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How do I find what was the last app installed on a pc ?

Q: How do I find what was the last app installed on a pc ?

How do I find what was the last app installed on a pc ?

The Add/Remove section of the control panel does not appear to give a date when such
an app was installed?

Any ideas ?

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Preferred Solution: How do I find what was the last app installed on a pc ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Good afternoon,

I once found a way to find out the date (and time!) that Windows XP was installed on a system. It was a command that you typed in and it returned with this information.

I can't for the life of me find this again! I've trawled and can't lay my hands on it.

Is anyone aware of this, or another way, to get this information out of Windows???

Thanks in advance.


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How do I know what OS is running in a secondary hard drive?
(the 2nd HD was not functioning on its own, so I had to install it as a 2nd in order to reformat)
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My computer worked fine, but then one of my cables to the ssd fell out without me noticing it. I installed os on the HDD (used to be on the SSD) and when i was done i wiped the hole HDD with DBAN. After that the os worked nice on the SSD, but i could not find the hdd. I went to the BIOS and found it there, but it was not possible to find it on my SSD. I went to the disk management, but did not find any disk or unlocated space. What is the problem? Anyone have a clue?
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I'm looking to get a new computer and after 10+ years of Windows 98, I'm looking for a PC with Windows XP on it.

Can you still find NEW PCs with the XP operating system? Where are some of the better places to look?

Thanks in advance


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Hi tech support...I want to uninstall this software but the software does not come with the uninstaller...I also checked at the add/remove program but it's not I googled on uninstalling a program, they guide me :

1) Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE and find the folder for the application. Delete the folder.

but it still not there!

so what went wrong.

Please help.thank you

A:can't find my installed software

What is the software that you are trying to uninstall?
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Hi all I had to do a factory restore after serious issues with my pc and like a prat i didnt do a backup before i reinstalled the factory settings.Ive now noticed the software which came pre installed on the system isnt there anymore and ive looked in all folders etc but still no joy.Can somebody please advise me on where i can find the details of the software which came installd on my system and then where i will be able to go to download them again.Thanks in advance
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My house was recently burgled and they took my external hard drive. I've had it for years so have lost all my paperwork for it. I want to be able to give my insurance company accurate details about it but can't remember anything including make, model, or size. Is there any way for me to find some or all of this info on my computer? I have an Inspiron running Windows 7. Thanks for your help.

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I upgraded from W7 to W10 last month. Is there any way to tell the exact date? I'm having some horrible problems due to a missing user file. If I have a backup of one program that was made before I upgraded, I can just reinstall the program and all is well. If I don't, per the software designer, I've just lost 3 years of work because Dropbox can't find the missing pathways. I just can't remember when December 2015 I finally upgraded.

A:Find date I installed?

Hi Kjw, welcome to the Ten Forums.

Open the Command Prompt and enter this command:

systeminfo | find /i "install date"

It shows you the exact date and time Windows was installed:

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Yesterday i bought a new motherboard MSI G41M-P26 and i reinstalled windows because of this problem (im using win8 release preview) i installed Realtek (everything went fine) and i restarted my pc, after that i couldn't find the realtek icon anywhere, even on the program files the realtek folder is empty there are only 2 files (RtlUpd.exe can't even run it, and USetup.iss) the HDA folder is empty also. I reinstalled it many times, tried various versions of Realtek, it's not even on the Task Manager. It seems like it's installed but i can't run it. I have everything up to date, Please help me, it's really important for me to use realtek.
PS : i have the sound in case you were wondering. But i need realtek. It has so many good options and i'm using a 5.1 home theater.
I didn't have this problem with my old motherboard, and it was also MSI.
Sorry for my bad english.

A:Realtek is installed but can't run it nor find it on the pc.

Hi AceZero and welcome to W7 Forums

That motherboard has VIA audio installed, specifically the VT1708S codec. Drivers for other codecs, including Realtek, will not work with your setup. Sorry.
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Windows 7 64 bit. I have a printer and I can print to it from applications but it does not show up in installed printers. Even if I add it again, it does not show up. What can I do about it? Other devices are there; just not this one.


A:Cannot Find Installed Printer

Local i.e plugged into the back of this computer or Network connected to another computer or network print server?
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I upgraded from W7 to W10 last month. Is there any way to tell the exact date? I'm having some horrible problems due to a missing user file. If I have a backup of one program that was made before I upgraded, I can just reinstall the program and all is well. If I don't, per the software designer, I've just lost 3 years of work because Dropbox can't find the missing pathways. I just can't remember when December 2015 I finally upgraded.

A:Find date I installed?

Hi Kjw, welcome to the Ten Forums.

Open the Command Prompt and enter this command:

systeminfo | find /i "install date"

It shows you the exact date and time Windows was installed:

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I just upgraded to Win7. In this PC I have 2 HDD, one C drive which works fin, and one additional HDD which I'm able to see in BIOS and Device Manager, but it do not show up in Explorer.
How to get it visible?

A:Can't find local installed HDD

Right click my computer > manage, click disk management take a screenshot, post here.
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I have Sophos Endpoint installed onto Windows 2008 R2 Server, but I am buffer overflow errors with Excel.  I need to find out if EMET is installed on my Server. 

How do find out
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Hi google searching says I IE 9 10, find all. at installed and 11, Removed now IE can't can't have removed IE totally from the system but all evidence says Removed IE 11, 10, 9 and now can't find IE installed at all. I have I used an elevated command prompt with the command below to uninstall IE then then in hopes to roll it back to as I have been failing repeatedly with trying to reinstall IE I keep getting error C failure while I have all the prerequisites latest graphic drivers and have gig free HD space The command used to uninstall FORFILES P WINDIR servicing Packages M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer- mum c quot cmd c echo Uninstalling package fname amp amp start w pkgmgr up fname norestart quot Now after using that command first with mum then then I cannot find any indication IE is installed on my laptop I have rebooted and windows update doesn't suggest any IE updates either Your help and expertise would be greatly appreciated I have downloaded the stand alone IE windows english usa bit version and even trying to install it with the update-no trigger fails

A:Removed IE 11, 10, 9 and now can't find IE installed at all.

Download IE11

Download Web Browser - Internet Explorer
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I am running Windows 7 64-bit. I am supposed to have AVG Internet Security 2011 installed on my computer. When I boot up, the User Account Control asks if I want to allow AVG to run. It says it's installed on my hdd. I say yes. When I go into the hdd, I cannot find AVG anywhere except in the folder Program Files(x86). And the actual executable is not in there, just a few odd files. I have a feeling that the installation might have been interrupted, but every time I try to continue or reinstall it nothing happens after the file extraction hits 100%. It is not in the control panel applications, and when I search for it, nothings shows in the results. I don't know what other information might be pertinent. I am tired, and I have been working at this for a while now.

