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Help !!!! Trouble Installing 2000 Pro

Q: Help !!!! Trouble Installing 2000 Pro


I Installed Win 2000 Pro Ontop Of My Win 98 By Mistake , Now None Of Them Work , When I Start Up I Get The Option On 98 Or 2000 When I Start 98 The Paths Are Not Found (dos) Cant Start Using Fdisk As Not Found, When I Start Using Windows 2000 It Then Asks For Win2000 Disk When I Put In It Says No Memory Avaliable To Install , So Basicalled I Have No Space Left On Pc

Please Help

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Preferred Solution: Help !!!! Trouble Installing 2000 Pro

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I am installing an Office 2000 Update from Office 97. After I enter the key code from the CD and select either Typical or Custom Installation, it stops and returns me to my desktop. I have updated it before on this computer, but recently the computer crashed and I had to re-install windows. Any ideas?

A:Trouble Installing Office 2000

Did you format before reinstall of windows?
Office has a nasty habit of leaving bits of itself around, even after an uninstall. MS has an Eraser utility that removes all vestiges of itself. Maybe running that will solve your installation woes.

Q239938 - OFF2000: Utility to Completely Remove Remaining Office CD1 Files and Registry Entries

Q247674 - OFF2000: Utility to Completely Remove Remaining Office CD2 Files
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Searched everywhere for this one and can't find an answer.

I am attempting to install Office 2000 on a HP laptop running XP.

My account has administrator privileges. When i am in the middle of installing I get:

Error 1310. Error writing to file C:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\proof\msth3am.lex

Verify that you have access to that directory.
OK. I have administrator rights. Whats the deal here?

What do I need to do?

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I've been trying to install Java on my computer. I have windows 2000 and Mozilla firefox.
I deleted old version of Java using Add/Remove programs. Java downloads but when I try to install it says wizard stopped working before java could install. When I try the install offline I get an error saying the dynamic link library something gdiplus.dll could not be found. I've searched the internet for a solution and read many similar threads but have not been able to find a solution. I don't have much knowledge about registries and technical things. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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A:Office 2000: Installing on Windows 2000

Whoa, how 'bout that caps lock?

Do you have your Service Packs on Windows 2K installed (2 will cover 1 and 2)?

If not, what's your network setup? Are you sure you have administrative rights on the machine? Hard to say without more info...
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Hi, i installed windows 2000, and i tried installin office 2000, but i got a windows file protection error, it asked me to put the windows 2000 cd in the drive but when i did this it still said it couldnt complete the installation. i tried the cd with a windows 98 system and it asked me to put the win 98 cd in when i was installing it and it worked fine when it did whatever it did with the CD.I tried installing it through safe mode on windows 2000 ( last time i got this error with windows/office 2000 it worked when i did it in safe mode) but it said it installer couldnt be used. It suggested it may be because it was runnning in safe mode....DUH!Does anyone know how i can get it to install on my win 2000 system?

Thanks if anyone can help


A:Installing Office 2000 on Win 2000

jst thot i'd put it back to the top
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Hi all,
I had some trouble with my laptop and I had to install XP home again and format my computer. Everything went well until after the preparing installation bullet. While going to the installing windows bullet now, I get a message with serveral files cannot copy, so I click browse from my windows XP cd which is D:\ but nothing happens, I can cancel that file from being copied but window after window pops up in the same manner with the same message. Can anyone please inform me on how to fix this situation.

My thanks in advance to all.

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First of all Hi to all, having just upgraded to Win 7 I?ve found some of my old programs wont work ?load|? first one is MS2000 and the second one is Mavis beacon teaches typing! great to teach the kids!
Now the problem I?m going to have is when using two different computers for the same project, I keep getting offered to try MS2007 free for 60 days but don?t really want to fork out for it having already purchasing "2000" years ago ? not tight just don?t need it? is there anything I can do?
Many thanks

A:MS 2000 giving me trouble

Have you tried compatibility mode
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I purchased An Eagle audio card (ISA) in 1998 to go with my P-II, 350 PC. The audio driver that I was provided with the card was ES1868. At that time I had Win 98 as my OS and the card worked fine with a satisfactory audio output.
Recently, I upgraded my OS to Win 2000 (professional). During the process of upgrading, the OS was able to detect the card correctly and loaded the ES1868 driver from its database. Strangely however, the sound output now is extremely poor to say the least.
The audio is a jumble of hisses and cracked up unintelligible sound bits. Moreover, now I cannot hear an audio CD at all (not even hisses!).
I have tried reloading the driver from the Win 2000 database but to no vail.
Please suggest a solution!

System Configuration:
Motherboard.........Intel SE440BX
Processor..............P-II, 350 MHz
RAM.......................250 MB
Audio card (ISA)....Eagle ES1868 (chip:ES1868f)
OS.........................Windows 2000, Professional


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I can't seem to get Win2000 computer to see the XP computer on a home local area network. Is there something unusual I need to do? Hooking up 2 Win2000 computers was easy but the XP doesn't seem to want to show up in the network. Help!

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I formated a laptop after booting from a startup disk . Im trying to run setup from the win 2000 cd , it says this prgrm cannot be run in dos mode . The cd rom is working. The cd is a copy we have from work . I browsed it and the file name is setup. exe , it just wont run . HELP

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I just recently did an upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows 2000. Everything seemed to transfer over fine. When I joined the domain, I was no longer able to access my Office 2000. I keep getting the error message "This patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exists and you can access it or contact to vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package."

I looked all over Microsoft and found the Windows Installer Cleanup utility however this only works with versions of installer under 2.0. My installer for this file was 2.0.2.

I went into the registry to delete out the office files but this has not helped either.

Any other ideas???

A:Trouble uninstalling office 2000

So you're saying that the problems didn't start until you joined the domain? Are you trying to use Office2k or are you trying to unistall?

I've never had any luck upgrading. I suggest a fresh install using NTFS and install office2k afterwards.
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Tried to add Office 2000 to Microsoft 98 system. Kept stopping about 80% through with "illegal operation" statement after re-trying four times. Ruined Microsoft Word, which now won't work.

While it would be nice to complete the addition, I really just want to get Microsoft Word to work again.

I am willing to re-install Microsoft 98 if that is necessary, but none of the books talk about doing this procedure.

Please help.

A:Trouble adding Office 2000

Not sure I understand.

Microsoft 98 is, I take it, Windows 98?

Did you previously have any versions of Office on this PC?

Did you make sure you ended task on everything EXCEPT explorer and systray before you began the install? (Ctrl-alt-del to get to the task list)

Have you read this article?:
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I have been trying to update my in-laws old Windows Trouble 2000 Updating computer It has windows and had Internet Explorer which I ve updated to They were attempting to check their emails and were receiving quot This page can not be displayed quot Once I updated to they were able to get to the email log-in page but couldnt go any further They were getting a DNS error involving system shdocl dll I then downloaded a Registry cleaner and they can now check emails Trouble Updating Windows 2000 but I ve tried to download and install other programs including anti-virus and Windows SP but once the files are extracted the Installation Wizard box pops up flashes so fast its hard to catch what it says but it says something about can not install and then gives three reasons solutions - one of them being quot back up system quot There is also a box that pops up every few minutes that says quot msr exe has generated an error and needs to close A log file is being created quot Any suggestions to what I could do first I can t install anything so Trouble Updating Windows 2000 I don t know where to start Trouble Updating Windows 2000 nbsp
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Hi everyone,

I know absolutely nothing about VBscript(my srengths lie elsewhere...). So I recently copied a macro script which would enable automatic printing of every email I send from Outlook 2k. The macro works 100% fine but there is one slight problem. It first prints the message, THEN sends it. This results in the printed report not showing me vital information, such as to whom it was sent, date, time etc. How can I modify the code to FIRST send the message, and only print it once it lands in the Sent Items folder? Printing an email from this folder shows the info I need on the printout. Any ideas?

