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Does installing Microsoft Word 2007 delete word documents?

Q: Does installing Microsoft Word 2007 delete word documents?

I remember having deleted my Microsoft Office 2007 trial and now I can't find some of my previous word documents that I remember saving on my computer.

Is my suspicion true?

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Preferred Solution: Does installing Microsoft Word 2007 delete word documents?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Does installing Microsoft Word 2007 delete word documents?

saiz said:

Is my suspicion true?Click to expand...

I don't think so. Try installing 3.0 and you'll be able to open those files.
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I can not open ms Word documents by double-clicking on them anymore, When ever I do so I get a mesage saying: "There was a problem sending the command to the program."
I do get the Word window open but there is nothing in it. I have tried this with .doc, .docx and .txt files and I get the same thing.
But I can open files if I first open word and then go to Open and select a document from there, but not by double clicking.
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and Microsoft Office Word 2007, can anyone help me?

A:Can not open documents in Microsoft Office Word 2007

Open Word, go to the Office Orb, then Resources, and then "Run Microsoft Office Diagnostics.

This will check out the install and do a repair if needed. You will need to the "Office cache" file on the hard drive or have the Office CD handy, if it is needed.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R Dual CPU E GHz x Family Microsoft be Documents Word have - a title intermittently new in 2007 saved Some to Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R G G Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard FOXCONN G M Antivirus COMODO Antivirus Updated and Enabled In Word some documents periodically won t save which save correctly at most other times I m assuming it s an Office Suite bug in Word not the Windows hardware as this doesn t happen in Excel or other Office programs When this happens after I go to the File menu and click quot Save quot or click CTRL S to do the same thing I get a window prompt preventing me from re-saving a file I ve already created On these occasions I have to save the file under a new name or put say a different word in front of the same file name to enable it to be saved When I do this the file saves correctly To avoid having duplicates if I try to delete the original Microsoft Word 2007 - Some Documents intermittently have to be saved in a new title document then save the temporary file identical to or an updated version of the original document over the original I get an error message saying the original can t be deleted Eventually it can be deleted I then save the temporary file renaming it and writing over the original file to avoid any duplicates Has anyone else come across the above sort of situations What causes them and is there a remedy If it s in Word as suspected it will be the Microsoft Word 2007 - Some Documents intermittently have to be saved in a new title same regardless of which operating system I use but if not it may stop when I get Windows fairly soon but I thought I d check first before I reinstall the Suite in in case any of you know the source of the problem and if there s a solution to stop this intermittent fault in the hope the fault is eradicated after the re-installation nbsp
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Hi folks I have this problem that is hard to search for on Google We have a lot of word documents connected to a simpel text data file data doc that is used with mail merge Here is our process data doc is opened filled with all variablenames we can use in our documents name country etc data doc is opened filled with the actual data from a database belonging to the variables name Kees Japan etc 2007 2000 documents problem Opening correctly automation in word word Our vb net application does step and then starts a template word document which has that data doc file attached for mail merge The template is now filled in with the correct data Opening word 2000 documents correctly in word 2007 automation problem vb net application tells MS Word to print the document Works fine and we have ourselves a nice document filled in with data we specified in the vb net application Now comes the problem some new computers will have office instead of office installed during testing we have encountered that it does not error but the office installed computer does not fill in the data and just shows mergefield names lt lt name gt gt lt lt country gt gt Also when printed out So it seems like the datafile is not connected when opening the template in word If we let our vb net application show us the document visually first we can re-attach the data file again and we can print the data however there are thing wrong with this approach More user input which is not needed MS Word is opening and showing something we do not want in some cases We also automate the printing of packages which is basicly a list of different templates that needs to be printed automatically without users input Because the old computers will not be updated anytime soon to office versions we have to work some time with both systems So we cannot convert the document to word version because the office computers can t read them anymore How can I let the office read the documents with correct automatic mail merge without user input just as word does We can implement the possible solution both in the sourcecode of the vb net application as we can solve it by configuring ms office so all possibilities are welcome With kind regards nbsp
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Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, Office 2007

I know how to save documents created in Word 2007 so it can be used with Word 2003 done manually.

Can someone inform me whether I can set my "save as" so documents created in Word 2007 will be always saved as default to be compatible with Word 2003?

A:Saving Documents Created in Word 2007 to be Compatible with Word 2003

You can us this compatibility update to read Office 2007 docs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) In earlier versions of Office - Download details: Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats. Meaning you can save your Word docs in their original format and Word 2003 will read them.

You might want to check this link out as well -

As far as setting a "default" save, to be honest, I'm not sure if this can be done or not.

Hope this helps.
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Our church secretary uses Word Perfect 12.

She has had no problem until now opening Word 2007 document in Word Perfect.

Now it says the files are in an unsupported format.

Any suggestions??

We already have the conversion program for Word Perfect installed.

Do we need an update of some kind??


A:Word Perfect 12 suddenly will no longer open Word 2007 documents

Have you contacted Corel support? Checked the site for FAQs?
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When I put the cd in to install Microsoft Word 2007, I immediately get the error "the language of this installation package is not supported by your system." This did not happen on my laptop. It installed fine there, so it is not the cd.

First thing I did was chkdsk. I have went in add/remove. Have no other Office installed. I have tried turning off firewall, etc., still immediately get the message.
Language/Regional setting are at English.

Any ideas on what to check or how to get this to install on my desktop. Running windows xp sp3

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Running Win XP on a home built Intel Core 2 duo platform. Just started within the last week or so. I can open the software from the CD, but not from my hard drive

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I have scanned several documents to edit and as I am a dummy, they and the messes I made of them are all in the 'My Documents' folder. When I try to delete them, I just get more copies of them. I have a folder full of hundreds of copies of files now and I don't know what to do. I can't figure it out. As my other computer is being worked on I am on this old one and it has, I think Word 97 on it. I have documents still showing when I open Word and this folder jam packed with copies. What do I do?
Help me, please! Thank you in advance.

A:Can't delete Word documents and they keep copying back to My Documents when I delete.

There are utilities that enable this, but unless it has been specifically installed it is not part of Windows.
How many buttons does the mouse have and which button are you using.
When you open My Documents - does it look like the screenshot.

If so, highlight the item with just one left click and then click on delete selected item in left pane. It is not showing on my screenshot but when you do select the item with one left click, then left pane will then include the choice Copy, Move and delete the selected item in separate lines., as well as other choices.

If you do not have this view of My Documents click the Tools tab, click folder options and on the general window click show common taks in folders and then click apply and OK.
The same procedure with delete can be obtained by clicking the File tab, top left and then clicking delete on there.

If you have a three button mouse post back and I will give you further guidance as to what may be the problem.

