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Wipe out myy HD without wiping my OS

Q: Wipe out myy HD without wiping my OS

I am tried of running scans and trying to fix this and that when i can just redonwload the thing i need if i erase my hard drive. My vitaul memoery is so low my computer is barly working. But i don't have reinstall disks for my OS so can i just erase my hard drive (such as all programs and files) without erasing my OS and if so how?

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Preferred Solution: Wipe out myy HD without wiping my OS

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Relevancy 68.8% that I want to keep on it or will he format it all entirely clean if I use him to wipe my flash?

A:Solved: Glary - will he wipe a flash drive w/o wiping ...
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Windows XP Home I have been looking at image recovery programs to see what can be extracted from the free space after all the cleaning operations have been implemented Having seen the amount of information that can / 10,000 Files! Free Wiping Shredding software cannot wipe Disc Space be recovered I will no longer empty the Recycle Bin without shredding the contents but Shredding / Wiping software cannot wipe 10,000 Free Disc Space Files! it Shredding / Wiping software cannot wipe 10,000 Free Disc Space Files! seems that an enormous amount of information is still being collected which the normal individual is unaware of eImage Recovery Demo has found images and files in my deleted free space area of the hard disc Some are damaged due to overwriting but a vast majority have a clear preview picture of what can be recovered Because I do not recognise many of these pictures it seems that Windows is placing jpg bmp png etc images in this free space without my knowledge Perhaps some are gifs of bars and buttons from web surfing I have tried using some of the more user friendly and good reviews internet clearing tools available CCleaner Drive Discovery Active Privacy Guardian Washer Index dat Suite CleanCache PurgeIE IndexDat-Zap Version The images images that eImage Recovery displays seemingly cannot be removed by any of the normal space clearing methods available see below I have downloaded on trial practically every recovery program known to man and it is quite alarming to note that most only display a short list of deleted files in my free space area There are only programs that I can find which show an extended list of deleted files with preview pictures and these are eImage Recovery as mentioned above DiskInternals Uneraser and also VirtualLab Client which is a bit more complex To give you an idea how much effort I have put into this I have looked at all these programs in the hope of finding a tool that will wipe completely all the free space files beyond recovery and then check the free space after to see that no files are recoverable Active Privacy Guardian Washer NShred Super File Recover Virtual Lab Easis Data Lifesaver NetSpring Data Recover Back Life DiskDoctor DIY Data Recover Undelete Plus Wundelete Recover All Raise Data Recovery for NTFS Recover data for NTFS Arax Disk Doctor Object Rescue Pro Reviver Stellar Phoenix data recovery Data Recovery Pandora File Recovery Recovery Files Final recovery Directory Snoop Undelete Plus File Scavenger Clean Disc Security Tune Up Utilities Restoration Blanccco File Shredder BCWipe Ace Utilities Data Disk Recovery Easy Soft Undelete PC Mesh Win Hex Editor Recover Lost Data Eraser I have also wiped the free space several times using different programs yet still these files remain I have used Restoration to wipe the free space with pass Blancco File Shredder using passes Drive Discovery using passes File Shredder using passes Finally File Shredder again using the pass Guttmann Algorithm I have also wiped the slacks the file table entries and the system swap file Goodness knows what this is doing to my hard drive When I have shred every last evidence of computer internet activity shred the Recycle Bin Guttmann shredded the Free Space and removed all cookies and entries how is it possible for a basic recovery program like eImage Recovery to find so many records on my hard disc I have not tried to recover any files because this is not possible with the demo program It is not relevant anyway as the image content of the files which have not been overwritten are clearly visible and not marked as damaged I think there must be other records kept by Microsoft somewhere that are not touched by these wiping facilities I have also read somewhere that Office Word records activity which cannot be detected in the normal way Another thought I had was that the Clipboard might be applying records to the free space I have attached a few screen shots to give you an idea of the files being deposited in th... Read more

A:Shredding / Wiping software cannot wipe 10,000 Free Disc Space Files!

Give this one a go, select the DoD 7 passes, and then try and find something

It should take hours and hours. However, the only real safe solution is to do a format - and then "erase" the whole drive.

BTW, this is free and in my opinion, the best! Why so eager to get rid of your traces tho?
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I was hacked really badly several months ago. I just want to start all over. How do I begin?

A:Wiping drive w/ "Wipe Drive"; how to set up again?

Since you specifically mentioned WipeDrive click the Resources section in the top menu and choose the How to Library. They have how to instructions for using their product to wipe the hard drive and format a hard drive.;-how-to-set-up-again/
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Hi there everyone, My old tower is running so sloooow. I have nothing on there to save really so i thought i could wipe the whole pc and then put xp back on. Ive never done this before so i would appreciate any help or advice.
Do i have to do certain things before wiping it? ie check for virus etc...
Regards Gail

A:Wiping pc

There's really no reason to "wipe" a drive, unless you're planning on selling, or giving the computer away.
All you need to do is pop in your XP disc, reformat, and reinstall XP.
Just make sure you have all of your personal data saved, before reformatting, or it will be lost.
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How can i go about wiping my HD through the bios, i know theres a way, just not too sure about it.

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ok so my computer is getting really really slow right now..... and i was wondering if there is a way to make your computer just like the way when u first bought it. I mean like to erase everything and start over cause i don't know wuts wrong with it.

also i installed a graphics card, and added some RAM will i have to reinstall these if i do wipe my computer?

btw i have a windows xp home edition.

A:Wiping Everything

Hi Asian Power..welcome to TSF,

first question: do you have a Windows XP installation disc or a Restore Disc?

If you do, then yes you can restore the Pc back to how it was originally which should solve your problems. As for the graphics card/ will not need to physically reinstall either, all you will need to do is install the drivers for the graphics card when you format and reinstall Windows.

However, the problems you're having may be fixable by doing a little 'housework'. By that I mean, running a few scans to check for any malware, delete all the cluttered up cached files which may be impacting on performance, defragging the hard drive etc etc so you may want to bear that in mind too as formats and reinstalls can be a bit labourous depending on the amount of programs, games, updates etc you intend to install again. Though periodic formats/reinstalls do help with performance.

Hope that helps :)
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I want to wipe my 3tb harddrive in my pc its currently partitoned in too three 1tb harddrives. I have too much on the all and just need everything gone but I recently moved my os to a ssd im worried if I wipe my pc it might wipe the partition and the ssd can some help me pls!
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When I got my comp it came it factory settings which have tons of loaded software and programs i just plain dont need its Wiping my HD also the media center which i hate The thing is there is also a D drive in which the media center is on in case you need Wiping my HD to restore it Now the way I figure this is that the HD is partitioned into different parts and the D is in the way Now I want to wipe out my whole HD and install Win XP Pro on it which is the copy i bought myself couple of years ago I tried that but when XP pro wants to format it it just doesnt go right through to the setup it keeps restarting I found some software called Kill Drive or something similar used it to wipe out my whole HD but when I tried installing XP it installed in H drive What da helll is going on here is there a way for me to Wiping my HD actually wipe out my HD properly make it look like its a new store bought HD so I can install my own win xp on it

A:Wiping my HD


You might give Dban a try. It will usually kill everything on a drive and make sure that you have anything on any drive you want to keep disconnected, because if you don't it is easy to erase any hard drives on the computer.

