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Compaq 5000 series CPU compatability

Q: Compaq 5000 series CPU compatability

I would like to upgrade the CPU on an older model Compaq Presario 5000/K series desktop. Currently installed is a 900Mhz Duron. I'm not sure what the model MB is, but presume it to be a micro ATX of some description. Would it be possible to "pop" in an Athlon XP 2.0 and if that is possible would the BIOS need upgrading as well?

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Preferred Solution: Compaq 5000 series CPU compatability

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Compaq 5000 series CPU compatability

Can you be a little more specific on the Compaq part number or provide a number like 5002US? A 900MHz Duron, but what about the motherboard bus speed? I saw a listing for the 5002US model with only a 200MHz bus speed... This could be your limiting factor in deciding what CPU would work for you
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The computer is running windows XP and appears to run okay. The problem is that when it is shut down completely it goes to a Blue screen that says the following:

*Hardware Malfunction
Call your hardware vendor for support
NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error
***The system has Halted***​
Like i said the computer seems to be running okay, but when it is shut down this is the message that comes up and it has to be turned off manually. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be or things i should check.

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help my compaq keeps frezzing, i dont know whats wrong with it i have opened it but i cant see any problems. help

pc info

compaq presario 5000 series
1 ghz
128mb ram

i have had this computer for a few years and have had a few problems with it, the first problem was that the cd drives didnt open, next the modem installed on it didnt work, next something happened to the cpu, and at the end of all that compaq just gave me a new pc, the first pc i had was a dell dimension xps t500 which im using now until i can get my compaq workin the dell has worked great from the day i got it havnt had one single problem with it, its a bit slow but it works great its only 64mb and pentium 3.

A:compaq presario 5000 series

freezing Compaq

It sounds to me like you got a Compaq Lemon But you can try to relaod the operating system next becasue you have replaced almost everything else and this is all that is left give it a try and that lemon might squeeze out some results if not I would sell it to the fruit factory and get a different Compaq
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This computer is Series up Compaq 5000 Preserio not boot will a US compaq Preserio Series running the following Intel Pentium Processor GHz MB SyncDRAM Total Memory GB UltraDMA Hard Drive X Max DVD-ROM Drive X Max CD-RW Drive MB nVidia GeForce MX Graphics Card TV-OUT Compaq Smart Credit Card Internet Keyboard Ethernet Compaq Internet Compaq Preserio 5000 Series will not boot up Scroll Mouse Windows XP Home with all up dates When turning on the computer there is no KeyBoard No Mouse no Beeps no monitor no sound The cpu fan is running The power supply fan is running The CD-ROMS fire or the lights on them come on then go off The Hard drive does not run I have tryed unpluging the power cord and powering down then I tryed to reboot after plugging the cord back in I think the Load Capacitors on the mother board are bad The power Supply connecter the P Cable to the mother board has v And the Power cable to the Hard drive and CD-Roms have v The floppy or A Drive shows volts Is the Mother Board Dead Anyhelp Thanks Fred nbsp

A:Compaq Preserio 5000 Series will not boot up

Could Be !
That machine 3.5- 4 yrs Old????
You ever done a total house(case) cleaning- Strip the cards and HDD,etc, down to scratch>clean card terminals with erasers>blow case and components out with air and carefully vacumn if necessary(DO NOT GROUND ANY PARTS) > install a new CMOS battery .
Now start to check items one at a time. First with Mb,ram ,vid crd See if you can get to BIOS screens> then progress to HDD's etc.
Ofcourse if any test level fails you have a good idea of what is wrong .

Oh yea>Welcome to Techspot
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hope someone can help out here. I have rediscovered an old laptop I had laying around and thought to be great to have it set up for my 6 year old son. Now all ok etc just one last thing I just can't get sorted. Tis the sound. So now below is the link for the sound driver but for the life of me I don't have a 1.44" floppy drive to download this to.

Is there a way around this or can someone download this for me and...."unzip it" and mail to me?

Please assist

A:Compaq LTE 5000 Notebook PC series SOUND
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Does anyone know how to pull the bad cd rom out? The cage to hold both the floppies and Cd Rom drives is rivited to the case and the other side of the case itself is rivited to the chassis. The cd rom is not screwed in, it's attached to two tabs. The tabs have two small pieces of metal which hold the cd rom by the screw holes.

I hope thats enough information. Thanks,

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This question might be stupid or u might not be able to do this but here it is....

My friend wants to know if the SONY BLACK 16X DVD+/-RW BURNER DUAL LAYER will fit in his 2000 Compaq Pesario Intel celeron 1200MHz 1.20 GHz, 256MB ram memory, 40gb ultra gma hard drive 12 speed dvd rom drive. Model# 5310US(for the computer)

Here is the link:

Please reply with an answer as soon as possible...

A:Will this Sony 16X DVD+/-RW BURNER fit in my friends 2000 Compaq Pesario 5000 series
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Does anybody know anything?

release dates?


i have looked everywhere, cant find anything.

all i can find is what prices to expect.....

A:ATI HD 5000 series

Haven't heard anything... probably because ATI doesn't plan on releasing new GPUs anytime soon.
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bad experience with my dell laptop Inspiron series I purchased my laptop on September it cost me I found my hard drive performance reach without nbsp any installing apps or programs once I tried to install original copy of Microsoft office my laptop stop working I called the service center and they collect my laptop and unfortunately they changed my hard drive and am lucky that my laptop still under the warranty then after long time of not using my laptop I tried to start work with my new laptop again the same issue back and my hard drive stop working I called the customer service and I explained the full story about the performance and may be Inspiron series 5000 / 15 there is an issue with the motherboard or this kind of Inspiron 15 / 5000 series hard drive again they changed my hard drive now for third time my hard drive performance is without downloading or installing any apps or prog nbsp and it s really very slow how come laptop with all this qualifications and still slow and now my warranty Inspiron 15 / 5000 series expired why I have to lose in one year without using my laptop because of bad service center please I need a solution
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hi i have a 4870 in my pc and im hopin to get a 5850 or something soon but idk what i should do with my old 4870 like can istill use it for anything? maybe for another monitor? or would 2 different monitors on 2 different cards be not possible? anyways i bought that card for like 250 and have loved it ever since and dont wanna sell it. just what can i do with it? (planning to buy a new montior fo dual display soon too)

A:So the 5000 series are here... i have a question

Sell it while it still has some value to help offset the cost of the new card.

