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I want to make more speed for 3D Tool - mainboard

Q: I want to make more speed for 3D Tool - mainboard

Hello ?
Recently, I need more speed for my computer.
Basically I want upgrade hardware but I am not expert: I need some advice.
I am using my computer for Computer Animation: Mostly Autodesk Maya.

I am in the middle of learning Animation Part and realize if I am going to use MentalRay with Animation,
I have to wait a long time [I believe].

Currently my computer's spec:
i5 2500K.
8GB of RAM
GTX 560TI of 1GB

Which hardware should upgrade ?

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Preferred Solution: I want to make more speed for 3D Tool - mainboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I am using computers for the last 20 years and know some basics about the hardware & PC operations, I am planning for a new higher end P4 PC with All in wonder graphics card & LIVE wire sound with speakers and all,
I need to clarify
1. should the processor & mother board speed be same?,
2. If I choose a RAM with (speed ?) of 333MHZ and use a mother board with 800MHZ, Is it a mismatch or underrating the board capabilities?.
4. To simplify my question what are the difference in using a
a.) 533MHZ processor / 533MHZ board with 400MHZ RAM
b.) 800MHZ processor / 533 MHZ board with 333 MHZ RAM.
c.) 800MHZ processor / 800 MHZ board with 400MHZ RAM


A:CPU, Mainboard & Memory speed

1) I'm not really sure what you mean by motherboard speed, its more about what processor your board will support. As long as your board supports the processor your looking at your good to go. I suppose its possible that a board won't be able to support certain special features of the processor if there are any, so its best to read the specs of the processor and board to make sure their compatible.

2) Again its really a matter of the board supporting a certain speed of memory. Usually boards will have a few configurations of memory they support, just make sure the memory you want is supported by the board.

4) b, I think means the board will not support the processor, a and c should both work fine but c will have faster througput performance.

If you find the exact brand and make of motherboard and processor your intrested in you can usually get a nice manual from the manufacturer's website. Just make sure everything is compatible before you buy it and you will be ok.
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Is this safe to use or a scam? Thank you.

A:Speed Fix Tool

Stay away from programs like that. Your find so many of them out there and all techs will warn you to not use them.
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can i make the window tool bar more slim ?

i would like to do it without installing programs or patch some dll

is there a way to do it?


A:can i make the window tool bar more slim ?

is there no way?
i tried to set disable visual style in compatibility panel but no luck

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Hi guys! Running out of time this morning, have to be brief.

I am starting out as a digital photographer, and want to show some prospective clients the weddings I have shot on DVD. I am looking for an INEXPENSIVE program to create DVDs.

A menu at the beginning, allowing me or them to select which group of pictures (or slideshow) to view is a must, which is why I'm not able to simply use WMM. I would like a program giving me a lot of creative control. As a photographer, it's all about the image. Any ideas are appreciated!

(P.S, by inexpensive, I mean like less than or around 30dollars if I dreaming?)


A:Looking For Tool To Make Muti-slideshow Dvd

Hi Heather.I normally use NeroVision for such projects but it is more then you wish to spend.This free program will do what you want though I have never personally used it myself.
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I found some site that helped me get rid of that damn MS Removal tool. Now I want to make sure it's really gone. How would I go about that?

A:MS Removal Tool Fixed/Want to make sure it's really gone

You went through a malware removal procedure back in January. Nothing has changed - we still require logs to work from.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link I'll give you below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.


Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.
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My friend created some flash animations, they work well in flash player, but don't work in window Media player, any tool to make flash movie play in window meida player?
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

A:Any Tool to Make Flash Movies Play in WMP?

Try downloading ffdshow tryouts.
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I can create a batch file to launch snippingtool with the following code

Start "" "C:\windows\system32\SnippingTool.exe"

I would like to add to that a command line that selects 'NEW'
to make the tool snip ready.
I need help with that step.

A:Make snipping tool capture after launching

just assign a shortcut key to the program, CRTL + F12 (or whatever you like)
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the only way i can make the snipping tool open is using the start menu, but that doesnt work if im watching a video that takes up the entire screen because it also covers the start menu. so is there a way to make the snipping tool open using keyboard commands?

A:is there a way to make the snipping tool open using the keyboard

Hello jturk,

You could use the method in the tutorial below to assign a keyboard shortcut to a Snipping Tool shortcut to use.

Keyboard Shortcut - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,
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Check it makes your firefox a little faster!

A:Firefox optimization tool to make it faster

Also check out articles in Tweaking Preferences.
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Hi all
Having used W8 satisfactorially for a while now on a VM I'm trying to install it on a real PHYSICAL machine.
To save the hassle of burning DVD's I decided I would like to install from a USB drive however when trying to create a bootable USB stick using the usb tool from the tutorial it always fail with "Cannot copy the files".

I've tried on 3 different USB sticks from different manufacturers so it's almost outside the possibility that all 3 USB sticks are defective. I'm trying to run this on W7 X64.

Screenshot enc

Any links to an alternative tool that will do this


A:cannot make bootable usb Win 8 install with MS tool as in the tutorial

Use Diskpart. Option 2 here.

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create - Windows 7 Forums
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Just upgraded to Win 10 from Win 7. I am trying to like it . One of the annoyances I've found so far
is the snipping tool. When on Win 7, when I did my shortcut keys to open it, it would automatically go
into snipping mode so I could just move my mouse to create my snip. Now, it makes you select new and
what type you'd like. I have looked around the settings to make it act like it did when in Win7 but so far
no luck. Does anyone know how to make it just start like it did when using it before I upgraded?
I only have interest in creating a snip this way. Thanks

A:How to make snipping tool default to new snip

Yes, having to make that one extra click is surprisingly irritating. I was very happy using the tool when it was 'ready to snip' with the last used setting. If I occasionally wanted to capture a menu, I could with just a few more clicks. Having to press 'new snip' each and every time seems pointless, slow and cumbersome.
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Motherboard - IPIEL-LA3 (Eureka3)
Specs Site Motherboard Specifications, IPIEL-LA3 (Eureka3) | HP? Support

I want to Know if theres a Software Program That Can Control Fan Speed!! ..

I have 2 Fan Ports on my motherboard 1 for CPU Fan & the other ones for the Case Fan i Know How to speed up the CPU Fan, But have no clue how to speed up the case fan, If at all its even possible..

Pls Help!!

A:A Tool That Can Control Fan Speed On Motherboard Help Pls..

Hmm, it all really depends on the mother board, and I'm thinking as it's an hp, you can't. However case fans spin at max rpm by default, with most folks slowing them down with the use of inline resistors.

You can try speedfan, it may do something.
Download SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer
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Motherboard - IPIEL-LA3 (Eureka3)
Specs Site Motherboard Specifications, IPIEL-LA3 (Eureka3) | HP? Support

I want to Know if theres a Software Program That Can Control Fan Speed!! ..

