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Q: Dynamic HD recovery

Hey ya ll I did something very stupid I am using windows xp pro and I changed my C drive from basic to dynamic The drive only had one partition which had the MBR on it I was clicking too fast and didn t read that message that I would not be able to use the boot partition on the disk I tried to reboot but now the HD is inaccessible BIOS can see that the HD is there but when I try to boot from it I get a quickly flashing BSOD which I have no time to read I tried to do a repair on the drive using quot fixboot quot but that didn t work When I used the quot map quot command to Dynamic HD recovery view the drive information there is a next to the name and size of the drive I also tried Dynamic HD recovery to install a new HD Dynamic HD recovery and on the blue setup screen it still showed the next to the dynamic HD it shows as a dynamic disk and it said that the drive was non-XP compatible If I wanted to install xp on the new HD I had to delete the partition on the dynamic disk I don t want to do this because I want to keep the info on the disk I disconnected the dynamic HD and installed xp on a new HD I then reconnected the dynamic HD and wen t to computer management It shows as dynamic but it is unreadable When I go to properties it shows Disk Disk Type Dynamic Status Unreadable Partition style Master Boot Record MBR Capacity mb Unallocated space mb Reserved space mb Is there any way that I can get this disk to work without changing it back to a basic disk and losing all of my info Help nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Dynamic HD recovery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dynamic HD recovery

dunno but does the MS KB help?
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I had a new PC so I thought I would do a recovery disk on a separate partition of my parent's disk. Turns out windows wipes out everything regardless of partition when it does that. So now lifelong memories are gone and I'm freaking out! I used EaseUS to make different partitions which were deleted. After I found that the partition I chose stayed the same size but was renamed RECOVERY and it had the recovery data in it. However the rest was "unused" and so I dragged the RECOVERY to make full use of the disk and then I started scanning it deeply with hard drive recovery software. I am now through scanning with my 2nd program now (1st one didn't give me the files I needed) and I'm using RecoverMyFiles. The problem is I'm not really getting back any of the files I had deleted by windows, but I get some stupid windows files which were probably deleted in the recovery process!! PLEASE help me!!! I am desperate. Future hanging in balance thank you.

A:Recovering Lifelong Memories from Windows Recovery-Wiped External Hard Drive

There are quite a few programs you could try, I have had most success with Recuva by Piriform, but recently this program was said to be excellent by a user,
Obviously it's worthwhile trying both of them.
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I had a drive go south on me, looks like the MBR, MFT, and the backups for them got trashed on the drive after a reboot. The drive itself still is fully operational, and my usual go to software, ZAR, unfortunately is not doing the trick. Does anyone have any other suggestions on what to try?

A:Suggestions to recovery from bad MBR/MFT?

I've used a program called testdisk to repair a messed up MFT, it's free.
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I have a sony SD Card 16gb class 4 card. I did use the card for almost 3 months, when I tried to use it now, I am not able to access the card,

I tried recovery softwares like recova etc to recover the file, but I was not able to recover even a single byte.

I have many importants files in the CARD, PLEASE HELP ME...,.


A:Data recovery SD Card not accessible, says incorrect function showing unknown format

I think >>this thread<< could help you out . He seems to have the same problem.
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My internal HDD failed due to a sudden power outage. I can hear beeping sounds like the motor is trying to spin the drive up and failing to do so. This drive contains all my important data ( documents, photos and videos), I'm thinking of taking it to a data recovery center, How much would it cost me for a data recovery service? I've been recommended to WeRecoverData data recovery labs by an IT person, Anyone have experience with them? Any help advice? Thanks in advance.

A:HDD beeping. What's the best data recovery option?

Likely thousands. Hopefully in the future you will make backups of important data.

If it was killed by the power outage, you can probably fix it yourself by purchasing the exact same drive on ebay or wherever and swap the PCB.
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What command do I type in Command Prompt if I want to use Last Known Good configuration

A:Laptop recovery issue

Boot into Safe Mode (F8), that's where the option is located
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Friends and neighbors, last March I had such a system crash that, due to the number of bad HD sectors, I had to replace the HD. The HD with my various tools was not even detectable. My system ran Windows 7 64-Bit and IE9. The computer is an MSI notebook. Anyway, while doing some searching to diagnose another problem, I registered for this site after seeing Puppy Linux, whose page I saved to my Favorites. Having kept the old HD, in case I could salvage any data, is it possible for me to use Puppy Linux on that old HD? Thanks. Your answers will be a great help.

A:Data Recovery Possible?

Hey Louis. We don't know how bad the drive is, but you can try putting the drive in a USB enclosure, formatting it, then install Puppy Linux on it, since apparently Puppy Linux doesn't require a lot of space and can also be run from RAM according to the Wikipedia link.
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Equipment HP Officejet Pro when or 8500) 600dpi lower dynamic (Officejet Reduced Pro scanning range at A OS Windows -bit Software VueScan and HP Scan both yield same result I noticed that when I scan a document at a resolution of dpi or lower the dynamic range of the scanner is significantly reduced at the high brightness levels For example colors that are very bright but not entirely white all get mapped to white See for example the figure below please download and view at to see the details properly I did two scans one at Reduced dynamic range when scanning at 600dpi or lower (Officejet Pro 8500) dpi and one at dpi I then downsized the dpi version to dpi and compared the two As can be seen patches with a white level of and Reduced dynamic range when scanning at 600dpi or lower (Officejet Pro 8500) lower almost too are getting output to complete whiteness when scanning at dpi This is not the case when scanning at dpi in fact for all resolutions of dpi and higher the patch with still is light gray instead of complete white Download the full resolution picture https dl dropboxusercontent com u dpi dpi comparison jpg Besides the reduced dynamic range there seems to be some noise reduction and contrast sharpness enhancement applied for the dpi scan noise reduction because the individual dots can be seen when the figure is viewed at are really smeared out compared to the dpi scan and sharpening can be seen by the bright halos around the and characters Is there a setting that avoids reducing the dynamic range and the noise reduction sharpening for scans at dpi or lower I want the same dynamic range as at dpi but I want to scan at dpi or even dpi because that s enough for print output and I get smaller file sizes nbsp
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I have 2 gb kingston SD memory card, which is password locked, now I forgot the password, how to unlock it? Plz help me in this regards.

A:SD card Password recovery

Go for Unistal port locker
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Dear fellows:
My pc had BIOS breakdown due to unstable electricity.. I took it to a shop, they installed BIOS but it was a wrong version.. The mainboard is D945GCNL but they installed BIOS for D945GCCR.. Everything is working good, except LAN card driver is not installing.. I tried alot to recover it to its own version, but all in vein..
Please help me..

A:BIOS recovery

Have you told the shop that they installed the wrong BIOS?
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Up until days ago my laptop was working fine Then all of a sudden while transferring files to external hard drive it just froze and that was pretty much the end of it It got to the point where this would keep happening and I know help recovery Need data with it s not good but I ended up just forcing the computer to shut down by pressing the power Need help with data recovery button then the computer wouldn t even boot up I ended up just buying a new laptop btw the external hard drive from my old laptop works fine I bought a hard drive enclosure for the old hard drive from my old laptop to recover some data the hard drive shows up as LOCAL DISK on the new computer but it freezes up when I try to access it everything else on the new computer working fine and can t even eject it Whenever I try to do something with the old hard drive it just takes a long time or there s no response or it freezes It even prevents my new computer from booting up or shutting down Is it hopeless to retrieve some data from this drive or is it a lost cause Really appreciate any help Thanks nbsp

A:Need help with data recovery

The drive may have some sort of malware on it. Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and run a custom scan on the drive. If it comes up clear, it may have errors. We will proceed from there after you have completed the scan. Best of luck.
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Hello Today my WD Raptor decided to die all of a sudden while using my computer it just froze up blue screen on me and reboot then keeps looping I do regular backups so I have quot most quot of my data on my external drives but this happened so suddenly that I have some recent excel files and pictures that are not on my last backup and I would really like to recover those files I run DFT and result was some sector logical failure I remove the drive installed on another computer and I can see the drive but every time I double click on it I got the message quot You need to format the disk in drive D before you can use died, data Raptor need recovery WD it quot and sometimes when I click on the drive I got quot D is not accessible Data error cyclic redundancy check quot Disk management sees the drive as quot Active Primary Partition quot but still can t open it from there I haven t format it yet but I wonder if there is a way to access it somehow to retrieve the data or the only way is WD Raptor died, need data recovery to format it to access it and then use some software to recover the files Suggestions opinions what do you guys think what options do I have Thanks in advance for all the input nbsp
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Hi I have a TOSHIBA GB I had much important project data on it and I did the most terrible mistake of my life not to back it up when all my other HDD datas are double if not triple backedup stick data recovery Memory It was working fine till late night till in the morning when I plugged it on my computer it told me it Memory stick data recovery sholud be formatted first The drive letter doesn t show up on My computer nor in My devices I tried using the EaseUS Data Recovery sample version but it too cant detect the drive I went through the flash drive data recovery procedure in this forum but I do not understand that if I format the drive the data will be gone Again I do not have a backup to copy it again I dont want to recover using the drive but just the data Please please please help someone if such a thing is possible Its almost months of my hard work An update Now its appearing as Removable disk on my computer and if I click on it its saying insert disk into drive F If I try exploring it the format option is appearing Please please help I need the data nbsp

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Got a customer that came in with a External HDD To cut a long story short basically what is going on is that recovery 2.5" HDD Windows doesn t recognize the drive being there under Computer but under Disk Management the drive is there I ve taken the drive out of its enclosure and directly input the SATA connector to the Mobo but under Disk Management its not assigned a letter and the name is actually blank I ve already tried to assign it a letter but it unfortunately doesn t allow me to do that 2.5" HDD recovery So to recap Disk Management see s it but Computer doesn t So what I have done so far to try to fix this problem is first I ran Spinrite ran it at level and it couldn t fix the issue Second I have tried the freezer trick none of those worked Now the drive isn 2.5" HDD recovery t making any obvious sounds no clicking or whirling sounds Sounds like a functioning drive and spins up just fine Id try to do a CheckDisk but id need to be able to assign it a letter to command chkdsk to fix volumes F amp R on that drive to work If anybody has any work around or a temporary hotfix for me id appreciate it I only need it to work once to be able to transfer files over onto my Tech HDD nbsp

A:2.5" HDD recovery

Nevermind, after hours upon hours of grueling testing and troubleshooting I found that the problem was that it was a HDD for a mac/linux. I had to go into unbuntu and mess with Nautilus to be able to get the permissions to access the drives folders.
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Hello Guys. I really need you guys help. I had been using my portable external drive for about a year. as of today all in the sudden my computer doesn't read it anymore. I tried to go to Disk Management to change the disk path. However it doesn't work. Please help!

A:Hard drive recovery and re-activate

Confirm the portable hard drive status in Disk Management like RAW, unrecognized etc. please.
Try Recuva from piriform to recover your hard drive data, if its recoverable. Ask for replacement from your manufacturer if its still in warranty period.

