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Possible motherboard issue

Q: Possible motherboard issue

After Broni s series of attempts to help me in THIS THREAD he suggested that I may have a video chip or motherboard issue NOTE I am on issue motherboard Possible a Chromebook now and am trying to clean my fiance s laptop He just got it back from a local tech shop on windows reinstall - he downloaded some nasty viruses via email attachments we believe BAD BAD BOY and I tried to reinstall windows on my own times but the acer discs would not complete the reinstall so we took it to the shop By he d managed to get reinfected but I don t know if it was residual from the previous infection My latest thread to him following his instructions to go into System Recovery mode was After some Googling re not being able to start the Acer the only way I could figure Possible motherboard issue out how to get past the screen with several vertical lines comprised of the little horizontal lines like my earlier video shows let s call it my HVLinePattern for shorthand was to take out battery for over minutes while unplugged the whole time press down power for seconds plug back in reboot and I could F and F but NOT F At some point I got a single set of short beeps cpu failure wild guess per http www fixya com support t -acer aspire laptop problems booting I cannot seem to reproduce these beeps tho I tried to let the laptop Possible motherboard issue start up in regular mode and kept looping the acer logo with options to F or F at the bottom vs a brief flash of black screen until I powered it down with the power button I rebooted tried to F and got what I interpret to be long short beeps immediately followed by long short beeps immediately followed by long short beeps immediately followed by the HVLinePattern screen I powered down and rebooted then hit F chose boot by disc took a screenshot but it s in video format oops can add later if necessary hit F and changed to boot order screenshot on my google drive -bit ly foRTDf put my windows install disc in the drive recovery disc of crossed my fingers rebooted got what I interpret to be long short beeps immediately followed by long short beeps immediately followed by long short beeps immediately followed by the HVLinePattern screen I then took out battery for over minutes while unplugged the whole time pressed down power for seconds plugged back in rebooted and long short beeps immediately followed by long short beeps immediately followed by long short beepsimmediately followed by the HVLinePattern screen I rebooted a few times and shot a little video LINK ON YOUTUBE while I observed the same pattern of beeping Riveting stuff Click to expand As I expressed to Broni I m not terribly optimistic we ve already began the process of shopping for a replacement Now that I know the beeps have a significance I m a bit agitated that the tech shop ignored the HVLinePattern screen and the beeps they likely also heard Oh well At any rate if you have any insights I d be so very appreciative If not I truly understand that my fiance managed to do too much damage by not getting help quickly enough and or by clicking on an especially malicious piece of malware We just hope we can take steps to avoid it again in the future Thank you nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Possible motherboard issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Possible motherboard issue

Sorry! must've been half asleep when I posted this under MOBILE COMPUTING ... meant to put it in PROCESSORS AND MOTHERBOARDS and just did so. If there's a way I can delete my original post above, let me know so I can learn the RIGHT WAY to take advantage of this valuable resource.

Moderator note: Irwynn, I moved your post here to a more appropriate subject forum IMO.
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I have MSI KT4 Ultra Motherboard and AMD Athlon 2800+ processor. The fan on my motherbaord is making sound from few days but today this stops working and after cleaning also not working.

I want to know that if i run my computer with the stop fan or without fan then it will be any harm to my motherboard or any other part. I have attached a image and marked a fan, so that u guys can look into this and suggest me regarding the problem.

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Hey guys,
I have a dell inspiron 6400, and the problem with the computer is that it simply does not turn on. There is no power at all. No lights flash on, no sounds are made. After researching this online, I’m lead to believe that this is a motherboard problem.

The motherboard mode is: 0KD882
The serial number is: .319PN1S.CN486436CB4806

I have been searching, and searching online for somewhere where I can find a replacement board, but have found nothing. Does anyone know where I can find a motherboard that is compatible?


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Ok I got this computer up and running but the issue is how it boots up.

I am currently setup on a SATA2 configuration and don't want to be. It makes me go through this long loading screen to find the hard drive with a message that says, "Please wait for IDE scan." Is there something I can do to turn this off and have it boot straight into windows. I don't care if I have to format even as long as it goes away.

I talked to tech reps with ASUS and they said no but I doubt they would force you to run SATA2 or RAID settings for the average gamer that is stupid to do. Please if anyone can help respond to this asap since I plan on formatting soon anyway. Thank you all for any help it is appreciated.

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The build consists of a core quad running at ish is it a Q or something like that I think has GB DDr GT and some intel branded motherboard Until the motherboard issue? Likely a new build im getting this from a bro what happened was it stopped detecting half the ram and started running mindboggingly slow Nothing as slow as hard drive issues would Likely a motherboard issue? cause I mean it would take minutes to open a web browser and games he used to be able to play fine like GTA IV would barely run then crash later Likely a motherboard issue? on saying your pc isnt good enough to run this game or something like that So its nothing a hard drive would or should do The mothervboard seems a likely choice for RAM problems but would it cause the speeds his CPU was running very hot at some points before this happened ish idk but it still worked fine So thats my question is it a definite motherboard problem or is it a possible CPU problem or something I would be buying a new drive since he took the old one out and a new motherboard if that was the problem and maybe a better heatsink If the CPU is the problem ill probably just part the whole thing out and use the money towards a new build nbsp

A:Likely a motherboard issue?

What version of windows and is it 32 v 64bit?

64bit systems with only 2gb active ram would be a poor performer. however, don't judge the system using the Internet - - there are many more reasons for poor network performance.

Process of elimination to test memory:
Keep stick in slot 1 and remove stick in slot 2; reboot - if it runs, stick 1 is good, else

Pull stick 1, insert stick 2 into slot 1 and reboot - - if it runs stick 2 is good, else trash and replace w/new

If #2 is good & #1 is bad, replace
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Hi all,

I was wondering if you can help because I am tearing my hair out. I have recently installed a new motherboard to my PC along with a new Intel processor. The PC has previously been XP and I am currently trying to re-install XP. I have started following the instructions on screen and have reached a dead end.

I now have a blue screen reading:

STOP: 0x0000008E (oxC0000005, 0xF84C8CAD, 0xF80A27E4, 0x00000000)

setupdd.sys - address F84C8CAD base at F849C000, Datestamp 41107c8f

I have tried turning the SATA off, switching the cables around etc, nothing seems to work. I can't start the PC in safe mode anymore.

Someone please help!!!

A:New Motherboard. XP issue

Welcome to TSF....

Take a look at these articles and one of them should help:

How Do I Install Windows XP On A SATA Hard Drive

Installing Windows on a SATA drive without the bloody F6 floppy
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Hi, I bought a new laptop for 36,500rs two years back and the onsite warranty of it has been expired. After the warranty expired my laptop started giving me trouble by not getting ON and suddenly getting OFF in the middle. I have been few repair centres where they charged me 4000rs for that and it temporarily solved my problem for 2 months after that the same problem arrised now once again and when i went again and gave it for the service they said it is motherboard problem and it costs for about 12000. One of my laptop hinge also broken recently and now i am not able to close the shutter of my laptop which costs for another 4000rs. I am really fedup with the problem and is in a dilema whether to spend the money for its repairs or just throw it somewhere. Please give me some solution for this
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Hello I am having problems w my computer and think I m on the right track but wanted a second opinion before I shell out some cash I had my computer on but was away from it for a couple hours When I sat down my screen saver was frozen on the screen and the keyboard amp mouse would not do anything I had to manually shut the computer off at the back I can start my computer and the lights in the CPU come on the fans all start working but the monitor stays blank I don t get any loading text no splash screen and I can t even boot it into safe mode I ve hooked my monitor up to another computer and the monitor works fine Possible motherboard issue? I ve swapped out power cords doesn t make a difference I ve swapped out video cards still the same blank screen The computer is clean no dust etc as I ve cleaned it out with canned air This leads me to think it is a motherboard issue however I am just curious if there might be something else I can try that I haven t thought of yet before I resort to buying a new motherboard System specs are P GHz with HT x MB Ram Mb Radeon vid card Running Windows XP home Any help is appreciated Thank you Trysta nbsp

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My USB ports have been cutting in and out,
I ussually get the "hardware disconnect beep" but not always.
Ive tried switching my devices to different ports but stays the same.
Sometimes mouse, others keyboard.
Sometimes its 5x in a minute sometimes, others 1x an hour (random)
Sometimes for a split second, others, for almost a minute.
I thought about just getting a PCI USB card but, if the problem is actually the motherboard, should I just change motherboard?


A:Is this a motherboard issue?

the slots are probably just a little quirky, which may happen as they get older. the connections become a bit loose or something may be half disconnected internally. if you don't want to replace the motherboard, PCI cards are inexpensive and usually have at least 4 ports.
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for the past month whenever i started up my computer it shut off in about 10 seconds. after doing some research on the computer i narrowed it down to the PSU. as i was taking out the connectors from the motherboard i noticed the +12V power connector was broken. the plastic square surrounding the pin was broken and is stuck in there, not sure if the plastic melted or just stuck.
does anyone have an idea to get it out?

A:motherboard issue

What do you mean by "stuck in there"? Was that connector just hanging in your case or was it actually connected to another component?

Your problem may be related to overheating as well, especially CPU overheating. It would help if you provided more info on the specs of your computer.

Of course the best way to check for sure is to find a spare PSU and see if your computer operates normally.
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Okay, I built this computer for my friend, and it just seems to keep on having problems. The most current being that if you turn it on there is no video. I tried hooking the board back up in case of a connection problem, and there is none. Tried booting with only the bare essentials, tried clearing the CMOS, and there is never any beeps. Here's the especially strange part: if you come back after about a day, video returns and it seems to work, but then it freezes. You try and restart, and once again, there is no video. I'm thinking is the motherboard. Any suggestions?

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what is meant by bios , bios update . i read somewhere that bios update is not generally recomended . is it true ?
are there seperate drivers for motherboard and the chipset which it is containing (eg: intel 845 ) what determines the speed of motherboard

A:motherboard issue

BIOS="operating system" for the motherboard , in a way... Basically the BIOS ( CMOS acctually) checks the motherboard and parts installed once you turn the computer on and then "hands" that information to the operating system .
Bios update . Usualy if it's not broken don't fix it, but in certain circumstance , some peripherals do not want to work with the motherboard. Or new features are add it to the motherboard or support for newer peripherals.So here comes a BIOS update to the rescue. Kinda like a windows driver , in a sence. And it's not recommended since if the bios update goes wrong you are stuck with a non working motherboard.
Drivers for motherboard and chipset. Usualy motherboard doesn't need drivers, but the chipset does need. Specially the new chipsets ( Nforce 2, Via KT400A etc...) since windows doesn't have those drivers build in ( and some times windows drivers are acctually slower then the chipset drivers ). And yes the chipset does "contain" the bus speeds , cpu etc..etc..
For a more indepth look , check out this site
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My motherboard got fried (the onboard sound, nic card, pci ports and usb weren't working) so I got it fixed under warranty. I just got it back and the usb and sound are working again however the NIC card is not showing up in device manager and when I try to install a wireless internet pci adapter it shows up as an ethernet controller but the drivers I downloaded from the manufacturer don't work (it tries to connect to the internet to download a driver however I can't do that since neither network card is working!)