I have 2 Fan Ports on my motherboard 1 for CPU Fan & the other ones for the Case Fan i Know How to speed up the CPU Fan, But have no clue how to speed up the case fan, If at all its even possible..

Pls Help!!

A:A Tool That Can Control Fan Speed On Motherboard Help Pls..

Hmm, it all really depends on the mother board, and I'm thinking as it's an hp, you can't. However case fans spin at max rpm by default, with most folks slowing them down with the use of inline resistors.

You can try speedfan, it may do something.
Download SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer
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Thanks everyone for your help. This is last question. I downloaded a 14257 ESD file online and am using the ESD to ISO tool and it is creating the ISO now. Where does the ISO save by default?

A:Using the ESD to ISO tool to make 14257 Image-where is default output?

In the folder the ESDtoISO.cmd file is in when you run it. I just did this and ended up with

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Hello, I'm seeking overall advice to get things done faster.

Last year I did my own Win 7 build and was very satisfied (after Christmas time I added 2 more of the same G.Skill 2GB for a total of 8). Today not so much. I'm not sure if the problem is with Windows, my build, my ISP, my network, or Chrome browser.

Simple example of problem is the letters are not appearing as fast as I type here (I'm not a fast typer - 30-60wpm).

Any advice to identify the problem would be greatly appreciated.

A:How to make speed improvements

Is the slowness you're seeing only when using a web browser? How do other applications respond on the system?

The best way to determine where the slowdown is coming from is start with the basics like how does the system perform with no applications running (simply accessing files), does it boot up like it used to, any new applications installed recently?

You could also use task manager and performance monitor to check system performance after a clean reboot and then after opening applications.
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hello i have the g500 i would like to know how to make the fans run constanly so it dont overheat plz help

A:how to make the g500 fans max speed

Hi TheRealTo , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
If you already have the latest BIOS from the support site , at the moment there are no options offered in the BIOS to change fan control as it is already pre-programmed thru its firmware to automatically launch on demand. 
If you currently encountering heating issue , best that you check further for any obtructions from the vents and call in tech support for checking further on the heatsink and fan assembly if needed repair specially if the pc is within warranty.
If you have the tools and skills for cleaning the internally , follow the hardware manual  guide .
Alternatively , external laptop cooler can also be an option.
Hope this helps. 
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In order to try to keep my system clean and efficient I regularly do a disc clean-up, and defrag. Fragmented files are minimal, contiguous files (largest) Unmovable files, and Free Space (33%) Is there a way to compress the contiguous files or perhaps some other way to make more free space and hopefully speed up the system? I am connected to Rogers "High-Speed" but right now it's kind of a misnommer. It moves like I do only I'm old. I have deleted programs that I don't or rarely use, I do have some hotfixes etc. that I don't understand so I don't mess with them. Thanks for your help.


A:make room and speed up service?

Try this:

once installed, use the "cleaner" and "registry" options on the left hand side. It'll probably take about 20 mins to run the first time, but after that, about 20 secs :-)
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I put together a machine with an ASUS A7N8X-X MOBO and Athlon XP 2600 Barton (1900 GHZ and 333 FSB). With the auto settings in the Advanced Chipset Features, Everest reported it as 1.1 GHZ or something like that. So I changed the CPU External Frequency from 100 to 166 as the Frequency Multiplier had been set at 11.5. I assume that's correct because the manual says the FSB should be twice the CPU External Frequency, so twice 166 is 334 (close to 333 listed). This then gave me 1.921 GHz and a 334 Mhz effective FSB. See the snapshots of Everest readings:

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Hi, I would just like to know is their anyway I can check if my GPU is running at full speed. I use MSI Afterburner for overclocking.
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Hi there everyone,

I have cable modem and I would like to know on what software out there that lets me tweak the internet connection so that we can make it more faster then what it is right now? I know that there is a software but I honestly can't remember on the name of it, what I would like to know is can anyone please help me out with this???

Thank you, please e-mail me back with full detailed information on where I can find this software thanks

A:How to speed up my cable modem to make it faster pls help? thanks :)!!!!

Dr. TCP can help, but you really shouldn't mess with it without reading up on exactly what those things you are changing do.

I doubt you see too much difference though unless you are wanting to shave a few ms off ping times in games.
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amd 2500+ OC to 3200+
mobo gigabyte 7s748
cheap 450w power supply
coolmaster fan (looks like a jet engine)
cpu +5%
confused look on my face
Im new to overclocking
Dont understand it:
when i turn the fan speed knob the temp dosnt go down more than 1 degree or nuthin at all(celcius)

do i need different thermal grease, or more or less (is there such a thing as too much?)

idle is 50*C, im not worried about that but
would appriciate any comments

(not an invite to sarcasm..... maybe just a little)

thanx guys

A:fan speed increase wont make cooler

Welcome to TechSpot forums

Maybe the temperature doesn't drop much because the hot air stays inside the case. In other words, how's the airflow in & out the case?
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Yea i was jus wondering if there was a way to make my pc recieve a higher connection speed over other computers in the house? is this possible?

A:Can i make my pc have a higher conn speed over theother pcs in the network?

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I have tried 3 different movie file converters to convert MOV to MWV files. However, all of the converters made all movies from regular speed to super speed video-wise. The audio remains the same speed. Why was it changing the speed of the video?


A:All Converters Make regular speed MOV to MWV files twice as fast

Are these MOV files from different sources or from one source. If all from the same source it sounds like they have some sort of encoding in them that is by accident or by design, fooling the converters.
I haven't seen the speed up trick (if it is a trick) but I have seen where the audio will suddenly jump several seconds and be completely out of sync.
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If so what router should I get, I need A LOT of Ethernet ports, over 10, and wireless. Currently Im using BT voyager 2100 wireless ADSL with a couple of LAN hubs to add ports. Any ideas or advice on how to improve my connection speed?

A:Solved: Does a good router make any difference to you broadband speed?

Well, if you can currently get full speed connections using the existing ADSL modem/router, there isn't much you're going to do by changing routers.

If you're looking to increase your local network file transfer speed, using a gigabit switch and connecting all the workstations to that will help, assuming you have gigabit ports on the machines.
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I tried to post this in the correct forum but for some reason I am blocked from using the community part of the forums. Can you tell me why? Also I have been reading some good reviews on this speed fix tool but wanted some input on it before trying it. You know how easy it is to get tricked into saying yes to a scam and just invite a virus right on in so I am looking for some feedback on this new software. You can look it up at speed fix .com or just google it, but I'm sure you already knew that. Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum but if you could explain why I can't use the other ones then maybe I can do better at posting in the correct forum. Thanks for your time

A:"Speed Fix Tool", Anyone know if this a legit program

The short answer is NO.
Two reasons:

1. WOT rating (marked in red):
Registry cleaners/optimizers are not recommended for several reasons:
Registry cleaners are extremely powerful applications that can damage the registry by using aggressive cleaning routines and cause your computer to become unbootable.

