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Unlocking Hard drive without Master Password

Q: Unlocking Hard drive without Master Password

I've had great success in unlocking locked HDDs (10+ different types and brands 10-80gb) using Hiren's Boot Disk 7.3 (& later versions) using "HDD Erase 4.0" under "Hard Disk Tools". Just persist in trying to erase it per Master-Password (which I did NOT have!) and press ENTER without typing anything. It asks you "do you want to proceed with erasing..." and all you need to type is "y" + Enter. NO MORE DOORSTOPS! Who says one can not unlock password protected HDDs? Mind you, there is no data left on the HDD once this program has run - sometimes it fails to finish, BUT the HDD IS unlocked! So, everybody worried about data-theft can calm down again! ~>) Carsten

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Preferred Solution: Unlocking Hard drive without Master Password

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Unlocking Hard drive without Master Password

The only way you can be sure of preventing data theft from a hard drive is to grab your hammer and a can of petrol, possibly with some explosives strapped on for effect.
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I had heard that you can lock and unlock the E drive on my Dell computer. I have Windows XP and I was wondering how it was done. Any help would be appreciated... Thanks.

A:Locking and unlocking hard drive E

You would need to tell us just what drive E: is.

Hard Drive partition?
Separate Hard Drive?
CD Drive?
DVD Drive?
ZIP Drive?
Tape Drive?

And what you actually want to achieve
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hi, i am new to this forum,

i have one issue:

i used to lock my hard drive(s) for privacy reasons through "gpedit.msc", and my PC Used to work fine but nowadays after i lock or unlock thru gpedit... it disables my right click on explorer or desktop. now after that i googled and found option through "regedit" HKEY CURRENT USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\]POLICIES\EXPLORER and change "NoViewContextMenu" data to "0" and at some point deleted it too. it worked but only after restart. is there a way to permanently rectify this? because it is annoying to go through the long process and restart every time. please help.

thanks in advance.
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Hello to one and all I have an issue that I am in need of help with A few unlocking with hard drive a a passord a from help i Inspirion Dell 8100 locked need months i need help unlocking a hard drive locked with a passord from a Dell Inspirion 8100 ago I posted a plea for help with a Dell Inspirion laptop that I have A so called former friend locked up the laptop with administrator password and disabled the ability to boot the laptop via boot disk CD USB or anything else etc I sent a request of help to a gentleman by the call of Rustam and a i need help unlocking a hard drive locked with a passord from a Dell Inspirion 8100 few weeks ago he provided a master password to clear the dell grey screen asking for the password I was very grateful for i need help unlocking a hard drive locked with a passord from a Dell Inspirion 8100 the gesture of help I managed to bypass the screen only to get another gray screen telling me that the hard drive has been encrypted with another password I have tried to send an S O S to Rustam but he has not answered for one reason or another My question is as follow does anyone know of a way without having to shell out any money be able to unlock the hard drive so I can retrieve the data that I need as I don t have a backup of it Any ideas on how or where to look for futher info would be really appreciated nbsp

A:i need help unlocking a hard drive locked with a passord from a Dell Inspirion 8100

the only way i could think of would be to use the drive as a slave in another system with it's own operating system. this may allow you to simply view and access all of your data as a second drive.

if you can't simply access it through windows, then you may need to use a recovery program to access it.
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I have a HP PAVILLION a n /new crash drive master drive/ no reboot Solved: disc hard PROD EG AA-ABA SN MXK NH WINDOWS XP MEDIA CENTER can anyone help The comp want reboot never got disc tryed the f but still will not reboot gave the drive to comp tec they said its fried bought new drive sata ter and tryed to use my windows pro to bring it up want come up do I have to buy a new windows xp disc can some one give me a hand i used the Solved: master reboot hard drive crash /new drive/ no disc comp in my shop for doing graphics in airbrushing to make templets i lost a lot of data from it the old drive still spins are short right now but want the comp backup does anyone have disc for the master reboot of hp hp says they dont have the drive that was in was same as new one except for space I live back in the sticks so town is aways away and a city is hrs away thanks again thank you nbsp
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Hi all new member here and am very emotional lol I recently had to Not 2nd Recognised after Formatted! drive was Drive Master Hard reinstall windows on my pc and had to swop the drives over as it wouldn t install windows over the original c disk I got windows installed fine onto the master disk and all works well until I try to plug in my second drive which has all the original windows files on it and needs formatting It then tells me there is a system disk error or it just wont boot up at all I ve checked all my cables power leads and the master slave switches on both drives and all seems fine there In the advances cmos it has the following listings - first master - none won t auto detect either first slave - samsung this is what windows is now installed on and should be 2nd Hard Drive Not Recognised after Master drive was Formatted! set as master second master - dvd-rw second slave - cd-rom drive am at a loss as to what else I can do now any advice is appreciated thanks Tess nbsp

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I have a Sony LX with a G hard drive memory and I attempted to install a new Maxtor GB DiamondMax to replace the G However when I go to boot I get quot missing operating system quot and unable to continue with the install The windows XP disc I have is an upgrade disk and if I run it it ask for an original Windows XP disk All I have is the disk system recovery application pack Windows ME I used the windows upgrade disk originally to install windows XP and had no problem The new drive jumpers came configured to quot cable select and I changed them to quot master quot I used the original sony interface cable since their is not enough room in the LX to use the cable that came with the Maxtor If I just run the recovery disk It keeps asking if I want to erase the HD and start over Its Replacing Drive. Hard Master a continuous loop Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp

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I recently obtained an ASUS DVD burner, and attempted to install it. After much trial-and-error, all of my 3 IDE drives work (2 hard drives and the DVD burner), but my primary hard drive, which I run by itself on Channel 0, will not recognize itself as a Master. I can get it to recognize as a Slave, but any time I jumper it to Master, it doesn't even show up in my BIOS. I tried switching drives around, but the best I could come up with is that my Channel 0 will not recognize ANY drive as the master. I could just try recabling my drives, but I'd much rather be able to fix this problem at the source.

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My PC has a 32GB hard drive that I've pretty much filled up. I've purchased a new hard drive (320GB). How do I make it the primary drive and the 32GB one the slave?

Do I need to first install the new drive as a slave and install an OS on it (XP) and then do the "slave-master" switch?


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I plan to upgrade my slow and wearing out 9GB master unpartitioned C drive with a 30GB Maxtor 7200RPM Ultra ATA 100. The slave is a 40GB Maxtor partitioned as D & E.

My questions are:

1.)After installing the new master, can I use the Ghost boot disk to get a Ghost image on the new drive so that I donít have to go through the torture of installing apps and getting my system to where it was setup on the old drive?

2.)Will the system BIOS recognize the new drive or will I have to go into the BIOS to set it up?

3.)Am I correct in assuming that the Ghost image will fdisk and format the drive?

4.)Is there a proper order to the above for installing the new drive?

Any and all help will be appreciated.


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i think i may have to reinstall windows xp again, as i keep getting error messages saying that windows installer service could not be accessed..i have a samsung 250gb sata hard drive & got an old western digital caviar 12100 2.1gb ata hard drive. can anyone tell me if i need to set this to master or slave? i want to transfer some programs & important documents to the 2.1gb hdd, that way the reinstall wont be so painful. the reason im not sure is because the samsung is sata & didnt need to set it to master or slave. THANKS

A:Hard Drive - Master Or Slave??

You should be able to set it as master.
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I have a PC with a minimal master hard drive and a huge slave drive that contains my data. The OS is, of course, installed on the master drive but I'm needing to reinstall the OS because of failures. I didn't want to risk losing the data on the slave drive. Can I just reformat the C: drive (master) and reinstall the OS without harming the slave drive? I thought this was the case, but I dont' want to take chance.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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I had an older computer given to me it is an Intel Celeron MHZ with MB ram award bios not sure of the mobo It did not have a cdrom or hard drive in it so I purchased a x LG CD-RW and a Maxtor GB Hard Primary as my set Master? can't Drive I Hard Drive I left the jumpers the way they were factory master I installed the IDE Cables correctly gt gt Put the Hard Drive into the Primary and the CD-RW into the secondary I wanted to make my Hard Drive Primary Master So after hooking everything up I start up the pc and when it is detecting Primary master it just sits there on that and says press f to skip in brackets I have I can't set my Hard Drive as Primary Master? gone into the Bios and made sure it was set to auto detect So after hours of messing with that still nothing So i tried changing the jumper on the Hard Drive to slave actually I tried them all and the only way I can make it work is by putting the jumper on Cap Limit cable Select on the Hard Drive So i did that and now when it loads up it says Detecting IDE Primary Master None IDE Primary Slave My Maxtor Gig Hard Drive IDE Seconday Master MY LG CD-RW IDE Secondary Slave None OK so i loaded a boot disk and fdisked set primary partition formatted c loaded win xp seems to work So is it ok to leave my hard drive as primary slave I wanted to set my hard drive as Primary Master how do I do this and what am i doing wrong ALso now that windows will load up with these settings I look at my hard drive properties and came to find out that my Gig Hard drive is only showing a capacity of Gig Is this because it is not set as primary Master Sorry for the dumb questions but could someone please try and help me out Thanks in advance trevormason hotmail com

A:I can't set my Hard Drive as Primary Master?


