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second ram memory slot just getting a long beep

Q: second ram memory slot just getting a long beep

i have a N1996 motherboard with two slots for 184pin memory. i have purchased a new module to slot into the second slot but i just get a long beep then the beep stops, then a long beep again etc.
i have just tried the original one in the second slot(on its own) twice, but still the beep. i have put the memory back into the first slot and it works fine.

any help would be grateful

would i need to change the bios setting, or do you think that the second memory bank is down.

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Preferred Solution: second ram memory slot just getting a long beep

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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From start to finish First time building without my dad using an Abit VT mobo and P Ghz with a w power supply Originally I had a stick of MB DDR Crucial RAM in there and a nVida G-Force video card The first time I got everything hooked up was on Friday got started up beautifully and with - beep long booting or Not what? a issue Memory as expected Made the mistake of hooking up the CD-R floppy drive and sound card all at once before installing Windows and after that it wouldn t boot up even when I went back to the original setups and just processor mobo and memory and cleared the CMOS a few times when trying to get Not booting with a long beep - Memory issue or what? it to work - which really surprised me The fans keep on going and the mobo still has that green light so it s not shutting down on me No sync with the monitor when I had the video card in and I got nothing but a long beep then a pause then the long beep again - which I discovered by reading a few FAQs tonight usually symbolises memory problems Abit tech support this afternoon said it s the memory beep code after clearing the CMOS again with no success so I was told that if moving it to a different slot did nothing my Crucial memory was probably incompatible Ok that s fairly simple to fix I say to myself My boyfriend suggested I try powering up without any RAM in there so it s just processor and mobo and I got the same beep code - and neither of us was sure if that was supposed to happen or not Tried the Crucial again same problem Ran out to Circuit City to get a MB DDR Kingston stick thinking it s a compatibility issue Doesn t work Humor myself by trying the other slots no luck Looked online right now and see yes my Crucial WAS compatible with my mobo So now I m horribly confused on what s wrong I doubt I killed lt fill-in-the-blank gt by popping in those devices way back when but if it s the memory like the beep suggests what do I do to fix it It s in the all the way with the tabs snapped and down so I know it s not not fully connected And if it s not a memory problem then what IS wrong I m slightly frantic because I leave for school on Thursday and it s going to be Tuesday when I can get ahold of more tech support people - going to call Intel Abit and Crucial and talk to whoever is open earliest Thanks Edit - forgot to mention I ve cleared the CMOS on a few occassion with no luck nbsp

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I did somehing stupid so what else is new and I have no intention of telling the memory manufacturer what I did I have a KD mobo Phoenix Award Bios and PC RAM The stupid thing I did was buy a memory cooler at CompUSA on impulse If you ve never seen one it s metal pieces with some kind won't post...long think it's memory a problem beep...I of heatsink that fit on each side of the stick They attach with way tape and one side had an additional strip of thermal tape Then you use clips won't post...long beep...I think it's a memory problem to hold the thing together and snap it in the usual memory slot The trouble was I couldn t get it to fit even removed the video card for extra work room I guess it wasn t in tightly enough no matter how many times I tried to reseat it Each time I got one long beep pause one long beep pause etc and no post Then I removed the cooler from the memory stick but the result was the same Maybe I slightly bent it maybe I messed it up by touching it away from the edges I really don t know Is this beep code a memory error Is there any way to deal with it short of replacing it Any suggestions appreciated nbsp

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For some silly reason I removed the 2 128mg PC2100DR ram sticks from my old computer that was working just fine. When I reinstalled them and I try to boot up I get a long beep, a pause, and another long beep. This senario continues and I shut the computer down as soon as possible. I'm sure I have the ram seated properly. Any ideas? Thank you in advance

A:One long beep, pause, another long beep when I turn on computer

If you are sure that you have them seated correctly try one stick at a time.
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Here is my problem I have a Compaq presario with a frozen bios screen but cpu ok, mem ok, video ok, nothing is conected and power supply ok.
any ideas?

A:Compaq bios freeze short beep long beep

Is the beep pattern just one short one long? Check your manual for the POST beep codes to determine what it is telling you. All POST beep codes are different so there's no way to tell unless we know exact model of your PC. The manual usually has the beep code in it, though.
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Motherboard has VM800 on it

ive tried another psu

post test (with just the cpu, ram, mobo)

tried looking up some bios beep codes but cant seem to see anything anywhere
for long long long long long beep codes, just repeating hmm wondering if anyone

tried clearing cmos also and other jumpers........

A:Bios Beep Codes anyone know what long long long is?

heres a site with codes

the award bios seems to have this continous and reports a memory error
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Is my video card has this code?

A while ago it takes time i open my notebook i'm worried this is second time it happened.

A:one beep long followed two beep short

What model Samsung? Have you checked the Samsung site for your specific model to see if there is listing of the beep codes?
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Hi Today I replaced my old graphics card with 1 1 Beep Long Short Beep, a new GeForce GT and also added a new Kingston GB Ram Card I installed both of them then restarted the computer since then it has only powered on and playing short beep then long beep I ve tryed everything I can think of ranging from taking out everything new and putting it back to before I added the new items to completely taking out all RAM sticks and reseating them I m not sure how a brand new unopened GB ram stick that fit perfectly and a brand new right out of the box graphics card can cause a problem like this I ve been through the ins and outs of the internet trying to find 1 Short Beep, 1 Long Beep a solution but nothing has worked Hoping someone can think of a unique way to fix this or how it could have possibly happened 1 Short Beep, 1 Long Beep in the first place I dont buy anything used everything placed inside my computer was is brand new when it was purchased Any help comments on solutions would be greatly appreciated thanks nbsp

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I was just using my PC yesterday everything is normal It was hot around C I think Around P M my PC suffered BSODS I can't upload the dmp files because I can't open it I thought its just overheating so I turned it off and after a few minutes the second BSOD appeared I restarted my PC and the one short beep and one long beep is sounding I checked my RAM and one beep One long short beep, tried to switch it to another bank but the beeping is still there My video card temp was - C before the first BSOD happened What can I do to fix this Specs HP Pavilion P D year months Pentium Dual Core CPU E GHz year months Foxconn A C year months MB RAM Samsung rx PC u year months Palit NVIDIA GeForce GT MB month weeks Seagate Barracuda One short beep, one long beep ST AS GB RPM year months Western Digital BEV External HDD GB year months Bestec ATX- - Z Watts year months

A:One short beep, one long beep

Is it possible you are hearing 1 long - one short?
That might indicate a BIOS CHECKSUM error, depending on the brand of BIOS.

You can try a ClearCMOS procedure (CLRTC is the same thing):
Note all your current BIOS settings
Shut down the computer > remove the power cord.
Remove the 3v motherboard battery.
Move the CLRTC jumper from pins 1-2 to 2-3.
Touch a metal part of the case and Press and Hold the reset button for approx. 30 seconds to discharge all power from the board.
Put the CLRTC jumper back on pins 1-2.
Replace the 3v battery > replace the power cord > boot.
Immediately go back into BIOS and reset all your preferred settings. If the CLRTC worked you will need to reset the date and time.
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hello, i have a hp a335w i just installed a new power box 2 days ago pc was working fine ,but today when i turned pc on i got one short beep then one long continues beep i disconnected the memory , harddrive, cd, one at a time to check for problem but still have the same problem pc will not boot up

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Hi there i seriously need you guy's help with my model P Y I continually hear short beep and long beep when i try to boot up my pc According to hp it's a memory issue but i proved that wrong I have gone thru I beep,1 beep my pc 1 help long short need has removing the RAM checking if one of the modules are bad they are all good gb x I also removed the windows harddrive and i still get the beeps i described above I made sure all cables are seated properly and i cleaned the entire MOBO for dust including the CPU I get a blank on my monitor nothing shown When i plug in the keyboard i don't get any power lights etc num lock caps lock The mouse is getting power I replaced the power supply still getting the beeps and i can remove all cables hd mouse KB and the beeps continue Please help me guys as i have hit a dead end and i appreciate your time Sincerely nbsp tech
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My sons Computer did no boot up from one A Athlon post beep no no Slot day to another so he says So I thought that should be a easy one to solve Nothing further from the truth I can not get this thing to post anything at all So you guys it is up to you Here are the Specs and the things I did already Specs AMD Athlon slot A Mhz not overclocked Microstar MS Board Ram X MB X MB ATI MB Videocard Western Digital GB IDE Harddrive CD Rom Write OK took out the Ram and reset I powered up one Ram at the time nothing CPU is warming up not hot though CPU fan is running Unpledged all drives and all cards except Video nothing replaced CMOS Battery nothing reset CMOS by removing battery for min with power unpledged nothing swaped Athlon Slot A no post no beep videocard with other ones nothing bridged powerpins on MOBO without CPU present in case bios is hung up nada The thing powers up fans are running HDD spin up Athlon Slot A no post no beep with a few clicking noises in the beginning CPU is warm Videocard gets pretty hot I get no Athlon Slot A no post no beep beeps and no Video signal at all I dont think there is a onboard speaker so the no beep is most likely related to that I have a suspicion what it could be but I want to see where you guys lead me and see if it is the same what I think thank you very much from theses nbsp

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Hello all,
I have bought a Corsair 650TXEU PSU, I originally planned to use it later for my new PC but I still use my older one, so an older motherboard as well which is an ASRock 775i65g. And I did run my PC with the new PSU right after I bought it - when I turned it on i heard a long continous beep and no screen (although all the hardware were working, because I heard the fans moving).
I want to ask what might be the problem here? Maybe too much power?
I'd be glad if someone could help me out, thanks in advance!