Is this a problem with the motherboard that MSI needs to fix for me or do I just need to somehow reinstall them?

I have a MSI RS482M4-ILD and am running XP Home.

A:Motherboard issue

Check to see if the onboard network card is disabled in the BIOS setup.

As for the wireless card, are you sure you've not only got the right model number but the right revision as well? Many cards have several revisions and the driver varies for each revision of the same model number.
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I had a home built system that worked great for a year or two then the power supply fried. After replacing the power supply it doesn't seem to work. I removed all additional hardware to only the cpu and fan were on and when I power it on the fan rotates once and the led light on the board lights up. I need to find out if it is the cpu or the board that is bad. The board is and ECS p4vxad with a P4 2.4 chip. The board will cost $55 to replace and the chip is about $130 to replace. I only have cash to replace one. Any ideas on how to test? I can find nothing on the net or with ecs for this. There is no beeping or anything. Thanks for any help.

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Hi there Im having a issue? Motherboard bit of a problem but am not sure what it is Im running a Gigabyte GF M Motherboard issue? motherboard and Windows XP Pro connected to a Western Digital sata hard drive The computer fires up ok and for moderate surfing it is fine however if I put it to Motherboard issue? task such as copying files from one place to another or processing an image it locks up When it locks the mouse still works but ctr alt del doesnt and I cant access any programs Also from the inside of the case there is a click its just a single click and seems quite regular about every ten seconds but I cant tell where its coming from I have spoken to the Motherboard issue? manufacturer and he suspected hard drive failure but I have replaced the hard drive and its still doing the same It does it every time I ask the PC to do any demanding task The fan on the processor is working fine and the processor is an AMD Phenom quad core ghz and Im running GB Ram The computer is only a few months old and Im not sure how to persue this further Any help or advice is most welcome thanks in advance Steve nbsp

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Hey guys,

I got the A8N32-SLI, motherboard...
Ok, I have 4, 250GB hard drives I want to hook into the SATA1-4 ports that are the normal places to put them.... I also have a RAPTOR 10,000RPM hard drive that I want to put in the SATA_RAID2 port, but it won't read it. How do i make it read the Raptor from the SATA_RAID2 port, instead of the regular SATA1 port I have it in right now, so i can hook all my hard drives up, instead of the just one i have right now.

Relevancy 42.14% I have a system that, after a storm, will turn on but there is no display.

Here is what I've done so far:

Checked RAM (put new in)
Replaced Video Card
Reseated everything
Fan's run, power supply good. There is no display on Monitor, no beeps, no post.

Is Motherboard Bad?
What else can I try?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello I have researched for the last week or USB Motherboard Issue? since I built my pc for answers to my issues and nothing has worked but only seemed to make things worse I will apologize now that in an effort to be thorough this is fairly detailed and long so please be patient so you get the full scope of my problem I built my computer last Friday and launched it USB or Motherboard Issue? on Saturday for the first time to install windows pro x I installed the OS in minutes and I was off and running with updates and installing mobo drivers I installed straight from the cd the first time to get up and running and updated later that day I first upgraded my bios and it asked for a picture for quot MyLogo quot option so I connected my seagate external hard drive and pulled a picture off and saved it to my hd This all worked as expected with no issues I got everything set to go and I started putting my computer to use with the Blackmagic Intensity Pro capture card that night hooked into my xbox I had my Tritton AX 's attached to the xbox and into my computer to use in ventrilo at the same time This all worked without a hitch The next day which was Sunday I decided to load my wife's pictures and videos from the external to her user profile I switched users and plugged my external hard drive in and waited for autoplay to load that all too familiar quot what would you like to do quot screen but I kept waiting Nothing came up but I remember hearing the hd spin up and the lights lit up so it was getting some power at least I checked my computer nothing No new drive letters That is the point I started searching for solutions I went through troubleshooting article after article restarting my computer hundreds of times for every little fix or attempt I spent several hours Sunday troubleshooting and all to no avail That night I decided to just chill out for a bit play some games with friends and I plugged my usb in for my headphones and voila quot Windows does not recognize this device quot so upon looking into the device manager the device was listed as a Unknown Device I have continued my troubleshooting efforts to this point and have determined this is a motherboard issue I have reverted back to an older bios for intel P P and tried updating the chipset but nothing worked I was convinced this was a motherboard issue because my motherboard has a port usb connection hub that does not work from the factory I completely disassembled the motherboard expect for the cpu and cpu fan heatsink reseated the ram reseated all pcie devices and assembled it again When I re-assembled it I swapped the three usb plugs around so no plug was in the same location on the motherboard Again after reinstalling windows a third time and updating the drivers etc usb ports on the front of the case did not work Then my card reader for picture disks etc started running into trouble The drive letter appears but when you dbl click the drive letter it says quot Please insert a disk into the drive quot so I grabbed a blank sd card and plugged it in same thing I then formatted the sd card and the card showed up just fine I put a file on it ejected it inserted it again and same thing drive letter but the same message popped up The card reader worked before and my wife put some pictures onto the computer using it and autoplay Then I run across a program called CPU-Z and I run it and it reports my ram is running at - MHz my MHz G Skill DDR ram is measuring MHz on two sticks and less than MHz on two sticks This is the point I call Asus tech support and I tell him I am having trouble with my usb connections and he says quot let me get an RMA going for you quot not the quot try this try that do this do that quot method I was expecting to go through So I get my old computer and plug it in and get it set back up for my distraught wife who is mad at me for spending bucks on a paper weight can't blame her but the fact is it is fixable I get the old one set up and after not gaming ... Read more

A:USB or Motherboard Issue?

If Asus is willing to RMA the board right away it must be a known issue...If you have a multimeter test the 5 volt power and test the ground....

Just me, but I would never upgrade the BIOS unless I was having a specific problem that the upgrade was supposed to fix....
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I've recently acquired a new motherboard to give my system a perk up before I replace it next year. However, I cannot get it to display anything on power up. The rest of the components are fine as I've swapped them back to the old motherboard with no issues.

I know power is getting to the new board fine as the LED is lit, and when I hit the power switch all the fans, HDDs and other drives fire up, but nothing else happens. No display, no POST, no beeps of any kind, just an empty void! The new motherboard is an Asus P4P800-E Deluxe, switching from a P4B-533.

I've already tried resetting my CMOS to no avail. Any other ideas?

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On my mother board is a little clippy thing that says MDM inch below it it has antoher one and says CD IN....what does this stuff mean cuz my motherboard seems to not be working and inm think maybe the cord got unplugged from sometihng...

A:Motherboard issue

Well I did some research for you and the best answer I can come up with is..."modular digital multitrack".

What would be really helpful is to know the Make/Mdl of your MOBO!!!

Then YOU or someone else could Google the Specs and perhaps nail down the function for sure.
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I have some old ****** pc I dont know what type of motherboard it has but it has an American Megatrends bios. Anyway I loaded the OS (98) with my other pc on the HD then I put the HD in the crappy pc which would always crash while installation. After I installed the os on the hd with the other pc I put it in the crappy pc but now it crashes at the win98 boot screen not the logon screen. And sometimes it will not even scan the HD and other drives. Other times it will not even show the video cards bios . Is it the MOBO??

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I am at a loss here I dont know which motherboard to get I am upgraded the motherboard i have right Motherboard Issue... now with more RAM a bigger hard drive and a better graphics card Well the only problem is my graphics card does not work with my motherboard I dont know what motherboard I have at the moment because I cant find the model Motherboard Issue... number anywhere on the board But it has an agp x port socket processor slot VIA chipset and pc sdram slots and ddr ram slots The graphics card I bought is an Nvidia XFX GeForce gt and it says it works with both agp x and x but it doesnt seem to work with mine So i looked into it and found out that its a voltage problem I think So I am looking online for a motherboard that will work with my graphics card and my ram Which I am finding really difficult But I Motherboard Issue... think I found one I just need your guys opinion It is a P S -MX P Motherboard S LAN Audio VGA DDR SDR mATX GHz The place I found it was here http www ruby-electronics com store item P S -MX P Motherboard Does anyone know if this motherboard will work with my graphics card Any help would be appriciated Thanks nbsp

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how can i find the maker of my hard drive?

A:motherboard issue

Hi...use Belarc..its free and gives you all the info about the hardware and software on your computer...

Hope this helps

You need to be online to run it.....
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I have been working on a PC which has been giving a lot of error messages It has been making a strnage clicking noise alot and Motherboard or issue?? a Is this HD it took me Is this a Motherboard or HD issue?? a couple of times to reformat and reinstall an OS I ruled out that the HD was damaged But I installed a good hard drive already loaded with an OS and it gave me a inaccessible boot device BSOD error I ran chkdsk p and tred fixmbr but it advised me not to run quot fixmbr quot I ran chkdsk r and the funny thing is that it would run in a loop It would get Is this a Motherboard or HD issue?? up to and then it would go back to Is this normal Or could this be a MOBO problem What I also did was installed another working hard drive and that did not work either It would stay at the Windows splash screen but the status bar would still be moving I also changed the IDE cable with no luck Is there anything that I am missing or any other suggestions nbsp

A:Is this a Motherboard or HD issue??

clicking noise generally indicates a hard drive failing. Go to the web site of the hard drive manufacturer and download a diagnostic program, most supply them, It will check your drive and report any mechanical or electrical problems.

It's not surprising that the other hard drive failed, different motherboards use different system devices and you can't just take a hard drive from one machine and install it as a boot drive on another
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Dear all,

Just bought a mother board its an Intel 478 E210882. Its from a Dell Precision 340.

Does anyone know anything about this board? Does it have on board sound/video? Will I need drivers? If so, where can I get them?

What CPU do you recommend I run?

I havent been able to find anything on the net about it.

Thanks for help

A:Motherboard Issue.. help!

Any 478 P4 CPU is fine.
You will always need drivers.
I am sure it has onboard sound, graphics unsure.
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Guys or issue? PSU Motherboard Been tinkering around with my pc last week i brought a new TB Hard drive when Motherboard or PSU issue? i installed it the system seemed very sluggish and on occasions s i got a MBR error when re-booting After some research i realized all my drives were in incorrect sata ports and in the bios is was set to IDE instead of AHCI So i went to take out my and i think i accidentley pulled it out with too much force as i thought i pushed down the release lever however i think i may of pulled out the PCI Ex port from the motherboard slightly i carried on anyway connecting the drives to the right ports and the installed the o s After loading all my programs and games back on every now and then the system just re-booted and gave me no error signs I can play some games like max payne skyrim dirt but there are a selected few that cause the system to re-boot like crysis and re-boot will happen when there is no load on the pc Ive tried to back pc just re-booted while is was typing this - thanks to chrome i can carry on track and the changes ive have made recently are updated bios successfully installed new hard drive Ive run the event viewer but dont really understand it so i am wondering if i have screwed over my motherboard or its a power issue now ive added an extra hard drive btw i have not had any bsod any ideas Thanks Corsair Obsidian D Case XFX Radeon x In Xfire i K O C ghz gb Kingston RAM GA Z x UD H-B Mobo Bios f Xonar DGX PCI-E Soundcard Corsair SP Speakers Corsair Hydro H Cooler GB Crucial SSD System Drive Seagate Baracuda TB HDD Storage Seagate Baracude TB HHD storage Dell Ultrasharp U Monitor XFX W PSU Corsair Headphones Corsair Speakers Razor Death adder dpi sg Mouse RazorBlackwidow Mechanical Keyboard Microsoft HD LifeCam

A:Motherboard or PSU issue?

