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Interesting problem with Windows user security

Q: Interesting problem with Windows user security

This is problem Windows security with user Interesting sort of a weird problem that I imagine someone has encountered before My wife s computer at work might have been damaged in a flood water heater broke But the PC was off Interesting problem with Windows user security and the hard drive in the PC tower never got wet So I popped the hard drive out and brought it home I installed this hard drive as a slave in my home PC and XP recognized it immediately My plan was to backup all the data put the drive back in to her work PC and try turning it on That way if a short causes everything to crash and burn I still have her data on my home PC I am afraid to turn the work PC on until I have backed up the data Now on to the problem At my wife s work she had numerous users on it so the important documents were stored under the password protected quot My Documents quot folder for the owner of that PC This folder is obviously actually under the quot Documents and Settings Owner quot directory under root When I try to view the contents of this directory from my PC I keep getting the message quot Access denied quot I can t seem to figure out how to override the security from her original computer Do I need to modify the registry settings on her drive to remove any security on that directory Thanks for any help Some additional details - My PC has installed my wife s drive as F - I tried creating the same name account with owner privileges on my PC so for example if the owner on the original flooded PC was named quot Stacy quot I created a quot Stacy quot account with owner privileges on my PC but this didn t seem to help - I tried setting up my wife s drive as the primary and removed my original drive After setting it up in the BIOS I still couldn t get my PC to boot even in safe mode nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Interesting problem with Windows user security

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I've a problem with my optical drive. After finalizing the disk during burning when it is again inserted it is just throwing out the disk without reading the contents in it. But it is reading the disks which were previously written using the same optical drive.Those disks which are thrown out when inserted into another optical drive of another system it is reading them.
I'm not able to find solution for this. Someone please help me out.

A:Interesting problem with optical drive in windows 7

Please fill out your System Specs under User CP on the forums.

One other thing is your optical drive IDE or Sata ?
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I have had this harddrive for about months now Here is the Newegg link http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E When I got the drive I made it my primary because my old one is IDE I put a fresh copy of Windows HD on Windows Install Recurring Problem Interesting with XP on it and was good to go everything was fine About a month and a half ago it started having a weird locking up problem Programs would take a long time to load and would lock up every few seconds I restarted the computer thinking it would fix it and then I couldn t get back into Windows It would get to the loading screen with the green bars going across and would keep doing that for what seemed like forever I had thought the harddrive crapped out or something so I booted into Windows on my alternate drive and was still able to access the main drive perfectly Nothing was corrupt and I was able to move all the files I wanted to the alternate drive On this previous problem I had attempted to boot into safe mode and tried everything I could to get into Windows It would let me in in Safe Mode but it was so unbearably slow that I just said screw it and reformated the drive and fresh installed a new XP After that the drive had some quirks on the first reformat so I did it Interesting Recurring Problem with Windows Install on HD again and all was well The drive was working perfectly with no lock ups freezes or slow windows loading Well like I said that was a month and a half ago Yesterday the same problem came back I didn t immediately recognize the problem and thought I needed to restart Same problem with Windows sticking at load and just going through the loop over and over So I boot up the alternate and of course it works fine I can access everything So this time I am attempting to fix the problem instead of just reformatting over it because it is just going to come back I ran a full chkdsk which took about hours last night When it completed I attempted to boot into Windows I figured I would load it up and leave it to see what happens because I never really let it load longer than about minutes before I went to watch TV for about minutes and when I got back it was in Windows Now I have these issues where I have to start Firefox times before it works like normal When I initiate it I have to kill it in task manager then start it again then kill it again then start it again and it works fine When I open Firefox the first time it acts like it locks up the system I can t open anything however Windows explorer works fine I can open the start menu get to the quick launch task bar and open things on the side bar however if I attempt to open anything it takes about seconds until it reacts and something opens This only happens when I open Firefox for the first time When I open Task Manager and look at the system resources it isn t taking up an unusual amount My CPU isn t spiked anywhere and my RAM usage is fine It is the strangest thing My initial thought was it was the harddrive unless it has a very specific problem with a certain area of the Windows I don t know how it could be at this point I did a full defrag which ended in fragments in the page file but really nothing else It could be the RAM but that doesn t explain Windows running perfectly fine off the alternate drive I ve done a full Malware Bytes scan on both drives and it came back completely clean This problem has me completely stumped I would love to say it is hardware because that is an easy fix but all of the testing I have done says it s not unless there is a problem I don t know about None of it makes sense and I greatly appreciate any effort at attempting to read through this and figuring out a solution nbsp

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at about 15 computers I performed monthly patch update + UAC set to the default (was off) + installed Foolish Premium.

Unfortunately for me, the two stations have become the following previously unseen problems:

1) often spontaneously switches numlock (I solved by Numlocker utility)

2) Turn off and turn on the computer 2x happened to me that Windows starts up "Troubleshooting startup and automatic system recovery",
dialogue can be canceled and shut down the system completely and normally booting.

3) sometime lose network shortcuts on desktop (I turned off Automatic troubleshooter for "maintenance" shortcut)

The logs do not contain anything interesting ... No virus by AVG and other online virus scanners (Eset ...)

Anybody got a tip what could it cause? I note that the same configuration on more than 15 additional machines were completed without problems.

Thanks for the tips ...
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Hi peoples
For security purposes is it safer to use the on screen keyboard in windows when logging into sites using your password etc.
For instance do keyloggers pickup this or is it hidden.
Just a curious question?

A:Interesting security question

It would help if you have a hardware keylogger but I don't think it would help if you had a much more common software keylogger.
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http camtech net Pages SpySites Program html This program I read about it and used it puts some Security Tool Interesting quot dangerous quot sites like IE SPYAD at Internet Explorer s Restricted Zone and it has some features for better handling them quot SpySites Help SpySites includes a database Interesting Security Tool of over known Spy Sleaze sites and guides you through the simple process of including them in Internet Explorer s Restricted Zone to prevent them from performing intrusive acts on your PC The Restricted Sites zone in Internet Explorer contains a list of sites that must follow very strict rules By setting the policies for the Restricted sites zone to a very high level of security you can be assured that any web sites added to the Restricted sites zone cannot do certain things which could compromise your privacy and security such as installing and or running ActiveX controls Java applets JavaScript Cookies Download and installation of Desktop items Use of email address as anonymous FTP password Hijacking your Home page and or Search page Installing their quot Sleazeware quot without your knowledge By adding sites to the Restricted sites zone you will prevent them from intruding on your Interesting Security Tool privacy and possibly taking over your PC Those annoying popups may still appear but their ability to set Cookies or perform other Interesting Security Tool actions on your Computer will be blocked SpySites does not block popups only their ability to act I consider this database to be just the tip of the iceberg and will be constantly updating the file as I find new sites If you d like to help and report a site to add click here I will add it at the next update and include your name in the credits if you choose so as I have with this release Worst Offender s List These sites in my opinion are the worst of the sites in the database They all perform some or all of these actions and I would stay away from them completely ActiveX controls Java applets JavaScript Cookies Download and installation of Desktop items Use of email address as anonymous FTP password Hijacking your Home page and or Search page Installing their quot Sleazeware quot without your knowledge Clicking the quot Add All to Restricted quot will add all of them at once to the Restricted Zone saving you adding one at a time quot nbsp

A:Interesting Security Tool

Looks nice.

This, in combination with a Hosts file should go a long way towards making surfing the web a more pleasurable, and safer, experience.
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Hi everyone,

I found an interesting test of security products at the following link, just scroll down about 1/4 of the page for a chart that compares products...

The link above has some other interesting articles & info.

Here is a link to a more in depth article & information related to the test results...


A:Interesting test of top security products

without getting into a big discussion or argument here, his test methods are fatally flawed & consequently his results

You cannot use a VM to test the effectiveness of antiviruses

Many of his conclusions are seriously in error
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I have problem with a user on a network of computers. He manages to avoid some of the equipment FortiGate settings and certain restrictions. Since it uses different methods, although the user has only user rights, I would like to implement a secondary measure blocking the user with some restrictions I have a FortiGate machine which provides internet within the network computers and I want to introduce a system (Windows / Linux with some software restriction) between the firewall and the user by restricting certain things (Facebookm yahoo, cloud) restrictions for this user. Any suggestion is welcome....

A:Security problem with user

MIght be off topic.  If your network is in a business environment, and the user is surfing the net while he should be working, the powers that be in the organization may want to implement the ultimate filter and terminate his employment.
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Krypto-Trojaner TeslaCrypt A erschwert Desinfektion des Rechners verschl sselt weitere Formate TeslaCrypt is one 4.1A German article Heise Security interesting TeslaCrypt Magazine by - of the most successful TeslaCrypt 4.1A - interesting article by German Heise Security Magazine crypto Trojans And the developers are not tired to add new features to make life difficult for the victims Version A encrypts even more formats more and makes it more difficult to disinfect the computer The TeslaCrypt 4.1A - interesting article by German Heise Security Magazine developers of blackmail Trojan TeslaCrypt aren t tired yet of further optimizing their pest Current version A has some new nasty tricks on hand According to an analysis of the security company Endgame the new version now encrypts among others Bitcoin wallets and Scores It also has an eye for files ending in bak being used by various programs for backups Also TeslaCrypt does not like being observed Analysis tools such as Process Explorer from SysInternals or the Task Manager are being shut down by the malware TeslaCrypt hunts down specific file extensions that might be of value for the user but spares out system files The recently added extensions denominated bak bsa litesql tiff and wallet The ending bak is used by various programs for backups bsa is a file format by the Video Game Developer Bethesda Fallout The Elder Scrolls and more In litesql files to TeslaCrypt probably hopes that it concerns databases tiff is a common graphic format Furthermore it hunts for wallet files the blackmailer This ending is used for example by the widespread Bitcoin Wallet multi HD br br In addition the ransomware developers incorporated measures that the analysis of the infected computer becomes more difficult The pest kills among others the Task Manager A user noticing unusual disk activity and wish to discover what process is responsible for it might be left out in the cold Even the Process Explorer from SysInternals was shut down by the trojan Disinfection of the infected computer is also difficult because TeslaCrypt also prevents the execution of the Registry Editor the command prompt and the configuration tool msconfig With lastmentioned you can quickly find out whether there are suspicious processes running at startup The crypto Trojan moreover tries to hinder debugging br br According to the analysis TeslaCrypt still is largely spread by mails with attachments The annex contains a zip archive that contains a JavaScript file It involves the Downloader Nemucod which recharges the actual threat and performs br br Users can quite easily protect themselves by the Windows Script Host being disabled which is responsible for running scripts As described in c t on page you put in an registry entry br HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Software Microsoft Windows Script Host Settings br a string called quot Enabled quot and sets its value to quot quot br br If this results in complications because a programme does not run without an Host set the value to quot quot to activate the system component again It is even easier to import we prepared registry files we offer a free downloadable version br br ftp ftp heise de pub ct listings - zip br br img src http f ix de imgs BlogRansomware logo -b d e png class bbCodeImage LbImage alt x B IMG data-url http f ix de imgs BlogRansomware logo -b d e png br br Thank you for reading guys I hope the translation isn t too bad img src styles default xenforo clear png class mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie alt title Smile div class messageTextEndMarker nbsp div blockquote article div div class messageDetails a href threads teslacrypt- - a-interesting-article-by-german-heise-security-magazine title Permalink class item muted postNumber hashPermalink OverlayTrigger data-href posts permalink a span class item muted span class authorEnd a href members der-reisende class username author dir auto Der Reisende a span a href threads teslacrypt- - a-interesting-article-by-german-heise-security-maga... Read more
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I'm Update Account Problem Security after User having a very strange problem with my user account on Vista Home Premium after I just installed the latest security update Microsoft Security Bulletin MS - My computer restarted after User Account Problem after Security Update installing and when it came User Account Problem after Security Update back up and I logged in it acted as if it was the first time I had ever logged in default desktop background program settings completely reset and my graphics drivers seem a bit wonky It seems as if it has quot forgotten quot about my old User Account Problem after Security Update user account If I go to C Users MyName there's still all my old data there but the data for the account I'm logged into despite the fact that it claims it's the quot MyName quot account is being read from C Users TEMP Also if I log out and try to log back into the quot MyName quot account it says quot User services could not log in quot or something to that effect and goes back to the login screen Then I can't log back in until I restart the computer completely Does anyone have any idea how I could point Windows in the right direction and get my old user settings back This is really frustrating and I couldn't find anything about it on the Windows support site Thanks

A:User Account Problem after Security Update

Okay, kind of getting somewhere. When I log on in Safe Mode there's a pop-up bubble on log-in that says "Your user profile was not loaded correctly! You have been logged on with a temporary profile." I've checked the Event Viewer and under the error entry for the log-on attempts it says:
"Windows cannot log you on because your profile cannot be loaded. Check that you are connected to the network, and that your network is functioning correctly.

DETAIL - The system cannot find the file specified. "

Which is strange because I'm not logging in over a network or anything like that. It would seem like my user account is corrupted. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I would really rather not have to re-install Vista.
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Good evening from Graz,

i have quite a strange problem on my personal pc since the last few days. I cannot login to my useraccount(which has a transparent picture at the logon screen since a few days).
I have just one workarround: if i login with my adminaccount and logoff, the userpicture of my privateaccount appears again and the login is possible.

What could this problem be related to?

Nico Müller

A:Solved: Windows 7 User Account Problem(Transparent User Picture)

Good morning,

solved it. Disabled the admin account, and removed the pw of my useraccount.
Kind a strange problem indeed, but seems to be solved.

