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Dual-Booting Vista with XP for gaming

Q: Dual-Booting Vista with XP for gaming

Is it a viable option to partition off 20 GB of my current partition to install Vista, so that I can boot it to play games that support DX10?

I know it's possible, but are there any complications? Will I be able to just run the DX10 games off the already-existing XP partition? Do I need to install drivers while in Vista, and will that interfere with XP?

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Preferred Solution: Dual-Booting Vista with XP for gaming

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I partitioned hard drive and everything. Then I installed XP Pro and Vista. Then I updated both and whatnot. I was on Vista then I restarted and booted into XP. Now when I try to boot into Vista it gets to the loading screen then it just restarts. I can still boot into XP fine.

Also I have lost all access to my BIOS. Does anybody know how to get that back?
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I want to remove Vista from my dual-boot because i dont like vista now.

A:Dont want Vista, Incomplete installation, Vista remains on dual-booting, WANT to remo

If you're dual-booting from XP then just put the CD in the drive and remove the Vista partition...
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Just a simple Google gives me hundreds of threads on dual booting Vista and XP, or XP and 98, but I have found none on dual booting Vista and Windows 98SE.

I am currently using a drive with an OS and a Data partition, with Vista as the only OS. I have found that it is a PAIN to run older kid's games in Vista. Many don't work, and many require admin rights to run.

So..I would really like to create a third partition (or use a separate drive) to install Windows 98, and dual boot between Vista and 98. I have the tools to do partitionwork (BootItNG and Partition Magic), but I'd prefer not use these for controlling the dual boot.

Is there a way to install Windows 98 on a third partition or separate drive, next to my existing Vista install, and then use Vista's boot loader to dual boot?
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Ok, I have just purchased a new hp media center pc that came preloaded with Windows Vista. I have come to find out that a lot of my programs that I use on a day to day base are not Vista compatible. I own the Pro version of Windows XP and would like to dual boot from 2 hard drives. Vista is currently located on one and I use the other for data storage. I would like to put XP Pro on my data storage hard drive. I also have a problem. I did not receive a Vista DVD with my computer so a fresh reinstall will not work. How would I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

A:dual booting xp and vista on two hardrives with vista installed

I recently purchased a new machine on which I'm running Vista. I salvaged the hard drive from my old machine and I'm using it as an external hard drive. The XP operating system is also still installed on the old hard drive. It's connected as local disk (K). There are a number of programs on the K drive that I'd like to have access to. Of course when I go to start/all programs on the "new" computer (C drive) it's only showing me the programs that are installed on the C drive. How can I get the programs from the K drive to appear in the list? Do I have to move them individually to the C drive? Can I get them to appear selectively?

Thanks for your help and advice, Happy Holidays.

For what it's worth, I bought my new machine from cyberpower pc and I'm very satisfied with the computer and with their technical support. No problems with Vista, either. I kinda like it.
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Alright, this is what's going on.

I installed vista on my harddrive, and then made a partition and installed windows 7 on it.

I no longer want vista, and just want windows 7.

How would I go about deleting vista all together, and just have windows 7?

If I make the windows 7 partition active, it won't boot.


A:Dual booting vista and windows 7, want to remove vista all together

The quick and easy would be wiping the Vista primary entirely as well as the reformat of the 7 primary for use as a second storage partition or simply delete that entirely to see one main primary for a clean install of 7 there. The other option is nuking the Vista primary only and leaving an empty partition in front of the inplace repair install option outlined in the tutorial on that. Repair Install
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I would like to make a dual boot of Vista and XP, with vista installed first. I found many step by step guides, but there vista dvd instalation disk is required. What if I don't have it, I've got vista installed on my pc when I bought it. How do I repair vista's MBR without that disk?

thank you

A:Dual booting Vista and XP

The freeware "VistaBootPro" has an MBR repair option, I think.

It's better to install Vista after XP. It's boot manager will manage XP just fine, but I don't think the reverse is true.
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Well hopefully when my machine gets up and running after solving the problem in THIS thread, I am going to put both on there.

My question is which should I install first and why?

Also is it possible to have an option as far as which OS drive I wish to select every time I want to boot into an OS?

A:Dual booting XP and Vista

You always install the odest first. The older one obviously can't detect something that didn't exist when it was made.

It will then create a dual-boot menu.
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Salutations This is my virgin thread and post here at Tech Support Forums and I'm looking forward to getting some real honest support unlike my last tech support forum which I had been visiting for booting Vista/XP Dual with over years rarely ever got a single solution from Anyway onto my problem To save you from Dual booting with Vista/XP reading a long boring story I'll just give you my system's current state The remnants of a botched Linux install still exists as a Grub Error which I've put off fixing for now by keeping my Vista DVD in the drive Dual booting with Vista/XP during boot After bypassing grub I get to my Vista bootloader which has Vista and XP as options Vista works fine but the XP option goes to the XP bootloader which is decidedly broken Some random missing file which I know the recovery Dual booting with Vista/XP option in the XP CD will not work Oh okay you copied over file that was missing now I need file and probably file and but I won't tell you until you copy each one at a time McGuyver for your use A broken grub loader on C A working Vista bootloader on C A working Windows Vista on C A broken Windows XP on E EasyBCD in Vista My guess is that I can use EasyBCD to erase the Vista bootloader rewrite the XP bootloader then rewrite the Vista bootloader over it Can someone walk me through this or suggest some other ideas

A:Dual booting with Vista/XP

Do you have any Linux partitions on your hard disk? If not, the simplest way may be to overwrite GRUB with Vista's MBR.
Boot from the Vista DVD, then pick repair, and pick startup repair.


Originally Posted by Kj?len

After bypassing grub, I get to my Vista bootloader, which has Vista and XP as options. Vista works fine, but the XP option goes to the XP bootloader, which is decidedly broken.

What do you see after you pick XP from the Vista boot menu? Do you get another menu? Have you tried pressing F8 to get into safe mode?


Originally Posted by Kj?len

Some random missing file, which I know the recovery option in the XP CD will not work (Oh, okay, you copied over file1 that was missing, now I need file2 and probably file 3 and 4, but I won't tell you until you copy each one at a time).

I kind of got lost there. If I may ask, how was XP installed, how was Vista installed (order matters), and what's the setup of the drives/partitions?
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I have Vista and XP installed on separate drives. What is the easiest way to set them to dual boot?

I want Vista to boot automatically if I just switch my PC on and walk away, but I want the option of selecting XP at startup by simply selecting it with an arrow key or something simple like that.

Right now the only way I can choose which to boot is to hit F12 during boot to enter boot setup and select which drive I want to boot.

Also if I boot XP the root is I: Is there a way for both drives to have the C: root depending on which one is booted?

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Okay so I had Vista in its own partition. Then I resized that partition and slapped on Windows 7 into a partition in the newly created unallocated space. Anyways, I know that Vista worked fine before. But now Windows 7 automatically boots and I am not given the chance to select Vista, which is essential as I need to be able to access it tomorrow.

Basically, I know that in XP I would simply fire up the boot file and edit it, but Vista and 7 use entirely different files correct? What is the proper way to configure dual booting using Vista and 7? I really have no clue where to start.

Any help is appreciated.

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I have a computer with XP Media Center Edition installed on it already and am wanting to dual boot with Vista x64 Retail. I have already created a new logical partition on my hard drive which I was intending to install Vista to. I was just wanting to make sure before I do this however, if it will give me a boot screen at startup to choose between the two after Vista's installation. Have I gone about this the right way? Or do I need to download a OS booter of some sort? Any help and information on this topic would be appreciated


A:Dual Booting (XP and Vista)

Yes, you'll get a coutdown screen that lets you choose which OS to boot. If no choice is made the default OS (whichever is first choice) will begin loading when the time runs out.

As you begin installing, Vista will see you have XP Media Edition already installed and prompt you for what to do next and that's when you point it to the seperate partition.

I think a bootable partition has to be a primary so double checking that beforehand might save you some time if you aren't sure.
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Hey there i have finally made my mind up that i dont like vista My PC came with Vista pre-installed and now i would like xp back i have an XP disc but i only got a recovery disc with my PC for vista I read in a forum that some new computers that come with vista have problems with drivers in XP booting XP? and Vista Dual My problem with Vista is the constant quot Windows Explorer has stopped working quot everytime i open a program i get this msg i have tryed updates fixes patches SP recovery disks ect ect and now XP is my Dual booting Vista and XP? only hope i cant open windows media player or windows media centre because it encounters a problem Dual booting Vista and XP? Also Windows Sync error messages apears now and then Can anyone tell me if i will run into any problems as i want to dual boot Vista and XP because i have GB of files that i really need to keep I have partitioned my HDD and im ready to dual boot XP and Vista Here is the details of my PC that i think may have problems with drivers I just dont want to risk losing everything or even messing up my PC Thanks OS Name Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Version Service Pack Build Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Manufacturer System manufacturer System Model System Product Name System Type X -based PC Processor Genuine Intel R CPU GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date American Megatrends Inc SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C Windows System Directory C Windows system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United Kingdom Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot quot Time Zone GMT Daylight Time Installed Physical Memory RAM GB Total Physical Memory GB Available Physical Memory MB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory MB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys My graphics i have Gs Xfx Thanks for any help given d nbsp

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Hello! I have been running a dual-boot XP Pro/Vista Ultimate machine for many months, having uninstalled/reinstalled countless times with no problems. I have just assembled a new PC (all new) and am unable to boot into Vista using the same method that worked for me before. The main difference is now I have a 4 disk RAID0. I went through the motions as if it were my old single disk, partitioned. XP loads fine. I boot with the Vista DVD, install to the unallocated space, the system reboots...into XP. No OS select screen.

