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Adding a second network card question

Q: Adding a second network card question


Here's the situation:

Running Windows 2000 Pro, have 2 network card installed. The first network card I have installed is plugged into 2 other computers through a switch and is segmented from the entire network. The reason why I'm installing the second network card is to have Internet and printing purposes. Anyways, I installed the second nic and plugged the network cable into my other switch which is tied into my network. I entered in all my settings IP, Gateway, DNS, but when I try to access the internet can't get on. So to me it looks like it's looking at the default network card which isn't connected to the Internet. So how can I configure it to see the second network card for Internet etc. Any help would greatly appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Adding a second network card question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Adding a second network card question

Suspect you are using the same network address on both network cards?

For example can't have one card and the other on one and on the other would be OK.

2 nics may not be what you need?
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This sounds really noobie of me but is it possible to improve local network transfer speed by adding a 2nd network card. I was planning to connect one exclusively for lan transfers and another one hooked to a separate wireless router.

Right now only a maximum of 3 users can stream SD videos off the PC before it gets a little choppy.

The pc in question runs on windows 7 and it's board has built in gigabit, I happen to have a spare gigabit card.

A:Will adding a 2nd network card improve local network transfer speed

That won't really help the way you are describing the problem, although adding access points will help with streaming to wireless devices.

Although there is a setting in Group Policy that allows you to use two connections at the same time, I don't believe it will help in this situation.

I've done many HD movie streaming tests on my system.

I can stream from my media PC to at least 7 other machines at the same time, 4 wired, 3 wireless, plus my TV, and have no problems at all, no skipping, no freezing, even with the same movie in the same place or with 8 different movies at once, my TV is connected to my media center PC so counts as the 8th one.

This is Gb LAN, and 300Mbps wireless but even the 65Mbps limited laptop has no problem.

I'm not really sure why you are seeing these limitations but it may be the router.
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I saw a D EEA a Radeon video Adding question card post recently on this forum section made by TANSOCAL and I knew from the answers I saw I could get some great advice and suggestions on video cards and RAM upgrades for my PC Here s my problem I can t run more than - apps w out low memory freezes and slowdowns My PC needs are not high-end for now so I figure upgrading my RAM and video may help I need a stable system for some web design and work projects where I ll be running Adobe Macromedia and Office software I have tweaked my system for better PC RAM startup Adding a Radeon video card question managers etc and DSL Mbps performance and updated all my OS HW drivers Here s what I got - An Intel D EEA mobo w a PIII MHz and PC CL SDRAM chip - x AGP slot - the video is integrated Intel graphic controller - Latest Windows SE and hardware drivers and DirectX c - Audio SoundMAX D Sensaura and LAN are also integrated - GB ATA Primary Fat and GB ATA slave routinely fragmented - quot Elements Cyclone A monitor mainly run x -bit resolution The motherboard will only recognize RAM max MHz speed One website I found offers a MB PC CL SDRAM chip a AGP Radeon MB SE I also found a MB Radeon SE My budget s awful right now so all I can think of is getting one of those cheap x AGP Radeons and a CL MHz RAM chip until I can get a whole new system The RAM and card should be under or around Any suggestions TIA nbsp

A:Adding a Radeon video card question

You don't need a new video card for the things you described here. A powerful video card is only useful to you if you play demanding games or work with some big CAD projects.
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I to Card Network Desktop? Adding ve now got a Verizon MiFi unit and I would like to have my desktop be able to connect wirelessly to it Currently I have to plug it into the desktop via USB but when doing that it no longer will Adding Network Card to Desktop? broadcast a wireless signal since Adding Network Card to Desktop? using it with a USB is for greater security and Adding Network Card to Desktop? therefore my daughter and son can t use the laptop and iPod Now I m guessing that I ll need a particular network card that would be compatible with my computer My computer is a custom built one not a brand name Below are the computer specs from the TSG system info utility Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce LE Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard MSI MS- To be filled by O E M Antivirus AntiVir Desktop Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled Any suggestions Need any other info I have SIW so I can get pretty much any info on the system that anyone needs nbsp

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Hello Friends,

I have a win xp system which connects to internal network & Internet.
The problem I have is, for each work i need to change the IP address.

Ex: For internal network the ip should be
To connect to internet the ip should be

Now I want to be connected to both internal network as well as internet at the same time. So what should I do ?

* I can not add another physical network card.
* I can not change the IP's of any other system or config servers etc... (as it is used by our internal application, doing so will make a mess.)
* I have the admin rights so any software changes to my system can be done.

So i was hoping to add a virtual network card, and configure it to the new IP. So can that be done ? if so how ?


A:Adding virtual network card and assiging IP

Moving thread to the networking forum for better results.
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Hey i just bought a new network card and while going through the properties of it in device manager i noticed something that my old network card didnt have.
Under the advanced tab i noticed some things that you could change and i was wondering what they mean...
Included in this post is a screenshot of the properties of my NIC under device manager...i was wondering if anyone could help me by explaining what they mean and if by changing any of these values whether or not it would increase my transmission speed (download speed)..

Thanks for any help that anyone has

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What happens when your wireless network adapter and wired network card are both enabled on your system, and they are both connected to the same router?

Will any problems arise? I currently experienced no problems for the past 3 days but is this bad?, when 2 network cards are both on at the same time?

A:Network card question please

Provided the both have different ip's then it shouldn'd be a problem.
Why do you want to connect them to the same router tho???
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So after much work I've decided that my LINKSYS WMP54G is to blame for me constantly losing my connection to World of Warcraft. See this thread.

I'm considering buying the LINKSYS WMP54GX but I'm not sure of a couple of things.

First, will it improve my connection possibly? Second, is it compatible with my router which is the Linksys WRT54G?

Any advice is much appreciated,


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I just bought a PCI wireless network adapter for my Hp desktop but couldn't find a slot for it. I figure it doesn't have a PCI slot which i found weird. Can anyone shed some light on this and what i should try to purchase if i want to make my desktop wireless?


P.S. here's the inside of my computer

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Debating on going wireless or not Have an Asus M A TD EVO that has RTL E PCIe Gigabit LAN controller featuring AI NET So Gigabit Im thinking at least I am wire into my router which puts out high speed and low ping to wireless Standard Ethernet cables supply the data pipeline not sure what the transfer speed is on them If anyone can let me know cable ethernet card wifi speed questions question with and Network that would be great I have been eyeballing the super speed ethernet cables but not sure if it would solve the ping issues I have with desktop being too high and the cost for a ' line Tried finding a wireless card that handles N network and Network speed and ethernet cable questions with wifi card question Ghz for my dual band What is the standard ethernet cable speed Can the standard ethernet cable from router to computer be causing high ping have second computer with ' cable same issue Would it be better to go wireless and forego the wired ethernet cable What wireless card would you recommend

A:Network speed and ethernet cable questions with wifi card question


1- what kind of cable? cat 5, cat5 E, cat 6?

