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Problems with RAM installation

Q: Problems with RAM installation

Hey, today i just got a new 4gb memory stick to add to my computer, currently i have 2 2GB DDR3 1333 RAM sticks.(These were both Kingston Memory Sticks) I then added a 4gb DDR3 1333 Ram stick (Crosshair) to the motherboard and made sure they were firmly placed in and it was all fine, I then turn on the computer and find that the motherboard starts beeping once then two beeps after and the Screen is blank, and my mouse & keyboard aren't responding. My current OS is Windows 7 64 Bit, so i shouldn't have a problem installing new ram to my system...
I'm not sure if this is a problem with 2 different brands of sticks or what.. but the fans are running for my Graphics card (I don't have onboard graphics available)

AMD 1055t X6
ASUS M5A99XEVO Motherboard
ATI Radeon 5570

Any help anyone? Thanks

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Preferred Solution: Problems with RAM installation

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Problems with RAM installation

The motherboard does not like that 4GB module. Have you tried the 4GB by itself? If the 4GB module won't run the computer you'll have to stick with 2GB modules. How many memory slots are on the motherboard? ASUS motherboards are notorious for being very picky about memory
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OK this is my last resort before I do a clean install which I was hoping to avoid I started having issues with IE although I do use Firefox for browsing but still have to do my Windows updates and such Then I ran a utility download to clean up PC and registry and lost the ability to do updates and can t install problems. problems, installation mainly Multiple Windows products and my disk drives have driver issues No I did not backup or do restore point and I have tried my restore points to no avail So here are my problems any help would be great -Can t install Windows updates or messenger etc -IE runs slow tabs don t work taskbar for IE is blank cannot access Internet Explorer options or any IE config options -Disk drives don t work missing corrupt or out Multiple problems, mainly installation problems. of date drivers -Thats most of it I tried to uninstall and re-install IE but it can t access certain setup files I have run virus scan and disk error check Please help Thanks nbsp

A:Multiple problems, mainly installation problems.

Well, no response yet, but I realized I'm screwed even if I want to re-install XP since I have No Good CD/DVD drive. Please help!
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I own an Advent Monza T with Windows operating system I've had quite a few problems with it When I first started having problems I took my laptop in store and they suggested a system refresh I did this and everything seemed to be working okay afterwards But now the problems are starting to return Also before the system refresh everything installed without any problems When I click on some of the apps the loading screen appears for the app but then the problems program problems App installation and actual app doesn't open With things not installing I mean iTunes and Microsoft Office these are the only ones App problems and program installation problems I've found up to now to not be working The first time I tried to install Microsoft Office after the refresh it started okay but then stopped working when the green progress bar got half way The second time the progress bar got to the end but then an error message came up saying 'Microsoft VC CRT type quot win version quot quot public KeyToken quot fc b b a e e b quot proc essorArchitecture quot x quot ' Please refer to Help and Support for more information HRESULT x FA And now every time I try to run the Microsoft Office setup it stops working when I click on the 'Already purchased Office ' Whenever I try to install iTunes the same error comes up Any help or advise on what to do would be greatly appreciated

A:App problems and program installation problems

Hi Beki (and welcome to the forums)

Since your laptop is so new, and completely covered by its warranty, I think you might want to return it to either the store or the manufacturer's specified repair depot (the information would be in your paperwork, or available from a phone call to your vendor).

It's possible that your software troubles could be caused by an underlying hardware problem. A qualified technician would likely first analyze your Error logs, run diagnostics on the main components of the laptop, and try to duplicate the errors you are seeing. They would then be able to give you their best assessment of the likely problem, and tell you what solution they propose.

Before taking the computer back, you might first want to copy any personal files that you've added (documents, pictures, music, video, etc.), as well as any downloaded programs that you've purchased since the laptop came home - and make sure that you keep a copy of the product license (or "product key") for each purchased program.

That said, if you want to try and diagnose the problem & attempt a repair yourself. Here are you steps:
1) Make backups to removable media of any personal data you wish to keep (including purchased downloads, as mentioned above),
2) Check in the Windows error logs to see if there are clues there. Use the Event Viewer for this. From the Windows 8 Start Screen, start typing Event Viewer: the Search box will automatically open. Select the Event Viewer icon - this will start Event Viewer. In the main box, there will be lists of Critical Errors (if any), Errors, Warnings, & Information. Pay closest attention to any Critical Errors. Also look carefully at the other types of errors, one by one, in the lists. For now, you do not need to concern yourself too much with the Warnings & Information categories. You can start researching the errors with your favorite search engine, and you can also post your findings here.
3) Two of the most common hardware failures are system memory failures, and hard drive failures. There are programs that can run diagnostics for these. Some computers come with diagnostics built in - you can check your user manual (or call your vendor/manufacturer) to see if your model has such built-in diagnostics. If not, you could try making a bootable CD that contains such diagnostic tools, start your computer with that CD, and run memory and hard drive diagnostics. The "UBCD" tools are fairly well-respected and free, and there are complete instructions on how to make the CD on their website --- Ultimate Boot CD - Overview
---By the way: the hardware tests are operating system independent: it doesn't matter what operating system your computer is running. The CD contains a version of Linux, and your computer starts from that.
---If you get results that indicate a hardware fault, you can relay that information to your vendor for warranty repair (and you can ask us questions about the results, too, if you aren't sure what the results mean).
4) Should your system memory and hard drive pass diagnostics with no errors, and your Event Viewer logs do not point to any hardware issues, you can consider trying a System Reset [this basically erases your current Windows installation & reinstalls Windows 8 fresh). This is fairly easy to do, and since you've probably only had the laptop a very short time, it won't take long to restore your personal files from backups, and reinstall Office & iTunes from either installation DVDs, or downloaded installer files that you backed up in Step #1. A System Reset is the simplest & quickest repair in your case, since you mention that a lot of things are misbehaving at the same time. It would take a long time to sort out each one, if there are many programs all tangled up with separate issues.
----- to run a System Reset (to reinstall Windows 8) -- Turn on your Windows 8 laptop -- move your... Read more
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Hello guys I'm new here, I found the site on Google and I really need help with a problem I have!...

So basically I have a game called " Age Of Empires 3 " And some other games which I wish to install, So when I try to install something I get this error:

And when I try to install Age Of Empires 3 I get this error message:

So could some one please help me fix these errors please!


A:Installation Problems!
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Hello, I have replaced a totally messed up installation of Win 7 on a Toshiba Satellite with the only other operating system disc I had which is XP Pro, now when I go into Device Manager I get yellow question marks under -other devices- 
audio device on high def audio bus
Ethernet controller
Ethernet controller
Modem device on high def audio bus
SM bus controller
video controller
video controller (vga compatible)
Obviously I cannot get onto the Internet on that computer, I'm using another laptop, but the very first device I looked for I get the 'device cannot be found' message. I'm a little out of my depth here, any help would be gratefully appreciated.

A:Problems with new xp pro installation

Go to the Toshiba website and download and install all of the appropriate XP drivers starting with the chipset driver
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I am visiting my Grandmother in Melbourne and she has an old computer. I put in my Age of Empires Collector's edition disc to install the games so that i could play them off the disc and her computer is not reading the cd at all. I even tried putting the disc in her cd-burner to see if that would work but it did not. The computer is running windows xp


A:Installation problems

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I installed XP Pro into my system without a problem. The problems started after I installed my motherboard drivers. My system would ask for the system disk to boot up. Also XP doesn't recognize my modem even though I tested it on another system and it was recognized by XP. I reformatted the hard drive and cleared the CMOS, then I installed Windows again. the problems still exist, but now after I've not used my computer for a few days and turn it on, it will ask for the system disk to boot and then go through the whole setup and installation process again. I've had to go through this process of re-installing windows 3 times. Please help me, this is my first build. Thanks in advance

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i cannot install corel win dvd 2010. i even had tech support try and they failed. it seems to install but the icon does not open the program. i have win 7x64. i have tried to uninstall and install several times but the same result. i have used a trial version of windvd before i bought it. i still have time to return it for refund,but it was fairly cheap so i do not want to if i do not have to.

A:installation problems

Hello and welcome to Bleepingcomputer.

Here is the Corel web site support page link.
Which version do you have, the Pro or standard version?

Check this link for the standard and pro tabs.

Here is the Windows 7 compatibility link.

Try going to the folder Win DVD is installed in and try clicking the icon there to open the program.
You may need to run it under Administrator rights, which is possible by right clicking the icon and choosing 'run as administrator'

If the program runs Okay after this, you can right click the desktop shortcut icon and choose PROPERTIES, SHORTCUT TAB, look for ADVANCED then look for a box next to RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. Put a check mark here, than OKAY.

You can also do this through the icon found in the folder Win DVD is installed in, however, this icon will not be a shortcut icon like I described above.

Hope this helps.

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I'm attempting to install Master of Orion 3 on my computer, and I'm having problems.

1. The autorun doesn't start.

2. The setup.exe program doesn't run.

3. Both of these worked when I tried it on a friend's computer.

My computer is a HP Laptop, 700 MHz, with Windows 2000.

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This video I made details the problems I'm having.
Computer problems - YouTube

A:Problems with installation

Boot to the USB Windows ISO. When the Repair Your Computer option fails, it will take you to the RE (Recovery Environment) Here choose Command Prompt.

