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Q: cookie identification

Hi-----I have over 800 cookies listed (is that alot?) and I would like to delete as many as possible. I have several programs whose cookies I want to keep but cannot find a cookie that seems to match the program. Is there anyway to find out the name of cookies related to a particular program or site etc?
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Preferred Solution: cookie identification

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hi, just info gathering here; anyone know about http cookie monter intrusion attacks. I have mozilla firefox-latest version 1-0-4, for awhile,.. but just recently my Norton's is detecting/halting quite a few 'http cookie monster' attack intrusion attempts while I browse with Firefox. It's determined to be a 'moderate' threat.... any input out there on this? [ps.I did some googling on this and went to Firefox site- just seeking members input here]
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I have a ram listed : POWMEM ***'Y IN USA 8560.4643

the chips them selves say : F TAIWAN 81117822E-100FN 9816 B39

On the backside I see : B6483B

can anyone identify the ram specifications for me? I've looked and I am still not clear.

A:ram identification

Download this, should tell you what you need to know:
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Well, i have ran hijackthis and posted a log. I was told by another member that i definatly have malware. But then thats when my thread got moved (i didn't know where to put it because i am new here) So now it is in the hjt logs forum. But I am seeing if you guys can help me out in case they never get to my post.

All i want to know is how do i distinguish between what to fix on hjt and what not to fix? I do not know what is good or bad. I have a log if you need me to post it.

Thanks to anyone who helps or at leasts trys to help~

A:Please Help Me With Identification

hi Eternitusyour hjt log will get seen ,as there is a high demand for help it may take few days .all i can say is please be patient and someone will help you with your log as soon as they can please notei would'nt try fixing anything until someone from the hjt team has looked at your log.good luck
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i don't know what happened, but my mouse no longer identifies anything. what i mean is when you put the cursor up to an internet explorer window on the start-up bar, it doesn't tell you what you're looking at. another example is on kazaa, it doens't give you the file information once you put the cursor up to the title. i have gone to the mouse properties and such, but i cannot find what the problem is. this is pretty annoying, so please help!
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I am trying to identify the speed/FSB of this PIII Slot 1 CPU. I only know that it is a PIII Slot 1 SECC2 type with an FSB higher than 83. I would like some more info on it.

Here are the pictures of it, please zoom in on the picture to see the small details to help identify, the resolution is good enough.

Thanks in advance for all help.

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I have a Dell Inspiron  Model 3676 would tell me if possible what the following are used for:
2 plugin ports in the front of the tower
3 plugin ports in the back of the tower-One of the ports are used  for line in.
I know that most of them of sound ports.
I was able in the past to run a cable from my external cd player to the line in port on the rear I am not able to do this at this time.
Do I need a certain type of cable? I tried to find a picture of the front and back but was not able to do so. 
I am 81 so please bare with me.BTW  this is my first post on this board.

A:Identification ?

Hi taylor1996,Thanks for posting.I was unable to locate an Inspiron 3676 desktop, could it have been the 3656?  Here are some pics from the 3656 manual.  Hopefully this is what you have:
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In the device manager under USB Controllers I see the following:

The one that is called " SIS PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller" is that USB 2.0?
Also how do i know which one it is do i try all the USB ports i have on my comp?

A:USB 2.0 Identification

Yes, the "enhanced" means USB 2.0. As far as telling which of your ports is the USB2.0, just plug your device into any old port and see what happens. Windows will tell you if you have plugged a high speed device into a non high speed port.

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 create a pop-up notice when a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 device is plugged into a USB port that does not support Hi-Speed.Click to expand...

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I have a DVDRW on IDE 1, a CDRW on IDE 2, a Maxtor Serial-ATA HDD on Ser 1 and a WD Serial-ATA HDD on Ser 2. The BIOS is set to use the two S-ATA Ports as P0-1st/P1-2nd.

During POST the screen shows the Maxtor shows as the Primary Master Drive, the WD as the Secondary Master, the DVDRW as the Third Master and the CDRW as the Fourth - just as I would expect.

Hoowever, I am perplexed as to why my Maxtor HDD containing my OS shows up as Disc 1 and my second Western Digital HDD as Disc 0 in all windows appliactions.

Has anyone any explanation for this anomoly?

A:HDD Identification

no jumpers in the satas?
try reversing the connectors
post back
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Hi all I have a quick question about the USB USB Identification. ports on my computer I have a screenshot hosted here on Flikr USB Flickr - Photo Sharing Of the USB's that are listed one is a USB Identification. USB Is the USB Enhanced Host Controller a USB port I am looking because I am going to buy an audio interface and if I have a in there then I will get something a little better 'cos I want as little latency as possible when recording vocals There is one other thing also if it turns out that there is a port is there a way to physically differentiate which port is the I have USB's on the back and on the front of my tower At the moment I don't know which is which and do not know what to physically look for when I look in or out of the case If anyone can help me out here I'd be grateful All the best Ste

A:USB Identification.

From the specs for your motherboard,

USBIntegrated in the South Bridge
Up to 8 USB 2.0/1.1 ports (4 on the back panel, 4 via the USB brackets connected to the internal USB headers)

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 775 - GA-G31M-ES2L (rev. 2.3)

All the USB ports are 2.0/1.1, so no need to worry about which is which.
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Hi, I'm about to upgrade a ssd 6gb/s to my hp dm4 laptop.
Here's the pictures my system specs based on HWiNFO32 software. It looks like themotherboard has port 0 and 1 supports 6gb/s. My current hdd is currently on port 0, which shows 3gb/s. so, do i have SATA 3 or 2?


A:SATA identification

Hi huy and welcome to W7 Forums

I would say that your computer has 6G SATA capability. SATA III is backwards compatible with SATA II and I devices and, if such a device is connected to a SATA III socket, it will report the speed of the device, e.g. SATA II and not SATA III.
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I m trying to determine what Identification Process the process codes refer to on my system I browsed the glossary and a few of the tutorials here but my computer skills are very limited and I would appreciate some guidance I ll do the homework if someone could point me in the right direction I m using a year old HP Pavilion a n Media Center PC running on XP Home I have Internet Explorer that I rarely use and mainly use Mozilla Firefox for a browser I use Trend PC-cillin Pro for security if that makes a difference I have been told that I have way to many processes running and I should get rid of a lot of them to improve performance As I mentioned my computer skills are very limited and I basically use my system for Internet construction forums E-mail Process Identification trying to learn some Autocad and picture files for magazine tool reviews that I write My question is How do I determine which processes are unnecessary I know how to get to the Task Manager but all the processes and their functions are in codes I don t understand Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks TomMc

A:Process Identification

In the Process tab of Task Manager will be a list of the processes currently running on your system. Start by looking them up in the Bleeping Computer Startup List (located at the top of the page, or at this link: ). If you still don't know, Google for the name of the process to see what it is (be advised that many places will suggest that it could be a virus) and see what function that process provides. If you're uncertain, post back here with the name of the process and we can go from there.
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ok, i need a bit of help identifying this motherboard i got here. from what research i have done so far, im pretty sure it's an Elpina Bae-VO ... but now I need to know the model number. I have never even heard of an Elpina board before, but it's pretty old, it has a 333 k6-2 on it, has 3 pci slots, 1 ISA, i think the chipset is ite?... it also says (in extremely small print) V1.4, which i suppose stands for version 1.4, and it is printed in the far upper left corner. it's an atx board, has built in video, sound, 2 serial, 2 usb, 1 parallel, and the video chip says TX Pro-II 'video inside'. socket 7, and the bios chip says
Burn-in 24hr
586 1985-95
American Megatrends
the BAE-VO came from the back of the board, and there are no other numbers or letters anywhere on the back.

thanks in advance for anyone's help....

