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can't user switch or shut down

Q: can't user switch or shut down

Hi all, I'm new here, and was hoping someone may be able to help...

when I go to
start>log off>switch user
start>turn off computer>turn off (or restart)

the window then disappears, and NOTHING's not just hanging...I could leave it indefinitely with no action.

I can't get task manager using ctrl alt delete either...the only solution is to shut down with the power button. I'm just waiting for the day when my wife has a word document unsaved on her profile, and can't get back to save it.

I should mention that this problem only occurs when the PC has been running for awhile. After a reboot, everything works fine.


Dell 8200
2.0G P4
512 RAM
totally clean...Kaspersky, AdawarePro, Spybot...all up to date...Hijack this scans clean etc
Any suggestions? thanks in advance!!

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Preferred Solution: can't user switch or shut down

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I bought a R9 270X by XFX. My current specs are:

CPU: AMD A10 7800k (Standard Clock Speeds, Graphics Disabled)
RAM: 4GB (2 sticks, both working)
Motherboard: FM2, Gigabyte
PSU: 500 watt 80+ Cert Silver
HDD: 500GB WD Blue

So the issue is that the R9 card consistenly crashes out of all games no matter if I uninstall the drivers or reinstall them. I have tried removing the drivers through catalyst control center and through application based tools (DisplayDriverUninstaller). Once I uninstall and reinstall, it works, until the computer is restarted and then rinse and repeat.

Is this the card saying it is dying? If so it is a weird way of graphics card dying.
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I am playing around with Server 2012. If I want to have a laptop configured for "at office use" with option to go on site, what would be the best way to do that in order to retain access to shared locations on server that is "at office"?

Should I create a standard windows account unrelated to my domain controller, and have them VPN regardless if they are in office or on site? Or is there a way to have a laptop configured for domain use, where it will still be functional (local computer use) on site outside of the office, even without internet connection (I know you can's VPN without it).


A:Best way to set up local and remote user with Server 2012

Well this is kind of interesting. You can in fact use a domain laptop away from the local network as long as you have logged into int once on the domain so it can cache your password for future log ins. Now comes to the more difficult part of your question's. Accessing files remotely while not online, you can set up what is called offline files. Offline files will give you acess to your files away from domain network. So if you choose to do offline files any changes made to the file while away from the domain controller where you shares are set up will have to be synced once back on the domain network. So if you make changes to lets say docA while off domain network, once you get back to domain network you will have to sync offline files to the server to update any changes you have made. This set up would not require offsite network but can bring problems when syncing once you reconnect on domain. But now lets say you have the same shares and now you have multiple individials with the same access to the shares. Say you make changes to docA and the other person makes changes to docA while offiste. Once you both reconnect and sync to server you could have issues with data such as duplicate information or doc merging. VPN would be the best option for sure....
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I bought a ADSL Modem D-Link 2730U

We are connecting to the Modem via Laptop, PC, Phone,... at the same time.

I want to know how can I monitor network(Receive/Send) for each user who connected to the Modem.

Can I do such thing?
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About a year ago, the newest monitor for our home's main computer stopped functioning, so it had stopped being used. However, today I was in search of some files I needed that were on our old main computer, so I hooked up the old monitor that came with that computer and it didn't work as well. (The old monitor worked on a different computer). I tried hooking up a few other spare monitors to the old computer, but it they also did not work either. I came to the conclusion that the monitor input had crashed.

So, here's my question: Is it possible to use a KVM switch to display the old computers monitor display on my laptop to get access to my files, even without the old computer's monitor input functioning?
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I have joined a computer (PC1) to a domain control server (2008), and user able to login using their domain user account - although recently I have found out that even though the computer (PC1) do not connect to a server, user still able to access using their domain account.
Is there a way for me to restrict domain account user from accessing the computer (PC1) if they are disconnected from server?
Hope my explanation make sense to you guyz.

Thank in advance

A:Prevening domain user from accessing Computer

Lots to be considered. Joining a domain is intended to give the company admin configuration control of all the company users.
This is normal, expected and even proper for the company to do this.

restrict domain account userClick to expand...

hmm; only the company admin should be able to do this and almost always it is done using some scripts, NOT by loggin into your PC. So - - who is accessing your PC remotely, the admin - - how do you know this occurs?

PCs joined to a domain usually get a replacement for PC Login - - the network form and that creates a link to the domain controller.
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I purchased a D-Link DGS-1100-08P POE managed switch that I am planning on using for my NAS and security cameras. I wanted to test it out but the default IP is with a subnet of I have been able to access its web page with a direct connection and my laptop set to a static IP and I have been able to access it over my wired system using the D-Link SmartConsole utility. My question is what changes should I make to integrate it into a standard home network. Is it as simple as changing the IP and Subnet or are there other things to consider? Also, If I change it to say should I change the range on the router DHCP server to start at

A:First managed switch questions

{for those unaware, the PoE means Power over Ethernet to supply power to the attached devices, aka the cameras in this case}

default IP is with a subnet of to expand...

I assume you are connected something like:

isp==Modem/router ---- D-Link DGS-1100-08P -- cameras
the use of 10.x.x.x / allows a very big network.
In this configuration and a FIXED ip on the switch, you only need a static route in your primary modem/router.

Attach the switch and login to the primary router. Look for Attached Devices.
If your primary router is at, then the switch will have an address x.1.NN where

a) use the Address Reservation feature to map the MAC address of the Switch to
and thus your lan will see the switch as that address
b) Now add a static route ->

Your PC systems can then directly access every device attached to the switch.
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I finally found out why my wireless keyboard didn't work as I mentioned in another thread several months back.
Evidently the USB wifi thingy was in a USB port that didn't work. When I was going thru this thread
I removed it thinking it might be the unknown device.
Anyhow, I've been trying to find the manual for my wireless KB & can't find it.
I'm not sure which number(s) I need. MS PART NO. X820309-001
Serial number or Product ID? Here it is


A:MS Keyboard user manual help

Well, I went here & despite the fact its default language is English, the downloads are in any language BUT.
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My Samsung R510, the fan run fast and its causing the fan to start roaring and the vents to get hot, the laptop will suddenly shut down.. I would appreciate any advice from any one!

A:Laptop will suddenly shut down

That is an over heating problem - - set the fan to always run and at full cooling.
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I have networked PCs before many times successfully so this is not my first time trying to network PCs in a home environment Though I m wondering if Windows is part of the problem I would have thought that for sure until one of the name credentials bad password? user with unknown even correct failure: or "Logon new laptops running W would not connect to any of the other three PCs Laptops running W Yet these other three W PCs Laptops CAN connect to this laptop Then it gets a little more "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password? even with correct credentials interesting this same laptop that couldn t connect to those three W PCs Laptops CAN connect to a Windows desktop and a XP Laptop and those two can also connect back to it without issue It s almost like my network is divided in half and only half can talk to each other But then when I thought it couldn t get any more interesting I realized the first three W PCs Laptops can talk to the others it s just that the others W Laptop W Desktop XP Laptop can t talk back to them without getting the error quot Logon failure unknown user name or bad password even though the username and password are correct I don t fully understand this error because on the surface it s just WRONG My username and password are correct but it appears something somewhere is interfering or hijacking the authentication process Three of the computers laptops are brand new just purchased last week and setup this week The HostPC is also fairly new just purchased last month I am not using a HomeGroup and have removed all computers that were part of a HomeGroup I have enabled file sharing and network discovery and enabled Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers on all PCs I have DSL and am using the wireless modem provided by my ISP which has router functionality built into it It is a Sagemcom Model F ST N All computers are connected wirelessly Time is correct on all PCs I cannot use Group Policy since they re all Standard or Home edition DHCP is enabled and all computers are on the same subnet using the x range of ip addresses The six computers are as follows I figured this may make is easier to visualize the layout HostPC HP Desktop W PC Name DrsBlend U N DrsBlend p w not showing my real password PC HP Laptop W PC Name DrsBlend- U N DrsBlend P W PC HP Laptop W PC Name DrsBlend- U N DrsBlend P W PC HP Laptop W PC Name DrsBlend- U N DrsBlend P W PC HP Desktop W SP PC Name DrsBlend- U N DrsBlend P W PC Dell Laptop XP SP PC Name DrsBlend- U N DrsBlend P W Every PC stated above has the same user name and password and is logged-in with the username DrsBlend and the password The quot Logon failure unknown user name or bad password happens when trying to access HostPC PC or PC from PC PC or PC The HostPC can see and connect to all the PCs but only PC and PC can talk back or access the HostPC It s like the HostPC and PC and PC are in their own little clique and can talk back and forth to each other Those three PCs can also talk to PC PC and PC as well but PC PC and PC cannot talk back to them HostPC PC PC Profile corruption I would have entertained that thought but the fact the first three PCs can access and talk to one another kind of defeats that idea and the fact the PCs were just recently setup Firewall Disabled and disabled TrendMicro with no change With them on off the first three PCs can still talk to each other and the rest of the PCs Anyone have any additional suggestions nbsp

A:"Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password” even with correct credentials

I experienced a similar problem when I was trying to network my 8.1 machine the host network. As you say the host PC can see and connect to all of the machines, but not the other way around. Not sure if it is the same in your situation but I found that Microsoft's idea of network sharing on the Windows 8 class of OS differs greatly from previous OS's in that you can connect to it from an external host, but when trying to do the other way around it doesn't "see" the PC in question due to differing network sharing protocols included in the OS.

Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong, I am speaking only from what happened with my network.
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Hi all

I recently upgraded the CPU in my laptop (the specifics aren't important). It runs better than it ever has before! Well, at least it does for around 30 minutes. It's developed a lovely habit of randomly and unexpectedly shutting off.

Now, I know that the CPU is compatible with the motherboard; the fact that my laptop actually runs proves this.

I'm wondering what the issue could be?

My main suspicion is heat. The laptop is running at about 50-55 degrees on average; is this normal? I've cleaned out all of the airways and the fan; it's all running normally and the fan varies in speed depending on workload and temperature. This leads me to believe that the problem might lie somewhere else.

I've searched nearly every forum going but everyone just yells about overheating. Could someone please advise me to any theories they may have and help me fix the problem

A:Random Shut offs

Sounds pretty much as heat issues to me. I have also once upgraded a laptop cpu and even tho the clock speed increased by only 300MHz it got heat issues. I had to have a separate notebook cooler for that to run.
Anyways, the specs would help us to find what sort of temps your comp. should run on...and does it just randomly die when you idle or does it die after you have been using it for a while?
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I have a Dell Inspiron 2200 still running XP that has an administrator account, as well as a guest account (where the important docs I need are stored). It has a faulty DC jack, and I plan on having it recycled due to the fact the repair would cost more than the computer is worth. If I remove the hard drive and put it in a USB housing, would I be able to access the info stored under the guest account without any problems?