First determine what Drive the OS has been assigned by the RE

At the command prompt (x: sources) type:-

bcdedit find ?osdevice? (Must inc?) (press enter).
Now use the returned as the drive letter for OS assume C:
At the x sources type:- chkdsk c:/r (press enter), 5 stages of check disk will run.
can take awhile.

You can also download the ISO image for Seatools in my signature and burn it to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature or burn it to a USB Flash Drive using ISOtoUSB Boot off of the newly created disc and do the Short and Long tests on the drive. If either test fails, the HDD needs to be replaced.
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I am trying to update from SP2 to SP3, and everytime I try I get a "You do not have permission to update WindowsXP. Please contact your System Administrator".
I AM the System Administrator, and all my permissions are OK....
The computer is running XP Professional SP2.
I am able to install other Windows Updates no problem, and have successfully installed SP3 on other Computers, but cannot solve the problem with this one....
I know this problem existed for installing SP2, but I installed SP2 successfully without any problem on this particular computer some time ago...
Can anyone help with suggestions on what to do?
many thanks.

A:SP3 Installation Problems

Are you logged as a local admin?

Are you on a secounddary account that is also an admin?

Tried install inside safemode from admin account their?

My suggestion go into safemode, delete your user profile and recreate it.
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Just about every application I try to install comes up with the error message:

The installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows installer package.

How do I fix this problem? I cant get Active Sync, ITunes, Quicktime or other apps installed.

A:Installation Problems

What version of Windows? Have you tried using System Restore to go back to a date before this started occurring?
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I was installing NASCAR THUNDER 2003. In the middle, I halted the installation due to some problems with another application. When I try to install again, the installation procedure stops at the same point where I first cancelled the installation and acts as if I cancelled it again (prompts me whether I really want to cancel). Does the installation program have a "memory" of where it cancelled? How can I now actually install this program?

Just curious if anyone has run into this before...

A:Installation Problems

My installtion was interrupted and now I am experiencing the same thing. Did you get an answer on how to fix this?
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I am having a problem installing XP that I havent come across before. I am installing XP on a friends computer he has boughten used. Unfortunately the BIOS isnt configured to load from the CD/DVD drive as the first option. The problem is the BIOS is password protected and I don't know how to format and install a fresh copy on this computer. Any help would be appreciated.


A:XP installation problems

Welcome to TSG....

If the BIOS is password protected I would suggest calling the manufacturer of the computers tech support to resolve that, At the present time we are unable to assist with anything to do with Passwords for anything, basically because of the fact that we can not determine the ownership of the computer and the fact that this is a security matter. Please read the Tech Support Guy rules below:

Tech Support Guy Site Rules

Once you get this solved doing the install from the cd drive will be a breeze.
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HI new to the site and im hoping someone can help me out

I just purchased a graphics pad and when i try to install the software i keep getting the error message

C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows Applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

can anyone explaine what this is and / or how i get passed it.

I have a lot of pre XP software i own that i get a similar message with when i try using them.

im running xp..home edition

A:Installation problems

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your problem is caused because one of these Windows files is either missing or damaged., autoexec.nt and config.nt. The absence or corruption of one or more of these files causes a "16 Bit Subsystem" error.

Go HERE and download and run the XP_FIX.EXE file. It should solve your problem.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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After searching I ve only found one similar post on the forums here and it didn t get any replies I m hoping I m a bit luckier I m trying to fix a computer for a coworker I strongly suspect XP Problems Installation the motherboard XP Installation Problems is XP Installation Problems failing but that may or may not be the case The computer itself has some weird symptoms - USB ports don t seem to work at all even when loaded in ISOLinux or Knoppix or such And I HAVE checked the BIOS settings regarding that everything looks as it should - Graphics adapter on board does not always turn the monitor on when the computer is turned on - Sometimes when computer is turned off numlock light on keyboard remains lit However this is not the forum for hardware issues and if I can t get the thing up and running that s what I ll just diagnose it as and ask him to shell out for a new board The problem currently at hand which brings me to this forum is a problem installing Win XP Home SP When the installation process reaches the point where there are only minutes left the installer either hangs and completely freezes left the system running for hours just to verify it is indeed FROZEN or the whole thing just shuts down and reboots with no warnings BSODs error messages nothing When the computer reboots it starts the entire installation process over again as if it d never even been run the first time I ve gone through this loop about to times just to hopefully catch a GLIMMER of what s happening and I m clueless I ve gone into BIOS and turned off all unnecessary onboard components in the event that any unforseen random little thing might be causing a conflict and no dice Anyone have thoughts Suggestions Funny comments nbsp

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Hi all,

Im having problems in W7 installation. The setup runs, copies the files, opens the installation blue screen with the flower or whatever but no menu appears...

I run it on my laptop and everything is fine!!!!

Any idea whats going on?

Thx in advance,
Daniel Elias

A:W7 installation problems

How long are you waiting? Are you running the software from a DVD or thumb drive or just running setup.exe from Windows? What do you mean when you say "I run it on my laptop and everything is fine"?
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After I reinstalled my os (windows 7 ultimeate 64 bit) one of my disk partition seems to be empty but in the properties it shows ( 281 gb free of 443 gb). I have some important files in this partition so please somenone save my life.
Windows is installed in C,partition. D and E partision were with files .E is working D is with the problem mentioned above.

A:Installation problems

Please post back a screenshot of your maximized Disk Management drive map and listings:

1. Type Disk Management in Start Search box.
2. Open Disk Mgmt. window and maximize it.
3. Type Snipping Tool in Start Search box.
4. Open Snipping Tool, choose Rectangular Snip, draw a box around full map and all listings.
5, Save Snip, attach using paper clip in Reply Box.

Tell us what is on each partition.

What makes you think the data partition is empty? You don't say.

Run a Disk Check on the partition now.

If it fails to see it, install free Partition Wizard, rightclick on the partiiton to Check File System.

If it still fails to see the data run
Partition Wizard Partition Recovery Wizard Video Help.
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Here's my problem. We tried to install a cd-rw into our computer and at bootup, we got error messages about pri slave/master and sec slave/master, and also ATAPI incompatible. We reconnected the cables but that didn't work. We also tried using the ribbon cable that came with the cd-rw with no help. Now we have disconnected the cd-rw from the computer and we can't bootup. We tried the bootup disk that came with the computer, but apparently it doesn't work, when inserted it says OK, but doesn't do anything. By the way, it is Windows 98 OS. We really need this computer running again.

A:Cd-rw Installation Problems

1) check the jumper settings on your CDrw. make sure its set to master if its alone on the channel or either master/slave whichever one the other device on the channel isnt.

2) What happens when you try to boot. does the harddrive spin up? do you hear any beeps? does the floppy make noise?

3) were you changing things in the bios? whether you were or not, I would go there and at least verify that first boot device is set to a and second to hd0.
6) while you are in the bios look at the available devices. make sure they are correct (I usually just set them to auto)

5) if that doesnt work, reset the bios by choosing "reset to default" or something similar in the bios or, if thats not available either shorting the bios jumper(if you have one) or removing the battery on the board for about a half hour then try to boot again.
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I've had to reinstall Windows XP because of a problem I had. Now I have another. My Desktop is empty, and there is nothing in the programs list. When I check on My Computer, Documents and Settings, all my Desktop is there and the programs are on the C: drive. It looks as though Windows has created another profile. I haven't lost anything, (possibly my emails), but can't access them in the normal way. Can anyone help.

A:Installation problems

Hi, Take ownership:

Let us know if that helps.
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I recently downloaded WMP11 to upgrade to, but when I start to install it it gets to about 23% installed and then my pc just restarts itself. I have tried downloading the file again but I get the same problem, does anyone have an idae as to why this is happening or how to fix it? Much Thanks

A:Wmp 11 Installation Problems

Do you have SP2 installed on the computer?
Have you been having a problem getting Windows Updates and have all updates subsequent to SP2 installed successfully?

To find out the above, go to Windows or Microsoft Updates and click "Review Update History" on the left side of the page. (You must use Internet Explorer to do this)

By the way, did you use Internet Explorer to download WMP11?
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Alright, after reformatting m' computer, popping XP onto it; and reinstalling all the latest drivers... Was about to reinstall all m' favorite games, I now have this problem.

Upon inserting a game CD (didn't and does not have this problem with the driver CD's) when the autorun bit picks up it either locks up completely, or like in the case of freedom fighters - if I choose 'install' it locks up.


Can someone enlighten me? Going mildly insane.

A:problems with installation... =/

Need to know what your CD drive is - make and model. Might be a problem with protection. Are these original or backup disks?
Which version of XP? Which Service Pack?
Is the CD drive on the same IDE cable as your hard drive?
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Hiya, I've just brought a new p.c and when I go to install Windows Xp Pro the p.c shuts down when it get to the "39 minutes.." screen. I'm new to this, IT'S really bothering me!
Thanks in advance!

A:Xp installation problems!!

