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Computers Won't Buffer Video/Music

Q: Computers Won't Buffer Video/Music

For whatever reason nothing will buffer here at home (youtube, myspace, etc) after a few seconds. It'll start out working fine and then just stop buffering.

We have a wireless network here so we can share a printer. I've tried all the computers in the house (Vista, XP), multiple browsers (Firefox, Explorer, Chrome), disabling the firewall, and clearing browser data. Nothing has helped. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Preferred Solution: Computers Won't Buffer Video/Music

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Computers Won't Buffer Video/Music

try uninstalling flash and install the newest version here
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Does anyone know if it's possible to play music simultaneously on two networked computers, and if so, How??

I have two computers networked, one in the bedroom and one in the sitting room. I want the sound to come out of all sets of speakers, without having to beat match the music. Ohh, and I don't want to listen to the radio.

I thought PCAnywhere might work, but it doesn't do sound.

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Hi, so when you have video streaming like on youtube, you can see how much buffer you have downloaded. However, for me, when the video length is longer than around 20min, I think the video is not buffering at all and I think it just tries to play as it download and discard what has already played. Is there an option to have it always buffer?

A:Video streaming buffer.

I'm not sure what settings control flash video buffer settings. Could be limited by browser cache max size, or maybe even flash settings.
It's more likely to be the flash settings though. Go to
if you see an entry for youtube, increase the amount of data that can be stored.
Another thing is some settings for the site could be stored in cookies (or in flash cookies). You'd have to go to the personalization or settings for your account and set them. Only trouble is if you clear cookies or aren't signed on, it might not remember.

The other thing to try is max cache size
In IE8, go to tools, internet options, settings (to the right of delete), and set disk space to use to as large as possible (1024?).
In Firefox, go to tools, options, advanced, network, and increase the offline storage space.
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All of the sudden, whenever I try to watch a movie online, or a youtube video, or anything like that, it takes a painful long time to load even thirty seconds of the video, and then stops and takes 5 minutes for the next thirty seconds. This has never happened before, videos usually buffer faster than I can watch them and all is good. It's not a connection problem, or a high traffic problem, as other computers hooked up to the same connection do perfectly fine.

I have tried deleting all cookies, resetting the router, and I did a virus scan, and nothing helped

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i notice that many videos are buffer online for me these days.
So I've used ccleaner and junk removal tool to clean up but this seems to keep slow things down online.
There's this default home page for AVG that's keep getting set by itself after reboot as JRT removes this but it keeps come back.
Let me know how I can clean up and reduce buffer.

A:Slowing down on video buffer

What exactly is this that JRT keeps removing only to have it reappear after restarting this computer?
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OK Here s the deal All my music is on my laptop Toshiba PentiumR Ghz w MB RAM running XP Home Between Computers Moving Music and I want to transfer it to my new desktop HP Moving Music Between Computers pavilion a n- Intel Core duo GHz w GB RAM running XP Media Center Ed My music is on the C drive in a shared folder I first tried burning it onto some blank DVD R discs I have For whatever reason my burner in the laptop would not recognize Moving Music Between Computers those discs I next tried to install my Zune software into the laptop My thinking was to use the player which will be my portable music player to download from laptop then load into the desktop Unfortunately the installation of Zune software into the laptop failed on several attempts for unknown reasons SOOOOO next I Moving Music Between Computers loaded some of the songs onto my iPOD shuffle However when I try to transfer music from iTunes to Zune it doesn t take maybe the AAC format of iTunes HELP I just want to get my music library onto my desktop and be able to sync it with my Zune I know there must be a really easy way to do this Any sugestions

A:Moving Music Between Computers

Hi mpetrodoc.Don't know what exact problem you're having with the dvd's but plain old cd-r's would be better.You could always upload them to someplace like RapidShare, then download them to your other system as a workaround. Of course, if it's a large amount and you're on a slow connection, it's not a desirable option.
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I have 2 Vista 64 machines on the same router. One of the machines holds my music library. Are there step by step instructions on what I have to do to allow music and playlists from my media server to be played by the other computer?

I am a network neanderthal, you can't be too simple in your answers. To put this in perspective, I can't even figure out how to map the two computers together as network drives, and I think I might even have the same computer name for the two gonks which makes everything more confusing .


A:Share music between computers?

Dear, if your computers are in same physical segment and you dont use means you should config them as same logical subnet.
to doing this, put them in same subnet mask.
you can configure these by clicking properties of TCP/IP stack protocol.
help: right click on your lan network connection and choose properties...and then choose TCP/IP properties.

give them these ip addresses:

with these IP addresses, remote machines at internet,can not connect to your home it will be safe.

then they can communicate together via a workgroup scheme.
you can create a workgroup by going on properties of my computer.
on computer name Tab,click on this as the same for all of your computers.

then restart.

at this time you need to share your folders ( mp3 )...dont forget: we can not share files on Microsoft is only possible to sharing folders.

for sharing folders,please click on properties of your folders...then choose sharing tab.

you can browse your workgroup machines by my network places at XP and Network at Vista.

another way is using UNC address...

in run type:
\\destination computer name or its ip address\sharefolder

if you want to using computer name on UNC address, you should enable this option on TCP/IP properties:

go to wins tab and make enable netbios over tcp/ip.
NBT or netBT is short of netbios over tcp/ip.
Netbios was a stack protocol which designed by IBM and was worked on session layer of OSI model.
Microsoft adopted it for using on transport layer and renamed it as NETBEUI.
NETBUEI was helpful for 254 workstations on a uses netbios name / computer name for finding machines.
the process was converting computer names to MAC this process is adopted to converting computer names to IP NETBEUI renamed to NBT or NetBT.

in microsoft networks, it is useful for compatibility with old networks,for replacing it as a solution when DNS servers fail ( DNS server Converts DNS name like to IP address ).

persiagulf is a computer name and is a domain name + suffix.
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This is my second attempt to set up Acer Cloud. I can set up my generic desktop as my Base Computer but I can not find instructions on how to move my music to  the other computers in my network. My desktop is running  windows 8.1., 2 tb HD and 8 gigs of ram. I am wondering if the sofeware is not compatible because that particular computer is now an Acer but a Generic I built myself.

A:How to sync my music between my computers?

First, make sure that abMedia is installed on your Base Computer and your Base Computer is the Personal Cloud Storage.
(You can launch abMedia then go to Edit->Settings->Device Management to confirm if it's Personal Cloud Storage.)
Second, launch aMedia and select "Music" then click File->Add files to library or Add folders to library to add contents.
Last, install abMedia on the other computer and sign in with the same Acer ID. You can see the shared music on your other computers.
Download abMedia link:
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This is my second attempt to set up Acer Cloud. I can set up my generic desktop as my Base Computer but I can not find instructions on how to move my music to  the other computers in my network. My desktop is running  windows 8.1., 2 tb HD and 8 gigs of ram. I am wondering if the sofeware is not compatible because that particular computer is now an Acer but a Generic I built myself.

A:How to sync my music between my computers?

