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Need to update radeon 9000 series

Q: Need to update radeon 9000 series

I have a radeon 9000 series graphics card, i have it working and everything but when i try to play half life 2:episode 2 it pops up with a "need to update drivers" message but when i go to the ati site none of the drivers work for me coming up with "missing inf file" "connect a vga cable"

If you could and if anyone had this problem and resolved it please send me the link with the update
Computer Specs are
pentium 4 cpu 2.93ghz 2.93ghz
2.49 of ram
radeon 9000 graphics card (which i am able to use)
windows XP

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Preferred Solution: Need to update radeon 9000 series

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Need to update radeon 9000 series

What Operating System are you running and it is fully updated using Windows Update?
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I am using a radeon 9100 series video card & am having a horrible time trying to find the catalyst updated driver for it. Can anyone help me please? All help will be greatly appreciated.. I am now using Catalyst Version 05.4 2D Version, Package Version 8.212-050322a-022141C - Is there an updated driver available or am I running the latest one? I am going nuts trying to figure it all out.

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i've been reading through various forums online and people tend to be saying that the nvidia 9000 series is going to be coming out in nov/dec time frame, but google doesn't pull up ****. i was wanting to know where people are getting this information from cuz i want to buy an 8800gtx (mainly to max out crysis), but that would be stupid cuz crysis has been pushed back till nov and if that's when 9000 series is out, then eff that, i'll get a 9000 series then.

can anyone give me a link giving dates on nvidia 9000 series?
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Hi i just bought radeon pro and installed it in my hp pavillion c pro plz Radeon !!! help 9000 i am running win xp mxz After i installed drivers after i restarted the pc just restarts automattically in the desktop after like sec when i log in later when i went to the safe mode i looked in device manager and saw that there wore drivers the r and radeon pro i called my friend Radeon 9000 pro help !!! plz and asked him what the problem might be he has the same card he said u have to disconnect the old video card which is Riva tnt meg video card when i went to bios it didnt show any options except where the video card is in pci or agp it is in agp port brown port you see when i disable in device manager in system tray in control panel the r and restart my pc xp works fine but no drives or monitor drives are displayed and i cant see video cause no driver working properly can anyone help plz i can give more info if needed nbsp

A:Radeon 9000 pro help !!! plz

Hi i just found out that my old video card here is the link it is internal cpi card ...
when i try to load the cd setup and push uninstall drivers it says pci besides each one ... but i put in agp port ... ?>? hehe i just wanted to ask how do i find out if it is agp or pci card i mean this may be the problem? IF i put this card from agp port to pci will it work??? or it might just burn out ???
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I recently had a program that uninstalled old driver for you. Instead, it unistalled my current radeon drivers. I cant use the tv feature, the multimedia player, or the guide. The graphics are also alot slower. I tried reinstalling them but i got a message sayin to reinstall a standard display adapter. I have also tried doing it through the device manager but the drivers dont show up cause there not there. Does anyone know how i can completly reinstall these drivers or anything that can help me?

thanx in advanced.

A:Radeon 9000 AIW help

What operating system? Perhaps a restore point?
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I just purchased the above card, but i'm having trouble getting the TV out to work.

The card has an S-Video out, but I don't have S-Video in on my television. (It's rather old, all it has is Co-Ax in.) Therefore, to convert, I use the included S-Video to composite adapter, and an RF switch.

So the card and the TV are connected, and the television seems to register it, the static changes when all the connection are made. However, the software itself doesn't recognize the television. The little activation button is greyed out.

Any suggestions?


A:Radeon 9000 Pro & TV out

Buy a new TV or hook it into your VCR. I've tried doing what you are doing and it does not work - it may work through a VCR - it did for me. My big screen has S-video and the picture is twice as good on it as on the older one because of the direct connection.
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I just bought the card and have been having a terrible time trying to install it on my XP machine. (the card is a 128 Meg, AGP) I formerly had an All In Wonder PCI card that was terrific, but as a gamer, I need more video RAM.

The PC continually hangs up during the reboot, and this is using both the included software bundle from ATI, and the most recent driver on their site. I've removed and reinstalled both of the drivers multiple times in multiple configurations, to no positive conclusion in either case.

Two strange things - when I set up the driver, under Display Drivers it shows the Primary driver as AGP and a secondary driver as PCI, even thought the card and slot are obviously AGP. Under properties, it shows the location of the card as being in a PCI slot, and this is not the case.

Any help would be greatly appreciate!


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Hey Trying to locate a fan for the ati 9000 .

A:A fan for Radeon 9000?

Whats wrong with the old one?
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I was wondering how does the ATI Radeon fair against the Nvidia Ti4200??? I was wondering becasue I have a PNY Ti4200 64mb card and i found an ati 9000 64mb card for $70. If the ati is better i'll consider selling the PNY and picking up an ati.. the same place has the 9000pro for $87...

A:Ti4200- vs -Radeon 9000

The 9000 isa slightly watered down version of the 8500LE.

the 9000 pro is a slightly watered down version of the 8500

heres a link. will post another if i can find it again.

If you do switch, go with the 9000 pro at least.
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I O Port x - x CF PCI bus I O Port x - x CF Direct memory access controller I O Port x C - x DF Intel R P Processor to AGP Controller - I O Port x C - x DF RADEON SERIES IRQ RADEON SERIES IRQ Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - D IRQ Intel R EB USB Universal Host Controller - DE Memory Address xA - xBFFFF PCI bus Memory Address xA - xBFFFF Intel R P Processor to AGP Controller - Memory Address xA - xBFFFF RADEON SERIES I O Port x B - x BB Intel R P Processor to AGP Controller - I O Port x B - x BB RADEON SERIES I O Port x C - x CFFF Intel R P Processor to AGP Controller - I O 9000/USB Conflicts Radeon IRQ Port x C - x CFFF RADEON SERIES I have recently added a cordless rechargeable Logitech mouse to my computer It seems to have created a usb conflict with my Radeon vid card now the system is less stable on my online game everquest and causes the system to crash in graphic intensive areas Any help on IRQ Conflicts Radeon 9000/USB how to resolve this conflict would be greatly appreciated Thanks Hawkey nbsp

A:IRQ Conflicts Radeon 9000/USB

AFAIK there is not a lot you can do about IRQ or other resource conflicts under modern PCs. Does it actual show a conflict in device manager? if not then it is just a case that the resources are shared, which should be fine in theory.

If you want to free up more IRQs you could try disabling some unnessecary devices such as the Parallel and Serial Ports, in the BIOS if you don't use them.

Additionally, try moving the mouse to a different USB port if possible, on most new motherboards they have at least 4 ports, of which 2 are on one USB controller, and 2 on another.
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Hey guys I've seen the 128 MB DDR-AGP Video Card with ATI's Radeon 9000 3D chip for $69.99. Is it a good chip or what is the word?

A:ATI's Radeon 9000 3d chip

Its an OKAY chip, the best bang for buck is the 9600pro
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have recently upgraded to a radeon pro from my old voodoo due to obsulete technology and ever since installing the card have experienced problems that have seemed to get progessivly worse at first all my games except one worked and now none of them but one work when i attempt to start a game i get an error message then a blue screen explaining that windows has been shut down to prevent damage to my system it suggests getting new drivers and changing the bios which i have done it also include anything pro radeon my 9000 new with cant play a line the says stop then a series of numbers such as x xb c and such the two codes i have managed to copy were x E xC x BC B xBA B Ox and x E OxC E cant play anything with my new radeon 9000 pro x xBA x after this error message it says beggining dump of physical cant play anything with my new radeon 9000 pro memory and the only way to leave this blue screen is to restart I am currently running an amd k - mhz with mb sdram and a gb hard drive and windows xp any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated being i cant afford to go and buy another new card thanx nbsp

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I have graphics problems running the game on radeon 9000. I don¨t see each detail (ex. soldiers, trucs, tables etc.) I have latest driver dated 10.02.2003, directX 9.0 installed and not a bad computer 1,8 GHz Pentium 256 MB RAM..... Any solutions perhaps? I woul be gratefull

A:007 nightfire on radeon 9000


Welcome to TSG.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but...

Maybe you should check these out;

Seems alot of prople are having all kinds of problems with this game, a few like you have found their way here.