Make sure you are using left click on the procedure I have described, as right click on the item and then choosing delete may activate the auto move.
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I'm running XP3 with Word 2000. I have a Document file with numerous duplicates of documents. I've tried deleting the duplicates but they continue to restore themselves even after I empty the Recycle Bin. This also seems to be a problem with photos. Is there some way rid my hard disk of these duplicates documents as well as the duplicate photos?
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I am having trouble with Word letting me open documents. When I get Word to open and then I try to open a document, Word freezes and I can't do anything. I can pretty much do anything else on Word with no trouble at all. I'm getting really annoyed with this problem because I am a full time student and need to be able to work on my papers. Please help me!!:confused:

A:Opening documents in Word 2007

What type of computer, and how big are your documents?
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I have a bizarre issue.

Workstation A has Office 2007, Workstation B has Office 2003.

If Workstation A created a document in 2007 format, and sends it externally, then sometimes it comes through corrupt.

Similarly, if Workstation A creates a document and sends it internally to Workstation B for review (successfully opened), and receives it back (opened and saved in Word 2003 with KB924074 Converter installed) then sometimes it is corrupt.

It seems that the corruption happens if the document is attached via Word Office Button > Send or via Outlook New Mail > Attach, but I am monitoring this.

By corrupt, I have discovered that it exhibits symptoms of .asd - .doc - .docx confusion, as detailed in KB942617. if I rename a 'corrupted' document as a asd, it can be recovered.

So - what could cause this corruption? It seems as if sometimes a document that should be saved as a docx is saved as a docx in asd format!
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Very very frustrating ...... I entered a heap of technical terms into autocorrect as I am using them frequently and they seemed to work through the remainder of that document. However, when I was editing a previously saved doc, they had all disappeared!!!!!

I regularly reuse previously formatted docs & would hope that the autocorrect feature would apply across the board ...... Can anyone help please?
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i recently installed the new MS 2007 and its not letting me open my old word documents straight away from the desktop...however if i open the file through MS Word manually it works...this may seem easy but i got lotsa word files to open so help on this is much also using windows vista...maybe thats something got to do with not sure...thanks in advance...

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I have Windows 8 and MS Word 2007. I am on a blank new document screen. I click on the Office Button, click on OPEN, and the list of files that appears is ALL FILES on my computer.

When I was using Windows XP until just a month ago, when I was in Word and Opened, the file list was only Word files.

Any suggestions how to get the file list in MS Word to include ONLY Word files?

A:List of documents in ms word 2007

You should have a drop-down box where you can select file type. Here's a screenshot from Word 2010 as I don't have Word 2007 installed, but from memory earlier versions all had this drop-down box too.
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I'm looking for a Mac version of the "Word Viewer" that people with Windows computers get. I've looked in the "Mactopia" section of Microsoft's website, but it didn't give me enough information to be sure it was what I was looking for....anyone know a link?


In case you need it, I've got OSX Tiger. And my text programs that I have available are Pages and TextEdit. If you need more info, let me know!
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I have several program icons om my Start Menu, and by holding the mouce over an arrow (not shure if this is the correct translation from Norwegian), the most recent documents opens in a "window" at left.

Suddenly no "recent documents" appear for Word, but it appears for all other programs.

Attached is screendumps from holding mouce over "arrow" at Excell and Word.

Does anybody how to turn on the "recent dosuments" for Word here at the start menu? When I run Word, the recend doccuments appear at the "Office button", on the top left.

Excuse my bad English.

A:No recent documents for Word 2007

Perhaps you need to specify the number to keep - like this:
Customize the list of recently used files - Word -


Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options.
Click Advanced.
Under Display, in the Show this number of Recent Documents list, click the number of files that you want to display.
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Well i did a big report on my computer with Word Perfect i couldnt print it so i took to school on my flash drive. IN my first class i edited it on Word 2007 and in the class i could print it they had Word 2003 and i couldnt open my file and now i cant even open it in word perfect. I doubt i can use the laptops for a while anyway i can open this on wordperfect

A:Solved: Word Perfect- Word 2003 - word 2007

If you saved the file in the "new" Word 2007 format (with a file extension of .docx) then you will be unable to open it in the other applications.

For Word 2003 you can install a converter, but I know of no XLM converter for WordPerfect.

When using Word 2007 you need to "save as" Word 97-2003 format to retain backwards compatibility.
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Windows 7, with all available patches.
Word 2007, with all available patches.
Acrobat reader 9.3.2 (do not have Acrobat X)
I have additional documents, spreadsheets etc embedded into a Microsoft Office Word document. When this document is converted to the PDF (using the Word PDF add-in interface) the embedded objects can no longer be opened and only appear as images.

Is there a way to retain the embedded document during the conversion so that they can be opened from within the resulting PDF?

Thanks in advance.

A:How can you keep embedded documents during conversion from Word 2007 to PDF

No. Adobe Reader cannot host embedded items like Microsoft Word can.
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Has anyone made a macro to do a mass unprotect of Word 2007 documents. We have installed Word 2007 and used Word 2003. We have a new server. The templates from the old server have been moved to the new server. All documents based on the path of the old server take a long time to open and we have to hit esc to get them on the screen. Each document is based on various templates from Word 2003. We really need a macro to change the path in the document (template path to old server to reflect new server path) and we also need to have a macro that will make sure all documents have been made into an unprotected mode so they will change and save the new name in the document. Anyone have such an animal.
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I recently got a new computer and had to switch to Word 2007 from Word 2003.
When I would open a folder in 2003, the little field on the start-bar would show the name of the folder that I would have opened. In 2007, it shows the whole path, such a C: Documents and Settings/my name/etc. That means of course that I can't tell which is which - it's most annoying.
I called DELL support who assured me that it was impossible to show only the end of that path, i.e. the actual name of the folder.
I do not believe that; if it could be done in Word 2003, it surely should be possible in 2007!

Please help - thank you.

A:Word 2007 documents: whole path showing

After 3 calls to Dell and 3 Dell support people who told me it couldn't be done, the 4th one was finally able to help me.
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Word 2007 won't start new documents at document1, and my search of my entire computer including registries shows no trace of any document1 having been saved.

Is there another way for me to fix this? I can't rename document1 if there is no document1 to rename.

A:word 2007 won't start new documents at document1

Maybe you could run the Diagnostics:


Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options.
Click Resources.
Click Diagnose, click Continue, and then click Start Diagnostics.
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My Word 2007 crashes when opening certain documents. It doesn't crash with all documents- only some.

Please see the screenshots as it might help:

A:Word 2007 sometimes crashes when opening documents?

Any ideas?

On another document, I got:
AppName: winword.exe AppVer: 12.0.4518.1014 AppStamp:45428028 ModName: ogl.dll ModVer: 12.0.4518.1014 ModStamp:454285ac fDebug: 0 Offset: 0001f07
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I have just transitioned from Windows 7 32bit to Windows 764bit and now I have Windows 10 64 up and running.
I need to install all my .doc files (my documents) to Microsoft Word so that I can read them. I can read all the file names but unable to read any text so I presume that they now have to be somehow placed in Microsoft Word which I have also installed.

