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Xerox Phaser 3117 laser black and white printer problem

Q: Xerox Phaser 3117 laser black and white printer problem

I have a Xerox Phaser 3117 Laser Black and White Printer. When print, half of the paper come out to the out-put tray. Other half still in the fuser unit. Stop printing and red light indicate. When I check the print out, all details have printed. But, first row of my details have moved very top of my A4 paper.( Whole document moved 2-3 inches above[to the top of the paper]. What is this and how to resolve this problems( Paper Jam and document move to top of the sheet)????

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Preferred Solution: Xerox Phaser 3117 laser black and white printer problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Xerox Phaser 3117 laser black and white printer problem

chathura said:

I have a Xerox Phaser 3117 Laser Black and White Printer. When print, half of the paper come out to the out-put tray. Other half still in the fuser unit. Stop printing and red light indicate. When I check the print out, all details have printed. But, first row of my details have moved very top of my A4 paper.( Whole document moved 2-3 inches above[to the top of the paper]. What is this and how to resolve this problems( Paper Jam and document move to top of the sheet)????Click to expand...

what can I do
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I am having trouble in installing the printer (Xerox Phaser 3117) driver on my Windows 7 x64 version.

It is giving an error "Windows policy is blocking NT 4.0 drivers".

I have never used Windows NT before.

I have tried changing the disallow kernel mode drivers to install to disable but still has not worked for me.

I badly need to run my printer.

Thank you.

A:Xerox Phaser 3117 driver error on Windows 7

Hi, banerjen

I've had the same problem. The solution was rather simple: install driver for Samsung ML 1710 - it perfectly suits Xerox 3117. But it's important to completely delete from system all previously installed Xerox 3117 drivers.
I'm hope it will help you.
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Hi Guys,

I'm using xerox Phaser 3200 about 2 years, I have change the sensor 6 months ago, now the problem is when I print or photostat the paper always stuck and jammed. I have no idea how to fix this problem. Can anyone help me how can I fix it ?

A:Xerox Phaser 3200 printer always stuck

check the sensor has not worked loose

humidity can also be a problem as the paper becomes damp
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i cannot seem to get my xerox phaser 6280 printer to work with windows 7. as indicated on the xerox website, i downloaded the updated driver. however, midway through the extraction process (running the 6280WinXP03V_PS.exe file), it stops and gives me this message: "Windows can't open Add Printer. Operation could not be completed (error 0x0000007e)."

has anyone encountered this problem before? and if so, i'm hoping that someone has found a resolution to it.

any help would be very much appreciated!!

p.s. - i forgot to say that the printer shows up under device and printers and has a check mark on it which i assume implies it's ready to use. i'm able to print from adobe, notepad and paint but i'm unable to print from any office small business 2007 applications or any website page.

A:Xerox Phaser 6280N-Windows can't open Add Printer

I have the exact same problem... did you ever get your's fixed?
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I recently bought a new computer for my wife It has Windows x installed I cannot get our Phaser to print from it It connects using our home wireless network and was previously working fine with Vista Windows sees the printer I downloaded the PS driver Phaser and 8550 x64 Xerox 7 Windows problem for x from Xerox but when I Xerox Phaser 8550 and Windows 7 x64 problem install the printer it doesn t ask where the driver is When I try to print a test page or any other page it causes the printer to reboot Any ideas Here Xerox Phaser 8550 and Windows 7 x64 problem are the listed driver files Help File UNIDRV HLP Config File UNIDRVUI DLL Data File XrUNIVLB gpd Driver File UNIDRV DLL and then a bunch of dependent files Here is the result of SysInfo Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium bit Processor AMD Phenom tm II X T Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC CM CM Rev X x MT Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Updated and Enabled Thanks Dohn nbsp

A:Xerox Phaser 8550 and Windows 7 x64 problem

Try manually pointing it to the driver instead of letting Windows do it by choosing "the printer isn't listed" as Windows does come with drivers install, which is the reason it didn't ask for it.
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I'm trying to install a Zerox Phaser 8400 on the network, it has a static IP address, I downloaded the latest drivers from zerox and I have been able to install it on 3 other machines with no problems but on the one machine I get the error "Could not Install Printer; 0X000003EB error code. I did a search on the code but I'm not finding any help. Anyone got any ideas, getting rid of the printer is not an option. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Xerox Phaser 8400

Hi Hoyt54, and welcome to the forums.

Try a manual install. Go to Control Panel -> Printer (a new window shows up) -> Add printer (from top toolbar) and follow th steps to install a network printer (second option). Stop the automatic search and select the option "The printer is not on the list". In the next screen select the 3rd option (Add a TCP/IP printer) and fill the information for the printer-s IP address. When it asks you for the drivers, just point to the location where you installed/decompressed your printer's setup program.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm II X Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD G Mb Xerox Phaser 6125 Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB I Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC M A LT-M-LE Antivirus PC Cleaner Pro Updated Xerox Phaser 6125 Yes On-Demand Scanner Disabled My Phaser printer has started printing Word or Internet Pages text as faded black which tends to indicate that the black imaging unit is failing even though it s only done about copies When I print off a pdf document the print comes out clear amp sharp but if I copy the pdf into Word it prints faded black again Does anyone know why it seems to print OK with type of document but not another Many thanks for any help nbsp
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I have a with help Xerox Phaser need 8500 Xerox Phaser color laser printer This printer uses solid ink with separate black yellow magenta and cyan quot sticks quot I print almost exclusively black text After less than pages the printer asks to replace the yellow ink Fine I do it I print another pages or so of black text The printer asks to replace the magenta ink I decide to ignore it and switch all my printer settings to black-n-white Now the printer won t print at all even black text It keeps asking for the magenta ink I ve brought up the issue with Xerox text support and they say that even with black text the printer uses some color Gotta be Bullsht They just want me to buy more of need help with Xerox Phaser 8500 their color ink even though I rarely use it Anyone know need help with Xerox Phaser 8500 of a workaround for this I ve tried everything from re-booting both the computer and printer including unplugging from electrical and unplugging USB etc Thnank you nbsp

A:need help with Xerox Phaser 8500

Well I thing you are stuck with adding the color ink. The printer melts all four at the same time and uses them all during the cleaning and testing cycle. If you dont replace the ink the heads for one color could stop working. A Phaser is used primarary for printing color pictures. If you want just black and white I suggest you use a much cheaper to run laser printer.
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have a networked xerox phaser 860n serving school network, has always been working, now when printing images sometimes prints "double images" in either color or black ink, has anybody had this problem before?
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Hi and please help - im getting an error message of 13.008.47:152370 on my printer and nothing i do clears it - please help, thanks
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We have a squeaky Xerox Phaser 6125N at work, and it is driving us crazy. The quality of the prints is fine, but most of the time it squeaks like mad. I can't remember it not squeaking, but it is possible it didn't when we first got it. Sometimes it squeaks worse than other times; it seems to be related with how much we're printing. I can't tell where the noise is actually coming from.