Take the computer back to the shop......I would never attempt to repair something I had just purchased
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So I installed windows XP via an upgrade. But I screwed it up so I had to redo it... and it asked for my verification so I entered it, and it says it's already in use, and I have 30 days to verify it or it'll be deactivated.
What gives? :(

A:XP installation problems

you should call microsoft.
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Ok i have searched and searched for anything that might help with my problem but i can not find anything close. So here goes. i have tried this with both 32 and 64bit versions of 7 professional and the results are the same. After the installation process completes the processor usage jumps from up and down from 1% all the way up to 15% and everywhere in between. Also to open an icon i have to right click and hit open double clicking does not work. On top of all that if i leave the system idle for more that a few seconds it turns the monitor off and enters sleep mode and will not wake from sleep mode upon pressing the spacebar. I have installed all available updates thinking that my have been an issue.

Some background info i am dual bootiing XP and 7 both have 40gig partitions. Thank you in advance for any advice you may have.

A:Installation problems?

it sounds like some thing is conflicting some where
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I think I have problem with my install shield, every time I try to install something

I have a bunch of errors pertaining, I think, to shortcuts placed by the program to

be installed. I also get this message many times when I install a program,

"CoCreateInstance Failed; code 0x80040154
Class not registered".

I also cannot double click on shortcuts to open them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

P.S. I have XP service pack 2

A:Installation Problems

try updating windows installer;DisplayLang=en
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Hey y'all,

I have this problem where i cant install any application or program at all. It gives me a message as "error 5" or "access denied" or doesnt even do anything at all if i try runnig any installation .exe file.

I've tried installing a HP scanner software, Corel Draw, games, anything name it. Please help, thanks!

A:Installation Problems

Hello.doesnt even do anything at all if i try runnig any installation .exe file.Is this all exes? When you try to open your browser what happens (unless this is from another computer)? If it is only for installations files, then I suspect that something has set permissions on your registry.Let's try to run a repair on the .exe file associations.Download this zip file and extract xp_exe_fix.reg onto your desktop. Do not rename it.Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to open your Task Manager.Click File, then Run.In the box that appears, copy in:
REGEDIT.EXE "%userprofile%\desktop\xp_exe_fix.reg"... and hit OK.Click Yes when asked if you want to merge the entires into the registry. You should receive a message after saying "Entries have been successfully merged".Does this problem still occur?With Regards,The Panda
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when i go to install vista it gets to the first reboot when it reloads i get error loading os? its the 32 bit vista home premium

775 Pentium 4 650 3.4 GHz 800MHz FSB 64bit
eVGA nForce 650i board
2ghz of ram

any help is much appreciated

A:installation problems

And the error says specifically what? Have you matched your ram to the motherboard on either ram mfgr site or mobo mfgr site? Is the ram 2 sticks exactly the same?
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I'm trying to install windows 7 but it's not working. I currently have vista installed. I choose to boot from the cd, it says press any key to boot from cd, which I do, it then says windows is loading files and then the windows 7 logo shows up, like when a normal 7 pc is booting. Then the screen goes black and nothing happens... Any ideas?

A:Installation Problems

Hi Sammy,

Can you tell us a bit more about your hardware? Is this an Windows 7 Upgrade DVD, or a clean standalone Windows 7 Installation DVD?

Have you specified, in the BIOS, that the computer should boot from the CD/DVD first?

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Hi i have a do i think technical problem issue and my very limited experience tells me that this is the forum where i can get the answers i have learned so much on sevenforums and i try to suck all that knowlegde and know-how in never mind to the problem i use srs technology for my pc allways have allways will But now when i try to install the new srs hit srs audio essentials i get a message that i not have sufficient priveleges to start service of this particular software and it bothers me in a way i can not descripe So could some expert in problems.... installation windows please help me installation problems.... i have purchased this quot wonder quot today and it is only us dollars but anyway its just like christmas eve everytime i purchase new software but that is just me Kind Regards Asser I am very interested in getting this mistake corrected so here is my e-mail lt Removed by installation problems.... Dwarf gt

A:installation problems....

Hi asser, You may have to take ownership of the file Take Ownership of file - Vista Forums
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i have a hp g and im trying to reinstall windows home premium x I get the process started and it runs fine until i get to the setting up your computer for first use screen then recovery manager pops up and says recovery incomplete and gives three options save log details and retry When i click retry it opens the disk tray and says to insert recovery disk but when i do this and click ok it opens the disk tray and tells me to insert recovery disk again I tried the whole thing over again and got the same problem so i tried searching google to see if someone else has had this problem and found one and all he did was use task manager to end the process that was giving me the recovery incomplete message and it continued to install I tried that and it worked but it installed windows basic not premium I dont have anything pluged into my laptop except the power I dont have a clue what the problem is hope you can help

A:installation problems

Hello demandzm, welcome to Seven Forums!

Are you attempting to do an HP factory recovery or are you doing a real clean install with a Windows 7 installation DVD?
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is there such thing as not being able to install windows xp pro on a compaq presario 1200 laptop even though it meets all the requirements in hardware wise because someone is telling me that there are proprietary issues when installing xp

please advise

A:xp pro installation problems

check the compac website for info or driver updates to run xp
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just re-installed windows xp home and have installed it then restarted when it says restart then it loads past the Windows is loading some files or something the blue screen with the dots moving then it gets paste that a freezes on a black screen with the xp logo saying please wait ... i think i left it for about an hour and it didnt unfreeze. when i try restarting the pc so it will go back into the windows installation it comes to the xp loading screen with blue thing goin past over and over again that just stays on that screen for a long time and if i restart and try last good known configuration it says theres a problem with the system files and i should reinstall windows (which ive done four times now ) and theres been no change.
Any Ideas?


A:Problems with XP installation

What are the details of your system?
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Like Isuppose many others of you I have installed OpenOffice and other free open source software to cut costs However the latest downloaded version of OpenOffice v refuses to iinstall on my computer because it says the installer is either wrong or corrupt I presume it means the Windows installer I use XP Pro OEM version with service pack The computer is a laptop Toshiba Portege ct Yes it is an old computer but previous versions of Open Office always worked fine and luckily the failed installation did not remove my working version Now I thought it was only my problem but my son who uses an IBM Thinkpad Windows got exactly the same problem Two different OS two different computers Installation Problems Is there something Microsoft is now doing to prevent open-source installations Or am I just paranoid Incidentally I was advised xp service pack was downloaded to my computer I ordered it installed The computer spent all night being slow as hell and the installation failed and I had to cancel it Anyone else with these problems Yes I am seeking advice from OpenOffice fora discussions as well and if I get replies will cross-post here

A:Installation Problems

Well...did you try updating or replacing the installer? The version installed could be corrupt.;displaylang=enThere's a newer version for XP SP3,
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I'm trying to install a program such as League of Legends, or even Spotify but the Installation wizard for any programs wont show up. My laptop is this one
Toshiba Satellite 15.6" Laptop 4GB Memory 320GB Hard Drive C855D-S5100 - Best Buy

A:Installation problems

Welcome to EightForums.

Are you use the Windows 8 version of the programs.

For better help, you like to look here:
Software and Apps - Windows 8 Forums
Gaming - Windows 8 Forums
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Hi for the past few months my computer has been acting really strange problems please?? some help installation Whenever I download a new program or instalL a new program after I ve installed it the entire thing freezes and won t open the programs What possibly could be the problem I m frustrated Please help Also I have checked and yes I do have all of the system requirements for the programs so that and disk space aren t what s wrong OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Manufacturer MSI System Model MS- System Type X -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping AuthenticAMD Mhz BIOS Version Date MS- V A SMBIOS Version Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot xpsp sp rtm - quot Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory GB Total installation problems some help please?? Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Name Realtek High Definition Audio Manufacturer Realtek Status OK PNP Device ID HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS Driver c windows system drivers rtkhdaud sys built by WinDDK MB bytes AM I use ccleaner and PCTOOLS Firewall Plus and ThreatFire and thats about it that s all the info I know how to get some of the programs that I have tried to install include the trial version of Adobe Lightroom Jalbum and google Google Earth we can install and run programs that we have gotten from disks but if we try to download a program online after it installs it wont run That s the problem After the installations when we try to open the program the entire computer freezes and we have to reboot the programs never actually fully open I just did a windows update got everything updated also did a malware scan from trendmicro com which it found a trojan on and then removed it from my computer ran a scan disk it fixed a couple of errors now everything should be perfect but it s not I uninstalled and reinstalled one of the programs that I was trying to get working and it still freezes up when I try to open it So I m completely stumped Does ANYONE have any other suggestions for me Please help nbsp

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Hello this is my first time posting so here is my problem. I have booted from the cd to install window xp home edition and everything has worked fine. I partitioned the hard drive and installed all the folders. Then is say it is going to restart the computer which it does. But after that it wont load from the hard drive all it does is after it gives me the option to boot from cd the screen turns in to a couple white lines and restarts, before it gets to the GUI of windows. I have tried switching the boot priority, restarting, and partitioning and reinstalling the folders. I think that this maybe a problem with my power suply or my cd. If u have any knowledge of this please help, anything would be appriciated.
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first of all, i apologize for my bad english

I have an old pc with motherboard ms6163 - 128m sdram pc100 - nvidia geforce mx - pentium III 450 mhz running win98 se .

i'm trying to install xp but each time i run xp install disc, after copying files from xp installation disc,when the system reboots, the pc turns off before i could do anything.

i tried to upgrade from win98, but it doesn't work
i tried to make a clean install, but it doesn't work
i upgraded all drivers and bios, but it doesn't work

i really don't know what other i can do...
all of this, that's the same thing with win2000
can anybody help me???