A:how get my documents into Microsoft Word.

Not sure what you mean install into Microsoft Word. Were they made in Microsoft Word ? Did you upgrade to a newer version of Word since these .doc were made ? Usually right click the .doc and select open with, but if made in Word it will open in Word, Microsoft Word Pad will also open these.
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Someone posted a similar problem before but I don t know if the original author ever had a solution I posted this on the Office Online board several days ago but no one has answered yet Question from I m using Word from Office Home And Student with Vista Home Premium Word was working perfectly until about days ago I have not installed anything different It used to show a counter where it was counting the words of the document and then the documant would open Now 2007 Opening Icons Documents Via Not Office Word it shows a blank screen with the counter at zero The document itself is not empty It still shows the appropriate number of kbs on the desktop I went online to try to diagnose repair and update It told me that I had all of the Microsoft updates By the way this might or might not be related but other Microsoft updates keep asking me to download them even though they installed successfully I uninstalled and then re-installed Office Home And Student and by doing Office Word 2007 Not Opening Documents Via Icons so I had to purchase a new product key Office Word 2007 Not Opening Documents Via Icons since I misplaced the first one Still nothing helped I did notice that if I clicked on the Microsoft icon in the upper lefthand corner of the blank document I could see a menu of my recent documents and even search Office Word 2007 Not Opening Documents Via Icons in an explorer type of menu system In that roundabout way I could open the files But if I tried it the normal way I still got the blank screen When I would close the blank document it said Word has stopped working that it was trying to recover the data and that it was searching online for a solution That only brought me back to the suggestion to update which I had already done I even did antivirus and antispyware scans There is nothing wrong with the documents themselves I opened them on someone else s computer that had Word and they opened without a problem I would like to be able to open my documents in one step the way I used to update Virus scans Norton did not pick up anything Spysweeper with virus scan picked up Mal Badsrc-C App KillGOM-A and spectorpro but removed them all I have tried suggestions such as renaming normal doc changing the default printer and removing and reinstalling the printer driver I tried everything in the relevant knowledge base After these manipulations the document will open correctly the first time only and then go back to the incorrect way each time after But at all times on closure the program always said quot Word has stopped working quot From there it s the same problem Also of note is that all my system restore points from before the problem started have now been deleted by the system They didn t work anyway When the problem first happened I tried system restore and it said it couldn t be restored I don t know what to do anymore Sorry this was so long I just wanted to be as thorough as possible Any help is appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp
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I cannot findout how to format my word2007 (XP) documents. I do not know how to access word help in order to change double space to single space, and vice-versa.

A:Solved: formatting word 2007 documents, letters etc.

Welcome to the forum.

F1 is the help hotkey in most applications. Line spacing is next to the justify alignment button in the Home tab.
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I have Word 2007 and it insists on saving a recent word documents list
Even if I set the number to zero here

Any ideas welcome

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I cannot edit any details in documents, I can type words etc. but cannot do anything else using the mouse.

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Having issues with word 2007 when I try to copy a section from one document to another word 2007 crashes.

I have gone in and set my word to keep source formating for all except if conflict match destination formating so my setting are correct.

But when I copy from one word document to another as soon as I right click and click on copy it crashes word.

I can't even get to paste special part of it to not take the format or styles.

This is a pain and I have spend long hours researching fixes. Please help if you can

A:Word 2007 crashes with copy and paste between documents.

is any printer connected to your system.
if you try this step in winword /safe mode what happens.
have you tried to rename normal.dotm file.
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When our Vista/word 2007 users try to open up a word document from a webserver, we get the following vista dialog box

"Opening http://..." (see attached screenshot)

This hangs on the screen for 20+ seconds and then the file finally opens. As soon as the dialog box pops up, you can click on cancel, and Word and the document will open right up.

This box does not pop up on XP / Word 2007 machines. It seems happen only with the Vista / Word 2007 Combination. It also does not happen with vista/firefox.

Here is an example of a word document on a web server that this is happening:

This is driving my users crazy. Have searched microsoft and have not been able to find out what is happening or how to fix this.

A:Vista / Word 2007 / IE7 - Delay when opening documents from IE

try running chkdsk /f on the drive ( Shared drive on the server which holds all your shared files)

type CMD and hit enter
In command prompt type
chkdsk /f

Also check if there are any errors in the following registry key


Reboot and repost
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Okay so you know my system details I have a Dell Studio XPS laptop with Vista Home Premium -bit on it and McAfee Security Center Now the problem When I first got my laptop and installed Microsoft Office Enterprise on it Word worked more or less fine One thing that was kinda weird from the beginning was the fact that sometimes and error message dialog box would pop up when I would double-click a word document to open that said something to the effect of quot can not find file quot on it I found that if I already had Microsoft Word open that the word document would Can not Microsoft open documents Word immediately open on the first double-click Now Microsoft Word won't allow me to open any word documents I have tried double clicking them Ctrl O and even selecting Open after pressing the Office button- but nothing will work Every time Can not open Microsoft Word documents I try to open a word document Microsoft Word freezes Strangely enough I just discovered that I can open documents that are in the recently open documents that pop up whenever you place the cursor over the Open selection in the Office button- but other than that nada I have run diagnostics no errors were found done a repair to no avail When I reinstalled Office it basically returned to the original problem of just not opening documents by double-clicking Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do Is this a problem with Office not being completely compatible with x Is there some upgrade to fix this
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I have an HP computer with Office Starter 2010 pre-installed. I have since installed Office Professional Plus 2010. Documents continue to open to Office Starter instead of Word. How do I set documents to open to Word all the time? I have tried setting the properties of file to open with Word and check marking for all files, but it keeps returning to Office Starter.

A:Microsoft Word 2010 Documents

I would guess go to Uninstall a program and see if there's two versions of Office showing and uninstall starter.
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Hello I use microsoft word word my changes formating in documents. Microsoft the a lot for a project of my I save my files as an html document Microsoft word changes the formating in my documents. so I can view the information with a web browser I used different fonts face size for various things and also highlighting Since Friday I have been having a Microsoft word changes the formating in my documents. problem with this program Microsoft word changes the formating in my documents. I would look at my document in Mozilla Firefox and make the necessary changes using word When I open word all of a sudden the document would be highlighted in yellow and the font faces of some of the data have been shifted around I assume I am using quot font face quot correctly for example Arial and Times Roman etc The only way to change my documents back to how they should be is manually changing the fonts and having to go in quot styles and formating quot in the format menu In here the description of the highlighting is quot clear yellow quot instead of yellow I have reinstalled microsoft office however this didn t change a thing Does anyone know what s wrong with the program computer and how to fix it nbsp

A:Microsoft word changes the formating in my documents.

Welcome to the forum.