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I have a vista os on my laptop using dialup in the countryside of NC.
I want to home network my home computer using windows 2000.
wired with a crossover.
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Hi all I have a problem with my old pc which is running windows Recently in another thread i have heard it is possible to hibernate in that operating system never knew this So i enabled that feature to allow faster entry into the hibernate windows 2000 trouble in pc mom dont like the thing on every night so i hibernate trouble in windows 2000 set up a program to automatically log off at midnight but figure hibernate would be better as my sister would also like to get into the system in a timely fashion The problem however is that it will go into hibernation but when coming out the resuming windows screen would appear then the screen would just go black and become stuck on that screen in an unresponsive state Then this would require me to reboot the machine delete the snapshot and boot windows clean Here are system specs AOpen mx wpro -v Intel Celeron cpu MhZ Latest bios updates already on pc MB of ram windows service pack all updates installed intergrated intel graphics generic sound card on pci linksys b wifi card port generic usb card GB seagate baracuda rpm harddrive I am not sure if it is a problem in windows bios or what I have tried cleaning up the system with sfc chkdsk and a regcleaner and after the reg ceaner i killed it completely It did work before on every other boot would be successful Could somthing in windows be corrupted as i think the BIOS supports it nbsp

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Hi, thanks in advance for your help. I'm a complete amateur trying to install WIndows 2000 onto my laptop from a boot disk. I've just completed the 4-disk install and received the error message "Setup cannot find a CD-ROM drive." Can someone provide help? I have the WIndows 2000 Pro cd. Thanks again. Kindly, Jay

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I have a windows xp computer . When I turn on my computer to connect to internet it will stop half way then I have to turn computer off and try again

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I installed office 2000 last week on a new computer and every thing was waking fine. in outlook I was able to get all the mail and contacts transferred by creating a pst. backup and importing it to the new computer. A few days later I noticed that I can't send but i'm able to receive email thru Outlook anymore but it works thru IE hotmail or outlook express. What I get is a error 550 spam notice from my ISP.

Next I remove Anti virus software but it didn't help. Also run a few spybot scans and came up clean.

Anybody have a clue ???
Thanks, Stocky

A:Outlook 2000 Email Trouble ?

If this is to be setup to work with Hotmail then Outlook can't be configured to work with this app. You need to use Outlook express.
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Ok here is my problem I m on my sons computer now because after a very big thread in the Security room my computer is officially dead I have my disk and am trying to reinstall a new version I did that last night and I realized that it 2000 trouble Win reinstalling(reformating) went much too reinstalling(reformating) Win 2000 trouble fast When I got to the desktop everything was gone except for all the spyware of course I knew that I needed to reformat the drive so I did it again Although when the option comes up to delete the partition press D nothing happens Which is what I know I need to do I tried to reformat from the safe mode prompt and that doesn t work either It tells me that I will lose all data and I say yes But then an error message comes up saying something like quot would I like to force a quot I say yes and it can t because I quot m sure Windows is running in the background somewhere I can t find anywhere to start this computer at a c prompt to fdisk I hope I explained this ok I quot m not real good with computer terms but I try my best to explain the situation Thanks for any suggestions you may have Shari nbsp

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When I click Help the office assistant appears. I type in my question. It responds with several help subjectd.When I click the subject I am seeking it does not respond but simply clicks back to the original subject box. I am finding it impossible to get help with Word 2000. Have I accidentally deleted something that is causing this problem?

A:Trouble getting office assistant help with Word 2000

Click on help at the top then click on detect and repair. IF there is a problem with word this should fix it.
One question I have was this installed on the computer or did you install it and if you installed it was it the first time you installed it?

If it was the first time it was installed or was already on the computer when you got it the above should fix the problem.

If you reinstalled it you might have to uninstall it and run the eraser program so you get a clean install.
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Trouble saving text in Word I use Word and Windows Home Premium I have been having increasing difficulty saving text in Word file type Word Document What often happens is that when I press F to save the file name say Revolt vanishes and a backup Word Trouble text saving 2000 in Solved: file name appears in its place that look something like this WRD tmp So I learned to watch out and delete this back-up file name when Solved: Trouble saving text in Word 2000 it appeared which is often and substitute the correct file name Revolt However this is either no longer working if it ever did So I need to save the text several times over to get it to stick No error message appears My method now is to edit the text Revolt make a copy save the original Revolt and then delete it I then call up the Revolt text again to see if the corrections have been saved If not I use the copy instead of the original and try saving again I hope this is clear The procedure is tedious and I would be grateful for any assistance Just so you know I am barely computer literate I know little more than using my PC as a typewriter nbsp

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Just got a computer given to me from work. It has windows 2000 installed on it, but i would rather have Widows XP. When i try to install XP using my install disk i get the error message:

"Setup cannot upgrade your current installation to Windows XP. Your current installation of Windows is not a supperted upgrade path."

What does this mean and what should i do about it?

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I have 2 hard drives one with 2000 and one with xp. How can I connect these so I can run both os and select which one on boot?
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I am not a computer wiz. I would like to upgrade from win 2000 to win xp. Can I load xp directly over 2000 or do I need to recruit technical help for this task?

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i have windows 95 installed on my computer, and i wan to upgrade or install a fresh copy of windows 2000. So anyways, everything will set up fine, i type in my cd code, it copies the files needed for the setup, and then it comes to the screen where it restarts for the first time. When it restarts, it gives me two choices, start windows, or start windows 2000 setup. it automatically takes start windows 2000 setup, and goes to a screen where it says "setup is inspecting your computers hardware configeration." And there it stops. It won't continue to the next step or anything, it just stops doing anything at all. Any ideas waht the problem can be? thanks

A:installing win. 2000

Try that agian, just have your Windows 2000 CD in when you start your computer so you boot to the CD. If that doesn't work, then go into Windows 95 (start Windows option) and run "D:\BOOTDISK\MAKEBOOT.EXE" (assuming that D:\ is your CD-rom drive), then use those boot to Windows 2000 Setup.
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during the upgrade from 98 to 2000, on my Toshiba laptop, the compatibility wizard mentioned something about I needed to update such and such pertaining to GSXS device. What is gsxs, and what is it for? Went to Toshiba site and they have no patch or updates referencing this or even mention what the heck it is. Google search only brought up chinese sites with no translation....

A:Installing 2000 pro

I would suggest that you back up anything of any importance and do a clean install of your new operating system. This is the only way of ensuring everything and anything that is incompatable with your new OS is no longer on your HDD. If I'm not mistaken XP is a direct upgrade from 2000 as is ME from Win98 and I think they work in different ways.

Hopefully that may shed some light on your problem. Good luck............
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how do you install windows 2000 pro. on a computer with XP?
when i inserted the 2000 disc, it said that the ability to intsall the older version of windows was disabled....

A:installing 2000


It state you should install 2000 before XP but follow the procedures and it should work.
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Hello everyone, I'm in need of some help. I friend of mine has WIN 98, she upgraded her business program which requires at least WIN 2000. So her computer is freezing up and she can't work on it at all. So I have a questions.

