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Gtx275 s/pdif digital audio cable conection

Q: Gtx275 s/pdif digital audio cable conection

The instructions that came with card are not very good. The connection to motherboard is such it can only plug in one way. The problem is on the VID card. The connector to the card has a diamond mark on it but there is no mark on the card. With the card mounted on the motherboard, does the diamond mark go on the left pin or right pin? Is this connection neccessary for the operation of the GTX275?

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Preferred Solution: Gtx275 s/pdif digital audio cable conection

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Gtx275 s/pdif digital audio cable conection

All you need to do for the card to work is install it in the slot, plug in the external power, and then use the DVI or HDMI cables to link the card to the monitor. Done.
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I've recently switched to Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High Definition Audio Device) using one Toslink cable instead of all the analog wires going from my PC to my receiver.

The digital sound is amazing, CD quality from my PC is great.

However, I now also receive the digitized sound of pages being loaded as I surf the web. All sound comes out digitized when loading a new page.

Is there a way to stop this from happening while listening to music or course material without gong back to analog?

Can I have my digital CD quality and enjoy it too!


A:Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Making a Digital Sound with Internet Surfing?

On board sound cards are not known for their quality but try going in to your sound panel and muting all input and output sources you do not use (like mic and analog)
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Hi, I've recently switched to Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High Definition Audio Device) using one Toslink cable instead of all the analog wires going from my PC to my receiver. The digital sound is amazing, CD quality from my PC is great. However, I now also receive the digitized sound of pages being loaded as I surf the web. All sound comes out digitized when loading a new page. Is there a way to stop this from happening while listening to music or course material without gong back to analog? Can I have my digital CD quality and enjoy it too! John

A:Digital Audio (S/PDIF) Making a Digital Sound with Internet Surfing?

I assume you're running Windows. Which one?

I do a lot of audio work on mine, using Windows XP SP 3, and was able to kill the sounds by opening the Control Panel, then Sounds and Audio Devices, and then click on the Sounds tab. For "Sound Scheme" select "No Sounds" and click the "Save As" box.
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Motherboard :asus p5kpl-am se (no sound card)
vendor id :1106
device id :0397
problem: digital audio (S/PDIF) no sound
OS : Windows 7 ultimate 32bit

i've download numerous latest driver on the official website of VIA and installed it, yet no different..
i wonder if anybody can help me with the link or another solution..

A:VIA High Definition Audio ,no sound digital audio (S/PDIF)

Answered on your other duplicate post. To get speaker or headphone audio you need to set the "Speakers" as the default audio playback device.
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Hey, I was wondering how the hell does S/PDIF Digital Audio work and how does it remember exactly what % volume it should be on a motherboard?
I don't have any speakers, just a keyboard and mouse and I've, reset BIOS, reformatted and reinstalled windows 7 disc and the S/PDIF still remembers what volume % it was on before all of that, how is it remembering this?

I'm just curious how it knows.

A:How does S/PDIF Digital Audio work?

Because the chip on the motherboard stores the info, it's not software.
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So guys,I havent been turning on my pc(using win 7) for like a month,when i did it was saying Digital Audio S/PDIF and no sound was going nor through speakers nor through headphones.Before that everything was working fine.So,since i had some viruses on it i reinstalled win,formated both particions,but still that Digital Audio S/PDIF stayed there,in the device menager it says High Definition Audio Device,and it has 2 of them,i tried through device menager to update it but it says that the best driver is already intalled.I searched threads here,tried some downloads but nothing is changed.Since im a musician a little,gamer a little and pc user i really need to fix this,can someone help me?

Here are the specs

A:Digital Audio S/PDIF problem

Headphones and Loudspeakers only accept analog audio. You need a Digital to Analog converter, i.e. a sound card, to decode the digital audio and convert it to analog signal which is then amplified by the amplifier and then transferred to headphones and loudspeakers which translate those signals to sound waves.

Try setting the "speakers" as the default audio device by right clicking the sound icon on the system tray -> playback devices -> click on speakers -> set default audio device.
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My computer died recently so I dug out some fossil from way back to at least isn't Audio sound. Digital (S/PDIF) playing listen to music watch some movies until Digital Audio (S/PDIF) isn't playing sound. I can buy a new one Which won't be anytime soon I hooked up the HDD from the dead PC to this one and everything is working OK all things considered However I can't seem to be enable the sound On paper everything seems fine even the quot needles quot are twitching see image in the link when I play an audio file but sound won't come Digital Audio (S/PDIF) isn't playing sound. out The only Playback device available in the list is quot Digital Audio S PDIF - High Definiton Audio Device quot I checked the drivers and everything is up to date I hooked up the Speakers to the laptop they're working fine Help me out please without the sound this thing is basically glorified texting machine Additional info OS Windows Shine edition bit whatever the hell that is pirated Motherboard Asus P PL
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Hello Does anyone have or Digital Out S/PDIF-SA Bracket ASUS 4-1 WANTED! Audio know where I can purchase an ASUS S PDIF-SA - Digital Audio Out Bracket I've looked WANTED! ASUS S/PDIF-SA 4-1 Digital Audio Out Bracket all WANTED! ASUS S/PDIF-SA 4-1 Digital Audio Out Bracket over the internet but can't find anyplace or anyone selling them anymore I need it to compliment my ASUS motherboard It allows for playback out of both Digital Out's simultaneously Despite my motherboard only being years old and most other ASUS motherboards also including the - header for it ASUS seemed to have discontinued it and now it's hard to come by There's an older revision before the ASUS S PDIF-SA bracket though There's the regular ASUS S PDIF - Digital Audio Out Bracket but this has the removable cap on the TOSLINK instead of the newer Flip up door design They can be found on eBay shipping from either America or China I bought one from America for and it arrived two weeks later but annoyingly the TOSLINK doesn't hold in any cables It just falls out I much prefer the newer flip-up door design anyway Much more convenient Thank you

A:WANTED! ASUS S/PDIF-SA 4-1 Digital Audio Out Bracket

Maybe its your cable? I have a recording studio and have a TOS Link connection, without any "door" and I do not have any problems with it. I used to have a SoundBlaster interface panel with the S/PDIF TOS link and it too didn't have a "door" and no problems.
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I have a problem with audio after upgrading to windows home bit I installed all the drivers that are neccessary for windows My audio device is High Definition audio device but the only S/PDIF but come Digital Device sound Audio working doesn't out device I can see is Digital audio S PDIF Other devices that may be disabled don't appear I installed all of the Realtek drivers for on board audio device and I tried installing several others aswell but with no luck I tried all of the solutions that I was able to find online and nothing works My microphone works cause I tested it with a friend on skype which gives me the reason to believe that the actual device works When I install Realtek driver it won't show up in my device manager or sound only Digital audio when I run troubleshoot compatibility on any Realtek drivers it detects that the Device working but sound doesn't come out Digital Audio S/PDIF driver is not Device working but sound doesn't come out Digital Audio S/PDIF compatible with my system I uninstalled my driver that automatically installs on every boot and then I disabled the automatic driver install Device working but sound doesn't come out Digital Audio S/PDIF and I disabled automatic updates to prevent auto install of the driver that clearly doesn't work but on the next boot the driver automatically installs again The audio doesn't work when I plug my speakers in any port and I dont have front jack on this PC I have Pentium D dual core ghz gb Ram and my hardware ID of HD audio device is HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN D amp DEV amp SUBSYS F amp REV HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN D amp DEV amp SUBSYS F I totally ran out of ideas it's days that I'm trying to find a solution to the problem Any help is appreciated Thanks

A:Device working but sound doesn't come out Digital Audio S/PDIF

Alen88 weelcome to the Seven Forums.

Your motherboard doesn't have Realtek audio, it has the ADI 1986 based on the DevID,

PCI Vendor and Device Lists

Knowing the make and model of the motherboard would help in finding if there are Windows 7 drivers for it, but I have a feeling there won't be. If you're feeling adventurous you can try the driver from here,

ADI SoundMAX 86/88/A/B/89,Xonar [6585/6600/6605][04-03-2010] •

and follow the 2 steps on how to add the DevID from yours so that it will install.
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does anyone have the schema of the connection cable between a digital out of a Soundblaster card and a RCA digital in?

I'm trying to get the sound from my new media center pc to my Bose audio system...

