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Sony Vaio VGN-NR series keyboard replacement

Q: Sony Vaio VGN-NR series keyboard replacement

Okay, so my sister's Sony Vaio VGN-NR120E has a damaged keyboard.
I found a place to buy the part (ebay, various other sites, etc. all sell them...) but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how the heck to get the keyboard off of the thing to replace it.

Has anyone replaced a keyboard on a Sony Vaio VGN-NR series before or knows how to do it? I'm fairly confident in my abilities but I want to avoid dismantling parts of the computer I don't need to, so any insight on how it's fastened on there would help.

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Preferred Solution: Sony Vaio VGN-NR series keyboard replacement

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Sony Vaio VGN-NR series keyboard replacement


sony laptops use (like most do) very small clips at the top of the keyboard, usually 3 or 4 of them along with screws from the bottom,, finding which screws is a trial, unlike Dell who mark the screws (k) for keyboard, (p) for palmrest etc etc.

Once you find out which screws they are get a credit card or similar and slide it across the top of the keyboard between the top and the case, you will feel the clips, use another card to gently lift the keyboard at the same time, be careful once done as their is a ribbon cable on a plug that connects to the motherboard, a gentle pull should pull it out if its a molex type, or else it may be a lift up the black bar type and slide the cable out, or slide a little lug on either side up (to the side etc) to remove the cable.
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I have a sony vaio pcg-881r laptop with a bad keyboard and for the life of me cannot figure out how to remove it to get the part number off of it to get a replacement. Short of bulling it which I don't want to do and break something has anybody else had to replace these boards? I checked sony's site but they don't give instructions like Dell or others do, or if they do I can't find it. Any help is appreciated.
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Simple question: where can I find a replacement keyboard for the new Sony Vaio F-series laptop?

Background: I find myself in Germany at the moment and it turns out it's very hard to get a laptop with the normal qwerty keyboard here. So the new laptop I will be getting soon will have the German keyboard. What I would like to do is to replace this one with the one I want (the US or at least the UK keyboard).

I've seen several sites that sell keyboards for older laptops, but what about a brand new one?

A:Sony Vaio replacement keyboard

Try HERE. They may be able to get it for you.
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Hi and thanks in advance!
As the title suggests, the keyboard of my Vaio isn't working.
I'm pretty sure that it isn't a hardware problem, as the keyboard started functioning for a day.
Any ideas?

A:Sony Vaio E Series VPCEH25EN Keyboard not working

Hi there .. When did this first happen ? What do you mean by >> [ I'm pretty sure that it isn't a hardware problem, as the keyboard started functioning for a day.] .. Have you tried a restore point before the issue happened
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Can anyone please give me some guidance on how to replace this keyboard? I have 8 keys on the right side of the keyboard which display the incorrect digit when I press them. The new keyboard is on order but I have no idea how to open this laptop up. Thanks!!

A:Sony Vaio VGN-A250 keyboard replacement

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I need to replace my keyboard on my Sony PCG-FRV37 and I am unable to open the case. I have removed all of the screws that I see but it seems to be getting caught in the middle and back. I do not see anything that could be catching it.

A:Keyboard Replacement on Sony Vaio PCG-FRV37

This is what you got right...
Welcome to TechSpot with your first posting..!

On the bottom of the case there should be screws that say {k} that's for the keyboard to be removed.
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I joined this board because I am a bit lost.

I have a Sony Vaio Laptop PCG-GR390 that my 2-1/2 year old son had all to himself for 3 minutes. To make a long story short (yes, kiddie Home Depot tools were involved!!!), I now have to replace the keyboard and keyboard cover. Here's the problem: I'm a pretty handy guy who has done lots of repairs on computers of varying degrees of difficulty, yet I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the old parts out/off without snapping something or going at every screw on the unit. Can someone please give me some very detailed help? I have found numerous sites giving details and showing pictures of other Sony's, just not my model.

I thank all that can help in advance.

A:Sony Vaio Laptop PCG-GR390 keyboard replacement help.

I don't recommend doing this one yourself. Take it to the shop.
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VAIO SLOW MOUSE and Graphics Problems SONY VAIO F SERIES Personal I VAIO series SONY F have some experience with computers not to say i know nearly anything I have taken a few ROP computer service and networking courses which help with understanding the basics I have had this computer for under a year Problems - Inconsistent Mouse lag delay of - seconds on a click - Programs lag inconsistently - Problem SONY VAIO F series with certain movies and games will not run smoothly -Will power down on random does not happen to often anymore Current Status - Drivers are Updated - Device manager shows no errors - Currently using avast and malwarebytes and should have a virus and malware free system Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version SONY F SERIES -OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit -Processor Intel R Core TM i - QM CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping -Processor Count -RAM Mb -Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT M Mb -Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB -Motherboard Sony Corporation VAIO -Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled Conclusion These problems may be hardware related but i have had no physical damage on this laptop Now if it is a software issue i would love some help even a link or an material i could read I would love to have this laptop running at its peak seeing as its expensive and pretty new I really need it to work smoothly for school right now i depend on this laptop for a majority of art and design projects I have used this site before and you are all extremely helpful Not to be all mawkish but volunteer service like this helps more than anything Thank you nbsp
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this thing has been freezing on loading windows xp home edition. logged in on safe mode but i cant figure out what is wrong. im not a all experienced with laptops, this one is fair game now a new one has been purchased. i would like to save this, fix it if at all possible any ideas what to do?

A:sony vaio k series any help

it could be caused by a driver conflict or prehaps spyware. Have you recently updated any drivers or installed new hardware?
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Hi I have a few questions. I purchased my laptop about 18 months ago. Yesterday it started making weird sounds. The sounds sounded like shocks, I believe I saw some too. I feel like it heats up too fast. What should I do? It operates on Windows Vista. Thank you!!

A:Sony Vaio E Series Laptop

Moving this thread to Hardware.
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Can anyone provide me the details where i can CPU fan fro Sony vaio laptops and how to change it? My notebook CPU fan is not working and getting turned off automatically after sometime.

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I have a sony vaio notebook (pcg-gr300) I cant get it to read a "pocket sized cd" It reads the standard sizes just fine.. but will not pick up on the pocket cd's...My desk top picks up on the smaller cd's fine...just cant get them to read in the notebook
Can anyone help? Thanks
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I am having a hard time deciding whether I should return this Sony Vaio I bought and get the HP dv online instead They are both Windows vista home -bit I bought the Sony Vaio NS series for plus all those fees for a total of at Best Buy If I return it I will most likely have to pay the dreaded restocking fee which comes to about - less in refund money even though I noticed yesterday that this laptop was a bit sluggish which isn t typical for a Sony Vaio which has such a good reputation Not fair but I have to pay it I browsed the web Vaio or Series Vista NS HP Both dv2 64-bit..but.. ? Sony and saw a brand new with warranty HP dv for only everything included in the price And I Sony Vaio NS Series or HP dv2 ? Both Vista 64-bit..but.. can also get Microsoft cash back on it which is minus - dollars I also have the ebay rewards which is minus an additional - dollars I know that some people get turned off by the idea of buying from ebay However this seller seems legit and feedback received has been favorable I also have paypal buyer protection when i receive it However what caught my eye was that the HP dv the seller was selling has gb RAM and gb Hard drive Compared to this Sony Vaio which is only gb RAM and gb Hard drive that is a long way I have used an hp laptop before and it lasted a good years and something before breaking Which I guess is pretty acceptable The HP dv also has a small very portable inch screen compared to this standard inch screen on the Sony Vaio The only thing that makes me draw back a bit is the graphics card The Sony Vaio has a better graphics card I think as it is a Intel Graphics Media Accelerator MHD while the HP dv has a ATI Mobility Radeon HD Premium Graphics with MB DDR dedicated graphics memory which i guess isn t as good I do play games and I want them to work well What should I do The pictures and link to both products are here Sony Vaio the one i bought yesterday http www bestbuy com site olspage io ns amp lp amp type product amp cp amp id HP dv I may exchange for this one http cgi ebay com ws eBayISAPI dll ViewItem amp ssPageName STRK MEWNX IT amp item There is more information on the hp site about the dv if you need the link please tell me Thank you so much for all your help guys nbsp

A:Sony Vaio NS Series or HP dv2 ? Both Vista 64-bit..but..

I would stick with the Sony.

The one on E-Bay states that it is still in a sealed box, well, most anyone can reseal a box. There would be NOT warranty and you are on your own.

We have had real good luck with the Sony's and each one we have had has severed us over 3 years each time. No, we did NOT upgrade to a new machine because there was problems, we just out grow it.
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Well I think I have a bug in my system. It takes a very long time to boot. Mind you I do run a lot of stuff on my laptop, but this is crazy slow. When it does come up, I have to always click on my ESET icon to start it. It will not start on its own like it is set to do. Also when you click on a program, it will sit there for a long time in the "Not Responding" state. Also sometimes Firefox will start to flicker around the borders like a ghost is in it. Here are the log files from the test you had me run. Now mind you there is a screen shot for the DDS test for it would not run. Thank you for any help you can give me. And yes I have a Windows 8.1 disk.