HOpe it helps!!a
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My computer running Windows Ultimate -bit can no longer access my Western Digital Caviar quot Black quot TB hard drive that s connected but I suspect my data to still be in there so I wonder what data recorvery tools people have used and recommend This is one of the additional drives to my operating system C drive It has been formatted as NTFS and been working fine for several months until with recommendations Data format, from drive please lost recovery software a week ago Now it appears as the E drive on Data recovery from drive with lost format, software recommendations please My Computer as originally configured but the volume label is now blank I used to have that named as quot Media quot When I double-click on it to Data recovery from drive with lost format, software recommendations please enter the drive I get the Data recovery from drive with lost format, software recommendations please error message quot E is not accessible The parameter is incorrect quot In Computer Management -- gt Storage -- gt Disk Management the drive appears but it s File System is now indicated as RAW rather than NTFS I have tried using Active Partition Recovery and that successfully lists my drive with the original label name quot Media quot and as NTFS and also lists the folders located at the root of the drive which is why I suspect my data to still be in there and recoverable However when I use this tool to do a full scan of my disk it freezes after scanning MB There are tools out there with varying reliability so whch ones do people here recommend another tool I trired I forget its name was scanning my disk but prediced days to go over the entire TB so that s out of the question I have been told to use a tool that can recover files onto a separate disk rather then try to repair the original disk and risk losing more of the original data Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Data recovery from drive with lost format, software recommendations please

Oh crap. Something like this happened recently to me when I had backed up some data to an USB thumb drive. It worked fine for awhile, then some weeks later, my PC just couldn't read it anymore (kept saying "disk in drive needs to be reformatted/etc"...and the properties for the drive also showed it as RAW format instead of FAT32 like it would have been usually).

I think the issue is drive corruption, which seems to be fairly common with external devices like USB drives, but odd in the case of an internal drive. The remedy for me was to try to access it from a different system, which was easy since being a USB stick I could try it elsewhere easily. If you can use another system to access the drive, preferably a Linux/Ubuntu based one; it is likely your best bet to recoup the data before its lost permanently. An external HDD kit would be ideal, and they are quite cheap also.

Hope this helps!
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I have an ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1001PXD preloaded with Windows 7 Starter. I'm thinking it had an Aleureon(sp?) in the MBR, but I did some things to it a couple months ago, and Windows is booting up. It says it is connecting to the network in my house as "public", but won't get on the internet. It won't let me change the classification to "home". When I did whatever I did (can't remember what), It created a new partition (E) for recovery files. I want the laptop back in it's factory state with the recovery files in D like they're supposed to be. There is no CD or DVD drive as it is only a small laptop, but I may be able to transfer files/programs from my main desktop to it if it is indeed connected to the network. Thanks in advance, Bec

A:Can't do complete system recovery, but I know the image is still there

You can buy or borrow an external USB CD/DVD drive, to do the job for you
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I currently have a Lenovo laptop and have had it for 2 and a half years. The battery has always been pretty bad and last about 3 minutes unplugged. The hard drive is a temperamental one from an old laptop as the original broke for no apparent reason, probably didn't help I was constantly having to rebuild it too. I know it is stupid but when I got this laptop I was young and naive and didn't realise how essential recovery disks are.
I realise to replace all of these would be quite expensive so am wondering whether it is worth just buying a new laptop?

A:Worth replacing the hard drive, battery and buying recovery disks?

We need more information to comment.
There are at least 7 levels of Lenovo laptop... Is this a T-series... or just what is it? model and type.
In general, Lenovo laptops are among the most reliable...
This is not a good time to buy hard drives, due to the market over-adjusting to the hard drive factories under water in Thailand.
Batteries, good ones, can be found for $35 to $45
But you can get a 90 GB SATA hard drive for $90 or less.
Tell us the hard drive brand and size, the amount of memory installed.
All in all, we can rebuild a decent Lenovo for $140... and that is a lot less expensive than a new laptop. But a shop would have to charge you $205 or more.
A cheap laptop might cost you $500 to $600, but a good laptop could cost you $1200 to $1800. For long term reliability, I would want to invest at least $1000 to $1500

Tell us more so we can best advise you.
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Hi all,

I've got a friend whose wife is ready to kill. The CD of wedding photo's is currently in three pieces and not backed up. Any leads where he can get at least some of the data recovered? At this point in time he's almost "money no object"...

...any leads would be appreciated,
Many thanks,


A:Broken CD - data recovery - any chance?

I've never looked into this before. I'd imagine there isn't much that can be done. CDs and DVDs have a short life in data storage terms and really should not be relied on as a permanent storage media for important data. There seem to be a few companies out there that offer data recovery from damaged CDs, but this is usually from scratched rather than broken into pieces disks.
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hi anyone who can help me I just have a bios update failed because my computer hangs and as I reboot nothing appears and i guess my bios is corrupt how can I recover my bios pls help

A:BIOS recovery of Dell Inspiron 1564

Take a look at this:
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Here s the scoop A friend of mine was running XP sp and his system started getting very slow and would not run properly I ran malwarebytes and found File recovery several errors and corrected System still wouldn t function right Spent several File recovery hours trying various things with no luck Decided to offload his files and reinstall xp We managed to get his documents offloaded but didn t have enough media for his photos I removed hard drive and used my hardware connection package to hook it up to a usb port on my system The drive did show up and I started to copy his photos Get ready here it comes he has g of photos from years worth of saving on system without backing them up My system has enough space to copy but about g into copy my system started to give File recovery all kinds of errors that my avg WD elements etc weren t working I canceled the copy and deleted the photos from my system did a safe remove of the drive ran a restore from a previous restore point for my system All is well in the land of joeretired Now here s where the problem comes in When I reconnected the drive it no longer shows up with a letter assigned to it so I can access the drive I checked quot My Computer quot and it s not there Checked Device Manager and it shows as a usb mass storage device and properties says it s working properly Device Management doesn t even see it The questions are why can t I see it anymore how do I get it back to copy the phots Just for info s sake I m going to copy them to flash drives so my friend will have them backed up and be able to view them when he wants Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated and if we meet I ll buy you a beer nbsp

A:File recovery

Thanks Rick I will try what you suggested. If it is what you suspect I'll let him know. I was looking around and found a program from CGSecurity called "TESTDISK". Due you think it might be worth a shot running this?
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1st time it s detect i strat recovering my files using recover my files ver.4.0 regeserd it shows all images what iwant but after an hour it become hang when i restart my pc to connect it again it no detecting & hard is no spinng also
my hard disk is not spinning i want to recover my image help me our
samsung 40 gbhard disk
plz help me out

A:Data recovery

Welcome to Techspot!

Seriously, I had a little too much coffee today, so don't take serious about #1 and 2, since I could be able to help ya out with my similar experience.

The few other options you could considers:

1. Gripes, cries, bawl all you wants over a 40 gig hard drive. When you're done, consider your lesson learned about backing up your datas to external hard drive, or using the compact discs/media cards in timely basis. Now when you learned your lesson, buy the new drive and moves on.

2. Considers the expensive option by establishing the communication with the data recovery experts in company, and expect your wallet prepping for the long flights with your credit cards. You should expects a few digits of hundred, or probably thousands to recover a part of your valuable datas.

3. Considers the cheaper option by ordering a same I/O board for your hard drive, it's very good chance that one part of your logic board blew after surpassing the hours of operation. It should set you back about 50 bucks or less, and the reliable source to find it is at ebay.
You can type your information of your hard drive here, and I can help you to find the appropriate logic board to give your hard drive another try to recover your datas.

Also, If you have camera and know how to use Marco setting, this would be very helpful to support your thread

First thing to do is to list your spec, by looking at this similar label, you will need to type Model; and numbers/letters under the three barcodes. Take a look at this picture for reference.

The next thing is to find the logic board matching to your hard drive. Look for the white label on the bar of IDE plug bottom, it need to match with your HDD label revisions, and the final thing is to match your chip with your old/broken logic chip. Take a look at here.

Good luck man and looking forward to help ya out.
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To make a very long story short I have an acomdata ext hard drive that has in someway failed Anytime I connect it to a computer it can t be read a recovery USB HD disassembling data Need + external help If you would like any background data on the steps that me and another member took to try and get the drive recognized you can look here http www techspot com vb topic - html In that link is all the data and product specs that you would need Now on to the real reason for this thread I would like to take this ext hard drive apart and I am not really sure how to that I hope that somebody on here may have some experience with this hard drive Need help disassembling a USB external HD + data recovery but im not holding my breath I did however Need help disassembling a USB external HD + data recovery find a link to a very similar HD http www gearhack com myink ViewP ridDrive External Hard Drive Disassembly html I read a little bit about the process and I already have questions I think i will save those questions for when we actually get to those steps I will get started on taking it apart and see if anyone has anything to add in Thanx for the help nbsp

A:Need help disassembling a USB external HD + data recovery

Your link looks sufficient. I've got 4 external enclosures hooked up to several computers. The principle is the same in them all. If your enclosure is like the one shown then it is real simple. Ignore all the wires plugged into the green PCB because you don't need to disconnect any of them. Once you get to the point where you can see the drive itself, you may need to remove 4 screws from the bottom (also shown in your link). Then the drive will slide out a few millimeters away from the PCB and can be lifted out.
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My laptop stopped booting in either safe/command or normal mode. it keeps shutting down after first Windows logo screen(animated block moving from left to right) and keeps repeating...

So to recover data i took drive out and connected as via adapter to USB port. Now when i open it it says 'drive not formmated'. So used EASEUS - it went though and pulled about 25GB data but all are in 'SWF' and 'GZ' format. nothing else.

Can someone guide me what can i do to either fix or recover data?

Thank you,

A:2.5" SATA drive - data recovery

Hi, i think you should download Hiren use Acronis its better at restoring partitions...

Hope that helps
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HI all.
I have tried creating FTP server (filezilla) .Server is running fine.port forwarded port 80 .I got a domain on i try accessing from outside through internet i directed to modem .I see no option for DYNAMIC DNS in do achieve it in my modem. Help pls..

Modem Model NO :Teracom Type 2 ADSL2+ CPE/IAD ,
model name : T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI

thanks in advance,

A:Web server redirects to modem. How to set up dynamic DNS?