2-Yes if cheap, old, or not shielded.

3-Not if you are transfering large amounts of data on your internal LAN

4-An 802.11 "N" card
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I have this PC Chips K7 motherboard, it's got integrated video, but wow does it suck. I'm pretty sure there's a way that I can add my Radeon to the system, but I don't know how. I put it in today, and the screen didn't even start, probobly because of an irq conflict. What's the correct way to do this?

A:Adding aftermarket video card to board w/ onboard card

JTM said:


I have this PC Chips K7 motherboard, it's got integrated video, but wow does it suck. I'm pretty sure there's a way that I can add my Radeon to the system, but I don't know how. I put it in today, and the screen didn't even start, probobly because of an irq conflict. What's the correct way to do this?Click to expand...

can you give a little more info about the mobo?

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I have an Actiontec GT701-wg DSL modem running a wireless network. I currently have two laptops with XP sharing the Internet connection. Since the modem has an open Ethernet port in the back, I was wondering if it might be possible to plug in a networkable external hard drive and have it available to both of the laptops wirelessly.

If it is possible, what setting would be required on the laptops to enable them to see the external drive?


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Sorry if this has already been discussed. Couldn't find on a search.

I have a small secured network in my office with a modem/router networking three computers wirelessly. I would like to add another router that would allow clients in the waiting room of my office to have internet access. Could you assist me in a setup or map? I already have a wireless Linksys router available to use as the second router.

Thank You

A:Adding Wifi Network to an Already Secured Network

Are those in the waiting room to be allowed into OR forbidden access to your Lan systems?

You already have

to Isolate the W.R from your lan, connect

Code: (assumed 192.168.1.x or 0.x)
+---new router (new channel+ssid+no encryption)
set LAN addresses and DHCP for 192.168.10.x

add firewall rule to ALL your existing LAN systems to deny src address range= thru 10.255
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Hi all,
I need to add a third hdd to my K8N motherboard which current has an "E" backup drive in addition to my C drive. I've created a image of the current C drive with Acronis and what I would like to do is add the new hdd, restore the image to it, and then use what is now the current C drive as a backup, as well as the "current" backup drive for a total of three altogether.
What problems will I encounter when trying to boot to the new drive so I can restore the image, how do I set the jumpers on the current two drives, etc. ?
Thought I'd ask before I make a mess of things. Thanks for any info.
Btw they will all be IDE drives , not SATA.
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I'm running XP with a 2.6 gig processor....currently I have 640 MB of RAM installed....if I put another 512MB stick in.....would there be a noticeable difference?


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I currently have a Gateway Pentium CPU 1.50 GHz with 256 ram. I run a lot of programs at once and it keeps telling me I am running out of virtual memory. If I purchase more ram would that help? I dont even know what I would purchase? I just dont know what would be the best for my computer or if there is a certain name I would need to buy.
Please help me and tell me what I would need to buy. I
have installed ram on my older computer a couple of years ago so I think I could install it myself.
Thank You

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A guy gave me a WD 80 gig HD. Not sure what to do with it now. I dont want to replace the 60 gig I have in my PC now, just want to add this one. any help would be gr8

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I have a small HD--3.2 GB-- (taken out of another computer) that I would like to add to my computer (Dell XPS-R400). This additional drive was taken directly out of another computer and still has data (and Windows 95) on it. Once I set the jumpers appropriately to reflect that this drive will be a slave drive, will it work without any sort of reformatting or setup software being run?

Kent Kester

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I have a Dell 8100 Dimension, 1.5GHZ. with 256MB PC800 RDRAM. I would lile to add more Ram. Where are the best buys available? TIA.

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Okay this might get a little long winded but I have a hypothetical set of questions to ask Background on specs See image Disk Simply storage Disk Vista C Windows F Data Storage G Disk H Usb Storage Drive Disk K Usb Backups from Windows Vista image created from within windows I just created a backup image of disk which backs up the whole drive vista windows and OS. another Question on Adding the storage partition within the last hour Here comes the hypothetical part I would like to try installing MAC OS X on a partition I will create on disk say gig leaving the rest of the drive as it is currently If I can manage to get the MAC OS installed onto the partition and it even works that would be fine worked in VMware The issue will be that I will mess the bootloader up Question on Adding another OS. as far as my windows drive goes which I will need to fix My question is this since I just made a system image back up of the drive that holds all the windows partitions and the install of the MAC OS is not on the same drive can I simply boot the recovery disk and restore the images for my windows drive thinking it should also restore the bootloader for windows as it is currently Also there is no problem restoring the image if stored on a usb hard drive right At that point I would expect to have the dual boot options I have presently knowing I can't boot back into the MAC side yet However If I download EasyBCD or something better if someone has a suggestion Open it click Add Remove entries navigate to Mac Select Type in the dropdown to Generic x Pc and give some name in the text box below This name should then appear in my boot screen when I reboot correct I know it might seem like the long way around but I would rather not do the command line boot loader editing

A:Question on Adding another OS.

Boot off the install DVD and you can fix the boot files. It may take 3 reboots.
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I am adding a new Ext HD and need a new USB 2.0 Pci Card. What would be a good investment in a new card?? I want to pay about $20-30. Can anyone tell of a good card?? ODIE

A:Adding new HD need a new usb 2.0 pci card


That card would be a rather utilitarian device. I don't recall ever seeing a 'review' of USB PCI cards, anymore than LPT add-in cards, or floppy drives.

So I would say that you would be safe with most any card. Safer with a 'brand name' card.
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When I add a new video card, does it in essence power down the old (built in)one? Just wanna know because my old integrated card has deep conflicts with my Os.

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I would like to add a USB 3.0 pci-e card to my system. There are several to choose from but none that I find have a 'header' to bring the USB to a port on my front panel. Those ports are now fed by the USB 2.0 header on my MB. I would sure be nice if I could have a USB 3.0 on the front.

Does anyone know of such a card that will permit to do this.

Thank you.

A:Adding a USB 3.0 Pci Card

I have never seen one like you are looking for either. But you can put the card in and use a front panel USB 3.0 that will fit into a drive bay and use the pass through cables to connect to the rear ports.
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I have a Gigabyte P55M-UD2 Motherboard running 4 gigs of ram has anyone with this same board ran 8 gigs without problems? Here is the ram I plan to double. - G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-4GBNQ Thanks for reviews or opinions.

