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Satellite L50-B-1DV - how to remove keyboard

Q: Satellite L50-B-1DV - how to remove keyboard

I need to replace a keyboard on a Satellite L50-B-1DV.

The keyboard that I have received from my suppliers does not have any screw holes so I am presuming that the existing keyboard comes out by prising it gently from the top rather than having to dismantle.

Can anyone confirm what is best method of removing a keyboard from this particular model.
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Preferred Solution: Satellite L50-B-1DV - how to remove keyboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I need to change the display connector on my notebook, already removed HDD, Memories, ODD, all screws F2, F5, F8, and the keyboard plate is still blocked in the middle, cannot remove it from motherboard.
Any tips, please, about what is still tightening the plate to motherboard?

Thanks in advance

A:Cannot remove keyboard on Satellite Pro U400


Before you start to remove screws that secure keyboard (two of them at the top) remove screws for KB Holder. They are placed under the battery.
Check it out.
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Hey, quick question.

How do I remove the keyboard from the laptop to give the inside a cleaning ?


A:How to remove keyboard on my Satellite Pro C850-14C


I read that this is not very easy?
You will need to remove the CD/DVD drive firstly.
Then you will need to use a plastic stick to push the back of keyboard from the slot in ODD housing. The keyboard should be pushed until the corner raises upon top case surface.
After that using the same plastic pry slice to insert the gap between keyboard and top case, then pry keyboard edges carefully until all latches are unlocked.

By the way: doing this would will cancel the warranty?
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Hi there

I have bought a Toshiba Satellite R630-14J, and i would like to remove de keyboard for clean it.
I have tried to remove the plastic case between the keys, but I have not succeeded.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.

A:Satellite R630-14J -How to remove keyboard?

My friend has an R700 which I think is the same design as that R630. If it is the same, it is a big job to remove the keyboard, the whole base of the notebook needs to be dismantled.

You can clean the keyboard without removing it using compressed air, however if it's a liquid spill, the keyboard will probably need replacing.
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some keys on the keyboard of my Z830 keyboard became sticky over time.

Is it possible to remove single keys, try to clean it and put the key back in, or is the key glued?

I wouldn't want to replace the whole keyboard, as most of the keys still work fine.


A:Satellite Z830 - Remove/change single keys from keyboard


> Is it possible to remove single keys, try to clean it and put the key back in, or is the key glued?
The key caps are removable. But I?m not quite sure if caps cleaning would solve the ?sticky key issue?.

On Youtube you could find some interesting videos how to remove such key caps and to clean the area under the caps.

But be careful doing this.
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I'm new here, and english isn't my mother tongue, then, please be indulgent ;-)

I have a problem with my numeric keyboard.
It is not possible to make it work in the same time as the alphabetic keyboard.

When I press numlock to make it work, it also change the alphabetic keyboard in numeric.

Example : numlock on uiojklnm, = 456123n0,

I have a QWERTZ keyboard.

Thanks for your help

A:Satellite Pro P300 Numeric keyboard at same time as alphabetic keyboard?

What notebook model do you have?
Did you update the BIOS?

If not, try it? most issues can be solved by BIOS update!
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Hi I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite Click Pro and at the top two of the keys increase decrease the screen brightness much like two of the shortcut up (Toshiba keyboard locks Satellite) Keyboard keys at the top of a Mac do the same Well I discovered that if I press the key to decrease the screen brightness too quickly and bring it down all the way to the lowest brightness and keep clicking it turns off the keyboard As in none of the keyboard keys will work anymore The only Keyboard shortcut locks up keyboard (Toshiba Satellite) way I know of to fix it is to restart the keyboard I'm wondering if there's a way to disable the fact that it does this and find a way to turn the Keyboard shortcut locks up keyboard (Toshiba Satellite) keyboard back on without restarting the computer since it is quite frankly annoying when I have three word documents and about browser tabs open I can't figure out how to disable stop this one key by using the keyboard settings toggling the hotkeys etc Honestly I'm not even sure if this is a Windows issue or Toshiba issue Has anyone else had this problem

A:Keyboard shortcut locks up keyboard (Toshiba Satellite)

If under warranty, return this to the store ASAP for replacement/repair. There's not much we can recommend you do, hardware-wise, that you can do and not void the warranty.
I suspect the keyboard may be sticking,,, you can try another USB KB for troubleshooting though. Plug in the USB KB and see if that behavior is duplicated using that KB.
Let us know
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What kind of keyboard I need for Toshiba Satellite NB550D? My city does not have your service center and I?m looking to buy it online.
The problem is that the keyboard just stopped working while typing, everything else works well.

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A:Need new keyboard for Satellite NB550D

You don't need something special. Just keyboard for NB550D. If there is no service centre in your city you can order it in other service centre.
To find it just visit

Other way, check if you can find some online store in your country. Good place for such parts is eBay.
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hope somebody can help me out here...have a Satellite S50-B-15N laptop, the keys on my fixed keyboard don't work ( apart from the letter I ) ......
which means I can't type in my password and access my laptop....

i have the windows 10 upgrade since it came out ..

many thanks
Rod .

A:Satellite S50-B-15N - Keyboard is not working

Are you able to use the external USB keyboard properly?

If yes, then the internal keyboard could be faulty and should be replaced in order to fix the issue.
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Hi, i was thinking buying a SATELLITE M50-A-11Q altough i cant understand or find any information if this specific model has a LED-backlit illuminated keyboard.

Can anybody help?

A:Illuminated keyboard on Satellite M50-A-11Q

According notebook specification this notebook model doesn't have illuminated keyboard.
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Hello I just bought this new Satellite Pro I have installed all the drivers and updated the bios to last version but I always have the C50-A-1L6 on Satellite problems Keyboard Pro same problem when I write a lot of times my keyboard writes double letters for example every ten words the keyboard writes a double letter like quot keybboard quot I tried also to change the keyboard properties from the control panel of Windows but nothing has changed I called the support but they just told me that I have to bring my laptop in an assistence center but I need my new computer for work and I wouldn't be happy to lose it for at least weeks And moreover the support told me that if the laptop has no hardware problem I would have to pay for the assistence So this is my first and unlucy experience in the Toshiba world There's somebody who can give me some tips for solving this problem Maybe this is a common problem on new laptops and somebody knows how to fix it Thank you very much

A:Keyboard problems on Satellite Pro C50-A-1L6

I have very bad news.

I bought same computer and for the last 3 months I have been in a battle with Toshiba Spain Technical Center, without any result.

They have taken my computer 5 times to service center !!!!!! they always say that it is repaired but the problem still remains. Plus they never explain me what they have done and not done !

I have noticed that this problem only happens on people that knows how to use all fingers while writting! do you?
It has never happened to me in any other computer or laptop, but only on this Toshiba.

And Toshiba Spain just tells me to keep send it back to Service Center... for what? problably for nothing, just to keep playing with me.

I have requested to change my laptop for another one, or my money back...waste of my time.