First, make sure that abMedia is installed on your Base Computer and your Base Computer is the Personal Cloud Storage.
(You can launch abMedia then go to Edit->Settings->Device Management to confirm if it's Personal Cloud Storage.)
Second, launch aMedia and select "Music" then click File->Add files to library or Add folders to library to add contents.
Last, install abMedia on the other computer and sign in with the same Acer ID. You can see the shared music on your other computers.
Download abMedia link:
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Guys Recently my computer has started giving this weird problem of not buffering and downloading anything from any site after certain amount of time For example a video on youtube will not start to buffer until its completely buffered in the memory and then suddenly the progress bar will fill up and video will start playing Same is with the downloads The download dialog box will not appear until the browser have downloaded the whole file into its memory and when the dialog box appears on clicking save the file will not not start and download Video will buffer just gets downloaded instantly no matter how big the file is I am assuming it is copying itself from some temporary location Once the problem starts all the browsers are affected by it This problem is really annoying and will only go away on restarting the computer It will be really nice if someone could help me out from this misery Thanks JB PS - The OS is Windows Bit if Video will not buffer and download will not start it helps
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i try playing videos on youtube or any other site for that matter and they will play for roughly 10 seconds and then stop and act like its trying to buffer but i can wait for like 20 hours and it wont buffer any farther
same with streaming audio also
my computer has been doing this for about 3 weeks now and before that it was working fine
i have a pretty high dsl connection and its never done this before (im sure you have heard that a thousand times though lol) well please help ive tried like 10 other sites and ive gotten 0 responses
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When using sites like megavideo, google videos etc, the video gets loaded into the buffer successfully (even to 100% of the video). But when the movie is being played, CPU uses 100% and the movie playback is very slow. As soon the browser is closed, the CPU usage goes down to idle. Sometime, it works but most of the times, the video play back is slow.

Windows Media Player 11
Issue exists in both IE and Firefox

[Not sure whether WMP has anything to do with this. But anyhow, tried all of the different WMP options such as default buffering, 300 sec buffering, Detect Connection Speed, Full acceleration, None acceleration etc]

Thanks for any suggestions
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Have Dell Dimension 3000 with Intel Integrated graphics. BIOS settings allow choice of 1 or 8 MB in video buffer? Currently set as 1 - what, if any, does changing to 8 do?


A:Onboard Video Buffer - 1 or 8? Dimension 3000

you can set it to 8 to improve video performance. this will 'take' 8mb away from your system's total memory, but that will have virtually no effect as it is a neglible difference.
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While trying to view TV shows from the networks' and problems buffer Freezing streams video websites and movies from Netflix the stream goes into an eternal buffering status I've left Freezing video streams and buffer problems it for over an hour on a few occasions I have Ended all non-vital processes through the Windows Task Manager reset both my modem and router restarted my computer changed my display setting for the maximum CPU performance run numerous system scans including CPU usage and internet connection speed uninstalled numerous non-vital unused programs run a virus scan and run a defragment and disk clean-up None of this has resolved the streaming issues DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by dave at on Wed Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium GMT - SP Windows Defender disabled Updated D DDC A- F- FAE- E -DA C ACF FW Norton AntiVirus disabled F - CEE- EA-A A-D ADD EA E Running Processes C Windows system wininit exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgchsvx exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgrsx exe C Windows system lsm exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgcsrvx exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system nvvsvc exe C Windows system svchost exe -k rpcss C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows system svchost exe -k GPSvcGroup C Windows system SLsvc exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C Windows system WLANExt exe C Windows System spoolsv exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgwdsvc exe C Windows system bgsvcgen exe C Program Files Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exe C PROGRA MYWEBS bar bin mwssvc exe C Windows System svchost exe -k HPZ C Windows System svchost exe -k HPZ C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestricted C Program Files HP QuickPlay Kernel TV QPCapSvc exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgnsx exe C Program Files CyberLink Shared Files RichVideo exe C Windows system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Windows System svchost exe -k WerSvcGroup C Windows system SearchIndexer exe C Windows system DRIVERS xaudio exe C Program Files Yahoo SoftwareUpdate YahooAUService exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgemc exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Shared hpqwmiex exe C Program Files AVG AVG avgcsrvx exe C Program Files HP QuickPlay Kernel TV QPSched exe C Windows system rundll exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPStart exe C Windows System rundll exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe c Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Health Check hphc service exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnetwk exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnscfg exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Windows system Macromed Flash FlashUtil k ActiveX exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Windows system SearchProtocolHost exe C Windows system SearchFilterHost exe C Windows system SearchProtocolHost exe C Windows system DllHost exe C Windows system DllHost exe C Users dave Desktop dds scr Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp login live com login srf wa wsignin amp rpsnv amp ct amp rver amp wp MBI amp wreply http F Fmail live com Fdefault aspx amp id uSearch Page hxxp www google com uSearch Bar hxxp www google com ie mStart Page hxxp ie redirect hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iehome amp locale en us amp c amp bd Pavilion amp pf laptop mDefault Page URL hxxp ie redirect hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iehome amp locale en us amp c amp bd Pavilion amp pf laptop uURLSearchHooks N A a faf - e- cf- - f a d - c program files mywebsearch bar bin MWSSRCAS DLL BHO MyWebSearch Search Assistant BHO a faf - e- cf- - f a d - c program files mywebsearch bar bin MWSSRCAS DLL BHO D -C F - efb- ... Read more

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I just bought my wife and New Apple Air Laptop, and she wants her old music transferred/copied from her old all-in-one Mac to her new Apple Air Laptop. This is not my area of expertise guys The most I know is they are both apple computers and have Itunes. If I am going from apple to apple, can someone tell me in layman's terms the easiest way to transfer/copy her music from one computer to the other? I'm hoping to prevent having to take apart her old all-in-one drive just to pull the HHD out!! The best info I found was below. Anyone here a music guru that can tell me the EASIEST WAY

To Reiterate so I am explaining correct:

I want to Transfer/Copy music from her Old All-in-one Apple to New Apple Laptop Air

A:Transfer my music from all-in-one mac to new laptop.. both are apple computers

You can just copy the itunes music folder
its reasonably straight forward now - with the later versions of itunes
All purchased music would be downloaded anyway - you would just need to authorise your new PC
But if you transfer the purchased music and authorise the new Mac - it will work anyway

there maybe an apple transfer bit of software -

I usually just copy itunes folder and then it has the database files - and retains the playlists as well.

have a read here

I have mainly done this windows to a Mac - or Mac to windows
i dont think i have ever copied mac to mac - but it shoud still work the same , if not better
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my computer crashed but i have another i was just wondering if there was a cable to connect the two so i can get things off the other

A:can 2 computers be connected to transfer data or music

please keep to one post - here
closing this duplicate
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Hey everyone I know this is possible but I'm not having luck on Syncing Music/Homework folders between computers figuring out how to do this I have two computers Desktop and a laptop both with Windows Syncing Music/Homework folders between computers Ultimate I essentially just want to be able to access homework and music files on both of my computers without having to transfer them via flash drive I have an external flash drive that I wanted to hook up to the router but the last time I checked a USB attachment to do this was out of the question price wise and I don't feel like buying an apple airport to allow me to see this drive on both computers Plus I have roommates and would prefer to not allow them access to my hard drive Would the easiest way be to get the computers to see each other over the network and share the homework and music folders and then just copy new things over Or is there a program that will do this for me Thanks Tim

A:Syncing Music/Homework folders between computers

Try Allway Sync which also works off a U3 flash drive. Allway Sync n Go for U3
PS: the other day I got a 4GB U3 stick at Staples - after rebates I paid $1.37 which was the sales tax.
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When scrolling a video on Youtube, to the point which is already buffered, the video starts to buffer again from the point i have scrolled to. It happens only on YouTube and on Google Chrome too. What should I do?

A:YouTube videos buffer everytime I scroll the video

Make sure Flash is up to date. I'm not sure why once a video is playing you need to scroll.
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I keep getting this over and over when playing games.. video hardware error cant lock vertex buffer.. any help would be much appreciated

A:Video Hardware error.. cant lock vertex buffer

anyone ?
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I feel kind of silly asking this, but how can I make winamp my computers default music player? Dell jukebox drives me nuts!!