A:adding 4 gigs of ram question

The only thing that might happen is that it can affect your overclock, you will not see any drastic difference in normal every day things. What is your main use of the computer?
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Im using XP but using the Windows Classic look. Ive created menus for the toolbar for my c: drive and my computer. I would like to add these menus to my start menu so that at the top of my start menu there are menus for my c: drive and my computer. How can I do that.

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I was given a PC with a bad HD. I replaced it with a 20 gig drive that had 98 on it. I formatted that drive. I'm ready to do a clean XP install.

I'm about to pick up a Western Digital 250 gig drive. I want that one to be my slave drive.

I'm not sure which is better, install XP on the 20 gig drive first and get the PC up and running then add the 250 gig drive?

Or add the 250 gig drive first and install XP?

Also not sure if XP has to be installed on the 250 gig drive. I would think it does but I was wondering if I installed the 20 gig drive with XP first that XP would recognize the 250 gig drive when I added it later?

Thanks for any help.

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I have 4 slots. 1st 2 each have 64 megs-PC100(sdram). A friend gave me...(new, in package) 2 32 meg modules. When I installed them computer seems to only recognize the first one at post(count goes to 163)...I shut down before Windows started and removed the last 32...still counts 163...let Windows load.

Belarc says this under memory heading...

160 Megabytes Installed Memory
64 Megabyte Module Size - 2 Installed
32 Megabyte Module Size - 1 Installed
One Memory Socket is Empty

What is my problem, my socket or module...I know I could test this by removing the 32 that is working in third slot, and plugging in the other one, but man these things fit tight. What would you guys do?

A:Question about adding memory.

Try taking out all 4 ram modules and try only the apperant not working one. If it works, the take it out and try the other 32. If that works, then try both 32s at the same time. If you get only one working try taking them out and switching slots. If that works try all 4 in again and if you get the same problem, switch the 32s around. Don't switch witht he 64 as the biggest should go in first. (so the 2 64s should be in slot 0 and 1, as it sounds like they are) If that still doesn't work... is all the ram made by the same manufacture? Did you double check that all the ram is the same speed?
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If I already have 256MB of RAM and I add 512MB does that mean that I will have a total of 768MB or will I lose the 256MB & just have the new 512MB?

A:Question about Adding Memory

768MB if your motherboard supports it. You should try the Crucial Memory Advisor™ Tool to find out.
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I'm about to get myself a new mobo/proc/memory upgrade and a new copy of windows 7 (using xp now)
Harddrive and graphic card will be replaced later on
My question is: when i add the new hd an card in a month or two and i do a clean installation of windows 7 will it tell me that i can not install windows 7 with that key because it is registered to "another" computer because the hardware setup has been changed?

(hope not, if so i will have to wait..)

thanks in advance

A:question about adding new hardware

What type of license are you buying for Windows 7? If it is retail, you'll have nothing to worry about. If you are buying a system builder/OEM, then technically, it should be okay, because you'd only be swapping the graphics cards, but you occasionally might have to call in the activation.

That all being said, if you do a clean install now, there's no need to do another just because you are upgrading your video card.
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I set up a small network here at my house. I have my computer and a laptop both sharing files and my computer sharing the printer. Both use Win XP. now i have an older computer in another room that is running Windows ME. How do i set that one up to be on the same network? I don't know ME all that well. Do i need to create a network disc? I know it asked me if i wanted to create one when I created this network but i didn't do it. Is there a way to go back and create one now? Thanks in advance.

A:Help adding a PC to a network.....

Yes, you can go back and run the Network Setup Wizard again.

But, easier if you have the XP system disk--just stick the Windows XP system disk in your ME's CD drive. When it comes up you choose (I'm not sure of the exact words) "do other tasks." One of the other tasks will be the Network Setup Wizard.

[Just make sure you don't go down some path that formats the disk or installs Windows!]
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I have a home PC network set up with a few desktops and laptops, some wired, some wireless, all running XP professional. I recently bought a Mac G3 desktop and upgraded the operating system to OSX 10.2 I want to become familiar with mac's and their software in addition to windows. I am attempting to add the mac to my pc network and could use some help. I found the network settings on the mac but so far don't seem to be able to add that system to my existing network. I am pretty sure that it can be added but if anyone could save me some time I would appreciate it. Thanks, Vince

A:Adding a Mac to a PC network

Well, you can start by telling us if it's wired or wireless. The Mac out of the box should connect to a router with a wired connection.
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I need to add a second sound card to my desktop pc. Do the new usb sound card adapters really work ? I understand the adapter is connected to a usb port and the sound card connects to the adapter - thereby side stepping the issue of going into the pc and adding a sound card internaly. Am I understanding this correctly ? Thanks inadvance !

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hey guys I card AGP after hangs PC adding got PC hangs after adding AGP card the weirdest problem I have ever encountered After I connect an AGP card The PC just hangs in windows but sometimes it doesn t boot all the way and hangs when I am still getting a black screen at boot then the PC giving PC hangs after adding AGP card me an Alarm sound And btw I got the latest BIOS upgrade Any ideas Here are the specs Processor Model Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Speed GHz Cores per Processor Unit s Threads per Core Unit s Internal Data Cache kB Synchronous Write-Thru -way set byte line size threads sharing L On-board Cache MB ECC Synchronous ATC -way set byte line size lines per sector threads sharing Mainboard Bus es ISA PCI IMB USB i c SMBus MP Support Processor s MP APIC Yes System BIOS Phoenix Technologies LTD PG Mainboard I G Total Memory MB DDR-SDRAM Chipset Model Intel Corporation G PE P P DRAM Controller Host-Hub Interface Front Side PC hangs after adding AGP card Bus Speed x MHz MHz data rate Total Memory GB DDR-SDRAM Shared Memory MB Memory Bus Speed x MHz MHz data rate Video System Monitor Panel Default Monitor Adapter Intel R G Graphics Controller Physical Storage Devices Hard Disk IC L AVVN - GB Hard Disk WDC WD JB- REA GB CD-ROM DVD BENQ DVD DD DW CD X Rd X Wr DVD X Rd X Wr CD-ROM DVD LITE-ON CD-ROM LTN- S CD X Rd Peripherals Serial Parallel Port s COM LPT USB Controller Hub Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - D MultiMedia Device s Device MPU- Compatible MIDI Device Device Standard Game Port Device C-Media AC Audio Device Power Management Mains AC Line Status On-Line Operating System s Windows System Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack Platform Compliance Win x Network Services Adapter Realtek RTL Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC I d appreciate it if anyone could suggest an Idea nbsp

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I need help installing a graphics card on a ASUS M3N78-EM motherboard, which has an onboard video card. The graphics card I wanna install is an NVIDIA 9800 GTX.

