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Solved: volume icon not showing on ibm 600 x

Q: Solved: volume icon not showing on ibm 600 x

and when I click on place icon on desktop I have the message saying the volume control program has not been installed. I've tried to find the file sndvol32.exe but it doesn't seem to be nowhere. I don't possess any restore disk.

Thanks for help

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Preferred Solution: Solved: volume icon not showing on ibm 600 x

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have reset explorer.exe and it pops back, but when I restart my laptop it does not show up again.

I have even gone into the registry and followed the instructions from this video on Youtube and it's still the same.

Fix Volume Icon Missing from Taskbar Problem in Windows 8/7/Vista - YouTube

Any ideas?


A:No volume icon showing in taskbar

According to the Dell downloads for the 15R SE, this has Conexant audio. Suggest you download and install the driver from Dell, as the first step.

Product Support | Dell US
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Well, the Volume mix/ Sound icon in bottom right hand corner in the task bar, won't turn on! It is grayed out when I try to turn it on in notifications, I wish to be able to use this icon, but frankly, I can't. Please help me, I'm not that tech-y as most of you, I think you guys will show me a way to do this. I will explain furthermore if needed.

A:volume Mix/sound Icon not showing.

Welcome Riddlemaster,
See if this tutorial can help you out, It's pretty simple and self explanatory.
Notification Area Icons - Reset[2]=Taskbar Start Menu
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Yesterday I was removing programs, and now my volume icon has disappeared from the lower left tray thing.
How can I get it back?


A:(Solved) volume icon

Click start, control panel, sounds and multimedia. Check the option "show volume control on taskbar".
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That little volume icon there on the right hand side of the task bar has disappeared again. When I right click on the task bar and then click on "Notification Area", Volume, Network and Power are grayed out and I can't make any changes. Any suggestions?

A:Solved: My volume icon is gone again.

Here's the official "wassup" on that >>

Includes a "fix it"
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Recently, the volume and network connection icon on the toolbar at the top of the desktop has disappeared.

I already right clicked on the toolbar > properties > notification area but the volume and network buttons are grey and I cannot select them.

I was wondering how I can get these icons back and why they suddenly disappeared.

Thank you so much!!!

A:[SOLVED] Volume and Network Icons are not showing up

Hi 12Pineapple34.........welcome to TSF!!

Hang on while I take this thread to a better location.
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Hi, hopefully this is an easy/dumb question. My speaker icon disappeared off of my taskbar. Is ther an easy way to get it back? Only other way I know to adjust the volume is to go to control panel which is a pain. Thanks for any help you can give.

A:Solved: Volume icon on taskbar

Steve, Go into your Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices and under the Volume tab checkmark "Place volume icon in taskbar" click Apply/OK. If it is checkmarked uncheck it click Apply/OK then go back and checkmark it, click Apply/OK.

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I seem to have lost my notification area volume control icon. I have vista on my pc. Any ideas?

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Hi cant get my volume icon back in the taskbar. Ive did the sounds & audio properties thing as in ticking the (place volume icon in taskbar) but i get an error message saying it hasn't been installed reinstall using add/remove. But i cant see it there to reinstall it and i have no windows CD.
Anybody got some advice please

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Today I noticed the volume icon on the task bar has disappeared. I went to the area where you can specify you want it to be visible but the box where I could click on volume is faded and I'm not able to specify I want it to be visible.

How can I rectify that? Do I need to restore?

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That little icon in the lower R/H corner of my moniter took a hike. I've checked the audio in Control Panel but could find nothing. Any ideas? VISTA in an HP Pavillion Elite M9515Y

A:Solved: Volume adjust icon went away.

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I have Windows XP (sp2).
I've lost my volume control icon that was in my lower right tray.
Is there a way I can get it back there?

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hello all staff.

could u pls help me solve this problem... about my volume icon. its been long time this problem happened... eachtime i start my pc, most of the time volume icon is missing on the task bar... please help me and fix permanently... i hv no idea on how to fix this... thank u guys in adnvance .... sometime real small problem gets in to ur nerves... please help me fix this ... thanks again very much....

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Hi - for some reason the volume control icon that is always on my taskbar is missing. How do I restore? I've restarted. I've checked control panel/sound and a box is checked saying to keep the volume icon on the taskbar. What else can I do?

A:Solved: Windows XP volume icon

Start, right click, click properties, click taskbar, click customize, find the volume item, click the idicator to the right, ie: Hide when inactive or whatever yours says. Select Always Show. Click OK, click Apply and OK.
and unless I am mistaken in the cause, Hey presto.
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fixed, close thread.

WMP never showed on start menu, upon restart it now works :S.


Solution = restart

A:Solved: WMP icon not showing

hiya Mangoh,try this,delete the wmp file in startup,go to My computer>program files>wmp and open the folder,go down the list and right-click on the wmplayer icon and select "Pin to start menu" close all windows and reboot,try now
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Recently my laptops volume touchpad button wont work. When the volume is turned on, the button is suppose to turn white, but it stays red. The tab on the taskbar says the volume is on, but nothing can be heard. I tried to check if the computer wasn't detecting the sound card, but it said the sound card was working. I tried scearching through some posts but no one seems to have this particular problem. Please help.

I'm running a Vista HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook PC.

A:Solved: Volume Touchpad Icon Not Working

My friend found the problem. I just needed to reinstall the IDT card, which was found here:
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I reinstalled a Windows 7 OS, and now the volume icon has disappeared from the taskbar. The only way I can adjust the volume is to go into Control Panel.

I found the "turn system icons on or off" window, and although the volume icon says "show icon and notifications," it's not on the taskbar, so I don't know what more to do.

