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How many USB ports do you use?

Q: How many USB ports do you use?

Was just thinking, how many USB ports do you guys use? I would imagine more than the average user as I suspect that members of a technology forum wouldn't use the same as the average user. If possible I would like to know what you use the ports for in the comments, personally I use 6, one for my mouse, one for my webcam, one for my speakers, one for keyboard's USB hub (which I never use), one for my wireless xbox controller receiver for PC and one for my iPod cable. My keyboard is PS/2 for the actual keyboard part, if you were wondering. Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: How many USB ports do you use?

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A: How many USB ports do you use?

Mouse, keyboard, webcam, XBox 360 controller, Logitech G27, WooAudio WA7, sometimes I swap out portable hard drives and thumb drives and occasionally plug in a custom joystick for playing SSF4AE... and that's just for my gaming rig.
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I have an lap top toshiba satellite c660 with both usb ports phisicaly damaged and after replacement they didnt worked , I mentioned betwen externel pins existe power 0,5 mA but middle pins I m not sure if they work,what should I do?
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My HP Pavilion G has been into geek squad twice now and each time it has come home and worked seemingly okay for about a week and I have problems with it again In the beginning of it all whatever has infected my computer corrupted USB drives I ended up USB ports trouble me giving putting the files back on the computer as it had some important school documents If USB ports giving me trouble it helps the USB drives were lexars I have also been experiencing problems with a portable mouse Logitech where it will simply not USB ports giving me trouble work When I try and shut it down in the start menu It will fail and give me a blue screen with quot USB BUGCODE DRIVER quot scrawled near the top in all caps It will also when on have lines move up and down it Like I said before geek squad has looked at this twice and hasn t solved the problem to a full extent Since it happened during the time that it quit working for the last time I downloaded quot Monaco quot on the steam store on a whim because it looked fun and it was free When I gave it access to my hard drive and launched it it froze up and I had to use Ctrl Alt Delete to get the screen to go back to being normal This is when the mouse quit working and no buttons on the keyboard worked I shut it off using the power button and when I started it the mouse didn t work This confused me because I thought the Steam store was secure I have also tried to reset it to the day before it went foobar using the system reset but it gives me the same USB BUGCODE blue screen each time I try because it has to shut down without the power button even in safe mode the same thing happens I really need my mouse to work for the games that I play having to use the touch pad for games like Skyrim is the most irritating thing I ve ever experienced I also need the USB drives to work for school projects and papers I haven t seen anything helpful on the internet so far and I really don t want to pay for another useless visit to geek squad Thank you for your time nbsp

A:USB ports giving me trouble

Your drivers are corrupt. You can uninstall them and let windows reinstall them. This may fix the problem . But if the usb ports are bad. You will get the same problem back. You can also try a restore point to when the computer or laptop usb ports were working fine. I hope this helps.
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My current system was built in May of 2012 and has been rock solid until like now.

I have had 4 out of 6 USB ports fail on me at once. I can't scan, can't print and the only two that are working I have both my mouse and keyboard in them because I had to transfer them yesterday the ones I had them connected to for almost 2 years. My printer was working fine yesterday and then that port failed today. I have tried booting and rebooting to no avail.

The motherboard is a Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H. If anyone can recommend to me a good solid Z77 board I'd appreciate it because if the last two ports go I won't be able to use my keyboard or mouse and then I'll have some real grief to deal with.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.


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I have no idea why this happened, after the update none of the ports on my computer work after booting into windows. bios was updated before this and all was fine. checked in bios if ports were enabled. still no joy. help!!!
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I recently change my motherboard. since then front usb ports are not working. I searched them in device manager but there are only 4 usb root hub are desplaying which are of backside. front side ports are not showing in device manager. I open cabinate and desconnect and reconnect cable into front usb ports. but its still not working. is there wrong connection on motherboard ? plz help.

A:Front usb ports not appearing

Check the manual again against how you have plugged the front panel ports into the header, the old motherboard and the new one are most likely not the same as how the front panel ports on the old one are.
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I was setting up a DVR to be accessed from outside a restaurants network They purchased a static IP address I ve set these up a half dozen times before usually with no-ip org this was my first time that a client ports All connection IP Static refuse connections - actually bought a static line so I thought it would be easier So I setup Static IP connection - All ports refuse connections my router an old wrt Linksys with all the correct static IP and DNS Static IP connection - All ports refuse connections info Setup port forwarding and tried to connect from my phone s internet connection using a laptop No luck So I set the laptop as the port forward address and ran a portscan from a website and checked the port individually from canyouseeme org Both said quot Refused connection Static IP connection - All ports refuse connections quot or a derivation there-of The scan showed this for all ports I disabled the firewall and set the laptop as DMZ and still got this message on every port I checked I then plugged the laptop directly to the modem SURFBOARD SBG and entered the static IP info into the network adapter settings Internet connection worked fine but still kept getting quot refused connection quot I then spent an hour on the phone with Brighthouse Networks as they tested everything on their end and inside the modem which is actually a modem router but they wouldn t give me the login and pass to check it myself They said the problem must be on my end and that they do not block ports except and or something like that Connected directly to the modem and still getting this problem even after several reset attempts on the modem I can t think of what to do next I even set it to pickup the network automatically as the modem router has a dhcp server in it While it could still connect to the internet all ports still refused connections I m stumped Any help would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Static IP connection - All ports refuse connections

Figured it out. As always when it doesn't make sense it's because theres' more than one thing wrong. The router's port forwarding wasn't working, and I had forgotten to disable to laptops firewall and I guess windows 8 has a more sensitive firewall than 7. So plugged in the DVR directly with the static IP info typed in and worked like a charm.
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I recently got new Intel SSD series 330 60gb in addition to my standard 1tb Samsung HDD. So I set RAID mode from IDE to AHCI in BIOS (mobo MSI X85 pro-e). Now some of SATA ports (port 3 and 5) don't recognize my HDD or CD/DVD being connected but I still can use them in windows while other ports display them normally in BIOS. Also when I switch back to IDE mode, ports 3 and 5 display hardware in BIOS.
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Hi,I when I connect the usb nano receiver of my mouse in one of the front ports of my cabinet it works fine,but when I put the nano receiver in one of the back ports ,the mouse lags!
Any solution?
Thanks in advance
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Hi Friends ... I have this laptop that has been given to me by my company and the USB ports have been blocked in manner such that I can copy stuff from my USB drive on to the machine but cannot copy in the reverse direction, ie. from the hard drive to the USB. Obviously it is to safeguard against theft of data. However, I do not deal with any confidential data and like to back up things every few days. Please tell me a shortcut to unlock my USB entirely even though I do not have administrator rights on the machine.

A:How to unlock USB ports without admin password?

Sorry, we will not assist in circumventing such security features, especially when the machine belongs to someone else.
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I have a problem with my desktop PC The USB ports are not working so I can t use my keyboard or mouse I m not sure if it has any connection with this but today I tried installing a SSD to my system with no luck While doing that I set the BIOS to AHCI as I read that would be the most optimal Well I kept getting errors trying to install Win to the SSD so I decided to save it for a later time Then I turned off my PC unplugged the SSD and plugged my HDD back in On boot up I entered BIOS and set settings to default After this my USB ports stopped working I have tried turning off my system unplugging the powercord and the CMOS battery for at least minutes with no luck I have also tried plugging my keyboard into every single USB port my PC has I can t even enter BIOS or press F to enter safe mode now Any suggestions stopped USB ports working I m using WinXP and my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA- A-UD nbsp USB ports stopped working

A:USB ports stopped working

Borrow or purchase a ps2 kb. Enter BIOS and enable USB KB/Mouse. I'm not sure it is called exactly that, but it is something similar that you will be able to find. I too have a Gigabyte motherboard (older than yours even) and have had problems with it liking USB kb inputs until I explicitly set that in the BIOS. What is weird is sometimes USB will work if that isn't set, or sometimes it will half-*** work, as in I could get into the BIOS or force the boot selection menu, but then the kb wouldn't work.

So bottom line is, I know what you are describing, but I don't know of a good fix, outside of just acquiring a ps2 kb which will get you out of this situation 100% of the time.
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I don't think there is an easy answer to this problem, its a Dell desktop and after a power cut non of the usb ports are working therefore my keyboard and mouse aren't working either, There are no ps/2 ports to use instead, it was booting into windows but with all the repeated turning off it now boots to a screen giving me a choice of boot up modes neither of which I can choose therefore it just sits there and goes no further. I fitted a PCI card with 4 x usb ports on it but of course it can't load the software for that therefore it won't recognise the keyboard/mouse. its a bit of a catch 22 situation.
Has anyone any suggestions, other than changing the mobo as that's not going to be cheap as its a Dell?