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I have downloaded HWiNFO32 to identify the make and model of my motherboard.The search result is: Motherboard Model: A-Trend ATA-V931... and Bios Mfr:Award Modular Bios v... I am not sure why the details are so short.Are they relevant/valid?I couldn't find the driver for this model.Pls help.Thank you!

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Does anyone know of a decent free utility that will identify hardware, specifically Graphics cards etc.

I already have CPU-Z which is excellent, something similar would be great.


A:Hardware Identification

I have used this in the past on thought it was very good.
A free to review copy is at
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How do I determine what type of video driver I have on my computer. I'm running Win 98.

A:Driver Identification

Click on empty area of desktop then choose properties. Click on the settings tab then the advanced button. You should find all the details of your video card there including your driver file names and versions.
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I'm running Sunbelt VIPRE and Firewall. I notice, late at night, from my modem diodes, that my computer is either sending or receiving large amounts of data. Scans (including rootkits) claim that I am clean. How can I identify what software or source is producing this traffic?

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I'm looking for a hardware identification program (such as Everest, SIW, SiSoftSandra, etc) that identifies Storage Controllers in their own section (for ease of looking them up).

Here's the second instance of this that I've found recently:

It's HP installing drivers for many controllers - just in case you've got that one installed on your HP system.

I'll use this to help by updating the drivers that are required, and unloading the drivers that aren't needed.

Does anyone know of a program that meets these requirements?

A:Hardware identification

Have a look at one.

PC Wizard 2010 - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
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IS there any way to get a program, or locate a feature in windows 7 that can tell me what type of mother board CPU GPU and other peripherals that I am Using? Thanks for your help.

A:Hardware Identification

Try Speccy...
Piriform - Speccy
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Is there a way to determine what battery I need to get from the motherboard name?

It's a pain, and always a risk, to unhook and open up a system so I'd prefer to get a replacement battery before I take the thing apart.

I've got an AIDA report that tells me it's a:

Amptron PM-7900/8800

Any other things to be careful with when replaceing a battery, (ie: BIOS settings, etc)?

A:Battery identification

Most Desktops use a CR-2032 battery

Quickest way would be to open up the side, the battery will be readily visible and the type showing

If you can manage to get the battery in quickly, (less than a minute) your settings should be retained,

Make sure that you are earthed before you go inside
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I have a graphics card that has come into my possession. Unfortunately I am unable to identify it as it was given to me just as a card, nothing else. I was led to belive that it was a TNT card. I would like to know what drivers to get before I install it. Is there any way of identifying the card?



A:Card Identification

Look at the chipset on the card.. There is sometimes a sticker with a model number as well.
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1. You got your caps lock on while you posted that. If it was intentional, please don't.
2. Look hard on the motherboard, it will be on there.
3. Pictures of computer parts... Ever heard of google search? Or take some yourself...

And please turn off your caps lock to reply.
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I have a Chaintech JKD board here and I have the manual but the manual is no help as there is no diagram of the USB pins at all in the manual I have also searched the internet Google and I can t come up with the right on-board help USB pin-out identification Need with search terms to give me the help I need This Chaintech board has an on-board USB terminal with the following arrangement The above digits do not appear on the board Need help with on-board USB pin-out identification I put them there for clarity in communication As you Need help with on-board USB pin-out identification can see Row has four pins and row two has pins A pin does not exist at position My experience in the past with other boards is that the odd pin in the arrangement isn t used So pins through would be used and pins through would be used with pin being unused I also have Need help with on-board USB pin-out identification a case here with two built-in front USB ports Each front port has four wires coming from it The wires are marked as follows VCC DATA - DATD GND I need help identifying the pins on the board so I can properly connect the USB ports on the front of the case nbsp

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can someone please help me identify my motherboard manufactor?
i hope these numbers will help you out
the software like si sandra and aida32 didn't help.

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Ok, here's a tough one! Using SIS530 chip set, identifying markers are 60-530SIS1.30-00. Need to find front panel plug settings. Has SIS 5595 chip and an ITE IT8661F chip. Also uses Award bios. NO FCC identifier. Help! Thanks Guys, you are terrif.

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i want to upgrade my motherboard , i am having 10 systems but i am having some mercury and other are intel motherboard so my problem is that i am not able to identify type of motherbord and the processor used in my systems . i am using 2000 professional and XP professional in some systems i am able to get the information like when i right click on my computer i am getting the processor speed and the size of the ram but i am not abe to identify the type of ram and motherboard.
Anybody can suggest me how to identify the ram size , processor speed and the type of motherboard used .


A:motherboard identification

There is a tool called sisoft sandra that tells you everything you need to know about your computer. Do a google search and you'll find it. It has loads of modules n stuff that you can use.
Hope it helps
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hi hope someone can help me please,i wish to buy more ram for my pc but am unaware of its name to purchase it possible to identify ram without dismantling my pc,any suggestions would be grateful thankyou

A:ram identification problem

Hi Jonkent,

Welcome to the forum.

If you download and run Belarc from here :

you should be able to get the info you need.
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I have seen dos applications that identify pci decices, but what i am looking for is a dos program that will identify an onboard nic.

anyone ever seen a utility like this?

A:onboard nic identification

Hi, No, however there may be a tool that does that. Why not use the motherboard make and model to see what is supposed to be on the board? We do this all the time...if you are 100% sure of the make and model and revision number, post it and we can help out. To try and find the ID: there is a free tool to try and get that- AIDA32

It can show a LOT about your computer, very handy to have.
If (and it once in a while does not) it cannot show us the NIC or motherboard ID, there are still more ways to do it, so do not lose hope! Try the above program, or post the mobo ID.
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Please can anyone identify the Motherboard Number from the attached pic.
I'm trying to find a compatible motherboard but need the model number first?

Any help appreciated?