Take a look at this and make sure you have ribbon cables the correct place as well as jumper information that you might want to read. See if that helps:

The master and slave jumpers must be set up correctly on your drives as displayed on the top of each drive.

DO NOT mix master and slave with CS (cable select) on the same ribbon cable. If one is Master the other MUST be slave. If one is Cable Select the other one on the same ribbon cable must be Cable Select. (Please note that the majority of hard drives are factory default as Cable Select)

Make sure the drive is placed correctly on the ribbon cable as shown below:

H ==Ribbon Cable=== Slave ===Master (end of cable)
R ..................................?? OR ??
O == Ribbon Cable==Cable Select==Cable Select (end of cable)
A ..............................( as Slave)??. ( as Master)

Ribbon Cables and colors of 80 pin cables look and are to be used like this:

Make sure a master is always present, because you can not run a slave without a master.

Cables must be the 80 conductor cables for hard drives and never any more than 18? long.

A friend recently told me that with Western Digital if it is the only drive on the cable, the jumper will need to be removed ( try removing the jumper and connect the drive by itself on the IDE channel ) I don?t have Western Digital so I can?t verify this, but might be worth a try

Please note thatt the floppy cable red mark is put on opposite as the regular hard drivers. Otherwise, the red mark faces away from you as you work in the case or you could say it faces the power source for the drive.

Please let us know if you have other questions or need more assistance.
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Hi Anyone know if it s possible to use my Old Hard Drive as a Master drive on my brand new computer Here s what happened My year old emachine AMD Athon computer s motherboard died just recently So I just bought a emachine AMD Sempron computer very soon after a Computer Master my Using Drive Old my Hard New as on Drive I managed to get practically all of Using my Old Hard Drive as a Master Drive on my New Computer my files from my old computer over to my new computer by setting the old hard drive up as a slave and plopping them over - but there s still some stuff not in the form of files that I still want What I m trying to do I m just trying to retreive my Old Microsoft Outlook emails that I did not backup before my year old computer s motherboard died I just want to boot up my old hard drive on my new computer get into MS Outlook export my emails to some file and get out What happens when I setup my old hard drive up as the master on my new computer I get a quot Disk boot failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter quot error message Anyone know how I can get by this error message Thanks in advance Joe Note The very first time that I setup my old hard drive as a master on my new computer I had the opportunity to quot enter safe mode quot or quot boot up normally quot but I Using my Old Hard Drive as a Master Drive on my New Computer turned my computer off I can no longer get to this point nbsp

A:Using my Old Hard Drive as a Master Drive on my New Computer

are they both ide drives
oem OS installs will not work with a diff motherboard
should try to put the old drive as slave and take possion of all the files and data
if you keep playing around you may corrupt or damage the new drive mbr /boot.ini file
warning on boot if you see a chkdsk prompt don't let it run
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I am having a problem setting up another hard drive in a machine I m working on Current Hard Drive is Quantum Fireball CX A I want to add a Quantum Fireball ct I need the second drive ony so I can retrieve old documents from it I connected it using the in cable one part is labeled master one labeled slave amp connected accordingly I used Power P for master P for slave I left the jumper settings alone since I wasn t sure what to set them as XP auto recognized the drive shows in device manager but not in MY COMPUTER as an assign drive letter as drives that I have connected in the past I changed Drive Solved: Slave/Master Hard bios settings to Auto on Primary primary is current drive and now on boot up it indicates Hard Drive not found press F to continue The bios is phoenix A I m led to believe this has something to Solved: Slave/Master Hard Drive do with the way the bios is configured Any help or suggestions would really be appreciated nbsp

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Oh and since I upgraded the bios my motherboard ASUS P4v800D-X:
It wont boot if I have my two ide hard drives pluged in!

The SATA are fine but if I have the two IDE drives thats were working fine before pluged in the bootup just hangs after it detects the drives in the bios. If I unplug ONE of the ide hard drives everything works and then I can plug the drive I unpluged back in once windows has started find it in disk manger and I can see it on my computer!

but when I restart the machine it hangs again! Its also does not matter which I unplug salve or master! both drives are working fine on there own though and with out a problem before!

Any tips?

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Can anyone tell me how to deal with this problem.

I have a hard drive from an old computer (Win 2000 Pro) that I wanted to piggy back on my new computer. Only thing is it wont recognize it since it shows it as a Master Boot Record drive.

I even tried putting it in an external hard drive enclosure with a USB. System saw it and loaded it properly, but it is not available in Windows Explorer. Its just plain "not there"!

Any suggestions would be appreciated


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I am running XP Pro on a rebuilt Dell PIII. The original hard drive is 7G, so I added a 300G slave for storage. My plan now was to change the 300G drive to the Master drive. I reformatted, booted from my XP disc & installed the OS on the "new" 300G drive. Then I switched the jumper & cable so it was in the master position......and nothing.
It starts up, tells me to hit F2 for setup or F1 to continue. When I hit F1, it goes to a blank screen with flashing cursor, but no command line.
What did I do wrong?

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I have a computer with a 20gb master drive with Win XP on it. I have a second slave drive with a 120gb drive with Win XP on it as well in a second partition. When I start my computer I am givin a choice between the two, home and pro. Here is my problem, I want to remove the second hard drive and install it on another system as the primary hard drive while keeping all of the info intact. Is this possible? Please help!

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Today my master hard drive bit the dust It was a GB Maxtor Hard drive I have a GB Western Digital Slave that was on the same IDE New Old Got Slave Master Won't Drive Hard Work cable as the master When I set up a new GB drive to be the master and attached it to the IDE cable the bios and device manager read them both it but when I go to My Computer the slave drive is not there to access I tried right clicking on My Computer and clicked on manage and then clicked on Disk Management and it shows up there but will not allow me to add a drive letter It says I need to add a partition I don t Got New Master Hard Drive Old Slave Won't Work know what to do but the files I have on that drive are very important I have Got New Master Hard Drive Old Slave Won't Work been trying all day to get it to work If you can help that will be more then great I am running Windows XP home edition Thanks nbsp

A:Got New Master Hard Drive Old Slave Won't Work

If you set the jumpers on the back of both hdd's to cable select (cs) then make sure that the 40gig is on the end plug that my help.
Also check that they show up correctly in your bios. Your mobo manual will tell you how to do that.
Are both drives formatted in ntfs?
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OK here's the situation. I have:

One hard drive
Two CD-ROM drives (a DVD and a CDR)
One IDE zip drive

To connect them to, I've got:

A Promise Ultra ATA100 controller
(has two controllers which each take two
devices each, totalling four)

Two regular IDE controllers on the hard drive
(again, each controls two devices, totalling four)

What's the best way to connect all this stuff? Should I connect everything to the Ultra ATA controller because it's faster, or does that not make a difference on CD-ROM drives? If I do connect it all to that one controller, how do I set each drive in terms of slave and master?