I ran a repair install using the Vista DVD and it finds startup errors and says it needs to reboot to fix them...straight into XP again.

This has happened exactly like I've described 3 times now. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Intel D975XBX2
Core 2 Extreme QX6800
1GB (256MB x 4) PC6400
XFX GeForce 7950GT 512MB
RAID0 (160GB SATA x 4) using Matrix

A:Dual-booting Vista and XP

First, u have to divide (partition) ur drive into at least 2 in order to multiboot. then u have to know that u can't downgrade to xp from a higher version and if the ram is 512, i think it will lagg hard, i mean a like a whole bunch
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My wife is getting a new laptop that's coming with Vista Home Premium 64-bit.
I was thinking of dual booting it with XP Pro 32-bit. Can this be done or does the XP Pro boot need to be 64-bit as well?

The guy at the store said that some of the hardware on the pachine may be designed to run with 64-bit drivers and won't work on a 32-bit environment.
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Okay so recently I bought a booting Vista XP and Dual new laptop Leveno N -FPG and it came preinstalled with Vista I didn't get a drivers disc or a Vista disc With that known I decided to install XP since it was more comfortable for me to use with plus Vista slows down the computer So I went ahead and installed XP on a different partition We had since I figured I'd better have Vista just incase so Windows XP comes up I use my USB Flash drive to transfer drivers that I've downloaded from my other computer and it all seems fine though the sound driver didn't work at all So I figured there might be something wrong so I wanted to log back into Vista to see the name of my Sound card it took quite a while though here I am using Vista Now I logged back into Vista using EasyBCD though it seems like it doesn't recognize XP at all so here's my problem I don't Dual booting Vista and XP have the Vista DVD Disc how do I log back into XP and if possible have both Vista and XP bootable just incase

A:Dual booting Vista and XP

give vistabootpro a try and see if it sees both.
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I have come across a problem I need help with. I am trying to fix my bosses laptop. When I start up the computer, it goes to windows boot manager with two different vistas. One is labeled Microsoft Windows Vista the other is Windows Vista. The first vista comes with no network drives installed, the second vista is the one that accesses the internet and everything. So my boss wants the first one gone. I searched for the boot.ini, which I later found out that vista no longer uses. So this is where I am lost, I have never used vista. I still use XP on my home computer. So can anyone tell me whats going on and how to fix it. Thanks in advance.

A:Dual Vista Booting

The easiest thing to do is just tell the OS which one to use. Right click Computer and select Properties. Go to Advanced Settings and then click Settings under Startup and Recovery. Select the OS you want under Default operating system and then uncheck the box for Time to display list of operating systems. It won't ask anymore.
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Hi all,

This is strange wonder. 4 sometime now, I've been
installing Win XP and Vista on pcs (dual booting).
I use shrink command, after booting with
Vista CD, to shrink a partition for space.

Now, using EasyBCD, we ought to provide the drive letters
4 xp and vista appropriately but 4 (virtually) almost
all of the cases I had (with the exception of one, in which
case, I used partition magic instead of the SHRINK method),
this didn't work. On start-up, selecting the second O.S. installed won't
load it. Pointing Win XP and Vista with EASYBCD
to same partition now works beating my imagination.

Well, I've been quite puzzled and am sharing this out. Why
is this so? Can someone explain?
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Last night I decided to try and finally set this up as And Booting Dual with XP Vista I've been meaning too for a while now I installed XP Pro x first on an gb partition on my gb SATA Then I installed Vista Ultimate x on another gb partition Vista by Dual Booting with XP And Vista default takes priority when booting the computer I know there is the screen that allows me to choose quot An earlier version of Windows quot but that rarely comes up And when it does actually come up it appears for less than a second so I don't even have time to choose Is there anyway I can make the screen appear for longer Because I miss it every time Thanks Ben EDIT I actually figured out my problem My monitor when the computer is booting up switches itself off when it thinks the computer isn't displaying anything And it takes about seconds to turn back on So in that Dual Booting with XP And Vista time I've missed the screen but I can sort of guess when the menu is showing Still is there any Dual Booting with XP And Vista way to prolong the appearance of the boot screen

A:Dual Booting with XP And Vista

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I am dualbooting both x64 of Windows 7 Home Premium, and Windows Vista SP2 Home Premium, and dang, I dont understand how anyone can think 7 looks like vista..and speed? has sluggish reactions compared to 7..more jerky graphics as well..

A:Now Dual Booting w/ Vista

Might be because 7 is a clean install. May also be your processor.

On my system , there is no noticeable difference in performance or speed between the two.
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Hi I have a system which had been running fine. I dual boot one 64bit version of vista and a 32bit version on a different partion. I then had a problem with the 64 bit version and had to reinstall. This is where my problems started. I used to get a boot option at startup but since I reinstalled that's gone. I knew how to do this in XP but I'm not sure how I can get my options back.

I presume i'm not going to have to reinstall the 32bit version?

Thanks for any help.

A:Dual Booting vista

Just download EasyBCD and it makes working with the bcd files easy. I'm pretty sure it should work fine with all versions of Vista.
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I partitioned the blank hard drive on my desktop computer into C:/ and left about half of it unpartitioned to install XP on later. I installed Vista on C:/, and a while later installed XP. Once XP installed, I couldn't dual-boot back into Vista, so I tried microsoft's commandline hack

and after that Vista ran fine but XP will no longer load (When I select the "Older Version of Windows" from the boot menu it returns an error immediately saying that a vital file can't be found). I think the problem may have something to do with how Vista thinks the drive that XP is on is F:/ and Vista is on C:/, but XP thinks the drive it is on is E:/ and Vista is still on C:/.

Is there any way to clear this up?


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Alright, I made a mistake and I need your help! I've been using windows vista for a while now and I just got a new hard drive and windows XP. So I thought that I could dual boot. However, I wasn't aware that I had to have windows XP installed first. Now I installed windows XP, It seems that I can't access windows vista at all. I even tried booting manually into the vista drive, but it just loads win XP. So my question is. Is it possible to get windows vista back and make it dual bootable. Or do I have to format the drive Vista was on and completely re-install the damn thing? Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Dual Booting XP with vista.

To access the Vista hard drive, try turning on the pc and tapping ESC, then when the boot menu comes up, select the Vista drive. I hope this helps.
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i know its possible to start with mac and boot a 32 bit version of xp or vista but is there any way to do it in the other direction as to avoid having to buy an entire mac computer.

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Hello all,

I am creating a dual boot with vista/xp.
I have created a bootable xp disc.
But when i try to boot from the dvd i get an error.
it says there is something wrong with my hard drive and that i should scan with chkdsk
or virus protection.It also says i should remove my hard drive or drivers.
Even when i do scan with anti virus /chkdsk i still get error.

Any idea's are welcomed.

That's for any help.

A:Dual booting with vista

Welcome to the forum,

I'm going to suggest having a look at this tutorial, Dual Boot Installation with Windows Vista and XP

Scroll down to method two, and take note of the "note" at the top, you may need to load some drivers first.

If this doesn't solve it, post back and we'll take it from there.
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After reading numerous guides, etc, i'm fairly sure that i can do this, but i just want to make sure as i have no way of backing up my data before attempting this... I already have XP installed, and i want to install Vista to my other hard drive. Assuming i select the correct drive for installation, will Vista leave the other drive untouched? I read something about Vista editing the boot files of XP, so that a menu appears with the option to boot from either disk. Is this correct, or have i misread something?



A:Dual booting XP with Vista

Other drive will remain the same. Vista bootloader takes over XP's but that's no biggie.
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I have a system with Vista on it but i can't get it to dual boot properly with DOS. I have MS-DOS 6.22 and i set that on partition C then i installed Vista on another partition. No what what partition i set Vista to be on it automatically takes over the C drive and it puts DOS on the partitions i set for Vista. Another thing is there is no boot loader picking up them two OS's. Is there a way around this?

A:Dual Booting Vista And Ms-dos?

You'll likely have to edit the boot files manually to get it to recognize DOS. 2 good free programs for this are Vista Boot Pro and EasyBCD:Vista Boot Pro:'s a link to a document (direct download) from Microsoft on how to manually edit the files:
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Ok im running xp pro sp3, i recently dual booted with vista ultimate 64bit but didnt like that so i deleted by removing partion then fixing the boot loader through xp installation dish and selecting repair. now i want to install vista ultimate 32bit but it only gets as far into the setup where there is the mouse on the vista background but it doesnt load up.
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I was wanting to know if anyone could explain to me how I can dual boot xp if my computer came with Vista when i bought it. I tried doing a clean install but I have the upgrade version of windows xp, not the full version, which may be the problem. Every time i put in the xp disc the "Install Windows XP" is grayed out and i cannot choose it. I have tried putting the disc in and restarting my computer, I got it to boot up from the disc drive but then it told me to insert the full version of windows xp (which I don't have). I hear a lot about "repartitioning the drive", but honestly I get lost right about there. Someone please help!

