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Icon Images not showing up

Q: Icon Images not showing up

Just reformatted my computer the other day, and now at certain times after I restart most of the icons aren't showing their image. They work fine, but it is still annoying. Here is a ss, anyone know why it's doing this?

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Preferred Solution: Icon Images not showing up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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when i do an image search on google, all the images appear and then all of a sudden, most of them turn into tiny blue squares...anyone have a clue whats going on?

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When I look for an image in "google image", nothing shows but blank pictures with an "x" on the upper left corner of the blank images in google image. This just occured recently, then the images came back for a while, then this same problem occured again, can't figure this one out. I even reset the internet settings and all, but no help. Can someone here tell me what the problem is?


A:No images showing in Google images???

Now the images such as jpg, gif and other images are now showing, however they take a while to come into picture! Does anyone know what I am talking about here?
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I have a toolbar on my taskbar titled "Programs". It has about eight folders in it. I made another toolbar, and placed it directly adjacent to the Programs toolbar, to obscure the eight folders and force it to be a dropdown menu.

Trouble is, as soon as I lock my taskbar, right next to the arrow that displays the eight items of my Programs toolbar in menu-form, one of the eight items is showing up as an icon, as if the other toolbar isn't close enough to the Programs toolbar in order to completely obscure the eight items.

Here's what I mean in graphic form:

It's bugging me to no end. Anyone else had this problem/resolved it?

A:Toolbar on taskbar should only be showing an arrow but is showing icon

Hello thewonkits, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I notice this happens when using small icons for a toolbar. If you like, you could unlock the taskbar, right click on the dotted separator line to the left of the two top far left toolbars (one at a time) click on View and Large Icons, then lock the taskbar to see if that may look ok to you. It will make the top row a bit bigger though.

Hopefully someone may know a better way to hide that bit of icon poking out when locked.
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Really weird, see attachment.. Tried resetting the icon cache. It's like this on all of my desktop icons.. any ideas?

A:White 'File' icon showing over top of normal desktop icon

Hello JingleJangle, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It looks like your shortcut arrow overlay icon got messed up somehow. You can use either method in the tutorial below to restore the arrow icon. Method Two is the easiest way with the program.

Shortcut Arrow - Change, Remove, or Restore

Hope this helps,
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ever since my last factory restore my network icon shows i am in a local access only but i have access to the web like right now i am on this forum but my computer says i only have access to the not network icon taskbar right icon showing internal network i asked this question in the newsgroup and they said to make sure the services for the network were put down as automatic and that they were started this is the reply i got Double check to make sure that you have the have the Services quot Network Connections quot quot Network List Service quot quot Network Location Awareness quot and quot Network Store Interface Service quot set to Started and Automatic If these are not then it can cause the Network icon to not function properly http www vistax com tutorials -services html Hope this helps Shawn well he was partially right there was something not running and one of them network icon taskbar icon not showing right was manual but it still does the same thing hope someone can network icon taskbar icon not showing right help me also it seems to occur mostly when my aircard is connected it is pcmcia btw it is from t-mobile and i disabled the wifi antenna on the air card since my laptop already has one and it aircard wifi is being a pain because it is trying to connect even tho my laptop antenna is connected which it's why it is disabled edit my apology i wasn't aware that the newsgroup and forum where interconnected but the issue is still not fixed hope someone else has an idea

A:network icon taskbar icon not showing right

*bump* no one can help me further?
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DAMMIT NOT showng up.

It's not browsers only, its application windows and the like, but some images do show up oddly enough.

A:Help with images now showing up

It's not browsers only, its application windows and the like, but some images do show up oddly enough.
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Hi all, I have recently reinstalled my computer because of a popup problem, I have reinstalled many times before and never had a problem like this:

Say if I am viewing ebay, none of the centre section loads, all I get is page cannot be displayed.

Pictures from this location will load up, but pictures from will not show up making the page display badly, none of the images show in my ebay,

I have save.exe on my computer but have disabled that, I have mcafee 9 firewall and antivirus and have disabled them, I have even tried installing firefox and it still does it,

Is there a setting somewhere I have missed, if you cannot understand this, I will install a screen capture program and post screenshots.


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Hi All

Im having a really annoying problem with my pc, on some websites images are not showing up ( for example). i am running win xp sp2 with all updates, i use zonealarm and norton antivirus and have checked both for settings blocking images and cant find any thing. I have tried using both Firefox and IE6 with no success so it appears not to be a browser issue. I have accessed these sites on a different computer and the websites have been fine. I have checked the forum and tried all the obvious solutions (ticking java and images), installing java 1.4sdk but nothing seems to help !!!!

If some one has any idea of how to solve this i will be very appriciative.



A:Images not Showing up on Web

Hi and welcome to TSF

Did this issue just start without explanation?

Have you tried clearing temporary files and cookies from IE - TOOLS>Internet Options>Delete both ? Some sites will not render in Firefox anyway - maybe the two issues overlap.

Have you tried switching your file wall off just to test out that possibility?

I would try uninstalling and re-installing zone-alarm.

Also, an additional check for malware might be worthwhile:-

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certain images arent' showing up for me. it says failed to connect. under tools i have show images auto already checked so that's not the is a screen shot

A:certain images not showing up

What does McAffee site advisor do, will it block certian sites? may want to check there, also check your host file to see if is blocked.
in XP it is located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
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For about two or three weeks now I have been having issues with images on websites disappearing or not showing up when I know they should be there I use a graphics program called Paintshop Pro and I belong to a few forums for people with the same hobby I use Fotki as my online storage and I have a few hundred tags stored there but of late when I browse forums or image sites I am either getting no image where I know there should be one just a blank space or in forums a red x or the word image like that it is driving me bonkers I have to reload the browser over and over and sometimes it will load the images other times I just have to give up and try Not Showing Images Up ??? again later on I reinstalled my windows system thinking it could be a issues with Images Not Showing Up ??? my files being corrupt a little drastic I know but I was desperate I mainly use Firefox browser because IE is bothersome because I absolutely abhor advertising and the add ons come in handy - BUT - I now have IE v and it does the same thing - either will or won t load Images Not Showing Up ??? images and I did not import browser settings Oh I use to be a Images Not Showing Up ??? frequent member of Facebook but now I can t even sign in I get a DNS error - not sure if this is relevant but I will throw it out there anyway Anyone got a clue as to what I can do please nbsp

A:Images Not Showing Up ???