Many thanks

A:5.1 audio digital out cable

Have you tried the creative labs website?
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I have a very old but very functional computer that I'd like to connect to my surround sound PC speakers. I currently have the computer connected to the speakers via the analog green, yellow and black cables, but my card states that it can support digital audio out, but I'm not sure what kind of cable to use for digital out. I've tried looking on here, but didn't find a solution, probably since my audio card is about 8 or so years old. It appears to be some sort of coaxial output on the card, but maybe not. I've attached pictures of my actual sound card, the far right port is the digital out. The sound card is SB Audigy 2 and my speakers are Altec Lansing ADA995 speakers, thanks in advance, I've been looking for a solution for a long time.

A:Cable for digital audio out for SB Audigy 2 card

Dell used a custom Audigy 2ZS but it still is basically the same as the Retail version. According to the Creative (SoundBlaster) site it's a standard 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo plug. It is not "optical" (TOS) so you will need a compatible "digital" input on your surround amplifier for it to work. Probably the best thing is to continue using it the way you are now.
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I was getting some analogue disk spinning sounds off my CD rw drive and thought I'd do some investigating believing it to be running in analoge mode.
I disconnected the audio lead and thought 'that's good the digital connection is the one that's working'.
However when I disconnected that as well I was still getting sound. I therefore take it that the audio is being transferred by Windows down the IDE cable.
How do I bypass this and get the actual Digital connection from the CD Drive to the Soundcard to be used directly??

A:Sending CD Audio down digital connection to S/Card instead of IDE cable in W2000?

Actually Windows Media Player is converting it to WAVE format to play the CD audio, to confirm this play a audio CD bring up the mixer and mute WAVE the sound should stop, then unmute it and it will play, to play directly from the CD drive; load a CD player app. or disable play back threw WAVE. this is done a few differnt way deppending on what version you have.
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Well, can a standard RCA cable carry the digital signal from S/PDIF from my computer to my receiver?

A:Can a standard RCA cable carry S/PDIF?

Yes and No.

SPDIF is a 75ohm signal. Not just any generic RCA cable will be able to correctly carry such a signal.

Shorter, higher quality RCA cables designed for video can sometimes "pull this off", but it's just because the shorter link length or higher quality can carry a 75ohm signal.

RCA only specifies the connector, by the way. So there are indeed "RCA" cables designed for SPDIF signal- they are just designed with higher quality conductor able to carry a 75ohm signal reliably. Most generic, cheap, audio RCA cables- no way. Might work for testing purposes, but I wouldn't recommend for permanent use. Get a good quality, 75ohm rated, shielded RCA to RCA cable designed for SPDIF.
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I've been endeavoring to hook up a surround sound system to my desktop for quite some time, and because of how the standard analog cable array works, I can't get 5.1 sound without the S/PDIF cable hookup. I just went to the store and bought a 6' cord, unplugged all the other audio cords, put in the S/PDIF cable, and found that the computer did not recognize that there was any audio devices connected. The output jack is showing a red light, which I understand to mean that all is well, and I tried checking the drivers to no avail.
I filled out my system specs to the best of my ability, but I also found this link, which is the exact model of computer I have, and the only modification was replacing a slightly faulty power source
ASUS Essentio CG5275-AR003 Desktop PC Intel Core i5 650 (3.20GHz) 8GB DDR3 1TB HDD Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit -

A:S/PDIF Cable not recognizing as connected

Exactly what do you have for a speaker system? What input is required for the speaker system?

If you connect an S/PDIF cable, you may have to manually set it as the default playback device (??) Windows will only allow one default audio playback device.

Finally, not all S/PDIF's are 5.1. Many are only 2 channel stereo.
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I'm having a strange problem in my HTPC Audio is coming perfectly fine out from the S PDIF coaxial output and it's normally connected only that way to the receiver but now for other reasons rear Realtek output on from fine nothing S/PDIF, audio, audio ALC889 I also need to connect it using a mm to a small mixer So in the sound manager Realtek ALC889 audio, audio fine on S/PDIF, nothing from rear output I changed the output to the quot Speakers quot and in fact the Realtek sound manager detects Realtek ALC889 audio, audio fine on S/PDIF, nothing from rear output that a cable is plugged into that output and shows me the dialog where it's selected Problem is nothing comes out I know it's not the mm to RCA cable because I plugged in my phone played some music and I can hear it just fine Realtek ALC889 audio, audio fine on S/PDIF, nothing from rear output But the rear speaker green output puts out no sound at all as I also tested it plugging headphones On the Sound Windows panel where you can select the playback device I can see the volume level move up and down when I'm playing any media file as well as in the Volume Mixer If I switch back to the S PDIF output and change the input in my receiver audio is coming just fine I haven't tried the front outputs because they are not connected The motherboard has HD Audio but the case has AC connectors so I never cared to connect them because I don't use them I know the rear green output worked at some point because I remember having a pair of computer speakers connected to it a few years ago This is a Gigabyte GA- FXA-UD rev motherboard with an AMD T and GB of RAM with Windows Home Premium The installation is about two months old with the drivers from back then and the latest audio driver on the Gigabyte website is from so this driver is the latest available I tried rebooting the machine just in case but it didn't help Any idea what this could be Did a power surge selectively fried the analog part of the audio chipset It is connected to a surge protector I built this computer myself and I'm always very careful to tie every cable and not leave them loose inside the case Thanks Sebastian

A:Realtek ALC889 audio, audio fine on S/PDIF, nothing from rear output

I found out after a while. In the popup dialog when a cable is plugged in, I had selected "Rear speaker out" mistakenly thinking it was talking about the rear output, not the rear speakers in a 5.1 speaker setting. Changing to "Front speaker out" solved the problem.
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Happy thanksgiving all,

I have been racking my brain for days trying to solve this problem so hopefully someone will be able to help me. I need an internal s/pdif cable to send the audio from my motherboad (Intel DX58SO) to my graphics card (Msi N9600gt-md1g). I think (but could be dead wrong) that the video card is supposed to be a 2 pin connector, and the motherboard is supposed to be a 3 pin. Can someone:

A. Help me confirm this, and
B. Find somewhere where I can purchase this online?

-Thanks so much!

A:Internal S/pdif Cable (MoBo to Graphics Card)

You are correct more of less. Just set one of theses up for a friend. it was a small two pin cable. Connected to the internal spdif and the video card. Does your mobo have a internal spdif connection and does your graphics card have a spdif connection? The graphics card should have came with a cable if it supports it.
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I'm supposed to connect an S/PDIF cable between my soundcard and my graphics card to enable the sound to work on my HDMI cable (between comp and TV).

However, there is no such jack on my soundcard, which is an outdated Soundblaster Audigy Platinum.

For anyone who wants to help, the manual is here.

Can someone help me do something about this? I wish to keep this soundcard.... or at the last resort, buy a new soundcard which will solve this problem, but its gotta be cheap, and has something to connect to the front like my current soundcard, which takes .25" headphone jacks....

A:S/PDIF cable into Graphics card to enable sound in HDMI

I'm not an expert in this area but does your graphics card have an HDMI output connector at the back? If so, you don't need your sound card. HDMI carries both HD video and HD sound. If your TV has an HDMI input, you just connect the HDMI cable from the graphics card.
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Hey everyone I just got a set of Boston Acoustics Digital Media Theater Speakers They re pretty nice for I d probably go as far as saying they re the best set of computer s I ve ever heard Solved: Media Digital Boston Acoustics Cable Digital Theater Problem is I can currently only run them through analogue because I have no digital cable for them The connect on the sub looks like either a digital coax or Solved: Boston Acoustics Digital Media Theater Digital Cable RCA connect which should run out to the in mini digital out on my SoundBlaster Live card The manual doesn t say exactly what it is anywhere It shows a picture of a cable with a single RCA end and a in mini stereo end Problem is every such cable I find is mono on the mini end Any ideas on where to find a such cable Thanks Joe I attached a picture of the back it is blurry but you can at Solved: Boston Acoustics Digital Media Theater Digital Cable least see Solved: Boston Acoustics Digital Media Theater Digital Cable what it is top right jack nbsp

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My internet has been dropping out on me. It seems to only do this when I use a lot of bandwidth. It will drop when playing an online game, or during an internet download. Any help will be much appriciated.

It accually dropped out again when I posted this message, now I have to wait for my modem to reconnect so I can post this.