Thanks anyway,
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I know that I have a virus on my computer I do not know what it is but I have run Mbam and it says that nothing is infected I did have an infection but I got rid computer on interesting an find and infection interesting of most of it and now I cannot find the loose hairs that are still messing with my computer While I was going through my computer seeing what had been added interesting infection and an interesting find on computer I came across something interesting I came across a file that had been downloaded to my hard drive along with the virus interesting infection and an interesting find on computer I read through the file and it was kind of like a guide for what was on my computer I found some of the files it say were harming my computer and interesting infection and an interesting find on computer I deleted them I am still having issues with the start up of my computer outside of safe mode and I was wondering if anyone could help me I will also post the file that I found Advertising com Threat quot Tracking cookie or cookie of tracking site quot Description quot I won t call a saved IP in combination with a log of visited web pages anonymous quot Avenue A Inc Threat quot Tracking cookie or cookie of tracking site quot Description quot They say they no longer do tracking quot ClickFinders Threat Tracking cookie or cookie of tracking siteDescription Their cookie itself is a tracking cookie CoreMetrics Enliven Threat Tracking cookie or cookie of tracking siteDescription A unique number and the IP would be enough for me to call it tracking but to also save search terms is even worse HitBox Bluemountain Threat Tracking cookie or cookie of tracking siteDescription Adbureau Threat Tracking cookie or cookie of tracking site AllInOneTelcom HotA Threat DialerDescription Above URLs are an example for a company that is using that dialer VLoading Threat Security threat InterFun Threat DialerDescription Upon clicking enter a window is opened saying opening website while in the background the connection is made TTW Threat DialerDescription To activate by phone per call and per minute ActiveX install RatedXXX Threat DialerDescription Dialer for New Zealand also international calls to NZ also hijacker of IE start page Huysuzseks Threat DialerDescription Dialer for Australia Austria Belgium Germany Greece Italy Netherlands Spain Switzerland Turkey UK US MoneyTree Description Page installs multiple dialers Adds itself to the list of trusted publishers Could be a Central dialer because its certificate contains reference to Central Threat Dialer IBS Threat DialerDescription The targeted dialer product is advertised in spam mail Mail tells reader that Claudia would commit suicide if the user doesn t dial in UnderageHost Threat Browser hijackerDescription Silently sets itself as IE start- and search pages furthermore done by a file on every system start and adds some favourites Anyone visiting the site that installs it is sick SuperSexPass Threat Unverified Browser hijackerDescription Redirects MSN search for URLs that could not be resolved Amircivil Threat MalwareDescription DeskMate Tahni Threat TrojanDescription This trojan horse adds itself to systemstart and connects without user consent to the internet It also downloads other trojan horses and malware like Zlob SurfSideKick Smitfraud-C CastGen Threat TrojanDescription This trojan horse downloads other malware and trojans like ClimaxBucks InternetOptimizer Avenue Media and Media-Motor without user consent Win Downloader Wzip Threat TrojanDescription This trojan horse poses as Winzip and adds itself as such in the systemstart It also downloads other malware like ClientMn and Win Downloader Autodialer Threat DialerDescription The dialer builds up an expensive connection to a german provider without informing the user about the fees Axis Threat DialerDescription The dialer builds up an expensive connection to a german provider without informing the user about the fees BD Internet Billing T... Read more

A:interesting infection and an interesting find on computer

I would also like to add that my browser has been getting jacked too. When I search on Yahoo I get redirected to other websites.
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Hello The environment is as follows Windows Pro with certain security updates installed causes an issue for Standard users using VMWare Workstation where the mouse clicks that are meant for a VM are not registered by the VM every time sometimes it takes to 8, updates, click mouse 8.1 Pro Workstation User, issue security Standard with VMWare Windows Windows clicks to register in the VM and then other times you have to move the mouse outside the VM window and bring it back in for the mouse clicks to register This Windows 8.1 Pro with VMWare Workstation 8, Windows security updates, Standard User, mouse click issue issue is not present for Administrator users I have already narrowed down one update specifically that causes this issue by uninstalling Windows 8.1 Pro with VMWare Workstation 8, Windows security updates, Standard User, mouse click issue all security updates the problem went away as I installed one update at a time back on to the system update nbsp KB triggered the issue Windows 8.1 Pro with VMWare Workstation 8, Windows security updates, Standard User, mouse click issue I thought this was a resolution to just keep that update off my end users machines but when I installed the rest of the security updates excluding that update the issue returned I could uninstall and reinstall and narrow this down further but my main concern is that one this may create security issues that these updates are intended to fix and two that would create a lot of administrative overhead especially if more security updates in the future will cause the issue to return I would like for Microsoft to investigate this issue and either fix the problem with these updates or come up with a new update I can deploy that fixes this problem if such an update already exists I would greatly appreciate to be pointed in its direction either by KB number or download link so I can deploy it to fix this issue Thanks
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Fully up to date Vista Home Premium 32bit.

I lock computer by pressing WinKey+L or just wait few minutes and it start screensaver and lock itself. The problem exists ONLY when screen saver is running (tried third party screensavers and ones that were built in by Microsoft - no difference).

If ScreenSaver is running and I physically press turn off button on system unit, my computer exit screensaver, bring applications that are running to the front of screen, and lets me to work with them while Vista attempt to shut computer off. To make the matter worse, it almost always bring dialog about waiting for some applications more time or cancel shut down attempt. If I cancel it - i get full access to previously locked session without entering user name or password....
Could it be that this problem just my system specific?(not likely)

A:Security problem: gaining full Vista access without entering password or user name

Could someone reproduce it?
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Hi I am a brand name asking password pop up 7 user security for Solved: Windows and new joinee of the Tech Guy website and really need some help from the experts out there The problem is as follows I attempt to connect to my wireless broadband connection but when i click connect a windows security pop up arrives stating that I need to provide a username and password for Network authentication I Solved: Windows 7 security pop up asking for user name and password dont have these nor do I believe that I have ever included these perviously This action has only recently appeared and I cannot bypass it Solved: Windows 7 security pop up asking for user name and password I have other computers linked to the same wifi connection and these are operating just fine the problem computer runs Windows and is the only one with Win So at least I know that it is not the internet connection itself Maybe not of any importance but this problem only occurred after the unit ran out of battery power and has not been able to access my broadband service since the subsequent recharge I have visited Win Network centre on the computer to attempt to establish the problem it recognises I have one and been through all the troubleshooting options but no resolution Any assistance would greatly appreciated Some info of the computer if useful Dell xps running Win Home of course Thanks Nigel nbsp

A:Solved: Windows 7 security pop up asking for user name and password

possibly nothing more than you are not running as administrator, you say its the only one with windows 7-this needs administrator for all sorts of actions
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Vista problem with sky mail. I have set up the account and as far as I can tell all is correct, however when I try to retrieve mail a window pops up titled Windows Security and it requires a user name and password. I have tried all combinations but no luck. BT internet emails work fine by not sky.
Account includes,, My SRA ticked, 465,995, ssl ticked etc. Any one have an answer?
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While I was modifying the security privileges in windows to delete certain files I somehow managed to set my entire c drive privileges to block Users Now Even though i have administrator access I can not access any data on the main hard drive In fact windows itself can not open and run some of its most basic functions I tried using the cmd command prompt icacls to fix the issue but this failed and no matter how many times tried to change the permissions for anything on the c drive it resulted in quot access denied quot I do not Windows nightmare. security user privilege have a restore point in windows to go back to nor do I have a back up disk to reinstall windows I have absolutly no clue what to do The drive is so blocked Im not even able to run most of the basic startup programs many of the programs that modify settings in the control panel dont even work Like Windows user security privilege nightmare. changing the system local or creating and modifying users

A:Windows user security privilege nightmare.


I would highly recommend that you create a restore point before making changes to a file, folder, drive, or registry key permission [COLOR=#3485bd !important][COLOR=#3485bd !important]settings[/COLOR]. This way if you make a mistake and lock (access denied) yourself out of the item, you will be able to do a system restore at boot and select the restore point to undo the mistake. Be sure to not deny permissions to or remove your user account for the file, folder, drive, or registry key. Doing so could prevent you from having access to the item.
Be sure to not deny permissions to the Everyone group for the file, folder, drive, or registry key. This will also include your user account.
Be sure to not deny permissions to or remove TrustedInstaller, LOCAL SERVICE, RESTRICTED, SERVICE, or SYSTEM if listed. Doing so will prevent Windows 7 from having access, and will cause Windows 7 to not run properly afterwards.

Hehe silly me i wish id not done this. heh i guess im screwed. Seeing as I didnt affect the administrators portion or the portion with my account name directly on it I should still be able to access my hard drive. Id call this a glitch or a problem with the software but still my idiot mistake. Problem is I dont have windows to reload onto my computer.
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I fell for the Windows Security Virus but immediately checked it out once I was able to access Can't user after Accounts access Windows 7 Virus Security the Internet and realized what I had done I downloaded and ran SpyHunter which seemed to remove it from my admin account but my other user accounts aren't working I have since run a full system scan with Microsoft Security Essentials and SpyHunter but no virus or malware is showing I can actually log on to the accounts but all I get is the spinning circle I am not able to open any programs shut down restart etc The only thing I'm able to do is click on Switch User and when I do the monitor goes right to sleep and I can't wake it up The only way I'm able to get back to my account is to do a manual shut down and then restart I also created a new user account and the same thing happens The new user account is an admin account and the others are standard accounts The only Can't access user Accounts after Windows 7 Security Virus account I'm able to access without any problem is my admin account Do I still have the virus or did it change something Appreciate your help

A:Can't access user Accounts after Windows 7 Security Virus

Let's try this..Reboot into Safe Mode with NetworkingHow to start Windows 7 in Safe ModeIt is possible that the infection you are trying to remove will not allow you to download files on the infected computer. If this is the case, then you will need to download the files requested in this guide on another computer and then transfer them to the infected computer. You can transfer the files via a CD/DVD, external drive, or USB flash drive.Please download Rkill by Grinler from one of the 4 links below (if one of them does not work try another...) and save it to your desktop:•Link 1•Link 2•Link 3•Link 4•In order for Rkill to run properly you must disable your anti-malware software. Please refer to this page if you are not sure how.•Double-click on Rkill. (If you are using Windows Vista, please right-click on it and select Run As Administrator)?Note: You may have to run Rkill a few times before it is successful. You may also have to download Rkill from a different link which will save it as a different file name.•A black screen will appear and then disappear. Please do not worry, that is normal. This means that the tool has been successfully executed.•An Rkill.log will appear. Please copy and paste the contents in your reply (file also located at c:\rkill.log)•Do not reboot your computer after running Rkill as the malware programs will start again. If your computer reboots, run Rkill again before continuing on to the next step.•If nothing happens or if the tool does not run, please let me know in your next reply.Please Download TDSSkiller Launch it.Click on change parameters-Select TDLFS file systemClick on "Scan".Please post the LOG report(log file should be in your C drive)Do not change the default options on scan results.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.Important!! When you save the mbam-setup file, rename it to something random (such as 123abc.exe) before beginning the download.Double-click on the renamed file to install, then follow these instructionsfor doing a Quick Scan in normal mode.Don't forget to check for database definition updates through the program's interface (preferable method) before scanning.If you cannot update Malwarebytes or use the Internet to download any files to the infected computer, manually update the database by following the instructions in FAQ Section A: 4. IssuesMalwarebytes may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.After completing the scan, a log report will open in Notepad.The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab .Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply. Be sure to post the complete log to include the top portion which shows the database version and your operating system.Exit Malwarebytes when done.Note: If Malwarebytes encounters a file that is difficult to remove, you will be asked to reboot your computer so it can proceed with the disinfection process. If asked to restart the computer, please do so immediately. Failure to reboot normally will prevent Malwarebytes from removing all the malware.-- Some types of malware will target Malwarebytes and other security tools to keep them from running properly. If that's the case, use Malwarebytes Chameleon and follow the onscreen instructions. The Chameleon folder can be accessed by opening the program folder for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (normally C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware or C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware).
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Is a standard user account really necessary for tight security for the home user or will a well secured administrator account be sufficient?
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By Mary Jo Foley.

It?s been a while since Microsoft has shared any new information about its free antimalware offering, Microsoft Security Essentials (codenamed ?Morro?). But the Softies are quietly setting the stage for the product, which is slated to launch before the end of the year.
A quick refresher: MSE is the replacement for Windows Live OneCare and a superset of Windows Defender. Microsoft officials have said it is meant for consumers who are unwilling or unable to pay for security software. A number of Microsoft watchers are expecting the final version of MSE to debut in October, given that it is meant to work on XP, Vista and Windows 7 ? and Windows 7 launches on October 22. More than 400,000 testers have downloaded the test version of MSE, according to Microsoft.

Article link -
Microsoft Security Essentials or Forefront: Which should a Windows user choose? | All about Microsoft |

A:Microsoft Security Essentials or Forefront: Which should a Windows user choose?

Its performance is what counts, and I'd probably go with a commercial app anyway.
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Good afternoon Tech Immortals I am working on a friend (Nvidia RAM) problem to due Hardware possibly Solved: Interesting graphics problem s computer The hardware setup is the following AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor GHz GB Solved: Interesting Hardware problem (Nvidia graphics problem possibly due to RAM) RAM CRUCIAL Memtest says the following about it DDR bit MHz DDR CAS - - Nvidia GeForce GT pci-e MSI K N PGM -V motherboard The problems Problem When the computer is turned on it gives out short beeps memory error I presume according to an Internet search Then it loads GRUMP for Ubuntu or Win XP pro Problem Anything that is graphics intensive makes the computer crash or graphics get glitchy For example videogames will either make windows crash or crash the game and exit to windows On Ubuntu while running Compiz the OS freezes It only crashes or glitches with graphic intensive software Solution tried For problem While loading GRUMP there is an option for memtest Diagnostics came out fine no errors More background information I ve inspected the motherboard the graphics card ram everything looking at it physically for any burns or liquid spills etc Everything is roughly months old bought brand new when purchased In the past the user had the same setup except that his old graphics card GeForce BFG TECH GT died on him will get further details about that in about an hour Replaced for graphics card mentioned above Those problems are occurring The card gets warm but not to an alarming point I want to say around degrees celcius What do you guys think Thanks in advance for taking your valuable time to read this UPDATES FORGOT TO MENTION NOTHING IS OVERCLOCKED Ran TechPowerUp GPU while it was crashing the temperature stayed at degrees celcius fan was running at at all times User says that he tested out another GeForce card which was slower but had no glitches nbsp

A:Solved: Interesting Hardware problem (Nvidia graphics problem possibly due to RAM)

It was a faulty video card.
User replaced it under its warranty.
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Hey guys, I been trying an looking everywhere for a way to fix this issue without wiping my Virtual Machine and reinstalling. I was able to determine that the issue was caused by IE8 when first opening upon a fresh install and selecting the settings for IE8.

