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Q: Internet Font Size

In trying to enlarge font for my father so he could view things more easily, the font on the internet is much too large. Some web pages are not viewable because of it. I have tried the Accessibility, Display, Font via the Control Panel. Tried internet options via IE. Suggestions please. As always, thank you .

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Preferred Solution: Internet Font Size

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi there, 
I have recently updated my Mac to the newer Microsoft 2016 and every time I hit the tab button to indent the format of the font, font size, and color change instead of indenting my paper. 
Please help this is a very annoying issue.

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Today I am having problems viewing some websites because the font size is larger than normal. It is not happening on every site - not this one for example but on several others that I view daily.

Anybody have any ideas why this would be happening.

Thank you

A:Internet Explorer - Font Size Problems

secretangel: You may have changed your font size in IE. Please see the quote below link from Microsoft.How to Display Text in a Different Font SizeTo display text in a different font size:1. Start Internet Explorer.2. On the View menu, point to Text Size, and then click the size you want.These preferences are used if the Web page author did not specify settings or if you configure Internet Explorer to always use your preferences by using the procedure that is described in the section of this article.Let us know if that helped.
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Hi all. My problem is with internet explorer. there are some sites that I visit where the text size is displayed very very small. Not all sites suffer from this problem. It has only started happening recently and I haven't installed anything recently other than windows automatic updates. I am running XP Service Pack 2. Please click on this link to see a screen grab of my problemI'd much appreciate help anyone can give me on this.PS. to anyone that suggests using firefox: I'd prefer to remain with IE pls.

A:Internet Explorer Font Size Problem...

Hi Gravey.

You could try holding down the 'control' key and using the scroll wheel on your mouse to alter text size.
Or you can go to the top toolbar and under 'view' alter the text size there.
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Just recently i faced a problem regarding my Size Font Internet automatically Explorer Reduced Internet Explorer service Pack I noticed that first of all Search engines like Google Msn and Yahoo and Internet Explorer Font Size Reduced automatically Even Microsoft com all had small font sizes It was not the same as before The size of the font is reduced now since before it has been bigger or to say normal I don't know why this happenned cause I didnt change any properties or settings of internet explorer I am suprised how this can happen automatically without anyone changing the settings I also then noticed that this website tech support forum and some other websites inmcluding newspapers websites displayed font sizes normal or bigger as they were before That lead me to the conclusion that only some websites has the problem but why all the search engines font too had reduced Just to be sure i checked the same websites which gave me a problem including the search engines and microsoft com on another PC and noticed it was normal on that PC and the font sizes were not at all small Then Why did this occur on my PC How should i solve this issue Please tell me what to change or do Please help me to solve this problem out as it is very difficult to read th text on these websites that have this problem

A:Internet Explorer Font Size Reduced automatically


What happens when you click View -> Text Size -> Normal then restart IE?
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Every time I begin a new message, the same font and size come on, unbidden. I do see how to reset them every time, but how can I can I reset them so that my own choices appear automatically?

A:In Windows Live Mail, how do I reset the default font and font size?

Go to tools>options>compose tab.
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I use many different font in my line of work and need the font in the selection drop-down box to be larger. Is there way to change the default size of the listed fonts?
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Would someone please tell me how to permanently set the font, size of font and font color in MS 2010 Outlook so that I don't have to set it everytime I type an email.


A:How to set font, font size and text color

Quote: Originally Posted by C32C3


Would someone please tell me how to permanently set the font, size of font and font color in MS 2010 Outlook so that I don't have to set it everytime I type an email.


I don't use Outlook anymore, so I can't give you step by step instructions..

Have a look at this tutorial :
Change Default Email Font Settings & Theme In Outlook 2010

***Adding : The website opens slowly, please give it a few extra seconds.
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I have finally decided to put my screen settings to 1024-768 or what ever that one is lol .. but my only problem now is the font size.. for example up top of this page where it says file,edit, view really small and same as the name thats down on my bar at the bottom of my screen where my open windows are they are really small and I want to make them bigger how do I do that? also .. my quick launch icons are super small can I make them bigger? I made the ones on my desktop bigger but can't figure out how to make the quick launch ones bigger.. can anyone help me please.. Ty.


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Windows 10.

I am having much fun grappling with my displays. I say grapple because I CANNOT see the text!

I have a laptop, with a display that has up to 2048x resolution and an external monitor that does 1920x. I have tried to keep both set the same resolution so the mouse will easily go back and fort.

If I bump one setting, others seem to change. Like after an update too!

I need a script, to set, then set again, and again, the
display settings,
the custom scaling level, and
the "change only text size".

Keeping the monitor placement geometry the same would be great for me too.