A:Cable internet conection issue

"Drop" means what? What kind of a cable modem is it? Do you have any routers? Firewalls?
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My motherboard's has 3 'holes' for audio.(blue,pink,green)
But I've no idea why there is an S/PDIF
and my speaker doesn't play any sound as I testing.
(I've tried to uninstall the hardware and reinstalled again.)
Any idea?

A:windows 7 wrongly detected my audio as S/PDIF

Right click the speaker icon in the taskbar.

Select playback devices.

On the window, select speakers as your default playback device.
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Hi st a little set-up explanation - My mobo is an ASUS P n-E SLI with Realtek ALC on board It has a co-axial S PDIF output for my digital connection to my DD DTS surround system I used to be running XP SP and the PC is in an adjacent room to my Lounge so I have a PC monitor but also connections into my LCD HDTV and surround system DVI video and S PDIF digital audio For watching DVD and Bluray I would switch displays and use media portal and TMT I would get DD stereo output? HD S/PDIF simultaneous Audio and and DTS sound through HD Audio stereo and S/PDIF simultaneous output? my amp and if i switched back to my PC monitor for general PC use not watching movies the standard two channel stereo speakers on it would work with windows amp internet explorer etc Now i have switched to Windows using MC and TMT for movies and windows updates included a new driver for the realtek audio i notice the interface for the realtek audio manager has changed visually for the better but for my particular set-up it now appears I have to choose a quot HD Audio stereo and S/PDIF simultaneous output? default playback device quot between either standard analogue output to my pc monitor or choose my digital S HD Audio stereo and S/PDIF simultaneous output? PDIF output That means I have to jump through more hoops when switching displays to watch a movie with digital sound or standard pc monitor use in stereo note I have to use either monitor stereo speakers or my digital surround amp because they are in adjacent rooms and the amp might be being used by somone watching TV whilst i am on the PC Further more if it helps i followed the sticky on the AVS HTPC forum for setting up MC with the shark codec pack media browser TMT for Bluray and the internal MC player for everything else Have i got something set-up not quite right or am i dreaming My only other thought is to leave it set as digital S PDIF as default and switch to analogue if i need it for you tube or something but hope that for the other users logging in to use the PC like the kids and the wife their profile can remain as analogue in the realtek settings So in summary in my old set up with XP Same PC I had a sort of simultaneuos sound output with windows sounds and internet flash video through my monitor's stereo speakers but if i wanted to watch a movie on the HDTV i turned my surround amp input over and got digital audio via the S PDIF

A:HD Audio stereo and S/PDIF simultaneous output?

Quote: Originally Posted by byngo


So in summary, in my old set up with XP (Same PC) I had a sort of simultaneuos sound output with windows sounds and internet flash video through my monitor's stereo speakers but if i wanted to watch a movie on the HDTV, i turned my surround amp input over and got digital audio via the S/PDIF.

You might try using the latest drivers from Realtek.


I think this link works, looks like they've changed their site a bit.
Also, the Realtek drivers may need to be installed twice and the first time removes the current driver.

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Dear All,

I have an ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0 motherboard. It has got an "Optical S/PDIF out port(s) at back panel".
Please head onto M5A97 EVO R2.0 - Motherboards - ASUS and check the 'Audio' section.

I now intend to use the digital optical output of my motherboard as audio source.

Can someone already using this feature please confirm how it works? And which speaker set (having digital optical input) you are using?


A:Query on Optical S/PDIF audio connection

I don't meet your criteria for responding, but I'm going to do it anyway. I use S/PDIF in my recording studio.

On a PC, the S/PDIF digital output is designed, primarily, to feed some other device such as a surround sound amplifier and not to directly connect to speakers. Very few speaker systems have an S/PDIF interface.

S/PDIF output on many systems are only two channel stereo. Some are 5.1 but most, for whatever reason, are just two channel stereo. I have a one year old ASUS Z77 motherboard (with an i5 CPU) and the S/PDIF output on that is only two channel stereo.

If you use the S/PDIF digital audio as the audio source, it will be set (or have to be manually set) as the Default Playback Device.
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My regards to everyone I just joined here because i really need some experienced people's help Not that i am somehow a noob in computer's industry however this problem was destroying me for the past few days This may sound like a few threads in No thing. that big 7. sound And windows (S/PDIF) problems. Audio on one and i am sorry for posting this as a new one but i really need your help because all the other threads i've read on this and other forums applied them and no help whatsoever A few days ago without doing something in particular the sound Audio big problems. No sound on windows 7. And that (S/PDIF) thing. just stopped working Audio big problems. No sound on windows 7. And that (S/PDIF) thing. does that sound familiar So as any other folk would do i started every tiny little thing to fix that So i cheched if the speakers and then headphones are correctly pluged in They were Then i tried disabling and enabling them from volume control options then from control panel u name it Still nothing So i uninstalled and re-installed my audio drivers Again no use I tried everything and literally got nowhere So i thought it might be a glitch and Re-Installed a fresh copy of windows If it sounds familiar from now on this threat combines itself with others After reinstalling windows my audio appeared as set to digital s pdif and ofcourse no sound was available The speakers and headphones appeared as unplugged they were plugged in So I went on the forums again and saw that someone was informed to change something in bios So i entered bios and i saw everything was enabled and set to HD Audio When i looked at that it said that i also have the AC option so i enabled that however i always used optimised system defaults on bios and HD Audio is the default not the AC Okay so now i reboot and i can see that the computer is actually showing that i have speakers on right now not that s pdif So my heart is pumping my eyes are shining and i go straight on youtube play a video aaaaaand no sound The sound bars however are showing i have sound And so i also try a troubleshoot This troubleshoot goes along and at the end it says that i have no speakers plugged in However windows recognises them And i know they areworking perfectly i tried them on my phone and on another computer They are perfectly functioning The audio as you surely guessed is an onboard card I forgot to tell you that i also entered services msc and i have checked that windows audio is started Any help would be extremely appreciated I simply have no ideea what to do anymore Please for the love of God help me

A:Audio big problems. No sound on windows 7. And that (S/PDIF) thing.

First thing, please fill in the "My System Specs" so we know what you have. It helps us to try and help you.

AC97 is the older interface standard for front panel audio (headset and microphone). The current standard is HD Audio. Depending on what interface you have (plug) that plugs into the front panel audio connector on the motherboard is what you should use. The difference between AC97 and HD Audio is basically jack sensing. With HD Audio the sound chip will sense (know) when you have something plugged in.

Go to the Device Manager and post a screenshot of the Sound section.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

This should give us a start in trying to help you.
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XPS 8300 on WIndows 7 Home Premium. The Realtek High Definition Audio manager lists 3.5mm jack sockets for analogue audio in and out . It also shows the S/PDIF output on the rear for digital audio out.
While the analogue audio output works, the S/PDIF Toslink output has a continuous red signal light with no digital modulation. Linking it to digital input on a DAT audio machine shows no signal.
I've tried examining all device parameter selection options, but none that I have found brings up a Digital Output selection where I could enable S/PDIF. Anyone know what I am missing??


A:XPS 8300 S/PDIF Toslink audio output needs enabling

Did you set it as the default audio device in the Windows Sound applet?
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hi guys whenever i try rather flash the than chooses audio player s/pdif speaker... from to play any kind of flash web based embedded youtube the video audio from flash player chooses s/pdif rather than the speaker... works perfectly fine but the audio does not work thru the mm audio out on the BACK of my computer at first i thought it was audio from flash player chooses s/pdif rather than the speaker... the typical flash player problem so i tried reinstalling adobe flash player but that didnt help then i googled stuff and eventually came to a forum describing a problem with the quot plug in container for firefox quot problem lt http forums mozillazine org viewtopic php p p gt i tried the quot about config quot thing but that didnt help either then i started going thru all the speaker settings control panel gt hardware and sound gt sound while having an youtube video playing in the background dont know why and no sound obviously and found out that all the sound from flash players are being re-directed or quot outputted quot thru the Digital Audio S PDIF even tho i have my speakers as the default device i know this cuz the bar thing on the side of the spdif icon moves up and down even when i disable the spdif the audio does not come out of the default speaker but for some reason when i plug in a head phone into the FRONT mm jack the headphone icon gets a green check mark beside it the flash video sound WORKS also this quot front works back does not quot only applies to flash videos both jacks work when i try playing videos on vlc mediaplayer itunes etc so in conclusion FLASH gt front jack works rear does not gets re-directed to spdif even tho i dont have anything connected to that port non flash media players gt both jacks work fine if u can help thanks nbsp

A:audio from flash player chooses s/pdif rather than the speaker...

