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Q: Dynamic HD recovery

Hey ya ll I did something very stupid I am using windows xp pro and I changed my C drive from basic to dynamic The drive only had one partition which had the MBR on it I was clicking too fast and didn t read that message that I would not be able to use the boot partition on the disk I tried to reboot but now the HD is inaccessible BIOS can see that the HD is there but when I try to boot from it I get a quickly flashing BSOD which I have no time to read I tried to do a repair on the drive using quot fixboot quot but that didn t work When I used the quot map quot command to Dynamic HD recovery view the drive information there is a next to the name and size of the drive I also tried Dynamic HD recovery to install a new HD Dynamic HD recovery and on the blue setup screen it still showed the next to the dynamic HD it shows as a dynamic disk and it said that the drive was non-XP compatible If I wanted to install xp on the new HD I had to delete the partition on the dynamic disk I don t want to do this because I want to keep the info on the disk I disconnected the dynamic HD and installed xp on a new HD I then reconnected the dynamic HD and wen t to computer management It shows as dynamic but it is unreadable When I go to properties it shows Disk Disk Type Dynamic Status Unreadable Partition style Master Boot Record MBR Capacity mb Unallocated space mb Reserved space mb Is there any way that I can get this disk to work without changing it back to a basic disk and losing all of my info Help nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Dynamic HD recovery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dynamic HD recovery

dunno but does the MS KB help?
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I have been having trouble removing spyware etc from my XP Pro machine, I decided in the end the best thing to do was a complete format.

I had recently converted my HD and it's 3 partitions to a dynamic disk, without thinking whilst going through the XP text setup, I clicked delete partition for C:\ and created a new one, this in turn deleted the dynamic disks, I never clicked format after I had created the new partition and quit the installation.

I removed the hard disk and put it in another XP machine, I can see the 3 dynamic volumes using the disk management tool and the all say failed, I cannot get them back online or figure out how to repair them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Dynamic Disk Recovery

You can try importing the disk via disk manager to see if you can't recover the data on the other two volumes. You may need to use a recovery software that supports dynamic disks.
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Hay there I use HP Probook s with Windows -bit Home Premium x I Basic registries) (have to Conversion Dynamic recovery to Disk do bad installed Dynamic to Basic Disk Conversion to do recovery (have bad registries) the HP Protect Tools but it made my registry bad and I am unable to delete them As a result my laptop is slow now and takes a lot of time on Welcome screen when powered on So I needed to do recovery to get the registries good again I tried to get support at HP Forums A person there said that my disks are Dynamic and I need to change them to Basic to get the recovery See Screenshot Attached But I am not sure how to get started I don't want to loose my data I have the following Drives in my computer http i imgur com FzzRs n png I heard that I will have to delete the H drive to be able to make the partitions basic Note I did not change the partitions to dynamic I just saw it now The laptop came as it is when I bought it This is the first time I am having problem with my laptop I have HP Recovery Drive but no recovery disks My warranty is expired so I can't take help from their customer care I recommend you to read this thread at least the last page so that you exactly know my problem I will really appreciate if anyone will come up with any solution for me I have my windows product key etc as well Kind Regards

A:Dynamic to Basic Disk Conversion to do recovery (have bad registries)

Keep in mind that the HP preinstall is the worst possible install of Win7 one can have, larded with bloatware and duplicate utiltiies which interfere with better versions built into Win7. Most tech enthusiasts won't even run that install but instead Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 . Until then you'll never even experience Win7's native perfect performance.

The problem is that you converted your HD to Dynamic which is only meant to be used to span a partition across multiple HD's. Apparently you didn't see the warning message when you added a partition.

You can only have four Primary partitions or 3 Primary and unlimited Logical. Had you asked us we would have advised you that to keep HP Recovery and Diagnostics tools (OEM) partitions bootable you'd need to convert C to Logical to add another adjacent partition.

The solution to reconvert to Basic non-destructively is to boot free Partition Wizard CD version 4.2 which is the last one which offers this as a free feature: ISO - Windows Live.

Download the ISO, rightclick to burn it to CD using Windows Image Burner, or use ImgBurn.

Back up the files on H partition which tipped disk to Dynamic which will need to be deleted before disk will convert back to Basic. If it won't boot you can Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console.

Boot CD, follow these video steps How to convert dynamic disk to basic disk with Partition Wizard?

After conversion to Basic, set C to Logical then create a new adjacent Logical partition for Win8:
How to set partition as Primary or Logical.
Partition Wizard Create Partition Video Help
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I need to determine the Dynamic Disk Type for external enclosure (with 2 drives). The MFT is broken on one drive, and I need to figure out how it was set up to accurately assess the recovery effort. Anyone have any suggestions or smart tips? Thanks in advance for your help.
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I need to determine the Dynamic Disk Type for external enclosure (with 2 drives). The MFT is broken on one drive, and I need to figure out how it was set up to accurately assess the recovery effort. Anyone have any suggestions or smart tips? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hey I wanted to do a software RAID to my current Windows system disk I saw a few tutorials and guides were this had been done I converted my present system disk data partitions system recovery partition small boot partition into a dynamic disk I was not able to mirror the disk because of the new Advanced Format sector sizes being different between the disks old one per sector new one per sector Anyhow I rebooted and got the error quot the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible quot When I boot the Windows DVD and select repair it can not repair the boot automatically It can not see the disk either When I boot into Hiren's limited XP the Disk Management does only see a Dynamic disk - foreign I don't know if that's my other disk or my system disk It sees dynamic disk the USB stick where Hiren is changing recovery Unbootable see disk dynamic Win to can't disk. after running from and my CD drive Screenshot at the bottom The Device Manager correctly identifies both disks At this moment I have HDD's connected Both are Tb One is the Samsung disk with my Windows install normally C and a data partition normally D The other is a data disk normally F When I boot Unbootable after changing to dynamic disk. Win recovery can't see disk into Linux it does see my files and partitions But it gives off many errors I suppose it's an error with the boot loader or boot partition How can I fix this With Unbootable after changing to dynamic disk. Win recovery can't see disk the mismatch between sector size I think I'll have to clone it onto a more recent disk but it has to work either as a dynamic or basic disk before I can proceed doing that screenshots Hiren http i imgur com Osn wOt jpg Linux http i imgur com GLthZrd png

A:Unbootable after changing to dynamic disk. Win recovery can't see disk

We only see problems with RAID and Dynamic disks here. Dynamic is intended to span a partition across multiple HD's. RAID isn't even redundant since many lose everything if one disk fails. So I would not do it.
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I have a sony Vaio laptop VGN FS515 H.
I want to use his Recovery Tools by pressing F10 when the laptop boot.

The problem is that the recovery partition (OEM) won't boot and an error message says :"that my partition of my Hard disk is dynamic and it should Base in oreder to let the procedure of recovery begins.
I used utility like EaseUs and Partition Wizard to change my hard disk from dynamic to Basic ,
but They don't do any thing.
I checked my hard disk it's always dynamique, and I can't boot from my recovery

How can I solve that issue?

A:Can't boot from an OEM Recovery, error : can't boot from dynamic disk

When, how, and why did your hard drive become a "dynamic disk"??

It should be "Basic" in nearly all situations.