A:Uninstalling Vista/Dual-Booting XP

You wont be able to install it without the full XP disc. I'm not sure what this upgrade disc is, never heard of one before. As for Vista/XP boot, you'd need two partitions, and one would contain Vista and XP then would be install on the next partition, but without a full copy of XP you wont be able to do it.
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I really didnt want to harm my computer or have all my files deleted so after spending hours googling it I thought I d make my own thread and ask here My cousin basically gave me my laptop gb hard drive and dual booting windows xp and windows vista I ve never ever used xp and always use vista but recently I noticed that I m running out of diskspace After a lot of research I realised it was my windows folder that was and need XP Dual booting to remove w/Vista taking up of my drive So I m Dual booting w/Vista and need to remove XP guessing I need to uninstall XP I have no idea how to do it and I am a complete PC novice I ll try to provide any Dual booting w/Vista and need to remove XP information you guys need to help me and will appreciate the help lots Many thanks EDIT Can t edit the title but it should be quot Uninstall quot instead of reinstall Sorry if a mod admin can change that that d be great nbsp

A:Dual booting w/Vista and need to remove XP

40GB Hard drive in a laptop seems a bit old these days. But anyway, since you mentioned that the laptop is dual boot with XP and Windows Vista. That means that the hard drive is partitioned and you cannot simply just uninstall XP.

You need to back up all your files, then reformat the whole hard drive. When you run the Vista installer CD, it will give you the option to remove all partitions.
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My computer right now is running windows XP. It has two partitions; a smaller one with XP installed on it, and a larger one with just files and music and stuff.
I want to dual boot windows vista and install vista on the big part partition. If i did this would it delete all my files on the big partition when i install vista, or will everything stay?
Hope I'm being clear,
Any comments welcome.


A:dual booting vista with XP on different partition

Yes it will destroy the files.
Back-up your data, defrag the "big" partition, and split that partition again.
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Are any clones of Vista such as WinVista Eternity discussed on these forums?

A:Vista Eternity Dual Booting

Hello Archp, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Sorry, but since this is an unofficial illegal modified version of Vista that is not being sold by Microsoft, it is considered a pirated version that is not allowed to be discussed in this forum.

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I followed the instructions from this thread:, but the problem I am getting is that when I attempt to do this step:
crjdriver said:

Insert your vista dvd into the drive; cancel window that may autorun. Type this in
Drive:\boot\Bootset.exe /NT60 All hit enter
In this command drive is the drive where the Vista install DVD is located.Click to expand...

It says that my os in not x64 bit compatible. Also, the executable is called bootsect.exe on the Vista disk.
I already installed Vista Ultimate x64 (C:\), I resized the partition, I installed XP Pro x86 (D:\) on the secondary partition.

Can someone help me with this?
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Okay I currently had Windows 7 and Windows Vista on two separate partitions right. I decided to uninsyall windows vista which went fine, then I formatted the separate drive which was an extra slave drive. So as of now only windows 7 is installed right. I start the computer and the vista bootloader still loads as an existing dual boot menu asking which OS you want to choose. Vista obviously does not work but this bootloader still exists. I already changed boot.ini files and cannot change vista boot options because I formatted the drive. How do I edit or fix the MBR? or go to an origional boot?

A:Dual booting - vista bootloader

Search and download EasyBCD, which is a simple and free tool to edit the MBR.

Just go into the settings and remove the Vistabootloader and repair it.
There should be a tut on their site.

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hey guys Here s the deal - I m a gamer I want to upgrade my Vista HP bit to a Professional bit I ve been doing a bit of research and I think that I d be better off by dual-booting one of each bit can handle extra RAM so it would be good for Crysis and other and Dual-booting Vista Solved: 7 resource hogs Vista being bit can handle games which have issues with bit Now Win is an upgrade edition That means that it will get rid of my installation of Vista which I don t want What I want to is to dual-boot versions of Vista Solved: Dual-booting Vista and 7 so that way the new installation can be upgraded to Is that possible I don t know My experience with OS installations is limited When doing an upgrade from Vista to does the copy of Vista need to be activated first What advice do you guys have Moreover what do you think of this setup I m keeping an open mind and am up for suggestions nbsp

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I currently have XP Pro as my primary OS on drive C: and Vista Business as a dual boot on a separate hard drive, drive D:.

I want to upgrade the Vista installation to Win7; however I want to do a clean install upgrade so I can upgrade to 7 64 bit from the Vista 32 bit.

What do I have to do to do this successfully so that after installing the 7 64 bit I still have a dual boot option with XP/7? I want XP to be my primary OS with 7 as a secondary OS.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:Changing Dual Booting from XP/Vista to XP/7

Quote: Originally Posted by abrucewebb

I currently have XP Pro as my primary OS on drive C: and Vista Business as a dual boot on a separate hard drive, drive D:.

I want to upgrade the Vista installation to Win7; however I want to do a clean install upgrade so I can upgrade to 7 64 bit from the Vista 32 bit.

What do I have to do to do this successfully so that after installing the 7 64 bit I still have a dual boot option with XP/7? I want XP to be my primary OS with 7 as a secondary OS.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Hi,can you post a screen shot using the snipping tool of your disc management?

You can find disc management via Control panel (small icon view)>Admin Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management

Then we can go from there.
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I wasn't sure in which forum to post this, so I hope this one is suitable.

I've recently ordered a laptop with Vista preloaded, and wanted to be able to boot XP as well. Originally, when I attempted to install XP on its partition I received a blue screen with a stop error (0x7b). I solved this by disabling the Flash Cache Module and changing SATA operation from AHCI to ATA. After XP was installed, I attempted to boot into Vista and got the same problem, which was bypassed by reversing what I did to get XP to install.

Is there anything I can do to be able to load from Vista to XP (and vice versa) without having to change BIOS settings each time?


A:Dual-booting Vista and XP issue

Hello Anonymity

I don`t think there is anything you can do to the present setup to fix this.

The problem is that XP has no Sata drivers included. Hence you have to disable Sata in the BIOS to make XP work.

The way round it would be to slipstream Sata drivers into your XP installation CD and then reinstall XP

This article will show you how to do it.

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I do not know how to dual boot Vista and XP from two different hard drives other than using my BIOS to select the default boot drive Here is my situation I have two hard drives in my computer Booting Dual and Vista Problems XP One is a GB hard drive and the other is a GB Both are SATA I did a clean install of XP on the GB hard drive Then I unplugged the GB and started the Vista installer with the GB hard drive I have partitioned the hard drive into two Problems Dual Booting Vista and XP partitions The primary partition is a GB and Vista is installed on it The other is a GB partition Once the install completed I plugged back in the GB drive that XP is on and can boot both Vista and XP The only problem is I have to change the boot order in my bios to choose which OS I want Each drive is master on its own SATA controller Here is my question Is there some way to just have an option when I boot to choose either Vista or XP so I don t have change the boot order in the bios nbsp
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Hi all,

I had Windows XP and Vista installed on a machine working as dual OS. Today I installed a third OS which was Windows XP 64-bit which booted fine but I experienced problems getting onto my orginal 32 XP (which was my default at the time). I managed to fix this problem in the Boot.ini and now both XPs are booting fine but I can't seem to get into Vista.

I know that Vista doesn't use Boot.ini but I couldn't get bcdedit.exe to run either and I think the MDR is thrashed or something. Is there a way I can fix this problem?

Thanks any help is appreciated.

A:Problems booting into Vista with dual OS

have you tried using a vista dvd and try a start up repair?
I dont know what will happen works when a dual boot is installed with xp being last on...i dont know what will happen with this triple boot.
Its worth a shot...i seen it do miracles before.
I used it to fix a drive whos recovery partition was C and the os was D
This showed with disk management as well
I finally booted a g parted disk and marked the vista install with the boot flag....did a start up repair with the vista dvd and all was well.

Also you can move a partition with g parted...copy and paste etc.
if you can free up some space on your disk you can copy the paste last install of xp and put it before vista..then delete the one you copied from
you would then have xp,xp vista...the windows bootloader will handle everything fine as vista will be the last on.
This is the method I would use as all the drive letters should remain happy,
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I have XP running on my main computer. Can I install vista as a dual boot O.S. ?

A:dual booting vista on an XP machine

If you have a separate partition (or disk section) for it. There is only one free application to do this, GParted. It should not delete anything, but make sure you backup before you try it, as there can be problems with partitioners. Then, install Vista on the new partition.

A much more detailed guide.
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Okay quick run up on how XP boots Boot ini file loads windows Most experienced users know the way to check a boot path is the msconfig option from run that is on every windows except win Start gt Run gt msconfig gt boot ini You can change some boot options here and get rid of os s that were deleted with their Vista of Booting Dual the and agony boot path But you know what not so on Vista it uses a whole new system called bcdedit exe I believe that boot ini doesn t Dual Booting and the agony of Vista even see or acknowledge So to bring you up to speed here s what happened I was on the release candidates with build I tried to install it to my nd spindled drive A totally seperate physical drive I labeled as F It wouldn t work it would give the black screen of death with no blinking cursor no nothing just my monitor looking at me saying quot I m glowing amber on my led what Dual Booting and the agony of Vista are you going to do quot Obviously install Norton Partition Magic and make room for it on the main drive So now I stretch out room on my C for two more partitions Another Primary I label G and an extended volume I label as H Guess what Vista RC build works great I get a dual boot option after the motherboard logo goes away and it will default to Vista but I can also choose Vista for about weeks then the same pill looking icon Windows says to install for protection starts causing problems I think the thing was PC Chillin or something like that I uninstall it RC kind of works but inevitably something is hogging memory and who cares I tried for a while I give up uninstall Now I recently think quot you know I m sick of seeing this dual boot screen let s uninstall Vista quot Well as I have heard now I shouldn t have just deleted the partition under Partition magic Now the OS is gone but guess what Bcdedit exe is still there asking if I want to boot to an OS that isn t there I search online and most people are like yep to uninstall the Bcdedit exe you have to point to boot ini from VISTA But how did I know that There is nothing I have read on dual boots with Vista other than blah blah blah Vista is so great It s so great if you boot from disk on Vista it gives you the nice amazing graphics curtains with no options to reformat partitions like XP disc does So to bring up to speed I tried to install Vista again and got a lot of blank screens since upon reformatting a new partition Vista s disc is like a POS from my position since if it sees vista file it does nothing but sit still showing you a pretty curtain of blue and aqua So wham boot from Win XP Pro delete ALL Partitions reformat stop install delete partition just made up reformat a nd time to be sure Make up partitions and I m sorry but I don t know if Windows by default makes all primaries or primaries and one extended I install XP pro it runs great and super fast like a new reformatted drive should I am sick of Vista s crap with my PC so I install Microsoft Virtual PC I install Vista on a virtual machine and guess what it s so slow it s funny to even try to use it It s like going back to Win days with a processor just fast enough to run win So I m thinking quot Should I dare go through this stuff again just to use Win Vista quot I don t know so things for anyone that has delved the depths further than me Should Vista always be first on the actual physical disk the spindle and associated with C and if you choose XP or an earlier system put that one further down the line If I choose to go up against the cruel path that is the dual boot of bcdedit exe and boot ini on the same machine Is there a way to access from a command prompt to get to one or the other if things go south Going to XP Pro command prompt and going dir bcdedit exe from the root of the drive or even other drives was pointless it was not there and when trying to make unhidden it wasn t there A point in the right way would be great As far as my limited understanding is thinking is that I should go Vista first and th... Read more