A couple of screen shots to show what I am talking about the top one is of my Fotki and the second is from another forum. ​
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Hello I m trying to write a Showing with images C++ slideshow program with Visual C Enterprise Edition My Operating system is Windows Millenium I m working out of a book called SAMS teach yourself game programming and when I run the code from the cd it works fine I can t see where the difference is between my code and that on the cd The problem is this I ve written a bitmap class file which contains three constructors plus the default The first constructor is supposed to take a device context and the name of the file as parameters I don t know why Showing images with C++ but this way of displaying a bit map doesn t work at all here s the code for the bitmap Code BOOL Bitmap Create HDC hDC LPTSTR szFileName Free any previous bitmap info Free Open the bitmap file HANDLE hFile CreateFile szFileName GENERIC READ FILE SHARE READ NULL OPEN EXISTING FILE ATTRIBUTE NORMAL NULL if hFile INVALID HANDLE VALUE return FALSE Read the bitmap file header BITMAPFILEHEADER bmfHeader DWORD dwBytesRead Showing images with C++ BOOL bOK ReadFile hFile amp bmfHeader sizeof BITMAPFILEHEADER amp dwBytesRead NULL if bOK dwBytesRead sizeof BITMAPFILEHEADER bmfHeader bfType x D CloseHandle hFile return FALSE BITMAPINFO pBitmapInfo BITMAPINFO new BITMAPINFO if pBitmapInfo NULL Read the bitmap info header Showing images with C++ bOK ReadFile hFile pBitmapInfo sizeof BITMAPINFOHEADER amp dwBytesRead NULL if bOK dwBytesRead sizeof BITMAPINFOHEADER CloseHandle hFile Free return FALSE Store the width and height of the bitmap m iWidth int pBitmapInfo- gt bmiHeader biWidth m iHeight int pBitmapInfo- gt bmiHeader biHeight Skip forward or backward to the color info if necessary if pBitmapInfo- gt bmiHeader biSize sizeof BITMAPINFOHEADER SetFilePointer hFile pBitmapInfo- gt bmiHeader biSize - sizeof BITMAPINFOHEADER NULL FILE CURRENT Read the color info bOK ReadFile hFile pBitmapInfo- gt bmiColors pBitmapInfo- gt bmiHeader biClrUsed sizeof RGBQUAD amp dwBytesRead NULL Get a handle to the bitmap and copy the image bits PBYTE pBitmapBits m hBitmap CreateDIBSection hDC pBitmapInfo DIB RGB COLORS PVOID amp pBitmapBits NULL if m hBitmap NULL amp amp pBitmapBits NULL SetFilePointer hFile bmfHeader bfOffBits NULL FILE BEGIN bOK ReadFile hFile pBitmapBits pBitmapInfo- gt bmiHeader biSizeImage amp dwBytesRead NULL if bOK return TRUE Something went wrong so cleanup everything Free return FALSE The second contructor displays the bitmap using a device context resource id and an instance handle It shows the image but the left edge of the bitmap is shifted to the right and the image wraps around The code for this is Code BOOL Bitmap Create HDC hDC UINT uiResID HINSTANCE hInstance Free any previous DIB info Free Find the bitmap resource HRSRC hResInfo FindResource hInstance MAKEINTRESOURCE uiResID RT BITMAP if hResInfo NULL return FALSE Load the bitmap resource HGLOBAL hMemBitmap LoadResource hInstance hResInfo if hMemBitmap NULL return FALSE Lock the resource and access the entire bitmap image PBYTE pBitmapImage BYTE LockResource hMemBitmap if pBitmapImage NULL FreeResource hMemBitmap return FALSE Store the width and height of the bitmap BITMAPINFO pBitmapInfo BITMAPINFO pBitmapImage m iWidth int pBitmapInfo- gt bmiHeader biWidth m iHeight int pBitmapInfo- gt bmiHeader biHeight Get a handle to the bitmap and copy the image bits PBYTE pBitmapBits m hBitmap CreateDIBSection hDC pBitmapInfo DIB RGB COLORS PVOID amp pBitmapBits NULL if m hBitmap NULL amp amp pBitmapBits NULL const PBYTE pTempBits pBitmapImage pBitmapInfo- gt bmiHeader biSize pBitmapInfo- gt bmiHeader biClrUsed sizeof RGBQUAD CopyMemory pBitmapBits pTempBits pBitmapInfo- gt bmiHeader biSizeImage Unlock and free the bitmap graphics object UnlockResource hMemBitmap FreeResource hMemBitmap return TRUE Something went wrong so cleanup everything UnlockResource hMemBitmap FreeResource hMemBitmap Free return FALSE I ve been trying to work out why this doesn t work for ages Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks for re... Read more

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Hi all,
I am trying to write a .net program, I have good experience with the language but this has me stumped. I have placed in image boxes and put images in them but when in the browser none of the images show, they all just have the dreaded red cross lol. Any help with this would be greatly appreicated. I'm using visual studio 2005 if that helps.
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Hi Guys I hope im in the right forum I have a friend who im trying to help remotly with browser issues and images PC cant se images in any browser for example if you typed http kennels jajca co uk skin bann jcaNavy gif into the browser pc shows the image and one doesnt 2 Images Not On Showing PC's as with the images on the site itself http kennels jajca co uk The pc that wont show images has Win XP with IE and the latest Firefox and when you put the image address into the bar it recals it and when you go back and type it again it says its Images Not Showing On 2 PC's a X pixel image This is a problem as she cant view the website and I thought it Images Not Showing On 2 PC's was my coding but if you type the images addres into the address bar http kennels jajca co uk skin bann jcaNavy gif and you dont see it thats outwith the website aint it I realy would appreciate any assistance I only have remote access to her pc but can check most things Ive ripped out all the google tool bars etc and just cant seem to get to whats up The images are in the server and they addresses for them are on the pages as if you use the consoles in the browser to lok at the code you see its all OK Any and all suggestions are welcome Thanks Tag
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I have an image viewing problem. My system is Win XP Corp SP2
and I use Microsoft Oulook 2007.
Some images show as Small square with little red X. I think these images are gif format.

It happened suddenly, I cannot think of what could be the problem.
Oh yes I use Fire fox 3.5 browser.
Any ideas ???

Appreciated. :

A:Images showing as Red X

welcome to TSF

Look over this link, see if it helps

Also, Test your Macromedia Shockwave & Flash Players
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Hi All,

Back to pick your collective brains once again ......

I've been using my computer for several months now, with little or no problems.

I've installed no new software, made no new changes ( at least not consciously ) but today i started experiencing problems with IE7

When i load a web page, it loads text only and no images or graphics.

It doesnt seem to be a problem for flash content, but rather static images, logo's and the likes.

If i right click on the image, and select " display picture " it loads it fine, but i cant figure out why this would be happening.

Anyone else come across this problem and have any solutions ?

Thanks in advance.

A:IE7 Not Showing Images

Hi carnivalofsorts,Have you tried loading the default settings back into IE7?
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The icons on the start menu and login screen are missing. how do i solve this?

A:Power Icon and Log Off Icon not showing

on the top right hand corner where the icons should be, there are only rectangular boxes
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Hi,can anyone helpwith this problem...i just recently removed WINREANIMATOR from my computer and now no images show up on any web pages

A:No Images Are Showing Up On Any Web Pages

WinSock XP Fix can can cure the problem of lost connections after the removal of Adware components or modifications of the Winsock settings. Sometimes your Internet connectivity will get corrupted due to invalid or removed registry entries.Or you can try WinSock2 Fix, if that fix didn't work.When you run it, click on ReG-Backup button first to backup the registry, and then click on the Fix button.OR Try resetting the IP address:Go to Start/ Run and type: cmdPress Okay or Hit Enter. A dos Window will appear.At the command prompt type or copy/paste: ipconfig /releaseHit Enter.When the prompt comes back, type: ipconfig /renewHit Enter.Close the command box and and see if that fixes the connection. No reboot needed.
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Found this thread Images not displaying properly in any browser The image in the first post I get occasionally particularly long images I also sometimes get images similar to that displayed in ANY browser not Images showing in post in that same thread Most of the time when the images don't display I just see the place holder Although sometimes I don't even get the placeholder Although rarely This happens on numerous sites If I right click on the place holder and select quot View Image quot sometimes it shows the image other times it shows no image but says quot lt filename here gt can't display because it has errors Or words to that effect But I can got on another computer in the house on the same network running Windows and Images not showing in ANY browser using Firefox and it displays the image fine Both computers are wireless And followed all the tips listed in the above URL I've run my AV ZoneAlarm Anti Malware Anti malwarebytes Spybot CCCleaner Refreshed Firefox cleared cache deleted temp files did SFC scannow Which did not report any problems I don't have ASC either I had Adbot Plus and thought that may be causing problems but disabled it to no avail But since the refresh its no longer installed and the problem still remains This happens on Firefox Chrome and IE Thanks Edit Windows SP Home Premium Gateway NV C GB DDR Intel HD Graphics All drivers up to date Edit I get these occasionally too Pictures aren't loading in any browser Images won't be shown properly on google chrome
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Hi folks. All my images have stopped displaying. I now get this little image instead.
See attached

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My images are currently being displayed like this, on both the internet and desktop.

