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My computer requires that I re-install windows xp everytime it shuts down

Q: My computer requires that I re-install windows xp everytime it shuts down

once my computer shuts down it loses windows xp, it doesnt go past "welcome to windows xp" and i have to re-install wimdows xp afresh losing all my data in the process, what could be causing this?

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Preferred Solution: My computer requires that I re-install windows xp everytime it shuts down

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: My computer requires that I re-install windows xp everytime it shuts down
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okay after a long time of shutting off with the power button its come back to me i didn t think on i turn it shuts down Computer everytime it would damage the computer because i thought hey they put it there for a reason right Nope now every time i turn it on it goes to login screen and shuts down Regularly logs off says shutting down cuts off anything i could possibly do i tried to run in safe mode but it freezes at the disk sys driver then it gives me the vista installagtion screen I have so much stuff on Computer shuts down everytime i turn it on my computer i CANT reset it i cant restart it some of the stuff such as videos pictures of my great grandfather etc are NOT replaceable Every time i try to run cmd prompt and try to run chkdsk Cant do it from the system properties as computer shuts down before then it says the system is right protected so one time i got lucky and managed to click check for bad sectors and recover through the system befre it shut off ok computer shut down restarted it didnt even check for a second just told me this computer is clean without even checking it I will NEVER turn it off from the power switch again its just when i put it in sleep mode it turns on for no reason and i get tired of it so i just hold down the switch Everything works fine i can get into the account nothings missing all my programs everything it s just vista makes it shut down and i dont know why in safe mode and services restore they both stopped at disk sys so im figuring that s whats corrupt or making the computer restart please please someone help me i have the past years of my life on that hard drive and i cant afford to loose it i would have no problem restoring if i could get a few key files off the hdd but it shuts off before i could do anything for anyone having trouble imagining it it s like this starts up everythings normal click profile log in as soon as the login screen starts i have a certain amount of time before the computer automatically shuts down i click my profile see everything then things close then it goes to the blueish screen and says shutting down i see the spinning icon and it says logging off then shuts down im not a computer noob i know about reg cmd everything so if there s any possible solution please for the love of god help me cause i stress to you all there s files on my hdd i cant replace and desperately need and my settings and reg key hacks and everything thank you nbsp

A:Computer shuts down everytime i turn it on

focusing on getting the data off -
It may be possible to boot from another Operating System
This will at least test the Hardware and also see if you can see the Harddrive and possibly get data off.

If you have another PC with a cdwriter and spare CD
goto and download the ISO

full details are here

click on the image "download ubuntu"
Select a location
then begin download
Save the file onto your PC – remember where you saved it – so you can find it again to create the image bootable CD.

You do NOT copy the ISO file onto a CD - you have to use the ISO to create a bootable CD
The CD creator software you have on the PC may have an option to create an image from an ISO
If not - use this free program

When the UBUNTU CD boots - you will see the following options
1) Try ubunto without any change to your computer
2) Install ubuntu
3) Check CD for defects
4) Test memory
5) Boot from first hard disk.

Use OPTION 1 "Try ubunto without any change to your computer" ONLY this option this will run from the CD and not install onto your harddrive - be careful, if you do install onto the PC - you will wipe the data and software OFF your hard drive.., so repeat only use option 1

Now you should see a UBUNTU desktop
This at least proves the main parts of the PC are working

You may see your Harddrive on the desktop - if not have in look in the places on the tool bar at the top of the screen.

If you can see your harddrive – see if you can find the your datafiles –
XP look in “documents and settings” under the user name you had on the PC
Vista look in “user” under the user name you had on the PC

Now if you have a USB flash drive or external harddrive – you should be able to copy your data from the harddrive onto the USB device

If you still have issues mounting the harddrive:
On the main menu of Ubuntu, there's an option to Check CD for defects. I ran this and was able to mount the C Drive.
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I have installed and reinstalled many times...I have even downloaded a new one a few times too and to no avail it ALWAYS restarts my computer so I have went back to WMP10....I have XP and a ton of room still on my computer. I have read posts today and others have some of the same problems but it seems that no one has an answer for us.
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PS It s working fine for this past week but it happened again today My computer has been running fine for the past years plus but recently I ve few Computer everytime, first off during bootup seconds mostly shuts of had a bunch of BSODs with titles like PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA MEMORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION and BAD POOL HEADER but after reformatting the Computer shuts off everytime, mostly during first few seconds of bootup computer appears to be fine until the past few weeks My computer have been shutting off not down by itself - seconds after ive pressed the power button sometimes it will go past BIOS sometimes not i ve tried removing and inserting Computer shuts off everytime, mostly during first few seconds of bootup both of my ram sticks individually into all of the slots and the problem remains Mem Test both cards on the st and nd slot passed passes both st and nd card on the st slot cpu powers on but no display on monitor fans power button working weird they dont work on the st slot and yet it recorded gb when i insert both cards in the st and nd slot Both st and nd card on the nd slot passed passes Both st and nd card on the rd slot same thing cpu powers on but no display Both st and nd card on the th slot passes passes However if i place the st and nd card on the nd and th slot the computer goes into an infinite loop with no display thanks for any help i can get nbsp

A:Computer shuts off everytime, mostly during first few seconds of bootup
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I would like to kindly seek help regarding my problem. Every time I shut down my laptop, there would always be the notice "installing update 1 of 1". This has been happening for a while and I'm wondering what's going on.

In addition, many random files have been created in the Local C drive as shown:

Corrupted Image removed - please re- upload

I don't know if I should just delete them but anyway, I chose not to just in case. Does anyone know what's wrong? Thanks in advance


A:Constant Updates Everytime Computer Shuts Down

Can't see the files--"Corrupted Image removed - please re- upload"

As far as updates, that's not uncommon.
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I have shuts my games play down I everytime computer a strange problem days ago me my computer shuts down everytime I play games and my friend started to play warcraft on my LAN no big deal but min into the game both computers shuts down After this I thought that I had a virus there for run an adwear my computer shuts down everytime I play games removal virus check and thought that this was fixed but now every time I start a game on these computers they shut down in to min in to the game So I go over everything No new drivers No new hardware change No new upgrade No system change Scenario laptops Acer Aspire MHz GHz mem ATI MG and HP Pavilion MHz GHz mem OS winxp pro servicepack run perfect before no problems both connected together played the same game for min and shuts down Run ok doing everything else but all games make them now shut down in min after shut down there is no way to turn them on again unless power plug is removed and put in again If not they act as they where killed completely And logic tells me that a hardware failure on both computers on the same time is not likely What could this be I am running out of ideas what to do I looked for everything On these two laptops Because it happened first time when I connected these computers together and was playing this game I uninstalled the game cause I thought it contain a virus and checked everything Virus cheeked nothing Adwear removal nothing Reinstalled the system Ok first I thought ok maybe head problem and opened all up and clean but it was all ok And then I thought powersupply cause of the behavior of the laptop when it goes down I have to unplug the power cable and put it in again otherwise it will not start But the same problem is on both computers after that game and now it does no matter what game I play minutes in to any game bamm they go down But everything else works fine I can work on them no problem but if I start any game they just shut off I am out if ideas And these problems are driving me crasy thanks for all the help knock nbsp

A:my computer shuts down everytime I play games

Go into the BIOS and make sure Wake On LAN is turned off or disabled.
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I went to the Computer from Cold everytime off Shuts Boot Abit site to see if i could update my BIOS using the latest download and the directions they gave me on how to Well anyway i had some trouble trying to implement the Bios update and am not really sure if i achieved this correctly Computer Shuts off everytime from Cold Boot Wether this is a coincedence or not but i am now having trouble turning on my Computer from Cold Boot up It works Computer Shuts off everytime from Cold Boot ok if i Flash reset the Bios using the jumper on the Mobo and then booting it but i can t turn it off after or i have to do the same thing Also it reboots fine which is weird Have i permanently somehow damaged my Mobo The reason i wanted to update the Bios is to see if it would recognise my CPU i have added to it which is a X Dual Core computer worked fine after cpu was installed Also i tried the commands using the FDD in DOS but i kept getting this is not an external or internal command operable program or batch file I have no idea or what to do to correct a Bios fault if it is at all this problem Is there a chance i could get a step by step solution to this nbsp

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Wireless BluRay player has always automatically connected to my Netgear 3700 router. Now it will only connect if I select PCB(WPS) in the BluRay network config and then press the WPS button on the router.
So I tried reserving an ip address an manually entered it in the BluRay config, no luck, so set back to automatic.
I was in the router config program recently, could I have hit a wrong key ?

A:Requires WPS button to connect everytime- no auto

Let me add that my wireless laptop still connects without any issues.
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This is my first post so please be gentle.

I have a packard bell imedia1429 with AMD athelon +3200 and radeon Xpress 200 display. I have recently installed Windows 7 x64. I works fine with 1 GB of Ram but if I add a second Gig ti starts up fine then when I log in, screen turns of and says no signal. Computer seems to stop aswell although the power light is on.

Have run an extended mem check from the recovery but get no error.

This has been driving me mad for weeks. any Ideas are greatly appriciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:computer shuts down a few seconds after loggin in to new windows 7 install
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R G Graphics Controller Mb Hard Printer gives install Computer try error everytime to I Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Computer Corp N CN BAA U Antivirus None OK So my friend gave me an HP Deskjet D Printer a few months ago I don t have the CD to install it so I visited the following popular links which have the links to download the Printer Driver http www siliconguide com drivers device and COLOR quot DarkOrchid quot http h w lc en amp os amp product amp sw lang COLOR After Extracting and clicking quot next quot to allow the install wizard process it loads for a bit In the middle of trying to download it a grey box appears which says quot hpzrein exe has encountered a problem and needs to close W are sorry for the inconvenience For more infor about this error click here quot When I click this is what it says AppName hpzrein exe AppVer ModName msvcrt dll ModVer Offset fa I don t know how to fix it and I neeed my printer to work it s been months Please help As soon as possible as I need to get something done by tomorrow nbsp
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So, my laptop's sound just randomly stops at points. Restarting my computer fixes the issue, but it happens again after some time. Also, whenever this happens, any video I'm watching, specifically on Youtube, seems to go into this permanent buffering mode. Is there anyway to fix this?  I'm running Windows 10 64-bit on an HP Pavillion Sleekbook 15.