It is under my signature, but having trouble with some links, but if the link doesn't work, then just google Dban (Darik's Boot and Nuke) and you will get a link.
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I have a old Emachine... that was giving to me... I have no use for it... I would like to donate it to goodwill but prior to doing so ... I want to get all the previous owner personal data off the HDD. Short of removing the HDD is there anyway i can do this and leave it operational? Any free software?

A:Wiping HDD

Reinstalling the OS or use
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So, I've recently decided that I have too much crap on my computer. Go figure. My computer came with Vista, and I can't stand Vista, so I had a friend get me a copy of XP. It's been going alright, besides the fact that I don't think I can do a system restore. I'm not exactly sure...But I'm pretty sure this copy of XP wasn't genuine. Anyways, I don't have Vista anymore, and I dunno what happened to all the CDs and paperwork that came with my computer. Basically, I just want to wipe my computer out besides the XP operating system quickly and easily. I know I could just go through and delete everything, but that gets rather tedious. Anybody have any ideas?



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Hey guys,

I just wanted to see if I could maybe get a little more info on the problem I've been having so here it goes.

I have a custom built desktop with vista 64 bit installed. I desperately need to completely wipe it back to default. I have a recovery disk but can't seem to find any feature that would allow me to fully wipe the computer.

I have a Phoenix award bios, not sure if it's newer or older version.also, I cannot acess any desktop components because I get the bsod every time I load up windows.

If someone could please let me know the easiest way or steps on how to wipe it, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much

A:Need help wiping !!

and welcome to the Forum

This is a good guide to reinstalling Vista:

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Hi i want to wipe my pc clean with nothing on it apart from the os i want that to stay how can i do this because i was never provided any disc with my computer.

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im searching for a tool that wipes your hard drive 100% or close that uses the DoD 5220.22-M standard method and others such as AR380-19 and NAVSO P-5239-26.

if you could suggest the most effective one with a price under 50 dollars i will apprecciate it.

ones i thought might be good are

i want the most effective one i can find in that price range.

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well i have decided that i would very much like to wipe my computer. I have had it for a very long time, and i can only imagine that there is a lot of things accumulating that shouldn't be there. So can anyone tell me what disks i need to make sure once i do wipe it, i have all the correct Microsoft files and what not...any help is much appreciated!!!

A:Wiping my computer

hello & welcome to TSF ,

okay now first you need to tell us what you have and if you have any

now your best bet would to give us more specs about your pc

you can download a program (Everest Home Ed. Personal ) free program from this link

( )

and use it to send us a log from it so we can help you get drivers for it so you can have them burned to disk & ready after the wipe & clean install

your format & set up will only go smoothly if you are prepared for it

please include the name & model # & manufacture name as in ( Compaq Presario sr1703wm) & age

get back to us

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I have tried going into the command prompt and used chkdsk c:/r/xNot sure if this correct, took a long time to do 6 stages with no luck...

A:Hi, is there anyway I can get around wiping clean ...

Are you trying to check your HDD or wiping? to wipe it, you need to use diskpart command promptdiskpartthen on diskpart typelist disktake note of the correct disk ID to erasetypeselect disk x(x is the ID of your HDD to erase)typeclean all it will take an hour, i think.
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My local computer tech says to go on with XP, but I'm concerned that I'll be left out there without security updates etc.
Any thoughts?

A:Wiping HD: Reinstall XP Pro or buy Win 7?

XP has less than a year of updates so going to 7 is not a bad idea.
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Is it possible to wipe ONE single user account on a computer without affecting any others?

(Wipe as in return it to the state it would be on a new computer)

A:Account wiping

I guess I am not quite understanding you.

You can certainly remove their account from User Accounts in Control Panel. Then go into System Properties, Advanced Tab, User Profile settings, Delete their profile from there if it still exists. Then go to C:\Users and remove their user directory.
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can someone please tell me how to properly take vista off my computer and properly reinstall it?? thanks

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Hi, I bought this computer from a pawn shop everything works fine cept' for it says that the xp program it has on it says that it is a pirated version. Now i have a true version of XP that i can use but i need help on wiping out the hard drive so i can download the real version. I don't have any software that will work, Does anyone know where i might be able to find something or any ideas that i can do??

I'm lost please help,

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My grandson has a new lap top with win 8 and was wanting me to check and see if the drive could be wiped and windows 7 fresh installed? Is win 7 likely to have the needed board drivers? I'm not sure what lap top he has yet. Thanks! Also, can a backup image be saved like win 7 just in case?

A:wiping win 8 off lap top and installing win 7


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8

You can use the OEM version of
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8

Deleting the Recovery Partition is NOT RECOMMENDED

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

You can order the Microsoft official OEM Recovery disks from the OEM manufacturer's website.

1) Downgrade to Windows 7.
Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7
Warning you must have the UEFI/BIOS firmware setting in Step Three set.

2) If Using a USB Pen drive on a PC with a UEFI BIOS.
USB Pen drive need to be formatted to FAT32 as in
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows
Take note of Step 11 for Windows 7.
Also you will need to use a USB 2.0 port, as there are no USB 3.0 drivers in Windows 7.
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i have a problem ill tell you the start

i need to wipe my pc so i put cd in restart computer and press esc to boot from cd and it comes up with a selection of things i can boot from and i tried to go up and down using up arrow down arrow and it wont go up or down and if i dont do it within 5 seconds it closes down

what do i need to do

it wont let me go up or down on the menu and it has a timer so it wont boot up

any help ?

xp btw

A:wiping pc problem

Use dban to clean your drive.

set the boot order to boot from rom first in the bios.
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My computer has been running slow. I've had it for about three years and haven't really done any maintenance in a year. It's slow but manageable, but I want it to run like new for when I start my online classes in January. The speed is not because of a program, virus, or anything(I'm 90% sure). So, I was looking to wipe my hard drive but found a page instructing how to restore to factory settings. Is that the same as wiping the hard drive when it comes to fixing slowness? I understand when you wipe the hard drive, everything is lost and you must reinstall windows. But the article makes me think it will remove everything except what was there when you bought it. This is the article.
My next question is which is best to do to fix a slow computer, restore or wipe? Thanks. 

A:Is restoring the same as wiping?

Use the restore, it will install all of your drivers ready to go.
Then go through and uninstall all of the Dell junk-ware that does the same as Windows functions. (wireless managers, blue-tooth managers, pc care, backup... etc)
edit: the factory restore is a system wipe, but it then installs Windows AND all of the essential drivers in one move, all from a restore partition.... It is a fresh start. I don't know if I was clear enough about that.
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I've decided that I'm going to wipe my Hard drive clean. I've got barely any space and no money for a new hard drive. Before I do this does anyone have any advice. I'd like to do it with no worries.

A:Tips to wiping an HDD

Naturally, you need to back up any important date online or to an external storage device. This tutorial by Bare Foot Kid will tell you how to wipe the HDD completely, making at almost like a new HDD: SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
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what is the best way to wipe a computer clean before you sell it?

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If I want to sell an old computer, what is the best way to wipe it to make sure there is nothing left on it?

A:Wiping a computer

Please read the rules and do not double-post.
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My computer had a nasty virus, so I got a new windows 7 CD and I looked online for what to do. I went to the BIOS, chose boot from CD & now I'm installing windows 7 again. It gave me 2 options when installing - save files or not. I clicked the not one, and it said it will save these files in a file called "windows old" where I ca view the old files, but not access them.
Is the virus gone? (or will it be? I'm at "expanding Windows files (23%)

Thank youuuu

A:Wiping my computer.. Did I do this right?