FTPd server needs ports 20-21, not port 80. While it can be made to run on port 80,
no one would connect to that port (with FTP) without you informing them of the non-standard port number.
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I bought recovery external Comcast drive Data from this drive years ago or rather I received as a gift details aside the thing broke and I m having one tiny issue before I can install its guts and save the remainder Data recovery from Comcast external drive of my data Data recovery from Comcast external drive I ve read similar issues on other forums with what is more than likely the same product and found a few conspicuous details It s a Tb drive made up of two Gb WD HD s installed in a Raid format The Primary Master within the case is in a continuous start-up cycle I E Spin up click twice reset so assuming I can get the freezer trick to work long enough I should be able to clean it no problem The problem I DO have is pretty pathetic by comparison I checked the BIOS and the broken drive is recognized as PM while my actual main drive is only M Could this be preventing Windows from normal start-up If so how do I Change the M S setting on a Sata drive so the broken drive is recognized as a slave instead and how do I Change the setting on my main Sata drive to read Primary Master rather than rd Master The second drive is a non-issue it seems as it s recovering fine as I type this but I May have to recover them simultaneously as a virtual Raid if the data is split in some f d way as well Either way only the one drive is giving me problems at the moment nbsp
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After my hard drive crashed, my brother installed a new one for me. I ordered recovery discs from Sony and he installed them also. The computer couldn't detect any operating system from what he told me so since I misplaced my Vista Home Edition he installed XP Professional. After not being able find any drivers for my Sony Vaio model VGN-FE855E I found out that my notebook is not compatible with anything besides Vista. Sony Tech people told me I should find my operating system on the recovery discs the sent me. Im trying to run them but I have a message saying: "The recovery drive letter is the same as the system drive letter". What does it mean and why I can't get my system recovered?

A:Vista system recovery problem

Hi, First I must say I have no knowledge of Sony Viao hardware, BUT you have the problem which is, when you bought the PC new, it will have had the Vista OS installed twice. Once in a partition that you never use, that will be in the condition as it was the first day you used it. The second version, is a copy of the first, but is the one you have been working with, until it crashed, or hard drive failed.
When you go into the recovery routine, the software is looking for the first copy of Vista, and then to copy it over (on top of) the second version of Vista. BUT because you have changed the hard drive for a new one, the recovery partition is not there. Your PC was pre-activated with Microsoft for your particular machine to use Vista (Home premium, or Pro or Ultimate), and will have had the drivers installed for all the devices, (touchpad, webcam, DVD, card reader etc) on the original hard drive, which you now have lost. What you do now depends on what Sony have supplied on the discs that they sent to you.
I will assume they have supplied the Vista operating system, or the Sony OEM version, plus all the drivers for your PC. So all you need to do, is to make your PC read from the DVD drive when you switch on, with the Sony disc in the DVD drive. It should then be fairly automatic, and you will need to enter some information as you go along. The most important being the 'Product key' which is printed on a sticker underneath your PC. Best to copy it down before you start. It is five blocks of letters and numbers, you will have to type them into Vista, part way through the install process. To make your Pc look at the DVD drive rather than the hard drive, you press power on, then look for a message on-screen, 'Setup=F2' or 'Boot order=F12', or similar, it may vanish off screen quickly, but if you miss it, just shut down and start again. When you see a screen with options, you look for 'Drives' or 'Boot order'. You have to make the list of your drives look like; 1st =CD/DVD, 2nd On-board IDE/SATA. (Any others in the list are not important. NOTE that you have to use certain keys, eg. cursor, enter, pg up, pg dwn, esc at this stage.)
Then put the Sony DVD into the drive, look on screen for the option 'Save changes and exit' (normally F11). Your PC will reboot, and start reading off the DVD. It will ask you various questions as you go along, (your location, time zone etc). You should find it takes about 1 1/2 hours, and you may have to put in a second DVD as supplied by SONY after Vista has installed. If all goes well, you may need to go to Microsoft's site to 'activate' Vista, but it's automatic. I will assume this is what will happen, if not, in worst case situation, that is if Sony didn't supply Vista, you MAY have to buy a new Operating system, it will be Windows 7 now, not Vista. If you do that, you will get a new 'Product key'. Also you will need to go to Sony's site to download the specific drivers for your PC. (But try your Sony supplied disc first, you should not need to spend any more money). Hope this helps.
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My sister , decided she wanted to reinstall Windows . Why i don't know , but she installed it in on the Recovery "Drive E lets say". Instead of drive C where it belongs .So now it boots up off that drive which is almost completely full.I'm sure there is an easy fix to this i'm just not thinking of . Any help will be greatfull thx Wow just logged in to see 39 views and no reply's , -,- i figured it out and fixed it thx for the help
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HI I recently purchased a Compaq c- sa mini netbook amp have upgraded the hdd but cannot get it to recover now amp have no way of getting the old HD back Before HDD XP 311c-1020sa HP recovery problem I upgraded I created a recovery set using the built in Roxio Back on Track recovery disc creator It created x recovery boot disc amp x recovery cd s Then I installed the new Western Digital wd bevt hard disc amp tried HP 311c-1020sa recovery problem XP HDD to recover using the verified recovery disc set created amp this is what happens It boots of the st recovery boot disc into the recovery HP 311c-1020sa recovery problem XP HDD options menu amp I choose either disaster recovery or image recovery On the next screen I have to select the image source Revovery cd amp destination However there is no appropriate destination as the hard drive cannot be seen in here I can see a System partition made up of about mb which I assume is the boot disc data loaded into cache memory amp also shows the cd drive but there is no hdd I have checked this disc in win amp it works fine I have fdisk d amp deleted all partitions but still no luck I have tried to recreate partions but that also hasnt helped I know the drive isn t faulty amp I know that some people had issues with xp installs on this machine amp sata drives but I don t want to do a clean xp install but a factory recovery Please help nbsp

A:HP 311c-1020sa recovery problem XP HDD

Sometimes this happens when trying to do a created recovery. One wrong step or file can make the recovery impossible. You may have to "bite the bullet" and start with a fresh Windows install. A better way to save files is to place the old hard drive in a external USB enclosure. Install the new drive in the laptop and install Windows and all its updates. Then connect the USB enclosure and copy your important files and documents from the old drive to the new drive
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Hi, I dropped an external harddisc on the floor, and it doesn't work.

So, i want to retrieve all the data that isn't broken.
is it possible with the "RECOVER" command in command prompt? I cannot open window. maybe its the "pickup-thing" thats broken and i have to get it fixed, but its like 600 and the data is not that important...

A:Help with data recovery through command prompt

If it's physically broken, there's no way other than a very expensive method used by data recovery companies. Does it power on and spin up? Is it recognized when you plug it in? can you remove the drive from the enclosure?
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Hi All Recently my older Acer Aspire - notebook hard drive failed on me It s about yrs old Was running Vista Home I of course like an never burned the recovery media from the hard drive And it s just my luck that Acer no longer has the recovery media available They told me there was nothing recovery no hard media Acer longer failed... available? drive Aspire they could do for me and directed me to Microsoft My question is this I have Windows Vista home running on my Acer Aspire hard drive failed... recovery media no longer available? Desktop If I smack in a new hard drive in the notebook can I use the recovery media from the Desktop to reinstall the OS on the notebook If not do I have any other options I guess I could always run Ubuntu I know this is an older notebook not necessarily worth a lot but I d like to keep this running for my wife She uses it primarily for web surfing and she s hogging my laptop like crazy every since her s died Thanks in advance Frank nbsp

A:Acer Aspire hard drive failed... recovery media no longer available?

You can't legally used your Desktop's recovery media on your laptop (also because usually manufacturer's build such medium for a particular piece of hardware, with all drivers etc. pre-installed).

I think you can either choose to run Ubuntu or you can get one of those cheap OEM windows media from e.g. newegg. However, one draw back of this is, I believe you can't get any help from Microsoft directly, if you ever need it.
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You were probably reading the title and thinking omg just use the recovery console and bob you but make netbook new do daughter Got - discs! recovery a how s your uncle out spits two DVDs Well its an Acer One netbook with no optical drive Acer s recovery console tells me I need to make backups which is obvious as a HD failure would kill our OS but its only option is to use a Got daughter a new netbook - but how do you make recovery discs! optical drive So the challenge I ve quot bing co uk quot and got nowhere is how on earth do I make two DVDs with the data without a an internal optical drive or b an external one I m not prepared to purchase an external one just to do this one job as I have no other use for one What I ve tried so far Sharing my PCs DVD RW drive and mapping it on the netbook which ends up with a folder and thus doesn t work checking settings to see if I could make ISO s instead - No go there too I ve even tried using a combination of my E-SATA dock but the connections are the wrong way around to run my PC s DVD RW drive via USB which would have given me an external DVD RW It really shouldn t be this difficult to make OS backups and there must be another way of doing this backup without resorting to spending on a new external DVD RW drive just to do it PLEASE help lol nbsp

A:Got daughter a new netbook - but how do you make recovery discs!

OK, I might have a solution:

If I use CloneZilla to make an entire image of the netbook hard drive, am I correct in saying it will capture the entire OS in its current form (e.g. unused), as well as the ENTIRE recovery partition? (They both on one physical disc).

Would that work, enabling me to keep a copy of everything on the entire drive in its current (new) state? I have an external SATA dock I can use to clone it (and put it back if I ever need).

After looking at the above, I decided against it, as it just introduced another issue of mounting suitable hard disc space to make the backup.

So I decided to go with EASUS ToDo backup - And removed the hard disc and I'm now backing it up (the whole drive) in my PC as we speak. It looks very good for a free app.

I wish I'd just thought about this from the start - It took me all of 5 mins to download, install it, turn the pc off, remove the 2.5" sata, and then fit it in my case and reboot. LOL.

Least this post will come in handy for others unsure in the future no doubt.
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does anyone know a way past the recovery prompt (USB pointing to itunes) on an ipod touch? i wont have access to a pc for a few more days. and surfing the net on my psp is a pain. any info would be helpful thanks

fwi my ipod isnt jailbroken. and the only solution i could find didnt work (holding power and home buttons for 10secs)

A:Any way past the iPod recovery screen without a computer?

Try this.
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Data Loss Situation Best Chance of Recovery At the moment you have a failure it is important to record what you remember and from this point forward what you do to attempt getting the data back Technicians have to be detectives in some cases as when the drive arrives it is very vague as to the events leading up to the failure and the failure itself then the what steps did you try for the recovery question Avoiding doing anything further that could cause damage to the data is of Data chance ? situation best recovery loss of course based on what type of failure has occurred Logical recovery data deletion or read errors mean that anything you apply to the drive can cause further damage as the drive is still in working order Electrical damage likely safest of all failures as if the drive does not receive power the data can not be changed or affected until power is restored to the drive Physical failure clicking whirring grinding and internal noise and every time you put power to the drive the data has a chance of further damage incurring I liken putting power to the drive at this point to Russian roulette as you power up the drive it s putting the most force into the reading heads and if then you hear silence the heads may well have died Data loss situation ? best chance of recovery completely at this point and a ring is made then causing the data to be unrecoverable If you have a logical deletion or failure do not download any recovery tools to the drive you wish to recover data to you would be surprised how many end users over write the data they are wishing to recover If you drive has picked up read errors or bad segments you can imagine a defrag or scan disk option being like the card file at the library and at the time the drive is working away putting everything in a new order behind the scenes it would be like throwing the library card file up in the air as the drive is then loosing al the pointers on the drive that point to the location of the data stored on the drive Always stop to consider how important the lost data is Do you have a copy Who might have the back up of your lost data- something you have emailed as in pictures Then you can decide value on the missing data what the important data is you have lost and what measures you will take to recovery the data or not Sometimes the cost of the recovery will out weight the value and other times the value will be found to be irreplaceable nbsp

A:Data loss situation – best chance of recovery

And your question is?
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I understand how to access the recovery partition in vista, and windows 7. However I have stumbled across a compaq laptop and a gateway laptop that I had attempted to put windows 7 on and get them functioning and sold. But as it turns out, there were'nt win7 drivers for the audio on one, and no win7 graphics driver available on the other. Having no discs for either of these presents a problem with getting them back to the original setup. There is a seperate partition in each laptop, one that says "presario_RP" and the other "Gateway_RP". I assume the RP is recovery partition, but I have no clue how to access and start either of these. Anyone know?