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I m upgrading to Vista from XP but there are a few older programs that just work better in XP and I need so I Vista: both in XP Dual and Using programs booting OSs ve decided to dual-boot XP and Vista I ve got Vista running right Dual booting XP and Vista: Using programs in both OSs now and have not yet installed XP but in any case I m wondering if there s any way to have one program installed on both XP and Vista In other words I ve got Adobe Premiere installed in Vista and I need it installed in XP Premiere is a pretty big program so I don t want to install it on two different partitions and waste space Is there any way I can use the installation on the Vista partition and just somehow use it in XP Hopefully that makes sense Off the top of my head the only thing I can think of is to install it in both Vista and XP but install one in the same directory as the other but I don t know if that might cause problems What s the best way to do this Thanks Andrew nbsp

A:Dual booting XP and Vista: Using programs in both OSs

There is a sneaky, but very experimental way of doing this sort of thing, and I do it with some programs on on of my machines, just for the hell of it.

What you do, is put your program folder on a common partition that is available to both.
You then install it from XP into this folder, and then install it again from Vista.
This way, you update both registries, but only have one copy of the files.

HOWEVER, you must NOT update the program in any way from one OS without being able to make the identical update from the other as well.

Be aware it is risky.
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i formatted my single drive (sata 500mb) and installed xp onto it from the install disc.
Using partition magic, i split the drive as 2x 250mb partitions, with xp on partition (c). i rebooted from my vista cd, installed vista onto 2nd partition (D). This all worked a treat at first, offering both systems on boot as follows: 1) Windows vista 2) Earlier version of windows
please select and press enter. However after a few reboots, my system has changed how it boots up. Instead, It now offers only the following: 1) Windows Xp 2) Windows xp/2003
When i select either of the above, partition (c) windows xp loads up.
IE- windows vista has disappeared. i still see the vista partition in 'MY COMPUTER' ... and ive not deleted it. Im obviously doing something wrong, although im baffled as it was all working fine originally. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:HELP, dual booting xp and vista on 1 drive

Hello Danny,
I believe you have to edit the Vista boot loader. Your situation is described here:
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I'm currently downlaoding the new Ubuntu, I have vista premium installed at the moment and I want to dual boot to see what linux is like. Am I correct in thinking that to do this all i have to do is.

1. Download Ubunto
2. Burn it to disc as ISO
3. Use partition magic to create a partition on my harddrive
4. Restart PC with ubunto disc in drive and with bios set to read cd drive first
5. Installation will begin.

This is my first time dual-booting and don't want anything to go wrong!

A:Dual Booting Linux/Vista

Looks good. Make sure to defrag your Vista partition first before repartitioning. Then when you install Ubuntu, make sure you install it to the correct empty partition. Ubuntu will put in the GRUB bootloader so that when you start up your computer you will be given a choice between Vista and Ubuntu. Welcome to Ubuntu! You'll love it! Install Beryl! I'm starting to sour on Vista Home Premium.
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Hello folks I want to dual boot my windows vista machine with XP iT IS AN ACER LAPTOP and I need XP to install a program that does not run on vista I have already downloaded xp from the internet and currently it resides on the hard drive of the same machine My hard disk is already paritioned for dual booting I now need to burn XP to an emppty cd dvd so i can boot my Dual ACER with xp on booting vista laptop from it I understand that I need to configure my BIOS so I can be able to boot from cd dvd What is the exact procedure of doing this Meanwhile I have also downloaded a program called Pro Engineer wildfire and have tried installing it not necessarily on XP I immediately get a message saying quot parameter is incorrect quot after double clicking on the executable file for installation What is the cause and how can I remedy it I have already tried lessening directory strcture by relocating the program to a folder in my desktop I understand i installing kernel can help how does it work thanks

A:Dual booting vista with xp on ACER


Where did you download Windows XP from. You won't get any help on this forum using

pirated software. It is against forum rules. Please see the rules.
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I had previously had Vista 32 installed on my pc. I partitioned the hard drive, and installed Ubuntu 8.04 on the second partition. After that, Ubuntu became my default OS, and would boot in 10 seconds, unless I chose otherwise. Everything worked fine, with no help from me.

Yesterday I reinstalled Vista on the main partition, but didn't touch the others. Since then, there is no boot OS option, it automatically loads Vista. I can't figure out how to access Ubuntu even temporarily, let alone change my boot preferences to allow me a choice at startup.

Help is much appreciated

A:Dual Booting Vista and Ubuntu

You might try right-clicking on 'my computer' and selecting 'manage'. From there, go to disk management. Look at your hard drive and see if it is still partitioned. Vista might have copied over it. And, I found some info from the Ubuntu forum:
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I know this is old stuff, but I cannot seem to get my Vista's SATA drive to download my WinXP. I have original WinXP w/sp1. Have used NLite and made a CD, have all the drivers I believe for graphic card and IEEE 1394 Bus controller, but I have no floppy drive. I have attempted to use EasyBCD and ISO Buster also.

I have partitioned my harddrive into two NTFS drives and the new "WinXP" does take files.

My HP Pavilion a6528p will go so far and that's it, when I attempt to load my 'special CD".

There must be a way I down get the %(*&%(*& WinXp on my Vista drive. I would even consider buying a commercial program! I have some older peripherals I am trying use. At the moment I still use my old WinXP for talking to my palms and Hp 720's.


A:Dual Booting- Vista & WinXP

Check this link out

Or for the same drive.
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My desktop computer was configured to dual-boot between Windows XP and Windows Vista Both operating systems were on the same drive in a three-drive system each showing as drive C but hidden from each other Due to various issues I backed with Vista Issue dual-booting XP and up the Vista system partition s image to an external drive and wiped the whole drive I then did a clean install of XP Issue with dual-booting XP and Vista to a newly created primary partition occupying the first GB of that GB drive I created a Issue with dual-booting XP and Vista new hidden primary partition on the remainder of Issue with dual-booting XP and Vista the drive and restored the Vista installation to that partition Unfortunately though I can t get my boot manager to recognise the Vista installation Each time I ask it to search for bootable operating systems it only recognises the XP installation My boot manager is Acronis OS Selector which comes with Disk Director Suite I ve been using TeraByte Unlimited s Image for Windows for the drive image copying Is there a way I can ensure that both operating systems are recognised by the boot manager nbsp

A:Issue with dual-booting XP and Vista

Acronis does not understand Vista's boot loader, Vista does not use the boot ini file anymore, to control this.

Use this free program to sort out the Vista boot issues. It can be installed on XP or Vista, is suggest installing it on Vista.
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Hi this is my first post. I look forward to helping and being helped. ok my first question...

Do dual boot XP and Vista, do I create a partition for each operating system?? Or simply install XP, and then install Vista to a different directory other than C:\windows ?

Thanks so much.

A:First Post - Dual Booting XP and Vista

hi and welcome to TSF read this it should help
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Hi all.

I have a dilema. Seriously considering getting Win 8 upgrade. I have a Core i5 setup with a 120Gb SSD and a 1Tb HDD. Been using Win 7 Pro for a couple of years on a 64Gb SSD (recently upgraded to the 120Gb model). I need to use a couple of old 16 bit (DOS) and 32 bit progs. [I] was doing this on Win 7 using Win XP mode.

Still with me? Good.

Okay, here's the thing. I am considering two options.

One is to use MS Virtual PC in Win 8 where I can install a spare copy of Win XP I have.

The other is to dual boot Win 8 with Win Vista 32 bit. I can install Vista on the 64 Gb SSD.

Never dual booted before though! Is installing on seperate HDD's a good idea? Also if I were to do so, how easy would it be to cut and paste info betwen Win Vista and Win 8 Pro?

Thanks in advance!


A:Dual booting Win 8 with Vista OR using virtual PC with XP

Hello imatt,
Windows 8 will not support MS Virtual PC as did Win 7. An alternative is to use Virtual Box but you will need your own copy of WinXP. As for dual booting..yes it can be done.
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Hi there all,

Currenlty got an issue where i have a user who wants to dual boot with Vista and XP using sata disks.