A:Cannot find a program that says it is installed

Run the AVG removal tool: Remover eliminates all the parts of your AVG installation from your computer, including registry items, installation files, user files, etc. AVG Remover is the last option to be used in case the AVG uninstall / repair installation process has failed repeatedly.Download a fresh copy & reinstall (if you still want AVG)
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Hi All I think I've just done a dumb thing I never learn don't make decisions first thing in the morning before I've finished my coffee and have had a chance to boot up I had a pop up telling me that there was an unverified certificate from the revocation list do you wish to proceed There was a choice of install certificate or not to proceed no prizes for I How the Find installed do last Certificate anyone guessing what I did My question is how can I now find this certificate How do I Find the last Certificate installed and actually see what it's about and get rid of it if it's suspect The prompt was accompanied by the Java Logo down on my task bar so I assumed it was ok Big mistake I know as Java has been on the usual suspects list for years now so I'm feeling pretty stupid at the moment Is it possible to find it by date of installation I've found by searching already that all the certificate have expiry dates but nothing to show when they were installed Can anyone help me out Hiconic

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In the last couple of days, I had to finally upgrade my HDC from, an AHA-19160 to, an AHA-39320. Prior to doing that, the BIOS on the 19160 stopped seeing the HD while, XP Pro could find it. Now, Since I upgraded the HDC, the new HDC sees' the HD but, when I try to do a fresh install of XP Pro, it cannot find the HD.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:XP Pro will cannot find newly installed HD

Closing duplicate, please reply here:

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An ex coworker of mine installed Windows 7 Pro on a pc for one of our clients, which was never activated. Now it's 30 days later and it's asking for the key. The sticker with the Windows 7 Pro OEM key on the side of the box is rather illegible. I input the key in an attempt to activate, but it fails. My issue is I don't know if I'm putting in the wrong key or the Windows 7 Pro that was installed is not OEM version. Is there an easy way for me to tell if it is OEM or not without having to reinstall?

Thanks in advance,


A:Solved: Need to find out if the Win 7 that is installed is OEM or not

Not asking you to post the results here (just lazily copying a standard post). In the output look at the Product ID Type.

Please run the MGA Diagnostic Tool and post back the report it creates:
Download MGADiag to your desktop.
Double-click on MGADiag.exe to launch the program
Click "Continue"
Ensure that the "Windows" tab is selected (it should be by default).
Click the "Copy" button to copy the MGA Diagnostic Report to the Windows clipboard.
Paste the MGA Diagnostic Report back here in your next reply.
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At first i'm having trouble in finding the programs after i installed it. Then i found it very hassle when i need to search it to start and type the word that i installed. Is there any way that there's no need for me to search it and move to start screen? Thanks in advance

A:Where could i find my new installed software

Hello Astorre, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Normally when you install a program, it will automatically pin a shortcut of that program to the far right of your Start screen. You may need to scroll all the way to the right on your Start screen to see it.

If it doesn't, then you can navigate to the .exe file of the installed program, and "Pin to Start" it to have one.

Hope this helps,
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I hope I'm in the right forum, this could be a hardware issue. I have a brand new HP DV6000 laptop w/Vista installed. (I couldn't get it with XP) I purchased an identical hard drive & swapped them. When I try to install XP it gets to the point where it asks do you want to install? When I hit enter I get a screen telling me setup cannot continue because setup did not find any hard drives installed. I have another HP DV6000 with XP Pro so I tried that hard drive but as soon as it tries to boot it blue screens with a fatal system error & wants to reboot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Alright, this might sound as a stupid question, but I'm not able to find some of my installed programs (neither in Metro nor with the searching function at the top right corner).
The only way I can find 'em is by going to the installed location.
e.g. ?torrent

Thanks in advance.

A:How to find installed programs

Hello Abdullah, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Usually installed programs will create a shortcut to be listed in your Apps screen.
Apps Screen - Open in Windows 8
If not, then you could go to installed location to create a shortcut from the program's .exe file to use where you like, or "Pin to Start" or "Pin to Taskbar" the .exe file.

Hope this helps,
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My internet browsing become unbelievably slow in the last few days I trawled through out what uninstalled week? installed Can and find I I last many internet forums following lots of different advice that others have suggested and nothing has worked Today I came across a forum where someone discusses a very similar problem and then Can I find out what I installed and uninstalled last week? it was solved Apparently they had some exif viewer that was conflicting with the browser Once they deleted it everything ran normally for them I thought my gosh Can I find out what I installed and uninstalled last week? only a few days ago I downloaded some form of exif viewer to see how this metadata works After boring of it I deleted it It is since then that I have had the problem of slow browsing I don't know how to find this I have the standard control panel uninstall feature I also downloaded revo uninstaller Each of these display the programs currently on my computer But not ones that I have deleted Is there a way I could see a list of everything that I downloaded and find the name of whatever exif viewer I downloaded last week I assume the program is gone but perhaps some instructions are still somewhere on my computer and intefering with my browser I have tried reading many sites about using some power shell commands and I was looking in event viewer although I cannot understand it Is there a method I could use to find out what program I downloaded and uninstalled so I could try to remove any leftover instances of it with something like Hitmapro I have used ccleaner and even defraggler in the last few days but the internet browsing is still very slow

A:Can I find out what I installed and uninstalled last week?

Open your browser and view the downloads.
If you can't figure this out, post the name of the browser you are using and I will post instructions.
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I successfully installed 2 programs on my laptop yet can't find them anywhere. I'm using windows 7 64 bit. I've checked the system files, used search but still nada! Yet when I slide in the installation cd and click install I'm prompted to repair or uninstall which confirms the install was successful. Even downloading software does the same thing. Where the hell can it be then?

Any help would be great!



A:I successfully installed 2 programs yet can't find them anywhere.

What software?

Post a link.
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Camera: Sony DCR TRV285e

I've recently bought a firewire card and now I'm trying to capture the video with Ulead Videostudio 8.But when I click the capture button it shows the following error.Please see the screenshot:

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Got nasty virus on HDD and wanted to install a SSD anyway so installed it (SSD) and now need to get data off of HDD but it is not recognized, how do I get it back so I can get data of of it before reformatting. I unplugged power to HDD prior to installing SSD and plugged it back in and get nothing.

A:New SSD installed and working can't find existing HDD

Hi there,

Have you tried double checking inside your computer that all the power and sata connections are plugged in correctly and where they are meant to be?

Have you tried checking in the BIOS if the hard drive is detected?

Let us know how you get on,
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I am having a problem with windows XP, when I try to enable fast-user switching it gives me an error that says I need to uninstall NetWare to use fast-user switching.

I searched and I found out that to uninstall NetWare I need to go to Network Connections > Choose my connection > Properties > Highlight the Client for Netware entry > Click Uninstall

And the problem is I can't find the "Client for Netware entry", all I see is this:
Client for Microsoft Networks
File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
QoS Packet Scheduler
Microsoft TCP/IP Version 6
So What can I do to uninstall NetWare?

And I don't even know how it got enabled, maybe the virus that infected the computer?


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I successfully installed 2 programs on my laptop yet can't find them anywhere. I'm using windows 7 64 bit. I've checked the system files, used search but still nada! Yet when I slide in the installation cd and click install I'm prompted to repair or uninstall which confirms the install was successful. Even downloading software does the same thing. Where the hell can it be then?

Any help would be great!



A:I successfully installed 2 programs yet can't find them anywhere.

What software?

Post a link.
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I use my laptop in a network and I suspect someone installed a keylogger in my pc. I want to know how to detect if someone is spying what I do in my pc? I run hickjackthis and have a log to check. Can anybody help me find out if such a program is installed in my pc? Thank you.

A:How do I find if a Key logger or spyware is installed in my pc?

Hello sweeper47, Keyloggers are meant to be hard to find and don't usually appear in Programs and Features. It is your pc, is it your network? It probably would show up in AutoRuns. Why don't you have the guys at TSF Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help section have a look at your system. They've got some pretty slick programs to uncover anything and are pros at it. Here's the link.

then go here:
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my desktop is Dell Dimension 8400. I replaced the SATA with a new one (seagate). The computer recognised the HD in both BIOS and chkdisk. I partitioned it to 2 NTFS parts, and set the primary active (used PQMAGIC, a very old version back to year 2000). Then I run boot from CDROM, and windows setup showed "SETUP DID NOT FIND ANY HARD DISK INSTALLED IN YOUR COMPUTER. ... SETUP CANNOT CONTINUE, PRESS F3 TO QUIT SETUP".

