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Solved: New problem - Switch User

Q: Solved: New problem - Switch User

Now my switch User is not working. I can log out but i can not switch user. Any suggestions anyone?


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Preferred Solution: Solved: New problem - Switch User

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I use windows 7.
When I turn on laptop (acer Aspire 5742) cannot connect to internet until I switch user and log in again. Soon as I touch any browser icon the rest of computer stops responding as well. It's only me on computer. Have virgin media security/ spyware/ virus protection. Tried CCleaner. After I switch user everything is fine.
Additional info; On 16th October had great difficulty getting my emails from Yahoo. Sometimes sign-in box appeared without my security signature and different style of writing for browser remembered log-on details.



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Everytime I switch users it automatically logs in to my brothers user name which is very frustrating, any way to change it?

A:Switch User Problem.

Hello adz3d,

One method that would stop this would be to create a password for your brother's account. Afterwards, it will no longer auto sign-in to the account. This would be the recommended method.
Another method is to use step 1 in OPTION ONE of the tutorial below to always have all users displayed on the sign-in screen to prevent this. However, if you click on your brother's icon, it will still sign into it without having to enter a password since it's not password protected as recommended above.

Sign in - Show All Users or Last User in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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For me, I have 4 accounts on my computer. I am the administrator. When I switch user to log onto another account, I click the name, and the screen blinks for a second, and brings me back to the Welcome Screen.

Any ideas?


A:switch user problem

Can you login to any accounts? Do allo the accounts do the same? How much RAM do you have? I think there is a requirement, something like if you don't have 128Mb RAM FREE (not total) then the fast user switching functions won't work.

Does this help at all?

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whenever i go to start - log off - switch user...

and it goes to the first windows screen where you see the list of users.. if i click on another user, it just turns black and nothing ever happens. i went to the control panel and changed it so you can do fast use switching, and i think mcafee security center doesnt like that, because i have to set it to allow the script change every time...

but it still doesn't work.
someone pleeeeease help!
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Last night, I switched from the standard Windows log-in to fast user switching. After logging off, I realized that my user name is no longer accessible from the welcome screen. I think this might be because I have 4 user accounts on my computer, but I'm not sure. The problem is that my user name is the only admin account. How do I make my own account accessible once again?

A:Fast user switch problem


Try getting into Safemode and use the Administrator Account
How to Start in Safemode

1. Restart your computer.
2. Before the windows logo you should gently tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with a Windows XP Advanced Options menu.
3. Select the option for Safe Mode using the arrow keys.
4. Then press enter on your keyboard to boot into Safe Mode.
5. Do whatever tasks you require and when you are done reboot to boot back into normal mode..
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Recently Problem Windows XP Switch User i started having problems switching users on XP Im able to run user at a time only Windows XP Switch User Problem Every time i try switching to another user i get a quot MediaAccess exe - Application Error quot and from there i have no choice but to restart because it completely blocks everything im doing I have noticed it running in the task manager as MediaAccess exe and MediaAccK exe there may be more im not sure And also in the control panel Im just not sure if its safe to remove it from there because its probably some sort of adware Here is my Hijackthis log file Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system LEXBCES EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system LEXPPS EXE C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX SMax PNP exe C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX Smax exe C WINDOWS System hkcmd exe C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C Program Files Media Access MediaAccK exe C Program Files Ykeitv Bhds exe C temp salm exe C Program Files Media Access MediaAccess exe C Program Files Internet Optimizer optimize exe C Program Files MSN Messenger msnmsgr exe C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX SMAgent exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C Program Files Hijackthis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www ontariodsl ca bandwidth htm R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http red clientapps yahoo com cust ch search html R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Internet Explorer provided by Sympatico R - Default URLSearchHook is missing O - BHO BHObj Class - - F D- C- E - A C E C - C WINDOWS nem dll O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDHelper dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - Toolbar amp Google - C B - - d - B - A CD F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - HKLM Run IMJPMIG quot C WINDOWS IME imjp IMJPMIG EXE quot Spoil RemAdvDef Migration O - HKLM Run PHIME ASync C WINDOWS System IME TINTLGNT TINTSETP EXE SYNC O - HKLM Run PHIME A C WINDOWS System IME TINTLGNT TINTSETP EXE IMEName O - HKLM Run SoundMAXPnP C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX SMax PNP exe O - HKLM Run SoundMAX quot C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX Smax exe quot tray O - HKLM Run IgfxTray C WINDOWS System igfxtray exe O - HKLM Run HotKeysCmds C WINDOWS System hkcmd exe O - HKLM Run REGSHAVE C Program Files REGSHAVE REGSHAVE EXE AUTORUN O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run TkBellExe quot C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe quot -osboot O - HKLM Run Media Access C Program Files Media Access MediaAccK exe O - HKLM Run Rqvgo C Program Files Ykeitv Bhds exe O - HKLM Run salm c temp salm exe O - HKLM Run vyz C WINDOWS vyz exe O - HKLM Run Internet Optimizer quot C Program Files Internet Optimizer optimize exe quot O - HKCU Run msnmsgr quot C Program Files MSN Messenger msnmsgr exe quot background O - Global Startup Adobe Gamma Loader lnk C Program Files Common Files Adobe Calibration Adobe Gamma Loader exe O - Global Startup Microsoft Office lnk C Program Files Microsoft Office Office OSA EXE O - Extra context menu item amp Google Search - res c program files google GoogleToolbar dll cmsearch html O - Extra context menu item Backward Links - res c program files google GoogleToolbar dll cmbacklinks html O - Extra context menu item Cached Snapsho... Read more

A:Windows XP Switch User Problem

You need to do a virus scan. I have been fighting a trojan downloader that installs this and lots of other fun spyware on the computer. Norton does not see this as a virus, but every other AV program I have run does.

You may want to run an online virus scan. is the one I use. Make sure to click auto clean.

After removing the virus, I have had to run spyware removal tools to get the rest of the garbage off the machines that had this. I used spybot, ad-aware and microsoft AS to do this. Took all 3 to get it all.

I submitted this to Symantec and they called it spyware and would not update their defs to catch this. Avast did a great job of cleaning it up.
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Originally, when I transferred to another user, I was presented with the user names and could choose one without logging off completely from the current user, i.e. when I returned, open files would remain open.. Something unknown happened and now it is necessary to log off completely from the present user (and close all files) before selecting another user. How do I get back to the original procedure?