The general rule of thumb when doing dualbooting is to install the oldest operating system first, and then gradually work your way up.

The way it will be setup is as so

Vista - Primary partition of the 1st disk
XP - Primary partition of the 2nd disk.

Now, The way i was thinking of doing it was to install XP first, then install Vista, And modify the boot.ini to find the entry for XP.

The question i have is, Is there any difference in modification of the boot.ini file when using sata drives, and is there any difference when making mods in Vista (As i have only edited the boot.ini in XP)

Can someone please advise of the correct way to do this?

A:Dual booting Xp and Vista with SATA drives

Give this article a look see:

Dual-Booting Win XP and Vista – PC Magazine,1895,2109434,00.asp
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Hi I was wondering if any of you know how to change the dual screen when the computer starts up as Ubuntu does not appear in the Vista + XP Windows Ubuntu + dual-booting option only Vista and quot older versions of windows quot appear but for some reason Ubuntu isn t there anymore This is how I installed I had partitions in the HD First widnows XP came installed with the computer then with ubuntu and some tools i repartitioned the HD in Windows Vista + XP + Ubuntu dual-booting for XP one for common files as FAT and the other one for Ubuntu That was working fine I had in the boot screen the choice between XP and Ubuntu Then came Vista that partition that was empty the common ground for XP and Linux i reformated it to NTFS so it could take Vista Then I installed Vista and now the only OSs appearing in the boot screen are Vista and quot older versions of windows quot Does anyone know how to change this so as to have Vista XP and Ubuntu in there Thank you very much for your answers Dre nbsp

A:Windows Vista + XP + Ubuntu dual-booting

Take a look at EasyBCD:

The download link is listed under "EasyBCD Links" about 1/4 way down the screen.

As always, backup first.

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Will Dual booting vista premium and windows 7 erase all my previous files (e.g. games, music, work file, etc.)?

What is the minimum amount of memory needed for a Windows 7 installation (if windows 7 need 10 gigs, i would partition 15, etc.).

How do I dual boot Windows Vista Home Premium with Windows 7 WITHOUT having all my files erased in the process?

A:Dual booting Vista premium and windows 7 Rc?

hi this may help .as to space the 64 bit version takes around 16Gb the 32bit a little less so a minimum of 20Gb would be a starting point but more if you can afford it
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Just purchased a Vista Desktop.

I would like to keep Vista on C:

I intend to use Acronis to copy my XP drive on my old computer to an extra SATA disk. This disk will then be inserted in my new Vista Computer. I understand there may be driver errors......

My XP drive is already known as D:

What I would like is to be able to choose which OS I boot from on startup - Vista on C: or XP on D:

I also have a DVD drive.

Just curious if anyone has a remedy for this setup


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Hi, I am completely newbie when it comes to
computers so I would really appreciate your help.
my problem seems to be different from anyone elses.
When I install my window 7 in another partition, it
installs just fine. but one I boot to window 7 and finish
setting up the username and the password then when
the computer reboots, there is nothing.
After the screen to choose where to boot from, if I choose my hard
drive, only a black screen with flashing _ is present and will not progress at all from there. So to use my computer again I had to reinstall window 7 and boot to Vista when choosing one of two OS and then, it works just fine.
got any idea why this is happening and/or how to solve this?
your help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Problem in dual booting Vista and window 7

when you restart, are u getting the boot options vista and windows 7?
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ok so I separated my HD into 2 different partitions. I installed vista on one HD and XP and another. Both installation went fine and since I installed XP last, I couldn't boot into vista. I thought when rebooting, the option should be right there. I try using Acronis OS sector but it still couldn't find vista as well. anything I did wrong?

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I have a messed up problem A while ago i had XP and Vista both running in dual boot great No problems at all Well last Christmas i got another hard drive and decided to set them up in and Strange dual booting XP problem Vista a raid So Strange problem dual booting XP and Vista i went to reinstall my operating systems and have not been able to get it working again since The point i am at now is i have XP installed on my C drive Vista installed on my D drive However i can't get my computer to see the Vista install I have tried repairing it with Vista disc tried reinstalling the boot loader for vista with EasyBCD and i even tried reinstalling Vista completely finally last night When i reinstalled it last night the first part of setup went good with no problems copied all files over and all that stuff When it did the first reboot it just went right back into XP and didn't do anything about the Vista install I have NO idea what to do at this point Originally i was able to get into Vista on the Strange problem dual booting XP and Vista first time i installed it but as soon as i added XP to the boot loader it stopped working and i haven't been able to get back into Vista ever since Hopefully someone has some idea of what i can do Thanks in advance
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hi new here i hope this is the right place to find help i have a new self built comp [SOLVED] booting XP/Vista Dual 64bit got vista x booted up almost no problem on my primary sata hdd seagate now i wanted to bring all my [SOLVED] Dual booting XP/Vista 64bit stuff over from the old computer so [SOLVED] Dual booting XP/Vista 64bit i plugged in the old ide hdd also seagate and powered it up no problem vista boots and sees the hdd as well as all its files now to run all the old programs i attempted to install xp onto my nd hdd ide i boot from cd select drive D my second HDD drive to install onto it completes install but boots up to the quot A disc read error has occurred quot press ctrl alt del to reset upon reset the same error comes up again Now both hdds and dvdrom are recognised in bios and as the nd hdd was working before xp install im thinking maybe its an issue with the xp cd i have run chkdsk r on both HDD number got to about the jumped back to its still going very slowly [SOLVED] Dual booting XP/Vista 64bit right now I did read somewhere that bootfix or bootmbr may help but that article didnt specify when i should type those commands Something to do with the jumpers in the right place was also mentioned but again as it worked fine before xp install im not sure its a hdd hardware issue but im at a loss as to what my next step should be my sincerest thanks to any insight or help that can be provided

A:[SOLVED] Dual booting XP/Vista 64bit

ok, its finished the check, and come up with nothing, so i took out the xp cd and started it up, again same error, i decided to remove the second harddrive and see if it would just boot vista again, but no, same error, i have no idea what to do now... any thoughts or suggestions?

*Edit* new development: selecting the 2nd hdd as the boot drive, without booting from the cd, brings up a new error, "Error loading OS", hopefully this will help?
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Hi folks I have been around computers for a long time and am pretty adept at them but I am in a new situation and want a new system Vista Psrtiyioning/Dual Booting some Psrtiyioning/Dual Booting a new Vista system pointers before I dive in over my head I just bought my first dual core tower with Vista pre-installed Here are my objectives I want to partition its gig hdd I want to possiblly keep Vista but definately want to dual or even triple boot it with W K and XP Vista is the lowest priority If proves to be too difficult I wish to nuke Vista and dual boot W K XP I want to add an old Sata gig hdd as a possible OS drive Here is one scenario What if I install the older drive as secondary and use the current Vista to nuke it I then swap drives so the smaller nuked drive is primary I can then reinstall the newer larger Psrtiyioning/Dual Booting a new Vista system drive as secondary and leave Vista intact on its own partiion I can then install W K and XP as a dual boot on the smaller drive Any thoughts on this would be appreciated Jim PS I will give specific system stats as soon as I get it out of the box nbsp

A:Psrtiyioning/Dual Booting a new Vista system

Thanks for all the help!
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Lately I ve been receiving blue screens fairly often after playing certain video games for about an hour or two I believe the issue started occurring when I began using a second monitor - gaming w/ dual 64bit several Vista after hours monitors for BSOD but it happens even when there s no second game or program running on that monitor Most all of the errors seem to have something to do with the quot Dxgkrnl sys quot file I have updated DirectX my graphics Vista 64bit - BSOD after gaming for several hours w/ dual monitors drivers and my Windows updates are all current as well Here is a zip file containing of the most Vista 64bit - BSOD after gaming for several hours w/ dual monitors recent blue screen logs from C Windows Minidump www veevsvault com veev BBL Minidump zip And a DxDiag report www veevsvault com veev BBL DxDiag txt I m not sure what else to try other than not using the second monitor but I d really rather not have to resort to that since it s become somewhat crucial for me now Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Vista 64bit - BSOD after gaming for several hours w/ dual monitors
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I have a question regarding dual booting windows xp and vista I ve been running this setup for a while now I have vista on a raid array and xp on a single hard drive If I want to switch betwen OSes I have to go into the BIOS and change the boot HDD The thing is everytime I boot into XP I get the new hardward wizard for both drives that are using teh raid array Then I get a message saying there was an error and they can t be installed and RAID dual booting 0 setup about Question in Vista XP which is fine since xp was not installed with raid drivers It s getting annoying though I just bought a drive identical to the one XP is installed on I m debating on setting Question about dual booting XP and Vista in RAID 0 setup up raid arrays the one I have now for vista and one new one for xp If I installed both OSes on raid arrays I shouldn Question about dual booting XP and Vista in RAID 0 setup t get these errors right Question about dual booting XP and Vista in RAID 0 setup and then I can also boot into the OSes normally i e a screen on startup asking me which OS to boot into right Or is raid even worth it and I could just install them on single drives and have all single drives I ve read mixed reviews about raid some reviews say increase some say no increase I have a evga i mobo nbsp

A:Question about dual booting XP and Vista in RAID 0 setup

I would have thought that when you installed the second OS the bootloader would have been modofied to give the choice of boot drive on startup.

Perhaps editting the boot.ini would work (an example; ).

Do some research in that area.