A:HP Pavillion Sleekbook Sound Shuts Off, requires restart eac...

Hi @LegendSoma, Welcome to the HP Forums! You have come to the right place to ask questions, find solutions and get help from others in the community!  I have read that your HP Pavilion 15 Sleekbook is having issues with the Sound. I have checked and it seems that it could be a Flash Player issue. Here is something that might help. Here is a link to help resolve the speakers and sound not working correctly. The link to using the Windows troubleshooting tool is the best for this situation. If this does not help I would uninstall the Realtek HD Audio and any other that are listed in the Device Manager, click the arrow next to Sound video and games controller to expand that category.Right-click on he IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio and select Update Driver Software.Choose the option to Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.The Notebook should find and automatically install the updated driver.After the installation is complete, restart your Notebook. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as Accept as Solution, this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks!    Thanks.
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I have searched and been unable to find the information Specs are HP G - DX GB RAM AMD Turion X bit Etc Upgrading from Vista Home Premium that was reset to factory specs operating requires system install boot update, no to Windows 7 BIOS in hopes of repairing quot local only quot issue on network Here's what is happening booted from Windows Ultimate burned ISO image on DVD RW followed the instructions on Windows 7 install requires BIOS update, no operating system to boot this site for a clean install Performed clean all on disk set a partition and followed the install instructions Expansion of Windows remained at for hours I understood there were known issues however I have retried to do another clean install but am unable to boot from DVD although everything is set to do so including resetting CMOS battery It has come to my attention that I am required to update my BIOS from f c to f to install W unfortunatly I have no idea how to do so now that I have no operating system on this HDD When trying to boot from DVD I am now getting the status of xc e Prior to this the system would boot and freeze when loading files now the system either promts with this message or will inform me bootmgr is missing or worse shut down I'm doing this all from my phone and am at a loss as to what the proper step would be to get on the right track or if I am SOL

A:Windows 7 install requires BIOS update, no operating system to boot

You should be able to find a DOS version of your BIOS and flash it from a bootable thumbdrive or disc.

Never mind. I thought I'd help you out by linking to the DOS flash utility but apparently there isn't one...

Hopefully someone will have a better solution.
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I have a custom built computer everything brand new but when I try to install Windows x onto my computer I boot from my disc drive and it goes past the press any key to continue screen so I press any key and it brings up the blue windows logo and then just freezes My PC components Motherboard - Biostar Hi-Fi A WProcessor - AMD A k Blk Edt Mhz m w socket FM DVD Drive - LG X Sata DVDRW OEMHard Drive - Western Digital Caviar Black TB Sata Mb CacheToshiba TB rpm Sata 8.1 Windows everytime! Freezes Install Brand New Memory - Patriot Windows 8.1 Install Freezes everytime! Intel Extreme Master Viper DDR Gb Kingston Gb Mhz - - DDR Hyperx Red - The first two I've had for awhile Kingston Hyperx Blu gb DDR - CL -Pin Brand new first time use Video Card - Galaxy GeForce GTX Ti Mb MO GDDR Power Supply - Antec Earthwatts W I've tried a lot of things like changing my sata type from native ide to legacy ide to ahci Turning off legacy usb and just legacy usb I've tried booting with uefi and legacy nothing works Someone if you have any advice from previous experiences please help I've been trying to fix it for weeks now -Thanks in advance

A:Windows 8.1 Install Freezes everytime!

Try removing all but one of your DIMM's.
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When I try to install Windows 7 64bit I always get a BSOD about memory. I don?t know what else to say?it happens every time right after the little windows start to fly across the screen after the file have loaded. I?ve attached the dumps and system health file. Thanks

A:BSOD During Windows 7 64 bit Install everytime

Quote: Originally Posted by Brian Alton

When I try to install Windows 7 64bit I always get a BSOD about memory. I don?t know what else to say?it happens every time right after the little windows start to fly across the screen after the file have loaded. I?ve attached the dumps and system health file. Thanks

Sorry but no DMP file enclosed please use these to find and upload them
We really need the actual DMP file.

If you wish to have others assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder. The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
* Zip up the copy.
* Start your own thread in the "Crashes and Debugging" section of the forum and attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button.
* Briefly describe the problem history and circumstances in the same post. Somebody will attend to your query as soon as possible.
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everytime i try to install something it freezes...could it be something wrong with my "install shield"?

A:reinstalled windows..trying to install sp1..but it freezes everytime

Run the System File Checker

Go to the Run box on the Start Menu and type in:

sfc /scannow ( sfc if not reconized)

This command will immediately initiate the Windows File Protection service to scan all protected files and verify their integrity, replacing any files with which it finds a problem. You will need you Windows disk
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Do i have to reinstall crysis everytime i install windows?

i do a fresh install of windows almost every 2 weeks and im sick of reinstalling the game everytime i do that..already backed up my key.reg after one time i installed it but that didnt solve the there anyway else? thanks

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Every time that I shutdown Windows 7, it tries to instal 3 updates related to DotNet 4.0, and finishes in a BSOD.

I dont have the minidumps cause when it starts again it's like nothing had happened, it doesnt show me any "Unexpected shutdown......" window.


A:BSOD everytime that Windows tries to install 3 updates

Hello vrosa and welcome to the forums

Can you do this for us please?

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Everytime I move or touch the bottom part of my labtop it shuts down and shows this message:


Technical info:

Stop: 0X0000007A (OXCO3E4A54, OXC????.., OXF????., OXOF????)

***disk.sys-Address F92956F2 base at F9290000, Datastamp 41107b59
beginning dump of physical memory

Since this only happens when I move my computer, I think that I may have a lose connection inside my computer, what do yall think?
If it is a lose connection, where should I look first? I?ve never open a labtop before:)

A:labtop shuts down everytime I move it?

yeah its probly a loose conection with your ram, or so id think, if you turn your laptop upside down, there should be a couple of unscrewable panels just unscrew them and make sure evrything is in properly, failing that, you might want to take it to a tech shop to get the inside of the laptop checked
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Okay so i recently rebooted my windows 7 and i have managed to atleast get it running. it allowed me to download mozilla fire fox but not java or any other programs without giving me an iAstor.sys error.
i do not own a windows 7 disc either so i would prefer it if someone could help me get rid of this problem without a disc?

A:BSOD everytime i 'install something or try and update windows (iastor)

We really need the required reports to make a definitive analysis, but based upon your description, update this driver at the company website.
Iastor.sys file descriptionProductname:Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver Description:Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver Company:Intel Corporation
If that does not work, upload the following to us.
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I tried cleaning my Vista Home Premium 32bit over a week ago and since then it just shuts down automatically within 20-30 min of using it every time. And now my Google Chrome won't work it says "application failed." I've tried system restore, changing the power saving settings, even unchecking the auto-restart on the advanced settings in control panel yet nothing seems to fix my problem please help!!!!!!!!!

A:vista 32bit shuts off automatically everytime I use it. Please help!

Hello, see if you have a point to before you did this : System Restore - How to
How about this then : System Files - SFC Command
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everytime i try to download n save an exe file my operating system suddenly goes idle...

Anybody had this before...?

A:Vista shuts down everytime i try to download an exe file

Hi it seems as if your system could have a virus in it doing a virus scan would not be harmful. From the looks of it, it seems to be a virus or a worm. Also one more thing is your copy of vista genuine
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I have a Dell Inspiron SE 7520 with Intel HD 4000 and HD 7730M. So I tried every possible solution to this and nothing. I uninstalled the drivers (both). Tried to use the latest drivers for both and nothing. Tried every other possible fix (Scandisk, sfc/scannow, etc) and I can't make both drivers work at the same time. Only thing I can do is make Intel 4000 work alone, but not the 7730. If I let 4000 work alone I can use my notebook, otherwise is endless reboot.

Problem happened when I was playing Fallout 4, I received a message of "Driver crashed and recovery", but then I got BSOD with endless reboot. All messages on the blue screen are about drivers. (I get diferrent messages). I reinstalled Windows 10 but it didnt fixed it. I tried Windows 7 and nothing. It seems that there isn't a fix for this, what should I do?

A:Unable to install HD 7730M drivers on Windows 10. Gets BSOD everytime.

Have you tried installing the drivers published by DELL for your PC? I would also view device by connection in Device Manager and update the drivers for all hardware items in the hierarchy above the GPUs using Update Driver in Device Manager.
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Hi there,
I was wondering if someone could help me. I recently did a windows 7 repair install and tried to update. I found that the updates would install after my computer is shut down but everytime I boot up I get the failed to install windows updates, reverting changes. I have microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes anti-malware home premium edition. Updates never seem to be installed when I manually choose to update them using the windows updater rather than waiting for it to update when I shut down the computer. So I'm worried I might be infected with something preventing me from getting any windows updates.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time and effort in advance!
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I'm doing a clean install of 7 install Computer during win shuts down win bit off of an official cd Part of the install goes well It gets to reboots goes to a screen that says it's loading settings Then it gets to the completing installation phase and always at the same time it shuts down I'll hear the CD stop in my computer then five seconds later the computer just shuts off Computer shuts down during win 7 install and I'll hear a faint beep There's no warning message on the screen first If I turn it on again Windows will give the error that it restarted during install and I'll have to start over There's no network connection while I do this The temperatures are all within norms Everything worked fine under XP a few hours prior I ran a memory test that was fine I sprayed the dust out Any ideas edit Fixed My boyfriend just played around and disabled enabled a million things in the bios His best idea is some security setting he changed Magically it got past that point and is working I don't know what changed but if anyone else has this shut down problem I guess fiddle with everything in the bios that can safely be changed

A:Computer shuts down during win 7 install

I'm having exactly the same problem so if anyone knows a solution to this, please share! I will now go and randomly disable things in the BIOS, although I have read on some posts that people have problems with the USB flash drive or printer being plugged in. So might start with disabling some USB options.
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Seems to happen at different points during the install each time.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

A:Computer shuts down during XP install

It could be heat related like a dirty processor heatsink, I would take a can of compressed air and with the computer turned-off remove the side cover and very carefully use the compressed air to vacate all of the dust bunnies and such especially the processor heatsink (DO NOT REMOVE THE HEATSINK FROM THE PROCESSOR) then reboot and see if this makes any difference.
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Hi i wounder if any1 can help with this problem.
I've recently upgraded my computer and basically did a complete rebuild,my system would not boot up only got stuck in a loop.i've inserted my windows xp (genuine) and gone thru the process of reformatting and putting a fresh copy of xp on, during the process of installing files it will turn off?? always at this point, computer can sit on a option eg bios and not shut down,

im using 500 watt power supply
gigabyte s series motherboard
amd 64 athlon 3ghz duo core (heat sink with supplied paste)
internal graphics (for now)
2GIG PNY DDR II ram (1stick)
sata hdd 200 gig

i've been in2 bios and the system recognises all the hardware im using.
thanx in advance.

