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I need help! My tablet Pen/Stylus on my laptop does not work!?

Q: I need help! My tablet Pen/Stylus on my laptop does not work!?

So today (June 16, 2012) my stylus pen on my laptop has stopped working. I have a IBM ThinkPad Lenovo X41(T?) laptop with a stylus pen. Everything else is okay except for the stylus...

I try to wave it over and drag it on the screen (the screen rotates) and I have no idea how to fix it at all. Do I download something and it will work again? Help! (I do not wish to download things that require money OR disks, for my laptop does not have a CD cartage thing)

Also, if it was a key I pressed on accident (I think I did... oops?), what key on the keyboard will reset it back to normal? Thanks!
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Preferred Solution: I need help! My tablet Pen/Stylus on my laptop does not work!?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I need to know if there is a stylus I can use which looks and feels quite like a pen, I don't like the compressible rubbery feel of some stylus, they are not smooth enough.

A:Which stylus should I use with my Inspiron 15r touch laptop? Will a 'Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel' work with it?

Hi Shaurya,Welcome to Dell community.
Yes you can use stylus pen with this system.
15z has 15.6" LED-Backlit LCD Capacitive Multi-touch screen, so you can use Targus Stylus with this system which Dell recommends. For further help you can click on the below mentioned link: 
The Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel is the newest stylus from Wacom that a user in that forum said works well. The site,  , says it's compatible with the Latitude 10. Technically, any of the non-battery (somehow powered wirelessly by the tablet) powered Wacom stylus should work.
Please reply me if you need any further help.
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I hope this is the right subforum . . .

Basically, I dropped my lovely, ill-fated stylus on my unforgiving stone-tile floor and now it doesn't seem to work. Is there any voodoo I can perform upon it so it may scroll and click and select once more? If not, how do I go about getting a new one?

Reference: Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet, Windows XP

A:Tablet Stylus Not Functioning

I have no idea how to fix it, but you can order a new one:
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Anyone have any experience with these Getac tablets? They use a weird proprietary stylus--it's big, round, squishy, and covered in some sort of fuzz. And they don't work very well. I'm looking for a replacement for them, but so far everything that I've tried doesn't work. I'm not familiar at all with Getac; these were purchased by my employer who wants us to set them up. Which is difficult to do if your stylus fuzz wears off...
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Should I try Windows 7 drivers?

I am on a tablet PC (HP 2710p) that is a few years old and likely HP will not put out Windows 8 drivers, or at least not soon. Any suggestions?

A:W8 not recognizing my tablet PC stylus and digitizer ...

Try the Windows 7 drivers.
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My daughters laptop is a 2-1 so it can fold in half and be a tablet. I recently bought a monitor and mouse so she could use it more like a desktop but when I fold over the laptop into the tablet position, the keyboard stops working.

I had windows 8.1, but upgraded as it was supposed to have a tablet mode that you could toggle that would allow the keyboard to work. I upgraded and it worked for one night, but now the keyboard always stopped working when I put the laptop into the tablet position.
I hit the windows key +A and the tablet icon is greyed out, but no keyboard so I thought it was a laptop issue. I read that there was a toshiba exe file that controlled this functon, but deleting it didn't work either so I am back to thinking it might be something in 10?

Please help.

A:I want my laptop keyboard to work when in tablet position

Originally Posted by ricobico

My daughters laptop is a 2-1 so it can fold in half and be a tablet. I recently bought a monitor and mouse so she could use it more like a desktop but when I fold over the laptop into the tablet position, the keyboard stops working.

I had windows 8.1, but upgraded as it was supposed to have a tablet mode that you could toggle that would allow the keyboard to work. I upgraded and it worked for one night, but now the keyboard always stopped working when I put the laptop into the tablet position.
I hit the windows key +A and the tablet icon is greyed out, but no keyboard so I thought it was a laptop issue. I read that there was a toshiba exe file that controlled this functon, but deleting it didn't work either so I am back to thinking it might be something in 10?

Please help.

The 2-in-1s I've been privileged to look at appeared to have a mechanical switch to turn off the keyboard when it was folded into tablet mode, don't think there's anyway to bypass that without physically disabling it by taking the device apart, could end up destroying it.
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Hi, i was was looking at the new Spectre X2 2:1 in Best Buy today, and they were promoting a package with Verizon connectivity in the store.  Is this 2:1 WWANs capability tied just to Verizon cellular data, or could I specifically use it with Sprint or ATT.  Otherwise, is it "locked" to Verizon, and will its frequencies & bands support the other carriers? if it can support other carriers, what is the procedure of setting connectivity up? Thank you in advance for your reply...  

A:Spectre X2 2:1 Tablet/Laptop: Will cellular WWAN work with ...

I am wondering that too as I have a Spectre X2 and I have been unable to connect to another cellular network. Some HP products say "HP lt4114 LTE 4G Module for use on the Verizon LTE network" e.g. this one and this is the same HP LTE 4G module I have. Did you ever find out? cheers, Wayne
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Hi all,
I'm on the hunt for a cheap as poss Windows 10 tablet that supports an active stylus for a friend who wants to run the StaffPad app.
Size and specs are pretty unimportant, other than the ability to run that specific app, so the active stylus is the only real requirement.
Does anyone have any recommendations?
Cheers in advance!

A:Recommend a cheap Windows tablet supporting active stylus?

The surface 3 may work for you. Refurbished units can be had on ebay for $350-400, but I guess it really depends on how cheap 'cheap' means.
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I have a Motion Computing LS800,OS Windows XP. You write on the screen with a Waco pen(stylus) . It just started to have problems. Works only for a little while right after booting up and then stops working. Also at the same time it has a hard time finding files that it found instantly before, you know the flash light comes on the screen and shines back and forth. Could it be the hard drive is starting to break down? Tried updating drivers and tried system restore, nothing helps, I'm not a tech guy so I don't know

A:Tablet Slate Stylus pen not working----hard drive related?

Have you tried Motion Computing's Technical Support?
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Hi all,
I'm on the hunt for a cheap as poss Windows 10 tablet that supports an active stylus for a friend who wants to run the StaffPad app.
Size and specs are pretty unimportant, other than the ability to run that specific app, so the active stylus is the only real requirement.
Does anyone have any recommendations?
Cheers in advance!

A:Recommend a cheap Windows tablet supporting active stylus?

The surface 3 may work for you. Refurbished units can be had on ebay for $350-400, but I guess it really depends on how cheap 'cheap' means.
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I want to buy one for my wife, probably a 24", but she's an artist and it needs to work with a stylus/pen.   Can't find if ithey do anywhere. My guess is not as it's not listed as an accessory. Thanks.
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I got an Elitepad and upgraded it to windows 10. However, I cannot seem to get a stylus to work on it. I have a cocofang and an Hp executive tablet pen R1 and neither work. I tried to go to the, "Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input," but when I tried it, the screen did not even register that I was doing anything. What do I do? What do I install? How do I get the stylus to work?

A:Stylus will not work on elitepad

What is the complete product name or product number of your Elitepad? You can find that information at the bottom of any HP Support Assistance window or in the system information tab of the BIOS.
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I have purchased two HP Active Stylus Pens the first from Best Buy and the second from HP To Stylus I My Get Can't Active Work? HP Why com nbsp Unfortunately I have not been able to get either to work with my HP Pavillion Windows laptop The symptoms are as follows nbsp I pop the battery into the pen and move the pen towards the screen Why Can't I Get My HP Active Stylus To Work? and nbsp nothing nbsp Nothing happens nbsp This pen is also supposed to have the ability to magnetically attach to the laptop screen but that doesnt happen either nbsp I does not show up in the Bluetooth devices as well nbsp nbsp I took the nbsp pen into Best Buy and had their tech support guy look at it and their diagnosis was that it was a bad pen nbsp All they could do was refund my money as THEY NO LONGER SELL THAT PEN nbsp GRRR nbsp So I logged on to the HP site and chatted with one of their sales reps to confirm this pen is compatible with my PC before placing another order however I am still getting exactly the same results which are a BIG FAT NOTHING nbsp The PC does not recognize it nbsp at all nbsp What is even more frustrating is that I cant even call anyone beause the tech support line does not recognize the pen's product code nbsp nbsp I hope someone call tell me what I am doing wrong because I do long this pen and would like to use it nbsp Please advise
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I am a college student and am looking for a fine tip stylus to take notes with. I find the average stylus with the rubber ball tip to be difficult to write with, as the tip is kind of bulky. I just purchased my R-15 this week and am wondering if there's an active stylus that would be compatible with the touch display.
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I have a HP Spectre x360 15t and my Active Stylus will not work. I have read a few articles stating that this is an issue with Windows 10. I spent some time updating the BIOS and the pen still does not work. Is there any driver or update coming out soon for this pen to function like it did with 8.1 on 10??