Exactly, I say exactly, what happened when you tried to use Partition Wizard to change to Basic?
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first time...
so i got this cool Hp laptop .... nice
the bad part ...
I had a single 500 gb Hard disk. only two partitions ... experimented to partition it ...
1. I upgraded my basic drive to dynamic drive ( got four partitions now)
2. My OS (win 7 home premium x64) is on one of the partiotion on the dynamic disk.
How do i convert back to basic... i only have my OS key no install cd?
Can i take a back up or sys image that i can use later on after converting my hard disk to basic?

A:dynamic disk to basic disk when win 7 is installed on dynamic disk

The only way to convert non-destructively is using Partition Wizard old version 4.12 downloadable from here: partition wizard 4.2 - Windows Live#

From PW Disk tab>Convert to Basic.

Back up your files and a Win7 backup image first: Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup. Use external HD, another HD, DVD's, another computer on your network, or 25gb of free storage on Skydrive with each Windows Live ID.

Afterwards post back a screenshot of your full maximized Disk mgmt drive map with listings and tell us what you want to do, we will give you the exact steps using PW.
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Hello all, and I hope you are all doing fine!

I am new at this and I really need your help as I am trying to find out how I can get a dynamic ISP? Please tell me if I did it correctly but I was given an IP Checker Link to see what my ISP was and then I was told the next day to check it again and if the numbers didn't change then I don't have a Dynamic ISP.

I need one, but just to let you know I presently don't have an Internet Provider because I have an wireless connection with my neighbor because I am trying to move so that is my story, lol.
Please Advise me, because I have checked in so many places and can't get any answers! Thank you so much, and I look forward to your replies!

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Q: Dynamic

Well I took my old dell with 3 hds my main hd (40 gig) has all my important info and put it all on a elitegroup kt 600-a and somehow the disk got converted to a dynamic now my system wont read it it shows in the Bios and in system but does not read in disk managment or in my computer and I really really need the info off this any help


Did you set the jumpers on the hardrive correctly?
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I play a online game, im a staff member on the game and a new member that has been deleted many times is now back with a dynamic ip, i think. Is there anyway i can find out his real ip or at least the area he lives in so i know its him?

A:Dynamic ip

If they are not on a proxy,you may be able to ping their IP
then get the mac address and block that.
The mac address in hard coded into the hardware.
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Alright I'm about to end up tearing my hair out over this I'm trying to get my IP to refresh so I can get a new one Doing it on Windows XP was easy enough But for the life of me I cannot get this dang thing to work Each time I try Code ipconfig release OR ipconfig renew It gives me a stupid Dynamic IP's error I've been to every corner of the internet trying to figure out what in the world I'm supposed to do Now I'm not exactly super-savvy Dynamic IP's with this stuff but I do know that everything I've tried so far should work I know I have a dynamic IP address checked that myself and called to find out But even so I always have the same one Dynamic IP's So Does anyone at all know how to get a dynamic IP address to change or to use the above codes to change it Or something else Tearing out my hair here EDIT The errors I get Code C gt ipconfig release Windows IP Configuration An error occurred while releasing interface Loopback Pseudo-Interface The sy stem cannot find the file specified C gt ipconfig renew Windows IP Configuration An error occurred while releasing interface Loopback Pseudo-Interface The sy stem cannot find the file specified Used most of these none seem to work How to change Dynamic IP address in Windows or Vista

A:Dynamic IP's


did you already check the cable UTP,,is it have the light??

try to uninstall your driver ethernet card and install again. see how is works.
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Hi Guys I am trying to setup dynamic dns to my laptop I got an account created in no-ip com and created host and an dns client running actively on my LAP to update ip Dynamic DNS address When I tried to enter the url it redirects to TP Link TD- router After searching a while I came to Dynamic DNS know that need to do port forwarding I have done port forwarding by enabling NAT in above router and entered the port as and ipaddress as my local lap ip address After doing this If I type the url it shows like page cannot be displayed Basically I need to forward the port of to my local port where my applications are hosted in IIS One more thing I have TP Link Modem TL-WR N and TP Link Router TD- Don t know in which I need to configure the port forwarding and also guide me how to do and check the port forwarding so that it keeps redirecting to my localhost IIS deployed applications If you guys need more info please let me know Thanks in advance guys nbsp

A:Dynamic DNS

The TL-WR740N is a router.

The TD-8817 is a modem/router.

How do you have these connected?

Is the TD-8817 bridged (to act as modem only) or in the default modem/router mode?
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My ISP provides two dynamic IP addresses. I have two computers that I want to each have a separate IP. I was told by the ISP, by two different CSR's, that I need a Desktop switch in addition to my Linksys WRT400 router. I purchased the D-Link 8-Port Gigabit Desktop switch and connected everything correctly. Although the internet works on both machines, they are still showing the same IP address. How do I allocate a separate dynamic IP to each machine?

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Has anyone ever used this? I need some help to configure it with my router. I have security cameras connected to my main computer and I want to be able to view them while traveling. I have Cox cable and every so often, they change my IP address, so I have no way of knowing what the next 'new' one will be when I try to log into my network. I know that I can get a static IP number, at a price....but I'd like to explore less expensive avenues.

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Hi. I'm doing something with a game that requires me to have a static LAN IP. I previously assumed that all LAN IP's were static. Until i saw that my LAN IP kept changing. So it must be dynamic. Anyways, if anyone could supply me with a link, or software, please post it! Also, i am using a Linksys Router, if that makes any difference.

A:Dynamic LAN IP

Is it your public IP address, or the local 192.168.x.x IP address that you're concerned with? If it's your local IP address, you can configure it to be static, but you can't do mucy about the public IP address supplied by your ISP.
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I would like to connect to my NAS at work from home but have been told that with would be impossible because of our having a dynamic IP address at work. Is this true, or is there a work-around?

A:Dynamic IP and NAS

No it's not true. But the implied setup you are talking about is to directly connect your NAS to the internet which is a major no no especially since it's a work NAS. If your office has an IT person, I would inquire about setting up a remote access setup like VPN access in combination with using a dynamic DNS service.
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I am a graduate student psychology trying to get my dissertation off the ground sum) (zero dynamic Best way: sliders I have need of a way to measure relative preference for a number of categories I ve seen dependent sliders on some video games such that when you move Best way: dynamic (zero sum) sliders the Strength slider up all of the others Speed Agility etc move down accordingly - you continue to adjust until you achieve the ratio that you want The point is that you can t have all sliders high you must sacrifice one of the other categories if you want high Strength I need each slider to return numerical data to me and it would be best if this was a web-based application Does anyone have experience doing this sort of thing or could give me direction I don t even know what these sliders are really called hence my difficulty finding any good information online I hope this post makes sense and I value your input Thank you in advance nbsp
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I connect to the Internet through a cable modem do i have mean Dynamic IP Address. also when does the address change for example when i shut down and then restart my laptop connectd through wifi does this trigger new ip address or do have to shutdown the computer physically concerted to the router

A:Dynamic IP Address ?

you can check your IP address here but some modems require you to shut down the modem for a certain amount of time before your IP is renewed.
Maybe a mod can elaborate on this further.
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i have the same problem, it gives me the same error, "Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation."
what should i do.... heres a picture ???

A:Disk is dynamic

Hi Stefelz,

why would you use a dynamic disk? You do not need this.

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I have written a few Fortran programs that uses dynamic arrays but couldn't find this feature supported in another language. Does anybody aware of such possibility in another language as I am thinking transferring the programs to a more modern alternative.

The dynamic array can be called by the stating element number in a vector and change into a 2 or 3 dimension array inside a subroutine. It is very useful in calculations, like sparse matrices.