A:My Sony Vaio E Series is running like a 486.

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I'm only 12 now but when i grow up im thinking of getting the blue one in the Sony Vaio CR series.

Just would like to know if it's worth buying, are sony laptops reliable, long lasting, etc

Here's a link to the Sony site will give you the specs of the laptop:

And here's a picture of it:

A:Anyone interested in the Sony Vaio CR series

It is best that you examine a Sony VAIO laptop in person, so you can look at the cooling fans and air channels. Thin and pretty means difficulty with heat.
We rank the Sony VAIO right up there with eMachines and Packard Bell... except the Sony's are prettier.
When new, they are very good. But when they fail (usually early, in our experience) Sony tech support is difficult, and parts are impossible to get. Screens fail quickly on the less expensive models. Sony laptos do not have adequate cooling, and fill up with dust and hair way too soon, requiring frequent cleaning.

Failure rates are as high as the Alienware, eMachines, Dell Inspiron Celeron, and Compaq.

One way to judge them, is to see how long of warranty is possible. If that model has a long warranty, it can be a better machine.

People usually love their laptops when new, but our clients don't love Sony Vaios when they have some miles on them.. Common failures are screen, inverter, or anything to do with cooling, and motherboard quits.

Take a look online at how difficult it is to find a source of Sony VAIO parts. They are available until the warranties expire, then nothing.

Consider a Lenovo Thinkpad T-60 oir T-61. Lowest failure rate in the industry... or a Dell Latitude (or equivalent), high end HP, or high end Gateway.

Other opinions will differ, but we support a lot of laptops for sales teams, real estate, banks, and corporations.
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I got an Sony Vaio AW Laptop. 18.4" Widescreen !!

Anway my question is there any drivers for Windows XP. I really like windows vista. I want to know is it possible to install windows Xp instead though. Sony Vaio Website only had drivers for vista.

As long as the wireless,ethernet,audio, video, chipset, and touch pad work, I should be fine.


A:Solved: Sony VAIO AW Series Laptop

You may be able to track down the drivers on other websites and get lucky and find all of them. You'd also lose all the CD\DVD and utilities that came with the laptop. And you'd definitely want to burn a set of Recovery discs before you'd even attempt this. I'd stay with Vista if I were you, it really isn't at that bad at all.
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HELP im using sony vaio vpcf fm f series for years Now its acting weird One day i just Sony vaio slowness f unusual series and Help lag turned my computer off and the next time i opened it took minutes till my desktop icons appeared Then i have started it in safe mode and repaired registry with cc cleaner Now i can turn it on but it is still slow and laggy Hijack This Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Program Files x Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamgui exe C Program Files x Steam Steam exe C Users Kuzey AppData Help Sony vaio f series unusual slowness and lag Roaming Dropbox bin Dropbox exe C Program Files x Intel Intel R Rapid Storage Technology IAStorIcon exe C Program Files x Sony ISB Utility ISBMgr exe C Program Files x Sony PMB PMBVolumeWatcher exe C Program Files x ACD Systems ACDSee Pro ACDSeeProInTouch exe C Program Files x Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe C Program Files x LogMeIn Hamachi hamachi- -ui exe C Program Files Help Sony vaio f series unusual slowness and lag AVAST Software Avast AvastUI exe C Windows SysWOW RunDll exe C Program Files x Skype Phone Skype exe C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software Bluetooth Headset Helper exe C Users Kuzey AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users Kuzey AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users Kuzey AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users Kuzey AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users Kuzey AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users Kuzey AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Sony VAIO Care listener exe C Users Kuzey Desktop HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http sony msn com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http blekko com ws source c d BDFE B AEA FFE D F amp tbp homepage R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page C Windows SysWOW blank htm R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook no name - c f aa-f f- c- f e-b d a - no file R - URLSearchHook no name - c a e e- d- - c -d da adb d - no file R - URLSearchHook YTNavAssistPlugin Class - EA - AA - A A- - AF E D F - C PROGRA Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll F - REG system ini UserInit userinit exe O - BHO amp Yahoo Toolbar Helper - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - C PROGRA Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files x Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files x Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO avast WebRep - E E -AD D- bf-AC D-D F D - C Program Files AVAST Software Avast aswWebRepIE dll O - BHO Windows Live ID Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files x Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - BHO SkypeIEPluginBHO - AE - E C- ED - F B-F F A - C Program Files x Skype Toolbars Internet Explorer skypeieplugin dll O - BHO URLRedirectionBHO - B F A - E - -BA - B E FF - C PROGRA MICROS Office URLREDIR DLL O - BHO IEPlugin - C CD -A CB- D -A F -D F A BE - C Pro... Read more
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I have a Sony VAIO - E Series Laptop (model: VPCEB34EN) which is of my brother's who passed away a month back. I can just login in guest user mode and can able to delete or modify (or any thing) in the lap as it asks for administrator password for EVERYHTING. How to get rid of this. OS: Windows 7 Home Edition. Need Tech People's assistance very badly..
-Saravanan. M

A:[SOLVED] Need Assistance for my Sony VAIO E Series

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Sorry to hear about your loss.

We can not assist with any type of password help since it is against the forum rules.

Please read the rules before posting again:
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Hi! I am set to buy this vaio laptop (vgn-cr35g) this april..

Can somebody please tell me if they had experience serious problems with VAIO
laptops of this series?


btw, this is the specifications of the laptop for vgn-cr35g


A:Sony Vaio CR Series (VGN-CR35G) Is this a good one?

how much $ is P 79,990.00 (it sounds a lot !)
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Ive been having this issue usually when i leave my laptop sitting for a while and it just goes into sleep mode or whenever i close an re open the lid it will give me the same error message if someone could give me an idea of what the problem maybe thanks

A:BSOD on Sony Vaio E series BAD_POOL_CALLER

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

If you did run the tool, it didn't collect all the info. If this is the case, please rerun the tool and let it run for at least 15 minutes (or until the tool itself says that it's done).

Looks like a network problem to me - but I'm late for work right now. I'll respond back once you upload the rest of the reports.

Please update these older drivers. Links are included to assist in looking up the source of the drivers. If unable to find an update, please remove (un-install) the program responsible for that driver. DO NOT manually delete/rename the driver as it may make the system unbootable! :

ndistc.sys Thu Feb 21 04:31:01 2008 (47BD44D5)
Unable to locate this one - waiting on the rest of the reports to see if they have info on it.
ndistc.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.

WinRing0x64.sys Sat Jul 26 09:29:37 2008 (488B26C1)
many different programs that center around the using of the WinRing libraries (RealTemp, Corsair Link2 (known BSOD issues w/Win8), Razer GameBooster, etc)

CLVirtualDrive.sys Mon Dec 26 08:26:47 2011 (4EF87617)
CyberLink Virtual Device Driver

The following is for informational purposes only.

**************************Fri May 24 16:06:54.042 2013 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Owner\SysnativeBSODApps\052413-26437-01.dmp]
Windows 8 Kernel Version 9200 MP (4 procs) Free x64
Built by: 9200.16581.amd64fre.win8_gdr.130410-1505
System Uptime:0 days 10:14:05.753
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ndistc.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ndistc.sys
Probably caused by :ndistc.sys ( ndistc+301c )
BugCheck C2, {7, 11c1, 438000e, fffffa8006473b90}
BugCheck Info: BAD_POOL_CALLER (c2)
Arg1: 0000000000000007, Attempt to free pool which was already freed
Arg2: 00000000000011c1, (reserved)
Arg3: 000000000438000e, Memory contents of the pool block
Arg4: fffffa8006473b90, Address of the block of pool being deallocated
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0xc2_7_aPmI_ndistc+301c
CPUID: "Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz"
MaxSpeed: 2600
CurrentSpeed: 2594
BIOS Version R0200V5
BIOS Release Date 11/23/2012
Manufacturer Sony Corporation
Product Name SVE14A35CXH
**************************Fri May 24 05:52:26.455 2013 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Owner\SysnativeBSODApps\052413-34609-01.dmp]
Windows 8 Kernel Version 9200 MP (4 procs) Free x64
Built by: 9200.16581.amd64fre.win8_gdr.130410-1505
System Uptime:0 days 1:17:57.271
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ndistc.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ndistc.sys
Probably caused by :ndistc.sys ( ndistc+301c )
BugCheck C2, {7, 11c1, 4380008, fffffa800df58c90}
BugCheck Info: BAD_POOL_CALLER (c2)
Arg1: 0000000000000007, Attempt to free pool which was already freed
Arg2: 00000000000011c1, (reserved)
Arg3: 0000000004380008, Memory contents of the pool block
Arg4: fffffa800df58c90, Address of the block of pool being deallocated
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0xc2_7_aPmI_ndistc+301c
CPUID: "Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz"
MaxSpeed: 2600
CurrentSpeed: 2594
BIOS Version R0200V5
BIOS Release Date 11/23/2012
Manufacturer Sony Corporation
Product Name ... Read more
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Okay so I have here before me a Sony Vaio NR series laptop It has a large problem The WiFi Doesn t work properly For some odd reason when you start it up in safe mode Sony series Vaio problem NR WiFi the WiFi works perfectly When you start it up normally you see Sony Vaio NR series WiFi problem the WiFi light comes on and it connects to one of the preferred networks like it s supposed to until about a minute later it turns off the WiFi light Sony Vaio NR series WiFi problem and disconnects from the network and will not find any networks When you click quot Diagnose why windows cannot find any Sony Vaio NR series WiFi problem wireless networks quot it says quot The Wireless Capability is turned off quot or something like that and says I should turn on the wireless switch However the wireless switch is already on I can flip it as much as I want it does nothing The light will not turn on again until I restart it only to have it do the same thing over again I know it s not a hardware problem cause it works in safe mode just fine So why doesn t it work in windows when it s started normally Help would be much appreciated I m pretty close to just reloading the operating system EDIT I have uninstalled and reloaded the updated driver software for the wireless LAN card no luck nbsp