A:Hp Active Stylus Pen does not work with Windows 10 pro

You should check for driver update or missing driver through hp support assistant or through hp support website( link below). If the same does not work then contact microsoft windows help desk.The links are for downloading hp support assistant for downloading the driver online from hp websiteU could also try update windows 10. As recently a new update was available.
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I have been very happy with my Yoga 900 i7 with 64 bit system and 16GB of RAM. Until I discovered I cannot get anything work as a stylus when trying to do drawing and sketiching, and simple pen tracing in PhotoShop. I saw a Youtube video on the Wacom Pen (they did not say what model) that demonstrated it being used on a "ThinkPad Yoga." But will it work on the 900? Will ANY stylus workw the 900? Thanks! I saw one on Amazon with the Lenovo brand, saying "Not compaitible with the Yoga 900."   

A:Does ANY stylus work with the Yoga 900 for PhotoSh...

Good day.
The Yoga 900 works with capacitive pens only. Those are the type that mimic a fingertip. These might be ok for some Photoshop features, but not likely for fine-point control. In addition, there won't be pressure-level sensitivity, at least of the type that one gets with a Wacom-style digitizer / active pen.
Hope this helps to clarify.
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I saw where the Dell Venue stylus works well with an HP Envy but I can't get it to activate. There are no instructions with the stylus and none on the Dell website. Does anyone know if I need a driver or how to sync them?
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I ran this programme without problems on Windows XP. Recently moved up to a new system Windows 7 Professional (wanted Picture Manager), but am experiencing problems trying to install RX425. I can print but cannot scan, and the programme doesn't fully install. Have tried a number of times without success. Also, have not found a way to access the menu which allows me to see the ink levels, nozzle clean etc. Novice with Windows 7.
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I have been trying Stylus 660 won't printer work Epson Color to get my Epson Stylus Color 660 printer won't work to print I have tried reinstalling it to get it to work I am getting this A communication error has occurred Check all cable connections and make sure all devices are on If an operation Epson Stylus Color 660 printer won't work check pattern is printing reset the device by turning it off and on again If the device was turned off during printing cancel the print job If the error still does not clear see the manual s troubleshooting section to cancel the error I tried turning it off and on again I can t find any info in the user manual to fix it I don t know if I have my port setting correct because I can t find any info to tell me what port to use I have a check by work offline also and the pause printing isn t checked still I can t print anything Any suggestions Thanks for your time God Bless nbsp

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I just bought an R5-471T and I want to use it to write notes in class rather than type them. I know the type of touch screen panel it has does not allow for any active pens to work, but would a bluetooth stylus work?
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I have just bought a HP Pavilion x360 15-bk057sa with a sylus HP Pro Tablet 408 Active pen.  I cannot get it to work at all.  Any suggestions? PS I found the "Choose a board " frustrating and confusing I have no idea what most of the elections relate to and none seem to relate to my problem so if i've selected the wrong one please advise.
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I have a Gateway computer that I bought in 1999 an it had windows 98. I've given it to my 8 year old daughter. AT&T said that it could get the internet with the wireless modem an network with other computer. But I don't know if the printer will work with it. Before it will work with the wireless modem the system have to be upgraded to windows 2000. Will Epson Stylus 640 work with Windows 2000?

A:will Epson Stylus 640 work with windows 2000?
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i have dell inspiron 7559
it doesnt work well with my capacitive stylus
thats why i wonder if someone try with active stylus that its work good for it
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I have just installed Windows 7. I have a Stylus cx4700 printer combination with scanner. The printer works great but i cant get the scanner to work. Ive tried with instructions from Epson but it still will not work. Any ideas.

A:Epson Stylus CX4700 Scanner wont work

What instructions have you tried (links?)
Have you installed the latest drivers and the scanning software that comes with the hardware?

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Like so many posters here I am now a among Spectre 13.3 pen inch... with Stylus won't Active x360 new work the ranks of those complainants that active pen Stylus will NOT work with this model nbsp nbsp HP nbsp Is there a simple answer a a clear declarative sentence for this reported problem by many many buyers nbsp Frustrating things more is a call to tech support nbsp st call I can confirm no pen Stylus will work with your model Then Checking further literature only three models of touchscreen HP computers are compatible with a stylus nbsp Next call to tech support on a hunch no two answers will be same nbsp This time Oh yes nbsp I can confirm all touchscreen models are compatible with pen sylus nbsp Me Are you sure nbsp Second tech Yes I assure you nbsp Me Active pen Stylus won't work with new Spectre x360 13.3 inch... Can you explain why the first tech stated none are compatible then found documentation that only three were and mine was not one of them nbsp Answer No don't worry nbsp It is compatible nbsp nbsp Me When Pen and Touch menu is accessed in control panel only provision shosing as active is 'touch' not pen nbsp Does this mean drivers are needed or not activated unless stylus contacts the screen nbsp nbsp Answer Yes nbsp Me Which is it nbsp nbsp Answer Both nbsp Let me transfer you to pre-sales which will have more details on your particular model nbsp nbsp Pre-sales Why are you calling pre-sales in father-to-idiot lecture nbsp Active pen Stylus won't work with new Spectre x360 13.3 inch... Me I was transferred by tech support because ostensibly you have Active pen Stylus won't work with new Spectre x360 13.3 inch... more product details to determine if my Spectre x is stylus-compatible Pre-sales Pre-sales deals with sales and we are not the department for technical support nbsp Recognizing elliptical reasoning and resisting the temptation to scream I explain that I'm the customer caught between contradictory answers nbsp Conclusion Folks nothing works nbsp Reporting issues to HP com results in no reply nbsp A provision on the HP customer service online survey to list your issue and select the option if you want HP to respond results not in a phone call but a scripted email that has no bearing on your issue nbsp I could go on but won't nbsp Here is my suggestion that so far has stumped even silenced anyone at HP who I've talked with nbsp When ordering online there is a list of accessories for the item to be purchased you might choose to add to your order nbsp Mice hard drives carrying cases etc nbsp Is it too much for touchscreen-equipped models to offer a stylus HP recommends and guaranteed to work with that model as a compatible option nbsp Can we ever expect HP to resolve and report results of a fix for touchscreen-equipped models a feature needed or desired by almost anyone who purchases a touchscreen-equipped laptop or desktop

A:Active pen Stylus won't work with new Spectre x360 13.3 inch...

Hey there @sonnycraven06! Thank you for joining the HP Forums!                      I understand that HP active stylus is not working with your laptop .This stylus would work only on certain models of HP X360. Please find the model numbers below. HP Spectre x360 13-40xx  HP Spectre x360 13-41xx Also please refer the document in link for more information:  Let me know if this helps!Have a great day!                                                         
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The Stylus Pro 7600 is now a really old printer, the last supported driver was for XP but it worked in Windows 7 and I believe to some extent in 8 although I never did try it.

It s a really good reliable large format printer though and very affordable in parts, ink and the second-hand purchase price.

However alas Windows 10 doesn't like it, I did the upgrade to 10 (and then the downgrade) from windows 7 but it will not see the driver it sees the device but calls it a USB high speed device or something like that and compatibility mode didn't seem to help.

So unless there is a clever work around and I'd love that to happen I'm stuck on Windows 7 for the duration.

Suggestions welcome.