A:New PSU, long beep

Make sure you connect a power supply to the ATX 12V connector. This is the 4pin plug (check your manual for location)
Also, check that all RAM modules, add-on cards are seated properly.
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When my hubby tried to turn on his computer yesterday all he got was one long beep. I turned it off and restarted it without any problem. Does anyone know why this would happen.

Thanks, Jac

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I have a new Envy and right away it started doing the long beep when I shut the lid. It's almost immediate, but it doesn't do it every time--maybe 1/5 of the time. It is definitely not coming from the speakers. It is a loud, long beep. Occasionally it will happen when I am using the laptop but it happens more often when I shut the lid.It's not particularly bothersome, I just want to make sure nothing is wrong.
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I was just looking for some advice, I have a Vaio laptop and every so often it will make quite a long beep and then there is a click. The click almost sounds like the CD drive is trying to open. Nothing else happens to the laptop and I can use it perfectly normally. This will happen once every few days, is not time specific and it does not happen during startup or shutdown.

I'm just a little confused as to what it could be, I backup my data daily as all my work files are on here, but if anyone has an idea as to what it could be/ if I need to be looking for a new laptop!

Thanks for taking the time to read and if you can help at all then I'd really appreciate it

lottie x

A:Long beep then click

check the beep code here

d/load and run the h/drive makers diagnostic utility on the h/drive

check you can see the drives listed ok in the bios
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can any help me to fixe my asus p4vp-mx motherboard i try to change a new video card the result is 1long and 2 short beep plz help for dis thanks

A:1 long and 2 short beep


there is a buid in video cards and i also clear the bios but the problems still there
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One long beep and two beeps that is all I get. Blue screen said something about memory compatability and if first time reboot in safe mode. the beebs are all I get.this is desktop I built over a year ago have had no problems till now.XP Pro operating sys,Asus M2N-SLI motherboard,VGA XFX 8500GT video card,Corsair twin 2x2048- 6400C4 Ram.Swapped out the hard drive to another comp no problem.Not using card in SLI format.Any ideas most likely problem Ram,video card,mother board or processer.

A:One long beep and two short

Check these against your particular BIOS.
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ummm, im having a hard time on my pc because it keeps on giving me a ONE LONG BEEP and doesn't have a signal on my monitor. it's the first time it happened to me and I'm confused because none of the sites I've visited told me on how to manage this beep. i also tried removing the RAM and VGA card for the beep to change but it didn't. i hope you guys could help me... thanks

A:one long beep problem

Please go to the Guides Forum and check the FAQs:
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Trying to figure out what is wrong with my Compaq Evo D300v.

When I try to boot I get one beep then two longs beeps.

Read somewhere that the beeps indicate bad video card. Is this correct?

I was careless yesterday when I moved my computer while refurnishing the room. Pulled out the cord from the back of the tower without shutting down what was running. I know, my bad. Didn't think apparently. Left my brain someplace else. Also when I lifted the tower and tilted it towards me a bit I heard a noise as if something moved inside. I have looked inside and can't see any loose cords or anything like that.

Is there anything I can do about this? Grateful for advice.

A:Beep code: two long

There are so many versions of your computer it's hard to say what your beep codes mean. Some were made with pentium processors others were made with celeron. some are desktop, some are workstations.

I found this, but it may not even apply. Depends on your motherboard. It would help if we knew exactly what parts your particular PC was made with. It's extremely unhelpful when a certain model of PC applies to several very different hardware configurations. It's even more frustrating when the manuals don't have a list of beep codes and their meanings. Precisely why I hate manufactured PC's. I searched all manuals for your PC and this is all I could find about beep codes.

CAUTION: Some models support ECC memory and some support
non-ECC memory. For those systems that do support ECC, Compaq
does not support mixing ECC and non-ECC memory. Doing so will
cause the system to blink the NUMLOCK LED on the keyboard
continuously and, if a speaker is installed in the system, there will be a
short beep followed by 2 long beeps. In addition, the system will not
boot the operating system.
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The PC speaker just beeps when I power on my computer. Nothing happens just one long continuous beep. HELP!

A:One long continuous beep

Usually memory or video card.
Try reseating your memory or trying just one module at a time.
Try your video card in another slot.
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So I just put a new samsung ssd in my computer and it worked fine. Then it restarted and then had 1 long beep and 3 short on startup and my moniter stays blank. I hardly know anything about computers any help would be welcomed but I have a
P5kc asus motherboard
6gb of ram
560 w power supply
q9550 processor
6970 atI graphics card
Running on windows 7.

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i have one long beep and am not getting anything loading i noticedthat the stick of ram is getting hit to the touch does anyone know the problem. also my friend checked the ram to see how much i had he did pull it out could this be the problem?

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Hi i have a years old PIII system and recently after taking out the ram and after putting back turn the system on but the monitor shows nothing like it was up by boot and long beep gives PC itself a out not connected at all and a long beep sound is heard I tried to used another graphic card to try but same no reaction and still a long beep sound And then off the whole system by switching off the power supply main I then switch on the power supply main and the system on by itself without me pressing the start button and gives out a long beep sound I have also tried to used a new ram to try but still the same the monitor has no movement at all if thought it was no connected to the PC and a long beep sound Hope someone can advise what PC boot up by itself and gives out a long beep is the problem I have also tried using another power supply PC boot up by itself and gives out a long beep but still the same the PC on by itself and a long beep sound Thank you nbsp

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When booting system goes through the normal checks and then enters the opening WINDOWS screen. Before getting to my desktop....I hear a high pitched beep for a few seconds and then it stop very short time and then agian the high-pitched beep (this goes on intermittently and I never get to me desk top.
I shut down my computer, totally, and wait about 30 seconds and then power the unit up again. Again I get the same occurances of the beeps until again I shut down the computer totally. I do this a number of times until finally the system boots correctly and fully to my desktop configuration.

My question is: What do the long, intermittent high pitched beeps mean....what part of my system is failing; RAM memory, CPU getting too hot, etc....
Is there any reference documentation of Boot-up beeps and what they mean?

Any help would be greatly appreaciated
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I expereince a long, unbroken beep when my Dell Precision 380 operating on Windows XP SP3 goes on Standby. The Computer is running but there is a black screen and the mouse and keyboard freezes up. How do I stop this?

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I just replaced my motherboard with 361BS KLE133 Socket A Motherboard w/ Video & Sound. I installed it to the best of my knowledge and now when I turn it on there is an immediate long beep then it powers off. It sounds like the power supply fan and the processor fan spin up momentarily.
Can anyone help?

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I have just had 3 computers brought in and they all have the same symptons as above, there is no video at all. I think there may have been a blackout thru the night.

The motherboard is a Via vt8235 if this helps not to sure what else you might need to know.

Please help

My apologies i have just relised that this is in the wrong section, i am used to troubleshooting XP problems.

A:One long beep every 5 seconds

What motherboard is installed? You need to look up the beep codes on the motherboard manufacturer's website.
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I have an IBM Thinkcentre M50 with a P4 CPU and a AGP card Geforce FX5500 and it works just fine. I would like to upgrade the video to a Geforce 6600gt which I have. However, when it is installed, I get the beeps and no video. Is the Motherboard incompatible, is the power supply not good enough. It's only 230w. Lenovo says the card should work, but I'm thinking, what do they know.
Thanks in advance for the help.

I just removed the card and placed it in another older PC and it worked. I then put the card back into the IBM with the power supply from the old PC and nothing except the beeps.

A:One long beep and two short beeps

hi try running everest and get the info on your mobo etc post it then someone may be able to help
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After buying new motherboard, swapping graphics cards, new Hd, new RAM my PC still doesn't work. On bootup I just get 1 long beep every fifth second and nothing shows up on the screen, the graphics card has been checked and works on a different system. I have checked my BIOS beep codes and there is no reference for this type of beep. What the heck can I do now?

A:Single long beep at boot up

That is either video or ram and in spite of what you think, one or the other is incompatible.
The fact that the video card and ram work on another system only means they work on another system. I would bet on the video card but you have given us no specifics on any single piece of hardware so it is beyond impossible to speculate any further.
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That's a video problem right? If I remove the card and use onboard video and the problem remains, what might it be?

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my pc wont bootup.. i am getting one long beep. all the fans go, two mobo lights come on, and all the drives spin.

i have a 2.8 p4, 2x 512mb ddr 400 ram, GT6600. my motherboard is an abit 1s7
any ideas whats up?? i have a very big deadline coming up :-(

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Just now I walked away from my computer which was working fine Came back had some problems getting the mouse to respond Then it was OK Then suddenly out of the blue the system freezes hard not a reboot just freeze and starts emitting a long beeeeep My first thought was overheating But I have SpeedFan in the taskbar it said c I run Second beep. crash long and Suddenish Life on this machine and it s gotten up to c which makes me real nervous without crashing or having any issues at all The system rebooted without Suddenish crash and long beep. a fuss Only thing that happened just before that was I reinstalled the side panel - because of the hot temps in SL I d taken it off to cool the system a bit and hadn t put it back on I haven t even run SL during this boot - system is shut off each night It s running behind a modem and a router and has a full compliment of virus scanners software firewall and malware scanners Any ideas nbsp

A:Suddenish crash and long beep.

