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LAN/Wireless properties not responding

Q: LAN/Wireless properties not responding

i have two HD's, both with XP installed.
The old drive rarely gets used and does not have the problem.
The new drive is the main boot and its the one with the issue.
I have tried a few things that people posted on the net, but it has not helped. The internet does work though.

It stops responding and really slows down the pc. I tried it in safe mode w/ networking and it still locked up.

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Preferred Solution: LAN/Wireless properties not responding

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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i have two HD's, both with XP installed.
The old drive rarely gets used and does not have the problem.
The new drive is the main boot and its the one with the issue.
I have tried a few things that people posted on the net, but it has not helped. The internet does work though.

It stops responding and really slows down the pc. I tried it in safe mode w/ networking and it still locked up.

A:LAN/Wireless properties not responding

What exactly locks up, the computer or your network connections? Any recent changes to the system like hardware installs or new programs?
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[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Sal/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg[/IMG][IMG]file:///C:/Users/Sal/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-1.jpg[/IMG][IMG]file:///C:/Users/Sal/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-2.jpg[/IMG][IMG]file:///C:/Users/Sal/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-3.jpg[/IMG]hey im having a major issue that i know someone can fix!!

Please help!!

i just need to get into the properties tab that is grayed out. here is a screen shot.
what can i do to get access to this??

A:Cant get into wireless properties tab!! Please help!!

i still cant figure this out. i dont know if its something to do with administrator or what. i am the only person that uses this computer so i really dont know what else to do.
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MS Wireless Comfort Keyboard mouse combination Model A - is malfunctioning in the operation of the keyboard The mouse is working so my thought is that the receiver is okay The keyboard stopped working today I replaced the batteries reset the button on the bottom of the MS to mouse keystrokes/wireless works not wireless keyboard responding keyboard and the button on the MS wireless keyboard not responding to keystrokes/wireless mouse works receiver ensuring the proper sequencing Still no joy Removed all of the screws on the bottom of the keyboard carefully checked the membrane inside ensuring cleanliness before re-installing Still no joy I visited the MS support website Unable to locate my brand Thinking that downloading a new driver might help i checked my settings for device drivers in My Computer All drivers seem to be okay according to My Computer gt Devices gt Keyboard Searched a couple of other forums and found that others have experienced the same problem I've misplaced the software that came with the set-up MS support website no help in trying to find software for this particular model Any ideas from you Win gurus Many thanks in advance

A:MS wireless keyboard not responding to keystrokes/wireless mouse works

Have you run Windows Updates and see if it offers a new driver.
The keyboard is very old. Just might be time for a new one. You could also go to Device Manager and select update driver for the keyboard.

I have 6 or 7 old keyboards. Also gave a few away. I have never wore one out. Just kept buying them looking for one I really liked.
Years later I found one I like.
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Please Help me to resolve this "ISSUE"

My wireless network Association, tab has changed completely to
Spanish, however, all other tabs remain in English
(authentication, connection). Also on the list of wireless
networks has information in Spanish (see images for details).
Its strange because I've never used Spanish EVER before in
anyway or form on my computer. I also reinstall wireless network
adapter Driver but problem is still There :-(

Please help me
Thanks in Advance

A:wireless network Properties

Who will help me to resolve this annoying problem!!!
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I've had real trouble locating this particular window in Windows 10. The only way I can get to it is if I create a manual entry for a wireless network. In Windows 7 you used to be able to get to it for existing wireless networks that I had previously connected to. Does anyone have any idea how to get to it? Many thanks

A:Where is the Wireless Network Properties window from W7?

Settings app > Network & Internet > WiFi > Manage known networks. Select a network, click Properties

Wireless Network Profiles - See in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
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Hi - I still have internet access. However, when I go into wireless connections, properties, general, the TCP/IP "stack" has disappeared.

The rest are still there: Client for MS networks
File & Printer sharing
QoS Packet Scheduler

I've posted to other forums and I have had an external PC professional have a look, but not even the latter could find out what happened.

The reason I need it is that I manually set my IP address at home, but let it find it automatically elsewhere, but can't as cannot access the TCP/IP elements.


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Hi, I have the linksys WMP300N wireless card on Win7 32bit. Anyway in the linksys properties there is no power management tab.. I want to uncheck the box that let's windows power down the device. But without the tab I can't. I know it is probably a driver issue for the WMP300N doesn't have the best driver support for win 7 but it works. Anyway was wondering if anyone knew of another way I could access the power management other then wireless properties.. Maybe through the registry?

Any help would be great


A:No Power Management tab in Wireless Properties

That means that the device driver doesnt have the feature implemented, nothing you can do.

You can try going into "power options" in the control panel and seeing if you have the option there, but thats the only other place i can think of.
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The wireless network properties box is missing. I have a Satellite pro 4600 with Linksys card for wireless and every thing worked once before. I replaced the hard drive with a new one and rebuilt the system. After installing the Cisco PEAP supplicant software to be able to logon at the college the box is now missing. I've tracked the problem to the PEAP software overwriting files on Win2000 sp4.
Or so the masters at M/S claim. Their advice was to reinstall Sp4. This didn't work. All of the information I have for configuring wireless cards for Win2000 show this box and it was there the firt time I set up the system. I have reformatted the hard drive twice then Installed Win2000 pro and the Sp3 and Sp4 using two different Install cds. I did not install the PEAP supplicant and still no box.

Thanks Rezehk

A:Win2000 pro wireless network properties box missing

Did you install ALL the motherboard drivers for the system?
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Please help me
my Wireless Network Connection Properties not can click!
me try Uninstall WNC Adapter on Device Manager
and reset IPV4, Winsock on CMD.
but still not can click. what is this problem?
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I was trying to set up an ad hoc network and toyed around with some of the wireless network settings. The network I was trying to set up didn't quite work out so I tried to set it back to how they were but forgot how they were.

Is there a way to delete the Wireless Network Connection and let it create a new one or is there a "standard" setting for this to strictly find a wireless network and connect to it?

I am running Windows XP Pro.

Any help or questions would be appreciated

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Every time I sign into my windows account at wireless 8 cannot pw. or save access Windows properties home it never automatically connects to it I tried following the tutorial at http www jmu edu computing desktop s-Windows pdf However when I get up to the part where you are support to right click on the wifi connection to access view connection properties I am unable to Right clicking on the wireless connection does absolutely nothing I even tried clicking on it and holding and still nothing When I go to the network and sharing center and click Windows 8 cannot access wireless properties or save pw. on the wireless connection it pops up a dialogue called wi-fi status However there is no button for wireless properties I remember in windows there use to be a tab where you change the key encryption type and there was a check box where you can save the password Essentially I can't access the dialog box in page of the above link I have spent numerous hours trying to figure this out Any help greatly appreciated

A:Windows 8 cannot access wireless properties or save pw.