I would definatly complain to EA;
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Which card do you think I should get for gaming?
Either a Radeon 9000/9000pro
a geforce4 MX440/460

should I get one of the ATI Radeons, or one of the geforce4s

which radeon selling brand should I go for?

A:ATI Radeon 9000 vs Nvidia gf4

Of the cards you listed here is a review with comparision's.

and here is the same for the 9700 pro versus the ti series
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I've install Windows 7, but I cannot get the resolution of 1360x768 for my Acer monitor.

In XP (i'm in XP right now) i've just install the catalyst driver for XP and i've got the 1360x768.

But in Windows 7 (it's not important to get or not the Aero) I cannot get higher than 1024x768, and it's not look good on my monitor.

How can I just enable the 1360x768 resolution in Windows 7? And please, I cannot buy a new card... no money for that right now. So i need to live with this old card. But I cannot imagine that in Windows7 I cannot get the 1360x768 but in XP i can!

(i'm waiting to solve this problem to re-install again my Windows 7 brand new in the box)

I've found this "solution" but I have no idea if it's working or not (last post on page 2) (Enable Aero ATI Radeon 9000 128 MB ??)

Thanks to help me

A:How to get the 1360x768 with my ATI Radeon 9000

I use nVidia so that would be my latest experience, but I still have a ati 1600 pro in use. Screen res is a function of whatever vid driver your using. Try uninstalling all ati software and use the W7 driver for vid. See what you get. Is it possible you are using the xp ati driver on W7? Its possible that there are no W7 drivers for that card, its old.
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Hey im back unfortunately OK OK OK ill get to the point Today i was playing counter-strike perfectly and noticed it started to drop consatntly to around FPS afetr being at about - FPS normally So i thought it was probably a driver issue it finished the download and i restarted my comp When my comp was at windows i tried to open Counter-Strike and play a game when i opened console from main menu it said quot Your graphics card may not support OpenGL quot I pause d and thought quot aww damn not this crap again quot so i tried putting the setting on Direct D this was even worse i was getting FPS constantly I did the compatibility tests on my radeon media bar and it said quot There is no direct d installed quot once again puzzled by this madness i decided to do the dxdiag tests fro direct d got to the direct d tab and it says Direct d test Not available after this radeon issues ATI 9000 i proceeded to the Direct x site and downloaded ATI radeon 9000 issues DirectX a this didnt work Finally i thought this was a Counter strike Probelm and when i opened up Warcraft and it says Warcraft does not detect DirectX or later please install DIrectX I also found out it cannot be possible for it to be a power supple problem because i found i was wrong my power supply is w of power -Also i have been playing CS perfectly before i reinstalled the Catylyst software again If you have any solution please contact fast New CD came out now awesome nbsp

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I ATI 9000 Radeon Mobility just bought a new laptop with and AMD Athlon MB of DDR Ram MB ATI Radeon Mobility and Windows XP My directx is because I read at another web site that my graphics card was not compatible with directx If someone could tell me whether or not directx will work with my card or not that would be great However I have a more serious problem Any game that uses the card crashes randomly I have ATI Radeon Mobility 9000 downloaded the newest available drivers and updated all of the games The max resolution on the laptop is x I have tried using bit color bit color X resolution and x resolution but the games still crash Maybe I need to put the resoluion at x Specifically Red Faction II and Medieval Total War are a couple of the newer games that ATI Radeon Mobility 9000 I have but the problem is not limited to these games Could this possibly ATI Radeon Mobility 9000 be something other than the video card Nothing except games crash Which leads me to believe that it is the video card If anyone has any ideas please say so Thank you Daniel nbsp

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Hi !

I just installed my old trusty Quake2 after a couple years . Last time I ran it I had a 3DFX card . It actualy runs super fast with the Radeon 9000 ( 3.6 drivers) but I noticed its a little 'cloudy'looking . I fooled with the brightness but thats not the issue . Seems it needs more contrast ???? All the settings on the vid card are as stock , been a while since I have done any gaming so am rusty at this now .
Last time I played I was doing extensive editing of some files for speed , but thats not a factor with this card . It flies man , just a little cloudy I realize Q2 is OLD . Newer games look great !

Any thoughts or ideas ??

Thank You

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I need to update my video card drivers (Radeon 9000), but cannot find the drivers anywhere on the internet.

I've downloaded the package from ATI, but that hasn't updated my drivers.

Anyone hapen to have the latest Radeon 9000 drivers or know where to get them? I'm told the latest version is

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Radeon 9000 Drivers

look here...they don't make it easy to get to the driver download section do they
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I have a probelm with Gigabyte Ati Radeon The display keeps freezing when I watch DivX and it also freezes on games and media player visualisation when my modem is plugged in 9000 Gigabyte Radeon ATI USR external K Message Modem COM OS I ve installed WinXP with Service Pack When I connect my USR K External Message Modem to the serial port COM the picture and sound freeze at certain intervals in e g Media Player visualisations or in the game Heroes of Might and Magic IV Gigabyte ATI Radeon 9000 which is not very demanding I d say When I remove the modem I can play the game and the visualisation is OK but the picture keeps freezing when I try to view a DivX with all necessary software plugins regardeless of the software I use microDVD media player etc When I play music without D graphical effects there is no freezing so it shouldn Gigabyte ATI Radeon 9000 t be the sound card even when the modem is plugged in My Hardware ------------------- Creative Labs Sounblaster Live Value - PCI Scsii Tecram adapter with latest XP driver - PCI com USR K Message Modem external - Serial port COM Gigabyte VAX Motherboard Gigabyte ATi Radeon - AGP MB DDR HELP PLEASE nbsp

A:Gigabyte ATI Radeon 9000

i have the ati raedeon 9000 pro 128mb

the simple answer is unplug the modem and install an internal 56k modem or an ethernet card if you have broadband. if the only time you have problems if when you connect the modem then i would look at the modem or it's settings.
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Hi I think I ve posted about this problem before but now I have a different kind of problem question My dh has the Driv r game for the pc and he wants to play it on my laptop It s an HP Pavilion zv with an ATI Mobility Radeon IGP graphic card It s not possible to update the video driver that s straight from ATI themselves We now know that the reason the game isn t working properly is because we lack the Hardware T amp L on our video card I did some googling and came across this http www driverheavendownloads net omegadrive htm I downloaded the first one in the list When installing it prompted me to uninstall any ATI control center that is on my computer I was afraid to do that since I didn t know what would happen so I just installed the new download anyway Well the game has improved but it s not perfect It s very quot herky jerky quot I was wondering is it possible 9000 w/o ATI Radeon T&L Hardware that it s doing this because I didn t uninstall the other stuff first What would you recommend I do next By the way I ve attached a screenshot of what was happening before the download I did ATI Radeon 9000 w/o Hardware T&L today Now those shapes are gone but it s not smooth running TIA nbsp
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I was wondering if it was worth overclocking my 128 MB 9000 Pro, and where's a good place to get info on doing it?

A:Radeon 9000 overclocking

I am not an overclocker, however here is a site with everything you should need to oc an ati card.
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This is the graphics card in a notebook that I was thinking about buying. Does anyone know what games are compatable with this?

- Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 3E GHz w/HT Technology
- 512MB DDR SDRAM (1x512MB)
- 60 GB 4200 RPM Hard Drive

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Its supposed to have 400mhz internal DAC but adapter information under winxp shows onlt 350mhz, any one else experience this problem or is this normal?

A:Radeon 9000 pro problem


Hi There...

The best place to have that question answered is:
Rage 3D

They are a great resource for All Things RADEON!
Good Luck!

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I'm having some issues trying to set up a new graphics card on a friends computer.

His original specification did not match the requirements of a game he has purchased and has since spent quite a bit of money upgrading his PC to try and get the game to run.

The specifications are as follows


AMD K6 500
64mb RAM
Onboard SIS graphics


AMD K6 500
576 mb RAM
Radeon 9000 PCI graphics card
60 GB seagate baracuda HDD

However the graphics card seems to be refusing to install properly. After disabling the onboard graphics in the BIOS, I proceded to install the new card however I get continued error messages of failed install procedures and code 12 errors. The system also restarts randomly and after every resart I am left back at the last system restore point. Can anyone help?