I've updating Adobe Flash graphics card, all windows updates and HP updates, still not solved. It's been like it for a few days now and I didn't install anything in the mean time. I'm stumped.

A:Images not showing correctly...

To help us help you,please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: Copy and paste the results here in your thread. You can use the TSG Info to fill in your computer information in your user profile as well.

Also, if its a brand name system like an Acer,Dell or HP, please post the exact model of the system.
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For some reason now when I log onto my laptop no pictures will show even when I'm on this site all I get is a small red box, blue triangle and a green circle inside of a white box. To view an image I have to right click on the white box and choose "show picture" to see the image. What can I do to get this corrected.

A:Solved: No Images Showing at all

Shuwana, Open Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab and make sure Show Pictures is checkmarked, click Apply/OK.

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Well I use to use IE on my destop but since I got a laptop ive started to use firefox and I love it !!

Now, I use forums and everything and people post screenshots, with firefox it chooses to show them when it wants. Sometimes it just leaves a blank space and other time it loads them. Most of the time it doesnt load it though.

Ive tried using IE and sometimes it doesnt even show pictures. I searched it and saw a guy fixed it because he had a prob with Zone Alarm, I have zone alarm but I set my cookies to low so it would accept everything.

I really would like it to load pictures, anyone know wut the problem is?

A:Images not showing up on forums

What version are you using,1.5 being the latest.You've just reminded me that I had the same problem,which I haven't noticed for a while,whether it's the new version or a changed setting,I don't know.
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I've recently upgraded to Dreamweaver CS3 on my PC.

This is the first time I've had this problem, but I've just pulled in an image that I sliced up and saved for web using Photoshop. All of the src links start ".." (two periods) as if it doesn't know the root folder. so all of my src links are as follows:

img src="../dw/resume/images/sample_08.jpg

I've set the graphics folder and the the other pages are working fine. Is there a setting I'm missing or something?

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I got a new Samsung laptop because my other laptop was slow and old. However, there is something strange in this laptop the images on firefox don't appear all the time.

I followed their guide: Cleared cache and cookies, it worked for few hours then images are not loading.
- I deleted my ESET smart security: It didn't do anything.
- I installed Panda free antivitus and still the same problem. So it's not from the antivirus program I'm using.

I checked my other laptop and images are showing without any problem, so it can't be from my connection.

What else can I do? I think I exhausted my laptop uninstall and Install a lot of programs and it's still new.

Thank you very much!

A:Firefox is not showing images

You might want to try the Nightly beta version of FF, which is for Windows 8. I don't like the Metro behavior, but you might.
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Hi wasnt sure where to post this so i guessed here....

Some images are not being displayed in any of my web browsers (chrome, mozila, ie, opera) its just image previews like in google images when i search somthing none of the little thumbnails show same with some thumbnails on youtube.

Its weird because its happening on both computers connected to my router and even when i have my notebook on the wireless.

thanks in advance

A:[SOLVED] HELP All Web Browsers not showing some images

Do you have a dialup connection or broadband connection?
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I have  Y50 70 Touchscreen, and it started to show closed windows in the background.  Even after a reboot, the images still show though.  i've updated the graphic card drivers to try to fix it, but no luck. Any suggestions? or is it hardware issue?  

A:y50 70 dispaly is showing previous images even aft...

I dont understand your issue cleary but it may be a display burn in or also be bad VRAM(both of them are hardware problems)...... Does it look like that even in early startup & bios.....check and report back CheersKamal

Ask any questions or Doubts,Always ready to help.... Dont forget to click kudos if i have helped you
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Just within the past week or so, when viewing pics in windows explorer, only some of the thumbnails will show the image they are representing. Some won't. I tried rebuilding the library and doing Disk Cleanup to delete them so they'd rebuild; I've checked/unchecked the "show icons not thumbs" to see if that would kick it into showing it. Nothing has helped.
Also, maybe related, when opening up any Windows explorer window, the green bar at the top is very slow to load all the way to the right, sometimes never getting to the other side.

Windows Vista, sp2, Home Premium
quad core
64 bit

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When trying to attach images from my computer to a forum thread or reading from my card only the names of the images show, how do I overcome this ?

Also can't save a lot of sites to my 'Favourites' list.


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I am designing a website in dreamweaver and uploading to the server to see how it is coming along. The images don't show. I have only just started on the site and need to see if all is working sofar. The images are a bit of a problem. I have the Image file uploaded and it shows on the server, but the images don't appear.

A:dreamweaver images not showing in browser

You sure you didn't screw up the page's code?

You tried different browsers?

This is more likely to get an answer if posted in a dreamweaver oriented forum, like say this or this.
Here we deal more with windows 7 and hardware issues, not web design.
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Recently many of the sites that I visit have the empty box with a small red X in it in place for images. At first I thought it was just the site but now it's happening on almost all sites that have a lot of images. I usually have to refresh the page three or four times before they all show up properly. It doesn't to seem to be any specific type of image I cant view. It happens with both JPEGs and GIFs.

So then I thought that it could possibly be my firewall. So I disabled it and refreshed the page again but that didn't work. So I decided to come here and get some help if possible. It is getting very frustrating.

A:Internet Explorer images not showing up

check out the thrid post here..
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Hey all I received a new Dell computer for Christmas and I've been having some problems with viewing pics on the internet I have the Vista operating system and I'm using IE And I can switch to Firefox if I HAVE to up showing occasionally/sporadically Images but I'm one of those types of people that don't adjust well to change and I don't like the way Firefox looks yeah I know that's a stupid excuse Anyways I've always used Picasa to post pics and since I've switched to the new computer the pics seem to come and go they will show up some times and then will not at other times red x I also chat on another Images showing up occasionally/sporadically chatboard and I'm only occasionally able to view pics that others have posted typically using photobucket Again I can see some at times and then not at other times same picture will come and go Any ideas Oh and I did a search of your board to see if I could find the answer myself I came across a thread where someone Images showing up occasionally/sporadically couldn't see pngs Someone posted a website and asked the person if they could see the images I went to that website and I could see the images Don't know if that helps at all Images showing up occasionally/sporadically Thanks so much Lisa
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I am not sure how to describe my issue here but for some reason this happen for 3rd time now
First 2 times i had to re-install OS but this time i want fix the issue

Hard drives wont show up or the images wont show up so the only way to access the files is by \\ to the them

please look at screenshots

can someone please advise on how to fix this

A:Hard drive images are not showing up ?