1. If she upgraded to WIN 2000 will it run ok if she doesn't do a clean install (don't want to lose any information)?

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Can anyone please help me? i got a new pc running windows 2000 professional. now my altek lansing speakers wont work on it and i love these speakers. pc asks me for cmuda.sys which is like greek to me. contacted microsoft and the speaker co. and they say i need a patch. is cmuda.sys a patch? if it is how do i get it? any help greatly appreciated. tyvm Bluemarinemamal

A:Altec lansing spker trouble/wind 2000 professional

looks like a driver issue,

cmuda.sys is the C-Media WDM Audio Interface, for the C-Media AC97 on-board sound cards.

have you lately checked or downloaded your latest sound driver? compatible
for your OS ?

and what is your motherboard model? do you use any other PCI sound card?
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Hi all I recently last thursday formatted my hard drives and attempted to reinstall Windows XP Home but haven t had any luck I m running on an Asus P N-E SLI motherboard Intel core duo e CPU an XFX GS video card a generic DVD CD drive and have hard drives- a gb Hitachi and a gb Maxtor both IDE I have formatted and re-installed installing Trouble OS an XP a few times onto my PC so I know how it should go but this time it Trouble installing an OS s not working I ve run into a slew of different problems throughout the past week ranging from an inability to find a partition couldn t open drive multi disk rdisk partition to an NTLDR error But in the past days I ve been getting to the XP install screen This guy and it gets to Trouble installing an OS minutes remaining and then the interface goes away I get a friendly blue screen not of death yet and it tells me that it can t load an installer for XYZ Then it goes to a BSOD about Kernel Data Inpage Error The error is STOP x A xE ABB C xC E xBF AFA x Win k sys address BF AFA base at BF http img imageshack us img jb jpg Putting the hard drive into a different rig an old dying Dell from which I m posting at the moment I can install XP perfectly fine and it will boot up nice Sticking it back into my own rig it goes through troubles again Any ideas I ve got up-to-date BIOS and they re reset to default settings I ve only got hard drive plugged in and optical drive plugged in both on different IDE cables Thanks a bunch nbsp

A:Trouble installing an OS

Microsoft Memory Test (floppy or CD ISO image)
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I have this major problem that is killin me for about a week now i bought a new motherboard and it has only one IDE slot and SATA slots so i tryed to install a Trouble installing XP fresh copy of xp and a new HDD i booted from cd did everything right formatted the HDD and the installation started just like every other time after the first step of the installation when your computer has to restart it didnt act right it came to the startup screen and gave me an error message cant boot from HDD i asked around and people told me that i need a SATA DVD ROM because i was tryin to install Windows with a IDE DVD ROM connected parallel with my IDE HDD because my new motherboard has only one IDE slot i had to to it like that so people told me that the DVD ROM and the HDD must be seperated So i listened to some people and went and bought me an SATA DVD ROM connected to my mother board with a sata connector and then connected my HDD Trouble installing XP with an IDE connector and started my computer with hopes that this will fix all the first step again went fine and again after restart my computer wont continue the installation process i am just goin mad i have tryed everything in the BIOS settings but it just wont work please anyone help

A:Trouble installing XP

You mad a basic mistake doing a full reinstalling WinXP

You fail to state, but if your new HD is SATA, WinXP does not have SATA drivers, so it cannot see your STAT devices. When you run WinXP Setup, at the first screen on the bottom Statusbar should be a option to install additional drivers. You MUST use this to install the SATA drivers before the setup runs. The drivers should be on a CD provided with the HD. You will have a problem, because if you have only one CD-ROM drive, you cannot remove the WinXP Setup CD after setup starts. You need the SATA drivers on a floppy or Flash Drive (if accessible).

I know it's too late, but what you SHOULD have done, is using your old C: (which I assume is IDE), is perform a WinXP Repair Reinstall. You boot to the WinXP Setup CD and go through the install option, but Setup should see you already have WinXP installed and display C:\Windows as the location. On the bottom Statusbar on this window is a Repair option (the 2nd such option), using this would have started a WinXP Repair Reinstall that would have left your current configuration and applications intact. The only thing you would have to do, AFTER you are sure everything is OK, is to rerun ALL Win Updates.
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My computer was constantly rebooting and I had no way of keeping it going to reinstall windows xp pro, so I formatted the c: drive. Now the problem.....
It will not let me install getting error message saying "setup found a compressed volume or a disk cache utility on your computer. Quit setup and check your compressed volume with your disk compression software or remove disk cache utility.
Please explain thanks bondi

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Hi everyone Hope you can help We are having trouble installing OS's on our computer We XP with Trouble installing first had ME then upgraded to W K Well that crashed and we Trouble with installing XP needed a new hard drive so we upgraded that from GB to either GB or GB After installing the hard drive with everyhting wiped out we decided we wanted XP Now with all that said we DO NOT HAVE A CD ROM XP DISK with a bootable file Therefore my friends we went to Microsoft and they suggested downloading the floppy disks for the reboot I downloaded the floppies Went to install and while running the second floppy the set up hung up on quot windows exe quot It was suggest to set on the BIOS set up to Floppy CD ROM second in this order ok will do that when I get to the computer that i'm troubleshooting The problem is we NEED to get this computer booted some how since it doesn't have an OS so that we can install XP Can anyone shed some light on this Thanks Jacque

A:Trouble with installing XP

hi you may try to boot from win me boot floppy and the go to cd rom drive
then cd to "i386" folder then type winnt.exe and hit enter.
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Hey folks! So I just bought a new laptop as well as a new SSD to go along with it. I'm trying to migrate all of my info from my HDD to my new SSD and then run everything off of the SSD. This is turning out to be the most frustrating thing in the world. Tried Acronis and it will only create a backup, no cloning. I broke and bought Paragon for the migration but halfway through the paritioning it says "Disk I/O error" Error in disk 1 etc...

I'm running windows 7, let me know if you need any other information.


A:Trouble Installing New SSD

Acronis has a cloning feature, its available from both the Windows interface or the bootable disc(highly recommended). Here's a guide:
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I ll try to be pretty clear on what my problem is since surfing the web has produced many sites with the problem and none with what seems like a correct diagnosis I m installing XP which i ve done with this disk a Trouble installing XP dozen times Trouble installing XP before and Trouble installing XP i m getting the error quot Setup could not read the CD you inserted or the CD is not a valid Windows CD quot Here s how it happened I m redoing my main drive to increase my XP partition and at that point i was not having this problem I deleted the partition XP was previously on as well as another partition i wasn t using Then i decided i would just format the whole drive but there were a few files i needed before i did it So i exited setup not realizing duh i had just deleted windows Now i ve since comed to terms with that mistake but the problem seems to be that windows wants a full version disk or does not recognize the flawless disk that s in there The rub is that this disk is flawless is quot full version quot as it s the only disk i ve ever installed windows with and neither the CD nor the HDD seem to be malfunctioning Am i screwed nbsp

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I recently got a new computer and I'm trying to install windows, I can't find the original install disc (haven't used it in years). I had saved an ISO of the disc on my computer from when i had installed it before. I tried creating the ISO image but when my system goes to boot from disc i just get stuck in a loop were it resets every time it loops through again. I streamlined SP2 to the disc, could that have caused a problem? Please advise, thanks.