A:Windows XP, Switch User Problem

Maybe the feature got disable, to enable it see:
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The USB mouse no longer works once you switch users. I have tried several wireless units and they all stop working once you switch user. Going back to original user does not help, only removing and reinserting the USB wireless transmitter gets it going again. I have seen quite a few posts regarding this issue but have seen no solutions. HP acts like they never heard of the problem.

Waiting for help.....

A:HP DV9910US Switch User Problem

Hi rbringh

Welcome to the forums.

Have you checked the vendors website for a software/driver update?
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The fast switch user option is enabled on my windows xp home edition. When we go to switch users, a blue screen comes up for approx. 25 - 30 seconds, and then the user screen comes up, but does not respond for another 30 seconds. I have tried doing every maintenance and scan available, and do not come up with any problems. This has only occurred in the past week. Nothing new has been downloaded. Any suggestions?

A:Fast Switch User Problem

Depending on the specs of your system, you may not have enough resources to use Fast User Switching (FUS). FUS keeps both profiles in memory when it's used - so you're using up twice the memory (and associated resources) when it's running.

If it used to work fine and now it's slow - I'd suspect Windows "bloat" was taking up too many of your resources. A good system cleanup (and maybe more RAM) will help out there.

If the change was rather sudden, you may want to also check your video drivers. Updating them is the usual fix for this problem.
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hi all.

just noticed that im unable to switch user on my win xp pro machine.
the only option there is 'log off'.
Already checked services.msc and found Terminal services and Fast user switching to be 'started'.
Is there a way to get my 'switch user' option to work again?

appreciate all your responses...

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Both my laptop (XP SP3) and my desktop (XP SP2) have suddenly refused to switch user. I can log off and initiate another user fine, but can't leave one active while I switch to another! All software is working fine, scans reveal no virus, adware or spyware. When I try to switch users absolutely nothing happens. No disk activity, no nothing!

A:[SOLVED] Can't switch user

Hi colandj and welcome to TSF !

Have you installed some new program on both your computers ? Do you use some custom skin or desktop replacement utility ?

Read this information from Microsoft :
A discussion about the availability of the Fast User Switching feature

Make sure fast user switching is on :
How To Use the Fast User Switching Feature in Windows XP

Go to start => run and type services.msc. Check that the Terminal Services and Fast User Switching Compatibility Services are started.

Do you have the original XP CD ?
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I formatted my hard drive on my laptop and reinstalled Windows 7 Professional (with the help from this site, Thank you all)

I'm wondering if there is a setting I can change so when the screen comes back from hibernating, it will go back to the desktop instead of the screen that asks if I want to switch user?


A:Solved: I don't want to see Switch User

Yes, the settings that controls that can be changed, but be aware if you PC is left unattended when in hibernation anyone can wake it up and have full access to your account.

This is how to change the setting.

Click on Start, Control Panel, Power Options.
Click on Change Plan Settings next to the plan you have selected.
Then click on Change Advanced Power settings.
In the window that opens click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.
Just below Require a password on wake up change the Yes to No, click on Apply and then OK.
Job done.
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I have the XP Home edition. When I click on Start/Log Off/Switch User nothing happens. The hard drive activity light flashes for a bit then goes out. The only way that I can actually switch users is to click Start/Log Off/Log Off and then select another user.

If I click Use Fast User Switching then both Use the Welcome screen and Use Fast User Switching are checked. When I click Apply Options and go back to check the settings, only the Use the Welcome screen is checked. I have even rebooted the system but the Use the Welcome screen is the only option checked.

Can anyone help me with this? Is there something in System Services that I need to look at?

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I have a scenario to crack A few months ago my laptop started automatically locking itself under my user this happens every time the computer turns off hibernates or any form of user change The account that the computer locked as was an administrator account because I am the only user of the laptop i continued using the laptop whilst locked and unlocking it everything i used it However now i have a problem I cannot switch to another user and i cannot log off of my account When i try to log off it goes to a screen saying this computer is locked and only an administrator can unlock it so i enter my password and it logs back on to my user creating an endless loop preventing me from switching to a different user Now here s me being stupid The administrator account that the computer is locked as has been changed to a limited account so i no longer have administrator powers BUT when the laptop locks it asks for the administrators password to unlock it again and this is still the same as before SO The account its locked under used to be administrator and Solved: switch cannot Locked user When i turn on the computer the user screen is skipped - instead i am asked to unlock it i cannot switch to another user Solved: Locked and cannot switch user it is now locked under a limited account nbsp

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I recently reloaded windows XP and there is no button on the Start Menu to allow me to log out and swap to another user.

any ideas how to get this fixed

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When I go to shutdown then logg off and I click on Switch User, nothing happens. It's supposed to switch the user.

How do I fix this prob?

Windows XP Pro

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I have hide all of my administrator account from login screen on windows7 by editing registry entry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows NT \CurrentVersion \Winlogon\SpecialAccounts". Now I have only one power user account. I can't
login with admnistrative account because there is no switch user button on login screen. Even if I click on switch user button from start menu this will load the login screen with the power user and I don't have any option to change the username.

How can I get rid from this?

A:Windows 7 login screen switch user button problem

I see two choices:
-by safe mode (pressing F8 before  windows load), you should be able to modify your regkey
-by right click maintening "shift" key on regedit then "run as different user" you should be able to enter your other credentials
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I am experiencing problem for finding the short keys for switch user in xp home, please let me know that what is the simplest one.

A:[SOLVED] Short keys to switch user in xp home ?

Turn on Fast User Switching
But it is better if you have them Log Off (Start/Shut Down/Log Off)
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Earlier today I turned on my Toshiba laptop Satellite P -S and got some sort of error screen and then it brought me to a screen asking if I wanted to do a system repair or start windows normally I chose system repair but then it seemed to get stuck in that process It was taking forever and nothing was happening so I turned off the laptop I know big no no booted in safe mode and did a system restore to a restore point from about a week ago The quot starting Windows quot screen came and went no problem Everything seemed fine till I got to the User Selection screen the default blue one with the little hummingbird or whatever Then it just sat there on that screen I could see the hummingbird and the little squiggly lines but there were no buttons to click my user I just let it sit there and after about minutes the user names popped up and Windows takes the screen 7 user forever load select user/switch to I was able to continue using the computer without any problems no other speed Windows 7 takes forever to load the select user/switch user screen issues whatsoever It now makes me wait every time always about Windows 7 takes forever to load the select user/switch user screen minutes before the user names pop up It does this when I restart the machine and when I try to switch users It is a Pentium Core i Ghz GB RAM Windows Home Premium bit Let me know if you need any other specs Any ideas Thanks Tim

A:Windows 7 takes forever to load the select user/switch user screen

Work through these steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start.