As to Raid performance, this is a VERY informative article as it draws insight into the whole 'speed' issue re the interface between all components;
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I posted here earlier a couple weeks ago about a painless installation of Win on a resized C Vista WIN7 Premium and Dual Booting Home Drive which I partitioned into into a C Drive Vista and W Drive Win All was fine until yesterday - I had been able to login into and out of both operating systems without drama - when out of the blue for no apparent reason whenever I try and log onto the Vista operating system it Dual Booting WIN7 and Vista Home Premium allows Dual Booting WIN7 and Vista Home Premium me to logon as Rod with my correct password but after the logon screen I get the quot Preparing Dual Booting WIN7 and Vista Home Premium your Desktop quot and and am presented with a Desktop and icons - but not for me I get a bubble pop up out of the System Tray that says quot Windows had trouble loading your Profile and has loaded up a temporary profile Contact your administrator quot That would be me I for the life of me don't know what happened I have created no new users nor amended any existing ones Though when using Win earlier in the day I had to give access rights and permissions to All authenticated Users in order to access and use files on a separate D Drive Will this have screwed up my User Profile and login to Vista How Any help and or thoughts would be greatly appreciated Rod Perth

A:Dual Booting WIN7 and Vista Home Premium

Does this fix it and/or explain?

A temporary profile is loaded after you log on to a Windows Vista-based system
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I installed a copy of the RTM version of Ultimate on a second primary ACTIVE partition with Vista on the first primary partition doing it this way allows me to get rid of the Microsoft Boot manager and use GAG to dual boot either OS and it works great My problem is sharing documents which I keep on another Logical partition labeled DATA Using My Documents on this drive in Vista has always worked fine When I booted to Win and quot moved quot My Documents from C User to D My Documents I could use the files no problem in Win but when I booted back to Vista and tried to copy or move any of the files on D My Documents from with Vista Booting DATA Dual Partition problems 7 and within Vista I get a quot you do not have permission to quot error when I try to do anything with those files It seems Win has taken possession of the permissions Dual Booting 7 and Vista with DATA Partition problems on the files and will not relinquish them to Vista Using XP and Vista in the same dual boot scenario did not have this problem Dual Booting 7 and Vista with DATA Partition problems What if anything can I do to resolve this problem

A:Dual Booting 7 and Vista with DATA Partition problems

Have your tried right click and "take ownership" ... you will have to be logged on as the Administrator.
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K so i got one sata hd @ 500gb split into four drives C drive holds windows XP (main op sys) E drive i play around with various op sys and at the minute ive given vista another go so vista is on E. I have all my games installed to drive D (installed thro XP drive C) and wonder if i can play them from vista (drive E) by somehow writing the files to the E registry without installing them again. I havnt the space to reinstall everything and would love it if i could run all my games from both ops sys without the install space being needed twice. Do i just install from vista to the D drive over whats there already (but backup all my save data) or will will this kill my XP installed game data.
Explained this the best hope someone u/s what i mean

A:Dual booting vista/xp can i share the installed games

they have to be reinstall. in addition you need to read their eula to see if you can legally have two installs of the the same game.
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Ok so I m about to install Windows XP on a laptop that has Windows Vista already installed This will be a dual-boot configuration I ve been scouring the Internet looking for info on this and have found a ton On this forum I found this thread http forums techguy org windows-vista- -how-install-xp-after-vista html I found it very informative but it left some unanswered questions Hence this thread My questions It is suggested to disable quot native SATA quot support in the BIOS during this process At some point is the BIOS updated to re-enable the SATA support or is it left disabled permanently In this thread Elvandil posted a link to this article on installing XP on a SATA drive If I m able to download SATA drivers for XP will I still need to disable SATA support in the BIOS If Vista was pre-installed on the system with native SATA support enabled in the BIOS how will Vista operate after the BIOS has been configured to disable native SATA support Thanks XP Solved: and dual-booting Questions Windows about Vista Peace nbsp

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1. Using Dell Inspiron 530 with 2.33 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

2. Dual booting with Vista (Installed 1st) & XP (Sp2 & Net Framework2)

3. Unable to access Internet in XP due to following drivers missing:-
Ethernet Controller,
Printing Support,
Multimedia Audi Controller,
SM Bus Controller,
Unknown Device,
USB Device,
Video Controller.

4.I have both XP SP1 (Last used on old Dell Dimension PC with Celeron Processor) & Vista (Home Premium 32 bit) CDs
plus EasyBCD.
5. Forum search here suggests chipset drivers are missing but I am unsure which to use & Intel download site confuses me.

6. Could you advise relevant steps please ?


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"Since the Windows 8 boot manager is so different, in a multi-boot configuration, Windows 8 should always be installed last. If you install it first and then other versions of Windows, the new boot manager will be overwritten and you won’t be able to boot into Windows 8. Then, you need to repair the boot manager with the Windows 8 installation disc or use some third-party software to manage and fix your boot entries."

Will anything go terribly, terribly wrong if I have Windows 8 Installed now, install Windows Vista on a new partition, then use EasyBCD to fix my boot manager?
Can it cause any hideous, unforeseen problems?

A:Just to be clear (Question about dual booting Windows 8 with Vista)

If you really need Vista, run it in a Virtual Machine.  The problems lie that if your machine only is made to run 8.x, due to no available drivers for Vista, you will run into issues at the beginning, and for the long term.
Vista had a horrible issue with handling Memory.  It was what is considered a "Cross-over" OS from XP to 7.  Just like how ME was a Cross over OS from 98 & 2000, to XP.  Microsoft had good intentions with both of those Os's, but they messed a few things up.  Such as marketing, trying to use older hardware that was for XP and make Vista run on it.  That is why when 7 came out, everyone jumped the Vista ship and moved over to 7, due to it handles memory better, started working again with devices, that Vista would not work with.
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I currently have a standard computer setup with a windows 7 operating system installed. What I want to do is dual boot with W7 as my primary os but using an esata cable connect the hard drive from my laptop to the computer and have this as a secondary boot option. The laptop hard drive has a full install of vista on it.

Is this possible, every time I think about doing it I worry about the drivers on the laptop hdd and how those will react to my main computers hardware as obviously the laptop hardrive is setup to look at the laptop hardware.

A:Dual Booting windows 7 as my primary os with vista as my secondary

As long as it's not connected via USB you should be able to boot the laptop providing you first SysPrep to move HD to another computer. All new drivers will install at boot.

It's rare Win7 will start up on new hardware otherwse due to conflicts between drivers, SID and HID.

Another method is booting Paragon Adaptive Restore CD on the new hardware to adapt the install on moved HD.

Set the preferred OS HD to boot first in BIOS setup, then boot the other using the one-time BIOS Boot Menu key.
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Hi, ok, so i have an acer 7520g preinstalled with vista, and yesterday i bought xp so i could install it on second harddrive for gaming. After it was installed, i installed the updates, drivers for video card, speakers, directx, wireless network (atheros ar5007eg) but heres my problem:

I can't get cabled internet to work. When i launch vista (where everything works) and look under device manager it just says
"Microsoft 6to4-networkcard (Which btw has an 31 error?)
"NVIDIA nForce Networking controller"

I got wireless working but i dont know what drivers i need to make cable work... any help would be greatly appreciated!


A:Solved: Dual booting xp and vista, network driver problems

Welcome to TSG!

What does the Device Manager show when booted to XP?
Did you download and install the Chipset driver for XP?
From this thread:
TheOutcaste said:

The chipset driver contains the Ethernet driver:
Select Notebook | Aspire | 5520
Select Either Windows XP choice under Operating System
Download the Chipset zip, extract, then run setup.exe


JerryClick to expand...

Choose the 7520g of course
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So I m using my a n-sli premium motherboard and have been just using sata hard drive using Windows XP for about a year I bought a second sata hard drive last week and installed Vista on it I 2 - Sata - Problems - Dual Booting Drives XP Boot.ini Vista just can t figure out the correct boot ini for this to work here is what I have currently boot loader timeout default multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS operating systems multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Microsoft Windows XP Professional quot fastdetect NoExecute OptIn multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Microsoft Windows Vista quot I get an missing NTLD message when I try to boot from Vista but the XP one works with that configuration I can boot off the Vista one fine if I set it in the bios boot order to come up before the XP hard drive so the drive and the OS are fine Thanks all I have done alot of research and have no been able to figure this out nbsp

A:Boot.ini Problems - Dual Booting 2 Sata Drives - XP - Vista

phaze112 said:

So I'm using my a8n-sli premium motherboard and have been just using 1 sata hard drive using Windows XP for about a year. I bought a second sata hard drive last week and installed Vista on it.

I just can't figure out the correct boot.ini for this to work, here is what I have currently:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows Vista"
I get an missing NTLD message, when I try to boot from Vista, but the XP one works with that configuration.

I can boot off the Vista one fine if I set it in the bios boot order to come up before the XP hard drive, so the drive and the OS are fine.

Thanks all, I have done alot of research and have no been able to figure this out.Click to expand...

The problem is that you have windows xp and vista on a two different hard drives and your BIOS only recognize one bootable hard drive at a time, which is the one you set as your primary hard drive. if you want both OS to be bootable, you need to have vista install on your primary hard drive.
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i am ordering an hp desktop computer in a few days and i would like to know if it comes with a free upgrade to windows vista? computer -
it meets all the specificatoons for one and it was a great deal, just wondering if it had the free upgrade
If it dosent have the free upgrade, how much will vista cost when its out for good?
And how do i dual boot them together?

any help apreciated

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So I have had Windows XP Pro 64bit on a seperate hard drive for a while that I have installed first. I just decided today to partition my second hard drive and put Vista on it. The installation went fine.. but sometimes i get corrupted errors and the Main partition for Vista is listed as C when its listed as E in XP. This is causing problems. How can I make it so it stays E? This has been baffling me. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

A:Dual booting XP and Vista is assigning wrong hard drive paths!! please help!