A:Radeon 9000 PCI issues

This should fix it,,139+24555+6223,00.html
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I recently used a program off of a demo disk that deleted old drivers for you When i ran the program everthing seemed fine The next time i started the computer my graphics where very slow and i get an error message that says there is no D card installed and the screen flickers to 9000 Radeon AIW drivers black like its changing resoulution and Radeon 9000 AIW drivers comes back I checked the video drivers in the device manager and they were gone The only thing i can come up with is that the program deleted my current drivers I cant use any of the programs that came with my Radeon card I ve tried to reinstall them but i Radeon 9000 AIW drivers get an error message saying to install a standard VGA adapter first Anyway i dont know what to do keep in mind i cant do anything with the device manager nor can i reinstall the drivers Does anyone know what i can do When i looked in the display properties it says the driver is called VGA save Does anyone know how i could reinstall my drivers Thank you in advance your help is much appreciated nbsp

A:Radeon 9000 AIW drivers

In Device Manager remove the Display Driver and reboot. A Standard VGA driver should be reinstalled by Windows. After this you can reinstall the ATI drivers from the CD or download the latest Catalyst 4.4 drivers from
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I recently used a program off of a Radeon drivers AIW 9000 demo disk that deleted old drivers for you When i ran the program everthing seemed fine The next Radeon 9000 AIW drivers time i started the computer my graphics where very slow and i get an error message that says there is no D card installed and the screen flickers to black like its changing resoulution and comes back I checked the video drivers in the device manager and they were gone The only thing i can come up with is that the program deleted my current drivers I cant use any of the programs that came with my Radeon card I ve tried to reinstall them but i get an error message saying to install a standard VGA adapter first Anyway i dont know what to do keep in mind i cant do anything with the device manager nor can i reinstall the drivers Does anyone know what i can do When i looked in the display properties it says the driver is called VGA save Does anyone know how i could reinstall my drivers Thank you in advance your help is much appreciated nbsp

A:Radeon 9000 AIW drivers


Does it allow you to do a System Restore?

Or, in Safe Mode, remove all video drivers from Device Manager and reboot. Have you video drivers CD ready.
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I have a radeon 9000 with a rca TV out. It works, but I am getting incredibly bad reception. It is not the t.v's fault as all other rca devices recive crystal clear, and it is not the cables fault as I have replaced it. All that being true, what IS it then??

(the bad reception involves diagonal lines running across the screen)

A:Radeon 9000 rca out reception


My post is loenly and my problem unsolved.. at least i can do something about the lonely post...
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As I'm certain many people did, I received The Sims 2 for Christmas and have since been trying like a madman to get the game to work.
I have a Radeon 9000 video card, and I'm very uncertain about the quality of said card aside from the fact that it should be functioning normally.
Yet it doesn't, which leads me to ask someone with more experience than I: Where can I find updated drivers for my vid card? I've been searching, especially at the ATI website, but to no avail whatsoever. The drivers either do not install at all or are simply not the correct kind.
Another troubling issue is... Which drivers precisely should I install? There are so many, and I have no idea exactly which ones are best.
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Hi this is the first time I post here and it regards a problem I have with a second-hand laptop IBM thinkpad t that I just bought The laptop has got an ATI Radeon Mobile and the problem I Radeon 9000 ATI Mobile Thinkpad T41 on have is that the display on the laptop very frequently starts blinking and getting fuzzy with apparently no reason The problem is especially bad when I try to send the signal to an external tv and to the display at the same time the display gets really fuzzy and blinking but not the tv I have ATI Radeon Mobile 9000 on Thinkpad T41 tried to uninstall and install the drivers many times I tried with different types of drivers with the omega ones by the way I could not show the screen on the laptop display and on an external tv at the same time and I tried to change several options no result I do not have any problem if I unistall all the video card drivers and if I watch the screen just on an external tv In particular the screen on the external tv is always fine I do not get any kind of problems here Any idea on how to solve this problem I still have some weeks to give the laptop back if I want but I would rather prefer to fix it if possible Many thanks Regards nbsp

A:ATI Radeon Mobile 9000 on Thinkpad T41

Since it occurs ONLY on the LCD and not the output port, it appears you have a bad cable, bad cable connection, or a failing inverter.
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is there a win7 32bit driver for this video card?
ati radeon 9000 agp with 64mb ram

will aero effects work?


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During play I am getting some crazy artifacts on screen. Some days this doesnt happen at all. Most days it happens constantly. I ave tried uninstallign and reinstalling drivers, changing operating systems, changing display modes. Nothing seems to stop this. below is a screenshot. could this just be a defective video card?


A:Problems with Radeon Mobility 9000

If it only happens sometimes, then the problem is most likely due to some kind of intermittant contact between devices in your laptop. Is it only games that have this problem, or does it happen on the windows desktop as well? You could try (if you are feeling brave and your laptop is not under warranty) opening up your laptop and reseating all connections and plugs that you see, starting with the memory chips. Also try moving/tapping/shaking your laptop when the problem occurs to see if the pattern disappears or changes. I notice that the pattern is regular, so that would suggest that something like a memory type issue. Experiment a bit then post your findings back here.
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Hi I did a search but couldn t seem to find a problem like this so started a new thread If it s covered elsewhere then my apologies and I would appreciate someone pointing me in Radeon 9000 something else? corruption. screen Or the right Radeon 9000 screen corruption. Or something else? direction I ve had my system for ages and the graphics card has always worked a treat but recently I ve been getting strange screen corruption The corruption is unpredictable but generally starts about half an hour after the system is turned on Sometimes it gets gradually worse until the system is completely unusable At first the corruption can be dealt with by refreshing the screen but at times it gets so bad that you just can t see what s happening and a refresh makes little difference A reboot makes little difference the corruption will return shortly after a restart The screen can start showing corruption as soon as the Windows logo shows during reboot but never while the BIOS is used The problem started just after I downloaded and installed the Stardock utility and used it to install Galactic Civilizations II As you might expect the first thing I tried was to uninstall Stardock and GalCivII but the problem persisted I don t know if the timing was coincidence but certainly I never had these graphical problems before All programs work fine but all are affected by the corruption The corruption usually takes the form of patches of green or magenta colour appearing suddenly in a random area of the screen Picture below hope the link works OK This is a pretty good example of how bad things can get though it has been worse at times System As on my user profile running Win XP Professional If there s anything else that might be useful then just ask The graphics card is a Radeon Excalibur with MB in a X AGP slot The system runs at a good temperature well within safety limits though like most AMDs of this age it s fairly hot I m not overclocking anything Things I ve tried Update of Catalyst version to I think though the control centre reports version Update of Direct X to C Update of Sound card drivers New installation of Windows on different hard drive with all recent drivers Tested on a different monitor Tried running with no hardware acceleration Tried a full spyware sweep with Spybot and anti virus and rootkit sweep with AVG all with latest definitions Tried various modes and resolutions with the monitor no effect Tried a thorough dusting of the cards and fans in my system Tried reseating the RAM and the Graphics card Tried taking the processor down to rather than Ghtz Probably a few more things I don t remember right now I m really stuck with this I don t have a clue what s causing it I don t even know if it s actually the graphics card that s the problem I do know that it s driving me mad even as I write this I hope that someone might be able to help out and any and all help would of course be appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Radeon 9000 screen corruption. Or something else?

Looks like you need a new card to me.
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How can I enable Aero on my Windows 7 ???
It's not include in mine when I install Windows 7 OS
Core Dual 2.0GHz
VGA ATI Radeon 9000 128MB
ram 2GHz

Thanks very much !!

A:Enable Aero ATI Radeon 9000 128 MB ??

I'm guessing the only thing you have to do is install an ATI driver with a working opengl driver...if you're running 32-bit W7 it should be easy to find, 64-bit might be a bit harder. (at least that's what I had to do)
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Okay just yesterday I purchased the new A -S Toshiba Laptop at Best Buy I was informed that it would be an all around laptop for entertainment and business which is what I need since I am going to Australia for an Internship Everything works except when I go to play any type of game Dark Ages of Camelot Doom heck even the an old classic like Forsaken and Warcraft the game plays for - mins and then crashes Screen goes blank and keyboard no longer works have to restart laptop Sorry I know this is going to be long please bare with me So I have updated 9000 Mobility Radeon Laptop? all the Toshiba updates which included the new BIOS program updated the new ATI driver Mobility Radeon 9000 Laptop? increased my UMA Frame Buffer to MB and the problem still happens DVD Movies play fine with no problems The laptop specs are Pent gig processor original MB MB I added of memory From this I would gather it would be a decent playing machine aswell as business I am out of ideas so if you know any or have had the same problems Mobility Radeon 9000 Laptop? please tell me your thoughts I am still within the return policy period but if it is a minor fix I would rather save myself the trip of miles to take it back nbsp

A:Mobility Radeon 9000 Laptop?

