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Transferring phone numbers to Sony Ericsson mobile phone

Q: Transferring phone numbers to Sony Ericsson mobile phone


Is there a programme on Windows that will transfer the phone numbers from my AOL address book to my Sony Ericsson phone? Or any other software where I can store all the numbers and then transfer all the numbers to each new phone?
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Preferred Solution: Transferring phone numbers to Sony Ericsson mobile phone

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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EDIT The problem seemed to solve itself I have had my phone about - weeks now and I haven t come across this problem in the time I ve had it This happened about - hours Sony Ericsson and not - "malfunctioned phone V630i USB recognised" Mobile Solved: cable ago though and I ve been trying to solve it since I had my mobile phone Sony Ericsson v i plugged into my laptop which I am on now with the USB cable that came with it as I was transferring files to and from my phone and laptop I left it in Solved: Mobile phone USB cable "malfunctioned and not recognised" - Sony Ericsson V630i for a while a and eventually I was sure I noticed the transfer files window kind of flickered as if it refreshed or something as I was looking at another window I tried transferring a file but I noticed the window said no mobile phone is connected I tried plugging in and out the phone on the laptop but I every time I try that now I get the following bubble message at the bottom right of my screen quot One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognise it For assistance in solving this problem click this message quot Clicking the message does nothing because it only says to plug it and and out and if nothing happens then replace the device I tried doing a system restore uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers downloading the latest drivers compatible with Vista I used the updated Vista drivers from the website to install it originally and also tried reinstalling from the device manager Each time I ve done these I have restarted my computer but it still fails to work I keep getting this same message every time I plug it in I have also tried all USB ports on my laptop too I really cannot afford to have this problem because I need to transfer pictures to my laptop from holidays etc as I can t keep them all on my phone Can anybody please think of something I could try to over come this problem Many thanks System stats Acer Aspire laptop Intel Core Duo processor T GHz MHz FSB MB L cache MB Mobile Intel Graphic Media Accelerator X GB DDR GB HDD Windows Vista -bit operating system nbsp
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I am trying to install and use the Disc2Phone program for the Sony Ericsson W600i phone. It always gives me an error message......D2P.exe - No debugger found. Registered JIT debugger is not available. An attempt to launch a JIT debugger with the following command resulted in an error code of 0x2(2). Please check computer settings.....cordbg.exe !a 0xcc4

Can anyone help me with this please...Thanks...Frankie

A:Disc2phone--sony Ericsson W600i Phone

Hi fcheng816.Go to Add\Remove in control panel and remove the disc2phone software then any .net framework listed there as well.When it's done, download and install the .net framework package hereReinstall the disc2phone software only, not the .net framework package that comes with it.
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Having problems trying to connect my mobile phone to my new laptop (want to use it to connect to internet)... Ive installed the program that is on Sonys site, I've tried installing the vista drivers etc.. but I'm on Windows 7 and it keeps saying the drivers haven't installed and refuses to see my phone (well it sees it but says its not connected) any ideas ? Thanks Steve

A:Sony Ericsson W395 (phone) drivers ?

Almost same problem here.. only I haven't installed the drivers yet as there are no drivers for the same.. can anyone help?
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Perhaps someone can assist with this.

We have thousands of phone numbers that we would like to start using to text our opt-ins. They gave us these numbers, but we aren't sure which are mobile or which are landlines. Surely someone knows of a commercial utility, a software or service that will scrub our numbers to determine which are mobile phone numbers only.

Can anybody help?

A:How Do You Determine Mobile Phone Numbers from Land Lines?

I don't believe that you will find such a thing. Mobile phones use the same area codes and most of my friends that have tossed away their land-lines have now the same mobile numbers as their land-lines used to be due to number portability.
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I am using outlook contacts and would like to add phone fields to the phone numbers in the detailed address view e.g. another mobile , home 3 , business 3 , packet 8 etc...
I tried everything and consulted every book , but no way . The addition will show up if I switch to phone list , but not in the detailed view .
Any suggestions ???

Thanks ,

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I have a Sony Ericsson 990i and would like to synchronize with my PC. Oxygen Software makes a good program, but charges $85/$141 {family/business} YEARLY for the license.
That seems a little steep...
Anyone know of a similar application that has a more reasonable price?

A:Sony Ericsson mobile phones

What about Sony Ericsson PC Suite 3.1.1? Did you try it? It is free and I recommend you to try it with your phone. Write us back in any case, please.
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I have a W850i and Ive been using it for around 4 mths. What I'm wanting is to save my texts to the pc.

I've tried the software that came with the phone, no joy. A sim reader just reads the saved messages which appear to be the only ones on the sim and it'll only take 20 messages.

It cannot be impossible. If it's easier, how about simply saving my messages to the 1GB memory stick?

Can someone point me in the right direction?
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Does anyone know of a FREE program where phone numbers can be checked to see whom they belong to without having to pay a fee?

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I have two questions,

1. I use Explorer 7 with Vista Home premium and gmail. With this configuration I find that any hyphenated phone number spontaneously vanishes when I either open an email or a website on my toshiba laptop.

2. I need to change the overall permissions on my desktop. I have restored from a backup fille and some of the files I would like to erase, but I can't seem to change the permissions that will allow me to erase the old windows folder. I go into properties and try to edit permissions to allow me to proceed, but I am not allowed. Either the allocations are not available, or I get an error message after clicking boxes. Help...