A:Computer shuts down at xp install

i figured it out,cpu was overheating,just turned it down in bios.

thanx anyway
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Hello So im not exactly new to O/S shuts install Computer off during building computers but i do have room for improvement especially when it involves motherboards lol so i just purchased a new CPU Computer shuts off during O/S install MOBO RAM and a new aftermarket CPU cooler and i hooked everything up and the computer Computer shuts off during O/S install starts up Computer shuts off during O/S install and POSTs and i am able to get into the UEFI BIOS and im able to boot from my new copy of windows seven to start installing the O S onto the new system and that is where i have my issue every time i try to format a drive i have three different HDD's all SATA or even just keep it unformatted and just install the O S the system just shuts off no reason at all that i have seen but as soon as i hit the OK button to format the drive BAM shuts off at first i though it was the PSU so i unhooked two of the drives and only used one stick of RAM in the slot farthest away from the CPU so all i had installed was the CPU w Cooler one SATA dvd drive one vid card and one hdd and i knew that my W PSU should have been able to handle that but did the exact same thing im able to stay in the BIOS for as long as i want and im able to be in the installation of windows screen for as long as i want until i reach the point of either installing the actual O S or im about to format a HDD to install the O S so i really dont think its the PSU next i thought it was the HDD but i tried installing the O S on THREE different drives i mean what are the chances that they were all bad but i checked any way and ran S M A R T tests on all three through the BIOS and they all check good so now here i am trying to figure this crap out and im out of options is it the MOBO or the new CPU right when it shuts off the CPU LED light flashes for a split second and then it shuts completely off and when i press the power button to turn it back on nothing happens until i actually flip the switch on the back of the PSU to off then on again and the whole process starts over also during POST the BOOT DEVICE LED stays on until i choose the disc drive to be booted from then it goes off and then proceed to boot from the windows disc until i reach the installation part of it im not sure if this is a MOBO or CPU issue or if its even a O S issue but anything to help would be very appreciated here is my setup ASUS Sabertooth FX AMD FX GB Corsair Vengeance DDR PC GB SATA II HDD GB SATA II HDD GB SATA II HDD cooler mastercpu cooler N i believe Writemaster X DVD RW sata drive W Black Widow PSU ATI Radeon HD

A:Computer shuts off during O/S install

What are the temps and voltage readings from the BIOS?

System shutdowns can usually be attributed to heat or power problems.
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Had this problem once before and just formatted my hard drive and trying to re-install XP and after it copys all of the files and restarts the XP logo comes up and for some reason the scrolling under the logo is grey instead of blue and then when re-install continues it shuts down in about 10 seconds. Just tried this with another XP disk and had the same problem. When I had this problem before someone mentioned that the disk may have a smudge or something so I wiped it down and that actuall did it but now I have no idea especially after two different disks. I installed 98 with no problems so I'm just trying to do an upgrade at this point and getting very fustrated. Thanks
Soyo P4VSA MB 478 socket
Pentium 4 1.6 Ghz
PNY Ti500 video card

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After the last updates, my computer required a login password. I tried blank and then ran Live CD to find the password. It could not. I finally had to reformat and reinstall.

It worked great the rest of day. Then it updated and all of a sudden, the same problem is back.

Any Help????


A:After most recent windows 7 updates, computer requires a login passwor

Hi i would go back to a restore point before thr updates. and see if it requires a password if not then i would set a password then do the updates again then if your password works to log in then can change it back to not using a password.
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i have some sort of virus on my system i have been reading logs and it seems you want combo fix and hijack this files to be posted i have included a hijack this file but when i go to download combo fix shuts install can combo not fix computer down my computer shuts down i assume because of the malware or virus can not install combo fix computer shuts down pleas instruct thanks Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin EvtEng exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin S EvMon exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C DOCUME Danielle LOCALS Temp Ycx exe C Program Files Symantec LiveUpdate ALUSchedulerSvc exe C Acer Empowering Technology admServ exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Program Files Java jre bin jqs exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin RegSrvc exe C Program Files CyberLink Shared Files RichVideo exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C acer Empowering Technology ePower epm-dm exe C PROGRA LAUNCH LManager exe C Acer Empowering Technology eRecovery Monitor exe C Acer Empowering Technology admtray exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXE C WINDOWS vsndmi exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe C Program Files Elantech ktp exe C Program Files Common Files InstallShield UpdateService issch exe C WINDOWS system igfxtray exe C WINDOWS system hkcmd exe C Acer Empowering Technology eDataSecurity eDSloader exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C Program Files Windows Live Messenger msnmsgr exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe C WINDOWS system igfxext exe C Program Files Windows Live Contacts wlcomm exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C WINDOWS system taskmgr exe C WINDOWS Yvyroa exe C Program Files Trend Micro HiJackThis HiJackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www facebook com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchURL Default http g msn ca SEENCA SAOS FORM TOOLBR R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local O - BHO no name - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - no file O - BHO HP Print Enhancer - C E- - -BF - C - C Program Files HP Digital Imaging Smart Web Printing hpswp printenhancer dll O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO no name - C C A-E - b - D - CECB - no file O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO no name - F C-A - - DC -D DC B - no file O - BHO Windows Live Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - BHO CNavExtBho Class - BDF E -B - AD-A -FADC B - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll file missing O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files Java jre bin jp ssv dll O - BHO JQSIEStartDetectorImpl - E E F - CE- C -BC -EABFE F C - C Program Files Java jre lib deploy jqs ie jqs plugin dll O - BHO HP Smart BHO... Read more

A:can not install combo fix computer shuts down

Hello and welcome to TSF.


i have been reading logs and it seems you want combo fix and hijack this files to be posted,

I don't know which logs you've been reading, but that's quite the contrary to what we require.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.
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can anyone help me i have been trying to install the sims online and after 50% my computer just shuts down and when i reboot my computer the first time it says something like system failure cpu... so i have to restart all over again and everything is fine

Relevancy 55.9%

I recently installed windows xp I had no sound playing so installed a driver for shuts down my to my try soundcard i When install computer my sound card realtek When i try to install my soundcard my computer shuts down AC and it worked no problem A month later My hard disks got wiped and I am reinstalling windows xp This time when I try to reinstall the driver for my sound card the computer shuts down half way through the process this is what happens I have downloaded the realtek driver from their site and some other sources I double click on the driver it asks me if i want to install I say yes It unpacks some things and runs windows installer it spends about When i try to install my soundcard my computer shuts down seconds installing file names flash across the screen It comes up with a warning quot This driver has not been verified by windows do you want to continue quot I click yes it does some more installing but seconds later before the install is complete the computer crashes - it automatically restarts as in it suddenly shuts down like there is an error not like the driver has finished installing and is restarting in a healthy way - actually i would not say my computer shuts down it is more like it suddenly restarts like someone pulled the power plug out the back and then after the restart i still have no sound driver installed I have tried deleting all the sound drivers in device manager and reinstalling but the same thing happens I have tried different sources for the driver Help I have no sound and can t install the driver

A:When i try to install my soundcard my computer shuts down

Forget the sound for a minute and disable auto reboot.How To Disable Automatic Restarts When Windows Crashes - This should result in a readable error message, rather than a reboot.Post the error message contents.System manufacturer and model...or motherboard manufacturer and model (if custom-built)?Louis
Relevancy 55.47%

I am attempting to upgrade from Windows 98 to XP Home. Things seem to go OK until Windows actually begins installing the new XP Upgrade files and then it shuts down the computer. When you turn the computer back on, it does its little check screen (Windows did not shut down properly) and boots back to Windows 98. I have tried turning off the Power Options, I have looked for glitches in BIOS. It just will not let me complete the Upgrade.

A:Xp Home Upgrade - Computer Shuts Down During Install

take the side off your computer and check that the heatsink and fan for the CPU isn't clogged with dust. It sounds like either disk errors or the CPU is overheating. If that fails i'd suggest backing up all your data that you need, reformatting and doing a fresh install, not an upgrade.
Relevancy 54.61%

Hi everyone I have a new computer that i just built It has a Biostar I PA motherboard notice, Solved: without down Computer drivers, Shuts can't install Please HELP! with an intel Pentium D dual-Core GHz Mhz FSB x MB L Cach Solved: Computer Shuts down without notice, can't install drivers, Please HELP! Processor a CoolMax Cr- W ATX Power Supply a GB RPM Western Digital Hard Drive an eVGA n nVidia GF TC MB MB video card and a sony x Dual Double DVD-RW and i have GB Corsair DDR I am running windows xp professinal and have not installed any other programs or drivers First I had a very difficult time installing windows xp professional During installation it has turned off unexpectedly and gave no error messages Then once I was able to get windows xp installed it installed it with a password I then re-formated the hard drive and re-installed windows and finally it installed properly Now I have been trying to download drivers for the video card at the eVGA website http www evga com support drivers default asp switch but once i run this driver it stops in between and doesn t let me install it Also when i tried to go to the web and serach for help my whole computer restarted itself Additinally I have also tried to install the drivers that came with the motherboard and it doesn t allow me to install those either It either stops in between or doesn t load at all Also if i try and do something else the computer has a tendency to restart itself Heck when I went to turn the computer on this morning windows started and then the computer restarted then it started again without a problem The start time is very low about seconds but my computer just seems to always want to shut down without posting any errors or messages and I can not install any drivers Please Help I hope i don t have an piece of junk on my hands Thank you Tried to download the adobe acrobat reader as well and it gave me an error message that the download file was corroputed I receieved that exact same error once when i was first downloading the driver for the video card nbsp