Ok mate first some system specs please because I cannot tell how many drives you have or what is connected up when you do the install. If I see correctly there seems to be a some large storage somewhere with a heap of TV stuff on them.
System Info - See Your System Specs
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Can anyone out there tell me why when I go to pull up a tech article or some such document that has images as part of the article, the images only show as a box with an "X"? The images tend to support the explanation of the text, but they aren't there. Is there a box within Windows Explorer or something in my Zone Alarm that I have to set in order to get these to show properly?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


A:Windows Explorer Images Not Showing

Here's a routine to run for the infamous "Red X" problem:
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Not only did this image just show up it came with its own shortcut on the desktop to it I deleted all the free images that came with Windows Gallery but sometimes images just show up like the creepy one with the man's face with a whirpool distortion of it It shocks me everytime I see it I delete it then after a while it comes back Today there was an icon-shortcut on my desktop to an image in the windows gallery So now I get a shortcut and an image gallery showing didn't Images put I in that up there. the short cut is to the unwanted image I don't think this is a Vista problem but programs that we have are taking it upon themselves to give us new unwanted icons-shortcuts to ads I have another icon-shortcut to a website page which is actually stored on my PC not really on a website but creating icons-shortcuts for us We need more computer laws Programs should only be allowed to put Images showing up in gallery that I didn't put there. on icon to execute the program I'm new in the forums so guidance on posting is welcome I attached a screen shot of the icon-shortcut on my desktop and what happens when I open it I'm not against efforts towards world hunger but just that sneaky way of getting it on my desktop is bothering me
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I'm running Windows 2000, and I want to be able to see JPEG images when I select "Thumbnails" under the View menu. Currently, the only images that display are Windows bit map images (BMP). I know it's possible to see JPEG windows as thumbnails under Windows 2000 because I used to have a different computer that ran 2000 and did display JPEGs. However, I got a new computer that doesn't. I'm assuming there is a way to tell Windows 2000 to display JPEG images in thumbnails, but I can't find any reference to thumbnail views in Windows help or on the Microsoft website.

Any suggestions, please?

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Hi, I have been scanning my old photos into my pc, then burning them on CDs and viewing thru my DVD. I have 2 x dvds, 1 cheap (Magnavox) and one even cheaper... They work beautifully. I have started doing this for other people - however quite a few DVD players won't play my CD like my cheap ones do! I've been saving the files as JPEG. Question is: Is there a file type I can make the photos that will show on ALL dvd players? I am using XP professional and Canoscan scanner which scans slides/film/photos. Would appreciate any help you can offer.. Thanks heaps. Bevie.

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Guys, I don't know what happened. I was just browsing online - and everything has been fine with my Firefox (version 3.0.11). Then all of a sudden, images on websites stopped loading. ALL images - even tiny .gif icons for this forum. Background images won't load.

Was there an update or something that has caused this? I can load images in Internet Explorer just fine. I have tried clearing all private data (cache, offline content, temp files, cookies) and nothing is helping. I have disabled Adblock Plus and any other Add-ons that I can think would cause this.

I have even restarted Firefox numerous times and NO images are loading. Help please! Is this happening to anyone else?

A:[SOLVED] Help! Images Stopped Showing Up!

Hey guys - never mind. I don't know why, but for some reason, the option to 'Load Images Automatically' was turned off in my browser. Even though I have had it selected and haven't touched it. That's very strange. Maybe due to an update?
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I have a Digitech XC4881 scanner that I am trying to use to convert my wedding photos on (in hindsight, should have had digital photos taken!).

The scanner seems to have installed correctly and the appropriate windows are coming up. However, when I put the negatives in, the scanner doesn't seem to read them. Where I should be able to see a 'Live view' of the negative image, nothing comes up. If I try to take a 'snapshot' all I get is white.

Any suggestions?

A:Digitech XC4881 - Images not showing

Are talking about using negatives like the older cameras used & converting the negative into a digital photo? You will need a light box, a scanner will not work properly. This conversion box takes the old 35mm negatives and slides and converts them into .jpgs.
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I have a Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64bit
For whatever reason, only some of my icon images are being displayed. How do I get my icon images to display again?

A:icon images not displaying

There's an example of what I'm talking about
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since I installed the NEW HPc6200 drivers for win7
I lost previeuw capability of JPG files ( can still use the slideshow but
in the directory I only see the IMAGE icon not the JPG content

Is there a way to restore this ???


In folder, view options, make sure this box is unchecked
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im trying to save images like from google images to files. then when working on new website projecti save the file but when i do, i get blocked images. yet i see many tutorials on youtubedoing the same i guess yet they dont have blocked images when they open their filesand show on their browsers. but for me, when i look at the file i save with the images fromgoogle, i get this message 'Some images have been blocked to prevent the sender from identifying your computer.' is it a security issue? i've not received any technical support to understandthis issue. is there anyone from technical support who can help me with thisissue? this is for html5 and CSS type of projects yet i've not been successfulwith saving the images or they get blocked.
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Hey Guys. I have a problem with google chrome, It won't show images properly.. It show this red and blue icon..
LOOKS like this..

Thanks in advance!

A:Google Chrome 6 Not showing Images correctly?

Hi there,

Here are some possible explanations: Images not showing up on some websites - Google Chrome Help

Let me know if you find a solution there.


Windows Outreach Team
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I have no idea what happened, but it seems any images that should be in programs, or email aren't showing. When I pull up a program it opens fines and seems to work, but alot of the images (buttons) are not there.

I've check my security settings, and they seem to be correct as far as allowing for downloading of images, but no dice.

I've tried all my security settings in Outlook as well to allow to view images... nothing.

I'm at a loss...

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Right now, the shortest interval that wallpaper images in a slide show is 1 minute. I like looking at the pictures and would like to shorten the interval between pictures to anywhere between 15 and 30 seconds. Hoping there is some kind of hack that will allow for this...

A:Shorten interval between showing wallpaper images-How?

Hello flycaster,

You could use OPTION SIX in the tutorial below to change the shuffle time interval.

Desktop Background - Change in Windows 10
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This isn't stricktly quot installation and setup quot I don't think but I can't find anywhere else it fits either so hopefully it is OK here I have made a couple of system images using W 's own native system image creator but they automatically identify themselves with the wrong time and date My OS clock is correct and my BIOS clock is correct AFAIK i e going into the pre-boot settings where you can shuffle up the boot order and checking it in there but my images are created showing that one made at was made at am if using the disc on showing time images Wrong system and searching for a system image to restore from and if I go into the Wrong time showing on system images backup and restore centre within W it tells me the Wrong time showing on system images most recent system image was made at It also puts them all in a folder with today's date I had a heart attack thinking it had overwritten my previous backup despite saying that would not happen on an external hard drive but would on a network but when I go into the startup repair booting from the disc it does indeed offer me both options albeit with strange times on them Is that normal and is there a way I can force it to place each image in a separate folder without that complicating the restore process Oh as an aside the quot create a system repair disc quot thing doesn't work for me nor did it ever work when I had Vista I can write the disc it simply doesn't boot Not too annoying because the installation DVD has the same tools on it but just another part of the process that is not working Any idea what is causing this bizarre mislabelling It's very confusing when trying to find the correct image

A:Wrong time showing on system images

The image is incrmental. The time should be the time the first image was made.
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This started a few days ago where some images in my feed show as black boxes. For example after scrolling for a couple of pages a photo posted will show as a black box. If I click on the picture it opens ok in a new view. Then I will scroll another couple of pages and the posters Icon will not show up, Just a black box.

Things I have done to try and resolve. Refreshed firefpx, deleted cache, deleted user profile, uninstalled and re-installed, disabled adblock plus, disabled hosts file. Running out of options.

Doesnt happen in IE11 or seem to happen on other pages. Clearing the cache seems to fix for a few pages then it starts again.

Anyone suggest a fix?