A:Epson Stylus pro 7600 - Driver doesn't work

No cleverness here, and I don't have such a printer, but...

Have you tried the drivers for Vista?

Epson Stylus Pro 7600 - Photographic Dye Ink, Drivers & Downloads - Technical Support - Epson America, Inc.

These are for the dye-based version. I didn't look to see whether the Ultrachrome based one uses different drivers.

(There are also 32 bit Windows.) If they don't want to install, you could try right clicking on the installer and running the Troubleshoot Compatibility tool.

Good luck.
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I recently bought an Hp Envy 17 laptop and I'm really liking everything except that there is no stylus for it. Does anyone know of one that would work well?
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I need to write and draw ( free hand )  with precision on the screen  and the outcome needs to be very fine outlines .   I want the best digtal stylus that will produce this result.   Thanks 

A:I need the stylus pen for my HP laptop with MODEL HP 15 No...

Hi, What is your HP 15 ? Does it support pen ?  Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:
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Hi there, I have the Best Buy version of the THinkpad Yoga 14. for about 2 weeks now. When I first bought it, I tested it out and the pen works. Now I am in class and I tried using it and the pen is not registering. The touchscreen works (e.g. I can draw in OneNote with my finger). I tried hovering the pen over the screen and it is not registered at all. I know the pen automatically charges when it is in the holder. So I think it should be fine on battery.  So I don't know what else to do to get the pen to work??
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My mother recently acquired a tablet so that she can write Chinese on the computer. (She doesn't like using pinyin or any alternatives that I've tried to make her use)

We currently own a Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit) desktop which was purchased in New Zealand.

She purchased the tablet in China, and it worked on various computers in China.

However, after installing the software successfully on the New Zealand computer, the software is unable to recognise characters that my mother inputs into the computer.

How do I tackle this problem? Thank you.

Note: The tablet is by the company 'Uniscom', if that makes any difference.

A:Chinese tablet does not work

Run windows update from the control panel.
Check the optional updates and install the language pack that you need.
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Can you help me ??
SWF dsnt work in my win 8 dev pre Tablet....
How to solve it??

A:SWF dsnt work in my win 8 dev pre Tablet....

Originally Posted by sahid

Can you help me ??
SWF dsnt work in my win 8 dev pre Tablet....
How to solve it??


System specs?
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I have an older desktop PC with a Windows Vista OS. I'm thinking of purchasing a Tablet but I'm not sure it will work because I use a modem. I was told that Tablets come with a wireless internet card but will the tablet work if I'm not using a wireless connection? What will I need to do or what will I need to purchase to make it work? Sorry, but I'm not up-to-date on the latest technology.

A:Will Tablet work with a modem?

Depends on the definition of "works", But i am assuming you mean connecting to the internet. The answer is no.

All internet connctions at home use a modem, What kind of internet do you have? Cable company, Phone cable always on, or actual dial-up like old school style?

If its high speed, its quite possible your provider has a modem/wireless router you can trade your old one in for free.

If itsa skretchy modem type, I'm not sure what you can do, other than use free hot spots.
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Hi there, I have the Best Buy version of the THinkpad Yoga 14. for about 2 weeks now. When I first bought it, I tested it out and the pen works. Now I am in class and I tried using it and the pen is not registering. The touchscreen works (e.g. I can draw in OneNote with my finger). I tried hovering the pen over the screen and it is not registered at all.
I know the pen automatically charges when it is in the holder. So I think it should be fine on battery. 
So I don't know what else to do to get the pen to work??
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.
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I have a Touchsmart TX2-1000 laptop that funtions normally with no apparent issues, with ONE exception. I cannot get the HP UP-719E-72A-1 pen.  Are there any special settings that need to be set or switches that need to be selected?The stylus pen is brand new from HP.

A:How to make stylus pen function with laptop

Hi, The HP UP-719E-72A-1 is not compatible with your Touchsmart TX2-1000. It is for other class of machines (Elite 2710p) . Please try the following ones Regards.
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I've been looking into stylus's for this laptop and I know it has Pen support and besides the HP active pen, i was wondering if it work with any other active stylus. (not wanting to continue using capacative styluls's they don't give the accuracy i want)Would a surface stylus work?or any other suggestions I love the look of the surface pro's stylus and would like something along those lines. Thanks in advance and I apologize if i put this in the wrong area, new to the forums here.
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I am trying to find the Cortana app for Android devices. " Samsung Galaxy. Is there any other way to get the app
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I just got a Samsung Q1. It's great except the tablet pc input handwriting pad doesn't work with word or excel (so, office?) OR on the search part of google. I can easily input URLs with this device and most other input fields allow me to use the writing pad. I used the pad to write this thread. It worked great.

any ideas?

Thank you, AMR5
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Hi everyone So I've noticed this subject being touched on for other models but mine doesn't seem to be listed anywhere plus a lot of the posts are a bit older now I'm looking for an up date on this issue maybe nbsp I'm looking for a stylus or pen that will go with my touch screen device My goal ideally Yoga 700-14ISK - Laptop Stylus??? (ideapad) would be to use illustrator or photoshop to make simple sketches and even illustrations or paintings nbsp So far a few nbsp styli I have tried don't work The dollar store rubber tip one will draw a wobbly line which is useless while a more expensive Adonit Jot Pro with a clear disk on the tip hardly manages a continuous line at all nbsp nbsp It also doesn't help that the Lenovo site doesn't Yoga 700-14ISK Laptop (ideapad) - Stylus??? list ANY accessories for my device along the lines of pens styli and half the time the site tells me I have a Thinkpad and half the time it's an Yoga 700-14ISK Laptop (ideapad) - Stylus??? Ideapad And sometimes my model isn't even listed at all anywhere on the accessories drop down nbsp This is my first time switching to a non-mac apple product and so far I Yoga 700-14ISK Laptop (ideapad) - Stylus??? have to say I'm really not too impressed but still hopeful things will work out My Yoga came out of the box with driver issues as well as a desperate need for a firmware update that would fix ghost touch screen tap issues that kept closing windows But I guess those can just be called growing pains I would really like to make full use of my touch screen so I'm looking for a pen or stylus with pressure sensitivity and palm rejection that integrates with illustrator at least blue tooth or usb is fine if such a thing even exists nbsp I have contacted Adonit directly and they say some of their styli may work but some may not And the one I have tried which they say should work does NOT so that's worrisome It makes me think most of them wont Next I contacted Wacom and their customer service was useless and kept refering me back to their list of approved devices well some Yoga devices were listed but not MY yoga device so they failed to clarify that for me to any degree nbsp I know there are some styli on the Lenovo site that seem to have good reviews but again they seem to be listed for SOME other Yoga device but not MY yoga so have I basically painted myself into a corner with this purchase What's the point of even making a touch screen if you can't do anything besides poke at it to select one thing at a time nbsp Say it ain't so guys I would really like some help input on this as soon as possible nbsp Thank you nbsp nbsp
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I am looking at the new 2016 HP Spectre Laptop aka world thinnest laptop (, Product # W2K28UA#ABA I am wondering does it support an active stylus like the Spectre x360? I see that it is listed as a highlighted feature on the Spectre x360, but nothing listed here besides that it is a touch screen. In addition, goes the HP Spectre Laptop  (Product # W2K28UA#ABA) have a digitizer?
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Hello, I want to buy a stylus for my Yoga 500. But as it is not having active digitizer, its difficult for me to find any stylus which support it. Can any one please suggest me any stylus that works on Yoga 500-14ISK Laptop which is tested?
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I just bought the HP active stylus to use with my laptop.  I've been searching for hours and I can't seem to find anything about it being compatible or not.  My laptop isn't doing anything.  Is there anyway that I can use the stylus with my laptop?  I don't want to waste all this money on this stylus....

A:Can I use the HP active stylus with my pavilion x360 laptop?