A:Master, Slave, Hard Drive, CD-ROM drives, arrrrghh

If they are not Ultra ATA/100 devices, does your controller support backward compatability? If it doesn't you are kinda out of luck. If it does, I would put my fastest devices on the primary channel and the slowest ones on the secondary.
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Sorry about the length of this but can someone please tell me why this happened My hard drive Western Digital GB disappeared from the BIOS after my computer decided to reboot without properly longer - why? no Master drive Hard detecting warning and without any apparent cause I swear no new drivers hardware updates or any changes to the system had occured at all other than me updating my resume in Word I m running XP - and my Norton Anti-Virus is completely up-to-date and running Baffling and worrisome but at least I had a fairly recent backup of everything vital plus I had created a second partition on which Master Hard drive no longer detecting properly - why? to store My Documents so that in case something like this happened I would have some hope that my current stuff would be safe After a lot of struggling unplugging replugging and cursing the hard drive finally decided to let the BIOS detect it again and reappear It would not start Windows though so I started Recovery Console and ran chkdsk R on drive C which is the name of the partition with the operating system on it and it took forever and finally told me that there were quot unrecoverable errors on the drive quot First Question when it says quot the drive quot is it talking about that partition only or does it mean the whole physical hard drive And if it means just that partition wouldn t that indicate that the other partition is likely to go bad too Assuming that the problem is physical not viral Is it safe for me to continue using the second partition or does having separate partitions just buy me a little time to replace the whole drive At any rate I could now access both partitions so that was something anyway I decided to try and re-format the C drive partition and re-install XP and see what would happen since with unrecoverable errors I was going to have to re-install windows somewhere either on another drive or on the second partition - right Nothing to lose other than some time if it didn t work And it did work - for a while It reinstalled XP rebooted and finished the installation normally so I started reinstalling everything else And it seemed to be going fine until I had to reboot after updating the video drivers the same ones that I had installed weeks before the unexpected reboot crash Once again the hard drive disappeared But I couldn t get the BIOS to detected it at all now I thought hoped that maybe it was the IDE slot that was the problem so I tried another hard disk - and it had no problem getting detected The original hard drive seemed to be dead and lifeless Finally as a last resort before giving up I changed the jumper so it would be a slave to the new one - and it was detected as the slave by the BIOS instantly like nothing was wrong with it both partitions still intact and everything Tried changing it back to master but it would not be detected at all either as a single drive or as a master to the other drive Wouldn t even power up Back to slave and voila There it is happy and accessible Now what is going on here Is this the actions of a failing hard drive or is it the work of some new and vicious virus that got by Norton Why is it suddenly fine as a slave but dead as master It can t be the jumper settings because it had been working fine for weeks until it decided to play dead like that Also when it finally got re-detected after the first crash some of the letters in the name had been replaced with different characters - but the next time it detected it the letters were back to normal Is that the kind of thing that happens when the drive goes bad or is that more likely to be caused by a virus I haven t found anything like this behaviour in any of the quot common hard drive problems quot I ve looked at You guys seem to know what you re talking about around here so any info comments advice would be much appreciated And thanks for your patience too nbsp

A:Master Hard drive no longer detecting properly - why?

If the mobo is good, and the ide cable to the drive and the power to the drive are good as well, the drive is probably toast. Get the drive maker's utility to test it properly. Then you'll know for sure.
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I'm adding a Western Digital Hard drive to my computer. I have a 15 Gig and adding a 160 Gig. My 15 gig is full.

When adding, what is the best way to do it. Master or slave or does it make a difference. Just want to make sure so I get the best results from the start.


A:Adding additional hard drive (Slave or Master?)

There are several different ways you can do this.

The fastest would be to set your new drive to slave (make sure your current drive is set to master) and install.

**personal note**
Were I installing this on my system....this is what I would do.
Install the new drive as slave.
Make a drive image of your current drive,
load the image on your new slave drive,
swap the master and slave settings (making your new drive master)
verify that the machine boots correctly to your new master 160GB HD (and all files and space is accessible)
If all is good, format the 15GB and use as additional storage
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Hi I To master Hard to Drive turn a slave? Solved: recently took out the hard drive Solved: To turn a master Hard Drive to slave? Barracuda Seagate GB of an Solved: To turn a master Hard Drive to slave? old computer of mine which have the OS XP professional on it I wanted to put it in another computer that has Window Vista I never did that before so I wanted to know if the steps I m taking are correct Solved: To turn a master Hard Drive to slave? and if I m missing something All I have to do is zero-write the hard drive take the jumper off which put it in slave mode plug the ATA cable and the power cable boot it and format it by right-clicking on the hard drive and select format and I m good to go Nothing to do with the BIOS or anything Also for erasing everything in the hard-drive before doing anything should I use Active Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser or Seatools Furthermore how do I retrieve the key that I had with the XP professional since the computer was pre-installed along with the OS Thanks nbsp

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Hi, I borrowed a harddrive from my friend to transfer some files. My desktop has a 30GB and a 10GB harddrive attached to the same ribbon cable, master and slave respectively. I was going to remove that slave and put in my friend's harddrive but I accidentally removed the master instead and booted 2x slave drives. Then the problems began when I tried to revert back to normal, it wouldn't work citing problems such as unknown drives. ONLY when i replaced both hard drives was I able to get a boot but, only to find out that my Slave is designated C: drive and my master is D: drive. So my Windows files are on the D: drive and I cannot boot because of "NTLDR is missing, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" error. Please help!

A:Help! Hard Drive scrambled Master/slave mixup!

Sort out your ribbons first, go through the bios and make sure you know where everything is which drive letter to which HD, then set the boot order so that you can boot from your cd-rom.
Go into the recovery/repair console and run fix boot on the drive that the NTDRL is missing from.
problem solved bud
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Hello I am not even a newbie it took me minutes to figure out how to thread Please help instructions after on error a master drive restoring Need hard layman me I know there are prior posts on this issue but I don't understand the instructions and they are not Need layman instructions on restoring after a master hard drive error specific to my issue I received the error code quot Reboot and select proper boot device or insert quot Also in another screen which is one of the very few I can access says there is a quot master hard drive error quot I have no CD's for Windows I don't have a restore CD I may be able to burn one from a neighbors Need layman instructions on restoring after a master hard drive error computer if I know the file and where to obtain it I cannot bring up safe mode or any other screen other than when it attempts to turn on it brings up the ACER sign then I can press del setup or F boot something I don't know what any of these things mean I looked around and can see the BIOS stuff but I don't have many options to change anything and when I read the instructions here I either don't have the resources or option or don't understand the terminology in the instructions Please talk to me like I'm a year Need layman instructions on restoring after a master hard drive error old and help me get my computer back I downloaded I guess some bad software a couple of days ago and I'm assuming that's what did this

A:Need layman instructions on restoring after a master hard drive error

Quote: Originally Posted by confidentialcat

Hello, I am not even a newbie, it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to thread. Please help me, I know there are prior posts on this issue, but I don't understand the instructions and they are not specific to my issue.

I received the error code "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert..."
Also in another screen, which is one of the very few I can access, says there is a "master hard drive error." I have no CD's for Windows 7, I don't have a restore CD, I may be able to burn one from a neighbors computer, if I know the file and where to obtain it. I cannot bring up safe mode or any other screen other than when it attempts to turn on, it brings up the ACER sign, then I can press del: setup or F12:boot something.

I don't know what any of these things mean, I looked around and can see the BIOS stuff, but I don't have many options to change anything, and when I read the instructions here, I either don't have the resources or option, or don't understand the terminology in the instructions.

Please talk to me like I'm a 6 year old and help me get my computer back!! I downloaded, I guess, some bad software a couple of days ago and I'm assuming that's what did this.

If you want to reinstall Windows, here is the link.
Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River ? My Digital Life
You will need to burn the file to a DVD. This link has every version of Win 7 in different languages. You will need to be sure and pick the correct one. You will also need the Product Key from your present Windows install to input after you get Windows installed. Don't put it in during the install when it asks you to. Wait until later after you are confident things work OK. You can just download the file, put on DVD and start the installation. It will erase everything on your hard drive. If you don't have them backed up, you will lose everything. It that is not a big deal, this is the way to go. The files that have X86 is 32-bit, the files that have X64 is the 64-bit. I couldn't tell from your specs what you have. Get back to us with any questions.
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I have two hard drives in my computer which is a old Compaq Presario 5WV271 5000 series, both hard drives have Windows XP pro (service pack 3)that I installed on it years ago. It has the max alotted memory, a 10/100 PCI NIC, 900 MHz AMD Athlon Processor, a master hard drive 40 GB (drive C) that I am using to connect here and a slave hard drive 60 GB that says drive D when I am using it but not found when on drive C. For some reason drive C shows a (New Volume F). I am posting here to see if anyone can help me to understand why my slave drive which started out being New Volume F (which it still is when I look for it from drive C) is showing local disk D when I am using the slave. Does anyone have any idea why the slave would reletter itself and how do I correct this?

A:Slave hard drive shows different assigned letter on itself than what is on master

I will try .

Drive letters are normally assigned by the order in which a drive is detected...with one exception. The optical drive is obviously the first drive detected when installing Windows from CD...but it always will receive the D: letter, assuming that there are only two drives (hard drive and an optical drive) attached to the system and, therefore, recognized as existing.

These rules do not apply to any OEM system where a manufacturer has installed Windows and possibly also created either hidden or additional partitions.

Sooo...when I install XP, I have one hard drive connected...with nothing on it...and an optical drive. The optical drive is set up as D: and the partition I create and install XP set up as C:.

I have no card readers or external drives or USB drives attached, since these can interfere with the hardware recognition process.

Once XP is installed, I open it and decide to create additional partitions on my very large hard drive. I create a storage partition of 100GB and Windows assigns the letter E:. I create an additional storage partition of 150GB and Windows assigns the letter F:.

I then decide to install another version of Windows...on the same hard drive. I use my install CD to create the partition and install Windows and it assigns the letter G: to that install...because C:, D:, E:, F: are already accounted for and in use.

I now have a dual-boot, if I have done everything smartly. One version of Windows as the first recognized partition, one version of Windows as the last recognized partition.

All is well and makes sense...until I boot into the other version of Windows. Windows will designate the version which is operative and booted long as it is being used.