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Hi My PC is completely failing to install anything I ve downloaded So far I haven t had the opportunity to try installing anything I haven t installation problems XP downloaded as it s already installed There seem to be several reactions to my attempts at installing Mostly I just get the response that the file is corrupted and can t be installed - I got it with WinAmp a Windows update thing from Microsoft and various other things including a driver for my sound XP installation problems card which is also not working I ve also downloaded iTunes but when I try to install it the computer just appears to think about it hourglass and everything and then does nothing Most recently I ve had the response that there s a win issue I think but XP installation problems I XP installation problems can t currently give the wording as I can t find anything to make it attempt installing I m not sure what this computer could do before I got it - I ve had it three days now I didn t hear about any problems though I also can t find the XP installation CD so reinstalling s not an option until I can find it One thing We have a new wireless internet connection - two computers using it I m not sure whether it s even possible that it could be messing up my downloads somehow but thought I d mention it just in case I really hope someone can help I m completely baffled Thanks Leila nbsp

A:XP installation problems

Leila , welcome to TSG . might be of use . It sounds like MSI (M$ installer) is borked .
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Ok the motherboard in my old computer XP w SP fried and so I replaced it with an Asus A V X-X The transition went smoothly until it came time to install the driver for the on-board VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter I can begin the driver update from Device Manager and everything seems just fine and then the last screen always shows Error Cannot Install this Hardware There was a problem installing this hardware VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter An problems installation NIC error ocurred during the installation of this device The system cannot find the file specified This happens even when I quot Install from a specific location quot and quot Don't search I will choose quot and I click quot Have Disk quot and navigate to the specific driver file and select it The weird thing is I have also tried to install a Linksys USB Adapter and I get the same result using the Linksys driver-not the VIA driver of course Even if I navigate to and specifically select the correct driver which has been verified to work on another computer I always get the above error The error has also been replicated with NIC installation problems an operational Netgear FA rev C PCI NIC and a D-Link DFE- TX rev E PCI NIC This makes me think that it is a problem with some core component of XP that is why I posted it here and not the Driver section or Network section I found a case online of somebody having this problem with a Win k machine where he had to uninstall reinstall the TCP IP stack Of course you can't do that with XP so I reset the stack with the netsh command quot netsh int ip reset c reset txt quot to no effect I have updated the A V X-X to BIOS version the latest non-beta release I have tried uninstalling the VIA device and letting XP find it itself I have also tried disabling the on-board VIA NIC in the BIOS and then trying the Linksys or Netgear Nothing works If anyone has any insight or suggestions PLEASE help Thank you for taking the time to read this bcohea

A:NIC installation problems

This early in the process, I would consider the new install data "expendable, if necessary" and start looking for reasons WHY your install seems to have been corrupted.

Did you make sure the HD was free ...

Oops. I assumed you were doing a new install. Are you trying to get an XP installation that is already set-up and configured to your old M/B to run on your NEW one ?

That may be a problem. You might try running "sfc /scannow" from the command line and see if that helps grease the thing along. You might wind up having to re-install XP...

Most new M/B's have device drivers included and run from disk. Sounds like you are letting XP do the installation. Have you tried doing the driver installation from CD ? I think that might be best. Wondering if the devices may be conflicting over resources. What's it say in Device Manger ? Any problems ?

You might need to go through the hardware listed in Device Manager and uninstall everything and let XP set the whole thing up.

Also, while you are getting your M/B running, I would recommend removing everything that is non-seesntial in order to streamline the situation and simply things.

And, running a chkdsk (or is it scandisk for XP ?) is a good idea, as well as a comprehensive malware scan & removal operation. You could have a bug interfering with the process.
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I am trying to install a fresh windows 7 to my computer where I was previously using win xp.

All the installation goes well but when windows are ran, I get BSoD (attached to this post)

I have downloaded the new drivers for my graphic card, suitable for windows 7 64 bit. I tried to install them via repair option with no luck.

Do you have any idea how to make this work?

link to bsod

A:Problems wit win 7 installation

To start with what version of Win 7 are you trying to install and where did you get it?
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I had to install Win XP Pro first and then upgrade in order to keep my activation I didn't do anything special about partition There is a possibility that partition wasn't aligned optimally For months I experienced quite a handful of SSD Problems a installation on after anomalies A lot of chkdsk requests on starting Then problems with slow Office specially Access The windows of W features optionalfeatures exe was blank solved and then yesterday Windows Media Center quit working no matter I followed various instructions on internet So I am on the verge of reinstalling AGAIN rd time I read that I should be using DISKPART to clean and redo the partition How do exactly I proceed Can I do it directly from a commsnf windows with admin privileges from my W before I put back Problems after installation on a SSD my Win XP Pro installation CD Problems after installation on a SSD Or do I have to put that utility on a CD DVD USB or even my nd hard drive I read a Problems after installation on a SSD few versions not always precise on internet but I the partition part is still very nebulous to me I tried LIST DISK in DISPART mode from my current installation and here is the result Quote DISKPART gt list disk Disk Status Size Free Dyn Gpt -------- ------------- ------- ------- --- --- Disk Online GB MB Disk Online GB KB Disk is the SSD

A:Problems after installation on a SSD

You do not need to install XP to use Win7 Upgrade version.

Follow these steps to get a perfect reinstall and maintain it perfectly: Reinstalling Windows 7

There is no need to wipe the HD unless you have installation problems requiring the boot sector to be cleared. You can use Custom Install>Drive Options to delete partitions on your SSD, create New, Format and begin install, or just select the SSD and click Next and the installer will create and format your partition.
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We have 3 computers running:-XP,VISTA & WIN7.I have a data dvd holding an automobile manual.The dvd works on XP and WIN7.On the Vista when I go to install the dvd,it starts to load then shows the following:-This installation path does not contain a directory or the directory is not empty.Any help on this would and will be appreciated,go slowly please .

A:Installation problems

Are you logged in as Administrator on all 3 systems?
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I'm trying to do a clean install of Windows 7 onto a formatted 74gb Raptor drive separate from my Windows XP drive. After many tries, I cannot get past the blue screen after windows loads from the dvd I burned.

All I get is the blue windows splash screen and this:
Windows 7 Beta
For Testing Purposes Only
Build 7000

at the bottom right corner of the screen.

My specs:

cpu: AMD Athlon 64x Dual Core 6000+
ram: 4gb
gpu: GeForce 9800 GT

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Installation Problems

hello nate002 and welcome
where is this happening
in the installation?
also are you booting from the dvd or trying to installing from xp?
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Hello all I m trying to do a clean installation of WinXP but went into some trouble Things I want to do - A clean installation of WinXP on my computer - Have one gig Seagate HDD but two NTFS partition want to keep E secondary for backup files and format C ONLY for windows Problems - Unable to detect HDD while in dos prompt after boot up from a bootdisk - Unable to format c drive or access any drives while in dos prompt after boot - Unable to boot from WinXP CD directly What I have attempted to do The usual method that I use to do a clean installation was to reboot my computer from an XPboot disk from the bootdisk com I cannot do it directly from the WinXP CD because it doesn t work for me and never worked before Then from the dos prompt I change the directory problems, help. Installation please to C and does a clear format simply with format Installation problems, please help. c After that I simply go to the CD Installation problems, please help. ROM drive R usually and go to i and type winnt to finish off the winxp installation This method works BEFORE I Installation problems, please help. upgraded my computer However this is an entirelly new computer and the OS was installed by my dealer who partitioned format and install as requested by me I have never format it once since Now when I try my usual method again after booting from the bootdisk I cannot format my HDD because it can t access it Tried typing format c and gives the error quot invalid drive specification quot tried going to c or e drives and give the same error message It looks as if the HDD has disappeared Then I tried running the winnt from the WinXP CD but it gives me the error that quot cannot find space for swap file to install quot Note that my original OS WinXP is still working if I reset the computer again I checked the BIOS and it is detecting the master primary drive properly Both partitions were NTFS formatted as well But when I boot from ANY disks and at the dos prompt I just can t access my HDD and I can t format them Can anyone please help me I need to do a clean installation of WinXP but just on one of my partition I HAVE TO KEEP my other partition Thanks nbsp

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Recently tried to install Xp on a pc that i wiped out. Installation seems to work fine but once it is installed and i reboot all i get is a black screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Problems with XP installation

from the information you've given there are a near-infinite number of probabilities, so lets start narrowing that down

How far along the boot procedure do you get this black screen?
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I installed my new mobo from a gigabyte now to this asus P4S8X-X and I plugged everything up installed my cards and then when I boot up it says ntldr is missing so I get that fixed and now it says some cra like windows cannot load then I try to use the installation cd from xp, I get a Blue screen of death screen saying a problem has been detected and windows has bee nshut down to avoid damge to your computer,, I tried everything to my knowledge to get this sthing working SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME I am dilarious now cuz I have been up since midnight working on this and it is now 10 am!!! PLEASE please please help me.