A:Access recovery partion win xp/media center?

i don't know how for compaq, but i did this to acer 5920 and 5930 and it showed up the hidden partition.
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Good morning everyone I don t have much experience or knowledge in the world of RAID arrays and I recently had a power surge that burned my NAS I have an Intel SS -E NAS box with TB drives set up in a RAID- It was running fine and having experienced a drive failure event due to my careless handling of the power cord failure RAID - NAS recovery? proved to me its ability to rebuild a drive from the other three Unfortunately a recent power surge literally burned the box I ve taken it in to get analyzed by some HDD repair amp recovery people but I have no frame of reference NAS RAID failure - recovery? for this Story is thus NAS RAID failure - recovery? After the surge I was able to login to the dashboard app of the box via my network It reported all drives as failed and provided no further information The repair guy is saying that of the drives are fine while the other have electronic mechanical failures in addition the RAID chip on the NAS box was fried Those three things have to be repaired in order to even begin drive rebuilding His quote for repair amp recovery was in the vicinity of My first question is whether or not this is a reasonable price My second pertains to the Parity structure of the RAID setup Because the system can lose out of drives and still retain data integrity is it possible to only repair one of my failed drives and rebuild with those three I m thinking that would bring the cost down And realistically what percentage of data am I likely to recover I d appreciate some help on this as I m completely in the dark about all of this Thanks nbsp

A:NAS RAID failure - recovery?

one hd is the parity drive; if it's gone - - so are you. sorry
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I have problems with booting.
Everything happened when I shrinked a volume. And created a new simple volme in Computer management.
I have 2 windows installed on this dynamic disk. And none on the basic disk.

Can someone suggest me what to do to boot correctly?

I have atached a screenshot of my situation.

A:Problems with windows 7 installed on a dynamic disk

You have partition those two TB drives with a lot of partitions but. You have the boot record is screwy now.

I need you to do a few things:

1. Under 7 after you click on the orb (flag) if you have the word computer listed to the right side of the menu.
2. Right click on Computer then on Properties.
3. Then click on Advance System Settings
4. Click on Startup and Recovery then on Settings

Now System Startup? What does it say?
Should say Windows 7
Make sure those two boxes are checked off and both should say 30 seconds.

5. Click okay
6. Click on Environment Variables

Look at System Variables
Should look like this:


Look at
Windir C:\Windows Do you see this or where you have your partition drive set for Windows 7 OS?

7. If all look the same they click on cancel if not then you have to click on edit to fix.
8. Exit out of the above

9. Press Orb Flag and R key on your keyboard at the sametime
A. Type in: msconfig
B: Click on Boot
C: What does it read?

Should say Windows 7 (C:\Windows): Current OS; Default OS:

D: Check off Safe Boot
E: Change time out to 30 or 60
F: Check make all boot changes permanent

Optional setting in the next step....

G: Also click on Advance Options (Boot Advanced Options)
If you have more than 2-cores then select the cores you have on your CPU. Check that off.
Also Max Memory check off also. Don't enter in the memory though.
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I dropped the Maxtor One Touch III to the floor pretty badly. After that it had only momentarily beep sound and could not be detected from Win XP. I took the drive out from the enclosure and hooked it up with the IDE cable and power cord, still no luck from XP but only beep sound could be heard. Now the beep sound is gone and I don't feel anything coming from the drive except a bit warm (with the IDE cable and power cord connected).

So what is the best way to retrieve the data? Any good data recovery softwares? I know there are bunch of places that advertise for data recovery but charges a lot.

A:Data recovery from Maxtor One Touch III ?

Unfortunately, all the "home user" recovery methods/tools to try and recover data assume you can still at least connect to the HD itself (e.g. via the cable as you tried). But seems in your case the drive is physically damaged... so unless you can find a hardware guru to fix an HD with physical damagei, i think you're out of luck

/* edit /
I assume you used a USB / IDE cable? Did the drive spin up at all? Did you hear the USB ding dong sound when you connected it?
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DiskGetor data recovery free : 1, Increased ability of undeletion; 2, Recover system destroyed files and recover deleted ( word, excel ,photo,dwg ,cad,office ppt etc important data) files names perfectly which were erased in Recycle Bin ; recovered files will add right file extensions automatically, if they were in sub-folders before, DiskGetor will recover all these folders as well, Recover encrypted and hidden folders
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My desktop's motherboard crashed, now I need to get my Acer Aspire 5100 back to working. I originally burned the recovery disc, but apparently it did not burn correctly. I need to restore my computer to factory settings, currently it is a blank slate with absolutely nothing on it. I contacted Acer and they no longer have the recovery cd's available. Can someone please tell me where I can download the recovery disc, or order it in the united states. I found a website, but it is in the U.K. and I am in a real hurry to have this. I'm sorry if this is a repeat question, I am not computer savvy at all and was confused with some of the solutions to similar requests. Thank you.
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hi guys Fist of all ty for anyone who can help me I got a hp intel core quads mb memory go fail page not able F11 start - PC boot, Discs to not working on Recovery hard drive NVIDIA gs window xp service pack I am having a big problem here I was downloading a codec when this first happen the blue screen stay like sec then pc reboot choice to start fail since they all lead to he blue screen who stay sec and then restart My Recovery disk are been read since i can press see them with my hard disk but when i try to start with it nothing happen but the blue PC not able to boot, Recovery Discs fail - F11 not working on start page screen for the last hours if try many things if been able with patience and time and focus too see a little bit my error code who looks like i dont know x witch after reading on the internet seem to be x f For now i cannot press f and Reboot when i plug in the pc its unplug if not it only do the same fail by itself for eternity i did deactivated PC not able to boot, Recovery Discs fail - F11 not working on start page auto-restart but it restart and fail anyway please help me thanks nbsp

A:PC not able to boot, Recovery Discs fail - F11 not working on start page

when you hit F8 and disable system automatic restart, it still restarts without displaying the blue screen?
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I have problems mine is recovering data from a DVD-R amp a friend is looking for my help in recovering data from a quot corrupted quot Flash Drive I was burning data on a DVD-R multiple sessions disk when my Burner crapped out while using Nero I now have a new Burner amp when I go back into this disk I can only read data from my st session when I compare the s from Nero s disk info tool however it also shows that session is still open but I cannot read anything from sessions amp Looking around I spotted CD Recovery Tool Box Free is there anything more recent and or better that would let me try to recover the data on this disk The data in session is still on my HD but I would like to be able to recover the data in the other sessions worst DVD-R data recovery data Flash & Drive recovery possible case even just the file names would be a DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery small plus Now for the Flash Drive It is a Lexar Gig DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery amp what supposedly happened is that Peter lent it to a fellow employee so he could extract some data probably a mistake When he got it back a few minutes later amp tried to use it all he got was a message that it was corrupted As it has all of his product codes phone numbers amp personal sales data for the last year he is really desperate to try amp recover DVD-R data recovery & Flash Drive data recovery the data He does not have a computer of his own so he has no backup another bad idea He has gotten a new Flash Drive a Sony Gig but I have told him that he better go out amp get a nd one to use as a backup As I know basically nothing about Flash Drives is there a program out there that maybe can recover his data Any and all help along with a few words of advice would be greatly appreciated Oh yes I have computers one running on Windows so I can run my old DOS programs amp HD so I guess that dates me amp the other on XP Pro which from what I have read may be an advantage in recovery Happy Skies Chris nbsp
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One of my new backup HDD turned into a dynamic drive as I was installing fresh copy of windows onto another new HDD. And now I cannot access that HDD because it is unreadable Does anyone know how to revert it back to readable without formatting? Because I have over 900 Gigs worth of things in it and I don't want to lose it no matter what. I have no clue as to what microsoft supports resolution wants me to do either. Although I did check it out but I don't see anything wrong with those files, anyone know any alternative ways?

EDIT: Nevermind, fixed it XD... cased close
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- - AM hi folks need some abstract thinking first of all The screen went to vertical wide spaced lines upon installation of SONY Handycam PMB Ver upon the cd disc eject Software removal did not repair Upon restart the blue motion bar graph is garbled looking and exceeds the box it runs in to the right including holes the machine would not get past start xp splash screen before it freezes up Restoring to a Qosmo G15-AV501 Toshiba recovery failure prior date did not work Safe mode would open prior to recovery disc installation but included equally wide spaced wide lines Cannot use out board monitor feature Recovery Format CD runs with PERFECT fullsize SCREEN with no lines to completed cycle of recovery Windows still Toshiba Qosmo G15-AV501 recovery failure fails after recovery the same as before on start up Safe Mode DOS driver loading screen window is FINE Safe Mode stops due initial setup not being completed Tried to upgrade the Bios qg v exe will load fine the upgraded Bios qg rv fails due Toshiba Qosmo G15-AV501 recovery failure to as follows the change bios upgrade failed Toshiba Qosmo G15-AV501 recovery failure because the bios installation diskett recconized the existing bios as a G BIOS ROM G v BIOS FILE G V The system has a NVIDIA G-FORCE FX video system its latest driver qg videonx exe does not have a diskette install method if the stock video driver is bad any suggestions on where to start now other than a high dollar door stop thanks nbsp

A:Toshiba Qosmo G15-AV501 recovery failure

Safe Mode stops due initial setup not being completed.Click to expand...

What do you mean by this? What happened with setup?
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hi folks need some abstract thinking first of all The screen went to vertical wide spaced lines upon installation of SONY Handycam PMB Ver upon the cd disc eject Software removal did not repair Upon restart the blue motion bar graph is garbled looking and exceeds the box it runs in to the right including holes the machine would not get past start xp splash screen before it freezes up Restoring to a prior date did not work Safe mode would open prior to recovery disc installation but G15-AV501 recovery failure Toshiba Qosmo included equally wide Toshiba Qosmo G15-AV501 recovery failure spaced wide lines Cannot use out board monitor feature Toshiba Qosmo G15-AV501 recovery failure Recovery Format CD runs with PERFECT fullsize SCREEN with no lines to completed cycle of recovery Windows still fails after recovery the same as before on start up Safe Mode DOS driver loading screen window is FINE Safe Mode stops due initial setup not being completed Tried to upgrade the Bios qg v exe will load fine the upgraded Bios qg rv fails due to as follows the change bios upgrade failed because the bios installation diskett recconized the existing bios as a G BIOS ROM G v BIOS FILE G V The system has a NVIDIA G-FORCE FX video system its latest driver qg videonx exe does not have a diskette install method if the stock video driver is bad any suggestions on where to start now other than a high dollar door stop thanks nbsp

A:Toshiba Qosmo G15-AV501 recovery failure

Reload Windows
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Hi dears,
I made something very stupid yesterday. I tried to update my BIOS on HP DV4 laptop after fishing the updated the pc gone to shutdown mode. When I press the power to turn On there is no display (no POST no BOOT ) just black screen .
I tried to: removed the battery memory module and pressing the power switch for 30 sec
But no rustle
Please help me what to do
Best regards,

A:Bad Bios recovery

Hello, you're really limited as to what your options are here. You can try calling HP and see if they can walk you through doing a crisis recovery sort of thing. It will entail a key combination that will enable the Boot Block portion of the BIOS chip (if it has one)

I went through this last month with my DV9000 model. I searched the web for a few weeks looking for some kind of solution. I ended up sending it to aqstech a repair shop in NY for a BIOS rescue service.