This tutorial is probably what you wanted to do: Clean Install Windows 7
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I was thinking about wiping my hard disk drives and wanted to know if this would in any way cause the drive to go kaphoot for future use. I don't intend on selling off my pc but the feeling of having the hdd as good as new makes me very curious. Since i already have maybe three past virus infection with the hdd it sort of make me turn this way. So what do guys have to say about my confusion if i should indeed go at it or not? And will this process create any installation problem after i complete doing it all? Will this erase the bios as well?

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hello, I have sensitive account numbers ... as well as some of my work on my computer...I intend to sell it and do not want anything to be recovered...It would be like a person looking through your personal diary...Its my personal computer after all

Can I simply just DELETE eveyrthing on my D drive and C drive???

Then will the Reformat Operating CD work fine when I put it into my PC??/

I.E. Can I just use file destroying software to eliminate my C drve and D drive...Will my compyuter still boot up again?
I would appreciate as muhc information on destroying files in the correct manner as well please...This is quite URGENT

Thank You

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Hi thanks for reading, i want to install a hdd from my old computer on another computer.I just connected the ide and power to the old hdd but it was not detected.... I need to wipe the hdd clean b4 using it on the other computer right? So how do i do this? fiddle arnd with bios or something? pls help!

A:Wiping hdd clean

No need to start multiple threads for the same problem.
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For a while now i've been meaning to wipe my hard drive clean and install a new OS. recently my hard drive has been acting up and i cannot boot the system, i get no bootable devises found press F1 to continue or F2 to reboot. Also when i check my BIOS it says none next to primary master. Would the problem be fixed if i just wiped my hardrive or would i have to fix this problem first?

Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you-

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So if I wipe the hard drive with DBAN or something, what's the simplest way to reinstall windows and MS office?

I've got the product keys for windows 7, MS office, and a few others that were already there. I don't have the install disk for any of these.

I'd like to keep this as simple as possible.

it sounds like all it does is overwrite your data with new data like 7 times. I mean there's no software out that that does that and still leaves the OS and other softwares intact? I don't have any sensitive information in the program files (I don't think), so why can't something erase the rest of the hdd? am I looking at this the wrong way'?

why can't there be a file generator that makes a big *** file until it fills up the hdd, deletes it, and then do it several more times. wouldn't that overwrite any preexisting files that I wanted to erase?

A:Wiping a HDD before selling it

every drive wiping prog that I have ever heard of erases the entire disk Kill disk is the best.

As for removing everything this except the OS and office will involve you manually doing it.

Unfortuantely you cannot download windows 7 legally although if you had an MSDN subsription then you could download it as part of the subscription.

Technically without the above as far as I am aware you will have to manually delete everything except office and windows.
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I was trying to use "diskwipe" ( to clean my disk before donating my computer. I guess it tries to format first?? but says it can't because it's partitioned. I'm clueless on what to do next. Is this how all the disk wiping programs work? Any help from you professionals would be appreciated!

A:Wiping Disk

You're using the wrong app. Download DBAN, burn it as an ISO to a CD, then boot from it, and use it to wipe the the hard drive properly.

After running DBAN you will be left with a completely blank drive.


DiskWipe looks some app to 'wipe' a secondary drive while running it in Windows, it won't work if you are trying to wipe the drive you are running from.
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Hello i have always believed computer a Wiping that if you wipe your hard drive your banking details Wiping a computer were wiped off totally unless you have the software to recover it of course That software i understand is limited to professionals ie Police Banks etc so my details were in safe hands I also understand that Banks have very strong magnets to safely erase their data those kinds of magnets as i understand it are in the hands of Banks and financial companies only Then i watched the news just a few days ago it referred to the Daily Express whereby the government told them they must wipe all of the Wiki leaks information they were holding on their computers The government also sent certain police techies to make sure the sensitive data was properly wiped I imagine that it would have been secret service that over saw the operation since the government said that the Wiki leak info could be detrimental to British security The point that interested me the most was that it was said that the Express had to not only wipe their hard drives but also wipe their motherboards as information was stored on chips on motherboards that are directly readable as i understood it up to that point i never knew that info was also stored on the mother board is this general knowledge or am i the only one who never knew about PC s storing all data on the motherboard I always considered that i knew computers quite well until the news story so i would like to know if anyone else was as sadly lacking in PC knowledge as my self Thanks in advance for any replies nbsp

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a friend of mine asked for my help in wiping his whole computer and installing in Windows XP operating system. I havent done it in a while so i sorta forget how to wipe the drive and all and basically take everything off the computer so that when it starts back up its like a new computer. Also, once everything is off so i just put the OS cd in and it should go through install set-up or is there nething else that ihave to do? Thanks in advance

A:Wiping System...

Should be...

Boot with XP Disk, go to setup windows, delete the old partition, create a new one, format it, then it will install windows.
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does anyone know of a application prefferably on a floppy that will set the HD to all zeros or whatever just like it came I got a HD that out of or times will let me do a clean install the rest of the time i get a few or a lot of installation errors it will usually continue and function properly as far as i can tell never let the OS stay on for to long to try it out thouroghly b c i want to figure this out i dont get it and no its not the XP Pro CD I dont want to go into too much detail i just need to know if such a program exists where i can get it etc Thanks P S Even if you think the program doesn t apply to me for wiping my HD let me be the judge of that Thanks Any and all help HD a spotless wiping suggestions is greatly appreciated nbsp wiping a HD spotless

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I've had my PC for appx. 4 years now. I have decided I want to wipe the memory on it. All of the applications won't be a problem to replace but could someone give me some basics about how to back up files I want to keep? Is there any special guide or program to use in order to do this more smoothly? Thanks.

A:Wiping Memory

Have a DVD burner or a CD burner? Get some blank ones and just burn al lthe files you want to keep to the CDs or DVDs
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hi new here so take it easy on me i have a hp pavillion dv that i got nearly years ago about months ago notron expired and i tried uninstalling it and putting on mcafee when virus due to wiping i went to put the mcafee disc in i got a msg saying that the quot file or path is corrupt and unreadable quot i got the same msg for any software i tried to install so since then wiping due to virus stupidly i was running with no antivirus and its finally caught up i got windows defender popping up saying that i wiping due to virus have viruses i cant use copy and anything to pen drives or external HD and now i cant use internet explorer google is my homepage and each time i search something or try to go into a favourity site i get a msg that says quot we have recovered the page quot so it keeps going back to google so i thought the best way to solve this would be to wipe the laptop and reinstall windows but i dont have a disc any help would be great thanks in advance

A:wiping due to virus

just been trying dban. changed the boot order and the disk kicks in and after 20 seconds or so of
"ISOLINUX 4.00 4.00-pre46 ETCD Copyright (C) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al"

on the screen i then get

"ISOLINUX 4.00 4.00-pre46 ETCD Copyright (C) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al
reading sectors error(EDD)
No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!
boot: _"

very confused now!!!
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I'm looking for a program that I can make a bootable CD due to my a: drive not working properly for wiping out my HD for win xp reinstallation. Can anyone recommed a good one.