Relevancy 49.88% frnd has a broadband line 360kb=45KB.With this line can easily see the youtube videos in 480p.just gets buffer for 1-3 sec and no buffer next 3-4 minitues.I have 512kb=64KB line where it is almost impossible for me to watch video in 360p.i usually see in 240p.I get this speed constant always.i m amazed to see it.

Do u guys,have any explanation of this problem?


A:No buffer in youtube 480p video in 360kb broadband line but in 512kb w

Could be multiple reason why.

Was it always like this?
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weeks ago I had to email a ton of complaints to broadband supplier sky for giving my aweful speeds they finally answered and gave me great speeds for standard line mb Youtube 4/5 problem, Load/Buffer at minutes Video intervals Wont s Download However a week after I noticed that Youtube Videos will stop loading completely it happens frequently after or minute point sometimes shorter Youtube problem, Wont Load/Buffer Video at 4/5 minutes intervals or longer This is a real annoyance as I use the site for a lot of things my close friend said he had no such problems Virgin Broadband However my other close friend has been experiencing the same problem he is also with Sky Broadband This will happen on ALL Browsers that I have tried I will have no other problem with any other site other than Youtube Me and my friend only have one factor I could possibly think would affect us and that is Kaspersky workstation AV other my other friend on Virgin also has this I am more than willing to blame and complain once again to Sky but I have no actual proof so it s an empty threat for them Any of you care to enlighten Thanks in advance nbsp
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well, not to the point where my burn messes up.. this burner rocks (LTR52327S). it only does it with audio cds though, not data. takes the normal 2-3 minutes with data cds. i really have no clue what its about and have even scanned for viruses just to make sure. audio cds (that are about 45 minutes in length) take about 7 minutes and that isn't normal, not even for a 32x cd (on a 52x burner). basically the used-read buffer and recorder don't stay constant and shift about every 15 seconds. help would be appreciated.

A:used-read buffer/recorder buffer drops (NERO)

haha pleeeease
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well, not to the point where my burn messes up.. this burner rocks (LTR52327S). it only does it with audio cds though, not data. takes the normal 2-3 minutes with data cds. i really have no clue what its about and have even scanned for viruses just to make sure. audio cds (that are about 45 minutes in length) take about 7 minutes and that isn't normal, not even for a 32x cd (on a 52x burner). basically the used-read buffer and recorder don't stay constant and shift about every 15 seconds. help would be appreciated.
Relevancy 49.45% frnd has a broadband line 360kb=45KB.With this line can easily see the youtube videos in 480p.just gets buffer for 1-3 sec and no buffer next 3-4 minitues.I have 512kb=64KB line where it is almost impossible for me to watch video in 360p.I usually see in 240p.I get this speed constant always.I m amazed to see it.
Do u guys,have any explanation of this problem?

A:No buffer in YouTube 480p video in 360kb broadband line but in 512kb Wimax

Other people on your home network, or your ISP sucks and isn't providing you with adequate speeds as advertised, or something on your PC is sucking down all bandwidth.
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I've read somewere that some video cards have video out for interface with a home television set or VCR. My computer's video card does'nt. I wish I could watch a DVD out from my computer into my television set.

Both my VCR and television have the yellow video in jack. My television also has the S-video in jack. Are there any cables available that are capable of this interface with the computer's video out port?
Any tricks, ideas, or suggestions other than having to buy a new video card for my computer?

A:Are computers capable of video out w/o having to buy a new video card?
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I have Windows 7 and the latest version of Windows Media Player. When I drag the slider to any point of a large, high quality video file, it takes a long time for the video to play at that spot. I understand that it may take a second or two because of the video quality but it may take up to a minute or more. Keep it mind that these are files on my laptop, not a stream or anything connected to the internet.

I have an AMD Athlon Neo x2 Dual Core Processor on a HP dm3z laptop if that helps. The card isn't really top of the line but I don't think it should take this long to skip through videos, regardless.

Is there a way to tweak the settings or have any necessary codecs to avoid these long waits?
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How to get music from video with video converter You may have lots of MTV shows with your favorite songs or talk shows with your pursuing superstars you like their voices so much If your player doesn t support videos or you just want to enjoy the wonderful music instead of the whole video I have good idea to get music from video just with a wonderful video converter This converter is a powerful software that can convert between almost all popular video and audio formats in high quality at fast speed and it is easy to use So it is our best choise to get music from video You may free download and install Nidesoft video converter here http www nidesoft com downloads video-converter exe And you may get more information about it here http www nidesoft com video-converter html After download and install this software I will tell you the step by step way of to from video music How get converter video with getting music from video Step click add button and import the videos from your conputer Nidesoft video converter supports batch conversion so you can import multiple files at one time Step click the format drop-down list How to get music from video with video converter to select the output format As you want to get a audio file you may choose a audio format supported by your player Nidesoft Video Converter could support output many Audio format including MP MP WAV OGG AAC RA WMA etc to be played on your iPod iPhone Zune PSP Creative Zen Sony Walkman Nokia Moto cell phone Google G phone and so on Step click the convert How to get music from video with video converter button and start the How to get music from video with video converter conversion The conversion will be finished in a short time and you may view the process at the bottom Ok now you have got music from videos and next what you need to do is enjoy it nbsp

A:How to get music from video with video converter

Nice ad but well all know that programs that promise to remove voices from audio don't work.
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Hello everyone,

just a quick query to see if there is a way of putting my videos i have into the "music videos" catergory of itunes and my ipod

whenever i put the video into itunes, it goes straight to "movies" and i was wondering is there a way to change this?

many thanks
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If you do the calculations then to display something with a 1600 x 1200 resolution with a 32bit color depth you would only need 8MB of video memory plus another 8MB for it to read and write at the same time and 16BM seems like the maximum you would need. But most applications today need a lot more then that even youtube requires at least 64MB with 320p resolution. Can you explain to me why that is please and why do 3d application need even more than that. Thanks.

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I have a DVD movie disc that has a song on it that I'd like to get on to a CD so I can play it in my CD player.

Is it legal to do this if I own the DVD? If it is legal, how can I get it on to a CD?

I have a DVD player in my computer and I am using XP Pro.

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Does anybody know of any software that allows you to put music over a video. I just want to get an .mp3 and attach it to the video so it plays over the video. Can anyone help?? Thanks

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Hi guys.
Just a problem i have encountered over the last few days.
When i have played music over spotify or a video on youtube sometimes it lags and/or skips.
I notice when i move the mouse it gets a lot worse
Hope you guys can help

A:Music/Video Lag

to Bleeping Computer efal  Try downloading Speccy and then install the program.  To post and publish a snapshot of your PC.. In the Menu bar, click File -> Publish Snapshot. Click Yes > then Copy to Clipboard. On your next reply, right-click on a empty space and click Paste on reply box then click Post. Download MiniToolBox and open/run the program.When open, checkmark or select all options then click Go.A notepad will open then copy-paste the report on your next reply.
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Can anyone tell me where you can download chart music video's from please as I would like to put some on my hardrive and watch them with WMP 10. thanks
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Got some music videos of the net and if they are small in size and the video is crap everything is fine but if I try to run a better quality video between 50-150 mb where the quality is brill the music runs off and the video won't keep up, this happens no matter what player i use , I have an AMD 1400 processor with 368mb of ram and it says i has 45% free system resources. The graphics card is an Sis630-730 I think.
Is it my machine or the download itself.

A:Video not keeping up with music.

a lot of times thevideos off the net are compressed in divx...and u might need the latest divx drivers. Also, if the sound doesn't keep up wit the video then the compression ratio is off. lower the quality of the video may help to keep the sound working together with the vid by reducing the stress off the processor. dod u have integrated sound or pci/isa sound?

