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Automatic updates - configure single user use only?

Q: Automatic updates - configure single user use only?

Hi, i was wondering if there is a way to have the automatic updates to prompt only one user account for download and install.

I have the updates set for download only, and im looking for a way to make it so only I can install them and avoid all other users including those that have admin right from installing.

Some computers need the employee to be an admin, but i dont want them to see or be able to install updates. I just want my admin account to be able to do so.

I found the non-administrator notification setting and the shutdown notification option in gpedit.misc which will work for those workstations with no other admin. But was hoping i could configure my options a bit more and be selective by user.

Any ideas, thanks for reading

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Preferred Solution: Automatic updates - configure single user use only?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Automatic updates - configure single user use only?

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Older HP laptop, XP Professional Version 2002 SP3, running Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 with databases updated 4/23/2011 2:04 pm.
Went and looked at the Automatic Updates configuration, all choices are greyed out. My selection of "download but don't install" is still checked, but can't change anything.
It's running a Full Scan from Kaspersky right now on the chance that it picks up something.

Any ideas? Any services that I may have turned off? The obvious ones are started. It seems to be running normally, no web redirects or massive slowdowns.

Suggestions welcome.

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Hi everyone I have a Dell Precision T running Win XP x Pro the OS came pre-installed and it s working pretty fine so far but configure Can't Updates Automatic Windows Solved: there are a couple of issues which are bugging me so there will be more threads about my pc The first one is concerning Automatic Updates When I go to Control Panel- gt Automatic Updates all options there are greyed out The selected choice greyed out too is quot download updates and let me choose to install them quot Solved: Can't configure Windows Automatic Updates but windows hasn t updated anything since about three weeks when I started using it I read in this website some instructions to get it to work http windowsxp mvps org aupolicy htm Solved: Can't configure Windows Automatic Updates I am a local Solved: Can't configure Windows Automatic Updates administrator in the pc and did almost everything listed there Why almost Because in my registry this location is not present HKEY CURRENT USER SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies WindowsUpdate the only location in Policies is quot Explorer quot also in the group policy editor this location doesn t exist either gt User Configuration gt Administrative Templates gt Windows Components gt Windows Update Inside quot Windows Components quot there s only quot Search quot and quot Windows Media Player quot The rest of the instructions were followed but automatic updates are still not configurable S Please help Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Can't configure Windows Automatic Updates

Do have a "Admin" or a "Standard" user account?

What happens if try running Windows update from the Start Menu?
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As an aid to system security, my XP home system normally runs with no Admin account open, just a user (limited) account. It appears that in this situation, I will not receive any automatic XP updates. I have to log in the Admin account to get the updates. Is this correct?


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Hello i have a little well big problem Symptom - My computer still works just my user has ALOT of crap on it and i was too lazy to clean it all create and Automatic new Updates unable user. to out so i went to delete and create a new user and i found out i cant i open up account screen to edit create or delete accounts and its just a blank window it has arrows and a home buttom which none work and it is responding i checked that LOTS Automatic Updates and unable to create new user. of times Symptom - Automatic updates disabled its self and i cant enable i treid the service and it wont let me reinable it any way i try it Here is my hijackthis log Quote Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running Automatic Updates and unable to create new user. processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system csrss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Program Files ESET ESET NOD Antivirus ekrn exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Viewpoint Common ViewpointService exe C WINDOWS System alg exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files ESET ESET NOD Antivirus egui exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe C Program Files Kodak Kodak EasyShare software bin EasyShare exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqSTE exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files Java jre bin jucheck exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard ShellNext http windowsupdate microsoft com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run iTunesHelper quot C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe quot O - HKLM Run HP Software Update quot C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe quot O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe quot O - HKLM Run egui quot C Program Files ESET ESET NOD Antivirus egui exe quot hide waitservice O - HKLM Run Windows Defender quot C Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exe quot -hide O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - Global Startup HP Digital Imaging Monitor lnk C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe O - Global Startup Kodak EasyShare software lnk C Program Files Kodak Kodak EasyShare software bin EasyShare exe O - Extra button no name - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Sun Java Console - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra button no name - e e dd -d - - b -f ba - C WINDOWS Network Diagnostic xpnetdiag exe O - Extra 'Tools' menuitem xpsp res dll - - ... Read more
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Yesterday my computer automatically downloaded some updates for windows. As I was turning off my computer it started installing them before finally shutting down. When I turned on my computer this morning I tried to log in on my usual user account but after I entered the password a window popped up saying it could not load the user environment, something about it being due to my settings or possibly corruption. I didn't download anything other than those updates and I keep my firefox browser sandboxed at all times so I have no idea what could possibly have gone wrong. Can anybody help me?

A:After installing automatic updates Windows can't load user environment

hit ctrl+alt+del at the welcome screen and another window will load up. login using the administrator account and see if you can create another user and see if that user works.
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I am a sole account/user (home-based and non-network) with system administrator privileges, except this status is not recognized under Windows Update > Change Settings > Important Updates. The option of selecting automatic updating
and an installation frequency/time is grayed out.  How do I fix?  

A:Win7 Ultimate Sole User Administrator Privileges Not Recognized for Automatic Windows Updates

Hi KiDeb.
Did you have any changes prior this issue?
Could you confirm that Important Updates were installed before?
The possible solution could be this:
Hold WindowsKey + R 
Type: ?regedit?
Hit Enter

Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU
Find AUOptions. 
Right Click Modify

You can change the values data from 1 through 5:
1. Download updates but let me choose whether to install them
2. Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them
3. Download updates but let me choose whether to install them
4. Install updates automatically / Never Check For Updates
5. Enable the option box to choose manually

If this doesn't help, you can try this method, but make sure you backup the registry files as you are doing this step on your own and I am not responsible for the possible issue -
Backup registry files in Windows 7
Click ?Start? button.
Select ?Run?.
Type ?regedit? without quotes in the Run window and hit Enter.

Navigate to this location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU
In the right-pane, delete these two values ?AUOptions? and ?NoAutoUpdate?.

Then navigate to this location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\WindowsUpdate
In the right-pane, delete the value ?DisableWindowsUpdateAccess?.
Restart the computer and then try to change the Auto Update Settings.
Please click on Propose As Answer or to mark this post as and helpful for other people. This posting is provided AS-IS with no warranties, and confers no rights.
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I have one user who cannot print to one printer. I logged in as local admin, added the printer and it still would not work. I deleted all the printers and readded them. I stopped and restarted the print spooler and made sure all of the other users could print fine. I still cannot print. The print job just hangs in the que and once in a while I will get an error. Can anybody help?


A:Cannot Print/ Single User, Single Printer

Is it a network printer or a local printer?
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Asus P5B-E board with single WD 750Gb SATA HDD. BIOS Main Page, IDE Config offers the option of IDE, AHCI, (and RAID) SATA configs. The default is IDE. Should I not set this for AHCI? IDE is to use the SATA drive as "Parallel ATA physical storage device." AHCI "allows the onboard storage driver to enable advanced Serial ATA features...."

This sounds like a no-brainer, unless you try to analyze why IDE is set to default under "Configure SATA As [ ]. Anyone have a suggestion? tia


A:Solved: Configure single SATA as IDE or as AHCI?

I suppose I solved this myself. Good ol' Wikipedia!

They should have renamed ACHI as BFN or Bad Fecundidating News.

Don't even consider it unless working on a new Vaista install. Else the BSOD!

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Windows explorer uses one program icon for Computer, a different icon for drive C:, another for folders and files, and yet others for libraries. (I am not talking about the icons inside Windows Explorer, I'm talking about the icon you see on the taskbar or Alt-Tab).

When I use Alt-Tab or glance at the taskbar, I would like to see a single, recognizable icon for Windows Explorer. Is it possible to configure Windows Explorer to use a single program icon no matter what you're looking at?

A:Can I configure Windows Explorer to use a single program icon?

If I'm understanding you correctly?

Do you have Quick Launch Bar enabled? This is the icons located at the left side of the taskbar. The Window Explorer icon appears as a yellow envelope.