A:wiping HD for win xp reinstallation

The manufacturer of your hardrive will probably have such a program on their website under support/diagnostic tools. Free to download. There is usually a choice of a floppy or CD version.

If it's a Western Digital drive, the software is called 'Lifeguard'.

It will write zeros to your drive (low level format) and put it back as near as you will be able to get to the state it was in when new.

But do not use if you have a factory copy of windows installed on your hardrive - it will clear everything, including all partitions that have been installed.
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In a nutshell I was installing Office on my home-built Athlon MB RAM GB three partitions GB HDD running dual boot with Windows Me and out partitions wiping Keeps XP on the C and E drives respectfully The installation froze up so I hit CTRL ALT DEL and did the end task the light on my CD-ROM stayed on and the drive would not open I restarted and when it was going through the POST it popped up with a system disk error I booted up with a boot-up disk and tried quot fdisk Keeps wiping out partitions quot it said there were no partitions so I re-created the three I had and was prompted to reboot I rebooted and the partitions were gone This went on for maybe an hour to two hours and then all of a sudden the CD-ROM worked again and when I put partitions back on they stayed and I re-installed Windows XP I had everything back up and going and then today I went to install Microsoft Golf and the same thing happened again locked up I re-started and got the system disk error after the POST right when Windows is supposed to start Any ideas are more than welcome nbsp

A:Keeps wiping out partitions

are the jumpers on the harddrive set properly

as in
is the harddrive on the same cable as the cd rom and the harddrive set as master
if the harddrive is a western digital and there is nothing else on the cable with it make sure there is no jumper on the harddrive
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Okay so I have an HP P - which was purchased in After using the malware virus removal experts on this site thank you Need help over! starting & wiping very much I have fixed most of my problems However for some reason my system Need help wiping & starting over! has quot decided quot that there is no audio output device installed which is false The last piece of advice from the malware virus forum was to backup everything important Need help wiping & starting over! files programs etc and wipe my system and reinstall Windows I am terrified of doing this myself but with expert help from here I am ready I could not find any type of system disc that came with this PC so I believe that there wasn t one provided I did use the System Recovery feature and created a flash drive of my system I am hoping this is what I need since I got the message that it WAS created successfully and that you can only create this once I am really in need of step by step help doing a couple of things Making sure that I really DO have everything I need for the fallout I found the Microsoft Office disc that I purchased so I have that and the flash drive which I believe has my operating system on Backing up my files and extra programs even ones that I do not have the discs for - will my external hard drive suffice for this Thank you to anyone who knows how to do this correctly I would be very grateful for any and all help Waiting patiently nbsp

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Hi, all.

I have an A305 Toshiba Satellite that I wish to restore to factory settings. It has been in ill health for years and recently began to crash or freeze a few minutes after startup. Luckily, it's not my main machine and holds nothing of real value. I've read extensively on various ways to wipe the computer (F8, 0, etc) but have discovered some irritating complications. Most importantly, my CD drive, which has worked on and off for a year or two, doesn't seem to be reading the recovery disc. The CD drive buzzes a few times, and then... nothing. Is there a way to wipe the computer without the recovery disc? Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thank you in advance.


A:Wiping Toshiba

Hi and welcome to TSF did you try the steps outlined here Reset My Toshiba Satellite A305-S6858 Laptop To Factory Settings? PLZ HELP.. 10 Points Best Answer!? - Yahoo! Answers
you might try booting from usb Kevin’s Blog
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Hi, so I know when I delite files the space is marked as free, but the files are actually not still removed.

I'm looking for ways I can remove it all, and wipe the drive clean.. Any free software to do this or manual ways?



A:Wiping Win XP clean
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I am transferring my home computer to my business and want to wipe out all but a few programs. I do not want internet access or anything else but the 7 programs intended to be used in the new location. I do not want even traces of unwanted programs etc.

A:Wiping out all but a few programs

Hi fellow dog,

The safest way is to use the Control
Panel's Add/Remove Programs. Some
programs can be removed "by hand",
using Search, etc. Depends on what
you are running.

Finally, search thru the registry to
kill the references of programs you no
longer have on the machine...carefully.
Hope that helps.....
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I cant seem to wipe my google history from my start page in firefox.
I have ran both Evidnece Elim (which i know is not compat)
and newly 'Windows & internet cleaner pro'

SO, when i go to google on my home page, it still show my previous searches that i typed in.

I had been using EE, but as it doesnt support firefox i have had to try something else. Ideally, i would like something easy to use that would be as effective and thorough as EE only wiping firefox too!
ANy suggestions?

A:wiping probs


Originally Posted by fooddestroyer

I cant seem to wipe my google history from my start page in firefox.
I have ran both Evidnece Elim (which i know is not compat)
and newly 'Windows & internet cleaner pro'

SO, when i go to google on my home page, it still show my previous searches that i typed in.

I had been using EE, but as it doesnt support firefox i have had to try something else. Ideally, i would like something easy to use that would be as effective and thorough as EE only wiping firefox too!
ANy suggestions?

I've never used the Google Start Page in Firefox, I've always preferred multiple search engine choice, as in FF's search bar. More recently though I've turned to the Groowebar. It sits in it's own toolbar but when you change engines the new choice brings it's own unique toolbar options onto the toolbar. Take a look, it's really very good.

Usually in Firefox you can delete individual search entries by placing the cursor over the item to be deleted and then press shift+delete.

Have you tried Crap Cleaner for clearing histories? It removes google history as well as Firefox Cache, cookies, download and url history. It also cleans your registry. I've used it for ages and it's very good.
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I have lost all hope for this round of windows XP, I am seriously considering wiping out windows and reinstalling it on my computer. I was wondering if it is usually successful or is it even worth it? It does seem like a good option right now. If I do decide to go through with it, what precautions/measures do I need to take before I begin, and what programs or files or drivers should I get that I may not have access to during the reinstallation?

Thanks ahead of time

A:Wiping Out Windows?

Well, the only reason I do reinstalls of when I run into a problem (file system corrupt or something like that) where I just feel like I don't want to take the time try this and that.

Other than that, I leave it alone because it works well for me.

What problems do you think your XP has that require a clean install?

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I got an Acer Aspire one AO756-2626 for a few bucks with a broken screen. It also has a login password. The external monitor kicks in only when I'm in the login screen, so I am not able to enter bios and boot from USB. If I enter the boot menu, would I able to wipe windows clean? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

A:Wiping windows 8

You will probably be best extracting the contents of windows install media onto a partition, then booting that up to format and install. If that is what you are trying to do ?

Not clear if you are using efi or bios ?
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my buddy used to maintain my system for me but ive lost touch with him as hes working in a different location traveling work and hes often gone for some time he would load some program that overwrites the hard drive with quot quot s and quot quot s a couple of times it is a more thorough cleaning than just deleting programs and files before reloading the OS does anyone know of which program he would use i want to give my daughter my desktop since she is getting older and in need of a computer for school work ill just use my laptop id like to get all of my documents off clean it really good and give her a fresh clean it wiping all uncluttered wiping it all clean install of XPpro so i dont have to try and correct issues caused by my old possibly corrupted files also where might wiping it all clean i find a full copy of XPpro and Office NOT windows office or later but the edition thanks you guys and gals always have the answers

A:wiping it all clean you can go to the website of the brand of the HDD and download diagnostic software and run the zero writer.
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my daughter set a password on the administrative account and i am unable to perform certain things. I want to reboot my system and completely wipe out my computer but how do i do it? anyone...????