A:USB ports not working

Can you try infrared or bluetooth devices?
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Lately I have been having some New issues modem ports with / problems with people connecting to some listen servers that I try to host I tried an open port check tool and these ports are coming back as closed although I have opened them in my router and all settings are correct I then got to thinking that not too long ago New modem / issues with ports my ISP replaced my old modem basic single WAN port modem with a large Arris TG modem which has a WAN port along with LAN ports I found out this thing had an IP address for it so I logged into it couldn t do this with my old modem and discovered this modem has all the settings that my Linksys WRT GL router has DHCP Wireless New modem / issues with ports capabilities WAN LAN setup Firewall etc My question is could this new modem be the cause of my problems I noticed that it New modem / issues with ports has DHCP enabled along with the firewall which are both also enabled on my Linksys router Any insight on this would be great as I ve been trying to figure this out the past couple days and have come up dry Edit After finding an online manual for this Arris residential gateway it turns out that port forwarding is referred to as quot Virtual server quot for this device I tried to forward the port I m having issues with but when I go to apply the settings it says invalid IP address even though I am typing in the correct local IP address Edit While tinkering around with this thing it dawned on me that I should be setting the Arris gateway to bridge mode but after setting it to bridge mode and restarting the gateway like it suggests I do my internet connection goes out RT GLWRT GL WRT GL nbsp

A:New modem / issues with ports

Set your Arris TG862 modem/router to previous mode (routing), keep DHCP server enabled. Disable DHCP server and firewall on your router WRT54GL. Connect the modem(Arris TG862) and router(WRT54GL) with their LAN ports.

In the DHCP settings of your modem/router you should see what LAN IP address range it is using, forward ports accordingly(Virtual server).
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There is some problem with my font USB ports. All was fine until yesterday when they stopped working. I havent made any hardware change. Installed windows 8 but that was last week.

I connect my Logitech Gamepad, the LED switches on but it doesnt show up in the control panel, works when connected to the rear USB port.

Please help..

A:Front USB ports suddenly stopped working

You might have to open up your case, trace back the cable, and re-plug it. It could be detached, or the USB controller on the front ports could be fried somehow too.
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Hope someone can answer this: I have a XFX Radeon HD 6670 1GB, DDR graphics card with 2 ports (as noted in the subject.) I am able to get one monitor to display from the DVI-D port, but have tried 3 different monitors on the DVI-I port and none would identify or work. I bought an AVG to DVI-I cable and tried that, to no avail. I am really believing that the left port (DVI-I) is bad and I should get a new card. I do not know of any other way to 'test' it. I wanted a simple dual monitor set-up. I appreciate any help you can offer.

A:SL-DVI-I and DL-DVI-D ports graphics card

Might be an obvious question but have you enabled the second monitor in Catalyst Control Centre? Also what resolutions are the monitors?
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Someone told me that the front USB ports on Windows 7 are wired differently than the rear USB ports. Is this true? Because I have my doubts.

A:Windows USB ports

The front ports can be different to the rear ports (e.g. 2.0 at the rear, 3.0 at the front), it's a hardware/BIOS thing, independent of the OS.
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I just bought a Corsair M gaming mouse I installed both the updated firmware and the drivers for the ports? USB dead Corsair = M60 mouse and played a few rounds of Medal of Honor Warfigher on multiplayer The mouse performed pretty good I played for a good three hours without a problem I then shut Corsair M60 = dead USB ports? down to attend to something away from my PC When I rebooted my PC two hours later the USB ports in the rear hub of my setup -- where the M was plugged -- were no longer working The mouse was unresponsive I did a hard shut Corsair M60 = dead USB ports? down plugged the mouse into a USB port in the front panel then boot my PC into Windows The mouse worked but the ports in rear USB hub remained unresponsive So I did the quot unplug the power cord wait five minutes then reboot quot band aid solution which -- as expected -- worked Windows installed its generic mouse drivers I m using those now I ve uninstalled the M driver for now but have kept the firmware update intact I would really like to be able to use the driver s features But I m worried that I might run into the same issue again and be forced into another hard reset What could have caused the problem I know it s a lot to ask but I d like to first hear your advice and inputs and perhaps learn more about this issue before I try re-installing the Corsair drivers I ve got an Asus P X Pro motherboard As mentioned the M is plugged into a rear USB port Here are the specs for the mouse As always your help and advice will be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Corsair M60 = dead USB ports?

Try rolling back that driver update
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Okay so I have the Corsair Force GT Series 120GB SSD. Its port's are Sata 3 and well my motherboard is a MSI Pro-E long story short it does not have a sata 3 port. So my question is there anything out there I can buy that does have a sata 3 port like something that will hook on the PCI slot's or something. I basically dont wanna have to buy a new mother board but I still wanna get the amazing speeds because right now im getting half its peformance anyways please write back soon. If you give me a link to a product I prefer and my max budget is $50.​

A:Expansion card with SATA III ports for SSD?

You will need a free PCI-E slot. But this should get the job done.

I do not know much about the brand. But it does have 5 Eggs on Newegg.
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Our family rents apartments here where I live. And there's a router in my room which guests use too. Since we don't have awesome internet connection, it really annoys me when guests download something via Wi-Fi. So my question is, Is it possible to block ports only for Wi-Fi users, but leave all ports open for cable users?

I googled but did not find anything related.. hope to get an answer here.

Big thanks !

A:Router: Blocking ports only on Wi-Fi?

This might help:
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i want to disable some of the usb ports on each computer on my network,

since they(users) use flash drive and such on them i keep on have to clean them or even format over.....

so i want to disable the ports but the keyboard and mouse of each are usb so how can i........

A:Disable USB ports

Go to "Device Manager" and disable the usb hubs you don't want being used. You might have to switch to PS/2 Keyboards and Mice. If you are comfortable with changing your system registry you can try this.
Read about halfway down.
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I have a satellite pro l300 - only 1 usb port is working the others have been physically damaged. I was wondering I could put a card into the express card slot ..I was thinking one of these

but I am confused, with pcima, express slot converters......would the above work ? - laptop is running vista.

A:Adding USB ports to ExpressCard slot on Toshiba Satellite Pro

Yes this adapter should work fine
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I need help getting my cd dvd drives to work I can burn a cd but neither drive will read a cd dvd Ive ports not drives CD/DVD working and USB tried the following with no luck Uninstall the drive through Device CD/DVD drives and USB ports not working Manager Restart computer The drive will be automatically reinstalled or http support microsoft com kb Restart computer or Download and run Restore Missing CD Drive patch Double click on cdgone zip to unzip it Right click on cdgone reg click Merge Accept registry merge Restart computer or Go to Device Manager click a quot quot sign CD/DVD drives and USB ports not working next to IDE ATA ATAPI Controllers You ll see two items - ATA Channel or Primary Channel - ATA Channel or Secondary Channel Right click on each of them and click Uninstall Confirm Restart Windows They ll be automatically reinstalled When I try uninstalling the drives through device manager my computer freezes up completely and I have to force shutdown any ideas all help would me much appreciated oh and by the way Im running xp home and I have SP installed thanks nbsp

A:CD/DVD drives and USB ports not working

no? ok. thought I would get a response. I THOUGHT WRONG! lol
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Hello everybody.i have a serious problem here.when i start my Laptop(hp pavillion g6 1055ex) i plug in the usb device(external HDD or usb controllers or Flash memories), it really works good and i hear a sound of plugin or plugout sound in my windows 7 but after an hour when i plug in my any of usb devices,they are not appear anywere.and even i cant here the plug in and plug out sound but the light of the device is working!!!!!!!
Laptop model:Hp pavillion G6 1055ex
i purchase this laptop 2 months ago and it is brand new. plz help!

A:USB ports problem

Isn't this still under warranty? Can you take it in for warranty work?
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Hello all First post so bear with me Thanks Here s the situation I m replacing the internals on a brand new Toshiba Satellite Pro L after it was doused in sweet tea I was able to procure a new mobo and USB ports No power after replacing USB L630 to Satellite and Toshiba mobo Card reader board for about half the price of the laptop and the cleaning replacement went smoothly Here s the rub though -Brand new Mobo -Brand new card reader USB board -Brand new connectors Computer accepts power and shows powered on Even boots However as soon as the USB board is plugged in the entire rig looses power until it is unplugged and reset with the power button Odder still even though the old board acts a bit odd keeps trying to turn the computer on as soon as it s plugged in it behaves the same way Old and new USB boards both cause the board to lose power I ve done full electrical testing and even though the power circuits show full power at the DC in jack the board drops to half power and then loses it completely as soon as either USB board is plugged Both boards behave the same even when nothing else is connected except for the USB board Completely lost at this point Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:No power to Toshiba Satellite L630 after replacing mobo and USB ports