Please keep me posted.
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I have an old satellite M x- with a broken keyboard I found some keyboards for my laptop but im not sure if they are compatible My keyboard Moden Need my Satellite M40X-163 keyboard for Re: new no NSK-T L DARFON PN N L COMPAL PN PK AT M K B K WK K I would like to know if it is compatible with the following keyboard i can't find my product number on this one and the photo looks exactly like Re: Need new keyboard for my Satellite M40X-163 my keyboard TOSHIBA Satellite A A A A A Series Keyboards Black Compatible Numbers K UE P P P T -US N A Ribbon Cable Model Number K K PK CW MP- US- G C E P G C K K NSK-T G C G NSK-T A V N A MP- US- NSK-T G C EA V -R WLJ- W PK CW N - -T - A NSK-T D K PK AL PK AT N NSK-T NSK-T the link is this one http www ebay com itm Original-FOR-Toshiba-Satellite-M -M x-M -M x-M -M -M -US-Keyboard-Black- pt US Laptop Replacement Keyboards amp ha sh item ccb e Thank you

A:Re: Need new keyboard for my Satellite M40X-163

The keyboard on ebay page seems to be compatible.
Generally speaking all Toshiba parts can be ordered from Toshiba service partner available in your country.
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I own a Satellite L50-B-24C with Windows 8.1 and I tried to update once to Windows 10 (I downgraded after i got the problem).
Everything was fine except the keyboard, I had a massive keyboard lag but only after upgrading.
How can I solve it?
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im hoping this is the best place to post this its about my Toshiba satellite c650d. its probably so simple but i cant figure how to access the keys with the red symbols. There is nothing in the manual about these keys. Its driving me crazy !!

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I've seen other keyboard problems on the threads but none of them seem to match mine!

I have had this computer since January and am having trouble with the keyboard already. The main problem is the left arrow key - it works when I press it on the left-hand side but not if I press the other side of the key.

I also have a feeling the other keys don't always work as well as they should - sometimes I know that I pressed a key but the letter doesn't show up. This is just random and sporadic as far as I can tell (whereas the arrow key problem is consistent).

I would be grateful if anyone had any advice about this problem and whether it means getting a new keyboard or whether it can be easily fixed.

Thank you!

A:Keyboard issues on Satellite Pro C50-A-1HP

On this virtual way it is not easy to say why do you have this issues but as far as I know there is no some fix for it.

In my opinion keyboard must be exchanged.
Which notebook model do you have?
Can you exchange it alone?
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Keyboard is not working on my Satellite Pro R50-B-155

A:Keyboard is not working on my Satellite Pro R50-B-155

Toshiba Sattelite C660-A212 keyboard letter c keep on moving automatically eventhough letter C is not press what is the possible reason of this problem?
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Hi does anyone know where I can get an original spec keyboard for my laptop which is a Satellite S70-A-11H?

It cost almost ?700 and is less than 12 months old, one of the keys has come off and Toshiba will not cover it under the warranty!

It has not been used much as it as ben connected to a separate keyboard, it has not been misused or neglected but I have been advised by customer support that they will most likely want to make a charge for the repair of ?100 if you include labour delivery an VAT !

A:Satellite S70-A-11H - new KeyBoard Required

Does anyone know where I can get an original spec keyboard for my laptop which is a Satellite S70-A-11H?

You can get such part from local Toshiba authorized service provider in your country.
But the notebook was equipped with a A4+10key standard tile black keyboard with backlight

If the ASP isn’t a option for you, probably you would get such keyboard also from some independent online dealers
Ask google ans search using the terms: Satellite S70-A keyboard
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i have L50-A-108 PSKJNE-002003GE but i can't find this model in any support page,

i have some problem with keyboard in windows 10 and i want to update the bios but i can't find nowhare the support list for this serial number

thank you
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I need to change the keyboard and do not know how it is removed
Any know how removed?
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I am proud to use a Toshiba Satellite Z30-A-1CZ., I bought it this winter in Germany.
It is a wonderful machine, and working or surfing is an absolute joy.

Last week I accidentally broke a key (Left Arrow Key) on my keyboard.
The Key Cap is broken it doesn't hold to the Clip, the Key retainer Clip and the Rubber Cup are still ok.

Can you help me, by giving a hint, where can I buy new key, so that I can further enjoy working?
Getting back to Germany for warranty is not a solution at the moment.

Now it looks awful, and working on it is a pain

Can I hope that your team can save my key? You are my last hope.

Best regards

A:Satellite Z30-A-1CZ - broken keyboard key

You could try contact the Toshiba ASP in the country in which you are resident or currently staying.
Maybe the ASP would be able to provide single key caps….

Other idea: visit some independent computer stores / dealers downtown.

As far as I know the Poretege Z30 keyboard uses an common key cap mounting which should be supported by other keyboards…
so maybe you could get such one key cap from another similar keyboard….
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I thought I post this here maybe someone can help Has anyone here replaced his Toshiba Satellite A - and still has a well-working keyboard or knows where to get one I have a Toshiba Satellite - keyboard? Satellite Toshiba new A - model PSAA E PP EN Serial no Q still after yrs yes but Toshiba Satellite - new keyboard? when you buy top in class it lasts quot forever quot Frankly since yesterday s AVG PC Trial Tuneup the machine Toshiba Satellite - new keyboard? again runs like a rocket Would be stupid and environmental crime to Toshiba Satellite - new keyboard? replace it BUT Also since that tune-up the quot n quot key stopped working don t ask how I got the quot n quot s here guess I had to click quot no quot too much too hard had slighter problems for a while Cleaned it all under the keys and nothing visibly broken Guess keyboard really just is too old now Hence my Question Has anyone here replaced his Toshiba Satellite A - and still has a well-working keyboard or knows where I can get one nbsp

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My "End" key has fallen off my keyboard. Does anyone know the part number and/or where to get hold of a spare key? I've had a look on ebay, but there's no x200 keys, but similar looking ones.

A:Satellite X200-25I (keyboard) key

I doubt you can buy individual keys, you will need to replace the whole keyboard.
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Does anyone know a link / an instruction on:

(1) where can I get a new keyboard for Z930?
(2) can I replace it myself? If yes, how?


A:Keyboard replacement on Satellite Z930

I don?t know what the problem is with your keyboard but I presume that this new notebook model has valid warranty so I strongly recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. If keyboard is defective they should exchange it for free.

The whole situation with hardware parts is pretty complicated. I don?t know where do you live and I cannot search whole web to find right link for you and you can do this alone. Google a bit around and check if you can find some online store in your country where you can order it.

Theoretically you can do this but I don?t think you should do this alone. Notebook disassembling can be pretty complicated and without maintenance manuals very risky. Small mistake and you can damage something, especially small plastic parts and plastic holders.

Contact nearest Toshiba service, talk with them and ask for some help or good advice.
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I apologize in advance if this has been answered elsewhere. I have Satellite a105-s2194. The keyboard and touch pad stopped working after I edited my registry to fix my dvd burner. I've tried a usb mouse. It shows up but also doesn't work.I can't do a system restore without a working mouse or keyboard so I'm kind of stuck.
I checked the BIOS and everything is as it should be. Keyboard works in BIOS and system utilities menus.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank!

A:Satellite keyboard/touchpad unresponsive

BIOS provides USB support before Windows starts which is why it works in BIOS but not Windows.

I suggest the best place to start is recovering your files/folders. You can probably just skip to Step 2 for your case See How to recover your folders/files when Windows won?t boot

Then you can comfortably try fixing your computer (which might need a full reformat/reinstall)
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The "s" key on my laptop acts as if I'm holding down the key. The only way I can this to stop is to hold down the s key while holding the backspace key. This disables the s key - the laptop is functional, all except the s key. I tried booting the laptop in SAFE mode, I reloaded XP, reload the BIOS, and finally tried installing a new keyboard. Nothing worked. Any suggestions?

A:Toshiba Satellite A15 Wacky Keyboard

Hi alanbkahn and welcome to the TechSpot Forum :wave:

If a change of keyboard didnt do it then odds are the board is faulty in someway, thats assuming the keyboard you bought didnt have the same fault with it.