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When listening to music or watching video online is my experience of having the process interrupted periodically by buffering what I should expect Or is there someway to avoid that I have just downloaded RealPlayer in order to see some videos on ABCNew com and then to listen to some music on Netradio com After doing more tinkering with controls and buttons than if video online Music & is was flying a jumbo jet all without the Music & video online benefit of an owner s manual I find myself wondering if all those people out there who listen to music and watch videos online suffer the same faith I do i e getting more interruptions than I got on my home grown ham radio back in the thirties during an electrical storm Also if you re still with me is there any need to have both Windows Media Player and RealPlayer Since I will use either very little I want as little resources used and as little chance for problems as possible I now have Music & video online version Windows Media Player which I have thought about upgrading to version because I read that version takes up so much in resources and also uninstalling RealPlayer on the basis that with Windows Media I don t need RealPlayer for my minimum uses Any thoughts nbsp

A:Music & video online

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>When listening to music or watching video online, is my experience of having the process interrupted periodically by buffering what I should expect?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yes that's normal. It's happened to me too before. The connection doesn't always stay constant. It cuts out from time to time depending on how busy the net is.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR> there any need to have both Windows Media Player and RealPlayer?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

That's up to you. I have version 6.4 which works well. I've seen lots of people who have had problems with upgrading to version 7 so i'm not going to upgrade to that version and take the chance of running into those same problems.
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I have a large collection of music video's downloaded from various sources (tut tut), the quality ranges from very poor to excellent.
Does anyone know if there is a downloadable program available which will basically 'remaster' my 'less than pristine' quality video's. Or is it the case that once poor quality vid's are downloaded the quality is therefore irreversible ?

A:Remaster Music Video's

You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

Nothing can recreate the quality that is lost.
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Please help!! OK,  i bought a dash cam a few weeks ago and when  i wanted to upload the videos on to my notebook but the problem was the type of video it recorded couldnt be seen on my notebook since it didnt support the video format. So i went on youtube to see how i could change the format and i saw a few videos that claimed to have work with a video transcoder (Handbrake) and now i cant watch any videos or play any music on my notebook. i can only see videos from online for example youtube. please help!!

A:cant play music or video!!

Hi, Please write down the format your camcoder uses as well,Nevertheless, if all you want to do is view the camcoder files on your notebook and the format isn't supported, go for a 3rd party app known as VLC media player as it has all the codecs pre-installed.install it and start going through your videos.Good luck & please reply if it didn't work!

Although I work for HP Inc -The views and opinions I post here are of my own.If my post helped you out, give me the Thumbs up, i deserve #HPExpertDay
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I have a Xvid file that opens in Windows Media Player and I want it to open as a video file.

Any ideas to change media type to video and not audio

A:Video Play As Music

Hello Ljohn,

Welcome to Forum. You didn't say whether you have the codec pack or not. You need to install codecs in order to play the Xvid files. The Vista Codec pack you can download from, or the KLite Codec from K-Lite Codec Pack - Download

Hope it will help. Cheers...
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I was wondering if buying music and videos through the Video and Music apps is the same as itunes? Can I backup what I buy on a hard drive? I don't want to buy movies that are only available through streaming. I want to back up my movies and music so that I can watch and listen offline and so that I won't lose it. Thank you for your help. Forgive me if this has been asked and answered already.

A:Need help with Video and Music apps

Ok then. Thanks for the help. I will just stick with iTunes.
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I hooked up my radio to soundcard and wonder what is the best program for saving and making mp3.
Also I have a firewire card and video card what would be the best program to record and save video from tv programs to avi or mpg?
thanks phaz

A:recording video and music

I can not answer your questions, but I want to record my radio/cassettes/records to Cd and also my VHS to VCD or DVD.
If you can give me any advice on how to do all this, what cables or software needs to be downloaded free or purchased, what cards, etc are needed, I would appreciate it. I have no idea how to get started.

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Hi all ...
I need to take a song from a DVD video that was sent to me. Well let me explain.
I have a Video DvD (not movie) is a church video and I would like to record a song from this video to listen in my cd player. I have DVD/CD Writer I just need the song.
Any body with Ideas.. It is possible to record some how the music and burner have a CD to play in any CD-player??... Thanks for help.


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My boyfriend formatted his D drive few days ago and re-installed Windows XP Pro on it. After that, music and video keeps freezing (like lagging sort of) for a second or two. We noticed it only happens if he isn't moving the mouse or otherwise just doing anything on the computer. As soon as he just lets it be, the music (or video, we noticed last night when watching a movie) keeps freezing every 30seconds or so. And if he is moving the mouse all the time, the music/video doesn't freeze at all. We checked and it still happens, regardless of the program we use to play the audio/video. Also, the freezing stops if he moves the mouse when it's doing it.
Thanks for your help.

A:Music/video Freezes

Sorry for bumping this, but I've been waiting for over a week for some kinda help/answer. :/ So.. bump.
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How can I add a mp3 to a mpg to play the song during the video?

A:Merge Music With A Video?

Windows Movie Maker should do the trick..
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I downloaded a couple of music video's using my 'Veoh' Plug-In but when I tried to play the vid's I was met with the message 'The file type "flv" requires Adobe Flash 8 or greater to play this video. Please install the flash player and restart Veoh TV'. Now, the thing is I already HAVE Adobe Flash 8.1 (which I upgraded to recently) and also another flv player. But just in case I went to Adobe and Installed a newer version which for some reason didn't overwrite the older version. I've never had this problem before and it's strange that at the first time of asking, my new version of Adobe Flash fails. Anyone any ideas ?
Could 8.1 be for Windows Vista only ? I have Windows XP Home.

A:Music Video's Won't Play

if you are on windows xp home the latest version of adobe flash player is 9. check your add/remove programs and see if its even listed. if it is it will say adobe flash player etc active x 2.33 mb. if its not listed u dont have it. try this go to and look under software. scroll down and look for adobe flash player 9 active x stand alone version download. install it then check your add/remove and it should say adobe flash player 9 active x size 3.04 mb. if it then does u should be good to go.
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Hello !

This probably seems to be a odd question but I promise nothing devious is going on.

I have no idea if this is a possibility but I thought I would ask.

This is what I have in mind. I have a music video saved to my favorites on my computer.

I would like to post a portion of it in a message ( private) on facebook.

Is there a way to only post a portion of the video ?

In other words, I want to just pass on about 15 seconds of the video.

Can this be done ?
Thanks for any help that you can give me !

Take Care,
XP Home , IE-8 , SP-3

A:Is It Possible To Take A Snippet Of A Music Video....

Have you had a look at Windows Movie maker?
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does any brave knight out there know how to take music videos downloaded from utube mp4 and easily change them into .cda files which is the only form of audio ripped cds that will play in my car have windows 7 64 bit. I have tried several converters but they don't work to .cda or I can t find out how to drag and drop the music to them,tried ashampoo music studio 4 and wondershare streaming audio recorder by the way which I can t get to record anymore. the closest I have come to transferring them into .cda files is I think I accidently made cda files with cd burner xp but I have no clue as to how I did it. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP MEEdit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:utube video music