Try using "Web Page Preview" from the "File" menu to preview the file without saving it. Without seeing the file I cannot really deduce (figure out) what is going wrong with it.
Can you please zip up the file and post it as an attachment under the advanced editing portion of the post via the button "Manage Attachments?"
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Hi, my folder containing my correspondence (letters written) are all Word documents. However, if I try to open them, an error message box comes up saying 'Word cannot start the converter mswrd632.'

Then a page is displayed, which seems to be in computer symbols and not text. I am given options of Windows default, MS Dos and Other. The box shows windows as the option in use.

That is about all I can say. I would appreciate any advice to correct this problem. Many thanks, Graham.

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I started a new word document today and the font is too small to read. I restored my computer to a week ago, and problem still exists. font is o.k. on all other programs. Does anyone know how to correct this? thanks. ruthearlene

A:Font on Microsoft Word documents error

On the word page there should be a "font" number size in the top task bar. Chose the font you like...
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When I try and open a saved document, the window freezes and stops responding. After about 5 minutes, it corrects itself and Microsoft Word opens, however not the document, which takes another few minutes to load. What is causing this? I have tried opening documents in Powerpoint and they work okay so it just seems to be Word 2007 that the problem is with.

A:Microsoft Word Hangs On Opening Documents

Did you try to uninstall office and re-install?
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hi! i think i got a virus that norton doesn't detect i borrowed a flash drive from a friend, and ran a virus check, which came out clean. then i ran some word documents, that weirdly had *.src extensions. some didn't open, others did. so anyway, after using it, and removing the flashdrive, i noticed that there was a "Microsoft Word Document" icon. and since i like my desktop clean, i deleted it, only for it to reappear after 2 seconds. then i right clicked it, and among the choices are: test, configure, install. and i just checked now it seems like all my files have those choices... what's wrong? and can my files be salvaged? HELP, please!!! i just thought it was the file on my desktop, now it looks like all my microsoft word files are like that!!!!!

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I was trying to clean up my computer and was running various spyware and adware programs when I noticed everytime I open a Word Document a prompt opens which begins to download Microsoft Office.

Please help. I thank you very much in advance.


A:Word Documents Install Microsoft Office

Do you mean that the office program on your computer attempts to open?
What malware are you trying to remove? What are the symptoms?
What program(s) have you used to remove the malware?
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Problem When I try to open Word documents Word will open but then tell me quot The file lt blah gt is not available quot I can Documents; Word close 03 Open - Won't Won't right Microsoft still open the documents using other applications such as Microsoft Works so I know it's not a problem with the file Problem When I click the lovely X to close Microsoft Word 03 - Won't Open Documents; Won't close right Microsoft Word I get a popup that says quot The file Normal already exists Do you want to replace the existing file quot It doesn't matter if I click Yes No or Cancel it then opens the quot Save As quot Microsoft Word 03 - Won't Open Documents; Won't close right window with the folder being quot Templates quot So I hit cancel and then I get another popup that says quot Changes have been made that affect the global template Normal Do you want to save those changes quot I hit No I've also tried Yes and it finally closes And then I cry myself to sleep Any suggestions at all I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office but that doesn't fix it Thanks for reading all this

A:Microsoft Word 03 - Won't Open Documents; Won't close right

Please click here for information. Let us know if that doesn't fix the problem.~67~;-wont-close-right/
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hey guys, i've got like 7 documents i need to look at. i was wondering if it's possible for me to open all of them at once instead of opening them individually?


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i have no used my words for over 3 months bcuz it was summer and it was not needed for school. so i started school and i was typin up a paper, then saved n noticed that it keeps freezing and shuttin off. i went to look online and it seems others have had the same problem, however, most of the advice given was no use to me. i cudnt do or find on the computer wad the directions directed. so can anyone PLEASE help me so i can fix this. i can still resave other saved documents when i revise them, just cannot save new documents. the same thing happens with Microsoft outlook. i would greatly appreciate all the help. and if someone resolved my issue, i can guarantee you that you'll be blessed for working so hard to help me out. thanks so much!
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I have tried to delete the files and nothing comes up. I searched the files and folders on the c: I originally had office 2007 and it wasnt working properly and now recently I upgraded to office 2010 and it still doesnt operate properly please help I am at my wits end.

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I'm a high school student whose been using Word 2001 on Vista for about 2 years without any problems. Recently, however, I couldn't open Word at all, it would just have that image of Word and "this product is liscenced to..." I later went online trying to find a solution and found out that I should delete the templates. So I deleted the files,, and a normal that looked like it came from the office 2007 trial (Microsoft Office Word Macro-Enabled Template). Well, this allowed me to open Word and save files. However, I can't open any saved files. Is there any solution to this? Thanks, I'm not particularly good with computers.

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The title basically says it all. I would like to know how to combine a bunch of Word 2007 documents without overlapping the first page, so basically I want there to be as many pages as there is for the amount of documents I want to combine with the original. Let's say there's the title page, then I want to add another 20 pages, well I should have 21 pages in total by the end of this.

If anyone knows how to do this, it would be greatly appreicated.


A:Combine multiple Word 2007 documents into one document on seperate pages

If this is a one off project the easiest way is to open the document that will be your main document, go the to the end of the document , Go To Insert>Text>Object>Select>Text from File and repeat until complete
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I am finding that, when I save a Word 2007 document in Word 2003 format, I am unable to open Outlook and send the document simply by clicking on "email". After I click on email, the cursor just freezes where it is. I either have to reboot or break the job (CTRL-ALT-DEL) and THEN all works fine. FROM THAT POINT, when I click on email it opens Outlook 2007 and I can send the document.

Am using XP SP2 Media Center Edition with Office 2007
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I have Microsoft Office 2003 installed and also the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack 2007. However, when I receive an e-mail with a Microsoft Word 2007 attachment, the document will not open even with the Compatibility Pack installed. I can not convert .docx to .doc. Any advice please?

A:Microsoft Outlook 2003 - Attachments in Microsoft Word 2007 will not open

Hi again,

Anybody able to help me with this please?
Relevancy 88.58%

Since a received and opened a word document from a friend, now all word docs that I open open in this compatibility mode and I have to hit escape to view it normally. I have tried countless google searches and nothing has fixed this problem. I am using Microsoft Office 2010.

A:Microsoft word keeps opening documents in compatibility mode

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I need to create a subset of a Word document automatically. Can a macro be created that looks for some "start" tag in the document (like a bookmark or some hidden character) and deletes that part of the document until it hits an "end" tag. Then it continues to search the document for the next set of tags and repeats the deletion process until hitting the end of the document. The result is that those sections without the tags remain. I am VERY new using macros so appreciate any ideas of how to accomplish this.

A:Word 2007 Delete Macro

Welcome to the board.