A:Sony Vaio NR series WiFi problem

You also need to indicate more about your system specs to get any idea of the problem, like: What operating system and its release level? What is the make/model of the wifi card?
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Hey guys, I've only recently noticed this, but the brightness on my Vaio is stuck.

FN+F5/6 does nothing at all.

Changing the slider on both Win+C - Settings - Brightness and also through the Control Panel display options both do nothing either.

Any suggestions how to get around this?


A:Sony Vaio E Series Brightness Not Changing

The drivers aren't installed so windows doesn't have control over it yet.

Here are two links that might help:

EDIT: No, wrong link ill post in a sec

I can't find exact ones. here's a link. Put in your vaio info. Your model seems to be missing from the list.

Sony eSupport - Electronics - Select Your Model
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Hello all! Thank you for your help in advance! My computer recently started displaying a Blue Screen of Death upon starting up Windows 8. It takes a really long time to start up, and then it goes to the BSOD and displays a message: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE

I tried the Windows 8 system wipe and restore, using the long method to format the drives, but the problem still occurs. Attached is the memory dump. Any help will be greately appreciated.

Thank you,


A:BSOD - Sony VAIO T Series Ultrabook

You should post your issue here: BSOD Crashes and Debugging - Windows 8 Forums
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Model SVE151G11L. I do not want to delete the contents on the HDD so reloading the OS will only be a last resort. When i power on first screen shows:

Automatic Repair
Automatic repair couldn't repair your pc

I then choose Advanced Options which shows 4 options:

Continue- Exit and continue to windows 8
Use a Device- Use a USB device, network connection or windows Recovery DVD
Troubleshoot- Refresh or reset your pc, or use advanced tools
Turn off your pc

Anything I can do here to get back to windows without losing any files please? I don't wish to use the Troubleshooting option if it will erase any files on the HDD?

A:Sony Vaio E series Laptop cannot go to desktop

You should be able to "refresh" your pc without losing your files. Im not sure about programs, but personal files you shouldnt lose. This should  work, I have done it myself and the Microsoft website also says it will not remove personal files when you choose this option. But I will say do it at your own risk. If it works, back up your personal information onto an external media for safe keeping incase something like this happens again.
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Is it possible to change the sound card on my sony vaio VGN-N130G laptop to one that is XP proffesional compatible? and is it easy enough for me to do it?

Also how much will this sound card be? Im looking for the cheapest one that will last a very long time, and im not bothered about the quality, just as long as im able to hear sound im happy


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Xmas gift - I ended going with a Sony Vaio VPCEB FM Running Windows gift also included online access and the Sony Vaio had a discount if subscribing to T-Mobile service Rocket device USB Noticed early on the T-Moblie device was not identified by T-Mobile and Series Virus - F Vaio Sony protection would list as a or digit number NOW THE DEVICE NO LONGER COMES UP BUT Sony Vaio F Series - Virus protection I CAN STILL Sony Vaio F Series - Virus protection ACCESS THE INTERNET Which scares me so now I m gong back and pulling screen shots that I have with some information and would like to talk with someone about it Long story short I am now here at Bleeping Computers and are affraid to be on the internet for any length of time b I was told that would cost me to have Geeksquad fix the problem which they really did not give me a clear understanding of what the problem was they just told me that my operating system was corrupt they stated very smuggly I might add that it was probably due to me surfing web sites that are known to have issues now how am I supose to know this not having online access like MyWebsearch com my web who Never heard of it I was dumbstruck wasn t on the internet for too long constantly checking my settings for performance and doing security scans making sure updates were loading I want to let the Store know why I won t purchase from them again part of it being talked into purchasing subscription and additional virus software and store saying over days can t return it I want to find out what is wrong and how these things entered and corrupted my computer normally I would expect some sort of form letter acknowledging my issues but not waiting going to do this and move on Why bother buying anit-virus software programs When eventually we will all end up with those little buggers sooner or later in my case - months after purchasing the computer from BEST BUY quot Won t stop all viruses from getting to our computers quot is what I was told by Geek Squad of course I know there are always new ones out there that s why we keep updating our computers with automatic updates windows defender firewalls it s a game to see who can stay ahead of who unfortuately I am a casualty and don t have the time or money to make it better but I am hoping thats where you come in I was advised to download software and reply with logs ok have the logs but going back to the forum where I posted it says I cannot post there so in surfing around the site I found this topic and wanted to attack this problem too
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Hi, I've recently bought the Sony Vaio T Series Ultrabook, and when I try to use the webcam, it doesn't work. I opened the software ArcSoft Webcam Campanion 4 to see if my camera is connected, but it says "A webcam was not found or is not working properly. Please click Connect button and try again." When I click on the Connect button and it says "Camera not found. The camera is either being used by another application or is not connected. Make sure the cam is connected and working properly." I also read somewhere that I could go into setup/BIOS to enable the camera but the camera is not even listed on the components. I even tried going onto System Information and checking Problem Devices, and still nothing. Help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

A:Sony Vaio T Series webcam not working

Hi! I am having the same problem as you. Have you found a solution? If you have please share! Would love to fix this as soon as possible!! Thanks
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Hi guys!

Last Thursday I did a clean install on my sony vaio E series due to High CPU temperature. But re-installing did'nt help lowering the temperature. My CPU temp still 65c to 75c on idle (Air conditioned room).

Now I decided to dismantle it and do a cleaning on CPU fan and re-applying thermal paste. The problem was I don't know how to do it.

Anyone knows a good site/tutorial on how to dismantle it?

Thanks in advance.

A:Taking Apart/Dismantling Sony Vaio E Series

Google is your friend for this: disassemble sony vaio e series

If you've never done this before, the hardest part is getting the right screws back in the right place. A digital camera can help as well as making a diagram of the laptop and placing the removed screws in their respective places on the diagram.

The key is patience and paying attention to details.
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Hello I would be grateful for some help I ve been researching laptops and think I have narrowed my choice to either Sony Vaio EB or Dell Inspiron R The screen clarity series Inspiron EB or Vaio Sony 15R? Dell is important to me and sometimes the Sony Vaio screens in stores I visited didn t seem too clear Also came across some reviews of people who really had problems with Sony Vaios and or customer service But then have also heard scary stories about Dell too Sony Vaio EB series or Dell Inspiron 15R? I do mostly document work some photo editing and video watching NO GAMING lots of internet research I think an i- or i- with GB or possibly GB RAM and GB hard drive would be about right I may be able to get more for the money with Dell but will I be happier with Sony quality in the long run I would like to not have to replace it in - years Also am wondering about the extended warranties Am thinking -or year extended warranty Your advice would be appreciated Thank you so much Sony Vaio EB series or Dell Inspiron 15R? Am wondering if SONY Vaios EB series and Dell Inspiron R are comparable nbsp
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Dear Admin ,
I am trying to replace the stock battery with specs - 10.8 V , 4000 mAh , 44Wh of Sony Vaio laptop - VPCEH28FN with a new one ( which perfectly matches in dimensions with the stock battery ) having specifications - 11.1 V , 5300 mAh , 59 Wh.
Considering the higher current and Wh , Please can you suggest if the above new battery is compatible with the laptop and will it cause any harm or have any adverse impact on the internals of laptop.
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Hi Just bought a new Vaio days ago loaded office Sony F (Windows7) help crashing new BSOD series Vaio on Need pro and itunes since day one though even before loading programs computer keeps shutting down automatically and going to the blue screen this is the report it generates Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode f BCP BCP BCP F BCP FFFFF OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Roz AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml Read our privacy statement online http go microsoft com fwlink link amp clcid x If the online privacy statement Need help BSOD crashing on new Sony Vaio F series (Windows7) is not available please read our privacy statement offline C Windows system en-US erofflps txt I followed the BSOD instructions and am attaching the zipped tsf file Really should I Need help BSOD crashing on new Sony Vaio F series (Windows7) just return the comp to Best Buy I just loaded my office suite which I don't know if I'll Need help BSOD crashing on new Sony Vaio F series (Windows7) be able to load on a new computer I would appreciate help and advice