Hi, Please check the following table: Regards.
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I'm posting on this thread cause i have nowhere else to turn to as there are rarely any active forums on the internet anymore First off i want to buy a cheap Asus Transformer T from an online store as it will enable me to run full exe programs the problem is when this tablet crashes can i just press a button and it will revert back to normal like a android tablet If not if worst comes to worst is there a special recovery usb i can prepare for this tablet or am i stuck buying a microsoft slate surface Second find tablet a & How work? to cheap Online is what are the How to find a cheap tablet & Online work? best and cheap gaphics cards on the market nowadays My IT geek stole all my graphics cards we have a computer lab don't ask making my hardware acceleration cabbabilities non existant meaning i can't play any games on steam The Asus Transformer has a horrible desktop screen because the designer of windows was an idiot is there an application that changes this And last but not least are there places to find online remote jobs Without it i can't fund my hobbies buy parts for my computer lab etc etc If the internet was still an active place i could just hop unto a random forum find a person in duress ask them to pay into my paypal and i'll guide them through teamviewer but that has become extremely difficult I have been to Upwork it seems like they are playing annoying politics posting fake jobs in order to prop up their business there are rarely any mass job postings making you wonder if you will ever get a job when you are fighting with other people Fiverr there are rarely any requests there you have to compete with thousands of other people meaning you have to pay to push your service to the front page Guru seems vacant there are rarely any jobs there a great place to post your projects but not to look for jobs as there is rarely a requests section Jobboy a great place to post projects if you had a budget to begin with I have my own consultancy site but i'm at a loss on how to promote it to get find clients i have spent a lot of money at godaddy hostgator codecanyon and dare i say even bluehost and all my marketing campaigns have been a bust so i'm wondering what i'm doing wrong i have to have a stable website for my patreon page to work in the first place I know you guys are going to say facebook twitter etc but the php scripts i had collected threw me into the twitter facebook seo developer bin yet i didn't get much views for my sites is there something i'm doing wrong do i need a lot of followers on facebook twitter Is there a special google text ad web portal i pay google so that my ad appears during google search I've also thought of doing my day trading again but my account got banned we have some crazy competitors don't ask so i have to earn money again to get another account And last but not least what are some good software for formatting your hardisk when you're installing windows
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yesterday i installed windows 10 (from 7). Pen worked fine, but not anymore How to solve this??? . I read about drivers (wacom, lenovo) but have no idea how to solve this problem  (& how and where to install  these drivers....), any advise?

Go to Solution.

A:x201 tablet pen doen't work after installation of ...

removed wacom driver and synaptics driver. restarted and pen works!.
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I use a Fujitsu tablet and chat on MSN often. Recently, I just discovered that my pen is unable to work in MSN for some reason or other. When I click on the pen tab in the chat window, it shows the drawing/writing space. However when I try to write/draw in it, my cursor disappears when I hover my pen over the space. I can't write in it either.

I have tried reinstalling MSN but to no avail. I'm quite sure it is a software problem because my pen works perfectly normal elsewhere.
Would anybody know the cause of this problem and help me out?


Momok =)

A:Tablet Pen cannot work in Windows Live Messenger


Is nobody here able to assist me in anyway? =(

sad Momok
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Good day! Has bought this device. Has installed the driver on system win 7 Ultimate 64bit. Tablet it is defined, but doesn't work, the bulb blinks. On systems winXP, Vista all ok working. Help me please

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I run XPSP3 and a new Asus motherbd with Core2duo cpu. I also have a PCI card with 2 rs232 9pin ports and a USB to serial adapter. I have not been able to get the Wacom drivers to find the tablet through any of these ports.

The ports show operating ok in the device manager.???? The same goes for the paralel port scanner. The scanner and tablet represent over $600, I can't afford to buy new ones. Is there any way to make them work with the new computer?
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I just got a brand new Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 14 and the touchscreen was working great, but once I installed my Wacom Cintiq 12wx onto the laptop, the touchscreen completely stopped working. It seems like the laptop is confused on whether to use the wacom or the laptop as a tablet and I really want them to both work simultaneously. Has anyone else been able to get their laptop to work with a tablet? Any help would be greatly appreciated since this is the second thinkpad yoga 14 ive gotten since the first one did the same thing and I first assumed it was a computer issue.

A:Getting Thinkpad Yoga 14 to work with Wacom Tablet...

Hi banana74
Welcome to the forums.
Can you please post the full model number of your TP Yoga 14? are you using Windows 10 (64bits)?
I have tried my TP Y 14 with a Wacom Bamboo and I have no problem using both, the touchscreen with the Thinkpad Pen Pro and the Wacom Bamboo with his own pen.
Maybe what we can do first is try to update the Wacom drivers of your Thinkpad Yoga from the Lenovo support site of you model.
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Hi I am really struggling with Bluetooth on Win x Ultimate on a laptop I have a cheap CSR USB dongle which came with CSR Bluetooth drivers I phone/tablet/at Struggling with work getting all to Bluetooth did manage to get most of Struggling getting Bluetooth to work with phone/tablet/at all it working at one point but I always had a device manager error I cannot use the supplied drivers as the install fails with an invalid call to some -bit dll If I just plug the device in it shows up in device manager as a CSR bluetooth device but nothing works and I don't get an icon in the system tray If I then go into device manager and change the driver to the Generic Bluetooth Adaptor I was largely able to get it working with a single Device Manager Error I was able to pair with my Nokia X - Advent Tegra note Android another phone and a car ODBC diagnostic dongle Months later now I decided to try the Toshiba Stack to see if it could clear the error but I could not get it to work at all I think I have fully uninstalled the drivers and cleared out all remaining entries in device manager I've reinstalled the Generic Bluetooth Adaptor but I can only get it to pair with my phone by repeatedly disconnecting the dongle Once paired and while it is loading the drivers it disconnects and will not reconnect until I re-pair the devices The Nokia icon in the Control Panel has a yellow exclamation mark When I right-click on Nokia icon gt Connect Using gt Access Point I see the laptop on the phone until the laptop times out with a connection failed message The laptop could not see the Note at all until I started this article I have paired it now but it has found only one out of drivers the remote control one I have no idea what I can try now I know the phone can maintain a connection but is not doing so any more Any advice would be appreciated Also if I have posted to the wrong section I apologise and am happy to have the thread moved TIA Nick

A:Struggling getting Bluetooth to work with phone/tablet/at all

Hello Nick and welcome sorry for the wait now mate some system specs are really needed here because without them we are working in the dark. Plus because we are working with Blu tooth which I personally find a PITA to work with specs are more important.
System Info - See Your System Specs
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Hello, my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga Notebook did not have a stylus that came with it but I heard that there was a different edition that came with one.Is there any way to figure out which one of the active pens is compatible with my computer?Would you recommend a pen to buy? Thank you very muchAlisa
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I have recently bought the following laptop: HP Pavilion x360 Convertible Laptop (13.3")Product number: T5M66AV_1 I am looking to buy a Stylus for my laptop.  I am a teacher, so i use my laptop during my classes and having active stylus is very usefull for sketches and writing. can someone please help me find the best stylus for the laptop? also i wanna if my laptop is capable of detecting the Active stylus (bluetooth or wacom) or is it just capacitive touch?
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I'm having difficulties installing the tablet buttons in WINDOWS 8.1 Pro. Everything else works, perfectly.

In Windows 8 Pro this buttons worked nicely, but now, after a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro two of the buttons don't work. The buttons are the Toshiba assist button and the presebtation button. I've tried to configure them in Toshiba assist software but nothing happens.

I'm sure I've installed all drivers that made wverything work with Windows 8. As anyone tryed this and add success?

A:Portege M750 and Win8.1 Pro -tablet buttons don't work

> I'm sure I've installed all drivers that made wverything work with Windows 8

Windows 8.1 is not Windows 8 and many of Toshiba Win 8 drivers and tools don?t work or are not fully compatible with Win 8.1

As far as I know the Toshiba does not support Win 8.1 on this Portege M750.
This means that no Win 8.1 drivers will be released and in such case some notebook features like the control buttons could not work properly.