What fo I need 2 do??

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ok here a my problem i add a USB 2.0 and FIREWIRE PCI COMBO CARD (NEC® + ALI® chipset 6-port USB 1.1/2.0 & Firewire IEEE-1394 Combo PCI Card Kit)

but i still running out of usb port- i have a usb hub- with my printer connected to it, but ti tell me my printer would be faster if connoted to a usb 2.0
i do but the 2 plug usb hub im use, may not be be usb2.0 useable

on my mobo i have 2 usb 1.0 plug and 2 other usb plug hook up to MOBO use a cable and one of the back plate a pcl card ) that one i will soon get rid of)

my question is i like to add a other pcl usb 2.0 card to my compter, i really do not see any problem in do so, but it never hurt to ask first- a card that has more plug on it-- like maybe 4 lol

A:adding a other pcl usb 2.0 card to compter

You can stick as many USB 2.0 cards as you have PCI slots for into the system. I prefer the cards with the NEC USB 2.0 chipset, they are more compatible for me. I've had a number of issues with the ALI and VIA chipset USB 2.0 cards.
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How can I add a sound card to a computer that has on board sound card?

A:adding a sound card

Go into the device manager and disable your current sound card, and then install the new one. Your computer should automatically see the new one and you should be able to use it right away. If you have problems with not hearing anything after installing the new one, go into the control panel to the sounds and devices settings/audio tab and be sure that your default device (new device) is the one listed.
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Hi I was going to add a graphics to my computer. I have a 64mb integrated graphics card now. I only need the extra graphics card because it will have and s-video out. Anyways the graphics memory i will probably buy is also 64mbs, so my question is after that is installed will both my integrated and the new graphics work togeather? Will I then have 128mbs of video memory or will it only be one or the other?

A:adding graphics card

it will be one or the other. is a cheap ~$50 card that has 128mb memory and s-video out. I'd recommend it if you aren't trying to play any new games. Are you using a pci port?
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MY computer specs are:
perating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.150202-1526)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Gateway
System Model: DX4860
BIOS: BIOS Date: 10/31/11 10:13:44 Ver: 04.06.04
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.0GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 8096MB RAM
Page File: 4709MB used, 11480MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
DxDiag Version: 6.01.7601.17514 64bit Unicode

I am vondering can i add a video card to my system? I want to play game star citizen with it if its possible. Games requirments are:
Minimum System Requirements
Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit) – Service Pack 1, Windows 8 (64 bit)
DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB Video RAM
Quad core CPU
8GB Memory

Any help would be apriciated ty.

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after installing pci card reboot computer freezes, have to unistall pci card fro computer to go back to normal dell precision 340 win xp sp3 service tag -2CC4L11
pci card came with disc installed before installing pci

A:adding pci usb card problem

try a different pci slot........... install the pci card 1st ........then bootup wnen windows asks for driver point it to the cd/dvd drive (with disk inside)
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I'm thinking of adding a video card to my 1 year old HP desktop. Is there a site or way to figure out if a card would give me a decent improvement? My HP is an AMD A8 6500 (3.5 GHz) with INTEGRATED Radeon HD 8570D graphics card, which seems pretty fast as it is, but I'd like to add a budget or midrange card ($50-$150). I don't need top end performance, just a decent improvement. Would a budget card even improve the performance at all? Also, if I add a card, do I have to reassign the memory that was used for the integrated card to the processor, or does that happen automatically? TIA

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I recently fitted a USB 2.0 card into my PC which is 6/7 years old now and it only came supplied with 2 - USB 1.1. Everything works fine and much quicker via the new ports. But I need more USB ports for new hardware.
Is there anything to stop me adding another expansion card with USB 2.0 ports instead of using a USB hub?
Many thanks

A:Adding Extra USB 2.0 Card

Don't see what, unless your out of pci space. Exchange the two port for the 4 ports out there. Jazz
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Okay, so I just got a new computer, this one:

I'd like to upgrade by adding the max amount of memory and a new video card - probably this one,

Thing is, I'm not sure if the power supply can take it - I'm kind of a newb to this stuff. Is there any way you guys could tell me what my power supply is and if I'll need another one?

Thanks in advance.. I really appreciate any help.

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How can I tell if my pc is compatible with adding aGeForce GTX 950 I already installed a 500 Watt power supply.

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A:Adding a new gtx card into the machine Help

I looked up your motherboard. Unless you've replaced the mobo (and I'm assuming you have not if you're posting here) you have a IPISB-CU (Carmel2) motherboard in that machine. The unfortunate news is that you will not be able to use a GTX 950 with this motherboard. The reason? This bios on this motherboard is legacy and the newer graphics cards require UEFI. There is no update or fix for this from HP. Your option is to either find a graphics card that will run with a legacy bios or replace the motherboard. I just came across this problem myself. I have an h8-1114 with the same motherboard. I purchased a GTX 960 FTW assuming that HP was providing updates for their hardware (bios). After hours on the phone with Nvidia we finally figured out it was the bios. And a call to Evga quickly confirmed it was the bios and there is no fix for it and HP isn't providing an update the problem. Personally I'm working on a limited budget but the original video card that came with this machine isn't an option for me (it's been log ago given to my daughter for her machine to play Minecraft). I'm using an old GTX 260 we had laying around and can't play some of the games I enjoy because of it. I will be replacing the mobo and will NEVER EVER again buy a pre-built computer.  HP has completely disgusted me with this machine. This is not the first issue I've had that would not have existed if I had built the machine myself. Here's the mobo I've picked to replace HP's peice of garbage that should be compatable with all the other hardware you have (your RAM, CPU, etc.).
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Hi All,
I have an older Premio 200F computer, think thats what model it is not sure.

Only had 64mb of memory,2-32mb cards . I purchased a new 128mb card. These are all DIMM cards.

When I installed the 3 cards the Performance only showed 96mb.
I moved the cards around to all the sockets and still 96mb.

Now I have one 128mb card and one 32mb card= 160mb of memory.

Looking at documentation of the premio computer I should be able to have
256mb of memory.
There are a total of 5 sockets, 3 DIMM, and 2SIMM
Anybody have any ideas that would help me with this problem??

Windows 98se

A:adding a new 128 memory card

256MB total divided by 3 slots equals 85.3MB per slot, but they don't make 85.3MB modules so there's an error somewhere.

Does the 128MB chip work with each 32MB stick and show the right amount? If you put in both each stick by itself does it show the correct size for each one?