It sounds like your version of Windows 8 is missing something or maybe just some files are missing, hard to say why this problem would occur.

You might try running the sfc/scannow command to see if there are any missing files.
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I've just replaced my Microsoft Desktop wired with the Microsoft Desktop wireless the keyboard has no problems but every time I start up the computer the mouse scroll speed is like lightning unusably fast and I have to go into control panel properties wireless remembered/activated being not mouse mouse but I don't wireless mouse properties not being remembered/activated have to change anything --once I've loaded that device properties window the settings kick in and the mouse begins to work normally with one exception--sometimes I'm not yet sure of exactly when the wheel-click properties also don't work e g I get an ineffectual 'ding' noise when trying to open a new tab in firefox with middle-click even though the settings show it should be set for 'default behavior' after a restart and control panel window it will start responding normally bafflingly being both Microsoft products I'm a little surprised it's having this problem this has been going on since I bought it a week ago no amount of shut downs or restarts or changing mouse properties has changed its failure to activate the properties accordingly on start-up any ideas would be appreciated thanks

A:wireless mouse properties not being remembered/activated

Mate as a general ruel I don't like Microsoft mice full stop keyboards fine. Did you get installing the mouse software message when you first plugged it in? if not then you might try checking is the driver is up to date in the Device Manager or you could try here

Microsoft Keyboard & Mouse: Wireless Keyboard 800 | Microsoft Hardware

If this doesn't work then I would go for a Logitec mouse.
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Is there a freeware program to view WZC profile information from the command line? I found one that allows you to display the profiles themselves, however to display the profile properties I haven't found one.

I could also use direct registry edits if I had to, using the reg command. The problem being, that it would appear that the information is stored in binary format, which I've got no idea how to even manually pull the profile name from. The only thing that information seems to give me, is the abillity to later manipulate the order of the networks, that is maybe. I don't need that part yet, but will later on. I guess, since viewing the profiles is so slow, direct registry edits "might" be preffered. This is WZC I'm concerned about, not any third party utillities. I'm using Windows XP, and it's SP2 or later.

A:View Wireless Network Properties from the Command Line

Researching further, it looks like nobody knows how to pull the information from the registry. I've got Windows XP, so netsh wlan won't work. It looks like this is leaving me now with 2 solutions to get some of this information.

Solution 1: Use some kind of programming API to get the information and display it from the command line. I've therefore heard that there seems to be an interface called the WZC native API. If that's true, how would you use it in AutoIt or in a BATCH file or in a VBScript? I've never used anything like it before, so I need detailed explanations of what the code does, except for that doesn't mean I need to know all the internals of every function. But I need to know how to use it. I know BATCH files well, but I don't really know the full VBScript or AutoIt languages, though I can make some of it's code out anyway.

Solution 2: Somehow maybe use AutoIt in another way to read the properties from the dialog box. I know from research that this is probably possible, but I don't know how to do it. And what I need to do, is hide all that visible clicking going on, even if I'm doing some clicking. That is - hide it from the end user. It's nice to see it moving on the screen, but I'd rather not see it if I were the end user, in this case.

Now keep in mind, that at this point, all I'm trying to implement in these programs, is a way to do exactly what you can already do in Windows XP by default (but it has to be compatible with Windows XP Home, Pro, and MCE), except for from the command line. This is just one small part of a larger picture. I'll then be able to use that command in my other parts of my code that I need it in. So my general rule that I need to follow, is if you can't do it in the Windows XP dialog boxes, you can't do it in this program. If you CAN do it in the Windows XP dialog boxes, you CAN do it in this program. But everything is from the command line, in the end result. If Windows XP already provides a command line, which in this case it doesn't, I should use it. If that's not possible, I should use the registry, but I guess that's not possible if nobody knows how. If that's not possible, I guess I'll try to use a VBScript, and if that's not possible, I'll try to use AutoIt. But the end result is a command line program.

I hope this starts to get me down the right track. It took this weekend to find this information so far.
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I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, SP1, on an HP G60-120US laptop.  I have an Atheros AR5009 wireless adapter.
I have no problems with internet access.  However, in Network and Sharing Center I left click on "change adapter settings", right click on Wireless Network Connection, and then left click on Properties I get an error box that says "An unexpected error occurred."  I tried to do a clean boot using MSCONFIG but that did not work.  I tried to uncheck the "Load startup items" box but after restarting it was shaded solid again.  I then tried to check the "Diagnostic Startup" radio button and then click on "apply" but it jumps right back to selective startup.  Can you please help me clean my laptop?
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Hey, how are you?

So I'm trying to connect to the internet via wireless. I have this sheet that tells me step-by-step instructions on how to do this (connect to my work network). The problem is that when I right-click on 'Wireless Network Connection,' only the Networking and Sharing are the only options that show up. I need the 'General' 'Wireless Networks' 'Advanced' tabs to continue my set-up. Am I clicking on the wrong thing? This also happens with my 'Local Area Connection'.

Thanks for any help.
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I wonder how I can disable my wireless network and view their WAN or Lan properties in windows 7. I can do it in windows xp myself though.

A:How I can disable/enable wireless network and view properties of Lan connection?

Hi have you looked in device manager
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Hi I ve recently bought a wireless router and installed it but its not responding My laptop tells me that its connected to the wireless router wireless not responding! but limited or no connectivity I tried to ping the router with ping but it says destination host unreachable i came across a similar problem posted by another user on this forum wireless router not responding! and i tried the solution but it did not work for me also when i tried entering ipconfig renew i get a reply saying unable to contact DHCP server Im pretty sure i have my DHCP server enabled This is what it says on the command screen when i enter ipconfig all windows ip configuration host name tzehuii primary Dns Suffix node type hybrid IP routing enabled No WINS proxy enabled No Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Intel lt R gt PRO VE Network Connection physical address - E- B-B - - B Dhcp Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration IP address Subnet Mask Default gateway Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection Media state Media disconnected Description Intel lt R gt PRO Wireless LAN B Mini PCI Adapter Physical address - CF - - D-B Please help I m getting really frustrated trying to set up the wireless connection Thank you nbsp

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Im new to this forum and really need some help!
I've just bought a new wireless router as we were having trouble with our old one cutting out etc, the only problem is with the new wireless router it keeps saying DNS isn't responding and there is no interent access but the wireless connects to the computers, but then if we plug our old one back in it connects straight away.
Can anyone help on how to get the new router working

A:New wireless router but DNS isn't responding

If you have a modem i would suggest you resetting it, Then turning your new router on. This should allow them to sync up with each other.

If that doesnt work please post a screenshot of the IPconfig /all command.