The steps begin with disinfection from Safe Mode or boot disk, since if Win7 is badly infected it may not repair until cleaned up. Then everything possible to start it is sequenced.

I would also do the hardware tests provided before rescuiing the data to run Recovery or get the superior Clean Reinstall.
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On windows professional -bit sp if a current user is screen locked the lock screen indicates the current user name and account is logged on and the computer is locked I am using Classic Logon in group policy and under local policy-security options-interactive logon i have it set to display username and account info the option with most information the problem i have is say a user is logged in and then I need to use the computer at that point the lock screen says so and so is logged in and locked I do a switch user log in and do my thing then log out Now the screen goes back to the base login screen saying 'ctrl-alt-del' not saying any user is currently logged in Now if that original user does log back in all his stuff is still here and everything acted like a basic screen lock happened so no problem there but what i want to happen is after a switch user logs out the screen goes back to the lock screen displaying who has the computer locked is there a way to do that thanks

A:Switch User then logoff, back to ctrl-alt-del login not previous user

At a guess, I'd say Classic Logon is the culprit here, as I do not have this issue with Windows 7 64-bit SP1 with the default login screen. Changing this is likely impractical next to the simple solution of ditching Classic Logon (It's an ancient artifact by now)
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Here's my issue, I would like to RDP to a Windows 7 laptop. Even with Administrative privledges, it will tell me "Waiting for user to respond". I would like to either switch users via RDP, or force them to log off without prompting.

Server is SBS 2008. I already have "Set Rules for remote control of Terminal Services user sessions" to Full Control without user's permission.

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Interestingly on boot up I see "another user" but the picture is blank, with a frame around it (I can see through it to the boot wallpaper that I have changed to prove) ..

Who is another user?

Please help as I have been on the 2 days now

A:Created admin User but can see on 'Switch User" cntrl/alt/del

Sorry to bump but things have changed somewhat, and yes could start a new topic but will try the edit function as I am not here often. I see 110 views and that's promising

Please advise who is this "another user" icon/picture is blank, with a frame around it (I can see through it to the boot wallpaper that I have changed to prove) .. on control /alt/ delete.

I now have admin rights back (previous problem) but this "another user" can't be found anywhere (I know of) except at login. I am stumped..
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Running Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

Why does iTunes and other sounds keep playing even when that user who initiated it logs off using "Switch user?" The sounds and iTunes keep playing even when another user logs in.

A:iTunes & sounds keep playing even when user logs off using Switch user

Could be because of Fast User Switching. That really doesn't Log Out the other user. It just Switches users, as in both are still logged in.

Try Logging out the other user.
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Hi Guys,

I had this issue:when the fast user switching is disabled and someone already login to the computer, I can not unlock or switch to another user to login. Only thing I can do is power off.( I don't have that user's password to unlock the computer).
Can please advise is there anyway do unlock the computer without power off?

Thank you.

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Hi everybody
My computer has just started this one in the last week or so. Not sure of the exact trigger or exactly when.

I can be logged on as any valid user on the system. When I try to switch user using the standard methods, after selecting a user account it says that there is already a user logged in and that I can only have one user logged in.

I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and have been running it successfully (and being able to switch users) for several years now.

Is there anybody that can point me in the right direction as to where to look for this one?
Many Thanks

A:Switch User does not permit additional user to be logged in


Take a look at this guide and see if Fast User Switching is enabled?
How To Enable/Disable Fast User Switching In Windows 7, Vista, XP

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I've searched the forum and could not find an answer to this problem.

I have a Windows 7 Enterprise machine where at the login screen the "Switch User" button is missing and so I am unable to clear the last user.

Just about all the results I got back on this topic was how to re-enable the "Switch User". This doesn't help because I can't login to make the change.

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On my new laptop, everytime (almost) I switch user I have the BSOD ) Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap. BSOD, then reboot.
No freeze but just reboot and lost all

Attached is the zip file

BIG thanks for your help

A:Computer is crashing when I switch user to other user

Hi again,
Im adding a new zip file as it just crashed 5mins ago _ minidump included.
Thanks for your help
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I have a computer in the breakroom at work, which is running Windows 8. We normally don't use W8, so I am new to it. Apparently an employee logged into the computer with their personal account, then left the company. The screen shows her account logged in, with a blank password box, and no option to switch user. A reboot of the machine comes back to the same screen.

I was able to get into the Advanced Boot Manager and go into Safe Mode, but the same user login screen comes up in Safe Mode also.

I just need to get this user logged out and get back to the main login screen so that anyone can login to the machine. This is a simple step in W7, just can't seem to get it done in W8.

A:Cannot Switch User or Logout User, no one else can login

Hello kc5hwb, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Do you have a back arrow in a circle button at the top left of the user's picture on the sign in screen?

Signing in to Windows 8
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Good evening from Graz,

i have quite a strange problem on my personal pc since the last few days. I cannot login to my useraccount(which has a transparent picture at the logon screen since a few days).
I have just one workarround: if i login with my adminaccount and logoff, the userpicture of my privateaccount appears again and the login is possible.

What could this problem be related to?

Nico Müller

A:Solved: Windows 7 User Account Problem(Transparent User Picture)

Good morning,

solved it. Disabled the admin account, and removed the pw of my useraccount.
Kind a strange problem indeed, but seems to be solved.

Thanks anyway,
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i try to do the 3gb switch thing for the first and after i did it and restarted my computer, i select the 3gb and it gave me this error "windows could not start because of computer disk hardware configuration problem.
could not read from the select boot dis. check boot path and disk hardware".

this is the steps i took:
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

i copied the last one and changed it. multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional 3GB"/3Gb /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

did i do something wrong.
os. windows xp sp2

A:[SOLVED] 3gb switch problem

You made the setting correctly. But the setting has some serious implications and is not compatible with all hardware configurations. I suspect that is the case here.

Do you understand the purpose of the setting?

Unfortunately this setting is poorly understood and many articles on the Internet have it wrong. It is often suggested as being necessary or desirable if you have 3 GB or more RAM. In fact, the setting isn't about RAM at all but how virtual address space is divided. If you don't understand what that means the setting probably is not for you.