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Alrighty im already on the alert and fixing my moms computer from a virus but im not a hundred percent sure which it is though I pretty sure it s in the quot security tool quot family but the logo shield looks different kinda multi-color orange Anywho it seems to stop programs from running saying some crap about quot Filename exe quot is infected would you like to run anti-virus software Anywho I ve booted in safe mood with networking Though I think it s still running as I cant to the connect to the internet it s just keeps on loading - Virus Identification anywho Im using my pc to try to figure out what the virus is Though im sure some other Virus Identification crap has infected her pc aswell Curenntly im using free malwarebytes to fix spyware and malware Then Im planning to use superantispyware to remove other junk I ve got a wierd error from commodo freeware firewall It said something about Ie-explorer trying to run but it s parent program is trying to connect to it pqfaerwtsbl exe Not sure what pqfaewtsbl exe is cant find anything on it Ofcoarse im used to using Vista basic so what do I know gt gt Her pc s operating system is XP Sp
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Can anyone help me identify my BIOS Manufacturer for an IBM Thinkpad T23 laptop that will not boot? I cannot get to the BIOS to troubleshoot. It is a model 2647-4MU. Thanks.

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I have a motherboard that someone gave me to use. Unfortunately he had no manual for the board and was unable to tell me what kind it was. The board is a slot and has a part number of P6B40-A4X and is a couple years old. I checked on the web sites and couldn't find anything. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can identify this board?

A:motherboard identification

Seems to be a Tekram board. Here's a link to their website,
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I recently purchased an HP motherboard with processor, ram and power supply. This deal didn't include a hard drive, case, or required graphics card. The seller could only tell me it was an HP Envy and I have been trying for days now to cross reference the HP model number by hardware. Here is what I have:Motherboard model M3970CM HP Angelica Rev 1.2.10GB Ram (2x4gb 1x2gb)AMD FX 6350 Processor460w power supplyI can't get a strait answer anywhere about the motherboard. All I find is information about m3970hp motherboard or angelica2. Any information would be greatly appreciated because I only get 6 long beeps and a black screen when I turn it on. That is a related but different topic for another thread.
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If anyone can help me with this, I would be very thankful.

I have a modem installed that I don't know the manufacturer. I have it installed as a generic 33.6, and it works as that, but I'm sure it could be faster and would work better with the right drivers.

It has a Rockwell chipset.
FCC ID: L55 LAC2814
Model#: VC-8288 (I think)
ATI13 command returns: V1.200-V34_DP
Identifier: MDMGEM336

If anyone can find this modem, that would be great, I checked a few places already, including, and couldn't find anything. Thanks.

A:Modem Identification

Did a FCC id search from and found the results as displayed as the following information
1 Matches Found For:


La Com Inc 12300 Edison Way Garden Grove CA N/A 92641 L55LAC2814 03/27/1995 N/A N/A
End of Report.
Hope this helps.

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I'm looking to upgrade some more of my computer and I wanted to buy a new processor. I want to know whats the highest CPU I can buy. Its an Intel board that came with my Dell, but I don't know any more about it. Is there a program out there that will detect it? Or what should I look out for.

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Please identify this board:Chipset PC/100AGP pro.Mobo will not boot up,so I can not get to the strings.

A:motherboard identification

gonna need more info than that.
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i just got a new computer and took my old webcam, i lost the installation disc and cant install the hardware.....its a silver webcam and on the base it says PINE....ive searched google and yahoo for Pine webcams...nothing has come up...any help would be great.


A:USB webcam identification

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Please would you take a few moments to read this post. A message for all newcomers. Thanks.

Look HERE it may help.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I would like to upgrade my 4.3Gb Samsung VA34324A to a 120 Gb Seagate ATA/100 (which is paid for and on its way...$30.00). My computer was given to me so I don't know if the mobo will support this drive or if I need a PCI IDE controller card. Can I ID my mobo looking in "My Computer"? Under the "General" tab, it lists: x86 Family 6 Model 3 Stepping 4
AT/AT Compatible
It also has an Intel 82371 AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE controller and a
Pentium II 82443LX/EX.
I am ignorant of computers and spent 3 evenings surfing computer sites to formulate this (hopefully) intelligible question.

A:Mobo identification?

Download and install this:

It'll probe your computer and tell you just about anything you need to know about what you have. Then you can google for your motherboard and find it's homepage with it's specs.
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Greetings all I recently purchased what I thought was a external HD at a garage sale Guy wanted ten for it although it didn Identification HD Enclosure t have a power cord He said it HD Enclosure Identification still worked but he couldn t find a replacement I thought I could I guess I can t Two months later I am still looking I do have some new information though What I thought was a GB Samsung external drive turns out to be a HD in an enclosure So now I am trying to identify the maker of the box so I can buy a replacement power cord Also I have a second question about the drive inside Question I have taken pictures of the enclosure for id purposes They are in a zip file and weigh Kb Is it ok to attach them here Or should I post them individually I would like to post them to see if someone can tell me who made it or what kind of power cord it needs Question I opened the box and took the drive out to see if it would work in a pc it spins up and is recognized by winxp but when I click it it tells me it is not formated I was reading around this forum and found some directions to see if a drive is active go to My Computer- gt Manage- gt Storage- gt Disk Management and look in there I did look in there and it says the drive is online and it also says that its capacity is GB and the drive lable says it is a GB does that mean that there is something on it taking up GB How do I see what this stuff is So those are my questions Sometimes I am not very clear about things so if you need clarification please ask and I will supply Thank you all in advance for your time in this matter Alex nbsp

A:HD Enclosure Identification

What kind of a power connector is it? You may be able to patch together one your own. Finding a dual-voltage (12V and 5V) portable power supply maybe a bit difficult though.

If there are no markings on the box, then you may be able to find something on the PCB inside.

The hard drive may be jumpered to 32GB. See the drive label for any jumper settings.
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Hi. This may be a question which you might not be able to answer. I'm working on a SQL 2000 server with code that is written specifically for a Windows box. However, about 10% of the machines on campus are Mac's and I have written code to alter the logins daily around the nightly forced update from the Unix based network.

I have heard that there is some code that will identify if the machine that the user is on as a Mac or PC and alter the login's as necessary to grant the user access.

If the logins are left alone, the Mac fails to understand the complete login name which is recognized through LDAP authentication and characters are missing. Is is possible to put in MySQL code that would identify if a user is on a Mac or PC prior to LDAP authentication and if you, do you know it?
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Can anyone identify the two empty white ports in this image? Exactly what type of ports are these?

I need to add a usb hub to this computer and I'm not entirely sure what type of ports these are so I'm not sure what type of card to buy.