So once I boot into the version which had been F:, it becomes C:. The version which had been recognized as C: is now seen as D: from the second version of Windows. All the other drive letters assigned will probably also change...I say probably because a user can make a drive letter assignment "permanent" by giving it a letter such as "W" or some other letter which won't have a conflict with another partition/drive already having that letter.

Bottom line...only one version of Windows can run at a single point in time...that version will always be seen as C: from within that install. It really doesn't matter what letter is assigned any other version of Windows from within that install...Windows only sees it as just another drive/partition.

Until it is booted into...the drive letter is unimportatnt. Once booted into, the drive letter will be C:.

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Hey guys, I was working with my grandfathers computer. The computer would not boot, it kept getting the BSOD with "Unmountable Boot Volume" At the top. Annoyed, I decided I was going to just back up whatever files were on it (Just his favorites, he has absolutely no documents or anything else) plugging his HD into my home PC as a slave and copying them to my flashdrive. Then I would reinstall XP Home on his Desktop, and use the flashdrive to put back his files...Sounds easy enough right? NO!!!!.....Problem is, his user account on the computer (Ralph), was Password Protected so now when I try to access any of his files (using Windows 7) I get a message saying Access Is Denied. How do I get around this. It is not possible to boot his old computer to take off the password. Are his files recoverable?
Thanks for any help!

A:Recovering hard drive files from unbootable, password protected hard drive?

You don't have to do all that to overcome an unmountable boot volume error...try running chkdsk /r command on the drive.

Start/Run...type chkdsk X: /r (where X is the drive letter assigned by XP and with spaces between k and X: and X: and /) and then hit Enter.

Relevancy 61.49%

Q If there's an error with the Master Boot Record MBR or boot code on my hard drive can Windows still load in some cases The reason I ask I successfully cloned my original hard drive to a new hard drive Not long after something went wrong with my original hard drive I accidentally marked the wrong partition as active and could no longer boot and I decided to fix it by cloning the NEW hard drive back to the original assuming the new hard drive had the same exact data including MBR and boot clone a Master Record a hard when "partially" Can become you Boot corrupt drive? loader When I did this I had to edit the MBR with a program called EasyBCD to add the new hard drive as a boot option at the boot menu at startup Note that I can successfully boot from either hard drive and all Can a Master Boot Record become "partially" corrupt when you clone a hard drive? appears to work properly However is it possible that Can a Master Boot Record become "partially" corrupt when you clone a hard drive? my cloning procedure created something like a partially corrupt MBR on the original hard drive that may lead to problems down the road Should I run the Windows Repair Disc and use the recovery tools to fix the MBR even if it isn't broken

A:Can a Master Boot Record become "partially" corrupt when you clone a hard drive?

If anyone's interested, this is the boot info from EasyBCD:
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My daughters boyfriends PC appears to have a problem with the MBR. I have tried to fix it with FDISK /MBR but this did not work. He cannot find the original Windows 2000 installation disk to do a repair at the moment.

I can back up all his documents etc to my PC.

If I was to do a complete reformat of the hard drive, is it likely a new installation will have a working MBR or is it likely the error will remain.

Any other suggestions to fix the error also gratefully received.

Thank you

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Hello my serial ia 5CG320323H.I am having trouble logging in. I dont know my password or how to log in!! Help please. ???

A:Hi need help unlocking a forgotten password please?!!!. Im o...

@Needhelpnow2? When asked for the password just hit enter 3 times. Post any code you receive. REO
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Hi all-

My friend has many cds with photos she scanned onto them. She tells me
they are encrypted (which I'm not sure is even the right term for her situation)
and that she can't access them.

Anyhow, encrypted or password protected, does anyone have any ideas or
software that can help her to unlock her cds?

Thanks much. This forum has helped me out quite a few times.

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Does anyone know how to unlock a password-protected PDF file? Each time I try to open the file it routes to an internet page with a login/password prompt before I can view it.

Any ideas would be appreciated..


A:Unlocking Password-protected Pdfs

You unlock a PDF that is password protected by supplying the required password. Other than that:Per Bleeping Computer's Message Board Rules:No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user.This topic is closed.
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Bought The Laptop Off Ebay...i T Came With A Password...username Is Administrative....could Someone Please Help Me!!! All Comments Are Appreciated

A:Need help unlocking Dell laptop password


That sucks, you should probably reinstall the operating system. Call the company, and see if they can override it. If all else fails, take it to a computer specialist. Hope this helps.
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Hello there,

I am trying to access the BIOS to enable an on-board USB. However, the BIOS is password-protected, the work of the outgoing IT staff who has since left the company.

I know I can reset the BIOS by taking out the CMOS battery and letting the CMOS bleed for a few minutes, right? NOW, when I opened the PC and looked at the motherboard, it looked like no PC I've ever seen before! I think its a workstation or something. And there's NO CMOS battery! How then do I bleed the CMOS so that I can reset the BIOS? Or is there any other way I can get around the password prompt? The IT staff who left is not answering any of our calls.
I'm sure some of you sheer Guru's know of a way. Please advise.

A:Unlocking password-protected BIOS


Normally this can be solved by removing the BIOS battery for 30 minutes or so.

If you have no obvious BIOS battery, then it can often be a battery soldered onto the motherboard. It may be hidden under power supply or something else.

Also look for a maintenance jumper on the motherboard (usually near the BIOS battery). This normally has a single jumper across two of the three pins and is moved to the other two pins to clear the BIOS.

Go to the computer or motherboard manufacturers web site and look for details of layout of the motherboard.

Alternatively look at a Flash BIOS upgrade

Please provide details of the computer make & model and the motherboard & O/S

It is highly unlikely that there is no battery.


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I am running WinXP in LenovoT Panda Active scan result ANALYSIS - - PROTECTIONS MALWARE SUSPECTS PROTECTIONS Description Version Active Updated Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition No Yes MALWARE Id Description Type Active Severity Disinfectable Disinfected Location Application Pskill A HackTools No Yes No C cg SUPPORT PSKILL EXE Application Psexec A HackTools No Yes No C cg NT Windows getting within unlocking password of auto 1hr locked SUPPORT psexec exe Cookie Atlas DMT Windows NT password getting auto locked within 1hr of unlocking TrackingCookie No Yes No C Documents and Settings PUXG Cookies puxg atdmt txt SUSPECTS Sent Location VULNERABILITIES Id Severity Description HIGH MS - HIGH MS - Hijackthis Log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINNT System smss exe C WINNT system winlogon exe C WINNT system services exe C WINNT system lsass exe C WINNT system ibmpmsvc exe C WINNT system svchost exe C WINNT System svchost exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin S EvMon exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C WINNT system spoolsv exe C Program Files Altiris AClient AClient exe C Program Files Altiris Altiris Agent AeXNSAgent exe C Program Files Altiris eXpress Client Recovery Agent AeXRSAgt exe C PROGRA NETSUP client exe C WINNT system crppsrvn exe C Program Files Cisco Systems VPN Client cvpnd exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus DefWatch exe C Program Files Executive Software Diskeeper DkService exe C WINNT system DriveLock exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin EvtEng exe C WINNT system gslsrvn exe C Program Files iPass iPassConnect iPCAgent exe C WINNT system nvsvc exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin RegSrvc exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus SavRoam exe C Program Files Utimaco SafeGuard Easy SgeClient exe C Program Files Utimaco SafeGuard Easy SgeCtl exe C WINNT system SgLogPlayer exe C WINNT system tcpsvcs exe C WINNT System snmp exe C WINNT system svchost exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus Rtvscan exe C WINNT System TPHDEXLG exe C WINNT system ZoneLabs vsmon exe C Program Files Utimaco SafeGuard Easy WksCfgSrv exe C WINNT system wbem wmiapsrv exe C WINNT system DriveLock exe C WINNT Explorer EXE C Program Files Altiris eXpress Client Recovery Agent AeXRSAView exe C WINNT system rundll exe C Program Files Analog Devices Core smax pnp exe C WINNT system rundll exe C PROGRA ThinkPad UTILIT EzEjMnAp Exe C Program Files Lenovo NPDIRECT TPFNF SP exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPLpr exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Files Lenovo HOTKEY TPOSDSVC exe C WINNT system TpShocks exe C WINNT system iprntctl exe C WINNT system NWTRAY EXE C Program Files Lenovo HOTKEY TPONSCR exe C Program Files Adobe Distillr Acrotray exe C Program Files Lenovo Zoom TpScrex exe C Program Files Utimaco SafeGuard Easy Ecview exe C Program Files Utimaco SafeGuard Easy FIPSMon exe C Program Files Zone Labs Integrity Client iclient exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C PROGRA SYMANT VPTray exe C Program Files Printkey Printkey exe C Program Files Lotus Sametime Client Connect exe C Program Files iPass iPassConnect downloader ipccheck exe C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C WINNT system NOTEPAD EXE C WINNT system msiexec exe C WINNT system rundll exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http cweb R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings AutoConfigURL http cproxy standard proxy O - BHO HelperObject Class - C D-C - C - -FCE AD C - C Program Files TechSmith SnagIt SnagItBHO dll O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO Adobe PDF Conversion Toolbar Helper - AE CD -E - f- - EE - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ... Read more

