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Wiring a graphics card to a generic PSU - sufficient power wires on plug?

Q: Wiring a graphics card to a generic PSU - sufficient power wires on plug?

My brother in law has a got himself a free computer to which I am going to donate my old Sapphire X1950GT graphics card. The problem is, is that I can't easily wire it in to the computer as it has a crappy generic PSU with only one Molex and several Sata power plugs.
What I do have, without slicing and dicing and getting out the soldering iron, is the adaptor cable below. What I don't know is whether this has a sufficient amount of wires I.e. 0V and 12V to provide power to my G/Card.
Any ideas?


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Preferred Solution: Wiring a graphics card to a generic PSU - sufficient power wires on plug?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Wiring a graphics card to a generic PSU - sufficient power wires on plug?

System power consumption with a Sapphire X1950 GT is less than 250W. I think you will be fine with the splitter mentioned above. You probably don't need much extra power to run the card. I assume there is at least a 300W PSU or greater in the system.
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Hey guys,

My computer has one AGP slot open, so I ordered the VisionTek Radeon 2400 Pro 512MB DDR2 AGP Graphics Card from Circuit City.

I just found out that it needs a 270W supply from my onboard power supply. The card achieves this through a 4-pin molex connector, so I would like to know if my power supply can even support the graphics card.

On the label, the power supply says:

Output: Total 295.4W max; +12V, +12Vsp Total 209W max

If anyone can tell me if my power supply can support my will-be graphics card, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

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I've recently built a machine and whenever I boot up, a message is displayed saying: "The Nvidia system sentinel is reporting that Nvidia-powered graphics card is not receiving sufficient power.

To protect hardware from potential damage or causing a potential system lockup, the graphics processor has lowered its performance to a level that allows continued safe operations."

I am not sure as to why this is happening. My PSU is 420 watts, which should be more adaquate for my Athlon 5X-53 and my AGP GeForce FX 5200. I have the molex attached to the video card and the video card is seated properly in my mobo. Any ideas on what the problem is? Are we looking at replacing the PSU, motherboard, or video card? Or am I missing something? Thanks.
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Need advice on a graphic card that i can use to set up dual monitors to work from home on my Dell Optiplex gx620. The cheaper the better
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Hey everyone!

Alright so what I have isn't necessarily a problem but I am a bit curious about it.

I recently installed a new fan for my AMD FX 4-core 4170 4.2 processor because I noticed the temperatures were rather high with the old one, and the old fan that came with it sounded like a jet taking off.

The fan I bought came with a nice controller that I decided to install. Because of the amount of wires and whatnot it needed to have connected to run, I had to lay some of them on the top of my graphics card. Will this effect anything or should I have nothing to worry about?

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Hi Folks,

I have a Gateway LX-6810 with Intel (R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33 GHZ, 8GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 graphics card. While installing wireless card, the wires from the graphics card came off the pins on the mobo. There are 2 separate wires from the card (Ground and SPDF) and 3 pins on the mobo. I can't find the correct configuration to ensure proper installation. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,

A:Graphics card wiring

You should have an onboard audio header located next to/near to your PCI-E slot. If you use onboard sound and have a front panel audio output, then a cable will already be plugged in to this.

Next to this header you should have the SPDIF connector that you plug this cable in to.
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I m running ethernet cat e through my house and doing the actual wiring this is the first time for me I have the Cat5. Use Wires Wiring Router? with from My House to DSL Which to locations drilled Wiring My House with Cat5. Which Wires to Use from DSL to Router? and I m all set to start running the cables I need some advice on how to do the wiring from the DSL to the keystone to the router to the switch Here s the current setup as AT amp T originally wired the house DSL -- cat -- gt Keystone -- cat -- gt AT amp T router - gt wireless ethernet I noticed in the Cat that connects the DSL to the keystone in the house s interior only wires are used the green and white green I think on the side that connects to Wiring My House with Cat5. Which Wires to Use from DSL to Router? the DSL and the same two that connect to the keystone inside the house which then connects to the U-verse router As far as I know it s a regular Cat that goes from the keystone to the router With my new setup I m going to move the router which will be connected to a switch before branching out to the rest of the house wireless will no longer be used Here s what I assume I should do Use only wires on the end for the Cat that connects to the DSL box outside the house Use only wires for the RJ jack that goes into the router s uplink port inside the house unlike the original configuration there will be no keystone between the DSL and the router Regular Cat wiring T B from one of the router s ports connecting it to the switch Regular Cat wiring T B from the switch to the computers It s points and that I m mostly unsure about Can anyone clear this up for me Thanks a ton nbsp

A:Wiring My House with Cat5. Which Wires to Use from DSL to Router?

Typical home wiring for phone PSTN systems have 4 wires (2 pairs). Some may have 6 wires. The two inner pairs are for the primary phone circuit for the home. The outer pair is used if you paid for a second phone line service. Because phone systems were the first "network", the subsequent wiring standards of T568A or B were done in such a manner to be compatible with existing phone systems. So what this means is that if you wire your house with T568B, it doesn't matter whether you plug in a phone or a network device. The pin outs of the jack will support what ever you want to plug in to it. In my house, I have various rooms where I have some RJ45 jacks. I can provision those ports to be either LAN drops of phone drops by just switching the other end of the cable to either my switch or a patch panel for phone service. Yes, this means you can plug in an RJ11 jack into an RJ45 jack.
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I am trying to hook up a belkin router with easy picture instructions and being unable to do so because the yellow plug going from the router to the modem does not fit into the only opening in the back of the modem It is a cable modem supplied from our cable provider It has the cable plugged in and another cable the end looks like the one on the to modem plug - into Wires what? I Do fit or adaptor need router don't yellow router plug that goes to the computer The other jack the only one not in use looks like the type that a telephone would plug into - the router will not go into directly Do I need some kind of adaptor and if I do where would I get it or is there another way to do this I am really hoping you don t tell me I have to go buy another modem Am trying to install the router so my nephew s IPod Touch christmas present will be able to get on the internet I would really appreciate any help or advice Thanks nbsp

A:Wires don't fit to plug router into modem - Do I need adaptor or what?

If I understand this right, you need to remove the cable that goes from the modem to the computer and plug it into the WAN/LAN/Ethernet port on the router.
Get a second Ethernet cable and connect one of the router ports to the Ethernet port of the computer.
Supply the model numbers of the modem and router if this isn't clear.
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hay everbody: need to known what colors to what pins.

mouse is a microsoft 1.2A PS/2 the new plug has or is 6 pin mini-din.

thanks for any help. chip

A:wiring a new plug to a mouse


Ever consider buying a new mouce? They are like $10. Compared to the amount of tinkering around you will have to do now, and in the future when the connection loosens up a bit you may be better off buying one.
~ Lyrical ~
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I got 7 extra wires I dont know where to connect on my Asus p5GV-MX MB.

they are labeled: Return R, Return L, Spkout R, Spkout L, ground, mic Bias, and mic in. I have no idea where they go and the manual to MB doesnt talk about it.

When I get this PC going, i would like to plug headphones or mic at the front and not reach the back to plug them.

on MB, not sure what connectors are those:
10-1 pin AAFP (which has: port1 L, ground, port1 R, Presence#, Port2 R, Sense1_return, sense_send, port2 L, and sense2_return)

A:where to plug the wires ( for mic and headphones front side of tower)

Nevermind i think i figured it out, hopefully, thanks to ASUS forum
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Hi My motherboard doesn't have any PCI slots - only a PCI-E port the one we normally plug graphics cards into That slot is free now - I use the built-in graphics As you see there are only two SATA connectors on this board which is painfully few So I thought maybe I could put a SATA card into that PCI-E plug so I would have SATA ports then two onboard and two on the card That card is old but still working fine Silicone SATA RAID Would I be able to use it for booting or for a DVD drive O Maybe both Is it like plug the a Can port SATA Graphics Card PCI I into PCI-E a traditional SATA Controller or are there any limitations compared to the onboard plugs I never tried using it for either a DVD drive nor for a boot drive only for secondary data disks That did the job fine though in a vanilla standard PCI slot Never tried putting it into a graphics card slot but seems like that's my only option here Oh Can I plug a PCI SATA Card into the PCI-E Graphics port and the type is MSI AM i if you want to look it up I'll include a photo here The PCI-e Graphicsport in question is on the bottom in the picture EDIT Oh looking at the picture There is a beeper on the top left sticked to the bottom of one of the rear connector boxes It is connected to the board but it never sounds I want it to make that Can I plug a PCI SATA Card into the PCI-E Graphics port beep on boot POST chime How do I enable that There doesn't seem to be a BIOS setting for that CLICK HERE for official specs Can I plug a PCI SATA Card into the PCI-E Graphics port

A:Can I plug a PCI SATA Card into the PCI-E Graphics port

Physically, it will fit (the bottom slot is PCI-e, not PCI, btw). The problem is how many lanes will it support. I looked at the specs and they are ambiguous at best. You should be able to get a card to give you more SATA ports but you may not get full speed unless that slot has more than one lane. Also, make sure the card uses one lane per SATA port. There are a lot of cards that have two or more SATA ports but run off only one PCI-e lane (I'd like to shoot the eejits that design and sell those abominations). I doubt you will be able to boot off of a card (some cards allow it but require that the MOBO will support it, which they often do not).