A:Phone numbers and Permissions

hi and welcome maybe this will be of help on the 2nd issue
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Hi all

When I enter a phone number into excel it chops the 0 off from the start. I've checked in
formatting but can't find the option to stop that.

Could anybody help me.

Thanks in advance.

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we have recently received strange phone calls from an unknown person talking junk, we are unable to get their phone number, nor can any1 have gotten ours, the only way i could possibly think is through something through the computer, we don't give away personal details on the net or not and the number is private, is there anyway can hack the phone line through the net or anything?

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace and bought a USB to phone charging / data cable expecting to download photos from the phone to the computers.
Now I joined up with Samsung thinking they would download some software to do this but there was no such thing and only apps and the phone although plugged in is not recognised in Computer.

So there is something that is going on that I am not aware of can someone enlighten me on what one has to do??

A:Transferring data from phone

Hi there John .. Read the Link below should be of some help .. I know there is other Software you can use .. Just can not think of the name of it at the moment .. I am sure some other Member will be along though ..
Samsung Galaxy Ace - Transfer pictures and video clips from...
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Using XP and Winfax Pro 10.02

Whenever I try to edit a phone number, winfax pro shuts down. How do I edit my phone numbers?

A:How to edit phone numbers in winfax pro 10.02

This may help,
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I have ran my anti-virus, adware, spyware programs and they find nothing. Everytime i try to get online I have to create a new dial up account, after I get online the number changes again. What do I do to fix this?

A:My dial up keeps changing phone numbers.

See my post here as you seem to have double posted.
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I did a search and only found one post but it had no answer. The computer shop I rang said download software so I have googled it as well with no success. The guy in the shop said they could do it for me for $55 (Australian).

If this was going to be a once only thing it would not be too bad but I will be hopefully doing it more. Can anyone tell me how to make MP4 files from a mobile phone to Dvd?

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i'm not sure if anyone can help
i've got a sony ericsson k800i i've installed the software which come with the phone
the problem i've got is when i conect the phone to the computer and try and use file transfer mode the phone will turn itself off and restart when the phone restarts in file transfer mode the computer does not reconise the phone or the memory card i'm not sure if it is a problem with the phone or it's the software

A:mobile phone

Find someone else with the same phone and try a different phone.
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Hi there,

I've recently bought a new mobile phone (LG U8120) this came with a CD for my PC and a USB connection. I have loaded all the drivers and programmes that came with the phone.

The problem i have is when i try to Synchronise the PC with the phone i get the following message:

Fail to connect to the mobile phone,
Please check the COM port and connect in idle screen.

I've tried the help pages with the CD but i can't see that I'm doing anything wrong.

The thing i have noticed is that when i put the USB cable into the Computer i get a double noise from the PC (as though the PC doesn't like it when i place the cable into the usb port) (Does this make sense?)

Any idea's?

A:Mobile phone via USB


I assume when u say synchronize, you mean dialing directories etc. I have a LG-4400 which had a similar problem. I think the problem is the software was orginally implemented to support serial ports only. To provide support for USB, they added some additional code. My software reported a similar message, but I had an option in the software to search the USB connections. It was called "re-detect phone". It was in one of the programs pull down menus. What it did was to search all COM ports for the phones attachment. I still have to do this if I plug the phone into a different port everytime. Hope this helps.

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Gday Folks,
Can any one help with this problem? I am trying to connect a Samsung E2510 mobile to my PC using USB. I have downloaded the disc that came with USB cable to install Samsung PC studio 3 but cannot get my phone to connect to PC. I need step by step instructions on how to achieve this , but remember I am no Einstien when it comes to computers. You guys have always solved my problems before and I hope you can keep a 100% record. Thanks in advance

A:Mobile phone to PC

I have used both Nokia and Motorola Razr connected to our computers. You need to go to the Samsung site and d/l the most current program for the phone/computer. Install the software first. In my case after installing the software it has the instructions on connecting the phone. Ir is possible that you need USB 2 ports. I know the Motorola requires USB2 rather than the USB 1.
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Hi all,

A few questions, hope you can help.

Is it possible to save a mobile phone video onto a DVD that will play on a normal DVD player ?

If so how would I go able this. Is there a freeware programme that can do this for me.

What format is a DVD ?

Cheers, Wizzkid.

The phone I am using is a Nokia N95

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does anybody know of any software for sending ringtones to mobile phones via internet??? as i have polyphonec ringtones and it is faaar to expensive to browse wap and download them

any ideas?????


A:mobile phone

There are a number of sites that will send ringtones to your mobile (cellphone (for our US friends ) without additional software, assuming that you have a Nokia

Just remember to be patient, as you can well imagine, they are quite popular. The best times to d/l is early morning/late evening

A couple of sites to start you with

A google for free ringtones will reveal more
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i am trying to download mp3s to my 02 x4 phone i can install the driver but the software comes up with error message runtime error i cannot get the p.c suite to load
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Afternoon my Bleeping friends,
I want to put a film on my Nokia N96 and need to know what is the best way to do this, ie what program to use and how to do it !

I not very good with the different files formats, so would be nice if you could to a step by step.

Many thanks as always.


A:DVD to Mobile phone

The mobile phone file format is .3gp.Super, should be able to convert your movies, to .3gp.Sorry I can't give you a step-by-step, but it's not something I've ever done, before.
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How can I transfer photos from my "One Drive" folder to my "Photos" folder with my Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows 8.1 Phone? Thanks for any help!