Thanks for the tip Rick. For some reason I am not able to download the Mobility Modder. Keep getting an error saying I am unable to download the file from Soon as I am able to download it I will give it a shot, in the mean time, do you know any other spot where I can retreive the modder? I was also wondering, can incoming house power cause a laptop to crash? Reason for this, is because, when I am plugged into power cord from other places then my house, I don't have any problems running a game.
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It only locks up on games using Direct3D to render (Far Cry and Vice City). Quake III Arena, UT '99 and Deus Ex all run fine, but I use OpenGL as the renderer for those games. Sometimes the ATI VPU recover (or some such) will popup (sometimes I have to alt-tab out) and I'm able to resume playing with no ill effects. This is usually accompanied with repeating sound and the image frozen on the screen. Other times it will stop responding altogether, the monitor goes blank and starts scrolling it's "check computer cord" message that it does when it has no signal, and the sound just dies. At that point I have to hard reset to recover.

I've got DirectX 9.0c installed, as well as the latest ATI and Chipset drivers.

AMD Athlon 64 3000+
1 GB DDR3200
VIA K8T800 Chipset (No integrated video)

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I have been having some performance issues with my Sims game including the 9000 Sims 2 - Radeon Mobility fact that the background inside the house is often messed up unless I move the mouse around It seems to be pulling the background from outside for some reason The main problem I am having is that my computer keeps freezing whenever my people become Sims 2 - Mobility Radeon 9000 best Sims 2 - Mobility Radeon 9000 friends and the smiley faces float up This also happens when there are any cut scenes ie first kiss When I restart my computer it says that mobility radeon has experienced a serious error I thought that maybe I needed to update my drivers but when I go to the ati site and download the new drivers I can download them fine but it won t let me install them It says that it can t find the original hardware I don t understand this because when I look under display it definitely says my video driver is mobility radeon Thanks for any help nbsp

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Okay I posted this same question last week in the motherboard forum but now it appears that it isn t a problem with my mobo I m using the Abit NF -S with Strange Radeon pro 9000 problem v mobo and a Sapphire Radeon Pro MB video card When using this combination I either get the no video beep code or nothing everything powers up but no boot I thought that I may have a bad agp slot because I was able to boot fine with a pci card Then I borrowed my friends nVidia FX agp and it worked fine So it doesn t appear to be a bad motherboard afterall I ve messed with all the relevant agp settings in bios agp speed fast write aperture size vga init agp voltage I Strange problem with Radeon 9000 pro ve disable all other hardware Strange problem with Radeon 9000 pro in bios I ve unplugged everything from the PSU to make sure it was getting enough power I Strange problem with Radeon 9000 pro ve pulled everything except cpu memory and video card Still no luck I would rather not have to buy a new video card so any suggestions are welcome System Abit NF -S v with newest bios Sapphire Radeon Pro MB AMD XP MB DDR W PSU Thanks -Aflyctus nbsp

A:Strange problem with Radeon 9000 pro

Have you tried the Radeon in another mobo?
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Just purchased the ATI Radeon 9000 128MB video card, installed it in my P3 700Mhz 256 MB RAM expecting very fast and very smooth graphics. The detail and colors are exceptional but I find the action sometimes seems a little stalled, not really smooth. Of course this is much better than my last 32MB card but I'm wondering if this is normal? Can this be improved? Are there known conflicts with this card and Medal of Honor Allied Assault running within XP? and most of all, Is this a video card problem or is it the processor or does it need more RAM?

Thanks in advance.

A:ATI Radeon 9000 and Medal of Honor

Try this,

In the preferences of mohaa, try to lower the sound quality, texture quality,... basicly you might want to try that. I have a gforce 4 420 with 64mb and it runs that great..
I did have sound problems that made it do about the same thing.
I had the sound quality way too high. That should work though.

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Im pretty sure this is a problem with the graphics card, Im running a Fijitsu Siemens Amilo pro v7010

Any game I play, even worms armageddon! just crashes at random points and there is no hard drive activity and the only thing i can go is restart it. Other than that the system is fine and never crashes while using other applications.

Any ideas?
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Hi!! im 16 and have a problem with the sims 2.

I have a Toshiba Tecra S1 laptop with a ATI radeon mobility 9000 graphics card. I can play the game but whenever something happens to the ambitions bar the computer crashes and the only way to turn the computer off is to hold down the on/off button. how can i fix this?

hope someone can help me! thanks heaps.

p.s. does the sims 2 dvd edition work better on laptops than the cd edition?
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Hey all. I recently upgraded a friend's old laptop (Toshiba Satellite A70) to Win7, but there are no drivers available for his graphics chip/card. Does anybody know where I might find one and how to properly install it?

I'm aware that the 9000 series only supports up to DX8.1 and thus can't run Aero, but that's not a big deal. I merely want the capability to run the machine at its native resolution without having "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" listed in Device Manager.

I heard it's actually easier to install an XDDM driver in Vista so I may yet try that, but if possible, I'd like to get this thing running properly in 7 first before I try that. Thanks.

A:Radeon Mobility 9000 IGP driver for 7?

Best you're going to get for something that old is the last XP driver. And seeing as it is a laptop and a Toshiba at that, you're stuck with whatever one that Toshiba has available as the last reference ATI XP driver will not install on it.
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Hi there I hope someone can help me as i m pulling my hair out with this thing hotbounce This laptop Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro v is great in most respects but there are some issues with it that I just cannot fathom out Despite its spec ghz processor MB of RAM etc it is SLOW radeon Amilo Please and v7010 9000 ATI Pro Help!! It jerks when Please Help!! Amilo Pro v7010 and ATI radeon 9000 you play video and music on it I ve tried registry repairers defragging the HD and god knows how many other things but none Please Help!! Amilo Pro v7010 and ATI radeon 9000 of them have worked I ve formatted the hard drive and re-installed everything which works initially but it ll start again after not very long This is the most annoying Anytime you put any kind of pressure on the system and i m talking games here it ll work just long enough to give me a glimpse of how good it can be Then BAM It freezes It works fine in windows and there are no issues with office etc and after the initial jerking plays video music and dvd s fine which leads me away from the hard disc being the problem but play any game on it and you get around secs worth before the whole thing locks up Only way to sort it is reboot The help line claim it s a hard disc problem but this has been the case since the first day I got it I m more Please Help!! Amilo Pro v7010 and ATI radeon 9000 inclined to think it s a graphics issue I ve tried downloading the latest driver for the ATI mobility radeon Feb for God s sake for it but it s the same one that came with the laptop Any others I try just give me this INF error Video driver not found I heard that ATI had put out the rights on their drivers so I downloaded a Compaq driver made specifically for it and suprise suprise same damn error I m really beginning to lose my patience with it Any and I mean ANY help or suggestions for this would be greatly appreciated grinthumb nbsp

A:Please Help!! Amilo Pro v7010 and ATI radeon 9000

Well, to add more to the quandry, I downloaded the Omega drivers (which I only came accross through this forum!!) for the ATI which I thought had cracked it but unfortunately not.

Same issue, will play a game for a minute or so then the whole system freezes and the keyboard becomes unusable.

I'm now wondering if it might be a memory issue...although the laptop came with 256mb of mem I bought a 512mb extension and have tried the two seperately and together but to no avail.

The one other thing i've found is that the bios seems to be very archaic. Having done a search, people have suggested various fixes for similar poblems like changing voltages to the card etc but this bios doesn't have it. I'm afraid i've no idea how to change that though!!

Any suggestions as to what this might be would be very gratefully received!!
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I am tring to use deltaforce 1 with a sapphite atlantis 9000 128 pro (ATI) all I get is sound, no video on screen.