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hi I really don t know what happen or how to explain this but ill try my best ok yesterday i was getting ready to play my music from my dell inspiron notebook when i turned on the music it was really loud So on my keyboard usually i would hold quot Fn quot key and the quot Page Dn quot key page dn key also is used for lowering volume when holding Fn key to lower the volume However the little quot Volume Meter quot window popped up and the volume wasn t going up or down therefore i couldn t change the volume I also glanced to the taskbar and noticed that the volume icon was missing I figured if i opened the volume control from the control panel the icon would come back but it didnt In the quot Sound and Audio Device Properties quot window in quot Volume quot Tab under quot Device Volume quot i dragged the bar and that helped see on pls Solved: control taskbar my volume help Cannot icon lower higher the volume I dont understand why it doesn t work when i try to lower higher the volume using the volume control but it works when i try it under the quot Device Volume quot I restarted the computer hoping everything will be Solved: Cannot see my volume control icon on taskbar pls help back to normal but it still the same Any ideas on what has happened is there something wrong with my audio device or whatever it is called Thanks alot for any help suggestions nbsp

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I have this little problem with the volume Icon in the taskbar I would like to have it there all the time I am running windows XP Pro I have tried both the classic and regular XP versions with the same results for both When I open the sounds program from the control panel there is a place to check for adding the volume control icon to the taskbar I check it and click ok It adds the volume icon to the taskbar and it works ok However next time I start the computer it is missing again taskbar missing from Icon Volume Solved: If I again open the sounds the box is already checked If I uncheck it and click ok then check it again and click ok it will again add the volume Icon to the task bar Either checking or unchecking quot hide inactive Icons quot makes no difference either Is there a way to make the volume Icon be there all the time I think maybe it might be a registry setting but I don t know where to look for it Any help will be appreceiated Thank You nbsp

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I know this is a minor issue but its annoying, to say the least, to constantly go to the control panel to replace it.

Task bar locked/unlocked makes no difference. Seems every time I reboot I must replace the volume icon to easily access volume controls.

Any suggestions? Registry error?

XP SP3 kept current through automatic updates

Thank you for your time and attention

A:[SOLVED] volume icon disappears constantly from taskbar xp

Are you the only user of your pc

Have you made any changes to the startup programs/msconfig??

Have you recently installed any new anti virus?
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So I went to control panel->audio devices and tried to check the box to place volume control icon on the task bar and it won't accept it. It says "Windows cannot display the icon because the volume control program has not been installed. To install it use Add/Remove programs in Control Panel". Huh?? I went it to add Windows components and there is nothing like that available. Can anyone help?

System is Sony VAIO VGN SZ-340 laptop with Sigmatel audio, which is selected as the default audio device. Running XP Pro SP3.

A:[SOLVED] volume icon disapeared from notification area??

Hi see the info here Volume icon is not displayed in the notification area, and you may receive an error message when you try to add it
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Very helpful threads from others on the same problem I recently encountered, to date. I picked up some useful leads on restoring or re-doing the icon in the sys tray; but is there anyone that knows of way to restore it without the need or having to have the CD rom to do it?

I don't remember if I unticked or unloaded one of the components in that check list among the add/remove programs, but each and every time I go to tick the box under the properties of putting it or showing it up in the notification area it bams me with the message that the volume icon needs to be added to add/remove programs in control panel (oh yeah, but which one and how can I be directed more specifically because as I go there, there's no from that checkpoint, where to go next (?)) Thanks.

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I have an HP f2105 21" monitor running on Windows 7 x64. Recently the Volume Icon keeps appearing on my screen, and automatically increases the volume to 100%. I have not made any significant changes in my operating system. The Icon stands in front of all other screens and cannot be dismissed. It quits when it's ready after a few seconds. It pops up every 3-4 minutes or so. My drivers are up to date. I've tried disconnecting the monitor and reconnecting it. Turning it off and on, etc. So far nothing has helped.

A:Volume Icon keeps appearing on screen and increases volume a...

Hello melb1946Does your keyboard have volume buttons? I know in my experiences I have sometimes run into similar scenarios. In my case the problem was accidentally hitting the volume button on my keyboard. How is your sound setup in Windows 7? Is your monitor set as the default sound device? Do other sound devices increase their volumes?Probably one of the best ways to isolate the problem would be to put the monitor on another computer and see if the sound continues to appear and go up.
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I had to do a clean install on a new hard drive and since then have not been able to get my task bar balloons to show. For example, when using the Safely Remove Hardware icon, I don't get the Now Safe To Remove balloon. I only get a popping sound. When running a Mcafee virus scans, I can't view the scan progress when resting the cursor over the icon. I do get the identifying pop up and that is all. I've tried the log off and on tip but it didn't work. Can anyone help me?

A:[SOLVED] taskbar icon balloons not showing

I solved my problem with TweakUI. It had the option to "enable balloon tips."
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I had this problem before, but for the life of me I cannot remember how to fix it. My new camera does video in avi format. Once I have downloaded the files all that is showing is the AVI icon. How do I get it to show the beginning video clip? I have 30 avi icons and have to go through each one to find out what is on it.......

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On windows 8.1, my taskbar, one day, suddenly stopped displaying the audio icon on the taskbar. When I right click it, go to the properties, and click customize, it doesn't show the audio icon as an option. When I click, "turn system icons on or off," I can see the audio icon, but it is locked to off. I don't know where to look from here.

A:[SOLVED] Not Showing Audio Icon On Taskbar

Method 1:
There is no option available in control panel volume settings to show volume icon like earlier operating system. In Windows 8 and 8.1 you can enable volume icon by modifying ?Turn system icons on or off? option.
Right click on or near time clock in notification area and select Properties.

Make sure Volume icon is set ?On? as shown below, if it were off, make it on to show volume icon.

If the above step hasn?t help, ?Restore default icon behaviors? which may bring back the missing icon.

This is the normal procedure to get back the volume icon. In case the Volume icon option ( on/off) grayed out and you can?t change it, then follow the method 2.

Method 2: If volume icon is missing and you can?t enable it from ?Turn system icons on or off? area, then that could be an issue with explorer process. The following two methods can solve the issue.
a) Kill the explorer.exe from Processes or Details tab under task manager. Find out all explorer.exe and kill them, make sure no explorer.exe is running in the task manager. After that, on the file menu select new process or Run (or new tasks), type ?explorer? and press OK. It will start the new explorer process. That should bring back the volume icon, if it hasn?t, redo the method 1

This method has brought back missing volume icon on my Windows 8.1 computer.
b) Registry modification- Its recommended to take a backup before modifying registry.
Open registry editor in Windows and find out;
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify

After modifying registry keys, you need to kill and restart the explorer.exe process to take effect.
-- Source: Volume Icon Missing on Windows 8 or 8.1, How to Get it Back? --

I hope one of the above method will fix your issue!
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OK, so here's the deal.