The setting is really only useful when running a relatively small number of applications that have specifically indicated that they are compatible with this configuration. Other applications will receive no benefits.

The setting has some potentially serious negative implications and that is why it is not set by default. Some systems will not boot with this configuration while others may have a variety of problems.

Why are you making this change? If the purpose is legitimate there is a different setting that might make it work. But this should only be done if there is a real need for the setting. Otherwise the /3GB setting will impair system performance and should not be made.

If you cannot boot the system normally to revert the changes you can boot in Safe Mode. The setting has no effect in this mode.
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I have setup a new Brocade 2800 Switch. I cannot see it or ping it locally but if i use one of my remote servers on the WAN it sees it just fine. Seems like everything that comes in through the gateway has no problem seeing the switch but nothing locally (on this side of the gateway) can see the switch. I configured the switch with a TCP/IP address, subnet mask and our default gateway. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Need to no if I have this right they have a dsl modem going to a Linksys router to a port switch then to a little port switch sure so then Would it be modem to router then router to any port on the big switch or is there an uplink port hookup for modem, switch, question to router, Windows xp Solved: switch? on the big switch it should go to then you would hook a cat e from one of the regular ports on the port switch and run it to the uplink port on the port switch need to no if the whole sequence is right Hope someone can help john will told me the cable would go from the big switch to the uplink on the small switch but I am wondering if I have it all right or not and wonderiing about from the router to the port switch Solved: Windows xp hookup question for modem, router, switch, to switch? does the cable just go in a regular port in the big switch or if there is an uplink port does it go there Hope you can understand my rambleing here Thanks please don t send me to a link just need to Solved: Windows xp hookup question for modem, router, switch, to switch? no modem to router to Solved: Windows xp hookup question for modem, router, switch, to switch? regular port or uplink port on port switch then from regular port on port switch to uplink port on the port switch Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Windows xp hookup question for modem, router, switch, to switch?

Router to uplink port on 24 port switch, and then normal port on the 24 port switch to uplink port on the second 4 port switch. An auto-MDX port on a device negates the need to worry about uplink ports for that particular cable connection.
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In previous versions of Windows, and in Windows Server 2008 I can use the Tab key to switch the user in the logon prompt without using a mouse, but in Windows 7, the focus never cycles to Switch User.

How do I get the Tab key to focus on Switch User in Windows 7?

A:How do I Switch User at log on using Tab?

Hi dhermosillo,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

This is strange, i have tested on my machine and when tabbing it does focus the switch user

I will do some testing...

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Hi, I recently installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on my system. Everything runs great except one thing. I'm not able to switch users like I used to on my Vista system. The 'switch user' is greyed out. I have 3 user accounts on my system. On my earlier Vista system, if i were to put the system in standby mode and then re-open it again, it would show me a password field (since that account was password protected) and a 'Switch User' button below the password field. However no such thing shows in Win 7. Both the vista and win 7 were home premium editions. Any clue on how to enable this here? Any help would be much appreciated!!

A:Not able to 'switch user' in my Win 7

The accounts are probably corrupt and you may lose them. Go to control panel, users accounts and set up new account. If you can do this transfer everything from the corrupt account and then delete it. Make sure your new account is administrator.
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I recently updated some files under a different user name then the administrator, when I finished I was not able to open another user from the welcome menu. I tried to create another user to see if that would work with no success. In some reading I found out that when updating files you should log on as the administrator only, or else you can get in to trouble. My question is how do I reverse my wrong doings?

A:Win XP, Can't switch user

If you aren't the administrator, how is it possible to update files?

If it was possible (some how), to reverse your wrong doings, you'd have to log on as administrator!
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I'm hoping someone could tell me how to do something. I googled for the last 3 hours with little result. I'm thinking it may not be possible

Basically, i want to run a bat file when i switch users. My computer locks itself and turns out the lights in the home office after 1 hour idle (x10 + bat file).
When i login in the morning, it turns on the lights. However, coming back from a locked computer during the day the bat file doesnt run, since i've already logged in. I cant seem to find a way to run a bat file during the return from locked/switch user state. Any help? Point in the right direction is all i need.

A:Switch User help

Can't think if anything off hand. Something needs to trigger it and of course you can set thing to run when you login by putting it in your startup folder. I don't know of any way to do it from coming out of hibernation or locked terminal.
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ok, this is pretty irrelevant but....I'd like to know how to add a switch user desktop shortcut in Wind10 (32bit).

Tsdiscon doesn't work in this version of 10 there an alternative?

maybe I'm not doing something really obvious but *shrug* I don't know.


A:switch user

By "switch user desktop" do you mean switch to a new PC user or swap to a secondary, third, or fourth desktop on the same user account?
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Not major problem but annoying.If I'm using the computer and my wife needs access to her account,we have to log my account off then open her's. If we try just to switch user the computer seems to hang, the cursor still moves but nothing happens.
Any advice.

A:Switch User

Sometimes clearing the security log can fix this problem. Log into your computer as an administrator. Go Start > Control Panel. Double-click Administrative Tools, and then Computer Management. Beside Event Viewer, click the + (plus sign) to expand the list, and then click Security. From the Action menu, select Clear all Events, and then click No to clear the log.
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My computer shows the blue screen when I do the following:

First I Log on on my account

Then I switch user and go in annother account when my other account is still running.

But when i log off the second account It gives the blue screen when windows shows "logging off" or whatever it says;

Can anybody help me?


A:Switch User

I see nobody has replied to you yet, but be patient, someone will soon help.

In the mean time it may help you, if your post your problem in a little more detail, i'm not sure I understand it.

I'm not an expert so I can't offer help, but if you do that you may receive it faster!
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If i switch user instead of lock it brings me to a screen with one of the lock screen wallpapers. how do ichange that wallpaper?

A:Switch User

Hello Joe,

If you mean the screen below, then the tutorial below can help show you how to change the default lock screen background image.