In the main program

Dimension A(10000)
Call another (A(1), A(101))
Subroutine anther (c, d)
dimension c(100), d(10,5,7)

In the above the c(100) occupy the first 100 cells of vector A and d matrix follows with the next 350 cells. In application the dimensions of the matrices can be variables too.

Currently I can only compile the Fortran programs into .exe files and execute them in a shell from within Visual Basic.

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I think I have a layman's understanding of what DDNS is and does. It fills the communication gap between something that requires a static IP and something that has an IP that changes from time to time. Based on that assumption, here are my questions:

Can someone use more than one DDNS service for the same dynamic IP?

I have (partially) installed a Samsung brand surveillance system on my home. Samsung offers a remote viewing service (that so far seems to me to be arcane and spotty) that I understand involves DDNS. Do I need to use their DDNS service or will any DDNS service work as well?

Thanks for reading.

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Hi I have been trying to dual boot my windows laptop with linux I created a gb partition on Dynamic Harddrive my hard drive and downloaded the x ubuntu live cd and burned it When trying to install linux I couldn t find the partition that I created and rebooted Dynamic Harddrive windows formatted it thinking that would solve the problem and got an error saying that I would not be able to boot an operation system from my drive because I find carrying a live around a bit of a pain I unfortunately did not quite understand what that meant and continued the format and have ended up with a dynamic drive Microsoft s support site says that I would have to delete all the dynamic partitions and then re Dynamic Harddrive format and re-install windows which I would rather not do I have also found reference to a program called Testdisk and another one called Aomei Dynamic Disk Converter both suggesting that they will convert drives without data loss but I haven t found much info confirming these statements and am leery about trying either Is there a way to convert back to a basic drive without Dynamic Harddrive data loss or if I leave it dynamic will having a dynamic drive interfere with my normal day to day use of my laptop Thanks nbsp

A:Dynamic Harddrive

There may be software solutions out there now but I was always taught that you could only keep your data when converting to dynamic disk not back.
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Alright i need to change my IP to a new one so i can be un-blocked from a server that an admin wrongfully banned me from. (Don't worry it's nothing serious just a player ran online game). The server blocks the player from entering by blocking their IP. The Type of IP i have is a Dynamic. My ISP is COX Cable Internet. Ive already tried a few things to fix my problem, i tried calling my ISP to ask them if they can change my IP. They told me that the way they have it set up is that large groups of customers share the same IP. And that the servers force this IP on the modems. I am wondering if anybody knows any way to change my IP. Any suggestions would be great.

A:How to change my IP (Dynamic)

I'm afraid we cannot help you bypass a BAN on a site -

Just simply contact the admin and if wrongfully banned they will lift the ban

closing thread
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I replaced the CPU in computer A. When I started up again in Win2000 I got the dreaded blue screen of HDD death. Ditto when trying to reinstall Win2000.
I took the HDD out to computerB which initially would not read it but when I changed it to a simple dynamic volume it works fine and I can use the programs on it.

How can I get it back to a working bootable position?
I have the win 2000 CD Ghost and another HDD to transfer if needed.
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Hi All

I have just resived a letter from my internet-union about i wish to have a dynamic or a fixed IP adress. I can understand there is some advantage in having a fixed IP adress but what about disadvantages?
What would you recommend?

Thanks alot.


A:I.P Dynamic or fixed.

If it costs nothing to have the static IP address, IMO it's a no-brainer, take it! If you ever want to setup a server of any kind, the static IP address will make the task easier. There's no real downside to a static IP address, since the Internet hackers do address scans for their victims anyway.
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I have installed Windows and used it to partiton the gb hard drive while installing windows There are four partitions C - gb D - gb E - gb G - gb What I had not noticed was that all the drives are Dynamic even the System Reseve MB is dynamic What made me notice this was when I tried to use Acronis to make images of the drives Acronis does not Drives Dynamic support dynamic drives The first thing I tried was to reinstall Win and remove the drives and repartion Unfortunately I do not get the option now to delete the partitions and start over I then tried the tutorial to convert dynamic disk to basic disk at http www sevenforums com tutorials -convert-dynamic-disk-basic-disk html None of the options to change from dynamic to basic show up on disk management or using the command prompt Except for Acronis everything seems to work fine but I sure would like to be able to use Acronis If anyone has a solution to fix this I sure would appreciate any information Thanks

A:Dynamic Drives

There are several thrid party programs available to do this... Personally, I would download gparted ... if worse comes to worse, delete the existing partitions and start over...
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So i m trying to figure out how Statements Dynamic VB.Net to write a dynamic statement in VB Net i know how VB.Net Dynamic Statements to write them in other languages but i can t figure out the syntax in vb net i ve searched everywhere Here s what i m VB.Net Dynamic Statements trying to do with it clearing text boxes and labels in the form there are of each text box names txtTotal txtTotal etc label names lblStment lblStment etc here s what i would have thought the code would have been or at least close to this dim y as integer for x to txtTotal text quot quot lblStment text quot quot y next VB underlines txtTotal and lblStment like it s underlined on here and gives VB.Net Dynamic Statements me the error quot name txtTotal has not been declared quot and the same for the label i ve tried a lot of variances of that up to including setting a string to the statement but i couldn t figure out how to excecute a statment stored in a string either am i missing some special syntax or what Thanks for your time Gary nbsp

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I am currently running a Windows XP machine on comcast high speed internet and they have switched to a dynamic ip address from a static one. However, I run an FTP server on my computer that spreads religious material to people in the surrounding town, not copyrighted, as a service. However, the dynamic ip address makes it difficult to allow for a usable link constantly. Is there any way to keep it static and prevent this from happening?

A:Dynamic IP to static

Although I am tempted not to help your religious causes I'll give you some advice.

It's free and easy to use. DHCP isn't a problem.
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Is it possible to create a dynamic partition between NTFS and XFS? If so, will windows 7 operate correctly on a dynamoc partition? The system will have 3 512GB SSDs in RAID0. There will be two dynamic partitions. The NTFS partition will have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit installed, the XFS partition will have Ubuntu Server 13.10 installed on it.

A:Dynamic Partitions
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I was told that you can change a Basic partition to Dynamic in Windows 2000 server. Is this true? If it is how because I do not see how to do it. I have goggled and binged the hell out it. I need to get this done ASAP thank you for any help.

A:Basic to Dynamic

Perhaps looking at the company's website would help you more better

This also applies to XP and Vista. Not sure if 98 did though.
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I have a friend who uses LP broadband (WISP)

The person says that the IP is dynamic, so it will change. Thing is we haven't been able to change that IP (which the person wishes to do).
All I know is that internet comes in from receiver/antenna, and then somehow makes it to the computer.
The person claims the man visited an IP address with 69??? in it and was able to do some configuring.

To put this short, he/she is wondering how to obtain a new IP.

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I am trying to set up a wireless network with my Gateway desktop and my Dell laptop I have Windows XP installed in both computers I am using a D-Link installation products for the laptop I have a DWL- b Wireless PC Card Adapter for the desktop I have DI- ghz wireless broadband router - b I have a U S Robotics Cable ISP IP Cannot dynamic from address get Modem CMX My ISP is RCN I have a tech person working on the installation However he cannot complete the installation because he cannot get the Dynamic IP Address from the ISP Everything else in the wireless network is in place He took the router to his office and it checked out find on another wireless network RCN checked out their cable modem and everything is fine on their end I am stuck in the middle with no futhur help from Cannot get dynamic IP address from ISP either side HELP - any suggestion on what I can do automatically get the Dynamic IP Address Thank you for any help that you can give me nbsp

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Hi. I am sorry if i posted this in wrong section. I am new to techsupportforums.