A:Need help BSOD crashing on new Sony Vaio F series (Windows7)

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Hello all! Thank
you for your help in advance! My computer recently started displaying a Blue
Screen of Death upon starting up Windows 8. It takes a really long time to start
up, and then it goes to the BSOD and displays a message:

I tried the Windows 8 system wipe and
restore, using the long method to format the drives, but the problem still
occurs. Attached is the memory dump. Any help will be greately appreciated.
Thank you,


A:BSOD: Sony VAIO T Series Ultrabook - SVT151A11L

It looks like you still have several updates pending, you should complete those without browsing or using your computer to install patches and update important drivers.

I noticed one of your oldest drivers is nfrd960.sys from 2006, this is a raid driver, im not sure if you have a raid system or not but this could be important for drive stability.. Finish the updates and lets see where we get from there..
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I have a Sony Vaio VCG-LS series all-in-one desktop years ago the computer started shutting down abruptly while watching movies online At first it would turn back on and be fine unless I started watching a video At some point it would only boot properly if I went through BIOS At some point the graphics got extremely distorted and eventually the computer stopped booting up I took it to a repair guy and he said it was the graphics card and it s integrated into the motherboard so can VGC-LS20 Sony series Vaio Card Video t be replaced He was able to fix it however so that it was working fine for about months then the same thing started happening again Now I can t boot it up no matter what I try I would really like to get this thing working again It has Sony Vaio VGC-LS20 series Video Card Phoenix BIOS and the BIOS code that I heard before it completely was unbootable indicated that it is a video card issue If Sony Vaio VGC-LS20 series Video Card I replace the motherboard are the odds good that the prob will be fixed Is it difficult to replace the motherboard in this model Thank you nbsp
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Hello everybody I have not created recovery for the title recovery_ VAIO of Creation with Sony series) (E- WINDOWS 8 yet but about to do so Pl help me out Creation of recovery_ Sony VAIO (E- series) with WINDOWS 8 in resolving below issues A control panel gt all control panel item gt windows recovery opts for creating system image and creating system repair disc B VAIO care manual suggests recovering your computer from recovery media created through VAIO care Rescue Mode and To restore system files using the restore point when you cannot start Windows where in it asks for inserting the disc and then choosing your operating system and later on for selecting a restore point my query a how many sets of the recovery disc are required to be created considering A amp B and that b am I suppose to label or assign path etc in a particular manner so as to recover successfully later on if required c if A and A both are required can they be created as sharing on the same media disc or they should be created separately d can data be backed up along with the 'creation of recovery' on the same DVD or in continuation with each other e w r t B what does it mean 'to Creation of recovery_ Sony VAIO (E- series) with WINDOWS 8 select restore point' when you have put your 'created recovery disc' in the drive f will that 'recovery partition' which is internally there in the system remain usable after up gradation to WINDOWS if proceeded for so g what is the difference between A A amp B h any issue if using x DVD R DL GB for creation of recovery with DVD Super Multi Drive and if data backup is also taken on same PLEASE suggest a procedure each to the point so that I may recover every bit of data system computer as present on the date of creation if required so in future thanks WORLD GIVES PER WISH
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I have recently had to do a re-format of hard drive and re-load system. Did not make any back-up discs. Purchased a new Windows 7 CD as other version OEM was lost with format. How do I update system with all necessary drivers...? How do I get driver for the internal wifi...? (The wifi only works if I use a plug-in usb item.)...
The only help I seem to get is with Driver Update Programs (that you have to pay for) great but, will this solve the problem...?

A:WiFi Driver on Sony Vaio VPCF11M1E - F Series

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Start here:

Sony eSupport - VPCF11MFX - News & Alerts

This is the Sony Support Site for the USA, so you may need to try a different region if you live elsewhere and double check I've used the correct model number.

You can also ask Sony to provide you with a set of recovery discs for your computer. Just tell them you were unable to create your own and they may not even charge you.

Pebbly's post below has the link for Sony EU.
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Hi I'm trying to install windows on a sony vaio E series laptop which had windows preloaded on it I made a bootable usb thumb drive with Windows USB CD DVD Download tool When i try to boot through the pdrive it doesn't boot I selected the option series Problem with e installing vaio sony windows on 8.1 to boot from external device and selected the boot mode as UEFI But it doesnot go into the windows setup Then i Problem with installing windows 8.1 on sony vaio e series selected the legacy mode and started Problem with installing windows 8.1 on sony vaio e series the setup but it booted into the setup I formatted the C Drive and selected Problem with installing windows 8.1 on sony vaio e series that partition to install windows on it but it showed mean an error showing that the partition is of GPT style and windows cannot install I was doomed I searched on the internet and came to know that it happens because it is not booted in the UEFI mode and then i tried again but it doesnot go into the windows setup and shows a black screen with the notification that no operating system was found I tried everything i could but couldnt fix it I badly need your help

A:Problem with installing windows 8.1 on sony vaio e series

Originally Posted by athar123

I made a bootable usb thumb drive with Windows USB CD/DVD Download tool. When i try to boot through the pdrive it doesn't boot.

UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

To Create a Bootable UEFI USB Flash Drive using Free Program "Rufus".
- Under Partition scheme and target system type, select GPT partition scheme for UEFI Computer
- Under File system, select FAT32
- Click/tap on the browse icon and select your Windows 8.1 64-bit ISO file.
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I formatted my VAIO VPCEG2AEN laptop with Win 7 Ultimate 32 Bit which originally came with Home 64 bit.

The problem now is I am not able to find any 32 bit drivers.

What can I do, PLEASE HELP!

A:Sony VAIO VPCEG series 32 Bit Driver Needed !

Hi there
Try fiddling around on THIS site (Sony Asia)

Support for VPCEH15EG : E Series (VPCE) : VAIO™ Notebook : Sony Asia Pacific

(Ok that's my model) but yours should work -- if you can't find the EXACT same one try one that's similar. Sony won't change drivers for every possible piece of hardware -- a lot of these will work on most models of a similar series. Usually it's just the screen and video that's different.

Forget trying to find anything sensible on European or US sony sites. Fortunately the Asia site is in English.

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Hi, I bought my laptop 6 months ago. I have a Sony Vaio E-Series VPCEG35EG, It always lags whatever program I use. Please help me, I tried to look for an answer on the forum page yet I'm a bit confused what to do. Please help.


Operating System : Genuine Windows® 7 Home Basic with Service Pack 1 64bit (English Version)
Processor Name : Intel® Core™ i3-2350M Processor 2.30 GHz*1
Chipset : Intel® HM65 Express Chipset
Cache Memory : 3 MB (L3 Cache)
Pre-installed/Max : 2 GB (2 GB (SO-DIMM) x 1) DDR3 SDRAM*2 (upgradeable up to 8 GB*3)
SO-DIMM Slots : DDR3 SO-DIMM slots (Unused Memory slot 1)
Memory Speed : 1333 MT/s
Hard Disk Drive : 320 GB*4 (Serial ATA, 5400 rpm)

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Hi helpful people,

My Sony Vaio VGN-NS11J is 6 years old has been blue screening a lot and finally has told me 'SMART Failure predicted on Hard Disk. WARNING: Immediately back up your data and replace your hard disk drive. A failure may be imminent. Press F1 to continue'

So I've pressed F1, backed up and now want to replace my hard drive. Any recommendations for what I should be buying and from where? I've seen some things on Ebay for $60-$120+ and I'm not sure exactly which would be best.
I have an external hard drive with 750gb so I can store a lot on that.

Also I'm running Windows 7 pro, but don't have the disks for it with me as I'm travelling, anyway of sort of getting it off my current hard drive and onto the new one?

Many thanks,

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Would anyone know where to obtain another screen for this laptop. The original is cracked

New or Second hand....



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Hello -

I have a Sony Vaio vgn-fs760. I decided to replace the battery because I was only getting 15 - 20 minutes not connected to the AC adapter. I ordered a large capacity battery (VGP-BPL2).