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hello guys im getting a dns not responding error when i click diagnose it finds problems and it says dns not responding i have no wireless routers i have a laptop toshiba sattelite l300 and i wanna connect to this unsecured network which has really good signal strength so if anyone can help plzzz thanks

A:dns help not responding no wireless routers

Quote: Originally Posted by dNsProblEm

hello guys im getting a dns not responding error when i click diagnose it finds problems and it says dns not responding i have no wireless routers i have a laptop toshiba sattelite l300 and i wanna connect to this unsecured network which has really good signal strength so if anyone can help plzzz thanks

Several things you need to try.

Assuming the unsecured network is yours, and you know the proper name and SSID's can you go to search and type cmd. Then right click it and run as administrator. Then type ipconfig /flushdns, followed by ipconfig /renew.

Let us know the results and make a screenshot of ipconfig /all and upload it to us.

Can you also tell us about your network setup? Are you using Homegroup, or workgroup? Are you connecting to a cable modem? Anything else you can think of will help

Let us know if you need assistance with any of this
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My internet sometimes, randomly stops respondong. The internet icon shows a cross means the wireless adaptor is not working, it doesnt show any connections.
device manager shows its working fine, and if i go into cmd and ipconfig, it shows that the wireless adoaptr is connected. But i cant ping.

I have to restrart my wireless adaptor to make it work again..

any solutions?

using vista
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I have had my computer for almost years and gateway tech responding Wireless not Connect support has not been able to help The only suggestion is to reinstall windows XP I have too much info and would prefer not to have to do this The problem is my wireless connection shows that I am connected at full strength but web connection will not show up I ultimately have to put the computer on standby and then turn it back on before wireless will actually work I thought it might be a problem with my router but it happens anywhere I go with any wireless connection My spouse has a laptop as well and he is able to connect everytime right away Also just recently I plugged my earphones into my computer and they play through the phones as well as the speakers Again gateway could not give any help Usually gateway Wireless Connect not responding has great help but not this time I would be grateful for any info anyone can give Thank you in advance for your consideration and time in this matter I look forward to any help you can give nbsp

A:Wireless Connect not responding

for the wireless problem, do you have the latest drivers for the card?
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Hi, grateful if someone could help, I've got a sweex wireless router/modem, had no problems for months, did a hard reset a couple of times today to re-setup the router for home networking and all of a sudden its stopped working.

The power light comes on ok, and if i ethernet it onto my pc the light comes up but it wont ping. It also will not hard reset again. Any ideas appreciated.

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Hi All I recently built my custom PC Just changed the cabinet everything is working fine after the re-built but for some reason my Amkette Optimus Wireless and Mouse Wireless not responding Keyboard Keyboard and Wireless Keyboard and Mouse not responding Mouse It was working fine but after I reinstalled my new cabinet it is behaving weird when the system boots up I'm able to press the DEL key and get into the BIOS but keyboard and mouse are working fine As soon as I reach the Windows login screen both keyboard and mouse stop working Sometimes I'm able to reach to the desktop by typing in my password but once I reach the desktop it works for a minute or so and I get the error quot Software Installation Failed windows was unable to install the device drivers quot and the both keyboard and mouse stop responding and eventually I need to reset the PC I tried plugging in the receiver to different USB ports as well as as well as onto a USB Hub it works for a minute or so once the Windows is booted up and stops responding This is really frustrating me I checked the settings in the BIOS as well everything looks fine More over the keyboard and mouse work fine during POST most of the time I also did try booting into Safe Mode and check even in the Safe Mode the keyboard and mouse stop responding as soon as the login screen is displayed I'm not sure from where to download and upload the drivers as the manufacturer does not have one Since the keyboard and mouse are not responding as soon as the windows is booted up I'm hardly getting a chance to troubleshoot the issue as I mentioned earlier sometimes once I reach to the desktop I do see a message related to device driver installation failure This is really frustrating me please do help me Eagerly waiting for a resolution Here is my configuration Corsair R Corsair VS PSU AMD FX Corsair H i CPU Cooler GB Transcend DDR Mhz RAM GB x SATA HDD GB x SATA HDD ASUS M A Rev MB Thanks in Advance

A:Wireless Keyboard and Mouse not responding

If the problem has only occurred since you replaced the cabinet I would recheck all your connections again, such as, HHDs' both power & SATA, all PSU to motherboard leads etc., to make sure they are all plugged in properly.
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Please can someone help me. for some strange reasons secured wireless routers will not work with my laptop. Let me explain: at work the secured system works great wirelessly, as well as at my brother's, aunt's and one of my friends house outside of that it will not work. I read a previous posting with a similar problem & I'm sure some tech person has tried all of them they don't work. I connect ok to the LAN and my computer says there is an internet connection with great signal but will not allow be to browse. I've gone through at least 6 different brand new routers and 3 different brands. Also when the wireless network is unsecure i connect with no problem

A:secured wireless router not responding

Also when the wireless network is unsecure i connect with no problemClick to expand...

what type of security are you adding ?

delete all your wireless profiles - you will then need to re-enter any wireless passcode - so make sure you know them all

How to remove Wireless Profiles - for XP
- XP
- delete the preferred networks
start> control panel> network connections> right click on the wireless connection> listed wireless networks tab in the preferred network list click on each one and - remove button

you will then have to enter the wireless security key for any networks you connect to - so make sure you know the correct password , and not using an incorrect password at all

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I have Windows Vista, and have had problems lately with the internet connection. When I am at home or in any place where I have already saved the wireless connection address, my computer connects to the internet normally, but the internet icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen still says that the computer is not connected. When I try to connect in a new place, the "connect to a network" link comes up, but then it freezes and I have to go to the start task manager to exit out of the screen. This is kind of annoying considering I haven't saved the address at my school and can't get online there. Help Please!

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My Windows computer was originally setup for manual connection to a network A couple months ago without setting it otherwise it started connecting automatically to Not Hibernation After Connection Wireless Responding our network Now I don't have a problem with that and I can set it to manual again if I want but I just thought I would mention it in case it has something to do with my problem Here's the real problem About a week ago we set a password on our wireless network to keep neighbors off That's when the problems started but I can't imagine they have anything to do with what's happening When I initially start my computer it connects to the internet no problem But when I put it in hibernation or sleep mode then return to it later my browsers tell me that I am not connected When I try to click on the wireless icon on my taskbar it doesn't respond It does absolutely nothing When I go into Control Panel and view Network and Internet then click on quot Connect to a Network quot it still does not respond In the end I have to restart the whole system to get on the internet What's going on here and how do I fix it Thanks

A:Wireless Connection Not Responding After Hibernation

I might try deleting and then recreating the profile and see if that fixes it.