A:Firefox 36.0.1 not showing random images on facebook

Same problem exactly, very annoying. Hope someone has a solution.
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Here?s a very bizarre one:
I?m using the Customize features in the Folder Properties in Windows 7. I have a whole lot of images of old cars arranged in folders by manufacturer. Each folder image is the manufacturer?s logo, which looks very cool. All very well and good. But now once in a while when I make a new folder, rename it, or sometimes just move it, one of those images will show up on the icon of the new folder! It can be any of them at random. Mind you, the image isn?t in the folder itself, it?s getting it from somewhere else. I can make it go away by using the Restore Default button, but it?s very annoying. Is a bug? What?s going on?
Darrell Leland

A:Folder Images Showing Up In Random Places

Quote: Originally Posted by Andacar

Here?s a very bizarre one:
I?m using the Customize features in the Folder Properties in Windows 7. I have a whole lot of images of old cars arranged in folders by manufacturer. Each folder image is the manufacturer?s logo, which looks very cool. All very well and good. But now once in a while when I make a new folder, rename it, or sometimes just move it, one of those images will show up on the icon of the new folder! It can be any of them at random. Mind you, the image isn?t in the folder itself, it?s getting it from somewhere else. I can make it go away by using the Restore Default button, but it?s very annoying. Is a bug? What?s going on?
Darrell Leland

If I understand it correctly, the folder icons show the two most recently modified images as part of their thumbnails.

The easiest way to get around this is to take you favourite picture and save it as "folder.jpg"

1) The "Normal" thumbnail view of a folder:

2) Make a copy of the image you want to use, and rename it to "folder"

3) The thumbnail view of a folder containing an image named "folder.jpg"
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A:Opera not showing images in face book (W7)


Try clearing your browser cache - Opera Help
Also update to the latest version if you haven't already.

Do either of these helps.

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The last couple of days all thumbnails, pictures, ad's and images have been not showing and just come up with a broken image thumbnail and it takes a couple of refreshes to load them, Also Youtube videos take a couple of times to play. 
Running Google chrome on Windows 8

A:Google Running slow and not showing images.

Hello,I will be helping you with your problems. Please be patient while I assist you.Some points for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier and faster for both of us Please do NOT run, install or uninstall any programs,  unless instructed to do so.We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability. Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post.    Please read every post completely before doing anything.Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process.    Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", this requires the extra step of looking back at your previous post.    NOTE: At the top of your post, click on the Watch Topic Button, select Immediate Notification, and click on Proceed. This will send you an e-mail as soon as I reply to your topic, allowing us to resolve the issue faster.NOTE: Backup any files that cannot be replaced. Removing malware can be unpredictable and this step can save a lot of heartaches if things don't go as planed. You can put them on a CD/DVD, external drive or a pen drive, anywhere except on the computer.- Do NOT backup any unknown files ending in .exe, .com, .scr, .pif, and .bat since files of these types are more likely to be infected.NOTE: It is good practice to copy and paste the instructions into notepad and print them in case it is necessary for you to go offline during the cleanup process. To open notepad, navigate to Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad. Please remember to copy the entire post so you do not miss any instructions.----------------------------------------------Please do the following: Please download the TDSS Rootkit Removing Tool (TDSSKiller.exe) and save it to your Desktop. <-Important!!!Double-click on TDSSKiller.exe on your desktop to run the tool for known TDSS variants.Vista/Windows 7 users right-click and select Run As Administrator.If TDSSKiller does not run, try renaming it.To do this, right-click on TDSSKiller.exe, select Rename and give it a random name with the .com file extension (i.e. If you do not see the file extension, please refer to How to change the file extension.Click on change parametersUnder Objects to scan, check the boxes next to Verify file digital signatures, Detect TDLFS file system, then click OK.Click the Start Scan button.Do not use the computer during the scanIf the scan completes with nothing found, click Close to exit.If malicious objects are found, they will show in the Scan results - Select action for found objects and offer three options.Ensure Cure (default) is selected, then click Continue > Reboot now to finish the cleaning process.Note: If Cure is not an option, Skip instead, do NOT choose Delete or Quarantine unless instructed.A log file named TDSSKiller_version_date_time_log.txt (i.e. TDSSKiller. will be created and saved to the root directory (usually Local Disk C:).Copy and paste the full contents of that file in your next reply. - If the log is too long, then split it into multiple posts. Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your desktop.Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to... Read more
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Hello Every time I Images after on Graphic Resized. Padlock showing resize a graphic on my C drive using a program called Image Resizer for Windows the following is what happens for the record this computer is a bit and I used the bit program to install Image Resizer After resizing a small padlock appears in the left hand corner of the resized image I've played around Padlock showing on Images after Graphic Resized. checking Padlock showing on Images after Graphic Resized. properties and before the resize the Attribute is A After the resize the Attribute is Al I'm assuming that quot l quot is for LOCKED Now if I MOVE that folder with the locked images from my C drive to my EXTERNAL DRIVE those padlocks disappear from the images Also I can resize other images in the folder now loaded on my EXTERNAL DRIVE using the Image Resizer program and NO PADLOCKS appear I previously had a Windows laptop it died after the motherboard fried and used this same program and it NEVER put that padlock on the image before Hmmmm come to think of it that other computer had TWO separate hard drives in it and I always stored stuff on the nd one never on the one with the actual operating system What can I do to remove the padlock beside pulling it off the C drive Also is there a way to stop it from doing that in the future Thanks in advance to anybody that can figure this out I'm totally confused Huggs Jenn

A:Padlock showing on Images after Graphic Resized.

Do you know how to take a screenshot?
Could you show an example of this padlock you are talking about?
(the paper clip icon in the reply box will allow you to attach images to your post here.)
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Hi guys,

So I just upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate and after reboot, I see that a lot of icon images are gone, most notably the Office 2010 ones. The associations are all default so it's not that, and I've tried rebuilding the icon cache but it didn't work.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hi to everyone amp Hi THROOPER I am missing some icon thumbnail images Vaio SZ VP laptop Win Office Bitedfender Recently - Fixed an Infineon TPM driver problem - icon images still correctly displayed - Followed quot blackviper quot web page tuning advice to reduce active services - icon images still correctly displayed - Followed quot blackviper quot web thumbnail Missing images icon page tuning advice to increase PC speed Win for quot best performance best appearance quot Amongst other tweaks I set classic windows basic UI Problem started when I reverted to basic Win UI I already tried many forum solutions including a few from this forum deleting cache reg modifications MS file check fix which took minutes right click on icon properties etc - but no option to change icon etc but none worked What does work is Open the file which has the missing thumbnail image and save it with a different name - Missing icon thumbnail images icon s thumbnail image is restored Still can t work out Missing icon thumbnail images a solution for programs icons missing thumbnail images Toolbar Outlook and Skype icons still missing correct thumbnail image but Firefox icon image is correctly displayed Throoper helped Missing icon thumbnail images solve a case http forums techguy org windows-xp -missing-shortcut-icons-pictures html by offering links amp delete cache db I would like to try that if Throoper has links for Win Any other help support greatly appreciated TIA nbsp
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I am using Windows 10 v.1607

Whenever I create a new user account the desktop icons show only text, no images. Clicking on them works OK. I have tried accounts linked to a Hotmail address and accounts not linked to any email address. I have tried Administrator accounts and standard accounts.

Whatever I do, there are no images for icons, just text.

Also, when using Windows Explorer file and folder names are showing but no icon images.

My main (original) account is not having any problems. Icon images show up OK.

What can I do to get icon images to show?

Thanks for any help

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On a Dell Desktop running Windows XP, the icons on the desktop are split in half and reversed. (For example if the icon image was a number, 1234, it is showing up as 3412). Literally the image is split in half and then the halfs reversed.

