced system options in the control panel and it isnt there either.

Any idea how to recover windows 7? I did not install it from dvd, I installed from Daemon Tools and worked fine.

Do I need to Burn the image to a DVD and run it on startup if I want to run Windows 7?

A:Lost Dual Boot Screen?...Lost Windows 7

Try downloading EasyBCD and creating a choice for Windows 7

Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - NeoSmart Technologies
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Hi Complete novice running Windows XP don't know which Service Pack but Windows Update is automatic so up to date Antivirus - AVAST free edition First symptom was being unable to access internet or anything via My Computer Initial reaction was to do System Restore but this was not available either Thought about Conficker but thought perhaps not as symptoms don't really tally Could not run antivirus so decided to run removal tool to be on the safe side Downloaded onto son's laptop and copied to pendrive but poorly computer could not find drive After searching web looked like problem could be explore exe but not savvy enough to know what to do about it so followed instructions at http support microsoft com default b en-us How then system explorer after lost Lost taskbar restore to start the System Restore tool by using the safe mode option with the Command prompt in Windows XP Once it had restarted I'd then lost taskbar I've got wallpaper and screensaver and that's it I've tried ctrl esc and the windows key but no luck If anyone can help that would be great Giving up for this evening before I hit the computer Thank you

A:Lost explorer then lost taskbar after system restore

Try calling task manager by clicking Ctrl,Alt and Delete at the same time find explorer.exe and right click it and select end process then after the warning click yes now click file and new process and type explorer.exe if explorer.exe is not running then click file and new process and type explorer.exe in there.
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Dear Forum After constant stress with online software changing my PC settings adobe one of many I wanted to separate my main computer from the internet This I tried I turned off broadband I then removed all my browsers virus and malware protection and gave my hard-drive a bit of a quot spring clean quot Trouble is I am no longer able to use Excel Hyperlink If I click on a Hyperlink I get the message quot This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer Please contact your system administrator quot I have googled the problem and was led to slipstick com problems link restrict htm and the solution to the lost Hyperlinks was due to me deleting my browsers I reloaded google downloaded and ran the wrong version of Internet Explorer I in and Internet a lost Excel Hyperlinks Explorer Lost 11 Have Windows Service Pack and I installed EIE EN-US WOL WIN EXE IE has installed Lost Hyperlinks in Excel and a lost Internet Explorer 11 but its invisible It is not in my control panel programs I tried to install the correct IE but I have remove the wrong one first I am assuming I will have to remove the renegade IE manually All help appreciated My spring clean involved deleting a lot of the Appdata Local and Roaming folders Regards Daniel I promise I won't ever try to separate my PC from the master ever again I just want to use my Excel its my living

A:Lost Hyperlinks in Excel and a lost Internet Explorer 11

Repair Install

If no joy
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When I returned from a trip this weekend all that was on my computer was my wallpaper There are no menu Icons/Lost start Lost icons and no start Lost Icons/Lost start menu menu I have rebooted several times but after startup I am left with nothing I Lost Icons/Lost start menu get no results from right- left- or double-clicking I can access most programs by using CTRL-ALT-DEL and then selecting new task All of my files appear to be intact I have Norton Antivirus and I have run an update and done a virus scan No viruses have been found When I look at my settings in Norton it says that my Auto-Protect is off and my Email Scanning has quot ERROR quot It won t allow me to enable the Auto-protect I try but when I bring it up again I am right back where I started from I have tried running the Klex virus fixer and the MSBlast but it says they cannot be found on my computer Please help I don t know how this happened and I don t know what else to try I downloaded a MS patch I can t remember which one and rebooted but it didn t help Thanks in advance GingerL nbsp

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First and most important I lost my F drive when I installed a new camera software, and can't find my new pictures to upload them. The new software isn't very good about about helping me find my new pictures.

Second, when I upgraded my computed and changed to Firefox plus IE 8, I lost my Yahoo Favorites List, and I'm lost without it and can't find my sites. Can you help me get my list back.

Please help.

Thank you.