Edit: I found the card on Newegg and their description is better than MSI's. The slot physically is x16 long but, electrically, it has only x4 lanes. That will support up to four more SATA ports as long as the card uses the same number of lanes.

This card may work for you. The most common negative review is on the difficulty of getting drivers to work. Read the reviews for tips on it. Also, you might get lucky and Win 7 will already have the driver you need (that was what happened when I installed my LSI 9211-8i).
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OK, so, it's been a half year since I have a nvidia gt 440 2gb ram and so on. And recently sometimes freezes my PC and I get a black screen(sometimes other colors), but that's not the problem, so I wanted to change my graphics card until I get a new one with an ATI Radeon Sapphire X1550 that I found, I know its old, but I don't have another one.

OK, I removed my nvidia drivers completely with DDU, pull out physically the graphic card from mobo and...
My problem is: When I plugged ATI X1550 in my motherboard, my PC boots but nothing appears on my screen.

Please help!!

And oh, one last thing, if u guys think that ATI X1550 is broken or damaged, it's not, I have tried it on a friend with windows xp sp3.

A:pc boots but no display when i plug my graphics card

Could you fill out your system specs completely please? It's hard to give good advice if we don't know what we are dealing with for hardware.

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I'm building my first computer, and the video card I have is MSI R6670-MD1GD5 Radeon HD 6670. I was watching a video that said you needed to plug in a cord to supply power to it, but I can't find where to plug it in. Does the motherboard supply power for this card or what?

A:Solved: Where do I plug in power for my video card?

You 6670 is a mid range card.
Some mid range cards need external power,some dont.
If it doesn't have a PCI express or molex power connector
on the video card,then all power is supplied through the
motherboard PCI express slot.
I don't see any power connectors in pictures of that card.
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Hi Yall So I have successfully I think installed my new Radeon R quot low profile quot graphics card on my Dell Optiplex nbsp I plugged it in the motherboard started up the computer then went to Device Manager to update the drivers--which I did nbsp Side note Ever since plugging the graphics card into the motherboard some tasks like starting programs or starting windows take - X as long as they used to nbsp Anyhow it then asked for a restart which I did nbsp The computer still took extra long to start any program and when I plugged the monitor into the graphics card all I got was a black screen nbsp Take two nbsp I then read that I should have uninstalled my current graphics driver Intel integrated HD graphics before I installed my new graphics card but failing this I could uninstall my old graphics card and change card. the graphics screen Dell card 9020. Black into on the I R7 when 250 Just plug Radeon Optiplex Help! "installed" my monitor the default graphics card in the bios nbsp I uninstalled the old card and went to the bios but could not change the default can t remember exactly what it called it graphics controller or something nbsp I could see that intel HD graphics was still the default this is after uninstalling intel HD graphics and Just "installed" Radeon R7 250 graphics card on my Dell Optiplex 9020. Black screen when I plug the monitor into the card. Help! then restarting but could find no way to change this nbsp Supposedly dell will make the switcheroo on its own but it doesn t seem to have nbsp Take three nbsp Next I physically removed the graphics card restarted the computer then physically inserted the graphics card again then started the computer again no I did not insert the card while the computer was on nbsp I m not sure what else to try nbsp The computer still starts programs exceedingly slowly and still gives me a black screen when I try to plug the monitor into the graphics card--which the computer recognizes as existing in the Device Manager nbsp What is more the Intel HD graphics card that I uninstalled appears to have reinstalled itself as it is now visible again in the Device Manager plus it has the little control program accessible from the quot hidden icons quot popup menu off of the toolbar in the lower right-hand corner nbsp I can t help but think that if I could get the bios to prefer the radeon card I d be set--but I don t see an option for this nbsp Help
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I recently updated my windows vista to windows But for some strange reason windows wont recognise my graphic card S The graphic card i have is NVIDIA GeForce M GT and i have tried to install the drivers from NVIDIA website but it wont let me install it says quot NVIDIA Installer cannot continue quot and at the bottom is says quot This graphics driver could not find Graphics VGA Standard Monitor.. Generic and Non-PnP Card HELP!! compatible graphics hardware quot When i go on Windows Experience Index everything seems to be fine except graphics and gaming graphics Processor Memory RAM Graphics Gaming Graphics Primary Hard disk Can someone please help me out as i can not find any solutions to this problem and i just upgraded to Windows yesterday so i would like to experience how it is really like e g Windows Aero and can someone show me screenshots if they have solved this problem if someone knows how to solve this please let me know ASAP Thank You

A:Standard VGA Graphics Card and Generic Non-PnP Monitor.. HELP!!

ezminnie, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Let me guess, a Sony or Toshiba laptop. If that is the case then the drivers directly from Nvidia will never install on it as neither of them will allow it. The only way to install something other than the driver from Sony or Toshiba (which really is nothing more than the reference Nvidia driver modded with the device IDs that Sony and Toshiba use, and whatever extra bits if any to work with the display on the laptop) is to use a modded driver. You can try one of the ones from here,

Drivers | drivers for mobile cards and laptops |

Go for one from the 275.xx and down as I haven't seen too many saying much good about the latest 280 beta driver. If those fail to install you can always use whatever Windows 7 or Vista driver (the Vista driver will work in Windows 7) from your laptop manufacturer.
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I was given an old laptop which I am planinng a graphics a generic as driver card? a laptop there Is such thing for video Solved: to use as a media center by plugging it into my TV but I m having difficulty with the video card I m running an S-Video cable into Solved: Is there such a thing as a generic video driver for a laptop graphics card? the TV but the picture switches between black white and colour once every second at regular intervals It s temperemental because sometimes if I change the video settings of the driver and then change back it ll be OK until I reboot or go into standby I know the cable and the monitor works fine with this and the settings are OK because I used to occasionally plug my newer laptop into the TV via S-video It has video card S ProSavageDDR driver currently installed and I know this to be the latest driver I m not bothered about having a video driver that ll give my high-res because I m using it straight through my TV so I ll only be using x anyway So is there a generic video card driver to make the S-video out work fine cheers nbsp

A:Solved: Is there such a thing as a generic video driver for a laptop graphics card?
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solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved solved

A:Sufficient Power?

we need to know your other system specs too. CPU, fans, hdds, etc.

with what that GPU requires yes your will be fine, but still need to know more info for a definite answer
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I ve seen some performance drops in my gaming the last few weeks my temperatures seem fine lt c CPU lt c GPU I ve ran GPU tests and memtest with no apparent errors The only thing I can fathom at Sufficient Supply? Power this point is my power supply I upgraded Sufficient Power Supply? my system but retained my w power supply for my rig I am wondering if it is not pumping out enough amps volts watts whatever it may be Could anyone give me insight to this I ve noticed that the graphics cards specifically says email protected but do not see this with my power supply specs would this severely degrade my performance over time especially with cards SLI d PC Specs Windows x Windows XP AMD Phenom II x t Newegg com - AMD Phenom II X T Black Edition Thuban GHz x KB L Cache MB L Cache Socket AM W Six-Core Desktop Processor HDT ZFBGRBOX Asus M N TD EVO nForce a mobo Newegg com - ASUS M N TD EVO AM NVIDIA nForce a SLI ATX AMD Motherboard x GB G Skill Ripjaws DDR - PC RAM Newegg com - G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB amp x GB amp -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR amp PC amp Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBRL X eVGA GTX MB DDR video cards Newegg com - EVGA G-P - -AR GeForce GTX amp Fermi amp Superclocked GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card OCZ GameXStream OCZ GXSSLI W Newegg com - OCZ GameXStream OCZ GXSSLI W ATX V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready Active PFC Power Supply nbsp

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I am thinking of upgrading to this power supply. My current PSU is only 300W. You can see my computer specs below. I may want to overclock my CPU a bit also. Would this power supply do the job to run my system, or would I need more wattage??

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I can't get my computer to turn on. Could the power button be worn out? If the hard drive has crashed, would I still be able to turn the computer on? I am thinking the worst here.

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P4 3.0 Hyper-threaded
1.0 GB DDR pc 3200 (4x256)
SATA 180 GB drive
ATI Radeon X1900 XT GPU
(5 fans: 2 in back, 1 in front, 1 in side, 1 for processor)

[BFG Technologies 600 Watt ATX 12V 2.01 PC System Power Supply]

That's the power supply. I've already burnt up a 450 watt PSU I am currently running the one above and want to make sure it's sufficient.