The obvious question is ... what (bookmark, special character, whatever) already exists within the "master" document for any code to be able to get its bearings from?
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ALL WORD DOCS IN MY DOCUMENTS WERE CHANGED TO WORD PAD WHEN I ADDED WORD DOC COMPOSED ON ANOTHER PC I ADDED THEM FROM A DISK ALTHOUGH THE DISKETTE WAS BAND NEW BOTH PCS WERE FOUND FREE OF VIRUSES NORTON BEFORE AND AFTER CREATION AND ADDITION OF NEW DOCS I STILL CAN T USE MOST OF MY DOCUMENTS THE FEW DOCS I CAN USE ARE IN WORD PAD--I CAN PRINT THEM OUT-NOT EDIT AND NOT USE HYPERLIKS EXCEPTION I CAN RIGHT CLICK AND BOOK MARK SHORTER URLS AND ACCESS THAT WEB SITE ON A SECOND TRY PHP span style color span style color BB THESE nbsp DOCUMENTS nbsp ARE nbsp A nbsp KIND nbsp OF nbsp FILE nbsp CABINET nbsp span span style color AND nbsp span span style color BB I nbsp NEED nbsp THEM span span style color nbsp nbsp span span Documents In Docs From Disk. Word Docs To When Word A Pad, Added Changed All My Word style color BB I nbsp ALSO nbsp NEED nbsp TO nbsp PRACTICE All Word Docs In My Documents Changed To Word Pad, When Word Docs Added From A Disk. nbsp ON nbsp MS nbsp OFFICE nbsp APPS nbsp TO nbsp GET nbsp A nbsp BETER nbsp JOB span span style color nbsp AND nbsp span span style color BB I nbsp CAN span span style color DD 'T nbsp PRACTICE nbsp CREATING nbsp AND nbsp EDITING nbsp WORD nbsp DOCUMENTS nbsp IF nbsp EVERYTHING nbsp AUTOMATICALLY nbsp BECOMES nbsp ' span span style color BB WORD nbsp PAD span span style color DD ' span span PHP span style color span style color BB span span style color DD I'VE nbsp TRIED nbsp TO nbsp FIX nbsp THE nbsp PROBLEM nbsp BY nbsp FOLLOWING nbsp PROCEDURES nbsp 'SUGGESTED' nbsp BY nbsp THE nbsp nbsp MS nbsp HELP nbsp PROGRAMS nbsp AND nbsp SOME nbsp nbsp WELL All Word Docs In My Documents Changed To Word Pad, When Word Docs Added From A Disk. nbsp MEANING nbsp FRIENDS nbsp TO nbsp NO nbsp AVAIL nbsp nbsp THESE nbsp PROCEDURES nbsp ARE span span Control panel-System-System Performance-File System Properties-Troubleshooting-Remove all Disable options My Documents-View-Folder Options- Show All Files I ALSO CLICKED ON THE quot RESTORE DEFAULTS quot BOX My Documents-Select All-Properties-Check off quot ARCHIVE quot Remove Checks on Read Only and quot Hidden quot Run All programs in Norton Systems Works--includiong the Anti- Virus Shut down and re-start Press F select quot line-by-line configuration quot option Hit Y each time to restore all defaults and drivers I ACTUALLY DID THIS ONE FIRST PHP span style color span style color BB I nbsp CAN span span style color DD 'T nbsp AFFORD nbsp TO nbsp PAY nbsp A nbsp TECHIE nbsp MY nbsp PAY nbsp HAS nbsp BEEN nbsp CUT nbsp IN nbsp HALF nbsp SINCCE nbsp nbsp nbsp ' span span style color BB MY nbsp DOCUMENTS span span style color DD ' nbsp IS nbsp LIKE nbsp MY nbsp PERSONAL nbsp FILE nbsp CABINET nbsp AND nbsp RIGHT nbsp NOW nbsp MOST nbsp OF nbsp IT nbsp GIBBERISH span span PLEASE HELP ME YOU COULD EVEN CALL ME AT - - TECHIES RULE THEY ARE NICE PEOPLE AND HELPFUL PEOPLE UNFORTUNATLEY I HAVE WORKED FOR LAWYERS VTY RICH SCHULMAN nbsp

A:All Word Docs In My Documents Changed To Word Pad, When Word Docs Added From A Disk.
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Hi everyone!

This is my first post here so hope I am clear enough and someone can help

I am wondering if it is possible to do the following in word 2007. The reason I want to use this program is for easy access and completion by multiple low-level skilled people in my organisation.

I want to have a central word doc with employee data (ie names, addresses, phones, emails etc..) and have this data auto insert into a series of forms on multiple documents.

This data is used many times and figure this will make it easy to ensure all the data is current as it will all read off the one central document, also will the human error factor and lost time to enter the same data several times.

Is this possible?

Hope you can help
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i just went from windows 2000 to windows 7 professional and we had to reinstall all programs....
i need to open my company logo which was saved in microsoft office word 97-2003 - my new program is microsoft works word processor - i have tried saving it in different formats on my old computer but nothing seems to be working....
any suggestions?

A:Converting files from Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 to Microsoft Works Word Processor
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If I open up a link which has a word document, IE 11 will download and open it. If i then leave word open and then go to another link to and try to download
and open up another word document, the window doesn't become active and it sits minimised in the taskbar flashing. If I click on it to give focus it opens and shows the document I downloaded. This is very annoying. Does anyone have any ideas? I have tried
loading both word in safe mode and IE with no addins and still get the same behaviour.
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I installed the trial of MS Office 2007 and Excel works but I can't get Word to work. I click on an old XP word document and say "open with" and do a browse and go to winword.exe in Office12 which is under the program files of (x86) and it does not make the connection but I can open up a New Word document in 2007 then go to open and then I can open up any old word document. I just can't make all my XP documents hook into Word 2007. Any suggestion what I might try?

A:Microsoft Word 2007

Try not browsing to the winword.exe, you are offered different programs in the "open with" dialog page. Just scroll down and choose "word". if it works then open again and choose "Always open with word option".
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I have a word document that contains a list like this.....

3. Plant Annuals A) Early Spring --
B) Mid-Summer --
C) Late Fall --

4. Prune Evergreen A) Early Spring --
B) Mid-Summer --
C) Late Fall --

Where the "--" is, I want a column of even boxes for checking off when the paper is printed. I can't figure out how to do this, i've tried everything. Any suggestions?

A:microsoft word 2007 help

There are probably easier ways (maybe a table, for instance) but you could insert (I have 2003 - don't know the 07 commands) an autoshape box (or two or more, as needed) after your word - then copy that/those and paste a duplicate after the rest of the words where you want them.
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Hey guys,

I have this problem with Microsoft Work which is attached below in a pic and i dont know how to solve it and sorry i dont know if i m posting in the right section.

A:Microsoft Word 2007

sorry for posting it here can some one delete it thanks and i m really sorry
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I have a 9 chapter document that I have numbered accordingly. Each chapter is numbered with chapter number followed by page number. For ex. 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2, etc. My problem is that all chapters numbering sequence is correct except for chapter 2. Every page in that chapter stays at page 2-1 (in the footer). Can you please help me fix this problem.