A:Windows NT password getting auto locked within 1hr of unlocking

Hello, pgpuneet
Welcome to TSF

My name is Billy O'Neal and I will be helping you. (Billy or Bill is fine, if you like.)
Please give me some time to look over your computer's log(s).
Please take note of the following:In the meantime, please refrain from making any changes to your computer.
Also, even if things appear to be running better, there is no guarantee that everything is finished. Please continue to check this forum post in order to ensure we get your system completely clean. We do not want to clean you part-way up, only to have the system re-infect itself. :)
If you do not understand any step(s) provided, please do not hesitate to ask before continuing. I would much rather clarify instructions or explain them differently than have something important broken.
Finally, please reply using the button in the lower left hand corner of your screen.
Old topics are closed after 3 days with no reply, and working topics are closed after 5 days. If for any reason you cannot complete instructions within that time, that's fine, just put a post here so that I know you're still here. We get a lot of people who simply leave, and if there is no contact for that amount of time I will have to assume you have "vanished" .

We need to create an OTViewIt ReportPlease download OTViewIt by OldTimer.
Save it to your desktop.
Double click on the icon on your desktop.
Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.
Push the button.
Two reports will open, copy and paste them in a reply here:OTViewIt.txt <-- Will be opened
Extra.txt <-- Will be minimized
We need to scan for rootkits with GMERPlease download and save to your desktop.alternate download site 1
alternate download site 2

Unzip/extract the file to its own folder. (Click here for information on how to do this if not sure. Win 2000 users click here.)
When you have done this, disconnect from the Internet and close all running programs.
Note: There is a small chance this application may crash your computer so save any work you have open.
Double-click on Gmer.exe to start the program.
Allow the gmer.sys driver to load if asked.
If it gives you a warning at program start about rootkit activity and asks if you want to run a NO.
Click on "Settings", then check the first five settings:System Protection and Tracing
Save created processes to the log
Save loaded drivers to the log

You will be prompted to restart your computer. Please do so.
Run Gmer again and click on the Rootkit tab.
Look at the right hand side (under Files) and uncheck all drives with the exception of your C drive.
Make sure all other boxes on the right of the screen are checked, EXCEPT for "Show All".
Important! Please do not select the "Show all" checkbox during the scan.
Click on the "Scan" and wait for the scan to finish.Note: Before scanning, make sure all other running programs are closed and no other actions like a scheduled antivirus scan will occur while this scan completes. Also do not use your computer during the scan.

When completed, click on the Copy button and right-click on your Desktop, choose "New" > Text document. Once the file is created, open it and right-click again and choose Paste or Ctrl+V. Save the file as gmer.txt and copy the information in your next reply.
Note: If you have any problems, try running GMER in Safe Mode

In your next reply, please include the following:OTViewIt.txt
GMER's Log
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Hello I've run into a little problem with bitlocker password length Somewhere I read that you can use up to characters for the recovery password so I generated such a password via keepass The bitlocker UI obviously had no problem with this After restarting the system and trying to reenter the password i get the message quot the password entered is incorrect quot According to this article BitLocker Passwords Should Be Less Than Characters in Length - TechNet Articles - 256 characters unlocking Bitlocker breaks password United States English - TechNet Wiki passwords will be truncated to characters I already tried reducing the password to chars without any success To reproduce this problem I enclose the used password here LLZcZ q Q Xa B amp Drg c evpPr mSQp bEL amp hyNWb Bitlocker password 256 characters breaks unlocking g dNBeIg ZyYGjL bx NO NMh nlZ OeiHD i Ut z ' f dk NI sWpdm X 'MS amp a U lruHS Bitlocker password 256 characters breaks unlocking EPAPlh Mfp WGP'Qz BSZ pv yGeWdf r lfaIvFB Cg vee'A koM U Kx luM Vx'OHP Paj PpBq aA bn KTdo H mY amp CU ISpBfc sy quot gvH quot Anybody have any ideas on how to unlock the drive with this password
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Hello Lenovo community!Hopefully your expertise can ease my frustration a bit.  I have a T520, and I enabled a password for my SSD in the BIOS.  Now, every time I turn it on, it shows the boot menu after I enter the password (still boots fine).  I have two OSes, Windows and Linux, both in UEFI mode.  Even before I added Linux though, it would still show the menu, even though Windows was the only option, AND set as default. Any thoughts?
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my HP Pavilion m6 you turn on just says administrator password or power on passwordI have never set one is password is there a master reset code

A:master code for administrator password or power on password ...

Try to turn it on three time in a row. The BIOS should display a set of numbers while it informs you that the system is locked. Post the numbers and letters if there are any and I will see if I can help you out.
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I was given a computer to work on and it turns out that her now ex-husband locked it, both the hard drive and the Bios. It is a Dell laptop. She was concerned about what was on the hard drive but I am almost 100% sure there's no way to unlock it???
As for the Bios, my desktop can be bypassed by either taking out the battery or resetting the CMOS jumper. On her laptop I took the battery out but it was still locked. She was hoping I could buy a different hard drive and the computer still be usable.

Any suggestions?

A:Bios Password/Hard Drive Password

Sorry no suggestions here, please re-read the rules
Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

post closed
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I have used password safe for many years. However, I made a stupid mistake yesterday when I tried to reset the administrator's password. I made a typo twice and put the wrong password. Today, when I input the password I want to use, I couldn't get validated.

Does anybody here know how to reset the password from the master.psafe3 file?

I know it's an open source software, there should have a way to recover the password for this software.


A:forgot password safe master password

Good luck in finding a solution.

... in, waiting for the bus.
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Hello, I have a Dell Latitude CPx 500Megahertz pc. I got it second hand and it has worked fine but recently the hard drive locked up and requires a password. I am trying to bypass the password and boot it back up. I do not have any internal floppy or cd rom drives, only a PCMAI card. I am currently running XP Pro on my system. If any one can help either with the password or to jump the motherboard and show me how to do so with a diagram of any sort. I would appreciate it. Thank you

A:Hard Drive locked, need hard drive password

Join the crowd:
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Hello, all. I have a bit of a puzzle that I'm hoping you can help me solve. Recently Microsoft sent me a USB drive so that I could install Windows 8.1. But they sent me the wrong thing (the install wasn't matched to the laptop BIOS or something). This left me with a 32 GB USB 3.0 that I'd like to convert for personal use. The problem is that it is write protected.

So far I have tried removing the write protection in CMD, adding the registry entry that disable write protection on removable media, and opening the plastic cover to check for a hidden write-protection switch. None of these have let me format the drive (or delete/change any files).

I'm not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions for things to try would be appreciated.

A:Unlocking a USB Drive

You could try this, at your own risk though :-
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Dear sir/madam
we have Microsoft window 7(product KEY IS WYP4G-B2RW3-6Q74Q-YD88V-669DD) system on which we had BIT-LOCKER installed.We loss key  and pin, can you help to retrieve data . PLEASE GUIDE US HOW TO RESOLVE ISSUE OR IF POSSIBLE REMOTE SUPPORT TO RESOLVE
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HELP!!! my c drive is "locked" and i dont have a clue on how to unlock it
Relevancy 54.61%

Alright I have a Dell Inspiron notebook computer with a Hitachi hard drive. At some point a tech support employee working on the computer added a hard drive password, and I cannot figure out how to get the damn thing off.

I do have the password, and I can log into my computer just fine...but I can't remove the hard drive password. I checked the BIOS, but it says that the hard drive password is frozen, and will not let me touch it.

Any suggestions?

Thanks ahead of time.

A:Hard Drive Password

Please read the rules.
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Hello everyone I have a few problems today. My nephew some how found his way to my 120GB back up drive (receipts/records/taxes/etc) while watching his choo-choo train song (he is 6). So this has me worried and I am curious is there a way to make a storage drive require a password to access?
I don't want to setup user accounts or anything like that, I just wish to have to login each time I click on that storage drive, however if possible I would also like to restrict searches on that drive too if possible.

Anything out there that could help me?

A:Password Hard Drive

Quote: Originally Posted by Therian

Hello everyone I have a few problems today. My nephew some how found his way to my 120GB back up drive (receipts/records/taxes/etc) while watching his choo-choo train song (he is 6). So this has me worried and I am curious is there a way to make a storage drive require a password to access?
I don't want to setup user accounts or anything like that, I just wish to have to login each time I click on that storage drive, however if possible I would also like to restrict searches on that drive too if possible.