Lock Screen Default Background Image - Change in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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Hi, I recently installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on my system. Everything runs great except one thing. I'm not able to switch users like I used to on my Vista system. The 'switch user' is greyed out. I have 3 user accounts on my system. On my earlier Vista system, if i were to put the system in standby mode and then re-open it again, it would show me a password field (since that account was password protected) and a 'Switch User' button below the password field. However no such thing shows in Win 7. Both the vista and win 7 were home premium editions. Any clue on how to enable this here? Any help would be much appreciated!!
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Hey guys,
I got alittle problem
my windows xp won't swtich accounts anymore but it'll log out perfectly
It may have been something i did... because last week i disabled a few services (

It may also be some virus or spyware because before this happened, sometimes when i would switch user on xp it would tell me i need a password to get onto any of my accounts but none of them have passwords usually (I would have to restart my pc)

Anyways I hope I gave enough info
thanks for your time

A:XP Won't Switch User

I figured out the problem.... I turned off the program to let multiple users on a pc sorry if i wasted anyones time...
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Well i can't switch user it just cancels and doesn't do anything. I go to control panel and Fast User Switching is off, but i try to trun it on... i press Apply Option and i go back to it and its off again. I was tweaking the computer earlier and i think i by accidently messed up the the registry or turned off a service.

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Switch user isn't working for me, every time I try, nothing happens. Log off is working fine. I don't know if this relates, recently I was using a program to clean the registry, and it may have deleted something it was not supposed to.

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How do I establish another log in so my wife and I can have independent accounts on one computer? I see where I can change users but am not sure how to make that other account.

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Well i can't switch user it just cancels and goes back to desktop. I go to control panel and Fast User Switching is off, but i try to turn it on... i press Apply Option and i go back to it and its off again. In services its set at Automatic, but not turned on. I try to start it, but it says "Could not start the Fast User Switching Compatibility service on Local Computer. Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start." AllowMultipleTSSessions is already enabled in regedit. This problem started right after i formatted the computer

A:Can't switch user

Check in services.msc that Terminal Services is running and set to Automatic. If it isn't make the changes, and then try starting Fast User Switching :-)
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When I try to switch users I get the screen that says loading you personel settings but it hangs and does not load anthing. The only cure so far is to reboot and then I can choose a user with no problem. When someone else wants to get on thier account they have the same problem and have to reboot. Any ideas?

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Hi for some uknown reason xp wont let me switch users any more ive got to restart it then go to that user,anyone know what the problem could be.thanks.

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Well i can't switch user it just cancels and doesn't do anything. I go to control panel and Fast User Switching is off, but i try to turn it on... i press Apply Option and i go back to it and its off again. In services its set at Automatic, but not turned on. I try to start it, but it says "Could not start the Fast User Switching Compatibility service on Local Computer. Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start.". AllowMultipleTSSessions is already enabled in regedit. I tried this link and still doesn't work

A:Can't switch user


Go to your Control Panel and then select User Accounts. Choose 'Change the way users log on or off' and ensure that 'Use Fast User Switching' is enabled in there. If it's grayed out, put a tick in 'Use Welcome Screen' first.

Hope that helps :-)
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I cant switch users. When i click on swith user the screen just blinks and goes back to desktop.

plz help!
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Please delete

A:Can't switch user! Help!

Hello Gabriel,

It looks like "Switch User" was disabled. See if using step 3 in METHOD TWO of the tutorial below may be able to enable it again for you. It's the same in Windows 8.

Fast User Switching - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,
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For about a couple of weeks now I cannot seem to be able to switch to either my Guest user account or any other account for that matter (I had added my roommate as another user for the past year and things were running smoothly). I subsequently deleted his account after this problem started but STILL cannot switch into the GUEST account.

The switch user page loads, but immediately after clicking on the GUEST icon, the screen attempts to switch by changing BUT a few seconds into the mode reads "logging off" and then immediately reverts back to the icon screen with no progress.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. This is kinda frustrating, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Not able to 'Switch User' in my Win 7

Try to disable the Guest account and re-enable it.

It might help or your Guest account has corrupted somehow.
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In 'log off" screen when given the option to 'switch users' or 'log off' --when elect 'switch users' nothing happens and desktop remains unchanged. Have to reboot computer to change to another user. No recent software or hardware installation . Pure frustration!

A:[SOLVED] Windows XP 'Switch Users' Problem

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Hi everyone, I searched through the forums but couldn't really find what I was looking for.

Currently we have a DHCP server set up to a switch, that has a special line connecting to a switch in our shop which is just across our back lot, giving network access to the few computers over there. They recently put in a new machine that needs network access, but they have already accidentally cut two ethernet cords. I'm looking to provide a wireless solution for the machine, but I don't want to have to spend a few thousand dollars on a large wireless switch.

Can I plug a wireless router into the switch in our shop, and essentially turn it into a wireless bridge, or is there another, simpler way to do this?

If this has already been answered, sorry for missing it!


A:Solved: DHCP Server -> Switch -> Switch -> Wireless

While you could use a router, or even configure the router to act as an access point, why not just buy a true access point? They start at $27:
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One question I need to know

If you go from DSL modem to Router then Router to switch
my question is then
If I wanted to hook another mini linksys switch into the bigger switch would you run the cat5e cable from the first switch to a reg port in the second switch or would you run it to the uplink port and then hook the 1 or 2 computers into the reg ports of the second switch.??

A:Solved: Windows xp-question of hookup switch to switch?

Obviously, run it to the uplink port if available.
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hi all

guys i have a serious proplem now i cant find my switch user tab in logoff at start menu only logoff and cancel and if i want to switch to the other user i have to logg off the 1st one i need a way to return that tab back
am using XP professional SP3

thanks in advance..

A:cant find ''switch user '' TAB in log off
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I m having an intermittent problem with switch user in XP Home Edition I realize user' 'switch XP hangs after that I could try System Restore but then I would have to re-install all the microsoft updates I downloaded over the last week and I don t want to have to do that yet What happens sometimes is that switch user causes the system to hang with a blank blue screen and XP hangs after 'switch user' the hourglass Usually the power off switch set to the shutdown option will work but it always comes up with a Logon window with they entry fields for user pw greyed out and not accepting input Power off shutdown switch then usually shuts down the PC but not always - I have twice had to unplug the tower I have been looking for infor on this my post to the microsoft newsgroup has not had any replies I also sometime get the window quot Logon UI has encountered a problem and needs to close quot when I logon Has anyone here had this problem and found a solution for it One more thing I found something called the quot Longhorm Transformation Pack quot that I am considering trying but I don t know if this is a good idea I can always get rid of it with System Restore Anyone know anything about that Thanks Jeff nbsp
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Ok this is kinda weird. Everyonce in a while I am not able to use Switch User It does nothing when I hit Log Off and the Switch User. It just goes back like I did nothing at all. Same with using the shorcut win+L

Sorry I am using winXP pro

I have checked under users and made sure that allow fast switching is on. Is there another place that you can change this (registry or something)?