Lately my volume icon has stopped showing up in the system tray on Windows startup.

I made sure that "Place volume icon in taskbar" is checked in Sounds and Audio Devices from the Control Panel. Here's the funny thing - if I uncheck it, apply, then check it again and apply again, THE ICON SHOWS UP! On startup, however, it doesn't show.

I also tried reinstalling my sound card drivers (it's an old card, Realtek AC97), but it didn't help.

It's weird, because I don't have any sound problems at all, but the icon won't show up.

Also, I'm running ESET Smart Security and for some reason I think it may be causing the problem, because after I changed some settings on it and restarted my computer, the icon permanently stopped showing.

Any help, please?

Nice forum, btw.

A:[SOLVED] Volume control icon won't load in tray on startup

have a look at the following (scroll down to relevant line)
Windows XP from A-Z
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Somehow I lost this icon from the startup tray and I have no idea what program to use to restore it. Any suggestions?

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hey little trouble here. My WD Passport 120 GB. isnt showing up on screen. On the system tray the safely remove option is available , hence proving that its being detected by my comp. but the icon wont show. i tried start/run and typing the assigned drive letter and that worked too. but doing that every time is a bit too hectic. so if any one has overcome this similar challenge plz do advise!

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Yesterday I had my volume control.  Today it is gone. I didn't do anything, no updates, no cleaners or anything.
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I am running Windows 7 64bit on a Toshiba laptop.
As you see in the attached photo, the connections information icon shows "wireless connections are available" status even though I am connected! I am connected via hotspot (with a program called Connectify) to another laptop which has wired connection. I have no problems with the connection itself, but only with that status icon's wrong display.

This happend after I installed software for a bluetooth usb adapter. I have searched the web for the same problem and tried the suggested fixes: uninstalled the software, uninstalled the network adapters (wired and wireless), deleted iconchache.db file but none worked for me.
This problem is really driving me nuts so I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix it!


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i can see it sometimes but most of the days i can't see it & whenver i see it & then if i remove ny of mine micro sd card or pendrive it shows that i connect a massage comes up ( you can't remove it now please try to remove it later )
wt... please help

A:[SOLVED] PC is not showing safely remove hardware usb icon in task bar ??

hi, right click on the start button and choose the taskbar tab, and uncheck Hide inactive.
When you get the message saying you can't remove it, do you try again later and does it work.
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Hi! I have a Sony DCR SC82 HDD video camera. I had my 500gb hard drive fail (and replaced) I have reinstalled the Sony program. I have gone into Motion picture browser and selected the my drive F: (500gb) be the registered viewed folder. I only have the MPEG2 video icon show up. I cannot get the beginning video clip to display. I have checked to see if the MPEG2 option has been checked, everything thing else seems to be the same. BUT no opening video clip. It makes it rather hard for editing when all you see is the same icon..... Any ideas??? Please.
Thank you in advance.

A:Solved: MPeg2 Icon/Not showing begining video clip

Once again it was the codec's. I downloaded the codec pack All in 6.03.0 and problem was solved just like that! I had forgotten this from last time....... When my computer died, I lost all of my saved "life savers links".
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I installed the JRE6 update 10 Beta and the Java Icon is not showing in the Vista control panel. I have done two clean reinstalls. By clean installs , I mean that I uninstalled JRE each time and made sure it was off my computer before I downloaded and installed it again. I rebooted each time. No matter , The Java Icon is not in the computers control panel. So I cannot get the Java control panel opened because it is not there.

Please help me and thanks in advance

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I have a toolbar on my taskbar titled "Programs". It has about eight folders in it. I made another toolbar, and placed it directly adjacent to the Programs toolbar, to obscure the eight folders and force it to be a dropdown menu.

Trouble is, as soon as I lock my taskbar, right next to the arrow that displays the eight items of my Programs toolbar in menu-form, one of the eight items is showing up as an icon, as if the other toolbar isn't close enough to the Programs toolbar in order to completely obscure the eight items.

Here's what I mean in graphic form:

It's bugging me to no end. Anyone else had this problem/resolved it?

A:Toolbar on taskbar should only be showing an arrow but is showing icon

Hello thewonkits, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I notice this happens when using small icons for a toolbar. If you like, you could unlock the taskbar, right click on the dotted separator line to the left of the two top far left toolbars (one at a time) click on View and Large Icons, then lock the taskbar to see if that may look ok to you. It will make the top row a bit bigger though.

Hopefully someone may know a better way to hide that bit of icon poking out when locked.
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Really weird, see attachment.. Tried resetting the icon cache. It's like this on all of my desktop icons.. any ideas?

A:White 'File' icon showing over top of normal desktop icon

Hello JingleJangle, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It looks like your shortcut arrow overlay icon got messed up somehow. You can use either method in the tutorial below to restore the arrow icon. Method Two is the easiest way with the program.