A:Trouble installing XP

lets see if im understanding this correctly. u now have a brand new computer?are u trying to use stuff from an old computer?didnt the brand new computer come with anything like a restore disk? what version of windows xp home or pro? what brand of computer do u have now? the more info we have we can help u better to solve this for u.the only thing i can think of right now that might be the problem is if the copy u made of the restore disk is from one brand of computer and your trying to install it in another brand of computer. in other words u cant mix apples and oranges. restore disks have to be used like this dell to dell, ibm to ibm, hp to hp etc. hope this helps u.
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I have an MSI 845 Ultra series mother board and I already have 128 mb DDR ram in there. I bought another 512 chip and put it in, but the computer just wouldn't start. I tried many different slots and combinations with this one in that slot and that one in this slot, but I either got to the windows screen and the computer would shut off, or I got a message saying I was missing some file.

I tried the 512 chip on its own and first it gave me the WinXP blue screen of death, then I changed slots and it kept turning off again.

WHat shuold I do? Thanks

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I just ran fdisk on my computer and am attempting to reload windows XP professional (Legal software).

When I enter "E:setup" (my cd rom is E drive), I keep getting the following error - "This program cannot be run in DOS mode".

What am I doing wrong?

I have done this before on other computers with no problems.


A:Having trouble installing XP

You cannot install Windows XP in MSDOS. Boot the computer with the Installation CD and follow on screen prompts for installation.
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Prior to installing cr-rw today, pc reflected the following drives:
a: 3 1/2 floppy
d:cd rom

I had this pc built for me and didn't realize they had also mounted the old hard drive in this pc. It didn't show up as a listed drive. After installing the cd-rw and booting the pc, drive d: is now the old hard drive, drives E and F are the cd and cd rw. When selecting either drive E or F in Windows Explorer I get the message E\: is not accessible or F:\ is not accessible.

I noticed that there is a jumper on the back of the cd-rw on the 'master' position. The cd-rw was connected by the same cable as the cd rom. The cd rom does not have a jumper on it.

I don't know how much of this is relevant but I'm not a very technical guy and sure would appreciate any help.

A:Trouble installing CD RW

You will need to either jumper the cd rom as slave or temporarily until you get a jumper disconnect it from the ide cable. Must be jumpered to work. Don't know why the old drive showed up unless you changed something on it.
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I am trying to install Windows Home Premium bit on a new harddrive I have bought but when it goes to install it does the copying files first step and instantly goes from to and errors on the next step expanding files This happens to me no matter if I have the hard drive in the laptop it was meant for or another laptop that I use I have tried multiple different ISOs with multiple different computers and different programs to make sure it was not my install disc I have yet to try a Trouble W7 installing bought DVD of W Does anyone know what this could be The new HDD Trouble installing W7 is a brand new HDD with SSD GB hybrid and advertised to work with no drivers and they do not supply any Trouble installing W7 My current assumptions at this point is that it still could be my install disc is corrupt or something Also could be incorrect hard drive formatting or worse faulty hardware The part that disturbs me is that I can not get it to install on my own personal laptop that I use Can anyone suggest anything I have been told to supply the SATA drivers for the MOBO at install but that was a nightmare I think the reason it didn't work was because the drivers were for XP or Vista and did not have explicit compatibility for W but probably still would of worked

A:Trouble installing W7

Change your sata controller this problem happens to me thats why i posted a topic
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Im installing XP home edition on my comp ans after i boot disk load and format my drive i get to the part where it starts copying .dll files and stuff like that.

It copies some of the files but every 15 files or so it says that it cant copy the files and to make sure that the XP cd is in the drive, which of course it is.

I dont know of its just dirst or something (looks fine to me) or maybe its a common problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. TY

A:Trouble installing XP

Some files cannot be installed like dvd dlls if you don't have a dvd rom drive.In saying that are you given the option to press esc to continue ?
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Help! When I install IE 8, I cannot open up a browser at all. Error mess: "C:WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

My only solution is to uninstall IE 8 and revert back to IE 6.0. Any suggestions? I have received warnings that certain websites will no longer support my browser, so I need to upgrade ASAP.

Thank you!!

A:Trouble installing IE 8

Hmmm, this is an odd one and possibly due to Internet Explorer's security settings. It's a long shot but worth a try...

Reinstall IE8
Go to Control Panel
Open Internet Options
Choose the Security tab
Click on Reset all zones to default level

Hope that helps
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I just purchased a new BTC X DVD ROM Right from the start it DVD Trouble new Rom installing refused to work if installed on the same cable as my CD-RW The computer would make it up to the Windows XP loading screen but the screen would be very dim and the computer would freeze there I tried running the computer with just the DVD and everything seemed to run smoothly I left it in this state for a couple of days while enjoying Sacred Underworld When I decided to try changing the jumpers on both drives my power supply suddenly died--It was a crappy watt supply So now Trouble installing new DVD Rom my new watt supply just arrived and I find that I can t get the computer to boot with the DVD at all It doesn t matter if the CD RW is installed or not or what position the jumper is in The computer stops at a very dim XP loading screen Info about my computer Mother board Gigabyte GA N S RAM MB PC PNY CPU Athlon Ghz Video Asus V MB ram Thank s for any help nbsp

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Ok well i have a dell optiplex gx260 i got it running windows xp i wanted to see how it ran with vista so i upgraded it to vista after a while i realized xp was much better for it so when i go to installing windows xp i face a problem......I am booting from a usb since thats what i have my iso on and after it saying windows is loading files and windows is starting setup it blue screens... i knew that i forgot to change my bios setting to ahci or ata or ide, whatever the option is for installing xp but when i go into my bios which is version a09 i dont have the option to change or configure sata as please help i really need xp running on this machine -all help appreciated-

A:-PLEASE HELP- Trouble installing XP

Have you tried installing XP from the your USB more than once? If so, does it always result in the same blue screen? Could you post the error code for the bluescreen you get? Maybe you can Google it and see what it relates to so that you will know where the problem lies since a bluescreen can be result of a wide variety of problems. Doing this would help narrow it down.

Personally, the first thing I would do is wipe the drive clean with a utility called DBAN. I've never had to downgrade my OS to a previous version of Windows but if I would, that's the first thing I would do to make sure the drive is completely clean and therefore doesn't result in issues when trying to write over it when installing the new OS (XP in your case).
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Needed to REinstall Win7. So I burn an iso on my mac and put it in the tray. Reset boot priority to cdrom: disk boot failure.

I put in an old win XP disc that I know works and it seems to work fine. CD will work but DVD won't? Or something wrong with the burn? I have another pc and it seems willing to install from inside Windows. Made 3 copies of Win 7 and none work. The first I burned I think incorrectly by just burning a straight ISO. the Second and third I burned all the data on the disk right onto the DVD using Toast Titanium and it was a verified burn. USB key unfortunately not really an option at this point unless I can do it from a Mac. (I have my wife's work PC but it's locked down and the command prompt doesn't give me access to system 32). Thank you!

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Hello I have a computer that came pre-installed with Vista Home Premium Bit A little over a year ago I did a clean install of Trouble Re-Installing Win 7 Win Home Premium Bit and have had no issues with the machine until recently A couple weeks ago the computer would not boot past the Windows Logo Trouble Re-Installing Win 7 No new hardware or software had recently been installed I attempted to to do a system restore back to an earlier point but that did not help I also attempted to do start up repair using the Win disk and was not able to fix the issue I then decided to try to just re install the OS I re-formatted the hard drive and attempted a clean install and the was able to get to where it stated it was finishing the install and it would just hang there and not complete the install I attempted this a few times with no luck I then attempted to re install the original OS and put Vista back on the computer I was able to successfully install Vista on the Computer I decided to try the Win install again and just did the upgrade option and it would still hang near the end of the installation Any ideas on why Win will no longer Install on my PC Specs Vista Home Premium AMD Phenom Quad Core Processor GHz GB RAM Bit

A:Trouble Re-Installing Win 7

Check your ram.
Memory Diagnostics Tool
Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic
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I have two hard drives. A Western Digital 120 GB IDE drive, and a 120 GB Western Digital SATA drive.

