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Change partition letter to the default letter

Q: Change partition letter to the default letter

I have got HD 40 GB, I have partitioned it to many partitions some of them NTFS and other Fat32.

I installed XP and 2003, each one on a different partition (not same partition).

Letter for partition is changed to D for Win2003, and F for XP.

I tried to changed (Right Click My Computer->Manage->Disk Management ) the partition letter for XP (From F->E) while I was logging to Win2003 , I could not.

I tried to changed (Right Click My Computer->Manage->Disk Management ) the partition letter for 2003 (From D->C) while I was logging to XP , I could not.

Message that I received:

“Can not modify the drive letter of your system or boot volume”

Can I change the partition letter ? How ?

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Preferred Solution: Change partition letter to the default letter

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Change partition letter to the default letter

No, you can't change the drive letter of a Windows installation after it's installed.
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I want to rename drive E (10gigs) to lets say drive it as simple as right clicking and renaming the drive in most cases right?. This is a one owner non networked home pc. (windows xp)



A:Solved: renaming extended partition drive letter to another letter...plz help

Right click on My Computer . . select Manage . . then Disk Management . .

In Disk Management, right click on the Drive an select change letter assignment . .
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I lost my Event Viewer, and had to do a repair installation to fix it. Unfortunately, during the repair install, Windows decided to rename my second HD as the D: drive... it was K: before that. Now I cannot access any of my docs, pictures, music, or videos through the normal means... they don't show up in libraries or explorer, and apps like Restorator and Sure Thing (CD labeler) cannot find them. I think that means the paths are broken..?

It won't allow me to rename the HD back into K: (it's not listed as available). I can access the data by clicking Computer > D, and I can see the data is there, but its unusable as of now. Any ideas?

A:Can't change hard drive letter to needed letter

Hello Stevie,

To be safe, you should create a restore point before doing this in case you make a mistake and need to use it to do a system restore.

1. If the K letter is not being used by another internal drive, then you can open regedit and navigate to:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices
2. In the left pane, Take ownership (step 2 in Option Two of METHOD TWO) of the registry key MountedDevices and "Allow" yourself "Full Control" of it as well.

3. In the right pane of MountedDevices, right click on \DosDevices\K: and click on Delete and OK.

4. Restart the computer to apply. You should now be able to change the second hard drive letter to K.

Hope this helps,
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I have a triple boot desktop computer with XP, Vista, and windows 7, and some storage partitions as fat 32 and ntfs types. Each operating system shows the partitions with different drive letters. From booted in the XP it is drive G, Vista is C, 7 is D, and with the 2 optical DVD/CD drives, and the 3 storage partitions, I can change those drive letters some to allow drive E to then become available for the XP system. So is there any way to change my XP from drive G to E, such as booting to the XP recovery console and using the diskpart or map commands, or some registry edit to do this change, thanks.
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I have Windows 7 RC on my Computer. It is on Drive C:

I got this Vista Recovry disk that came with the laptop, and I was going to use it to dual boot Vist with the Windows 7. The Recovery disk will ONLY install onto drive C, there is NO OTHER intallation options.

The Question: If I change the Drive letter of my Windows 7 Drive to Drive D: and then change the Empty partition to C: will my Windows 7 still be bootable? Even if I chagne the boot loader option of Windows 7 to drive D: ?

A:Change Drive letter: Partition containing OS

I have never been able to change an OS to another letter without bricking the OS. The only tutorials for doing so make it clear it is only if the OS letter has slipped.

What I would do is save externally a backup image of Win7 using an imaging software that will allow you to select where to reimage, such as Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition - Free Download or Macrium Reflect.

Then go ahead and do the Vista factory restore, shrink Vista partition in Disk Management, reimage Win7 to the shrunken space. Now boot the Win7 DVD Repair console to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times to rewrite the MBR to Win7 and possibly configure the dual boot. If not, use EasyBCD 2.0 beta in Win7 to add VIsta.

Others may have an easier idea. You'll have the backup image as a path back, so it's worth a try since Win7's drive letter is in most cases relative anyway.
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Using MiniTool PartWiz, I unhid the RECOVERY (F: ) partition. Is it safe to change the drive letter to (E: )? Will it still work?

A:Change drive letter of RECOVERY partition?

Yes. As long as you don't change the starting sector of the recov partition. A letter is just an alias. It won't damage anything.
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Hello everyone on theese awesome forums another troll here The system Drive vista boot loader vista two partitions vista on C partition letter change. 7even System some stuff on D both NTFS drive broken grub loader never mind actually one ntfs partition 7even System partition letter change. with some porn 7even System partition letter change. games and other usual stuff named E so then i copy the x distr into my flash drive boot it and install our beloved even into the drive it does not ask me anything write its boot loader to drive lets me choose which OS to boot into each time perfect BUT T even named her own partition C while drive partitions became D and E i swapped last two easily using even's disk management utility that's of and that's not enough i really want even's partition to have the same letter as in vista i even googled it and didn't find any answers even is still unconfigured so it would not be a problem to reinstall it even more if it's really necesarry i can move all of drive 's data somewhere else so i can format it any help please please

A:7even System partition letter change.

Whata drive letter would you like win 7 to have? and vista??

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I am hoping someone here will know what letter Change of partition drive boot I should do I installed an old partition I imaged ready to put on a new hard-drive I need to make it so Change drive letter of boot partition the system does not see it as drive letter quot C quot as that is not what it was originally particularly when the programs on it were installed I boots up fine most of the way but then when it gets to quot Preparing your Desktop quot it hangs for a long while and when it comes out of that it dispays Change drive letter of boot partition quot This version of Windows is not genuine quot I should sat at this point My copy of Windows is genuine Is there a way I can change the drive letter of this partition back to the value the installations on it expect as at the moment it thinks it is quot C quot which I believe is what is causing the problem The old partition I am installing did not have the drive letter quot C quot it had quot O quot I know this was a bad mistake to make but it is too late to change now This is the partition I used that has the most programs installed which are useful for my uni coursework I can start afresh but would rather not spend all that time at the pc basically waiting for each installation process to run nbsp
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I already have an extended partition that is using the D letter for drive D. Anyways...ive installed this cd-rw drive and when i try to use sais (error mssg) that the D drive is already in use. Does anyone know what to do...rename my extended partition to perhaps Z? or is there a settings option to rename my cdrw drive to lets say E? i dont know why its doing this..I thought windows xp was good at sorting this all out. anyways...any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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After partitioning a hard drive with Partition magic, the two partitions were labeled D: and E:
The boot partition was D:. I used the option to change the boot partition to C:. The software showed a warning that renaming the boot partition might result in not being able to boot. I went ahead reasoning that, at worst, I would have to use a CD to reboot. Well, now the computer won't start (I don't mean won't reboot. When I hit the power button the front power light goes on and stays on, the power supply runs, but that's it.

Any ideas?

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Is there any way to change or tell windows which letter to use for the default system partition?

By default it picks it as C, i want to pick something else while the windows is still in installer mode and didnt start to copy files to drive.

Windows 8.1 64 bit pro, installation in UEFI mode with GPT file system.
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Hello My first post here Partition Windows Drive Change to Need System Letter so I hope I am in the correct place Here is my problem I installed Windows Pro bit on a new Seagate TB drive During the Windows install I created a GB partition where the Windows files would be installed I also left an unallocated partition that I would later use as a data drive for storing music videos docs Need to Change Windows System Partition Drive Letter etc As normal the Windows installer stated it would need to create a system partition where the boot files and other mysterious files would be stored Indeed after installation it had created a mb system partition which I believe is normal In Windows I used the Disk Management utility Need to Change Windows System Partition Drive Letter to make the Unallocated partition useable As a result I had the following partitions System partition no drive letter assigned C Boot and Page File partition where Windows is installed D Data partition where music videos docs etc will Need to Change Windows System Partition Drive Letter be stored So far all is well However What I needed to do was follow the simple procedure in the following link to move my C Users folder to D Users Move All User Folders to Another Hard Drive Windows gt How - To MaxMakeDesign co uk After following the instructions to get to the dos command prompt via the Windows install repair DVD I was bemused to find that the system partition that had no drive letter in Windows was drive C my boot partition where Windows is installed drive C in Windows was drive D and my data drive drive D in Windows was drive E As such performing the C Users to D Users process is impossible In fact I tried it by substituting C for D and D for E but when I went to boot into Windows it claimed that no user could be found which is understandable So how do I make the system partition in the dos command prompt i e outside of Windows be another drive letter i e NOT C or make it hidden so my boot partition where Windows is installed is C and my data partition is D like they are in Windows In this thread I am using Microsoft's way of naming the partitions - System partition where the boot files are stored Boot partition is where Windows is installed Stupid how Microsoft managed to make things confusing by labelling these partitions in a non-logical opposite way I hope someone can help BTW I don't mind if I have to do a complete reinstall of Windows Cheers Mark

A:Need to Change Windows System Partition Drive Letter

Maybe this would be easier.