Oh for a cross reference on Outlook 2013 to the system setting. I keep manipulating the view settings there too.

Probably to get started I could use a "settings display" script.

Help, please
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I'm not sure what has happened but I went to create a system restore point earlier today only to find that the box where you type the description has shrunk down to an unreadable size as you can see below

Other programs don't seem to be affected, ie when naming/renaming files or installing programs into custom locations font size is normal. I don't know if it is only system restore that has this problem but it's the only program i've come across that is suffering.

Any ideas what has gone wrong or more importantly how to resize the type box so I can at least see what i'm typing?

Running win XP pro/SP3

Any help gratefully received


A:Font size has shrunk to unreadable size

rIGHT CLICK ON A OPEN SPACE ON YOUR WIndows screen> click properties> apperance> font size
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Can anyone help I am on vista using word 2007.

My problem is that when I try to increase my font size from 12pt to 72pt it goes really small that I can barely see it on screen. It does this with every size 12pt to 14pt gets a little smaller and so on.

Does any know how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance

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I am having trouble with the font size and Pop up boxes size. Both are either too big or too small. I dont know how to solve this problem.

For example if I want to update my Symantic AntiVirus or Install a new program, the Box that opens is either too big or too small and font size too.

Recently I copied some fonts to my folder in Windows folder (Fonts folder).

I think maybe that has caused the problem. But I dont know how to solve it.

Please Help.

Thanks in advance.

A:Font size and Pop Up boz size too big or too small - Please help

Hi Muneeb and welcome to TSF !

You could give system restore a try : start => all programs => accessories => system tools => system restore. Select a date in bold prior to when the problem began. You won't lose any personal data but you may need to reinstall any program or update you've installed since then.

Else the system file checker can restore your system fonts. You'll need an XP install CD with service pack 2 (XP Home SP2 or XP Pro SP2 depending on the version you have installed). If your current CD hasn't got service pack 2 then you need to create a slipstreamed CD with SP2. Use one of these guides and report once you have an XP SP2 install CD :
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For some reason the fonts are all small on my computer. The name of the desktop items on my desktop, those fonts are all small too. I went to properties and changed the font size to large, and nothing happened, their still small. I even changed the screen resolution on the 'properties', their still small. Here is what I am talking about:

See how small the fonts are? Someone please help me!!!!

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Internet Explorer 8 - How do I increase the size of the text in the address bar
(http//: line)?? I have a WIN 7 Home Premium, 64 bit PC. The text is tiny & I have vision issues. Firefox is great - I can change the font size in the address bar with no problem. But not using Internet Explorer 8, WHY - HELP!!
Thanx, peteandallie

A:Font size

IE doesn't have this feature. The only solution is to change you screen resolution (lower pixels). Negative of this is everything is larger and more stuff goes off the page.
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Hello All
How do I increase the font size
when I type?
Thank You

A:font size

Richard, try\alertbox\20020819.html.

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I have a new Hp thsat for some reason I had to do a system restore now all my fonts are large .I went to system and changed font size to custom everything is stll big .. Also I had to reset my e-mail and now It won't let me log on to outlook express unless i use a pass word . I wenyt to account and entered my password and x automatically remember but still have to do it. help

A:font size

What is the screen resolution? Display properties ,settings?
What is the font size under the appearence tab in the display properties?
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My sister in Richmond emails me about once a week. Frequently when she is typing the letter, the font size changes from a large (about this size) to a smaller size and the rest of her letter will be in the smaller size. Next time she boots up, things are back to normal.
Do you have any idea what is causing that?
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Is there a font size smaller then font size="1"? I want to make some words a bit smaller then that but I'm not sure how. I tried a "-1" but it still doesn't go smaller then a "1". Thanks.

A:Font Size

I think that the only way that you are going to achieve this is by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), using relative font sizes
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How do i change the font size for iternet explorer?

A:Font Size

From the menu bar, View->Text Size
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My kids just played on my computer. I walked into the room, and everything seems to be "zoomed in" on my computer. I have adjusted the font size on my Word Document, but it is still huge. I cannot seem to find out why. Please help?

A:Font Size

Just hold the control button then scroll your mouse down.
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I'm using the newest version of Firefox on an XP system. I just installed a widescreen LCD and to me the font size on the tool bars is too small. I know how to change the font size for the web page, that's easy. Is it possible to increase the font size on the tool bars as well. Firefox doesn't seem to have an add-on for this. Thanks for any help.

A:Font Size


What size screen did you upgrade to, the bigger screen can make thing look different. Also, what resolution are you running at? If it is different than the last resolution that you had on your other monitor then everything will look different. For a rule the higher the resolution the smaller the icons, and the lower the resolution the the larger the icons, toolbars, etc.