I installed the battery and let it charge overnight - it still reports 100% charging when I hover in the systray. When I double click on the battery in the Power Meter, I believe that it is still showing as the old battery - clicking on refresh does nothing.

Please help.

A:Sony Vaio main battery replacement

sony charging systems has very large period of "tickle charge", that means, that battery will charge to reach designed capacity with very small amount of current(from around 80% till 100%), and this is normal. download mobile meter software, in "battery information" tab you'll see charging process of main battery in realtime. also it shows designed capacity, full charge capacity and current capacity that slowly rises.
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I see there is a thread from 2007 on this, that is now closed & refers to doing something scary with the MSCONFIG or something. Please can someone explain to an (almost) novice, what I need to do to make my brand new battery work on my Sony VAIO VGN-FE31Z. The message I get when I install my battery is that "The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be compatible with the computer. Press OK to hibernate and remove". Help!! I am running Windows XP and the laptop was purchased new from Sony in September 2006.

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OK Guys, I have just about had it...

I have replaced hundreds of hard drives over the past few years on a variety of different computers, usually through the process of imaging the original with Acronis then moving the image to a new drive...

95% of the time, it goes flawlessly, except with older Compaq desktops and now an older Sony Vaio. (PCV-RS220)

The original drive is a 120GB Seagate. It does boot.

The bios will not recognize any new hard drive (IDE) that I put in this system, it continuously says 'Primary Master Failed'. I have tried 2 western digital drives, one 250GB and the other 160GB. I placed the image on the new drives and neither will boot. It's not a matter of a bad image, the BIOS simply will not recognize the drives.

I am pulling my hair out!!! Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?

Thanks in advance,

A:Sony Vaio Hard Drive Replacement

why did you replace the drive - is the machine faulty
The original drive is a 120GB Seagate. It does boot.Click to expand...

if you put this orginal drive back into the PC - does it see it in bios ?
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sony vaio vgn-nr e got a replacement It shows that there s a battery there when I plug it in and will power the computer when I unplug the power supply However my orange battery light blinks nonstop the battery is at percent but not charging and when I turn on my computer it will not turn on unless I unplug the battery recognized? Sony vaio replacement not battery The orange battery light lights up and Sony vaio replacement battery not recognized? remains lit until I remove the battery It will turn on with AC power alone Inserting the battery after turning it on induces the situation I described first- can see that battery is there but it won t charge and the light blinks battery model is vgp-bps b tried the file that came with it bps exe that I guess should block isbmgr exe in some way but two more problems arise- can t find isbmgr exe anywhere in program files and when I run the program I was provided with I get error code Can t update BIOS drvr phlashnt sys has been blocked from loading if it helps yesterday i upgraded from vista to windows bit thanks nbsp
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Hello, I have a problem with my laptop Sony VAIO E Series - SVE151G11L. Everything works fine, but when I try to restore it to factory settings, I get a BSOD.
The laptop is running Windows 8 and when I shut it down and press the Assist button it boots in "Vaio Care - Rescue Mode", then I choose "Recover and maintain
your system" to restore it to factory settings, but I get a BSOD error saying:
Your PC needs to be repaired
Error code: 0xc000000f
The laptop didn't came with installation media or recovery tools. Please, if someone knows how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.

A:Can't reset Sony Vaio E Series laptop to factory restore

Have you contacted Sony about the problem and the possibility of getting the installation disks?
Their tech support may be able to walk you past the current problem so you can use your system again
Keep us posted
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Hi There

i'm facing a problem for a while now...
my laptop is Sony Vaio F Series with windows 7 Sp 1 ( all updates installed )
when i want to shut down laptop , it stucks on Windows 7 "Shutting Down" & after some time ( maybe 30 min or more ..) win restarts & after logging in windows , i get a message that Blue screen occurs & it didnt shut down properly...
my option is now forcing to shutdown ( by holding Power button) when shutting down...

im attaching my DM log file:
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A:Hdmi tv dispay problem with sony vaio c series laptop

Are you extending the desktop onto the TV or cloning the desktop? If you are cloning the desktop, both screens use the same resolution. If you are extending the desktop, then ensure the display properties are set to the TV's native resolution.

The display settings (varies by chipset brand/drivers) should have options for "TV" use and allow you to manually adjust the screen size. There may also be options for "overscan".
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Hi my friends, it is me again, Ran. wish you all more blessings to come and good health
by the way, i have another problem of my laptop, sony vaio VGN-NS240E.
Windows Both Manager
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer. (I don’t have the disc in my current country)
2. Click “repair your computer.” (I did but it was just going back to windows error recovery page )
Info: windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing, or corrupt.

what should we do my friends? kindly help me. thank you, Ran.

A:NS Series Notebook Sony vaio -windows failed to start :(

You didn't say which Windows version it's running, and that's often important in order to recommend the most appropriate fix for a problem.
If you'd posted in the appropriate Windows forum that would have been better for the people trying to help you.

For Windows XP go here:

For Windows Vista or Windows 7, boot your PC from the System Repair Disc which you should have made when your PC was working okay, then choose one of the repair options on the screen.
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Hey so I have a Sony VAIO S Series Laptop Model (VPCSB11FX) on Windows 7 and I have a graphics driver issue. My laptop comes with switchable graphics (Integrated Intel 3000 and AMD Radeon HD 7400m) and I want to use the AMD graphics card. So I disabled my integrated intel and switched it over to the AMD one in the driver manager, however it says that theres is no driver even though in the manager it says my drivers are up to date. This makes it very confusing for me.
Any info about this is appreciated and I can provide additional information if needed.

A:Sony VAIO S Series Laptop: Graphics Driver Problem

Download the driver here: and let's see what happens.
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i just got given a replacement battery for my sony vaio VGN-CR220E, plugged it in and my computer wont recognize it and wont charge it.
a sheet of paper i got with the laptop says the battery has "microporcessor software, which calculates the battery volume during charging" and my computer says the battery is not installed on the computer
is there any way to install it?
really really need this battery to work
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I need to buy a replacement motherboard for a Sony model PCV-R558DS DEsktop computer. This is a 2 year old computer with a PIII-866 processor and P-133 SDRAM.
I don't have the computer to look at (located in Europe) so I cannot tell..Will a standard size motherboard work in this computer?? Sony wants $300.00 to buy one from them.

Thanks for any help.

A:Sony Vaio Desktop replacement motherboard needed

No, Sony uses a special motherboard manufactured just for them and the cases usually will not accept a different motherboard. It will probably be cheaper to buy a case and a motherboard and transfer everything to it. You could buy a nice case and a good motherboard for 1/2 that.

Dell on some systems
Gateway on some systems.
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I am trying to find a replacement battery for My Sony Vaio VGN-FZ 180N. I have found quite a few on ebay as seen in the below link.

However, they are all saying that the battery will not work if the computer is running windows 7. I am definitely wanting upgrade from Vista to W7. It's quite funny that each post on ebay has simple grammatical errors and all of their replies to my questions were the same.

What about this Battery:

Can someone tell me if this is not going to work or there is a battery that will work with this Sony and W7. Thanks.

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Hello Everyone I need your help amp suggestion as always I have a yr old laptop in which I want E on Sony Solved: of Series copy to Vaio clean How Windows a install to clean install like literally going back to the clean state where I can choose what program I have to Install because there s a lot of bloatware included on my vaio Solved: How to install a clean copy of Windows on Sony Vaio E Series Laptop Model Sony Vaio E Series VPCEG EG Intel Core I Ghz Windows Home Basic gb Memory HD Can anyone guide me if there is some special order in installing drivers What s about the FN-Buttons Whats about the Assist and WEB Buttons Are they all working I ve searched the net amp I can only see guides and tutorials for Sony Vaio Windows Vista I m planning to upgrade my OS from Windows Home Basic to Windows Ultimate I also wanted to reformat my drive I already created my back up amp I m now in the phase of researching how would I proceed with Clean Installation Please Help Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hello all, I am very new to the forum

I have a problem with dual boots. I created a USB boot drive and I was able to boot up into an install menu and up to the license agreement screen, and following screen.

but unable to see any partitions that i'd like to installed windows 8. Any help is appreciated.

thanks again!

A:Sony VAIO T Series SVT13112FXS 13.3" dual boots problem

here is the picture.
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Recently my laptop hard drive crashed and i want to replace the same with new one. Old HDD was of samsung 320GB and i want to replace the same with WD 500GB.
I had recovery discs with me.
But VAIO i heard that in VAIO laptop we cannot easily install new HDD.

Can anyone please guide on how to install new HDD, so that i can install original windows on the same as i had key for original windows which came with my laptop.
Also i want to prevent sony softwares as well which are factory setup in existing hard disk.

Request your help for the same.


A:Replacing hard drive in Sony Vaio VPCEB14EN series Laptop

Hi there.