52c.. is pretty hot.. perhaps try cleaning off the thermal paste an puting on new.
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This post is going to involve PCs which I will refer to as PC and PC They are identical except for their graphics card and power supply They both have ASUS P E Intel Core Duo CPU E GHz RAM running windows XP PC gforce gt card and a watt power supply The LG monitor went off and never came back on My sister had an old vga Mitsubishi diamond plus I didn t have the funds yet to buy a new one so I hooked that up and everything was fine for about a week or two Then the monitor 3 beep long short Need beeps Help 1 shuts off and goes into power saving mode I assume power supply and it sits waiting for a new one PC gforce Need Help 1 long beep 3 short beeps gtx card and a watt power supply The LG monitor went off and never came back on I take the Mitsubishi from PC and a week later the monitor shuts off and goes into power saving mode I assumed the monitor finally died and went out and bought a new acer flat screen I hooked it up and when I booted up I heard long beep and short beeps The monitor went into power saving mode I then researched and found that beeping code to be an Award Bios error saying the graphic card was bad I pulled the card from PC and upon boot up I heard long beep and short beeps As I read this back to myself I am seeing and feeling sick at the thought of did I fry graphic cards by using that old vga They are both lifetime warrantied but it means both PCs down for as long as it takes to RMA them I am currently on my laptop but my world is on both those pc s I am hoping you can help me put together at least PC and not tell me I need a new motherboard lol Let me know what it is you need to know I appreciate any input nbsp

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Yesterday I shutdown my computer and when I went to turn it back on it was not sending a signal to the monitor and the computer bios was letting out a sequence of beeps.

1 Long beep followed by two short beeps.

I consulted my Motherboard manual to find that the beeps meant the graphics card was loose/not in all the way. So I opened it up jostled the card a bit and voila the computer started up and ran without a problem for ten minutes. I restarted it to get some updates and...well same problem back to square one.

It seems as though everytime I take the GC out and put it back in the computer will work but if I don't then it won't work.

PS: I cleaned the PCI-E Slot and the GC.

Any thoughts?

A:Long Beep Followed by Two Short Beeps

Make sure the fan is spinning on the card.

Take a pencil eraser and clean the gold contacts on the card, becareful and blow the eraser dust off before installing.

It could just be a bad video card that acts up when it gets hot
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Trying to figure out what is wrong in my compaq evo D51C

when I try to boot I get one beep then two longs beeps, I have tried everything possible too, switching out hardware/psu, etc.

I can't figure out what the beeps mean to fix the problem..

one short beep then two or three long beeps.

the computer turns on when I plug the power in so I guess the power button is broke, and the computer sometimes starts to post then shutsdown waits a few seconds starts up and gives the error messages.

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I have another laptop which is an HP G60 model running in windows Vista 64-bit. When I turn it on, it performs a somewhat 3-4 minutes of long beep. I test the memory and the harddrive and still it performs OK. Please I need help.

A:HP G60 Laptop Performs long beep

Lets go back to squoare one
Test the memory and Hard Drive using these methods
The memory test should be for 8 passes. and then take a known good stick and test each slot
Use this memory test not the one that is part of your OS, this is much better
Before the test, I think that you should back up your stuff.

Download memtest86 and test RAM

Test Hard Drive HD Diagnostic or this test Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
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i turn my computer on and get 1 long beep and then 2 short beeps, no images are even displayed on the monitor, it just beeps over and over. what is this?

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Hey guys, this is what has basically happened:

Last night, I was on my PC when a powercut happened. All power gone for about 1/2 hour, no big deal...I thought. When the power came back, I was able to log onto my PC however there was no internet, and this was apparant on all other computers in my house and the router also indicated this.

I then logged on this morning, with no internet still however there was internet in the rest of the house. I thought to restart the router and also my PC, however, when I tried to turn my PC back on, all i got was 1 long beep then 2 short beeps. I did some research and found out that this was a visual problem..something to do with my video card.

Is there anything immediate I can do right now to verify this, or do something..whatever..

Thanks for your time, any help is appreciated.

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Compaq Evo D500 (P4)
Intel Pentium 4 Processor 1.7 GHz
Front Side Bus 400-MHz
Hard Drive: 20-GB 7200 rpm QSI SMART III Ultra ATA/100
Audio: Integrated ACí97 Audio with Internal Speaker
NIC: Integrated Intel PRO/100 VM Network Connection
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Vanta 16-MB 4X AGP

When I start the computer.. 1 short beep 2 long beeps, then, continues to run... LED lights are on, fans working, hard drive working, however nothing displays on monitor. I am assuming Phoenix BIOS, however I am not able to find beep codes with this sequence for any BIOS. I have tried multiple sticks of RAM, multiple CMOS Batteries, cleaning slots, reseating graphics card and RAM, unplugging all devices and reconnecting, and different graphics cards. Everything is connected correctly. I cannot get the computer to boot up and display on monitor.

Any suggestions or assistance is greatly appreciated!

A:1 Short Beep 2 Long Beeps...

This site suggests a RAM problem:
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my pc wont bootup.. i am getting one long beep. all the fans go, two mobo lights come on, and all the drives spin.

i have a 2.8 p4, 2x 512mb ddr 400 ram, GT6600. my motherboard is an abit 1s7

any ideas whats up?? i have a very big deadline coming up :-(

A:long beep, short deadline :-(

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Can you describe the 1 long beep a little more?

Does it do this then nothing?

Does it do this then repeat?

If it gives one long beep and then nothing, then it probably means you have a faulty cpu.

See Below.

Basic Beep Codes for ABIT AWARD BIOS Motherboards

No beep at all - this means your motherboard is dead, either due to a defective or underpowered power supply, poorly seated CPU or RAM, or a dead-on-arrival board

One beep - board is working fine

One long beep then machine shuts down - faulty, improperly installed or missing CPU

1 short(Beep) System booting is normally

2 short(Beep) CMOS setting error

1 long - 1 short(Beep) DRAM ERROR

1 long - 2 short(Beep) Display card or monitor connected error

1 long - 3 short(Beep) Keyboard Error

1 long - 9 short(Beep) ROM Error

Long(Beep) continuous DRAM isn't inserted correctly

Short(Beep) continuous POWER supply has a problem

A two-tone siren, generally caused by overheating or out of specification voltages

Four beeps then machine shuts down. This is because this version of the BIOS will shut down your machine if no fan tachometer signal is detected on the fan header. Make sure you attach a fan to the FAN1 or FAN4 header or clear CMOS to reset to default (no checking).

Thanks to Paul Howland & Overclockers for providing the information.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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hello everyone i need some help.

i have asus p4s800 when i power on it well beep with a one long beep,i already change memory but still the same one long beep,what i did i'll pull out the motherboard to the case also the power supply to for testing.only the speaker is connected to the motherboard for any beep .but is stil d same. please help me..............

i also try to change the power supply.

p4 2.4
256mb memory
60gb hard disk

A:my asus p4s800 one long beep

look in the owner's manual and find what the long beep means.
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I have a HP a6130n (purchased in July 2007) and it has been giving me the "blue screen" and shutting down. Then all I get is one short and one long beep. It will start up again and work for a while but then will do the same thing again. I have NOT installed anything new. No new hardware or no new software in the last several months.
Any HELP?!

A:HP a6130n one short one long beep

Hi there

According to HP's support website, one short and one long beeps signify that your computer is having problems with the installed memory modules. Your symptoms are also common of the same.

Your computer supports four, 1GB DDR2-667 (PC2-5300) RAM sticks. I suggest you replace the ones in your computer. You might only have one or two.

Replacing them is easy and can be done at home.

Here is a cheap pair (two 1gb modules):
If you have more than one RAM stick it is possible that only one of them is faulty while the other is fine. To test your RAM modules you will need to run a memory test such as memtest86+

To figure out which one it is, you can also take one out and turn your computer on with just one or the other. If you figure out which one is faulty you can leave that one out and run the computer on just the healthy one.
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Whenever I turn on my computer it seems to do the little tick sounds right after you hit the power button, and then it beeps. But it seems do it for a while before it actually gives the beep.

Is there anyway to speed up this process?

I have:

Windows XP Service Pack 2
GeForce 4 MX Ti 4400 128 MB
512 Mb DDR Ram
Dvd Rw drive
athlon xp 2200 1.8 Ghz

A:Long time before beep on booting up

You'll have to look in the bios for options. It may have a option to skip memory test, or fast post, or something like that.. Also, while your there, check the boot order for your drives.. You can significantly speed up booting if you tell it to boot from the hard drive first before checking other boot options.
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A few days ago I tried to turn on my self built computer and nothing came on screen and then there was one long beep from the motherboard Though the instructions give no definition for one long beep I think my video card is screwed It said video Beep Video. Long do No you What and suggest? card problems are long beep followed by two short My last card died months ago mysteriously and I replaced it At the time I figured it just died but now with a second one likely dead I m thinking that it may have been fried I had the power supply tested months ago and it came up fine The PSU is a OCZ which I was told was high quality I m not sure how to proceed I don t think I should replace the video card cause it may just get fried again And do I replace the PSU which seems to be working fine How do you guys suggest I proceed Thanks for the help nbsp

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Hi guys,

I was overseas for 6 mths and left my desktop at home (disconnected from the mains). When I got back yesterday and tried to boot it up, it wouldn't work.