Guided Help: Enable the Quick Launch bar in Windows 7
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Hi all Does setting Windows Updates to quot notify for download and notify for install quot via GP edit also Driver? include automatic automatic Device Updates Win disabling Does disable Device Driver automatic installation Or does disabling automatic device driver installation need to be configured separately If the latter separate setting is Does disabling automatic Win Updates include automatic Device Driver? it advisable to do so despite the ominous warning from M that quot your device may not work as expected quot I followed Brink's characteristically excellent tutorial for GP edit here Windows Update Automatic Updates - Does disabling automatic Win Updates include automatic Device Driver? Enable or Disable in Windows to quot notify for download and notify for install quot Thanks for that So my questions center on whether doing so will also prevent automatic device driver installation or whether I need to and or should configure that setting separately M 's ominous warning seems to be strongly discouraging users from disabling automatic device driver updates and quot realistic icons quot For my OEM XP Vista and systems I have always gotten drivers -- WHEN NEEDED -- from the OEM not via Windows Update as the OEMs historically have done a better job than M in offering the needed drivers for their computers Is that still true under Win Assuming that disabling automatic Windows Updates does NOT also disable automatic device driver updates should I disable automatic device driver installation on this OEM Win box TIA MM

A:Does disabling automatic Win Updates include automatic Device Driver?

Hello MM,

That will stop drivers from automatically being installed in Windows Update, but won't stop drivers from being available in Windows Update.

If you don't want drivers to be available in Windows Update, then you can disable this using the tutorial below. If disabled, you'll have to manually update (download and install) your drivers from the manufacturer.

Driver Updates in Windows Update - Enable or Disable in Windows 10driver-updates-windows-update-enable-disable-windows-10-a.html

The first tutorial below you posted will turn on/off automatic installation of drivers for devices. However, I would recommend to also disable automatic updates in the second tutorial below to be safe.

Device Driver Automatic Installation - Turn On or Off in Windows 10

Windows Update Automatic Updates - Enable or Disable in Windows 10
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Hi Team,
Does anyone know how to set the Skype for business/Lync 2013 advanced Connection setting to automatic configuration using GPO?
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I'm running XP Pro with mulitiple users. I want to "turn off" Internet access for a single user while leaving free access to the other users.

I've tried a couple of NetNanny style programs, but I don't like the extra passwords that others have to use, and I don't like extra burden on system resources.

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I have to select a user upon startup of Windows instead of have just being prompted for a password as per usual of having one user. Same deal when locking. Any ideas?

A:Have to select user upon startup, and after locking. Single User

Hello KillerHonky, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you have to select a user's icon at the log on screen, then what other user's icon is displayed to select from if you only have a single user account on the computer?

....or do you mean that you have to enter both the user name and password at log on instead of just the password?

You could use the tutorial below to set Windows 7 to automatically log on to a user account at startup.

Log On Automatically at Startup

Hope this helps for now,
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How do I prevent Automatic restarts after important updates? I want my computer to be updated when theres an important update. I want to be told my computer was updated and needs to be restarted.

I was in the middle of something important tonight before I passed out on the couch. I woke up and my computer restarted without saving

A:Automatic Updates & Stopping Automatic Restarts

Just go into the Windows update control panel and turn off Automatic updates then set it so you control when the updates are installed which gives you the reboot option instead of doing it for you.
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hi i have a couple of business ventures spread over a large geographical area I need to continuously get updated data from these locations to my email ID ftp server I was wondering if there is a program that can automatically be setup to send a range of similar or different designated files from a .exe installation of automatic using single file? ftp specific folder my specific feature request is that the ftp client server automatic installation of ftp using single .exe file? should be able to install itself on the PC with a single exe file that can be configured from a master program at one place this would save me time from having to send my technicians programmers to each of the PCs and configuring each PC's ftp client individually I could just tell my employees to keep all automatic installation of ftp using single .exe file? the automatic installation of ftp using single .exe file? required files in a single folder and auto-upload them to my email ID or ftp sever incase there is no such program can this feature be added or could you guys please guide me if there is any program available in the market with this feature thanx regards tinku gawab com
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I found a unique way to do it on Windows 10 HOME and as far as I searched internet I didn't find any similar instructions:

A:Windows 10 Home disable automatic updates, enable updates on demand

I got some updates last night and unfortunately my fix didn't work so I'll unpin this topic.
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I found a unique way to do it on Windows 10 HOME and as far as I searched internet I didn't find any similar instructions:


A:Windows 10 Home disable automatic updates, enable updates on demand

Those are good instructions. Clear and concise.
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How to configure windows media player 12 automatic sync from a specific location without create a playlist?

Is not very convenience in my opinion that windows media player 12 require that you manually create playlist and then be able to automatically sync after you add more musics or videos files to your previous created playlist if you want those new music / videos file to be sync to your external device, if there a way to configure windows media player 12 to automatically sync a specific location? Let's say I created a new folder named music and after each time I added more music files to this folder and open windows media player 12 it automatically sync those new music file?

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W=2000XP.IE6,, About 2 months ago, I { && many, many others } had problems with MS automatic updates.Seems a couple of the updates did more damage than anything else. I had to go into Safe Mode to restore my computer to an earlier date. All is running very well, now, with automatic updates turned off. I do get the pop-up at the bottom telling me this alert, but I ignore. ONLY thing is, I am NOT updating anything right now !! I am unsure of what I need & what I don't need, or what may damage my computer. I am fairly computer experienced & don't know the best way to custom install a few updates, here & there, as are best for my system. What is the BEST way for me to keep the system safe , as far as updates go ??

A:Solved: Microsoft updates= disconnected automatic updates & am leary, now !
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I bought this insanely expencive laptop only to discover that:
Pressing the number 3 on the keyboard often leads to "33" or "333" - whats up with the (removed) keyboard?
Using the laptop in "Tablet mode" sucks horribly. The touchscreen is worse than my 5 year old ipad and the touch keyboard goes missing way too often. I make it appear, press one letter and then it dissapears again. What the actual (removed)?
Worst of all is the automatic updates which every (removed) single time (removed) up the soundcard drivers. Seriously?! SERIOUSLY!???!! HP IS THIS THE (removed) FIRST TIME YOU MADE A LAPTOP WITH A SOUNDCARD?
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Hi Contrarily to previous Windows versions the user can no longer decide when and how to update Windows but the OS does it all by itself - at any time and unasked for This occasions unexpected and unwanted machine slowdowns - sometimes at startup sometimes at closing down sometimes in the middle of a session In my view a most annoying and disturbing interference in my normal workflow So is there any way or tweak to take Windows Updates get automatic annoyances to other How automatic and updates rid of in hands again on that level This is not the only occurrence where Windows takes things in hands Indeed despite countless telephones to Microsoft there is no way to prevent it from associating everyday graphic files like for example jpg gif png and more with its own clunky quot Photos quot utility or send pdf files to its own and even more clunky quot Edge quot - instead of How to get rid of automatic updates and other automatic annoyances opening these files to the programs or utilities one has decided to associate them with Trying to associate these via Settings helps nothing at all or just for a moment or if one is in luck for a whole session But invariably Windows reverts to its own quot choices quot The only solution Microsoft could offer was to do a clean re-install of Windows I don't call this a solution but just plain amateurism So if anyone knows how to get rid of these - with the update annoyance in the first place because for the other How to get rid of automatic updates and other automatic annoyances ones I can still workaround via quot open with quot whereas my hands are tied with those updates How to get rid of automatic updates and other automatic annoyances Thanks haku

A:How to get rid of automatic updates and other automatic annoyances

Hello haku,

Since you have Windows 10 Home, OPTION FOUR in the tutorial below may be your best option to disable automatic updates in Windows Update.

Windows Update Automatic Updates - Enable or Disable in Windows 10
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I'm a system admin full of users that don't bother to install the windows patches and updates. Well I've setup the desktops to automatically check, download, and install the updates.

Does this only check at the time specified?

Does it only download critical updates? windows updates? drivers?

Does it prompt the user when it's downloading and installing? Does it force them to restart their machines?