Fact is that using Windows Vista or Win 7, such buttons were controlled by Value Added Package. This package does not exist for Win 8.1 and has been replaced by other software called Toshiba System Driver

So in case you want to try to get the buttons to work, I recommend checking this with Toshiba System Driver
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Hi guys i recently bought a windows tablet from Onda that came with full licenced windows didnt upgrade from anything and i reset it as soon as id finished fiddling about with it and testing it so i could set it up fresh it worked perfectly before resetting it and it connected to my wifi fine but after it wont find any internet connections and when i click the wifi icon in the corner it says connections unavailable ive tried the reg delete thing as doesnt tablet windows work 10 after Wifi resetting it has vpn on it and i googled around trying to find a fix one of which suggested if you upgrade from windows that vpn breaks the wifi so this might be similar however the command prompt didnt find the reg key thing it was supposed to delete so that was Wifi doesnt work after resetting windows 10 tablet a no go ive tried diagnosing connection problems and it resets the wifi adaptor but nothing improves ive Wifi doesnt work after resetting windows 10 tablet also tried updating the wifi driver but it says its already up to date and i cant connect to the internet on it to search for another adaptor ive contacted Onda but theyve just offered to replace it if i send this back which im a bit wary of doing as they might just deny recieving the item and im out whatever it costs to send to china tracked could anyone please help me this was what i tried Step- Execute the following command and then press Enter reg delete HKCRCLSID f -a ad- bf- - cbbc ba va f Step- Enter the bellow command and press Enter netcfg -v -u dni dne it couldnt find the reg to delete
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I'm interested in buying the Dell Stylus for my Inspiron 13 5000 2x1. So, I need to know if this product works on my laptop.
Have anybody tried it?
Because I have searched on the internet but i'm still not able to find anything about the Synaptics Digitizer.
thx in advance

A:Does the "Dell Active Stylus 750-AAHC" work on the latest Inspiron 13 5000 2x1?

None of the Inspiron series support active pens, which require an active digitizer the system does not have.
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Got a new tablet pc. Put in a new hard drive and installed vista ultimate x64. Works great. I was suprised how much smoother it runs.

The 11a/b/g/n wireless LAN Mini-PCI Express Adapter isn't recognized by vista. My friend said it might be a problem because it doesn't work with 64 bit software. Went through the long process of installing vista 32 bit version. Same thing. It was recognized by vista.

So now here I am with 64 bit vista installed again. I downloaded a couple drivers that it could be from lenovo website. It still didn't work.

Before I started this whole project I went to the microsoft upgrade site to check compatability. While running XP, the site said that I would have to download the wireless lan driver and install it after i installed vista. It also said the fingerprint reader would need to be manually installed but I don't care about that.

Any suggestions?

A:IBM Lenovo X60t Tablet Pc wireless card driver doesn't work after x64 Vista

Hi davIbus

Have a look here;
Lenovo Support & downloads - Wireless LAN ThinkPad 11abg, abgn, bg, bgn for Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit- ThinkPad

Download using the file link

I hope this helps

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I am going to either buy a laptop or a tablet in the next month or so. I have no idea how to operate a Tablet, but I like the idea of a it being very portable and having a longer battery time (so I have heard) than a laptop. I was hoping you could give me some help. I am only going to use it for surfing sites and email. Is the keyboard that comes on the screen fairly easy to type on? Since the screen is only 10 inches, is it a problem to read a website? Just how much different will it be from a laptop? Any other info you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks,

A:Laptop vs Tablet

depends what you want rly, if you want an ipad or some other tablet running android
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Hello Admin,
My dell stylus pen can't be activated after my Dell Venue 11 Pro device is upgraded to Windows 10.
Please advice me how to solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

A:Dell Stylus Pen can't work on Dell Venue 11 Pro Windows 10

I have the same problem after upgrading to Windows 10. Don't say it's the battery because I have replaced with a new battery and still won't work.
Dell, please provide solution.
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Hi all, does anyone know how to get a standard laptop to be able to read a Yarvik tablet (Android). My sister-in-law has been given a Yarvik TAB462EUK Zania 10ic and wants me to load some ebooks from my collection onto it.

A:Laptop to Yarvik Tablet

This tablet has its own OS so think of it as a mini computer. What format are your e-books in? what program reads them? This tablet comes with its own mini USB lead that sould connect directly onto your computer.
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I am a sailor and I navigate by following a navigation programme on my laptop - a Compaq which is about years old and the operating system is Vista I use a mouse USB GPS plugged into the laptop The laptop is kept below deck but I want to follow the programme on a tablet of some sort which I would locate up in the cockpit so that I don t have to laptop to tablet connecting dash below deck to follow a route especially when coming into a harbour My questions are how to I transfer the nav programme from laptop to tablet am I connecting laptop to tablet restricted to the make of tablet ideally I would not want to run a dc connecting laptop to tablet power cable to the cockpit so I d need the tablet to at least have a couple of hours battery life can I use Bluetooth for the above I understand that you can but tablets with a built in GPS but that they take up a lot of battery power so I d need a seatarte USB GPS like on my computer I suppose nbsp

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Hi all, I recently purchased a tablet (Amazon Fire) and I cannot transfer files from my laptop onto it. At first I thought it was a faulty tablet, but then Amazon sent me a replacment with the same problem. I plugged it into a different laptop (also running Windows 10) and it recognised it no problems. Plugging it into my laptop it does not come up in the list of drives under the PC directory, but going into settings> list of drivers, it sees the "Fire" driver and says it's "unavailable". My laptop never recognised my ipod in the same way but it still functioned with Itunes so it never bothered me, but like the tablet it is also under the list of drivers as "unavailable".  The laptop itself is only a year old. HP Pavilion 15-ab270sa 15.6" LWindows 10 Any help would be great. Thanks

A:HP Laptop won't recognise Ipod or Tablet

Welcome to the HP Community @mfjoe. I hope you find what you're seeking here.  I see that your PC-to-iPod and PC-to-Amazon Fire connections aren't being recognized by your HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab270sa. I would like to assist you with this.  Are you finding your PC's USB ports are working with other devices? If you haven't already done so, make sure you have the latest drivers installed by running the HP Support Assistant.   The Microsoft forum offers a few tips here that might help with iPod and the tablet as well as the hookup technology is shared. Amazon's user forum offers further advice here. (Note that you'll need to scroll down to the second last entry for the action-oriented steps.)  Let me know if that works out better. If I have helped you resolve the issue, feel free to say "You rock!" by clicking the 'Thumbs Up' icon below and clicking to accept this solution. Thank you for posting in the HP Support Forum. Have a great day!
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When I first set up my new Omni 10 HP tablet it asked if I would like to set up as a new pc or copy files and settings from an existing. So I just used my laptop settings to get going quick. Now whenever I go to save a file it will search for the laptop by default to try and save the file there. Annoying error message, anybody else have this fix?