I usually have to do a system restore to an earlier date but this is not only a pain it changes everything back as well.

Any suggestions??? I am lost.

thanks Zeke_cl

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A Dell desktop running Xp SP3. When using the switch user function, the second acount logged in immediately displays Application Errors for all running programs at startup. If the first acount user selects log off back to the welcome screen and a second user logs in this does not occur. Passwords have been removed, User Profile Hive Cleanup has been run, and re-creation of accounts has not resolved this issue. Any other suggestions. Thanks.

A:Switch User error

What applications cause this?
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I leave my PC on all the time and I was wondering which function to use to prevent unarthorized use while I was away.

My main concern is to still have Outlook 2010 send/receive email while the PC is secured.

Can I still send email automatically (appointments) in Outlook 2010 when I click on Lock or Switch User?

Not much information on this subject and not sure if this is the right category.

Any help is appreciated so I don tmiss any Doctors appointments.


A:Switch User / Lock

Quote: Originally Posted by ButchZ

I leave my PC on all the time and I was wondering which function to use to prevent unarthorized use while I was away.

My main concern is to still have Outlook 2010 send/receive email while the PC is secured.

Can I still send email automatically (appointments) in Outlook 2010 when I click on Lock or Switch User?

Not much information on this subject and not sure if this is the right category.

Any help is appreciated so I don tmiss any Doctors appointments.


You can lock the computer and still receive emails. You cant put it to sleep and get them. You cant send new ones (not yet composed) without unlocking.
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I would like to know how to create a hotkey that allows me to automatically switch to the Guest account without having to click switch user in the start menu and then click the guest account.

Once I am logged into the guest account I would like to use the same hotkey to switch back to the administrator account which has a password.


Current screen: administrator (has password)
Press hotkey
New screen: guest account desktop

Current screen: guest account desktop
Press hotkey
New screen: screen with prompt for administrator password

Also can somebody tell me where I can edit the user rights, settings, etc for the guest account?

A:Switch user account

I don't know about the hotkeys, but for the user rights and stuff try lusrmgr.msc and gpedit.msc.
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my daughter set herself up in my system as a limited user, but somehow I cannot switch to administrator access. Administrator isn't even an option when I try to switch users, and because the only user listed is a limited user I cannot access system restore to undo the changes. How do I restore my system so I can access system restore or find how to get to the administrator icon

A:can't undo user switch

Were you logging in as the user named Administrator?
Is this XP Pro or Home?

If it is XP Pro you shouldn't be logging on as the user named Administrator. You should have created yourself a separate account with Administrative Privileges.

If you are running XP Pro, log out of her account to get back to the Welcome Screen. At the Welcome Screen hold down the Ctrl + Alt keys and tap the Delete key twice. This will get you to the classic login. From there you can type in the username and password for the User named Administrator. From there create yourself another account with administrative Privileges if you want.
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Current configuration i User Issues Switch fast user Switch User Issues switching enabled ii welcome screen enabled ie NOT the classic logon I get this problem sometimes when switching users I logon onto an account with a username lets call it account A I switch user using the welcome screen onto account B which Switch User Issues does not have a password After a certain period of time random actually when I try to switch users from account B to A instead of showing me the welcome screen and all the available accounts It shows me the classic windows logon prompt box with Username Account B Password So I had no choice but to type an empty password to return to account B Then I tried switching users using the Windows Task Manager As soon as I'm done typing my Username Account A and password Account A's password the screen freezes does not respond at all giving me a blank blue page The only way I can do is to just reboot the computer and it returns to normal PS Using Win XP SP btw Are there any ways to fix this bug I tried searching on it but couldn't find any similar bugs solutions

A:Switch User Issues

I'm clueless but sympathetic. Only posted to say that I think you should install SP3. Might not do a thing for your switch user problems, but it's a good update with significant security improvements. SP3 systems seem to be much more stable and malware free than lower service pack levels.

Might fix your problem too.
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Hello guys So here is the problem I have around users on my computer On switch user screen I can only see administrator and the one I am using The others were there yesterday but today they are gone When I go to c then users every file of other users are there like user user and everything about them are still inside the files So no problem there When I go usergroups and click Configure advanced user properties I can see all of the users but near my other accounts it says Account Unknown And near Admiinistrator and my own user it says My Path username I am the admin and I also have access to administrator account which is the admin account that I have enabled from local users How can I switch the other users that are gone from switch user screen I think computer? the I is that can't on switch user my available to the problem is it says they are account unknown I've been looking for hours but can't fix it Any help Here is how it shows on the screen And on switch user I can only see the ones that are in the bottom of them

A:I can't switch to the user that is available on my computer?

Perhaps a system restore?
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Hi i am new here.
So i make my acc there because i have a problem with admin/standard,
i made my local user to standard and one other to administrator and this user amdin i cant see in the switcher users what can.
I Trued:Cmd/net users administrator /active:yes(acces denied error 5)

Please help.

A:Cant See adminstrator in switch user

I Trued:Cmd/net users administrator /active:yes(acces denied error 5)

Can't run this as standard user.

You have the same problem which I've just helped in this week:
Removed my Only User Account from Administrators Group
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I run Windows 7 Home Premium 64, and my switch user option has disappeared and have followed previous threads and advice, unfortunately nothing is working......

A:Switch User Option

How many user accounts are on the pc ?
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I remember that in XP this used to be done in less than half a minute (if not less), now, doing so with Vista is an ordeal and something I am not really looking forward to. Hell, I am even starting to resent my wife when she does it

If you look at my signature, I have a good PC with 8GBs of Ram to boot so I doubt my problem is memory.

I am having a similar situation waking the PC up from sleep... any tips from the Gurus? I went to Vista Tutorials but didn't find anything remotely close to my issue.

A:Switch User... From here to Eternity.

Does having no replies means that we all have to endure this or that there are better questions placed on the forum?
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I'm having a bit of problem with my home computer. As of a few days ago i have been getting the "there was an error loading your profile, you have been assigned a temporary profile" error and was just going to make a new user account and transfer files to that one. However when i try to switch to the user account my computer goes almost into a short sleep mode; instead of switching over the screen flickers and, upon coming back on, reloads the same temp profile. I have some experience with computers but have never come accross this before. Any ideas?


A:Can't switch user accounts

Hello Blancasadam, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might see if you may be able to fix this error message using the tutorial below.

User Profile Error - Logged on with a Temporary Profile

Hope this helps,
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I am having trouble switching user accounts in Windows XP pro. It started a few weeks ago and now it is happening much more frequently (several times today). I have to reboot to continue. Any solutions?