And no you don't need two cards to run two monitors, you would be hard pressed to find a card made in the last few years that can't run dual monitors.
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So ive been debating on whether or not build a new i machine and although I really really want one I can't 5000 ATI Card Series New really justify the cost ATM Being as New 5000 Series ATI Card what I want will run me about and that excludes a new GPU Im thinking maybe just upgrade the GPU now and put the whole new platform on hold for months - gt a New 5000 Series ATI Card year Anyway I currently have a HD Vapor-X amp I really want to stay with Sapphire for an ATI card Simply because I have a New 5000 Series ATI Card few of them and they've all been fantastic What Im looking at GB Toxic Newegg com - SAPPHIRE Toxic - GTXSR Radeon HD Cypress Pro GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card GB Toxic Newegg com - SAPPHIRE TOXIC TXSR Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card Theres also a Vapor-X version of this same card Only difference is its not factory OC'd and a bit cheaper at GB Vapor-X Newegg com - SAPPHIRE Vapor-X VX- SR Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity So Im curious if anyone knows if the GB memory will help any at all over the GB at x I do like using AA and AF ive seen both reports yes it helps and no it doesnt untill higher res above P Would the be worth the extra cost over the Im wondering if the Toxic s may perform nearly as well as the Looking for some thoughts and opinions

A:New 5000 Series ATI Card

I was thinking, maybe you should wait until friday before you decide. HD6 series about to be released.
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my computer is less than 1 month old and the keyboard is locked.  How do I get it unlocked.
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im thinkin of gettin 2 HD 4870's in crossfire but idk. when will the 5000 series be out so i know not to waste my money now.

A:Any idea when HD 5000 series comes out?

september 10th the cards are being announced, i'd guess late spet early october we will be able to get our hands on them.
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I just had our company IT person complete a fresh install of win bin on my Dell XPS Prior to that I recently installed one of the AT HD Radeon series don't have the exact model near me It was installed and software was DL The software gave me the Catalyst to control my card I was using two monitors to play Microsoft Flight Simulator The Catalyst allowed me to stretch the screen so I had a full cockpit view Of course this also made my windows desktop screen stretched also as one full screen Now that I have win fresh install and the DL update Catalyst for the graphics card I don't have the option any longer to stretch my screen HD Series/Win7 Radeon bit 64 ATI 5000 help The new catalyst doesn't have the option NOTE I first ATI Radeon HD 5000 Series/Win7 64 bit help attempted to install the original software from disc that came with the graphics card but it would crash my computer everytime Can someone help me I'm not a computer genious AT ALL

A:ATI Radeon HD 5000 Series/Win7 64 bit help

Hi glades250, welcome to sevenforums.

You need to reinstall the drivers for Windows 7 - ATI Radeon use the first download link.

Let us know if you need further help.
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 I bought the Inspiron laptop online in October 2014. At the beginning of this year we noticed that sometime the "right hinge" started to give a cracking sound. We didn't pay attention to this problem, but it got worse and now there is a space between the cover and the laptop itself. We are not closing the cover anymore. I went online and discovered that this is an ongoing problem with this laptop. We would like it fixed. Can anybody advise us what route to take to get it repaired? Without going through BBB? Thank you. 

A:Right hinge Inspiron 5000 series

Read the announcement at the top of this Laptop General Hardware board, "Dell Laptop Hinge Policy". Because a hinge is under the "normal wear and tear" policy, you will need to pay for the repair using our "Support Service for Expired Warranties" offering.
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So I've tried to press the power button, obviouslly, but the laptop won't turn on. Not a single beep or flicker fron the power light occurs. It's like the laptop's dead. But when I connect the AC charger the light indicating that the laptop is charging is on....
Last thing I did: The laptop warned me that I have a low battery but I kept working... so ecentually it turned off automattically. I tried to turn it on again... without charging the battery... then it turned on, then of again... thereafter when i got home, I charged the laptop but when I press the power button... it doesn't start... can somebody help mee


Are you using the original charger? -if the battery is totally empty and if you're using a wrong charger it might give problems.
Also have you tried a "hard reset"? -This goes as follows: remove battery, charger, USB's etc; remove everything you can (except parts inside the laptop) and then keep the powerbutton pressed for 30 seconds. Then put the battery (and charger) back in and try to boot again.
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What is the difference between the Radeon Mobility HD 5000 series and 4000 series? I know the 5000 supports DirectX 11, but how is this a good thing? What is new? I've heard of Eyefinity, but I don't see how that and DirectX 11 will help at all on a laptop.

A:Radeon Mobility HD 5000 series

Quote: Originally Posted by Windows i7 920

What is the difference between the Radeon Mobility HD 5000 series and 4000 series? I know the 5000 supports DirectX 11, but how is this a good thing? What is new? I've heard of Eyefinity, but I don't see how that and DirectX 11 will help at all on a laptop.

1. price
2. clock speeds
3. amount of memory
4. DX 11
5. 3 monitor support
6. Dx 11 for newer games that will support DX11 greater eye candy and gaming
preformance, as well as Photoshop and any graphically demanding programs.

As far as helping a laptop it depends on the laptop and the CPU, amount of memory and type either DDR2 or DDR3
And on the GPU DDR5 or GDDR5

The 5 seire cards work with a different chip design for lower power consumption and greater battery life.

I use Nvidia so hopefuly an ATI member can better answer your questions and correct or add to any things in this post.

You have an exceptional laptop but it will never provide the same gaming experience as a comparable Desktop,where you can change the GPU/CPU.
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Laptop won't turn on. Indicator light works on charger. I have tried the "take battery out, unplug charger, hold power button, 30 secs. put everything back together" Doesn't work. Also, no beeps. And no light on power button. Help!!

A:Laptop Inspiron 17, 5000 series

Thank you for reaching us.
Is it possible for you to remove components like Memory module, Hard drive ?
That would help us figure out if something is stopping the laptop from starting up.
Can you check if the laptop charger light stays on when you plug it in? Was there any hardware/software changes made to this PC before it stopped powering on?
Thank you
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Hi - I am new to this site and really appreciate any help I can get. I purchased this computer in October 2015 brand new- starting using it in January of 2016 - I cannot seem to set up the computer as a new computer (if that makes sense) - I have used a computer for many years personal and business. I am trying to use a go to meeting site that allows me to get there but in the middle of the meeting - it continually says internet explorer had stopped working and kicks me out time after time - I feel it is something to do with the hardware but not sure - If someone is willing to just walk me thur the basic set up of a new computer or has an idea why this message is constantly popping up - I would really appreciate it- thanks so much!

A:Dell Inspiron 15-5000 series

As a test try a different browser (like Firefox or Chrome or Opera) to see if the problem is still present when not using IE.
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Can I upgrade my Inspiron 5558 with a quad core CPU? If so, with what has been tested?