How can I fix it? Will the maintenance kit help this problem, or do we need to replace rollers or something? Oil/Grease is a bad idea, I hear...

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I haven t been able to install this printer When I go to add printer it is not in the list or in the updated list I went to the Xerox website and downloaded do Xerox How 6200DP I Phaser install this driver Phaser File Download In the folder where the files are downloaded How do I install Xerox Phaser 6200DP are ppd files for the various printers supported and an ini file There is no install exe or setup exe file When I start the add printer wizard Win sees the printer on the network In the next screen I choose have disk and browse to the ini file A list of printers appears and I select my printer and click next The next screen asks for a name for the printer and offers a default name When I click next on this screen a box with a processing bar opens that says installing printer Then it goes bad It loops back to the printer name box and the printer is not installed Any ideas what I could try

A:How do I install Xerox Phaser 6200DP

I tried disconnecting the network cable, connecting the printer with a USB cable, and repeating the install again. In this case windows installed the printer with a generic USB print driver even though I told it to use the downloaded driver. Of course that's the wrong driver and the printer doesn't work.
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My question is, i have purchased toner refill for my printer....little did i know that the toner cartridge is controlled by a micro chip that tells when it is empty. Needless to say i filled up my used cartridge and put it in the printer and because the chip is not reset it thinks it is empty....does any one know how to reset the chip.
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I have 2 new computers using Windows 7 (laptop x32 and Quadcore x64). Installing web-based drivers for my 2 Xerox Phaser 8400 DP network printers is ok, but prints are not.

First after installation it only prints in basic b/w mode and not 100% the size (about 70%) of the original. It is like the printer uses A5 size standard and resizes everything accordingly. No paper size selection and/or print quality selection is possible. Now it seems I have to manualy set the configuration in the Xerox driver screen to Phaser 8400, and that solves the problem with print quality. I can now print in color also. But not in the right size or other paper types.

Xerox says only to help (level 2) if I have a service contract. I do not need this contract (no issues ever with the printer ever I could not resolve myself)) and do not want to pay for issues Xerox should resolve anyway...

A:Xerox driver phaser 8400 (x32 & x64) issue

You might want to take a look at this thread Xerox Printer Driver install issue The OP never posted back so I don't know if it resolved his problem or not. Good luck and welcome to seven forums. Fabe
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Hi I am getting error code 13,264.42:5414 and I cannot print any ideas? Where can I download a list of error codes for this machine?
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When I try to print from any program I receive this error message xrhr ap quit unexpectedly On my printer panel it says stopped - filter failed My complete error message is below Please assist me so I can print Process xrhr ap Path usr libexec cups filter xrhr ap Identifier xrhr ap Version Code Type X Native Parent Process cupsd Responsible xrhr ap User ID Date Time - - - OS Version Mac OS X A Report Version Anonymous UUID E C B-C A -FDF on Captain 3040 Apple X OS Xerox Phaser El - AA- BF EA F Sleep Wake UUID C BEA - A - -B C -E DDBBCE FE Time Awake Since Boot seconds Time Since Xerox Phaser 3040 on Apple OS X El Captain Wake seconds System Integrity Protection enabled Crashed Thread Dispatch queue com apple main-thread Exception Type EXC BAD ACCESS SIGSEGV Exception Codes KERN INVALID ADDRESS at x Exception Note EXC CORPSE NOTIFY VM Regions Near -- gt TEXT - K r-x rwx SM COW Xerox Phaser 3040 on Apple OS X El Captain usr libexec cups filter xrhr ap Thread Crashed Dispatch queue com apple main-thread xrhr ap x ed main xrhr ap x e e start xrhr ap x d start Thread crashed with X Thread State -bit eax x b ebx x c ecx x edx x edi x c c esi x ebp xbffff c esp xbfffac c ss x efl x eip x cs x b ds x es x fs x gs x f cr x Logical CPU Error Code x Trap Number Binary Images x - x ff xrhr ap lt DCD C-CDFA- F -B - D E CBFD gt usr libexec cups filter xrhr ap x d - x ffb libcupsimage dylib lt BFCF B - DF - C - A - D ED B gt usr lib libcupsimage dylib x fefa - x ff e bf dyld lt FE CADA- - F -B - C FA E gt usr lib dyld x - x fff com apple ApplicationServices - lt D F - - DF -AC D- AB BC B B gt System Library Frameworks ApplicationServices framework Versions A ApplicationServices x d - x ff libTIFF dylib lt BB -C C- C A-BA A- D CCEA gt System Library Frameworks ImageIO framework Versions A Resources libTIFF dylib x ea - x fff com apple Kerberos - lt - A - BD -BC E- B D E gt System Library Frameworks Kerberos framework Versions A Kerberos x - x afff libunwind dylib lt C-D - C-AC - A C gt usr lib system libunwind dylib x b - x fff com apple NetAuth - lt C AAE - C - D - E C- AB FB BA gt System Library PrivateFrameworks NetAuth framework Versions A NetAuth x a - x aeff libmacho dylib lt C FF D- C- CDA- DA -F EFCFBD AF gt usr lib system libmacho dylib x af - x affff libsystem blocks dylib lt CF - A- B C- B-D F E D gt usr lib system libsystem blocks dylib x - x edfff libcorecrypto dylib lt C E -B B - E -B AE- AC CCA gt usr lib system libcorecrypto dylib x ee - x f fff libextension dylib lt - E - - D-C F E gt usr lib libextension dylib x f - x f ff libFontParser dylib lt C FB B- - D -A - DDA B gt System Library Frameworks ApplicationServices framework Versions A Frameworks ATS framework Versions A Resources libFontParser dylib x ee - x ffb com apple Foundation - lt B - DF- DD -B CE- F BB F gt System Library Frameworks Foundation framework Versions C Foundation x - x a fff com apple Metadata - lt CA B- D B- D - B - A B D C gt System Library Frameworks CoreServices framework Versions A Frameworks Metadata framework Versions A Metadata x b - x ba ffb com apple QD - lt FA - FA- E C- -DCC E gt System Library Frameworks ApplicationServices framework Versions A Frameworks QD framework Versions A QD x ba - x bdcfe libsystem m dylib lt AB - BA- B - F - B D E gt usr lib system libsystem m dylib x bdd - x c fff com apple CoreServices OSServices - lt F C - AB- D -AAF - F B D gt System Library Frameworks CoreServices framework Versions A Frameworks OSServices framework Versions A OSServices x ce - x ce fff liblangid dylib lt C E-DD B- BC- FD - C E F gt usr lib liblangid dylib x ce - x cfbfff libsystem asl dylib lt D C -A - A - D-EC D F B gt usr lib system libsystem asl dylib x cfc - x d ffb libGIF dylib lt FD D - A - A -A - C BFD B gt System Library Frameworks ImageIO framework Versions A Resources libGIF dylib x d - x d ffff libsystem malloc dylib lt C F - B - F - D- C A FC E gt usr lib system libsystem malloc dylib x d - x db b libobjc A dylib lt E D - AB- E- -... Read more