A:Lost My F Drive & Lost My Favorites List

I think this is a job for a local trusted computer shop to fix. Be sure they are a good shop though many of them will just try to reformat your computer.
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My wallpaper has disappeared even though it appears under display properities-themes Under the desktop tab my wallpaper is set correctly When I try to change the theme from modified theme to windows classic the change is not accepted I don t recall which setting I had originally My screensaver was the picture slideshow and is now windows xp moves across the screen as the screensaver When I try to change it back the change is not accepted This all started because I am trying to back up my computer to an external hard drive and keep getting error message quot windows delay write failed quot I tried updating the saver my lost wallpaper, lost screen hard disk driver but there wasn t any update While searching for fixes for that problem I came across Panda Software online virus checker I used it and it deleted a few viruses They were all old lost my wallpaper, lost screen saver some may have only been unopened email attachments and they were all from and Two days later I was using logmein - remote access and while rebooting not the first reboot I got the blue screen Here s the error message Driver IRQL not less or equal stop x D x F F x x XF B VSDATANT SYS - address F B base at F Datestamp a c So I looked up vsdatant sys which is located in system directory and I changed the name of the driver to vsdatant old but then my zonealarm stopped working so I changed it back How do I get my display working properly Any ideas on the quot write failed quot error message Thanks Amy nbsp

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I have just had a guy to look at my system , because I had a few problems.
1. I could not get onto Outlook Express - which he couldn't solve -this has been solved by myself.
2. I couldn't get on Internet Explorer - which he couldn't solve-this has been solved by Talktalk.
3. System Restore wasn't able to delete a previous restore point or go back to previous restore point. This is the only thing he resolved. He did that by inserting his own disk and working from that.
Cosequently this has left me with more problems.
1. I have lost all my Contacts on OE
2. I have lost al my favourites on IE
3. I have lost my wallpaper on Desktop, which was guite special [Grandchildren]
Can I recover any of these items
PLEASE HELP all you clever people out there.
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The problem Tiberium Sun crashes the system on exit then the generic x CD-ROM mystery: lost, found, lost..... cd-rom and the Creative x cd-writer both disappear from Win SE CD-ROM mystery: lost, found, lost..... If left for some time -- usually hours -- the cd rom and writer are recognized again and things seem to work fine Play the game again crash on close then cd-drives disappear again When I check on device manager the cd drives are gone and the dual fifo secondary controller in the hard disk controller section shows a problem which updating the driver does not resolve The game the cd-rom the cd-writer and the rest of the yr-old computer Celeron sdram ABIT BH Quantum Fireball G scsi CD-ROM mystery: lost, found, lost..... scanner external ZIP drive have worked fine for at least a months without this problem It seems to have begun some days ago with an upgrade patch for the game but I am not sure if that was the cause anymore I have tried numerous fixes none of which work except for simply leaving the system off for a while -- this is not a satisfactory solution especially as the problem returns I have not verified whether any other cd-rom will cause the crash -- haven t had a chance Here are the fixes I have tried Remove the Intel AB EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller -- system reboots reinstalls this automatically without any chnage in the problem Switch in the boot menu between auto recognition and non-detection of secondary drives no effect on anything Completely uninstall the TS game No impact on problem Boot w and w o cd -- no change Remove drive asignment refs for both cd drives in registry no change Remove all reference to cd-writer drive in registry -- no change I have not dones this with the atapit drive yet I have not opened up the case yet as I really don t believe it is a hardware connection type of problem Both disks open close blink and whir normally -- it s just that Windows does not recognize them The problem I have was described by someone back in late Nov last year played a game crashed on close then cd-rom simply disappeared He turned off the system came back in a while and everything was OK again Please help me with this nbsp

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got Uncle's old pc and cannot access windows because of novell password. Uncle has passed away and we had been given this awesome pc but cannot get into it. What to do? Do not really need to see any files but cannot get by crtl+alt+delete message. Family would like to see some files. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Through a series of misadventures I somehow changed either my username or password or profile I am not too hep to Users and how they are managed in Windows machine All of the Favorites and My Documents have been lost under original username The original user name is missing under Documents and Settings I was stupid and didnt make a current backup tho I do have a hard drive backup from months ago but since then have many important documents that have been lost I have tried what I can to find these documents as they MUST still be on the hard drive I have logged in as administrator no documents there I have taken the messed up hard drive and put it in as a second drive with a primary hard drive made from an image from my machine from four months ago still no documents to be found I have tried booting winto the Windows Recovery Console when I log on there as Documents lost Lost help!! profile..please with My administrator it says quot access denied quot when I try to look at files and beside the lost files are not there I have tried to use a file restore utility to search hard drive and restore the files in case they were deleted no go help My questions are Since I have a restored hard drive made with an image from four months ago is it possible to copy over whatever files constitute this lost profile or permissions or Lost My Documents with lost profile..please help!! passwords or usernames or whatever use to be on the original hard drive to restore those lost documents Or if thats not possible is there any way Lost My Documents with lost profile..please help!! to recover these files from the Recovery Console or some other utility Lost My Documents with lost profile..please help!! What a freakin disaster who would think you could totally erase every friggin document on your computer just by changing a user name Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Lost My Documents with lost profile..please help!!