A:Can't switch user accounts in XP

try this simple shortcut to switch user accounts winkey+L
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Hi all, I'm new here, and was hoping someone may be able to help...

when I go to
start>log off>switch user
start>turn off computer>turn off (or restart)

the window then disappears, and NOTHING's not just hanging...I could leave it indefinitely with no action.

I can't get task manager using ctrl alt delete either...the only solution is to shut down with the power button. I'm just waiting for the day when my wife has a word document unsaved on her profile, and can't get back to save it.

I should mention that this problem only occurs when the PC has been running for awhile. After a reboot, everything works fine.


Dell 8200
2.0G P4
512 RAM
totally clean...Kaspersky, AdawarePro, Spybot...all up to date...Hijack this scans clean etc
Any suggestions? thanks in advance!!

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With the user accounts on my computer if someone leaves there's on adn the screen goes to screensaver, or then long enough to hibernate, when we go back on it goes to the user account who last left it on. Just want to know if theres a way to set it so say if I left my user aco**** on and then it went to screensave that when I moved the mouse it would go to the switch user screen. So my account can still be logged on about it will show the user aco****s screen when I move the mouse/wake up computer.

A:How to set to automatically switch user??

Not possible sorry.
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The switch user button is not displayed in windows 7 starter on my netbook. I just bought it last week and it worked for 3-4 days and now it is gone. I have 2 admin accounts on it and one guest account. Any help would be appreciated.

A:switch user not displayed

Hi Pankaj,

Give this tutorial a try, and let me know how it works for you: Fast User Switching - Vista Forums


Windows Outreach Team
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i am running windows xp prof.and i am on my sons account because it wont
let me sign into mine.i try to switch user but when i click on log off,it only lets me log off.i cant switch user for some reason.when i click on log off,it logs me off.but then i cant see the user accounts place.its only a little box with my sons account,and a ok all i can do is click ok.any1 know why?i just started today for sum reason.

p.s. my sons account is a limited so i cant create a new user or sumthin.
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I can't switch from Standard user to Administrator user. I've almost tried everything I could possibly do.

A:Can't switch user accounts.

Hello Azingy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You should be able to log in to your "Tony2" account, and change the "Tony" account to be an administrator account.

User Account Type - Change

Hope this helps,
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A while ago I had a problem where I lost the facility to switch users. I was able, via a google search to restore the actual buttons (I forget now what actually caused the problem but it was a 'known problem' apparently)

The problem now is that although the functionality appears to be there, clicking on the switching user buttons has no effect. ie if two people are logged into my machine, when I click on 'switch user' nothing happens. What is more - and is causing real problems - I am not able to power down the machine at all. All I get is a 'programme not responding' message. I am forced to turn the machine off via the power switch which is obviously not ideal.

Any help would be appreciated. I am using XP (SP2)

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64, afetr a recent update I have lost my 'switch user' option on the start button completely, I have two other users on the computer, I have deleted these accounts and then set them up again, still no joy.

I have just created a 'switch user' shortcut for my desktop thinking that would solve the problem, when I use it the computer goes to the users log on screen, I can see my account still logged in, but when I select one of the other accounts I get the following error:

'The number of connections to this computer is limited and all are in use'

There is only the administrators account open..

Any ideas?

A:Switch User dissappeared!!

Quote: Originally Posted by orbitpluto

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64, afetr a recent update I have lost my 'switch user' option on the start button completely, I have two other users on the computer, I have deleted these accounts and then set them up again, still no joy.

I have just created a 'switch user' shortcut for my desktop thinking that would solve the problem, when I use it the computer goes to the users log on screen, I can see my account still logged in, but when I select one of the other accounts I get the following error:

'The number of connections to this computer is limited and all are in use'

There is only the administrators account open..

Any ideas?

Please follow this tutorial :
excerpt .......
This will show you how to add or remove the Switch User option in the Windows 7 CTRL+ALT+DELETE screen, Lock Computer screen, and Start Menu arrow menu for all users on the computer
Ctrl+Alt+Del and Start Menu - Add or Remove Switch User
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i am an IT support engineer and I use a windows vista in a domain network and i am not always on my desk. whenever i am not around i lock my computer but others tend to log in to the system using switch user, i want to prevent this.

A:disabling switch user

Hi Gogeous,

This tutorial will show you how to remove Switch User so that they cannot use it.

Hope this helps,
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Gentlemen I came across new challenge with windows switch user option In my organization switch user is enabled to allow multiple user logins with domain Ids People 7 Switch - User Windows in my Switch User - Windows 7 organization doesn't have fixed seats allocated so they keep moving themselves on free Switch User - Windows 7 machines and logins Now problem is in single machine more than two people work using switch user amp which makes system slowness when multiple users are logged in by switching the user account nbsp What my management is expecting me to configure either GPO or any script to restrict switch user option will be limited to only two users per machine for example if two people are already logged in in a particular machine it should not allow the third person to login I searched on Google gone through some MS forums but didn't helped me Is this possible either through group policy or through any VB powershell script It will help me lot Already wasted days by searching on web please help me out nbsp Anil Suthar
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Hi Guys---This is an intermittant problem. On occasion and all too frequently I am unable to either switch user or log off user or shutdown. I have been using the reset button to restart. Any thoughts on what causes this and can it be fixed?
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For a number of reasons I prefer to keep my local account (no password) and my windows account separate and I find it annoying that I have to enter the password every time I want to switch back to the windows account.
Is there any way to maintain the password for login but bypass it for switching?

A:User switch without password

Hello Hairy Scot,

You could set Windows 8 to sign in to an account automatically at startup, but I'm afraid not for switching users unless the account does not have a password.
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Hi All

I am pretty new to this, but I am experiencing a most annoying problem.

I switch users so that my partner can use the PC. When she tries to log off or switch back to my screen the PC screen goes black and I can get no response. Ctrl, Alt,Del does nothing - I then have to switch off at mains!!

Can anyone help?

(or should I ban my missus from using the PC?)