A:windows automatic updates isn't so automatic

If you're talking about Auto Updates in XP, then you can specify an exact time for the updater to check and download and install the updates. RIGHT click My Computer/Auto Update Tab. Otherwise, depending on the internet connection, update looks only once a day I believe. ONLY critical updates are brought down, you must visit the site for driver and other updates.
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Hi Contrarily to previous Windows versions the user can no longer decide when and how to update Windows but the OS does it all by itself - at any time and unasked for This occasions unexpected automatic updates other and of to automatic annoyances How get rid and unwanted machine How to get rid of automatic updates and other automatic annoyances slowdowns - sometimes at startup sometimes at closing down sometimes in the middle of a session In my view a most annoying and disturbing interference in my normal workflow So is there any way or tweak to take Windows Updates in hands again on that level This is not the only occurrence where Windows takes things in hands Indeed despite countless telephones to Microsoft there is no way to prevent it from associating everyday graphic files like for example jpg gif png and more with its own clunky quot Photos quot utility or send pdf files to its own and even more clunky quot Edge quot - instead of opening these files to the programs or utilities one has How to get rid of automatic updates and other automatic annoyances decided to associate them with Trying to associate these via Settings helps nothing at all or just for a moment or if one is in luck for a whole session But invariably Windows reverts to its own quot choices quot The only solution How to get rid of automatic updates and other automatic annoyances Microsoft could offer was to do a clean re-install of Windows I don't call this a solution but just plain amateurism So if anyone knows how to get rid of these - with the update annoyance in the first place because for the other ones I can still workaround via quot open with quot whereas my hands are tied with those updates Thanks haku

A:How to get rid of automatic updates and other automatic annoyances

Hello haku,

Since you have Windows 10 Home, OPTION FOUR in the tutorial below may be your best option to disable automatic updates in Windows Update.

Windows Update Automatic Updates - Enable or Disable in Windows 10
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Sorry if my post title is a little longwinded - but these three problems seem to be related. After installing and running MSE I have been unable to update definitions either manually or automatically. At the same time I noticed that microsoft automatic updates are getting to around 28 percent and then stopping - not fully downloading or installing. I cannot get through to any microsoft websites now - but all other sites are fine. wuauserv and bits are missing from services also. Have I been sneakily virused by something which MSE hasnt picked up. I tried to run malicious software removal tool - it downloads alright but wont install - says its not a valid win32 application. I correctly downloaded the 32bit app. Can anyone shed some light on any of this. I dont want to rebuild again - again. Thanks.

A:Automatic updates not functioning - MSE updates kaput - cant get through to microsoft

Hello cyberartist

Yes, this could be due to malware.
We cannot help you with malware removal in this forum.
Please read ?Virus/Trojan/Spyware Removal Help ? and follow the instructions very carefully; then, post all the requested logs and information in the Virus Help Forum
If you cannot complete any step, just miss it out and do what you can, but be sure to include this information in your post.
Please ensure that you create a new thread in the Virus Help Forum; not back here in this one.

Please be patient, as the Security Team Analysts are usually very busy; one of them will answer your request as soon as they can.

Also try running this fixit tool from MS

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Automatic updates installed last night and when I went to turn on my computer this morning, my computer goes from:
Configuring updates: Stage 1 of 3 - 0% comlete to
Configuring updates: Stage 3 of 3 0% complete then reboots.

It does this CONSTANTLY!

I pressed F8 and went into Repair Your Computer.
I've tried: Startup Repair, Sytem Restore, and Command Prompt with chkdsk /f which gives me the reply: The type of the file system is NTFS. Cannot lock current drive. Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected.

I don't have a back up disk and I don't want to lose all my important documents and family pictures.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:Won't configure after updates

Answering my own question in case anyone else has this problem.

While looking for my original disks that came with my HP pavillion dv6000, I found a paper that said "Restore Your System Without Discs." My notebook did not come with discs. I was supposed to burn them from the computer.

BUT - it also said "To repair or restore from the hard drive, restart the computer and press F11 when prompted." So I did, and it brought me to the Recovery Manager. From this wizard, I was able to do the chkdsk. I chose for it to scan the Windows partition. The computer found and repaired loads of bad clusters. When I clicked "next," the computer rebooted, configured the updates and started perfectly! Whew!
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Dell Dimension WinXP Home SP Good morning all I suppose the title of this post could be something like quot Why can t XP be more like Win quot But seriously I have in front of me a File View of My Computer In Documents and Settings it shows me that there are apparently four accounts Administrator All Users Default User and me - k In each one of these there is in differing combinations things like My Documents My Music Favorites And in some there are what appear to be administrative privileges XP ONE Configure user? for Local Settings The confusion this is causing while transferring documents and files from the old machine Configure XP for ONE user? is getting up my nose This is a piecemeal exercise as the old PC is Configure XP for ONE user? still working as the office - word processing spreadsheets etc There is one owner one user and one administrator of this PC - me Is there some way that I can reconfigure all this so that there is but one account for example the Administrator or All Users with just a simple boot-up without password and get rid of everything else I did try deleting all accounts but the Administrator Account and locked myself out of the thing A bit of messing around in Safe Mode with System Restore got me back in but I don t want to do that again Regards kb-r nbsp

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When Win updates are downloaded, the computer will not configure them and reverts back.What can I do?

A:Unable to Configure Win Updates

The cache update files could be damage delete the Windows update cache files.
Save all your open files and close all programs.
Open Command Prompt as a administrator.
Type Sc stop wuauserv press Enter key.
Type Rd  /q   /s  "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution" press Enter key.
Type Shutdown  /r  /t 1 press Enter key.
After computer restarts check and install available Windows updates.
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My Windows 7 computer tried to automatically install updates overnight.  After freezing at 92% for 4 hours I restarted the computer and it automatically tried to undo the changes.  Now the computer is frozen for over 2 hours on "Failure configuring
Windows updates Reverting changes
Now what?
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When I download Win updates, I am unable to configure the updates. How can this be corrected?
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winXPsp2: I stopped seeing the windows automatic update icon appearing in my system tray even though anther system on my LAN has been getting updates.

I changed the automatic updates option from notify me to download but do not install and now when I shut down my computer it offers to install updates. Trouble is I don't want to install updates blindly - I want to pick and choose and that option is not available during shutdown.

Any idea what may be wrong or what to try? one possibility is that zonealarm or spysweeper may be getting in the way. what process should be running? Installing updates via the Windows update web page isn't an option since I refuse to install the Windows Genuine Advantage spyware.

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Right now I have automatic windows updates disabled for privacy issues. Because of this, I have to manually download and install the daily updates for Windows Defender. Is there a way to exclude Windows Defender from the disabled updates?

A:Automatic Updates with Windows updates disabled


You should make a task scheduler operation in order to update automatically based on the time and day it should execute.

Link on the tutorial (Go on Update package information)
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I ignore the pop-up window from the notifications area telling me Windows updates are ready to install, I'm busy. Then I'm ready to do it, but there's no icon in the notification area to click to do the install.

I've even gone as far as to do a manual install, just to make sure I've got the latest update. I know I'm fully updated, and then the pop-up window comes up telling me it has that update ready to install again!

Is there a way to retrieve the updates Automatic Updates has ready to install? Reboot?!

Will manually updating confuse Automatic Updates?

TIA, Dan
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I was having problems with Windows Update. The dialog box would just sit there and present no status as to how much was downloaded. Download progress would stay at 0%. I turned on automatic updates and I started getting old updates in the list, some of them years old. I'm sure I would have already installed these updates so I hid them from view. Just went to check for updates again and 2 other years old updates appear. I have since set updates back to notify me when available. Why are old updates showing up with recent updates? I never had this issue before. I never used automatic updates, I always did updates after notification only. Now, because I switched on automatic updates and then switched it off again, these old updates are showing up. Any suggestions?

A:Switching to automatic updates presents old updates?

MS doesn't usually offer updates if you have them already. Are you quite certain you have them? If you haven't then it is likely to offer them when you turn Auto Updates back on.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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I need to create a user account that can only use ms office applications also i dont want the user installing anything also i dont want the user using the internet i would like to know how to control all the aspects of the computer by using the mmc or some other program plz
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I got a Spanish Acer Aspire laptop off a friend and did a factory reset I installed SP and SP and installed the other updates I then installed Vistalizator to change the language to English The laptop now fails when trying to update with these two codes F Then when the computer restarts it says quot Updates were not configured correctly reverting changes dont turn off the system quot This stays on the screen from mins to hours Usually I have to turn it off anyway and turn it back on to make it work quicker The laptop works fine anyway however I know that the updates are important Windows help is about as much use as a plastic teapot and when I looked it up online I found that alot of people are having this problem especially with Acer although not all wont fail and configure Updates of them were Acer users These people usually had there hard drive partioned with Linux on one partion Updates fail and wont configure and that was the Updates fail and wont configure main problem however i dont have this i only have the C and D partions as normal and I cant find a fix Ive reset it times to try and sort it but it just wont work The only way so far is by just ignoring the updates Any ideas
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Hi i am trying to get my grandsons paCKARD BELL laptop running again it just hangs when it gets to configuring updates stage 3 of 3 we have left this running for hours to see if it will complete but it does not we have tried booting in safe mode but still the same help please

A:pc hangs when configure updates stage 3 of 3

Is SP2 installed?