Anything out there that could help me?


how to password protect hard drive? - CNET PC hardware Forums
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my wife let her ex boyfriend fix her computer because her hard drive friend so he took the one that came with her laptop and put his windows 7 hard drive in but we cant download nothing because it ask for a password or anything to do with the hard drive it asks for a password how do u get the password of the hard drive so we can download programs and stuff

A:how do u get a password off a hard drive

You have to do a fresh Windows install when you change the hard drive in a computer.You cannot use the Windows that's already on it, it doesn't work like that. It's illegal to do that anyway.Wipe the drive and put a fresh Windows installation on it. If you need to buy Windows 7 or 8 with a product key, you can buy genuine discs and keys on the Amazon website.
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I set a hard drive password via the bios in my old notebook. The motherboard broke, and I let it sit on a shelf for a few years. Now I want to get information off the drive, but I have forgotten the password. I have tried putting it in an external enclosure as a slave drive, but it didn't work. I have put it in my new laptop, but it says Hard Disk Failure when I try to boot off it. When I go into the bios it still has a password set. The lame HP support tells me that the password is stored on the motherboard, but this cannot be, since I am putting the drive in a new notebook. Is there a way to remove the password? It is a Hitachi Travelstar DK23EA out of a Presario 2100.

A:Hard Drive Password
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I bought a laptop from a garage sale that has a password on the hard drive. I have removed the internal battery to reset bios but the password is not in bios of laptop but the hard drive. I have swapped drive on laptop and it works. But i would like to use the Fujitsu HD that it came w/. There are no jumpers on HD or instuctions on back of HD about password?

Relevancy 54.61%

Dell inspiron 8600. Now that I have crossed the 2 pins on the motherboard which was very time consuming & removed the tags and password I get a grey screen saying the hard drive is password protected. Now what do I do?

A:hard drive password

You can try removing the CMOS battery, or replacing the entire drive, and starting fresh. This may actually be a CMOS Password. You can also try:
Relevancy 54.61%

My computer is the same it will not accept my password which has not been changed by me I have tried this unfreeze and still cannot get past my harddisk security 

A:Re: What to do if your hard drive password is set ...

Try here:
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Ok! I got past the user/adminastrator password. Now I would like help getting the harddrive unlocked.Dell inspiron4100 thanks.

A:Hard drive password

read the faqs in the mobile computing forum.
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Hello all,

I'm after an app that can either encrypt my storage harddrives or password them with an extremely high security status.. If that make sense

What i want to be able to do is set my drives so i can lock them from access whenever i'm out or away from my machine, but because i'm extremely consistent in poping out for 10 mins or just leaving the machine whilst i do other things i'll need a way of locking it that doesn't take hours to lock and hours to unlock. I also want it to be locked so if someone was to reinstall the OS, remove the program that is being used or put the HDD in another pc it still won't be accessable.

Any ideas??

Thanks guys
Crap.. Wrong place Please move if needed...

A:Hard drive Password app..?

Quote: Originally Posted by sevsman

Hello all,

I'm after an app that can either encrypt my storage harddrives or password them with an extremely high security status.. If that make sense

What i want to be able to do is set my drives so i can lock them from access whenever i'm out or away from my machine, but because i'm extremely consistent in poping out for 10 mins or just leaving the machine whilst i do other things i'll need a way of locking it that doesn't take hours to lock and hours to unlock. I also want it to be locked so if someone was to reinstall the OS, remove the program that is being used or put the HDD in another pc it still won't be accessable.

Any ideas??

Thanks guys

Crap.. Wrong place Please move if needed...

Use BitLocker - it's currently the best solution for you at the moment. Encrypt your drives and forget it. And from there, get used to the idea of a passworded login for your system, and whenever you leave you machine, use the <WINDOWS_KEYS>+<L> keyboard shortcut to lock you pc so no-one can getin without you there.

With Bitlocker, the data will not be accessible to anyone or anything if the drive is removed from the system used to perform the encryption and placed into another machine.

With Windows 7, it has also become possible to encrypt Flash Drives, and have the system ask for a password when the drive is used in a different machine. Although I haven't tried this one yet...
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I recently had to reinstall windows vista on my sister's toshiba satellite A215 due to a virus. Everything was working fine until I finished doing the windows updates after SP1. When it did the next 61 updates after that the computer needed to restart, but when it did the computer froze up at the boot screen. I had to power it off. Then I waited 5 minutes, turned it back on then found that the Hard Drive password which was on the computer was no longer what it was before doing the updates. Now we can't even get into windows or do anything with the computer that I know. What can I do to fix this or is it just an oversized paper weight now?

Relevancy 54.61%

My computer is the same it will not accept my password which has not been changed by me I have tried this unfreeze and still cannot get past my harddisk security 

A:Re: What to do if your hard drive password is set ...

Try here:
Relevancy 54.18%

Hi, I tried the tutorial to lock the drive with BitLocker. But after unlocking it the drive is giving me inaccessible type of error.
"Lock Drive" - Add to Context Menu of BitLocker Drives

Help please!!!

A:Drive Inaccessible After Unlocking From BitLocker

Hello TWC,

Odd, was it interrupted while it was being locked? I don't see the locked BitLocker icon on the drive.

Try restarting the computer to see if you are able unlock the drive afterwards.
Relevancy 54.18%

I am trying to unlock and format a Kingstone DataTravler Elite 512 MB drive. I dont remember the password to unlock it, I need to know how to unlock it and reformat it to use windows XP.

All help will be appericiated
-John Boy :grinthumb
Relevancy 54.18%

I have a Dell Dimension 8100 (ancient, I know). When we first got it, it allowed us to change the region that the DVD player would read 10 times before locking permanently to one of our choice (chose region 2 as I'm in the UK).

However, as it turns out, most of my DVDs are now region 1. This is fine on my region free DVD player, but sometimes I'd like to play 'em on my PC. Any way to unlock it?

A:Unlocking region-specific DVD drive

You can reflash the firmware of the dvd player but be sure your pick the correct firmware flash of your dvd model and number. Only use the firmware from the website that made the dvd drive if you can and it still has risks so be aware of that Dells are very picky so be carefull in what you do-read first before acting.
Relevancy 54.18%

I have a USER and SUPERVISOR password set in the bios setup. I thought that would prohibit unauthorized 'users' from getting into Windows (without clearing the CMOS of course) -- but, the system continues to boot into Windows.

How can I get a password set to stop the bootup process

Windows 98SE, by the way.

Relevancy 54.18%

So my girlfriends dell is falling apart First her screen is dead figuring that one out Then she had this screaming noise going on figuring that one out But while trying to figure that out I took her harddrive out and put it into an external casing to isolate it and see if that was infact the thing screaming Well it wasn t and now when I put it back into the machine its asking before bios even comes Dell password hard drive up for the HDD password This is my girlfriends computer she didn t set Dell hard drive password any password she wouldn t know how So now I m screwed with dell absolutely not helping at all Yes I could pay for them to help me out But I m not budging I stayed on the phone for min telling them to stop hijacking my harddrive with a ransom Crap laptop and crap customer service The code I get after tries is and the laptop is a Dell Inspiron I hope someone can help me out Thanks guys nbsp

A:Dell hard drive password

Please see the TSG Rules, we no longer provide any help with passwords. Obviously, we can't determine the real intent here, so our policy is to abstain from any assistance in these matters.

Please read the forum rules before posting again.
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To improve my privacy and important files, I want to put a password on my external hard drive. Is this possible?
I have a SimpleTech 500 GB.
If so, is there a general procedure that could help me?

A:Can I put a password on my external hard drive?

TrueCrypt is highly recommended here. It's freeware. This from their website:

"TrueCrypt is a software system for establishing and maintaining an on-the-fly-encrypted volume (data storage device). On-the-fly encryption means that data are automatically encrypted or decrypted right before they are loaded or saved, without any user intervention. No data stored on an encrypted volume can be read (decrypted) without using the correct password/keyfile(s) or correct encryption keys. Entire file system is encrypted (e.g., file names, folder names, contents of every file, free space, meta data, etc).
Files can be copied to and from a mounted TrueCrypt volume just like they are copied to/from any normal disk (for example, by simple drag-and-drop operations). Files are automatically being decrypted on-the-fly (in memory/RAM) while they are being read or copied from an encrypted TrueCrypt volume. Similarly, files that are being written or copied to the TrueCrypt volume are automatically being encrypted on-the-fly (right before they are written to the disk) in RAM. Note that this does not mean that the whole file that is to be encrypted/decrypted must be stored in RAM before it can be encrypted/decrypted. There are no extra memory (RAM) requirements for TrueCrypt."