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When compiling a email in Hotmail/Outlook and I set the font size to 12 say and at the end of a line I don't  place full stop then start a new lower line the font size will change to a much lower size namely 10?
Any ideas please.
for eg
How are you today
tomorrow I am off to

A:Font size

Have you tried changing the default font settings?
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my ie font size is to small how can i increase it

A:ie font size

Right click anywhere on your desktop. Click properties. Select the "Appearance" tab. Font size options appear!!!
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Is there a way to set just the font size without windows trying to enlarge everything? In windows xp selecting a bigger font size only affected window's fonts and icons. In windows 7 selecting a bigger font size zooms everything, including other applications like open office and opera that cannot handle it and look blurry. Am i the only one with this problem?

A:Font Size

It depends on the application and how they want to react to DPI increases.
There may be options available in the applications to configure that.
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Can you please tell me how to increase the size of the words in the yahoo chat rooms? They are normal everywhere else. They are so small i can barley read them. I have tried everything but it remains the same. Even the names on the users list is normal size but very tiny in the chat area.Thank you

A:font size

Welcome to TSG!!
I found the following information here.

How do I change fonts?
You can change the type and size of the font used for the messages in chat. You'll find these settings under the "Preferences" button above the chat message line.
Click "Preferences," choose the font and size from the two menus, and then click "Save."

Note: The recommended font size for normal vision is between 10 and 14. Click to expand...
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Hi, I had larger font on icons and wording until I installed Adobe 9.1 The icons remain large but the text has reverted to small. I have checked the setting and it is set to the larger font. I then removed Adobe 9.1 I changed it to small, logged off and on again and both icons and text small. I changed it back to large, logged off and on again and the icons are now larger but the text is still small. Help.
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Running windows 7 home premium.

The other day I was messing around with printer settings trying to enlarge what i was printing. Now my browser experience has taking a turn for the worse. My font seems out of whack from web page to web page. Giant bold headers on some and overlapping links on others. I am constantly having to use CTRL -or+ to adjust it depening on what I am looking at.

Not sure if I accidentally changed a setting that affects my everyday browsing while I was messing with the printer settings.

Any ideas?


A:Font size?

Hello there,

A few questions for you.

1) When you were adjusting printer settings, what were you printing? Something on a website?

2) What browser do you use?

3) Do you have this problem on all browsers are just one?

Orange Blossom
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Is there a way to make my font size bigger when I browse example gmail and facebook as i could not do it. They are very small and I tried from the resolution but to no success. any help please? Thanks

A:Font size.

Try holding down the CTRL key and scrolling with the wheel. This is a shortcut to the Zoom function, found in all major browsers.
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For some inexplicable reason the font size in OE messages that I print suddenly gets larger. I do not know how to restore them to their previous size except by using System Restore. I'm sure there must be a better method than this. I'm using XP.

A:Font Size

To change the font sizes in Outlook Express, you make the changes in Internet Explorer

If the font is too large or too small, change the text size in Internet Explorer by clicking View | Text Size | select larger or smaller as required, and then try printing again.

System Restore is not needed for this fix, which should be much simpler
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Not all of them just in programs like Ccleaner, SAS , MAM and Revo. Seem like any program that isn't on demand. I went to restore point and got things right again. Can't seem to find a way to change the font size in those kind of programs. Is there a way using Windows 7 Home Premium that one could change the font size in programs I have listed? They all went very small. Those programs don't have a (view) to change font size.

A:Font size

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Fonts\Font settings see if clicking restore to default will work.
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When I was trying to make my XP SP3 look like Vista, I changed something for the font.
I used Movefile and a script. When the computer restarted, the font had changed, but is far too big and looks terrible.
I didn't save a system restore point
And I have tried changing the font size in 'Display Settings', then 'Appearance'. And I have tried changing the DPI setting and the 'Display Settings', 'Settings', then 'Advanced'.
Nothing. I really want everything put back to normal. How do I reset the fonts back to the standard XP size and style?
Or if possible, just to reduce the system font size.

I used these instructions:

A:HELP! XP Font Size

heeaar05, You should have set a System Restore point like the instructions stated before you made the change. You could try the reg file fix line 249 (left column) "Set Default XP Font Back to Tahoma" at the link below. Save the REG File to your hard disk. Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt.

Can't guarantee that it will fix your problem so it's your call.

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I am having problems with the font size changing when I open documents and websites. I physically have to go to the toolbox and click on the Zoom feature to enlarge the font. It will show the font as being 100% but actually it looks to be about 50%.

What can I do to assure the font remains at the default setting?