Shortcut Arrow - Change, Remove, or Restore

Hope this helps,
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Howdy everyone am in a bit of a pickle and would appreciate some pointers The past In Windows Volume No Or Volume Icon days i have lost the sounds of my operating system cannot stream audio and have lost my volume icon from the taskbar I am however able to listen to CDs through itunes media player etc and can watch DVDs fine It is just there are no sounds on windows start up and games etc and no streaming audio on Youtube Myspace etc I have tried many things obviously ticking un ticking the box in control panel etc Have tried system restore been on kellys korner or whatever its called looked up the problem but i need No Volume In Windows Or Volume Icon XP driver disk to reinstall sounds card I dont have XP driver disk aswell i tried downloading new soundcard which didnt work Was clutching at straws really i think some kind of codec i downloaded started No Volume In Windows Or Volume Icon the problem My quot show desktop quot and Thunderbird icons have also No Volume In Windows Or Volume Icon disappeared from other side of taskbar My system is XP Pro a Compaq Armada M laptop Soundcard is a ESS Maestro E Im usually pretty good at solving these kinds of problems have been googling this for ages tho to no avail if anyone could help that would be great thanks Henry

A:No Volume In Windows Or Volume Icon

Try this:Set windows to show hidden files,How to see hidden files in Windows Then navigate to:C:\ Windows \ System32 \ dllcacheLocate sndvol32.exeRight click it, and select Copy.Navigate to C:\ Windows \ System32 In an open area, right click and select PasteIf Windows says the file already exists, do you want to replace it, select YesReboot
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ever since my last factory restore my network icon shows i am in a local access only but i have access to the web like right now i am on this forum but my computer says i only have access to the not network icon taskbar right icon showing internal network i asked this question in the newsgroup and they said to make sure the services for the network were put down as automatic and that they were started this is the reply i got Double check to make sure that you have the have the Services quot Network Connections quot quot Network List Service quot quot Network Location Awareness quot and quot Network Store Interface Service quot set to Started and Automatic If these are not then it can cause the Network icon to not function properly http www vistax com tutorials -services html Hope this helps Shawn well he was partially right there was something not running and one of them network icon taskbar icon not showing right was manual but it still does the same thing hope someone can network icon taskbar icon not showing right help me also it seems to occur mostly when my aircard is connected it is pcmcia btw it is from t-mobile and i disabled the wifi antenna on the air card since my laptop already has one and it aircard wifi is being a pain because it is trying to connect even tho my laptop antenna is connected which it's why it is disabled edit my apology i wasn't aware that the newsgroup and forum where interconnected but the issue is still not fixed hope someone else has an idea

A:network icon taskbar icon not showing right

*bump* no one can help me further?
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The icons on the start menu and login screen are missing. how do i solve this?

A:Power Icon and Log Off Icon not showing

on the top right hand corner where the icons should be, there are only rectangular boxes
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Hello everyone,
There is a strange problem I am facing for quite a long time. Whenever I get connected to the internet using a dialup connection, the connection icon which used to come in the taskbar doesn't come. Also when I connect usb devices there is no device connection icon in the taskbar. The strange thing is that when I go to control panel and load "sound and audio device" and tick "place the volume icon in the taskbar", both internet connection icon and usb devices icon appear in the taskbar. Whenever I reboot the system, the volume icon disappears again, needing to re-tick the "place the volume icon in the taskbar" in the "sound and audio device". This is really annoying me. Kindly help me.

A:strange connection between volume icon and internet connection icon and usb devices

If you are having problems with your task bar, like icons not being show there when applications are running or minimized, take a look this web page and the repair program it offers. Might be worth trying.!.htm
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Running Windows XP. My volume icon disappeared and the computer no longer makes sounds and I can not hear online applications like You Tube.

If I download a file I can play it back and hear it just fine and I can play items in Windows Media, Quick Time, Real Audio, etc.

I have checked the volume tab in the control panel so the problem is more complicated then that. I can not find the original disk to reinsert the driver. This is a dell inspiron 9400 and I have SigmaTel and the troubeshooting tells me there is nothing wrong with it.

I have run all my virus scans and Malware programs.

Any ideas.
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This is a different problem. My volume icon disappeared and the computer no longer makes sounds and I can not hear online applications like You Tube.

If I download a file I can play it back and hear it just fine.

I have checked the volume tab so that is not it and I'm out of ideas. I can not find the original disk to reinsert the driver. This is a dell and I have SigmaTel and the troubeshooting tells me there is nothing wrong with it.

Help please.

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I am trying to copy files from my cpu using win 7 to a friends using win 8. hd shows up with the volume used but files are not viewable. tried to copy and past to a new folder saw all the music files as they were pasteing . after I opened the new folder some files were there about 2gig out of 414 any help would be appreciated

A:files not showing ,but volume is used on ex hd

Hi Rock66,

what do you mean you've tried to copy files from you CPU? Your CPU is the central processing unit ==> the core of you pc?

As far as I understand your question you are trying to copy files from your PC to a friends PC. You run Windows 7, he runs Windows 8.

This should not be any problem. So my guess is that the medium you copied the files to is corrupt (are you using an external HDD or a USB stick?)

Therefore my advise would be to FORMAT the medium using your Windows 7 computer with STANDARD SETTINGS!. Copy paste the requires files to the medium and then connect the medium to the Windows 8 machine. That should work!
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I am running Vista Home and my volume icon has disappeared in my toolbar at the bottom of my screen. When I pull up the option in toolbars the box is grey and so I cannot click on it???

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how do I get the icon to appear in the task bar. The "show volume icon" box is checked in the sounds and audio window.

A:volume icon

Right click the task bar

Click "Properties"

At the bottom there's a button called "Customize..."

Click on it, and in there you can decide which icons XP should:

- Always hide (So you can hide an icon you only need sometimes)
- Always Show (For the volume, you want this)
- Hide When Inactive (when nothing is happening with this process, XP hides the icon.)

They are otherwise hidden behind an arrow. You can click this to expand it and view the icons.

To always view all icons, uncheck the "Hide Inactive Icons" check box in the "Properties" menu.

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1st this happened on my old desktop(still can't get it to show up). Now my new laptop. Used it last night, everything fine. Tonite no volume icon on the task bar. Went to control panel, sounds & audio, checked show icon and got this message, cannot display volume control on the taskbar because the volume control program has not been installed. It worked fine yesterday, what's happening????