I tried to reset the default icons through the desktop preferences but it only changed the standards, my computer etc, back and the others stayed split.

Any idea what may have caused this or how to make it better?

A:Icon Images split and reversed

You can try the suggestions in the link below

Rebuild icon cache to fix incorrectly displayed icons
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While I have been installing various programs, some of my desktop icons have been overlaid as can be seen on attachment.

Any ideas why and how to revert please?

A:How do I Restore Icon images on desktop?

Try this Icon Cache - Rebuild - Windows 7 Forums
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I updated the Malwarebytes program and there must have been a glitch. Ever since then my desktop icon images do not show up. When I perform all the suggestions nothign helps. Ive gone back a few days to a restore point ... that didnt work. Im thinking it's a registry fault.

Icons work on my administrator login but I have a personal login that I use and it does not work.

Any suggestions?


A:Icon images missing, description still there

Have a look at this tutorial it may be helpful: Icon Cache - Rebuild
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I've been using the Shortcut Arrow Remover Program for a long time now and it's been working perfectly

But after I had opened my computer and took off my fan guard from my PSU I must have jogged something inside my computer because now all the shortcut arrows show up as missing images.

It could have also been to do with CCleaner when I did a clean up. I don't normally use the registry function to fix "Unused file extensions" and seeing how the icon remover program uses the .ico I think it stopped it from working.

Here is a screenshot of my desktop, as you can see where the "blank.ico" should be used it's now missing or not be able to be read.

A:Desktop shortcut icons showing up as missing images

Hello there. Try this tutorial
Icon Cache - Rebuild
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I'm a new windows 10 latptop owner, previously used windows 7 with the classic theme. In both win 7 aero and in win 10, I dislike how the use of alt-tab and hovering over taskbar icons shows a series of miniatures images of windows. This is a terrible user interface --- all my windows are dense with text and could be scrolled to any point, so they can't be identified from the image. What I need to see are window titles. Or in the case of alt-tab, icons. Win 10 does show the titles but not stacked vertically, making them difficult to scan by eye. Same with icons---they are tiny little things in a sea of useless image.

So can I change the win 10 theme to show a vertical stack of window titles when hovering over the taskbar, and to show icons when doing alt-tab switching?


A:showing titles and icons, NOT images, for alt-tab and taskbar hovering

Heh. I asked that ages back, never got an answer. I'll track this thread in case you get more action than I did!
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Wandering if anyone can help me Just got a new camera I took my memory card out of my old one and ha some pictures on it from old camera a few of them are not showing up random ones Of course the few that are not showing up are the ones I would like to keep on my camera anyway they are still on the card when I load new camera on computer I see them but they are not showing up on camera when I view Its coming up as quot file error quot I loaded all pictures onto my computer to reformat memory card now I would like to put the few I want back onto card just to have them ones that are not a switched memory not to a up new showing new images camera Bought file error as a test do show up I dont see though how some are not loading but the others were is there anyway I can fix them Any info you need about new camera and old please let me know thanks Bought a new camera switched memory to new images not showing up nbsp

A:Bought a new camera switched memory to new images not showing up

I would save all the images to your PC's "My Pictures" (and check them to make sure they all look okay on your PC), then delete all the images from the memory card, then download the saved images (from your PC) back to your memory card and check them on your new camera.
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Windows 7

The icons on the desktop are showing little images on lower left corner on documents, PDF files, text doc just about everything.

It is in same location as a short cut arrow would be on shortcuts.

this what the little box has in it. .>>

I tried rebuild icon cache thing


Yikes sorry image so large

A:Desktop icons showing small images on them like the short cut ones are

Are you running Norton anti virus?
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I just finished a new installation of Win XP (no idea which service pack was), but after that unable to run any exe file. I can open the images and notepad file but images are blank and notepad shows some rectangular boxes.

Can any one suggest what happened in my system and how can i clear all the issues?
Thanks in Advance.

A:images are blank and the notepad files are showing some boxes

Did you run Windows Updates after installation?
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Hi I am maverick presently in India need your help I have toshiba laptop with windows xp original OS kaspersky Internet Security I use IE very less FF and Opera Mostly Of late I am experiencing a lot of problems in surfing specially while using google search showing, Images not working!! mail yahoo not Google please see pic below this it shows the screen I see when I search for say Roses Google Images not showing, yahoo mail not working!! and I can view the images here if I click on the images the image will open but if I click on the image icon on top left corner of google page I get the screen but with no image first screen shot second screen shot Also I am unable to open yahoo mail and can not post messages Google Images not showing, yahoo mail not working!! etc on my FB account Below is the screenshot from Yahoo mail I've cleared the cache etc but still doesn't open I was having this problem earlier too and I formatted my harddisk and my laptop started to work fine maybe a few days ago I installed Active X when promted in Face Book And I started to face the problem again Can restoring my windows to an earlier restore point help Please help me Thanks Mave

A:Google Images not showing, yahoo mail not working!!

Bumped, as no solution even after 72 hours.

Please help me, I feel its the virus and not XP thats playing the traunt, guys please help me!!!!
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In the preview pane to the right it displays images Preview images pane cropped/covered showing as if a layer of a solid colour has just been thrown over the majority of it It seems as though it just decides to stop loading the image and use a colour available in it to fill in the rest The image itself is fine it's just the way it's being displayed The only way I have been able to get around this is to open up the file in Paint and save it which doesn't always work It's tedious to keep doing this and I was wondering if there was something I could try and do to fix the problem I do have OldNewExplorer installed to allow the details pane to show up at the bottom however I uninstalled it and still have this issue Attached is a file that visualizes the problem that I am having the Preview pane showing images cropped/covered selected image is the one displayed on the left in the preview pane and as you can see the lower half is coloured out

A:Preview pane showing images cropped/covered

OS, version and installed RAM?
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Hi I'm using Windows x In the MUSIC folder I have folder for each artist In each Artist folder I have folder for each Album And in don't thumbnails/images icon Folder show each Album folder I have all the songs with the cover art embedded in them in every single mp I have In folder options Folder icon don't show thumbnails/images I've set folders to show thumbnails not icon So each Album folder's icon is the album art of the mp files it has inside BUT in the MUSIC folder all the Artist folders don't show the album arts they have inside Their icon is not a folder's icon neither it's like thumbnails of folders And I'd like them to show the thumbnails of the albums they have inside Well the maximum amount of images that a folder icon can show is so if I have more than album in an Artist folder then the icon should be random thumbnails of albums An example here I put a song with Folder icon don't show thumbnails/images embedded cover art in the desktop The archive's icon is the cover art Now I create a NEW FOLDER the icon is a default folder icon called quot Album quot I put there the mp file Now the quot Album quot folder's icon is the cover art of the mp file Then I create ANOTHER new folder called quot Artist quot default folder icon and I put there the quot Album quot folder And here the quot Artist quot folder's icon is NOT the cover art but the icon of the image above and I want it to show the cover art Notice that all album's folders have only mp files not hidden images like quot folder jpg quot or anything else just mp files What drives me crazy is that like a week ago Artist folders were showing cover arts of the albums they had inside they picked up random images cause folders can show up to thumbnails

A:Folder icon don't show thumbnails/images

Hi there?

How can I do this, that a "Mother" folder's icon shows cover arts embedded in the "Son" folder's icon?