The Windows registry is a central repository (database) for storing configuration data, user settings and machine-dependent settings, and options for the operating system. It contains information and settings for all hardware, software, users, and preferences. Whenever a user makes changes to settings, file associations, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in this repository. The registry is a crucial component because it is where Windows "remembers" all this information, how it works together, how Windows boots the system and what files it uses when it does. The registry is also a vulnerable subsystem, in that relatively small changes done incorrectly can render the system inoperable. For a more detailed explanation, read Understanding The Registry.

Not all registry cleaners are created equal. There are a number of them available but they do not all work entirely the same way. Each vendor uses different criteria as to what constitutes a "bad entry". One cleaner may find entries on your system that will not cause problems when removed, another may not find the same entries, and still another may want to remove entries required for a program to work.

Not all registry cleaners create a backup of the registry before making changes. If the changes prevent the system from booting up, then there is no backup available to restore it in order to regain functionality. A backup of the registry is essential BEFORE making any changes to the registry.

Improperly removing registry entries can hamper malware disinfection and make the removal process more difficult if your computer becomes infected. For example, removing malware related registry entries before the infection is properly identified can contribute to system instability and even make the malware undetectable to removal tools.

The usefulness of cleaning the registry is highly overrated and can be dangerous. In most cases, using a cleaner to remove obsolete, invalid, and erroneous entries does not affect system performance but it can result in "unpredictable results".
Unless you have a particular problem that requires a registry edit to correct it, I would suggest you leave the registry alone. Using registry cleaning tools unnecessarily or incorrectly could lead to disastrous effects on your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again. For routine use, the benefits to your computer are negligible while the potential risks are great.
Ed Bott's Webog: Why I don't use registry cleaners
Do I need a Registry Cleaner?
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If I want to disable add-ons, I could go to the internet options. So I don't want to be bothered anymore by this sign. How do I get rid of it permanently?

A:"Speed up browsing by disabling add-ons" How can I make this not appea

You could start using Chromium.
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I just formatted a drive (for my mp3 player) but I used 1024 byte block size (or allocation unit size) but I think it may have been 4096 bytes (4Kb) before. I know that the higher the block size, the faster read and writes are but the more space you waste for small files or at the end of a file.

Now I'm kind of noticing the player scans a lot longer for one song than before (which would make sense cause it's taking longer to read b/c of the smaller block size). OR I'm just imagining it. So I came here to ask, does it really make that big of a difference? Should I reformat it with 4Kb blocks?

A:How big of a difference in HD speed does "block size" make?

In the case of MP3s, they are quite a lot larger than either a 1024 or 4096 cluster size. When storing large files, you will see essentially no difference in slack space.

As for difference in performance, music plays only so fast (very slow) compared to the drive's ability to find and read data.

Slack becomes an issue when large numbers of your files are a size that is a small fraction the size of a cluster. i.e. 75 or 100 bytes when cluster size is 1024 and even worse when cluster is 4096; but, if your files are mostly a half Meg or more, slack space difference between clusters 1024 and 4096 is almost nonexistent.
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University of Illinois engineers developed fiber-optic technology that can transmit data at a blazing-fast 57 gigabits per second, without errors

Feng?s group has been pushing VCSEL technology to higher speeds in recent years, and in 2014 was the first group in the U.S. to achieve error-free data transmission at 40 gigabits per second (denoted as Gbps). Now, in a series of conference papers, they report 57 Gbps error-free data transmission at room temperature, as well as 50 Gbps speeds at higher temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius (185 degrees Fahrenheit).

Achieving high speeds at high temperatures is very difficult, Feng said, due to the nature of the materials used, which prefer lower temperatures. However, computing components grow warm over extended operation, as anyone who has worked on an increasingly heated laptop can attest.
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Hi All I hope Speed Less Torrent Speed Than Download Speed Browser but Upload Superb someone out there can help me with this problem I am using a laptop in Cambodia and connecting to my ISP Viettel via a G Dongle Huewai E The ISP is a Vietnamese company and the customer support via their Cambodian subsidiary Metfone is effectively zero Here are my system details Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Celeron R M CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard DIXONSXP ref NO G -yymmdd-DI- - -FF-FF Browser Download Speed Less Than Upload Speed but Torrent Speed Superb Antivirus avast Internet Security Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled G Dongle Huawei E signal - Blue lights on dongle - Mbits s capable I use Avast Internet Security and Comodo Firewall I have no viruses etc indicated by Avast Browser Firefox My problem is with the download speed when using Firefox tried IE and same slow speed When I run speedtest net I get a download speed of between and Mbits s and the pages take annoyingly long to download I have communicated with others on forums in Cambodia who are getting to Mbits s when browsing using the same dongle and when I run my Vuze torrent downloader I also achieve to Mbits s So I know these speeds are achievable through my dongle in my present location but something is blocking my browser from attaining these speeds I have attached two screen shots The first shows my computer downloading torrents at over Mbits s with no other applications running The second shows me having closed the torrent downloads and opened up firefox and run speedtest net showing me chugging along at Mbits s I am at best an intermediate user but willing to follow instructions and provide any other info that might resolve this problem Thanks in advance for all help with this matter Snookybiker nbsp

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I dont know exacly when or how this happened but it seems like sata ports and out of the total has stopped showing up its connected hdd's in windows even tho they are visible in the bios i have taken picture of my bios settings and bios post check at startup and the device manager inside windows please help me These drives works perfecly if i plug them in using a usb hdd chassi so there's nothing wrong with the drives also please help me to ensure i have the optimal bios settings configured as i dont fully understand them all and the manual doesn't help explain anything I am using windows x latest updates and all my motherboard is a Gigabyte the modell and BIOS version is listed in the pictures i included i have the latest bios from year ago beta i went to intels website and downloaded infinst autol and installed it now i got a bit different case in my Mainboard. with Need help the device manager update screenshot after the installation but it still didnt do anything I just bought a new hdd and plugged it in when i booted up the computer did not activate any installation for new found harddrive and it doesn't show up in disk managment I tried troubleshooting and it tried reinstalling but it didnt work got some error message In the Need help with my Mainboard. second bios post boot image why does the IDE drives show up there with the new SATA drive and not with the other drives in the first post bios image The IDE drives are working in windows as are sata drives but not the other sata Need help with my Mainboard. drives for ports - on the mainboard however they cant be broken since they show up in the bios right The black amp white picture i added nr marked red when i set that as AHCI and reboot the computer never gets passed the second post bios screen i have to reset the mainboard CMOS to even be able to do anything i can't access bios settings The second marked in red what does this do and why do i have to activate this before i install windows if i do after i get a BSOD as seen in the picture Is this setting even important

A:Need help with my Mainboard.