I am using XP Pro

1 gig 2700 ddr

AMD xpo2400+ cpu

msi K7N2G M/Board, what is wrong, I have downloaded all the upgrades I can find for the game and my system, but no video, also when I try MAX Payne it rejects that also HELP PLEASE.


A:Deltaforce v Radeon 9000 128 pro atlantis

Have you updated your video card drivers?
Max Payne should run O.K. but DF1 is a pretty old game. DF1 might not run well on an XP box.
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i recently upgraded my video card to ati radeon 9000 pro... and after installing all of the latest drivers from the ati site, opengl doesn't work in counter-strike.

i have tried reinstalling the drivers, but i really don't know what else to do.

i'm running windows 98se

if anyone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.

A:opengl doesn't work with radeon 9000 pro

btw.. when i try to use opengl in counter-strike.. it tells me that my video card doesn't support the opengl mode i selected. didn't realize my radeon was so obsolete lol.. thanks in advance
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I have a peculiar problem that I can t really attribute to anything in particular as it started happening randomly over the past few weeks I hadn t changed my drivers or installed any sort of virus program nor did I install new hardware Whenever I try to play any sort of game--Age of Empires I and II Gunbound Zoo Tycoon any of The Sims Sim Tower Yoot Tower you name it--my computer shuts off I ll get maybe five or ten minutes of gameplay and then without warning my computer will just turn off It s a very strange thing and it only happens when I try to play a game I ve got a Toshiba Satellite P -S laptop with GB RAM GHz Pentium ATI Mobility Radeon IGP gaming 9000 Mobility problem. IGP ATI Radeon video card with Omega drivers updated a few days ago from stock drivers but to no avail and it runs at C ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 IGP gaming problem. idle When I alt tab to check the temp when starting a game it s within one or two degrees of what it runs at idle Previous inquiries about this model of computer in the past have told me without even asking what my temp is that it s an overheating problem common to all Toshibas Yet I never had this problem up until a few weeks ago Anyone have any ideas nbsp

A:ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 IGP gaming problem.

Random shutdowns are usually caused by overheating. Don't just rely on the temperature sensors, sometimes they're inaccurate. Make sure it has proper ventilation around it at all sides, if you can see any dust, try cleaning it out. Make sure you're using it in a cool room, and that there is a good source of cool air near it.

Even if the temperature sensor says the temperature is the same, it might be placed near the CPU, while the GPU is getting too hot for the rest of the system to handle. Or, the heat, along with the power requirements, could be putting too much stress on a motherboard component, causing a power failure. Either way, it's most likely hardware related, and checking ventilation is the easiest first step.
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I just did a clean install of windows 2000. The first thing it did was ask for video drivers.... ... then it did it again. Now I have two ATI cards registard in my device manager. The card is an AGP. The entries in DM say that they are both located in 'PCI Slot 7 (PCI bus 1, device 0, function 1)'.

I only have 5 PCI slots. My board is an ASUS P4PE Lan.

Does anyone have any ideas?


A:Radeon ATI 9000 64meg double entry

what happens when you disable one? down load aidia32 and post what it says about pci expansion slots available on mobo
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im having problems with unreal tournament and my ati radeon pc is a p3..700mhz..256 memory..unreal use to work fine on this pc when i had a geforce256..but now that ive replaced it with the radeon i wont work right..when i start unreal it takes forever for it to get to precaching screen..when i skip it and get it to main menu..if i try to change setting..resolution..bit will just lock up...i have latest ati drivers..went in and turned filters to application preferences..but nothing seems to work..any ideas..any one with this problem..??

A:unreal tournament problems with radeon 9000

Have you tried reinstallint UT? It may be trying to work for the old graphics card, but since you have a new one, it's messing it up.
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I recently got a toshiba A - with an ATi Mobility Radeon I am using it for work but i have a game that I would like to play on it called Final Fantasy XI The graphics look and 9000 Mobility XI Final Fantasy Radeon nice but it is not smooth at all When i first tryed the game it Mobility Radeon 9000 and Final Fantasy XI didnt run that smooth using the default video drivers that came with it then i upgrade to the omega drivers Mobility Radeon 9000 and Final Fantasy XI and it still didnt do the trick I also upgraded the system memory to accually because I have the UMA Frame Buffer Mobility Radeon 9000 and Final Fantasy XI set to I downloaded some demos from Ati and they dont run that smooth either i have all the setting set to the lowest on the after trying many different in and out of game setting combos and it still doesnt make much of a difference what can i do settings or otherwise to make the game run more smooth HELP PS this is an online game and i understand lag is a factor but not as much of a factor as the problem i am having nbsp

A:Mobility Radeon 9000 and Final Fantasy XI

Biggest thing I've seen to cause bad performance in FFXI is the weather effects. Have you tried logging and and then disabling them? That's the only thing I can think of specific to FFXI
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If I have a PCI video card in my motherboard (Abit NF7-S v2.0), everything works fine. However, when I try to use my AGP card (Sapphire Radeon 9000 Pro 128)...I either get nothing (no beep code, no video output) or the no video card beep code.

I've tried changing all the relevant BIOS settings, even increasing the AGP voltage a bit...but nothing works. Could it be a bad AGP slot? Any suggestions?


A:Computer won't boot with Radeon 9000 and Abit NF7-S

You can rule out a bad AGP slot by putting in another AGP card and seeing if it posts.

Check the card in another board to see if that one posts, to rule out a bad video card.
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How do I update my video drivers for this computer? I've looked at several websites, but I'm very confused by what I read. I'd appreciate any help you could offer.


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So heres the thing. I am a keen gamer, I especially like first person shooters but I have noticed that newer games are not running as smoothly as I would like. eg. Deus Ex 2. I am thinking of getting a Radeon 9800SE 128mb. Will I see a dramatic increase in my grapical performance with this card, especially Frame rates, compared to my present card listed in my sys spec.
Maybe someone has the 9800 SE or even upgraded to it from the 9000 pro.

Cheers Guys!

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Alright I m having one major problem I ve recently installed Rollercoaster Tycoon onto the Inspiron and when I try to play it I get past the Logo screens ATI Atari etc and when the game finally fades to black from the quot Rollercoaster 600m Radeon Mobility w/ 9000 Inspiron Tycoon quot Logo an error is returned that says something along the lines of quot Failed to allocate memory quot and it goes on naming a certain file I m not sure on the specs of the videocard s memory but I know this much OS Windows XP Home Processor Pentium M Centrino MHz RAM Inspiron 600m w/ Radeon Mobility 9000 Videocard Radeon Mobility As for the videocard I ve dug around Inspiron 600m w/ Radeon Mobility 9000 in the device manager and can t find anything on the actual card s memory I Inspiron 600m w/ Radeon Mobility 9000 am running it on Omega s latest drivers for ATI since I don t want to go through the trouble of using DHMod Any further information needed please post requesting as such Any help would be appreciated EDIT The full error returned is this Failed to allocate memory for structured resource overlay CHARACTERS TF TF BODY Main This error has also been sent to Debug log When I try to click cancel it continually returns this error as well as when I click OK nbsp
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Ok here s the situation I m hoping someone can shed some light on a possible solution as ATI customer support hasn t been of much help I have a Micron PC that has an Intel D HV motherboard inside According to what I read from Intel s site it only accepts AGP X cards Also according to ATI s website the Radeon should be compatible with AGP X slots However when I try to use this card in the Micron PC I get no video signal and just some bios beeps that probably mean something like no video card installed I can verify this as another AGP card an nVidia TNT m card works fine as well as a PCI SiS mb video card works But here s something else that s interesting I know the Radeon card works because I have another PC that was custom built and has a Radeon AGP 9000 compatible? motherboard not Intel and Gigabyte GA- IXE motherboard inside which apparently only supports up to AGP X according to Radeon 9000 AGP and Intel motherboard not compatible? the manual and what SMARTGART allows me to go up to for the highest AGP setting So with that all in mind any ideas as to why this card won t work with the Intel motherboard Shouldn t the card automatically detect which of the AGP speeds the motherboard supports and use one of them Neither of the PCs have any of the special AGP settings in the BIOS setup either aside from AGP aperature size Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Radeon 9000 AGP and Intel motherboard not compatible?

The BIOS beeps are probably more along the lines of an address conflict... and likely the real problem.

