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Windows Is Corrupt My Disc Drives Are Un-Installed Can't Boot From CD

Q: Windows Is Corrupt My Disc Drives Are Un-Installed Can't Boot From CD

Hello, I would really appreciate some help. here is the status of a computer i'm working on running xp. The registry became corrupt, the computer loads to "windows cannot start because ntsokrnl.exe was not found" I had previously accidently deleted the d drive and the di386 recovery drive. The disc trays were still working, I disconnected and reconnected them from inside and now they still open but I can't boot form a disc at all. I dont know what to do, can you tell me how to boot from a disc again without being able to go on windows at all even in safe mode? Can I install the two drives I deleted without the ability to get on windows? Please help

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Preferred Solution: Windows Is Corrupt My Disc Drives Are Un-Installed Can't Boot From CD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows Is Corrupt My Disc Drives Are Un-Installed Can't Boot From CD
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Well i dont know a thing about computers and i have turned mine on today for it to come up with disc boot failure insert disc and press enter.

I put in my windows XP disc got to the part where it says repair etc and have tried both the options given and both say windows can not find a hard drive,

OMG this is driving me mad and i dont know what to do.

Please help

Thank you
Mel x
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After MUCH searching I've yet to find info on this issue Many similar but nothing specific Please bare with me if this is a known solved issue Okay old C drive was failing so I decided on a new OS copy and new HDD Bought an OEM Win Home Premium and installed Little did I know but I should have had only one HDD hooked up When I installed Win I had HDD's installed and as a result Windows installed the main files on my C drive as desired but put the boot MBR on my other HDD F drive Now I have physical HDD's that are listed as Windows drives So when I went to do a system image backup all that came up was my DVD burner as a save location My secondary HDD F drive was not shown Now I know why Currently Disc - Boot Page File Crash Dump Primary Disc - System Active Primary Also shows this as having unallocated space of MB I want ALL of Windows on my main C drive How 0 Win 7 installed on 1 boot system HDD's Disc Disc on separate and can I fix this without having to re-install all programs etc on my C drive Can I do a repair of some type Could I install a rd internal external HDD and use that to Win 7 installed boot on Disc 1 and system on Disc 0 separate HDD's do a system image backup then Win 7 installed boot on Disc 1 and system on Disc 0 separate HDD's shut down disconnect F drive then do a system restore Win 7 installed boot on Disc 1 and system on Disc 0 separate HDD's repair using the OEM installation disc Any ideas fixes

A:Win 7 installed boot on Disc 1 and system on Disc 0 separate HDD's

Yeah, by having that other drive connected, you now have your boot files on the old drive and the rest of Windows on the new drive.

Post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management.

Normally, you'd want C to be disc 0, but that isn't critical.

You can fix this by using EasyBCD to copy your boot files from the old drive to the new. I think there is a tutorial on this site on how to do that.

Edit: here's the tutorial;

Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD

Probably can also fix it by disconnecting the old drive and then running startup repair multiple times, using your Windows installation disc.

Post the screen shot to confirm what's going on.
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I have an HP s3401f slimline pc. The machine will not boot at all. I've tried everything I can possible think of, and I am truly stumped. All hardware tests fine by the way. Memory, hard drive, etc.

When the pc is turned on, a blinking cursor will display. Eventually you will see "BOOTMGR is corrupt. The system cannot boot."

I have tried the vista recovery disc and actual vista disc to no avail. When it says "press any key to boot from disc" I push a key and the screen never changes from that. I've tried formatting the driver in another machine, and i've tried using a new hard drive altogether. NOTHING works.

Any advice would be outstanding. Please help!

A:BOOTMGR Corrupt, cannot load or boot from disc

Perhaps you have already done this, but there are 2 things that come to my mind initially. First, have you entered bios to ensure the cd-rom is set to boot first? Secondly, are you certain the cd-rom is working properly? Honestly it sounds as if the cd-rom isn't recognizing the disk.
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Ok, I was burning a disc and it was going really slow for some reason. So I looked at its properties and the max burnign speed was 8x...(very wrong) so I downloaded the latest firmware for it (the firmware that was on the other drive and could burn (if it worked) at 52x) and then I rebooted, but I took out the busted cd-drive too, cause there no reason to leave it in there. Now whenever I boot it doesn't load the OS. I get a disc read error, I've put hard drive in first/second/third boot up option in bios. I can boot without the drives plugged in successfully, even though it does give me the error once but then I press enter and it loads. I can't boot with 1 drive or both. Thanks, think updating the BIOS would help? System specs are below.

Update: Checked, my BIOS is up to date.

A:Boot from Disc error when adding cd-drives

Please be more descriptive of your boot problem. It doesn't really make much sense as you have it laid out. Which drives did you disconnect? I know you say CD-drive but then you say it boots with 1 drive but not the other? Are we talking about the system in your sig?
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Hey Guys Recently I have purchased A Netbook I'm a great fan of Windows XP so I purchased an external cd drive to go along with it I Wiped My Hard-drive and now when I try to install windows from my XP Installation Disk I goes straight to NTLDR Is corrupt system cannot boot I have changed the BIOS to use Installed? System cannot No boot... Corrupt. NTLDR Is Os There Is the external CD drive as NTLDR Is Corrupt. System cannot boot... There Is No Os Installed? the st option I have tried burning serveral copies of the disk I have noticed the disk works on my brothers laptop but when I try it on mine it does not work I also ran a quot quick quot pass using DBAN to wipe the hard-drive to no success If anyone knows anyway To fix This i would be most grateful Would be a life-saver Thank You In Advance Fundamentals Also I Am managing to run a copy on linux at the moment is there anyway I could use a disk utility or Gparted inside this OS to fix the problem

A:NTLDR Is Corrupt. System cannot boot... There Is No Os Installed?

Boot into Setup (Bios) and choose USB device as 1st boot device. It should pick up your USB CD rom drive as the first boot device. If not try making a U SB Flash Drive as a bootable drive to install Windows.
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Hi I had a setup running W with an SSD M and HDD WD I had an earlier installation of windows on the HDD but the new installation of windows has worked flawlessly until now I invested in an EVO and decided that I drives two and System different installed Boot on wanted to install W on it and Boot and System installed on two different drives due to some problems with the Sata-ports on my MB I had to unplug my HDD Which was fine but I wasn't able to boot my W installed on the M without the HDD being present I didn't take notice of that and booted from my USB and installed W on the Samsung Now it's messed up If I plug in both of the SSDs they both boot windows The samsung should boot windows and it is but when I try Boot and System installed on two different drives to boot W from my other SSD it opens with the OS installed on the Samsung SSD If I unplug the samsung the old SSD won't boot The same goes if I plug in the HDD and the old SSD It only quot wants quot to boot windows off of the new SSD Can anyone shed some light on the matter It's quite anoying and I've been trying to fix it for the past hours without luck I'd like to keep my old windows installation and it's only as a last resort I'd be willing to reformat that drive The W on the other hand it's only a matter of the installation time In advance thanks I have included an image of my disk management please note how the BOOT and SYSTEM sector are installed on different drives EDIT After a reboot the old SSD doesn't show up in Windows Explorer

A:Boot and System installed on two different drives

Hi there! If you successfully installed both OS fine, then it could be on the booting order. You need to change the booting order on the BIOS, if you want to run the HD with the windows 7, place it on the top of the list, and if you want the windows 8, also place it on the top.

And also you may want to assign a letter on your Disk 1 which you labelled as old.
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Hey all My PC has hard drives in it The fist Drive is SATA gig and i put a fresh legit install of VISTA Home Premium bit on there The second drive is a gig SATA drive used (separate says XP & Data Dual Vista Unreadable Boot Drive and Corrupt after drives) for Data that was just used to store music downloads etc The third drive that I added was an IDE drive that I installed a full legit copy of Win XP Professional bit on it When I installed XP I unplugged both other SATA drives to avoid any issues Once again Vista was installed first Then the IDE Drive was added and XP was installed to the IDE Drive After XP was installed I plugged the other SATA drives back in I would simply hit ESCAPE at bootup to select the drive I wanted according to the Data Drive says Corrupt and Unreadable after Vista & XP Dual Boot (separate drives) OS that was on it Everything seemed fine I figured that having Each OS on a physically seperate drive would eliminate any problems hah read on Now I use the gig Data drive from XP and VISTA to Data Drive says Corrupt and Unreadable after Vista & XP Dual Boot (separate drives) store music downlaods etc Vista and XP both saw this drive just fine Vista called it d whereas XP called if F I believe For several days everything was fine Vista Data Drive says Corrupt and Unreadable after Vista & XP Dual Boot (separate drives) worked fine and could read and write to the data drive Xp worked fine and could read and write from the same data drive Now out of the blue whenever I try and access the shared Data drive XP and Vista BOTH say quot Disk structure is corrupted and unreadable quot It was fine earlier int he day then I fired up XP and found that I couldn t see the data drive - same for vista I had just installed MS Office Enterprise prior to noticing that the data drive was acting up - not sure if that s related I thought it may be a drive letter issue but I can t even change the drive letter - i get the unreadable error I mentioned above I have been doing some reading and it seems that XP and Vista will play nice at first but they tend to alter each other boot record s drive assignments etc So I am hoping I can just undo something and have this fixed WinXP and VISTA both still run fine it s just that the Data drive cannot be accessed After I get this straightened out I think I will delete my XP install and stick with Vista as I don t want future issues Any thoughts Thanks a TON in advance Matt nbsp

A:Data Drive says Corrupt and Unreadable after Vista & XP Dual Boot (separate drives)
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I have Window XP installed on Drive C:\. My son installed Windows 7 on Drive E:\. However, when the computer is booted up, it boots up in Windows 7, without allowing a choice. I suspect this can be corrected in BIOS, but don't want to screw it up. Any help?

A:Dual boot Window7 and XP, both installed on separate drives

You may have installed Windows 7 first and then Windows XP, so, Windows 7 has deleted the boot file of Win XP. The correct order should have been Windows XP --> Then Windows 7.

BIOS does not control the Startup in these case.

Try to install Vista Boot Pro, but you may not get any result.
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Hi I've got a problem before starting windows There's always a prompt Windows Boot Manager asking which OS Operating System to choose but I only have one OS Then I proceed with Windows since I don't have any choice Going to desktop there's this freaky thing highlight to choose is wobbling on desktop icons or any buttons I can't control it and struggled to hit what buttons I want to click since it's uncontrollable It only stops when I hit F Refresh button These all happened when I tried to install Revit I dont know if it's caused by a virus or the system is damaged due to incompatibility of software requirement or what not I used system restore to recover but it didn't is Corrupt Reinstalling Disc Windows-Back Up helped Then I decided to make system image back-up files and restore it to factory settings still it didn't Reinstalling Windows-Back Up Disc is Corrupt work I was thinking that the system image is useless since it was created during this error or after the system was damaged I can't use my Reinstalling Windows-Back Up Disc is Corrupt earlier version of back-up files because it's corrupted that was the first back-up since bought I don't have a disc drive and Windows is readily installed when I purchased it I have recovery disc and application drive disc that are still working But it doesn't comply in reinstalling windows Now I don't have system image that's working properly Where can I get system image file from a trusted source Thanks

A:Reinstalling Windows-Back Up Disc is Corrupt

Windows 7 Direct Download Links
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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Well upgrading wise I used Poweriso to mount the image then upgraded like that, however is it possible to do a clean installation using something similar without using a disc? or do I have to use a disc?

cheers! sorry if its been asked before!

A:Can Windows 7 be installed without using a disc?

Hello, you can use a pendrive.
Here is the guide: Tips: How to boot/install Windows 7/Vista from USB Flash/Hard Drive |
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I am formatting C Drive and reinstalling New OS to the PC but meanwhile i would like to have the backup of the installed windows 8 in case something goes wrong and i would not loose my old Windows OS files if i reinstall windows 8 back to C Drive after formatting it i should get the same OS i used earlier without loosing any files.