-Folder A (rare folder's icon, image in the first post) contains:
--Folder B (folder's icon is the cover art of the files it has) contains:
---mp3 files with embedded cover art

I want A folder's icon to be the same as B's.
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I don't know what I did...I think it was yesterday and I was rearranging the start menu...but now a whole bunch of icon images are missing and even if I right click into properties the box to change the icon is greyed out. I don't know what to 3/4 of all my shortcut icon images are gone, and all my office documents, etc. are just the standard window icon. What do I do?

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For some time now I have noticed that the "picture/image" on the icons in my libraries are sometimes there and sometimes not there!!??

This is affecting all libraries; music, docs, photos etc. (the same is the case in all of the drives)

When the pictures disappear they are replaced by a vertical shadowed strip (if there is more than one folder within the folder)

I have yet to spot a pattern for when the images are there or not there! But just lately it seems they are not there a lot more!!!!

Any ideas?


A:Library Icon pictures/images keep disappearing

Can you post a screen shot, so we can get a better of the issue.

You can also try to rebuild your Icon Cache folder. First you will need to 'Show Hidden Files and Folders'

To do this press the Windows Key + E (the windows key is near the space bar) > Tools (located in the toolbar) > Folder Options > View > click on 'Show Hidden files, folders, and drives'

Next open Windows Explorer (using the Windows + E keys) if it is closed from the previous instructions.

Go to C:/users/username/AppData/Local now find the file IconCache.db and rename it IconCache.db.old then restart you computer.
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I would like to find out how I can customize the actual images icons displayed in the system tray This is my current Icon Images Customize Tray System system tray -- gt Icons I want to change include BitDefender Chrome and OpenVPN to make them better Customize System Tray Icon Images fit the new Windows icon theme The white icon in Customize System Tray Icon Images the top right corner is one that I was successfully able to change The program is Vuze Bittorrent client -- gt The Vuse wiki actually tells the location of the png image file -- gt https wiki vuze com w Change Notification Area Icon For BitDefener I found the folder where the png files are located and I was able to overwrite them to white icons that would match my Windows theme C Program Files Bitdefender Bitdefender support offlinemanual images icons However the icon in the system tray stays the same ugly red B I am sure there is something else I need to do seeing as BitDefender is a security application in which I am sure makes it hard to tamper with it's files Does anyone have any advice on how I can change these icon images or know of a tool that allows you to change the program's system tray image Thanks in advance Stephen

A:Customize System Tray Icon Images

Id also like to know how to change my system tray icons. I remember I was able to do this in Win7 but I cant seem to in Win10. I can change the icons of things in the task bar but not the system tray. My reason for doing so is one of the programs I used updated their icon and I keep forgetting what it is, and Id like to be able to change it back to the old icon so I can easily find it like I used to. Help on this would be appreciated
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Where does Vista HP x64 hide the default icon images (ie. the little images for CDs and Hard Drives you see on the "My Computer" window. I got a new HD which has a custom image icon, which I'd like to change to the standard default HD icon, but don't know it's location!


A:default icon images storage location?

Originally Posted by Zoloft

Where does Vista HP x64 hide the default icon images (ie. the little images for CDs and Hard Drives you see on the "My Computer" window. I got a new HD which has a custom image icon, which I'd like to change to the standard default HD icon, but don't know it's location!


Hello Zoloft,

You can use this location C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll,26 for the default hard drive icon in Method Two (step 13) of the tutorial below.

Drive Icon Change

Hope this helps,
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Hi there I know where to go to change icons but vista will not allow me to use a custome image.

I am right clicking the desktop > Personalize > then on the left hand side clicking Change Desktop Icons.

But when I browse to my image it does not allow it. I also want to change the default image for folders as well.

Any ideas how I can get around this?

A:Change Desktop Icon for custom images

Hello Matt,

What type of image are you trying to use to replace the icon with? You will only be able to use 256x256 pixel .ico (icon) files for these. This will give you some more details about icons for Vista if needed.

Vista Icons - Introducing Vista Icons - How to create Vista Icons

To change the default Folder icons, this tutorial will show you how to. You will need to change the DefaultIcon for the Folder key in step 6.

File Extension Type Icon - Change

Hope this helps,
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All the app icons have disappeared from my desktop, as well as task bar and file Explorer. Where the icon should be is just a blank (but clickable) space.
I tried to manually alter the app icon by right clicking and going into properties, but no properties will open!
I've tried everything I know how, please help.

A:All icon images have disappeared, and can't open app properties

You said taskbar disappeared.
Is Start button still there or gone also ?
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Normally in Windows XP when you have an .ico icon file you will see what the icon looks like when you look at the files.
I am not sure what happened but now I can no longer see what the .ico file is while looking at a list of .ico files but I also can't view the file by double clicking it.
This is what I see now:

This makes things hard for me while creating new icons and looking through other icons I have trying to tell which is which.

If anyone knows what is causing my problem or how to fix it please let me know.
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Hey all I have a problem with my Asus G VT-X Sometimes when I bring it out of sleep or power it on the screen will either Stay quot dark quot but though not completely dead or unpowered It s just dark colored still lit up like it s in the BIOS CPU LED indicator shows there s activity and I can press my caps key and activate deactivate the images funny really showing not Screen sometimes acting dark, correctly, caps LED or Start shifting between single colors red-- gt green gt blue gt and so on Closing opening the laptop solves this problem only half the time Turning Screen images not showing correctly, sometimes dark, acting really funny off the Screen images not showing correctly, sometimes dark, acting really funny monitor s lighting FN F doesn t solve the problem as reactivating the monitor light just brings me back right to the problem I can still see stuff perfectly on my quot external monitor while Screen images not showing correctly, sometimes dark, acting really funny it s plugged to the laptop meaning the GPU s properly functioning But the laptop screen s been having this problem quite a bit lately Could someone please tell me what the problem is and whether I can hope to hire someone in my area to get it fixed reasonably cheap I d like to keep this laptop as it s been overall solid and reliable aside from this problem Thanks nbsp

A:Screen images not showing correctly, sometimes dark, acting really funny

Laptop screen problems

If your laptop works correctly on an external monitor, then it points either to the screen invertor, or the ribbon connection between the motherboard and the screen.
The invertor will cost about 18 or $32, but you can re-fit the screen ribbon yourself for free. But it's not out of the question it could be a screen panel
replacement job. Hope that's of some help.
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Im using the registry to change the drive icons in my computer.

Attached is a screenshot of My Computer. all the icons are fine except for the C Drive. I double checked the path to the icon and its correct.

Using the key


to change the icon

So why isnt it showing up?

A:Icon not showing

Hello Lloyd,

Double check with the yellow TIP box in the tutorial below to see if it may be a issue with a "Desktop.ini" file on the C: drive.