A:Inspiron 15 series 5000 CPU's upgrade

While there are versions of this model shipping with quad core CPUs, some considerations:
The CPU is soldered to the system board, so the entire mainboard must be replaced to upgrade.  This has two ramifications:
1.  It's expensive - think upward of 50% of the initial cost of the system, and
2.  It voids any warranty remaining on the system.
With anything but the very highest-end notebooks these days, the CPU isn't upgradeable -- except for a very few remaining high-end workstations and gaming notebooks, socketed CPUs that can be upgraded are a thing of the past.
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Hi, this may seem like a stupid question, but I recently got the entry level Inspiron 13, 5000 series (i3, 4gb Ram). I want to upgrade the memory as it's a bit sluggish. Dell's site said this model only has one Ram slot. I've been told it actually has two. I'm a clumsy oaf and don't want to open the case unnecessarily (and break those awkward little clicky 'lips'). Can anyone tell me if there is one slot or two?

I ask because, if there is just the one, I'll go for 16, if it's two, I'll go for an 8 to make a total of 12. 

A:Memory upgrade for Inspiron 13 5000 series (2 in 1)

Check the service manual at dell support. Go Here for memory configuration. 
Adding memory to a laptop will work better if you match the ram. If it has 2 slots replace both or match the one it has. 
Here is the service manual for the Ins 13 5368 2 in 1-- manual_en-us.pdf
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Greets everybody, sorry in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong place.

So I'm having problems keeping ITunes open for longer the 60 seconds on my Laptop.

The error message I'm getting is a compatibility issue. I've tried manually changing the operating settings and finished with just admin as was recommended. I've had n o luck.
My older Ipod nanos open on the interface and I'm briefly able to add and remove songs before closing but my Ipod touch isn't even recognized when ITunes is opened. It does show the music on the device ect but I can't delete or add any music.

Anybody had an issue similar to this before?


A:ITunes issues via Inspiron 15/5000 Series

IPOD IPAD and IPHONE units change the IOS all the time.   They also drop support for older models and OS.   The Latest IPOD IPAD IPHONE will not work with XP or Vista or OSX 10.6 10.7 10.8  
10.9  10.10 10.11 and 10.12 are still supported as is windows 7 8 and 10.  ITUNES 12.5.3 is the current version as of today Nov 7, 2016

Windows 7 or later
64-bit editions of Windows require the iTunes 64-bit

You did not say which exact model of either device you have nor the version of the IOS aka version 6, 7, 8,  9,  10.  Nor did you say what model of Dell or USB2 or USB3 etc.
Older IPOD IPAD IPHONE DO not support IOS 8 9 or 10.
Not being able to delete or add music can be any one of 15 different problems associated with the version of windows,  version of IPOD IPAD IPHONE, and version of ITUNES Software.
ALL of these things IOS/ IPHONE/IPAD/IPOD are NOT Dell product and not supported on the DELL forum.
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Right now I am trying to use Android Studio on my Dell Laptop, and I installed the HAXM within Android Studio. Now, Android Studio tells me that I need to enable VT-x on my laptop in my bios. How do I do this? 
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
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I have a Dell Inspiron I5 / 5000 series which would not start on pressing the power button. I called Dell while it was still under warranty (it is out of warranty now), and they advised to simply remove the battery, and reinsert it. The laptop started fine after this tweak. However, it has done the same now on two more occasions, and worked after doing exactly the same each time.
This is now turning out to be a botheration. Would someone advise on a permanent fix? 

Thanks in advance
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I attached a powered 6 port USB Hub to my Inspiron 5000 series laptop. The laptop will not boot up with the Hub connected, I must wait until after boot up is complete to connect the Hub. Is there a special USB Hub needed so that it can be connected at all times including boot up?

A:Adding a Powered USB Hub to an Inspiron 5000 series

Greetings,We need to update BIOS and Chipset driver. We also need to update driver for USB driver if it is available for this system.Please help us with the system model in detail and also check if this device works fine on other system.
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this is a new laptop, the problem is that it wont turn on with the battery ( the battery has been charged), it will just turn on if i remove the battery and plug the charger in. I have searched for solution on the internet, i did try one, i removed the battery and charger, the pressed the power button 30s and then put back the battery and charger, and it turn on. I thinked this solution would fix the problem but it didnt.
Hope you will help me fix this problem forever, thanks
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Hi,I have an aspire 5745g notebook and I heard that microsoft is planning to upgrade all genuine windows 7/8/8.1 users to the upcoming windows 10. But I wanna confirm whether acer will provide native windows 10 compatible drivers (at least gpu) for older aspire series notebooks or not? Because I've tried installing windows 8.1 with windows 7 drivers from support section and it gave me lots of issues.Please help! Thanks.

A:Will old aspire 5000 series notebooks get drivers ...

Microsoft will not automatically upgrade your operating system to Windows 10. It will first check if your system is compatible with Windows 10. If it is compatible, you will get a notification asking whether you wish to upgrade to Windows 10. To know more about this, the following link can be helpful: To check if Acer will roll out drivers for Windows 10 for your model, you are advised to contact Acer support by using the link below: Hope this will help you.
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Pretty much in the title. Randomly, I'll move my finger across the touchpad but it doesn't register. Then I have to kind of move my finger *very* lightly and it will register and move again. Laptop isn't six months old yet so this is hella-annoying (yes I know it's under warranty, but I don't want to ship it away for two weeks if possible!)
I've read that uninstalling then reinstalling both the touchpad driver and the touchpad program itself, but I'm not technically gifted so I'd rather not chance making things worse.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I have a Dell Inspiron Series that was purchased with Windows and upgraded to Windows earlier this year nbsp Recently the PC has had problems booting into Windows nbsp What I mean is that when I turn the PC on I rsquo d see the Dell screen and when you expect to see the Windows Start Screen the monitor would be blank with no signs of activity and no mouse pointer nbsp I thought that maybe Windows might be corrupted so I began a reinstall without deleting my personal files nbsp nbsp Everything was going fine until at some point during the installation the PC reverted to the same state it did when it would not boot Windows nbsp Just a blank screen no 17 Booting Not Windows 5000 Series Inspiron sign of activity and no mouse pointer nbsp Any ideas on what might be the problem UPDATE Ok I used an HDMI cable and hooked the PC up to my TV nbsp All of a sudden the PC monitor came on but its a distorted mess however I was able to make out the login screen nbsp As soon as I unplugged the HDMI cable the screen went blank again

A:Inspiron 17 5000 Series Not Booting Windows

Thank you for writing to us!
We would ask you to check if the Dell logo comes up .
If it doesnt check if you are able to boot in safe mode and check .
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.
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Hi,I have an aspire 5745g notebook and I heard that microsoft is planning to upgrade all genuine windows 7/8/8.1 users to the upcoming windows 10. But I wanna confirm whether acer will provide native windows 10 compatible drivers (at least gpu) for older aspire series notebooks or not? Because I've tried installing windows 8.1 with windows 7 drivers from support section and it gave me lots of issues.Please help! Thanks.

A:Will old aspire 5000 series notebooks get drivers ...