Sure...but you need to understand that an .mp4 file contains both video and audio content.  If listening to music is the goal, then you need to strip the unnecessary video content or you wind up with a larger file containing audio and video...rather simply the music.
What I would simply use some program to convert the .mp4 files into .mp3 files...then simply burn the .mp3 files as music files.  See .  I suggest that you not download any of the "free" file converters typically appearing if you Google for such...many of them will also include malware/adware as part of what they install on your system, IME.  VLC is a known, reliable media program.
The most pertinent question that I have is...what is the manufacturer and model of the CD player in your auto?  If it can read .mp3 files, that would provide you the opportunity of putting a lot more music on a data files...compared to recording them as music files.
I know it may sound confusing , but it really isn't.
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Music video codes could be found here ,pretty much a video made into a HTML code so you could place it on your site , My question iis there any program that you could make your own music code

thank you

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Please Help me,I have windows 8 enterprise n 64-bit
my xbox music app doesn't work if i try to play any mp3 file through file explorer the opens i can browse the marketplace but i cant play and file from my hd or marketplace i also have a sign in error
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HI all:
I have a problem with my laptop . When I play video or music it stutters and seems to get worse when I turn the volume up. I have used a few different players ie: vlc player but stil the same. It is quite a new and powerful laptop so I cant see why I have this prolem . Any ideas how to sort this problem or is it just my laptop is crap. Thanks Martin
widows vista
5500 1.66ghz
7300 geforce go
2 gig of ram
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ok i got this videos from yahoo using LyFOX and VLC if this is illegal stuff please delete the post the video plays the whole video but the timing stops at minute and some seconds - since i want the video for my ipod i tried converting to MP but it only converts the time that the video timing displayz it happens with other videos too not just with one how can i fix that problem or set a proper timing Music Video Length for the video ex the video is min long and it plays the whole video but the time bar or thingy stops at minute and some seconds how can i edit so it stops at the correct time i want to do this because it prevents me from converting the whole video to mp it only converts the minutes that it shows hehe sorry if i didnt make my self clear Music Video Length but i Music Video Length dont know how to explain it nbsp
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Hello Tech Guys and Gals,
My problem is that I can play music and video with my Win
Media player, no problem. But when I go to play say a song from Damn Fine Day it keeps cutting in and out
(buffering) I guess the term is.They use an Imeem player format. Also if I try to play a You Tube video it does the same thing also. Quite annoying..Any suggestions would kindly be appreciated.I have Vista and 7 also Adobe Flash
Player too..Thanks..


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Hi everyone,

I'm a bit of a novice so apologies if this is a stupid question.

I'm having problems playing music/video clips in both windows media player and real player. Both regularly cut-out during play back (the whole program shuts down) Occassionally i close the program down and it visably disappears but music continues to play. I also have problems if i cluck a link into the programs e.g a movie trailer. when i click the link the program opens for a split second and closes again.

Any advice
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I'm making an Internet site with music videos in it but every time i try to put more than one in the same page the two different html boxes start mixing and play two different videos at once i was wondering if there is a way to put two different video codes on the same page without it combining or put two in the same html box and be able to switch through the videos. i have xp.

A:music video codes

I guess it depends on the code. I managed to get mine working OK in a school project. I used tables to separate the videos. Also are you streaming or embedding to videos?
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Hello, I have XP Pro 2002 SP3 Pent4 2.66GHz 1.00GB of RAM

Recently I cannot view a video or listen to music without it stopping the music to rebuffer & videos stop.

System idle is at 65-70 & iexplore is at 25-30.
I do not see anything else running.

I do not play games.
I did recently download the lastest version of itunes & have read that a number of people are having a buffering problem when listening to radio stations.

And I am not able to watch a movie at hulu without it needing to stop I was able to last week.

Advise please,

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I have a small video clip of my wife frolicking on the beach in Hawaii that I took with my iPhone. I downloaded the 40 second clip to my hard drive. How do I add music to the video so I can add it to my Facebook.AAO,158174.0.html
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i have just got the IQ Sound Digital Mp3 Video Player SC-4528Hb and I am trying to download some music and books how do i do that please help thank you.

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I am trying to minimize the writing that will go on in the C: boot partition so that I will not "wear out" my SSD Drive. I have changed the Partition Location for the My Documents, My Pictures and My Videos folders. My Documents worked OK but My Pictures and My Videos now have two entries shown in my user account. One with a My prefix and one without. It appears that the entries without the My are Shared and cannot be deleted. What do I have to change in the Network Sharing to allow me to delete the "unused" folder entries. Will this cause a problem - I will share the "My" prefixed folders on the new partition?

A:Music, Video, Pictures Sharing?

I havn't tried to move those folders to seperate drives so can't give you exact instructions on this. But have you tried to take ownership of the extra folders? You may need to go into the drive where you moved them too first.

Take Ownership Shortcut
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I did not have problem loggin into video app yesterday. But, I had a higher speed net connection yesterday now I have only 256 kbps. Now, When ever I open I just cannot sign in to my account. I receive an error of '0xc00d11cd'.

Now what I did from yesterday is I made auto log in to my live account using cmd > netplwiz. Can it affect somehow?

Please give me solutions...
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Hi Everyone.
I would like to know if anyone can help. I accidentally deleted the Windows Vista music and video files. I thought they were temp files and so I deleted it.
Is there a place I can go to get them back? Or is there any place on the hard drive that possibly stores them??
Thanks in advance

A:Need music, and video files that came with Vista

those are only sample vids and are not needed...i delete mine when i get a new system - wasted space...
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I have about music videos going at the same time on my site and I was just wondering pause Codes? video How Music you do how I can make them all pause and only play when the user clicks on them Heres one music video code lt style gt hov hover background-color yellow lt style gt How do you pause Music video Codes? lt div id Title style font bold px verdana gt lt h style font bold px display inline gt Watch Video lt h gt lt a class hov style display block width px border solid px black padding px href quot http www videocodezone com videos s system of a down byob html quot target blank gt B Y O B System Of A Down lt p gt lt embed allowScriptAccess quot never quot name RAOCXplayer src http www videocodezone com videos s system of a down byob asx type application x-mplayer width height autoplay true ShowC ShowStatusBar loop true EnableC DisplaySize pluginspage http www microsoft com Windows Downloads Contents Products MediaPlayer gt lt embed gt lt a gt lt p style quot margin px px quot gt lt a href http www videocodezone com gt Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone Com lt a gt lt p gt lt div gt I already try replacing quot Watch Video quot with quot Pause Video quot and it doesn t do anything besides change the text above the video to quot Pause Video quot if someone could please help me out I will Be forever greatfull nbsp

A:How do you pause Music video Codes?

Why not links on your main page that lead to another page to play for each one?
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I have an older computer Dell 2300 windows xp, never really had any problems with it until we bought our daughter a Gateway Laptop T2330 about a month ago. We bought a cheap wireless-g router, set her up with internet. Now I cannot watch any video (news, youtube, myspace, etc.), same for music on myspace, etc. It is not only happening to my computer but also to my daughters laptop. Does this have something to do with the router??

A:Downloading, music, video-keep stalling

Are you both accessing the Net at the same time?
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They all start at the same time! How do I make it load but not play all at once? Here is my site. Im warning you now to turn down your volume because they all start at the same time and it can get to a point beyond annying into distrubing. Also for 56K users, dont even bother. Any help on how to fix this besides the obvious "removal of videos" will be much apreciated!

A:Please Help with my Myspace Music Video CODES!

Please if anyone knows the Triple SECRET Coding to make these videos smart please tell me!
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Anytime I play music or video my computer freezes. Not to mention if I run spyware or adware (its starts to run then freezes). I can use internet and all programs. If anyone has some helpful ideas that would be great thank you

A:Music and Video freeze my laptop

Hello and welcome to TSF

What files do you scans stop at? also are you experiencing and Malware symptoms?
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Is it possible to convert and burn .flv files as PAL video ? If it is, can someone give me some advice/help PLEASE ??

A:Solved: Help burning music video

There's plenty of help out there.

One google search came up with:
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Ever since the day I installed the drivers for my Creative MP3 player, all my music, videos, movies have been altered. By altered I mean that they are not the same as they were originally. For eg, where there are lyrics, there are no lyrics and and the sound tone is very low, and sometimes normal. And in my videos/movies, the music is fine, but when there is speaking the sound tone is exceptionally low. Strangely enough even the videos at Youtube are affected in the same way. My Windows Media Player is upto date.