Can you plug in a PS2 keyboard and see if that works...

Would you please take a few moments to read the following. It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

Techspot FAQ.

A message for all newcomers.

SNGX1275`s A guide to making a good post/thread.

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Some help required please.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L500 and recently the keyboard has stopped working - suddenly.

I have rebooted, removed the battery to reset and also dis-connected and re-connected the keyboard to ensure the connection was ok. All with no luck.

The system emits a dull click sound when a key is pressed but not character is processed on screen.

Anybody have any idea how I might troubleshoot or fix this issue?

Thanks in advance

A:Toshiba Satellite - Keyboard not working

Any ideas people?
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Hey guys,

I was wondering if you knew of any places where I could get a set of keys for the keyboard (as opposed to buying a new keyboard) and if possible; where I can get sets of keys for different keyboard layouts, such as AZERTY for example.

Many thanks in advance, Owen.

A:Satellite Pro P300-1AY - Where can I get new keyboard parts?

Hi buddy,

You can only order a new keyboard and such single keys that you mean can?t be ordered. If some single keys don?t work you have to buy a new keyboard but as far as I know it isn?t so expensive.

Just contact the authorized service provider in your country and ask for that. There you can get a new keyboard. :)
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a few of my keys are not working, I want to replace the keyboard, but there are no screws, just plastic clenches. How to get along with this type of connection?
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Hi, this is my first post in this forum

I have some big troubles with the keyboard on my Satellite Z30-A-16E.
Two keys are fallen out and I cant get them back in because the "hooks" that hold the key are either bent or fallen off.
The worst part is that two more keys are "loose" and sometimes get "stuck" or fall off.

Does anyone has the same problems with this keyboard? Is this under warranty?

A:Satellite Z30-A-16E - Keyboard buttons problem

Should be covered by the warranty. I haven't had any problems with keys falling of the keyboard.
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I have a problem with laptop satelite c610-17x The keyboard works badly a poste q z post little 2 of root square and so on thank for your help
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I have a toshiba satellite a105-s4094. I recently installed the new keyboard, and now I'm in a world of hurt.

The mapping is now all screwy. Some keys work and some don't. Pressing some keys causes the keyboard to register multiple keys. I think it's a problem with the driver but I can't find an updated one to install. I can't even figure out how to install my old one over again. One other thing - the keys that don't work, when i press them the light on the power button blinks off.

Any ideas?!

A:Toshiba Satellite a105 new keyboard

Start -> Run -> devmgmt.msc -> OK

Expand the plus sign and remove the keyboard

You may also go to Add/Remove programs (in Control Panel) and remove any installed keyboard managers (Microsoft?)

Restart, and allow Windows to set up the newly found keyboard again.

Test (in Notepad usually)

Mind you, this could be a faulty keyboard
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Okay while searching for the internet Toshiba keyboard Satellite working not I noticed another individual had a similar issue but I hope that with my information Toshiba Satellite keyboard not working you could Toshiba Satellite keyboard not working somewhat point me in the right direction When I registered I put in all I could find to help aid anyone who might be able to help Anyways onto the issue A few months back I unfortunately tripped over my power cord and spilled an entire glass of wine on my poor laptop Luckily my spouse was able to dry it out relatively well and it booted up perfectly fine The only exception was my keyboard didn't really work and my touchpad mouse doesn't work at all I bought a usb wireless keyboard and mouse and recently bought a new keyboard She installed it and lo and behold a few keys still didn't work Fast forward to today Without thinking I reached over and used a few buttons before realizing that a few that weren't working -were- Testing it out further I realized that ALL the keys were functioning HUZZAH Then I shift over further onto the sofa and the it stopped working again Annoyed I had my spouse reopen the laptop to check it's connection thinking that maybe it wasn't plugged in fully Alas it was So I know the keyboard CAN work I just want to know what might be the causes towards it switching on so to speak and switching off The fact that my touch-pad won't work doesn't bother me as I do have the wireless mouse though a rough estimate would be appreciated towards the cost of getting it fixed Thanks for your time

A:Toshiba Satellite keyboard not working

Don't mean to be a bother about this, but is there any way that I could get an answer?
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I need to change this keyboard ---> COMPAL P/N PK13CW10180 - Darfon P/N 99.N5682.30E - MODEL NSK-T430E - K000016100 WK442K - ITALIAN LANGUAGE
but, on the internet, the only models I found they have these features ---> MODEL MP-03436I0-698 - P/N PK13CW10280 - K000016100 WKA16K - ITALIAN LANGUAGE

The only difference I've seen looking at the pictures is the flat that connects the keyboard to the motherboard.
My doubt is on functionality and if they are hardware compatible.

Can anyone help me in this choice?

Many Thanks for all


A:Keyboard type on Satellite M30X-130

Satellite M30X is pretty old notebook model so I think you should not have big problems to obtain new keyboard. I had similar problem on my old Satellite M70 and I bought new keyboard on eBay.

At this time keyboards were pretty similar and one keyboard could be used on few notebook models. eBay is good place to find keyboards and different hardware parts for old notebook models.
Unfortunately I cannot help you with this keyboard check so if you find specification that says it is compatible with M30X you can buy it.

Don't spend a lot of money for it. as I wrote before on eBay you can find keyboards for reasonable price.
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Hi All

on my Satellite Z930 with keyboard layout set to german (Switzerland), the alt gr key does not allow to access the additional characters (such as @, which would be accessed by alt gr + 2), but instead turns all keys into hot keys (e.g. typing n would open a new web browser window).

Does anyone know about this behavior and how to turn this behavior off? (it's rather annoying to change the layout always to en-us just to type one char ...)

Many thanks!


A:Satellite Z930 - ALT GR key changes keyboard to hot keys

Similar is with English UK and US where symbols ? and @ are n different positions.

You must simply test which key combination works properly. I have EN UK keyboard and when I switch it to German (Switcerland) symbol @ I can get if I use ALT GR+2 key combination.

Does it works on your Satellite too?
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Yesterday, all of a sudden, my keyboard stopped working correctly. I've checked all the Keyboard Configurations, and they're correctly set to Portuguese, but when I try to use symbols (absolutely necessary in my language) they execute different tasks, for example, when I press "?" the cursor goes down the page, as if I'd pressed "Page Down".

When I press "Backspace", it erases the previous letter, but then it goes to the beggining of the line (as if I'd pressed "Home").

I've re-installed the controller, and everything, but I can't understand what's going on.

When I connect an external keyboard, it works perfectly.

Can you help me?

Thank you,

A:Satellite M70 - Keyboard lost configuration

Hallo Carina

Have you noticed the same behaviur using different aplications like notepad, wordpad or some office applications?
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I have bought my laptop 2 weeks ago and am looking to upgrade my keyboard with backlight keyboad.

The motherboard has the extra connector but i need to confirm it with you: [Motherboard|]

Also i have found some sellers on ebay selling the keyboard for less than half price than the distributor and i will like to know what you reccoment .

A:Satellite M50-A-110 - Looking to upgrade backlight keyboard


> Also i have found some sellers on ebay selling the keyboard for less than half price than the distributor and i will like to know what you reccoment .

In many cases the different keyboard would be compatible since most of them support the same hardware specifications.