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I have upgraded to Windows 10 and am liking some of the added features but cannot change some of the fonts sizes. I have changed the font size in all areas available in the settings area but still need to change font size in other areas of programs but cannot find where to change them Please see attached picture. Thank you.
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I would like to increase the font size on my W7. On everything. I don't want to go here an there to accomplish this but to just change the default font style and its size. My eyesight is getting worse as I get older. The picture you see was taken in 1974 when I was 44.

A:font size

Right click on an empty part of your desktop and choose Screen Resolution. Then on Make Text and other items larger or smaller.
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Hey there. my laptop won't let me go to any font size smaller then normal. Tried changing my screen res and everything else. some1 help plzhttp://

A:Font size

if you are talking about on your desktop, right click on the desktop pick properties, settings, advanced, you can change it there.
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When I open my home page (Yahoo), the font size always reverts to "larger".If I set it to " smaller" , it will revert to "larger" when I revisit my home page. I change it at ;VIEW >TEXT SIZE > SMALLER. How do I get it to stay the size I set it at ?

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For some strange reason my font size when I access many sights is huge. It's no problem when I'm offline(or on this sight) I also have some Zwax bug found by Spybot(I just can't figure out how to get rid of it). I can usually solve any problem alone or just by reading all you guys answers to others problems. This is just frustrating me to no end.

A:Font Size

Hi, darrinlane, and welcome back!

Let's start at the beginning and work our way forward. Follow the instructions below. In the meantime, I will move your thread to HJT Help, so the Analysts will find it faster.

Please download Ad-aware SE and install it if you don't have it already. Make sure it's the newest version and check for any updates before running it. Also go here to get the plug-in for fixing VX2 variants. To run this tool, go into Ad-aware->Add-ons and select VX2 Cleaner. Then click Run Tool and OK to start it. If it's clean, it will say Status System Clean. Otherwise, you will have to click on the Clean button to remove the VX2 infection. Also make sure to customize the settings in Ad-aware for better scan results. Run the scan and fix everything that it finds.

Download CWShredder and run it. Click on 'I Agree' button if you agree with it. Click on 'Fix' (it will automatically fix anything it finds for you) and OK. If it asks if you want to delete a certain random file, choose No and post that filename here. Let it finish the scan and then hit Next and Exit.

Please download HijackThis - this program will help us determine if there are any spyware/malware on your computer. Create a folder at C:\HJT and move HijackThis.exe there. Double click on the program to run it.

1. If it gives you an intro screen, just choose 'Do a system scan and save a logfile'.
2. If you don't get the intro screen, just hit Scan and then click on Save log.
3. Get HijackThis Analyzer and save it to the same folder as the hijackthis.log file. Run HijackThis Analyzer and type in 'y' if you agree. The 'result.txt' file will open up in Notepad. Copy the whole result.txt log and post it in the forum. You don't need to post the original hijackthis.log (unless we ask for it). Do not fix anything in HijackThis since they may be harmless.
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When i move cursor with Touchpad the font changes size all browsers have to keep using cntrl + & - to adjust.---Any fix?


Mine has shown a bit of a distressing tendency to do that since they added the new touchpad features they're quite proud of, to emulate some of the features of a touch screen. Check your touchpad settings. I don't know how your device is set up, but mine's under Synaptics>Properties>Device Settings> on the Settings button. There may be something you can change or untick under there. There was mention of it in the introductory app, which I seem to have temporarily misplaced, possibly because I can't remember what it was called...

Failing that, report it through the Feedback App.

Edited to add: I do suspect it has to do with the pinch/spread fingers feature to enlarge or shrink picture/text/etc. I'm trying to be more conscious of how I move my fingers on there. If you un-tick some of those features, it may solve the problem.
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I'm unable to change the font size in Outlook Express. Every time I change it to a highernumber then 12, as soon as start typing , it reverts back to size 12.I'm running Windows XP Media Center Edition with SP2, OE 6.Your answers are always highly appreciated.Thank you.(Moderator edit: topic moved to more appropriate forum. jgweed)

A:Font Size

In OE go to Tools > Options > Compose tab and click the Font settings button.
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I went in and changed the font size for my computer and now its to big and i can not get it smaller I tried to go back into display under settings but the box is two big for me to change it and it wont let me move the box up and down how can I get the font back to its original size

A:Font size

jasondunn said:

I went in and changed the font size for my computer and now its to big and i can not get it smaller I tried to go back into display under settings but the box is two big for me to change it and it wont let me move the box up and down how can I get the font back to its original sizeClick to expand...
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Hello,...I removed and reinstalled my Monzilla Firefox, and I forgot how to set the font size on my pages,...any help anyone?

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hey everybody im a new member w/ a new computer(pentium d xps400) about a month old. my font size for internet applications recently grew larger and i dont know why. anyone got anything on this?