Just looking at the event viewer it all has critical errors with a source of kernel power , i would post a screenshot of it but i dont know
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I turned on my computer and surfed the web a little then I opened the game Diablo III As soon as I joined the game my computer shut down by it self Some burning smells came from the case I found a burnt spot on the motherboard Next day I tried to play Left Dead but after a few seconds the computer shut down by it self I didn t use my computer for a few days after that Yesterday I turned on the computer and played Diablo for an hour The computer was running fine then I tried to see if it could run Left Dead It Issue Motherboard shut down by it self after a minute or Motherboard Issue two My question is can i use the computer for surfing the web and playing Diablo I know how it sounds but I need an answer My motherboard is M N -LA Violet http h www hp com ewfrf wc foCategory amp cc us amp dlc en amp lc en amp product nbsp

A:Motherboard Issue

It's impossible to tell but if you use it for anything there's a risk the damage will get worse.

Where on the motherboard is the burnt spot ?
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Hey, I'm new to this site. And I recently bought a ASRock G41M-VS3 2.0 Motherboard.
( I installed it correctly as far as I can tell, but I can't seem to get anything to work that's plugged in externally (USB, PS2, Ethernet, etc). Help would be extremely kind!

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Hi I have recently replaced the motherboard a XFX i CPU & issue? Motherboard SLI with a eVGA i SLI All seemed fine at first simply because I went and shoved the FSB straight up to MHz x x as I am comfortable Motherboard & CPU issue? with overclocking and my Core Quads have always worked at GHz never before used at their stock clock rate That is perfectly fine and the motherboard or PC shows no symptoms of stress Motherboard & CPU issue? or stability issues etc When I recieved the PC back from a store I sent it to to work out my GPU overheating issues which turned out to be a bad combination of fan placement and damaged case it would crash about five Motherboard & CPU issue? seconds after getting into Windows Straight in to the BIOS I go and there I see it has been reset So I set the FSB back up to MHz and my PC is now perfectly fine operating at ideal temperatures and running as a server The RAM is fine memtest was run the POST also runs a quick NVIDIA memory test every boot I can t say much about the HDDs one recently died on me and the current Barracuda I m using for my OS is nearly years old though that shouldn t impact like that The GPU would crash regardless of the CPU s clock rate and the CPU was not having this issue on the XFX i SLI So what exactly is this problem and what could I do to identify what it is Will it effect me in the long run I d also like to point out that my heavily overclocked GHz Q was just about cooked and rarely POSTs on this motherboard so I m unable to use it however it POSTs on another motherboard that was tested at a shop Is the i faulty And since I bought it from an online retail outlet http scorptech com au what do you think the chances are of getting a RA replacement for this kind of issue Thanks in advance and if you read this post before I update my system specifications please note it is different EDIT They ve already been updated nbsp

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Since I got my computer around christmas time I had been experiencing many crashes and BSOD. At first I thought it could be drivers or an OS (windows 7 64 bit) issue but that wasn't the case. If I use 1 stick of the RAM i have the computer works fine. It doesnt matter what stick though. However both sticks together will cause the problems. The motherboard is an ASUS M4A78LT-M LE and the RAM is G Skill F3-1066CL9D-4GBNQ. Any idea what could be the issue?

A:Possible Motherboard or RAM issue?

Try the instructions starting at Step 7 of this link: Memory Diagnostics
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i recently brought Intel DG41RQ Motherboard seperately with a Geforce 9400 gt
whenever i run games after a minute or two the Display screen goes Black but the game still continues
I tried Contacting Nvidia customer service i followed what they told to troubleshoot this but it was no use

A:Motherboard or gpu issue

Could be the Video another one you can test that theory
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I have Intel 945 Motherboard with Core2Duo processor, suddenly it stops working.
I have verified

RAM is ok
SMPS is ok
Hard Disk is OK
Motherboard LED indicates power in motherboard.
On pushing power button, Processor fan works when I remove 4 pin connector attached near to processor
If I keep this 4 pin connector attached, on pushing power button it spin and stop , power is not available anywhere not even in DVD Rom.
Please suggest me how can i ensure that the fault is in motherboard, and if it's in motherboard , how can i resolve it?

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Hello, I have the AsRock 939Dual-SATA2 motherboard.
I just changed my power supply cause my old one stopped working.

Now, when I boot up my computer, I get this message.

AMIBios © 2005 American Mega trends, Inc.
939Dual-SATA2 BIOS P1.50
CPU : AMD Athlon ™ 64 Processor 3000+ (64bit supported)
Speed : 1.80GHz

Press F2 to run Setup
Press F11 for Boot Menu
Single-Channel Memory Mode

© American Megatrends, Inc
62-150-00.....(bunch of numbers, i think its the serial or something)
I press F2 and F11 but nothing happens.

I am still under warrenty, so I hope there is a way to fix it.

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I had Asus P5QLD Pro motherboard (for Core 2 Quad) so now, I need new Motherboard for 775.

Can you recommend me any Motherboard to buy?

Thank you for your time and sorry for my english!

A:Motherboard issue

it really depends what brand you are looking for, what kind of quality you are after and most of all how much you want to spend?
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Okay first off I m guessing that my PSU is bad on my eMachine T since PSU take it EMachine Issue: motherboard? Does always it will no longer power on The odd thing is that it happened after I moved the tower all power was disconnected and I discovered that one of the card slot covers had been EMachine PSU Issue: Does it always take motherboard? left inside the tower and I thought that it may have caused a short when it moved around inside the tower a little Now in looking at these covers they doh t appear to be the best conductive material but possibly good enough for shorting frying something There werre some pre-symptoms that I thought were software related but may have the PSU going bad One of the symptoms was the inability to shut down or reboot the PC I had to simply power it off I only paid for the unit and it has worked just fine for several weeks I have read MANY MANY stories of eMachine PSU s going bad and taking motherboards with them Is this ALWAYS the case I m going to see if I can borrow a PSU from one of my older PC s at work so at least I won t be losing any more money if my motherboard IS bad Any other thoughts or answers to the quot Does the motherboard ALWAYS go too quot Thanks JP nbsp

A:EMachine PSU Issue: Does it always take motherboard?

OH... and either way I think I have plenty of parts to salvage into something new.

The eMachine T3958 Specs:
CPU: Intel® Celeron® D 340 Processor
Operates at 2.93GHz
256KB L2 cache and 533MHz FSB
Chipset: Intel® 845GV chipset
Memory: 512MB DDR 333
Expandable to 2GB
Hard Drive: 80GB 7200rpm, 2MB cache
Optical Drive: DVD±RW, 16x Multi-Format double layer
Media Reader: 8-in-1 digital media manager
Video: Intel® Extreme Graphics 3D
64MB shared video memory
Sound: AC '97 audio

AND it came with an added DLink wireless ethernet card, so THAT is cool, too.

IF I need to replace PSU and mobo, does anyone have any suggestions on what would work well with the hardware? I don't need anything TOO fancy or with TOO much of anything.
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http img imageshack us img dsc jpg This is the screenshot of when I boot up my PC I get this screen as it shown in the picture at the moment then it goes black but CPU? help motherboard Need Computer or issue, you can hear the computer is still running At first I thought I had RAM issues then I did testing on each ram stick then found that was not It s not the HDD because I tested both with the HDD and without it same display I thought it was my graphics card so I decided to buy a new one same issue side note I have no idea why my motherboard is displaying the wrong CPU ghz I never overclocked or toy around my BIOS I disconnected my graphics card and connect your monitor to the onboard VGA connector and it goes pass the screenshot as shown and Computer issue, motherboard or CPU? Need help displays normal So what s the real deal here when I connect my graphics card it goes black without it it goes through fine do I need a new motherboard or is there some other issue Anyone know would be great if there s feedback thanks Also my specs are CPU Intel Pentium Dual Core E Motherboard Gigabyte S-Series G M-ES L motherboard Memory GB Kingston DDR RAM Videocard NEW ONEATI Radeon HD OLD ONE WAS GT nbsp

A:Computer issue, motherboard or CPU? Need help

Have you set the primary graphics adapter (in the BIOS) to PCI-E?
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OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card RADEON Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Intel Corporation D GLC AAC - CGLC Ok here we go this problem has plagued my old computer for over a year now and I ve spent countless hours troubleshooting still happens If the computer is powered on then at least once per day it freezes completely no mouse or keyboard response If I hit the reset button then it comes to a black screen telling me it is unable to boot from specified device From previous troubleshooting I ve found the only way to fix this issue other than a full reformat is to power down and remove the little battery that apparently is used by the Motherboard Probable Issue BIOS to remember settings when power is cut I leave it out for at least minutes Probable Motherboard Issue then put it back in System loads forcing me to hit F for BIOS setup I move to Save Changes and Exit Computer boots properly Problem comes back often the next day or within a few days When it first started happening this would correct the issue often for weeks at a time sometimes months Back then rather than just freezing the comp would usually slow down and my task bar would show a Windows Write Delay error then it would freeze or give me a blue screen Same outsome as mentioned above I should tell you that I no longer have any factory discs but I have drivers saved on a disc that work if when I need to reformat all downloaded from Intel s site directly These are the steps I have attempted to correct the issue -Several reformats and Windows XP re-installs -Replaced the BIOS battery with a fresh one -Replaced the hard drive both an old one I owned and also a brand new one the tech at the shop installed for me -Tried endless combinations of BIOS settings maybe even all of them -Replaced the RAM formerly x mb sticks to a gb stick since then I ve returned to the dual -Downloaded and installed BIOS updates several reformats and BIOS battery kills later I no longer install any of these updates -Replaced power cables and SATA cables inside the machine with spare ones Also attempted to use each of the multiple cables originating from my power source and used different ones on the hard drive at different times -Smashing my head on the computer desk I think that covers most of the major troubleshooting I ve done I m obviously leaving out tons of other minor stuff I ve tried that I can t remember None of the steps above have corrected the issue or caused any kind of change in the symptoms Best I can come up with is some sort of corruption or damage in the motherboard I probably should have given in to this thought long ago but I am stubborn and have never run into a computer problem I haven t been able to eventually correct through different machines I ve had HELP -Rod C nbsp

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Hello everyone

Recently my motherboard started to cause problems.The motherboard is an ASUS p5ld2-se model. The thing is that the BIOS time resets by itself. First i thought that the baterry might be faulty so i replaced it and the problem still occurs. Is there a possibillity that the bios chip went south or maby even the motherboard periphery? If anyone has experienced anything similar please share your thoughts on this

A:Solved: Motherboard issue?