When playing a flash video,you should be able to right click
the video and select settings.
Check the different settings tabs and make sure the right outputs
are selected.
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Thanks for your input.
I sorted the problem now. Found that the cable was going through 150m of coil that i didnt know about, once i cut it down to below 100m it worked like a treat.

Im so happy


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Hello TechSupportForum After i re-installed Windows on my PC there has been a ton of drivers missing I have though been able to find and install most of them but there is still a few that are missing or outdated and those cause quite some trouble on my PC My problem is that after i re-installed Windows i have had some bad troubles with my digital sound SPDIF Just after the re-installation and a few weeks after that Digital (S/PDIF) Windows Help sound sound no on please. 7? it has worked but if i do not have a running sound source all the time the sound suddenly shuts down and i have to restart my PC for it to work again So i basically had a Windows Media Player running all the time running with a song but with the volume of WMP at So that sound source was the reason i actually still had sound Now just today i can't make it work at all The sounds shut down because i forgot to have a running sound source so i Digital sound (S/PDIF) no sound on Windows 7? Help please. restarted my PC and that used to fix it but not this time Now there's no sound at all I have tried to change the kHz in quot properties quot of the SPDIF sound device changing formats I went in advanced settings to try and change the quot bit rate quot and quot kHz quot but then it just says quot The format isn't supported by the device quot and it Digital sound (S/PDIF) no sound on Windows 7? Help please. says that with every single one of them So i have no digital surround sound the only way i can have sound with this headset is by using the quot USB sound quot it also offers But there is no way i have spent so much money for this headset that offers brilliant sound and i use the USB one The headset is called quot Astro A quot used with a quot MixAMP quot I hope someone can help me i have attached a full list of my PC's devices drivers etc in this message using DxDiag If there is info that you need to help me PLEASE do reply Any help would be very much appreciated Kind regards and merry Christmas Sebastian
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Ownership of MP3 U.S. Logic Digital Audio Player (square size model PA36B-21. I have a new Vista operating system. I have lost the CD to install on new pc. I have searched my old harddrive but cannot locate proper file to install to new system. I have searched the net but seems that I cannot locate current info. All info I have found is several years old so I'm not sure if the software is still available. I have not used this audio recorder in a long time and have info from a conference that I would like to save to my system.

Thanks for the help.

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Im playing the new AvP game on my pc with everything maxed out at res 1920*1080, cool game not even any slow down, but my XFI GTX 275 897Mb is reaching temps of 86c and thats with the fan set with EVGA presision to 95%. Can anyone advise if this temp is a bit extreem? What is the thermal threshold of this card? Am i in any danger of damaging/melting the card?

A:GTX275 Temp issue

The threshold temperature should be much over 86C. However, the XFX GTX 275 is expected to run at about 75C or lower on load. What case do you have? Is there sufficient airflow?
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The EVGA GTX 275 Graphics Card delivers best-in-class graphics performance in the hottest games such as Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II and Far Cry 2. And with full GPU-acceleration for NVIDIA PhysX technology, EVGA GTX 275 will change your 3D gaming with insane PhysX gaming effects by bringing dynamic forces of nature and massively destructible environments to games such as Sacred 2 and Mirror's Edge. With up to 1792MB of super fast DDR3 memory, you get enough memory to handle the highest of resolutions and texture quality.

here comes another ''trickle tech'' release from TEAM GREEN.


A:GTX275 1.7GB model announced.

I don't think it's from Nvidia themselves. It seems to be something just Inno3D and EVGA are coughing up.

And I was re-reading your post about the GT300s, and I don't think the GT200s are the "trickle tech" from it, as the GT300 is a whole new architecture, on a 40nm chip. The GTX260s are basically just a chopped up 285 as chips that don't meet the requirements are just binned as a 260.
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Hi I've been watching Netflix on my computer and since movies tend to mix their music much louder than dialogue I wanted to use the windows sound's built-in loudness equalization so I didn't have to turn the sound up and down all the time However when I did routes to Digital equalization loudness Activating Audio audio that a couple of Bad Things happened First the sound went off i e nothing came out of the speakers I checked the mixer and all the applications were missing from the speakers' mixer I checked the playback properties and saw that sound was being output to the Digital Audio S PDIF More specifically it was being output to one of two of the Activating loudness equalization routes audio to Digital Audio digital audio devices Activating loudness equalization routes audio to Digital Audio listed I disabled it and then the audio was being sent to the other digital audio device I disabled that one and it didn't go to the speakers If I turn off the loudness equalization and unplug and replug in the speakers the sound goes back to the speakers but with no loudness equalization Does anyone have any solutions to this Also what are the digital audio devices even for Thanks
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It has been 2 years since I was studying for the Network+. I know at that time cable internet standard was analog. My co-worker is telling me that it has changed. I have had the same 3Com cable modem for 5+ years now, so I can't tell. Is it true that cable internet is digital now?

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How can i enable digital cable on a windows vista ultimate computer???


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Hello, all!

I am setting up my PC as a PVR.
I recently purchased a WinUSB TV and installed it with no problem. I later found out that it only goes up to 125 channels and I have the full Platinum package with Cable. Is another TV viewer that I can purchase that will give me all the channels or is there a video capture application that will do the trick? Thanks!

A:Watching Digital Cable on your PC

Nope. The only hope you have is to find a package that simulates the IR remote control for the cable box and switches channels for you. TiVo comes with such a rig, and I've seen them advertised at times...
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I have a ATI Radeon Pro video card that is not even cable on digital card vid a year old I had a monitor go out about a week or two ago and since it was under warranty I sent it in ad got my new Compaq TFT Well now digital cable on vid card when I plug it in the digital cable doesn t evn recognize that it is even there let alone plugged in On the start up screen it works but as soon as I log in it goes blank and I have to switch to the analog to get anything I ve tried uninstalling the driver and hardware unpluging the actual card and cables start the computer shut it down then plug the card back in along with the cables and restart the computer and instal the driver and hardware It still doesn t work So what I was wondering is Is my vid card fried or is there another remedy that I digital cable on vid card can do to get it to work Thank you to any one who can succesfully or un succesfyully help It is greatly appreciated Kawiben P S I have a Compaq Desk Pro and windows o se nbsp
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I am building my own pc/htpc. As I am trying to set up the TV signal in Media Center, I got the following message: "You have entered the activation key for Windows. Please enter the activation key to enable support for digital cable."
Where and how do I get that digital cable activation key? My provider has already activated my cable card. Is that something that I get from Microsof in addition to the Windows Vista key ?
Any help would be appreciated?
Thak you

A:Digital Cable Activation Key

HI, try downloading this:

Download details: PlayReady PC Runtime (x86)
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I have Windows XP Media Center which allows me to download analog TV shows to my computer. I want to download DIGITAL TV shows as well. I don't mean free over-the-air shows (few of those here in Canada). I pay for Rogers digital tv and I want my PC to be able to download those too. How do I do that? Please advise.

Secondly, my plan is to download the digital tv shows to an external HD and then using a laptop, access those TV shows through a network with the PC to watch the shows on the laptop. Also, using an HDMI plug from the laptop, connecting the laptop to my HDTV HDMI input to watch shows on my 40" HDTV. Will that work, as I think it would? Thanks.
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I have digital cable at home , and cannot record movies or any t.v. show for that matter off of the system. I can do it from another outlet which does not have digital , but it doesn`t have the movies .

There is a way to do it , so do any of you Cable/Internet IT people want to share some info ?