User Profile - Change Default Location
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A mate of mine bought an old dell at a car boot sale for €20 it had 20 gig pata running xp so i had an 80 gig ide which i said he could have
Anyhow i connected 80 gig up as slave on primary controller and installed xp pro on it for him
After installation i removed the 20 gig and put 80 gig on master on primary,i dont know why i didnt do this at start,but damage was done
I am getting quick message saying invalid bootini but then machine continues to boot with no problems after that
The issue i now have is the system partition is assigned drive letter D instead of C
How can i change os partition to C


A:[SOLVED] Change drive letter on system partition

Remove all drives except the System Drive (previous D:) which is on the Primary Master controller with the jumper pins set to Master, and restart the computer. The System drive will now be C: Now shut down the computer and add the 20 Gb drive on either the Secondary Master controller with the jumper pin set to Master or with the jumper set to Slave as a Slave Drive on the primary chain, on restart it should be the D: drive.
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I used to boot into Win which has been installed on a partition with in partition Win8 after Changed drive EaseUS change letter drive letter W After I ran EaseUS partion manager Best partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master Family the partition has been enlarged and at first glance I am Changed Win8 drive letter after partition change in EaseUS able to boot Unfortunately my login screen is not customized anymore does not display background pictures apps et cetera and upon login I can hardly do anything no desktop is displayed I cannot start an explorer instance et cetera Guest logins are automatically kicked out Upon logging in it has remembered by username and apparently my credentials it just says 'Preparing Windows' for some time en then displays a blank screen in which I can see my mouse and with ctrl-alt-del get some options but I'm not able to start the task manager When I reboot into safe mode which is way more hidden than in Win I m able to start a task manager en from the I can run items browse my PC et cetera However I can see that my drive letter has been changed from W to E Most of the application I start are broken like when I start the MSC snap-in in order to maybe change the drive letter using Windows' built-in partition manager it state it is broken When I try to change the drive letter using the command prompt and 'diskpart' I'm not allowed as the drive I want to assign a drive letter to is a system drive I seem to have suffered no data loss I've got most stuff backed up anyway but don't want to re-install either The system is dual boot so I can work on the Win version but assigning a drive letter in Win only assigns it for the Win instance Any bright tips anyone

A:Changed Win8 drive letter after partition change in EaseUS

Phew, found a solution myself:

With some effort I was able to boot into safe mode, tricked an instance of the task manager, from the task manager I could start regedit.

In regedit I assigned the appropriate drive letter under:

This worked for me, but I recommend this ONLY as a last resort kind of thing.
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I've done quite a bit of reading but have not found a specific answer to the title of this thread.  The system reserved partition for Windows 7 is created and has assigned the drive letter D:.  While I have no problem with the system partition
per se, I would prefer no drive letter to be assigned or to able to change it at the very least.

A:Change or remove Windows 7 System Reserved partition Drive Letter

It is highly unusual for Windows 7 to assign a letter to the reserved partition.  It is more likely that someone assigned the letter D: to that partition.
However, you should be able to go to the Disk Management and remove the letter on that partition.
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I assign greyed Paths... Change drive letter. out. and Can't Drive Letter have a drive that has a lot of information on it that I need A user left our company and all of his files are on this drive I was handed it and asked to build a VM with all his information on it When I plug the drive in it loads the drivers and shows up just fine Change Drive Letter and Paths... greyed out. Can't assign drive letter. in Computer Management shown below but not in Computer So I think ok I'll just add a drive letter but that option is greyed out and won't let me The disk Change Drive Letter and Paths... greyed out. Can't assign drive letter. is initialized and appears to be healthy I have gone to device manager and made sure there were no problems there as well It was also an external drive so I removed it and made it an internal drive on my machine but got the same results It shows up in BIOS but obviously can't boot off of it since it is not an OS drive Deleting formatting the drive is not an option Is there a way to get this drive accessible without that Deleting it is the exact opposite of what I want done here nbsp Thanks

A:Change Drive Letter and Paths... greyed out. Can't assign drive letter.

That looks like a mac formatted drive, that's why it wont work on your PC. Try installing Paragon HFS+ for Windows.
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i have windows 7 desktop. there are some partition on it.but there is problem with these partition. All the three partition have the same drive letter.i attach a link showing the picture. all three partitions are dynamic , simple. if i open these drives only the contents of one drive are appeared. another two drive data are not shown in any manner.

i don't want to lose any data from any drive ......
please help me sir...
my windows is installed in c:\ drive which is also dynamic and there are no recent changes.only one change i did which is i shrink dynamic volume 50 GB from 206 GB and again mixed with 206 GB without allocating free space.

and only the c drive is on and d drive is off.but in my other desktop same configuration exist.
please help me...and please don't say change and remove drive letter...........waiting for response

A:changing one drive letter all 3 partitions change to that drive letter

First thing you're going to do is fill in the specs of the desktop whose snips you are showing us.

Then you're going to do the same with the second pc opening a second post with snips. Give it a different title like "Second pc with drive letters the same". Don't forget the snips.

You should not have dynamic disks in either machine. What did you do to accomplish this?

There exists a bevy of spectacular experts on this site that will be happy to help you. But give us ALL the info please.
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I have just set up my new HP slim line 410-010 and I have keyboard issues. I thinking it goes back to the choices in selecting your keyboard configuration. I recall one of the choices was something about right handed so what ever it said is what I did. I can't type anything. When asking me to name my computer I typed in Tom and it came out as "oyw" I can't type in my email as it comes out gibberish. I am using my laptop to make this post. I am pretty much clueless about the Windows 10 operating system and I don't know how to get back to the keyboard setup and see what those choices are and find out what they mean in terms of keyboard action.

Hope anyone can help me. I am a rookie in setting up a computer
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I have just set up my new HP slim line 410-010 and I have keyboard issues. I thinking it goes back to the choices in selecting your keyboard configuration. I recall one of the choices was something about right handed so what ever it said is what I did. I can't type anything. When asking me to name my computer I typed in Tom and it came out as "oyw" I can't type in my email as it comes out gibberish. I am using my laptop to make this post. I am pretty much clueless about the Windows 10 operating system and I don't know how to get back to the keyboard setup and see what those choices are and find out what they mean in terms of keyboard action.

Hope anyone can help me. I am a rookie in setting up a computer
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I had to open my pc and remove drives. Once re-installed, one of the drive has seen it's letter allocation modified. Since 2 application is pointing to G drive, I would like to be able to get it back.

Hard disk (2) Was G: Now, show has a D:
CD drive was D: Now show has E:

G: appear had a "movable" drive

What can I do to replace all drive letter allocation has it use to be

Any info appreciated


A:modifying drive letter: Letter to choose not in the list

To find out why the preferred letter is not available. Type disk management in the search bar on the start menu and select "create and format hard disk partitions". Look to see if the letter you want to use is already in use. If it is you will have to change it first.

This link might be helpful.
How to change drive letters--even when the letter you want isn't available | PCWorld
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Want to Assign a drive letter to a partitioned device but the letter is not in the list

I created a partitioned drive I went to assign letter G but I don't see it in the list. no drive is using the letter G I do believe that some USB is using letter G, but I don't see my USBs ( see image)

What can I do?


A:Want to Assign a drive letter to a partitioned device but the letter i

Do you have any USB storage devices like a card reader hooked up? Those would take up extra drive letters but not show up in Explorer until you put some media in.