A:Port Identification

Standard PCI slots.
You should be able to use a PCI USB card there depending
on how old that system is.
From what little I can looks like a pretty old system.
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Just WTF is this thing? (blue circle)? the only details stamped on it top and nothing on the bottom (ripped it out now) are "100". I'm thinking it's a power choke but I can't find any of the same spec/size :S

Ripped the sides off, it's got a small metal coil, that's all I can see.

If I short the contacts where it used to be to see if there's any boot am I likely to cause megadamage?

A:Part identification

An electrical choke:

"An inductance, or inductor used in a circuit to present a high impedance to frequencies above a specified frequency range without appreciably limiting the flow of direct current"...

An inductor tends to limit "electrical noise" in a DC circuit. The "100" is the inductors value. Unless it is burned, it is not the cause of your problem if this circuit board has one
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Hi Troops,

Trying to upgrade the memory on a bit older M-board.

Won't recognize the new memory.

I recall seeing a small program that identifies Motherboards.
I wish I'd saved it on a golden disk. Anyway, does anyone
know of that little program ?

(both memories are PC100, one is 64 meg, and working - the new one is 128 and won't recognize at all. I'm thinking the banks have a 64 meg limit.)

Thanks In Advance,

A:Motherboard Identification
Download and install the Enterprise edition, the run, look under Motherboard.
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How do we discriminate between malware and genuine items e.g. RpcSs and Trkwks etc. grateful for your guidance. Having used your very helpful list,information and instructions on various tutorials within BC now having difficulty in identifying the rogue items for deletion. Are there any further instructions on the website to help also with registry amendments. Noticed RpcSs is related to numerous other tasks so assume their must be a genuine version and a rogue version but which is which?

A:Malware Identification

Did you check out Bleeping Computer's File Database?A clue to find out if a file is bad or not is to look closely at the directory where it lives on your HDD. Malware writers often give files the same name as common Windows files to try and fool people, but it will be located in a different directory than the legitimate file.
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Hello. Im about to buy a new motherboard for my Helix first genBut seller doesnt know if its a I7/8gb or i5/4gb.Also, there is no label indicating FRU number All i have is this code indicating 0C58859does it means something?

A:Motherboard without FRU/identification. i5 or i7?

There may be a designation on the CPU, also part numbers on memory chips.
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Hello everyone,

I have recently bought this motherboard ASUS M2N-NVM/S. Now I don't know what CPU it can accept because it is an OEM motherboard that comes with HP computers. Asus website doesn't have any info on it either. I have managed to get drivers for it though which is good off the HP website. Any help as to what CPU's will work and what RAM it can accept (I think DDR2 up to 667MHz) would be great.

Thanking in advance

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i have a decent dell pc and i want to upgrade soon. to do so i need to know wheather my case is atx and if my motherboard is atx.
not sure on pc model but motherboard is nec computers international model: GA-8i915MPD.
plz help me

A:Unknown identification

edit: Kimsland obviously has the answer below - mine is GONE!
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im pretty sure i have a cpu virus on my cpu i just got this computer going and stupid me has not baught v-scan software yet i just tried turning my computer on and it would just go as far to where it asks you to boot from cdrom and wouldnt let me go farther than that i went in to my bios and under my hard drive listings it showed my hard drive in the primary master slot looking just fine but then in the other spaces for possible hard drives they usualy say none like they should but now the one that says secondary slave has some weird lettering all accros it theres two alternating symbols ones looks like an quot a quot with a coma directly above it and the other looks like a quot C quot with help need virus identification with a real small quot J quot attached to the bottom of need help with virus identification it i need help knowing what kind of virus it is and how to get rid of it thanks almost forgot i was able to get in windows and use my cpu by setting my secondarry slave slot in bios from auto detect to none and now it all works fine but im worried that the virus may cause something else to my cpu as well nbsp

A:need help with virus identification

Take a look in here .......

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Hello I am new here so bear Pci Identification Modem with me if I goof this up ok I ve been using cable internet or DSL connections for a few years and somewhere in the past have pulled my regular k modem from my machine Well now I ve bought a fax program and need to re-install a PCI modem Problem is I have or of them laying around with no software Is there anywhere I Pci Modem Identification can go to ID one of these modems and obtain the drivers for it It seems modem manufacturers never put their names on the product For example I am now looking at a PCI modem with the Pci Modem Identification following info on it On a bar-coded sticker on the reverse side I find v hsf Pci Modem Identification rockwell On the front side the large square chip has the following printed on it CONEXANT RS SP-PCI R - B MEXICO Does this make any sense to anyone or could anybody steer me in the right direction I would REALLY appreciate any help with this Thank You All For Your Time Mike email protected nbsp

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Hi all,

I'm trying to understand how computers are identified by web apps and web sites. A classic example would be signing up to play poker online. The downloaded software would probably include some unique identifier for the computer which dowloaded it. I'm talking about identifiers more complex than cookies, as these can be easily deleted. The dowloaded program would probably embed something which would be unique to your hardware configuration (i.e. something more than an IP address indentifier). Where would I be able to find some more info about computer identification on the internet, and does anybody know of other identification methods?


A:computer identification

You might want to 'google' a search for that. It's apparent that any kind of 'money' site would require additional security...
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Re Vista. In the registry file under Software, there are several listings of WorksShoebox.Shoebox. Can something like this be deleted?

A:Need Help making Identification

Do you see Shoebox or escWorks in the Uninstall programs portion of the Control Panel?
This is software used in educational institutes to keep track of students progress.
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Ok so here s my issue a couple of weeks ago the keyboard on my laptop started Virus removal and identification to act up and was typing a series of letters per key for Virus identification and removal example i would tap the q Virus identification and removal and it would type buj- or something There seemed no corrilation between the keys and what they typed some would work and others would type a series or nonsense So I downloaded superantispyware and microsoft secure i had previously been using F-Secure Virus identification and removal which was no use at all I ran a scan and removed hundreds of cookies which f-secure had not picked up plus a trojan and one other serious virus However several days later the problem occured again i found for a while that typing on an external keyboard fixed the issue but then it sporadicaly started happening on the external keyboard This has since developed into opening programmes such as opening help and printer settings It also sometimes makes a continuous beeping upon startup which sounds like a key is being pressed continuously Since i have a password when it beeps i have to crash and reboot Recently i had to crash out and due to it not starting up it ran a system restore that has allowed me to write this message i am typing on an external keyboard now but when I try to type on the intergrated keyboard the keys seem to stick I have run the scans when i can but they don t pick anything up and it seems to be getting worse as the mouse sometimes doesn t work now At this moment in time i can type and use an external mouse but when i highlight the text in word it the only way to get the keyboard to respond is to save close and re-open the document I don t have the to seek professional help but desperately need my acer laptop to work as i am self empoloyed Is there a scan that i can do to tell me if it is a bios virus or a diagnostic tool to identify a hardware issue Any guidance would be appreciated

A:Virus identification and removal

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Hey i just got my cpu professionally installed, and when it booted up it was coming out as sempron 2400, which is correct. but i restarted it so i can boot up my start disk and such, and now it displays the main cpu as a athlon xp 1500? I didnt touch the bios, i went into it but never saved anything. I have the M7NCD BIOSTAR.