Any help will be appreciated.

Please guys I need help, this is serious!
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All I ever get is this message whenever I load a page

Video never even shows up on the page. I can't figure out how to solve this problem...

A:Firefox will not play video or music on this PC

One thing that is likely to be messed up is your drver. You may need to manually go through and check each driver for updates. By "may need to" I mean you should do it first. IF you have no QuickTime driver, which is unlikely because Firefox is pretty good about getting updates on time, try to get the driver through Mozilla. You also should check to see if only this page is corrupt, or if you can play no QuickTime videos, old or new (try to find a page that will play QuickTime videos, then check the date of the last update. Ifthe date is old, you just need to update the driver.). If it is only that page, try to update your drivers. This is most likely it.

Please let me know if this works. Also let me know if it doesn't play videos even with Windoes media Player.
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Hello This is my first time here so I m not sure if this issue Problems. Tasks Video Music and has Music and Video Tasks Problems. been covered already Sorry if it has but I recently installed Media Player on my Dell Inspiron running XP with service pack I have my media sorted into Music and Video Tasks Problems. folders When browsing these folders there is a tab on the left that says quot Music Tasks quot or quot Video Tasks quot Underneath that tab I have the option to Music and Video Tasks Problems. Play all Play Selected Shop for music online or copy to audio CD Here s the problem I used to just press the Play all or Play selection and Media Player would open up and play the files but now it only opens up if I double click an individual song or video file Another option I found was to select all then go to quot File quot quot Add to now playing list quot All of the files are still set up to use Media Player as the default player I ve tried searching for help on Google but I have found nothing Any Help would be greatly appreciated

A:Music and Video Tasks Problems.

Hello and welcome to BC TahoeJeffI have a similar player, so I may be able to help out. Highlight the files that you would like to play, right-click and chose open with Media Player 10. You should only have to do this once. This will play them in this player, and the next time you double click one of these files, the file association would have reverted to what you want.If you restart the computer, it should stay that way.
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i dont know how i did this, but all my videos are in my music folder. i also have the same videos in my videos folder... BUT if i try to organize my folders so that those videos are only in my video folder and delete the videos from the music folder, the videos no longer work. apparently my videos are sourced under my music folder. i can't figure out how to fix this... i want my videos to be sourced under my videos so i can delete them from my music folder so i can organize... im not sure what im doing... i tried to hit restore default libraries and it didn't change anything... i know this sounds confusing but this is the best way i could explain it lol... when i have my music folder open and try to drag those videos to my video folder, it gives me this message (attached)... someone help..

A:my video source is in my music folder

Open up the My Videos file within the My Music File. Select all the contents of this folder (CTRL+A) so they are all highlighted and Right click them and choose Cut (or press CTRL+X) . Now open up the My Videos Folder that you want the videos to be in put your pointer in a blank space of the folder or press Alt Key and choose Edit from the Tool bar (or just press CTRL+V) to choose Paste. This will paste all of the videos that were previously in the My Videos folder in the My Music folder and Paste them into the My Videos folder you want them to be in. You can choose to overwrite all of the files. When that is done you can delete the empty My Videos folder in the My Music folder.
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hi, i have a fairly new machine and up until recently Media player has been playing music and video fine but all of a sudden everything i play is stuttering?

anyone know why?

i have Media Player 10 (problem also occures with real player and divx player and quicktime)

the CPU isn't unduly stressed at the time of stutter (max 30%. Ave 11%)

however on further inspection i just pressed right mouse button on a quickstart icon and the cpu usage boosted (momentarily upto 80% )
casuing a major slow down in music.

what could be causing this
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On Saturday May I was reading a newsgroup and clicked on a link that indicated it had more information My web browser Firefox popped up with a music video singer named Rollins - song It could hurt you that proceeded to hop about the screen When I tried to kill it I got various dialog boxes indicating that I should hang around and have more fun I powered off the computer and disconnected the internet and powered Infection Video Included Music back up Still had the video I checked and found that my ZoneAlarm firewall was not starting on bootup as Infection Included Music Video it should Now whenever I start a program I get a ZoneAlarm popup asking if that program can access CFT Loader Infection Included Music Video I answer NO to this question and the program appears to load normally I have not reconnected the computer to the internet so far and am working on my wife s laptop I tried going back to a restore point prior to my error with no apparent effect Using Windows XP SP AVG virus checker AVG Spyware checker Ran Spybot and AdAware I looked at the system process window but didn t see anything that looked abnormal Any ideas or suggestions Thanks DanT

A:Infection Included Music Video

I like to keep an infexted computer off the internet myself, but it's 3 times harder to work on, but then again I know the infection is not updated and downloading more code as I try to kill itI use a usb drive, immunized with subs flashdisinfector;#entry798468MBAM scanner;#entry811062and I get the manual updates for putting on the drive alsoLatest Database makes a good start and you can bring the log back with the drive and then hopefully we'll be able to tell what kind of infection you have
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I have a strange problm... when i play video on vlc and windows mediaplayer the music in the films plays but i do not have the talk...... what?s up with that??

A:have music when playing video but no talk??!??

Quote: Originally Posted by Siggi Jul

I have a strange problm... when i play video on vlc and windows mediaplayer the music in the films plays but i do not have the talk...... what?s up with that??

Hi and welcome

By the talk I assume you mean the peoples voices. If that is so you may have the sound control panel configured incorrectly for stereo instead of 5.1.

We need a ton more info before we can help. what sound card, etc
kenn J++
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i have music videos, and now, i see these .mta files associated with all of the videos. what is going on here? do i need these?

A:unknown music video extension

What program uses .MTA file extension?Program : Flight Simulator Maintenance FileProgram Website: Flight Simulator Maintenance FileCompany : MicrosoftCompany Website: MicrosoftHere is a tool for converting MTA files (MP3Tag Actions) to a forum-friendly format. [MTA to MP3 file converter Just from a 2 min search - -
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Is there a legitimate pay site I can go to download music, videos, etc. and not have spyware added to it? Thanks.

A:Solved: Video, music, pay sites

If you find any video/movie ones, please let me know! i only know of a few music ones & haven't really tried them so not sure on the spyware, but i don't think most of the genuine pay ones have spyware do they?
itunes and (Australian site) are the main ones i know of, and of course Napster is now legal, but wouldn't suprise me if it has spyware.

hope that helps
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i just reformatted my pc at lags a little when playing playing down or pc video slows when music videos and even mp 's i ran adaware and spybot and cleared pc slows down when playing music or video the found items here's my log Log was analyzed using KRC HijackThis Analyzer - Updated on Get updates at http www greyknight com download htm programs Security Programs Detected Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes D WINDOWS System smss exe D WINDOWS system winlogon exe D WINDOWS system services exe D WINDOWS system lsass exe D WINDOWS system svchost exe D WINDOWS System svchost exe D WINDOWS system spoolsv exe D WINDOWS Explorer EXE D PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgamsvr exe D PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgupsvc exe D Program Files Executive Software Diskeeper DkService exe D Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE D WINDOWS System svchost exe D PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgcc exe D PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgemc exe D WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXE D Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe D WINDOWS system spool drivers w x hpztsb exe D Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpotdd exe D Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Share-to-Web hpgs wnd exe D WINDOWS system ctfmon exe D Program Files BinarySense HDDlife HDDlife exe D Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Share-to-Web hpgs wnf exe D Hjt HijackThis exe O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - D Program Files Adobe Acrobat Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO AcroIEToolbarHelper Class - AE CD -E - f- - EE - D Program Files Adobe Acrobat Acrobat AcroIEFavClient dll O - Toolbar Adobe PDF - -D C - - FA - E EAAC - D Program Files Adobe Acrobat Acrobat AcroIEFavClient dll O - HKLM Run AVG CC D PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgcc exe STARTUP O - HKLM Run AVG EMC D PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgemc exe O - HKLM Run HP Software Update D Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe O - HKLM Run HPDJ Taskbar Utility D WINDOWS system spool drivers w x hpztsb exe O - HKLM Run DeviceDiscovery D Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging bin hpotdd exe O - HKLM Run zzzHPSETUP G Setup exe O - HKLM Run Share-to-Web Namespace Daemon D Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Share-to-Web hpgs wnd exe O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe D WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - Startup HDDlife lnk D Program Files BinarySense HDDlife HDDlife exe O - Extra context menu item E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - res D PROGRA MICROS OFFICE EXCEL EXE O - Extra button Research - B - CC- C -B BE- C C A - D PROGRA MICROS OFFICE REFIEBAR DLL O - Extra button Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - D Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe O - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Windows Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - D Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe O - Service AVG Alert Manager Server Avg Alrt - GRISOFT s r o - D PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgamsvr exe O - Service AVG Update Service Avg UpdSvc - GRISOFT s r o - D PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgupsvc exe O - Service Diskeeper - Executive Software International Inc - D Program Files Executive Software Diskeeper DkService exe End of KRC HijackThis Analyzer Log