Ok, problem solved. It was the battery all along
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Ok .. i just recently setup a new motherboard. The motherboard does not have the 15 PIN cable ... so what im asking is what other ways can i connect my monitor to this motherboard?

the boards info

462 pin Socket A supports the AMD® K7 processors
Athlon XP / Athlon / Duron processors
SiS 735 System Chipset
Super I/O and LPC - ITE8705F
System Hardware Monitor: Built-in ITE8705
LAN: MAC integrated in SiS®735 & PHY on board (Optional)
AC97 Audio Codec
Supports Plug and Play 1.0A, AMP 1.2, Multi Boot, DMI
Support for ACPI revision 1.0 specification
2 DDR DIMM sockets and 2 DIMM sockets support (can not be used simultaneously)
Two 184-pin DDR SDRAM (DDR200, DDR266) or
Two 168-pin 3.3V SDRAM (PC100, PC133)
Maximum: 1.0GB (DDR or SDRAM)

A:Motherboard to Monitor issue !!!

You should propably just get a 20$ graphics card. PCI/AGP/PCI-E depending on the free slots on your motherboard.
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i have an hp ze2000 notebook, was working fine, just shut off and now when you hit the power switch, the fan will spin for about 3 seconds, no beeps, no boot nothing else, power light stays solidly lit, what could the prob be?


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Hi This will be my first post on techguy org Hopefully someone here can help me out with an issue I m having and likewise hopefully I ll be able to help a few people out along the way as well Anyway I m having difficulty wrapping my brain around what exactly is going on with my PC Let me give you some specs and history that may be of some use Current Controller Issue? or Possible Motherboard Spec Asus P Possible Controller or Motherboard Issue? Q Motherboard P Intel Quad Core Q ATI G Windows Ultimate Possible Controller or Motherboard Issue? bit G OCZ DDR RAM G Western Digital Caviar Black partitions OS Apps Scratch and obviously the mb Win hidden partition TB Western Digital Caviar Possible Controller or Motherboard Issue? Green No partitions used for media storage Previously I had two raided Seagate G drives one of them failed I replaced both drives with the two above and used the working G for an external backup I have the Win Ultimate RTM version installed with an OEM SLIC I work for the OEM installed on the P Q BIOS in order to activate my evaluation copy of the RTM I got from our Microsoft rep Aside from the previous Raid failure I experienced about months ago the system has worked fine for about a year and I purchased the components and assembled the computer myself as I have done for years without really any issues Anyway about days ago I installed some critical windows updates I got home from work two days ago and turned on the machine I noticed it was taking an abnormal amount of time to boot up Once in the system I realised I had no access to my F drive the TB WDC drive It apparently lost it s NTFS file system and is now listed in disk management as Raw Data I can probably fix that myself later However in addition to the slow boot up time several programs and windows-native programs control panel device manager computer management real player and a few other programs are taking abnormal amounts of time to load For example I ll go into the control panel and the window will open but none of the content loads If I wait for about minutes the control panel icons will load and I can go about my business If I load up IE it works quickly with no issues much as it did prior to the issue I m experiencing After noticing this issue these are the steps I took to try to evaluate correct diagnose it and the additional issues that arose while doing so I restarted the computer and used the Memory Diagnostic Tool included with Windows from the safe-boot menu It checked the ram twice and found no errors I downloaded the disk diagnostic tools from the western digital website After downloading to my desktop the files were not visible I accessed them through My Computer - gt C - gt Users - gt desktop Then I hit F on my actual desktop to refresh and the files became visible After trying to run the program it boots up immediately then disappears for minutes then apparently quot loads quot Through the diagnostic tests the tool confirmed that both HDDs were functioning properly Since the only thing that I could tell that had changed before and after I was experiencing this issue was the windows updates I rolled the system back to a previous recovery point Windows recovery took an abnormal amount of time to load and after about minutes I was able to select a restore point and engage the feature I then had to wait an additional - minutes before my machine rebooted and began the roll-back This did nothing to help with the issue I tried to run the Windows Repair function via the boot disk also to no avail It took an abnormal amount of time to load the software and spent about minutes locating my windows installation at which time it told me that the windows installation version did not match my repair utility even though I used the same disk for both I ran some antivirus software to check for viruses spyware etc and returned nothing So I m not sure what kind of problem I have Apparently there is some kind of issue accessing my Hard Drives and po... Read more

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Alright so I just bought this motherboard http www ecs com tw ECSWebSite Pr amp DetailName Specification amp MenuID amp LanID Becasue i needed a socket board with AGP and PCI-E both I also bought an Opteron Processor and gigs of ram to go with it and what the hell I also bought a new case and w/ New Issue Motherboard AGP Video power supply Basically all I kept from my old computer was my ATI RADEON X GTO AGP Graphics Card my ATA HD s and my DVD-R SO I plugged everything in and got it all set up how it should be I hit the ON button everything boots up nicely Posted correctly and actually booted which is nice except AGP Video Issue w/ New Motherboard I have no video The Problem The Graphics card is powered the fan on it is running the system is booting but nothing is appearing on the screen Monitor is plugged in correctly etc etc the system is just not displaying anything I have tested the graphics card and confirmed it still works and I have also tested the monitor My only guess is that since it has a PCI-E slot its looking for a graphics card there and to make it read from the AGP I need to edit the BIOS but that is a bit difficult to accomplish with no video I read the manual for the board and there doesnt seem to be any jumpers or anything that can be set to make the board read the AGP of course the other possibiolity is that the AGP slot on the board is dead but if anyone can shine some light on the situation I d apprecate it nbsp

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My PC starting having failures on boot-up which I thought might be hard drive related. I swapped the C drive for another with a clean fresh install of XP Pro but no joy.

The system loads the bios and gets past the stage where I think it says 'verifying DMI pool data....' and when the windows logo comes up it just dies. The fans are spinning but there is no activity.

I'm sure I can hear a sound like a switch going when the install dies. Anythought as to what it might be and if it might be a costly thing to fix?

Thanks a lot.


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I have a Toshiba L505-S5993 (PSLU0U-01C002) The laptop was given to me by a friend who says the had it for a year and a half. and it just stopped working.

Description: when the power button is pressed the power light comes on and the CPU Fan Spins, you can hear the CD Drive power up but not the HDD (also the activity light is not flashing) and there is no picture on the display. (No Bios, No Nothing)

Thoughts / Actions: Originally I tried connecting to an external display with no luck so I assumed the display was the culprit possibly a faulty inverter or LCD, but that was before I noticed the activity light. I removed the HDD and plugged it into a dock and it powered up and I was able to explore the contents, now my prime suspect it the motherboard.

Any Help with this Issue would be greatly appreciated.

A:Laptop Motherboard Issue?

If you suspect the board all you can do is replace it as i dont think they are fixable.
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Hello I apologize for the long and confusing post If there is anything I/O Issue? Motherboard error unclear please let me elaborate I hope you will take the time to read help I have had Dell Vostro laptop running windows I gave it to my sister to use as it is a pretty decent computer She Motherboard Issue? I/O error used it while Motherboard Issue? I/O error in school but it has been sitting for a few months now I go to turn it on the other day and the screen comes up with a weird blotchy gray screen I wait for a while then hold the power button to force it to shut down I turn it on again and its fine It boots up and I m in windows After about minutes Motherboard Issue? I/O error of use the computer freezes and the mouse moves like every minutes So I shut it down and try again It comes up with that strange screen again so I start all over reboot get into windows windows freezes reboot The weird blotchy gray black screen comes up more and more but every once and a while I can get it to boot I decide to backup what I can and delete the windows partition it needed it anyway I used KillDisk and initiated the process While running KillDisk I notice that the about halfway through that the characters change to odd characters like the border is made up of characters and some of them changed to or the complete changed to It was really strange but KillDisk managed to erase the partition I try to reinstall windows now after the weird screen came up a few more times I notice that even the characters will change like they did in KillDisk on the prompt to select the boot device I manage to start the windows installation anyway but when it says that it is loading the files I get a input output error and it cannot continue Anyways it s a mess I have concluded that it is the motherboard and I m hoping to fix it I just dont know where to look or how to diagnose a motherboard I am competent with a soldering iron and as an electrical engineering student I have access to a lot of soldering tools Basically I need to know what chip to replace If you guys have any ideas I would love to hear them Any advice is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Motherboard Issue? I/O error

Sounds like a hardware issue, but before opening the case, I would download a Linux / Ubuntu ISO, burn it to a CD, and try to boot into a live operating environment (without installing), from the optical drive.

Have you tried plugging in an external monitor, to check the video chip?
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I'm hoping someone can help me out with this. I have an Asus A8R-MVP motherboard that i just installed Windows 7 on, but i can't seem to get sound to work from the speakers. It appears that the only sound devise installed is the SPIDF port. I need to get the basic left/right computer speaker audio working. I can't seem to find any compatible drivers for the onboard audio for the board

Any help with this would be really appreciated

A:Audio Issue on A8R-MVP Motherboard

According to the ASUS website there are no compatible drivers...

You could try these, they are from a similar card, but I make no guarantees
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I have an ASUS P QC I acquired from my dad He gave it to me because he claimed it failed on him he pushes his equipment without regard to how he is treating it I have been researching utilities to try and salvage the motherboard Here s what I came up with CLRTC Solved: Motherboard Issue - I swapped jumpers between - and - through a variety of means Taking the button cell out before jumpering leaving the button cell in while jumpering jumpering with a power supply plugged into the motherboard Replacing the BIOS ROM - I Solved: Motherboard Issue downloaded a BIOS ROM to replace the existing ROM Unfortunately I cannot even get it to go into the ASUS EZ flash utility to do it in DOS I am using PCI-E cards to do all this because we don t have any regular PCI Graphics cards lying around I thought about the idea that it would at least need RAM to function So I placed a stick in without any result With every one of the above results all I get is a running fan which I plugged in just so that I d know the motherboard was getting power The processor is out But I haven t put it back in because there was some thermal grease on the CPU cover and my dad closed it leaving some gel on the contact points I hadn t cleaned it because I didn t know how to I ll be working on that tomorrow As for using the CD my dad is so careless about his equipment at times that I don t think he even knows where it is anymore nbsp

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So let me explain what kind of issues i'm getting in my System but first of all im going to tell you my specs - MOBO ASRock G C-S - CPU Intel Core Quad Q GHz - RAM Kingston GB DDR MHz - GPU ASUS ATi Radeon HD GB GDDR - HDD WD Black TB amp WD Blue GB - PSU GlacialTech W Real-Power The issues i'm getting - Hangs sometimes at quot Starting Windows quot while booting but only sometimes and if i restart it manually it will boot successfuly - Freezes while browsing on any browser and need to be restarted by restarting it manually otherwise it will stuck there - Sometimes it crashes hardly I mean it will freez up without doing anything and i can hear the quot buzzing noise quot coming from the headphones - Restarting by itself Things that i tried to test and see it what exactly is causing these issues are - Reinstalling Windows with all needed drivers and updates - Unpluging graphics card and Motherboard, issue Urgent! or CPU PSU ? testing it by just using the onboard graphics still same - Checking Hard Drives for bad sectors with HD Tune by full testing but they are healthy as well Motherboard, CPU or PSU issue ? Urgent! - Checking Motherboard, CPU or PSU issue ? Urgent! Ram Memory for errors using Memtest with passes and didn't get any error - Testing Graphics Card using Furmark for an hour So i don't know what other i can do i did my maximum from my knowledge but still no luck so the only things that i'm thinking is causing these issues is mobo cpu and psu but i don't want to spent moneys to buy an psu or motherboard without ensuring which one of these factors is given me those problems so i really need an advice from you what do you think about this Thank you so much

A:Motherboard, CPU or PSU issue ? Urgent!

gladio, follow the instructions in this link

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Power issue or the motherboard issue

Not sure where to post this so I'll put it in here. I've been building new computers for a while but i still get the occasional problem that is new to me. Just built a new system and all seemed easy enough, but after plugging the power in, yet before i pushed the power button, the power LED came on and the system fans started working.I also noticed the monitor flashing too! I was too scared to push the power button in case i fry the whole thing. Can't find any mistakes please help!