Please help


A:Reinstallation Disc of Installed Windows 8

Macrium should do the job for W7, 8, 8.1 & 10

Macrium Reflect Free
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My DVD and CD drives show up in BIOS but they have suddenly disappeared from My Computer, nothing recognises either of them. I have tried uninstalling them through Computer Management in Admin Tools, I have pulled them out one by one, nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me?

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My local disc drive C disappeared from My Computer and also the secondary drives wont show I haven't installed any new software or anything, I haven't looked at them for about a week and then I saw that they were gone
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Hi there, I have two laptops - a new one with Win 7 HP 32bit and an old one with Win 7 HP 64 bit

The new one with Win 7 HP 32bit came with 4gb of ram which is a bit silly since 32bit Win 7 HP can only use 3gb of that, but from what I understand, the serial on the underside can also be used to activate the 64bit version, which would recognise all the ram

Now, even though I've paid for two Win 7 HP licenses, I don't actually have a Win 7 disc, only the factory reset discs (which I had to burn myself when I first turned on the computer - which is pretty shocking really!!!)

But I digress. Is there any way Win 7 HP 64bit on my new laptop WITHOUT paying for it (again) I know XP let you make custom (slipstreamed) XP discs from installations but I can't find a way to do it in Win 7

A:Creating a Windows 7 HP disc from a pre-installed setup

Welcome to SevenForums.

Since your 32bit HP laptop is a brand new one, I would suggest that you contact HP and query whether they will be kind enough to send you a 64bit Recovery Disk for your model. If they oblige, there is nothing like that and your problem will be solved in one nice stroke. ( I have read atleast one post, where HP had done that.)
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I just installed Windows 7-I tried to get Office 2007 to work, but it won't work. I thought all of the programs would transfer. I can get some programs to boot up when I go directly to the programs folder and click on the application, but programs like Outlook come up..then the "installer" programs up and it does not work

I cannot locate the Office Diagnostic Program-Can you tell me where it is at if I go directly into the programs folder and click on it? Would that work? Also I cannot get "repair" option when I go into the Programs control panel-only gives me option to remove it. The other problem is I am at my girlfriends house-I have my Office CD at home-two hours away. I am hoping I can fix this without having to go get the disc.?

A:Installed Windows 7-Can I get Office fixed without disc

You cant just copy installed programs over, because they each have their place in the registry then when you start them up in the new Win7 environment they do not have the registry values that they had back in your last installation. You have to completely reinstall all your programs...
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Hi guys So my stock HDD on my Inspiron R N completely out on me last I installation OS N7010 Inspiron now new 7 17R SSD disc. Windows installed, need week so I bit the bullet and just bought I completely new SDD and installed it last night now however I need to install the OS again Problem is when I bought the laptop Windows came pre-installed so I have no disc for it How can I go about getting an installation disc and how much is it gonna cost so I can get my laptop up and running again It s an outdated OS and the laptop is almost years old I can t imagine it costing that much There s a Microsoft store right by me too Inspiron 17R N7010 new SSD installed, now I need Windows 7 OS installation disc. can I just go there and buy the Windows OS disc you think Also the original HDD was Inspiron 17R N7010 new SSD installed, now I need Windows 7 OS installation disc. GB and this new SSD is GB so Inspiron 17R N7010 new SSD installed, now I need Windows 7 OS installation disc. the recovery disks I made when I first got the laptop are useless since Dell Datasafe Recovery or whatever it s called keeps telling me the harddrive needs at least GB of space or something similar along that message The smaller space on the SSD isn t going to be an issue with the laptop in general or when installing the Windows OS is it
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I have just installed new memory new load from disc wont new windows hdd Installed pc sata graphics card geforce gt new power supply and new sata hard drive I have made a floppy disk from the motherboard cd for installing the drivers during windows instillation from my old pc first I switched on new pc to load windows and i get no signal on my monitor also my usb mouse and usb keyboard does not light up iget power to motherboard and case fans dvd drive i have put my windows xp os Installed new sata hdd pc wont load windows from disc disc into dvd drive and basically it does nothing Do i need to make a windows boot disc or something to start instillation I still have windows loaded on my secondary sata hdd but the system is corrupt so i have opted to install new sata hdd then transfer my files from secondary hdd once that is done gonna format secondary drive and use it for storage So i still have the option of entering the bios on my motherboard if i connect it up and disconnect the other drive I have left the drive disconnected while i install windows then gonna plug it in after windows installation nbsp

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nbsp Hi Something is going on with Windows update and new restored machines Been going on pretty much all year so far and has been noticed by a great many other technicians besides me nbsp Windows has seamed to taken the hit hard With machines windows update & installed 7 SP1 windows days time disc running machines restored taking first New/factory I have built and restored for customers over these past few years I know how long the update process approximately took with in an hour or but the same machines are now running New/factory restored & disc installed SP1 windows 7 machines taking days running windows update first time into days Something is not right and needs to be investigated by Microsoft to locate the problem unless it is being done intentionally for some reason Windows and machines New/factory restored & disc installed SP1 windows 7 machines taking days running windows update first time don't seam to have as much problem more than but never used too This involves too many different manufactures nbsp machines and clean installs of SP for this to be a OS install problem Not when doing the same machine with in less than years and I could turn the machine over and have it ready to return to work in a day Not with the current problem with the update system for OS anyway I have read where this problem has been very frustrating for other techs I have tried a number of the so called KB fixes for this and they pretty much do not correct the problem I believe it is with the update system and older OS's If is an effort to force on folks is not good if they don't like it and just don't want it or have other issues with it They ask for OS machines You have something people really like So keep selling it and supporting it for them nbsp I am a service technician of years I own a computer company and have service or built thousands of machines over the years I'm not say the update process does not update machines that are up to date nbsp This is still a bit slow This problem is with NEW machines out of box does No matter manufacture Asus HP Lenovo Dell They all do it Custom built machines with clean - bit SP installed do it Machines restored from factory partitions do it Its when they run the update process the first times not later I have an HP I machine on my bench I had to rebuild about a year ago due to a some malware Took a little over a day I have it again They allowed someone unknown to them to remote into it so taking no chances they want it wiped clean amp factory restore Same machine is now days in to update and has not updated anything yet green bar just keeps scrolling I've seen too many same machines and how they run through the process before too know that it is not the machine hardware its something in the process since it entails so many different machines Cable internet so no slow speeds Any factory installed A V software has been removed before starting the process MSE installed after Be great if someone discovered the real problem
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When i boot up my computer it doesnt reach the user login screen before it loads of startup repair. It looks for a fix but it doesnt find one. In the diagnosis the only error it shows is 'Boot critical file C:\Windows\system32\drivers\vmbus.sys is corrupt'. I have booted kaspersky repair disk and run a full scan which found no viruses or malware etc. From the startup repair window i have tried a system restore which had the same problem when attempting to boot. I can only access the system recovery options screen.

I am running windows 7 32bit, and i dont have a windows 7 disk but do have the windows 7 32bit iso file that i used to install windows 7.

I would be grateful for any help to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

A:Unable to boot into Windows 7: Boot critical file C:\Windows\system32\drivers\vmbus.sys is corrupt

but do have the windows 7 32bit iso file that i used to install windows 7
so burn the win7 iso to dvd and see if you can boot to it and run the repair
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My Gateway Windows Vista desktop won't start for days I didn't download any new software hardware and I've had the same OS installed without issues since I bought my desktop in It started with a BOOTMGR is missing error after a BSoD and my computer to or Vista corrupt" tho "HAL missing installed won't is PC boot could not detect my OS in WinRE System Restore cannot find any restore points or backups PC won't boot to Vista tho installed "HAL is missing or corrupt" in Windows Complete PC Restore I have PC won't boot to Vista tho installed "HAL is missing or corrupt" been searching the internet for fixes and have tried a lot including bootrec fixboot as well as fixmbr and rebuildbcd which all complete successfully chkdsk r which reports no errors and sfc scannow which reports that quot Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation quot Tried to update the volume boot code using quot bootsec exe nt sys quot command also does not work reporting that quot bootsect exe quot is not recognized as an internal or external command program or batch file Few things have seemed to help that I have used TestDisk helped me to find the missing partition where my OS was located when my computer couldn't detect it before though I'm not familiar with the program so if there are other options that exist which would be useful besides its quot Analyse quot feature please explain Although finding the partition still did not make my computer find the OS I followed the repair suggested here by user Bakuryu http www techtalkz com windo upt- html I guess this forced my computer to somehow recognize my OS which now shows up in WinRE as quot My Windows Vista quot located on C RECOVERY However now on Startup I receive the error quot Windows failed to load because the HAL is missing or corrupt quot When I tried to copy the file hal dll from the Vista Installation Cd to my C drive using the command quot expand D i hal dl C windows system hal dll quot I receive the error quot Microsoft File Expansion Utility Version Copyright Microsoft Coporation All rights reserved No destination specified for d i hal dl c windows system hal dll When I use quot copy D i hal dl C windows system hal dll quot I receive the error quot The filename directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect quot I have tried really hard for a non-computer tech pro but here is where I call in the professionals My computer boots with UBCD in it and Gateway SMART scan reports no errors Startup Repair fails but gives the following report Problem Event Name StartupRepairV Problem Signature ExternalMedia Problem Signature Problem Signature Problem Signature Problem Signature FailureDuringSetup Problem Signature CorruptBootManager Problem Signature Problem Signature Problem Signature WrpRepair Problem Signature OS Version Locale ID System Disk Device HardDisk Windows directory C Windows AutoChk Run Number of root causes Root Cause Found Failure while setup is in progress PLEASE PLEASE HELP Tried using PhotoRec but it mainly recovered temp files and none of my important Word Docs music and pictures I have poetry and novels I wrote on my computer that I cannot afford to lose years worth of work I'm not a computer techie so please explain steps if you have any repair suggestions THANK YOUUUU

A:PC won't boot to Vista tho installed "HAL is missing or corrupt"

Hi, you cannot use the i386 dir in Vista\Seven it does not exist, so you were not able to extract a copy of hal.dll this way. It is possible to extract files from the Vista \Seven dvd, however it is a little involved, not what you need to do anyway.

Since you can access the recovery environment, and have established windows is seen as being on c drive, use command prompt (as you have) and at the x sources prompt type:-

C: (press enter)

Next type:- cd boot (press enter)

Next type:- bootsect /nt60 C:\ (press enter)

Restart your computer.

If it fails to find bootsect you are one of those unfortunate enough to have a version that has this removed ( don't ask me why). Post back and we will go about this another way.
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Hi, i wasn't sure if i needed to install windows xp on both drives, so i did. but now i realized i don't need both of them. My question is can i delete one of them? and how.
Thanks Alot. Ive been very pleased with this site

A:[SOLVED] Installed Windows XP on Both C: & D: Drives

just format the D drive in disk management
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Hi there.

I installed Windows 7 Home Premium on my laptop a few days ago. Unfortunately I can detect my hard drive beginning to fail in the last day or so.

I have the single licence single PC edition.

Windows 7 has been activated on my system, can I replace the hard drive and reinstall Windows 7 to a new hard drive on my PC?

I am guessing it is ok as I suspect my PC serial no. is stored in a Microsoft database somewhere when activated and therefore not dependant on the hard drive.

I am just looking for confirmation of this.

many thanks in advance

A:Can Windows 7 be installed on 2 hard drives?

Quote: Originally Posted by rogerk05

I have the single licence single PC edition.

Where did you get it?

I suspect that if you had any problems activating then you could call up Microsoft and explain the situation (activate over the telephone).
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My computer's OS is Windows XP Media Center Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 2. There are 2 hard disk drives. C: - total size 19.1GB, 5free. D: - 37.2GB, 2.34free. The computer was "fixed" by a friend of my dad's, and I honestly don't think he knew what he was doing. It looks to me like Windows is installed on BOTH drives. I'm not sure, but I don't think that's needed, and that it's a big waste of space. There is a Windows folder on each drive...
So my questions -
Is this necessary?
Can I delete one of the Windows versions?
Which one do I delete, and how?
And if I do this, how do I keep all my programs/files safe? Some are in one drive, and some are in another...

Please help!

Thank you.