Regarding the additional keyboard connector:
As far as I know the backlight keyboard has to be connected to the additional connector called *JBLG*
But to be honest I did not find in on the picture you placed in the post.
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i have recently had a warranty motherboard replacement from toshiba on my satellite c870-156,
bearing in mind the laptop is only 6-7 months old from brand new.

since it was returned to me the keyboard is now faulty

basically the keyboard types the 'Q' by itself, the key is not sticky and is not stuck down, if i do not touch the keyboard or mouse for maybe a minute or 2 then once i touch either it will start typing the Q, it only does it when using internet browsers.

i sent it back to toshiba for this fault and they returned it with a note saying they could not find a fault.

what can i do myself? i took the keyboard off to make sure the connection was seated correctly and there was no debris

apart from replacing the keyboard what can i do??

A:fault on toshiba satellite keyboard fix

You can connect a usb keyboard and see if that works if it does could be a driver problem If all else fails i would get in touch with Toshiba again
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None of my keyboard keys are working at all, still have mouse and touch pad working. The screen is now stuck on the log in, and as I can't type in a password to get to through to the control panel I don't know what to do. Have googled and youtubed a few things but nothing has helped. Does anyone know?!
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I have Satellite Pro L70-A-140 and German Windows 7.
Where is the backslash symbol on the keyboard?


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A:Satellite Pro L70-A-140 - where is the backslash symbol on the keyboard?

If your notebook has German keyboard and language that you use is German, backslash can be activated if you use ALT GR + ?.
Check it please here .
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Hi, I'm the owner of a Satellite Pro L870-173 Notebook.
During writing an email the functions of the keyboard changed.
Some keys have another meaning, here are some examples

Space lab = ?
4 =? v4v4
c =The optio? for a secodon display

What can I do?
Is the cause a defect keyboard?
Do somebody have an idea?

The system is a Win8? 6v4-bit
The settings of the keyboard is still the same: German language

Thanks a lot!

A:Keyboard issue on Satellite Pro L870-173

> Do somebody have an idea?
Yes, I?ve got an idea.

> Is the cause a defect keyboard?
I?m afraid, yes.

You can confirm my idea connecting external USB keyboard to the notebook.
In case your external keyboard would work properly, the issue is related definitely to the internal keyboard.
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I have the S50-B-15P model with Windows 10 installed. I never checked if the backlit keyboard worked on Windows 8.1, as soon as I got it I upgraded to Windows 10.

I have installed all the drivers from the Toshiba Windows 10 upgrade page however as before the keyboard works just not backlit!
I opened the eco utility software and checked for the keyboard backlit settings under eco mode however it does not exist and no setting exists in the BIOS either.The keyboard does have the symbol to enable the backlit function on the Z key however pressing FN + Z does nothing.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this? Does the keyboard even have this function or is it faulty?

Thanks, Craig

A:Satellite S50-B-15P backlit keyboard not working

I have the same problem as its with you
my laptop is Satellite S50T-B1391 which is new just 4 days I check every thing like you Fn+Z is not working the bios is new version and nothing is there also nothing about backlit in eco utility app

I check it in win 8.1 before upgrading and win 10 all have the same problem
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hey! i realy need some help with this keyboard! the entire right bottom side of it is torn out!
like its been peeled off or something!
i bought it at a garage sale on monday and it works, but the keyboards just fu&%ed up.
how can i take it out? and replace it with a new one?
where can i get a new one?
how much?
very apppreciative for any help on this, cause frankly il probably end up in the hospital if i attempt it myself
thanks for any replys!

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I accidently distroyed my keyboard with wine?!

Who can give me a hint where to buy a replacement keyboard or an aftermarket keyboard?
The type of my laptop is: U300 13F p/n PSU31E- 00X012DU

Your advice, please,keesl

A:Where to find keyboard for my Satellite Pro U300-13F?

I've always ordered keyboards on eBay.
Check if you can find one for your notebook model.
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Keyboard is not working anymore, at all. Instead, continuously + is typed in a text field (or continuously Insert, if NumLock is turned off). A USB keyboard works fine (pressing CAPSLOCK on the USB keyboard will activate the light on the laptop keyboard), but the continuous +s still persist.

alt+tab doesn't work, and clicking on stacked items on the system tray neither. The windows'll just appear and vanish again.

The touchpad still works to steer the mouse around, but the 'tap to click' and 'drag finger over edge for mouse wheel' functions don't work anymore.
Thx for any help

A:Keyboard is not working on my Satellite T650 -1MC

This notebook model is not known to me but after reading your posting I think keyboard is defective and must be replaced. I mean what else you can do about that.

Try to obtain new keyboard and replace it. After doing this everything will be OK again.
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Hi, Just Bought a Click 10 LX5W and the battery status for the keyboard says " This battery is not available for use " The keyboard works fine. I have updated the bios to 1.7, Charged for 24 hours and updated windows 10 to no avail. Any ideas please?
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I have a Satellite Pro A300-10Q running XP.

The function keys weren't working so I downloaded Common Module and Hot Key Utility.
After that the touch pad mouse and keyboard stopped working as well.

Please help?

A:Keyboard on Satellite Pro A300-10Q is not working

Can you use keyboard in BIOS (arrows) or when you start OS in safe mode?
Which WXP version have you installed (SP?)?

Post please notebook?s part number (PAxxxx-xxxxxx)?

I have Satellite A300-1LI with WXP and everything works perfectly.
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First sorry I don't speak well English.
I have a problem with my PC model:
The keyboard doesn't work and I want to change it.

I have two questions:

1- I searched but did not find where I can buy the keyboard.

2- There is not a French Azerty on my PC. Maybe belgium Azerty or other??? I don't know.
Is it possible to change the version of the keyboard.

Keyboard Ref : MP11B56B0-5281B

Thank you.
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Hey Folks I'm a tech trying to help a friend who dumped a coke on his keyboard Fell asleep while hacking Anyway I ordered a c keyboard before seeing the device I had the Model number This was an error The original keyboard appears to be almost an integral part of the Satellite Keyboard issue C55-c5241 - top cover its held in place by a gazillion small melted plastic quot rivets quot The C keyboards that I see on the web or that arrived at my hovel were regular ones drop in screwed in Questions Do we Satellite C55-c5241 - Keyboard issue have to replace the top cover w the KB Where can we find one If we can extricate the KB from the underside of the top cover where can we get on of those The whole thing is different the battery has to be screwed in the hard drive is wedged in w rubber wedges there's an extra connector on the mobo this always freaks me out on reassembly There is no service manual available Information is scant trayless I'm a CompTIA A Certified Tech with a Information Systems degree and certified in Mechatronics a formally trained and experienced Electromechanical Designer PCB designer who's been cussing computers for almost half a century This is what I do Can anyone shed some light Thanks Gary
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I need to replace the keyboard on my Satellite R830 as the space bar is not registering a press unless the middle of the bar is pressed.

New keyboards are available on ebay but can anyone please provide instructions on how the keyboard can be replaced. A search of the web has been unsuccessful so far.

Thanks in advance,

A:How to replace keyboard on Satellite R830?


Is your warranty valid?
In such case recommend contacting the ASP in your country to replace the kneeboard since this would be covered by warranty and it would be done free of charge.

As far as I know the keyboard replacement procedure is the same like for the R700 Portege series
It?s difficult because you will need to remove other parts like
Battery, sim card, express card slot, memory modules, base assembly to get access to an
aluminum tape from the back of the cover assembly. Then you could turn the cover assembly face up and peel off the keyboard adhered to the insulator.
And additionally you can not use the removed keyboard and keyboard insulator again. You will need to use new parts.
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I am curious but does a Satellite C855D support back lit keyboards? I found one on Amazon but it says make sure that your mobo supports lighted keyboards.
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I have Toshiba Satellite U50T-A-100. My keyboard just randomly stopped working yesterday. I have had it for a year and a half and unfortunately the warranty is only one year (had it already fixed once when still under warranty). I tried to fix it myself, tried several advices found on online forums as this seems to be a very frequent problem.