The power came on as per normal, but instead of the usual short beep, I got one long one. The desktop thereafter restarted and got into the cycle of long beeps and restarts. Only pulling the power cord out would break the cycle.

Any idea what's wrong? Can long-term storage damage computers?



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I need some help!! My pc will power up but will not POST. The fan comes on and then I get a long beep (4 sec) followed by a pause (2 sec) then it repeats that continously and nothing appears on the monitor. This problem just started out of the blue - I was using a program (MediaShout) and the program froze up - so when I rebooted - this started. Nothing will display on the screen. I checked with Phoenix Bios - and there was no beep code that matched. Some other forums said it might be a memory error - I reseated the memory and still get the problem. HELP!!!

Here is what I have:

DDR 266 RAM 512 MB (2)

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My computer was working just fine until recently I moved the computer to another location and it started giving me a long beep error code Started testing beep error code Long RAM Video and PSU and found out that the computer would start fine with just stick of RAM Long beep error code Ran a memory test for each RAM Long beep error code stick and they all passed with flying colors Also tried all the RAM sticks on a different computer and they all worked fine As for the PSU and Video I used different and working parts and still had the same problem Thought it was a mobo problem and decided to buy a new one and for my surprise it did work with all the RAM sticks once I turned off the computer and moved it to my room and it gave me the same long beep My computer specs are P N-E-SLI mobo Intel Core E GeForce GTS DDR Mb x Gb Corsair DDR MHz Hitachi Gbs Mb Cache Please assist I ran out of ideas on how to fix this problem nbsp

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I acquired an HP Pavilion dv9000 from a friend who gave it to me for parts. It had the usual video issue that alot of the dv family has. I saw somewhere that you could take the mother board out and bake it for 10 minutes to sort of reseat that nvidia video chip, so I tried it for something to do and put it back together, reformatted and it works beautifully.

The only thing I have noticed is that once in a while it will make a click noise noise followed by a long beep. I figure the motherboard is probably dying. It didn't cost me anything, but it's nice having this great big spare laptop for email and stuff. Any suggestions?

AMD processor, 2 512mb sticks ram.


A:Solved: One long random beep

I would say MB and or Video card problem.....did you put it in the oven with the cake?
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Hi everyone, I have a compaq presario with windows xp home, recently I started receiving a long beep when I started my pc. And sometimes (different lengths of time in use) it would shut down and show black screen. I check out the post beeps and thought my memory might not be working right. I tried to reseat the memory, it seemed to clear the long beep, but then I started to do it again, I went and purchased new memory and still it gives a long beep or shuts down at different times in use. No specific pattern. I did notice a win32 error in the error log report. Any ideas as to what might be causing this problems.


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AIO 300 20ISH With no OS at the moment, trying to get into BIOS but pressing F12 or F1 makes a long beep.Any advice?
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Any help appreciated

I have made no changes to the PC but it will not get to windows load up.

POST tone sounds like 1 long then silence though possibly 2 short to follow which would suggest a graphics card problem.

I have changed the graphics card for a working one in another pc and it also does not work in this pc.
I have tried my card in the other pc and it works fine
I have used another pci-e slot with the same results
I have tested the monitor with another pc and it is fine
I have removed all peripherals
I have removed RAM stick by stick and also in pairs
I have checked all internal wiring

I am a bit stuck now and suspect a motherboard problem

Help appreciated

A:PC won't pass POST - one long beep

What BIOS does your motherboard use?
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Compaq Evo HP motherboard #283983-001
Older system has been running great for quite a while, but now on power up, i get 1 short and 2 long beeps. I have tried reset and replaced RAM, a different HD, new cmos battery. Machine will not boot or send signal to monitor.
Cannot afford new machine right now. See new motherboards online for about $75, but want to make sure that is necessary. video is integrated in motherboard.
Any ideas please?
Thanks all!

A:1 short beep 2 long beeps

Compaq Beep Codes -
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Effectively I updated the BIOS, this seemed to work as I got the new display logo and once in Windows I reinstalled the chipset driver, which wanted a reboot. So I said yet to that, now any time it powers on it just beeps for a few seconds then nothing. Tried reseating the RAM, and the GPU, but this hasn't worked. Not sure how to reset the CMOS if it's that, but the complete lack of anything happening on the screen (doesn't seem to get that far) and the manual not having post codes in, means I am at a loss what to try next. Does anyone have any ideas? I mean all I've done is search for my SNID then install the BIOS and chipset it gave me so a bit frustrated that now it doesn't work at all.

A:Single long beep on power on then nothing (G3-605)

To clear CMOS, you can unplug AC power cord, take off the CMOS battery (silver button battery) just over the GPU card, press power button twice, wait 3 minutes and then put back everything. or  power off your PC, unplug AC power cord and short pin 2-3 (Pin 1 starts from left) of the Clear CMOS, it's in the middle of the bottom of the motherboard.short it for 2-3 minutes and then take off the short and try to power your system. I can't find any Beep codes but normally 1 short is something wrong on GPU.
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I recently purchased a used Acer Aspire One netbook The netbook I opted for was the inch screen GB harddrive GB RAM version that come installed with Windows XP So the other night I get a virus on it continuous Freeze long and beep that makes it so I have to buy this company s spyware blocker or I can t even browse the internet Antivirus Live I believe it was So I followed a tutorial on bleepingcomputer to remove it I did this successfully But Freeze and long continuous beep then my computer started freezing up and then crashing while browsing the internet This was followed by a loud Freeze and long continuous beep beeping noise that continually played until I either hold the power button or yank the battery So I say screw it and freshly install Windows XP off the partition on the harddrive and the problem STILL happens I have no idea what is causing this but I think Antivirus Live should be liable Anyways any help would be appreciated I just got this thing and was loving it until this happened

A:Freeze and long continuous beep

Nobody...? Please help me!
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Lately my computer has been giving me one during continuous beep long play trouble It usually happens when I am playing a game online I havent noticed it during offline activities play This seems to only happen during the hot one long continuous beep during play summer Here is my problem About - minutes into a game my system will freeze and the system one long continuous beep during play will put out a long continuous high pitch noise beep I used one long continuous beep during play to think it was just because it was getting too hot inside the system but I now have windows open and extra fans blowing so that is not the problem Then I thought it was a video card problem but it would mean that it only malfunctions during the summer Now I think it has something to do with the power supply I read in a book that the long continuous POST error code meant a bad power supply and that I should exchange it Before I go to the trouble of buying a new one and putting it into the computer I was hoping that someone could give me some ideas as to why the system is doing this Here are the specs to my system Asus A A Motherboard AMD Athlon GHz CPU x MB PC DIMMs GB RAM GB Maxtor RPM HD C amp Windows GB Seagate RPM D amp Windows XP I use dual boot and always use Win XP Inno D Kyro II MB Video Card Soundblaster Live Platinum Sound Card x DVD-ROM CD-RW Samsung Disc Drive x CD-R Pacific Digital CD Burner Drive Linksys Network Adapter W Power Supply i think this is the problem i think i need a As I said before this only happens during the hot summer Putting the system aside and not using it until fall is not an option I think the power supply is the problem but I could be wrong Help would be appreciated Thanks Andy P S - I forgot to mention that this usually only happens during a warm boot After a cold boot in the morning I can play for like half an hour without trouble but then it starts giving me trouble If I need to restart for any reason after then it is a pain nbsp

A:one long continuous beep during play

It really does sound like a overheating problem. Are you using the Asus Probe software to give you an idea of its base running temp vs the temp after heave game play? If it goes up 10+ degrees, that would be another hint of heat problems. If you have had the system running for awhile, pick up a can of the compressed air and carefully clean out the dust on the CPU fan blades and all other fans in the system. Clean off dust on the video card and every thing else at the same time. Dust acts like a fur blanket and raises temp on all surfaces. As it builds up over time, fan efficiency declines. Try moving the computer away from a wall that may raidate heat and make sure all the internal cables are bent to allow the best circulation of air from the front of the case to over the cpu fan and to any rear case fan and the power supply exhaust fan. Remember that space is needed behind the tower to help move the heat away. I have a similar system Asus A7A266/AMD 1.33ghz/512 mb ddr, Cd-rom, Cd-RW, 2 WD hard drives dual booting Win98se/W2kpro with Creative Audigy Platium, Modem, and Nic card. That fills my mid tower case and lately in Michigan the temps have been in the 90s often. Unfortunately that computer is near a South facing wall that for kicks i put a thermometer up next to it and was amazed to see an area temp of 111 degrees near it. I use a Thermaltake MiniOrb which works great until it gets hot like lately. Fortunately, i just take of on side cover and put a small fan blowing across me and my computer. The asus probe shows an average running temp of 49-52 degrees going up after an hour or so of online gamming to about 58-60 degrees. I dont see any system degrading. Just to help the system, try also making sure other non esential apps are off when playing. If you change the power supply, it in itself will probably produce a little more heat, but it is being blown out and not into the system however again make sure the area around the case is conducive to air flow. I upped my power supply from a 300 watt to a 400 watt and it seemed to help as far as system performance when reading info from the hd and using things like the CD-rom and heavy graphics. Cant prove it by tests, but it seems better( just got to at least think my money was not wasted).You did not mention of you are overclocking, but in hot weather, setting it back some would be a real good way to lower temps. I did have trouble with the 2 sticks of DDR memory when i first built the system and it would lockup after 15-30 minutes of heavy graphics use such as a game. You might want to remove 1 stick of memory at a time to see if one of them are sensitive heat build up and fails under thouse conditions. The long beep usually indicates some problem with a hardware device like memory or such.
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Hi guys,

i just want to make sure before i throw it away...