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Been unable to install the following updates.

KB952004, KB956572, KB958690, KB959426, KB959772, KB960225 and KB60803.

Tried to install these updates many times since their release and every time they seem to download fine. The problem occurs on restart where it jumps from

Configuring updates Stage 1 of 3 to Configuring updates Stage 3 of 3

Then it says that updates didn't configure properly and reverts the changes.

Please can anyone help? This is getting beyond a joke now.

A:Updates wont configure properly

Hello MemoryCrisis, and welcome to Vista Forums.

I'm not sure what the problem may be, but you might see if only installing them 1 or 2 at a time may allow them to be installed instead.

Hope this helps,
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Hi Guys, I'm hoping someone can help.

I've recently bought an ASUS X53E laptop which runs on Windows 7 and as of last night, I;m having a few problems.

My computer starts just fine but just before the login page appears is states that the computer has "failed to configure updates, reverting changes". The computer then often restarts, gives the same error and then allows me to login. I work with a guy who's a dab hand with computers and even he doesn't know what the problem is.

I have troubleshooted through the control panel and it tells me that update problems have been fixed, though nothing changes. I've even attempted to system restore but I receive an error message stating the the system restore could not be performed. Please help

Thanks in advance
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Hi Last night I was going through the process of updating vista The updates that pop up at the bottom right of the screen sometimes that tell you there are important updates for down in to Updates a Shut Configure loop you to download When the computer restarted it came up with the screen configuring updates the first configured just fine My problem is Configure Updates to Shut down in a loop that it trys to configure the third update the computer sits there Configure Updates to Shut down in a loop for about minutes staying at then it will bring up a screen saying shuting down The computer will then reboot and go back to configuring the third update again and then shuts down I tried to boot the computer in safe mode but it does the same thing Also I don't know if this would be a problem but the vista on this computer is an upgrade from xp So I do have upgrade disc for vista And I have tried to use the upgrade disc I went into repair computer option clicked on restore points and clicked on several different restore points before the time of the update and every time I try the restore it just fails and doesn't restore the computer to an earlier time I've also tried to click on restore to last known working configuration that was unsuccessful as well

A:Configure Updates to Shut down in a loop

When booting into safe mode, do you have the option to boot to last known good configuration?
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I recently downloaded and installed a set of Windows Updates that came out on 4/26. I had about 8 of them. 4 of them installed successfully but 4 of them were downloaded and installed(on shutdown) but fail to configure on startup. The four I'm having issues with are:


Each of these are updates for Windows 64-bit. I was wondering if anyone else was having issues with these as well. I plan on waiting a day or two and try again. I've tried twice today with no success.

For future reference, what can cause an update to fail to configure?

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WINDOWS 8 PRO. I am trying to do normal updates and I can download them. When i do the restart I get FAILIURe TO CONFIGURe UPDATES. I believe i deleted something but nothing in trash that can help me. SYSTEM RESTORE IS my friend but i can't go back pass the 10th of this month...diferent problem. PLEASE HELP

A:updates when restart I get FAILIURe TO CONFIGURE

How many updates are there? Use the Windows Update Troubleshooter

Troubleshoot problems with installing updates - Windows Help

If still having problems, run the sfc /scannow command in the elevated command prompt.
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Yesterday i had a problem, Microsoft told me to refresh my pc, then i had 90 updates so i updated but it says Failed to configure windows updates, then it restarts and does the same thing. Ok it solved itself
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So i bought new laptop and i did win update, rebooted and got up to 98%, then it gave me error failure to configure, it just keeps restarting and showing that error, i tried to get to bios, but it wont go tried f2 f12 f8 esc keys... i just cant do anything but watch it revert it.
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Hi All,
I am having problems with my updates on Windows 8.1.
For quite a while now whenever my computer tries to update it shows me the wording Failure configuring undoing updates do not turn off your computer.
I have tried a system restore but also fails.
I am not very good with computers so looking if anyone can help me with a very basic step by step explanation on what could be the problem and how I could possibly fix these problems.
Thank you in advance.

A:Windows 8.1 failure configure undoing updates

My guess is that your system restore is within the date that the problem started to occur.
Do you have a restore point from before the date?
Or can you boot into safe mode?
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Guys i recently bought an asus ultrabook zen x vd with win home pro already installed legal Following a friend's suggestion i upgraded it to win pro speciall offer at bucks I couldn't do a fresh install as the win came with the ultrabook I really regret the upgrade I did it last night i haven't been able to use it since updates more configure Windows + to error failure then First some intel drivers for wireless display bluetooth and usb needed to be reinstalled but the program from intel web failed to install it it freezes almost at the end same problem when installing office and other programs Second avast antivirus is not live protecting me anymore don't know what the Windows failure to configure updates error + more issue is Last but not least i tried updating windows but when it restarts i got Windows failure to configure updates error + more the message quot failure to configure updates reverting quot and it keeps restarting and restarting and restarting any help i would be so gratefull pd please apologize me for my grammar and spelling as english is not may mother language
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Hello all My Dell Inspiron was going quite slow for unknown reasons so I decided to 'refresh' it using Windows advanced start-up setting Since that time I have been unable to install Windows updates Well I can 'install' them but they won't to 'refreshing' Windows Unable updates since 'configure' l 'configure' Once installed and 'configured' I get this error message advising following Unable to 'configure' Windows updates since 'refreshing' l reboot quot Failure to configure updates Reverting changes quot The laptop then stays paralysed on that screen This only started to happen AFTER I quot refreshed quot my laptop which was running Windows pretty-much problem-free though a bit slowly until a week ago For now I have found a temporary 'fix' by disabling automatic updates otherwise the laptop is constantly stuck on the quot failure to configure updates quot error page because obviously it's automatically attempting to install updates I have done all the standard troubleshooting including running MS Fix It Dell Dr 'My Dell' found no hardware issues MS Malware removal and Mcafee anti-malware All reported quot no issues quot I have been in command prompt and found no issues I even tried to 'refresh' the laptop again two more times I have also spoken to two Windows quot technicians quot and allowed one of them to remotely access my laptop He found no issues or quot violations quot Obviously the temporary 'fix' of turning off auto-updates isn't a long term solution and 'refreshing' the laptop hasn't helped it actually caused the issue Running Windows on Dell Inspiron Any advice guys I'm guessing full format needed - Would a format resolve the issue since a 'refresh' caused it Thanks for reading

A:Unable to 'configure' Windows updates since 'refreshing' l

Have you tried system restore to a good working spot
before format you can use reset factory settings
you can try this in safemode
give a boot from your DVD and give automatic repair a try
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Asus All in One ET2410IUT win7 64bit home premium. 9 security updates error message, "failed configuring windows updates - reverting changes" after installing and reboot. Tried several times with same result. Installed the updates one at a time and 8 of them worked. The "Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2962872)" is causing this problem. On shut down and reboot the computer goes threw this same loop each time.
Help anyone please......
Thank you, Joe Jitzu

A:(KB2962872) Security Updates failure to configure

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data
If the file is too large (8MB compressed), remove the older CBSPersist cab files until the final file is below the limit - you can always post them separately after zipping them. (the forum doesn't allow the upload of bare CAB files, for a number of reasons)
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I constantlly get error_not_found 0x80070490 when trying to install updates.

The Microsoft website says its a CBS issue and that the resoloution is to run a repair installation of Vista. Thing is the software was pre-installed so i have no disc and i'm unsure how to run a restore without an OS disc and also without wiping everything accidentally.

HP say speak to Microsoft, Microsoft say speak to HP.

Any ideas how i fix this one before the PC flies out the window ?????

A:Unable to Configure / Install Vista Updates

Hi -

See if this tutorial helps -->

If no Vista recovery DVD, use the recovery partition - most systems = hit the F10 key during boot-up.

Regards. . .


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Hello Folks,

Please give me favorable reply for how perform I configure my PC to robotically set up patches and updates? If it?s possible for my pc so please give me suggestion for this problem.