A:Font Size

Have you tried changing it using View / Text Size?
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]When I send an email I can't change the font size. I have tried going to tools and changing the size and I have tried to change it in the format box of the send screen. The number in the font size box will change to what I have set it to, but when I start to type in a message, when I hit the first letter the font size goes back to 12. That is the only size font that will work. I have tried everything I can think of.
Any suggestions. I just noticed that I can't change the font size in this box, either.
Very strange.
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How can i increase the text size of my PC for web pages?

There are certain sites I have visited where the text is near impossible to read because it is so small.

Is there anything I can do to change this?

A:Font Size......

You don't tell us what operating system you are using.
But, if it is XP, hold down the "Ctrl" key and rotate the wheel
on your mouse to increase/decrease print size.

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Why on earth won't my font size on my internet explorer home page stay where I set it on larger? I know how to change it but it won't stay there. After I restart my pc it reverts back to small size. XP Home

A:Font Size

Why on earth won't my font size on my internet explorer home page stay where I set it on larger? I know how to change it but it won't stay there. After I restart my pc it reverts back to small size. XP Home Here is a solution if you are using IE 5. If not i would suggest type in at Google your problem. Find just about anything there.;EN-US;q242984
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Hello, Some application or something has changed my internet explorer 6 fonts. Now all of my web pages have some lame dull font for the text. Right now my settings are

Encoding: Auto Select / Western European (ISO)

Language Script: Latin based

Web Page Font: New Times Roman

Plain Text Font: Courier New

Im just looking to have and use the default font, ....I see with win xp for ie6 "out the box" so to speak, on 99% of any computers i have ever seen.

Thanks for any tips.

A:Default Font for Internet explorer 6? Help to restore original text font

I believe those are the stock fonts for IE6. Have you tried changing them using Tools/Options/Fonts settings?
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Is there a was to change default font size in Outlook?
The current size is very difficult for me to read.


A:Outlook Font Size

Would that be Microsoft Office Outlook (which version?) or
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When I first loaded Windows 7 the folders/text/icons were small. Now they are huge. I have gone into Personalization and changed text size to Smaller - 100%, but everything still seems huge. Screen resolution is on 800 x 600 and cannot make it bigger or smaller.

A:Decreasing font size

Hello Mel, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Please fill out your system specs to help us see what may be the problem.

Have you already installed your graphics card/chip drivers?

What graphics card do you have, and what size and type of monitor do you have?
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I would like to set my printer font larger than 14. I know I've seen something online that allows you to go to I think 48....I can't remember where to set the printer size. I want to make a poster.

A:Font size for printer

Most text size is controlled by the program that the file that is being printed from.

What program are you using to print what type of file?
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i was looking at a video online recently and when i was coming out of it something happened that has caused the text and graphics size on my screen to be a bit bigger than normal - funnily enough it seems to only apply when i m browsing the net all other applications seem unchanged its not exactly a problem it s just a bit annoying and i would really like to know if there was a way to fix this to make it go back to too size Font big Solved: the way or was before Solved: Font size too big as it must be really simple i just dont know what to do by the way i have already tried adjusting the screen resolution and DPI in the control panel but this makes no difference even if there s no one who knows how to solve this problem specifically there must be an quick and easy way of restoring defaults without having to do anything drastic like a system reboot Thanks john nbsp

A:Solved: Font size too big

Open Internet Explorer. Click on View > Text Size. Select Medium.
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We have a shared XP machine with several user accounts (non-admin) and fast account switching.

I'd like to one user to use larger fonts than the others.

* DPI settings are system-wide
* Non native resolution looks like crap on LCD screens

Please advise!

Thank you,

A:Need Different Font Size For Different Users Of Xp

Using XP or VISTA one can hold down the 'Ctrl' key then using the mouse wheel increase or decrease a fonts size.
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I signed online a few days ago, and I noticed something happened to the size and color of most of the text or words when I am online. They are all super small and almost see through blue. Most words I can see fine, but when I access websites, most of the information or text I can't see. I have tried accessing all the help within the MSN support as well as changing or looking at Internet Explorer. I can't see to find anything to change the text back to its normal size and color.

The text and color on all my other applications are fine, even while on this website, the text is fine, so not sure what the problem is. If anyone could help, I and my wife would greatly appreciate it.

James Thompson

A:I need help with my font size when online

Hi James,
From Internet Explorer, try going to Tools/Internet Options and click the "Colors" button in the lower left-hand corner. Check the box for "Use Windows colors". Click "OK" on the next two screens. For the font size, go to View/Text Size and set it to Medium (or larger, if you'd prefer). If neither of those suggestions works, try going to Tools/Internet Options and clicking the "Accessibility" button in the lower right-hand corner. Make sure none of those boxes are checked.
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Im not sure how it happened, but some programs look 'fatter' than usual. This is what it should look like - And this is what mine looks like - Help anyone?