A:Xerox Phaser 3040 on Apple OS X El Captain

I guess I solved the issue myself... Xerox didn't make drivers yet for El Captain so I guess I need to find a new printer...
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I cannot get the Phaser N to display an LCD display even when rebooting it for an hour or two I can ping it and it s obtain an IP address This printer was working just fine last week before I had disconnected it from my network I ve just reconnected it and all the cables are fine Xerox LaserJet Phaser 8500 Color and power supply Xerox Phaser 8500 Color LaserJet as well I am just not getting an LCD display on my printer and the light next to the LCD display is red - not green as it usually is If someone can please help me out or advise me of what to do - that would be much appreciated I m at a loss here because I need this printer to be up and running by am Wednesday October Thanks much I just checked the LCD display with the given Xerox Phaser 8500 Color LaserJet instructions from Xerox Online Support Everything is connected correctly and no ribbon cables or connectors are damaged at all Can it just be that the LCD is damaged If so is that supposed to stop it from processing with Queued print jobs nbsp
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Can any one tell me how to reset the drum counter by replacing with the Drum Reset Chip PLEASE?

My printer is Xerox Phaser 5550. THKS
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I am running Windows 7 x64 and have installed my Xerox Phaser 6120 color laser printer. The print appears to install just fine, yet when I print to it, the print starts about 1/4 to 1/3 down the page and then truncates the bottom of the page off.

I have verified and downloaded the correct driver from Xerox. I figure that there must be some type of printer setting that can be used to correct this, but I don't know what.

One side note is that when this printer was installed on an XP machine, the printing was fine. The printer is shared on the network and now all access even from XP machines results in the printing issue. Any ideas??

I appreciate any assistance!!



A:Windows 7 x64 and Xerox Phaser 6120 Printing Problems

hello & welcome,

Just a guess here, but it sounds like a setting in "printing preferences" have a good look there..

When you installed it, is there some kind of control panel on the original machine?

Make sure the paper size is set to 8X11 & not legal size..

good luck
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I cannot find out what this code is.

My phaser started jamming and I cleared it worked fine jammed again, cleared itr then it kep jamming. I cleared the jam **** it down and now it starts up shoots out 1 page (no jam) then when I try to print jams and when I clear the jam comes up wuth error code 07, 010.43:2298

Any help would be appreciated.
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Hello I am hoping that there might be a Xerox tech here or someone who can help me to override the printer defaults somehow I have a Xero Phaser printer We recently acquired a lot of custom size paper to print large tri-fold brochures with This paper is quot x quot The Phaser can print up to Extra Tabloid quot x quot but I can 7700 Techs? Help with Phaser Any Need Xerox Paper Size t seem to find a driver that will allow me to either select a custom size within the print window or on the printer itself I really need to use this paper as I got at least cases of it Any help or suggestions with be GREATLY appreciated The computer doing the printing is running windows xp pro sp I have Any Xerox Techs? Need Help with Phaser 7700 Paper Size gone into the printers area on the computer and made a custom size it just is not an option when printing to my Phaser Also if I tell the Phaser through the front panel that I have x tabloid in the tray and try to load my Any Xerox Techs? Need Help with Phaser 7700 Paper Size x it flases yellow and says paper mis-match Thank you again very much I hope I can figure this out I am getting desperate nbsp
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I have a xerox phaser 8500 laser printer that keeps showing a false reading of "missing maintanence kit". This problem showed up about a week ago and I knew the existing maintanence kit was old, but I wasn't getting a prompt that it was time to replace it. I decided to just get a new maintanence kit which i put in today. I made about 30 copies before my printer stopped working in the middle of a print job and prompts me to replace the "missing maintanence kit". Does anyome know how to fix this problem?
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My 8550dt does not take the inputs for custom size paper I specify in the print setup. I will specify 5x7 paper and the control panel on the printer is asking for 8 x 11.67, for example. I have tried multiple drivers. This is the 5th xerox phaser printer I have owned and have never had this problem before. I print invitations and it is very important to be able to print on different size papers. I am running Windows 7 if that may be an issue with this problem.
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Hello there, and thanks for popping in.

Well, i'm having trouble finding a driver for my old Xerox Phaser 3210. The official driver, which is right here, cannot be installed because it seems to think I don't have working USB ports.

You cannot install USB Port Driver because your Windows or PC does not support USBClick to expand...

I have then just plugged the usb in, waited until Windows popped up with the Driver, and directed it to that Driver file I downloaded from, but to no avail.

I have tried looking around for generic printer drivers, but none seem to work either. Is it possible to get this printer working again?

EDIT: Sorry, i'm a, well, for lack of better words, moron. Never thought to check the PCL download instead of USB. Well, this is solved, so i'll mark it as solved? Again, sorry for spamming this forum with a useless thread.
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Hello guys.

I'm having trouble with one very annoying thing I have stumbled upon recently.

I have a canon pixma ip1300 color inkjet printer and I wanted to print only in black and white. I went in the printer preferences and selected to use only the black cartridge for my printing but now every time i print something I get with the following message which I have to click on the "OK" in order to get the printing started.
That is justo so annoying. I print a lot and every time I have to clik .. OK, OK, OK ,pfff

How can I turn off that warning ?

Any ideas ?
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I have been operating this color printer for 3 years now in our small business. over the past year, we have erratic problems with fuzzy print..
Typically, the first page may be fuzzy( dots or ink below character) and the resy may be OK ... Or occasionally, a page or two in the middle of a print job may be fuzzy.
WE have had techs spend many hours, replacing parts, cleaing the drum and whle the quality is improved (not as fuzzy, we stll get an occasional page with this problem.
This has been a good printer.. the solid ink is easy to maintain and the overall ink cost seems less than other color printers we have had.

Should I junk this machine?

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Looked through the archives and saw something similar but no real answer to my problem.

My Xerox 8560 printer works ok but frequently loses the connection to the network. Have to restart the machine to have the PCs on the network be recognized and vice versa. Xerox support told me to switch the TC/IP setting from Enabled to Disabled, and that seems to help somewhat, but today I found that it reset itself to Enabled and lost the network. Has anyone else had this problem and if you have a solution, I'd really like to know it. Even when the setting was changed to Enabled, the TCP/IP address on the printer remained the same as before.


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I have an Oki Laser C5250n with duplex unit connected by USB to my WIN 7 Pro PC. I used the Oki Vista drivers to get the printer working and all is fine except for the duplex option.

When I right click on the Oki C5250n device - select Printer Properties - Device Options Tab - Tick box for Duplex Unit - click apply and ok. Then under Printing Preferences I still can't select 2-sided printing.

When I repeat the above I find that the box is unticked and won't stay ticked.

Can anyone suggest why this shoud be happening. I had no probs on an XP machine.