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Hello I have a pretty weak Dell E specs that I have hooked up to my quot LG HDTV as a monitor and I use it for watching hulu you tube videos etc I am working with Windows XP -bit I realize it s not the best setup but I ve been making do with it for my quot media center cable Please digital help with from recording video quot I also have Time Warner Digital cable service that runs to my TV via HDMI I am looking to find a way to record shows from the cable box onto my PC for later viewing and I m not sure how to approach or if I have a good enough system to attempt I also Please help with video recording from digital cable have a MSI Core Duo P GHz quot Wide XGA GB Memory DDR GB HDD DVD Please help with video recording from digital cable Super Multi ATI Mobility Radeon HD that could be used as well I ve been looking at a couple of PCI x DVR recorder cards from newegg In specific I ve been looking at this AVerMedia card and this Hauppauge WinTV HVR- card but I m not sure if my system is stout enough to run either of these cards or if they will serve my purpose I would be willing to use my laptop if this was a better possibility as well I m not completely concerned with HD capabilities but would really like to record shows etc while I m away and don t want to have to pay the monthly service to Time Warner for their DVR recorder services Could anyone please provide any insight on how to approach or what is my most manageable option to work with using the systems I have Thanks in advance nbsp
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I've recently been getting an error that says

digital cable registration application has stopped working.

in addition, my tv tuner no longer works. the only thing ive done recently is try to install new drivers for my soundcard which is also not working.

also, i had one other question: i have already installed and activated vista. if i format my hard drive and do a clean install, will i have to purchase another activation code?

my system specs are posted above, thanks for any help

A:digital cable registration application

in addition, my tv tuner no longer works. the only thing ive done recently is try to install new drivers for my soundcard which is also not working.
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Either roll the drivers back using the Device Manager or try System Restore.

also, i had one other question: i have already installed and activated vista. if i format my hard drive and do a clean install, will i have to purchase another activation code?
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No you will not.
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I ve had a lot of problems with my digital cable box I got it Cable good Troublshooting? Anyone with Digital installed on Friday night It s now Sunday night It hasn t worked all day today On Saturday night the first problems began The video was starting to skip during an on Demand movie about once every minutes Then it got worse and worse until it was unwatchable This also happened on the regular channels At this point I plugged the cable directly into the TV and found that the signal was fine although I only had the basic channels about channels of which are spanish another shopping and are religious - After Anyone good with Digital Cable Troublshooting? having comcast send multiple signals nothing still worked After several times unplugging plugging it back in the set stopped receiving channels at all Now it just said quot quot on the display Also by trying to plug this cable into the televison directly I only received one channel a public access channel about the police and missing people I m not sure if it was the box or not Comcast is coming tomorrow with a new box but now I m worried that the signal coming in isn t right The internet and phone have been working throughout this entire ordeal Edit I also forgot that I went down to the splitter which the comcast guy installed and I switched the cables on the switcher and I still have the same problem The internet still works Thanks in advance for your help -FoghatIsAmazing nbsp

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Hi, I was looking around at TV Tuner cards and I wasn't really sure which cards were the best and what features I should have been looking for.

I also realized that I had digital cable and was wondering if there was any way I could get the digital TV guide that I get from my digital cable box, or would I need a box at my computer too? If there was some sort of software I could use instead that would be sweet


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Hi Besides cable internet access we have been using basic cable for TV reception which offered us enough channels for the last analog converter Digital cable to years Recently our cable company has changed about half of the channels from analog to digital and our TV can no longer displays those channels We do not yet want to move to a HD TV but would simply want to receive these quot lost quot channels in an analog version To do that the cable company suggests to rent us a quot digital cable box quot and we have to upgrade to a digital package as well So we would need to double our current cable Digital cable to analog converter tv costs to receive the same original channels Does anyone know whether I can buy such a digital cable box anywhere converting the digital signals to analog There is a lot of electronics available on the internet but I don t know what the technical description Digital cable to analog converter is of what I need and whether what is offered would really work Based on Digital cable to analog converter the channel list under Basic Cable there are about digital channels So I assume that these digital signals simply need to be converted into analog signals or is more required I don t assume that the cable company will scramble the digital signals in order to force me to rent their cable box if these channels are part of the Basic Cable package I already pay for or would they I have DVD players for TV display of which one is also a DVD recorder and two were bought about a year ago Would those be able to receive digital signals and would it be possible to use one of these as a digital analog converter Anyhow your advise is very much appreciated Thanks for your help LowCableCosts nbsp

A:Digital cable to analog converter

Sad to say, it's not that simple. They have you, and there's not much you can do about it.
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Hi guys I have a problem with a Fujifilm MX- camera SM Belkin card reader I have a / Camera reader cable (UK) Digital card which is full of pictures but the card reader cannot access the card I foolishly started off using the old MB card and when it was full moved on to the MB card The larger card works fine but the smaller one can not be read by the card reader It says that Digital Camera reader / cable (UK) it is not formatted when I try Now the smaller card works in the camera itself - I can view the images So what I need is to either Digital Camera reader / cable (UK) solve the card reader problem or more likely get a USB lead to connect the camera directly to the PC So my questions Is there a standard cable which to Digital Camera reader / cable (UK) connect digital cameras to USB The quot Digital quot socket on the camera is very small If the cable is not a standard one does anyone know where I can get the appropriate cable in the UK either in a store or online Thanks Gram nbsp

A:Digital Camera reader / cable (UK)

Digital cameras usually come with a cable that connects with a very small socket to the camera and the other end of the cable is USB. I don’t think the camera socket is standard – my Minolta socket is different from my Oly. Your best bet would be to contact Fuji UK.
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Hey guys, just a quick question. Dunno if you guys will be able to help, but hopefully you can.

Anyway, I have a fairly old TV (Thus, no S-Video port, just the old Yellow, Red, White RCA ports), but have a Digital Cable Box (From Cox, the box is a Motorala) with an S-Video port on the back. I also don't know much about I was just wondering if this port is an input or an output, because I wanted to hook up my laptop to my TV, but the only way to do would be through my Cable Box. Is this possible? To hook up my laptop to my cable box and have it feed that to the TV?

Thanks in advance.

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Have acer ax3200-U1790A with tv tuner. Had to install comcast digital cable box and it works periodically. Right now can't get picture. I have tried reprogramming box and all the usual stuff. Comcast chat line is useless. Help.
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Decided to upgrade my video card. I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with an integrated card, and the 1901FP monitor. Upgraded to a SAPPHIRE RADEON 9600 256M 128-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X. Plugged into the AGP slot, swapped out the blue analog cable for the white digital cable, booted up, and the monitor never got past some testing message. Something about an analog signal test. A multi colored square continued to float across the monitor.
Shut everything down, and went back to the blue analog cable. Booted up and all went normally. The PC recognizes the card in device manager. But why can't I run it in digital mode? Thank you.

A:New Video Card Won't Work with Digital Cable

I am guessing here...but is there a setting in the monitors menu to switch between DVI and normal analog?
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Hi. I have Comcast digital cable and until recently have been fine using my Hauppage WinTV PVR 150, and more recently 500. However, I upgraded to 4gb of ram and Vista x64, and neither card works. I am looking for a card that would let me continue using media center. I have also heard that with some cards you do not need a STB, is that true? thanks.

-Core 2 Quad, 2.4ghz
-4gb Ram
-Nvidia 8500
-Soundblaster Audigy
-Comcast Digital Cable

Prefer PCIe, but PCI is OK

A:Vista x64 TV Tuner with Comcast Digital Cable

Have you taken out the memory and seen if the cards work again? If so then there might be a BIOS setting / update that might make 4 GB RAM work with the cards....
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I have two tuners:
Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1600 NTSC/ATSC Combo Card
T19AR ATSC Digital TV Receiver
T19AR NTSC Digital TV Receiver
USB Audio Device

When I connect to the haupauge card the direct cable, I get the lo channels that you would get if connected to a TV. When I connect to the Artec USB tuner which has NTSC/ATSC DIGITAL TUNNERS, I am unable to pick up any digital channels. The USB tuner devive works with Unencrypted Digital Cable (Clear QAM-Supports up to 256QAM).
Now the question: Does Comcast Cable transmit digital qam unencrypted without the use of a cable box? If they do, I should be able to tune in all my local digital channels using MEDIA CENTER. Does anybody have any experience with Comcast and what I am trying to do?
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i'm having some difficulty understanding the usb cable. when it's plugged into my camera and the computer, the little arrow turns red then goes to blinking orange. i think that means there's a charging error. does it really mean that? how do i fix it? your help is appreciated. please and thank you

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I would like to use my Vista Media Center as a DVR using a Media Extender. I have digital cable (Comcast). I would be using it just to watch recorded shows on my HDTV using a Media Extender and would not be watching TV on my PC.
I want a HDTV tuner card that will record programs from my digital cable using Media Center Software, not proprietary software.

Any HDTV tuner cards fit this bill? Can be PCI or USB cards (my PCIe is taken by my graphics card.).