A:Font size issue?

Can I bump? If so ...
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Hello. I have forgotten. Can someone tell me what 2keys I press to increase the
font size on a web page?

I accidently decreased a week or to ago..and funny..the web sites I go to don't
change back. Almost like some kind of preference I 'accidently' indicated.


A:Font size on Web pages

Ctrl+Scroll wheel up to zoom in
Ctrl+Scroll wheel down to zoom out
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Ive been messing around with Google Chrome 4.0 and I am really impressed with its speed and overall performance, however the inability to set the font size is preventing me from making the switch permanent. I have heard that this is a problem with Webkit, however I find it hard to believe that such a basic option can not be included in a browser... Has anyone found a way to do this in Chrome 4.0??


A:Chrome font size

Quote: Originally Posted by Tews

Ive been messing around with Google Chrome 4.0 and I am really impressed with its speed and overall performance, however the inability to set the font size is preventing me from making the switch permanent. I have heard that this is a problem with Webkit, however I find it hard to believe that such a basic option can not be included in a browser... Has anyone found a way to do this in Chrome 4.0??


You can't adjust the font size??

Epic fail...unless someone posts to the contrary
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A friend has asked me the following which has left me rather stumped:

"The text in my Office 2000 help file (right hand pane) is very small and hardly legible. Is there any way I can change that?"

Does anyone know the answer please?

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i have installed a new hard drive , with no problem , except , the font size from the windows home page . i want to select extra large [ properties ] but i only get small size . it doesn't matter if i select large either, it is still on small. oh , i can move it , but , it doesn't change . is there any place i can kick this up ? on the old hard drive , it was no problem . [ same computer . ] any hints will be welcome.

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I am the admimistrator on my computer. I switched to custom setting of 144 DPI. For days and days I change to 120 DPI. I restart my computer and it is still 144 DPI. I am extremely frustrated. Please help.
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I changed to custom size and it will not go back to default size , no matter what I do????...

A:changeing font size (DPI)

If this was recent, perform a Vista System Restore - choose a restore point prior to the date of the font incident -
START | rstrui
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I have a ProBook with Windows 10.  My font keeps changing size on it's own.  How do I correct this?
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I am using Vista and I have Norton Security 09 on my laptop. For some reason I can't change the size of my fonts in any of my programs. When I try to change the font I hear a pinging noise. PLEASE HELP!

A:Can't change font size

completely un-install norton and symantics and install AVG 8.5..........this works WAY better and norton will not control you so much. it will also make your laptop faster especially if the OS is VISTA...Norton is a very, very heavy software program.un-fortunatly it comes pre-installed on almost every PC in 09'. there are many programs to un-install on a new PC. this is only one of them.....(NORTON)....make sure you take your laptop some where like Comp USA or similar and have your ram maxed out. once again esp. if you are running VISTA OS...
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How to change with W7 the font size on dialog buttons, menues, for folders, etc? I cant find even the place to do it. On vista it was where themes were listed, under theme selection was drop down menu where could select font size. Where it is on Windows 7?
I don't mean DPI, I only want to change font size for folder names and the space between folders.

A:Changing font size, how?

It is a bit hidden but here it is Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization\Window Color and Appearance or just right click and go to personalization and once you are in color and appearance you find what you are after in advanced appearance settings.

Fonts - Change
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my resolution is 1680 x 1050
the font size is at smaller (100%) but everything else has a normal size..easy to the command prompt windows i can barely see the text..
can i do something to make the text bigger in cmd..without modifying my resolution..or the text size for the entire windows?

A:cmd font size too small

Quote: Originally Posted by gigimasinuta

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my resolution is 1680 x 1050
the font size is at smaller (100%) but everything else has a normal size..easy to the command prompt windows i can barely see the text..
can i do something to make the text bigger in cmd..without modifying my resolution..or the text size for the entire windows?

Of course you can...

CMD window->Right Click CMD icon (upper left corner)->Properties->Font

Adjust to your liking
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Vista Home Basic.
Window size: The only settings I can find are in 'Properties' for Shortcuts.
All other windows and web pages open about half-size and must be Maximize.
Links and all 'new-windows' open half size.
I would like all windows to open 'Maximized'.

Font size: Webpage "A" displays #12 fonts. The next page the fonts are #8.
I have checked the boxes; 'Ignore font style' and 'Ignore font size'.
Surely I am missing something.