And welcome to the forum!
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Hi I have a folder of home videos that I 6.41Gb says says folder 2.67Gb, properties properties *.* back up to a USB key with Syncback The key is nearly full and I'm trying to reduce the size of that folder But here's the thing If I folder properties says 2.67Gb, *.* properties says 6.41Gb right-click on my 'Home videos' folder and select 'Properties' it tells me I have files in folders taking Gb However if I open the folder and search for to show all the files then select all right-click 'Properties' it tells me I have files in folders taking Gb Still at the bottom of the Windows Explorer window it says items selected This is the case on both the folder in My Documents on the PC and also the matching folder on the USB key Treesize also shows Gb for both folders In fact as far as I can figure what with everything else on the same USB key there wouldn't even be room for a Gb folder I've tried showing both hidden and system files and folders but there's nothing extra to see Can anyone please explain this anomaly I must be doing something wrong but I can't figure it out
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Hey guys/gals.
I am having the DNS server error I have read about on this site, but nothing has worked to fix. I have tried flushing my DNS cache, OpenDNS, Goggle's DNS, disabled the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter, and disabled McAfee Security Center....nothing worked.
I only have issues when I am through my Netgear WNDR3400 wireless router (even tried my old school router [WGR624] to see if that would work...same problem). When I connect through my cable modem (Netgear CMD311) directly, I have no issues (like now). This happened out of the blue last night while browsing (nothing sinister, just, just stopped working while I was reading an article.
Whole house is WiFiless and getting frustrated...

I attached my cmd screen & ipconfig command when my PC is through my modem, and when it is through the WiFi Router...hope it helps someone.

Let me know if you need more info...

A:DNS Server Not Responding When Linked To Wireless Router

Getting DNS errors and such when connecting though my router...Here are some screen shots....Picasa Web Albums - Michael Syring - Support (WiFi...
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Hi I am new to this forum and please forgive me if i didn't do something by the rules Here is my problem i'll try to be as laser not pointer responding Wireless mouse concise as possible Just yesterday i bought Wireless Keyboard Mouse laser combo from Sweex product code KB Wireless laser mouse pointer not responding US After two hrs of work the mouse pointer stopped responding This happened after i rebooted my machine because of system freeze while playing with keyboard costumisation and copying files into the external HDD I recall killing two or three processes don't remember which one Receiver works ok on whichever USB port i put it into Mouse buttons work ok Keyboard works ok Pointer reacts a little only when exposed to direct light Batteries are new Went back to the store this morning for replacement but it worked fine on their newer comps that were for sale But same problem occurred with two older comps at work this evening My actions wereSwitched USB ports several times Swithced off WiFi changed channel to prevent interference Driver uninstall reinstall several times from CD website Mouse uninstall install device manager Uninstall Wacom Intuos Ddriver Nothing worked I am willing to fight to the death for this mouse Please help me Should i go safe mode or registry or whatever Just don't tell me to format i have so many softwares installed However no other mouse software Specs WinXP Pro Version SP AMD Athlon x Thanks in advance
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My internet works fine but after a random period of time, usually 20-30 minutes the internet stops responding. I have ran a diagnostics test using the Intel PROset/wireless tools program and it states on the ping test that there is no response from the default gateway and the DHCP server. Can anybody shed any light on this issue.

A:Wireless connection stops responding randomly

For when "My internet works fine" and for when "the internet stops responding" ...

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page (don't collapse the Radar, Connection or Signal History) of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. If you need help with that see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows 8 or 7 or Vista I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.

Also show ...

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.
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I am going crazy with this issue. I have the click the left button 2, 3 sometimes 4 times every time I want to click on something on the screen. Not having the same delay when I touch the screen so it 's something with the mouse. I have changed the batteries also on this wireless mouse.  This is the mouse that came with the computer. I hope this is something I can fix myself.  PLEASE HELP!!! Robin
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My desktop lost power the other day, and today I had to replace the power supply
Win XP
It powers up OK, but my wireless Logitec mouse / keyboard nor a different wired mouse and keyboard won't
Some buttons on the key board access the internet, and I can delete something, but can't get to start button, nor move cursor with keyboard nor mouse.
Can't figure out how to remove driver if I can't get other keys to help.

Anyone know what I need to do would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Key board (s ) Wireless ( Wired ) / Mouse not responding

For some reason, after rebooting 3 times the mouse is now working.
Don't know why, but happy to have it back.
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I have a Canon IP R and it is great over USB or ethernet I decided to make use of the built in wireless connection and got that working The only quot trick quot was that the ethernet address of the wireless is different so I have to update the printer port on the PC side The problem is that if the printer is idle for about three days then it looses the wireless connection It is a static IP so DHCP is not an issue The printer stops responding to pings so drivers don t matter I talked to Canon support and they suggested turning off wireless for idle responding three wireless if stops printer days security so that may be an issue I did not want to try that The printer is set to automatically power off if idle It continues to respond to pings in this mode for about three days and then stops Pinging is not enough to keep the connection working If I print something every few days then there is no problem After it fails powering the printer off and on will restore it to operation I have to pull the power cord to do this as the button is a soft power off nbsp

A:wireless printer stops responding if idle for three days

Check and see if the printer has any upgraded firmware at Canon. I have a Canon multi-function that used to go to sleep after a few days to a couple of weeks, a firmware upgrade solved the issue.
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Right so here s the deal I m not to experienced with networking and such and wondered if anybody here could help me I own a Belkin Wireless G Plus Router F D - and run Win XP SP Every ten minutes or so I cannot connect to any website Firefox Every Router Responding Solved: !HELP! Stops Wireless minutes few times out all downloads that may be running stop and my instant messenger stops responding When I go to the status of my wireless connection bytes are sent but none are recieved After I sit and wait a minute or two things will start working again but the same problem happens over and over I just don t understand why this is happening My signal strength is fine Solved: Wireless Router Stops Responding Every few minutes !HELP! so I shouldn t have this problem but I do I also know that my Zone Alarm firewall isn t causing the problem because when I turn it off the problem still happens I ve looked at the Router s Interface page and can t see anything wrong although as I ve already said my knowledge of networking isn t exactly top notch It s been happening ever since I got the router and is really starting to irritate me I would be so thankful if anybody could help me solve this problem or point me in the right direction Regards redh tchilip ppr nbsp

A:Solved: Wireless Router Stops Responding Every few minutes !HELP!
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I have had this keyboard for around 2 years now, and it has always been functioning pretty well. Now, when I try to use the volume control keys on my keyboard they don't work anymore. I have the correct driver for my Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 v.2, and the most up to date Intellitype software needed for the keyboard from the Microsoft website. All the other keys on my keyboard are functioning but the volume control keys. Any help would be appreciated!

A:Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 v. 2 not responding to all keys

It seems that I've solved my own problem. After searching around on the internet I found this link "Resolve Hotkeys or Volume control keys not working on Microsoft keyboards"

After going through all the methods recommended, the fourth one worked out for me. The problem was that my Human Interface Device Access was not on. The volume controls started working for me.
Relevancy 43%

So my stepsister brought me her laptop last night because the wireless was not working on it When I opened the laptop I noticed well it looked like one of her children had stepped on Solved: responding laptop not toshiba on network Wireless teh mouse pad part so it was severly dented in Which in turn the mouse would not work so I had to hook up a manual mouse Solved: Wireless network not responding on toshiba laptop Anyway her switch is moved over to wireless and it cannot Solved: Wireless network not responding on toshiba laptop find any networks All of the comp in my house run off of wireless so I know it is not the router My question is could the dent where the mouse pad is located on the laptop could it have damaged the network card wireless card internally Or should I just try to manually see if it will connect to the internet through an ethernet cable Or reinstall windows hoping that might fix the network driver because she has a lot of crap on here and obviously its moving horrendously slow nbsp

Relevancy 42.57%

I'm trying to connect my Xbox 360 to my laptop, using Vista, and there is no "sharing"d tab to allow ICS, so It always fails the IP address test. I've tried every site and googled it multiple times but still haven't gotten a solution.

A:Solved: No "Sharing" tab in wireless network connection properties
Relevancy 42.14%

i'm trying to configure my network to connect automaticaly.
i right click the network on the network list, but there is only disconnect and status.
there is no "properties" option.
on another computer there is.
the user is admin and UAC is turned off.


A:don't have the "properties" option for wireless network

Go to start > control panel > network
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Hello Im using vista ultimate x When i access the local area connection window where all the TCP IPv and TCP IPv are I am unable to click on properties on any of them yes i am the administartor By other words i am unable too access the window where you can change the quot Obtain an ip adress automatically quot and access window area "local properties" in properties Cannot connection quot obtain dns server address automatically quot options are When i sellect TCP IPv or Cannot access properties in "local area connection properties" window TCP IPv the properties button is just gray As is the unnistall button When i hit the configure button i just get sendt back too the desktop I am also unable to uncheck the TCP IPv or TCP IPv boxes on the left side of the names or any of the other stuff If I hit the install button and try too install i new protocoll i only get a error message saying quot windows cannot find the file quot Iv e also tried it jusing the administrator account But it didn t help What is causing this problem and how I fix it Thanks in advance nbsp
Relevancy 41.71%

Hello Im using vista ultimate x When i access the local area connection window where all the TCP IPv and TCP IPv are I am unable to click on properties on any of them yes i am the administartor By other words i am unable too access the access window Cannot in properties" area connection properties "local window where you can change the quot Obtain an ip adress automatically quot and quot obtain dns server address automatically quot options are When i sellect TCP IPv or TCP IPv the properties button is just gray As is the unnistall button When i hit the configure button i just get sendt back too the desktop I am Cannot access properties in "local area connection properties" window also unable to uncheck the TCP IPv or TCP IPv boxes on the left side of the names or any of the other stuff If I hit the install button and try too install i new protocoll i only get a error message saying quot windows cannot find the file quot Iv'e also tried it using the administrator account But it didn't help What is causing this problem and how Cannot access properties in "local area connection properties" window I fix it Thanks in advance
Relevancy 38.27%

Hope you can help! I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, 4GB, 64bit, Intel i5, NVIDIA, Kaspersky Internet Security 15.0.2.
I primarily use IE11, but switch to Mozilla Firefox 43.0.2 when IE stops responding. My primary email is AOL which I access via web, not software. Computer often slow and hangs.
The main issue is IE11 "stops responding" several times a day. I've run the latest version of Malwarebytes (subscription), Glary Utilities Pro, Kaspersky IS, CCleaner, and Disk Cleanup. I delete browing history daily. No virus or malware shows up after scans. Recently ran a full scan on Kaspersky overnight+ and still, no viruses detected. I'm not sure what the issue is and would gladly go back to IE9 or 10 if IE11 is the issue, but I need to be sure.
Whatever guidance you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:IE11 stops responding, websites stop responding, computer slow

Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2. SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me.NOTE 3. If you receive UNSUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEM! ABORTED! message restart computer and Security Check should run Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeList Restore PointsClick Go and post the result. Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) to your desktop.NOTE. If you already have MBAM 2.0 installed scroll down.Double-click mbam-setup- and follow the prompts to install the program.
At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to the following:

Launch Malwarebytes Anti-MalwareA 14 day trial of the Premium features is pre-selected. You may deselect this if you wish, and it will not diminish the scanning and removal capabilities of the program.
Click Finish.On the Dashboard, click the 'Update Now >>' linkAfter the update completes, click the 'Scan Now >>' button.
Or, on the Dashboard, click the Scan Now >> button.If an update is available, click the Update Now button.
A Threat Scan will begin.When the scan is complete, if there have been detections, click Apply Actions to allow MBAM to clean what was detected.In most cases, a restart will be required.Wait for the prompt to restart the computer to appear, then click on Yes.If you already have MBAM 2.0 installed:On the Dashboard, click the 'Update Now >>' linkAfter the update completes, click the 'Scan Now >>' button.
Or, on the Dashboard, click the Scan Now >> button.If an update is available, click the Update Now button.
A Threat Scan will begin.When the scan is complete, if there have been detections, click Apply Actions to allow MBAM to clean what was detected.In most cases, a restart will be required.Wait for the prompt to restart the computer to appear, then click on Yes.How to get logs:(Export log to save as txt)After the restart once you are back at your desktop, open MBAM once more.Click on the History tab > Application Logs.Double click on the Scan Log which shows the Date and time of the scan just performed.Click 'Export'.Click 'Text file (*.txt)'In the Save File dialog box which appears, click on Desktop.In the File name: box type a name for your scan log.A message box named 'File Saved' should appear stating "Your file has been successfully exported".Click OkAttach that saved log to your next reply.(Copy to clipboard for pasting into forum replies or tickets)After the restart once you are back at your desktop, open MBAM once more.Click on the History tab > Application Logs.Double click on the Scan Log which shows the Date and time of the scan just performed.Click 'Copy to Clipboard'Paste the contents of the clipboard into your reply.Download Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit (MBAR) to your desktop.Warning! Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit needs to be run from an account with administrator rights.Double click on downloaded file. OK self extracting prompt.MBAR will start. Cli... Read more
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Hey all,

I have two problems with two employees. They both are connecting by vpn with the ATT Global network client from their homes. These Both employees are using outlook 2000. They are both behind personal routers. They can both browse the Internet and intranet web pages with no problems.

One of the employees can connect with no problem but after ten minutes only her outlook stops responding.

The other, her exchange server will no respond. She is able to ping it successfully. Created several new profiles have no effect or even simply trying a check name.

Any help on these two problems?

A:Outlook problems: exchange server not responding and not responding after 10 minutes

1) Are they on company or personal machines? If personal could this be a personal firewall issue?

2) Are they connecting wirelessly? Have they try connecting wired and see if it makes a difference.