I don't know how many times I have got this message. Can anyone help me please. Thanks a lot.

A:windows setup cannot find installed HD

Have you tried copying the Sata disk drivers to a floppy/cd and pressing F6 just after the setup starts... remember that windows needs this extra drivers to "see" the disk.

I can't vouch for chkdsk, but the Bios would see the disk regardless if it could access it or not.
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Can anyone help me with my photos, they all seem to have a little 'manila' folder around them and are only half opened up, i like them 'laying flat' on the screen if possible.

A:Win 10, installed, cant find a thing! (Help with photos please.)

Have you tried to open the folder ?
Double click will open a folder.
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I installed the MS office in my PC. There is no shortcut appear in desktop for same. Also when i search in find and type the word or excel. Then i couldn't find and only show the apps which are already installed in PC. So for same i have to copy a path to find all ms softwares like C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 and then go the access or excel. Why it is not appearing in my search results as well as start windows details.Also just now i checked when i copied the shortcut of word or outlook . And try to add to taskbar then it shows white icon.What happened to this ?? Didn't have this earlierI really want to solve this issue as i have some important files that must need to maintain this software and store.Highly appreciate your help in this matter.thanks

A:MS office installed but can't find in windows 8

I would suggest uninstalling the sofware and installing it again. Shouldnt be too difficult to do that, and to be honest it will probably fix your problem more easily than trying to degub the issue and attempt to fix.
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Hello Gurus!

I am loading Server 2003 on my server. I just bought Segate SCSI U320, its 73gig SCSI HD. I did Ctrl+A >>selected Disk Utility>>Selected my HD & formatted it. I went back into Array Configuaration Utilities & Initialized the disk & Rebooted. Once booted it finds the HD and then goes to the CD rom to load windows Server 2003. I hit F6 to load the drivers (not sure what SCSI drivers to load but I think SCSI 2960 drivers) The floppy was in and it took the drivers and then next thing you know it says:
Setup did not find the HD installed on your PC. I had to hit F3 to quite.

How can I resolve this issue. Am I downloading wrong SCSI Drivers? If yes what kind should I get and how do I know which one to get for that specific HD (ST373307lw)

A:Setup did not find SCSI HD Installed on your PC.

welcome to TSG, v1medep

this is the introductions forum....a place to introduce yourself, not your problem.

many forums have "stickies" posted at the top of's a good idea to read them: they have a lot of valuable information

i'm moving this to a forum where you should get some help. feel free to return to the introductions forum if you'd like to start a thread and tell everyone a bit about yourself.
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A friend just got a pny 1gb DDR pc2700 333MHz/266MHz Optima memory card installed on their computer. They got it have more space on their pc. Best buy installed it, they cant find it. Their computer still tells them they have low disk space. Can someone help?

A:Cant find installed memory card?

Does it show in Device Manager?
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used it once but now i can't find it. i tried to open a .doc file and it won't open.

A:office starter installed but now i can't find

Navigate to your C: drive > Program Files > look for Microsoft OfficeWhat do you see?Also, check to make sure it shows up in your Start Menu.
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Gentlemen amp Fly Ladies While my version of Spy-Agent i trojan was particularlly aweful on my computer and WE definitely fought the good fight I had no choice but to resort to installing a new o s in order to get back functionality No problem Internet security backing up my stuff and being much more p c savey is something I learned TONS about last week bless those who helped me out After all the drama I had the opportunity to upgrade from Win to XP Home Version Did it and I love my new o s much more user friendly to me and suits me better My issue I had to hook up to the internet DSL cant and XP ethernet p/c Installed find my port through my westell via USB rather than the ethernet port I was using before -when I had Win With XP How do I quot turn on quot my ethernet port and ditch the USB cable in favor of a more direct connection Again I was using the ethernet port with Installed XP and p/c cant find my ethernet port Win so I know it works Still after the trojan attack noted above my Dell Optiplex GX lost drivers that I could not replace dont ask me Installed XP and p/c cant find my ethernet port how This particular p c I bought on Flee Bay after a large corporation upgraded it is a killer computer but for example the sound card amp graphics card were all built into the motherboard and it came with nothing I had to buy a new sound amp graphics cards so that I could get back functionality and have drivers for back up purposes While I doubt it could this be part of my problem THANKS IN ADVANCE nbsp

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Hello everyone,
I installed a new 1TB Hard drive(Samsung Spinpoint F1 SATA2 7200RPM 32MB cache), but it doesn't seem to appear in 'My computer', where has this new drive gone?, could anyone help me out?


A:Can not find new installed Hard drive

You probably forgot to partition the drive so you can actually use it. What OS are you running?
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I need to find a way to get the keys from programs already installed so that if I ever need to re image the computer I still have them.
Here is a list of what I need to figure out how to get keys from:
Microsoft Office Pro 2010
Adobe CS4
Bejeweld 2 Deluxe
Diablo II
Quicken 2009
Zuma's Revenge
I dont know if theres a method to look at any keys installed on a computer or if you have to figure out how to do each one individually.

A:How to find the keys for installed programs

You could try SIW 2011 Home Edition , scroll down the webpage, near the bottom.Louis
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In the BIOS it says find says installed can't it! PEG but BIOS card that there s a PEG card installed and I need the CD that came with it to get it to work But I don t have the CD and I need to know what card actually is so I can attempt to get the software to turn it on I m not even sure if turning it on is a good idea But otherwise all I have is a graphics chipset with about MB of memory on it BIOS says PEG card installed but can't find it! I can t afford a new card plus this is a Dell small form factor computer It BIOS says PEG card installed but can't find it! s hard to get hardware for it because of the lack of space in the case plus I m not sure if s standard card would even work with a Dell computer I got my quot X-Plane quot flight simulator to run reasonably well with only that chipset after installing gigs of system memory but I think I m very close to overloading thing As far as I can tell there s no option in the BIOS to tell me anything else about this card or how to find out what card it is I can t find an quot advanced quot menu in the BIOS either Any help will be very much appreciated The computer is a Dell Dimension c running XP Home Blame my wife for the chipset and the small case I can t ask Dell about this because they want a zillion bucks just to ask a question My warranty has expired nbsp

A:BIOS says PEG card installed but can't find it!

Sounds to me like the integrated graphics chip uses PCI Express bus.
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I just recently installed windows vista on my toshiba laptop model L3O5D. Every thing went smoothly and before you know it I was up and running, with one major problem, I can't find any networks to connect to to access the Internet. Any help would be appreciated!

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I have Windows XP Pro, sp3.

With Firefox you can type "aboutlugins" in the location bar then hit Enter to find out what plugins are installed in Firefox. How can you find out what plugins are installed in Internet Explorer?

Thank you,


P.S. I didn't intentionally put the icon in there. I don't know how to not have it show.

A:How to find out what plugins are installed in Internet Explorer

Tools - manage add-ons (IE7)
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I got a new computer a while back. And in it, it has Microsoft Office Word 2007 ( it was pre installed). I had 25 free trial uses. Now it's locked up and won't do anything. So I guess I used them all.

I found this...How can I renew Word 2007? I really need it. I can't find the product key either!

Locate the Product Key for a Trial product
Depending on how the Trial product was obtained (CD/DVD, downloaded, subscription, or preinstalled by the computer manufacturer, system builder, or reseller), the Product Key may be located in one of the following locations:

Desktop Trial icon when a preinstalled trial is available.
Sticker on CD case or other packaging.
Microsoft Product Identifier Card.
Confirmation e-mail message received from an online download or renewal notice.