A:where's the volume icon;EN-US;Q319095

Type the text EXACTLY as written. This should be the fix.
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My sound volume keeps disappearing from my task bar. I am running xp home media edition, I do not have the cd just a restore cd. In my control panel in sounds it has a check next to show in task bar. My task bar is customized to always show volume icon. If I restore to an earlier date it will come back, if I boot up and go to last good configuration sometimes it works the first time if not I do it again and it will put my sound icon back. Once the icon is back the next time I shut down or reboot it is gone again. I don't have any virus or trojans. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Lisa

A:Volume Icon

Check that the task bar is locked.
Right click on the task bar
Select Properties
Under the Task bar Tab,make sure the "lock the Task Bar "is checked
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I am having some difficulty with my volume icon. My sound works fine, I hear everything, but the icon is gone from the far right of my taskbar. I think this is also causing my not being able to manually adjust the volume with the button on the side of the laptop. I went into control panel, and tried to check "place volume icon in the taskbar" but it is greyed (meaning I can't check it) and it says no audio device. I also checked the device manager to see if there are any sound icons with a red x or yellow ! over them but there werent any.

I am running XP. thanks!

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I Want Use Windows Mute Volume Icon for nircmd Command. Can I do That ?

My New Multimedia Keyboard No Mute Volume Button

Recommend for Icon ?

A:Where Can I Get Volume Icon ?

You want to change the icon on the shortcut ?

If so, yes.


If you need the mute icon, I located it & copied it as mute.ico --- {an icon resource file.}

You can download it here---

New folder (4).zip

If you need an unzipper try 7Zip ---


A picture---


edit 2---

If all you want is to change the shortcut icon -- Right click it & choose Properties. See picture---
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Two days back when i was working on my computer then it says that windows is shutting down. When it restarted, I found that the sound was gone and the volume icon on the status bar was missing.
I checked the system hardware and found that it says " no external device is attached".

I tried the system restore option also but it says firstly shut down the system and restart even after restarting the system.

I am very upset, what to do? Please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

A:Volume icon gone

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Hi when I turn my computer of at night and turn it on the next day, my volume icon on the taskbar dissapers. IT doesnt happen when i restart tho. When that happens I have to go to control panel and have to go under audio and sound devices properties. And uncheck the box that says "place volume icon in taskbar" and then hit apply, then check that box again and click apply again for it to appear. And it appears. But it dissapers everytime i turn of comupter. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

A:Volume icon?

Hi akskiller,

I put my Volume Control in the Quick Launch toolbar.

It does'nt load in the System tray !

Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Entertainment
Right click on Volume Control and drag to the Quick Launch toolbar
Release right click and Select "Create a shortcut here"
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my volume icon is not appearing on start up and i have no sound

A:volume icon

The icon only appears when the sound driver is installed and working.

What sound card do you have? When did the problem start and did the sound ever work?

Does Device Manager say anything useful?
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Hi cant get my volume icon back in the taskbar. Ive did the sounds & audio properties thing as in ticking the (place volume icon in taskbar) but i get an error message saying it hasn't been installed reinstall using add/remove. But i cant see it there to reinstall it and i have no windows CD.
Anybody got some advice please

A:Volume Icon

Windows CD not's the installation of audio drivers which results in volume icon being reflected.

I would uninstall the audio drivers/controller via Device Manager (Sound, Video and Game Controllers)...then reboot and reinstall the correct audio drivers for the system or motherboard (available for download at the appropriate manufacturer's website.

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windows xp

A:volume icon

volume icon not on taskbar
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On my PC I've got a game called Banished that I muted once from the Volume Mixer, because I wanted to listen non in-game music instead.
So now, when I want to re-enable it - I can't. Why? Because Banished does not show up in the Volume Mixer, meaning I cannot unmute it.

I have tried the fixes described in this post - Applications missing from Volume Mixer to no avail.

This is what it looks like:

So, how would I go about solving this problem? Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Volume Mixer not showing muted app

Try this first:
Run the Windows audio troubleshooting wizard:
On the taskbar, press and hold the volume icon.
Note: you can also right-click the volume icon
Select Troubleshoot sound problems, and then follow the instructions.

Also, work through the steps in this Tutorial.

You may need to uninstall the game. There may be a compatibility issue.
Google the game for Windows 10. I have not checked into this.

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Hi there,

I installed Windows7 Ultimate x64 yesterday (clean, fresh install). Now the names of several partitions don't show in explorer anymore although they are correctly labelled (print screen). I tried to rename them via disk management and command line (DISKPART) - but no joy! It is quite annoying for me as I am used to these funny names; they are kind of an index for me. Does anybody have an idean why this happens. I couldn't find no common attribute that is unique for these partitions. I even have one disk with 1 partition name showing and the other not! They all appear as "Local Drive". It isn't a question of privileges neither: I activated the internal Administrator account for that matter.
Please help it's making me nervous; and that's bad for my mental health. lol

A:Volume labels not showing in explorer

I doubt it is anything to be nervous about, especially since you aren't having an issues, it seems. If I was over-partitioned like that, my mental health would be shot, though. Is it possible, because you have that many drive letters, that you aren't giving it enough time to intialize them? If it was me, I'd simplify and use directories, rather than partition the hell out of my drives like that.
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On my PC I've got a game called Banished that I muted once from the Volume Mixer, because I wanted to listen non in-game music instead.
So now, when I want to re-enable it - I can't. Why? Because Banished does not show up in the Volume Mixer, meaning I cannot unmute it.

I have tried the fixes described in this post - Applications missing from Volume Mixer to no avail.

This is what it looks like:

So, how would I go about solving this problem? Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Volume Mixer not showing muted app

Try this first:
Run the Windows audio troubleshooting wizard:
On the taskbar, press and hold the volume icon.
Note: you can also right-click the volume icon
Select Troubleshoot sound problems, and then follow the instructions.

Also, work through the steps in this Tutorial.

You may need to uninstall the game. There may be a compatibility issue.
Google the game for Windows 10. I have not checked into this.

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I can't get my volume icon to appear on the task bar, although I have created a short cut to sndvol32.exe, and that will control my volume. In addition, going to the control panel, Sound and Audio Devices will not cause it to appear on the task bar. This is a difficult problem that I have worked on for months. One source suggested conducting a repair reinstall of the Windows XP Media Center Edition software. I have made some registry edits previously, and this may be part of the problem. Would the program Hijackthis help with this problem?