A:Solved: Computer Shuts down without notice, can't install drivers, Please HELP!
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I have a friends acer here, and as soon as I turned it on it goes to the point where it says "Installing vista service pack" Step 1 of stays at 0 for about 2 minutes then restarts. I am able to leave the computer on during bios or a memory test so Im not sure its a heat related issue. Could it be a hardware issue? If so would reinstalling a new vista OS be sufficient? I do have a vista disc but wanted to get your opinion on it first. Thanks

A:Computer shuts off during vista service pack install

sorry i meant to say i thought it was a software issue and not a hardware as i shuts off only during the service pack install
Relevancy 53.75%

Everytime I start up the computer Windows Installer runs and I get a popup screen that says UNLOAD - quot The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable Click ok or type an alternate path to a folder containing the Installer I Run To Windows Trys Computer Everytime Up Boot installation package quot Unload msi quot The path showing in the box is quot c hp Windows Installer Trys To Run Everytime I Boot Up Computer tmp src hpsw setupUnloadIntent quot Clicking ok gets me quot Error No valid source could be found for product Unload The Windows Installer cannot continue quot Click on OK and it says quot PLEASE WAIT WHILE WINDOWS CONFIGURES UNLOAD quot then it starts all over again in a loop How do I get this to stop I don t know what it is trying to install or uninstall I downloaded Windows Installer Cleanup Utility from Microsoft website but am unable to figure out which file program is causing the problem Below is a copy of the errors in Event Viewer Event Type WarningEvent Source MsiInstallerEvent Category NoneEvent ID Date Time PMUser JESSIE HP OwnerComputer JESSIEDescription Detection of product CADCEAB-D DA- D -B FC- DEE AB C C feature Unload failed during request for component E B -CEF - D -AF - C F BF E For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Event Type WarningEvent Source MsiInstallerEvent Category NoneEvent ID Date Time PMUser JESSIE HP OwnerComputer JESSIEDescription Detection of product CADCEAB-D DA- D -B FC- DEE AB C C feature Unload component AB -FC - D -AC B-B F B failed The resource c Program Files HP Digital Imaging help ut uninstall dll does not exist For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Clicking on the Help amp Support Center links didn t offer any solutions Thanks in advance for any help advice you can give me

A:Windows Installer Trys To Run Everytime I Boot Up Computer

I think that I would either remove permanently...or with intent to reinstall...the aforementioned HP software.

Relevancy 53.75%

i have read several posts about computer crashes. my computer keep craching everytime i run winldows media player and sometimes on real player...mainly wav. and wmv. files......i can run quicktime however....some posts haver talked about power issues...can anyone help?

A:everytime i run windows media player my computer crashes

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Okay so in May I went to turn my computer on like normal and it went to the starting windows and everytime. Windows at freezes Computer Starting screen stayed there for minutes which I found weird I quickly shut it off then turned it back on I waited minutes and the fan got really loud and really hot then shut itself off The computer Computer freezes at Starting Windows screen everytime. was normal just hours Computer freezes at Starting Windows screen everytime. before this I ended up taking the computer apart cleaning the fan thinking the fan was dirty then it wouldn't come back on at all So I left it alone saying I was gonna find a computer place and take it there but I got sidetracked My husband gave the computer to my dad a few weeks ago and my dad got it to come back on turns out the power plug wasn't plugged in from where I had took it apart Well it comes back on but low and behold it still freezing at quot starting windows quot just like before I took it apart It will start normally but when it gets to the quot starting windows quot screen it stays there for about - minutes the fan gets really loud then it shut offs I'm not sure whats wrong with it I have some pictures in it that haven't been backed up so I can't do anything that will lose files I thought it was the fan because it had shut off before when it got overheated but my grandma's computer fan is broke and her computer works normal it just shuts off if it gets too hot and I've had to replace a fan in other computers and it would just shut off not freeze at the same place no matter what Its a HP laptop and has windows Also I'm not hugely computer smart so please speak english when answering

A:Computer freezes at Starting Windows screen everytime.

Hi and welcome to SevenForums!

Assuming that it's not a serious hardware problem..... If you haven't tried booting to Safe Mode I suggest you try that. It'll load Windows with a minimum configuration that sometimes allows Windows to start when it can't be started normally. It may be a little technical but the tutorials are well explained and includes pictures.
Safe Mode see option one

When you boot the PC press and keep tapping the F8 key about every second until you see a black and white menu. From there you can select Safe Mode. More info and a screenshot:
Advanced Boot Options see #3

If you can start in Safe Mode you should be able to save your pictures, for example to a USB.
If not, there are other ways to rescue them, for example this way but it requires to install a program and burn a CD to boot from, or a USB:
Relevancy 53.32%

I have only recently had this problem and can not find a solution. Windows Installer pops up everytime I select My Computer or My Documents it is very very annoying. Any help would be great.

The process the installer is linked too is explorer.exe

A:Windows Installer pops up everytime I select My Computer or My Documents
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I Everytime Can't Fix Worse Is Now, Getting With To It, Log Computer Bsoding Trie... Try I Windows Errors, Even Into Driver_irql have to use my dad s computer which he uses for work because My computer died and we don t have the money to fix it and I wanted to overclock it which I REALLY shouldn t have since my dad depends on using it for work Anyways I ran nTune s quot Fine Tuning quot option for hours but wasn t happy with the memory timings because the RAM supports CAS Latency with - - - timings and nTune decides to back everything down that it has tuned when the computer crashes restarts so when it was too high FSB clocks that caused it to crash it would lower everything else it had tuned In the end nTune put the timings at - - - so I went back into the BIOS and on accident I set it to CAS latency with - - - timings This is where it wouldn t boot up because I set them too low so I had to reset the CMOS with the jumper on the motherboard It booted up fine and I set the BIOS back how I had them but when I tried to boot into windows I got an error about ntoskrnl exe is corrupt or missing and when I tried to boot into Vista Dual Boot and got a similar problem but with hal dll or something so I spent Computer Is Bsoding With Driver_irql Errors, Getting Worse Everytime I Try To Fix It, Can't Even Log Into Windows Now, Trie... probably an Computer Is Bsoding With Driver_irql Errors, Getting Worse Everytime I Try To Fix It, Can't Even Log Into Windows Now, Trie... hour trying to figure out what caused it and it turns out a simple BIOS reset fixed it Once I reset the BIOS I tried to boot into windows XP which worked fine then when I tried to log into my account I got some error about lsass exe failed and the computer would restart in minute When the timer got down to seconds the screen went white and the PC froze I restarted the PC logged into windows XP again but Google Talk gave me an error about the certificate was invalid something like that and that the clock date was the problem when I go to click OK I get a BSOD that only flashed for a fraction of a second too fast to see what it said This is where my main problem is After Google Talk gave me that error about the clock date being invalid I remembered I forgot to set the dates in the CMOS after I reset the CMOS Once I did that logged into windows again and it logged into Google Talk fine so I thought My problem was gone but before even a minute of being logged in I got another BSOD this time I managed to read the top before it reset IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL was the problem but I didn t manage to get any other information After trying to log into windows XP about - times I decided to try to boot into vista Vista boots fine completely stable no problems at all This is what confuses me what can cause the BSOD s in XP just by changing the BIOS RAM timings etc but have no effect on vista at all or what can changing the BIOS even cause anything in the OS to change Anyways I was trying to do anything to fix it like chkdsk etc After all night of probably - hours of working on it I decided to try and do a repair install of Windows XP which goes fine but while I leave for a minute after it finishes installing and is booting into windows when I get back I see the BSOD again this time it didn t restart and I managed to write it down DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUALSTOP X D XB E BDE X X XB E BDE ftdisk sys - Address B E BDE base at B E DateStamp d ftdisk sys - Address B E BDE base at B E DateStamp d I restarted my PC after the BSOD and windows booted up I tried to login to my account which told me the hardware changed significantly so I need to reactivate it within days but it just stopped loading after showing my Background I do Windows Key amp L to log out to try and log into my dad s account It loads fine but soon BSOD s again I restarted again logged into my account which BSOD ed again within minutes of being logged in but the next time I try to boot into windows it gives me th... Read more

A:Computer Is Bsoding With Driver_irql Errors, Getting Worse Everytime I Try To Fix It, Can't Even Log Into Windows Now, Trie...

I think it's FINALLY FIXED! My advice to anyone with the same BSOD, try the simpler things first.

What fixed it for me, was booting into safe-mode (Or safe-mode with command prompt, and opening explorer.exe from there) then go Start > Run, and type msconfig. Once that opens, disable EVERYTHING on startup, and possibly in services, and also under the "General" tab, select Diagnostic startup. Click OK, restart, and let it boot normally. It should work fine. From there, you can enable what you need one at a time, in msconfig>startup.
Relevancy 52.46%

I have 2 problems that i really need help with PLEASE

1...I created a user account in windows xp home sp2 and gave it admin properties, but whenever i try to install anything it says that i must have admin properties and then quits the install.

2...I have everything install but have a ! in control panel on ethernet controller, how can i fix this.