A:pc slows down when playing music or video

I see nothing in your log other than

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [zzzHPSETUP] G:\Setup.exe

Do you know what that might be ?
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There MUST be someone out there reading this who knows how to do this. So many people do but I can't find one that does.You see many videos all over the internet of people lip syncing to music. I am trying to do the same exact thing. I have a Logitech webcam and am able to record. I also have Windows Movie Maker (windows xp home edition) and I am able to add sound tracks to it, but SEPARATLEY. It says I am supposed to make the video first then add the sound. BUT I need to listen to the music AS THE VIDEO IS RECORDING. Can someone please tell me how to do this....OR AT THE VERY LEAST TELL ME HOW TO FIND OUT.thank a bunchMod Edit: Closed open tags. ~ Animal

A:How To Make A Video W/music With Webcam?


Well, I'll give you 3 extremely easy ways to do this.

1. If you have a portable music player, you could listen to it and record yourself

2. You could play it on a a stereo or something and sing to it, then in Movie Maker add the music file

3. You could play the music file on your computer and sing to it, then add the music file in Movie Maker.

Not that hard, just got to think a little bit.
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Does anyone know where I can find the Cheap Trick Music Video of That 70's Show Theme Song?

You know .. Hangin Out >>>>> Down The Street.....

I've been searchin all over and not having any luck.

I saw it once


A:Cheap Trick Music Video

Still Lookin .... Bump
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i have divx player, windows media player 11, real one player, however I still cannot play(rarely) some video files, is there a player that can play everything?

A:What Is The Best Player For Video And Music? Any Ideas?

Yes there is. Media Player Classic which looks very much like the old WMP 6.4, and will play all formats, including Real & Quicktime.It comes bundled with the K-lite Megacodec pack, which is well worth installing.
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Hi All,A few days ago my computer slowed right down while starting up and pretty much ground to a halt.I have since ran a virus scan in safe mode, search and destroyed FREQUENTLY reccurring spyware, and ran a chkdsk.The computer itself is certainly running better, but now any time I play a video or music file, its stops and starts perpetually, preventing smooth playback, which is incredibly frustrating!Im comfortable when using computers but a novice in relation their workings - could anyone give me some advice in relation to what may be the problem with my compuuter? and how I could go about resolving the problems?RegardsModerator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Stuttering Video And Music Playback

It's possible that you haven't removed all remnants of the spywares you said you found. You should run a few more scans, this time add a few different scan programs to your arsenal.

What are all the programs you use to scan for viruses, trojans, malware, etc,?
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First question is Just wandering how well the NG GT in a PCI-E x slot will perform against the NG GS in this I got this car game called NFS Pro Street I was wandering if my NG GS runs this game at an average of fps with only all the car details up on max setting and only the world detail on high so A of about questions computers my couple of video newbie I could see A couple of newbie questions about video of my computers the flags of when to start when the girls gives the signal other wise I d have to guess when to press the quot W quot key on the keyboard to make the car run how well then do you think the NG GT will get the fps up to fps fps fps LOL My game also tends to drop down to about - fps when either in a drag race or in a race that has alot of good looking graphics If you must know I run my graphics card on a PCI-E x slot if that s any help PS My friend says my computer shouldn t lag at any game when mine s on a PCI-E x slot inteface he s wrong Second question I don t really understand my laptop It says I have MB of total graphics memory but it s only using MB out of that Here look at this http farm static flickr com f o png Can you please make sense of this and explain in details so I can understand The shop clerk where we talked to get this laptop said something about that there was alot of graphics memory available nbsp

A:A couple of newbie questions about video of my computers

you cant change the video card in most laptops and most likely you can't on yours. your stuck with the crappy intel gpu
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Have been trying to use PPLive but it BSOD crashes my computers. My old notebook (with limited memory) and newer dualcore desktop both are stable windowsxp always on machines with no overheating problems. The notebook crashes during the first hour of running, the desktop generally crashes later but has never run more than 30 hours before bluescreening.

Other streaming video players like Sopcast and Tuiplayer run with no problems for ever but I find the program choice lacking on those so I want to have PPLive.

In general people seem to think that it is a good program so one wonders if my two main machines are the only ones around that canít run pplive. I have za security suite and other than that I use only general software that should not cause conflicts with anything.

Anybody else experiencing similar problems with PPLive?
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Hi I am helping my parents troubleshoot their computers and very is Computers audio/video sluggish lagging My feeling is that they are both infected with the same virus trojan but I can find it or figure out what is going on The each have identical laptops and both are experience identical problems Both are running Avast and both systems are not turning up any discovered viruses or trojans during scans I am on the verge of completely refronting both of their laptops and am really hoping I can avoid having to do that I suspected that maybe they were both infected with poweliks but the below FRST shows at least I think so that neither are infected with that trojan Symptoms After a clean reboot within to hours both systems begin to get very sluggish both audio and video starts to skip and lag both mice bounce around like crazy around Computers very sluggish and audio/video is lagging the screen when trying to move the point I had my Dad run FRST on his computer below are the results FRST Scan results FRST txt Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST txt x Version - - Ran by Preston administrator on PRESTON-HP on - - Running from C Users Preston Favorites Downloads Loaded Profiles Preston Available profiles Preston Platform Windows Home Premium Service Pack X Computers very sluggish and audio/video is lagging OS Language English United States Internet Explorer Version Default browser FF Boot Mode Normal Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool http www geekstogo com forum topic -frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool Processes Whitelisted If an entry is included in the fixlist the process will be closed The file will not be moved C Windows agent x exe HP C Program Files x HP SimplePass TrueSuiteService exe IDT Inc C Program Files IDT WDM stacsv exe DisplayLink Corp C Program Files DisplayLink Computers very sluggish and audio/video is lagging Core Software DisplayLinkManager exe DisplayLink Corp C Program Files DisplayLink Core Software DisplayLinkUserAgent exe Avast Software s r o C Program Files AVAST Software Avast AvastSvc exe Avast Software s r o C Program Files AVAST Software Avast afwServ exe Carbonite Inc www carbonite com C Program Files Carbonite Carbonite Backup CarboniteService exe Garmin Ltd or its subsidiaries C Program Files x Garmin Core Update Service Garmin Cartography MapUpdate CoreService exe Hewlett-Packard Company C Program Files x HP Common HPSupportSolutionsFrameworkService exe Intel Corporation C Program Files x Intel Services IPT jhi service exe Microsoft Corp C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSVC EXE Microsoft Corp C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSVCM EXE Intel Corporation C Program Files x Intel Intel reg Rapid Storage Technology IAStorDataMgrSvc exe Intel Corporation C Program Files x Intel Intel reg Management Engine Components LMS LMS exe Intel Corporation C Program Files x Intel Intel reg Management Engine Components UNS UNS exe Microsoft Corporation C Windows System LogonUI exe HP C Program Files x HP SimplePass TouchControl exe DisplayLink Corp C Program Files DisplayLink Core Software DisplayLinkUI exe HP C Program Files x HP SimplePass BioMonitor exe Intel Corporation C Windows System hkcmd exe Intel Corporation C Windows System igfxpers exe Synaptics Incorporated C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe IDT Inc C Program Files IDT WDM sttray exe Garmin Ltd or its subsidiaries C Program Files x Garmin Express Tray ExpressTray exe Team Corporation C Program Files x Team Corporation Sync Sync exe Microsoft Corporation C Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exe Hewlett-Packard Company C Program Files x Hewlett-Packard HP QuickWeb hpqwutils exe Hewlett-Packard Development Company L P C Program Files x Hewlett-Packard HP On Screen Display HPOSD exe Synaptics Incorporated C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPHelper exe Hewlett-Packard Development Company L P C Program Files x Hewlett-Packard HP Quick Launch HPMSGSVC exe He... Read more