3) I haven't used Outlook 2K in a long time, but I remember there being a setting about how to behave when using a slow connection. Something like tools, send receive, send receive settings. I think one of the options was to basically do nothing. You might poke around in those settings and see what you find.
Relevancy 36.98%

hello Please can someone help me Outlook just freezes sometimes amp comes up with Not responding amp occasionally Windows Explorer will do the same So once i Windows Explorer ! ! Outlook Help! responding" "Not responding" "Not have managed to close them i try amp shut Help! Outlook "Not responding" ! Windows Explorer "Not responding" ! down my computer but it just freezes again on the logging off screen i have no idea whats going on as i am pretty shocking when it comes to this IT tech stuff it may be simple it maybe complex i have had other problems b on this machine but this current problem is becoming very common amp highly annoying In Outlook i run my main email account amp then run two others with seperate email addresses down below if that makes sense it seems to be the secondary email addreses that crash my Outlook - I think I have recieved emails to all accounts but when i try to send from one of the secondary accounts then the sh t hits the fan would really appreciate any help thanks you

A:Help! Outlook "Not responding" ! Windows Explorer "Not responding" !

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
  List last 10 Event Viewer log
  List Installed Programs
  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link.
Relevancy 33.11%

Hi this has been an ongoing problem for me and I am at the end of my rope my Son put NOT RESPONDING RESPONDING, FIRE NOT FOX IE in more memory for me it worked fine for about a week but problem is right back I have no viruses I have deleted IE NOT RESPONDING, FIRE FOX NOT RESPONDING everything I do not need that I know is ok to delete I have no idea what needs to be left in Add Remove programs what is necessary for the running of my computer and what is not Also the Processes there is so many on start up but have no idea what needs to be there and what does not I have no idea what to do from IE NOT RESPONDING, FIRE FOX NOT RESPONDING here Every time I go into any site same thing IE not responding I have to shut down empty cookies and get back on to the very same thing Cannot answer any posts in FaceBook as it does the same thing I IE NOT RESPONDING, FIRE FOX NOT RESPONDING have system restored back as far as with no results Please if anyone can tell me what to heck to do next I thank You Most Frustratingly Sincere Joanne Seybert


Now Go to Start/Run and type inetcpl.cpl and press enter/Connections/LAN Settings. Make sure all the boxes are unchecked. Now go to Start/Run and type ncpa.cpl and press enter. Right click the Local Area connection/Properties scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP-IP)/Properties. Make sure Obtain an IP Address and DNS Server Address Automatically are both checked. Now go to Start/Run and type CMD and press enter. IN the Command Prompt type ipconfig /release and press enter. the IP Address changes to Now type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter. Now type ipconfig /renew. Now type ipconfig /all. You should have a new IP address try it again. If you still cannot connect please include the text output of your ipconfig /all in your next post
Also, try running your computer in a Clean Boot state. Also run IE Or Firefox without any Addons.
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When I start Firefox not responding I have to wait until it becames respond and in same time when i explore the internet it becames not responding then i have to wait so much until it becames responding pls. HELP

A:Firefox responding and not responding

What are your computer spec's?
Relevancy 31.39%

I have a printer (with wireless capability) wired to desktop (Windows XP) and a wireless laptop (Windows 7). My question is, can the printer be connected wirelessly to the laptop as well as wired to the desktop, or does everything have to be wireless?
Another question: If I want to share files between the two computers, do they both have to be the same operating system? (one is Windows XP and the other is Windows 7)

A:Solved: Wireless Laptop/Wireless Desktop (via wireless adapter)/ printer

I would guess that the printer can be connected by ethernet and wireless, but I've never had one with both capabilities so I don't really know.

I once had a printer that worked OK connected to a network plus connected to another computer by USB. Even so, that may depend on the particular printer.

There may be two operating systems that cannot file share with each other but I don't know which ones that might be. Windows XP and 7 are fine sharing with each other (but not claiming that nobody has had any problems).
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I had some problems recently and was advised to create a new profile... which I did, and the new profile seems to have solved the problems I was having... however, now my recycle bin has a plain document icon, there is no "empty recycle bin" option in the right click menu and when I try to choose properties I get a message saying "the properties for this item are not available"... the one thing I've tried is sfc scan, but it did not solve the problem. Any thoughts? I'm on Home Premium.

A:Properties not available

Try couple of fixes.
General fix:
Recycle Bin incorrect icon:
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I am running Windows 98. I have a CD burner and a CD Rom. When I go to Device Mgr. > CD Rom Properties > Settings, I have "Auto Insert notification" and "DMA" checked. What is the purpose of "disconnect" and "sync data transfer"? Should I have either of those boxes checked?

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I have a desk top photo i want to remove but i can't bring up properties on the desk top. I click properties and nothing happens. I tried removing it from my photos but couldn't. Tried to restore systems and go back a few days but won't let me. I'm very surprised about that. Can you help?


If you boot the system into safe mode can you do either of those things?
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i need to go into properties but when i go into my computer there is no icon for properties please help


and welcome to the Forum

What do you see when you right click on My Computer and select Properties?
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Want to get to Properties and change monitor aspect ratio. Right clicking on desktop isn't  helping

A:How to get to Properties

I think this will help, go to control panel, then to personalization.  should show display settings and click on it.  You can change several aspects of the monitor.  Hope this helps.
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I Cannot Change My Desktop Background. I Have A Blue Screen. When I Click In Properties, Then Click Desktop My Brouse Button And Stretch Buttons Are Gray. How Can I Fix This Problem


Did you select a background?
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In Properties under general which one should be checkmarked?
Compress drive to sace disk space or allow indexing?

A:in Properties

Allow indexing, assuming you're talking about C drive.
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In Windows Style Builder, how do I change the background color of the Properties window?

Rand Marks


It is all under Lists, Menus & Tabs > Tab
Lists, Menus & Tabs > Tab > Body
Lists, Menus & Tabs > Tab > Pane
Then the Tabs

The very outside is Fonts & System Metrics > BtnFace:Color
Some of that black text can not be changed it's hard coded.

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EDIT Somehow the tab properties! help with Need that was missing has started to appear again don't know how because I haven't done anything but it's back anyway I recently re-installed windows ultimate the same I had the last time on my Need help with properties! computer But I noticed one thing Before I re-installed windows all the files programs etc in their quot Properties quot looked like this Tabs in one row only and also a tab either named quot customize quot or quot icons quot But now all the file and program properties look like this It's in swedish to translate the tabs within the red lines are quot Need help with properties! Safety quot quot Information quot quot Previous versions quot quot General quot quot Compability quot quot Digital Signatures quot My issue is before I re-installed windows the tabs in properties for both files and programs anything almost wasn't lined in two rows like in the picture above they were only lined in one just like with folder properties And I had the ability to change a file or program's icon in quot properties quot I don't know how get that back I've tried to google it but I can't find anything on how to fix this All I can find is people showing how to get quot Customize quot tab to work in folder properties but I've always had the quot Customize quot or quot icons quot tab in all my program files properties too and I want it back Please help Becca

A:Need help with properties!

Don't know about the single tab row thing. Maybe you for some reason had fewer tabs before so they fit on only one row? These in the picture don't seem to fit in only one.