Microsoft will not automatically upgrade your operating system to Windows 10. It will first check if your system is compatible with Windows 10. If it is compatible, you will get a notification asking whether you wish to upgrade to Windows 10. To know more about this, the following link can be helpful: To check if Acer will roll out drivers for Windows 10 for your model, you are advised to contact Acer support by using the link below: Hope this will help you.
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My problem with this two year old laptop is that I can't turn it on? Someone suggested that it might be the Motherboard? If so, can they be replaced?

How would I go about checking to see if indeed this is the source of the problem?

A:Hello...perhaps someone can help me? I have an Acer Aspire 5000 series laptop

Common windows XP error. Check to be sure you have all the driver updates from Acer, then make sure you have all the Microsoft updates.
It is not the motherboard. But the fix is different for every computer brand.
I assume you have scanned for virus and spyware, in both normal and Safe Mode.
If you have a copy of Windows XP disk that will allow a Repair mode from a cold boot, that usually takes care of it, otherwise.
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I bought inspiron 5000 series laptop last year august ,from that day when battery decreases to 19% of charge it automatically shutdowns, without seeking any permission.Is there any changes to be made in the settings or it is a default case .
I lost my report due to this issue many times.
Please inform me if there is a way to avoid as soon as possible
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I attempted to do a system reset on my son's new laptop, selecting to keep
his personal files rather than completely wipe everything.  That was 4 hours ago.  How long would it take to restart? It has been on a black screen with the rotating white loading circle constantly going, for the last 3.5 hours and I don't know what to do.  Can anyone help?
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I've had my Inspiron all-in-one for less than a year.  Both USB ports have broken where the blue plastic piece has come out.  The first one fried my external harddrive and I lost thousands of pictures.  
I've been told this isn't under warranty as it was an accidental mishap that I caused.  Clearly, since both have broken, it's some sort of hardware issue.  
Has anyone else had this happen?  I'm told my only option is to pay $265 for replace it.  Are there any other options?  External USB drive?  I can't get anyone to talk to me other than saying I owe $265.  

A:Inspiron 24 5000 Series - BOTH USB ports have broken pieces

Hi,Dell All In One 24 5000 series does not have any have any known issues with the USB slots. If the blue plastic inside the USB port is broken it is not covered under regular hardware warranty of Dell.
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Been getting a dell update notification for the last week or two and after I finally clicked on update my laptop is now very laggy. If i try to play video I get choppy sound and video. When i look at the task manager there isnt anything hogging the Cpu, HD, or memory.
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The computer is only a few months old and right from the get go I've has this thing crashing at least once an hour. I've got the updated driver, I've tried reloading the driver and still no fix. 

A:Inspiron 15 5000 series Display Driver crashing

Try video driver 20.19.15. 4404 AO3 that just became available a few days ago.  It fixed my problem.
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I got my Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series a week ago, and despite things working perfectly in the beggining, my touchpad stopped scrolling (2-finger gesture).
The only think it does is move the cursor.
According to the sticker on my laptop I have a precision touchpad, but I see no "You have a precision touchpad" statement in the settings as I believe I should.
Can anyone help? Is there a specific driver that maybe got corrupted? (I ran the update driver test and it says that my driver is up to date) Or is there a separate driver for the gestures?
Thanks for the help
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The cursor is jumping around when you lift your finger from the trackpad. I am finding it very difficult to use Photoshop and cannot do anything precise which is ironic as this is a precision touchpad. There is nothing precision about it.
In this post someone found a firmware Dell for XPS13, Is there something similar for 5559?
Thank Very Much

A:Problem in 5559 (series 5000) touchpad / trackpad

You can update the System Setup(BIOS)and see if that make an difference. Please click on the link below:

Just making sure I'm reading your post correctly, you do have the precision touchpad on the Inspiron 5559 ? Correct ? If you don't know for sure, go to device manager, stroll down to "Mice And Other Pointed Devices, and then expand it. Hopefully, you'll see touchpad driver.
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I just bought nbsp Dell inspiron series nbsp November and it doing nicely until last week because I think I m just using it for watching movies and surfing the web and last week nbsp I install games like shadow of mordor splinter cell resident evil revelations and nbsp It works fine and after that I install steam dota one piece pirate warriors and saints row IV and those three most of the time it nbsp freezes my screen make the sound of tztztztztztz I thought its 5000 DELL everytime 15 Series crashes INSPIRON broken DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 Series crashes everytime when its like that and DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 Series crashes everytime keyboard wont work when the screen is froze or making the sound tztztztztztz And when I restart it it takes so long to boot not unlike when I first buy it only few seconds and I m in the desktop already Does this laptop have problems playing those games I mean this laptop have gb ram and gb graphics card my graphics card are updated and I m using windows Does this laptop have internal problems of some sort or what Help

A:DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 Series crashes everytime

Hi Francis, I have the same problem I'd like to know if you find a solution or something that at least let you play?

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My laptop is only months old nbsp I am getting an error message that says quot Alert Series Message Power Adapter Error 5000 on nbsp The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined nbsp The battery may not charge nbsp The system will adjust the performance to match the port adapter quot nbsp There is a Note that this can be disabled in the BIOS setup which I went into and saw no such thing nbsp Also Power Adapter Error Message on 5000 Series at the bottom you can Continue Enter BIOS Setup or Diagnose nbsp If I do Continue or BIOS Setup Power Adapter Error Message on 5000 Series it won t boot into Windows nbsp If I run the Diagnose it takes hours and then will boot Power Adapter Error Message on 5000 Series into Windows nbsp I don t dare turn the computer off and have to run another hour diagnostics which comes up with nothing is wrong nbsp My computer is much more sluggish and the mouse very sluggish since this happened nbsp I ve read other things about this on older computers but this computer is virtually new nbsp Any help would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Power Adapter Error Message on 5000 Series

Call Dell - they'll send a new adapter first.  If that doesn't solve the problem, they'll replace the DC jack or the mainboard -- all under warranty.
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I just got a new Inspiron 15 5000 series model P39F a couple days ago for work.
What is happening is periodically while I am on the laptop the screen glitches/blinks black then all is fine until it does it again. There is no pattern and it just happens every once in a while. Not sure if I need to adjust a setting or if this is a display/screen defect.
Anybody else have this happen to them?