Andy suggestions? Thanks


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Hi all. I have an Epox motherboard. It says EP-8KHA up by the RAM slots and ver 1.2 down between the 5th and 6th PCI slot. What I want to know is How can I tell if it is the regular model or the " + " model? Any ideas? Or any leads to older MOBO info sites? ANY help would be awesome!! Thanks.
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I have two athlon chips of different speeds. Is there any marking on the chip which will tell me the speed or at least freqency?

A:Athlon Chip identification

Check this:
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I keep getting information which tells me to depress F1 or F10 or pause to determine information regarding my BIOS, etc. For some strange reason, no information ever appears on either of my computers when I do this. Any suggestions what I am doing wrong? i have yet to see any thing except my computer logo, window logo and then my desktop. Am I DUMMY or what???? LOL - just wondering if I will ever conquer it?

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Luck made this statement in Identification ISPs, & MAC Addresses, the post appearing at http forums techguy org networking -would-my-isp-recognise-my html an ISP cannot see anything besides your MODEM S IP your MODEM S MAC and signal levels to the modem The thread has expired I seek clarification It is my understanding that a wireless router has a separate and distinct MAC address from the computer s MAC address Is this correct From the statement above made by Luck I seek verification or clarification of the following things When I connect to my internet ISPs, MAC Addresses, & Identification account through my wireless router my ISP sees and logs my wireless router s MAC address and the IP address that has been assigned to my wireless router It does not see and log my computer s separate and distinct MAC address nor does it see any other specific identifying information for or about my computer i e serial number operating system etc Is this correct It is my understanding that ISPs, MAC Addresses, & Identification if there is any specific identifying information about what specific computer is authorized to connect to the internet through my wireless router it is contained in my wireless router s logs However it is my understanding that ISP s do not see read and log a wireless router s logs Is this correct For example assume a visitor in my home gets my network key and uses his computer to connect to the internet through my wireless router It is my understanding that my ISP will see and log my wireless router s MAC address and the IP address assigned to it but cannot see or log any specific identifying information about the computer that was used to make the connection I have drawn this conclusion from the many statements I have seen to the effect that an ISP cannot see behind the router Is this correct Can or does an ISP see and log any specific identifying information concerning the specific computer that was used to make an internet connection How can an ISP say what person used what computer to make the connection through the wireless router if all the ISP has is identifying information about the router but does not have any identifying information concerning the computer that might appear in the router s logs Parenthetical Question Does the ISP see and log the security settings for a wireless router like WPA WPA WEP It seems to me that any unknown person with a laptop can gain access to the internet if he or she has your network key to your wireless router or you disable the security settings on the router Then to your ISP and all the world it appears that it is you the owner of the router and the internet account who is on the internet going from one place to the other Have I got this right Many thanks from someone who is trying to understand the mechanics of all of this Bill nbsp

A:ISPs, MAC Addresses, & Identification

That's exactly right. You're responsible for all activities on your ISP's account. Your ISP doesn't see, know, identify, or care about individual computers connected behind your modem. That's why you use encryption, and only let people you trust and who follow the low use your connection.
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Thanks in advance to bleepingcomputer com Often but not always when I visit the ebay website I Ebay identification up pop verification get the Ebay identification verification pop up identification verification pop up The pop up request credit card and other personal information The site also loads very slowly Any help dealing with this would be great thanks Please note I cannot attach the attach txt or ark txt files I don t know why I m sorry I select the file but nothing happens when I click quot attach this file quot DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Internet Explorer Run by Jay at on - - Microsoft Windows Professional GMT AV Total Defense Anti-Virus Plus Enabled Updated B C D-AAB -DBC - B- BE A EA SP Total Defense Anti-Virus Plus Enabled Updated ECD A - C F-D - EAB- F E SP Windows Defender Enabled Updated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF Running Processes C Windows system wininit exeC Windows system lsm exeC Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunchC Windows system ibmpmsvc exeC Windows system svchost exe -k RPCSSC Windows system atiesrxx exeC Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestrictedC Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestrictedC Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcsC Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceC Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceC Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetworkC Windows System spoolsv exeC Program Files LENOVO HOTKEY TPHKLOAD exeC Program Files LENOVO HOTKEY TPHKSVC exeC Program Files Lenovo Access Connections AcPrfMgrSvc exeC Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exeC Windows system atieclxx exeC Program Files Microsoft BingBar SeaPort EXEC Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exeC Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite CA Anti-Virus Plus caamsvc exeC Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite CA Anti-Virus Plus isafe exeC Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite ccschedulersvc exeC Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonationC Windows Microsoft Net Framework v WPF PresentationFontCache exeC Program Files Lenovo Communications Utility CAMMUTE exeC Program Files LENOVO HOTKEY MICMUTE exeC Program Files Lenovo Communications Utility TPKNRSVC exeC Program Files LENOVO VIRTSCRL lvvsst exeC Program Files Intel Intel reg Management Engine Components LMS LMS exeC Windows system svchost exe -k imgsvcC Program Files Sierra Wireless Inc Common SwiCardDetect exeC Program Files Common Files Ulead Systems DVD ULCDRSvr exeC Program Files CA SharedComponents TMEngine UmxEngine exeC Program Files Lenovo Access Connections AcSvc exeC PROGRA LENOVO VIRTSCRL virtscrl exeC Program Files LENOVO HOTKEY tposdsvc exeC PROGRA Lenovo HOTKEY tpnumlkd exeC Windows system Dwm exeC Windows Explorer EXEC Program Files Lenovo HOTKEY TPONSCR exeC Windows system taskhost exeC Program Files Lenovo Access Connections SvcGuiHlpr exeC Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RtHDVCpl exeC Windows System TpShocks exeC Windows System rundll exeC Program Files Lenovo Communications Utility TPKNRRES exeC Program Files Lenovo Message Center Plus MCPLaunch exeC Program Files Lenovo Client Security Solution cssauth exeC Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exeC Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite casc exeC Program Files Citrix ICA Client concentr exeC Program Files Common Files Java Java Update jusched exeC Program Files Citrix ICA Client wfcrun exeC Program Files Common Files Adobe ARM AdobeARM exeC Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exeC Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPLpr exeC Program Files Sierra Wireless Inc WebUpdater TRUUpdater exeC Program Files Telstra Telstra Connection Manager WaHelper exeC Program Files ThinkPad Bluetooth Software BTTray exeC Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite ccprovsp exeC Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPHelper exeC Program Files iPod bin iPodService exeC Windows system SearchIndexer exeC Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnetwk exeC Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServicePeerNetC Program Fi... Read more

A:Ebay identification verification pop up

We are in the process of researching and investigating your log. Please be patient as we do this and a Helper will respond shortly.
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I have a HDD in the second slot (not the HDD running the OS). The Secondary HDD is believed to be infected. Virus programs wont run, system applications disappearing and now system wont boot. I have created a log with ComboFix. Please suggest what is going on. Is it a Trojan, Worm. I will format the drive in the end but i would like to know how severe this thing was. Thanks for any help you provide.  The ComboFix log as been removed at the request of the topic owner.nasdaq.