Try updating the driver:
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I have a Acorp socket A 266FSB Motherboard and 1.100GHz AMD Duron Processor the problem is i cant put xp on it i have tryed and tryed but with no luck.

Does anyone know why it wont take xp or how i get it to take xp?????

Thanks ipatriot

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i need the cheapest price avaible for this mainboard:

MB850 Pentium 4 Mini ITX

A:in need of mainboard

here is some


other types that might work
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I have an ASUS K V-X socket motherboard and I ok happy with it buit I always think somethings wrong with it Like recently after I was installing a new graphics card all of a sudden it didn a mainboard? I buy Should new r recognize my primary slave hard drive We later got it to work but is this something that a motherboard could be responsible Should I buy a new mainboard? for I m also obsessed Should I buy a new mainboard? with speed I have an Athlon XP processsor in it Should I buy a new mainboard? and lot s of RAM and at first after reformating it seemed so fast then the more programs I put on it the slower it got I hear this is common to think this way But anyway I m an obsessive compulsive so please forgive me I just always think somethings wrong with my motherboard I ran a Hot CPU test utility on it and everything passed fine but my need for the perfect motherbaord still persists I tempted to buy this Gigabyte socket from Amazon You can see it on the link below but I may just end up finding out the same thing where it would work fast at first and as I load programs on it it slows Still I wonder if it it might be worth it since it s been about two years with this board and it may very well be responsible for some glitches I ve had with certain things like I mentioned above And since the Gigabyte would be newer technology wouldn t it be correct to assume I would get more performance out of it than the ASUS http www amazon com gp product B t details - - ie UTF amp seller nbsp

A:Should I buy a new mainboard?

Slow running is most likely to be caused by programs that load with Windows, not any failure of hardware. Maybe check the Startup section of MSConfig and disable any unnecessary startup programs - that's bound to resolve your issues. As for the Pri Slave recognition - that's an odd one. First off, check the BIOS still sees it then check Device Manager for conflicts. Could also be worth checking the jumper settings on the drive.
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hi. I have a M754LMR Mainboard and need to know if it will support a 1gig celeron. I went to the store where I bought my computer from and they said"oh yeah no prob", but not really sure of these great words of wisdom I looked up boards web site and it says hat it only support to 600. so I phoned the store and talked to owner and his reasoning for the discrepancies was that the owner of thaw web site don't update it. So to make long story even longer I would like to know if anybody has done this.

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Misplaced (or lost?) the CD that came with the board when I installed it new about 4 years ago. Re-installed it in a different box and am unable to make "sound" work. Am also using a Sound Blaster AWE 64 card. Any ideas where I might find the software to make sound work again would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I want to overclock this Mainboard:
IKAL80101280 AA 681534-306

I need a manual for that to overclock.

Please help.

I think it's qdi.

A:What Mainboard is this?


If you run this free downloaded program, it will tell you much more about your whole system including your motherboard:

Aida32 is now called EVEREST Home Edition (it's still free).
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My friend has AMD Athlon (XP) 2500+
In SIW it says Barton under CPU Name.
So which type of motherboard does he has to look for?
AMD Athlon AM2
AMD Athlon 939
or AMD Athlon 749?


A:Which Mainboard.

We need to know what socket his CPU is.
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I have your product in 2010 "hp g32-305tx".            I'm use for 5 years , mainboard cannot boot .not show logo hp  when boot , black screen ,fan has a  loud and has a heat ........    How to fix it ! ,I'm cannot use my laptop   .....(HDD work) ....    I need some help!!!!!!!!,please 


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Does anyone know the model/make of mainboard used in an Acer Travelmate 800Lci Centrino, i've tried Acer website but can't find the info i need, i even tried calling them but it's a public holiday here so they're closed, it's got a 1.3ghz intel centrino cpu and is an 855pm chipset, the mainboard is fried and needs replacing but can't find the make or model details anywhere


none of the sites i checked say what the motherboard is just says 400mhz bus speed must be made by acer.
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I want a good mainboard but i don't kwon much about models of it

what's the better mainboard for a PIV and what kind of memory I need?

graphics integrated or a graphic card?

please help me

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Hi all,
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate X64 and an Asus P5L-VM 1394 and have 4 GB of RAM installed, but only 3,25 is usable.
I think that this mainboard should support up to 8 GB, but only 3,25 is usable.
Any ideas?
Many thanks for any help!

A:Need help with mainboard and Windows 7

I found you go.
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hi all...
juz wan to make sure..After exchange new motherboard izzit need to reinstall windows ???
i tried b4 for my AMD it need to reinstall Window,for my celeron it no need

A:mainboard question

windows xp/2000 must be reinstalled. i dont know of 9x/me or nt. but maybe 98 works when u change the mobo... but id recommend a reinstall
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Hey guys i just dead? Mainboard put my new pc together but it just doesnt do anything this is my setup Mainboard dead? x Seagate Barracuda TB SATA Gb s ST DM x Crucial MX GB SATA Gb s CT MX SSD x Intel Xeon E - v x GHz Sockel- boxed BX E V x Crucial Ballistix Sport DIMM Kit GB DDR - CL - - - BLS CP G D DS S BLS C G D DS CEU x ASUS Xonar DGX PCIe x -YAA Q - UAN BZ x Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon R Tri-X OC GB GDDR x DVI HDMI DisplayPort full retail - - G x MSI H Guard-Pro - R x Samsung SH- DB schwarz SATA bulk SH- DB BEBE x EKL Alpenf hn Brocken ECO x Fractal Design Arc Midi R FD-CA-ARC-R -BL x Sea Sonic G-Series G- W PCGH-Edition ATX SSR- RM first off the graphic cards fan works the CPU fan runs as well but I dont hear a beep I dont see any bios booting nothing happens i tried runnning it without graphic card without sound card and without RAM --- gt still no beep but the CPU fan is still running is it possible that the Mainboard is dead Thanks for the help nbsp

Relevancy 39.13%

hi i have a problem with my pc lets see i have onbord graphics on my Mainboard HP A h witch is the mainboard model Video Card Intel R Q Q Express Chipset Family is the Mainboard: HP 0A60h graphics video onboard card i have purchased a pci x vision tek and upon installation i get nothing on my video tried to check for an option in my bios to set it to pci use and can not see anything relevent to my issue here are my total system spec Mainboard HP A h Chipset Intel Q Processor Intel Pentium XE MHz Physical Memory MB x DDR -SDRAM Video Card Intel R Q Q Express Chipset Family Hard Disk SAMSUNG HD HJ P GB Hard Disk Western Digital WD JD- HBB GB CD-Rom Drive Toshiba-Samsung CD-ROM TS-H A CD-Rom Drive FQT MN DQV T SCSI CdRom Device Mainboard: HP 0A60h Monitor Type COMPAQ COMPAQ FS - inches Network Card Broadcom NetXtreme BCM Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack -bit DirectX Version c May any help would be most gratefull nbsp