i have this laptop and when i plug the power in there is a red light on the front left panel
next to the power light (which lights up green)

The screen is black and it makes one long beep followed by 2 short ones.

i have googled for the manual but cant find anything
they want to sell it to me for 2 dollars

i googled beep codes...and i think its the video card (nvidea card in this case)

is there anything that can be done...can i not reset anything or unplug battery or am i wasting my time?

does anybody know if i can get a new mboard ...or is it a waste of time?
i live in ireland

your input please

A:samsung NP-r70 one long beep 2 short ones
I checked the samsung site and this is the page to download your manual. I am looking at it now and trying to find out which bios you have so I could check the beep code for your bios but I don't have much time this morning. Perhaps you could look through it and see.
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Computer has been working fine, all of a sudden a game im playing locks up, so i reboot the computer. I then start the game again and a few minutes later it unexpectedly quits and i cannot do anything but move the mouse.

I reboot the computer again and this time the monitor does not display anything and i get one long beep and two short beeps. I looked up the codes and saw it had to do with the video card. I take the video card out and disconnect it and i get the same beep (dont know if its because the card is absent). Any other ideas?

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Hey my new Inspiron 15R which I use for several hours a day, but its only 2 weeks old, every now and then does a long high pitched beep and then clicks, i believe it might be the hdd, should i worry about this?


A:Inspiron 15R does a long beep then click

It definitely doesn't sound normal. If its only two weeks old then its still under warranty so you should talk to dell and see what they can do for you.
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Hey I have a problem with my laptop it won t boot up as soon as I try I get long beep followed by shorter beeps There is no display on my monitor either I m really stuck at to what to do I ve done the usual taking out battery booting without power supply letting lappy heat up removed and reinserted both RAM slots checked the fan was working okay tried to boot using a on two beeps boot beep, short long One different monitor acted as if PC was on standby all to no avail My laptop model is http www uktsupport co uk advent laptop htm It s about months old so past its warranty I read that the beep pattern was a BIOS code for Video Card failure which I now presume is the problem but just wanted confirmation so I don t end up One long beep, two short beeps on boot wasting a bomb of money if I need to get One long beep, two short beeps on boot it repaired diagnosis usually costs at least here s Any help would be greatly appreciated unfotunately I m no pro with these things Thanks nbsp

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Dear people,

HELP PLEASE!!! I have a black screen and one short beep, followed by a long beep. I can not access my keyboard or mouse. I have not used this computer hardly at all. I have loaded a lot of family photos that are irreplaceable. I can not access mini dump or anything at this point please help.

sincerely, vistadrone1

A:Black Screen and 1 short n1 long beep!!

Those beeps indicate that there is a hardware problem with your computer. If you give me the make and model and year. I may be able to tell you precisely what the short and long beeps mean.

Unless its the hard drive your pics are safe.
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Main board is P4VMM
V2 Premier 1.8 GHz
Not sure what the bios is as there is a black screen.

Not sure what was going on when problem first started grandson was using the machine, he said it kept rebooting. What ever happen he didnít pay attention to any messages that came on the screen. Now no monitor just a black screen. Switched out monitor with known good one that didnít work either. When I turn on machine I get long beep repeated over and over. Guessing power supply or mobo. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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Out of nowhere,

My computer has been freezing constantly. Once it does that - it makes this long beeping noise. What could cause this?

A:Computer Freezing and making a long beep

The long beep is trying to tell you something. I suggest you post your computer specs so that Louis or one of the others can zero in on the problem.
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Hello all I just obtained a tower for free from my school It is a Compaq Evo with 2 NO 1 beep Short beeps long DISPLAY! a Pentium IV processor It has a video card cd drive and floppy drive with usb ports I 1 Short beep 2 long beeps NO DISPLAY! have an old gb HDD hooked up to it I was told that all it needed was RAM I have a ton of Ram sticks This computer has SDRAM DIMM slots When I push the power button I get short beep and long beeps then nothing happens no display not able to get into BIOS or anything I have tried multiple monitors I have replaced the video card I have tried every single SDRAM DIMM stick that I have I have reset the CMOS with the button and with the battery I have removed and reinstalled the processor I have unplugged and reconnected all cables still getting beep and long beeps When I look up the beep codes it seems to be a RAM problem but I have a hard time accepting that with all of the RAM sticks that I have tried that work in other computers If anybody can help lead me in a different direction I would be extremely grateful nbsp

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So I log out the evening before on my HP Presario SR1010 and when I try to restart on the next AM.... nothing! No screen or message, no signal output, just a long, continuos, intermittent beep of about 2-3 seconds. A situation that has never occured before. After removing each peripheral individually and restarting after each removal, nothing changes. I opened up the chasis and cleaned it thoroughly, removed the boards, cleaned and replaced them, nothing changed. I've checked for a beep code but haven't found a similar description. Any thoughts or suggestions ?

A:HP Presario shut down with long beep series
has a relatively long list of beep codes. Your PC uses Award BIOS. I didn't totally understand your description of the beep, but from what I could tell it seems to be a memory problem, though I may be off on that.

I take it you did reseat the memory? If not you should try that, if that doesn't fix it you'll want to remove the memory sticks one module at a time to see if the board eventually stops beeping on you. If it does, you can diagnose which stick is bad and should be replaced.

The other problem that may fit your beep is a bad power supply. That's difficult to test unless you have another, either in a second computer or just extra. Check to make sure it is powerful enough to run your machine!
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Hi all Just shutdown my PC and on turning it on nothing happened Tried a few more times and now it s making a long beep followed by two short ones though very closely spaced hardly any gap between them nothing on screen Reading around it was suggested this might be a video card problem due to the beep code I ve tried all of the following to no avail Removing all connected USB etc devices Removing everything connected to the mobo IDE cables sound card etc Removing each of my sticks of RAM followed by both at the same time Removing my video card no onboard one Resetting the CMOS Even with everything I can think 1 the 2 mobo long it's dead? beep, think I short, of disconnected other than 1 long beep, 2 short, I think it's the mobo dead? the mobo power it still beeps This leads me to think it s the motherboard itself that has gone rather than the graphics card I d expect a different error if I had no graphics card present This ties in with my computers rather odd behaviour over the past few months e g the odd blue screen CD drive access on either drive causing it to hard reset after a bit occasionally not starting until I leave it for a minute and I m totally willing to replace my motherboard but was just wandering if anyone had any other checks or suggestions to recommend before I go out and buy one And if anyone could recommend a good cheap mobo all I really need from it is SATA and support for my processor I m not too hardcore a user that would be great Cheers Tom Spec Gigabyte K NS-Pro motherboard AMD Athlon CPU NVidia Geforce GT graphics x 1 long beep, 2 short, I think it's the mobo dead? MB DDR RAM x GB DDR not matched brand but I tried all combinations to no avail GB SATA hard drive Taurus PSU I 1 long beep, 2 short, I think it's the mobo dead? ve seen PSU s suggested as a problem but don t think is it even with everything disconnected had the same problem like I say my PC has been acting in a your-motherboard-is-f ked kind of way lately nbsp

A:1 long beep, 2 short, I think it's the mobo dead?

You MAY POSSIBLY have a problem with bad capacitors. Take the side off the machine and use a bright light to look carefully at the capacitors. The capacitors are small can type objects that should be perfectly flat on the top. If any have "bulging" tops, are leaking a brownish looking fluid, or the capacitors are leaning (not perpendicular to the motherboard) they may be bad.

Attached is a link showing what you should be looking for.