The replacement motherboard is probably bad. Have I ever bought bad motherboards? YES! Both for laptops and desktops...
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Toshiba A -s Vista Home Premium SP Bit I have USB ports available on the left and on the right I can t seem to get any of them to work any longer When I plug anything in on the two on the left nothing not a thing happens When I plug things in on the right it recognizes it and it installs but tells me the device is unknown No matter the device it s always unknown devices All Unknown install ports USB as in in either port Until yesterday when I removed some upper filters and lower filters associated the GearA it constantly was giving me that quot plunking quot sound like something had been plugged into a USB port and it was quot not recognized quot That was driving me nuts as I could not get it to stop I have been reading on here for a couple of days and gone through all the troubleshooting Cleaned drivers with Driveclean exe in folder system Uninstalled the All devices in USB ports install as Unknown devices in device manager as instructed Ran SIV All devices in USB ports install as Unknown - Service Information Viewer Updated chipsets and drivers Gone thru instructions to remove upper and lower filters with Regjump however there are All devices in USB ports install as Unknown other upper filters and lower filters associated with other stuff in the Registry Read thru instructions and ran serviwin I ve even been inside the computer to make sure no wires were loose When checking USBSTOR with serviwin here is what I get USBSTOR USB Mass Storage Driver Stopped Manual Normal USB Mass Storage Class Driver lh sp rtm - Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Windows Operating System C Windows system DRIVERS USBSTOR SYS Error The service cannot be started either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it AM system DRIVERS USBSTOR SYS I ve tried to quot start quot USBSTOR but it won t let me At this point I m here with laptops and USB ports and can t get one port to work I have an HP where the ports have stopped working too but I can t only deal with one at a time lol I m in need of some serious get down to business help and unafraid Thanks so much nbsp

A:All devices in USB ports install as Unknown

It's another long shot but again, is easy to do, so give it a try. You have the same symptoms so try the same trick as in this thread Driver failure, unknown devices in USB controller. It worked there. Maybe for you too> <fingers crossed>

LookinAround said:

I've seen this trick work on only just a couple occasions but is easy so is also worth a try for your symptoms

Shut down computer. Unplug from the wall. Remove battery if its a laptop. Let it sit for an hour or two to discharge power. Then plug back in and try again.

Hope it may help <fingers crossed>Click to expand...
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Hello guys this is my first post in this forum.

I work in IT support, and I came across a problem with someone I work with.

Guy called Tony, had a USB stick in one of his front USB ports on his computer, he accidently kicked it and broke some of the USB off in the port.

He has 2 ports on the front, and now when he plugs something into the one that isnt broken, a cooling fan at the top of the computer goes crazy, and it cant be stopped until the computer is shut down, and the USB doesnt register on the computer.

Is this a problem with wires? Or is it just a problem where the ports at the front need replaing all together?


A:USB ports makes cooling fan run full speed?

Powah said:

Is this a problem with wires? Or is it just a problem where the ports at the front need replaing all together?Click to expand...

Hard to say at this state.

By "a piece broken off", do you mean Mr. Tony broke the flashstick so that the USB-male is still plugged in, but the drive itself has been detached? Have you removed the piece which is still inside? (It helps ) - also, which OS is the computer running? This is sort of important, as different OS's works (a little) differently regarding the USB-ports.

Currently, it looks like you simply need to remove that piece stuck inside. Although if that doesn't fix the problem (or if there is no piece stuck inside), then probably a connection or two inside the port broke when the flashstick was kicked - resulting in a need for changing the entire port .
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Hi I m not sure if this is the right forum but since I m having trouble with external HDD and removable devices through my USB ports I decided to post it here I recentry bought an external enclosure USB powered which after installing a HDD on it it was not recognized I thought I got a DOA enclosure but after trying it on my friends computer it works just fine so the enclosure this? are do underpowered, I fix My how ports USB is fine but does not work on my computer it has the option to use a power cable for USB and when I plug that cable it works fine but it My USB ports are underpowered, how do I fix this? is not supposed to work like that USB cable only is supposed to power up that device Another problem related to same issue everytime I plug my iPad on my computer it says quot not charging quot and even though it charges veeery slow sometimes does not charge at all USB drives mouse KB and printer work just fine and they are all USB very randomly I receive a message quot your device could perform faster if you plug it to a USB port quot but my ports are USB I tried changing some settings from the BIOS but nothing helps so far could you please let me know how can I check for this problem I never seen anything like this except on defective motherboards hopefully this is not the case but I don t know Thanks nbsp

A:My USB ports are underpowered, how do I fix this?

Both USB 1.1 & 2.0 supply power to the attached device(s) - - but ONLY 500ma per slot. You were right to get an enclosure for the HDD, but it needs to be externally powered to drive the higher current needs of an HDD.

It does seem strange that

everytime I plug my iPad on my computer it says "not charging"Click to expand...

, but that's different than the HDD issue.
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My pc has four usb ports on it, two on the back and two on the front. I plugged my memory stick in one of the front ports last night and the little red light on the stick on the stick came on but the computer wouldn't read anything on the stick. When I plugged it into a rear socket it read everything. What I find odd is that if I plug my stick into an extention usb and plug that into a front socket the computer will read the stick. Not only that but if I plug my printer, modem, stick, or anything else that needs to be plugged into a usb socket into my usb extention it all works when I plug the extention into a front port.

Can somebody explain this please?

A:USB ports not working properly?

Possibly you aren't inserting the flash drive all the way in?
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So my USB ports decided to stop working. I'm using Windows 7 and they were working fine this morning until I unplugged my USB devices and packed my computer, then when I came home, the ports stopped working. I have two ports and I've tried placing three different items (two mice and 1 webcam) in all the ports, no avail. Even the light under my mouse isn't lighting up. I restarted twice and when I go to device manager there are no exclamation marks or anything wrong under USB tab.

I even uninstalled all my USb serial controllers and restarted and they got installed back but still nothing. Then I disabled selective suspend and nothing too. =[
Any help guys? thanks!

A:USB ports randomly stopped working on Windows 7

I've noticed that nobody's replied to your post, so I figured I'd try to say at least a little something. I'm not too sure that it'd be of any help to you, but have you checked any settings in your BIOS that might be responsible for the control of it? It's probably a bit of a long shot but it can't hurt to check it out.
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Originally this thread was in the mobile computing section but I m starting to think this could be a mobo issue My USB ports decided to stop working I m using Windows and they were working fine this morning until I unplugged ports no working, longer from stemming mobo? USB my USB devices and packed my computer then when I came home the ports stopped working I USB ports no longer working, stemming from mobo? have two ports and I ve tried placing three different items two mice and webcam in all the ports no avail Even the light under my mouse isn t lighting up I restarted twice and when I go to device manager there are no exclamation marks or anything wrong under USB tab I even uninstalled all my USb serial controllers and restarted and they got installed back but still nothing Then I disabled selective suspend and nothing too I also tried going to each USB Root Hub and right click on it left click properties left click power management Uncheck the box allow computer to turn off this device to save power This didn t work as after I restarted it became checked again I also upgraded to the newest BIOs but still nothing Any ideas is this a mobo issue nbsp

A:USB ports no longer working, stemming from mobo?

Very odd symptoms... I'd suggest you try booting into an alternate non-Windows OS, if your USB ports still don't work then you've ruled out Windows and would say it must be mobo/hardware/BIOS related i'd think.

See step #2 in link below to download and try booting into Knoppix then see if your USB ports still don't work. See How to recover your folders/files when Windows won?t boot
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I was wondering on how to open ports so i can run a server and be a host.
Can u please give me a simple guide on how to open ports on your router.
Is there any programs that can actually open ports on ur router for you?
cause im too lazy to do all that command promt stuff. but if using command prompt is the only wy ill do it.

Can u also teach me how to forward those ports to your router so that outside sources can access them.

A:How to open ports on your router

ragne2 said:

I was wondering on how to open ports so i can run a server and be a host.

Is there any programs that can actually open ports on ur router for you?
cause im too lazy to do all that command promt stuff. but if using command prompt is the only wy ill do it.Click to expand...

Opening a port is a goofy term - - let's start with just using a port.
For a port to exist, some program creates a socket and then uses it to LISTEN for connections. You can see this with (command prompt tool) netstat -oan
Programs which are awaiting connections show up like

the nnn are the 'port numbers' created by the program.

Q? Which ports are open? A: only those that exist, eg: port 135 is open, and port 136 is closed (ie doesn't exist).
Regardless of your other setups for the router and firewall, the port is not open unless a program is LISTENING.

HOWEVER, that's only one-third of the story; two other conditions must be met

the firewall on that system must be configured to ALLOW traffic to the specific port(s) desired
and, if a system not on your LAN needs access to a program on that system, then
the router must port forward
Consider this network

+ ------- System A
+-------- System B

if System A has the program (and the port is listening and the firewall allows)
then System B can get to it without concern for the router at all.[*]

Now if your friend in New York wants to connect to System A located in Los Angeles,
then the router must port foward.

Port Forwarding requires that the server address never change,
so first you need to arrange to have System A use a static IP address on your router.
Once that's correct, then, using the documentation for the program on system A, you add a port forward like
forward port xxx to IPaddress-for-systemA​
SO; get [*] to work first and then deal with the router
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I've just finished installing a new motherboard (Asus P5P43TD) into a friend's computer about 2 hours ago and have been unable to get the USB ports working. I installed the chipset drivers, Ethernet controller drivers, and Asus EPU-4 drivers, but the USB ports simply do not function. Which means I have to do everything with a friggin keyboard. That has made things interesting to say the least. I grabbed the most recent chipset drivers off of Asus's website and it installed the SMBus drivers (which I beleive are responsible for USB) and everything else. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Motherboard: Asus P5P43TD
Video Card: XFX 8800 GTX
Sound Card: Creative Extreme Gamer
OS: Vista 32 bit
Hard drive, Optical drive, and PSU are unknown.