I desperately need this to be fixed as I have a deadline for report cards and can't write them on I-pad... Anyone has any advice that would help fix the problem? I was also thinking about buying an external keyboard.


A:Keyboard is not working on my Satellite U50T-A-100

I guess you’ve got the same issue as already described in this thread:

Probably the last updates from Microsoft as well as update for ELAN touchpad caused some problems and therefore you cannot use the touchpad or keyboard…
You could solve this annoying issue using the external USB mouse and loading the last restore point.
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I have a toshiba satellite m45, model #psm4ou-073001. I had just finished sending an email with attachments and started to check a different account and found that several keys quit working . the keys are sdz,./gj[ ]q
is there a common connection between these keys? why would 11 keys quit at one time? I cleaned and dusted the keyboard with no results. any ideas? please help. thank you very much.

A:Toshiba satellite keyboard malfunction

Remove the keyboard, clean with canned air such as Dust Off, and replace, hoping it has been a bad connection. The Toshiba laptop keyboards are generally very reliable.
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I have a Satellite U50T-A.
Control device (keyboard) shows the follow error message:
Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

I have tried to solve this problem but I don't know what to do.

Message was edited: posting has been translated

A:Keyboard issue on Satellite U50T-A

How to understand your problem? Can you use the keyboard or it is completely “death”?
Have you tried to make system restore or anything else?
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This question relates to a Toshiba Satellite Pro C - UX Laptop running Windows Home Premium Service Pack Some of the onboard keys E T U I O A B N together with the Enter key fail to register All of the other keys tested so far appear to register normally - Keyboard C660 Pro Problems Satellite When connecting an external USB keyboard all keys function properly However when using either the onboard keyboard or the external USB keyboard it is necessary to hold down whatever key is selected for approx - seconds in order for its character to register This makes typing incredibly slow and is understandably unacceptable I've checked device manager looking for errors but am unable to find any Satellite Pro C660 - Keyboard Problems The driver for the keyboard is listed as installed and working properly and driver update says that the latest version is in already in use I have also scanned for viruses using Malware Bytes and Spybot and also with the laptops own pre-installed antivirus software All of the full system scans return a no threat found message I have read that the keyboards on these machines can sometime be problematic which could answer why only certain onboard keys function The fact that all keys on the external USB keyboard work would seem to confirm Satellite Pro C660 - Keyboard Problems this However the fact that both onboard and external keyboard is affected by the same slow keypress might also suggest a bios problem - but as this laptop is several years old and has been working perfectly why would bios suddenly cause this problem I have visited the Toshiba website and based on this laptop having Part number PSC ME- SEN I have determined rightly or wrongly that the correct bios download version is -WIN only when I read the following bios installation instructions http aps toshiba-tro de kb HTD M R htm I became pretty concerned as the installation of the bios update appears far from simple Does anyone know if it is possible to download and install the correct bios by means of an automated update as opposed to the manual download and step by step installation which if not carried out as intended could render the laptop totally unusable Has anyone reading this post experienced similar issues with this make and model of laptop and managed to successfully return it to proper working order If so how Any constructive advice would be gratefully received

A:Satellite Pro C660 - Keyboard Problems

> When connecting an external USB keyboard, all keys function properly.

This means that keyboard controller is OK and the internal keyboard is faulty.
To fix this keyboard issue, the internal keyboard should be replaced.

>However, the fact that both onboard and external keyboard is affected by the same slow keypress might also suggest a bios problem - but as this laptop is several years old and has been working perfectly, why would bios suddenly cause this problem.

Hmm? I don?t think so?
The keyboard delay may be related to the settings.
You can check this in control panel -> keyboard
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I have a problem with the keyboard on my toshiba A105 Satellite. I cannot type letters onto the screen. When I type the keys, I get dialog boxes that appear. Examples: type p = print dialog box, h = history, b = organize favorites, e = search, etc. Some of the keys do nothing at all. I have tried a usb keyboard, but the same problem exists. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Hi guys

my question is whether the Toshiba Satellite A500 -132 (sold in Slovakia) have illuminated keyboard as I am not sure if it does or does not thanks for the replies.

A:Does Satellite A500 -132 have illuminated keyboard?


As far as I know the A500-132 doesn?t support the keyboard backlight.
Not all A500 are equipped with the same hardware component and it seems that A500 supports common keyboard?

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I have a Satellite Pro T130 which I have difficulty using in the dark or poor light. Does it have a backlit keyboard option? If so how do I turn it on?

A:Backlit keyboard for Satellite Pro T130

Hi buddy,

I have checked the specifications of Satellite Pro T130 on official Toshiba website and it seems this model isn?t equipped with backlit keyboard and as far as all T130 models using a standard half gloss keyboard.

So I think you must life without this feature on T130 ;)
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Computer starts and start screen is there. To log into Microsoft Windows/Office I press enter which works. Then the keyboard is frozen. NADA.
I am an end user not a techie. This is maddening.
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I had bought some HPs for my staff and they have gray keyboard lettering I cant get on with so I thought I'd buy another Tosh. Chose the U500-18T and nasty surprise - gray lettering.

Then I find it is supposed to have backlit kb. The UK version has the same design of kb as rest of world but no backlight - result unreadable below anything but a well lit room. They haven't even bothered to put white lettering on. Cheap or what. So I called Tosh to buy a new kb and they were quite contrite.
So I have ordered a replacement kb from the US. I'm quite happy with US layout. Question is - will it work?
Is the fn-Z key still going to work. Is the kb even going to work? Can anyone help?

~~ Dave

A:Satellite Pro U500 - no backlit keyboard in UK

What happened to my question? Did someone delete it?
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Does somebody knows how to replace the keyboard to a satellite u840-u by myself? It looks to be just glued but don't know for sure. Also, my keyboard is not backlit, does it would be if replaced by one of the U series backlighted?

A:Satellite U840-10U - keyboard replacement


As far as I know some Satellite U840 models has been equipped with backlight keyboard.
But from my knowledge the backlight keyboard requires additional power connector (CN20).

I guess not all U840 motherboards would support such connector and therefore the backlight keyboard upgrade would not be possible.

Regarding the keyboard removal:
Yes I think the keyboard is pasted to top case by double adhesive. If you would disassemble the keyboard from the top case, the keyboard would deform and could not be used again.

In my opinion you should not try to remove anything. You would void the warranty and could damage other parts. I think such disassembling procedure should be done by authorized service engineer.
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I just bought a Satellite Z30-B-100 notebook by an online reseller from my country (Italy), only after few hours of use the keybord is out of order ( the I key), one of the four metal hook that tie the key to the board is broken.

I have a warranty activate with pickup and return, the reseller don't answare to my ask, the Toshiba support number costs 1.27? per minute and after wating for more then 5 minutes ( 7?!!) thay close the call, ther is no online or e-mail support. What I have to do, to get applied my warranty?

I'm quite disappointed.

Thanks to who can help me

A:Broken keyboard keycap on Satellite Z30-B-100

I have the same problem... Do you have your keyboard fixed? Sry for digging out this post...
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I have a brand new Satellite Pro laptop and when typing it misses characters, when i press the character again it works! This is causing me a real problem with work and is slowing me down a great deal.