A:Windows XP apparently installed on 2 drives, please help!

kellia said:

So my questions -
Is this necessary?

Is having winP installed on both drives necessary? No

Can I delete one of the Windows versions? Yes, but there may be a reason your geek installed it on another drive(or maybe

Which one do I delete, and how? I don't know which one the computer is booting off of. Look a your boot.ini to see which is the default OS to load

And if I do this, how do I keep all my programs/files safe? Some are in one drive, and some are in another... That's a tricky question, have you installed programs since getting it back? Which HDD had the original winXP on it? are there programs installed on both hard drives?

Please help!

Thank you.Click to expand...

Taking all things into consideration, talk to the guy who fixed your computer and ask him these questions as he would be the one to know the answers to them. If he doesn't, then...I guess run it as it is or backup your data, format and reinstall. Sounds messy but live and learn and don't let just anyone "fix" your computer, lots of people think they know what they are doing but many times just make matters worse. Not much help but I'm just trying to answer your questions. G'luck
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I have been looking left right and centre for a solution but failed to find anything that could help me so far I am hoping you tech buffs can help me resolve my work or Autorun usb won't drives disc on PLEASE drives HELP! particular issue so on with the problem I insert a CD DVD disc into the disc drive and expect the pc PLEASE HELP! Autorun won't work on disc drives or usb drives to pick it up and offer me the autorun menu to see what I would have done with the media inserted therein After a bit of whirring nothing pops up Same thing with my USB drives A bit of whirring then nothing Also When I manually try to navigate through Windows Explorer and click upon the disc drive it brings up the option to format the disc in there I find that I can eject the disc and re-insert it and then select the drive and see the contents This is driving me insane Even my virtual drives do not autorun when images are mounted onto them PLEASE HELP with this and do not let my call for help sink to the bottom of the quot unattended help requests quagmire quot nb I am running Vista Ultimate x So please all solutions should take into consideration that the computer that has problems is on -bit architecture and not x nbsp

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I'd like to start this by saying im very frustrated and looking for help So Sunday my computer decided to not boot windows anymore Ended up taking it to bestbuy after messing with it for a few hours and they said my C drive had failed I told the guy that I wanted to get a new one and upgrade to windows from windows xp Now I know that windows requires a clean had messed windows and 7 up. my drives are Please hard help...just Installed install however I have other hard drives on my computer raided together called quot D drive quot and each of them is gb that contained most of my information I asked the guy if those Please help...just had windows 7 Installed and my hard drives are messed up. files would be fine and he said they would be so I went ahead with it Anyways got my computer back today and started it up It works fine but I saw that my hard drives are messed up I have a C drive and a quot new volume quot d drive that has nothing on Please help...just had windows 7 Installed and my hard drives are messed up. it and only gb of memory I did some searching and was able to find my other drive but theirs nothing on it or at least it doesn't look that way What the heck is has happened I thought the files would be fine since windows was only installed onto my new C drive None of my files seem to be their which is pretty devastating to me since I thought they would be fine Am I missing something or was I severally screwed over edit Sorry I don't know if this is in the right forum or not

A:Please help...just had windows 7 Installed and my hard drives are messed up.

windows 7 only support ntfs format not fat format may be ur d drive was on fat format. After installing windows 7 the d drive was formatted by windows into ntfs thats why ur all data has been lost
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Dear All I'm facing a problem with my Windows PC My configuration is - SSD OCZ Agility GB System - HDD TB Caviar black - HDD TB Caviar Green I bought Issue drives Windows to (more SSD migrating installed) new 7 a new SSD where I want to migrate the system is a GB Sandisk drive I've used nbsp EZ Gig IV SanDisk to clone Issue migrating Windows 7 to new SSD (more drives installed) the OCZ onto the Sandisk Drive After I switched off the PC and selected my Sandisk as boot drive OCZ not installed I won't start and the PC comes up with the first image https social technet microsoft com Forums getfile I went into the bios and disable all the HDD the sandisk was set as boot drive and it comes UP with the second Image https social technet microsoft com Forums getfile I tried to boot only from my OCZ without enabling the HDDS and no luck again with the second Image So I tried boot with my OCZ and the black and the system boots up I tried another way again from the BIOS I set the Sandisk as first boot option and the black as second the other drives are not set as boot and the system boots up the C drive still the OCZ Can someone help me finding the solution to my problem https social technet microsoft com Forums getfile I'm getting crazy Thank you nbsp
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Ok heres the deal, I partitioned my harddrive and set the OS to one partition (drive C) and, naturally, set one for all other programs (drive D).

I also set the default installation drive to drive D. When I updated windows media player from version 9 to version 10, it installed iteself onto drive D.
Normally, programs ask you what drive you want to install onto, but not this one, nope, it just went ahead and installed itself onto drive D.

Well, I can't get rid of it. I have no idea on how to get rid of the copy of windows media player on drive D. Call me OCD, whatever, but I can't stand having it on there.

Also, I'm having a problem installing codecs, and I attribute this to having two existing locations for windows media player.
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

A:windows media player installed onto two drives?

In Add and Remove Programs does it show two instances of IT.
By default media player installs on your main drive with the O/S
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Hi I have just recently gotten a new computer which came with Vista Previously what I have done with any boot hard boot Solved: Disc no sector Windows on XP - disk.. won't new operating system I got was installed it into my old computer However I came to find out you Solved: Windows XP Disc won't boot - no boot sector on hard disk.. can only have one computer assigned to each cd unless I wanna buy another one which is unecessary I wanted to get rid of Vista and return to XP but the XP disc would not install because of multiple errors such as missing ntldr So I decided to use deriks boot and nuke to clear the hard drive and that went smoothly Now here is my problem When I insert the XP cd it spins for a while and eventually comes to an error screen with quot no boot sector on hard disk quot quot CARDBUS NIC boot failed quot seconds or so later Solved: Windows XP Disc won't boot - no boot sector on hard disk.. I also get this message quot No bootable devices quot Also when I just start the computer normally it does go to a screen that says no operating system found which makes sense The weird thing is that the Windows Vista CD still starts up and goes to the installation area when I boot from CD drive So I know my CD drive is working properly I have tried the XP CD in another computer and it works fine The computer with the problems is a Dell Inspiron Sorry if this has been answered somewhere but I grew tired of reading through threads only to come to a very general solution of booting from the XP disc which wont work Since I used deriks boot and nuke I have not formatted and repartitioned the drive I don t know if that is the problem or not Any help would be appreciated Thanks Nate nbsp

A:Solved: Windows XP Disc won't boot - no boot sector on hard disk..
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Working on a spiffy e-machine with Windows Vista Home Basic that runs pretty Disc, Boot Disc Frisbee Recovery Disc, well After reading multiple posts where the Boot Disc, Recovery Disc, Frisbee Disc advice usually begins with suggesting a boot disc or a recovery disc I guess what I m looking to find out is what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc How do I go about making one on this machine or if I even can lt lt I did read through Grinler s tutorials regarding System Restore points and all that seems to in good order But I guess I m not sure on the relationship between that and my post or if there even is one a best practice regarding these type of discs I don t have any pressing issues at this time but I also don t want to wait until I do Everything I Boot Disc, Recovery Disc, Frisbee Disc ve learned here at BC has been so great amp helpful I would like to stay on that path so any links apps ideas suggestions and or insights would be greatly appreciated Winterland

A:Boot Disc, Recovery Disc, Frisbee Disc

1) what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc?Boot disk vs recovery disk. Let me see if I can phrase that in a way that makes some sense.A recovery disc is a generic term for the disk or media containing a backup of the original factory condition or a specified condition of a computer as configured by the original equipment manufacturer or an end-user. OEM supplied recovery media is sometimes shipped with some computers to allow the user to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system and pre-loaded software as it was when it was shipped. This is not as common a practice today as it was in the past. I won't confuse the issue, but google recovery partition for more information.A boot disk is a removable data storage medium, i.e. DVD or flash drive from which a computer can load and run 'boot' an operating system or utility program. The computer must have an installed program or application which will load and execute a program or application from the boot disk. This will enable you to boot an otherwise unusable machine to be able to troubleshoot the OS or non-working application as necessary.Hope that gives you a better idea of the difference.As to how to create a boot disk? I will let more knowledgeable staff or members assist you.
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Ok , i installe windows 7 on my HP laptop today & after all instllation was completed & got all the updates etc .. I noticed 3 things & it stated them in action centre also .

1) Im missing my sound card/driver , cause it says im missing it . my sound card/driver is ; CPT5910a, conexant AC - Link Audio

2 ) Video controller i also dont have . The taskbar in windows 7 isnt transparent & thats due to i dont have the video card & other things .

3 ) I need to install my modem driver ? I dont know what that means but please help me fix this !

This is what it says , in device manager ; under other devices
- Multimedia audio controller ( with yellow trinagle/exclmation mark )
- PCI mondem ( with yellow trinagle/exclmation mark )
- Video Controller ( with yellow trinagle/exclmation mark )


A:Installed Windows 7 & im Missing video/audio/ sound drives/drivers !

Quote: Originally Posted by XxProblemsxX

Ok , i installe windows 7 on my HP laptop today & after all instllation was completed & got all the updates etc .. I noticed 3 things & it stated them in action centre also .

1) Im missing my sound card/driver , cause it says im missing it . my sound card/driver is ; CPT5910a, conexant AC - Link Audio

2 ) Video controller i also dont have . The taskbar in windows 7 isnt transparent & thats due to i dont have the video card & other things .

3 ) I need to install my modem driver ? I dont know what that means but please help me fix this !

This is what it says , in device manager ; under other devices
- Multimedia audio controller ( with yellow trinagle/exclmation mark )
- PCI mondem ( with yellow trinagle/exclmation mark )
- Video Controller ( with yellow trinagle/exclmation mark )


Hi and welcome.

Have you tried the HP site? Have you googled for example your model + drivers?

How To Find Drivers:

- search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- visit the web site of the manufacturer of the hardware/program to get the latest drivers (DON'T use Windows Update or the Update driver function of Device Manager).
- if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone will try and help you locate the appropriate program.

- - The most common drivers are listed on this page: Driver Reference Driver Reference
- - Driver manufacturer links are on this page: Drivers and Downloads
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Pretty much that I Cannot see or read disk drives other than quot c quot including flash drives even in disc Mgmt or Comp Mgmt Ive done a ton of googling a ton of downloading this patch or that nothing seems to have worked thus far This started with a virus Im pretty sure I had Zentrom Got rid of Zentrom and all but now I still cant move my Data from my hard drive OFF of it I cant burn or read a dvd cd I cant Mgmt disk even other Cannot drives Comp or or read see flash drives including in "c" than disc Mgmt hook up a usb HDD and I cant use a flashdrive Im not even typing this from that laptop as Im running MBAM on it as we speak The laptop in question is a Dell Insiron E Media Direct WindowsXP Media Center edition version service pack Genuine Intel CPU T MHz GB of RAM PLEASE NOTE I AM A MUSICIAN MY ART IS STORED ON THIS BOX AND WILL NOT BE DOING Cannot see or read disk drives other than "c" including flash drives even in disc Mgmt or Comp Mgmt A DESTRUCTIVE RECOVERY OR ANY SUCH THING I NEED TO GET THE DATA OFF WITHOUT WIPING IT THANK YOU

A:Cannot see or read disk drives other than "c" including flash drives even in disc Mgmt or Comp Mgmt

We need a deeper look. Please go here....Preparation Guide ,do steps 6 - 9.Create a DDS log and post it in the new topic explained in step 9,which is here Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs and not in this topic,thanks.If Gmer won't run,skip it and move on.Let me know if that went well.DO NOT run a Temp file or Registry Cleaner or it will all be LOST.
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I have Windows 8 x64 preinstalled on my Toshiba Laptop. I created a startup disk (DVD) but i cannot boot from the DVD/CD Drive. I set my BIOS to boot from my DVD Drive but i think the problem may be my autoplay settings from DVD Drive. I just don't know how to set them up. the Disk is fine it is not scratched or anything. I don't know how to set up my media devices especially optical so that i can boot from the DVD Drive! Can you help me? Thank You

A:Cannot Boot From Windows 8x64 Boot Disc

1) Reset the UEFI/BIOS firmware setting back.