A:Windows 8.1 Phone- Transferring photos?

Originally Posted by robinpe

How can I transfer photos from my "One Drive" folder to my "Photos" folder with my Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows 8.1 Phone? Thanks for any help!

On my Lumia, I select an item or items then click on the download icon and choose a folder and go from there.
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Hello i have a laptop, with Network & Modem i want to connet to the internet using my Nokia 5110 what do i need and what do i do or is it even possiable p.s i have a Nokia 5110 Data Cable (Sirial)

Thanks for any replys!

A:Mobile Internet using mobile phone

a serial data cable can't connect to the internet.
First of all you need a data capable phone which I don't think the 5110 can.

You need a 6210 or 7110 etc more info on nokia website

Even with data phone I've never heard of a suitable cable but you can connect using infrared adapter - you need infrared capability on phone too. I guess it would be dead slow too.

if you want to connect to internet on laptop but a nokia card phone. You put it in you PCMCIA slot after putting your SIM into it and it acts like your phone. It's fast and reliable but about £150 GBP
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I need a smartphone that I can put a document with addresses and phone numbers on and the smartphone will hyperlink the number straight from the document.

I currently use iPhone 3gs and a app (Documents by Savy Soda) and it works: wifi doc to phone; open app; open doc; touch phone number and WaLa! it calls the number

I tried Windows phone thinking with Word and Excel on it, the phone would call from the document. NOT! I sent a file to a friend who has and Android phone and it won't do it either.

I'm not fond of Apple, so my question is:


Moderator note: drgerry, no need to shout.

A:Smartphone that will hyperlink phone numbers from document?

Stick with the iPhone then. But I know with Gmail if you open a doc with cell number on it will launch Android phone apk. I haven't tried that with Window smartphone with Gmail.
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I just had to factory-reset my Nokia Lumia 1510. Naturally, I would like to restore the blocked phone numbers in order to keep out some VERY nasty people. I found the SMS filter without an issues, but there does not appear to be any way to block a number. All of the things I've seen online would seem to imply that you have to wait for unwanted callers to call you FIRST, THEN you can block them. This sounds very stupid. Where is the way to manually block a number?
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Hi, Please forgive my ignorance on this subject.

My question is quite simple, is there a method to sync music files from WMP to my Samsung Tocco Ultra phone without first
having to install the Samsung software on my computer?

The last time I installed the software, I seemed to get quite a few problems and I'm loathe to do so again. The guy in my local
Carphone Warehouse seemed to think this could be done using a memory card holder or something, is he right.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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Does any one know a program besides Mobile Phone Tools that can transfer pictures from my phone to my computer. All i need is a trial version to do it once. My Mobile Phone Tools decided to update itself and it screwed up everything and its saying to reinstall everything and i threw away the disc because i thought i didnt need it. Im not spending more money to replace something i didnt screw up. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I have a Sony W810 phone and have put a set of photos in a folder. I can display these as a presentation on the phone.
I wish to send these using Bluetooth to a VGA projector. I've heard there is a device that plugs into the VGA socket on the projector and negotiates with the bluetooth signal from the phone for input to the projector.
Anybody have any information on this thanks?
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How to set it up?
Phone is detected ind installed as modem, I have the details:

number - *99#
username - giffgaff
password - password
apn -

where to put it?

I did it years ago on xp and I know it's possible to configure it WITHOUT installing any software (nokia pc suite etc)

A:Mobile phone as usb modem

Hi Mt12345, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Connect the modem (mobile phone). Open Network and Sharing Center, click Set up a new connection or network, select Set up a dial-up connection, click Next and follow instructions on screen.
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i have a nokia 5310 express music locked to optus in australia

serial number (imei):354171021031589

please help me unlock it asap

A:Can someone help me unlock my mobile phone

Try this


or this one:

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Hi guys my question today is how do I set up my printer so I can print directly from my phone I ve got an HTC Desire HD phone upgraded to the latest android version as of now th Jan I also have a computer running Windows and a HP Photosmart All-in-One printer The printer is pretty old though still goes fine I m not sure if its compatible but I have been looking and I read Printing Phone Mobile From that as long as its networked through the LAN it should work Anyways the printer is connected Printing From Mobile Phone via Printing From Mobile Phone USB All other laptops and computers in the house can use this printer through my network through the main PC On my phone if I go to an image and click menu print comes up Click that and it comes up with the print settings Scan for printers or Add printer If I scan nothing comes up If I go to Add printer it comes up with a box asking for an IP address and port number This is the problem I have no idea where to find these numbers I ve tried Devices and Printers and clicking properties on my printer I ve tried printing a test page tried looking on my routers config site and I ve tried looking through settings on the printer itself If anyone knows anything I may be missing I really don t want to buy another printer JUST so I can print from my phone Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance nbsp

A:Printing From Mobile Phone

You would have to install an app to configure the printer with your HTC desire. Printing with a blue tooth printer would be more easy. The easiest way to get the job done is to search some video on youtube.
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Can anybody suggest a good free antivirus program for my nokia c7 mobile phone? It has a symbian 3 operating system.
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Can anyone tell me please what's the best business mobile phone in the world?