You may also want to exchange the new stick for a different one. Make sure its a close match to the existing RAM, ie. PC66 or PC100, Chips on one side vs chips on both sides of the stick.

You should also run a Memory testor once you get a combination that works:
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I am currently trying to troubleshoot a problem with my wireless network I am using the built in wireless card in my laptop Intel PRO wireless ABG It s been running fine for about a year now but has started to act up What I would like to do to rule out the Intel card in the laptop is to plug in my Linksys card that I use on my old laptop wireless a about adding adapter Question into the laptop with the problem through the PCMCIA slot My question is would this cause conflicts with the system as there would be two wireless cards trying to operate at the same time and also they are two different makes one Intel and the other Linksys The problem I am experiencing is that the wireless card can detect networks but has trouble connecting to some of them I have done a virus adware scan but found nothing It seems strange that it would start acting up after running OK for almost a year It seems intermittent sometimes OK and then after a while it cannot connect Wondering if perhaps the Intel card is starting to go nbsp

A:Question about adding a wireless adapter

To avoid any chance of interference between two adapters, either turn off the integrated one (using the actual or virtual [key combination] switch on the laptop) or in Network Connections right click on that adapter and select 'disable.'

For the Intel adapter my (standard) suggestion is to get the latest driver and utility from your laptop manufacturer's web site, use the Intel utility and make sure WZC is turned off.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 570 desktop, with 4 1GB sticks. I want to upgrade to 8 GB, and crucial tells me to get "11321Crucial Ballistix Sport 2GB DDR3-1600 UDIMM".

Do I have to fill all 4 slots, or can I just get 1 8GB stick, or 2 4 GB sticks?

Thank you.

A:Question about adding RAM, filling all slots?

Take your pick Doc, shouldn't make any difference, unless your comp cant take 8, check specs at Dell.

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My computer will hold 2 gigs of RAM. My question is this, It has 512 in it, I ordered another gig of ram, does it matter which on is in the first slot, should the biggest stick be first or does it matter? I don't think it matters but I wouldnt be here if were sure. So Does it matter which stick is in the first slot?

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I'm relatively experienced with building computers but not so much with RAID configurations, I've never had much reason to use them before. Anyway, I'm building two PCs for someone which each have 2 drives in a RAID 1 array - one of them is currently installing windows 7 to be ready for use.

My problem is that the other had a drive dead on arrival and a replacement won't be coming for a while (there are problems with the distributor), so I only have the one. My question is: if I install windows 7 on the PC with one drive, and install the RAID drivers while doing so, will I be able to just mirror the drive when the replacement arrives and set it to RAID 1? It'd be helpful to have a working computer until the drive is finally delivered.

I'm using the onboard controller of a Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P, if that's important.


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Hey guys, Can someone help a novice with adding a 2nd h/d to my Dell
4/5 year old dell, Pent III 1000mg w/ 40 gig h/d 512 meg ram ....pretty much stock except the upgrade of the ram to 512 and windows xp from melim. i have also added a dvd burner in my 2nd bay..
I now want to add a 2nd H/d it looks as though dell has a ribbon inside already so i might be able to do this at a later date and piggyback it......
questions : will heat be a problem ? i'd like a 160 gig
any special installation instructions i should know ?? what is compatable with my system ?? what is " 8meg buffer" ?? any perticular brand ?? etc etc Thanks all..............

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Ok, I'm gonna try to dual boot with XP and Windows 1 -- is this how boot.ini should look?

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Windows 1.0"

A:question about adding another OS manually via boot.ini

You don't need to change boot ini. Windows should be installed first and then when you install XP it will automatically set up your system to dual boot. Don't do an upgrade and select custom install so you can choose the partition you want to use.
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we are supposed to make an array of Payable the interface name types so i have a bucket array iof one of each concreate type double amountPayed i have the following for loop Payable payableArray new Payable payableArray new SalaryEmployee quot - - quot quot Leslee quot quot Horvitz quot quot Dearborn quot quot MI quot quot quot payableArray new HourlyEmployee quot - - quot quot Gary quot quot Haw quot quot Rochester quot quot MI quot quot quot payableArray new Invoice quot a quot quot Gary quot quot Haw quot quot Rochester quot quot MI quot quot quot for int indx indx lt payment adding question Lab 2 amounts HELP payableArray length indx amountPayed payableArray indx getClass getPayableAmount whole thing public class Lab public static void main String args start main double amountPayed Create element array of Payable objects Payable payableArray new Payable payableArray new SalaryEmployee quot - - adding payment amounts Lab question 2 HELP quot quot Leslee quot quot Horvitz quot quot Dearborn quot quot MI quot quot quot payableArray new HourlyEmployee quot - - quot quot Gary quot adding payment amounts Lab question 2 HELP quot Haw quot quot Rochester quot quot MI quot adding payment amounts Lab question 2 HELP quot quot payableArray new Invoice quot a quot quot Gary quot quot Haw quot quot Rochester quot quot MI quot quot quot for int indx indx lt payableArray length indx amountPayed payableArray indx getClass getPayableAmount System out printf quot Total amount payed out d System out printf quot Total salaried employees d n quot SalaryEmployee getCount System out printf quot Total hourly employees d n quot HourlyEmployee getCount System out printf quot Total invoices d n quot Invoice getCount it compiles w the following error ----jGRASP exec javac -g E homework for java class Program Java Composition Example Lab java Lab java cannot find symbol symbol method getPayableAmount location class java lang Class lt capture of extends Payable gt amountPayed payableArray indx getClass getPayableAmount Lab java inconvertible types found lt nulltype gt required double amountPayed payableArray indx getClass getPayableAmount errors ----jGRASP wedge exit code for process is ----jGRASP operation complete and yes getPayableAmount is defined in each class nbsp

A:adding payment amounts Lab question 2 HELP

Try replacing "amountPayed += payableArray[indx].getClass().getPayableAmount();"
with "amountPayed += payableArray[indx].getPayableAmount();"
or with "amountPayed += (Payable payableArray[indx]).getPayableAmount();"
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Simple question here: I currently have 512 ram, I want to double that to 1 gb.

Can i just get a 512 stick and install it, or do I need matching RAM etc.?

A:adding RAM question (wrong forum?)

Ram is extremely finicky. You can't just buy any ol' 512, unfortunately.

What motherboard do you have, and what kind of ram do you currently have installed?