A:Mainboard: HP 0A60h

Does the on-board video still work?
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hi everyone my computer is giving a lot of problem these days it hangs madly it all started only after i open up my computer to add an additional cdrom drive i doubt that it s the is spoil? cpu my or mainboard? problem of cdrom as i did the same thing on my another similar computer - compaq presario ap the computer now is not under warrenty so i could not send back to the technician so is my cpu spoil? or mainboard? i intend to is my cpu spoil? or mainboard? buy new parts to replace the faulty part BUT now i have no idea what makes the computer hangssss so often it could hang when i try to reboot the computer like it hangs in the boot up of windows and sometimes the computer cannot find Intel R processor to I O controller and sometimes it s another one which is call PCI bus something i dont remember but it s sometimes this and sometimes that inside this computer has a new graphic card new harddisk and the mainboard has inbuilt sound card im just afraid that what if i buy a new mainboard but it s actually my processor that is faulty then my problem is not fixed and i wasted my money so is there anyone good at hardware that can tell me what should i do or replace which parts to stop my pc from hanging lt nbsp

A:is my cpu spoil? or mainboard?

You could try disconnecting some of your devices, and running just what you absolutly need, (main Harddrive). Then slowly add 1 piece at a time, start machine, see how it runs. (Try to eliminate a possible faulty device)

Are jumpers on devices set properly??
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i've just installed a new asus board M4A88TD as stage one of a total rebuild. so i am using all my old drives, case, etc.

problem is this board has only one ide socket and i have 2 ide drives and one dvd rom drive. i suppose ide is being phased out?

i guess for 50 bucks i should buy a new sata drive. would that be a good solution? will the sata and ide drives work together on the same board?

A:New mainboard, only one IDE socket

They'll work fine together, which is why they're both offered on the motherboard. I'm not sure on the configuration options though (I'm guessing running with SATA as well you'd need to nominate disc boot order), in order for them to work effectively.

You can get the very good 1TB Samsung SpinPoint F3 hard disk around $20 more than that budget. I highly recommend it if your looking at continually upgrading.
Relevancy 39.13%

Hi, there i have a socket a M848a mainboard the problem is its starts up and says the cmos settings are wrong etc and battery low so u go into the bois just say save setting and its all fine then it boots up and its all fine...but next time you start up it wont work and you hav to clear the cmos then it will work and you hav to do it all over again.

Also i hav noticed half way through the loading of xp the screen turns off the turns back on again.

Any one hav any ideas???
cheers ipatriot

A:Mainboard settings...

ipatriot said:

says the cmos settings are wrong etc and battery lowClick to expand...

Have you tried replacing the battery?

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Hello, I just installed a new main board, a VIA Samuel2 1 Giga Pro with all kinds of stuff built in, network card, sound and video. The problems I am having are :

1. Under Device Manager it says it is only running at 733 MHz, I do I get get the full 1000 ?

2. I am running Windows XP, and since I upgraded to this mother board I can not get my CD burner to work, it is a Yamaha 2200 CDR - it worked with my old 400 MHz mother board and installed without any problems. Windows XP installs what looks like the right driver, and I can see it under My Computer - it even says CD-RW but when I put in a CD it will not read it. A blank window opens, my regular reader is working fine, but it is quite old and slow 20X. Please help if you can.

Thanks alot.

A:New Mainboard 2 Problems

I don't quite understand the processor problem, what processor are you running.

733 would be 133 x 5.5, intel only sells that speed in 733 processors.

amd on the other hand would be another issue if the front side bus defaulted to 100 rather than 133 but the numbers don't add up to 733, it would be either 750 on 100fsb or 1 gig on a 133 fsb
Relevancy 39.13%

I have been having some problems with my motherboard (Shuttle AK32A), and I am going to replace it.

I'm interested in your input on what has worked for you, (and what hasen't).

My requirements are:

Should support DDR only. (I have some now, and have heard hybrid/ mixed boards often cause problems)

Must support AMD Athelon 2000+ 1.67+ Ghz XP Thouroughbred proccessor. (because I already have it.)

Must "play nice" with a Nvidia GeForce 440MX PCI graphics card.

Should follow the ATX form factor.

Should be between $40 and $70 USD. (my return is $52)

Should not include a proccessor.
Thanks in advance for your assistance,

Nick M. Rahl

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Hi all I need a little bit help from guys who are familiar with the general PC startup I recently build a new PC using the following components Mainboard DFI GME-MGF CPU Intel Pentium M ULV All of the components are nd hand but they should be okay afaik So today I tried to startup the system the first time Here s the won't boot Mainboard order Switched on Power Supply - gt Mainboard LED turns okay Hit the power switch Mainboard won't boot - gt Mainboard starts up Monitor turns on Screen comes up with the CPU details Memory counting up successfully CPU brand name comes on the screen System halts freeze Here s the last state of the machine gt gt attachment And that s the setup gt gt attachment As you can see I removed almost everything Only keyboard VGA power supply and memory is attached to the mainboard I also replaced the RAM in order to see if that s the issue - gt same behaviour If I remove the RAM completely the MB begins to beep one long beep That indicates the MB recognized the missing RAM correctly What guys do you think might cause the hung Is it the CPU In which quot state quot of the POST are we at this point Any help or suggestion would be great Unfortunately I don t have a POST card to get more information nbsp

A:Mainboard won't boot

It doesn't look like you have a heatsink fan installed. Without a CPU cooling fan plugged into the CPU fan outlet on the motherboard, I think the board won't post.
Relevancy 39.13%

I lost my mainboard cd driver,and i need help where i can find it on the website.
My description :
Manufacture : IBM
Chipset : intel i915P/i915G
Southbridge : intel 82801FB (ICH6)
Please,please help me

A:I need driver for my mainboard

Please put your System Specs in your Profile

If you have a proprietory computer like Dell; HP; Acer etc, please manually write this in the mobo field (ie Dell Dimension 3100 - as an example)

Reply back one done.
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I am building my 1st computer from scratch I would like to know if anyone out there has used a Gigabyte board GA-8SQ800 and if so what did they like and dislike about this board, would it be a good board for a beginner like myself to start out with in an ATX case?

A:Curious about this Mainboard

Hi Kerikter,

Don't know about this board specifically but I have had a few Gigabyte boards in the past and can say that they're pretty good m/boards generally. You shouldn't have too many woes with this. And I would recommend an ATX case.


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Im trying to find out which is the fastest cpu my motherboard will take, (currently have an amd 1900xp)

Ive checked the handbook and it says 2000+ 266fsb.