2) On boot up press the F12 key for the One Time Boot Menu.

3) Boot the DVD in UEFI mode.
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Hey guys I am boot Windows Windows dual 8 Black up. 8 installed, Screen! boot won't having an issue when installing the consumer preview So I downloaded the W iso off of Microsoft's site I burned it to a Windows 8 dual boot installed, Windows 8 won't boot up. Black Screen! DVD with GB free of storage I even bought a new set of DVDs Anyways I downloaded the iso I downloaded the USB DVD download tool there I burned my iso to the DVD So I then create a partition on my computer I gave the new partition GB of storage I rebooted my computer pressed F and access the burned DVD So I click custom installation and I install the new OS onto the partition with GB I named it the partition Windows so I wouldn't get confused I clicked it and installed Windows onto it Anyways once it extracts the data and installs all Windows 8 dual boot installed, Windows 8 won't boot up. Black Screen! the Windows 8 dual boot installed, Windows 8 won't boot up. Black Screen! updates my computer screen goes black for a few seconds Then it load's the fish icon and then goes black It loads nothing and it just stays there I have tried using the startup repair and it cannot fix it I decided to reinstall the OS but format the partition and then install It does the same exact thing Anyways how do I get rid of the black screen Windows won't boot up I allowed a dual boot by the way so I still have windows but I really want to try Windows I followed this guide if anyone was wondering

A:Windows 8 dual boot installed, Windows 8 won't boot up. Black Screen!

I'm having similar issues with Vista and W8. I put W8 on an empty and freshly created partition.
I can get W8 to run but then on every restart or reboot I can not get back to Vista from the "blue dual boot screen". I select Vista as the OS, the laptop goes to the Acer splash screen and then the screen goes black and the HDD light goes off completely. And that's it. Have to do a forced shutdown holding power button and then on next reboot it will go to Vista.
Fortunately I have full Acronis disk images so I can just revert back to before all this but like you I really want to try W8.
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I accidently installed grub onto the seven boot partition. I can't boot into seven. It loads the ubuntu select os screen, I select WIndows 7 (Loader), and it justs goes back to the ubuntu select os.

Please can someone help?

I still have windows 7 installed, and I have full access to ubuntu.

A:Accidently installed grub onto windows 7 boot partiton. Unable to boot

To Remove Linux take look at this post:
Error 0xc0000225 on boot
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this is what I did since I have no CD-ROM to install Win I created a partion X NTFS and set it as the ACTIVE ONE the put there the Windows installation files and opened prompt command to type bootsect exe n X next I restarted my computer and automatically it booted into the Windows setup partitiion Windows installed or files in manager boot boot wrong I installed Windows on the partition C Windows boot files or boot manager installed in wrong partitiion and formatted the partition C everything installed and after the installation finished a multiple choice menu appears that reads Windows Windows boot files or boot manager installed in wrong partitiion Windows Setup I believe my error was not to set partition C back as the active one during the installation process where it asks you in which partition to install I just formatted C but forgot to set it as the ACTIVE ONE I have partition in total but there is no need to put them all just the ones that are involved this is how my partitions look Cboot page file crash dump primary partition XSystem Active Primary partition lt lt lt this one became hidden Code Windows Boot Manager -------------------- identifier bootmgr device device partition Device HarddiskVolume description Windows Boot Manager locale en-US inherit globalsettings integrityservices Enable default current resumeobject d e - - e -b f -efb b a displayorder current dcc -fafe- d -b - eba f toolsdisplayorder memdiag timeout Windows Boot Loader ------------------- identifier current device partition C path Windows system winload exe description Windows locale en-US inherit bootloadersettings recoverysequence d e - - e -b f -efb b a integrityservices Enable recoveryenabled Yes allowedinmemorysettings x osdevice partition C systemroot Windows resumeobject d e - - e -b f -efb b a nx OptIn bootmenupolicy Standard Windows Boot Loader ------------------- identifier dcc -fafe- d -b - eba f device ramdisk boot sources boot wim dcc -fafe- d -b - eba f path windows system boot winload exe description Windows Setup locale en-US inherit bootloadersettings osdevice ramdisk boot sources boot wim dcc -fafe- d -b - eba f systemroot windows bootmenupolicy Standard detecthal Yes winpe Yes ems No what I want is to make the X partition a worthless partition just containing the Windows installation files and that everything looks like if I installed from a CD-ROM rather than from a partition please tell in BCDEDIT commands does that mean I have to move the boot files or boot manager into C I also would like to remove the multiple choice screen but more important is to make X partition a worthless partition

A:Windows boot files or boot manager installed in wrong partitiion

Please post back a screenshot of your maximized Disk Management drive map and listings:

1. Type Disk Management in Start Search box.
2. Open Disk Mgmt. window and maximize it.
3. Type Snipping Tool in Start Search box.
4. Open Snipping Tool, choose Rectangular Snip, click New, draw a box around full drive map and all listings.
5, Save Snip, attach using paper clip in Reply Box.

Tell us what is on each partition.
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I recently backed up some data onto DVD's. I know the data is there, but no drive I put the discs in, recognizes there's anything there. I can see the tracks burnt on the DVD's. Is there any software which could recover the data so I can put them onto different discs.

A:Corrupt Disc

try this..

did you us incd or burn to disk to burn the disk...?
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nvidia sys tool
changed the fsb overclock
system hanged
did a reboot
sys boot image corrupt
mgr corrupt ,boot image corrupt

i cannot reinstall windows as well,when i insert bootable usb windows 7,8.1(also the current os i am runnning )
it auto enters repair mode wihout any option before that ,then getting errors 0xc00001

there is no way i can proceed from here

fatality fp in9

A:nvidia fsb overclock,mgr corrupt ,boot image corrupt ,cannot reformat

If you can't get disk to boot try flash stick alternative provided in Step 6 of Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start which also has everything else that can be done to start Win7.

If that fail try resetting BIOS to defaults.
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I recently had to swap out my hard drive, and lost my copy of Windows 7 with the old drive. I do have a product key code. Help?

A:Windows 7 Boot Disc

In your VM, I thought you wanted a reapir boot DVD, which you can create. For an install DVD, you need to borrow or call the company and get one for cost.
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I am trying to reformat my hard drive to give it a clean sweep, was told to go into bios screen and change the boot priority to the disc drive and boot off the vista cd (which is in the drive), and when i did it, instead of giving format options it just starts up normally and goes back to windows as per a normal start up!! The disc drive is almost new and havn't had any probs with it at all is is working fine.??? Stumped

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I have a samsung qx410 laptop that I want to restore but my windows 7 disc will not boot. When I put the disc in I can hear it spin, but the DVD drive does not recognize it. I have used this disc to restore my computer before ,and it works fine with other computers. All other discs work fine on my laptop. It it blocking this certain disc from booting?

A:Windows 7 disc will not boot

Are you sure the BIOS is set to boot to the CD?
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Hey guys and gals!In the concern of safety and good practice. I've been researching different ways to create a boot disc for my personal use should anything happen to my laptop.I was going to use the Ultimate Boot Disc but they currently only have a version for Windows XP.I want to be able to do it from a flash drive. I have one that I can use.What all do I need to be able to create an efficient and easy to use boot drive for Windows 7 that I can use in the event of...Corrupt hard drive that had to be replacedInfected computer that must be restored with all of my files and programsAny other event that requires windows to boot from something elseThanks in advance for any advice or opinions you have!

A:Boot Disc for Windows 7

The first thing that you need to do if you intend to boot from a flash drive is to see if your BIOS supports using a flash drive as a boot device.
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I have a few corrupted system files, so I tried booting the precompiled rescue disc from neowin as well as my Windows 7 disc. When I try to boot form the disc it says Windows is loading, then gives me an error 0x000000d. Can some one tell me whats wrong here?

A:Can't Boot windows 7 from Disc?

can you not boot up and log in? if you can get into windows and log in run this

Perform a SFC Scan (System File Check)

1. Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow

2. Type the following command, sfc /scannow and then press ENTER:

(A message will appear stating that 'The system scan will begin'. Be patient because the scan may take some time)

3. If any files require a replace SFC will replace them. You may be asked to insert your Windows 7 DVD for this process to continue

4. If everything is okay you should, after the scan, see the following message "Windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations"

5. After the scan has completed, close the command prompt window, restart the computer. (TIP repeat scan 3 times)

How to use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7 >>> How to use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7

/scannow : Scans all protected system files immediately.
/scanonce : Scans all protected system files once.
/scanboot : Scans all protected system files every time the computer is restarted.
/revert : Returns the scan to its default operation.
/purgecache : Purges the Windows File Protection file cache and scans all protected system files immediately.
/cachesize=x : Sets the size, in MB, of the Windows File Protection file cache.
/? : Displays help at the command prompt.
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Hello Guys I am at my limit because I have tried everything I can think of please help When I bought the kit and built my new computer last year I noticed that Windows didn t like being turned Boot Windows Corrupt Won't 7 BCD off for any period of time over minutes Anytime longer and it would BSOD on me Sometimes it gave me Windows 7 Won't Boot Corrupt BCD a full coded screen other times not Sometimes it would take me to a repair screen sometimes not Sometimes it would just boot up I liked those times best Every so often I would have to system restore It was annoying but I could not find a fix and when I did diagnostics on the disk I was never given any errors on for the Hard drive or anything Fast forward to a month ago when My monitor up and died on me I had to send it to be repaired This meant that I had to turn the hard drive off I hooked it up today and it decided not to work I tried system restore and the system repair and they have been useless I contineu to get the following message upon every boot up now quot The Windows boot configuration data BCD store file contains some invalid information Object guid cd bc- - e - cc-aa ba d br Description Windows br Status xc br Info the configuration for the element within the object is invalid in the boot configuration data store br br the Associated windows boot loader may not be available for selection until the problem is rectified by an administrator quot br br Now as stated I tried the system diagnostic startup repair and even the system restore No dice I opened the command line and tried to rebuild and export the BCD nothing works and i am frustrated now br br what else is there cause i can t afford another new computer br br Thank you for any help Please br br again thanks div class messageTextEndMarker nbsp div blockquote article div div class messageMeta ToggleTriggerAnchor div class privateControls span class item muted span class authorEnd a href members kuro-inu class username author dir auto Kuro-Inu a span a href threads windows- -wont-boot-corrupt-bcd title Permalink class datePermalink span class DateTime title Nov at AM Nov span a span div div class publicControls a href threads windows- -wont-boot-corrupt-bcd title Permalink class item muted postNumber hashPermalink OverlayTrigger data-href posts permalink a div div div id likes-post- div div li class message div class messageUserInfo itemscope itemscope itemtype http data-vocabulary org Person div class messageUserBlock div class avatarHolder span class helper span a class avatar Av m data-avatarhtml true img src styles default xenforo avatars avatar m png width height alt a div h class userText Sponsor h span class arrow span span span div div div class messageInfo primaryContent div class messageContent article blockquote class messageText ugc baseHtml ins class adsbygoogle style display inline-block width px height px data-ad-client ca-pub- data-ad-slot ins blockquote article div div li li li id post- class message data-author dai div class messageUserInfo itemscope itemscope itemtype http data-vocabulary org Person div class messageUserBlock div class avatarHolder span class helper span a href members dai class avatar Av m data-avatarhtml true img src data avatars m jpg width height alt dai a div h class userText a href members dai class username dir auto itemprop name dai a h div class extraUserInfo dl class pairsJustified dt Joined dt dd Mar dd dl dl class pairsJustified dt Messages dt dd a href search member user id class concealed rel nofollow a dd dl div span class arrow span span span div div div class messageInfo primaryContent div class messageContent article blockquote class messageText SelectQuoteContainer ugc baseHtml what are you running br video card brand and model br cpu br m board br ram br power supply br brand br model br wattage br br check the listings in the bios for v line voltages and temperatures and post them br br d load and run the h drive makers diagnostic utility on the h drive... Read more
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So I have an bit of an odd and I think unique problem as many searches came up with no solutions Simply put my boot manager is missing but only when my windows install disc is not in the disc drive It started several months ago and I just left it be let the disc it int he disc drive and it was not that big of a deal But just did a clean install couple days ago disc in drive Boot Manager disc missing when no I re-installed windows ultimate -bit on my computer using an upgrade disc if that makes a difference I formatted the drive with what I guess is a quick format the option the install disc gives you I have tried doing a repair with the install disc but no problems are found every time I try Anyone got any ideas how to fix this problem Or I guess another way to ask how do I get the computer to look for the boot manager on the hard drive and not Boot Manager missing when no disc in disc drive in the disc drive EDIT Also sorry if this is in the wrong section I didn't really see a section that fit this problem but if there is a better section for it could a moderator please move it

A:Boot Manager missing when no disc in disc drive

Hello Thamorian, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if running a startup repair may be able to help.