PS, the repair cost me $99 + shipping.
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My motherboard fail a while ago, after 4 years, it time to change.
But my data was on 2 sata 80G RAID0 drives.

How can i retrieve my data?

Option 1: Buy the same motherboard.

Mine was a P4P800-E Deluxe not easy to find after 4 years and pricey too. Not as simple as it look, i have to reconfigure the raid controller to the same config as before.

Option 2: find a Raid recovery software.

I found a software: Raid reconstructor that work with Getdataback. You plug bolt drive in the computer (no raid controller)the software do the rest. I was able to recover all my data from the Raid it was easy and painless.

Note: my drives did not fail, Data was not corrupted.
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I would just like to revisit one of the posts from yesteryear Entitled Raid Problems and Essential Data Recovery I had a major problem with my HD discs after my motherboard blew When I replaced my motherboard due to the bios not being configured Data Raid Essential Problems 0 solved Recovery and to know how my Raid drives operated I thought I d lost it all - and so did everyone on these forums and my friends BUT after a little use of common sense and hope I got it all back and I did it all by myself Here s the basics I got a cheap IDE HD disc drive I stuck it into my motherboard as the master drive with my Raid ones as they were in the raid slots didn t matter which way round I installed Windows on the IDE drive I bought some software like Runtime Raid Reconstructor I ran that software It detected the Raid drives even though windows couldn t I asked it to perform a configuration test It completed the test and opened my drives I used an external drive to remove Raid 0 Problems and Essential Data Recovery solved all stored data off the Raid drives I eventually removed the IDE drive and formatted the Raid drives ready for a standard configuration and Windows Install I put all my files back Raid 0 Problems and Essential Data Recovery solved on to the Raid drives from my external JOB DONE Now I ain t no tech head right BUT I understood that the concept of openning Raid drives in RAID requires two bits of information Block size Drive priority ie which is first second Any Raid reconstruction software will work out through trail and error what the configuration is of your drives so you can get your data off This isn t a tech heads version of what to do but I was stuck for months last year thinking I d lost it all I of course won the battle and punched the air a fair number of times Hope this helps any of you out there in the troblesome Raid land nbsp
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at work I have deleted some files from a network drive. I have tried recuva, undelete and one or one or two others. they will not let me scan a network drive.

It isn't a major problem - and it would be quicker to recreate the items that to manually get the drive out and connect it locally - but is there free software that would let me recover deleted files over a network?



A:Deleted file recovery software that will work on network drive?

Have you seen this software:
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Hi again and drive all, recovery, Hard windows help I have a HP dv with Hard drive recovery, windows and all, help a GB HDD I used to have a windowe partition a recovery partition and the main data partioion now I have only single partition with slightly less than GB The computer was in for repair and thew erer told not to format it They are swapping between telling me that they didn t format it and that it Hard drive recovery, windows and all, help must have just happened when my motherboard died to telling me that the data is my responsibility I have told them that they either formatted it or put the wrong drive in and they are adament that they have done nither this isn t helping me though I have basically lost a bucket load of data and my factory installed windows I know it should have been backed up but whenever I tride it would crash for some reason or tell me that i needed DVD s I need to recover my files and would also like to get my windows back as I can t afford to replace it does anyone have any ideas on whether this can be done thanks alot Steve nbsp

A:Hard drive recovery, windows and all, help


tricky this...the shop that fixed it would have told you that any data on the drive would be lost, this is common practice and you are always advised to back up any data to an external source on a regular basis.

However, if they are asked not to format the drive and they have then again the fault lies with yourself, you should have removed the drive before sending it in for repair, any good repair shop will use a test HDD to make sure the unit is working.

Unless you have it on paper that you asked them to do a non destructive repair then you are in a state of loss. also say that their is now no windows installed on the drive, is this correct, by rights a repair means that the unit comes back to you in a working condition including software that was on the drive, even if the shop have swapped the drive, it would be down to them reinstall windows and ensure it was in a working condition, as this is what you have paid for.

But your first port of call might be to a citizens advice bureau for further help and then trading standards, you might get the cost of the repair back on the basis the unit was returned unworking however on the point of the lost data, you wouldnt be able to claim for that.
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Hi everyone I am new to the this message board and am looking problems/questions Drive Hard recovery for solutions or advice in recovering data from a crashed laptop s hard drive Here is where I m at currently My laptop Hard Drive recovery problems/questions will no longer boot as it has done before and last time I encountered this problem I went to BestBuy and bought the RocketFish hard drive enclosure kit I was able to remove the Hard Drive recovery problems/questions HD from my laptop and use the enclosure kit to successfully recover all files and put them on a different computer Then I put the HD back into the crashed laptop and reformatted the Hard Drive recovery problems/questions drive problem solved This time around I am going through the same process but when I try to access the drive I am unable to do so I have the RocketFish enclosure with the crashed laptop s HD in the enclosure and connected to another laptop to extract the files I wish to recover before I reformat the HD I try to access the files by going to quot My Computer quot and then clicking on quot Local Disk E quot I then try to click on quot My Documents quot and get the following message E My Documents is not accessible Incorrect function quot Anyone encounter the same trouble or issue Any advice on how to access these files I need to recover Also is there anyway I can use the Windows recovery disks to fix or reformat this drive without erasing all the files Thank you for your help nbsp

A:Hard Drive recovery problems/questions

Hello KP... A few questions for you...
1. "Will no longer boot" - What does this mean exactly?
2. You recovered files, reformatted and reused the old drive before...
Did you use chkdsk, or other drive utilities to check for and repair errors?
What was the nature of the previous failure? (Malware? Hardware Failure? Something else?)
3. It sounds like "Explorer/File Manager" can see your "E drive", but cannot navigate to the "My Documents" folder/subdirectory of the "E drive"?

My initial guess is that you have bad sectors that are preventing "Windows File Manager / Explorer" from finding the directory.
If this is the case, one of the gurus may have an answer for you,
(Whether one of the Tales from the Toolroom articles by Albert Lionhart, or something else?)

At this point, my best answer for you is to stop using the drive at all, until you have a defined strategy for recovery.
Further use is likely to cause further damage and make the recovery more difficult, if it is not already beyond reach.
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Hi all,
1)I have recently purchased HDX1155CA Laptop.I got 280 gb single partition.I want to make repartition the hard drive.Whether i can use recovery software located recovery drive to restore the original OS into repartitioned drive using recovery drive present in laptop.

2)I want to install windows 7.whether i can recover to original vista using recovery partition available with system.


A:Reg. HP recovery partition

Leave the partitions the way they are, upgrade to Windows 7 but leave the restore partition intact. Then when and if you want to restore back to factory specs then just do a system restore.
You can also make recovery disks for you computer then you can do whatever you want to the partitions.
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A follow-up to my previous thread:

I, with the help of other generous members, have concluded that my USB drive has automatically deleted the important & only files that I had on the drive... is there any file recovery software besides Recuva that are freeware and can restore the files from USB?

Anyone who needs more information is kindly requested to go back to the original thread ( ) and he/she can infer what I am referring to.

Thank you in advance.

A:How should I recover lost files on my usb using a File Recovery Software?

there are several software that you can use.
When it comes to recovering lost files, I prevfer Runtime's GetDataBack for FAT or NTFS, your USB Flash drive will most likely be running a fat file system, so use GetDataback for FAT.
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I have a Toshiba Portege M Tablet PC It has no built-in or external CD-ROM DVD or Floppy drives It M200 Tablet Toshiba recovery PC Portege has bios settings that will allow it to boot from HDD FDD CD-ROM or LAN I have the Toshiba Recovery DVD from the manufacturer The Toshiba support site lists the supported external CD DVD drives that will work with the recovery disk I don t have any of these and I am trying to use a generic DVD drive with an IDE to USB adapter I am able to connect the DVD drive with this adapter to a computer running XP and I am able to access DVD s on that computer The recovery disk has instructions that tell me to use an Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC recovery external DVD drive to perform the recovery but isn t as specific as the website as to which DVD drive to use As a side note the instructions do say that the drive cannot be formatted in NTFS I think that I just need to find a way to copy the sys files onto the hard drive and then copy a generic DVD driver onto the Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC recovery hard drive so I can access the DVD when it is attached to the Tablet PC I would greatly appreciate any experience or suggestions as to how I might get this to work without having to buy one of these specific DVD drives Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC recovery that the Toshiba Site suggests After reading other posts for similar issues although these other posts didn t provide an answer for me I thought I might want to clarify a little I have pulled the hard drive out of the tablet and hooked it up to a desktop using an adapter I can format the drive and copy files to it using this method However I am unable to run the Recovery disk on this machine When I try running the recovery disk it gives me an error message stating that the disk can only be run on my specific model Tablet PC To clarify even further the Recovery DVD is a system restore disk that reinstalls Windows Tablet PC and the applications that are specifically designed for this Tablet PC and provide specific functionality that are only available on the Tablet PC Thanks nbsp

A:Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC recovery

I thought I should add; I have hooked the tablet hard drive up to the desktop as a primary hard drive and tried formatting it, copied the sys files over and windows 98 startup files to the drive. Then I put the hard drive back into the tablet, hooked up the external DVD drive and powered on the laptop. It errors out stating that it cannot connect to the external drive.
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So a few days ago I tried to resize my partitions shrink my linux one and grow my XP one I decided to use the Paragon Partition Manger and it restarted went into a not-actually-in-windows mode more or less resized them and then it said it needed to reboot to continue the operation So it did that but when it did GRUB came up with an Error because the partitions had changed I had no idea recovery? Partition how to fix this so I decided to try to restore my partitions I used Partition recovery? TestDisk from a recovery CD and then loaded into Tiny XP from another CD I tried to access my drive from there but it said the file system was corrupt and now I m sitting here with a computer with nothing working on it GRUB is now giving me an error corrupt file system I m going to try to load into Knoppix via a live CD and use some of the tools on there Anybody have any recommendations I have photos movies music on there from the past years or so and I d hate to lose it all nbsp

A:Partition recovery?

From here:

GRUB has an issue where it sometimes doesn't detect the disk geometry correctly when used with Linux 2.6, resulting in the error message Error 24: Attempt to access block outside partitionClick to expand...