Do you have any PCI devices in the PC? Many of those Intel motherboards have shared resources between the AGP slot and the first AGP slot. I''d suggest removing all PCI devices for a test, as well as disabling any PCI address space devices in the BIOS(such as USB, on-board audio, serial, etc.etc.) then save/exit and try the swap once more.

If your system suddenly posts with all hardware disabled and PCI slots empty, it'll then be a simple process of re-enabling to find the culprit... which should lead to a work-around to reallocated it somewhere else (or different PCI slot if its a card).
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Hello TechSpotians I have been thinking about gettin myself an upgrade for my PC You may have seen many of my threads and may have called me quick at changing my mind 6950 Radeon the 7xxx the series or for 2GB? get HD HD Wait Radeon looks at Leeky As the title states I would like to get myself a hd GB I have read something up on the future hd xxx series and articles Wait for the Radeon HD 7xxx series or get the HD Radeon 6950 2GB? said that they would have more processing power and etc I have heard that AMD might be releasing some of the hd xxx series Q and start mass manufacturing in Q But as AMD starts the production of the office cards first Wait for the Radeon HD 7xxx series or get the HD Radeon 6950 2GB? and then up to the high end cards it might take a while So my question is will it be worth the time to wait for the hd xxx series or just get Wait for the Radeon HD 7xxx series or get the HD Radeon 6950 2GB? the hd Thanks EDIT I don t think it is known if the xxx series will support CrossFire with the xxx series but I heard that you can CF a xxx series with a xxx series Is that true nbsp

A:Wait for the Radeon HD 7xxx series or get the HD Radeon 6950 2GB?

i would get the 6950, thats a very powerful crd as of now with great driver support, even though the 7xxx series is coming out it usually takes like 2 -3 months for decent driver support and longer sometimes with crossfire support in games. as for the crossfire question, u can crossfire cards from the same generation so 5xxx series only crossfires with 5xxxseries and the same for 6xxx, my friend has a 4870x2 and was starting to lag a bit in BC2 so i got him a 4890 and we put those in crossfire, works much better. But yeah i would get the 6950 now and like u said the nice 7xxx series prob won;t be out til after CES in early 2012
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hi there i have got a Acer Travelmate laptop with a mobility radeon igp video card in it im not sure what card it has in it as in windows xp display properties it says chip type mobility radeon igp agp x adapter string ati mobility radeon igp im trying to update the drivers to the latest ones possiable but cant manage to find any i currently have the ones from the acer website installed however these will not allow me to play a dvd as it says quot windows media player cannot play this dvd because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your dvd drive decoder and video card try installing an updated driver for your video card quot Im drivers 9000/9100 igp latest radeon mobility also wanting to play games like sims ect would they latest mobility radeon 9000/9100 igp drivers work on this vga card with mb shaired ram i have mb ram installed gb stick and a mb stick While on the topic of this vga card anyone know if it will work with vista home premium nbsp

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amd athlon xp 2200+
MSI Kt3 ultra
radeon 9000
512 DDR 333
hd 80 gb seagate
ps 350w
cd-rw LG 52-32-52

Formatted and installed Windows XP SP2 (2007) with WMP 11 and IE 7, and K Lite Mega Codec Pack 3.4.5 but still get no video, only audio on files (AVI, MPG, WMV...). Video driver from Windows. When I try driver from the Radeon CD it crashed and resolution goes to 256 color. Try the updated driver from site but still doesn't work... What might it be? Thanks a lot!

A:Solved: Radeon 9000 work audio but no video

Have you installed the via 4-in1 chipset driver?
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Wondering which is better....I have an idea but want to ask in here first. Thanks.

A:ATI Radeon 9000 vs Nvidia geforce mx400 question.

Neither one will provide satisfactory performance when it comes to gaming. Otherwise either one should work fine for surfing the net and checking your e-mail.
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i used to run xp-home and had the ati radeon drivers i could extend my desktop change resolutions etc it could also recognize if i had a tv on the s-video dvi jack just the single yellow jack plug thats the video so then you just muck around with the res until its right and anything you watch on ur pc you can watch on your tv like divx etc so now i m using xp-prof SP and hooking monitors up and extending to desktop works i think f ng great i never even needed to install drivers from ati i m thinking yeah plug and play rocks virtual so now i want to hook the tele up and it don t see it anymore i install the quot updated quot drivers from support ati amd etc and pc starts in some ty mode with colors when i try to change play with it it says those drivers are only supported in the old version of windows and to contact ati to get the new drivers has anyone else experienced this problem with xp sp any help workaround would be much appreciated thanks for reading nOObs nbsp

A:Solved: radeon 9000 s-video not working anymore

Your video card is extremely old it's likely you can't have more then two displays hooked up to it. I dobut your going to find a solution that will let you use 3 monitors if that's what your doing. You can upgrade the card pretty cheap since even a $30 card of tigerdirect will run circles around that one.
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My Gygabyte Radeon 9000 crashes under 3DMark 2001 SE. It happens in Game 4 - Nature and advanced pixel shader and vertex shader. Can someone help me telling me WHY it happens and HOW it can be coreected ?
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I recently upgraded to the latest driver for my IBM T laptop s ATI Radeon video card to the latest version specific IBM driver Shortly after Browser 9000 blurred pictures ATI Mobility Radeon - all pictures loaded in my browser IE with all latest patches Browser pictures blurred - ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility appeared blurred pixelized Tried to change all sort of settings revert to previous driver reinstall but nothing improved Then thought it may be a virus have Symantec anti-virus Browser pictures blurred - ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility amp firewall and did find a Trojan fvp dll which I removed The system was then clean but still couldn t improve the situation Tried installing Firefox but same problem in that browser I don t think it s a video card issue however as if I browse for pictures in the Windows Explorer they display correctly I can even do quot Open with quot - Internet Explorer on a file and the image displays correctly in IE but when I do this the system then becomes very slow instable Any ideas - please help nbsp

A:Browser pictures blurred - ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility

gvaman said:

I recently upgraded to the latest driver for my IBM T41 laptop's ATI Radeon 9000 video card to the latest version (specific IBM driver). Shortly after, all pictures loaded in my browser (IE 6 with all latest patches) appeared blurred/pixelized. Tried to change all sort of settings, revert to previous driver, reinstall, but nothing improved.

Then thought it may be a virus (have Symantec anti-virus & firewall) and did find a Trojan (fvp.dll) which I removed. The system was then clean, but still couldn't improve the situation. Tried installing Firefox, but same problem in that browser.

I don't think it's a video card issue however, as if I browse for pictures in the Windows Explorer, they display correctly. I can even do "Open with" - Internet Explorer on a file and the image displays correctly in IE (but when I do this, the system then becomes very slow/instable).

Any ideas - please help !!!Click to expand...

So to clarify, this is an IE problem with pictures, not a general graininess problem, right? A thought is to try and install the latest AOL browser beta because it flushes out a bunch of settings that IE6 makes. Or, you could just use Firefox and forget that IE exists....
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This laptop crashes after about 15 minutes and looking at the error log, it seems it could be a problem with the Radeon video adaptor. Uninstalling it and using the generic VGA driver, it works fine, but of course I have lost some of the features of the 9000. I've downloaded the latest driver from ATI, but this fails to install - cannot find inf file. Should I also look for an updated chipset - its a N251C1 motherboard with a VIA VT8366/A chip? Any help much appreciated as getting quite fed up that I can't solve this problem.
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I just ordered a new video card for my computer, here are the specs:
Chipset: ATI Radeon 9000
Memory: 64MB DDR
Ports: VGA Out(15 Pin D-Sub) + TV-Out(S-Video Out)
Support 3D API: DirectX 8, OpenGL 1.3
Max [email protected] Color: 2048X1536

The problem is that I installed it but whenever I attempt to change the screen is set at 1280 x 1024 right now the computer reboots and no change is made. My computer also reboots whenever an application is put into full screen mode such as windows media player. Any ideas how to fix this problem?
Thanks in advance