For the physical replacement I found these instructions in Sony knowledge base and I hope they could help you out:

As for the factory settings, on most of the laptops there is an hidden recovery partition (used to create recovery disks) which you can try to access it by pressing the F12 or F11 key (depending on the exact model) while booting your laptop and I think from there you can restore your laptop to factory settings.

Hope this helps.

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I have the above PC and was hoping to increase the Ram size from 2gig to 4 gig.
I had a fruitless chat with Sony tech support (as usual) and they inform me that 2gig is the max for my machine.
The mobo has 4 ram slots 184pin config and at the moment is carrying 4 x 512m memory sticks type PC3200U and was hoping to fit 4x 1gig type PC3200U sticks. Unfortuately the PC takes for ever to boot with 4 x 1gig sticks in.
Can anyone advise if this machine is at its max of 2gig or can the BIOS be pursuaded to see 4gig?

Hopefully I can workout the new 4 x 1gig sticks config, if not I will have to return them to the supplier. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Sony Vaio Desktop series RZ30C Model# PCV-RZ30CG - RAM upgrade?

Hmmm....guess my enquiry does not attract the same attention as game machines and building new computers...did get 63 viewers though but no enlightenment.
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I have a Sony Vaio VPCCW1S1E (red) with a Pioneer DV-RW TD09 drive.

Recently the ribbon cable on the underside of the DVD-RW drive keeps catching in the drawer and is becoming mangled. I have to carefully thread it back in with the drawer to stop it being squished.

So far the drive is functioning correctly but the ribbon needs replaced as it will not return to its former unkinked shape.

Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a replacement ribbon for this drive? The number printed on the cable is type:

Youngshin-c awm 5443 105c 30v vw-1

I can't find any for sale. Is there an equivalent? Should I buy a reconditioned DVD-RW instead (a new one is too expensive). I have no clue about ribbon cables!

Sony and Pioneer were unable to help.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards.
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Recently I had some issues with my Sony Vaio and found bad sectors within my HDD, and in doing so had a new HDD installed by technicians and my user profile transferred to my new HDD, but since receiving my laptop back I am now getting crashes after a couple of hours of extensive use where BSOD appears for a mere second before attempting to reboot but failing to find an operating system. From here I must power down my laptop forcefully then reboot again before it will find an OS. How do I stop these crashes from occurring?

Added an attachment of the dump Files.
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I saw a warning about trying to replace my Sony Laptop battery that it wouldn t work with Windows but the battery sales person convinced me it would Now I ve spent all day trying to figure out a solution and have found none The battery came with a driver disk which won t load cause it was for a bit mine is bit I tried uninstalling the quot Batteries gt Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery quot and reinstalling but it gave me an error message saying it not 7 Windows Battery (Plugged Vaio charging) Laptop in, Sony Replacement couldn t install I went to Microsoft and downloaded all the updates I tried this but could not find quot ISBmgr exe quot under the start up tab From either the Start menu or command prompt run MSCONFIG exe On Vista machines Windows will prompt you for permission to continue In the System Configuration window click the quot Startup quot tab and find the item containing quot ISBMgr exe quot Uncheck the box for the Sony Vaio Laptop Battery Replacement Windows 7 (Plugged in, not charging) quot ISBMgr exe quot Click quot Ok quot to save and accept the changes and restart the laptop You may be prompted on restart that Windows is running in selective mode Just uncheck the notification option on bottom right I followed a few other iterations of those above steps with battery in battery out and other pokie turn yourself around things and am now stuck The new battery does not charge even when everything is shut down and plugged in Yet my old battery charges fine It just won t hold a charge for longer than minutes The old battery is two years old Any other ideas nbsp

A:Sony Vaio Laptop Battery Replacement Windows 7 (Plugged in, not charging)

Is this new battery a SONY battery?
If NOT, I would take it back to where you got it, get your money and get a REALLY Sony battery.

All I can find at is Vista, no Windows 7 support.

Did you install a retail version of Windows 7 on a Vista machine?
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Hello. I have a problem with my Sony Vaio E-series laptop. It disconnects from my WiFi every time when I am in the middle of an online game. It does it sometimes while I am web browsing. I had Windows 7 at first when I had the problem. I tried to upgrade to Windows 10 to solve the problem, but the problem still comes along! I have the evaluation copy of Windows 10 and it runs pretty well. This problem has started in the beginning of the month of July 2015. Can anyone help me solve this? I tried reinstalling the drivers and disabling and re-enabling the adapter but nothing works. I also tried resetting the adapter by using the wireless toggle switch on the lip of the laptop and it turns back on. But I still need to know why it disconnects when I play games or searching the web. Thank you!

A:Solved: My Sony Vaio E-series disconnects from WiFi Network while playing online game
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Earlier today, in the middle of typing a search into Google, my keyboard suddenly started acting funny. At first, it stopped typing. Then pressing a single key resulted in several incorrect letters showing up at once. Pressing some keys will pop up folders (My Documents, etc.).

Thinking it was a key sticking, I turned off the computer and pressed each key a few times. When I turned it back on nothing had changed. I double checked that my drivers were all updated and ran a virus scan just to make sure that nothing was infected, but I still can't figure out what the issue is.

Any ideas?

A:Sony Vaio Keyboard

Laptop or Desktop?

If a desktop, have you tried another keyboard?
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Spilt chocolate on notebook Sony VGN-CR502E need to know how to change it out, it works fine some keys are sticky and won' release.

A:Keyboard replacement sony VGN-CR502E Watch this...Let us know...Jazz
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I lost video on my Sony Vaio laptop. I removed the keyboard to make sure the ribbon was connected properly. It wasn't so I reseat the ribbon. I was able to get the video back but now I CAN'T USE THE KEYBOARD. It is pretty tough inserting the ribbon into the connector but I feel it is a secure fit. Anyone have any ideas or experience with this issue?

Four year old Sony Vaio laptop, model PCG 7A2L.


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I have a sony vaio pcg-k13 that I need to replace a keyboard on. I already have the keyboard, but i'm not sure how the keyboard hood removes. I can't find any screws on the bottom of the unit that I think would be for the hood...does it just pop off? Please help! I don't want to make things worse..


A:Sony Vaio PCG-K13 keyboard problem

I too have a Sony K series laptop and wish to get inside in order to get get all the dust out - I assume this is the reason for steadily increasing fan noise over the past year. I've undone all the screws with arrows, and the top plastics come loose however there appears to be soemthing holding it in place in the centre. I expect you have experienced this. I too cannot see any screws for the keyboard hood, and whilst it does feel loose, there are indentations on the keyboard side which
I suspect you are expected to use to prise it off. But is it a question of brute force? I do not want to be the one to find out and risk breaking anything! I have taken a few keys off the keyboard to try and find a screw; however it was in vein, there are no screws where it appears to be held in place.

Do you think unsticking the rubber pads at the four corners of the screen, which I strongly suspect will yeild screws to take the plastics of the screen apart, will help?

Please let me know if you have any progress in this matter.
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I am having a strange issue with a Sony netbook (VPCM12M1E) in that the keyboard seems to have a mind of its own, it used to be an intermittent issue but is more prevalent now. The issue is that if I try to type it enters the letters in capitals, if I press CapsLock it goes back to lower case letters. If I use the numbers, ie. 1234567890 they come out as !"£$%^&*(), whatever I do with CapsLock or NumLock. If I try \,./ I get |<>? However if I boot into safe mode it all seems to work fine.
So far I have restored back to factory, reloaded the drivers for the keyboard and pulled my hair out and there isn't too much left now. Have any of you guys any words of wisdom for me

A:Sony Vaio keyboard issue

The replacement keyboards are not expensive. Try a new keyboard. Other than this, the motherboard may be the cause
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I have looked to no avail for a case keyboard combo for my sony vaio tap 11. The keyboard that comes with the PC is just not very good and mine is starting to not a charge for any time at all. And if a case keyboard combo exists it would make the whole thing feel a little more like a laptop (one unit versus trying to sit on sofa and hold a separate keyboard and tablet) and still give me the flexibility of being able to use it just as a tablet.
Nothing probably exists for this but woohoo if it does.
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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-NR E and last night my keyboard went crazy The FN keys have Sony Help Trouble Keyboard Vaio Please been pushing them selfs sound and brightness going up and down Random keys pushing them selfs over and over As if I were holding them down I uninstalled the keyboard driver and let windows refind it no help Scanned for virus s none were found by avast Ran regcure did not help Plugged in a usb keyboard and it works fine but defeats the fact that the computer is a laptop ya know I really would love any and all advice The computer is not even a month out of the box BTW Sony is going to be Sony Vaio Keyboard Trouble Please Help sending me a on site tech to replace the keyboard just waiting for the call back from them But the fact that the computer is so new makes me wonder if it s just a fluke or if there are known problems with vaio keyboards Computers And if I should just take it back and get something else or what Thanx in advance for all the advice Loki nbsp

A:Sony Vaio Keyboard Trouble Please Help

The keyboard and the touchpad behave strangely on my PCG-FX501 series VAIO. (might be similar),K=1399,Sxi=14,Case=obj(2706)

Or just wait for the replacement keyboard
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I have an issue with the keys on my new Sony Vaio... I had surgery on my right hand, and the tendon is permanently weak... so for me the keys are too firm, working on it is painful. (I had no problem with my old Toshiba, which had a spring-keyboard.)