So i wanted to ask that which is better. I had 80 gb hard disk previously which was converted to dynamic disk. I had no problem with that. now i bought a 250 gb SATA hard disk. Should i convert it to dynamic disk or basic disk. The support at microsoft went over my head. Can any one tell me the advantages and disadvantages of basic and dynamic disks.

Thanks in Advance.

A:Which is better, Dynamic or Basic?

i just format everything to reason, i just match all my drives, got 3 250gb in i say....Dynamic
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I am tired of remembering and changing passwords. Do you think we will have concept of dynamic security introduced at some point?

A:Dynamic Security

Hello and welcome to TSG.......

What do you mean by 'dynamic security'?
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I am trying to set up a wireless network with my Gateway desktop and my Dell laptop I have Windows XP installed in both computers I am using a D-Link installation products for the laptop I have a DWL- b Wireless PC Card Adapter for IP ISP get Cannot dynamic from address the desktop I have DI- ghz wireless broadband router - b I have a U S Robotics Cable Modem CMX My ISP is RCN I have a tech person working on the installation However he cannot complete the installation because he cannot get the Dynamic IP Address from the ISP Everything else in the wireless network is in place He took the router to his office and it checked out find on another wireless Cannot get dynamic IP address from ISP network RCN checked out their cable modem and everything is fine on their end I am stuck in the middle with no futhur help from either side HELP - any suggestion on what I can do automatically get the Dynamic IP Address Thank you for any help that you can give me nbsp

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i have a 500gig primary hard drive for windows
2 320gig drives stripped ( using windows dynamic disks )
1 1.5t drive spare

question, can i add part of the 1.5t drive into the raid ? and use the remaining 1.2t ( ish ) as a seperate disk ?

will i need to partition the 1.5t first or can it be done through windows disk mananger ?

A:dynamic disks

Hmm... I don't think you can do that... RAID works at block level, meaning if you add the 1.5TB to the already stripped 2x320GB, then you'll be wasting the 1.2TB(-ish) and only use the 320GB off that 1.5TB disk... But Intel Matrix RAID can do that (IIRC)...

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Hi guys,

I want to make dynamic images,but I'm not sure how.I don't care what language it's in,as long as it works.Ok,what I was thinking,is having 6 variables,and being able to change them,then have them go into an image.

I was thinking for example

$a $d
$b $e
$c $f

I would create a page with 6 textboxes,each editing one of the variables.Then,it would create a dynamic image on the server containing those variables.I would also like a little background image if that is possible.Can anyone tell me if it's possible,and then tell me how to do it?


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when setting up a new 2.5 hdd for use as a backup device - I set it as a dynamic disk

what does this mean ?

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How to create an rss feed like the bing dynamic theme rss feed for my own dynamic feed?
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So we have a salesman who lives in such a remote area that the only high speed service we can get for him is satellite via Direcway Anyway he keeps gettng an error when trying to connect to our corporate VPN Call Direcway They claim he needs a static IP address to connect to the VPN and currently he only has a dynamic one and of course they will happily upgrade him So I ask why he needs a static IP and VPN, dynamic Satellite IPs and so far they haven t been able to provide me with an answer They ve pointed me to their web FAQ which tells me nothing VPN, Satellite and dynamic IPs and even tried to tell me that I needed to call Microsoft to find out how to configure PPTP for a satellite connection What the So obviously these tech support specialists and I use the word specialists loosely here do not have an answer as to quot why quot Can anyone think of a reason why this salesman would need a static IP other than to give Direcway another month nbsp

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Hey guys,

finally here! My new VS for windows 7!

Comments are highly appreciated!

A:Dynamic Black ///

Just downloaded and working, and looking great! Fantastic work!!!
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This is so easy in Windows XP and earlier...

I want a background that in the morning is bright and at night becomes dark and has a slow transition throughout the day. In Windows XP, I could accomplish this by writing an HTML file containing JavaScript to do this and set it as my background, but now that Active Desktop is gone, I can't. I don't care that its a security issue; I just want Active Desktop back so I can embed my own scripts into my desktop!

A:Dynamic background

Windows i7 920:
I've never used them but have run across Themes that sound like they do this type of thing.
Just Google Windows 7 Themes and you will be inundated with hits.
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Hi all.

I'm a consultant working for several customers. I usually need to connect to their computers through internet. Some of them use dynamic ips so I have to call on them to ask for the ip to be able to make the connection ....

I wonder if there can be an "automatic" solution for this...

I don't want to use no-ip or dyndns, as they will always have all my customers IPs and DNSs! Also hackers prefer to attack sites using static ips.

I imagine something that sends me the new ip every time it changes

Thank you in advance.


A:tracking dynamic ip

Hope that helps
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I m working on a machine that s got the main G disk as basic and the slave G disk as dynamic OS is w k I don t know much about dynamic disks What if any are the advantages to having just the slave disk dynamic From what I ve read it seems that all the disks should be dynamic for maximum advantage Will the main drive being disk Dynamic basic and the slave dynamic cause me any problems The slave is used for data storage and storing ghost images of the Dynamic disk OS partition As it is I m unable to view the contents of the ghost image with Ghost Explorer The final setup I m trying to create has the main basic drive partitioned with G for the OS and G for data The slave dynamic drive is to contain synced copies of the data folders from the main drive The slave is in a removable HDD tray I m thinking that it would be best to wipe the slave and convert it to basic Any thoughts are appreciated nbsp

A:Dynamic disk

the only time you really need a drive to be dynamic is when your using it as some kind of back up, like in a RAID situiation or if you wanna span the volume of the drive into multiple drives.

it sort of sounds like your doing that, so you may want to leave it.
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I recently bought a domain from, and it has worked flawlessly so far, but I have a dynamic ip. Right now I have to make updates to the DNS when it changes. Is there anyway to automate this like a free DDNS?

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I have a healthy and functional Dynamic disk under Vista 32bit. This volume is spanned over 5 physical disks, all of them almost full.
I just purchased a NAS that supports 6 physical disks.
My intention is to somehow use my older disks but to achieve that i would need to progressively move my data to the NAS while freeing disks from the Windows RAID and moving them to the NAS.
How do I do that?
I mean is it possible to move data out of my Windows RAID freeing a specific physical disk, then removing it from the RAID and do it again and again until all the Windows RAID is dismantled?

Thank you
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Is there a way that I can have Windows auto configure my IP settings, so that when I'm connected to my home network, it uses the static iP settings I have, but when I'm at school or anywhere else, switch back to dynamic? Normally I have to go into the settings and turn it on and off every time.

A:Static AND Dynamic IP?

Its called alternative configuration. As long as you don't have a dhcp server at your house.

If you do have a dhcp server at your house you can setup a reservation on the dhcp server (router normally) to get the same ip address each time you connect.

Alternative configuration is in the ipv4 properties.

Additional information:
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Hi guys.
This looks odd to me.
I'm trying to set up a FTP site on my PC to use for backing up data from my office. In order to do this I was going to give my PC a static IP. It does seem to take the address I give it BUT it then looks like this, like it's a dynamic set up................ (See attached) It does keep the static details I give it. I checked using ipconfig.
Can I rectify this or is there a reason for this.