A:Radeon 9000 video card problems...need assistance

there a graphics restore program built in to them u might have to disable .. It is designed in case you overclock to much or set res to high try to find this it comes with your card and installd in the ATI folder..
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My Laptop Dell Inspiron Radeon Mobility MB Hitachi Travelstar K RPM GB UXGA display at x This problem first appeared when I was playing Halo around years ago I made it half way through the campaign before anything went wrong The screen would randomly go all funky soon after I started playing the game I waited a few days without playing the game When I resumed everything worked A year later while Playing Half Life the same problem showed up Again I was around half way through the campaign - everything was working for a while until then I experimented with many different display drivers bios updates reinstalls of XP etc I was able to fix the problem by using a certain Omega driver but it would only work when I started the computer display problem appeared started the game and then restarted problem gone Now the problem has reappeared randomly This time it is worse than ever Before I would only encounter this when playing a game Halo HL CounterStrike Now it not only appears on the desktop but it appears on the XP boot screen while my pc is starting up I have tried everything short of another reinstall of XP including opening up the whole laptop and blowing out the dust from the heatsink which I have done multiple times Here are some screenshots taken from a while ago http community webshots com myphotos action viewAllPhotos amp albumID I m beginning to think this is a Inspiron - display 5150 9000 Mobility problems Radeon HELP!!! hardware problem any help would be appreciated nbsp
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Recently, while playing games my display has started become distorted, and weird patterns appear. It usually happens within a minute of use, sometimes earlier or later. It also randomly happens on my desktop, but not often. It seems like the display has gradually gotten worse since the problem started. I've tryed calling dell tech support but all they haven't been much help since not too many of them speak good english.
This is what I have done to try and fix it: Connect to external monitor, reinstall operating system, delete and reinstall all drivers.

A:Problems With Mobility Radeon 9000 on Dell Inspiron 5150

It seems odd that this would happen on both your laptop and desktop. Do you have an antivirus running? AVG is a good free anti-virus if you need one. Otherwise, these type of problems are common side effects of overheating. If your ambient room temperature is unusually high, try opening a window. You also may want to check that dust isn't choking your computers.
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I installed Vista RTM Radeon Vista on corruption. 9000 laptop, display mass RTM my on my Compaq X last night after finally getting my copy from work and everything works great except for some pretty serious display corruption looks like it's trying to run too high of Vista RTM on my Radeon 9000 laptop, mass display corruption. a refresh rate or a poor resolution The display is perfectly fine if I switch it to the generic VGA driver but I'm stuck at x I've tried the Mobility Radeon driver that came in through auto-updates as well as ATi's beat package The ATi solution didn't work because the lowest Radeon they support is the I've also tried a couple of versions of the Omega drivers which didn't help much A coworker suggested a much older version then what I've tried but I haven't had the chance to try it yet edit Oh yeah forgot to mention that the LCD on this unit runs x natively but the closest Vista will go is x I dunno if that's part of the problem as well but it seems to persist at other resolutions anyways
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i installed patches and updates and all that but still its realy lagy video play ? dont know y ?

1900 mhz, 256 mb, 40gb, Radeon 9000 pro

A:Battle field 1942 lagy vodeo game play with Radeon 9000 pro

Have you tried downloading the latest drivers from ATI? Also I would try removing and reinstalling your video driver that has worked for me more that once I also have a Radeon video card. Check your settings on the game you might have the pics set to high.
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I have a choice between these too..they're similarly priced..which do you guys recommend?

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i was wondering how much a ancient ati radeon 7000 ve series would be worth so i can get a new 9600 xt for my xp

A:ati radeon 7000 ve series Used Retail Box
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I've been playing World of Tanks on High graphics, but even just in the garage looking at my vehicles the internal temperature rises to a peak (so far) of 58C with my fan on 100%.
Is this too much for my computer?

A:AMD Radeon HD 5800 series 50C-58C

No - especially not for an AMD card.
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I got this graphics card thats its integrated to the motherboard.....and, in Windows 7 beta the driver was installed by windows update, but when i changed to windows 7 RC the driver is no longer in windows update or the ATI drivers page, and the one who appears in the catalog of windows update is not functionable for this version of windws 7. Can someone help me with this???

A:ati radeon xpress 200 series

finally y found something thats works for the graphic card............:i went to this page: search for "Ati radeon express 200 series"...................and after trying a lot af updates this one was the only one that was usefull for me...

ATI Technologies Inc. driver update for RADEON XPRESS 200 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)
Windows Vista
Drivers (Video)
2,8 MB 2947995

unpack the files in a folder or whatever u want.....then go to the device for the display manager...choose update controler controler in the equip....choose in a lis of controlers.......the look up for the folder.....................and pick up Ati radeon express 200 series (micosoft corporation...etc)and thats all..........
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I was wondering is there any driver updates, tips and tricks or overclocking that I can do to my vidio card?

thanks in advance!

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Hello everyone! Could you please tell me why my computer says that I have 2.2 gb of video memory?
I have a ATI Radeon HD 5600 series which has only 512 mb

My PC is:
win7 ultimate x64, Intel core 2 quad Q6600 @2.4 GHz, 4gb of ram, ATI Radeon HD 5600 series, asus motherboard (i dont know the model)

A:ATI Radeon HD 5600 series

Hi, welcome to the forums

Your system is sharing physical memory with video memory. It's nothing to be concerned about as Windows will re-allocate the shared memory if it's needed and with no noticable difference to performance.

You may be able to change the shared allocation using the ATI Control Panel or even the BIOS but you'd have to check them as I don't have an ATI card

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hi so im trying to install my video card, im able to fully install it.
But when it requires a restart, my computer starts up but when loading tha windows icon it just restarts without any BSOD or anything?
then i go to safe mode and says its unable to detect driver

this is where i downloaded it from: | Support & Downloads

A:ATI radeon 3800 series.. help

First of all let's start with this (which you have been asked before in several of your other threads),

If unsure what you have grab this,

Speccy - System Information - Free Download

and it should show what hardware you have.

as for your current problem, looking back at your other threads/posts it would appear that you have bigger problems than the video driver not installing which could be a hardware or software problem.

Is this a clean untouched Windows install, or has it been fed through something like RT Se7en Lite (or something similar), or a downloaded version from somewhere?
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Hi, im trying to download the latest driver for my ATI radeon HD 4800.

Im trying to get version 9.12, but it doesnt seem to budge from version 8.632.1.2000

i have even unistailled it and got windows to find the updates, it still say at the one i just showed you

i even download it from the ATI site

A:ATI Radeon HD 4800 series

Quote: Originally Posted by Mitch656

Hi, im trying to download the latest driver for my ATI radeon HD 4800.

Im trying to get version 9.2, but it doesnt seem to budge from version 8.632.1.2000

i have even unistailled it and got windows to find the updates, it still say at the one i just showed you

i even download it from the ATI site

Use Driver Sweeper to clean out the old drivers, then try installing the new ones
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Ive gotten this video card maybe 3 months ago when I was in Bosnia. Originaly on the box it said the card is 128 mb ram but when I check the specs for it once I installed it the ram size was 64 mb and ive tried everything from dusting off the card to cleaning my whole pc and updating the drivers for the card and it still shows up as 64mb so if anyone has a solution post it please.

A:Radeon 9200 se series

well in your bios there should be option saying AGP aperture Size or something like that make sure its set to 128mb.
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I have a ATI Radeon? HD 3600 Series which has 1 gig of RAM and it's about 3 years old and it's a pretty good card but I just want to go up one notch on my video card and get a dual card so I can hook up 2 monitors. I want of take my pictures from one screen one put them in the other screen for more screen space. What would you recommend. In the last 5 years I guess they are all PCI Express slots.

A:ATI Radeon™ HD 3600 Series

Unless you have some non standard version of the card (3450 or 3650?), you don't need a second card for a second monitor. Don't think there has been a video card made in a long while that can't run two monitors, using two of usually three ports (VGA, DVI, HDMI, in some combination) on the card.
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My computer is : MDG with Intel Celeron 2.8 GHz processor
ATI Radeon 7000 series dual video card
512 mb RAM
Onboard sound
Windows XP Home

Here is my problem....... I have hooked my big screen tv to DVI on video card. Everything works fine... the desktop shows on the tv and it plays all streamed video. For example UTube and any stand alone video on Windows media player or and DVD player. My son plays hockey in the AHL so when I hook to AHL Live games, their streaming will not show on the big screen, the desktop shows but the streaming window is black also on the computer monitor. Can this be rectifyed ?