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series screen glitches

Hi markelhaj,
I would suggest you to update the BIOS and Video card driver on the system. Please enter your service tag # on the link below, select the OS, then download the BIOS from BIOS section and Video card driver from Video section onto the system and install it.
Also, I’d suggest that you optimize and maintain your computer. Please run the fix it tools from the link below to check for issue resolution.
Please let me know if this helps.
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So I got a microphone the other day, it wasn't working on my laptop, so I decided to download the Dell audio driver to make sure I hadn't missed an update or anything. It didn't make the microphone work (it was a cheap *** mic anyway), I wasn't super surprised by that. What DID surprise me was after downloading Dell's driver, from Dell's own site, the audio coming from my speakers was cut by about 2/3rds. So now playing any audio has to be done at 80 - 100% volume rather than 20 - 30% like before. Is there any way I can fix this? After all, it only happened AFTER using Dell's provided software.
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I was wondering where on this forum should I begin? It's slow at everything, even the mouse movement.
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So I spilled some water on the keyboard I tried to take it away using a cloth and then put it upside down on 15 series my Inspiron Spilled water Dell 5000 I then had a hot lamp over it so that it would dry Opening Spilled water on my Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series the back cover was out of the question since I had no way to remove the nails After an hour I tried to open it It did open and worked ok The only problem was that yhere would be pop up messages about the usb no functioning properly or the headphones I Spilled water on my Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series just connected when I had nothing on the usb and no headphones The morning after however the Spilled water on my Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series laptop after being powered on would display Error code xc your pc has to be repaired The digital signature for this file could not be verified Contact your PC administrator or PC manufactorer if you dont have the repair tools I bought this in Greece a month ago but I am now a student in Edinburgh and I desperately need some help on what to do since this laptop is vital for my course and I cannot afford a new one at the moment Sorry for the wall of text and thank you for your answers I desperately need some help

A:Spilled water on my Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series

Hi JOHN6598,
What is the exact system model? 
If water droplets has entered onto the circuit level of the motherboard, then there is a high possibility that many components would stop working.
If the system has complete care accidental warranty purchased, then we can have it serviced under warranty. If not, you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
If the system has complete care warranty, then please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name, Phone#, Address and Email). 
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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This laptop had click sound going on when closing and opening lid It had this from day one and i assumed it is new laptop and will get fine after few uses As i used this laptop rarely i did not mind this issue until recently i opened the lid and heard click and found right side corner hinge pop out Now my laptop is unusable and needs the replacement I used this laptop with care and am sure this was manufacturing defect This needs to be replaced Hinge Inspiron - Broken 15 5000 Series Dell for free I tried to reach DELL support few times but was put on wait for hours and had to give UP Now when i call them they say your warranty is expired and you have to pay for this replacement I don t buy this THIS IS MANUFACTURING DEFECT s of users experienced the same DELL has to OWN responsibility and fix it This makes CUSTOMERS DAY This breaks customer trust on DELL I see this is getting more and more into Fabric of DELL So many customers are complaining about DELL nbsp Please Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series - Broken Hinge help and fix issues that is your liability and do not penalize customers nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series - Broken Hinge

Yes Its true.Same issue with mine aswell.Sadly Dell doesn't own responsibility to it. And everytime I call dell support I end up hearing from them "parts not available"There is another thread for this same
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My laptop screen has been blinking, like there's a loose wire.  Tilting the screen/lid, or holding it firmly usually makes it stop for a few minutes.  Can anyone help?  If it's a loose wire where can I go to get it fixed, and how much would this cost?  
Many Thanks
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I would like to setup one, preferably two, external monitors on an Inspiron 15 5000 Series Laptop.
I would like the monitors to work independently (extended?)  ie: Be able to use all *two/three separately - shuffle open windows/pages around between them ..

What do I need to do/buy?

I have not bought monitors yet, but have a source for some used corporate surplus. Going to assume they are not 'the latest greatest' and only have standard hookups (vga or dvi?)

Thanks and appreciation in advance ..
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I used to have a lot of problems with the touchpad intermittently freezing; it then worked well for a while but is now misbehaving oddly.
The right and left buttons on the touchpad work normally, but instead of moving the cursor, trying to use the main part of the touchpad scrolls the screen up and down instead.  A USB mouse connected works normally.
It started yesterday.  Only thing I did was run AdwCleaner and delete a registry key it found (I think I had downloaded adware on mistake so I was cleaning it).  It started this behavior a little while later.
ScrollLock doesn't seem to be on and I have tried disabling and re-enabling the touchpad.

A:Touchpad acting up: Dell Inspiron 5000 series

This was solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the touchpad and drivers.
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I've updated bios and drivers and anything else I can think of.

A:screen flashes/flickers on Inspiron 15 5000 series

What is the exact system model? What is the OS installed on the system? When did the issue start? Are there any bluescreens / system crashes? What application are you using when the screen flickers? 
Please check with an external monitor.
Also, run a stress test on the system -
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.
If the system is under warranty, then contact us via Twitter - @dellcares for faster communication or write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details. If there is no warranty, then we can help with a paid service call if required.
Keep us updated.
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Well, Dell was so very gracious and sent me a brand new keyboard stating that mine was defective since it died yesterday morning. So while I have received the new keyboard, I am clueless on how to remove the defective one and install the new one. There were no instructions sent. No website to visit for instruction and I can not figure out how to do this! Anybody have instructions?

A:Inspiron 15 5000 series Keyboard removal and install

Thank you for writing to us.
You can find the manual for your system on our Dell Support Site:

You can filter using either your system service tag or system model.
It you can download the system manual which will guide you with the steps.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id if you have any other query.
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Hello I just purchased this pc and when I read the manual it talked about a backlight keyboard but when I pressed the button it wouldn't turn on could anyone help me with this I even called and checked with windows 10 but they were really not any help. They were as lost as I am could anyone tell me if my computer has a backlight keyboard and if so how do I cut  it on
thanks in advance

A:Dell laptotp Inspiron 17 5000 series no touch

The backlit keyboards are optional when purchasing the computer. If you do have a backlit keyboard, then pressing the F10 key wouild activate/deactivate the backlight.
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I just bought a new dell laptop " dell Vostro 14 5000 series'' well my friends laptop can do a middle click if you press the left and right button twice but mine is having an issue and I cant solve it can anyone help me please
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A friend asked me to look at his Compaq Presario 5000.Mod 5BW160 He tried to upgrade to XP and the system crashed. He formatted the drive ,loaded W98 and now got "invalid system disk". I used to do computer repair and remember information about Copmaq diagnostics partition and how it had to be on the drive for the system to see the drive.
He does not have his restore disks, so I ordered them from Compaq. Am I correct on the partition that must be on this model of Compaq?

A:Compaq 5000

Hi and welcome. If you got 98 loaded, you shouldn't be seeing the invalid system disk. Are there any disks in the floppy or cdrom drive?