A:USB ports not working after drivers installed

Give this a shot. See How to Reinstall Your USB Controllers and Motherboard Chipset Drivers
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when i insert any usb device including a usb flash drive, my laptop doesnt detect it.
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Hello all I am new to the Forum but after a with out in Mic AC'97 and Line Problem and Audio ports Realtek week Problem with Mic in and Line out ports and Realtek AC'97 Audio of searching for answers I figured mine must be a unique problem I ve had a no sound problem with my PC at work for sometime programs and browsers have always run perfectly but with no sound I suspected a disabled sound card but the PC has a sound card built in on the MB and it has always been enabled My second solution was out of date drivers and after seeing a yellow explanation mark next to my sound device I downloaded the appropriate driver as well as the latest DirectX for my OS WindowsXP I then proceded to download all available codecs for my built-in sound card the Realtek AC Audio model Complete specs will follow So far no good but with these was installed the Multi-Channel Audio Configuration program by Realtek which enabled me to see that upon inserting my speakers into the line-out it was being detected as mic-in Bizarre I tried fiddling about trying line-out in and mic ports on the front and rear of the pc but in every case all that was recognized was a Powered Speaker in Mic-In connector Anyway I downloaded a few media players with visualisation to make sure that the PC was indeed generating sound and it wasn t just failing to comprehend audio files completely admittedly this should have been an earlier move But everything was Ready Ok and installed status wise So then I m fiddling about again and I try running the Realtek Audio Configuration s connection check whilst playing some mp files in wmp my speakers currently in line-in And for seconds whilst the test is commencing I hear the first sound this computer has ever produced but upon this tests completion and the result that the powered speakers are apparently connected to Mic In the sound fails once more This has got me once again royally stumped and I ve filtered through many threads regarding the failure of the Realtek AC codecs drivers etc but I ve reinstalled all the necessary software countless times and feel this could possibly be a hardware malfunction Nevertheless I decided to put it in the audio thread sorry if I ve done the wrong thing Thanks to any helpers in advance Please help Spud Sound device Realtek AC Audio Manufac Realtek Status OK PNP Dev PCI VEN DEV amp SUBSYS A C amp REV amp AAA amp amp A IRQ Driver c alcxwdm sys nbsp

A:Problem with Mic in and Line out ports and Realtek AC'97 Audio

During your-

Spudrifle said:

fiddling aboutClick to expand...

did you try downloading and running OpenAL from here?
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I just bought a new acer aspire 5517 and it only came with 2 USB. One of the usb ports where broke when i got it so i contacted acer and the would not do anything about it. and my front Usb lookes fine but does not work. i tried
- Power Reset
- Device manager
- and i do not want to pay money for it

Someone Please help

A:USB ports broken

See How to Reinstall Your USB Controllers and Motherboard Chipset Drivers.

Don't know if will help or not (depends on exact cause of your problem) but is worth a shot
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Laptop is a 4 year old Alienware M5500 with the Intel Centrino 2.0. Let me know if anything else is relevant and needed.

My computer decided to perform some kind of fatal error while I was converting some music in Itune and then entered my Jump Drive into the computer. It shut itself off and wouldn't boot. I reformatted and reload my OS and it still wouldn't load. So I reset the bios by removing the battery and the back-up battery (little round one). And then the computer booted as usual.

Is there away to get them working again without having to re-format and reload the OS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Everything is fine so far, just that my USB ports aren't functioning as USB 2.0 ports anymore. I tried resetting the bios once more (thought I did this in the past but can't really remember...)

A:My USB ports aren't recognized as USB 2.0 after reboot

Try this update..
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On my HP Windows XP desktop, audio and the USB ports stop working while the rest of the PC is working fine. The only way to recover is by rebooting the system. After reboot the audio and the ports work fine for a couple of days and the problem repeats. I have tried downloading the latest RealTek audio drivers and cleaning the Registry etc. Nothing has helped.

Any suggestions?

A:Problem with Audio and USB ports

What type of audio card do you have? Is it an add-on card? Is it a USB card?
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I have an EVGA 750i SLI FTW motherboard and recently (after moving the motherboard to a different case) there is no sound coming from the rear ports. When I connect headphones to the front, the sound works. Is it a sound card problem (I'm using the integrated card)? It's not a big deal, I can just pick up one for 20-30 bucks but I just want to know the problem beforehand. Thanks in advance.

A:Sound issues: back ports not working, front (headphone) port works

the front ports are most-likely canceling out the rear ports, unless you've dealt with a similar setup that worked fine.
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HDD health was 88%
Reset BIOS, didnt work.
after the xp loading screen, a black screen comes up for about 1-2 min.
Desktop is rly slow, then after a short black screen 1-2 sec. speed is normal(ish)
Computer usage 100%.
Most things run very slowly.
mobo done?
someone said i should change the ram sticks, and that they are causing the slowness and usb problems after an outage?

Its happened three times, first time, downloading xp service pack 3 helped.
second i just left it to sit for a week, then my laptop HDD gave up and i tried to hook up the PC again, no go. waited a day, tried again, works.
Then another power outage yesterday and im clueless.

A:Slow start up, usb ports not working after power outage

What caused the power outage, because it can explain a lot. Make sure it wasn't like a surge or anything.
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hey electricity working, ps2 My ports no not there sory for my bad english my freind have a computer need to be formated becuse his windows has crashed there is a system file has been deleted so i tryed to format the pc but i enterd the cd then i pressed the del button so i can enter the bios screen but no such one button is worked the num caps scroll locks no one is on i tryed to light them but they didnt work so itryed an ibm keyboard but the all the lights keep lighting and disconnect i tryd the mouse lasr mouse with ps port but the laser light dosent work and the weel light dosent worked too finaly itrayd a usb keyboard but the usb doesnt work until windows start but i need to start bios and usb doesnt work and the ps so how i will boot from xp cd please heeeeeeeeeeelp sory for my bad english lt lt and for this story haaha nbsp

A:My ps2 ports not working, no electricity

Basically in bios setting mouse are not work.
you only use with keyboard.
without keyboard you unable to reinstall the XP. you check the mobo is it any damage occur in ps/2 connector.
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Hi everyone new to this site well i have installed 2 serial ports into a machine using a pci card running on windows xp the ports are used to run sewing machines well i got a old machine and a new one i plug the both in and the old one runs perfect but the new one will run but it fails alot i can send the data to it sometimes and it runs and sometimes it dont well it aint the software setting or the sewing machine becasue they run on other computers so i am guessing there is a fault with the com setting as they read irq setting 21 anyone got any ideas thanx...
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Im using uTorrent and i got the error saying that my port was closed. I tried opening a port on my Belkin wireless N router. Model number is F5D8233-4v3. I check the port that I tried to open on these two sites but it says that its closed:

I have the firewall turned off and also used the virtual server tool and added an inbound port and a private port with the same port number. No luck though. Any help would be appreciate.

A:Belkin Router Opening Ports

See for help.
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I have a computer being used at home as a server for backing up to etc.

Is there any way that I can use both ethernet ports on my mobo to link to the router to allow more bandwidth for this PC?

This isn't linked to internet speed at all, I realise that. It's so that I can get the most speed out of multiple tasks like streaming music, backing up etc.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Odd situation that I have come across.

One of my clients has a western digitial 500gb external usb hard drive. It has it's own power supply and was working fine for what I was told. Anyway, once it is plugged in all of the usb drives on the PC die. The usb mouse, laptop cooler, and usb speakers lose connection. After a quick reboot they all start working again.

Now I know that when this happens its usually lack of power supply or a bad usb port. But any of them that I try it has the same effect. Also, it happens on my laptop as well when I tried to test it.

Now before I tell them to consider it a loss and buy another external. Anyone with ideas?

A:USB External Hard drive kills all usb ports

There is one thing you fail to mention...
Have you tried a different power supply for the drive?
USB ports supply some of the power, but if it's own power supply is defective, it's not going to work.
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i cant use my usb ports so i decided to use driver detective to see whats the problem and
it shows that it doesn't have any drivers how do i fix this i cant do anything without it i just installed
xp service pack 2

A:I can't use my USB ports

USB device drivers install automatically. What you do is go into Windows Device Manager, uninstall and then re-install USB.

Start -> right-click My Computer -> Manager -> Device Manager -> uninstall each USB and re-install

Reply back if this doesn't work.