A:Laser Printer Problem

I have exactly the same problem.

Any solutions anywhere?
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Running Windows XP and I have an Epson C86 printer.

Everything was working flawlessly for several months until...

I began getting low on black ink. I replaced the black cartridge and everything worked fine again. Two weeks later my color ink went low and the printer wouldn't allow me to print in b&w until I replaced the color ink (a little window popped open telling me that).

A few days after that I replaced the color ink and now it won't print in b&w!! I replaced the black cartridge AGAIN and still nothing. Cleaned the heads and nothing. Installed the drivers again and nothing.

Please help!

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Recently i have installed Hp Laser Jet P2015 Printer to my System (OS:Windows Vista-2007, Systemell, Processor: Intel Premium, Memory: 2Gp, Type:32-bit operating system) . It is working perfectly with Word and other formats except Excel. While i am selecting Portrait Orientation it is showing in Print Preview the same but while printing with Landscape orientation some for Landscape showing perfectly but printing with portrait and it is another problem is printing with "DIFFERENT FONT" and Style, but in the print preview it is showing same font what i done on the excel file while printing time it is different and i am not able to change this. I have Re-Installed several times and made the troubleshoot with Hp website i couldn't find any solution.

Please help me!!!
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My laser was working fine after I hooked it up. Now when I print files, especially .pdf files, I get unrecognizable characters. Also, if I print a Word document, the font is completely different than the one I used in the file.

Any suggestions. Thank you!

A:HP 1300 Laser Printer Problem

WHich driver are you using for the printer?
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I am running Windows Vista 32 bit and Office 2007. When I go into my Picture and Fax viewer and print a color picture it always prints it in black and white. The printer is good because I took it to a friends and hooked it up to his computer and it worked fine. He is running Vista 64 bit and Office 2007.

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hello everyone so i was wondering how do i make my printer ONLY print in black and white because everytime i restart my computer the settings go back to the default for some reason. by the way i have a Epson Workforce 500


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hello, when i first inserted the USB parallel cable into my computer, vista didnt recognize d printer. after then i used "add printer" link on the control panel and it appeared the installation was complete bt when i wanted to print the test page, it wont print and it will show 'error' in the printer dialogue box. it doesnt even print any document. what do u think cld be wrong?

A:I have problem installing laser jet 4 printer on vista

MOST USB printers the software and drivers MUST be installed BEFORE the printer in plugged into the computer.
Unplug the printer. Uninstall the printer SW and driver. Go to the website of the printer, and download the software and/or drivers. Also read the instructions about installing and follow them.
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Hi Folks I ve temporarily lost use of my printer Yesterday morning I accidentally clicked where I Problem HP 1100 Jet Solved: Laser Printer shouldn t Solved: HP Laser Jet 1100 Printer Problem have and sent a command to the printer to begin printing a page document When I realized my mistake I started franticly searching for a way to stop it but in a near-panic I ultimately had to resort to pulling the power plug to the printer The problem is that it has that print command in its memory and I can t seem to find a way to clear it If I plug it back in while my computer is on it begins printing that page document again If I plug it back in while my computer is turned off it begins printing endless pages of font types in different sizes and other meaningless babble In either case it will not stop It has already spewed out pages of wasted paper The manual for the Hewlett Packard Laser Jet does not offer a clue on this problem It says to mash the Go button and it should issue forth a one-page text message Well it doesn t So the question is how do you clear the printer s memory so you can start over again Thanks HLdeZ nbsp

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I am using Canon Laser Shot LBP-1210 printer and i have installed the driver correcly but still it takes too much time or sometimes error is shown while printing. Why am i not able to print the documents or any other e-mail or iexplore file.....please help me solve this problem..

A:Canon Laser Shot LBP-1210 printer problem

Hi, anuz, and welcome to the forums.

We're going to need a lot more info than that...error messages, timeout messages, connection type, printer diagnostics (if the Canon software comes with that), for starters, plus a nice detailed explanation of what is going on would help.
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I have installed a new canon printer irc2550i on a 2003 server (AD environment) twice and I named it as :

CanonIRC2550BW and CanonIRC2550Colour

For the black and White

For the Security tab I have got this :
Group “Everyone” only first option (print) is ticked

For the Color one

For Security tab I have got this

I removed the group “Everyone” and I am looking to add proper users

Problem domain user still can change properties for the printer!!!!
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We have a Phaser which has come into an interesting problem We recently replaced the Yellow toner cartridge and upon printing a document the entire page is covered in yellow Whatever has been printed is still visible but experts (Phaser my printer are 7400)? Where the page gets a big yellow tint across everything or just entirely yellow in the case of areas that should be blank We have cleaned the print LEDs as well as checked for excess toner on the imaging drum to no avail Xerox documentation doesn t provide a scenario for this situation there are other issues it touches on but nothing quite like this At this point I thought maybe the Transfer Unit was the source of the problem but I m not so sure and I don t want to replace it if that s not the case I initially lifted the yellow toner cartridge imaging unit out to inspect it and saw a fairly large patch of yellow on the transfer unit but upon lifting the cage that houses the drums I noticed the other Where are my printer experts (Phaser 7400)? colors appeared as well so decided to dismiss the Transfer Unit as the cause Unfortunately my printer experience it pretty minimal so if anyone familiar with the Phaser line happens to be viewing this any help or direction would be greatly appreciated I d rather avoid a service call I m comfortable taking apart printers and replacing components and it appears that s all we have to do Thanks for reading nbsp
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I recently got a new computer running Windows bit and I can Install Printer Driver Can't on 7 Phaser Windows t get the driver for my Tektronix Phaser Driver installed The driver is bitw kps exe dated which the Can't Install Phaser Printer Driver on Windows 7 Xerox web site says will work for the Phaser Windows bit Whenever I try to install it through quot Add Printer quot I get the error message quot Printer driver was not installed Operation could not be completed error x quot I also tried installing the Global Drivers for Xerox Printers Both the Postscript and the PCL gave me the error message quot Printer was not installed Unable to find a core driver package that is required by the printer driver package quot Xerox Tektronix refuses to help me because they say they no longer support this printer even though their driver description says it will Can't Install Phaser Printer Driver on Windows 7 work with Windows bit I REALLY need to be able to use this printer as it s my only printer Can anyone help me Peg nbsp

Relevancy 63.64%

I work with a Xerox 7345 and can't seem to change the Dpi, anyone got a clue how to do it ?
Relevancy 63.64%


My computer is working fine - but I recently purchased a new Samsung ML2570 laser printer that just died when the starter cartridge ran out of toner (or actually when the printer counter hit its predetermined set no. - probably 1000). At least I think that's what happened. The starter cartridges come without fuses. Replacement cartridges or toner refill kits come with fuses that are supposed to reset the counters, so when I refilled the starter cartridge and inserted the fuse that came with the kit, the printer still didn't work. I tried again with two more fuses, with no luck. I don't have a printer jam and all the doors are well-latched before I turn it on. Does anyone have any idea what I should do next to get my printer working again? My email is [email protected]