A:Is my power supply sufficient?

That looks like a very capable psu. See this review HERE.

Regards Howard
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I verified the PSU is good.
I removed all drives, all cards, even memory.
All the fans spin for a moment then nothing they stop.

I assume the MB is now destroyed? A GTX 260 has two 6 pin power connectors, since the PSU only had one 6 pin power connector, I thought to try it.

MB is Asus P5QC
So is it dead?

A:Plug in GTX 260, hooked up one 6 pin power plug, motherboard wont post

Did you read the GTX 260 manual to see if it has to have the two connectors on?
This is an old MB, so it has a story. Tell us how did you get it and what memory, GPU etc it has before.
With no memory it won't boot. Do you have a speaker connected to the MB so you can hear the beeps when you turn it on?
Witch power supply you have? GTX 260 requires 500W as minimum.
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I have an external hard drive Seagate backup plus 1 tb working fine with Sony vaio E15136 win 8.1 64 bit 4gb Ram. As long as I change the power supply i.e either plug in or plug out the power supply of my laptop, external drive is re-detected.
The external drive draws power from laptop.No external power source.
In case of USB pen drives this thing didn't happen.
Looking for any solution or explanation?
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Recently, I recieved a message on my pc after booting "The Nvidia system sentinel is reporting that Nvidia-powered graphics card is not receiving sufficient power." The message appeared once and has since not been displayed (I booted a couple of times). I am running AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+/3GB RAM/500W PSU

I went on Speedfan and here is the info I got:

Vcore1: 1.41V
+3.3V: 3.34V
+5V: 5.03V
+12V: 11.78V
-12V: -1.42
-5V: -8.78
+5V: 5.03V
vbat: 3.07V

How does all this look? and do think 500W is sufficient for my system?

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Hello - A couple of days ago I received a prompt from a video game telling me that power update driver Lacking sufficient after my video card drivers were out of date and it recommended updating them for optimum performance I was referred to the NVIDIA website and I downloaded and installed Lacking sufficient power after driver update the newest driver version for the GeForce GT When I rebooted a notice from the NVIDIA control panel appeared warning me that I didn t have sufficient power to run the video card so it was going to tone down the settings on the card This has happened to me once before in the past when I tried to update my drivers for the video card but can t remember for the life of me how I fixed it Moreover I wondering why I m getting this notice when I had no apparent trouble in providing power to the video card with the old drivers Do I need to purchase a larger power supply I tried rolling back the old drivers but it did not help the problem Also I spend considerable time installing some not all old drivers from Guru d but so far I haven t found the right one If anyone has had a similar problem or has a solution I would be very grateful I chose to post here instead of the NVIDIA forums first because this site has been such a help to me in the past and the people seem so friendly My apologies if I made the wrong decision nbsp

A:Lacking sufficient power after driver update

What is your current psu?
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I wasnt sure where to post this question, so I posted it here

So as I was replacing the LCD screen for my laptop, I must've ripped the cord that is part of the power supply. I am really bad with computers and this was the first time I took apart my computer on my own.
I'm not talking about the AC adaptor that connects to the wall. I'm talking about the wire that connects to the button you press to turn on the laptop. How serious is this damage? How much will it cost to replace it?
Or would it be alot cheaper if I learned how to solder and assemble the wires on my own? How hard is it for someone like me with no prior experience? how long does it usually take to learn?

A:Assembling wires for power supply?

Hi larry,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

First, is there by any chance another wire just like it attached to the PSU that you can use instead (they sometimes come with some extras)? If so, just do that and you're good to go (unless it created a short - but you'll know that soon enough).

If you tore it out from the PSU and there's no other wire like it to use, then I suggest you either take the PSU to a reputable computer repair shop (not Geek Squad or anyplace like that) and have them replace the wire or simply take the opportunity to upgrade your PSU and replace the entire unit. I do this for a living and I would not attempt what you are considering - it simply is not worth the effort involved and the risks of not getting it right (and is certainly not the time or place to learn such skills ig you don't already have them).

Frankly, I wouldn't even get it repaired (for essentially the same reasons and because it may cost almost as much as a new PSU) and would simply replace it (they aren't that expensive depending on what you need) - but that's your decision to make. As it seems to be a laptop, perhaps it might be best to let a computer repair shop (or the manufacturer's repair department) repair or replace it as it is tough to get to (and you don't sound very gentle with computers and there's much more serious damage you can do). You need to get one that fits your computer exactly and with at least as much power as the prior one and is compatible with your system - to do that you need to contact the computer manufacturer's technical support department or website to get the specifications (or just get the replacement part from them because then you know it will work in your machine - or just send it to them and let them deal with it).

Since you provided no information about your computer, it's hard to tell how much it will cost or what you will need or how hard it might be to do on your own (if that's even wise). If you provide the manufacturer, make, and precise and complete model number, I will check around for you - but it may take a while to do that research. I will not provide the cost of the repair or replacement by others (or make recommendations on who you should use), but I may be able to get you an idea on the cost of the PSU itself.

I hope this helps. If you provide the information requested, I'll see what more I can do to help.

Good luck!
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Satellite A135-S4527
after repairing power supply wire with electrical tape, wire got ripped apart and momentarily touched/shorted out. plug indicator blinks until I remove and insert battery, but does not charge. turns on but screen flickers and comp shuts off after about 5 mins. got new charger....same deal.
wll not turn on without battery installed.....not sure it ever did. think I damaged battery. any other possible issues? I have a multimeter if that helps.

thank you for any tip before buying more unnecessary parts.
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I keep getting the following message on power-up:-

Your Nvidia graphics card is not receiving sufficient power. As a result the graphics card has lowered its performance to a level that allows continued safe operation.

My system specs are as follows

Gainward BLISS 7800GS AGP
Driver date 07/10/2008
Driver version

M/B Asus A7N8X 2.0 Deluxe with XP2500

2 x1mb sticks OCZ PC3200 ram

500 watt OCZ Stealth X Stream psu

Ok it?s not the newest system in the world?haha?but it does me.

The psu is brand new and I got the same message on a Hiper 580 psu.

Any ideas. I?ve searched the web but could not find a single answer that was specific to my problem without the psu being at fault.

ps..The card is connected direct to the psu via a 6 pin connector.

A:Gainward 7800GS not receiving sufficient power message

Hiper not so good... Try installing another power supply
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your battery can no longer provide sufficient power to your system error message with dell laptop inspiron 6400 - yet the battery sits at 100% I need a new battery or is there an underlying problem?

A:Battery can no longer provide sufficient power to your system

You might need a new battery if your current one isn't holding a charge. Try shutting it down, popping out the battery, and putting it back in.
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Hi I posted a question yesterday about how to ID a mobo b c I had disconnected the power reset wires on sister s desktop and did not have mobo manual Never thought to ask how to reconnect the wires amp mobo power/reset to to connect wires HELP! Need totally bypass the mobo ID See picture There HELP! Need to connect power/reset wires to mobo is one wide wire that is made up of wires that are divided into groups of two Wires are labeled starting from the left st group of wires white amp black labeled POWER SW nd group of wires white amp orange labeled RESET SW rd group of wires white amp yellow labeled H D D LED Then a single white wire not labeled The last wire - a single green wire not labeled See picture for pins amp table There are metal pins sticking out of a small black plastic rectangle with holes The top row has pins w the vacant hole being the last one on the right The bottom row has pins Then on the mobo there is a small corresponding table to the left of the pins Right above the table on the left the text reads SW - H D D LED - SUS-LED - RESET - PWR-SW There is also a pic of the power reset buttons on the front of the tower Thanks in advance for any help nbsp
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I'm getting these pop-ups from my graphics card. I'd say a few dozen of them popped up within seconds. You can see them at the bottom of the screen...I didn't go far enough over to show the arrows..but there's many more. The power going into the card is nice and snug, not loose at all. This happens every few weeks and its getting I want to make sure I'm not in any kind of danger due to a short or anything. Suggestions?

A:Power to my graphics card

Sounds like your PSU has degraded enough that it fails to provide sufficient power.
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I have a 305w PSU in my PC with 18amps on my 12v rail. Right now all I have in it is a 2.8Ghz Prescott P4 processor, 1 SATA hard drive, 1 IDE CD-RW, a NIC and modem, a case fan, and 2 sticks of RAM.

I am planning to add an Nvidia 7600gt graphics card and I want to know if I'll have enough power to run it. I ran the PSU test on, and it was pretty close to 305w, but when you configured in the "capacitor aging", it put it over the top.

What do you guys think? Thanks!