Somehow during this process, IE8 assigns a security risk to my User Files folder on my Desktop. I'm not sure how this even happened as I've done many many installs and have never had this issue.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!!

Here's a screenshot of what I'm seeing.

A:Windows Security Alert Blocking my User Files Desktop Folder


First nice desktop, I have the Amalfi Coast on mine

In any event, start with an antivirus scan

Then download and run malewarebytes.
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It's certainly got me baffled.

I'm trying to run defrag on my hard drives, and when ever i click on defrag it opens winamp and winamp shows a file name of "dfrg".

I'm assuming it's just a simple extension error, but i can't seem to find the correct file to associate it with, so i'm opening it up to you guys to help if you can.

A:Here's an interesting problem

Go to Start, All programs, accessories, system tools and disk defragmenter. Right click on the icon and choose properties. Under Target, you should see: %SystemRoot%\system32\dfrg.msc
If you have the shortcut on your desktop or elsewhere, follow the same procedure. If you have anything other than above, that is your answer and you may copy %SystemRoot%\system32\dfrg.msc and paste it in the target then click apply. Should work if that's the case.
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For some uknown reason my network has been renamed problem Interesting F tard and I can't change it back There seems to be some slow down with the internet and occasional problems connecting I went ahead and created an HJ log Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe Interesting problem C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS System Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS Debug mdm exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXE C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C WINDOWS System RUNDLL exe C Program Interesting problem Files Viewpoint Viewpoint Manager ViewMgr exe C WINDOWS System spool DRIVERS W X E S HIC EXE C Program Files Musicmatch Musicmatch Jukebox mm tray exe C Program Files Musicmatch Musicmatch Jukebox mmtask exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C Program Files AIM aim exe C WINDOWS System ctfmon exe C PROGRA AWS WEATHE Weather exe C WINDOWS System wuauclt exe C HJ HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http channels aimtoday com search aimtoolbar jsp R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant http channels aimtoday com search aimtoolbar jsp O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO Viewpoint Toolbar BHO - A C -B - EDB- - D C EC - C Program Files Viewpoint Viewpoint Toolbar ViewBarBHO dll O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINDOWS System msdxm ocx O - Toolbar Viewpoint Toolbar - F AD AA -D - - DAF- D B - C Program Files Viewpoint Viewpoint Toolbar ViewBar dll O - Toolbar AIM Search - D A B-D B- d - A - EE F C - C Program Files AIM Toolbar AIMBar dll O - HKLM Run SiSUSBRG C WINDOWS SiSUSBrg exe O - HKLM Run SoundMan SOUNDMAN EXE O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run WildTangent CDA RUNDLL exe quot C Program Files WildTangent Apps CDA cdaEngine dll quot cdaEngineMain O - HKLM Run ViewMgr C Program Files Viewpoint Viewpoint Manager ViewMgr exe O - HKLM Run EPSON Stylus C Series C WINDOWS System spool DRIVERS W X E S HIC EXE P quot EPSON Stylus C Series quot O quot LPT quot M quot Stylus C quot O - HKLM Run MMTray C Program Files Musicmatch Musicmatch Jukebox mm tray exe O - HKLM Run mmtask C Program Files Musicmatch Musicmatch Jukebox mmtask exe O - HKCU Run MSMSGS quot C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe quot background O - HKCU Run AIM C Program Files AIM aim exe -cnetwait odl O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS System ctfmon exe O - HKCU Run Weather C PROGRA AWS WEATHE Weather exe O - Startup PowerReg SchedulerV exe O - Global Startup Microsoft Office lnk C Program Files Microsoft Office Office OSA EXE O - Extra context menu item amp AIM Search - res C Program Files AIM Toolbar AIMBar dll aimsearch htm O - Extra context menu item amp Viewpoint Search - res C Program Files Viewpoint Viewpoint Toolbar ViewBar dll CXTSEARCH HTML O - Extra context menu item E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - res C PROGRA MICROS Office EXCEL EXE O - Extra button AIM - AC E - - d -BC D- B D A DE - C Program Files AIM aim exe O - Extra button Related - c fe - f d- d -a b- aa c a - C WINDOWS web related htm O - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Show amp Related Links - c fe - f d- d -a b- aa c a - C WINDOWS web related htm O - Extra button WeatherBug - AF CABAB- F - f -A -B D EF CB - C PROGRA AWS WEATHE Weather exe HKCU O - DPF B D CC-C B - A -A D-CC A F C MiniBugTransporterX Class - http wdownload weatherbug com mini ansporter cab O - DPF - E - E-A AB- D C ADFDE - http a g akamai net eInstaller exe O - Service Ati HotKey Poller - Unknown - C WINDOWS System Ati evxx exe

A:Interesting problem

Please print out or copy this page to Notepad. Make sure to work through the fixes in the exact order it is mentioned below. If there's anything that you don't understand, ask your question(s) before proceeding with the fixes. You should not have any open browsers when you are following the procedures below.

Go to My Computer->Tools/View->Folder Options->View tab and make sure that 'Show hidden files and folders' (or 'Show all files') is enabled. Also make sure that Display the contents of System Folders' is checked. Windows XP's search feature is a little different. When you click on 'All files and folders' on the left pane, click on the 'More advanced options' at the bottom. Make sure that Search system folders, Search hidden files and folders, and Search subfolders are checked.

For the options that you checked/enabled earlier, you may uncheck them after your log is clean. If we ask you to fix a program that you use or want to keep, please post back saying that (we don't know every program that exists, so we may tell you to delete a program that we think is bad to keep).

Turn off system restore by right clicking on My Computer and go to Properties->System Restore and check the box for Turn off System Restore. Click Apply and then OK. Restart your computer. After we are finished with your log file and verified that it's clean, you may turn it back on and create a new restore point.

Download WinsockFix and unzip it. Then double-click on it to run it.

Please download Ad-aware SE and install it if you don't have it already. Make sure it's the newest version and check for any updates before running it. Also go here to get the plug-in for fixing VX2 variants. To run this tool, go into Ad-aware->Add-ons and select VX2 Cleaner. Then click Run Tool and OK to start it. If it's clean, it will say Status System Clean. Otherwise, you will have to click on the Clean button to remove the VX2 infection. Also make sure to customize the settings in Ad-aware for better scan results. Run the scan and fix everything that it finds.

Reboot into Safe Mode (hit F8 key until menu shows up). Make sure to close any open browsers. Go into HijackThis->Config->Misc. Tools->Open process manager. Select the following and click Kill process for each one if they are still listed (they shouldn't be - but double check it):

C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Viewpoint Manager\ViewMgr.exe

Uninstall the following via the Add/Remove Panel (Start->(Settings)->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs) if they exist:

Viewpoint (all apps)

WeatherBug - it's adware. If you didn't install this yourself, uninstall it. If you did install it yourself, you may keep it and ignore any fixes/deletions listed below.

WildTangent - This is an online gaming package that is installed by a number of third party applications and even OEMs, ISPs and AIM. The games aspect of this is really rather cool. The being installed without you asking for it isn't cool at all. They collect information about you and your usage. We recommend uninstalling it.

Run a scan in HijackThis. Check each of the following and hit 'Fix checked' (after checking them) if they still exist (make sure not to miss any):

O2 - BHO: Viewpoint Toolbar BHO - {A7327C09-B521-4EDB-8509-7D2660C9EC98} - C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Viewpoint Toolbar\ViewBarBHO.dll
O3 - Toolbar: Viewpoint Toolbar - {F8AD5AA5-D966-4667-9DAF-2561D68B2012} - C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Viewpoint Toolbar\ViewBar.dll
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [WildTangent CDA] RUNDLL32.exe "C:\Program Files\WildTangent\Apps\CDA\cdaEngine0400.dll",cdaEngineMain
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [ViewMgr] C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Viewpoint Manager\ViewMgr.exe
O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [Weather] C:\PROGRA~1\AWS\WEATHE~1\Weather.exe 1
O4 - Startup: PowerReg SchedulerV2.exe
O8 - Extra context menu item: &Viewpoint Search - res://C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Viewpoint Toolbar\ViewBar.dll/CXTSEARCH.HTML... Read more
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i cant understand this little problem whether its virus spyware related or something else if i open a window in windows explorer and that window has videos in it for some reason explorer freezes if i press control-alt-del it shows as not responding huh if i open that same window in VLC its all good im attaching a HJT log in case its related to it ive done the virus and spyware scans before doing the HJT of course thanks dan Logfile of HijackThis problem interesting little v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe interesting little problem C WINDOWS system csrss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS interesting little problem system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic avguard exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic sched exe C WINDOWS system cisvc exe C Program Files ewido anti-spyware guard exe C Program Files Evolve Developmental Coaching HypnoTutor Audio HypnoTutorScheduler exe C oraclexe app oracle product server BIN tnslsnr exe C Program Files Spyware Doctor sdhelp exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C WINDOWS system LVCOMSX EXE C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C WINDOWS system devldr exe C Program Files Logitech Video LogiTray exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic avgnt exe C Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD PDVDServ exe C Program Files Conceptworld NoteZilla NoteZilla exe C Program Files Logitech Video FxSvr exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe interesting little problem C Program Files Microsoft Office Office WINWORD EXE C Hijack This HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www theglobeandmail com O - BHO SnagIt Toolbar Loader - C D-C - C - -FCE AD C - C Program Files TechSmith SnagIt SnagItBHO dll O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDHelper dll O - BHO PCTools Site Guard - C B A - DB - A -A CB-D BBFEB - C PROGRA SPYWAR tools iesdsg dll O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO Windows Live Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - Toolbar amp Google - C B - - d - B - A CD F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - Toolbar SnagIt - FF E -ABDE- EB-B E-D AAB CABE - C Program Files TechSmith SnagIt SnagItIEAddin dll O - HKLM Run TkBellExe quot C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe quot -osboot O - HKLM Run LVCOMSX C WINDOWS system LVCOMSX EXE O - HKLM Run iTunesHelper quot C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe quot O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run KernelFaultCheck systemroot system dumprep -k O - HKLM Run NeroCheck C WINDOWS system NeroCheck exe O - HKLM Run LogitechVideoTray C Program Files Logitech Video LogiTray exe O - HKLM Run LogitechVideoRepair C Program Files Logitech Video ISStart exe O - HKLM Run avgnt quot C Program Files Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic avgnt exe quot min O - HKLM Run RemoteControl quot C Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD PDVDServ exe quot O - HKCU Run msnmsgr quot C Program Files MSN Messenger msnmsgr exe quot background O - HKCU Run updateMgr quot C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader AdobeUpdateManager exe quot AcRdB -reboot O - HKCU Run LogitechSoftwareUpdate quot C Program File... Read more
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I just reformatted a Compaq Presario to get rid of all the junk they put on it at the factory The reformatting went well I reinstalled XP home and it seems like a pretty good OS I am win k pro on five computers so it was with great hesitation that I took this job on but I did Interesting Problem not want that stuff on the hard drive Then I did all the updates Next was the antispyware installs Last was the antivirus install Then I put Office After all that I then installed the wireless card It got a screaming fast connection to my router - says mbps Well I then rebooted and tried out the guest logon Wanted to Interesting Problem see what was available for a guest I could not get on the net with the guest mode and using IE So I fired up firefox did I mention that I also installed firefox and mozilla Firefox got right on the net So I was trying to figure out how and all of a sudden the computer asks me if I want to use Interesting Problem my router for the connection I guess I was using the neighbors connection as I am encrypted Once I enabled WEP I was back on my router encrypted - so thought I would post the heads up One thing I can say is that if a laptop has a built in wireless connection instead of the little card sticking out - that probably is much safer The wireless card looks at risk to get broken stckin out there Anyways the wizard is now telling me that two wireless networks are available and that the cable is unplugged I am glad that I am encrypted doc Compaq Presario with AMD XP-M cpu megs DDR DVD CDRW quot screen Dlink wireless cardbus Win XP Home Nod ADaware Spybot Spywareblaster IE Spyads Google toolbar nbsp

A:Interesting Problem

You have some interesting "situations" Doc. I have 2 laptops, one with built in and one with a "card". No antenna sticking up, but a card sticking out none the less. IMO, the wireless card is going the way of the Doh doh. (is that right??)
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Hello all A friend of mine asked me to work on their families Acer Aspire Switch She also gave me a USB recovery thumb drive she purchased from Acer after their technical support charged her to diagnose the issue nbsp because the computer would not boot She thought they could fix themselves so she bought the thumb drive They could not get the USB eRecovery thumb drive to boot so they called me I went into the UEFI bios and set the boot sequence to boot from with SW5-012 interesting - need problem help the USB HDD The Memorex Mentor Media eRecovery thumb drive she purchased from Acer booted fine After clicking on OK we see a blue screen for about - minutes Then we see Then we see this Then we see this And that's it I work on a lot of computers so I need help with SW5-012 - interesting problem made a bootable thumb drive formatted GPI EFI FAT to work with the Aspire's UEFI bios The USB thumb drive has an Windows ISO on it I used my bootable thumb drive and booted back into the Aspire Then using recovery console went in and looked at the disk properties of the flash drive hard drive nbsp of this tablet Heres what I found Note Disk nbsp has partitions nbsp The problem looks to be the formatting of the drive Volume the C drive is shown as RAW Both the hidden drives show to be RAW The thumb drive sold to these folks by Acer to reset this unit to factory settings can't or won't create or properly read the partition data on the flash hard drive since it is RAW The thumb drive can't nbsp install the needed files or interact need help with SW5-012 - interesting problem with the nbsp Windows WMI files on the C drive nbsp nor the files and operating system pre-loaded on the hidden partitions to set this computer back to factory settings need help with SW5-012 - interesting problem At this point I have stopped and am now looking to Acer's nbsp community group to nbsp give me some ideas of where I need to go from here I was able to get their Windows Product key from the units bios Of course not much good for loading another copies of Windows as this is not a unique product key but a bulk OEM code used by Acer Can't use as an individual product code on a windows downloaded directly from Microsoft As well I would rather have the factory Windows with Bing these folks paid for I have already tried to repair MBR No luck Its as if the flash drive hard drive nbsp is locked out and no amount of nbsp commands from prompt nbsp so far has changed that status I can see the drive but as far as changing no luck Any help would be appreciated and I thank you in advance Gary nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:need help with SW5-012 - interesting problem