This computer is for my preacher so I REALLY NEED HELP lol

Thanks to all

A:requires admin to install

right click on it and run as admin
Relevancy 52.46%

Trying to install SP but am reading that important files should be backed up My question is is backup install what way? best SP3 requires -- XP -- which ones and how many I have quot my documents quot and music and photos on an external drive Is that enough Or should I try to mirror the entire hard drive I have a LaCie USB external with space still available It came with the quot -Click Backup V for Windows but I haven t used it have only done manual copies of documents My C drive for some reason suddenly clogged up XP SP3 install requires backup -- what is best way? to full until I moved the My Documents out I run AVG and haven t had any sign of infection but something is definitely off so am nervous about just copying the C drive over to the external My XP home did NOT come with a backup and restore utility I ve seen some decent looking free downloads to do this job including XP SP3 install requires backup -- what is best way? Acronis True Image and Drive Snapshot I m just not sure how much I need to backup if I should use a full copy of the drive or if the essential files are enough before doing the XP SP install Any advice here appreciated nbsp

Relevancy 52.46%

I ve encountered an odd problem I had a computer with an Comp Install Shuts Off Windows During unauthorized copy of windows xp on Comp Shuts Off During Windows Install it which worked great for the days of trial After a month I attempted to install a different copy of xp on it didn t do any formatting or anything Booting from disk I was able to do the preliminary stages of windows install and then it needed to restart so I restarted it posts goes through bios and after a screen which said quot Windows install is restarting quot or something to that effect it instantly shuts off I found that if I didn t insert the install disk it would boot up and get to the windows install menu the one that takes minutes or whatever and sit there prompting me to insert the install disk As soon as I inserted the disk ANY disk actually install audio data it would spin for half a second and then instantly shut off I suspected either a faulty disc drive or maybe a dual-OS-booting problem so I tried a different cd drive with a different hard drive HD had data on it but no OS and same problem Thoughts

A:Comp Shuts Off During Windows Install

/Edit to my post...I had a computer with an unauthorized copy of windows xp on itThrough PM it was determined that adwill9 had purchased software to help remedy his issues. Good luck with your fix adwill9.
Relevancy 52.46%

Hi I m new to the forums first post Anyways one of my friends has brought me their HP Pavilion ZE to shuts windows trying when install Laptop off Model ZE US to have windows xp reinstalled She had too many errors and viruses and spyware on it so she wanted it wiped clean and reinstalled So I got to the part where I deleted the partition then it just shut off Lost all power It didn t do this before because I booted up from the Laptop shuts off when trying to install windows Hard drive and let it sit for a while and it never shut down So I tried again and now it will go through loading up the drivers then when it gets to the first screen that gives the options of installing repairing etc it just powers down each time If I open up the bios and let it sit for a while it will power off sometimes I have pulled the hard drive out and put a new one in still does it Swapped out the RAM still does it Tried w battery in on ac without battery on battery and it does it each time Anyone have any suggestions nbsp

Relevancy 52.03%

I'm flummoxed. I'm trying to install Adobe CS5, and even though I've tried:
1) right click installer, "Run as administrator"
2) activate Vista "hidden" Admin account from CMD line and try running install from that account

Install still balks and says "You must have administrator priveleges to install this software".

Any ideas? Vista Ultimate x64. My Win7 discs will be here Weds., so this may fix the problem!

Relevancy 51.17%

I have a HP and I am trying to do a clean install of Windows 7. My SSD is detected in the Bios. But during the Windows 7 installation, the part where I supposed to select which hd/partitioned to install Windows 7 on, my hdd is not listed. It ask for drivers but I think I have the wrong ones or am doing it wrong?

A:New SSD detected in bios but not by install, requires drivers

Need abit more info
Type of system ? laptop
What type of drive/how is it connected ? sata
Bios type ? efi
Is it a new drive ?
Relevancy 51.17%


I am trying to help a friend,

he works on a ship and wants to connect a USB Wifi Hot spot adapter to a PC on the ships network so he can use wifi on his phone to use whatsapp messenger to text back home to family, he really would like it hidden so no software is installed and preferably SSID hidden too, just because he says there are strict rules to what's installed on their computers so was wanting something that can run itself from a USB stick with no installation.

his is based in UK so something he could buy locally preferably

many thanks in advance

A:Need a USB Wifi hotspot thats requires no software install

just because he says there are strict rules to what's installed on their computersClick to expand...

Just because we have strict rules about not supporting circumvention of such restrictions I'll close this now to prevent anybody who's tempted to get into trouble.
Relevancy 51.17%

I am having trouble installing any windows update that requires a restart Here Window Cannot any restart a Install Update that requires is a view of my Cannot Install any Window Update that requires a restart Windows update historyHere is the error msgHere are my basic system specs Basically every time windows tries to auto update it downloads installs then says a system restart is required It restarts acts like it is installing and gets to Step of goes from like to complete in a matter of a few seconds then states that the install was unsuccessful and that is must revert back to its previous configuration I have tried searching and doing some of the things that Windows suggests but to no avail I would like to start over from step zero just so I don t miss anything I appreciate any help with Cannot Install any Window Update that requires a restart this I do travel and am out of contact from time to time so I will try to post when I will travel and we I return so that the post does not go dead when I appear not to respond Thanks ahead of time

A:Cannot Install any Window Update that requires a restart

Have you tried...manually installing any of these updates?

How to troubleshoot common Windows Update, Microsoft Update, and Windows Server Update Services installation issues -

Microsoft Windows Update Troubleshooter -

Relevancy 51.17%

I'm trying to install a 'clean' installation of vista
I already have vista on my computer as my operating system but I have been experiencing problems.
I'm booting from the vista disc, and everything seems to be working correctly until after the first start up. Once I get to the screen where it says 'completing installation', suddenly it just stops working. It's not really frozen, but it will not continue the installation. I've tried installing it around five times and this has happened every time.
Any suggestions on how to fix this?


A:Windows vista clean install freezes, or shuts down

Elaborate a bit please: Do you have Vista already installed and you are trying to install another copy over the existing one? A clean install to me means that you have removed the previous installation of Vista.
Relevancy 51.17%

Whenever I play a movie or a game, after about 20 mins or so the display stops working. On some occasions the computer will just shut off. I have ran a AIDA64 benchmark test on my machine with all hardware devices and the system performs well. (Test ran for 5 hours +) I also checked my cpu temperatures and when I do play a movie or game temps rise into the 75C + range. I have replaced my power supply with a(thermaltake 600w tr2) and even bought a ZALMAN CNPS5X Performa 92mm FSB cooler to help but still no solution to my problem. I also tried putting in a pci-express video card and the problem still happens.

A:Computer display shuts off/computer shuts down. During video tasks.

75c isnt hot hot, but is a little hot for watching movies.

what cooler do you have on your cpu? and what are the idle temperatures?
also how long do they take to recover from the highest to the lowest temp?

this could be something as simple as poorly applied thermal compound.

im not saying it is over heating its just one possibility.
especially if youve a cpu with a built in apu and not a discreet gpu.
Relevancy 50.74%

When I am trying to install a piece of software on a machine in a public environment it requires the license code for each user even though when I install it I choose "for all users". I have tried copying the installers (admin) profile to the default profile and that didn't work. I have also tried using a process monitor to track the license file in the registry when i do a fresh installation. The vendor (probably clueless its a very small company) tells me that this is normal but I am thinking that there is a way for this to work for multiple users without having to enter the license code. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

A:Software install requires license code for every user

Sorry this is for XP
Relevancy 50.74%

When I am trying to install a piece of software on a machine in a public environment it requires the license code for each user even though when I install it I choose "for all users". I have tried copying the installers (admin) profile to the default profile and that didn't work. I have also tried using a process monitor to track the license file in the registry when i do a fresh installation. The vendor (probably clueless its a very small company) tells me that this is normal but I am thinking that there is a way for this to work for multiple users without having to enter the license code. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

A:Software install requires license code for every user

Whats the name of this application? Look around user folders, if you are lucky there might be registration info stored somewhere inside.
Relevancy 50.31%

The same message pops up when i try to play solo missions "you must own the full version of starcraft to play to single player campaignes"
I've tried with my own disc and a few of my friends', but each tim the same error.
What's going on!?!?!
Relevancy 49.88%

It all started when i opened some foreign file and it mustve been a virus or something. That triggered my computer to make these weird whirring clicky noises. Then my computer shut down. That day, i tryied to turn it on, it worked. However, the monitor didnt display anything. The computer was running but something to do with the bios just wasn't working.
Later on, my father fixed it.
However. NOW, the computer randomly shuts off by itself.
I'd start the computer on, and usually, the computer would start to make these noises similar to that of a computer reading a disc.
after the noises, the computer shuts off, and restarts by itself.
Anyone have any ideas?

A:Computer shuts makes busy noise then shuts off randomly

Your hard drive may be faulty. What is the make and model of the system and what is the brand of the hard drive inside the computer?
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I realized Norton Premium out of the blue was set to off I ran a support check usual process before getting to Norton support The checked window didn t completed normally instead of saying all fine it poped-up following window see below lt a href http www shared com photo azT IVGYce Remove and install Norton html target blank gt resource Norton acces to locked installation failed on msg:"install requires 360 lt img src http dc shared com img azT IVGYce d Remove and install Norton jpg border gt lt a gt I ran removal tool NRhR exe I had the last version of installed but can t name version as is not running on PC you will see at end of this description which also Includes reinstall of after a reboot the uninstalled didn t completed fine it poped-up window asked me to run Norton Power Eraser NPE exe NPE ran and came back with no risks I re-ran NRhE exe nothing Norton 360 installation failed on msg:"install requires acces to locked resource to uninstall but needed to reinstall It uninstalled rebooted completeda download of and try to install it at about completeof re-installed following window appeared lt a href http www shared com photo qpb Guccce nd Print Screen Error html target blank gt lt img src http dc shared com img qpb Guccce d e nd Print Screen Error jpg border gt lt a gt I was on way to contact community when following IE window appeared as following completely unformatted or the css messed up I had no clue even an unknown toolbar I found out from zonealarm removed from PC almost a year ago and never had issue since from zonealarm see following lt a href http www shared com photo D ejz vqce Norton Stangely display html target blank gt lt img Norton 360 installation failed on msg:"install requires acces to locked resource src http dc shared com img D ejz vqce d Norton Stangely display jpg border gt lt a gt I also had another IE opened when I came back ckecking on that nd IE I saw following window with url listed as www simpleskinhealth com site I never entered in url And there was over it two blank page bars with two pop-up window asking me to leave them I closed IE process in task manager rebooted went to site with same unformat but could get to community see below lt a href http www shared com photo pqX HGtcba AreYouSureYouWantToLeaveThisPa html target blank gt lt img src http dc shared com img pqX HGtcba d AreYouSureYouWantToLeaveThisPa jpg border gt lt a gt I was suggested to run malwarebites which I have done took hours to complete without finding anything wrong I tried to reinstalled to get same installation requires access to resource locked above print screen At this point I restarted NRhr exe to completely uninstall right after reboot I shutdown PC before the re-installation of could start At this point knowing to be without installed of any firewall I went to Comodo and try to temporarly install their Internet security Comodo didn t installed completely I went to comodo community to ask instructions to remove Comodo followed Comodo removal instructions I went back to community without and without comodo installed but stating malwarebites completed fine I was suggested to come here bleeping computer to ask help to resolve this issue Please help

A:Norton 360 installation failed on msg:"install requires acces to locked resource

My first time here. I am not sure if I should answer here or after my first post... You can read initial details in following post, it took me days full/overtime, but it got resolved, as an happy end!!!
A support tech guy from Comodo found and resolved the issue. There was a driver error related to network. He looked in device manager, unhidde all fields. Two hidden softwares devices were set to disable. Just needed to enable those two and the network resource required acces locked was resolved. I could finally re-installed a internet security. I choose Comodo as they help me out fixing this issue.
Thanks guys here for your help.
Please, see image linked showing the un-hidden softwares devices.
<a href="" target=_blank><img src="" border="0"></a>
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Everytime I try installing MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, or Ventrilo I get a error message referring to internal error 2894 on every single one. Anyone have an idea on how to fix this?