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Hi I am new to this forum Icon Control Please, Volume Help so hello to everybody I have been having a strange problem with my quot Volume Control quot icon in the taskbar It appears as usual on the taskbar when I turn my computer on and it works fine but then disappears gets replaced by the unknown program icon after a while and stops working I can never work out when exactly this happens but as soon as I restart the computer it reappears for a while and so on When I click on this unknown program icon that replaced the Volume Control Windows start looking for the Sndvol exe and then displays the quot Problem with Shortcut quot message which then suggests either to point to the the nearest match C WINDOWSPCHEALTHUploadBBinariesUploadM exe or delete it I press cancel at this point because the whole thing sounds a bit strange as things go back to normal after restart I also tried going to the quot Sounds and Audio Devices quot in the Control Panel and try to click quot Place volume icon in the taskbar quot when this occurred but I got this message quot Windows cannot display the volume control on the taskbar because the Volume Control program has not been installed To install it use Add Remove Programs in Control Panel quot Could this be related to the Spyware Adware problems I ve been having The problem is no matter how many times I fix problems with Spybot they come back after a short while and I get many annoying pop-ups Fyi my OS is Windows XP I use PopupManager and Spybot Search amp Destroy Many thanks in advance for your help

A:Help Please, Volume Control Icon

Have you done a Hijackthis log? if you have post it in the Hijackthis Log forum section to be answered.
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hi .. this makes me feel like i JUST got a computer lol .. but a month or so ago, i went to change the volume on my sound by the speaker icon in the tray and instead of hearing the traditional beep sound through my speakers, i heard a small muted kind of bee sound from inside my computer case ... *BLINKS*
the sound seems to work fine on most programs, except my mailwasher ... all sounds work when i go to control panel and sounds like to change something ... they all play ... but i just can't get the lever sound on the icon to sound when i raise and lower the lever .. it's driving me crazy! LOL

thanks for your time!

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Hi all - I have a sony vaio and as of two days ago, I downloadeded microsoft framework fx35 - which was necessary for getting download for "flypaper" free software - my volume icon vanished. I looked in the properties box on my toolbar (bottom of my screen) which displays media graphics, touchpad, norton,etc - and it shows the option for volume unchecked and greyed out (can't check it)

Any ideas? thanks.

A:Volume icon missing

Don't know what operating system you are using but most Windows work the same. I'm using Windows XP. Here's what I would check. Go to START, then CONTROL PANEL, double click SOUNDS & AUDIO DEVICES and see if there is a check mark in the PLACE VOLUME ICON IN THE TASK BAR box. If it's blank, click the box, and a check mark will appear and that should solve your problem
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A blue rectangular volume icon is in the middle of my computer screen and won't go away. Please help!

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My volume icon on my laptop has disappeared AND I've gone to control panel, "sounds and audio devices" and unchecked then rechecked my "place volume icon in the taskbar". Please help. Thanks,

A:Volume Icon has disappeared

Does sound still play?

Right click my computer goto manage then to the device manager. Under audio devices what is listed there?

Also how up to date is your computer in terms of ms updates?

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For some reason I lost my volume icon. I can still bring it up but I have to go to my "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties" and tick the "Place volume icon in the taskbar" . After that it stays in the task bar untill I have to restart the computer, and then once again it is no longer present in the task bar.

Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this issue?


A:Missing Volume Icon.

Silly question maybe but are you locking the taskbar?

Kelley's xp fixes are trustworthy. Scroll down on the left to 330. I have had good luck with his fixes.
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Hai.. I am new to this ....

I lost volume icon from my taskbar. I dont know how to retrieve that...
Pls help me to sort this out....

A:Regarding Volume icon in taskbar

In Control Panel, Sounds, put a checkmark in the Display Icon on Taskbar.
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hi guys,

i've got a new one:

on my eeepc 1000h, running win7 for a few months now, my volume control icon has disapeared from the bottom right task bar.

i have found in the control panel a set of menus for enabling these items but it wont allow me to change the volum control on/off to on.

anybody else come across this?

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Upgraded Toshiba laptop from Vista to Win 7 Home Premium 32-bit. Volume icon now missing from taskbar. Volume can be controlled through Control Panel, but that's cumbersome. How to restore icon?

A:missing volume icon

This may help:
System Icons - Turn On or Off

Notification Area Icons - Hide or Show System Icons and Notifications

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Hi All
I keep losing my volume icon on the taskbar (WinXP) I go to control panel, sounds and it is ticked. I untick it then tick it again and back it comes! It isn't auto hidden, because I've turned that off. Not a major hassle, but if anyone knows why, I'd appreciate it.

A:Volume Icon [Resolved]

Hello Denis, and Welcome to TSF!

There are a couple of ways to rectify this pesky critter (the Volume Icon) misbehaving, so lets try these two Steps....

(You will need your Windows? XP CD)

Insert the Windows? XP CD in the Drive. (Hold down the Shift Key to prevent it from starting....

Now go Start > Run and enter these commands....(hit Enter after each command.)


Enter your CD/DVD Drive letter (I will use E: for this excercise.)


cd i386

expand sndvol32.ex_ c:\windows\system32\sndvol32.exe

(Please note the space between the ex_ and the c:)

Once you hit enter this time you will notice that the file will be 'expanded by an amount of about 145%'.

When it is finished, type exit; remove the CD.


1. Right-click My Computer, and then click Manage.
2. Click Services and Applications.
3. Double-click Services.
4. Scroll down in the Services list, right-click SSDP Discovery Service, and then click Properties.
5. On the General tab, in the Startup type drop-down list, click Disabled.
6. Click OK.

Close all windows and reboot the computer.

Upon restart, all should now be normal (hopefully).

Post back with the results, and if there are any other queries/concerns.

Kind Regards,
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This is driving me crazy. Many times the volume icon disappears from my Task Bar. I go into control panel so I can make the adjustment to have it shown on the Task Bar. Everytime I try to do that the volume box is not highlighted so I can't click on it. So I end up having to restore my computer and then it will reappear.

Any ideas?