You may have to resort to a "raw to ntfs converter". Try googling those term for examples. Jack E/NJ
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I recently signed up for a blogger acct. Since then i have a problem with this mysterious code showing up on other post i make on unrelated sites. Mostly while making comments on news article on and a local forum. I have no idea what it means. It shows up by itself after i click the post button. has anyone seen this. I did a yahoo search on the code and from the looks of the search there are others who have it as well. I cant make it go away

var fctb_tool=null; function FCTB_Init_e9a69a1bb9614a93bc248bed2f34d0fd(t) { fctb_tool=t; start(fctb_tool); }

Thanks in advance
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A Friend of mine changed her password in xp. She forgot it. (drunk when she changed it) All she can do is use the Guest Account. Her cousin set the computer up for her. I have tried every way to retrieve the password. even the admin in safe mode password protected. (cousin in Iraq) She has no clue on what the password is. I have tried multiple ways. even the reg-edit. It won't let me change because Guest Account. and everything is accessed denied. Even download a password cracker but didn't' work because accessed denied. Is their is any way to do this with out having to reload XP. Because she says she has a lot of her college school work on it. I have tried MMC, Runas, and I think about everything else.

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Hi Recently I problem Interesting installed an SSD OCZ VERTEX II gB Interesting problem in my Medio Akoya Notebook I installed W Ultimate x made some tweaks like disable defrag en index en search Everything worked fine I installed some programs en everything still worked fine Suddenly this problem came up Every time I startup my computer work on it install programs create files etc and in the end shut it down after starting it up again the computer is in the same state as before all those changes However when i do all these things and restart it without shutting it down the changes are still there When I then shut it down again the changes are all gone again It looks like every time the computer starts up it uses the latest restore point I'm desperate and after trying allmost every option i don't know what to do anymore I can't make any system changes because when I shut down my computer and start it up again it's in the state I left it before Medion Akoya T gHz Gb HELP

A:Interesting problem

Sounds like you may have enabled the hidden(may not even exist) steady state feature.
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Ok here s the problem I have spyware on my comp but everytime I run adaware a shutdown sequence comes up I do the shutdown-a thing but when I do problem interesting that adaware ends up interesting problem freezing The same results in safe mode My comp is also running very slow Any help is greatly appreciated Here my hijack this log Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C PROGRA mcafee com agent mcagent exe C WINDOWS System yacpower exe C PROGRA mcafee com vso mcvsshld exe C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe c progra mcafee com vso mcvsescn exe C WINDOWS System PRPCUI exe C PROGRA McAfee com PERSON MpfTray exe C WINDOWS LTSMMSG exe C Fujitsu Application Panel QuickTouch exe C Program Files Fujitsu BtnHnd BtnHnd exe C Fujitsu BATTERYAID BATTERYAID exe C WINDOWS System PRISMSVR EXE C Program Files Yahoo browser ybrwicon exe C Program Files Wire PortalMon exe C Program Files Wire g Wireless PRISMCFG exe C PROGRA MUSICM MUSICM MMDiag exe C PROGRA Yahoo browser ycommon exe C Program Files MUSICMATCH Musicmatch Jukebox mim exe C WINDOWS System atievxx exe C PROGRA McAfee com PERSON MpfAgent exe c PROGRA mcafee com vso mcvsrte exe C PROGRA McAfee com PERSON MPFSERVICE exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe c PROGRA mcafee com vso mcshield exe c progra mcafee com vso mcvsftsn exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C WINDOWS System wuauclt exe C WINDOWS explorer exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files BitTornado btdownloadgui exe C Program Files Hijack This HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http a-search biz F - REG system ini UserInit Userinit exe TGBRFV N - Netscape user pref quot browser startup homepage quot quot http www google com quot C Documents and Settings gwen Application Data Mozilla Profiles default y jxj qt slt prefs js N - Netscape user pref quot browser search defaultengine quot quot engine C A CProgram Files CNetscape CNetscape Csearchplugins CSBWeb src quot C Documents and Settings gwen Application Data Mozilla Profiles default y jxj qt slt prefs js O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper ocx O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - Toolbar McAfee VirusScan - BA B -B - c -B - F F - c progra mcafee com vso mcvsshl dll O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINDOWS System msdxm ocx O - Toolbar amp Google - C B - - d - B - A CD F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - HKLM Run MCUpdateExe C PROGRA mcafee com agent mcupdate exe O - HKLM Run MCAgentExe c PROGRA mcafee com agent mcagent exe O - HKLM Run YAMAHA AC-XG Power Utility yacpower exe O - HKLM Run VSOCheckTask quot c PROGRA mcafee com vso mcmnhdlr exe quot checktask O - HKLM Run VirusScan Online quot c PROGRA mcafee com vso mcvsshld exe quot O - HKLM Run TkBellExe quot C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe quot -osboot O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run PRPCMonitor PRPCUI exe O - HKLM Run NeroCheck C WINDOWS system NeroCheck exe O - HKLM Run MPFExe C PROGRA McAfee com PERSON MpfTray exe O - HKLM Run LTSMMSG LTSMMSG exe O - HKLM Run LoadFujitsuQuickTouch C Fujitsu Application Panel QuickTouch exe O - HKLM Run LoadBtnHnd C Program Files Fujitsu BtnHnd BtnHnd exe O - HKLM Run IPInSightMonitor quot C Program Files SBC Yahoo Connection Manager IP InSight IPMon exe quot O - HKLM Run BATTERYAID C Fujitsu BATTERYAID BATTERYAID exe O - HKLM Run PRISMSVR EXE quot C WINDOWS System PRISMSVR EXE quot APPLY O - HKLM Run YBro... Read more

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It seems that some program in my system is constantly dropping my firewall on restart So far this is more of nuisance than a real problem and everything I use to try and find the Problem Interesting endless menu of imature viruses found nothing I went into event viewer and it is trying to pin most of the activity on a game I play which btw is a commercial game not a Interesting Problem free internet dl LOL The only other thing I did before my poor girl got quot twitchy quot was go to Newgrounds com and play some stupid dragon game Any ideas how this could happen I cant remember making any active connections with an outside source which means it would have to be direct contact with a server and thus access to my IP Adress which changes constantly due to my router settings One other symptom is the fact when I do a netstat -ab I encounter sockets that will not show or initiate This ones beyond the tech level I possess help me along Thanks nbsp

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Hello this is my first post here problem... please help... Interesting so hopefully I wont be assaulted like a noob or what have you Anyway Recently I believe about - days ago I opened up my NES emulator to do some nostalgiac gaming nothing I hadn't done before However a few minutes after I started the game I noticed a very significant performance drop Figuring it was AVG doing it's usual thing I Alt Tab and am proven wrong So I A T back to the game and it's fine I shrug it off Interesting problem... please help... and keep playing However after awhile it happend again I A T out and then back in again problem solved but again a few minutes later slowdown The drops slowly Interesting problem... please help... get closer and closer to the point of unbearable frustration Thinking it was just this game I discarded it as nothing and did other things However of the course of the past weeks or so I've noticed that it does this exact problem in every single game despite any and all visual settings I've scanned for viruses spyware etc Nothing Interesting problem... please help... I've opened up task manager and shut down everything but explorer exe and a small selection of system tasks Nothing wich is sucking much performance in the first place Still no fix I've noticed however and I don't know about you but this is a very unusual problem to me it only affects video games nothing else slows down video files and such No problem whatsoever If someone could please help I would be ultimately appreciative I've rather enjoy my games and would like to continue doing so Since I'm sure I'll be asked here are my system specs OS Windows XP Proffesional RAM mb Video Card Nvidia RIVA TNT Model Mb CPU Pentium Ghz My computer is a few years old and I've never had any hardware problems so far If you need anything else info-wise just ask

A:Interesting problem... please help...

Closed: double post
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I m running a dell dimension I had to swap out the motherboard because a power surge fried the last one that may be relevant to the problem or not I got the computer after the board was fried I ve done everything that dell s online tech support could come up with short of having to pay for a real person to try and help me I have Samsung MB channel RDRAM sticks in dimm s and and the generic stock dell ram in and but it only reads the from dimm s and If I switch dimm s and with and when I try to start the computer all I get is the memory error ram problem Interesting beep If any of Interesting ram problem the dimm s are not filled memory error beep If I replace the s with more stock memory error beep Interesting ram problem and are interchangeable along with and but if you try to do any other combo memory error beep Referring to the diagram below my computer will only start up while the center and right side prongs of the CLR CM jumper are connected If you have any ideas at all post them because I ve tried everything I can think of or if you want more info ask for if nbsp

A:Interesting ram problem

Might want to check part #'s as you cannot just mix and match RDRAM.
If any of the dimm's are not filled, memory error beep.Click to expand...

All slots must be filled with either crimm modules or memory modules when using RDRAM
CLR CM stands for clear cmos. It would only boot with the jumper on two of the three pins. The other outside and center will clear cmos. (reset to default)
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Allright here is the deal I just recieved a Dell base computer running XP Home I'm not a fan of XP but the comp was free and very Problem, Help! Need Interesting good so I'm learning to deal with Interesting Problem, Need Help! it Somewhere along the line I did something damaging to the computer No idea what and now it will not allow me to view the device manager or hardware wiz I can see the DM window but no devices appear on screen The System Info tool says I may be missing Windows Management files needed to collect system info That is my only lead so far I'm attempting to restore the system to an earlier point but it keeps locking right towards the end of the process I fear I may have screwed up pretty badly The other issue is that the XP computer is not hooked up to the internet so I am using my comp to file this report and download needed programs which I will then burn and transfer Problem Highlights Cannot view Device Manager Cannot add hardware System Restore is not working It would amazing if these issues could be fixed as I cannot reformat and reinstall XP because I never recieved a disk just the computer Many thanks in advance

A:Interesting Problem, Need Help!

in the run box type
sfc /scsnnow
and press enter

found this post
got this fix from microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support

1. In My Computer, click the Tools menu -> Folder Options.
2. On the View tab, make sure to check the option "Hide extensions for
known file types".
3. Click OK.
4. Click the Start menu -> Run. Type "%windir%\inf" (Without quotation
marks) in the Open field. Click OK.
5. Locate and select the file "sr.inf". Right-click it and then click

worked great system restore is back on if anybody else has the same problem try it
thats for the help
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Hey guys Merry christmas So is interesting problem.. This quite an I got this MyBook Essential back in august And just last night it fell over splitting in two I went down to best buy and the warranty was voided since it cannot open So I opened the thing up and there was the internal hard This is quite an interesting problem.. drive in there obviously and I take it out thinking i can put this inside my PC and it will work fine This is quite an interesting problem.. So I plug it in my PC it loads up reads smoothly la la la I copy some stuff on there and everything works fine All of a sudden I reboot and the hard drive doesn t read At all The BIOS instead of saying IDE Hard Drive WD AJB The model it says IDE Hard Drive and stays at that for about minutes After that it says Primary hard This is quite an interesting problem.. disk error I ve tried everything from everywhere so far to fix this I need the data on there it s a GB hard disk with about GB irreplaceable and the other hard to find I m not about to pay to have it professionally recovered Hell I would even pry the thing open myself instead of that I was just wondering if anyone had this problem and knows how to help me Ive tried EVERY IDE cable i have and power cord into the hard drive still no luck I m guessing the PCB board of the card must be messed up Anyways here are my specs GB US Modular ColdFusion DDR PC Dual Channel GeForce GT PNY PCI-e AMD x MSI K N SLI-F motherboard Tested OS Vista Ultimate x Vista Ultimate x XP Pro x XP Pro x Current XP Pro x but tested with all of those Same problem Current Harddrive WD GB not sure of model it s black though Thanks guys for reading and I hope someone can help me I don t plan on buying a new hard drive as I just spent all my money on other parts Thanks again and merry christmas to all -Ricky nbsp

A:This is quite an interesting problem..

Did you add the hard replacing the primary one? Or you added it as a slave?

*edit: please learn to be more concise with the quote feature*
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I have the Windows build that worked fine for the first few months I had it however I live in South Africa and the humidity always causes a heat problem for my PC Hench the air cooler I own About months ago my PC BSOD me and immediately shut down I started it up and checked the BIOS to find that my PC was running a bit hot and I left it at that but the BSOD happened evey once in a while after that Then the hard-drive fails started where the system was not picking up a SATA device connected to the mother board After a bit of tweaking with the wires I Here have an interesting problem I is managed to get it reading again Then Windows would not boot so I loaded the Win disc and attempted a system repair which discovered a boot file was missing Which Windows happily replaced But the problem was persistent and eventually my windows disc wasn't even discoverring the problem Here is an interesting problem I have Long story short my PC ONLY boots into Safe Mode regardless of the setting I choose Can anyone help

A:Here is an interesting problem I have

While In safe mode back up any critical data and try to reinstall....
It sounds like your mobo over heated....
Nasty thing to happen....
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i got a new problem.when i start my computer and go to XP and then if i press any key of keyboard then my computer get hang..........if i dont press any key of keyboard then i can work with my mouse but if i press keyboard then my mouse get freeze but in the background windows is working............that means windows is working but only keyboard and mouse are freeze.

im using mcafee antivirus and it is up to date..............i scanned my all drive for virus but there is no virus.