Thanks, Deanohop

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My wife s Vostro laptop Backspace Font Size! Key Changes What?! running Windows XP using both Explorer and Mozilla started doing this weird Backspace Key Changes Font Size! What?! thing a month ago When she s in her profile on the laptop in her Verizon account writing email every time she hits the backspace key instead of backspacing it changes the point size of all new text to Once it s changed to she can backspace normally until she fixes the text and changes it all back to then the backspace problems happens all over again Here s the really weird part When I use her laptop using my own profile accessing my own Verizon email account this doesn t happen WHAT is going on We ve called Verizon tech support twice and they had no advice whatsoever Is this a virus Some weird shortcut that she accidentally created I ve researched this online and fiddle around with her laptop for hours and I m no closer to fixing it I ve read a lot of forum entries about weird backspace key problems but nothing like this She uses backspace A LOT by the way I am reluctant to mess with a system restore for fear of losing the files on her hard drive Thanks nbsp

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playing around i lost font size window on taskbar.Please help THank you.

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Does anyone know of a way to make all font in ONLY Outlook 2002 bigger, not the rest of the font in Windows XP.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Outlook Font Size

In outlook 2000 you go to "Tools" - "Options" - "Mail Format" - "Fonts" - "Choose Fonts"
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While selecting my contacts for a group email, I held down the Ctrl key while scrolling down the list of my contacts. The size of the font in all email applications was suddenly reduced to a very small size. I tried to correct this problem by doing a "system restore" to a previous date but I received a message that this was unsuccessful. I then tried to select another "restore date" but I couldn't go back to the month of Feb. to select another restore date. I hope that someone can help. Any suggestions, please go into some detail because I'm "technologically challenged".

A:font size of emails

try doing the same again but scrolling in the opposite direction, it should reduce the font size, it's actually a handy way of changing the size when viewing sites too
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Ok, a couple hours ago I got a runtime error ( i dont know which one) and it restarted windows explorer and my font size for everything got really big then i tried to change the DPI and it got very small ( changed it to 96 DPI).
Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Can't change font size.

I have just gotten this problem again and I forget how to fix it. Please help.
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right ok, this is a bit strange but since trying to play a unreal tourament demo the desktop icons, font, everything has doubled in size, but the strange thing is that vista states it is in normal size font (the DPI is in the default), so you see my dilema it says its in default but it isnt, what on earth is going on? please help

a minor detail which might not be important also is that when i get my modem software up usually it tries to connect without me putting my password in, so usualy i stop it trying to connect and put password in, but now it doesnt connect automatically,

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I Had To Format Computer But Now I Can't Change Size Of Font.

A:change font size


What Operating System is it XP?

And how are you trying to change the font?
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There must be a simple keystroke or two that helps increase or decrease the font size of everything displayed on the computer, right? I am on the internet or other software programs and cannot access dropdown options etc. because the font size is too large. Please help! Any suggestions welcome.

A:Basic font size

instead of another post, it seemed quicker to reply to myself with another key example. When I am in Internet explorer, the font size is fine or almost too large. When I go to the same website on Google Chrome, it is too small, almost unreadable. . . . so I don't use Google Chrome, but I sense there is a simply font enlargement keystroke function I should learn.
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I want to make the font size larger:
On the Command Bar.
On the Task Bar.
In the Details Pane.
In Message Boxes.
See red boxes in the gif:

Does anyone know which setting adjusts the font size in those areas?

I can make the text larger by using the "Medium - 125%" setting (in the Display window).
However some of my programs and a few installers can't cope with it (i.e. buttons don't appear because they are outside the window area).

A:Adjust Font Size

Here you go: Fonts - Change
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I have IE6 and XP Pro installed on a new computer. When I go to IE 6 the fonts are super large although I have the view set on SMALLEST. Nothing I seem to do will change the font size. I did the IE tools font sizes and under accessibility I checked ignore font sizes. Nothing is working. The XP Pro version I installed had service pack 3C...does that mean that IE 7 was installed and that I have IE 6 on the computer as well causing a confusion in IE?

A:Can't change font size on IE 6

Do you ahve the same problem in ie7?
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In Outlook Express Compose .. can't change the font size from 12 no matter what I do. Is it a corrupt file that I can repair ? Works fine elsewhere but not in OE. Thanks.

A:Changing Font Size

try going to find updates for it on "Windows Update" site.
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it's normal size when i type stuff in like this reply box thing.

all other texts are like 3 times bigger and it's really about to cut my last nerve.

IE6 SP1, windows 2000 professional.. i got all the updates.

A:Font size in webpages.

In IE, hit Alt-V,X, then pick a size..
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Please help me set the size of the type on my web pages to a reasonable size. It seems to move from small to large from website to website. Is there any way I can make it the same instead of constantly adjusting the size. Have tried custom setting the zoom but that also changes from website to website. With XP I never had this problem and everything remained the same comfortable to read size. I am slightly visually impaired so cant read very small print and for each web page visited with vista I have to use CTR + or - to increase or decrease. Thanks.