I want to install Windows on the SATA (Master) Drive. When I go to install windows, It says:

Unpartitioned Space 114471 MB

I push C to create a partition, it doesnt allow me to choose which type of Partition. I can only choose the size of the partition. When I create it, it names itself Partition1 [New (Raw) ].

When I try to install windows on it, setup tells me that it is not a windows compatible file system, and that I need to remake the partition.


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

A:Trouble installing XP

It depends on your type of PC but maybe you need a large drive enabler (or a Bios flashup.) It is a small routine to allow the drives to be partitioned, in fact it creates a partition.
This little program must be available on your manufacturers site.
Here you find a guide for XP reïnstall.
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Hi I have constantly tried to solve my problem on since 3 my XP with SP installing Trouble my PC - Trouble with my XP since installing SP 3 running system Microsoft XP Pro version Service Pack My computer also is AMD Ath on tm XP I run IE I fully believe that my problems with my computers started after I installed SP a few months ago as one of my laptops has exactly the same problem as this computer - it has XP Pro same version and sp as above and same IE - it is an Intel R Pentium R M I am on Broadband DSL with both desk top and laptop computers I have a router Netgear There are certain websites that I can't reach it comes back with the message that Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage - mostly when I try and click through from another website I also cannot display any ads including adsense but I have javascripts enabled I've searched for help and tried to solve it many times - in fact hours and hours have been spent on it By the way I also get a similar message with Firefox and Opera I don't have any problems with any of my secure sites ie Bank and google site for example so not necessarily all secure websites In the forum I saw that www cnn com and www fidelity com was mentioned as possible problem sites but I could link to them no problem I also have another laptop computer which has IE installed and windows Pro - I have no problem whatsoever with that I use a wireless connection with that computer When I can't see websites on my XP computers I go onto my windows computer to view them - I can see all ads on it too I hope this is enough information and that someone can help with this long standing problem Kind regards Brenda Williams

A:Trouble with my XP since installing SP 3

Hello brenda and welcome to TSF,

The point about you being able to access secure websites but not other sites probably points to the certificate for the website it is looking for. No certificate no access? Can i recommemend rolling back and re-installing IE6 as a quick fix? I had a problem where IE7 would not load a hotmail inbox, i think there are so many bugs in IE7. I must admit my personal PC has IE6 and will probably stay that way.

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I have DDR ram with 184 pins and trying to install new ram. I have a NF61S Micro 754 6.x motherboard and the new ram is Samsung 1GB DDR RAM PC-2700 ECC Registered 184-Pin DIMMThe computer turns on, but monitor does not. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Trouble installing ram

It would be nice to know what motherboard and what specific RAM you're talking about but without that I'd say incompatible RAM or wrong RAM voltage.
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I have WIndows 7 Ultimate and have this problem

If I download a .zip file I sem to allways get error saying file currupt, If I download and .exe file sutch as the new iTunes from Apple website I get to the Open File Security Warning then the install just stops (UAC allready on the lowest setting) BUT if I download from a torrent site things work fine!

If I try a direct install from the browser either Chrome, Firefox or IE it tells me the certificates are not supported/reccognised and just stops the install with no other message

I have tried loats of things including

UAC to lowest setting
Install as Administrator
Trouble shoot compatibility etc


A:Trouble installing

Install and update Avast 5, schedule a Boot Time scan and restart to complete it.

In the future, rightclick scan any downloads upon completion.

Can you System Restore to before this problem began? You still need to do the virus scan first.

If not, run sfc /scannow to see if System Files are damaged and reparable..
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ok im back I posted last week about help to replace damaged motherboard with new and ended up finding a used mb same as old one and ordering new ram like worked on the old one So now I have installed the used mb and ram It posted I think so I must installing trouble xp mb used on be doing somthing right It called to insert system disc so I put my xp disc in I was looking for the second repair option not to repair via recovery console I got to here the following list shows the existing partitions and umpartitioned space on this computer It showed unknown disc there is not disc in this drive times I chose to set up windows on the selected item but no item was selected and press enter When I press enter I get this stop x e xc x a xf eb x I shut it off pulled one gb ram stick there are and restarted again trouble installing used mb on xp same thing so here I am seeking more info on what to do next Thank you nbsp
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Hey, I recently built my first computer and I'm having some trouble partitioning my hard disk. I'm new to the installion of an OS and any help would be really appreciated. I get the error message: "Setup was unable to format the partition. Disk may be damaged. Make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer. If the disk is a SCSI disk, make sure your SCSI devices are properly terminated."

My computer specs are:
EVGA x58 LE mobo
OCZ Tri-channel DDR3 RaM (2gb each stick)
Thermaltake toughpower 750 PSW
HP dvd 1270i disk drive
Seagate 7200.10 rpm 250gb hard drive

Any help on what to do would be insanely appreciated Thanks

A:Trouble Installing

Having a look around on Google, some suggestions have arisen saying that the drive might not be partitioned (which doesn't sound right to me, since I have built a few computers without encountering this problem).

In any case, you might want to test your hard drive for any issues. Download SeaTools for DOS (, you have to complete the registration form to proceed), burn the image to CD, and run the tests provided to check the status of your drive.

You can view the help guide here:
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i downloaded .net framework 1.1, but it would not install, said publisher unknown.i downloaded from microsoft please help .thanks

A:Trouble Installing

Try downloading it again.

BTW the .net framework is not an essential windows component.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 9550 Quad-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 2 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6142 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4650, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 596962 MB, Free - 454266 MB; D: Total - 13515 MB, Free - 1847 MB; L: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 473244 MB;
Motherboard: PEGATRON CORPORATION, VIOLET, 3.02, MS1C93R62800103
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

I'm having trouble installing IE9. Do i have to delete 8 first, or disable my Norton Internet Suite?


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I'm trying to install Win7 SP1, and am unable to. Here is the contents of my Checksur.log file:

Checking System Update Readiness.
Binary Version 6.1.7601.21645
Package Version 15.0
2012-07-30 11:45

Checking Windows Servicing Packages

Checking Package Manifests and Catalogs
(f) CBS MUM Corrupt 0x800F0900 servicing\Packages\Microsoft-Windows-VirtualPC-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~zh-TW~7.1.7601.17514.mum Line 1:
(f) CBS Catalog Corrupt 0x800B0100 servicing\Packages\

Checking Package Watchlist

Checking Component Watchlist

Checking Packages

Checking Component Store

Seconds executed: 1129
Found 2 errors
CBS MUM Corrupt Total count: 1
CBS Catalog Corrupt Total count: 1

Unavailable repair files:
Thank you in advance for your help!