Sorry I don't know enough about Linux to fix faults

You may receive other replies, but if not you may want to create a new thread here: The Alternative OS forum
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Well this is the problem I came back from a trip to new york and when I got back the blue screen of death was waiting for me knock dead It said that if you haven t tried restarting your computer to restart it So I did After that it would just say operating system not found I was checking in the BIOS and drive failure, need Hard recovery the hard drive wasn t even being found I tried reimaging it but that wasn t working because I still couldn t locate it So I sent my laptop back to Sony and they replaced the harddrive but I asked for the original drive Hard drive failure, need recovery back so I could recover some files There is my problem do you think it is possible to recover files from a harddrive that won t show up If there is a way do you know where I can do this for less than because all those sites I found are charging The hard drive is not physically connected right now and just sitting here The hard drive is for a laptop and its a Toshiba if that helps Any help appreciated angel THANKS nbsp

A:Hard drive failure, need recovery

Locate a program called "ERD Comander 2005" by Winternals. Boot your computer from that cd and have your old hard drive conected. ERD Commander has several tools you may find useful. I'm not sure if it would still work if you can't find your HDD, though.
Relevancy 21.5%

Hi My friend lent his HP Pavilion dv to someone recently They said that they got a blue screen saying quot computer just recovered from a serious failure quot So they didn t dv Recovery to 5 of point HP restore instead know what to do and called HP assistance Were instructed to do a system recovery which they did Needless to say now of course it is back to factory settings I know there must have been a way to fix the problem before reverting to recovery I do have some experience on computers but I have to ask Is there any way to restore the laptop so that my friend can get to files etc He has now left his laptop in my care hoping I can help He has now computer savy what so ever My best advise to him is Don t Lend Your Computer Out Any ideas or info I would greatly appreciate If more info on the Recovery instead of restore point to HP dv 5 HP is needed please let me kno Thanx rolleyes nbsp

A:Recovery instead of restore point to HP dv 5

Chances are that the "friend" used a destructive restore... If so, the data is gone
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hello all,

just have a relatively simple question here. i am privy to somewhat sensitive info not meant for the general public and i store my files on a thumb drive for convenience so i can use any of the various agency machines. If i open a file from my thumb drive, can it somehow be recovered from the host computer I was using after i have disconnected from it? sorry i'm a n00b

A:Removable media recovery from host

I guess you're thinking that data could have been cached on the host and might
be accessible via the cache.

It would be hard to locate and quickly lost due to normal operations.
Some persistent data might be left if the system were to hibernate with the device
attached. The hiberfil.sys file would be present for someone to scan through.

If some data were encrypted, then the act of decrypting would leave tidbits in the temp\ directory.
Use Disk Cleanup after you dismount the USB and before you logoff.
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I have no computer smarts what so ever so bear with me and sorry if this is in the wrong place So Deletion of drive Recovery a couple weeks ago I got home from work and wanted to play some games I noticed i was hitting ping from - in seconds so i thought i d run ccleaner and some anti virus software nothing was working so at first I thought i had some type of virus but i just started deleting things in control panel that i didn t recognize So this problem was going on for several weeks and the lag had significantly gotten worse so i decided to reformat I go into my computer and im right clicking on my c drive and my d drive and i don t see anything that said reformat but i noticed a format under the recovery d drive Now remember i m computer retarded and no i didn t take time to look up on google what the format would do Deletion of Recovery drive So you can probably guess that when i formated my recovery drive it deleted absolutely everything Now when i try to reformat it says i have no recovery drive or something along those lines Is their anything i could possibly do or do i have to call hp and get a new recovery disc sent to me Sorry about the whole ping thing i know it has nothing to do with it but it just leads up to the whole deletion part nbsp

A:Deletion of Recovery drive

"I have no computer smarts what so ever so bear with me...
"Now remember i'm computer retarded..."

So why in the World did you do this yourself?? The recovery partition is not absolutely needed, but it did contain some useful utilities you could have used like a "full System Restore" that would have returned your system to it's factory setup, programs and all. You will need to get an XP or Vista install disc and install the operating system from that disc. Or contact HP and have them send you a restore disc for your model computer
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Hi all this is my first post on this website cos i ve looked around and can t find an answer to this problem Please be kind if i ve missed anything important out cos im not very good at this and don t know really what is relevant I have a belkin wireless router in my house which of us are using I have plugged it in fine and run the set IP dynamic working on stops Internet and static up CD to get it all sorted and it seemed to work fine The problem started when i tried to download or watch videos online The connection seemed to drop off which stopped the download or buffering without it saying it was finished I also could not access web pages for Internet stops working on dynamic and static IP about a minute and then they would work again but the download would sit at whatever percentage it got too and not continue I left it for a few hours once I went on to the router ip by typing and the belkin router setup appears I changed the connection type to static and it restarted then worked fine I was able to download and buffer videos fine as was everyone else Then it stopped working again Pages would not load no matter how long i waited I went back to set up and changed to dynamic again which worked like before then changed to static I worked again but a few Internet stops working on dynamic and static IP days later same problem At the moment i have to do this every or days and i was hoping you guys could shed some light on the problem Any help would be appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Internet stops working on dynamic and static IP

get the latest firmware update for your device; pay attention to the device model and version

then see
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HP dv us laptop GHz AMD Turion CPU GB DDR RAM Memory Shutdown after disc first recovery GB WD Scorpio HDD Upgraded from Shutdown after first recovery disc stock GB Seagate HDD Windows XP Media Center Edition Bought in August of Recently I had to do some work on the power jack the battery wouldn t hold a charge and it would die in about seconds off the charger Also I would have to wiggle the plug to the laptop around for it to get a good connection and keep charging The insulation around the wiring had melted and the actual wire was corroded to the point where it just broke off So I stripped the insulation back to get some new wire and then soldered that back to the power jack and wrapped that in some electrical tape so it had some insulation Now after that fix I don t have to wiggle the plug around at all but the battery still won t hold a charge So I might need a new battery but I m ok with just leaving it plugged in all the time I have a new laptop now so I transferred all of my files to the new laptop and wanted to take the HP back to factory settings so I can give it to my cousin so he has a computer for school But whenever I try to use the recovery discs it shuts down after the first disc is completed and asks me to insert the second I thought maybe it was overheating but the computer isn t even warm to the touch Then I used Ubuntu Live CD to format the HDD so it was almost like installing on a fresh HDD but it still would shut down after the first recovery disc Any suggestions on how to keep the computer on after the first recovery disc I haven t tried to just do a fresh install of Windows XP Home Edition but I would really like to have Windows XP Media Center back on it nbsp
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Few days back I have lost my some important word file from my hard drive.The file contains my important data. Anybody knows good file recovery software that recover my lost data.

A:File recovery help

Recovery Software

Try this one:
It is free for up to four folder down, ie
E:\Documents and Setting\UserName\My Documents\My Pictures
1,2,3,4 folders down

Here are a lot free ones to choose from
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Hi all I googled looking for solutions to problems recovering a Compaq Presario computer and found a link here so I thought I would post a possible solution I have stumbled across Make sure the system you are recovering has been restored to FACTORY SPECS That means removing anything that wasn t in it when it was new PC Name Recovery solved problems brand I just tried to restore a Name brand PC Recovery problems solved Compaq Presario SR AN with a new hard drive in it from a new set of HP supplied recovery disks I got one error after another with problems copying files to the Name brand PC Recovery problems solved hard drive I got as Name brand PC Recovery problems solved far as a reported of the installation before I was forced to stop It reported problems copying Driver CAB and Base INP I managed to get Driver Cab installed by putting in a recovery disk from a different set but no way could I get Base INP to work After suggestions from HP that the Motherboard wasn t plugged in WTF I tried dismantling the machine and reseating the CPU that I had previously removed in cleaning and reseating the undisturbed DVD IDE cable and the HDD IDE cable I also removed the extra MB of RAM that the customer had installed to take the system from the factory supplied up to I then re-ran the recovery process with absolutely no problems I believe there was no problem with the seating of the cables or CPU I believe the main problem with the system was that the recovery process baulked when it discovered more RAM than HP had installed and would not continue I know next time I have to recover an HP Compaq or other brand OEM system I will be ensuring that the system is COMPLETELY back to FACTORY SPEC nbsp

A:Name brand PC Recovery problems solved

I take it that the extra 256Meg of Ram did not originally come from HP
I'm not sure if that's relevant or not, but even same rating Ram (but different manufacture) has been known to cause issues (ie best to use exactly the same Ram cards always)

I was discussing a similar matter earlier on here: Windows will not boot with more than 2gb of ram (although the emphasis in that thread was the 2Gig max, before installing Windows, and strangeness of having increased ram in a system)

Either way, thanks for your post, it was interesting to note this issue (and likely cause)
Many times during a Setup fault, I have advised members to remove extra Ram cards and try again. It may be that the originally recorded Ram (under re-imaging) may be the answer (on some computers that may have Setup problems) Sadly you would need to test this issue on 10 similar, same spec, computers to really confirm. Or contact HP technical support, or possibly their tech forum, to ask of others experiences.
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Alright here is the low down I just upgraded my computer from xp to vista I had two internal hard drives One has my operating system and the other was just a storage device pretty much I got Hard Problem Drive Dynamic vista Dynamic Hard Drive Problem loaded with no problem But when i went into Computer Management to find my other internal hard drive it was there but it was a dynamic hard drive instead of a basic basic is what it was on my old OS The computer does see Dynamic Hard Drive Problem it and it gives me the option to covert it into a basic but in doing so Dynamic Hard Drive Problem I will lose all of my data that is my backed up data from my old computer how do i go about doing this without losing my data I would be happy with even removal of the data and reformating it Please help me this is so fustrating i m about to yank my hair out Signed In pain nbsp

A:Dynamic Hard Drive Problem

u cant without losing data unless you backup data and basically start over. you can only go basic to dynamic and keep everything. sorry
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i have posted here before as mom2techsupport but lost my password. so, hello everybody --and i have a question--

i hope someone can help here--i am attempting to recover some pictures of a harddrive. it's a situation i have never run into before and i am completely lost--

drive spins, can hear it.

windows and linux both see a drive, but don't see anything in it. couldn't select repair disk.

the most information i got was from active boot. the drive is 20gigs but was formatted into five partitions. one is 90mb, three are 1 gig each.

and now the weird part--that first partition is formatted in fat12.

any ideas?

for the record, i don't care about the drive itself, my hope is to retrieve pictures for the family that owned it.

A:Data recovery

Here's a few different tools to try to attempt partition repair and/or partiition data recovery. People have reported good results when using the tools but the result (and certainly quaility of the result) may vary by situation.

Gparted and TestDisk (freeware)
Partition Doctor (free to try, see what it finds, subscription required to apply any fixes
Active File Recovery (free to try, free version limits recovery to files 64KB or less.

For paid software tools, i'd say i've seen more feedback on Partition Doctor. It also appears it knows hot to try and "fix" things in a number of different ways
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i did a system recovery with the cd that came with my Vostro 1000. Everything looked ok until I tried to access my wireless internet connection. It is like the wireless is turned off, however there is not a switch on this computer.