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I've just started getting a message saying my graphics card, its a GeForce 7900 GT, isn't receiving enough power and is powering down to compensate. I've had this card for quite a while and it has only just started happening since I updated its drivers.

I've plugged in the supplementary power supply as it suggested but its still happening.

My power supply is 550W, do I need to upgrade it or is my card on its way out? The supplementary power supply is sharing a connector with a hard disk, does that make a difference?


A:Graphics Card Power

Quite possibly it does. Video cards need direct feed from the PSU. Spliting the cable is BAD option. It's an easy answer to upgrade your PSU, but try something else first: Disconnect an Optical Drive (CD, DVD ...) so as to provide a direct non split cable to your video card, and see what happens. If the problem is solved, you're in for a new PSU. If not, video cards are getting more affordable...
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With the ongoing discussion of how much power does my card use is my Stock PSU enough Maybe we should ask the cards themselves how much do they use do a little math and then see how much might be left over Above is an MSI GTX G Gaming Twin Frozr I reset it to factory card power my does use? much graphics How settings and simply fired up HWiNFO and then a short burst of Furmark via MSI s afterburner app to see what the peak load leveled off at How much power does my graphics card use? At stock the card is thermally limited to C but as you can see the card was not hot enough to hit the How much power does my graphics card use? thermal limits so I ll presume this How much power does my graphics card use? is a decent max sustained draw So If we trust the on-card sensors it says W max power If the i CPU draws W max then right there load is W Given this I can see where some reported success with the OEM PSU and a GTX but I can also see that under a load it likely pushed the OEM PSU over the edge and that might have led it to fail I m curious what the similar power output is for the newer pascal cards especially the GTX and nbsp Rather than guess lets ask the card here is HWiNFO link if anyone wants to give it a try nbsp https www hwinfo com download php

A:How much power does my graphics card use?

Oh well, so much for the GTX 760 in one of the other systems ad it doesn't report GPU power.
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hello I have a verto geforce fx graphics card to graphics power card running on an IBM netvista with a P GHz processor and ram running windows XP graphics card driver up to date directx same The question i would like to ask is if the graphics card wasn t getting the power it should or if it was possibly That it would decline its performance I read that an average power source for a computer is about - watts I looked up the power source for this machine of mine and it says that it only has a watt power source couldn t believe it at first but yes thats all it has Could this be the reason for may graphics card not performing properly I know your probably thinking that the G C is a piece of junk anyway suspiciou but it power to graphics card still should be performing better than it power to graphics card is It would be great for anyone to help me out thanks in advance grinthumb nbsp

A:power to graphics card

:wave: Hello & Welcome to TechSpot :wave:

It is very hard to judge if the card is performing as it should or not just without getting any numbers on how it performs...

But to ease your mind about the PSU, the p3 isn't a very power-hungry cpu, and IBM uses quality PSU's, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Though if you are experiencing graphics corruptions I could be mistaken (as they mostly appear when the g.c. is running faster than the voltage allows).

So if you explain what the problem of the g.c. is, we'd have an easier time helping you.
(Are you having graphics errors? What FPS are you getting in different games? What graphics settings are you using (both ingame and in the control-panel)?)
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Hellloooooo there...

I have recently bought a new PC:
AMD X2 4800+
2gb RAM
460W PSU

Bought a new graphics card: 7900GTO. Minimum power supply for this is 400W and i have 460W. When my PC loads up it says that theres not enough power and that its reduced the cards power to be safe. It also says i should connect the supplied power cable that comes with the card, which is basically a plug that fits into the card, on the side of it, and then 2 power plug things coming out on the other end.
I havnt got any spair power slots on my motherboard, but i heard that you can get converters, however i dont know enough detail about it or any sites that can sell what i need. OR will i need to buy another PSU?

Thank you in advance for any help...

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HiI hace read the other posts on graphic cards but I am still confused.I have an H30-50 UK model which appears to come with only a 65w power supplyMost graphics cards need much more than this so is there a solution?I would like to add a card for faster video rendering and possibly two screens.

A:H30-50 UK power for graphics card

Lenovo use 2 PSU in the H30, 180W and 240W.  I think the 240W is only for the i7, but check your PSU model number against the Lenovo hardware list in the H30 manual. I've copied the details for you.  Liteon PS-3181-02 VG 180wHuntkey HK280-71FP 180wLiteon PS-4241-02VG 240wHuntkey HK340-72FP 240wFSP240-40SBV 240WAcbel PCB020-EL1G 240wLiteon PS-4241-01VB 240w
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Hi all I am wondering what graphics card is sensible to go with a GTX 560 hooked up in SLI, my current GTX 560 is not really enough for my gaming experience so I am wondering whether another 560 will be enough or I should get a 570.

Something I will be doing in the near future is hooking up three 23" 3D monitors so take that into consideration.

Thank you

A:What graphics card will be enough power in SLI with gtx 560

Quote: Originally Posted by ComputerN00b

Hi all I am wondering what graphics card is sensible to go with a GTX 560 hooked up in SLI, my current GTX 560 is not really enough for my gaming experience so I am wondering whether another 560 will be enough or I should get a 570.

It'll have to be another 560. SLI doesn't permit mixing GPUs:

SLI | FAQ | GeForce
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If anyone can help it would be nice.
I have a Gainward BLISS GeForce 6800 GS "Goes Like Hell" 512MB GDDR3 when i power up my pc it says there is not enough power going to it. on the back of my card there is a slot for connecting more power i think ? but the adapter that comes with the card is Y shaped and each connector only has 3 pins in it whe the rest of my power suppply has 4 pins do i need a diff cable or is that one ok.


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i have installed this new videocard gt 430, i reinstalled graphics driver but windows shows microsoft basic display adapter as current display does not detect gt 430
my monitor is plugged in videocard but detected as basic display adapter and not detected as gt 430 and my game lags what should i do

A:display plug in graphics card (has display) but does no detected

Where did you get the driver from ?

Did you find a Windows 10 driver for that card ?

What did nvidia come up with, what driver did you install ?

GeForce GTX 430 | GeForce
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Going by the specs of my PCs power pack (included photograph of the power pack below) will my PC manage OK with a graphics card that requires a 300 watt power supply and 30.5 watt max power consumption?

I'm particularly interested in the 30.5 watt max power consumption.


I'm hoping to get it very soon (if it will work OK) so any quick answers would be really great !

A:Graphics card power question?

I would replace the power supply. While liteon make fairly good Optical drives sometimes, their power supplies are really not high quality, and you only have 19A on the +12Vdc rail and a limit of 268W devided up between the +12Vdc and +5V rails. You should look at something from OCZ, Corsair, Antec, in 500 550 w range.
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before i had a geforce fx mb pci and a jeantech quality w power supply and i kept having problems of my ocmputer shutting down on games and applications well now i have a connect d ati card graphics supply net power and radeon mb agp x and a jeantech net graphics card and power supply quality w poer supply and my computer still shuts down on stuff well i only tried it once on dmark se and i have to say up to when it shut down there was great performance it blown my fx right out of the sky anyway it shut down on what i think was the th test nature or somthing were there is a bridge goign over a river and a man fishing and then it was doing fps fps on the fx and then the comptuer just shut down now this radeon has a big heatsink on it covering the memory and its a very complex heatsink but has no fan on wich it doesent really need if it doe snot have one on now whats could be causing the shut down becouse i aint overclocked my card yet but i am going to overclock it when i get a fan for it nbsp

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Hi Guys Im new to this forum so go easy on me Just got myself a new Geforce Gtx Graphics Card Power Graphics Issue card Im having trouble powering it up though I bought myself a new power supply watt to cope with the new card The card itself Graphics Card Power Issue has power sockets to plug into but my power supply and virtually every other one I have seen has only the one PCI pin socket plus pin plugs coming out of it I have an adaptor for the pin plugs to convert to a pin plug Graphics Card Power Issue which are plugged in as well as the other pin plug This is causing vertical lines on my screen and it is very pixelated also The manual that comes with the card states that XFX does not support the use of two pin to one pin power cable convertor for these graphic cards The only way around this is to keep the pin adaptored plug unplugged and just plug the pin in Graphics sorted But then I get a message saying that there is insufficient power to the card so it will run at a reduced capacity make sure auxillary power plug is plugged in Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Graphics Card Power Issue

Not all power supplies are created equal. It would greatly help if you could list what power supply you purchased.

But there are hundreds of power supplies out there that come with two or more 6-pin PCI-E connections. Maybe you could return your current power supply for a new one.

But first... list the make and model of your 580w power supply you have now.
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I have an All in Wonder 9800 Pro and I don't have a power cable for it. What should I buy? Or can I conncet a regular floppy drive power cable?