Drive Icon Change - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,
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Using Windows Vista w latest updates Feb Recently I noticed my computer was slower than normal and received an error when installing JAVA JAVA is probably another problem that I m not concerned about resolving just a symptom of what else might be happening I updated windows vista and download AVG AVG found a virus named XF Noisy I already had AdAware installed and it found Trojans Win Heur and Generic I I normally use Avant Browser After the AVG scan Avant would launch but wouldn t display any web pages I reinstalled Avant and it s still not opening any pages Now in IE version pictures icons do not load For instance when I go to google the google graphic does not load I get a rectangle where Launches Web Display and Install Images JAVA Not Does in Showing Not Browser but Avant Not Pages. Any Will Browsing IE the graphic should be with an X in the upper left corner I reset IE to the default settings and nothing changed Update Feb I decided to try to install Charter Security Suite and it told me to uninstall other security software which I Web Browsing Not Showing Images in IE and Avant Browser Launches but Does Not Display Any Pages. JAVA Will Not Install had done I called Charter and they told me that AVG does not completely uninstall I called AVG and they ran some scans and said the PC needed an service to fix it As much as I would like to save my year old PC it isn t worth what they wanted to charge From what I can tell there aren t any hardware problems just software

A:Web Browsing Not Showing Images in IE and Avant Browser Launches but Does Not Display Any Pages. JAVA Will Not Install

DownloadTDSSkillerLaunch it.Click on change parameters-Select TDLFS file systemClick on "Scan".Please post the LOG report(log file should be in your C drive) Do not change the default options on scan resultsDownloadaswMBRLaunch it, allow it to download latest Avast! virus definitionsClick the "Scan" button to start scan.After scan finishes,click on Save logPost the log results here.If you get crashes in normal mode,run it in safemode with networkingDownloadESET online scannerInstall itClick on START,it should download the virus definitionsWhen scan gets completed,click on LIST of found threatsExport the list to desktop,copy the contents of the text file in your reply
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I am using Windows on a Dell Inspiron with an Athlon Dual Core Processor and gig of ram A few days ago after downloading images using Canon Digital Photo Professional reading some email and perhaps a couple of other routine chores all the individual thumbnails in the Pictures folder appeared with an attached icon as illustrated below The pictures open without the icon but I can t remove it from the thumbnails which makes it difficult to identify a particular edit of an image The icon does not appear in Windows Photo Gallery thumbnails Dell support tells me I would have to uninstall and reinstall each program on the computer to find the source of the problem I can t with all icon Blue my marks white folder 2 in on appears images Pictures has do a System Restore without losing my IE toolbar which I recently lost and restored I have not contacted Blue icon with 2 white has marks appears on all my images in Pictures folder Canon yet as this seemed to be more related to Windows My two image editing programs Canon DPP and Picture Window Pro work perfectly well Suggestions The sample image I attached doesn t show on my screen Please let me know if it didn Blue icon with 2 white has marks appears on all my images in Pictures folder t appear nbsp

A:Blue icon with 2 white has marks appears on all my images in Pictures folder

Ref. above post, I see the image, after submitting but the blue icon is missing. If my description is insufficient, I'll photograph anad scan an example and send it to you.
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I can't figure out why Foxit Reader is showing the pdf icons as generic like the one pictured below.
I tried Icon Cache Rebuilder and that didn't work.
Does anyone know how I can get the default Foxit icon to show for my pdf files?
Thank you.
Running Windows 7

A:PDF Icon Showing Generic

Hello Dawter -
There are 2 general ways to do this -
1. Un / Reinstall the program
2. Right click on the Icon and select Properties > Often there is an option to "Change Icon"
If you select option 2 a range of mainly Generic icons are offered to you - Select one of the offered items.
If this option is not offered, yours may just pop back, or you can use Option 1-
Thank You -
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I created an autoplay cd-rom for pc. In the root of the cd I have an AUTORUN.INF file that contains:


The mike.ico icon is located in the fscommand folder.

The cd starts and autoplays as it should. However, the icon does not appear... a weird default icon appears. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Any ideas?


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It show only the white icon. It only happen with the Adobe software. For example: I'm opening Photoshop and I try Illustrator too but it just keep showing the white icon. Can you guys help me fix it?

Thank you.
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I have an issue, compatability icon not showing in IE 9. Could someone please help me how to solve this issue.



A:Compatability icon not showing in IE9

Hi harikamat,

Hit Alt+T to access the tools window, and then click on the Compatibility View tab. Just add the website you can't view into the bar provided.

Internet Explorer Compatibility View - Turn On or Off

Hope this helps,
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Hello, well 2 days ago an unwanted icon (similar to the "My Computer" icon, but no name associated with it) appeared when I click on Start-->Programs, and my antivirus software did not catch it while doing a full scan. Can anyone help me in providing info about removing this spyware ? Thanks in advance.

A:Unwanted icon showing up

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Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

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Hi , since I reinstalled windows 7, am not seeing the wifi icon anymore , all I see is the ethernet icon with a red cross , even though am connected to a wifi, here is a screenshot , I've tried a lot of tips ,posted in alot of forums , but none helped , I have the network icon enabled on the Notification Area Icons , but still doesnt work, I hope u'll give me a solution here , am already tired of this thing , annoying .
Thanks in advance
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fixed, close thread.

WMP never showed on start menu, upon restart it now works :S.


Solution = restart

A:Solved: WMP icon not showing

hiya Mangoh,try this,delete the wmp file in startup,go to My computer>program files>wmp and open the folder,go down the list and right-click on the wmplayer icon and select "Pin to start menu" close all windows and reboot,try now
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I noticed recently that all the icon thumbnails in programs (Corel, Adobe CS3) are all showing up as the generic broken link icon (a page with 3 shapes of different colors whereas should be the actual icon from the specific programs). I also noticed that in my music folders all the albums had a pile of thumbnails everywhere in each individual folder also there's this "thumbs.db" file showing up in each individual folder.

I'm a little bit confused as in what had happened and would like to know how to resolve it. I suspect is something to do with the registry error.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Icon Image not showing up

Can you show us a screen shot of these icons?
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Hi , since I reinstalled windows 7, am not seeing the wifi icon anymore , all I see is the ethernet icon with a red cross , even though am connected to a wifi, here is a screenshot , I've tried a lot of tips ,posted in alot of forums , but none helped , I have the network icon enabled on the Notification Area Icons , but still doesnt work, I hope u'll give me a solution here , am already tired of this thing , annoying .
Thanks in advance
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I am running Windows XP SP2 and have a problem with the webpage icon shortcut. When I go to a given program using Start > All Programs > any program with a link to their web page, the icon displayed is the default document icon %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll (1) and not the web browser icon IE or FF. I have to change these manually by finding the icon target and changing it for each program's webpage.

Is there a way to correct this where I don't have to manually change each one but where the change would apply to all program's webpage shortcuts? I would like for the webpage icons to display the FF icon.

Many thanks for any help.

A:Webpage icon not showing

Try right clicking on one and choose "Open With" and then "Choose Program". A list should appear. Select Firefox from the list and make sure the "Always open this type of file with this program" checkbox is selected. Then hit OK. See if that works.

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Hello, Have tried all options like BIOS reset, drivers installation and everything that forums said, nothing worked out. Also in Device Manager, under "Network Adaptors" there is only "Intel(R) 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection"
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My usb icon does not show. Its not a big deal but it really annoys me when things dont work the way they are supposed to especially when they used to. This happened about a month ago. I turned on my laptop and bam, all of a sudden icons arent showing up and looking through forums i have fixed all but one. When i plug in any mass storage device (usb; flash drive, external hard drive, mp3 player) the icon shows a general icon as if the icon was missing. I have attatched a picture so you can see exactly what I am talking about. If anyone knows how to fix this it would be GREATLY appreciated.

A:Windows 7 - USB Icon not showing up

hi Alex, and welcome to sevenforums,

If one or more of your icons are not displaying correctly, or that your icon cache is corrupted, then you might consider rebuilding the icon cache to reset and reload the icon images into the icon cache.

try this - and let us know if it worked.

you may have to reboot after doing it.
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I have auslogic and garena on, but the icon are not shown in the taskbar, im using a 64bit version build 7229. I was wondering how it can be solved, any way?

A:Icon not showing on taskbar

Go into the properties of those and see if the icon is there in change icon and if it is try changing it to something else and then change it back and see if that fixes it.
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i have the exact same problem and cannot find a fix. nobody seems to know how to fix it. i seached everwhere. if u find a solution please post it. thanks