A:Word 2007 - Pre-Installed ( can't find product key)

Hopefully this MS bulletin will help
How to obtain a new product key for a Microsoft Office suite

You can also get office for free
open office.

You may want to look into that before spending good money.
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Wasnt sure whether to post here or in the game section, but seeing as it seems to be a problem with every game installed figured it must be a system issue rather than game specific (the problem is the same whether its a steam, origin or disk based game).
Bascially, every game installed loads fine but doesnt give the option to load saved games. The saves are there in the documents, it seems the programs just cant connect with them is there some kind of generic windows launcher or something that each game would use to load a save? done various scans nothing untoward has come up, just cant understand why something would happen with every single one

maybe just a coincidence but the desktop icons seem to have moved themselves, and all autofills and bookmarks disappeared at the same time..

any help would be appreciated, thanks
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An elderly friend of mine ordered a new laptop and asked me to help her get it set up We did fine until we came to email Her -yr-old Dell system used Outlook Express ewww with the POP userid that the local cable company who provides our broad-band Internet had set up for her years ago Not to Installed can't it but run find it !! Windows Live Mail, surprisinly I couldn't find Outlook Express on her new Win laptop Windows Help informed me that it was no longer included in Windows and that the replacement was Windows Live Mail It asked me if I wanted to install that and I said I did I Installed Windows Live Mail, but can't find it to run it !! picked quot Run quot and the install program ran successfully and informed me that it needed to restart the system to complete the install to which I agreed When the system came back up I was suprised that there was not a WinMail icon on the desktop or in the taskbar I opened the Start Menu to look for it but was unable to find anything about Windows Live Mail The folder named quot Windows Live quot contained only one icon for quot Windows Live Mesh quot There were also single entries for some photo and other useless stuff but nothing for mail Some Googling on the Internet turned up a note that you could run it manually by entering quot winmail exe quot in the Run box Things went from bad to worse when I discovered that this laptop doesn't have a quot Run' button on its Start Menu I have no idea why - on my Win box it is between quot Help and Support quot Installed Windows Live Mail, but can't find it to run it !! and quot Shutdown quot When I set this laptop up I specified that it be a single user system so doesn't that mean that she is Administrator or has the same privleges as Administrator I have been on Win less than a week myself so I am still learning its idiosyncrasies I tried bringing up a DOS box by typing quot command prompt quot in the Start Menu Search box but of course that didn't work because it couldn't find it It was kinda weird to see a DOS box after or years but I digress Next I did a search for quot winmail exe quot but it found nothing A search for quot winmail quot produced instances of the file quot winmail mui quot I have no idea what that is or why there was of them but they weren't executable Thinking that perhaps I had somehow booted the install perhaps because I had told it to only install Mail rather than the whole slew of apps I went back to the web site and downloaded the program to the Desktop instead of running it This time I told it to install the whole mess Reboot no joy still can't find a Windows Live Mail icon or any way to run it I know that this lady should probably be doing browser-based email like me and most of the rest of the world but that would mean that she would have to change her email address that she has for years and she doesn't want to do that Besides I have no intention of dropping this until I figure this out I am a retired software engineer and have been using and supporting personal computers since before the IBM PC even existed and I have lost very few battles - I don't intend to lose this one heh Surely there is a simple answer to this

A:Installed Windows Live Mail, but can't find it to run it !!

I say this only half facetiously.

Ditch Windows Live Mail due to the ridiculousness you are experiencing. It's enmeshed in the whole Windows Live morass that I doubt your elderly friend needs.

Something like Thunderbird is a standalone email app that can be configured to highly resemble Outlook Express--which I used for years and wish was still around. I don't like web mail.

Actually, no facetiousness at all. That's my considered opinion.

Here's what it looks like:
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I am trying to install a new harddrive on a amd sempron 2500+

amd sempron 2500+
windows xp home edition

this is what shows up on the install

set up did not find any hard disk drives installed

A:set up did not find any hard disk drives installed

Enter the BIOS at startup and set the drive controller mode to IDE or ATA instead of SATA, turn AHCI or native command queuing off if there are such settings, save the settings and retry.

Else you'll need to slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD :
Get the sata drivers from the motherboard manufacturer's website.
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Windwos did not show any network connections in the network connections window. I tried everything that I could find online but nothing worked. As a last resort I decided to reinstall the driver for my Intel 82566DC-2 Gigabit network connection. I uninstalled the old driver and then installed the latest drivers but now I get code 31 (cannot find the driver software) in device manager and the connection doesn't work. I'd really appreciate any help

A:Network connection cannot find driver although I have it installed.

Quote: Originally Posted by Alselius

Windwos did not show any network connections in the network connections window. I tried everything that I could find online but nothing worked. As a last resort I decided to reinstall the driver for my Intel 82566DC-2 Gigabit network connection. I uninstalled the old driver and then installed the latest drivers but now I get code 31 (cannot find the driver software) in device manager and the connection doesn't work. I'd really appreciate any help

Hello Alselsius, welcome to the forum
Can you post your system specs?
How does this device connect to the PC?
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I have installed apps from the microsoft /Windows store, I got messages in the upper right of my screen that they were installed, but I haven't been able to find them - no tiles for them. I download the digital nightstand app, but it didn't come up when I did a search of my c drive for "nightstand". Did they get put into a hidden folder?

A:microsoft store apps were installed can't see or find them

Hello nrabus, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Check to see if they might be listed on your Apps screen. You may need to scroll the screen left/right some to see all apps.

Hope this helps for now,
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I have the sutdown messages set to "verbose" and my original shut down problem occurred at the last step ("saving user ....")
After I installed uphclean, it now stalls at the "Playing logofff sound" prompt without playing the sound.
I still must shut down the computer with the reset button.
Also, where does uphclean make its log entries?
The applications event viewer just shows the same 1517 answer that it always has.
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I recently plugged in an USB Kyocera laser printer into my Win7 notebook and a printer driver was installed automatically. Fine.

How can I find out now the exact driver version of this printer?

When I go to

Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers

and right click on the installed printer icon and select "printer properties" from context menu then I find NOWHERE a tab with the printer driver version number.

How else can I find it out?


A:How to find out the driver version of an already installed printer?

Go to device manager, I don't have a printer installed but it will look like this one for my GFX card,
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I successfully (according to Window's screen) installed (from a disk) a copy of MS Office Ultimate 2007 v12, but cannot find it on the computer or open it. I saved the install to my Desktop, but when I click on the icon, the computer just seems to want to install it (again). No icon for Office appears anywhere.
There was a trial copy of Office 2013 pre-installed on the computer, and so I used that for the one month trial period, but now that is all that opens (e.g. when I click on the MS Word icon) and the prompt says the features have been disabled and direct me to purchase Office 2013

I did a compatibility check of Windows 8.1 and Office 2007 and they show up as 'Compatible' on Microsoft's site.

Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!

A:Installed MS Office12 (2007) but can't Find It or Open It

Did you go to the start screen (the one with the tiles) and then click on the down arrow icon that shows up in the lower left corner if you move the mouse? From there you should be able to find the newly installed copy. However, if you had a trial version installed at the same time you installed the paid version, you may end up having to uninstall both and then reinstalling just the paid version.
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My notebook initially came with Windows 10, but I prefer Windows 7, so I installed it from a disk and lost the drivers for connecting to the internet.I checked on the HP website for the drivers and, as this PC is relatively new, it did not have network drivers compatible with 7.Is there anything I can do? 

A:Can't find ethernet driver now that I have installed windows...