A:Malware Identification and Removal

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Run this ESET scan and find out what you are dealing with.Please scan your machine with ESET OnlineScanHold down Control and click on the following link to open ESET OnlineScan in a new window.ESET OnlineScanClick the button.For alternate browsers only: (Microsoft Internet Explorer users can skip these steps)Click on esetsmartinstaller_enu.exe to download the ESET Smart Installer.Save it to your Desktop.Double click on the to download the ESET Smart Installer. icon on your Desktop.Check "YES, I accept the Terms of Use."Click the Start button.Accept any security warnings from your browser.Under scan settings, check "Scan Archives" and "Remove found threats" Click Advanced settings and select the following:Scan potentially unwanted applicationsScan for potentially unsafe applicationsEnable Anti-Stealth technologyESET will then download updates for itself, install itself, and begin scanning your computer. Please be patient as this can take some time.When the scan completes, click List ThreatsClick Export, and save the file to your desktop using a unique name, such as ESETScan. Include the contents of this report in your next reply.Click the Back button.Click the Finish button.Post the log and let me know what problem persists.
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I have a dell inspiron 8600 after recently replacing my hard drive I installed all the drivers for my network card. now my downloads are slow. I have another wireless pc and my download speeds are 10 mbps with this one i get about 4mbps. they are both on my kitchen table about a foot apart. I dont know what wireless card i have all my documentation says is Intel 2100 I dont know if i have the right drivers installed. if i remove these adapters and restart my computer it re-installs the old drivers automatically .i dont think i have the right drivers but the dell website is really confusing as to which drivers i need. If anyone knows how to identify the wireless card i have and the correct drivers for it i would greatly appreciate it.
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Hi, I've been trying to watch some streaming content over the internet (from, and, but for some content, usually the one I want to see, I get a message that says that I'm not allowed to see the content because of my physical location.....

So i tried changing my Ip adress, didn't work, then I tried using some programs like stealth anonymyzer, to navigate anonymusly over the internet, but navigation was sooo slow that I couldn't even load the page where the content was!!, so it didn't work either....

Does anyone knows a way of doing this?

A:Question about Internet Identification

Hi jucas_lo, and welcome to TSG.

I believe that TSG rules do not permit discussing methods of circumventing a web site's access control restrictions.
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Does it matter what drive letter is used to identify the drive I ve never Letters Drive Identification paid much attention to it but lately i ve noticed a problem using my DVD CD drive Drive Identification Letters It will play most CD s and some DVD but on occasion i ve had to start it from the explorer rather than quot auto-run quot Now I can put in a DVD and it will make the noise searching for the file but after a few seconds about it just stops I can try to start it from the explorer and it says quot insert a disc in the drive quot or close to that but dosent seem to recognize anything in there Again some CD s and DVD s will work I have always wondered why that drive is listed a drive f and not the usual drive d Does it make a difference of what drive letter is used I have C local disk D Memeory Stick E Drive Identification Letters SD MMC F DVD-RW Drive Thanks -Cups

A:Drive Identification Letters

Cancel this post please!

I dropped down to the "autorun" post below (which i missed the first time), and followed the help link from there, and it seems to be working fine now.

Have a great day
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72 pins, i think, unless you count the pins on both sides, 2 chips on one side.
-at the top edge:
-on the chips:

i'm having trouble finding much on G-Link... anyone's help would be much appreciated.

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Dear Fellows inside the

i had stumbled upon the link:
distinguish what programs are downloading

the thread had been closed.
in june 2000, slipe had suggested to visit the link that is broken now.
(You can mess with the free trial of this;

what the program name would that be?
google suggested the program by the name of pc inventory software (

are there any program to control/manage bandwidth allocations?
tq b4


A:bandwidth management/identification

moved to networking forum and closed your other duplicated post
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Hello all,
I just got this mb used, and i have no info on it
Im trying to find out what it is so i can get a manual for it.
Heres all the info i have.
Its got onboard everything.
It has a slot 1 and a socket 370
it has both at and atx power plugs.
3 sdram slots
1 pci
its got a gold heatsink on the board that says Xcel 2000.
it says it has AMI bios.
it has a sticker on one of the chips that says AGP 8m, Ultra DMA 66, and PC99 connector.
it has the at style keyboard plug, and at the top right-hand corner, it says M748LMRT REV:1.3C

Any info on this board would be greatly appreciated.

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Every so often a grey dialog box pops up on my screen that asks me to identify myself by entering my pin number. Is this really MS/Win10 asking or have I been fished?
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Hi All,
I have an issue with my wireless connection. When I activate the wireless, it takes long from getting the connection to get internet access (for that yellow exclamation mark to get off the indicator on the tray notification).
I have DHCP and DNS Client services both running. I have also tried static IP settings, but things did not improve.
My router is a SAGEM fast 2404. Could it be a problem of the router (slow response)?

A:Connection identification slow.

Quote: Originally Posted by nkarytia

Hi All,
I have an issue with my wireless connection. When I activate the wireless, it takes long from getting the connection to get internet access (for that yellow exclamation mark to get off the indicator on the tray notification).
I have DHCP and DNS Client services both running. I have also tried static IP settings, but things did not improve.
My router is a SAGEM fast 2404. Could it be a problem of the router (slow response)?

Could be the router, homegroup (IPv6) your networking set up, or your ISP. Can we get more info?
Ken J
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I have 3PCs at home with win7. My pc has 2 network connections:
1. Internet connection (wired)
2. LAN connection (wired)

My pc gets internet through connection 1 and then shares it through connection 2, as simple as that, but here's the problem.

I can change connection 1 type and put everything I want public/work/home and all is great, but no matter what I do I just can't change the type of my LAN connection 2, it's always identified as public and it can't be changed (grayed out). Therefore I can't create homegroup. Guys, I really tried everything, but no luck, connection 2 is public and can't be changed. My pc has win7 x64, two other pcs have win7 x32

A:Network identification problem

Quote: Originally Posted by SLOT

I have 3PCs at home with win7. My pc has 2 network connections:
1. Internet connection (wired)
2. LAN connection (wired)

My pc gets internet through connection 1 and then shares it through connection 2, as simple as that, but here's the problem.