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I issue An logins with user have a former company PC Earlier I was attempting to remove the company An issue with user logins domain from it so that I didn t have to An issue with user logins log in as the previous user every time just to get to the desktop So I changed the computer name right click my computer properties computer name I then clicked on Network ID and set to this computer is for An issue with user logins home use and then it went wrong I restarted the computer as instructed and tried to log on as the user as before but it is telling me the password is incorrect The username is correct and so is the password It s clear that whatever I did with the Network ID has caused this I have logged on as administrator but need to access the other user due to the saved files on there etc Can someone help me revert back access that user account from admin Is there a way to completely detach the PC from the previous domain so that it is like a normal home PC with no log in Thank You nbsp

A:An issue with user logins

Administrator account has permission to access files from other users. Just go to the C:/Users section or whatever.
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Hi this is my first post

I am looking to change my graphics card inside my computer so I can run games like Skyrim Diablo 3 Dota 2 and Saints Row 4 I was wondering what I should go for with a budget of $60-$80

ComputerSpecs: Intel Core2Quad Q8200 2.33GHz
Intel G45/G43 Express Chipset
4GB Ram
I know my graphics card is primative and im kinda sick f having evreything in ultra low quality

A:Graphics Card Switch

If you can stretch your budget to $90, a Radeon HD 7770 like this one - - should work okay, but you need a minimum 500 watt PSU with at least one 6 pin PCIe power connector (or an adapter).
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Greetings folks I have my new ram in no? or down/off To shut my To shut down/off or no? computer and it runs GREAT So I was thinking here at work we leave our computers on ALL the time in fact the To shut down/off or no? only time I ever shut it down is when I go on Vacation I dont even bother for weekends Today at work the IT folks gave me two sticks of ram and said your welcome I looked and it was two gig ones So my computer at work went from gigs of ram to But my real question is do you all shut down your HOME computer I do simply because I feel its a waste of energy I will leave it on if I am back up to the cloud or downloading a large file If you leave it on all the time is there a good reason to do so like less wear on HDD or personal preference As an addendum to this question is there a benefit to leaving it on or only in hibernate Thanks much nbsp

A:To shut down/off or no?

Personally, I leave mine on all the time. The only time its off is when MS updates shut it down. Its basically up to the user.
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My father is having issues with his computer and shut down The computer turns on and runs fine It shut downs successfully as far as I can tell Fans stop spinning power LED turns off but then starts itself about or seconds later POST beeps are one short then about a second later a somewhat longer beep at a different tone deeper if I remember correctly I then get a quot Power Surge Detected possible faulty PSU quot warning The computer continues to boot to windows properly if I allow it I haven t tried holding the power button when windows is running I don t want to either but all other attempts to shut down from windows lead to the same end result I can shut down from BIOS Shut Down and Power Supply by pressing the power button and the system does not restart itself I m not sure where to look There have been no problems with the computer during usual use It runs fine I don t see any signs of a PSU issue although I m not terribly experienced there Temps are between and degrees C OS and drivers are fully updated I m not entirely certain if BIOS is fully updated or not Any ideas on what the issue could be Do I need to look into a new power supply I m going to try replacing the CX M with the Silencer MkII W from my gaming computer Power Supply and Shut Down this weekend to see if that resolves the issues Specs Intel i - Stock cooler Asus P Z -V LK Rosewill Line Glow Only of the blue LED fans are installed WD Caviar Blue GB Crucial Ballistix GB Asus Blu-Ray CDD Corsair watt CX M Running Windows nbsp

A:Power Supply and Shut Down

A faulty PSU can cause serious damage to other components. My first advice is do not start this PC up again especially in light of the warnings you are receiving. If you know of anyone who has a multimeter to test this psu it please have them do so.

Corsair is known for their quality power supplies but even they can ship out faulty ones. Let us know how the switching of the psu works.
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I have a Windows 7 computer wired into my home network. It has a printer attached to it that I have set to share. I have a windows 7 laptop and an XP laptop. Both 7 machines can see open the shared drives on the XP machine but when I try to access the shared drives of either 7 machine from any of the other machines I am asked to give a User ID and a password. This is a private Home network. I have no passwords set up on any of the machines. I'm trying to set up the printer on the two laptops and I can't access it without the User ID Password window popping up. Does anyone know what the problem is?

A:Home Network asking for user ID and password

This is all normal operation for print/file sharing. If you really want sharing without using passwords (imo a security risk), then you need to google for "anonymous sharing"
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So, a few months ago I bought a Dell inspiron 5552 laptop and in the past month or two I have been dealing with problems which are becoming VERY frequent. At random times, especially when I'm gaming, my laptop switches off - even when my laptop is cool. I downloaded Piriform's Specci and here are the results I got for the following hardware (Celsius): CPU 51, Motherboard 52, Hard drive 38 - These are the results on balanced and Dell battery life extender enabled. I've seen videos of dusting a laptop's ventilation system however their temperatures didn't seem to make a significant difference so I didn't try it. Any ideas?

A:Random shut-downs

Most probable issue is still the cooling and secondly too much power drain via graphics adaptor.
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My apologies if this in the wrong area, it seemed right at the time.. My problem is, brand ned build roughly a week old.. When I hit the power switch nothing happens, I have to reach around and flip the PSU switch on and on again, then hit the power button and it starts up just fine. A friend mentioned it could be a short, or a grounding pen somewhere interfering. But as I've never seen a problem like this, I can't diagnosis it on my own.

Case: Cooler Master 932 HAF
Mobo: Sabertooth Z77
PSU: Corsair HX850

A:Power Switch not working right

Hey Mogymog. Does this happen every time you turn on the pc or is it an intermittent but frequent problem?. I assume you already checked the power switch wiring to the mobo for a secure connection.
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I recently started using a gigabit switch alongside my TP-Link router.

My room is setup like a LAN area, with a desk long enough for 4 pc's, so I have 4 cables running from the switch to the computers.

My router is providing DHCP and has a PS3 and VOIP phone plugged up to it.

Is there anything blaring that would cause the machines not to transfer files at gigabit speeds? Currently they transfer at 10-12mbps, which is normal for a 10/100 connection.

Anything I'm missing?

I can get into a lot of detail, but I need to know what needs to be told.

A:Home Network Routing - Using a Switch for file transfers?

Weakest link in the chain prevails.


ISP=Router--switch-- PC{1+}
+--- other device(s)

Consider just devices attached to the router, the slowest Nic {wired or wifi} will control the bandwidth to the device. A PC with a 10/100 adapter dominate data to/from it regardless of the GB Switch. If PC.a and PC.b (both with GB adapters and attached to the switch) copy 'twix each other, you may get much better performance.

Data to/from other devices (attached to the router) will be dominated by the Router LAN port speeds or the devices themselves.

99% of us get no benefit whatsoever from GB routers or Switches as all devices need GB ratings :sigh:
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I have a problem. I have a cable modem CISCO 2100, INTELLINET wired router, D-Link 10/100 switch. Modem is connected to router along with 3 other computers, switch is connected to router along with 2 other computers. Now all that works fine.
When I try to connect my TELINDUS 1132 ADSL wireless router to switch, I can't access the wireless router, which is Why I do this? Because I want to setup my wireless router to work with my laptop in a wireless way, but I can't even access the router.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:Modem+router+switch+wireless router

Without the wifi connected, use IPCONFIG /ALL and look for the Gateway address - - that should be your[*]

Now connect any computer directly to a lan port on the new wifi router BUT leave the WAN port empty!
Again use the ipconfig and look at the Gateway address - - it MUST NOT BE - - that would create a conflict.

While connected like this, change the router address (say, limit the DHCP range to something like 2-16, set a new admin password and save the configuration. You will need to login again and now setup the WiFi SSID and passphrase for your encryption. Disable Remote Management and do not allow port 8080. Save the configuration once more.

Now you can add the WiFi router, but let's talk about the wiring.

You now have


+--- more stuff(2)

The TELINDUS 1132 ADSL is intended to be a modem+router so you will need to
connect a LAN slot on the TELINDUS 1132 to a LAN slot on a switch. (leave the DSL connection empty).


| |
| +---- TELINDUS 1132 . . . WiFi Connections
+--- more stuff(2)

ALL your devices will now be controlled by the router shown at the top[*].
The new wifi router on will control the WiFi access, but never assign an IP address. This creates a single LAN subnet and any active device can be configured for all windows Print/File Sharing.
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I have a 11yr old Dell Inspiron 8100 Notebook computer. It started shutting down mysteriously while working, and sometimes shuts down a second or two after powering on.
I was planning to scrap the thing, maybe try to sell it for parts on Ebay, but decided to take one more look.
Today I found that the CMOS battery (reserve battery) is bad. It is leaking but has not damaged anything.
Could the fact that this battery is bad (maybe shorted) cause the computer to shut down as I described?
Since I have the whole thing dis-assembled I can replace the battery easily. I found them on Ebay but not sure I should buy one there, since it could be an old battery that is no good.
Any ideas?



A:Can bad CMOS battery cause laptop to shut down?

The CPU cooling fan may be worn out and the thermal pads and paste may be seriously burned and dried out. I doubt if the laptop parts would be worth much because of the age...
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If you can help me solve my problem I will be more than happy to compensate you for your time! (PayPal)

Okay so to be precise, it is a Toshiba Satellite A305-S6857

The problem is that the computer will completely shut off at any given time. It will sometimes boot into windows but it will be a black screen with only the cursor until a blue screen pops up that I never have enough time to read through. It won't stay on trying to install a new OS or in the Setup Manager.
What I've tried:
Removing hardware one by one to see if it was the problem
Completely cleaned heatsink
Removed battery and ran only with power cord
Power drain
Replaced motherboard with a used but working one

Let me know if you need anymore information.
Thank you in advance for your time!

A:Looking for help with a "random shut down" problem with a Toshiba Satellite A305

The blue screen should produce a minidump file. Locate this file on your pc and upload it please.

Usually in c/windows/minidump.
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We hve an acer laptop and we bought it last oct.2009 since last mnth until now when we are using it ,it will suddenly shut down.what do u think is the problem of our laptop. please can you help us?thanking you in advance. we are soliciting an opinion from you...your opinions are highly requested and apreciated!

A:Acer laptop suddenly shut down

It could be overheating because the CPU thermal paste or pads are dried out or burned. The laptop can be repaired by a qualified service person
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I'm taking a networking class and am stuck on a practice problem and was hoping someone could give me some guidance.

The first time port 1 receives information from port b. The second time port 2 receives information from source e. The third time port 1 now receives information from part c (over writing the data from the first time). How do I know ports 3 and 4?
For the second part of the question, the switch would transmit data on just the port connected to e, right?

A:Practice problem about a switch and it's database

Boy that is interesting, but imo not very practical. Please don't get me wrong, you're learning good stuff
and you will certainly benefit in the long run. But in truth, many classes are taught (in all fields of education)
because they can, not because the information is useful. I took a curriculum in which there were many classes
which were there only to round out the number of units to qualify for the degree.

Surely you've wondered "how can I use this?". A class on Router Design would be more beneficial.

Best wishes, Jeff
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I?ve never had to set the BIOS password, but the kids are growing up and I need to lock access to my PC.

My Bios has two Password Options: Supervisor and User.

The Supervisor password was accepted, and before I attempt to change the BIOS settings, the Supervisor password is asked for.

Then I set the user password.

However, when I boot up the PC, I am not asked for any password and windows loads as usual.

What am I missing?

The BIOS is Award Software International, Inc. F4 HI 07/03/2007

A:Unable to set BIOS user password

Do you have the option mentioned below?