A:Volume Icon in Task Bar

Try it :
Righclick on Taskbar and choose "Properties"
in Taskbar tab, under "notification area" click "Customize"
Find "Volume" from the list and set its behaviors on "Show icon and notifications"

It may help
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After a new Windows 7 installation on an old ThinkPad X220, I'm showing a warning icon (exclamation point on yellow triangle) on my Drive C:. Any ideas on what I should do to address this please?

A:Warning icon on Volume C:

Do you see anything unusual in Device Manager?

Only reference I could find was that it may be Bitlocker enabled. Go to Control Panel - Bitlocker Drive Encryption and see if it is enabled.
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I just lost the volume icon in my taskbar. I have check a number of places and articles posted by supposed individuals who know how to fix it. Nothing is working, have been all over the control panel but not finding anything related to the volume control. Running windows 7, ofc 2013. Gary
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For some reason my Volume control icon in the task bar is gone. I can display it by going to the control panel and going thru the Display icon in tray from the sounds and audio, but when I reboot its gone again.

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Hello I hope someone can give me a simple fix to this........

windows xp sp2 512ram
recently had wireless router installed by daughters boyfriend, at about the same time IE 7 decided to put in an appearance, so not sure if either of these are causing my volume control icon to disappear from notification area, had no problem with it in the past. I have to keep going to control panel, sound devices, uncheck the box apply and ok, then have to do it all over again to get it back in notification area..... driving me nuts is there any simple remedy for this not a pc expert...thanks in advance

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Hi there my computer has been working fine until it was infected with a trojan and i do a system format to it Well virus is gone etc and was very happy about it But one day when i try to listen to some music the pc speakers just do not have any sound After several attempts in finding out what is the problem which i did not I have decided to just jack in its plug cable to the earphone slot There sure is sound coming out then Still the problem still persists when comes to streaming of videos online There is video visual but simply no audio Its like watching a mime show I have been tolerating it for about months but simply could not held it any longer The audio in my com is realtek hd audio manager Please do No Icon And Sound! Volume help me solve this problem Another problem i have is that i cannot place my volume tray icon No Volume Icon And Sound! at the taskbar Couldn t even checked the box as all was blocked how

A:No Volume Icon And Sound!

Set windows to show hidden files,How to see hidden files in Windows Then navigate to:C:\ Windows \ System32 \ dllcacheLocate sndvol32.exeRight click it, and select Copy.Navigate to C:\ Windows \ System32 In an open area, right click and select PasteIf Windows says the file already exists, do you want to replace it, select YesReboot
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Hi guys! I'm new to the tread and would like to know how to retrieve the volume icon which was at the bottom right of my screen beside the clock.i run the ms windows vista basic operating system.recently i was trying to sort out my palm handheld using my laptop.the person carrying out the work needed to resort to xp professional desktop machineas they felt that my handheld + laptop were not talking.i can adjust the volume control by navigating the control panel but would like to get my icon back.can you help.many thanks.

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Hi. I'm new to these forums. I am not sure if it is allowed to post the same query on different sections, therefore I paste the link here. I'd be grateful if somebody helped me with this problem. Thanks...

A:Volume Control Icon

Dear isil,

Not be mean or anything but posting the same question in two forums is not necessary. Your question will usually be answered quickly by one of the fine members at BC. if you would like a move your question you may either PM a mod. or post a reply to your own topic asking a mod. to move it for you. If your question is not answered after a while then you may feel free to putting a new topic in a different forum. Please remember that I am not trying to be mean, but just trying to help the members at BC.

Enjoy your time at BC!!!
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ok i am running windows xp home edtion with sp2

my problem is when i restart my computer the volume icon on the taskbar does not show up so i go into the control panel/sound & audio devices and the checkmark is still there saying place volume icon on taskbar so i uncheck then apply and check again and apply it comes up then i go to restart my computer again and its gone yet again

how do i keep the volume icon from disappearing?

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this happened a few weeks ago and I played around with things in the conrol panel and got the sound back (but not the icon). Today, the sound has disappeared again. I am also, by the way, close to computer illiterate

A:Volume Icon Disappeared

A lot of things can cause your sound to go out, and I won't even begin to go through them.
What I can do is tell you how to get the sound icon back to your system tray.

Start Menu/Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices

Put a checkmark to Show volume icon in the taskbar.

Click Apply, then close out the box.
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I install Windows XP on my PC, however, I do not have an volume icon my the clock on the right hand side. How can I get that volume icon to show up.

A:Windows XP The Volume icon

This tells all ...;en-us;279435&sd=tech
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Hi all For the past month or so I ve had this simple freezing! keeps icon Volume problem that I can t seem to fix Every so often I click on the volume icon The cursor indicates something is loading Nothing happens I try and try again still nothing I Volume icon keeps freezing! restart my computer--problem fixed for a while and then it happens again Note Every time it happens I can right click and it seems to be working perfectly When I click quot Open Volume Mixer quot though it just acts like it s loading and nothing happens again My only other option is I go to quot Sounds quot gt gt Playback Tab gt gt quot Speakers quot properties the playback device I use gt gt Levels Window freezes Every time All the other tabs work I try to close the window which isn t responding and I always get the message quot Windows Shell Common Dll is not responding quot From what I know about these things the Dll is not functioning properly or is missing Can someone help me find out how to fix it please Thank you nbsp
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I would like help with the Windows Vista, volume icon disappearing as I already have a problem with the volume bar in hardware and therefore cannot view the volume level.
The icon disappears frequently for a day and then reappears.