A:font size of IE in Vista - how to set

Maybe try this:

Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.

Click the General tab, and then click Accessibility.

Select the Ignore colors specified on webpages,
Ignore font styles specified on webpages,
and Ignore font sizes specified on webpages check boxes,
and then click OK twice.
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Why when I go to some sites with ie, the font is like size 5. you can barely read it. Most sites look fine, but occasinal ones are completely unreadable. My screen resolution is 1024x768. I have sp2 installed. Thanks

A:Web Page font size

there is an option in Tools--> Internet Options-->General--> Accessibility that ignores all font setting on the internet, but this is for all pages you visit, if you are willing to do that on the ones you cant see then it will work for you, there may be another option that you can use, but right off the top of my head that is one of them.
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Hey all. Today I just noticed that while using IE its displaying some website's in extremely small font. I run a Dell Inspiron 5150 with an external monitor hooked up. I have had UltraMon installed for a few days now, but the problem just started this evening. Any ideas?

A:Solved: IE Font Size?

Try a lower screen resolution, or hold down the Ctrl key while turning the scroll wheel.
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Hi everyone,

This is my first post so hope it's in the right forum.

I have a client who is trying to set the text size under 'Display' to 150% so that it defaults to 150% for any user that logs in. It's for a boardroom computer with a massive 80" screen, and is used by many different people who will need the size to stay (so that they don't have to login - change - log out/in again).

Is there a way to do this through registry settings (or any other way)? So far I've only found user specific solutions which don't cover multiple profiles.

The system it is on is Window 7 Pro, using onboard Intel HD graphics.

A:Trying to set font size to 150% for all users

Welcome to Seven Forums 1911geoff. You can set it via a registry change, or group policy. Use Option Two in this tutorial:

DPI Display Size Settings - Change

OR follow this method for GP

Using Group Policy to Set Windows Font DPI size

A Guy
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hi i've got a problem with internet explorer 7 font sizes.

most of the text on webpages i view are too BIG but some are too small!

please help me i can't even read the text!

view the file attachment to see what i mean.

A:IE 7 font size problems

IE 7 provides Zoom in/out through menu, mouse scroll or short cuts. You can reset it through the menu.
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How does this just about to turn 80 year old senior change font size, for downloaded pages and address bar?
I have Windows XP Service Pack 3


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In some of the emails I receive the font size is a very small 8pt instead of the more usual 10 or 12. Why is this and how can I change it?

A:email font size


What website are you going to, to check your emails. Does this happen with any other browser or just chrome?
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some how, my font size changed. It got smaller. I tried custom DPI and it does'nt seem to work. I'm in the middle of trying to get my furnace started. And now this.
Does anyone have any suggestions.

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Is there a way to change font size - I seem to only have the option of 100-125-150, which is unsatisfactory.
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i am doing business.I want to take many print outs.but font is big and it wasting time .How to reduce time and font size

A:reduce font size

HUH? You will have to be more explicit to get a response.
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I am having problems with the font size changing when I open documents and websites. I physically have to go to the toolbox and click on the Zoom feature to enlarge the font. It will show the font as being 100% but actually it looks to be about 50%.

What can I do to assure the font remains at the default setting?

A:Font Size Changing

Hi see here if your using win 7 Fonts - Change - Windows 7 Help Forums
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Other than Window Blinds, which I've had it with becasue it's so buggy sometimes, is there ant way to increase the size of Fonts in those right click menus an dthe one you get when you hit start and all programs. I imagine threre has to be a registry fix for something like this. The only other way I know how to do is by going to properties/appearance and font size but that throws the other fonts I want to keep at their chosen size,

A:Need bigger Font size!

If you R click in Desktop and Properties Form or style? (I have a Dutch version, sorry for that) and advanced settings you will find the advanced Desktopsettings. Choose the menu that belongs to the menu fontsettings and change the fontsize.
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Running XP SR2 on a new HP
I am very visually impaired – I was able to increase font size in all areas except one – any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated. The area that I need to increase font size is the windows help information box – when I enter a question in Windows or any app the answer box has this TEEENY font and I just can’t see it. Is there any way to increase this font. (Would I have to reduce the resolution on my brand new LCD?)

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My operating system: Windows XP; browser: IE7; email accounts: Hotmail and Cox.
Problem: my emails print out with a very small font. I want to increase the font size. My initail research has revealed nothing but problems; no answers. HP referred me to an article: "Honey, I shrunk the webpage" but I was unable to implement its instructions and the article was basically unclear. I need references to the procedures used to increase the font size of my email printouts.
Thank you. belldav, Baton Rouge, LA

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