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hi XP Win How in switch to user Ayumi: guys i have a problem which Ayumi: How to switch user in Win XP is unable to switch user without closing any programs As we know windows xp have a switch user feature which allows logon methods - -The Welcome Screen Displays pictures of users -The Classic Logon Prompt Displays the active user requires password Below is a screenshot I want to change the classic logon prompt to welcome screen everytime i want to change user it moves me to this CLASSIC and tells me that i need to UNLOCK the computer And the only person can unlock is the admin or the person who just used it And when i put in the admin active user password it leaves a message - Are you sure you want to log off All data will not be saved This means all programs will be closed and no data is saved MSWord close And after i click it it is like logging off from the active user the switching user is JUST THE SAME as log off user permanently - I WANT the programs to be open even though i change user Sigh please help I know pros here can help me PS Im very frusrated since the pros solution unable to help me much for my speakers nbsp

A:Ayumi: How to switch user in Win XP

sorry if i said bump too long because it requires me to make 10 words inside this post
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I recently had a virus and was able to eliminate it. It was a hijacker that kept changing my connection to a proxy. Since then (I dont recall this problem prior to the virus), whenever the switch user function is used, the first user is automatically logged off by Windows. My screens will be loading and I will hear the log off sound. When I check Task Manager, it only shows myself logged on. Sometimes this happens right at the initial log-on while other times it may take a few minutes. I searched the net and couldn't find anything regarding this issue. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance...

A:Switch user logs off others

Hi you may still be infected - click the Red report button and ask for this post to be moved to the Malware and Hjt log forum.

They are always busy - and it will take some time.
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Hi First time poster here Here's my problem I recently had a computer custom built for me The system will occasionally probably about once per day shut down when I click Start Log Off and Switch User I've obviously tried working this out with the guy who built it but so far nothing has helped We've even tried reinstalling the operating system several times but it still happens The most recent installation was with the CD for the operating system that I used Switch down upon Shutting User on my old computer -- in other words a version of the OS that I've used before without a problem and it still happens What's strange is that with the version of the OS that was originally installed with this Shutting down upon Switch User new machine the screen would turn black and there would be nothing but a white cursor flashing Since the latest OS reinstallation what happens instead is that I'll get something on my screen which I've since been told is known as the quot blue screen of death quot Either way I obviously have to restart the computer by pressing the quot reset quot button on the actual machine Also often but not always when I do get back to my desktop I'll get the quot Windows has recovered from a serious error quot message Has anyone here experienced this before and have some idea of what the cause is Please keep in mind that I am unfortunately NOT very tech savvy so the only kind of answer that would mean anything to me would have to be in fairly simple English Lastly since I'm sure you'll need this information to have any chance of figuring out the answer Operating System XP Pro Service Pack Motherboard MSI NVIDIA GeForce nForce i Micro ATX Intel Motherboard Processor Intel Core Duo E Wolfdale GHz LGA W Dual-Core Processor RAM G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory If there's any more information I would need to provide please just let me know This is really driving my crazy so any help here would obviously be greatly appreciated
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My computer has stopped letting me switch users I can't go from one account to another unless I log off the previous account It seems that when the first account is still open and you try to switch to another account the computer is trying to log back in to the first account I know this because my husband has an FX Trade practice account running practically and when I try to log in to my account it wont let me in But for each attempt I make my husbands desk top wall paper flashes up I have tried going into the Controll Pannel under User Accounts and then to 'Change the Way Users Logon or off' and quot Use Fast User Switching' is ticked I don't know what else to do My husband has to have that program running in order User SP3 switch Problems XP to learn XP SP3 switch User Problems how to use the trade platform but at this point no one else will be able to use the computer Pastor Althea Molette http www ourchurch com member u u th-daychurch
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I get the screen 20 to 30 min of idle I have all the settings set to never or 1 to 2 hours sleep, hibernation, hard drive etc. it's not password protected
all I have to do is click on user name & it OK. As long as I am using it I do not get the screen. This is my desktop with win7 pro 32 bit
Thanks Jerry

A:Switch user screen

Hello Bongo.

Have a look at, right click desktop, personalize, "bottom right" screen saver, is this box checked; not sure if this is it or not but worth a look; be sure to post back to keep us informed.
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Greetings friends,
This is my problem. I suddenly discovered that I could no longer switch user, the firewalls was disactivated and I had problem connecting to the internet. A message came up saying netware services have disactivated the welcome screen. I disactivated the netware services and another message came up saying an unknown programme has disactived the welcome screen. use vrlogon.dll to get hint to the programme. Can anyone help?
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Hello All
Is it possible to get rid of the 'Swicth User' option when logging off from only a selection of account users?, the reason i want to do this is that i have four users on the one computer, which is running Windows XP, and one of the account users needs the 'Switch User' facility to allow various programs to run constantly.

Or, is it possible to have a Warning message display before being able to log-off, or when choosing to log-off.
Any help or ideas would be grateful


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I have searched the forum and found a few 'solutions' but none have worked. the problem i am having is that first of all there is no switch user listed in the start menu.

when i use the ctrl+alt+del option and use switch user it logs off whatever other user is logged on but before doing so it warns "another user is currently logged on to this computer. if you continue this user's windows session will end and any un-saved data will be lost. do you want to continue?"

i have used the gpedit.msc to try to fix this via the 'hide entry points for fast user switching' but that does not work. has anyone else figured out a fix for this microslop os issue and if so can you post a link?

A:Switch user - logs off!

Why are you doing it through the task manager? In the start menu, click the little arrow next to the shut down button and then click switch user.

"another user is currently logged on to this computer. if you continue this user's windows session will end and any un-saved data will be lost. do you want to continue?"

Yup, it's telling you that it's going to kick you off

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I have searched the forum and found a few 'solutions' but none have worked. the problem i am having is that first of all there is no switch user listed in the start menu.

when i use the ctrl+alt+del option and use switch user it logs off whatever other user is logged on but before doing so it warns "another user is currently logged on to this computer. if you continue this user's windows session will end and any un-saved data will be lost. do you want to continue?"

i have used the gpedit.msc to try to fix this via the 'hide entry points for fast user switching' but that does not work. has anyone else figured out a fix for this microslop os issue and if so can you post a link?
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I work in a large organisation where we have many domain user accounts... (duh)

I was in the process of setting up a PC using the local admin account, when I logged out and tried to log into the new users account.

Instead of 'Switch user' being underneath the account name I had 'Cancel'

I've done numerous Google searches and I have come across nothing like this.

I'm not currently situated at the machine so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
It is a vista enterprise SP1 machine

A:No Switch user option

Hello. sounds as if it is corrupted, Try setting up another one. If that fails . try the Hidden Admin account : Administrator Account Also, something to keep in mind. Vista OS's are using SP2 , that computer needs updating .