If you don't know, you can run this program on your computer, and tell us the results.
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Hi I am looking at adding an addition hard disk to my PC at least TB Seeing as the hardware world appears to move quickly and my PC is a bit long in the tooth now albeit it serves me well I was hoping some kind person would take at look and advise disk adding about hard Question what type of hard drive would be compatible with my motherboard and if there s a limit to the size of hard disk I can install in the PC I am pretty familiar Question about adding hard disk with IDE standards but not so much with SATA which my PC has I only have one SATA cable which is connected to the primary hard disk so would appreciate advice pointing me in the right direction as to what type to purchase Thanks in advance for any suggestions My Question about adding hard disk PC http support hp com us-en product ies model document c My motherboard http support hp com us-en product ies model document c Cheers nbsp

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I am usingBurn4Free to burn pictures onto cds. Once I burn say 170MB, if I try to burn more pictures at a later date, it is not letting me add images to the cd. How can I not finalize the cd after each burn?

Is there a better free burning software available? I use windows ME.


I have gone to preferences and turned off close disc (finalize) under both audio an ddata volume/info.

A:CD burning question, how to be able to keep adding files..


I don't know, I can just keep adding to a cd-r as many times as I want. I remember it saying something about finalizing the cd each time, but I didn't finalize so I could keep adding. I used the built in cd burning program in xp.
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Is there built in wireless functionality or what can I do to connect this wirelessly?
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I have an XP machine that I reformatted and reloaded Windows on, now I'm trying to add network connection back (we're on a LAN). I can't seem to get it to recognize network. Also the "add user" screen looks different than before.



A:Re-adding computer to network

Hello and Welcome to TSF,

Did you install the drivers for the pc?
Did you add protection?
Did you update the windows?
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Here is my network config.

PC A <wired> wireless 2wire gateway
Xbox 360 <wireless> wireless 2wire gateway

need to add

PC B <wireless> wireless 2wire gateway

Both PCs are running Win XP. Have gone through network wizard to add PC, both have same network, "Home" and same WEP.

I see 2wire gateway in the list of wireless connections on PC B but when I click on it to connect to that network I get an error message...
Windows is unable to connect to the selected network. The network may no longer be in range. Please refresh the list of availiable networks, and try to connect again
Am I missing setting a configuration?

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I am adding a new NT server to an NT 4.0 network. When you sign on it won't take my administrator password. How can I go in and change it so it will take my administrator password so I can sign on to the Domain.

A:Adding NT server to NT network

Is this setup as a member server?

Try the local password you assigned it when you installed NT. This is normal behavior for member servers.
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I can put my w/s on other peoples computers on the network, but as I update my worksheet, the updates do not come up. I am trying to show the most current version of my worksheet on their computers, without them being able to change it. I am not as concerned about them trying to change anything, as I am with them being able to access the most current w/s. I am not really proficient in this, so please keep answers VERY simple. Thanking you in advance.
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Okay, we've got five printers in the office here, and they're all networked and every time I add a computer to the network because of a new hire, I just manually add all of the printers for them.

We just got a new printer and added it to the network.

Question: Is there a way to add this new printer to every computer in the network at once, or do I need to manually go to each computer and add that printer? Your help is greatly appreciated, as always.

A:Adding a printer to the Network

sorry, to my understanding, the client must add the network printer him/herself.
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hello i have added a second router to my network in a second building at my location my dsl comes in and into my first router which is the dhcp second router on network adding server for the network in both adding second router on network buildings the ip address of the first router is and works fine with all computers online i added a second router to help the network and have made the ip address of the second router and all computers in the second building behind the second router are online and working fine my problem is on one of my computers in the first building has my quickbooks file and all the computers on the second adding second router on network router cannot see the computer that has the files in the network neighborhood before adding the second router all computers in both buildings were visible and shared and all had access to all computers how adding second router on network can i get the computers in the second building behind the second router map to the computers on the first router DSL - Router - computers online ------ second router - computers online XXX computers cannot see XXX computers want to map a network drive to group thanks robert nbsp

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Hi Im currently trying to add a second workstation to a network pretty simple stuff or so i thought All three machines to second adding network xp Trouble W/S are running on xp-pro The server and the first slave get along fine I can access the server from the third slave via start-run and ip address but get no network path found when i try unc path I know ive missed something fundamental but cant figure out what Trouble adding second W/S to xp network it is All user accounts have been set up correctly I p address default gateway and subnet are all fine Ive enabled netbios Normally they d be speaking by now the only thing i can think i may have missed is DNS addresses as i forgot to check Trouble adding second W/S to xp network but i reckon theyre o k Would adding the i p and computer name to lmhosts have any effect or has anyone got any ideas on what else i can try all hardware is fine and they all ping eachother I just cant resolve the unc names If anybody can point out what ive missed i d be gratefull cheers nbsp

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Hi, I currently have a home network with a Dell Demension 2400 desktop computer as the main computer and a Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop. Both of them have Window XP. I would like to connect two new Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 7 to the network. Is this possible to do with different versions of Windows?

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I have an existing network, all Dell with Netgear router working fine, file sharing printer sharing etc great. New (Dell) laptop on Vista cannot see other computers, their files or the printer which is connected to one of the XP systems. Vista machine shows as connected to the router and I have internet on the Vista machine. All PC's are on the same workgroup. Dell says it's not a Vista problem (haha) and I know enough to know I need help with this. BTW, it's my wife's new laptop so if you're married you understand how anxious I am to fix this.

A:Adding Vista PC to network with XP's

jtwilburt said:

I have an existing network, all Dell with Netgear router working fine, file sharing printer sharing etc great. New (Dell) laptop on Vista cannot see other computers, their files or the printer which is connected to one of the XP systems. Vista machine shows as connected to the router and I have internet on the Vista machine. All PC's are on the same workgroup. Dell says it's not a Vista problem (haha) and I know enough to know I need help with this. BTW, it's my wife's new laptop so if you're married you understand how anxious I am to fix this.Click to expand...

Did you try waiting a while , then rebooting, to see if the laptop could 'see' the other computers? Sometimes it can take a while before the router finally 'wakes up' and realizes there's another computer out there.

As for the printer, did you install the drivers included in Vista on the new laptop (don't use the disc that came with the printer unless it's a newer one that is Vista compatible). Just went through this with my new computer over the weekend.
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I need to make a new network, but I have to implement it into the other network. One is a physical bus (10base2) and the other is wired as a logical token ring. I am going to make my new network a physical star. I will not be using any wireless so this seems most logical to me. Do you think I could get away with using the hybrid topology for my logical, or should I use a ring or bus?

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We have 3 computers. All running win2K. Would like to put them all on a network, preferably wireless if possible. How hard is this going to be and what do we need to know to install the network? What are some reputable brands for equipment? Thanks

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I have a question... i was browsing through group policy and noticed that there is an option to define a website where users can click to add network printers... i was wondering how to setup that page so when they click on the pritner name it adds it to their computer?

Any help would be great!