A:Which HDTV Tuner card to use as a DVR with digital cable

As far as the HD Tuner goes, I like the huppauge tuners, they work well in my ultimate x64 system and look and work great. However, a few things you will have to consider...

1. With your comcast cable, will you be using a set-top box, or just standard cable signal?
2. With your HD tuner, will you be attempting to record OTA HD (Over-The-Air) as well as standard cable?

Just by getting an HD tuner does not make the signal quality HD. In fact, if you get an HD tuner, make sure its a Dual tuner in your case. Media center is written to accommodate HD cards before analog. Basically, if you buy an HD, all you will get is HD regardless of whether or not you use a standard cable signal. (Run into this problem numerous times). So, if you plug your comcast cable into an HD card running under Media Center, it won't see the analog stations but will try to find HD stations and fail.

Best solution is to buy one Dual ATSC tuner or one analog and one HD tuner.

Hope that helps
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Quote ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuners for Windows Get New Firmware For Windows Media Center Along with the enhancements announced for the Windows Media Center component of Windows Home Premium Professional Enterprise Tuners Cable for7 TVWonder New ATI Digital Firmware Get and Ultimate editions Microsoft has also unveiled that AMD would tailor the ATI TV Wonder Digital ATI TVWonder Digital Cable Tuners for7 Get New Firmware Cable Tuners to the latest Windows client and its precursor According to details released by the Redmond-based company at CEDIA EXPO AMD is cooking a new firmware release for ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuners Microsoft noted that the firmware update currently in the works would be offered by Advanced Micro Devices AMD to all ATI TV Wonder digital cable tuners integrated with computers running Windows and Windows Vista The software giant and the CPU maker have worked together in order for the ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuners firmware refresh to be made available to customers who can now add digital cable tuners with CableCARD to a Windows -based PC with Windows Media Center The new ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuners is designed to increase flexibility for end users when it comes down to dealing with digital cable TV content In this regard the refresh increases the level of portability available for digital cable TV marked as copy freely CF for all digital cable tuner with CableCARD customers Customers will be able to play CF-marked digital cable recordings such as those from local channels on other PCs devices and portable media In addition the firmware will contain support for SDV When installed on a Windows -based PC with a digital cable tuner with CableCARD and a tuning adapter from a cable ATI TVWonder Digital Cable Tuners for7 Get New Firmware provider it enables access to switched digital channels in locations where SDV has been deployed Microsoft informed On September th the Redmond-based company noted that a few enhancements had been added to Windows Windows ATI TVWonder Digital Cable Tuners for7 Get New Firmware Media Center including support for switched digital video SDV Microsoft will provide Windows users a tool designed to evaluate whether a computer is ready or not for the addition of a digital cable tuner with CableCARD Source

A:ATI TVWonder Digital Cable Tuners for7 Get New Firmware

What is the best Digital cable tuner compatible with Win7x64?
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I am wondering if I can leave my USB cable for my digital camera connected to the computer all the time, to be plugged into my camera only when needed. Will the computer think it is a drive or disk and have trouble upon booting up? I know computers are easily confused and I don't want to exacerbate the situation. It would be convenient for me to leave it plugged in as I installed a USB 2.0 card in the back of my old Compaq, and I wouldn't have to constantly plug it in and unplug it. Thanks so much.

A:Solved: digital camera USB cable-leave connected?

Unless there is a working device attached to it, Windows won't do anything with it. Unplugging it from the camera and unplugging it from the computer accomplishes the same thing. I wouldn't worry about it.
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I have digital cable via Oceanic Time Warner in Hawaii. I recently purchased a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2200 Digital Cable Box from ebay. When I hooked it up to my cable line, the display on the cable box started counting down. Its final display was of 4 dashes. But on the tv there was no picture to be had. Any ideas? Do I need to download some kind of software to its front USB port. Please Help!
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I want to set up the box to use an older (Vista) computer solely for TV recording.
When trying to get MCE to recognize the signals from the box's remote control, none of the 13 code numbers work, nor does the manual process.
Although the setup states that the MCE remote may be used, the codes do not work with it, either.
I can get the analog channels, without the box, so MCE is OK, and the box worked a couple of weeks ago (on another computer), so I do not appear to have a defective box.
Oh yes, new batteries in the remote.
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Hello I have a quick question! what is the difference between Audio Cable and Aux Cable? Is there any difference in sound quality or in Left Right Channel Sound? I'm asking because I recently bought Edifier C2 2.1ch Sound System for my PC that has an External Amplifier that has Aux Input as well. Reason is I'm asking coz I want to hookup my PS3 with it as well that through the Audio Cable as PS3 sound output isn't working on the Aux but I primarily use this audio system with my PC as I use it more frequently.. so was wondering to hook the PC with Aux and PS3 on the Audio input.

A:Difference between Audio Cable and Aux Cable

Depends on what type of audio signal you are dealing with. Low level audio should use "shielded" audio cable. Speaker links can use "speaker" cable.
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I have a new Acer PC with a YUAN Tuner Card.

When trying to run my digital cable signal through my digital cable box and then out to my PC, I get a garbled signal in Windows Media Center.

When running the cable directly in (without the digital box), I can get the lower channels but of course not the digital ones.

When running the cable through the digital box (as described in scenario one) but into the TV directly instead of the computer, I get all my channels.

I'm trying to figure out why I can't get the digital channels on the PC in WMC.

What can I try?

Matthew Evans
Miramichi, Canada
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My question is how do i enable digital cable in windows vista - Media Center?

I have 2 Tv Tuners:
1) 1250 Hauppauge &
2) TV Wonder™ Digital Cable Tuner (with a cable card slot built in).

Both cards work fine for the standard channels 1-99. i want to be able to see all the channels i pay for using the cable card in the TV Wonder™ Digital Cable Tuner.

The problem is that windows media center is shipped with analog cable enabled and digital cable disabled. So when i go to view any channel greater than 100 windows alerts me that "You cannot activate digital cable. you computer is not digital cable enabled and cannot be used with a cableCARD"

i'm in search of how to switch this (maybe a bios issue?) so that i "Enable Digital Cable"


thank you

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i have an old composite audio and a broken pair of ipod headphones. i want to put them together to make a converter basically. i have an old tv tuner card and no way to put composite audio into my computer because i bought the computer used and the guy who had it before me lost the y adapter.

How would i put those together ?

thanks in advance,


A:Making an composite audio to 3.5mm audio cable

Have you looked at some of the sites like and, as well as audio and broadcast sites?
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Okay everyone I have helped alot of people on this site through email and others but Now I am in need of some serious Tech knowledge and assistance on this issue I have just installed a new ATI VisionTek PCI TVWonder card cable ready and the guide picks up all the digital channel and are listed correctly however the channels on live tv VisionTek Televison Tuner ATI Address MAC TV Digital HD650 Cable PCI Card TV Wonder only view up to Channell and the remaining channel are SNOWy and the card is a ClearQAM cable card and I have Digital signal but it appears the the remainig channels may be encrypted however the card is digital cable ready and the Cable Provider also provided me with the MAC address for the card to set the encryption to clear the channels for viewing but Changing the MAC quot Address on a TV ATI TV Wonder VisionTek HD650 Digital TV Tuner PCI Card MAC Address Cable Televison Tuner Card is a new one to me and I have done all Reg data input that I know of however that process I have done is more for NIC PCI cards and not TV Tuner cards So I Plea and Summons all who are ready to take on this task in full knowledge of reseting the MAC Address on the TV Tuner Card to the one the Cable Company provided HELP Prose nbsp

A:ATI TV Wonder VisionTek HD650 Digital TV Tuner PCI Card MAC Address Cable Televison
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I just got a new MSI motherboard and everything is working great except my sound. With my old motherboard, and my old set up I could choose 'Digital Output Only' and my speakers would work. However, in my audio properties now, I cannot choose this option because it no longer exists. Therefore, I have no sound. How do I enable this. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY.

A:Help Digital Audio Help

My crystal ball is having problems telling me what board you have. Wanna help us a little here ?
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What is the differance between digital audio and 'normal' audio???

Does digital audio give better playback or something???

If it does then any idea how to make my 5.1 speakers set-up to digital ??

A:What does digital audio do???