Setting a BIOS Password

Now you'll want to set your system to ask for that password every time it boots, so select the BIOS FEATURES SETUP option, to see a menu something like this:

Fairly obviously, it's the Password Check option we're interested in, so select it and change the setting to ALWAYS.

etc....Click to expand...
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Hey guys first post here anyway i have a laptop with storage spaces in it a C drive which has my OS and drives hard Switch primary core files on it which is Gigs and my E drive music movies Switch primary hard drives etc Gigs so my OS drive is only Gigs and whenever i download a program or anything it automatically wants to go straight to my C drive This is quite annoying because i always have to go into custom install for everything and make it go into my E drive which contains my games music etc and sometimes i cant even choose to install the program to my E drive instead of my C drive it probably doesn t sound like such a problem but i do alot of downloading and installing of many different programs and this whole custom install crap is getting on my nerves because my gigs of storage meant for my OS and core files is getting filled up with Switch primary hard drives the crap i want on my E drive so anyway just wondering if there was a way to switch the save download install whatever priority of the hard drives nbsp

A:Switch primary hard drives

What Internet browser are you using?
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I was playing GTA 4 when the machine completely went blank. No shut down screen or anything of the sort. Now I'm here flabbergasted because that's never happened before and because I don't know where to start looking for the cause.

I checked the Event Viewer but I'm pretty much clueless there. Any suggestions?

A:Sager NP8130 random shut off

Does it just randomly black out during gaming, or at any other time?

If it is only during gaming it is possibly due to overheating. Have you ever cleaned the inside of the PC?

Install this and watch the temperatures: CoreTemp
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Hey guys every time i restart my laptop it wipes all the user profiles, leaves one and wipes all the custom settings on that profile. I have no idea and any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks again

A:User profiles deleted on start up

This might be caused by a virus or other malware infection, a corrupt hard drive or Windows itself is corrupt... Can you do a destructive laptop restore? This is a way that the laptop is put back just like it was when you turned it on when you first bought it
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hai i really need you laptop is acer aspire 4736g i used almost 2 years laptop can't turn always shut down at the windows logo..i can access to bios tho..can you tell me what the prob is?

A:My laptop shut off at Windows logo

This could be one of several things. First, attempt to get into safe mode. When you start your computer, shortly after the POST (the black screen with white letters) press f8 until you see a message with several options. one will be safe mode. use the arrows to get to safe mode and hit enter.

If you get into windows, then check your startup folder. Also read up on how to do a clean boot through the MSConfig command. Then try getting into windows normal.
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Hi All This is driving me crazy at the minute so I thought I would throw it out to the experts to try and get my sanity back Here goes I have Sky BB dlink router and I have been successfully using comtrend homeplugs to share my connection to a spiderbox sky HD box and HP officejet network printer I recently had I at Netgear an DG834G switch ethernet want a use to my electricity supplier changing a meter and after he went I found that of the homeplugs had fried - I know they re temperamental so I took it on the chin Anyway I have now decided to go a different route and I purchased a Vonets wifi bridge which works well My question is this - I have an I want to use a Netgear DG834G at an ethernet switch old Netgear DG G router and I would like to use this as a network switch so that I can plug my bridge into one of the ethernet ports and draw off from of the other ports to feed my printer and Sky HD box I plugged the vonets into port and then a cable to both my printer and my sky box and nothing - then I went into my netgears homepage and disabled DHCP and hey presto I got a connection on my sky box I assumed that was that until I tried to print and the printer was not available I have tried loads of things since - static IP on the printer I usually have it static anyway as my work laptop doesn t like it otherwise manually configuring the network on my sky box changing some of the settings in my netgear router but I cannot get it working I tried changing the IP adresses on both my printer and sky box to the same as the vonets but not sure if this just made it more confusing I am sure that it shouldn t be as difficult as this to set up - can anybody help me Incidentally I have always plugged the vonets into port on my netgear Thanks in advance blueboy nbsp
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this started a few days ago. i was watching a movie on my laptop and a virus reminder came up,it says to remove the virus,so i clicked the remove button. then all of a sudden my laptop was logging off. when it went on again all the icons were huge and it just logged off again. why is it like that? can anyone help me solve my problem because it's quite annoying. futher more i need my laptop to do my work!

A:Why does my laptop suddenly shut down?

Your Anti Virus is telling you that you have an infection and it is trying to remove it. Some infections need further attention to remove infected files so you should open a thread in the Malware forum to get help from one of the Malware staff.
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after purchasing new xfx radeon hd to run in crossfire for optimal gaming my monitor wont detect the two cards I have tried placing the old card back in and it responds just fine to card Video detected after switch by monitor being not that one With the new cards in everything sounds like it boots and all the indicator Video card not being detected by monitor after switch leds on my motherboard show up just fine this is the exact video card im trying to use XFX HD- A-CNDC Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity this is what im running besides the xfx AMD Phenom II X T Black Edition W Six Core Socket AM GHz Mb Cache MHz HT nm Asus M A TD PRO USB Socket AM AMD FX SB Chipset DDR O C Mhz x PCI-Express x -Channel HD Audio GigaLAN x Video card not being detected by monitor after switch USB x USB x SATA Gb s ATX Cooler Master Silent Pro M Modular W Power Supply Corsair XMS Classic GB x GB DDR MHz CL DIMMs Optimized for Core i i and Core AMD Phenom II times Hitachi Deskstar K TB quot SATA Gb s rpm MB Cache OEM LG GH LS Black SATA Lightscribe DVD-Writer xDVD R -R xDVD RW xDVD-RW xDVD R DL xDVD-R DL x CD-R xCD-RW OEM Scythe NINJA Heat Pipes CPU Cooler for Intel Socket amp AMD Socket AM AM AM nbsp

A:Video card not being detected by monitor after switch

take out one of the graphics cards and see if it works, your monitor only needs to detect the one card that it is plugged into so its not a crossfire problem
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In our network we have many remote sites. We are currently all WinXP Pro but are starting to transition to Windows 7 (64-bit) when we cycle PCs out.

We have been using RealVNC for years instead of RDP because RealVNC allows shared control of the PC between you and the local user (ie: "Show me what you are talking about"). I've tried Tight (which leaves lots remnants after uninstalling), Real (simply does not work unless you buy the Enterprise version, for ~800 computers that just isn't going to work) and Ultra (works, but randomly resets its options and closes down once you log out of a profile).

Is there a way to allow shared control during RDP? If not, is there another VNC-ish program I can try (freeware) that's as reliable as RealVNC has been under XP?
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Hello everybody, I have a home network with about 3 computer connected. I am using a laptop and when ever I use the net view command in cmd, I can only view my laptop. Why can't I see the other 2 computer?

All the computer have Win. 7 Home Premium Installed. Is there a way to send messages to those computers within the network, without the use of 3rd party applications... Perhaps by cmd?

I know you can, but I am unsure how.

A:Net view/net user


C:\Documents and Settings\Jeff>net view $SYSTEM_NAME
Shared resources at $SYSTEM_NAME

Share name Type Used as Comment
Italy-1 Disk
Italy-2 Disk
RealEstate Disk
SharedDocs Disk
The command completed successfully.

C:\Documents and Settings\Jeff>net view emac
Shared resources at emac

Mac OS X

Share name Type Used as Comment
homes Disk User Home Directories
i860 Print Canon i860
jeff Disk User Home Directories
MP470 series Print Canon MP470 series
The command completed successfully.
It should be clear that NET VIEW SYSTEM is dependent upon getting Print/File Sharing working correctly.

C:\Documents and Settings\Jeff>[B]net user jeff[/B]
User name Jeff
Full Name Jeff
Comment primary user(LUA)
User's comment
Country code 000 (System Default)
Account active Yes
Account expires Never

blah blah ...

Workstations allowed All
Logon script
User profile
Home directory
Last logon 9/2/2011 10:55 AM

Logon hours allowed All

Local Group Memberships *Users
Global Group memberships *None
The command completed successfully.

Would appear to be Policy settings for the user
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Okay here is the story My laptop has a ton of valuable information on it recently my Norton protection ran out and was unable to renew it Well somebody hacked my system and now I have a ton of viruses trojans and malware So I was still able to use my Copy to drive external profile user entire hard PC for internet usage and my music still played in Windows Media Player So all in all my laptop still worked Now today I go to turn on my laptop and it will not boot up at all I can t even system restore or repair it with windows repair However I do need to back up my files and since my hard drive is what is wrong in the first place I think it might be better instead of copying the entire hard drive to my terabyte external hard drive if it would make more sense just to copy my entire user profile onto my external I am wondering if this is possible i have heard of LiveCD s and Parted Magic from this forum But I am wondering if I can just back up all of my files that way If I can back up all of my files like that I might save money instead of taking to a repairman and just fix it myself So is it possible to copy and back-up the entire user profile of a laptop that will not boot up to an external hard drive Basically I want to copy the entire contents of my User Profile on Vista onto an external drive so I can use my reboot CD to reboot my laptop without losing any of my files and folders or Copy entire user profile to external hard drive anything for that Copy entire user profile to external hard drive matter I figure the best way to do that would be to copy the user profile so all the contents of that profile would go onto my external Then I reboot my computer and put Copy entire user profile to external hard drive the User Profile back on Simple nbsp

A:Copy entire user profile to external hard drive

Have you tried a repair install? If that is possible that will leave your files intact.. It is a good idea to back on a regular basis anyway.

The other possibility is connecting your hard drive as a slave drive on another pc.

If the repair install is not possible there are a number of ways using boot cd's to access your data.

Here is one solution that is free and should do what you want
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I was using my Sony Vaio laptop (FE series I least 5 yrs old) on Skype with family when the laptop crashed. I pressed the on/off button to switch off the laptop and reboot but there was no response when the laptop was trying to power up. The on-off button lights up, the 3 caps lock/scroll lock, etc lights switch on and remain on, but nothing appears on screen and nothing furter appears to happen.

I've left the laptop on charge for a couple of days and retried, same outcome. I've tried starting from the power cable and no battery, same outcome.

Do you have any ideas to as to what might have happened and how I can fix it? Would my hard-drive be corrupting thus losing all the data stored? How would I be able to hook the hard-drive up to another machine and copy off all the data?