A:Trouble installing Win 7 SP1

I don't have a VirtualPC package on my system,. Could you describe how you are installing Windows 7 SP1 and some details about your system, such as, are you running a Virtual OS version of some type?
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Upgrading windows se to windows xp It was a new hard drive that I installed windows se and decided to install windows xp help, installing trouble xp! Please home sp oem instead I get Please help, trouble installing xp! to the setup screen that says This portion of the setup program prepares microsoft windows xp to run on your computer I press enter to set up windows xp Then the following list shows the existing partitions and unpartitioned space on this computer c partition Fat mb mb free I press enter to set up windows xp and it gives me the option to convert the partition to NTFS or leave the current file system intact no changes which then throws up a caution a windows folder already exists that contains a windows installation and if i continue it will overwrite it I don t have any files I need to retain as it is a new hard drive but I am having issues Once it installs the necessary files I start getting cannot copy the file bootvid dll and then kdcom dll then c nls then c nls then l inst nls then vgaoem fon And on and on I guess if I continue Please advise I need this up and going today as it is a gift for my mother this weekend I don t know what I have done but I sure need some help PLEASE HELP nbsp

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I ve put this in this forum but it s related to an XP problem so it s a bit of both Last week my computer finally gave up the ghost - near as I can figure through limited info the boot Trouble installing W7 manager is corrupted Long and short of it is that I now cannot load my PC at all - it will go as far as the options screen for safe mode last known config etc then to the loading screen then it restarts itself If I do nothing it will go through this circuit ad infinitum Today I have received a new copy of windows - the intention was to install this and format the Trouble installing W7 drive to wipe everything previous all my files are on external hard drive and there have been a lot of probs with my XP that I haven t been able to remedy On trying to install windows I get the missing CD DVD drivers message that lots of people have had Trouble installing W7 trouble with - I ve tried downloading the up to date drivers for my DVD rom on a USB pen disk but it wouldn t pick them up The only option I have as far as downloading anything is to fetch it via a friend s lap top - I literally cannot access my own desktop at all under any option What can I do My puter is old - ish - it s a Cybercom but not sure on the model at the mo I m not PC illiterate by any means but my knowledge is limited when it comes to problems like this nbsp

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I had a few viruses ...spybot ...backdoor assasin etc. Seemed to get rid of most of them I think but having trouble installing almost anything? From Norton to Windows Anti-Spyware programs? They will install and just prior to completing instalation it just quits and no more?

Any help ?

A:trouble installing

Any error messages? And what did you use to remove viruses and spyware, and what was you infected with? Have you ran HJT this yet?
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I have an old Trouble PC installing on XP SP2 old PC with Asus p s x motherboard and hdd maxtor gb with no operating system installed My CPU was dead and yesterday I got another one The problem Trouble installing XP SP2 on old PC I have is the following When I tried to install win xp sp I put the disk into the drive and set the cd drive to be the first booting device in BIOS After that it showed on the screen quot ATAPI Boot from cd no emulation quot and the line bellow quot press any key to boot from cd quot So I pressed Trouble installing XP SP2 on old PC enter and proceeded to the installation process I have done everything correctly - formatted the partitition and waited for windows to copy files After that the computer rebooted and after it started again I saw again the things I mentioned quot atapi boot from cd rom no emulation quot and press any key to boot from cd quot After I touched nothing and that screen passed nothing was shown on the monitor and I was not taken to proceed with my installation The screen is black and the power indicator on the monitor is switching on and off like it has no signal That happened with every bootable cd s I have and I am desperate Any ideas Pls help View attachment nbsp

A:Trouble installing XP SP2 on old PC

Just a guess, Sounds like the computer is not reading the cd player, Check your bios set up to make sure the cd player is set at ATAPI device, Another thing is this a original copy of XP or a burn't copy, Sometimes Burn't copys will do this. Hopefully this helps. If not maybe someone here will have a better answer. GoodLuck
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I decided to finally give a shot at building my own PC - everything was seemingly going fine until I got to the Windows XP Home installation I booted up the WinXP CD partitioned and formatted my HD and after rebooting it fails to load from my HD It copied PC, XP New Trouble Installing the Windows Boot files to my HD just fine though I've edited the BIOS and made sure that it is explicitly attempting to load my HD first - but it can't seem to find it After faililng to load New PC, Trouble Installing XP from the HD and CD it goes to my OnBoard LAN I can disable New PC, Trouble Installing XP this in the BIOS but it makes no difference My HD is a Western Digital Raptor GB S-ATA From what I can tell this is a BIOS problem If anybody has help they can offer me I'd really appreciate your assistance edit You'll probably want to know that my MB is a Gigabyte K Triton GA-K NF- nForce chipset

A:New PC, Trouble Installing XP

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Try putting the BIOS settings back to default

You may want to run a diagnostic utility. Go to this link and download the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (Floppy) . You will make a boot floppy, insert it in the floppy drive and run the test.
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I recently bought 128 MB of RAM for my gateway at 300 MHz computer, which had 64 MB. I also recently installed Windows 98 second edition. After putting the RAM in, I got various error messages, such as Windows protection error and in valid VxD dynamic link to device number three. I tried re-seating the RAM, but I keep getting error messages. I can't get back into Windows. When I take the new RAM out again, it works again. Can anyone please offer any suggestions? Thank you.

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Hello all. I am brand new to this sight and am in need of help.

Built new box yesterday. BIOS is recognizing all drives. Put Win XP pro in DVD-R and am told to reboot and select proper boot device. Have been through BIOS, can't understand why this happening. It's so frustrating to stall this far along in the build.

Please help

A:Trouble Installing

Did you change the boot order in the BIOS to boot to the CD first?
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hello i didnt know that i downloaded the trial version so the other day i was on for the first time in awhile some of you guys that work this knew i had a problem where i couldnt even log on my computer. well i finally fixed it. now i relalized i had a trail version so i thought i uninstalled it properly so i could just have the free version so i tried to install that and i keep getting:Installer initialization failed due to the following error: Warning: Internal error. Dialog with id "AvgDetectedDlg" was not found in the setup.what should i do?Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:trouble installing avg

i thought i uninstalled it properly so i could just have the free version so i tried to install that and i keep getting:Installer initialization failed due to the following error: Warning: Internal error. Dialog with id "AvgDetectedDlg" was not found in the setup.what should i do?Please follow the instructions found in this AVG 8.x Uninstall / Re-Install Instructions
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I am trying to do a fresh install of XP on my PC. I have a 500gb SATA HD, i have reformatted this and put the XP disk in on startup, it went through the options, did a quick format of my drive and then installed the setup files, it automatically restarted my computer and then went back through the same process as if i hadnt done anything. I tried setting my HD to boot first, but this just puts my PC into a booting loop, so after detecting any IDE drives it will just restart the comp.

I have also tried installing Win98 first, but once it is installed it wont load up, only in safe mode which isnt much help.

Can anybody help me??


A:Im having trouble installing XP...


installed the setup files, it automatically restarted my computer

At this point are you getting instructions to remove any disks and press any key to restart? If you've been removing the XP CD and pressing a key to restart, don't do either. It'll take a several seconds for your computer to reboot and you'll feel like it's taking forever; but it's okay. Setup will continue after that.

That's how it works when installing XP Home. Maybe it's the same for Pro. Or if you've been leaving the CD in, then try taking it out when it restarts.
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Take hart, you are not alone.
Gates Spends Entire First Day Back in Office Trying to Install Windows 8.1 : The New Yorker

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I'm trying to reinstall Windows XP and when it loads a few things into memory it just shuts the entire computer off. It loads about 15 or so files and then shuts down. I reformatted my Hard Drive previously and am wondering whether it is a hardware problem or something in the bios. Can anyone give me ideas of what I can do to fix the problem.