Thanks in Advance?
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Brand new laptop started having a problem with updates. Downloads vast numbers of them, then gets to 8% of configuring, restarts, tries to resume configuring and then gives an error message that it can't configure and is undoing changes.

I have reinstalled (reset) Windows, but still have the problem.

I can still send it back for a hardware repair, but suspect it might be software?

Could someone help?

A:[SOLVED] Acer laptop with Win 8.1 will not configure updates

Have you tried deselecting all the updates and then manually selecting only a few - for example, say 5 or 10 at a time?

I have seen Windows get confused when it has many updates to install. Installing them in smaller blocks often resolves the issue. But it needs lots of patience because you have to go through the Restart process for every block.

As you have described the problem it is unlikely that it is a hardware issue.

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I've set my sons log in on his PC to a 'standard ' user as he was going into the registry disabling cyberpatrol and so on. Now I'm getting it in the neck because he can't download programs games can I set up his standard user to download programs or at least to prompt so I can put a password in? I don't mind him downloading games, just don't want Cyberpatrol disabled. At present it just says something to the effect ' you require administrative rights to perform this task' but no option to log in as an administrator on his account.....thanks!

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in vista ultimate, i created a new user account as an administrator, logged in, and deleted the old account.
when i click on "Configure advanced user profile properties" or "Change my account variables" (under the tasks sidebar in control panel -> user accounts), nothing happens at all.
i cannot figure out any way to resolve the issue.
UAC is disabled, and the new account is an administrator.
anyone know whats going on??

A:cannot configure advanced user profile properties...

Is the account password protected?

try this method

Click Start

type Accounts in the Start search box, and then click User Accounts under Programs.
If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow.
In the User Accounts dialog box, click Change my environment variables under Tasks.
Make the changes that you want to the user environment variables for your user account, and then click OK.
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My father replaced his Windows 98 machine with a new computer running Windows 7. He's currently on 32-bit ultimate, but we could change versions if needed.

He's really hoping there's some way to force Windows 7 into a single user mode, primarily so C:\users\All Users, Default User, Public, and his own user are merged into one. It's absolutely driving him nuts the way it is.

I've done quite a bit of searching and have came up empty. Before I said it couldn't be done, I'm wondering if anyone's heard of a way to do this.

A:Win 7 single user, merging users\All Users, Default User, Public, etc?

Just curious, but why does this annoy him so much? Surely it's not that complicated a system and all of his documents etc are stored in the same place, with more or less easy to use shortcuts to these directories placed throughout Windows 7?
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I've been fighting on and off for quite some time now to install a bunch of updates. Windows tells me they succeed, but when I go through the required restart I get a "Failure to configure updates" error, and the computer will reboot several times before finally bringing me back to the desktop, where I discover that none of the updates actually installed. sfc /scannow reports no integrity violations, and running the System Update Readiness Tool doesn't seem to help either (once it finally gets through the "Searching for updates" part of things, anyway).
If anyone might be able to offer any insights, I'd greatly appreciate it.

A:"Failure to configure updates" error upon required restart

 Hello there, 
Have you launched "Windows Update troubleshooter" and see if the issue still persists?
If the above method doesn't solve the issue then please see:

Hope this helps!
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Hello guys,

Since 16 April 2011 all of my Windows security updates are failing to configure. All seems to be going well at the installation stage, but when required to restart I'm given the message "Updates failed to configure. Reverting changes". I have trawled the internet for solutions but nothing seems to work - I would really appreciate it if somebody here could help me out.

Operating system: Vista Home Basic Version 6 Service Pack 1

If any additional information is required please let me know! Thanks a lot to anyone who can help.

A:Windows Vista Security Updates Failing to Configure

Hi .

Does that mean that you have tried to download/install SP2? Is SP2 one of the failed installs?

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I left my computer logged on to the admin account yesterday. It does not sleep so when I woke up the monitors this morning I found the screen (attached) still counting up. My second monitor showed my normal background which I thought was odd if it was truly running updates. I right clicked on it and my task bar appeared on the main screen. I didn't do any more troubleshooting I just restarted. Everything seems to be running normally but I decided to check the Windows Update page and the last updates were installed on 7/11/2014 (screenshot attached). I stopped there and started looking for answers.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

Also could this be a prank or a hack?

A:Configure Windows Updates 3673% complete. Yes that is a correct %

um....yea....something is definitely wrong there only I cant put my finger on this one. This seems like some sorta practical joke. But there obviously has to be a glitch in windows causing this. I would just let it continue until it finishes. Ive never seen this one before so ya got me as to answers.
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A while back I let a friend set my computer up for 2 people. You know. Seperate user names, seperate passwords. He is no longer around, and I would like to change my PC back to a single user PC. Oh yea almost forgot. Lenovo Idea Center K-300 Windows 7 64 bit..
Thanks for the help

A:Single user PC

Go to Control ->User Accounts.

Delete the one you don't what any longer
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Is it possible to give the domain users the option of adjusting the settings of Modems using telephon.cpl in Control Panel themselves? Currently if a normal users runs Telephone and Modem Settings in Control Panel then under Modems the buttons are greyed out. How can I as admin activate those buttons for them so they can call the modem properties and adjust them for their own needs?


Edit: edit: I have already checked the User/Group Policies using mmc but have not found any option to activate them.
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My automatic updates keeps reloading same updates.

A:Automatic Updates keeps reloading same updates.

Hi Retire2012,

Do you know which specific updates? Try this link and see if this will help resolve you issues: How do I reset Windows Update components?
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I ve reinstalled my OS times this week The first time there was an Error in the install The second time I accidentally downloaded some updates that I specifically did not want and they could not be uninstalled so had to go back and do it again This third time everything was working fine until Automatic Updates suddenly turned it s self on without my being asked or even notified This was around when I installed the Google pack Then loe and behold windows Automatic Update declared that it Self Turned The I Want On. Don't Updates Updates. It's Automatic had finished downloading and installing updates and that if I wanted the instalation finished all I had to do was reboot quot Crap quot I thought quot I don t want to reinstall my OS a th time quot So here I am looking for some help in keeping those Automatic Updates Turned It's Self On. I Don't Want The Updates. updates from finishing Such updates include Windows Messenger security update I don t want windows Automatic Updates Turned It's Self On. I Don't Want The Updates. messenger and uninstall it and use tools to wipe it from the face of my computer so why would I want this Windows Genuine Advantage tool All it is is yet another piece of windows Malware that continually uses up precious system resources There was another one or two but I can t check the list of things I don t want to install or update as all the automatic update tool and windows update will let me check is if I ve rebooted or not Can anyone help me avoid yet another OS install

A:Automatic Updates Turned It's Self On. I Don't Want The Updates.

My sincere apologies. I'm running a copy of windows XP home that had service pack 1 included on the disk. I already upgraded to service pack 2.
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I received a computer to fix that only has the most basic version of Windows Vista installed on it meaning it does not have SP or Whenever I try to configure code Updates did reverting changes not 0x800f0826 back____Error correctly, install Updates did not configure correctly, reverting changes back____Error code 0x800f0826 these updates they install fine but when the computer reboots I get the message of quot Updates did Updates did not configure correctly, reverting changes back____Error code 0x800f0826 not configure correctly reverting changes back quot I looked in the event viewer and I found the error code x f I saw that one way to possibly fix this is to restart Windows Update but I cannot display the interface for the program I also cannot display the control panel I learned after doing some research that the solution for this may lie in a service pack that I cannot download I saw an auto fix for the Windows Update problem however after running it i got the message quot Updates did not configure correctly reverting changes back quot Any help in this area would be greatly helpful since I have been working on this problem for quite some time

A:Updates did not configure correctly, reverting changes back____Error code 0x800f0826


Try downloading the stand alone S/Packs & install them.