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I upgraded my OLD Problems XP Installation PC from SE it ran flawlessly to XP and downloaded SP while I wait for something better than VISTA to come along This is intended to be just a stopgap until MS introduces something a bit more user friendly In the ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS I sometimes get Adobe Flash Plugin on the left side but no quot size quot or quot MB quot on the right side If there is nothing on the right do I have proper installation or not XP Installation Problems For example XP Installation Problems Adobe AIR has no s on the right side and shows as installed on the quot Windows Installer Clean Up quot log Conversely Windows XP SP shows no s on the right side and the Clean Up log says it is in fact not there How can I tell I ve installed RegCure and updated drivers w quot Driver Detective quot I finally got Flash Player ActiveX to install with s at right and Clean Up agrees Flash Player Plugin for my Firefox won t go - Does anyone have a suggestion As you can probably tell I m not exactly an expert My experience is from application I just want my PC to be there work reliably and give me very little grief weud nbsp

A:XP Installation Problems

why not try a copy of ubuntu linux.if all else fails on your old pc.
if any program don't run properly uninstall it and reboot then install again
I assume xp is running ok? check memory available for use. in windows task manager. Also cpu usage.
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help!! was updating from vista to windows 7. During the install, it seemed to get stuck on 72%.. over 1 hour.. then rebooted. then the error" the computer restarted unexpectedly or enciountered an unexpected error.Windows instalation cannot proceed. to install windows, click ok to restart the computer, and then restart the installation". Ok, i hit ok button, reboots and takes me back to the same message. Sometimes, it will act like it is installing windows 7, but then eventually takes me back to the same window. I tried to do a system repair. but that doesnt work either. Any help would be appreciated

A:installation problems

Quote: Originally Posted by mrtoyota

help!! was updating from vista to windows 7. During the install, it seemed to get stuck on 72%.. over 1 hour.. then rebooted. then the error" the computer restarted unexpectedly or enciountered an unexpected error.Windows instalation cannot proceed. to install windows, click ok to restart the computer, and then restart the installation". Ok, i hit ok button, reboots and takes me back to the same message. Sometimes, it will act like it is installing windows 7, but then eventually takes me back to the same window. I tried to do a system repair. but that doesnt work either. Any help would be appreciated

What version of Vista is on your computer?

Can you still access your Vista?

Have you installed the latest Vista service pack?

You can run WINVER.EXE to determiine which version of Vista you have installed.

Did you run the Upgrade Advisor? Normally, a Vista sytem will have no problems updating but still best to check.
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Whenever I try to install something from a disc there's a problem with it, but if I copy all the files from the disc into a folder on my computer and try to install from there, it works fine. Any ideas?
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I have W7 with 2 gb ram. I attempted to install another 2gb and was unable to. Sockets were available, the sticks seated fully. The [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]computer[/COLOR][/COLOR] would not even boot. The monitor did not come on and the HHD red activity light flashed once or twice and then remained dark. Removing the two new sticks and the computer booted normally. I have no idea if the sticks are good but I have no reason to believe that they are not. Purchased them from a computer repair store that I trust.

A:Ram installation problems

Quote: Originally Posted by blockie

I have W7 with 2 gb ram. I attempted to install another 2gb and was unable to. Sockets were available, the sticks seated fully. The [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]computer[/COLOR][/COLOR] would not even boot. The monitor did not come on and the HHD red activity light flashed once or twice and then remained dark. Removing the two new sticks and the computer booted normally. I have no idea if the sticks are good but I have no reason to believe that they are not. Purchased them from a computer repair store that I trust.

We need to know every detail about the old ram, and the new ram. things like speed, latency, timing, etc
Let us know if you need help

BTW I answered your other post and if you have win 7 64bit with 2 gigs of ram it really isnt enough

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I am trying to install Football mangaer 2007 on my windows 7 laptop, but it says the graphics dont match and says I should try it a different way. When I click on the button for it to install the different way, it simply doesnt install at all - i'm left there waiting whilst nothing happens. What can I do??

A:Installation Problems

Your graphic card does not meet the minimum requirements to install this game. You will not be able install the game on this computer. So when it asks to install a different way, what, prey tell is this "other way"?
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Hello I purchased a custom computer a few months ago and it worked like a charm Anyways the hard drive went bad for whatever reason but it failed to load and would give me a th Master Hard disk problem which was the hard drive so I got a new hard drive and put it in no problem Now Installation Problems Xp I go and try to reinstall Windows and this is where I get problems The cd loads up Xp Installation Problems and I can go through and the formatting of the hard drive goes good Then the setup gets to the actualy copying of files to the hard drive and problems arise Setup gets to about done every time and then files just start to not be able to copy to the hard drive The error that pops up gives the file which could not be correctly copied which is a different file almost every time which perplexes me and then has an error which says something along the lines that the file could not be copied correctly and it states that the cd might be the problem It also gives the option to retry to install the file or skip installing the file altogether Sometimes you can get the file to install by retrying but eventually another file pops up and then another and then another This all leads to the quot blue screen of death quot appearing giving a different message for the failure everytime including IRQL NOT OR EQUAL and PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA Now I am just totally confused as to what I should do Is this a cd problem I don t think so as I used a different Xp boot cd and again it did the same thing Is there a problem with any connections or my hard ware Any help that you could give me would be appreciated

A:Xp Installation Problems

IRQL_ NOT_ OR_EQUAL and PAGE_FAULT_IN _NONPAGED_AREA is usually caused by a driver problem.

Are you using the Windows XP CD that was used to install the original install or ?

Do you have the CD as the first boot device?

Is the HD sata and if so did you load the sata drivers at the proper time?
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I bought a new hdd today, I want to have an XP o/s to play my sims on. I follow instructions, the drivers load, but I can't get past the screen that says "press enter to continue set-up" press F3 to exit. It seems the set-up program doesn't recognize My DVD/CD-R-W. Is there a way to get around this? Otherwise, I'm out 50 bucks for the new 500gb hdd I just purchased. PLEASE HELP!

Thank you very much!!!!

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I just put together a computer using Biostar MB A760G M2+. I put in 2 sata hard drives, and a dvdrw with light-scribe and a IDE dvd burner. Where the problem lies is when I have the dvd drive light-scribe as the first drive in the boot order, and try to install Windows 7 Pro (64bit), I get this error message, CD-DVD driver not found, must be installed to continue installation. the CD-DVD drive with light-scribe is a HP 15L Super multi drive CD-DVD with light-scribe. Please help.

A:installation problems

Unplug the SATA DVD drive & use the IDE DVD drive to install.
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I bought a A N X non deluxe motherboard recently and installed it in a system with an AMD XP processor a Western Digital gb hard drive a K-Hypermedia CD-RW a Radeon video card and gig of ULTRA brand PC DDR memory I got everything connected and installed turned on the computer and checked the BIOS to see if everything was listed correctly which it did I then Pro Win problems installation XP attempted to install Windows XP Professional using the supplied CD-ROM Windows Setup started and ran but soon gave me an error message saying that there was no hard disk drive connected to the computer We changed the jumper settings on the drive and tried to setup again This time Win XP Pro installation problems it gave me the error Line of the INF file I txtsetup sif is invalid I contacted Microsoft Win XP Pro installation problems and got some floppy disks downloaded so I could boot off of them This worked until after trying to partition the hard drive it gave me another error message saying basically that a value in some sif file with key SPI cab is corrupted or missing Do you know if this is at all an error with the BIOS or some other part of the motherboard Things are so screwed up is there a way to just start over or something Would it be safe to turn everything off and remove the Lithium battery for the CMOS Thanks for anyhelp nbsp

A:Win XP Pro installation problems

yes u can remove the battery that way

have u checked if the system does not overheat?

there can be a problem with the winxp cdrom itself

try booting from a win98 bootdisk and try formatting the drive, see if it goes ok
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Hi, I'm new here, and I won't be posting here very often at all, but I have a problem now. When I try to install certain programs, such as a Video Card driver, It usually goes fine until it tries to start up the Install Shield Wizard, then it freezes. I ran a SpyWare, Virus, and Adware checker and fixed all i could, but i still have the same problem. Safemode works some of the time, but it's not good enough, since some programs can't install in safe mode, such as, once again, my Video Card Driver.

Hopefully someone can help me.

A:Installation problems

in the run box type
sfc /scannow
and press enter
what brand of video card
and it might pay you to let security check a hijack log
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I cannot install any Microsoft recommended updates some of which are 'critical' my PC has been Installation Problems having this problem for some considerable time I cannot even re-install my 'All-in-One' HP Printer which originally worked perfectly well I have contacted 'Packard Bell' 'Microsoft' who never answer my e-mails I have contacted 'Hewlett Installation Problems Packard' I have installed - tried and then un-installed all types of software downloads which promise to quot sort everything out quot I have also tried every forum that there is to Installation Problems find on the web I have recently paid out for 'remote help' which covers me for years The only advice that I have been given is that I require an XP Home Edition disc the software was already installed when the PC etc was purchased back in from PC World incidentally I have also contacted 'PC World' Apparently I have various files missing I also seem to have duplicates of absolutely everything Error messages mention 'Card Space' 'Application Management' the 'services' when 'started' default back to 'stop' all the time etc etc etc the latest problem is that I cannot run 'sfc scannow' or any other similar file in order to solve the problems the file apparently is not recognised Please help and advise if possible Regards

A:Installation Problems

Sounds like you don't have adminstrator rights for your user profile. To check you have admin access rights.
1. Start
2. Run
3. type "lusrmgr.msc" (without quote)
4. "Local users and group" window
5. Select 'Users' (on right side of the pan you will see the user in whihc you had loged in double click on it)
6. Select "Member of" tab.
7. Under "Member of" here you will find the user profile is a admin profile or user profile.