Regards, and thanks for any help,


A:New Samsung Laser Printer Starter Cartridge Won't Reset Printer When Toner Refilled

Relevancy 62.78%

Last night I reformatted and reinstalled Windows SE My Problems C6 Xerox Printer printer a Xerox C was working fine up until a few minutes ago I think the problem might stem from some DSL Tweak software I installed Now the computer doesn t see the printer I removed the printer and tried to reinstall but the Xerox software says there is a version of the printer already installed even though it doesn t show up in Xerox C6 Printer Problems the Printers folder I then removed and reinstalled the printer port No go When I try to install the printer from the Printers folder I get a message that says the printer could not be installed and to shut down Windows and try again If the problem persists I m supposed to call my system administrator I am hoping you guys will fill that role for this home user The stupid printer is getting something through the port as it goes through it s initialization when I boot up Why I can t install it is a mystery to me TIA for any help KT nbsp

A:Xerox C6 Printer Problems

First of all, let's see if your printer can get something from the port. Restart your pc in DOS mode, then at the prompt type this: dir >lpt1 and then press enter. This will send the list of your archives to the printer, in pure ASCII format, without the need of any driver. With this you discard if there's a problem with the port. Second, go to regedit, and search for all instances of Xerox, and delete the keys that mention it, especially if they are printer-related (if you reinstalled the driver, uninstall it first and reboot your machine before doing this). You said the problem began when you installed a tweak utility for DSL, ok?, get rid of it before attempting all this... If you don't get anything, then do a clean reinstall of everything, no way out. Good look.
Relevancy 62.78%

Is anyone familiar with the Xerox M750 printer? I just developed a problem with mine. When I turned it on all the lights are flashing and no matter what I do I can't get it to work. I did e-mail Xerox trying to get some help, but who knows how soon that will be. I tried to uninstall the printer but it won't let me so I am not sure what kind of problem I have here.

I have received so much help on your website so thought I would grab at straws.

Relevancy 62.35%

On any website that I visit; all backgrounds are black and all text is white. How can I reverse this? Also, I am a stamp collector. When I visit Linns Stamp News all the web addresses are blacked out. How do I keep that from happening? While I'm at it my computer has slowed down considerably. I run Microsoft Essentials weekly, but it tells me that all is secure.
Thank you, sincerely, Kleon24

A:White to black background, white text to black

I think you can go to tools>options>colors and tick "Use windows colors".
Relevancy 62.35%

when i start the game up and i click the screen it like closes and goes to the desktop...changing the compatability does nothing...can anyone please help...i am using xp..and apparently this is a very common problem with other xp users with B&W

A:Black and White problem

Have you installed the latest patch for Black and White? That should fix it.
Relevancy 62.35%

I've recently got Black and White 2 and have been having some problems with it. They started on world 3 (the wall building world) and i get random flashes of colour going across the screen making it impossible for me to be able to do anything from saving the game to exit or helping my villagers build up the town. Any help is really appreciated.

P.S If you could tell me how to find all my systems specs i would be grateful as well:
Microsoft Xp Home edition
Intel Pentium 4
512mb of ram
i also have a Radeon 9800 graphics card

Relevancy 62.35%

After I install Black and White I get the following message(sometimes!) "runblackexe has encountered a problem and needs to close." I tried the patch and still doesn't work. I have Diect X version 9.0b and all Windows updates installed. System specs below:
Pentium 4 Processor,2.6cGHz,800MHz Front Side Bus
Asus P4P800VM Motherboard 865g chipset
128MB Nvidia GeForce FX5200 Driver Version 5.3.03
1024MB (2X512) Geil Ultra DDR400 memory CAS 2-3-3-4 1T
Hitachi Deskstar 80GB Serial ATA Hard Drive 7200 RPM,8MB Buffer, 8.5 Seek Time.
Intergrated Sound
Chieftec Infinity Case
PowerUp 400 Watt Power Supply
Samsung SyncMaster 17" Flat Screen
Windows XP Home Edition
Have all latest video drivers installed (5.3.03)

Relevancy 62.35%

I own Black and White, got the CD key, installed it, went to play the game. The Black & White logo popped up, dissapeared, and that was that. It just won't work. What the hell is the problem? Won't it run on XP? Is my Geforce fx 5200 too new for the game? Is there a patch I need for some reason?
Relevancy 62.35%

Hi I m having this problem with the game black and white I read the and white problem Black game walkthrough and it says something else I need the rd gate stone to get my creature I ve found the first and with the third the lady says i need to get the stone carver to carve Black and white problem it for me I ve dropped the stone for every house there is but no stone carver According to walkthroughs the stone carver should tell me i should bring him the stone and he would carve it to me but he never asked I don t think i have any unfulfilled quests Also i have no magic paper floating above the house Only by the gate wich tells me the villiage people would help me with the rd stone I am sure i have the correct stone as it sparkels like the other I have Win XP and everything seems to work oke I installed the latest patch to be sure I could not find anything on official B amp W sites nor fansites Please help nbsp

A:Black and white problem

It's been a while since I played Black and White, but I think you have to take the uncarved stone to the gate first, and the woman will tell you that there is a sculptor in the village who can carve it for you if you bring it to him. After you do this, there should be a sparkly area in front of the sculptor's house to place the stone--you should be able to tell which house it is because there is a half-finished statue of a person in front of the door.

Hope this helps
Relevancy 62.35%

i have a problem with black and white 2 on my laptop running vista. im not sure if its a problem with vista or my laptop.

the game runs really slowly and lags loads. whereas on my old xp machine it ran smoothly and it was also slower than my current machine.

ive tried something that was on another machine where you change the compatability settings to xp service pack 2.

i hope somebody can help me
Relevancy 62.35%

We use two computers at work - one's a Brother for A4 and the other is a Fuji Xerox Docuprint 2065 for A3. The brother is recognized by my computer but not the Fuji. It says its unspecified. I've downloaded the drivers from Fuji's website but have no idea how to install them. Ive had issues with drivers recently and am worried something may go wrong. When I click on it, I cant even remove the device (image attached) Any help will be appreciated.

I'm on Windows 7.
Relevancy 62.35%

This weird thing keeps going on with the printer in my office. Most of the time it appears as "offline", although it's on and everyone else prints with no problems (I am the only one with Windows 10), and the green tick appears on it on the Devices and printers. Furthermore, when Windows is able to recon the printer is online, I keep getting general "Couldn't print" errors, with no more information. Again, everyone else can print.

There's been only a single time I was able to print; after next restart it went back to those problems. I haven't changed any settings and Windows doesn't give me much to work with, since the output is limited to "the printer is offline, turn it on", and those general errors.

Any idea of where to what to do or where to start?