A:Microsoft Word 2007 help

Check in the formatting of your footer. Is the 1 on a section page number counter? Or is it a set digit? The beginning of chapter two should have a section break (new page) via the Page Layout Tab, in the Page Layout Group. Chapter Three should be the same way. Then, in the footer of Chapter 2, add 2 Head and Footer Tab>Insert Page Number, not linked to the section above. The numbers should be in the correct increasing order now.
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Well i hope someone can help me. I have noticed that any program in Windows 7 can be max. by clicking on the title bar and dragging it to the top of the screen and dropping. To restore the window to the last state just click the title bar and pull it off the top of the screen.

Now to my problem. This works great with EVERYTHINIG except MS Word 2007. No problems with Excel, Outlook or anything else. Just word. Please if you have any ideas this would be great. This is annoying.

A:Microsoft Word 2007

Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhawk131

Well i hope someone can help me. I have noticed that any program in Windows 7 can be max. by clicking on the title bar and dragging it to the top of the screen and dropping. To restore the window to the last state just click the title bar and pull it off the top of the screen.

Now to my problem. This works great with EVERYTHINIG except MS Word 2007. No problems with Excel, Outlook or anything else. Just word. Please if you have any ideas this would be great. This is annoying.

What happens when you use the maximize or restore down button in Word 2007?
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Hi there I m facing a werid issue We re shifting from win xp to win in our place So we installed win and most of the major softwares e g office firefox adobe on one particular system and then imaged the entire installation Now the installtions went fine and everything but the issue now is that out of the office suite ms word keeps crashing I uninstalled the suite and reinstalled a fresh copy but the problem is still there When I load the other office modules like powerpoint excel access etc they work fine MS word takes lomg time to load and when it does it crashes at the first instance of any command giving like opening a document This particular issue is going one with at least computers So i was wondering whether there was a fault with the imaging but the rest of the computers we imaged are working fine So if anyone could help me out Please nbsp
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I have vista and word 07

whenever i try to type it says This modification is not allowed because the selection is locked.

help please


A:Microsoft Word 2007 help

the document file you are loading is locked. You will need to have the originator send you and unlocked file. Locked files cannot be edited.
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Recently I borrowed my friend s USB memory stick to Microsoft 2007 Word transfer files and my AVG Anti-Virus Professional found a virus dll as i enter the contents of the USB He says it is some visual basic application program so just for security I quarantined it and deleted it Then a day after that I opened a file on Microsoft Word just to see things good But as i open it Microsoft Word hanged It didn t move actually scrolling down doesn t work and it is non-responsive You can see the file in the work area As then i was able to terminate the application There was this file on my desktop that appeared immediately called quot E Assignment quot and it was a bit of transparent and it is a Microsoft Word Out of curiosity I viewed it s properties but nothing came up valuable I didn t even accessed it because I was highly inspecting it was malware So i deleted the file But I m wondering though since I didn t came up with any searches on the internet about the file Is it Microsoft Word 2007 malware Also Corel Draw X seems to be running in background as i open security task manager it says it is some driver thing even if the main windows didn t show up and haven t even opened it After some time the process was gone so it didn t show up in the Task Manager Am i Infected

A:Microsoft Word 2007

I just got a lead to what may be the cause of the Word 2007 IncidentMcAffee sent an email about Additional Microsoft Vulnerabilities DisclosedI recently downloaded updates and installed them already with Windows UpdatesHere are the details:What Is This About? Microsoft has released 6 new security bulletins -- three "critical," two "important," and one "moderate" (MS07-036 to MS07-041) -- covering 11 separate vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilites affect Windows software/operating systems including XP, Vista and .NET Framework and also Office products such as: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. General risks include: Loss of personal dataRemote system access by cyber criminals"Drive by" downloads of malware and other unauthorized programs Information disclosureAnd tells me i should see more in this site there anyway to uninstall my newly installed updates?I also recalled there was this Processor update relaiblity on intel Processorssounds a bit odd though...
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How are you everyone.
I have Windows 8-1 and Office 2007. When I start typing into Word the top third of the type is missing. No matter how far down the page I go or how large the font the top third is missing. Can any one help with this one please. arram.

A:Microsoft Word 2007

What happens when you change resolution ?
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Hello everyone,

I'm currently running the new Microsoft Office 2007 pro. In my word application i can't seem to use my mouse in the text part of the screen. I'm able to use all the tabs and edits. But not allowed to highlight or anything with my mouse.

Any ideas what this could be?

Also just noticed that under Word options, I can't select display, proofing, saved etc..
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Hello All,

When I open up and type a word doc sometimes the doc will get lighter and close and response by Word is not responding, then it opens a new doc? Any help would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Word 2007

I thought as a beginner I would get some help at this site, all you CPU geeks suck!
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Every time I open word I get a message that it needs to go through the configuration process.  This only happens with Word, not Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote.  My OS is Windows 7 (64-bit). I have MSE running.  This isn't urgent but it is certainly irritating.  I do have the original disk if I need to uninstall and reinstall, but am awaiting your expertise.  Thanks in advance

A:Microsoft Word 2007

There are a number of possible causes. Try running through the diagnostics in this link and see if they help resolve the issue:
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I was using microsoft word 2007 last night. While typing a large document(10 pages), it decided to stop working. It then shut down and I lost an hours work. I know I should has been saving as I go along but I have NEVER had this problem before(in XP). I am running windows vista home premium 64bit. Has anyone else had this problem, and have you found a fix for it. I did submit a report but no information was available... Is this a common problem with Word 2007 and vista? If so how often do you save your work? Is my software running the same as everyone elses or do I have a problem??

Thanks, Munch

A:Microsoft word 2007

Saying that it suddenly stopped working leaves me hanging in the dark, if you want to solve this problem I will need an event log or some log of the crash please.
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I have multiple word documents with the same footer. I need to change the footer on each document, is there an easy way to do this rather than open each document and change it manually. As there are about 300 documents that need changing I dont really want to do this!



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I am trying to save an email that was sent to me in Word 2007 but am not familiar with 2007. Dumb question but how can I save to my documents? Also, when I open Word the screen "displays graph" paper and as I enter info it is difficult to read on the graph paper. Thanks in advance.

A:Microsoft Word 2007??

Do you mean the attachment is in the Word 2007 format?
Do you have any version of Word installed?
What program are you opening the document in?
The method for saving an attachment depends on what program you're using to check e-mail.
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I have a problem
When I attempt to open a Word document, I get a error message:

"Word failed reading from this file. Please restore the network connection or replace floppy disk and retry."

Does anyone know how I can fix it? It's a very important document.