At times as capacitors start to fail boards become very erratic.
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For months I 2 very (maybe GA-870A-USB3 short Long ones) One Beep have been having that problem I turn on my PC and I hear this sound I have attached as a zip file and the PC would not boot then I would fiddle with the memory and video card making show they are in tight and GA-870A-USB3 One Long Beep (maybe 2 very short ones) then it would boot normal but after some time of using the PC I would sometimes get a blue screen saying dumping and after the dump I would have to restart or I would just get countless restart I would have to power off the PS from the switch for a few hrs or over night and the power back on the the restarting would stop I also use and Antec EarthWatt and I get the same problem but a few days ago I noticed that my Antec was making a hissing sound like it is leaking electricity but the pc would stay on until I start to play video games for a while or MAA on Facebook the GA-870A-USB3 One Long Beep (maybe 2 very short ones) hissing would stop after a while but when something gets too hot the PC would just restart and keep restarting until I turn the power on from the back of the PS for a few hrs or over night and then it would start again I tried cleaning the PC PS Video Car and Memory like I normally do every - months and now the pc would not start I just keep getting the Long beep or is it a Long and very short beeps you tell me after you have listened to the audio file I have tried fiddling with the VC and MS to no avail I tried unplugging the Dvi from the card and I would not get no beeps at all pc would just stay on plug monitor back and no beeps power off PS and turn it back on I get the long beep again PS most times when I get the Long Beep the fan on the Video Card spins really fast like hyper fast You can also listen to the file here http cheapcaribbeantour com Beep wma nbsp

A:GA-870A-USB3 One Long Beep (maybe 2 very short ones)

Ok guys...I removed both memory and Video card, I get a long continuous beep, put only memory back, one at a time, or both and I get no beeps what so every...What you'll think?
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Hi guys First of all I m new here I signed up to this forum because of an issue with my little brothers s PC I ve found some threads about the issue but I wasn t able to solve it with the given information So my PC start a continuous beep. long except wont't up for brother is just playing a game and all of a sudden his PC gives a long beep and starts rebooting Unfortunatly after this incident the pc won t start up at all it s just giving this never ending beep knowing that he has an Asus p n-mx MoBo and an Award BIOS I starten looking for answeres The error should indicate that there is an issue with the installed RAM So I removed it and replaced it with a spare strip But that didn t solve the problem So I took PC wont't start up except for a long continuous beep. out the Videocard and tried to use the onboard chipset to boot up Still got the continuous beep I removed all the RAM and tried to boot up The result of that the long beep and short beeps error code as repeating loop Now I am not sure if that is the indication for a not properly installed VGA card but it said so in the beep-code list Pc specs Asus p n-mx motherboard Award BIOS Intel duo core E Ghz Corsair MB DDR Mhz RAM x GB RPMWestern digital HDD ASUS EN GT MB VGA card Windows XP Home Edition It would be great if you guys could help out with this one nbsp

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Hello world!
I appear to be having a problem with my fresh winXp. Whilst i use it if i play an audio file for ,example .mp3 youtube, the sound will clip. Another issue is that fafter using the comp for approx 20 minutes if i am to click it will instantly freeze up and give out a loud beep from the speakers (does not appear to be a bios beep) once this happens i'll shutdown the comp with the front pwr fbutton making windows shut itsself down normaly. So it will shutdown all the running apps and load out. The last occurence i was not playing any audio file so it does not seem t be an audio problem.

Thank you for all your help in advance

A:Audio Clipping + Long Freeze Beep

Are you getting any error messages?Look in the Event Viewer and see what errors are showing up at the time that this is happening. Each error will have its own date and time shown.Start> right click on My Computer> Manage> Event Viewer.On the right side of the page you will see the options Applications, Security, and Systems, double click on Systems. There are eight columns on this page, the three that you will want are Type, Date, Time, and Event.The errors will appear in the Type column, they are red dots with a white X inside of them.Warnings will appear as a yellow trinangle with an exclamation mark inside.When you see an error, double click on it and see what the description is.Please post the error code/s found in the Event column and the descriptions back in this topic.Another thing you can do is to looking in the Device Manager and see if there are any red Xs or yellow triangles with an exclamation make inside. Please let us know what you find.
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I just built a computer for the first time - I ve had different people look at it as well as hours spent on Ventrilo discussing what I may have missed The 1 Beep Long 2 Beeps Short Boot on Computer Intel Mobo DP kg Processor Intel i no onboard graphics ram is corsair mhz x gb chips CMX GX M A C ddr So basically when I hit the power button - all the fans etc come on but it won t show up on the monitor One short beep happens showing it s booting then after a few seconds I get long beeps pause long beeps Now the 1 Short Beep 2 Long Beeps on Boot information that came with the mobo says this 1 Short Beep 2 Long Beeps on Boot is a graphics error - I ve already replaced the graphics with a brand new one 1 Short Beep 2 Long Beeps on Boot Some other forums suggest it s a memory error - but could different sticks really be bad A friend suggested a bad batch but before I go out and buy more stuff that I ll end up returning to the store - does anyone have any other suggestions as to what is causing this Things I ve Tried Replaced Video Card Tried different connections with video card tried different sticks of memory in all different slots with different combinations took the entire motherboard out and made sure no posts were touching then put it all back tried just the basics no HD or Sata cables reseated the processor upgraded the power supply from w to w the monitor does work have it hooked up to my laptop as we speak moved the jumper back and forth to clear the cmos had a friend who builds comps but works mostly with AMD come over and make sure I actually did have everything in the right spot and plugged in right Unhooked all parts and readded them in different combinations to attempt to get a different error - none followed every step on every website i could possibly find other than replacing the mobo and the processor because i dont have a backup to do that - and if i replace one i ll have to replace the other because they came in a set and i ll have to return them as a set if anyone has any other suggestions before i pull the thing apart box the mobo take it back to the store then deal with the tedious task of ordering another one - please let me know I ve ordered all of these parts from Bestbuy com - and while their shipping has been completely terrible the prices weren t that bad I guess nbsp

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My year - Issue ONE Video Computer No BEEP, LONG old son has an eMachines T with the following specs CPU AMD Athlon XP Processor GHz with QuantiSpeed architecture Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Corporate Edition Chipset NVIDIA nForce Memory MB DDR PC Hard Drive GB HDD Optical Drives x Max CD-RW Drive x Max DVD Drive quot MB FDD -in- Media Reader USB Secure Digital SD Smart Media Compact Flash Memory Computer Issue - ONE LONG BEEP, No Video Stick Memory Stick PRO Micro Drive Multimedia Card Video NVIDIA GeForce MX graphics Sound nForce -channel Audio Network D-link wireless Extreme G He plays World of Warcraft heavily and was having some trouble with lag At the suggestion of a co-worker we upgraded his video card to an Apollo Geforce MB DDR AGP X X Video Card for his birthday For a while this seemed to help but then he started noticing response issues again Much to my chagrin he decided to open it up himself and attempt to switch back to his onboard video He could not get the computer to work after that I have since tried his old monitor with the onboard graphics with the completely removed and with the upgraded card as well Since his monitor was old I tried both conditions with another monitor that was known to work I could get no video with either I do get one long beep a significant pause then a repetition of the long beep and pause until I turn off the computer I could find no reference to this pattern when I researched the POST beeps Any ideas He is now wanting us to scavenge some from this pc and build him a new pc for Christmas but of course I d much rather salvage this one Any help would be greatly appreciated I m fairly technically competent and built one pc about years ago but personal computers are not my strongest area Thanks nbsp

A:Computer Issue - ONE LONG BEEP, No Video

Tell your son to keep his dirty mitts off that PC if he does not know what he is doing (obviously!).
Put the 6800 card back in, you should get a signal again.
Then go into BIOS (hit the Del key a few times at startup) and activate the onboard graphics. Save the settings (F10 key) and switch the PC off. Remove the 6800.
Reboot in Safe Mode (hit the F8 key a few times at startup and select from the menu. You should have signal again, this time from the onboard graphics.
You now need to UNinstall the graphics drivers for that 6800 before you reboot into normal mode.
Once there, you need to RE-install the onboard-graphics drivers that came with the PC.
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When I turn on the computer my screen is BLACK Nothing shows at all I get Black screen long beep kind 1 of and one long beep I have tried the monitor on another system and this works fine Everything is else is working fine Just can t get anything on my screen at all I installed another hard drive with help and put UBUNTU On seeing as this is only a gb western digitial hard drive Any ideas as to what is going on I have made sure everything is Black screen and 1 kind of long beep seated problem Black screen and 1 kind of long beep But other then that I don t know what s going on Compaq Presario SR AN OPERATING SYSTEM Ubuntu original was Windows XP Hewlett Packard SR AN PROCESSOR AMD Sempron Processor Ghz with Hyper-Transport Technology MEMORY MB PC DDR HARDRIVE g Western Digital OPTICAL STORAGE Double Layer GB x DVD RW Drive xDVD R xDVD-R xDVD- RW xDVD R DL x DVD ROM CDR xCDRW xCDROM GRAPHICS Integrated ATI Radeon Xpress Graphics with up to MB shared video memory nbsp

A:Black screen and 1 kind of long beep

MysticAurora said:

When I turn on the computer my screen is BLACK. Nothing shows at all.
I get one long beep.
I have tried the monitor on another system and this works fine.
Everything is else is working fine. Just can't get anything on my screen at all. I installed another hard drive (with help) and put UBUNTU On seeing as this is only a 40gb western digitial hard drive.

Any ideas as to what is going on? I have made sure everything is seated problem. But other then that, I don't know what's going on.

Compaq Presario SR1520AN
OPERATING SYSTEM: Ubuntu (original was Windows XP)
Hewlett Packard: SR1520AN
PROCESSOR: AMD Sempron Processor 3200+ (1.8Ghz) with Hyper-Transport Technology
HARDRIVE:40g Western Digital
OPTICAL STORAGE: Double Layer (8.5GB) 16x DVD+RW/+Drive 16xDVD+R, 8xDVD-R, 4xDVD-+RW, 2.4xDVD+R DL, 16x DVD_ROM: 40CDR, 24xCDRW, 40xCDROM

GRAPHICS: Integrated ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Graphics with up to 128MB shared video memoryClick to expand...