A:Adding Network Printers

Never noticed that group policy. Where is it located?
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I have a very simple network problem that is bugging me. I have an XP home computer that has a Westell modem/router with Verizon DSL and it works fine. We are using it wired. My daughter came home from college, she has a Dell Dimension 4600 with a mini wan port. I plug the ethernet cable into the computer and I can't figure out how to get it to recognize the network. Occasionally, it will work for about 10 seconds and quit. I am not familiar with XP Pro at all, it looks different than XP Home. Please help me. I have tried everything I could think of and then some. My computer has XP SP3 on it if that has anything to do with it.

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Win XP sP2 with home network (Linksys)
HD crash I replaced it and reloaded all Programs
Existing home nework wireless has my Laptops connected & working like usual
trying to add old PC which is directly contected via RJ45 to the router
not sure how to add it back on to existing network
PC does have internet connexion
Norton 2007 firewall in place

Any ideas, suggested website or directions would be appreciated

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this is probably a pretty dumb question, but my mind is a blank ...

I am running several computers plus assorted printers and an NAS box (LaCie 1TB drive) on a home LAN. All computers are running WinXP SP2. When I added the NAS box and a sharepoint, I added a single user (me). When I tried to access the NAS box from different computers, everything seemed to work fine. But what I neglected to test was accessing the NAS box using an account on any of the computers that was different (acct name and password) from the account that set up the share in the first place. So, I recently tried to access the NAS box from another account and could not. I had to log into the share using the original account name and password.

So, how do I add additional users? I can not seem to find a hook into the share attributes to add users.

A:Adding Network User

What's the model number of the NAS?

Chances are you add users in the NAS's webpage.
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Hi I m new to networking but just set up a home network with a wireless D-Link DI- a friend gave me I have a wired desktop and a wireless laptop set up now My internet connection is DSL and both are Network Help Printer Adding running XP I ve configured the router and set up WPA security and everything seems fine Both can access the web no problem I have an older HP deskjet wired to the desktop that I d like the laptop to print on Everyone says just click on quot sharing quot on the printer Help Adding Network Printer properties from the desktop and then just add the printer from the laptop Problem is I can t find the printer anywhere from the laptop I click on quot add network printer or printer hooked up to another computer quot and it s not there I tried quot local printer quot and nothing I try to browse for it and nothing Is there anything else I need to do to get the network to recognize this printer Sorry for this very amateur question Thanks Dave nbsp

A:Help Adding Network Printer

Check for firewalls i.e. Windows, Norton, or McAfee. These have most likely been the culprit for me in the past.
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I have an existing network with my business using Windows 2000 Server. I want to connect a new computer to the network. Not sure how to create it

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I have a Canon MF3110, I have it connected to a computer running Win 7RC at the moment, I am running Win 7 Pro Full install on my main computer. I can access and print to the Canon from all 4 computers on my simple home network. How ever I can not access the Scanner from my main computer. I try to scan and I get "No Scanner Connected" popup. Any Ideas how to get the scanner to be recognized as it is part of the printer I think it should work.

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I have a home network that is up and running. It consists of a cable modem, a non-wireless router and two computers.

My cable provider provides me with two DHCP IP addresses that are pingable on the Internet.

I would like to connect a second router to my network and give it the second DHCP IP address that my Internet providers gives me.

How would I do that?

Thank you

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When i add a network printer on Windows XP Professional it only adds to the current user and i want it to add for all users. The only way i've figured out how to fix this problem is to use my login script (kix) to add the printer but my script is getting full of all the different printer for every machine. Is the anyway to add printer for all users on Windows XP?

A:Adding Network Printers

for network printer just put some IP ADRES in printer setup...

go to some other machine and search the computer name and after that you can c the printer and double click for that...
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My sister has an old HP running Windows ME. It has a 233Mhz Pentium CPU and 96MB of RAM. She needs to get a new video card for her computer (The one she has got bent up during transport to their new house). My question is: Can I get any video card for her computer or will certain one's not work in her computer? I know I need to get a PCI video card, because that is the slot she has available, but is there anything else I need to consider, since this is such an old machine?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I don t know if this is the right forum to post this problem or not but I need help So I ordered all of these parts for a computer I finally decided to build I bought everything except for a graphics card I put everything together and everything worked fine I installed windows pro knowing I could upgrade to windows later and then just turned off my computer and left it alone Adding Problems Card Graphics New until I got the graphics card The card came in today and I was super excited so I plugged it up and started up my computer But nothing showed up on the screen at first I was confused But then I Adding New Graphics Card Problems thought quot well maybe I need to plug the connectors to the graphics card quot So I went ahead and did that and still nothing So I started searching for answers and I ve been looking up several videos but they all seem to only have a problem when it is connected to the gpu itself and not the motherboard So to be sure it wasn t a connection problem I turned everything off disconnected the gpu and plugged back up to the mother board and it worked again Then I turned it back off and left everything connected but now I reinstalled the gpu When I turned everything back on my monitor said no signal so I tried plugging back into the gpu and no luck So to sum everything up I have Adding New Graphics Card Problems video when my graphics card isn t installed but when it is installed I lose signal from both the graphics card and the motherboard Please help nbsp

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I need to run dual monitors on this computer. I purchased an EVGA GEFORCE GT 610 video card with dual DVI outputs. The card specifications say the PC power supply needs to be 300 watts, and have 16 amps of +12 V available, which the power supply in the Envy 700-216 meets. Plugging the card in results in no booting, no video out of either the card or the on-board video, and 8 beeps. Don't know if the card is just not compatible, or the card is defective, or the PC has a problem. Is there anything I can check to narrow down the problem? Thanks, audioconsultant  

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A:Adding video card to HP Envy 700-216

Hi: When you install a non-HP video card on any HP PC that came with Windows 8 or newer from the factory, you need to change two BIOS settings before adding your new video card. Please see this link for what settings to will need to remove the video card if you have not done so already to change the settings.
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Hello,I am thinking about getting a seccond graphics card for my pc and was wondering if it is possible?I currently have a AMD R9 270 radeon and was thinking about adding a seccond one and running it with crossfire, but that is only if its possible.Thanks
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Here is my computers Hardware:

So I was bought this computer for a gift and I was wondering if it would be worth it if I buy a high-end Graphics card for my PC. I would like to play games like; Skyrim,the Witcher 2 Portal 2 ect. On moderate to High but my question is that if I do buy a graphics card would that improve my gameplay experience with my current hardware or would my CPU or any other hardware bottleneck with a nice graphics card.

What would be the best graphics card i could get for my PC that wouldn't be over doing it?
I already have a 700W PSU that I could install if it is worth it to buy a graphics card.