A:Sony Vaio laptop won't switch on

Hello, it looks like there is something wrong with your screen, but is it always just black even from starting? Because on start you could enter recovery mode and start the laptop in safe mode, but if it's impossible to do so, then you can try to connect your laptop to external PC if you have one. Then you will see what's going on and figure out is it a screen problem or the whole system is messed up. Good luck!
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I need modem firewall -> SonicWall switch router Cable -> a and some assistance with our network at the office We recently switched from having our data and voice being managed through a T and a phone server on site to having a cable modem and a virtual PBX Previous set up was T Line - gt Box from T provided - gt Cable modem -> switch -> router and a SonicWall firewall one line to the phone server and a second line to a SonicWall Cable modem -> switch -> router and a SonicWall firewall Firewall which then went to a couple of dell switches We have switched to a cable modem with static IP s and a Cable modem -> switch -> router and a SonicWall firewall virtual PBX Tech support for the PBX company suggested we configure our net work as follows --- gt Router--- gt Switch that connects to all phones Cable Mode -- gt Unmanaged switch-- --- gt SonicWall-- gt Switch that connects to computers I configured the router for the phones and that works with no problems But when I configure the SonicWall with the information provided by our cable modem provider it worked but the SonicWall said it needed to restart after configuration so I clicked restart Then the the internet connection wouldn t work and I couldn t get back into the SonicWall After numerous attempts at powering down the SonicWall and switch I finally was able to access it again and then the connection disappeared and finally I got access back again and reset everything to how it was on the T line The WAN setting on the SonicWall are as follows SonicWALL WAN IP NAT Public Address I set this to an IP address in the range provided and made sure it was different than the one in use by the router for the phones WAN Subnet Mask I set this to the subnet our provider sent listed WAN Gateway Router Address I set this to the Gateway address our provider listed DNS Server amp Set to what our provider sent over There is also an option for LAN settings SonicWALL LAN IP Address I left this as it was LAN Subnet Mask I set this to the subnet mask our provider listed From reading the setup guide for the SonicWall everything seems to be correct but then I am not able to access it nor do we have an internet connection The phones still work so there is connectivity to the modem I also tried connecting directly to the SonicWall rather than through a switch with no success Reseting seems to eventually work but I am not sure if that worked or if it was something else I am not sure what additional information would be needed so if you need something else please let me know nbsp
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Hi guys - I recently bought a new HP DVD 1135t writer since my old CD-Rom (DVDRW IDE16x) wasn't reading cd's anymore. After installing it, I first received an error message saying ATAPI incompatible, press F1 to resume, and carried on.
When i tried to load a CD my PC shut down and does this every time i try to load a cd.
I tested the power supply and all looks fine, the fan seems to be working fine, tried changing the jumpers, even returned it to the shop and got a new HP DVD writer, and it still won't work!!
I'm running out of ideas. Anyone have a clue what I should do - other than return it and get my money back?
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I have a lynksis wrt400n wireless router. I noticed today that there is a user named 'scotty-PC' in my network.

I do have it password protected.

I'm thinking the easiest way would be to shut off the wireless if that is possible. My wife and I are both hardwired into the router anyways.

How do I go about shutting off the wireless signal from the router?

Thank you in advance!

A:Need help with unknown user in my network

use your browser to reconfig the router - - use the IP address as a URL
login: leave user name empty, password is admin
(obviously this needs to be changed too - - read on)

the Users Guide is here

Option one would be to DISABLE the radio - - read thru to find that

Option two would be to use WiFi Mac Filtering; -- pg 14
This option will allows ONLY defined systems access, so set a dummy, like the MAC
address of your wired NIC

Before you quit, DISABLE remote management on port 8080
and CHANGE that admin password
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So I was watching a video from my Nix box mobo no shut PSU down, Computer reason, fans new and no spin, last week while running some pretty heavy CPU intensive apps and the computer froze on me twice My CPU never freezes so I thought that it was odd but the PSU and GPU were running a little hot so I thought I would tone down the usage as I Computer shut down, no reason, no fans spin, new PSU and mobo had just installed some new cooling fans a day before and a new CPU about a month earlier Then the computer shut down and wouldn t start back up I replaced the PSU originally thinking that since it had been running hot maybe it just died Installed and no power no fans nothing Replaced the mobo with the same results I m at a loss right now as to what the problem could be I even switched out the push button in case that burned out somehow and nothing Any ideas where to go from here Update just an update after posting I found the POST walkthrough and followed it step by step and still nothing Would a bad CPU cause there to be no power through the whole board I replaced the CPU fan as well to be sure and I can t seem to find any other possibility nbsp

A:Computer shut down, no reason, no fans spin, new PSU and mobo

Yes a bad CPU would cause the board not to function, but bad CPU's are very rare unless they are damaged by handling or installing. What type of CPU is it? The socket type can matter for damage
Relevancy 24.94%

I built a new pc and about ten hours after running fine i plugged a flask drive into the usb slot and the computer just turned off, everything is running correctly from what i can see inside, fans, hard drive, graphics card and power supply was tested to see if it was enough power, through all the tests I have only come to the conclusion that the Motherboard might be a dud because it was the only piece i was not able to test in my friends computer swapping parts though the lights are still turning on in the motherboard if that matters or not, not sure what to do as far as fixing the problem or why the computer would just suddenly turn off right when i put the flash drive in the usb any ideas what to do?

A:Built new PC, plugged in USB drive and PC shut down

When you power on, what does happen now?
* Any image on screen at all? Black screen with white cursor top left?
* Does the monitor light come on, then message 'no input' ?
* Can you hear the hard drive working, and LEDS flash on DVD drives?
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i have a tp-link 5-port switch which has worked without a hitch for about 2 years. now there are issues - sometimes i cannot get a network connection. if i power the switch down then up again, a good connection is restored.

the set up is like this:
dsl router direct to 2 computers and the switch, then two other computers and a printer through the switch.
i have recently done a major hardware upgrade to the two machines connected to the switch, but they are both running xp as before.

can these switches develop faults?
is it on OS problem?
it happens even with only one of the computers on the switch running

A:Network switch faulty?

yes, a switch can fail just like any other active component. I lost one port on mine but had a vacant slot so I just moved the cable to the vacant position.

fyi: the DSL Router ---> Switch is just fine, but be aware that the DHCP service of the Router is providing all the TCP/IP configuration data, even to the systems attached to the switch.

Your test for correct configuration is to run IPCONFIG /ALL on a working system and
then compare that to the results on a failing system.
Usually, it is obvious on the failing systems that the configuration is not correct.
It is possible however, that the failing system is configured correctly but still fails.

see Basic Networking for descrete testing of connectivity
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I have an emachines w3052 and i had to replace the motherboard in it and i didn't pay close enough enough attention to were i pulled the led and power switch wires from if anyone knows what i can do to fix please help. Also the motherboard is a fic-k7mnf-64 i looked at the manual no help i also looked beside the 10pin connector were they go and it doesnt give a description so if you know please tell me lol
Relevancy 27.09%

I have 2 inspiron E1505s. One is a laptop that has been used a lot and is starting to fall apart and runs XP. The other is about the same age rarly been used and runs Vista. I want to take the hard drive from the one that is falling apart and put it in the one that is still in good shape. Other then changing some drivers is their anything I should worry about. I do have some import documents on the XP drive but they have been backed up. I really want to stay with XP. I assume getting differnt drivers would not be too much of a hassle. Will this be a pretty easy thing to do?

A:Switch hard drives in laptops

If you look at the Product Key sticker and it has OEM written on it you can't transfer the operating system to another PC.
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I ll try to shorten this some I was having some problems that I determined were either caused by the hard drive corrupted WinXP Media Version or my RAM I ran MEM Test user paste Can't switch copy can't and and it failed so I replaced the RAM with one G Can't switch user can't copy and paste stick That solved several issues I still had an issue with switching users I had the computer set up for users with myself as the admin My partition is that what it s called works just fine but if I log into one of the other three it will not allow shutdown restart log off or change user It forces me to do a hard shutdown I decided that my OS may be corrupted so I took the opportunity to install a bigger faster HD and installed WinXP Pro The problem did not go away This doesn t make sense to me What else could cause this I also have a new problem Sometimes the copy and paste feature will just quit working It seems to copy but then the Paste will not quot light up quot when I right click in the program I want to use Could this be driver related nbsp

A:Can't switch user can't copy and paste

It's possible that the group policy is keeping the regular users from doing things like log off, or shutdown. You may want to check what the settings are or put all those users into a single group and give them the proper permissions to do whatever you want.
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Hello Today I experience the oddest thing I have ever seen on my PC This morning the power on button would not start my PC I checked the cable and the wall socket and popped the case to look inside Nothing seemed out of the ordinary I turned the case on its shut no start - random downs Sudden side to get better lighting inside and the PC started right up I Sudden no start - random shut downs was surprised at that so I stood it back up and it shut down I hit the power button and nothing happened so I tilted it on its side and hit the button and voila power So I let it boot and after its all done and windows is up I can use everything normally with no issues I turned Sudden no start - random shut downs the tower back up and it stayed on Not minutes later it shut off again and immediately restarted The second time it did this it ran a disk check Im assuming because of the sudden shut downs and it turned out fine Right now the PC stays on like nothing is wrong when its laying on its side As soon as I stand it back up it shuts down within a minute and restarts Its a Dell XPS Intel Core Quad Q ghz gig ram bit OS Windows Vista I have installed Nvidia Extra Case fans This PC has worked flawlessly since I bought it a year and a half ago and immediately installed the card and fans This is the first issue I have had and it feels like some sort of power short rather than an actual PC issue Any ideas Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Sudden no start - random shut downs

Sounds like your switch might be faulty what I would try is jiggling the wire to the power switch to see it shuts down.
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as soon as i put power to the power supply the computer starts without any connections to the front pannel switch and resets the bios as if i pulled the cmos battery out, mobo FIC, k8mc51g 754 socket with an a-power 680 watt power supply not what the board used from the factory im sure,im wondering if the factory power supply had wires and connector to the board like a system fan or somthing to keep the main 20 pin connector from starting the flow of power through the boaed

A:Power by-passing switch k8mc51g mobo clears BIOS

a dead cmos battery seems to be the problem ,charged up the old one and now works fine
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So I just bought a KVM Switch mini size the guy at the store told me that it would do the trick The trick meaning that I would be able to switch between the Xbox and the PC with no problems at first I had a lot of trouble getting it to work until I realised that I had forgotten to plug the keyboard cable into the KVM Switch At least I managed to get things to work A bit The problem is that I manage to switch between the PC and the but once I ve switched to the it Switch the cmoputer between - KVM switch 360 Can't and immediately goes back to the PC I ve checked everything in the manual and I m doing it quot right quot as far as I know quot Switch between KVM Switch - Can't switch between cmoputer and the 360 the computers PC and PC by pressing the Select button on the front panel Use the Hot Key command on the keyboard Press Scroll Lock quickly twice and then or to switch between computer and computer quot Whenever I do this the KVM Switch beeps switches to the then back to the PC could anyone please give me a hand nbsp
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Component Upgrade bit gt bit switch Hey guys switch? Component 64bit to and 32bit upgrade not sure where exactly to post this but here i go As usual i come here to seek out professional help from you guys and every time i get the support that i need which i gladly appreciate So here i am again asking for new advice First of all i would want to ask you if i should switch Component upgrade and 32bit to 64bit switch? from bit windows to bit I am not sure how i am going to go on about switch from to bit and see if it is really worth it and if it will boost my PC s performace I have GB of total RAM i believe Component upgrade and 32bit to 64bit switch? not completely sure so i know that bit can only recognized GB of RAM so i am pretty much wasting the other GB of RAM by using bit I currently use my PC for movies music and gaming in-game video recording as well as using adobe photoshop indesign dreamwaver flash and illustrator for my graphics work CS package I do have slight performance impact when using the CS software package but its not thing big only small laag which isn t effecting me too much The main point behind me wanting to switch is to squeeze out the most of my computer to get full performance when doing my design work or playing games Is switch bit to bit really worth it Is it easy to do or do i need to send it off to someone professional My computer specs are the following PSU http img imageshack us img imgp x jpg http img imageshack us img imgp k jpg The below screenshot includes BIOS Chassis Motherboard CPU speed general properties cache motherboard properties bios properties power management sensors the temperatures are pretty average you can give - degrees while on heavy use The highest i get never goes past degrees idle is about - DMI info and more http img imageshack us img mycomputerspecspart jpg http img imageshack us img mycomputerspecspart jpg Memory Information RAM etc http img imageshack us img memoryvideo jpg Network Information speeds http img imageshack us img networkinfo jpg Storage Information http img imageshack us img storagebw jpg http img imageshack us img storage n jpg CPUID http img imageshack us img cpuid jpg I know that s a lot of information and some of it if not most of it is pretty much useless but i though you may be interested If you need more information feel free to ask and il give it to your right away ofc not personal info xD hehe So overall here are my questions Can i upgrade from bit to bit Shall i upgrade to bit Is it really worth it or will be a performance loss or big hassle I never done this kind of thing before Should i overclock I could seek professional help instead of me doing it dont want to screw it up What components shall i upgrade Graphics card Processor Motherboard or PSU I think W or W PSU would be good Any other bits and pieces i should do Are there any bits and pieces that my computer is lacking in Low RAM for example etc Will i need to reinstall lot of programs so that they support bit version I love computers i love looking into them and fiddling with them I have a old computer which i took its fan out and wanted to put it in my quot new quot computer but i couldn t find any socket to plug it to there isnt much space to fit the fan I also have spare graphics card lame RAM sticks and few other bits and pieces I took the HDD out and had a trouble reinstalling and actually making it recognizable and with my poo knowledge it took me a week to figure it out since my step dads bro was busy his more of a computer expert then me hehe but i did it yay I have spent money on my kite gear so i am not loaded up and i am only so yeh that said i could get a job since i only go to school days per week which is awesome xD I would like to learn a lot more about building computers and its hardware so i guess overclocking the PC and putting new parts would teach me quite few bits and pieces PS I haven t included tags since the screen shots are fairly big and i didn t want to flood the... Read more

A:Component upgrade and 32bit to 64bit switch?