On an external drive you might need to use Traveller mode, I'm not sure. It makes the prog portable. This from their website:

TrueCrypt can run in so-called 'traveler' mode, which means that it does not have to be installed on the operating system under which it is run. However, there are two things to keep in mind:

You need administrator privileges in order to able to run TrueCrypt in 'traveler' mode.
After examining the registry file, it may be possible to tell that TrueCrypt was run (and that a TrueCrypt volume was mounted) on a Windows system even if it is run in traveler mode.

Inserted from <>

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Help I purchased a new Fujitsu G hard drive for my ThinkPad about two months ago I damaged the screen and decided to buy a refurb Dell Latitude drive password Laptop hard C I wanted to replace the G hard drive with the G Laptop hard drive password As soon as the computer booted it Laptop hard drive password asked for a password for the G The error message on the screen stated the model of the drive I could not find a way around it so decided to buy an external housing for storage No Go I had not set a password on the drive so as a test I put an old G into the IBM I watched as much to my horror the IBM cursor moved over to the supervisor s password unlocked it moved over to the hard drive password locked it and moved over to the supervisor s password and relocked it In other words it automatically locked the drive without asking I can get no help from Dell IBM or Fujitsu IBM even said that what I saw is not possible I would not believe it myself if I hadn t seen it I have had no luck in getting any help from anyone I would rather use it internally but external would be fine Thanks in advance for any help Jimdevon nbsp

A:Laptop hard drive password

Throw away the Dell! I can't even imagine what's going on there.
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Hello fellow Windows 7 users,
I have a WD Caviar Green 2tb desktop hard drive that I bought to backup all my files on using a SATA to USB converter cable to connect it to my laptop (the hard drive cost me $40, quite a bit cheaper than buying another My Passport 2tb). I would like to add a password to it like I did to my My Passport external hard drive, where it requires a password to access the content on the drive. I called WD and they said that I couldn't. Of course there must be some sort of 3rd party software out there.

A:How to add password to internal hard drive?

You could encrypt the data. But that will lengthen the read/write operations. Hopefully you have a husky CPU.
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Hi everyone, Can you password protect your external hard drive.

A:Exter hard drive password

I am not sure what is the consensus on encryption here but I guess it just complicates stuff if something goes wrong. However, here is a recent article: Best Free Drive Encryption Utility | Gizmo's Freeware
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I took my old computer and turned its hard drive into a network drive. Then I mapped it on all the computers on the wireless network. The wireless network is protected but I want to put a password on the network drive. How do I put the password on the drive?

Thank you for your help!

A:Network Hard Drive Password

You can't put a password on a drive except at the bios level and that is not what you are asking for.

You are asking that when some goes to access the drive they have to put in a password.

Only way I know you can do that is to have the user accounts on this drives computer have the same name for each user account but you have to put in a different user password then the one they use to logon their pc.

example: userA logs in locally using "happy" as their passwork. userA on the remote hard drive pc has password "sad". Same name, different password.

Then they will recieve a password challenge but once they enter it they have all access until the next time they logon and connect.

Otherwise you have to purchase 3rd party password folders/shares program. Google it for more info.
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hi all night stalker here i have a dell latitued d410 and i forgot the hard drive
password or the admim password and i have no dvd or cd rom drive for programs to debug it i did the cmos batt thing try passwords for the bios and do not want to flash bios also any ideals will help out alot.

Thank You


A:pata hard drive password

Hi Night stalker and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

Which is it, the hard drive password or the admin password, both can be set, but one (the Harddrive) password cant be removed, the other can be removed with my software, you can use a floppy version (you dont say if you dont have a floppy) there is a USB key version (only works if your laptop supports booting from a USB device) or you can build a bootable hard drive.

Post back and let me know or visit the site in my Tag

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Is it possible to create a password for an external hard drive?

Thank you for any replies.


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I just bought an 80GB Acomdata external hard drive for my laptop, and it's working great, I just want to know if there is any way to password protect it.

A:Password on External Hard Drive?

Buy one of the many file/folder encryption packages and encrypt the files. StorageCrypt is one such package.

Do a Google search for encrypt external drive and enjoy yourself evaluating the options.
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I recently had the uberintelligent idea of making a hard drive password on my dell inspiron 6000 notebook. i put in the password i made and it is telling me its incorrect. does anyone know of a master password or a way to bypass the password so i can remove it. any help would be appreciated.


A:Lost Hard Drive Password?

if you are sure that the password is correct, have you tried using upper and lower case ?
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i was wondering if anybody has the master password for a dell ispiron 8600 this is the model number #dk61x41-595b service tag number is dk61x41 please somebody help. or maybe a rustam can help me i see everyone asking him rustam please help.

A:i need master password

read the FAQs please:
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I keep getting this message asking for the Master Password for the Software Security Device. However when I type the password, nothing happens. I'm typing the right password since I've got it written. This message kept me from logging in to other contacts. Who do I have to contact regarding this problem?

Relevancy 53.75%

my dell laptop charger cord is giving me trouble and allowed computer battery to go really low. it said battery critically low, press f1 to continue. enter password. I don't have a password. after trying anything I might have ever used, it says, exceeded maximum attempts, please enter master password. I canít get into my computer. what do I do?

Relevancy 53.75%

Hey guys I bought a Dell Latitude notebook 2nd hand a few days ago, after getting it home I realized I need the bios password to start the comp. dose any one know the master password for a Dell Latitude with service tag # FKWCB11-595B


A:Master Password

This may help.
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I re-installed W XP on the master hard and the slave hard isn t no more recognized data I the HELP!!! the hard hard... W it. on on the XP slave re-installed master lost and when I try to access it it s asking me HELP!!! I re-installed W XP on the master hard... the slave hard lost the data on it. if I want to format it HELP!!! I re-installed W XP on the master hard... the slave hard lost the data on it. With the first W XP before to re-install it the slave had the letter E and the DVD the letter D After I re-install it they switched the letters the slave has now the letter D I can change it in COMPUTER MANAGEMENT and the DVD has the letter D I moved the slave hard on another computer also as slave and it s recognized but it s asking me to format it What happened and is it possible somehow to recuperate the data I had on it It was a new hard drive and unfortunately I moved on it all my documents before re-installing W XP When I re-install the new system I installed it on the same hard drive even in the same folder The rest of the files on the primary hard are intact but all the data on the slave drive are gone can anybodey help me Thank you nbsp
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I used bitlocker on my external device after a while my external device have had a hit.After the hit i wanted to remove password that i used on my device and it worked and the process gone until 80 % then it has been paused.
After this it doesn't resume. I tried Repair and other recommanded ways but they weren't work...

Is the problem on my external hard ?
If you had the same please help me ...
By thanks

A:My Bitlocker doesn't resume after unlocking the drive...

Yes, it's very likely that the outage on your drive damaged the bitlocker recovery data. If you are able, the best thing to do is recover data to another drive and clean / reformat / re-encrypt the drive before storing data on it.
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plzz.. help me out
my data was missing from my USB drive after
unlocking the bitlocker (window 7)
the drive properties shows that it is containing data
after opening it is empty..

i don't know how to recover data.
Plzzz... help me out


A:data missing from my USB drive after unlocking the bit locker

Try locking it again.
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OS: Windows 10 Enterprise.
Problem: My windows ran into some network driver issues because of which I had to reinstall OS. There is one drive on separate internal harddisk (NON OS Disk) which is Bit Locker Encrypted because it has some sensitive data. Now after reinstalling the OS it does not open anymore, even when I use the correct Recovery Key. Please note that there is no change of using wrong key as the drive label matches and I have only one encrypted drive.

A:Bit Locker is not unlocking a drive even with correct Recovery Key.

There is a known issue that sounds like this, with a workaround. Let me go hunt for this.
Fittingly I read about it in the comments section here:
Not 100% sure it's the same issue. Still looking.
Edit: I hope this is it, and that you can fix it!
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Whilst Windows Professional does not support encrypting using bitlocker, any version of Windows 7 can unlock pre-existing bitlocker drives going by the following technet article:

My observation generally correlates with the above. In fact saying Win Pro does not support bitlocker encryption is not correct. I commenced bitlocker encryption on a Windows Ultimate machine, paused it part way through and connected into my Windoes Professional machine and it continued encrypting the device from where it left off!

Question: upon unlocking a bitlocker encrypted drive on a Windows Professional machine, will files I write to it be correctly encrypted as if the same files were being written from a Windows Ultimate machine?

I would seem so.

A:Unlocking Bitlocker Drive in Windows Professional

There's a big difference between unlocking a pre-existing bitlocker drive as compared to encrypting a drive with bitlocker using Windows 7 Pro. Also, the Technet article you referenced says " can unlock encrypted removable drives on any version of Windows 7." Based on the fact that bitlocker is not officially supported on Windows 7 Pro, and that Microsoft says only encrypted removable drives can be unlocked, it seems these two caveats alone would make using bitlocker on a Windows 7 Pro machine dicey.