Ive also been onto mainboards support page which Isnt very helpful and all tech support inquiries require an invoice number which I havnt got.

Any help appreciated = )

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Hello all and good day, I am looking at a friends pc, he just installed a new mainboard, its an ecs elitegroup p4. It has power to it, but it doesn't sound as if the processor is doing anything, it says in the manual to connect the P4 processor auxillary case power supply connector to ATX1, I have found the ATX1 on the board, but nothing on his power supply to hook up to it, could this be the problem? Is it possible that he has not enough power to run it? I have also noticed that his cd rom doesn't eject either. I am just guessing, but I think maybe he has a problem with his power supply. Please if any one knows about the atx1 connector, let me know asap.
Thanks, Kelly

Relevancy 39.13%

can anybody tell me please how high i can go with the
cpu on my mainboard(ECS M830 LR)I like to upgrade,
right know i have amd 1700xp.
thanks for help.

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Can anyone recommend a mainboard with built in RAID 1 (mirroring) - one that is affordable and reliable - for the latests and greatest AMD processor. I assume that the IDE connections for RAID are in addition to the usual 4 that come on mainboards.

Once in a while I want to remove one of the drives (removeable drive bay) to sit on the shelf for disaster recovery. I would put another drive in its place and let the mainboard rebuild the mirror in background.

Comments please.
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Just moved my hard drive, floppy, cd's, ethernet, and sound blaster to azza KM266-MNB bare bones and turned it on. Nothing on my monitor. What do I try next? Please?

A:New mainboard, no video

Howdy there jvernon...

First guess would be to unplugg everything you moved to the pc, and see if you can get some error beeps, or any on screen messages...
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hello i am newbie i am from Turkey i am lucky because i found this forum i ve got some problems with my graphic card and mainboard my graphic card is quot Geforce MX mb DDR Zida mainboard. ram quot mainbord is quot Zida Technologies Zida mainboard. CreateBXi-ATX American Megatrends Inc quot i Zida mainboard. heard that agp slot on my mainbord is x and my graphic card is x my guess is that i have to update my mainbord for x when i test directx acceleration at directx diagnostic tools it s resulting as below Direct D test results All tests were successful sample cube is seeing very well Direct D test results All tests were successful texture is distorted on sample cube Direct D test results All tests Zida mainboard. were successful texture is distorted on sample cube when the AGP Texture Acceleration is enabled Direct D test is fail i mean sample cube is seeing distorted can anyone help me i am very appreciated ps i am very sorry for my poor english nbsp

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Hi there!

I have Intel D865PERL mainboard and 2,4C ghz Pentium4. Should I replace my mainboard with new one because this one dont have capatibility of overclocking.
Which mainboard you recomends??

Sorry about bad english.
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How can i check if HP really exchanged the mainboard on my laptop Pavilion dv9690el, i have vista home premium..

thank you for your help

Relevancy 39.13%

Hi, I replaced a mainboard on a HP 250 G3, and I want reprograming Serialnumber and Vpro state. No Tool is working nbdmifit and wndmifit give feedback "device is not supported". Could you give me a feedback which version I could use.  Thanks Carsten
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I have bought a Medion computer. Could anyone tell me what the blue slot on the mainboard is for. I have tried a Audigy SE sound card in the slot but the computer doesn't recognise it. Many thanks.

A:Mainboard slot

If it is longer or set back from the rest of the slots,
it's for a video card.
Please don't put other cards in it,it will mess up your computer.
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i have now a huge stock of motherboards which are not working.some just stopped working mysteriously. isnt there anything that can be done , are they completely irrepairable.
any tips, testpoints, repair hints on how to try bring them back to life

A:mainboard repairs

Ok you say it stopped working what were the symptoms and what have you tried doing so far?
Relevancy 39.13%

OK mainboard with upgrading about 8.1 pro?? win so when i first got my alienware it was a good machine had win on it i upgraded it to win with a retail copy of win from walmart i then went from win to pro with media center i about upgrading mainboard with win 8.1 pro?? had a question if i about upgrading mainboard with win 8.1 pro?? upgrade my mainboard as i have since gutted my alienware and put it in a new case and now have room to upgrade my mainboard if i chose to do so but my old win that was on this machine the product key label is unreadable now and i cant even make it out not sure if that matters or not as i now have win pro on here but when i upgraded to win i have its key and when i went to i dont remember getting a key i think it just updated So how will i go about updating a mainboard will i need to re-install windows if i stick with intel and how will i go about doing that just install win and upgrade again but will my win pro with media center be there or will i need to about upgrading mainboard with win 8.1 pro?? buy it again Any help appreciated

A:about upgrading mainboard with win 8.1 pro??

Keys are one per PC (defined primarily by the Mobo's hardware ID) - thus once activated it is bound to that Mobo.

You can try phone activation on the new installation, if 'Robo-lady' complains, just speak to a support rep and explain you have upgraded and hopefully they will transfer your licence.
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Emachine with AM37S model motherboard no video and no post. how do i reset bios? Do i have to move jumpers? which ones are they? I am not sure if that is the issue. Fans stall like there is low power. cpu is good ram(memory) is good been tested on other motherboard hard drive and other components are good. power supply is good. Not sure what the problems is my guess bad motherboard or bios needs to be reset????????

A:mainboard issue

How do you know your power supply and the other componets that you say are good. What tests did you make? Without getting a post display you cant see your BIOS
Relevancy 39.13%

Hello guys,
i would need your help in terms of buying a new gaming mainboard, the reason why i post my question here is because most of the german forums have a lot of douchebags at the community. However like the title says i would like to buy a new gaming mainboard for around 150?, if it's possible it should be futureproof for the next 4-7 years and be compatible with the second wave of the upcoming pascal gpus. Any good suggestions?

A:Gaming Mainboard for around 150

Hi smilefist and welcome to PCHF,

I'm in America, and not sure what currency you use in Austria. Anyway, you may want to look into this motherboard. MSI Global

It has PCI-E Gen3, so you should be OK with newer cards.

Relevancy 39.13%

I have been trying to switch to a ver 2.1 mainboard for my IBM Netvista. The original board is an IBM, there is no rev info on that board but there is a model no. 2006. It carries a P4 1.6 ghz cpu and Intel Chipset, and 256 mb sdram.
The 2.1 board has a P4 2.4 Ghz cpu, Intel chipset, and 512 ddram. My problem is when i try to use the 2.1 my machine halts the system, ((protecting my machine from possible damage.) Error statement)) It also gave an error code that ended with 00007b (i think) went blank before i could get a good look.

A:Replacing Mainboard

Welcome to TSF.

Are you trying to replace the whole mobo including the CPU and ram?
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Ok using a Gateway essential pc 566 C - sn 0019425807 - with w 2000 i e 6.0 . I need to reformat this pc then reload windows but i don t have the software i need to reload the mainboard and can t see it on the gateway web site. Does anyone know what i need to use can t figure it out - thanks . .