A:Unreliable behavior with Xerox printer

Every one else is NOT on Windows 10. That is one indication of the problem. Are you sure you have the correct Windows 10 printer driver ??
Relevancy 62.35%

A previous employer had a Xerox Workcentre 7655 which they changed the following year. I am now working with a Brother MFC-J6710DW which also has a wireless connection and I am getting interference from the drivers for the Xerox. I "removed device" for the Xerox several times and it kept popping back up. After rebooting, it is off the "divices and printers" list but still shows up on the list of ports and I am still not able to connect with the Brother. I have called Xerox and been told they are unable to help uninstall unless I have the serial number for the printer - which can only be gotten from the machine physically or if I am connected to it wireless.

A:Uninstalling Xerox printer drivers

Do the following steps to clear the Xerox printer driver. It should be listed under the driver tab.
Relevancy 62.35%

I have downloaded the driver for my Fuji Xerox Docuprint CP105 b, from the manufacturer website. I have unzipped the file. BUT the computer still wont recognise the printer as a printer. Instead it has it listed under devices as unspecified device. How do I make it recognised as a printer! Please help this is doing my head in! I am not computer savvy. Cheers

A:Windows 7 and Fiji Xerox Printer

What folders and/or files do you now have from the unzipped downloaded file?

You still have to install the printer's driver.
Relevancy 61.92%

I m wondering if someone can please help me because this is starting to do my head in I have an ATI X graphics card but it has no place on it which would enable me to record video from Sky TV via the SCART connection on the Sky Digibox No s-video port so I bought a PCI TwinHan Digital and Analogue TV capture card The card has four places to connect Black white and problem Sky picture from wires - One is for S-video one is for analogue and one is for FM I also bought an S-Video to Black and white picture problem from Sky Scart cable I connected the Black and white picture problem from Sky S-Video end to the TwinHan card and the Scart end Black and white picture problem from Sky to one of the Scart bits at the back of the Digibox However this gives me a problem - The problem being that the picture comes out in Black and White on the PC Anyone know how I can sort this problem out My S-Video to Scart cable is a Gold-plated Profigold SCART to S-Video cable The TwinHan card was this one http cgi ebay co uk ws eBayISAPI MEWN IT amp viewitem amp item amp rd amp rd Any help would be appreciated I have checked all over the internet but none of those ideas work nbsp

A:Black and white picture problem from Sky

skydragon786 said:

I'm wondering if someone can please help me, because this is starting to do my head in.

I have an ATI X1600 graphics card, but it has no place on it which would enable me to record video from Sky TV via the SCART connection on the Sky Digibox (No s-video port), so I bought a PCI TwinHan Digital and Analogue TV capture card. The card has four places to connect wires - One is for S-video, one is for analogue and one is for FM. I also bought an S-Video to Scart cable.

I connected the S-Video end to the TwinHan card, and the Scart end to one of the Scart bits at the back of the Digibox. However, this gives me a problem - The problem being that the picture comes out in Black and White on the PC. Anyone know how I can sort this problem out? My S-Video to Scart cable is a Gold-plated Profigold SCART to S-Video cable. The TwinHan card was this one:

Any help would be appreciated. I have checked all over the internet, but none of those ideas work.Click to expand...

Your gonna giggle, but I link my laptop to my TV from the S-Video socket and I used a lead I made from a Scart with Svideo socket and an old broken Svideo plug, this works fine,


I bought a proper lead from a shop and when I used it guess what...?


Seems that some of the Svideo leads arent wired right.

Relevancy 61.92%


I recently decided to install black and white 2 to my computer but came across a problem in the very early stages of doing so.

When i click on the install button, a box comes up saying:

Setup.exe - Application error
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006). Click on OK to terminate the application.

That's it!! And i don't know what to do, i can't even begin to install it and i don't understand what the stuff in the box means

Could it be anything to do with the fact that i have the original black and white installed on my computer already?

Please help. xx
Relevancy 61.92%

I have a problem installing black and white 2 to my vista console. ive tried running in administrator and changing the compatibility to xp service pack 2. nothing seems to work and the dudes at ea dont seem to know a whole lot.

the error message appears about 10 minutes into installation. the message says:


Black and white 2 has failed to install
your system has not been modified
please re-run the installer and try again

Error: Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)
Relevancy 61.92%

Hi,i have a problem running b&w 1.Everything is fine until i start to play/move etc.The graphic goes different colors,green,black and so on.Here is a screen

My video card is GeForce 4 MX 440 with AGP8X.I will really appreciate if some1 could help me =)

Relevancy 61.49%

I downloaded the XP driver for the Xerox C11 printer but when I try to install
it it says I must have admin privilages and should log in as the admin, well I am logged in as the admin, in fact there are no other user accounts I am the only
one who uses this computer.
XP Pro
amd 2000+
512mb Ram
My login name for this pc isn't 'admin', but I am the 'Computer Admin'.
Is there a work around for this, I guess it's a bug in either XP or the driver
Relevancy 61.49%

In the past, occasionally the small icon of my printer in the notification area of the taskbar would have a red circle with an X through it. When you put the mouse over the icon, the message "WorkCentre 940 - No Communication" would show up.

I'd usually fix the problem by unplugging the power cord and USB cord to the printer for a few seconds and then reconnect it.

But now, the problem won't go away. I've tried using the latest driver from the xerox site and that hasn't helped.

I've also tried the ideas on this link

Any ideas?

Relevancy 61.49%

Somebody just gave me a printer he wasn't using. The name reads " MODI XEROX - 6500". I need drivers to run it on Win 2k. Any idea where I can get it?
When I give a print command it says only fax is installed. I don't know if this is a printer and fax machine.

A:Modi Xerox 6500 Printer Drivers

turjya said:

Somebody just gave me a printer he wasn't using. The name reads " MODI XEROX - 6500". I need drivers to run it on Win 2k. Any idea where I can get it?
When I give a print command it says only fax is installed. I don't know if this is a printer and fax machine.
TNG.Click to expand...

go to the website of the printer and find the drivers they will be in either the support area or downloads area.
Relevancy 61.49%

I have the Xerox Workcenter XK50 CX and it was working fine and the next time I tried to print when the print window for xerox comes up it flashes printer is offline. I have tried the various solutions that they offer on the website but has not worked. I can print out a test page or make a copy but cannot print a document. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

A:Xerox WorkCenter XK50 says printer off line

What program were you trying to print from. Also what kind of document were you trying to print (spreadsheet, letter, picture?)
Relevancy 61.49%

I have attempted to install my printer on my laptop I am having issues I went to Xerox Printer Xerox issue Driver install and downloaded and attempted to install the printer and received the same issue It wants to install as a network printer and is requesting me to connect to a network I do Xerox Printer Driver install issue not have a network When I go to view my devices and printers I see my Xerox printer there which seems strange I tried to print something from word and it only printed in black and with from the bypass tray I then went to check my printer preferences and found i had only the very basics options which all seemed to be fine except for the color and tray selection Its weird because on my XP and Vista computers I do note have this issue and they are also laptops I checked my security and I have rights to everything I simply want to install the printer and us it with a USB connection I am also having an issue with two other devises using the USB port connection

A:Xerox Printer Driver install issue

Did you happen to download and install the Xerox Global Print Driver?