A:After system recovery I lost my wireless access

Try pushing the function (key with Fn in blue letters) and i think the F2 key. Look at the blue symbols on the keys and one of them should look like a wireless symbol.
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hi all
i have recently upgraded my computer with a new mobo cpu and hard drive
i re installed my radeon 9550 and installed the drivers from the disc
but when i load fs2004 or pkr after about 10 mins it hangs and crashes to a black screen. then i get a message saying the vpu recovered because it wasnt responding to driver commands the crashes happen more frequently each time i try to reload application

xp sp2
amd athlon 3600 200hz
2gig ddr ram
biostar mobo
radeon 9550 graphics card

thanks in advance

A:Vpu recovery radeon 9550 help

ps i am using the same power unit from my old computer and had no problems
it has no fan on it the modo is a kv8..800 or something the card is 256 x8 agp
i have the latest drivers
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My cousin started a system restore on my computer. I think it was only going for like 5 seconds when i noticed. I cannot start my computer now because it says files are missing. I have a final project on my computer that is due in 4 days and I really need it. Is there any way to hook up the HD to another computer so its not being booted off of and recover any data that didnt get deleted? This is very important. Any suggestions or am I out of luck.
Thanks All

A:Accidental System Recovery - need to recover data

1) get your XP CD and boot from it

2) see
Relevancy 21.5%
Relevancy 21.5%

I have a Gateway Laptop that has had something spilled on it and now the
keys will not work. So I was wondering if there is an easy way to remove the
Hard drive and then transfer all info to another computer or storage source?

All help is appreciated.

A:Gateway Hard drive recovery

Yes you can. First you need to know what type of drive (IDE or SATA). Then you can buy a connector (or enclosure) for the type of drive that allows you to hook it to the USB port of another computer. You can then copy your files to the second computer.

Relevancy 21.5%

ok so ive been reading some threads and nothing really has helped me out because this is a very specific issue so i figured i should start one of my own ok first i have a Cruzer GB micro flashdisk and up until yesterday it has worked fine about Recovery Issue Flashdisk a week ago i saved a few files to it like i have done many times before and it seemed that everything worked fine then days ago i saved another file to it the first batched that i saved were still there and that too seemed to work out fine then yesterday i went to open the more recently saved file and it was nowhere to be found similarly the files that i saved a week prior were missing as well as far as i could tell all Flashdisk Recovery Issue of the other files on the flashdisk are still intact and operational just these files or so are missing now this is where it gets a little tricky i use a Mac but the files that i Flashdisk Recovery Issue needed to save to my computer were on a PC so i stuck my flashdisk in the PC and saved them i have done this many times and i dont think this is an issue however on the PC Vista i ran the included recovery program to look for damaged sectors of my flashdisk on completion it said it found files that were messed up im assuming the files i need were in this batch and they were placed into a folder named quot Found quot on my flashdisk well i was happy about this but when i looked in my flashdisk there was no folder named quot found quot i searched my flashdisk as well as the computer for the folder and nothing came up i ran the retrieval software again and it said the flashdisk was fine and there were no damaged files so that was that THEN a little while later i placed my flashdisk in my Mac and low and behold there is a folder named quot Found quot and it has files in it these files have the extension CHK so im assuming i need to convert them or something to that nature however i cannot find a program that will open these CHK files that is compatible with Mac i cant install any software onto the PC because it is my schools anyway any help would be very appreciated as having these files will save me about hours of time because i wont have to do them again Thank you and i apologize for the long post nbsp

A:Flashdisk Recovery Issue

On a Windows PC you can use a utility such as CHK-Mate to try to recover data from the files. No guarantees this will work though.
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Arghh, cant be any dumber to delete the wrong partition TWICE!! i managed to do it, i did it with winxp cd.
I have two hdds both have only one partition and i deleted the wrong one to make it into 2 partitions, is it possible to recover all the files after partition is deleted, its not formated yet no new partition created, if its possible to recover from this will the windows be usable or should i reinstall just to make sure everything works like it did before.

Going to install OpenSuse but i still want my stuff back and maybe use that crappy Windows when i need to.

Thanks to whoever can help me resolve this problem.

A:Recovery of deleted hdd/partition

I am dashing out - so I leave you this link
One of my posts for RLD - recoverlostdata

There is more out there to choose from.
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I crashed my external HDD again. I am asking if it is possible to view windows indexing service records or ntfs logs or any other log that can help me to recover the directory structures and file names. The logs on the windows side I am asking. The HDD is unaccessible. The computer is still running and I've unplugged it 20 minutes ago if it helps with temporary files. Maybe MFT records... I want only file names not the files. Is there a way to do it.
Relevancy 21.93%

I joined this forum hoping to get some help with my laptop. I have a Toshiba Satellite. I have been having lots of problems with it and decided to use the recovery and applications disk that came with the comouter and restore it back to factory defaults. However, when i follow the directions to do the recovery I get an error message and the computer shuts down. I tried it a few times and am unable to do a recovery. My laptop is useless right now. Can anyone help?

A:Need haelp with recovery

Is the laptop setup in the bios to boot from the CD/DVD drive first? If not set CD/DVD to first boot device. Put the recovery disk in the drive and restart the computer and boot from the CD. If you still can't boot to the recovery disk then the CD might be scratched or corrupt. You can order new disks from Toshiba for like $25. Does the computer have a recovery partition?
Relevancy 21.5%

I am attempting to connect a SATA HD to my mobo which doesn't have a SATA connection in an attempt to recover data that is on the HD. Is this even possible and if so Is there some kind of converter that I can purchase to make the connection to the mobo possible?

A:Attempting data recovery from an external HD

On ebay they sell SATA-USB conector from $9 you have to take the power from your power source to get the power to the disc.
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Dear Techspot after spending a fair old bit of coin on a computer a couple of years back it was to my dispare that I recently had to replace my motherboard the thing really messed up it wouldnt even get as far as keyboard initialisation so no BIOS control So Ive changed from a socket MSI K N SLI NForce motherboard to a Socket ASUS A N Deluxe Then comes the problem the HDD s Raid config I have Western Digital Gb drives in Raid After fitting the motherboard and stupidly not noting which drive was in which 0 problems recovery RAID and essential data SATA RAID port originally things only got worse I plugged them in and couldn t get them to show up on the main bios page as quot first SATA master quot and quot second SATA master quot as I believe they should by the way at any time in this thread I may be completely wrong My IDE drives show up fine but this is my first point of confusion My NVIDIA controller on the advanced settings of my bios does not RAID 0 problems and essential data recovery detect the HDDs at all but the quot silicon raid controller quot will detect RAID 0 problems and essential data recovery the drives in the type shown on start up not in the bios main page After changing the settings with both of these controllers and changing the SATA RAID ports the HDDs were in there are available bootup would always end in quot Disk boot failure Insert system disc quot Then I really messed things up I went to the silicon raid controller bios menu and created a raid array This may or may not have accessed the drives and overwritten the original raid boot data So now here I am Im desperate to keep information that was on the HDDs There is some recent data that I didnt get to back up I heard if it s all gone a bit wrong I could get a seperate IDE HDD install windows on there and use a raid repair application to gain access to the drives through My Computer I hope I have provided enough info on this drawn out situation and that someone can shed light on things I m well over my head with this nbsp

A:RAID 0 problems and essential data recovery

I think they show up as one drive in 0.

Have you set the Bios for raid operation?
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I bought a Emachines T3516A two years ago for my kids to use as a gaming computer. Three weeks ago it took about two hours to boot up. I thought that it had picked up a virus since the kids do online gaming. I ran all the virus scans and decided to do a system recovery since the kids only have two games installed. I rebooted and pressed F11 just like the instructions say to. I also tried rebooting with the Operating system disc in the drive. The computer gives me the error that the disc is not an operating disc or there is a disc error. If I start it without the disc I get the PC Angel System recovery page. I have now had that page up for two weeks with no change. Help! Does anybody have any suggestions on what to try next.

A:Help with System Recovery Problems

start here:
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Things aren't progressing well with my dead hard drive, so I wondered if - worst case - anyone has data recovery places that they'd recommend, preferably in New York City.


A:Data recovery in NYC?

The average cost really begins at $450 despite their "free estimates" or $279 flat fee claims. Is your damage at that value? If the plates are cracked or the magnetic material peeled off, or the bearings welded together, it still costs you $450 for no data rescued.
We recommend a place in Ontario, Canada as they best you can find.
Have you tried installing the drive in a USB enclosure that has its own power supply to see what you can see, or if the drive turns?

Some of these may not still be in business. Some data here is from my two-year old book, but these were good when last used.

Here are some we have used with good results when our clients needed a rush job for payroll or taxes or whatever.
Hard Drive Recovery; Free Evaluation, Fees start at $279, 877-840-3282

Data Recovery/Repair, NYC; Fast
New York, NY

Hard Drive Recovery Experts; RAID, NAS, SAN server recovery. 888-567-8328 Been in the business for at least 24 years; I think they are tied into the Ontario, Canada firm

Data Recovery New York; (212) 661-1145. Free consultation

Hard Disk Data Recovery; Experienced, Reliable;
New York, NY

Recover Data Quickly $279 Data Recovery Flat Rate.
Has "Class 100" clean-room; corporate work as well.

New York computer repairs; data recovery consultat free (212) 361-9981

Drive Recovery of New York; Hard Drives, RAID, Disk, Server; Free Est 212-594-5946

Data Recovery Service No Recovery No Fee - All work done on site - 866-340-0111
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hey I am helping this person who wanted to setup a VPN. I installed an extra GB LAN card into his server. But I am having trouble getting it to, does he need to have a static IP or can he use his DHCP from his ISP provider thanks

A:Trouble setting up VPN on Server 2003 with dynamic ip

xxdanielxx said:

hey I am helping this person who wanted to setup a VPN. I installed an extra GB LAN card into his server. But I am having trouble getting it to, does he need to have a static IP or can he use his DHCP from his ISP provider thanksClick to expand...

Can this NIC support Windows Sever 2003? Some of them don't have drivers for or have some issues? Does this NIC work. Did you load balance it?
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Had Trouble retrieving data from a hard drive that crashed kept getting access denied message due to my documents having a password on it but following Kimsland advice(below) data recovered Phew thought i lost all my photos
Thanks a million

Xp pro on crashed drive
Xp Home on system i put drive into

Thanks to Techspot For This Great Site Also
Cheers Herb

A:Data Recovery

Security Permission issue

Right click the folder you want to open and choose Properties>Security. Make sure their is a group named "Everyone". If not click Add>Advanced>"Find Now" and choose everyone. Click OK and you should no longer get those nasty Access Denied messages. (refer to the above link to allow specifically your user account to access the old Hard Drive folders)

Note: in Windows Xp Home, the "Security" menu will not show. Just start your computer in Safe Mode (continuously press F8 function key on computer Startup then select Safe Mode)
Also confirm that you are running an Administrator privlidged account. (Check Users in Control Panel)
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Hi people, I have a computer that was working very well, but lately when I was working on a important project, there was a power fluctuation for a couple of times (I thought that was normal) but after the last power fluctuation my computer refused to boot up. There seems to be a failure of some kind?..but I need to get the projects back that are still in that disk.