In the alternative, have you considered using a free third party encryption tool like VeraCrypt (which is based on TrueCrypt's coding?) Personally, I wouldn't use an unsupported encryption tool (bitlocker) and risk not being able to access my important files or drives. Just some personal opinion and certainly not meant to be argumentative.

3 Alternatives to the Now-Defunct TrueCrypt for Your Encryption Needs
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I have a dell system which is of model optiplex GX620 and a red had linux is an operating system in it. When i try to format system i am not able to do it bcoz somebody have kept the hard drive password in BIOS i dont know that so what is the solution for this problem to get resolved?

Awaiting for the reply.

Thank you for your valuable time.

A:problem with hard drive password in BIOS

Please help me soon it is very urgent
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How can I remove my pc hard drive password permanently so please mention in an message plzzzzzz tell me fast

A:how 2 remove hard drive password permanently

You need to know the password to be able to remove it. Enter the BIOS, go to the Security section, find the heading called "HDD password", then change or delete the password.
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OK Let's start this off I've had my z t for almost years now Its outdated and a tad beat up over the years But thankfully it has the titanium top lol Anyways The bios drive password z60t hard invalid??? version is About weeks ago a certain person in my house decided to snoop through other peoples stuff I had the urge to put z60t hard drive password invalid??? a password on my hard drive So I did And its one of my most frequently used passwords Heck I even used it to register for these forums I've typed in a million times since I was a child Over the past week I had rebuilt a Toshiba L D Upgraded processor and everything It needs a hard drive And I'm selling it whole for dollars That's enough to get a little more up to date that my z t Oh forgot to mention its the type With the Verizon radio and whatnot Anyways The Toshiba needs a hard drive So I backed up my windows stuffs to my external hard drive and prepared to be laptop less for a while Formatted the drive Wiped the MBR Ready to go One last step to my creation Reboot the computer Type in my hard drive password OK Pass Go to bios Change hard drive password please My trusty lenovo And then my sanity began its slow road down degradation I type in THE SAME EXACT PASSWORD I USE EVERY DAY EVERY DAY AND HAS THE COURAGE TO TELL ME Password invalid My first reaction was What So I typed it in again The system halts because it was once again wrong Wrong That can't be right I've spent straight hours trying every available option to remove it Its a user only password And the hard drive is a Samsung SpinPoint HM HI I cannot find any firmware updates for it I am ready to put a hammer through this hard drive and this laptop in the trash The Toshiba needs to be sold days from now Help people please c I believe this problem has finally broken my die hard IBM Lenovo loyalty I don't have money for another hard drive This is absolutely pathetic and unacceptable Thank you for reading this all if you did I'm hoping to hear at least a shred of hope

A:z60t hard drive password invalid???

Welcome to the forum!
From what I recall, one has to set a Master HD password before the "user" one, and that's the one that needs to be entered in order to remove the "user" password.
Have you taken this route already?
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I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64bit (SP1) on my Small Business Computer
Three Internal Hard Drives: CDrive is OS, DDrive is Data, EDrive is Data

I would like to password protect both of my data drives. I want to have to enter a password to access ANY info on these this possiable? Any and all help or suggestions here is fully appreciated.

A:Internal Hard Drive Password Protection

Kinda like full disk encryption? The idea being that a stolen drive does not equate to loosing data?
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Hi, I've got problem with my Dell Lattitude X300 laptop. I bought it and the notebook has BIOS password protection. It's not critical, but I can't change any BIOS setting.

I've already tried latitude.exe tool, than DST software from paragon's pages (I don't rememder the exact name).
Moderator Edit:
Here's the free help link:

Now I've tried also the scratching method. I found Atmel 24C256 chip on the board. But when I scratched almost every combination except vcc pin 8 and pin 1. And BIOS password is still there. Something happend because date/time has been reseted and Service and Owner tags have been deleted, but the password protection still remain.

There is not any thread where I can find something about X300. What can I do now?

A:Dell hard drive password removal

search this forum for "dell bios password removal" and you will find plenty of info!!!
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I have here a Dell Latitude d630 labtop with a brand new Seagate Momentus 500GB Internal Serial ATA Hard Drive installed. The labtop reads the hard drive fine but I am running up against an Administrator password.

Dell said there is a biochip that is keeping these settings in place and that either replacing the chip or re-wiring it would do the trick. I am wondering if there is anything we can do other than this that would possibly work. Through e-mail, a technician recommended possibly installing Windows and having the computer read from the disk, but I didn't quite follow what he was saying. He has yet to respond to my e-mail (about a day ago).

Anyways, I was just wondering if there were any possible suggestions on this board. I used to post here (a LONG time ago, years perhaps) and always enjoyed my time here.


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I have an X1 Carbon, 20BS  CT01WW.  A few days ago I changed my hard drive password to something more secure,  and now I have forgotten the password.  I can still access the laptop using my fingerprint, but I am worried that some day the fingerprint reader won't work.  The X1 has an SSD, but it is not FDE. I do have a full disk image  backup using Macrium. I am wondering if I can use "ThinkPad Drive Erase Utility for the Resetting the Cryptographic Key and the Erasing the Solid State Drive" to reset the hard disk password.  I am aware I will wipe the SSD clean, but i can restore from my Macrium backup. Thanks.

Go to Solution.

A:Forgot Hard Drive Password for my X1 Carbon

If it is the ATA password that is set in the BIOS, it cannot be removed without knowing the password.
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I have a SEVERE problem. My computer stopped recognizing my hard drive, so I took it over to a friend's and hooked it up to his computer, where I was allowed access to my hard drive. However, the vast majority of my files (pictures, word documents, etc) were stored under my personal folder, which was protected by the basic Windows XP password, and now it will not let me into the folder, as I haven't logged into the account it is used to seeing.

I know all my information is there, but I can't get to it. How can I solve this problem and retrieve my information? It may sound melodramatic but I seriously feel like a significant portion of my life is stuck in that folder, and I'd do nearly anything to get it back. Any help would be genuinely appreciated as I am in great need. Thanks!

A:Hard Drive change/password problem

Into safe mode and login as Administrator and then change the user functions on that drive
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I have 2 laptops - the hard drive for one of them is now suddenly asking me for a password.

I never set any password on it -

The only explanation I have is this:

1. I set the BIOS password on one laptop (which has a dual boot)
2. I made a backup image of the Windows OS on an external drive using that dual-booted machine
3. I then installed that backed-up image on the other harddrive using the same machine - and that caused the password....

Bottom line, I don't get much information online due to people being cautious to help remove passwords due to theft but - if there is an obvious thing please let me know b/c this Hard drive has now become a paperweight....


A:Suddenly my laptop Hard Drive has a password?

If you don't care about the DATA on the drive try this. Delete all partitions, create new ones, and format the drive. Then see if its usable again. Some laptop BIOS will let you set a password to the hard drive, that you have to enter before the OS will load. I thought that was stored in the BIOS but maybe in this case it actually does something to the hard drive. If it just modifies the boot sector wiping the partition should clear it, hopefully anyway.

EDIT: Another option would be to go to the drive manufacturers web site and look for a utility to restore the drive to factory condition. Sometimes referred to as low level formating or zeroing the drive.
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please help me to open the password of my pomputer Windows 7 64bit is installed only Rebooting when other CD for installing Hard Drive full show 500GB

A:I forget Hard drive password my dell pc i5

We can't really help you to remember a password, and we're certainly not going to tell you how to circumvent one. Your best bet is to contact Dell support.
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Hi to everyone on Techspot!

I am a total novice to forums so please bear with me!

Can anyone point me in the right direction in how i can obtain a Dell D420 hard drive password for the following...


Many thanks!

Erik from sunny Scotland!

A:Dell D420 Hard Drive password

Hello, egoo40, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

Please take a moment to read the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible

Message for all newcomers

SNGX1275's Guide to making a good post/thread

The Techspot FAQ

If you could take a minute to fill in some of your profile information that would be helpful to all members of the forum
Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your problem, please see this thread: Dell Bios Password removal (Nov-Dec 2007) and see if it helps you.
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OK, I gave my brother a real nice laptop. He also likes his beer (alot). While changing the settings to suit his needs he changed all the passwords including the hd passwords. Guess he had a few beers to many and forgot all the passwords. I know how to get them all for him EXCEPT the harddrive passwords. Does anyone have this knowledge or is the harddrive now a BRICK??? Thanks for your help

A:Hard drive password forgotten due to beer

go here ..

#1 download backtrack
#2 burn image to dvd or cdr
#3 visit website again to obtain tutorial for backtrack password penetration
#4 save disk.

not sure if this will get bios stored passwords but will with anything in storage..