If so, the Global print driver does not support USB connections for the SNMP Device Discovery and therefore will revert to "Basic" Print only. You can go into the drivers advanced setting and choose the printer from the list and this will restore all printing features.

If you are using the "Native" print driver and still unable to resolve, Please call 1-800-835-6100 and follow the prompts for Support. (I work in 2nd Level Software Support)
Relevancy 61.49%

I work on a Windows NT environment and i have loaded office 2000. I can print in every application except Excel. The printer i'm using is a XeroxDP N2125 PCL5e. Has anyone run accross that problem before.

A:cann't print in excel on Xerox printer

I haven't seen exactly the same problem, but I have found that the PCL5e printer drivers can and do behave erractically at times. Might I suggest trying a reinstall of the printer driver but use an older version such as 5 or 4.x and see if the problem is resolved.
Relevancy 61.49%

Hi, is this printer a good printer. i.e. I heard that after your toner runs out on some of these new laser printers, U have to replace more than juat a toner.


Relevancy 61.06%

hi ive got a problem in bw2 that pretty much renders the game unplayable. none of the villagers get older, noone ages so when someons born they 1 year old forever. ive checked all over the net and noone has the same problem. The only thing i have to go on is that during the install theres and error in some sound file but i cant se how that affects villager aging. If anyone knows a solution to this plz help.Thanks.
Relevancy 61.06%

Recently I've been experiencing a problem with video files, that they always play in black and white. All video files played in Windows Media or Movie Maker are affected, although web videos played through Quicktime are unscathed. DVDs play fine. .WMV files and .AVI files are the only file formats I use on a regular basis, and so they are the only formats I've seen to be affected. Even files that were just imported from my MiniDV camera with Movie Maker are black and white.

I've reinstalled Movie Maker 2 and Windows Media Player 10, as well as installing every available update Microsoft could offer.

Microsoft tech support as well as Dell tech support have both failed miserably in trying to fix this problem.

Thank you for any help that any of you might be able to offer.


A:Video files in black and white only... problem.

I feel really stupid right now. I was writing a big post here with all these things I'd tried, some of which had worked and some of which hadn't, and then I looked at the Overlay Settings on my graphics card and the Saturation was turned down to 0. Oops.

Looks like a don't have a problem after all.

Relevancy 60.63%

Hi Folks.

I have an 32-bit XP machine on the house network driving an Canon MP495 and a Xerox Docuprint C4350. I can print to both printers from the XP machine. The XP is up to date. My work machine is a 64-bit Windows 10 machine connected to the same network. I can see both printers on the Windows 10 machine. I have connected to and can print to the MP495 over the network.

When I try to connect to the C4350 Windows 10 fails to find a driver. I have downloaded the specific 64-bit Windows 10 driver from the Xerox site and directed Windows 10 to that folder which contains what should be the correct INF file. However it says this is not the correct driver.

I am running out of things to try. Does anybody have a suggestion?

Thanks, Ron
Relevancy 60.2%

hi everyone the problem with my computer is that when i start it up a black screen with white writing comes up it says that there was some sort of problem and my computer might have been incorrectly shut down which it wasn t i shut it down properly the night before didn t download or load anything before i shut it down either several options show up including quot start with safe mode quot quot start windows normally quot quot start with last configuration quot etc i ve tried EVERY single option but each time i do so the screen just pretends to restart itself and it goes right back to the screen so essentially i can t get past it i dont have a windows XP CD not sure where i placed it because i moved i got a friend to burn me a copy but my desktop doesnt seem screen white up writing XP black start with problem; to recognize it because XP start up problem; black screen with white writing nothing happens when i put it in does anyone know what s wrong with my computer how i can fix it PLEASE help me this problem has not only affected my laptop but also my other computer i only have computer left and it s an ancient one the first one i ever got that freezes every minutes ps i don t know thattt much about computers so it would be really appreciated if when you respond and give me instructions they could be a bit more detailed nbsp

Relevancy 60.2%

Hello guys i ve bought an easycap about months ago together with a scart splitter and an scart-to-composite-and-reverse cable I was quite dissapointed that it didn t support pal- for my region It only did black and white Soo today i ve been fking around with it and found out that it won t do PAL but will do NTSC wich i already know I tried all possible formats sad enough NTSC or something EasyCAP white. problem. strange n Color/black like that wasn t between it EasyCAP strange problem. Color/black n white. But when i changed the OUT-Composite cable with the IN-Composite cable it recorded my TV in normal PAL colors it still did black and white in NTSC When EasyCAP strange problem. Color/black n white. i changed the cables back it tilted the screen and when i changed the signal from PAL-B or whatever pal one back to NTSC M or NTSC M J it worked again in black and white but when i changed it from NTSC M to PAL again it flashes the screen on tilt but WITH the correct colors so there was a tilted-screen with the correct colors anyone knowing how to get this while recording the colors i m talking about my xbox here if i hook it up directly it won t work either and putting my xbox back to pal- didn t work as well nbsp
Relevancy 60.2%

I was gaming the other day and my vista 32bit somehow only displays only black,white,gray colors now. I tried to find a fix for this but i can't find it. I have asked some people online and they say its my graphics card. I can run all my games smoothly but without any colors.

Any help would be nice

A:Vista only shows black and white color problem! I need a fix

I would suggest trying another monitor to see if that's the cause.
Relevancy 60.2%

i have a DocuPrint C525A printer which has been working fine on my dell laptop OS win7 x64bit Home Edition. I have recently bought a Samsung laptop also with Win7 x64 Home Edition. i am unable to load drivers for the new computer. Fuji Xerox can't help.
The drivers listed in device manager for the printer on the Dell computer is located C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\usbprint.sys There is an identicle driver on the Samsung computer. I have tried copying the driver from the dell to the Samsung but all i get is "windows could not find driver software for your device"

Any suggestions?

A:Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C525A printer driver Windows7 not available

Welcome to the forum
Did you try to use the driver in compatibility mode?

Compatibility Mode
Relevancy 60.2%

OneNote per Word 2016 will not allow me to access my Xerox 7760 printer.  To attempt to access the printer must I uninstall OneNote?  What am I doing wrong?  Note: I have Windows 7, not Windows 8.
Relevancy 58.91%

I have had a Canon Pixma MP500 all in one for several years, and it is a great printer. BUT, I am really, really tired of paying for the ink. Even though I buy my ink for much less over the internet, an ink jet printer is cheap to buy, but expensive to use.

Are their any reasonably priced all in one color laser printers on the horizon that would be of good quality? For this type machine, I'm thinking under $500 would be reasonably priced, and I would seriously consider it.

A:laser all-in-one printer?