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Hello I have another laptop and its a HP s I originally installed Windows professional bit But I have swapped the ram into my Lenovo ThinkPad So the HP now has Windows Windows 64bit 7 and Vista 32bit dual BSOD when booting GB I created a new partition and BSOD when dual booting Windows Vista 32bit and Windows 7 64bit installed Vista Business bit on it When I started the install windows exe program in Windows everything went well until it rebooted When I rebooted windows said something like Windows Boot manager The system cannot boot because of a recent change to files hardware Something like that Insert your windows disk So I just rebooted my laptop with the vista disk inside and installed After when everything was working I wanted to go to the Windows partition to un-install programs and copy some files over BSOD when dual booting Windows Vista 32bit and Windows 7 64bit to the vista partition the laptop just booted into vista I downloaded the easy BCD editior and visual BCD editor in the vista partition I clicked the auto fix in visual BCD editor It detected my windows installations At BSOD when dual booting Windows Vista 32bit and Windows 7 64bit the boot screen I can select either Windows or Vista But when I select the same error message appears Then I rebooted my laptop with a USB containing the Windows bit recovery tools After I don't have the message again But when it goes to the starting windows animation it stops halfway and it gets a BSOD I tried debugging mode it worked I found out that the larger partition Windows is the C drive But when I boot into the smaller partition Windows Vista the drive is also C So I don't know what I could do How could I fix this I insert the windows disk and repaired my installation it just boots into windows But when I insert the Vista disk and repaired my installation it just boots into Vista What could I do Thanks Fighter Pilot P S Sorry for long post

A:BSOD when dual booting Windows Vista 32bit and Windows 7 64bit

Is Vista Business a full retail version?
Is Windows 7 professional x64 a full retail version?
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The Laptop model number is Gateway MT6916, I partition the drive using windows vista, then proceed to install windows 7. Windows 7 finished installing then rebooted, the odd thing about was that there was no bootloader (for dual booting). The laptop booted into the gateway recovery instead. I check the Bcdedit just using the command prompt from the gateway recovery and everything seem to listed fine with the exception that windows 7 identifier is <default>. I tried repairing the startup for vista and windows 7 but it still keeps booting to the gateway recovery? Windows Vista Home Premium is under C: and Windows 7 is under D:
Laptop Specs:
Processor Intel® Core 2 Duo processor T5250
1.5 GHz | 1 MB L2 cache | 667 MHz FSB
Chipset Intel® GM965
Display panel 15.4-inch WXGA (1280 × 800)
Memory 2048 MB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM (2 × 1024)
Operates at 667 MHz
Total slots: 2 DDR2 slots | Available slots: 0 DDR2 slots
Video controller Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
Up to 384 MB of Dynamic Video Memory



A:Solved: Having Trouble Dual Booting Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows 7 ultimate
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Okay, so ive tried many ways, and Ive finally got stuck with using a VHD.
I have followed countless tutorials, and finally found one. (on this forums somewhere)
I go through all the steps, and it seems like it is working, and then when I boot my system it says this,

things I have done to try to fix this:
Updated BIOS
Enabled Virtualization in BIOS
Please help! I have been trying to get it to work for days...

A:DUAL BOOTING PROBLEMS- booting win8 with win7.

Hi Ronnie and welcome to the Forum.

Why don't you try this. It is easier and it works: VMware Player - Install Windows 8
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hey all,
i just had some problems...obviously... anyhoo, i tried to make another partition to install Windows XP on, but after installing, i don't get the option to boot into vista...which is quite worrying...i also have some "ubuntu remains" but cannot boot into the Linux OS because i deleted the files thinking that that would get rid of it. but then i have to repair my vista installation using the cd from a friends computer. (Windows Startup Repair after booting from CD)
ideas anyone?

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So i was dual booting 2 windows 7 of my computer as one of them stuff up so i was transfering all my data over to the new windows 7.

I use partion wizard to delete the old windows 7 and extend the size of the new windows 7.

No every time i start my PC up i get presented with the dual boot screen.

I have checked msconfig, and it shows that there are no OS

A:Dual Boot menu still present even tho im not dual booting

After doing some research I have found to get it to show the Os in msconfig, I need to assign a drive letter to msconfig.
However once that's done and I remove the drive leader and restart pc it doesn't appear once again
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Hello there occassional lurker first time poster hopefully someone here will be able to help I ve been setting my laptop to dual boot xp pro and Ubuntu on a seperate partition All was going well until xp pro. crashes booting Dual booting laptop xp decided to die altogther I don t have that error to hand but it s gone a little further now Was going to install xp pro on a rd partition and it started up fine Now I can boot fine to Ubuntu and the nd version of xp However the original xp is still having issues Now when booting up gets BSOD - bad pool caller Code at the end is x c x x CD x x F E FC Everything I ve read suggests this is Dual booting laptop crashes booting xp pro. talking about a hardware or software conflict However I ve not installed any new hardware I suspect there is a software conflict between the two versions of xp but I can t see how that can happen I can boot into the st copy of xp in safe mode however explorer exe fails to start up Tried running it in task manager to no avail I forgot to add - I am using GNU GBRUB to boot between the operating systems EDIT Tried it again to boot st xp in safe mode - new error for windows product activation - a problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the licence for this computer error code x nbsp

A:Dual booting laptop crashes booting xp pro.

Are these installations of XP Pro on the two partitions diferent install disks with separate key codes?
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Recently I purchased a laptop with windows 8 64 bit pre-installed in it. For my job purpose, I needed windows 7 32 bit. After searching the web and also using the information I got from this site, I disabled secure boot, deleted the recovery partition and converted GPT partitions to MBR. Then I shrink the Big partition in which windows 8 was installed to make room for the windows 7 partition. Then I created a new partition and installed windows 7 on it. After this whenever I switch on the computer, a message come up, saying that a required device cannot be found and windows is to be repaired. The only way in which I can start windows is to go to bios, select the boot options and then select boot from notebook hard drive.

Can anybody please tell me how this problem can be solved

A:Booting problem with dual booting with windows 8 and 7

when you created the new partition did you make itin front or behind the existing partition?

If your boot manager is looking to boot Win 8 on Disk 0 Part 1, and you created the new partition in front of Win 8, your Win 7 will now be located on Disk 0 Part 1 which is where the boot manager is expecting Win 8

can you send us a screen cap of your disk management?
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I recently upgraded my copy of Windows 7 to Windows 8 (using an upgrade-DVD), now after using it for a while I'd like to have the option to boot up Windows 7 too. Unfortunately I only have a windows 7 upgrade DVD so I'll have to install windows vista before installing windows 7.

Now here's what I'd like to have: the pc should have Windows 8 as the primary OS, and windows 7 as a secondary OS. At this moment windows 8 is installed in my C-drive. Is it possible to just install windows vista in a freshly made partition?

I thank you in advance!

A:Dual-Booting Windows 8 and Windows Vista

Welcome to EightFurums.

How full license's do you have?
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I have tried to dual boot Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows XP (both 32-bit).
To do this I firstly created two new partitions:
Then I put the windows XP installation disk in and restarted my computer, I then went on to install Windows XP on the F\ drive, after setup had installed the basic files it restarted the PC and now I get a message asking to boot from CD, I do so and then it tries to start set up over again.

I can't get past the CD booting part (my CD ROM is primary in boot order) so I can't use Windows Vista which is already installed, or finish off the Windows XP installation.

Computer specs:
500GB Hitachi HDD SATA-2
4GB Kingston DDR2 RAM
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3.2GHz processor
XFX GeForce 9500GT 1GB PCI-E

If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,

A:Dual booting Windows Vista and Windows XP

Once XP has copied files it does reboot and you will see press any key to boot from CD again only now you do not press anything and setup should continue at that point.

Do you already have Vista installed on your PC?
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For the last 2 years I've had my PC setup to Dual Boot from either Windows Vista Home Premium Edition x32 or Windows 7 Professional Edition x64. The Windows Vista drive had only a capacity of 34.4GBt and had given up the ghost. So I chose to format and re-install Windows Vista onto this small drive. The drive is working like new but now the PC boots into Vista and I cannot boot into Windows 7. I know that I should get a hold of the Windows 7 installation disk and repair the installation but unfortunately I've been moving around a lot and can find everyone of my installation discs except the Windows 7 Professional. Can anyone offer me advice on how to re-establish my Dual Boot without the use of an installation disc? Any advice would be appreciated.

A:Dual Booting Windows 7 and Windows Vista

You could try Easy BCD. But more then likely you will have to download the Iso and do a startup repair.
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I am dualbooting Windows 7 and Vista. So far everything is running perfect. The only thing I am having a problem with is running programs from my Vista partition.

One game won't start at all and Steam tries to open, but then says it can't find a key. How can I run programs from my Vista partition without having to reinstall? I don't have a lot of space to spare. That one game I was trying to run takes 7 GB.