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A few days ago my PC shut-down as did one of the fuses for the house This was accompanied by a nasty burning ozone smell I reset the fuse plugged in the pc and the tower wouldn t light up The monitor and speakers on the same cord board powered up but not the tower I cleaned out all the dust I could find and tried again but no luck I couldn t find any burn marks but I figured it must be the PSU So I ordered a Sonata complete with an earthpower watt PSU My new stuff arrived today and I began pulling out my mobo to put it into the new tower when I graphics card? Power or supply found a loose component rolling around in the old tower To my ignorant eyes it looks like a tiny capacitor and it has written on the top P EZA There are three more of these on my Asus Power supply or graphics card? GT so I figure that must be where it came from but this leaves me with two questions Would this missing component cause the whole PC to not start up Have I found the cause of the problem and can I assume the old PSU is still Can this component be soldered back on or I do I need a Power supply or graphics card? new graphics card nbsp

A:Power supply or graphics card?

You have nothing to lose trying to solder the capacitor back, if you can find the spot it was in previously, do you? I would assume the fix is not going to work, but it's worth a shot, I would try doing it.
The old PSU is most probably a goner. The loose capacitor would cause no video output, but wouldn't prevent the system from booting.
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I recently purchased a BFG 7900 GT OC Graphics card and a 550 Watt Coolmax Power supply. I hooked them both up computer started up fine. Then I installed the drivers for the new video card. After installation A message came up saying it lowered graphics performance on my card to protect it, because somehow it wasnt receiving enough power. Can someone please help. I can still run my computer and play need for speed mw on full graphics, that the only game ive tried, but the message worries me, I want to get the most out of my video card.

Thanks ahead of time.

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Hi, Just bought a new graphics card:

"Gainward Powerpack Ultra/1960 Geforce660GT"

was just wondering if there's anything/site free i can do to show me some good ****/graphics it can do (without buying the latest games)

Cheers guys, Leigh

A:show the power of your graphics card?

d/l some of the demo games
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So I've got a mostly custom built pc, its motherboard has everything built in(Graphics.etc) but im looking to upgrade to this for graphics:
I have two questions:
1. I have a 500w psu currently, will I have to upgrade, and by how much. will I take of the built in graphics on the motherboard.

And also, are there any reccomendations for a better psu

A:Power Supply Vs Graphics Card

Product Description
Technology:GDDR5 SDRAM, Size:3 GB, Bus Width:384-bit, Effective Clock Speed:6.4 GHz, Width:4.2 cm, Depth:31.1 cm, Package Type:Retail, Height:15 cm, Cables Included:1 x DVI-VGA adapter, Peripheral / Interface Devices:Two 8-pin power connectors, Required Power Supply:750 WClick to expand...

your link clearly states that a 750w PSU is required.

you can use any of these online power supply calculators:
newegg(store) calculator(power supply requirement)
outervision calculator
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Hi, I have a windows 7 PC (eMachines ET1831), it has an integrated graphics card:
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 620i
Chip type: GeForce 7050 / nForce 620i
I am an amateur when it comes to computer hardware, but I am tired of playing games with very low graphics settings. I am hoping to be able to have smoother game-play with medium settings. So I'm looking for a budget upgrade (less than £65 ($100)), but my PC only has a 250W power supply.

Question: Will the Sapphire ATI Radeon HD5450 work with only a 250W power supply?

Is is possible to simply upgrade a power supply like I would a graphics card?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Well I just bought a new computer I get home plug in my graphics card and get the molex adapter with the pin plug that goes into the graphics card to grab a hand full of sata wires WTF do they make these new computers with the sata cables to piss me off I read graphics connector there! not card Power 4 around and saw that there SHOULD be a pin connecter coming straight Power connector 4 graphics card not there! out of the power supply in the new computers but of course just because it is ME there is none So my question is what am I suposed to do is there any adapters that go from sata to pin or even sata to molex I have two more Power connector 4 graphics card not there! questions I bought a new computer like I sed and I was deciding between and AMD quad core phenom e X OR the intel Q My gut instinct sed take the Q take it and never let it go BUT I asked the guy there and he told me AMD is MUCH better than intel he even went as far to say that intel is grbage Now I have heard that AMD is better for gaming BUT I do not think that this guy realized WHICH AMD quad core I was looking at I really think I should have gotten the Q which is proly what I will do tomorrow since this lack of power connector has givin me incentive I would like your opinions though Does ANYONE suggest the e over the Q Questiong Is there anyway of taking this PIECE OF vista and downgrading it back to my XP I have the XP disk sadly I do NOT have the vista disk which makes me question being able to delete and creat a new partition even though I am not even sure if the partition has ANYTHING to do with the OS I am new to all this and I am learning OH and with the processor queestions I know you can over clock the up to a but I have also heard that the third core on the new phnoms are unstable and no good I am almost positvie everyone will say take this back and get the after what I ahve been reding lately lolol I just want to se if ANY ONE will suggest the over the and if so why nbsp

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Hello - sorry to post what is probably a basic question -

i have dual GeForce™ 9600GT Sonic Running Nvidia.
The Nvidia Sentinel alerts that it is lacking power. Only
one of the cards has additional power running to it.
Do both cards need to have additional power? If so-
The connection on the card is 6 pin - how do I power it?
My psu has additional 6 pin outs but I cannot find any 6pin to 6 pin connectors. Any Advice?

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Right I have a 550ti but only a 300w power supply. My performance is shocking on it.
Is this cause my power supply?
It's recommended to have a 400w +
Also my processor is only at like 70-80% use

A:Graphics card and power supply

You need to upgrade your Power Supply ASAP. You are putting a strain on that low-end one.
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Hi all,

Ive got an XFX GeForce 7900GT. The graphics card has an extra 4 pin power connection on it.

My mobo is a Giga-Byte GA-965P-DS4 which beside the 24 pin main power connection has another regular 4 pin IDE power connection which is supposed to be connected to supply extra power to the PCIe x16 slot.

Is it only advised to use one or should I use both???


A:Do I need the extra power on the graphics card??

damienb, yes you should use the 4 pin IDE power connection.
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I am looking to get a new graphics card for my computer because atm it has integrated graphics, which as most of you know sucks. The power supply is 250W which I doubt would be enough to have a whole new graphics card implemented. The model is p6166f. The mother board has this for a graphics card slot PCI express 16x GPU. Please give me suggestions, I am looking to spend approximately 150 - 200 $ total.

A:Looking for new Graphics card and Power supply

We need to know who made your system. How old is your system?
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I am thinking of ordering this card after my 8600Gt died a few days ago. Will a Arctic Power 500W PSU be enough to run it? The reat of my specs are:

AMD Athlon x2 6000+
2.5gb RAM

Sapphire HD 4850 512MB GDDR3 Dual DVI Dual slot cooler HDTV Out PCI-E Graphics Card - Ebuyer

A:Graphics card power supply

Hi ToonArmy,

Here is the official system requirements for the HD 4850 graphics card. Note the power requirement. You should be OK with your existing PSU, however you will be running fairly near its maximum rating with very little room, if any, for further system expansion. I suggest that you upgrade your PSU to at least 650 Watts.

(Note: Because this is an image, if you wish to follow the link in green, you will need to type the address manually.)
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I have just purchased a new graphics card (XFX Geforce 7900GT) for my rig and as i was opening up the packaging last night I noticed it said 'connect the power dongle'.

This is my first PCI-E card and before I install it I wanted to know if I could use one of the standard power connectors (coming from the power supply within the rig, like those that I plug into a HDD or DVD drive) and plug that into the graphics card, or whether the card had to plug in somewhere else on the motherboard (though I don't know where).

Also - is this power connector optional or integral to the graphics card's performance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:graphics card power supply

You DEFINITELY need to use the power connector. It is not optional. That is a high-end card that needs alot of juice to run. Just plug in a spare Molex connector from your power supply (same type that goes into a CD drive or hard drive). If you don't have a spare connector, use the splitter (aka: dongle) that came with your card and run it from one of your other connectors.

BTW - enjoy that card!
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So i installed this 4350 in a machine that has been running it quite nicely for the past couple of weeks. Today i get a message saying the machine had shut down and was not powering on, [As in, its cold, dead, no power].

So i went and took a look at it, realized the power supply was fine. So i removed the graphic card seeing that it was the most recently installed hardware, and bingo, there was power. So i replaced the graphics card and just like that no power.

What is the cause of this?
Is it that the graphics card is suddenly shorting the motherboard?

PSU is 600W
Mobo: Asrock Wolfdale 1333-D667

A:Graphics card power failure

Your PSU should more than handle a HD4350 GPU.

I would suggest you fit the GPU to another computer to compare how it handles that. If it does the same thing, I would assume the GPU is faulty. That said, its more likely not to work than do something like your experiencing.