I also notice you have disk drives C: and F: and a DVD drive on D: which makes me wonder where E: is...
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I have this weird problem in that a lot of times when I try to type a backslash it looks like a W like (looks W it) corruption backslash Weird letter letter thru with with a horizontal line through it Weird backslash corruption (looks like letter W with letter thru it) Now here is the weird thing It does not do it when I type online Weird backslash corruption (looks like letter W with letter thru it) in a form like here Here the works fine But in some other programs it does not work correctly when I type it And when I try to type a in the URL address box of both IE and Firefox it looks like the W with the horizontal slash in the middle of the letter It works fine in Microsoft Word but the most obvious problem is when I try to install a new program or I see the backslashes in the address of a file on the computer such as when I look to see the path of a program in the Start Menu In these cases I do see the W with the horizontal line not the backslash It doesn t appear the keyboard is defective but something is not being interpreted correctly by the computer in SOME programs Any idea what this may be It is not a problem causing major problems it isn t like my files are becoming screwed up and the locations are fine but is a bit grating to see the backslash being misinterpreted by the computer in a really weird way One of my college roomates was from S Korea and he installed Korean language support so he could use my Word but I uninstalled that and still have a problem The default language in the Windows XP region language settings is English US I had some problems in IE not Mozilla though in which the language looked Korean or oriental of some sort on some pages it would screw up and look weird on some sites like Launchcast in a couple spots not the entire website but since I don t use IE anymore I ignored the issue Should I try uninstalling IE These may be connected possibly Yesterday I had some weird thing happen to me when I tried to update my NVidia drivers I downloaded the English version supposedly but the install program had Chinese or Korean or something written instead I don t know how that happened every other install I have tried has worked just fine The only issue is the install address will have the W w a horizontal line instead of the backslash but the install instructions were in English Perhaps NVidia screwed up their installs I don t know I think this problem with the backslash has been going on for a couple months and I just don t know what may have precipitated it If anybody has any ideas on a fix let me know nbsp
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I have a question.

I formatted a partition of my harddrive but in the end not only a partition was formatted but the next partition also was gone.

Meaning: the data is still there, but the NTFS partition isn't recognised anymore by Windows, and in diskmanager the space is now ready to assign new partition.

In a data recovery software, I saw the not recognised partition was still recognised as 'NTFS'.

What can I do?

The best scenario would be to simply tell Windows somehow, there is partition with NTFS and it should assign a letter to it.

A:Windows lost partition letter and don't recognize format partition

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management?

Screenshot tools.
A Preferred Method of Uploading/Posting Screen Shots
How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums
Snipping Tool - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows
Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots
Screenshot with Paint
Screenshot and Upload using MWSnap
fscapture free download

Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots
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I use the Disk Manager starting from the Control panel, to change 2 drive partition letters. Everything appears to work fine and all is well until I shutdown.
After I shutdown, then reboot all the partition letters are back to the way they were before I changed them the first time.
I can repeat this process endlessly.
I would prefer to have my drive partition letter remain the way I want them.

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edit i ve been using this hard drive for around a year now I just had some problems getting another hard drive to work alongside or letter has partition no filesystem it and my GRUB loader filesystem or partition has no letter Alright so I d been trying to get my hard drive to work and I was really befuddled as to how i would figure things out in the end it just turned out my jumpers were in the wrong spots My fault Anyway once I figured that out it was kinda too late and my partition dissappeared I used a partition recovery tool NOT partition magic and it found the NTFS filesystem and restored it my filesystem or partition has no letter hard drive already had two partitions to start with one being gb and the other being Here s what I don t know how to fix my g drive that s FAT and not NTFS was assigned the C driveletter and my NTFS drive has no letter how do i fix that I have hiren s bootCD ready to use nbsp
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Hello My sister did something to her computer and reinstalled Windows XP The thing is that it is installed on a partition labeled quot e quot with only gigs I noticed this because I tried installing more software and it said that there wasn t enough space on the hard drive I searched online and found that I could see both partitions using the disk management utility When I use this utility I can see the partition labeled quot e drive a without letter Partition quot and the other larger partition gigs and it doesn t have a drive letter I have tried adding a letter to it by Partition without a drive letter right-clicking and all that it shows in the menu is quot delete quot and quot help quot Both partitions are labeled as quot healthy quot How do I get back to that partition Are all the programs drivers files etc still on that partition How can I get the computer to start up on that partition Windows XP is now installed on the smaller partition - should it be removed eventually Thanks Jeff nbsp

A:Partition without a drive letter

The little partition was most likely the "System Recovery" partition that came with the already installed software setup when she bought the PC.

Somehow she has clobbered (a techie term ) the main partition that contained her data and Windows installation.

If she has a set of System Restore Disks (CD's), then she may be able to use them to restore the HD to its original the day she bought the PC.

If not, and it were my PC, I would use FDISK to remove everything from the HD, and then recreate a single partition of maximum size on the drive. Next Format it, and then reinstall Windows...going on from there.
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When instaled Partition magic 8 on windows 7 when i started it program something Fixed

And later disperd my data partition like showed in picture above.

Can someone help me? maybe can some one give me link that program will fix this?

A:Lost partition letter and can't add it

You could try using DiskPart.

Click Start and type in "diskpart" if you have Windows Search enabled.

Right click the program and select Run as Administrator.

After this has loaded type in "listvolume" and hit Enter.

When you see the Partition you want to format, look at the number it has assigned for that partition.

Type "select volume 5", replace "5" with whatever number it gave you.

Finally, type select "assign letter J", replacing J with whatever letter you chose.
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I have two partitions on a 500GB drive (one for windows boot, one for files only)I've just reinstalled win7 and I realised that the partition for files is not shown in My Computer. I opened Computer Management and clicked on Diskmanagement. As you can see on the picture the partition it doesn't havea name neither a letter assigned. I don't want to delete it or formate it because it's almost full of files I need. When I right click on the partition only the Delete option is available. Can somebody help me solve this problem?

A:Can't assign letter to a partition

Looks like you have another drive that has either no letter or it is unallocated space.
The partition after the 100MB system Reserve partition.

I have seen this before with AHCI enabled. All the drives get mixed up for some reason.
That 100MB sys reserve partition that is on your drive 1 should also be on drive physical the OS is installed to. But your OS is installed to a partition on what is called drive 0 (zero). But that drive is not the first drive in the system (the drive connected to SATA port 1.

What you have here is a mess. Sys reserve in a partition on one physical drive, the OS in another partition on a completely different physical drive. The other part (partition) of the physical drive the OS is installed to doesn't have a drive letter and you can't assign one.
The other part (partition) of the physical drive that has the sys reserve partition looks to be unallocated space.

May be time to boot the system from a BOOT CD that has a file manager program on it and copy all your personal data over to a external drive. Format everything and start over.
If you go that route I suggest you only install one physical drive in the system until you reinstall the OS.

Good luck.

If it was me I would of already wiped that system and started over.
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Just a few minutes ago, I decided to defragment my hard drive. The defragment screen pops up and I saw a disk drive that I haven't seen before called "WINRE". I usually only see my main hard disk drive and the recovery partition when I open disk defragmenter. I was wondering what is this drive? My recovery partition is "RECOVERY (D: )" but this drive is just called "WINRE" without any partition letters.

I checked disk management to see if I could identify what this drive is, but it shows two recovery partitions now, both named "RECOVERY (D: )"

I have no idea what happened but right now I'm feeling kind of dubious about this drive.

Can someone help me know what this drive is? or to delete this "WINRE" partition?

A:Strange partition with no letter

Those are Windows Recovery partitions and they should be there and hidden. Please leave them alone and do not delete.
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my hard drive was configured in the beginning for F:...

I want it to be C:...

thru device manager I can not change it, unless I format the drive...

How can I accomplish this task w/o having to start from scratch...???

A:Change HD letter

Go thru the START button, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Disk Management. You can change the Drive Letters there.
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Hello....great forum!
my C: is a SSD Id like to have back as one disc, one partition..

The 101 mb 'unallocated' It was previously listed as " reserved system protected drive" I removed and formatted its 101 mb...back to empty, unallocated, can I lose that partition??

It shows up under disc management as a part of c...but really has no drive letter at all it just shows as C:

Many thx for ideas rick

A:SSD partition on c: sys drive. has no letter 'unallocated'

Are you currently using that C as your OS partition, if so, you need that other partition as is..

101mb is roughly the equivalent of 60 photos, your temp internet files can be 10x that amount. and its not not taking up a drive letter.