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i bought the SE z i the other day and when i was out camping i dropped it in my glass of water i took it out and was about to turn it off and i got a message this gave me hope that it would still work i left the phone outside drying all any mobile phone masters? day and just put the battery in my any mobile phone masters? tent for some reason i didnt think it would need to be dried then after the nd day of drying i put the battery in and turned it on it started up fine camera works mp player and speaker works messages work calls work everything i got to check worked but after about any mobile phone masters? mins a message thing came up saying something like quot battery error stop charging quot or something like that i cant really remember and then it turned off so i left it till i got home and started charging it but it still dosnt turn on i was just wondering if a new battery would fix it or am i going to have to send it away to get reapaired thanks nbsp

A:any mobile phone masters?

hmm maybe the battery should be replaced but beware of other phone part that maybe damaged. Refer to this link for all sony ericsson assistance:
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My computer's speakers make a buzzing sound, which happens when my sister uses her mobile phone anywhere near the computer. Could the mobile phone be damaging to the memory of the computer or cause any other problems?


A:Mobile phone interference

Sounds like interference to me. Mobile phones, cordless phones and radio waves all operate on certain FM frequencies and sometimes overlap. Therefore, you may hear a radio station (or phone conversations) from your speakers because the phone/radio output frequency is similar/close to the frequency of your speakers.

(This happens to me on my work computer and is very annoying).

I do not think that it could damage the computer, though (just my opinon).
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Hi Friends

I just want to know which Processor is in Mobile Phone and also OS name.
Actually I am working on Hnadsets like Chinese clones Phones,Alfatel,Gfive,Lephone etc.

Thanks and Regards
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Is there a way I can run my Windows Phone's IE on my notebook PC?

A:Use Windows Phone's mobile IE on PC

Are you interested in upgrading to Windows 8.1 ?
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Hope this is the right forum.My Motorola L7 Vodaphone phone is connected to my laptop WinXP through Mobile Phone Tools App and seems to have installed ok however i have doubts about the driver (drivers) installation. Although the device shows in Device Manager as Motorola USB Modem it does not show in the "Safely Remove Hardware" list nor does it assign a drive letter in "My Computer". The above App`works ok apart from the GPRS connection which will not connect,the phone connects to GPRS ok in stand alone form,this is why i have my doubts about about the installation. Could someone give me some answers please.

Regards Scramble.

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Can anybody shed any light on this?? I heard that there is a virus that can get to your mobile phone and it attacks your sim card with the name ACE?? Thankyou!! (This is in England I heard about it!) Loadsa luv Roz xx

A:ACE mobile phone virus???

It's a hoax, ignore it. See This:
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Hi I am new to this forum. I have bought Sony Vaio VPCEB24EN last week.
Configure :Intel Core i3-350m porcessor,2.26 ghz Windows Home Basic 64 bit, 3gb ram.
My query is 1) I do not have Outlook express and I want to backup my contacts & tasks from Mobile Phone . Is there any free software to download and configure to pc suite.

Thanks in advance.

A:How to synchronize with mobile phone ?

Hi, your probably aware by now that Outlook Express is no longer supplied with W7. I presume you have W7 as you didnt say:

Quote: Originally Posted by PrabakaR

Windows Home Basic 64 bit, 3gb ram.

Not sure what you mean by "download and configure to pc suite", however, did you not get any software on CD/DVD with your mobile phone? They nearly always have some backup facility of some description??
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First 'worm' aimed at mobile phones detected By Scott Morrison in San Francisco Published June Last Updated June Financial Times Security experts have discovered what is believed to be the world's first computer quot worm quot aimed at mobile phones The worm does not appear Mobile Worm Phone to pose an immediate threat to cellphone users Mobile Phone Worm but it suggests that mobile phones are much more vulnerable to virus-writers and hackers than previously thought Vincent Gullato vice-president at security group Network Associates said the discovery suggested that quot we've now entered into an era in which we could very well see more cellphone threats in the future quot The malicious code dubbed quot cabir quot is a worm that replicates on the Symbian operating system used in several brands of mobile phones such as Nokia Siemens and Panasonic The worm was anonymously sent to experts in various countries but has not been detected circulating among cellphone users It propagates through the quot Bluetooth quot wireless technology repeatedly sending itself to any Bluetooth-enabled device that it can find regardless of the type The worm will not damage a phone or its software but shortens the device's battery life by constantly scanning for other Bluetooth-enabled devices The worm appears to have been developed by an international group of hackers known as A who specialise in creating viruses and try to show quot that no technology is reliable and safe from their attacks quot Anti-virus experts have for some years been highlighting the vulnerability of modern PC-like mobile phones Mobile makers have been loath to acknowledge the vulnerability of their devices If the virus succeeds in penetrating the phone it writes quot Caribe quot on the screen and is activated every time the phone is turned off and on Mr Gullato said the good news was that for the virus to spread cellphone users would have to accept wireless signals being beamed to the device
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Hello everyone
Please could you direct me to a link explaining how to download 3gp videos onto Vista Business? I've downloaded a Roxy link to be able to play a video when my Sony Ericsson is plugged in, but cannot copy it to the computer. I have tried both Quick Time and WMP. At the moment I download onto a computer with XP then transfer it onto a memory stick and then onto my computer. Seems rather long-winded.
Thank you
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Hey yall
it's me again back with another troubleshooting question

This time around I decided to get my self a new motorola v220 phone
It does come with this neat usb cable and software

neways the driver I have to install is called P2k
which sets the driver under modems in device manager in winxp
I try to run a test and it does not communicate with the the phone
It keeps saying it's not communicating correctly with the phone
perhaps someone could give me a little advice on whats the dillo
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Where do you download games for your mobile phone? I’ve been using…

Have a bunch of great ones there, anyone know any other good ones?