A:Static IP looks like Dynamic

Are you connected to a network at work for which you are not the network administrator? If so, your administrator has probably pushed a Group Policy Object down to prevent you from doing exactly what you are trying to do.

If you are doing what I think you are doing, you may be in violation of this forum. Might want to check with your administrator.

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hi all i gave a gateway MD7818U laptop and on the website it says that i can have 1 gb o f dynamic video memory but i can not find out how to change this from 128 mb to some thing higher....i have gone into the bios and it shows me how much vmemory i am using but does not let me change it

A:gma dynamic video

what does vista say you have?
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Is there a way to keep track of my dynamic ip address without paying for a static? Is there a configuration I can do or some time of software which updates your current IP somewhere? Any help or feedback would be great.

Thank you!

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Can anyone help me? Thanks.

A:How to set up a dynamic IP address?

Best one is to ask your ISP. If the ISP is not offering dinamic IP adresses, you can't.
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Hi guys. I have a question about dynamic IPs. Well, to start. I don't want the DHCP server JUST for my computer to not renew the lease on the IP address. Secondly, I want to know if what I just asked is possible or not? (yea, LOL)

Thanks for help in advance,

A:dynamic IP question

No, can't do that. All you can do is assign a fixed IP address to your computer, let others use DHCP.
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Okay so I just started using opendns, well becouse they have a realy big rang of dns entries.
I decided to set up my modem which is a westell 327w. This router has a built in wifi ap, I have had this router ever since 2002 with verizon(its the one they gave me for free.)

For me to select my own cutom DNS servers the router needs to disable dhcp.

Before it looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

My question will I get charged from my dsl provider( Verizon) for not using DHCP?

A:Static Ip or Dynamic?

You are confusing between an EXTERNAL (PUBLIC) static IP and an internal (private) IP. When you disable DHCP, you assign INTERNAL static IPs to the various computers on your INTERNAL network. When DHCP is enabled, this job is done by the router dynamically. Neither of these options affects your public ip address.

In short, your GATEWAY (router) has your Public IP address, and the computers in your networkhave private IP Addresses. So, there is an outside and an inside. Anyone "out there" can see your public IP, but only machines inside your own network know each other's individual private IP addresses (dynamic or static).

Your ISP will charge you if you request a PUBLIC static IP. E.g., if you want to host a website or a server from your home. With a static public IP, anybody can type that into the address bar and be directed to your website. E.g. typing into your browser will take you staright to Google because that is Google's public IP.
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My bro changed our IP to dynamic and I want it static although after I enter IP , Subnet and Gateway , I press save , and nothing happens I'll give you soem screenshots so that you'll be able to help , for example tell me that this option should be like this in order for it to save.
Thanks for your help .
Screenshot by Lightshot ,
Screenshot by Lightshot
P.S : I tried to change to Static IP from Encapsulation , did the same , again the same problem.
Please it's important help me

A:Static & Dynamic IP

You can only have a static IP address if your internet provider allowed you to have one and assigned you a static IP address most ISP do not give you static IP address unless you pay extra.
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I've been reading up on dynamic volumes, and while they are interesting, I wonder if they are actually used in the real world, and if so, more by enterprises than individuals?

What's your experience, and do you see big advantages to them?


A:Does anyone actually use dynamic volumes?

I use it for virtual drives for Windows 8 & sometimes Win XP.
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Hello I thought I had solved this problem myself but alas I have Up Ads Dynamic Solved: Pop not and am looking for assistance The machine I am currently operating on is a Dell with Windows and IE When I use IE I continue to recieve those annoying dynamic pop up ads that you have been so kind to get rid of for many other people I have used Adaware Spybot CW Shredder and Ace Utilities I have cleaned certain items from the registry manually and have also cleaned several suspected items out of the System file I must be missing something because they are still with me I am new to HiJack This however Solved: Dynamic Pop Up Ads the script is below Hope you can assist me BV Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer Solved: Dynamic Pop Up Ads v SP Running processes C WINNT System smss exe C WINNT system winlogon exe C WINNT system services exe C WINNT system lsass exe C WINNT system svchost exe C WINNT system spoolsv exe C WINNT System drivers trcboot exe C Program Files Personal Communications PCS AGNT EXE Solved: Dynamic Pop Up Ads C Program Files Symantec Client Security Symantec AntiVirus DefWatch exe C WINNT System svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS Debug mdm exe C Program Files Symantec Client Security Symantec AntiVirus Rtvscan exe C WINNT system regsvc exe C WINNT system MSTask exe C WINNT System WBEM WinMgmt exe C WINNT system svchost exe C WINNT System CCM CLICOMP RemCtrl Wuser exe C WINNT System CCM CcmExec exe C WINNT System Drivers ldlcserv exe C WINNT system svchost exe C WINNT System MsiExec exe C WINNT TEMP IXP TMP ohotfix exe C WINNT System MsiExec exe C WINNT Explorer EXE C Program Files Symantec Client Security Symantec AntiVirus vptray exe C WINNT system ctfmon exe H Utilities ToolBox highjack this HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http www microsoft com isapi redir dll prd ie amp ar iesearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www google com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www microsoft com isapi redir dll prd ie amp pver amp ar msnhome R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http www microsoft com isapi redir dll prd ie amp ar iesearch R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http www microsoft com isapi redir dll prd ie amp ar iesearch R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www microsoft com isapi redir dll prd SUB PRD amp clcid SUB CLSID amp pver SUB PVER amp ar home R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook no name - A - E E- -B D- DBE - no file F - REG system ini UserInit C WINNT system userinit exe O - BHO LocalNRDObj Class - -B C - A - F -F C D FAD - C WINNT localNRD dll O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINNT System msdxm ocx O - Toolbar no name - CDE A D-A - -BF -E B C F EB - no file O - HKLM Run AtiPTA atiptaxx exe O - HKLM Run vptray C Program Files Symantec Client Security Symantec AntiVirus vptray exe O - HKLM Run HotKeysCmds C WINNT System hkcmd exe O - HKLM Run NeroCheck C WINNT System NeroCheck exe O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe ctfmon exe O - Global Startup Microsoft Office lnk C Program Files Microsoft Office Office OSA EXE O - Extra context menu item E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - res C PROGRA MICROS Office EXCEL EXE O - Extra button PartyPoker com - B FE D - AA - F - C B- A F E - C program files partypoker IEExtension dll O - Extra Tools menuitem PartyPoker com - B FE D - AA - F - C B- A F E - C program files partypoker IEExtension dll O - Plugin for spop C Program Files Internet Explorer Plugins NPDocBox dll O - DPF AD -CDB - E -A DA- EE E BAD - http public windupdates com get f fc a c ce c d c d bdf d O - DPF FAE E -EE C- D- D -BF D B F WebIQ Technology Client - http webiq webiqonline com WebIQ bin WebIQ cab O - DPF E DBFB C- A- CF-B -F C AF DE BD - http download abacast co... Read more

A:Solved: Dynamic Pop Up Ads

Welcome to TSG!!
Run HJT again and put a check in the following:

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar,LinksFolderName =
R3 - URLSearchHook: (no name) - {8952A998-1E7E-4716-B23D-3DBE03910972} - (no file)
O2 - BHO: LocalNRDObj Class - {00320615-B6C2-40A6-8F99-F1C52D674FAD} - C:\WINNT\localNRD.dll
O3 - Toolbar: (no name) - {2CDE1A7D-A478-4291-BF31-E1B4C16F92EB} - (no file)
O16 - DPF: {15AD4789-CDB4-47E1-A9DA-992EE8E6BAD6} -

Close all applications and browser windows before you click "fix checked".