I still have my old hard drive which is a 80gb western digital.

I was told that it was my hard drive that was the problem. But when we put the 40gb hard drive in it only went for 2 weeks.

I have windows XP on the 80gb hard drive and hope that it is not the hard drive that was faulty as I think this was a wrong diagnosis.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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I'm on firefox. I'm just on facebook and gmail. This long beep happens but no error message. I notice that one of my cooling pads fan turned off. . .could this be the reason for the beep? (there are 3 fans on the cooling pad, only 1 turned off)

A:Long Beep While on windows but no error message.

How is the computer running?Is this the only problem??
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Ok so ive been here several times over the past or so years with this same issue and every time I think I have it solved but to no avail here is the issue my computer was working long bios) short? 2 beep 1 (award fine one night and in the morning it wouldnt start I click the power button and everthing sounds fine until Its suppost to give a single beep but 1 long beep 2 short? (award bios) insted it gives me long and short beeps I have an Award bios and when I went to check out what this means it says it quot Indicates a video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information quot so im not sure what this means other than the video card is bad the video card is pretty new and before I go any further i guess I should say that the last time this happend I fixed it by resetting my cpu and before you say it yes I have already tried this nbsp

A:1 long beep 2 short? (award bios)


Sounds like the video card bit the bullet :dead:
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I m bad blank HELP! two screen Long beep, short, at computers so I m not sure where to put this My laptop fell out of my backpack just about a foot above a carpeted floor I thought it might be OK but when I turn it on I hear one longer beep and then two shorter ones The screen remains Long beep, two short, blank screen HELP! black and never displays anything quot Behind quot this black screen I can hear the computer seeming to boot as normal I hear the chimes when the desktop should come up and pressing my keyboard volume shortcuts I hear the volume beeps so the computer itself seems to work but the screen displays nothing I ve googled and searched and it seems like it might be a quot video problem quot or quot video card problem quot and I ve also seen references to computer memory and motherboards But honestly I don t know much about computer maintenance and repair so I m lost Please help me It is a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ laptop I don t know a lot about computers but I m good at fixing things and following instructions I have a copy of the SZ repair manual and would really like to avoid the cost of getting it repaired elsewhere if possible If anyone knows what needs replacement etc that would be awesome Thanks nbsp

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I have a Sony VGN-FZ21E the laptop shows no display when turned on and give one long beep and then two short beeps. I've tried connecting a external display but this also shows no picture.

I've changed the RAM and the HHD but the beep still continue, with no display showing.

How do I fix this problem?

A:One long beep then two short, no display shown


Those beeps are your BIOS "telling" you something is wrong. In order to work out what it is trying to say, we need to know what BIOS you are running. When your PC boots, it shows a black screen with writing.....something like AWARD BIOS Ver 1.021.

Can you tell us what yours says? Once we know, we can work out what the beeps mean.

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Sorry about the topic title I tried to make it as descriptive as I could I bought a new PCI sound card today to replace my current onboard sound but I m having trouble fitting it in When I push the card as far back against my case as I can the connectors that I m meant to insert into the PCI slot are slightly too far over to fit like into not long quite fitting card sound about slot, 1mm too PCI so Code Slot Card It s obvious to me that the card is meant to fit in if it was made for a different type of case the difference in alignment PCI sound card not quite fitting into slot, about 1mm too long would be larger than that I m just not sure if this suggests a problem with the card itself or if I simply need to force it further possibly bending the back of my case in the process to make it fit I m worried about trying to force it in case I damage the card so I want to check if it s possible that it s a manufacturing error PCI sound card not quite fitting into slot, about 1mm too long first Can anyone verify if it s possible that the card itself is faulty or should I try to apply a little more force when pushing it against the back of my case Thanks EDIT I m leaving the topic intact for possible searching purposes in case someone has the same problem but I ve fixed it I forced the hell out of it and heard a loud crack but it got into the slot and it works so I m happy Maybe not the smartest approach I ve ever taken but at least I didn t suffer as a result S nbsp

A:PCI sound card not quite fitting into slot, about 1mm too long

Ahh yes, the gut wrenching "crack noise" my arch rival...
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I keep experiencing random crashes. Due to the fact that it happens at any time I can only provide the information attached in the zip. I still hope some kind and knowledgeable soul will be able to help me out.

32 bit
clean 3 year old install full retail
3 year old system

A:Random BSOD with beep code 1 long 3 short

Before we can even investigate you need to update these drivers.

The pre 2009 version of this driver is a known BSOD cause.

Please visit this link: Asus tek computer inc. -support- drivers and download p7p55d le

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P7P55D LE
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS P5K-VM

Scroll down to the utilities category, then scroll down to the "atk0110 driver for windowsxp/vista/windows 7 32&64-bit" (it's about the 12th item down).

Download and install it.

Go to c:\windows\system32\drivers to check and make sure that the asacpi.sys file is date stamped from 2009 or 2010 (not before).

MLPTDR_C.SYS 9/3/2002 6:31:10 AM 0x912dd000 0x912e01e0 0x000031e0 0x3d748f6e
ASACPI.sys 8/12/2004 10:52:52 PM 0x93ffc000 0x93ffd420 0x00001420 0x411c2d04
lmimirr.sys 4/10/2007 6:32:11 PM 0x93418000 0x93418c80 0x00000c80 0x461c106b
000.fcl 9/13/2007 10:55:48 PM 0x9d438000 0x9d455000 0x0001d000 0x46e9f834
RaInfo.sys 1/4/2008 2:57:12 PM 0x91334000 0x91335800 0x00001800 0x477e8188
LMIRfsDriver.sys 7/14/2008 12:26:22 PM 0x91336000 0x91340000 0x0000a000 0x487b7e2e
lirsgt.sys 3/7/2009 11:17:27 AM 0x9132f000 0x91333880 0x00004880 0x49b29007
cpuz132_x32.sys 3/26/2009 7:16:27 PM 0x9132b000 0x9132e180 0x00003180 0x49cc0ccb
atksgt.sys 5/10/2009 10:50:58 AM 0x912e8000 0x9132b000 0x00043000 0x4a06e9d2
Your problem may be caused by many things > RAM problems >graphics drivers > overclocking > heat issues > using more than one AntiVirus at the same time > etc etc.

Please run the below tests.

System File Check

Run a system file check to verify and repair your system files.
To do this type cmd in search, then right click to run as administrator, then

It may need to be run up to three times before successful

Read here for more information SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Let us know the results from the report at the end.

Event viewer.

Type eventvwr in search and go to the windows log>application tab.
Look for RED errors in the left hand column that say app hang, or app crash, or anything related to the CURRENT problem.
Note the event ID and source codes and look them up in Google.
Let us know what you found.
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hi everyone,

Ive got a HP dv9000 (its a dv9341eu)
AMD 1.8ghz turion64 x2

When i turn it on it beeps 3 times and the screen does not come on, i can hear the fan turning if that helps.

I want to know if its the graphics card or the motherboard or CPU. ( i dont want to buy a new motherboard in case it turns out to be the gpu)

Is there any definate way of finding out?

thanks, sam

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All nbsp There have been multiple discussions over the past months concerning a nbsp long and short beep symptom on some T and T p model systems and beep long 2 short and T61p ... exhibiting black 1 nbsp nbsp Over the last several weeks members have begun to start additional topics on this theme and cross post between threads nbsp nbsp nbsp I am T61p exhibiting 1 long and 2 short beep and black ... consolidating all the threads into this new discussion today nbsp Since many of these discussions were originally parallel the dates and some of the context will now appear somewhat out of chronological order nbsp Please keep that in mind while browsing this thread nbsp If nbsp you are presently experiencing the long and short beep code with a black screen on boot up I would recommend that you contact service at this time for assistance nbsp UPDATE nbsp Previously I have advised customers to contact service for assistance with the symptoms discussed here In an effort to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty Lenovo has repaired a number of systems as post warranty exceptions Lenovo will continue the post warranty support however with some revisions to the extended coverage effective December nbsp Customers who experience these symptoms on qualifying models that are no more than six months beyond expiration of warranty should continue to contact support for assistance This additional coverage ends March nbsp Coverage beyond this date is available under the terms and conditions of extended warranty or maintenance agreements Warranty extensions may be purchased for systems that are still within the base warranty period and post warranty maintenance agreements may be purchased to provide coverage after base and extended warranty periods have expired Extended warranties and maintenance agreements are a great way to ensure coverage for all the major system components nbsp nbsp Best regards nbsp Mark

A:T61p exhibiting 1 long and 2 short beep and black ...

Hello, I meet the same problem with congfucius( I just powered my T61p normally this afternoon but nothing displayed on my screen. And it gave a 1 long beep and 2 short beeps. I tried several times and resulted same. I am aftraid it was the problem of the GPU (NVidia  FX570M). I heard that the T61p is in the defect product list of NVidia's GPU-gate. Unfornately, my T61p is out of warraty now. Is any one can help me? Will lenovo serve this replacement of the video card? Thank you.
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I would appreciate any help you can provide.