FYI, I ran a HD4670 with a PSU half your wattage, so yours shouldn't be an issue.
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Sorry, I'm a real novice and I jst bought a graphics card. Successfully installed it, but it's running at a reduced level because it needs its own power source.
My problem is the cables:
the cable that attches to the graphics card has 2 seperate attachments with three pins in each. These don't seem to fit anything.
Do I need some sort of adapter? And where does it go?
There's also a little bag with a tiny little cable. One half of it seems to connect to the graphics card, the other end is split into 2 tiny balck connections.
Any idea what that's for?
Many thanks.

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I have two weak power supplies (266w & 205w). I have a graphics card that lists 350w as the minimum spec. The 266w supply is actually in the case, and the 205w is surplus. Would it be possible/reasonable to attach the 205w supply to the power jack on the graphics card? Would the card utilize both supplies, or just draw from the case supply? Would this fry the card?

Thanks for your time.

A:Graphics card and two power supplies.

I think, but not certain, that the motherboard power connection needs to be attached to a motherboard for the power supply to function. Meaning you would have to attach both power supplies to the motherboard which is impossible if it has one connection. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
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I have a M11BB Desktop from ASUS:
And was wondering if this graphics card
Would fit, And if I also added
Would the power supply fit so the graphics card could work with my computer?

A:Graphics card and Power supply

Closing duplicate thread too:

Please continue to post to your other thread.
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The computer I referenced is to be shipped on 1/6/11. It has an HD 4550 512mb card. The 'quickest' upgrade card I have been able to locate is preferable to me for two reasons. First it runs strictly off of the PCIe-16 slot. Second, it doesn't have a fan (the Palit does).

The question is that although PowerColor (the mfgr) 'recommends' a 450w power supply, The HP I presently have has a 320w PS AND a Palit GT 240 Sonic. Test data on the Palit and on the HD 5750 GO GREEN I'm considering show that the HD uses less average, peak and maximum watts. Therefore I can't help but believe the HD card will get along fine. Do you agree? If not, what would you recommend?


A:Graphics card power demands.

I would not chance it.

1 manufacturers like HP use cheap units that are built to get by, not push peak power to high drain devices.
2 Under powering causes damage to PSU, as it is under a high load it becomes less efficient, meaning that optimal number of 320 which was a best of conditions number is now nowhere near that number. Potentially it could cost you the entire PC. At least it will significantly reduce the life of the PSU.
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So yeah, its my fault for not doing the proper research. I recently bought the Geforce GTX 660ti without knowing the proper required specs for the power supply wattage. The minimum amount is 450W for the card, and the computer I have is a HPE 400f, and the wattage is only 300. I don't want to install it now and have it burn out my computer. What should I do? Is it easy to buy an upgrade for an HPE power supply? Or should I just get a different graphics card? I don't think I can return it because I bought it from Tigerdirect and they only accept returns for certain products and video cards aren't included. Also I don't think it came with the right amount of PCI pins. One has six while the other only has five? Anyways, what should I do?

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Hi all, I am using a Dell dimension 9150, psu 375 watts, but when I installed a radeon 4850, the computer shows a amber blinking light . I understand that this is due to power failure. But on Dell forums, many forumers said that this should work, oh I also installed 3 1gb rams on my board... Should I change the psu?

A:Problem with graphics card and power

Yes you should change the powersupply.
Dell forums are obviously dumb.
OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP 500W ATX12V V2.2 / EPS12V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply compatible with core i7
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Compaq presario sr2020lx w/200/240 power supply. Put in ati radeon 1600 xt PCI-e but playing WOW blacks out screen after about 10 mins. Think its prob power supply. How do I find out for sure, Can I replace it? With what? Thanks for any help

A:Power Prob w/ Graphics card?

To know 100% for sure, you'll need to just try a new power supply.

But the first thing you should do is check the cooling of the video card and system. If the fan on the video card ok?
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Hey guys,
after many lost hours of scouring the net, I thought i'd best come to the experts themselves!

Own a 4yr old Dell Dimension 8200
Pentium4, 64MB Nvidia Geforce3 Ti500, 384MB RAM, 110GB, AGP interface.
Believe the power rating to be 250/300W? No idea how to check that out.

Would happily chose the decent Geforce FX6600 256MB. However it states 300/350W required to run.

1. Would my Dell be capable to run this?
2. If not, I know additional power supplies are difficult to find, & for the proper fit (esp. when you don't know what you're doing).

3. So, if not the 6600, what would be the best card down, available on the market for my Dell.

Many thanks

A:New Graphics Card/Power Problems

what is the PSU wattaqge on your dell? I know they used to use 200 watt power supplies but with the intro of the P4's stepped up to 300 watt PSU's.

open the side of the case on your dell and read the label on the side of the PSU it will tell you if it si a 300 watt PSU. if it is then you shouldnt have a problem since dell used good quality power supplies.
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Name of cable to supply a 7800 gt with power

Hi all,

I'm looking for the nama of a cable. It's to supply power to the 7800; it has 6 square connectors on the card end.



A:Graphics card not getting enought power?

OK cool thanks, I'll look into one of those.


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I am planning to buy a graphics card for my Dell 4700. When I install it into the PCI-e slot, where does it get its power from?

Does it get the power straight from the slot, such as RAM, or do you have to plug a cable from the power supply into it? Thanks

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I have installed a NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS AGP Graphics Card. A problem has been identified that the card is not receiving sufficient power and that the graphics processor has lowered it's performance to a level that allows safe operation.

i also just bought a new power supply of max wattage of 430W. The additional power supply required for the graphics card is a six-pin plug which i have already plugged in as well, but the problem still exists.

Can anyone help?

My comp is a P4 3.0GHz
running on 1GB Ram (2 slots of 512)
the rest of the things are quite standard.
i can play oblivion, but when i play Warcraft 3 it's very jumpy. which is rather ridiculous. don't know if it's connected to the graphics card problem though.

A:Insufficient Power for Graphics Card

Specs of power supply and 12v rail amps?

350w psu and 18amps on the 12v rails required. What quality is your psu?
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I want to get a ATI Radeon™ HD 2900 series with 512 MB VRAM video card but my system's power supply is only 425 watts. Can I still install the card?

A:Graphics Card & Power Supply

If it is the computer in the specs ablove I wouldn't
take the chance.
You're already pulling a good load there and if that
power supply came with the computer or the case
it is probably running it's max load now.
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OK Guys i finally got the case and mother board i want but now i have a problem The power wire that connects to my mother board just Say s power and is not marked pos or neg and the board has pos and neg this is also true with the reset wire it just says reset no pos or Wiring and Reset Power neg and my led light wire is the same The power wires one is orange and one is white The reset wires are Blue and white So what I m asking is the dark or colored wire always the pos wire and the white one the neg or what How do i Power and Reset Wiring tell the difference Also thanks for all the help on which hard drives to use and which CPU is better just so all you guys that helped me on those post s i went with An AMD AThlon CPU and a Seagate Sata hard drive O yea and You guy s that said ECS mobo s were junk ill have to say you were right cuz i bought one and already had to take it back now i got a Ansu Thanks for all your help Just help me with this wire issue now plz LOL LOL nbsp

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Hello i am making  a bench power supply out off a old power supply but it do not know the wiring and i can not find the wiring digram please help me.

View Solution.

A:power supply wiring

Tom, welcome to the forum. I couldn't find any wiring diagram for the PSU.  However, here is a guide to all of the connectors that are commonly used.  This may help you identify them on the your PSU. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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I have a w power adapter from an older notebook that will work with my nbsp HP DV - nr I transport my notebook between home and office I'd like to nbsp utilize the older power brick so that I won't need to transport a power brick back and forth The tips on both adapters of course are of a different diameter nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp My multi-tester identifies that the tip is hot for both adapters The problem I have is that the older power brick has two wires nbsp core wire and shield - and nbsp the nbsp newer power adapter has three wires shield that is connected to the nbsp core of tip black that is connected to outer part of cylindrical shaft that Power adapter? Wiring for must be the ground and nbsp white connected to inner part of cylindrical shaft also negative nbsp So do nbsp the black and white wires on the newer adapter need to be soldered nbsp to the shield on the older one nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:Wiring for Power adapter?

Just a guess, since it is 90watt, they may have run the extra wire to carry the load, shield is always much larger than center tip wire. Did you measure voltage and ploarity of all three connections with the brick plugged in? Tip is always + and ouside is always - on a HP, not sure what the third is, see if there is any voltage on it, It could also be some sort of sensor wire for the charging system on the mobo. Better to buy another adapter than smoke the motherboard on the lappy taking a chance. If you want to chance it just connect the two wires that are on the center and outside. Leave the 3rd odd one unconnected. probably can be found used for cheap.
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I have an AT style power supply (two sepparte power wires leaving the power supply). Is there anyway of testing it to see if it works without actually putting it in your computer and hooking up the swith? I guess what Iasking is there anyway of crossing the wires on the power lines coming out of the power supply with some sort of a jumper (maybe a piece of wire).