Is there a way to loosen the keys?

A:Sony Vaio laptop keyboard

I very much doubt it. But many laptops have a jack for an external keyboard. If you could find one you liked, even a wireless one, you could use that instead. Wireless would allow you to really manipulate the placement and angle for the most comfortable access.
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My friend's Sony Vaio laptop is giving keyboard errors - substituting the incorrect characters when typing.

For example if I type the name "George" it comes out "Ge6rge".

When I connected an external keyboard it worked fine.
I know that there are ways to re-map keyboard keys. But if that was what was going on here, wouldn't it also affect the external keyboard?


A:Sony Vaio keyboard errors

Any help here:
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Ok done a search of my keyboard problem and not found thesame as mine I am using a Sony Vaio inch touch screen all in one pc Model number SVL FGB the keyboard Model isVGP-WKB same Sony Keyboard connecting not Vaio Bluetooth model as the one in the link Sony Vaio Bluetooth Keyboard not connecting below http Sony Vaio Bluetooth Keyboard not connecting www ebay co uk itm UK-Wireless-Keyboard-VGP-WKB -Sony-SVL -series-desktop-p-n- - After five months of use the keyboard space bar was notworking on one side so I rang Sony up and they said to bring it in they sentme a replacement keyboard and I followed the instructions to a tee as toconnecting it to my pc but to no avail Checked that drivers where up to date and theyare so it says Typed in model number to download drivers forthe keyboard just in case windows was lying to me but its saying model is nolonger available from Sony site for both pc and keyboard Checked to see that the blue tooth devices wherelisted on my computer as up till I sent the keyboard away all had been workingas regards to connection - nothing was listed there Went to add a device manually this did notwork despite keyboard been detectable according to instructions Went to check that battery s where charged fullybefore I put them in suggested cause as to why they sometimes don t connect oninstructions put batteries in charger over night till I got a green light as Ihad not used them for a while and tried again still not working The pc still has the bit Windows Home premium OS on it that came with it but soon after I got the PC I deleted most of the Vaiosoftware one at a time to make sure nothing stopped working and used the Bluetoothkeyboard and mouse without a problem since even switching on and off a lot ofthe time and it still re-connected with no problem up till I sent it away I was told they would be totally replacing the keyboard ratherthan replacing the space bar so taking their word for it that it is a differentkeyboard Any ideas or help would be much appreciated nbsp
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Been searching on laptop and online for hours now and just can't find out how to make this work.

Get advice like: go to control panel and select 'mouse and keyboard' but that isn't an option.

There is just nothing that helps me, yet all the reviews of the laptop seem to mention the backlit keyboard so it must exist.

I think I'm going mad...please help me.

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Need help with the keyboard. When typing in the middle of typing it jumps back a sentence and/or paragraph. Its kinda annoying. Can anyone help me!!! PLEASE!!

A:Keyboard problems with a Sony Vaio vgn-fs980

Does your keyboard have one of those little eraser things in the middle of the keyboard? If so, any chance that your hitting it by mistake while you type?
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Hi, how are you.
My name is Mark, and I have some 5 year-old Sony Vaio PCG-K33 which recently fall onto my hands.
This laptop has a problem. It´s in its keyboard.
Several keys do not work. The D, F, etc, etc ....
The funny thing, is that I initially thought it was a keyboard problem, and ordered a new one.
When this one came, I set it up, and surprise! The same old problem.
So, does anyone have an idea on what this might be causing this? I installed new drivers for the laptop, but no positive answer. So, does someone has some experience on this?
It´s a Sony Vaio PCG-K33(9S1L) ...

I´ll appreciate any guiding answers...
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How can I turn off a sony vaio using the keyboard?

A:How can you turn off a sony vaio laptop using the keyboard

Can you better explain what you're wanting to do?

If you're referring to a "hard shutdown", press in and hold in the power button for 4 - 5 seconds until it powers off, then release the power button.

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I have just got my self a Sony VAIO 850 series. When ever I use Microsoft Office or Works and try and press the letter k I get "spell check is complete". This only happens in Works/Word/eXEL. The k works fine in other types of programmes. There are further problems with the letter u and l. When using Works the letter 2 brings up the help pages. If I use the virtual desk top keyboard from Accessablity there is no problems. Any ideas please as its driving me crazy. Someone suggested a possible hotkey has been set up maybe in the registry or such like. I cannot find any hotkeys set up within the programmes themself. Any Ideas as how to check this and remove. Regards David

A:Solved: Keyboard problem with Sony Vaio laptop

If you just got it like you said, take it back. Why suffer the problem with a brand new & expensive machine?

Other thought to check is "sticky" keys setting being turned on?
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Hi, I am trying to save old documents from a friend's Sony Vaio VGC-RC110G prior to disposing of it. It starts up using my Dell Monitor, but will not recognize any of the 2 USB keyboards or 3 USB mice I have tried (all confirmed working on another computer). Each time I have made a change to mouse or keyboard, I have restarted by holding down the power button. Tried all the USB ports with same result. Any ideas?


A:Sony Vaio VGC-RC110G Won't Recognize USB Keyboard or Mouse

Meant to add that the Vaio is running XP Media Center Edition.
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Anyone have detailed instructions for removing and replacing the keyboard and touchpad on a Sony Vaio VGN-ZA570G? It seems that the keyboard hood is tight and I do not want to break anything. Special instructions for removing?
Star Tek

A:Sony Vaio PCG-9W1L remove keyboard and touchpad

Check instructions at this link:

Not the same model number but it may work.
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I have a 4 year old Sony Vaio. Recently I installed an Adobe Acrobat Update which automatically downloaded McAfee Anti Virus. I de-installed that and the laptop wouldn't turn off subsequently so I did a successful start-up repair.

Since the start-up repair the keyboard cursor is intermittently jumping all over the place. It is not confined to any particularly key on the keyboard:- it will jump back a sentence; it will highlight a sentence; it will delete something by jumping to the undo button.

I have not had this problem before. I really do not want to use a mouse as I prefer the touchpad

A:Sony Vaio - Keyboard cursor moving all over screen after repair

Do a System Restore to a point before the problem began, if necessary from System Recovery Options on the Win7 disk or System Repair Disk

If this is the original factory install then I'd seriously consider doing a Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 since the factory install is the worst possible install of Win7 one can have, larded with bloatware and duplicate utilities which interfere with better versions built into Win7.

At the minimum I'd Clean Up Factory Bloatware especially turning off all Startup items in msconfig except your AV which ideally should be one of the free lightweight ones like MSE or free Panda.
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I was using a thread on this Microsoft Support to fix my cd rom drive as it wasn't showing up on My Computer, I'd done it before and it worked perfectly fine
I went on the registry subkey:
And deleted 'upperfilters' as per instruction, however there was no 'lowerfilters'
After this I restarted my laptop to see if it worked and my touchpad and keyboard wouldn't work!
I've had to borrow a friends USB mouse but have no keyboard (currently on my iPhone)
I've had to go onto a guest account on my laptop as I am unable to type in my password on my administrator account
Any way I can fix this with just the USB mouse?!

A:Touchpad and Keyboard on Sony Vaio 'failed to start (Code 10)'

This is going to sound like suggesting that you close the gate after the horse has left the corral, but any time you make any changes in the Registry you should back it up first with software like ERUNT.  Then if there is a problem you can revert it to the preveous working condition.
Please post the make and model of this computer?
Do you have a installation disc for your version of Windows Vista?  If not, do know someone who can loan you a disc of the same version and bit type?
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Sony VAIO VGN-NR330e laptop.

I cleaned the keyboard right before installing Windows 7 on it. Now, the keyboard is acting very strange. I don't know if cleaning it messed up something sensitive and now the hardware itself is shot, or if it's a driver, or a flat out compatibility issue with Windows 7.

I tend to believe it is not the hardware itself, as when I pop off the problem keys and put them back on, they respond normally. But only to a light touch, not if you hold it depressed.

Then again, even when I get the entire keyboard responding and typing what it should, it is completely messed up all over again upon restart. What on earth???

A:Sony VAIO VGN-NR330e laptop keyboard acting weird...

What did you use to clean it?
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Hi everyone, my laptop's keyboard recently started behaving oddly, e.g. when I try to type the letter 'p' a '*' appears. Same also true for the '/' key, when I press it a '+' appears.