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I have five 1.5TB drives running in software Raid5 with a dynamic volume. I have to re-install Windows 7. Will this dynamic volume persist through a re-install of windows 7? Or will I have to re-create the dyncamic volume?

A:Dynamic Volumes

Do you want to convert to Basic volume? If so, here's how:

Change a dynamic disk back to a basic disk: Storage Services; Local File Systems
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Please can anyone tell me how to convert a basic HDD to a dynamic HDD ?
What are the advantages & the disadvantages.

2 HDD (SATA) 200GB each (Seagate).
Win2k, WinXP & Win2003 Server.
1 GB RAM (Kingston)
1 CD-ROM (Teac)
VGA : On board.
Sound : On board
Mobo : D865GBF
Thank you.
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I've just bought an Dynamic disk? HP DV -SA Dynamic disk? laptop It has Win HP bit Dynamic disk? installed As it has a GB hdd I wanted to create a Dynamic disk? backup partition leaving about gb for the C Windows partition This is so that when I run Acronis True Image it kept the image to a more manageable size and I needed the backup partition to store the images I would have also kept a copy elsewhere as well I also wanted to get as much space on the backup partition so I could do some basic video editing It wasn't until I installed Acronis that I found that it did not support dynamic disks Is this due to the Win bit version as I also have bit Win which is fine I see that Acronis do a Plus pack which give support to dynamic disks but is that the only solution I'm normally quite happy with disk imaging but I would hate to foul something up here I have already shrunk C and created a partition in the unallocated space Is that OK to do or should I revert back to just C I should also mention that there are D Recovery and E HP Tools partitions I'm confused by this dynamic disk thing as I didn't expect that at all Hoping someone can advise

A:Dynamic disk?

You need to use a External Hd for your backups, as if the HD goes down you will loose the backups.
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I have made a World of Warcraft Private server, running MaNGOS, and I have a dynamic IP

I have set up a NO-IP account, and i have the client on my computer so it updates the ip for the site.

But the reason why I am here, is because I made a batch that pings my NO-IP site, and then saves the current server IP address to a log file with the date and time that it was created.

But I want to make it so it then updates the file with the new IP.
The contains something like

set realmlist {and the ip}

when it pings, it saves a log similar to this

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Request timed out.

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),
what i want it to do is clear the

and save..
set realmlist
^current ip here

thanks in advance
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Good day.

I recently installed WDC WD3200AAJS-65VWA0 (320GB) on my computer which has already WDC WD5000AAKS-00YGA0 (500GB).

The new HDD shown on winxp pro sp2 disk management as Dynamic on Disk 0, The other one (old one where OS is installed) is shown basic on Disk 1.

My question is anything wrong here ?.

Before starting to store data I just want to be sure nothing wrong.

Please help.

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hello guys,how can i write a code in such a way that i can change the range easilly from workbook to workbook and omit the last row for the entire dataset.will this do it?Dim IR as long
with active workbook.worksheets("sheet1")
IR= .Range("A" &.rows.count) end(xlup).row

A:dynamic range and sum

OK, lots of stuff going on here.Let's start with the snippet of code that you included in response #1. It is very rare that you need to Select on object (e.g. a Range or a Column) in VBA in order to perform an operation on it. You can typically reference the object directly in the same line as the operation.Each of these types of instructions...
Selection.Delete...can be replaced with this:Columns("J:L").DeleteFurther, you can reference the entire set of Columns as one Range. For example, this instruction will delete the existing Columns J, K, L, N, O, P.Range("J:L,N:P").DeleteNote: The major difference between that instruction and the way your code is written is that your code will delete certain columns, which will shift the remaining columns to the left. You now have to determine the "new" column letters before you can reference the additional columns that you want to delete. The single instruction that I suggested will delete the existing Columns J, K, L, N, O, P without any need for you determine any new Column letters after each of your deletion How can i delete the last entry of every column and replace it with this above condicion?This answer depends on whether or not all of your columns are the same length. Since you are familiar with this instruction, you already know how to determine the last cell with data in Column A.LR = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).RowIf all of your columns are the same length, then you use LR as the Row designation for all columns. If not, things get a bit more complicated.Another way to reference a Range is with the Cells method. The Cells method uses RowIndex and ColumnIndex arguments to designate a cell.For example, Cells(1, 1) references A1 as does Cells(1, "A"). Cells(3, 4) and Cells(3, "D") both reference D3. Therefore, these instructions are all equivalent:
LR = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
LR = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
LR = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).RowIn addition, you can reference a range using the Cells method as follows:Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(3, 4))That instruction will reference A1:D3If your columns are all different lengths, then you need to determine the last cell in every column separately, which you can do by looping through your columns and using a variable for the ColumnsIndex argument. e.g.
For myCol = 1 To 6
LR = Cells(Rows.Count, myCol).End(xlUp).Row
Once you determined an LR for each column, you can use that value to place your formula in the last cell of the column:
For myCol = 1 To 6
LR = Cells(Rows.Count, myCol).End(xlUp).Row
Cells(LR, myCol).Formula = "=SUM(" & Cells(1, myCol).Address _
& ":" & Cells(LR - 1, myCol).Address & ")"
NextThe same method can be used to designate the Dynamic Ranges for your Sort routine. Use the Cells method with variables for the RowIndex and ColumnIndex arguments.If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.
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Please solve this problem of creating dynamic reports.I have a report rptMailingList which needs to be dynamically updated from each row of the query.That is i shud pick up the data in the first row of the query and create a report based on that.Similarly the second and soon till the end of query.Each report shud then be sent to the individual email addresses which is contained as one of the fields in the Query.How would one do this??Please help??Note that the report template is already present .I jus hav to update the report dynamically from each row of the query.Thanks
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1534 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 114470 MB, Free - 68489 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corp., 0F5949
Antivirus: None

When I try to use my printer or scanner I get the following message. The procedure entry point [email protected]@@[email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library dlbkutil.dll. What could be the problem and how to I correct it.


A:Dynamic Link

From what I can see, dlbkutil.dll is a Windows file. The file could be corrupt.

You can run sfc /scannow to verify the Windows core files.


If that doesn't resolve the problem, the next step would be to uninstall the drivers/software associated with the printer/scanner using Add and Remove programs, reboot, and then reinstall the software/drivers using the manufacturers guidelines. Use the latest version of the software/drivers from the manufacturers website.
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I have a computer that will not connect to the internet with a dynamic IP after I cleaned a W32 Blaster worm from it. If I put a static IP in I can connect to the internet. I am connecting through a linksys router and I am hard wired. I have released, renewed the ip with no luck. When I did the renew I got the following message "error occurred while renewing interface local area connection: The RCP server is unavailable" I checked and the RCP is set to automatic and was started. I have reset the tcp ip stack and also the windsock with no luck. I know the router works because I have 3 other computers using it with no problem, and the computer in question works when I use a static IP. Any suggestions?

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Hi i have dynamic contrast on my menu for my monitor,i see it goes from 1-5.
What do the different number settings do.
I have it set to 1 but it goes from 1-5.

A:Dynamic contrast help plz

Try this link
Let me google that for you
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How the DNS server on our ISP works? Say there are 5 computers connected to the router with same name AJ-PC but with different ip addresses. Will this not create duplicate records for AJ-PC?