You'll need to reinstall an x64 OS in order to switch; there's no way around this.

You shouldn't have any issues IMHO, and using an x64 OS means you can upgrade your RAM later in the future without having to install an x64 OS at that point.

How much are you looking to spend on your PC in total? Also, will you be buying online or from retail stores?
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My computer has been messed up for about a year i got a virus from downloading a program called fire letters or something and my computer shut down right after i installed it i turn it back on and found out i can t go on the internet As soon as i try to open internet explorer random down Monitor shut show after won't anything an error message comes up and the browser closes i tried with firefox and the same thing happened I start playing games on my computer and in the middle of playing the computer would shut down randomly not very often and then later unbearably Monitor won't show anything after random shut down often i tried a virus protection software something like norton antivirus for at best buy i would try to scan my computer it would say that it is scanning but the files scanned would always say zero After a while i just gave up on the computer A couple days ago i wanted to try and use it again It didnt shut down randomly but still no internet i used it for about days when after being gone for a while came back and notice it randomly shut down I turn it back on it starts to run for about a minute and shuts down again when it shuts down a red light starts flashing on the monitor I looked up online what i could do about the shutting down problem and someone said overheating and for some reason i thought dust could be the problem i open up my comp and see tons of dust I then use compressed gas duster to blow all the dust out of the computer i i plug everything back in and try to start it the computer starts up i hear the fan lights on keyboard turn on ect but my monitor stays black There is the little red light blinking in the monitor corner i turn off the monitor and then back on i hear the static thing in the back the green light comes on but then right away switches to the blinking red Please help nbsp

A:Monitor won't show anything after random shut down

What are your computers specs? Make and model? Operating system? You may have to reformat the hard drive and re-install Windows fresh, if you can't restore to factory settings
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Hey. I just got some new cat6A STP cables, and tested out my connection speed by directly connecting to my computer. I got somewhere around 100Mbs (I live at a university, so the internet is fast). When I connect my computer through my 10 year old linksys router, it maxes out right at 10Mbs. I am assuming that it is too old to support 100Mbs speeds, so I was wondering if I get a new router or switch, would one of those be able to support the 100Mbs, and which would be faster?

Edit: I guess I should add that I have tried looking for the answer to this question but most answers that I saw were for 5Mbs connections, thus people said it did not matter. But I could not find anything about higher speeds.

A:Router vs. switch speed

If your connection requires a router, get a new router. Otherwise a switch or direct connection would be fine.
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I have a Windows on forever won't Laptop background down, shut hangs screen XP laptop that has been giving me problems recently when Laptop won't shut down, hangs on background screen forever I attempt to shut it down What will usually happen is this I ll try to attach a USB device to one of its ports and it won t recognize it I ll then right click the quot Safely Remove Hardware quot icon from the taskbar to see what it has listed there The quot Safely Remove Hardware quot window never comes up even after waiting several minutes I ll check the task manager and it will say everything s running fine nothing quot not responding quot I ll then shut down the computer which will prompt a window to come up saying that quot rundll quot something-or-other isn t responding and I ll select quot End Task quot which will take me to the log off screen It will hang on the log off screen for several minutes saying it s shutting down and then change to just the background I get when I log in with nothing but a mouse cursor It will stay like this and never shut off Ctrl alt delete does nothing when on this screen I ll eventually have to manually power it off by holding down the power button After that when I turn it back on again it will usually be able to locate the USB device when I plug it in again and will act just fine until the same thing happens later on and I have to go through the process above all over again So is there any reason why this is happening and is there anything I can do about it Any help would be much appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Laptop won't shut down, hangs on background screen forever

Your hard drive may have become corrupted. You may need to try and re-install XP, or have the hard drive replaced
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my acer powered down by itself like the power had run out but it i had to force shutdown...since then it wont switch back on the connection light just flashes twice slowly instead of several times like normal and the screen remains black... i have tried all the remove battery and ac tricks and nothing is working ,,,,any ideas ?????????

A:My Acer notebook won't switch on

Have you wiped the RAM and the deep sleep settings by unplugging it from the AC adapter and also removing the battery, then waiting half an hour?
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Ok so i sent out my girls laptop about 3 months ago, because the motherboard and keyboard went bad. They said oh it will take 2 weeks to get back out to you.... Anyway they replaced the keyboard and the motherboard, and everything works great now. But there is a tiny slide switch button on the left hand side for a wireless connection that will go left or right. It is stuck and wont go right or left. So i pushed it a little to hard and the button popped off. How can i fix this... Should i unscrew the bottom of the laptop and try to fix the switch? I'm def not sending it back out again to wait another 3 months.

Computer itself is a gateway t series laptop.

A:Tiny slide switch button on the left hand side of my girls laptop is stuck?

Joe, it would help to have the model number of this Gateway T Series.
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Hi to all I have this one problem i have an emachine t3304 computer that the fans will not shut off after it powers down, the on and off button led remains on ,then all of a sudden it powers back on like it was in sleep mode but it isnt i checked the settings and they are in the off position. I changed the processors because it was turning on and off by itself this solved the problem, now before i did this work the computer would shut down and start normally, by the way I installed windows xp in this computer and then i had to run the repair procces from the installtion disk , the computer runs like a charm now but the fans will not shut down.

A:Shut down fans still on

The power supply might be dieing... hopefully not the motherboard too
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so our company just bought a used netGear 48 Port GSM7352S. We got the device to boot, and got in through Putty to view the device, but the user and password were not reset to factory settings and so the old users password and user are still in use. Is there a way we can reset the device or get around this?


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Just recently my old Vista Computer that I've had for about 4 or 5 years started to make a real racket when using it, at the time we didn't know, from it's motherboard fan.
Well, one day I clicked it on, it loaded up and after about 8 or 9 minutes of running the computer shut itself off. *It did not restart itself, it just simply shut off. I tried it again, and it did the same thing.

We popped open the side, and found the motherboards fan's lock had broken and the fan was no longer secure to the motherboard.

I wanted to know if this is the reason it was shutting itself down, or if there is something else going on?

any help would be great, thanks.

A:Motherboard fan causes computer to shut itself off?

You're talking about the CPU fan. Obviously since the locks have broken it does not have adequate contact with the processor causing it to overheat. Once a threshold temperature is reached the computer is set to shut down. This may also permanently damage your CPU if you don't quickly have it replaced.
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I knew something would happen my stopped working 22" Switch LCD has in Viewsonic the second I Switch in my Viewsonic 22" LCD has stopped working started considering replacing them LOL It started playing up yesterday when I went to turn it off as was using the other Switch in my Viewsonic 22" LCD has stopped working screen to play Crysis I went to turn it back on once I was done playing and it wouldnt turn on After much messing around pressing the power button it finally turned on I then made the mistake or more my routine of switching them both off along with the PC before I went to bed last night It now won t turn on at all I don t think its the internal psu I m certain its the button itself So my question is how difficult would it be to locate the power switch and would it be replaceable or is it a soldered in job Warranty expired months ago and this was a replacement unit under warranty as well though it was reconditioned and an older generation of my model number Can it be replaced then Fingers crossed nbsp

A:Switch in my Viewsonic 22" LCD has stopped working

A bit of an update on this.

I've stripped the LCD now, as its not under warranty any more, and the switch contact for the on/off switch on the circuit is knackered. It has a totally different feel to it.

Been searching on and off for a couple of days now - Since I have the part number.

I'm now coming to the realisation that Viewsonic play their cards very close to their chests - You can't find anything related to Viewsonic in regards to parts suppliers here or in the US - Its a tad weird to be honest!

I'm getting used to being down to one screen now though, so I think I'm just going to wait and then purchase a bigger LCD later on. Besides which, my newest LCD is a 4th generation version, and the faulty LCD is 2nd generation. The plastic surround is bigger on the earlier model, and the backround colour is also different (the newer 4th gen has a whitter backround), so at times they can look slightly odd, which has irritated me for ages.

Oh well, something else to add to my list I suppose!

Thanks to everyone that took the time to read this thread though.
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Hi everyone,
Some friends and I will be hosting a LAN party in the future and will require an internet connection.

Unfortunately the places we can host them at only provide Wi-Fi.

We want to run everyone through Gigabit Switches.

Is it possible to set up a computer to receive the Wi-Fi, and re-broadcast the Internet to all computers connected to the Gigabit Switches?

If so, any information you can provide on setting this up would be much appreciated.


A:Set up computer as a router/switch

N-Guy said:

Hi everyone,
Unfortunately the places we can host them at only provide Wi-Fi.

We want to run everyone through Gigabit Switches.Click to expand...

The WiFi connection will be the limiting factor, so the Gig/Switches are overkill and will not contribute thruput bandwidth.
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Hi guys, I have this PC with this spec:

RAM - 2x kingston 2GB DDR3
CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad CPU
PSU - SimCool 430W

My problem is that my PC starts to give me sudden shut down problem. no warning, no nothing, just shut down like when we pull the power plug.

I went to the shop where I bought this PC to check for any hard drive error, and they said nothing is wrong with it. they gave me a new power cable, the PC lasted for a 1 or 2 days without the problem.

And then now it started to give me this problem all over again.

Any comments or speculation on where the problem is?
anything i need to know to fix this?

Thanks for the help guys =)

A:Sudden shut down problem after not being turned on for 2 months

It could be any number of issues. What are your system temperatures? Sudden shut-downs can be caused by an overheating CPU.

Use HWMonitor to check your temps. If they're under control then it may be a problem with the PSU.
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Ok so I work in a small office and I have a networked printer that takes user numbers for passwords to print. This way we can keep track of print jobs and charge the employees accordingly. This user # is setup thru printer preferences. Normally only one user # is required for each computer as each employee has their own computer. Well there are two open computers at my office that anyone can use, these two have their own user #'s.