A:Power issue with the motherboard P35-S3L

Your power supply may be defective. Try another one
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its an hp thats my first problem but my main problem is the laptop wont motherboard Ugh laptop, issue? run off AC theres a little light by the ac adaptor port that lights up when the charger is plugged in win also says quot plugged in quot and i believe even says charging when its plugged in so it Ugh laptop, motherboard issue? IS detecting the cord being plugged in but it will not run off of the ac adaptor i even tried starting the computer with JUST the AC adaptor rather than pullin the battery while the machine is running when i plug the machine in i also noticed the lightening bolt battery light just blinks the light does howeever stay solid once the machine is turned on the machine will not charge period machine on or off will not run off the ac adaptor will only detect that the ac adaptor is plugged in and thats all any suggestions anyone i cant think of anything but needing a new motherboard thank u very much

A:Ugh laptop, motherboard issue?

There is also the distinct possibility that the AC adapter has failed. They do burn out.

That would be the first thing I would test. Can you borrow an identical AC adapter from someone? (Needs to be the same Volts, Amps, and Watts as the original and have the same connector plug type)
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I need help guys i have a MSI a g mb and windows motherboard 10 MSI windows issue on it but the issue is every MSI motherboard windows 10 issue time i log into pc windows freezes in the standard mode that the mother board has but if i use the OC genie that the mb has it run fine all day long no problems its really getting on my nerves MSI motherboard windows 10 issue this happened out of no where all my drivers are up to date and everything side note my sister has gotten the same mother board but hers runs fine until she is in a game and then it freezes her hole pc I wanna blame my issue on the latest windows update released like - weeks ago but idk just need help please Specs amd fx gb hyper x ram card a-g mother board w PSU and MSI radeon r gpu Like I love PCs been messing with them since I was little But this has me more stumped then ever so any help would be nice Yes I ve reinstalled windows multiple times and I ve done alot of other things you d Normally think of doing An if it helps it runs fine in safe mode that I seen wasn t in it long and if I put windows on it it runs fine Just with I have to have that oc genie on or it instantly freezes upon logging in or it ll go maybe mins of use then freezes I ve tried updating all drivers everything But once I go back to standard mode boom freezes nbsp
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Need some help quickly I have tried to install a new motherboard in a Compaq AP and this did not work When trying to install the motherboard I was Comcrap motherboard issue forced to break apart the powerswitch Pwr LED HD LED plug It is an pin plug with contacts inside of it Well now Comcrap motherboard issue I am trying to put the Motherboard back in and cannot find any Comcrap motherboard issue tech info on the MB I Comcrap motherboard issue did not write the pinout down before dismantling and now I am in a pickle What I need to know is where to find the pinouts for the MB so that I can reassemble the plug or just put the contacts onto the pins themselves The motherboard is marked sort of Reading it from front of the case to back of the case it says the first pin has a to the left the second pin says SLP the third pin says HD the fourth pin says nothing the fifth pin has no pin but says Key the sixth pin says PWR the seventh pin says nothing and the eigth pin says BTN What I have on the front panel of the case is a power button with two wires coming out of it They are not labeled on the wire I have a white light above the power button with wires coming off the back of it It has a label wrapped around all of them that says power I also have a green light with wires coming off of it and it is labeled HD ACT Here is the question can I mess something up by plugging these into the wrong pins Can someone help me sort these wires out I really only need the switch to work the lights I don t care about but would like to get working nbsp

A:Comcrap motherboard issue

Well, if the letters near the pins are "truthfull", the pwr should mean power button, btn is probably the reset button, hd would be the led for the hard drive where your hd activity light should go. The light with 3 leads coming from it is a dual color led, used to indicate sleep mode and power. The switches can be used in any way, they aren't polarised. The leds on the other hand are polarised, they will only work connected one way. You will have to do some fishing with the leads to see exactly what pins should be used. I don't think you will mess anything up, and you can always reset bios if you need to after trying.
The most important one will be the power switch connection, you can live without all the rest. I used a screwdriver to tap all the pins in each way to find wich ones are really power pins. Now I have an actual switch pulled from a dead sys to use, cuz I'm fancy like that.
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Hello everyoneAnd so what's my problem: when i'm trying to boot pc with that motherboard+i7 2600 it gives me message about unsupported cpu and shuts down
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Inspiron 910

All i get is a black screen, the white light turns on when I turn it on, but nothing but a black screen.

The only way I can get any reaction from it, is if i pull the ram and turn it on, the motherboard or w/e beeps, which made me think maybe the MB isnt dead. other than that I cant get anything. no bios screen or nothing.

i took out everything i could from it and turned it on, nothing.
i hooked it to 3 external monitors and none of them take

my dell LCD says cannot display or something and gives me the optimal resolution (which i cant adjust since i cant even get to the bios screen, nevermind windows or vga mode)

any ideas?

thanks a lot

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My brother booted it up about an hour ago and it pretty much stayed at the BIOS POST screen for a few minutes before shutting itself off, then repeating the same long beep, short beep code over and over. Trying to start the system again would have it playing the code again, and nothing showing up on the monitor. Any clues/ideas as to what's going on?

System specs:
Make/Model: HP Pavilion a6330f
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium x86
HDD: 250GB Western Digital Caviar Blue
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Windsor 90nm Technology
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer Inc. NARRA2 (Socket AM2)
RAM: 3.0 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 312MHz (5-5-5-15)
Chipset/Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT520 (Displaying to monitor via HDMI)

A:Family PC, possible motherboard issue

sounds like a memory problem - try and re-seat the memory and / or try one stick ...
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Hi guys I recently bought a new motherboard processor ram and hdd to try and solve issue Motherboard/graphics a bsod issue I had with my old pc Though that issue has been solved I now have another issue I have the Foxconn H M-S motherboard with Integrated Intel GMA Graphics with HDMI output I also have the Intel G Dual-Core processor and gb DDR Mhz ram The issue is as follows I cannot connect my TV to my pc via HDMI it just doesnt detect on either the standard windows screen res options nor does it detect when I try to use the Intel software Also when I put in my Palit GeForce GB DDR PCIe card the motherboard just doesn t detect it I ve tried pretty much everything I can think of tried BIOS settings tried updating and rolling back drivers tried updating BIOS I m fresh out of ideas and I need a fix to this ASAP If anyone could help with my Motherboard/graphics issue problem I would be eternally grateful Thank you for any help StueyCIDE Also I m running Windows Ultimate bit nbsp

A:Motherboard/graphics issue

For clarification:

You installed both video and chipset drivers for your motherboard and CPU.
You are using the Projection Menu built-in Windows, by pressing both "Windows Key" and "P".
When adding the graphics card, you changed the graphics settings in BIOS to use PCIe instead of IGP.
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Hey everyone I ve tried everything I can possibly think of to fix the Gigabyte GA- VTXE motherboard What happens when you turn it on is that the processor fan flickers and then doesn t do anything The light on the motherboard itself turns on but I get no activity from any other part I ve tried replacing the power supply with the new w power supplies with nothing else connected inside the machine I get the same result I also have tried to take the battery out of the machine over night and came back and I put a new battery in it along with trying the old one and it still does the same thing I m up for any suggestions on what I can do with this We have had more than computers go down with this Gigabyte Issue Motherboard type of problem and the company that supplied us with the machines are screwing us on the warrenty The manufacturying warrenty ran out a long time ago Are Gigabyte Motherboard Issue all these motherboards faulty In need of any help Switch nbsp

A:Gigabyte Motherboard Issue

Are they overheating cpu's
you don't say if the fan comes back on
does the board at least boot to bios
If the answer is yes to first one
If you have a spot for another fan to plug into try that get it running so you can get to bios
I tried to get manual from gigabite site no go there
so I can't say if there is a bios option for fan controll
next check to see if this dealer stuck some bad program on machine that is shutting down the fan settings may be goofy

Good Luck
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So I thought my heatsink fan had died thus I purchased another Installed it and voila Everything worked That was yesterday Today the system randomly shutdown again When it restarted I took a look and the fan on the heatsink was not spinning Unless I m just unfortunate and bought a bad fan over the weekend I m guessing the connection for the fan on the MB is bad So I have a few questions There are repair shops locally Is this something a local shop can fix or should this be sent back for RMA I have a couple critical projects coming up these next weeks If I use this system during this time and it continues - fan issue Solved: Motherboard cpu to shutdown like it is what damage is I potentially doing I m monitoring the CPU heat and it has not gotten excessive I m guessing the system shuts down simply because the fan is not spinning Lastly since the heatsink fan only plugs into the MB I m guessing this is not a PSU issue Correct nbsp

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So i installed my new motherboard and cpu, everything is connected (I double checked) and when i turn it on i can hear one short beep and there is no display. Anyone know this issue?

Asus P8H61-m le/USB3
Gigabyte GTX 550 Ti
Intel i5 2500k 3.3 Ghz

A:Installed new motherboard issue

Your post lists a different mobo than your specs which is which?

In the past one short beep is a successful post. In that case you would have a monitor problem. Check your monitor to see if you have input choices and change accordingly.
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1GB per stick. I have two brands, US Modular and Corsair. My computer will run with one of either stick on DIMM1 with no problems. HOWEVER...if I put the other stick in DIMM2, the computer will not even post.

Any ideas? I am stumped. 1GB is good for what I do, but 2GB would/could be even better.


A:RAM issue? Motherboard will handle 2GB of RAM..

Only two DIMM slots on the motherboard?
If there are 4 you might try the RAM in slots 1 and 3 or 2 and 4.