Can anyone offer any help?

Many thanks,

A:Satellite Pro - Keyboard keeps missing characters


What notebook model do you have?
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The keyboard mouse touchpad has stopped working and I cannot find a way through Control Panel to fix it. The external mouse thru wireless works fine but I can not use the keyboard mouse at all.

A:Satellite C50 - keyboard mouse not working

Go to your Toshiba's settings manager, by clicking the start button in the lower right hand corner, click the down arrow in the bottom right hand corner and then look for a program called System Settings listed among the Toshiba services. Go to keyboard and see if you can change any settings there that will allow you to turn the keyboard on or off. If none are listed then go to your BIOS manually and see if it lets you enable/disable keyboard. Does your numlock and capslock have a light on them to indicate that they're on?

EDIT: I also found this when browsing the forum, it could help.

Press CTRL ALT SHIFT to get your processes to come up. Find the Touchpad "enhancer" process. End the process. Your touchpad will work fine until next restart at which point just repeat this step.
If you are struggling to end the process without being able to use your touchpad, I found a curious thing out. If you hold a mouse click down, you can move the mouse arrow with the touchpad just fine. Its a bit... inconvenient...but all you need to do this for is to end that process and after that you can use the touchpad normally.
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Hi, I dropped my iphone onto my laptop (from less than 30cm I might add) and somehow it hit the right CTRL key and the key popped off the keyboard!! a tiny plastic bit has snapped off from underneath the key (the mount underneath the white key is fine, just the black key is damaged)

I was basically wondering. Is there anywhere you can get replacement keys for this laptop?

A:Satellite R850-169 - Replacement Keyboard key

Theoretically you can try to find defective keyboard, remove the same key cap and put it in place on the keyboard in your notebook.
To be honest I don?t think you can buy these key caps as single parts.

Check ebay. Maybe you can find defective or used keyboard for few euro.
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Hi there!

I have bought a new notebook Toshiba Satellite S50-B15T last week, and the shop installed me a backlit keyboard, because this model does not bring the backlit keyboard pre-installed. After the installation of the new keyboard, it Works fine, it bright when i press any key, and tirns off ir i do not touch any key in the next 15s, but i can not change this option. I mean, other notebooks have several options by pressing "Fn + Z" keys, but my laptop does not do anything. i can not turn the backlit always off or always on, and my question isoes anyone know how can i change this settings?? t

Thanks to all of you!

A:Backlight keyboard in Satellite S50-B15T

Is this option available in BIOS settings?
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I had BIOS ver. 2.00 on this laptop, and when i download new 6.00 version and update bios, my keyboard goes crazy, half a keyboard types 3 words per once when i press 1 key. I have backup of old 2.00 verison, but when i try to restore it program says *"BIOS update failed! Fail to flash BIOS image. The current device is not supported in the interface. Error code: -151"*

can i find somewhere old version of bios for this laptop?

A:Satellite Pro A110 (PSAACE) keyboard problem

is not coz bios.. solved anyway
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Hi everyone

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-2JD.

The keyboard has stopped working it only works when the on screen keyboard is selected as soon as I close the on screen keyboard it stops working. I have plugged in another keyboard that won`t work either only the mouse works and the keypad on the laptop works ok. I have used the Ubuntu live CD and the keyboard works with it but not in windows.

I have restored the laptop to factory settings and also done a clean install still does not work only when the on screen keyboard the keyboard works. Does anyone have any ideas of what the problem is? It seems something is preventing the keyboard driver from loading up.


A:Keyboard has stopped working on my Satellite Pro C660-2JD

Start your notebook and enter BIOS settings. Does keyboard work in BIOS mode?
Have you tested it using \Windows in “safe mode” (F8)?
Please test it and send some feedback.
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Hi there,

I have had my Satellite X200-25H for well over 18 months but one of the problems I have always had is with the keys on the keyboard. I find often needing to press hard on the keys in order to type.

It is really annoying and I want to know if others have had similar experience with there Satellite Laptops (in particular the desktop replacement models) or have I been very unlucky with mine. Is there a cheap fix for this?



A:Satellite X200-25H - Hard keys on keyboard

Hi buddy,

To be honest I never had such a problem. In my opinion the keyboard on Toshiba notebooks works like on other notebooks. In my opinion everything is ok.

But if you think it?s not ok, contact an ASP for help. There you can get a replacement part?
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I have a freaky keyboard problem best described by someone else on a different thread http www techspot com vb showthread php p post I think that other thread addressed a different problem but I m not sure quot AVM quot wrote My Toshiba M gives me similar keyboard problems I get funny characters like NB A when I press the left Shift key and then the keyboard starts behaving abnormally it shifts to caps mode to type lower letters I have to actually use caps lock I cant use the shift Satellite Problem Toshiba M45-S355 Keyboard key to type in the special characters above the numerals clicking on the menu bar gives me a different effect as if the shift key is already pressed while it is not I cant select one file or folder as several of them selected at one time and then I give up shut down the computer it doesnt restart at Toshiba Satellite M45-S355 Keyboard Problem this time after some time the computer starts normally but I am never sure when it will start misbehaving again I read on this board about he bios update so got mine updated to the version from toshiba website this is the latest one they had for machines with ATI graphics Dont tell me to take it to Toshiba because I did Toshiba Satellite M45-S355 Keyboard Problem take it to their authorised service centre in Mumbai and they were of no use thanks nbsp

A:Toshiba Satellite M45-S355 Keyboard Problem

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Check that your numlock key isn`t activated.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I've a problem with my Tablet PC Satellite Click Mini L9W - B. The keyboard isn't recognized on it.

I've tried to clean the connector, reboot the tablet many times , tried to charge it with or whitout the keyboard, but nothing works !
I don't think the problem comes from the battery as I've seen it on other topics since the tablet doesn't even detect the keyboard when I plug it. The tablet doesn't detect the keyboard battery.

So, if you can give me any advices or help to solve my problem, i'd be grateful :-)

A:Satellite Click Mini L9W - B unrecognized keyboard

There is no communication with the keyboard at all? (No battery detected, touchpad and keyboard not working?) it must be a connection related issue I assume. If it was a driver related issue, then the battery would at least get detected)

If you want to void your warranty, you can open the tablet and keyboard dock and check the ribbon connectors or/and remove and place the ribbon connectors from the connecters back in
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I have a Toshiba Satellite M45-S165 Laptop. I have noticed that when I hit the key stroke shift/a or shift/n combination I get an odd outcome. when i am in word, excell or any other programs on my laptop and go to capitalize a or n by using the above key strokes I get an enter or other reaction. Any suggestions???

shift A = enter in word and outlook
shift A = jumps up a cell in excell

Please help!!!!

A:Toshiba Satellite M45-S165 Keyboard Problem

You may want to check you have the correct keyboard type specified in the keyboard applet under the control panel.
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Hi all help required im feeling a bit thick.. Recently upgraded to windows 10

Yesterday noticed that keyboard, track pad and battery were not working properly.

I have resolved the trackpad, by using the toshiba system drivers

I have resolved the battery by updating the Bios to 1.7

However the keyboard has got me pulling out what little hair i have left..

I cannot get the keyboard to respond that the system drivers would fix, i my case no they have fixed the trackpad though.

Any assitance to resolve this would be greatly appreciated..


A:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Keyboard not responding

Have you tried installing the Intel Platform drivers listed for Windows 8. I seem to remember they were neccesary when I did a clean upgrade
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I'm looking to remove some of the individual keys on my keyboard, and clean them up.
Some keys are beginning to feel 'sticky', and I'm going to be cleaning them, and whatnot.

So, I'm having issues actually removing the individual keys. As it's a laptop keyboard, I'm doubting that you can just "pop" the keys out with a needle, or a similar object. So how would I remove them?

Quick Edit: As the title says, it's the Toshiba X200.

A:Satellite X200 - How to clean some Keyboard keys


You mean you want to remove only the key caps?
Yes this is possible and the caps are stuck on the keyboard!

So you can remove it carefully using a thin object.
You can leaver the single caps carefully.

I did it very often to clean the space under the buttons caps!
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I have a Satellite Pro L50B and I cannot get the keyboard light to come on. Can someone tell me how to do this please. This model was $1600 surely it has a backing light. Fn - Y doesnt do anything.

Also I cannot workout how to turn the webcam on...????

A:Cannot enable Keyboard light on my Satellite Pro L50B

Check please BIOS settings. Under advanced > system configuration you can find option to enable/disable webcam. Check please if your webcam is enabled properly.

There you can also find option “Keyboard Backlight Control Mode”. ry please to change these settings in BIOS directly.

By the way: do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with your notebook?
Do other FN keys work properly?
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Hi there,
after a complete new installation of my Satellite Z930-16K my illuminated keyboard isn't working any more. Which driver I have to use?
Theanks in advance

A:Satellite Z930-16K - Driver Illuminated Keyboard

Install Toshiba Value Added Package

Install Toshiba System Driver and System Settings.
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Our Toshiba Satellite R830 has a temperamental H key. If you press the left hand side of the key, it works fine. If you press the right hand side, it doesn't. All other keys are fine. Could this be caused by debris?

Is it easy to pop the key off and pop it back on again?

A:Satellite R830 - H keyboard button issue

Well, what you can do is to remove the button cap and to check the area under the cap?
You could use an compressed air spray to remove the dust (if available)?.
But in my opinion its some mechanical issue? the point is that single buttons cannot be replaced? you can replace the caps but not the button? so you will need to replace the whole keyboard to get it fixed.
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Hey everyone I m new here and I have this strange problem with my Toshiba Satellite laptop When I try to type something it will type something else completely Ex I try to type quot Great quot malfunction Toshiba driver Satellite keyboard it types quot fdjsreaut quot After a Toshiba Satellite keyboard driver malfunction few minutes Toshiba Satellite keyboard driver malfunction of the keyboard malfunctioning like this it will stop working completely The only way for me to get the keyboard to work again is to shut it off take out the battery wait a few minutes then turn it back on Then it will only work for a few minutes before beginning to malfunction again I have tried various spyware nothing came up I then did an entire factory reset of my computer but the problem still remained Thus it can t be a virus it s probably a keyboard driver malfunction Does anyone know what I should do to try to fix this A huge thanks goes to anyone who can help me fix this nbsp

A:Toshiba Satellite keyboard driver malfunction

I'm less inclined to think its a driver issue then perhaps the keyboard itself or other hardware. In any case, i'm really not sure about the cause of your problem but i once saw this keyboard test tool (free for 1st 30 days).

I never tried it myself but if you try it, let us know what you think of it please
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Satellite Pro P300 1AY

Firstly and most importantly, I suspect the backlight may have gone in my laptop screen.
If, for example, it's just something simple like a loose connection, is this an easy fix?

Otherwise, any idea how much it would cost for a replacement?

Secondly, I"m thinking of switching to a different keyboard layout.
Does anyone know where I can find a Belgian AZERTY keyboard for this laptop?

Thanks x

A:Satellite Pro P300-1AY - screen and keyboard issues

> Firstly and most importantly, I suspect the backlight may have gone in my laptop screen.
> If, for example, it's just something simple like a loose connection, is this an easy fix

Hmm?. maybe it?s a FL inverter. The FL inverter is a small part which controls the display backlight?
Usually notebook disassembling procedure is very tricky and it sounds like you have never disassembled the notebook? so I would not recommend doing anything what could damage other parts? Get in contact with an local ASP and ask for the assistance.
Usually the FL inverter should not be expensive parts but I have no idea about the costs?

> Does anyone know where I can find a Belgian AZERTY keyboard for this laptop?
?and again? all spare parts can be ordered from local ASP.
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Hello everyone,
I am a new user and I am really desperate to get the backlit keyboard working on my Satellite P850, normally it wouldn't be a problem but I spend a lot of time in low light situations and it would be so very helpful to me, it was also a feature that swayed me to purchase a model laptop with the ability to have a backlit keyboard.

If anyone could help me,I would be forever grateful

Thank you
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Last week, the keyboard on my toshiba laptop was giving me some problems. Some of the keys don't work and some will do some funny stuff when i clicked on them. For example, when I type the letter d, it will have the function of an alt key... when I try to type the word spread, right when it reaches spr, the whole thing changed to aAa. It was so weird and I thought probably I got a virus. I did a virus scan and restarted the laptop. I set up a password to log into my laptop and as the keyboard is not working, I am not able to log into the system without keying in the correct password. Does anyone know how to disable a login? I was thinking of maybe installing a new regular keyboard but I will not be able to try that without first gettting in. Anyone can help pls??

A:Keyboard on Toshiba Satellite not functioning properly

Any Success ?

I am having major problem with my laptop's keyboard.
If I could disable it when XP is running, I would be ok.

Did you have any success ?

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I have a problem with my Satellite L40-17R notebook. I've upgraded from Windows XP to Vista Business. Almost everything is working fine, but I noticed that the Tilda key (~) is not working !!. the key is not responding at all.

I changed the layout of the keyboard to many other layouts, but no solution.

Does anyone has any suggestions ???!!!

A:Keyboard Tilda key and Windows Vista (Satellite L40-17R)

What is it you are trying to do with the tilda? It is possible that you need use the fn or shift keys.
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someone know what could be the cause?

A:Satellite Z30-A-1E8 keyboard light stop working

mine has done this too. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I ve read through a lot of the threads here on keyboard issues I m wondering if anyone else has had symptoms similiar to mine At random and variable intervals my mapping will go screwy the light below F will turn on several keys become completely unresponsive Satellite with twist Toshiba keyboard issues - a context sensitive menus pop open etc Here s the thing I haven t seen anyone else report I can be sure one or more of Toshiba Satellite keyboard issues - with a twist those results will happen if I put pressure on or squeeze the area to the left or below the keyboard - including the black part where the media buttons are and the silver cover that is a natural palm rest Based on that I belive it to be hardware related Anyone have something similar Do you think replacing the control circuit thing as others have reported will work Or am I looking at replacing the whole keyboard Or something else entirely Note that sometimes it happens even when I haven t touched or squeezed those areas so what does that mean Thanks nbsp

A:Toshiba Satellite keyboard issues - with a twist

this usually happens if the connector(s) are lose. eiter keyboard or touchpad.
I donno how this works on toshiba laptops but you could try to remove the keyboard and re-seat the connector to the motherboard.
it is also possible that the contacts underneath the buttons are dirty. this would be a bit more work. you also need to remove the keyboard clean it up carefully. there are cleaning fluids available for notebook keyboards. I think its mostly alcohol in it because it gets dry fast. not sure but I think it was more like a spray.
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I recently replaced a broken keyboard on my Toshiba Satellite M35x-S171ST laptop, keys are still not functioning, when I am typing there is no response? any idea? any setting need to be done in the BIOS or any step am I missing thanks in advance for your response and technical ideas.