That's a tough one! I've renamed profiles before and been able to move data from one to another so I'm not sure how you lost all of your documents.

You can copy documents from one profile to another if you have admin rights. You may need to restore the permissions to the files by Right click, properties, security.
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I have a WD Red 2.0 TB drive (1.8 TB formatted) and have been watching it fill up (%used) for some time now. I have lost 1 TB to "unknown" according to WinDirStat. VSS is NOT RUNNING, which I read about in the tutorial here: System Protection - Turn On or Off.

So, what could be eating this space and how do I recover it?

FYI - the usual litany - No viruses; Disk Cleanup was run; Drive diagnostics pass; Chkdsk, defrag, etc. all OK.
Also, the thing I use the drive for is to maintain program libraries. I perform a lot of temporary folder copies and delete old copies. The recycle bin is empty. Have no idea why this space is lost.

A:Lost space on external drive - Lost 1TB of 2TB drive

I've always found WinDirStat results a bit cryptic.

Maybe you can get a more sensible result with a similar free application:

TreeSize Free - Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

The usual suspects are hibernation file, System Restore points, page file, malware/virus, or some program doing something you don't expect it to do. For instance, we recently had a case here where someone was using a cloud backup program that was mis-configured and putting the backups on local drives, rather than in the cloud.
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Here is my new computer. I went with compaq because they have this nice deal 12 months no payments/inerest. I can save up the money for it during the 12 months, since I didn't have it now.
here is the link

It comes out to 2000$ and here are the specs
Standard atx case/psu (handy when in upgrading, very rare on these type of comps.)
400watt psu
athlon 64 3400
1gb pc 3200 ram
xp pro
320gb hdd
48x cdrw
8x +dual-layer dvd burner(the only thing I don't like about this comp only+r/rw)
ati 9800pro 256
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS platinum
Klipsch ProMedia Ultra THX Certified 5.1
ms works suit 2004
Norton Antivirus 2004

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Q: compaq

I have and error loading os


Howdy jhfrazi and welcome to TSF..

Could you please describe your problem a little more in detail..

How long has this been going on?
WHat have you tried to remedy this?
And what error do you get (important)
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This computer has never on-line, about 2 years old. HP printer cd fails to initialize. Updates from Heise Security or SP- 3 won't install. Could this be some of Bills junk? Go on-line and do the numbers thing?

I haven't seen the box yet. BTW. Office XP installed a few months back. Tnks. bb

A:XP compaq

System restore back to where you get all the freebees. Yah. Fixed tnxs. close.
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Q: compaq

happy new year to every body
i have a compaq presario 7588 i have contact the compaq service web site they have told me that i can upgrade my Processor from 550 Mhz to 1100 Mhz.but when i ask if i can just buy a new Processor and install it normally they said that i have to contact the Nearest compaq Retailer...the problem is there is no compaq Retailer in my country.

is it ok to buy a new Processor and install it normally? is there any Configuration i have to change in the Bios?

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I don't have a problem that needs to be resolved. I have a safety issue and I'd like to inform the compay. My daughter has a Compaq CQ 60. She called me from college frantic stating her laptop blew up. She described it as several booms. I asked her if it had gotten too hot and she said no. What I'm afraid of is that I have the same computer. Mu laptop has been getting hot but I started using a device with a fan  that helps it cool. Should I be afraid of that happening to me?
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I am trying to source a Compaq 220W power supply for a Compaq 62480EA.

The part no. is 277979-001

I am not having much luck in the UK any ideas?

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This is for any of the people who may work on Laptops regularly. Got a compaq N1000V that refuses to boot. Can't even get to the bios. Battery was at 2.88 volts, replaced it anyway. The mobo has an led that is on constantly so its getting power. There is a real quick flash of light across the screen at the same time you hit the power button and also an led flash for the HD power. This is as far as it gets toward post. The HD works fine in another machine and was able to transfer files to another drive from it. The processor gets hot if I leave the power applied to the machine and do not turn off from the button. Anyone with any ideas??

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i have a hp compaq nx9005 laptop which has slowed down so much it hardly works .
iv tried all the anti maleware and virus programs but nothing seems to have made it get any faster.

iv decided to reformat it .

my problem is it came with windows xp already built in and no recovery disc,
does anyone know how i would go about reformating it.

the windows keygen is on the bottom of the laptop...


A:Hp Compaq

You can order a set of recovery disks for a nominal fee
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I was cleaning up my wifes laptop and while running Puran Defrag the battery died. Now it just keeps getting to the windows xp screen and keeps rebooting over and over. I cant get it to boot to safe mode or boot from her xp pro disc. Any ideas on how I can get this thing to boot up again? Thanks in advance.