If it is admin profile try create another temporary admin user profile and rename your old user profile folder in "C:\Documents and Settings\<User profile>"
Log off
and log in with your previous user profile. By doing this a new user profile will be created on the following path C:\Documents and Settings\<User Profile>
Than try installing updates and other software, in order to know whether you will be able to install it or not.
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I've been trying to install Windows and so far I've got right to the final stage of actually installing but I've faced some problems After waiting for the installation menu to actually appear I went through the normal setup just like Vista where I selected my new empty GB hard drive and it continued to install After finally getting to the end it then came back to the start of the setup where it asked me what hard drive to install it onto and there were now from the same hard drive but one was only MB free space but it was the size of the whole drive I didn't go through the setup again so I tried to boot from the hard drive but it said quot no boot manager quot or something along those lines I booted into the DVD again but it said the same thing and told me to press Ctrl Alt Del to restart So basically no Windows Maybe there was something wrong with the ISO

A:Installation Problems

Hello Jack,

Could be a bad ISO. You might see if you can run a Startup Repair on the partition that Windows 7 did install on to see if it can fix the MBR boot file.

Hope this helps,
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Gday I have purchased a new machine Installation Sp2 Xp Pro Problems recently and am trying to install windows xp on it It is Xp Pro Sp2 Installation Problems has Xp Pro Sp2 Installation Problems the following inside it S MIDI TOWER CASE TEMP DISPLAY USB - BLACK ASUS A N-VM MOTHERBOARD SKT AMID ATHLON CPU Xp Pro Sp2 Installation Problems SKAT TWINMOS GAB DDR DUAL CHANNEL KIT x MB Pixelview GT MB PCI-E WESTERN DIGITAL GAB YD HDD SATA MB ALPS FLOPPY DRIVE BLACK ASUS DVD RW I get the following errors with no particular pattern to the errors it has completed the formatting and copying of files it is when it tries to load into the actual installation i get a blue screen of death and the following error stop c a fatal system error session manager initialisation process terminated unexpectedly with a status of xc c x x and if it doesn t bring up this error on blue screen of death it brings up the following message ARC firmware boot configuration problem Too many configuration entries and then something about consulting windows help or my hardware manuals neither of which are any help If you could help it would be greatly appreciated when you post a reply could you please email crmillmore hotmail com as well thankyou chris

A:Xp Pro Sp2 Installation Problems

A Stop: 0xc000026C or Stop: 0xc0000221 "Unable to Load Device Driver" Error Occurs When You Start Windows XP;en-us;Q315241I would suggest printing this document fro reference and let us know if it helped?
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i recently installed win xp pro on a new athalon 1800 xp 40gig 512 mb that came with no os. it took forever and has a few problems.1) i tried to load add'll software and received a error message stating there was only 17 mb of memory left. 2) the system does not recognize my modem and when i try to load the drivers it states that " essential components are missing, load win xp disk"....forgive me, i'm new to this.... should i delete and reinstall? if so how do i do this..should i repartition?..if so how do i do this .pls help... i need advice

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Under my maintenance contract I had a new screen and motherboard installed on my Inspiron 6400 Laptop. That was followed a week later by my hard drive. On the new hard drive I installed Vista followed by an upgrade to Windows 7. I'm now having problems with my laptop keyboard not working. I've downloaded the drivers, but nothing seems to help.

Should I reformat and start over as I believe I failed to install the drivers in the proper order.

If so, how do I reformat my hard drive with Windows 7 now installed?

A:Installation Problems

Quote: Originally Posted by DennisAk

Under my maintenance contract I had a new screen and motherboard installed on my Inspiron 6400 Laptop. That was followed a week later by my hard drive. On the new hard drive I installed Vista followed by an upgrade to Windows 7. I'm now having problems with my laptop keyboard not working. I've downloaded the drivers, but nothing seems to help.

Should I reformat and start over as I believe I failed to install the drivers in the proper order.

If so, how do I reformat my hard drive with Windows 7 now installed?

If you want to start over, you must boot up with the DVD,choose custom/clean install. Then you choose the advanced option and choose format.
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hi, im having problems installing windows 7 on a fresh, formatted drive, it keeps telling me i dont have enough space to install windows seven on the drive, but its a 500gb HITACHI deskstar

A:installation problems

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
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I recently purchased a new motherboard from gigabyte The GA- DXR and Memory from Crucial technology DDR PC modules I installed all of my hardware in my case and began installing windows but it kept running into problem it would freeze up or would fail While I problems OS Installation was checking my system for possible problem I discovered that the CPU I also orded with the motherboard was not the one I ask for I was sent an amd GHz fsb when I orded a ghz with fsb The memory I bought from crucial PC DDR is used in systems with a MHz front side bus I m not a pro in building computer but I can figure out some problems And while I was checking my system this was the only thing I discover that may be giving me these problems I sent back the CPU and I m expecting my GHz any day now The reason for me to write was to get other opinion on this matter Was the mixer of the CPU s fsb and the memory giving me this conflict or could it be something else P S Beware of adamant com nbsp

A:OS Installation problems

I don't beleive that is your problem, the memory will run at the slower speed, you can even mix and match pc1600 and pc2100 on a slower system and it will probably work. At least according to crucial
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Since trying to uninstall Easy Cd Creator5, my WindowsXP installer has not been working.
Not only have I not been able to get rid of all of Easy's components, but, I can't install software (either by disk or from the web) any longer, either.
Thanks in advance.

A:Installation Problems

See if the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility will help solve your problem.
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I am trying to instal W x Home Premium I am doing a clean install from Vista Ultimate problems installation two since that is the system I preordered from MS I am having two problems The firstproblem is W does not recognize an extra gb HD after installation During the install procedure it gives me the option of installing on the gb or my twin gb HD raid setup but once installed on the raid drive the gb HD is nowhere to be found If I install on the gb it two installation problems will recognize the raid drive after installation The second issue two installation problems is my computer contiually freezes at random forcing me to turnoff the computer and reboot The freezes are random and usually within several minutes of bootup During installation usally during file expansion it will also freeze I have gb of ram installed twin nvidia gtx video cards with mb of ram each audio is run from the ASUS motherboard The first thing I update after installation is the nvidia drivers to the latest ones and get W updates two installation problems off the net freezes still continue Any help is appreciated

A:two installation problems

Quote: Originally Posted by theoldone

I am trying to instal W7 x64 7600 Home Premium, I am doing a clean install from Vista Ultimate, since that is the system I preordered from MS. I am having two problems.

The firstproblem is W7 does not recognize an extra 120gb HD after installation. During the install procedure it gives me the option of installing on the 120gb or my twin 500gb HD raid setup but once installed on the raid drive the 120gb HD is nowhere to be found. If I install on the 120gb it will recognize the raid drive after installation.

The second issue is my computer contiually freezes at random forcing me to turnoff the computer and reboot. The freezes are random and usually within several minutes of bootup. During installation, usally during file expansion, it will also freeze.

I have 8gb of ram installed, twin nvidia gtx 8800 video cards with 750mb of ram each, audio is run from the ASUS motherboard.

The first thing I update after installation is the nvidia drivers to the latest ones and get W7 updates off the net, freezes still continue.

Any help is appreciated


Sometimes win 7 needs the Minimum ram (like 1 gig) to install. Also your raid might be giving you grief. Did you install win 7 on the raid or in the 120 gig?

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Here is the background with a misbehaving newly new Help problems installation built computer Decided to build a new computer below is the items and history of the build New items New harddrive Seagate gig New video card Chaintech New motherboard Chaintech with onboard video and sound New Windows installation Old items Old Memory mg tested and good Old case with Help new installation problems watt powersupply Old CPU Duron unknown quaility purchased second hand Building steps Installed Hard drive and memory only Installed Windows clean install Installed new drivers Audio Video that came with the motherboard All in that order Visually things look normal meaning like a Windows screen with the normal Help new installation problems icons However sometimes the icons are black blocks or just blank screen if it is left to set awhile Added two programs Ones that I had used before with no problem on the older computer On opening one Paint shop pro it works just fine the second one the instant I click on an icon it either locks Help new installation problems up and the screen goes completely black and Windows reboots the computer Sometimes when I run the program and only when it is closed does it go black and reboot I then went online to the Internet and downloaded the latest Window updates and it still quits exactly as before Sometimes I get a quot Invalid Windows handle quot message Next problem When I attempt to install or load the new drivers for the new video card it starts to install the drivers then shuts down and reboots half way through the load Never did get the Video card to work Installed the latest drivers Downloaded and checked the device manager no exclamation mark on the video it shows the onboard video Does anyone have an idea of what is happening I would appreciate any advice nbsp

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Let's see here My friend has a computer that received a virus so I told him I would re-install the operating Win XP with Problems installation. Help! system and clean everything off So to begin I tried to install Win It didn't work It kept getting to the point where it was Help! Problems with Win XP installation. about to complete the installation restart and start all over until there was like copies of half installed Win on the hard drive Afterward Help! Problems with Win XP installation. I used nuke and boot to clear the whole hard drive for a clean install I tried to use Win again and the same thing happened I formatted the partitions and deleted it all again and even burned a new Win disc with a slower speed in case the other one was corrupt Same thing happened again Well after the failed Win attempts I try Win XP What was originally on the computer and after the hard drive formatted it restarted and the whole process started over again I had the BIOS set to boot from the CD DVD What would be causing this
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I recently aquired a new 40gb hard drive which I have formatted to NTFS,but I'm having some trouble installing XP on it.
I have set it to master and popped installation cd which then goes through the motions of setup.
At the point where it says "If you have a floppy in drive A remove it now" I removed the cd and when it reboots I get the message "No operating system found on any devices".However,if I leave the cd in,when it reboots it simply goes through the motions of setup again to the point where it tells me to remove the floppy(which I don't have).It's driving me nuts.Can anyone help?