Bootmgr is missing - Fix

Hope this helps,
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Hey guys I am having somewhat of an to want System issue, same Disc parition disc be Boot and issue with my disc partitions after backing-up data and reinstalling windows - bit I have included a picture to help explain Here's the issue my PC had a virus I was unable to resolve I Disc parition issue, want System and Boot to be same disc took it to an quot expert quot to see what he could do He backed-up my data and re-installed windows The problem is that I had a disc partition set up with my OS and program files on a C partition and a partition D labeled DATA for all of my data etc I'm not sure exactly what he did but it looks like he reinstalled windows to the DATA drive instead of the OS C drive Now making the DATA drive effectively the C drive and Boot Page File Crash Dump Logical Drive It looks like after restoring the backed-up data the original install of windows was also restored to the Old C drive now named D this partition is also the System and active Partition See picture So does this mean that windows is booting from the DATA C drive now but running the original install of windows - bit from the OS D drive old C I have been reading over a lot of forum posts and I'm not really sure what to do here I understand I can only extend a drive to unallocated space that is shown to the right in the disc manager I have thought about backing everything up on DATA C and extending OS D into it but I am concerned that I will not be able to boot since DATA C is now the boot disc I do not have a windows recovery or boot disc This would also be difficult as I do not have any external HDDs with enough space on them currently to do that I have looked into marking DATA C as System Active but you cannot do this if it is a logical drive Ideally I'd like to just do away with the partition and have a single C drive as the System Active Primary partition as well as Boot etc Whats the best way to go about it in this scenario Should I just leave it alone and not worry about it since I am not trying to set up a dual-boot scenario or anything Also any idea what that GB of unallocated space to the far left is Should I be concerned about trying to reclaim that space as well Thanks for reading and thanks for any help new to this partition and recovery stuff

A:Disc parition issue, want System and Boot to be same disc

Quote: Originally Posted by Garrett7

Hey guys, I am having somewhat of an issue with my disc partitions after backing-up data and reinstalling windows 7-64bit.

I have included a picture to help explain.

Here's the issue, my main PC had a virus I was unable to resolve. I took it to an "expert" to see what he could do. He backed-up my data and re-installed windows 7. The problem is that I had a disc partition set up with my OS and program files on a C: partition, and a partition, D:, labeled DATA, for all of my data etc..

I'm not sure exactly what he did but it looks like he reinstalled windows to the DATA drive instead of the OS C: drive. Now making the DATA drive, effectively the C drive (and Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Logical Drive). It looks like after restoring the backed-up data the original install of windows was also restored to the Old C: drive (now named D), this partition is also the System and active Partition.
See picture:

So does this mean that windows is booting from the DATA (C) drive now but running the original install of windows 7-64bit from the OS(D) drive (old C)?

I have been reading over a lot of forum posts and I'm not really sure what to do here. I understand I can only extend a drive to unallocated space that is shown to the right in the disc manager. I have thought about backing everything up on DATA(C) and extending OS(D) into it, but I am concerned that I will not be able to boot since DATA(C) is now the boot disc. I do not have a windows recovery or boot disc. This would also be difficult as I do not have any external HDDs with enough space on them currently to do that.

I have looked into marking DATA(C) as System, Active, but you cannot do this if it is a logical drive.

*Ideally I'd like to just do away with the partition and have a single C: drive as the System, Active, Primary partition, as well as, Boot, etc....Whats the best way to go about it in this scenario??

Should I just leave it alone and not worry about it?? since I am not trying to set up a dual-boot scenario or anything.

Also any idea what that 20GB of unallocated space to the far left is? Should I be concerned about trying to reclaim that space as well?

Thanks for reading and thanks for any help, new to this partition and recovery stuff.

I reccommend you backup your data just incase anything goes wrong. Also, make sure you have a system repair disc:System Repair Disc - Create
Then, just delete the old partitions and leave the Data partition alone since it has your data on it. You can now use all of the unallocated space to makie a new partition. Right click on the unallocated space and click on create new partition.
Now, you can move your data over to make your pc like you had it before. Do NOT set Data c: to active. That will render it unbootable and you will have to run startup repair which will be on the system repair disc that you are going to create.
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hi my friend gave me his old VAIO cause my computer was shot It has a pentium in it and MHz x sometimews it says mhz x with mb Ram It origionally had a gig hard drive with windows xp prof on it the hd kept on filling up almost immediatly so I put my gig westernDigital Caviar- mbps- rpm hard drive in it as the slave to beef it up What i origionally wanted to do was leave the gig in with only the operating system in it and use my gig for everything else completely bypass disc boot help. need failure, still work. wont is disc in, the gig But could not figure that out If that is even possible I would still like to do that Now I have formatted my gig hd and the comp no longer has the gig drive in it I have the jumper set to master GIG with the master ide line in it I have a win xp home disk and I want to install it to the gig drive my cd rom is working as well as the hard drive as seen in windows with the gig drive I changed the First boot device to the cd-rom in the advanced BIOS features second disc boot failure, disc is in, still wont work. need help. boot device HDD- Third boot device LS ZIP Boot other device Enabled Everything But first boot is default When comp starts up it goes to the memory test screen and reads my gig hd fine then PRIMARY HARD DISC FAIL Or sometimes Cpuis inworkable or has been changed check cpusoft menu I press F to continue blah blah verifying Dmi pool data Disk disc boot failure, disc is in, still wont work. need help. boot failure insert system disc and press enter I press enter and goes to blank screen the says same thing Disk boot failure insert system disc and press enter Ive been trying to figure this out for days if anyone can help me solve this problem it would be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:disc boot failure, disc is in, still wont work. need help.

Welcome to TSF

Doesn't seem to be booting to the cd rom, try tapping the F12 key to boot from the optical drive in order to install windows.
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Hello I have been trying come up with a solution for this issue for awhile and am at my wits end After upgrading my PC http h www hp com hpsc doc public display docId c to Windows a few months ago my PC will randomly not boot more often than not and I will receive the following error message upon booting Error No boot disc disc has been has failed... detected boot disc No Error: or the has been detected or the disc has failed I then have to manually shut down the PC When I select F upon booting and enter through the bios and simply select ignore changes and exit the PC will then load normally It happens seemingly at random Sometimes I can restart the PC a couple times in a row without issues Typically I have to go through the bios though and I avoid powering down the PC at all if I can I have done numerous tests on the hard disks and they have all passed I have checked the connections from the HD to the motherboard and there are no issues there I flashed the bios to the newest version as well I tried downgrading as well as refreshing Windows to no avail Help Thank you in advance
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I wanted to custom install 64 bit 7 to a new drive on my xp 32 system. The 64 bit disc wouldn't a "can't use this 64 bit disc on 32 bit system". Wasn't able to boot to this disc either (familiar with bios boot priorities). Figured I would install 32 bit to new drive...and it worked fine...took a half hour. But I still can't boot from the 64 bit disc (pre-sale retail disc from Costco) to change the 7 32 bit to 64 bit. The disc won't boot..and if I put the disc in when either 7 or xp is running it says this disc isn't compatible with a 32 bit system. Any idea's?....I so don't want to call India. Thanks in advance.

A:can't boot to 64 bit windows 7 retail disc

I got the same message. I thought the labels on the DVD's meant the OS you were using to load and ended up loading 32-bit. I went into BIOS and cancelled all boot selections except the DVD drive. Put the 64-bit DVD in and rebooted. It ended up booting just fine. I had the original OS on an IDE drive and started 7 on my RAID 0 array, so when I reloaded with 64-bit, it was only writing on top of the first attempt (32-bit 7), so original OS remained intact. It was XP Home that I had to buy to get my new computer build going until 7 was released (lightning trashed the old MB and RAM).
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Hi guys I tried to upgrade to windows yesterday n it went mostly well lol just one missing driver for the PCI memory controller that I can t find anywhere Have reinstalled the chipset but this hasn t solved the issue Also when I reinstalled the drivers windows boot from disc Solved: 7 Can't I tried to install the wecam utility program and it s somehow confused it s self with Solved: Can't boot from windows 7 disc the curse client application ie when I run setup the title bar displays curse client setup instead of web cam utility setup lol and seems to run the wrong program After I saw this I decided it would be better to revert to vista install via the repair utility on the windows disc but I can t seem to boot from it in that the option is never given quot to boot from disc press any key quot for instance and when I try the boot menu on the OS option is there Any ideas how I can revert to vista to try again Or if installing the PCI driver will fix these issues which I am doubtful of lol And of course Merry Christmas peeps x nbsp

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Hello So originally when I bought my Laptop it was Windows Vista A while ago I upgraded to Windows by downloading the Disc Windows with New Boot 7 Installing OS and a valid serial key form a third party distributor associated with my school Next week I m putting together a new desktop PC and want to install Windows on it I have another valid serial key to use for the registration Installing New Windows 7 with Boot Disc however do not have a boot disc to use Wil the System Restore Disc that I can create using the wizard on Win be able to boot and load a new OS on my new desktop or will i have to create a boot disc another way Also I still have the original installation files saved in My Downloads although not in iso format but expanded and just saved as files Basically I want to know if the system restore disk be able to do fresh install or if not how can I create a boot disk Thank you for your replies in advance

A:Installing New Windows 7 with Boot Disc

Take a look here:
USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
Make bootable iso from student d/l
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I have drives in my computer one gig and gigs I originally installed XP on one of my gig drives and when I did that it assigned the drive to drive D not C- C is now my zip drive My large drive is drive G Over the years of installing and uninstalling programs I am now very low on drive space on drive D and keep getting a low drive space message I have tried to clean up the drive as much as I can but can still only free up megs Can I quot copy quot all of the gig drive onto the gig and make that my boot drive Or could I purchase another drive I have room for one more and quot disc Windows boot Moving for XP copy quot all of drive D onto the new drive and make that my boot drive I am trying to keep from having to re-install all of my applications it is such a pain Is there a program that will allow me to do this Thank you everyone for your help and comments From a newbie Regards Fred nbsp

A:Moving boot disc for Windows XP

Yes. You need to initially repartition the big drive using either Partition Magic or Partition Expert. Thes will allow you to resize the existing partition so you can have....say 15 GB for the OS and the rest for data storage.

Then you can use XP disk management to change the letter assignments of the drives, so your OS will once again be C:

Once it has been repartitioned, you can use CasperXP to image the new partition. This will create an exact duplicate of your existing disk onto the partition. You need to have Casper XP running on your existing drive and the new partition as the slave on the same IDE bus for best results.

Partition Magic

Partition Expert


Good Luck
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ok very strange problem, i installed windows and set it up and drivers the whole lot installed. but for some reason it say boot disc failed in the bios if i dont have the windows disc in the drive on bootup. i dont boot from the disc or anythin, just when it says press any button to boot from the cd i just leave it and windows boots up fine.

i have tried to change the boot priorty in the bios and remove the cdrom from it and still i get the same problem. have tried alsorts of different settings in here. but only thing that works is if the cdrom is set as the first boot drive then hdd as second. and then to have the windows disc in the drive.

any help would be much apreciated.

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hi all i put post up in malware as laptop has got many issues etc due to opening an email then all of sudden system32 error virus etc so decided to reformat laptop but i put disc in and no matter what i do it will not boot when turn on please hellp

A:Laptop will not boot Windows 7 disc matter what i do...Click to expand...