A:DNS dynamic update

The router handles DHCP/DNS matters for your private network and handles lookup requests to the external DNS. The ISP doesn't see the computers behind the router at all. Giving them all the same name isn't the best idea. You should probably rename them AJ-PC-1, AJ-PC-2, and so on.
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Man did I screw up! You know sometimes when you do something, and you have no idea why you did what you did? Well this is one of those timesÖ

I went and converted my C:\ to Dynamic disk. What a dumb thing to do!! I think that the only way to change it back to basic, you have to delete the volume. Please tell me Iím wrong?

I also think that partition magic has the capability to convert dynamic to basic. Please tell me Iím right?

Any and all suggestion to get me back to basic is very appreciated.


A:Dynamic to Basic?

Not a good move. The only thing I have ever heard of that will convert that without a lot of backing up and wiping is Partition Manager by paragon. I'll look for a link.

Otherwise you're gonna have to backup everything and delete the dynamic partition and rebuild basic ones.


Here it is, Paragon Partition Manager
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Okay so I currently have an ISP that offers the standard "2 Dynamic IP's" and I'm wondering how to utilize this? The tech guy said I need a HUB...but I'm not sure what kind and where to get one etc. Secondly, even if I am able to get this second IP going, will they be entirely separate IP addresses? I need the IP addresses to be completely separate and untraceable to the same source. Is this the case or can you somehow trace back the two dynamic IP's to the same source IP? Will I need two different static IP's if I want the two connections to be entirely separate, unrelated, and untraceable from each other?

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We have a user that loses the dynamic.dll and the pc won't start up to NT. We've corrected it but it happens every 3 to 4 months for just this one user. He has received a different system and it continues to happen. So it's not computer related. It's getting frustrating since we can't figure out what is causing this. We're wondering about the networking connection in his office but this is really grasping. Any ideas from the other NT people out here????

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I got a new laptop with windows 8 single language, I want to remove this version and install windows 8 pro version. but when i try that its showing dynamic partition error.. i am able to create new partition and use that. but installing new os is not possible.. what should i do????

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Is it possible to use 'dynamic' disc on a portable PC..?
As opposed to 'basic' it possible to convert a basic disc to dynamic in order to take advantage of the file system NTFS...?
I am reading in a Windoes XP book that this can't be done on a portable PC.
The ultimate purpose of this is to free unallocated space on C: drive which has 1.nn Gig of unallocated space.
Current properties of drive show 3.nn GB used spaced and 1.nn GB unallocated.
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I apologize for the length and detail that I must include here but it is all necessary as this is a problem I have worked on for weeks back and forth with Acronis True Image tech support I have been having trouble getting Acronis True Image Home to recognize SATA drives--any SATA drive I connected an SATA drive to my system and then used Norton Ghost to restore an image to it that was created earlier with Norton Ghost The SATA drive is now fully functional in Windows bootable and all when connected to the system where it was originally made However Acronis True Image does not list a disk? is dynamic What its drive letter as an available drive from which I can create a new image Acronis True Image tech support after weeks of bandying this problem to and fro has decided to dump the problem into my lap by telling me this is a dynamic disk and they don t support dynamic disks They referenced this article http www acronis com homecomputing support kb aid When this disk was originally prepared and before I restored its Norton Ghost image I prepared it the same way I prepare all disks So if all disks are prepared the same way and the only difference I can detect here is that this is an SATA instead of PATA my question What is a dynamic disk? is How did this SATA What is a dynamic disk? disk become quot dynamic quot when PATA disks prepared the same way do not have this problem And what is a quot dynamic quot disk and how does it differ from other disks Pardon my ignorance but I just don t know what this quot dynamic quot thing is or how one comes into being Frankly I think Acronis Tech Support is simply stumped and is just blowing smoke What is a dynamic disk? nbsp

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One of my new backup HDD turned into a dynamic drive as I was installing fresh copy of windows onto another new HDD. And now I cannot access that HDD because it is unreadable Does anyone know how to revert it back to readable without formatting? Because I have over 900 Gigs worth of things in it and I don't want to lose it no matter what. I have no clue as to what microsoft supports resolution wants me to do either. Although I did check it out but I don't see anything wrong with those files, anyone know any alternative ways?

EDIT: Nevermind, fixed it XD... cased close
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When I try to install Windows 8 on a separate partition, it says something like this:
Here is the partition (I also tried with an uncollated drive too):

I really want to run windows 8 it without a VM.

A:Dynamic Disk

It's complaining that the C drive (that's Drive 0, partition 2) is a dynamic volume, and it's on the same physical disk as your Win8 partition. Any disk that contains a dynamic partition can not be used to install a boot volume in Windows 8, so since the disk has dynamic partitions, you get this error. Boot volumes should really never be dynamic other than testing, and even that would be kind of silly.
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Is there any way in Win 7 to convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk without losing data?

A:Dynamic disk

Microsoft does not support or supply any utility that can convert a dynamic disk to basic. I believe there are third party utilities that can do this but I don't know of any.
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I have a laptop that i want to be able to use in the office and in other places. The office is static IP and each computer needs assigned IP and such. This makes it a pain when i'm in dynamic IP areas like home where the router assigns the IP. Is there a way I can have both? I heard something about making profiles and such. I checked out profiles with the intel PROset/wireless but i did not see anything about that.

A:use both dynamic and static ip

Check out this link here -
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Hello all,

I have vista ultimate 64 bit and 5 drives in it Apparently i for fomatted the largest drive (200 gig) dynamic. I had a crash and decided to try something different (since my boyfriend bought the vista premium 32 bit I decided to see if it was faster the the 64 bit ultimate I bought . Problem is the 200 gig Western Digital will not show up , I need to go to computer management and it shows as dynamic invalid. How can I rescue this data? OR if i just went back to vista ultimate 64bit will that drive be ok them?? please advise

A:Dynamic drive

I believe I have to go back to ultimate for the dinamic drive to be read by windows.
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I have a Dynamic IP ( At least i think i do, since the "Obtain an IP Adress Automatically" Box is checked. ) I tried going into cmd and type ipconfig/release then ipconfig/renew, but i still get the same IP. ( The last number on it changed sometimes, like .1 to .2 or somethin ) Im wondering why wont it change since its a Dynamic IP.

If Anyone out there has any solutions for this id be really appreciated.


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I started a new partition and realized i dont need it now i just want to delete the partition, what is the best course of action here..

A:dynamic disk

Is the problem that you converted your HD to Dynamic which is only meant to be used to span a partition across multiple HD's? Apparently you didn't see the warning message.

If so the solution to solve this non-destructively is to boot free Partition Wizard CD version 4.2 which is the last one which offers this as a free feature: ISO - Windows Live.

Download the ISO, rightclick to burn it to CD using Windows Image Burner, or use ImgBurn.

Boot CD. You will need to delete the extra partition(s) you created which tipped it to convert to Dynamic before it will convert back to Basic.

Then follow these video steps: How to convert dynamic disk to basic disk with Partition Wizard?

After conversion if you want help adding a partition post back a screenshot of your maximized Disk Mgmt drive map with listings, using the Snipping Tool in Start Menu, attached using paper clip in Reply Box.