Does F 10 upon bootup get you into the bios?
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I recently updated my Laptop HP pavilion dv7, since that my graphic card amd mobility radeon hd 5000 series won't work,  but my "normal" graphic card work amd mobility radeon 4200. The Amd 5000 shows always code 43, pls I need help. I alredy tried deleting the software and reinstall it.Sorry for my bad english. My Laptop:HP Pavilion dv7Prozessor: AMD Phenom(tm) II N620 Dual-Core Processor, 2800 MhzWP046EA#ABD
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i bought a new inspiron 15 5000 series laptop , and i have installed windows 7 on it , because i have certain programs that only operate on windows 7 , the problem is that the USB ports are not functioning due to missing drivers, i tried to look for those drivers on the support page but i couldn't find any specific ones for windows 7.
can any one give me the solution or a link please !
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does anyone know if this can be done i have a non touch with a broken screen and would like to install a touch is there any issues with doing so that i would need to know before i order a new screen

A:Inspiron 15 5000 Series 5559 upgrade screen to a touchscreen

Thank you for writing to us!
This upgrade in the screen can be done only at the time of purchase as the system configuration will be different from a touch to a non- touch.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.
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I just bought a new Inspiron 15, 5000 series, I just took it out of the box, plugged the AC adapter in , started the setup and the laptop is stuck on the opening screen, it shows my name and the rotating dots, it's been doing that for 30 minutes already. Doesnitbtakevthat long to do the initial setup?

A:New Inspiron 15 5000 series laptop, won't get pass the initial boot

try taking the battery out unplugging the charger and then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds and then  put battery back in plug charger up then press power button and see if that may fix it.
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I have an Inspiron 17 5000 series with Windows 8.1.  Recently, when I plug an external speaker line into the audio jack, as we've been doing since we bought it about a year ago, there's now a buzzing ticking sound. The music will play, but not without the ticking.  And sometimes when I plug into the audio jack, there's a high pitch squeal that lasts a second. But, the ticking noise doesn't stop.  I've updated drivers and it says they're updated with the latest and greatest. Any solution on fixing this??  Thanks!   -- Russ 

A:Inspiron 17 5000 series audio jack buzzing noise

I have an Inspiron 17 5000 series, having static sounds when I plug in my speakers or earphones.  Problem happened "overnight"  one day all was well, next afternoon, static.   Did a system restore, thinking some auto update messed up the driver, but that did not help.  Internal speakers still sound really nice, but need to have the audio jack work correctly
If I cannot get a fix for this, will have to send it back.  Got too much data, pix, and music  loaded and too many programs to reinstall.  Really Really don't want to do this.   
Please help!   and Thanks!
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I have been trying to play Neverwinter NIghts 5000 15 games play inspiron wont dell series on my laptop for a few days now and every time I launch the game I get nbsp notification that the resolution is not optimal and then I get a message saying quot the game has stopped quot I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice with no sign of a fix I called dell and they said there were corrupt files but that I had to pay them for the software warranty I have been playing this game for months and it has never been a problem until now Games are usually slow but they never crash this badly Does anyone know what I can do or do I just dell inspiron 15 5000 series wont play games have to pay out a bunch of money Also there are problems with the headphones jack sometimes not playing audio through headphones but through the regular speakers any fix to that I m not happy that it has so many problems already its only like dell inspiron 15 5000 series wont play games months old Thanks
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So I ran into the old plugged in, not charging problem with my laptop about a month back. I hoped it was the charger, but upon getting a replacement 65-watt charger, the problem persisted. I assumed the fiddly bits on the inside of the laptop had given up the ghost, as I've had that issue before, but when a friend plugged in his 90-watt dell charger it worked like a charm. I'd rather not have to go buy a new 90-watt charger, but I will if I have to.
Also, I suppose I should mention that I'm using a 5759 with no modifications. Also, I used to get an error message every time I plugged in a 65-watt charger though it doesn't show up anymore for whatever reason and I can't remember exactly what it said. Something about it not being recognized or somesuch. Same error message with 3 different 65-watt chargers.
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I have an Inspiron 17 5000 series, having static sounds when I plug in my speakers or earphones To Listen To MP3 DOWNLOAD SONGS.  Problem happened "overnight"  one day all was well, next afternoon, static.   Did a system restore, thinking some auto update messed up the driver, but that did not help.  Internal speakers still sound really nice, but need to have the audio jack work correctly to be able to listen to my Mp3 Download Itunes Songs.
If I cannot get a fix for this, will have to send it back.  Got too much data, pix, and music  loaded and too many programs to reinstall.  Really Really don't want to do this.   
Please help!   and Thanks!

A:Inspiron 17 5000 series audio jack buzz-like noise

Note to anyone replying to this poster:
The text in the first post in this thread was lifted word by word from a post last week by a different person, with some links added. This does not appear to be a legit thread.
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So I'm using a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series which has only one audio socket, while my headset has two plugs. The thing is if I plug the headset in and use it without pressing OK on this pop up dialog, I can use the microphone, but not the headphones. On the other hand, if I press OK, the headphones will work but the microphone won't. What's the problem here?
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I just purchased this labtop and was running fine until after about a week the computer needed to update Bios. I closed all running programs and allowed for the computer to update. When I came back to check on my computer it would say no boot device found press any key to restart. I would do this repeatedly to no avail. I ran ePSA diagnostics and it said everything was working with the computer. Please help!!!

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series No boot device found

Tyler, I have the same what can we do?  I cannot use my laptop at all.  I will NEVER trust Dell again!  Keep me posted if someone figures this out!
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Hi!I have a brand new (like 2 month old) Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series and I've noticed a problem with it. If i turn on the laptop and it's not plugged in, it runs just fine. However, when it's already on and I plug it in to the power, the screen goes to black and after a few seconds it goes to sleep. After, I turn it on again and it works just fine. However, this issue has happened a couple of times before and I don't know what to do to stop it. HELP

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series goes to sleep when plugged into power

Fhms97 is this issue still happening? I just bought a factory "like new" Dell Inspiron 15 5000 and I'm having the same exact issue. Did you end up fixing it?
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Dell Inspiron series arrived yesterday afternoon Just been trying to set it up and having trouble with the DVD drive - doesn t recognise anything that is loaded Makes all the right noises tray opens and closes LED works whirring spinning sound as expected But nothing showing in windows explorer No drive appears No autoplay Have stepped through the auto supportassist feature no reported problems with anything Device manager showing that the DVD drive is connected and Dell recognising not 10 new series, drive 5000 windows brand DVD/CD media, working as it DVD/CD drive not recognising media, brand new Dell 5000 series, windows 10 should Drivers are saying up to date The only one time I managed to get the laptop to recognise something in the DVD tray was actually when I went into device manager and clicked on the update driver button It seemed DVD/CD drive not recognising media, brand new Dell 5000 series, windows 10 to trigger something that made the disc inside spin and the drive appeared briefly in windows explorer But since then it either displayed the contents of that one disc even when different discs were loaded subsequently and since rebooting has gone back to not showing anything Same story whether CDs DVDs software etc Of course Dell support are not available until monday when i m back at work Hopeless Is there something obvious i m missing Have I not set up the new laptop properly I followed all the instructions on screen when first booting and been through everything in the quick start guide twice now Any advice greatfully recieved Tom