Did this include changing the boot device order in the BIOS or the Boot Menu?
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Using my Windows 7 rescue disc, I could see it was booting from the CD and it asked me to Choose My Language and so I clicked on Next.
Nothing has happened since.
What do I need to do now?
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I have an Advent 7000 Which I recently bought off ebay which came with a Pirate Copy Of XP I wiped the hard drive with Dban then tried to install Genuine XP But I Can't get it to boot, I can re-install the pirate copy no prob but need to find a way of putting genuine Windows.... Plz can someone Help me

A:Windows XP Disc Wont Boot

There was no need to use a third-party utility to wipe the hard drive.

If the optical drive is set first in the boot order and if you have an actual genuine XP CD, you boot from the XP CD, then press any key when the Press any key to boot from CD command appears, then delete all current partitions, then create a new partition, then format that new partition in the NTFS file system, then install XP.

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I have a Win 7 installation disc that I burned from the downloaded iso, I've used it several times on other computers. But this HP laptop will not boot from it, after the boot selection screen I just get a blank screen.

I burned another copy from the iso, but same result.

I know the laptop can boot from an optical disc because I just today booted to a linux boot disc.

It is regular BIOS, not UEFI.

Any ideas?


A:Cannot boot to Windows installation disc

Are you just hitting the F12 or F10 when trying to boot the disc?

How about making the Optical Device as the priority Boot in the BIOS Setup
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My pc is a hp pavilion 64 bit desktop computer model # P6- 2220t it is 5 months old. It originally came with windows 7 then I upgraded to windows 8. I went ahead and used windows 8 to create an image of my hard disc and store it on a usb external hard drive I also made a repair disc. Everything went well the pc backed up on scheduled and doing well in backing up. My big problem is this I tried to boot from the repair disc but it won't I looked at the bios but it is different from the type of bios that I am familiar with can anyone tell me how to solve this problem. I would be very grateful.
ps: I tried hp but they were not able to help me.

A:How to boot Windows 8 64 bit from Repair Disc

Do you have a UEFI BIOS or a Legacy BIOS?

Boot the DVD/CD for the One Time Boot Menu, check your manual for the F? key
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Okay so I have searched online for how to create a Windows 7 Boot Disc, but to no avail. I have blank dvds, I have a legit operating system, and I have an activation code. I have no idea where to go from here and find boot files or installation files or create ISOs etc. Can anyone help me? I was hoping to clean install Windows 7 to regain some long lost speed.

A:Not sure how to create Windows 7 Boot Disc?

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's app the first day you had your new PC.

& made the Startup Repair CD.

System Repair Disc - Create

How to make HP Recovery DVD disks:
Recover Windows Vista Operating System Using HP Recovery - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

How to make HP Recovery USB disk:
Creating a Recovery Disk on a USB Flash Disk HP Pavilion dv6700z CTO Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

You can Order HP Recovery Disks from here:
Compaq Mini CQ10-500 PC series*-* HP Notebook PCs - Order Recovery Discs for Windows 7, Vista, or XP - c00810334 - HP Business Support Center
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ok, so im trying to reformat my computer and i insert my windows xp disc

when i insert in, it ask to press a button to boot into w.e and when i do

some black screen pops up and says the following:

inf file txtsetup.txt is corrupt or missing, status 32768

If anyone knows how to fix, please do so and thankyou for reading

A:Windows disc boot error

Sounds like the cd is damaged and it can't read that file or it's possible it is just dirty with smudges and such and needs to be cleaned. Another possible cause would be your cd drive is going bad/is dirty.

Examine the cd for any major scratches/flaws. Try the cd in another pc if available and see if it gives you the same error. Clean the optical lense of your drive with a lense cleaning disc.
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Hey there guys I've been working on this for days but haven't come up with an answer Recently got some new Dell XPS laptops They're great minus the absence of a NIC for easy network booting After many different attempts to get the thing booting an ISO image burned to a bootable USB drive I went out and bought an external Mgr w/ .iso Boot Disc Error Windows .wim -> USB CD drive I performed the following steps to transform one of my wim images for -bit Windows Enterprise into an ISO How to Convert a WIM File to an ISO File eHow com I can begin booting from the CD However when it gets just past the quot Windows is loading files quot screen I don't get to any part of the initial Windows setup I get the good old quot Windows failed to start quot message Windows failed to start A Recent hardware or software change might be the cause To fix the problem Insert your windows Windows Boot Mgr Error w/ .wim -> .iso Disc installation disc and restart your computer Choose your langugae settings and then click next Click quot repair your computer quot Status xc d Info The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible I'm wondering if this would work How to Resolve Boot Configuration Data Error xc d in Windows However I've tried it and haven't had any success Oddly enough there are FOUR partitions on my SSD two OEM-based two not So I don't even know if I'm performing the Windows Boot Mgr Error w/ .wim -> .iso Disc task on the correct hard Windows Boot Mgr Error w/ .wim -> .iso Disc drive It boils down to two questions Am I doing this the hard way Is there an easier way to get a non-NIC computer to boot to a network I'm still pretty new at this but we currently use integrated NIC to boot to a server hosting our Windows Deployment Services Ideas for getting past this error Is it the disk The partitions Thank you very much

A:Windows Boot Mgr Error w/ .wim -> .iso Disc

Is it truly a CD drive or is it a DVD drive?

How did you create the bootable USB flash drive? The easiest way I've seen is Universal USB Installer ? Easy as 1 2 3 | USB Pen Drive Linux

Just click on the drop down box and select Windows 7 (near the bottom of the list).
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i have a custom computer build, working fine for a year and a half, system crashed while online. inserted windows XP system/boot disc, goes to mobo screen, goest to a blank screen. shows
... press any key to boot from cd...

... verifying/inspecting system components etc.....

then a blank screen, system wont do anything.

1.) i have an asus mobo, lite-on cd/dvd drive, phillips cd/dvd-rw drive (burn drive), 250 GB
WD hard drive, Nvidia geforce 8800 gts G-card.

2.) i made boot setup to go 1.) cd/dvd drive (lite-on) 2.) WD 250 GB HDD

3.) its a known good copy of windows XP home, installed on other comp.

question being, im wondering if i have a bad disc drive, or hard drive, or if its something else.

any input is greatly apreciated. ty

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I created a System Repair disc (DVD) using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. When I reboot from the disc, I get as far as the Windows blue screen but I never see the repair menu. I receive the following hex error code:


A:Windows 7 64-bit - will not boot from Repair Disc

Did you remove Dell's backup software? See this Windows 7 repair disk error code 0x4001100200001012 - Microsoft Answers
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I have an Acer 5100, It wont boot windows and on attempting to hit ALT F10 it just beeps. SO i got a WIndows XP SP2 disc i inserted it into my computer. It gave me an error saying to insert the automated system recovery disc. I dont have i doing something wrong? The computer wont even load windows. Do I have to try something else to get windows to load? Im not familiar with using Windows Cd's so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey guys Well I got myself into a real mess and I'd sure appreciate your help I have a Dell Inspiron and last week used the recovery disc to re install windows vista - All went well Now you know it saves old copies of windows in the system files Well I moved all the photos and stuff from those old windows files to my new windows THEN I decided I didn't want these old versions of windows on the laptop As I help! windows from Pleeease disc. boot can't had a whole load of business invoices and paperwork in them that I no longer wanted I deleted them with east tec eraser So I come back mins into it and see all my desktop cleared of everything my documents pictures music all gone none of the start menu icons Pleeease help! can't boot windows from disc. even Pleeease help! can't boot windows from disc. take me to a folder because they no longer exist I can get on the net and video and sound is ok I tried to use the install disc to re load windows again but it won't boot from the cd I pressed f to boot from it but the cd doesn't load up it just gives me options to start in various modes safe etc I know the cd driver works because I have loaded other cds once windows has loaded I am in a mess Pleeeease help Bex x

A:Pleeease help! can't boot windows from disc.

Hi and welcome to TSF did you try sytem restore,have you checked in your bios to ensure the cd\dvd drive is listed as first boot device,does the program you used have a undelete or restore option
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This started happening since I tried to make a [email protected]!nt0sh out of my PC. I think it might have have happened because I changed the disk to HFS+. Well, enough speculation. It's as the title says. I think it might be because the partition isn't marked as active, so it cant get the attention of the BIOS when it tries to boot. Does anyone know how to mark a partition as active. I do have access to the windows xp installation, what can I download or what can I run to do this?

A:Windows will not Boot off of HD unless XP Disc is in CD Drive

I marked the partition as active in windows, but now when it boots it says NTLDR is missing? What should I do? Run Fixmbr?
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i have a custom computer build, working fine for a year and a half, system crashed while online. inserted windows XP system/boot disc, goes to mobo screen, goest to a blank screen. shows
... press any key to boot from cd...

... verifying/inspecting system components etc.....

then a blank screen, system wont do anything.

1.) i have an asus mobo, lite-on cd/dvd drive, phillips cd/dvd-rw drive (burn drive), 250 GB
WD hard drive, Nvidia geforce 8800 gts G-card.

2.) i made boot setup to go 1.) cd/dvd drive (lite-on) 2.) WD 250 GB HDD

3.) its a known good copy of windows XP home, installed on other comp.

question being, im wondering if i have a bad disc drive, or hard drive, or if its something else.

any input is greatly apreciated. ty

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Hello Seven Forums users,

I just created a system repair disc by clicking "Create a system repair disc" on my computer.
The disc was successfully created, then I went to boot it up in VirtualBox and I get a Toshiba error: F3-F100-0003.

How could this be?
I don't think VirtualBox or the repair disc would have anything to do with Toshiba.
I created this disc with a factory preinstallation of Windows 7 on a Toshiba laptop.

Did Toshiba put a custom disc image on the computer which will be burned to the disc?
Does VirtualBox use the host computers BIOS? (maybe not possible because there was a Windows 7 cursor in front of the error box)
Does Microsoft use Toshiba technology in their repair discs?

If you can help, that would be great.

A:Can't boot into Windows 7 Repair Disc

Are you still running the Toshiba factory preinstalled Win7? If so this is a corrupt install that throttles Win7 native performance with bloatware and useless duplicate utilties all riding on the back of the OS.

For this reason most tech enthusiasts will not run such an install and instead Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. The steps in the blue link will assure you get and keep a perfect install if you use the tools and methods given.

The installer for your licensed verison is provided in Step 1 which you can also use for repairs.
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After attempting to clean up a malware/virus infection, my computer won't boot. When I tried to use the Windows cd to re-install/repair, I get a viaide.sys corrupt message and Windows won't boot. Of course, it is critical that I not loose the data on this computer. HELP!!!!

A:Windows XP Pro won't boot--viaide.sys corrupt

Then a clean install may be in order.

Then a clean install may be in order.
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Hello - Please help Windows Pro HDDs - operating 7 windows Corrupt pro boot sector systems XP amp Windows Using Easy BCD I removed the HDD with Windows XP and replaced it with another drive from a second computer which also had Windows XP installed When I booted up the computer Windows upgraded the replacement drive to Windows Corrupt boot sector windows 7 pro with warnings about counterfeit software I tried to correct the problem by installing Easy BCD on the replacement drive and repairing the boot sector on both drives using Easy BCD I could not get the computer to boot into windows on either drive after that so I removed the replacement drive from the computer At the present time I cannot boot into Windows Error Message NTLDR is Missing Drive C is assigned to d HDD which has only data on it Windows installed on Drive D I tried to use the quot Repair My Computer quot feature of Windows by inserting the Windows disk but no operating system appeared in the seletion window and i was prompted to quot install drivers quot to continue At this point I decided to post to this forum Thank you for your help Sheila

A:Corrupt boot sector windows 7 pro

What makes you think that Win7 upgraded a second XP HD you inserted? This is not possible unless you did this yourself.

The correct procedure is to unplug all other HD's and peripherals, reboot and tap the key to enter BIOS setup, set Win7 HD first to boot (after DVD drive), save changes and exit.