A:tablet wants to save files to laptop

It should not be doing that if you are using the Microsoft login. Are you sure that it is not trying to save File history to the laptop.
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What aspects of a computer will instantly turn you away from buying it? For me, as soon as I see 1280x800 resolution I'm gone.
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Me and my colleague both ride motorcycles and basically supervise a fleet of over cars in London We have panniers and top-box's so plenty or Tablet tough a (For life) laptop of carrying space we have an office PC but that office is moving and we won't be able to visit it regularly so we need an option of a tough as old boots PC to run Office and one or two in house programs and of course some web work So either a laptop or a tablet I have a Surface Pro and I am not sure it would be tough enough and I think having a built in keyboard could be of more use than a separate one especially if we have to have the thing working balanced on a petrol tank or running in an Tablet or laptop (For a tough life) open top box so self standing is important We would Tablet or laptop (For a tough life) have occasional access to our head office if we had to do intensive work but also there are plenty of cafe's and the like in London but a good battery life would be important along with a good strong case of some sort We currently do a lot of our work on mobile phones and then go back to our PC and replicate this work but having a full blown PC that can be networked via outside Wi-Fi either using our phones as hotspots an internal phone card or other Wi-Fi sources Can't say money is no object but I can't but would really want at least an i equivalent spec Any ideas welcome and I would love it to be a XL using Continuum but I doubt that will be the answer so lets keep to tablets and smaller laptops
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FUJITSU SIEMENS AMILO LI Old Laptop CPU - Intel Pentium T GHz GFX - Intel Mobile Intel Express Chipset Family RAM - GB Dual- Channel DDR MHz - - - MEDION AKOYA P D MD A-UK Old Desktop PC CPU - AMD Phenom II X Quad-Core processor GFX - ATI Radeon HD DirectX graphics with MB dedicated memory on board RAM - GB MB DDR SDRAM ASUS X CA Notebook I have my eye on CPU I a need laptop/tablet/hybrid, please. help finding new - Intel Celeron Dual-Core U GHz GFX - Shared Graphics with System Memory RAM - GB Ideally I want a Surface Pro or SPro but the price of gen SPro TypeCover combo hasn't come-down enough ranges from - and even the gen SPro without a keyboard is just completely out of my ball park - so I'm somewhat forced to look around at different Win laptops tablets hybrids I have machine specs in mind One an old laptop that can hardly play any games Another an old desktop which played most games I threw it's way on at least normal settings Being a 'notebook' and having dual-core shared graphics I suspect this ASUS X CA will be completely underpowered but I half-had it in mind because I like the form factor and the cheap price at Probably wouldn't like to buy a machine to buy a more powerful one later but I just don't know where to begin looking Hopefully someone will be able to tell me confirm deny the X CA as being good or bad right off the bat and possibly give me an idea of what machines fit my needs

A:I need help finding a new laptop/tablet/hybrid, please.

Following the rabbit hole deeper, I've sat and thought about what is essential to my needs from a new Win8 device purchase:
- x86 compatibility is needed, along with a USB Port and HDMI/Mini Display Port for showing the tablet on a HDTV.

- touchscreen is needed, but pen support isn't necessarily needed.

- includes a keyboard which separates from tablet for when I need that, but which isn't completely separate all the time so that it's one more thing to have to carry in your bag, or in my case I would likely misplace it a lot and not have it to hand when I do need it.

- something respectable in processor/graphics/memory so that it can play at least some games on low/normal settings, and to watch YT/stream Netflix & Twitch without buffering and stuttering. Don't see a point in getting a new device just to have to get a more powerful one later on, thus making the first purchase obsolete and a waste of money when the replacement becomes my new 'main'.

- Be priced somewhere around, but preferably below ?400-?500

can anyone help?
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Hi all,
I have an old pc running win xp, and doesnot access wifi. Is there a way to connect this pc to internet through home wifi, laptop or tablet?
Thanks in advance

A:connect my old pc to wifi using tablet or laptop

You need a wireless Adapter or a crossover cable
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If I have a tablet laptop that has numerous important drivers programs how can I ensure that I can get them all if I start from a clean install from a copy of Windows DVD that I laptop Need install tablet with clean onto help get my hands on The important stuff include touchscreen program or driver not sure which it is touchscreen pen calibration program or driver not sure which it is pen-flicking capabilities not sure where it comes from hand-writing calibration program or driver not sure which it is found it Need help with clean install onto tablet laptop under Accessories shock protection program or driver not sure which it is the display manager not sure whether this is a driver or program my touchscreen can be rotated and when it is rotated the view changes the program or driver that allows me to switch the view when I do a powerpoint presentation is that a program or a driver i have a key on the keyboard that allows me to do so if I press it and press quot fn quot webcam program or driver not sure which it is Bluetooth found under Accessories of the tablet I don't see this on my clean installed desktop fingerprint recognition program for the fingerprint onboard device battery information program or driver not sure which it is battery saving program Need help with clean install onto tablet laptop or driver not sure which it is DVD and CD burning program touchpad program or driver it's a driver right Recovery DVD software it should be a software it is by the PC manufacturer Do you know which of them are drivers and which of them are programs There are some pre-installed programs that I am fond of However I only have Recovery DVDs not the installation discs or exe files What can I do to get these programs Is it possible to extract them from the Recovery DVDs

A:Need help with clean install onto tablet laptop

Run the Win7 Upgrade advisor which will tip you to drivers that may be needed or apps which might be incompatible:

Go to the maker's Support Downloads webpage for your tablet model. Either download the latest drivers to stick or CD, or bookmark the page.

The Win7 installer is driver-complete with newer arriving quickly via optional Windows Updates so check there first. Turn this on as well: Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware

Then if there are any missing drivers in Device Manager, import them from the Support Downloads webpage you backed up.
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I've been playing with Win 8 for a while now and love it but I'd like to try and share stuff on my old laptop with it.

I can connect my Vista laptop to my tablet, because I can view devices on the network, but Win 8 uses Homegroups which I believe Vista doesn't.

I've never use Win 7 so have no experience.

Can anyone offer any assistance?

Cheers in advance

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Both the laptop and the tablet are only used on the same Frontier router -- by wire for the laptop and WiFi for the tablet.  The Windows firewall on the laptop is always on.  The laptop and the tablet have never been connected by USB.

A:Can my laptop be infected through my Nexus 7 tablet

Short answer to that is YES. If I explain 'HOW' it's infringed forum rules I think?
Relevancy 46.44% with wifi connection on my laptop gives download of 2 MBPS but on my tablet a download of 20 MBPS. The laptop with ethernet connection also gives 20 MBPS.
I replaced the whole modem/router.

I uninstalled the wireless drive and let windows reinstall it (it's 2008 version)
I couldn't find the exact model on Toshiba website to install the drive.

I disabled encryption completely.

Nothing worked.

Could it be firewall/antivirus settings??????

Help please

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I m going to college in the fall and Tablet Advice: Needs laptop vs. regular im having some debate between laptops Needs Advice: Tablet vs. regular laptop First Issue is Laptop PC versus Tablet PC -I like the fact that you can write onthe screen beats using paper notebooks and have my notes saved automatically -I like that it can be used to view movies more easily -But mostly because of the fact that i ll be taking serious notes and I need the simplicity of having a tablet feature I was eyeing HP s Pavilion TX http labnol blogspot com hp-pavilion-tx -convertible-tablet html Around I need good advice on tablets I ve read lots of reviews and its a break down the middle Second Issue I found an unbeatable deal on tigerdirect on a laptop http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId around with extended warranty This is an amazing laptop a friend of mine who s going to college also just got his for graduation and it s stunning GB of ram w GB HDD and it comes with XP media center not vista hooray For that price it s awesome I m definately eying it I need some more input on tablets vs this Tech experts help me out i m torn nbsp

A:Needs Advice: Tablet vs. regular laptop

Get the tablet lol. They are fun and since it has the keyboard built in, it is basically a laptop/tablet.
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Hey all I am having trouble with my Tablet PC I sent this email to HP but their email response service is apparently down until Monday I'd rather not wait that long so this is exactly what I sent laptop on no works longer functionality Tablet them Any suggestions to help get my tablet working again would be great Tablet functionality on laptop no longer works Thanks in advance -------- quot Please provide the exact problem description quot Hello Recently the touch screen input has stopped working entirely on my tx series Tablet PC I believe that the issue is related to the quot Wacom Touch Serivce quot Below is a direct link to a screen-shot of three relevant windows from top to bottom respectively http img imageshack us img tablethelp png The Services window The error that is produced when I attempt to Start the service manually in the Services window The service as it appears in the System Configuration window This second link shows a relevant portion of my Device Manager which is showing no errors whatsoever http img imageshack us img icemanager png I also have one more screen-shot that appears to show there is nothing wrong with the drivers or software http img imageshack us img cptablet png All of the options and menus appear in the Control Panel properly These things in mind it appears to me that Wacom Touch Service is the issue I am not sure what I can do to resolve this since reinstalling the drivers has not allowed the service to start ---------- quot Please provide previous troubleshooting steps or information that can help HP assist you quot I have both uninstalled and reinstalled the latest recommended drivers on the HP Support website in Safe Mode quot Wacom Digitizer Driver - HP A quot or quot sp exe quot ---------- quot Has anything changed since the unit functioned properly installation of SW settings cabling etc quot I can not say specifically what changed on my system around the time that the Tablet functionality stopped working However I have not performed any major software changes recently and no hardware changes --------

A:Tablet functionality on laptop no longer works

hi i have the exact same problem as yours. im unable to use the Tablet functionality. if u found a solution for your prob then plz let me know the same.,
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Hello guys. I have a 2-in-1 Laptop (see My System Specs) and I believe that it is not automatically turning into tablet mode when I remove it from the Keyboard Dock. Have any ideas why this is so?