I can change connection 1 type and put everything I want public/work/home and all is great, but no matter what I do I just can't change the type of my LAN connection 2, it's always identified as public and it can't be changed (grayed out). Therefore I can't create homegroup. Guys, I really tried everything, but no luck, connection 2 is public and can't be changed. My pc has win7 x64, two other pcs have win7 x32

What is so important about making it homegroup? You can have a workgroup instead and that also means you can turn off IPv6 which causes problems in the first place
Ken J++
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I would like to know what a couple of programs do and or are. Here is the list:

Movie Shop
Web IQ Technology Engine

A:Solved: Program Identification?

Movie shop is much too generic to make an intelligent guess.

Web IQ Technology Engine:
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Dear Fellows inside the

i had stumbled upon the link:
distinguish what programs are downloading

the thread had been closed.
in june 2000, slipe had suggested to visit the link that is broken now.
(You can mess with the free trial of this;

what the program name would that be?
google suggested the program by the name of pc inventory software (

are there any program to control/manage bandwidth allocations?
tq b4


A:bandwidth management/identification

please do not duplicate posts - continue here
i have moved that post to networking and closed this post
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Everytime i boot my pc, my network is listed as "identifying" for about a minute, is there a way to make my pc remember instead of having to do it everytime i boot up, im sure when i first installed vista, it didnt last as long.

Also, this happens when resuming from sleep, but after about 30 seconds disconnects completely for another 30.

Im thinking that when i killed some services, one has caused vista to start doing this

A:Network Identification slow

Im also facing the same problem...hope someone can help us...Takes so long to connect to internet.
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My system:
Windows XP Pro SP2
Office XP (fully updated)

When I look at the startup list under Spybot S&D (Tools/SystemStartup) I find a software application called ctfmon.exe in it. As I understand it, this could be associated with Office XP (language and alternative input services) or is virus related.

How do I tell which it is? Both Spybot and Ad-Aware do not show this up as a virus on a normal scan; neither does NOD32. The Spybot System Startup list, however, says it is a virus (when I click on it) and shows it up as
Located: HK_CU:Run, ctfmon.exe
command: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exe
file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exe
size: 15360
MD5: 24232996a38c0b0cf151c2140ae29fc8

All suggestions will be much appreciated.

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I have Open Office installed, but am disappointed with some aspects. I also have MS Works, but find it restrictive. I would like to purchase the MS Office version of MS word, but I am having difficulty with identifying what I am looking at. For example, Amazon have Microsoft Word 2007 Home and Student Edition for GBP 68.48. But is it just what I have in Works, or it more like in Office? Allan.

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Does anyone know of a good program that can take a few thousand miscellaneous (unnamed) files and figure out which are jpegs, mp3's, word docs, etc.?

I've found a couple of programs online, but none of them seem to be able to do more than one file at a time.


A:File Identification utility?

Have you went into folder options under the view tab and selected show
hidden files, and show file extensions? That could probably help alot.
Maybe not...
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Well, I'm pretty sure I have some form of spy/malware, as when I try to immunise my system using Spybot it always says there are still 10 things unblocked.
The effects on the system seem to be isolated to my profile, when ever it starts up windows installer repeatedly tries to boot up something involving RPG maker millenium edition, which is after I uninstalled and deleted that program.
Also when the battery is low, the message is incorrect appearing as gibberish, or random program pathnames, and the critical battery message when it goes into hibernation, is completely clear.

Thanks in advance, I really hope you can help.

A:Spyware Identification/Solution

If you want to be certain, id suggest you head over to the security centre and read the 5 steps on preparing your log for our experts to have a read over.
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I have run netstat on my WinXP machine and I always see this information

Foriegn Address: http TIME_WAIT

Running Netstat -n
This addess is identified with IP TIME_WAIT

I have used TCPviewer and it says that this is a system process.

IS THIS MALWARE that is lying dormant on my system?
In the past I did have the PowerDVDplayer.exe virus and this was removed. Could it be that there some files still remaining from this.

I have run Spybot, Malwarebytes, Avast and SuperAntiSpy software to check the system and any bad files found have been removed but nothing can stop the above when I run netstat.

Any help in identifying this address would be helpful.
It might be that this is not a malware or a virus. If this is the case I apologise in advance for wasting peoples time. Thanks in advance.

A:Identification of netstat information

It looks to me to be a proxy server used by I would check with your IP to make sure this is the set up they use.
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Good Morning

My Name is Patrick, and I am a very new user here. I have been to this site many a time and have spent many hours trying to learn how to protect my computer from potential threats. In my research I have come across the svchost.exe program many times. Some things tell me that its a normal process, and others tell me that it is potentially dangerous.

If both are true, how are you suppose to determine which ones should be running, and which ones you should try to stop?

Thank you for any help.

I also want to say thank you for anyone and everyone who make programs like Adware and Spybot freeware. And to say thank you to the people who make websites like this one possible.

Thanks again.