Then Mark Partition Active either the 100mb System Reserved boot partition if you have it onboard the Win7 HD, or the Win7 partition itself.

Then run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times until it writes the System Boot files to Win7 or it's boot partition and starts up Win7.

Afterwards if you want to boot XP at boot tap the one-time BIOS Boot Menu key which on Asus is F8, select XP HD to boot.

If XP will not boot due to hardware differences, install Paragon Virtualization Manager to Win7 to run adapt XP to the new hardware, pointing it to the XP SATA controller drivers for the new hardware if prompted.
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Hey I recently upgraded my PC and installed my copy of Home Premium it's boot Windows Corrupt Folder on an upgrade kit so it works that I do a fresh install of Vista from a disc and then upgrade afterwards This worked fine before on my old rig When running it operates perfectly but if I turn the PC off and leave it for a while say a weekend the OS won't boot ie Bios posts it gets the the loading screening gets upset and then goes into recovery mode Last time this happened it Corrupt Windows Folder on boot fixed itself Just now it has come up warning me that the C Windows folder is corrupt and the startup repair is apparently doing its job I have no idea what's causing this A restart during use is not a problem and turning the PC off on a night and then starting the next day is fine My suspicion is hardware but I checked out the HDD and it didn't seem to have any bad sectors or fragmentation issues I've created a boot disc from the digital copy I own and may reinstall Windows and see if that fixes things The only thing I can think of that was similar last time I did this was encoding a large number of video files and then sticking them onto my iPhone I used Xilisoft did a load and then shut the PC down to travel - rebooting leads to failure Of course this might be just coincidence and the time gap might be the problem Any suggestions before I do this Reinstalling is such a hassle and all Thanks a lot

A:Corrupt Windows Folder on boot

Hi atarikick, welcome to the forums
Try running sfc /scandisk, to re-load / fix system files and see if it solves it
If you have to reinstall, I suggest you do a clean install (after backing up all your data). The upgrade versions of Win7 allow you to clean install, you don't necessarily need to have Vista on the machine. please check this tutorial: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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Hi there guys I have Windows RC and have been using it it for months without any problems I installed Microsofts new AV program and that was running fine I guess Windows please Boot help File Corrupt, for 7 Today I installed a wireless keyboard and was playing around with it and the system crashed I restarted Boot File for Windows 7 Corrupt, please help it and when it came to the boot screen mine is dual boot with Vista it just restarted Tried Vista it came up with boot load error I tried the RC disc to repair and first it said it Boot File for Windows 7 Corrupt, please help fixed it but tried again and nothing So I was thinking Boot File for Windows 7 Corrupt, please help about re installing OS again went through the setup and windows said it could not install on disk partition as that had a boot system it just would not show that HD at all even though it has other partitions When to the motherboard setting and there it only shows WD HD and the Pioneer DVD-ROM My system consists of the following X Samsung TB several partitions inc OS for both Win and Vista X WD TB partitons X WD TB no partitions The Samsung did not show up nor did the other WD I have now opened the case and plugged the samsung via USB to my XP machine and all partitions show up on Win the boot file is messed up and the Vista partition has no boot file at all How do I fix this guys I dont mind re-installing Win but there must be another way to do this any help on this will be much appreciated thanks in advance guys The WIN OS partition has a bootmsq file which is messed up what does an original WIN Boot msq file look like

A:Boot File for Windows 7 Corrupt, please help

Can you use something like EasyBCD running from your XP box, but linked to the other HDD?

I don't have my W7 or Vista box with me now, so I can't remember how the bootloader works on them off hand.

I guess another thing would be to try and load W7 on a USB drive and see if you can gain access to those two partitions. If so, worst case, backup the data, fix the partitions, and then overlay the data to get it back.

Also, have you tried doing the following??
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this is the error i get when attempting to boot into windows xp: home edition (service pack 2)

"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll.
Please re-install a copy of the above file."

this is what i've tried so far

- tried recovery console from windows xp cd: doesn't even boot into the recovery console, it just restarts the pc

- made a bootable cd of windows xp recovery console, it runs the recovery console but it starts at C:\ & when i try to "cd c:\windows\" it won't allow me saying its invalid or something

- i've tried chkdsk /r - it gets stuck at 25% and says the drive contains too many errors to recover

please help

A:can't boot into windows xp - hal.dll corrupt or missing

Your HDD has too many bad sectors to be fixed and probably has failed. You can confirm this by downloading the Drive Fitness Tests ISO image from my signature and burn the Image with IMGBurn and boot off of the newly created CD and run the Short and Extended tests. However, if the drive reports there are too many errors, then the drive has failed and it needs to be replaced.
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So my dad wanted to upgrade his windows Vista gateway computer at work to windows because my brother had what we thought was a Windows install disc There were three discs Lenovo Windows recovery media disc and Windows pro operating system recovery disc I backed up all the documents and pics and things I thought he might need recovery now install Can't pc 8 Lenovo 8. disc boot and windows Windows to try Used and put in the first recovery media disc turned off the computer told the boot to use that disc and let it do it s thing until it said to put in Windows Pro operating system recovery disc It said recovery failed It didn t seem like it was going to do anything so I hit cancel and now I can t boot the pc at all Everytime I try to do something it goes to Used Lenovo windows 8 recovery disc to try and install Windows 8. Can't boot pc now a black screen with some copyright stuff on it and DHCP spins for a bit and it says Reboot and Select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key Was using the recovery discs a bad idea because Used Lenovo windows 8 recovery disc to try and install Windows 8. Can't boot pc now it seemed to have started erasing things and then failed part way through Can I even get back to Vista by doing like loading an old system restore point Update I tried putting in the Windows recovery discs again and got no recognition at all the same with the Windows disc I found I know So I revealed the issue to my dad and he said that since our computer is years old he had been looking online and found a refurbished computer We decided to get a new computer basically nbsp

A:Used Lenovo windows 8 recovery disc to try and install Windows 8. Can't boot pc now

I'm surprised that the Lenovo Recovery didn't notice the incorrect hardware and quit immediately. But since it apparently did wipe something out before failing you will probably have to use the proper Vista recovery DVDs (assuming you have them or can still buy them from Gateway) to get going again.

If Windows 8.1 is wanted you can probably still buy a Installation DVD. Has any check been made to assure that the PC will run Windows 8 or 8.1?
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Hi there,

I have a laptop here that will not boot into anything. When booting into Windows XP it will hang at the progress bar screen. When booting into Safe Mode it hangs at Mup.sys. When trying to boot off a Windows disc it will start loading the drivers and then I'll get a STOP 0x7B error. I have slaved the HDD in another machine and removed all viruses, run several chkdsk's and also replaced the Mup.sys driver. Still the same thing happens. I have also tried another HDD and tried to just boot from the Windows XP disc again and the same thing happens.




A:Solved: Won't boot into Windows, Safe Mode or off Windows disc

Went into BIOS and disabled Native SATA compatibility
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Hey all Yesterday I burnt my Windows Vista image Windows Disc working!??! RC1 not Vista Boot file using Nero onto a DVD I installed Vista no problem onto my desktop though the first time I inserted the dvd it showed up as quot blank quot Windows Vista RC1 Boot Disc not working!??! the nd time it worked fine Now this morning I wanted to install onto my Laptop I inserted the disc and it is being read as blank Then i inserted into my dektop and it is being read as blank Yes I have ejected and reinserted the disc numerous times on both systems and it refuses to be read as anything but blank So Immediately i went to burn another dvd off the image file and now that one doesn t work at all And strangely enough the discs are being read as blank so Windows Vista RC1 Boot Disc not working!??! i attempted to Windows Vista RC1 Boot Disc not working!??! burn something onto them and then nero says it is not blank What to do Is it Nero The blanks I mean it worked fine yesterday The blanks I used were BENQ and RIDATA nbsp

A:Windows Vista RC1 Boot Disc not working!??!

Update...the disc works fine on my desktop pc on boot up...
Also in Windows Vista the disc is read normally..

The problem lies with my laptop drive now..
It refuses to read the disc at boot up...
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I got few questions.
1. Where I could find nicely done Firefox 4, IE 9 and Chrome speed tests?
2. Where I could find guide how to make Windows 7 Bootable disc from ISO file?
Thank's for your time reading and helping me

A:Browser test's + Windows 7 Boot disc

This will test your internet connection speed.

And this can test individual browsers to make a comparison.

If you have an image file of your Windows 7 disc you can simply burn it with any ISO burning software. This will do it:
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sorry if i didn t post it right i disc get screen, boot can't can't Windows, in Blue was too crazy to update the bio with out save setting and my computer can t get in to windows so i can t run any test software for it it came with blue screen with stop x when i try to run normal if i try to use win fix it s another msg even i try to boot the win disc it s not allow must be something wrong with the bio and the hareware please give me a hand i really do need help from you experts asus and corsair keep pushing problem to the other i even Blue screen, can't get in Windows, can't boot disc try to use only single ram it Blue screen, can't get in Windows, can't boot disc s not work too and the bio say the ram is not stable os windows bit cpu intel e video card bfg-nvidia gtx SLI ram corsair cm x - c x gb timing - - - v cm x - c dhx x gb timing - - - v motherboard asus striker II formula nbsp

A:Blue screen, can't get in Windows, can't boot disc

Corsair and Asus have been having some serious compatibility issues lately. You are not the first to report problems between the newer Asus motherboards and Corsair RAM.

I'll attempt to read your minidumps. It would be helpful if you could tell us how long this has been going on.


One file was unreadable duee to corruption but this is not an uncommon occurrance.

The other three were the same error 0x50: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA
Requested data was not in memory. An invalid system memory address was referenced. Defective memory (including main memory, L2 RAM cache, video RAM) or incompatible software (including remote control and antivirus software) might cause this Stop message, as may other hardware problems (e.g., incorrect SCSI termination or a flawed PCI card).

They only listed Windows drivers as the probable cause and these drivers are too general to be of much help. You can still run Memtest on your RAM. It engages almost immeduately after the boot-up. Have you ever run this test before?
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hey guys,
I installed windows 7 ultimate x64 on my western digital caviar black 750gb, but it won't boot without the installation disc in my cd-rom drive. I have to keep the my cd-rom drive as the 1st boot and my hdd my second, and if i switch it around, it asks me for the boot disc. I tried to repair it, but when it asks me to select an os, it says that the disc is incompatible with the operating system.

A:windows 7 ultimate wont boot without disc

Did you perform a "clean" install or an upgrade?
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I am from 7 disc boot Windows Unable to upgrade my trying to perform a clean custom install of Windows Professional Unable to boot from my Windows 7 upgrade disc -bit on my VAIO SZ- N I have the upgrade disc and though its primary purpose is to upgrade from Vista to Windows it is confirmed to work with clean installs as well Since I want to perform a clean install I must boot the installation from the disc and not within the OS The problem is that when I insert the disc into the drive and start up the computer it'll pause for a moment longer than usual as if it detects that the CD is there like I can hear the disc spinning in the drive and this little gray underscore will blink on the screen but it will never give me the quot Press any key to boot from CD quot message and it'll eventually just load up my OS The disc is in perfect condition and I can view its contents and run it from within the operating system I just can't boot from it Even the directions for clean custom installs that come with this disc say that it must be done from the disc not when the OS is loaded The problem can't possibly be my BIOS startup order because first of all the disc drive is selected to load first thing and when I insert other bootable CD's such as my beta copy of Windows I can boot from it fine Does anyone know a fix to this Or a workaround that doesn't require me to boot from the disc Thanks Edit It will not let me do a custom install from within the OS regardless because it is unable to detect any drives partitions to install Windows onto And the quot advanced quot option isn't there I'm guessing because it's impossible to wipe the drive clean when the OS is already loaded

A:Unable to boot from my Windows 7 upgrade disc

Hello omgitsrichie, welcome to Seven Forums!