Vista SP 1
Download details: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Five Language Standalone (KB936330)

Vista SP 2
Download details: Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 - Five Language Standalone (KB948465)
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I've been offered the same updates over and over They fail to configure after reboot and are reverted In the attached picture all show F except for the one marked that one is I suspect permissions on the registry or filesystem are to blame I removed IE from my features a to repeated and Updates reverted 800F0826 configure fail are 80070005 year ago when IE updates started to fail I tried to add IE back but the updates still failed I also tried turning IIS off in add remove features but those got reverted Cleaned out Catroot CBS Updates repeated fail to configure and are reverted 800F0826 80070005 and WindowsUpdate log in repair boot shell to get logs as clean and empty as possible Not sure if that was a bad idea but I got frustrated Reattempted update Ran SubInACL to grant access to the Adminstrators to registry and file system Those logs are huge GB plus and I don't have tools to parse them plus I don't know where failure to set permissions are to be expected I ran latest SURT and got a clean CheckSUR log SFC scannow found no issues Attached is the windows update log The zip file for the CBS folder is too large to attach so here is the OneDrive link Microsoft services SubInACL used quot c Program Files x Windows Resource Kits Tools subinacl exe quot subkeyreg HKEY LOCAL MACHINE grant administrators f quot c Program Files x Windows Resource Kits Tools subinacl exe quot subkeyreg HKEY CURRENT USER grant administrators f quot c Program Files x Windows Resource Kits Tools subinacl exe quot subkeyreg HKEY CLASSES ROOT grant administrators f quot c Program Files x Windows Resource Kits Tools subinacl exe quot subdirectories SystemDrive grant administrators f quot c Program Files x Windows Resource Kits Tools subinacl exe quot subkeyreg HKEY LOCAL MACHINE grant system f quot c Program Files x Windows Resource Kits Tools subinacl exe quot subkeyreg HKEY CURRENT USER grant system f quot c Program Files x Windows Resource Kits Tools subinacl exe quot subkeyreg HKEY CLASSES ROOT grant system f quot c Program Files x Windows Resource Kits Tools subinacl exe quot subdirectories SystemDrive grant system f I also tried the similar one posted here https onedrive live com cid e a D A AF EDIT Found that people have issues with kb and multiboot I think my PC has ability to boot into some HP utilities but I don't use a boot loader I installed EDIT Ran scandisk no issues found Recyclebin was reported corrupted under a user and was cleared out

A:Updates repeated fail to configure and are reverted 800F0826 80070005

This appears to be the initial error...

2015-03-21 18:52:59, Info CSI 0000006f Begin executing advanced installer phase 38 (0x00000026) index 67 (0x0000000000000043) (sequence 106)
Old component: [ml:318{159},l:316{158}]"Microsoft-Windows-MediaPlayer-Core, Culture=neutral, Version=6.1.7601.18150, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35, ProcessorArchitecture=amd64, versionScope=NonSxS"
New component: [ml:318{159},l:316{158}]"Microsoft-Windows-MediaPlayer-Core, Culture=neutral, Version=6.1.7601.18741, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35, ProcessorArchitecture=amd64, versionScope=NonSxS"
Install mode: install
Installer ID: {1b265fd2-721c-4e59-ad55-9d102a5d1d7f}
Installer name: [12]"SppInstaller"
2015-03-21 18:53:00, Info CBS Progress: UI message updated. Operation type: Update. Stage: 1 out of 1. Percent progress: 71.
2015-03-21 18:53:03, Info CSI [email protected]/3/21:22:53:03.029 [68]"SPP Installer: SLpUpdateComponentTokens completed with hr=0x80070005"
2015-03-21 18:53:03, Info CSI [email protected]/3/21:22:53:03.029 [161]"SPP Installer: ProcessInstallOrUninstall (amd64_Microsoft-Windows-MediaPlayer-Core_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7601.18741_neutral_c59eec9d) completed with hr=0x80070005"
2015-03-21 18:53:03, Error CSI [email protected]/3/21:22:53:03.029 (F) CMIADAPTER: Inner Error Message from AI HRESULT = HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED)
[19]"Access is denied.
This is an error type that I am not familiar with - but let's have a look at the file permissions and existence for the following files and registry entries...
Open an Elevated Command Prompt, and run the following commands


ICACLS C:\Windows\winsxs\amd64_Microsoft-Windows-MediaPlayer-Core_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7601.18741*.* /T
REG QUERY HKLM\COMPONENTS\DerivedData\Components\amd64_microsoft-windows-mediaplayer-core_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7601.18741_none_696c44f065d45f93
REG QUERY HKLM\COMPONENTS\DerivedData\Components\amd64_microsoft-windows-mediaplayer-core_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7601.18741_neutral_c59eec9d

post the results.

Here are some instructions to make life easier
1) To open an Elevated Command Prompt Window (the ECP window), click on Start, All Programs, Accessories – then right-click on Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator. Accept the UAC prompt.
2) To run the commands easier, highlight the block of commands, and right-click on the highlight – select Copy. In the CP Window, click on the black/white icon at top left – select Paste. The commands will run but may not complete the last command, so hit the Enter Key once.
3) To copy the results... click on the Black/White icon in the top left, and select Edit... 'Select All', and hit the Enter key - then use Ctrl+V or r-click+Paste to paste it into your response.
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I currently use Vista, and have Win7 on pre-order.

My question is: can I set up Win7 as a single-user system, and not have to mess with the user access controls? I have a single user defined on my Vaio now, but I still have to deal with the multiple levels of user controls/etc. I just want the desktop/directories to show up like they used to, before I had to traverse down through the user level. For example, could I just be the administrator in Win7 and not define any other users? If I can do that, do I have to do a clean install (since I do have a single user defined now)?


A:Single User Question

Hello Jerry, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I think you may have misunderstood what UAC is. Read the links in the green information box in the tutorial below for a more detailed explanation of what UAC is and what is does if you like. The tutorial below will also show you how to turn UAC off.

User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings

You might also look into the built-in Adminsitrator account to see if you may be interested in using it for what you want. I would recommend to stick with your current default administrator account though for better security.

Hope this helps,
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I'm helping a small business with a new software application that requires an SQL environment with either Windows 2000 or 2003. The application will not require networking and will be utilized by a single user. They currently run a UNIX based network server called a chilibox and are very happy with it. The application user is running an XP Pro machine. What is the easiest way to make the single user SQL environment? Can I create it on her current workstation?

Many thanks

A:Single User SQL on an XP Machine?

I figured somebody would answer this by now.

If I recall, there's a single user SQL from Microsoft that's a "desktop edition"

Of course, now that I've read this, it appears that they're canning this for Vista.

In the mean time, you should be able to use the MSDE engine. Not the fastest, but if it's single user it's probably ok.

Having said that, using SQL etc has some caveats.

1] Whatever the XP system has now, it'll probably need more memory to perform satisfactory.
2] You need to protect the system and filesystems/database from being shutdown abnormally. They need to be queiesced. This means the system needs a UPS of some form. Something that will keep it up long enough to shutdown gracefully.
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I'm helping a small business with a new software application that requires an SQL environment with either Windows 2000 or 2003. The application will not require networking and will be utilized by a single user. They currently run a UNIX based network server called a chilibox and are very happy with it. The application user is running an XP Pro machine. What is the easiest way to make the single user SQL environment? Can I create it on her current workstation?

Many thanks

A:Single User SQL on an XP Machine?

How about installing the MDSE version of SQL (aka SQL 2005 Express) and install it on your XP Workstation?

Or is your product doesn't support 2005, then try the MSDE 2000 RelA.
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As a single user I'm not worried about physical login.

However, I do download from the NET and have several of my own programs which access trusted servers of third parties. I never paid much attention to security as up to down figured those hacking were way ahead of those trying to stop it.

With my new build and install of Windows 7, I decided maybe now is the time.

So my questions are:

1) When accessing the NET should I be logging on to my system as a user rather than administrator?
2) Is Windows 7 Firewall adequate or better than someone else?
3) Would it be better to use a sandbox?
4) If I use a sandbox, how can I ensure that the programs or pages I download from the NET are not infected so I can copy them onto my system -- e.g. what program should I run against the download to check it for viruses)?


A:Single User Security

Very astute questions.
It is suggested that you do not log on as administrator. If you are infected by malware the damage done will be limited
Windows 7 firewall is fine. Others are going to post and disagree, since it is a matter of opinion. I trust my system to the built in fire wall.
Sandboxie is very good software. I do not use it but it will give you an extra layer of protection
You can test the safety of any download with virus total
Now here is your bonus answer. I use the free Macrium Reflect. It makes an image of my hard drive (I make an image after any big changes, ie updates. It has saved me from 3 virus. You get a virus, just replace with the image.
Good luck to you
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I have XP, and am the only user of my computer. When I boot up, I get a prompt with my user name that I must click on before the machine finishes booting. Is there a way to avoid this?