Also, I don't know if this could be the cause of the problem:

Two keyboards and mice, which are exactly identical to each other (checked their driver version etc.)
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Hi I recently bought a Lenovo X201 Series Laptop but the screen is cracked it has a touchscreen interface I would like to know can I replace the touchscreen with a 12.1inch LED or LCD Screen as I dont want to spend to much on a touch screen details of laptop is below Product ID: 2985DMG Specs: Corei7 CPU,500GB Hard Drive 4GB Ram 12.1inch Touch screen.

A:Lenovo X201 Series Tablet/Laptop

Hi,there is a lot matrices are installed into x201t. Models also depend of the backlight type - LED or CCFL. I'm not sure whether any supported matrices models are compatible with your laptop. Also there are different LCD cable assembly and LCD rear cover assembly depending of the backlight type.To ensure what matrice you have and what's compatible check out on Lenovo' site parts list of your laptop by its [laptop] serial number. Support site doesn't answer a question by MTM only.I think it's impossible to fit non touch matrice into the tablet because of the different size (width). Compare the width of x201 and x201t.
Service parts DB says your laptop has 12.1-in. WXGA LCD panel, LED backlight (300-nit LCD), FRU 45N6092 or 45N5388.
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Okay I m a stupid dude who doesn t know jack Laptop Will Not Connect Wireless to Anymore Tablet about computers and knows next to nothing about most of the tech lingo on computers So please About last week Thursday Night going into Friday my laptop tablet was able to connect to the internet Once Friday morning came around the Laptop Tablet Will Not Connect to Wireless Anymore thing stopped connecting to my wireless adapter I looked up what to do and tried about as much Laptop Tablet Will Not Connect to Wireless Anymore as i could understand For example resetting my computer restarting the modem by unplugging it then plugging it back in retyping the password to connect to the wireless connection switching the wifi button on my tablet off and on checking to see if dhcp was enabled and removing the network from the laptops memory amp trying to reconnect anew So far nothing has worked Looked up on google what the problem was but having a hard time with what people are saying when they discuss it because it s not in plain man english So I need help Please and thank you nbsp

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Well if you guys think that computers and I don't get along PC... Toshiba Laptop Tablet Hell Satellite from wait until I tell you about my brother's laptop a real doozy sp to say the least The model is TOSHIBA SATELLITE R TABLET PC it comes with Windows XP w SP and even though this is just a Vista forum I trust you guys He lives in Guatemala he tells me that his laptop is acting up and that he took it to the Toshiba Shop there and they told him that Toshiba Satellite Tablet PC... Laptop from Hell he needed a new motherboard I ask why he can't answer me I Toshiba Satellite Tablet PC... Laptop from Hell asked him to tell me if the Laptop can get to the desktop and he says YES I figure that whatever is happening to it can not be the mobo He says that he'll be in Miami in a few days so I told him to bring it I'll take a look at it even though laptops and I get along worse than PCs and I IMG http www forbrains org forum images smilies icon biggrin gif IMG if that doesn't work I'll take it to a Toshiba retailer here so they can dig in deeper Well the laptop is here what it does is completely wierd for sure if you are on the desktop and you click on of the icons there all of the icons to the left side of it and above the icon you just clicked on get HIGHLIGHTED WTF If you get to Explore same thing happens to files inside a folder which makes it extremely hard to open documents or applications Here's where the odd and doozy thing takes place after a few restarts and or log offs the laptop works just as well as any other laptop I have my suspicions that this has a lot to do with the stickykeys or hotkeys because at times a popup shows up regarding the stickykeys with options OK to enable Cancel to Disable and Settings to get into the options but no matter what you click on the thing can or can not work intermitent The thing is that I don't know which application or program does this and even though I have managed to uninstall the majority of the Toshiba bundle apps the problem persists Before I take it to the shop I was wondering if any of you gurus has ever heard of the issues and or what you suggest I try I honestly don't want to waist to much time with it since I despise laptops but the masochist in me does not allow me to just walk away from a challenge w o at least trying something first

A:Toshiba Satellite Tablet PC... Laptop from Hell

Can you at least show me where can I get the software CD from? I have been on their site and I can get to each individual driver but not the whole CD software.
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I aquired an HP TX1305US convertable touch tablet. it seems to have some issues with the touch screen. first of all, half the time, the touch doesn't work. anytime i flip the screen around into tablet mode, the pointer goes haywire and when i go back to laptop mode, the pointer is stuck in the corner, and it can't be moved. also, the application toolbar comes up and the only way to fix it is to reboot. i uninstalled the tablet functionality through windows and reinstalled and the problem is still there. additionally, when the touch screen was working, i had to use alot of pressure. i was kind of expecting it to work like an ipod touch or pda. i'm not sure if this could be hardware or software. the laptop has vista ultimate. i checked ho for all the updates and everything should be current. any ideas of what could be the problem?
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My niece is going to be going away to college this coming fall and she ll need a laptop and tablet or maybe a laptop tablet hybrid that is sturdy and can be used out in the field Let s face it she can be clumsy and careless at times to paraphrase combo Laptop/Tablet *Sturdy* recommendation my brother it needs to be able to survive being *Sturdy* Laptop/Tablet combo recommendation run over *Sturdy* Laptop/Tablet combo recommendation by a tank Well maybe not a tank but at least a car And preferably it should be something that will last for years though imho when talking teenagers that would be the day My brother didn t ask specifically for a hybrid but I figure that a hybrid would be cheaper and easier to deal with Also price is not that important brother s in-laws will pay for it is my guess and they have money As I said sturdy is the first priority because she s likely to take either the tablet or the laptop anywhere nbsp

A:*Sturdy* Laptop/Tablet combo recommendation

Take a look at Motion Computing's products:

Or Panasonic Toughpads and ToughBooks:

Dell also has a rugged line of business notebooks:
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I have a Tablet drawing monitor, and today the pen stopped working, I fiddled with it for a while, I tried uninstalling the drivers for the Hardware and reinstalling, but then I noticed that the Tablet Settings and Calibration Options you normally see in Control Panel are mysteriously gone. After maybe 2 hrs of googling I've given up,. there's very little on google, and now im considering doing a "Rest This PC." Any help would be appreciated.
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Ever since the new windows 10 anniversary update, my laptop no longer enters or asks to enter tablet mode when i bend the screen back. This is quite frustrating as normally it would change and the keyboard would b deactivated, but now when i flip it back the keyboard remains active and i end up pressing random keys. I have tried different settings for whether or not to be asked to enter tablet mode in windows settings but it doesnt change anything.
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Hi there I m not sure if this is a hardware problem or not A friend of mine just got a new drawing tablet to replace her old one and she s having a problem now where if she opens a program to work with the tablet for example Photoshop the laptop will register randomly usb drawing doesn't recognize tablet Laptop's the tablet as a mouse Also Photoshop will sometimes crash on initializing She has tried other art programs and the tablet is still acting as a mouse in those so the Photoshop crash issue might not be related Sometimes the laptop will recognize the tablet properly sometimes it won t She tried reinstalling the tablet s drivers and it Laptop's usb randomly doesn't recognize drawing tablet worked for a day or two and then started acting funny again Even after a reboot or two Here s all the information I have She s using the tablet in the same usb port as the old one she believes The new tablet is a Intuos graphics tablet The old tablet I believe was also a Wacom much like the new one she still has the old one btw She s using a bamboo create pen on the new tablet She hasn t tried cleaning her registry yet She hasn t tried using the tablet in a different usb port Her laptop is an Acer Aspire AS Z- All USB ports are reporting to be up to date and functioning fine We re thinking it s either the new tablet itself or the usb port it s in I m thinking it s not a physical connection issue because the laptop doesn t display a new connection message when the tablet starts working again properly as if it wasn t connected and now it suddenly is But I could be wrong Also the fact that the laptop is recognizing something being in there but thinking it s a mouse rather then a tablet again makes me think it s not a hardware problem at least inside the laptop If you need any more info just let me know Any advice would be awesome thanks nbsp
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Have just purchased a generic 7" Touch Screen Android Tablet runnning Android V. 2.2.