-- Andy
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Astra says I need to install some usb drivers for My computer is a compaq presario us I don t think it How I I think any determine can which USB didn't ports but.. I are had 2.0? has usb unless one of my pci cards one of which also needs drivers apparently is actually usb but it doesn t look like a usb port yeah neither of my pci cards which I don t know what they are are usb I don t believe Processor Processor Intel Pentium MHz CPU Clock MHz x MHz QDR Level Cache kB k uOp data instr Level Cache kB Motherboard System Name Compaq US Motherboard Vendor Compaq Computer Corporation Board Model Compaq E h BIOS Version Compaq BIOS Chipset Name Intel G GL GV Brookdale-G GL GV Chipset Vendor Intel Corporation Chipset G GL GV Brookdale Host-Hub Interface How can I determine which USB ports are 2.0? I didn't think I had any but.. Bridge A -step Southbridge Vendor Intel Corporation Southbridge DB DBL ICH ICH -L LPC Interface Bridge The report is truncated in the DEMO version End of Report oh they cut out the rest of the report because I have the free version I ll have to type it out hold on OK So Before I click on the device in the report it lists this particular usb device as DB DBL USB EHCI Controller ICH ICH -L A step So I m trying to figure out which usb ports they are claiming are So I click on it for the details Driver Status Drivers for this device are not installed Device Class Unknown Device Descripton Universal Serial Bus usb controller Device location PCI bus device function All the USB devices above the device which has no drivers and claims to be list like this DB DBL USB EHCI Controller ICH ICH -L A step DB DBL USB EHCI Controller ICH ICH -L A step DB DBL USB EHCI Controller ICH ICH -L A step DB DBL USB EHCI Controller ICH ICH -L A step lt ----this is the only one that says it needs drivers installed When I click one of the ones listed that does not say and has a number after the controller it says the drivers are installed properly here s how it reads Driver status the device is working properly Manufacuter standard usb host controller Device Description Standard Universal PCI to USB Host Controller Device Class USB Device Location PCI bus device function and function and function respectively for the other USB devices that have drivers listed as installed -The one that has a problem say it s a quot Universal Serial Bus usb controller quot where as the ones with drivers installed say quot Standard Universal PCI to USB Host Controller quot I Don t get it Now there s also a PCI device that doesn t have drivers Drivers status The drivers for this device are not installed Device Description Ethernet Controller Device Class Unknown Device Bus PCI device function is this one of my PCI CARDS I just bought this computer so I m not sure what are taking up the PCI slots there s total and free I would like to remove the items I m not using from the PCI slots as well and understand how I can utilize just one of the PCI busses for my new ATI or nVidia soundcard I will be installing but perhaps this should I should start another thread for that Are PCI busses the same as IRQ s or what I mean is should I set my soundcard to have it s own PCI BUS number as well as it s own IRQ number thanks a great deal trying to learn nbsp

A:How can I determine which USB ports are 2.0? I didn't think I had any but..

1) If you go to the HP website, click on support, click for Download drivers and enter your make/model you get to the driver page for your computer here. Download the USB 2.0 driver from their site

2) As to exactly which ports are connected to that controller... it'll be trial and error. If you connect a USB 2.0 device (like an external USB disk) to a non-USB 2.0 you'll get a little pop up message telling you "This device could run faster... etc.". So just try out all your ports once the driver is installed
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Hello Everyone I have a friend who s just acquired a pc but when they tried to use their wireless ports Keep usb losing usb modem it didn t recognize it So I said to try a different usb device and see if it works None of the usb ports would recognize any of the devices so I uninstalled and Keep losing usb ports rebooted and let windows reinstall the drivers This time the first usb port I put the modem in said it didn t recognize the usb device I put it in the next usb port and it recognized the modem So I left it as is Because they only wanted the internet to work I said that they may need to update the drivers Anyway later on that night the usb for some reason decided it wouldn t read the modem again So the next day I done the same thing uninstall the drivers I done it three times until I decided to have a look and see if I could trouble shoot it Keep losing usb ports But it didn t say anything helpful Anyway I brought up the remove usb device safely window and it had a list of usb storage masses in use But it had only the keyboard and the modem connected So I stopped all the supposed devices and put the usb modem back in and this time it recognized the modem It lasted all day and night until they turned off the pc and returned the next day to use it again Same thing again The Usb ports didn t work So I ve repeated the steps again just the once and closed all the quot supposed quot devices again And now the usb modem is up and running and the usb ports are working For now until they turn off the pc So I m curious what would be causing this Now I hope everyone reading this post hasn t fallen asleep lol It turned out longer than I expected And thank you in advance for any help wave nbsp

A:Keep losing usb ports

Oh and the operating system is Windows XP home edition
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I have a real simple question. How can you tell on the device manager which one has the mouse and keyboard attached to that port? It does not show on my new computer
but it does on my old one. I am trying to help somebody with their problems. What do I not understand? Thanks

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I have two questions and hope both can be addressed by this forum. I have a 1T hard drive which when connected is recognized as only 32mb which I believe is the size of the cache. I didn't connect it for a couple of months after purchase so I no longer have any purchase info. Could the problem be the curcuit board attached or something internal? Additionally, I have a gateway E4000 desktop which is fine otherwise until I connect an external usb device (thumb drive, solid-state external hard drive, etc) - the pc reboots for no apparent reason. Any ideas as to why?

A:1T Drive and USB Ports

Is your BIOS up to date?
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SOLVED USB ports not working after mobo driver install fresh xp install Hello all long time browser first xp (fresh USB after mobo install ports driver working install) not poster Anyways I had to do a fresh install of XP after some nasty spyware keloggers found their way onto my system Everything works fine until after i install the motherboard drivers motherboard EVGA nforce i SLI after the PC reboots I am still able to access the BIOS screen wth the USB ports not working after mobo driver install (fresh xp install) keyboard and my mouse lights are on As soon as windows XP home loads the lights on my mouse turn USB ports not working after mobo driver install (fresh xp install) off and both the keyboard and mouse become unresponsive I have tried several things First i verified that USB support was enabled in the BIOS I then tried another fresh install easy beacuse i partitioned g just for the install so i could just re-format if anything like this ever happened and installed the current drivers for the mouse and keyboard first logitech g laser mouse and g keyboard Then i installed the mobo drivers same results I tried the other way around as well but to no avail I am completely stumped as to why the darn drivers that came with the mobo won t work Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Steve EDIT the old-school ps ps keyboard mouse ports aren t working either LookinArounds link to the fix http www techspot com vb topic html post nbsp

A:USB ports not working after mobo driver install (fresh xp install)

Is the reason the keyboard and mouse are not working is because they are USB?

Were the chipset drivers installed from a disk that came with the motherboard, or from downloads...
When you to to Device Drivers withing Hardware in System on the Control panel, do you see yellow or red flags by the long USB set or any other drivers on the list?
We assume your system worked OK until this re-install of Windows?
Are you sure you have the partitions configured properly so that the drives are being installed to the main partition rather than the other partition... and how do you know?
We suspect the problem has to do with those partitions and they way you have set them up.
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None of my Dell USB ports work with anything other than the mouse - receive the BSOD. I have removed all newly installed devices, removed USB drivers and reboot to no effect.

A:USB ports not working with 2.0

Go to Dell support and download and install the chipset drivers for your model
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were can i get a ethernet put adapter with usb on the other end which i can plug into my laptop . on my old dinorsaur of a laptop lol i aint got a ethernet port on the back what could i use and how much & were woould i purchase one from .

A:Ethernet ports

not sure what country you are from but you can get pcmcia network/modem adapters or usb to nic adapters from most computer stores, best bet is check ebay or just google it.
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I have a HP m f with XP Professional and when I rebooted my computer today out of nowhere the USB ports stopped functioning I use a wireless mouse and first noticed the receiver wasn t powered and I couldn t move the mouse cursor First I replaced the batteries in the mouse although the functioning ports USB not receiver was not powered I tried the mouse receiver in the second port on the back of my computer and same result USB ports not functioning Tried it in both of the front ports and still no luck I tested other USB devices on the front ports -- an old wireless mouse receiver USB hub etc Nothing works I checked in BIOS to be sure USB is enabled It is In device manager for the USB controllers Standard enhanced PCI to USB host controller Standard OpenHCD usb host controller USB mass storage device USB root hub USB root hub I unchecked quot allow the computer to turn off this device to save power quot in power management No luck I uninstalled all the USB controllers and rebooted so Windows would reinstall them Plugged in my wireless mouse receiver and rebooted again The receiver powers and stays on until Windows boots I m out of ideas and not sure what is going on It seems to be an issue with Windows and not the hardware but why would it happen out of the blue like this My last resort will be to install Windows but I hope it doesn t come to that I m hoping someone will have more suggestions to try Thanks for the help Edit Oops sorry I overlooked the quot General Hardware quot forum so this might belong there nbsp

A:USB ports not functioning

Hmmm.. not sure just what your problem is but in device manager note:
>> The "controllers" are internal motherboard devices
>> Root hubs are also internal. There should be (and is) one root hub per controller
USB Mass Storage indicates your devices are detecting an EXTERNAL USB device class= Mass Storage (which can be a flash drive, CD/DVD drive, or external HD)

I suggest you start with Windows updates and then reinstall BOTH your usb controllers and motherboard chipset drivers
See USB Device Problems? Check for Windows Updates
See How to Reinstall Your USB Controllers and Motherboard Chipset Drivers
See How to Check Hardware / Connection Issues with your USB Device

/* EDIT */
and note is preferred you attempt USB controller reinstall with ALL usb devices unplugged
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I was talking to the manager at a local computer shop, I told him i have 2 Ethernet ports, he asked what type of arrogant ( ? ) I was using...