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So this time the problem started out as a simple issue Whenever I bump the desk or move the keyboard out with too much force the computer shuts off Everybody told me that it could have been a loose connection so I checked it all and replugged everything back in The computer starting working fine for about hours then it just shut off randomly while I was playing a game shuts off computer and around it any Power shuts off randomly, movement This time though it shut off without me bumping into anything SO is this a power supply issue I m using a -watt supply while running a GT This is the right power amount so that s not my concern And Power shuts off randomly, and any movement around computer shuts it off now the problem has gotten worse to the point where I turn on the computer and nothing shows up again Windows doesn t load and the screen Power shuts off randomly, and any movement around computer shuts it off is on too You here the fans and everything but nothing will load All my parts from my old issue were replaced EXCEPT the power supply and CD-drive I don t think it could be another loose connection b c now nothing even shows up Please help nbsp

A:Power shuts off randomly, and any movement around computer shuts it off

Have you tried plugging into a different surge protector and different outlet?

Sounds like you need to swap the power supply to me.
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I am running a new Dell laptop with Windows XP. Recently the computer has began completely powering off without warning. It seems to happen whenever I run scans or use the proccessor alot. I have not done anything unusual or downloaded anything so I really dont know. Could it be overheating?? Help!

A:Windows XP Computer Shuts Down!!! HELP!!!

Could be over-heating.

This program has some sensors dependant on your hardware:

Check under: Computer | Sensor

Are you plugged in when this happens or battery powered?

Also: look in your event viewer: rt. click My Computer then click Manage then Event Viewer.
Open the system as well as the application tabs & look for X errors. Click error line for details. Post back the source & event id especially of errors that seem to coincide with a crash.
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I don't know what the deal is, its definately not a hardware issue because i never had any problems whatsoever with xp pro x64. the problem is my computer just shuts down apparently when im away from it for any length of time, i set my hard drive to defrag and i come back a few hours later and its turned off, and when i push the power switch the computer doesnt post, so i have to turn the power switch off on the power supply to reset it and it turns on fine, and when it starts back up... its back to the defrag screen.... only seems to happen when im away from the computer, is it failing to go into sleep?
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I don't know if this is the right forum to post this question. I have posted a question in the Security ''Am I infected' forum, but have received no responses.

I used Microsoft Security Essentials as antivirus, but caught the XP security 2012 virus anyway. The Microsoft program asked to clean the computer, I said yes, and it did. Then it asked me to restart the unit. That is when the problem occurred.

When I restart it I only get a blue screen saying that Windows has encountered a problem and is shutting down to protect the computer. It doesn't shut off, but just stays on that screen. I can shut the machine down, but on restart I can't go into any of the safe modes. So essentially I can do nothing.

I am hoping for some guidance here, before I just go out and buy a new unit.



A:windows XP shuts down computer

Although it would be great if we could provide instantaneous responses to all doesn't happen that way.

Your post in the Am I Infected forum will receive a the meantime, please be patient.

I am closing this topic to prevent confusion.

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ok i have a soundmax audio device and i uninstalled the device for an update i think and now everytime i try to install it says driver cannot be found u must restart the computer and i have done numerous times thanks for the help

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Ok so I thought it was my video card but then i swapped it out and it is still doing it .... it used to be random but now it seems to do it randomly and when installing new programs and also at 10% install on the new wow exp beta it is at 10% on the dot every time. Any help would be lovely also i am a newb at this forum so if i forgot somthing please let me know!!! thanks a ton!!!

I have updated windows and all drivers.
system has been bsoding for a while even after clean install
windows 7 pro had computer built for about a year now

oem windows
msi 870 g45 mobo with a pheonom 2 denab black edition stock clock
8 gb ram
ati video card

A:01E bsod Everytime I try to install somthing! help!

The BSOD's are caused by WUSB54Gv4x64.sys (dated from 2006 - a component of your Ralink 802.11 USB Wireless Adapter. You may have another brand name for this device, so visit their website to download the latest Win7 drivers.
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Hey guys I am pulling my hair out and there isnt much left I been trying to install I everytime to try XP screen Blue get XP installed after my harddrive crashed I keep getting an error after Blue screen everytime I try to install XP I boot from the XP disk after it says Setup is starting windows it just goes do the BSOD x b is the error it Blue screen everytime I try to install XP says inacessible boot error on the microsoft website the BSOD tells me to run CHKDSK f and scan for viruses Blue screen everytime I try to install XP I am at my wits end I have tried to erase everything on the harddrive no luck It doesnt make any sense to me I dont think I will ever get this working I have tried to boot from the XP cd WITHOUT any harddrive even connected and I get the same ERROR Which stumped me because the error seems to pertain to problems with the harddrive I have tried the seagate disk program no luck either My mobo is a v deluxe from asus and the harddrive is a SEAGATE sata Im pretty sure the SATA drivers are installed because it says that during the setup soemthing about promise fastrak SATA and whatnot If there is anything I can run like dos program to check for anything please let me know I am really getting frustrated PS I only got past the BSOD once and but it came up on the following screen during setup Any info would be really helpful thanks in advanced

A:Blue screen everytime I try to install XP


That BSOD STOP error can be caused by:

1) Boot sector virus infection

2) Device Driver issues

3) Hardware issues with your HD controller or HD

Check out:

for detailed troubleshooting steps related to this STOP error.

- John
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For fail everytime to Drivers install some reason most likely a virus all of my network adapter drivers and usb controller drivers were uninstalled I tried manually downloading the drivers from Intel and HP for the wireless since Drivers fail to install everytime that is all I have right now I can only burn discs on another computer and pop it into the computer having issues I went to install the drivers and it continually fails I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling through device manager as well I should mention I tried installing the Windows drivers when I did an upgrade from Vista I have tried running Microsoft Fix It and it was unable to fix the drivers I have tried running chkdsk r on the drive I am currently performing chkdsk f on it I have scanned my computer for viruses Malwarebytes was the only thing that managed to find something Specs about the computer Running Windows Ultimate x Custom upgrade from Vista Home Premium x HP Pavilion dv - dx series computer I am looking for assistance in trying to install these drivers back onto my computer rather than blowing away the OS and reinstalling it Will blow it away as last resort

A:Drivers fail to install everytime

Does the problem occur if you start Safe Mode with networking?

If you can get that far with typical behavior then you could download install and update. the malwarebyte's tool.
Malwarebytes : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO removes malware including viruses, spyware, worms and trojans, plus it protects your computer

It may not hurt to reset your bios either... if you know how.
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I keep getting this error. Then I went to the apple site and searched it up, and it said to try to remove the Temp folder...well I did that but it says I need administrator privaleges to do that..which is weird b.c I'm in administrator all the time! so that didn't work..

Then it said to try a later version of iTunes which I also did and I got the same error..

Can someone pls. help me out! How can I fix this so I can install iTunes.?

-Thanks! =)

A:Everytime I try to install iTunes I keep getting this error.

It states that you don't have access to that registry key.
Are you comfortable with editing the registry?
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OK so I have my bootable copy of windows installing 7 down Computer while HELP!!! Windows shuts Home Premium on a disk and I am attempting a clean HELP!!! Computer shuts down while installing Windows 7 install since I HELP!!! Computer shuts down while installing Windows 7 got a nasty virus which corrupted my previous HELP!!! Computer shuts down while installing Windows 7 copy of windows vista ultimate I start the computer and choose to boot from the disk and it takes a while but eventually it comes up with the setup screen I choose my language and all that and make sure to format the hdd before i start the install The install starts fine and ventually the computer restarts Upon reloading the screen says something about registry files im sorry i cant remember atm and then it goes back to the setup screen showing that has almost completed installation and then it restarts again The difference this time is that when the computer comes back on it goes the quot windows wasn't shutdown correctly quot and asks if i want to start in safe mode or just normally If i coose safe mode it loads but says quot windows cannot complete installation in safe mode quot and if i choose smart normally it just keeps restarting and then randomly shuts its self down I dont have anyother hardware attached other than the screen keyboard and mouse My setup is CPU Intel Dual Core Ghz MB Gigabyte P-DS P RAM Kingston gb Graphics Gigabyte Geforce GTS Any advice would be greatly appreciated

A:HELP!!! Computer shuts down while installing Windows 7

Wipe the HD to clean it of any remaining infection: SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

Check that you have the latest BIOS version update from the mobo maker's SUpport DOwnloads webpage for your model.

Clear the CMOS: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS

Check the SATA controller setting. Try AHCI first, then IDE if necessary.

Where did you get Win7? Did you burn it yourself. Verify burn with ImgBurn by loading ISO and DVD. Burn again if necessary using ImgBurn at 4x speed with Verify.