A:installation problems

Would it be something as simple as making the hard drive the first boot device ? certainly you need to make the CD Drive the first boot device to boot from the XP install disc but once it has finished copying the files across to the hard drive and asks for its first reboot, then you should go back into the BIOS and change the first boot device back to Hard drive, otherwise you'll get a "Groundhog Day" feeling when it boots from the CD again and again starting off the install procedure
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I've been having an annoying problem for the past week or so.
When I try to install a software or game the installation goes alright up until the end, where it sais "Registering Product" or something to that effect. When it gets there the installation just exits back to windows. Aside from that there is no apparent problem.
Also, I would like to point out that I am a complete newbie where it comes to software, so please write your help in the simplest form possible.
With thanks,

A:Installation problems

welcome to the forum

perhaps you need to be on line to complete the registration process for the game
post back
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I recently bought this combo: tried installing it yesterday. I have a lot of tech buddies, and they all told me to make sure my old drivers were gone - it's then just a matter of matching up shapes. Me, being not as techie as them, find the newest drivers I installed, thinking that was it.

Installation goes smoothly, nothing broken. Load up, and it throws a blue screen at me. Start is safemode - no problem there. Now, is it too late to follow Or do I have to reinstall XP?

Helps plawks.

A:Some installation problems.

You didn't post a link to any specific combo, just the CPU-motherboard-combo mainsite...

You will always need a fresh installation of your Windows OS when changing your motherboard, to guarantee a problem-free swap. It may work in some cases, worse or better, but if you're really smart, you'll avoid the troubles and reinstall.
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I am trying to install a new ram chip. I put it into the slot and the computer runs fine, but windows does not see it. Windows thinks I have 64 mb when I should have 192. I have looked for help but no one seems to tell me straight up. Toshiba Satellite 2610dvd is what it is. please help

A:ram installation problems

You might have a compatibilty problem:

Try this site:

If not try this thread:
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I am running Windows XP Pro SP Norton System Works The problem occurred after the installation of SP Norton Disk Doctor found problems in security descriptors which cannot fix I have the installation of problems after SP2 taken some advice from Symantec s site I ran CHKDSK F R but in Windows Event Viewer there were application errors and system errors which cannot be fixed Uninstall of SP could not fix the problem Still I have noticed something curious in the History of Internet Explorer For example just pointing the mouse on the boxes of Drag n Drop CD DVD this action was recorded at the History of Internet Explorer The same happened with other actions so that at this time every day under the History of Internet Explorer I see a folder called My Computer with pages visited at My Computer Is this normal Well I ve tried a system recovery but nothing Still application errors security audit and system errors in Windows Event Viewer but less KB Still the same problem with IE History Can I do anything to fix these problems Thank you in advance nbsp
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My computer won't install some of my cd-Roms. I thought it might be that XP wouldn't read them, but they installed and ran just fine on my laptop which also has XP. My usual bag of tricks is exhausted. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get them to install? Thanks in advance for any help!

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hi all
my system locked up a couple of days ago and went totally dead. i had to reformat the hd and reload everything...ugh!
two probs remain...

1. no sound i have onboard sound and its enabled in the bios, and the sound management program that was included in the mobo software package is installed. still no drivers are present.

2. i am now connected via dialup but i want to reinstall my RENTED cable modem. i have all the parameters and settings on a sheet they gave me but my system doesnt show the tcp/ip i need to configure as present on my system.

any help is appreciated.

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i have an old dell desktop that crashed one day, after that crash, i could boot windows anymore because a file was corrupted (ntfs.sys). then i took the hard drive to my friends house and we formatted it and reinstalled windows XP pro. then we went back to my home and connected the drive in my computer and it wouldnt boot. just froze in the boot mode selection (safe mode, normally, last known.......) but it works on my friends computer. So. we tried to format it again (on my computer) but the computer wont boot from the cd rom. it doesnt show the "press any key ......." the cd is a copy of an original Windows xp Pro...
so my questions is

how can i boot from a CD Rom.?

forgot to say, i already changed the bios to: 1st - cd rom, 2st - floppy, 3st Hard Drive.

A:Problems with Installation

The first install and format of xp on friends computer was doomed from
the start. To many hardware differences. Unless the friends computer
is exactly like yours, you may have had a shot. Imho what you should
do next is format hdd with kill disk., or something similar. Xp does a bad
job at formatting drives, tends to leave reminents of past os. I may be
off base but that has been my experience. I work on alot of machines
part time, and dont even bother with the xp format tool.,waste of time.
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Greetings I d appreciate any help I m not totally computer illiterate Problems Other Installation and well perhaps I am but am not knowledgeable enough to fix these problems on my three-year-old Dell desktop running Windows XP Professional I may have other problems as well but the most pressing issue is constant Installation and Other Problems error messages relating to installation It began days ago when the scanner portion of my HP All-in-One would not work After several sessions with HP technical support trying many things including changing editing the installer keys whatever they are it still would not work At that time I was getting Error - Could not open key HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Software Then my Ipod was not recognized by the computer Then whenever I would try to install anything on the computer I would get Error - Another installation in progress You must finish that installation before you can complete this installation Finally I decided to reinstall Windows XP hoping that would fix it I did an in-place reinstallation of Windows XP two days ago but have not fixed my inability to install anything In addition I now have a new issue in that a window keeps popping up saying Windows Installer - Preparing to install However I m not aware that I am trying to install anything I hit cancel and it keeps popping up Sometimes I get the message Another installation is already in progress Complete that installation before proceeding with this install I saw a suggestion on the Microsoft website newsgroups to run Windows Installer Cleanup Utility but I was unalble to install the utility to even try it Any suggestions on how to proceed would be much appreciated AFG nbsp
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I installed widowns vista on a new hard drive so I could upgrade to Windows During the W upgrade I reach the quot Copying Windows files quot stage reach completed and the computer just sits there After - minutes I get this message -- error code x D I've tried both an upgrade and custom installation to no avail As suggested by another blogger I did a chkdsk scan ran windows upgrade advisor and also did the following per his instructions Click Start type msconfig in the Start Search box and then press ENTER Installation Problems User Account Control permission If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation type the password or click Continue On the General tab click Selective Startup Under Selective Startup click to clear the Load Startup Items Installation Problems check box Click the Services tab click to select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box and then click Disable All Click OK When you are prompted click Restart Attempt the upgrade again Still no go Any thoughts

A:Installation Problems

It isn't necessary to install Vista to use the Upgrade version: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Try booting the installer to do a Custom install. The DVD will scan the HD to see Vista and allow Upgrade key.

Where did you get Win7? Did you burn the DVD? Verify it with ImgBurn. If necessary burn another at 4x speed with Verify.

You can also try install from flash: USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
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Hi all,

I am trying to get a medical transcription cd to play on my computer. Here's my story..........
I put the cd in and click on install. The program installs just fine (so it says).

The program will open up and all seems well.

I click on the "Transcribe" button and am prompted to insert the cd.

BUT, the cd is already in!

I click "Retry" and the same message pops up about inserting the cd.

Have tried taking the cd put & putting back in - same story.

I have uninstalled this program, and reinstalled it, but nothing works.

Any ideas ?



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I just installed Windows 2000 on a fresh partition. I had Windows 2003 Server installed on another partition before this. When the OS selection screen comes up and I try and log into Windows 2003, it attempts to log into Win 2k, and gives me an error message about win 2k not being found. All of the Windows/Winnt folders are on completely different partitions, so how did Win 2k install 'on top of' Windows 2003 Server? And how do I fix this? Windows 2k loads fine if I choose it on the OS selection screen.