A:DVD/CD drive not recognising media, brand new Dell 5000 series, windows 10

Use the support web site instead of phone. That is available 24/7. One thing to try if you haven't already is Windows Update with several reboots/retries until there is nothing more available.
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Hi I purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 (5558) series Inspiron WiFi laptop automatically disconnects 5000 in my series laptop in October from the Dell store in Amazon It was shipped with Windows pre-installed I didn t have to upgrade The laptop is generally functioning very well and I don t see any hardware issues The one issue I m facing since the time I bought my laptop is that the WiFi disconnects automatically after a while There s no specific time period at which this happens but it happens nonetheless if I leave it alone for a significant period of time anywhere b w minutes WiFi disconnects automatically in my Inspiron 15 5000 series laptop (5558) to a few hours I mostly leave the laptop on throughout the day Each time the only option I m left with is to restart the laptop which fixes the issue Another thing that I observed whenever this issue happens is that all options regarding WiFi don t work For eg I tried disabling and enabling the WiFi driver I clicked on the disable option multiple time and it doesn t do anything However when I restart the system the driver is disabled and I have to manually enable it for WiFi to connect Other Devices I used to have a Dell XPS before and it used to work fine and my office laptop is a Dell Latitude and it doesn t have this issue either I also connect my phone Samsung S and tablet Nexus to the same network and no issues Details Laptop Dell Inspiron Series OS Windows shipped with laptop in Oct Internet Comcast Mbps Initially it was fine but now this continuous restart now and then is getting on my nerves I ve tried googling for this issue a lot and played around with most settings including setting the power setting to maximum performance so please don t quote that solution Any help here would be appreciated Thanks in advance Thanks Sriraj

A:WiFi disconnects automatically in my Inspiron 15 5000 series laptop (5558)

Can anybody help with this?
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I have a Dell Inspiron 15, 5000 series, that came with Windows 8.1 on it. I upgraded to Windows 10 and the ethernet connection started dropping out, giving messages that the cable is not connected, when it is. I had installed all the driver updates from Dell's site, including all the firmware and BIOS updates. According to the Dell site, the laptop has supposedly been tested to function with Windows 10.
I have disabled the card, then renabled it, but still no success. I have tried rolling back to Windows 8.1 and the ethernet connection functions just fine. I tried upgrading to Windows 10 again, but the ethernet connection does not function even after reinstalling all the drivers from Dell. Is there any way to find out if this model is just not capable of upgrading in spite of Dell's statement that it is?
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i need help if any one can help me i picked up a compaq proliant server 5000 it wont turn on it lights up for a sec then shuts down it wont even let me get it into safe mode to re format it im not sure what to do to get it to turn on and stay on so i can change the boot sequence to boot from the CD room can some one please help me thanx

A:compaq proliant 5000 server

Looks like there is a PSU overload.. Maybe a short somewhere or the PSU is dying.

Try disconnecting all "extra" peripherals and boot with only CPU, RAM, video connected.
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I have a compaq 5000 series running win XP.
The computer runs but I get no Video?
The monitor button stays orange when plugged in.
I tried another monitor but had the same results.

If I installed a PCI video card would it take off and work??

Let me know please tech guys.



A:Compaq 5000 runs, No video?

Tried replacing the video card but stil the same results??
Any ideas???
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I have the compaq 5000 us that had ME operating system. I upgraded to XP professional and all was well. Computer was un used for several week when I tried to use it, it had no video. The drive lights came on and you can hear the the sounds of the drives and fans but no beeps or video. I substituted a different video card but no change. I cleaned contacts in the sockets with no change.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:No Video- Compaq Model 5000 US

When it did work OK did you get a post beep On boot up before?
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A friend of mine has asked my to upgrade her computer for her. It a compaq presario 5000 with a AMD duron.

Ive been looking around for the manual for the motherboard so i know the highest cpu it will support.

Does anyone know where i can find this information or know the best cpu i can use?

Thanx in advance

A:Compaq Presario 5000 Motherbaord

Compaqs are too upgradable. Have you checked the Compaq website?
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Hi, I'm looking for a video driver for a Compaq Presario 5000 running Windows 2000.
Anyone know where I can get the drivers for it or even what video card it runs.
Thank you.

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Hi all,

I have a Toshiba Equium A100 027, the screen of which has developed a few lines. It's never bothered me much, but the opportunity has arose to replace it. I've come across a screen taken from an Equium A100 *147* for sale, and am wondering if it will work in my machine.

The resolution and size are the same, the only difference i can see is that the screen from the 147 is of the "TruBrite" variety.

Can anyone tell me if this will work in my 027 model?


A:Screen compatability across Equium A100 series


I think you can use the display from Equium A100 147 on the Equium A100-027
The size and the connectors should be the same?
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my laptop battery light is flashing orange. I'm running Windows10.
I checked the battery health meter and the battery is 100% charged and the meter indicates that it is functioning normally. The laptop is only a few months old.

I saw another post that suggested rebooting the laptop with the cable unplugged. I'going to try that next.
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I have just bought this Dell laptop and is having issues while connect the screen to my LG TV - the first day it works all fine, then after the TV screen start to blink (screen on for say 10 seconds and then black out/blink 1 or 2 times) - I have tried switching to another HDMI cable and still having issues - what is the problem??
Dell Laptop: Inspiron 15 5000 Series 1TB HDD 8GB RAM Core i5-6200U Win10
LG TV: LG Full HD Smart 3D LED LCD TV (Model 55LA7400)
I don't think it is a TV problem as I have used the same HDMI cable for other devices and it has worked just fine.
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Computer: Dell Inspiron 13 5000 series 2-in-1 laptop. Core i7 processor, windows 10. Let me know if you need more information.
I'll be playing some sort of media (eg: youtube video) and the volume will be just fine. Then, over a period of 10-20 seconds it will slowly fade out until you can't hear it. I'll need to close the media and reopen it to fix this problem. I have not experienced this when using headphones. 
I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers and that did not help.
Thank you for any advice.
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Hi I have a problem not will 5000 Compaq POST boot up or Proliant with a Compaq ProLiant that i could desperately do with some help with It worked perfectly until i moved house and after a few months of being in a corner i turned it on for the first time to discover that it would not boot up at all It powers up the fans come on all the lights on all the Hot Pluggable disks light up momentarily lights on the keyboard light up for the briefest second The big red Compaq logo appears on the screen and sometimes the memory check starts But then the screen just goes blank sometimes the memory check doesn t even start at all and the screen just blacks out Compaq Proliant 5000 will not boot up or POST after the Compaq logo The computer does not die altogether the fans keep whirring and the green power light remains on but that is it I do not get any beeps but a couple of times the middle green light on one of the disks came on and remained on but nothing else happened even if i left the machine for hours No amount of rebooting or pulling disks in or out or pulling the cover on or off made any difference at all It just does the same Any help would be greatly appreciated just point me in the right direction Thanks in advance Alan nbsp

A:Compaq Proliant 5000 will not boot up or POST

Interesting how you say that a light comes on and remains on, usually this suggests that the hardware is not connected properly; have you checked to make sure all of the wires in your case are securely fastened and plugged into the right places?