A:Trouble Installing XP

Update: Now it doesn't load any files and cuts the power. Also previously the computer was slowing down a bit when I can normally could run several programs at once without a problem but 3 was making it lag very bad.
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Okay so first and foremost I'm trying to re-install vista and wipe out my current hard drive as it has a nifty little malware calling itself windows vista recovery implanted in it I've seen a couple possible solutions to try for getting rid of this trash but I feel the Trouble re-installing need to start fresh since I have a lot of programs I don't use anymore on my pc I've also followed a few steps on wiping a pc clean but as it is with humans computers are often completely unique so I Trouble re-installing hope to tailor this thread to my pc as much as possible Anyway I put in my windows vista home premium disc Trouble re-installing and tried to boot from disc but don't think it did anything I did setup the bios so st nd and rd sources for boot were all my disc however once I continued it just sat on a blank vista background halfway through startup What I want to know is if for one am I doing everything right so far to proceed with a full wipe re-install and if not how so I'm at work at Trouble re-installing the moment so later today I can give definite specs hardware if needed since I'm not sure from memory

A:Trouble re-installing

and welcome to the Forum

Enter the BIOS and set ther first boot device to be the DVD drive and the second as the hard drive. . put the DVD in the drive and reboot. You should see a prompt to "Press any key to boot from CD"
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I have been going a little crazy over this Trying to install CS on my computer Windows Home bit operating system I did have a trial version so that has been uninstalled used the programs uninstall and then used the cleanscript from Adobe I have tried copying the DVD install info to my computer installing that way Ran as admistrator no go The only thing that comes up is the - initializing Adobe Photoshop CS - bar fills up and then it disappears I am now getting a error I tried to fix the permissions on the registry errors I was getting it tells me I don t have permission to change the permissions There has to be an easier way to get this program to install please help me editec to add - error log - Fri Apr ERROR -------------------- BEGIN - Initialization Failures - BEGIN -------------------- Fatal error initializing from CS3 installing Trouble proxy files The following proxy files could not be loaded C Program Files x Common Files Adobe Installers d f d c a dfa ff bb ac payloads AdobeBridge All AdobeBridge All proxy xml -------------------- END - Initialization Failures - END -------------------- nbsp

A:Trouble installing CS3

I wish I could help you. I completely understand how you feel. I am having similar issues and came to your thread hoping for an answer here. I also started my own thread about my CS3 problems. I hope you find the answers you need.
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Ok, I'm trying to install Windows XP on my laptop. I go through the installation, but when I get to the partitioning, it says "Unknown Disk" and on the next line it says "(No disk in the drive)". If I hit any key at this point, I go to a BSOD with a message saying "Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area"I think it might have something to do with not having a SATA driver. I downloaded the driver package at:;uid=215240538After unzipping it, I noticed it has two folders for floppies, and various other files. This laptop has no floppy disk, so I don't understand how I'm to install these SATA drivers.Thanks in advance,geoguroo7

A:Trouble Installing XP

Probably with an external USB floppy drive.
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Hi Everyone,

I'm in need of some help. A while back I got a new windows XP OS disk but never used it. I have since tried to install it on to my computer but I cant get the Network connection to work therefore I'm unable to connect my pc to the internet. Before I started playing about with everything my PC had windows 7 on and connected to the internet fine. Please can someone help me with this! I think I've killed it!!

Relevancy 43.43%

I recently got my computer upgraded with a brand new harddive.

When I try to boot the Windows XP SP2 install from cd or floppy, it doesn't work. I went into the bios and set boot from cd first, didn't work. Also boot from floppy didn't work either. I have a bootable Win XP SP2 cd and also the 6-diskette bootable for Win XP SP2. Nothing seems to be working...

Can anyone help me out?

A:Trouble installing XP on new hd

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Is this an OEM cd or a burnt copy? Make sure it is clean from smudges and scratches. Also you might want to clean the lens on the cd-rom drive or whatever drive your using
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What would be the appropriate section to ask for help with installing .net 3.5?

A:Having trouble installing .net 3.5

Hello Lamey, and welcome.

Software or this one. What is your problem?

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i have had this problem for some time now and still can't solve it. i figured i'd register and ask the experts. the ONLY reason i want to use wmp11 is for the file sharing with my xbox360. winamp remote is ok, but i prefer wmp11. i have had it working before,but rebuilt my comp and now i get 3 errors.

WMP has encountered a problem and needs to close.

microsoft WMP setup utility has encountered a problem and needs to close

the 3rd error is a drwatson postmortem debugger error

what's causing this and how the heck can i fix it?

my media library loads onto winamp with no problems, if that helps.

A:trouble installing WMP 11

Hi BCUZICN and welcome to TSF !

What do you mean by "rebuilt my comp" ? Do you mean you reinstalled XP from scratch ? If that's the case you may need to reinstall all the latest critical updates from windows update and the latest drivers for your system.

Have you tried rolling back to WMP10 (or even WMP9) and reinstalling WMP11 ?

Do you have an XP SP2 CD ?
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Due to a virus I needed to reinstall and but I have getting an error: "windows cannot be installed to this disk the computers hardware may not support booting to this disk". I have two raid 0 setups one is of 2 ssds and the other of 2 hdds. I have and Asus deluxe 99 motherboard and am trying to reinstall windows 10. I have been trying to fix this for days but to no avail.

A:Having Trouble Installing

back to the bios, try setting to AHCI and see if smart is enabled. beyond this I cannot add more as raid setups goes further then my own machines.

if not, return to bios for other possible and consider the connections for the drive/s are correctly fitted.

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My computer seems to be operating a LOT slower after I have installed service pack for xp I've included my hijack log in case it might help but if anyone knows why it would be so slow SEEMINGLY just internet wise but i haven't tried much else Thanks Logfile of HijackThis v trouble Pc installing after sp2 Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system Pc trouble after installing sp2 services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS System nvsvc exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system RUNDLL EXE C Program Files Gaim gaim exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Documents and Settings Trisky Desktop HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page bak about blank R - URLSearchHook no name - EC D D- C - C D-BC -C D DA - no file R - URLSearchHook no name - EC D D- C - C D-BC -C D DA - C Program Files TV Media TvmBho dll file missing F - system ini Shell F - REG system ini UserInit C WINDOWS SYSTEM Userinit exe O - BHO no name - A - - C- C - DE - no file O - BHO Recommended Hotfix - D-CF - E -ADF - A E CB B - C Program Files Recommended Hotfix - D v RH DLL file missing O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS System NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS System NvMcTray dll NvTaskbarInit O - HKLM Run WinampAgent C Program Files Winamp winampa exe O - Extra button no name - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - no file O - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Sun Java Console - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - no file O - Extra button AIM - AC E - - d -BC D- B D A DE - C PROGRA AIM aim exe O - Extra button Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe O - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Windows Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe O - DPF B-B - D-A D -FCFDF E C WUWebControl Class - http v windowsupdate microsoft co O - DPF D D - - D -BDCD- C F A B HouseCall Control - http a g akamai net ll xscan cab O - DPF A - C- E - B- D EC D CRAVOnline Object - http www ravantivirus com scan ravonline cab

A:Pc trouble after installing sp2

You could just be having compatability problems with sp2.
Did you create a system restore point before you installed it?
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I am trying to do a fresh install from a Bootable XP PRO disk that is known to be good on my other machine and It keeps looping. It loads the installation files and gets to the point where it has to reboot to coninue installation and then it just starts the process right back over... Tried Other disks to , home and W2K nada. tried on another harddrive ,nada, seems to be the bios or something with the HP Pavilioin machine , I went into the bios setup and it is set to boot from disk then HD in the boot confige so I dunno why it keeps looping , this is driving me bonkers......
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i am trying to re-install my xp-pro because my computer has become way too cluttered and i want a new fresh start. so, when i pop in the xp cd, i click install, select the second option (not upgrade), make ntfs partition.. then it restarts and goes to xp pro setup. from there, i dont know what to do. i get to a screen where it shows the partitions and asks which one i want to install the os onto. when i click the only one that it shows, C, i get a "its not recomended to put two OS's onto one partition". what do i do from here? im kind of confused because in the beginning i chose "fresh install". when i reboot and try again, the same thing happens.