He told me that you need something to be able to connect to the internet with both inputs.. What do I need?

Thanks ahead of time.

A:Utilize Dual Ethernet Ports?

You don't need to use both ports for an Internet connection. I have a mobo with two of them, and I use only one of the ports, and have disabled the other port via the BIOS.
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I m running on Windows XP SP My USB ports are all When I plug in my USB the usual F drive doesn t appear and the only effect on the computer is a pop-up saying quot This device can perform faster quot My USB always worked on my computer in the past but now it doesn t and I don t know why The USB works on every other computer I ve tried My two new USBs don t work on my computer either but works on others A pop-up recommending a port appears like the old USB But then I help Ports USB regarding need again my old USB has always worked until now Last month my computer was still reading USBs The recommendation pop-up says the device will still function just at a slower speed It s the same with when I use a USB cable to connect my phone When I plug it in and press quot Mount quot on my phone nothing appears on the computer at all the only effect on the computer is the sound indicating that a device has been connected My I need help regarding USB Ports phone has always been able to connect to the computer last month too Today was the first time since last month I ve tried to connect my USBs and my phone When I check the Device Manager my phone and my USBs appear under Universal Serial Bus controllers It always says that the device is working properly but no F drive or G drive appears for me to view the files I need help please Thanks nbsp

A:I need help regarding USB Ports

There's many possible things can cause your problems. But the best first step to addressing your issue is first Windows Update and SP3. See USB Device Problems? Check for Windows Updates
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is it common for motherboards to have parallel ports these days?
is it something that will die out before too long?

i am looking to buy an oldish but wide format printer which has no usb connection and i'm wondering if i will stil be able to use it when i upgrade someday.

A:Parallel ports

They have been phasing the parallel port out for some time now. Your best bet in the future would be to either buy a parallel port card or a usb to parallel adapter.
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Hello this is my first post of many and I thought i d start with an easy question I have searched a fair bit but have found no exact answer to my spcecific problem Ports USB inactive? not on TS USB Ports inactive? or elsewhere I have many USB ports on my computer lots in the back of my tower ofcourse and a few on the front I also have on the side of my monitor A few years ago when USB Ports inactive? I bought the monitor I remember them working for any USB device but now they do not and I don t know where they went wrong The problem used to be that they couldn t detect and use any USB devices that needed power such as charging my camera from the USB port Now however I don t think anything is woking with them and I would like to know why I have tried going Computer gt Manage gt Hardware - then looking for the USB ports setting but I can t find them I am running Vista Home Premium which is what this computer has always run on and have GB RAM Core Duo processor Thanks in advance nbsp

A:USB Ports inactive?

Does the monitor have 2 or 3 interface cables going to the computer? One USB and one video or one for sound?
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I setup 2 eSATA ports so I could plug in removable hard drives. My computer doesn't recognize the media. I know the SATA ports work, as all my hard drives are using SATA ports on the mobo. I'm currently running windows xp pro 64 bit. I know my media works, because I can connect to it via USB or firewire, just not eSATA. Am I missing a driver or setup files for my motherboard? I recently flashed my motherboard's bios and updated it.
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hi all I have a frustrating issue with my eMachines desktop computer I read the thread here about how the eMach s are notorius for frying USB ports I have a wireless keyboard mouse logitech that were plugged into the rear ports work? dead. USB My Will this are USBs along with two printers The front ones were used primarily for iPod phone sync flash drives etc The front panel ones died first but i was still able to print and use the keyboard mouse In my attempts to fix the issue the rear USBs are now dead as well weird thing is that when plugged into the usb i can still get to the bios setup on startup from the wireless keyboard Once the Windows logon starts they don t work anymore i My USB ports are dead. Will this work? plugged in a keyboard and mouse into the ps jacks and i can get in to windows but the printers are not working now are you sick of reading yet OK here s my question I have an open PCI slot - will a PCI USB port work to replace the dead ones I really don t feel like replacing the power supply or the whole computer I would get in the back and then get a hub to run around the front Is there any reason you can think of that this wouldn t work Thanks in advance Kenny nbsp

A:My USB ports are dead. Will this work?

yes that should work fine
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I own a SMC VWBR router I ve setup port forwarding using the directX ports so that games that use directplay will work It doesn t When I attempt to connect to someone using these games the router blocks thier IP adress When I attempt to host if it does decide to show my external IP adress within the application and they try to connect to me the router blocks thier IP adress Of course I do what one would naturally think to do I put the computer in the DMZ of the firewall Ports forwarding not This STILL doesn t work Now the game sees only my internal IP adress and not my Ports not forwarding external IP adress yet this computer is no longer behind the firewall of the router WTF Windows firewall is disabled I do not have any antivirus or security programs Router Firewall is enabled UPNP is enabled on the firewall DHCP is enabled on the router The game I m trying to run is Close Combat V Invasion Normandy it uses directplay I have tried every configuration I can think of Turning the router firewall off Taking my computer out of the DMZ and leaving the firewall on Turning UPNP off and the firewall on with the etc etc etc WTF do I do All I want is my game to see my external IP address Ports not forwarding and my router to stop blocking IP addresses that are trying to gain access through ports I ve forwarded Right Someone PLEASE HELP Ports not forwarding ME nbsp

A:Ports not forwarding

Have you verified that the ports are open. An easy way to tell would be go here:

It should automatically pick up your WAN IP, just fill in the port number and click scan port.

You sound like you have a good idea of what your doing about forwarding, but just incase...
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. I have a dell machine with windows vista. Connected to the usb ports are mouse, keyboard and my wireless netgear usb model wpn111. Nearly every day I notice that I lose my wireless lan connection and this is when I notice ports failure. The led on the wireless key stops flashing and reconnecting it does not bring it back to life. The mouse and keyboard continue working, however if I disconnect and reconnect the mouse or keyboard these also stop working and are not recognised. The only way to restore usb ports is by shutting down pc. At shut down there is a problem, the shutting down windows screen hangs and I end up physically switching off the pc. Spoke to Dell they suggested downloading chipset software but this has not helped.

A:Loss of USB ports

this sounds like a software or bios issue, although you cannot rule out hardware failure. I suggest reinstalling all the appropriate drivers with updates. If that fails, you will need to get the hardware tested and/or replaced.
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Hey, this is my Motherboard. In the description it has Quad 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet, But as you can see in the picture there are only 2 ports.

- Does Quad Ethernet mean what i think it does, (4 ports)
- If i can have up to 4 ports, how can I supply those?

I'm thinking a PCI Card...

What's the heck do you say?

A:Missing Ethernet ports?

Onboard LAN
LAN Chipset 4 x Realtek 8111C
Max LAN Speed Quad 10/100/1000Mbps
this means you have the (4x) Realtek Nics on the motherboard and
they should have access ports on the rear for standard RJ45 cable connections.
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Having kind of a strange problem with my external HDD. I have two USB ports on the front of my case which I normally use to connect the drive (Passport 250GB). For some reason when I plug it in to either of these ports the drive does not work. It powers on but I can hear clicking and nothing happens on-screen. Plug it into one of the rear ports and it works fine! I don't get it. All of my other USB devices (thumb drives, USB headset, card reader) work fine on these two front ports so it's not making any sense. I use this drive primarily for school, and my rear ports are in use for other devices, so I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

A:WD Passport Not Recognized on 2 USB Ports

Do you have anything else connected to those front ports? That drive gets all its power from USB, it may be that those ports can no longer provide enough power for the drive. The ones directly from the motherboard (like the ones on the back) are able to provide the power required by the drive. So if you have anything else connected to those front ports, disconnect it and see what happens.
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I have a Dell Optiplex GX520, and it now only recognizes my External Hard Drive and other peripherals (mouse and keyboard, etc.) but will not detect any new hardware (such as my Flash Drive).

Would this be a driver issue, or something else?

A:USB ports not discovering new hardware

Plug in your external hard drive, go to Computer Management, Disk management and assign it drive letter like J:.

Then see if the other device gets seen after reboot.

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Have Epson stylus photo 820. Is there a reliable method to clean tops of INK PORTS that go into print carts?

Most holes around tops of ports are completely coated so not even visible. Don't know the print head itself is clogged. Tops of ports appear to have a series of tiny holes around the top, like a gas cook stove burner.

Any suggestions on how to get the dried ink off tops of ports?

Read about cleaning kit for PRINT HEAD, but would they work unclogging the port holes? If so, how?

Would appreciate recommendations on specific kits, or other methods others have used.


A:Clogged Epson ink ports (not print head)

use isopropyl alcohol - as close to 100% as possible. Qtips also come in handy.
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Please help. I have Lenovo Thinkpad X61T. Everytime I docked my notebook I need to restart it before it detects the usb ports (I'm using an external monitor with keyboard and mouse attached on the docking station). I have updated bios but problem still persist. Please help. Thank you...