Do you really want/need that space?
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I have 2 HD

1. WD Raptor 36 GB (2 partition 8GB-System, 27GB-Other)
2. WD Caviar 200 GB

With Partition Magic i have changed drive letter on 2nd HD:
and so on

I did`t touch the primary partition. The problem is when I start My Computer in Task Manager "explorer" has taken around 98% of CPU USAGE,it is the same when I creating a shortcut to one of the partition and try to open it.

I have to END PROCESS "explorer" in TASK MANAGER and run it again,and everything work fine until I run previous command.



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I have a new HP laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits.

As I am about to tinker with the partitions, I wanted to save the MBR and the first 3 (FAT32) / 7 (NTFS) sectors of each partition, but the software I'm using to do this won't show me any info for the small active partition called "SYSTEM". I suspect it's because there's no letter assigned to it.

Do you think I can assign a letter to SYSTEM without it messing with the boot?


A:Can I assign a letter to the SYSTEM partition?

Sure, no problem use Disk Management for the task. I just like to give you a little warning - tinkering with the partitions is not for the faint at heart. If you want to backup the partitions, I suggest imaging as a clean and safe way.
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I don't understand how, but when I installed XP MCE, it was with all other drives disconnected. However, when I went to Disk Management, it's partition is labeled G:, while W7 is labeled L: when running MCE. I want to change G: to the usual C:. but Disk Management won't permit that, and when I tried something similar with Acronis Disk Director some time back, the OS would no longer boot, so I'm not anxious for a repeat performance.

The question is, how to relabel the partition safely?

A:Changing OS Partition Drive Letter

I wouldn't and don't think you can change it, not without re-installing. As you have seen Windows won't let you change the drive letter of the partition windows is installed too. The main reason is that doing that would break a lot of programs etc. They would be looking for the old drive letter not the new one. Do you have a flash card reader installed? If yes that would be my guess as to why the drive letter got to be so high. I've seen that happen in XP if the hard drive wasn't formatted. It doesn't get a drive letter until after its formated. The other formatted drives would get C:, D:, etc. I didn't think windows 7 did that anymore but I could be wrong. Like a lot of people, I've only been using it for a short while. Now that the drive is formated it should get the first drive letter C: so a re-install should fix it. It just depends on how much that bothers you as to whether you want to do it over again.
Relevancy 85.57%

Right now computer management shows this:
I'm trying to delete the unnamed partition in disk 0 and merge it with C:\ but I keep getting the error that I can't delete it because it is marked System. How can I get around this?

Relevancy 85.57%

Hey TSF, i'm a student, and I recently bought a 500gb External Hard Drive for use with school. I also bought a PS3 and would like to add my music and movies to that. I researched about the PS3, and learnt I needed to convert the hard drive type (not sure how to describe it) to FAT32. I decided to create a partition, so the whole thing wouldnt be converted to FAT32. But after something I did (I've used Swissknife, but it didnt work, maybe thats something to do with it), one of my partitions that was previsously unallocated space turned into a primary partition. However, it wasnt labelled as healthy or as a primary partition (im just presuming it is because of the blue on the Disk Management window), and also with no drive label.


A:[SOLVED] Partition has no drive letter.

Sorry, here is a screenshot.

Im not bothered if I have to format it, as I dont have any data to lose on the HDD :)
Relevancy 85.57%

I want to assign a particular drive letter (R) to a partition on a drive for compatibility with another computer system. However when I attempt to change the drive letter using Windows Disk Management, "R" is not shown as a choice. There is no other disk shown in the listing of Volumes with the drive letter "R", and every other unassigned letter is available, so why isn't "R" shown? If indeed R is assigned to something, how can I find out what it is?

A:Can't assign a particular drive letter to a partition

Hello coffent,

You should be able to use OPTION TWO to see if "R" has already been assigned. If so, then you could use step 4 in OPTION TWO to swap the "R" drive letter with the letter the partition is currently using.

Drive Letter - Add, Change, or Remove in Windows
Relevancy 85.57%

Hi all I have searched on here re this problem but all the threads I have seen talk about a drive going offline which isn't the case here Firstly its not my machine I'm helping an old friend so there may bee delays on certain questions He has a DELL XPS machine an i newer model running he's got a main internal HD as C and a permanently rebbot. a Windows 8.1 letter partition on changes certain added USB drive with partitions ad Windows 8.1 changes a certain partition letter on rebbot. D E and F but on reboot the F partition suddenly goes up a letter to G the other two stay the same Apparently its been fine until recently when this started happening I made sure the used Disk Management to change the letter back but on reboot its back to G He has no other devices attached and any other USB drives either have a selected letter near the end of the alphabet or are not assigned a set letter but none are attached when the machine boots It sounds like the F is being reserved by something possibly registry wise but I don't have the machine in front of me to check and I would rather its me using regedit and he's got slippery fingers due to arthritis and is prone to over clicking and wrong key presses Any suggestions as to where to check or what to check I've done as much as I can via Skype but at a loss as to why its only doing it to one partition and always the same one also did a dischk and the partiton is ok Any idea's wise folks

A:Windows 8.1 changes a certain partition letter on rebbot.

Seems he was using some sort of safe eject USB software where you could reserve a drive letter?

Seems ok now...So far..
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When I put my usb in my pc I see on my Computer a new drive letter H:
So now I have: C: D: E:
Floppy: A: and my DVD as F: and a Removeable disk I: but I don't have a any removeable disk on any usb port in my pc.
When I put now my other usb it's assigining it as drive H:
But I need it to be G: since I need to save to it something from a program I saved before and it must be G: not H:

How can I change/force it to be drive letter G: instead H: ?

A:How to change the drive letter from H: to G: ?

Hello Chocolade, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You could connect both drives, then use OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to play shuffle the drive letters around to change them to what you wanted.

Drive Letter - Add, Change, or Remove in Windows 7 - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,
Relevancy 85.14%

would appreciate some help with this if anyone has the time

i cant change drive letter to c on system drive, i messed it up ages ago trying to change letters around and have had problems ever since. Its been suggested that i reinstall win7 but i want to avoid that if at all possible .

its win 7 installation with one hd [no extra partitions] and one usb drive

some problems are:

if i right click on system drive windows explorer stops working

if i try to change system drive letter i get parameter is incorrect

also [recently] system drive was not set as active, it is now corrected

cant get permission [after reading several articles on the subject] to do windows updates or install MS Word and a few others but not all installations are blocked

cant install iTunes [no reason given]

cant get Windows Tweaks all in one repair tool to effect repairs [runs all night]


A:cant change drive letter

Please post a full clear shot of Disk Management, and we`ll go from there.

FYI, the windows install drive or partition`s letter, or even another drive with programs installed on it should never have it`s letter changed, only a data drive or partition`s letter can safely be changed.
Relevancy 85.14%

Ok I have xp, and I plugged in a external harddrive. It at first named it drive E. then at some point it was changed to F and a CD drive is now named E.
my problem now is I cant change the name of the CD drive that is named it as it doesnt show up in the disk management options.

I have a video game in stalled on the flash drive I want to play but cant due to the file letter being different, as well as I cant uninstall it since it cant find the files to uninstall

here is what I see

I want to change the name of the drive circled in red

but when i got to disk management it isnt there

any help would be great thanks

A:drive letter change help

try something simple first... go into bios and select reset to defaults see if that works for you!
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Hi so I've done a whoopsie I had windows on a SSD drive assigned C to outside a from OS letter drive change the Need by windows but it was full so I decided I'd clone it onto a bigger SSD drive using Acronis Disk Director Went swimmingly I thought both drives contained the same data I wasn't too sure what my next step ought to be whether acronis will have sorted it so that my new SSD now has the orginal SSD's drive letter or not If it did it will be mean a simple transition But you guessed it it left the drive letters the same so when I booted up it loaded from the orginal SSD I then changed the original SSD drive letter and used EasyBCD to remove the original boot and create a new one with the new SSD Unfortunate now when I boot up Windows I get a Preparing Need to change a drive letter from outside the OS Your Desktop message for a couple of mins but it's then followed by a screen with a cursor but no desktop icons or taskbar It also seemed unresponsive to keyboard strokes Any ideas

A:Need to change a drive letter from outside the OS

Boot into safe mode and press CNTRL-ALT-DEL. Select the task manager and select file and run.
Enter explorer.exe. When the explorer opens see what drive letter windows is using as the system disk.
Then select regedit and navigate to HKEY_Local_Machine\System\Mounteddevices.
Look for \DOS\Devices\?: where the ? is the drive letter that the system was using. Change it to C:
First look to see if there is another \DOS\Devices\C:, if there is, change that letter to an unused letter before
changing the system used drive letter to C:

Reboot and you should be all set.
You will also need to reset the system restore because it will have a drive C: that it can't find.
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When I installed XP on a new build computer my hard drive installed as Drive I:.
I think it is because I had a USB hub connected.
Is it possible to to change this drive to drive C:?