What i'd like to do is set it up so these open computers prompt for a user number before being able to print instead of having a user # saved under the preferences. Is this possible?

Relevant information:

Computers - Windows Xp Pro sp3
Server - Windows server 2003
Printer - Sharp Mx-6200N

Thank for any help regarding this situation.

A:Prompting for user # on a network printer

hmm; this is a commercial Charge Back process. Home users would hardly ever need or want
something like this.
I would think you would find such options in the software you are using to capture the user#,
likely on your Domain Controller ...
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Hello I m having a little problem with my speakers down No after got) (headphones from shut sound speakers As written in my title my speakers has no sound I have No sound from speakers (headphones got) after shut down went through almost all the related forums on this kind of problems but it seems that almost everyone has problem with the speaker s sound AFTER they installed something or upgraded their software after i shut my computer down at night and on it back the next morning the speakers weren t working and when i play a mp avi rmvb or even youtube there is no sound at all However if i plug in my headphones they work just fine Everything else is working fine - The light on the speakers is light up - The wire is plugged into the green hole It hasn t been moved since about a year ago so i don t think thats the problem - The sound card is working fine There is sound through the headphones - There are no conflicting drives - There are no exclamation marks or crosses in the device manager - My audio isn t mute I m suspecting that my speakers is spoiled But i m hoping that someone could help me with it Because it just doesn t make sense how the speakers could be perfectly fine one moment and be spoilt after a shut down I can t use systerm restore because when i tried it it says that it couldn t return to the specific time and to solve that problem i cancel the system restore shut down and then enable it again Edit My speakers does have those buzzing sound those kind that signals the speakers is on when i on it and when i off it Which i presume means that the speaker should be able to work Or else it wouldn t be making noises like that right and there are really faint buzzing sounds when the speakers is on I m only able to hear it if i put the volume to the max and stick my ear to the speakers which also shows that it should be able to work right Please help and thank you nbsp

A:No sound from speakers (headphones got) after shut down

When you plug in the headphones are you plugging them into a front panel jack? Try removing the speaker plug from the green jack at the back and plug in the headphones there. If you get sound through the headphones, your sound card is probably okay but your speakers are not.

Because it just doesn't make sense how the speakers could be perfectly fine one moment, and be spoilt after a shut down.Click to expand...

But isn't that the nature of a component failure? It often works fine up until the moment it doesn't. You don't always get a gradual failure. When it fails, it fails.
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Issue Help me narrow down if its CPU MOBO or something else I have a computer which I have had for years now and it s always had this issue of it randomly shutting off of the time it happens when I am playing high downs shut dying CPU? Random - PSU? MOBO? graphics games Random shut downs - dying CPU? MOBO? PSU? but of the time it happens while the computer is idle As any pro would first guess it might be a due to your PSU then someone will say oh its probably your RAM try refitting or replacing And them someone will say oh its probably a Random shut downs - dying CPU? MOBO? PSU? bad Motherboard then one will say its a bad GFX card So like all of what any new person might think I have replaced a few parts since I Had an Identical System with similar specs just sitting there being used as a regular home computer But mine is more a Gaming computer My System specs Operating System MS Windows Ultimate -bit CPU AMD Athlon FX- C Toledo nm Technology Core Core Speed MHz Multiplier x Bus Speed MHz Rated Bus Speed MHz Temperature C Thread APIC ID Core Core Speed MHz Multiplier x Bus Speed MHz Rated Bus Speed MHz Temperature C RAM GB Dual-Channel DDR MHz - - - Type DDR Size MBytes x Manufacturer Corsair Max Bandwidth PC MHz Part Number CMX - C Frequency MHz CAS Latency RAS To CAS RAS Precharge tRAS Voltage V Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC A N-SLI Socket Graphics DELL FP x MB GeForce GTX BFG Tech C Hard Drives GB Seagate ST AS ATA Device Unknown Interface C GB Seagate ST AS ATA Device Unknown Interface C GB NVIDIA STRIPE G SCSI Optical Drives NEC DVD RW ND- A ATA Device PSU DUAL PSU Setup W Ultra x A v rail - Running to Motherboard ONLY W Cooler Master x A v rail - Running Hard Drives CPU Fans Optical Drive and GTX GFX Card As you can tell there is enough power to the Computer - my KillWatt meter says im only drawing Watts out of the power socket As far as the replaced parts go I have replaced the Memory from CMX - LLPRO to CMX - C Video Card from GT to GTX OC Went from PSU to PSU setup Went from XP to Windows Same issues With XP Pro Vista Ultimate and Windows Ultimate Also replaced old Motherboard from ASUS A N -SLI to ASUS A N-SLI BIOS updated from ASUS site from for A n-SLI to Beta So guys Any other suggestions I have also overclocked and underclocked a bit on this CPU - Its native is ghz I brought it down to Ghz and now its at Ghz CPU Voltage is still v Voltage Readings below Sensor Properties Sensor Type ITE IT F v ISA h GPU Sensor Type Analog Devices ADT NV-I C Eh Motherboard Name Asus A N-E A N-SLI Series Chassis Intrusion Detected No Temperatures Motherboard C F CPU C F CPU Core C F CPU Core C F GPU C F GPU Diode C F GPU Memory C F GPU Ambient C F Seagate ST AS C F Seagate ST AS C F Cooling Fans CPU RPM Chipset RPM GPU RPM Voltage Values CPU Core V V V V V V V V Standby V VBAT Battery V GPU Vcc V Debug Info F FF A Debug Info T Debug Info V D BE BC BF F nbsp

A:Random shut downs - dying CPU? MOBO? PSU?

If you can, go back to the way it was setup before you started overclocking and underclocking...
this problem can be one weak component, or using memory modules that are not matched or not the best for your machine...
I would make a log and keep track of what is going on when it fails... because it is difficult to track down... can be anything... hard drive, memory, CPU cooling, poor quality cables or connectors, too much or too little thermal paste...
The age of your computer is a clue that you need to start upgrading components anyway
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I'm looking for a switch that has 10+ ports and has DHCP.
I need one for a LAN party. DHCP seems to need little configuration, so its sort of like plug and play. What switch do you recommend that meet my criteria?
Also, is there anything specific I need to know about setting up properly?


A:10+ port switch with DHCP?

You can pickup a 16-port gig switch or fast (100mbps) and then put all those boxes on static IP and the default gateway can be the lead PC. This way you don't need DHCP if your just doing a LAN Party and not a WAN to LAN Party. If you're doing WAN to LAN party then pickup a Wireless N/Gig Router and connect that into 16-port gig switch. Leave the IP address set to Obtain and then you would be good to go.
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im planning to upgrade my home network, please try to suggest if this works:

D-link DI 524 router
PC1-Win 7 ultimate- gigabit network card
PC2-Win 7 home - 100mb network card
D-Link DGS-1005D 5port switch - gigabit
NAS Synology 110j - gigabit

cables -
CAT6 between PC1 and switch, NAS and switch, router and switch

CAT5 between PC2 and router.

The question is- will my ftp server built in the NAS will be able to communicate and send files at "gigabit". I know there will be a loss of speed, but I want to make sure that it wont slow down on 100mb because of the router...

A:NAS Synology+switch+router

Hope you're using a gig switch somewhere
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HI All,
You have to love to answer the newbie silly questions?

I wasn't sure which thread to post,

My emachines power supply.model bestec model atx-250-12e went out.
All info I read in reference to,
my motherboard most likely went with it.....

Why purchase power supply not knowing how to check if motherboard bad?

My question is, one drive on my emachine with most all of my important info
Can I take out and add/switch it to a HP or Dell pc?

Do I have to delete windows os etc from HP or Dell before replacing
Or is it even compatible or possible, or would it be best to just buy used emachine of the same?

When looking on ebay there are very few emachines.....but all kinds of dell and hp

Any links to or info greatly appreciated, I have searched and read too many hours.

Thanks everyone.....

A:Can I remove a drive from eMachine add/switch to HP or Dell?

Typically of that model, the motherboard failed, and took the power supply with it. It is commonly assumed the reverse occurs. We have tested 700 of these machines in preparation for suit against Mfg.

The hard drive and memory are good, as is the CPU and fan...

You can rescue the data on that hard drive by putting it in an expernal USB enclosure and copying it to another drive.
However you will find it difficult to use it as is in another system.
I would save the data to another drive or to a couple of DVD's, then reformat the drive using a Windows XP that is NOT from an eMachine install. Some eMachine disks works, mysteriouslyl, but not many.

Better, methinks, is to use a new system, then install the eMachines hard drive as a "Slave" drive, then copy over everything you need.

The eMachine models that used that Bestec power supply are mostly four years old, or more. That means the hard drive is also older than you would want to have in a news sytem.
A new hard drive from 160GB to 320 GB can be purchased new for $50 if you shop around. That is cheaper than messing with what you have.
You can buy a new motherboard for the eMachine case for $40, and use all the components, but the eMachines install disk likely will not work to install your new system.
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Tower pc connected to my tv Laptop connected to a CRT monitor but no outputs for any other display options and the display on the laptop is bad only see part of it so I set the display to just display the monitor and not the laptop screen connected with a mouse and my WD TB HD Question here is the tower takes up alot of power and my dad wants the tower to be off at some time this help KVM with up me switch, please, inside setting further explanation during the day KVM switch, help me with setting this up please, further explanation inside so I use the laptop to do my downloading and keep it on all night instead and use the tower which is connected to my TV to watch my movies tv shows I want my laptop and pc connected together so I just use one mouse and the one keyboard what is a good affordable KVM switch Also is there a way to also since the laptop only has a pin and once it is connected to a KVM switch to watch my movies tv on the tv with the pc tower off nbsp

A:KVM switch, help me with setting this up please, further explanation inside

Also I run a wireless mouse, usb and a keyboard that still uses whatever you call that plug but it is not USB.
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Hello everyone, we have T1 connection at work and T1 connected to netgear router. The netgear router is very old and all of our workstation are running slow. So we decided to upgrade the router to Switch..i am looking for either layer 2 or layer 3 switch...i would like to have good one with plug and play. Please help..thanks in advance.

A:Need Advise on Switch

FIRST; ensure you know where the DHCP service originates. If it is in the existing
router, you will need another router, not a switch.

The 2/3 layer features are nice to have and very useful for protecting back-end system,
eg; a infrastructure webserver for only known customers. The two and three layer capabilities
can protect the applications from maligned inputs deep within the data flow of the application(s).

Q? What are you attempting to do other than replace the old router?
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Hello I am moving my small business into a new office in a few days and could do with some advice on configuring the network There are Router, - Office Network Small Modem, Switch RJ connections in every room which is cool these all feed into a -port patch panel which the last guys left behind Every PC on the network needs to be able to access the internet our storage server and other network attached devices such as printers and faxes Q If our modem goes into a router and the router goes Small Office Network - Modem, Router, Switch into a switch box and all PCs and other devices including the storage server are patched into the switch box will Small Office Network - Modem, Router, Switch this work We will be using one dedicated IP and I believe that if the modem goes straight into the switch box each PC will unsuccessfully compete for that same IP So does Small Office Network - Modem, Router, Switch going through a router alleviate this Q Do patch panels have speed limitations Despite being entirely passive is it possible that the patch panel might only be Mbit I haven t bought the switch box yet so would like to know if there s any point going for Gbit over Mbit Couldn t see a model number on it unfortunately Thanks in advance Will nbsp

A:Small Office Network - Modem, Router, Switch

edanfalls said:


I am moving my small business into a new office in a few days and could do with some advice on configuring the network.