A:Microsoft Word 2007

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
How exactly did you attempt to open the doc ?
Did you open word and search for the file or did you click on the doc expecting it to open in word ?
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While working on some Microsoft Word Documents with MS Word Starter free version all file icons and extensions everywhere in the computer changed Icons in some Word documents with docx extensions changed to a plain orange attachment while retaining the same extension When double clicked to Word Microsoft changed Documents extensions and file icons open a microsoft window appears asking me Microsoft Word Documents icons and file extensions changed to activate the full Microsoft Office paid version which is in Widows by default These documents are not opening The rest of the Word documents changed their extensions from docx to rtf attachment Their icons also changed from the usual Word Microsoft Word Documents icons and file extensions changed document icon These open with Word Satarter but in Compatibility Mode which did not happen before The option to 'Open with' in the right click menu does not show Word Starter in the pop up window Attachment Not even when 'Other programs' are selected I did a repair to the Word Starter from the Control Panel to no avail I have a few hundred Word documents in my libraries which are now in a total mess What can I do

A:Microsoft Word Documents icons and file extensions changed

You could try rebuilding the Icon cache by following this tutorial.

Icon Cache - Rebuild
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Hello All I am helping a cousin who recently fell victim to the Microsoft Impersonation Scam I have managed to get the computer itself entirely back to the land of the living It is a Windows Home Premium -bit and there are two separate users on the machine For the user who was not the one logged in when the scam attack took place all documents seem to be fine This is not true though for the MS-Word documents under the user who was logged in and it doesn't matter whether they're docx doc or rtf except in one small detail If you attempt to open a doc file or a rtf you get the following dialog If you attempt to open a docx you get a message that it cannot be opened because the file is corrupt After you click OK you get a follow up dialog that says there is readable content and you can try to recover it if you trust the file On the machine that was originally attacked I thought What the heck and tried to recover - it just comes right back to the file is corrupt message Post-Microsoft-Impersonation-Scam Corrupted Documents MS-Word I have no intention of MS-Word Documents Corrupted Post-Microsoft-Impersonation-Scam trying this on my own laptop though I have tried opening the files in MS-Word which is what the docx files on the other machine were created with and the results are exactly the same Does anyone know how these vermin corrupt MS-Word document files and whether there is something out there that would MS-Word Documents Corrupted Post-Microsoft-Impersonation-Scam allow me to disinfect them so they'll be functional again Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer

A:MS-Word Documents Corrupted Post-Microsoft-Impersonation-Scam

Don't wanna claim that this is the case but that problems seems identical in case with malware that encrypts all files on PC and locks them for good. If you have backup it is possible to get files back. In other cases if nothing is changed no one can help you anymore. Would be best to check PC by someone from forum who cleans malware but he/she can't get you files back if I am correct about this.
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I am trying to write a macro that would will go through my document and delete all the paragraphs that between two words "(CSR)" and "(CSO)". Currently I have to go through and manually do this, which for documents of over 200 pages can mean deleting 10,000s of paragraphs.

I also need to delete all paragraphs that contain the phrase " Type of Company:"

Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum or not. So, here goes nothing. I currently have Windows Vista with Microsoft Word 2007. After I've typed a document and then highlight a word, right click on the word, and scroll down to synonyms in the shortcut menu, it always says 'no suggestions' no matter what the word is. I've tried looking for a solution on several different websites, including Microsoft, and have found no solution to my problem. Can anyone out there help me? Thank you all very much for your time. It's greatly appreciated.

A:No synonyms in Microsoft Word 2007

Try this suggestion:
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Hey all,

I'm running windows Vista, and recently picked up Microsoft Office 2007. I've been having some seriously annoying problems with Word, including the relatively common "Running virus scan..." problem. I've found several solutions to this problem, all fixed by changing options in various virus programs. Problem is, I'm not running any virus programs besides the ones that Vista comes pre-installed with (probably not a great idea). Point is, I don't know why I'm getting this problem without virus software installed. It also freezes for 10-15 minutes upon selecting certain options... It seems random which ones, but it has never happened with any of the basic ones, just when I click stuff like the "references" tab and stuff.

Anyhoo, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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When Word Problem Microsoft 2007 I got Microsoft Word 2007 Problem this XP desktop tower used I installed Microsoft Office Professional from my discs with product key I was typing an article for a newspaper in Word last night and suddenly I could no longer type It said quot offline quot down below the word document in the lower right corner I clicked on help and a red error message stated that I was not connected I saved what I had typed and shut down the doc I went online and tried typing my addy and password in my AT amp T email program and my keyboard Microsoft Word 2007 Problem wouldn't work I checked the plug-in on back of tower and it was fine plus the keyboard was lit I shut down the pc This morning I can type again but wish to Microsoft Word 2007 Problem know what went wrong with Word and how to fix it Microsoft Diagnostics Tool came up and ran tests Could not ping my stmp or inbound and outbound mail Is this some problem with Outlook I never used it I went to the Microsoft Office website and searched everything to find a solution and alot of the articles were for changing template registry etc I don't want to do the wrong thing I have IE and it takes me to my AT amp T homepage from desktop

A:Microsoft Word 2007 Problem

It seems you were temporarily disconnected. Report back to this thread if it happens again.
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hey guys, i've been using Word 2007 for quite a while and it's been working great. i'm going to buy a new PC and will need to buy Office again. my question is if it's worth spending more for 2010 or spending less on 2007? what's the cheapest way to buy it? i'm a student. are there any changes in grammar? i'm not really concerned about the interface.


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hey there,
as the title says i have lost the cd. i just bought a new laptop and it only has the trial version of office on here. is there a simple way of reinstalling the full version of word 2007 on this laptop? i don't want to pay another 100! thanks in advance.
- bunch.

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okay i went to the actual microsoft website and purchased the word program for dollars but i got the digital back up and license key so it came out to i just got paid so i know i have money in the bank so i go threw and ordered it and i got to the quot thank you quot screen and it says this at the top in a red box Thank You We are sorry but we are unable to complete your request The following problem s exist There was a problem processing your key request but right below it it says BECAUSE YOU HAVE PURCHASED A NEW LICENSE FOR OFFICE SOFTWARE YOU MUST i 2007 bought word so but..... microsoft PRESS THE Download Now BUTTON BELOW IN ORDER TO RECEIVE AND USE THE SOFTWARE YOU MAY ONLY USE THE PRODUCT KEY WITH THIS SOFTWARE now ive looked and ive had friends look and none of us see the quot download now quot button im in afghanistan so its hard to call microsoft during their hours cause of the missions i go on i need so i bought microsoft word 2007 but..... this program for my college classes and now i think i might have to drop at least classes because of this hopefully i wont have to though i also never recieved an email receipt i guess i should just stay up and call microsoft huh hopefully it dont have to come to that but maybe i missed something or maybe the key will be emailed when they fix the quot problem quot with generating it nbsp

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Will our Microsoft Office word 2007 work with Windows 10?