Relevancy 85.14%

Another fine mess Ollie Had some recent print problem wouldn t and decided to reinstall the printer software driver etc- Have a Lexmark Letter change? Drive X Fine machine However since the first printer install my C drive has gotten fatter and the software says there is not enough space for it to install on quot C quot -which it insists is where it Drive Letter change? has to go Even after I uninstalled the printer No apparent option available to change the quot target quot drive My now designated quot E quot drive has gigabytes of space but no way it seems to install the printer to this drive I thought of removing the quot C quot Hdrive My system Drive Letter change? OS stuff Win K is all on the quot E quot Hdrive-- but not sure if this drive will become my quot C quot Hdrive if I remove the wimpy Original MB and go to the quot E quot Hdrive GB Is this feasable or is there a more elegant solution to get the printer installed onto the quot E quot Hdrive without dicking around with the software I m not qualified for that approach Ollie What say Thank you Mike nbsp

A:Drive Letter change?

move my documents to E right click on icon on desktop/properties/move/ in target type the path to E: make a folder on E:\ documents and move all the files to that folder. clean out temp files get utility here...

defrag C you need at least 30%of C free for xp to operate properly..
install your printer to the default setting..
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hi i have win xp sp2 and i was wondering how to change the system drive letter (it currently e to c: and my second hdd to e: which is currently c: without deleting any thing the reason i want to do this is to check and see if call of duty will work on the c drive as currenty it wont work with the os on the e drive so i want to find out if this is the case

Relevancy 85.14%

I'm trying to change the letter of the drive, and I followed these official instructions:

BUT, "Assign the following drive letter:" is unselectable/uncheckable. How can I change the drive letter if I can't do this? Thanks.


I need to change it because Flash won't install because my drive isn't C. This is according to the Adobe website.

A:Can't change the drive's letter

You can't change the drive letter of a system partition. More importantly you DON'T want to change it. Here's why: everything, all your settings in the registry (like where it says to load drivers, programs, and everything) refers to drive J: ATM. If you were somehow successful in changing the drive letter, you'd probably get a BSOD at startup because it's failing to find critical files to load.
The only solution (and it's really more trouble than the problem) is to reinstall the OS from scratch on a C: drive (first primary partition on first internal hard drive).
Relevancy 85.14%

When I installed windows 8, I did so by creating a second partition (E) and I kept Vista on my C partition.
Right now I want to remove Vista and merge the two partitions again (which I know how to do).
My question is, can I safely name that merged partition C? Or will this mess up my windows 8 install and do I have to keep it E?

A:Change drive letter

Not clear what you mean.

When you boot into win8 - does it identify itself as E ?

If so, then you can't chage that successfully without a reinstall.
Relevancy 85.14%

On a Win 2000 Professional, how do you change the drive letter of a CD-ROM drive? I know it's somewhere in device manager but I'm not sure where. Please advise.


"The more I pretend... The more others believe."

A:CD-ROM Drive Letter Change

Right click on the My Computer Icon and select manage (about halfway down the list)

Open up the storage section and go into disk management.

Right click on the drive you want to change and you will get a menu so that you can change the drive letter.
Relevancy 85.14%

yo. when i baught my computer it came with a card reader. the slots in the card reader were for some reason assigned the drive letters c: e: f: and g:. This resulted in the computer assigning my hard drive the letter h:. This is very annoying because when i anstall programs etc. i have to change the default path of installation. I have tried to use computer management > disk management, but when i try to change the drive letter it states:"Windows cannot modify the drive letter of your system volume or boot volume"screenshot of my predicamentAll i want is to change the drive letter from h: to c:I hope this doesnt turn out that i have to remove the card reader manually then install it again after i have assigned my hard drive the letter c:Please assist...

A:Cannot Change Drive Letter

I hope this doesnt turn out that i have to remove the card reader manually then install it again after i have assigned my hard drive the letter c:Bingo!!.... That's your best bet.It's only going to take 5 minutes of your time.[Added Info]While you're at it, check the pins on your hard drives and make sure the one you want to have as drive C is set as the master.
Relevancy 85.14%

would appreciate some help with this if anyone has the time

i cant change drive letter to c on system drive, i messed it up ages ago trying to change letters around and have had problems ever since. Its been suggested that i reinstall win7 but i want to avoid that if at all possible .

its win 7 installation with one hd [no extra partitions] and one usb drive

some problems are:

if i right click on system drive windows explorer stops working

if i try to change system drive letter i get parameter is incorrect

also [recently] system drive was not set as active, it is now corrected

cant get permission [after reading several articles on the subject] to do windows updates or install MS Word and a few others but not all installations are blocked

cant install iTunes [no reason given]

cant get Windows Tweaks all in one repair tool to effect repairs [runs all night]


A:cant change drive letter

Please post a full clear shot of Disk Management, and we`ll go from there.

FYI, the windows install drive or partition`s letter, or even another drive with programs installed on it should never have it`s letter changed, only a data drive or partition`s letter can safely be changed.
Relevancy 85.14%

OK, i just reinstall windows, and it made my, what is normally C:\, now is F:\, and when i try to change it, it says it can't change it on a "boot device", so how can i change it?

A:Change HDD letter Assignment...

have you tried Partition Magic
Relevancy 85.14%

i want to change a HDD drive letter from F to D, this drive has games and apps installed on it, will those still run ok after i change the letters?

FYI the OS is on a seperate drive C

Relevancy 85.14%

I have done this before but done forget how, lots of other stuff has traveled the old brain since then maybe i need to defrag my mind, anyway I need to know how to change my drive letter somehow on my partitioned c: d: drive d: is now g: and i would like to make it d: again if possible.
Thanks Mr. Bill

Relevancy 85.14%

I installed a CD burner and had to do some moving around with the IDE cables. The burner took a letter assigned to another drive so I went into the device manager and changed it. That was ok and that fixed that. I lost the use of my zip drive somehow (?) so I went in and fixed that, but now my zip drive is the letter B instead of E and I want it to be E. I can't change it in the device manager because that option is shaded and I can't change it. I was told that I needed to go into DOS to change the letter, but I am not familiar with DOS. Can anyone help me with this? I know it's not a big deal and I can still use the zip drive with the letter B, but ... Thanks, Liz
Relevancy 85.14%

Initially I have a c drive and my dvd-rom is d-drive.
I then use partition magic to partition c drive. The new drive is automatically assigned e-drive. How do I change the e-drive into d-drive and the dvd-rom into e-drive.


A:How to change drive letter

Right Click MY COMPUTER icon
go to MANAGE
In this window, choose DISK MANAGEMENT
you can change drive letters in there
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Hi im on C:/ AND i run on Z:/ i need to put the ronuk on d:/ its not being used but its not listed how can i get it>?

A:change drive letter

you can change it through disk management
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Hi people,

I need to install win3.1 to run an old application. I have tried using DosBox and running 3.1 within that but it is waaay too slow I need w3.1 to be installed clean on it's own drive C: then install the old app for a dual boot system with XP.

I currently have XP-home installed on C:

Is there any way I can change that XP drive assignment to D: and create a new partition to use as C: for the win3.1 install? Win3.1 will only install to a drive C: as will the old app.

I checked the following link but am not sure that it will do what I want to effectively move XP to drive D:



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Hello I just had letter this I Can drive like change tell can me if someone to do a fresh install of my win ultimate and as always windows changes the drive letters Can someone tell me if I can change drive letter like this without going into a lot of stuff you don't want to know my problem is I have a redundant backup system on my drives for example I had drive L F Drive and that had a copy of my F drive and I had a O f Drive with a second copy OK I'm anal lol Now that my drives are all different letters on this new install of windows I have a problem Can I do this I know I can change the letter to whatever I want but if I change F drive to S will F be available to me to use My F drive is now E and want to change all the letters to letters that I didn't have and then change them again to the letters I did have to keep my backup correct I am wondering if I change a letter is the old letter available to me to use again Thanks hope this isn't so confusing

A:Can someone tell me if I can change drive letter like this

Yes, the old letter that is released will be available to be assigned to another drive.
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After a Reboot, while using Easeus Partition Master, my D drive disappeared. I assigned the D letter to it in Disk Management and when I rebooted again, the D letter was taken. I was forced to assign letter Z until I figure out what to do.