@InstallGentoo? REO
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My brother's new Acer laptop came with microsoft office 2010 supposedly installed into the computer. I can't find a click to run or anything. I do have a product key off of the back of the laptop though. Any Suggestions? Thanks.

A:Can not find pre-installed Office 2010 on new laptop

It should be in All Programs off of the Start Orb. If not do a search using Window Explorer.
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Hello This is my Dad s computer -- he has Windows XP Home Edition w service pack AMD Athlon tm FX- processor GHz GB of RAM and ATT amp T Yahoo DSL -- I m not sure what else you d can't have anti-virus installed I says :( but program already, It I an it find need to know to help me here Problems started out of nowhere just the other day I clicked on IE to show my mom something on ebay and the browser opened near the bottom said quot website found quot but nothing would come up amp the inside It says I have an anti-virus program installed already, but I can't find it :( browser window stayed blank I st checked the modem -- all lights It says I have an anti-virus program installed already, but I can't find it :( were on then checked quot network connections quot which indicated we had a good connection Just for the heck of it I clicked on quot repair connection quot and it showed no problems either I needed internet access and just in case the problem was the DSL so I brought my Dad s computer to my house and hooked it up to my comcast cable internet -- I had no problem accessing the internet now at all however some of the non-internet programs in the computer wouldn t open and certain things would freeze So I started up the System Mechanic Professional program to see if that can find an issue and the only issue they showed was that we didn t have any anti-virus protection I couldn t understand why as I personally downloaded and installed AVG on my Dad s computer sometime in May updated it ran and a scan and everything worked fine So I tried clicking on the AVG program from the start menu from the shortcut on desktop and from the list of program files but nothing would open no matter how many times I tried I then clicked on the windows security center shield which showed that I did have an anti-virus program working properly -- AVG Huh So I figured I d just uninstall it and then re-install it but when I checked the list in control panel - gt add remove programs it wasn t listed in there So I right-clicked on it in my program file list and clicked on quot uninstall quot but what came up was a page asking me if I wanted to install an AOL homepage or AOL instant messanger OK so then I thought maybe we have a virus on here and I went to CNET com and downloaded multi-virus cleaner Ran a deep scan and it found nothing So I went back to Cnet and attempted to download AVG well the first thing that came up was a strip near the top of the browser window that states quot ATT Yahoo browser has blocked any downloads from AVG quot I clicked on it and clicked on quot download anyway quot lt - or something of that nature and so AVG started downloading but afterward when the Anti-virus installation wizard came up it said that I shouldn t finish intalling AVG as they have detected another anti-virus program running on this computer and it is recommended to not have more than one Huh I have no idea where this other anti-virus program can be so I return to control panel -- gt add remove programs but now the list will not appear AT ALL no matter how many times I clicked on it So I restarted the computer and tried again -- the list finally came up after a few more tries but there is absolutely nothing in that list that even remotely resembles an anti-virus program Can somebody PLEASE tell me what s wrong here or what is going on nbsp

A:It says I have an anti-virus program installed already, but I can't find it :(
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installed slave hardrive but now can t find cd-rom drive Hi I am a newbie and don t understand a lot of the computer jargon but I can follow instruction so please help I took my old but hardrive, drive cd-rom installed find now can't slave hardrive out of my old computer and changed the jumper to slave using tweezers I connected my installed slave hardrive, but now can't find cd-rom drive old hardrive into my new computer installed slave hardrive, but now can't find cd-rom drive by connecting a grey ribbon cable socket which was connected to the cable to my exsisting hardrive and I also connect a socket which had yellow wires red and back I think Once I turned on my computer windows xp desktop loaded up as usual and in the bottom right hand corner of the screen a little box installed slave hardrive, but now can't find cd-rom drive said new hardware hardrive dettected added something like that I click on D drive in my computer to find that my old hardrive had been installed in their automatically but d drive is where I used to play cd s or dvd s and I can t play them now When I put in a cd or dvd my computer doesn t even detect find it When I click on D drive all my old folders and documents from my old hardrive are on it Please help me with a simple step by step guide -Thanks nbsp

A:installed slave hardrive, but now can't find cd-rom drive

Welcome to TSG

It seems like both of your hard drives are working so whatever you did there must have been right.

As far as the CD drive one thing to check would be the connections to make sure that nothing came loose during your time inside the case. Is the CDROM all by itself on a cable? It's "normal" that the hard drive got the "D" and your CDROM should have been given another letter like "E".
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I have a HP DV6400 notebook running MS XP PRO. Keyboard driver appears corrupt. Keyboard works in BOIS screens but not at login window. BT wireless mouse works so all I can do is shutdown, cannot type with mouse. Called HP support and they were useless. Read through all your threads, great info but none of the suggestions worked (use USB keyboard, etc). Concluded I need to repair the OS.

Booted from XP disk in CD/DVD drive, hit ?R? for repair (keyboard worked) and then received error; ?Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer.? The only fix I found on line was to use a bootable floppy to install hdd drivers, see http://www.windowsxphome.windowsrein...exfullpage.htm.

I will need to go buy a USB floppy drive and floppies (in 2008 ? really?) in order to follow their solution.

Do you have a better suggestion?

A:Setup did not find any hard disk installed - Why?

Is your hard drive SATA?
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i am migrating my computer environment to my new pc and need to know what programs/software comes pre-packaged with my Windows 64-bit Home Edition. anyone know where i can find that information? is there somewhere on my older computer that i can find this info? thx for any help, ahead of time. take care-- raze

A:how do i find a list of programs that come on pre-installed Windows 7

Explore Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows

There you go =) On the left there is an option to browse from "A to Z" so you can see the different features and programs in Windows 7 in alphabetical order.
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I am running a 64bit Win7 Pro system and installed in the past a lot of additional drivers (e.g. a pdf printer driver). Unfortunately I did not remember if I installed the 32bit or the 64bit driver version of these additional drivers). As far as I now 32bit driver could work as well under 64bit Windows.

How can I find out now which driver version it is?

When I open the TaskManager I cannot see the driver process.
Moreover I don't know the driver *.exe or *.dll filename.

So how else can I find it out?


A:How to find out if an installed driver is 32bit or 64bit?

All your Drivers are 64 Bit .....
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I recently formatted my computer and today i went to razer's website to download the drivers for my razer deathadder. During installation a driver came up asking my permission to install it says G-Spy. I clicked yes... =/ because i became accustomed to clicking yes to everything ugh! I cant seem to find any drivers that were installed going by the name g-spy. Is there anyway i could search it up somehow?