A:Wiping put/rebooting


Originally Posted by vicky_soto

. . I want to reboot my system and completely wipe out my computer. .

Do you want to re-install Vista or are you looking for a way to re-gain access to your system?


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Ok, so I don't screw something up I figured I better check with the pros first .I got and old hdd with old programs on it , I current have installed as a slave drive ,but I want to install it on another computer as the main hdd. Questions : I need to wipe it first right ? so can I use while it is installed as a slave and do it or is there an easier free program? Also after I wipe it and install it beside installing windows is that it ? Keep in mind I am not an IT Tech. plz

A:Wiping a HDD and reinstalling

There is no need in such programs unless you are extremely paranoid.

Formating the drive during Windows installation and then using Drive Wiper from CCleaner to wipe free space after installation will be plenty sufficient. CCleaner also has the option to wipe the entire drive if you choose but thats not really necessary.
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My mother in laws pc is only a year or so old but runs unbelievably slow. Her daugther installs programs after programs constantly. I have removed all the spyware a few times;however, I think I would like to just wipe the hard drive and reinstall XP. I was wondering if someone could give me step by step instructions on how to do this? It's a Dell pc if that matters with all the discs that came with it. Thanks!!

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I've wiped a harddrive with, with several passes of it. I had a Zlob Trojan that really screwed up my computer, corrupted system files, etc, so I wiped it completely. Now I need to get it running again. What do I do? It has nothing on the harddrive, as far as I know.

A:Wiping a harddrive...

boot from the vista dvd and format and install
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I am sending my computer in for repairs in a couple days, so I need to back up my hard drive so I can restore all my files and programs when they send it back to me. It's nothing major in the repair; just replacing my graphics card and a new casing.

What is the best way of doing this? I have read that the default back up and restore utility from Windows is not very good.

Also, will this allow to be use programs like kaspersky anti-virus, Adobe CS5, and Microsoft Office still? Will they will still show up in run flawlessly when I restore on the repaired laptop?

Thank you in advance guys.

A:Help with Backing Up and Wiping HDD

If that is all they are doing, why the need for a backup?

In any case, making an image of the hard drive so that your entire system can be restored in the case of even complete hard drive failure is the best idea. Do you have an external drive?

An image backs up everything, Windows, programs, personal files, everything.

Free system imaging/backup software:

O&O Disk Image Express
Comodo Time Machine
Macrium Reflect (Free)
Paragon Backup & Recovery
Drive Image XML
PING (Partimage is not Ghost)
Partition Saving
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well currently my computer has blue screen but once I managed to access task manager and I saw only about 7 processes so I conclude that irises have deleted everything so I'm wondering how to reinstall windows because basically I cannot access my computer at all so currently the windows xp disc is pointless because I get a blue screen as soon as I reach menu

A:Help in wiping and installing xp

and welcome to the Forum

I would first run diagnostics on the hard drive

See this for how to make a bootable cd

If the drive passes diagnostics, I would test the memory. . . click on the link to Memtest in my signature . . let it run on one stick at a time overnite or until it starts reporting errors

How to burn an ISO file:
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A friend of mine is moving into retirement housing and is getting rid of their desktop for a tablet. I offerred to wipe the disk for them but have noy been able to get a software that will do the ob without buying the pro version. I tried Killdisk but it will do only one pass and apparently will not wipe a partition that contains the operating system, They have only the one partitioin that contains the entire drive. Do you have any suggestion for a software that will do the job?

A:Disk wiping

You could boot from the installation media and follow setup through until you reach the option to format the available hard drives.
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Hello! I am about to build a new computer and I want to use the same SSD that is in this computer that I'm using right now... Now, Before I install it would it be a good idea to do a drive wipe before doing a clean install of Window 7 Pro 64? After I'm planning on upgrading to Windows 10.


A:Wiping SSD before OS installation?

I can't say with any certainty there'd be any noticeable difference whether you "wiped" an SSD before installing an OS, or just allowed the OS to format the SSD and install itself on that partition.

IMO I'd just install win7, let it reformat the SSD, install, and be done with it.
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Can you help please? I need to unlock Drive C on my Toshiba Tecra laptop. I want to use KillDisc program to wipe the Deleted/ unused data, However I keep getting an error message saying ' Error locking drive C: '. Any suggestions how to unlock that Drive. At some point I will also want to erase the whole disc and I also want to avoid this problem. Thanks

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Hi, I'm chronically PC-illiterate, and whenever my PC crashes or goes dead for whatever reason (about twice a year), I have to take it to the repair shop who fix it by wiping my hard drive and re-installing my XP Home and assorted drivers etc, and they charge me about ?25 (40 dollars) when they've finished after about 10 days.My question - could I wipe and re-install myself, or does it need a lot more know-how than i've got?Thanks

A:Wiping/re-installing A Difficult Job?

Hi MickinPlymouthUK, No, it is not that difficult, it can be time consuming depending on how much of your files you have backed up and the size of the hdd. I have Wipe Drive and it take about six hours to wipe my 200GB hdd, no problem, I get it started and go to bed, get up in the morning and it's ready to go. Reinstalling the OS takes about an hour, and then it's about reinstalling the drivers for your peripheral devices and reinstalling your programs and files. If you have your files backed up on another hdd, CD, or DVD this can go quickly, I hope you get the impression that I'm pushing backing up your files.One thing I would suggest is to make a separate partition on the hdd to install the OS and its' updates and use the second partition for your other files. This way if you need to reinstall the OS you can reformat that partition and not have to worry about the rest of you files.As I said previously, I like Wipe Drive, but it is not free, and as it turns out their free trial only will wipe 25% of the hdd, but I have heard about good results with Killdisk.If you have the installation CD with the product code, have wiped the hdd, have your backed up files and driver CDs you're ready to go. One last step, you will need to go into the BIOS and make you CD-ROM the first device in the boot order, this will allow you to boot from the CD that you will make of Killdisk and you OS CD.
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My newly built pc has been having many issues and I was thinking about reinstalling windows and wiping the hard drive.

However, I might have some sort of virus or a nasty program that might survive the formatting and clearing of the hard drive.

My questions are:

1. Is there a way I can run some scans to find out how much time I need to spend on wiping the hard drive?

2. How would I completely wipe the hard drive so that I am not taking any risks of any harmful programs staying on the hard drive?

A:Help with wiping hard drive!

You might state which security you had installed,
Also what issues were occurring ?
Newly built could be hardware related ?
See the link above my signature to fill in your system spec's page if you haven't I forgot to check

As far as free scanners go these are about the best I recommend,
Review Jacee?s instructions to run Adwcleaner here post #7,
Ignore the title of the thread,
Instant Savings App
Screen shot of the download button to use for Adwcleaner
You can use these free tools to see if they find anything,
Manually Update them before running full scans,
Try not to use your computer while the scans are running, (one at a time of course).
Uncheck the box to Activate the Free trial from the final install options,
This one is the longest up to 4 hours, the others are only about 45 minutes,
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I want to sell me Packard Bell istart desktop and have been advised to use DBan to completely wipe the hardrive.

The thing is if I do that will it get rid of Vista? I want to sell it with an OS obviously but if it wipes it then what can I do?