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This has most likely been covered before but I am wondering about admin accounts vs non admin accounts.
I understand that if you have a network you most likely would want to have an admin and a group of users.
But what if you have a single computer with only one user?
Is there any advantage or necessity to have an admin account and a user account ?
Is an admin account necessarily more secure to the outside world? as in protection from hackers, malware, viruses, etc.

A:Single User Security

With a single pc you should create a standard user account and use it for everything. Only use the admin account when necessary.
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Is there such a thing? Just myself as Administrator. No Guest and no other user accounts, and with full security options.

The option to add another language could be useful.

Thanks for your expertise.

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Earlier today maybe an hour before this post I was watching a LP on Youtube I ve been watching it for a few days now While watching my laptop A HP DV froze I m used to some infrequent freezing that seems more like lag then freezing and I usually restart afterward but this freeze was very different The sound from the video didn t keep going like the times Does Single Load Not User before when it froze instead it did this weird skippy thing Like if it had froze on the word quot Door quot it just said quot D-d-d-d-dd-d-d-d-dd quot for about a minute Then it paused slightly continued to make the noise but it sounded lower At this point I just forced a restart I felt the keyboard and it was kind of warm but not really So I left it open and let it cool down for a few minutes Then I restarted the computer It asked about running in safe mode blah blah and I went back to the of users that I was using before When I loaded Single User Does Not Load it though it took a long time Around or so minutes to get from quot Welcome quot to the actual desktop Once there it showed the quot device not compatible quot or whatever page which I keep forgetting to get rid of When I move the mouse to click it it lags for a while but then the mouse kicks in and I can press cancel At this point it still has not loaded the desktop it just looks like a black wallpaper without desktop icons Then I look down at the taskbar and I see that the time is the same as whatever time welcome screen disappeared If I put my mouse over the taskbar to try and click something pinned it just gives me the loading circle amp mouse thing Pressing the windows key does not pull up the menu I restarted a few times and got the same symptoms so finally I logged into a different account from the welcome page which worked perfectly Then I logged off and tried to log onto the buggy account it didn t work I hibernated from there fn f method and it hibernated but when I turned the comp back on it couldn t resume When I restarted it asked if I wanted to try to resume again but I declined and logged onto a non-buggy account and came here to post this Usually I try to fix my own computer messes but I ve only been using windows for about weeks now and I barely feel comfortable fixing the registry for Daemon Tools I didn t even try so I don t think I ll be trying to fix this on my own EDIT It is hours later and now I cannot log onto this user at all It freezes on the welcome page as it is loading I checked all of my startup programs I ran my antivirus and malware bytes though I doubt that is it issue I feel like the problem must lie in the ntuser dat log files and such on that account but I just cannot bring myself to fiddle with them since that may ruin everything Normally I would just delete the account but it is the only account that I really use and it was such a hassle getting all my stuff on there plus since I don t know what the problem is I don t want to attempt to move any of my stuff from there to another account grrrrr EDIT It dawned on me to try and do a system restore but that didn t work either O o which is weird since the restore point was from days ago and I didn t have this problem twelve hours ago so much as days I wish system restore was more like an image

A:Single User Does Not Load

Hello hopefully I can point you in the right direction to fix your problem.Please read this concerning ntuser.dat a corrupted user profile. this helps and please keep us informed as to whether this helped or not.Kind regards.Bruce.
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Sample Scenario:
Fresh AD account (first time login to a computer), skype and thunderbird not configured yet.

What I have in mind:
Once the user successfully login to PC using the NT login given, he will just click/run a program that will automatically configure his skype account and thunderbird email account, without going to the manual process of inputting the user/pass details and etc.

Note: The program will be linked to a database where the needed information for Skype and Thunderbird Email is stored and that the program will just fetch the data from the database.

Can anyone help/give me idea or sample script/scripting commands for this?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi I'm having an issue I just can't seem to figure out At my place of work we are currently in the process of upgrading our machines from XP to We recently got a brand new machine with for one of the employees So I installed all the necessary software on his machine under the administrator login for our domain Everything worked fine I take the new box to him boot it up try to open and set up his email Outlook and it gives me a Error - The path Application Data contains an invalid character So I try to uninstall or repair and get the same error I then log off the User's account he is set to run as administrator on the machine but not the Error 1324 Single User domain and log back as administrator and everything opens fine Then I log in with a different User's account and everything works fine So I'm thinking that this has to be a specific User issue but everything I have read says it is due to an error in the registry But this doesn't make sense to me since it is a brand new computer and other accounts worked fine Unless registry files transfer with the account and not the machine He is back on an XP box for the moment and everything is working fine but we need to upgrade him asap Anyone have any ideas Thanks

A:Single User 1324 Error

By the way same thing happens for Office suite 2007. It seems to be Office products in general.
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Intel i7, Windows 7, HP 6000 printer, Word 2007, Works 4.5a.
I have three user accounts but can only print on the administrative account in which I installed the printer. I installed it as shown below but it still will not print in the other two user accounts. I wish to have my grandchildren use this printer from the guest account.
Devices and Printers
Printer properties
Sharing tab
Sharing this printer is checked
Security tab
Permissions for everyone
Print allow is checked.
In addition to Word 2007 I installed a Win95 copy of works and it will only print in the one account also so I am sure it is a Windows 7 software problem.
any ideas?

A:Print only in single user account.

Did you shut down and boot up again when you gave your kids account permission?
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My laptop has 4 user accounts all with administrator privileges, how do I install software for myself only so it doesnt show up in the other users start menu etc?

A:Install software for single user only

as far as im aware this is done on a program by program basis, some give you the option some dont,

i would guess that as alot (all?) programs need to be installed by an administrator windows saves you the hassle of reinstalling with admin credentials on each individual account by just installing them for everyone
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If it is possible to reconfigure WinXP (home or Pro) so there is only a single user, the "all-powerful" one, how is that done? I am the only real user, and my new machine has very little stuff on it, all replacable. I see that XP has the "Administrator" or "Owner" mode, which surely resembles what I intend to have as the sole and single subset of the OS. It also has "default user", and perhaps others, which were present when purchased. I have not created nor configured any of those modes or users.

So the basic questions are:
Is it acceptable to remove all those other "modes", leaving only the "Admin" mode?

If so, then may that mode be renamed?

Recognizing references to hacker-protection, are there other factors to consider?

Blessed Be;

A:XP - Single-user. Remove other logins?

Default User should have the administrative powers. You should be able to remove the other users, and then, if you get a welcome screen and you don't want it, you can change the way you log on under "users" in the Control Panel. Be careful not to delete all users with Admin priveleges!
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I'm considering reconfiguring the installer for an application I develop. In the past, it allowed for All Users installs. If I want it to only be installed as a Single User, what user folder does best practices use as the install target? I can think of a few possibilities:

c:\Users\UserName\My Documents\
c:\Users\Program Files\

Of course I'd have to have my installer created that last one on the above list.

A:What folder should a Single User app be installed in?

While none of those really convinces me, I would think the best would be to use either %LOCALAPPDATA% or %APPDATA% environment variables as the base folder, which in particular in Windows 7 maps to c:\users\<username>\appdata\local and c:\users\<username>\appdata\roaming respectively. Creating a folder right there and dumping the program, and afterwards its data, there is not a bad option for a portable program. Alternatively, using %USERPROFILE% (c:\users\<username>) is possible.

Installing to documents folder is not a good choice because that's a frequent place for user data, and extraneous folders there may get in the way while using another programs. Some programs (including MS ones) fall into that bad practice. The other two options are simply unacceptable, because users don't normally have write permissions there, unless the installer tampers with them, which is not recommended at all for built-in system locations.

Any choice you made, just make sure to give the user a choice to change it to anything he wants, and remember to always use those environment variables, or even better API calls to retrieve those paths, don't hardcode them.
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Having just purchased a new laptop with Win XP Professional installed I am having significant problems in recreating the Win 98 environment I am used to. I have already switched to Windows Classic view throughout and set up categories under Start Menu > Programs so that I can keep everything clean. Unfortunately XP works with multiple users so I have 2 Start Menus which is really peeing me off.

It's MY computer and I will be the only person that uses it so how do change XP into a single user environment (All users only)?

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Simple question:

What's the easiest way to revert XP to single user mode, so that no login is required and it simply boots directly to the desktop?