There are RJ45 connections in every room which is cool, these all feed into a 48-port patch panel which the last guys left behind.

Every PC on the network needs to be able to access the internet, our storage server and other network attached devices such as printers and faxes.

Q1). If our modem goes into a router, and the router goes into a switch box, and all PCs and other devices including the storage server are patched into the switch box, will this work? We will be using one dedicated IP, and I believe that if the modem goes straight into the switch box, each PC will unsuccessfully compete for that same IP. So does going through a router alleviate this?Click to expand...

you are correct on both points. the issue is where does the DHCP service originate {the router or a Domain Controller[*]}?

Q2). Do patch panels have speed limitations? Despite being entirely passive, is it possible that the patch panel might only be 100Mbit? I haven't bought the switch box yet, so would like to know if there's any point going for 1Gbit over 100Mbit. Couldn't see a model number on it unfortunately.Click to expand...

No, the panel is entirely passive and therefore invisible to the network. Active components, eg routers & switches could be factors.
You are at that point of an investment and cudos to you for asking before diving in :wave:

This is the time to create a Gigabyte backbone and use 100mb client access to it (not GBit). This will ensure the whole network gets good service an not single client can dominate it. The sole exception I would make is to use a GB nic in every server system attached.

[*] Instead of using the router to provide DHCP, a better choice is the Domain Controller server (provided you use one ). You can then configure static addresses from one location and set the DHCP range in the same place. DHCP and DNS typically are from the same server, while Exchange and Active Directory are elsewhere.
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My trusty Digimate monitor is giving me problems on switch on, I have to keep switching it on and off repeatedly and screen flashes on and then just goes black. Eventually it comes on perfectly. Any thoughts as what could cause this? I have tried leaving it on (the green light stays on) to see if it is a "warm up" problem, but there is no logic to it at all, now and again it will come on and stay within the first 3 switch ons, most of the time it can take up to 20. I will switch my pc on and then just switch my monitor off when leaving it for a while, but now do not like doing this.
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I m connecting ethernet switch via printer Problem having a problem connecting my Nashutec printer photcopier to my computer All was well until I changed to Talk Talk and went wireless for my internet connection Previously I connected to the internet via an adsl modem card in my pc but I took this card out and have a wireless connection to a Dlink wireless router This works OK However Problem connecting printer via ethernet switch to install the modem on the pc I had to use an ethernet cable to connect first time I have only one ethernet plug in the pc connecting to the Intel Pro connection After the router was set up and I plugged the cable back in for the printer I couldn t connect to it I get a message saying limited or no connectivity When I click repair it says it can t because it can t find the IP address I m running XP SP Pentium R GHz processor with MB ram The autoconfig IP adress I get for the network connection is The lights are on the Ethernet switch box and the cables seem to be OK as the lights flash at both ends has anybody got any suggestions as to how I can get my connection back Thanks nbsp

A:Problem connecting printer via ethernet switch

Which modem did you get?
Talk Talk's help page is here:
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Hey thanks for checking out the thread. I'm having some trouble with my Dell xps 400, hopefully someone can help.

The issue I'm having is that my monitor, keyboard, and mouse all go dead at random times at the same time. I can hear the fan running and the on light is still green, so I assume there is still power. It doesn't restart nor does it shutdown. I'm at a loss what this could be.

Here are my specs

Dell XPS/Dimension 400/9150
OS XP professional sp 3
Intel Pentium Dpu 3.00ghz
Nivdia geforce 6800
2x 512MB, DDR2, 533M, 64X64, 8, 240, 1RX8 Memory Module
160GB Hard Drive, SATA2
Dell DXP051 Motherboard
mouse & keyboard connect through usb
The Dell is about 4yrs old. I've checked all the connections and usually dust out the case every cple months.

I'm not sure what other information would be helpful.

Thanks in advance to any help.

A:Keyboard, mouse & monitor shut down

new symptom. When i turn on the pc the monitor, mouse, and keyboard do not come on. Strangely enough it will come on if i turn on the pc first then turn on the monitor, if the monitor is on while I'm turning on the pc nothing works.

Anyone have any ideas or can point me in the right direction, this whole random cutoff thing is getting annoying.
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What software to use, user friendly. Take *.avi movie covert and burn it so it will play on a dvd with a splash screen (menu) title to play movie and title(2) to include a small video clip of myself including a a message.

Was trying to use DeVeDe but I am having trouble with title 2 being authoritative with my video and both titles go straight to the movie. DeveDe is for Ubuntu but let me know of software for ubuntu or windows xp

A:User friendly video to dvd with menu

Rather use a windows xp app anyways and I am sure, much more. ubuntu machine not as powerful for decoding videos, or this devede program, audio came out of sync and still had the title allocation issue. I really want to get my video message in the dvd menu.

thanks !
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Hello all first I d like to say I have been browsing these forums for quite a while and just signed up today finally Normally in the past I stress) down All out shut video (under have been able to solve all my own computer problems as they have stemmed from software issues but this time I am at a loss because its finally All out shut down (under video stress) hardware issues I ll get right to the point I have had this computer since may of I was using it to mainly play WoW and Combat Arms as well All out shut down (under video stress) as waiting for a few other select games to release and this rig has played them all fantastically temps have All out shut down (under video stress) all been great never any errors or random shut downs days ago I bought wait for it cause its been in several other threads Call of Duty Modern Warfare it took me tries to get it to install properly thank you steam for your infinite suckage and after it did install I was able to jump right into the game on multiplayer and play it for like - hours that night when all of a sudden my computer inexplicably just turns off No warning no error no problem or so I thought I had to pull the plug out of the back of the power supply wait a few seconds for the remaining juice to drain then plug it back in for the thing to even turn back on I started the game back up played maybe another mins and it did it again It was late so I decided to just go to bed and say screw it I ll look into it after work Well when I got home after work the comp would turn on start to load windows then just shut off before making it to the desktop I replaced the power cord thinking just a minor fix might be all it needs No go did the same thing I took the comp to a friend and bought a new w PSU replacing the old W PSU I had but the problem was still there We started pulling the plugs out and adding one by one the comp stayed on Till we got to the of all the damn things CD DVD RW that was tripping the system and shutting it back down Now with my new PSU I thought all was well took my comp home and started the same game back up as soon as I loaded in the damn thing crashed again After researching for the past - days I have come to the conclusion that its A a heat issue or B a Voltage issue or scary thought C Fried video card CPU mobo one of those The specs of my system are GIG PC MHz tested with memtest for over hours not a single error GIG SATA II GB MB cache RPM HD ATI Radeon HD PCI-E X GB GPU Gigabyte ga-ma x-ud p AM DDR crossfire mobo AMD Phenom II quad core GHz processor and a brand freaking new watt PSU and in - days a brand new watt modular PSU Windows Vista Ultimate bit Like I said I ran MemTest and no errors I also ran CPU-Z GPU-Z and SpeedFan here are the Temps SpeedFan lists if you need more let me know and I will post them accordingly Temp C Temp C Temp C HD C Core C All of these temps are under the manufacturers temperature warnings Thus i have pretty much ruled out heat as any of my issues Here are the Volatges SpeedFan lists I have no idea what any of this means Vcore V Vcore V V V V V V V - V - V - V V V V Vbat V I hope that makes sense to any of you who are more computer savvy than I am What I need to know is am I right thinking that its a power supply cause some of those voltage deficits are pretty marginal or could it be something more along the lines of a fried GPU I like I said have been browsing not just these forums but lots of other sites and what no one has said is that before my system shuts down there are some funky sounding electrical clicking sounds coming from either the PSU CPU or GPU I can t narrow it down any more than that sorry After it starts to click like that The entire system goes down like I said no errors no blue screen makes me think its not the CPU start it up it runs fine for hours in fact I ve been on it now since about PM its now AM It ll play those stupid facebook games like castle age and farmville I can also watch youtube video s or brows to ... Read more

A:All out shut down (under video stress)

It is always hard to analyse these problems without being there, so if I say anything that is clearly wrong, I apologise in advanced.

First off, the temperatures you stated were taken when your computer was idle, right? The difference between idle and load temperatures is quite staggering. Since modern gfx cards like to cause a lot of heat, when it is under load (when gaming, for example), your computer can really heat up.

You should check your bios to see if you have enabled your computer to automatically shut down if it reaches a certain temperature. If it isn't enabled than chances are that it isn't a heat problem.

I can't think of anything more to contribute than that for now.
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My aopen 5port switch recently refuses to let me have two devices connected to the internet at the same time. My computer will connect but my ps3 wont, and the only way i can get the other to work is to only plug that "one" in and reset the modem. Anyone know how i can fix this? Im using rogers im not sure if they give you 1 or more ip adresses
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hi , i have had this custom built PC for a few months now, i recently upgraded to 64 bit windows 7 to accompany my 6gb of ram, however a few days later my computer was randomly restarting , particulary when i have games loaded up. I checked the whole computer for over heating and the only piece i found was hot was the network controll chipset, everything else was not hot whatsoever, after searching windows update i found a driver update for the chipset and i installed it which stopped the random shutdowns , however i now experience really high ping spikes for a minute or so and my wireless adaptor for my mode m no longer seems to process the internet connection so i have to connect the modem straight into the computer to get any internet. PLease help me out here , i also checked core temperatures on the bios at loadup and they were perfectly fine.

A:Random Switch Off's and High Ping

you need to verify that the games are 64bit compatible ---
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Hi all,

Well the message was not clear, but here is the problem I am having.

I own a Acer Aspire 5920G and I accidentally spilled water onto it, was not a lot and thankfully my laptop lived. However, there is only one slight problem. My Keyboard is malfunctioning, as it is typing random stuff and doing random things. Not like a backdoor. It goes like "eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwxxxxxffffggggghhhhh" it somtimes backspaces and does random inputs. I don't know what's going on and I hope someone here can help me solve this problem.

*Note I think it's a problem within the computer because the keys are not sticky and I can still type but not with all the kets.*

A:Help! Keyboard Inputting into Laptop without User!


laptop keyboards are delicate at the best of times, any liquid spilt into it will dry and cause this issue,

you can use an external keyboard and see if it does this, you will have to remove the keyboard from the laptop, this is usually done by removing some screws and then undoing the ribbon connector from the board, or by unclipping the keyboard from the housing and disconnecting the ribbon cable.

keyboard go for about 15 on ebay dependant on who is selling it, dont try and repair it you will be wasting your time.

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Hi all,

Well the message was not clear, but here is the problem I am having.

I own a Acer Aspire 5920G and I accidentally spilled water onto it, was not a lot and thankfully my laptop lived. However, there is only one slight problem. My Keyboard is malfunctioning, as it is typing random stuff and doing random things. Not like a backdoor. It goes like "eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwxxxxxffffggggghhhhh" it somtimes backspaces and does random inputs. I don't know what's going on and I hope someone here can help me solve this problem.

*Note I think it's a problem within the computer because the keys are not sticky and I can still type but not with all the kets.*

A:Help! Keyboard Inputting into Laptop without User!