A:hot wiring a power supply

is there anyway of crossing the wires on the power lines coming out of the power supply with some sort of a jumper (maybe a piece of wire).Click to expand...

Are you seeking nomination to "Darwin" ? Regardless of the voltages, amperages, etc. this is not the thing to do. Take the unit to some electrician, or Radio Shack or computer repair shop - they will not charge you very much to do a minimal test - probably not much to do a thorough test. But don't go crossing hot leads, ever ! Even if you don't hurt yourself, if you put a dead short on the output you may very well make a bad component out of a good one.
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My question is regaurding the Orange wire.

First of all, I'm assuming that AT power supplies have a standardized color scheme on the wiring.

I noticed on one of mine, it says the orange is "Power good."

Does this mean it signals some set voltage to this wire when the power is stabalized?
Thank you,


A:AT Power supply Wiring

Power good needs to be there or the system shuts down, most PSU manufacturers make it so the power good will go low just before the PSU fails.

One friend of mine forced it high to make a power supply work though it died shortly after.

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Dell Inspiron 2200 has a Dell 1370 wireless card installed. Unbale able to connect to WAP with little or no signal sitting 1 Foot away from WAP. Discovered the wires connected to the wireless care have been cut just below the screen. Need help in finding the wires that connect to the wreless cad and were they connect behind the laptop screen. Thanks

A:Cut Wireless Card Wires

Are they really cut or do they just stop there. The reason I ask is those wires may be the antennas for the wireless card. They don't always go up into the display and they just dead end. They look like wires but are actually antennas. Is there actually bare wires at the end or are they covered in heat shrink wrap? If you could take a picture and post it it may help.
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Hey folks I ve run into a weird problem and insufficient power is the only theory HDD's > watt Graphics 4 supply? 500 2 power & card that makes sense to me so far but I wanted to ask on here and see if there is something I m missing I ve got a Watt 2 Graphics card & 4 HDD's > 500 watt power supply? power supply HDD and on SDD running in my computer with a Core Two Duo Ghz processor I recently upgraded my graphics card from an GT to a GTS and then picked up a second monitor on craigslist Initially I ran both monitors off of the GTS and took the GT out all together but then I decided to put the back in to power the secondary monitor and that is where things got weird After attempting several different cabling designs I finally managed to get both cards working but the fan on the GT wasn t spinning At the time I didn t have the drivers for the card installed but I don t see how that should make a difference Right now I m back to both monitors running on the GTS which handles the load fine but I would still prefer to spread it out among the two for gaming reasons Thanks in advance for any and all help amp ideas Bonus question Somewhere along the way my BIOS CMOS forgot the day and time even though the battery is still fine and it no longer boots into the OS without me manually selecting the SSD on the boot device list even though it still has boot flags set Ideas nbsp

A:2 Graphics card & 4 HDD's > 500 watt power supply?

Two different cards will have no affect on gaming performance. The reason for multiple cards is to drive multiple monitors (ie: if a single card doesn't have enough ports). Most games default to the primary display and will not scale across multiple cards unless you are running SLI or Crossfire.

Power supply quality is more important than the size rating. On top of that, you need a power supply with multiple 12 volts rails and adequate amp rating on each rail to support the devices that you are connecting. With all of that said, a quality 500w unit may be adequate, anything less is likely under powered.

Try manually clearing the CMOS and/or restoring to factory defaults. Then making any adjustments needed for operation. Loss of time is typically a sign of a battery issue, aside from that it would be a motherboard or corrupt BIOS problem.
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So I have just got a new GPU the gtx 550ti 1gb and it's causing my computer to shutdown randomly (Usually happens when i play a game). I forgot to uninstall my gforce 8800 GT drivers but i did so after installing the new card i also used drive sweeper to clean the drivers that where left over. How-ever i re-installed the drivers to my current graphics card and i am still having the same problem as before the computer shuts down when playing games or sometimes browsing the web but it works perfectly fine in safe-mode. Any suggestions?

A:New graphics card causing kernal power

Come on guys? No reply's.
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Hi i have a problem but im not completly sure wether is the graphics card or the power supply the problem is that i have been overclocking my graphics card about month ago through ntune in nvidia control panel everything was working perfectly for month as stated before I left my pc on for about hours and i wasnt home when i came power or Graphics supply help card need bricked back it was saying there is no signal on the monitor i restarted the pc and the loading at the start was going but it was diffrent some letter was changed for example when it loaded the ram memory it didnt say ram memory but quot ras megory quot at the start i thought it could be Graphics card or power supply bricked need help some strange virus but anyway i went to security mode and it was working on low resolution and bit I thought i could be the power supply problem as as for some time about months it was making a strange bepping noice Graphics card or power supply bricked need help when the pc was on i tohught maybe it isnt giving enough power to the mobo anyway it took out the graphics card and use the intergrated one here are my specs mobo- msi gm ram ram cpu is intel pentium ghz graphics card is nvidia geforce gs im not sure about the power supply but i think is watt max output Thanks for reading i Know its quite long but i wanted to give good description Please help Regards Jakub Ps big up for the forum it helps a lot nbsp

A:Graphics card or power supply bricked need help

A 300 watt PSU may be pushing it for a 7600GS, how many amps on the +12 volt rail and what brand? 300 watt for a modern system is generally not enough with any type of add-on graphics card.

But chances are the video card is damaged, maybe from the PSU or maybe from the overclocking.

I'd say get a new power supply, you want and need it even if the video card is toast, you'll want it to properly power any new replacement video card.
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Hello , I have a lenovo h50-50 90b6 and wanted to know the type of my power supply ( ATX or micro ATX ) and if I could change the current of 280w a 500w. Also wanted to know if my motherboard has PCI Express 3.0 graphics card to change , now I have a GTX 745 2GB and I would like to replace it with a gtx 950 I have everything factory. I'm sorry for my English.
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My to use my power upgrade I card? Am graphics new supply able to a brother got me Am I able to upgrade my power supply to use a new graphics card? a GeForce GTX SE without realizing that I didn t have enough power in my power supply So my question is can I upgrade my power supply I have an HP Pavillion Elite t HPE- Am I able to upgrade my power supply to use a new graphics card? t Or if I can t upgrade it do you have any good recommendations for a w power supply The best ones for the Sims amp expansions seem to need more power or are no longer supported by EA - at least ones from Nvidia I still need to check ATI but I ve always used Nvidia cards Am I able to upgrade my power supply to use a new graphics card? so I m more comfortable with them I ve been working on this for weeks and I can t get straight answers from people I know so my PC s just sitting in my room open as I was working on it for a long time and don t want to close it up until this is all figured out Thank goodness I have my Macbook lol Thanks for any help I can get If it helps I do watch movies on it edit record video edit photos etc I also sometimes record audio Do you want me to post any specs I can also post pics of the inside of the PC if it ll help Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce Mb no longer works well with my games Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard MSI A C Antivirus Norton Updated and Enabled I copied this from an older post but nothing s changed As I was in the middle of switching cards when I realized the problem I had uninstalled the drivers for this one and I don t feel like taking the huge new card back out and putting the other in just to get the same specs from a newer version nbsp

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Hi I am trying to fit a new pwer supply and graphics card to my PC I Have purchased a Radeon Sapphire HD GB GDDR I have also purchase a new w Power Supply to replace the w power supply which can connect directly to the Graphics Card I have removed the exixting parts and fitted the new parts as per the instructions When I go to power up the PC starts for a second or two then switches off If switch on again the same happens During this very short period the fans on both the CPU on the motherboard and the powers supply spin I have tried Power Card Installing Graphics amd New Supply just powering up with just the large connector that plugs into the motherboard but the same thing happens I have now connected everything back up with the original power supply and graphics card and everything is OK again I understood that installing a higher wattage power supply would not be a problem for the motherboard as it will only draw the power that it needs If anyone can help to shed some light on where I am going wrong I would appreciate Installing New Graphics Card amd Power Supply it Many Thanks Darrell Current Spec OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm Processor x Installing New Graphics Card amd Power Supply Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTek Computer INC NODUSM MB- nbsp

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Hello , I have a lenovo h50-50 90b6 and wanted to know the type of my power supply ( ATX or micro ATX ) and if I could change the current of 280w a 500w.
Also wanted to know if my motherboard has PCI Express 3.0 graphics card to change , now I have a GTX 745 2GB and I would like to replace it with a gtx 950
I have everything factory.
I'm sorry for my English.
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I'm currently running a AMD 6450 HD GPU on a ddr3 and I get low fps while gaming. Are there any good graphics cards that I can get for a 550w power supply that are compatable with my system?