It just means it sends the CD-Audio to your Soundcards DAC instead of using the CD/DVD drives DAC. Should mean better audio as a result. Nothing else needs to be changed for using it.
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I used to be able to play digital cd audio, on both my cd-rw and regular cd drive. Now an error message pops up in Windows Media Player saying that the digital audio cannot be played.

When I switch to analog, my regular cd drive still plays cds, but my cd-rw doesn't play all all - no sound. When I tried to rip an audio track off a cd using my cd-rw, it only recorded sound off the microphone (plugged into wave-in on my soundblaster card). What is wrong?

Could someone tell me how to get digital audio back on my 2 cd drives? I went to the cd drive properties under control panel/system/device manager, but the enable cd audio check box is grayed out.

Thank-you for your time, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Dan W.

A:Digital CD Audio

What kind of sound card do you have? Do you change any of the wires inside the case? As far as I know, the only way to switch between analog and digital cd audio is to change the wires that are going from your cdrom to the sound card. The Audigy only has one input for digital cd audio, but your card might be different.
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Basic Specs

Brand New Toshiba Satellite C855
Win 8 64-bit

Display Adapter: Intel(R) HD Graphics (2000)
Driver: Intel

Playback Devices
Show Disabled Devices - checked
Show Disconnected Devices - checked

High Def Audio Device displays as not plugged in

Cable is plugged inCable has been tested on backup laptopCable connected to HDTVVideo is fineNo Audio

I have spent hours installing and uninstalling drivers from the Toshiba and Intel sites. Tech support said to return it but I have just spent 2 days installing software. I never took a break to watch Netflix. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

A:Audio Over HDMI Cable Not Working - HDMI Cable Not Plugged

The video is apparently not detecting the HDMI cable. Assuming you have a good HDMI cable it suggests a hardware problem in the new PC.
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I would like to point out that we no longer have to attach a cable to a CD drive to listen to CD audio. You can now simply tell Windows 2000/XP to enable digital audio. To do this:

1. Right-Click My Computer and choose Manage
2. Click Device Manager
3. Right-Click the CD and/or DVD-ROM drive and choose Properties
4. When the drive properties diaglog box opens, click the Properties tab
5. Select the check box labeled "Enable digital CD audio for this CD-ROM
6. Click OK
7. Close the Computer Management window.

Of course if you like the cable being in there then by all means leave it in there. I don't like it because it used to get caught up in the air flow in my case and I could hear it rubbing a fan or 2.

Have fun!!
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Can anyone explain why some audio cd's, newly recorded from vinyl 33's, aren't finalizing? They seem to be recording, but after the Finalize command no fin-D shows up .
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hi need help,
about running .cda(compact digital audio) on xp
i used window media player, vlc, k-lite codec, windvd, winamp, jet audio and many more
but nothing happen simply message box unknown format


A:about compact digital audio
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I just got a plextor that claims to have 40x digital audio extraction capabilities (an ATAPI drive running in UDMA mode2). However, after getting the aspi drivers for winXP, I still can only seem to rip at 15x max from audiocatylist. Do I need special software to pull audio at 40x, or is there some other setting that I am missing. The CD that came with the drive does not have any software that would help.

plz help


A:40x Digital Audio Extraction... how?

I have had similar experience with my TDK drive. It seems to be more of a "source" issue than the drive itself. Probably more of the "Up-to" hype that only happens in perfect conditions. I have gotten as much as 20X from a few CDs but most seem to be around 17X or so. It may also have to do with the format you are "saving as" while you rip. I have only used MP3 @128 for this.
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Hi there,

I have a digital voice recorder with a message on it that I need to capture somehow. I can get it to play back on my PC's speakers ... what software can I use to capture the output, and then save it, in order to put it on a CD later ?

oh, it's a diasonic digital voice recorder if that helps ..

Kate Wooten

A:digital audio capture

Get Audacity, a freeware audio recorder/editor and set it up to record off of your sound card.
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I am running a home built Windows Machine with Vista Ultimate I also have a Dell XML laptop I have been maintaining a church website I built almost two years ago If you would like to view the iste it is www fbcami com My DVD converted mp3 Audio Digital to pastor has asked if I could set up DVD Digital Audio converted to mp3 a podcast of his weekly sermons see sermon tab on site I have a podcast player in place with a link from a folder within the web page contents for mp I have tried DVD Digital Audio converted to mp3 a mp and when I click on the player in the web page the mp works just DVD Digital Audio converted to mp3 fine I would think if I could convert the DVD Digital Audio to mp I should be all set My problem is that I don't know how to get the audio from the video DVD which is shot each Sunday I took a cable and disconnected the video and do have the audio on a DVD minus the video I have Audacity with theplug in Lame which should convert to mp Is there anyone who has accomnplished taking the audio from a DVD and converting it to mp I would be forever grateful Thanks Steve Bell

A:DVD Digital Audio converted to mp3

If you have copy of the video as an mpeg or avi file (which will result from downloading off the camera to the computer before being converted to playable DVD) there are a number of freeware programs on the net that will do exactly that - try this one
Not sure if these will accept VOB files (the file type found if DVD's are opened on your computer)
What software are you using to edit the footage? if it is something like Sony Vegas Platinum etc or Adobe Premiere (Pro or even Elements) you can split the audio from the video within the editing suite and export it as an mp3
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I have just installed vista but having a problem with sound. I use the digital output on my soundcard with XP, as I know how to select digital output through the advanced opion in the sound mixer, but cannot find this on vista..... any ideas
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i have a program that lets me record what come out of the sound card and on my laptop it work inwitch i have a diffrent sound card but on my curent computer it does not work would any one no what setting it has to be on on the laptop its mixer but this doesnt have that
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I have an Intel DG965WH motherboard that has Sigmatel audio hardware and Intel Audio Studio software. When I enable the Toslink optical audio port on the back in Dolby or PCM audio mode, the analog outputs go dead. If I disable the digital output, the analog ports work.

1. How can I get BOTH at the same time? I need to feed my amps digital for DVDs and I need the analog jacks for remote amps when I play mp3's.

2. Is there any (automated) way to trigger the switch between digital/analog other than going into Intel Audio Studio with a mouse and clicking all the right tabs?
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I have a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 PCI sound card with a 3.5mm SPDIF output jack, and Logitech Z-5450 speakers with a digital coax input. Where can I get an adapter to connect my Monster Ultra I1000DCX-8 cable with RCA connectors to my Audigy 2 sound card?
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my digital audio player has a folder name found.000, it is only visible in my dap. how can i delete this folder?

A:Digital audio player

i think it's the chkdsk recovery folder. you can usually view this folder by enabling "show all hidden files and folders" in folder options (control panel). or just format the drive and re-transfer all the music back in.
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I'm unable to record cassette audio from my audio cassette deck to my computer. Specifically, I'm trying to get audio into Adobe Audition, but would be fine to transfer analog data into any digital audio format, which I could use to burn CD. This issue seems to come up on the forums occasionally, but I have not been able to find a solution. (I have not downloaded the audacity program, as I believe this is more an issue of my computer configuration or input issue).

Operating System: XP - Home
Make/Model: Fry's FM 7440

-I have explored various inputs, including: Audio In (nothing plays through speakers when I attempt this); Microphone input on speaker control (audio then plays through speaker, but is not recognized by adobe audition)
-I have gone through the control panel and explored enabling various devices, nothing is muted


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I have a little pocket sized Sony digital recorder. It looks like there is a connection for it. But I can't find any cable, if it even came with one. Can I transfer audio from this recorder to my PC with Windows 7?

A:Can audio be exported from digital recorder to PC?

What is the model number of the recorder. We can check specs and see if it has an audio out jack. Without knowing the model and it's functionality and capabilities we are all guessing. If it doesn't have an audio out. The only way I can see to get the audio onto the computer. Would be to play the audio and use a microphone on the computer to capture it if you have one.
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Hello Everyone,

I got a problem and hope that you could help me.
I have Fujitsu-Siemens Laptop with Realtek Audio card built-in.
Initially when I open the Realtek Audio Manager it shows Speakers and Digital Output as well.
I have disabled the Digital Output at certain time, and now cannot find a way to enable it again.
I've searched in the Control Panel, tried trouble shoot utility from the Control Panel and have got no idea how to enable Digital Output back.
Any suggestion are welcome, I'll try.
Thank you

A:Digital Output with Realtek Audio

Hi Nguyen

Have you tried re-installing the realtek driver?