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Hey there everyone. So here is my problem. I bought a new blank hard drive. I installed windows but when I did, I wasn't paying attention and accidentally installed a 32 bit version on my 64 bit system. However it works fine. The real problem is I want to completely wipe the hard drive to a blank state again and install windows 7 64 bit like it originally came with but even when I try DBAN and I type autonuke, it goes to a black screen and stays there. I need to upgrade my system to 64 bit. The reason being is I created a system recovery disc from my windows 7 64bit that was there before, but because the 32 bit is on there it won't recognize my cd.

Relevancy 48.16%

Just had a customer call me and tell me that her keyboard is not typing the letters that she hits--ie. she types letter f and it prints out number 6. This was just one of the examples she gave me. I have never seen this problem before and was wondering if anyone else had?????? Any ideas????

Relevancy 48.16%

I'm not sure if this should go into the hard drive section at this point or not but I'll start here I installed a software firewall PC Tools Firewall Plus After the install it called for a reboot so I problem. Interesting obliged Upon rebooting and logging onto my profile I noticed things were running extremely slow--I assumed due to that firewall wanting access for everything After things didn't speed back up to normal I uninstalled the software which called for another restart This time however my second power-to-login-screen bootup took well over minutes Now when I run a program the system lags but the programs open I figured this would fix itself so I went about my business After a while I decided to try another restart Took about minutes again I'm not sure what's causing this or if it would Interesting problem. even be repairable at this point Any ideas Thanks Oh I forgot to mention After the last reboot I went to run firefox to come post here but Windows told me it was corrupted and to run chkdsk I haven't ran it yet but even after a reinstall firefox doesn't want to run

A:Interesting problem.

Strange, after another reboot, firefox works fine.
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Alright this is what happened Reformatted today because of spyware and such and just the overall need to installed OS a year ago And also the inability to load Notepad correctly it was like my computer was lagging but it wasn t Note This happened after I installed HijackThis So I reformatted and things were going fine until I started to install Need problem interesting with help programs I go to install Adaware and it won t move from the quot Preparing Wise Installation Wizard quot Refused Same with Rhapsody Other programs didn t have this problem But again Notepad wouldn t open correctly So I repaired the installation and installed WinXP again Things went fine this time and was able to install everything no problem I download NF go to install it and it won t do jack It won t initialize and it hangs Won t even give me the quot Preparing blah blah blah quot Need help with interesting problem window So I go to open Notepad again and WHAM same issue as before I don t know what to do anymore I m at wits-end and I ve asked several people and they don t know either and yah I ran anti-virus and nothing came up nbsp
Relevancy 48.16%

I'm currently sitting at my computer, my headphones plugged into the jack, and i can hear a girl listening to radio and typing on her computer. It was faint, but after i turned the volume to max, i can tell its definitely coming from the computer. I've never encountered such a thing before and i had no idea where to post it. I've checked all my open programs to see if they'res anything playing out of there, but theres nothing. I'm scared of closing the browser cause I'll lose it. She's singing along with the radio, its kinda cute and creepy at the same time

Well then, does anyone know whats going on here?

A:An Interesting Problem

Try unplugging wires from your PC one at a time... ethernet, sounds cables (Not headphones obviously) and just go down it till the sound stops.
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I m having a weird issue with the wireless connection at my local University I get a network connection DHCP works DNS works can ping url s public IPs but at intermittent intervals I get a situation where I open a web page and I get a white screen Firefox reports quot done quot at the bottom and the UrL is displayed at the top No content however This is intermittent however and it begins to work after about min It goes back to Interesting Problem... being broken shortly thereafter Take into account -This only happens at the University -It is a new problem I Interesting Problem... have been using the Wifi for years without problems -Using Firefox but problem is also with IE The steps I have taken to diagnose -Repairing connection doesn t work -Flushing Registering DNS doesn t work -Nothing in event viewer that shows problems -Turned off security SB teatimer Avast WinFirewall Is there anything else I can try apart from going to the admin around here huge campus that could take weeks Thanks Interesting Problem... in advance nbsp
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So I have been spending most of my day today trying to solve my corrupted mup sys Or whatever is causing that file not to work Problem When booting XP in normal mode it hangs in the quot Windows problem Mup.Sys Interesting is loading quot screen won't go any further When booting in safe mode the sys files that drop down stop at Mup sys and then it goes to the quot Windows is loading screen quot and hangs Interesting Mup.Sys problem However some times I am able to get into windows but it instantly freezes I do not Interesting Mup.Sys problem think Interesting Mup.Sys problem this is due to a virus I could be wrong but there are no processes that I see on start up Ctl Alt del works when I do get in I think it has to be some type of registry error because when the problem st occured I was running CCcleaner's registry cleaner I had thought it froze so I tryed to close it then my whole computer froze well programs did at least capslock on my keyboard shows that everything didn't freeze But when I started my computer back up it just hung out at the loading screen Further information -I have been able to get into my dual-booted Ubuntu OS that's how I am here right now but it is temperamental to say the least When I boot Ubuntu it says there is a corrupted windows file from not closing correctly last time it shut down fixing OR Then Ubuntu comes up and works half the time at least Have no idea what this means but it shows that all my hardware is working at least phew - I DO own my original windows XP Home edition OEM CD and have it in my dvd drive right now - I CAN access the Recovery console - I have ran CHKDSK CHKDSK p and CHKDSK p r and they all took quite a while but alas no help -I have gone into into fresh reinstall then repairing the current partition from the recovery Solutions I have yet to try -Fresh install of XP I have lots of cool projects from photoshop dreamweaver and CODE BLOCKS ide Some C stuff so this is a last resort -Disabling mup sys in recovery -Returning my BIOS to defaults -Some where I saw some one who reccomended doing this in the recovery window md tmp Copy C windows system config system C windows tmp system bak Copy C windows system config software C windows tmp software bak Copy C windows system config sam C windows tmp sam bak Copy C windows system config security C windows tmp security bak Copy C windows system config default C windows tmp default bak Delete C windows system config system Delete C windows system config software Delete C windows system config sam Delete C windows system config security Delete C windows system config default Copy C windows repair system C windows Copy C windows repair software C windows Copy C windows repair ssam C windows Copy C windows repair security C windows Copy C windows repair default C windows --------------------------------------------------------------------- So before I get off of Ubuntu and risk not being able to get back on I'd just like to see what you guys have to say Thank you very much -Chris

A:Interesting Mup.Sys problem

Oh and this is Service Pack 3 for Windows XP Home edition
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Hi all I have a gig second HD that I have partitioned into a gig and gig sections both extended partitoins with Acronis Disk Director interesting problem HD Suite There is a gig unallocated part at the very beginning This is interesting HD problem all acording interesting HD problem to Acronis Which adds up to more interesting HD problem than the drive should hold So something is obviously very wrong here I don t get any errors with the drive when I run Scandisk However Norton Disk Doctor version says that there is a extended patition is invalid and has invalid parmaters and offers to fix it My bet it is that it will hose all the data if I do that I can access everything currently and no other errors occur with the drive I have backups so if something does happen I won t loose anything I just recently set up this drive I have never ran into this before Any idea what is going on I have ran tests using WD s tools and everything says the drive is fine Suggestions on a course of action -Gameman P S When I was setting up the paritions Acronis wouldn t let me use the gig at the beginning It started with the gig unallocated and I couldn t adjust it nbsp

Relevancy 48.16%

Your favorite person here with another question!

The question is; How come when I am connected to my neighbors WIFI (1 bar signal, 11mbps connection speed) it will randomly drop and not allow me to load anything until it picks back up? It usually only does this when I play Xbox Live Games or download things.

Its unsecured WIFI, and the router is WRT54GS, and solutions I can do on my end to fix this?

A:Interesting problem

hello favorite person

the lower the signal, the more likely your computer will lose connection

You can try to set up a wireless repeater in your house. Maybe its antennas will be better, and boost the signal.
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I got a blue screen when booting up and it listed spooldr sys as the problem I used several antivirus type programs to try to clean out the XP Interesting Problem computer but none of them worked I can get to safe mode but without interent I then copied the tcpip sys file from i to windows system drivers and I got the blue screen again but without the message about spooldr sys I then copied the tcpip file from my laptop from the windows directory and then computer boots up but at the desktop it is acting weird The desktop icons dont show up and control-alt-delete is disabled by the administrator Also everything takes a really long time like loading menus didnt try opening any programs though Is there another tcpip file that I should use or does anyone have any info on this somewhat perplexing Interesting XP Problem problem Some of the AV programs removed certain things Also I tried running sfc scannow from safe mode and nothing happens nbsp

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My brothers PC witch has the following components Intel Core duo Interesting problem cant remember the model name Gig RAM ATI Radion X XT Windows XP Home has developed a strange problem One day after previously working with no problems the ATI drivers said We can not find any ATI Interesting problem hardware in your computer Downloading and installing new drivers gave the same error It is currently using the default windows VGA driver Interesting problem and the display is still connected through the card so it is working I went to the device manager and the graphics card was listed in others In msconfig under the display tab it says not specified on anything related to the graphics card Nothing inside the PC has been moved and all is plugged in properly As far as I can tell the graphics card has stopped telling windows what it is but I don t know why When I get time I am going to put another graphics card in the PC my very old Nvidia LE to see if windows recognizes that one I just wanted to know if any of you had any suggestions as to why this is happening I haven t seen this problem before I know this isn t the best description of the problem but I have to go to work I will Make it better with links to screen shots and more details about his system after work For now though any suggestions you have would be helpful Thanks nbsp

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greetings ladies and gents.

I bought a new psu, suggested to me in this thread: (more specifically this psu:

I just got the psu, popped into my machine, and....nothing. my mainboard wouldn't even post. I spent the last hour and a half making sure that everything was connected correctly. So i poped my old psu back into my machine and it works fine.

could the problem be that the main board was receiving too much power?

Relevancy 48.16%

Win7, latest Firefox browser, and for the second time, I can't get to my favorite forum on the web. It appears to be the ONLY forum I can't get to, one where I have been a member in good standing for 11 years. Last time it happened was about 3 years ago. After several months it 'seemed' to fix itself, and I was back on the forum. Any ideas what's going on here? And yes, I am new here. Not a complete noob at computers, but no whiz either.
Forgot to say, I always get "connection was reset" page, no matter how I try to enter. I know the site is working fine for everyone else. I checked.

A:Interesting problem

Can you get there by using Anonymouse?
Can you get there after booting Windows up in Safe mode with networking?
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Hi I ve google d my brains out on this one and have found a few forums that address issue in a similar fashion but none that address to Home user' 2012 login only option at Malware Vista Windows 'other Security it as I m encountering it So here s what happened I logged on one day to find the Windows Vista Home Security malware on Windows Vista Home Security 2012 Malware to 'other user' only option at login my laptop Did the search and downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove it from the system After the system scan and removal a Windows Vista Home Security 2012 Malware to 'other user' only option at login restart was required Upon restarting I see a blue splash screen that lists quot Other User quot only-my acct isn't there At the bottom left corner is the quot ease of access quot blue button but it does nothing When I select the quot other user quot I'm prompted for a username and password I've tried everything I can imagine but it says something like quot This domain either does not exist or the username or password is incorrect quot The 'other user' screen looks similar to this sans the WindowsServer logo I ve tried booting into Safe Mode however pressing F throughout the boot sequence does nothing Having just thrown out the system recovery CDs during a move of course I was able to download a Windows Vista Boot Disc which allows me to run the repair my computer option Unfortunately the following is true Startup Repair looks like it runs and finds one root problem however upon restart same other user screen System Restore luckily there are several restore points I ran a restore to a point a month ago however after restart same other user screen System Image Recovery doesn t work because I don t have any saved images Command Prompt works and it looks like all my files are still there Through the command prompt I ve tried viewing and modifying users via the net user commands Windows Vista Home Security 2012 Malware to 'other user' only option at login nothing I ve run the chkdsk process nothing I ve tried running the sfc scannow option it doesn t work Long story short I m at my witts end I really don t want to go through the whole wipe clean and reload everything grind yet again As best I can tell I m thinking it has something to do with the registry only I m not very good at deciphering the registry though I can access it via regedit through the command prompt Does anyone know how I might restore Safe Mode through the command prompt or how the heck to get rid of this other user Thanks a million KF

A:Windows Vista Home Security 2012 Malware to 'other user' only option at login

With the name and make of your computer, we can find out how to access the restoration partition, if you have one and restore to factory defaults. You may want to save your stuff first, using Ubuntu.
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I've never heard of this program before, but someone posted in alt.comp.anti-virus newsgroup asking what this was.
Poster thinks his kid may have installed this application on his PC. Theres a Red shield with an X in it in system tray.
Its prompting him to let it update his security files. I've told him not to let it do anything until I can find out what it is.

A quick search reveals a "Security Live Protect 5.9" is available for download at various Cracks and Wares sites online.
Can't seem to find any information through legitimate software download sites on it.

A:"security Live Protect 5.9" Prompting User To Update Security Files

Nevermind -- I found out what it is. Looks like it could be some sort of product similar to Spywareblaster, with scanning capabilities.
Relevancy 47.73%

Hi,I am using Windows Vista Ultimate 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002 and have recently been infected by the Live Security Platinum virus (PUM.Disabled.SecurityCenter) and have cleaned it using the method from here.Everything's been going ok actually, except for the fact that now the whole of my Windows Security Center is unusable. I suspect it is due to the system files that were removed or modified during the removal process.Now Windows Update is not even present in the Services list and Windows Defender gives a "failed to initialize" error.It would be great if you could shed some light to me for this problem.Thank you.