The device D letter is assigned to now, does not exist in either Registry of Disk manager (check screenshots)

The only place where I can see the culprit occupying D is in My Computer. I checked Deamon Tools or similar programs and neither of them uses such a drive. Can you please help me sorting this one out? I can't switch back to D: with any of the three possible methods (Disk Management, Regedit or diskpart command in CMD). This letter simply deosn't exist for the computer.

P.S.: I have 2 more partitions but the are containing Linux and they are not touched for quite a while. It can't be them.

A:Drive Letter is Already Taken, but I Can't See it or Change It

Below is my section of the Registry, I show the A: floppy drive but there is no A: drive in the computer although it can be enabled in the BIOS. Most newer BIOSes don't list the A: and B: options although Windows reserves those 2 drive letters for floppy drives. A USB floppy drive will show differently, take an available letter.

Z: is usually assigned to the first Networked drive such as a NAS/Network Attached Storage drive, mine is although it's not showing on the list.

I do have several drives listed but not all show in Disk Management or Windows Explorer as they are memory card slots/card reader in the computer and won't show until a card is inserted and some are External USB drives.
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I was wondering how could I change my Master HD from F:\ to C:\...
Don't ask me how it happened? At the time of setting up Windows XP there was a slave HD with a named volume and my XP decided it will be F:\...
Anyone? Thanks in advance.
Cheers all!

A:Windows XP & HD Letter change

You cannot change letters on a system partition. Wouldn't be a good idea anyway. I have had this happen a few times while cloning drives, but never from an install of an OS.
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In windows XP how to change the Cd-rom drive letter like f:,g: etc.

A:Change the Drive Letter

Right click on the My Computer Icon and select manage.

Open up the disk management .

Scroll down to the cd-rom drive and right click it for and option to change the drive letter and path.
Relevancy 85.14%

I have Windows installed on my SSD and have some installed some programs on my other drive which is partitioned. I have already removed the drive letter (D) from the system reserved 100mb partition on the other hard drive (it used to have windows installed on it).

So now my partitions/drive letters read C, E, F, G but I want them to be C, D, E, F.

The programs are installed on on F which I want to rename E, will the appropriate registry changes be made if I change the drive letters using Disk Management?

IT does say "change drive letter and path" so I am thinking it will work but just want to be sure. Thanks.

A:OK to change drive letter?

in 7 you can just get rid of the drive letters. name each drive for what they contain, then go to folder options in control panel and uncheck show drive letters. easier than trying to be sure that all paths updated.
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I am trying to take a slightly used 250g hard drive from an XP computer and copy the contents from my 80G Win 7 to replace it. I assume I need to change the drive letter on the 250 so when I slave it into the Win 7 machine it will recognize it.
The problem is the old XP machine will not let me changer the drive letter. I get the message "windows cannot modify the drive letter of your system or boot volume".
Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Drive letter change help.

The drive letter should change when you install the drive in the win7 pc . .
Relevancy 85.14%

How can I change the drive letter of my Harddrive. I loaded a new PC and the drive letter is ( F ) I want to change it to :C but windows says it cannot change the drive letter.
Please help because I see all sorts of problems with my Primary drive being F

Relevancy 85.14%

Anyone please tell me how to change the CD drive letter. In windows Xp. My cd drive letter is e: but i want to make it g:.
Please tell me how to do it.

A:Change the cd-rom drive letter

Check this link -;EN-US;Q307844&
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I have done a Clean Install of XP.
Unfortunately, I went through the Setup with a Flash Drive on my USB port.
Thus the Setup program selected E: as the Drive letter for my Root Drive and not C:.

Can I change this to C: without going through the Setup again?


A:How to Change Drive Letter from E:\ to C:\

If you already have windows installed on E:, then NO, you can't change it.
Relevancy 85.14%

I have a triple boot system:

C - Win7 Ultimate - SSD array
D - Data - WD 640 spinner 1
E - Win7 Pro - 1st partition on WD 640 spinner 2
F - Win7 Enterprise - 2nd partition WD 640 spinner 2

Using Acronis True Image 2010, I keep 2 images of each OS on D.

I'd like to put an image of C onto E, then make some changes to it. I think I tried this back in the Vista beta days, but can't recall if I ever got it to work, tempted to say "no".

Any suggestions appreciated.

A:Change Drive letter

What do you want help with here?
Relevancy 85.14%

Bought new Compaq PC and want to remove Samsung HD and replace with larger IBM drive. Ghosted drive successfully and can boot successfully from IBM hard drive. Want to change Samsung HD drive letter to X and then change IBM hard drive letter to C. When going into disk manager I get a pop up window stating the drive contains a 'pagefile'. Need guidance on how to successfully rename my new IBM HD to letter C and remove the Samsung HD.

A:Drive letter change in XP

Hello, I hope this helps you
Relevancy 85.14%

Where do i start?
So i have 2 HDDs in my pc 1 with xp 1 with vista(which i just installed today) and for me to install vista i had to take out my xp HDD and connect my cd drive. After installing vista i put my xp HDD back in and tryed booting vista and it wouldnt work but it will work if its the onl HDD connect and im thinking the problem is that it has to be C drive (coz its D if i have my xp HDD connected)
So could that be the reason its not working if so can i make it so it will work as D drive?
I hope i explained it well enough as im not good at explaining stuff.
Relevancy 84.28%


Run into an issue with a hard drive showing 3 partitions, but I can't assign a drive letter to it.

Background: It was running Win 7 Pro 64-bit, but was having occasional issues with blue screening. I've pulled the hard drive from that PC and have it hooked to my own (also Win 7 Pro 64) via USB external HD enclosure to run scan disks. The first two partitions I'm accessing fine, but the third one won't give me any options, no matter what I try. Any insight would be great.

EDIT: And sorry, right under where the submenu appears that says "Help", it says "Healthy (Recovery Partition)".

A:Unable to assign drive letter to HD partition?

Hi FuryoftheStars,

First let me tell you how to make a full screen Windows Disk Management screenshot.

Before you take the screenshot, go to the top menu bar and click on the "Show/Hide Console Tree" and "Show/Hide Action Pane" to hide those. Then we can clearly see all the columns in the top listing of the drives. Sometimes that information is necessary.

A sample screenshot with no information obscured/truncated:

Now a straight answer to your query:

The OEM Recovery partition in this case (and in most other cases too) is deliberately of a different Partition Type so that users cannot access it with Windows, meddle with it and spoil the broth. You may change the partition type to the normal type accessible to Windows and then assign a drive letter.( If you want to do it, do it at your own risk .)

If information on it is already available, I do not want to rewrite it . Please see Techno Wizard's last post dated 21 Oct 2013 here Assigning a letter to OEM Partition ( Take only what he says about recovery partition. The hibernation partition is not applicable here.)

(Now on my part ) You can also change the partition type using MiniTools Partition Wizard.( Changing it with diskpart by normal users is a little bit tedious and requires care)

EDIT: You can ascertain the current partition type from the "Properties" page in the first right click menu ( the last in that menu)

Having said all this, whatever problem you had with that system, you should have sorted it out in it only without taking out the HDD and putting it in an external enclosure.
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I want to do file check but its telling me to give each partition a drive letter

When I either right click partition or click partition at top "change letter" is not higlighted.

If I use Label it says it will wipe out anything on that partition which I obviously dont want

can anyone help please?

A:How do I assign drive letter in Partition Wizard

Hello, you can go to computer management and do it from there.

Click start, type computer management form there click disk management then right click drive you want to change and choose your options.