A:Werid Driver/program installed but cant find it G-Spy

Clicking yes to unknown downloads is a very risky practice at the least. My search for G-Spy turned up some kind of cam recording software.
I would scan my computer with MalwareBytes and what ever other security software I had available.
Check your Device Manager panel for unknown devices or yellow triangles. In Device manager explore the details of the mouse driver. See if G-Spy is mentioned. Also you can search the registry for "G-Spy" or "GSpy" and note what it is associated with.
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I recently got vista and upgraded from xp but after i installed it i have no sound. I went through the driver finder thing and they said i need to contact my sound card people but i dont know were to go to do that and i googled my card

Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device

thats my sound card...

i am not very good with computers someone said i need to know something about my motherboard but i dont even know what that is

please tell me if you need anymore information thanks alot

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Need drivers to my controller audio
C-Media CMI9739A/9761 @ Intel 82801EB ICH5 - AC'97 Audio Controller [A-2/A-3] PCI

and need help
lag in turn on computer
graffic sometimes break
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So For some reason my brain wasn't working when I installed Internet Explorer on my Windows XP sp machine Ugh Last I checked they're not compatible Not sure what possessed me to install IE Eventually I restarted my computer after the initial installation Once it rebooted I logged in The find iertutil.ll, 681) can't Help? XP installed on ordinal IE9 (error following error popped up quot Failed to start because iertutil dll was not found quot and only my background loaded No task bar no icons no start menu Nothing I used the ctrl alt IE9 installed on XP (error can't find iertutil.ll, ordinal 681) Help? del task manager to get around and do some googling on Firefox I found that I should download the dll in question and put it in the System folder So I did Rebooted Logged in New error popped up quot The ordinal could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil dll quot Same issue only IE9 installed on XP (error can't find iertutil.ll, ordinal 681) Help? my desktop background loads I've tried system restore the error prevents it from working I've tried deleting the Internet Explorer folder and after some trouble it finally mostly went away I've tried installing IE and IE neither will install I tried running a registry cleaning program Probably did a good job cleaning stuff up but didn't help I ran a fix-it program that was supposed to fix the dll files in IE installs No avail I'm beginning to think I'll just back up my files and wipe my hard drive but that's a last resort Could anyone please help me with this I'll provide any information needed to get down to the root of the problem I can use most of my programs I have an external hard drive I can use and I have a quot Operating System Microsoft WIndows XP Media Center quot Dell disc that came with the Dell I am using I've used it before to wipe my system I believe Thanks Any help would be much appreciated

A:IE9 installed on XP (error can't find iertutil.ll, ordinal 681) Help?

Hello and welcome.

is ie8 running on the computer now?

Please go Here (Click on the Blue link) and download a fresh version of Internet Explore 8.

To do the following you will either need Winzip, WinRAR or 7-Zip

7zip is free the WinRAR and WinZip are trials.

Once you have one fo the above programs. Right click on the installation file of IE8 => click on Extract, make a new folder and called it IE8 files and extract the files there => Once the extraction is done open the IE8 files => Go down until you find iertutil.dll and iertutil.mui => Copy both those files to: C:\Windows\System32\.

Then do:

Click Start => Run Copy and paste in the following command:


regsvr32 %SystemRoot%\system32\iertutil.dll

Press Enter
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Dell M90; XP SP3

Got the "Disk Antivirus Professional" bug and tried to overcome it but kept ending up with a black (or sometimes blue) desktop w/ cursor.

Ended up doing a fresh install of XP and just now got all updates.

All my programs are still on the computer. Is there a way to get XP to recognize them without me having to re-install each one?

I was hoping I could regedit something to get XP to see them.

A:After fresh install, can XP find installed programs?


Ended up doing a fresh install of XP.....All my programs are still on the computer

I am not sure what you mean by Fresh Install, but that usually would mean you Formatted (erased) the C: drive and installed Windows.
If you just reinstalled Windows,without formatting, then you will have to reinstall all of the Programs because you have overwritten the Windows Registry in the C: drive, but not the Program Files directory.
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how to find that which port no used by which application.Then it should be more convenient to installed a application in the local system,and it aslo solve the collision of the pot no.for example if we installed sql and apache tom cat both have a same port no.

A:Find port number of any installed application

Somewhere in the configuration file there should be a Port # setting that can be changed.
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Is it possible to capture or read witch Win 7 64 pro version is installed on my system. I could install the drive in another system and read is file trough an USB adapter

I can't boot from the drive and I got a message that I need to install the installation disc. Since I bought my licence over the net, I don't have the disk.

I did download an ISO disk, but I receive a message that the version that I want to repair is not the same as the one installed


A:WIN repair: How to find witch Windows 7 is installed:

Did you get your ISO here?

Windows 7 Direct Download Links, Official Disk Images from Digital River

That version warning can be either you didn't grab the correct bit version (x86 or x64) or that one of the versions has SP1 and the other doesn't.

Does the install you are trying to repair have SP1?
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Just installed Call of Juarez on my laptop but I can't find it. OS is Vista.

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Hi I have been using only my A V and my spyware malware of XP where installed a I the find latest do list patches applications for years and doing fine The other day I mistakenly added the patch for Windows XP that was for a protection program and I can t even remember if the new protection from XP which has been out for a long time was quot Protect quot or quot Defend quot only a part of the name and I don t know how to find the list of these recently added patches The reason that I want to uninstall this Windows patch where do I find a list of the latest patches installed XP is b c it is disabling my spyware malware app that has been performing well since I bought and installed it several years ago I hope experienced users can point me to where this list is and where this patch is described and also advise if I am able to delete this error of an install which I have avoided all this time until now Presently I have to activate my spyware malware app since my foolish addition of this patch and I do not want to compromise my well working system of some several years Thank you for your time Cheers

A:where do I find a list of the latest patches installed XP
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This problem started last night I was running a video game and a bunch of other applications alt tabbing and super multi-tasking when I get can Windows network not installed find properly adapter. a a IRQL message of some sort shutting my PC down I restarted and tried for about an hour to get past the initial screen getting a black screenw ith a blinking line in the top left corner of the attempts every so often I would get to a blue screen that gave me this message STOP C unknown hard error System root system lntdll dll Any ways I looked up a fix to that issue and restarted my comp once again getting to a microsoft screen where it gave me a few options to fix the problem Luckily I was able to get to this screen after button mashing my keyboard upon startup I saw on a forum that often when solving this problem there are often network errors afterwards Well now my PC is unable to to find a connection and in my device manager I do not have a network adapter PLEASE HELP Things I have already done -Downloaded my motherboard driver and try to instal it on my PC since my motherboard has my ethernet slot on it I have an EVGA nForce Windows can not find a properly installed network adapter. i I could not figure out how to completely remove all my moverboard drivers to try a fresh instal -I have a D-link modem which I put in the instal CD and it sait I was missing a Newwork adapter Steve nbsp

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Hey Im new here its my first time post I have an old vpr matrix R desktop with the integrated fasttrak raid controller in the intel mother board model D FBT It was set up as a raid strip array with two any disk did drives not hard find installed Setup gigabyte Western Digital IDE PATA hard drives they are set to cable select on two different ide cables to the motherboard It had a nasty virus so i tried to restore it with windows professional Except it gave me this error quot Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer quot It wont recognize the hard drives Shows in fasttrak utility but not even in the bios I tried to download the fasttrak raid drivers from intel website for the mother board loaded on a floppy Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed pressed F to load them ect and it began to work i formatted the drives and then it began to load windows until it said quot fasttrak sys could not be found quot press enter to retry esc to skip and F to quit I pressed retry first then i tried skipping it finished loading but but then gave me blue screen of death then i formatted the floppy disk tried it again and it gave me an error txtsetup oem could not be found so i am completely stumped here i dont know much about raid i tried everything from disableing the raid in the bios to switching up the hard drives cables jumper settings ect nothing seems to work i dont need a raid just want to reload my computer any ideas would be great thanks nbsp

A:Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed

I have an idea, but it's an ugly, lose all your data, all or nothing sort of affair. Wipe one drive, then try to install it separately. If that works, install the second drive after the system is up and running as a "volume" (storage drive). You did say you didn't need RAID.
If there's malware involved, sometimes a repair install of XP isn't enough to restore the system to it's former glory.

Plan "B" would be to attempt an install on a brand new, or clean drive. This is best applied if you can borrow a spare drive, at least pricewise.

Keep in mind that there may be bits and broken pieces of the original RAID software thwarting your efforts. You should download the manual for this board before diving into the project full bore, as the book will explain the proper boot sequence and drive mode settings in BIOS
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Hi. I recently downgraded my pc from 8 to 7 and now i cannot connect to internet due the absence of a network adapter drivers and other problems with drivers. Thank you for the help!