A:ATI Radeon 7000 series

Make sure the game is running at a resolution supported by the TV.
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I installed windows 7 on my Intel 865G with built in VGA & sound card. All works fine except VGA. I used ATI Radeon x1300 series 3d card abd after installing that i am facing distortion in my sound card. can anu one tell me that what i must do to solve this

A:ATI Radeon X1300 series

We need the make and model of said desktop/laptop, this is to insure we give you the right information. Also, could you please fill in your system specs completely. It's a big help to us here.
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good morning, my moms computer has a ATI radeon Xpress 200 series chipset Graphics card, with Win 7. windows 7 wont detect or use it, and updating the drivers for some reason is not helping, does anyone have any suggestions?

any help would be appreciated!

A:ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series (i need some help)

LuckyNumber7, welcome to the forums.

Give this thread here a read,

Help - ATI Radeon 200M not detected

and see if it helps.
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Hello so im not so good with all the terms but i can get some series Video help card radeon of them so in Video card help radeon series the responses keep it Video card help radeon series to a minimum please I have a radeon series and i was wondering if this card can run any of the half life series at all or decently ive tried it and its failed so far but i might be doing Video card help radeon series something wrong my other option is to upgrade my graphics card to a better one but i only have pci slots i saw a article earlier about gaming with pci slots but i would like some one on one feed back please look at this guys article and tell me which card would be best for half life series team fortress and overlord may or may not be getting this one www techspot com vb topic html please any feed back would be great my specs are compaq presario gb ram radeon series pentium R cpu ghz ghz nbsp

A:Video card help radeon series

will my computer be able to run something with the requirments of Pentium 4 3.0Ghz/Athlon 64bit 3000+
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So recently this problem started to happen and i have no idea why
While playing games, ANY games! the game with stuck with an error sound, more that of a crashing and be stuck there for a while and then comes back normal as if nothing happened
The frequency of these so called crashes increases with time, meaningly the longer i play the longer it starts to occur and wont go away.
I desperately need help as it is ruining my gaming experience
BTW i bought this 3-4 years from now
Currently on Windows 10 x64 with 4 gigs of RAM and with a AMD Phenom II X6 1090T processor if this info is needed
Please HELP!!!!
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What is the difference between the Radeon Mobility HD 5000 series and 4000 series? I know the 5000 supports DirectX 11, but how is this a good thing? What is new? I've heard of Eyefinity, but I don't see how that and DirectX 11 will help at all on a laptop.

A:Radeon Mobility HD 5000 series

Quote: Originally Posted by Windows i7 920

What is the difference between the Radeon Mobility HD 5000 series and 4000 series? I know the 5000 supports DirectX 11, but how is this a good thing? What is new? I've heard of Eyefinity, but I don't see how that and DirectX 11 will help at all on a laptop.

1. price
2. clock speeds
3. amount of memory
4. DX 11
5. 3 monitor support
6. Dx 11 for newer games that will support DX11 greater eye candy and gaming
preformance, as well as Photoshop and any graphically demanding programs.

As far as helping a laptop it depends on the laptop and the CPU, amount of memory and type either DDR2 or DDR3
And on the GPU DDR5 or GDDR5

The 5 seire cards work with a different chip design for lower power consumption and greater battery life.

I use Nvidia so hopefuly an ATI member can better answer your questions and correct or add to any things in this post.

You have an exceptional laptop but it will never provide the same gaming experience as a comparable Desktop,where you can change the GPU/CPU.
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Hello. Can someone tell me what's the last driver version for ATI Radeon HD 4800 series graphic card? I have 13.9 Catalyst... is there any newer that supports my video card? Because I constantly keep getting "Display driver AMD has stopped responding and has recovered" error while playing games... someone told me that I need to update my drivers, but as far as I know 13.9 is last that supports my ATI card..
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I dont know how to see what 6700 card it is but the fan on it fell apart (I got the PC back in 2014). I'm trying to find a replacement to but have no idea what to look for. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:AMD RADEON HD 6700 series replacement fan?

There is no such thing as fan for a card that is the same for all vendors everywhere forever.
A 6770 would likely have a Dust buster type fan and getting a new one from the OEM that made the card will likely cost more than buying a new card.
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When will something like this be available??? ATi's offerings in the midrange sucks nowadays. 9600XT is not a midrange card anymore, we should see something like the X700pro or X700XT in AGP.

If you know of any developments please post some links.


A:ATI Radeon X700 series gfx accelerator in AGP???

there are ati mid range new graphics cards. they might nto be avaiable where you live locally so i suggest you ahve a look at
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I'm either having a problem with the card itself or the driver, If i have the driver/card enabled and have my charger plugged in for my laptop the screen goes black but the computer itself stays on, there is no way to get the screen back on, i have the settings so when its plugged in it doesnt shut off or anything, if i have the driver/card disabled and the charger in it has no problems, same with if i have the driver/card enabled and the charger not in, anyone know how to fix this?

i have vista, and a gateway laptop

A:ATI Radeon Xpress 200m Series

hi the driver and other software is here you need to scroll down a bit
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My apologies for not using the search feature to see if this topic has already been created and answered but I am having a terrible time trying to scroll or even load pages Under the device manager I have a yellow question mark beside my video card and when I tried to update the driver it said working? not X700 Radeon ATI Series something about quot cannot be started quot and quot error code quot I tried looking around on ATI s site but couldn t find anything that looked close to the video card I have The driver info says quot Version quot ATI Radeon X700 Series not working? This video card was ATI Radeon X700 Series not working? working perfectly fine ATI Radeon X700 Series not working? earlier today and had been for about months so it s not a compatibility problem Someone decided to do some PC maintenance and delete some old drivers although I have no idea how that would have any effect on the current video driver There was also a screen that said quot this device is not using any resources because it has a problem quot If any more info on my system is needed please let me know Thanks in advance nbsp
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I need an upgrade for my ATI Radeon 3600 series graphics card. I only have 475 watt power supply. What cards do you suggest for gaming?
Operating System
MS Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP2
Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz 44 ?C
Bloomfield 45nm Technology
8.00 GB Memory Speed: DDR3 SDRAM (PC3-12800)

DELL Inc. 0X501H (CPU 1) 30 ?C
W2253 ([email protected])
ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series (Dell) 57 ?C
Hard Drives
488GB Seagate ST3500620AS (SATA) 31 ?C
Optical Drives
AMD High Definition Audio Device

A:Upgrade for ATI Radeon 3600 series?

Sorry for the late reply Mailman, I would recommend a 5670HD, it's a low profile card and wont use much power, but has good graphics performance for the type of card, and it will fit into most cases.

Hope this helps.
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Every time i try to play a game on my hp pavilion a430n, with the radeon 9600 series graphics card;It tends to make the graphics in the games go haywire.....could someone please tell me what the problem might be???

p.s.Updated my graphics card to the latest version if that helps any.

A:Radeon 9600 series problem! please help!

I've been using a Visiontek 9600 XT without any problems -- can you tell us what you mean by "haywire"?

And is it an identical issue with all games or just a particular one?

Is this a new card or an old one -- and has it ever worked properly?

edit -- ok I see your attachment now.

I suspect the card itself is bad. If it is under warranty -- I would contact the vendor for an RMA.
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I just had our company IT person complete a fresh install of win bin on my Dell XPS Prior to that I recently installed one of the AT HD Radeon series don't have the exact model near me It was installed and software was DL The software gave me the Catalyst to control my card I was using two monitors to play Microsoft Flight Simulator The Catalyst allowed me to stretch the screen so I had a full cockpit view Of course this also made my windows desktop screen stretched also as one full screen Now that I have win fresh install and the DL update Catalyst for the graphics card I don't have the option any longer to stretch my screen HD Series/Win7 Radeon bit 64 ATI 5000 help The new catalyst doesn't have the option NOTE I first ATI Radeon HD 5000 Series/Win7 64 bit help attempted to install the original software from disc that came with the graphics card but it would crash my computer everytime Can someone help me I'm not a computer genious AT ALL

A:ATI Radeon HD 5000 Series/Win7 64 bit help

Hi glades250, welcome to sevenforums.

You need to reinstall the drivers for Windows 7 - ATI Radeon use the first download link.

Let us know if you need further help.