Probably your notebook's keyboard shorted out when you spilled water on it.

I would advise you to leave your notebook alone for few days to dry out completely and see if the shorting sorts itself out. Otherwise, you may end up having to replace the keyboard; for which you'll be better off consulting an technician.
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When ever I turn off my HP printer my Windows Vista computer shuts down and when I notified HP about the problem they alleged my chipset needs updating, yet my computer is only 9 months old I upgraded it to 4GB three months ago and according to Dell my chipset is compatible to the HP. What other things could cause a computer to shut down whenever the printer is turned off?

A:Computer Shut Down

and you didn't mention that you actually updated your chipset drivers or not. Did you?
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I have recently moved into an apartment which has broadband pre installed. Basically what i want to do is use my router so that i will have wifi throughout the house. I am wondering how i should configure my router.

The plug in the wall is an rj45 so i have an rj11 cable running from that to the dsl input of the router. My laptop sees the router fine but it wont connect to the net. I believe it is a configuration issue with the router (which is an netopia 3347wg).

I am lost tbh, and its quite hard to explain in a post. I can try and explain further if ye dont get me .


A:Adding a router behind a switch

on the assumption that the socket in the wall is fed from a communal router, then to
go wireless you need a wireless access point, this is like a standard hub but has wireless capability.

have a look in your router config page and see if there is anything about "wireless bridging" if there is then this will work.
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Can somebody please help me I upgraded my wireless card to an quot Intel Wifi Link quot Wireless ABGN mini pci-e card I was able to successfully get all of the drivers installed and hardware recognized However according to the Intel Proset Wireless won't Satellite wireless switch enable a215 Toshiba Manager it states that I need to turn on the physical hardware switch The problem is with the new card in place switching the on off button Toshiba Satellite a215 wireless switch won't enable doesn t change the status or turn on the LED light I found in these forums that for the mini pci not Toshiba Satellite a215 wireless switch won't enable the mini pci-e cards you can actually cover up pins and to make it work I can t seem to find any information on the pci-e card Additional information Several people have suggested to install the model specific Wireless configuration utility that may be able to turn the hardware switch on For the Toshiba I installed Configfree but it won t turn the switch or LED on All device drivers are installed and working properly For this Toshiba model there is no wireless enable disable found in the BIOS either I m hoping that there are certain Toshiba Satellite a215 wireless switch won't enable pins that can be covered in the pci-e card to override the default hardware switch Hopefully somebody out there will know Thanks nbsp

A:Toshiba Satellite a215 wireless switch won't enable

Borrow a good book on Wireless networks... You are missing a few things on how such devices work, and a full understanding will help you a lot from here on out.
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I am attempting to install Windows XP on my HP DV5000 series laptop. The computer has no operating system on it but I'll get through about the first few minutes of the setup (when files are first being loaded at the bottom of the screen but mostly everything is solid blue), a sound occurs like the CD drive is speeding up and then the laptop shuts down (all in all, about a 3 to 5 minute process). It would also do this everytime I'd put in a CD of any kind when there WAS an OS on it, whether games or just music. I was told this could be either the drive or the motherboard; I'm hoping for the prior. Thanks for any and all help, guys!

A:CD drive causes system shut off when trying to install Windows XP

Uninstall the CD\DVD drive in the device manager, and reboot the laptop. Let Windows reinstall the CD\DVD optical drive. See if this fixes the problem. If not, the optical drive may be bad
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After switching my monitors cable from vga to dvi I can no longer power my monitor off without having to restart my computer,after I power it off I get a no monitor detected message but when i restart the comp everything's fine again.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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my custom build system ADM phenom II X processor with stock cooler gb G Skill DDR memory turned back on PC shut again once, never but off, sticks Western Digital HD LG x dvd burner GIGABYTE GA-MA X-UD P mobo Rocketfish W PSU EVGA GT GPA Windows home premium PC shut off, turned back on once, but never again All the parts are brand new except for the GT and the W rocketfish PSU which I extracted from my old build and it has been working fine all along until it shuts off when it was idling left it on before I went to bed woke up and PC was off I was able to turn it back on once the PC worked fine for a week then shut down again while I was browsing the web I tried to turn it back on the lights came on and fan spun for seconds then everything shut down again Then I wasnt able to boot it at all no power no fan no light I tried disconnecting reconnect each part including the power cord still no boot Then after couple of tries I was able to turn it on again I dont know what did it Couple of days later PC shut off again and now it wont turn on no matter what I did I tested the PSU by shorting the pin with paper clip fan spin for a second then stops the PSU is not plugged into anything So I thought it might be the motherboard thats defected But after I connected the PSU to another PC the mobo uses pin connector so I used the pin gt pin adpator the light on the mobo came on but no power cant boot and the light at ethernet port was not on If the PSU was fine why wouldnt my second PC boot Now I dont know if the problem is the PSU or the mobo My other PSU only has pin connector so I cannot test it on my mobo I would like to know if the source of the problem is the mobo or PSU before I buy a replacement thanks Update I did another test on the power supply with everything plugged in except the pin everything light up and PSU doesnt shut off Does this mean PSU is working fine Is it the mobo thats defective or is the PSU not giving enough power O O Im so confused nbsp

A:PC shut off, turned back on once, but never again

Power supplies are less expensive than motherboards. For this reason, try another power supply first
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I have installed a wireless card on a Compaq Presario 2200 laptop and tested it out with an antenna from a Toshiba A100 and an HP V6000 to no avail. (No networks found).

It also shows 'check to make sure the wireless switch is on'. This laptop has only got a plastic cover over where the switch would normally be, so is there any way to get the machine to use the new wireless without having to find a little switch for it?



A:Installing wireless on a machine with no wireless switch

You need to use a USB wireless adapter with the proper software installed
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Hello everyone! I have a linksys sr2024c 24 port switch that doesn't seem to be working.Windows says that I'm connected but I can't get on the internet.I tried plugging in to all 24 ports and all have the same results.I tried restarting but no luck.I was gonna reset it but it does not have a reset button.Can somebody please help! Thanks

A:Linksys switch not working

How is the switch connected to the Internet? Cable or DSL modem and router?
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I m running a lenovo T thinkpad and it s relatively new - that is I bought it last winter - but recently I ve been having what seems to be a hardware problem Or at least that s what the guys over in the Virus and Malware removal section are telling me Because from time to time my laptop has decided it s just going to go shut T500 Random Thinkpad: downs? Lenovo ahead and shut itself down Completely No lights no Lenovo T500 Thinkpad: Random shut downs? nothing - pressing the power button doesn t do anything I almost always have it plugged into a socket and that light won t show either - I ve found that taking the battery out of the laptop and Lenovo T500 Thinkpad: Random shut downs? letting it sit for a little before putting the battery back in usually gets the laptop to work again It s only happened recently but it s happened twice in the past week - which is a little more than bothersome since Lenovo T500 Thinkpad: Random shut downs? the antivirus I have runs a full scan when it happens I ve noticed that my laptop gets a little hot - not too hot that I can t touch it - but as far as I know I ve never had a problem with overheating or anything similar which leaves me in the dark about this entire thing I m really hoping that this doesn t turn out to be a hardware problem I should still be on warranty but I m a little - okay that s a lie I m pretty damn - scared to try and open up my laptop and fiddle with anything Hope this is enough information for someone out there to give me some sort ve idea of what s going on - and maybe how I could go about fixing this Thanks so much in advance guys nbsp

A:Lenovo T500 Thinkpad: Random shut downs?


Under warranty = dont mess with it

send it back under the warranty and report the issue.
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I am in Switzerland and have a UK Dell laptop. It has been working fine with a EU plug adaptor on the UK plug. Now when I try to turn on the power on my laptop, it will not fire up. I get a red light come one showing the battery indicator. What does this red light mean? If I hold down the power on button for 3 - 5 seconds, the red light still comes on together with a blue light on the power button but still nothing comes up on the screen. What does the lights mean? I do not know what is going on here. Please help! Thanks very much.

A:Dell laptop will not switch on

It is possible that it is not getting power from the plug, and the battery is run down.
Tell us what model of Dell, the configuration, and perhaps the perhaps the service tag number, as well as the age of the hard drive and screen.
But from what you describe, it is either not attempting to boot, or it is booting but there is nothing on the screen.

With the unit off, and the power adapter plugged in, see if you can feel any looseness at the power socket. Sometimes that socket comes loose and will not accept power.
Hold down the power battery for 15 to 20 seconds without letting up. That will clear the unit thoroughly.
When you attempt to reboot, listen in a quiet environment. We would like to know if you detect any noise typical of the hard drive booting up.
Then let us know if there is still a dark screen.
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Hi everyone Last week my computer was running fine as it had not HELP! will down on and turn Computer shut been since I built it last year However one day I left it running while I went take have some coffee and when I returned after about hour the system was shut off and I could not turn it back on The fuse in the plug had blown and I can hear a faint static-like crackle when the power lead is connected to the machine My first assumption was a PSU problem but I have tried HELP! Computer shut down and will not turn on an alternate PSU and power cable in all combinations with the existing units though I did change the original fuse and it makes no difference - there is absolutely no evidence of any disc spinning or fan whirring or any power getting through at all whatever is used So Motherboard problem HDD problem No idea Current system is as follows Gigabyte MoBo W PSU GHz dual-core intel CPU x GHz OCZ RAM x EVGA GT HELP! Computer shut down and will not turn on GPU x IDE HDD main with O S x SATA HDD sencondary x IDE DVD drive Sorry it s vague but I m at work now and can t remeber exactly what HELP! Computer shut down and will not turn on I put in over a year ago Thanks for any advice Gav nbsp

A:HELP! Computer shut down and will not turn on


You didn't mention if you replaced the fuse. I presume you did.

You eliminated the PSU which would be the most likely culprit in this case.

It's not the HDD as there is no power applied at all, as BIOS would start and is independent of the HDD.

It's looking like the MoBo is fried. You will need to take it to the local comp store.

-- Andy
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The power switch on my Dell E hasn t worked for awhile now Everytime I wanted to start it up I would have to open it up and use a paper clip to connect two wires switch E510 Dell power issue together Dell E510 power switch issue in the pin connector This would power up the psu the fans would spin loud and then I Dell E510 power switch issue could press the power button to turn my computer on the fans would slow down and spin at a normal pace this is how I knew it turned on The monitor would also show start Dell E510 power switch issue up screen This worked fine for awhile The other day I had it on when I left and when I came back it was powered off I tried to use the paper clip trick to get it started again only this time the psu wouldn t even power on Everything appeared to look normal and in place I figure the psu is dead so I order a new one I get it and install it everything is hooked up to where it should be When I use the paper clip the psu powers up like it normally should but when I click the power button on my cpu nothing happens the fans don t slow down and the monitor shows no activity My dvd drive will open and close my processor turns on The mobo light is green All the cords are connected and nothing appears to be lose When I use the paper clip trick when I first contact the wires the lights on the front of my cpu light up for less than a second and then disappear I checked the numbers with dell diagnostics and the combo isn t even listed Is this a mobo problem Is there a way to jumpstart my cpu to actually turn on without using power button Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Dell E510 power switch issue

You would have been much better off if you spent a few bucks and bought a momentarily closed mini-pushbutton switch, and mounted on the case front, using the original Dell switch wires. It is possible that the motherboard is now damaged from all the shorting over time