This is probably something very simple, but I can't figure out what I've done. Numlock is off, stick keys are off and the language is set to my own. I'm using Windows 7 and it's a Sony Vaio laptop.

Many thanks in advance 😊

A:Keyboard on Sony Vaio laptop types the wrong symbol/letter etc.

Hold down the FN key and press Numlock key.
If this just started happening, then do a system restore to a time before this happened. You can also use an external USB Keyboard or the on screen keyboard and see if that has the same effect,
You can also go to the Sony Vaio drivers page Sony eSupport - Drivers & Software Updates - Select a Model and download the updated Touchpad and Chipset driver for your model.
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I am working week vaio dead after keyboard vgc-rb40 and updates last mouse sony on a sony vaio vgc-rb in which the mouse and keyboard don't work I have tried the ps ports and the usb in both legacy and the computer sees the new device and installs it sony vaio vgc-rb40 mouse and keyboard dead after updates last week in usb but it still does not work no keyboard or mouse in safe mode but it does work in the bios and both the keyboard and mouse worked when in desperation a ran a bit defender rescue cd just to see if by chance is was malware The computer other wise boots and seems to run perfectly it just has no input devices what so ever The one strange thing it does is quick beeps at post but I cant figure out if that is normal for a vaio or not all the codes I see for a vaio are multiples of beeps so I think it is just the post beep but I am not sure Thank you for any help

A:sony vaio vgc-rb40 mouse and keyboard dead after updates last week

Since when do you have this problem? And what did you install/uninstall/change settings that can cause this?
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Hi during a house move the USB keyboard plugged into the Sony Vaio Laptop had a whole lot of keys depressed for some time no idea what keys or what combination happened but as a result I can no longer enter a single number amp caps lock has an inverted effect I m stuck at password login so cant get in as I have an alphanumeric password With no numbers means no assess All keyboards are affected - I have tried using the laptop keyboard itself the USB keyboard amp now the onscreen keyboard but all have the following issues - When Caps Lock is on all letters are in lower case - When Caps Lock is off all letters are in Upper case - The number pad does not work at all - whether NumLk is on or off - hitting any number button has no impact or key strike on all keyboards - Even the numbers above the letters do not work - whether NumLk is on or off i e I always get quot quot when I hit the quot quot button regardless of number lock on or off or using Shift or any other combination I ve tried various combinations to correct this but cant find the right one All help appreciated Thks Barbs nbsp

A:Solved: Sony Vaio Keyboard issue - CAPs inverted & numbers not working

Check the laptop's keyboard to make sure it doesn't have any stuck keys as they will override any USB keyboards plugged in.

Have you tried Safe Mode or Startup Repair:
Test to see if the keyboard works in either mode. It may have switched keyboard layouts to another layout or language. If it works in the Startup Repair try System Restore. If it doesn't work re-check the internal laptop keyboard or even remove/disconnect it from the laptop and try a good USB keyboard.
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I have a Windows7(Home Premium) pre-installed Sony Vaio Nw20SF/S laptop in which i tried to create Recovery disks(2 DVD's)... using Vaio Recovery disk Software(Inbuit). It stopped(or hanged donno) in the middle while creating the 2nd DVD then that was cancelled, but a new partition with no FileSystem is created for about 9.3 GB when i look in the Computer Management tool present.

Now, i have two questions to ask...

1) Does Sony Vaio models with Windows 7 comes with Hidden Recovery Disk Partition(D:... something like that or not)???
2) What to do or how to make use of the 9.3GB partition present???

Please Help.
Thanks a lot in Advance...

A:Regarding Recovery disk and Recovery disk partitions in Sony Vaio NW series...

Help please.....
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Hi Folks, This is my first post. so go easy on me;-)

I switched on my PC after 1 year of no use(apple imac distracted me for a while).
The message "operating system not found" appears when it boots up. I put in the Sony Recovery disk, bit it could not read it. As Sony didn't provide a spare copy of XP, how do I get back up and running? Do I have to change the motherboard battery? any advice much appreciated.

I Hope you Christmas is Merry and peaceful.


A:Sony Vaio Desktop PCV-RX305 Windows XP now missing, no disks supplied by Sony

Call Sony Tech Support if you are the registered owner or buyer. They will provide a disk set for a small fee ($27) for six years after purchase, or until they run out.
Your only other choice is to buy the disk online at some place like ebay, or buy Windows Home (still available for $82) or Windows XP Professional for $135.
The motherboard battery should not be bad, but if it is, you can get a replacement (CR2032) at Wal-Mart ofr $3.67 or on eBay for $2.58.
The recovery disk may be good, and it is your optical drive that has gone bad.
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Hi Guys
After Having Liquid Spilled on my Screen, it was not working for few hours,
then i took to local repair and they did it worked, so everything is working fine. However i doubt that, when i press Power Button, it tooks about 7-8 seconds to start loading SONY LOGO and then WINDOWS 7 comes up, as i remember, Before it got spilled, and prev time, on pressing power button, it was loading LOGO immediately max 1-1.5 sec, i'm afraid.

This is happening at shutdown as well, after pressing shutdown, firstly a Black screen appear for a few seconds and then my vaio is shutting down., I guess there is something changed in Bios, maybe by Local repairers.

Please be advised, Thanks, Levan.

A:SONY VAIO Slows At Start Up, Before SONY Logo Loads.

If I'm understanding correctly, your Vaio is taking about 7-8 seconds longer to start. At shutdown you're getting a black screen and it's taking a few seconds longer than what you're used to. But is everything else in between (opening programs, searching on the internet, etc) working OK?

If it is, my first reaction is to say don't worry about it. I have a VPCEB47GM and it takes about 10 seconds for the Sony logo to appear and about 50 seconds total to be able to use Windows 7. On shutdown I usually get a black screen for about 5 seconds but the rest of the shutdown process takes about 30 seconds to finish.

Do you know what your BIOS settings were before you took the machine into the repair shop? If you do, you could compare them to how the BIOS is set now. But if you don't know how the BIOS was originally configured, I wouldn't be changing anything.
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Hi Guys
After Having Liquid Spilled on my Screen, it was not working for few hours,
then i tool to local repair and they did it worked, so everything is working fine. However i doubt that, when i press Power Button, it tooks about 7-8 seconds to start loading SONY LOGO and then WINDOWS 7 comes up, as i remember, Before it got spilled, and prev time, on pressing power button, it was loading LOGO immediately max 1-1.5 sec, i'm afraid.

This is happening at shutdown as well, after pressing shutdown, firstly a Black screen appear for a few seconds and then my vaio is shutting down., I guess there is something changed in Bios, maybe by Local repairers.

Please be advised, Thanks, Levan.
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I'd like to reinstall Windows 98 on a Sony Vaio N505VE, but it requires a Sony CD drive. When I purchased the laptop 4 years ago, it came with a Backpack CD-Rom Drive. A few months ago, I researched online and I seem to recall a website that gave instructions on how to reinstall Win98 without the Sony drive, but I can't find it anymore. Does anyone know how I can do this?

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This is the first time contacting Sony support. After waiting for over 1/2 hour, finally a person comes online. I spend another 20 minutes giving him name, address, etc and then I find out that it is "paid support".

After an online chat and trying to contact Sony support, maybe the only solution is to trash the Sony Notebook and buy a Dell. Does Dell still provide support?
The problem is "no sound from the computer". I have spent 4 hrs this morning downloading and checking for updates to all the sound drivers.

Any suggestions?

A:No sound Sony Vaio and No Sony Support

I hear the same complaints from Dell users on the Dell forum and from users of other brands. They are all equally lousy on support or want you to pay for it. e.g. "software" support on a Dell is separate from any warrnty or maintenance contract which only covers hardware. You get "free" software support for the first 30 days only.

Back to the sound problem. We need more info to try and assist. e.g. what sound do you have (if you know), etc. You didn't fill out all the needed System Specs. What have you tried? e.g. have you checked the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound panel to see if your "speakers" (sound card) is set as the default playback device?
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Hi there,

I am using a Sony PD 170 DV camcorder hooked up via 4 pin firewire to a Sony Vaio laptop. I am also using Avid Composer video editing software. The problem is that I can see the video from Avid in the viewfinder but it freezes in the viewfinder even though it is playing on the computer. This is preventing me from outputting a project. Do I need a driver for this camera?


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Noticed how my laptop freezes once in a while. I have 2GB of memory and I only have a web browser open and a word document. yet it still freezes for a bit... Then it will come back. Any ideas?


A:Win 7 on Sony SONY VAIO VGN-NR123E

Hi mcastill66, welcome to the forums, make sure all your drivers are up to date , also when was the last time you cleaned the fan inlet and exhaust apertures , a quick burst of a can of compressed air works wonders