A:Windows Vista Security Center problem after successful removal of Live Security Platinum virus

DownloadFSS Checkmark all the boxesClick on "Scan".Please copy and paste the log to your reply.
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Hello All So Taskbar Problem Interesting XP Very i am having some problems here It is nothing big but it bugs me because i am so organized with my Very Interesting XP Taskbar Problem laptop When i have windows media player running and i utilize the taskbar for windows media player put the little play forward etc in the taskbar it creates a gap at the bottom of my taskbar of about pixels of grey Everything gets pushed up it is wasted space Now here is the wierd part when i go onto my desktop right click - properties - appearance - advanced - quot active title bar quot it is set to size with size font if i change this apply it then chnage it back to the way it was before and the little grey bar will dissapear But once i restart windows i have to do it all over again I want to be able to utilize the taskbar for media plyer but i dont like ethis gap i have can someone please give me a hand Thanks so much Merry Christmas Bryan nbsp

Relevancy 47.73%

Howdy I seem to have a rather interesting problem that some of you may actually not have experienced I know I havn t alhough I am not much of a wiz Anyway First off I promise to give updates as need be I wont ditch the moment it is fixed I truly want to get to the bottom of this I have a Toshiba Satellite m laptop running windows XP For the most part it has been returned to factory settings as I Novice) Interesting Problem (Not the for have had several run ins with this thing including a bad hard drive sound card and Dvd Burning Drive Yet prior to this it was working perfectly Roughly one month ago I came accross my first problem I somehow got a virus which corrupted my Explorer EXE file upon startup My wallpaper would load but my Start bar and icons would flash load then dissappear After doing much research I was only able to patch up the problem by delecting all found virus files and renaming a good copy of Exporer exe to explorer exe and updating the registry to use it Once in a propper running windows safe mode was no help durring this as Interesting Problem (Not for the Novice) it would happen then too I was able to quarantine computer and everything was working perfectly crisp and fast for the next couple weeks Then one day my computer instantly shuts off no power down no screen change almost like the plug was pulled When I went to start up again when it reached the Toshiba Screen prior to loading windows the screen was cropped so that it was no longer Widescreen In other words instead of being widescreen I had a small fullscreen version of my startup screen with a black bar running vertically down the right side of the screen in essence to compensate for the lack of anything to display When in Windows no alteration of my display settings would allow me to fill in the black strip it was as if it no longer exiseted and the new square display in the top left corner was my whole screen I found that after restarting - times eventually it would kick on again and the whole screen would work in widescreen Also the computer would run rediculously slow if I allowed its Fullscreen version to load up and run windows I just put up with this as I have Very Interesting Problem (Not for the Novice) vital Data on my computer which I have no way of transfering at the moment I am too broke to buy an external Anyway I was living with all these problem however anytime the computer was in heavy use meaning several programs or copying large files it would suddenly power off again not sure if it has ot do wtih CPU usage heat or Interesting Problem (Not for the Novice) is just a coincidence Anyway it happens quite often now Finally when clicking on a regular link on a webpage the computer froze curser and everything just like the old Macs Now everytime I start windows it freezes the second I try to use the start buton right click or do anything I can run the computer relatively trouble free in Safe Mode Anyone have any ideas besides reformat or Xp reinstall My recovery disk among many many other things were taken when my girlfriend left not to mention the flipping DOG anyway Dont think you guys can halp me with that one Hope to hear from you soon Thanks in advance nbsp

Relevancy 47.73%

So I bought a Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard for my XP computer I don t know what other relevant specs one might need so let me know The keyboard is USB and comes with a bunch of useless extra buttons as well as the standard ones that I m using to type this post Sometimes not all the time maybe a couple times a month when I start my computer the standard buttons won t respond I can t type any words I can t change the any of the locks windows key alt ctrl none of them But the interesting thing is all the useless buttons media controls favorites links to browser messenger etc all still work When this happens I go into Device Manager and see the little yellow exclamation point on one of my USB devices uninstall it and restart and everything is kosher once again I have know idea what the trigger is any suggestions would be appreciated nbsp

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LIKE PLZ HELPS Now that's out of my system I have quite possibly a unique issue involving the black screen Now I know the root cause a naffed gfx driver update from nividia but do not know how problem and An interesting infuriating to solve it First about my system I'm running windows updated to weeks ago last time I could access my win partition I use full disk An interesting and infuriating problem encryption truecrypt My truecrypt rescue disk appears to be corrupted I dual boot between linux mint and windows I've been able to access the safe mode menu by continuously cycling the power but unable to do much with it as anything relating to the windows partition file system returns an error hard disk locked I'm unable to permanently decrypt the drive as the rescue disk doesn't wish to work boot yes I've made numerous copies but I think somehow the original ISO got corrupted Windows boots fine meaning that it will boot up to what I think is the login screen but will only display the black screen and mouse cursor I keep no system restore points My question is how to do I remove roll back the graphics driver I've tried an endless amount of stuff found via googling but as of yet none of it has worked Any and all suggestions are welcome Thanks

A:An interesting and infuriating problem

I think in this case you're basically screwed. Without a functioning rescue disc for TrueCrypt, your only option other than formatting and reinstalling would be to try brute force cracking the encryption which would probably take years, decades, maybe even lifetimes with current technology.

I'd say let this be a lesson and next time, if you use TrueCrypt again, make sure the rescue disc works straight away. We've all been where you are, so don't feel too bad, just learn from your mistakes.
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Occasionally (twice a day on some days) my Internet connection will seem to cut out (WiFi, WPA-TKIP) but downloads (both torrent and through Firefox) will continue to run and I can IM friends through my current connection (if I log out I won't be able to log back on). Usually I can solve this through a reboot but it's a pain.
Relevancy 47.73%

Literally one afternoon after my computer had been on sleep i nudged the mouse and device USB Interesting problem... it had a warning in the bottom right hand corner that a new windows device was not recognised and had been turned off As you can imagine as no updates had been put on and no new devices connected i found this a bit strange Even stranger no devices have started to malfunction So i disconnected everything USB wise I even went back to the old fashioned prong cable keyboard and mouse to make sure Took out printer camera phone ipod etc etc etc etc etc Still it said this device was Interesting USB device problem... malfunctioning Right clicking on properties then the hardware tab of the unknown device says Device Type Universal Serial Bus controllers Manufacturer Standard USB Host Controller Port Port Hub and in the description it says Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems Code Clicking then on properties brings up the same info as above plus if i go to the driver tab on that page it says no driver installed or needed If i go back to the general tab then click on to change settings then the driver tab in this window it says that the same Then clicking on update drivers and using the auto search it then tells me that the best newest drivers are installed It is still not recognized however If i try and do the manual search it automatically has C Program Files x Realtek NICDRV win in the box So i tried reinstalling all the motherboard stuff Sound monitor and USB controller set I tried doing it while trouble shooting then from the disc itself with all USB devices unplugged even the LAN Still the same I have also tried from the Change Settings tab that lets me search for the drivers disabled and uninstalled the device The computer will then seemingly still work perfectly However on restart it tells me a totally unknown device red sign this time not yellow is present then basically gets itself back to the start of this with an Unknown device with the yellow sign not the red Another quirk that may be of interest is that if i do not let my computer go to sleep mode it doesn't even realise any of this I can disable the device and restart and the computer will notify me of nothing but bingo there it is again Unidentified device with a little yellow icon needs blody troubleshooting still I can restart again not having done anything and the computer says nothing but it is still there However if the computer goes into sleep mode everytime it wakes up it has that rather large box informing me of a new device that hasn't been installed correctly So any ideas lol I forgot to add i have also done a system restore from before the day this started happening and it still does the same Rigg is as follows O S Windows Service Pack Mobo Asus P B -V GFX GeForce GTI OC GB HD TB Hitachi HDS CLA ATA RAM GB i have forgotten exactly what type of ram it is CPU i - P GHz Monitor SyncMaster BW Analog

A:Interesting USB device problem...

Hi with your usb devices plugged in please use this and see if it can show which one may be causing the issue View any installed/connected USB device on your system
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So recently got broadband in the new house and the line got activated last night All my housemates seem to be getting the internet fine on their laptops but I can t When on wireless the speed is VERY slow Some pages like google s home page can take minutes to load and image heavy sites such as Youtube home page with all their thumbnails will not load at all except once in a while albeit without the images On wired however everything is absolutely fine - typing this through wired right now Video streaming and normal web browsing works without a hiccup Before I got home broadband in my house I was using my mobile internet - using my G phone as a wifi hotspot That was working well too for a week After that time the internet became as slow as it is on my home broadband now I assumed this was due to my mobile service provider throttling my internet speed due to the unusually high usage but while this may still be true the similarity of slow speeds through both my home broadband and mobile internet on my laptop s wifi is making me suspicious I can t use my mobile internet any more since my mobile recently wireless Interesting problem... died but that s another story Below is some wireless connection details - my home broadband is Virgin Media DS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Microsoft Windows Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users Param gt Netsh WLAN show all Wireless System Information Summary Time GMT Daylight Time SHOW DRIVERS Interface name Wireless Network Connection Driver Intel R Centrino R Wireless-N Interesting wireless problem... Vendor Intel Corporation Provider Intel Date Version INF file C Windows INF oem inf Files total C Windows system DRIVERS NETwNs sys C Windows system NETwNc dll Interesting wireless problem... C Windows system NETwNr dll C Windows system drivers vwifibus sys Type Native Wi-Fi Driver Radio types supported b g FIPS - mode supported Yes Hosted network supported Yes Authentication and cipher supported in infrastructure mode Interesting wireless problem... Open None Open WEP- bit Open WEP- bit Open WEP Shared WEP- bit Shared WEP- bit Shared WEP WPA-Enterprise TKIP WPA-Enterprise CCMP WPA-Personal TKIP WPA-Personal CCMP WPA -Enterprise TKIP WPA -Enterprise CCMP WPA -Personal TKIP WPA -Personal CCMP Open Vendor defined Authentication and cipher supported in ad-hoc mode Open None Open WEP- bit Open WEP- bit Open WEP Shared WEP- bit Shared WEP- bit Shared WEP WPA -Personal CCMP IHV service present Yes IHV adapter OUI type IHV extensibility DLL path C Windows System IWMSSvc dll IHV UI extensibility ClSID bf cb d- ae - -a aa-a fbd e IHV diagnostics CLSID - - - - SHOW INTERFACES There is interface on the system Name Wireless Network Connection Description Intel R Centrino R Wireless-N GUID fa - f- -af c-caaf bb Physical address c d State connected SSID Virgin Media DS BSSID c de f c Network type Infrastructure Radio type g Authentication WPA -Personal Cipher CCMP Connection mode Auto Connect Channel Receive rate Mbps Transmit rate Mbps Signal Profile Virgin Media DS Hosted network status Not started SHOW HOSTED NETWORK Hosted network settings ----------------------- Mode Allowed SSID name quot PARAM-PC- quot Max number of clients Authentication WPA -Personal Cipher CCMP Hosted network status --------------------- Status Not started SHOW SETTINGS Wireless LAN settings --------------------- Show blocked networks in visible network list No Only use GP profiles on GP-configured networks No Hosted network mode allowed in WLAN service Yes Allow shared user credentials for network authentication Yes Block period Not Configured Auto configuration logic is enabled on interface quot Wireless Network Connectio n quot SHOW FILTERS Allow list on the system group policy --------------------------------------- lt None gt Allow list on the system user ------------... Read more

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Let's see if anyone can help me out with THIS question!
My keyboard refuses to type quotations. In order to get them to work, I have to type a quote, then hit the space bar. If I don't hit the space bar and type another character, it will either pop up, fill in with a strange character like this ä, or it won't do anything. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help!

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I have an interesting homegroup issue.

I am moving out of the house where I have set up a network media stream to stream movies to the computers throughout the house. My computer got set as the server for homegroup. Everything worked great. WEll, now I am moving out , so I started a new homegroup on th media center computer, which is wired along with 4 others, They work great.
The problem is I have 2 wireless computers that can't connect. Left old homegroup, joined new one, Put in the password, it sits there for 5+ minutes then says an error has occured in homegroup, No code just cant connect. Whats the deal? why cant they connect? Keep in mind that nothing was changed on these 2 systems from when they were working. Anyone got any ideas? I have to get this solved quickly, before I leave. Thanx in advance.

A:Interesting Homegroup problem

What version of Windows 7 (Starter, Home Premium, etc.) on your computer and on the media center computer?

Are the problem PCs able to join the new Homegroup if they are connected by ethernet?
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I'm not sure where to go to find some help with this problem so this is a final resort. I have worldnet ISP and a 56k modem. Recently i have been connecting at 50.6kbps (or so the isp says) but my download and browsing rate is somewhere around 16-100 bytes/second. Unbearably slow and my download usually timesout before it gets anywhere. I've removed all spyware and adware from the computer, run many virus scans, and cleaned the registry. I also have contacted my ISP's help line but they haven't been able to give me any information and told me it may be related to spyware. If anyone has any epxeriences or other ideas, please share. Thank you

A:Interesting Internet Problem

download, update and run these . . they will take out most spyware . . let us know if there is no improvement.