A:svchost.exe identification question

svchost is normally a genuine file in XP/200/2003/NT

it is usually in the system32 folder

if it is in any other folder it is suspect, but might still be genuine, though that is unlikely ( some set- ups rename system32 to try to fool viruses, it's not an advised course of action , but i've seen it a few times)
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I have a two monitor setup My primary monitor is connected via DVI and my secondary monitor my TV is connected via HDMI When both monitors are connected Windows reads my TV as monitor and my primary monitor as monitor I've already set my primary monitor as default but unfortunately there are some issues that still occur When I select different wallpapers for my TV and primary monitor identification issues Monitor the wallpaper on the TV chooses the color scheme for the UI instead of using the wallpaper from my primary monitor This is because when both are connected my TV Monitor identification issues is monitor and primary monitor is monitor However when I disable my TV using the Devices option btw I have to choose Monitor identification issues quot second display only quot even though my primary monitor SHOULD be quot PC screen only quot my primary monitor becomes monitor and automatically adopts the wallpaper of my TV This is super annoying Monitor identification issues but I think it lies in the way the gfx card identifies monitors TLDR TV is identified as monitor and primary monitor is identified as monitor When TV is disabled my primary monitor is identified as monitor and adopts the wallpaper of my TV How do I fix this Any help would be much appreciated Thank you very much
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Hi I am asking for help in reading a HJTlog Background My WoW account has been compromised using a Key Logger or Trojan virus according to the WoW support team Therefore I have searched my system with the following sequence of scans ATF-cleaner Ad-aware Spybot Search amp Destroy MBAM F-secure Hijackthis The only thing identified was quot Win or logger identification Trojan Key BackdoorProRat quot by Ad-aware Don t know if this was true or false positive I have removed it Below I am pasting the HJT log I am very thankful if someone can help me look at the HJT log Cheers Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at on - - Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Key logger or Trojan identification WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C Program Lavasoft Ad-Aware AAWService exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster Anti-Virus fsgk st exe C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster Common FSMA EXE C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster Anti-Virus FSGK EXE C Program Java jre bin jqs exe C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster Common FSMB EXE C Program Linksys Linksys Updater bin LinksysUpdater exe C WINDOWS system PnkBstrA exe C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster Common FCH EXE C Program Telia Supportassistent bin sprtsvc exe C WINDOWS system java exe C Program Delade filer Pure Networks Shared Platform nmsrvc exe C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster Common FAMEH EXE C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster Anti-Virus fsqh exe C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster FSAUA program fsaua exe C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster Anti-Virus fssm exe C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster FWES Program fsdfwd exe C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster FSAUA program fsus exe C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster Anti-Virus fsav exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program ScanSoft OmniPageSE OpwareSE exe C Program Linksys Linksys EasyLink Advisor Linksys EasyLink Advisor exe C Program Delade filer Pure Networks Shared Platform nmctxth exe C Program Adobe Reader Reader Reader sl exe C Program PowerISO PWRISOVM EXE C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster Common FSM EXE C Program Telia Supportassistent bin sprtcmd exe C Program Java jre bin jusched exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exe C DOCUME Anders LOKALA Temp AutoDetect exe C Program Personal bin Personal exe C Program Microsoft Office Office ONENOTEM EXE C Program Telia Telias sakerhetstjanster FSGUI fsguidll exe C Program MICROS OFFICE OUTLOOK EXE C Program Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Delade filer Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLLoginProxy exe C Program Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe C Program Skype Toolbars Shared SkypeNames exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www google se R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyServer proxy umu se R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName L nkar O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Delade filer Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO Skype add-on mastermind - BF B-C D - d - A -A F BA C - C Program Skype Toolbars Internet Explorer SkypeIEPlugin dll O - BHO Canon Easy Web Print Helper - F E... Read more
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I need to find out what ftdibus.sys driver is used for, i have a compaq presario, another tech is trying to help me solve a memory dump problem.


A:needing driver identification

we have figured this out this driver is FTDIBUS is a USB serial converter driver , we have corrected the problem, great site
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How to find the devices connected to a single PC through Multiple LAN cards in windows CMD prompt?
For Example: There are 3 Lan NICs on a single PC and there are different devices connected to each of them,say a printer,a router etc., how do i do that?
Please Help.

A:Network Devices Identification

Would not using "ipconfig /all" help?
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Hi all,

Could someone please explain to me the significance of this HJT log entry.

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [ScanRegistry] C:\W

Part of my security routine is to check my own log and this entry appeared but I can't get information that I trust about it's relevance.


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How can I identify the specs on my Iomega external hard drive? I need to download a backup program for this hard drive, but it ask for the specs and I don't know the specifics. All I know is it's an Iomega brand and it's a terabyte size. I bought it from Frys a couple of years ago and I cannot find any paperwork and this is unusual because I normally save everything. How can I identify this hard drive?

A:Hard Drive identification

Have you tried Device Manager?
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I'm not sure which forum I should be posting in, but you can point me in the right direction. I was looking at a server today. the tower looked rather old, the os layout reminded me of xp. the properties indicate 'windows server standard fe'. is this 2003 or 2008 server? where on it can I find the info I need to identify it exactly?

A:operating system identification

In computer properties.

Start/right click computer/properties

same as any other windows based pc

or use system information
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My 4 year old desktop computer has 6 USB ports, 2 in front and 4 in back. They are mounted in pairs. According to device manager, only 1 of the 6 is 2.0 enhanced; the others are 1.1. How can I identify which port is the 2.0 enhanced one so I can plug in a 2.0 hub to expand the number of 2.0 ports available to me?

Thanks for the help.


A:USB port identification issue

Maybe this would be a better solution, an add-in USB card with multiple ports.

I don't know everything about every computer built; but, I've never known of a computer having a mixture of 1.1 and 2.0 on-board USB ports. pci&bop=And&Order=PRICE
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Hello and thanks for your help!

We have found a number of small envelopes that used to contain cd's and there are activation keys on the envelopes. How would we be able to match these to their proper programs please? Is there a list somewhere with the first 4 or 8 digits or something like that, which we could use to point us in the right directiton?


A:Solved: activation key identification

Belarc will show what's on the PC
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I bought an assembled PC in 2003.
it's manual has lost.
I need to identify it's capabilities so I can upgrade RAM.
I don't know who is the manufacturer of my mothherboard. (most probably, it's KRYPTON)

I want to upgrade it's RAM, and add aditional HDD of large volume (about 500 GB)
pls help.

It is running WIN XP, with 128 MB RAM (most probably DDR SDRAM, 266 MHz)
Processor is Intel Celeron, 1.7 GHz
Has only IDE and Intel 82801DB UltraATA Storage controller-24CB
Has Intel 82845 GE Graphics controller, Avance AC97 audio, Intel ICH4 USB.

A:Solved: Identification of hardware

Get SIW - System Information for Windows.

Get the Standalone English version, no need to install.
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I ve spent days cleaning up an old computer for donation to a charity The last thing I hope is an Bus SM Controller identification Solved: SM Bus Controller I have searched for hours not exagerating downloaded files attempted to install and nothing has helped I still have a quot Yellow Exclamation quot for SM Bus Controller in Device Manager The computer is an old eMachines T for which I no longer have the restoration CDs I have formatted and clean installed Windows XP Pro SP and all the subsequent updates as of minutes ago on the machine How do I determine which SM Bus Controller file to download install The eMachines website Solved: SM Bus Controller identification has a VERY limited driver download list and nothing for SM Bus Yes I know thousands will have low opinions on eMachines but that s beside the point I still want to Solved: SM Bus Controller identification get this machine ready for someone to be able to use Thanks Finally trial Solved: SM Bus Controller identification and error JFI the driver was NVidia from way back in nbsp
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Hello people,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but anyways, can you recommend a good program that identifies the song that you are listening to? I've been looking around on the internet but haven't found a great one so far.


A:Music identification software

Quote: Originally Posted by lymecore

Hello people,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but anyways, can you recommend a good program that identifies the song that you are listening to? I've been looking around on the internet but haven't found a great one so far.



You could try Shazam!!

Hope this helps
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Hi everyone!

I have two question:How can I identify the build number I have installed?
Can i rearm *after* 30 days have already passed? (I will be on holiday at the 30th expiration day)

A:Build identification + Rearm

Well the answer to the first question is just type "winver" w/o the quotes into the start>search bar and hit enter and wait and a box will pop up with the info you want.

I believe, but am not 100% certain, that you can rearm after 30 days have passed. I'm sure someone else will respond more authoritatively to that one.