A:Dual booting Windows 7 RC and Windows Vista SP1

You don't. The only way to run a program in 7 is to install it into 7. The drivers, auxiliary files, application data and so on can't be used from an operating system that is not loaded.
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Hi Guys This is my very first post on Windows Vista Forums and Ultimate 64-bit Gaming Windows Vista and Gaming Compatibility I am eager to get into this thread First off Windows Vista Ultimate is the very best you can buy for gaming This features the bit OS version which can process GB of RAM at top speeds you can find in a new OS I would definitely recommend this OS for gaming and none other Now on to the main part of my thread Compatibility Gaming This is the most discussed issue for gamers across the US The problem is how do you get games to work specifically older games on Windows Vista Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit Gaming and Compatibility Gaming Ultimate Well there are solutions You could wait until the company of the game makes a OS patch for the game although that could take a while You could go into the game files and put the game into compatibility mode for your OS And You could revert back to an older OS that works for your game Which one would you choose I would choose They are always going to make games work on a newer OS Lets take the game Lord of The Rings Battle for Middle Earth amp Electronic Arts EA has already made a patch for those two that will have more chance of running on Vista If doesn't work then it's the type of computer hardware you are using The hardware would guarantee be outdated In that case just get more recent hardware It's not that difficult With a bit of research common sense and problem solving skills you can get gaming compatibility issues out of your hair I hope this thread has helped a couple of you out there Sincerely alienware Think I helped you out Click the scales Give me some rep Thanks

A:Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit Gaming and Compatibility Gaming

Very Smart Post!
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Since I've installed Windows 7 about 6 months ago, I have been getting random BSODs while gaming after a while. At first I thought it was caused by the game, so I didn't do anything. For the past month though, I've been getting BSODs directly after starting games or after like 10 minutes.

I run Windows 7 64 bit. I have a GTX 275 graphics card, Q6600 CPU, and 4 GB of ram.

I have already downloaded Windows 7 64 bit compatible drivers for my graphics card and mouse and reinstalled them.

By the way, I have a Razer Diamondback mouse, and after Googling I've found out that many people have problems with this mouse' driver causing BSODs.

I have attached a .dmp file, I would appreciate it very much if someone could look into this.

Thank you very much.


A:BSOD while gaming / booting games

Hello ! Welcome to SF !

Yes i think it has to do something with Razor Mouse because the Driver it's using is from 2005. Uninstall the mouse drivers completely and download a fresh copy if it's available. Then update it. If not delete the mouse drivers and see if you can get a mouse from you friend or so and see if that works fine.

Razerlow.sys Mon Nov 07 12:03:11 2005
Good Luck,
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My two and a half year old pc after switching graphic card started to get BSOD about two weeks ago saying Whea uncorrectable error I did some research while then after gaming 10 BSOD and mins within happens booting and tried resetting CMOS updating BIOS and memtest to see if my rams are done I also used some intel BSOD while gaming and then happens within 10 mins after booting tools to check if my cpu has problem but there was no signs I thought about updating my drivers but nothing worked I did not oc my cpu and it was at safe temperature while gaming around - I got really confused so I decided to reinstall os I cleaned out everything with a fresh install My pc worked well with no BSOD for a week I did not copy any of my backup BSOD while gaming and then happens within 10 mins after booting files on my external hard drive to the reinstalled pc and now while I was playing game assassin's creed syndicate this time it happens again still WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR I am confused that it does not seem like driver or software issues so would it be hardware issues I have no idea on how to read dump files or anything and can't seem to solve it by myself so I decided to seek help Thanks DESKTOP- ETHHV-Sat zip

A:BSOD while gaming and then happens within 10 mins after booting

So, I am trying to update some information here I found just now. I am still trying to figure out what is going on. Today, this only happened once after the pc has booted up, and I was at the login screen. I just did a full backup before it happens again. I was reading the eventlog and kept seeing something like this with different processor numbers:

Processor 7 in group 0 exposes the following power management capabilities:

Idle state type: ACPI Idle (C) States (2 state(s))
Performance state type: ACPI Performance (P) / Throttle (T) States
Nominal Frequency (MHz): 3901
Maximum performance percentage: 100
Minimum performance percentage: 41
Minimum throttle percentage: 41

Does this mean something wrong with my psu or motherboard?

And here is the new error zip. Thanks again!
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Hi, i have been recieving alot of BSOD last few days, all kind of them. Everything was running just fine.
Ram - 8Gb (2x4)
CPU - AMD Phenom IIX2 B05
GPU - ATI Radeon HD 5870
1x SSD 128gb
1x HDD 1000gb
And there was more of them, just BlueScreenView didnt displayed it for some reason. I already tried reinstalling GPU driver and also install older one. If you need more information i will give it right away.

A:BSOD while gaming, browsing internet, or just booting pc.

Hello, Whaller, welcome to the Forums. I looked at your dump files and they really didn't give much specific info, other than the Graphics Card.

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.
BugCheck 3B, {c000001d, fffff80002c8e31d, fffff880082eb130, 0}
Probably caused by : hardware ( nt!KeWaitForSingleObject+19d )
Followup: MachineOwner

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atikmpag.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmpag.sys

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.
BugCheck 1E, {ffffffffc0000005, fffff8801389df02, 0, ffffffffffffffff}
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atikmdag.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmdag.sys
Probably caused by : atikmdag.sys ( atikmdag+88bf02 )
Followup: MachineOwner

Loading User Symbols
Missing image name, possible paged-out or corrupt data.
Loading unloaded module list
.Missing image name, possible paged-out or corrupt data.
.Missing image name, possible paged-out or corrupt data.
....Missing image name, possible paged-out or corrupt data.
..Missing image name, possible paged-out or corrupt data.
.Missing image name, possible paged-out or corrupt data.
.Missing image name, possible paged-out or corrupt data.
Missing image name, possible paged-out or corrupt data.
.Missing image name, possible paged-out or corrupt data.
.Missing image name, possible paged-out or corrupt data.
..Missing image name, possible paged-out or corrupt data.
.Missing image name, possible paged-out or corrupt data.
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *
Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.
BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff80002cdbb18, fffff880028927f0, 0}
Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!KeWaitForMultipleObjects+270 )
Followup: MachineOwner
For right now I would like you to reinstall your Graphics Driver. I am going to give you some instructions that may help. You only need the Graphics Driver, nothing else.

I am going to give you some links that will help you get a good clean install and not have any drivers you don't need that will conflict with other drivers. Download a WHQL driver from Latest AMD Catalyst Video Driver for Windows 7 . Once you have them downloaded, uninstall you current driver from control panel. next clean up any left over drivers from following this tutorial Drivers - Clean Left over Files after Uninstalling and select only ATI Display Drivers. After you have done that and rebooted, install the new driver, only select custom install and install only what you have to. Very few people need most of what they include. You do not need the audio/HDMI drivers as you already have that in your Motherboard drivers. Unless there is some reason you need them, the only thing you really need is the Display Driver.

Also, please open In elevated command prompt ( click start, type cmd in the search box, right click on the cmd entry and select run as administrator) in the black box that opens, copy/paste sfc /scannow. If you decide to type it, notice the space between the sfc and the /. It is a system file checker which will scan your system files and attempt to correct any missing or corrupt files. What we want are the results to say windows found no integrity violations. If it says files were found but could not be repaired, close the box, reboot and run it again, after opening the administrative command prompt. You may have to reboot and run it three times for it to repair all system files. If it can't repair them after 3 reboots, let us know.

wo... Read more
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I am considering building a new PC. What I want to know is whether or not a dual cpu system (I am thinking of Tyan Tiger MoBo and 2 Athlon MP 2200's) will be suitable for gaming? A friend said most games don't support dual cpu's, is this true of all games, or just old ones? i.e. Will the likes of half-life 2 support 2 cpu's(obviously I don't expect anyone to know this, I am just wondering whether SMP is becoming commonplace enough for Games manufacturers to start supporting it. Kind of future-proofing in a way). I would appreciate any help anyne could offer on the subject.

P.S. I am also going to buy LOADS of neon lights for my case! I want all the whistles and bells available! How sad am I?!?!?!??

A:Dual CPUs and Gaming?!?!

If this dual CPU system is ONLY for gaming, I would say to opt out and get a single CPU system. Especially if this machine isn't going to be a heavy-load server of some sort.
I know Quake 3 supports SMP, but I'm not sure on other games.

But, I'll leave this question up to the people I know who have experience with SMP...Soul Harvester and LNCPapa....
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So recently I've bought a small samsung tv and used hdmi cable to connect it to my laptop. My question here is that everytime I play games on my main monitor ( laptop), and try to click on a browser or skype on my second monitor, it refreshes by the screens going black and game being minimized on the main monitor. Is this suppose to happen? I hear that some second monitors are suppose to refresh but I believe I saw some people who takes control of the second monitor while main monitor has games on (streamers). It is my first time posting so if there are any more information needed, reply please

Also, if this is the wrong section to put in, I will handle it as well.

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When I finally started using dual monitors again I have noticed strange things when I game. When I am playing my mouse tends to go crazy as if it was still on the desktop. So I decide to run it on "Windowed mode" now when I try to move the mouse it shoots up to the top of the screen and is unable to move down. The games that I have had issues with are Team fortress 2 and hl2.

Thank you

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I recently added a second screen to my computer, but have run into issues with my games running slower, and occasionally constantly running sideways, etc.

Is there a way to have one screen go black and have all graphics card resources be concentrated on the main screen when I activate a single screen application, such as a game, but not for programs like web browsers?

The computer is a homebuilt with:

Windows XP Home Edition

2x Nvidia 6800 XT graphics card, linked with a "bridge" to one card to pool resources when just using one screen (or something like that)

2x Samsung SyncMaster 940B Monitors.

A:Dual Screen Gaming

Is there a way to have one screen go black and have all graphics card resources be concentrated on the main screen

Sure, re-enable SLI and disable the second screen. Other than that, no.