Check the cost of color laser consumables, it's not unusual to find a complete set of toners get close to the printer price.
Relevancy 58.91%

I just got a Lexmark Optra R+. When printing it will print good but it has lines going across the page. What could be causing this? Old toner? Thanks

Relevancy 58.91%

I have an old hp laser printer III. It does not pick the paper correctly from the tray. Somebody told me to change the rollers.
I have a few questions?
Where can I buy these parts?
How to change the input rollers?
Where can I buy toner for this printers?

Thank you.

Relevancy 58.91%

Looking to buy a laser printer but not sure what to go for.
Looking for something that is at least - Print Resolution (dpi) Up to 600 x 2400 dpi and color.
Dont want to spend more that £150 if posiable but dont want to buy something thats not going to last,,,, and rather spend a little more on the printer if i going to save on the price of ink.
Also would like something thats not to big and doest make a lot of noise
Thanks for your time

Relevancy 58.91%

couldn't find exactly what i wanted when i searched so i posted here...
does any one know of a good quality laser printer?
not all in one...
does not have to be networked.
Relevancy 58.05%

One of my companies laser printers is leaving light blotches on printouts. They are random and they look like water drops or something. I don't know a lot about printers so can anybody help me? Thank you.

Relevancy 58.05%

My Samsung CLX 2160 laser printer was giving poor outputs in that the black text was faint. I replaced all the toner cartridges, but still get the same problem. The waste toner container was also replaced later. I have spoken to Samsung who were no real help. I've cleaned the nozzles and generally cleaned accessible bits of the printer. The test page shows colours that are reasonably good, but the black is faint. A manufacturer's repair will cost as much as a new machine.

Relevancy 58.05%

Inexpensive laser printer?

Suggestions on inexpensive laser printer?

Costco has Brother, OKI, HP. Don't know anything about the first two.

A:Inexpensive laser printer?

Start Checking around places like Staples, I got a brand new Canon MF3110 for $49.00 off the Clearance rack. They had it as a Holiday display and never even opened the toner cartridge box. only thing was the box was opened. Clearance Racks are my friend!
Relevancy 58.05%

I am having an issue when printing. Every page has 8 uniform dots on the right hand side of the paper. I have tried cleaning the cartridge and removing any dust from the machine.
If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

A:HP 4600 Laser Jet Printer

If the "dots" are of exact spacing then it will be caused by a fault in the drum or the transfer system, a dot being made on each rotation.

There is usually nothing you can do about it if it is the drum, apart from replacing it. That model does have an "all in one" drum and color toner assembly I believe, but I am unsure if the drum will have the problem or the transfer belt in your case.
Relevancy 58.05%

My son gave me this printer that he purchased used. I downloaded all the latest drivers for Vista which I unfortunately have on a Toshiba Satelite laptop.
When I try to print it prompts me to "print to file" and add a file name. I can't get it to actually print! Please help.


Relevancy 58.05%

I've had to install my o/s, win 2k about 4 times. Its running fine now. Out of those four times my laser printer has installed twice. This being the fourth, no such luck.

i keep getting the error "cannot connect with the mita 560 status monitor. The current job was deleted".

I've downloaded the 2k, 2k pro drivers from different boards, looked for different rasdd.dll files to compensate for the windows 2k problem with this file. Still no luck.

Any suggestions, thanks....

Athlon 500 Mhz
6167 MSI MB
256 SDram pc 133
20 gig HD Quantum
Mita dp-560 laser printer (GDI)
Win 2k Pro
Relevancy 58.05%

Hello ,

I'm going to buy a All-in-one for home-use and student use(10 papers /week) so I need a high quality All in one printer , Please suggest some printers that have high DPI in scannnig and printing.
sometimes i need to print Pictures with high quality(although it couldn't be same as special Printers for photo but it can be significant).

Until now I find some items but I accept your suggestions :wahoo:

HP LaserJet Pro 200 M276nw All-in-One Color Printer
HP M476nw LaserJet Pro Wireless Color Laser
Lexmark CX410e Color Laser MFP
HP Officejet Pro X551dw Printer

which one? If none, what is your suggestion?

Features I'm looking but not important:

printing,copping and scanning A3 or A2

A:Best Laser All in one Printer for home use - under $500

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Our office laser printer is stamping and smudging print down the page repeatedly from what appears from one of the center guide wheels. I've cleaned the printer wheels a couple times and the problem persists. Has anyone had this issue and solved it?

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Hi all,

I am after either an A3 or A4 laser printer that can print on heavier papers and the thickest card stock. I will mainly be using it for foiling, hence the reason for it needing to be a laser printer. Obviously it will make more sense if it has a straight path to avoid jamming and curling. I will mainly be using black toner only rather than colour, so maybe a printer that has larger mono cartridges available would be beneficial. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks - M

A:Laser Printer Advice

You are highly recommended to download the software for your printer device in order to ensure that you carry the latest software. Make sure that you are going to download the software which is meant for your PC and printer model. Also ensure that the same network is running your printer machine or the PC on which you have installed the printer software.
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I am setting up printer sharing on a small network. There is a heavy duty laser printer currently working on the LPT port of one of the workstations. It is desirable that all workstations would share this laser printer as it is convenient to all. Can anyone give me a detailed list of the steps I should take to complete this task.

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Hidy ho all,

I have a client that does alot of printing. And I mean alot. They go through a a 3x2x1 stack of printer paper boxes in a month.

And their primary printer, a Brother 8890DW all in one, is starting to have its parts fail after just over 3 years of service.

They wanted to get a price comparison for replacement parts vs a new printer.

My biggest issue is, I've never really shopped for a heavy duty laser printer before now. And they want this replacement to be able to scan photos and send faxes as well.

So, what criteria should I be looking for in the printer aspect of the device?

A:Need Help Shopping for a Laser Printer

First thing I would do is look at their business scenario. Paper is soooo 2000's.

We use Ricoh AIO here at the shop. One of our satellite shops also uses a Ricoh AIO, they have about 20 people. That meets their needs, but they are nowhere near printing as much as your client.
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Hey All,

Love the printer for the speed and multi-functionality. The only problem is the pictures come out a little too dark, although sharp. I don't want to switch to Economy Mode. is there an easier way to brighten the pictures?

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Hi guys,
Im looking to buy a nice B&W A4 laser printer for my office.
Im after a network one so that it doesnt need to be connected to a pc.

Other things that are important.
- Good toner life
- Reliable
- Good warranty

Anyone reccommend one?


A:Advice On Laser Printer

I have used a HP LaserJet 1100 very successfully for 4 years now, without it ever giving a problem. The latest model I think is the Laserjet 1200. It does about 4000 pages per toner-refill.

Also Brother HL-1440 is a very good one (try

Rather than spending the money on a network-capable printer, buy a separate dedicated print-server like Netgear PS110 which can connect 2 printers to your network via the hub/switch.
I use that for my network at home with the above LaserJet and a colour Deskjet. Very easy to install.