Hope this helps.
Relevancy 84.28%

Preamble Cannot up access no letter drive because backed partition I keep my system in one partition and documents in a second on drive Recently i attempted to set up xp in even another paritition That's a whole other story I ran into trouble gave up ended with a fouled up boot manager and decided to reinstall windows from the install cd Before reinstalling windows I made a partition on a second exterior hard drive and backed up my documents partition in it Problem With Windows reinstalled and with the exterior hd connected the partition with the documents does not show up in My Computer It does however show up in Disk Management But it has no drive letter And if you open Cannot access backed up partition because no drive letter the right click menu on that partition everything is greyed out except quot delete partition quot and quot help quot Maybe I neglected to assign a drive letter on the back up partition But wouldn't the Cannot access backed up partition because no drive letter system do that automatically Maybe the drive letter assigned by the system conflicts with a drive letter on the inside hd How do I rescue my backed up documents

A:Cannot access backed up partition because no drive letter

Change, add, or remove a drive letter - Windows Help
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Ok, so I have my system and I have 2 operating systems on it. 1 is C:\ and the other is I:\ .Today i turned on my computer and a windows boot manager error thing came up so i put in windows 7 disk and it repaired the system. i go into I:\ (which is windows 7) and came up with disk check. Then it continued normally until it said 'Preparing your desktop'. Then it came with blank blue-ish screen and in the bottom right conner said "This copy of windows is not genuine" which it is. Signed me in to a temp account couldn't access any files. Turns out it was trying to access D:\ instead of I:\ no programs worked. I went onto the other operating system checked it and it said it was I:\ so somehow Windows changed it to thinking it was D:\ not I:\
Any help is appreciated.

A:Windows 7 changed partition drive letter

you will have to edit the registry offline (this happened to me not to long ago...)

Also what is the "other OS"? If it is Windows then follow the bellow:

here take a look at this thread

If you have any questions, just ask
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i just reinstalled my WHOLE computer ...

i had a 80GB hard drive...and now decided to partition it... 40GB each .... question is now....

i got the main partition with the Windows installation in it as the C drive...and the 2nd partition as the I:\ drive ....

how do i change it to the D drive? there is only one hard drive installed....

A:hard drive partition letter associations?

oh yea, i did have another hard drive installed, transferred my backup files, and took it out ...

and, any way i can change the letters of the CDROM drives?

ive tried TweakUI (or Powertoys for winXP)

and this is now WinXP Pro SP1 (soon to be SP2 before I do anything else...might as well get it installed on a fresh install so i dont run into problems ....)
Relevancy 84.28%

Hi there,

I used BitLocker, which, for some reason, moved all my system files into its own letter-less, 300 MB system partition (described as "System, Active, Primary Partition", and my C: drive is "Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition").

I couldn't finish setting up BitLocker, so I went with TrueCrypt which encrypted my whole C: drive successfully.

Now that letter-less partition is still there. I'm not sure if it has been encrypted (since TrueCrypt doesn't see it), nor can I verify its contents. How do I do that?

And how can I merge it back safely into my C: drive? I'm worried that TrueCrypt didn't include it in the encryption process.

Thanks in advance
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Boot partition drive letter changed, how do I fix it?

some how my boot drive letter changed on my windows 8 machine.

I am trying to change it back to c drive by using diskpart in the windows 8 boot cd

I change it with disk management and with diskpart but when I restart it changes the drive letter back to F , it wont stay at C

A:Boot partition drive letter changed, how do I fix it?

Post a snapshot of a fullscreen Disk Management Window:

To open Disk Management, press Windows key+r, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter or click GO. Make it full screen. Expand the fields as necessary so everything can be seen.

How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums (says it's for Vista but also works with Win 7/8).
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is really the best way to remove the drive letter to hide a parition ?
for example in a second hard disk i have another operation system (microsoft)

is the best way?
are you sure w7 will not see it?

because i run mydefrag ,an amazing defrag and it see the volume i did hide


A:is the best way remove the drive letter to hide a partition ?

Are you trying to hide your partition from windows explorer? Or from partitioning software?
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I have a multiboot system with Win XP thru Win over separate non-raid SDD's I mostly live in Win But Win is looking really good now On the drive with Win I have that Reserved System partition Somehow over time it received a drive letter D Will it cause any trouble if I remove just the drive letter from this partition I do NOT want to delete it Just want to free up some space in Windows Explorer I can't use that little partition for anything so why see it everyday partition Reserved 7 for can Drive be removed? Win Letter I'm not sure on which partition my MBR bootloader in located If it is in this little partition and I remove the letter will I have problems booting on the next re-boot I use EasyBCD as my bootloader program I have a copy loaded in each Drive Letter for Reserved Win 7 partition can be removed? OS Thoughts Suggestions Next somewhat related question In each Win install the drive letters get mixed up for example I have a large Data HDD with no OS on it In Win it has drive letter M in Vista it is L in Win it is S While working in each OS can I change the DATA HDD drive letter and not have a problem in another OS Thanks everyone

A:Drive Letter for Reserved Win 7 partition can be removed?

It should not a have letter, remove it.
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Well I have this problem My XP OS wasn t starting so I had to reinstall it in order to fix it Well that is where the problem start Partition Letter Drive Solved: XP Problems I had Dualboot with Vista and XP Now I fixed the boot so now I can choose wich one start but when I start XP the XP Partition Letter doesn t change to C Its stays in E and before the reinstall Solved: XP Partition Drive Letter Problems it used to change to C I tried to do again the boot stuff with Easy BCD Solved: XP Partition Drive Letter Problems and I did I deleted the XP entry and did it all over again but when I booted on XP the letter wasnt changing Now I cant install anything because XP doesn t seem to know thats its installed on E so its try to search stuff on C where now is Vista Partition I hope you guys can help me If not I would have Solved: XP Partition Drive Letter Problems to format XP partition I have no problems with it but I just want to make it like the last choice Thx nbsp

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Hello I started this post in Partition A Reassigned Got Different Letter Recovery Volume the XP forum as I was trying to downgrade to XP on a second HD with the intention of making that the main or at least having a dual boot system Anyway I've come to the Recovery Partition Got Reassigned A Different Volume Letter conclusion that my system doesn't like XP so am just trying to restore Vista on the original drive -------------------------------I have a HP m a system with a HP w monitor For a number of reasons I decided to install a second HD and GB more RAM with the intention of installing XP on the new drive Which I have done but it seems like I can't get XP to recognise any of my hardware - its all coming up generic Drivers don't seem to help In the XP install the drive was assigned letter D which was also the letter for the Recovery partition on the HP Vista drive Which I assume must be why when I select the HP Vista drive on the boot menu it loads XP instead of Vista Guessing the boot info was in that section Or could there be another reason for this So I called HP and they are sending me the recovery disks which should be here in - days What I am wondering is whether this will re-format my system as if I was reinstalling Vista Or will it just act in place of the Recovery partition allowing me to boot to my original drive which is still entirely intact just not bootable Also being that I am impatiently wanting my computer back what would happen if I used the registry to change the drive letters So change D XP boot drive to N or something and K Recovery Partition on Vista HP C drive to D I found a help file that tells you how to do it http support microsoft com kb however I'm not sure whether this will just make the one bootable drive I have unbootable or whether it will make the original hd bootable I don't mind if I lose the current drive which is just a fresh install of XP as long as I get the old drive back on bootup What I have is Disk HP C system K RecoveryDisk D boot and what I want is Disk HP C boot D RecoveryDisk N-----------------Any ideas suggestions answers or fresh perspectives would be welcome Thanks in advance

A:Recovery Partition Got Reassigned A Different Volume Letter

The recovery disks will wipe everything out and restore your system to the state it was in the day that it left the factory.
The article doesn't include Vista in the list of supported OS's - but I can't see any harm in trying it anyway (but only scanned it quickly).
I'd suggest getting the hard drive out and slaving it to another machine to save your data before doing anything else - that way, should thinks get messed up, you won't have lost your data.
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Ok i know this sounds letter add partitions partition, primary Can't have to drive 7 stupid hey it's windows but how do I end up with primary partitions I thought you could only have Anyway one of my partitions no longer has a drive letter so I can't access anything on it I'm Can't add drive letter to partition, have 7 primary partitions unable to right click it in Can't add drive letter to partition, have 7 primary partitions disk Management to add one the option is grayed out see pic st partition MB win boot nd partition the windows OS on it's own G partition rd partition G FreeBSD Unix this is a multi-boot system th partition G data partition the one that lost it's drive letter D th th and th partitions are Linux partitions and the last one looks like an extended partition by the green outline I've used this system successfully since last year when win came out It's worked pretty good but all of a sudden it lost the drive letter for the G data partition I have no idea what happened or how to get it back Any ideas

A:Can't add drive letter to partition, have 7 primary partitions

Shot in the dark:

As you said, you can only have 4 Primary Partitions. I suspect that Windows knows this and is therefore saying "Well that can't be right" and assuming its made a mistake and won't let you assign drive letters.