A:Installation Problems

I tried repairing the boot sector with BOOTCFG /REBUILD, and FIXMBR under the win2k3 recovery console, without any luck. What else should I try, short of just reinstalling everything?
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I have various pcs laptops and sp has installed fine on all but one It's an acer aspire desktop and I havent seen behaviour like this before - I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction On windows update it failes to configure right at the death - but worse than that it fails to revert problems installation SP1 properly leaving me with a system where all the programs won't launch via desktop shortcuts or via explorer - useless in effect - the only way to get the system back is via system restore from safe mode I did get it to install from the full SP download but the system on completion was exactly as described above and system restore was required again Struggling to work out what could be causing the conflict I uninstalled nod prior to install to see if that helped but it didn't The pc is approx months old and has been perfect until now It's bit gb ram nvidia grahics card - really SP1 installation problems struggling to work out whats happening cheers for any help

A:SP1 installation problems

Reset WU
Windows Update - Reset
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Here is the background with a misbehaving newly built computer Decided to Help new installation problems build a new computer below is the items and history of the build New items New harddrive Seagate Help new installation problems gig New video card Chaintech New motherboard Chaintech Help new installation problems with onboard video and sound New Windows installation Old items Old Memory mg tested and good Old case with watt powersupply Old CPU Duron Help new installation problems unknown quaility purchased second hand Building steps Installed Hard drive and memory only Installed Windows clean install Installed new drivers Audio Video that came with the motherboard All in that order Visually things look normal meaning like a Windows screen with the normal icons However sometimes the icons are black blocks or just blank screen if it is left to set awhile Added two programs Ones that I had used before with no problem on the older computer On opening one Paint shop pro it works just fine the second one the instant I click on an icon it either locks up and the screen goes completely black and Windows reboots the computer Sometimes I run the program and only when it is closed does it go black and reboot I then went online to the Internet and downloaded the latest Window updates and it still quits exactly as before Next problem When I attempt to install or load the new drivers for the new video card it starts to install the drivers then shuts down and reboots half way through the load Never did get the Video card to work Installed the latest drivers Downloaded and checked the device manager no exclamation mark on the video it shows the onboard video Does anyone have an idea of what is happening I would appreciate any advice nbsp
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Hello I am trying to install XP for the first time and I have run into some problems First let me give a little background The drive I am attempting to install Problems Installation XP on was previously running WIN Pro Installation Problems I began having some problems a little while ago with lock-ups would not load up windows I eventually discovered after taking it to a repair show for diagnostics that it had viruses on it The guy recommended however that I just start over instead of removing the viruses So I found a utility called WDClear and wiped the hard drive clean I used a utility from my Hard drive manufacturer to setup the drive partition and format I then attempted to install XP from the CD but when it went to boot from the CD I would get the following error NTLDR not detected reboot So then I decided to use the XP setup disks to install XP Everything went fine up until it starts copying system files At the end it says to reboot and after a few seconds it restarts on its own Upon rebooting it goes through the BIOS fine then when it gets to the XP splash screen it locks up Anyone have any idea what is going on Is it possible the damn viruses are still there I thought by wiping it clean that 'everything' would be erased- including the viruses I must also mention that I have hard drives this is the master disk I am working with I disconnected the other one as I read that installation would go smoother if only drive is active same with optical drives only one CD-ROM drive is connected My PC has an AMD Pentium equivalent chip GHz processor Gb hard drive Please help me fix this problem is there something I am doing wrong Also for future use does anyone know how to do a virus scan from a floppy or CD since DOS-based scans don't work with NTFS Thanks

A:Installation Problems

Could be a currupt disk, or possibly your system requirements isn't enough for XP (unlikely though). how much RAM do you have?
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I'm in need of some good help My computer has been giving me problems for a long time and finally I decided to just save all the files I wanted and then wipe it out and reinstall XP Now as I am reinstalling I am so far nto able to get it working again after days of trying now and then First of all in the file loading process one or two files wouldn't copy and I had to skip them and on many others I problems XP installation had to retry loading them until they worked Anyway that part of the process is now over When I start my computer now to complete the installation it gives me the normal XP loading screen then goes to a blue screen that says something like 'setup is now restarting ' After that it goes to the dark blue screen and says quot system process terminated unexpectedly system has been shut down quot I can't do anything beyond this of course Is there a way to restart the installation by pressing any button before the loading screen appears Or is there a XP installation problems way that I might need to manually erase my harddrive to start over The reason I wanted to start from scratch again is because the computer was unreliable and shut down randomly not a real shut down but a sudden turn off and although it seemed to have gotten better recently my MP player when plugged into the USB would freeze the computer quickly I'm hoping now that if I can get the computer to work again with XP that I can sell it for an okay price and just buy a laptop Thanks for any help

A:XP installation problems

Anyone? I need my computer to work again so I can get things done.
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i recently am helping a friend out with reinstalling windows xp on his computer, i got it installed with no problems the only problem is when it starts a black screen comes up with no operating system found. i said "ok" and i put it in my computer to check what the deal was, the only thing was on my computer it ran just fine.... please help me

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Hey guys, im in need of a little help. Recently while installing a game (specifically GTA San Andreas) my computer crashed (due to me overloading the ram by trying to do 2 many things at the same time) as a result of this, my computer reebooted and the installation was dissrupted. The problem I have is that when i now insert the disc to install the game, it boots up to let me play ot, like its installed, but because the instalation was interrupted the game wont run (obvoiusly) but neither will the uninstall link, or going through add/remove progs.

i need to know if there is a way of manualy removing this part install without having to resort to drastic measures such as formatting windows etc!

thanks in advance


A:Installation Problems

Navigate in windows exploere to the GTA:SA folder and remove it would be my first option.

Or, after inserting the cd, browse the cd itself and manually restart the installation.

Or perhaps someone else will have a beter suggestion.
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my pc began shuttin down for no apparent reason so the first thing that came to mind was that it got a virus i m using bitdefender antivirus so i started to scan and it shut off again so imediately i ran my installation cd and wen it reached half way d pc shut down again n i am thinkin d reason for tha constant shuttin down is overheating but thats not my major problem i left tha comp off for a couple hours and started to re-insall the cd again windows xp professional sp and now it tells me problems installation that it cannot load bootvid dll so now i have no operating system on the pc and it doesnt want to install so i am currently getting windows xp home edition to see if it will installation problems load the bootvid dll does anyone know what i can do to re-install an os r what procedures i should follow i gots all the resources so that i can do it myself i jus need to know installation problems what to do i am currently on a lappy i also installed a brand new gb ram installed a couple days ago but i dubt that is the problem cause the pc was working good till now i am using gb hard drive nbsp
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So I've built a new PC and I am finally getting around to installing Windows 8 when it just freezes at the splash screen. I just see the light blue windows 8 logo and no rotating progress thing. I tried to work around this by first installing my copy of Windows 7, but the same thing happens. It finishes loading the set up files, and the moment that it says that it's starting up windows, two of the little orbs appear and it just freezes. Computer Specs:

PSU: Corsair CX750M


RAM: 2x4GB Crucial Ballistix Sports VLP DDR3

CPU: AMD A10 5800K

GPU: MSI Radeon HD 7870

Monitor: Asus VN 247 LCD Monitor

Please, let me know if there is anything else you need to know! Thanks in advanced!

A:New PC Installation Problems!

Try removing half the memory and test. If it still fails swap the memory and test again.

Disconnect anything not absolutely needed to boot.
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I recently had before OS after and Problems installation. a problem which my computer wouldn t boot to Windows wouldn t allow me to go boot into Safe Mode or use recovery options to get back to my previous configuration Due to the fact that I felt backed against the wall with lack of options Problems before and after OS installation. I decided to just wipe my hard drive by just formatting it before re-installing Windows Ultimate and be done with it Needless to say things didn t happen as smoothly as I desired At this point Windows cannot update If I let Windows try to automatically update it drops to a BSOD page fault in nonpaged area If I get the updates myself Problems before and after OS installation. there are times which I can download a mb file and not have a problem or it may crash to the same bsod when the browser is loading and then it also to the same blue screen when I try to install anything of descent size I had the same BSOD problem on a different computer running XP and I ended up having a bad stick of RAM so this time each one has been removed re-installed one at a time checked and are operating properly I thought that maybe because I didn t have current drivers installed for a few items that could be causing the blue screen One by one they have been placed back onto the system to which things run smoothly until I stress things the slightest bit then things drop to the blue screen The only driver that has posed a problem that I know right off is the SATA controller which does not have any driver what so ever and I have not been able to find one for it so far but still looking I'm not sure if this helps or even matters but figured I would go ahead and give a few details about the computer Purchased in and used as a gaming computer Alienware lt I had more money than common sense at the time gt Intel Core i ghz gb DDR mhz NVIDIA GeForce GTX OS Windows Ultimate bit CPU temp has been staying in the o C range I would appreciate any help that can be offered Right now I believe I am at the point of can't see the forest for the trees Reese

A:Problems before and after OS installation.

I'd run check disk now. 
My Computer > rightclick Hard drive > Properties > Tools tab > Check now. (make sure both boxes are ticked.)
failing that I'd update drivers and/or physically remove the graphics card next, see if that helps. It may need re-seating also...
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Recently, I have not been able to install some new programs. It gets almost all the way done and then freezes. Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

A:Installation Problems

Lots! Could be firewall, antivirus, or bad hardware. We need to know the names of the programs that are failing to install, what media you are installing from (e.g.:cd or internet), your Operating System, computer specs (manufacturer, Proc, memory, HDD size)and space remaining on the drive...

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hi i am getting corrupt file errors in everything installations or even in windows installation too please help

A:problems in installation

Have you run diagnostics on your hard drive to see if it is failing? You may also want to run a virus and malware scan.