Where did you get the upgrade disk from, is it one you created from an ISO file you downloaded?
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For the life of me I can't find (rather I am not sure that I have even had one) a boot disc that I thought should have came with the purchase of my Toshiba Satellite Laptop.  It's been about a year since I've had the computer and I'd like to be able to reformat my computer with a disc.  Microsoft said that per my Product ID code, that using them for "HELP" will constitute me being charged a fee.  Does anyone know where I can obtain (LEGALLY) a windows boot disc?  I'd create one from my current OS, however it's not running correctly to begin with, hence the desire for a reformat.  Any help and/or info is greatly appreciated.  Once again I just need a boot disc.  I have my own Product Key.
RUNNING: Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit

A:How to obtain a New Windows 7 installer or Boot Disc
here's the official iso's... you'll have to download your drivers from the manufacturer though for your machine to function correctly. A system specific installer is normally easier, but not the only way.
try asking Toshiba if they have an install iso for your machine.
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Hello So I have ubuntu Install 2000 Disc boot Windows won't on my Windows 2000 Install Disc won't boot desktop and had put kubuntu on my other hard drive on the desktop I realized that there are a few things missing that i can t do just yet in there because there s no linux clients of things like steam and ventrilo So I figured I d just install windows because that s what I have a spare copy of that isn t in use Got the hard drive prepped with fat for now because I figured the setup cd can change it to ntfs at will But I can t get the computer to boot from cd It will boot livecds of all sorts of linux distros no problem so I don t think it s the cd drive being setup wrong I have a few floppies if i need to make a boot floppy but I m young enough that I ve never actually needed to do this before Any tips or help for this sticky wicket I remember using this disc once before to install but I think i ended up using a floppy then too which of course I can t find now lol If someone can point me to the files but not how to make the floppy in linux I can probably take that much to the ubuntu forums Or go all the way back to windows shudders My laptop s in repairs with best buy yay warranties and who knows until i get it back which is why i m trying to do this thanks snowy nbsp
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Well, my computer will not load thanks to the fix executable for smitfraud screwing up my machine(would have had to reinstall anyways with how integrated it was)

Well, this is what happens:

I put the disc in.
I press "any key" to boot from the CD.
It gives me a message that it is checking my hardware configuration.. and thats it.
It just sits with a black/blank screen doing nothing...

Want to help? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

OR- if you know how to fix without being able to get into safe mode... something is wrong with AUTOCHK....

A:Unable to boot to Windows XP Home SP2 disc

I would recommend formatting the drive with nuke and boot, or killdisk
prior to loading windows. If you still have a issue booting to the cd
after this you will need to create some xp boot floppies. You will need
a xp cd and some floppies. You can use any xp disk as long it is the same
as your os. If your running pro you must use the pro disk, and the same
for home addition.
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Hey all A friend asked me to fix his Acer desktop with Vista on it I m pretty sure the hard drive he had was no good the old one was making a racket and the computer would not boot up I have replaced the hard drive with a spare from a parts computer I changed the bios so that the computer will boot only from the cd drive Booting from the new hard drive is disabled I had to create an ISO dvd version of Vista because he doesnt have the disc but the case does have a valid cd key so I plan to use that I have confirmed that the disc works by booting another computer from the disc The problem I am having is that when my friends computer tries to boot to disc from Unable boot windows install from the iso dvd I get a black screen bios Unable to install windows from boot disc that says something like Failure to boot please enter a valid boot disc and press enter I cant recall the exact message I tried hooking up a spare dvd drive and sill get the same message Any suggestions as to how I might make this work Could there be another hardware issue with the computer like the mobo or ram nbsp

A:Unable to install windows from boot disc

You may need to set the hard drive up to boot after the cd in order for the cd to install Vista. You say you disable the hard drive in the bios, You should have just made it to boot up after the cdrom booted.
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Can you list the name of bootable repair ISO image file that can be used to repair unbootable Windows 10 OS.

I was able to find these tools

Easy Recover Essentials : Easy Recovery Essentials | Windows Recovery and Repair CD Downloads
Boot Repair Disc : boot-repair-disk
[email protected] LiveCD! : [email protected] LiveCD (Boot Disk) - Ultimate Recovery Toolset on a bootable CD/USB disk
Additionally you can use bootable partition managers like
MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable : Bootable Partition Manager| MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition

EaseUS Partition Master Technician WinPE Edition : Cretec using EaseUS Partition Master Technician

Parted Magic : PartedMagic - Partitioning, Cloning, Rescue, and Erasing.

AOMEI Partition Assistant_WinPE : Create using AOMEI partition manager pro
Partition managers can rebuild MBR

If you know any other tool that is being actively developed and which actually works in real world, then tell me.

A:Bootable Windows 10 boot repair disc

Lazersoft Recovery Suite Home (Free Edition)

Boot up from CD or USB disk
Full access to non-bootable PC, Lazesoft Recovery Suite Live CD, giving you access to your computer even if Windows can?t or Windows is completely broken.
Boot from various brands of desktops, laptops like Dell, ThinkPad, Hp, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, etc.
With WinPE-based and linux-base bootable disk builder, Lazesoft Recovery Suite has best hardware compatibility.
Boot up computer from CD or usb disk.
Support any types of hard disks like SATA, IDE and SSD.
User friendly Boot Media Builder interface.
Create USB boot disk.
Fast, easily, natively create PE Recovery Disk on 32 and 64 bit of Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1.
Support building bootable DVD
Added options to special WinPE version and type while building boot disk
Added options to special custom drivers while building boot disk
Supports UEFI boot mode and BIOS boot mode
Create WinPE 5(Windows 8.1) x86 boot disk
Create WinPE 5(Windows 8.1) x64 boot disk
Build Bootable USB Hard Disk
Instantly repair PC when Windows can't start normally
One Button Click Repair the crashed Windows system
recover Windows from critical system errors when BSOD or it displayed a black screen.
Recover MBR and partition information
Recover missing or corrupted Windows system files such as 'ntldr is missing', 'bootmgr is missing', etc.
Recovery or edit corrupted registry, virus-infected registry key value.
Rebuild/Repair the Boot Menu
Edit and Repair Windows boot file boot.ini or BCD
Rescue Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 32 and 64 bit.
Recover partition after accidental deletion or partition table damage.
Lazesoft BCD Doctor
Easily recover data from non-working computer or disk
Access and copy files from computer even if Windows can't start.
Recover deleted files even if emptied from the Recycle Bin
Rescue files after a hard disk crash
Rescue files after accidental format, even if you have reinstalled Windows.
Rescue files after a partitioning error
Rescue files after RAW partition or RAW hard drives
Recover files including documents, photos, video music and email etc.
Quickly reset Windows Local and Domain Account admin passwords
Reset Windows password even if forgot or lost it.
Clear Windows Local Password
Reset Windows Domain Password
Unlocks and Enables user accounts.
Find Windows key when you want to reinstall it
Recover Windows 8/8.1 OEM product key from BIOS
100% recovery rate.
Clone & Backup Partition or Disk
Back up the system disk of the running Windows
Clone the system disk of the running Windows
Create Backup Disk or Partition Compression Image.
Create Raw Disk or partition Image (sector by sector copy).
Clone entire Windows or Data hard drive or partitions to an internal or external disk.
Transfer disk or partitions from an old hard disk drive to a new one.
Partitions can be copy either with original sizes and locations, or Resizes transferred partitions to match new hard disk size.
Clone with fast mode and complete mode.
There are two methods can be used when cloning, Only copy used blocks or sector by sector copy.
Clone GPT disk
Backup and Restore GPT disk
Create, format, delete, Wipe partition and disks
Bootable rescue CD or USB disk.
Format FAT, NTFS Partition.
Create, Delete partitions of any type.
Supports large disks: up to 2TB volumes on MBR.
Wipe Partitions or disk for data security reason.
Hide/unhide partition.
Set active partition.
Lost Partition Recovery
Show Disk Properties
Edit Sector
Change GPT Partition Type
Change Volume Drive Letter
Create VHD disk
Install Windows 7/8/10 on VHD
Install Windows 8/8.1/10 on USB disk
Check file system errors and disk failures of partitions
Check the bad sectors of disks
Rebuild the MBR(Master Boot Record)
Rebuild the Boot Sector of the system volume
Build Bootable USB Hard Disk
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I have a Samsung R Laptop running Windows Home Premium bit It will now not boot into Windows and I have tried the following Startup Repair - this searches through files and then finally hangs for a while a brief flash then goes back to initial boot and continues to loop this way I have tried hitting F and trying all Safe Mode options but no luck I have removed all usb devices etc I have attempted to use Samsungs Recovery Solution at initial boot but again this just hangs at the first screen with no progress I have downloaded and burned the Windows Repair disc iso and burned Boot, Disc 7 working... Repair Windows not Won't to disc using ImgBurn I then change boot priority to boot from disc drive in an attempt to run repair from the disc When I do this it begins as normal I have done this before but will only allow me to choose the keyboard region language and then nothing else happens just stays on the Windows screen Windows 7 Won't Boot, Repair Disc not working... with the leaves and bird I tried another repair disc download incase the first one was bad but this does the same thing I am running out of patience and options now I have never tried a repair from a USB boot but not sure if this will make any difference Some Windows 7 Won't Boot, Repair Disc not working... background on what I think may have preceded caused this The battery in my laptop is pretty much dead so I just use the power cord to run it now I d say it lost its life about weeks ago The last major change download was the Wheezy download for my Raspberry Pi and Windows 7 Won't Boot, Repair Disc not working... at one point I tried to connect the Pi to the laptop to see if I could use it s screen as a monitor for the Pi Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

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Yes, you heard me, is it possible to make a Windows 7 boot disc from scratch? By scratch I mean, I want all the programs I currently have installed on my PC and some items in my secondary drives to be there too, in other words, can I take my current Windows AND the programs/items I have on my drives, and put them together as one installation, so that when I format my computer and reinstall Windows, my basic programs, like Photoshop, After Effects, etc, are still there, so there is no worry about downloading it? That's my main point, I have to install Windows 7 and the programs I have in like 30 computers, it would take forever if I ALSO have to download programs like Photoshop, I don't have the best internet in town anyways.

Hope you can help me out, thanks!

A:Make Windows 7 boot disc from scratch?

Sounds like a better solution is to use a disk imaging app...


And i recommend Macrium Reflect for a Free solution.
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Hi all,

Simple request. does anyone know how to make a boot disc on a cd for windows XP...seems a tower I have has it's OS corrupted so I need to boot it up with the cd...which I can't seem to find right now ...Doh!

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Hey Guys I'm trying to install windows XP on my new hard drive but not with the original setup disc I have a copied one because the original was scratched and sometimes would not be able to be read So I copied the contents of the disk onto a different disk and what do you know The original disk fails to read immediatley afterwards Anyway the copied disk is of course unbootable I set it to number in the boot sequence and everything The problem is is that it is copied Now this is the part I need help with I went some poking around and found a thread where a guy was Copied XP disc wont Windows boot. having this same problem Someone posted a reply and said this You can make a boot CD with himem sys and smartdrive and boot with that then put in your XP disk and go to the i folder and run Winnt exe or you can make a Copied Windows XP disc wont boot. bootable floppy that has CD ROM support himem sys and smartdrive on it and go to the i folder of the CD and run Winnt exe What does this mean What is smartdrive Does this even work Where would I get himem sys

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Ok, so I installed windows xp and i have to boot it up with the disc but it says i have a password to login to the main windows but i didn't even put a pass can someone help and why do i have to boot windows with the disc?
Help please and thank you

A:Have to boot windows xp home with disc and password

Can you press enter and have it bypass it?
Im XP if one isnt entered it will work.
Also since you didnt post any computer specs Im going to guess here.
Some computers like Dell often have a place for 3 passwords in the Bios section and you may need to get in there and turn them off.
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I cannot load windows XP.It gets as far as compaq driver then stops.purchased windows boot disc but this does not solve problem.HP say I need a recovery floppy ....Do I ???or should this boot disc work

A:Shatir Solotions Windows Boot Disc

Boot off of the XP CD Or download the Recovery Console ISO. Burn it to CD with IMGBurn and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
You can also download the ISO image for Drive Fitness Test in my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn and boot off of the newly created CD and run the short and extended tests on the HDD to test the integrity of the drive.