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Hi Guys,

It's been a while now but I'm now putting together another PC. I liked both the Antec case and the ASUS mobo and am using those makes again.

Here's my difficulty. I have a ASUS MAXIMUS IV Gene Z mobo and it talks about connecting the front panel audio connections - a 10-1 pin AAFP. The Atec Sonata Elite case has wiring with 2 optional connectors - 1 is tagged HDA (for High Def Audio I presume) the other is tagged AC'97. Which of these 2 do I connect to the mobo? I am assuming I connect to the 10-pin AAFP pin set and not the SPDIF_OUT single row of 3 pins.

Thanks for your help.

A:Solved: Digital Audio Connection

Use the HD Audio connector for the front Audio, AC97 is for older systems, and connect it to the AAFP header. SPDIF is for an optional digital output.
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I want to be able to strip the audio from my camcorder when downloading the movie to my pc, so I can use the audio track separately. Is this possible? is there a piece of software that will allow me to strip the audio.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Help please.... tell me about the differences of Analog and Digital sound cards... my cpomputer has a ADI 1885 audio (integrated)..... that's analog.... right? and how does that effect my sound output and my ability to chat online etc... conversations totally break up when I try to chat with MSN Messenger.

How do I solve the problem?

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People As some of you may know for all the times I have received help on Wintel issues form veteran members even though I very much appreciate them all the most rewarding are those that get me over a hump with my digital audio multitracking issues my Dell PC is set up as a native DAW see specs below Recently I had an issue with a newly installed Universal Audio UAD- DSP Plug-In processing system whereby the rendering of files bouncing a track with processing applied Profile for Audio? Hardware Digital EQ Compression FX etc to an adjacent track essentially rewriting the track to include the processing caused clicks Hardware Profile for Digital Audio? amp pops in the bounced track Universal Audio helped me resolve the problem by having me switch to ASIO drivers I was previously using WDM But fixing one problem caused another because ASIO has their own issue with a problem known as delay compensation which is another long story So without boring you guys any further I can rectify ALL the issues by having the UAD- inhabit it's own IRQ assignment I swapped their DSP card to another slot PCI to no avail amp was about to attempt a BIOS reconfig when someone suggested I create a new Hardware Profile in which only audio devices are activated When I began to think about this I realized if this were possible it would solve a multitude of digital audio ills from latency to resource sharing issues et al So my question is If one creates a new Hardware Profile is it in fact possible to select only the hardware devices one wishes to use for a certain task And if so will the Device Manager automatically assign ONLY those devices to IRQ assignments no Network Adapters no USB Controllers etc etc If this is possible I should be able to create essentially a digital audio only machine which will be very very cool amp very efficient Looking forward to any help Thanks in advance mark man Dell Windows XP Intel E Motherboard Chipset Intel P GHz CPU KB L Cache MHz FSB MB PC RDRAM Ultra GB Primary HD OS Apps Files Folders Maxtor DiamondMax GB Secondary HD Audio Data Echo Audio Layla AI SONAR XL WaveLab b Universal Audio UAD- v
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I have a Dell Dimension xpsm233s with two CD-Roms a reader and a burner. They both worked fine before my hols. I came back and niether will extract digital audio info for copying purposes. On the data side everything is fine. The Adaptec CD Creator program the errors shown are of engine errors for both CD-ROMs. My operating system is Windows 98SE. I have had problems with files going missing and then returning and with drivers particularly The generic drivers are installed and there are no errors reported in device manager.
Any ideas would be greatly recieved as i've exhausted all avenues i can come up with.
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I have a 7.1 channel integrated audio card. I was thinking of getting a 7.1 speaker system for my computer. But is there a program that will allow me to get discreet 5.1 / 6.1 channel audio when the media source is encoded in Dolby Digital (EX) / DTS (ES)? Does Windows Media Player have the ability to decode DTS and Dolby Digital?
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after reinstalling windows me my DVD drive has decided it no longer supports digital audio extraction.

any ideas?

A:digital audio extraction not supported

Try removing it in device manager and rebooting.
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I would like to enable digital audio playback on my Cd-rom drives. I am using Windows 2000 advanced server. I can check the "enable digital audio playback" box but as soon as I click OK, Windows crashes with a Stop 0x0000009B error.

My drives are;

Teac 532E-B and Plextor 1210A.

I know that both drives are capable of digital audio so can anyone help me out here?


A:Problem enabling digital audio

Two Q's to help narrow the problem:

1. You have connected the drive(s) to the soundcard with the sp-dif cable (you have 2 cables which are to be run from the cdrom to the soundcard... Make sure both are connected)

2. You have installed all relevant drivers for the soundcard, and W2k compability updates?
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I recently re-installed windows xp pro and now my speakers don't work
at first i thought it was just the old speakers i bought some new ones and it still doesn't work. then i thought it was my intel soundcard but i checked it and the drivers and it still works so that only leaves my soundmax integrated digital audio i've tried to download drivers but i either get a non-compatible with your version of windows message or a drivers not found message HELP!!!

A:soundmax integrated digital audio

One of these drivers should work,
You can get them at the motherboard makers or the computer makers site too.
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Hope you guys can help.

I have a Dell Dimensions PC with an Intel Pentium D processor 820 (2.80Ghz, 800mHz FSB, 2 x 1MB cache), whatever that means.

I have a single 256MB PCI-Express nVidia GeForce 7800 graphics card and my sound card is a "Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS 7.1.

I have years of VHS, S-VHS and Hi8mm analogue footage which I would very much like to convert to a format on my PC that I could convert to digital and save to a DVD for posterity.

This subject has caused a lot of confusion and I would appreciate if someone could provide me with a relatively plain and simple answer, or indeed point me to a tutorial link which would enlighten me.

A:Audio And Video - Vhs,s-vhs And Hi8mm To Digital

I have done quite a bit of tapes but I find that the quality of my finished product is not as good as the original tape. However, I use an old computer that is only 25% the speed of yours and an inexpensive video capture card. You need a video capture card that has inputs for your camera or tape player. It goes into one of your PCI slots inside your computer. It should have an RCA input and/or an S-video input. These are the usual analog inputs. In comparison, a digital sony camcorder would use firewire or usb inputs and you would not need an analog video capture card. As for software, even my cheap capture card came with all I needed to capture video. I also have the Nero suite that does anything you can think of that involves audio and/or video. After you capture your movie you can start editing it or else save it on your harddrive to work on another day. You can add menus and chapters and titles and even add your voice or your favorite songs to the project. Nero makes this all pretty easy. I have used two other capturing software programs as well and they all work fine for me. My processor is an amd duron 700hz and I have no problem capturing, editing, converting, and burning my movies to dvd. My capture card was free with a rebate so I have not spent any cash--- just a lot of time. As I said, my quality is not as good as the original but I do have some sort of backup of 20 years worth of vhs tapes and that gives me a little peace of mind. I believe my quality would improve if I actually spent money on this hobby. Hope this helps.
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I'm trying to find an update to this driver but I can't find one that works. I downloaded some from google searches but after they install the program pops up an error message that says "Error! Driver not found. Please reboot and run this install again." When I run it again I get the same error.

I used a program called Everest to generate an .HTM file that has my hardware layout (motherboard, devices, etc...) that I'll include in a .ZIP file. I'll also include the DxDiag log. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it immensely!

Let me know if there's any more information I can provide to help.

A:SoundMAX Digital Audio Driver

it took me about an hour to find this. i hope it helps you.
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I have an Acer Aspire It has the realtek high definition audio I have hooked up this laptop to a Numark DMX digital mixer and it has worked fine On the weekend while in Windows media player I got the alert that for a certain file the system had to play it in analog I cannot find any way to switch it back to digital output and since this has happened I get a lot of output digital turning on audio noise when I try to hook it up to the mixer I cannot here any music just loud hissing and popping and ticking sounds It sorks fine when a small set of speakers or headphones are plugged in Can you help me with this problem I believe that in analog mode the mixer cannot take the signal and I need to put it back to digital I cannot find anyplace that allows me to do this In Windows Media Player it says that the output is Digital but in the realtek screen is says analog I hope that I Have given enough information turning on digital audio output for you to help me Thank You Mark
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I need to convert an audio cassette tape to a digital format so that I can send it by E-mail. I am not especially worried about the format (e.g. MP3 etc). What hardware and/or software do I need to do this, and what would I need to do?