Regarding the Customize tab: Customize Tab - Add or Remove from Properties
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When inserting a blank or recorded cd in my cd drive, the properties show "0 bytes used,0 bytes free" and the pie chart is all blue. 
           If I select "open" all the files are there.
Can anyone suggest a reason or resolution for this.  I am using Windows 7 premium, on a Toshiba Satellite C660. 

A:Cd properties

 Have you cleaned your CD/DVD drive lately?  They get dirty over time.  You can get a cleaning disc for stores that sell computers.
Good luck.
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When I pick a 'Folder Picture' and apply it to a specific folder, it applies to that folder and then, seemingly randomly' appears on other folders in various locations also.

Since it specifically says "...choose a file to show on this folder icon..." I asume there is something funny going on.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Windows 2000 computer set unused over a year. unable to connect to internet at this time. in troubleshooting i found that i was unable to access TCP/IP properties. The button will not activate. i tried to install TCP/IP protocol. The message: "An error occurred during the installation of the device. The inf or the device information set or element does not match the specified install class."

I downloaded a virus scan onto a CD and run this. No infections found. i downloaded windows 2000 updates onto a CD and run those. i contacted the internet tech support- unable to find a problem. I deleted the subkey pertaining to the network interface card (i think it was the right one) and search for updated driver and installed it.

What else can i do?

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I have an old Dell C that I ve been using for a long time with Windows Ultimate Apart from the odd driver problem it has been working fine for a long time About a month ago my niece took it in her head to Properties anywhere. No - tidy my desk while I was out I had left the machine running a backup on the mains with a battery inserted She managed to unplug it and somehow remove the battery causing it to crash and corrupt both the No Properties - anywhere. registry files and my backup disk I ve managed to get it working again from the existing registry files except No Properties - anywhere. for one big feature I ve tried SFC scannow which only failed to recover one file - which isn t used anyway Now everything seems to work OK except that some installs just disappear into a black hole and I suspect the cause of the lack of install NO property sheets work just flicker the AV and disappear into the black hole When I say none of them I mean not one from anywhere - right click control panel or anywhere It is only the property sheets that don t work everything else seems to be OK Google does not help in this instance as none match this case I ve tried removing all AV Firewall and Antimalware I ve tried checking the registry and removing all old redundant stuff I ve tried Safe mode I have no restore point available as I use ERUNT to do a daily backup and all those got corrupted The last full backup I have is on an OLD disk from over a year ago I am fully expecting to have to do a fresh install anyway but if anyone has any ideas that might help fix it without for now I would be extremely grateful I think it is just missing a class entry from the registry but finding which and what it should be is perplexing nbsp
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Recently I've formatted my pc and installed winXP pro and then something weird happend.
When I click on properties on one or more files, thing are all right but, if I click on properties on a folder, they do not appear....

Can this be solved without another format?
Thanks and I'me sorry for my english...



Did you log on as the Administrator or a "User" when you tried this?
If it was as a user then try it as the Adminstrator as it may be a user profile security setting causing it.
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Hi i cannot access the properties in programmes when i right click. or in my computer when i right click on the c drive. I cannot access the desktop properties when i right click either. there is no error messages just nothing happens.: eek: i cant seem to get a smilie either by the looks of things


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ok there are many software patches that make xp look liek vista, what i want is a thing that in vista when your on your desktop and you left click your mouse and drag it around there is a bluish box that goes around it and in xp it is all clear, i need a type of software tht can do this for me if anyone knows of it please tell me

Relevancy 30.96%

A problem I have had since release day, there is no compatibility tab in properties from some .exe files. Right now I have to make a .exe file run as administrator but there is no compatibilities tab. Does someone know a fix for this? I have been searching for hours but noone seems to be bothered by the absence of a compatibilities tab. I have never seen the compatibilities tab missing in vista or windows 7.

I have done the "solve compatibility problems" when you right click the .exe and I have marked it needed special rights but that doesn't seem to do anything.

A:No compatibility tab in properties.

Hello Patrick, and welcome to Eight Forums.

What's the name of the .exe file, and what program is it for?

You might see if you may be able to using OPTION SIX in the tutorial below instead.

Run as Administrator - in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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When I go to display properties, appearance... I can't change the effects. When I click on it, it does nothing. Any ideas?

A:Display properties?

Try signing on as an administrator
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I am moving a great deal of folders from an older hard drive
to another.... How can I get the folders to keep the original
date instead the date I move the folders?
I know that I can change the date of each one, but was
wondering if there were a trick to having it not change the
date in the first place.
Thanks so much for being here.....

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I have some video's that I want to put on DVD. The recorder that the tapes were created on were Nicam stero. The player I have to use to get them to my PC isn't. Will this mean that my Video's won't transfer as stereo?

Relevancy 30.96%

For some reason best known to Bill, my display properties function has "lost' its "Desktop", Screen Saver", "Appearance" and "Settings" tabs. All I get is the "Themes" tab.

Any clues?


A:XP Display Properties

Run the attached reg file, and restart (unzip first)

Test and reply back if it worked (I'd say Yes)
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i just reinstalled winxp pro and i cannot get it 2 let me change the screen resolution settings it is staying at 16 bit,,what do i need to do,,also it did not reload a lot of my drivers??

Relevancy 30.96%

I clicked on display-properties-settings and switched from plug and play to default. I also checked the box that says use this device as the primary monitor and then clicked on apply and now its black , i can see the start button on bottom of screen and rebooted three times, i disconnected the monitor cable and tried to connect to different output on video cards no luck, i have no use of the mouse now after second reboot and cant get to system restore to back up a day and erase this foolish error. I hope someone has an idea of what i should try next,,my system has dual video cards and is only a month old i was just fooling around like an idiot and now im stuck>>.?
Relevancy 30.96%

Anyone no of a free programme where I can find out the Khz of a wav file?
I need the wav files to be 44KHz to upload to my server, but Im not sure how to convert them

Relevancy 30.96%

the properties of all my mp3 files do not show up in the windows shows name and size, but other columns such as artist, duration are blank.

all programs (media players, tag changers) etc show details as normal except windows media player, for which I have to reenter all details manually for each file

If I open a file properties, summary shows only track number,title, comments,(all of these have no value , and I cannot enter one)channels, audio sample rate (which have values

A:mp3 properties in windows xp pro

Files that have DRM protection, like those downloaded from iTunes store, or other formats like MP4 will not allow you to change the tags.
Relevancy 30.96%

I have attached an image of my ethernet properties settings...can some of these be unchecked..i know you need 'client for microsoft networks' and 'Avg Network Filter Driver ' for Avg Internet Security but do you all the rest ?

A:Ethernet Properties

Hi, you can uncheck IPv6 if you are not using it That would be all unless you want to break your network connectivity.
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in sounds (in the control panel), in the events: area there is a program there with some sounds under it, the program is not on my computer anymore so i guess uninstalling didn't remove it. where in the registry are the listing of the things in the events area?