I would be thankful if you could suggest any good tools to get the files and documents back.

A:Anyone knows a good disaster recovery tool?

There are some good tools here:

But it may be easier just to fix the fault with your computer

Is a Desktop PC or Laptop?
Does it turn on?
Is there any lights on the front?
Do you see any writing on the display? (ie BSOD)

Normally, if there is no power to the computer what-so-ever, it's just a matter of replacing the internal Power Supply (on PC's)
Relevancy 20.64%

Long story short my sister put a damaged audio connector in her out of warranty dell and the whole computer shut down When I plug in the machine the mobo lights turn on When I hit the power button not a thing happens It was late so I decided to just grab her harddrive and try to boot it on my machine hoping to get some files off there she needs I figured the mobo and psu were the most likely candidates for serious damage The power button blinks amber which apparently indicates a power issue of some sorts When I tried swapping my HD for hers on my machine the windows xp screen pulls up and I eventually get the blue screen and some error code x E along with - others in parens and data recovery assessing any damage Power happened, surge I am not in front of the computer right now so I can Power surge happened, data recovery and assessing any damage t provide them at the moment I will be able to if someone needs them I didn t really expect for it to just boot on my comp but I figured it was worth a shot One odd thing is that I can hit delete to enter my bios and I can navigate around in there perfectly but I cannot navigate when I am attempting to change the quot type of boot quot meaning normal safe mode last know good etc It is completely nonresponsive at this time I am downloading a live cd in hopes that I can use that to get her files I have never dealt with a power surge of any kind or harddrive failures so I am unsure what approach to take I will probably have the machine in front of me tonight as I try to figure out what could be wrong First thing I want to get her data I can t get it to boot into safe mode with command line since I cannot navigate at that screen for some reason I don t understand I am downloading a linux live cd hoping to boot into that and get the necessary files Should I try something else here Second thing can anyone provide me with a good approach to take to assess the damages I have never really done this Any responses would be appreciated nbsp

A:Power surge happened, data recovery and assessing any damage

First buy or aquire another hard drive and install it into the "sick" Dell. You have probably corrupted the MBR on the hard drive.Try to reinstall Windows. If the install goes normally, shut down the computer and install the old hard drive a a slave. You should be able to access the data on the old drive then
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HARDWARE HITACHI Travelstar from thinkpad newegg com product product aspx Item N E SYMPTOMS Knocking No operating system found OVERVIEW Apparently the machine was dropped Data HDD Recovery Repair? or resulting in the following error upon booting quot Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt lt windows root gt system ntoskrnl exe After expanding the file Data Recovery or HDD Repair? from an XP installation disk I ran chkdks r and it said there were errors that couldn t be fixed and the HDD started knocking It knocks at a rate of knock sec I restarted the machine and it says there s no OS and the knocking continues Some guy told me to dl and run download the IBM - Hitachi Drive Fitness Test and another guy told me to pop it in an external enclosure but aren t both of those options pointless if the drive is knocking Doesn t that mean the drive head is toast If yes how do I fix the drive head or Thanks P S I can operate a soldering iron if need be nbsp

A:Data Recovery or HDD Repair?

I would rather just save the time and purchase a new HD. Even if you are able to fix it, the drive will most likely become defective pretty soon. Then when that happens, recovering data will become an issue.
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My girlfriend's laptop seems to be showing symptoms consistent with gradual hard-drive failure (she is losing random bits of data for no reason and is experiencing OS functionality slowdown as well as boot errors). One of the files that 'vanished' was her diary, is there any way to recover this by means of software? (The laptop is still functional and I can run whatever needs to be run). Please get back to me if there is any way to solve this. We tried a data-recovery program but it didn't yield any results, only something that looks like a temp copy of the file. Word couldn't open it because it was corrupted, and I don't think that's the right file anyways since it's only ~160 B, when her diary was a 20 page file (I'm guessing ~100 KB)
Thanks for any help anyone can give.

A:Help needed with lost data recovery


download the recuva feature, that will retrieve her diary as long as it has not been overwritten.

It is free ware, enjoy the luvin your gf gives you when you retrieve it for her
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about a year ago i backed up all my family pictures onto a CD using Nero Burning ROM. As i remember it an error came up just as the disc was finishing (ive had this happen a few times over the years of using Nero Burning ROM and never thought anything of it; the data/music etc. that i put on the disc was always fine).
However, i recently had a hard drive fail and ive lost all my family pictures and when i try to get them from the backup disc my entire computer freezes until i eject the CD. i can open explorer and see the folders on the disc (e.g. Mum + Dad, Holiday 1995) but its only when i click on them to view the pictures inside that the computer freezes.

Is there anyway i can get my incredibly important (to me personally) back??

A:Data Recovery From A CD?

ive never used xcopy before...ive found some online instructions for it but how long should it take? its a full CD of pictures so 700MB
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third attempt to post I recently bought a brand new Hewlett Packard computer It prompts you Hewlett Hp full." error Packard "recovery Pavillion drive message dv2500 to back up your files and gives you the option of selecting the backup drive d or writing to dvd I selected writing to the backup "recovery drive full." error message Hewlett Packard Pavillion Hp dv2500 drive The system "recovery drive full." error message Hewlett Packard Pavillion Hp dv2500 tried to backup my files but sent an error message recovery drive full It continues to prompt me to backup my files I solved this problem by going to the HP website clicking on troubleshooting and entering the details of my computer I then found an FAQ somehow The page explained that I had been wrong to select the d drive to back up my files how foolish of me to choose one of two options "recovery drive full." error message Hewlett Packard Pavillion Hp dv2500 offered It said that the D drive was only small I must delete the file already created there and then change the settings to create a backup onto a dvd drive instead You delete the backed up copy of the file by going to start computer HP recovery d where the first folder you will find will be one with the name of your computer eg in my case Anna-PC You then delete this file You then go to start and type backup in the search box Select backup and restore center then change settings then change backup settings then give your permission to continue then select DVD rw drive e which describes itself as on a hard disc cd or dvd I wondered if there had been some sort of design error Why did they give me that option if it was not a good place to save a backup I would have thought there was little point of making a backup on the same pc you are backing up anyway Had they intended people to back things up there but not allowed enough space gb is quite a lot of space after all Many people must have stored less than gb there in blissfull ignorance that it is the wrong place I am rather mystified nbsp

A:"recovery drive full." error message Hewlett Packard Pavillion Hp dv2500

Actually what concerns me more is, I wonder if you have deleted files in your recovery partition.
It's usually hidden from inside Windows, so I expect no. But by chance did you receive a Windows CD or just a recovery partition (because the recovery files may now be gone)

As for the location, think of it this way, it will show all areas that you can backup to. I think even the floppy drive (if you have one) this is to give you the full choice, instead of putting restrictions on your own computer (which most don't like)

That's why.
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Hi All

Dont know if this thread is in the right forum but here goes ...

What is wrong with my HDD? It displays all the files and folders on the drive but only some files have filesizes and the rest of the files haves filesizes that are equal to zero.
I can copy files to the drive and read files from the drive. The HDD is NTFS done through windows.

I think my HDD is ... BROKEN but I cannot say die! To many valuable files on the drive as you all can imagine.

How do I fix or recover the files?

Thanks in advance

A:Data Recovery

Do you mean the data recovery software shows this, or Windows shows this?

Anyway please try this:

Manual steps to run Chkdsk from My Computer or Windows Explorer

Open My Computer, and then right-click the hard disk that you want to check.
Click Properties, and then click Tools.
Under Error-checking, click Check Now. A dialog box that shows the Check disk options is displayed
Use one of the following procedures:

? To run Chkdsk in read-only mode, click Start.
? To repair errors without scanning the volume for bad sectors, select the Automatically fix file system errors check box, and then click Start. (tick)
? To repair errors, locate bad sectors, and recover readable information, select the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors check box.

Note If one or more of the files on the hard disk are open, you will receive the following message:

The disk check could not be performed because the disk check utility needs exclusive access to some Windows files on the disk. These files can be accessed by restarting Windows. Do you want to schedule the disk check to occur the next time you restart the computer?Click to expand...

Click Yes to schedule the disk check, and then restart your computer to start the disk check.

Wait until Chkdsk finishes Checking / Repairing any faults
Windows will then either restart your computer or continue loading Normally.
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Hey I got a little problem here I had a gb HD and Unallocated Partition Recovery? it was acting up after my PSU conked out I replaced the PSU and I got an quot Unmountable Boot Unallocated Partition Recovery? Error quot which I troubleshooted and fixed During all of this though I fixbooted the gb drive in attempt to fix but I think I messed it up more somehow - either that or it was alrdy messed up I say this because after I got a new drive and totally fixed everything something was still wrong with the gb HD I found out that in Administrative Tools gt Computer Management it shows the as a mb gb partition with the larger of the two as unallocated Whenever I try to search the drive it won t let me get in there Basically for anyone who thinks the paragraph is too long up there I have a HD that has an unallocated partition in it for one reason or another and I wanna know if anyone can help me recover anything on the drive that I can t select right now I had a lot of info im hoping that I can get back Any info is appreciated PS - I understand there are programs you can buy that may be able to help in this situation but im looking for a charge-free type of solution for this if there even is one that you guys might know If not a cheap suggestion of one of those programs would be cool too Thanks Wes nbsp

A:Unallocated Partition Recovery?

was the 15mb part there before the mess and is it "formatted" to something right now?
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i have just bought a new HDD and have realized that i need a PRODUCT RECOVERY CD for my TOSHIBA SATELLITE A50.. without this i am unable to install XP...

Does any know where i could download or find a recovery CD??????


A:Need a Product recovery CD for TOSHIBA SATELLITE A50

I just searched Google:

Hope that helps
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If you find yourself in the unfortunate and sometimes awkward position of having lost some important data and need data recovery urgently, find a professional data recovery company to retrieve your lost data. For urgent recovery of your lost data, you can usually rely on the expert services of data recovery professionals.

Petter Smith

A:Hard Disk Recovery

thanks for your posting, but 1. It's in the wrong forum. and 2. This has been discussed numerous times.
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Hi thanks for looking.
I hope you are able to help with this situation.

A few days ago I was running Windows XP home SP2 on my one year old laptop. It got slow and I wanted to reformat with the discs. I followed the procedures and got this error message:

STOP: c0000218 {registry file failure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):
Or its log or alternate
It is corrupt, absent or not writeable.

I then managed to get hold of a Windows XP Pro SP2. I installed that no problem. But I really want to be able to use the recovery discs as they have all the drivers and software etc etc that I want.

I hope you can be of assistence! THANKS!

A:Cant reformat with recovery discs! PLEASE HELP!

The recovery discs could be bad. Can you order new ones? I had an Emachines with a recovery DVD that went bad and I had to order a new one for like $20