A:Unable to detect USB ports on the docking station

Your problem relates to Windows "Plug and Play". Specifically, it's called "hot docking". .

In order for hot docking to work as a Plug and Play event, several things must be in place and supported by both your hardware and software.

First off you mention a Thinkpad X61T. Is that a X61 Tablet???? Their site only lists X61, X61 Tablet and X61s.

What Windows operating system (I'll guess at XP Professional) and what Service Pack level?

And what is the version number of the "latest BIOS" you have installed.

Tell me if XP is running in ACPI mode
- click Start->Run, enter devmgmt.msc
- Look for Computer and double click it to expand it.
- Does it say "Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC"? If not, exactly what does it say?
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Hello All My son was in the process of updating his USB drivers to install an xpert-tv device and in doing so all of his USB ports went dead I have read many of the existing posts and the difference we are experiencing is we do have no other way of connecting a keyboard or mouse to the computer other than USB no ps ports at all I have tried rebooting in safe mode accessing the BIOS but the computer does not respond to any keyboard commands Unfortunately the only thing I can tell you about the computer is it s a DELL I can t dead have USB gone ports even give you the model at this point How can I gain control of the computer to do any problem solving at all My first thought was USB ports have gone dead to purchase a PCI card with ps ports but not sure if that will work Does anyone have any thoughts at all Appreciate all your help inadvance nbsp

A:USB ports have gone dead

are you sure its a dell with no ps2 ports?

That in itself has left me confused.... i have NEVER seen a dell without them (desktop of course....)
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I just got a new computer built for me for next to nothing, so I can't really complain ,but I'm not much of a tech so I can't figure this bit out on my own...

The problem is that the standard line out port for a simple 2 channel speaker setup (the green guy) is broken. The guy who built it for me says that it's easily reassigned to a different port in the Realtek AC97 software that's on the box, but I can't do it, and I can't find any help at the Realtek site. It shouldn't have anything to change on the motherboard, but does anyone have more experience with the AC97 software who could point me in the right direction?


A:Reassigning Audio Ports

do you know if your using onboard sound or a sound card?
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ok so i built a frankenstein computer with my older brothers old computer and when i put them in my case the usb ports dont work except for when i plug my mouse in

i put in two of my flash drives to test to see if the ports worked and they didnt and now my flash drives dont work on any computer (oh i had also plugged in my brothers ipod cause i forgot the ports didnt work and my brothers ipod no longer works in any computer either)

A:Bad ports or bad flash drives?

did you install usb drivers? have you tested the usb lines to ensure they have voltage? Have you tested the PSU with a tester tool and multimeter? Are the USB ports plugged into the mobo correctly?
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Our laptops with Vista are on a wireless network we installed the network printers and printed a test page and all was good. When we rebooted the laptop we lost all our ports. The printer is an HP 1022 / OS Vista /server Windows 2003r2 spk2. We installed the printer as a local and manually added a port. Its a work but it would be nice to have a reason why. Thanks
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Hello All,

I was wondering, I have surround sound (5.1) and a X-Fi sound card, can you make each channel do something different? (e.g iTunes on one channel, CS on the other?).



A:Using the ports on my X-Fi card to do other things

You'd need a mixer of some kind that may or may not exist. In other words idk or I don't know. Why would you want to play more than one source at a time?
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Hello to everyone -- anyone!
I have a 2 year old Toshiba Sattelite laptop A105-S4134. I updated the BIOS last week to Version 5.90 and since then my two front USB ports are not working (the ones in the back are working fine). In the device manager it lists 5 USB host controllers and 5 root hubs - all say working properly.
Any ideas on what to do? I hate to uninstall anything incase it stops them all from working!
Thanks for any assistance

A:Toshiba Sattelite USB ports not all working

As a guess, you need to enable Legacy USB (1.1) for the front USB ports.
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I m not even sure if this completely stopped ports USB working is the right place to post this but if I hadn t shaved my head I would have been ripping my hair out by now I used a quot mass storage device quot for my SD card to put pictures from my camera onto my PC This always worked fine until USB ports stopped working completely that one fateful day I plugged it in and a bobble came up saying it exceeded the limit the device Didnt know what this meant since I honly had a few pictures on the card I removed it and put it in again this time it sorta freaked and the bubble popped up twice I tried removing it again but it wasnt responding and eventually froze my computer so I pulled out the USB ports stopped working completely device and rebooted Upon restart i noticed that the device wasn t being read at all when i plugged in so I went to check the device manager but the mouse wasn t working or keyboard or anything else i tried to plug into the USB ports device manager says quot device is working properly quot for all ports but no device ever gets read when i plug it in no light on the device comes on no bubble no nothing I deleted the USB root hubs and restarted they reinstalled but no devices work I went into power management and made sure that quot allow my computer to shut this device off to save power quot was OFF still no luck I ran some Belarc Advisor on my computer and it recognized all the USB ports I don t know what else to do can anyone help nbsp

A:USB ports stopped working completely

Sounds like you may have overloaded the USB port and it is now toast.

If you have a Dell;

Otherwise, time to buy a USB PCI card.
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My Netgear Wireless Router (Model WPN824v2) has been running fine and until now has had no problems with the ports I'm running on it.
However, I just recently erased my ports in a effort to make them more efficient, and now I'm having some conflict issues.

I have one set of ports set to my X-box 360 system and it has since improved. Now I'm working to get another system running on the router wirelessly. However, this system takes more ports, about 7 as it were. 6 TCP and 1 UDP. The 2 sets of ports are different IP's and I haven't had any problems until I went to make the UDP completely open (1-65534). The other ports are specific, but when I go to make the UDP open is says there is a conflict.

Any fixes?

A:Wireless Router Conflicting Ports

Is there any way I can make it more clear or are you guys just as confused as me?
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Okay i bought a Audigy sound blaster
i have head phone and microphine jacks in the front of my computer i want to use those stilll is there any way possible to still use those jacks why still using my sound blaster even tho there not directly plugged in?
Any questions jsut ask.

A:HD audio ports

What's the model of the Sound Blaster?
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My Problem:
Okay this is the problem, my usb ports dont seem to read my usb device, theres nothing wrong with the ports because when the computer is booting up the flash drive flickers as if it were active, but when in windows it doesnt detect it.
Another problem i have is that, in Device manager there is no Serial and bus controllers tab,

Any ideas?

A:PC's usb ports not detecting usb or removable devices

- What is the make and model of your computer?

- Which operating system are you running?

/* Edit */ - Ooops, never mind. I see you have already included a system profile.
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Usin more switch ports to gain speen Hi I bought a port com mbps wich is the smallest one I could find in the dominican republic I wanted the port model Using speed gain switch to ports more wich nobody sells here It has a dip swith so you make port trunks The manual explains that if you do a trunk ports working together Using more switch ports to gain speed and connect that ports with crossed cables to another switch with trunked ports you will achive a mbps link mbsp full duplex I searched the net and couldn t find an answer Is it possible to fit a computer with nic s and connect it to ports in the switch and utilice this mbps That would be great It s a bit less than half a gigabit ethernet network but it s also a lot cheaper I ll continue searching the net Using more switch ports to gain speed and if I find something I ll post it here If you have any idea post it here if you want nbsp

A:Using more switch ports to gain speed

Lol, first, that sucks, it's like the opossite in the US. I can't find a switch/router with enough ports.

(Sorry off topic)
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Im currently trying to unblock one port on my computer for some software im developing but am running McAfee OAS/VirusScan Enterprise or something along those lines...

I desperately need to unblock these ports so i can run the software but i can't find out how to unblock these ports with McAfee.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


A:Unblocking ports with McAfee

Remove McAfee, install the software then reinstall McAfee, or better yet, forget McAfee altogether and go with AVG or even Avast
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Hey ppl i have a problem I just newly made my PC It has a Intel P Media series motherboard and one of those new nm core duo processors at GHz ive got GB of MHz RAM and USB the PC ports Newly Recognizing Built Not my SATA HDD and the IDE optical drives are all connected Newly Built PC Not Recognizing the USB ports perfectly the problem is that when i try to install the drivers that came with the motherboard Newly Built PC Not Recognizing the USB ports my USB ports just stop working nothing that goes in gets detected This happens after the rd or th restart needed by the computer to install the drivers Specifically its after the PC installs the audio drivers that this happens After this happens I can get into the Newly Built PC Not Recognizing the USB ports BIOS and everything before Windows starts XP but afterwards it doesnt detect anything The biggest problem is that the p series has no PS socket for the keyboard mouse Thus i cant use either of them to try and uninstall the audio driver Can anyone help me with this prob Id greatly appreciate it Thanks nbsp

A:Newly Built PC Not Recognizing the USB ports

You can either try to start Windows in Safe Mode and uninstall the sound drivers or you could try temporarily disable the onboard sound in the BIOS. If the sound is disabled, the driver shouldn't load and maybe you can uninstall it then.

If you can get past this problem, go to Intel's website and download the latest drivers available for your motherboard and try installing them.
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Hey everyone could anybody explain what ports are all about, like for example COM PORTS, LISTENING PORTS all that.
Is it more of a software thing for programs to communicate with eachother?