A:sound properties

Try Reg clean

Remember the light at the end of the tunnel just might be a train
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Guys and Gals,

I have no idea how, but I cannot access my folder properties if I either left click and hit properties or use the File / Properties option. This is a new one.

Does anyone know if there is an enable / disable for viewing the folder properties?

If you need more info, let me know.
Thanks !!

A:Cannot get folder properties at ALL

Which OS you're using would help. My first guess would be to reapply the latest service pack. Also, I would check the logs to see if something happened (software installed, security patch installed, etc.) that coincides with when this started happening. As far as I know, there is not a setting in the registry that hides properties from users. I believe that if your account is denied rights to read a file or folder, then you should get a pop-up window that states "Access Denied" when you try to display the properties.
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I am using Windows 7 and have probs with laptop Toshiba and cursor jumping. A previous thread explains to go into the Mouse Props and reduce the sensitivity scale to 0. However there is no such tag or description as far as I can see in the M Props. What am I doing wrong I want to desensitise my mouse pad. I know that my keyboard is working properly and that an external mouse works ok. This is what I am now using but it is inconvenient. Thanks in anticip....ation.

A:Mouse Properties

To help us help you,please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: Copy and paste the results here in your thread. You can then update your Computer Spec Profile with this info.
Also, if its a brand name system like an Acer,Dell or HP, please post the exact model of the system.
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Hi, I'm not exactly sure if this was the right place to put my current concern about my laptop.
I've been having problems with the sound/ so und quality , and I don't really know if it has something to do with the electrical, or if I just need to find a new driver for the sound for my current OS.
I did all the steps that the Compac page told me to to fix my sound properties, and alas, no goal.
As I was going through reconfiguring the sound (since the system told me that the sound wasn't configured), it also told me that one of my speakers was totally dead.
The sound quality I have at the moment is real bad- a lot of hissing/almost unbearable, that I can't even watch anything or listen to music.
Please help!

A:Need help with sound properties

Sounds like the sound card drivers are not installed and your
sound is playing through the system speaker which is usually
only used for warning sounds.
You probably need to go to to laptop manufacturers website
support section and download and install the proper driver
for your sound card.
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When i right click MyComputer Properties the messages diaplays as " The operations has been cancelled due to restrictions effect on this computer.Please contact your system administrator".

How to solve this problem?

A:My Computer Properties

Quote: Originally Posted by ebeein

When i right click MyComputer Properties the messages diaplays as " The operations has been cancelled due to restrictions effect on this computer.Please contact your system administrator".

How to solve this problem?

Since when did this happen, or don't you do that action frequently? Is or was this a work pc?
More items which are not working "due to restrictions"?
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I am having a heck of a time figuring our what to do here... I am trying to re-install printer driver info and I get an "access denied" everytime, at the same spot. I have tried going in and changing the permission for the file/folder and I do not have a security tab to do it. I also have gone to control panel, folder options, then to view to unclick the box "use simple file sharing" but that tab/box is not there either... what else can I do? I also checked the administrator, and there is no prob there, I am the administrator... Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your time

A:No Security tab in Properties

If yor using xp home then you cant do any of that stuff.

It may be a firewall issue that is blocking the installation especially if the printer driver has automatic updates or something like that.
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I have a dual monitor setup on my Windows XP. To replace a monitor, I moved everything to 1 monitor and checked it as the primary monitor and unchecked "extend my desktop" for both monitors. The second monitor went black - as expected.

I replaced the monitor and now want to switch back to my dual monitor mode. However, when I right-click>properties, the display properties are not displaying on my primary monitor.

How do I get them onto the viewing monitor if I can't see it?

A:Where's my Display Properties

If you give us the specs of your syst. video card and such. some one might be able to help you. I use a NVIDIA video card, I can go to the Control Panel, and Display Settings then, Advanced, then to my video card, and set it there but it will be different in different video cards.
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I have just started to color manage my work flow. I scanned some images with no color management as .bmp files, then applied my scanner profile and converted to my workspace, adobe RGB. and saved as .Tiff. No problems so far. As these are very old family photos of relatives I cant readily identify, I decided to go into the Summary page under properties and add a description of who they are. When I attempt to do this, Tiff file/Properties/summary/write info/apply, I get a screen changes to file may not be applied, file may be marked as read only or in use by another application. The read only box on the general page is unchecked? and I have no other application running when I attempt this? This is most frustrating and I would appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks
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hellow... anyone,..somebody help me...

I've heard about software that is
extended, portable, full or something aside from that ?
can you explain it?

or are there any other sotware properties that do not know me?

please... help, thanks before ?

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When looking at the C drive, all I can account for is about 30gb, yet properties says 84gb used.

Why the discrepancy?

A:C drive properties

What do you mean that you can only "account" for the 30GB?
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Hi all,

Every time I try to view folder properties it takes about 2 minutes to get the properties up, I have no idea why. The file properties and everything else work fine. I run XP pro SP2.
Thank you

A:Folder properties

Been seeing this a bit lately on some customer's computers. So far the solution has been to run several programs to remove all the spyware.
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Right click on a MP3 file and select properties then select details. Under property their is a number sign (#) Can anybody tell me what that represents. I see that I can change that number but can not go higher than 99. I have some MP3 files that go as high as 500. Why can't I enter a number higher than 99.

A:MP3 file properties

According to what I see you can select a track number there. I wonder if they would burn in that order? Kinda doubt it.
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I have a windows xp question regarding system properties. I am working on a new machine I built, it has windows xp home installed on it. It has a 2.66 P4 cpu, and 512 mb of ram installed in it. The question I have is under system properties on the general tab where at the bottum it lists the CPU speed and the amount of RAM in your machine. It says Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66Ghz then right underneath it it says 2.00 Ghz and says 480 Mb or RAM below that. What does that mean? Does this mean it recognizes the 2.66 ghz cpu but is only running at 2 ghz? If anyone knows what this means I'd really appreciate a way to fix this. Thanks.

A:System Properties

Not real sure about Intel processors. I have not used on in years. But I would check to make sure it is not an issue with your Bios. You may need to upgrade your bios. I had a similar issue with my AMD cpu. It said unknown cpu in system properties. I would check your bios to see what it is posting it as.

I would then download Intel CpuID utilitiy and see what it says.
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I don't have a stereo out or "what you hear" option on my recording properties. I'm pretty sure I use to,but now I can't play music in audio chat.Any help? Thanks

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can i know how to modify the data and time stamp of a file in windows?

A:file properties

Not sure you can do that manually. Why do you want to try?
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When I give a right-click on my folder nothing happens. Drives and files property are working correct.

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i am missing te display tab and the web tab in my display properties when i right click on my blank desktop. i've posted this problem with no real help.