A:Mobile Phone Gaming


Moved you here for more response

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OK i am trying to access the internet using the GPRS connection on my phone I have the wire that goes from my phone to the computer and thats fine and I have a connnection thingie set up My computer 'dials up' or something and then it says quot TCP IP connected successfully IPX or compatible CP reported error A connection on the remote computer could not be completed You may need to adjust the protocols on this computer For further assistance click More Info or search Help and Support Centre for this error number Press Internet with Phone Mobile my Accept to use Internet with my Mobile Phone the connectoin as is or Hang Up to disconnect quot It then has a little checkbox thing that says quot do not request the failed protocols next time quot I leave this clear and click accept And then it has a little balloon thing in the bottom left Internet with my Mobile Phone that says quot Siemens MC GPRS connection now connected Speed kbps quot And then when i try and go onto a web page it doesnt work Help

A:Internet with my Mobile Phone

You have two issues. First off, you don't need the IPX protocol, so I'd check the box that says don't try the failed protocols. For the lack of connections, try this when you're connected.

Open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.
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Hiya peeps,

Does anyone on here know how to download ringtones and wallpapers etc. to their mobile phones.

I have a nokia 3510i.
I have the data cable, connected properley, and a cd rom, with hundreds of ringtones, logos and wallpaper etc, but I don't have a clue how to get them to my phone.

Can anyone help me please?


A:Mobile phone downloads!

Hiya again folks,

I've been surfing the net for 2 hours, to try and find a site, with instructions on how to use a data cable, but I can't find any.

I have the data cable connected to the phone ok, but I dont know how to connect to com port 1, on my pc.

Does anyone know any good websites with instructions, for data cables.

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My grandaughter's month old lap top will not reconise the usb adapter for her mobile so that she can upload her pic's, Any idea's please. This is Windows7, Thank you.

A:Mobile phone adapter

some older usb adapters cannot be seen in windows 7 You may need to update its drivers from its makers site.
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Does anyone know how to delete all contacts in the IMATE SP5 mobile? At the moment they can be deleted individually but how can they all be deleted at once?

Relevancy 86% phone broke one day and the inside screen cracked and i could no longer see the screen. it was like that for about two months before i got it replaced. well about a week ago was when i got it replaced. And appearently when i could not see my phone i accidently made a password for my voicemail inbox, because i recieved a new voicemail the other day and it says that i need a password to open it and i had never had a password for it before...what do i do to get into my voicemail and cancel the password setting????????

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I am trying to install this program in order to transfer pictures from the mobile to the pc but it happens that starts to load and suddenly the pc boots again and so over an over. So i am unable to install the program What could be the error? Normally the pc works fine/

A:Mobile Phone Tools V 3.0

What's your operating system? What kind of mobile phone?

In my limited experience the software that comes with even top brand phones is very badly written and you need to make sure you have the latest version downloaded from the phone co.'s website.
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I installed the USB driver and downloaded software directly from the Siemens website I was able to successfully make a connection from the phone to the PC and am able to transfer phone numbers and contacts thru the software However I am not able to transfer other files such as pictures ringtones etc The part of the software that allows you to do this - the Data Exchange Software - does not seem to work between data cell phone PC Siemens Transferring and I click on the icon and nothing happens and then an error window pops up that says quot no connection Try reconnecting Transferring data between Siemens cell phone and PC the mobile phone quot I ve Transferring data between Siemens cell phone and PC tried reinstalling both the driver and software with all sorts of variations- with the USB cable connected without it connected downloading the software from the website downloading it from the CD rebooting not rebooting etc What frustrates me the most is that the manufacturer is not able to assist me and has no expertise in this matter Any pointers nbsp
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Installed WinFax Pro 10 on older machine and created phonebooks with hundreds of numbers. Later bought new computer and now need to transfer phone books.

What files is the phonebook information stored in? Which files can I copy from the old edition to the new installation and see my phonebooks?

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The issue is, I'm trying to learn how to transfer files from my notebook computer to my Android phone via the command line utility( C:\ ).

I've tried going to the directories where the files are located then using the command : copy(file name) H:/(android phone directory)/sdcard/folder destination.

What am I doing wrong?

Much thanks in advance

A:Transferring files from W7 to Android rooted phone

Could it be a simple typo? The path should be typed with backslash \ instead of slash /, so the path should be H:\sdcard\folder instead of H:/sdcard/folder.