Tablet was supplied with USB cable (USB 2 to Micro USB)

Despite having WI-Fi, there are problems connecting to this as the WI-FI router does not automatically connect to the internet as there are 2 ISPs used.

Thought of connecting my laptop running Windows XP to the internet and then sharing this connection with the Tablet via the supplied cable.

Is this possible ? I would like to start using the tablet but all the installed software needs to be authenticated or signed in so currently it is not being used.

I have seen various threads etc. on WI-FI but this seems complicated and can be another topic.

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I was playing on my Asus tablet and ran into Splashtop 2 that allowed me to remotely control my Win 7 laptop from my Android tablet via Wi-Fi with a router. I had a touch pen but it wasn't a fine enough point implement, like what used to exist around 15 years ago. Working on my desktop was dodgy because of the high risk of errors, like inadvertently moving folders around and losing them in others because things "slid" on the screen.

I am thinking about getting a second hard drive in my laptop and installing Windows 8 Pro on it so I can use my Android tablet to run the Metro-UI on my laptop via Splashtop 2.
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so, ah if anyone has it or know enough about
Gateway« C-142XL
i want to get this machine, i like everything about it, but i am not exactly sure about its gaming abilities, its sort of important, and what is your opinion about this convertible tablet pc. give me all you got.

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Hi there
On an HTC phone there is an option to use this as an Internet pass through (or I suppose a "Virtual Router").

I'm late to the world of smartphones etc so this might seem like a stupid question - but I would like to connect a PC and / or a tablet at times via the phone's Internet Connection (since it's paid for !!).

Any Ideas anyone -- phone is an HTC using the Android OS.


A:Htc phone as Internet pass through to connect W8 laptop / Tablet

You will need to install the native Windows driver for your phone, I'm guessing. Depending on what model you have will affect what drivers you will need to download. They can usually be found on the manufacturer's website.

Then you need to enable USB tethering from the phone (found under WiFi settings). Check these articles:
How to tether your HTC EVO 4G -- for free - Computerworld Blogs

Get USB Tethering on HTC HD7

Then you need to set it up as whatever kind of network you prefer. It will usually show up as a LAN adapter.

Use this guide if you're interested in using WiFi and a tether at the same time:
Network Adapters - Using Multiple Programs and Network Adapters
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Hello I work at a school and am responsible for or so laptops with XP Tablet PC Edition installed on them from Gateway now MPC We have recently purchased volume license media from Microsoft and would like to install it on our Gateway e- 's The issues started when I discovered that the e- 's had Tablet PC ready laptop XP Reinstalling Vista Edition on a SATA HDDs which XP does not support So to solve that issue I used nLite to slipstream SATA drivers into the volume license install disc for XP Pro with SP aka XP Tablet Disc When I did this it installed but did not ask for disc which has all of the tablet functionality on it Also the more major issue is that I can't install my drivers I tried installing both the chipset driver and the ethernet drivers but they both are not being recognized I have seven devices not being found in Device Manager Mass Storage Controller Ethernet Controller Network Controller Biometric Coprocessor PCI Device Video Controller Video Controller VGA Compatible If I could just get the chipset and ethernet drivers to install I think I would be able to install the rest of them However when I try to install the chipset drivers they install just fine but Device Manager doesn't recognize them as being installed When I try to install the Intel Pro drivers I get an error message that says This software requires the Windows Management Instrumentation service This sevice is not Reinstalling XP Tablet PC Edition on a Vista ready laptop currently Reinstalling XP Tablet PC Edition on a Vista ready laptop running Please start the service and then restart the installation I go to Computer Management Services start the service and then retry the installation but the same error message comes up I have tried this numerous ways but with always the same result I have also tried restarting the whole process over twice I took an image before I started Please help I have been working on this for over a week now and am about to pull my hair out

A:Reinstalling XP Tablet PC Edition on a Vista ready laptop


I figured out that I did not have all of the Windows Management Instruemtation services installed. I reinstalled them and got my ethernet drivers up and running. I am now able to install some of the unknown devices. Will keep you posted.

My next issue to tackle is: How do I get the Tablet components off of the Tablet CD? Upon reinstallation, it never asked me for disc 2, which has all of the tablet pc tools on it.
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I want my keyboard to STAY ON when it is flipped into tablet mode. How do i do this?
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Hello,  I'm having some trouble with turning on my laptop. The problem originally started when some keys on my keyboard stopped working. I cleaned the keys, restarted my laptop, tried a previous restore point and then did a hard reset after nothing worked to fix my laptop.  After hard resetting, I tried turning on my laptop and it did not turn on. So far, I've plugged in my laptop into the adaptor, plugged the adaptor directly into the wall outlet, and removed the battery and plugged in the laptop. The one thing I have noticed with my laptop is that when I plug in the adaptor, the battery and sleep lights turn on for a moment, then the sleep light turns off, and the battery light will stay on momentarily but then it will blink off after a few seconds. What else should I do? Thank you
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Hello,  I'm having some trouble with turning on my laptop. The problem originally started when some keys on my keyboard stopped working. I cleaned the keys, restarted my laptop, tried a previous restore point and then did a hard reset after nothing worked to fix my laptop.  After hard resetting, I tried turning on my laptop and it did not turn on. So far, I've plugged in my laptop into the adaptor, plugged the adaptor directly into the wall outlet, and removed the battery and plugged in the laptop. The one thing I have noticed with my laptop is that when I plug in the adaptor, the battery and sleep lights turn on for a moment, then the sleep light turns off, and the battery light will stay on momentarily but then it will blink off after a few seconds. What else should I do? Thank you
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Does anyone know if there is a program available (free if possible) similar to Quicken (Deluxe) that I could use on my Android Tablet(HP 10 Tablet G2 -2301)? That would keep track of bank accounts and interest earned, and keep track of one stock IRA and interest earned and yearly RMD? And produce reports for that interest earned, etc.? Mainly for using when preparing yearly tax forms.

A:Quicken alternative for Android Tablet(HP 10 Tablet G2 -2301

Have you looked at
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I have upgraded my X Tablet Windows 10 X201 Tablet working buttons Tablet not to Windows bit As far as I can tell everything is working including the WACOM drivers and touchscreen nbsp Wireless has worked perfectly so X201 Tablet Windows 10 Tablet buttons not working far not sure about Bluetooth as I don't use it X201 Tablet Windows 10 Tablet buttons not working nbsp My only issue is that the buttons on the display do not work The power button located on the display does work I tried installing the Tablet Button Driver II and it will go through the install but the buttons do not work nbsp nbsp This is the download link http support lenovo com us en downloads ds nbsp The document claims Windows compatability and was Last Updated Jun nbsp On inspection all the files extracted are dated from and when trying to manually run the software Windows throws up an error that the software is not supported on this PC nbsp nbsp I removed and reinstalled and noted that the driver information page when running the installer does NOT have Windows listed as a supported system nbsp My assumption is that the driver that they have linked on the download page is NOT the most current driver and is infact the driver for Windows from nbsp Does anyone know how to contact Lenovo to get the correct driver posted to the page or know of an alternate source to try and find it

A:X201 Tablet Windows 10 Tablet buttons not working

hi, I can't help you with your question, sorry! Gooed to hear everything else is working fine on your system. Can you tell me what to do to get the x201 tablet's touchscreen to work!? I will have a clean windows 10 install. Where do i get the (right) drivers (windows, Wacom?) Thanx!Carlo