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Hi everyone my laptop has an problem in vista after a period of time not quot using quot it I am currently using Windows Vista Ultimate bit It works fine in my laptop though the CPU is unlikely met the minimum requirement of Vista However things go strange after I leave the computer idle what I mean An Vista in interesting problem idle is not using it leave it turned An interesting problem in Vista on and go An interesting problem in Vista away for say or hours when I came back the system runs really slow I did check the taskmgr there wasn t anything loading the CPU when I came back so definitely not virus but as soon as I use it every single action will full load the whole CPU even opening a folder will This problem can be solved by re-logging in not restarting but I can t be bother to do so and I really want to solve it Any ideas why is it like that P s The problem will not come out if I am using it for or hours say web surfing or playing games nbsp

A:An interesting problem in Vista

Many scheduled tasks start when the computer is idle, including self-diagnosis and repair. Check your task scheduler--you may want to reschedule some of the tasks for idle periods, or turn them off, if not needed. Be sure to enable the view for hidden tasks under the View menu.
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After coding a web site and previewing it in Firefox I am wondering why clicking on an image with the tag lt a href quot top quot gt does not take you the top of the page as it does in Explorer and Netscape Here is a copy of my full code lt a href quot top quot gt lt img src quot global images topArrow gif quot width quot quot height quot quot border quot quot gt lt a Interesting with Firefox problem gt This works perfectly well in Explorer and Netscape but when you click on the quot topArrrow gif quot within the Firefox browser absolutely nothing happens I cannot find any documentation on this in the Firefox Knowledge Base Forums or when I try to Google for an answer If anyone has any help on this I sure would appreciate it I hate to think that my Interesting problem with Firefox quot go to top quot arrows are not working with people browsing my site using Firefox Thank you in advance By the way when I visit other web sites with quot to top quot links they do work in Firefox I've revealed the source code on those pages and cannot see what they are doing differently

A:Interesting problem with Firefox

My own site has a 'go to top of page button' in all of the pages. It works in Firefox and other browsers. Perhaps you could look at the source code in one or two of the pages and see why the code in your page may not be working.

The relevant bit of code is at the bottom of the page starting with 'a href'. Note how it references a line at the top of the page just underneath the 'body' tag. You could maybe copy the two bits of code and adapt it to your own pages.
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Here is seven years old system Cpu intel e motherboard gigabyte pds ram gb mhz veritech ram First year i had slot ram After year i bought slot ram and after months I bought slot ram After I had slot ram Sometimes system doesn t give openning first bip sound and there is no screen on lcd If I remove any ram on the motherboard This happens only if I remove any ram and trying system to be openned with slot ram for example or slot ram putting on motherboard always system works perfect or slot rams putting on motherboard system sometimes does not work no openning bip sound and no screen sometimes I interesting problem or ram motherboard solved this problem with this firstly putting lot ram to motherboard system work then putting third one amp f system work putting fourth one If system does not work amp remove fourth one and openning with ram slot and then again putting fourth interesting motherboard or ram problem one until system work preferly If system start with ram slot works perfectly until amp remove ram on the system There is no blue screen no freeze no errors if system works Until one month ago System does not openned although i didnt remove any ram System work with slot ram no work with and slot ram Altgough many trying attempts with removing and putting nomore system work with lot ram There is no blue screen no errors on working systems If it might be ram problems there should be blue screen my problems is that at the start no bip sound and no screen what could be problem nbsp

A:interesting motherboard or ram problem

motherboard:gigabyte 965pds3
ram:1gb 800mhz veritech ram * 4Click to expand...

The Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 motherboard in your computer has 4 slots and supports a maximum of 8 GB(2 GB X 4) of RAM.

It uses 240-pin DDR2 PC2-6400(DDR2-800 MHz), 1.8 volt, CL=6, unbuffered, non-ECC modules.


If your computer is running a 32-bit version of Windows, it doesn't need more than 4 GB of RAM.

If it currently has 4 - 1 GB DDR2-800 MHz modules in it, that's all it needs.


If none of those modules are damaged and they're fully seated in their slots, you shouldn't be having an issue with them.

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I have a problem with opening my website using Internet Explorer. The most interesting is that problem you can observe only on Vista system when you using IE. On Firefox, Chrome etc. everything is OK.

On IE with XP is OK as well... why?

I suppose the problem is on my server in particular with firewall (Cisco) ... but what is wrong?

Does anyone have any idea?

Thanks a lot in advance

A:IE + Vista = interesting problem ...

Ty this -

Boot-up innto SAFEMODE w/Netwoking and try there.


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Hi All I have a relatives PC around my house with a funny problem that maybe you can give me your thoughts on what might cause this issue First when its at his house sometimes when he turns it on it will sit practically at pre post thoughts please Interesting problem need test and do nothing System is Asus M N SLI Deluxe board Nvidia GT Video Gb DDR - ram Card reader floppy drive Gb HDD AMD x Antec case and Thermaltake watt PSU i think But when i bring it over to my place and fire it up it always works perfect Any thoughts on why it always works at my house but randomly after using Interesting problem need thoughts please it for maybe months it always seem to do the same thing and look like basically its freezing before it really starts post test Side note after sitting for a couple of days it looses its bios setting and yet its only to Interesting problem need thoughts please almost months old for the PC Excuse any typo i may do i am little tired after being up for a long time thanks in advance Interesting problem need thoughts please guys girls

A:Interesting problem need thoughts please

Hi Titancom,

You don't say if it's a laptop or desktop - But if its a desktop have you checked the RTC battery. Have seen some strange things over the years with batteries which are loose or almost failing.

Other thing could be a "brown out" ie Voltage sag on the supply which is occasional at the "home" location

just throwing out ideas but the loss of BIOS settings would suggest the first scenario and the general hang could be supply voltage dips
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Hello Friends, I have an event that I would like to learn more about and Microsoft Technet nor google has helped me in this one. Event ID: 4228 Source: TCPIP Message: TCP/IP has chosen to restrict the scale factor due to a network condition. This could be related to a problem in a network device and will cause degraded throughput. Could this be a driver issue?

A:Interesting TCPIP problem

What were you doing or attempting to do when this happened? Details son, we require details.
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Since last week many internet streaming programs are constantly dropping at random times for me League of Legends will lag for about - seconds at a time then go back to real time no problems but this lag occurs every few minutes Skype will disconnect or drop the call during these same three seconds actually at the same time Same with Cockatrice and Youtube cockatrice will disconnect and Youtube will Interesting Network Problem stop buffering until I reconnect The interesting thing is I followed my ISP s instructions and did a hour continuous ping to my DNS server Packets Send Received Lost Loss So here s what s interesting When I play League of Legends and watch my continuous ping the ping quot Interesting Network Problem times out quot Interesting Network Problem for messages two packets total but during that time League of Legends actually has noticeable lag Same for Skype Cockatrice and Youtube Two packets at Interesting Network Problem a time shouldn t cause lag or even be a noticeable difference Specs Windows Ultimate Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz GHz GB GB usable -bit Operating System kbps Download Speed kbps Upload Speed Network Adapter Intel R DC Gigabit Network Connection WIRED Mbps Motherboard Intel DP WB Motherboard Graphics Card Radeon HD RV If you need anymore information please let me know nbsp
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I dont know the rules of this forum or nething and I no this has already been posted but im gonna ask neway. On my grandmas computer, I created a 2nd account and made it the admin account. At some point, this account somehow became a standard account and now there is no admin. Now whenever I try 2 do nething, it asks for the admin password but the area where you would enter the password and the OK key are greyed out. ive tryed a few things I thaut of and a few things from other sites including starting in safe mode and reinstalling vista completely, of course reinstalling didnt work because it needs permission to run. Ive posted on like 5 forums and asked all my friends and no1 has a clue how to fix this or even how its posible so if ne1 has ne idea wat 2 do, id greatly appriciate the help

A:Kinda Interesting Problem


If somehow the last/only admin account has been deleted when you boot into safe mode it should boot to the administrator account.

if this is unsuccessful there are other methods, some available on the web, which I cannot discuss on the forum due to the security implications.
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I have a very interesting partition problem and I challenge anyone to help me fix it. I installed Windows 7 on my PC (500GB hard disk) and once I got everything setup I partitioned my disk to make a small 24GB partition to run Windows Vista. I made the partition and ran the Windows Vista installer (inside Windows 7) and it said it couldn't install Windows Vista on the disk selected (the 24 GB partition) because it wasn't in NTFS file system format. I went beck and checked to see that the partition was in NTFS format but I reformatted anyway into NTFS. I ran the installer and again it said the selected partition was not in NTFS format. Is there anything I can do to fix this?


A:Very interesting partition problem

To start 24 gigs isnt much for will grow after the install{the winsx folder}this happens from time to time after driver installs or new hardware.
make it 30 gigs.
Boot the vista dvd and install that way...dont try to install while booted into 7.

You may wreck your boot vista should have went on first then may only have vista showing as boot option on the boot menu.

There are various ways to fix it but this tool here is the easiest and a nice addition to the toolbox
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System config hot swap bay for swapping in hard drives as Primary master cd as boot problem interesting primary slave gb data drive on as secondary master scsi controller running a gb drive which is my regular disk running W K pro The problem I use the hot swap bay for testing other OS s and such My system normally boots from the scsi controller to my scsi disk running wk pro Last night I loaded RH onto a drive in the primary master position in the hot swap bay Everything went great amp RH interesting boot problem came up interesting boot problem running fine This morning when I took that drive out and booted back to my scsi drive I got an NTLDR missing error WHAT Upon closer inspection of the boot screen I noticed that I now had two options for booting to which look like this where you make the selection Windows default Windows default make your selection in seconds It was defaulting to the bottom one and this is the one that gives me the ntldr error It now gives an I O error as well I rebooted and hit F and chose last known good profile And my system came up fine Any Ideas what would have caused this And any idea how to get rid of the second corrupt version that won t boot Regards Scully nbsp

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I ve purchased a USB adapter that connects to a cordless phone It is very similar to the RJ internet VOIP phone Adapter It basically routs a signal from a cordless phone to the computer through the headphone and mic ports as well as a USB slot While using the phone near the computer the volume control works well and the peripheral behaves perfectly The problem is when one wants to wander away from the computer with the cordless phone The person on the other end experiences two very interesting problems the first is that the volume they can hear from the person talking decreases extremely quickly which can be countered by turning up the volume on the computer To a point and the problem interesting An hardware second is that small noises very far away from the phone are picked up extremely loudly In other words while the person could yell into the phone and you couldn t hear them you can literally An interesting hardware problem hear a clock ticking from a different room I ve tested multiple phones and have determined that they are not the problem and the computer s volume control does very little to help with the second problem To me it seems as if the adapter itself is mixing up which sound signals it is deciding to amplify and which to reproduce quietly Any insight as to what could be done about this types of drivers other adapters etc would be extremely appreciated Thank you in advance nbsp

A:An interesting hardware problem

It sounds to me like one or both of the devices has automatic gain (volume) control. When you manually boost the PC's volume the AGC fights to compensate and maintain what IT thinks is the correct level.

When there is no human input the sensitivity is UP and you hear the ticking clock. BUT as soon as a relatively high level sound (voice) comes in the AGC attenuates the signal DOWN.

Check this out in any manual/specs you have. If the AGC can be shut off, try that.
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Hi there I hope you frustrating problem but Interesting so oh guys can help me I have this other pc Windows XP Pentium - ghz gb ram I can t remmember any more but i would check if the thing would Interesting but oh so frustrating problem turn on Thats the problem - it don t switch on I shut it down last night by holding down the power button and this morning i get nothing Here s the interesting thing - when I leave it for about two hours off that it then power up it starts up properly for a time proportional to the time its been left off I know that sounds stupid but its true - I get a system beep the fans start up cd rom everything works but then at some point it just freezes even if i am in the bios or setup page before windows loads If I then restart I only get lights fans cd rom but no system beep and nothing on screen I would appreciate some ideas not very clued up about hardware really You know what gets me I think the damn pc is playing tricks on me The Any idea s Warwick nbsp

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Someone gave me there computer to have a look at to see what was wrong with it When i Solved: Interesting problem looked inside Solved: Interesting problem it had no memory lol so he bought a stick and then i tried again It booted into windows XP no problem and looked good until i did the updates Apparently whoever built his computer gave him a cracked copy of windows and it failed the validation update So he was going to buy a new copy of windows acouple days later i went to turn it on again and there was no video so i plugged it into the onboard video and still nothing So i reset the bios using the pins on the motherboard and tried again and it worked We left it for acouple days again and when i went to turn it on no video again So i tried the pins agian and nothing i tried replacing the battery and nothing i tried removing the card and just using the onboard but still nothing If someone could tell me what else to try that would be awsome because i think i m getting grey hairs over this lol nbsp

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Hello Everyone I have never Help. Problem. Interesting Please Hotmail encountered problems with hotmail before but recently I have not been able to get into my account I can get to the hotmail login page just fine but when I click log in it takes me to a blank white screen and the browser status says done Im not sure what this is so if anyone could help me that would be great I also downloaded hijack this and this is my log file if it helps thank you Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system Interesting Hotmail Problem. Please Help. winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS System hkcmd exe C Program Files Creative Sound Blaster Live -bit Surround Mixer CTSysVol exe C WINDOWS system dla tfswctrl exe C PROGRA mcafee com agent mcagent exe C PROGRA mcafee com vso mcvsshld exe c progra mcafee com vso mcvsescn exe C Program Files MUSICMATCH Musicmatch Jukebox mm tray exe C Program Files MSN Messenger msnmsgr exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C WINDOWS System CTsvcCDA EXE c PROGRA mcafee com vso mcvsrte exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe c progra mcafee com vso mcvsftsn exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C WINDOWS System MsPMSPSv exe c PROGRA mcafee com vso mcshield exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C WINDOWS System wuauclt exe C Documents and Settings Sandy sohi Local Settings Temporary Internet Files Content IE BSPEZOF HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www dell com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http www zexqwcxmtszinaon com zWKr Qq nVxlXkM cgi R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www dell com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www microsoft com isapi redir r amp ar msnhome R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http www microsoft com isapi redir ie amp ar iesearch R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main SearchAssistant http www seekerbar com ie aspx tb id R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main CustomizeSearch res C PROGRA Toolbar toolbar dll sa R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www stolenfilenetwork com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch http ie search msn com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard ShellNext http www mhhpbcabkewrqczlbtv net z e WwwlCQ asp R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - Default URLSearchHook is missing O - BHO no name - - F D- C- E - A C E C - no file O - BHO C WINDOWS lbbho dll - C A CA- B - AC - B -B E B - C WINDOWS lbbho dll O - BHO no name - E CB A- C - B B- E- BB D A B - C DOCUME SHAVNEET APPLIC SKIPCL Ooze Iso exe O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINDOWS System msdxm ocx O - Toolbar McAfee VirusScan - BA B -B - c -B - F F - c progra mcafee com vso mcvsshl dll O - Toolbar Searchfst Class - A - D - a- -D A - C WINDOWS srchfst dll O - HKLM Run HotKeysCmds C WINDOWS System hkcmd exe O - HKLM Run CTSysVol C Program Files Creative Sound Blaster Live -bit Surround Mixer CTSysVol exe r O - HKLM Run dla C WINDOWS system dla tfswctrl exe O - HKLM Run VSOCheckTask quot c PROGRA mcafee com vso mcmnhdlr exe quot checktask O - HKLM Run MCAgentExe c PROGRA mcafee com agent mcagent exe O - HKLM Run VirusScan Online quot c PROGRA mcafee com vso mcvsshld exe quot O - HKLM Run MessengerPlus c program files messenger plus msgplus exe O - HKLM Run MCUpdateExe C PROGRA mcafee com agent McUpdate exe O - HKLM Run InfoPenMSN C Program Files InfoKing InfoPenMSN Pro InfoPenIM exe O - HKLM Run MMTray C Program Files MUSICMATCH Musicmatch Jukebox mm tray exe O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Prog... Read more

A:Interesting Hotmail Problem. Please Help.