Im sure most of ye know what im on about

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apologies if there is an existing thread answering this question but here goes. . .

I have a Dell Latitude laptop and a new 8 GB Kingston flash drive. I run Windows XP SP2 and also Linux Fedora Core 6 on this machine. Normally I do not have problems with my flash drives in either system but recently this new Kingston drive is only recognized in the lower USB port, not in the upper port. This same thing happens on both operating systems, when plugged in to the upper port, the light on the drive blinks for a moment and then goes dark, it is never recognized at all, and there is no error message from the system. It is as if nothing were plugged in. Yet plugging in to the lower port works fine.

Any bright ideas?

A:Flash drive not operative in all ports?

The port is dead? Can you use any other devices there?
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Hi im new and im desperate for some help with this. I have two ipods and when i first got them they worked fine but now they either freeze my laptop or dont do anything at all. Ive done a full system restore, uninstalled the usb drivers and tried activating them in the services.mcs but nothing is working. It does it with all three usb ports. please help. thanks

A:Usb ports freezing my com or not working at all

Try the iPods on another computer
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Hi First time poster looking for a little help I m building a system around an Intel DX BT motherboard I was able to install XP fine After I installed the MB device drivers and rebooted the USB ports became unresponsive I can get into and manipulate BIOS fine but once the bootcodes disappear it seems power mobo on DX38BT ports USB off BIOS after Intel like all the USB ports lose power - the numlock on the keyboard and the laser on the mouse go out Windows boots and hitting the power switch causes Windows to initiate a shutdown so the system isn t locked I ve tried the following Booting from the DVD drive - system doesn t respond to KB at the quot Press any key to bood from CD quot prompt Tried all available USB ports Removed all non-essential USB ports power off after BIOS on Intel DX38BT mobo hardware including FP USB ports Reseting BIOS to quot Optimal quot settings Resetting BIOS using the HW jumper Removing all hardware and reseating the motherboard Replacing the CPU longshot but I was getting desperate Removing the hard disk on the off chance USB drivers loaded very early Booting from a USB drive yea I thought it was pointless too but again None of the above helped I m leaning towards quot there s an issue quot with the mb but can t explain why installing new drivers in Windows would cause the issue Thoughts nbsp

A:USB ports power off after BIOS on Intel DX38BT mobo

I think it is a simple case of not having all your drivers and downloads installed.
The secret is usually in the Chipset, rather than the BIOS, but also in the Embedded Controller... and other downloads. If you have all the possible downloads installed (BIOS, Chipset, Audio, Video Graphics, Ethernet, etc.) , then run Microsoft Windows Updates four times, rebooting after each install, and adding all your other microsoft software, you should see everything working.
After each round of updates... drivers, then Microsoft... check your device manager to see what is missing, or what is showing up as yellow or red alert flags.
Then go to and download the free Belarc Advisor. Once downloaded, run updates. Then Belarc will give you a complete list of what is installed, and what updates are still needed. The Free Everest is better, but is not updated as frequently as needed... Belarc always shows any missing updates.
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Ok so I have a Xion Green and Black case, has two Front USB ports(Which were upside down,easily fixed) and a front audio port, a headphone and mic jack. Well it's all plugged in right, but it's 100% not working... any ideas?

A:Front Audio ports won't work...

if you recently made a fresh OS install,

1. install the sound driver (comes with the mainboard CD)
2. go to BIOS & enable your onboard sound.
3. please get a windows update.
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I have a client who has a gateway 818gm and none of the usb ports see devices. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drives. Tried to update them as well, also reformatted the os. Looked into the bios seems it is working. However, it will see an ipod, but that is it. Can not figure out what is going on????

A:Usb ports will not recognize devices

That Gateway has an internal cable that connects the USB to the card or the motherboard. Look for a loose or disconnected cable... or a damaged one.
But A PCI USB card replacement should work fine.
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Hey Wacko USB gone ports I found this site after hours of hair-pulling and searching for a solution I read this thread techspot com vb topic html that talked about a similar problem I had but different I ve USB ports gone Wacko also read a few other threads on this site Lemme start by telling you the specs of my laptop I have a Compaq Presario V Z Turion GHz GB Ram XP operating system It is almost years old out of warranty I basically have problems with my USB ports My once USB ports gone Wacko USB ports are now running at speed It just suddenly happened one day I didn t do any major activities on my pc so I m really not sure what happened At the USB ports gone Wacko same time I get a quot Device may not work properly quot or quot Unknown Device quot error message for all my USB devices sometimes the error message is right and none of my USB devices Ipod Mouse work I have to restart my Laptop and usually by the nd or rd restart it starts working again Many have said that reformatting the laptop doesn t work so I don t plan on doing that I did try deleting my USB drivers and restarting the laptop That makes the drives work again albeit in mode but still doesn t fix the speed I also tried the disconnecting all power sources from the laptop and letting it sit for mins trick -- it didn t help For some reason whenever it shows the quot Unknown Device quot message and I click on it it shows that I have ports buttt I only have ports Also it gives me the quot Unknown Device quot message even when I don t have ANYTHING plugged in I really don t know what made my USB ports go ballistic all of a sudden but if anyone has any tips on how I can fix it please share nbsp

A:USB ports gone Wacko

Your system doesn't have any online drivers to load for USB
Therefore Vista itself is supplying the driver files only.

Under that case, please got to:

Start --> Run --> devmgmt.msc

Once Device Manager Opens, check for any issues
A troubleshooting guide for Vista Device Manager is here:

But it seems to me that you are best to remove all USB drivers
Warning: Removing the USB drivers (fully) will also stop a USB mouse and/or USB keyboard.

Once the drivers are fully removed. Restart

Allows Windows to automatically find and setup the new drivers

Test again for USB 2
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So I have been trying to get my USB ports to work with no luck. It's really weird, they worked one night and then stopped working by the next time I got to the computer. They are the rear usb ports on the back of my mobo which is a geforce 6100-m9. I plug my ipod into the ports and they charge the ipod so i know they have power but the comp doesn't recognize the ipod and connect to it along with my flash drive. I have unintalled the drivers and reinstalled them multiple times thinking I did it wrong and still no success.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:USB ports not working

How were you uninstalling drivers? If you were doing it any way outside of the Device Manager then there is a good chance you were doing it wrong. Just delete your USB root hubs from device manager and reboot. Windows should autodetect and install the drivers for them automatically.
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Hey guys, I'm really desperate to fix this problem! It suddenly just stopped working, one day my ports were reading all sorts of flash disc's, camera's etc and now it reads nothing! I've tried hooking up my USB flash drive to all the ports in the back and in the front of my CPU and nothing happens. I know the flash disc works as i tried it on my laptop.
Please Help!!

A:Problems with all USB ports on my CPU

go to the Dev Mgr
expand the [+] on USB
now delete all the drivers

save and shutdown the system

connect your USB device to the system and then boot-up

MS will auto configure the devices
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i have already discuss that i want to use usb ports for specified device (like i open usb port for scanner ,it should be used for scanner, other devices can not use this port) i am using windows xp os. i want to purchase software for this purpose .tell me links where i get .help will be great apperciate

A:Use of usb ports for specified device

We need to know your computer brand, model, and configuration.
You cannot set aside a USB port for one use, unless you have only that USB port connected at start-up, then connect the other devices which will be using USB ports afterward.
The Scanner will not care which USB port it gets, but on some computers, the USB access is weaked by having too many things connected.
If this is a laptop, or if you have a number of things which need to be connected to USB, I would buy a powered USB reader of quality, such as Adaptec, or if a desktop, add a quality USB card in one of the PCI slots.
Cost for either should be about $25 to $35 depending on where you get it. The Adaptec will be a lot more, but will work a lot better.
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Hey all,
My asus a8n32 sli deluxe motherboard broke, so I sent it in and got a replacement one from asus(same model). The computer runs fine, but no usb devices work with it. Theres ports on the back of the motherboard,and I've also plugged in the front panel usb ports on my case into the motherboard. If I plug an ipod in, it will receive power to charge, but the device isnt detected (this applies to the back and front ports). If i plug in a flash drive in the back, nothing happens, if i plug it into the front, i get the unknown device message. I tried uninstalling the usb devices in the manager, and I've tried reinstalling my chipset driver. Does anyone have any other ideas? Much Thanks.

A:Usb ports dont work after replacing motherboard

Enable USB in the computer's startup BIOS

You may be RMAing this board, but you may need to do a Windows Repair to confirm, if the above doesn't work.

The new M/b may be the same. But may not be the same revision or bios revision
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Well I have heard that if you have two eithernet ports on your MOBO then you can put in two eithernet cords and assign one port for upload and the other for download. How do I do this?

A:Dual ethernet ports on Mobo?

No, it doesn't work like this. Also, it would be totally pointless. First, ethernet interfaces are full duplex, meaning that even a single ethernet port has separate wires for "download" and "upload". Second, your internet connection is orders of magnitude slower than ethernet, so any adapter bonding would be useful only for connections over the LAN.