A:Microsoft Office Word 2007

In a word, yes. I have Office 2007 installed on my Win 10 machine.
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Hello, I have Windows Vista and just recently Microsoft Word 2007 has been crashing every time I try to save a document. I did a virus scan and nothing came up, please help!!
Relevancy 86.86%

I have never had problems before, but recently Microsoft Word has been crashing every time I use it. I will be able to work for a decent amount of time (near an hour or so) and then in the middle of typing, Word says it is not responding. My computer then proceeds to completely crash and go to blue scree. It then reboots normally, but I lose my work back to the autosave I had from a while back. This has happened 5 or 6 times in a row now and I am a college student in finals week right now and really need help

I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.

A:Microsoft Word 2007 Keeps Crashing

We need to know more about your BSODs...Download BlueScreenView (in Zip file)No installation required.Unzip downloaded file and double click on BlueScreenView.exe file to run the program and When scanning is done, go to Edit > Select All.Then go to File > Save Selected Items, and save the report as BSOD.txt.Open BSOD.txt in Notepad, copy all content, and paste it into your next reply.Compliments of Broni
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I'm having a formatting issue with Word 2007.

The problem I am having is that the document is not holding the format when I reopen it or when I add blocks of text. The main problem comes in the reference sections of the document where tabbed indents are lost and spaces appear randomly between words. This causes the text to move throughout the document.

Very frustrating. Thanks so much for any and all suggestions.

A:Microsoft Word 2007 Problem

When you add blocks of text, before inserting, format it to the document format you already have. Another choice is in "Advanced" choose it as a Cut/Copy/Paste option. For the reopening problem, "Register" the title of the document choosing Formatted Text in the Auto Correct screen.
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I have a laptop computer with microsoft word 2007 on it.i downloaded some data files to complete some excercises in a school book i have that requres one to use word 2007. i completed the excercise in one chapter and as i was pushing save as a microesoft word 2003 document it got scrambled or some things on the document got messed up.i was wondering if anyone can help me solve this problem that i am experiencing in that everytime i save it as a word 2003 document some of my work on my sheet that i was working on got scrambled .thank you very much.
Relevancy 86.86% it's been a long time since I posted on this website

Can someone please tell me how to use Developer in Microsoft Word 2007 to do 2 things:

(1) Enter text in one box, and have it copied and pasted into another one
(2) Work out someone's age from their date of birth and today's date

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Hi I installed Microsoft Word on to my HP laptop about a Word 2007 Microsoft issue year ago Come to think of it maybe exactly a year I got it off of a legit Microsoft Word 2007 issue CD that was bought at a computer store It s a real non-trial Office A few days ago I tried to open a document and a message came up saying- quot Preparing to Install quot That s funny So I decided to let it do it s thing and install whatever it needed to install Then this came up- quot This update package could not be opened Verify that the update package exists and that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer update package quot Now whenever I try to open a Word doc that message comes up I don t know what to do and I am pretty concerned I bought the product I don t want to buy another one Know what I mean If anyone knows what I can do to help this problem I would really appreciate it Thanks RexRaxer nbsp

A:Microsoft Word 2007 issue


This is a common issue with Office applications.
You can find more information, and possible resolution at this Microsoft KB article.
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I've opened a document (.doc file) with Microsoft Office Word 2007.
The document is all written in Hebrew, and I have the Hebrew Language Pack that I've downloaded using Windows Vista's Windows Update application.

So, back to Word 2007.

For some reason, the "Find" button, located in Home>> Editing, is grayed.

When I click the "Find button, two options show up, and the first of them is grayed and I can't select it:

"Go To..."Click to expand...

Why is it grayed?
I just want to find a few words, and I don't understand why such simple action is not possible.

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When I opened Word documents I would receive the message quot There was a problem sending the command to the program quot I tried changing the compatibility for the program to Vista Service Pack Two and then Vista Service Pack One In both cases that fix worked only for the document that I opened immediately after changing the compatibility I uninstalled and reinstalled Microsoft Office but the same message appeared when I opened document Using regedit I deleted the ddeexec key from HKEY CLASSES ROOT Word Document shell Open ddeexec without exporting the key first Afterwards the application would open without the message appearing but the document would not open Finally using 2007 Word Problems Microsoft Notepad I created a registry file using the information from http www dilloway co uk reg del-ddeexec reg and merged the file into the Microsoft Word 2007 Problems registry There was no change from the previous fix How can I fix the problem Preferably I would like a solution that does not involve uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office as I do not have a disc of the program Microsoft Word 2007 Problems and therefore must spend time and data downloading the program from the Internet before reinstalling Thank you for any help that can be provided

A:Microsoft Word 2007 Problems

Welcome to the forum. How are you opening the document from word or from an email or from explorer?
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I am running vista 32 bit, every time I try installing enterprise it says installation error occurred, what am I doing wrong? I totally uninstaled microsoft office xp, any help would greatly be appreciated thanks!

A:Microsoft Word 2007 Enterprise

please bump
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So recently, microsoft office 2007 has been giving me alot of problems. Everytime I go to open it, it will say that it has stopped working. And if it does load up, and i go to move my mouse or start typing it also stops working. Anyone know how to fix this?

A:Microsoft Word 2007 problems

So recently, microsoft office 2007 has been giving me alot of problems.Do you have all the updates for office 2007 ? (i just received another one today.)good luck
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I recently got a new computer which has Microsoft Office 2007.  I don't know how to use Microsoft Word 2007, so I installed Word 2002 on this computer.  The problem is, if I try to open a document with Word, the computer automatically wants to use 2007 unless I manually open 2002 first.  I have even tried removing Word 2007 from Office 2007 without removing the other features of Office, but when I try to open a document in Word I get a prompt to configure Word 2007, again unless I manually open 2002 before opening the document.  Can I fix this?  I haven't used the other Office programs yet, but I really don't want to remove them.

A:Can I Remove Microsoft Word 2007?

If you right click on a document and select "Open with" and then "Choose default program" you might be able to set the default program to Word 2002.
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Why i can't use my Microsoft word 2007 2 open doc. document?
When i open doc. document, it doesn't appear any alert message, it just a blind and automatic close my Microsoft word 2007.
If i open docx. document, it doesn't affected. Any experts on here mind to tell me wat's going on?
pls help me solve it as soon as possible..
i really ur hands, guys...

A:Microsoft word 2007 (problem)

Quote: Originally Posted by Tester

Why i can't use my Microsoft word 2007 2 open doc. document?
When i open doc. document, it doesn't appear any alert message, it just a blind and automatic close my Microsoft word 2007.
If i open docx. document, it doesn't affected. Any experts on here mind to tell me wat's going on?
pls help me solve it as soon as possible..
i really ur hands, guys...

I think you mean .doc document, not doc. document, right?

Are you opening it from Explorer, or from within Word?

Have you tried opening another .doc file?

Try creating a new document, save it as .doc, close it, and open it again.
Report if that works.

Good luck
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A:WARNING: Microsoft Word Is Under A Hack Attack: Do Not Open Documents Named '.RT

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