Try installing from USB flash stick: USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool
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There is a bit of history behind this case I'm completely stumped and I'm really damn good but if I came here its because I have nothing else to try Anyway here goes So I'm typing away on Windows XP SP w Firefox on my normal internet forum and bam I get the BSOD can't remember which one it was out of nowhere I restart off Computer SP2 setup shuts during Windows XP and upon startup my explorer process is on the loop so I'm like damnit disconnect my ethernet So it Computer shuts off during Windows XP SP2 setup loops back and forth every seconds or so and I'm like well looks like I'm going to use the good ole' combofix for this one So I restart the computer in safe mode pop my flash drive in with combofix and get it started Detects rootkits restarts on its own and fixes that and gets rid of some other problems as well So it completes it restarts no ethernet connected Still goes on a explorer loop when I'm back So I decide to run it again Upon the Combofix prompt to quot Combofix is restarting the computer Do not restart the computer on your own quot Whatever the infection is decides to screw me over and it turns off GREAT So I startup and I get the BSOD stop error because the windows software registry is a goner So I'm actually happy because I get to make my move to Ubuntu now sorry guys So I boot up my Ubuntu and backup my files I nuke the HD after that I still gotta have Windows because my wife needs it for when she remotely works from home and because she cannot live without itunes Fine Finally heres the problem and here is my specs ASUS AN X mobo AMD Athlon X ATI Radeon X XTX WD Sata GB HD Original Seagate Sata GB HD newly added x MB pin RAM sticks I pop my Windows XP SP CD in and it does its thing restarts gets to the setup and at the minute mark the computer turns off Former Geeksquad employee here so I pop my MRI CD in and run a CPU stress test and Memtest and its fine So I go Bad sectors on HD I install Ubuntu on the GB drive and its fine Windows XP too dumb to not install on bad sectors I buy another HD the GB one and put that in there Wipe the MBR off So I install windows on the GB HD and it restarts Same problem Turns off during the setup at minutes Thanks for the help in advance

A:Computer shuts off during Windows XP SP2 setup

What brand and wattage is the power supply . . can you look at the voltages in BIOS?
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I was just using my computer when suddenly, all windows started closing, one at a time, a bit like someone was closing them. Certain documents asked if they wanted to save, and the same someone told them not to. Then, once everything closed down, the computer itself restarted. When it tried to boot back up, it reached a black screen that said "Error!" and froze. Trying to shut down and start up again reaches the same conclusion.

What has happened? And what needs to be done?

A:All windows close, computer shuts down.

Suggest you open a thread in the Virus and Trojan section and let the security guys check it for you as it sounds as if someone has taken control of your computer.

Are you able to boot up in Safe Mode ?

Note the section's preposting instructions

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help
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my computer was fine yesterday, however now when i tried to turn it on, it tells me to select the windows OS (windows xp professional 2002), goes to the windows xp professiona loading screen and then there is a flash of a blue screen (it goes away within a second so i dont have any idea what is written on the blue screen) and then it restarts itself. This happens until you shut off the computer. I have tried "last known configuration" and "safe mode," same exact thing happens.

the computer is a compaq presario 5410. please help me recover it. i am now reinstalling windows xp professional.


A:Computer shuts down without loading windows

Ok. I repaired the windows xp pro installation and it worked!!!! Yay. Buit what was wrong?
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hello guys im new to this ... this is my problem...

i have an hp dv2700 amd turion 64 its currently runing on windows 7 32bit i found and iso file online custom with great reviews heres the link just in case <link removed>.... i tried to install this windows thruogh usb drive i used windows 7 to usb to mount it, all this when well, however when i boot from the usb drive, the first thing where it says "windows is loading files\' after that computer shuts down i did it a couple of times and then blue screen came on but mostly it just shuts down and i just dont know what to do anymore!... please i need someone to give me any ideas... thank you in advance for looking!

A:Windows 7 installation from USB computer shuts down help!!!!

Please read the forum rules, we cannot help you to install illegally downloaded software or help with P2P software.
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Dell Inspiron Core Duo Intel T with Bios Revision A gig Seagate Momentus HDD mb DDR SDRAM Issue started when I pulled off the bottom panel of laptop covering heatsink and CPU These computers are notorious for getting HUGE dust bunnies caught in large heatsink which gets computer too hot I ve done this over dozen times since owning this computer and proceeded like normal I mistakenly installation windows Help computer shuts down had the existing operating system in sleep mode when I did it and after putting the computer back together Vista wouldn t load and just cyled without loading I tried using quot last known good configuration quot Help windows installation computer shuts down which didnt work I got the computer into safemode with network support and was able to use Vista fine with NO shutdowns randomly but struggled to get the main Vista to load After half a dozen failed attempts at restarting I coudn t get it to work so I popped in my Vista disk that came with laptop and attempted quot repair quot as well as different restore points before failing miserably I never got that to work so I reinstalled windows which failed twice then finally went ALL THE WAY THROUGH INSTALLATION Once I got into Vista like normal I noticed a lot of lag in the OS so I restarted hoping it would work itself out on a restart computer never would log back in Ive been trying to get windows reinstalled since then for days During the Vista installation I always get to the final stage of completing installation when the computer ALWAYS shuts down here I can t get past that Since then THINGS I VE TRIED chkdsk diskpart clean formatted hdd gig Seagate Momentus SATA in command prompt fresh iso of Vista on thumb drive reset bios NOTHING IS WORKING Is this a Hard drive issue RAM thermal paste on cpu motherboard what I m at a loss for words since this is a cheap computer now I just dont want to pour a ton of cash into this I could get a duplicate laptop for nbsp

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I recently installed a new MB and processor and when I reinstalled XP, the machine will not shut down when requested to. It acts like it is rebooting when I choose shutdown. I heard a rumor it might be something in the Registry settings. Any clues? Thanks.

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Yesterday, my PC was infected with a very malicious virus which would not allow me to open any programs unless I paid for "anti-virus" software. Of course I was not about to do that, so I decided to just use my system recovery disk to overwrite everything and reinstall Windows. However, every time I try to do this my computer simply turns off without warning about half way through the process.

Does anyone have any idea as to what might be causing this or what I can do to fix this issue? I don't think that it is overheating or that there are any hardware issues.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Computer Shuts Off During Windows XP Reinstallation

and welcome to the Forum

The most common cause of this is overheating . . has it done this before? Can you look at the temps in BIOS

What Brand/Model is the pc?
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im not sure what it is, it has never gone 10 minutes without shutingdown, new hdd and re-installed windows xp home edition sp2 32 bit. please help!

intel celeron e1200 @ 1.60ghz conroe 65nm technology
1.00gb ddr2
foxconn 45gm

A:old windows xp computer randomly shuts down

Skrillek, My first cut at this is that you have either a Fan problem or heat related. I would check the heat sink on your processor and give your power supply a cleaning with compressed air.

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I'm not sure if this is a hardware or Windows question, so I will start here. I attempted to start my computer when it reached the NVRAM checked screen it shuts itself off. I mean completly OFF. I have restarted it several times and each time it shuts off at the same point. I tried a different hard drive and it still shut down at the same point.
It will not allow me to go to the Bios. I checked the power supply, the fan etc., and nothing seems out of sinc. Please help.

A:Computer shuts down before Windows can load.

Howdy gjwizard...



Assuming that it is actually powering down after the NVRAM check ( sometimes some people will say it shuts off, when actually the pc has power, but the monitor goes blank, this is not actually shutting off )...

The first thing I would try is to clear the CMOS ( either by moving the jumper, or removing the CMOS battery for about 20 min. )...

Next try removing all cards ( except memory, and video ), and disconnecting all IDE devices, and floppy drives...
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I have a computer that shuts down after loading Windows. When it is loading, a menu loads just before windows with 4 options I believe. You can pull this menu up when pushing F8. It doesn't matter which option I pick, It will shut down just before Windows loads. But just before it shuts down, it will display the following message "It is Now safe to Shut Down Your Computer". Any ideas?

Zephyrhills, FL

A:Computer shuts down after loading Windows Me

Bumping to the top.
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Hey everyone... so my computers been running fine for about a year now.. I'm an audio engineer so I need my computer. i have 3 projects due tomorrow and i'm very stressed out. Basically my computer shuts off when i get to the windows loading screen... I'm thinking the processors heat paste has run low.. Any ideas on what to do?.. (revised- i think its starting to shut off before then now) Could it be the power??


A:Computer Shuts Off Upon Windows Loading??

Sounds like a power supply issue, however it could also be software related, have yo tried safe mode? if it boots into safe mode then it could be that you have a service or application loading with windows that is causing the problem, maybe try this first. Then i would suggest test it with a new PSU.
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Yesterday while surfing the web my computer randomly out of the blue logged off and shut down. Ever since then I can't seem to start it up again. Normally my computer goes through the BIOS screen for a couple of minutes before windows XP loads now the BIOS screen would occasionly reset itself even sometimes when windows is loading and then would eventually shut down after a few minutes. I've tried putting in the Windows CD and rebooting it somehow but it just shuts down during that. Any would be appreciated, Thanks.

A:Computer restarts and shuts down before Windows

Hi strana and welcome to TSF !

The computer restarting before Windows loads indicates a hardware failure. You won't be able to recover from it using your XP CD. Could you post your complete system specs (see the link in my sig) ? If it's a laptop brand and model will do, if it's a desktop don't forget to add the infos about the Power Supply Unit (on the sticker that's on the side of the PSU block).

If it's a desktop then open your case while the power is on and check that all the fans (cpu fan, video card fan, power supply fan) are spinning correctly. If there's no problem with your fans proceed with the following.

Remember to turn the computer off, unplug the power cable and touch a metal part of the case before you handle any internal component. If there's much dust go buy a can of compressed air at your local retailer and clean it.

Check that the CPU heatsink doesn't move at all, check that all the pci cards are correctly seated and double-check all the cables by unpluging/repluging them.

Once you've done all that, restart the computer and press the del key during startup to enter the bios utility (if the del key doesn't work, check this site). Check that all your drives (HDD, CD-rom, ...) appear correctly there then go to the hardware monitor screen and report your temperatures, fan speeds and voltages. Stay on that screen for one hour to ensure that the computer is stable there and retry to boot into Windows.