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Hi I have an older PC which I wanted to play occasional games COD 2
spec as follows
3.00 gigahertz AMD Athlon II X4 640 upgradeable to Sempron processor
512 kilobyte primary memory cache
2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (4 total)
Not hyper-threaded
7936 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
Intergrated NVDIA Ge force 7025 graphics
RAM 8 gb max
Win 10
What card would you recommend?
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Ok I'm new here so sorry if I'm writing in the wrong place!
To the question at hand.
I own a PC with a AsRock 4Core1333-eSATA2 motherboard, and a power supply of 450 W.
So my question is would it be abble to run the Gigabyte ATI HD 6570 OC 1GB video card.
I'm looking to upgrade my pc with out spending too much money. And I'm thinking of adding 2 plates Kingston DIMM DDR2 1 GB 800 MHz to the 2 that I already have.
I don't really have an idea of what I'm doing so I need some help.

Thank you!

A:Choosing a video card and adding RAM

I believe the 6500 series cards require at least a 500 Watt power supply so you will most likely require a power supply upgrade as well if you choose that card.
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Hello,I am thinking about getting a seccond graphics card for my pc and was wondering if it is possible?I currently have a AMD R9 270 radeon and was thinking about adding a seccond one and running it with crossfire, but that is only if its possible.Thanks
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I just bought a usb 2.0 2 port USB PCMCIA card. When I try to install it into the slot, my laptop automatically shut off. I think it has something to do with the driver, but I'm not sure what. It came with a cd with the driver on it, which I believe I've loaded correctly (pretty simple), but after I shut down, put in the card, then start up, just as windows is starting everything will shut off. I can go into safe mode and it will go in fine, but as I mess around with enable and disabling drivers, it will again shut off. Please help!

A:adding usb card shuts down laptop

Please don't post duplicate threads........reply here:
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Can I and would it be that much faster to install a USB 3 card?

I'm running a Dell 580 with Win7 Home Premium, 64Bit with 8GB of Ram with a Intel I5 CPU 650 at 3.20 GHz.

A:Will adding a USB 3 card make much of a difference.

I dont think so,
Maybe some other user can throw more light on its impact
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I'm wondering if I've made a schoolboy error here...

I'm trying to add more disks to my desktop and have run out of SATA ports the motherboard has 6.

I've just added a SATA RAID card (Semlos 4 Ports PCI Sata Internal Raid Controller Card Sil3114 Chipset with 2 Sata Cables: Computers Accessories) but when I boot up the PC sees the new card but doesn't see SATA portsthe motherboard (so I'm left with 4 SATA ports as opposed to the 6 I had )?

Should I be able to use the onboard SATA ports and the new card?


A:Adding a SATA RAID card

I have no recent experience with this, but I'd expect that you should be able to use both onboard and add-on SATA ports. (Lots of motherboards have third-party SATA controllers. Functionally the same as an add-in card, although the bits are soldered to the motherboard.)

Does the BIOS setup show anything about the onboard SATA controller?

(I'm desperately trying to avoid joking about using a PCI card. I don't recall when I last owned a motherboard with a PCI slot.)
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Hello everyone, I have an HP pc model H8-1010 with the OEM AMD Radeon HD 6450 video card and I was wondering I it would be possible to add another video card to one of the 3 PCI Express x1 slots for the purpose of capturing and recording video. Thank you for any help.

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Hi All,

Tried the following scenario but facing some issues:

1) Install Windows 2000 server/ Windows 2003 server.
2) Go to Network Connection and assign IP addres to the system.
3) Now after assigning one IP address, click on "Advanced" button in the Internet Protocal(TCP/IP) Properties window and add one or two Ip address to the same NIC.
4) Now save the configuration, and check for the ip address of the system, it will show three ip address for the same system(same NIC).
5) I have IIS and few applications insatlled.
6) WHen i try to access the applications using the IP address only one IP resposnds the other two gives me "page not displayed".

Tried avrious things but nothing worked out.Could anyone give me a solution

A:Adding Multiple IP Address to the Same NIC CARd

Can you ping it by ip? If not, I would check the firewall first.
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Hey, I've been looking around a bit for info on this but nothing is crystal clear.
I have a notebook, it's a HP dv1340
Pentium M 750 1.86 Ghz
1 GB ram
100 GB HDD
915GM graphics accelerator.
This says that the 915GM has discreet graphics: PCI Express x16.,100,101&familyID=7&culture=en-US

I was reading around about "discreet graphics" and this is where it gets fuzzy. It SOUNDS like a way to upgrade your GPU (with a discreet graphics chip of course).
Does this mean I can pop in a discreet graphics chip and use it? or am I dreaming?

A:Adding Discreet Graphics Card

Crypty said:

Hey, I've been looking around a bit for info on this but nothing is crystal clear.
This says that the 915GM has discreet graphics: PCI Express x16.,100,101&familyID=7&culture=en-US

I was reading around about "discreet graphics" and this is where it gets fuzzy. It SOUNDS like a way to upgrade your GPU (with a discreet graphics chip of course).
Does this mean I can pop in a discreet graphics chip and use it? or am I dreaming?Click to expand...

Maybe it's trying to keep things personal ?? j/k
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Hi This is my first Video Work Won't Adding Card - post on this Adding Video Card - Won't Work forum and I hope someone can help me out I m trying to add a ATI Rage Pro Turbo PCI video card and I am probably doing things in the wrong order and i am nervous i ll end up without any display I have on-board graphics on my motherboard Gigabyte K VM MAE and in the manual it says that on-board graphics is automatically disabled when you add a graphics card So in Device Manager Adding Video Card - Won't Work I uninstalled the on-board graphics shut down and installed the ATI card in PCI I connected my monitor to the new card and restarted Monitor says no signal I hooked the monitor back to the old output and i have display but with lower resolution than I had before i was able to change back to proper resolution I went back to Device Manager and the on-board graphics was still there and the new ATI card was recognized too In Properties it says Device cannot start Code What am I doing wrong Thanks Sean Acer Aspire T Adding Video Card - Won't Work AMD Sempron GHz GB HD MB DDR RAM Gigabyte K VM MAE Motherboard Windows XP Home Edition nbsp

A:Adding Video Card - Won't Work

Double check your cable. Make sure you didn't bend any pins.
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im about to buy a graphics card from staples for my celeron/XP/633/256mb computer and wondering about the benefits.

the graphics card (i forgot the name brand) is about $49 with 32mb.
(it is that name brand one that has a science fiction picture of a guy looking through a one lens binocular)

anyways,besides graphics for games,will there be any image benefits when just surfing the net.