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Hello Guys I am facing a typical problem related to output of HTML when outputing phone or fax numbers For example a phone number like - - output Issue Phone [SOLVED] with in IE Numbers for HTML is displayed as - I have checked all the apparent possibilities but nothing works Interestingly there is no issue with output on Firefox The simple HTML code is as follows Code Starts below lt html gt lt head gt lt title gt Global Information System - Employee Information Page lt title gt lt head gt lt body marginwidth quot quot marginheight quot quot topmargin quot quot leftmargin quot quot gt lt table border quot quot cellpadding quot quot cellspacing quot quot width quot quot gt lt tr gt lt td colspan quot quot valign top [SOLVED] Issue with HTML output in IE for Phone Numbers gt lt nobr gt lt -- Name and Department Links-- gt Test Test amp [SOLVED] Issue with HTML output in IE for Phone Numbers nbsp lt a href ' application communication organisation view asp OrgaID E ' target ' parent' gt FE-North Shields lt a gt lt nobr gt lt br gt lt tr gt lt tr gt lt td colspan quot quot gt lt a href quot mailto dummy dummy dummy com quot gt dummy dummy dummy com lt a gt amp nbsp lt td gt lt tr gt lt tr gt lt td valign quot top quot colspan quot quot gt lt table cellspacing quot quot cellpadding quot quot width quot quot border quot quot gt lt tr gt lt td gt Phone lt td gt lt td gt amp nbsp lt td gt lt td align 'left' width ' ' gt - - lt td gt lt tr gt lt tr gt lt td gt Fax lt td gt lt td gt amp nbsp lt td gt lt td align 'left' width ' ' gt - - lt td gt lt tr gt lt tr gt lt td gt Mobile lt td gt lt td gt amp nbsp lt td gt lt td align 'left' width ' ' gt - - lt td gt lt tr gt lt table gt lt td gt lt tr gt lt table gt lt body gt lt html gt Code ended above I have IE installed on WindowsXP SP I would appreciate any clue on this one Thanks

A:[SOLVED] Issue with HTML output in IE for Phone Numbers

Hey, you could use the HTML entities (e.g. what you use instead of < when you want to display a right angle bracket)...

(Check the EDIT at the bottom)

This works in both browsers(i've checked)..

Hope it works.


EDIT!: LMAO of course, i'm posting in html based stuff, so the entities get changed. The entities are here:

Okay i'll try and display them:
+ becomes: &#43;
- becomes: &#45;
(excuse the boldness, if i don't include it they change to the + sign etc.)

so this code:


yet again excuse the overuse of boldness it's just so they display
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Hi all.

I have a "brand new" V92 modem (I know, with all VOIP options today, that sounds stupid).

I'd like to use dialer.exe or other free/native software to dial out local phone numbers. Olitec (the modem constructor) provided me a driver for Vista that seems to work good in Seven. Once installed, I can dial, my friend's phone rings, when he pics it up I can hear him, but he can't hear me. Some times I hear my own voice in my head set instead (a distant echo). My mic is working ok. I know that cause other applications can use it.

I'd also like to see an incoming call on the screen. Can that be done ?


A:Using a V92 modem to call local phone numbers (no VOIP)

Depends on the "voice telephone" software you have and what it's capabilites are. A PC makes a poor voice telephone and for that reason the "hot" thing to use it for a voice phone back in the old XP days has diminished to the point dial-up modems are not even offered as an option on many new PC's.
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Excel I have a column of phone numbers and an additional column of fax numbers I'm trying to convert the numbers from nine digits to nine digits with hyphens I copied and renamed the original document There are no protections To be certain I ran the Doc Inspector I'm still free to do anything to the list The instructions are easy Highlight column Trying of a Excel numbers. phone format column to not responding. select Format cell click Custom in Type insert XXX-XXX-XXXX click OK That didn't work Next instead of click Custom I clicked Special selected phone number clicked OK Instead of hyphens if it adds parentheses around the area code I'm not that picky although it takes more space That doesn't work either I am less than a novice in Excel when it comes to creating anything I've managed to fill in others and not have to create my own The only thing that doesn't look like instructions is that the Sample above Type never changes I don't know if it should Thank you
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Anyone can tell me the way to change phone numbers to hyperlinks within a word document. I have a lot of phone numbers so I can't change them one by one. Thanks.

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Every time i try to go on whatsapp i keep getting this page wanting me to sign in with my mobile..i don't want it on my mobile..only my desktop

A:Why can't i get whatsapp without it on my mobile phone?? I have a desktop

whatsapp needs to make sure you have an license for it. it does this by mobile
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i have only put this thread here because i couldnt find anywere else to post it i do appologise if it is in wrong place.
does anyone know why i can t send texts , everytime i go to send text message it comes up with a message saying service not available i can receive text messages & and use phone to make calls on .
i would be greatful if anyone knows what might be the problem.thankyou

A:Samsung sgh-v200 mobile phone

You will need to have a texting option opened by your cell provider...
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I bought a Sony Ericsson DCU-11 cable for my phone.
I'm having hell getting it to work. On this main computer, the software won't complete the installation. And on my laptop, which the software installed on worked ok, it says the phone isn't detected.

What can I do?!!?

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I recently bought a samsung mobile phone that has bluetooth but not wifi. It also has a microusb port. I am wondering if there is a way to access wifi hotspots through some sort of converter (so I don't have to use expensive mobile internet) and also how to share internet from my PC to my phone. The PC is running windows 7 and does not currently have a bluetooth adapter.

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Hello guys, I am thinking of buying a windows mobile phone and need your help.
Please recommend me a phone with its specification and if you can plz also post its price.......

Thank u guys


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I have a serious problem with a virus attach in mobile phone is there any software that can remove the virus from my mobile phone if there is then please respond it to me as soon as possible.


A:Virus attach in Mobile Phone

What mobile phone are you using? Symbian OS? Microsoft OS?
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I am using Lumia 730 with latest Windows 10 update 10.0.14393.67 also all application installed are updated. To free some phone memory I had deleted few app from phone memory. I removed few app entries from phone memory " which indicated as Unavailable and without app icon " I dont know which app they were installed Now none of of application working all are crashing even Phone application.
I don't want loose data from some application stored stored offline.
Please help me, I am waiting for reply.