I have read that a recovery disk will not work, is this true?



A:Wiping hardrive help!URGENT.Thank you.

Dban will wipe it all, clean as a whistle, no OS nothing left for the eye to see.

There are secure erase proggies out there but you will have to erase each group of files in a folder, so this may take some time. that is the only way i can think of that will keep your OS intact
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What is the best way to wipe out and reformat my hard drive? I am using XP Pro.

Thank you!

A:Wiping out hard drive


While a normal format will get things going for you, I always for a new format recommend the Dban program HERE for best results. Be very careful you don't erase some other disk on your computer, so it might be a good idea if you have hard drives you don't want to erase, that you disconnect them.

If on the other hand, you want to do a simple (not as comprehensive) format, just put your OS disk in the CDRom, boot up and it will prompt you to format and load the OS. Don't forget to load SP2 (some OS disks have it already in there) and your chipset drivers when done along with other drivers you might need.

Post back with questions/concerns.
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I use CCleaner Professional.

I need to clean my free space and was wondering what is the best type of wipe to use (3 pass, 7 pass). I don't need to go the nuclear route, just that I would have personal data that I would not want anybody to be able to retrieve.

Secondly, I have a question regarding safe deletion of files, when Recycle bin is used.

If I have a drive that is encrypted (let's say drive K:) and if I delete a file, and then empty the Recycle Bin, does that file move outside of the encrypted drive (K:) and therefore become recoverable.


A:Wiping free space

Three passes with CCleaner will take care of the wipe for you. That's the amount I did on my system.

What encryption program do you use?
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Hi I am new to this forum and would like to know if boot and nuke is ok. I want to wipe my hard drive before reinstalling windows vista. The reason being that i have installed and uninstalled many programs over the last couple of years and feel it is now time to have a fresh start. And i will only be loading the programs i will definitely be using. any advice on this would be great. I have wiped and formatted a drive before but never done a partition mainly as i dont know how to do the numbers for it. I want to learn how to do all of this myself as i plan on building my own computer and want to get as much information and experience as i can before undertaking that project.
Thank you in advance for any help.


A:Is boot and nuke ok for wiping

Hi heather and welcome to the forums .

If you want to format your hard drive before a reinstall why not do during your Vista installation?

When you are given the list of drives/partitions to install the OS onto just pick the appropriate partition and format it using the button below the table.

This is the easiest way to format a drive for a reinstall.

Remember when reinstalling to have all your data backed up.

In answer to your question: as long as all your important stuff's backed up it's safe to format.

You may consider running a disk check before your reformat but it isn't strictly neccesairy. (Check Disk - chkdsk)

If you have questions or need help just ask.

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I need some instruction on how to completely wipe my computer.
It runs on Microsoft windows xp Home edition Version 2002
I cannot find the OS disk or any other disks but I need to keep my OS or get another or if there is someplace i can download it for free t that woul be fine too..
I REALLY need some help with this. It is PLAGUED with problems!
answer as soon as possible and I would really appreciate it

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Hello there. I recently sent in my computer for reparation, and also to extend my HDD capacity. So the guy obviously changed to a brand new HDD and installed Vista 64 instead of the previous 32. Now i noticed that the stereo mix in gone, and so is Realtek HD Audio manager, so i wonder if those two have anything incommon?

And yes, i have tried to enable inactivated units and so on without any luck. I have also tried to download Realtek HD Audio Manager codecs, however it doesn't seem to work, is it because it's just codecs without the real software? Does anyone have a solution to this?

Thanks in advance.

A:Stereo Mix went missing after wiping HDD

Hi welcome to Vista Forums. Sorry to hear about your problems.
I think maybe one thing worth checking out is by ringing or calling in on the guy/company that did your reparation.
Just for them to specify exactly what they did?
Plus a little more info on your specs would be good. The more info we have the better

 What is the Make & Model Number of Your Computer?
E.g. Dell 1545 Laptop,……… HP SR5019UK PC……………

You may find quite a bit of useful information contained in the articles of this link, and sub-links.
Desktop Boards — Troubleshooting audio issues

Hope it is helpful. Please let us know how you progress.
Thank you.
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How difficult is it to completely wipe a hard drive? A client gave me her old computer with all of the reinstallation cd's. Her request was to have the hard drive wiped of all data, personal and otherwise. Her kids had downloaded a ton of stuff, with the resulting myriad viruses, worms, etc., so rather than deal with it, they just got a new one.
My question is, can I do this myself, or do I need to take it in to have someone else do it for me?
Thanks in advance!

A:Wiping computer memory's the hard drive that you wipe, not the memory. The memory is only temporary storage, while the hard drive is where all files, programs reside until called into the memory for activity.There are any number of alternatives, IMO.Although I've never used it, I believe the following is one of the best for such, Darik's Boot And Nuke Hard Drive Disk Wipe and Data Clearing -
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I'm looking to restore my computer to it's out-of-box condition and wipe everything off of the harddrive that I have put on over the years, but I do not have the original startup disk. How can I do this? Will simply reformatting it work?

A:Wiping Hard Drive

exactly what computer do you have? Unless you messed with the partition, you may be able to go to factory setting with the press of a key. At startup, does your computer say anything about pressing some key for recovery? If not, and if you do not have an original startup disk, then you need to contact the computer manufacturer and purchase one.

Also some systems can restore from with the os itself. go to your start, click on all programs and see if there is a manufacturer folder. You may be able to do it from there.
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Hi to all,

Is wiping a hard drive with ones and zeros the same as formatting a hard drive?
What is the best way to erase hard drive data?
Is the term "low level formatting" different from "high level formatting"?

Many thanks!

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I have no idea what category this would fall under on this forum but I'll try this one first I have Card an Wiping SD Trouble an GB SD memory card that has over pictures on it and am trying to wipe it The first time I wiped it and ejected it from my laptop I ASSUMED it was wiped To my surprise after trying to use it again it didn't wipe I plugged it back into my laptop and it said the same thing it did the first time around - MB free of GB I have tried reformatting the Trouble Wiping an SD Card card and Windows gives me some kind of weird message saying its unable to reformat it I have right-clicked all the pics and looked at their properties Trouble Wiping an SD Card attributes and the Archive checkbox was checked I unchecked Trouble Wiping an SD Card it deleted all the pics once again and ejected the card This time I plugged it back into my laptop and it didn't wipe What's going on with this SD Card Anyone know of a solution

A:Trouble Wiping an SD Card

I have never did a sd card but if it's like anything else right click, go to properties and make sure read only isn't checked. Try it and let me know so I can learn a little.
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Hi - I have a severely infected windows XP machine that can't access the internet I don't use that many applications on my computer and I have all of the disks -- so I was planning on wiping the hard drive and then reinstalling the OS Wiping drive hard the Should that get Wiping the hard drive rid of all viruses Most of my files are already backed up Wiping the hard drive -- but I have a dozen or so word files that are new in the past week and not backed up I was going to save these possibly infected files to a separate drive and then only put them back on my computer after it's been wiped and the antivirus is reinstalled and up to date Does that seem like a safe plan or would it be too risky After making sure my antivirus was back up and running - I was then going to get the malwarebytes program as extra security in order to make sure I don't have to come back to bother this forum Thanks for the help

A:Wiping the hard drive

Could a moderator please close this thread.