IF that does not work, post the specs of the RAM, if they do not match that may be the problem. IE 1 stick is #CAS 2.5 and the other #CAS 3, or if the voltages are different, again that could be an issue.
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Hello all I m new to the forums and just an hour port issue Motherboard/USB ago had an issue with plugging Motherboard/USB port issue my speakers into the front USB port front back Proceeded to see my current programs slow up as if to recognize the device then lost connection to all of my devices plugged in I I m currently on a D GnT Intel Motherboard This motherboard has been discontinued for quite some time I ve restarted my computer a handful of times and the problem isn t that it doesn recognize the drivers or the hardware itself but that it doesn t know I am plugging something into it Is it possible to have fried the USB portion of the motherboard by overloading it or something Had plugged in in back and none up front If so what specifications am I needing to replace this motherboard with another one being this model is currently discontinued Thank you all this is driving me insane nbsp

A:Motherboard/USB port issue

you might give this a try. See How to Reinstall Your USB Controllers and Motherboard Chipset Drivers
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Me again and quel su-prise My new RAM didn t work Here s a quick update of my situation PC is a Packard Bell iMedia Upgrades from the standard include Corsair W PSU nVidia GeForce GT and GB RAM instead of the MB it came with The RAM/Motherboard Solved: issue mobo is a RIO NEC Computers International GA- TRC M-NF and the BIOS is Phoenix J The mobo supports DIMM slots for DDR -pin modules Crucial does NOT list my computer and so cannot guarantee any RAM Other sites offer varying suggestions to the point of confusion I have contacted Packard Bell and they are utterly useless in offering any form of help Please note I am experienced at handling and upgrading RAM I have never had any problems except on my own one PC The first time I tried to upgrade the RAM was from the original MB to x GB AENEON modules One of the sticks caused BSODs the other worked fine I sent the faulty one back put the old MB in the spare slot and Solved: RAM/Motherboard issue thought nothing else of it This is the RAM setup I still have The second upgrade I tried was x Bytstor GB modules Sites differ but most agree that I should be able to support x GB modules When run together I got Solved: RAM/Motherboard issue BSODs When run separately I had random crashes One failed memtest one didn t This morning I got my latest module through A kingston GB module Again BSODs I am currently running memtest but with my history I m not entirely sure the RAM will be at fault Basically can anyone shed any light onto this issue Has anyone here any experience of this computer motherboard and the types of RAM it takes The more I encounter this issue the more I feel the manufacturers have designed the board not to accept most upgrades to the point that shopping for RAM becomes a needle in a haystack problem As I doubt there is a fix if one cannot suggest a fix point me the direction of a fix could I please get some suggestions for a new motherboard One where I will finally be able to get my GB RAM My case supports micro-ATX and ATX boards Cheers all nbsp

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hi i recently change the case of my Acer 3700GX due to getting a new graphics card that did not fit into the slim line case. After doing this and replacing all plugs and cards i turned it on and it did not emit a screen signal and did not make the usual start up beebs, the fan started at full speed like normal and it began to emit a solid beeb, i unplugged it and took every thing put leaving only power and the screen cable plugged into the mother board and it just started as it did before, still not sending a screen signal but there was no sound, im not a tech wiz and i really need help please

A:Acer motherboard issue, HELP!

You probably know what you need to do. Something is connected incorrectly or not connected. You need to find it and fix it.

Check RAM sticks and other connections that you may not even have undone during the change since they may have been knocked or unconnected. Double-check that the wires to the power switch and LED's are correct since they may not use the same color-code as the previous ones.
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Hi, I recently recieved my Corsair 300R case and my Asus M5A97 motherboard, I'm at the stage of mounting the motherboard inside the case. The case comes with 9 holes and they're in 3 rows of 3, the central hole has a standoff already screwed in. When I slip the motherboard into place the standoff will fit in, but, the other holes don't all line up, maybe one or two. I have tried putting the screws into the ones I can in hope that it will move the motherboard into place, that didn't work. I've tried pushing the motherboard more into the corner (the holes are halfway there) - I've got no idea how to line them up, all help is appreciated, thanks.

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Recently, I have built a new system and installed vista home premium 64 bit OEM (genuine copy). The machine worked perfectly for a week. Then my motherboard and CPU died. I have already sent the Motherboard for RMA and I am getting a new one (same make and model) and a new cpu is on the way(slightly faster cpu).

Knowing that OEM versions of windows vista are tied to the motherboard, I do have one question: Am I going to have any problems with windows activation when I boot up with the new motherboard? Or is everything going to be ok since its going to be exactly the same motherboard (only working)?

I did talk to a MS representitive on the phone. She has not heard of anyone in my situation but said, "If the motherboard dies, The license dies. Buy a new retail copy" I honestly don't fully believe her.

A:Replacement motherboard issue?

That is so not true!!!!

If motherboard dies, you change motherboard infinite times, and activation works perfectly...

The most probable that could happen is that windows will ask you to activate again, after installing the new motherboard.However, you might be even lucky and skip this part if the mobo is same brand/model. Anyway, iIf it doesn't accept the online activation, you will have to follow the phone activation method, which will guide you through some questions and answers, and then will give you the new activation key or string. You just have to answer that your copy of windows came with your PC, not that you bought it retail.

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This is i suppose a repost as i originaly posted my problem in general but thought i might have more luck with it in here.
In short, i have built a new comp (specs in my sig) and everything works fine until i go to install the mobo drivers. All other drivers are up to date but when i go to install the mobo driver my comp will freeze. I cant bring task manager up or anything and have to turn power off and re-boot. After another min or two it will do it again.
I re-formatted my hdd and installed everything again but left out the mobo driver. Everything seems to be working ok (no freezes) but am i missing out on anything performance wise by not having the latest driver installed for my motherboard?
It was the latest driver from the MSI website that i tried to install without success.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

A:Motherboard Driver Issue.


did you download the file from the msi site? you might try to download the drivers from directly and install those.

are you sure you installed the chipsetdrivers first?
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recently installed new motherboard.....all systems are go with the exception that the cpu fan shuts off after a short period ( 2 - 5 minutes ).....the computer stays on for a while but then it too shuts off ( no restart )....could it be overheating of cpu, incorrect pin connections.... power supply seems to be ok.....kindly assist

A:ECS 945GZT - M Motherboard issue

Which processor are you using, and are you using the stock Intel cooler?
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MY PC is pretty old from around I think This problem s been around for a while but I always thought it was someho w related to my graphics card since the fan on it issue Motherboard overheating didn t work but now I ve finally replaced it and the problem persists I ve looked around some and apparently it s a problem with the motherboard chipset or a combination Specs are as follows MSI MS- motherboard Intel i p chipset ATI Radeon HD graphics card x DDR-SDRAM memory Intel P GHz I ve checked around in the BIOS but the options appear to be hidden so I can t check the PC health or anything The temperature that CPUID reports is a staggering degrees which doesn t seem realistic The system reboots if I start doing anything graphically intense mostly gaming Is there any solution or is this just a crap mobo and the only solution is replacing it rebels havenforum com sis-bin ultimatebb cgi ubb get topic f t appears to describe my problem pretty accurately found it by searching around some but no solution Motherboard overheating issue I put some spaces in the link because apparently I m not supposed to post links nbsp

A:Motherboard overheating issue

Which temperature does CPUID reveal as 66c? Random reboots are a sign of an overheating CPU. I suggest you check that the HSF is firmly attached. If it is, try re-applying the thermal interface material.
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Hello All I am having a bit of a strange issue that I have with CPU Motherboard or Strange issue never run into before Yesterday after getting home from the store I booted up my PC and started to play a game although I noticed that I was getting framerate stuttering It seemed to keep dropping a lot throughout my play So I started taking a look at some of my sensor utilities Strange issue with CPU or Motherboard When I opened Asus Probe II I noticed that it was telling me that one of my chassis fans weren t running Okay no problem it must have gone bad I than took at look at the frequency and noticed that my AMD FX- was only running at GHz per core I also checked CPUZ and had the same results So I booted to the bios just to take a look and noticed that it show my Chassis fan WAS running fine and that my frequency was at GHz per core as it should So I though that it must be a fluke Booted back into windows and again same issues So I shutdown and took the side off my case which is also where the Chassis fan it said was running is located Turned the computer back on and noticed the fan was running fine I logged into windows and noticed that seconds after windows logs in that one chassis fan turns off and the CPU underclocks to GHz multiplier All of the other fans in my case still running perfectly GPU running fine HDD s running fine Could it be possible that Asus probe II itself is underclocking my CPU If so what would be causing the fan to shut off My first thought was power-supply but I have no issues when stressing my hardware even in this state I am an IT consultant but have not run into this issue before Any help would be greatly appreciated PC Specs- ASUS m a r Motherboard AMD FX- CPU CoolerMaster HYPER N CPU Cooler Kingston HyperX Blu GB x Galaxy Geforce GTX Ti OC w PowerSupply Cougar Evolution Full Tower Case Samsung gb SSD Let me know if you need any other information nbsp

A:Strange issue with CPU or Motherboard

CPU temperature too high?
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i have a dell inspiron m laptop when i boot it up there s a blank screen and beeps beeps to be exact indicating that there s motherboard failure i read a fix on dell s website quoted as follows I was having the same issue with mine for a month tried contacting Dell nothing For anyone still having this problem or for anyone who has just started having this problem here s what I did I tried an old Xbox trick I wrapped the laptop in a comforter making sure to cover any air inlets on the laptop I Laptop Motherboard Issue! pressed power and let it run in the blanket for ten minutes After that I let it cool and did it again for fifteen minutes I let it cool completely then tried booting it up and it worked Mine runs without any hiccups now Also when I did the blanket I disconnected the laptop s speakers so it wouldn t drive me insane Click to expand i did this fix and it worked but now everytime i shut down Laptop Motherboard Issue! my laptop afterwards Laptop Motherboard Issue! i have to do this fix to hop on anyone have any suggestions for more of a long term fix thanks in advance nbsp

A:Laptop Motherboard Issue!

Yup, you can replace the motherboard or have it professionally repaired.
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Hello all,

I turned my computer on this morning only to receive a beep code in the pattern of:

2 quick short beeps, 6 long ones.

My motherboard is an asus p4p800se.

It should be known that I didn't install anything, I checked all the plugs in the back, removing and re-inserting them along with the pci slots and hdd cables. Of course I did this while the PC was off lol.

Anyways, what's the problem here?

A:Motherboard beep issue

Try a different case and make sure ram is seated correctly...reseat the ram and you can clean the sticks with a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol.
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My pc will not boot up. It gets to the loading of windows but when it tried to recover itself - you see the blue screen then it restarts again.

Tried starting in last known good config and safe mode etc.. Basically tried them all but at every stage I get the same problem. Haven`t made any hardware changes in a year. ANy ideas. Could it be a problem on the mother board. What hardware should i remove to see if i can detect the problem. Quick response would be great as I`m at work on 12 hr shift and don`t have any othe internet access at home. Many thx if you can suggest anything.

I was thinking of loading up windows xp disc again to see if it will boot from that?? ANy ideas.

A:Maybe motherboard issue - pc won`t boot up

If it will boot with the XP disk you could try a repair and see what happens.
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Hello all. Just like my title says. I am having boot issues, thank GOD my computer loaded just now so I could post here. I am having difficulties booting my PC. I can't even press DEL to enter bios setup at start, i had to reboot like 5-6 times to get into the bios settings. Everything looked fine in the settings.