If you get it down to 4 partitions again, it will probably let you assign letters.
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Hi, I did stupid thing. I changed revovery partition to R:\ then I realized that recovery does not work anymore. I changed it back to original letter D:\ but still it does not work. Is there any possibility how to make it work again? One idea: When I look in Disk Managment status of Recovery disc is Healthy but missing Boot indication. Maybe when I make D:\ disc bootable again it could work, but I do not know how. Thank you everybody in advanceMichal Bokr

A:Recovery partition letter changed to R: and then back to D:

Hi @mickmag, Welcome to the HP Forum! This is a wonderful location to converse with  the community, get assistance and find tips. For you to have a rewarding experience, I would like to include the following link for your perusal and reference. First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More Usually, the recovery partition is protected and does not allow you to change the drive letter.  If you did not create your recovery media before changing the drive letter, please contact HP Support to obtain a recovery kit. Please contact HP support at Contact HP Support. To express appreciation for my post please click the ?Thumbs Up Icon?.  If my post resolves the issue you are experiencing, please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find what worked for you!
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i'm going to clone my ide hdd (current master, os installed) onto a sata hdd and use the sata as the master and format the ide one. But would i still be able to run windows as i have an oem version and am not sure about how it fares with changing hardware. Also, how would i change the new drive to being detected as C:, so that all my shortcuts would still work.


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Hi all! In Windows Explorer, the DVD RW drive appears as "E".
I want it to be "Z". Normally this is easily changed in "Disk Management".

But when I open Computer Management > Disk Management, I do not see the DVD RW drive.
Just to clarify this is a physical disk (no virtual drive).

I know I have seen it previousl in Disk Management, and changed the letter there, so I am not sure what the problem is now.
All other disks appear as expected -these are all SATA hard drives.

Any ideas?

A:Can't change drive letter for DVD writer

I've seen time that an optical drive was not recognized unless there was a disc in the drive. Try it with a disc in the drive.
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Hi - I thought Drive Hard Change to Need Letter that I posted this question this morning but in looking Need to Change Hard Drive Letter through today s questions I don t see my post Maybe it was moved Anyway here it is yr old Sony VAIO desktop with XP Pro The floppy a drive Need to Change Hard Drive Letter broke and I Need to Change Hard Drive Letter physically removed it I bought an external drive USB which became b obviously before I moved the a I know all the floppy jokes but I m old and I still use them I also come across situations when they are called for I can t make Microsoft s boot disks etc Neither a nor b show up in Disk Management so I can t change the letters that way I ve actually tried to remove all the places the a phantom driver shows up I ve hit quot uninstall quot in the device manager but that only works until I turn the computer off and back on The computer says that it quot found new hardware quot I ve exhausted my knowledge here Some programs tell me to insert a floppy disk and when I put it in the b drive it isn t recognized I never go in the registry because frankly it scares me I ve been in the BIOS for very minor things Can anyone please help me to get this floppy drive to become my a drive or maybe just get rid of every trace whatsoever of a since I deleted the driver everywhere I could get the a driver back if I need to I was stupid and not thinking about maybe needing the driver I figured the b driver will come with me when I call it a Thank You Dawn nbsp

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Change my boot drive letter quot G quot to quot E quot xp pro sp acer aspire letter bbot drive change amd turion I tried administrative tools computer management - THAT says I CANNOT change my boot drive letter I shut down removing usb thumb drive and usb maxtor gb remote hdd - no luck again In fact I CAN change every other drive change bbot drive letter letter BUT the boot drive There's gotta be a HACK to do what I want to do Yeah maybe I could re-install But what a waste of time and serious pain I rebooted into other XP OS XP sp - whatever I do there has NO effect when I reboot into XP sp which has quot G quot letter - I want to change that to quot E quot I do have Norton Partition Magic mounted Is there something I can do there I tried 'changing my drive letter' of boot drive to quot E quot but it results in a lisitng in My Computer of BOTH E as well as G which I want to change Is there a quot regedit quot change I can make to change the drive's letter I've run out of ideas HELP Thanks amir

A:change bbot drive letter

Hello amirchela

It is not a good idea to try to change the drive letter of the system volume or boot volume. If you try all the filepaths will be wrong and nothing will work properly. XP would probably not boot either.

There is a way to revert the drive letter to ?C? if it has been accidentally changed, but no way to change it if it actually been i nstalled on another drive

If you really want XP on "E" I`m afraid you will need to reinstall

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A friend is running Windows 8.1. Her external USB hard drive used to be assigned the letter "E". She says that for an unknown reason, that USB hard drive is now assigned the letter "J" but she would like to have it back to the letter "E".

I opened Disk Management and tried to change the drive letter from J to E. When I click the drop down arrowhead, the letter "E" is available so I select it and click OK. Win8.1 then says the drive letter E is mapped to a network or local drive.

When I look at all of the drive letters in Disk Management, the letter "E" is not assigned to anything. Plus the fact that the letter "E" is in the drop down list of available drive letters.

Anyone know why this is happening and how to solve the problem?

A:Unable to change drive letter

Hello skyzoomer,

You might see if you may be able to use an option in the tutorial below to change the drive letter.

Drive Letter - Add, Change, or Remove in Windows - Windows 7 Help Forums
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A friend is running Windows 8.1. Her external USB hard drive used to be assigned the letter "E". She says that for an unknown reason, that USB hard drive is now assigned the letter "J" but she would like to have it back to the letter "E".

I opened Disk Management and tried to change the drive letter from J to E. When I click the drop down arrowhead, the letter "E" is available so I select it and click OK. Win8.1 then says the drive letter E is mapped to a network or local drive.

When I look at all of the drive letters in Disk Management, the letter "E" is not assigned to anything. Plus the fact that the letter "E" is in the drop down list of available drive letters.

Anyone know why this is happening and how to solve the problem?
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I recently had to wipe the hard drive of a new computer Intel mobo core duo E GB Seagate drive clean because it had developed some problems letter drive Change boot like having to reboot after coming out of standby or Change boot drive letter hibernate and no system restores Change boot drive letter or Windows XP repairs did anything I use a program suggested by J amp N computer support where the custom computer was build It s called quot AEF quot which you run from a CD It destroys the partition on the HD However the only option I could find when I ran it was quot delall quot which deletes all partitions When I installed Windows it assigned drive letters to the card readers FIRST and the HD last So now my HD is H and my CD DVD writer is G IOW it assigned the letters in reverse order Diskmgmt msc will not allow you to change the boot drive letter I would rather not have to destroy the partitions again to get it to make the boot drive C how do I do that anyway when the Windows install disk seems to have a mind of its own Is there any commercial software on the market that will allow you to change the boot drive letter nbsp

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I have a new computer that runs W7 Prof 64 bit. I noticed when I got it the following.

Drive C (W7 on it and it's the boot drive)
Drive E (second hard drive
Drive D (CDROM drive)
Hard Drives are both 1TB SATA3
What is on the E drive is data I copied there.
I would like to change the E drive to D and the CDROM drive D to E.
This way my hard drives will be C and D and the CDROM will be E.
I have no idea how to do this. Can anyone help me?


A:Change Hard Drive Letter

You can do that in Disk Management. Right click on the drive(s) and you will see. But you will first have to assign a different letter (e.g. M) to E or D to free up that letter. If you have data on E, it may lose the path though.
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Hello everyone,

Recently, for no apparent reason, Windows decided to change the drive letter from F to L on one of my drives. Before I discovered how to change it back again I made the error of manually trying to rename it which caused it to add the letter I wanted preceded by the letter "L" it had applied. Now I cannot get rid of it.

Can anyone tell me how to solve this so that the drive label is F: only please?

A:Drive letter change problem

Found this info on the Web:

"Sure you can change the drive letters, Its very easy

Right-click My Computer, and then click Manage.
Under Computer Management, click Disk Management. In the right pane, you'll see your drives listed. CD-ROM drives are listed at the bottom of the pane.
Right-click the drive or device you want to change, and then click Change Drive Letter and Paths.
Click Change, click Assign the following drive letter, click the drive letter you want to assign, and then click OK."

Looks straight forward enough.