After talking to a friend it seemed that a reinstall would be easiest so I'm going to go to that route.

Thanks to everyone on this board for sharing their knowledge - now that I know they exist I'll hopefully be able to keep my computer from getting sick again.
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Hi all just needed help getting rid of a virus once and for all About days ago I recieved an alert from MSE that it detected a backdoor win cycbot b virus I think there is more but the bulk of it has been destroyed Wiping Virus Clean a The only thing thats worrying me still is that I cannot use SpybotS amp D and when I click on my icons for Safari and Firefox it does not open Also some suspicious processes in my Task Manager are the first on my list They are rundll exe- no username CPU is its K and it has no description csrss exe- no username CPU is its K and it has no description winlogon Wiping a Virus Clean exe- no username CPU is its K and it has no description atieclxx exe- no username Wiping a Virus Clean CPU is its K and it has no description What causes me to be suspicious is that anytime I right-click on all four of these processes when I click on quot Open File Location quot nothing happens Also when I try to quot End Process quot or quot End Process Tree quot they cannot be terminated While I am aware that some of these processes I have named can be legit processes necessary for my comp function the fact that all of them wont open to their file locations and won't close throws up a red flag for me I am able to use IE so thats how I am on here I downloaded HijackThis and here is the report it came back with Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Unknown Windows WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C windows system taskhost exe C windows system Dwm exe C windows Explorer EXE C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RtHDVCpl exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static MOM exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPHelper exe C Program Files TOSHIBA Utilities KeNotify exe C Program Files TOSHIBA Power Saver TPwrMain exe C Program Files TOSHIBA SmoothView SmoothView exe C Program Files TOSHIBA FlashCards TCrdMain exe C Program Files TOSHIBA TOSHIBA Service Station ToshibaServiceStation exe C Program Files Creative Creative Live Cam Live Central CTLVCentral exe C Program Files Microsoft Security Client msseces exe C Program Files McAfee com Agent mcagent exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files Microsoft LifeCam LifeExp exe C Program Files Yahoo Messenger YahooMessenger exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static CCC exe C windows system taskeng exe C Program Files TOSHIBA ConfigFree NDSTray exe C Program Files TOSHIBA ConfigFree CFSwMgr exe C Program Files TOSHIBA TOSHIBA HDD SSD Alert TosSENotify exe C Program Files Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware mbam exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Google Google Toolbar GoogleToolbarUser exe C windows system taskmgr exe C windows system Macromed Flash FlashUtil n ActiveX exe C windows regedit exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Users COMPAD AppData Local Temp Temporary Internet Files Content IE U HP HiJackThis exe C Users CompAdmin AppData Local Temp Temporary Internet Files Content IE U HP HiJackThis exe C windows system SearchFilterHost exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page Bing R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page Search by SPEEDbit com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL Bing R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page Bing R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolbar - EBBBE -BAD - B C- E A- ABECAE - c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD mcieplg dll O - BHO amp Yahoo Toolbar Helper - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat Active... Read more

A:Wiping a Virus Clean

Hello and welcome to TSF.

HijackThis is no longer the preferred initial analysis tool in this forum.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.
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 I use Ccleaner regularly to clean junk. Is using the option to wipe free space a good option to use occasionally?Edit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Wiping free space

Only if you are worried about somebody accessing the drive and trying to recover deleted files.
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Will a laptops hard drive be wiped clean if the XP disc is loaded and run? The laptop is a Dell.

A:Wiping a hard drive

If you select to format the drive then yes it should.
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I need to wipe a drive clean so I can reformat it (don't ask)
Windows XP SP2 will not load, so I made it a slave drive on another computer and want to reformat it before putting it back in the other PC
any freeware out there that will help?
Thanks guys!

A:Wiping a drive clean

I always used to 'debug' the HDD to wipe it clean and thereafter reformat/reinstall.
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Hi all I m at wit s end My laptop a Toshiba running XP has one of it back...HELP coming over over and still and Wiping the worst virus infections I ve ever had to deal with After at least hours of researching cleaning rebooting configuring and trying MalwareBytes Wiping it over and over and still coming back...HELP VIPRERESCUE CrapCleaner Spybot BitDefender and OTM by Oldtimer the virus is still not gone I do know that I had several trojans RootKit Windows Antivirus Pro and Protection System MalawareBytes keeps finding threats and removing them every time I scan but says that to completely remove all the files I have to reboot and then the viruses apparently reinstall themselves upon rebooting Immediately after rebooting I run another scan and it finds new files The problem HAS lessened but I am still getting the Windows Antivirus Pro-type fake security warnings The Protection System and Antivirus Pro files and folders are gone but obviously something still remains because it hasn t stopped yet Protection System tried to add an entry to the registry before I closed for the last reboot after it was wiped by MalwareBytes but Spybot caught it and I disallowed the change to the registry Could someone PLEASE help me finally root out where this thing is hiding so I can finally get rid of it for good

A:Wiping it over and over and still coming back...HELP

Not sure why this was moved...I KNOW I'm infected, and with what...I just need help to get rid of it?!

I did run RootRepeal, and while I haven't taken any action yet, it found a hidden file in the system32\drivers folder called "hjgruitvogodyi.sys". It's in red in the list on RootRepeal, which makes me think it's a BAD thing...but I'm afraid to remove it without some kind of direction from someone who knows this stuff better than I do...
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I'm having trouble with my computer so i'm trying to find a way to delete everything off my computer to free space and make my computer run a little faster. I saved all the data i needed on a disk and i want to know how to delete everything without doing it manually. Can u help me?

A:Wiping Entire System

Just to confirm, do you want to completely wipe the drive so that you will have to re-install the operating system again?
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I saw a couple forums on this, but no one came back confirming that the removal methods worked, is there any way to remove the dialer SIXA?

A:Wiping out dialer "SIXA"