A:Revert XP to single user mode

Delete all but one user and In the User panel, click on "Change the way users log on and off" and put a tick in Use Welcome Screen

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Hi everyone,
My friend just got a lap top HP ,when turns on the computer it has her name to click on to open up windows.
Is there a way to get rid of her name to log on,and just go right to windows without clicking on her name


A:Change user from dual to single

Well. you can simply never log off, just shutdown the computer and you'll never see the log on screen again. You can also change the name if you so desire. Or, if I read your post right...simply log on your name and never log off. There is a procedure to delete USERS and you can from the Control Panel. Make sure though that you are logged on as the Administrator.

BTW, I assuming this is XP????
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I setting up Windows XP Professional on my new ThinkPad T60. I am the only one who will use or have access to the computer, and do not want to have to log in or have to enter my password if I haven't used the computer for a while. I set up my desktop computer with Windows XP some time ago, so I know it can be done, but have forgotten how I did it

How do I turn these settings off so that when I boot up I can start using the computer immediately?

Regards, Alex

Regards, Alex

A:Single user security settings

Start, Run and type: control userpasswords2. Uncheck the box for "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer".

It would be wise to password the "Administrator" account and create a separate account for yourself.
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Is there a way to do a clean install of XP Pro without creating multi users such as Administrator and Guest, or in the alternative, delete both accounts. I am the only user of my PC and would like the boot-up process to skip all the log-on garbage and go straight to my desktop. I know I can disable the Guest account ( which I have done ) but that still forces me to do the password thing by choosing OK even though I didn't select a password when I did the install.

It seems to me that the 2 acct's were created after I did the install and I went to Microsoft's site to do the updates but without starting from scratch I'm not 100% sure.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:XP Pro clean install for single user


Welcome to TSG.

You Can go to Control Panel/ User Accounts and remove unwanted accounts.

Then Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Local Security Settings/Minimum Password Length/Reduce it to 0.

Then Control Panel/User Account/Your Account/Remove Password
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We currently running Windows XP Home on our 2 Pc's at home. Four people use the PC's and we each have our own logons.

Is there a way so that when my son installs new software, (he seems to install about 10 new programs per day), it will ONLY populate his program list on his logon and NOT the program list for the other 3 users of the PC ? It is very frustrating

I notice that some installations ask if there will be a single or multiple users of that program, but what I would really like is to be able to be selective EVERY TIME.

Your help will be appreciated.

A:Installing program on XP for single user

I think the best way is to manually do it as I think there no way in stopping it happing.
Open C:\Documents and Settings you will see a All users folder look in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu
If you copy all there and move to each users C:.......\Start Menu you can delete it from All users start menu folder and start to clean up your own menues
1)summary copy C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu
2)paste to every users C:\Documents and Settings\Everyuser\Start Menu
3)delete whats in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu
4)clean up your start menu

hope this helps
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Hello, from someone who embarrassingly never used nor really understood 'Sharing folders' in any Windows edition, I would simply like to know if I being the only user of my laptop where to stop sharing via my 'Users' folder I would get any benefit or at the very least not to suffer any malign consequences? I feel foolish for not getting familiar with such a basic part of Windows and I would be grateful for any advice.
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see more here: am trying to get this fixed.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Vista cannot configure updates merry go-round rasman.dll error tried virus forum

I replyed to your other post
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Hi I'm going to have to do a bit of explaining Limiting user to single a directory. access on this one I have a new Samsung AIO PC running Windows home not pro It's purpose in life is to be mounted on a wall to display a full screen picture slide show The pictures are all currently stored in Limiting user access to a single directory. quot Public Desktop Pictures quot I need to limit the user account to only be able to access this folder and to not be allowed to execute any programs other than the slide show app The goal here is for this computer to display honeymoon pictures for guests at a hotel resort in Limiting user access to a single directory. my area We don't want passers-by to be able to use the machine for anything other than to view these photos I realize that some of this would probably be easier with Windows Pro gpedit but I'm hoping there is a way to do this with what I have here Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Limiting user access to a single directory.

The best I could find were commercial programs which are not free.

Couldn't you just hide the mouse & keyboard & let the show run. ?
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I am having trouble with one of my users profiles. When they log on to their machine, the group policy will not update. When the user is in the department OU in active directory there should be restrictions on what they can change in IE etc and when I put them in a temp OU it should remove all group policy restrictions so that admin can make changes. This works for all except this one user. When I move them to the temp OU it still has all the restrictions in place. I have tried forcing gpupdate to no avail. Is there anything else I need to look at. It is only happening with a single user.

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Hi guys Wow a lot has changed since single connection Blocking Internet for user I last logged in anyways I m needing a bit of help today Running Windows Ultimate bit fully licensed Gb DDR RAM AMD Sempron Ghz I have a media center setup in my living room that I use as a Home Theater I also use it from time to time for general Blocking Internet connection for single user PC usage etc I have two user profiles PC - for normal PC stuff and Media Center - which runs WMC for movies music etc What I m wanting to do is stop all network connections on the Media Center user profile but keep access on the PC profile The reason for this is on the Media Center profile I want to be able to run as little as possible eg no Comodo Avira Antivirus etc so that I have as nothing running that i don t need for playing movies if you get me basically cutting out all the c p Just blocking access to programs is not enough as I don t want to not have firewall anti virus running if there s still a chance that someone something can access through the internet connection Unplugging cables is not an option as built into a media cupboard under the stairs Disabling and Enabling LAN connection is a pain and there must be a workaround for what I want I have searched but have been unable to find the answer anywhere so far Any insight is greatly appreciated E-Mu

A:Blocking Internet connection for single user

After a few quick searches, I found a program that sounds like it'll do what you're looking to do:

If I'm reading your post correctly, this sounds like it's exactly what you're looking for.
Source -
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The Hound said It says right in the properties dialog box to check the boxes to improve performance If you re the only user I wouldn t see a problem You user for Settings Gpedit for Single not Administrator could uncheck the boxes if you wanted Gpedit Settings for Single user not for Administrator to use group policy editor in future If you re at all leery you posted this thread so I Gpedit Settings for Single user not for Administrator d guess that you are you might consider setting a restore point and backing up your data and registry before you do this Click to expand Hello Mr The Hound I have a problem in Windows Xp Pro Sp I want to know about gpedit msc settings If anyone already discussed on this topic then please send me its link please Gpedit Settings for Single user not for Administrator well I am having problem related to the security settings suppose If I am hiding the drives it also hides the drives in Admin account also I only want to hide the drives for the single user I have tried lot to find it but did not get the solution So If you have time then please solve my problem I am also uploading the screen shoot of the gpedit settings Thanks Pal nbsp

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First let me provide a little background The computer I am using was previously a university laptop and Profile of User Changing the Single a Folder because of that it remained a member of the university domain long after Changing the Profile Folder of a Single User I left the school and the physical network Last night I decided to separate my machine from the domain by changing it to a Workgroup instead After doing this which required I clear the administrator account password from the machine my primary user ntaylor which was imported from the domain was removed from the list of available users on the machine and I became unable to log into it because it did not represent a valid local profile I have since created another ntaylor and Vista created a profile folder for it called ntaylor V under C Users If at all possible I would like to remap the profile directory C Users ntaylor V to C Users ntaylor so that I may resume using my account with all of my settings I haven t reformatted in almost a year so manually migrating my settings would force me to reconfigure a completely unreasonable number of applications I read this guide http joshmouch wordpress com change-user-profile-folder-location-in-vista and it is kind of the right idea except for the fact that I am not moving any directories and I am only remapping registry data for a single user I m thinking if I just do a find and replace C Users ntaylor v with C Users ntaylor in the registry I might maybe be okay but I can also see this going horribly wrong I m not too sure The ntaylor V account has no settings or data I need to maintain so protecting that data is irrelevant I just need it to load from a different directory Any ideas nbsp

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I used to have just one login popup at login time, and all I had to do was enter the password. This was for a user account with administrator privileges. I somehow (forgot how) managed to add Administrator account to the login screen, so now I have to click on the user account I want before typing in the password. Now I want to change this back to the single-user login, because I don't use the administrator account often enough to be bothered with it; however, I still want to be able to use it if necessary. Is there some simple way to switch back and forth between these two modes? I have gone over the control panel options with a fine-toothed comb, but can't find anything, and I really don't want to get into regedit if I can avoid it.

A:want to change back to single user login

Hello ejdpop,

If you mean that you enabled the build-in "Administrator" account, then you could just disable it to not see it anymore.

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable