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Administrator privileges required for accessing domain

Q: Administrator privileges required for accessing domain

I am not sure which forum this belongs in Win XP Linux or networks but I will start with this After some recent changes we have a problem with access to domain services such as e-mail only by users with administrative privileges These same services could be accessed by any user or power user in the past I will try to be brief in describing the network and the equipment required Administrator accessing domain for privileges I Administrator privileges required for accessing domain am an assistant administrator for a sub-network in a retirement community that has other networks for office personnel health-care etc needs Our network consists of five Win XP computers networked to a separate server machine running on Linux with a SAMBA interface that provides IMAP e-mail service full internet access and full inter-communication between the five resident computers so any one of them can be used interchangeably by users We have about residents registered but only a fraction of those use the computers regularly After replacing an older server program that broke down from time to time with a new one and replacing our former Win computers with Win XP we started having problems with network access At present when we register a new userID and password we logon to the new account and change the My Documents folder from its default C Documents amp Settings location to a mapped shared server drive named H through which all users can communicate from any computer so that it is now H My Documents The computer asks if we wish to transfer all settings to the new location and we say yes With our old setup we could do this okay setting up the new user with Power User privileges and we could logon freely at any computer Now to do this we have to give the user Administrator privileges which we obviously would prefer not to do If we attempt to relocate My Documents as a power user there is a message that this is not allowed If the user is first given administrator privileges and the My Documents move is carried out indeed a new H My Documents is created which can be accessed for storing documents pictures etc If the privileges are changed back to Power User the user can logon to that specific computer using the logon settings stored in the C drive but access to the network domain for e-mail folders etc that are stored on the server s H drive is denied A new e-mail account can be set up but applies only to the single computer and cannot be shared across the network The H My Documents folder can still be accessed and documents retrieved but the network settings are no longer accessible Is there some Win XP permission that will allow us to access these settings We really don t know whether our problem lies in the server in the SAMBA interface or some subtle difference in the way Win XP handles user privileges compared to Win There is a professional network consultant that is responsible for the entire installation but he has been too busy to look at this and frankly I am sure he does not know what the problem is Can anyone out in the wild blue yonder help nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Administrator privileges required for accessing domain

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Administrator privileges required for accessing domain

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Nvidia's G-Sync technology is currently available on a handful of displays but the cost of entry isn't cheap. That's because the current crop of monitors require custom hardware to work their gaming magic - a requirement that soon won't be...

Read more

A:Nvidia G-Sync technology is coming to laptops, no custom hardware required

LOL the G-Sync module was only ever used to verify 100% that someone was using a Nvidia GPU. What a bunch of crooks...
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I have joined a computer (PC1) to a domain control server (2008), and user able to login using their domain user account - although recently I have found out that even though the computer (PC1) do not connect to a server, user still able to access using their domain account.
Is there a way for me to restrict domain account user from accessing the computer (PC1) if they are disconnected from server?
Hope my explanation make sense to you guyz.

Thank in advance

A:Prevening domain user from accessing Computer

Lots to be considered. Joining a domain is intended to give the company admin configuration control of all the company users.
This is normal, expected and even proper for the company to do this.

restrict domain account userClick to expand...

hmm; only the company admin should be able to do this and almost always it is done using some scripts, NOT by loggin into your PC. So - - who is accessing your PC remotely, the admin - - how do you know this occurs?

PCs joined to a domain usually get a replacement for PC Login - - the network form and that creates a link to the domain controller.
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I am interested in building a NUC from Intel. I know I will need an OS, HDD and memory. Since the OS comes on a DVD, I will probably have to add a USB optical media drive. Not sure how to add WiFi connectivity. I want to use an SSD in the 250Gb range. I am opting for the NUC 54250. If anyone has put together a NUC, Id be interested in hearing how you configured, and which components proved to be compatible. Also, if I am missing anything please let me know. Thanks for looking in.

A:Which componenets required to complete a NUC

Btw:- NUC (Next Unit of Computing). Just gota love thos marketing boys and their buzz words.
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I recently purchased an Asus N VJDH laptop The laptop came preinstalled with the abomination known as Windows I am trying to change the boot order so the laptop will boot from BIOS Asus an on Laptop Accessing my Windows disk To do this I need to access BIOS I have tried most of the standard key combinations F F F F Insert Delete but I cannot seem to access BIOS I even contact Asus Tech support by phone but their representatives are a special kind of useless They would not provide me a straight answer to this question Does anyone else have Asus laptops Do they know how to Accessing BIOS on an Asus Laptop access BIOS Update I have half solved this problem There is a rather convoluted procedure listed here http forum notebookreview com asus -need-help-asus-n vz-rh -cant-enter-bios html that enables me to access BIOS Still this is something I should be able to access upon booting I should not be going through the operating system just to access BIOS If something ever went seriously wrong with my computer I may never be able to fix it if the only way to access BIOS is listed above nbsp
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Hello there, this is my first post here and I do appreciate if someone can help me in this scenario.

I have a DC running Windows server 2008 Standard in the HQ, I have a remote location connected to it through a VPN, some times the connection drops, and this prevent the remote location computers to log in, stops sharing, because there is no authentication from the DC anymore, so users must wait until the connection come alive again, I have a server in the remote location running windows server 2003, with some applications installed on.

what I want to do is to promote this 2003 server to be additional domain to help when the connection to the DC down.

my question is:
is it possible to promote windows server 2003 to be additional domain in server 2008 environment ? and if it is possible - how to do so?

thanks ...
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Greetings I m hoping someone here can help me with an odd problem getting into a single website Four days ago my webhost moved my site to a new server ONE person is having trouble getting to the new location from a SINGLE computer within accessing a single website Problem the household The Problem accessing a single website message she is getting looks like the old location IP is stored in the DNS cache except she has flushed the cache several times Another computer in the house and her tablet both using the same wireless router can get to the website If she does a tracert on her computer it goes to the correct server She has checked the host file to see if there is an entry directing her browsers she has tried with three different browsers to the old wrong server There is nothing there So the computer WILL get to the correct IP server using a tracert but the browsers do not Any thoughts about what is going wrong What have we overlooked nbsp

A:Problem accessing a single website

Also on the browser:
delete AutoComplete data
delete Browsing History
uncheck "Preserve Favorites website data."
then delete the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.
ipconfig /flushdns
restart system

Trying using one or all of these Chrome, Maxthon, Opera, IE, Fire Fox try all these browser do you get the same results.If just one browser causing this issue uninstall the browser in re-install it. If it's IE then, clear out the system. Ping the the site your trying to get too from that browser. Does it time out..

Use Microsoft FiX-it Reset TCP/IP or follow the examples given on the link below.
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My memory card was working fine. Don t know what happen to it .
While opening memory card in mobile it is throwing error "Memory card not formatted .Plz format it ".But I dont want to formaat it If I tried to format it is giving error . I tried in my PC also through data card and also through USB cord with mobile .Iam not able to access from pc aslo .
Icon of removable disk is showing ,but while clicking it is giving message that "Please insert disk".

Plz give me some remedy so that I can recover my data and I can use my micro SD.

A:Problem In accessing micro SD

Connect you card to your machine. Then go to command prompt (run->cmd->enter) and enter this command; chkdsk /f X:
Replace the name of your card drive with X in above command.
If this helped, so OK, if not, try recover your data, using a good recover tool, and then discard that sd card!
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I recently had issues with a computer and needed files accessing drive Help with external hard on to get a new one but was able to save the hard drive from the old and use as an external it had everything on it and I didn t back it up Anyway I purchased a Dynex external hard disc case hooked it up to the new computer and it accesses only half of the stuff It apepars that the things on the external that had a password to access it Help with accessing files on external hard drive will now allow to me access My computer is telling me I quot do not have permission to access that file quot How can I gain access to those files that I was able to access on the other computer Its the same hard drive Is there a way to enter the sign-on password info so that I access the quot protected quot stuff They were really only microsoft word documents but thousands of them as well as digital voice files I ve already tried the quot properties Security Owner change ownership quot thing Didn t work Thanks Kate nbsp
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I have a HP Laserjet 4000n PCL6 that is connected to a windows XP in a virtual setting on the domain network. I believe it has a static IP address (because it doesn't have the typical 192.168.100...) number. When I try to add the printer to the local environment in windows 7, I go to the control panel, add a printer, I choose network the printer or a printer attached to another computer, it shows the printer name, and then I choose connect to this printer, but it says I'm missing the .inf file. Anyone know how I can get this working on the windows 7 side?

A:Networking a printer on a domain

.inf file contains the driver information. In the settings on the XP, you can go into printer sharing settings. Maybe you can enable 'hold additional driver files for download' or something. I don't know, I do this via Server 2008 R2 (no idea why you aren't either).
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So we have a server at one of the places I work that is a domain controller and DNS server website domain server controller pointing DNS to of instead address as well as an smtp server The domain is named companyname com The website is you guessed it companyname com Now why they set this up like this I don t know but because they have every now DNS server pointing to domain controller instead of website address and then the DNS server decides to point companyname com to the domain controller and ignore the fact that I have a www Host A record pointing to the web server s external IP address and a record saying DNS server pointing to domain controller instead of website address that DNS server pointing to domain controller instead of website address companyname com should also point to the web server s address The problem seems to stem from that when the server reboots for updates it of course forces the DNS server records to update and it puts an entry in there that contradicts my static records with the domain controller s local address in for companyname com Can I force it NOT to put a certain entry in there or rather not update a certain entry that it has in there Or can I force it to treat my static records as primary I m fairly new to this as I ve not dealt with this issue before and I m out of ideas nbsp

A:DNS server pointing to domain controller instead of website address

Hmm; for the External DNS accessible to the web

create a CNAME for
create another for
each pointing to unique IP addresses
this dns ONLY supports publicly available services; NOTHING internal

the Domain Controller should have a SEPARATE DNS, internal to the LAN, not accessible to the Web.
Internal users configured to -> internal DNS which performs recursive lookup to your ISP's DNS.
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So i just got this nice little HP mini 110 netbook and i have a copy of the sims 2 double deluxe game. It's able to run just fine as long as i only play the base game if i go unto the nightlife expansion it's a bit laggy. systemrequirements labs says that my netbook cannot run the game because it requires a T & L capable graphics card. My question is, would it harm my netbook in any way to play the game without the T & L graphics card? And also why would it say i cannot run it if i can? My netbook has a intel atom N455 Processor (1.66 Ghz), 320 gb hard drive, intel graphics accelerator 3150 with shared graphics memory.

I f someone could please answer me, im so hooked on sims 2 but don,t want to ruin my pc playing it

A:Safe to play without T and L capable video card if required?

No, it will not hurt the netbook
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Hello Guys,

I have HP Laser Jet 3050 Printer. I have connected it with my Vodafone Router via USB. It is working fine in LAN\wifi network environment. At the moment i am connecting to printer using But its for local. I want to know, how can I access same printer from remote locations via internet.What port I will have to configure and how? Is it possible? Is there any way to achieve this.
I have a static IP.


Sarabjit Singh
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My server is a domain controller thus i cannot add users with admin rights and so i cannot use lusrmgr.msc to add or change... i've added the user i want =active directory>users> and added the user and set it to admin..but when loged onto does not have the admin rights... learned that this was becuiase it was a domain controller

A:Add users to domain controller server

Correct, the DC admin has the keys to the kingdom and can create a user-id with/without admin privs.

Unless the admin is your very best friend, I would expect exactly what you are reporting.
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So I Just had to go through a pretty long virus recovery it ended up in me needing to clean install windows and pretty much reinstall everything so that being said here s my problem Before the reformat I never had internet or modem problems And since I ve been having to reboot my modem every so often because I just randomly lose internet but when it happens all the lights are on just like normal Frequent required modem reboots and all the lights on my router are fine as well When i go to troubleshoot the problem i get the message quot Your broadband modem is experiencing Frequent modem reboots required connectivity issues quot and i have to unplug it for a little bit I have Cox ISP my router is Asus WL- GU with a SB surfboard modem Usually when i notice the reset its when i m playing WoW or counter-strike I don t know if the usage could be the cause of the reset When i was downloading and updating wow i had to reset every minutes or so but i also had problems with my Avast firewall i think which never caused a problem before either My modem is about - years old and i would say i might need a new one but it doesn t make sense that it works fine until i reformat my computer and now it s suddenly dying nbsp
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Good afternoon.

I have a system that is a few years old and am looking to replace the motherboard, CPU and ram. the tower has a sata HDD and a PATA optical drive but the motherbaord has fried and im looking to upgrade to a more up to date setup.

Im not after anything extreme as I dont game and im only really interested in having a decent speed for internet use and word processing other than that im not overly bothered about being super fast.

I was thinking of an AMD CPU Phenom II 555 Black Edition Dual Core Processor but would like suggestions on a motherboard that would support such a processor and not cause me a lot of problems with the HDD being compatible

My thanks for any suggestions on this topic

A:Sugestions required to replace mobo and CPU

Here are a few reccomendations:
ASRock A770DE+ (Full ATX uses DDR2) = $54
ASRock M3A770DE (Same board but uses DDR3) = $60
ASRock 880GM-LE (Micro-ATX, DDR3) = $55
ASRock A785GM-LE (Micro-ATX, DDR2) = $59

These are all good boards and have SATA and PATA support it is just a matter of what form factor you want/need and whether you want DDR2 or DDR3 memory. With DDR2 you may be able to reuse your current memory but if you want to upgrade your memory DDR3 is a better option since it is faster and cheaper. If you have not heard of ASRock they are ASUS's budget brand and tend to have allot of Legacy ports (PATA, FDD, PS2, etc.) making them good options if you plan to reuse older hardware.
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Hello everyone. I know there's probably been posts similar to mine, but I have not learned all I wanted from previous posts. Recently, my hard drive gave out on my XP computer. The issue seems to be that it will not be read as a master drive, but will run fine as a slave on my other XP computer. That being said, I can view the general program files, ect. on the drive when viewed with Explorer in my Computer, but cannot access my pictures and music and such. As mentioned in similar post, the same amount of usage is being reported, but not all of that data is viewable or present. How can I access my pictures and music? (I understand from other posts that it might have something to do with it being password protected if my previous computer installation of XP was password protected?)

A:Unable to view administrator files on slave drive

User Permissions

Its more down to user permissions, you dont have permission to access it, Personally i would take the hard drive and slip it in a computer with windows 7, then reset the permissions to whicherever user i want ( this is done by right clicking the drive/folder and changeing under the permissions tab)

God luck
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I have a Dell desktop with wifi. It can see the AP (very strong signal), but it cannot access the internet ("limited conductivity"). I tried cycling power on the modem and AP which helped temporarily. Reboot does nothing. There are 3 other notebooks that have full access to the internet thru wifi to the same AP and cable modem.

The Dell has Vista op sys, and I've run thru all the diagnostics with no real solution. This pc normally uses a wired connection with no problem.

What should I look at to get this going?


A:Trouble accessing Internet

So you must be using a USB Wireless adapter? Have you installed the software for it?
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There are some Japanese flash game websites on a domain called I can access some but not others, getting a timeout error.

I can't get to and . I can get to and . I've pinged all four and get very similar results - I know 'similar' is not 'exact' but I am not techy enough to read/understand ping results.

A possibly relevant pair of messages I get from pinging via are
- The destination appears to block unwanted UDP packets.
- There appears to be a firewall at <ip address> (hop 1) that blocks unwanted TCP packets.

Both my windows xp and my ubuntu box have the same problem, so it's not a hosts file issue or a system based blocking software. Might be my router?

Thank you...

A:Can't access some websites -- same domain different subdomain

fallinghawks said:

There are some Japanese flash game websites on a domain called I can access some but not others, getting a timeout error.

I can't get to and . I can get to and . I've pinged all four and get very similar results - I know 'similar' is not 'exact' but I am not techy enough to read/understand ping results.

A possibly relevant pair of messages I get from pinging via are
- The destination appears to block unwanted UDP packets.
- There appears to be a firewall at <ip address> (hop 1) that blocks unwanted TCP packets.

Both my windows xp and my ubuntu box have the same problem, so it's not a hosts file issue or a system based blocking software. Might be my router?

Thank you...Click to expand...

Might I ask what browser you are using? Using my Google Chrome, I can access &
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I have a Dell Windows Small Business Server WIN k SBS that has been running smoothly for nearly years I also have a NAS device that is on the network and is set up as workgroup device Up until last week I could browse under My Network Places-Entire Network-Microsoft Windows Network and it would list both my Domain Controller network and also the workgroup Now it only shows my Domain Controller network HOWEVER - if I do a manual search on My Network Places for the workgroup it finds have invisible become Workgroups All Win2k SBS Network Domain on it and I can access it and all of its resources The workgroup name then appears in the tree but if I click on the All Workgroups have become invisible on Win2k SBS Domain Network workgroup name I get quot Workgroup is not accessible The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available quot Thus it seems that the workgroups are fully functional just invisible All Workgroups have become invisible on Win2k SBS Domain Network I have done the following PRIOR to having this problem Installed Microsoft All Workgroups have become invisible on Win2k SBS Domain Network iSCSI Initiator on the Server then uninstalled it couldn t get it to work right New IPSEC errors have since appeared in Event Viewer on server bootup - Event Type Error Event Source IPSEC Event Category None Event ID Date Time PM User N A Computer SERVER Description Unable to allocate required resources Initialization failed Data T b c Event Type Error Event Source Service Control Manager Event Category None Event ID Date Time PM User N A Computer SERVER Description The following boot-start or system-start driver s failed to load IPSEC However according to Services IPSEC is actually running It appears the errors occurred after I uninstalled the iSCSI Initiator based on the System event log I checked a multitude of settings on the server see winhlp com wxnet htm Everything appears to be correct The Server is the master browser all the required services are running INCLUDING IPSEC etc nbsp
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i replaced the au31 motherboard, i cleared cmos like the manual said to. and i still can't access the bois

A:Problems accessing BIOS for au31 motherboard

If you are using a USB keyboard, try switching to a PS/2 keyboard.
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My computer will not all ow me to connect to "" web site. I can get to other sites without problems.
Below are the gmer and dds log files.
Any information that can help solve this problem wuld be appreciated. Wayne

A:Problem with accessing web site

Problem with accessing website

i did not see leekys response before it was removed
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hi there
I have just bought an acer aspire 5741G laptop that has intel core i3-350m (2.26Ghz) processor, 4GB ram, ATI HD 5470 dedicated graphics, - so expected it to be pretty fast. But at present it is slower to load up or to open firefox than my previous ancient 800mhz desktop with its 256MB of ram - feel it may be the vast amount of stuff running as processes - but afraid to delete anything i shouldn't.

can someone point me in the right direction as a newbie where I can start to clear out things that are slowing it down?

A:New laptop slow - some tips required

i am using acer notebooks since 2005 and to tell u the truth, they stuff more junk lately than in the past 5 years. get yourself a portable Revo Uninstaller software, and delete stuffs that you don't need. but the most important part is the startup folder.

if you're using revo, go to the 'tools' and autorun manager and check stuffs that you don't need. alternatively you can run msconfig and go to the startup tab.

if you're in doubt just post a screenshot.
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Hello, My computer has sound problem. It just stopped. I reinstalled the driver but of no use. Then i reinstalled windows XP and the driver AUD_XP_5.10.0.6201_PV from Intel website. My board is D945GCNL. I have googled on the issue many times and tried whatever i could understand. I have checked the Device Manager, there is no yellow mark, i have updated the software and it says that the software is updated. There seems to be no problem with the driver. I have checked BIOS settings and in peripheral configuration, the Audio legacy Panel is ENABLED.

While searching, I read that in BIOS, BOARD SOUND should be enabled, but i have checked BIOS settings, Board sound isn't present, only Audio legacy Panel is, which is already enabled. The speakers are also OK cause i checked them on my friends PC.

Please help..........;(

A:Audio problem required urgent solution

Hi eglantine, welcome to Techspot
Have you tried to enable the "Device" in Computer Management ?
From the "Desktop" Icons
> left click once on "My Computer"
> then right click mouse button to expose drop-down menu
> left click to select "Manage"
> from the list under the heading "Computer Management (local)" select "Device Manager"
> from the Menu in the right window panel select "Sound, video and game controllers"
> left click your device "IntelŪ HD Audio"
> right click the mouse button and from this drop-down menu select "Properties"
> at the bottom of the table left hand corner, is the heading "Device Usage" and below a window which should let you select either
(i) Do not use this device (disable)
(ii) Use this device (enable)

hope this helps
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Hi required. wirelessly Networking wired! and Mac a and both *****s a PC guide I m running a music studio with a PC Win XP Home and a MacBookPro Snow Leopard What I d like to Networking a Mac and a PC both wirelessly and wired! *****s guide required. be able to do is the following Have the PC and the MBP access the internet via their wireless connections yup I know easy - done in fact but also Have the MBP and the PC talk to EACHOTHER via a wired connection both machines have gigabit ethernet and the mac i m told will do the crossover automatically ie negating the need for a crossover ethernet cable I d like to be able to transfer sets of large audio files from one machine to the other which via wifi takes forever but I d also like to have both machines access the internet independently of each other I m kind of asking if this is in fact possible and if so how to do it Also what would be useful is Networking a Mac and a PC both wirelessly and wired! *****s guide required. to be able to run Synergy on both machines so I can use the keyboard and mouse of the PC to operate both machines This was easy when I had a PC laptop but now I ve switched to the mac its all a bit different Any help suggestions advice is as always extremely welcome Kind Regards Red nbsp

A:Networking a Mac and a PC both wirelessly and wired! *****s guide required.

MBP?? What do you refer to?

I have Win/XP, a Mac OSX, and RedHat linux all sharing files on the same subnet.
Just connect (anyway you like to the router) and enable Print/File Sharing on all system.

Google File Sharing Mac and PC to get the setup
here's one example
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I am trying to set up company laptops to the domain I get the error Computer Name Changes A domain controller for the domain rege local could not be contacted Ensure that the domain name is typed correctly If the name is correct see details for troubleshooting does Domain see Laptop not information Details Note this is intended for a network administrator lt snip gt The error was quot DNS name does not exist quot error code x b RCODE Name Error The query was for the SRV record for the Ldap tcp dc msdcs rege local Laptop does not see Domain Common causes of this error include the following -The DNS SRV is not registered int he DNS One of more of the following zones do not include delegation to its child zone rege local local the root zone Facts I can Ping the server I can use the internet which is managed by the server I enabled NETBios The ipconfig of the laptop looks Laptop does not see Domain right to me This is an issue on laptops all laptops I mirrored months ago but now have to set up for the domain of the office These are all TRUECRYPTed laptops and work fine save for I can not set them up for the domain The other laptops not mirrored work fine see the domain and are happy These too are TRUECRYPTed laptops nbsp

A:Laptop does not see Domain

Self Bump.

When I ipconfig/all these quirky laptops Primary DNS suffix is blank -- I assume that is cause its not seeing the domain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A bit about my agency. We are a non-profit Mental Health Housing and Support agency. I am very stingy with my limited budget and try to use boards and forums before I call in the real egghead. (I am A+ and Network certified but don't claim to know everything)
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What is the difference between the words network, work group and domain?

A:What is a "domain"?

From Microsoft:

Workgroups compared with domains

A domain is a group of accounts and network resources that share a common directory database and set of security policies, and might have security relationships with other domains. A workgroup is a more basic grouping, intended only to help users find objects such as printers and shared folders within that group. Domains are the recommended choice for all networks except very small ones with few users.

In a workgroup, users might have to remember multiple passwords, one for each network resource. (In addition, different users can use different passwords for each resource.) In a domain, passwords and permissions are simpler to keep track of, because a domain has a single, centralized database of user accounts, permissions, and other network details. The information in this database is replicated automatically among domain controllers. You determine which servers are domain controllers and which are simply members of the domain. You can determine these roles not only during Setup but afterward.

Domains, and the Active Directory directory system of which they are a part, provide many options for making resources easily available to users while maintaining good monitoring and security. For more information, see Active Directory.
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We just setup a wireless network using a home wireless router. However no one can login to there domain account, probably because you need to login to Windows and enter the password to connect to the wireless network. What's the best way to resolve this problem?

A:How to login to a domain through wireless Internet?

That question has multiple issues.

1) at home, we seldomly use a DOMAIN; we use workgroups. An XP/Home system can only use the workgroup. Unless you have a Windows Server 2000,2003, or 2008 - -
you can only use workgroups.

2) the computer WiFi connects to your WiFi router, not a domain NOR a workgroup.
Connecting to the router should be possible using the Wireless Network Setup tool in the Controls. (it needs the service Wireless Zero Configuration to be running).
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hi advice PC build, expert Gaming required since my old gaming pc became so outdated and un-able to play modern games to a satisfying standard i decided it Gaming PC build, expert advice required was time for a completely new pc However instead of buying a pre-assembled pc ive decided to buy the parts seperatley and build the pc myself Ive assembled a few computers at school and in my free time so i have a fairly good understanding on how to construct the pc the only problem is picking the correct parts to put into the pc I dont have a fixed budget however i would like the final cost to come somewhere around the - mark Anymore than that is getting to expensive for me at the moment This is the current specification i was thinking about using anyone care to cast their opinions or advice Cpu - Intel i Ghz Hdd - Western digital caviar black sata gb s gb Psu - Novatech powerstation gaming silent ATX W Ram - Kingston DDR Gb Optical drive - Samsung S C however i do not know which motherboard or graphics card would be best for this gaming rig or if the hardware ive chosen is worth the money or if im better off going for a more powerful component any help would be much appreciated thank you nbsp

A:Gaming PC build, expert advice required

What about other components like monitors, mouse, and os. Do you have those yet?
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I had an issue with a computer playing up - I thought the best thing was to reinstall Vista. Which I did - unfortuntley it didn't boot up. So I tried the install again - this time when I got to the vista screen it couldn't see any hard drives. I am thinking a new hard drive will cure the problem. The BIOS doesn't see the hard drive either, tried restting to optimal defaults - removing the battery. But it still doesn't see any hard drives - its an Acer x3810 - with an Hitchai hard drive --

Any ideas - could it be the hard drive ?

A:New HDD required?

Hmmm ... Does your BIOS offer hard drive diagnostics? (Some do, perhaps not all)
If so, you could start there...

Otherwise, use tools provided by Hitachi (click on this link to download from Hitachi)

Note that this is an iso, which will need to be burned to a cd to make it bootable.
You will then make your CD/DVD drive bootable in your BIOS / System Configuration.
Then run the tools.

This package will tell you if your drive is repairable, or if it should be replaced.
As I recall, it includes SMART diagnostics, as well as low-level repair tools.
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can you create a domain for at home for use with vista basic and windows 7 ultimate

A:Home domain

Home systems normally use WORKGROUPS, and not a Domain - - a real Domain Controller(DC) requires a Windows Server {2000, 2003, 2008}, another system to run it and lots of $$$$

Most of us never need a DC - - why do you think you need a Domain?
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trying to set up an xbox live connection through a laptop with a mobile broadband usb dongle. I've set up the connection no problem, now i just need to set the MTU settings.

I'm doing this through command prompt with the command "netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Local Area Connection" mtu=1364 store=persistent"

and it came back with the message "the requested operation requires elevation <run as administrator>"

this doesn't make sense as I am logged in with the ONLY user account, and i checked the account settings, and it is definitely the admin account (it would have to be, as it is the only account on the laptop)

i dont understand the problem

can anyone help?

thanks in advance for your time

A:Trying to set MTU settings - it says "run as administrator" - I AM administrator

I could be wrong, but do you not need to elevate to admin to do that command in cmd?

I didnt think it ran as admin all the time, but I'm more of a linux person...

This might be of help...

It looks like you could shortcut cmd.exe to the desktop and in properties select to run as administrator...
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Hi I optical drives Accessing external on computer? have a Dell Dimension which recently died of a failed motherboard It has two optical drives a floppy and a zip And yes I still sometimes find I need to access data off an old floppy or zip I would like to salvage these media drives for use Accessing optical drives on external computer? with my Toshiba laptop I know I can buy external enclosures Accessing optical drives on external computer? for the drives but with four of them the cost will begin to add up Plus I don t even know if enclosures for internal floppies and zips exist I was wondering if it would be possible to connect the laptop directly to the dead Dell and access the drives Although the motherboard is no good the power supply seems to be fine Basically the old Dell would be functioning as large powered enclosure for multiple drives If so how would I go about it I already have an Ativa data transfer USB cable if that helps Thanks H nbsp

A:Accessing optical drives on external computer?

No, you can't do what you are asking.

Does your Toshiba have an optical drive? If so you'd only need to buy an adapter/enclosure for the zip and floppy, but really I think it probably would cost the same just to buy ones that are already external rather than something to turn your internals to externals.
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Hello I am trying to access some files stored on an IDE hard drive in Windows I recently found out about quot drive management quot function which I can use to assign a letter path to the drive - however it now says quot you need to format this drive before you can use it quot and then quot F is not accessible the volume does not contain a recognized file system Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted quot I think it could be something to do with older file systems and compatibility FAT NTFS But I don t know really Maybe I have set it up incorrectly The hard drive is not corrupted as far as I am aware The last time I used it was around a year ago on an older computer which I no longer have access to and it has been safely stored ever since any ideas will be appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Accessing an old IDE HDD in Windows 7 64bit OS

Windows 7 should write and read to FAT32 formatted hard drives. Flash or thumb USB drives are FAT32.
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I have been using a Eminent Network Media Tank with a built-in WD 1TB hard drive that is FAT32 for some time now. As I have some new content I want to add to it I connected it to my notebook. I installed the drivers from the Eminent CD to make windows recognize the drive (a program called IFS drives was installed into the configuration screen). In the my computer screen I can now see the drive with the disk letter I appointed to it (Z) but when I try to open the drive windows says: "Dirve Z is not formatted, do you want to format the drive now?". Evidently I don't want to format the drive, I just want to access it and add new data. Does anyone know why windows says this and (more importantly) how I can achieve my goal without formatting?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi guys,

I wanted to move some files to my laptop to save PC disk space (i have 80GB)
I connected my PC with laptop over LAN. There was no problems connecting it, but when i go to "Run" and type \\\FolderShare, small window pops up with User and Password fields. I don't know what password should i enter. I've done this before, and i've never been asked for password. Anyone knows this?

A:LAN Password required

Use a userid/password that's already defined on the machine and has access rights to the folder/files you want

/* edit */
Oh.. you also might be forced to create a non-blank password for the userid if it's currently blank. There's actually a method to turn off the non-blank password requirement but for your own network security, its best to use non blank passwords
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Hi I tried to search before I posted my below thread I found below relevant threads but I could not extract the proper answer for my question http serverfault com questions sharing-a-network-attached-scanner http for users share CLX-6210FX scanner MFP Samsung domain Colour laser www askmehelpdesk com scanners Samsung Colour laser MFP CLX-6210FX share scanner for domain users share-scanner-network- html http superuser com questions any-way-to-share-the-scanner-of-a-multi-function-printer http www experts-exchange com Hardware Peripherals Scanners Q html Today I have installed a Samsung Colour laser MFP CLX- FX on an Active directory win I shared this printer and ticked option List in the directory I have got no problem for the domains users to install the printer On the server I have got this utility please see below snapshot that help me to scan if I want to scan http i tinypic com r eclh jpg Now how can I share the scanner means how can a domain user scan a document from his her PC directly because he she does not have the utility above installed on his her PC What I had done in past with Samsung Colour laser MFP CLX-6210FX share scanner for domain users HP all in one I forgot the model I installed a software from the HP CD on each client PC he she would be able to scan from his her PC I but it was not AD environment it was normal LAN between multiple XP Do I need to do same thing with Samsung to be able to scan Do I need to install the software for Samsung on each client PC win XP Sp to accomplish this task My second question setting of the printer is in Grayscale how can I let one not all of them user domain to be able to print in a colour beside back and white Thanks nbsp
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Hi I have setup a VPN connection between buildings using draytek routers a draytek vigor at the main site with profiles for the other buildings to dial in the server is at the main site at the other buildings I have draytek vigor routers which are setup to dial out to the main router So the Domain connection VPN LAN to LAN is setup and i can now type and browse the server from the other sites after messing with firewall etc but the main question is Is there any way I can setup a pc from one of the other buildings to log onto the domain VPN Domain connection asif it was actually in the building i e when the computer starts up I log onto the domain as a user instead of locally and then browsing the files Sorry if there is anything missing other details The server is at the main site server R sbs all other computers are on Windows XP Pro SP the buildings are within mile of eachother not that that has any impact the main site is ip range the nd site is ip range and the rd is Thanks in advance Joe nbsp
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I m not particularly PC-savvy so please bare with me and my beginner like amount of knowledge Recently upgraded my home audio production studio Background hard mouse audio / accessing moving when noises and.. interference drive, computer with a new PC Background noises / audio interference when accessing hard drive, moving mouse and.. from pcspecialist co uk spec as below Processor CPU Intel Core i Processor i - GHz MB Cache HyperThreading Memory RAM GB CORSAIR XMS DUAL-DDR MHz - LIFETIME WARRANTY Motherboard ASUS P P D PRO DDR S-ATA II x PCI-Ex x PCI Operating System Genuine Windows Home Premium Bit - inc DVD amp Licence USB Options x USB PORTS REAR FRONT AS STANDARD Memory - st Hard Disk TB SERIAL ATA -Gb s HARD DRIVE WITH MB CACHE rpm nd Hard Disk NONE RAID HDD amp NONE st DVD BLU-RAY Drive x DUAL LAYER DVD WRITER R RW RAM nd DVD BLU-RAY Drive NONE Graphics Card MB NVIDIA GEFORCE GS PCI EXPRESS nd Graphics Card NONE Sound Card ONBOARD CHANNEL HIGH DEF AUDIO AS STANDARD Network Facilities ONBOARD GIGABIT LAN PORT Modem NONE I WILL BE USING BROADBAND Floppy Disk Drive NONE Memory Card Reader INTERNAL IN CARD READER READS XD MS CF SD etc Case COOLERMASTER SILEO QUIET MID TOWER CASE Power Supply amp Case Cooling W Quiet Dual Rail PSU mm Case Fan Processor Cooling SUPER QUIET dBA TRIPLE COPPER HEATPIPE CPU COOLER Firewire amp Video Editing x IEEE a FIREWIRE PORTS onboard at back panel TV Card NONE First thing I came to do was install my external audio interface Native Instruments Kontrol but as soon as I did this I began getting background noises through my speakers when the hard drive CPU was accessed when I moved the mouse and when the graphics card re-draws any part of the screen display I have tried un-installing re-installing the latest drivers tried different USB ports and tried a different audio interface on the PC all with exact same results the background noise I have also tested my Kontrol audio interface on my old pc again which is in the same place in studio so eliminates any possible grounding issues and can confirm that the interference is coming from the new PC not the audio interface In my desperation I have looked on various forums and one suggestion has been that it could be a badly behaved graphics card which is giving out a lot of radio interference Apparently Nivida cards are renown for doing so Has anyone else come across this issue Does anyone have a solution I have contacted pcspecialist directly about the problem arguing that I purchased this pc for a specific purpose - audio production - and I can t do it without the audio interface working correctly but they have told me that the computer passed their testing and commissioning stage without any problems and they cannot guarantee support to third party devices So basically I m on my own Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated Interference nbsp

A:Background noises / audio interference when accessing hard drive, moving mouse and..

This may be a stupid answer... are all inputs, like mic, cdrom, aux input and ect. disabled or turned down...

just an idea...
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Exactly what do we mean when we hear/use the term "Domain Controller"? What sort of services run Exactly what do we mean when we hear/use the term "Domain Controller"? What sort of services run on the server that is designated as the Domain Controller? Is this the server on which DHCP and DNS and maybe some other services also run? What are the minimum specs for a Domain Controller server for say 30 - 50 users and would the standard version of Windows 2003 be sufficient for this?

Can we have more than 1 servers in an organization but only 1 of those designated as the domain controller? And last question: Can we have MS-Exchange running on the domain controller?

I know I have asked many questions in 1 post but will be grateful for a reply.


A:Trying to understand a Domain Controller

Let me google that for you:

Google is your friend
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hey i am havin a problem accessing my 300G harddrive it's "WDC WD32 00JD-60KLB0 SCSI" that is my "storage harddrive" where i got my games an music files on there how do i gain access to that.

it would be a great help if u can help me with a "step-by-step" guide for that so i can do it myself after when you have told me how to do it...

Thank You

P.S Mohammed Arfan
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Please move this thread if it is in the using Accessing Knoppix: HDD error receiving wrong section Long story short I ve been trying to recover some files off my hard drive using the bootable OS Knoppix after other options to recover the files have failed I used the tutorial quot How to recover your folders files when Windows won t boot quot I d l the Knoppix iso and verified the hash sum value so I got the file okay it seems like I burned the iso and booted into Knoppix just fine but when I tried accessing the faulty drive I got the error Unable to mount device Error org freedesktop Hal Device Volume UnknownFailure So I thought I was screwed but then I tried accessing my other internal drive that is operating just fine and I got the same error I am able to mount flash drives just fine I m not sure what to do Is there a problem with the burn I tried two different Knoppix discs and both had the same problem Any help would be great Either to resolve this problem or to try something else to recover my files Here is my original post to see all the things I have tried to recover the files http www techspot com vb topic html post nbsp
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A user has been using her laptop for several years and uses Outlook for her POP3 email.
When we installed a server and joined her laptop to the domain she was unable to see her email without logging out of the server and logging back into her local account.
How do I let her domain profile be the same as her local profile?

A:User loses access to outlook email after being joined to domain

You can't, it's considered as a different user. Just take the settings from Outlook and import them into the other account name.
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Our school is moving from a Workgroup setup to a Domain (Active Directory.) I'm having a problem though. When I set up new users all of their local settings disappear. So now I'm looking for an easy way to migrate User Profiles from the Local User to the new active directory user. I know microsoft has the Active Directory Migration Tool but is that truly the BEST way to do it?? The guide is like 100000 pages long so I'm not even sure if I want to go that route. Thanks in advance guys.
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If have just bought a new GFX card and PSU(XFX Nvidia GTX275 & a Corsair TX650W PSU). The case i have now seems really small to accomodate these new items, dont even know if the PSU will fit without touching the sides of my main board(ASUS P5N32-E SLI). Can anyone reccomend a new case around Ģ60-80 that will acomadate my new GFX card, PSU and also my mainboard? My specs E8500, ASUS P5N32-E SLI, 4GB DDR2 677Mhz, GTX 275(about 10.5" long), Corsair XT650W PSU, Artic Frezzer Pro 7 fan.

A:New Case Required

Hi Andy,
this isn't for everyone, but i own this case and if you like seeing your hardware give it a look. this is the best ventilated case i have ever had. it has a 'core' fan that can be adjusted up/down to be put right on your cpu HS, and 4 120mm fans,and 1 80mm fan on top that hits your memory. i have my phenom II x3 720 OC to 3.8Ghz and it never touches 45C under load. and my OC 4850's run at 36c/60c. every other week the shipping is free. like i said its not for everyone but if you like hardware, it is big. i run a triple 4850 crossfirex, an OCZ vendetta HS, and dual power supplies with room to spare.
oopps, forgot the link
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Hello I unleash update to BIOS Unknown full power required its detected, CPU did not have this problem until I updated my BiOS some time ago Now I have updated my BiOS again and again but the message won t disappear Here s a CPU identification repotr Intel Pentium said Intel R Processor Identification Utility Version Time Stamp Number of processors in system Current processor Active cores per processor Disabled cores per processor Processor Name Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Type Family F Model Stepping Revision Maximum CPUID Level L Trace Cache K ops L Data Cache KB L Cache MB Packaging LGA Platform Compatibility Guide A Enhanced Intel SpeedStep R Technology Yes MMX TM Yes Intel R SSE Yes Intel R SSE Yes Intel R SSE Yes Intel R SSE No Enhanced Halt State No Execute Disable Bit Yes Intel R Hyper-Threading Technology Yes Intel R Architecture Yes Intel R Virtualization Technology No Expected Processor Frequency GHz Unknown CPU detected, BIOS update required to unleash its full power Reported Processor Frequency GHz Expected System Bus Frequency MHz Reported System Bus Frequency MHz Click to expand Let me know if you need to know what else hardware I have nbsp

A:Unknown CPU detected, BIOS update required to unleash its full power

I found this on the ASUS site
or you might try clearing CMOS first, doubt it could hurt and it's easy.
But I also saw that, if you received a support disk with your machine, there should be a BIOS recovery/update program there.
I hope one of these will work for you. Good luck and thanks for posting your system specs.
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I'm having a strange problem with my main computer. I can log onto AOL and read my e-mail, but I can't open websites. I get a "navigation to the webpage was canceled" message. I've tried various remedies but nothing has worked. The connection is fine, the hardware is fine. I did recently discover a quirk, however...if I go to a saved link to a login page requesting a password, it not only opens that page, it allows me to continue to use that site once I've entered the password. I only have two such links, so there are two sites I can still access.

Any suggestions? I'd rather not have to wipe the thing and start over... Thanks!

A:Problem accessing websites

I'd suggest running the 8 steps and seeing what that produces
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Hello; I was hoping someone could help me clear things out for me. I would like to add a domain to act as a backup domain controller in case PDC fails. I have read that I would have to add another domain since there is no BDC in win2003. So after I add a domain to an existing forest how does the fail over works? The second domain controller will be at a remote site. Is there a change I have to make in the router to broadcast or simply point to this new DC from DNS?

thanks for your help.
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Hi all,

I have a MSI k7 pro via kt 266a mobo with an athlon xp1600, served me well, however time has moved on.
1/ MSIs website states the max cpu my mobo can take is xp2100 (upgradeing cpu would be cheapest option). Does anyone know any different?

2/ There are some good "bargains" in mobos, as low as 80 bucks Australian, able to take an AMD 64 3200 , based on SIs chipsets. Of the chipsets available, eg, Sis , Via , nforce, are folk noticing any "real world" difference between them.

I occasionally edit and render video-rendering times not a key consideration and occasionally play Lomac and Il2 flight sims. Thats it. Apart from surf the net.

Your input appreciated. Thanks

A:Advice required for mobo update or mobo replacement

i just bought an ecs N2U400-A MB, i already had a couple xtra processors so i didnt need to get the combo, but if I had got the combo, i beleive it came with an athlon xp 2400+ for around $100 american. so far i am very happy with the quality and performance of this new board. BTW, it is an nFORCE2 board
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i got windows xp pro i was missing around with computer management and did something now i cant log into my mind administrator account i try to reboot on safe mode i get the administrator name but i try to create a another accuont or change but i get a asses denied i try i to Ctrl Alt Delete and nothing i think i my have deleted something and messed everything up ..when i go to my user account from control panel i dont see a quest account or administrator all i see is that small picture off a bass guitar and its says administrator but under it says guest account i have no privilege for nothing . how can i change that guest under admintrator account ?

A:Administrator account problam

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step

Vista Repair: (index page) (guide)

Or use UBCD to back up your data and re-install clean
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I need to access my motherboard on my Dell 1550 (I know...I sucks) in order to replace the DC Power Jack on it. I cannot seem to find a place with instructions on removing and accessing the motherboard!!

A:Accessing Motherboard

Try chatting with Dell:
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After a hardware failure I have returned my ASUS P K-E motherboard and received a refund of The website purchased from Ebuyer com does not appear to stock the ASUS P K-E anymore and so a replacement doesn t seem to be possible As I have not anticipated buying a new motherboard it has been a while since I have thoroughly inspected computer hardware for the best parts price vs performance I would appreciate suggestions on a new motherboard within a budget of or if the performance is worth investing in perhaps a little more The way computer components fall Motherboard required in price all the time I m excited to see Motherboard required what extra technology Motherboard required performance can squeeze out these days compared with last year Thanks for any suggestions Here are my current components purchased september CPU Q GHZ Mobo previously ASUS P K-E Mem GB Patriot PC Video Sapphire Radeon HD PRO MB HDD Western Digital GB SATA Sound Logitech X- - Onboard soundcard OS Windows XP Service Motherboard required Pack bit nbsp

A:Motherboard required

This motherboard is the best you can buy for your budget. It supports your current CPU and you can also upgrade to a 45nm one if and when you want, besides having PCI-E 2.0 slots and Crossfire support to boot, so you can throw in another 2900PRO if you want (assuming you can find one, although eBay probably has a few).

Be sure to do a clean install of XP though, since your current installation will not work with the new motherboard.
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I'm trying to buy a graphics card that's under $90, and I don't know what information I need in order to figure it out. Can anyone help?

A:Cheap compatible graphics card required

Please put your System Specs information in your Profile

If you have a brand name computer (like Dell; HP; or other) please place the Computer name & Model number in your Mobo field of your Profile
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I've got about 15 users who need to be migrated from an old domain to a new domain (company acquisition) on their existing laptops. They want to keep all the normal stuff, My Documents, Desktop, Favorites... but they will be changing email servers.

I've been told to use the Windows File and Settings Transfer Wizard, but I can't get it to work effectively, if at all. Is this the correct tool to accomplish the migration, or is there something else I should be doing?

Thanks all,

A:Migrating to new domain (Profile migration)

I don't think so. The Profile Migration tool moves a users documents/settings from
one client system to another client system.

The Email settings are there too, but you're moving too much; you only need to edit the settings.

In a Domain Controller / Exchange Srvr environment, you may need to move the
server-side user data, but I'm not sure that the Migration tool addresses that at all.
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Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum but could really do with some advice. I've got a Packard Bell IMEDIA 1529 desktop which won't boot up at all. When I hit the power switch the processor fan kicks in and the system makes a small clicking sounds which repeats every second or so. I've removed the memory, disconnected the harddrive and removed all expansion cards on board and still get the exact same response.

This pretty much leaves me with a processor and motherboard.

Any suggestions short of scrapping the system?

Thanks in advance.

A:Help required

The best and wisest thing you can do is get a new computer. The Packard Bell IMedia 1529 has an extremely high failure rate, exceeded only by 14 eMachines models.
You will spend a lot of money to fix it but will still have a below par machine.
You can save, and perhaps use, the hard drive and memory... but the rest is junk.
The clicking sound is usually the sound of a hard drive failure, but can also be a failed power supply... since you say you still get the noise with the hard drive removed.
Look carefully on the motherboard for any little barrell-shaped devices to see if any are bulding or split open, or have a brownish or rust colored dust around them. That would mean failed capacitors.
Look, also, for a large chip somewhere near the middle of the motherboard, or to the oppisite third of the board from the CPU. That chip oftentimes pulls out or becomes loose.
The fan for the CPU heatsink could have failed, and will be inexpensive to replace (get both the heatsink and fan for your particular motherboard and processor.
But my guess is that your motherboard has failed and will never work properly again.... and a new one costs a technician about $45 (US) but could cost you $160
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XP operating system, protected disk area . . .

I want to access files in the XP NTFS System (Protected Area). If I do a "Restore" for any reason, I get everything in the factory-supplied partition, which is a nuisance. Periodically, all I want to do is go into the protected area for a file or two. I do not need a whole lot of junk that I will subsequently delete once the "Restore" is completed (such as "Try & Buy", eg, Corel, etc.). The so-called "options" restore menu is ridiculously small and hasn't anything worth restoring from it. I need a comprehensive list of stuff in the 10gig partition. I have an 80gig drive, 10 gigs used for the system itself. Can I use a function to at least do a "copy & paste" from this area?
~ ~ Jeff S. [email protected]

A:XP Disk Partition, Protected, Accessing

I recomend to read your disk from an ubuntu session
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Hi I am in the process of doing a clean re-install of Windows XP for Home on my PC I have hard drives c gb Maxtor SATA drive - bootable with Windows seeing Hard - Problems, drive new not Bootup Drive hard Help Windows required Options XP existing Windows install d gb Maxtor IDE drive Hard Drive Bootup Problems, Help required - Windows not seeing new hard drive Options - non bootable data drive g gb Maxtor IDE drive - bootable with the clean install of Windows XP for home on it Windows is not seeing all the sizes quite right yet but I will tackle that when I have solved Hard Drive Bootup Problems, Help required - Windows not seeing new hard drive Options this major problem that follows If I boot from the C drive - I have no problems at all Windows will see all the different drives as it should do I can access them all and they all work fine When I come to boot the clean install on drive G windows changes the drive letters - G becomes C D remains as D but the gb Maxtor SATA drive isn t Hard Drive Bootup Problems, Help required - Windows not seeing new hard drive Options seen at all and might as well not exist Disk Management within Windows is no help as it can t see the drive Maxtor software MaxBlast is also no help as it can t see the drive on this install either I have checked and rechecked the BIOS but have pretty much discounted any issues here as it clearly shows all drives and all drives are listed on boot up It s just when Windows kicks in that I have the problem I guess it s a simple setting somewhere but I am pulling out what little hair I have left trying to think what it is - so any ideas would be very gratefully received Thanks in advance and kind regards Stuart nbsp

A:Hard Drive Bootup Problems, Help required - Windows not seeing new hard drive Options

This is what I would do to enhance performance and storage strategy:

1. Use the 20g for the os and housekeeping utes such as av, spyware, etc only, nothing else goes on that drive.
2. Use the 160g for apps installs.
3. Use the 200g for data.

This might get you past the bios/firmware/os/drive letter issue and make better use of the drives. The 20 isn't really good for storage anymore, but would be great for an os/system ute drive. It's performance is less than the other drives, but that's ok, most of the os will stay in ram anyway after boot, you won't make any real diff having a faster os drive.
You might want to place a pagefile on each drive so pageing can occur concurrently too.
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Hi I have a domain local and about xp machines on the domain Everything was working fine for years and all of a sudden we have or machines that log onto the domain but after about or minutes they literally hang You can t do anything The only thing that works is going XP on hangs logs ok but then domain to to system restore through safe mode However after a XP logs on ok to domain but then hangs day or so the whole thing happens again No matter how far you go back into the history of the restore points No changes have been made whatsoever the other odd machines are working just fine but these are a mistery One girl claimed that it happened after she installed a java update but all the others have updated as well not just her All machines are up to date with their windows updates I just can t get my head around this one Any ideas One of the machines have been restored back to factory settings and it the problem re-occurred within a few days The others I haven t bothered restoring yet Server is SBS with SQL but no exchange running on it I only has user data which is quite small and a SQL database that points to a snap server Snap server is working fine thousands of files are retrieved from it nearly instantly that is how fast the network is We have a sonicwall with antispam and antivirus we also have another anti virus at network level Everything has been scanned Help Thanks GlitzyGirl nbsp

A:XP logs on ok to domain but then hangs


They hang while logging on to the domain or do they hang when logged on and at desktop,

if you log on as a local machine does it still hang.

Are the disks in good condition, do they use the same type of NIC.

I did a google on XP hangs joining domain and got a lot of hits on the query maybe one of them relates to your issue.

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i ve got a valuepoint access point that i could not remember the password to so i reset it to factory defaults after doing this i saw the SSID change to simply quot wireless quot as did the network name that appears with netscan Trouble accessing point access changed to the mac address this all seems well and like everything is back to defaults except i cannot log into the administration tool the valuepoint website states the login password should be root root or in the case of some older equipment admin public i ve tried both of these combinations to no avail and valuepoint is of no further help so my question is does anyone have any suggestions for getting into this thing i m willing to go so far as to try a brute force attack on the stupid thing if it means i might be able to get in unfortunately i cannot provide a model number because it is not listed on the equipment it is simply labeled quot high performance access point quot i can get the serial number and mac address if thats of any use to anyone thanks nbsp

A:Trouble accessing access point


all lower case
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Fixed the problem

A:D-Link accessing problem

Your DSL router must be the main unit, and must be setup first.. You Can install the DI-524 as a router, but then must connect to the DSL modem port.
The Di-524 then connected to the DSL port, and the cable from the #1 port on the DI-524 going to computer will work, as will the wireless.
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Please help!

I have tried 2 different usb wireless adapters on my desktop to "associate" with my westell model 327W router connected (& functioning (from verizon dsl) to my laptop & the ssid is detected correctly but the MAC does not match the router's MAC! Both of the adapters I've tried (NETGEAR & Linksys) detect the same MAC. Again, the ssid matches my routers' but the MAC is incorrect (according to the bottom of the router). What can I do? Argh!

Thanks in advance for any insight!

A:Accessing router from usb wireless adapter-ssid detected correctly but MAC incorrect

If you're report is correct, then likely that you are discovering a nearby neighbor's router with the same ssid.

you should use a wire connect, access the router and change the ssid to something
person (ie not the default) AND the admin password. Save and restart the router.
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Hey guys I m buying a new sick a crazy sick Buying PC, new required? opinion rig and i need to know if anything should be replaced in the config or some things taken off or added on Have a look and criticism is accepted and NEEDED These are the parts and the prices i m going to pay Processor CPU Intel Core Duo QUAD CORE Q LGA Buying a new crazy sick PC, opinion required? GHz MB FSB Boxed Processor Kentsfield - nm Motherboard ASUS Striker II Extreme nFORCE i Ultra SLI Buying a new crazy sick PC, opinion required? -Way SLI S DDR GB LAN FW Aud SATA RAID MAD OC Memory RAM x MB OCZ DDR PC - MHz EB Dual Channel Platinum XTC - OCZ P EB GK Case Chassis Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gaming quot Stealth quot Tower With Window - Black No PSU Power Supply Cooler Master Real Power Pro W SLI CrossFire Power Supply CPU Cooler Zalman CPU Cooler CNPS LED AM Case Front Intake Fan ThermalTake mm Highest Performance DC Fans Pack Round IDE HD Cable Coolmax quot SATA Cable -Head Model SATA quot H - BLUE Hard Drive Seagate GB MB Cache Barracuda NCQ SATA CD Reader CDROM DVD Lite-On LH A L SATA Dual Layer Lightscribe X DVD RW -RW X CDRW - Retail Video Card GPU BFG GeForce GX MHZ GB MHz GDDR Dual DVI-I HDTV HDMI DX - Retail Video Card GPU BFG GeForce GX MHZ GB MHz GDDR Dual DVI-I HDTV HDMI DX - Retail THE VIDEO CARDS WILL BE IN QUAD SLI Sound Card APU Sound Blaster X-Fi - Fatal ty PRO - Retail Keyboard Logitech G Gaming Keyboard With Backlit Keys USB - Retail Mouse Logitech MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse - Retail Network Card On-Board Gigabit Integrated Network Card System Assembly Fee Extreme PC Air-Cooled Hardware Assembly Testing amp Full Warranty Recommended Operating System Windows Vista Ultimate Edition -bit - English - Full Licence OEM DVD Virus Protection Free avast Home Edition Warranty Standard Year Parts and Year Labor Warranty Included Free Subtotal Without Taxes About with taxes and shipping Tell me if the price is a rip off Thanks nbsp

A:Buying a new crazy sick PC, opinion required?

So any ideas?
Relevancy 27.52%

I am having problems remotley administering my domain. I am using a vista computer to administer my domain remotely. When I try to open the domain users and computers appalet I get the message that says " naming information can not be located ...". I know that DNS is running (maybe not correctly) and that my computer logged on to the domain. DNS is the only thing that I can think as the problem. I can log onto OWA by typing in the ip address but I can not use the admin tools. Please help

Thank You

A:Can not connect to the server 2003 domain from the vista client

Well, how about fixing the DNS? Without working DNS, you can pretty much forget about doing anything with AD.
Relevancy 29.24%

My laptop s on off switch broke this week and I took it in to be repaired The technician removed the hard drive Need files help an enclosure accessing in for me and put it in an enclosure He told me he checked to see that I could bring up files He also told Need help accessing files in an enclosure me it works like an external drive which I have been using so I am familiar with them I cannot find any of my files on the drive When I click on quot Owner quot Need help accessing files in an enclosure under quot Documents and Need help accessing files in an enclosure Settings quot I get an error message Access denied When I hold the mouse over it I get an quot empty folder quot message I called the shop and the only suggestion I got was to search quot Windows quot for a file I cannot bring up any files When I do a broad search - such as doc or xls I get only the files in the Program Files Can any one help me Joy nbsp

A:Need help accessing files in an enclosure

Thank you for your quick reply. But I have 2 questions.

1. When I click on the icon to safely remove hardware - I get a message that the drive cannot be stopped at this time. Do I have to wait until I can stop the drive so I won't corrupt it, before I turn off the pc?

2. Senior moment here: which function key do I hit to start in Safe Mode?
Relevancy 29.24%

My laptop s on off switch broke this week and I took it in to be repaired The technician removed the hard drive for me and put it in an enclosure He told me he checked to see that I could bring up files He also told me it works like an external drive which I have been using so I am familiar with them I cannot find any of my files on the drive When I click on quot Owner quot under quot Documents and Settings quot I get an error message Access denied When I hold the mouse over it an help in accessing enclosure files Need I get an quot empty folder quot message I called the shop and the only suggestion Need help accessing files in an enclosure I got was to search quot Windows quot for a file I cannot bring up any files When I do a broad search - such as doc or xls I get only the files in the Program Files Can any one help me Joy nbsp
Relevancy 29.24%

Ok, I sold my laptop but kept the harddrive. I bought a new laptop with no hard drive, old hard drive was ide, new laptop sata. Bought external hdd cable, booted to old harddrive blue screen of death. The problem: I am looking for a way to access my files on the old hard drive through the new drives xp install?? I had the old hdd password protected so when i open the files it says access denied. I am using xp home now and can't change the security settings. Does anyone know of a program or way for me to recover the files off the old harddrive??

A:Accessing protected files?

never mind all, found out i had to create a network and then the tab appears. only in windows
Relevancy 28.81%

HI All I have one desktop running WinXP Pro and a laptop Running Vista Home Premium Now what I need is to connect both the systems through LAN use the broadband connection in both the systems simultaneously and independent of each other i e I should be able to connect to internet without keeping on a particular system And as I have a Type III modem MT with four LAN port and one USB port which can MT841 Huawei on up Help a setting required - LAN! act as a router too I need to set up Huawei MT841 - Help required on setting up a LAN! a LAN not wireless LAN What I am trying to achieve is h p i tinypic com erfzmo jpg Huawei MT841 - Help required on setting up a LAN! Please provide a step by step Huawei MT841 - Help required on setting up a LAN! guide as I am not very much comfortable with networking and stuff And I have searched through this forum but with no luck Also I need to know how to backup my current firmware which happens to be of July factory one I tried this and encountered following error tftp -i GET c MT teimage bin Error on server You are not unlocked for readingClick to expand And please provide the link for latest stable firmware which I suppose is Dec Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Huawei MT841 - Help required on setting up a LAN!

Read the manual for your router and then come and ask about the bits you didn't understand?
Relevancy 29.24%

I have an oldish PC (circa 2000) which has died.

It ran Windows ME. The HDD is Seagate. [40GB Seagate St340823A]

I am wondering if I can salvage the HDD, at least to the extent of recovering some data from it.

I realise that one way would be to take another PC, and to add the drive in there.

But I was wondering if it is possible to buy an external hard drive and to use that instead.

Ideally, I'd like to know if there are any which come with spare space which can be easily used.

But failing that, how easy would it be to take the HDD out of an external drive, then temporarily insert the HDD from the old PC (so as to retrieve data) and then put the external drive back to its original condition?


A:Accessing info from HDD in dead PC

the only way to extract data is to move that drive to another computer if the computer it is on is dead.
Relevancy 29.24%

Hi all

I want to connect a computer and a video player to a set of wall speakers. I understand i require an amplifier, but i also require the output from the computer and the video to go to headphones as well as the wall speakers.

Please could someone recomend an amplifier which will output sound to speakers and headphones at the same time.

Many thanks

A:Amplifier Advice Required

You haven't said how many speakers you wish to connect up, what audio outputs your pc has, or what country you are in for prices!
Relevancy 29.24%

My laptop recently broke down and i was thinking of recovering the Harddrive so i bought a external case for, the problem is that when i was using my laptop i had "my documents" set to private so that now i cant access the file from my desktop because it wont give me access to the folder

Is there a way that i can move around the protection, such as a recovery program or something

A:Problem with accessing file's
Relevancy 28.38%

When i try to access any files over my network but only when i try to access files from my base unit(wired) either from my dell laptop(wireless) or ps3(wired). The base unit just reboots with no warning just the monitor goes black and the machine automatically reboots.
I'm using a buffalo wbr g54 router the base unit is a abit ul8 motherboard with an athlon64 with 1gb memory running xp home, I was using norton anti-virus/internet security on the base unit but have un-installed to see if this made a difference but not as yet. Ive updated motherboard firmware but still the same. I have no conflicts in device manager and the psu is an decent unit
Any advice would go a long way to helping me sort this out.
Thanks in advance

A:Instant Reboot when accessing networked files

I would start with the NIC - if this is an on board NIC fit a new one into a PCI slot and try again.
If you are running with fixed IP addresses I have seen this before - just check that there are no duplicated preset IP addresses as well.
Relevancy 28.38%

Well, I brought my laptop into class (I'm in a Network+ class which I started a month ago. I already have my A+) and I joined the domain there. I join it but I had to leave before I had the chance to disjoin there so I get home and I try to disjoin and I get an error message stating "The specified module could not be found." I'm probably just making some stupid mistake. I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 with Windows XP SP2. Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Having trouble disjoining a domain

If this is a wireless network you need to remove the profile. Go to Control Panel > Network connections > local area connection: wireless connection #? > view wireless networks.
Relevancy 27.95%

Help Drive 128Mb Integral accessing Problem Flash file on required to enable me to access an excel file on my Integral Mb Flash Drive Has worked perfectly on or machines that I use until yesterday Then I used it on a different machine and it was not recognised when i plugged it in Installed the USB device hardware software Problem accessing file on Integral 128Mb Flash Drive and opened up an excel file did a few amendments and saved it When i come to open it up from the Flash Drive on my own machine it says quot file cannot be accessed File may be read only or i may be trying to access a read only location Or the server the document is stored on may not be responding quot Can see the file and the fact that it was updated and the number of bytes etc when i look in properties but cannot open it Have tried PC Inspector File recovery software without success File is v important and would appreciate some help Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Problem accessing file on Integral 128Mb Flash Drive

I would treat the flash drive as suspect from here on in. Take it back to the machine where you saved it to the drive and open it there - if you can do this it may only have been a permissions issue but if you can, try another drive. You might recover the drive with a format once you have your file safe.
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Hello every one i m new at techspot i hope everybody is fine so lets get to the point actually these days i m planning to buy a graphics card VGA or video card but the problem is that i cant find the proper which would be suitable for me actually an year ago i had a pc it was P GHz MB RAM and MB external VGA i can t remember from which company it was but i sold that and brought nVidia FX MB AGP x and after that what i had in my mind was that for Card Required a buying Assistance Graphics now it games i play would be running very smoothly but Assistance Required for buying a Graphics Card it didn t happen but thats an old story but keeping that in my i thought i should ask some one to assist me in buy a proper graphics card for my pc which i have at the moment first of all let me tell you what type of games i play or i would like to play Hitman Blood Money Splinter Cell Series C amp C Generals C amp C Generals Zero Hour NFS Underground NFS Most Wanted NFS Carbon Prince Of Persia Series Stronghold Series and there is an upcoming game from UBI Soft Assassin Creed and there might be some others i can t remember of at the moment I Assistance Required for buying a Graphics Card Wanted you guys to help me find a proper graphics card to play all these games if not with excellent performance than with smooth at least i read the guide toVideo Cards Upgrades Questions By cfitzarl and i m trying to provide you each and every detail of my PC you asked for I bought a new PC almost week ago not let me tell you every thing in the order you asked for I already told you about the games i play Now let me tell you my budget well my budget is something between - I couldn t understand what you wanted to know about my power supply sorry for my ignorance so i opened it and wrote everything which was written on its back Here it is quot Dell Model HP-P FWP REV H AC Input - Hz - V A - V A DC Output V ---- A V --- A V --- A - V --- A VFP --- A V AND V SHALL NOT EXCEED W MAX OUTPUT POWER W DELL P N X Made In Thailand quot My System Specs Are i System Manufacturer Dell Computer Corporation ii System Model Optiplex GX iii Processor Intel Pentium CPU GHz iv Memory Currently I have MB RAM but soon i ll add another MB which will make a total of i might remove as well and replace it with another MB But right now you guys go ahead with MB RAM My System also has an AGP x slot but according to my knowledge it can support x as well At the end my country Well i m from Pakistan and live in the capital i e Islamabad I can t shop online coz i don t have a credit card for that Although i can arrange it but i would prefer payment by money order or something like that Please fine me such a store or website where i can send money by money order and then thay could ship me my product i hope i wrote everything which you required but still if anything is missing i m sorry for that please tell me i ll check it and add it Thankyou nbsp

A:Assistance Required for buying a Graphics Card
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I have a Belkin wireless router, l have 2 PC's connected to it and both cant get into selected sites - UK lottery being just one of many

Can anyone tell me if there are any settings in the router that can be altered to allow access to sites that l cant currently get in to

Both PC's worked fine before going wireless now both have the same problem - I have set IE settings to the minimum on everything but it makes no difference so l am assuming it has something to do with the router settings

Thanks in advance

A:Problem Accessing Some Sites Via Belkin

Can you check that you definitely have a connection by going to another site that you have never visited before? Sometimes it can seem like the connection is working, when actually its just getting the pages from your cache. (Although, if you posted that message from one of the PC's then you definitely have a connection).

If you are definitely connected, but you can't see some specific sites, I would struggle to help. If you don't have any software that might be interfering (pop up blockers / firewall / virus / spyware / adware / cookie blocker / any software that basically blocks a site if it doesn't like something about it), then its most likely a setting in the router. I once had that issue and someone fixed it for me, but I forgot what its called... If I remember, I'll post back.
Relevancy 25.8%

Hi guys,
today i bought a C600 laptop (second hand) and now i donīt have the administrator password. On the system is "Win XP Professional", now I want to install my own. The win is secured by a password and @ bios you have to type a administrator password to change the boot device.
"This computer system, #26JT50J-595B", is protected by a password...blabla.."

I have already changed the primary password but i dont know how to get the admin pw.

Please help me! PS I already have read most of the Dell BIOS Password thread.

A:DELL C600 Administrator Password

Dell C600 Admin Password

Hi I had the same problem so I telphoned Dell Tech they said in order to delete the password I had to install an earlier bios and the reistall the updated bios they said this would delete any passwords.
Hope this helps
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This may sound like a very strange idea but what i want to do is:
Have a server laptop on running LogMeIn with my computer harddrive shared to it. When i am at school and i connect to Logmein the shared drive shows up. What i was wondering is: is it possible to leave a harddrive powered up and shared but the rest of the computer powered down?
Yes i know it sounds like a very strange question but if it is possible it will save a lot of power.
I am running windows vista home premium and windows xp professional.


A:Accessing the harddrive of an off computer!

In short, no.
Relevancy 26.23%

I need help on my notebook. I have a latitude CPx latitude and i need the administrator password... i need change the boot secuence. Can someone please help me!!!
Relevancy 29.24%


I have a laptop with a mobile broadband connection that connects to the computer directly using a usb port, and I also have a Belkin G+ wireless router. I was wondering is there any way to set this up so I can connect a PSP to the router wirelessly, and allow it to access the internet connection on the laptop. The laptop is wired directly from the built in network card to the one of the routers LAN ports, and I have been able to connect the PSP to the router but haven't been able to connet to the internet. On both the laptop and psp i have been able to access the routers setup page using their browsers. But because the router isn't connected directly to a internet modem using the WAN port it doesn't detect a internet connection.
Any assistance would be greatly appricated.

A:Help required networking psp with router

start with this setup

ge your PC to connect to the internet and then add the psp.
Relevancy 29.24%

Help with Remote Access/Software for.

I frequently help my friends fix their computers. Is there any software/capability to be able to run a firewire/ethernet cable to their pc and access their computer. I'm sure there is software out there I am just not sure of it. All suggestions would be helpful. I am to the point where it would be easier with the amount of computers i work on, to hook up my laptop to access there stuff.



A:Help with accessing computers with software

I assume u are using WindowsXP, go to the Control Panel, System, then to system properties and to remote and check this in all the systems. the other computers will have to e-mail u when they need help but once done u will have complete controll over there computer and be able to see the computer as if it was the one in front of u.
Relevancy 28.81%

I have over 50 computers most which are under a workgroup with access to the internet. This is becoming a problem as more computers are being added to the workgroup. Thus, I decided to implement all PCs into one domain. I ordered some books/videos to help me plan this out. Meanwhile, as I wait for these to arrive, I was hoping you knowledgeable and experienced users here at TechSpot could help me. I have purchased Windows Server 2000 & an Exchange Server.

Primary Goals

1. Access any computer on the network via Remote Desktop Connection
2. Perform remote installations across the network using RIS (Remote Installation Services)
3. Perhaps use SysPrep (Is there a better method?) to clone computers already setup with all programs installed.

A:Creating a Domain

You will have to implement Active Directory and setup users/passwords and optionally groups. When you install Windows server you will be asked what role you want the server to take and at this point is where you set up your domain. You can also promote it later if you decide to make it a stand alone server. You dont need a domain to do the things you mentioned.. As for the remote access look at, it free/cheap and works great.. For the remote installations there are a number of products that do that.. As for the cloning of computers that would work if you have all the same hardware.. I would recommend Acronis True Image.. Domains offer greatly increased security and if thats what you need, great..
Relevancy 28.38%

Hi everyone I own a Dimension Im kinda unfamilular with the dual channel RAM type stuff so I was gonna ask a couple questions to clarify I found this entry in everest Memory Controller Type Dual Channel -bit Active Mode Dual Channel -bit Memory Module Properties Module Name Samsung M T FG -CCC Serial Number C Bh Module Size MB RAM information required. Dell Dimensions, Dual channel rank banks Dell Dimensions, Dual channel RAM information required. Module Type Unbuffered Memory Type DDR SDRAM Memory Speed DDR - MHz Module Width bit Module Voltage SSTL Error Detection Method None Refresh Rate Reduced us Memory Module Properties Module Name Samsung M T FG -CCC Serial Number D Ch Module Size MB rank banks Module Type Unbuffered Memory Type DDR SDRAM Memory Speed DDR - MHz Module Width bit Module Voltage SSTL Error Detection Method None Refresh Rate Reduced us So if I were to add possibly just another MB of RAM would I need to go with the Dell crap or could I go buy just any standard DDR - If I can use non-Dell stuff would I suffer from a performance hit not adding in the same brand of memory and would it interfere with dual channel what would happen to dual channel What are some rules of thumb for RAM Ex - speed matching etc etc nbsp

A:Dell Dimensions, Dual channel RAM information required.
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Please I have problem on my Laptop,
Please Can you Help me out,Because i could see you have help a whole lot of people..

Service Tag #DM7GQ1J-595B



A:Administrator Password On Dell Latitude D510

Hi Indubious_ashie and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

have you read this thread here ? or been to my website, if not then do so and all the help you need is there.

Relevancy 29.67%

Hi all I am just wondering if someone can help me I have an GIGABYTE GA-M GM-S G motherboard AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor GB Required Technical Help Some RAM DUAL CHANNEL W PSU SAPHIRE RADEON x PCI graphics card I have taken the processor heatsink off and replaced it with a Scythe Mine Rev B CPU Cooler socket AM and SCMN- I have fans at the front of the machine and at the back of the computer I built it the front fans suck the air in and the back ones draw the heat out I am really confused dont laugh I cant understand what temprature my processor computer should be I used the gygabyte Easy tune please see link what is a CPU temp and a system temp http i photobucket com albums h MUPPET myspeeds jpg Also I dont understand what speeds my processor speeds are I am on the understanding that it is a AMD ATHLON X DUAL CORE this is split in to so each core is http i Some Technical Help Required photobucket com albums h MUPPET amdspeed jpg I am really and utterly confused - Please remember I am thick so any replies please put them in to basics lol And I think since I put this new processor fan in my RPM is under is this right Thanks for looking anyway nbsp

A:Some Technical Help Required

The CPU is the processor (central processing unit). So in your case your running at 22 celcius i think that says which is nice and cool. And the system temp is most likely to be your motherboards temperature (not too sure though).
Relevancy 29.67%

Hi I'm trying to build my first PC Desktop and I'm not exactly sure what it is that I should buy. I'm not looking to spend much more than $400 or so. I've been looking on newegg and so far my biggest problems come from trying to pick out the right processor, motherboard, and memory.

Know I'm planning of dual booting XP pro and Ubuntu and I don't really do much hardcore core gaming so thats less important. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:PC buying help required.

This might give you an idea, but alittle more than $400.00 required. Also did you figure in the cost of the OS if needed?
Relevancy 56.76%

I have replaced an NT primary domain controller with a server I still have an Nt server as an application server and NT server 4 Domain in accessing 2003 a as a Backup Domain Controller It has been running fine until I add a new user that was never in the old domain Any new users that get added cannot authenticate to the NT server All the previous users were already in the accessing NT 4 server in a 2003 Domain BDC when I change over I cannot figure out why I can authenticate as Administrator and any old users I have sp a loaded someone said this would help and have even added the new users to the Domain Admin group but still nothing I cannot upgrade the Nt server as the application is an ERP system that is run throughout the company and I am told will not be supported in anything other than the NT environment If I add users on the NT first it updates the PDC just fine but I still can t access the shares Any Ideas Rdb nbsp

A:accessing NT 4 server in a 2003 Domain

Try demoting the NT4 server so it is no longer a DC and integrating it through DNS into your network.

Because your NT4 server is PDC, there is alot to do in order to keep the NT4 server as a DC and integrate it into a Server 2003 Schema AD network.
It is really not worth doing to be honest! Your NT4 server should run fine as a server, but not as a DC within your Server 2003 environment.
Relevancy 28.81%

i know this is probably in the wrong channel but PLEASE help me
all i need to know is if i can download a better video card digitaly.

A:WOW. Graphics card advice required

No, a video card is a physical piece of kit. You would need to buy a new card in order to upgrade.

All you can do for your current video card is make sure you have the latest drivers/DirectX etc.

Regards Howard
Relevancy 29.24%

I've connected 2 PCs on XP via a crossover cable.

The PCs can see each other files wise, but I cant gain internet access with the 2nd PC.

I'm on Virgin Media Broadband via a modem (no router) direct to a Network card on the host and the crossover connected via another NIC to the 2nd PC.

I've configured both NIC's with the IPs & 2 respectively with subnet on both but no joy with the internet on the 2nd PC.

I've tried XP Network Wizard several times, checked and double checked the ICS option.

Driving me crazy so any help would be appreciated folks.

Many thanks in advance.

A:Networking advice required

I take it you've checked the XP firewall settings?
Relevancy 29.24%

Hello I have trouble accessing my Linksys Router model wrt54g. I don't remember changing the password and I try typing in admin for the user and none for the password. Thank you for your help.

A:Help with accessing my router

The typical router user/passwords for linksys are:



If need be, you can reset your router to factory defaults by holding down the "Reset" button located on the back of the device.
Relevancy 28.81%

The mother im using is an Elitegroup Geforce6100am-m

Im using not my front case audio panel BUT a
Front multicard reader audio panel it has these available connectors.

A Mic-R
B Mic-L

im pretty sure power to the mic comes from the psu which is plugged into the reader.

Ok on my mobo i have the following

03 AUD_MIC_BAIS (Microphone power)
05 AUD_F_R
08 KEY
09 AUD_F_L

if already managed to pair C,D,E,F and G, with corresponding 5,9,6,10,2

If it is not possible for any reason to connect my card reader with the motherboard.
Then ill resort to my case front panal, but that too i cant connect properly.

Please advise

A:Connecting MOBO To Front Audio?? Help Required

still havnt plugged my front audio in, for that exact reason, pure damn confuson
Relevancy 27.95%


Ive had Bt wireless broadband for quite some time now and ive recently been meaning to create a website on my hobbies etc. Ive heard that in some packages BT provide free web hosting space and a domain in some.

Is this true?

Thanks in advance.

A:Do i get free web hosting space and domain with bt broadband?

You should find the answers to your questions HERE.

Regards Howard