If it still crashes then you'll have to strip your system down to pinpoint the failing part. Remove all uneeded PCI cards if you have any (sound card, network card) and test with one ram stick at a time. See if you can borrow a friend's Power Supply to test your computer with (check first whether it's suitable for your computer, ask us if you're unsure).
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Hello I have a dell latitude laptop running windows xp sp On my system windows has a random crashing problem that I would like some help fixing Basically anywhere from to times per day windows randomly shuts the computer down for no reason It doesn't ask doesn't down no shuts windows for reason computer prompt and doesn't even show the 'windows is shutting down' screen it just goes black windows shuts computer down for no reason complete windows shuts computer down for no reason and total windows shut windows shuts computer down for no reason down for no reason and looses any unsaved data percent of the time It always reboots fine but anywhere from five seconds to five hours later BOOM random windows shut down It also happens whenever I remove the power cord from the back of the laptop EVERY SINGLE laptop I have ever seen or owned before could be unplugged and take it somewhere else without it crashing but not this one One nanosecond hyperbolie after the cord is removed windows instantly shuts the computer down without prompt nor warning Here is what I have unsuccessfully tried so far replaced the power cord and power supply with a brand new unit from dell reinstalled windows from disc reinstalled all device drivers completely wiped the entire hard drive repartition and reformatted and clean installed windows four times first time from shrink wrap disc second time from disc borrowed from work third time torrented windows burned using ImgBurn and fourth time after using linux boot CD and dd to 'zero' the hard drive and then reinstalled windows and all device drivers reflashed BIOS three different times from the images found on the dell website The problem still remains Where could this bug virus be hiding Boot sector Partition table A bug feature in windows xp that only happens on dell laptops I'm at a total loss My next move will be to take it to the shop and have a brand new physical hard drive installed because obviously the bug is persisting on the old one somehow Ideas Suggestions This bug feature seriously annoys me to no end and has resulted in much lost data and time

A:windows shuts computer down for no reason

A computer that shuts down by itself is usually caused by overheating. Blow out the fans with a can of compressed air on the side and the bottom of the computer. Consider using a laptop cooling pad.
Since removing the power adapter shuts the computer down, this may be caused by a failing battery. Remove the battery and use the computer with just the power adapter. monitor the temperature on the bottom of the computer. If it gets hot, then make sure there is ventilation to the bottom of the computer (eg) do not use on a bed or carpet. If running without battery works, then replace the battery.
Boot into Setup (Bios) go to PC Health or some such, here monitor the temperatures and make sure all fans are spinning.
You can also run a program like CPUID to monitor the temperatures.
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Every time I start my computer it shuts down when having displayed the Windows XP logo for a few seconds On some occasions it will restart the computer arrive at the XP logo again and restart shutdown once more If I start Windows in Safe Mode it will most often work but sometimes it will shutdown even here A few times the startup has complained about the CPU-frequency has been changed since the last start but it has only happened like out of tries or screen XP Computer down Windows at shuts something I have run MemoryTest Computer shuts down at Windows XP screen x and it found nothing wrong with the RAM I have also re-installed windows to make sure I have a clean and good installation What can be the cause of this Is it hardware related and if so which device is at fault What can I do to test it further Thank you very much in advance for any help Nelson SYSTEM SPECS Operating System Windows XP Motherboard Abit AN SLI Memory Corsair TWINX - XL DDR-DIMM MB HD Hitachi Deskstar T K GB SATA CPU AMD Athlon X GHz Graphics card Computer shuts down at Windows XP screen Sapphire Radeon X SE nbsp

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My Issue I shut down windows and it seems to but the computer fans lights drives Ram all still have power I've read through the posts and it seems there were some interesting ideas back in on how to fix it I tried searching my power options and making sure everything was set properly etc I even re-flashed my bios I didn't make any major changes like add new hardware software only some windows updates that I've now rolled-back Did anyone actually resolve this issue It looks like one or two people just had to adjust a power setting but that does not seem to be my issue Computer on down, stays Windows shuts I don't want to re-install windows because I've been reading other forums where Windows shuts down, Computer stays on people have tried that and it didn't fix anything My rig Windows Pro Asus M A XTD EVO AMD Windows shuts down, Computer stays on Althlon II x Gigs Crucial Ram WD Caviar tb drive LG Combo drive Mouse Keyboard through Windows shuts down, Computer stays on a starview KVM switch swap from work and home pc's

A:Windows shuts down, Computer stays on

Hmmm... I'm not sure if this is the fault of Windows or not. To found out if it is or not, could you please do the following.

1. Download Ubuntu 11.04 iso image. Download | Ubuntu The link gives you instructions on how to burn the iso to a CD with Windows 7. Download the 64 bit version of Ubuntu.

2. Burn the iso to a CD, and keep the CD in the disk drive.

3. Shut down from Windows. When Windows 7 appears to be shut off, but the power of the computer is still on, just pull the plug to disconnect the power.

4. Plug the power back on, turn on the computer.

5. Open the BIOS and make sure that the computer will boot off the CD.

6. Boot Ubuntu from the Live CD and it will load files a bit. It will then come with a screen giving two options. One saying something like Try Ubuntu, and the other Install Ubuntu. Just select Try Ubuntu. Wait for it to load to the desktop. Once you are in the desktop, shut off the computer from Ubuntu. You can do so from the very top right corner of the screen. Once Ubuntu shuts off, check to see if the computer power is still on or is off. Report back here when you have done so.
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Hello I have just built a new pc with this spec AMD Athlon HIS ATI my game, install pc, a reboots! new everytime help :) built just try i please a pc to Radeon X XTPE mb AGP mb Samsung RAM Pc taken from old machine GB WD Raptor just built a new pc, everytime i try to install a game, my pc reboots! help please :) HDD w Antec TrueBlue PSU DFI Lanparty UT nF Ultra I have taken a DVD-RW and a DVD-ROM from my old setup Here is the Problem Im trying to install any game the disk gets read in the drive as usual then the pc reboots It has happened everytime Ive tried to install a game Its even happened when im trying to install a few motherboard drivers I have tried putting an audio CD into the drive and it reads that no problem and does not reboot I am really stuck for ideas on how to solve this Could it be the DVD drives are the prob Could it be the HDD Could it be PSU Could it be the OS Im pretty sure the CPU is not over heating as it have the monitor up when it crashes and it is round ish Degrees Celcius Anyone have any ideas Help is much appreciated nbsp

A:just built a new pc, everytime i try to install a game, my pc reboots! help please :)

Does it happen in only one of the drives or both of them?

I'd try unplugging one of the drives from the cable and check if the issue persists, if so, switch which drive is unplugged then check again.
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Every time I try to install Dragon Age: Origins gives me the BSOD and restarts.. It's about a driver, I believe, but I don't know much about this, so. Someone can help me solve this problem please.

-Windows 7 Home Premuim x64
-Is the original OS of the PC

A:BSOD everytime I want install Dragon Age origins

I had this exact same problem and found it to be an issue with my graphics card. I did a driver update off NVIDIA and it worked after that. What make of graphics are you using?
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well my subject says it all, everytime i install sound blaster live on windows 2000 professional, and restart it, it freezes!!

i tried every slot and it's the same results.

i don't know if my sound card is damaged, but it used to work until my brother just touched it!! and all he really did was just touch it.

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My computer has Windows XP Service Pack 3.
Everytime the computer tries to install the latest update, which is Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 x86 (KB2833941), it fails (Error Code: 0x643). I tried to follow the fix-it steps from, but when I tried to download and run "Fix This Problem" I couldn't open the file type (diagcab). I also tried method 2 but the update still didn't install after the restart.
Thank you for any help or advice.

A:latest update fails to install everytime

You mean method 2 from here: ?
This is the method...
Uninstall .NET Framework 1.1. Then download the .NET Framework Cleanup Tool and unzip and run.
From the drop-down box, select 1.1 and clean.
Reinstall .NET Framework 1.1
Download and install .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1
Visit Windows Update or Microsoft Update and let it install the rest of the 1.1 updates including KB2833941.
Check if it's installs and report back.
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keep getting this admin prompt to enter username and password when i install something. the machine is part of a network. and i am logged in as a user. how do i change settings so a user never gets the prompt.

i have administrator access to log on to this computer to make changes if need be.

its just annoying to keep entering the details again and again.

A:how to disable admin prompt everytime i want to install

Easiest is when you get rid of the password - which is of little use anyhow.
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Just installed Office 2k

Everytime I open Word it goes through the install process again

Same for all Office apps

Any Ideas?


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I have a windows xp computer. The other day I installed a driver update from Windows Update which was not ceritified by Windows Logo.

So, later on realising it was causing lots of problems - I uninstalled it.

Now, everytime I logon to the computer, the driver trys to install - where I click and Stop the Installation

After a few hours, the PC crashes.


A:Unsigned driver tries to install everytime I logon on

You can try going to the device manager, right clicking that device and going to properties and find the roll back button on one of the tabs.
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ok, a month ago i upgraded my graphics card. went from dual hd 4850s in crossfire to a single hd 6870 dual fan by xfx.

about a week and a half ago my computer stops turning on. it makes it to the windows loading screen, or sometimes the motherboard screen before that and then shuts off.

i thought it was a power supply issue, so i bought a new one. long story short, i'm RMAing that back to newegg cuz its DOA, so i buy a new one from best buy tonight. its a 700watt corsair GS700.

my computer is still turning on and shutting right back off like it was. no change. if its not a power supply issue, i'm not sure where to go next

please help!!

A:computer shuts down at windows loading screen

ok, i just triple checked that everything is seated properly, all connections are connected. then i cleared the cmos with the button on the motherboard.

now the computer turns on, won't even get to the motherboard screen, then turns off. i've read somewhere in the last few minutes about possibly replacing the cmos battery on the motherboard? i'm at a loss here
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I am a beginner and use a laptop with windows xp. My son has been working on making movies, and the downloading from the camera had gone well- but now after about of minute of transfer, the computer shuts down. It does the same thing when it is rendering as well. I don't know what to do-- thank you!

A:Windows Movie Maker shuts down computer

When you say shuts down, do you get the blue screen of death? The big error people make when trying to edit with a laptop is that they capture their video on the same drive that the application sits on---this leads to nothing but trouble, particularly in an older laptop. The key is to load your video on an external drive and attach that drive to your laptop using firewire.