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Hi all,
Have just registered on this forum and maybe someone can help me.
I just want to get the most out of Windows 7 and there is no chipset drivers on asus website for Windows 7, just XP and Vista and they are from 2006 and 2007. for my Asus P5-lvm 1394 mainboard and I am using an Intel P4 3.2 GHz CPU and 4 GB RAM. No Dual core duo as of yet, but was just wondering if I need to install anything since Windows 7 is working, but it could be faster for my opinion. Any thoughts?

A:Question about mainboard and CPU

Quote: Originally Posted by chris08

Hi all,
Have just registered on this forum and maybe someone can help me.
I just want to get the most out of Windows 7 and there is no chipset drivers on asus website for Windows 7, just XP and Vista and they are from 2006 and 2007. for my Asus P5-lvm 1394 mainboard and I am using an Intel P4 3.2 GHz CPU and 4 GB RAM. No Dual core duo as of yet, but was just wondering if I need to install anything since Windows 7 is working, but it could be faster for my opinion. Any thoughts?

What you have now is what you're going to get. P4 motherboards generally haven't had windows 7-compatible drivers. There's a cutoff of what to support Windows 7 on and you're below that line, I'm afraid.

Pentium IVs aren't the best to compare to newer chips at the same speeds. Their buses are much slower and are on much larger processes.

I wouldn't even spend time upgrading to a Core 2 of any model at this point. If you're looking for a budget upgrade, a micro-ATX motherboard with an AM3 socket and a cheap Phenom II X2 or X4 processor will cost you much less in the long run. My rig has a $70 motherboard and a $120 processor (in USD). Totally worth the price.

Good luck!
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I'm seeking assistance on checking on some ram I bought.
I bought it on ebay from "the memory pro"

I've received it and installed it and had lots of issues.
One stick is crashing my pc, the other is only reporting 512mb of ram.
I have a MSI MS-7181 motherboard
With a Semperon 3300+ cpu.

I set the bios to the cas latency of 3, and I've checked the voltage.
Is there something else I could do with this ram or have I been the victim of a "shipping mistake"
I'd like to make sure that there isn't another setting I should change that will open up the other 512mb of ram to the pc.

A:Ram suitable for Mainboard

Sounds like you might have some bad or possibly incompatible type memory. I've never had to "jiggle" the settings on memory I got from
Relevancy 39.13%

I am using MB with Intel 845 chipset,350watt smps,512mB RAM...
My machine is not starting..CPU fan stops just after starting for 3-4 sec..I am sure that the CPU,RAM and SMPS are OK.Most probably the problem is in the MB.Kindly help me to solve the problem.....

A:Mainboard fault

You need to post more information. Who is the builder and model number of the board? What processor are you using? Did the machine previously operate correctly, or is this just a machine you are now constructing?
Relevancy 39.13%

Have a Manhattan ATX Case, and building my first PC. The case has dimples that rise from the metal where the mainboard lays. Case did not include plastic spacers, and the mainboard (AZZA PT-5VMX), fits just right over the dimples. My question is, where the mainboard matches the dimples with the screw openings, can the mainboard just be screwed in with metal screws? Somewhere got the impression that a mainboard should never touch any metal? Don't care to fry it, it is brand new.

Thanks for your help.

A:Mainboard Installation

U need brass stand-offs. my friend did that once and had to pay 50 bucks to have a shop fix it. LOL. The case should have came with them. there brass colored and can have a screw go on top of it. if they didnt caome with a bag of screws go back to your seller and buy some BTW: make sure you ground yourself (fried chips dont taste good )
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hi guys,

i bought a second hand pc for general office use...
its a fujitsu siemens scaleo thats running windows vista.

it doesnt see a hard drive (which is SATA) so i downloaded sata drivers from fujitsu website.
it was the correct model as i put the serial number in and it looked like the same model
i selected vista and put it onto a usb drive
i then pointed the installation to the usb drive and it found two sata drivers
i clicked next and it runs a setup.....but still doesnt see a hard drive
i have tried different sata cables / hard drive and power cables.
but it just wont see a drive
i have also reset the bios to defaults...nothing

i then tried an ide drive...and its not installing on there either

do you think the board has had its day?

thanks for reading

A:is the mainboard finished?

The drive should show on the screen at power up, if the info. isn't there long enough to read try again and press the Pause key.

If the drive isn't shown check the Bios settings, set the drive to IDE mode if possible as no new driver is needed then.
If that isn't possible set it to Sata/Ahci (NOT Raid). Once it shows in the Bios try installing the driver again in Windows.
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I've found a Dell XPS B600r in the recycling center and took it home. I put it together correctly, but it won't do anything, but lighting up the power LED and start all fans and drives.
Screen flashes with some vidoe-cards one, with others it's always black.
RAM is ok, cuz th PC beeps without, but with he don't beep.
I hav removed everything except the processor and ram and the powerbutton form the board.
I have tested with a 333MHz, a 600MHz and an unknown processor. I have tested with about 2 AGP and 1 PCI graphiccard, and without.
Always the same.
I have removed the battery once too.

Is the board bad? Can I fix it?

Greetz H4N$L!

A:Mainboard faulty?

I would do a google search on the MB to find out the exact specs. Then if I had the parts I would try a build.

If your recycling center is anything like mine (a stopping place before the dump) then the MB is probably bad to start with.
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hi i hope sum can help my dad has the e machine and has problems the mouse froze and he tried the reset button but this wouldnt work and as he dosen t no much he switched motherboard/mainboard? it of by the mains wen he turned it bac on he motherboard/mainboard? got comp not shut down properly and got the set up writin or is it called the bios he didn t have a clue wot do so had a guy checked it out the guy took it apart and put other comp parts to it and found it to be the mainboard motherboard he lives in cyprus and can t motherboard/mainboard? get a mainboard as they are called in cyprus on the island the one in the uk where motherboard/mainboard? he got it from may not be compatable as the memory may need replacin as well an poss other parts is there a motherboard that we can get that will not cost more by gettin other parts as well is there a site that i can go on and get this and wot type would it be i hope any can help me many thanks and hope ur day is goin well he is on windows xp and its yrs old and thats all i can tell you nbsp
Relevancy 39.13%


Recently I recieved by mail my brother's laptop to fix,since I`m the "smart" guy inthe family everyone is pushing me with IT or Electronic choirs...anyway, it`s not why I`m here. The laptop has a broken screen, I tried to attach the laptop to another monitor via VGA but didn`t wor, no image at all. So I`m wondering if the mainboard is bustedm since I don`t know if I should order a new display for it or just toss it in the garbage can. The colored leds are on when I start it, no booting sound, but the HDD is working, so is the dvd-rw, I mean it takes commands, all the buttons work, I mean restart and there a chance that the mainboard is bustend and I still have power on cpu/optical device/storage?

Thanks for the answer

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I recently upgraded motherboard and cpu in my Pc only and re-connected the existing hardware OS windows XP.Powered up,but windows would not start.In the end I had to reload XP.Does anybody know why this was or am I missing something quite simple

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need some help here on a video card the Card Help Mainboard With Video New Need puter shop replaced my previous dead mainboard with an Albatron PM board When i picked it up from the shop fixed the puter shop guys said its not detecting my Ati Radeon card on boot soooo i ll need to get used to the onboard grafix or get another card the onboard grafix are fairly good here is the mainboard gt gt gt gt gt gt http www albatron com tw English product mb pro detail asp rlink Overview amp no if you scroll down a little you will see quot AGPe Accelerated Graphics Port Extension Slot No support ATI VGA Card quot would that be the reason why my Ati Radeon card isn t getting detected also in the Phoenix - Award v PG BIOS on this board there is nothing listed in there to disable the onboard grafix and switch to AGP i have checked every item listed The mainboard manual says that i am supposed to have an item listed in BIOS called quot PEG Onchip VGA Control quot gt gt gt gt gt well New Mainboard Need Help With Video Card under Advanced Chipset Features it aint there it aint anywhere could someone suggest an AGP x vid card that would run on this board do i look for an Nvidia card i m not quite up to speed with all this thanks for any input nbsp

A:New Mainboard Need Help With Video Card

My computer wouldnt detect my video card either.

I looked at the box of the video card and it said system requirements a minimum of 400W from the power supply.

My computer only generates 250W.

Im not sure if thats why my computer wasnt detecting it though.
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I have an Intel D975XBX mainboard and a coolmaster 460W ( RS-460-PCAR-A3) Power supply unit.

Problem: When pressing the power button on the front case nothing happens.

The Main board has the "main board standby power indicator" lit Green
I checked that the case on/off button is ok
Swapped on/off button with reset button
Used paperclip to short the mainboard on/off pins - nothing happens
Used paperclip to short the pins on the Power supply to ensure its functioning - Power supply turns on and fan spins.
I believe the board is faulty but there are no beeps or visual signs.
I have not yet tested the power supply with a multimeter.

Any Ideas?

A:Solved: Mainboard not powering up

Never mind we have lift off!!!

Forgot to plug in the second 12V Power connector! Silly Me!
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Hi peeps So I am trying to set up a machine for my uncle and we bought some new hardware for it The issue I am having is the Mainboard which is an MSI A M-P Every time I turn on the power I get a set of beeps and nothing else no image no nothing I have the manual and there is no troubleshooting section I also downloaded both manuals quick guide and manual and the same thing I also tried to eliminate the problem by removing certain things from the equation so I removed the GFX card from the board the HD DVD drive and so on Same issue with A55M-P35 mainboard Issues every single time I even thought it might be an earthing issue so I removed the board from the case and placed in carefully on the anti-static bad and loaded it up for a sec same Issues with A55M-P35 mainboard deal Apart from the frustration of not being able to find a solution I cant seem to find a troubleshooting guide for this board anywhere Does anyone know what this could Issues with A55M-P35 mainboard be nbsp

Relevancy 38.7%

Silly question perhaps, does anyone have a diagram for connecting the Power SW, Power LED, Speaker, Reset SW, HDD LED, for the above board that I could download?

A:Gigabyte Mainboard GA-6VXE+
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I just downloaded and used a program called SANDRA and under Mainboard Information it said the "Mainboard temperature is too high". The board temperature is 57 C/ 134.6 F and it says anything over 50 C is too high. What should I do? I'm a computer idiot, so any recommendations would be appreciated. I'm not sure what this means.

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I would like a card to diagnose what's up with suspect motherboards. Possibly something more than a POST reporter, perhaps a card which can support a boot on an otherwise dead board. A printable report would be ideal. looks good, but the price tag is scary - I'm not sure that the extra features warrant the cost, especially as I don't think there is much of a second user market for these. Any suggestions/recommendations welcomed.
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Some people can overclock their CPU up to 4.0GHz+ but mine is only 3.5Ghz. I wonder if my Mainboard is not good at overclocking.

A:Is overclocking depending on Mainboard?

in the case of your e7500 it's the CPU the limiting factor. CPU are not born the same, peoples try quite few CPU of the same model before find a golden one that OC better. OC need a lot of experience too. Honestly you will have more chance to find answer on a OC dedicated forum.
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I'm trying to get the bugs worked out of my system. AMD K7 900, EPOX EP-7KXA, ATi Rage Fury Max, 128 MB (pc-133). The video has been very unstable. Often times the computer will shut down auto and when it comes back up the video has defaulted back to 16-colors. Also when changing between desktop icons a strange "flash" of color will appear briefly. Any suggestions???

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as the Topic says
i installed windows vista after ? new mainboard and now the mainboard just work with 1 ram slot.When i put another Ram in Slot (2) the Computer wont start

and when i just got one 512 mb i cant play any games or so its so **** 5 frams...
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Hi ,
Does anyone know if GIGABYTE GA-A75M-UD2H supports SLI / CrossFire/ Both ?
(I have PCI-E X 2)
Thank You !

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Dear all I ve just found out that i could CPU worst problem? Mainboard, the be what vs ll face a big problem before building my very own PC for the first time Problem is my mainboard ASUS P c deluxe BIOS number is and CPU vs Mainboard, what could be the worst problem? i need or higher is not gonna support my CPU Intel P GHz Extreme Edition since it s too fast however this s can be fixed later because ASUS provides the file to update my bios What i want to know is what could be the worst problem when i first set everything up before update my BIOS CPU vs Mainboard, what could be the worst problem? or flash BIOS none of my friends can give me a good anwser they re all unsure about this could turn to Some of them say it should be fine if the system boot up for the first time some of the them it s gonna be a stuff up I m so frustrated that s why i come here to ask our experts to give me the right anwser i ll provide the brief of my to-be-built system as following CPU P Ghz Presscott mb catches Memory Kingston DDR PC MB Ram X Mainboard ASUS P c deluxe WIFI Graphic Card Winfast FX X Hard Drive mb SATA Seagate Gbs DVD-Burner Dual Layer X PSU W Case Thermaltake Please help me nbsp

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Ok recently my computer was fried by lightning and by replacing my mainboard and processor I thought everything should work fine; but my mouse is now not being recognized by windows xp the mainboard is now a MSI KM4M-V. I know the mouse works Iv tested it on another computer and the keyboard and everything else is fine... Its just that damn mouse and using the num keys to move around sucks bad.. If anyone could help Id appreciate it.

A:Mainboard problem with Mice

Is it a special mouse - have you re-installed drivers
have you tried removing from device manager and letting windows redetect.