A:Windows mobile phone app not launching :(

I am who posted above question to add more detail to above question. Just my local account info is also missing and when I trying to sign in again app crashes so the Unavailable app I uninstalled is related to it. Also I am not able to lunch store app again.
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Heloo Sir/Mam when I connect any mobile phone to my pc through usb cable it does not show in my pc. I tried different phones and usb cable but it does not work I also update my pc's driver but still it does not work. recently I format my system and intall the same os so it work and my phones recognize by pc and it show as a drive in my comp but after one or two days again the same problem occur and any phone does not show in my pc so plese help me what shoud I do ..............
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Hi and I'm not technical I am trying to restore some pics I took on my Samsung SGH-F mobile phone and then deleted On the phone's own memory not extension card There's plenty of data recovery software but I need a drive letter for the phone on my PC or the software can't see it I can connect the phone to Connecting mobile Samsung phone my PC Connecting Samsung mobile phone via USB and Samsung PC Studio Phone Explorer sees my PC but I can't make the PC see the phone There is no conflict with any other drive letter I think - there is no other USB device attached If I go into Windows Explorer there is no sign of attached device If I go into Windows Explorer Computer Manage Storage Disk Management I can see C drive D drive Hewlett Packard recovery and E DVD drive but no sign of anything else not even with no drive allocated But if I go into Computer Management Device Management USB controllers I can see a Samsung USB composite device driver Can I somehow make use of the fact that there is a driver there to allocate a drive letter
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Hi all
Is it possible to use my mobile phone as a modem to get online with my pc at home, on my new contract with t-mobile i have unlimited internet but i would rather use my pc. How do i do it?
Thanks in advance

A:How do i get online using my mobile phone as modem

You connect the modem to your computer either through a cable, via infrared or over Bluetooth. The computer should find many pieces of new hardware and recognise one of them as a modem. After that you just dial your mobile provider's 3G/GPRS/GSM dialup number just like with normal dialup.

* Depending on your phone and connection method, you may have to install the horribly bloated, slow, evil etc software suite from your phone maker to make things work

* Some quirkier phones/providers may require you to put in some special modem init strings. See your provider's support pages or call them for help.
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Hey everyone! I was wondering if there are any Windows Phone/Mobile emulator, like Bluestacks, for PC with which I can run WP apps?

A:Windows Phone/Mobile emulator for PC?

Maybe it works
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Is there a way to receive videos and pictures on your computer that are sent from a mobile phone

A:Mobile Phone / Cell Phones

elute96 said:

Is there a way to receive videos and pictures on your computer that are sent from a mobile phone
thanksClick to expand...

A number of ways depending on the phone........bluetooth, IR, Email, Data cable transfer, MMC card, some options would also depend on PC support.
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The Bafo BF-120 USB IRDA converter does not detect my mobile phone which is a Samsung SGH-S500. There are 3 drivers in the generic CD supplied with the device. Which of them is appropriate? I tried using the Vishay 6102E driver. The device works well, there are no problem areas in the device mgr, but when I activate the IRDA in the phone it is not detected.

Please note that I use the same phone at office with an ACER laptop having an inbuilt IRDA port. Please help.

System Type: Desktop / Tower

Operating System: Windows 98

Processor Type: Celeron

Ammount of RAM: 128 MB

Hard Drive Capacity: 40 GB

Internet Connection Speed: 56k

Printer Manufacturer: Hewelet Packard

Printer Type: Ink Jet

CD-ROM: 52x

Network Card: 10/100 Mbps


Sound Card

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I would like to know if anyone knows of a programme that will allow you to send SMS messages from a computer to a mobile phone using Vista. I have seen a programme on the Microsoft website for doing this using XP. I am used to sending text messages from the PC to the phone using the phone tools supplied by the manufacturer like Nokia PC Suite. I have seen various software packages on the Internet for sending SMS from a PC but these seemed to be subscription-based and do not use the actual phone to send the text. I have changed my phone recently to one that uses Windows Mobile and does not come with any utilities similar to what I am looking for. I am new to this type of phone and have very little experience with Microsoft mobile so any help on this subject would be appreciated. My phone is an HTC S620.

A:Sending SMS using Vista and a mobile phone.

Hi there,

You can use any smartphone-to-pc link software like ActiveSync or LapLink. it's something easy to find in google
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i have a motorola v360 for which i use an usb cable to upload music and stuff to the phone, but its been giving me a TRANSMISSIONS CANCELLED (which wont let me transfer any files) i do have enough space.
does anyone know the reason for this? or anywhere i can find some information on this.

thanks in advance

A:Motorola Mobile Phone Tools

Did it ever work? If so, try unintalling and re-installing the Motorola Tools.
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Hey Guys.

I recently got a new phone which is a Samsung D900i. With it came the Samsung "Pc Studio" so that I can transfer files from the computer to the phone and vice versa. However, I have just gone to install it and when i clicked on "Install Samsung PC Studio" it said:

-Close all programs
-Clear your temp
-Check internet-based connections.

I closed all open programs, cleared my temp folder and my connection is fine. And tried again and it didn't work. I'm a bit confused as to what to do now!

Thanks for all help

p.s Sorry if this is in the wrong place!
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I have a Portege A600-139 with built in mobile broadband modem. I have already downgraded to xp pro. My wifi, bluetooth work fine. I am also able to surf the net by using my sim card over EDGE. Since my operator does not yet offer 3G, I am not using it. I am able to surf the net by EDGE and also I am able to send and receive SMS messages by using Portege A600.