A:i have a power supply of 550w what graphics card should I get

What is your brand of your power supply? We'll need it so we can be safe, at around 550W you can use a GTX 960. Can you do this for us?

System Info - See Your System Specs

We'll need a complete detail of your PC Specs so we can proceed.
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Power supply
Novatech 800W ATX Power Supply for AMD and Intel Motherboards 20Pin + 4Pin | NOV-PSU800

Graphics card
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 580 SOC 1536MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card - Aria Technology


A:Will this Power supply work with this graphics card?

Power rating wise yeah, it's more than enough.

You might want to look at this though - How to Pick the Right Power Supply
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Hey so like the title says im a looking to replace my integrated graphics card and i also need a new power supply since the w one i have now is too weak My computer is not high end or anything bought - years ago for like and ran most things smoothly but now some games that are coming out my computer is having a hard time running them and i useally get bad FPS so here are some specifications My computer is a Gateway and supply. to power help card new want install Need Graphics Dx - Motherboard model is Gateway RS DDR Memory The graphics card Need help want to install new Graphics card and power supply. i was looking to buy is http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E and the power supply i have not decided on but anything that works really i was looking at some of these so i would greatly appreciate it if someone could find me a cheap power supply that would work http www newegg com Product Produ amp IsNodeId amp name W - W Need help want to install new Graphics card and power supply. So basically what im trying to say is I dont want to go buy all this stuff wait a week for it to get here and find out it wont work with my computer so if anyone can clear some things up like what i need or any kind of suggestion to make this work or even tell me that all of this is fine and should work that would be great Btw i am no expert on computers lol so try to put things in simple terms for me P nbsp

A:Need help want to install new Graphics card and power supply.

never mind of the graphics card it was not low profile. Guys anyone have a suggestion of a low profile card in 70-80$ range that will work with my computer?
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ok - so i m looking at the rosewill rp - atx v v for on newegg simply because i searched by quot best reviews quot and it came up as upgrade and power card supply graphics the st w supply but how do i know if it will fit in my case are power supplys pretty much standard size also i m looking at the gecube radeon hd pro mb agp newegg also because of its high reviews power supply and graphics card upgrade for a agp card which is apparently what power supply and graphics card upgrade i need it calls for w and my system has w hence the rosewill any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated thanks here is what i am working with note the geforce mx card just not cutting it Model COMPAQ PRESARIO US Compaq P N - Standard Features Dimensions amp Weights L x W x H Unit quot x quot x quot lbs Package quot x quot x quot lbs Processor Intel Pentium Processor - MHz GHz System Bus MHz System Bus Cache K micro-op trace cache KB L Advanced Transfer Cache KB L Advanced Transfer Cache System Memory MB MHz DDR DRAM Total DIMM Slots Upgradeable to GB DDR DRAM DIMM required Hard Drive GB UltraDMA Hard Drive Optical Drive s X DVD-ROM Drive X CD-RW Drive Communications K ITU V Modem and Integrated Ethernet Networking power supply and graphics card upgrade Diskette Drive quot MB Diskette drive Graphics MB SDR NVIDIA GeForce MX W TV-Out Graphics Card -bit hardware-accelerated D graphics Compaq DVD Player Navigator Video Player AVI MPEG and others Plug-and-Play Power Supply Steady-state watts Drive Bays One quot internal for hard drive One quot external for MB diskette drive One quot external open for expansion Two quot external for optical drives Expansion Slots One PCI slot with modem installed One X AGP slot with graphics card installed Two PCI slots open for expansion I O Interfaces Four USB ports front back Two Serial RS- C compatible DB connector rear One Parallel EPP ECP standard centronics-compatible interface DB B connector rear Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition nbsp

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So yesterday i just got a brand new e-Geforce 6200 graphcis card. i plug it in and boot up the compuer. And i get the attached error message. I didnt see aynwhere on the card where else i can insert an extra power cable. Power issues? its an AXP 8X so i did put it in my AGP port.

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Hey PC card either supply power Down, . Graphics . Shutting . or all first post and all i hope you can shed PC Shutting Down, either power supply or Graphics card . . . some light on a rather unusual PC Shutting Down, either power supply or Graphics card . . . situation I am running on a Dell mhz ram hard drives and the defalt power supply and graphics card which is not integrated but really crappy bourd on a PCI slot Now the problem At seemingly random times my computer freezes and goes blank or freezes and resets There is no warning however it seems that it is during periods of high activity although not for sure OFten when i click to run a program it will just poof reset My initial assumption was overheating by either the graphics card or CPU I opened up the case and had it run like that but the problem persisted I also suspected the graphics card - perhaps something was wrong with it Now I do not know when the first one of these happened or what started it I dont belive it had anything to do with any recently-installed programs I am looking at a new graphics cards but before i buy I wanted to see if it could be my power supply I do not have any experience dealing with them however and dont even know where to start Any tips pointers comments or advice welcome Thanks alot woody nbsp

A:PC Shutting Down, either power supply or Graphics card . . .
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Has any one anyonee info on a pci express 2.0 x16 video card that:
Does not require any extra power connectors (gets all power from pcie slot - I have 240 PSU)
is low profile... and
Can run Call of Duty4

I'm maxed out googling this combination of requirements :-(

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But not sure my other hardware support the P S and G C that im going to change So this is my computer information Field Value Computer Computer TypeACPI x -based PC Mobile Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Home Premium OS Service Pack TRIAL VERSION Internet Explorer IE DirectX DirectX Logon Domain TRIAL VERSION Date Time - - Motherboard CPU Type DualCore Intel Core i - MHz x MBoard Name Dell Inspiron MBoard ChipsetIntel Ibex Peak H Intel Ironlake System Memory TRIAL VERSION DIMM Samsung M B CH -CH GB DDR - Changing my supply graphics and card power DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz - - - MHz DIMM Samsung M B CH -CH TRIAL VERSION BIOS Type AMI Multimedia Audio AdapterIntel Ibex Peak HDMI Intel Ibex Peak PCH - High Definition Audio Controller B- Audio AdapterRealtek ALC Intel Ibex Peak PCH - High Definition Audio Controller B- Storage IDE ControllerIntel R Series Series Chipset Family port Serial ATA Storage Changing my graphics card and power supply Controller - B Disk DriveGeneric- Compact Flash USB Device Disk DriveGeneric- MS MS-Pro USB Device Disk DriveGeneric- SD MMC USB Device Disk DriveGeneric- SM xD-Picture USB Changing my graphics card and power supply Device DiskDriveST AS ATA Device GB RPM SATA-II OpticalDriveTSSTcorp DVD -RW TS-H H ATA Device SMART Hard Disks StatusOK Then im about to change the power supply Changing my graphics card and power supply and G C SeaSonic S II Bronze W ATX V V EPS V V PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply SAPPHIRE - - G Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card OC Edition Im using these to play quot Diablo SC WoW Skyrim and etc and I need to set everything to the lowest to make the game run smoothly before But im getting tire of the graphic lol So im trying to find a graphic card which can perform really well quot Hopefully can play it with everything high XD but I think tats too much for the g c which im about to get nbsp

A:Changing my graphics card and power supply

Hey, so I took a quick look at your list. Your Motherboard does support one PCIe card, so you should be able to install the 6950 just fine.
my chief concern however, is that the 6950 is a very long card, and I'm worried it may not fit in your small dell case. So I'd take some measurements to see if it fits, before buying anything.
the installation of the PSU and GPU should be fine, I myself have done the exact same thing in my brother's dell (installed new PSU and GPU), and it has been working fine ever since.
Also If you have a few extra dollars, Id look into getting at least a 600W power supply, just to be safe, because the 6950 OC edition will suck quite a bit of power, and I'd rather have a bit more breathing room whereas 520W is cutting it a bit close. thats' up to you though, it should still run fine with your chosen PSU.
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When I run Diablo my computer restarts without warning at the login screen The things I ve tried so far are changing the video card slot and changing the cable going into the video card At first I though it was my processor over heating but when I ran prime everything checked out so then I got a my Dying? Supply Is Card or Graphics Power GPU stress test and after about seconds my computer shut down without warning The program I used was FurMark Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - K CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb - Crucial Ballistix Sport GB X GB PC - DDR - V CL Dual Channel Memory Kit Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD Series Mb - Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd Z X-UD H Power Supply Sparkle Action W Model SPI GLN Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Is my Power Supply or Graphics Card Dying? Updated and Enabled The motherboard and ram Is my Power Supply or Graphics Card Dying? is brand new and this is a fresh install of Windows The graphics card is going to be about year old in June but the PSU is the only piece of original hardware on my computer which is about years old and not really that great of a brand so I m thinking that it s about time to replace it Should I go out and spend the money for a new PSU or is this actually a graphics card Is my Power Supply or Graphics Card Dying? problem nbsp