A:Computers very sluggish and audio/video is lagging

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Hi everyone,

About a week ago I noticed that my sound has been stuttering every 15-30seconds. It sounds a bit like a scratched record. This happens during streaming video and audio from the internet and from listening to music on my hard drive. The problem occurs through my onboard soundcard (IDT) and the external one which I use for recording (Line 6 KB37) which leads me to believe it is something more complicated that just updating the drivers (which I have done).

A friend thinks I may have damaged my hard drive while transporting my laptop but I don't recall knocking it on anything. Would a damaged hard drive affect streaming content?

It's a Dell Inspiron 1545, a couple of years old. 4GB ram, Windows 7 Home Premium x64Bit.

Anyone out there have any idea what's going on? I really need this back up and running ASAP - any help is very much appreciated!



A:Music and video sound lags and stutters

I don't actually really have any advice, but this sounds kind of familiar to me--does it happen regardless, like if you just let it play, or do you have to also do something else on the computer, as well? 'Cause I know with my computer, if I'm listening to something on, say, youtube, and I click on another internet page, it does that little stutter most of the time. I don't know why, though, so this isn't much help, sorry.
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it used to work fine before i upgraded to IE 7.

A:Why Can't I Watch Video On Yahoo Music Anymore?

How far does it let you get?

Are there any messages that come up?
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Friends I am using a AMD Athalon bit computer with windows xp I have adequate music clips in my HDD recorded through Pinnacle TV Tuner card as mpg I hve burnt these in blank cds using windows cd writing program But after I purchasing a new DVD writer drive the Nero Burner software does not add the mpg music files and promt the following message quot one or more files could not be added to the compilation The following files may not reside in the VIDEO TS directory of a DVD Video compilation Only compliant DVD-video files VIDEO- TS IFO -TS VOB -TS BUP VTS-nn- IFO video burner .mpg cannot music in add files nero the - VOB - BUP and -m VOB can cannot add .mpg video music files in the nero burner be added to the VIDEO-TS folder cannot add .mpg video music files in the nero burner Please add files from a completed DVD- video files or use an auathoring software like Nero Visiion Express to create DVD Video files from standard video files such as avi and mpg quot I therefore request you please help me to solve the problem how to add the mpg files to the Nero Burner and finally burn the DVD by Gikki nbsp

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Anyone know a program i can download that converts music files and/or video files into other formats (ex: .ra convert to .mp3) and it converts the file for you fully? because most converters only convert part of the file for you... u have to buy their product in order to get the full converison.
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My laptop has been acting a bit strange. It started by saying that my ATI Catalyst software isnt working and must shut down the program. This happens each time it starts up. Then it was unable to play videos off of an SD card. Now it says that all my music, videos, and pictures are not there. I tried this in safemode same thing happened. I have also used the startup repair disc and a system restore nothing has worked so far. I am running Vista if that helps at all. Any info on how to fix this or what is wrong would be useful.

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This is not a quot must have quot but it is a lot as a video music background fun desktop playing Have of fun You can play a video as desktop background which is especially nice if it is a music video For that you need VLC Have fun playing a music video as desktop background If you do not have it yet you can install it from e g here Download VLC Media Player - FileHippo com And here are the few easy steps Open VLC and go to Tools gt Preferences Click on the icon called Video on the left d icon from the top Change Output which is set to Default to say Directx Video Output Click on the Save button important Now select the video you like to play - gt Media gt Open File Right click on the VLC window where the video plays and go to Video gt Directx Wallpaper Minimize the VLC window and enjoy your new desktop If you want to get out of it right click on the VLC icon in the taskbar and Close VLC In case you later want to use VLC for quot normal quot operation you have to reset the Output to Default and Save it

A:Have fun playing a music video as desktop background

Cool trick whs, thanks for sharing!

Windows Outreach Team
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Hello everyone, sorry if my english has some mistakes, I'm still learning this language.
So, the problem is:  I just bought a Lenovo g40-80 intel core i5 (windows 10) three days ago, and everything works fine until I turn on the wifi. If I'm using the music player it starts to lag a lot and even googlechrome sometimes starts to lag too. I've alread updated the drivers but the problem just doesn't seem to fade away. Does anyone know how to solve it? Thank you all.
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Ok let me get to the point lately playing while or Sound Choppy music video whenever I play a music file on my system or watch an online video all I get is sluggish and choppy sound I am running Vista Home Premium SP Choppy Sound while playing music or video My specs are as follow AMD Athlon X TK- Ghz GB DDR RAM GB Serial ATA Hard Drive I ve got all of the latest drivers I ran Choppy Sound while playing music or video various virus scans yet no avail I am running with all the latest OS updates Now I am at my wits ends and baffled as to why suddenly it does this I also check my hard drive for errors using chkdsk yet it reports nothing bad However now that I think of it I did update my BIOS last week I am running a PHOENIX AMD BIOS with version Date Perhaps this caused some odd behavior But as far as I m aware of nothing else is wrong with my system My only problem is choppy audio while the hard disk drive is active For example I could be copying a file while listening to music and all I hear is choppy audio Unfortunately this is a pain in arse while playing games from the hard drive All I get is choppy sluggish audio Any help would be greatly appreciated and I am getting rather tired at the moment don t mind my ty grammatical errors in this post All I want to do is get my point across and hopefully get this problem fixed Thanks Jordan PS If anyone would like to contact me further regarding this problem please don t hesitate to send me a Private Message or post in this topic nbsp

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Ok I restarted my computer from a fresh boot this morning and when I opened up iTunes to play a song I clicked the play button It then proceeds to keep the song on no audio no nothing No attempt to even start the song Thinking it was an iTunes not audio problem) playing Music/video an (Not error I tried to play something in WMP It did the same thing clicked play and the song stays on Now I tried to play Music/video not playing (Not an audio problem) a video in WMP to see if that worked and it played extremely slowly and laggy with no audio VLC media Music/video not playing (Not an audio problem) player is doing the same thing Some background on my system it doesn t lag I have an i and the hard drive the music and audio Music/video not playing (Not an audio problem) is stored on is extremely fast I also tried moving the music to a different HD on my system and it does the same thing Any help is appreciated I am going to try a system restore nbsp

A:Music/video not playing (Not an audio problem)

A system restore fixed it. Looks like a windows update was installed. Thats the only thing that could have done it. I haven't installed anything for over a week. If you know what might have done it specifically, let me know.