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When this all started a week ago I blamed my out wiping folders/files is Something the Jarte word processor I was using Now it doesn't look like Jarte is the villain Here is a recent Something is wiping out my folders/files email exchange that pretty much sums up the problem Hey Was working on creating a DVD disk for a computer class I teach I selected programs created a folder for each program then copied the downloaded program install file into each folder I then created a read me file using the rich text format for each program I made no changes to Jarte's settings formats or anything else Things were going along swimmingly and when I finished writing the ten read me files I proceded to burn the files onto a DVD disk Or at least I tried to do that times using a couple different burner programs including IMGBurn Each time the burner said it could not verify all of the files I went back and started checking each read me file On five of the ten files I found a page full of zeros No text I started checking program settings and discovered that the files with the zeros had a quot plain text quot setting in the Files-Options gt Document Format hover drop down menu I selected rich text in the document when I wrote the read me file The undamaged files were set to Rich Text in Document Format So the question is how did the setting get changed to 'plain text' I didn't change it and the program default is quot rich text quot I can see where the program might get confused when I select rich text in the document and the program setting is 'plain text' Still the issue seems to be how did the program settings get changed And will it happen again Jarte's response These are my computer vitals PM Jarte Plus Jarte Plus User default Up Time Windows XP -bit Service Pack Total RAM MB Memory Load Color Depth colors Screen Resolution x DPI Metric False MSFTEDIT DLL version sr n mm c ly c mo n pr k Jarte considers any file whose content is not recognizable as either RTF or DOC to be plain text From that perspective a file that is all zeros is plain text since it does not contain the proper header information that would identify it as either RTF or DOC So the real issue is that the ReadMe files are zeroed out I assume you used to Jarte to save the ReadMe files to your hard drive and then attempted to burn the files from your hard drive to the DVD Is that correct If so is it just the files on the DVD that are zeroed or are the same files zeroed on both the DVD and the hard drive There seems to be more to this situation I've been having this problem now for about a week I've written and rewritten some of these read me files and five times I set it up so there is a 'master' folder on the hard drive that holds the sub folders Then I created a similar set up on the flash drive 'master' folder and sub folders Then I created a copy of the 'master' folder and sebs also on the flash drive I then copied the install file and the readme file to each subfolder When I turned the computer off last night and went to bed all folders with read me files in both 'master' folders on the flash drive were reading normally This morning the folders in the backup or copied 'master' folder on the flash drive were gone The 'master' folder name was there but there were no sub folders I checked read me files in a similar 'master' folder on the hard drive The sub folders were all there but half the read me files content had been zero'd out Half sub folders not all I downloaded a file analyzer this afternoon trying to get a handle on what's happening It probably does a good job but I'm not a programmer so I still don't know what's going on I do know that in hex mode on a zero'd out file it shows zeros top to bottom If this is a virus it's very selective in what it's erasing or zero-ing out In answer to your last question I was never able to get any of the files successfully copied to the DVD disk If the burn doesn't pass the verify test it's considered a failure by the burner progr... Read more
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I have a super old Dell desktop, I want to recycle it, but am paranoid about any old info being retrieved.  The computer doesn't work so I removed the hard drive, is that all I need to do?  Someone mention something about the floppy disc also needing to be removed, I am completely computer illiterate and have no clue.  Please help.

A:Wiping personal info

If there is a floppy disk in the disk drive you may need to remove it, otherwise the hard drive and any flash drives (usb thumb drives) should be kept. The hard drive if you don't need it can be destroyed and recycled as well. Or you can keep it for a backup if it still works.
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Hi, I'm planning on selling my computer soon, the problem is I don't have the discs to re-install the OS.
Would reformatting the drive (so it's like factory settings) and then overwriting free space with a three time pass using CCleaner be sufficient to prevent data recovery?
Thanks, Aaron.

A:Wiping Hard Drive

You may want to read this discussion topic.
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I have a new laptop and a friend is having my old laptop. I need to wipe the old laptop securely so there is no sensitive information on the hard drive.

Thing is the dvd drive is not working so can't use my Windows 7 disc.

Is there a way I can do this?

Many thanks


A:Wiping laptop but leaving OS

Take a look here:
Windows 7 Installation - Prepare PC to be Sold
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Hello, I need a program that wipes your hard drive complety clean like you buy it in the store. does anyone have one? please and thank you !! it would be greatly appreciated.

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I had a brand new TB WD drive bought months back as a spare which I put to use yesterday to replace a TB data drive All went well but just when I was all done I broke the data connector when I was securing it to the case I contacted WD to see if was covered by warranty but its not It's not a boot drive data Wiping a drive and I didn't lose any data so it could have been a Wiping a data drive lot worse Only lost some time and money I still needed a new drive so I picked up a TB drive to meet my needs and all is now good I can Wiping a data drive no longer use that GB drive in any of my pc's anymore as the data cable wont be a secure connection but it occurred to me to try sliding it into my external USB enclosure and to my pleasant surprise it was slow but readable Question I will likely dedicate such an enclosure just for this drive for backups testing etc but in case I decide to dispose of the drive I would like to 'wipe quot it clean first If I go to Computer Management Disk Management and delete the Volume and then re-create a new volume would that do it Or do I need to use a third party 'kill' app

A:Wiping a data drive

CCleaner has a drive wiping utility, I would use something like that just to be safe.
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I am looking for a free disk wiping utility because I'm going to give away my old Windows 98se computer. Thanks.

A:Disk wiping utilities

Check this out; I'm sure there are lots of others out there, this just happens to be one I've heard of, but haven't used.
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I find that it's time to backup my files and re-install my o/s. I have an external HD attached to my laptop, which I'm going to use for backing everything up.

However, before I install the o/s, I would like to TOTALLY WIPE MY DRIVE CLEAN. I've done re-installs in the past, and I've never been able to completely wipe the drive, and as a result, bits and pieces of crap have stayed with my computer through the years.

If I'm going to go to all the time and trouble of re-installing my o/s, I want a COMPLETELY FRESH START.

Can anyone recommend a good (free) product for securely wiping a HD?

A:Need Disk Wiping Utility

Hi newreel,



Hope that helps
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what is a good free program that i can find to wipe out a hard drive in its entirety, i'm trying to wipe out a hard drive that i have that has windows 2000 on it .. but i'm installing the drive to me on my computer that now runs xp pro. i'm planning on just setting up the hard drive i'm wiping out as a back up hard drive for if anything goes wrong with windows on my main drive so that i can use the drive to wipe out my main one and reinstall xp(i just recently had that happen while running 2000 on it.)

A:wiping out hard drives

You could use the hard drive manufacturers disk utility or use Darik's Boot and Nuke.
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Hi i wish to wipe my hd clean as i have many gigs taken up that vista drive hard my wiping will will not let me remove i have program files quot program files quot and quot program files x quot the x is just a copy of my normal program files and i am certain it is just sitting there taking up space When i try delete it i get the msg quot you need permision to preform that operation quot I have tried creating a proper administrator account through bios run as administrator wiping my hard drive That did not work i log onto that account and it STILL sais i need permision even if i edit the permisions list and take wiping my hard drive ownership of the file After giving up trying to remove things manualy i wish to wipe my hd and start again How do i do this I tried reinstalling vista but i still have the double program files and i still have gigs taken up even after deleting quot windows old quot Ive seen lots of times on the internet people just say quot insert your vista cd and choose to reformat quot however i could see no option to reformat It just went ahead and reinstalled intself Any help would be greatly apreciated

A:wiping my hard drive

hi first is the disc you have a proper install disc if yes then you should be able to delete the partitions and install a fresh copy of vista this should help please note this shows it without the key you will need to input the key
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Hi, I have a Dell laptop running Windows XP.

Last night I booted up my computer to find that it had wiped virtually all of my memory and now every time I shut it down it does it again. I was able to recover most of my files by running in safe mode and finding them there, but nothing is to be found when running in the normal mode. I have AVAST and it says there are no viruses and Spyware which I frequently run.

It also takes a much longer time to boot up.

Can anyone help me?!

A:Windows XP keeps wiping my memory

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Hi, Question... Can I keep all my Music, Pictures, and videos well I wipe out the other things on my hard drive, I Have a compaq presario.. I know how.. Just wondering..

A:Thinking of Wiping the dish

Quote: Originally Posted by 2010MegaScooter

Hi, Question... Can I keep all my Music, Pictures, and videos well I wipe out the other things on my hard drive, I Have a compaq presario.. I know how.. Just wondering..

Perhaps. please upload a picture of you disk management so we know what we are dealing with.
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I'm searching for some software that is comparable to Cyberscrub in terms of its ability to overwrite and wipe files. I would prefer the Gutmann method to be included (35 passes). I have found Eraser to do the job fairly well although it is somewhat slow and everything must be done manually. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.