A:Xp Pro SP3 Compaq 610

the urge to scold you is great .lol
cant get to safe mode ,did you try last know good configeration .

remove the battery ,and power cord ,hold power button in for about 1 minute .
try charging the battery fully ,then plug in power ,and try booting again ,what you did should not have bother the booting to a cdrom .
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ok i tried to update my girl's compaq from xp home to xp pro now for some reason it appeared to do a full load which i can't compaq xp on recall ever doing that on an upgrade i think its something compaq do what i mean by full load is that it gave us the option of loading to the PRESARIO RP partition or the C partition or redoing the partitions altogether we end up choosing the H drive which is the PRESARIO RP now was that xp on compaq a good or bad thing loading to the PRESARIO RP the way i see it xp pro has restore points so what would i be missing out on if i redo the load and just delete xp on compaq all partitions we now get quot drive is full quot for the H drive which is the PRESARIO RP i tried to do a restore but when i press f i go to a page that give me choices to load with one being the recovery one being c windows one is d windows and one is D i or something to that effect and one being d maint now when i choose the recovery and press enter it restarts and do nothing i tried the others and it just gives me a prompt for that drive oh i almost forgot i now get choices of what OS to load one is from the H drive windows pro one from the C drive windows pro and the third is recovery whats best for me with all this she got the desktop from someone who upgraded to a laptop and thought it would be good for our son i don't like compaq because i understand that they what i like to call quot extras quot in the system that not really needed but they put it there to keep us consumers having to buy they're product to fix it is that true or just me and my conspiracy theories i do have a lot of them thanks waiting

A:xp on compaq

oh, how do the recovery suppose to work, what steps do i take?
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My Compaq "750mhz Duron" is locking up, and it had windows ME on it. So, I decide to upgrade to WIN XP. It is still locking up at different stages, sometime I get to the desktop, or it lockup at the booting stage. When was I trying to install Windows XP, it would also lockup at different stages of the installing processe. However, I was able to install win xp on the pc, like I said before it lockup at different stages. I changed the power supply, memory, hard drive and the video card. I guess it has to be the mother board that is bad. I am on the right track.

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I have a p2 compaq deskpro the power switch wont work. its is turned of in bios when i press del or f1 it tells me keyboard error can any one help me please. how do i get into bios.

A:p2 compaq

I answered your other post:
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i've had my laptop for a while, dvd player worked fine...i had to re-install windows a while back and since then, the dvd drive has only worked as a cdrom drive - if i put a dvd disc in, the computer simply acts like a disc is not in the drive at all. ive updated wmp10 with codecs, and windvd is already installed as well, yet neither does anything. - my computer will not even recognize a disc in the drive if it is dvd - any suggestions out there? thanks

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Will my Compaq recognize RAM that is not made by Compaq? After speaking with one of their reps to find out what kind of RAM I needed she made sure to tell me that any other manufacturer of RAM would not work in my Presario 2266.

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Q: Compaq

I have an issue A friend of mine's PC is acting up and he wanted me to take a look at it It's a total mess Specs Windows Vista Home Basic Bit OS Compaq Presario SR WM mb RAM Intel P Ghz Processor GB HD DVD CD ROM Burner This machine needs to be completely restored But my friend never sit a restore point never made recovery disks etc Compaq I have tried to get to the tools for making recovery disk as the manual explained but the Recovery Manager is no where to be found on this machine I have d l a generic bit recovery disk online and tried but no luck I get errors about not finding the files and it gives me no way to search for the files on the recovery partition it's all gray no way to input text when using the generic recovery disk Well I managed to get in safe mode and make it so the recovery files on the partition are viewable so I can copy them I have them on a folder on the desktop now Could I make a DVD with these files and use it to boot from and maybe that will bring up the recovery dialog I have tried hitting the F button on start ups but nothing it just boots into normal mode Thanks for any help And hello Dee


Well, burning to a DVD will not work. I get a message telling me it's the incorrect media or needs to format, but won't, saying it's write protected. :-\
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hi to all
i have just obtained one of these laptops ,but it has no power supply with it
does anyone have a circuit diagram for the said computer so i may sort something out
many thanks in advance
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I've recently acquired an old compaq desktop, but it gives me a long, continuous beep code over and over.
I've tried reseating, and replacing the ram, to no avail.
Does anyone know how to identify the mobo on compaqs? All the info I have is the serial number, and hp support couldn't do anything without the product number.
I would like to just replace the mobo, but I don't know the model.

s/n for machine is -1X07DTY5R4KB

only number i can find on the mobo is U72400304
Any help is greatly appreciated.