Since my Portege has a mic and speaker, would I be able to use portege as a mobie phone when I am connected to the gsm operator while my sim is inserted? If the answer is yes, how this would be done?

A:Could I use Portege A600 as a mobile phone?


I think the answer is no as the 3G card doesn't support the audio encoding/decoding required to be a mobile phone.

The specifications for the 3G Ericsson card mention nothing about supporting normal mobile phone calls.


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i want to give a powerpoint presentation without having someone to do the changing-slides-when-i-tell-him-to routine. i found this shareware called phone point. i have a series 60 phone as per the requirement of the software. i have to connect my pc to an lcd projector for the presentation. i am arranging for a bluetooth dongle to connect to the pc.

my question is that will this arrangement work? i cannot afford to buy any equipment for this presentation because frankly it is not that big a deal, it's just something i have to give in front of half the class. just think that the wireless bit looks cool and would add to my crappy presentation a lot

A:wireless presentation using a mobile phone

You call also rehearse the timings and have it automatically advance the slides via "Slideshow">>"Rehears Timings" through the menu bar in Powerpoint.
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Hijacking Mobile-Phone Data (2 web pages).

Researchers claim to be able to hijack cell-phone data connections.

-- Tom
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For a while now i have been wanting to learn how to program mobile phone applications in J2ME.

Can somebody advise me as to where to start. I have programmed in the past, it was a while ago and mainly using HTML, have briefly used Java.

Any advice would be great.



A:Programming Mobile Phone Application

Use NetBeans. It has an app that is built in for mobiles. Any mobile that is Java enabled can use it. Nokia uses the Symbian os which is java based so also can use it. It means you have to learn java but if you are programing then at some point you'll have to learn java anyway so why not now.
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Hi, I am trying to import photos via USB lead from Samsung Galaxy Young 2 mobile phone to my Lenovo G50 without success.Don't know if anyone can help or even if I am on the correct website. Any other website suggestions will be gratefully received.
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Hi, I am trying to import photos via USB lead from Samsung Galaxy Young 2 mobile phone to my Lenovo G50 without success.
Don't know if anyone can help or even if I am on the correct website. Any other website suggestions will be gratefully received.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
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I bought a new phone last weekend. I now have a Razr. It is the Motorola V3M. All of my previous phones have been just your basic phone. I need the software for transferring data from the phone to my pc. I know I can get the Phone Tools from Motorola for 30 or 40 bucks. Is there any freeware out there for this?

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Hey there I have a new Samsung D900, and I need some way of converting video to the mp4 format that is compatible with my phone. I've already tried this software however because I don't know what exact format to convert stuff to, my phone just says it is an unsupported format etc.

Does anyone know how I can do this? Thanks!

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Can anyone point me to a Driver for a Samsung SGH-A421 mobile please. I have downloaded Kies 3 but it does not recognize the phone.

Thanks in advance.

Relevancy 85.14%

Hi, I would like to recover deleted data from nokia c2-01 mobile phone. I have xp home ad. The phone shows up in my computer under "other" as a mobile phone icon and is easy to download to pc undeleted photos. In device manager i can find it as usb mass storage. It says that the driver is the best available when i update driver. Hoever the data recovery programes all ask that the device must show as a drive letter . How can i get the phone to show as a drive letter under removable storage in my computer and not picture of mobile phone under "other" not too tech savy but follow instructions carefully many thanks
Relevancy 85.14%

I have just received a replacement cell phone from Verizon.Samsung gusto sch u360.Need a usb cdma driver so I can download pictures to my laptop(XP Pro)
The Samsung site did not appear to be to helpful.
Anyone have any ideas on how to get the proper driver ?

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Hi all, i don't want to go into too greater a detail but at the moment im fighting a custordy battle for my son. What i need to there a way of transfering recieved SMS messages to my Computer. With effect i can use them in my impending court case. I have countless SMS messages that i need, and would like to print them out to HARD COPIES. I'm at a loss with this one, the cost or the materials im willing to go for (i'll take a third job if need be). The point of this post guys is, can mobile (cell) SMS messages be transfered to a PC. Best wishes to all.

A:Mobile phone to PC/data transfer.

Pretty sure they are stored on the sim card. Depending on your phone. Your cell phone company should be better able to help you provided you are the account holder and the owner of your phone. They deal with this all the time.
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Can anyone kindly let me step have  step-by-step instructions how to pair my bluetooth on my mobile phone with my laptop using Windows 8.1 ? Many thanks for being patient with a 77-yr-old pensioner.Joe B.

A:Mobile phone pairing using Windwos 8.1

1) What is it you want to do? You can probably accomplish what you want by connecting via usb2) We treat everyone the same here - we do our best to be helpful and polite with everyone. 77 year old pensioner or 12 year old prodigy - no need to ask for special treatment.,153598.0.html
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I have started Wallet on my Lumia 650. When I press the + button it takes me to the Store to choose an App but which one am I supposed to choose? I want to input my credit card. None of them seem to let you scan the cards as Apple does.

A:Mobile phone Windows 10 Wallet

Wallet is not fully functional everywhere - I think US is the only place where tap to pay is working. In the UK I can add loyalty cards but not credit cards. Tap to pay does not work here yet...