If you're not sure whether you did this then post back the screenshot now.
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I have a batch file that was originally designed to copy some files from a floppy disk to the c: drive. But because floppy drives are slow, i decided to use my pen drive instead, but the drive letter of the pen drive changes depending what computer it is in. Here is the batch file that i have at the moment:

@Echo off
cd C:\program files
md [email protected]
xcopy A:\[email protected]\*.* C:\Progra~1\[email protected] /-y
regedit /s A:\Folding.reg

Is there a way i can change it so that A: changes to the drive letter that the pen drive has been assigned?
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I shrank my C: drive about 40 gigabytes so I could make a backup partition. Once it finished it changed all my partitions except the boot one to dynamic, even the C: drive. Is this fine? Will it ruin anything or will I need to change my C: drive back to basic or primary? On my laptop my C: drive is blue on the bottom Disk 0 line and on the list its listed as basic.

A:Dynamic Disk Type?

Quote: Originally Posted by Vigorous

I shrank my C: drive about 40 gigabytes so I could make a backup partition. Once it finished it changed all my partitions except the boot one to dynamic, even the C: drive. Is this fine? Will it ruin anything or will I need to change my C: drive back to basic or primary? On my laptop my C: drive is blue on the bottom Disk 0 line and on the list its listed as basic.

Welcome V look mate am no expert but what exactly were you trying to do - if it was just backing up why not just use an external drive?
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Dynamic IP address questions
Hey I have a dynamic IP (ADSL) and Ive a couple of questions about it.

1: Does the IP ever show the same address twice. after checking a few times Ive noticed its always different but does it cycle or repeat eventually?

2: Could someone determine my physical address from my dynamic IP?
would it be to the country or city or street?

2: Can they determine my IP belongs to me even though it changes every time I connect. ie a link between the IP I get before I disconect and the new one generated when I reconnect?

Thanks and sorry if the questions seem odd.
I value my internet security and anonymity.

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Have a play with Disk Management in Basic volume Dynamic vs Computer Management here are a few questions if somebody can enlighten me What is the major difference between Dynamic and Basic Volume It seems Dynamic volume can let you change the size of the volume up Basic vs Dynamic volume or down when there is an adjacent unused physical space without impairing the files already stored However Partitions Basic Volume can only be extended and will always requires reformating Is there anything else I missed It seems that Dynamic Volume has a lot more overheads so it Basic vs Dynamic volume may be a little slower and actual file stored will be less any opinion on that I did notice one of the Dyname Volume started to show massic missing storage space e g Used Space of GB only has GB realy files on it absolutely no hidden files there because I created the volume This happens after shrinking and expanding it up and down a couple of time BUG If so it is a serious one Dynamic Volume must be used for Mirroring

A:Basic vs Dynamic volume

Hello ffrree, welcome to Seven Forums!

It is really a bad idea to fool with Dynamic on a Operating System Hard Disk Drive, it has the potential to disable Windows and a clean install is often the only way to correct for that.
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I need help in reactivating a Reactivating Drive Dynamic dynamic drive Here s the situation I inadvertently formatted a new WD GB SATA drive as dynamic Once I noticed it I setup another WD GB drive to move the data and reformat As luck would have Reactivating Dynamic Drive it my Gigabyte GA- KNXP mobo went out I installed a new Gigabyte board did not have to reinstall or repair XP When I did that the dynamic drive shows offline The BIOS sees it as does the various recover Reactivating Dynamic Drive tools Acronis and R Studio Here s what I see as my options - Reactivate through XP disk management I m a bit skittish to try for fear that there could be something destructive Am I safe in at least trying this - Restore through Acronis or R Studio What are the pros cons of this method - Send to a data recovery service Suggestions I have always maintained a double backup drive system This time though I was caught a disk transition and have no meaningful back to the data Tom Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Reactivating Dynamic Drive

Hi Tom,

If you have R studio why don't try looking for data with it. I would advise strongly against reactivating with Xp disk management. Especially when the disk is showing offline.

this should help you handling the drive when using R studio. Pros of R studio or any recovery program is that it should access the drive without writing anything to the drive only reading data and reconstructing it.
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ref. Win7 32bit OR XP Pro 32bit

How can I access Data on a Dynamic HD, via USB ext. HD case?

NONE of this data has been deleted, so I don't need an UNdelete program. I simply need to bounce the data off the drives, convert the drives back to Simple, & REbounce the data back to the drives.

I have 3 HD's that I need to pull data off of. 2 x 250Gig WD & 1 x 1TB WD. All were Data ONLY drives (D:\, E:\, & F:\).

Win7 & XP only allow me the option of converting the Dynamic drives, to Basic, which wipes all data from them.

Yes, I know that if I plugged the drives directly into a mobo SATA port, I could move data at will. However I only have 1 working SATA port on this POS temp mobo & the C:\ drive is using it.

Anybody have any ideas?????


A:Access Dynamic HD via USB ext. HD case?

Hello MLStrand56, welcome to Seven Forums!

Have a look at this tutorial at the link below for options and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

How to Convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk
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Hi there! I'm new here, I hope somebody can help me. I tried searching the forums and found nothing . I'm trying to learn a little VB ( I really know very, very little) and have run into a problem. I have a dynamic range, which I try to increment by 1. Here is the line I use: Range("fixnewdate&quot.Value = Range("fixnewdate&quot.Value + 1 where fixnewdate is the name of the dynamic range. When the macro runs, it seems to just ignore this line, and nothing happens. However, in DEBUG mode, with the F8 key, it works fine, and increments properly. I don't get it..... When I add a watch to the range, I get this: Watch : : fixnewdate : : Empty : Module10.acceptanplay. I'm pretty sure my range is defined correctly, if I reference it in the sheet it gives all the correct values. Please help Joe

A:Dynamic ranges and macros

sorry, I don't know how to properly format the message? Joe
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hi i need to change from dynamic IP to Static for work, Iv rang my provider talk talk and the only way i can do this is go to a buisness line and pay more a month is there anyway i can log into my router and change from dynamic to static myself? im not on about the IP thats starts 192.blah blah blah its the one where u go somewhere like mine is dynamic as it changes if router is reset, there is hiccup in internet or computer is off for the night etc... i really need to try to change this to static without forking out more money if possible.

A:Can i change from dynamic ip to static

Few, if any, ISPs provide static IP addresses with their lower cost service contracts. It's quite standard that static IP address(es) are available only with business service. However, you are welcome to call the other ISPs serving your area to see if they have cheaper rates.
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During Windows 7 installation I divided my disk into logical parts and installed OS on drive C. Then I decided to make another partition through disk management after installation was complete and this is where all problems started. It turned out
that dynamic partition was created and it changed the behaviour of the whole disk. Now I can't delete partition that has OS installed on it which I could do during reinstallation.
Here is a screenshot:
Partition colored yellow can't be deleted through reinstallation process and I can't change it back after reformatting. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it and revert my disk back to regular state? This is pain in the neck.

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ok so i have this text file using pointers c++ arrays dynamic for that holds a certain amount of integers I don t know how many there will be thus i must use dynamic arrays so i have int main ifstream input input using c++ pointers for dynamic arrays open quot inputfile txt quot int r z while input gt gt r z int b new int z Thats what i have so far I go through the file to see how many integers are in it then I allocate a chunk of memory using c++ pointers for dynamic arrays to an integer array of size z by using a pointer Now this is my problem I need to go back through the input file and put the actual integers into this array but I cannot use loop counter variables -- EVERYTHING has to be done with pointers I then need to find the min number max number and median of the array -- all in pointers I am having trouble thinking about how to go about this Appreciate any help thanks nbsp