The boot screen also flashes /restarts 2-3 times when starting up my PC and for an SSD drive ti doesn't load windows the fastest. So ya how do I know which part is malfunctioning T.T

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I have a computer thats acting really funny right Power issue? motherboard now Yesterday it was perfectly fine I left for a bi t and came back and my pc was off No one was home so I figured maybe it installed an update and restarted or something When I tried turning it back on nothing The fans didnt even spin So I checked the power supply and the voltage readings were right on par I tried removing componets and tried starting like Power motherboard issue? that Power motherboard issue? and nothing I decided to unplug the Power motherboard issue? power supply and try to plug it back in When I plugged it back in still nothing happened I then unplugged the pin connector from the board and tried just the pin connector and the fans started running As soon as I plugged the pin back in with the pin nothing happened again I tried different power supplies wt and all the same thing Im thinking the board might be messed up Any input or thoughts on what to try nbsp
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Hi I think there is no need to describe emachine motherboard issue as it has been discussed so many times I think it is suffice help issue One emachine - more needed motherboard to say that I own emachine T and as One more emachine motherboard issue - help needed some of you have guessed it already my motherboard died I will try to describe it easy way What I have emachine T desktop Problem seems One more emachine motherboard issue - help needed like One more emachine motherboard issue - help needed motherboard is dead When I turn on pc power supply fan starts but nothing after that nothing on screen cpu fan does not start only small green light on motherboard troubleshooting I have done I have tried to replace power supply by it didn t help and everything stays as it is so I think it is the motherboard What I need help with I don t want to spend money on new PC or more money on repairing I want to buy cheap replacement which will start my PC I have found some cheap motherboad cpu combo on Newegg com www dot newegg dot com Product Product aspx Item N E www dot newegg dot com Product Product aspx Item N E Will this work any compatibility issue I don t want to spend more than on this FYI motherboard replacement from emachine parts emachines com emachines moreinfo asp product id www dot impactcomputers dot com mbem sb html Has anybody repalced motherboard before any other suggection PS I know my XP version may not work with new motherboard and I know I will have to find some other solution to it Please don t include anything on it in your answer nbsp

A:One more emachine motherboard issue - help needed


Samsu, You must have "automatically parse links in text" enabled (checked), to have working links in your post. It's below the posting textbox under "additional options. Then you can copy and paste URL(s) to your hearts content. Beyond that, I'm sure you'll get help when you clear this up.

Also, if you're using "No Script" in Firefox, you must allow "". ( That's the only script necessary).
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hi i am using intel DH67BL motherboard and intel i5 yesterday i was cleanning my pc after tht when i turned on graphics didnt show i checked my graphic card HD 5670 its working fine on my other pc (same as this reg) so i plugged it to internal video slot and its working fine does tht mean is the pci express slot is dead ?? my system is just 5 months old.

A:Intel DH67BL Motherboard Issue

I'm not sure I understand what you did.

That MB has one (blue) PCI Express 2.0 x 16 discrete graphics card connector, two (black) PCI Express 2.0 x 1 connectors, and one (white) PCI Conventional bus connector.
So I am confused by the statement: "so i plugged it to internal video slot and its working fine ". Maybe you could explain this better?

The MB specs say it has integrated graphics, which I assume is the graphics on the i5 processor. Have you tested that?

And, how did you clean the machine? That may give us some clues as to what could have happened.
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Whenever my CPU gets moved or hit slightly my Graphics card stops working. I noticed the fan would turn off and I lose the signal to my monitor. It works fine sitting on its side but whenever I secure it and move my entire PC it stops working again. I've tried both slots on my MB with the same result.

My question, how can I tell if its my MB or GFX card? Or both?

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hi guys,
i'm wondering if dell's motherboard could affect ati 4850 in-game performance(low fps on any settings and serious lags after 30 minutes of gameplay)?
i've made some sort of investigation and it seems that:1)after video drivers update there's still issue with ingame performance(fps mainly).it doens't matter what settings i play,it's still there;2)i've compared my gaming system with some other more or less similar ones which are owned by my bro and friend.they could play any 09' game on max settings with high fps.their systems are custom built ones;3)i've read through different tech forums and it seems that some xps owners are not happy with their systems,at least with motherboards.

A:Dell motherboard/ATI 4850 issue

I presume that card is on a PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot. The issue could well be your PSU. What are the exact specs of your PC?
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Motherboard Gigabyte GA H -D CPU Intel Dual Pentium G SSD Kingston SV S A G RAM Gskill Ripjaws X series GB x DDR PC F - CL D- GBXL PSU Thermaltake TR W This is a system I use in my office for various duties including checking HDs IP cams etc I hot swap sata drives regularly I built this machine just under a year ago and have had no issues with it I've run win Pro win amp Pro and Win pro No issues at all until recently One day when I booted the system nothing Black screen and a clicking noise I tried everything to get it to boot including removing the bios battery The only thing that works every time is pulling the RAM more on that below Some other things I tried are I pulled the system apart and put it on a test bench with PC speaker strange very or CPU Issue has workaround... motherboard? isolating it from the standoffs and CPU or motherboard? Issue has very strange workaround... the metal test bench platform by placing it on a phonebook I removed all components from the system except RAM and cpu booting from partedmagic flash drive Acronis DD and TI flash drive rather than ssd I installed a PCIe card instead of using the onboard Intel video changing settings in bios Reset the SSD using partition magic restored disk image Booted from various USB boot utilities I tried booting from one of other SSDs that I swap in and out of this machine all different OS's ordered and replaced both RAM sticks same brand and model that had worked for a year Along the way I discovered that pulling the slot RAM stick would allow the system to boot into windows Until I shut down the system and then rebooted restarting windows has been no problem If I reinsert the stick I removed which caused the system to successfully boot it would again boot That's right In order to get this machine running after a shutdown I alternatively remove or reinsert the RAM stick in slot It works every time Shut down will not boot remove RAM stick system boots into windows Shut down will not boot insert previously removed RAM stick system boots into windows Switching sticks slots makes no difference It seems to be the removal or inversely the reinsertion The symptoms on the failed boot vary at times Sometimes it just displays a black screen and makes a clicking noise hard to tell where it's coming from Other times it will power off power back on and click or beep once or get to a screen with a white constant cursor underscore It has to be the motherboard or the cpu If I had to guess I'd say the motherboard Has anyone ever heard of this type issue amp weird resolution remove and replace RAM stick If not I suppose I'll try a new motherboard first If that doesn't do it I'll try another cpu getting an RTA for whichever it turns out to be Thanks for any ideas
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when the pc crashes,it displays a blue screen that says hardware error and to remove any newly installed hardware....then sometimes,my computer wont start,it will go on for 3 secounds,then shut i keep pressing the on button,til it finally works...

and if i do any thing on my computer that requires alot of processing or will go to the hardware failure/error screen,and i have to restart..
this all started when i accidently tried to open the A: drive,when i dont have a floppy drive...

my motherboard is asus 650i p5n sli

i know for sure its my mother board at fault.

A:PC crashes and sometimes won't start up, Motherboard issue?

You will need to turn off floppy in bios (usually hit DEL or some other key, during system startup) Disable Floppy and Save and Exit CMOS.


Please try this:

Manual steps to run Chkdsk from My Computer or Windows Explorer

Open My Computer, and then right-click the hard disk that you want to check.
Click Properties, and then click Tools.
Under Error-checking, click Check Now. A dialog box that shows the Check disk options is displayed
Use one of the following procedures:

? To run Chkdsk in read-only mode, click Start.
? To repair errors without scanning the volume for bad sectors, select the Automatically fix file system errors check box, and then click Start. (tick)
? To repair errors, locate bad sectors, and recover readable information, select the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors check box.

Note If one or more of the files on the hard disk are open, you will receive the following message:

The disk check could not be performed because the disk check utility needs exclusive access to some Windows files on the disk. These files can be accessed by restarting Windows. Do you want to schedule the disk check to occur the next time you restart the computer?Click to expand...

Click Yes to schedule the disk check, and then restart your computer to start the disk check.

Wait until Chkdsk finishes Checking / Repairing any faults
Windows will then either restart your computer or continue loading Normally.
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Hello I'm new to forum and am struggling with getting Windows XP to fully boot after changing faulty motherboard. It opens the opening Windows page with the 3 identities it had before, but when I log in to any of these, it then asks me to set up Activation with Microsoft, giving me a 54 digit Installation Number to contact Microsoft with - when I do this, Microsoft state they do not recognise it. I still have original Product Key but this is not getting me anywhere. I do not have original Windows CD or a recovery CD (it never came with one). I'm sure there's an easy fix but have been unable to find it on forums. I know I could reinstall Windows from another CD but assume this would wipe all my data / documents from hard drive. Any help would be appreciated.

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Ok i m new to these forums Just want a second opinion here really A few months ago my PSU went bad and fried my video card A issue? opinion... seeking motherboard second The card was under warranty so i sent it in and got a replacement Bought A motherboard issue? seeking second opinion... a new PSU from Microcenter Cooler master watt Ever since the computer has slowly been getting worse At first it was just freezing on the windows logo when booting up flashing real quick to A motherboard issue? seeking second opinion... a blue screen to fast to read it at all A motherboard issue? seeking second opinion... and restarting It still does this and sometimes can take times of it restarting before it boots up Now i am getting random program errors only when i close certain programs mostly video games the errors appear to be memory errors However i have done extensive testing on the memory and it is fine I then decided to just reformat and start fresh This did nothing but make it worse now i have the computer doing random things along with what i already had Like starting up programs i never clicked on or opening a window in a game that i never clicked to open Scanned the computer for viruses and spyware found nothing Reformatted again still the same issues The hard drive has also been tested and checked out fine I do not have a kit to test the board so i was wondering anyone think these issues could be caused by the board being damaged when the PSU went bad I ve never had these issues with a computer before nor seen them and i ve fixed A LOT of PCs nbsp

A:A motherboard issue? seeking second opinion...

Looks like a bad motherboard, yes.. You are lucky that the PSU didn't kill more components. All that remained of one of my previous PCs was a stick of RAM and the radio tuner card.

The opening of windows and suchlike looks like a problem with input devices. If you have USB mouse/keyboard, maybe disable the on-board USB controllers and use a PS/2 mouse/keyboard instead?
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I ll post up the thread I created in the networking forums http forums techguy org networking -network-problem-media-disconnected html I ve come to believe that this isn t a networking issue anymore since its the motherboards connection that is being the pain I ve switched the cables around with another computer in the house Still no luck there The motherboard is a Gigabyte S-Series GA-P -DS R Intel Last night I did an ipconfig release shut down my system and turned off the power bar This morning I turned everything back on but the PC Activity light wasn t working Played around a bit networking? motherboard Possible with hardware issue no luck reinstalled drivers checked the BIOS to make sure its enabled etc Figured I d ask the hardware forums if they know of anyway to test or check the connection for Possible hardware issue with motherboard networking? my NIC build into the mobo From what I can tell there are no lights on the outside or inside of the system its about days old roughly I m just use to the normal lights in them and never realized there just might not be any on this system build Right now I m connected with a USB but well MB vs just isn t to my fancey Thanks nbsp

A:Possible hardware issue with motherboard networking?

The lights for the NIC are built into the connector, see page 20 of the MB manual (Rev 1.0, other Revisions may be different page No.), which can be downloaded from here:

You say the NIC has a red X on it; is this in Device Manager? Or Network Connections?
Are any errors displayed in Device Manager (red x or yellow exclamation point)? If so, what is the error that is displayed on the General tab of the properties page for the NIC? (Right click the NIC in Device Manager, click properties). It may just say Disabled, and have a button to click to enable it.