I have a 4 year old Compaq with XP Pro, SP2. Everything worked fine until a couple of days ago the power in the nappartment went down twice while the PC was ON.

Currently the situation is the following:

When I turnthe PC ON it loads and gives the menu to choose from Safe Mode, Normal, Last Known Profile etc.

No matter which option you choose and hit enter - the PC beeps one long beep and then the XP Splash screen appears and the bar starts moving.

However, after about 3-5 seconds at the XP splash screen the PC reboots again without any notice.

Any suggestions?


A:PC Reboots after getting to XP Splash screen - one long beep at menu

Bad memory
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So i've had no problem with my computer until random BDODS Freezes screen glitches and last but not least Windows not booting So i decided after a couple days to take out my Video card Nvidia and clean it and all of that and as i was taking it out it up, never Long on ending display, no beep help? start LOUD got jammed but eventually i got it out by just pulling it out hard Sounds bad but i couldn't push it back because it was like jammed Anyways i examined it and nothing appeared damaged but as i was doing it my motherboard appeared to be flexing anyways so i cleaned Long LOUD never ending beep on start up, no display, help? it put it back in and booted it up and next thing i know a huge never ending beep and an LED was red anyways the led turned off and the beeping kept going on for another minute so i just pulled the plug and called it quitsys and could see if one of you guys could help i'm sure i put the card in the right because i out it in the same exact way

A:Long LOUD never ending beep on start up, no display, help?

Well, you have either broke the GPU or the motherboard with the rough handling. You do know there is a release latch on all video cards? I think the long tone is saying "I don't have a video card installed".
Just touching delicate parts especially the gold connector pins, can also cause damage and not be visible.
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Earlier while browsing I got a magenta screen and so had to restart using the Long Startup, Magenta Beep? Screen, Fail power button I restarted and went Magenta Screen, Fail Startup, Long Beep? to Safe Mode with Magenta Screen, Fail Startup, Long Beep? networking for only a few minutes but everything worked fine it seemed and then restarted again to use Normal Mode to uninstall an old Anti-Virus and install a new one I uninstalled an old copy of Norton Anti-Virus expired Norton Security Scan and McAfee Security Scan so that I would be able to install my new Anti-Virus program I restarted the computer again since I had to for the uninstallation to complete When I restarted I reached the startup screen but then the screen flickered black I restarted again using the power button The hardware made its usual startup whirring but when there was supposed to be a single short beep there was instead a long continuous beep and the monitor did not receive any signals to start up The power button wouldn t work so the only thing I could do to turn it off was to unplug it I tried turning it on again but the same thing happened etc I tried again and it started up to the point where the Acer logo appears with the option of pressing F for the Boot Menu and I pressed F The Boot Menu options appeared but before I could press anything I got a grey screen I ve tried many times to start up my computer but every time the thing in happens The only time it didn t happen was when I kept my finger pressed on the power button for a longer time but that time there was no beep whatsoever and nothing appeared I could turn it off with the power button during that time though I guess this might be because of a virus should ve installed the new software immediately but I don t know what to do about it since I can t even turn on my computer properly Also not sure if this is any help at all but the site I was on when this happened was Homestuck mspaintadventures reading about trolls and suspicious moon shapes Hmm I doubt the virus came from there though if it is a virus but I m not sure My desktop is an Acer Aspire ASTG -ED A Thank you nbsp
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ok heres my problem at first games would crash often then i comp. start long short, 2 1 beep wont couldnt even install games saying a cabnit file is corrupt 1 long beep 2 short, comp. wont start or there is a problem with my networking I took my comp into a shop they said i needed a new operating system so i bought windows vista premium bit installed it First I installed wow which worked then I had to download the patches after downloading they wouldnt install saying the download was corrupt or there were too many errors in wow to reinstall it I did a chkdsk in the command propmt says theres nothing wrong with my hard drive I have dual channel memory so I bought new sticks of g ram to replace them thinking that could be the problem When i put the new ram in started the comp it wouldnt boot just a black screen and gave me the boot code of long beep followed by short over and over I think that means a bad video card i took it out put it back in same thing so i used one from a different computer same thing does any one know what could be wrong with my comp its like months old nbsp

A:1 long beep 2 short, comp. wont start

Not all Ram cards are compatible.

If you remove the new ram cards does it work?
Or if you just use the new Ram cards, and take out the old ones, does it work ?

I'd say, more likely Ram issue

You may also want to post all your Hardware system specs, including the new ram specs
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Hello and advanced thanks for any help Suddenly upon boot up today system has a long single beep and will not boot to OS The monitor is black and boot does has install beep after System single XP not & long I tried a floppy disk System does not boot & has long single beep after XP install and even cdrom I can not get into the bios or anything Its as if it went System does not boot & has long single beep after XP install DOA and the system has not been touched since last night s new OS install see below note of just installed OS Any ideas or advice all hardware is less than six month old P - ghz ram new ide hard drive power supply case and mb and ran fine until this sudden glitch Its almost like the old dos days of post beeps errors but I m unsure of what it means and how to approach next step In ref to last time system ran I had just completed new OS install of XP full install on top of Me that resulted in unwanted dual OS boot system last night But it ran fine when finished install And planned next to remove old OS and recover Me partition of fat to ntfs via reinstall of full xp home was next step but it appears now have this hardware issue glitch nbsp

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Hi One of my pc s recently acted up It was working fine for couple of years without problem and then I stopped using it for a few months now when I go back to it the motherboard just beeps continuously long beep According to the manual a continuous long beep might be due to bad ram but when I took out both ram sticks it had a beep but ok boots to long continuous Solved: windows system different kind of continuous beep I replaced the ram with a different stick and it made the continuous beep sound like the other ram The motherboard is gigabyte GA- I PL-G dual core cpu Bios is award When I had the hard drive plugged in even tho it made the loud continuous beep it booted to windows win k pro ok except that the graphics looks as if the video driver has not yet been installed I didnt want to potentially damage it so i turned off and I took out every component except for just the video card and ram What should I do next swap psu I have an antec true power Also what should the beep sound like if i were to take out the video card Please help Thank you nbsp

A:Solved: system continuous long beep but boots to windows ok

ok, i figured it out! it's kind of a duh thing! The fan in the front of the case, instead of being connected to the connector on the mobo (system fan), was connected to the normal molex connector because it didnt have the right end. And in the BIOS, the setting was to monitor the system fan; since there's no fan connected there, it was beeping to alarm me about it; disabling that works hahahah
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Heya guys first post hoping you guys can help me out with this problem I was using my computer today and it suddenly froze and while it was frozen the motherboard MSI was making a continuous beep I turned it off and then restarted it When it restarted it quiet made restart beep, after long signal. Mobo no but didn t make the regular confirmation beep it made before and there was no signal to my monitor or my keyboard The internals look to be running insofar as the processor fan is running Mobo made long beep, after restart quiet but no signal. my harddrive makes the whirring it does when it starts up and my graphics card fan is running I have dustind the components and checkind the connections I have also to plugged the monitor into the onboard and plugged the graphics card into another slot I have removed all but one of my RAM sticks and tried them all separately and tried other slots I have replaced the harddrive with a brand new one it also sounds to be running when the computer is powered on I do not have another computer that I could try the processor in What part do you guys think failed in the computer nbsp

A:Mobo made long beep, after restart quiet but no signal.

Try resetting the Bios CMOS settings.
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can anybody help me ,
my computer is not booting .yesterday the same problem is occuring but after two and three try computer was booting but now when i start my computer today, it giving two beep mean one short and one long at regular time interval.
This problem has been occured before as i also post my problem to this forum ,but at that my computing was booting,
2 gb ram ,dual core 2.8ghz
operating system-xp
please help me

A:Computer booting problem -giving one short and one long beep

Hi -Please read this page and tell us if the Beep codes match those listed > Compaq BIOS Beep Codes - BIOS CentralThank You -
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yes or no ?? will this have a bad effect on the computer ?/ any info is appreciated

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Hello there I'm having an issue with my desktop at any random moment it seems to crash and I can't really figure out why Screens Random can BSOD, Time. Black Long any Boot go Beep at It doesn't matter what Random BSOD, Screens can go Black at any Time. Long Boot Beep I am doing and it happens randomly it could not happen for hours then happen two times within minutes Also sometimes when I boot up my PC it will have one long beep instead of the normal quick beep I use a Razer mouse and keyboard btw The things I have tried are as follows Updated BIOS and GPU Drivers Made sure I don't have a virus Checked power settings I don't believe it is related to power although it may be Made sure my power options in the control panel are set to what they should be I would like to point out that when it BSOD I don't actually see the blue screen my screen just says no signal I attached the zip from that DM logger thank you in advance for any help

A:Random BSOD, Screens can go Black at any Time. Long Boot Beep


Please, this is getting in the way of my work, anything would be helpful!
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I own a HPG60 235DX laptop. some times while starting windows vista home premium. It produces a long beep............ Then starts windows. Also keys zxcm 5 are some other keys are not working. I did not use the laptop for downloading. Plz help

A:HP laptopHPG60 235DX long beep while starting up. zxcm keys not working

Sounds like a memory issue and a bad keyboard... or corrupt Windows/hard drive issue