A:Toshiba Satellite M35x-S171ST keyboard

Make sure the Ribbon Cable is in firmly.

There's a locking um, thingy on it that needs to be pulled out gently - it only moves 3 or 4 mm - the ribbon inserted, and the lock pushed back.

This page has some relevant pics...
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Hi all

I am completely stumped as my keyboard has gone haywire and am quite annoyed i cant fix it

Am running windows 7 on toshiba satellite pro laptop and was wondering if its a software or perhaps hardware issue.

Here is what is happening:

- Caps lock light doesnt stay on anymore but it flashes when i press it. It does still work properly though
- Left SHIFT key still works but when i press also creates this symbol ~ at the same time within UK keyboard. If i change to US keyboard then it enters the PIPE symbol.
- The ~ key above the tab key actually does this ?
- And the pipe key which is above the Enter key types this: #7

I updated the BIOS earlier today but to no avail...

Does anyone have any idea on how i can sort this as its quite frustrating! Thanks for any ideas.


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A:Keyboard button problem on Satellite Pro C660

>Am running windows 7 on toshiba satellite pro laptop and was wondering if its a software or perhaps hardware issue.

Keyboard is controlled by an Microsoft driver which is part of the Window system.
So the story is quite simple? either your internal keyboard is faulty or the keyboard controller on the motherboard does not work.

How to find out what part is affected?
This is also quite a simple procedure? you need to connect an external USB keyboard.
If you notice the same problems using external keyboard, the problem is related to keyboard controller. If you don?t notice any problems using the USB keyboard, the internal notebook keyboard malfunctions? in such case it needs to be replaced.
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Hello, im dealing with a friends Toshiba Satellite laptop. The computers mousepad will not work. The keyboard will npt respond to 80% of the keys including the Enter or Arrow pad. At first I thought it might've been a corrupted windows installation but then accessing the Bios menu (F2 key worked) I was unable to input any other keyboard commands. I popped an Ubuntu CD and am having similar issues. I've came to the conclusion that components would have to be replaced.

any input would be appreciated!

Should I advise my friend that a replacement keyboard would have to be ordered? What steps should I approach next? Thank you in advance!

A:Toshiba Satellite Mousepad & Keyboard malfunction

I think I would first try to go to the Toshiba website, look up the particular laptop and download updated drivers. It could be a driver issue and i would try that before spending money on new parts.
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I am experiencing strange intermittent behaviour with my keyboard mainly when using excel spreadheets where the screen zooms in and out, multiple cells are highlighted when trying to enter data, data is copied into seperate sheets & different characters are entered to the key being pressed.
The zooming in and out issue also happens when using internet explorer.

I have searched the forums for similar issues and one post suggests updating the bios, but I already have the latest version. I have also checked that my drivers are uptodate,

Any help appreciated.


A:Re: Satellite Pro L870-172 Intermittent Keyboard Behaviour

Just one question: is it possible that you are using touchpad while working with excel or other software?
As far as I know this notebook?s touchpad supports some additional features like TOUCHPAD with GESTURE. So possibly you used an touchpad?s zoom feature without knowing that?

Please test it with external USB mouse?

Additionally I recommend you checking this Toshiba document how to change the Synaptics touchpad settings in Windows 8?
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Hi I have Screen and R830-181 Keyboard Satellite issues on experienced exactly the same problem with this one http forums computers toshiba-europe com Screen and Keyboard issues on Satellite R830-181 forums thread jspa messageID I also explained what is the issue and how Screen and Keyboard issues on Satellite R830-181 it developed over time in that topic To sum it up my screen and keyboard are not working in my Toshiba Satellite R - inch laptop My questions - Is this a motherboard issue - Since it works on an external monitor I assume graphic card or the processor is fine There is no physical damage on the screen therefore I assume there is a problem with the power connection to the screen If I buy a new screen I have doubts that it will work I am definitely going to send it to the tech service in my country hard to find reliable Toshiba tech services around here however I'd like to know what may be the cause and if I can fix it myself What do you guys think Is it a power issue Screen and Keyboard issues on Satellite R830-181 or a problem with the screen itself If a power issue or something else rather than the screen how can it be fixed Same question goes for the keyboard - If i get it fixed or fix it myself do you think it will occur again Because I am thinking this might be a faulty laptop from a certain production series since someone else experienced the very same thing with this model - Can there be a relation between the non-functioning keyboard and the screen - If this can be solved with a screen replacement do I have to find a Toshiba R laptop screen or can I just buy any inch screens Afaik this model is not supported by the company anymore so it is kind of hard to find a R screen It is hard to find a inch screen anyways but still if I can use another model's screen that would ease my problems I need some insight on this Thanks Message was edited by Cagri

A:Screen and Keyboard issues on Satellite R830-181

> 1- Is this a motherboard issue?
Not easy to say: if external monitor works properly then its not graphic/motherboard problem.
If external USB keyboard works properly, its not motherboard problem too.

> 2- Since it works on an external monitor I assume graphic card or the processor is fine.
Yes, this is correct.

> If I buy a new screen I have doubts that it will work.
I would not recommend purchasing new parts before the faulty parts has not been checked.

> I am definitely going to send it to the tech service in my country (hard to find reliable Toshiba tech services around here), however, I'd like to know what may be the cause and if I can fix it myself.
Good idea to send it to Toshiba service partner since the guys would be able to check the parts and fix it.

> What do you guys think? Is it a power issue or a problem with the screen itself?
If a power issue or something else rather than the screen, how can it be fixed?
>Same question goes for the keyboard.

Don?t think someone can say exactly what cause this? in my opinion its simply a bad luck? hardware can start to malfunction? this happens in for all possible branch of industries (TV, computers, smartphone, cars?)

> 4- Can there be a relation between the non-functioning keyboard and the screen?
No, the keyboard is connected only to motherboard, display is also connected to motherboard but there is no connection between keyboard and display.
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Hi guys could you help me.
I have a toshiba Satallite Pro P300 and i have glued two keys to the keyboard and have two more keys mssing on my laptop so i have bought another keyboard for the laptop and it was delivered this morning.
My problem is i havent got a clue to how to replace it and install it into my laptop.
Could any one give me a step by step walk through on how to take off my original and replace it with the new one i have had delivered this morning.

A:New keyboard install on Toshiba Satellite Pro P300

hello ,
the best thing is to follow the manufacture book , it's the most helpful thing in the world . you can also youTube it but it's impossible to write a step by step on here , and even if i do you will be confused .
check it toshiba website for documentation

PS: advice dont not do it unless your sure that you can handle it other wise you will be left with screws and plastic all over the place it happend to me
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I have a satellite U940-11F.
The E key fell of the keyboard. Though i have seen that with other laptops before,this time i can't put it back.
There is nothing missing as i believe and saw in sites that sell spare parts.I added a picture on how it looks.
Is there a video or image explaining that?
Thank you

A:Satellite U940 how to put back key that fell off from keyboard

What a bummer this problem with Toshiba's keyboards, same thing happened to me but with another key. Just be careful not to lose the tiny microscopic transparent piece of plastic that goes in the middle of the circular shaped cavity that remains, it is what presses onto the "touchpad" and gives the order to the keyboard to "print" the letter. I lost mine and here I am using the character map.

I really do not think you can replace one single key, I had to replace the whole keyboard, 20 bucks in Amazon

I only wish Toshiba used better materials, these seem CHEAP. With new keyboard I will be using a silicone cover for protection