A:trouble re-installing xp-pro

You have to format the old partition to install a fresh copy of XP . You can also delete the partition and create a new primary partition then format , which is more complete than a format . You still have the old copy of XP on your drive thats why its telling you about 2 Operating systems on 1 drive
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I bought a Gateway DX4822-01 with Windows 7 preinstalled. The motherboard lacks any IDE ports so I had to buy an IDE-SATA adapter for my old 250 GB Western Digital drive from my old PC.

After plugging everything in, I powered up. With the device plugged in, Windows 7 takes longer to boot and when it does, it does not detect the IDE HDD at all.

I believe I may have to format the drive. The old drive still has XP installed plus some remaining files. Unfortunately, I can not do this with the Windows 7 disc as Gateway didn't include one. There's an option to burn backup and boot discs to DVD but I do not know if that will be what I need.

Formatting in the old PC is no longer an option. It's been stripped for parts and some of it already sold off.

Is there any chance to use this drive or should I write it off?

A:trouble installing a 2nd IDE HDD

Hi and welcome to Seven Forums
Do not write it off,im fairly sure can be fixed.
First,double check to make sure it is installed correctly.
Then go to control panel>system>device manager and see if you can see it in there.

If so,
control panel-> system and security-> create and format hard disk partitions>right click on the hdd >change drive letters and paths>add drive letter.

Then check in the devices and printers portal from the start menu.

Let me know if its possible and if it works,
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A few days ago I decided to clean up my boot drive and trouble 98 installing or W2X inadvertently deleted essential programs I was unable to save the operating system win so I finally reformatted I had trouble installing W2X or 98 anticipated changing operating systems soon doing a clean install so I had created the four windows setup disks from the windows CD ahead of time I figured therefore that I would not have any trouble getting the CD-ROM drive recognized and the system installed I was wrong I first tried installing from the CD During the self-test the system noticed there was a bootable CD in the drive and asked if I wanted to boot from there I said yes win stuff loaded and loaded and it looked like it was going all right but then I got an error I am sorry I didn t copy the exact words It said if this is the first time you got the error you may have a virus or something else I have forgotten It said to restart as I recall and I did The error message suggested that it was no longer able to read the CD-ROM drive even though it had been loading from it up until then So I tried installing from the four floppy disks That process went well until I had gone through all four then I got the error message again I do not recall if it was exactly the same one I believe it simply said it could not find the CD-ROM drive I tried another time this time with teh quot ultimate boot disk quot and windows instead of ANd again with the standard win startup disk and the CD So in all I tried to install win three or four times and win two or three times Each time I could not get through it I thought maybe it forgets where the CD ROM drive is because it is connected to the promise card So I connected it to the motherboard and tried the four-disk thing again No luck It didn t find it even at the start which it had before So that didn t seem like a good idea However it may be a good idea if it is a matter of the BIOS being disabled I am not sure what to change unfortunately in there I am perhaps saying too much here The synopsis I can t install win or on a freshly formatted -gig drive because it can only go so far and then loses the CD-ROM drive That s the essense of it ---- system celeron mh megs RAM boot drive gigs secondary drive not a part of this discussion - gigs operating system NONE nbsp
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So I'm trying to reinstall my copy of Win XP. I start it up with the CD as usual, waits and presses enter to begin installing. Right there the installationprogram halts and says that it can't find my harddrive and tells me to check that it is connected.

The weird thing is that my harddrive is working just fine while using the installation of XP I currently have installed. Should I dig in and check the cables or is there anything else I should check into first?

A:HDD trouble while re-installing XP

is it a PATA or SATA hdd?
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Hi, hope someone can help, i'm new this year to the world of pc's so knoledge is limited, i bought an old pc of a friend, hooked up to broadband, the system i know little about except its 512 sdram, 10 hard drive, windows xp sp2, problem is bought new digital camera and tried to install, apparently it should of picked it up on wizard but didnt, got told probably using usb 1.1 and camera needs usb 2.0, purchased, but wont install! is this pc too old to install modern equiptment? would love to upgrade but funds are a problem greatfull for any advise,

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I just had my computer fixed. I am trying to install windows 2000. It wants me to insert my windows 2000 sp2 cd. I don't have one. How can I get around this to install windows 2000? Thank you.

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Ok, I have no problem actually installing XP Pro or 2000 Pro but my Hard drive isn't showing the full amount of space.
I have a 10 gb. hard drive and it only says I have a 2 gb.

Now what I did is format the entire hard drive and create a primary partition using the maximum ammount of space on that one partition. When I'm going through the installation of XP pro it says I have 2gigs on my system partition and 8 gigs that are unpartitioned. If I partition the other 8 gigs then it just makes that space into another drive letter so now when I get the O.S. installed it says I have a C:\ (with 2gb) and a E:\ (with 8gb).
How do I make it just ONE drive?
Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Need help installing WinXP/2000 Pro

Hope this helps.
1. Access your BIOS & make sure LBA is enabled. Sounds like the reason you only have 2Gigs in C is because it is formatted as FAT, not FAT32. FAT only recognizes 2 Gigs. Also, make sure your boot options are in this order: A:, CDROM:, HD 0.

2.Do you have a WIN 98SE boot disk? IF so, put it into the A drive & reboot. After, select CDRom support. Then type in fdisk at the A prompt. You will have 4 options, one of which is view partitions. (it might ask you if you want to enable LBA before this step. If so, select yes). If you have 2 partitions listed, delete both. Now create a partition& make it active. Do NOT format the partition, let the OS do that!! Pop out the floppy, put in the CD with the OS on it, & reboot. The CD should take over at this point.

Post back on the results & Good Luck!!
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Hi, I just bought windows 2000 and i want remove windows 98 from my laptop and install win2000. However, I'm afraid it won't recognize my internal dvd rom drive, any advice?

A:Installing Windows 2000

Check with the laptop manufacturer to see if it is supported. A lot of the time, manufacturers have information about upgrading the OS to a different version somewhere on thier website. Unfortunately, they sometimes bury it so far down in thier site that you feel like you need a backhoe to dig it out.
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I'm trying to figure out how to install MSDE 2000 for both 2003 office products and visual 2003. I seen if your using MSDE for visual studio to add instancename=vsdotnet when setting up. I did that and when I went to open the Northwind sample database I got a message telling me that SQL desktop engine was not found, but the server was running. any help would be much appreciated.

A:need help with installing MSDE 2000

Is the message you're getting "SQL Server does not exist or access denied'? Check the authentication method. If windows authentication, you'll need the -E (note capital E) switch. If sql server authentication then you'll have to supply a user id and password.
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I have a computer currenty running XP Pro. The owner HATES it, and wants 2000 put back on. I've done upgrades, but never downgrades. I'm assuming I'll need to reformat totally?? I think I just need to be started off on this, and then should be able to figure out the rest.


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Well guys it is me again asking for your wonderful help, and thanking you in advance. The problem is that I have a office 2000 CD that I brought and for some reason cannot find jewel case to get Key Code off of it. I went into the system using Belarc Advisor. With no luck I did not find code. I was wondering is there anyway that I could install this back on my computer with less pain.

Please help as my job depends on word documents.

Signed Despite

A:Installing office 2000

You'll need to call Microsoft to get a key.