A:INTEL i3 Installed 7 from 8 and cannot find driver for Network Adapter

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Have you tried to Install the Atheros Lan Driver from the Toshiba Website .. And then run Windows Updates once you have Installed that Driver .. It would also be a big help if you did know your exact Model Number for the Computer ...
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I have DELL Inspiron 2200. I installed win 7 on it. Now there are two drivers that have exclamation marks in device manager, multimedia audio controller and video controller.

The dell site for my laptop doesnt have the drivers for windows 7, only for windows xp. Is there any way to find and install the necessary drivers?

A:Installed win 7 on dell inspiron 2200. Cant find two drivers

I responded to your question on the other forum.
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My computer after a few years has got infected XP, Network Re-Installed Hardware'? Driver No CD, Cannot Find 'Wizard with spyware and my bro said Re-Installed XP, No Driver CD, 'Wizard Cannot Find Network Hardware'? that the best thing to do is re-install XP with one of my dad s XP CD s he s on Vista now I have installed it but obviously have no drivers I have been on the HP website which has the HP Update software update tool that I downloaded which should sort a few drivers out for me I hope But the problem Re-Installed XP, No Driver CD, 'Wizard Cannot Find Network Hardware'? is HP Update requires internet connection and I cannot connect to my wireless even with an ethernet cable because when I connect to my router it says wizard cannot find network hardware so I need this network hardware where is it HELP I went on hp and my bro told me its here http h www hp com ewfrf wc softwareList os amp lc en amp dlc en amp cc ca amp product amp lang en But it doesn t work HEEEELLPPPP Thank you very much PS Re-Installed XP, No Driver CD, 'Wizard Cannot Find Network Hardware'? I have a HP DV - ed with a Flextronics motherboard if that helps nbsp

A:Re-Installed XP, No Driver CD, 'Wizard Cannot Find Network Hardware'?
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Hi all. i've reinstalled a brand new OS windows 7 32bit becoz a new SSD just being installed, I've installed all drivers which downloaded from ASUS support, but i can't find the lan adaptor after that, all drivers has been installed correctly from the view of Device manager. if i insert the RJ45 cable, nothing happens, no indicator lights at all.
Now, i can only use the external USB wireless dongle in order to use internet.

i5 760
Asus P7H55-M, the SATA has been set to ACHI during the ssd reason.
OCZ vertex2 60GB , OS installed on it.

A:after new SSD fitted and New Win7 installed, can't find network adaptr

Double check your BIOS to make sure nothing's out of order there. Has your NIC worked before ?? With Windows 7 ?? Just making sure since you don't specify.
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I'm yet another possible casualty of the dreaded KB3004394 update. However, in spite of my Installed History Log saying my computer had downloaded and installed it, I can't find it in my Installed Updates window, like so:

I've run SURT through an elevated command prompt and found no issues. This update's been keeping me from installing my new wacom tablet, and this computer's been the only one that I haven't been able to simply uninstall directly from the update menu to resolve my issues with installing my wacom tablet.

Let me know if there's any other information I can give! I had to edit my log package down to just a few items because of the file size cap.

A:Can't find/uninstall KB3004394; Update History says it's installed

MS released a "special" update, 3024777 (that you installed on the 13th), that removed 3004394. And the history log is just a log and doesn't reflect uninstalled updates. In other words: you should be fine

Install KB3024777 to fix an issue with KB3004394 on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
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Hi I am working on a PC with a MS- ATX VA mainboard Pentium CPU one stick of ram it has one completely cleaned drive a video card and a DVD drive I have taken all other cards out I am using a Genuine XP disk with SP on it A Windows version Find Cannot Installed, Setup of Previous When I press F to agree to the license terms I get this message lt Setup Setup Cannot Find A Previous version of Windows Installed, cannot find a previous version of Windows installed on your computer To continue Setup needs to verify that you qualify to use this upgrade product gt I have had the disk verified as a genuine version of XP by a local tech shop who told me that there is something on the Hard Drive that the install objects to I forgot to tell him I have tryed this on two different hard drives that have been completely zapped and wiped and get the same result with both I would be grateful if anybody could help me with this problem Thanks nbsp

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I'm trying to reinstall windows xp on a dell xps 400 desktop. When I put the cd in I press any key to boot from cd windows loads and then when I hit enter to enter installtion, it says "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer". I don't know what to do. Anybody know how I can install windows? Usually its simple and I delete the old partition and create new but this doesn't seem to be the case this time.

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hello peepz,
We are about to roll out a group policy to stop people installing USB devices that are not approved. All that is very easy to, our issue is finding already installed devices on a computer.  I can manually roll through the registry entries and try and
manually delete them but given we have hundreds of users, that is going to take forever.  Is there some software that people use that easily identifies if say a Samsung or Apple phone have been connected and delete them. Same thing for most USB sticks
except the ones we specify??

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Hi I recently deleted a the...? cannot be could not file find the installation system support installed an number of programs which I was not usuing and were pretty useless to me It seems that since doing so I have had a number of problems I did a system resore thinking this would put me back to the fine state my laptop was in before but no luck Now when I try to remove any programs from the add remove program list there an installation support file could not be installed the system cannot find the...? it seems impossible to do so as I get a number of notices which use different wordings to say that I the program cannot be removed an installation support file could not be installed the system cannot find the...? The most common being quot An installation support file could not be installed the system cannot find the file specified quot I am running Windows XP I tried updating using ikernal update but that doesnt seem to do anything I found a post which told me to delete the following registry key HKEY CLASSES ROOT CLSID - - -C - InprocServer quot Is this the right thing to do Can someone help Thanks a lot Matt nbsp
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i have an hp pavilion dv5000 and at first i had a "blue screen" problem so my friend thought reformatting my hard drive will help but no i have no OS and when i try to put one in it says like "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system" please help i dont know what to do

A:HP Pavilion dv5000 cant find a hard disk installed

How did you friend reformat the HDD?

1. Under Windows
2. Under Windows Setup
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need help! got a customers dell dimension 8400 3.0 ghz 1 gig ram and a seagate 160 gig sata drive bios wont recognize the drive, try to install win xp pro to drive someone please help !!!!!!! this is a nightmare

A:error message:set up did not find any harddrives installed in your system

You need to insert the sata driver disk at the beginning of the windows install process by pressing F6 for 3rd party scsi or raid driver!!!!

This is a very common problem and nice and easy to fix!!!!
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ok so i copied xp files off the disc by setup by booting from cd but it doesnt find the boot record in ide 1 2 3 or 0?
what should i do?
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Before anything, im using Win7 Ultimate x64
Hey guys, i just got this problem receiving the bsod (0x0000012A) with the message; Windows did not find any installed, licensed language packs for the system default UI language.

Now, i tried a lot of different solutions i found on the web, but this is what worked for me after first try;

Start up your computer -> Hit F8 to get to safemode-menu etc -> Select "Last Known Good Configuration"
Thats it. After I did this, the problem was gone.