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Hi Guys I have an Intel Pentium D Ghz Overheating or CPU issue:Motherboard faulty? an intel D GZis MotherBoard an I ball W SMPS Mb DDR Mhz RAM I m having Overheating issues with my system It started in around August after i removed my CPU and heatsink to clean the dust After that my v x connector got burnt So i got my SMPS replaced But my room used to get hot when i used my system So i checked the CPu temp in the BIOS it was going upto C SO i tried re-installing the fan it came down to C but that is also much high And when i used to play games like NFS underground with all the graphics details turned off temp used to shoot uptp - So i stopped playing the games But soon after i faced the same problem the same v X connector got burnt again So i got my SMPS replaced and this time i got my motherboard tested from a local tech and he told me ur m b is faulty so i bought a new one Overheating issue:Motherboard or CPU faulty? a gigabyte EG M-S m b and he asked me to call Overheating issue:Motherboard or CPU faulty? intel and get it replaced as my intel m b is still in warranty Now i called them they asked me to follow some steps i followed them like gt Updating BIOS gt applying the grey thermal paste which intel sent me through courier the temp got down but still its starts with - c and according to intel max temp my cpu should go is till c Beyond that i don t know I ve tried it on different m b gigabyte one and its giving me a normal temp of c on it SO i m confused that is my CPU also faulty as i beleive there is a fault in my motherbaord Please guide nbsp

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I purchased a new Gigabyte GA-K8NPRO-SLI motherboard with new components to build a new system. The only part that I am reusing is my video card and that is pretty much new as well.

The video card is a Radeon 9250 PCI 256MB.

The problem is that when I have the video card installed the system wont post.

I put in an even older video card (Vodoo 3dfx) and the system booted up with no problem. I installed the Radeon video card on a separate system and it worked fine.

Any ideas? I am completely stumped.

A:New motherboard\video card issue

Go into your bios and check the "init vid display" or something to that effect (it varies from bios to bios).

You have to tell it to look at your PCI slot (it is probably only checking the PCI-e slots right now).

Edit: you say the Vodoo 3dfx card works in your system? That is also a PCI card right?
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Hey guys,
So my computer is HP Pavilion p6-2220t and I plan to swap out my motherboard for a better CPU upgrade. Now I have a pretty big issue with making this move and that's whether or not when I make this switch will my OEM Windows 7 still be active on this new motherboard by ASUS(H61 chipset/same as current mobo) so after I make this switch can anyone let me know what will happen if I just replug everything in with the new mobo+cpu will Windows 7 boot up but as if it's in some bootlegged version? Could I call Microsoft to ask for a replacement key.
This is not just an upgrade my audio chip on the mobo seems to have fried & tends to have some very odd issues not caused by instability in anything else (I checked).

Any help is greatly appreciated !

A:Windows 7 OEM + New Motherboard Issue(help needed)

The HP Pavilion p6-2220t Windows 7 OEM, can not be used on the new new motherboard by ASUS.
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Hello Alright I am kind of screwed at the moment so any help would be really great Let me start this story So I have this desktop that was put together and am having problems Some background this desktop has had some issues for a while with cmos errors causing me to have to clear it Usually when I cleared the cmos the computer worked reasonably well after There is also some trouble when the power goes out I believe that the mobo battery is dead so when the power goes out it goes all wonky and I have to again clear the cmos One day after a power loss the same problem occurred Tried to start the computer and received checksum error When this happens I have to clear cmos mess with the or power PSU, motherboard, issue Having button bios a little and the computer will work This time though I was in the bios and it kind of froze This happens sometimes but the fix I found out was to restart and get into Having motherboard, PSU, or power button issue hte bios again and load a profile Anyway when I tried to hold the power button down to turn it off it didn t work So I was stuck in a frozen bios I flipped the power supply button to turn it off I flipped it back and tried the power button No go Nothing So this is where my problem began All of the other issues that I have described checksum error cmos clear bios problems I have been able to work around before But now I am totally lost After research I am thinking that my problems are the following Either a fried dead motherboard The motherboard shows power there is an LED light as well as a little code thing that lights up to show post problems These light up but when I hit the power button there is no response The lights on the mobo are on but the power button does nothing Bad power button I looked at the power button and it shows no signs of being broken This is very frustrating because I can t figure out what else it could be All of a sudden this power button doesn t work anymore I read that if it was broken i could use a screwdriver to touch the pins carefully I carefully tried this and no response Power Supply The PSU gives power to the system i e the mobo has lights that turn on But it won t show any signs of trying to boot So what do you think is the issue here The mobo is a ab pro CPU core duo What else would cause a sudden no boot situation Other noteables The little pin that you use to clear the cmos is bent a little Other than that I can t really think of anything I need to get this system back running but I can t afford to buy a bunch of different parts to figure out what the problem is Hopefully my best bet is to buy a new mobo but how do I know that it isn t the stupid little power button or even the cpu I am so frustrated right now so hopefully I can get some more info from here Thanks for any ideas nbsp

A:Having motherboard, PSU, or power button issue

Change the CMOS battery.
If still dead, sounds like the PSU may have 5v standby working, but nothing else.
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Hey all First off some stats I ve got an Alienware System thats Running Windows Xp Pro Sp on a ASUS P C -E Deluxe MoBo P Ghz HT processor socket Gb Ram PC DIMMs something or other Gb SATA drive Western Digital Gb Drive Western Digital Gb Drive hopefully The Backstory I ve had the system I m working on for a few years and I just picked up a Western Digital Gig hard drive for supper Cheap I currently have two s in there now all three are SATA drives When connected the initially I started up and nothing showed there was no sign that it even existed I booted into my setup and realized I RAID ASUS issue MotherBoard had turned my Promise Technologies FastTrack off I turned that on and as the system booted the fast track came on and poof I saw the drive Problem solved Not really When I get into windows ASUS MotherBoard RAID issue it doesn t see the drive at all I ve done some reading and some tinkering but I fell I need to turn to some higher authority for help I ve installed two different Promise drivers because I can t seem to figure out what I had when I got the System The quot Master CD quot that Alienware gave me has a folder that says quot ASUS MotherBoard RAID issue FastTrack TX quot or the like but the INF has drivers for a bunch of things the only one that runs seemlessly is the TX though So Installed that and rebooted and nothing happens At this point I would say the drive doesn t work but I know it s not the case as I ve used it before with no problems So anyway I m reading that on my Motherboard ASUS P C E Deluxe that the first back of SATA connectors are controlled by intel and the Second bank of are controlled by Promise makes sense But the problem is nothing that I do will allow windows to recognize the drive I don t want to RAID the drive to anything else at this point I just want to be able to set it Up JBOD Just a Bunch Of Drives I can t figure it out and the strangest thing more over is that when I tried to update the Promise Fast Track BIOS the PTIFLASH updater says I don t have a promise controler at all Please please please if anyone knows how to help me I d be very thankful I d rather not have to raid things and loose space because this motherboard doesn t know how to individualize drives nbsp

A:ASUS MotherBoard RAID issue

JBOD is a form of raid. It is spanning multi drives to be seen as one drive.

Next if your drive is recognized in the promise bios and not by windows, you probably need to partition and format the drive. Windows does not "See" a drive without a partition.

Go to disk management start>run and type in "diskmgmt.msc" without quotes and hit enter. See if your drive is detected in disk management. If so, just right click on it and choose to create partition. Next right click and choose to format.

BTW onboard promise controllers use different drivers depending on what mode is selected in the system bios ie raid or non-raid. This is one of the reasons I dislike onboard controllers.
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I recently had to purchase a new system. I could not re boot my old system because it would start a reboot then go back to a message stating that the system got interupted during start up. Could not open in safe mode, system restore or open in any setting. Not sure if it was a virus, but would now like to reformat the drive to give to my father in law. Does this problem seem to be a hard drive issue or a spent motherboard issue. I just replaced the hard drive last year?

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I've had my t430s for almost a year now and have been basically happy with it/no issues thus far.However, this morning I went to boot it up and it's completely unresponsive - no lights when plugged into A/C, no fan whir, nothing.  I've already tried the 30 sec power drain trick, verified the charger works, used an alternate lenovo charger(from a t430),removed the battery, both RAM cards, SSD, CMOS and attempted to identify the issue using the various steps recommended in the user guide, but to no avail.I suspect this to be a MB issue or possibly power socket related.  Alas the laptops factory warranty expired in June as it was purchased secondhand(and registered by me after purchase).  Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

A:T430s won't power on - possible motherboard issue?

Well, I have replaced quite a few power jacks on T420s/T430s machines, but if that were the problem, you would have gotten low-battery warnings ahead of time.  When you disconnected the CMOS battery, did you let it sit a few seconds before plugging it back in?  I always let it sit for 5 seconds and then I press the power button 2 or 3 times before putting it back.  This drains all the capacitors.  (I assume you know that the main battery also needs to be out and the machine unplugged.)
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Hi everyone I've just had an issue with my PC where i left it a while as i got engrossed in the TV came back and monitor was in standby mode as you would expect i moved the mouse around and nothing it had all frozen It's done this before and after resetting it's been fine this time however it was failing to initialise any peripherals and the monitor The fans were not kicking in properly and the red light was flashing in a Issue Boot/Power/Motherboard particular rhythm I know the mouse and keyboard werent initiliased as they both light up when on and the lights hadn't come on I tried switching it off completely switched back on and same again so i tried unplugging at the wall and unplugged the keyboard and mouse for good measure still the same I left it about half hour switched off at the wall and switched it back on This time it ran and gave me a POST error stating that boot had failed and to check my settings in the BIOS I did so everything looked fine Boot/Power/Motherboard Issue so i continued When prompted i selected start windows normally and it booted fine just perhaps a little slower than normal Once i was on my desktop i went straight to event viewer Boot/Power/Motherboard Issue and the following events are logged right before the initial crash Error Boot/Power/Motherboard Issue Kernel Event Tracing Event ID Session Power Efficiency Diagnostic Logger stopped due to the following error xC Warning Kernel Event Tracing Event ID The maximum file size for session Power Efficiency Diagnostic Logger has been reached As a result events might be lost not logged to file C ProgramData Microsoft Windows Power Efficiency Diagnostics energy-trace etl The maximum files size is currently set to bytes Error Kernel Event Tracing Event ID Session NT Kernel Logger stopped due to the following error xC Warning Kernel Event Tracing Event ID The maximum file size for session NT Kernel Logger has been reached As a result events might be lost not logged to file C ProgramData Microsoft Windows Power Efficiency Diagnostics energy-ntkl etl The maximum files size is currently set to bytes I'm assuming these events have something to do with the crash but i dont know what they mean I did inspect my power settings after reading them figuring it may have had something to do with power and changed the setting for inactive hard disk to switch off after minutes to minutes I wonder if that setting was what caused it and for some reason the hard disk didnt become active again when i came back after leaving it a while I also wonder if it's simply my motherboard im throwing that suggestion in because of the amount of CMOS batteries mine has eaten through over the last years or and wondered if that is a contributing fact Any ideas help advice to prevent this from happening again would be appreciated thanks

A:Boot/Power/Motherboard Issue

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.