Hi and Welcome to TSF

Please move hijackthis to the root of C:\ and NOT in a temp folder!!

Before attacking an adware/spyware problem with hijackthis make sure you have already run ad-aware SE with VX2 add-on cleaner, Spybot Search & Destroy (with updated database) and CWShredder as these programs will clean a lot of the crap out first. All links to programs are in my signature. Ok..on to the log?..

Go to My Computer->Tools->Folder Options->View tab and make sure that Show hidden files and folders is enabled. Also make sure that the System Files and Folders are showing/visible also. Turn off system restore by right clicking on My Computer and go to Properties->System Restore and check the box for Turn off System Restore.

Reboot into Safe Mode (hit F8 key until menu shows up). Make sure to close any open browsers. Open add/remove programs and remove MessengerPlus3

MessengerPlus3 - Considered spyware/adware my most security sites in the way it collects info and use it!

Check and fix the following in HijackThis if they still exist (make sure you do not miss an entry)

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,SearchAssistant =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,CustomizeSearch = res://C:\PROGRA~1\Toolbar\toolbar.dll/sa
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,CustomizeSearch =
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Connection Wizard,ShellNext =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar,LinksFolderName =
R3 - Default URLSearchHook is missing
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {00000010-6F7D-442C-93E3-4A4827C2E4C8} - (no file)
O2 - BHO: C:\WINDOWS\lbbho.dll - {5C27A9CA-8B48-4AC7-8B15-B8E2273085B0} - C:\WINDOWS\lbbho.dll
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {E706CB4A-6C46-9B3B-148E-8BB7955D6A5B} - C:\DOCUME~1\SHAVNEET\APPLIC~1\SKIPCL~1\Ooze Iso.exe
O3 - Toolbar: Searchfst Class - {000277A3-7D84-406a-9799-D12A81594693} - C:\WINDOWS\srchfst.dll
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [MessengerPlus3] c:\program files\messenger plus! 3\msgplus.exe
O9 - Extra button: (no name) - {08B0E5C0-4FCB-11CF-AAA5-00401C608501} - (no file)
O9 - Extra 'Tools' menuitem: Sun Java Console - {08B0E5C0-4FCB-11CF-AAA5-00401C608501} - (no file)
O16 - DPF: {1C78AB3F-A857-482E-80C0-3A1E5238A565} -
O16 - DPF: {99802379-7362-40E2-9D28-8A3B9AF880B7} -

Delete the following Files/Folders in RED (delete folders if no filename is specified or they are RED) according to their directory (If you can't find a search for them?make sure you have search hidden files, folders, sub directorys..ect enabled if it applys to your OS)

c:\program files\messenger plus! 3\msgplus.exe

Once done reboot into Normal Mode and post a new HijackThis log file to confirm what was removed and if it's clean or not. Once your clean you can enable system restore again.
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Hey all
I'm running on XP and have a not too serious...yet annoying problem

I go into a folder, and set the icons (currently arranged at thumbnails) to be arranged as a list. then exit the folder. Upon my return, the icons are back to thumbnails....
It's not really seirous, it's just peeving me...

Thanks for any help you can give

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Well about once a day i get a "your trial period of Trend Micro antispyware has expired." Well it wouldn't be so interesting if i ever had trend micro but i've never had it. My computer came with norton preinstalled and i've always just used that. I'm not sure what it is so i'm saying its a possible virus. If you need any other information please let me know.
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Hey guys figure USB problem, can't Hub Interesting out First off i ll give you some system specs Windows XP SP AMD Phenom II x Processor Biostar TA GXB AM Socket Mobo updated to newest BIOS tried on both Hi-Speed and Full Speed settings in BIOS I recently just built a new computer for myself and everything works great except one thing my port usb hub Earlier this year I purchased one Interesting USB Hub problem, can't figure out of these from this seller Light MAT USB port Hub Mousepad or check here for features Above s Features I went to plug it into my computer via a USB port in the back and It registers in Device Manager as a Generic USB Hub but nothing I connect draws power or works or even registers The weird part is if I connect something first then plug it in it says that it has malfunctioned and windows cannot recognize the device however the device draws power but still doesnt work The hub itself has power and lights up either way Now here s where it gets strange About a year ago I purchased this Illuminated Port USB Hub Mousepad and figured i d try it eventhough it s only USB and the thing is that it worked I plugged it into the same USB Port and it gave me no problems no matter what I plugged into it aside from suggesting I use a port for my flash drive Then I took the one listed above that didn t work and plugged it into the second one and the first worked through it but not by it s own so basically a USB Hub on a USB Hub strange I know I can t figure out why the top hub won t work on it s own but when I connect it through an older version hub in the same port on my computer it will work The first one says that it s compliant but the second does not yet the second one works I orignally thought maybe I got hosed and the first one is only compliant but the second one is and works fine Can anyone shine some light on this I know it might be confusing let me know if you have any questions nbsp

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This is install problem Interesting kinda strange but I've got two Win Interesting install problem licenses one for Home Premium and one for Professional I installed the one that was an upgrade that came with my wife's computer on my slightly older Vista machine about six or eight months ago No problem blew my machine away and did clean install Now I've bought the student version so we can have both machines on Problem is it is the Professional version so I can't do an upgrade install on her machine because it's moving to a quot higher quot version I guess I don't want to blow her machine Interesting install problem away because it has a ton of games on it that's about all she uses it for but want to upgrade in place So I'm in the weird situation of having the wrong version on the wrong machine So is there any way around this problem Could I install the upgrade version over my Home Premium version in an quot in place quot upgrade and then use the disks that came with her upgrade to do an in place upgrade of her Vista machine What I'm worried about is the serial numbers -- the one has already been registered and activated on my machine so I don't know what would happen regarding licensing if I tried this Any help would be sincerely appreciated Thank you

A:Interesting install problem

Yes there is a way to do this as described in this thread the other day, which the OP was able to complete successfully: From Home To Prof. using media disk
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Attaced is a sample of what I want to do.

I want an inventory sheet that I can select how many items I want, the formula selects that cheapest vendors price and then the items are sent to the ordering form per vendor.

The Problem!

I want the order form not to show blank lines. I want the items to drop in without these spaces.

can anyone help?

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I bought a Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard for my XP computer I don t know what other relevant specs one might need so let me know The keyboard is USB and comes with a bunch of useless extra buttons as well as the standard ones that I m Keyboard Problem Interesting using to type this post It used to be that sometimes not all the time maybe a couple times a month when I start my computer the standard buttons won t respond but recently it seems to be every day Interesting Keyboard Problem I can t type any words I can t change the any of the locks windows key alt and ctrl don t work But the interesting thing is all the useless buttons media controls favorites links to browser messenger etc all still work When this happens I go into Device Manager and see the little yellow exclamation point on one of my USB devices uninstall it and then either restart or un- and re-plug the keyboard and it installs and is kosher once again I have know idea what the trigger is any suggestions would be appreciated because it s a pain gt lt nbsp

A:Interesting Keyboard Problem

You can try turning off plug and play in Services then uninstalling the keyboard and rebooting then directing the install for the found new hardware to standard HID device keyboard.
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Hi I use Lingo VOIP phone and everytime someone calls me the fax picks up a few seconds after I answer. The fax settings are set for the fax never to pick up the phone call unless I press 123#.

What can I do?

I use an HP4215 all-in-one

A:Fax problem... interesting URGENT

why not uninstall then reinstall the fax software

run a virus/spy scan before reinstalling

post back
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Ok so I just purchased a new Fujitsu Lifebook t tablet PC with WINDOWS tablet PC edition I was setting it all up and decided to go ahead and download AIM obviously to be able to talk to my friends I went and downloaded AIM version from oldversion com and it ran please Detailed problem AIM help very interesting fine I logged in and started playing with the settings and didn't do anything major I simply just changed the font and things like Detailed AIM problem very interesting please help that etc So after about minutes I realized I didn't install AIM ad-hack which I had on my previous computer So I went to http aftermath dyndns org aimadhack and downloaded ad-hack version I ran the setup exe and I got to the part where it asks you what sections you would like to install The first option asks you if you want ad-hack to download and install aim for you I wasn't thinking and figured i best let it do it for me so Detailed AIM problem very interesting please help while the aim ad-hack setup was running I opened up add-remove programs and uninstalled AIM I then pulled up the ad-hack setup and hit continue it downloaded aim and finished installing without a hitch At the end of the setup aim didn't come up I went to the start menu and ran it from there Nothing happened I tried it again and still nothing I used ctr-alt-delete to pull up the running processes and aim exe was running times the exact amount of times it should be But no aim application was visible I killed the three processes and tried again still nothing Killed that process then I figured i'd try reinstalling I go and try to uninstall it I uninstall ad-hack fine then when I try and uninstall AIM itself it says it can't because of certain missing files I reinstall AIM then uninstall it and still in between that phase AIM by itself would not run I reinstall AIM once more and even by itself it won't run I uninstall it again and delete the application data and every single AOL registry key and any left over files from the My Programs folder I install aim by itself again and still it won't run I uninstall it delete everything again I download an OLD version of aim v to be exact and that runs just fine so after that one is running I reinstall the version I was proviously trying to use and then again the same problem If ANYone has any ideas how I can get my AIM and ad-hack working please let me know
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I have a 3 sheets of an inventory nature. Sheet 1 is an iventory off all items with prices of each vendor for the product, with two colums that pick the cheapest price and the vendor of the cheapest product.
Sheet 2 and 3 are individual vendor order forms. e.g. office max and staples.

Sheet one looks like this:
Inventory vendor1 vendor2 best price best vendor
batteries9v $2 $1.5 $1.5 vendor2
Envelopes $5 $10 $5 vendor1

I need to find the formula to tell the info to import the batteries9v to drop into the vendor2 order sheet and the envelopes to drop into the vendor1 order sheet.

Ok..this I can do!...BUT, how do I say: IF vendor2 is the best price, show batteries9v in row 1 on the vendor2 order sheet, IF it is not vendor2, then look for the next line down and keep searching down till you get vendor2.

Is this clear or not? Anyway can someone help please.

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Hey everyone I am using an ednet mousmat - to be honest at the time like year ago I just picked it up in the local store because my m was worn out and it has a neon-blue glowing ligh ring wrapped around just as the keyboard I just bought a couple of days earlier I use a Logitech MX as my primary mouse which never caused problems except that i has to be loaded with my usage about one a week and every now and then I forget to place it into the station until Interesting problem... mouse t s nearly empty light turns red For this reason I have to use a secondary mouse this always used to be a quite old optical cabled Logitech but it always caused problems mainly slowing down or completely stopping for no reason or so I thought I don t know how I could even put up with it for a year but yesterday when Interesting mouse problem... buying some cables for my home cinemy I just moved so the old ones were too short I stumbled over a pile of cheap hama mice in front of the it for just US and just grabbed one yeh I was also thinking quot he rubbish corner quot I knew it wouldn t be anything special Interesting mouse problem... but since I just needed something for maybe h downtime every other month I didn t bother Guess what same problem I inspected my mousemat and noticed that the outer rd on each side are still very slightly rough like when I bought Interesting mouse problem... it while the center is totally smooth The new mouse actually does not totally stop but it slows down It seems that this happens when I go from the smooth surface to the outer rough surface It works a lot better on my table it seems but still shows the effect I can t compare to my old Logitech again because I threw it away immediately I can t remember any specific change event when my old mouse started this because I use it so seldom Only thing is the new mousemat a year ago and Vista x maybe months ago The MX doesn t show any behavior like this at all anybody have any ideas what s causing this This has gotten really long for this kind of problem probably nobody gets until this point If you do leave your ideas please Cheers JD nbsp
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I have a aiw 9600 xt video card. This card is about a year and a half odl. When I try to install my ati drivers from the cd furnished by ati, the setup page is in some language that I can not read. I think that it is russian or some Cyrillic writting. This started about 4 months ago. I have tried several times to load this page in english and from time to time I will get a couple of words in english, but not the entire page. I have tried to download all of ati's drivers on line and that is a nightmare. I am unable to find an ati e-mail site to ask them about this problem. Through trial and error I finally get everything loaded. Does anyone have any suggestions. I think that this will be my last ati video card.

A:Interesting Problem with ATI software

thats one of the reason why i choose nVidia!
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i have recently bought myself a new 256mb stick of PC2100 DDR Ram to add to the 256mb already in my computer. when installed and i boot up the comp still says i have 256mb installed.
i have tested both sticks and they work fine on their own but they will not work when in together