Hope this can help someone out there
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WINDOWS XP HOME - SP Yesterday my Critical Updates it! - Software MS installed downloaded - Removal & find Tool but Malicious can't said MS Malicious Software Removal Tool was available for download so I MS Malicious Software Removal Tool - downloaded & installed - but can't find it! got it and installed it I want to give it a try but I can t find it There are only two references to it on my computer I searched for it by name and by Critical Update number One is in the C Windows gt MS Malicious Software Removal Tool - downloaded & installed - but can't find it! Downloaded Software Distribution gt Install folder it says that s a CAB file it is an exe - Is that it and if it is why is it squirreled away where no one would ever find it The other is in the PF folder The MS site says quot it can be downloaded installed and run manually from your computer quot Except I can t find it It s available to run online at MS but I downloaded and installed it so it s not that is it Where is the one I downloaded and how do I run it Also - the site says this The first time that you download and run the tool by using Windows Update or Automatic Updates you must accept a specific end user license agreement EULA The EULA is displayed when you log on as MS Malicious Software Removal Tool - downloaded & installed - but can't find it! a member of the Administrators group and then access Automatic Updates or the Windows Update site But nothing like that popped up after it installed nbsp

A:MS Malicious Software Removal Tool - downloaded & installed - but can't find it!

Malicious Software Removal Tool
Published: January 11, 2005 | Updated: March 8, 2005

The version of this tool delivered by Windows Update runs in the background and then deletes itself. If you would like to run this tool more than once a month, use the version on this Web page or install the version that is available in the Download Center.
the above answer was found here.
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XP amp Canon Multipass C - Service Pack I found out that the problem is not with the parallel to USB cable The problem is that the Multipass C will not work with XP Service Pack Canon specifically states that it is incompatible Is there any way around this original post I got a Canon Multipass c and saw that it had a parallel cable Parallel??) C5500 Find Installed Multipass to XP (USB Canon Printer??? Can't connector - so I got a parallel to USB cable as my pc doesn t have a parallel port When I plug in the USB cable my computer tells me that it has found XP Can't Find Installed Canon Multipass C5500 Printer??? (USB to Parallel??) new hardware - and tells me that it is the Canon Multipass C printer I install the software but I still XP Can't Find Installed Canon Multipass C5500 Printer??? (USB to Parallel??) can t use it Every time my computer boots up the Multipass Desktop software tells me that it can t connect to the C but the quot install new hardware quot window comes up Anyone have any ideas on how to remedy this nbsp

A:XP Can't Find Installed Canon Multipass C5500 Printer??? (USB to Parallel??)

I'm surprised that PC has no parallel port!
The easiest remedy would be to buy a PCI card with 1 or 2 parellel ports on it.
Try RadioShack. or e.g. from here:
Most computer shops that sell parts have these.
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Have attempted to get Photo Gallery and Movie Maker on my Win 7 Pro computer. Installed Windows Essentials 2012 which is supposed to include these two programs. The only program that installs and shows up on the computer is Microsoft One Drive. Did a search of the computer but did not find either program. A number of websites discuss this problem and offer solutions. I've tried all of the solutions. None have worked for me. My computer specs are more than what is required for these two programs, so that isn't the problem. I'm beginning to wonder if these programs have been eliminated by Microsoft.

Any ideas would be welcomed.

A:Installed Windows Essentials 2012 but can't find Movie Maker

Get Movie Maker - Microsoft Windows

Movie Maker - Microsoft Windows

Try again, I know my daughter needed it for a school project and we only had to download the single program.

Getting started with Windows Movie Maker
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Ok I ll try to explain as much as I can I have a computer with a Asus A V Deluxe motherboard with a AMD processor I have find disk in hard drives did your Setup installed any not computer two hard drives one is a WD and one is WD they are Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer both SATA drives connected with the thin red wire I think they are SATA I wanted to format both drives so I put in the windows XP installation CD which came with the computer it seemed to start running fine But when it gets to the option of quot installing a new copy press enter to repair press R etc quot I press enter and then I get the message quot setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer quot press F to quit I took out both drives and connected them to my other computer and formatted both drives so now they are both clean I connected them to the other computer but it keeps telling me that there is NO DRIVE CONNECTED Right now I cant get the computer running the installation fails because no drive detected I made sure to check the cables are connected properly not lose and I doubt the drive went bad because they are practically brand new and until days ago before I decided to reformat the drives they were both working fine I do not have a floppy drive in case it s a BIOS problem but if that is the problem I will purchase a Floppy drive Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance C Weber Miami FL nbsp

A:Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer


It tells you how to set up your bios to recognize/run Sata drives as IDE. In your case, unless running Vista, you would want to operate as IDE mode.

Conversely, the manual also covers how to configure your Sata drives for operation as AHCI or in Raid mode.

The manual, should you have lost it or whatever, is freely available at Asus.
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Specs Compaq Presario C EA It has NO floppy disk drive The problem - installed system find did Setup in your disk hard drives not any I installed Fedora linux about a week ago after trying to get my wireless to work i decided to go back to windows I booted from the CD and installed XP When i started the computer it would not go past the XP loading screen instead it flashed blue screen and reseted and kept looping So i booted from Darik s Boot and Nuke Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system and did the automatic wipe Now the problem is that whenever i insert the XP CD i get the message quot Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system quot and therefore can t install I have been reading up on this topic and it seems that to get the XP CD to install you have to install some sort of Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system driver from a floppy disk during the XP installation The fact of the matter is im out of my comfort zone Any help would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system

The doesnt appear to be an option to do this in the bios
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I just purchased USB Flash Drive and it works fine on my WinXP. I have tried to install the driver from the manufacturers website on three different Win98SE machines, I think at least two of them are USB 2. It appears to install fine. I get a message saying installation completed successfully and to restart with USB plugged in. When I restart I see the building driver database and when it finishes the driver wizard dialogue box comes up. I have tried pointing it to the Windows\inf folder to look for it, but I don't remember where else to look. I have installed drivers before and I thought once you restart, that should be it. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help!!

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I have a major in any hard drives installed your not computer disk find did Setup problem with my Packard Bell iMedia D AW home desktop Ever since I installed a Lite-On DVD-RW into it it started making a lot of noise a bit like the sound of a typewriter tapping and started crashing I removed the DVD-RW drive only for the problem to continue The computer kept crashing often showing the blue crash screen other times showing a black insert floppy disk screen sometimes just restarting itself Running the Windows disk check utility at start-up would not work - the computer would freeze while the disk scan occured I tried many times I ran disk registery programs ie- Registry Mechanic etc anti-virus software defragmentation etc etc but the problem remained Yesterday I decided I would Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer try reinstalling or restoring Windows XP again with the intention of fixing the problem without deleting my personal files on the computer However upon instertion of the disk Windows XP claimed it could not reinstall as the Windows version Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer on my computer was too recent I assumed that the reason for this was that I had installed Windows XP Serice Pack and so the version was too recent for the installation disk So I thought I would uninstall service pack and then try to reinstall Windows XP However while uninstalling service pack the computer crashed Since then whenever I try to startup Windows the computer restarts after about seconds of loading I can enter the startup screen which gives you access to entering through Safe Mode Debugging etc - however entering through these modes has the same problem though with the computer restarting before reaching Windows So I entered the computer BIOS at startup and changed it to load via CD inserting the Windows XP disk I tried to use the Recovery Console option however the error message quot Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer quot showed It then asked me to restart the computer by hitting F I then tried to use the Windows install option by restarting the computer and loading the Windows XP disk but the same quot Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer quot message showed So i cant load the computer nor reinstall the software I dont want to lose all the files on my computer WHAT SHOULD I DO I do not have any repair or installation floppy disks for my computer at the moment Further specs to the computer are as follows Packard Bell iMedia D AW Model MON-DIS Pentium Ghz Mextor D X- K GB Hard Drive nbsp

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I'm trying to see if a particular program was installed on a system running Windows 7 without it being booted up. I don't see this program listed under Program Files or Program Files (x86), but I do see something listed under ProgramData that has an executable.
I talked to the vendor, and he stated that this might be what I'm looking for, but that it would show up in the installed programs. 
Thank you.