A:Volume icon disappearing

There is a good fix written here. Only it lacks to Back Up Registry first. Please Back up FirstUsing WindowsRegistry edits can be potentially dangerous; we can revert to the backup if needed.Go to Start ? Run ? type: regedit ? OK.On the leftside, click to highlight My Computer at the top. Go up to File ? Export Make sure in that window there is a tick next to "All" under Export Branch.
Leave the "Save As Type" as "Registration Files".
Under "Filename" put RegBackup.Choose to save it to C:\ Click save and then go to File ? Exit.OR use ERUNTBackup Your Registry with ERUNTPlease use the following link and scroll down to ERUNT and download it. version with the Installer:
Use the setup program to install ERUNT on your computerFor the zipped version:
Unzip all the files into a folder of your choice.Click Erunt.exe to backup your registry to the folder of your choice.Note: to restore your registry, go to the folder and start ERDNT.exeMissing System Tray (Notification Area) Icons in Windows Vista
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System Specs Are windows xp home mb ram GHz intel celeron cpu The sound on my computer has completely gone the volume icon is missing I have an onboard Realtek AC sound device All of a sudden the other day i swithed on the pc and no volume missing is icon sound device manager reports no audio problems however system information says that IRQ is being used by a graphics controller and usb universal host controller in control panel under sounds and audio devices i get a quot no audio device quot message the last two programs i installed are windows media player and IE about two weeks ago and the problem starter yesterday i have tried system restore to no avail BIOS sound is enabled speakers work just fine on another pc i can t Extract a copy of Sndvol exe from windows xp cd because all i have are the three restore cd s when i bought the pc and when i try to reinstall audio drivers via the restore cd or from C Drivers Audio OriginalDriver the system stops installing at and i get the following quot Realteck ac audio tool for driver update has encountered a problem and needs to close quot volume icon is missing i tried unistalling realtek ac in add remove programs but i get the following pop up realtek ac audio gt setupDLL setupDLL cpp pAPP Realtek ac audio PVENDOR Realtek semiconductor corp PGUID fb f - - -b dd- e fbc e windows XP service pack IE Setup has volume icon is missing experienced an error Please do the following - Close any running programs - Empty your temporary folder - Check your internet connection Internet-based Setups error code when i run directX diagnostic tool i get the following Sound Tab DirectSound test results Failure at step DirectSoundCreate HRESULT x a The request failed because DirectSound resources such as the priority level were already in use by another caller and Music Tab DirectMusic test results Failure at step Activating the IDirectMusicPort HRESULT x a The request failed because DirectSound resources such as the priority level were already in use by another caller device manager shows the following under sound video and game controllers audio codecs legacy audio drivers legacy video capture drivers media control devices and video codecs each device is enabled and supposedly quot working properly quot when i installed a pci sound card the volum icon does come back and i can hear music but i d like to figure out the audio problem i know i can do a windows xp re-install but that is going to be my last option what do you guys think nbsp

A:volume icon is missing

Have you tried installing the latest Realtek drivers(3.93):

If that doesn't work try using DriverCleaner to remove the Realtek drivers and then try reinstalling:
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Hi. I have XP on this PC and my volume icon (looks like speaker) in the tool bar next to the clock is missing. How do I get it back ?


A:Volume icon missing.

This should fix it!
Go to start/control panel then double click on "sound and audio devices"(this is on the classic view mode for control pannel). Then there should be a thing that says "place volume icon in the taskbar". Check that box and hit ok. It should then appear there.
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I've read thru to see if this has been discussed already and only one thread deals with it. But the outcome was too scary to replicate.

My volume icon keeps disappearing. I go to the notification box for the icons and the volume box is dimmed so I can't even check it so that it stays. I have to constantly restart the computer until I see it. Why can't I get it to stay in the taskbar permanantly?

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hi .. this makes me feel like i JUST got a computer lol .. but a month or so ago, i went to change the volume on my sound by the speaker icon in the tray and instead of hearing the traditional beep sound through my speakers, i heard a small muted kind of beep sound from inside my computer case ... *BLINKS*
the sound seems to work fine on most programs, except my mailwasher ... all sounds work when i go to control panel and sounds like to change something ... they all play ... but i just can't get the lever sound on the icon to sound when i raise and lower the lever .. it's driving me crazy! LOL

thanks for your time!

A:volume icon lever

Closing duplicate, please reply here:

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My volume icon is missing from the tool bar. It has happened before, but a few reboots would always bring it back. Now it is gone. I have gone to control panel>sound and audio properties and found the place volume icon in task bar box checked. What can I do next?

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Hello all I ve been working on my wifes computer a Gateway MX running Windows XP Pro She was infected with the photosnap trojan and I was able to finally remove it and get most things running correctly but the volume icon Volume Disappeared Icon has disappeared from the taskbar and I cannot get it to come back I have checked to make sure the quot Place volume icon in the taskbar quot is checked and that it is set to quot always show quot from the hide inactive icons selection Have also noticed that Adobe Flash does not have any sound when playing movies through IE and when trying to access internet Volume Icon Disappeared options through the tool bar I get a message that states quot This operation has been cancelled Volume Icon Disappeared due to restrictions in effect on this computer The last thing is that the volume control buttons no longer work when pressed the onscreen display pops up but the slider does not move I have removed the sound card drivers and reinstalled them I ve also removed and reinstalled flash player but that hasn t helped The sounds in everything else works like it should though Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated TIA

A:Volume Icon Disappeared

Welcome to BCHave a read here. It might be of some help
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WinXP: Somehow I have lost my sound icon in the taskbar. I use it to regulate sound volume. How can I get it back? Thanks.

A:volume/sound icon

Line 20 left side
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The volume icon in Notification area of taskbar disappeared. I clicked on Customize & the Volume is grayed-out. I then clicked "Turn system icons on or off". Volume is Off; unfortunately, it is grayed-out & can't be changed to On.

Please help. Thanks

A:Volume control icon

I found the solution to the missing volume icon. I downloaded & installed
"MicrosoftFixit50229.msi" from //
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I have a shortcut on my desktop for the volume control but I would like to display it below on my task bar. How do I get it to show up at the bottom of my screen?

Thank you.


A:Volume Control Icon

Control panel>sounds & audio devices.check the box for placing icon on the taskbar.
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The sound icon is missing from the do you get it back?

A:Sound Volume Icon

Are your sound drivers properly installed. you can go to the properties of file explorer, then device manager to sure you have no red X's due to unknown hardware.

Do you have a default device set to audio out?

If you get sound, then go to Settings, System, notifications & Actions then click on Turn system icons on or off. If volume is off, turn it on.