Also, it would help us solve your problem if you gave us some system specs. How long did you have your computer before moving house? And finally, have you ever left your computer on and experienced a power surge or something similar? This could cause some problems for your PSU and usually the damage would stay there (in normal circumstances). So if you could post the above and other relevant info, it would be greatly appreciated .
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I have an old Compaq and want to increase the RAM to the maximum. Presently have two sticks of 128 SDRAM. I want to know if I can increase the RAM beyond 256 MB. What is the highest possible amount on this machine? I have searched the HP/Compaq sites endlessly but can't find out what the maximum RAM I can install. The only success on the HP/Compaq site was a out of stock stick at 128.

Compaq PC
System Serial Number: 1X07DTZ9R1T7
750 megahertz Intel Pentium III
Board: Compaq 06C0h
Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
BIOS: Compaq 686C3 04/18/2001
256 Megabytes Installed Memory
Slot 'DIMM1' has 128 MB
Slot 'DIMM2' has 128 MB

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I have a compaq presario 5000, it has 64k memory in it right now, i checked my model number and all that at, it says i have 3 banks of 1, so does that mean i can add one stick of 256 to the 64 in it now, or do i have to add it in pairs or do i have to remove the stick of 64 to add the stick of 256?

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Can any 1 help cause i have Compaq Presario 5000 PC, and i would like to change the motherboard into a gaming motherboard just for games only. What procedure & steps can i use to accomplish that apart from that can u map out a list of things that i need for that plaz

A:Motherboard modification for Compaq Presario 5000

Well, that thing is pretty old. Maxmimum 1.3GHZ Athlon processor it looks like. Your not going to make a gaming machine out of that.
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I have a really old computer (1999). and I had windows xp on it after having me since 1999. but after a few months of having xp on there it fried my hard drive (bought a new one). Now I am using Windows Vista home basic on my computer and it works fine. But the problem is that I can't find any drivers neccessary that will work with my OS.

The sound card is built into the motherboard I think, it's plug and play really.

I've been searching random sites all day for these drivers but none of them really seem to work?

help would be much appreciated.


A:Audio Problems On My Compaq Presario 5000

Post the motherboard details please
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I get an error screen: "Compaq Recovery CD Error" and then it says: "Please Contact Compaq Technical Support"

I tried looking at the topic on this before and I am at a loss in to what it all means..

I have the Start up recovery disk that came with the computer (has windows 98 on it). but it doesn't seem to work.Is there something I am doing that I am missing here?

I read something about acquiring another start up disk if so could I download one?
I am not to knowledgeable about computers.


A:Compaq Presario 5000 restore error

The CD may be damaged or dirty, try cleaning it with water and a soft cloth, wiping from the center out to the edge.

There will be no way to get a new one.

Sometimes people sell their old recovery discs on eBay, but you have to be very careful what you buy, descriptions can be misleading for this sort of item. You would have to find one that is for your Make and model of PC specifically, for it to work on your system.

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My computer kept freezing, so I recently restored the computer, hoping to erase what I thought was the problem. That was a day or two ago, and I use I use Lavasoft Ad-Aware & CW-Shredder, to make sure my computer is squeaky clean and it still freezes! Do you have any ideas?

A:Compaq Presario 5000 keeps freezing for no reason

You may have a hardware problem- particularly a faulty power supply
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I just reformatted my computer, and i put Win 98 on it instead of ME, I can't get my sound working. The sound card is an onboard. Heres my specs.

Compaq Compaq PC
System Serial Number: 2H09FPPFL68S
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
700 megahertz AMD Duron
128 kilobyte primary memory cache
64 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: Compaq 06E4h
Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
BIOS: Compaq 786K1 09/14/2000

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I have winME installed on Compaq Presario with mhz celeron mb ram gig drive with a DVD and CDRW The computer recognizes the DVD which works great but Compaq 5000 having CDRW problem Presario the CDRW is not recognized at all in control panel The light Compaq Presario 5000 having CDRW problem on the CDRW blinks once on boot up I took cover off and reseated all connections which are tight If I run compaq diagnostics the computer locks up If I add new hardware it never finds the CDRW drive I went to compaq help site online and ran a diagnostic there which worked without locking up However the CDRW is not found on list of hardware I cannot figure out how to check bios to see if it is configured wrong BTW I have an extra Creative Blaster CDRW new that could be installed but since this compaq is new I hate to replace something in it without making sure it is broken Also I dont want to send my new computer off to a service center if I can fix it Any ideas on what I can do nbsp

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I purchase this Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series 15.6 Inch Laptop last December and it was great to allow me to interchange the use of touch screen and keyboard with mouse. Suddenly a couple weeks ago, the keyboard and mouse were not recognized by the system when I turned on the laptop. I got the touch screen working but I need to use keyboard and mouse most. Any advice on how to fix it?
Many thanks! Jade.
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i have a compaq presario 5000 w/ pentium 4 1500 mhz 512 mb ram, with windows xp
i recently tried to start it up and i pushed the power button but it wont start at all. i am sure it is plugged in and it is getting power since there are two little green lights in it. whenever i push the power button another little green light goes on but the computer doesnt start. i checked all of the connections and they all seem to be in good. Can anyone help me solve why it wont start?

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Hi there...I was trying to restore a Compaq Presario 5000 using the restore cd that came with it. Here's what I did.

1.Reset hard drive to all 0's (disk nuker type software)
2.Reformatted to FAT
3.Put in restore cd (which should contain the original Windows 98)

I get an error screen: "Compaq Recovery CD Error" and then it says: "Please Contact Compaq Technical Support". This doesn't really make any sense, because the directions say that you can restore your whole computer from scratch. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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I have a presario 5000 and had to replace the motherboard. A know it all guy tried to use a different board and tried to rewire the power button connection on the board and messed it up. Does anyone have the proper wiring diagram for the power on button.

A:Compaq Presario 5000 Mobo power connection

What board did you have installed in the case? Is it aftermarket, or identical to the original. If you can find out the board make/model, you can dl the manual from the mfg's site and it should have a front panel wire diagram.
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I formatted my Presario 5000 and installed Windows 98 (Windos ME was previously installed) but I can't find the drivers to make the sound card (which is on board) work. If someone could tell me where to find this software I'ībe very thankful.

A:Compaq Presario 5000 BW314 Audio Drivers

Go to and select the support section. Then enter your PC model number.
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So i just bought this thing yesterday from office depot. what is happening is if i rest my forearms on the case of the laptop it will left click on the touch pad. which is very annoying since it always makes me start typing where ever my cursor is at that time. Also if and press very lightly up from the bottom of the laptop right below the touch pad and it will do the same thing i think something is screwy here.